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---l"sbsjsisPss " 7
y wmmmssssssssmmmmmm :;.'- ' THE SUN, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 7891: 5 i
tonn iiawke's cricketers tavout
Xlie Jnl1aa of England Unable to Keep
l Their Batting Htrak la the Second
Inning. While the Americans Pnal.h the
Oppo.lng Bowlera With Ea.e-Onlr Two
Wlchcta Lo. When the Winning Btia
Waa Made The Kncllahmcn Want Matin.
Ihctlon, and They Will Set It.
rniLADKtrnu. Ropt 28. Tlio uront crlekrt
mutch l over, nnd for tlio iccond tlmo In tho
history of tho camo nn Kntrllsh team lms boon
(Wonted bynn American olovon. Tho Rftmo
wound "P in a 11a of Rlory. Tlio 10.000
Hioetntors could not rostrnln tholr wild shout,
and thn bund played tlio "Star-spnngled Ban
ner" nnd " YnnWorv Doodle."
"Tliero !. no telling whnt you American1)
can do." Lord Ilnvvko paid to Tiir. Sun corro
f pondent after tlio came. " I nupposo tho next
tlmo an KnKllsh professional eleven comes
hero you will want to teach thorn to play
cricket. The American conquest of tho Derby
win a torrlblo blow to tho English sporting
world, and your yachting vlctorlos havn an
noyed utt not a little, but If American cricketers
run defeat ui at our own national gamo of
cricket I think wo had better rctlro from tho
flold altogether."
Again wan tho match made a fashionable
gathering, and many of tho spectators woro In
gay nttlre. tho wondorful lino weather permit
ting tho fair sex to do their handsomest. Tho
coaching parties wore as numerous as before.
nd tho Interest In tho gamo did not onco flag.
0. S. Patterson's display of butting was n
treat, and his record of 111 runs In tho two
Innlng9 was a remarkable performance. H. D.
Drown also acquitted himself, and tho part
nership of theso two yestorday yielded 103
runs without a separation being effocted. H.
I. Brown's bowling was certainly praiseworthy.
Ills 10 wickets for W runs was a great por
formnnco against such strong bntsmon. Kvery
one expected to seo a close game, but tho eol
Inrlne of tho bowling by Contes and Scott dis
heartened tho visitors, nnd they woro defeated
with eight wickets to spare.
The Englishmen fielded in magnificent form.
Th" Hnltlmoro gamo lias been postponed, nnd
tlio EnslMimon will in tho menu time do their
utmost to win back tholr laurels on Thursday.
l'ndav. and Saturday, when thu return match
jl with the riillu'lclphliuis will be played.
I Play yesterday Murteil ut ll:ai o'clock. Lord
J Hnwko and (1. V. ltlnketts resuming their
pl'ices at thu wickets. Jtuns enmo fat. and
ten minutes' play mwthoeenturyon thobonrd.
I Tho Phll.idelphians were Holding up to thulr
I form, however, and II. V. Mlddtcton, who wa?
itulistltutlng for It. D. llrown. before another
run was scored took a brilliant catch at long
log from Lord Ilawko's bat, after placing IK)
runs to his credit. .1. II. Hornsby tilled tho
L vacancy, but six runs later lost his partner.
I who was neatly taken by H. P. Pulley at short
I flip. Four wickets wero down for 100 runs, or
I 62 runs behind tho first Innings.
f' C. W. Wright was next to tho bat. and Ilorns-
by offered a rather difllcult chance to Walter
fccott, which was refused, and this porform
anco was repeated In tho next over. Wright
L being guilty of offering tho cntch this time.
I Wright followed this up by a terrific hard
drive to mld-off. W. Urockle. In attempting to
stop the hit, had his fingers cut open. Ho had
to retire for repairs, and Lord Hawke offered
to take his position, nnd was applauded loudly
when ho camo on tho Held. R. D. Brown av
rlviM at this point, however, nnd Middleton
was kept or. In place of Brockle. With a scoro
of 120 Walter Scott went on with lobs Instead
cf Bally, and Hornsby soon skied ono to
young Mlddlnton. but tho sun got di
rectly in his eyes and ho did not
reach tho ball. Hornsby soon after lilt one in
the slips off H.I.Brown's bowling, and Daily
qvilcVly nabbed the chance. Hornsby retiring
w.th '-I' runs to his credit. This mado llvo
Wekets down fRr lfW runs.
S. M. J. Woods was next man nt tho bat. and
starting with n single f-oon got a lino drive on
Scott for 4. C. W. Wright was not playing In
the patient form dlsplnyed in the first Innings,
id tho dangerous position in tho slips soon
found him a victim to tho ever-ready Bally.
and six wickets were down for 148 runs.
