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A. Minority Opnososlt-The Travelling; Pnblla
Put to Mnrtt InronTenlence to Arcommo.
jiit the frnr-Two Little Prince Hop.
tacit Ilrrlla Need More Churcue-s A.
Telephone Between Otimnnj and England
Krupp Will Entertain the Emperor.
Dkri in. 8oit. 27. Tlio clerical party In Gor
mny Is torn by dissensions ns to tho nttltudo
p( tho Vatican toward tlio trlplo alliance. Tho
'J patriotic section of tho party under tho Frelhorr
-.onNMiorlemcr-Alstniid Count Hnllostrom la
te-H-nttnlly Gormnn. Its position was doQaod
joeently by llallestrem thus:
"It over au over-bold enomy oross tho Gor
man border, wo Catholics will stand In tho
front of battlo to defend tho urentnos.i and
unity "' tho fatherland, as well as tho mon
archy." Such sentiments, says (rermaiifti, the princi
pal clerical organ In Germany, nro rccolved
with npplauso throiiRhout Cut hollo Germany.
Tho smaller and rcllatlous faction of tho party
loin toward tho position of tho Owrraiirre
R Uomnnn and tho Monxleur a liotnf, which vio
lently attack tho trlplo alllanco and advocate
the cwso of Franco and Russia. Tho religious
faction ns-iort that tho Topo favors Franco aud
that tho German clericals should follow him to
this nttltudo. Count Ilallo-itrom. nt tho head
of tho patilotlo faction, donouneos this claim
as " an amazing bltot shamolossness," and do
Blos that tho Popo has iudiratcd Hie courso In
auction for Oorman clericals. Thcro aro
prospects that tho two factions will bo united,
although tho contest between them Is now
wry bitter. That tho differences havo come to
Bopen dlsputo In rnoetluRS and tho press Is a
irmptoru thatthe clericals lack a strong culd
tag hsnd like that of Ludwle Wlndthorett, who
always kept harmony in their rnnks and mus
ttrod them undivided for every strucelo.
As soon as the Czar decided to bo to Mos
cow to attend tho funeral of tho Grand
Duchess Paul, tho Russian Court Marshal tele
graphed to Chancellor von Cnprlvl a schedulo
of tho Impede! journey through Germany.
Caprtvl at onco Issued orders to ovory statlon
Buuteralonir too Czar's routo roqulrlnu that
tbe local Chief of Polleo and policemen In
citizen's clothes should bo on every station
platform on hour betoro tho Czar's train was
duo and romnln mi duty till tho train reached
tho nest station. Tho wholo railway system
alone tho Czar's routo was confuted during
his journey. Trains woro held over tlmo nt
many stations, waiting passengers were kept
from tlio platforms, and tho usual schedules of
trafflo woro entlroly disregarded. At llcrlln
200 pollcomon wero on duty at tho station,
und the platform was cleared r.n hour before
tbo Czar's arrival.
At first the polleo refused to allow reporters
In the waiting rooms, but finally bundled them
all into a boscage, room and fastened tho door
and windows. About forty newspaper men
clamored for tho privilege of flattening their
noses against tho ianes, which could accom
modate but ten faces. Tlio trouble was vain,
however, bocaudo the train ran so far Into tho
itatlon that none of them got tho desired vlow.
A station official describes the Czar ns
dressed Inathick tweed suit and a black derby
hat He was nervous and irritable, and asked
tbe Buaslsn Secretary of Location Impatiently
for Ms chief. When informed that the Am
bassador was on his vacation, tho Czar made
an impatient gesture and strode off to
the supper room, , talking with Frlneo
Frederick Leopold, who as tho Prlneo
of the highest rank then In Berlin
represented Emperor William II. Tho Czar
ate and drank heartily. Before resuming his
journey ho requested tho Prince to repeat his
thanks, already communicated by telegraph,
to the German Emperor for his expression of
sympathy and condolence. As far ns could bo
observed, the Czar did not notice the absenco
of Chancellor von Cnprlvl.
The Jlotrt'n Courier' statement that the
Czar told the Trlnco ho would visit the Em
peror in Berlin as soon,nsclrcumstnnces por
Wi mltted Is regarded ns pure fiction. No words
to that effect wero spoken on tho platform, and
the dally In question has no officio! connection
through which it could ascertain conversation
In tho supper room. Tho Russian rinnnco
Minister, through He Giors. has repeatedly
urged tho Czar to meet tho Emperor In Berlin,
to as to Insure the success of the Russian loan.
The Czar was still undecided as to his trending
German territory ot nil when tho nows of the
Grand Duchess Paul's death reached him.
Probably the matter depended largely upon
tho weather, for tho Czar Is very ronsltlvo to
seasickness, and dislikes to mako a journey by
watr when It Is nt nil rough.
Tim twin toys to whom the Princess of
Hohenzolleru gave birth In Hulllgendamm
recently wero bnjdlredat that summer resort
. on Thursday, the Rev. Dr. Bring officiating.
Each baby got about a dozon names. Tho
Grand Duchess Alet.indrina. Hfi years old, the
old Emperor's only surviving slstor, and tho
Dowager Duchess Jlarlo of Mecklenburg,
tO'l godmothers to tho llttlo princes. Tho
' Grand Dui'Iicsh on tho .same day bade goiMl-by
l to 1i.t iljlng nephew, tho Graud Duko of
Meeklonburg. who has gone to Cannes In tho
desperate hope of benefiting his hoalth.
Much Irritation Is felt In official quarters In
Berlin on account of Russia not only declining
to reconsider her refusal to roopon coramorciM
negotiations with Germany, but nlso Inciting
Btrnia to repudiate her treaty with Austria
with o view to obtaining bettor torms. Riu
f la's object la this Is undoubtedly to embar
rass tho commerclil relations of tho powers
In the trlplo alliance.
H'u Ohing Chang, Chlnoso Ambnssodnr, ar
rived hem on Friday on his round of tho
European courts in tho Interest of non-intur-feieuco
with China on tho part of tho great
powers. Ho c.imo directly from Ht. PeterMiurg
and presented at onco a noto to the Forolgn
Oinco. JUs offoits to dissuade Gorninny from
acting with the powers to protect Europoans
In China were coldly received, and his rocop
tlon wa altogether discouraging to his mls
elrin. He cabled at length tho details of tho
I snubbing to his Government. Tho fact Is tho
Gorman Chancellor suspocts Chang of having
conciliated Russia at England's expense, and
thus Indirectly to tho detriment of tho trlplo
Tho Empeior has ordered an Inquiry Into
the Inadequacy of church accommodations In
Berlin. Ho Intends to start a movoraont under
his own patronage to build moro cliurchos.
Most ot tho now congregations will bo organ
ized In tho suburbB, which am mostly Inhabit
ed by worklugmon. Tho Emporor's Idea Is
thatlnthoso localltlos tho Social Democrats,
being romovod largely from the eye of tho
municipal police, nro making their most 6tron
uous efforts to reeuro converts, and that tho
ben means of fighting tho soclnllstlo propa
ganda Is sound Trotostant doetrlno.
A lire In Pchwelutoehlovltr.KllesIa, destroyed
tight fouudry sheds full of machinery. Two
workmen died In tho (lames mid. sc oral others
aufforcd soilous lnjurlos.
The Polish priests MnoviM and Rovles.
designated as candidates fur tho Aichblshoji
rle of puson. have dn lined tlio honor.
Emperor WlllluniV M-lt to Kiel has been
ltmiM t October. At tlio i-.imo tlliiolm
lll bo the gmt of Hie fount Mini 'millet-.
