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I tiKJOixs mm Buffalo rroniciKauEx
I Veleowjed ley Tea ThousaBe Men la Get-
I eaaala Park An Aeereee Hevlewlas; the
I Frogreea Blade IB Fronotlng the Wei-
H fre of lYorklngaaen aad the Favorable
I Leglelatloa JUaaetea la Past Tfetire.
I Bumbo. Sept 7,-Qot. Hill arrived In th
I cltr enrlr this morning, accompanied by (Jon.
I jlcKwan and Col. Huppert. Ha wns met at
I tbe depot by tho Citizens' lleccDilon Cotnmlt
I tee. which Included Uaror Bishop, Congress
I man l.ook.wood, and others, and wai escorted
I totlie Iroquois for brsakfest. Ono ol his first
I callers ns tho lion. William V, Bheohan. At
10 SO tbe Governor rovlewed tbo Labor Day
I rsrjdofrom tlio balcony of the hotel, and wns
I cheered by tho organizations as they passed.
I Irrom 11:30 to 1 o'clock tho Governor held a
I receollon a; tho Mayor's office, aul ehonlt
I hinds rrltb n goodly number of people, Includ
I Isc ii! in prominent men ot both political
I rartlos. Among tlio enrly callers was ex-
I Mator Thlllp Decker, ono ot the ltenubllcan
I candidates lor Governor, and fconntor Lautth-
I lln. At 1 o'clock. Gov. Hill and party started In
I carriages t y. tbo Country Club fot luncheon.
I 1'assing l'ortl'ortor a salute of soeuteon guns
I was Dred In h's honor. Aftor lunch tha party
I went to Oermanla Park. At 4 1'. M. Major
I Bishop Introduced Gov. Hill to a crowd ot
I 10,000 worllngmen gathered In Qoiranula
I Park, and lie spoko In substance as follow:
I "It Is L'oodlosb for me to suggo't that I am
I cradled to meet tbe worklngmen ot Buffalo on
I tliU Interesting occasion, l'or several years I
I bae been tho roclPtent ot your Invitation to
I join with you In the exercises ot Labor Dny.
I but not until the present year have toy on-
I casements pormlttad an acceptance. It Is
I alvuv- a rleasure lor me to visit this crcat
nnd thriving city, the third In population In
our Mate, maxnlllcent In Ita proportions, and
unexcelled In itb possibilities, ondoaied tome
hi numerous pleasant ussoclntloiiB, as well as
the I.ict th.it It U the home ot many
wnnal friends. It Ir. perhaps, espoclally
felicitous 'tat my ofllclal visit hero,
winch will be my last ono as Oiler i:ecullve
ot the Mate, should bo ns the guest of tbe
wotUninien. nnd upon an occasion devoted to
the celebration ot it holiday in tho establish
ment ol which! oil were tbo o.iniest promoters
and the propriety of ulioo iioitiun rocolved
niyolJ.clcl recommendation m.d whose valid
Itritni ccnllimod In my nRlcl.il noproval. I
am suro tLut puilher ol n has bad cause to re
gret our julnt nil lei; ntlon in th nceonipllsh
iu4iituttti.it ttsuli. but, on tbe contrary, so far
tn.Iaincoic-rn.il I shall always recant my
action ulili pilde apd gratification.
"t.u tli.s festive dny. dovoted to leisure,
recrcillun. .itmisement. and rollection. iiiclud
ljBtlieeour.ldui.uion of questions pertaining
to tie Intel ests. of lnboi. unuinr appropriately
suney the pip'ont Held of Industry and note
tio cb.tnces nlilch have bean wrjught, as well
K the-ubsir.utiii'. prepress which has been
fjido In tbo diiectlon of the promotion
oi the wellaie ot nurMngnieu. A review
o! the f..voinble lsllHtiou whlob has
trim onucteil timing the past lew yeare
nmv prove Interesting. It Is believed that n
Ir.riiiliy siugu-iion us to the luiure will not
li III tnnd. lfitnv Miiitluioiit which I mnv
rvnirss -bnll utloid a boiler understanding of
the lelttions beivvoeii capital nnd luticir. or
l .Tu the nay to some practical reliof nuil ben-
t lot t lie laboring cIii9m-s. or stimulate any
untotliu tioriiiriuaiuo of just or geiiorous
net mis iu lubor mutters, tbo exercisas ot thU
Lour will not have teen In vatn."
-titer levlewlug tbo orlg'n ot labor Day,
'ihieli lioilday vvastu-tltuted by the Legisla
ture nf Now lork tn loS". tlio ciovernor said
Hut hostility ami division hnd ceased, nnd now
ii4i million of the eomniuniu --sought a repeal
ot tho Ikw. Tho dav was observed bv all
c a.-8.s ot people lu all sections, lie buid:
the Mate is not in any dauger of Injury Horn
too many holidays, and such a one us Labor
Hay is not merely the indulgence "f n sentl
uieut. but ought to bo n powerful reminder of
tin common interests of capital and Uborof
employers and employees. ot rich und pool, of
lertunatoand unrwrtuniuo."
'1 Iib establishment of the Saturday halt hah
tl.it was next referred to us tin important step
pi ilia progrea of labor amelioration, l'ossi
bl it was in advance u( public beutlruent. lor
tloer next sesblnn after Its enactment tue
i.i'UUnuure. with characteristic llcklenese, im
te li-U by unreasonable clamor, bad soucbta
rnpeai. but tbe Executive, sincerely believing
In itui wisdom ami public benellceuce of tlio
'iioaiiue which ho had orltcinully recom
'iiuuded and approvod, and leftislnir n be
ineiM-d Iroui hU convictions, eted the re
iriilliili. lilfaoilou met with mu'-h crltclsm
ait'K'tlme but its propriety hnd become ap
l arrni. there liu 1 been no serious effort sinca
loaeekareio.il. It mlcht now bs safely pre
li list that thwisaturdny half holiday 1 an in
ill'.iiliKh which tin- co-lie to stay.
IliereKulation by statute, o( the) hours ot
iiboi in a urn tei no; tree Irom practical dlf
lenities. Corporations which aro the creatures
o the I iwcun im lontrollod t a certain ox
tsm. b'lt itu'iilatlon by ritRtom and public
sentiment, alllo niipllcablo to Individuals ns
well .in in i ouor tlous, would seem to ho
iiioroo.lectno In lb-lone run. What number
oi hours Bimll inn-mule a day's work Is a
iiiD-tion not ens' to )-utliuciorily determine.
hls much may tie s.ttely uKsertod, however.
lout ,i ic'iBoji.ili'o oppnitiiuity should bo
nflorda l eieiy worklntni'in to become no
Mualnteil wltn his iiimlly some time for lend
lie Mjiin- lot fhoii,,in, Bomo fcr amusement,
bii.i mine foi le.taeMun. Hecardine the pioper
u.iui'joi o; hour-, I. a labor, ho snld,
' .My hentiiiiei ts were fnllv expicased In an
S'ldio-i", which h.id tl e lionortodeliver bufote
the (.luutamiuu I'oiintj 1'iilr ut Duciiirk us
loncaito us t-i-pt. )). las , iu whieli, niter un
elunornte diseiin. cmc' the hiihji-it, lasmeto
the i unciusp n that elitht Hours of labor, four
tn tlio loienonii fin I lour In ibo afternoon. lol
lowod i.o nit the u-ii loiiud. suuuan and holl
tlai'i.of eour-e,fi epted.oiiKht to bn suniolent
tprnnb'e any wotklticnian io lUeand aro all
that lie onsht lo be to'sulred to perform."
JinBleciine luhoi orunulatioija ho spoke at
.eiutli. Jin; the) innMltut an Immense
puwerforcood a there can he im iiie--ilon.
It tsiipparent that the net lesult Is tint
tbo t'uudit.on oi the lauiirlnc man has tretly
!lu roved slm o the foimiitloii of ttmeo oicnni
xatlno. 'i'ho ittlun nt trade orcapint Ions de
pends in a lurue decree upou tho honesiy,
ability, nnd uim.illls!iii""S ut their mu;iae-lin-B.1.
'Ihey will be jiboit-llved It thnli pow
ers nre proitiiulod to iunoblo purposes,
ii.ev will lout: stinho in honor and
Liarulnets it tlie aro the instruments
oi cood ilooils. Labor unions in unworthy
bands can be mauo lint endue of oppression,
rxtoitlon. and cortuption; they ran sow the
seejsof dlseontent. tnev can liroiid nil-i'lilr
and encourage violeneo. tlioy can inlllet seri
ous injury without ilubtiui; a slticls wrotii;.
tbeycm) become inlolri.int. overPearini:. and
oilenslie. they enn make evlravasant and tin
teusonaiilt demands, and by tho uiuhty power
cf oreanUatlon ihey can temporarily compel
tiibnilsidon t tbeli bobehtK,
'On theothni band tli'-y are canabln of tho
a cocipll-bment ot benellcent results; they
canpiotect the weal; uotn impohltlon: they
fin secure the adoption ot reasonable bonis of
labor: they can'empl the payment of fair
and 11 Inn wanes; they cau oufoiee monipt
payment ol tbo compensation which their
members have earned; they ran pievent un
due exactions from une'rupuliitis ant un'eel
Ine employers: they can reijulte tbe rouces
Ion of proper iitles and reculatious under
Mhich labor is to be performed.