Wroford-Hrown filled tho vacancy, nnd Bally
taking tlm ball soon got Woods in tho long
Held, where Scott mado up for bis previous
error lv accepting the chance in good stle.
With 7 wickets down for 1W) runs, every
thing pointed to the inntcli being finished on
time. In tho first innings 228 runs were
(cored by the Englishmen for 7 wickets, and
the rhllndolidiinnswcro consequently jubil.mt
lien they CHlculnted that they wero 78 runK
behind. Lord Tlnowley followed Woods, but
with 10 runs added. Wreford-Brown was de
cided rut, leg heforo wlcki't. by George Wright.
0. W. Hlllynid follow d Brown, but soon lost
Lord Throw ley. who skied ono to point, and M.
Ian aicpnti'il tho cluineo with thanks. Ills
lordship rttned with lit runs as his share,
nd IJ wickets worn down for 104 runs. Tho
lion. 11. 3111b s was tho Inst man and tho olid
camo shortly, tho inning Indue over for 171
runs. This was not n very formidable totnl.
but the wicket was not playing as well as In
the flrft Innings, ami ever) body expected to
Jceaclose iliiisb.
The Innings was concluded nt 1 :05 o'clock,
and before an adioiiriiiiiont for luncheon took
I'laen tho American batsmen received four
overs and scored four runs. Craw ford C'oates
anil Walter Hfott, tlio two Belmont men who
mvlo iici n good stnrt In tho flr-t Innings,
again vutp deputed to M.irt tho scoring for
I'lilladflphhi. After luncheon Coates started
things with a brniit'fiil cut off Wiefoid-Browu
for four, and shortly afterward hentt was de
cided not out to n ball nt tho wickets which V.
W- Wright evidently thought bo had lilt,
woods was 1 -iwling splendidly, and both bntt.
jnn li'id to iih, th utmost care in pin sing him.
It took thiity minutes to score tlm Hist twenty
inns. Woods having six mnldens In nine overs.
LordHiiv!.o decided on n ehnnge, liowenr,
and Hillyurd relieved Woods at .'I o'cloelc. Huns
Hill camo slowly, nnd with thiity up lloniriby
replaced Wreford-Hrown. t'oatcs was doing
most 'if the run getting. ,
w hen lift v runs had been scored, after thir
ty five minutes' pin.), n grcnt surprise was in
More for batsmen and ppectiitors nllke. Woods
went on t bowl, not the demon Woods, but
wood, howling underhand lolm nmld u gen
eral murmur of siiiprl-o The second ball
tontos pulled clean oil tllir mldillo stuiiip to
the ropes for four. Ills second over wiih n If n
Iillme. ami with seven runs scored from It ho
Cuneludeil slow lolis would not do for Phi adel
ll.l.i. The Hon. Hi JIllli'S rvlli-vil Hlllviml.
und Woods bowled his fn-t oM'r-'inn. buventy
runs scored produced cheers, hut then Coiitns
retired, leg before wicket, to Mlllesiiftern tine
exhibition of cricket. (Vmtoa scored 40 runs
while Scott was compiling Jl. . . ,
O. S. Patterson was loudr) cheered when lie
appeared und opened with a hit for two. but
ho soon lost ficott. whoso downfall was
produced ,y n medium break back from
widn. the second wicket falling for 47111ns.
II. D. JJiuwn was next, nnd some lively play
was J.ecn. Patterson hit hard nnd evidently
Wanted tlje gamo not to go ovel I uesilny.
At 4:20 o'clock a loud cheer announced tho
century, and Drown lifted Wooils clear over
tho ropes for tlm biggest lilt of the mutch.
The next two balls struck Drown high on tho
body, tho demon bowler putting on extra
speed. His next over also produced four ruiis,
and Wreford-Brown relieved hlni. with l.l
runs scored. Hillynnl replaced Mills, and
il fourth ball Patterson sent to tho
boundary. Drown then lilt his English name
enko for a 4 and it 2, and 140 wns notched off
with another choor. Thonoxt over front Diown
was a sonsntlonal ono. K. V. Brown drovo his
second ball to tho ropos for 4, tho next for 4,
and followod this up with a :to leg. nnd. U
break tho bowler's heart. Patterson got nn
othor4off tho last ball, making tho ovor cost
1j runs. Tho wildest oxcltement now pro
vallod. and tho Englishmen woro ovldontly
rattled. Hlllyard was bowling woi. and vvhen
Woods took Wreford-Drown's plneu better
things wero expected. . .
