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1 IT'S SO." , ifjl gBSglMSg '' IT'S SO." I
7oi. i.ix.-no'.T. nwyoiikw!:dnesdav, September 9, isoi. , rmcE two ceots. K
axd nr.H7.vm the nBPonxr.n or
That tii the Kind of Meetlnr the Salvation.
.. Hold la C'aaadit Aflir They Have
(Jnlhrrrd Ian. Lot orNlnner. But They
omrnmM Tod In Tllecord and m Hon
.Inilren I. White Formally Wltlittriaw
From the ttace-Tao Illetory or the
While nnom-Netther Oen. Wadeworth
Nor Gen. fair Will Take Second Place
en Ihe Tlckel-Felt Arrive and lie.
hold HI Boom for the Plret Tlme-The
Wicked Olhhe and Ilam FUh Make
Teace With Hoia Piatt Jtrodeky
firing Abont the Keeonelllatloa
Ilecker' Iloom ArrlTea From HtiBVilo
With a Ilr.M llund and Fife and
I)rum-The Only Coateetlns Delegation
ire From Fuesett'e Heaate District.
nnoinsiFK. fopt. P. -The dny before the He
publican Convention reminds spectators of
tin, aniu-jntn-and-gloiy meetings thut the
Salvation Armr Is in the htbtt of holding in
Canada. Up In that country whin th Salva
tionists linvo gothertd In an unusually fin
crop orkonverts they celebrate the event by
placarding the streets with calls for haui-intu-sad
nlory gatherings. These are usually
jubilant nnd enthuslastlo affairs, in which
everybody Is happy enough to shout himself
hoarte, just as the Republicans were last night
when thoy settled the affairs of tholr Conven
tion two days ahead ot time and left nothing
more to do but to shout for Passott. But thos
ham-jnm-aiid glory meetings sometimes feel
lleht;ars of dtscord.contentlon.or disturbance
of on kind or another. The? tell of a hatu-jam-
snd-florr meeting out in Victoria, B. C, lost
spring. Wbon the spirit moved several of tbs
converts to tell how wicked they had been, one
brother confessed to having been a thief, an
other admitted that ho bad oftonbeen drunk
and rlept in tho cutters, and still another ac
knowledced that he had been an habitual liar
all bis life, but all thanked God that tlier had
now entirely reformed. There wnsaBIwash
Indian who was newly converted, and who
wanted to make a speech Ilk tho rest and tell
how nicked be bad been. When his turn came
he arose and began his nddroBS, ITo Enid ho
had been a heap bad Indian. He had done
many wicked things. With great rapidity ho
rattled off a list ot ill doings: "Ma
hucced the Captain's wife," said he. "me
have kissed His Sally Llnsley over there, me
have kissed Ulster Hamilton, me bae "but
he got no further along with his recital. Some
other sinner In the congregation hit him a
John L. Sullivan blow on the temple and
sprawled him on the floor, so that tho bam-jam-and-glory
meeting broke up in disorder.
That little Incident is recalled by the situa
tion here to-aay. There Is a great deal more
ham and jam than there Is glory, and the
shouting has taken a little turn toward blek
P erlng and discord. It is natural. It is always
the cast where there are many candidates nnd
disappointments. It probably will not last
over to disturb the harmony ot to-morrow's
Convention. At the same time it Is interesting,
because It throws a hear of light on the situa
tion, and will explain history to those
who undertake to write hereafter. Take
the Andrew D. White boom, now drifting away
on the wind-tossed waters ot Lake Ontario,
as sn instance. It stems there are a few peo
ple who still think it ought to be fished ashore
and built up into shape. They have made a
great deal of noise and have asserted tht Mr.
White will Insist upon a vote in Convention.
At this writing, 10 o'clock at night, it cun be
positively stated that no such thing will take
place; yet the noise abont it by a score of Mew
York delegates and a few up-country donkeys
hasslikhtly interfered with the Fassstt jubilee.
The history ot the White boom Is that An
drew D. White agreed to take the nomination
at a time when Mr. Flntt was looking for a
candidate. Mr. Piatt, who Is his close friend,
liked the Idea, and meant to support him ear
nestly. There Is no doubt about that, and
tberelsalsono doubt that Mr, Piatt had no
idea bow frank and aggressive a literary char
acter Mr. White had mado himself.
This dawned on Mr. Piatt when protest
came from all over the Stato. and then it re
mained for Mr. Whits to become cognizant of
the situation and relieve Mr. Plait of lit can
didacy. Mr. White did this 03 Monday. He
was not turned down. He turned himself
down. Moreover, he did it in a manly and
dignified manner, as his letter will show if
there Is occasion to read It at the Convention.
Mr. While says in his letter, according to
those who have seen it. that ha is familiar
with the fact that he has been much talked ot
for the nomination for Governor, and it Is one
to which any loyal son of New York may with
great crodlt to himself asplro. He says that
lu the course of tha discussion it bus teen
strongly urgod that Ire. In hit writings, made
utterances which affected his availability as
a candidate, and he doslres that If occasion
arises It should bo said that he has nn deelro
to be a candidate if any more available can
didate can be chosen or if his own availability
has been harmed. Further on In tbiarcpoit
the reader will be apt to conclude that thoro
will bo no occasion to rend .Mr. White's loiter
or to mention his uumo.
'fl The liam-jam-nnd-qlory aspect of thesllua-
i j tlon was also slightly interfered with by the ar-
"1 rival ot tbe Philip BscUr's Buffalo contingent.
II 1 hey c.imu with three bands of music, which
11 were grtitly nteded hate to make thlngssoem
I natural aad hearty, but they also brought COO
"I cheering Buffalo tneu. who wero not uoodad at
'j til, but wet eund will oontlunt to beanulennco.
t '1 hey distributed lithograph portraits of Mr.
1 Becker, showing him to be very much like a
Jg trvln brother to our John II. Hlurlri In New
' Wk. Buffalo is the most suri rising seat of
!fi big and rotund masou'llnity. Everybody knons
$ ho it big drover Cleveland Is, and that bis for-
M mer partner, Mr. Blesell, and his old ally,
VS Baulvl N, Lockwood, art also tremendous big
Tfi fellows.
$ It uow turns out that tho Buffalo Bepiibll.
cans can tip tho bcuIob ULo triolr Democratic
j ftliow townsmen, bemaor I.uughllu, who
.y liend the Becker foroes. Is u Goliath, and VA-
ij torGreenoof the tUiireia is a regular bhe-
m inuth on two legs. Bcnttered nil over the dole-
2 nation nre tremendously heavy men, so Unit
JH wli-tlier it Is iho Krlo county boer or the I.nLa
' l.rlo water or tho Biblical Inw that the laat
hall not bo the leunt, lliero can La no doubt
J that Buffalo Is a city of big raeu.
V The Uecker peoplo proved that thy could
J wal' a noise In proportion to thelrbio. 'J hey
H mctt eildul wave for Fnstett tlmt haicm.
m tied almost every one olsa ofl his feot, atd
M 'l'y wnded right through it and came out on
M tbe oilier side ,of It kopulog wet, but
still on their legs. "It's Governor or
m nomine for Mr. ltecV.fr," was all thut
O they said, and now that they havo been
S here five or six liourB. they mill Insist that
j Becker will not take hocond plai u, m anything
j I 'it ilr t rlace Moreover, tlioy Im-ln tljnt
H Uierarun t gf.lni.' to I o turno I down by iiuv
K party uiss. Iiuttliuiilibey are to sunonderlt
Kl d' l. done onlv after tliy got licked
mi ' fair fight In tim Cunven'lnu Tney
Uieaiui, t r aio dead lu cuincst to-night.
Tor tho sake ot the iiam-jam-and-glotr Con
vention, It Is to bo hoped that thoy will roeon
elder their resolution by to-morrow nnd no
insist on 0tl11g on his name. Ono thing Is
cortnln, Docker will not tako second place.
WHO W1I.I, TAKK HKfONU l'IJlt'1'. ?
But that Is not all tbe trouble. James W,
Wndsworth Is hero, along with Mr. Sloan. Mr.
Hackett, and a great crowd ot his allies. It U
said that 141 vutot, scnttetod nil the.wny fiom
Niagara county to Columbia rounty, ara still
standing solidly for him. Wr. Wadoworth
al-o deollnos to go on Mr. l'lall'n sheot
of tnngle-foot fly pnpnr nnd got stuck with the
I.Ientonnnt-Qovornorshlp. Ho says that be
much prefors his soat lu Congioss to n foit at
tho lio.id of tho Ktnto Senate. Ho it not nngry.
but hols ns firm nnd ns proud and ns stiff as '
anv scion nf a prond old family Is known
to le. Ills followeis nto not so torn
torato. 'Jhoy Insist that ho slinll he
taken into tho Convention nnd voted on. In
the beat of tholr ilUnproIntment thoy InsNt on
till cour'O lu oidor to show Wad-worth'a
strength. Thoy nro blind to tho more nur.ir- I
nnt fact that thU wou'd really show Ilk nonk
nes Instead of his capacity. It is moie tlinn
llk'dy that tho tld-tl wnvo will hwecu tliN Half
Bteod crowd off tholr fcot In tho Convention
and they will stand up to be counted (or Pas.
sott. It Is a slight nnd slender l'assett, but it is
turned on full head, nnd It pouts out a big
lot of water for a wave.
