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I J .IT'3 SO." mtW 1 r SStfSltS' V SWV I IT'S SO." I .1
btie dances all arousd the
fleet mart powell.
riaytd With (he Pride of the Hndaon as
the Norwood Plnyed "With the Hon.
month, ned When the Hnort Grew Hull
Purled olTfor a Ilrneh With I'ao.en
ser Trnln-TtMi Powell vrne Oolnc SI
Sliteean nonr.tint Capt. Anderson Bare,
or Conrir, thut Hhe Wi't Racine;.
j.lko ft tlnr whit demon srownod with flow
ing loekB of sooty hair, which the wind tossed
victoriously behind, the Vnmoosa danced all
nround the Mary 1'owell yesterday nftartioon on
tho Hudson. It wm ft gay clnnoo. for It wiped
out (intent of tha past by nn amply satisfying
victory. It was n dellant dnnce. too, for thoro
was a saucy dignity In tho way the speedy
team rncbt tossed her bend nbovo the waves
whenever she settled down to ronl work: Mid
every wilful burst of speed deemed lo bo
meant for n challenge to the disdnlnful Nor
wood. In short, the Yamooe slurted out yastsrday
to beat tha Mary Powell on hor trip uu the
Hudson, and played with liar ns the Norwood
hud plArcd with tho swift Monmouth. Hha
loitered by hor side as thouch fearful of tha
contest at first, and then burst aheid gloo
jully ns though laughing nt tho row-oil's
clumsiness. She darted from side to side
la front of tha bis atentnbont and clr
eled clean around hor. Hor sharp bow
spelled out tho word defoat In foamy lottcrs
behind, on either aide, nod In front of hor bin
antagonist, and ftt length off Ilnsttti gs.whentho
Jiwfll's discomfiture was more than complete,
ibe spun about and darted nwny without even
a salute, to try nnd find a worthlor antagonist
In the fitst Now York. Falling to make a brush
with h-r. the sportive nnd triumphant Vamooso
spun lo her anchorage oft South Brooklyn.
When Mr. Hearst tied bis llttlo filer to the
pier at West Thirty-fifth streot nt 2 o'clock In
the afternoon for a breathing frell before tho
brush, she looked ne trim ns a race horse, Sho
had been stripped of nil nnuecossnry weight,
liar crew's bunks, tho cushions in the niter
caMc. the llfobont nnd lis davits, the search
llcht, even tho big flagstaff at the fore, had 1 0011
taken out and left behind. Including the offi
cers, erew. and guests there were only four
teen parsons aboard. Mr. Hearst said than
that ha would not race far, for if his boat could
not bast tha steamboat before reaching
Yonkers there was no need to go further.
Just before she started, tha white squadron.
trash Tram ita holiday at Bar Harbor, ealledug
tha river under the leadership of the'CfiTeajro.'
The war ships turned andanohored. the Chi
cago stepping opposite l'orty-second streot.
The white Vamoose went out to greet them,
bhe rounded the long, low Vesuvius, which
tailed the procession, and speeded past the en
tire Una. Bhe swung round the bows of tho
Chicago sharply and passed back between tna
Newark and the Yorktown, She iookod not
unlike ono of them herself, viewed through the
big end of a class.
Just then, at 3:31 o'clock, the Mary Powell
put out from Twenty-second street for her rnn
of fifty miles to Cranston. Bhe hnd an un
usual number of passengers aboard, nnd her
flass whistled In a strong northeast wind. Sho
pnssed to the east of thn white squadron. while
her little rival was capering nboutlon tho other
side of tho line.
tailors In men-o'-wnr boats wero putting
ashore, and they shouted enconrngement to
bolb boats. The Vnmoosa wa thou running
at thrso-quatters speed with 220 pounds pres
sors Hor limit Is 23u pounds. Tho I'owell
had got down to business with a gauged pros
4 sure of 30niunds. Her limit is 45.
roranklle tba Vamoose seamed uncertain
Whether to race or not. Mie neared the Btentn
boat and then voered off westward. Then f-h ;
came ln"k. At lust she settled down well
ahead of the I'owell Hnd about two points ojr
the port bow. Oraditally 'be fell back. The
passengers on the Htenmer thought thairboat
Whs overhauling her. Opposite Klghty-fourtn
street her bows were even with those of tha
Powell, bho wus etenmlng alone 500 feet to
port. Tie pas'engers crowded to the sides
am waved liaudkerchlels to the little group
on the incbt. .Mr. Hearst stood amidships
witb Engineer I'ellbron. He lifted his lint.
Bull the vamoose was dropping buck, und tbe
rowoH's passongers were half sorry.
About opposite Ninety-fourth street. Mr.
Hearst made a gesture, and Immediately the
thin smoke which almost whittled out of the
shining braB stack cl anced tolnyyblnckneei.
It noured out in Ihi' k, sooty j.iiiib. and floated
far behind. I'm n fen a men's it partly hid
the boat Tho nmoo-e w t going faster now.
ens bad 221 ioun la nl steam on ami thn throt
tle pulled wide open li, bull a minute bha
was even with the I'owoll s bows. 'J hen she
bounded ahead, ifornose rvw hlghnboe thn
wate. and her knife-Ilk bows cut the water
Wlthscarcoly adaeho' nirsy lir Main wink
perceptibly, and lb fingle wae which bellied
amidships ntiU holloweil at br storn. roso al
most to her le,.L hho was ruumnit artny
from the l'owoli.
1 wnor thton iiiintitnK Inter she swept gr.icc
fully In front of the l'onell'H bow and look a
petition to ciarbonrd. Then hha swept buck
aealn Ah slewed from tho I'owell she had a
Mrong list to port U.rougbout. Thoie wero
eeral hundred poopln ou th dock at 1'JAtli
stroijt. They cheered. Hnd tliu little. rnCTiniid
a new buret of snoe. I, s-t a was then n gooil :juO
0yarc nhead. The ToneH's gaugo nt ttua time
laslslared it piosiuieof 4 poiidMb. bha up.
peared lo be gclng ir fast, but Cant. Ander
ton assured everybody ihut sho was niakiuc no
more th.iu bur usuul epeed.
lilf ion Lre the wnoi be suddonly veered to
larboard, and fell back. When the I'owell
J ad nearly caught pp. tho llttlo boat suddenly
heeled utiout to port, crosnlng the eteuru
l" at s bow, and mnda over touard the J'.ilt.
snuMii a long hweepinK curve. SlionpeiUouih.
ward, and lined up again. I nlf u milo a-terii.
J ho ontliotlm.i occupied iu this turn was 1 ,
RilmiteH. At least half tho imi-seiigurs on Urn
oamboat bad evidently no knowledge or th
intere.tlngevhlbltlonthntw.ihKOlngoi aromnl I
J'l,n. fpr they stayed iitiletly In tha c.iMii lend
ing. I hose who wero nluo to thn rliunin n
now hiirriecl to tho stern amlwnUhei tho oi
lortj of the Utile flyers tocatcli up.
nne camo like a laco horso. from a tiny
y.l'.'.a.spor. far tack in the water, she trow
JMWIy. Tho dense black einnko which potirod
'"'m her Mack booame blacker and thicker,
and flouted away in clouds oor tolhel'nll-ZfV-
as she approached on th poit iiunrtor
i i f,eraad, to jump iroiu tho wati, o i
hlch did she hold hor head. mine, t '
fe.mea, to go oor Insteud of thioiiu'li
;cuas The y.icht Nairn, which w.i out.
toste the fun with n party on board. wn lelt
fstiipd In it moment. l'loo totlio sto.iiiiliont
" amonse i an o ui. Boarctly a liuii Irea
W. eParated them whon thoy woro.tinonst.
Jnetali, siendor lormof the owner itppunroil
M.tho amnoso's curved back. He was
I?ln?.,to hi engineer, nnd he Miiilod
fd lifted 1 Is iiat to tho .lutatlolls
''ha Passengers on the I'owell. The guests
h?.?! r.ch,t. " giouiod behind the pilot
in7Jb.ai'0F ''"'last. Tlicn tho amoosa spurted
i,i'.lr.,ead ?Dl' rotialiio-t hor placo directly
H oI "' '"''well. It boil taken exactly i i
SlnVt- according to the Vomoc-e'e ciiKlneer.
l.?ll?Snt.t,,e ''owell's hnll-wlla lead, pass
eS'iain "..tialBbten out tba yacht's course
SnJiP.m.th leaa Uurlng this spurt thaVam
Ti. itu.m BftUto registered 2J0 pounds,
ki,; !owf'' a Kauge holered between twenty-
'i i.VftD.a th rty pounds.
