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HI 6 " ' THE SUN, Fill DAY, SEITE.MBKR 11 l,1. .
W- HUDAY, 8EPTEMDEB 11, 1691.
IJl'-f JUacen OfTeet f TUB SCH,
' ' 40 wtet fctrtad,
UtS AtltamrnsrleaUorie should be addressed! ritAXC
UN X.T.IIIIK, OOEtrtDd, W,C. i r. .
b . - -
OM Hakaerlrllon by Matl-JTeat-walc.
H';( daily, rrnii)i o go
IJIf PAII.T. rerYear io
; H-'MIAT. far Ttar too
i UAM.V AMI SUNDAY, ftrMoalh ?
W.'.EKf.Y. rerYear. 1 OO
- Fettttt t Fertile Ceuntrlet avidtd
B, TUB HUM. aw Tirk CUT.
IB Kints In the Convention.
If The selection of Mr. Hnon McLacohlim
D delegate to the Dsmocratlo Stnt Con-
H rentton from tbe First Assembly district of
Jf Kings county Is significant. It Indicates
U , that thero U to bo no faltering or swor vine
Eg on tho part ol the Kings count Democracy
I from tho most loyal support of AT.ritED 0.
Chapix as the candidate who should be
.; nominated for Oovernor. To his candidacy
Mr. McLacohlw Is strongly committed,
nd he would soarcely consent to be a mom
'J berof the delegation without being assured
; that his views In this mattor were the Tlews
of all hla associates.
It Is to be noted that the advocates ot tho
! nomination or another candidate than Mr.
Chakjj have carefully abstulncd from
auy discussion of the comparative lit
nesa of their favorite. They simply sty
i the Btate demands Flowiu, und there-
foro It is useless to talk about anybody else.
We do not understand tlut Kings county
complains of this attitude on the part or
, anybody except the Oovernor ; but the po3l-
tlon of Mr. MoLAUom. appears to bo that
the Governor gave to Kings county a promise
't of hta sunport for Mr. Canrut, and that
2 Kings county Is not receiving It.
If such be tho fact, tho displeasure ot tho
Jj Brooklyn Democracy Is only natural. Gov-
i' ernor Hii,Li has boen strong In Kings coun-
J ty when lie needed ettongth. Tho roturn
asked Is nothing In the nature ot pafronago
i or the exercise ot official power. It Is elm-
ply the exortlon of personal Inlluonco by tho
expression of personal preference In regard
' to the selection ot a candidate fur Governor
by the Domocratlo Stala Convention. And
In whow behalf do the Urookiyn
t Dfrnocratt ask this ? For no mere poll
is ticlan with more ambition than Intcl
j lect, but for a man ot araplo experience
In public affairs, lofty political Ideals, cloar
) headed, prontlcal common sonsr business
5- sagacity, and the hlgb03t personal Integrity.
c And yet they aro to bo whistled down the
wind, forsooth, bee tuso " tho State demands
? I'LOWElt"!
If tho Btati demands Flower It will mot
2 certainly have hlra, but. like tho forty thou-
j' sand Cornishmpn, Hcnn McLACnni.iv and
f liis associate) aro going to Stratojca to
x know tho reason why.
Tj The Catidldulo In Chains.
g If a ennnty bird or a mngplo In u cua''
should plpo up a 6ongof exultant freedom,
f tho ufToet would bo rather grotesque, nouM
j It not?
t If n dog with his head In a 'ollar, and tho
other end of tho chain III inly held In tho
jj tInovy flBt of a lgllant ranotor, should
fi bark In celobratlon ol tho beauties of per-
f honal Indepondi'nce, would not everybody
Jl listen with n grlnV
J if a (,'oldfisli In a glass globe twolvo Inches
:'' ' in illnini-tnr should wi-cp for tho liberties of
J tho mackerel conllnrU in the Atlantic Ocean,
few peoplo outhldo tho b')l would weep
ill him, would they?
( If ft poordoII of a sorctiior, known tohao
sold himself, soul und body, to tho Monarch
of Sheol, hliould mount tho pulpit to prrncli
llm doclrino of frco will and to point out tho
lo.id to uvei lasting happiness, would not
men and Imps of darkness unlto in uu out
burnt of uncontrollable merriment .'
Tho Hon. Jacoii Bloat Fassi.it is na
;, jiieltynsa canary, ns nlinblu mid nervous
iisnblack-iind-tnn tenler, nsgrncclul In his
moomentsns nny goldllsh that swims In
nny bowl, nnd us winning In his elo-
Mtienco us IJr. JoIIA.' Faustvh or
.Ions Dcr. IIo stands upon tho plat
fonn which poor Asnnnw Dickson
; Vuite, educator and reformer, hoped to oc-
f rupy for tho next eight or nine wicks. His
IhSiio Is against Hllllbin." Ho calls upon
tho citizens of New Yoik to redeem their
btato from "a personal despotism in tho Ex-
rcutivo ofllcu wlilcli Ims toleratod nnd fos
; i tercd corruption und debauchery of tho
btnto dopaitraeuls, prostituted tho canals,
Ktnte prisons, nnd public Institutions, and all
inonueeof lofflsl.itlon to the ambition of nn
? Budacioua and scJIish Executive."
5 Perish a despotism that would encourage
I deuauchery In n Htato department or nrostl-
tutoacnnal! Jlut how his chains clunk and
I lattle as the Hon. Jacou Sloat Fssi:rr
t sounds tho battlo cry of political freedom.
Was over so humorous jot patlietlo
a spectaclo proKe:ik'd at tho beginning
i of n Biilctly Vitvrr campaign .' .Uoro
v than any other politician In thU. Stale, the
Hepubllcun candidate for Goviunor Is the
prisoner and Blavo of a poreonnl drapotlsm
audaolous in its unscrupulouKness nnd
elllsh In Its puipo'es. Ho Is In Vr.An's
fogo; ho Is Tom Pr.Air's fiMi IjIkI, h
wears Plait's collar; I'r.UT's hail'1 !"tb
! hlra out n few feet fui iher, or
twitches him baok at will close to Pi.m's
heels. Ho snlms in Tiiumm Vuktt'u
' private and proprietary nriuai lum ; you enn
, aoe In, and tho llsh cau sco out, but tho Huh
j may bump his noso a thousand times In
vain against tho transparent barrier. IIo,
', this foolish nud short-sighted young neeio.
xnancer from F.tmlrn, Is by burgulu and sale,
by contract signed, scaled, nnd delivered,
thepropoity of amnbter who will show no
mercy whon tho dread midnight hour of
foreclosure anivos ;
" 0 crbt mil, to to Mplrt
Abort till Irttlimi, In lilimtlt anamlnc
Autborllf murpri, from (lou not Kln.
II (art ui ool ovr batil, flh. Towl,
JioiDlnlou 0iu1lI, thtrU6l nn to 1
Bf bli donation: but niou orir iiiid
, II mi)a not lord; ouch litis to lilanair
JUHtrlm, bunian lett from liuuno fit."
Why the Havrailans Kejerted the Treaty
1 1'roposcil by Jlr. IJlulne.
In the laBt number of ths now JtcvUir of
Jicvinva thotn Is an arllulo about the Hu
wallnu Isluudu, llm miter of which, speak
ing evidently from llrsl-hand observa
tion, seta forth boiue facts lilthei to un
known, or nt nil events unheeded, io-
epoctlng the rejection of the trenly propos :d"
by Mr. Dlaini:. It seoms that for (ho mis
cnulagoofthatpiojcct wo nio Indebted to
Iho Inlluonco of tho CunuUlan Dominion
Mbtutely brought to boar In tho light quar
ters by tho late Sir John Macdonald,
It will be tecalled that tho supplementary
piovlslonsto the reciprocity treaty of 1870,
which were added In 1837 under the Cleve
land Administration, gno the United
Mutes the exclude light to establish and
t fortify h innl station in tho ll.iwnlian
I lslunda-1'cnil IInilr Umii,' di'nU'iiatetl for
tho purpose. Hut tho cnntliiiiaiico of this
exclusive right vr.ia lu be limlt'.'d ly llio '
duration of the treaty. Mr. ELArrn
dcslrod to mako tho cession ot
Pearl Harbor permanent; and such a privi
lege, togolher with an agreement that
Hawaii Bhould enter Into no treaty engage
ments with other powers without tho pre
vious knowledge of tho United States, were
embodied In the new convention recom
mended to the nawallan Government by
Mr. Carter. Its Minister at Washington
What was known as tho Beforrn party was
then In power at Honolulu, and its Cabinet
earnestly endeavored to securothe signa
ture of Kalakaua to tho amended treaty.
