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mWW"1 " "' W$aw5iE
1 : THE SUN, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1801. . 'H,
I siAKKtts lost heavily.
MM Matli alleapnolntnienl ''""' th N'n-
I'l tatrom Wltharawetl Deieiutav Win tlia
Labor Dur StaUee-Knclaa'e Hollow
ijl victory Urcr Chnrley roet-tlnllado'e
Tdlt'U Rjca for tha Woodcock
flteUee Riot Dorrna Mr John Roaa, II.,
'JJ ovinia I... una) Wntteraon IVIn-Iaet-sen
M yfay Klile for Sir. I.orlllnrd.
4 Agenuln holiday ernwd of more than 10,000
M tron eolobtntad Labor Day be nolng to
M r.bephenJ Hay to ee eeron mces. Including
J tB woodcncc. Ilnolnc. and Labor Day rtal.es
(cldit- The course was In urprlslnijlrirood
Hf condition niter .Sunday's delude, and as favor-
M. itsu iron n majority of tha tmcos the publlo
II ieft thd pretty courso in kooJ humor ut the
dee of thedny
tVrntclies weie fnr too numerous In the lUo
Jos and Labor Way stakes, only llncineaud
Charley lVat answering the bugle call In the
formar. while l'lren.l who was a potent at
traction, was an absentee In the Labor Day
ni. (lt cour e 1!a' 'n,! wa nn ovrwh"l"
m favorite, a il the soeody Callfornlan, who
conceded t harley l'osl twenty-clcht pounds.
male father Hill Dalv's tulnter look common
Indeed. Munhy rldlni: him under a stout pull
Irom start to tlnlsh. The publlo were anxious
to !mv Uaclt. l.n Town, and Maior Domo
enmo together at a mile, but the bar horse In
ap'.reil the ovvnrrstf othor contestants with a
wnoleeomo lenr. "1 lnc' dudced Bishop'
With f Irenre out of the way tha publlo were
aljout evenly divided botneen Demuthandtb
Morns pair "t three-year-olds Ambulance
andTerrlPer. a-d Jor nearly a quarter of an
hour they bill! ciiual favorites. Tulla Ulact
buru'a chanecfl wore i:ot considered at all rosy.
nd tills 'ait luare was utterly ueclectad.
i ilurpln pursud tho tiioper policy with Do
inilli, taklm: tlio trnrk nt the drop of the flair.
,dJ tot lne s.icli a warm pace that tioue of the
other were over danRerous. At the head of
the h.vmeiiioicli Ambulance and Terrlfler
were bolh In trouble, and Muiiihy wis looking
over his -boulder at Miller on Tulla Black
burn. Tulla toul.l do notlitngwith the Ma
.evrceco!t either, and the race was llpmuih's,
bands down. !'i the hluhly credllabl. time of
il:ni. Fiienri' would have bad nulto a race to
conquer Uomuth elerday.
It is n.ore than probable that Jockey Martin
lier-'eu ulllrMe for Mr. Pietre Lorlllard next
, (inliodn. Lucky Baldwin's stout oolt, was de
servedly the favorite for tho Woodcock Stakes
f.ir tvvo-year-ulda, over the crass course, nnd
lie won br a narrow margin after a spirited
llnish vvlih hluc Mac. on whom Martin tried
to make a runaway nice, opening a Kap of half
a do en lenctlis in the Hrst furlong. Low Weir
curled some money, but he wan't even third
at the flnl-b. Letter scouring that position on
the run home. Dnggett deserve n high com
pliment for the manner In which he rods
The second event was for three-year-olds,
xer the futurity course, and tho talent
plunged on Contribution. Mr. Gideon's good
looking gelding wasn't placed, ltoaa H.. at 8
and 10 to 1, raaklni: all tho running, and win
Bins cleerly. with J'ollovuo eeeond and
fcllji'o tblnl. Be r ce n did not make a move
on Contribution until too late to tie in at thu
death, and be further di-counted the chnmes
el tils mount by uoine Into u pocket between
Eellevue and Kchts. Mr. dldoon thought
Contribution tho Hurest of winneis. and bet
very heavily on blm both in the city rooms
and at the track. A select da.esation ut track
talent won on lt sa If.
Hlllle L.. with Hamilton up. was (rood
inoush f r the taleutln the seillni.' rncp at a
mile and a lurloni:. and. abli baa tied by the
colored jockey. Lakeland's useful colt won Ills
fourth race at this meetice tn n common Bai
lor, Miss Belle beatint; blackthorn for tne
place In a drivine llnish. Kempland ran in
blinkers and was all out tho course.
Ihe mile nnd a furlontr handicap tra a creat
buttlDK event. Sir Jo'jn and Itloteaeh bavinca
hostnf supportcrH. Hamilton rode Mr.lohn. out
eien under nl.smost careful guidance the Dwjer
. leiiri'santativu was nn match fur 1 pit i-nede-i
ker'sthree-vear-old. who won in a blu cullon.
Lien Viicle Uat hir John out for e.oad
mouey. Hint lone rest ut Saratoga has evi
dently not benefitted Mr John to any ureat ex
tent. YVatterson and Paoan were equal favorites
for ttie ihcc over the trrass courso at a mile,
and the former won Ii'h tuiid mc of the meet
Incrtiv a tie, k fiom liellvood. folsom was a
close third and l'uirau fnuith.
rllfc W()0l).-0(K STAKtS.
Mien the flai foil Matttn nttetnp'ed tn make
arunavvitt rate I it by openlnc n Kap of four
lenciliB in the t rf-t furmi e Oaliudo nnd Lew
eii were second at. it third In the run up the
baikstretih. with the Maid of Atboi filly th
iinbi .iomiii(iut. f tho ..titers. Oaliudo parted
company uitu i V,.u ut the cud of halt a
mile, nnd i-etout in putiiit of hine Mac. 11. c-t-ett
rodentrood ntco nu lialindo. and won
iih-verly i yaiiead. hiuie Mac hunc on w th
tbe utmost c.lnlPne. I.eRter wasapoor third.
Ihe VVdiilciRk Mak fur two yfrsroldx a kweep
Un.itf.'.fiiui 111 l, mO nd'IrJ, nr wlili b .llio
Iii0,cion hiiu iito il e Ultra, ipecfal elnlit, one
Mile nu tiirl
lll i In SUUe a u. c fiiliinto Ijt (ino Irtda.
I i iPnttuclt ... I
B. viorrimti Kin vim-. mulrtln) -J
linl.iirnrtt I nb.c leur. ullltorfnl 3
I i b Woir MaiJorAiii.il ml), unit Attur !') ran.
Tims Iii7
Hmlna- seven tn , aaaliu; i.atlnilo 3K tn I Kin
War tn i ur , n, i i i,t i', , i Maul ..?
Alii"'. I i to I Alt r. Mi.ma 1 1 alj f I I'J'i S:.C 1H10.V.
my Miiivii Acr.
1'ns.t II. nnd Potentate cut out the runnine
until the ell on w . umlieil, with Kcllpse,
! i I'llovuu, and i onirlhuiioa very close up. In
th last.iuii.r L'o-.i II. ilrew away trum the
otlieM. .incl won vori hauUily -hy two li-neths.
J ereen du-tiu eil t'nntrlbutlon's chancer b
,. . foinc Jul on .,.t.et h.tvvetn IJollevtio anJ
l J i'li,e. and fniirtu was tho best he could no
ft lUonli.i. lfnileiiiqirat i cllp-e half a l.-netli
lor would umi.K). whlltj I clipse beat Coutrl
Lull. .ti .i l.e.ul fur thlid place,
i l..i tiirr warbi.U u re iun of ,16 ach. wttu
II i'l aili'af. i i Kim il , ll lu tl t i'Cuul and fill) lo
in intra i;tcj weiiihu. futurity courio. atiout
11 et.tiiitr'FMu' a mile
II. jriiiiln.il u l Ilia II, hj lllmrar-fnim'lna.
' itli-lm.) . ... I
! 1 Ira. h a I.IK .. llrtietii. I.1.' iTaral)
Milieu i Hruaii. f 1 iilii.o I. (Miller) s
uirPHiiloii. mirntitie, Aimlln. Crrel.u- 1 1 Man. vv.
a It ,t or o .u.ua. Jiftiti l.iacL.iit(t. anil lootltgtit aiao
lima I II.
rniinj-AL'nInatCoiiirii.ut on 7 In 8; I'cllpM. 3 to I:
D'levue nut i" os.il i. to l, 1 atentata. niuli III
mi lu o I, I'ereliiia. I.' ti. It I'nrlolaaua, John hack.
Hiil ii,,o radial in I l(,ot.lit. 4Utol, VI II. H.
J3 1,101 uii K.a aM c4i.v,, e.uu.l.',fi.
'A Tin: rtu'iNii RriKrs
il il.mlno am! fhnrloy Post run for a quarter of
M ft'Ki'o lUw mo li-use. taklue htri.le fot stride,
jj lli ii tin hlc Callftirnlnu dmn away, and toil-
jK atMn-il iionie ihv casient ol wiuueis by two
1 JaLMtha
SB llieljclnir ,"fiVe. k l.i'il.x tltlit lian.llrap aweep-
if I. ' I"' " "" "' "' "" "'Hi l..!m aJdeit. ut
4 .. ''' "t'irun I, tha in.,-4 M rrcrlro tliu oat ut
HI i .'.''"""I' l-l't IV'luiiinla. mlr hire
M lyiinMatiiu t. itii .na, i, tr Uiabeii-i'alry li'ot
t ir""' ',' nrnii)) I
,jj i, 1'ai, nil u Cliarle) I'.i.t 4, BJ J, 1 alutuai ;.. J
.,,, ,, lima. 1. 4 MA.
. V,Vt''"ri?' trt, "' ""-. ' l 1 aaalnit Charley
irni ltiitiiiiijt.,o.
i in: i ai or. inr stakf.
TYliti tl.o llae fell Muichy took the track on
; ninth, and with the other ruuuinK :abrea-t
JtiOKnl tl e way ui.iui d the lower turn and up
' LacktHioich. On the upper turn Ambu
acctiattd Tenlfler had enouirh of It. and Jill
rtiitiii to overhaul the, leadei witti i'ulla
iJiKukliurii. Muri hy sut hiiII all the way home.
Jh'Mich, und lioiiiuth landed the rich Male
7! " L.y a lemtlh. 'ienliler waa.nu indlf
lereui tniru,
ll L-iiur Par (-tAa for three rear nidi and up
Jr;1' 'Vlaria('aol eHacli vrilli u 0 i aJJJ. if
a..i. ."" '" "' ""el i"l i-lutotlu llilril.oii
'f BlaflUarier.
,V, UM"1 I'r.iutli. 4,h Ten liroeek -Belle
j'iflif il7 (I. Jlurpli)) I
. ullioilaiii i h r. juii.1 ii'ucaUiiriL 4, luoillljr. j
a,"i , i'l1 i'"" u - larrtnar. J. luT (LiHIot.alil). J
Amui.jrc a u ran
, , Time, -nw
and V" Fi' ,T '" " ' euiiitli. "1 to a aialnat Terndtr
no Aiubulatua rou'ial, u to I agaloai Tuila UlackOuru.
"Ii-a at l j,-.j, -,jj, tu.so.
miK nrni hack.
Fj'mence colt. Mis, Belle. Kover. and Sal
hXU,lyo.re."L0 ,m st I'ipnilneni lu the run to the
H ir.ni ",r,'lc!1' ,Y.!!ete Jlaiuillon, who bad been
M In !Dwi'h Willie I... moved up with Lake.
ii,l' ." .r'.r'B ' vvlnier, iiitd. laklnt: the lead nt
at) ,V,,i",llr,0ll-"."11 hu'da down byalouuth
H ti,1,' '" ,'",''" M11- J",'- w' ''"it Black
in; lu half aleniilh f. r neioml luonev.