Tir-U.l'' VlP"oi.e started In for some fun.
al raVei ,u'.i iocnl, .wiBf-enger tiaia nearly
nisd. ,SVtL? New InrkCeutial road. It nits
ti. pH5n0'iJPur .c"r'" on'' bad eusiirpasbed
I hi T?Wh.'L".w lei' u tB"!ht up to the Vnmoo-a
' tsnlf n, 'Ur.!9) U' "K"- Again her stern
"ok neu.ir into the waier. nui osaln tho
amnio blackened ns liar firemen shovelled
new supplies of Roft coal Into hor furnncft". .
Tho yneht nnd tha pABanger trnln had It
nip and tuck from Itlrardalo to Yonkers. where
the train Mopped. It was it close brush, but
thntnorry llurof thn wators won. Whon the
trnln Mopped, sha did not lessen her spcaJ,
blip wont strnleht nhead for Hastings.
V hen sho was opposite the Yonkers pier tho
watchers on the I'owell noticed that It was ton
minutes past 4 o'clock. Hhe renched Hastings
In ten minutes. Tho distance Is four miles,
nnd hor speod helwoen these points was there
luie twenty. four miles au hour, hhe was
theu iiioio tbnn halt n in Ho nhead
of tho rowclt. She lelt tho yacht
Countoss far In tho rear, nnd passed the
lumhorlng fruit steamers with a disdainful
flirt, tin sho Bpod. wen Ing foamy designs In
thn still water behind. Hho cut through thn
wu'oi us though all she had bolow Its surfaco
weienkncl. ?sow sho was it mllo nhend of thn
former qtiuon of the iher, now n mllo and a
nuartor. Hhe was n spot of Whltn on tho
water, but the sun dnncod ovoi the odgo of thu
l'Allsiidcs and mado the polished brass of her
smokcBtnck alilne like another nnd numller
sun. At Intervnl dense cloud hoored nboto
hor, which could bo soen foi mile".
rorsot'is time tho lowoilng smokeFtneks of
a big steamboat bad been seen far up the river
In the hn7o which hnd nettled between tho hills
on either side. Thesn grow rapidly taller nnd
tho Mary l'iWiU's rival, ilie swltt New lork,
bound down fioni Allianv. approached. Sho
wa heading toward Hie. middle of tho rhor,
and wnsciowded with pnssoniter.
Tho Vainoose wns tired of the Mary Towell.
Ileio was it chuiiee loi nnnthor biilnU nnd
anothai fonther. Tho New nrk has noter
met the Towell In contest, but sho would mnku
a worthy nntiigonlst Hhoclnlms rtreconlof
inoro than twenty-five miles an hour. The
Vnmoosn immediately put nbout ami started
down sireaui lor ofaoraDle placo of moating,
hho npproaehod the I'owell head on, nn it shot
from it citi non, J-ho pased within n hundred
yards on the port Bide. She was going nt per
Imps twenty-two miles nn hnur. nnd tho
I'owell wa,-going In the opposite direction nt a
speed of twenty miles an hour. 'I bus, to thu
pusi-oncers on tho ntenmbont the Vnmnosn
moved at a sped of fony-two miles. Mio
glnncod past Uko ft ray of wluto nud yollovv
A mllo down r-ho turned eastward and walled.
Then sho sped across the liver, anil made n
wide sweep, mennlng to cms the bows of the
Now York and lie in behind her. Hut there
wus ft miscalculation, nud when fIio htmlght
cnml out 1 mil i ml thn sienmboat was half a
lull" ahead. Now to catch up.
Mr Hearst hail the pressure piled on until
the gauge rrg stnred '.MO pound. This was
within ten pouuils of the limit, Jtut before tho
Vamoot-o had fnlrly caught hor the New
York put nbout and went In nt
Yonkers. n Btop unevpecte.il by the
poonle on tlm Vamoose. The Vamoose did not
wnlt. hhe steamed down to Thirty-fifth street,
whero she Inndid her passengers at 5:1!)
o'clock. Then sho wont homo to Tebo'sshlp
nrd in Poulh lirooklrn.
The Mary I'owell pursued hor even course to
Cranstons. her first stop, nere a number of
passengers who hnd come up merely to see the ,
performance of the Vamoose got on aod tooic ,
a West hhore train to the city. At no
,tlmo during the trip did iho Towell's '
gauge regl-ter more than .'14 pounds, nnd the
average was nbout 31. Capt. Anderson, who
had several guests aboard, among the in Cnpt. I
i. O. Wickes. 1'resldent of tho company, egaln
assurod everybody that tho boat bad madu
only ber usual time, whtlo-tho oiber ofllcere .
declared that with 4U pounds pressure
they could easily got away with tho
little racer. Tho lowell lelt Twenty
second street nt y :.l t o'clock. mid
arrived at 'rnrstons nt !() o'clock. 'I Ida
was llfty miles in less than 2 hours nnd 'in
minutes, nn nvemgn speed of 21 3-7 mile nn
hour. Hllghtly gienter speed was made when
tha Vamoose was frl-klng about ihero after
she lelt. The 1 owoll hud expected to reach
Cranstons at 0 o'elouk.
The duel between the boats was fought on
aeliu'K Hood tide. There was a strong north
nnd northeast wind, which must have held
back tho I'owell. with bar large upper sur
faces, eonsiciornbly. It was abb tide when tba
Vamooso bad her former bout with the I'owell.
and ner peurdo say thnt her prow performance
on that occasion was du to the sniull amount
ol witter tiudei her bottom.
Cnpt. Anderson expros-ed a high opinion of
tho Vnmoohe'n speeding qualities, but said
that, from fact he bad learned nbout the Nor
wood he thought tho .Norwood would beat the
Vara one in a race.
Norman L llunro. owner of the Norwood,
sent to Tub Si'N veMerdnv this copyofacer
tlllrd statement of tho Norwood's speed:
AaMirnr, Win.. Upt nv wn
Thltlstoc.rllfr tli.t on July e, in."'. I wcn. or the
Sfrion.nu beard at Iho trial, or til. Rt.am launch
orwood bunt by Mr O U. Mo.lirr or Ain.itiury.
Maa nnd ttiHtilurlnr a two hours run .he did derelop
a .nerd or lMrtr uille p-r hour er.r Cne Wannf iijuam
iioat rinb cour... and mat ph. did mak on. mil. In
on. minu'. and nrir rUut second., and this ip.ea
agreed by lb. watcu.s or cacbuf to. irsntlcmen aboard,
t'. K. TlsafTls.
Amssliurr Manager m liuryport Xeui.
lli)Ki.r IT. I'kuki;.
Erjilnesr r.ircinc Lulu Hiatlon, Amesbory.
N 8 IIiitt.
Dealer In Windows and Winds, Amesesry.
C li. IOL9HM.
117 Greene street, hew York city.
TfTTSS J.EtTt iy 1113 nOORWAT.
Mr. Mavinarim'e Womeaklnn TTaated to
I(ecp Them, but He Hays No.
Henry Mannheim, who lives in tho brown
stone bouse with a high stoop at 153 East
Beventy-flrst street, heard what he supposed
wns a baby wltn nnusually good lungs crying
in bis vestibule at 7.1. o'clock lust night He
headed a family procession of investigation,
nnd found an old brown shawl on the door of
the vestibule In a state of tromendous activity.
There nppeared to be moro legs and arm la
motion under tho shawl than are usually
allotted to ono bnby, nnd an uumistakablo In
fantile duot Usucd from the tangle.
Mr. Mannheim unrolled tho shawl nnd found
twlm. They nro tho prottlest twins that were
everftbaiidonedtlu Cnpt, Gunner's precinct. All
tho female members of the Mannheim
Jiousehol 1 kissed them and wnnled to adopt
them right away. Jlut Mr. Mnnnholm has
onotigh of his own. so the policeman on post
was called In and thoy wmo tabou down to the
Blxty-fevnnih Mri ot Htntlon.
They aro both girls, nud neom lo be of Ger
man stock. Tnov aro about two months phi.
An hour nf'er tlie twins arrived at the Sixty
seventh Mieet elation another wall came In.