According to tho writer In tho Jttvine of
Revieva these efforts would undoubtedly
have been successful but for the Interposi
tion ot Canadian Influences through the
agency of the Hawaiian Attornoy-General.
Yankee ascendancy In Hawaii Is obnoxious
to the Canadians an shutting them out from
the Australian trade, and being In general
detrimental to the commercial Interesta of
British Columbia, nnd especially of tho
Canadian Pacific liallw.iy. It happenod that
while the negotiation ot the new treaty was
pending tho Hawaiian Attorney-General,
Mr. Asnronn. who was a Canadian,
got leavo -t absence to visit homo.
While li Canada ho was In close
confcienco with Sir John Macdonald nnd
became a guest of Proslder.t firnriinN of the
Canadian Pactllo Hallway. Upon his return
o Honolulu he nstonlshed his colleagues by
throwing his utmost Influence agalnstthcm,
with tho result that the King ultimately re
fused to sign the proposed treaty. Tho
reason subsequently given In the legisla
ture by Mr. Asitror.D for his coureo was
that to surrender the right to make treaties
with other powers without eupervlslon by
the Unite! States was a snrrender of Inde
pendence. It was also, ho .iddcd, peculiarly
Inexpedient as precluding some advanta
geous commercial arrangements with Can
ada, which he would presently communicate.
What the Canadian propositions were, Is
still unknown to tho public. It Is manifest,
however, that both tho United States and
the Hawaiian Islands have been damaged
by Canadian Interposition. Tho United
States aro left without any guarantee of
perrannent influence, for tho cession of
Pearl Harbor lo terminable with the treaty
making 1L Tho Uawallans, on the other
hand, through tho tremendous drop In the
price of sugar In tho American markets,
find themselves thrust down from the Im
mense special advantages which, since
18TC, had conbtltutcd their main source ot
wealth. Had tho treaty bean concluded,
tho Hawallans would have lost nothing by
tho freo Inflow ot sugar from Cuba and
Drazll Into the United States. They would
havo occupied precisely tho same position
as that held by the sugar growers of Louisi
ana. Tor It will bo nmembered that, In re
turn for tho desired concessions, the United
States promised to give Hawaii full partici
pation In tho bounties granted to American
producers of sugar. Those bounties tho
Hawallans hue lost, and they have gained
absolutely nothing In exchange for them
fiom Canada.
Some Comments on tho Republican
A cupvny examination of tho apponl
which tho republican Stato Convention has
Just niado to tho olectorsof Kew York shows
a number of remdrkablo omissions which
may readily bo supplied by any one familiar
with recent political history.
To begin with, tho ItepubllcanB tell us that
they " adhere to tho principles on which tho
national 'victory was won In 18SS." How
about tho principles on which tho State
election was lost by tho ltepubllcnns In that
They "commend the wisdom, patriotism,
and purity of tho Admlnlstiatlon of Presi
dent HAititibON." which "commands the
confidence and ie9pect of tho American peo
ple by Its Intelligent, efficient, and sngaclous
conduct ot the public business In all the de
partments." Illustration omitted: Tho com
bination of business with patriotism exem
plllled by the conduct of tho Hon. John
WANAMAKEn, Postmastu-General lu Wash
ington and shopkeeper in Philadelphia.
Eighth icbolution: "Wo approve tho
speedy construction of tho Nicaragua Canal
under American charter, by American enter
prise, nnd with American capital, as essen
tial to national defence and to tho Interests
of Inter-Stato commorco and tho trade of tho
continent." This wo take to bo nn approval
of tho unconstitutional charter granted by
Congress to the Maritime Canal Company of
Nicaragua. It Congress can Incorporate a
company to construct a ship canal In Central
A merlca, It can incorporate one to undertake
a similar enterprise In Kamtschatka. Hut
the Republican party have no greater caro
about obedlenco to tha organic law than
was Implied In tho Hon. Tist Campbell's
question: "What's the Constitution be
tween friends ?"
In tlio thirteenth resolution tho Conven
tion rcafllnns " tho Republican party's favor
to thorough, genuine reform In tho civil ser
vice," and commends the national Adminis
tration for giving effect thoreto undor tho
existing law. A notable omission In this
resolution Is tho fulluro to refer to tho Hon.
Joel B. Ekiuisdt, Into Collector of tho Port
of New York, a person who can fur
nish ull confirmatory ovidenco that may bo
needed on the subject.
'I ho wording of tho resolution relating to
the liquor nuostlon Is peculiar: "We favor
ronipiolieusUe and cfflelont excise legisla
tion for Kiting local option by counties,
tonne, and clllp, and restriction by taxa
tion In such localities ns do not by option
exclude the llijuor trafllc." This Is meant
to convey tho Impression to tho caroless
reader Unit tho Republican party Is oppos.nl
to tlio liquor trutllo, but upon analysis It
will bo soon to moan only that some sort ot
license feo shall bo exacted In those locali
ties whero a majority of tho voters are not
in favor ot prohibition. Nothing Is said
about whether the license shall bo high II
ccimoorlow license.
In the resolution doallng with tho quos
.Ion of munlclpil government tho Conven
tion rciommonds tlio adoption of an amend
ment to the Constitution requiring the pas
sage of a uenoral bill for the government ot
cities. Thero Is no need of nnyamendmont
to tho Constitution to empower the legis
lature to pass such a bill. If the people elect
romosentatlves who aro In favor ot omeas
uroof tlila kind, they have nothing to do but
to enact It.
Finally the Convention denounces what it
calls the unpatrlotlo effort of the Governor
and Assembly to place this Btate In an un
friendly attitude toward the World's Fair,
and Insists upon " tho necessity for nn exhi
bition by tho Stato In keeping with its in
dustrial supremacy In tho nation." Wo nro
not luformoil, however, how the Republicans
stand upon the question of allowing Chicago
to tako five millions of dollars out ot the
national Treasury to help along the great
Exhibition, A resolution on this subject
In tha State Convention would have been
just as appropriate and far mora important
than w hut It had to say about tho Nicaragua
C'aiml. Hut it li tolerably safo topiedlet,
without any present do;lniatlon on tho sub
ject from tho Grand Old Party, that Its rep
icsenlativc'j In the next CVngrwi will favor
the flve-mllllon-dollar grab, while their sev
eral Btate Conventions all Insist tipon re
lieving tho peoplo from tho oppressive bur
dens of taxaUon by which they aro beset
Bnmmary of the Republican platform at
EocheJter: Words, words, wcrdsl
Springer to the Front.
Tne Hon, William M. SmtNann of Illi
nois evldenUy has not been consulted by
tho gentlemen who Intend to ask Congress
tn voto to Chicago nn unconstitutional loan
of $5,000,000 to enable that town to carry on
tho Columbian I'nlr. When the modest re
quest reaches the House of Representatives
It will doubtles encounter the Kern and
spirited opposition of this Jeffersonlan
In the llrst place, Mr. Brorsoni Is dis
tinctly pledged against any such measure of
legislation ns Is now proposed by his fellow
clUzens ot Illinois. The record Is plain, and
SrniNCEn Is no mnn to go back on his
promises. Speaking In behalf of tho people
of Chicago, less than twenty months ego,
he declared with scornful emphasis:
"Wrll ait t moil tr from ConrTMi. (least what
wtltba rtinlroit forlba tralldtnr aid Hhlbltaoftb
OoTtrnmtnt. f Ita rr ill bundrtC Uoaiand dollar!
will bt arjj.l. Mr tlill "
Tint Chicago should evsr turn up as a
beggar, that Chicago could ever fall to per
form her part of tho contract with the Fed
einl Government, wero Ideas which Mr.