N.ltdeue.'. It hilt. JIlM 1 1 It'lll lli'd tll.lt l.n-
"ri thf r.inpeioi'bhiM it-it III lliillllilt-llii'it.ed
l'l"l to iiKNiKHluiitit linn ereiiteil ;i pilllh iiiiioiu;
t'' bx'iil ollc In -uieli.tig the t:riiuiiih "f
Uu jll.it ibuociii I dl j liil.uk U't..'- found
dynnmlto cartridges concealed In tho shrub
" bory. Numerous domiciliary vlslta by Bonn
and Berlin detectives resulted In no discov
eries or arrests. As tho cartridges woro old
and woathor-stalnod, It was concluded that
thoy had boon stolen from a neighboring quar
ry by n worklngmnn who eventually throw
thorn awny on account of tho difficulty that ho
experienced In trying to soil them,
Bnow Is sovoral feet deep In tho mountains
ot Silesia, and six Inches deep In tho Bavarian
Tho Unltod Gormnn Societies for tho Rcllot
of tho Poor hold tholr twelfth nnnunl con
gress In Hamburg on Thursday. Baron Voght,
ft mcrclinnt prince, founded tho Hamburg
brnnch of tho association In 1701.
The Berlin polleo thought they had proof of
a plot to rescuo Anarchists on trial tills tweek
for Incendiary speeches and action, ar.d"at
tempting to overthrow tho existing order of
society." Tho hearing In tho cases was thero
foro Kecret, and ciowds of detect l on In cltl
rons' clothes wore in tho court room and bo
foru Its doors. Moreover, all radical Socialist)
In Berlin wero carefully hhadowed. Homo ot
tho Anarchists on trial pleided guilty, totho
disgust of their colloagues. and whllo In the
prisoners' pon Woibel turned on Wngonknccht
tororllo him as n coward and traitor for his
weakness In confessing.
Tho now four-wlro cnblo botweon England
and Germany was opened on Friday. Onu
wire will bo utilized for an International tele
phono. Tho Insulation of all Is exceptionally
Dr. Rolnhold Gerllng. editor of tho Jugmd
pn In Berlin, has been sentenced to threo
months' Imprisonment or 200 marks lino for
publishing Immoral books and leaders.
Jacob Bollinger, a ropemukcr In tho Lolp
zlger strassc, telegraphed to his wife In Berlin
recently that ho had suddenly decided to take
their llttlo daughter flare to visit his parents
In Ouben. Mrs. Solllnger suspected that her
husband had becomo temporality Insane, and
hurried by the flrnt trnln to Gubeu. Thero she
found him and tho child shot dead 111 tho city
churchyard. A revolver lay by Bollinger's side.
Tho historical singing clock In tho Town
Hall at Buntzliiu hns been sold by tho Council
totho Pilgrims' Chapel In Bohemia. It was
made In HPja
Hermann Werner, director of tho Noustadt
Savings Bank in Silesia, has absconded with
several thousand marks. Ho is supposed to
bo on his way to America,
Franz Kruppa and Josef Supergan, murdor
ertof IsldorOppenhclm, a Berlin banker nnd
distiller, havo been arrested In a vlllagoof
Austrian Silesia, whtro thoy have lived since
tho deed on their booty. Papors of Oppon
helm wero found In their lodgings.
Gaston II. Opponhelmcr. who failed to pass
his final examination at tho Casscl gym
nasium, killed himself with n revolver.
Jlajor von Moltke has given to tho Hohon
zollern Museum tho writing table at which tho
Field Marshal worked from tho time of his
marriage till his death.
Mont. Tledermonn. tho African oxploror,
smashed his foot at tho Friedland manoeuvres
and Is confined to his bed. .
Knnpp. the maker of great guns. Is preparing
to receive tho Emperor on Oct. 0 with a work
lngmeu's demonstration nt his Moppcn factory.
Commercial Councillor Otto Andreas has
glvon 150,000 marks with which to build and
maintain public baths atMulhelm.
Julius Bchwarzenborg. director of tho Agri
cultural School at Brunswick, hns boen mode
a doctor by Marburg University in recogni
tion of his fifty yenrs' service as on educator.
Btejihen Grothof Lundcn claims to have In
vented a tidal motor. Ho projioscs to put a
dynamo at a suitable spot on the North Sea
coast and to transmit to Berlin electric power
for lighting and heating tho city and driving
it machinery. Tlio dynamo will be operated.
ho says, by the tldo's ebb and flow.
The Hamburg bark Pergamon. outward
bound for Valparaiso, is reported lost with ail
on board.
oii7;.v aiviii'nx's GitiEr.ixcE.
An American Thief Complains of Ma Cana
dian Partners.
Ottawa. Sei t. '27. Owen Murphy, formorly
Treasurer of tho Excise Board. Now York city,
who despoiled tho treasury and then came to
Canuda for his health, said to-day:
" I havo a chiinco to run for tho Canadian
rorllament and could easily bo elected, but
that would necessitate my relinquishing my
American citizenship, and that I will never do.
Those Connollys and Tom McGroovy,
by tho way, wero tho blggost chumps
I eer mot. Wo had ono of tho
softest ennis any ono over had. As
a contracting firm wo had everything in
our own hands. Tom McGroovy worked Blr
Hector Lnugovin and wo woro on tho Insldo
edge, and it was a gilt edge, I can tell you. It
cost us something to work Blr Hector, but
there were big returns for tho monoy invested.
No one could touch us, ns wo had tho Depart
ment of Public Works with us, and that mount
" If the fools had not quarrelled and tried to
shove inn out wo could hao monopolized
ever) thing In tho way of big contracts. There
will po several million dollars spent by tlio
Government on Montreal harbor Improve
ments very f.noii. and wo weru dead sum of
getting that contract. Them villi bclsoveral
other big jobs that wo could hove captured.
But the.Tilg combination has been broken up.
nud Mr Hector cannot give out contracts any
longer. Ho Is a dead 1 Iter.'
Murphy said ho had enough to live on. The
Connollys aro pretty well jlxed. and Robert
McGreevy Is worth probably $100,000. Tom
McGroovy Is well honied, mid so is Blr Hector.
Murphy says, however, tlint ho has not yet fin
ished his work. Ho .Jinn morn testimony to
glio against the boodlers. Jin will light to tlio
bitter end. and If any one is going to bent him
he will have to get Up curly, ills (Juebeo
frlende. hn snys, ore nry anxious to seo him
In Parliament, but hn pais hn would not tal.o
the necef-sary onth of allegiance If lv so doing
im could lo iiuulo -U ernoi'-lieneral of Canada,
He Is much chagrined beeniiso the. in est (gat
ing commlttoo discredited bis testimony.
riiuin coviinxn nosu nr st.tr r
They Had Neer Hern One Another Colli
Five Mlnutca lie fore (lie Wedding.
limsTor. Conn.. Bept. 27, In the presence of
a crowd, composed of uenrly nil tlio towns
people, George Turner und Helen C. Crlft wero
married yesterduy afternoon by tho Rev. John
Tower. Never until five minutes before tho
Borvieo begar. liail the bride over seen the
groom, but nevorthcloss they nm hend over
heals In love. Several months ago Turner ad
vertised In the Western papers for a wife. In
the advertisement ho saldthat ho did not want
any old maids, and that nono but pretty women
need apply. Ho nlso wanted u helpmeet, as his
lot In life was not exnltod.
Miss Crlft was 01 years old when so saw
tin advertisement, and notwIthbtandliiK It
wild no old maids need apply, sho answerod I ,
Her homo v.as In Indianapolis. Bho noon re
ceived a request from Turner for a photo
graph, whlohbho hast ly forwarded. In allt
fin whlTo Tuini-r wrote that her picture, was
satisfactory, and ho was ready to sign u con
tract for matrimony. Propnrotkms woro soon
begun for tho marriage, but Turner Insisted
hat lis fiancee tdiould come to him. Ho refused
to go to hor and oven declined to moetlinr In
Now York. Bho must come to lilni in Bristol.
Hhn agreed to come, pno was uuo m jtrituui
on Thursday. Turner Iiiing around tho depot
n day anxiously awaiting her. but she did
n t come, and ho wont homo dlsconsola o.
Later Im received a telegram saying that sho
wis detained In Now York, but won Id nrrlv.
on Saturday. Komi alter the wedding to
boys und glrsof tin town Mirroundnd tho
Turner house, armed with tin horns, pans,
ami other musical Implements ami gate tho
biidonnd gloom a serenade.