Ib."l.,." V ."f lllrl1 Vl ' Ina ncona an S.MI to
ir iV. i. .,7l,lU H I'ouii'la aooya the acala: lha win
"l"J'e,1nUYK,,oa "" -':""i ""'""I aa
llV(k,?.;0,ui:-'---w'lll t-3- raliallo-Jllranila.
it'll l"l",Wk b- "actii.oni.ajed.liatuorlnf.
kaltlol t-.iornca c'l'iit.'hemjitau I, and Jloer aliirio
It. ,, i , , lime, I '.4 .
o I aiSSr-Jf l0,aini Willi, I.., st, to t MItIM 4
"a la JSS" ri-ST1.1? 7 l0 tiapian. Hi to I each Mtaa
ii', iutii l" ' ' Mu' ,J
Blrjrr!i!,c.it0.utth.tnlnn,nwl" Owalni and
iu baif way around tha upper turn, wntra
Riot took' second place. Comlntt home Blot
iralloped to the front and won hands down by
two letimhs from .Mrale. Hir. John was
whipped out and finished u hard third.
A handicap awarna'aiei of f Ju aaoh, $1,310 added, nt
which ai-i tn the a.iona and Itu to tha third! one
inlla ana ltira-llentli.
B. V. Knadater'a u e. mot 3. tiy Jack Cade Atlanta.
tl'Hinoarrlli .. I
It. Iirailir) ilkl Mrale. . vV (W. Muuelav) 'J
I'. .1. Iijer . rnn'ah. c Rlr John, 4. llu (Hamilton), a
I aialuaa to ran
. .. Tlma.am:.i.
nettlnr-l'.ren monav Mr jnlm, n to a aralntt rtlot, "l
to I cunts li to i v Irate. Mmualt paid fi.'.iu, ar
t lo.
Lnmbley sent BnlUlon out from a fair start,
nnd fet the pace tor tlte snuc He'd to the turn
Into tho Immcsiretch, Delwood taklns the
lend .when stralulitened nut In the stretch,
with Viatttiri-on uutttnaln M claim at tbelnat
halt furlonc. nnd vvlnnlnc by n necll fiom Bel
wood in iho tluhtlnt; finish. I'olsoiu enmo in
third, n lenctli nnd n half away.
A aweepatAltta for ttiree-vear ohlt and upward, of
l.1 each, with 51 il aih'.nt, of wlilch tjin to tha
aecnim and ioii to the thl-d i pounda added to
wetaht for neat atlnwancea, ena nitle. on turf.
U. (ixi l. e. Watteraoik 4, br 'ireai Totn-Utichaia,
I tUTIinmpaoni 1
W, n. .laneaa h g itelvrooil, i IJO(lmi) 1
tlnbikeu elahle'eb c Inlnoro, 4. l.tlttNartan) t
I'aean larlal I'., Ailellua, Paliaton, illo, and Jim
Clara a an ran
Time. li7!!,
rieltlnat "-even toh ulni Waltrrion. S to s Paran,
a to I liilaoin. 7 to I Pelironil, 17 tn I Jim Clara, l& to l
Itallaton. .i tn I Clin, .mi to 1 facial U , IW) to I Ada.
Una. Jluluala tiahl l:'.l" I 'J'.. (i7lu
Amonc tho visitors nt Sbeepsheail Bay ye
terilny was A. II. Hummel. Mr. Hummel snld
tlint he proposed ecterlnc Edward Coirlnan'a
Illley In a hamlloan to be run onThiiisdny. If
tboi'oney Island Jockey I lub lotuses to accept
the entry. Mr. Htimiuol will endeavor to find
nut ou what Ground tbo corporation bases its
crtACK xiru.TKAit-or.Da so jujbet.
Huroa, Nt. Flnrlan, and Other Stare lo
It nee nt the Tiny To-day.
Rftceeoer. after scanning the entries for
Rheepshead Bay to-day. must come to the con
clusion that the procrammo I, of unusual
merit. The Flatbush Stakes, at seven turloncs,
ha, the best two-yoar-olds of the year encacad
with tha exception of Ills Illuhness and It
alone should be worth the trip to tha Bay.
Huron ran such a smashing race In the
Futurity that his chances for the flat bush
cannot be overlooked. He will have no mean
opponents In St. f lorlnn. Wlchtman. Merry
Monaich, Tammany, ami Daconet. Tho race
Is bound to Le n sreat betting erent. as nearly
every starter will have supporters.
The rjheeuhe.id Stakes, for three-year-olds,
has but four aturters. but they arc of such htsh
c1asthat the contest will be foncbt to the
end. Teasnialsa same nnd speedy colt and
Is In such crand shape at present that he
should come pretty near wlnntne. La Tosco.
and Homer hnve be-n performing In the must
brilliant fashion and will o to the post carry -luu
a Rrent deal of money.
'there ate no fewer than twenty-olsht start
ers for the oienliiR dash over the futurity
course, utid all havn speed of no mean order.
Infetno. Contribution, and Lord JJalnionv
riitouldiun i romlnently, but tho wle man will
taken, uood sent tn the itrnnd Ktand and look
at the race. Major liomn ami S-auiitorernhould
run well in the second. Ilannuet may land
the handicap nt ono mile and thiee furlongs,
with Diablo second. Mr. Lorlllard'A bost.
Johnny lleoksoher. or Kir-chmay win thealxth
race, with Cant. Drown second, llacelnnd and
Carroll mav do in tho lace over the turf.
Tins K the programme in detail:
Kmt itace l'lirne $1 osv, for thrre rear elda and
iipwiird nt which JJOd in arennd and .iO to third,
atlliojr allnwancea; luturitjr courie. about three quar
ttra of a mile.
Inferno )0iSolo ll'4
hinnt'ick lux Uaiairlan 104
Tormentor ! t nntrlbntlon litt .
t John HH'Mratatnnt t -J I
Trarlrn os,Mi,iran HU
IinwerT KM iiouri m
l.lttr T H'K l.nnl Dalmeny us
Ja K Deo lnH'Roiuelorl 04
I.mlr Pu ainer lMiltntnanca bs
Tin-Llillani 10611 urav n-
Cueeiiftiou imiSu l harlaa. tl
Lneha II Hl ilrnjloct IA
I.lraa IIHlll nnirlean. M)
Vnlrj VVoadrurl loi Wendoway Htl
1-econd Itaca A handicap awrtiatakfa nf S.Oraeh.
with l i'V addel of vrhich $JMJto aecond. Sluu to
thlr I out of the atakea. one mile.
ChrpaprAae 117 1 oxford 101
Aiaior Pnuio 117 I nlmm HO
l-itmiiorer 10-. t.ertlo l Im
I Trinity Iii6 Bailvhno leu
Viortn lofiCerberua us
SantaAnna 10l
I Third Rece Tha Fbeepthead istaVri, fnr three year
nlda atlMaach If riurrrd hy Aua I!, or fl'O it en
tered berori- the cmntt nf atakea on eopt s. fl 'A1
added (if whicu s.,60 to r acond and $110 to third; one
mile and a quarter t
I a Tora ISSIPeliara IIS
Homer l.-u Turtchantar Ill
Fourth Race A handtrao eweenatakei nf S.i) each,
with $1 -VI added nr whlrh S-.M' to aecond and SIUU to
third one wile and threw furlonaa.
Kacalamt I3 Banquet 110
Lonitrord UJ.rolioui IM)
Kenwood Hi AM uo I
liiahU i:u!
Fifth Rare A aweepitakea off IS each, for two-rear-old
with l ooo added nr which $." tn iiecoiid an 1
Sluu to third; Belling1 allow ance, lu urlty coutae.
Charade UJII-t Finnan 110
Tammany lluVMirhtmaii 1 1 i
Klna tadinua II', Huron ln
Hex l in; 1-hii Dwyer no
or o Iio Unite 107
Merrv Mnniirch 1 101 ag-onet . . luj
liaanford luiillnrlem iformerly Maid
klan I K otAtholnily) . . 07
Sixth Itaca Tha Flathuab Stakea for two rear-olde.
at each if entered by Jan I. ard SI50 eat.h fur
hnreea entered hy Aua. '" when the atakea dotal;
tl 'jj added. fS-H) tn racond out or the atakea, atake to
Ihlrd. aeren furlonga.
Jnhnnr lleckachar IlSpanta ratallna 100
Alrplant Ill I.naity Ml
l apt. llrown HH Mrarh Km
Julio Ins Cauhandle IM
Harlem I nil ft I'anrraa IM
Lauahliia Mater uv Ahaciitdcr lis
hchuylkhl I4 Klalto US
circular H
rieenth Race A htrh weiaht handteap aweeratakea
nffjnaach. wl'h ai noo added, nf which .4 i to aec
ond SHU to third out of the itaaei. one tulle and a
quarter, on turf.
Ilaceland ItlOlrinowbAll 110
Willie L ISO loiford , 1IU
larroll nn
Folk Badtcat riayeat lor a Mraall Forlpne
nt X.oac Odda,
Cicri4KATt. Bapt. 7Fonr of the flea favorltaa were
beaten at Latent ttday Ihe weather wae flue and
the track alow. Ihe attendance exceeded soui. doubt
leal from tha fact that It waa Labor Daj, aathe pro
yr.ttnme wa a rather poor one. The remarkable per
formance of an unknown horio rolk llalKel. Id a
mahleu race, whiehha poalbly cnuld hare won br a
quarter of a mile, waa the feature of an otherwise
Mine day a epnrt. Ina hone laaaidto have been a
rial hone fot F Lorlllwrd. and had shnw ed hla prai'nt
owneraamileln l-4i It 1 aald they hit the ring tor
between lay! and S4o,'U) At the opening cue ur
two bi ika laid ii to I agalnat I'olk llaiUet.
The fliat roe, a lelllur jurne. one mile and twenty
ranlr, had eight alartera Vontrump waa farorllaats
lo i, hu: he tan at If only out for an airing and wji
never In the hunt the winner lurpliur tipln lha l to I
at.ot. Jleait linouth, who won eailli br three length!
from ihe terond favorite. Drift, lha :m to I chance, .-11
rer Dollar, mdaiilng tmrd 'lime. I s.'4
Die aekiitid taie.one roll" tor miiidena. had nine
atanerr. t'oiuf.-tt ainl l.lcndale belinr drawn. ItetiU
eehtini woill.d up fuvorlte at I. lo i. hut the Itia't Imlie,
I Poll, llalgel.u;. kellll up. made a hollow ahnw nf Ilia
Held. Mrlliging hla ninpetltor nut ai hep eared, and
winning pulling uph) tour leugirii from the favotl e,
vtho I rut .iprlh three leilirtha fur aet I place lia
v inner oprtied at '.0 to I, Ilia pn.t price waa a lo I,
lie arrtichlnrnf Aunt Kate left aK rtarleral-i tha
tiilleiiil rriyyunlaielili aniline Hrat la.i dmed fa
M.rltr in '. 1 1'. but the .1 iu I rlianti. im lry lot. in
luted br I n.-iuii bra; him nut In j. Irlilnir I mli ! a
lenuili mill a ha.r. J, I, riiiliiilug tlnrd. a length ut).
'lime I 'ill . ...
Tin-ml e and a evenly ard iwear,tnl,ea. with three
alurter', I'll tithe il In o luvorlle l)r .NaVo I.-'. I
.limit in ll.e-JJilo Ur .Nuta won rnl.ieu out hy a
Irnuiii. I'allaide ruuulng eeioud three lenallia before
piiihra rune.l'ia. . , , . .
The lat rai'e, lire ftirlcnee, for twoyear-oldt. had a
iloin Marine luliiui) t.inLle rioted favorite at 3 to
I but the Mo I chum e. lalern. II" rlrtdeu by Haainau,
won hla tr nd rai a here tlererly hv two lengthe from
the we. I plated h. h. Hob ToniLa hrlur third, three
length, oil, The favorite wai uerer deuneroiia. llnte,
KuclnB Ileattlta at Chicago.
Ciiicico, Sett ".-The wlnnera at Carfleld rark to
day weret
rirnt Race-Three qrarteri of a nilla (II etta woo,
(Jarlord na'on I Adrer'll) third. Time, I I7'
hecund race-Due mile and oueelghtii. ltra!ta won,
Renounce aecond. Sail haba tblrd. Time, l.J7'i.