Mixed all up with tbe Wndsworth refusal to
take tbe second place Is the iiuestlon whether
Senator Oeorgo 11. Bloan will take It. The
Flatt people wish him to do so, but the Miller
folks wlxh him not to. At 10 o'clock to-night
Senator Sloan said he was thinking about it.
Ho said he was going to see Mr. Plntt to discuss
the platform, but it Is believed that the talk
was over the new feature of tho rroposod
slate. At 11 o'clook, after tha Interview, it was
positively doclared that Mr. Sloan would not
tnketheLleuloiiant-Ooveriiorshlp. Itis known
that he wus ot that mind two month ago, ami
he now suvs he has not chnngnil his mind.
Perhaps John W. Vrooman will tako It
It is now as plain as the nose on a man'stnee
that all the nntl-Platt forceB In the Stato are
anxious to force Piatt to make his tlckot up
entirely of his own followers. This is
because many ot tbem thluk that the
ticket Is likely to get beaten out
of sight on el.ctlon day, and they want to
make Mr. Piatt wholly responsible for the
wreck. It Is known that Mr. Piatt believes tho
ticket will have a good show and tbat
ho can olect it and a Itepubllcau
Legislature. but daylight was nevor
clearer than tho fact that the Miller men have
little confidence in Passett's running powor
or Mr. Piatt's generalship.
There is a llttlo muslo in Kings eountv,
where tbo ltopubllcans think thoy ought to
have a place on the State tlckot. Tbey are
likely to get n place, either with Kugene
O'Connor as Attorney-General or with Georgo
II. Mason as Mate l.ncineor. It is thought
thev may waut to cast a vote for htowart 1..
Woodford lu order to give htm a dubious
honor in tbe Convention.
It Is thorcfore evident that the shape ot
the ticket cannot be foio-oou as e'enrly
as seemed the case yesterday, when all
was jubilee and tho taekers wero absent.
A roll call of the Convention to-morrow
will show that its member Include u very un
common proportion ot Independent statesmen
from all over tbe State. There is hardly a
county that does not send forcible and intelli
gent men who are apt to have opinions ot their
There lsmuch combustlblo and Inflammatory
matter in the great body, and it could bo set
aflame wore it not that tba great majority m 0
really heartily In favor of Fassott and heartily
glad to be rid of Andrew D. White. Gen. Carr.Mr.
Woodford and a lot ot otner burdensome tim
ber. But as it is there is little or no danger of
nnythlng more than very feeble echoes of all
this surface dissension. When the forces meet
in the link to-morrow there may bo honorary
and complimentary votes for two pr three can
didates, but that is all.
There is always mora or less contusion and
bickering at tbe edcoof a convention of this
importance, nnd there Is also Invariably
a great deal of confusion and toggi
ness nt tbls stage of tbo crystallization
of a party's plans. By to-morrow the Bky will
bo far more clear, and it looks now as though
It will clarify so as to leavo matters as they
were being shaped yesterday.
But there Is a very bright side to the ploturo
and it Is contributed to by a great, a very great,
majority of the men who will make up tbe
convention. In tho centre of the pleasant pic
ture J. Bloat Fassett has stood all day, a hand
Rome and genial young man, playing tbe part
of host to tha delegates.
He has held bis levee in tha suite ot rooms
engaged for him at the Bartholomay, next
door to tbe Powers Hotel. Every other man In I
the Incessant stream of cnllors has called him
"Governor," and bis frank and smiling face
and hearty rannnor have mado a good impres
sion upon all who havo seen him.
"This hns come unon me very suddenly," ha
aid to Tub Sun reporter. " So suddenly as to
upsot plans, break slates, and disarrange all
tnr personal affairs. So fur as I can ascertain
its source, tbo movement to mako ir.e
tha nominee has como from those
who were my friends rather than Mr.
Piatt's. In that view of the caso, nnd In Iho
belief thnt my candidacy may heal differ
ences nnd strengthen tho union of nil our
forces lam willing to accent the nomination
if It conios."
"What sort of a campaign will you make':''
"I will make an active, vigorous and ng
grorsln 1 ampalgn, 1 will go ull over the
htnto and woik as haid ns it lies In
my powor to do. I will not onl pre
sent the local and Immediate Intorot-ts of the
j.arty that aro at Blake, but I will endeavor to
show tha Importance of the benrlng of this
election on the Presidential campaign and wel
fare of tbo putty throughout tho nation neit
Mr. Tasaott. Mr. Tla't. Senator Hiscock, and
ex-Congiessmnn linker weut to dinner at
Prank W, llnwloi's country place near the city
to-day, and left tbe delegates to ihomsolvcsior
two or thrco hours.
Mr. Fassett wore a tea rose, tbe emblem of
sisterhood, love, nnd peace, Mr, Piatt woro a
rdioe, tbe emblem of valor, war, and blood-shed-at
tbe expense of tho Democrats exclu
sively, of course.
All the roet of the day ond night Mr. Thomas
C. Piatt kept to bis headquarters In the Pow
rs Ilntol. An interesting chapter could bo
written about howagrtit party boss spends
such a day buforo a convention.
Men came almost ou ono another's heels.
Some came to tell such news ns thut Ivew York
will cast 120 out of bor lill votes on tho flrnt
ballot for Paeli. Others biougbt troublo
home ttd ngs 1 1' at Kinus lounty was kicking
foi n place on tho licl.nl.
'i lien came scores of men wiio simply said;
" I want to sou Mr. Plntt. Is that Mr. I'iattV 1
only want to look nt him." Thoy wero hay
seeder who haid that, Thoy had heard a
great deal of him and w lube I to know what
he looked like.
'I lion c.imu a boy with ncablegrnin from
Mrs. Plntt, who is In Paris, nnd there was tin
interruption while tbe lender eat down 10 In
ililo ,1 message back to his wife So It went 011
nil da aol all through tho tiring. MlHIlillig
ordeal Mi, 1'I.itt was easy, suave, self-pos.
f.efsed. cool, olicunibi oct, and smiling.
Ho whispered now nnd then in il.oenrsnf
bonu'or "iitock ui J. mils P, l'.uu. but iu the '
main what he said was for all to hear who
It Is now the effort of all who havo pride In
tho tlckot to Induco Senator Sloan to take tho
soonnd place Ho Isaslow-bloodod, cautious
man. nnd says ho does not belloveln crossing
brldgos until ho comes to thoro.
Ho Is urgod both ways, but thn men who
I waut him to take tha proffered honor are tou
agnin-toiery ono who advlsos him toemtinua
outside tho breastworks.
I It beg ns to look ns though ho will be ready
j to accont lu tho morning. If ho docn tho lie
puljl cans will havo area! haiu-jaiii-and-gloiy
I Convention.
Collector Passett, whoa ho arilved here
this morning, found his loom lushing nhoad
at full snood. He had neglocted to on
gaee rooms at the Powers House, whole
most of the liopublloatis nro Mopping, but he
reeolvul offers of hospitable nuartors from two
old rosldents, who remember him nsastudont
at llochesiorl'iilvurnlty a llttlo over llfteon j
years ago. Ho decline I thcin. and put up at1
tUoBartholomiiy lloii'o. tustu few btens from '
tho geuotnl headiiuartois of tho Beutibll- I
cans In tbo Powoib House. Tho young
Colloctor hnd suicely Bcouted tho i.ill-
load grlmo Irom him before lie learned
that AndrowD. Whlto had sent a letter to the
ltenubllcan managers declining to become a
candidate for Uovernoi at this convention.