1 A MNplmeil HmIHU Wrti U n Truln.
Mn.wa-KKi:. Wis., Kept. 'J7.- A misplaced
su Itch caused the complete wieek of sixteen
fl eight cars on the Ht. l'niil load ilinr Col urn
I,', s tn.t night. llraUein.iii fl'IV,"''
liiMintly killed and lli.uteiii.iii Albert Gray
fi;l.i!lj !iiimi.il.
o.v Tcnsn.tr tiih exkcutht: commit
rtu: inr.L out at it.
World'o Fair I.lterntnro to bo C'lrenlnteil
Aanln, Althongh Mr, rintt Heea No Cue
In It-Candldute Floirer Slcet Mr, Coognn,
Roswell rcttlbono Flower, tho Domocratlo
candidate, passed aqulet day at tho homo of
his slstor. Mrs. Schley. 001 Tilth avenuo. In
tho evening ho strolled down to tho Windsor
Hotel, and tho first man ho met was James J.
Coogan.tho Labor candidate for Mayor In 1883.
" How nro you. Mr. Mnyor?" said Mr. Flowor
In his happy way.
The pink camo to Mr. Coogan's faco. no was
apparently not In humor to appreciate tho
" I only hope. Mr. Flowor," ho ropllod, "that
after election d.iy I shall not mako you uncom
fortnblo by too addressing you ns 'Governor.'"
Mr. Flowor saw that Mr. Coogan was sensi
tive on tho subject, and mado It all right by a
few pleasant words.
Mr. Flower will return to Wntertown present
ly. Ho Is confident of the triumphant forco of
tho Democratic party ot the State.
Tho Demoerntlo Stato headquarters In tho
HofTman House, with Edward Murphy. Jr..
Chairman, at the helm, nnd Daniel O. Grlfiln
of Watortown as his rlght-hnnd man. will bo
In full blast to-morrow. Tho carpets nnd
desks have been put In. Tho billiard room has
been converted Into the headtjuarters. You
don't lmeto go Into nllej ways and dlvn Into
Hldo doors to get to this Domocratlo head
quarters. In view of Chuuncoy Deeew's remarks nt tho
Union League Club on Thursday night con
cerning his great (lop on the World's I nlr. Mr.
Mtirrhy ami Mr. (IriiTln will go riant homo for
their nrguments In replj Thousands f slips
glUlig tlio comments of Republican Authori
ties on tho l'nir am already being struck off.
Thoy nro taken from stenographic copies ot
Republican utterances, both from Republican
newspapers and Republican rumors. Here Is
n sample of what the 7'n'noic t-cld editorially
lit tho tlinn concerning Mnyor Uraut s com
mittees on tho Fair:
The iinhr?AltippmlAUon with which tho nnonnce
iTietit of MAfnr i.rsnt'p cnnunltL'w hMo Uern rpeMvM
phnuM ho tty jrraf lf lute In tho Mayor lm ilonrries
the w nrinriit prnlHt. tor iIip Mln'lom un.l Tin4ltlh rnnl
for tho BiiocrtK or tho Knlrln 1H2 whli-h govi-rnul hl
fi'lrollnni. .No WotIiPb Kftlr, nt imtnro to tny. war
erer nrirnnlr.l by moro rtlctlinoiUh,-'! aih! moro rt-pre-rntatto
hody of min. The men chnpcn nro o trnly
roprenentotUe that thcru win he no question anywhere
of the propriety of their releetloii.
This Is what tho iVeas said of tho Mayor's
Bach commute hrUtlen with aotlrl nameR. Harh
eoinmlltee contains p!ntv of men or whom no .New
Yorker hai to auk. ' ll ho aro they " Tha personnel la
r-nch ns to command annllilenee nnl to irlxo uoiiurnnce
of enerirelle nnd far slirhtt'd buitliu-ss imtl ods In eery
brnnob of the preparation.
Tho Mnil nnd hxiirrm snld :
We conirrnlnUtr the rltv. the county, nnd Mayor
Ornnt himself on the nelecllon he lmi lunde of the four
committees of twenty n.. each m ho arc to shape the
fortune and ,nnlfol the local ion and reneral charncti r
nf the Exposition oMKIti Politics do not show
In the committees for Hi s. lections arc manfestly
u lth a cry few exceptions untdecu other than polite
cAl trrounds
Then tho Democratic Stnto Conuplttee will
print the protest of the Chamber of Conimeicu
ugaiust Boss Piatt at the time:
We protest niralnst tho interjection of partisan pol
itics Into the conduct of th (rreat cnt-rpr.se to w hich
our ritlzeus of nil partlr" hno ontnloited their money
nnd their labor for puMic fihmI and not for p irt use.
Tho committee has also slip-, of Warner Mil
ler's speech at the great Cooper I'nlon meeting
on the saino Question. Mr. .Miller said:
First, e are told that It is n Tammanr hill adrntttv
drawn, at that it should r-v- tho power into the hands
of Tammany if it should become n law s. lenteenout
nftwrntj lUe of tho Jetrislathe I'olumltt.e are well
known llepiihllcans Tho Mil Itself win drawn by
A subcommittee of that rautultleo on Legis
lation, and that tub-eommltteo of thrte eonslste.1
of rhauncey M. Iiepe. hlilui Root, nnd William
r.Whltuiv. If this hut as cotertlv drawn, and irles
this power into the hands of Tnnnnan. thero are the
two cnlprlta whu-dld Itipoinlinir to Mr Hoot and Mr.
IHrviO. If you contlet them of this trencherv nrd
trtnson we will take th.m out to ntampi'ovt and ban
them to-nlKht. Loud latiffbter t I slnnly repeat that
the people of the clt of ew .rk and of the Mate of
New orkdelre that the Fair shall be held here, and
that It shnll be absolutel) freo frou jorlj poluUs and
partisan control.
Finally Dr. Depew is answered with his own
words nt the same great meeting of eitizens. Dr.
Denew then said, in speaking of the World's
Fntr bill theu beforo Mr. Plutt and Senator Fas
sett: The second question Is upon the Incorporator of the
bill at Alban nnd at llnehinetoil. It l charcodthnt
the Committee on Legislation, in maklnr up that list,
bad been either the dupes or tbe willing tools or Tam
Dinnj Ilnll. The Kepuhllcnns of the i ommlttee on
Iw-cislntlon. which consists t.f twenterlro intmliers.
are I dward II Ammidoun. Dnnle! J Appteton. .loel II,
lirhardt, Frank M. l httiej lllllinm M. Kinrts. .lames
W. HnsteiL Warner illller, Levi I' .Morton l.llhu Hoot,
Hen. Sherinnn. Atnhroko rJnow. Thomas (' l'lult bno
II. Cornell, and Hamilton Fish, sr , and on self If
either charge Is true airatust such a co-nmlllen. Hun
the Itepubtlcan party Is bankrupt of character and
Tonssert that In the administration of n BTeat trust
like the World's Fair, in spending the inouiy of the
people of the city of New ork and in the manage
ment of the capital subscribed b the citlrt lis of this
town, these gentlemen would be untrue to their trust,
and soil reputntions which hao stood b.th lure and
nil 01 er the country, and larirelv all ocr tho world, as
smnimnesof inteurit and honesty. Is enough to make
a'brass money irot up on his hl:u legs and laurfh hia
head off. Laughter an 1 applause.
Speaking of the time Mr. Tlatt called his
fitnto Commutes together to back him up, Mr.
Dopew said:
Some twenty odd gentlemen of unquestionable Intel
llgence and Republicanism, ami whose opinion in mat
tersln their own neighborhood would he conclusive,
nnd most of there my personal friends from western,
northern, and Interior counties, urrhed nt New Vor.1: nt
It o'clock in the morning, ascertained nt II that there
JOacltlrensof New ork (on tho World's Fnir Commit
tee) were a partisan bod) .and went homo in the nfttr
noon. (In the other tide, col Crnger. I hnlrmnn of the
Republican County Committee and the olhclal leader
of I lie Hepuhllcans In the cltr; hllhu Hoot, the inilmate
friend of President Arthur during his long leadership
of the Ilepubllcan orgnnlratlou here, and himself rnr
three sears Its President, .Inel n. I'.rhardt, the In I He.
