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ST. - i ij.v -- ;.rf ''re
Mm Mtnticn outdoes nnnszLF nr noson
H uf Jixs naiT.
Hj! f ueertae Crowds Katie allta Oat eif the
Hu 1alace Asatn mb Asaln Finally lie
YJj Hela the Throne to Cheeiiac 'or JUnnlcu,
HI Municjt, Brpt, 8. Th Emperor of Germany, i
K uio:i Ills ntrlral hero last nleht from tho scono '
Ml ol tlio Austrlnnarmymnnrxuvros, wasiocchcd i
H v llh the utmost enthusiasm and rcsnet't.
HI Ah tlio iDiiorlal train noproacbod tlili cltr
HJ : tori!) of thousands o( voices greeted It with
Hj j cheers. Emporor William, Apparently entls-
Hj ilnilwlth the warmth of his reception. iulckly
HJ . .illitlited from the train as It drew up alone-
Hj side thn carpeted platform, and wnrmlr em-
HJ lirnroJ and klssod Prince Lultpold, tho I'ecent
HI nf llnvnilu. who, accompanied by a numerous
HI ; suite Including tho Ministers of Htnto, wan
HI wnitinu to leeMvo tbnlmtorlnl trnvellor. The
H ..ml oi or then Inspected tho cnnril oF honor
HJ ivblch hud charge of the rnllroal s'ntlon. and ,
HI o.Miie.-ho.l himself ns liolnc lilshljr plca-ed
Ml with tho niiiur; and soldierly bearing ot tho '
BJ tlO,,iH. I
Kj As iliu Emperor was. upon the rolnt ot leav- j
Hj n thu s-iitlimhovvastiiut by tho uicoinnt?r '
Hj ofMuiitfi nnd thi) ntluir municipal officers. '
H I'ho lluMiiinint t,nttir a shoit mipocIi ol vrcl-
H 'otio p I'fintml hl'ii with an lllumlniitu'l a I-
Hi Ire',-. rMc-tliiy tli na isfuctlun of tli'icl.i- '
H -. ns ol Munich . it tho wait of the rulornl (lor- j
BJ inni'V tii in ISaiml.m uudtnl 'I hu I'miniror. '
H ti' iikn n. Iliu iniiiiitflpui authorities loi tholr '
Hn I 'Mt'lllMI I-, t-.ltll lid 111' lie, I tO .If Kill')
i c .1 l 11 W III I i llVO ,M II 11 it'll l'. It ll lili'lfv
uii ii.i ili-i- nl hiH -ok,iiiii .unnni: tl.octil
I'M". 1 t n I mi "lur al inttiiirkeit I lull ivltu
'Vi r t l'IiI t u s.il : 'it nl i otn ity It w n- duo to
a i'tio i t in pinpi t my andohliuatluii to thu
I'tnplip . I
horn nn,- t Hip pom'o nf l.tip tin, l.mi oror
vVlllian -udih,.' I." would bit irtntuflll I" ltr
, lilsll II o !C V,..-, Supjiultod in hu ut'.cltb to '
Hi i iiifoor' i'. .a' i I
i 'Jin' ' i.',. IimcIhu: up tn tho rnsllo vvoi'i
Hj irelio I hi, i ic i .on ,1 Willi Honor;,, iii, tii,t-
Hj ' mull Mi v.i li ll i! mi I haiiiiui nml most I
liilili in h i 1 niilii tt,i, Eiery whitlow ihoiiu
liolo i v. - :iil "I sv,1, li em ii usiii.-t iu Jliivitii-
.in c. . I.ii ... in v .ii.l l.iiiilly c-lio roil Hid
H. ynunc l -" , vlio ' mo in Mii'h a frinmlly
m' niniiiiiir in ' tn. n u.;s , and nut a. riui'iu' r
of iioriiiiiii. to w, tin- h tlio in ii it uron of tin
l!aa urn in m.. Hi', Djoiilnu ' tii l.iniiarui'
weio ulii ho.irli , wtlo mod and iipiilaudoil
by tho thronuB i 1 1 r.tiuof u d iHcuiy,nir
M every point rron ..nhtht) ihooo.sIhii could
M )tie Mow oil with ii ' ui Mi:'.
m About tln roi ,a-:.o :n Immonio crowd
Was (.nttiHioil. I.' iiiio tin. -iinie outbiiHi
fistlcalU loynl rr pt.uii wn- aci oulud to tlio
mierlnl tr.i cl'oi d Ins lnit. Ihe cliooiliin
fH contlnni'il Inn:: I ti.o riniierm'. i'tlncn
m T.u t o.d a. ' U "t Miiiofl had iMauiioaul
m wltliln tho .i-i In . .il-u. anil ,'ioiu ouj ond of
H Mnnlcli to thu i "I could he board theov- I
m plosions nf r ,i tiw n ckotd aii'i othor llto-
M works. In fact, t ui'li an xxtont did tho cood
1 pa. pin cany tho i Inyal rolcoui thu' niter
1 the I'.n poiorhai o it to liN ntiartnionto in I
B the cit-tlo t'i "no od dmu n-ti .it ! ns '
H iiiisn! h tn t. i.rat iv thuin lv unpuiiilni:
m .isui.i tli.i r. ' i tl.o haliouy of h.s rofei-
. inn i i.ni un.l I. wmi:. -mllu.L' and ploased. tu
M ho ohi'i'i i i. rui'iii- bolntv i
j At thi'i'wwi Ilnll to-ilav Ihn l.mporor, re-
H : nlilritt In nti iiddn ot w liomo tondnod hint
H m t I'linlf ii in oit! pus o' Miinioli. and ill--
H nci (rirn Hi"!. 'fii' m nolcc mooxt.'iido.l by tho
I iiuiu''Ui..tcl- nni! uihor iniiuluinaloillcoi Blast
.iulit id
Ma , "l diali irho v.nu pIivii warm plaoo In tnv
! 'ii 1 1 1 1 iy on. ii nun hi il.ii in.iuv logons of
B ! owiilon mam tod livtlm oiu;-on-. o: Muuloli
B ., i.wuiil my i: iimlfiuiioi and P u.ird my lailior,
( ililohaio ii iiiintoes .,r jmir Injidty '
l'ln" 1 niio "i i oin ludod liv calhuiifiir chpors
nrili't liv of Mnnn'ii. wliii'h woro runltlynnd
-, nostcnthu-lii--tl .illy Elton by utl pro-out.
Hj STKIMIXU CI' till: TAX.l lUVKlt.
H Tlie I,iit or Itin fli put .vrrlcHu KlTcm tn .
H lie tt.iiii-U lu Niiliultiiii. I
H Lnsnos. Pit. P.-A Oennntch from Mom- ,
l: Mifo. in liritisli Knsl Africa, announces that i
H do lliitlsh U-t Alrlc.v C .mpun 'b steamer '
H kOnlalniH navicitod tho rlor Tana for 300 i
.iIob from tho const, and thus openod to trado
i frrtlle and impuloiiB dlKtilct which has up to
1 1 he prcKout liom cui posod to bo practically
B : jiosu J to fomuiiri'o. j
H Tho Tann is n nrnlnturo Nilo. floivlnB j
Bl 1 MnouuU a vnstpasiur.il icui in, and it is the
BB inlv vker north of tin Zambo-i on tho cast
oast tlint run bo utilized for a lous distance
mr steainbont navlcitlon. I
'I lio alioio doflimtoh is somewhat exnirccr-
' ' itod, but it I- important from the net that tho
ana U tin- Inst of the Inrtri r rirs of AfiP ft
1 li so nnilahloo.ip ilillltlos bad not mt boen ,
. rartirnlly lo-lod. Thoro Ih noilouM thf riior
BJ , -jut be used, in a hlnhivny fur Into tie intmlor. '
Bl Jlr I iisott, in in-.), trniollel about i'0i) inllos
M- , on tho ihor nod ftnii d the pooplo friendly mid
H , i oacauhlii and clad to ha o I'.'.ropeatis nmoni;
B Horn. Ttioy ar cront pnivnrds. hnweiT, and
H '. fnw bomali mi tho iinihborhnod is onouuh
1 ol.cn' thorn nil w itbin ilmlr xtuPkHdoB.
K. Tholt i .ui's nro on th" banks or tho river.
They am aliai.l tn Koii lowN, let thecrnwluc
H- i ho cixk - r iiuuld lo rn thnm to ilio honuill.
' 1'tie rott on, iiowmt. Is not ory lion Ions.
, loubtlf-ri on iiocoiint of tho crnat fear which I
.1 ii n nativoi hao of the Oiill.i and homiili
B ' .ribe. '
4 Mr. Picntt said tlmt whon tho security of Ufa
1 tnd piopsrty hud ou-e huon p-.tnhlstie., ai:rl-
i ultiiriil .sottlomoiits would sprinu up nil nloni:
-j bo river and trade would bei-otuo prolltable.
m A Another lotory lor Ainerli-an Po'k,
H '1 CoiTMnnr.x. Sept. P. Tho Hon. Clnrk K.