Mr. White realized exactly what Tin: Srx an
nounced nearly a week ago-ble boom was
dead and beiond nil hopos of nsuscttatlon.
ills rotlremout, In fact. as In a msasuio di
loctod by tho pnotltvo knowledge that It would
, be noxl door to Idiotic politics tn nominate
1 him. Ho was altogether V o venerni la on
iinesllons otvltnl linimrtatuo to the masses In
1 the i'.mplre State. His lanilid.icy would have
necessitated nil sorts of xp anatlous. and
t-omu would havo been mighty awkward. In a
wort, ho would have been a i nndldate who
would havo beon coustantly put upou tho do-
l'J h is not In ntooid wi'h the all-pervading
, spllit notice. I in all clrc'esliem to-dnv. Call
, him Bess Piatt or Dictator l'l ut. or anything
1 you ple.u-e: one thing ii upiiiieut Ho is
1 ready for a light. Ho belleveB that with I as
set t at the head of the liepublleim Main ticket
nnd with sound running mutes tneie is more
than nn eciuul eham.0 for vletury lor the ticket
this fall. It Isveri apparent that he has re
ceived asournneeB from -ome sourcos that the
Iriendsof Wnrner Miller In the npnor counties
nnd along the Mohawk ndoywlll treat the
yi.iingman from ( heniung veiy decently. Of
course tlie friends of Kx-Congresi-man James
W. Wadsnortli In the southern tier mar
feel nggrleveJ. but no pen rupture is
nntlclpaied. and otherwise the southern tier
doleuates are solid for Fasett. Possibly the
Floods. las-eti'Kooponenis in Chemung, may
act badly and spitefully, but even tho oung as
rii nut bin sell does not lear ad rosults in
that (iii.irtor. 'Iho present temper of the ,
1 loods is not jojous, nnd some of their hench
men aie around to-iluv breathing Mauubter
1 and all that -ort of thing, but the longer heads
ot those who will attend to-mor owv tonvrn-
' lion cannot for the life of them tee what the
1 loo is. or. Tor that inattor. u hpi inkling of
Mlllerites who still oppise rae-ott. arotogain
if lie Is overuheliiilngly defeated. So that In the
main the universal Kentlinout all day long lias
liolnud directly ut tbo young collector 01 the
Port or New Wknathe u.i:t to hiud the Ita
piildlcan Mate it J. ut.
Tbnueci'iid (dace on the ticket was to-day of
fered Mr. Wao-wor li iinanimoiihlv, and lions
unniilinotis'v declined, lie saw that tin drift
I was fo 1 aisett f r llr-t pluc. mid be O'sied
I gfiiorously. l.ikothes'in ol tho gallant Gen
eral who was killed In tbe ildomec. ho
ginclously nccepti d the fcltimtloti: but he
could not bo iii'iuced to take Iho nomination
lor l.leironant-lioveruor. Ills a toss-up now
as to wbowIHgo' it. i:-Mavor 1'ecker. Iho
ciia nploii tiioeeryiniin of liuffalo. has be-n
mentioned, and so h is ex-Congieasman Ud- ,
waid iiinsleiu ot New iork cny, but nothing 1
hns been rmtled. Mr. i'.insl-tu'a uam has 1
1 oen freely dldcus.od as a good ono to advance ,
for tho nomination lor C.mnlrollor. and ha
may bo name.; for that place, piovlded the
Dmrnlo -croreryman will eonstnt to 'ae his
I ohnnces forthel-leii'enant-Goveruoishiu.
I Many eonlemnccs have l,een held all day
lonu in Mr. Plait's jnrlors over tbe test of tho
ticket, nnd while theie will doubtlu-s le
cbai ges In tho slate to-morrow, the man most
, talked of now for btate Treasuier Is Iia M.
. llti.cesot llncklnnd while William A. Butliei-
1 land. 11 lawyer of this lown. is mention, d for
I Atlorney-Geuernl. John W. Vrooman is gos
siped about as the most llkelv candidate for
Societary ot btate, und Wrnlanck Cdvln, the
Alhauv civil urglne-r who made tboAdlron-
1 dncg Biirvey, Is lu tbe van for tho nomination
foi Slate Kuglncor.
But of all the conferences held In Sir. Piatt's
parlors none was so unique ns thai which took
idae olionly alter noon. Methuselah h eve
Smith of tho Appraisers' stores In Ne.v Vork.
tha first mesiei ger nppoluted by lolloctor
Lrhanlt, ut tbe request of Mr. l'lnit, in tbo
. early dais of peace In tho New ork 1 ustoin
House. Is dcorkoeiior ot the Piatt parlo-s.
and ho Is as proud as a peaco k ot thn jol.
Heavy knuckles pounding on the outsldo 110-
, tt.itdMi ith that snmeboilrvva-at hand anxious
to see the 'llogn ehu-ltaln hwlni;liig onen the
door with n nourish, in walked .lolinny lirod
hUy nt the terriblo i:ii:inn dltrl t. New ori:.
short nnd stout, hut Hushed with pilde at the
mission no was about to pertorr.'. On either
side of him walked big Ham 1'Uh of Putnam
nnd blgl'red (libbsof the violent Thirteenth
dlstilet. New Vork. Both Fish nnd liiiibs ro
over six feet In their socles, ami little Brodsky
locked like a watermelon botweon two 1
towering mnslos. Hut his dignity was '
superb as he naked Finn Piatt, eld
est son of the ex-euntur. and a
do egate horn from the Nineteenth district.
Now loik. whoio his father wa- Mr. I'lait
anil hxn.itnr Hlscoek at the time wero con
ferring lu nn Inside room, loung Mr. 1'latt
i-hook hands heartily with Olbh- und cordially
tiowcd to hih. a id they sat down waiting 10 te
received by Mr. 1'latt. In a lew moments he
was loadv for them. It was nmniug to wli
nesB their salimns, and the hearty 1 ordUlity
with which thai' greeted the Bepubllcnn
master ot th Slate. Two vears ngi
they were Ihe stumbling blocks ut Al
bany in every iiupuhlican measure ad
vance! by Piatt, nnd were thorns In
the aide of Senator lm-sett, the acknowledged 1
Itepublican leader in Albany. Hut here they
vreio as 11 ek as you ideass, making their 1
poace 1 lie whirligig of 1 olltis had changed ,
tho situation and theyweie now ; suppll' ant-,
1'latt was eiiually cordial to tho pair. He I
hadn't aeon them to sisi.ik to In mouths, and
they chattered together jut as th lUirh theio
had never been anything but an exulted und
nll-pervndlng hnniiony letween tlioui. Altar
making their peace they tramped down stairs
into tho loirldois nnd Johnny Brodnkywas
fluted, a.ivlng that for two dais ho hud tiled
10 tiling ub ut thlsiocnncillntiou.
Itlght horo will lit in a small, bill none tho
lest, Inteiesilng inodao In thosltuatlen. 1'nder
Collector 1'rhurdt (iibhs and J ish had vast
niiioiinio ol pntronngo in the Sew loik Ciih
loin House. When the Colonel in'luned mid
Fassott caino In Oibbs and 1 Isll tmuibled for
their followoi In tho custoiiia service. J as
jiett, tho new Collector, had go jd reason to ie
member the attitude of 1-lsh and (ilbb-toward
him at Albany, but Pnssoit, out-ido of cutting
oil 11 lew of tl a minor places held by the 1 sh
ntjil dlbbs men, has inuilx no sign that ho re
moinboied thn conduct of th young man from
I'utiiiim and the wicked one of the 'thirteenth,
'this magnanimous conduct greatly pleased
them and had possibly bomolbing to do with
to-dny'a reconciliation,
Another fontiue also hnd something todo
Willi It, and tills ilemonsirntud nguiu tha:
J'l.-h ami lilhhh aiosuiipiinnts ami must bo on
iliolr good behavior. I Ins new featura is tliat
It Collector Passct. is uoiniuiilod for doveiniir
in.monow ho will immediately fornaid his
reslgnutlon us ('1 llectm to I'resldeiu Haiilsoti.