Jt was a dark llttlo girl, bundled in it laded
crty shawl. Aaron Godfrey of 114 hast Hlxty
lourth street had picked It upon tho sidewalk
nt Madison nvennn and t'ovniitietn street, two
blocks fiom Mr, Mannholm'fi residence.
Three Pig iiolUarneii brought tho trio of
foundlings down to.iuiMulbeny street. The
third baby was an Italian. It had been In this
I country nppnrentiv about three month.
The twins were much lighter in complexion,
wllh brown eytsaml hair that will bo brown
when It gats io It's roallcolor. One is darker
thantha other. They were hungiy.
" They drank a whole bottlo apiece "Matroa
Travers bald, "and never said a word.''
Hhe was finite sure too, that they had come
from some place whore tba mother had been
able to vo tbom good cure, , , , ,
One's sack was trimmed with red edglnsT,
and tl.o other's blue J'otli wore worsted socks
nnd iifiit n u I clean underclothing.
Tim Nliizni'u Full Hnlclile.
Numm I'vu.t, Bopt. 11. It Is known thnt
tho woman who committed suicide by leaping
from l'rospoct l'olrit on Thursday arrived at
the Cataract House on Wodncslay and regis
tered as Mrs. Williams, but did notgtvoher
jdaoa of residence, YV. thtilay nflornoon and
Thursday morning sho ment In driving, and
(it 1 :MJ 1'. M. ou Thursday bho was left in 1'ros.
beet Park. On lierarrivnl at the hotel she paid
for two day In advance. There Is every np-
iiearanca that her uot was premeditated at
east forty-eight hours before. A small satchel
elt In her room furnishes no cluo.
Bart ram llhlud,
A London despatch announces the'msrrloge
on September 10. at Bundorland, England, of
Miss Knle W. Ilhind. daughter of tho late
Alexander lllilnd of Now York, to (leorge
hartrom, bon ol Mr, liobart Uortram ot U horn
hill I'oik.
i:isranttbrousli service to Kiitaneld anil tbl Bcrk
sblrs UUIulr sctsCtutraL Ui't. t
nsn OTitm name is ansa ata, whom
vinculo m MovjtNisa.
The Pollen Gathered Her la at Cincinnati
Last Nlsht-Hhe Wub la Berry Pllsht
and Hod n, Woaderful Hlorj- to llnfbld
ller Hlranco Dnlnua In Chicago.
CiHCAno. Sept. 11. No trace hns been found
of Miss Vera Aa, tho alleged English womnn
who tnmo hero some woek ago to work for
the reclamation of fnllon woinon, and who
suddonly dlsnppenrod on Wednesday evening.
Concornlng hor Idonltty nn afternoon paper
" Vorn Ava Is, It Is now ussertod, none other
than Ann O'Dolln Diss Uobar, the snook
prlosloss ot Now York. Hho wasseonon the
streot nnd rocignl7od by a Now oik nows
papor woman, w ho called upon l'ollce nonten
ant Khon this morning and told hlni of hor ills
covorr. According to tho Now York womnn,
tho notorious Spiritualist carried n stock of
wigs nnd oilier make-ups, nud has of Into beon
travelling acros tho country awlndllng gulli
ble chutoli peoplo. Dougherty, the cnirlago
driver, who has been driving tho nlleged phi
lanthropist around town, wns nt Police llend
iiuattors this morning, nnd his description of
hor Is identical with that furnished by tho lndy
from Now Yoik.whodeclurod In positive terms
that tho missliiK peuon was Diss Debar and
" 1 have no doubt, judging from tho state
ments fuiul'he.l mo by the lady from New
ork. that Miss Ava Is lils Debar. ' Mild
l.leut. Shoa. " nnd this opinion Is strengthened
lion information gloaned from otborsouree.
It has been dlscuveiod Ihat it woiuiili who
nuswercd Miss Ava'bdesciiptlon called utona
ol the medical colleges lestonlay. If this wero
she. it proves that sho was not mado away
with on Wodnesditv night. ,.,.,,
i h i niii-e imvn become conv need th'tt the
woman Is lumely In hiding, and the detectives I
who wero detailed ou the case hnvo been with-
On the day of hor dlsnppearnnco the alleged
Miss Avit called upon and, hndnn Interview
with Archbishop 1'eehnn. hhe told Mis. llol
tou, with whomshodrovotothenrohlopl-copnl i
rosidetico. thnt sho was going to ace about i
getting some property which was In the pes- '
session of tho intholiu church In i-ncland. i
hhe was lormorly a member of that Church, i
and. it Is said, was once it nun. She ovidontly I
decolved Mrs. Ilolton, nB the Archbishop savs
his talk with her was exclusively in regard io
hor work among the vicious element in this
city, nnd was not of a I agonal character at
all. hhe did not mention to the Archbishop
the fact that sho was au apostnto Irom the
t hurch, ormnkenuy overtuies luuktngtoher
return. , ...
Tho cabman who drove the womnn to Arch
blbop l'ihun's rosidence nays that niter she
entered the tab he aaw her take off u blond
wig and arrange hor hair. ...,,,
About a week ago nhe visited Mr. Sadler, the
British Cuiitul here. nud. under the seal of
soency. tohl htm a remarkable nnd inystlfvliiK
story, as Mr. hadler confesses, but be declines
to till it. hhe tuhl Mr. badler bho hud lived in
Chicago ten years, whereas she has uot been
bote us many weeks. Mr. Hadler says he doe
not be, lav o her to be an Kngllsh woman, rhe
spoke with a Ireuch accent and apokaJtrench
like it native. ,
Mrs. Bolton, wife of the Iter. Dr. Ilolton of
tho Centenary Methodist Church, with which
Miss Ava bocamo connected a short time ago.
bald in an iuteivlaw lo-day:
" llelore vou can fully enter into my reasons
for believing ihnt Misi Ava has met with loul
play, you "hould understand what manner of
peraou she wus. MIsb Ava was it lilgh'y
educated w man from the l.nglish upper clnss.
hhe spoke four languages lluently. hho has
beon an extenslvo traveller. Hhe has it
record lor distinguished behavior during
the Trench-Prussian war, nnd has eeen
nctlve service in the ambulances on
tho Held of battle. She was unmistakably u
lady. 11 er charities have been already spoken
about. They were unquestionably genuine.
Her Interest in her mission work was undoubt
edly eincere. On Wednesday evening, when
1 aciouipanled her In her carriage to iho
Chuich of the Holr J'nmilr. she showed ma
her wallet just before she alighted. It was
llter-illy crammed with 120 gold pieces. In
addition she showed ma about fl.UOU worth of
" ' Swear.' sho said, raising her 1 Ight bnnd In
a somw!i,U dramatic manner, "that if I over
disappear vou will not rest until you huvo
lound me, even It you have to link all Chicago
to join v ou in the seurch.'
" I did nm swear, of course, but I promKed
her most earnestly that 1 would. A fowdniB
after we came to bo acquainted she lold mo
something of her family affair, she said that
she had enemies and that hermntherhadbeeu
murdered. Bhe eeemed npprebonstve that
home such fate would overtake heiself. hhe
never said a word against the Catholic religion,
from which she was it convert, hho said sho
had mi nt many happy rtnvs ns a relic eusn,
but desired it broader scope for charitable
work than thosecluslon of tho clolsterulToided
her. During her connection with thnt Church
she was sent twice to i.nglaud n ecclesiasti
cal buslneh. bhe was un excellent wriier
upon theological and economic Kiih.ects. and
said that she h.ul worked in the causu of Ca
tholicism for mnny years tv ith the pon,
"I honestly hellovo thnt on Wednesday even
ing Vera Avn left that carriage with uli tho-o
'valuables for some unknown but perfectly
proper purpose SI a may have wished to
raise money on her diamonds in furtherance
of hercharitabln dslgns and have adoptod
the plan of simply passing through the ihuich.
Intending to return nnd rejoin me when bhe
had got through with her business. .Mr pros
ent houoht bollnt is that she has beon docovod
by some unbcrupulous villains Into a safe
plnce, and that she has been robbed and mur
uerod." " The strangest thing about this case." said
Lieut. Hhea lo-night, "In that this .Miss Ami.
who is written up as a lakfr, has refused
money from those she Interested In her
charitable work. A caller ut the station to
tiny, a mlnlsior, whose name I Piomlsed not
to divulge, told me that a chnritably Inclined
ehurch member offered the woman al.ouo but
she refused it. saying she bad Plenty of
money. The womnn had often said that goods
she Bhlpped from England hnd been lost nnd
thnt she pad applied for duplicate freight
certificates. The police visited the Custom
House to-day nnd wore told by Deputy Collec
tor Jewell thnt no such woman bad boen at the
olllco or applied for duplicate receipts.