KrniNorn repudiated as insults to tho great
city In whoe behalf he spoke. " Their honor
is pledged," ho exclaimed, pointing across a
thousand miles to the Columbian enthusiasts
who stood ready with $23,000,000 cash, "their
monsy is pledged. Does nny gentleman on
this floor believe that these honorable and
responsible gentlemen havo been playing
with Congress; that they have come here
as confldenco men to docclvo us 1"
Dafore the lightning flashes of Indigna
tion that darted from Jlr. Smiinueb's eyes,
every doubter ot Chicago's honor and sin
cerity quailed. Nobody arose In the House
to assert that Chicago was playing a confi
dence game, or attempting to obtain a
World's Fair on false pretences. If nny man
had dared to suggest such a thing, he would
have had to account for his words to the
Hon. William M. BPBiNOF.n of Illinois.
Hut Mr. BrRiNOER's record on the ques
tion of Government loans to World's Fair
managers goes further back than February,
1890. When the bill appropriating $1,500,000
In aid ot tho Centennial Exhibition at Phila
delphia was before tho Torty-fourth Con
gress In tlio early months of 1870, SPitiNOEn
was there, too, to oppose It. We quote his
searching words on that occasion :
" Wbtla I am anxlooi tor tba foil mccaii ot this Can
tcnnlal Exhibition, at tha aama tlma I rttard thU bill
aiilmplr oropoililon f rlaca In tba traamrr or tha
Ilnanca Board l.&oo,0 0 to b dlrtdtd am on tha
atoekholdtri alter tbla Exhibition la complated. If w
paai thli bill, thar will bara I.5QO.OIO mora to dlTlda:
It d.nst auilt. tbr wl'l bara Sl,5o.ux tau. Wa
bare farmad out Ibli Exhibition to a corporation which
! rich anooab to iT In own way, and Is to racalra all
the adTantagss and racatpta of tha Exhibition.
After tho failure of a movement, led by
Mr. Holuan of Indiana, to kill the uncon
stitutional bill by striking out the enacting
clause, Mr.BrnixoER offered an amendment
providing that in tho settlement of nlTatrs
the United States should bo entitled to Its
$1,300,000 before a cent went to ony prlvnto
subscriber or stockholder. His amendment
was adopted; but when the bill thus
amended by Mr. SrnrNaEn came to a vote,
bringing up the general question of a Gov
ernment loan, Unvoted dead against It, his
own precautionary amendment and all.
Let It be added, to tho everlasting honor
of tho great Stato of Illinois, that ot her
nineteen Representatives In Congress at
that tlmo not lcs than fifteen voted with
William M. Smis-ann ngalnst tlio Gov
ernment loan of $1,500,000 to the Philadel
phia World's Fair.
This Is why we feel ourselves safe la as
suming that when the humiliating and
preposterous demand of Chicago for Gov
ernment aid to the amount of $5,000,000 Is
discussed In Congress, Sfrinoer ot Illinois
will be amonz the flrct to denounce the pro
posed appropriation and to help to defeat It
One of the most observed States In the
Union Is Kansas as she emerges from the
twlstluaattons of the Farmers' Alllanc. and It
is worth noting tht a correspondent of tht
A'an.tai Citu Ttrnn expresses th opinion that
the man who will appear at tha head of the
Kansas Republican partr at Its lollillflcatlon
will be the Hon. Oeoeoe T. ANTHONr, elacted
Governor of the btate In 1870. Ivoalls has Dot
recovered from tba blow of his defeat last win
ter. Senator Plumb exhibited far too tremu
lous and compromising a spirit while the Al
liance was pouring hot shot into his partr to
post any longer as a leader; and with these
two statesmen turned aiido, Oovernor Ax
T'JCXT Is expected at tbs front.
The raln-corapelling experiments of Mel-sour.vr-
In Wyomtne are not carried on at the
expnnre of the Government, as those of Drtzn
roi.Tii In Texas are. Melboukne's experi
ments are obeap; DarcxroBTn's are costly.
Iinrr.NTor.Tn wants an extra appropriation
from Conizress to continue bis experiments;
bnt he will not be anymore successful as a
Treasury eoropeller than he has been as a
ruin compellcr.
Wo wolcomo to this city all the delegations
that come here from various parts of the coun
try to boo'c their respootlre towns or to raise
an Interest In their local exhibition!. 0'hey
can ofttlmea got money la New York to hslp
things along, and they ean here find people
ready to assist them otherwise, in ways that
are advantageous to all the parties concerned,
The managers nta large number of Southern
and Western builnoss enterprises always look
to New York for the encouragement which
New York is pretty lure to be willing to clvt to
worthy applicants.
Thero arc plenty of excursions yet to be
enjoyed this autumn to pleaiant seaside re
sorts not far from the city-excursions to
Coney Islund, Olen Island, and Long Branch,
to Manhattan Deach, Itockaway Beach, dl 1
other Ilka places. There are also excursions
up the Hudson and along the Bound and still
onward. Then there are a good many of the
rural botols In (he mountains and elsewhere
that will be kept opon for week ret. Seldom
Lor Is a month in which many people like to
take an excursion out of town, and tboyftet
benefit from It. In the autumn of the rear
New Yorkers enjor many privileges of the kind
we are speaking of, and nil visitors to the city
are welcome, to take advantage of them.
A Dcmnrrallc Htrrap In Netvport,
NMvror.T, Sept. lO.-Tho cltr eltctlon reMer
day resulted In an almost complete overturn,
and the first victory for the Democrats ou
itrletly drawn partr lines achieved In munic
ipal affairs In many years. 'J he Democrats
elected their Mayor, full board of six Aldermen,
and eluut of fifteen Councllmen. with out
failure to elect. This majority of three and
POHslblr tl on a joint ballot glea the Demo
crats enntrol of nil city oilleers whose elnetl' n
l liyOIti-Council. J.at tonr tlie Itenubllrnna
had the Mayor, five Aldermen, and nine Coun
cllmen, or a joint majority of re-iou. 'llio
quAKllon of re'orra la the nuantilr. nualltr.
and price of city water, which la euonlled hya
private corporation, was Introduced into the
campaign by tho Democrats and made a
prominent feature of their canvass. The result
mar be considered fairly ns an enforcement ot
the position thui taken, though many other
elements entered Into the llnnl judgment nt
voters. Col. Honey's majority lor Mayor Is V37,
A ailaaomtr,
rra whtiSa artrrauerolttrr'
"It li a rattnut iTr,my tin, fur tbiftmllUiof
lllii cmcUlx,"
IT Vfamta to te at Juricr. bnt Can't With,
nt th Vt of Ulll Dcltantce.
Alhant, Sept 10. D. Cndy nerrlck. Corpora
tion Connsel for the cltr of Albany and succes
sor to the late Daniel Manning as the leader of
tha Albnnr county Democracy, is fast ap
jiroachlng his Waterloo. Since his retirement
from the Chairmanship of the Democratlo
Btate Committee Mr. Herrick has had one ab
sorbing ambition, and that Is to be elected to
a sent on the bupreme Court bench In the
Third Judicial district The district Is made
up ot the counties ot Albany. Ilensselter, Co
lumbia, Snlllvan, Schoharie, Greene, and CI
ster, and the delegates to be sent to the Judi
cial Convention, which meets In Albany on
Hept 23, will be one from each Assembly dis
trict, or fourteen in nil.
Mr. Herrick, as a political leader and man
ager ot the Albany county political machine,
has persistently opposed Gov. Ulll in the In
terests of GiorerCloveland, and, conseouent
ly. the friends of the Governor will try to pre
vent his nomination as Justice ot the Supreme
Court. From Albany courity Herrick will have
three of the four delegates the one from the
Fourth Assembly district, who will be accepted
as Its representative being an antl-Uerrick
roan. Rensselaer county has been taken
care of br Chairman Edward Murphy.
Jr.. of the Deinocra'ie Btate Coo.mlttee
and will send three antl-llerrlck delegates.
Columbia county sends one and he will noi be
a Herrick man. In Schoharie county, which
elects one delogate. the anti-Hill candidate
was defeated by George Dnnforth. a pro
nounced Hill man, br a ote of 23 tola. Most
of the delegates to the Convention which
elected Dnnforth left the ball after bla election
and the anti-Hill contingent reassembled und
passed a resolution instructing thnhchohnrie
delegate to vote for the candidate which
should receive the unanimous endorsement of
Albany county's delegates. This has been her
alded tythe Albany Ar nit ai a ictory for
Herrick. and Delegate Danfoith will pay co
attention to It
Greene nnd Sullivan counties encheondrne
delegate, and both will be for Ulll a, ngslast
Derrick. Ulster eounty. which U claimed as
still doubtful by some ultra-Herrlck roon. elects
three delegates to the Judicial Convention.