Ono hundred iinil sixty runs, however, went
up vvlth nnotbor rousing cheer, und Browns
hack cutoff Woods brought his scon; unto
tlio half century. Mllles Ihen relieved II II
aid..and 170 runs went up when Brown lilt
bis second ball for three. With llftounmlniitun
left foi nlny nnd thirteen runs tu win, nvory
ttioln was cheered. Every ono was anxious to
fee the naming hit made without a separa
tion. .Drown drovo a hard ono to long-on for
4. and with a single from Patterson tho garao
was won with only two wickets down.
The wildest enthusiasm prevailed at tho
finish. The crowd broke through the ropes,
"aid flew into tho air. handkerchiefs waved.
tho bugles from, the ,tllr-hos tooted, ' and
pandemonium reigned supremo for fullr Are
minutes. Tho full score follows:
C.W.WtUht.c. firewitfr. J
It T.llfwett.b rnttrrfonno I b, n b. llrown
liorillUKke.r I'Atterion,
li sjoti . ..... ,7 e.tub.b. Bally 38
MnlThmwlr,c Rftliton.
cHt''lf-SS."- I .S3 e. Uw, b. Bally 18
8. M.J. Wood, c. Law, b
fccott s c. ficotl, b. Bally JO
C. Wrttnrn Drawn, c
Coatf , b scott . .. r.l l.b.w.,b Brown S
K. J, Kfiy, c. I'oatei, b
Brown , ig b Brown 7
J. II. Ilnrniibr. c. Ralaton,
y'", ... ... 0 r. Bally, b. Brown M
O W. Rlckctu, I b. w.. b.
Brown.. r. c. Bally, b. Brown 6
Hon. II viiiim, at. Hal-
, jnn.b Scott . , n rim nut 4
II W. Illllranl, not ont . u not nut 1
pyea 13 H)fa ,.10
''(inr'a 4 I.rhrn 1
obalU 3 .NobilU 4
Total :si! Total 171
rtRST IX1fl
Mb. MMni. Rnl. rftlf
n. 8. rttraon tun 7 ev 3
II I. Rally 10-, n HI o
II. I Bron lir, n 44 4
H.n nrnwn an ft o
' fnatra 21 1 n o
W. Scott u I to 4
JliHi, J.leu. ffinl. WWrtt.
It. P. Rally 84 3 Sit a
0 S rattmon . .. ll.V a 34 o
II I Brown . . . in- 7 Ml (I
W.Scott 4.5 1 41 O
u rniLvDCLriiiA.
Ftrrt naO'j. Aarmwl Tuning.
W. 8cntt. run nut .. . 11 b. WooJa , 1A
l roate a, c llewett, b
nrown ...18 I b. w , b. WIlUl. 4
n.s.rattarann b vtnoila. us notout 43
V II. Hntilrn.c. Wrlnht,
b wuii. :
K. VV RaWtnn b Brown J
It II Hrnn,c. Klcketta.
b. Wooila 1". notont. S3
Shuw. b Hrnwn 7
K K llrowator, run out. J7
W. Itrocktr, run out . O
II I' IIMlY, b W'emla . II
II 1. Brown, not out.. . 11
lltra . . . .. 21 By A
1.4-ir bye 4 ljr byci It
No ball 3 .No bull 1
Total 248 Totnl 183
nasi iviixo.
Tilla. MtitJmt. Run. WlcXtii
f M.J Wooila 170 HI S3 8
J, II llornaby 40 3 33 0
Hon II Mlllrs W 1 .1(1 1
I" W Itrnwn 17.V 7 VO 8
O. W. Hlllyard 40 3 11 O
lUilU, Xallfnt. Jinn: Klelrti
S. M J.Wooda 12r. H 6 1
l W. Brnwu, ... ,.75 r. 41 O
II W lllllMinl 7U (V Jit 0
J ii. iinmabv a, a a o
lion. II. Mlllea .. . Oil O Oil 1
Umplreaunrgo Wright of Ronton and Ucorge Lane
of bt&ttti latauil.
Cbampton Caa;1lah Ctieketcra.
Tb London l'reta AaaocUtinn laat week ptibltabed tha
areragea of the nrat 100 rrle ke'.rra of England. Among
theae aro Lord llawko. II. Mllea, F. M. P. Wooda. K. F.