H ') ,"iur, Lin od hues Minister tn)i ninnrk, bus
H l .ocelvnd nutlco ot iho rumovalof tbo prohlDi-
H on plm'ml upon tho luiportntlnn of Amerlonn
BJ . ork inn, i'uiiinurj;. wh.cli lias linen onTou'od
BB ' ni" M.inh. ist.s. TI.o authoilios say that
H 'oh .nspo tod Amrrlcaii tioik will houcoforth
ff ' n ndini tnd into l'oiiuiark
J VKii s..T,s, ont. s. Tho Roorotary of
Bf ' iitn i m roicipt ol - toli'i;ram fmin tho
BJ ; r.il"il ,')t idjI'iiis'm nt ('opoplincon dat-d
hnsth inf-t.. Fayini: that tho Mlnisiirnr the
'ntcrlorli d iomiiii Issuud un ordor rouiovinir
lis restilctlo s on tho tmcoitatlnn of Amori
BJ i -mpnit; nml that h-roattcr all our pork hear
BJ . in: rr " lortitlouto-. ot inspection will ho
Plmitti .j iJcuiunrl,,
H f. Woiklnsmrn ftolnx to lee the Pope.
B llnsti. Sept. 8. Tho cominc of tho Trench
'vorklnsmen's plluriiii.ice this month Is await
H ' il with iutoroKt. Twenty thoiis.ind workmen
.-. Ill ink" n.'irt. Count tie Mun will nciompany
BJ ,' no tilluilnis tnd road '.hn addross to the i'oiie.
I this nddiess I mint do Jiun will thank l.oo
BJ .111, lu thu n ii mo of the Morkli.oushiiK lor
BJ Is inteiw otlon in favor of tbesiiclal iiuestinn
BJ , nd will i 'isl to t In uiout progress nindo
BJ In.'o tho I'libl I'atl ji of th rooont l.tioyolloal
' utter iu niiiru y stand -in t iltlu reculatlon
' it lannr. i.uu Mil. in ropliini; wlllmaUoau
- mionnnt speoli, onuuieratinu" tin hnoi.il
. i i)Vints f tills inar nnd romiirkluc the linmv
.. , lato icsulti of tho J ncyi Ileal.
H j rriir rrencti .l.tlliu'V C.inrrtiTrcs,
lili PAiita. Snpt. P.- M. de I'rntrinet, Minister ol
BJi War, wittpf setl to-dn's military man i-mro.
'!' (ten. i)uoiis' iiitnokeil (ion. fla ll'ot's army
B I; and diowi tt b.n-lv to the vail y of thoAube,
B, ,en. liull.fot'-i ar truiml nmtnlned tho llKlit
B,' JnB, con mi: tl u ct'o.it of i ho iiuin l.ody.
f. linih nrmt s nueiw irdcrn-sod tho An In and
B . nre now rro-slu. fen oar l rapidly In th-i dlioc
B.li Ion ol Vfiiiloiiiio in o dor tohoii'f aihanmnc
B li oils P'bitloiiB lui tci-moi row's Imttlo.
;f A potito u party in orod iho forty-six miles
;( liotwi'n itrv nml liar ur-Aiibo in twoniy-
if wo hours, and then l-ul't a bridge hciosm the
Mi rivorin forty-live mluiitus.
I lllnea of ttir Qureu nf ltnumniilu.
I I Yr.Mcn, Hept, 8 Tho Ouoon of Itoumnnla
I j Carmen Bylvn). who, with her husband. Klnc
, h Charles of Itnniuniil.i, is at a hotel In this city,
i In pronounced tn b. ilnuitr-rminly 111. A con-
' Hultatlon of pliTSlolans niakim: a rpeclally nf
norvom disease has Peen held nt the U'lioon's
' 'i bedsldo. ami the Kin;:, alter lu'arluc their
: report, has de Idod o lenutln in this city and
1 watoh th Quauu ihrmu-li her elcknuss,
Tlie lluruaiiellrit tliioatlou.
I.oNPON, Pept.8. Lord nllMiury lias written
' n letter to a corrf spondDnt I u which the 1'ntlhli
I'romlcr, reforrmi: to the trlvlleces which the
l I'or Is siipiioofd to lime urnntod ltus-a tiv
permit iu ' -ls of her volumeer Ileot to
.at-sth- i ii-'nuelles. fats:
'llufblit iiusihosses no rlchtsns to the pas-
ru e of lh Jiurdanellea or the liosphnrns
1 i ihloh uro not puBBod by the otnor povrcrt
' nkn."
HrMrcbtniB for Phbbmii Canal Neorut.
I Pauis, Bept, 8. Tho police to-day searched
j, ilia houses of Fevoial of the promoters of the
r I'nnaina Canal Company with a view of pb
j.' inluln further eridince In tho investigation
S lidliitf luuue into tho ulfalrsot that oicanka
l tiou.
Ii I'IMlrCtou t'onvKlr'crut.
If J okcox, Bept, P. Tho Iter, Cbarlos H. Spur-
I . coon may t e said to be on the blch road to re-
f eoveiy from the lone illness from whloh he has
S sulleied. Tulnnoinlnfc' he spent a half hour
t In thej.irdeu i-f hlsiesldeuce.
I Nnles or lorlun llnupenluc,
l Tho Itnllan Qovernruont has sent an tttcent
jj order lor fin.OO'i nlles to the Terul fnciory. nnd
I', i boa instructed Gen. llkotti. furmerlv MlnlHtor
i I of war. to minutely lutipocttho forts iu tho
( Alpine districts.
They mr Told that r.lrrtrtcltr will tie
IlliS F'e iture lit llir Worlit'n Tali'.
MoNitirAi.. Hopt. 8,-Tho National Klectrlcnl
Convention so'tlnd down to bus'ness this
morning. A largo number of teports were
pro'onted and illt-cnnscil. Th mi st Interest
ing foature of theses-Ion was nn addrefsby
(ion. Itoinby, Kocretnty of tho electrical divis
ion of tl.o World's l'nlr In Chicago. (Ion.
Hornby said that bo had been delegated bv
UlrectorGenfral Davis of the World's l'nlr to
appear boforo tho Convention and explain tho .
nature nt tho proposed othlb.t. '
He then prnccoilod, by menns of a map. tn
docrlbe tho pits of tl.o I'air. tho various build
ings, Ac. r.leetrlclty, ho snld. would piny an
Irapottantpnrlln tho Inhibition. A soimrnto
building costing ViVO'J'i would bo tV-voted to
the nlortrtcnl evhlillois All the power ro
MUlreil for tlio Kvlill. III. n would In titovld"d
I by pb-etriPlty, 'llious mds id otoetrl" IlKht"
i would h In uso. and elocttio launches and
i inilwny would I o provided.
. (ion Hornby said that a tnovsmont had bin
I stnrtail for tlio I nldlug nf a groat Intoriuitlnn
. nl olpctrlcal congre'- In Chlcugo during the
1.xp'idllon. nnd ho u cosied that tho ( on
1 otit!on Flintil'l urn lt elTorts to promote tho
innvem. nt Willi h should bo undertaken bv
tho various snolotles nnd tie under the mis
plco of tho I nl'od 'tatos Onvernment.
I A voir of thnnks nns pa-sod to (Ion. Hornby i
for hi iiddtiss, mid thn President n ipolnti-d a
World's l'nli pi nniltiee. Alter the ndiourn
mout of the Convention this morning tho
i tunmhnr nioreoilml in nnjov thom-clves.
A gi.md di-iilav of the 1'lre llrlgmle Was
I given In Iboli h n r, nnd snveinl enrdon par- ,
tlrsvvr tiiinlerod by lending oltlens. i'o
tilslit a grand c nver'nylone wa given liv tho
ill'ons of J. ntreal nt Mefllll l'nlverltr.
villi, li was be.-iuH'ully Illuminated by elcctilc
lh olo'lrlenl exhibition continues to bo a
dia'ilng cnid and is dally attended by thou
bnnds. '1 ln fioiernnr-tienernl will attend tho ban
imot to bo gain by the citizens to tho dele-gato-
u!i Thtitsdiiy ovoalnc.
xixi: vr.ovr.i: roiaosun.
TnUen lit After Tlirlr Kunilny Xtnaer aad
Xtino ol Tlioiii ItKiiectril to Live.
IIki.i.i-vii.i.k, Knti.. Hppt. P. Nine people of
thi'. placo nre a' tho point of dentb as the te
suit oT having parlnkon of poison In the food
torved lit duiiiei nt tie hnneoot (ieorgo Oregir.
Vr (invc loturned from Iowa on last hatur
davv.lioni ho had gen" to tiring borne his
ulfo nnd chlltren who had been visiting
thi-ie. A voting lady, n relative whose
nntiio 1 1 ml not jot been learned, ac
pointianlod Airs. Gregg On Sunday,
lr.i Jdhnsnn, n. noluhbor. cnlled on the way
bumo fi ui cliureh and iioooptod nn luv.tatlnii
to dlnnnr l.ight tersons nit uoivn nt the
tablo. Mr. and Mrs. (Iregg, tlielr P ur children,
tho vliting roliitiio. nnd Ira Johnson. Boon
a'ter dinner thnv nil liopume violently HI, ex
hiblili g nil tho Rimptoms of p.. (soiling.