2Mo Keaeoa ta Doubt that tba Woman I
Dli. elitr.
CiNcjNJJATT. Sept. II. At 0 o'clock to-night
Miss Ava. who so mysteriously disappeared
on Thursday In Chicago was found on (he
ftrcots here, shoeless and almost nude. Kbe
wastnlconto tho House of Detention for safe
koeplng and to the police told a wild story.
Bho bald that, obeying the Archbishop's In
strucilons. she liftl driven In a carriage to the
church with Mrs. Ilolton to see Father Kelly
nbout her mission work, Whllo they were tnlk
Ing the priest clapped a bag over her head, and
she lost consciousness. When she recovored
eho wns In n monastery, surrounded by prlosK
Two of them took hor to another Institution
and lelt hor In charge of n womnn. ....
After a despointn struggle, during which her
clothing was torn almost entirely from ber
person, she escaped through it window, nnd
WHiideiod about until sho usked and found
thnt she was In Cincinnati.
Owlug toiler dlsordoiod condition quarters
at tho hotels were rcfued to thn woman, hho
bad no monoy and no ornaments except it
brass cross. Mho run led n big lackage of
oilclnal rootry. It Is supposed that tha woman
Is Hiss Debar the spook priestess.
Bho weighs about 2b(l pounds and wears a
very curly blond wig. Hhn refused, however,
to talk on tho subject further thun to Indig
nantly say:
TbBt'e my nffnlr, I nm Miss Avn."
The question seemed to make her very an
gry, hlio lb held for snfo keeping until friends
can I o henrd Irom.
hho Iris it scar under her left eye. Diss De
bar hnd such a scar, the remains of a wound
lnllitttd upon her by n sonant with Whom sho
hud a qunrrel;
He and HI Tno Dminlitcra Killed.
Wabiif.n, 0, Bept. 11. This morning Jacob
A. BbnfTer, a wealthy farmar ot DrUtol town
ship, started for tho fair with hlsdnuchtors,
r.llannil Ida. In, driving across the track of
tho Pittsburgh, otingstown and Ashtabula
division of the Pennsylvania Hallway they
weie struct by the noon express, south bound.
Mr. Shaffer and Miss Ida were instantly killed,
and Miss Ella received mortal Injuries.
Itobert IVIleoa Mlselcc.
Itobert'VTllson, a well-to-do baker, residing
at S5 East Fifty-ninth street, disappeared from
his home on Tuesday morning last and hni
not bebii hcurd of. Ho was subjoct to epilepsy.
He loft thu house to tako a walk and wont to
ward Central Park. He Is 55 years old. has a
light comploxlon, blue eyes, mixed emy hulr
uuu a full beard and a inoustucho. Ho has
: a wile and children,
She le Pound living; In Her Ited of Oplnm
unit Hue Inhulutlon,
Llr.7le TVallor. 22 yenrs old, ntlemptod to
commit suicide yosterdny morning at 254 Heap
ntroet, WlUUmsburgh, whoro sho worked as a
domestic. Her employor, Mrs. Nolson, wns
awakoncd by a em oil of ccnplng gns nt 2
o'olock, nnd Matted to Investigate. Bho traced
tho smell to the bnsoment where tho girl slept
nnd found berunoonsclous In bed. All tho
doors nnd wlndowH on thnt floor wero cloned
and the gas wns turnod lull on. On a small
I table bosldo tho bed worn n bottlo halt filled
with pnregorlo and a sealed lettor nddrossed:
" Only tho Inw to open this lotter nnd road It.
It will toll all about nm. Lirr.ir. Wai.tkii."
Mrs, Nelson sent for Dr. De Long nnd for the
police. Tha Doctor Enid tho girl would prob
ably dlo. Shawns (nkon in nn ambulance to
St. Catharine's Hospital. About two ounces ot
tho opium mixture wns mlB9ln from tha
bottle, enough the doctors said. If sho had
taken it nil. to kill two women without the help
of tho gas sho had Inhaled.
'Iho police refuse to make public the con
tents of tho letter found besldo her. It Ih
tlmntcd, they said, thnt sho was In trouble lor
tho second time nnd reloned to it doctor nnd
tnnvnuiig man. It was said that the doctor
would be arrosted.
'iho young man waa Joseph Sheorer. a
butcher, of 1 II Lost lO'.tli streot. and he was
arraigned In tho I.00 Avenuo Police Court nnd
held for examination In default ot fioti hull, on
nchaiKO of "wilfully assisting ono Lizzie YV al
ter to commit suicide,"
.Sflnoror ilonh'd thnt ho hnd been Intlmntn
With tho girl. Ho became noqunlnted with her
nearly n year aco when he worked near her
home in llldgowood. They wore rngnucd to
bo man led miring the coming winter. Ha
I hurt his arm two weeks ago and hnd not seen
her In that tlmo I'ntll hu learned that In her
. letter "he confessed to I nlng in trouble ho be
lieved her a virtuous girl.
Mis. Nelson knows nothing of Ll7?Ie Walter,
Who bad only been In her employ two data.
.Accused of Apprnprlutlnc a Poiighkeepsle
Clmtomer'n Money.
W. A. Smith, nmomberof the firm of W. A.
Smith ,1 Co., brokers, with ofllces in the Con
solidated l'.xchango building, was arrosted ftt
noon yosterday ou a bench warrant nnd taken
tol'oiighkoepsle by Policeman Case to onBwor
to a chnigu ol giaiiil larceny.
The chargo is madu by a I'oughkoepsla mer
chant, who snvH that Smith appropriated
something ovei $l,(m 1 thnt ho gave him to buy
stocks ou margin. The investment was made
through W. A. Smith A Co.'s I'oughkeensle
otllce. Mr. Smith tnys that his firm Insolvent
and he will rotund tho money.
hmilh's lawyer. D. 11. Bright, acknowledges
that his client did not execute the I'oughkcop
sie merchant's order, but ho snld it was simply
n mistake, nnd smith will mako it nil light.
Mr. Smith's brother, I. F. Smith, who Is the
other member of the llrtu, Is travelling in
1 Mexico. .. .
l'oiMiiEF.rrMr, Sept. 11. The wnrrnnt was
fsbiied on cnmplnlnt of Dnv id W. Marshal, a
I l'ougukeenslo buti hor who isono of a num
ber of porsnnsln this city who nto creditors
of the Smith Him. Marshal invested nbout
I Ji',0 on margin in West Point Tormlnal
Mock. It is stated that about SI.miiij
1 Is Invested heie In the samo way. Mar
shal charses that Smith stole the money from
him. hmlili having been oriented wns
brought bote to-night, nnd n-ked that his
hearing be adjourned until Monday next in
order to give him time to get lounsel, whioh
request wnB granted. Peonlo here who deal
in slock snv Smith ran a bucket shop. (Julte
a numlor here have bought and sold stocks
through his agency.
Pat the Dynamite nn the Track and Then
Wulted to Hee the Fua.
Jastov, Sept. 11. Louis Unmet, tha mftn ar
rested last night for wrecking a Lehigh Valley
engine, onnfessed everything to-day. nnd went
witb tho ofilcera to tho jail at Pelvldore.
Ho declares bo had no Intention 0! wrecking
tho express due at tho time of the explosion or
nny particular train. He simply put the
dynamtteou tho track to soe what would re
sult. He waited to seo tho fun. In his confession
he refers to his exi Iodine powder on tha
steamer Diew. on tne Hudson Jtlver, In
lhT'.l. nnd says be did It to see the
women In their night dresses. He
also talked freely about wracking tha trnln
at I'l.tttaburgh. N. 1 In ItseG, for which he
serve I six vears in prison. He has bee 1 in
iOW iork since the spring of this year, when
he was released. Irom Derembei, 1S7, to
Februury. lrj'il. ho was in jail at ono place or
another, continually, t-nve three darn on
one occasion, and two weoks just before the
1'latti.biirgh wreck. He had not a cont of
money In his pockets when he wns arrested
ills real nnme is Alme Louis Barrand. His
parents camo Irom Switzerland to hew York
loityjenrs ago and nro now dead. He Is 44
yenrs old and has been in tot era! asylums In
Now iork nnd In i'rauco.
nurled Arro. the Htntlon Platform at
High Itrldce and Jludlr Injured.