Ke, II. T. llewctt, and f. W. W right, tho reat of Lord
llawkc'a team not being placed at nil aa far aa batting
la roneemed (1. W. Hlllyard and Wooda are
mentioned in tho bowler Hat. Here la the record of
the pla) era for the aeaaon Juat finished lu Lugland:
Jotl runt
ffn nf Tiitm in on
AamM Inninirt. aof md. Jtunt innlna. Artrngt. Plort
II T. Hewett .'IT 1 M4 lift 1U78 88
s i. r. wooda 8a 4 rw 3 lasa 41
K Key .. 1H ft 333 Ml 14 47 71
Ixirdllanke . 34 ll S33 121 1841 84
C. W. Wright .84 2 400 01 12 60 1(3
JC'imM Orer. Maiiltna. BvnM. Wi'lrfU. Artrngt
8M FWooa. U81 273 3341 1S4 16 73
U. W. IIIlI)ard...lt!8 4 1)3 841 21 18 23
The Atlnntlo Rod and Gna Club.
The Atlantic Rod and Gun Club had two ahoota at
Coney laland yeaterday. In tba morning they ahot off
the poatponed ahoot for the Qulmby mdal at btoa
rocka. Morrl won breaking 17 to Monaeee'e 18. The
other acorej were' A. Boyle. 10; R. Dwyer, 12; J. B.
Voorhrea, 12 In the afteruoou the Engoman medal and
the Bonden badge were ahot for bealdeathe extra
prizes It reanlled In a great race for both medaU C.
E Morrla won th flrat prlj. tha Engeman medal, kill
ing 18 alrnlght. beating Monaje by ono bird. The eec
ond medal waa von by R Dwver. tha Prealdeut of tba
rlub. with a autre of loatralglit In the enoot off J. n.
Vuorhee won th" third prlo with 10 atralght, after ty
ing with Dver mil Henden
aweepstakea at flvo blrda 27 yarda rtae, wai
alao ahot II Morjieei and II Kronlka dlrlded flrtt
roone. with five atralght. and J B Voorheea and A.
Boyle ith fonreaeli divided aecond money. The arorei
i- V.. Morrla. .to vanla IS. J. II Dyer. 31 yarda. R. A.
Borle. 2it vnrda. s, D Mnnaeea, ao yard. 1: R Dwyer,
.tOvanli. HI, ii. Kronlka. 2.', yard. l, J. B. Voorheea,
27 yarila 10. Ii 7. Klelat, ir, )ardl. 3, C. Jamlaon, 21
j aril. 0, w, i.reen, 21 yanla. 3. A.M. Webatar. 25
aidi, IS. M. Bonden. 24 jarda, 8.
Hloaaon Flay Well.
Inaplteof the fact that George Sloaaon. the billiard
iat. waa not In the beat of health laat ettntng, there
waa a remarkable Improrement noticeable In hla play.
A r00 point game waa plajed. Sloiaon made the
opening, and elicited conalderable applanat by rnunlig
up US pnlnta Paly In bla flrat Inning alao abowod ltn
preretotnt. making r.3 pnlnta
In the third Inning hloaaon railed to arore and nil op.
pnnent ran up but on point. In the fifth Inning be out
ahadnweil hla flrat attempt hi running ud 153 point,
nhli'h waahlablgheat run of the evening. Following
with sit tut and entne auiatler aeorea, he managed to
terminate the game in the ninth lnnln Thle la the
ahortrat game of tlte aerlenvet played
Maurice Daly la rapidly getting Into hla acCnatomed
ahape. and la expected to put up a atrong game against
Hloaaon at the latter' billiard rooma tnla evening.
Moaann d.'feoted Dal) by&rxi tu 134polnta. The scoro
la na follow a
Mmwin-1 18. 48, O, 14. 152. 8(1, 111. 0, C8. Total, COO.
Average CIS r-l
nalj-r.3,10, 1, 43. 4, 18. 3 0 Total, 133. Average,
tldda and En da orH-jorla.
There la talk of consolidating tho Ravenawood Boat
Club ond the Mar Athletic club, thua making a powe.
ful club
A ap lalmeetlrgnf the Metrorrlltan Association of
tin. Amateur Athletic I'nlon will be held In farlor L,
Aatu llotoe, tO'lllght.
Tn rroa countrv team of the Morel Atnletlo Club
have hi ni rot r-faiilrM and on Oct. 11 the club will
atari Ita ei nnd acnaon of croaa country runs
I'mlcr the jiliulnlatratlon of A .1. Rlsnett the Print
era' Athlilii. Aasiu'latlon la preparing for a aerlea of
iniillmoaiuga, ublih will occur fortnightly during the
A party of nine went flahlne on Sunday. They were
cnptniiiril It) the nenMi.an, James Mead, and In three
hour, ml tho monument, tiny brought ou board 713
bin in" ami hi u knh.