Miortly a toivvai t Mm sonant, who bad In
tho tiiH.iullino oaten dlnuor. nKo becnm ill,
fhoviliig tho hamo himptoiiis. slnoe thrn nil
b ivo grown st adlly wore. nnd tho recovery
of none ol the victims Is epecied. bat the
natur ol the iiolso'i was and how It was ad
nilul'. tared, nro iiin-stions that temaln to lo
niiHWried. Mi. (liong and his family aro
biglily lo-ppctod in the lommunliv. and tt is
pinhahle the poisoning wus nee idontal. Thero
iiiothoio, ho ovoi, who believe it was dellh
or.itely planned with criminal imant. but
ti"thlng has dovoloped to sustnln their suspicion.
Tlie Xevv Government Krcngnlrefl by Our
311nKtvr ns Soon us It W n tlricnnleed.
WtMJtMfiov, Sotd. P. The Department of
Stiito Is muob oticouinced by Minister l'can's
cablogram announcing tbo e-dnbllshraent of
cordial relations botwecu hlmsolt nnd the
provisional Government of Chili. 'J be officials
of tin, department call ntion'lon to the fact
that the provisional Uovornmont was not or
gniiDod until tho fth lust., nnd on tho same
day It was recognised by tho American Mini-tor.
who had been Instructed byiabletodo
bo. This action ir no a formal olllclal recog
nition, but I- all that can bedonebynny na
tional this iiiiieture. and is In lino with the
nreeedontB of diplomatic pi notice.
When the Kepuhllcnns lu Spain, in 1S73, suc
oeoitod lu overthrowing the nioiiarehy. Mr.
l'lsb tho Seeromry of .State. Instructed Mr.
Mok'.'s. thoAinericnn Jlinlster to Spain, as
f. Hows '"fio soon as the Hopiihllcan Govern
ment In fullv estnblishod nnd in possession of
the power of the tuition, von will rocognbe It."
This was follnweil alter the election of tbo
Spanish l'reslilont by the issuance of new ero
dentia's to Minlt-tor hh kles. ami so when a
now rresiden' or ' hill i.s elected. Mi. Hgan will
receive cru-inii'lnls of tho same kind. .Mean
whiletio will eoiitiinio the friendly relations be
bos alreo ,y established with tho provisional
vm.i: riaiix ix rnisox.
The Wuiden Arranxea tlie Hilt and the
Guards Aot n Iluttleliolders.
lioisn, Idaho, Kept. R. The ronortol n bloody
fight to a tlnlidi at the State penitentiary came
to ll.-bt in this city to-day. The event oc
curred five weeks ago lust .Sunday, linxlnc
had been permitted by tho Warden for some
months, nnd culminated in a finished fluhl be
tween convicts JJunlapnnd McCreary, In which
tho former was whipped. I'rellminailes were
arrangod by Warden Mack and his guards,
l'risoners woro nllowod to bet money nnd artl
clen which thov manufactured on the roault.
and on the day ot the light were present en
(iiiurd Alexander lloborts, son of I'rison
CouiinlFfilouor liobortn, was bottlebolder for
otio of the combatants. All the ollielals o, tlui
prison wero piosenl oxcont Ueputy Waidcu
lvohiiey. who was aivnv on liavoof absence.
Tho light was a particularly savage one. Con
vict llunlnp bolng pouiiilod until covered with
blood, and almost unablu to stand when his
second 'B jjunrdl thiew up thu sponge. Nows
of tho ulTatr bus caused a sen-atlon, and Here
is n clamor for an investigation
tint) Dura of the SOO Gone.
Architect Wilson told the Sinking Fund Com
mission yobtcrday that there were aevonty
Pieces of Btone in the hands of the granite
worfceis nt Keesevillo. N i. and that he did
not anticipate any furthor delay In the work
on the now municipal building. The Mayor
wus not fiulrilleit. ,ind questioned the orchltoct
closoly to ascertain if tho building would be
completed In tho specified iiOudnvK. The nrchl
toot ailiulttod that he didn't think ll would, us
ills vv oi king ilujs had been uted up on Satur
day lllht.
"Within two virokn the stonework will be
complelod. and In nnety dais more the roof
will bo on," the architect said.
"Well," said thn Major, sternly. "If the
building isn't roofed in by that time we will
iaki. thu contracts ourselves und finish the
W' rk."
Grrmmiy Vuiim American lte.
Ottawa. Fept. F.-Deputy Minister of Agri
culture I.owe said to-night that It was In re
sponse to a reiiuost made by tho Qovornmont
of Gi rmany that tho Jlrltiih Government had
reitiestod tlio Gov eminent of Canada to ascer
tain what mmntltv of rye the Dominion could
possibly evpoit this year, Tne Deputy Min
ister says t liar Germany having been excluded
from I'lirclinsini! no Iu Hussta la looking to
the United Minos and Cinada for a supply.
Mr. I.o'.iopavh that tho latost advices received
tu-ilav plai n the total ryo crop in Canada at
'.'.OOii.uoii bushols, which, although It has been
raised to meet thu ileinutnli, for local consump
tlo i, he hollovc" might bo available lor eiport
it the price was Hindu an inducement.
Mini, vim Died ol the Gas,
Albert Macl.oin of lfiB Ka.t Slxty-seventh
street died nn buntUy nfienoon at Crook's
Hotel. APiitit n month ago he was found un
conclous In a room at tho Carlctnn House in
Krunklortstiett. '1 ho room was full of gas,
which he had turned on purposely, He wus
taken tot humbois .street lloi-pltal nnd trans-ferii-dto
Ilelleuie. liver falnco he had been
hovering betvw ou llfo und death. He was a
brolbei of l.lly an Dunn, thu mission organ
ior. To satUfy her, tho hospital authorities
allowid Maoi ouii to bn luken to Crook's Ho
tel. The pntiiiit, h lug a prisoner, bad to go
to court nnd Pn dl-c' arced by a magistrate,
He wis taken to tbe Toiulis tu an ambulance,
and tho Justice held cuuiton the bldewallc.
Mlnlsli-rlnl Ctlil In Quctirc,
Quepkc, Sent, P.-There were varlout ru
mors In circulation this afternoon as to differ
ences said to ovist between the Lieutenant
Goiornor and his Cabinet. They cannot agreo
on the eoursn tu ho followed with reference to
the sciiKinlx i.nd it Is hinted that the .Minis.
t.-r i will resign r.itlier than concede to tho
l.leiiton.ict-liuvurn -r the naming of acorn-tnlksion.
1 oimeorulril by Curdliull Glhtions.
D.vi.TiMor.i:. Kept, P. St. .Tnmes's Church, In
care ot the Hodemptori'-t 1'uthers, was conse
crated to-day by Cardlnnl Gibbons, assisted
by twelvo o ergymen and a very large congie
gallon. '1 boL'ardliul In a short address con
gratulated priests and , people upon their
chtuch's being (rot from debt,
ms nxavT j.v coitmr KXi.irF.xr.n at
UKnit.VAXX'li lltltATItK
The Former Itnrleaqnrr TIiit" the Frotle.
some I.nivyrr In "The Hollrllor" - Up
per Hi nuil way i:nlhtisliiam Let Loose.
Henry 1'. Ulxoywna the principal nctnr In
"Tho Knlleltor" at llerrimnti's '1 honlrola'-t
evening. Tho pleco was now to S'etv York,
and n newsea'on nt Ibis house was begun
with It. Much oxtilnsle lutoiost Bectned lo
bo In tho fact th'it Mr. Hl.voy mfti'e n debut
ns a comedian without song, dance, or bur
losituo eiiners Dml'ii: tho je.iia of the contin
uous success of " Adonis." thn young man
with n handsome lace, vtracultil logs, and versa
tile mimicry got Intnii popularity with the Now
York million uneiinnlled by any othor nclor In
recent times. The tomb ncy of theatrical an
dlcn os l, happily, n ay Iroin noior worship
and toward a dlserimlnato lonsidorutlnii
of oach t erfi rm.moo by Itself. Hut Mr. Dlxey
iosce-sed vvl i.t Is commonly called icisonnl
magnetism, nml Ills vogito as un ontertdner
was c.Ntrnordlnarv. Tho Mtmo i-eoplo who ro
sentod his slllv exploitation by adulatory
friends were eapilmto'l by his stago com
pound' of niettlno'S nnd grotesiiuorr, ol acro
batic ngdltynnd diamntlo clevorness. So bo
ciow Into a tremendous favoritism, which,
peilntpB, was eaincd fully by the amuse
mout which ho created. It Is no
wondo''. then, thn- his start nt Horrmann's as
n"legltlmuto"eotuodlan was witnessed by ns
many persons nstonld bv any possibility get
Into the thentrn. wltlto about as many were
turned back nt tho doors. The makeup of tne
assemblage Indoors was icmnrkable. Mnnsgor
Jol n Siotsou of tl o Filth Avonue Thontro oc
cupied ono pros, etiliun box with n party. Man
ager 1'innk I. Hunger of the llrosdwny pos
Fessoil nnothei- similarly. Manager lludolth
Aronsou of tho Casino. Mnnncer Daniel l'roh
man or Iho l.vceutn, nnd M. nngor Herimnnu
ban tholr inmilles in three others. J be pnr
tniet ollered Hint tbe clubs weto inlsslug
1 koiuo id their mo-t ennstan' memnors.