The pioginiiimx now is not to wait a day 01 an
hour, but to Inuiyon the resignation to the
i'tesldent. Already 1'assott'h succnssor has
been pinetlcally ugieuii iiiiii, hh tlio-e is 110
huppoidlioii otliei than tha' thn i'lesldeut will '
rci ogiile the wishes of ihoseat tlie helm of
tho ii. O, 1", In the Male, r-uimtor Hcndileks
of .syiauiso, Clialinimi of Iho la-solt Cum
mi te which attacked Tamninu), Is Hie man
iiaim-d to liu.e the l olleeioiehlp. Hiiilngall
the iliH-iissioii or Ihi-se miitlHis there lias
u.ituiaily collie to light Intoi matlon that may
now be printed for Hie llrst I line. In the hrst
place Ills ulliilily ntaledlhat ex-Heiiatoi'1'lutt
did not a-k f' r tho hpi oIhiiiihui of (.olleaor
) ass.'lt 10 succeed Co). J riiardl. ll Is Insisted
I hut tlie apii.iliitment was tho voluntury act of
tho Pie-iduut. Harrison had no rioursn but
to uci't pi Lrliardka riHlgnatlon, ll nas almost
iiupernllvu thai he sli uld niter 1 rhnrdl lntd
.1 nt hint a document which nru tlcu ly told the
Pie-ldoiit that ho could tako the plaie, a ho
tl.rhiiriit) didn't .wnnt.lt nuy longer. The
Presldont tecnlled that Piatt tint nut forward
1 ai-selt tor tbe place just ill 1 01 Harrison's in
iiugiiiatl n, nnd after consulting with Secre
tary Foster he decided to appoint 1'iiffleti, and
he urged 1 a-sett tn take tbo pIiicx 1 he an
poiiitiuenl uub more in the iiatino of n volui
tiirv'HontoiipiK'asnpla'Kind enlist his aid for
allnrrlsoi d. legat on 110M lour. .Ml of I'abbeti's
Irh-uds iiigei! 1 1 tin not to lake tho ace, 1 ho
pair niign of th olllce 1 11 1 lean prai'ilcnlli
gl uu in li v 1 1 1 rhnidt. ill 1 uss tl, it
wis el.nineil. by taking tho place, would
on I fin l.e cneiinos of I rhaidi's trieinls. und
at Ihemnio lime ot be in 11 iov len 10 help
IiIiiishII o bla rliuds lle'IdcB. 1 iissell'a :
tllo da dlJ uu hi predate the cccund-hand
comtliment that Iho rrosldent extended to
him. Ills thrrornrn not surprising to Fnssott
friends that. If nonilnnteil for oovernor to
morrow, he will hnnteti to throw up, a plaeo
which wus not sought nt tho time either by
bltiiselfor liy his trletiils. Senator Hendtlcks,
In becoming 1'nchett's suceessoiMOuld linvn no
such set uides or obligations thut lasselts
f 1 lends have advanced lor him. Ho Is alto
gether a now man for the placo. He Is hero
to-duy. and haB received what his fiicnds refer
to ns in uliuiltiuiy congratulations.
, Tbo matvellous career of l'asett. now that
ho Is conceded by all hands to bo tho 1 rst rnior
for the (lubornnt rial iiomlniulon poiiiuint,
shoulil lie touebeil upon. 1 1 0 will b;lHyeirs
old If ha llvus until Nov. HI. Ho was lorn In
l.linlnt und spent his I oyheod days there. Iln
entered llochestot University at a time when
his tnlka weie able 10 puv his way. but in the
last twoycnisut 1 asjtt'B university llfo the
situation nt home elm ged and ho worked his
way through collose. graduating In li.i. He
was poor utiough then, ami for some tlmo lie
tnuuht t-chool In iiinnd llapids. lo to
tinned to Flmlra and studied law In
tho i nice of smith. Ilobortson A- lwisselt.
tho voung man's father being tho junior
I imrttior. itobertson vvu District Attorney of
1 i:iinlrn. ntut on his death Gov. Kob'nson np
1 pointed loung Fasett to eervo out the unex
pired tonn. Soon niter that rnsett married
1 Miss Jnnnlo Crocker, daughter of Judge U II.
1 (Jro.'kei of Sacramento. II as oitcted to tho
I Htnto Bonntu in lust and served four terms.
1 He Is 11 trilsteo of the Itochester I'niverslty
nnd of tho Cook Academy at llHVnnu. Uov.
I Dai Id Hutinott Hill's liome. Ho is 11 tliirty
pei'oml ilokiee Mason, 11 member of the ordor
of United Workmen, a member of tho Im
proved Order of Bad Men, and an ilk. He tn
part ownor ot tbo Elmlra .tihertisir, and a
memborof the I ellowoiatt Club In New lork,
a club composed of nr Uts und wriiers.
Tho Brooklyn contingent Is hero In charge
nt Internal ltevenue Cnlleclor Lrnst Nathan.
Ho is tor l'a.sett first, last and all the time.
mainly because ov-henntor 1'latt believes the
CliBinuiis man Is tliellttln giant to miil.n the
1 nice. But N itlmn. With W. . Goodrich.
1 Chulrman of tbo Kings County Genoral Com-
1 mittee. think thut a complimentary., vote In
' tlie Convention foi Gen. Mewatt 1.. vocdlord
' would not enlarge tbe General's hatband mora
I than usual nnd on that scoro It Is possible
Hint Woodford will receive eUhty-one ote
just to please him. und Iho mU Instant the
tes wdl be turno 1 over to 1 asstt.
Ytondfonl. nccoidlng to , tho A'r.(.'.Hent
idun will be nominated bv William
II. Williams, cx-i lesiiteni or in loung
KonubllcanCliili of Brooklyn, loung 'I imW ood
run' Is o lea t tho htnte (ommltti. He
knocked out Isinel Fisher for the plnco two
yearn ao. and now I isher Is to take his turn.
Mlko lindy. e-Congrosman Wiillace. Bob
bedgowlck. Foster I . Backus. James Johnson,
facetiously known as becietury Trai y's friend,
nnd othor Kings county lolloweri of the
) O. P nro around making tldi gs uliasant
for themsilves, and at the same time advanc
ing ttie principles of Webster llauagan ot
Flanagan s mills, 'J'ej,ns.
The Becker boom nrrlvod from Buffalo at
sunset. It was h 1 aided by 11 baud of oxtiaor
diunrv roiters and IndilTeKnt 11 loily. and be
hind enmo i!0ii of Becker's irtnds. mostuf
them tnt beiond desci lotion There were a
do, en men 111 the parade who would make'lom
Lostlgan treed with mi t. nnd Jet they all
stepped along as merrily .is you please, 'lhero
was a second bund, made up of llfes and
drums, aud there wis no lack of oxygen from
the par.iders. As ihoy swept past Dig
Chief I'latt's narlois and on down
by 1'nsf.etfs hondiiuirter they notllled all
mankind here that they were for Becker
I hliip Beck-r of Bullulo. It m iv be that
Becker, the Bullulo giocerymnn, will b heard
ol someday, but no to-inorroiv, lorbeiorehls
followers paraded tho streets I asseit hau been
sele toil to 11 nke tlin inco. and l.insteiu of New
oik 11 lined as Iho cand date for Lieutenant
Governor. This, it would seem, wises out
Becker's chances for oven seoond place, but his
foil iwrs do not appear 10 appieclnie tin situa
tion, lor they are lawmug in btcntorinn tones:
Ut- ril!!rc)iln,tiliii troui nulla olorsi.eH n.'uncry.
Tn make u tioiuitKttloii t in.l.. the leKtli.r. ill ;
lo innne ntnAUtloe inline has ticu a puviipart to
The bourn li llillip Becker 1, slid tt won't trow any lei.
Hurrah' llurmtil We brlinr the Beclerboom:
llitrrhhl lliirra'it We'licmck t.ie alp of doom:
lor OemoprutH! ranrtld o will fnd lle-y re ftllloollon
lu ran wltli J'Ltllp Uccker. the boy Irom ButTiio.
Irom 1 rle county to Monroe we trie? 'he newie'.ODff.
vie 11 pas Hon in all aio and fill me lr with on.
Ttiruuult Hie rlier couinle we II try thn cuodlilete,
our raaaccc 1'litnp lifclter, be will sweep tae state.
Thon ileut the nienmm to New Vork- wove got tb
man 10 win
And niue turn our leater yon cun't 100 loon begin,
tor rinlll' never loai alighl and alua) nl'eil the bill,
Miall we wlu xliti Ueiki-r t uh. yee, o will, we will.
The main body of the New York city contin
gent came to-night just in time to see the
Bockeritos parading the streets and howling
thnt i-ri county Would give the grocery man
111 Out) 1110 ority. Many of the Nw Vork fel
lows stepped and wuuted to know who Becker
was anv wnv.
Oeputy Lollector John H. Gunner came from
Niagara. It is a curious fact thut all the men
beie Irom tho Ntw York Custom House have
either ten fishing or sightseeing, and onlv
I luiiilileil Into Itociiesternsnn incidental foa-
1 tuto of th excursion. Hi New iorkere who
1 sw lied til crouds to-night are Mc-srs. George
Ueane Gen. Ileniy A. llarnum. Gen. .lamos
1 J' Variiuni. I harles H. Alurru). Itoberi A.
I Greeson deorge Wiiiinmaker, Jaku Hess,
Geoigo llllllard, John Proctor Claike, Geu,
Snni 'lliomas. li. I,, unullen. M.erldan hook.
und Johnny bliupson. thobrlck-coloiod blonde
cf tho sixth.
II'.IOT. 'J he only tw 0 contestlngdolegations are from
tbe lwonty seventh Senate district. 1 nbsell's
lioiiie .llstilet. 'lhu most vociferous oi tbeso 1
are led by ev-Cougressinati Thomas 1 Hood
and P stmuBtcr Henry Pond of l.lmlia. und
Potinnloi Jonas an Dur.eu of Horsshends.
all Irom the Collo"tor nnd cm diuuie's own
louiiiy of 1 liemung. 'Ihoy loudly claim to
l.e regumr d-lagiitcb. nud weie chosen at u
separata lonvoiulon held tbo same day that u
l'usseit convention which he left his newly
nciiulied seat in the custom 11. use, to iun
miuio uu bis tlckot. 'ihey justily their
n"tion by the cl ilm thai tbe caucuses
of tlie other faction were not logallycoudiicted I
mid 1 liat their lights were sine to bo Ignored
tir those In control of the County Contention.