Tlieopmscnuiitrv team of the St. Jamra Boat Clnb,
Bruiikljn. Una hem reorganized, and weekly runs will
ho liebi ii nlllttic i hate of the season. W llllam Uonohua
luiK bei ii i hoatn i aptain
Thr St James llnat Club has adopted a navy bine em
blem of the name ileilgn na the .Manhattan Athletic
('lull's famoii" Cherry Diamond The lattet oftirltls
tlirmtrii to enjoin thu oarsmen from using such a de-
Ht Joseph's Young Men'a I'nlon haa been admlttod to
membership In the lying lalatiil Amateur Athletic
1 I'ngue It is the i.itentlou or tho I'nlon to apply for
ailiniaioli to tho Metropolitan Aaaodatloii of the
A A. U,
(leorge P Atwoter. rhalrmannf the Raring Board of
tho Loague of American Wheelmen, hna suarinidcd
t'harlrs riuiiilora nr Hcailltig. I'a and W II Iteifsuyiler
of I'rittatnnn. I'a from the track for alvly days for vlo
Intion of tho League rules.
Holier! Conn. (x.'-rniuVnt of the St Uenrge Athletlo
Club, nndn number of oilier genllenien Inlereated In
amateur athletic have Issued a i all for ageneralmeet.
lug to t.rri.i ii Columbia Athletlo Club The mtet
lug iillfbo hold nn Oct. Hln I'nlon .-.(uaro Ball.
The euinloieea of .1 C. Malono A Co of Jersey City
'oiirnejedtolloik Cellar Park, liuttenburg. yeatenlay,
mi 1 Ihero Indulged In lm-.cb.ill, footnall. and other
porta This a ihn oi caalon of tlielr annual outing.
Tlie nilatr wound up nlth a luncli, arter n hlch there nas
A boat race between F. Warden and J. Rogers against
J.Caimigan an I II lloden. from Williams's boat houso
In souih llrooklin. mi-ra four and n half mile course,
woa won easily hi Warden nnd llogera The wlimera
,,m r to row any dotihlo learn on Unit laland for a uult
able prUe,
The backers of Hilly Kenny .object to the weight
named bv llugone llornbacher lu his challenge. They
aav that if lloriihKChtr will wilghln at 11.1 round, at
the ring aid'-. Hi") oin maxu n malih. but nt I1H
pound llornbucher would slmpl) retell a a presvutof
llirio pounds.
Col. J II V oss of the Rnierald Uun Club It llkelvtn
have hla halida full If he aci enla the challenges that
ore oflered him. J. Bennett of Iho Forkwav llral and
i.uucijibondl. Ilelgau. of the same ilub have chal
lenged him eeporatclj to a man h at M or IUO live blrda
Ilrnllt.v. Kept 2H-The flrst of tho Twilight Enigma
race waa aalled tnl afternoon lu the south Idler. The
Twilight, owned by Herman liuriea. waa away ahead
an I not tar from me ilnteh lino when a sharp -law car.
rled hrr mast aa. The Fiilgiua oivned b rrrd
imkra iliilehed In ; hour 112 minutes 0 seuonda. The
illsluui'o wns llftetn miles
I. II Magnus of lh Atlantic Ito I and Hun Club has
aiiiitnriil In Iho .i"llng arena again nfleran absenre
of aouie niontha Ills tlrsl I'hollriigo In h, II (arrlaon
ofllielouutaliilluiillulilo shoot a match nt loollve
blplataib. Ilurllngham rulea.for aval hj no )et been
aceptcl He has aleo i halleiigo.l T. T F.dgerion of the
i.leniuore Hod and Uun club lu shoot at ilfty llvo blrda
Tha flree.ipolnt Rangers' Foolbvliriub haa lost been
formed, -wllh lieadqtmrtere at Arfmann a Hall, corner
of Mcarnla and Manhattan avenuaa. Brooklyn flio
following nmcers wcrerhoseui rresldent.Ueorgo Jlltcli.
.11, Vice Vrealdent. Archibald Kadle: rtecretary. fniest
Simpson, rreaeurer. Jamaa Loire, Trustees, A. H, Nil.