1 and tho front rows ot tho tlrst balcony
held an exhibition of tho town's young beaux. I
All theso friends of tbo ueP r united In giving
to htm the he irt!e-t kind or ft reception upon
i Ids tliit entrance, Put subsoiiuently they he
I Imvoil indielniisly. npi'lnudlng him only when
he deserved It. anil iefi. -lining Irom luloni' '
itcmonetratlionon,. Notloworawero terinit od
tn bo passed ovoi the tootllghih. no proar
rnngod bpeechos were tuadii. and tlt whole .
ntlnlrpu-sololl very politely and decorously.
Still, the -ntlitihliiBiii was observable on every
side, and the nnnue-ttonnble hi ccess ,.f Jlr.
1)1 voy s advent into onmody gavo manliest sat- i
isfaction to the audience.
Mr. Dlxev had to gain favor nnew. howover.
or Impair that which he hnd enjovod. lor he i
. was assigned to a r.lo In which his resources
of burlesque lO'ild not bn di awn upon, nnd
1 his slniiiv companions woie mien iiccom- I
i pllshed actors ks tharlos Irohman seems
able to vnll together by wnvlng n golden
i wand. Mrs. Dion Itoiicicnult, a very brilliant ,
1 comoillenne. was tnero totnn. t a bwitihlng
i young wlfo inv Ived In i en lexltlef and ml-oly
iiiccustd of gtlevotis lllrtatou. Mrs. Ilotiol
cault sustained hor roputatlo'i ; n comnloto I
mistres, or engaging vivacity. Her costum
ing wns ns eccontrlcnlly fine as usual,
and sho challanged admiration boldly nnd
won it fully. An nlmost oiiually sightly
notress. and possessed of passablo ability. .
was.iosoplnro l'ious Day. wlio plated anothor
Pi-cued wife. Aliginui Iliichiinnn was n
mniion cauglit In the -nine mss 'I wn of tho
husbands were British army officers, tepro
bouted by Sidney Drw nml burr Mcintosh,
and tholr nsmo-aro evidofcii that Mr. Dixer.
a9 tho third husband, did not have
the coulc laurels to hlmsnlf Mr. Dtew was
pnrtlctiiarlt tunny In ovncgerntlng tho vanity
and gallantry ot a t-tnull and lu'sv old ( olonol.
A pretty nnd imii- innocent tlressmaker. the ,
pass! o cause of all tint ttnublo'. was Impor- .
honated bv Maude White. The rest of them, in
, a cast rarely e.Mtd'eil tor suitability and olleet-
Iveness. v.ore I.owls ll. Kor. It. N. Hickman. .1. '
Jiowron. Joseph Humtihrios. T. . Marlnw.
and Daisy Hull l'laood among these plavera
l Mr. Dlxey did not Buffer a. all by any contrast
of method. .Not a trace of burlos-iue ro
1 ninlnod in him. Ho wa- an easy, iiuiel. artls-
tic, ni.d very I .ughablo pomodian.
Tho Solicitor." which wns propored by ,
such a capable company, is a Loi don fnreo In
kiutl vviti "Jnno. n-o Private Socrotnry,"
I and "All tho Comforts of Home." It elves
the misadventures ot a young lawyer who.
In an hour ot rash fun. usiiris a enbmnn s
I seat, and has or nn'sengrs. tlrst b'sown vvi'e
I and then a pair of burglars mth their booty.
I Many and IngonlotiB predicaments ensue for
him nnd the f. Iks connected with hlo'. The
1 In-i'lents. when cone rapidly and laughably
throu-h witli, as thov wne Inst evening nfTonl
nl.out os much merriment as oan b-. omwded
into a short ovenlng. So a noo start for tho
season was mad., alike 'or Ilerrni.'inn s Then-
tro. DIxov. "The Solicitor." nnd CI nrlos I Toll
man's newest company of comedians.
The rSrldl Concerts nt the Madison Square
The series of concorts to be begun thU even
ing lu tho Madison Square Garden, under the
dlreotlon of Anton Soldi, will serve to bring
outngio.it variety of popular music, without
pieferonco to any composer. The orchestra l
has oen enlnrged, nnd n feature Is to be the
' variety of solo work. At to-night's concert ,
I.oul-aNatnli Istoslng To-moriow night Mr. j
Victor Herbort is to bo the soloist: on Friday
evening Mr. PfelfTonschnelder. and Inter on
Mr. John Cheshire and other solols.e are to be
hoard. Thn lull prorummo for to-night's per- j
forrannco Is hs follows:
1 rrelula ' SMut' rulncer" Wairnvr I
' b-i nn i lliniifirlan iliapso'lle Lisl ,
'J. mill fnili ballet, 1.A l. lie au Unit
Porinaiit' TlchfttknwRkr
t. Aria "llttrlifr nfhfvl I. ' Itosuil
Mm. I.ouU.1 Natal).
C "t'Ava'.terla l(ull. una (new opera) ., llaicafai
a. 1'rettnlc and ulil.l.iriA.
,. Iiitrritizoain!gidco.
r I atitntls.
(t Capricln l-iinacnol Rirovkl Kortakotr
7. Lme'ii Prism slier the nail" (for intijr
orei extra iinil tiario Citu k.l
8. ' srjrie'l Aakns UruntiiMt" (Irom Uilrd
actof -Stestried" VVairner
S, Soiif .S. Varche-t
vime Louiaa .satatl
10. American fanta&ia Herh-rt
in. spantah Mnarkowitl
11. Three dancee-'t.. uyi.- sulnt sent
Ir l'erelan Uulraiol
13. Waltz "Naw Vienna' biranw
Vlrloiln 1Vutvtlhi.il Fllea an Objection,
Mrs. Victoria Woodhull Is reported to havo
watohea tho performance of "Indlco" ftt tho
d'nsli.o on Monday night, bhe sat In n front
orchestra font with a male friend. She Is
mentioned In the libretto In thn second net
along with Juan of An: and Diss Debar.
When tbo act ended here-enrt wmtdpeetlyto
Manngor Al-.uiBon's olboe nnd complained in
Miinnger Charli-R lint ton against tlie un
nutliiiil.od ii-o of Mis. Woodhull's inline. Ho
said that she didn't lke It ut all, nml asked
that It l.o omitted neieafter.
Delia Fox Taken SleH Agnln,
DellnFox. thofoubratte of tho" Wang" com
pany, was tnkon ill agnln last night at tho
llr'adwiiy Theatre befor the paifnrninnea
and nnd to go home. Tbe illnos- is not serious,
Her understudy played the part ol Jrnuv
round Her Wardrobe In tlia Olid'a Trlinl..
When benjamin Croner, n dry goods mer
chant, and his family wont to llie country lor
tho humnwr, l'.lltn l'atoison, an IK-yom-oM
Hwedi-h girl, was lelt in charge of tholr house
at .VJI l'nclllo street. Brooklyn, On their re
turn iiuoxpecleJiy n fowdays ago Mrs, Croner
found that hur Hue wardrobe was scattered
through ihn bouse and lliut die rarest and
costliest articles, amounting In vi.lue to J.iuo
or J Oi ii ), were missing. It wns found care
fully tucked away tu tbe girl's trunk. Hnd it
not I eeu for the unexpected return of the fam
il) It would now probably be on Its way tn
Sweden on ft steamship on which the gin had
taken pnysHgft. Miss l'aloisou Is now In lull
it i lilting dial,
They Knew What They Wero About,
St FiiAScisi-n, Sept. 8. 'I he fillhurt Island
ers on the brig Tahiti, who ll was thought
wuie contract a'aves. proved to be Intel
ligent ioopIo. runny of whom steak
good r.ngllsh: they Luew porrei tly about their
contract, and sblpted for three sett's' osl
dence in Mewon of tbelr own true will. The
brig sailed to-day for Mexico
A Tl poKraplilcal Error
Through a typographical error Tne Sun
yesteiday culd that Typographical Union No. 0
turned out 400 men. Il should read 000 men.
UlgO turned out moia men than any other
org.inlratlon iu ibe Central L.u.ur Un.on pa
rade, and deserve tbtwre.lit of It. The total of
li.HS-t which Tur. hi v gave appeared through
this mistake to bo JUU out of tho way,
ftlm-i led In h lloHuliiil, I
Wii.itF.KiHiuiE, hen'. 8. John ilnll. son of ;
I'ollce Sorgo, Hit Hull, and Miss Ai.nlo '. lay
weio mnrrl'd at the Vill.oliano Hospital to
il a . Tim grouiu 'v.-is tip ,wn fiom Ins bor
yesterday and his It-guns broken. This was
tbe day set for tbo marriage, nnd the bride In
sisted that it should not be postponed.
I-orelleit nalon ot Ihe year at Thontand Iitandi U
6pieuibr ana uetobar. Only u auan Irom Heir Yerk
by hew YerkClral.-4ati
I 10 to 164
Hken mr wife betas taklnf Honda Sanaparllla
ilia waaatlmn non an I wrltnail 110 poundt New
!i wetiln 181. narer complaint or 'that tired tetllot.'
a i J It In the heat of health Wa knor that 11 la wholly
djetnllood'iBatlaparllla." PKOK. U. M. UlTOIIIiLI,
t oitcnrd. N tl.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
la the tail blood purifier, Ihe belt nitre hilper. Iha but
tlreneth hul'der t.lte 11 a trial.
I wovi.n i.im sm.r. to nn shot,
lint Got Vf " "Mecterl WheneTer the
t'opa Clnhhed Him.