Prominent In this county are two of Got. Hill's
N-anohest friends Judue Paruool the Second
Division of tie Court of Anneals nnd As
semblyman George II. Duch. 'J her will eae to
U 'h?.1 'h? delegates elected are not taiornble to
Mr. llerrick. und the Ulsiei delegation may be
Rarely counted ou to uui port uny cnnill lute
wnom tho Governor may favor. JJut. Iealiiii
out I liter county, the antl-Herrlck delecates
number eight, or n majority of tli d menu n.
The anti-lletrlrk men nill doubtless unlio
upon a lawyer Irom Albany countv. ns the
tiiiiiilnation li recoiinlzed an blonginc here,
alncdihe seat to he lilted Is il.uc ol Judge
J.earneu. an Albany mnn. 'J he leading catnil
tliitat against Mr. UorrlcE ate Judge FrancN
Woods, who was thrown iut ot iho omen of
Surrogate by Herrick because ho showed
too great a liking fori low Hill. nnd the ire
eut Alli'tnr County Judue. Jncnli ti. f'lnt,.
Judge Cluto wus supported by the Hirrlck
niuublnerrheu be ran lor the odloe. but both
he and his frlcndidecIarH thnt Derrick would
never hare permitted him tn i.e nominated
If he had Ihnuuht any oilier man whn could be
named would beat Judge Nott. then running
as nn independent Democratic candidatx en
dorsed by the ItepubllcanB Judue William
an Alstrne of Albany in alo mentioned, lint
It looks now as though Cluto would get tho
nomination und olection. and that on his re
signing the countr Judgeship Gov. Ulll will
appoint ex-Surrogate oods to nil the vacancy.
That Herrick appreciates the situation und
finds that he is not in It Is shown by tha fable
oi Bour grapes w hlrh hla followers are telling.
They t-ey that Mr. Uetrick ronnldern the ofllce
pf bupreme Court Judue aboe the petty ca
bala and bickering or polltielnns nnd will
make no contest for the place. If It Is pronerod
him In n digntlled way, he will accept, but if
not, whv. let It go.
It Is a!o given out that Jfr. Herrick was np
nroached by Gov. Hill nn l the nomination of
Suprome tourt Judge promised him if be
would consent to electing n Hill man tn his
(Iii-rrlek si place n Mats Committeeman irom
Albany county. The nama of Albnnr Demo
crats whom tho Governor Is ald to Iiuve Indl
rated ns tba ones h would like to see in Mr.
nrrlck's place are those or biato forest Com
missioner Dudley Fnrllo. Comml-sloner
Hugh Itellly of the Btnte lionid of
Claims and Antony Brady, an Albany co-itrac-tor.
'Jbls Herrick refused, nnd loldtfaoGow
ernortbnt he was going to remain on tu Dem
ocratic .Stale Committee nnd stand by Ids
friends until utter tho nomination ol n Demo
cratic candidate for l'rosl. lent was mado in
JBU2. tor this reason, so the Herrick men nl
leee, heli to be tu'ed out by tho Governor and
not permitted to become n Judge
.Whatever the cause ,V the circumstances,
it Is eident that i-hould Herrick nucceed Judge
learned it would have tn be by tboioti-sid
Illll delegates, whkh are not likely to bo cast
that wny.
A. Jlenaeratle Eatlatate of the New York
Antl.Deaaocritttc Hrrorm Clnb.
From tlt Atlanta Cunttitntion.
It has bean announced wlih something of a fourlih
that tba ealahratciS Reform Club or Naw Vorfc city had
decldad to oppoia Jnd Crisp of Ctarf la for tha loaak.
trlblp and to ravor Concrenman Mills. If tha friends
of tha dlstlnrnlshcd Taxan do not regard this as an at
tack on tlialr favorlta and a substantia! victory for
Judge Crisp. Ills btcausa tbay ara not familiar with
tba history and statsi of the so-called rsform club
Tha Ketorm Clob. so callsd. la composed of Uvg
wumps and other political hermaphrodites, and Its ob
ject Is to cripple and defeat tha Democratic party.
This was clearly shown In tha campaign ot last horem
bar, whan tha members of tha club Joined hinds with
tha Republicans and made an effort to defeat tha rs?u
lar Democratlo ticket la .New York city.
This effort of Ilia Reform Club to turn tha city of Net
Tork orerto tha Republicans was Itidlgnanlly denounced
by tha Democratic leaders and newspapera all orer the
country, aud ona ot tha results of this denunciation
waa tha chares put forward by tha orsans or tha Reform
Clnb that Tammany had subsidised the editorial col
amnsof tba leadlnc Southern newspapers The cam
paign ot tba Reform Club waa an Infamous ona, and tha
friends of Judge Crisp may congratulate tlitnsrlres
that ha la to be f arced with the opposition of tills or
SToiTiya to HEA.10X.
The JttT. Nam donee Given til a Opinions
loa a Ureat Praotleal Queatlon.
From (Ut A'liinta Csnruu ton.
Eniroa CoismuTioii I Impugn the motives or Integ
rlty of no man or aet of men, but tha best men with t'n
beet motives can do raoch barm In honestly trying to
do much good. Iain sure this Is true ot this unceas
ing warrare on rallroali and corporations generally, 1
enjoy a rabbit hunt, but when there Is danger of run
ning tha last rabbit out of the country, and whon wa
have firiy dogs to eacn rabbit, I prefer to go dog hunt
ing awhile, ThU cry about monopolies m'oiiopobcs,
trusts, c. Is popular, bal silly.
The Standard Oil Company and tlie l'i iiman Car
Cnisptny, with tba sugar trust, glie to Hie world tlie
cheapest ell, the greatest comfort to weay travellers,
and the cheapeet sugar the world ever saw
The Vandsrlltt and reunsrlvaula railroads eimblna
a network or railroads stretching almost orer half the
I'nlted rtstss, gitattia bsst equipped lines, the fatsst
trains, the most reasonsblo rai w of any railroads lu tha
worIL What tha South needs le not the dismember
ment of railroads and tha bankruptcy of her corpora
tions but such friendly consideration and wise legisla
tion as will conserve their Interest and darslop their
resources until the Southern States shall have as mag
nificent railroads as New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio,
Illinois, ac.
I mar not havo eyes to see rightly nor cara in hear
wisely, but surely I hare had opportunity ta sea and
bear, aa I have covered most of the grouu I from Ue Ina
to California, and Canals to tha uulr. 1 am candid
when 1 say that (his warfare on our railroads and cor
porations have dona ue lunnlfe'y mora barm than all
other llilngi combined, for when you depress and ham
mer down Southern securities to the point where our
bankers cannot h) pothecata them In New York to get
money to move nur cotton crop, then It's lima to call a
lialr. Ventral Railroad a ecu l.l one month and Ml tha
next, mtlecauio Wall street lon tho rampags. bulbs
cause of home warfare ou combines. Ac,
The grsanst prosperity I bare seen In America Is
along the line ot tlie prosperous and well managed
rallroals. The two ar Interdependent. If yon will
show me one prospering without the other then joa
will show me a sight I bare not looked upon la my
peregrinations. I know It Is unwise to posh this battle
further agalmt railroads, and If those In authority
shall think and act differently, time can and will
demoBitraia who was wise and who was foolish.
Yours truly, 841s 1", Joins.
B, H, Oete Oretere.
ilusssll Jl. IT, Now, sea here, pa, news Is nighty
sesrea mess days, and I can' I ran a weakly and a dally
without aaws-ssa t
B. II. But. my son, what can I do I
Basiell n. Il.-Oh, rthaw, pa, den't be foolish, Ton'ra
here le make history, mun. Take off your coat aud
make some, and give me tba tlp-lbst's all I want.
lie Wnkee Up Wbro She Klos.
ynm ruc.
'Toes ) our wife talk iu her slsep I"
"o, but she frc'i'itnilr aest In mine."
X-I.S-T-E-R O-1-L-F.I'L.L-E.yi"
And Towerta Miss Law Clarea Bewa
Vssoa Ulna aa lie Walked Awar.