Police Sergeant Edward Lucns lives In Dark
street. Eingsbridge. and is stationed at High
llridge. He rode to High Drldga last night on
nNew Y'ork City nnd Nortborn train which
reachod High lltldgo nbout 7:25 o'clock.
Itoundsman Terry was with him.
Sergeant Lucas jumped off the oar. crossed
the platform, nnd stepped down to the north
track. A freight train, backing rapidly, struck
him and throw him across tho platform, which
is about ten leet wide. ,
He fell under tho platform of tha car
on the south track, from which he had
just alighted. Ho recolved internal in
juries, two scalp wounds, and a cut ou
thn right leg and his bni k w as budly bruised.
Ullln was dragged from uudnr the car, which
wus about to start, by Itoundsman Terry ami
taken to the Klngsbrldge stntlon, and thence
to his boms In Capt. wabbburn's cunlage. He
will probably recovor.
A yriti' ngo Sergeant Lucas 1.1-year-old
sou was killed by it train at Kingsbridge sta
tion. '1 he hergennt wns appointed ou the foroa
In April. 1H71. and has a wile and two children.
Heis4!iyenisold. ......
jNonenr the crow of the freight train was
Charlea M. Hlnkre Dead on nie Offlce Floor
la Philadelphia,
Philadelphia, Sept. 11, At about 8 o'clock
this morning the jftnltor of the Haelinlan
building ftt 418 Library reet discovered the
body of Charles M. Ktokes, Sr., broker, lying on
tho t'.o r of his ofTlce. Thore was a bullet hole
tin ough the dead man's head and beside the
body lay a revolver with ono chamber die
chargod. The exact time of the suicide cannot be
Sxed. As jet no ono has bean found who saw
lr, Stokes alive later than 3 o clock y istsrday
iiftoiuoou, 'Jheiloud was evidently committed
while Mi Stokes was snateJ In front of his
desk in the Imcu loom, lor tho cloth top was
deeply tallied with blood, After shooting
lilmsolfMi. tS'okca evidently arose from his
chulr und mado his wuy Into the Iront office,
whoie his body was louud. No reason oan be
found for the suicide.
Mr. Sinkeb wiih nli mt CO years old, and was
one of tho best known stock brokers in this
city. Ho was 11 mouther of the stock broker
age dim olJ, ti, Wntiuough A Co.. which for
yeurs has represented the Philadelphia True.
tion ompany on thelloor of tho exchange. He
leaves u wife ami el chlldrou.
The t'unadlun Krundal Widening-.
Ottwa, Out., Bspt. 11, In tho Senate to-day
Premlor Abbott announced that correspond
onco 011 the subjoct of tho Iiurodes C'baleurs
Hullway scandal, which Involves Premier
Morcler and other members of the CJuebeu
Government, has been exchanged between
tho (lovrrnor-Oenonil and tho Hon.
Mr. Angers, the l.louteuuut-Ciovornor of
Uuebec. l'roiu this it Is assumed
that a political crisis In Quebec- may be ex
pected. In all likelihood a iloyal Commission
will iegnefor the purpose ot Investigating the
scandal. If direct proof should ba established
the Lieutenant-Governor has uuthorlty to dis
miss Premier Mercler,
KldlculUc the HolyCout,
Dem-ix, Bept, 11. The Government has be
gun the prosecution of tha editor ot the
J ImhU ra'lntucU for ridiculing the bo.y coat of
Treves by a cartoon headed "The Gull Snar
ing Pilgrims." Treves is now visited by a bet
I or class of people, who otuy longer aud patien
ce the hotels. 1
1 1 ,'i 1 nm ., Am r - - '"
inn Firm street police make a
Perhnpa Home or the Hmnrt Itabtee on the
rtlncU Gave tho Place Away, for All the
Children Knew I.eo Hline Slns'e.
It has been generally known for n good whllo
that tho older Capt. McCullngh's precinct hnd
In It tho largest opium joint In tho city. Somo
tlmo ngo Tun Hum got n letter from n woman
In which she told a story of ber daughter'
visits to this joint. It wns also known thnt tho
proprietor was n certain Leo Hung Sing,
formerly n San Tranctsco joint koopor nnd n
mnn of unpleasant countenance. All this was
known to the vory children In tho block whero
the Joint was. Hut the police didn't believe It.
Last night aSus reporter went to the police
stntlon nnd nskod Sorccnnt Wclslng If the
joint was still theie.
"Tharo Isn't nnv joint." satd ho. "Wo don't
know of nny."
"It Is said thore Is ono thero." raid tho re
porter. "I'll send Detective Dissert nround to soe
Whon ho comes In." said the tiergonnt.
The reporter went around himself. Ho asked
a girl half n block away whero tho joint wns.
"Just over tho stable or iho saloon or tho
undeitnkor shop," snld sho. "They'rn nil
mixed up togotbor. and I don't know which It
is. Lvorybody kuows, nnd anybody can point
It out."
No. 17fi Last Third street Is n scfuat bui'dlnc.
with n snloon In one sldo of It nnd an under
taker's stnble In the other bide. The saloon Is
it dirty, bare-looking room, rlckerty and ill
smolilng. Near the door was n table, at which
n man and thiee women wero seated. The
women had their bends burled In their nrms
hnd resting on tho tnbto. One looked up
slecnlly. nnd It wns plain to be seen thnt eho
bud beon binoking opium. Tho man looked
sleepy also. He snld:
"Lookln' for Sing"
' Nes." said the reporter.
" Walk light up stairs."
The back part ot thn saloon was fragrant
with opium smoke. A battered stairway led lo
a bare loom ou the second Moor. There was a
door In thn renr pnitltlon wall. 11 glass door
with the Dams so dusty that only a taint light
came through. ....
This door was njarntd the glimpse of tha
room Ian olid was through it fulnt hnc. No
one guarded the door. Insldo wns a largo
loom with low wooden benches, or rather
tables, sen tered about. To tha right whh it
little nfllce Ilka tlm ticket ofllce ot it railway
station. Two Chinamen stood behind tho
counter, llelnnd them wns a couch with nn
onium layout. Thu wnllB ol the room
wore pniuied with forest ccencs in Unw
ary Theatre style Impossible trees growing
Irom u preposterous f-od. The celling was low
nnd grimed. On tho benches lay halt 11 doeu
smokers, lletween caeu two was one of tlio-n
tiny lamps that light the smoker to tha join ot
opium land. Somo were lying back plunged In
it profound and apparently pleasant reverie.
OtheiH weie just gutting tendr to smoke. All
snemod to ba ounu men. All had the pale,
clear complexion, and the weary look ot the
uplum smoker.
The ugly faced proprietor came forward.
No. there was no need lor seoreey. he snld.
Tho polloj were all right. Deleetlve lllssert
hnd boen around Saturday last, and things
wero arranged to go 011 as usual.
Thou the only woman in the joint was noticed
for the llrst time, bho lay on a couch over In
tho corner, sho was nbout it) years old. darn
balraJ. dark etod. aud lost in waking dreams.
A ted shawl thrown over her udded to tha
beauty which the tiny lamp shonoon.
'ibe reporter then went bai k to the station.
He said nothing to the hergennt nbout finding
the joint, but simply n-ked if ibe detective
had hunted it up yet.
" He's around there now." said he. I sent
Dissert. 'J hat's In his territory."
Presently lliseeitoamo In und whispered to
tbo Sergeant.
lllssort dashed out again. When he bad
beon gone some time tho Sorgeunt called
three olllrors irom tna upper part of tho sta
tion house and bont them over to the joint.
Soon they camo in with thu smokors. the Chi
nese, the pipes even thing nnd everylody ex
cept 1 he woman. The repoiter usked Dissert:
Whst sort nl n place I li "
"Well," snid ho. "it's back of a room whero
there are a lot of wagons."
"Vo-." broke in tho Sergeant, who hid said a
short tlmo beloro that ho never saw tho place
or heard ot It. "this Chinnmnn hnagotinne
blnd 11 lot ot wagons. ou sen there's a stable
next door imi llioy use this second story to
storo wagon, nnd the thinnman was con
cealed by n partition behind Hioho w agons."
Theie were no wagons up there last night.
The front room was iiulto empty. Alter the
hergetnt hnd finished his description of the
iilace the reporter ald: "1 hat h nearly rlglii,
w is over thero 11 few minutes ngo."