Fubllc'an candidate for Mayor and now Collector of the
ort: Cornelius S Illlss. fdr twentj ne years a leading
Hepuhllcan of this cltr anil one of tho largest rontrlbll
tors to the tampaign funds of the party, aiol until last
leaf, wlien he declined longer to sene. Chairman of
the Republican State Committee, artier Miller, for sU
j ears ft I'nlted states senator, and during that period
file Hepuhllcan lender of the slate and In the Inst can
l ass the Hepuhllcan candhlate for Uoiernor six of the
nine members of the state ( ommlttee from this end of
the mhio, ail declare wllh empasls and the greatest
publlcft) their laltll In. and nil slake their Republican
Ism iiml part standing upon the fairness aiKluon par
tisanship of this Commission llhoknov s best t
lie stand nt the dlil.llng line where wo rnn take
fluiotsiisK). take utieqihiibd and unprecedented pros
perity and wealth, tale tetusuur and phi nomenal op
portunillis for the I'durntloii and Instruction of our
people, lake nn unplre nllhout lirlce, or lose It nil by
iuei umhlng lo the fuir ttint the hundred or n thonstnd
emplojees about tho establishment liny upset the
dcMlnt of the reniihllc, i rt us all without regard to
our port) nuHintfons. lay aside o'lrdillerenc.s und come
togethci, itud, upon tlm a upon whh h sensihlo men inn
ngrie, iiiiniiiiniiuoly pa-s this bill ni tlbiui) and go, ns
the l.mplre state should to llashingloii to claim a
In rit.lge whlcll will bcnelll, not oul) nurseltta, but re
dound to the glory of tin republic aud to the prosperity
of tlicpeojilouf Hi" nation.
Tlio Ate's i:iliiiuitloii of l'.nitel'K Fill lure to
I'ri-Na u Clinrice or Axisuult.
When Martin I'.ngel, the Republican politi
cian of tlio Atu Assembly district, was beaten
several months ago In MeKcon's saloon at
Hester and Chrystlo streets, tho three-men,
Moirls Lee, John l!nnls, and Thomas McKeon,
who Jingel said weio his assailants, wero held
at Essex Market court to await tho result of
F.ngel'H Injuries. Dotectlvo Moonoy of the
l'.ldrldgp. street stnllnn made tho arrest, and
has been trying to bring the ease to a closn.
Justice Rynu. now sitting at Lxsox Market,
greivtlrcdof asking Mooney iihy Lngel did
not njijienr. and jesterday lio broke out with:
"Oflleor Mooney, you toll Mr. Lngel that ease
will bo heard In this court next Tuesdn or not
nt nil. I don't intend to wait until after elec
tion to suit Mr. Kngel. and 1 will not permit
this court to bo used for political purposes."
There seems to bo In the Ato an opinion
prenlent that Mr. i'.ngel is i holding his coin
lilulntoMir Mchoi u and lib. friends for a polit
ical puiposo. Hngel has left Ilia O'llrlen Ahso
elation and inineil hnnds with Rrodskyund tho
regulars, ills assailants nro loyal to. hllvnr
Dollar Bmltli. nnd It Is thought that .Lngel Is
trying to druw them over to tho Urodsky faction.
Tbe Democrnt" Nomlnute Frrner' I,ea;ue
Mnn for Henutor,
BcnsjfKCTADT, Bopt. 27, Tho Domocratlo
Convention for the rjghtoonth Bonuto district
was held In this city yesterday afternoon.
r.dwnrd H. Hoyt of Milton, Saratoga
county, was unanimously nominated. Mr.
Hoyt Is a wcll-educnted farmor and a
member of the Farmers' ,Lmguo and, tho
Patrons of Husbundry. Ho Is HI yenrsVofago
and very popular In rlarotoga county, where in
his own town ho recently ran for Supervisor
nnd reducod tho Republican majority ironi 'J40
to 21. JIu Is In every ay (liiiilled to 1111 the
nlil.-p. and his popularity in bis own county
will make hlni a formidable opponent to Har
vey JJonaltlHon, the Republican nominee, who
has neer been in sympathy with tho farmers
and who has been black III ted by tlio labor or
giuiz.itlonsof thohtuto.
Arreated for Plundering; n Hlch Mnn nt
Albany Now Dead.
nod thoso who attendodtho races at Graves
end on Saturday boen lot Into tho secret they
would havo seen two of Inspector Uyrnes's do
toctlvos, MoClusky and Goldon. on tho hcols of
Thomas O'Brien, better known by tlio polleo of
Chlengo as " Red Lean"" O'Rrion.
Armed with aboncli warrant which said that
thoy could arrost him anywhere In Now York
Btate, thoy did not daro to lay hands on hlra so
faraway from plonty of polleo aid, bocauso ho
lias a reputation for biting and kicking. Bo
thoy kept him In sight, hoping to got him In
Now York. Thoy followed him back to tho city
and finally solrod and handcuffed him at Forty-second
street and Fifth avenuo In tho even
ing. MoClusky showed tho warrant to tho pris
oner. It told him that ho was under arrost for
robbing a rich man of Albany of $10,000
two and a half years ago. "Red Lenry" denied
tho charge. Ho was taken to Polleo Head
Quarters und lockod up. At tho tlmo of the
robbery O'llrlen. who had recently come from
Chicago, was working with one George Post.
O'llrlen inudo the neriuolntnneo of Ids wealthy
victim and Invited him to Inspect somusntuploi
of cloth in his apartments. Tho unsuspecting
cltizuu accepted the Invitation. A game of
cards was going on In tho room. Thelctlm
look u hand and was Induced to believe
that Tio would win J1U.000 by n turn
of tho next card. Tho conlldeneo
men, however, refused to ptoeeed with
tlio giiino unless their prey could produce
Flo.utAi. Bo the man went totho bank, drew
tld.KiK) Ineash, and went back to O'llrten's
room, followed nil the tlmo by Post. No sooner
Iiml ho entered than O'llrlen and Post jumped
upon him. and by main force robbed him of
lit" money. Then they ran awav. This Is the
btutal form which the came of skill known to
the fatlu-rs us bunco has taken In rude mod
em hnnds.
Tho Albany pollen wero notified of tho rob
bery nnd a search for the robbers was begun.
It was soon dlscovci oil that Post hid fled to
Bouth America and all trace of O'llrlen waa
lost. Ah he was well known his capture w;s
only a Miiestton of time. A few days ago In
apector llyrnes learned tlint O'llrlen was fre
iiuenring his fornior haunts In this city. Inci
dentally playing the races. On Saturday after
noon the detectives snw their mnn on tbo
(Iravosond track. To-day olllcers from Albany
will take him to that city.
O'llrlen Is about :W j-ear.s ohl, small, and
Mlghtly built. About Dee. 1. 1HH7. he was ar
rested at the Colsman House, this city, for
(dealing a S1.0XH) bill from Newton Percy Ran
dolph Hutch, then cashiered tho llrtltiinoio and
Ohio Kxpress Company. Tho robhery occurred
In a disorderly house kept by one Mrs. Oray at
llUWest Thlrty-llrst street. After tho rob
bery Hatch, who was an omherrler himself,
lied tho country, and as no complainant ap
peared in tlie court against O'lttlcn he was
discharged. Hn wns at once arrested, how
omt, for swIndllngT.C. Ring. Treasurer ofltha
Finings bank at New burgh, out of six 1,000
Albanvclty bond, but the prosecution in that
case fell through In some way.
The robbery of Hutch by the prisoner was
the occasion of tho disclosures concerning tho
former's stealings from his employers, and ho
Is In htnto prison.
O'llrlen was associated with Hungry Joe"
In a confidence game In Daltlniore. which
landed tho latter In a Maryland prison. His
Flctiirnisnot In the "Rogues' Gallery." but
nspector ltvrnes has a crayon sketch of him
hung uii In his prli ate office. It was drawn
under (llfllctiltles. The subject contorted bis
feat ores, and olllcers wero compelled to hold
his bead In position whllo the artist worked.
Aliunt. Sept. 27. Thomas O'llrien's crlmo
was committed Jan. 20. 1BWI. the lictim being
J. M. Peck of Clinton avenue, this city, who
has s nee been gat heied to his fathers. Mr. Peek
wit" a large real estate owner of Albany and
likewise noted fur being ready at all times to
driie avlosa baigaln.