Third llace-Ona uille. Kmett llaea won, CiilJonc
ond frlura third. Time. I a IJJjT.
lnurlli itaie live lurlongt Unadllla wnn, lint Day
aecnnii, rreedom third, lima I 0 -i
lirth Itaee 1hree-iuarteraof amiie. Red I.eo won,
Otkdale aecond. I'ow.Mow third, lime. Iilhu.
elxtn Race (Jne mile and one eighth Arftntawon,
Aruadil aecond, Jed third, lime, i :MH.
The racea at Hawthorne Park malted at foltowai
Flrrillace-llaif mile Highwayman won. olatt Ito
ond Arthur Davie third. Time, uni'i
hecvn.1 I ace-nrven furlnnva .lake Eaandera woo,
note ho4iJara n aetnn I Mary Mc third Time I 9J.
Third I MUe ami an el nth I thel won, Dung-erven
re ond. i arter H tl rl. lime I 67
rni.rth Hare Three Qnariart of a mile. I It'le Itldrrt
won. Anulv alartiu aecind V.i . vw.catley third. Time
Flftli Itiee-Threeqnailera of a mile. Lew Carllale
woo. Iranhot tecond, 1-tte.le IliirX lime. ItlS,.
The lVlanera at Oloureatcr.
OuHMsria. N. J Sept. T.-I'ollovvjng .-ire the reiulia
of dulay'i rareti
Iirtt Race Ihree quatteraof audle. Idea wan; Tom
Bnile around. Dry Tuaat colt third lime 1:31.
Uecond Itaca lour ami a half ftirlonra Judtra Tnueay
wnnt tittro aecoad. Mlaa Agate third, lime, l.u-j
Tblrd Race Seven funonae Unoertatoty wob;
Oougon aecond Young Oi-aoe third. Time. I 3e!.
Fourta Race Four ant a half rurloaga. araflon woa;
Mute aecond. California (bird. Time. 1. 01.
Fifth Itaca One mite, white Koaa won; Qaattloa
aeeond, Vavay third. Time I SI.
math Raee-SliaDd ahaifforlooga. I-lttteBlla wea
. Uawketeno aecond. abakaeteara thud. TUaa, I at,
- -
Canada Seada on Iter Beat Bailer, Brit le
Iteatea by n New Yorker.
Ford Jonas, representing the Blockrllla
Boating Club of Canada, protod hlmsolf a
gamo nnd thoroughly nervy athlite yeterday
in tho grnt International Canoe race for the
Challenge Cup of the New York Canoe Club.
With his eliding sent floating In the water of
the bay, a portion of the washboard broken
from tho wrench given Ihe frail craft when he
lost the seat, the norry Canuolc cnlled over
tevon nnd a halt miles of the nlno-mlle course,
only retiring from the raco when he saw that
his opponent would certainly win bylongndd?.
'ihodnywasa great one for American ennoe
men. It was the fourth nnnual competition ot
the Now York Canoo Club for tho International
Chnllongo Cup. Tho conditions were best two
out ot throo races, thus giving the contestants
tho benefit of a chance with both winds. The
challenger was Kord Jones, and the ilcfcnder
wat Thomas K. II. Harrington. HU work us
terday for a comparltire no Ice. ns he certnlnly
isnnovlco when classed with Jones, merits tho
fullest prnlso. In a series of trial races with
other Americans on Saturday last Barrington
was chosen to defond the cup. With both
boats riggod alike the men would bo eonly
The course in yesterday's event wa atrl
RJigtilnr ono of nine miles. The start and
finish waa off the pietty club house of the
HenuonhtuM f luh. A sllff noithwest wind
wn blowing at tho start. Joties'a boat wan
tigged u little loo high for such weather, llotn
men carrletl full sitlln tliroughout tho race.
The starting gun boomed nt Villa oclopk
and Jones, who liad timed his htart uleelr,
hllppetl uxor n lew seconitu bnloro. but no Had
togylietogi-lback to the Una, nnd while ho
was In htuB comliig nhoiil. Burrlngtoii xhet
over Iho lit e. and boloro tlio (.annillnn got
fairly going Harrington wan fully Miunrter of
n mile awav In too lend. On tho seeoiid round
JoneB lost bit slldn g neat, and, thus lost con
trol of IiIb craft, which materially olleetcd her
sailing iiunlltle'v. 'lh committee conerously
fient ont u cutter and oitered the LnnucK
sailor tho lost f.oat, but he dodined as he could
not put it in I'lnci.
tin tho Uat ball r the second leg.lonea sue
eumbeil. reelng tnnt llarrlngtou vyns almost
home. In the nltetuoon mutch nuirltigton won
again vety tiaudlly. Harrington's vlctoiy wan
a very popular one. 11 was bis III st regular
victory wme coming from aMilugtou 'last
year. He waa nn active member of tne NJ.asli.
lngton Canoo Club, and joined the 5ew oik
w ben he settled In Gotham about a year ago.
The times of the races were:
Mrtt Kace-llarrlngtnn tlniehed In I hour Tmtnutee
Slcindi .lonet retired from the eonteet
eCl1ld Race Mart. .nX7 ti clock, turniuc boora Bar
rington 4 noun I. mlnuteavJe.condt and4honrt.il
inlnuiaaSI aecotnla. .Innea 4 houra ih tnluutre 17 aee.
onde and 4 houia.is niiiiutea . teconda llniari Bar
rlngton Imura M tulnuiet 1) tecoudai Jonea, a houia
1 minute 10 ercnnila. ,
Ihe mltcra of the day were- Regatta lanrniuee,
Mra Hnnroe. fdward i; Ha.aTan, Jr. and VViliam
Wllliard Howard, referee klra Munroe. Juileea,
Charlet V VVinne I.ataietie W e,ver. Jotapb Itudd.
Jr., ll alters. I'arOti, UouettJ. Wliktn.
Henator Htanford Thlnka Snnol Will Trot
In 2 too.
Mr. Robert Bonner yesterday received the
following letter from Senator Stanford:
'OlFlCF. of Leland STANFOnP, I
"San FRANClbco. Aug. 31, 1891. J
Trthert Conner, "lo
"Mr Dear Sir: Sunol has now apparently
entirely tecovercd. lor about ten days she has
shown no symptom of lameness. We Bhall
soon gio her good work. Her general condi
tion seems to be very good indeed, nnd if
nothing happens wo shall be piepared to give
her a trial in the course of two or three weeks.
If everything Is favorable to ihe full exhibition
of her powers, I havo no doubt she will lower
her lecord soveral seconds. Irom what I hae
seen of her Mils season '2:00 does not seem to
me to bo beyond her powers. IJetoro sho went
lame she trottod Quarters tn 2')'i soconds. ihe
last eighth In 14'., and soomod very comfort
able while doing it.
"We idiall try her on the Stockton klte
shnped track, and give her one or more trials,
if everything goes well, on an ordinary shai ed
track. Yours very truly.
"Lxland Stanford."
Holiday Hport at Waverley.
Col. E. S. Edwards gave his twelfth annual
Labor Day trotting meeting at Waverley yes
terday. Despite tho New Jersey bluo laws, the
rond from tho railroad cars to the track was
invested by shell men. with tl.air nttondant
capcer-i. and many a fiver chnnred hands en
route, mostly fiom the countrymen to the
fakirs. Tully ono thousand people, tempted
by tho beautiful weather, tilled tho grand stand.
The card called for three races. The Fleet
wood trained htallion Dundee won the first.
Eleotramnde a good bid for tho '2:M class.
She won two hoats. but was so unsteady, mak
ing nino breakH in ono heat, Hint sbe was Bet
back In the third nnd fourt'i. which went to E.
1 ltergeu's well-brod olt Itiotoul. who also
won the fifth he.it and the rac by fmll a
length. Tied Selgfriea won thei:.ijelas.trot
tii g. on Bul'erune from Vieley. wuo could
have come out and wo.i at any siuge ot the
Owing to tho recent heavy rnlns the track
wns heavy ami slow, summaries:
Three mmu.o claav. trottlmr puree S.HA
llundre.hk . Ii i llftim 1 earaiic) .... 2 13 11
lilm-iier.gr c. - l 'i 'i
S.- tla ti.l Vlald.b. tu 4 1 :l .1 s
lltliamlte br. ff 1 f dla.
Lady 1 urgn b in . . v 4 r, 0
Tltne-J 'hi, 'J !. SHO'. 2 41. Jill.
2 20 elate, trotting, purref.ioo
l.lntonl. br. a., hy Jilambriuo Dudley
(VVnoleyi ... . J 2 I 1 1
Flee ra b m., by (.harlay ll 1 1 a u
IraukM.hlkg 't 1 J '.' 8
Douatd, b r dia
Time-Ji'M 'J ii'ilAS.HM'i
2:qSclata, trottliu. purae t-'t-o.
Fred Mglrled. big. e I 1 1
vteaiey bik g J '- :
lit or P, I. r 4 S -i
faille 1; a 4
TliLa Jim, ilsSOj. i.J.'i.
Itlilarewnnd Driving; Cluh'a Rneea,
Rtncrwep, Sept. 7. the formal opening of the
groundaof the Hldgewooil Drlriiig Club waa attended
by an enthutlaltlc throng of lovtra of hortee Ibeaport
opened with a one-mile bicycle race, which waa won
bl 11 f. Hitmer 111 rj, John llawea came In aecnud.
Ihe aecond event. A mile trot, for I minute clajt, beat
tvroln three waa won b A. 1,'elrha b.m..tenula.
rlltaaeio.nt. Ilil.i hu aa third 'Jllif HS.Jl4i
The ttlrd rate a mini trot for 4 11 laa. twooutof
thiee. us, won nt vrthiir hl n a I uiir IWek. ! lite
Kline riiotll end l.all- Ilune Hurl, lime J IHl,,
J : Wi.
Ihe ronrth rare, a trot for douti'e teama two oat or
three wae won hr Ahme and mute, with Xollleaud
mate uecond lllne -Til, 2 M, 'i i.4-
the 1 fthevrnt w a puny rai'r, ha f mile daah It
waa wnn h) A V.lorngaut Hob, wi li Leila aecond.
l.i e, '.t art onda
Ihrrlxih erent a running race at one mile waa won
by Murderment In i.4b4 lelehni,e tluihed mend.
ltov W'llkea Trot" u Mile In S.1B.
Dttinv. Sept 7-1he atalllon Roy Wllkea trotted a
full mile in i is on u muddy trait, lu the prreence of a
treat trowd, in thU city tu car.
Tlia M'lnacra ail lanlTalo.
Hi 1 run. epl 7. rirtt Rare One mile Rice wnn,
Mabel'e a-f uud, Annmalv Hurl lime, I 44
rrcotiit Race Ihree fiiurihaif a tut lr ha-t won,
Itmerllleaeiouil, J .1. Ilnrd. rime, HIU
Ihlrd Itaie-niir hid; nine Alma 'J. won, Mary D,
tecum!, lileeber third HmeU.uO
luunh Race Fire furlouga Dixie won. Flthugh
Lee tecond, -arvu tlilr.l. lima, I h.H
HUH Rac-r,eeen furlongs Veraaltla won, 7ed
atcoml, Autocrat third Time, 1 2
hlith laie livn lurlonga Kxolailon won. Little
Minnie itcund, Tout Daly tbiid. Time, I all V
Volnaleer Flremea'a Plrnlr,
Tha eighth annual plenlo and gamti of lha Volonteer
Kiramatt'a Atioclatlon were held letterday at Brout
mer'aL'nlon 1'arl. I'ud ttreet aud Wlllla avenue Tha
meiubara of Ihe aiiociatiuu, Including tha I xempt.
Veteran, and oluulrer I Iremen a t'cne. furnied in Una
on 1-utlt ytreet and htcond airline at 1J oVtoea thru
paraoed Ihruugh the principal ttreetior llnrlrui. and
arrived at the park nt 1 o'llmk at arranged. Ihty were
m"t br Ihe 1 inulre I nf WoKtrliettcr, hxeinpt Atto
clalloa No. 1 of Morrltanla, and lite Ixeiupt Hremen'a
Ataoclatlon of Lous lalaud I'lty, Ina latlrr were late
nn tha ground and detajed the pruooedlnga for two
untira. . .