Han; J, rdieveliii, and II Crawford
The Seawanhaka Boat Club enloyed Ihelrannuol "Of
flcirs' Hay'' on Sunday. Twu sx oared barges, one
four oared gig. and three launchea left the boat house,
foot of r-nutlt Tenth alreet, llrooklyn. at Ino'clooV In
the morning After an injojable aall up the F.aat River
the laials landed at College Point, where the annual
baseball match between tlm Bachelors and Benedicts
oi'iurred Iho guuie waa a tie
Iinls Jester, rt llghi-arlght champlou of Ohio
railed at ilio ;if-vi.ii -Vir. nitii'e yoteriiuy and Itsnril
nihallengotoaiiy light weight In Ainorlia He said ho
weighed about I ill mullila us ho stood, bill claimed
that he could train to 1.1.1 He also said he hid pliniy
iiflmiklllg lillo reekhnm of I'l-lillaylvaiila sent lo
theaaiueoirlraarhallengii louuy Ito 14 1 pound man,
and seem to pnfer l'a,il (lonuaii.
Tn nn l.nttnn nr Tin hBiWi , I BfHce arnong the
irliket notes ol nuiida) 'a paper that Vm credit the Vie.
torlai.rlcket Club with a victory ovor the New York
Cricket Club laat Saturday at Central Park. Now I wish
to aa that the -New lork Cilcket Club had no match on
Paturdav . nor did any members of It play excepting Mr.
A K hkrne and myaelf In the aforasald game. It waa
nothing more than a "pick up-' gam Attend to this,
so as not to cast any discredit on the eleven of the New
York Crlcatt Club. Uar Nxw.v.
b--. . i i ii . u ' yjsi l'-r-e.'?
JcrA-AAAis4aaaalaMSMarJarlr' . ? ' ''i f'sataaaaal
rmcT.E nvstcs NEtr tojik aoet
After They nave SInatered thoChnrta.nlt
tha Ilctat of Heraxennt Pnnn'a r.xptann
tlona, They Will be Able to Tench the
Children now to Read the Weather Con.
dltlona a Set Down by the Klcnnl Office.
The wind blnweth where It llatelh, and thon heareat
the aouud (hereof, but canst not tell whence It cometh,
nd whither It goeth. 81 John III , 8.
Another hit of Scripture, this from tho Hov
elntlons: Former things are passed away.
Undo Jorry Ituak nnd Mr. Dunn bollovo that
tho truth of tho flrit auotntlon lint passed
awny. They know whoneo tho wind cometh
and whlthor It Booth, thoy say. nnd thoj'Kricvo
boenuso tho school tcaehors nnd tho school
children In Now York don't. Thuy saw In this
iBnornncoa mission, nntl tho work of maMnir
weather sharps out of tho tonchors nnd chil
dren of Now York ocean yotorday, when Mr.
Dunn, Undo Huak's Now York agent. ent out
to somo ottho schools tho flrst hateh of weath
er mapn.
"For two or thrco days." said Mr. Dunn,
"tho tcnehere alone will study theso maps, nntl
then tho Bonrd of IMuoatlon will In some milli
ner have them thorouithly expluliiud and thoy
will benln to teach tho pupils."
Undo Ilusk's wonther mnp. a prepared
twlco a day by Mr. Dunn. Is n work of nrt, as
will ho seen by tho plcturoof tlm ono sent out
to tho schools yestorday. and nt the same tlmo
It contains more vnltlnblo Information than
any work Issued under tho supervision of tho
Government. It bents l'orter's census, boenuso
It deals only In fact. To tho nvcrnco mnn, mir
his children who attend tho public schools.
these maps don't mean an) thing nnd
don't contain any Information, but Mr. Dunn
or Uncle Rus't or any of tho other shatps can
pick ono up and toll what kind ol weather
thero was In every part of tho country yester
day, what It Is at tho moment ho looks at tho
map. and can nearly always tell what it Is ;o
Ing to to to-morrow. Ho can full which way
tho wind Is blowing In Kalamazoo, and whether
the last explosion of Kunpowdor and dynatn
ito In Corpus Christ! produced a llRlit.
a heavy, or any rain at all. Ho can toll
how hot it Is in New Orleans mid
how cold It Is In Manitoba, and why
It Is hot in ono plaeo and cold lu
tho other. Ho can tell tho movements of Gen.
Humidity. Ho can tell whether tho Sullivan
county farraor can leave his buckwheat In tho
field another day. or whethor to savo It from
a wetting ho had bettor rrnthorlt In and thrash
It, In fact thoro is no end of the things he can
tell by just a glanoo nt tho map. Tlio objcot of
putting tho mnps in tho public schools is to
give tho children nn opportunity to become ns
weathorwlso as Undo Husk nnd his fellow
sharps and to onahlo thein to know all thlng-t
by looking at a map.
"In tho averago publla school." s.tid Mr.