Arbitration, which doss not necessarily
mean compromise, nan Mttlstnctoiily adjust
nmu-tentbaot the labor dlt-putew which arise,
provided the partloj to the controieri-y on
eilher side will poruiit tlielt iea-on rather
than their paHstons to control thoir actlon-lf
they will consult thoir true Interests rather
than their whims and prejudice. It should
alwii be remembered that, after all, the gen
eral interests of tbo employer and the em
ployee are mutual
.Tho employer who thinks that tho respect
and coiilltlenee should all be upon one hide
!?i f.'atal mistake: and the employee
who In his assumed Indoieudence Imueinej
tfiat no l the hole- niuf-tcr of the sit
tutlou only deceives hlmbeli. Tho absolute
rici.t to dictate conditions does not ovist on
either side it bns cost much tieasure, Im.
;jed much vexation and piodticed much con
met io hottlit that, proposition, but t now
" io bo universally recnsukail. There can
V but little doubt that the (Mineral effect of
lauor organli-athns has been to increase the
"aces o( iHboutii; men. There may be excep
tion In .ertiiin Io. alltios. but this is the
Keiiera! i ulo. Tho present hlcli rntoof wntcs
wiip n tlio workliiitmen of th's couuny enjoy
'"'I'olb-attiihiiteato tailff Inwh. Thoy are
not Itpiebteil for It to any political n rty. It Is
n,1.L's'"it of "l"1'' own iibliity, industry, so
oiietr and orenu vatlon,"
r,.nn.uv!-1".i,l",aitl!OIJo4er,JO'"r"lTerted to ra-
ft.S iV.r ,,;lfcltf on. notnblr tho net prntlil-
,' s'te Ilpard ot Arbitration, the extension
f'l ' "JD."?r.n"0"a o' tho llureau nt Labor hta
t o ,,,?in,0i,F!5,!'.tlon .' factories, reslrlc-
?i n'P0,D olllld. nh"r: Inhibition of political
!".nnr1'!I1,t,'iriBr0k,lr mDi law' and
it J ",'JjrVVilu,"i0.',,.,nil,,u'0' the fifth an
was n.y.L"' ', "s 'olh'aj tlio dltnlty of labor
PltliLirSJi"""1' p-"11'!"" .the inlluence
ei'ci.il l?,u ?i1 """ W'T "ov',,, "" i'crally re
earn.i'L.m"anUvob8,ttcInfn"tmore il.-5ri?i.Wnr,l"r- Vet wo aie but at the be
vVhk l.'!ll"iK,!',?l,cl!" Industrial otlort. In
wsce BBri,ruUL,,.l ,r". wbUlons betwoen
"ee earners and employcis will bo mom
IhorouBhly apprfclated and the conditions of
workers materially Improved. Hard pinblotns
jrlllnnvn to be foiled, nnd the world will look
to yosi lor their 'proper solution. Thntcoiifl
ilonco you will deserve, 1 am sure, by your tn
telllKent exerolao of ludisniont. by your for
L'?SLft.a''' J" r..ur w" rereletenoe. nnd by
yt united and bnrmon'otis netion."
I' M UoVcrnor started for Albuny at 8:15
Josns at a la nim virxia
A Ftaeerh In IVIilrh lie Mnkee ii Covert
AltncU on Ir'loiier nuil lllll.
Tnov, Rout, 7. Lnhor orcanlrntlons of this
city and vicinity had n grand demonstration
to-dny. There was a big parade In the mom
lnc and n mammoth plonlo In the afternoon,
At tho picnic Lieut. -Gov. .lonos made a speech,
and was well recoivod. He said-
"A friend of youra stands before you, aud,
as a friend should do, will spenk plainly to
you : and If he and you, on comparison ot sen
timent, aro not In full accord, ho Is nono
tlio Ices your friend. In the consideration
ut the demands of those who aie classed
ns working people It must not be fot
cotton that tbe world has progressed nml
labor Is esteemed honorable. V e are proud to
i-ny that there Is no class In American locloty
who assumo to look down upon Inboi'.riHl.ouuli
It must bo admitted that tborr aro a fow suob4
of weal: Intollect whose blood has Locomo i-o
tbiu by inbrcodlug ns to lead thorn lo the con
clusion that becnusu It U different from tie
tnasof humnnlty It mu'-t bi holler. Kduea
t Ion, the bulwark of our llbcriles, nas bred
pocesaltlcs that lu earlier dus would Imu
teen looked upon a- luxuries beyond ilm
reach or the wave earner. Wind; bread Is i.ot
the luod for American clileiiH.
" If n candidate for otlio Is under cons del
ntlon tbe (list Munition is. What Is tlio ezo ot
bis barrel t How much will no coiitilbuie to
uemorulle tho tieople ' How much will he
cite to conupt tho moials of tho People .' I or
when you make merchandise of tho uiciod
light of suffiHixe, and ternili money io emit ot
elections, you rob the wnge earner of Ins cltlou
ship anu make slaxrs of the masses, ltenictii
her that eiory vote that le bought und sold Is
the ifiircliiK of another link In the chain with
which thoy nre trying to manacle tho free man
to the wheels of tho golden chariot beneath
which be will ultimately be crushed. A man
of wealth who thus corrupts tbe morals ot tho
people should be looked upon with contumely I
rather than with adoration.
' 1 nm In i Oheuse a newr convert, nnd In my I
Citbllc career have met with no clmuie of
eurt legnnllm: tbo relative tlgltin m the i
people. I speak whet eof lhao tnv. lodge
from the fact r aa-oclation. Mi- who In o
ha- linen patsed among peeplu win uoiled
fninllilng. I have imji kid beside lln in, nipt
tor many year hao been an eninlnyc:-. and
have always itall7ed a community ol inter 'rt '
letween those who ivceliod my waiten aud
iiiy-elr. ami am glad to kunw that my buecess
1-uiw Inr.ely to the iitttlitiil bervicu tendered
mo by my emplnreo'.
" '1 here is. i higher law tl.nt should fix tbe
prion of labor than that of supply nnd demm-d;
it Is the law nf nature. Rhine t.i all iiiitiianTiy
tha right to an ndoiuat) living, Afileid who
has giien the sulijeci much thought suggests
thut the new loreiga markets cou.d lie opened
with irlson-niude roods, wr.ers their iedui-1
cost ot maimmcturo con 1 1 siicccssliilU com
pote with the jrodtict of Lutnpe.iu puupr
lul oi. Were It not lot the maudlin xwupalbv
for, liuilnnls solieely epro-.-oil by so many
good peopln Wr would see every ntilo-budled
pits n bird nt woik or. oui highways, lint
m: the criminal must not be MiblUly
disgraced, even though the honest workmen
starve. How much better such a course than
the appropriation of f HI.OOi'.unH fm tlio build
lug and improvement of out Highways This
Immense amount would lie but the entering
wedge lor a neier-rnding expenditure, nnd.
what would he far worse, tbe introduction into
our system nf government of nn,.thei branch
of nubile works, which from the tact ot its
leniblngevery road district in the Male would
create iiiimbi-rless petty otllceholders with an
army of jiolitlcal followers, whieli would be
raoteileniQralllutl.an ever within tbe power
ol any anal ring,
"Ironli pror people would commit crime
nnd make tlieinselvos amcnnble io law thee
would be no difficulty lu soiling tills question:
but rich people, proud plutocrats. a d blue
blooded arls'ocrats. sometimes go so far
that eien llielrexslted po-lilon fails to protett
them, and thoy nil! untie- the ban ot the law.
Jlut no: It would neier dj to disgrace them by
an exposure to tho ga7n nf honest peopl.). sb
ther would be If nut to work on the road. !-o
tbev arc rut nt women's work in our prisons.
and h-nest women mnv beg, slano, or do
Jfliitt In Danger of l.o.luc t Nenntor la tbe
Tnentj-Ollh lllatrlc.
Coiithm), Sept. ".Id Its despatches ftom
this town, the county seat of Cortland county
and the home if Kufus T. 1 eck. the Hou.bll
can candidate lor S-euator in the Twenty-tlfth
district. ThrSl1:.. long before the holding of
the convention, conceded Peek's nomination,
'i his conclusion has beon verified. His elec
tion, it was said, would not, be so easy, not
withstanding that tbe district U Republican
by a large majority. The Democrats have
awakened to tbe realization that tbe strong
llepttblican opposition to Mr. Peck, such as Is
known to exi-t. may lead to Dcmocratio suc
cess in tbe district, nnd are using every en
Ueav.ir tusecuie it. 'Jli.s .iiternoon n numier
ol the lending Uemocruts got together and
nuietlydis ussed tbe sltuntion. and the result
will be mudbupparent nt the County Couiea
tion. wh.cli Is called for next hat m day.
'1 ho Onondaga county Kepublli an', no mat
ter what mai ho said to tho contiaiy, are not
atlslled with Peck, nntl many of them will my
aside lolltics and vote toi any good Demo
cratic cnudidato in prefeienec to him. The
county leiiulres n great deal of louMutlon and
of such a nature that the do not cro to en
trust it to anyone but un (ino'iduga man
'Jh s is most notiiealle in Brucu-e and bnd
that city Its say Howard White wonl i lime
Ijucjii nominated. The spill I nut ton lined to
O.ioudnga county, but m ( ortland county the
Teck ring, for such It lit- been dubred. is Idi
tem opposed. CbnrluH T. Peck, a brother of
tlie candidate for benatoi.is President of the
Itupubllca-i Lenzuo of the oiiinty. and it has
been charged tiin: he hits u-ed his
olllce to tho advnntuK': or his iicthor. This
occasioned a si lit ami neiessitated the organ
ising ol n club I b"Ti ns the ''Jin Pinto
Leugue."the membtr-of will h aro the lead
ers of tbe meicatitile and llnnncial circles of
thec.iunty. They iefti-e to cnnie outforl'eik
nnd having no other ilepublican cnudidato will
cither not vote at all or wilt Vote forthe I'eitio,
clinic candidate'.