Earlr la August the Teachers' Committee of
the Faterson Doard of Education requested
Miss Homer, a teacher tn Public School 15, and
Miss Ansa Law, a teacher In School 14, to send
In their resignations on the ground that they
were Incompetent teachers. One of the allega
tions was that tho teachers did not maintain
discipline. The women attended a meeting of
the committee and protested against Its action.
Miss Law Is excitable, and she said unpleasant
thing. The committee was obdurate. The I
women consulted lawyer, who advised them '
that the request for their resignation wan not '
equivalent to dismissal, and that when school I
began ther should attend and take charge of
their clasies as usual.
School opened last Tuesday. Mls Homer
fonnd another teacher In her place and bowed
to the Inevitable, saying that Mis should be on
baud when par dar came. Miss Law Is six I
feet tall nnd more. H10 is bro id-shouldered '
as well. She objected to the assertion that ehe
could not maintain discipline. The principal
of tho school reminded her of the request of
the Teachers' Committee. .She Inela'ed on
taking her classes. Mr. Gitflllen. Chairman of
the Teachers' Commutes, wa sent for. Mr.
GIlMlen Is only live fret seven Inches tall. He 1
walked eloss un to Miss l.nw, 'Ihn teacher
tinned her bond nnd cuned her nck until
hireres looked right down Into Mr. tlllnlli-n's.
Mr. Giinlleu adjusted h a illusion nsd looked
up at her.
".Madam." he said, speaking slowly and dis
tinctly. " what are your Intentions .'"
Miss law continued to look down Into Mr.
GlIQilon's eyes, liei lawyor hnd Instructed her
to in aln hr temper and no: c-'t exalted.
"M-l-s-t-e-r U-M-r-M-l-e-n." nhe -aid delib
erately, remun berlns her 1 iw yer's injunction:
".M-it-e-r C-l-l-f-l-M-o-n. l!-yoii-lme-nnythlne--'0"far
to me-you-can sse my
lawyer-Mr. l'e'cr-llrle."
Jladnm." said Mr. Gllflllen ngaln. "what
Bra vour Intontlons; Do you proiote to re
sign no the commute- renui-st ' '
" M-l-s-t-e-r U-M-M-l-l-e-n." replied Miss
Law. "If j ou-bae -nnn hlnc-to-sny to
me 'ou -fun pen -my lawyer. I-rofiise
to -diicusi thi-i matter-orto -answer
anv of your questions "
, Ml sfnw still lo"l.id down In!" Mr. Glini
lsn'seyes. Mr. Oliflllenwalki'ii off Miss i aw
wml to teaching horclnss. When cli,.. was
out s!uconsiilied tor lawyer. Ho told her she
hnd done Well, .ind thnt now sie must do any
thing that her superior told htr to d". Ho
when thKupr!ntindi-ut f r-'chonls told her
jcsiorJMV thnt ho want I lift to u awnr. "-he
Sent. Mr; will get her salary for this month.
The Eonid r.r Il.iucntlon will hold a apei-lal
meotluc to-night to art on tho cases, nnd It Is
likely that boih w mon will le dismissed.
Ihelr co-itractt s.ii- they mu-r hno thirty
days' notho b-lote they can be discharged.
Mr. riouernml T.tciit.-Our. tttiaee.
To Tim Eoiron or Tau bu. ,,i; I nollce
p THEhev of to-day an intcrWew with Lieutenant-Governor
Jo'ies. in which he is quoted
ns refeirlnc to Mr. Tlower'a r6fusnl to run for
the Lieutenant-Governor hln In l&rlo us "his
cowardly desertion of the party ticket." Gen.
JoneidoubtleBsforgi-ts that the Democrats of
the State know Mr. 1 lower's uiiawon lug devo
tion to his party's jirlnciples: bis lendiness
nnd eagerness to do nil in his power to enable
the tlck-t to win. He evidently forgets that
the people ot the State know Mr. Flower's open
and fine business record : nls charity nnd pub
lic apiri. Aa a gentleman, a Christian, and
ardent Democrat it would be difficult to find
bis peer. He has no sui erior.
Thelmputntion of disloyalty will III apply here.
When hamuel J. Tildon relusod the nomination
forl'resldent in 188J be was not considered dis
loyal When Horatio Soymour declined the
Convention's nomination tor Governor he was
not called disloyal. But Gen. Jones continues:
"Anything I cau do to provtnt Mr. Flower's
nomlnntlon or election I shall do to the bitter
end." This coes well with his former state
mont, nnd Is fine talk for n mnn who hna twice
been nominated br Democrntlo Conenllonfc
and elected by Democratlo votes to the second
ofllce In tho Stnte. If dlsloinlty bo npplli-able
nn i v, here, will it not npidy here .' If Geu. Jone
must lleht. lift hlra light In tho Convention
an men nnd manly fight, 'this he will not do.
a-, he ears he will not attend. Would it not
look better lor him to co there, as n Demociat
nnionir Democrat, join in tho procoedlng of
tho Democrat, and stand by the ticket, lather
than go mniiiupradlmt about with his alde
Miowr Whether ho runs inlrpendently or
not. he has done mucli tolniurohls teputatlon
nn n true Democrat, nnd It does not become as
eallant a S)ldioras Gen. Jones was to sulk.
in party service- Mr. Flower has never beor.
found wanting. He hna several tlme3 torn
honoied by election to CongienB. and has beeu
n credit 10 his district nnd his htate. Am a rol
lilcinn of kon lnlght he proved it ns Chair
man of the Congm.onal Campaign Commit
tee In lfft'J nnd 1-i'iO.wliHn we carried the Ilouse
by unprecedented majorities.
Jones, or no Jones, the Demoorats seem to
want I". 1'. riovvor. He Will be In the bnnd of
hi party. V. H, T.
Jinn ohk, Sept. C.
Opening the Fair (Sunday.
Ta ma Eonon or Tna Set Sir- In Tm Scv you
say ou have not hsard of any organized opposition to
c!os ng tha World's Fair on Sunday. Euch opposition,
however, axlsis and romes from tha free thinkers of
the country. The Tivth .V'trrbas In hand a petl'Ion
against such closing t. un thousands of names neon It,
and other liberal Journals have similar petltlona. She
other side to the Mabtialurlai.Ism of tlie t-abtiath Cnlon
will be beard, tne American Secular Cnlon will utter
Its oraemred protest, ai.d the militant Co onei at the
heai nf the t-abbath Cnlon win, ts on sn-h flippantly
fsml'lar terms wlih.ieiua and Uod-win nnd thai there
are other people in the co mtrr besldee hypocrites and
tuols. Tfe World s lir has not to be open on tiundara,
K. M MiWHiiiiti. Kdltnr truth fiteket,
ho SSLsrivrrri i'licc, .Saw York. hept. IU,
Forelea Natea of Ileal Interest.
Egypt's cotton crop for this year la the largest ever
The Brlt'sh War Offca has given 90,000 worn out
helmets to tho Salvation army.
The Minplon tunnel will need eight years and a half
to bore, and win cost f l.'.cmu 000.
" Fonts "Is a new egplnslve Invented at Liege, aatd to
be more powerful tsan an) thing known up to dale.
The Austra Ian federstton bill has been ttasssd by tha
Victoria I ewlslntuia Jvew Zealand being excluded from
The C'lnlernf rtanorrr has this advertisement: ror
Fale t plsno of superior cusllty, played upin for
some time by a barou."
Nearly twenty three knots In "liclitsrous weathsr."
was the speed attained by tha last torpedo boat built by
1 arrow A Co., for Ictorla.
Iteally gilt edged tea keeps going up. A parcsl of
"goldsn tips" enwu on the Siahaketllja estate, Cey
lon, has been snM In London for 117r a pound.
The two new 1 unrJ nhips toheooo feet long and
falter tlua anything a"ot. are guiranieed by the
tullders to l-e ready for curly in the spring of IFnj.
His vli litis, Ihenewstrlnced Inslriiment between a
viola and n 't"o la xaill nn octave below the violin.
IlsPnverluir l like lint rf ihe 'eelln and it Is com
msnded lo ncm-n as a si bsdtu'.e for that Intlru
mint. Thirteen years ago a student In Berlin was mobbed
In the sireets for appearing on a bicycle. Now the
German Union cr Mcrillsis, wh'eh has Just be'dlte
eighth annual cenfereuce at breilaj. has 11,000
The cos; of crime in the tnllel Klnrdom Is very
heiivr. Ihs anuual cost or the police force amounts to
nearly JJO,ixu,ui, the annual tost of prisons S3 ujo,.
iA and tha annual coit or rsformatury and Industrial
schools f J uoo.u K. Ihe cost steadily Increases.