Divellors In Stuyvo-ant sauaro weronwak-
' enod nti! o'clock yotonlny mornlne by ft series
' of sharp explosions in tbo pelcliborbood.
Heads stuck out ol windows beheld with
sleepy oies two spnirow cops, lovolvurs and
clubs In hand. Thoy stm d In Ir.-tit ol the park
1 tailing, behind which on tint glass nviigintit
I yellow dog was crouching. 'J bo pnllt onion
' weio taking turns ut shooting nt tbo dog. Tho
dog. o tho .ops sild, was mad, and their
mark-mai.siilp piobnblv tniide liliu iiindtlni.
i A voting iiuin niio look- tl on Imiu a window'
saw ono of tlit gi.iyvtiiit put tho mii.'?Ioof
his rumlvvr at'out nine melius Irom the dotf s
1 Head nml bla7i awn), Tho dog sighed ami lay
do'vn. Tint cop re tolled iliniiigli tlio protect
ing railing and hit tho animal ou the head
with hlsoliib.
Tlio dog got up nnd ginhbtd tbeelubbe
twooii Its teeth. I'lieis the cop -lilftod Ins ie
volvorto his right liaml. nlin ! ntthoiioga
lioinl again and tired and Ihoiltg laydown
nguln. Agnln tbo cup cssnvod to t nib tlio dog.
Its vllnllty returned, nnd It leitpod foiwurd,
' Slumping viciously nt tlio stick. Ilion it set
tled back ou tbo grass ai.il guyed ftt tbo pair of
1 sharpshooters ns if remarking: 'Now, go
nhead with your target prnetb o, I don l ob
ject to being shot at, Put 1 w 111 not be clubbed."
I It wns tho othor cop's turn at firing. Ills
l it wns the oinor cops turn ni nring. in
bullet bit the tlog somewhere. Then ho tried
clubbing, and once iiinio. tbl time with nn
ellort. tho nog got up and bit th" end of tbe
club. The two cops emptied the lontentsof
tbelt leiolvets in the dog. nnd it gave up tho
I The Karl of Aberdeen on the Hearing: Sea
Setlleineitl und the McKluler Hill.
Boston, Sept. 8 The Karl of Aberdeen, the
Countess of Abonleen nnd 1. inly Marjorio Gor
don arrived In lloston vesiordny nlternoon, via
the Fitchbtirgh Itnllroad. In tho prlvnte car of
Vloe-1'resldent Seward I Wobb ot the Xevv
' York Central. Tho Farl and lilt party are en
rntitu to the Whito Mountains, for which rolnt
thoy lelt this morning. Asked the opinion of
tho Kngllsh people on the llohrlng Sea settle
ment, horepliodtlinttbomo'tusvivaudiugieoil
upon was considered very s-itlsfactory. Ot the
M"Kluloy bill he said there was an opinion tn
some quarters that tbo bill wus Intended to
corner Cnnxda and forco her Into tho United
States. In Fnglnnd business was very good
indood. though ho thoiigni shipbuilding had
boon quite enough ruhed forward.
In rogaid to tbo limb uues ion tho Karl, who
is a 1. Hi"' nl. s.iid it was the otitiil. n of the Lib
erals that Mr (iladstniiii would have a maior
itv of tin) members of I'arliiimetit nt tho next
general olectl.'ti. Mr. Gladstone, sii'd the 1 utl,
was itislas zealous .' homo rule now ns over.
Tho last spnelal elections show, d that a ma
jority ot iho liish i o iplo wore not with I'nr
nell. The Liberal party would work with the
Home llulo i arty tho tanio ns over.
rooit Titi.as," Tin: ho.hk.v said.
Gentte Plly llestovted on Ihe Astor Ilonae
SnrTlvota. j
A cloud of thick smoke came from a chtm- ;
ney of the Antor Housn yesterday afternoon, j
Some one la the street saw It. yollod j
"Fire'" und ran to tho alarm box at j
Vesey street and llrondvvay. Two pollco
men worn there. Ono ran into tho hotel
to invostlgnto.while Iho rthor stooJ guard over
tbe box to prevent any ouo sending an alarm j
until It wns cortaln t'.o houso was afire. The I
nlertcltUrn i-ureoil tho policeman nt the lire
box. nnd th. n hu-tled down to the corner of '
Church street, anil font in an alarm from ;
I there A truck and two ot gines rattled up the
street, Tho guests I', tl e In tel heard tbom I
and loaned fnr out of tlio windows to sen what I
was the mat er. A otovvil gathered In the i
stteet. Some ol the vvoinon in it wore muob
1 excited, ami looking at the folks in the win
dows said, "l'i'iii- things." A detail of police
from the (hun h stroet stntlon in command of
the biggest roundsman on tho fori e came on
tho double quick. The I remen lookod for lite
I In tho englno room o the h. t"l mnit was
burning riibld-b in tho furn tco. Hnwast-ui-prised
when fro heaid of the commotion ho
bad made.
She Testtne Thut Ilrr Iluahand la Enutn.
oird of it IlmidHOme ISlonde.
A piotly, daik-eycd woman, fashionably
' drowsed, appeared as pl.ilntltT In a divotce suit
I before JustKo linriutrd in ft Special Term of
the Supreme Court held In Long Island City
' vesiordny. It was Lugouie de Ivappalea of
ltl4 St. Nicholas place, this city. Hcrhusbnnd,
' George de Knppalea. wns not present, nnd was
not repro-onied l.v counsel.
A private dotective testlllod that h- had se-n
I Mr. De Kuppntea visit disorderly ousps. .Mrs.
Do Kiippaleatostilleil shown- married to the
i defendant in Lions France. "n MaudrJI. 1871
I Thoy havo three children. Ou February Inst
i her husband went on a btislne-s trip lo
ttocbester Onewcok latT sho saw him Icavo
the Hotel Imporinl. He did not see hor. He
),ns not lived with her sine, and she has
iearnod bo wns frequent!) seen In ennipaiiy
Willi u handsome blonde. At iho tot. elusion of
linr testimony she broke down nnd s d,bed,
.liistico liaitiett a lioui nn I tho hiaiinc until
Tliun-day next in i.iookltn,
Delinquent firemen Punished.
The Firo Doatd imposed these penalties
npon delinquent llromeu yosterdnr:
Absent without leavo Fireman Snn'ord,
Tru -kl. ten days' pay; Firomnn 1'oylan, Fn
glne 10. five dn)s' pay, Tlrcman Kohoe. Truck
12, one day's pav: 1'lreman Kelly, Truck 12.
reprlmatd. Asbepfin watch -Fireman Mur
phy. Truck 4. dismissal fruni the loice. Absent
without leave, mtovl -iitlou, nnd iiuarrelbng
with a cllben -tlreman Sheridan, Truck Vi,
ten dnv's nar.
The Hoard appointed Samuel Ii. Taylor an
Inspector of isuihlliigs.
A El Its Lumber fontiue!.
Nkw Oiit.rASK, Sep', P. The Keystone nnd
Fearlington luinb-r mills havo sohl tn the Ger
man Government oil.OUO.utO cot ol plno lum
ber. Tho lumber must bo delivered at lioiinftu
p irts within the noi eighteen months, nnd a
large bond is o.vi'.i-'oil fur the fulil mont of tho
contract, 'Iho hunter will be usoil by the
Geimun Government lu rallioad constrtiotlon,
will Pn sliippnd mainly from .New (n loans and
1 sscug.iiila. Mo-t- und will naml Hi shins for
its transportation lo Germany. Tho toutrnct
will keep a bull du.on mills i.m.v cou-.tuntly
for inoro than u yen.
Major liuiitly Attiu-t-eil l Apitoplry.
J'l.ijoi Jonas JI, llpndy, for ten years the ed
itor of tho .liii'f mnf .Vjiifsc, and boforo that
editor of the I'ruung Mail, wns stricken with
nppoplow In l'nile joMerday, andliis loooyery
Isdoiihtitil. The news iviti cabled to this city
b) Miui-ter lieid. Minor Kiiu.ir stnrted for it
ill roe months' vacation in Furpope on July 22.
It was tin first vacation lie had taken for
veuts. HI- health bus been good, ana tne
news of his lllnoss surprised his friends here.
I'ullio Cou.iiiiitlotitr Mi rial e U II! In Pndceport.
Tviiitlietw ytaPrlay elected lloiace t;. rolliemui
llie vacrlnatlrt; rnrpt) m bei.'i,n In round of the ten
einrnta and IikIkI'Ib- Iioi,ii-.
Edward llodil)-, dewier In rardt slid rarer at I'J
Fraiikturiatreri, h.n nude an aiiltiimi-ut lu Ariliur
Willlant J t llarrv, I pirariaa nf the liar Aatocla
ttoii. 1- irreinan ol tlio heptetuLer idatid Jurr la Iho
Uioeral seilctt-.
eecteiary of War Proctor arrived late Ian dIkIu from
a lour o the iniilaii in,il iu Iha 1st Wrii lies oul lu
the Murray Iliu Hotel.
Tbe Aldermen ou behalf ot the rlty. bavt acrepted
from the swle eociellee with lihnnke. the bst,e n.if
vtbtcb waiuipiayedon tne Cli) tiatl on baturda).