Tho Fussett faction rldloulos these claims an
pretentious and assert that iu the absence of
any nppearuuee of (ontest or prote-t ut the
I place selected by the County Committee tbe
llglitois will have no standing b. lore the btate
1 ( ouv nation, nud with sovero sarcasm thev sug-g-sl
that lu the evtiit ot their non-admission
I they can do as ihey did at Ilorsebeads-get
I up 11 Convention of tholr own. 'there
seems to tin soma division ol opinion
iu tho ranks of tbe t libiuiing protesters usto
what thoy really 111 do li they are not admit
ted to the state Convention, 'ihe 1 loodB talk
so fiercely us to indii ate that even an oiler of
half the lepreneuiatiou would now nme too
Into li coupled with tlio prost ect of l'nssett's
uuiiiiiintion, but othera of tint kicking dole
gates iromllmliii sluguson Unit is pitched
on a much loner key. 'Ihey hope and oust
t nut justice will bed ,nottheni, nnd denounce
thn I assett fnctiun iu terms almost as bitter us
tbe 1 1 od". '1 hen they add that they nro liepub
lluans In u wui thatahows that they would not
be parlies to 11 bolt even it the ticket should be
liended by 1 nssett himself.
Tho other contesting delegation Is from tho
adjoining couuiy uf somen. It Is packed by
fighter- who-ie tactics are different I10111 the
Peaceful n.au of holding u soiarute conven
tion. Tiliso 01 posits of lh maehiii con
trolled by tbe I'lntt m n fought their way into
the convention, though coufioti cd with tha
frowning muzzle of a pistol in the hands of a
deputy bhtrllT. Spnrrlng nnd wrangling were
tlm concomitants ol th politics played 011
that occasion, and the Convention may bo dig
nified iu tbe annals of tho Itepublicun party as
tho battle of llouiulus, It l 1111 old light for the
conlrol of the couniy. 1 x-Sormtor Wllllum A.
hw cot leads the I'lntt forces und A, M, Patter
sou the opposing host.
Tbo bliiteCommlttne did nothing intbe mat
lei of the oiucsls. '1 ho Sweet delegation
Irom 'ctie.'u piecentod eiedontinls through
State ( ommltti ciihii Adams, aud lasbetl'a
1 fib ndi will also go upon the roll. Jonas nn
iltihei stood tiiiilily lu the ciowd at Iho (0111
li'lltee.ronm door In thoolfott to gat in witn
iho tredeiitluls iiom tho btcond disiilut iu
thoiiiiing , ,
Aftei much bufTeting ho got in. but th com-
mittee iiad udiourued, uii'l Chairman Knupp
tuld llie peisplilng Jonas tlmt he would huv
t 1 ui 111 his protest before th Convention, as
I tim coiniuilli e hud nothing todo with it.
The othor business ui tne State Commltteo
I was 1'iiieiv perluiii'tory. Long island's remi
seiitiitivn. Oeorgu 1 umpball, and Uea on S. V,
Idle of llrookl) n's four, w ere absent and un
root esouud. Van Allen wus provy for Post
inaster uu Cntt whose uiolmty and bnsliliil
nesb would lime received little shock If he had
attended, for the S an Colt boom teems hurdly
to linger us a reminiscence.
Wllllum Nil-holm lioug, the ox-Assembly-man,
represented Col, b. S. II. Cruger und Is a
hot candidate fur the ceiiimltteeujari'n placo
next ur, Ihnry ('. Peiley intended for
S' Ion 11. i-mllli. ns has giown to tie iiultetha
legular Itiing. nud Geotge A. Davus, who
Iiopis to s ,cceed (iemgi) Crban, Jr., was ell
hand for tho Tliuti-tbiid district to-nlghl.
The !! 11 W. V. Goodrich of Kings was
rlio'eu tompurary Chairman of tho l onven
tiou on motion if O. 0, Wnrron of Bulfalo.
Tiieii Willie Barnes of Allauv was mado
hnnpr by baring lllty tickets voted to him as
1 hniimuno'it BUb-coniinltloe of tho l.xe.'ii
i tan Committee of the btute X-eogue of Hcpub
Hcaa Clubs.
,wsks coxrEm vim titf. tunytrns
asp AunitEssics am. cu:rj:r.Axu.
And Menndme llie nietrlct fonventlone
Cnnllnne to Helert lllll lelegute fop
the Mot I'nrt to the Siirnlogi I omen.
I llnn-Nevv TorU Clly lleleaules.
I AiPAvr. Sept. 8. I.inut-Gov. .Trnes was
1 clof otcd with a number of retresontntlves of
i farmers' organizations In this city to-night,
and nlongconferonco was hold ilm Impos
sible to lenrn doflnlloly wlmt wns discussed,
but tho goneral opinion Is thnt .Mr. Jones Is
I quietly paving the way to an Independent
I nomination, whatever may have Icon said to
the contrurr,
BIMUIAMTOX, Sept. 8. The iisnainhnan Of
to-day contains tho following open loiter:
BiNUiiutO", sept 8
i(in Griver ClwlavA -Vie Jinl,
Sist rxcniemyedilreMlniryou through the "n"
but at the subject coiiildered If one lu which tho puuio
are greatly luterMted, I dfm It I roper o 1 1 do
tt li undernood that you are a candidate for the
rreeldentialno'iunatioti lu I ".'. Till" render It not
only roer but locunibciit upon ycu intake all honor
ablo iiieam to protect jour Inti-reiia and priven'. nur
frle nds from complicating v 011 In slhnticej v. hlch timet
ritnli In yonr Injury. Vour frlende are taking active
Intereit In our state campaign, and are (reely uiiiij
our name In their eupoortot Mr. Mower.
iour urengih at a PrealJenllal candidate Ilea In ) 01 r
loriularliy with the miiw, tlie wage earner" the
toilers, and producer! Ihey ate a large majority of
lhu penile or thU country, and they are not In inn
pathy with the clan of popl whom .Mr. i;ocr
Themovemtnt "along the line," manlfeitlng itfclfln
alliances, leaguer, various comblnvtlona and orcaida.
tcnvRiwell aa llie tree expression of the people In
dahy talk." Is a proieit against the aggressive power
ot wealth, now accomplishing Its purpess bj- Its free ueo
In debauchlug the political morals of the people V oura,
j truly. IttiwiRP I' .iD-itt.
ConTi.vs-p. Sept. P. Tbe Pomoeratlo caucus
in this town lust evening to select dclogates to
the e.ounty Convention was a continuation of
tho Normal hchool tioiiblo. Since Principal
Hooso was removed his friouds havo deter
mined if possible to prevent tbo reaprolnt
inont of Superintendent Draper ns State ,Su
rerinteudoat. To do this they want an Assem
blyman who will u-e his influence against Dra
per. The delegates selected last evening havo
thepowertouamethoAssemblynomlne. Two
tickets weie in tho field, one led by B.B. Jon-s,
editor of tho Hemocrat, Ihe other by L J. Fltz
gonild, k member of tho Normal hchool local
Bourd. Jones Is a Hooso man. Fit7gernld Is
not. The opening of ilm 1 au"Us was warm. A
compr unlet was eriectod by nominating by
acclamation three delegates from each ticket.
Jones und I ltgeruld are anxious to beiomn
Matedolegatea. Joncs.it 1 Mild. Is a strong
Hill man. 1 1 mer muy get Fitzgerald's vote It
ho Is 11 delegate.
I Liu Kroi.i. s-opt. 8. Tbe Democratic llrst
Assembly District Convention met hero to-day.
It was controlled by the antl-lllll wing of tho
party, ntul the elloits of the Hill canal faction
to ob nf n recognition failed. Tho itelegitti-s to
the Mate Convention nre Chauncey 1. Iiunkle
lierger and Tlinmai M. Mi Grain ol this city
and 1 dward Parkor of Ciiminla. An ollort
wus inadii 0 havo the delegates instructed lor
liosweii P. Flower for Governor, but It failed.
The delegates no down 10 tbo Surutcga Con
vention unpledged.
ItovnoL'i. hept if. At tho Domocratio Coti
vention In tho second I Is'er district, held ut
Hilton this atierunon. J nines J. isneeliey of this
citi. Mines McMullen ol Marlbniough. anil
Josiah Ive.itor of Fsopus were elected , dei
g.itrs to the tjtHte ' onventlon. Charlos Ji.
1'reston. btate auperinteudeut of Banking,
was chosen ilolcato to tho Third Judicial
C'ouven'loli. Ares lution wns jnissed favoring
Chailes M. Preston as member of the btate .