Bono's new opera, " Jv'ero," will have no overture.
When tha curtain rl'ss there will be heard from he
bind the scenes a chorus consisting of cllliens cursing
Nero and working up a revolt. I'resenllr the voices
draw near the stags being totally dark, and tlio or
chestMs'lent Suddenly the crowd Is revealed on tha
atage, with Nero lu tie middle, ami the full orchestra
bursls forth with a tremendous furilislnio.
Oen. Hlchcota has died agsd bf, ihe last English om
csr who fought at Waterloo. lie was bom In 1701, lie
fagged at Itugby, for Macraady, the actor. Artersrv
Ing on tha rcntnsula be was ordered with bis regiment
to New Orlsanaaud actually sailed, bnt his ship was
overtaken by a fastsr ens with orders to return In prep
aration ror the aireggls of Ilia Allies. He also was at
the ball si Bnuie'.e nsfore tba battle of Waterloo.
The Unexpected.
from UeDfimi rrtt rrai.
CWL,..",.,,B "! boys and girls,
. bile I a tale relate
About a little boy named Tom,
VV hose age was almost eight.
Tom was a headstrong kind ef boy,
V, ho thought It jolly fun
To scare hie mother half to death
ax blowing u a guu.
One day a stranger came that way,
As strangers oft bal done,
But this una left behind ihe dear
A double barrelled gun.
"Ha. bal" quoth Tom the naughty boy,
if single barrels make such sport,
ThU should make twice aa much."
So Tommla took tne double f ua
. Mralghi to hla toolbar fasti
"It leu I loaded. Maw ' ha yelled.
And blew a mlghiy blast.
And Too mle Where Is Tommla now J
A halo 'round his head t
Not much It wasn't loadsd. Just
As mile Tuuinle said.
Win. J. Liarrox.
Tise (Society that la Maklasr Use Treaaleta
Chlaa-Tha Meat rawerisl la the JLaaet.
rrrss fe ieaavm riwre.
The Kolao Hul. the secret society to which
the tecent antl-loreign outrages in the angtse
A alley are attilbuted. I at present the mot
tiowarful of these tronblei-ome organlratlons
In China. It was founded In the tiiibuientnnd
claunlhb province ol Uunun. whence consider
able numbers of men aro drawn fur the Chi
nese army. Unlike many bines secret socle
tics. It Is non-rebglous. and Is larcoly .i.llttaty.
It has existed I r about nftr iaar4, and at
tained creM power amopc the Hunnn tisen un
the Imperlul side In the Talplng lebelllon.
At llrnt the object aeematohnte leu mutual
protection against the plunder ;d exiorllon
practised by the civil fllclnl In denlint: with
the pnr and maintenance of tho toop, end
tula ubjeet is still preserved. Oltlcers iih well
asprlvute memteis. and the niithoriti-s who
ate KUpposed to have III treated tho troops are
punished by asassluailon, Ihe des'riictlon of
Ihnlr hou'0 nnd jitoperly. and by sudden and
de-iructive riots In tholr districts. It is be
lieved that the ceremony of initiation onslsts
In killing tt cock nnd drinking U-ti blood, either
nlone or raited with wlno. This hns always
been ncomu.un practice with nil Cttlnoso.ee-
'Ihe hi bio' Hul l nlsn believed to Import
the nn'terlous aud supi-rnntural Ibto tnair
11-ocecdlnt.s ly the uv 01 the nnii;.r.'(-:
a inr-ll being t-ust-ended oer a board
Dpi Inkldd with sand In bik-Ii n wny thnt when
rnoved Ihe point lenvos marks In the snnd.
Tha iimvo re it is nttributud to occult influ
ence, an 1 tTir lender ol tho -nclntr prf sent In
terpreis the si jns. which then tiiko Ihe lorm
In thmuindabf llm momberH nl Divine com
mands. Tho I' aiirUrt i m thcreloie, a kind of
orno'o. niit has playnl nn lu;i"ita t piiri In
many Chinese ah-oclntloii'. J ho no o Hul In
course id ilmo rulmltlcd to itn uivinberHhlli
1 ai suns who had ii'unnnoUlni Wllh tlm nrnir.
anil it . nisi oulaig'il Its objects. Whether the
leadM thought they saw dancer to their
countrr In the presence id J.uroneans,
or In thu pr.iiaaution of Christianity In
hlnn. or whether It was ratrelr part
01 th-lr pohcr for humtillng and
punishing local oittclals. it Is tertnin that the
soctetv hnilong boeu knwn as anti-foreign,
nnd esroi-lally anlt-ml'-slonarv. U h p-rei-u-tlomol
tbo hiench prietta Hnd their congre
gations In ltinnnn and h7eciann for years
niBt linva ln nitriliutml tn the machinations
or the Ki I mo liui. The mi'mhurs rMtenge onch
others pi hate wrongs, and many join It for
that puiposeonlv. The ticket ot membership
l usually n small oblong Pier of linen nr cal
ico itiiiureJ with n few characters, two of them
being the mine China. The possession of
tliea. ir discover 'd. especially In troubled
times. Is immediate execution at the hands
of Iho ntithortties. 1'reauently membera
are enlisted br fraud. Ther are in
duced on one psvtouo or another to
sign tholr names in m innocent-looking
bonk, which turns out to bo a roll of the mem
bera, nnd then ther are nfriild to draw bnck
lKtthe society i-houM take vengeance. The
subscriptions vnrr. and nro not generally
heavy: when funds are needed more members
nre enlisted sometimes In the manner just
described. Tba subscription usually go to the
lender, who nrovl le arms and the men lor
doperntft enterprises.
The hits Lily Hocletr. which was the most
formidable ot all Chinese secret societies, aud
which had Its origin as a religious and vegeta
rian association, is rarely heard or now; It
was broken up at the commencement of the
cntury. The Triad U mainly a Cantonese so
duty, and has its members wherever Chinese
emigrate in largo number. Kverr province
has its own secrxt societies, which are the ter
ror and despair of the local officials. Tbe
Kolao Hul bus heennttarked bypowerful Vice
roys again and attain, but it has grown and
flourished, owing to the tlmldltr and corrup
tion of the magistrates and local officials.
A T.aconotlve that le Expeetea to JPull a
Trala to Philadelphia la 0 Mlnntce.
From the rMlad'tptita Recartl.
"If tho now engine I am about to hare con
structed Is not capable of making 1UO miles aa
h-iiir I'll give her to the llrt person I meet."
This statement was made resterdnr by Mr.
Jackson ltichnr Ir. Iho master meobanlo of the
Philadelphia and Headlni; Jtallroad. whn wa
exhibiting ton party of deeply Interested per
sons tho drawing for a locomotive whlob. if
sucoeesful. Is almost Burn to revolutionize the
construction of Ihe high-speed locomotives.
Mr. ltlchards lm been working on bis latest
Intention for the past leu ears, nnd a few
dnrs ngo tho drawings wer- completed and
the patent was applied for. If the new flyer is
as successful as evpens predict she will be It
i more than likely that the time between
Philadelphia nnd New xork will be maJe In
less than nn hour,
in outwnrd appearance tho new locomotive
will not diner materially from Ihe speedy en
dues now used ou the l'hlladelpblu and Head
ing linilroad between this city ami New York.
'1 le peculiarity of construction Ilea in the fact
that intend of tho two cyllndeis as used nt
pro-ent ihere will be four, line cylinder will
be located nn each ride of the locomotive
frame us at present, and the oibertwo will be
ca-tlnwhnt le Known as the cylinder saddle.
Theluhide pnlr of cylinder are 10 be In one
Piece., und will lie on on angle. The out-ddo
cylinders we to be horizontal as at present.
The four cylinders will entirely over
come what Is known to oncineers as the dead
centre, and tbe engine will Le per'ectlr bal
anced without anr counterbalance in the
wheels, a his latter Improvement will, to a
large decree, do awnr with tbe vlolous pound
ing which has proven sodestructlve to modern
roadbeds. The perfect balancing of the en
gine will be largely due to tbe working of tha
two cylinders so near her centre, and tbe.se
samevrllnders workings as tbeydo from such
a central point of vantage, will help out in the
matter 01 speed in a great degree.