O'llrlen represented himself ns a brother
of Lrnstus Corning, and wanted to imr
chuo a Madison aienuo hor.'.o of Peck.
They agreed on $10,000. nnd Peek
wei.t down the street with O'Brien to get
the money. The usual office, wealth friends,
and a gninn of cards wero nil bruught out for
Peck's edification, and bo wns allowed to
"win" $10,000. It was then suggested that
peiluips Mr. Peek was plav!ng it on them
and could not bin e put up 10.u)0 If ho had
lost. This nettled the old gentleman, and ho
forthwith went to the bank und drew out
$10,000 in cash.
nisTvnu.ixci: tx the cathedra r..
A Weak-minded Mnn Makes n Noisy Out
brenk nt n O'clock BIumsi,
Bt. Patrick's Cathedral was unusually
crowded yesterday meriting nt 8 o'clock mass,
considering tint lowering aspect of tho
weather. Archbishop Corrlgan hnd ju-t bo
gun tbo scrilco of tho mass when a young,
muscular Irishman camo In and stalked up tlio
main nlsle. He crossed himself devoutly and
tho kneeling worshippers' paid but llttlo atten
tion to him. although they may havo thought
It .singular that the lute arrival should pur.h
forward nt the risk of disturbing those who
had arrived In time. He forced his way nearly
to tho altar, and seomed to bo praying.
Finally he fell forward and began a nofsy mut
tering. It was with not a llttlo trouble that ho
was mastered nnd got to the door by N'lght
Watchman Mnrt'.n nnd somo of tho men from
tho congregation. At the door ho was turned
over to Policeman Oulnlan.
At the Yoikiille Police Court'lt wns related
that the jirisoner had broken out in the church
Into maledictions on Archbishop Corrlgan, nnd
had declared that hn was a follower of Dr. Mo
Olynn. nnd thnt when Mnrtln had tried to
quiet him ho had shaken him off nnd shouted:
"I am one of tho Lord's anolntod. nnd you
are not In It. Let mo alone, you henchninn of
Pontius Pilate. ThreocbeersforDr.McOlynn."
Tho prisoner described himself ns Joseph P.
Hanrnhan. aged 25 years, of 11H F.nst lifty
second strnst. Jnstlco Murray asked him If ho
had boen sick. ....
"No. I nint sick: I know Just what I am
about'" ho said. .... . .
It was suggostod that he was Insane. Ho In
sisted thnt ho was not Insane, but Jnstlco Mur
ray committed him for examination, nnd ho
wns remoied to Rcllevue Hospital.
At tho hospital thoy had seen him before, no
had disturbed a church son Ice a year ago.
HnlsclassedasaBUlIerorfrom mild religious
Tim Question of the C, I,. C. I.nhor liny
1'rires Flnully Nettled.
Tho question of who won tho prlres nt tho
Labor Day games was yesterday decided
finally ut the meeting of tho Central Labor
Union. William Piaster, a member of the
Amateur American Athletic Association, had
boen Invited to bo prosent, nnd tho delegates
decided to nccept him ns an nuthority. Mr.
I'rarorsnld that by tho rules goiernlng such
events all tho participants In the games woro
to bn regarded as professionals, since tbo pro
grammes did not stnto that the games wnro
for amateurs. This disponed of the question
whether Delegate Crolur, who won the medals
for tho mile and the half inlln races, should bo
barred out for being a professional. As his
organisation was not officially represented In
the parade, it wan decided, however, that ho
bud no right to tho prizes, and thoy worn
awarded to Delegate Orr, the second in the
Ilolitied the lireivcrft' Jnxcunnjcc
Sirs. Mary Xolan of 74 Manhattan avenuo.
Brooklyn, who a fow weeks ago startled hor
neighborhood by shouting "Murder I" In tho
tnlddlo of tho night and then lobbed her hus
bnnd of t'M, and who, for somti time has been
stealing her own sllverwnre, pawning It, and
then charging Innocent persons with the theft,
turned up In Essex Market Court yesterday as
a prisoner caught In her own trap. Tho com
plainant was William Btuwart, ninnngerof the
Brewers' Exchange, lull East Fifteenth street,
a building formorly occupied by the Century
Bllverwnre, tablecloths, nnd dishes missed
from the Exchange were found recently byI)o
tectlvo Bnrgnants Wade and Reap In a Brook
lyn pawnshop. Thn pawnbroker told them
that Mary Nolan hnd pawned them. Whoii
thoy arrested heron Haturdnyshn Implicated
hornoloo, Mrs. Vnn. Vinggunnr. and her Helen's
husband, who Is janitor of tho Brewers' Ex
change, They wero also arrested and brought
to court. Mary Nolau wns hold for trial and
the Van Woggonors weru discharged.
Trap for ss I'ollcemnn,
Michael King of 443 West Forty-eighth
street. John MoMahon of 180 Eleventh avonue,
and a man named Cooney wero on tho corner
of Tiventy-seienth street nnd Tenth avenuo
yestoiday nnd caught sight of Policeman W.
J. (iiillaglier, to whom it is snld they owed a
grtidue. They got up a sham light, and when
hn run up they turned on lilni. knocked him
down, kicked hlni.and broke ono of his lingers.
All but Coolie)' were arrested.
BlTr 1'ELT VAtt AXt 1)11)11
Illlnoto, Ion-n, indlnnn, Mlnsnurl, Kentucky,
nnd Tennessee Do n I.ltflo Qtiiiklng
People Rudely Hlettlrbed at Klsjlit-Croek-ery
Huffer Homo Dnmnite, nnd People,
Though Not Hurt. Were n Trine Excited.
St. Louis. Sept. 27. An cnrtluiunkn shock
was felt horo at 10:50 o'clock last night. It
wnsnot long nttor tho shock beforo Inquiries
and reports concerning tho earthquake began
flowing Into tho newspaper ofllces. It seems
that tho shock was very genornl, nnd that the
vibrations wero slow but very distinct People
wero awakened from sleep, particularly In the
west end, nnd rushed to tho streets
In their night clothes. Among them
wero Gov. Johnson and his family, who live nt
Washington and Pendleton avenues. Proba
bly tho most singular experience wns that of
J. 11. Waters of thoSaliago Corps at Locust
and Bovonth streets. Mr. Waters was slinkon
oft his stool whllo sitting at tho switch board.
Considerable crockery and glnsswaro wero de
molished, and It Is reported that some wooden
stnblcs on the outskirts of the town wero top
pled over.
Buildings facing tho north and south wero
visibly affected by tlio shock. Watchmen In
seveial high buildings sny they beenmo
ntnrmrd and made all haste to roach tho
ground. At ononuwspiiper office the composi
tors, who wero on tho fifth nVor.lcft their eases
and rushed paiilc-sttlckeii down tho stairways
and Intu tho streets. Throughout the whole
city tho IsjIIco report that tlio people rushed
from their homes In great alarm. No serious
dntungit has boon reported.
LorisviM.n, Bept. a". The- earthquake shock
here last evening seemed to bo from south to
north. There was a ilbratlon lasting a llttlo
more than a second, followed by another one.
making the total time about two seconds. Tho
City llnll clock struck onco at 10:.:j. but Klg
nal OfllcerJlurko says the time was 10:57. The
motion, he says, was vertical, not lateral,
therein differing from any other of tho seven
he hns experienced. The shock was felt gen
rially throughout the cltv and atMndlsoti, I ml.
Decituii, HI., Bept. 27. An eurtlniu.ike
shock was felt here at 11 o'clock Inst night.
Dozens of fnmllles In nil parts of town woro
nwakened. They thought there was a storm
till they snw the sky was clear. Borne felt their
houses tremble fully hnlf a minute. There
wns much excitement, though no damage has
linen rniioi-toil.
Jacksonville. 111., Bept. 27. About 11 o'clock
last night this town was shaken by an earth
quake. There were four distinct shocks, ench
of which lusted several seconds. No daniago
was done, but peopln worn sommvhut ulurmed,
many being awakened from sleep.