'Iho Setgeant looked as though an Internal
convulsion wero ut work. The detective got
red up to the roots of his hair. Hut Lee Hung
Sing will not sell ovium ntility cents a smoke
for 11 few days at len-t. He. the two other Chi
nese. Wing Chung and Lee Lab. and the nine
white men, who all gave fictitious names and
addresses, were locked up.
The most curious-looking man of those Inst
was a long-haired, pallid man. who gave his
nnme ns Jon r Miner and who snld ho was it
ranchman from California. Ha seamed to bo
the oldest smoker of all. nnd although he gave
hi ago ss'J5he looked nenier 40.
Bishop I.oacMIn Hanctlone a Notice That
thn Latter Cannot Kay Mas.,
Father Matthias da M. Yodyrsus wns not In
the Lee Avenue Police Court In Willlnrasburgh
yesterday, when his nana was called to answer
to the charge of assaulting Policeman Church
of the Dadford avonue squad.
A lawyer who represented him asked an ad
journment, and Justice Goettlng granted it
w tthout fixing nny dny for the hearing. Father
Y'odyzsus claims ownorshlp of the houso nt 'M
Grand street. It Is loased to his former house
keeper. Mrs. Andreas Itinos. He kicked the
door in on Wednesday of Inst week at mid
night and refused to leave, l'olicoman Church
was culled iu. aid ha says when he ordered
him to go the priest kicked and choked him
until ho was compelled to use his club.
Mrs. llvnos corroborated tha policeman and
yehioiday made a complaint ut the Police
Conn that she also was assaulted, odvziiiis
told it reporter that the charges and the club
bing were pnrta of the peisacution he was
undergoing baeiiuso he refused 10 give un
possesion of his church before ho received back
the money ho had paid out for it. He was not
unruly at Mrs. Itynos's house, ha euld, and
culled there only to collect his lent.
Father lodysus practically has ben un
frocked sinco March, when reports of his
eccentric behavior reached Jllshop Loughllii,
On Similar lust circulars In the Polish lan
ding wero distributed to the congregation
us they went to church and afterward to every
Polish aud Lithuanian resident of the dfstiiet.
Theclruulars purported to hare been signed
by JlinhopLouglillu and each bore a facsimile
stamp of the episcopal seal. 'J'hey recapitu
lated the charges against father odyzsus
and reproduced the Jilshop's letter of Inst
March by which ha was suspended from his
priestly functions.
Jiisbop Loughlin Bald last night that he bad
not authorized the u-a of the episcopal seal,
nor had ho signed tba circular. A dralt of tba
circular had been translated to him, nnd when
he v, as asked If he considered it a good plan
to distrlbiito the circulars ho said he thought
It was, as the congregation of bt. George's
Chun h were evidently unaware that Father
YodyzsuB was not authorized to oelebrato
"Why doesn't be go away?" asked tho
Hlshop. " 1 told him some months ago thnt lis
must not exorcise priestly functions ngnln
until the charges ngilnst him were fully nn
svrerod. 1 do not core to say that I lelleve
him guilty of all thnt has been charged to him,
but lam convinced that tba money with which
tho church property, and the Grand street
house wore purchased belonged to the Church,
The mnn Is no longer a priest ot this diocese,
nnd therefore can .brliic no discredit on any
thing but himself,
George Miller, or Mlckewltr, the loader of
the faction In opposition to 1 ather Yodyzsus,
wns of the delegation that waited on the
lilshnii with the draft of the circular. He snld
Inst night that he understood tin hnd u right
10 11 "o a copy of tho episcopal seel and the au
tograph signature which the Dishon gave
The Float and Three Care Rank,
A big railroad float, with three freight cars
biloDClnc to Swift's Chicago Dressed Beef
and Mutton Company on board, anchored at
the company's wharf, at 126th streot and
Harlem Hirer, on Thursday. The float leaked,
bu was considered stanch enough 10 uphold
tb three empty cars.
Hut It ssnk lu the night, taking tha ears down
with It. lcsierday tha Chapmau wrecking
Company sent ono of lis big derricks aod u
I dlTer UU to Harlem to raise tba cara, ;
,M,i.,.'M.i..i,'',-r-----1 ''' J
Tonne Men Meet jinrlnc the Jloxologr and
Jtetlre lo Kill Knelt Other.
TiAtinr.i, Dol., Sont. 11. A terrible tragedy
occurred nt n Mothodtst camp mooting at Del
mnr, n email town six mllos south of hero, last
night, Harvey Yvoll.s nnd Frod Williams,
young men of Influential fnmlllos, wore tha
uctois, nnd to-night both nro dying.
A feud has oxlstcd betweon tho men since
13S7, whon n society woman of tho neighbor
hood In which thoy live, ten iiiIIcb oast of Del
mar, received nn insulting penny vivlcntlne.
Young Williams was suspected of sending
tho vnlontlno nnd wns accused by tho brothor.
Words lod to blows, nnd Harvoy Wells, who
was a larger mnn thrtti either, rushed up and
pushed tho btothcr away, saying:
"You aro not largo enough to handle that
rascal, let mnnthlm."
"A violent fight followed, Slnco thon Intenio
fooling hns existed botweon thorn. Lnst night
t hey met nt the camp, nnd just as tho Doxology
wns being sung Wells walked abruptly against
Williams, knocking him against his sisters.
Williams resented the net, whon the two
came to blows. They wore ordered off
tho ground! b the church authorities. Thoy
wont to tho publlo road only n few yards
away, w here tbev renewed tho light. Williams
soon bent his antagonist, who then drew n
big piunlni: knife. At tha same time ho
caught Willinma'shond under his left nrm. and,
pressing It down, drow the knlfo across Wil
liams's throat, completely sovorlng tho muscles
and arteries of tho lelt side. Williams made
no outcry, but by a tremendous effort he drew
his revolver and llred n bullet into Wells's side,
Immediately ovor the heart.
The woundod man wore tnken to Dr. Lite
good's ofllco nnd tholr wounds were drossed.
Williams wns taken to tho homo ot n friend.
Wells was kopt with the physicians all night.
His father called and took him hemo this
morning, llotli men will dlo soon.
nisanpearanee or M. J. O'Hrlea of the
Catholic Knlghte or America.
CnATTAXooru. Sept. 11. Supromo Secretnry
John iinrr of Lebanon, Ky, nnd Supreme
Trustee, and Commissioner of Sinking Fund J.
,T. Duffy ot Memphis arrived this, morning to
Investigate the affalrn ot Supreme Treasurer
M. J. O'llrlen of tbo Cnthollo Knights of
America, who Is rei ortod 110,000 short. Su
preme President Colomnn was expectod from
Now Orleans this morning, but failed tonrrive.
He will be here to-night
Investigation of tho books was begun this
morning, but the ofllcers snld that It would ba
a day or two I ofore they would know tho re
sult. A. tY. Albright, who kept the books ot
Trensurer O'Urlon until last June, nnyB they
wero In perfect order nt that time. Slnco thon
Maior O'Drlen's daughter has had charge ot
them. Albright thinks the committee can
striken bnlanooln twentv-tour hours, or by
noon to-moirow.
Sensational developments nro exported as
the Investigation proceeds. Cnthollo Knights
from all over tho country are telegraphing
hero about the mattor. Tho whoroabnuts of
O'llrlen aro atlll unknown. When bis wife
nsked him where ho was going, he said: " My
God, I don't know."
The Catholic Knlghtsot America Is a benevo
lent order which was established In Kentucky
in lbbO. It has 11 membership in the United
States of '.M.IMI. Tho South is Its stronghold.
Twelve of the OOu branches are In this cltr.
Officials In the order here sny that tho order
will lose nothing by O'Prien'a dolalcatlon. as
he Is under JlUU.OtiO bondH. They believe he got
nwny with two assessments, which amount
to about f3i;,0Q0. Tho order has a sinking
fund of 1.5U0.0OU, but tbe Treasurer could not
take any of thnt. '1 bo rules of tho order are
suoh that n defalcation would be discovered
In a month or o
Trensurer O'Brien was born In theSoventh
ward In this c't. nnd wnt Smith In hi youth.
Ho Ib a w holesalo grocer in hnttnnooga and n
member of the Chamber of Commerce of that
city. Ho has been Treasurer of tbe order
eight years.
Many I.tree J.oat and Much Dna.lt Iione
to the Hhlpplar;.