The Democrat" will undoubtedly nominal,"
ei-.iluiur link of isyr.ici.so. He ispromlin nt
enough throughout the ul-t let i.nd could
leave Hyraeuse with a mn'ori'.y mr ,n i.c-c.s
oi what any lleiiulilicitn m.ild niche At the
last election this i oiiniy went liupiiti'I an b
Mm only, and OnohdntM, with a good laiull
dnie liom thnt count), can oltsot Peek h nm
joiitybere. Peck wlirti be In-1 I'll lor As-
hemblr. unirieil tl u ty by eighty. -eio.i
votesonly. 'Jhe lloiubli mis, while ilalmlig
to leel secure, uio eaueny nuiuhicg uvei
Democratic mote.
If nil ley Not for Hreielury til W..r.
Cur. Mai Pois-t. f-ept. 7,-Gen. Hnwley has
not been to Capo Jlay.as Mated hi the Wnshlng
ton I'ufi this morning, nntl I'rlui'i' t' rotary
ilulford ilenien env Kiiowledgo ol the W hi r-tc-rctatysblp
belui.'Oifeiel it .Mr llnwley.
.Nr.i. Hai4,. upt ..-den. liawley, who Is
nt Woodu.rnt enjoying tho shorn lile at the
Hotel lemhnke. was asked to-day whether it
was true Ithat Preal lent Harrison had oflered
Hie Wai Ufhioto blin. lie replied: ,
"The entire story Is an invention. Therein
not b word of ti ut li lu It. The r-ecretaiyslup
has not Peon offered to me by the President or
by anybody eKe, 1 have had no consultations
with anybody, and my friends hnve neier ad
vised a e about the matter."
"Will you ln deny that you nrn at ian
Mnyi'onferrltittwitli tlio President t Hfkod the
reoortet. .
"ion may seo fnr yours II. s in tho den
eral, laughingly. ' The papers sai thnt I am
there, but so rut as 1 know lite statement is
Onrlana Not a I'aiidltlntp for Any OM-e,
Warhinhton, Sept,7, The.sMrin.nlght inrs
thatex-Attotney-tieuoral Garland lias written
a letter to III- son c, tiling attention to a para
graph mentioning him as at'indidate for tlio
vacant I nter-Hti.to i.ommmco I'oiniiil.sionor
fclilp. and stating that theinsio fnuudatlon
fot It. Tbeex-AI'mnny iienetnl says thut he
would not uecapt tbo office ir tendered to blin,
He hns pernninently retired fioui pnbllcillo
and ladevotii g hiinsell io tho pi a lice of law,
Wlinn the Coiiimission formed one uf Mis
places was tdlmed him and hodocllhed. Ho
has also doollned an appo n mont to the Su
preme Horn li.
C nunrrlti tu Semite In Se.stnn,
Haiii-oi.Ii, fepl, 7. The Konato m"t this
niternooit nt It.iO. lloolullons of r-si cct t
the memoiv ol tho lata Dr. Alsop, ciiullil.itu on
tlp Domociatic ticket last fall for i,le"tnnnl
Goiornor. wete offered by l-eniit'it I'm and
spoken tipot; by tieuntors l'ox, ilolddn, and
Keymour. Tho resoliittotis spoke of Dr. Alsop
as Lieiitennut-uoiernor.
Sir llrelni-'. Reelanallon
OTriwi, nnt., Se.t. 7. In the House of Coin- ,
liion-'o. Im i It In, "houipsui f. i Iittcis
eo;sau,cd u ten . cctu J an ;u n, an 1
Premier Ahbvt. In this correspondence Hir
Hoc tor ask a that his resignation lo considered
as final, and Premier Abbott. In replr. sara be
will lav tho resignation beforo the Governor
Ucneial. I
RMvr.non rriLLtAsvs provoked law
Strlngrnl Slee.ures tn Dlmlnlab Prnnken-
In tbe Umpire The Ilreud nnd rork
Queellon-Ntium Klcktlaa la Prance,
Hp.nt,iN', Aug. 37. The proposed new law
ncnlnst the abuse ot spirituous liquor, pub
lish! d In tit Hetchinntfiarr to-day, contains
twciity-llireo paragraphs. Under It ltconses
will bogianted only In cases where there ap
pears to bo n need for a retail liquor shop or
for n saloon. A license will be refused to any
otio of Immoinl character or to people who
mny bdSUBpectoil ot using tho liquor business
nsn cloak for debattchory, gambling, prostitu
tion, A c. If the loa ttlon as, for Instance, near
ashurch nppears undesirable, the license can
also bo rofused.
ltolnllers are dealers who sell In Quantities
of loss than fifty litres, and this may be ex
tended to coior all selling below 100 litres
Theietnlletscmnot sell In quantities of loss
than half a litre.
In cities of over 5,000 Inhabitants the retail
ttado In liquors must not bo connected with
any other kind ot trade. Splilts must not be
stored In salesrooms which eotvo any other
pttrposo than that ot soiling liquor. I'.vcepted
from this only aro tho drug storss. which may
sell liquors lit scaled and labelled bottles,
All Inn and saloon keopers must supply the
guost.s with nou-splittuotts liquor if required,
and also with eatables as far ns possible. They
must keep strict or.-ter In their places, and
prevent anything which mny lead to the nbuso
of alcoliolio drinks. Tbe dlfferout Govern
nienti are permitted to regulate tho employ
ment ot female wallers.
Tho police can forbid the sale of liquors be
fore n A. 31. The sale ot drinks to minors be
low tbo age ot it! is forbidden, exoept in cases
wbeio tbey nut atcompanled by grown per
sons or while travelling. ,,
inn and salo-n keepers, as well as retail
denlora. are lorblddrn to furnish liquor to peo
plo who hav e beeu convicted of common drunk
enness within tlireo year", also to all Intnxl
tated persona. They ennnot expel a drunken
man finm their ptemiser. except by sending
blin o his home or to a police siatlon.
Inn and saloon keepers are not nllowed to fur
nish liquors on credit exoept in cafes whore tbe
guest is taking them with bis meals. No claims
for liquors tin niched in contravention ot this
oi dot can bo legally i ollecled.
Common drunkards nnd people who by their
addiction to liquor endanger the public wel
fare or ueloct their families can be plnced
tinder legal guardianship such a person is
legally equal to a minor. The guatdian. ol, lu
his default, the cnuit, can older the detention
of such a person in nn asylum for Inebrl ites.
Hues of :J0 tn till marks and imprisonment
up to fourteen days may be imposed upon such
pernor s as violate tho piovi-ions of the law.
A tine up to 100 marks or Imprisonment up
tn four weeks can lie Imposed upon any one
who botomes Intoviciteil while engaged lu
work reminded with the saving of life or the
l reventiouof tire Ac. alo, who attempts such
Woik while til tink. oieept In cases of urgent
ueod. The same applies to persons engaged
in taking i aio of the health of others, tuch as
phyeiciiiin, nurse'. Ac.
'I lie 1 uipcror has taken n strong Interest In
the manor and hns heard fiequant reports ou
the progress of the hill. Most llerlln papers
publish tbo bill without comments. Only tbe
t'leKmiiiw .eituiii). Hlcbter's organ, sava that
the bust way to cotubnt drunkenness is to fur
nish th- masses with sufficient und cheap
food and to abolish tbo corn duty and similar
Jttreod nnd Pork lu Vcratiay.
IJKm.lx, Pept. 7. The Frritinnigr Ztilung to
day, referring to tho removal of the embargo
upoa the Importation of Ameiicau pork, says
that though It is glad to announce the aboli
tion of tho pork prohibition, it t egrets that du
tlos are still retained upon It. and hopes that
the iemovr.1 of tho prohibition procedes the
Btippieaini of the corn tarilT. It says: "It
bread is dear the poo. have little left with
which to buy nietit."
Since tlie Issuing of the dot ree removing tho
prohibition there huR been considerable buy
ing of Hamburg-American steamship line
stouk. which has risen sev.-n points.
lllU'SSKI.K, Hept. 7. The Iinteiirmlrncr Bf'pe
to-dar twit the German Conaeriatives upon
tne detent oi their opposition to the rescinding
of tbe prohibition Plated upon American pork.
It says that tbo Conservative organs almost
daily dilated noon the danger lurking In the
use of American mem. and adds that ihe du
el ee removing tbeembaigo plated upon A mer
ienn pork proves how false wrre tbe allega
tions made as to its unhealthy condition.
Kiunuror William' Visit to IlttTarll.
Mu.victt, Sept. 7. Kraperor William's com
ing visit to Bavaria Is recognized as an event
of the first importance. JNo German L'raperor
hns been here since 1871. It Js hoped that the
coming visit will weld closer than ever the
ties uniting Dnvaria with tbe Fatherland. All
the evening papers here extend a hearty wel
come to tbe Emperor. The Ailvrmmic Z'ltuim
describes the visit as one of nlsiorlcal slgiilfl
canto and says thut t the present moment It
will give fresh and ardent life to the loyalty ot
houluern Germany. The Aetern A'aclifiHi
ten greets William as the Trlnce Protector
ot I eace. and says that Havana will stand tn
the front rank for tho defence of ihe Father
land In the hour of danger.