Commlltoe from this district. The delogation
is a lllll one and Is for 1 lower for first oholca
for Governor. .
AiniNY. Sept. R The Lssox County Dsmo
crstia Convention to-ela elected Patrick: C.
Mrltoty of Poit Ilonry, Henry D Griivcsof
Ausable. and 'I homas A. Blley of Tlcouderoga I
deiayatea to tho Mate Convention. A resolu
tion was adopted warmly endorsing tlie can
didacy of the Hon. John 11. Blley ot Clinton
county for Comptroller, and assorting that
his popularity among the people ot his county
bud been demonstrated on many occasions.
Cvsasdaioua. Hept. . The Ontario county
delegates to tbe Democratic Mate Convention
nre John Flauulgin. L. O. Loomls. and J.. P.
Iirau. alldyed-ln-the-wool lllll men, and all
professedly In favor of Flowei.
Hatavia. bpt. H.-Th Detnpcratlo county
Convention to-dBy elected J. F. ltyan. W. h.
Sumnor. und hdwln Moulthrop delegates to
the Stat Convention. 'I hey are unpledged.
The Convention wns controlled by the, ami
Hill faction, led by Itobert A. Maxwell, late
InBuranco Superintendent, who curried fifteen
1 of the eighteen districts In the county,
I I'h-kskii.i. Sept. h. Tho Deuiocratlo Con
vention of tbe Third dl-trlctof Westchester
county, held ut Pine Br.dge to-day, was a love
feast, und the utmosi harmony preval.ed. Col.
tioorgo D. Hnndfoid of t'ottlatid. Francis Lar
kin. Ir., ot Osslnlng, and Ira 1). btrongof ioik
town were chosen Mai deloBtes,nnd were in
structed for liosweii P. 1 lower.
Mviom-. iept. v. rratihiin county Demo
crats held their county Convention here to-day
and elected de egntes to tbe biate Convention.
A resolution was puss! favoring It. P, Flower
for Governor, but tho ilelegates were loft un
lustructed. although they all favor Flower.
Amiasy. hept. Tlie BcPUbllcauB of tho
Second district of Albany oouuly to-day re
nominated ssemblymnn Walter Ellis Ward.
The second district Is the only remaining
Itepublican stronghold In this county, and the
nomination means election.
SvitAioiu. bept. H.-Messrs. I Huntley
Cramer, Davis Coleman and David II. Noonsn,
th local committee having in chnige the
preparations for holding the Democratic .State
Convention, have leased the Casino nnd nro
having romoved therefiom tho Biimmerseasnn
' plea-ura apparatus and fitting it 1111 iu good
shape for Convention work. It was In this
building tbat David 11 i i III was first nomina
ted lur Governor In 18U5.
Thlrieenlh IMstrlct Count) Penioeracy Delegviei.
Thomas V Keallug. Ullbsrl T. Iloerter Jo'ill Mulhol
laiei, aliernaioi, VV, I. elon, Itoiert J. 1 ooic, J.
Urahsm llall
sMVenlreniti Plstriet Tammany Pelrgates flenrga
vv I'lunklii. J. srgeanr e ram. a I' ItliukboT, a'ler
nsteh Fiijene I. Iliislie 1'eter.l Unoliiie
Tvieniy I r-t I'Ulrli t Iiiinmani. lieifgates VV,
ttourke rockran. Nelson J. Walerbnrv. James J VUr
iln uliern ues Charles r. Allen, Joiepli J. Lima,
Adolph li eanger
Iwnily.fouiih IHtrlct Tammsnr Pelegstes Henry
I) I'urroy. Aiigum Moabnii end John ll shot alter
nates, Thoiual At. Lyncu, John Mcl'ermol., and Julia
He PrelNe the .SIcKlnley Hill mill Suyn lb
Frnhlbtlloil I.uvv .MiimI Its C'lillrlll.
CiiKnoniT.. Iowa. Sopt. B.-Scnator W. 11, Al
lison opened tho ltenubllcan cuuipalgn In this
city this afternoon iu a throe hours' sieoch.
The McKlnley bill, ho said, though not por
ted, was the best tariff law over onactod by
Congress, and wan Droving to bo n most bene
ficial law for the people It hnd not in
creased tho cost ot any article in
common use, while many staples had
actually boen reduced In price since
the passage of tbe bill. The reciprocity clause
had already openod the mai kots of three coun
tiles to ut, and It had fleeted nn entrance Into
trance and Germany for American pork.
For tbls feature of the bill we were entitled
to honorthatwise statesman, James G, Blaine.
The mention of Blaine's nnmo rocclved loud
and long-continued applause.
'1 tin prohibitory law, Mr. Allison said, wns
enacted us n result of a mn-iniitlMiii election,
nt which the people said, by ,'iU.UUii majorltv,
that they desired to tiy the experiment of pin
hlbltlnn. The law should remnin and lie re
Bpected nnd enforcod until tlie pauplo by u
similar election demanded its repeal.
The I'rolieble New Collector of (tie Tort.
ItoCHFfiTEn, Ropt, 8, Trnncls Hendricks,
whom the llepublleuns expect to sco mado tho
next Collector of the port of Now York, la very
well thought of. Ho IsSG jours old aud was
born In Kingston.
After nn unsuccessful business venture In
Bocliestor, he cast his fortunos In Syracuse
thirty years ago, and bulit up a good business
in photograph and at t material nnd amassed a
comfortable foriune. His ofllcoholding begun
with tbe Fire Coinmlsslonership of Syracuse,
whluh in the Halt City is regarded oh 1111 office
of consequence. He wns afterward Mayor ot
tbe city twice, served two terms lo the Assem
bly and three In the senate. In Ihe lutter body
lie wus chairman of tho Committee on Cities.
He litis ulwaiH beon nominated by acclama
tion und never hns hud u vote polled Bgulust
him in contentious
lii politics ha bus bet n considered very suc
cessful by tha prnplo ot Onondaga county.
This arises from the fact that when ho was
Chnlrmsu nf tho County Committee In 188.')
the maiority run up to i.lOD, whore it wus only
a,M0 Leloie.
rr.Ayxno to nt.nir notri: up.
Tie Wished to Kill Ills llrother.ln.lnvv eo
lis to Jet at His Properl.
Boston, f-'opt. 8.-1 he arret of James K.
Cnttorby tho Boston police to-night srollod a
dlaboll-al Bcbouio to mur.lor nnd rob, and
liioughtto light n collection nf Infetnnl ma
chinos sufficient to blow up hnlf tho city.
Ci tter's rlr'or matrled l.uther 11 Itowc, n
woaltliy manufacturer. Mr. Itowo's homo Is
In Melioo, hut his mar.ufnctorv Is at Haver
bill. Cutter was ungry because his woaltliy
litotlioi-ln-inw rofutud to iidvatno as much
cssli ns his oxtrnx ngnnt tables demanded and
tiled to toko his 1 1 to.
In lfchS ), mmio the first attompt and was
nrrosted and sentoncod to two years' Impris
onment. As soon us bo was rc'.oasod ho again
laid his plans to sectiro his brothor-ln-lavv's
wealth IIo roomed on Chamlmra street, nnd
niter bis 111 rest to-day tho nature of his plot
wns icvonled. , ,
His original plan wns to blowup his victim.
Iln laid in a big slock of glunt now tier, nitro
glycerine, dvnamlto. and n legulnr arsenal of
llreirins. In addition to these weapons
he had mnny b nibs ready for use. Ills
original si homo was to concoal 11 bomb
In 1111 umbrella and lenvn it in Mr. Bono 4
1 hands. L pon rellectlon he derided thnt thoro
I was ton much danger to himself in that plan,
so ho abandoned It for tho plan of blowing iip
tho house. Bui that might involve Iho de
iiructinn of his sister, nnd that sohetne, too,
wus given up. . .
l.ust W tduostlav he confided his plan .to an
old friend, William Butler. Ho and But
ler had workid together In the Bnme
shop He asked Butler' assistance)
In removing Itowo and promised
him half the monoy that was expected as aro
sultortbecilmo. Butler at Hist thought the
whole matter was a joko, but when lioilla
coveiod that Cutior wns icully beul on minder
and ro' hoiy ho pi Mended to oppiovo of tlie
Hidieme in rder to hold the man's confidence,
und then he rovealod the plot to thn 1 olice.
Cutlet s plan was tn have been nut lu opera
tion to-night. He was a' tho rundTVniis wait
ing for his accomplice when tho police arrested
him. lie and Butlor wero to have pro
ceeded to Mr. Hone's houso in Jlelroso.