Halifax. Sept. 11. Vessels arriving at Hall
fax and all porta along the Atlantlo coast
bring accounts of tho torrillc nature ot the
hurricane that swept this coast on Mondny
night and Tuesday morning.
The American and Canadian fishing fleets
suffered severely, and hardly a vessel has ar
rived but reports the lossot men. dories, and
gonr. The fine, newnluety-ton falling schoon
er Gooiglana was found bottom up off tbe
mouth ot Halifax harbor, hhe belongs In
1 armouth. aud was coming In from the Bunka
with H00 quintal of II eh whon overtaken by
the hurricane. Her dories wore smashed, and
of her orvw of sov enteen mon not one escaped.
No small boat could keep afloat one mlnuto
In tho sea that swept the coast thnt night.
'J ho schooner Banner. Capt. Nichols, which
wus on tbo wostern banks during the storm,
reports thnt the lleet in that locality suffered
heavy loses.
Cnpt. Nichols spoka one vessel which had
four of her crew swept overboard. 'J he bark
Maria arrived to-day from Londonderry. She
was six miles off tho mouth ot tha harbor when
the storm spiung upland hod all her Balls
blown away.
A Mother'a Tinrd Flsht trill, a Bulldog
that Attached Her I.I I tie JUoy.
Newcastle, Pa., Sept. 11. This morning
the C-year-old son ot Wesley Gormley was at
tacked in the street by a bulldog. The mother
heard the boy's .screams and ran to his assist
ance. Mrs. Gormley knelt down and choked
thn dog until its jaws relaxed. When bar
hands grew waak and lost their hold the dog
solved tbe child again. Tha mother again
choked the dog until its fanes parted, and
then she thrust her hand Into lis mouth and
C rasped its tongue, at tbe same time pushing
er child behind her. The womnn held tho
struggling dog thus until assistance arrived.
When she fainted.
The boy's legs nnd bis mother's hand and
arm were terribly lacerated. Tha dog was
The President Agala Goee Gunulntc.
Cait. Mat Point, Sept. 11. President Har
rison. George W, Boyd. Congressman John K.
Itojburnot Philadelphia, and Gen. Lewis T.
Mlchoner of Indiana left hero this morning for
athreo hours' gunning trip after reed birds
ut Port Llizabelh. They were on tha Pullman
car Newport, and wore accompnnled to Mill,
vllle. N. J by Major William Warner of Mis
souri, who was bore to-day 10 see tbe Presi
dent. Dinner was served on thn way. Presi
dent Harrison woro his usual slouch hat.
m'gllgo shirt, and gray running suit. Tho
President returnod this evening. Forty-two
bird! rail and roed, worn bugged, the Presi
dent killing slxteon of tbe number.
ril.n Island will elote for tin t.uon afltr Wonday
The pilot boat Rlcbnru It. Pox snivel here yesterday
TI"! Hoard of Mre.t Or.nlms hss authorlr.4 tbe
orenlnvnf le-lli atal l"Hh street, lal.tiu AnuuritsiJi
anu tVailiiriirtb artnu.t ami of lust Hllli street b.
ttrccu St Ann's at.d litter aveiiuia,
Iboui.K Tyler, a color. ! jert.r en Die FI1II1 sv.nne
ele vatoil r.Uread mm. en duty iclerilay at tl, 7weu
ty third .tree! .I.Uoik At (I ' n clock lat nlil t,
v line iryliu fecroi. tie track, from tieOu.utun
eld. be wa. bit on tb. bral brantrof an untuiro
train. Ivelilier hi. hml rorlli car was inucti hurt
Von.y fi,r tb. I'.rk plice .atrrer. contlnurs to be re
ceiT.d by Hi. viurfr Vi.trrJa) . contribution, w.re
1 tiarlrs M Wliliuer tjt a s Uut.ntlial J u tj.,
tliroun3 the s,n, ..'5 iliroueli II e 1'roiliii . J-zcliaiig.,
f"7. 'irca.urer fioa. il.un 1 a re. Iv 1 .ij out 114,1..
1 11s St -. 1 irn.cneiUI frtnu ' JiMtruu. tervoruia"
for Hi. Xuud.
Although Jn1e Peacdlclli Incl'n.d to re lease ryeJ.
rick W Vaieleri'lll s taclit 1 owjurrnr ruel by tbe
Uusiora House uDlcer.for dntlrsa. lioisirteit mertliau.
aiee berarenodei i.ion la tbe c.ie yrii.rila). because
raiieJ Mates ktar.ual .laeobt,. declined to make re
turn until lueiday wb.Ui.r or not he was 111 es
slonottbe yacht, 'ibe motion will be heard un Tut. day
There "III b. but one irlji 10 I.nnir Itranrh to morrow
by the Iron htcauitoat company's .lesmrr laurus,
leaving at ner u.ual iiiomiiiir luue. but reiiislnlu at
liieiii.uu I'l.r until oiiock lu the afternoun. The
st.amer I'ertrn. will inat. a eieclal cxturiloa to
lre Uland landinir at Saiuml. s eurf Hotel dock, and
Ibe iloii.r 1. lam! oust, win run on hourly time from a
A. M. until 7 1 II from West fwenty.tblrd street. Bed
ball as tour later from I'lcr 1 K Tb. t'ouey IsUnd
.rrico will le couiinutd ucit wett, neatber permit-
tlU !
. - - -J IiimU 'I. Htlli'l ilini ,ii,l.. 11 i,, ,!,n
I ;
Those Labrador Tails urn Very Gr.vad, hat fc, s
Not Ho II I B a they 'Were Itnsnored to Jf (
Ile-A Deep RlverOOO Tart M'ldePluacea I
00 Feet Into a Canon Maanlnceat View l 9
fromthe'lIelrthtori.and"-Heverenare ,
ehlpa of the Party on the Itetnra Tria. f
PonT nAwnnsnunY. O, H.. Bept, 11. Th 1 1
crowning point of tha Ilowdoln Col logo expa- ,M
tlltlon, which has spent ten weeks In exploring Wr '
the tnunn, Horn, nnd geological formation of '', H'f '
the Labrador ponlnsula, was reached Bept 1 .?!'
by the return ot the party sont out to discover s;Hf
the truth ot tho nccounts of tho Grand Falls. yJK
Tho party ot four men, all graduates of the ';
college, bonded by Mr. Austin Cnry. left their iflf
sclioonoron Bundar, July 2C. They wore pro- kvml
vldod with two ltushton boats and all "Br
thn modern lnstrumonts for measuring viuWjV
heights and distances, Tholr suocess In 'ifflii
navigating the iher far exceeded their .' Jfl
expectations, nud such good progress) 2T 1
was made that on Aug. 8 they bad trill
passed Lake Wnmlncknpou nnd ranched a 4
point Qvo miles Inadvancoot the furthest point 'fl'
reached by Mi. Hulmo In 1888. W:
At this point, on acoount of a disabled arm. Hi
Mr. Young and ncompnnlon wore obliged to 'Hj
turn buck, reaching ltlgolet on Aug. 21. IB?
Messrs. Cary nnd Cole proceoded toward tho '1
falls, which hnd beau reported to be distant
fifty mllos. Attar proceeding a short dls- ( 'flj
tnu co thoy wero obllgod, on account of th .
rapidity ot the currant, to leave their ' '
boat and mnko tho journey on foot. D
From this point tholr progress waa 2'
Incessantly very slow, tha woods being very ' II
thick and tho mosquitoes and black Hies ol ' B'
most unbearable. They found the falls to ba 'I
much further than thoy had expocted, and on . 3;
Aug. 1U, nftorn three daya' tramp, tholr labors 3Bv
were row ardod by a dcnfonlng ruar In the dls- 31 ':
tancc. ( M.i
Their provisions wore now nearly gone, eWr
stores hitvliig been cached on tho way up, but , 't'f
they pushod rcsolutoly 011 to tho height of tho 9r
Labrador plateau, citllod "Tho ilolght ot fln
Laud." It is this platoau which is the source jSj'f
ot the Btroam. nud the dos'ont of tho rlvor to 1 1 "'
the sen lorms thu falls and nplds. Err,:
Ah thoy 1 enred tho frills a truly mngnlfloent il'ii'
night wits sin end out boforo them. The spray, m'.
which w.tsMsiblotvvcblymllcs.rose in acloud. ."l-jt
mid theeolla rock betitfath their loot trembluu eAi
porceptlbly. " ' Mg
1 rom tha falls tho water flows through a - tJW'i
cnilon foimed of itrch.i u rock, tho sides ot .''m'f-
which rlhu to n height of AU11 toet. 'ihrougb ml
this cnilon water Hows with terriflo foroe, ifltl'
making It absolutely impossible for uuy boat H(r
to live. ,,mni
The height ot thn falls has beon grossly ex- s'isli!