SluNicn. Kopt. 7. Kmperor William arrived
hero this evening. Ho was greeted ut tbe sta
tion by Prince ltegent Lultpold nnd the royal
l'rlnets, who were accompanied by their
suites. On the way to tbe palace the l.mpei or
roi eived an enthusiastic ovation from tbe citizens.
Itnllroal Accident. In Fran..
Time. Sept 7. Through tbe neglect of a
switchman a train at the Mureull Itailway
station was teloscore I to-dar by running into
the terminus buffers, nntl fourteen persons
were injured.
The Mce evpres. on entering Marseilles,
also met with an accident and bad a narrow
escape 'Ihe truiu was run mto by a freight
train, Tho rear car ot tho exi ress was a bag
gtigu car. and owing to this fact the passeu
gets escuped wtlh their lues, although they
wero severely shaken up.
Kieneli Army Mltliouvree.
Pauir, Sept. 7. To-day's encounter between
the opposing French forces wae very spirited.
Gen. .Nrgrier made a fotuitdable attack with
the whole strength rf tho beienth Cori s
nunlnst tho pos Hops of the rdxth c'nrps. under
Gon, ,lau ont, who. believing Ihe nosltions Im
pregnable, bud rcfr iued fiom bridging the liv
er at this point. Theheiit. however, became
overpoworlng. nnd Gen. Hnu-slnr. tho Com-mandor-iu-t,'hler,
stopped the light.
Cl.lne.p In V-Vldoun' Weed..
London, Ont . f-opt. 7. V woman rosiding In
this city, assisted by bor husband, has bean
engaged in running Chinamen over tn Detiolt.
The plan adopted wns todtoss the fellows up
in widows' weeds and send them over boldly.
Ono arrest has been mntle. and in nil proba
bility there will balutlhoi developments.
Humored Murder of un Itxplorei1.
ZanzwaI!, Sept. 7, It Isreporiel here that
natives recently killed tbe oi Inter Muhlmau
In a skirmish on Luke Tanganyika.
.Notes or Ton-Inn lliippenlnc.
Tbo Drltlsh Gorornment has made a con
tract with tne Canadian Paeillo Hallway to
bring home a regiment uowetittioned In India.
The AustrtHU in my mamruvreH closed yes
teutay, and tbo l.mpernro, Germany baa gone
to Munich, ucioiupanlod by Lhauccllor von
Tbe American tourist. Carleton Gravos. who
wasurrpstcdon baturday last at Maience on
suspicion that he wns a spy, hns been released
from custody.
The Ilrltlh bark Fiji, bound from Hamburg
to Melbourno. has bean wrecked en tbe rocks
off WiiriiHinliool, Australia. Thirteen ot Ihe
crew wero drowued.
A German mall steamship, Ihe Kanyler. has
beon wrei ked betwreu anrlbar nnd Mozam
bique, AH the passengers and the crew weie
leseucd. The malls were also saved.
Kxrurslon of Urooklyn Veterans.
Gbttisdubo, Sept. 7. The veterans or the
Brooklyn regiments ot the Army of the Poto
mac passed the morning nt their headquarters.
Contrary to their custom, no exerclse3 were
held, and a little alter noon the party boarded
the ipedul train on the Western Maryland
llailiond. A short stay was matin at i'enmar,
a nioiiutnlti resort overlooking the Cuinbor.
land Valley, and at f o'clock HarprH 1 erry
whh readied. '1 wo hours und a half wer do
voiedto ijsltlngUoliv.irIItiigli's,Jnlin brown's
lorl.nnd other points of interest, nnd after
supper tbo trltf was continued tn v, asblngton.
Thls evening Lincoln Post No. 11, Ne" ark. ar
rived In Pullman cars. The party, of which
one-third are women, numbers 'J'iO, and Is
headed by J. II. Mullikln, Depurtmcnt Com
mander of New Jersey.
Minm Until In Memlm.
i ,TT nt Jlivtco. Kept. 7, A number of Gov
ernors of Males are expected to arihohero
anil participate In tbe President's feast on
Uept. 15. and iJOOtl soldiers will probably takn
part in the shniu battle which is to be fought
on that day.
r.vnovEAX ckxtral daxkzxo co.
Presided Oyer by an K.CnBlel. Novr Ar
rested Anew for (Swindling.
Ilriino W. Gottsclinlk was a prisoner at Ihe
Jefferson Matkot Court yesterday. The com
Plalnanls are Alfred Drunsell, a clerk ot E15
rast Llghty-thlrd street, nnd Gottfleld .eeks,
n saloon keoper at 191 Avenue A.
Gottschalk's offlcea are at 321 Enst Tenth
strcot, and aro described on the sign as be
longing to "The Kuropenn Central Hanking
Co." Throe weeks ago Iliunsell read an nd
verlliemcnt lu n Geimati newspaper for a
"manager with fl.000 security." Urunssll
called nt tho ntldress given aud was Introduced
to" Broker" Gottachalk.
"Havo you got 11,000 V" was nlmtst the first
question nskod of lirunsnll, who ret lied:
"No, I havo not; but 1 can ralso It."
" All right, ralto It and come back to see me.
I wlllglvo you a plncj at $13 n wook. but, as
you will bo Intrustrd with Importnnt mnttors
of this lompnny, wc neodto have $1,1)00 ns se
curity for jour hoticbty."
Ilrunselllolt the offices of the company, nnd
In loss than twenty-four hours returned with
l.uoi)ln his pocket, which ho Plunked dawn
fornplacont JlSaweek. GotlBclialk ngreod
to give him mortgages on city lots as security
foriheiutin y. but. deferred doing en until, us
no said, tbo coniimnv should havo time to see
it Jtruitsoll would suit them, Urunsull nnd
(iotlsclinlk tiuuricllid.andllruUBbllileiiiunded
bis money buek.
" .No, air. you can't have your money. Yon
have given us a gio.it deal of trouble during
thoe few duys. pm can have ikiiu mid get
nut ' snld Gotls"hnlk. Drunsell called Ofitts
ennlk a chont and u liar ond went to Inspector
Jlyines. Detoctivo Petgeaut Heldelherg was
J'Ut on the enso Heidelberg learned thnt
Uottsfihnlk had sold eeks a bond alleged to be
worthless. Gotlscbilk wbb arrested on Bun
day. yesterday bis lawver offered to pay
Drunsell the 1 1. out In full, but Justice Kelly
lefusedtolet the broker settle bis trouble In
thnt way. He held Gottsobalk In $1,000 ball on
one charge and SMlilnn the other.
tiottschalk, the iiolleo say. served two yea's
in 1 renton for swindling a Trenton merchant,
lie has been arrested sovornl times, once for
grand larceny. The Jersey City pollee have a
warrant for his artcst.
A Tn-o.rrar.old Chlld'a Perilous Itlee on
Horeebaek-Probablr ralnl Full.
Thomas Lonlgau. n cooi er. aged 35 year?, ot
40C Water street, whllo considerably under the
Inlluence of liquor, last evening start id across
tho bridge on horsoback. taking his two-jear-old
bob along with him. The un
steady movements of tLe man nnd
tho reckless mnnner lu which lis rode
the animal e.Ctted the apprehension ot
tho spoctntors for tbe safety of tho child, who
was sd tted In fiont with bis father's loft arm
clasped around him. Lntngnn. however, biic
oseiled m oiossltig the bildge without nny
mlhhnp. nnd ho passed through the Hands
street entrance In Urooklyn without being
stopped by the bridge policeman or tho regq
l'i policeman on ilutv nt that point.
As the burse tinned rapldlv up Hands street
trtwutd Arlaius.lt was with difficulty thnt the
lider retained his seat. He made tbe ev
trcmely perilous llde down Adams street to
I'll mouth, three long blocks, reeling from side
to side and followed bv it crowd of hooting
children. In Plviuoutb street be stopped nta
watering tr ugh, and while the hoise was
drinking a llgbl broke out in the neighbor
hood. Tlie unroar which followed scared the horse,
and as it tai led off i.anlgan tumbled oft head
lorsmost. still holding the child in his arms
l'olleomnu McLnughlln and Detective Hergeant
l.irney lushed tnrwanl and lilted both up. The
fntliei oscupe 1 uniniiirod. but the child re
ceived ariacinie oi the skull. It was removed
Jo the ltinoklyn Hospital. The lather w.i
loi kud up in the Fulton stteot station.
Curae. for flWoree of Conductor liter.
From Ulaltfch Wife.
Br.tpoEroiiT. Sept. 7.-A few months ago
Roderick Beers, a conductor on tbe Consoli
dated road, and a widower, won the affections
of a wealthy widow of We-tport, Mrs. Warren
II. Pnnks. Mrs. Ilnnks's husband had not been
dead long, aud ho had left her an estate valued
at several hundred thousand dollars. I'artot
this consisted of waterfront on the east side
or Bridgeport harbor, nntl Mrs. Bunks wanted
somebody to manage the estate for her. Beers
is handsome and jovial.
lor some time the counlv lived together In
perfect harmony. Two months ago they sep
arated Beers, with bis twn children by his
I'ist wife, going to New Jersey. Last week
Mrs Boers instiucted her law vers. Lock wood
A Beers, to I eg.n a suit for divorce and ihe
papers were seried urn the defendant last
''dav. Ihe plaintiff alleges Intolerable cru
elty and infltlolity. It Is snld that Beers will
lllo a counter complaint, ulleslng intemper
ance and cruelty.