The tint part of the programme aa arranged wet a
competition beiwojn the rUltlug cnmpanlea. The
ljoiig laiar.da had hrat place at Ihe tauta but for aoma
time cuu il 1101 work for want of bote. Ihe next com
1 any wat tbe hxeinpt uf Morrlranla. who made the
h'tt throw mil rerrlvtd the a-'u jirle ktnalre Nu. I
if Meat Chetlert lluwed, but did not wotk well 10
gethemnd made an Interior thow, although a; the
aiurt thev were verr ttnguine aa m the retult.
Itwnaqulte lale when the ganiea were eurled. hut
they wrreail well contrtird. with the following routii
onr-nlie Hace fnr Vn tinteer Firrmen bi.i a I'nJrr
l'i leart-lirat prire, a 10 d badge wnn by ll-nrv
Kmlti; acceud prla, a atlrer badge, won by John
iitii-rolle Rare Memhere In L'nlfnrma Firrt prize, a
cold badge! tetenl prlre, a ailrer badge; Falrick 14 o
Henna ilrtt. M iulnn aerond
Half mile Hare, Volunteer Fremen'a Dauibttrt IS
Yeara and Under Jotte Mcorath won flrtt prlre. afi
gnld piece 1 Haggle Culleii took atiend prlae. afj,u
gold piece . . ,
llalfnii'a Rare, Membera of Atioclatlon Over .v
Yeart-Hulirri Harrow won Urn. a lire run. and Patrick
klcKonua took teeuii 1 prize, a ratlgue cap and ehirL
One mile Race, Vltltlng olnmeer Firemen flold and
Ellrer Kadget-Jobu Fltigerald. Kmplra ha 1. Wen
Cheater, flrtt and F. Dolaa at the aamaoompany second.
it waa eetlmated that nearly lu.UK) persona wit
eated tbe exhibition of rlreworka In tha erasing, the
oloalag piece being the old place retraaantlng tha rea
one ofa family from a burning bolldlog. Dauclng wae
taaa Indulfed la vp to a lata hoar,
xitE "cmrriE" rovn heaxes.
The New Reehrlle Itoys TVere the Victor
After h Oon4 Race,
Small yaehli waro scurrying under reefs
over tho wators of the Sound ofr New Roohelle
yesterdny afternoon when tho rowing club ot
that prottv suburb began to run off evonts In
their oleienth annual regal t a. Thu wind wai
off shore, however, nnd there wa not much
soa to tnterfero with tho oar blades, Tbo two
or three doran sailing craft that had made
Echo liny a harbor," woio nil dncoratod with
bunting, and the larger ones held parties of
stylishly costumed folk. The rocky shoros
surrounding tho bny wore covered with mora
fashionable persons, nnd tho scone under tha
bright bluo sky wns brilliant. There was
plenty of genuine enthusiasm, too, especially
during tho Inst race, and tne programmo was
carried out very Mitlsfactorlly tindorthefol
loivlug ofllclals: llegatta Committee. E. I).
I'lncknoy, William E. Mooro, and Eugene H.
Smith; lteferoo, E, ,1. QIannlnl: TImokeonor,
A. D. Seymour: Judge at Finish. Bear Com
modoie 1'. M. Ilausllng of tho Now ltochelhi
Yncht Club.
Tho oourse laid out was, excoptlng In tho
Ingles, straightaway fiom the Green l-'laK
fully seven-eighths of a rallo out, into a line al
most ofT the end ot the club hou-e float, thus
affording a fine clmnco nt the finish, nnd tho
way in which avorybody enjored theflnieh In
tho last raco. when four of tho tttmous "chip
Pie" crew of the N. Y. A. C. were beaton by
Nowllocliollernwors. waa wondrous to behold.
Tho llrr-t race was tor doublo-soull gigs be
tween two home club crows. II. ('. 1 uller and
I. 1. Huntington nere in one boat, ami E. .
Curtis nnd il, ilowlatt in the other. Thoy
roTivd evenly for halt n mile, but after that
Curtis and bis pnttuer went out nntl won aa
they pleased lit ii minutes '21 3-5 soiouds.
In the second tuco. for junior u.ilr-onred
clga, the pair that nulled In the better lortu
were beaten, boniuse thev did not have the
iuwor. i he X. . A. A. C. was repreiteiiiuil ly
it. C. Nicholas and I lark illller. with T. 1.
Morton coxswain, and ii it. West aud Joseph
M. I.e Count, with 1'red l.o fount covswnln.
sboivoil trfi for the Now llochelles. The New
Yorks got away Hrat, but the lEoebolles. under
the enoigetlc couching of y ung CuxHivnln Lo
Count. uuo tbemiihiill. htein cbnsn nil the
way. Tho New VorkR won by a length 01 clear
Water lu li minutes SU 4-5 neconds.
'Ihe text wns n mixed aualr II. Hewlett
stinted In a gig with im heconds' allowance,
against 1 , W, Howntd In a shell, scratch. The
uriu wns the (irenrubach tiopht. Ihe rowers
were rent iinar from the club house. They
turned stakehoatH lialt a mile out and re
tuinod, Tho shullwn only eight or ten lengths
behind wbon llow.ird turned his stake, and
that dlstiincn be pad wiped outwtien an eighth
ol n mile fiom home, llowatd won ty two lull
lengths in b mlnutea 40 1-5 seconds, actual
A row between New York Athletic Club and
New Itochelle rrews In double scull gigs fol
lowed, u li. Miller anil L. aleutine were the
Now ltocliellcs. ami tj. J. btepbeus and Ueorge
il. 1'hllllps the Now orka. It was ex
pected that the Inttor would win easily, but
they had no plunlc. Tbo Koobelles got over
halt tbo distance as soon as tho faiorltes.
Then tho Now orks drew away, but twice bo
lorntlui line wbb touched the ltoebellers hlt'er
UP. and nuido the " wluged-foot" fellows pull
loud to hold their advantage. At the llnish the
New ltoi'bello'sliow was less than half a length
Peblnd the .New 1'ork's rudder. Time, 5 min
utes i7 eoi'Otidp.
Two lout-oarod gig crews, all representing
home talent, conte-tod not. The rowers were:
II. Clnrke. etroko: . W. Curti. Jr., Joseph
.M. Lo Count, s. D. Hoyt. bow. aud D. r Bmytbe.
onxswaln. The other irew were: 1!. Jt. l'uller,
etroko: J. Arthur liiiutlngton, L. I). Hunting
ton. C. IL W. Bt. bow, and T. F. Morton, cox
swain. Coxswain bmylhe's crew got oil
llrht. nnd secured n lead ot two lengths. Ful
ler's men noikod hard to catch up. and were
within a length ol them, wheu a duren
lengths from home, but the elTort was too
great, and tli-yqult. Smitha'screw's time was
i minutes 47 eeiond".
1 be sport was wound up with a race betweon
the following loui-ouied gig crow from tbe N.
Y. A. C: P. Hunt. BlroKe: C. hnoblnnch. Jos.
irawlord.T. cooko. bow; and 1). U. fcmythe.
ciiM-wnln. and this erew irmn tlio New Ho
chel.ee: Y. II. I'incknev. struko: I'. D .tlen
tlne. 1. M. Hovvaid. 1- alcntine, bow. nnd T.
1'. Morton, ooxsntiin. It was a 111 ending
of a tileasant aftoinoon. The four " wlngod
foot " iiinn were ns good n quartet aa can bo
found in th famous "Chippie" eight. They
had come along Irom Traiers Island to ehow
tlio. Sou- U'K.'tiollo novices what teal good row
ing K Tliey did show it. at that, but their in--U
notion uHsBeen and raised hy just enough
to win lite pot. ltowiug enthusiasts of twenty
yenrs' t-xpHricnce. who wer un the reTeree'a
Bto.uuor. said thoy ncvor before saw sucn an
evnly conto-ted rnio.
S ben llolereo Uianuint sent the crews away
tho ew YorkB caught the wuter In lino stile,
and for a second liml a lead. Within tlvo Bee-
ids the New ltochollos were on eien term".
Then tho fun begun. A or did tnnt last long
among the " v Inged-fnot" men. for tho " bhells"
not ouiy held tl.olr owi.. b: n-flmel to cre-p
abend two or throe feet. When tne half-mile
niiirkwas breasted tne "Shells" still held il
iriliiug lead, but it wns so slight that tbo New
York LOiilldenta disputed it nud halt), in one
voli-e: " Wnlt lorn few lengths, nnd thi-n wo'll
bo so far iibead that you'll stor." Tlio few
lengths uererowed.and tho "hholl" adherciilB
didn't -top. Their men moib in the Iront rank
and (itiliing n clean-cut stroke that was busi
nesslike, undthuio was no sign of wtukenluc
among them. .... . .
I'u to tin-tlmo the referees injunction thnt
there ehould bo no coaching from tils boat had
liesuenrofullyobaioJ, although there were two
lory lively fa tions ou board, lint now tbe
order vi as forgotten Dignity and discretion
were east to the winds, and the boisnrranged
tbeui-aliOB in groups lor yelling purposes, nud
Iioft'lhoy did joll! The "chippies " suw that
lie-v were ognlnst a crew of ioul rowers, and
began to wonder how I hoy would cine out.
They had lu mind that big dinner the club
gnvetliem.nnl thought: "Will we ever get
anything more to ent. it we don t beat these
coiiutrymenr" It came to be u iiuurtnr of u
imlo from home, ami thu countrymen's uosu
w as just as clo-e to tho goal us theirs, nnd
KOtuetlilngmiiBt be done, or siarvatiou would
Btaro them in tho face.
"How a faster stroke! came from the ref
ereV boat. Ubai I- just what the "Chippies"
were tiylng to do. (in n pleating call from
their coxswain they did Improve, to an extent,
nnd went ahead of their antagonists, but only
far enough to bo called ahead It was a glori
ous struggle m tho part ! the " Chips." and
nslir.eK ut aimlauso inado the circuit otEoho
" Up. up. up'" c.nld be heard in excited
though steady tones from tho etern sheets of
the New itot'hell" boat, nnd tho tollers who
lu, ed tlm coxswain, tiled u-they were braced
thonip.-hos for the effort thnt would. It sue
ressful. make them great on "Oarsmen's
An eighth of a mile fiom home nnd the
hlack-ieiseyed bumpers tried again. They
pullod In iinaiilu.ltv .md with astonishing
eflecl. Thev went forward like u stieak, and
tholr friends howled: "It's all over; good
by. New llochelles:" It was nut all over, at
least that war. J.lttlo Coxswain Mot ton still
I'buiiniied crying his " Up, up. up"' but us the
bows of the boilrtgot to six lengths Irom the
lino he became unthu-laHtjo. Ilia " I'p. up,
ili!" tlifii became something like a evi lone,
and could be henrd nil over tbe harbor.
The many handsomely dressed ladles on the
yachts unit banks heard It, and were gieatly
enthused. Many of them were heard to say:
" What n good captain, aud how he encourage
hi- men to work."
Tbnliiht eighth was far more exciting than
the proiioua part of the race. The "Old
hhelU," by one ni'Trt great spurt, sent them-
elvcs jiiat about four feet ahead of the " Chip
pies " ' htslnuii tho laitercoitld not orercome.
It was liy that dlstnuio that the "bhells" won.
nn.l nt no time dining tlio rac did a greater
dl-inncr. Ht'imrute thebovsuf th two gigs.
'i'lie celuluiuion in Now Itvohelle last night
Is beoud desirlpllon.
eais nins'x a j or iuk regatta.
The afatrapolltnna or Tltta C'lly Hhow Up
Wall aa the Charles River.
BofTos, Sept. 7. The only tport that waa aot later
fared with by rain In and around I'etton to-day waa tha
third fall chemplutiehlp regalia of tlia haw England
Amateur Itoiriug Attoclallun, on lha Charlea River,
Ihecourae for tho canne race waa one mile, witna
turn, fur Ihe alghi-uared then raieauue and one-half
lulletairaightawK), aud Inr all tlio uilu r erenti oue
ami oiirdiulf udlet with one iitru.
ll.eltrtt event uat it lauiie r.ue. I) V, Whlitamore,
Arliui'tuu ll i'. W, ll I'rrkluo an I M.l liaiui I'oluiu.