Dunn yesterday, beginning his explanation of
tho morning map, "arithmetic nnd algebra
and tho higher brnnchesof mathematics aro
taught, but not ono pupil in 1(),0W can
tell wh" wo hnvo an easterly or a eouthorly or
a northerly or a westerly wind. Not ono In
10.000 can tell why wo have a high hnrometer
or can toll what a high barometor Is or what a
low pressuro Is. Kverybodv can under
stand that a hlghor pressuro comes on
with colder weather. They know what
cold weathor Is, but they do not know what U
tho cntiso or effect of n high prossure. They
don't know when nstor.n develops or how It
moves across tho countty. Tho children will
bo taught all tho phonomenn pertaining to tho
wenther wu hnvo lo contend with In this
city, where storms develop, how they
develop, how they travel across tho coun
trv. under what conditions wo would get
initi or high winds or warmer wonther
or colder weathor! alio tlio circulation of
the winds blowing out of a high pleasure, nml
Into n low pressure, tlm bnronictrlo gradient
nttnntling these pressures, and nlsn tho gradi
ents of isothermnl lines nnd tho illlTereni'o bu
t ween cyclones, torundoo-, nnd thunder M iim.
Now. very few people hnve nuy Idea what n ev-
lone Is. or u toriiutlo, oru thiliiilerstoi m. They
know they lire Mm ins. thnt Is nil. Not ono In
1 0.001 1 knows thiMlllTerenco between a cvclone
nnd u tornado, or whnt c.ni"ua the ono or tho
" After the teichms are Instructed In tho use
of those maps they cm eumpnio from day to
tlav the conditions that prim lit themselvui.
nntl they can trneo M miiis us they move uernss
the counttv fimii their lilitliplace until they
move out Into the in e.m. TlioyciliulsoMUilytliii
general clliiuiteof thneoiintii. 'lhls Infiiimii
timi will lie of gre it v nine tiiuldoriioopliius well
ustotlie chllilieii. It Is :n,t propmed to miiko
the liiMnictlon sclentlllc In one sense of tho
Word, hernu-o thnt vv mhl lciiulie ton much
Imril stililvniul wading. II Is proposed to gel
nt M'li'iitlllc facts that can ln explained in a
gcnetal way. What is wanted W to give the
pupils of the higher school, such n know I edge
of the tnpoginpliyof the ntmo-iplieui thnt upon
cAiimlliiitl hi of n welt her li in s thev eiin till
foi themselves, unit lenM have u lough Idea
of what iiinv be eNpeclcd In the way of
wonthe'' III the vlciiiilv. It Is plop ieil,
when the n'liool liitt notions begin, to
place tho maps In conspicuous place besides
the schools hotels, ferrv houses, railroad de
pot, and elevated ot itlons wlielo tliou-ittid
cnii sen tlicm ih'.lh', so that in the eoiirre of a
veiv few months the pooiilecnii look nnd de
termine for themselves just what went her they
Will liuve. The pulling of III" limps in the
schools will benellt the public ntlnign In mote
than ono wuv. livcrv ninu, woman, nnd child
Is interested in the weather every d ly
in tho week, if imt foi business leu
sons for plcnsure, und eveiy one eiin be
Informed by his own ehlldton what the
0" V 'uu-Cf o' CAcffntniffni. Nvj ju
. Indicates rfho'ts -niSii"9 W )
i t
TEsTrrntT stor.viNns Wc-iTiir.rt Mr.
itoo.u for rouxn sir. talmaok.
Bapeiintendrnt Telia Felt That He Was to
Be Crowded Out und ItrHlgnrd.
Btockbrokerltlchard I Ills Is no longer
superintendent of tho llrooklyn Tnbcrnnclo
Sunday 6ehool, Ho was reflei ted to tho placo
In April, and had still several monthsto seive.
On Sunday afternoon, however, directly after
the hession of tho school, a call for tho Immn
dlnto mooting of tho officers nntl tenchers was
Issued by Secretary fiamuol If. Seals, anil tho
resignation of Mr. Kells was presented. It
wns nccopted without any discussion, nnd
Frank Talmnge, tho 23-yoar-old sou of tho
pastor, who Is studying for tho ministry In tho
Union Theological Homlnnry. nnd is nlrendy
flconsed to preach, was chosonniMr. I.ells's
successor. ...
SohBMtywastheactlontli.it much surprise
was expressed among the members of tho
congregation, who learned of tho cliaugo nt
the evening services. Mr. IZells had been su
perintendent for ten yenrs, nntl It Ik undci
tdood that ho had no intention of resigning
until about n week ago. when, as has been re
ported, he discovered thnt an attempt would
ho made to freuzn him out In the Interest of
young Mr, Talmnge, who will in future be
eppodnlly active In the affairs of the Taher
iiuoln, for not only will hi be at the head of tho
Sunday school, but will have charge of tho
prayer meetings beforn tlm reaulnr Sunday
services. His substitution for Mr. Kolls niny.