Butler was tn ring tho bell, and it
was anticipated Hint Sir. Itowo would answer
the bell tn poison. As soon as bo opened tbe
door Cutter wns 10 -boot him. If he missed
Ills aim Butler was to opon lire. 'J ben having
dlspoBedot Jlr. itowo.thetwomen werotooover
Sirs. Itowo with their revolvers and force her to
give up ull the money nnd valuables in the
house. In case she refused she, too, wus to be
Iteeolntlon or the House Against tbe Sub.
lease syMtem.
Nvsnviu.E. SopL 8. During tho preeent ses
sion of the Legislature the right of the lessees
of the State prison to sublet convicts has boon
discussed. A committee was appointed to
wait upon Attorney-General Pickle and Eecure
bin opinion. Tborepnrtot tha committee, ac
companied by the opinion, was submitted to
the Houso to-day, The substance of tbo opin
ion is this:
Iu iho net authorizing tho leise there is no
direct ncr indirect allusion to the giving to
tho lessees of the 1 owor to sub-let. If such
powerovists it exists ns an unlimited powor.
which would probably not bonsnfe ndmlsslon.
It is safe, however, to infer, in tho nbsenco of
such epiessod authority, that tb Leglslnturo
did not intend to conler Bueh power. The
opinion is that tho leasees, without express
authority of ihe General Assembly, may not
bUtdet the convicts.
.Mr. Johnson tit once Introduced a rcsolutlrn
Instructing tbo Htnto liourd of Prison Inspec
tors to older nil convicts now sublet to be re
turned to tho mam prison or to prisons owned
by ihe lesBcos themselves. The resolution
1 was discus-ed nt length. Mr. Hull said that
the trouble at Bricevil o was a result not of
tho lease svBtem, but of tha sublease system.
He hoped thn resolution would ho adopted. It
wns a matter of iccoid thnt the Tennesseo
Cnul. Iron, and Ituilrond Company bad bublet
its convicts. Mr I.udgerwond spoke ucalnst
the resolution. Fining that ha did not know,
and tha Houso did not know, tbat u prisoner
lu Tennessee had been sublet.
The resolution was minuted by a vote et 03
to 21. Theresolutisn will now go to the Senate.
Several or Them Defeated as Cnedldete
In tbe Hehool Election.
Grand lUrin.s. Sopt 8. Several Michigan
cities, acting tinder charters which call for
school oleotlons on the first Monday in Sep
tember, bad the polls open yoslcrday, but the
voting wns confined to thoso cities and was
not goneral throughout tho Statu. There was
lively work done hero, growing out ot a pecu
liar condition ot local politics. The recant
riotous strike of tho street car men dlvldod
tho town. Fred L. Clarko, who managed the
strlko for tho company, was a candidate for tba
School Boaid. and was supported by Iho larger
fortlnn of the restioi'tnblo element In tbe
'northward. The strlkeis and their friends
rallied to support Miss l.inmn Coppena for the
School Board, und the lady oandl Juto received
most of the votes cat by the women. Women
worked hard lor both sides at the polls, and
mnny lively scenes were witnessed. Clarke
was elected by a small plurality.
In the Eighth ward Miss Goodrich was de
feaudbyu man, nnd Mrs. Andrews was elected
In th Ninth ward by 11 plurality of 4.
llATn-K CiiKKic, Jlloh , Sept. H. '1 lie most ex
citing school election in the city's history took
place hero yes'erduy. 'I he women's ticket, con
taining the names of Mta. II. I', Graves und Mrs.
F. 11. Brlggs came out ahead.
li'Hii.AMi. Mlcli. Sept. . Don C. r.ilchelder
and Clark S. Wortley wero elected School
Board members yesterday. '1 ho women's can
didate, Mrs. Jennie B, hlnney, received a lair
J'.vtov lUrms. Mich.. Sent. 8. Tbe most
si Irlt'd school election over held here resulted
lastulghtln tbe election of F. It. I nfever and C.
T. 1 airfield, who Wuio supportud by tht
women votois.
TJry llollnr lVauitei! lo lie Kenntor.
Frosh trouble is suld to bo brewing In the
Hocond Afsembly district between Justice
Dlvver nnd Timothy Dry Dollar Sullivan. It
soemsthtit Col. Bill Brown, tbo Senator f 10111
the Fifth Senator district, desires to make
a Washington career for himself, and has
announced his candidacy for Congress, de
Nliliig lo fill Ihe Into Gen. Rpluolu'a scat.
Also that whnn Dry Dollar beatd this he hustled
for Col. Hill's soat Indole It hnd n chitnco to
get cold, Justice Dlwor didn't upptovo of
unking a St nutorot Drydollar. He preferred
AldnrmntiNi ludas Brown. Maybe Col. Michael
('. Murphy will step in nnd take Ihe prize.
The teinnant of the County Democracy, It is
snld, would IIL 10 support Dry Dollur usutiin
dopundont candidate.
Must llilnc Their HuEUage Willi Tbena.
I'mlcr tho old Inw Immigrants could bring
tholr personal t (foots to this country any time
within a yeur of their landing hero without
duty, but hernuflor thoy must bring all their
goods and chattels with them, unless there Is
n reasonable mouse lor delay, or nnv duty. A
tost case wus mado recently 011 a bracelet that
11 woman had punned to pay her pua-nge
money to New 101 1, and hud afierwurd re
ducinod. Tho hiue.dei was sent to her, and
tlie Hurvovor declined to admit ll free. Seers.
tnry 1 o.-tnr sustained him. J x ptlnns will
bo inndn when pioperty has I eon delated over
a sieumer or has been detained by uccldent.
Commerce Temporarily allocked,
"Twentj-flva eonts,"saId big Krcst Mul
haupt of 2,0. Vi First avonuu to n customer who
had come In for a spool ot thread,
"Kansoiiro !" Interrupted his llttlo wife," It's
onlyiiconts." , ...
Thy had beon having soma boer. I.inst
striuk his wlfo In tho Inco for interfering.
'1 hey sell ull sorts if not loin in Ihe store an 1
What she hit htm with In retort was a hnsi bull
bat. Tho customer lied und buth Bliukuvpoc.i
were arrostud.
liiMt Tueta til f.llirrty.
Five small boys who havo beon Inmates of
tbo Juvonlla Asvlum for an nveraga term of
six months enjoyed a brlof llborly lestenloy.
Climbing over the wall enclosing Hie piny-
? round, they started towuid Washington
lelghts 'I In y wi in met by Policeman Kenny,
aud half an hour aflur escaping wero I ack in
I lie asylum, '1 ho la s aro Charles Johnston,
Julius Monnhiin, Mil line) aiuiioto, William
Knupp, und Michael Sullivan.
line Had heven Chlldiea In Tee Moutlie.
MrOnr-oort, Tex.. Sept. 7,-Mre. McGrlflln.
who gave birth to triplets ten months ago,
broke tbo record thin morning with a ijuartut.
' All seven ore doing well.
he at rsT a xsn eii run the kill- ,"
i.d or xni ii.ixxeoax. ,'
Cnniminder Erium lloavrlliee the Murder i
In the Snllbnnt on Only 1Q rSenntor i
Vuorlieen A-slsts tn the l"roneentton
llnlns'e Mntber In I'ciiirt Willi Her Hoe. S
FoiiTiitss JIusnoE, Fept. 8,-Thn trial of s
Thorn'on J. Hnlns for sbootlng Ned Hunne-
gnn of Wnshlngtou while out lu a sailboat on
Juno la last was tailed at noon to-day In tha
Circuit Com t at Hampton, Judgo Guntor ot J
Accoinnclv presiding. The dufetieo were) -S
reprosentod by Mr. Shllllngtou und the '
Hun. John Goodo of W'ushington and br ji
Col. Thomas Tubb nud Mr. Wheolerof llaniD- i
ton. Associated with Mr. Montague. Common l-
woallh s Attorney, were Mr. A. A. Lipscomb ot '
Washington, Senator Dan Voorhees, and ,':
Judge Nelson of Indiana, voting llaiinogan's !
gran father. Mr. llniinojiin was nlso pres-
villi and occupied a sent noar Senator Voorhees. ';
After Senutor Voorhees, Mr. bhllllngton. and ?
Jlr. Lipscomb had qualified to pructlco before) ,
tha court, the counsel for tba defence an
nounced that they wero leudy for the trial. T
Sheiur Cuttistheu brought lu the prisoner.
wiio wasiiccemi'Uiii'eit by his mother, leaning -i
upon tils arm. und was followed by bid
fattier. Col. Peter C. Halus. IT. H. A. ; his uncle. ';
Boboit P. Halus of Washington, and his
brothers, LI"Ut. John C. Halus. Third Art 1 1-
lery. and Cadet Peter C. Gains, Jr., ot the :
Naval Academy. Tne jurors were then called 1
and swoin. and but two ot I hem were set aslna
as being prejudiced. I levon of these are farm- ?.
or from tlie northern part ot the county. Tbs t
others naldo in Hampton. Tho ouurt theu s
ndinurnedtlllaP. M. . A
on ie assembling tlio Indlctmpnt was road to '
tho prisoner. W hen nsked how ho would plead, "5;
lie replied: "Not guilty." Comiiinnder Itobler
li. Kviiu". I'. K. N. was then called by the f
Oommiinwsnlth Mr. Goodo requested th ..