Mail It A r.aat Ihttuti. vitre the tiartera, I'rrllna won
eatiy Inn inlniiirni.ro.'uu.li. unit llhltiriti'ire terunil.
Ihere were three airtera In Hie tenior aingie'riull
rae uamelyi A. J Hunhtuau Kaieinwou I ll r,
New urk. Juteph Mrrveti, lira.lli.rd Ji .. and Viliilam
t'alirey. l.awieuue ti o Hureliinan luught the water
nrataiid ted foreeveral role, bull adrey, rowing thirty,
alx ttrokat to the minute, otethauled him belure going
a quarter of a mile At the turn Cadiey walar ahead,
undattbe mile turn had Increateu hla lead to lire
lengtha Ha won handily lulu nilnutet '.' eeconda
with Bergen a p ior leiuini
The nilerineulaie tingle at ull raco wat the moat ca
ching eieut or ma ds ihere were nine atanrrt
liana of the ilitarri .e ll uh na I tbe heat of theetart.
but nt lha ha f .MIIU el nf Ihe Miawiuule and fowling
f the Cie-iniita had nrerhsule I mm. In the laathair
mile Mitcurii and Howling ruweit on ereti term, and
iiulihed in that war in ll mlnulai 4i aei-f,uda with
Fleming "f the lira lfnril nu a leugili oehliia. Tha
wlnnei alii te de ermine I lu another mnteei neat
Tlie double-tcull rltell race wat another eloae one la
whtih tbe victropoiltaua uf iew lork tame off vie
lodoiia Ihe iieta goi lha leal at tbe ttait. with the
AtalHotat racond. At tbe half ih Mela were an I lead
lng but the vlallaa nf I'hlladtlphU hul crowded Ihe
Atalantaa unt nr aecnud place Ihe eame i rder wae
matulaliied at the turn Theu Ihe Rirerridee ot t'etn
bridge tpurttd and paaaed all the "there until met led
by hair a length orer the kleta The latter reponded
and opened a lead nf a length orer the Rtrertider. and
nnlihed in that order. The time of the Metropolitan!
m 10 mlnutea nd eeconda The elaltea ware third, and
tha Atalantaa were twelre lengtha aatern
The Junior alngle-aoull race waa a chapter t acel-
dentaandfonla Tha real winner of tbe race, Phobia.
of KlogrhlllpB, ().. Fall River, waa dUauallBed for
rapalatng J. M. Darlt of tha Mao batten A. i. Mew
' York, attheura. rkllkla.wsa iiUat euiaaalba rata
wnt tA Phft ef the ne.ton AthUtle Ai.octitlon. Phil
bin' tint wai VJ mlnuita USierondiu Mltckinftoa of
th Nurravaui.ttt leoarttl rBcond rrit.
t Tht timdroriii had t. wnkorr in tha net for lentor
four oared ihalln, no rompaUtnr apraruiir.
Tha raca for junior fouroaratl itialit went to the
rrce:ita of Uomnn, after a red hot race with the Met
ropol.inut. The Mr u took the lead and held It to the
inrn The rrftcetit. then epurted and putted the New
Yorker- From there tn tne nnlh that alternateil ne
leaderx thetrf-cema rrmiinji the lino In Iti intnnlei
6:4, '(.oinK (he Mt-irnpi tuna t'-Inr mr a Uit(tU
behind the Ifnlori n C . f hrv mk were fourth
The Junlur fairoarel worklntr tat race hud four
tteriera. and ta won hv the Neponoeu In " miiiiue
:iu eeconds, with tho W tn t.ynnt aeconiT and tua eat
Ifnda third
Tnre -Aerebuttwoatartereln tha senior four oared
woiklntr lioat rata Tha Ittrerfld'auoncai'ly (rom tha
rentraia In l mlnutea 41. Kemnda.
IhoeiKM naredrhaM rare for junior wai eaiilreap
turedhy ih-i iilitmMari of W aphltist'n. Tha mon in
terettlhk' i hftireen the Union I nat t luh of
New nrk he rreientH. and tha Itivaraldaa These
three orr n were 'in een terrne at tho mile atui a
Quarter mark Ihen the ItlvereHea pot the waeh from
the turaamlfolllehlnd. The frenLeiiia tettha Unluna
br y neconili.
The 1-ir.i retn'ar rtfe wn for i"nlor elthtnara1
arte) This war nnothrr t)firri-delroyliiar race with a
ctoe flnluli It wnn rrd hot ra .turn. the lit IihIC
mile The nradr.rdtelolir rrond'ii piai the rulum
Maiiaand th-n left thu M.twtniit hrhtn'l It wamilo
ami tucV to the tiniKft Tha liradmrlt wnn In t in In
lit a in! 4 prromla uh tin- a, nmiR lr tlnn
thre tf-'t aiieru ami the Lotuinhlaimalinovitever. with
thr latfr
there wai an exrltlnc ra for la've.onrfl brffe
There ware fnur atariere, an 1 It una a men tor b noil to
the ilnlih. rh I-ttHyfticn ofll North I nd were the
winner br aletuth ll Weat I.nl- tuok ifcoud pris
br a tu ot from the .MillMreaius ol lie Ufa
Krcntln Above Ih Pneaalc FalN.
Pitra-nst, 8pt T Tha Fxcelilor float Club held
their eighteenth annual reijafa abo n the I'annlc r'all.
this aftcrnnun. The reiulli ntre
Sentorsiun e Shell- tine an 1 a Vunrler Vitrs-F. W,
Mortranflrnt .Tf.hu K Greenwood tecond Tune, it in ire
ulei 4ieconds.
Junior Four oared bhelta. On and a Half Ml)e for
the llaurr Cup-J. K (VUea bow, J, 11 (Uile A, HniHU
urat, nnd Kotert liott. itroke, won Time, b inluuft
Hi per ide
Jfuutil oeulli One and a Half t for Miie a t'up
. h Moldenilryi bnw and is. Cnndoll. etroka. nou
Tlrut fttnlmilea .'ntcuudu
ijnartrMiitie IUc fuwnrdW Mnraan tlrut, .fnliti
K ttreennnod, econ 1: Joim 11. 1 oweri third. Time,
1 minute and i ptriiiid-
.iiintor lioiibm Scu'la One and a 1'alf Mltep-Oenrte
Slnuianl. btw, nnd .tamea Loilt, itroke won. Time.
1 mlntitei and 4 trc-oiidi
Junior Mngle hrullt. ne and a Half Mltfe-.'-amuel
Fniieri1. fratt Jutin ll. Fnwera. eecotid; Jaiara i oyle.
third. 1ttie Unilniilen nnd -fl eec-ind.
enlo Fur -are I .heila, tnte and a Half Ml as fnr
t erlnnn Pl.rhrr John K lrcnwcnd, liow, .tnliu
Kut, Hnj cr. and H. . M ritaii flou, lime l) uilu
utee and 1 irci nd
Home LWelr Itldlntc for Prlrcft. And oo
Hporl 3ri.era,tly.
On th Kllrabeth KDMnirileld coura jeaterdaf the
Atalanta Wheelmen of Newark held their annual ten
mile handicap raca There wera thirteen auriera
Harry Mli't with . mlnutea luri, won the flrat prlie
tn 37 mlnutea 4 ecconje, Itank Urck. 1-j mlnnts
eeeond. In ii minuter -," eacuude. Vatighitn 4 mlnuten,
tblrd. In a? minute 45 eeaonda. Brock won a ifuld
medut for the faiirit time o.er the cour-
A five mile handicap ro-td raca hold br ihe tt at
Mtalnfc Whfeliucn yentarday morn n;. Tha wlnnera
wera. Firnprlre. herniour k; tltua It mlnutea
.tfifcondi.iecond William Smllh, time. 18 minute.
Sfieccondt, third. I.rne.t trank; time, 18 mlnutea ai
rcouiai. fourth, O. 1 mnk. time, 1 mlnutea VH.econda
The Hilton Wheelmen had a ten mile lmnilloap road
race orer the Ir ItiKtoii-Melburn courne yeatertlay. Tho
wlnnera wern Mm prUe riittip Hacker, time. ;w
roinuies V4 eeconde, nerund t rUc (Jtto Hcker tltae,
'i minute .t tapeonde The nthr prize Hlniicra
were I harlea Iter We r, lieorico .Nenutniicr, A. Vnr,
John Brrker ami t. I'hathutn.
I'mrnjin. Sept 7. About 2 riO1) epectatira wit
naated the uIcyi. meet or the r'anialc KalU W heelmen
on tlia I lUia ralU turuplk) this alternoon Many out
of town wheelman ere preienu The dettlli follow:
rtret Kece Novlcea: mte mile L Lartery flrit, rred
Allen aeciind. O W lUddock third Time, J: .- .t .
hacond t'a-f Two mile ordinary. fr membfraof
the I. V . on).. A. rt A len nrat, J. Cozzeiia eeoond.
u lpp third Time, 7 ." 1 1 :
Thirl han. ten mien, interctnh team, for trophr
and lour irold mediU-A. 1. Muhara of tho Faalo
cm,n Uli-linen won nonre HaunUan of "Tourltt"
eeeond. h. Yt. I.nlaud or "Tuurlil ' third ilnie,
Konrth Ttaee. threeIejr(red J. C. Oaynor and a W.
Haddock won.
Hflh Kace, two mile aafetr. for F. F. W only-N.
Well won. U W llnddock eeeond. Time 7 34
lih race ore mile tote under It. (I. Curiii won.
M Tavlorperond.il Hathaway third Time 4ila.3.
Renuth rn.it, live mile- tor 1 F. U. only A Ii
iti.ert wou, 8 Mullock rteoond, .-, Iirael third. Tlu.o,
t mi.
Flffh'hrare, fire mllea, championship of Fatenon
open A. U Uthent won. rorjre Uauniean aecond. L
V. I.ngland third. Time Hill jfl
I'.i.i7AKKiir si)t.7. The blcjclc racei at the New Jar
ery Jockey riuhnrounda to day. under the aueptcfn of
the Union County Itoidptora, were attended by about
4 rum iieriona araons them fully H)i whef'mei from
varlnn-s paruot .New Jerey aud Now York The re
autm w re:
Mllr atjti forOrdlnarlee-Won by r. J. rinn Klnw
Conn y -Mifeimen, i.dwln Miller. Mneland Wheelmen,
second Tim 3.w
tine mile fafety Won hy R (i lefljraren Union Coanty
Roadvleri. I McLean. Kinge County Wheelmen. ec
oiio. lime .!
W.J.I-Ion Klnca Toiinty Wheelmen, won tha two
mile ordinary raue tn 7 -ii, J h Lodee Mnaland.aecond,
Two mle sreiv Won hv 0 W Collin. Oranirn Wheel
men. lnH.M).;.T Willi. WePtQeM Wheelman eaonnt.
Kl.e-mlle Urdlnarv Won In I74M hy J. Hlake Fnloa
County CiiKtUiera. hdwiuMl'Icr Mneland. aerond.
The bent race of theila una the live mite for eafa
ttf whtcli had peventern eiitrirn It waa won bv t,
U Cnftln (irniiKn Ulit-clineu In lU,5,, I), Mel an.
King eunty W ee'neu fecurul
The llnrtfonl IVtirel Meet Postponed.
Ilaarrnun Fept. 7. The Hartford Wheel Club waa
compelled to postpone Ha racea to duy in conieu,ueuce
of the heavy downpour of rain which continued all
thl forvftioip It ha4 decided to run Un racea on Tut
day and W eduenday. rain or ehtue,
TnumanT Ilall sport ut Houth Beach.