C'onTlcta BeTOlt Against Oeuas,
Habtkobd. Sept. 7. Forty convicts In the
State prisin at Wethersfleld last Saturday
formoi! a conspiracy to eat no more beans.
Tbe immediate result was the confinement of
nine of them in their cells and tbe summoning
by telegraph of Wniden Chambcr.aln. who
wns In Masnchuetts. On Tuesday nnd Kat
urday the men have beans for dinner. Lat
Tuesday the beans were old and hnid,
ond wore not lit to eat, A few of
the men mnnnged to communicate wtlu
other convicts In the same shop, and all the
woikmea in that shop. Rbout forty in number,
agieod that when beans wore served ugiin
they would refuse them. In the meantime
tho poor bonns had boon condemned and a
new supply of good ones bought. On Satur
day, as the men tiled by tbe tables where limy
ret elvetl the pans containing their dinner, all
the men In the shop where the dlscouti nt wns
meuilested refus-d lo take their benns. Dep
my Warden Bnlsdeu promptly sent tbe nine
most active men in the lot to thoir cells. (Jen.
Chamberlain who arrived on .Saturday night,
approved of Harden Baisden's piooiut action
Pldcoek un ii Peach Grower.
Nelson ridconk, a ptospcctlve candidate for
Governor of Xew Jersey, owns two-thirds of the
Peach tieus about White House, lu whiih vil
lage ho lives. He expects to have raorrnhan
100,000 baskt ts this yonr. Ho ays tho wet sea
son forced thu fruit to rlpenoss at loasi two
weoks oailler thun umibI. and it w.m sent
to Now 'iork just In tinw tu meet
tho Maryland nnd Dolnwato fruit. This
klllod ptlees. Allied handsome fruit is rotting
on tho tteos. becau-e many recent or n-lgn-ment-
did not bring to the grower more than
(lie tents u bnskot. A few of the grovveis have
purchused evaporators, into which the iniit
which, cannot be placod upon thu murkot is
put. two hundred buakets of fruit can be
diied lii a day by means of one of these ma
chines. Mr. I idenpk says tln-ie is no nxag.
geratlon of tlio stoi lea of the largo ctop. It Is
simply niiiriellou-. Tinos aro bicukuiu with
the weight of ovcellent Irult.
C'u.liler lie llurrll Wns Hhurt Sa.OOO,
Tho disappearance ot Charles de Barrll
cashlerof tlio Lenox Hill Bank, from the city
tti re o weeks ago to-day has caused some of
the depositors to believe that the liquidation
,ol the bank was due to him. His books show
thnt be neglortod to make entries of money
collcctod on certain limits.
, President Y olff s iltl yesterday that when the
Irregularity was ileto-ded De liarrll went itwity
and he has not been seen since, put tbe short
line was less than $'l.uo I and was made good
lothe bank by De Bitirifa Iricuds in twenty
four houth.
' There Is no teason.' he continued," for con
necting the dlauppearame of our cashier with
$.1,000 and the liquidation of nur bank. It wiih
decided to stop business before De Barrll leu
the city."
Knocked the Honor Out nf Ilia linger.
A hnrse ntla'diod to a buggy driven by I'
Callahan of (if! Motion street, urn nvvay m
Bleeckeratioot, pearDioadwav, ehottlr be ore
10 o'clotk ycsteidav morning. In front of
Bleeckerstrcot, ncarMulbetry street, a buggy
wiisstanding belonging to Dr. ('. Yiaoeh oi,
whn lives at 220 East Tenth street Tho Doc
tor had been making a professional visit nnd
was about to drive awny. His sou sat beside
him. Cullahiins horse ran lulu the Doctors
buggy. Dr. V accruer was thrown nut. and
landed on his head op tbo sidewalk. His bnrso
wns knocked do ,v n and the wagon damaged,
Callahan wns also tliiorrn nut, bu escaped tin
lu tired. Dr. Vi.ieihler was quite seriously
hurt on the head und .shoulder.
From Ihe Hummer fapltitl,
GirK May. Sept. 7. The resident to-day
pardonod Julius Street of the Southern district
of Mississippi, who bad beensentenoed to one
year's Imprisonment for violating tbe Pension
laws. Pardon was refused Jnspnr Smith nf tlie
nime district, sentenced to one v our for perjury.
'Jliiicn'lro Presidential liunliv wnnci.aed un
exhibition drill by the C.ipe Mt.y I'oiut lite
saving crew. (.'apt. Lldrldge, at 4 n'olock this
ulternoon. hecretnry Noble arrived this even
ing. He was met nt the station by tbe Piesl
tlont The Wecrutary will stay at tho Presi
dential cottage. '
.jvrFEnsox maiucet vrisox' likely
Master Harry Prince Rote Ihe .Tne a
Hheppnrd Act Tlirough (be Unmended
llnle (hat O'llara Made R Week Ago.
There wns another eaospe from Jefferson
Market Prison jestordny morning. Harry
Prince, a boy of 13. emulated Eugene O'Harn,
who cut his way through Iron bate to llborty a
week beforo.
Prince was committed for trial on Aug. 24
for stealing load pipe.
Yesterday morning at 7 o'clook one ot the
keepers unlocked tho prison cells, and tbe
Inmates wnlkod out to wash as usual. Prlnoo
occuplodcoll 20-on tbe second tier, one tier
below that on which O'Hnra's cell was. 1'If
toen minutes later Tailor llelnhold of Tonth
Rtroot nnd n grocer's clork named Warwick
sawn joung fellow jump from the ton of the
prison wall tn tho pnvoraent on Tenth streot.
The wall is llftoen feet high. When Prince fell
he wusheaid toglvo a groan or grunt, but he
was Immediately on Ills feet and speeding up
Greenwich nventto. Warwick followed him,
and he says that the fugitive tan down Charles
street. Whon Warwick got to that street
Pilnce was not In sight, He roturned, and
with the tailor went ncross and notified Assist
ant Janitor .lohntovle. Coyle told Assistant
Harden McDermott.
A hasty Invo-ticntlon showed thnt Prince
was mis-lug. O'Onrabad to cut a number of
Iron bnisto get noni his cell, for Prince a
keeper opened the door. After O'Hara got out
of bis coll be bail to out two more bars of one of
tlie pilsou windows. Prince ran up stairs and
found theso bars unreplaced, and, climbing to
tho window, pushed himself through. While
O'Hain was cutting the bars the keeper was
said to have been asleep In a room off the
prison proper: In this ease tbe keener stocd
among the prisoners nnd was superintending
their lavatory exercises. It la difficult to ex
plain how Pilnce succeeded In passing Keeper
Bums with abed quilt and a sheet under his
arms without being seen. It Is probable that
Burns was preparing to start for borne, as he
had been nn uutr all night and hndalieady
waited ten minutes past his time fur Day
Keeper McCosker. Having got outside the
window bars l'rinoe tied the bed quilt aud sheet
tngetbor. fastened one end to a bnr. and slid
down to the huts of the window of the tlrst floor,
lie then leapoorto the giound. He did not at
tempt to cleartho wallon the Greenwich ave
nue sldo, but ran around tbe northwest corner
or the prison to the Tenth street side. There
ho found the romnlns of an old table, by which
he got to tlie rop of the wall.
.ii den Led v. ith was greatly exaspeiated by
the escape. Whon asked why Frlacn bnd not
be n sent to the Tombs several days ago.
lie said tlrete wa9 no room for any more
irlsoners there, end It had been decided
to keep Prince and a few others at Jefferson
Market until thoir trial at Oenerul Sessions.
At the Tombs Warden Fallon said the prison
was unusually crowed. They have 512 prisoner-ami
only iOI cells,
Last Wednesday a mechanic mensmed
n'llRra s windows for new bars, nnd the War
den expected that the renalm would hove been
made by Inst 1'iblav. eatertlar It was ascer
tained tb it tbd new bars had not been made
at the pcnitoniUrr jet.
Dr. Joeph Graves Cblnn died at his home In
Lexington. Ky.. yesterday. He wns tbe oldest
physician in Kentucky, having been born on
Airil 1,1797. His gi oat-grand rather. Itale'gh
Cliiiiu. came over from England and settled In
Virginia and married Miss Ball, anear relative
to Gen. Washington's wife. His father, whose
name was Willicm Bull Chlnn, emigrated to
Kentucky la 1730 nnd settled In Bourbon
county, where Dr. Chlnn wua born. Dr. China
was meagrely educated at a district school.
When the war of 1MJ broke out, he enlisted lu
the army. His father had to get a special per
mit from Gov. Mielby before so young a
lad could be admitted tn tbe ranks. He
was In tbo battle of Lake Lrte and was
captured by the Indians, but was afterward
leluaaed. He began the study or medicine uu
der Di. Todd in Bourbon eonntv, atterward
taking a cout-e at the Medical University of
Pennsylvania, tbe only institution of the kind
thon in tho country. In lM.lt be movedito Lex
ington, whoro he served alv years In tbe City
Countll. in lrthS ho was olectod Mayorand be
seried in that capacity aeieinl terms In pol
itics he was an old-time Whig cud a Union
man In sympathy. He was opposed to thu
war. He attributed bis long-spared life
and bis remarkable health to bis good
habits. He never used tobacco in any
form nnd was a teetotaler after is(o. Dr. Chlnn
was married three times and had twelve chil
dren, live of whom are living. He bad hail
foity grandchildren and almost as many great
grandchildren. He was an eider in the Chris
tian Church for mnnv ) ear. He married his
last w Ife. who died a few years ago. wties be
was 82 seals old. , ,-
William W. A. Sootswood died In Mobile
yesterday. He wns born in Virginia In 1806.