According to the experts who have exam
ined the drawings the vnlve motion Is perfect.
'1 here will be lour waives one to each cylin
der nnd they will be operated br two links,
thu name as now used for two cylinders. The
engine Is designed to be built on the Wooton
fire box. tn sam ns is now used on the fa
mouB"20ti." which made a mile In the remark
able time of S9i seconds on Aug 2". The or
dinary speed of tho dostlned world-beater will
bo eightr-nve miles an hour.
air. Andrew Lang Hays that Ther Make
Terrible Onsbaade.
Fton vnjmjn-i Jtacusme.
The moral for ladles Is. "Don't marry liter
ary men." The marriages of authors have
been wretched out ot all proportion to ihe
common lot. The reason fa nut only that au
thois are yaln and Irritable and Mighty and
absorbed, like artists, in their work. Tne
truoorchletcnuxe ol mvrled misery among
writers Is probably this: They do 'heir work
at home Now. bricklayers, soldiers, doctors,
barristers, clerks, and most men do tnelr work
uway lioni homo. Dome-tin troubles about
'servants, children, butt hers, dressmakers,
cannot bs launched on them while they aro oc
cupind with their business.
friolL ,, lb"Ti n.turn, bring preoccupation
with briefs, or bricks, or clients, nr what not.
into their domesilo circle, hut Mrs. l.lterarr
Nan Is ant 10 rush In upon the solitude of
(senius with f-ome "terrible tnlo from the
mum." while t enlus. hen Btimmonod to
his menl. has his head full of rlomes, 0r.1t
tlio persons in his nova!, or. to take Mr
CarlyluV case of Kredeilck the Uient or Oliver
( romwell. H. mind is absent whon he should
bo lending tho pleaded ear to fomlnine prattle
and. luter, when yxniiiined theioln, lie is nils
einblv plucked. Hois convicted of not liav mr
attended to jvmit was snld-a crime of Insult
I dare eay .Mrs. Cnrlrle often found Mr. Carlvlei
tin uncoucoitiod nnd, impatient hearer of
her witty conversation, wlierenj ho did
llston when nwny from home In a coun.
try house 1 to J aty, Ashluirton. lienor these
tears ot ..Mrs nrlrto'x. arid the coutldenena
which abe Inflicted on .Mn.'zlnl and others
'1 ho unlucky pair, as Mr. Cnrlvlo said, h id
thinner ftkina thun other people, and were pro
fusely irolnua, to beuln alth. Hut if Mi
t'.irlyln had been wi.u enough tn keep hoi
books nnd papers In n romnin ntiitllo, and to
walk llu'.lier cveiy niornlng he und hla wlfo
would l.iuo i.'lveii Jess hand.e lo tho gutslu
aud the biogntphor. "
kouug ladles about tn muiry llieiary men
roung men engaged to literary Indies, should
ponder on these things nnd arrange to do their
work rivvav from home, unless tlmv hm-.. .
belter fmrors, and tllgo-tlnns thnn the
l.'iirh.'ee oninvoj "Home indiisules" may lie
salutiirr when ihcv aro inerlianleal. but not
when tlie nru ment il, est oclnlly if the laborrr
has tho iiilta'j.llt) of kouiti lin-Mlr not or ull -iionlufo
Amjiskw Lc,
nVbut dim Illee Think He Haw.
IrrM tl,t Mllnta CouiUKtlton.
Dtiiiovsr,. Ga, fieri. 0. Jim Illco ran
aoross a natural curiosity thn oilier dar on the
Tan Inrdhrnncli. It waa aaunkn ubout eight
Inches in IciiLili of the adder jarlety. with two
distinct nnd perfect henda and loureyes When
Interrupted its two tongues would daitout
tlmulmnojusly and ita lour eroglHter.
nvky tbe JTIruniuicr Qnlt.
Fron tut CMcaao Dill rrleim.,
' Vo 1 look blue "
" I teel inue"
' H ill irarelllng for Silk Satin I"
' Mi I v- qilll.
t i,'ulti Vuu don't mean It! When did you leave
About tvvenu minutes ago."
twiat niisilie iroiii.et i.xpenss account I"
"tea. expense account " v.,
kicked iinei ii ror medicine when you were aud.
den'y taken III. Isuppusei'i ,v" "" ,ua"
"li no, ther passed that"
bo'lek't'ir'ba" r " ,0U " Plr ' X In a 13 a day
that""' u""e'1" " -w na Ibsy let It seat
; iiblscted to paying 50 cenu for a shine, then
"I don t believe they even saw that Item
ter, "imf f .... r"r ,uu "' Uo '"' '1" car por-
''.No Icier re always allowed thai.'1
" Uhat did lhj objen to. then T '
M all. 1 nu see I awriiad erervthlng a little to sort of
make up lor the iilihl I was oat telih the tors and
they passed every Item until they uame te one of St far
a sleeiuug car hsrlh irom 81 I'avil to jaiBneai.olls.Thtt
was too much for them. "'uneapoiis, Tuat
One it Hi sights ot Caatport, Ms , Is a ma SO rate,
'it dPy lurrying tha dlanar ef hie father lb law,
af ed s:, who Is still active as a mechanic.
Ut tsvu laauatea of the National Stldiera' fleraa at
Torus, ale., the Hoard ol Medical Etsmleers have feau
that ovsr 2J per cant, suffer from bsart dissasa.
till rarortrd that gold bearlrg qsarti of wooo'srfs!
rlchie e has been discovered In tha Atlkekao ranis
north ef Lata soparlor, I Ihe rerl Arttnr district.
The moccasins worn by many ot tbe nestern tribes
of Indians are now made in Malue. Itweild be luter
estlag to know what percen age of rrof.t the sirup's rsl
man mates In ssl.lag tbesa relics" to tocrnta.
-The Introduction of the typewriter, and lu now at
most onlrersal use. la said lo have practically rulnel
tl a ordinary Ink business and canvassers ftr Ink maau
f acturers are pushing all sorts of gift entsrrr se echsmee
to help the isle of their gMs
It la rati Dated that the hop crop now being gathers
lu Washington all bring to the growers ll.sojurui,
clear procta Tha hop lice weri Ihreaten'ng theie
profits sery sir.ouily, but so far the growaria-saiisal
andllt'.'e damage has been dose br thalaaj
There 'a a deeply rooted superstltio-i la Scot'sat
that May marriages aro unlucky and ara bound tn torn
ot t badlr. Last Arrll there were 3.013 marriages In
Feotlsnl. In May there were but l.ioa. while lo June
the number Jumped 10 l4s-lwlee as many rnir
rUgss In Airll as In May, ai.d four times as maar la
Tie marvellous recordset this year of pbenmtei
crops may yet have to be revl.ed for surprising a-im
tlona Mr Join R Iahy ef Kew London has an appe
tree In his garden w tilcli Is blesiomlng for tbe secoad
lime this ear It has borne a large crop and Is to
eerered With buds, and has aoma blosioms la fa I
l.vsn the African colonise era outdistancing Canata
in the grow ih ot population. Tlie recent census at fie
Capeut itool Hope shows a population, la ronnd num
bers, as follows! Whites, 377 usi native Marts i-sooi
ether colored races, Stei.isV). total. I.SJtuoi. Thecen.
etisof s7oeiowed a population gf 7-iAOW and tbe i&
crease since that time Unit Oou
The larmers' Alllaoeo Is Ivlog lew In Kansas Jmt
at present, and the awful eatamtty and hopeless pov
erty walls tint a been laid away for protection from tbe
bllglitcf the big crops Ihe loan and trust comtanlss t
snd Ihe banks In Topeka are receiving ihouiaods a
r'o'lsrs from the farmoreof the Ktate every Car, and
the fol'owlng are samp ee of the statements that coma
with the remlttancsa "Half mr wheat crop caid ot
all inr Hobte 1 am solng ta Europe for atrip." "Here
Is tl.Osi. and I dug It ad out nt my farm. Thank Ood
1 don t owe a cent to day. '
-4 f. Raes, a Western mining man, ties a scheme br
wh'ch he proposes to reroiuttonlre mining and acqulrs
considerable wealth. Iretasd of delving down In the
earth for precious meta a. ha Is going mining li a
lailoon A'ong tha precipitous si les of tha deep cairns
la the Rockies are many ledges which are knowa to be
eiesedlagty rich In ore but which ara laaccesst&'o rn
account ef the Immense height and sheer sldss of the
dim V.T Reee Intends to reach these ledge, in a
ba'lonn He v.111 anchor hlslsrgeba'Ioon tothe bottom
of the canon with long ropes, aud ascend to the point of
Ihe wall of the calon where the leCge is. Then a foot
hold wlu be worked Into Ih ledge from the balloon,
and the raining begun from than point.