Adorned wlih llsht Kriy Fedora hati aud crimson
badir. the member of lammany Hall in the Fifteenth
At mbl dhtrict gathered nt ttie club room etterday
mirnlnir. It waa the day set for the club annual out
Inr.t ea Ueach. and a force had teen manhalled
nearly N- Ftmntr under the leadership of ex
Aipemhlyman I'. W. Manner. The eventa on the
fie d were .iilto interettnr I'antel Hrophy
rarr el off the honori In puttlnir the it -me, and C. I-apt
wou the 2 unl dah. Thru came tlia Mt ard danh
fnrlfttmen .No one wae e lirible tnileee able to tip the
m.!f nt .0) poiindi J'autcL Morwau wetsht -U
Co u ml secured the urle, ilibiiejali Kama waa wou
y the fetiiKlf men Si ore 4d to l
At ) n lock tin? niembrri, rut down to dinner Amonir
the famlllair r.nf- at the laMe uere Judirn John
llftiry McCarthy of the City Court. AesemMy
mm Lew in jrv pulc-W. Apsembiymeu Hmnuel
Kutay. John it .Mcioldriu. r-uperintendent
Jlobhtna of the Mreet Cleanli tr Depart
.iieiit ex fiuperlKtctdent M II. Wtmlen Alderman
letrJ Uoolinr Ailitnnt Corporation oumiel John
J. Itrianey .'oteph II. Miner. t Atdr-rman Jtlchard J.
Htillltan Counsellor Jarnee Mel atiifnlin. Alderman
hrauk I'OKeia, John Met ornilck Utstrlct mi per
lnlendent of the Street Cnn1n(r Uepartm-nt:
and James J ft" erf, lerkCof the Court nf t, omraon
rleaa Ihe Ollatrawnlla Club of tbe rittesnth dintnct
were also well r'trenented
After dinner Jude McCarthy end John Johnson, ex
poittr.asler of J'atereon, nude Intarestlnsr addrei-a.
At o'clock, tired. Put 'appy the inembrra boarded
the steamer for home. Wheu the pier at Thirty fourth
street was rrachrd t e stemner narrowly escaped aluk
in if lor som rensou tlm belln rotineciimr the pilot
home aud entflne room i eaied to work. The result w aa
that the steamer undrr nearly full speel.rrarad tha
enl of the i It-r Those on hoard became frlbtened,
Hhd fT tl moment it looked like a ifencral stampede.
Iiniiijih inau were thrown forcibly tu th door, uo oaa
was seriously Injured.
GHnien of (he Olympian A. V,
Tha Olympian Athletic Club h a Just been e'ected to
membership tn the Hetrofo'ltan Afcsoriatton. and cela
brated the event yesterday by it of aamet at Brown'
I.ln) rark o i hta'.en Island. Tha results weret
Ore hundred yard Dash-Won by William Mayer, II.
flrimn second Time ll seconds
rnurhundred-and forty yard Hun-Won by II, Weirs.
J, bchlnmrln second Time, I minute
Half mi: mni-Won h. II urtrtin, D, tirayar second.
Time 'JiiilnnirilUa.eriiiiila. ., ,- .
Onemlto Jtuu Won br f), Brayar, 11. Weirs second.
Time. . minutes vj seconds.
Ihree mile nun-Won b I) Hrayer: M. Herc-r see
ond and 11. Welra third Time. 17 minute ' second)
unetnile Walk Won bv C, Uelr, II. Weirs second.
Time h minutes 47 se onds
Hunnlntr lirotid Jump-Won by J, Rchlntleln; J.
BhauM-lmessy eeind Distance . feet
IliinniTur Illtrli Jump-Won by J fccb ntrlelni H.drlRln
seooiid. tUltrhL fet a Inches
Inrtiatlon Half intie Itun Won by W AUee; F.
Wt a'e n pecond Time 'J minutes a0 seconds
I hraieraiidll Welra wera tied for the all around
honors with lo points exch. and Hrayer w.m the piUe
oiiatova. J Hchlntlaln waa third
Tb prlre were luudsome cllverware to hrst and
second lu each eTnt
Jrry Aeeoclatlon Grapes,
Tb fifth annual picnic and a rots of the Jersey Asso
ciation war held jtsterday afternoon aud tsuId-t at
Caledonian Fark, Jersey City Helf hta. Th vnu re
sulted os follows:
tine-huudradejard Run-Won. by Jamss Gorman,
Way no a ' W, yards with II. Barclay, as .(Id- a. O,
crati h. second. Tlnir. 1U aeconda
I imr-liiiiidrvil-Atid ;orty-yam Ilun-Won by James
F, Mnen . uiiiern A t .. t ) arils, UI ! rank Barnard.
InloitA t, -cratch set ond Time 67 seconds.
M i1 n hundred rtiiil.lfhtV- rd Hun Won hy Wll
Ham ov Wavue A c , sirad'h, with lleury Hal
steal H t ns A. U, scratch, keci-ud. Time, J minutes
Mild " I .'conds
Mx hiimireil ard Hun (novic) Won hy James (lor
man, Witt ne a ll with I- U hiuyresant A C. so
on I, Time l minute.! second.
tfneun e Walk Won hy amul Mebjrotd. Fasilme A.
Catratih wiihr' K J.IIib. I'antlme A. C, 10 aecoaua,
cund lime, 7 minute 'i.t'. seconds
tine mile lum Won hyT. J. ei'STtlius, Wayne A.0
flye yaids, with O. C. Ilollender, Fastlma A- a, 20
yards, second ftme, .'. minutes
rhebo)s race we won hy J. Mcciesnan and Adam
Baumf artnr wou the rat men a race.
vfeUunrf) of the Plitetere re
The t-rand annual plrn'o and names of the Operatlre
rUiur-rf Bortsty was held yesierday at Sulier Uar
lam I'iT"- Park, A simmsry of the errnts follows:
tine mHe Hon. for all comers Won by Jtyati, F,
Thomi eajii second
iite ml'e 'k members only Dead heat between R,
Watrlinnd I. Mcfoer.
ee.y lUc-Tfard Dash, members only Won by Mo
Oiiavi.iila Hun for member" 'on' under in sears Won
b Frt'r T, Mcl aiuh luseci ul
)i r mile W alk for member pons under Hi years
Won bj M I a lull in iH'ii.e. n otiil
llini. rtep, hi 1 Jump jor iiiemliers onl Won by Mo
Kerina Throwing Hi.y Mi-nes. inembfrson'y Wou by J.
Fete re n
Fotato itac, for Ml l outers on by J. Feins on, 14
KunDlof Bread Jomp Won by MoVenna.
Ooe.Hlle Ruafor Appreoticts Under 1 Woa by
T. dht a.
Onr Ue Walk, fer AppreaUsts Cndsr IV yea-Wo
by a he earn.
Bterllnc. Con teat on the Trnek .nt FleU
sit WnshttaKton lrk.
Close competllloni In athletic, baseball, and football
rtrewoTer-fcOrfipfrpon lo the old homo of th Brook
lyn Baseball Cltitx Washington Fark, yestsrday. Th
erent was the Acorn Athletic AMocialion'a fourth an
niai fleM mcatina? and a wonderfully iucctu(ulAort
It firoie I.
TheMsltallon Lyceum and Jerom BassbtU Cinba
played an excltlnr (tame or la.ehalt for tbe South
Hriioktyn championship, Ci, score telnji 1 1 to U In
fayor of the Jeromes. The Barrr Athletlo Association
of .Newark defeated the Fauih-a Uailatich team Ina
KfOil came r f Caello fnoiball by 2 tfoals to I, Th r
euit ot Hi j athietlc itntesta were
Cno lititdit'd Vnrds itun, liaiidliap Trtfll Heats
I irsthtat, won lo Aathnn injur C. i N , 7 yards;
tltiif, li J fi keiondrt. htcoitd heat, won b f. Howard.
Acorn A a, ih yards time, iiUAseLonds Third
heat, won by F. u, hriatle, Aiorn A. A , 4 -taints, time,
iti 2 '.seconds. Fourth heat, won hy J K hdwarda i
jards, lime, in .(5 setund. littn hea , uon by c. H.
Vpler. N 4a C , ? n a ros, time, in. i eecotids sixth
beat, wou hy a t Metk ariitm Boat Club yards,
tunc, liia-I set onds eTnth IipwU won bi F. Itoure,
Acoru A. a.. .; ardsi tlm 1 .ta seconds.
Uhth heat, won L J, A Arnould, N A .
7S aMn; time nitl. seconds Mnth heat,
flun by William MclK'ls. Acurn A. A, 7"- yard
lime, 10 1 5 prcond. Tenth heat won l y J. w. 1nAti'
lute West In) A. A , 4 yurds. J line, lu M 'i recomlta
I leventli heat, nllvoxr lor C. J.linirpton econd
irtil heats-nrst heat won byBllur Time. 10 U.5 sec
onds f.iond heat mod by J. Hnwnrd. Time. Id
second-. Third heat won by W Nicholas. Time, in 2 b
second. Hn il heal won by l.dward nouard, with
w ilium Nicholas set ond. J. W. AlcAullfTe third. Time,
Id l .'isiconus
Halt ml e Hun. Scratch, for Novices-Won by n.
Thotnaa, Aeirn A. A.; (I Mr.llnnla Htir A, C.t pecondt
1-. J McKinnery, Mar A f , third. Time, U miuutcs
iuv't second.
one mile Walk. Handicap-Won by It. Bruhn, Lorll
lard A. C. 'hi setnuds, u. (lenseti Sylvan A. C '0
etoonds, second i harles Nlchoil, Mauhattau A. C,
airntih, third. Time inlnntes 4tn risecondr.
guarteMtille Kins. Handicap First heat, won by J.
H. Travis. WlUtamsburirh a. a. (40 yards), C. A Crane,
E. t. N. J. (10 )arus. aeiondt John J-. Tracy, Acoru A.
A ( in ards) third lime .11 4.i peionds econd
heat, won by I-rank Wygaud, htandard A. C (37 yards),
II Hawthorne, orange a. c. Ui yardei, aeimnd, K H.
Whlttach Frospect Harrltra (7 yards), third Time.
.M :t ,1 seconda. Ihlrn heat, won by O. Ward, West Mde
AC t;. lardt), I. McKlnnery. htar A- C. i yards),
arcondt '. W .McAullffe Went ftid A. A. (27yardt,
third Time M I aecends. Final heat won by Mo
Klnnery, with Wycaml aecond and XtoAulia third.
Time. 5i4ftpecond
one thousand ard Ban, Handicap Won by A. O.
(Irleve onkera A. C W yards. Charles M. Tloeila,
Frospect Harriers, mi yards, second: William T. Dur
kee I'roshoot Harrier. 7j yarda, third. Time,2mln
uta'atl l seconds.
Two hundred and twenty yard Hardla Itac e First
heat, won br C. T W lexatnl. New ork A. C., ti yards;
ll. A Thempsou, Acoru A A.. l'Jarda, second Time,
i:7 '' 1 second a. acond heat, wou by H. F. Hweeney.
Aavler a a, 1. yards, U U Brasher. Acorn A A- 7
.ards, pecond. Time, y7 1-3 seconds. Third heat, wan
by (ieorR chweaier. New ork A. C. scratch. Time,
v 'J 5 net. on da ronrth heat, won by It. J Kntrlieh,
Xavler A. A. 15 yards Time, 7ft J A seconds Final
heat, won by Brasher, with Wlesrand second, and
hchweffler third Time 272 5 seconds.
FoloVaultlna: for Height Handicap Won by A. Hos
klna, Brooklyn tilnchee, with an aotual leap of n feet
Inches, 11. Jenssen. Mar A, O, u Inches J. J, Connery,
htar a. C.N Inches, and F. Frtaerloh. Acorn a. C, 8
Inches, leaped actually s feet 7 Inches. Jenssen won
aecond; Frederic). jrot third.
Hunnlnf Broad Jump Handicap Won by Robert
Co. ml dc Acorn A. X, JfeetHlnobea with an actual
leap ot 10 feet 1 Inch J Banesch, H. A. C. 2 feet a
Inches, second, with an actual leap of IH feet 4 Inches;
a. llosklns. Brooklyn A. O, a feet, waa third, with 19
One Mile Hafety Bicycle llae. Scratch First heat
won by o. W. Osborne Harlem Wheelmen: ueorn
fikldmora. Acorn A. A., second, A. K l-.nnis. Acorn A.