Bggemted, nnd. whllo presenting a grand and t'lUi
beautilul sight, measures only Mil leet In a it)lc
purpeudloiilar fall, tho litpids leading to this ii'al;
fall Increasing tho total ultltudo of tho fulls to '
6UU feet. M
Abovo tho falls the nvorngo width of tbe ;5eV.
river Is 50u yartls. narrowing until It reaches hll
tho falls to a width ot only fifty yards, when it VfeaK
plunges with it teirluc roar over tho odgo and "s'iBv
fnlh) into tho narrow gorge bolow. Mr. Colo r. I
doscendr d to the foot of the falls and em Coed- 'fi
ed in obtaining some good photographs of r3 -
thorn. ih 1
Having completed the observations of tho J'M
falls. thalpHrty wout on it ten miles above to i'il K
tho Height ot Land, whero, Irom a penk Christ- yv. '
oued by them "Mount Hydo-llowdoin." thoy rf
bad nllne piospocloftliesurrouiiiilngcountry. xJ ,
Tho phtteiiu Is nearly nil wooded. Willi a thioi, 3 J.
tboughluotjargo, growtb'.u solt timber. "i'X
At this point their provisions being all hut JS '
gone, thoy set out to return. On reaching thn 4v ,
point where thev left their boat thoy lound "15 c
thut the camp lire which they had built bad H'-l v
consumed tho boat and with It their who's ',
stuck of provisions, a gun and an octant. Tholr w
position was iinwsomotvlinl critical. "
Three hundred mllos up nn uninhaldtod V?
river with no boat, 110 help, nnd no provisions -C
until thoy should roach tnolr Ural cache, tbo r'fl
outlook was ono to blanch all but the stoutest
heart. They si bravely to work, howo.er, --V- 7
nnd. with n small hntcbutfor their only im- ;"
Plemont. constructed n hiiiiiII raft, binding fit'
logs togother with spruce roots. On ratta ?
mado in this way they traversed tho HuO p!".
odd miles to the mouth of the rlvor. enduring; M .
tbe greatest hardships. 'J hnlr only weapon 'r
wns ft small revolver, with which ihey shot a ;&
fewsciulrrnls. miiKingit mcul on one such nnl- J?
mat. (Jn the way down live dlilerent rafts nj'
were constructed, thn mnklng ot which in )i ,
tholr wnsted condition consumud u groat !
amount of time and enorgy. M
They reached the vessol on Rept. 1, receiving Ws,
a royal welcome from tlmlr friends. 'JA ,
Tho falls which they have discovered are re- ,3& i
ported to hnvo been seen by two employees ot "ys '
the Hudson Hay Company, but no an- Si '
thentb; itccount of nuy such discovery Jm
has t eon given. Tho successful result ?t
ot tbo expedition is due wholly to Z(
tha heroic efTirtsof Mossrs. Cary and Cole, .J
am! Bnwdoln College may well hecongratu- VI
lated by her sister colleges for the addition ;t-
wblcb she baa mado to tha heretofore scant i,j
knowledge of the geography of Labrador. Kt
Tho Weather.
yalr weather continued yesterday tn the lake regions )'
and the Middle Atlantic and .New hnrland htates. but a 'V.
break is now a parent Tbe centre of liljrli pressure $
ba. passed Into tbe ocean, and conditions favorable to f
showers and Increaainir cloudlneae have presented fi
tbemselre.. Besides, a storm Is develonluir la the 7,
Uulf Tbe forerunners, in the form of heavy rains. -t.
have occurred In the (lull statea, Nearly three Inches f,f
of rain has fatleu at JacksonvUte and about two Incbas -s.
at Tampa. Tbe rains have reached Into northern 'jj
tieorsia and alonff the south Atlanlio coasu j
Tb storm la the Kortbwest baa abowii a marked lo- "'';
crease In euerirr. and Is advanclne to lbs eastward, the, !samm!
centre betuir lu ktantioba. but a tongue of tow pressara ?l
rsscbed south to ibraska and Iowa Llubt rains fell 4'ILbi
yeslerda) in tbe Datotas, ebraska, Uliinesota, Vty. iaal
etnlng, and Iowa, and scattered sUowsrs la ths csntral -fl
Missouri and slltsb.lpil Valleys. This storm Is pre- Afl
ceded by a rise of temperature and followed by a cool vfl
wave. Tbe temperature Just north of atontana baa H
dropped lo s below freezing, rrost msy be looked for rfl
In tbe bakolas, Vllaasssta. and possibly down le low Hv
aud itebraska tbts morning, tpw
fair weather prevailed la Ibis city yesterday, Tbe - -fcf
highest ofUclal temperature wa. !'', lowest til'; tbe 'Wl
average humidity 7J per cent, j'wlad steady from tba '"t
south at sevea miles an hour J"J-
Tbe thrrroometer at 1'erry's pharmacy la Tea Bom ,
bolldlns recorded Ibe teuparature yestsrday as fat- -' -t
lows. iri
SA.M Ul 0J 81SO r. M Hi' 7 $
OA.U 01' fcl ur.M it',' 71 rtft
lag Wis tin' li ! M tw 67 'ifl
KM Us' t I J Mill bU S7 .!
AV.rag. ....67', AM
Average on S'.pL II, Uiu. OS.' m
wisuiicTOM roatcist mt. Dr. u. sircsuiv. ''$,
Tbe are or blgbprcsiure continues central near the "Ll
middle Atlantic coast, but Is moving slowly to tb east. Vj
ward, tb dlsurbanc over Vakota this moraine Oil- yj'
lag up and apparently moving lo tb nortbsast. The ?S
depresilon which wss la tb csntral Oulf this tuorninf
bas becom uior. cl.arly d.nu.I, and Is appar.nUy -'
moving s'owly to tb nortbesstward. It has is
not yet rsscbed tbe east Gulf cosst. ft.ln baa '-S
prevailed lu lb south Atlanlio and east Oult '('1
fetates. ant local showers are reported from f-
the ilitsourl (alley aud tllunesota. Fair wealber eea- !
tlnucs la .11 other districts, with high tsmutratture '&
generally throughout lb central valleys, lake region, C
aud New I'ugland, but It is cooler la the eitreme North i
west and lu the boutbern Slate east of tb sllsslaslppl. '.'!
Tb ludlcaUou are UU rata will prevail on tb At- ,
lantle coast during Saturday nlgbt. Cooler weather Is 'f'i
ludlcaled for central valleys sad lake region on Sunday, f!
Tor ilaatacbusstls, Kbod Island, aud Oouu.otlcut, "J"
falr wsatbsr eaturday, rain fluudayi stationary I am- X
psraturo, ticept sllgblly cooler In MuaacbustttS) -j1
toslbwestsrly winds, bscoailng variable. &
fry, an J Katcare, cloudy weatlur, Mound ty ihauen "&
during Aiiluriloi nlokt or on Sundatl llify axutr, '(i
lor tb lilsiriot ef Columbia, atarrhuid. and Vir- -'.J
glola. threateutar weather and tight rains; winds shift- s
Ing to eastsilyi slightly cooler. "rf.
yor western lew Vork and western Pennsylvania, .S
fair, sootbwesttrly winds-, no change la t.mp.raiur. t',
toe 1 1. maicisT nLt a r. at. sircactr. 1
Tot (oatbsastera He York (Including Loaf Island),
Increasing cloudiness, with cocasloaal showers) tenth. '.
srly tbltttcglo Dorlbeuttrly wlcdtj slight cbwe la J
temperature. j,
I or western rennectlent, generally falri showers to- 4.
ward nlgbt, stationary tsmpratursi aoutberly winds.
or northern .New Jersey, sbowsrs; stationary Mm.
peraturs; nortbsaitcrly winds. Ham Jn aboy die- f
tritlton Suodsy, ,
E. B Dr. Ieal rorscsrt Offlehu, V
Ton ssvs ten cents on a dollsr it too prsient this ad. M
VTsslUSIttsU viua'liy uaraltel.-d ""'"" M

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