The telephone between London and Par a Is proving
a big success, sclsntlncallr, commercially, and flnsn
tla'ly. Klectrlclane say there la no telerhoni rlrci.lt In
Londoa. or In Kngland. that works ao clearly anl rer
fectlr The larll la eight abllllnga. or t- for three
minutes use of the w Ira. and tha average nnmberot
calls daring tha past few weeks has been fifteen si
hour during the busy part ot the dar. and about lus a
dar From records kept of actual bna'neas transacted
It It estimated that messagee ara sent between Loodoa
aad farls at the rate ot nvewnrda for twocents.se
enormous redaction oa tbe regular telegraph cable
rates. Tb e telephone haa beea need through to Brut
aela. and also to Marseilles, the latter a distance of MO
"One af the drawbar as te the yellow pine trade'
said Atonro T Dscker recently, "Is the great difficulty
In breaking la 2 oung men 10 learn the trade. X hare
trleo hundreds of bright young men. many of them
college graduate but when It came ta fractions they
Invariably went to Mecca. There la not a business
known that reqnires so mueb cxaet figuring as tba ye,
low pine trati?. It Is a continuous multiplication cf
fractions by fractions, which Is not the case with the
ordinary lumber trade A common school education it
all that is require I of an apprentice, bnt in learning
ofhsr brancbee the employeee eecm to ferget their
fractions. I (Irmly believe this le one of tha reasons
why thero are but seven concerns In tbe North en
gaged In the trade."
Oen. Dryenrorths fame as an adjuster et meteor
ologlcal conditions has apread acrosa the Atlantic, and
the people of London, and England generally, ara
plucking up hope that thare may yat be a bright
aunny fnture ahead for their It'aod. They want flea
Dryenforth to ooma over to I.oudon andusebtamaaio
In dispersing the fog. Ther think a heavy fall of rala
would dissipate the fog and It baa bean suggested that
bomb katcbes be anchored In the Thames midway be
tween each of the bridge and explosive shells fired
from them to a hlsrh aliunde. Tbe explosions, it is
thought, would bringdown the rain and floor the fog
It Is suggested that the hary Department aealst laths
experiments The people of Brighton tha famous sea
elde resort, want t know If Gen. Dryenforta'a science
could ba uaed to prevent rain from falling.
A tragic and pathetic Incident, remlnleoent of Brsl
Harta aud witness to the faithfulness of some ot his
best stories, occurred la Utah last wuk. Th 11 ia..
body et a young man. finely dressed, with a ballet bols
In his forehead and a rape around bla neck, waa faun 1
leaning against a tree In Calder'e fark, a p'easure
around near Salt Lake city. On the body was this
note! "To tbs Coroner or Whom It Hay Concern 1 I
kill myself because I am dead broke and am tired ot
living. Xy name la Mud. and this ta a proper ending
of aa unfortunate Ufa. I have na friends and am a
atranger in the city. I'lease nut ma away In the near
east burring placs to where you And mr body and ac
cept tbanka for that la all I have to give." The man'e
atorr was probably worth tel Ing; and ha eould doubt
laae bar told It In a way that would have inide it
worth listening to.
-ijrs. French Sheldon, the Englishwoman whore
cently went on an adventnreus exploring expedlttoo la
Africa, gave an account of her trip at the meeting of
the British Association a couple ot weeks ago. She aatd
her Journey was not undertakea In tht Interests or set
ence, but simply for tht purpcae of enabling her to
study the habits and customs ot tbe nnclvl'lzed sav.
ages, hhe directed her own caravan, and had lots '.
trouble with untrained, untrustworthy, and rabe'llona
natives In her train. Knassllihst somatlmss she felt
dleposed to shoot every man In tha caravan, and did
aometlmee use her heavy whip on tht rebeUious ne
groes .She travelled throngb. meny portions of the
Dark Continent that had never been visited by while
women, and some portions where no while men bad
ever teen, hhe gavt seme valuab e Information about
ber trip to Kilimanjaro and Lakt Cha'a.
Washington will probably bold tbt record for ffi
rams after the prtsent weaderf ul run of salmon, which
It literally cboktng tht waters of ruget Sound. Is over. I
Ther will to plenty of affldavlta and Instaotansous
views to accompany the stories, too. fishermen are
selling to the canning compamei boat loads or tht
flnsst quality of silvsr salmon weighing about twenty
pounds aplec ror on cent each. The men aay they
can make lots of money at this price If they cau sa'l all
the Tab. they cau catch. Iinougb Ssh can be caught in
one day at Tort Townssnd to All l.oou barrels. One
man caught fourteen Hue salmon In a very short llm
with a cm hook fastened to a hoe handle, and in tbs
shallow wster of Ih Dcngenetsa man threw the Hen.
out of the water with a riicbfork. and verr soon ee
cured enough to last his family for a month. Kany of
the storlsa sound exceedingly Bshy. and almost fabu.
loua. but tb amailng magnllul of tb rsa U most
trustworthy Aliened.
- I like fiem best fried singly," sill the man who
sat nsx; at the orsier counter. 1 m having soma
cooked that way now, You know the way In sour, rss
taurants is Input two or tnrsa rather email oysters to
gether, ro.l them In cracker dust, and than fry Ihtm.
IVItes Ihsyaro ery carefully fried, lb uutald may
bs overdone an 1 the Inside uuderdon. The belter way
Is to take good oysters cf pretty fair site, but not toe
bl; and give limn the thinnest n..n.i. .... ..
tint crackei , ust, what you wont to tasta It lb oytttr,
not the .rackor. Thta yu fry ihtm elgglr. aud yoa
are careful not to cook them too mueb: rou don't waut
to dry up the Juices of the meter. Vou want te eat
thsm from a pale that la Just hot enough to uelt the
butter that yuu use, How much of the freshly melted
butler you shall eat upon each oysttr la a matter of
laste , for mj self, If tbt baiter It good. I like le lora tht
oytttr tu It once, lightly, fcomttlmti 1 Ilk a little
mustard on fried oysisrs; not French mustard, but the
ordinary kind. i cu want but vary little of It, ana Mat
folks doa't lite It at all lou lar you have heard all
this befire I think very ULel) , there isn't mueb Ibat
Is rsallynsw about Ih 01 ster."
W hen h took hit teat lu Ihe car he saw flying sbout
very tofily on Ihe Inner side of the wludow glass a big
gray moth, lit thought It might light oa him and
annoy blm, snd that It would be belter to put it out of
Hi tear, lor about a minute and a half he tried le
catch It. Th moth a trr quit! and seemingly ytrr
deliberate In movement, bum had no dlftlcullr what
ever In evading lis pursuer At last the men raised the
window a little und sncir'n to drive the moth down lo
tho opening, Ihlnlliic Hut It would fly nut of Its own
accord, but ll.e m lib kept awa) and still flew tofily 10
and fro across tht n.u It should bt Ml down to Hit
man's credit that he kept cool and wa not rule, he
dldn'i try lo kill the luotb with a book or a newepsr sr
W bst he might bavt dont nobody can tell, for tht molU
steratd lo lira of that window and suddenly but verr
gently It Btw to Hit ntxlontback and began to tract
upon that gait an Invhlblt pattern of lac. la thai
taut sst a tastefully dretssd lady wbost bands were
ry damiiiy giuve.1. tu tiled 10 catch Ihe moth, hjt
tht moth turned not to deslrt to hav lit wings ruftitd
by any mis. Thsu Iht lady optutd Ihe win low. Thst
lime the moth flew downward it alighted on the lady's
hand and flutltrtd tbtrt aa Inittut tudtktnCsw vet
sal away,
I a

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