Mocnt Vehnon. HI.. Sept. 27. An enrtlmnnko
of several seconds' duration shook this cltv
and county for scleral miles around lat night
at 11 o'clock. Houses rocked, men worothrown
out of chairs, and brick buildings woro badly
damaged. No loss of lifts H reported.
Pcouii. III.. Sept 2 .Lato last night n se
vere oarthquoko shock was felt In this city
along thn blnlfs nnd hsek from tho river.
Communication with outside towns brings in
formation tlint tbe shock was felt in Bloom
ington. Jacksonville, and other places. Tho
train desi atelier nt Logansport, Intl., says tho
shock wns so violent thero and atMncennes
that people left their houses In frigid ns urti
clcs of furniture tumbled down.
hpnivnnni.n. Sent. 27. Ancarthqunke shock
wns felt at lilt.Vi last night through this city.
Windows rattled ilolently. nnd tho Circuit
Court In session wsh temporarily interrupted.
Reports front Jacksonville. Tayloriillo, Deca
tur, and Mount Pulaski say that tho shock was
felt there.
Kfokijk. la . Bept. 27. At ten rrrtnntefftoTl
o'clock last night there occurred three distinct
tremors of tho earth, which shook buildings In
various parts ot the city. Tlio shocks wero of
short iluiatlon.
Trihir HaI'TE, Intl., Sept. 27. A shock of
earthquake was felt here nt lO'.IO o'clock last
night. Windows rattled, chandeliers swayed,
iiml many persons wero nauseated by tho un
dulations. MFMntrs Tenn., Bept. 27. A slight shock of
earthquake was felt in this city nnd neighbor
hood about l(i:."0 last night. Tho disturbunco
lasted two or throo seconds.
The Tennessee Huti-lelsse System to be
JliHHcd I'pou (he. iliida;ei.
KKOxm.i.E, Sept. 27. Tho ponitentiary lenso
question will now ga to tho courts. In so faros
It relates to tho coin lets who nro worked away
from tho main prison or are sub-leased. At-tornny-Gcnnral
Pickle, in an elaborate opinion,
held that tho com lets could not be sub-ieased.
Nothing of tins ilew camo before thn Legisla
ture. William Warren, a white convict In
the barracks at Brlcevllle, through his attor
neys, has tiled a petition In tho Knox County
Criminal Court, beforo Judge Bnecd, asking
for a writ of habeas corpus.
The writ was granted and addressed to tho
Warden at Brlcei I He. who Is called on to show
cause why ho should not surrender tho pris
oner. Tho writ Is mndo returnable on next
Wednesday. Tho object is to determine thu
legnlltyof tho sub-lensosjstem. If It bo de
cided that tbo convicts cannot bo sub-let. then
nil convicts must be taken from those places
w hero they are now working on sub-contracts.
Tills would remoie them from Brieoillle, Coal
Creek, nnd Oliver Springs. If tho petition for
habeas corpus Is favorably acted upon. It Is
understood thnt the lessoes will take tho case
to tho Supremo Court of tho State, which Is
now In session here. If they win, thoso acting
for thn convicts will take tho case tip. It is
bclloied that within two months. -it most, per
haps less time, a llnnl decision can bo had.
liratvneil y the Illalna; Tide.
New Ha vpn, Sept. 27. Charles Bradley, to
gether with his brother Thomas Bradley.
Mllo Woodln and Fred Uassott. all farmers
living In North Haven, drove to tho West
Bhoro yesterday to spend the day digging
clnms. Charles Bradley and Woodln waded
out far beyond thoothers and forgot tho ris
ing tide until tho wator had risen to their nrui
jilts. At thn suggestion of frlnnds they turned
to wadn ashore, when suddenly both of them
r-nuk out of sight, having stepped into a hole
where tbo water was over tholr heads. Woodln
coulil swim, but Bradley was helpless. At llrst
Woodln assisted Bradley, but thn heavy cloth
ing worn by both men and Bradley's helpless
ness soon forced him to seek his own pres
ervation, nnd beforo assistance could get to
him Bradley wns drowned In plnln sight of his
friends, Woodln rune hud the shore lu a stato
of exhaustion.
JBInlr Not I.lkely to Hncceed Ili-unt.
Washinotov, Bopt. 27. Ex-Bonntor Blair ad
mits to-day that, as far as ho knows, he is not
to bonppolntodCommlssloncrof Pensions. Tho
rumor that ho was to bo Gen. Rnuin's succes
sor apparently grow out of thn fact of Mr. Har
rison H well-known doslre to do something for
tho rejected wnuld-bo diplomat. He would
hardly dare to takn such ahold stop as to an-
foint lilni Pension Commissioner, however, for
ho New Hampshire man In tho office would
put Tannerism to the blush. But although
Mr. Blair Is not aid to bo placed at tho head of
thn Pension Bureau, thero Is no doubt that It
has boon decided to remove Uen. ltaiim. In
fact, It Is understood thut his resignation Is
already In tho hands of the President by re
quest, nnd that it will bo accepted at a vory
early day.
Embcrilcment Kny Provided Cnsh lis Not
Kountze, Tex., Bept. 27.-J. D. McMillan. ox
County Treasurer, has been on trial charged
with misapplying funds to the nmount ot
$14,000. Judge Hightower yesterday ordered
the jury to acquit him. charging that tho legal
definition of money Is le;:l tender coin, and
that bonds or coupons nro not monoy. Judge
Hightower, who Is recognized ns ono of tlio
State's host Jurists, holds that no ofllcinl can
bo Indicted for emberrlcmont under tho pres
ent Btate luw s unless ho steals actual cash.
Haw at llurglurFIck III Pocket.
Joseph Ik Thompson, n saloon keeper nt 037
Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn, felt vory uncom
fortable early yostorday morning when ho
awoke to find a colored man stnndlngover him
with u revolver. His ilsllor demanded nil his
money, and Thompson had to lin still and
watch him abstract "Jfiofrnni thn pockets of his
clothes 1 lug near the lied. Thon thn colored
man walked out, Ijiter In tho day Detective
Reynolds arrested Richard Howe, 2H years old,
of 277 St. Mark s avenue, and Thompson posi
tively Ideutltlud him aa tlio burglur.
a hack ron urn.
Wilson's Tough Utile Mutnmr Cnrrles
lllm Hiiltly Tln-niigh the Kirn.
Lon Axor.t.Es. Sept. 27,-An exciting race for
life Is rettortod from tho mountains back of
Banta Monica, where a brush lire got under
way and has been burning fiercely for a couple
of days. A young settler niimtd Wilson, who
hnd built himself a cabin In tho mountains, w.m
asleep when thn Haines reached his house, nnd
was not awakened until the lire almost roasted
hlln. When hn reached the door ho thought
his Inst day had come, for tho ll.imes nnd dense
smoke shot up on all sides for several hundred
feet, and ho could see no outlet.
Hn had n tough llttlo inuting. lie placed a
wet blanket over tho animal's head nnd body,
and thn bronco dashed Into tho Humes, und for
a quarter of a mllo Wilson, moro dead than
alive, expected his horse to drop dead every
step. But tho mustang kept his pace, and
dashed Into the clear space ahead of tbecrack
llng flnmes. Wilson thought ho wns safe, and
attempted to slow tho mustang up. but tho
horse understood tho situation better than his
master, and. In spltoof Wilson'sofforK dashed
on. It wns well ho did. for In a few minutes
tho fire bounded across the cleared Hpot and
was close on tho heels of the horse, Wilson
was terribly burned about the head and face.
Tho mustang was also badly burned. Many
homes wero destroyed by fire, nnd It Is possi
ble Hint Inter reports will show somo loss of
life. Thu fire Is now under control.
The Chief r.xecntlie of Hpnrtnnhurg Killed
by ss Negro lie it no Trjlnrt to Arrcut,
Coi.umiiia. B. a. Bept. 27. The Hon. .1. A.