A aeai on the stock 1 ichanee waa ao:d yeiterday for
IUiiii ihliuiho hUlicilbi'l thai hai men uiadalor
a eeat for mora than a year. Theliai teal at aula tor
ele.'O .
I.utnrere ithowere excavating In a lot ai I3sthatreet,
between lit th and Mxth venur a. te'lenlar, linear I hed
earl nt a liiiinuii akelfltuii. Ihe bonea v,ere eeni loth
Ihe I lulfrtuker' A-"Ciatna ntet )etter'tav after
no, li In I'irclo IU I. I.ifflilll avenue and lift) eikhllt
htreel audreiiuird the ineinheralilp fee Irolu IH'O lo
tJ ,, lo aa lo jive the smaller trade-men a chance
I'atroll.iau Jaiai't I. t.rniait ot the Hid etlp etatlnn.
vi hi, drew In- aa ary of $iw lot AuMit I tel fhliri"Uy
ana then 'tt.apj cnreij i-1 nt ,ipa1 ota truttirr .loliu
railed al Ihe ,tatioii ) tl.etda and eaiJhe lad heard
from liliu.
Prtecilven ooneyand I eeann of the Merrrr itraet
atatliiti raided Hie dl-ordtrn lioutat at l.i and IS4
alaiduunalatreet on Moodai nla-iuaal arreetad elabt
women At Jefferaou Markei retterday elx of the
prlaonere war earn to the lalaod tot three montba aaoh
and ihe two women he ktbl tht tieuete war bald (or
UlaU I
Mra. Hlroebte Maya frihe Gave II I m B4(l to
Get Her Ituahunri Out or ,III nnd He
Wna to Hpellri It With fnlinlv OBlelnla.
Justice John (I. Vaughn of Clifton wns ar
tested yesterday on complaint ot Mrs. Cath
erine Btrooble, who nccu-es bim of extorting
money from hor under falso pretences. Mrs.
Htrooble's husband, Charlos Btrooble, has for
some tlmo kept a restaurant on New York
avenue, Clifton. At the July termol court lie
wns convicted of keeplnra disorderly bouse
and wns sentenced to six months' Imprison
ment iu the county Jail. Ho Is now serving
his term.
Mrs. Stroeble, In her complaint, alleges that
Justice Vaughn called at her house on Aug.
17 nnd offered to use bis Influence to secure
the roleuso of her husband. He told her, sho
says, that he would havo to hftvo about $50 to
spend wlih tho county onlclnls to accomplish
his inn pot o. Jlr-. Slrooblo gavo him $13, all
tho money sho had. and be went away, toiling
i hor that her husband would bo rolcasod Irom
jail on tho following day. The complainant
wnltod severnldnvsu.iil, ns hur husbnnd wn
not telonsod she went to Justice Vaughn nnd
, ho told hor that ho hnd not yet succeeded in
i .locutlngnll the nocossniy papers for tho re
lenscol her husbnnd.
i Sho boenmo suspicious, sho adds, nnd went
to County Judgo Stephens nnd District At-
1 totney Fitgoiald and learned from them that
Vaughn bad not dono auythi'.g. so fnr as they
knew, townidoblalulng tho release of St roe bio.
! The complainant then went back toJustloo
Vaughn, and ho admitted lo her that he hnd
usod tho money for his own purposes, but
would rotund It If she desired. A low days
later tho complulnant cnlled nt Vnuglin -otlive.
When ho t Id her that he know nothing about
ber inonev. nnd that If she didn't step unnoy-
i lug him bo would lock hor un.
Ur.-. -ttoeblo then wont I eforo Justice ( o1
nttil at CUT on on Jlondtiy. anil got a warrant
I for the arrest of Justice vniiguu. aughntold
Justice Uo nell it was un attempt to b'ackmall
him. Justice Cornell relensol him on his owu
rec'.gnluucu to uppeur fur examination this
morning . ......
Alio: Vaughn left Justice Cornels ofllce he
' wont to tho Punk In Stuplotun and drew some
mono). 1 mm the bank he dtovu to tho hott-e
of Mr-. Stroeble. He entered the lo-laiirnnt,
she says, and, thiowlugdown u r-.11 of blll.s on
the ci. ar euse, sold "There's our money:
tako It." Jlr-. Stronble told him she o .uld
not aceopt tho money, becauso she had I een
atlvised not to. Justice Vaughn Inslsiod up.'ii
her reioiving tlie money. Ho lelt , roll ol bills
' on tbo cigar case, und, hurrying Into his
1 huggy. drove away. Jlrs. Stroebht took- the
roll oi bills, which amounted to ir. to Justice
tornoll.ut.il he Informed hor that she could
not uccopt the money under such oltcntn
stances without compounding nfnlony. Mra.
Stroeblo loltth" money with J list Ice Cornell.
Justice Vaughn could not be found ou Staton
Islnnd l:tt night and his wife snld th it he was
in New Yoik For many years he hes been
ono of the lending Democrats of Richmond
countv. He botwd lor n number of tonus as
Chairman of tho t otinty Democratlo Commlt
,oo. He has repentedly repiesentod tho ci unty
In the I'nntooratic State Convention. District
Attorney Fit'gernld will appear In JuBllco Cor-poll'-,
court to piosecute tbe charge.
trn.L rimiT to mis J-.xn.
Notice of the Contest of the Hopklna
tSenrlea 1VIII Filed nt (tinlera.l
Boston, Fopt. S. Judge John tl. Hoort and
Lawyer J.ltussell Wilson of San Finnclaco, of
counsel for Timothy Hopkins In tho Hopklns-r
Seniles proposed will Cl)ntet, hnvo arrived in
I lloston. Jlr. Wilson sa)s that cx-Secrotary
I l.ndicottof Salem bad been added to counsel,
and thnt, joined to Jlr. Cboato and Judge
Iloart. tbe case would bo conducted by thorn
to tho end.
"Any statement." continued Jlr. Wilson, "of
s settlement of tho case out of court has not
como from our client, nor from us. Jlr, Hop
kins Is at present with his counsel-ln-chlef.
! Joseph II. Choute of New York, und I am un
able to any whether one or both will teln
Snlem on Tuesday morning. Any talk of tho
I future course i f tho contost would
1 be altogether speculative. We have no
knowledge of our upp-itients' plans: we nre
i quite sure that thoy have no iiiformnt on as
to oi.rs. Otthe several mansions mentioned
l In connection with the e-tnte that at Jlethurn
doos not ' olong to thn properties In Issue It
was erected by and belongs to Jlr. searls.
Ttiosp at Great Harrington, iilock Island, aid
I t-an Fran Uco aro ot the Hopkins-Searlcs cou-
I trovetsy."
Svlkm. Kept. 8. The Hon. E. T. liurlvanrl
1 ex-Jndgo W. L". Fudlcott this motnlng Hied a
I notbe oi lutentlo'i to content the will of Jlarv
I i'. r-.r-eftt't'tof Jfothuen. Jlubs on I ehalf of
I her nil oi tod son Timothy Hopkins. Thu
gtouudnf tlio tontost is und. rstood to I un
due i'llltioiice. nnd that tho tcstattix waa not
1 or sound mind. A boating was ilxe.t for
I Sept. -J2.
Additional contestants for the Searle mil
lions have appoarod In tho poisons of George
! 1. Ilihbaid. ."vuthunlal .1. Hit batd. William IL
111), hard. June A. Hollingswoith, Josophlne
Davis, and Amelia Wheoler o( lind-.-eport. nn
1 nppearance having been entered fnr them
by 1 rank L. llogors of Hrldgeport. The an
pearatK es ontored for Timothy Hopkins are
W. C, Hndicott. J. II. Choato, John II. liottlt,
F. T. Uunoy, and hussoll W llson.
Starr Elmllt, or llart.Goea to the Hopreme
Court with Her Story.
In an action of Mary V. Elmltt, alias lTurt.
to recover SJO.OO'i damages for alloged breach
or promise o' marriage, from Jfurvln D. llut
tles, Justice Ingrnhnm of the Supiome Court
has ordered i-ubstltuted service of the sum
mons on proof that Buttles has been avoiding
service of pifpers.
Buttle3 is tho young son of Marvin 8. But
tles, a wealthy retired physician, and Is or
i was an architect iu the omploy of Judge
Too plaintiff alleges that ho promised to
marry heron Api tl 11. INrili. within a reason
able time, on this promise she agreed to live
with him, nnd for eighteen months thereaiter
they maintained u Hut at lnVtti a n-et and Cen
tral I'ark West. Thoy also made trlia to
get er to Sharon Hprlrgs and Lake Geoige.
They weut under the nanieB of Jlr, and Mis.
She says that IJuttles borrowed money from
her at diiTerent times nnd now owos ber I2.0UU.
Miosuvb that ho ulsn took jewelry away from
hor valued at f.'..M)(i. On Aug. 8 be nbau
ut noil her. Th-oe days later, uuder the mime
' ol vlntiol Hart, she tried to i ausu his arrest for
i stealing her money und mwulty, but la.lud,
Hor story was told nt the time.
He Hnd T.nat Xriti-ly &R0,000 Before He
t'ontmlltt'd rsiiielde.