After his graduation as a physician, he was
appointed In W2'J to the navy and was post
surgeon in Florida during the bemlnole war.
He then served on the L' ultod States sloop St.
1 oiiis on the coast of Peru and was post sur
geon lu New lork city durlug and after the
cholera eildemlc of 18J0. Later he went
tltroiigh u season of yellow fever at Pensacola,
and Uien as fleet surgeon seried on the coasts
o' China and Japan. He was in the Mexican
",nr and was at the sloge of NeiaCru. and
was twice wieck'ed on tlie Mexican const. In
January, lS'll. he resigned Irom the navy and
was appointed full surgeon In tbe Confederate
service nntl was stationed at Kichmond, where
ho remntutd throughout the war.
George Gibson llohert died at Cumberland.
Md . on Siiindn. ngetUli years. Ho vies born
In Philadelphia on March 22. IBs.). His early
life iv as spent in Carlisle. Pa., from whence he
ittcomp.iulod bis father, the late W.Mllner
lioi eits. to ltrail. Alter six years In Brazil
ho returned to the t'ntte I States and attended
the IVnii-ylianin Agricultural College, near
Bedef ,nte. He was connected with preliui
inuiy surtevsnf tho Not them Pacific Railroad,
and wns Identified with msny other engineer
lug enterpilses throughout the country.
Beniamin 1'mnkliii Hunt died on Sunday at
his home. Ill) houth Higbth street. Wllllams
burgh. t f honrt disease. For seventeen years
hekep' a restaurant in Broadway there. He
was born In hub city iu 1844, and he went tn
tbe fiom nt the lirst call for volunteeis. He
leuve a wife and live children. Mr. Ilsrd will
he bulled In I veigieens Cemeteiy bv his asso
i intes of Abel hmith Post. G. A. ll the Sons of
Vaternre, t'nioii Veteran Legion, and other
organisations to which he belonged.
Nicholas Ilcnlz died on Sunday at his home.
18 iutes place vvllliamstturgn. of old age. He
was in his WJil 5 ear. He was born in Welss
kiichen, nnd came to this country in 1B4U. lie
was unpointed n policeman In Brooklyn he
fore the establishment of the Metropolitan
aistem.and served live tear" resigning to
work at l is ti tide of weaitii. Thiee children,
eight grnndehlldren. nnd twenty-two great
giamlchililios survive him.
Mis. Llieu Drlscoll died at tbe home nt
Dennis Drlscoll flSNoitn Cliff street, Norwich.
Conn,, at 2 o'clock yesterduy nfremoon. She
wns mine than ion leuis old. Her husband
tiled Hits t y jears nrn. Two sons and adanch
tei puriivo bet. One of Per daughters. Sirs
J.mn Twti'i ey, was bulled nn thu dny of her
mother's ileiuh.
Judge I (ir'nrn Lawyenof Ihe Tnllod States
Clteiilt Court san I runclseo, died instertlay,
acini 71 yens He wns bom In Jefferson
county. New loik. nnd was appolated Judge
by Pro'l lent ninnt InlHijs, He decided several
ltni it nut Chinese cases. He was attacked by
Sarah Allhea or deciding against her In
Sharon litigation.
The funeral of James Catbcnrt took place
yesterday from his home, :il2 Itockaway ave
nue, lliool.liii. Ho was in his 81st year, and
for nearly half aceniuiy hadbienliu the print
lug hiHne-s in Brooklyn.
II f-oulhwortli Pratt died at his residence In
New I !) In lie on Sutuiiliiy. He had been for
ten years iu the insurance business at .'I I I'Jne
alio t, ihb, clti, He wua a son of the Her. II.
Pratt of iliia cltr.
Mis Hem letie Morgan died at her home In
Tuvliigtnn, Ky., yeatoiday alternono. acd H
years She was the moths,' of the famous
Confederate General, John II, Morgan.
Co'. T. B. Hunt. I. S. A., retired, died nt
IVr'ieas Mouioe suddenly yesterday morning.
i His body was taken to vvnshlnaton n-t night.
1 I ouls f inlror, n wholesale notion merchant
ol I tut iinnpolls, wns found dead In bed yestcr
II n y W, Tuiewo'er of Indianapolis died
yuitcrilur, egidfiS jears
Nutsr 41lrl Angle Ilurrle Kill lltrerir,
rpAiNFiKi.n, Sept. 7. Anglo Harris, a colored
nur'e gltl employed by Diehard Duncan of
Sanford avenue, committed bulcldo last night
by turning the g.iso'i in her room, When ihe
dor, which was locked, was b.irsl oron. hn
wit" omul dead nn the mJ. The vv intlows nnd
been eloeo uglify. Mr. Dnncnn knows pq
reason loi the deed unle-s It might be home.
vi ki es. She had been vory gloomy for
eeteial da)a. Her parents live In Baugtlon
burg, Pa
llualneaa Tronble,
Martin J. Flavin, doing business as M, J,
Flnvin A Co.. wholesale dealer lu men's fur
nishing goodnt San Fiaticiseo, has been at
lathed 'lie ,i ,oi- 22.0'I0 liylbo Slither Hank,
lie hns i ti I an officii in Mils city for several
yeura at .l.li Iiroadw.ty, It wa raid esterday
that he bad not been there (or a month. He
bought largely In this city. About month
ago two ot his New York oreditors obtained
judgments aggregating 11,562 against him.
leavens most,
fc leavens best.
d.i.v nxs's WTixa.
Iloir III Filrnds Aalonlslied (lie Itoostera
nnd Kohlna n( AVhllratono,
Tho Whllestono Hotol stands nt tho lioadof
a sloping award on the shore of tho Last Hirer
facing Throgg's Neck. The sloping swnrd is
shaded by a grove. At daylight yesterday
morning tbe grove was dripping with drops of
rain. Anon the showers ceased. Thociowlng
of cocks was heard, the sun came nut from bo
bind tbe clouds, and robius twiltorcd and ran
over the sward. Later on martial nuiMa
was wafted over the water. A steamboat
ran to tho dock, and stalwart men matched
up the hill beneath the trees. Thoy weio tho
Daniel E. Finn Association from the I'll st As
sembly district of New York city. At their
head was a brass band composed of tho youths
from the Catholic Protectory a Westchester.
There wero fifty pIocos tn the band.
The musto silenced the robins nnd Inspirited
the club. Ex-Assemblyman Finn and his as
sociates reviewed tbe association, and oom
cllmented Mr. T. E. Cougblln. Its President, on
the magnificent appearance of tbe club. Its
silken banner, with Its gnldon fringe, was
planted on the sward, beneath the folds ot tbe
Stars and Stripes. U his banuet was a present
from Mr. Finn s daughters, its golden threads
were woven by their lingers nnd every member
of the association Is proud ot It.
Breaklast was served and a day of enjoy
ment lollowed. The Proiectory band played
patrlotle airs, and Joe Connors supplemented
them with exquisite solos irom bis tin piocolo.
Mr. Finn appeared upou the sward surrounded
by his lilends and lieutenants. Among
tbem was ihe clean-cut features of the
Hon. Frnnk T. Fitzgerald.stalwartTlmothy D.
D. bulllvaii. Congressman Amos J. Cummlngs.
the rugged Judge John Callahan, tlie Hon.
Thomas Clearr. Daniel (Julnn of the Morgan
Ironworks the Hon. F. T. iit. and Bryan li.
McSwrny. Wltb them were J J. JJugan. P. F.
Tralnor. T. Carroll. Charles Marks. John J.
Sullivan. Mlthael Thompson, M. J. Hart.
PatMcCanu, 1. F. O'Neill. Henry Opp, George
Winters, 11. Jurgensen. H. Kuhlinnnn. and
other Illustrious political warrloisot tho lower
end of the Island of Manhattan. Cant. John J.
Haley, better known as the "Pot Pilot." was
also there, sheltering beneath his wings Jorry
Bogers, John Holler, Fred Bauer. H. Bodecker,
J. H. Vebslage. if. W. Cordts. Jr.. J. Wullurs.
and a soors or more ot men who have covered
the 1 Irst, Second, and Fifth wards with glory.
Under their ores tbe association began their
annual games for fameaud prizes. Tboie were
wbeelburrow and sack races, a tbree-lecxed
race, and a hcnlndeihannes shoe race, an
auger shooting mnrch. und an egg race, a
one-mile run nnd a half-mile race, a fnt man's
race and a bowling match, but greatest of all. a
baseb, 11 match between politicians from the
First and the Fifth wards Vihnt matte tbe
baseball mutch great was the umpiring
of the Hon. T. D. Dollar Sullivan. John 1.
was left In the shade by Timothy's noses. The
umpiring was in strict consonance with the
latest Sixth ward rules, revised by Thomas P.
Walsh. There was no orotest against the rul
ings, and, of course, the Fifth ward won tho
match The winners of the other events were
as Pillows:
Wlieilharroir !.: Taomai P. Carro'.l and C. Jamln.
TrU. g"ld metlAL
Met luce-P. Holtlvan and John Jamea, Prize, fold
inree-laaired Raoe-Rafna Ralf and Cbarlea Marti.