A., third. Time H mtnatra M S-5 second. (Second heat
won by K W Mil nib am. Montank Wheelmen: II. Haw.
thorne. Oranire A. a. up eon d: J, MoVay. Wllliamahnrgh
A. A. third Time. .1 minutes "o 41 eeconda t-lnal
heat wnn by Ullneham. with Hawthorne second and
Liitili third. Ttme, t mlnutee 10 J-1 teconda
Two mile Run, Handicap Won bv Thomas F. Con
nefT, Manhattan A. c, scratch, A. C. (irlee, Yonkers
A. ('.. 12i yards, second; R II. Collins, Varnna Boat
Club. Cafoyardn. third Time 9 mlnntes.idit seconda
Two-mtle Hafety Bicycle Hace, Handicap Won bv J.
Jndjre, Manhattan A C scratch; II. B. Hkldmore Froe
pect Harriera, 40 yards second: Oeorfre Hkidraere,
Brooklyn it amblers, Kki yards, third. Time, u minute
iti a o seconds.
Irlab-Amerlcna Athlete at rastla.sk.
The flar of America and of Erin floated bravely over
tha Irish American Athletic urounds at Erasttna, Btataa
Island, yesterday afternoon, and seemed to Inspire tbe
brawny athtetea who competed tn the.annua. fames of
tbe Irish American club with unwonted athletic enerjry.
as these were the club' Initial fames the contestants
were not handicapped. All the runnine event were
hotly contested. The anmmary of events Is as follows i
One-hundred yard Daah Ktrt trial heat, won by 8 J.
Mescal; Mike Kennedy aecoud O'Halloran third Time,
II focouds recond irial heat won by John Frender
ville. Tim Keefa pecond. Bannon third, lime 1115
seconds Hnal heat, won by Kennedy, Mescal second,
rrendervttie third. Time 1 1 eeconda
Kunnuifr Broad Jump Won by Mescal distance 10
feet l inch: 1'rendervllie second, in feet b in.be
Michael Kennedy third 18 feet,
llaif mile Run Wou by Dautel Riley, Barry X A.;
OUlal oran aecond. Kennedy third. Time, i minutes
Hop, a tap. and Jump Won by Daniel Len ah an, with
44 feet: Mescal second, with 41 feet 11 Inches; Keefe
third, with J feet II inches.
Fuitlnatbe Miot (lu pounds) Won by Martin Mnlll
iran, distance 8 feet 4 inches. Keefe second, with SJ
leet 2 lnotiee Mescal third, with 31 feet tl inches.
Itnnnlns: iilfh Jump Won by S. J. Mescal height, 5
feet 4 Inches M. Kennedy, J. Kennedy, Tim Keefa, and
Mulligan tied atA feet 4 Inches. M. Kennedy drewseo
ond prize.
On mile Run Won by John Kearhron. Wanderer A.
C. Dan Helm, Barry, A. A, second; James Ryan
tblrd. Time A minutes 10 seconda.
Conrad Marks of the Xavler Athletic Club by com
pet I ns: in the sack race impair en hla amateur ath'etio
Btundiok. a' the ximea were not registered with the A.
A. U. lie win the rice lu 11 t-eoonds (distance. 60
yards). Faddv Xyotii o! the Curbilne Ransera waa a
tfoed second cal wn third klarka also won the
potato rac Timothy Deinpsey aecond. Mescal won
the championship gold medal by acorins: 17 points.
Kennedv second btst man, with 8, and Leuatian,
Keefe, and Uu'ligau, b each.
Archtlloceaaa Union Oansesi,
The first annual atbletlo irames of the Archdlocesan
Union 'took ptaLe sesterday afternoon at the Aavler
)al A larte aud enthusiastic crowd greeted the
young athletes as they fathered on the field ready for
their friendly contest.
The 7&eyard dash final heat, waa von by A. J. May of
the hpauldiug Literary b'nlou. In 7 4 i second. Thos.
Sbelley S KV. 51. h.. second; W. li. Ileaton c. 1. and A.
b . third and M, C Halpln. . U. Q . fourth.
The J!t-yard dash waa won by K. J. Beuehan, L, A.,
In -4 seconds. M. J. Donovan, V K, second, and 0, J,
McCartle third.
The mile m alk was Anally awarded, after a lonf dis
cussion to T. A. Thorpe b t-U., who made the distance
In 7 minutes and M seconds. J. r urey, L. 1. aecond,
and T a. Hurley. 8. I V . third.
The prlre for the mile run was raptured by C. F.
Ilue, I . L. In 4 minutes and 40 secouus, W. O Keefe,
X C second and A Dunlap X. C , third.
The U mile run fell tn W. O Keefe, X. c . In IB minntes
and't raoonds. J. D. Heed, C 1 and A. b. second, and
C r. IIom, L. U third
For the remaining games the victors were as follows
lour hundred and forty yard Daah M K Keane. X,
C first, in M seconds: O Boyle, t . U and A S aeLond;
B. X. M, Dlllley, X. C, third, aud C. J. McCartle, X. C,
inch Jump C. Toomey, X. c, a feet 4t, lnobes; C,
Mcfoy. C I. and A 5 feet 24 inches, Eugene J.
KeilU, O L and A B.rreet.
Runulrif Broad Jump A.J. May, fl L. U. 21 feet 11 In
ches, K. (n.raJ. C. U and A H. 'Jl feet ti Inches;
Jc seph (Irevlllo. A. C . 1 feat 4S I nek en
In the tug of war tho fii'S aiding tram. conslsMngof
Joseph J. O'scll, Jamea Devlin, J. J nn Houten and
H. K. Munday. defeated Hrst the Kplphany Lyceum
team and then the Cathedral team, who had In their
turn outputled the Xavler Club
The Xavler won th olob prize for having gained the
most points.
Cents J.abor Union Game.
The annual picnic and games of tha Central Labor
Union were held in Lion Fark, losib street and Tenth
avesn, yesterday afternoon, and were largely attend
ed by the members of the different organisations and
their friends.
The only thlag that marred the occasion was th dis
putes arising from the decisions of tha Judges. At one
ttmea quarrel arose among the competitors. Th re
sults of the events were as follows:
Onehundredyard Dash- First heat, won bvS. Roddy,
M Mulcahv stiond. Second beat, won by t. h. Fry or,
F. Moran eeeond Third heat, won by J, Atkinson, J,
Bradley aecond. Hnal heat, woa by f, 8, Fry or, J,
Bradley second
Tutting htxteen-ponnd Shot Won by E O U oil and,
S7 feet Inch: M. .Mulcahy second, St: rest TU luchea
Two-hundred and twenty arde Dash Wuu by M,
Mulcahy. J. F, Bradley second
Throwing .'"round Weight Won by If. Mulcahyi E.
O. Hollanu. -ecouj.
One half mile Run-Won by U. II, Crowsler; John
Grr, teir nd
Itunnlog Broad Jump Won by R. Cnmmlnge, 17 feet
1)4 tin lie; M. Mnlrahy. It. feet .H inches, second.
Old Men's Hace (all competitors were over bo years of
age) Won by F. Mitchell h, Conlln tecoud
Ro)s Baca Won by J. Chum, J Hannah second.
tine mile run Wou by J, Cassldy, with John Orr
Terr close sat ond.
hhooting Contest Won by If, fi Murphr. F. Frlce
semnd. 11 F t.ordon, T. Ileaton, and R. Morrison
were lied for third place. A number of -.aluabU prices
I were ghn to the winners.
Close of tbe Hwlee Featlval.
The Rwlss festival was brought to aconclaslonlast
nifbt at Washington Fark Lata tn tbe afternoon Oen.
Frana Mgel visited the committee room and made a
spirited epseeo, In which he praised the patriotism of
Among thoia at th festival wss Jacques I Chs
valler, who was boru In the Canton dsVaudlulBli
He brought his baptismal certificate along In cas any
person might doubt his o aim to be the oldest iwla
resident of the United butts, Hu lives lu ew Bruus
wlrk is J
Alfred da Claparede, the fiwlss Minister, sent as a
prize the newest ride adopted by the hwls Uoveru
in nit- It uses smoke lea powdrr.
Ihe athletlo games of the festival resulted as follows-
Uymnaettc Wluneis Theodore Prick, tint, hinll
Meyer, second.
Athletics-Victor Fn-ter. first: Fmll Rleder. second.
High JuroD-TheodoreKrlck, rlrat. 11 Mentha, second.
Broad Jump H Keller, first; R. Reokenback. second
Broad and High Jump combined K. Keller, Hrst;
II. Mentha, secoud
JohnQuendig won th target of honor. Helvetia,'
for the bast shooting One or the athletes, named
llolre, who was giving an exhibition fell from the
trapeie yesterday afternoon and was removed lu au
ambulance to the Fresbyterlau Hospital.
Fun ut Fie refloat.
Nrirg, Kept 7 ThU bat been one of th most Inter
riling days lu the bWtorr of tha Flermont Rowing As
soctatlon ltepresentatlvs from the Dauntless, Waver.
ly. and Nassau boat clubs of New York were present.
The water was rouu all day, co there as very little
rowing. The mont Interest centred on a series of
bowling same, which reunite 1 a Joi owe
rlrt gama-Firruioiit cluii, 7.'e Wa.erlv, ilt. See
onl geiue-aNjMik cluh. iJ, IMuutless tin Third
vame-Waieny tlub ill; Njiuk, i ... ronrth game
Flermont 74!. --tiii. oil I Ifili v'ame-Ntack, el,
Nassau, t"H I asf"ine-l lermont, miJ; yai,k. 668,
Among ihe other i oris were . u
Tennis lngle won by Boss Bsrthalf of th Byaek
Outing t lub 101-yard eflusming match woa by 0 F.
Molier of tha Nassau club, sackraoe, wo by F. B berry
of tbe Nassau club
An eaoltlngturof war took place between tb Fler
mont elnb and member of tbe haauaid Datm title
lab. TanwBBatSAiUri3-4ftUuijta
ItnACEl) ALE svonxs. A
Crnek Athletea In Hcrulrjh Competltloa ;i
Tha New Yark A. C. I.acroaae Teaaa K
Ilelenta lha I.landera After a Fierce L
natlle-llnrae Ilnclng a m Cinder ruth j'f
noivlnc, Itaae Unit, aad I.avrn Teaala, vji
Tlio Rtnton Islnnd Athletlo Club celebrated il
Labor Dnr br Blrlnrt n bnnnuot ot pport to v
H.UIU Riifjsis, lawn tennis, runnlns, wHlklncr, S
jumplnc, bloycllnc. boat raclnir. lucroaie. base- A'
ball.antl btitHornclnicbelni: the courso wbieb u
follotretl each other In rapid succession. It t)
was a lencthr but excellent menu, and was ,J
devotirod with rest, l.'eanert was In the shape J
ot a cool, moonlit evening, soothlnc music
ami nreworl.s, and In lh coEer nooks ot th .";,
tuacioiiri nark the dollshted Kiiosts rehearsed
the splendid repast, while perchanes th ,
Touncnri'eoplo found sometblns of more In- i)
terest than sport to talk about. $
It was an nlhlotio carnlral, oommenolnrat ,j
10 o'clock in the mornlne and contlnuloK 5-
almost uninterruptedly until the renin? i-
shadows fell. The cracks ot aaoh branch J'
were on hand to contest In manly competition, jM
and tha spectators, fully half of whom ware ot ,Jl
the fairer sex. ware kept In a continual farment J
ot oxcltemont. There was no Urn to draw Jt
breath or make an attempt to retrain natural $
composure. Nerves were kept n th Jump ail "i
the tlmo.
Tbe ladles were on hand early to witness tk p
openlne evont, the finals In the lawn Urania )yj
doubles. Tne preliminaries had been held om 'j;
Friday, and the elftlne resulted In haylnft-B. O. p
Mtllett and J. 1 Ilobart ot th New York Ten ,?
nls Club meet E. T. Johnson and John T. O. ,4',
Walker of tbe Btaten Island Cricket Club for
the honors. It was as pretty a contest as ha ,y,
I eon wltnessod In thnse parte for many a year.