Morris S. Smith, tho sii'vivlng member of
tbo firm of F. 1!, nllaco A Co., who made an
assignment Inst week, niter tho suicide of his
partner F.dward Linn, has discovered n num
ber of new accounts of which he had no
knowledge. It was snld cMorday that Linn
hnd (2011,000 Invented In the Arm, nnd befoie
bis death had lost It all and neatly tlUO.Ouo
moro in pi ivate speculations. It will be t-oino
t mo, however, lefoio a dollnito s'ntement of
I the firm's liabilities and nsselsvan be renchod.
i hino Mr. smith's assignment tbo securities
oi F. II. Wallace X Co. have improved with the
change iu iho markets, and It was said lester
day that here was a possibility that tbo firm's
debts would be paid in lull.
I'crbnps the ( auqueroi- will bn Let Out oa
Judje Benedict intimated yestorday that ha
would entettain favorably on Friday n rootlou
I 'o ieleai-e F. W. Vandorbilt's ynclit, the Con
! nu'ioi, under bond, pending a decision on her
liit'llltv to duty ns Imported merchandise,
prov Ided it shall appear that she Is in the cus
tody ol thu court and not of tbe Collector.
Ilcller Tumi Fulllnp; on Dry Luuil,
Henry Ocstrlck nf 107 Itldgo street and Ellaf
of Leonard 4 2G East Fifty-second street were
putting up n cornice on I'.er in, East Ulver,
Jeaterday. Tbe peatloldliig biokn and thv fell
nto the ilver, Thoy were rescued and sunt
iQiue to dry.
lean A IISOM TIII.V NATl'IC. 1, vvutci.
there is no doubt ot It
yooT or pikes peak, Colorado.
tDBLK a BKlDllOaB, aients, lo rraaklln at., K, T,
Lithia Water.
nn: iin.a:vs. ihe aonty
IMnlhcsIs, Xervoiis
l3'Scisin, aScc.
Dr. William A tlatnmotnl Sanltn bun for Treatment
of PlaeaiM or .servom sta.eta. Mth el, and
Murldau nv, WanhPuitoli, II. C.
TAS1IINUTON'. t). ti,
Rurgenn-Gonornl U.S. Army (retired), formerly
Professor of Dlso.isos of tho Jttnd und.Nervpus
System in tho Lulvuitlly of cvy York, Ac.
" I hnve for some time made nan or the
la eaati ol affection orthe nerarona ayalern,
eomptlcaled with BICIGHT'.H BIHE.lSKof
the RIDXf'.YH or with i GOUTY MIA
TIIi:tlS. The reanlta have been eminent y
snturaetory. I.llbla has lor many yeara
heennlHsorllewlthnieln like eaaea, but the
I orthe I.lthln aalla, nnd la. morcovar. better
borne by tit atoinneh. I nlao often pre-
, acrlbe ll In tlioae euaea or cerebral hyper-
i eemln resultlnic from over-mentitl work la
which the condition called NI'.KVOl'H
IIVHI'lll'StA exlats and cenerallr vtllh
initrked beueflt."
Water In canea of one doren half-iatlon bottlea. (9,
f. o ti here, and tor aale by all Ilrtt-i'la-e druitnllte.
Illnetrated:ttmco Pamphlet. KWiog further Informa
tion aent preiald ou application to
THOMAS F. GOODE, Proprietor,
Buffalo Lithia Springs, Va.
The Italian Who Are Prlaoaera Say th
Murderer la Not CnilCbt.
James Itoss is the American name of Car
mluo Bagllno, who was muidurod in his home
at lh7tb stteot nnd Arthur uvonue ou Jlonuay
night. Ho had married an Irish girl named
O'llegan, nnd his bro her Clusoppe. otherwise
George lloss, who was badly wounded when
tho shooting began. Is courting hor sister.
Last night dipt. Jlurphi's detectives, Brady
and Donohue. hud straightened out a tangle
of conflicting stories, and four prisoners were
locked up In the police station. The murderer
was still at liberty. Tho prisoners say he is
Nicholas Bnglliio. 23 years old. who lives at
2.303 Arthur avenue. The prisoners sny ihat
on Sunday night Nicholas, who is a cousin of
tho dead mnn. won 3d cents from bim. When
ho demanded payment James snld:
"You owed me (1.50. It's a do'lar now."
This caused u row and George ended It by
grabbing up a shot gun and driving the whole
party out of tho bouso. The weapon wns
On Monday Giuseppe Cella and Antonio
Dachlrlo. who live in Itidge street, cntne up
town asil visited Nicholas Baglino. Toward
I nigi tthe tbteo man with M. holns's brother,
Uomito Ilagllno. and Carmine Baldo. who
boards with them nt 2.1103 Arthur avenue,
slnrtod tonard tho homo ot the llobs's. They
I met the Hobs Pro hers iu Jacob street and
made up the quarrel, or appealed to make it
up. F.o.Khltig tun house J nines Hose said:
"Now wo aro Irleuds again. I will get some
ber "
He cot a pail and stnrted toward the door.
As be nesred Nicholas Iiaglinn, .Nicholas arose
und grabbed bim by the shoulder, buld a pis.
I tol closo P bis faie and II rod. Jamos fell
heavily to the floor und Nicholas sent another
bullet through his head.
George lloss hnd jumped forward to save his
brother nnd hnd been seized by Cnrmlno Hal
do. Many shuts were 11 red, and (leorg lloss
iccelved two of the bullets. These are bo
lieveil to have been Hied by Daldo but most of
iho witness!)- buy that Nicholas JJaglino did all
tbe shooting.
Folleeman McMnhon heard that Michael
I'istt.ceo wns one of tbe tarty, and Detective
H rad y ainsted bim. Yestorday morning
Itoundsmnn Mnlth caught Dona'o liogllnonnd
Cnrmlno llnldo. in the aftoruoon Detective
Ittady found Antonio Dacbiiio at bis resi
dence, lis llldge street.
They Hold Vp Another Girl, Put HnurT Ia
Her None, und Take Her Money.
Fall Rivep. Sopt. 8. Tho Intcst highway
robbery iu this vicinity bus so much of the
ludicrous surrounding It thnt the serious
nature of the crime is almost lost sight of.
Alico -(Irei.'nvvood and Agnes Se.vtoD, each
about 12 ',eai b of ii go were tho victims. They
, were walking along Pleasant street, near the
Merchants' Mill. Saturday evonlng. when they
ware uccostod by three othor girls of about tne
same ago.
Tbe tbree strangers demanded tbe purse
which the Greenwood girl carried. Naturally
she ob.eited. Then the three girls 'ibeld her
up" In the most approved Western style. One
of tbem hold the girl's nrms. while another
of them putsnulT In her nose. When tbo vic
tim annexed she loosened her hold upon tbe
P'.cketbi'Ok, nnd tbe tulrd young robber tin-
Erovud the opportunity to snatch It from her
and. Then their ran around tbe corner and
dlsappeun d down Fourteenth street.
The Greenwood girl ran attar tbem crying,
and was met by James lrvlog. tbe goal tender
ot the Inst hud Football Club, lie was In
formed of the robbery nd joined in tbe chase,
i He lound tbo girl bandits seated I'ehlnd a
1 stono crusher dividing the spoils. Tbe pres.
ence of a man among them took away their
courage, and thoy readily surrendered tbe
mo'iov. While Mr Irving was looking for a
polii eniau the girls escaped, and havo not yet
been caught.
Crop Ileport.
Chic too, Sept. 8. Tho Farmtrt' liectrw Fays;
" A report from our correspondents in four
teen States shows that the frosts havo done
I littlo damage in any of the States.
' with the excoption of Wisconsin, Iowa.
Jllnnosotn, and the Dnkntas, Hand
that tho damage in these Stntos is
confliiod to certain localities, the extent of
which will not greatlv Influence tho total crop.
In some localities corn Is already out of
daugor, and will be solo nearly all the States
In two weeks.
Fntul Quarrel Ilelwren German Farmers.
Lyons, Eodi. B, Charles Shading, a German
farmer living live miles north or this village,
Inst evonlng family stabbed Andrew Ailing, a
neighboring faimer, Shading had n few words
with Altlng's Mill, who was nt lib, hou-e, and
thou drove tovvaid the v.llnge to attend a po
litical caucus As he was passlug Alting's
house Altlng called to his dog. which was out
in the road. Minding thought be was addrebs
irg him, itud, despite the but tbat Altlng ex
ji .ilnod that ho was not. 1 ocame nresBlvoly
abusive. Hnnllj be applied a profane epithet
Ki.t ting, nnd ilari'd him on In the toad Tho
chiillinun wn- iiocopted. and Minding Imme
dliitolv s ohped him with a Luge Hlngln-biaded
Docket knifa. IbiPti wounds were lullloted.
i one penetrating tho ung, Mi.idlng was m
rested nnd placed in J.-ill. A ting c.innot live.
He tb nn honest, luud-ivork-ni; (lorinan, nnd
has a consl tersb'e family, r-bu ling has a wlfo
I and six children.
Ilfuilera ICIveo F out Improvement .
The Comptroller presented to the Sinking
Fund Coiiirolrfbl. nors yesurduy n com
munication from the Dock Commissioners
with n plan hhuwlng the ptopoied Ira
provvmeius along tho llnrlom Itlver water
iri.iit .from Hast ISfth street to the
wnsteny line of eient,i avenue. Tlie ( oiop
trollei si,.h ilmt ru. tlp itppiovenioni would
M,'".tn.rtT.'.'I!'il '"i'i"1".!6 "".'' ,nllk8 " rudical
L'L'tSffJ0 .U"J '"W0," of btieets aloug the
water front a pub la hear ng should be held,
bucb a bearing will be arranged toi.