Prlra. sold in dak
h'ho luc-M. Doaoran and J Swarlz. Prlza, (old
fcK' Reea P- P. Tralnor aad Thomaa Itoora, PrUa,
ffpid lutdak
Palate Kace P. Dai-la and A. fwartt Prlia, (old
lln Can Rtoe-A. Saarta and J. J. Dojan. Prlza (Old
Om mile Raca DiddIi Shea and Jack Ahlira. Pr'.zo,
cold ratdak
Hair mil Race II. Lewis and W. Breaa. Prlza, (old
taUlana nc J. Donohua and W, Mnrphy, rrlza,
(old medal a
Hand Kuy'a Race Col. O'Brien and Major Cummin;!.
Prlra aoht mtdal.
VoirllnK llatih-ll. Brockhafan. Prlza, (Old medal
At the conclusion of the games n two-bore
express wagon appeared and carried the gold
modal trnlie boat.
Dinner was then served. Speeches wero
made by the Hon. AmnsJ. Cummlngs, the Hon.
Daniel K. Finn, the Hon. Timothy D. Sulllvnn.
and others. The association then formed lu
line, headed by Its officers. Messrs. T. B.
Oaugblin Copt. H. llopke, James Dullon.
Charles T. Scribner. Thomas . Tully. and
H. L. Partner, and marched to the
boa'. As the Mhomas Hunt rounded
the Battery she was a moving volcano llockets
nnd ltoman candles filled the air wltb fire, and
blue lighls illuminated tbe bay. Tbe band pour
ed forth much patrlotlo music, and there was a
hearty welcomo from the girls and boys of the
Filth ward whan the Hunt tencbed the dock nt
the foot ot Harrison street. From that point
to lie. dub bouse in Hudson stieet tho pro
cession moved In a blare of gloiy.
It was a great day 'or Mr. Finn, nnd for tho
proprietor ot the Whllestono Hotel, This
morning the cocks will ncaln ciow. and the
robins twitter on ihe sward: but nocockwlll
crow louder than Mr. 1 inn, and no robins will
twitter morn meritly than the members ot the
Finn Association.
Cheap Hates on tbe Kullroiiaa The Quee.
tlon of CutdnK Uoivd Malarlea.
CnicAno. Bept. 7. At tbe meeting of tbe
World's Fair Commission to-day a resolution
was adopted instructing tho members of the
Commission to labor with tbe members ot Con
gress of their respective States to induce them
tovotofor the proposed Government loan ot
$5,000,000 to tho Fair.
Tbe Committee on Tariffs and Transporta
tion made a roport ot progress to tbe effect
that negotiations with the railroads had
progressed so far that low rates for visitors to
and exhibits for tbe Fair would be made by
the railroads or the country. The committee
aaketl lor lenvo to ask tbe railroads lor passes
for the Commissioners and the members of
the Board or Lady Managers to nntl from their
respective meetings, thus saving it large item
of expense. The report wns appioved.
Tbe Auditing Committee recoinmendod that
the -nlarlesof Ptesident Palmer aud of Vice
Chairman Moiicnzlo, of t.l.OOO each, be cut off;
that 13 000 he taken from the salary of the
Director-General, and that the April meeting
of tbe Commission be postponed till J nl v. In
older lo avoid I ho expected deficit. TbeJttdi
enry Committee leported that the local direc
tory, nt a niestlng to-day, had voted to lend
tbe Commission the necessnry t20,0uil, until
such time as the amount for repsyment could
be secured fiom Ci iigress, thus saving tho pro
posed outs In salaries.
Commissioner Waller of Connecticut spoke
In oppo-itluu to the addition or Hie leport. He
thought it would be undignified, and that It
would put tlie Commission Tn an embunnsHiug
position to accept a loan Irom ihe loca' direc
tory. Ho did not think the loan necesiriry.
Tbe deficit would not occur in any cane pofore
the close ot the llscal year, nr-luue :iii,8lJ2, he
suld. aud In the meantime the Commltslou
enuld bi ply lo C'ondicss for tlio neieseaiy
funds. He moved to refer the whole mailer to
the Hoard of Itefor-.nce nnd Conlruc', with
power to art.
Cniumleslnnor Mnsseio of Dehwnre. Chair
man nf the Judiciary ( oimnltlce, defended the
report of his committee.
'ihe matter is still under consldeiatlon.
lloomluir Auaualii's Ilawoalllnu,
Aimi-STA, Sept, 7 The Augusta Imposition
delegation, including tweuiy-eight of the
most prominent citlens of Augusta, leftheru
to-day In n Pullman special train for a tour nf
the Nor h anil F.asl, 'I hey will visit Now io I.
Bo'ion, Lynn, I nvvoll, ) all lllwr. and othcr
gieat mnnii acturlng cities, nnd "111 n,ipenr iu
ahodyPcfnie thoihnnl- of Trade toiiMptl
luiitulloiis toconin tntli Align ta I'.poitlon
lu Noiember l'rel tent Walsh of Ilm L:.(n
tiou company has the party in cliuige.
Mr. llllda'a JNeit Mtiuuclnic Kdllur,
riiiMnrxriiiA Sent. 7. William V JlcKoan,
for more tlinii f.venti-si vohm tlio mai.nging
editor of the It i ei.wiis sucicetlcil t -day by
L. t laiko lliivl-. Mr. Mcliv.ui will tnniilnon
Hie el.ilT m lie l.tttin .'in I w li v illn neea
einnnl lenders, but will bn relieved lr iu tlio
leaiiensli llity of m n.iging tlio Ixc-t uo- of the
Jouinal cud voicing its sei.tiineii h, 'Ihenn
nouinemant Is niiide that l.eui.;e W, ( hllds
will heientler bo e.litnr-in-chlo,'. Mr. Davis
was formally mau aging ejltoi ol tho luguii tr
Arrested for Violation (lie l.otlery I. an:
Un.wAVxrr, Seiit. 7.-.Tolm 1' Cramer of tho
firm of Cramer, A l.ei.s.'. Cramer pr prle'ors
of tbe J-.'tfimij lliximsm, wns nrie'-lod this
morning by tho United Slates authoiiites on. a
charged nublishlnc lottery mallei. 'Jhe'aK
tide on which tbe proiet ntlon la based was
copied from aBanrranclaoo rnper, attacking
tbe validity of the lottery law.
..""'"a ?.. rsaPiaaai.a.a,aa wa-sa, , , .mOUh I li I I
miiitsitmtmtmmiw i 1 1
amiveaa iijfisio tannir. t t
an rt e I sun aau.... o 50 Mooa eats.. MB ,r
Mica iTaa-TRti air.
(aaCyltook.10 3d I 00T.liland.lt 03 1 llaUOau,.. lie yj
A rrlved-MoaoiT. Sapt T. X
fa Rhaetla. I.udwlf. Ilamborc. 'i
Ra Nnmadie, Mcol Mvtrpnnl, 'i
ft l.aktihsys, Mnata. Aniwarp. 3
fi Kllmlu VVI.aon. tlta.irntr. ,
Fastale or Teiaa. Wllllama Ptrnandlna. K
ha Kiiotfford. fiinolslr. Haithnnra
an t'rarlna. Hernnorii. Philadelptila. k
s l.nr) p. Miller llomsr liananr. 1?
&a Herman IV Inter. Nickcrann, Uoatoa.
biWllktibnrie, Catea, iloiton. 'If.
II or later arrlratt aaa Pint Paial "f
istiiTRhnirr. n
Si Allir. from Saw Toil, at Bramarliavaa.
iticoiso mimairi. i
tall lo-tau. S;
MnimrutiA rMief'saJ. K
tlaval, Creman :,iwa,ii. suOA.aia iB
.idtt ro-morroiti. is
Alllanea, Rlo-tanslrn ;
rtierokaa. t'liarlaiton tool I, )",'
ritf of Atiirutia. saMinnal sooj". , . -
'Ity or Alexandria. Havana, lino I' II. a 00 I', j, .
rrltalaml, Antwerp . .. 7 10 A H. n-OOA.1. VI
Kalaar Wlilielm II, Bremen. .', 30 A M. SOOA.1. V.
Haleitla l.lrartcol UUIA.U. HiSUA.1. sV
City ot Berlin. Llttrpool U.OOA. it ?
tsreaisii tTriasniri u
Inn ro-itait. 1,
Pennland Antwerp Aoc ' '
Klder Southampton Aug. M wi
1 Ancle. klnvainn Root, i 'VT
siataof Nevada illarKiiw Aur. M ,?,
Nevada yuecuttown Au(. 90 V
i,n iiMMfi'iut. .vjit, a !$
fllyofParli Uueenstnwn. Sept. f
laaara Ilaiana Sept. 1,A
Spaarndam KottirJ.im Ana. M nii
Trure sculliamplon Sept. a '
liie JSuri.tn't, SftiU la v'l
nnhemls Ilambnrar Aaf. 9T ''
galda. gneenaiown San. i t.iit
lletiairla ulliraltar. Ans. 3i
Waailand Antweri A l. it y
ic ni,itt .vpr. IL ' j
nermanlc Vneenatown Sept. i
Kibe Kouiliamoton Papt i
cleiiert n.rra -.Sepu .1 t
lme .'nttmlctii, .ce'. 12.
Anaoata Victoria Ronthampton.. Sept. .i
"mbrla. gtieeniiown Hepk S V
gjiiij.uw giotirw. $
Merann'a tfnte. Oapnaltx Rlrlnitaa Jfc2 'J
Ttia coat la marked platnlj on earh hat aa It cemaa from '1 st
the factory. Jloit value, lorrrct xylaa Money eared, ' i
MccA.snh. jiuBewery. S
A I.ninry fhr Tourlata. !