Tbe scores show Mlllett and Ilobart to hay
been somowliat easy winners, but th flcnrf f
tielluthecloseitesR ot tbe play. Johnson and v
Walker took Urst blood br tb telllnK acor I ''
76. and then Mlllett and partnr ran out la :
U-:i. o-y. U-7. . ,
The track and field athletics were next, aaS. v".
as tbe events were all soratch, the entrlea werv ii
mora duality than quantity. Ih leadlnst 'w
cracks were on band, out the rain had mad y
th track sodden and elow. and no reord -J
were In daimer, altuoueb tbe performanoM i
were excellent, under th condltionfl. . c.
llnrry Curtis, Knaiand'a champion 'walker.
nave an oxhlbition balf-mlle walk. In a ;
"Chorry Diamond" shirt. His style Is not
very takinc, but It Is fnlr heel-and-toe walk-
Inc. '1 bore Is comparatively little hip motion A,
and much arm work. The time, a minute -ft
m s-5 secontls. Is a poor performance. &
The summarized result Is: ft
One bnndred Yard Run-Won by T. L Lea. 1. T. A. Of '; '
X. K Copland al. a. Cm aecond. and r Vradaabtusk. &
N Y. A. U. third. Time hj 4 & aacmida. J,i
El8ht'bunilred-andalsht7ard Bnn Woa Iby Wl C. ir'
Dohmt Conrad Marka X A. JL, eeeond. and W. a. ,il
Ir.nch. N. V. A. C. tnird. Time. I mtnuw iM eee- fii,
onda. vW
One-mile Ron Wonfby T P. Conneff. M. A at i. Held, "vr,
M. A. C , aecond, anil rl V W Inainw (ilytnpla A. O., 8aa rir
Krancltco third. Time, 4 mitiutet 34 i a.oonda (
1 wo mile lllcrcleltace Hon by K. W, Kter.t, Knutf ,
County VVbeelment V. C. Uarker. It. A. O.. eeoona,aa4 X
K f). nappe. Uedford c c, tnlrd. lime. . mluniae e
28'.'-1 eeconda F
(ina huiured and twenty-yard fllfh Itnrdla Saea
Won by l. C. 1'uOer, N. J. A C.t A. K I oplaud. M. A. ,'
"', tecond and ueoraa Ecbwefler, N. Y. A. u. third. .
Time, 17 1 5 eeconda ".,
Two mile hatety tilrycla Race Won by II. Wampla.
H. L A. C; il. ti. Aolionald is L A. i:. aecond, and E. t
J. Kllla 8 1. A. C. third Time, e mlnntee JU aeoonda. );
Banning Hub Jomo Won ty Atrab Jllckarson, N. T. v
A. C, with Meet ll luoheei F. Rdwarde, ti. J. A. O., i!
aecond. witb ! reel 10 lncbea, K. W, OoS. M. A, C thira. --S
-etth5feetalnctie. h.
Two hundred and twenty-yard Rnn Won br P. Vre- -i,
denburi-h, s. . a. C.t T. 1. Lee. S. Y.A. C aeoond.and i?
M r. Hnlpln. N. Y. A. 0.. third 7r
Kunulntr llroad Jump Won by M.W. Ford. M A. C U.
with i'l feet. I Hi Inrbee; C T VVI.jand. Mw York A. -.',
c . and A K. Copeland. M A C. tied tur aecond nlaea v
with 'JI feet.' Inchea and Mlecand won tbe Jump on? V
with HI feet hi Inch. (.opeUud clearini --U (eel T1-, .
Incbee. -
One of tbe hottest comes ot lacroasn ever V.
clayed In this "ocllon of Ihe cnuntry followed v.i
tho track and Held competitions. It was a
battle between those old rivals, the Now Yorks V
and Btaten Islands. Tbe nlayers were ob- (',
ltvioUH to fatlcue and pain, nnd run and ;
sluiced with nu unllrlnc rerxevrrance that '''
dellehted the hundred1 of fthrieklna- ocuununta ',-;
of the grand stnnd. The sympathies of lh &
crowd, and eipoclally the fair sex, were all ',
with the Islanilera. There was a irreat deal ',,
of money waeered on the match, and certainty
the respective backers not n run for their :y
money. It was a soul-stlrrlmc content, nnd ,vV
even tbe epeotators lenornnt of th- points of .;
the old Indian same were up and Bbouilac w
like madmon at partlculai ly critic nl mumeutv. 1t;
The llno-up of tbe men wus as follows. -.-'.
frew I'ort a. c, roiuumt. ta-i """ l""i A. a .
J. u'Urien noal . a Mebam. r'
J Bennett Point t'rrua c Miuatw is.
J H runnere t orer point Ilarld Brown ,
C II Roberta Flrttdefenco Jjionei Mnaea if t
L.J. Uoi le Second defence.. .. W. C Toil :X
u W. t.ilmore "ihlrd d.teuce. John P. entry.
I II Bene Centra I. t. Mot lain. ,-,'-
Kmerr McLean Third allaek A.D. llltcbey. -
. A.Butb hecond attack rt. H iliapln. ?.
W. c. O'Bnan Firtt att.u L (lilaa Wblilnar. r
K II. (lerry ...Jn-lile boine R. A. alalhawa J'
Alex. Burnt uutalde Home W. R. Mutr. -f ;
The referee was Surauel B. Iples of the Lorll- ijS
lard A. C . and hu had his handB full. A de- v?
tailed account of the came would be a repetl- ,-;
tlon of lino plays, nonde-rful throws, desperat :
BtruKtfles, players lertvlnc tbo Hold ,IIanbleU aa W
a result of tho sluccinc. nnd nil the Incidentals '-'
of a match thnt had teen talked of lor weeks
ns belnit for blood. The New York k played th ;
best eamo tho Hrst halt, the Islanders becom- 'ft
lnu sllsbtly rattled. 1 hey braied up near tb '
end, nnd for thirty minute of tbe (.econd halt -;
tho onnco nnd blnr'k whh lu the ascendant In '.",
both play nud points. Then came n llerce rally if
on the partof tbeNfW orki-. and they scored
conl after soal until tbe lefpree's whistle ot f
" tlmo" found tbe score 0 to 2 in favor of th 4
" wluued foot." At tho conclusion of the tram V
the t-tntcn Island Athlotic Club decllnud to
awArd tbe trophy to the New York Athletlo J;
club, tvhlch wus provltlod for the winner ot '-i
this evBiit. for Hoinn rea-.ou unknown. A
Sitbout t'lvinc the spvctutoin time tore- 'v.
cover from the exciting incidents or the la- ;(,
croaso L'amo. tne Corinthian A. C. and btaten m
iRlaudA. O. bitftebull teams olal a whip- '
eawlne ten-lnnlne came, which i-ame near
flvlm-anient nnrtlMins heart disease. Th I
Iblnndsrs won by i to :i. ;
Tbe event of the dny followed, a tbree-rmar- ';
tor mile pony race. The tlrat beat had Mr. Q. &
1,. Mveri'tv buy Kcldlnic Tormentor and J. B. i.
Iinurue'a blaok celilioic Ilacarat. Tormentor t
won with ridiculous eitBe. Mr. deorue Ooker- ':,
housen's chestnut ifeldlnc HU'Ouiua won tb -i
next heat from Mr. II. C. Jontts's bay KeldlnK ;
Manhattan. Whlln tbe horses wete lestlne. .
the crowd put on its inonev. (llasciitus being .
asllnhtfatorlte I.Ike other favorites. Ocker- '&
housen's horse throw his baokers, Tormentor h
winning with sumothlne in hand, desplt J
Jockey Thurm's detperute work on Ciiahoutu is
In thel"t imarter. V
The a..' ttlc portion of the carnival opened V
up with the Intermediate eltfht-oared shell v
race. The starlets were: '$.
Knreaa Boat Club-J. Tombult. R Lowden. P. ";1
Iluichea, :. Iiufhet, J. A. runkllnir P-IWalaer. W. C.a- ,:
nor. A. 1 l'utiiam(atroae) II H. Kear (ooxewaln) f.
btaten lilaml AinleilcLliihR. 1 rmltlt. 8. Jetepb- ',-.
thai, I, 1. Ilettlna I. M Juael'bthal, II A. Learltt, J. T.
a Mart. A Uiiartley, P. A. Hart, Jr. (itroke), K. a.
Chapln (coxawaluv '
aruna Host i luh-0 Belter, M Quill. Jr, T. Duffy, (r
W, II. btruae. c. htoktim. W, II Held II. W, Dana. ft. V
K. Bayer (atroae). u. Freath (eoxtwaln). 1
The Kurekas crot the beat ot the start, bnt f
linvlnc the Ktnten Islaml xhort, hood sot Into
roueli water, nnd In Irving o get ont of th - h
dilemma home erratic oieoi Inc put them out of ;
the race. The lrlanders nnd arunus had It '
nip ami tuck, but nnarlnu the lluli-li the 1'rook- J
Ivn onrsmou not into Binnoib water and beat J
tliworntiKn nnd hlack representatives almost v.f,
half a lenctli. Tlmo, 4 minute. 5Ul seconds. ;
It wiih the Hrst time the Varunas hud nulled K
as n crew, aud It wns beef and muscle thai f
won for them. . . .
Only ttiree crews entered for tb Btatan '.;
Island A. U. cballnne on p. which waa th L
water attraction. Theywei: &.
Columbia A. C.-L. L. Ilaraau. It. J. WBrawtUr, ,'V
8 I. Jauuua Ki'ward Hjan A, Jetint in. W. K. crlat, 'J
cnarlea Baler, I liyerietrekav. J. W, Weloh (eouwalaf
Triton Boat Club of Newark-J B. Vtnaea. Oeora. X
Bird. A. xiiow M. Milne Harry Havall. Tbeodar. ,.,
Kerr, (leorre K. OIBord, A. U. Ilaien. Jr. (itreke), li. B. ;',
Ward (eotawatn) . ,1.
Mai.D laland Atbletle Clob R T. Knilth, It. Joaeab. il-,
thai. L I-Bettlni L M. Jotrpbihal. II A Learltt. J. L
A ilari, A. yuarliey, P. A, Hart (itroke), B. a.Chapta 1
(eoxtwaln) .
The Cnlumblas were the holders of the cup, ;,,
and the little betting tbenvwas favored tbem. .
The Tritons got a good start, and assumed $
lend of a iiuaner le gib which they held for -:.
tlirep-nunrters of the distance, when No. 7 7
r-aiicht u crab, and they fell back. Tha Colum '..
bins, rowing a good SU stroke, forged ahead, ,'"
and won somewbat easily by a length from ';
the Triton, who were three lengths ahead of '($
the Btaten Islands Tim. 6 minutes 1 seoond. u
The Washington delegation, whloli was quit "i
strong, were jubilant, ami th eroands r. ',?
echoed with th old familiar melody; ',,,
Don't you kear dam belle I ji
li'in'l yoo hear dem belle f aI
rhrr are rlnalnf out for (lory ;h
And the (' V t' . i.
m.n t y.i i hea deinlellat 'Vj
lin t 1 1 tl I eir iletn brlla I iff.
Thev nreriuelncoul the (lory i
iifikaC -A--0. (,
Ancient Order or Hibernian , u
Jon. i'i Wood wat crowded yeaierday atteraaeaaaS U-
ermlnn with membera and frlendi ef the Aaclest Ota V
deruf Hib.rnlann, who held Ibalr annual plenlo a&4 '
eaniet. A lutiitnari of the eventa (ollowai . V.
.line mile Itun, for Mtmtiera Unlr Won by Itleliaal -i:
Murphy. . ,?,
I wo mile Run. Oren la All-Wen by Patrick Walakl &
with John Mern ecud. '" ij
Two-mil. Hun, Open to All-Won by Jeremtak Bealrw B-
T. lrly aecond. ft
One-hundred yard Ron, Open tn Membera' SoneU.ieel ?
ISIiaara-Woa by Patrick lIcNaule, Tnomaa KaieM il
-0e.Bille Walk for Membera Oaljr-Wen by Safj ?A
efjallahan, allrh. el Mnrphy aecoad. --"a ;t
BeWaudalltM we iaj arete awajUa tttaa vlaaa rf

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