At Very Moderate Prices.
rarnlmre tron fliat Ca, Hta it, sear tb av.-s,
1 1 t ii:i,L k iumm.
130 and 132 llasl 13th St.,
Vcwr 3rf .f v.
Are On-erlner AT VF.nT vtODERATR rntcns As
H'Fl'KKSIOS Vlelorlns-ROMnLKI.
PC SI'I'.IMIS-Vlelorlua-I.APII s-ontvtNn
ItRrAVSTI.lt A C(t Vlctorlaa-J. H (traveler A Ca
UfcALtV A ca Vlctorliia-rtrtt-ciaiimakart.
And a Number of New Ylelorlaa and rata,
rtolrls Ilnltl )IPr.L"",i0 b,hJt n
makers, und on Which We Give the Fullest
laradatreet Trans, Game Watom,
rshoovlna: Wacona, Hurreya of All Klada,
1)ok (aria of I'.verr Mlyle, Wugoaattea,
lloukey nnd Pony Carta, Keaalngtona,
llurkboiirria, Itunitbuuts,
MA.sv iip rim brvLLfl CA..Nur iik uurMUAtua
Our Slock of ISocond-Iltiiid Carriimcs
1.11'itMroapn op tiii: most Rt:ttvicKAin,p. a'nd
MAM'I AltTUItU IS lll.l'ltl.RI.NTI.l) VI VNV UI TltliVI
Till. lll.sT JIAK1.
IllintflllUVa. rOAfllKS, COtll'F.ROnlCAWAVa,
FIX PA"M:Niil.Rl!t)i:KAWAVM)M.NinUsKS IlltAtIS
h.Nlll.lstl MAIL l-OVfll. l.tMMt'K. I.ANPAULI TS.
1AILY lilt. I.XTI'.NSIll.N Till' I'llAKTUN TOP AND
KI.NPH, T fAlllA blANIlOfhS, MAIL 1'UAETu.Na.
Ac. ,to
HKHUtlltK AMI IIS UNDlll'IIThllLY Till: PINhtr
UUIDLLN Wllll'b. Ac. l.N Tllli CUL'MHY.
JUntched ("arrlaexe Pulra und Fine wlnnle
lloraea Alas on llnndt Truttera and
JCoadstera, nnd llnraea tor
General llae.
Van Tassell & Kearney,
110 AND 132 EAST I3TH ST..
Neai' 3d Avenue.
372, 374, 376 Broome St.
Broadway, 5 1st St, and 7th Av.
I'ndri!if Brouchnmi,
Cabriolet, Vlctorltaw.
Ten Cartu, Huw-u-Doa
Kxlentvlnii Tops I'tturtitua.
Uoir 'HrtM, Wuuonri,
JIticklionril. Inldera,
IliicCtir Vehicles, " itBnettes,
Cuupe UockawBjri, O !. ltock sways.
Anil other mkH
nandr Wagon In patnt and natural wood; Bftnntr
Buffte, wltb four atyle of bodies and tb fttltit
riding Drinjr ever Invented i Surrey , EaUnalon Topa
and Bu-'irlei). Two-wbeeler that mra abaolouly free
from horia motion; Koad Carta tbat are madt to caur
Foan Balding. 1M hand, ran beat thraa mlnateit
k)nJ nnd irua In all lumen, and good wind a lady can
drlTihlm Thia home U a plndld reader and Terr
good loeWer, n.1 fnr anybody wanting a good bone fa
a bargain. I- or particular! call or ad drew
Sun Up town OMcc, 1,CS BroawaF,N. T.
AHOl'T 'b 1 1 P. AH OP IIOR3KS comtantly on haad.
conrtiRting of baarr draugbc, builnva, farallr. ana:
drirlng bnrie: alto Tanneiaoa aaddte horaaa (galted)
and Welih punlea fnr children. Addreaa FUber'a laiad
urarm, ruber'a la! and. Suffolk county. N. Y.
Smith Thinks
IB nnd 15Q Ewat I8Slla Bt,
Mrs. Marcaret Eleanor Stone Conway, widow
ot Walter Ferton Conwar of Fre-ierlcksburcb,
Va., died yesterday altertioon at tbe house o(
her son-in-law, l'rof. Franols A. March ot La
favetto ColleRO. tastou. ot old aire. She waa
born on Jan. 23. 1807, and was a daughter ot
Dr. John Moncure Daulela, a eurceon In the
United States army in tbe war of 1812. Her
mother wns a duuirhter ot the Hon. Tlinman
btoun of Maryland. Hor huslmnd, to wliuin
Blio wus murrled on .Inn. '211. 1829. was for
thlrty-llv-H yeurs preBldlnc .Tnstlie ot HtafToril
county, Vlrttlniii, and wus also a metnliorof the
Legislature of tbat Htate, Mis. Conwar left
one diinubtt'r, Mis. I'ruticls A. ilurch ..f LuRton.
and two pons, Monutire U. CoiiwayofNow York
city and i'etor Vlviuu Uanlols Conway nf Freil
ericlBburch. Tho body will bo tnkon to Fred
erlcksbtiruh and Interrod lu tho family lot.
Joseph W. Slebert. who died of apoplexy on
Sumluy at hln homu. ;"G Lewis streat, wns
burled frnm thn Church nt Bt. Itoso of Lima
vuterday luorninc 'ihe funeral was Inrt'rtly
attended by politician;. The memb-TB ol the
Columi Ian Club, ot wbicb nriranlation Mr.
Nlebert was secretary, autl the Tammany Hall
General Committee of the Bixth Assembly
district wore present In u body. Mr. Biebart
was an Excise Inspector and a member ol thu
Tammany Hall oeneral Cunmltteo. He also
beloneTed to the 1'rlendly Circle ol lit. Hose nf
lilma, tbe lioyal Arcunum, and the Ancient
Order ol Foresters.
Z!Mr, Jobn ltocers died In Auburmlale. Mass.,
ou Sunday, alter an illness of sevural yearn.
He wus (or many Tears cashier of tbe irreat
Iron houoe of Navlor A, Company ot Huston.
but retired from tbe position several years auo.
Mr. Jtoirero was one of tbe or.alual members
of the Apollo Club, and was rarely ai sent Irom
ltsrehe-rsals ur contorts. He bad been ldrn
tilled with srveral other musical oitomlra,
Hodh, umonu them tbe Uundel aud Uuydu bo
viety and tho Cecilia.
The Jlov, Ilurdette Newton, a popular and
?romlslnc vounn minister of the Central Isew
ork Conference of the t rue Methodht Chtiroh.
illi'il on Tbursiiap last In Altnti, N. V iiL-cil ,.-1
yeas. His death resulted from innint'S re
ceivail some tluys before bv the nccldentul full
ins of n tent pole at tb Wai kiou camp
meeting. He wa-a native or Chonunuo count)',
and leaves a wide circle of rolatlvcs tho t.
Mrs. I.HVlnla P. Campbell, widow nf Gilbeit
Campbell, died In Oneoiita, N, V.. on Haturdiir,
ecod 81 yrars, She leaves six oliiltlrnii, tlie
eldest of whom IsLoomlsJ. Campbell, knoti-i
as nno ol tbe clilof editors of tbe Inlet e'llil'iis
of Webster's Ulctiouary unci for other llteraiy
benjamin Nslse, one of tbe oldest person In
Ulster county, died on Monday at Ulster i'arl,,
ajietl '.12 years. He whs born and always lived
In the town where he died. At different tlmts
be held thn otttoe ot Aste.sor. Collector, uud
Justice ot the I'eace.
William P. DolllTrr of Olouotster died on
Monday, need 74 veers. He hud I o-n Chair
man of the Hoard of Assessors for srveial
learn. He was connected wltb many secret
and fraternal orennlzatlons.
Walter 0. Worth, n well-known business
man of Syracuse, died at tho home of a s ter
in Kli.Ksion, wheru lie was visllltik'. Ho '
about (12 yeara old und pioniimnt in Masunio
John Itelcle of Mecbanlcsburc. died Testj'r
day of canKrene. He wus an officer of tne
Allen and East Pennsboro Inburanco Com
pany, and be wus 74 yoars old.
Cyclone Weutbcr.
Eeve al steamships, Inoluillne the Htate t
Nevada and tbe Nevada, which left European
ports lor New York prior to Sept. 1. tnr bv
h tussle with two cyclones before ther pet here.
The Touralne of tne French lluo me ibeursi .
one on Auk. 31. Tbe other. r l Ttrd '"'
Virclnla toast three da s auo, wu "S?"
tared by the North Qt'rman l.loyd steini,,n
Kldr-r. which not In yesienlny The ' llof1
imasencers wore well shaki'ii ui' "'!'' ,,.
shlproil i-ea crosts foi ward, but tin
duiiiuKPil, - I
Fall elylee. New aud orlsl""" efcaMa
aad colors. UEMT VAI.UEM IN TUB
Cirr, 10 and 111 Park Uowa evre
Caxaaikara H
- ',t'

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