DR LYON'S TOOTH PI) WDKR. In metal baxaa. wltk J
patent maaiurlns tuba. Neat aud portable, usota,
X9XX3X3. J
AIKD.-On Saturday, Kept. A, 1891, Jamea H. Alfa. r
Itetatlrea and frlenda aleo Shamrock Connctt Me 24s, ''J
A. U II, are reipeetfully Invited te atttad the fa. A
neralfrom Ida late raeldence, lu Catharine at, en '
tbe sth lint, at lotto A. M.: (hence to st Jamee'a
Cliurcb. Interment In Calvary. Kindly emli flewera, '
Ha.KKT.-On Fiturdar. Sent S, at Maridao, Oeaa, " &
Michael Harry of bo Park it. ;,
BI.Al'KHAN.-On Monday, Sept 7, at Brldiepart, ,'i
Conn , Lacey Hlaclcmau. 'A
BI8noP.-On Sunday, Sept. a, at New Haven, Cobs V
Alonro II. Blabop, areil l yeare and montha. j
Notice of funeral hereafter, v
BOI.DI.NQ.-At New Caitle. Pel.. Sept S, Laulse, 'j
wife of J. E. ioldlnrof New Vork, and SO years -
Funeral aerrlcee at reitdene ot Jackion mil. Naw it
Caetle. Wedneaday. at 12 P. It. Interment at Ever
(reene. 5
BKOWER.-On Saturday. Sept s, at Bndieport j.
Conn , John A. Brower. axed fn yeara and daya
Prlendi are Invited to attend tbe funeral from hla 7
late realdenca, l.llu Main it, un Tueiday af taraeea 4'
at 2 0 oloclk. jt
CI.ARK.-On Sunday, 8apt e. al New Brtula, 3
Conn., very euJdenly. of bean dlaaaja, Mra. Ana '"K
Clark. aj;ed 72 yeara. '
Irlende aro Invited to attend (be funeral on Tuesday Vf
forenoon from Sacred Heart Church, at B 41 0 clock. (J
JEDWAItMS.-On Saturday, Sept at Brldtapert, &.
Conn, tiaraaret M, widow ot Wm, A. Bdwarda .-'.
axed 71 yeara and 9 montba. 'h
I.IIKIIIOn.-On Sunday. Sept a, Amelia T
Ketclittm, wtfaof Henry Etdrld(. 1
Retattiea and frlenda are Invited to attend the "1
f onerat aervtcea at ber late realdeace, 387 TtB at, ?
Jeriey Cliy, Tueeday tTenlnr. Sent 8, at 7. SO 1.'
oclrek. Interment tn Creenweod al the eenvaa- '"
lence of the family. Richmond, Va., and Cbarlea, ';.
(on. 8. C, papcre pleaae copy.
FAIRCItll.D. On Sunday. Sent e. at Trambnll.
Conn , Chaa. N. Falreblld. a(ed 72 rears 10 moatha J
and 0 daya. V
Frlenda are Invlt.a to attend tha fnneral from his V
late realdence on Tueiday afternoon at 3 o'clook. y.
FKKKJIAN.-Oe Friday, Sept 4, at New Havaa. J
Conn, Walter P. Freeman ot Morrlelown, N, J, aged "'
2S yearl.
Frlenda are Invited to attend the funeral from hlilate $
realdence. Morrletown. N, J , on Tuaeday afternoon. v
OII.BERT.-lln Sunday, Sept 8. al VorrUtuwn.
N.J. Mary Emma Radford, wife of Frank II. (Ill- '
bert g
Funeral eervlca at tbe realdenee ot bar father, Lewis '&
Kauford. SOU tit 4Ctbat, New York elty. Wednee- ('
day evening Sept. P, at 8 o'clock. Interment at V
convenience of tbe family. ;
43REEOUGII.-On Sunday. Bept. S, at Black J
Kock. conn , May J., widow ef David P. Oreenoisa,
af f d S4 yeara
Frlenda are Invited to attend tbe fnnaral fromher ,i
lata rtaldenre on Wedneaday afternooa at 3 W ''r
GRIMLS,-On Saturday, Sept s, in theSSth year at X
tier are. Ann (iritnei. .
Rclailvee and frleude of her lone, Jamea, Mlcbjat,
aad Roger Crimea, are Invited to attend tba funal f:
from tlie reel lence ot ber eon In-law, Tbomaa HO-
fit 11 an 101 Laet B5tb at, on Tuesday, Bept 8, al i
P. M. ibarp.
HAI.I..-0n llondar. Sept 7, at Brld(eport I'oua. "'
Polly J. Hall, aged SJ yeara I month ana 8 dare "i
Frlenda are United to attend the fnneral from hef J'
late reetdence 17j Kuaeuth et, on Tbureday after- V
noon at 2 o'clock. i
JACKSO.V'.-dn Sunday, Sept 6, at Stepney, Conn, 'v
Hu'dah Jackeon, a(ed 7d yeara 7 monthand 14 5
frlendi are Invited to attend tba funeral from her -V
late reildence 011 Tueeday afternoon at 3 o'clock. ft,
KEAItN-s.-Cocst llasaaaT, Ho. 7S30, A. o P. or A. '.
Ofllcers and Lrelbren: Von are requeated (oat
lend the funeral of Brotber John Kearoa from but .j;
late reildenia ',ID Kaat 18th at, oa Wedneaday, V,'
Sept. V, at 2 P. M. J. B. COFFIN, Ct, Tf
J, i. hl.vvtLl, secretary. ,S
Ki:i.I.i:R.-Ou Sunday, Sept 6, at New Havaa,
Conn . Artenlala U, Keller, a(ed24jeare.
Frlende are Invited to atteud Ibe funeral frem bar i".
late re'l lence. .'3 Newliall atreet, on Wadneeday Ti
afternoon al .n e clock. '
KKN.NJUIIY.-On Sunday, Rept 8, at New Helen, '
Conn, Ann, widow of Daniel Kennedy, aged T
Frlinde are Invited to attend tha fnneral from bar '
In lo reildeuce, 4 Proad alreet on Tueelay fore- )
i.oca at ui o cloik, and from Ht John'e Church aft a
o Lioik. "
aiAIIl:lt.-On Saturday, Sept &, at New II area, f
Conn , William llalier, aged dl yeara. J
MrKi:i..-l)n benday, hept 0, at beet Glaiionbary, f
Conu , Carotin McKee, ased 7i yeara u;
Irlend are invited to attend the funeral from bar late V
reetdence ou Tueeday afternoon at J o'clook. T
MulNAJUI.Y.-Un bumta), sept P. at New Haven, it
Conic, Julia wife or Jamea McNally, axed 20 yeare.
Frlende are Invite t to attend (be funeral from ner late I
reildeuce, 71M orand avenue, on Tueiday forenoon et A
b.'M o'clock, nnd from bt J'atrlck'a Cburah at i
o'cloct. i
POI.I,ArtD.-fln Monday, Sept 7, al SarUera. &
(onii , ll.lera nldow ot Cliai. II, Pollard, atad 4a)
eare &
Notice of fantrat hereafter. '
Biini:it'l's.-iin Sunday, Aur to, at Eaal Lea
lecat, N M.lter, Wm. Jackeon Bobarta, ajed U .V
Mre 'A
Inliriiietitat Calar IIIU Cemetery, Hartford, Cobb. f,
M'ANI.ON.-On Monday, bept 7, Catherine, widow ti,
ofJolmh Staulon andeleterof Peter Comorford. fr
The funeral will lake place on Tbureday, Rept in, al jj
pi A U from Iter late reeldanve, 3j4 berraw at, ,?,
Prookiu (hrncetost Aineaa R. C. Church, corner A
llpft anJtac.tttila hindly omtt flowera. ,!;'f
tVl:i.('ll.-0li tlio Ttli Inn, neuben Welch. ajedSl f
sen t
tie re ullree and frlende ot the rarnlly are reipeat- y-j.
full) im itcd to etleu I (bo funeral from hHlato real' .Tt
deui e, 17 Oreeiiwlib el, on Wedneaday at S t
oilmk Interment aiCypteii llllle Cemetery. jK
lVliri'li.-i'nllieGtli Init, Itoia Ann White, aged N f,.
Itin jul li dAja 0.
1 e re ai vi. ant frlemli of the family are reepeot- iff
f j v in itrd tn attcii I tlie funeral from her late 's
rei.iliiire. IW Wait fcltli ec, tine Tuee lar atle g
noon ut I oloc. Iiitefuientat r-vernreena, al
VOICI'I',-tin soolai, Sept e, at Hartford. Con a., , i
Freddie, eon of Mr W, Worta ef 24 North at, '&
aifdl .' ) eare and 4 montht. 'I'
Pnueral private X
Special owt.
HUdVVN's. Illll'SI'llllI.n PANACEA,
I l 1. 11! Ar I Al.s Ill.l.lPtl II.
I HI Ivll ItMl, AMI I I I.K Al. I'BK. ,'i'
Curei I rainpi, I o le, i olda und allpaln. 2-cahoKle.
atlornere In peniloo nteea. and wlihlnt to retlra frota "j
Puelneee wiuiirerof a cam purchaser by adtraaelaal Ta
A. ii. c, bowuo, mnoftice, lh:eweek. JM
I ak.aiJMlsiiajllit pa)i,a3aj-jl,,,WHiW w njejlii pJjaQaMM.fM1M1igJ I

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