Henneinuti. Mnyor of Spartanburg, was shot
and killed this afternoon by a negro named
John Williams. The murderer and a colored
woman were engnged In a row nt the woman's
house. Mayor Hennnmnn, who was passing
by nt thnt moment, attempted to stop tho diffi
culty and to keep Wllllamsfrom running away
till tho polleo could arrive. Williams pushed
Mr. Henneman out of tho door and shot htm In
tho back whllo ho wns falling.
Mr. Henneman Is tho mnn who two yenrs ago,
whllo a mob had a loaded cannon trnlned on
tho jail to securo a murderer whom thoy In
tended to lynch, rushed Into tho midst of tho
excited crowd nnd spiked the cannon.
Tho Confidence or the Thornton Fumlly In
Mum und Km Anilines the Houthcrn Town.
JACHH0SV1T.I.E, Fla.. Bept. 27. Renders hero
of Saturday's Son wero much amused to noto
tho confidence manifested by the Thornton
family In the wonderful sea story told by Bam
Thornton and EiaJowell. The identification
of Sam and Eva by Editor W. R. Carter of tho
firming iMropoMt. a well-known nnd respected
citizen, and by Conductor Bnrr of tho Pullman
Car Company, was conclusive to every ono
here. Thornton's story of being lnnd
ed near tho mouth of St. John's
Illvor. on tlio const, and walking to
this city Is absurd. The beach Is well settled
for o score of miles and no strnngn lessel
could bale lauded without being noticed by
residents or pilots Again, tlio country from
the const to tills city Is low and the lint woods
and tho mnrsh aro cut with creeks, salt-water
bayous, and inlets from tho rli or. with only
one road ond one bridge, with sovcrul rullroad
Thornton was elosoly questioned nnent this
alleged trip and the ridiculous description ho
gave of It made his story a laughing stock. Ho
said ho saw only one tie jrro hut. that the coun
try was high and level, with lino roads, and
orange groves. Ho remarked on tho Ono char
acter of tho bridges that ho crossod.
The Rev. David Jnmor of thn Mount Olivet
Prosbytorlnn Church of Brooklyn snld yester
day he would Investigate the story about Miss
Eia Jewell and Mr. Samuel Thornton, both
members of his church, nnd have a commlttoo
appointed to hear their tale.
In About the Hnme Plnce nnd the Same
Wny lTlth n Tuo-bour Interiul,
Two young men Ik longing to n social club
with rooms on the first Uoor of the five-story
brick tenement at filld West Thirty-ninth
street. In the heart of tho district known ns
"Hell's Kitchen." saw an unusual glaro In
thohnllwayof tho hotiso yesterday afternoon.
A llttlo pile of kindling woojl. bonked with
oil. was blazing In the bnserflont hallway. It
was In front of a bureau, which was also burn
ing. Tho young uieii put out the lire with
buckets of water.
Two hours later another fire wns started In
nearly tho somo place. Mrs. O'Leary, the
housekeeper, who lhes on tho first floor, dis
colored and extinguished tho second blaze,
which nlso came from about a dozen sticks of
kindling wood wet with oil.
Detective Taylor, who Investigated. Is In
clined to bellevo thnt somebody with a grudgo
ngalust the housekeeper wuutod to burn hor
Spoiled the Thug'" Aim.
Dctectlvo Listen of the Elizabeth street sta
tion was stundlng at tho corner of Chatham
square and Doyer street at 11 o'clock on Bnt
urdny night when ho heard ono of two men
who had boon loitering about say totho other:
"You do It Hero's tho banger," nnd at tho
samo tlmo hand him a slungshot. Tho detec
tive saw tho man slip the weapon up his sleevo
and steal up to a stronger, who. with a high
silk hat on the back of Ills head and n light
spring ovcrcont over his arm, wns reeling
along In thn direction of Park row, Thommn
w.is about to hit thosfraugiir on tho side of the
head with the slungshot when Lis ton knocked
him down with a blow in the face. Listen
soled the other thug, but meantime tho
drunken mnn had disappeared. At tho Tombs
Pollen Court yesterday tho prisoners, who
nu their names as Frank Garland and WI1
ain Mann, were held for trial.
Collin Gem u Ilondxmiin,
Why Frank B. Collins of tlio Union Leaguo
Club, who was arrested on a charge of grand
larceny preferred by Theatrical Manager E. O.
Gllinore, was allowed to languish in prison on
Friday and Saturday nights scorns hard to un
derstand. Yesterday half a dozen members of
the Union Lnngtio Club called nt tho Tombs
Police Court, all anxious to go on the bond of
their eluhmuto. Mr. Frank Jenkins, a mem
ber of both tho Unlierslty and tho Union
League clubs, and Mr. Wlllord I'. Ward ofJ(14
East Sixty-eighth street, a mining export nnd
member of the Union League, were nmong
them. Justice DliTcr finally accepted Sir.
Ward, and after that gentleman had signed Ids
liamoton$5.iHK) ball bond, papers were sent
down Into the prison and Collins was released.
His friends greeted him offuslvcly and ho left
tho building with them.
Overcoat Look Huaplclon Tbeae liny.
Charles Green, who snys ho Is a senno palnt
erand llvesnt 40 Oliver feticct, called attho
liouso of Mrs. Elydla Dalton, at 8B Now Cham
bers street, on Saturday night, nnd nsked for
something to eat. Mrs. Dnlton Inilted him
Into the hall, gave him a chnlr, and wn-nt Into
tho kitchen to get hlin some coffee. While sho
wns gonoOrecn took off his rags, nnd. taking
a suit of clothes from tho hat stand In the hall,
put them on. Hn also put on an overcoat. Dn
tectlve Lang vassed thn Iioufo ns (Ireen was
coming out, lio considered tho oiorcoat suh
plcious and urrested tho mnn.
" I wns never arrested before." whined tho
prisoner nt tho Tombs t!ourt yesterday.
" And It'll be a long tlmu before you nro ar
rested again." said Justlco Dlvvor, nud ho hold
Green In oOO bail for trial.
Hlnirk Her la the f'uco With m Htoue.
If Mrs. Daniel Brady of 12.'( Camden street,
Newark, recovers It will not bo bocauso her
husband did not try to kill hor on Saturday
night. Hn pounded her with his fists until sho
fot away from him and fled Into thn street,
hen lie picked up a stone ns big ns his head
and threw It nt her. The stone struck her full
In thn face, and she fell senseless to tho
ground. Bergennt Knoll and Patrolman Tern
pleton seled Brady as hn was trying to finish
Ids work. Ho was locked up nt the Second
precinct station at midnight, and his wife wns
sent to thu City Hospital, bho will probably
shot mm noirx AS SHE JIAX XXTO ,
a shop ron vnoTEimox.
.tins, rsiulirn nn Pretty nnd Her Ilusban
nns .lentous-He Iiml Ilnsged Her Mine
They fSeimrntcd-Hlie Ha) JUIe.
Frank Laiiken.tlO years of age, an eloctrlclan ,
In the employ of the Holmes Burglar Alarm tl
Company, shot his wife. Annie. 28 years old. la
Hudson street Inst night, within a block and
nlmlf of her home. Ho fired threo shots.
Ono took effect In his wife's neck, another i
struck a little girl on the shoulder, whllo th J
third went through the plate glass window ot
a butcher shop.
Frank Linken nnd Annln Sudan woro mar
ried fifteen months ago, and took up their re- a.
Idenco with the wife's futhur, at 315 Hudson A
Htreet, just below Spring. J
The wlfo'ti sister, Bertha Rostanl. with hur .',
husband. Henry, and two other slstors lived ft
thorn also. For several months tho young ?
couplo lived most happllv. but Laukcn was of ;
a jealous disposition and soon began toabuM ?
his wife, who Is remarkably handsome.
Things went on In an unsatisfactory war o
until throo or four weeks ngo. when Mra I,
Lnukeu refused longer to llvo with hor hu )
band. Ho left her and wont to llvo at 31 "
Bleecker street. it
Ever since tho separation Lnukon Ml -,
dogged his wife. Ho has hung around th ,
street In tho neighborhood of hor home, and, ' '
It Is said, has threatened to do her bodily
hnrm unless sho returned to him. a
Yesterduy afternoon he was soon walking up ';
and down thn street near by, nnd at 8:30 ,'
o'clock In the evening ho went Into tho cigar
store on the ground lloor, which Is kept by
Henry Rostnu, und purchased a quarters
worth of cigars. . .....