Con 1 1 to 1 emov e all tho other witnesses from tb 1
room In oidor ihai oacli might tell Ills story te
unl tlueni'pd by what had previously been Bald. !
Comniatidor i.vnna guveagrupbin account ;
ottlia Bhootttig Ho oiCnpleB a cottugo just
oust ot tho Iklithouso ami bud gone down 10 is
the bench to watch a b tuall. Ho obiervoda
sailboat with two men iu it, one stniullng UD .
and sculling, whom ho rocognlrod as Thorn- s
ton Hnlns. nnd tha other towing, whom ha
roi ognl?i d as Ned Hiinuegan. It was a utael -,
calm ut the time and the two Balls in tha boat f
hung loi'sely araldshliis. Aftor passing th s
point where Comiiinnder Kvons sit. nnd while K
not over l,it) feet away, llama stooped down. .
took up a coat from tha boat, and a moment 4
nfterwiird leaned forward and fired two shots ,
In quick succession nt his companirn. ','
Both of llann-gun's hnuds were on tho oar
whon the shots wore tired. He pulled one oar
two sttokos niter that and then fell buck la
tho boat. Halus then bonded the boat ton nrd ;
tberip-inps. mid continued sculling. A lew 13$
moments inter lianneguu caught bold of tho "-.'
bldo of tho boat nnd raised him-
self up. crying- "Helpl Help! Thl4 s?
mnn has shot mo. I am killed " Ho thin fell
back in the bont nnu was scon no more Com
mnndor l.vnns thought the boys w ere skylark-
ing, and as tt I egnu to rain shortly afterward J
ho loturned to iho house. Hnlns, nrter scull-
Ing out son 0 di-tnnco went forward In the boat
to whom Hai negau lay nnd took In tho our
which was limliug over tbo side. He then ro- J,
turned, shipped tlio rudilor. took down one ot '
tha sails und stood out In tho Bonds. Shortly i
nfteiwuid ha tucked and brought the 1 oat
ashore on the liny side noni- Iho Water Bat
tery. Ho then CHiiio ashore, and piseedCom-
mandoi J.vuns's house on his way to tha tola-
ginphofllcp. . I
Mr. Shllliiigtnn then took up tho cross-ex- 1
auiinntlori. which lustod about two hours, '.
during which ho tried to prove by Commnnder t
1. talis Hint tlie sho'itlng iiad occuired In the 1
waters of Chesapeiko liny. This wns probablv i
dona wllli a view to carrying ho cuso to the -t.
United Htatos Court. If tho dels on of tbo CIr-
cult 1 ourt should not be sntlsfuctniy. Ho (ailed
to shakt Commander Bviuis's testimony.
Dr. I'eiiko. who held tlio post mortem exam- r,
(nation on Hannegin's tiody, wiib uuestlnned :,
na to the naturo of tho two wounds lnlllctail. ;
He thought that the shot through the'li'art ,. '
was tho llrst one fired, but could not be posi- . .
tive. ' s
Tbo court thon adjourned till OJi o clock to- , '
But VTheii Ills tVlfe Took to Croquet ee
tbe Hume Hay He Knocked Her Dam, , ,
CosnocTON, O., Sopt. 8. Sirs. Zllapha M.
Wood baa sued her fathor-ln-law and mother-in-law
for $lu 000 for alienation of her hus
band's affections. Sirs. Wood was divorced
from Jnjr Wood several months ago on account
of ciusltv und incompatibility. To-day she
testified that once her husband knocked her
down for plni lug croiiuot on bundny, although.
ebe said, lie fro luontly Indulged In old uledg. ,
eucbte. nnd 1 oker on that day.
The defendants aro wealthy. All aro promi
nent socially.
JPostmnater Arretted For I'mhezrlement.
BiRMivoiiAM. Sept 8. W. H. Davidson, tha 1
lendor of what remains of the Grocnback La- j
bor party In Alabama, was to-day arrested br ;
Tost Ofilco Inspector Plor, charged with em- i
bezlement. Davidson lives at Haleysvllle.
where he is Postmastor, and he is accused ot
embezzling iSUJ of tbe Post Olllce funds.
Murder In tVllllmuuIlc.
Williman'tic Conn., Sept. a Jamos Coreo
ran was stab) ed twlco at about 4 o'clock to
day by an unknown assailant, nnd dlod imme
diately. Ther bngau cinarrelling oier some
trilling matter, soon becumo angry, and tht .
strnugei bocomlng lnfuriutod murdered his
victim with a 1 nlfe. Corcoran was 111 years a ,
old, and his assailant about the same ago.
Ilneker'ff Creditors Cull In tlie CSrund dtiry.
The affairs of Abraham B.-fker. tho note
broker, of 'ii't Brondwiy, who failed recently,
will be made a matter of Investigation by this
Grand Juty upjn the demund of the creditors.
Latent Murine Intelligence,
Arrived steamships Kingdom, from Liverpool, yran
clseo. from UulL and slmoa Pumola from oibara.
Tbe Weuthfr,
The storm thai was oft the Virginia coast on Monday
parsed rapidly northesst and was disappearing yester
da) tosard Newroutidlanl, having lau.e I gales along
Its 1111U over tlio Middle Atlantic and New Kugtanil
Au area ot high pressure covers the country from
Msnltoba to tho Oulf, attending to the Atlantlo sea
board with generally cool, fur wratlsr preval insta
all districts especially lu the .N'cr'hwekt and over the
lakes. At St. Vincent, l Inn, it was 2 below (reeling
yesterday tlio temieraure being low enough for frees
as far as southern Ulchlgaa. Ibis urea Is moving east
ward aad should cuius cool and pleasant weather la
the lake regions 10 day and to-morrow.
Thero were 1 0 general storms In eight, but a depres
sion was dovelophiif lu soulbweu Teiaa aud another
north of Montana.
The day lnlh'sclly was generally fa'r. nlghest official
lemparatcrato, lowest CI, average humidity 7S per
reui., wind northwest, average velocity Smiles aa
The thermometer at Terry's pharmacy la Tns Run
bonding recorded the temperature yesterday as follows 1
I -ti is 11. I sro. 1SIIL.
Jill lls US' n 10 P, t 77 J
UAH " e-1" ill". M 74' Oil
A l 7U l-V HP M " US
l.'M , 7C LJ'UlllJ 07 Ui
Averag MM
Average on sept.H, loiu , 70,
eisiiiMiros iunscshv tills r. v. wipimpir.
The area ol high liesiurs is ceutral over the upper
lake region, aud cover, the greater portion ot tli
countr) east of ilia Kooky Mountains. IJeueratly fair
wi aider couttai eiestof iheMUshslppl wlili nor Iherly
win Is and it Is warmer in Ihe extreme northwest;
with southerly wluJs the disturbance bslng central
north of M niitia. It Iscoo er from Co oradoeasiward
evertha Ohio val.ey and Ml Idle Atlantic Males. Ibe
weather Is generally warmsr In Ihe lake regions aud
tie Northwest, Cooler, fair wsathsr will prevail on
the Atlantlo coast on Vv'edntslar, snd eariner, fair
weather ia Indicate! for the upter lake region and the
orlhvvesu L'oo.er weather and local showers villi
irotably prevail In the uorlberu portluti of llietiult
btatcs on vv.dnesday,
For Uasaacliutolts llhola Is an I, Connecticut, and
rii'rin .Veto loil, yiierJl y fm. no cUinie lu fesuirra
luie, unrlftrrti uiuJt. j
I or .Sen Jirse) an 1 eastern Penns))vanla fair clear.
tag on tlie coast, northerly winds, ststloiisry tempera
lurr, except liieiis'ern reiiiisilvania a ighily warmer,
lor Helaare aud Maryland, fulr. si gi.Hy eurmeri
northerly win Is.
lor the luimt of CoiumUa fair n rth'estsrly
witit. stiiiio ar triuperait re,
lor wctirn Ni'w korkaul ee.trra rentiiylviiu a,
fair, tiighii) warmer, vve.iet y Mini,
ti il i.niciit tut s r. u uinir.
For southeastern ew York luiclud'ug l.ong Is'audi, !
aim lur wrsiern I ounecticot an I northern .Ssw Jerssyi
lair, slight change lu lempcrsture, w eilerly wlotta
Ctnsrall) fair lbursday j
' t.11. Duaa, Lotal KKtt OOlcltl,

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