About hnlf an hour afterward Mrs. Latikon A
and her sister, Mrs. Boston, wunt out for i
walk, thinking that Lnukuti was safely out ot ,
Tho two womnn walked up Hudsonstroot to l v
King on thn west side of the street. Thoy had .;
just crossed King street nnd had como to "i
part of Hudson street which was particularly ,,-
dark. K
It is supposed that Laukon. who had been It t
hiding close by, then showed himself, ond that
tho women sought to escnpo him by taking ('
refuge iu II. A. Brum's confectionery storo. ,
1'rum's was crowded with people Tho two
women bad about reached the door whon thrM
shots In rapid succession worn hoard.
Beforo tho people In tho nlaco know what i't
had happened Mrs. Lnukon fell down nt tho
entrance, with blood pouring from a wound In f
her neck. Her sister. Mrs. Rostnn.. had bent -t
over her und wiir trying to shlold A
tho prostrnto body from the man who stood a J
few feet away with n smoking pistol In his
hand. A little girl namod Dolln Blake. 10 years ,
old. of 2."l) Hudson stroet.stood In tho doorway c"
with blood trickling from her shoulder.
Policeman Jamos J. Dunn hurried to tlio '
spot. As soon uji Lnrken saw tho officer ho y.
put the pistol to his head as If about to end his ,;
own life. , '
Tho policeman snatched the weapon awny -J,
from him. Lnukon was cool and collected. He v
was well dressed In black, wore a buttonhole ,
bouquet, and smoked n cigar. Ho said that he .
did tho shooting for fun just to frighten his
An ambulance from St. VInonnt's Hospital ."'
took the wounded woman there, nnd tho sur- "V
goons thought sho would not recover. It was ,T
not necessary totako tho child to the hospital. .
Thn pistol Luuken used was a Remington -ft
five-shooter of IlB-calibre. It Is supposed that
only threo shots wero llred. but tho revolver :
contained Ave empty shells.
Ono of thn bullets went through Vogt ;
Bro.'s butcher bhop window, next to the con- r
fectlonery store. At tlie station liouso Lnukeu A
refused to mako a statement. Ho soomod to ,
bo half drunk;
An Opium .Joint Ilalded. . t;
Capt. Brooks nnd a platoon of mon from the Ti
Elizabeth street station mado a raid yostorday s
on a Chinese opium joint at 104 Pork street 'f
Fifteen Chinamen worn captured and several jG
opium hi J outs were seized. fi
The 'Weather. , ,
Clotnly unit sultry enther prei oiled In this neighbor t!
ftood jesterilny with foir In tho mornlnfr. The nam .
cmitlltlous prcMilled Along the New KtnrMnit coast. K
There were Unlit showers in rioriJa. Elsewhere over i
the country tho weather wns fair except Kest of Laka '
MiehlKon ml north of Nebraska,, where It wns showery.
The storm centre In the Northwest was central last '
nliiht over South Dakota, moving slowljr eastward t
without much energy. It was preceded by high tern-
fcraturcs of about 00 degrees in the lake regions, ft)
Indiana, and the Ohio and Tennessee valleys. Tha -'J
highest nas 112 degrees at Indianapolis. This should -
canso a slight Increases of heat to day and to-morrow lo .
tho Atlantic Slates with a continuation of high humid- . ,j
ity in this region. Tothewcst of the storm centre It lab- '
coming colder. An area of high pressure la moving
flown from the North Pacific that will produce cooler '.
weather over the States west of the Ulsslitlppl tor th ,'
next two days J
Thero should be generally fair weather In the middle ri
Atlantic Motes to day and to-morrow. J
Highest W eather Bureau temperature here yesterday,
"degrees; lowest, (IS degrees, being 13 degrees cooler J
than on Saturday; arerago humidity, HO per cent,; 30
per cent, higher; wind chauged from northeast to ;!.
The thermometer at Terry's pharmacy In The Stm
buUdlog recorded the temperature yesterday as follows
1800. jsni. 1S90. 1891. ,
3 A. Jt 3 TO 8 SO P. M Of 76 -
ex.M 2 e op.m hi is
11 A. M I0 tin" UP. SI MO 78
ISM 07 72 12 midnight.... 67 IT j
Average TIM ''
Average on Kept. 27, lHW Clfr
tXtClL rOBSCAST Ttl-L 8 P. St. VOttDAT.
For southeastern New York (Including Long Island), j
also for western Connecticut and northern New Jersay,
fair; slightly warmer; southeasterly winds, rait '
'Tuesday, Conditions favorable fr local showers oa J
Wednesday, B. II. Dimi, local Forecast OmotaL A
The barometer Is high on the Atlantic and North Fay.
rltlo coast. Thero Is a trough of low pressure extend- ,"
Ingfrum northern Texas to Lake Superior, attended by V
local showers to tho west of the Mississippi and In the &'
northern jiortlon of tbe upper lake region. Fair
weather continues In the Southern, Middle, and New ,
Kngland Ftates, except on the Kortb Atlantle coast,
where local showers aro reported. It has been slightly J
cooler on the hew England and middle Atlantlo j1,
coasts. In the upper Mississippi and lower Mia- 'v
sourl voile) s and North Dakota. It Is warmer
In the lake iwlons, the St. Lawrence Valley, and at '
central Koiky Mountoln stations. The Indications art '
that showers will occur In tho upper lake region and '-,
thoMthwest to-day, In the lower lake reglnon on r
Tuesday, with slightly cooler weather on Tuesday, n
Wanni r, generally Mir weather will continue In New
England and the middle Atlantic States until Tuesday
morning, followed b lnrreaslng cloudiness.
For Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, clMf
wanner; southwesterly winds. '
For Massachusetts, generally clear; southerly wlndaj
For Khmle Island and Connecticut, fair; southerly
winds; slightly warmer, except In extreme eastern por . ,'
tlou of Hliuile Island, stationary temperature. j
yir eisfsra A'rw York, gmttaUy clear, sfonnsr; sewAsrta riL
rials. 1.1
For eastern Pennsylvania, clear; slightly warmer, ax- '.(
cept lu cxtreuio southeast portion, stationary tempera- .'
turn; southerly winds, "
For Now- Jersey, fair; stationary temperature, except J;
slightly warmer In uorthern portion; southerly winds. M
For the District of Columbia, pelaware, and Mary fjv
land, clear; southerly winds ami continued high tm j
perature, .V-
For wrstern New York, clear; winds shitting to south- ''J
erly; wanner, j
Fur western I'ennsylvanla, fair, warmer In northern; S
stationary timpcralure In southern portion; southerly !
winds. '.
Where Yeaterdnv Fire Were.
A. M 12 W, freight car. Sixty flflh sp-et. New York
Ctntroland Mudsnu Itlver Kalfroad Company, l!,K0Oi ii.
12 4,',, U'Jd street, New Haven Kallruad Coiouaojr, &
Thirty two excise arrests yesterday, Jfb
Jibm B. Orstit of Mu Francisco Is at the Murray Uiu $.
Until I
Folteo Superintendent Murray will report for dot ron K
the 2d or Hi of urtotier. ' r
Andres Mnrrhr. a tohacro packer, who lived at 71
Market street fefl from the tliml to the second floor at i
HM Hamilton street yt-sterdar afternoon and fractured
lis skull. Ilc.llodsliiirtlyuflor. ""
fesai'li Issman, the Russian peddlsr, who falsetr
swore that KM'lieiiinlilsti In was his wife so that sue "
might laud at the Marge oitlce. was arraigned at the t
Tombs estcrila) und held for the Lolled Slates Cgni. '
mlssioners v;
Dennis Donohne, who hangs about Itusselj's stables at .
Breventli awnue was ordered, nut at 2 o'clock raster.
day mnrnltigb) Washington .Veal, the colored watch i
man, and rrTiised In go .Sen I struck him wllh a Dltrh.
fork liniioliue went tn St Vincent's Hospital whan ''
hn lujurj Is pruuouueed sstlsiu, Ncal was rtitnL t

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