It Is said, cause, somo friction in tho Sunday
C'augbt' a Ileron ou the Klcrwltd Kallrond.
Men on tho I'lfty-thlrd Mreet nnd Illghth
nvcnue station of tho elovated road just before
da) light ou Sunday heard a whirr nnd rapid
flapping of wings nntl saw a bird as big ns a
ben trjlng torlso from tho platform. Agent
Mnhoney mndn a dash for tho bird, but It was
looaulek for him and flopped off to the trnck.
There ho secured It. In tho afternoon he took
It to Central Park nnd prosented It to Superin
tendent Conklln. "It s a night heron." said
tlio superintendent. "This Is about tho time
they sfnrt to fly to tholr Southorn homes."
The blnl. he thought, had become fatigued or
bllndod by tho approaching dawn. Thehuron
wns put in tho aviary.
o Caaea of Folaoulne; by riprayed Grape.
Tho committee appointed by tho wholcsalo
fruit dealers In this city to inspect the grapes
In tho vineyards tii tho Hudson nnd In Ulster
county will start out to-diy. Dr. I.ulcrlo of
the J I on 1 1 Is limn c! will proluiiily iiccomp.'iiiv it,
tunl 1'rof. Gnllowny will send a rrpro-entatlvo
if hnlsiinnbleto go hluisell, .Nu fin Hut eel.,
tires of grnjics were imiilo vestenlii). although
a close wnteh was kept upon nil Hew arrivals
in the market.
Anonymous letters which had been recolved
by the Health Hoard Muting that certain per
sons have been poisoned by eating the sprayed
grapes, have revealed nothing substantial
after a thorough Investigation. The first pos
itlTo case of poisoning from totlnc the grapes
ba jr et to be heard trou.
weather will be the net dav. The child coos
to i-cliool and tho imrcut niny simply is it lo
look nt the map. when It c nue homo it can
tll the parent, nnd with this information the
parent can arrange plans fertile next day tlm
night Iiiimuo and sleep without woirv. And
when the i hllilien learn to lead the map It's
unlv u muter of tlmo win u the fathers and
inothersortliechililieii will be us thoroughly
lmstivl lis tile cllllillell themselve-."
Afte." thus soiilm- forth th" advantages of
this particular kind of ediic itmn, Mi, Dunn
got a copy of the man, the plctuie of which Is
minted, "'lhls lli-t wentiier map." ho cud.
"shows a slorni centre overtlie iioithein part
of .Minnesota ami MirhUan. which is indicated
on tho m ipbv the word 'low' iiihI the jiross
ure line Miiinding till depression or Mmm
ii'litri. Tile lowi'si pn-ssi.n. reconlcil is I'H.T
niches. '1 lie iiulius of tho Mum i
.shown on the map liv a pros-auo line of
:til iucliix. which eMi'liiN east ovet Lake
Humn. then south southwest to northern
Atknnsi tlience slightlv to tlm northwest,
east Aikiinsii-,, ea-t .Nelirnskti, the Dakota-,
mill Mitilie it.i, into .Viauitoha. West of the
Miirm ei'iitie Is nn aiea ol high pre'tsiire. with
its centre over Wvonung. I'he line of .'lull
Inchon iiiniki the cent I e. Tho tuiliils etetnis
a far south a New Jlevieo. J'hir. aiea is nt
tended by c dder wnther. with temper.ttiim
below freerlng in Wvomlng nnd the nmt'i
wiini tip t'y Jlritish Ainciicu. Light und killing
frost nre occiii ring ov.-r .Montana ami I lie Da
kota. This are i is following the course oft lie
storm ei-ntre. only ijireadlng inoin to the
southeast. The niea of cold on tho map is
shown lu blue corrugated line-, I A ill tin- pic
ture) showing the territ iry over which the
tenipoiattiio has fallen 10' or more in the i.i-t
twenlv-foui hours. I'n ding the Mmm
cent I e I a vvniiu niea which pti Mills over Ilia
lako region marked by coriiignted llnc(('iii
tlm phtiire) showing a rise of 111' or moie in
t 'inper.itiire tho pa-t tweutj-fniir hours. The
wuim and cold urea lines are parallel lines,
nnd the rain nt ea Is itiilicuteil by black ierpen
dictilar lines (the same on tlio map as in tho
picture). The latter cover a portion of tho
NortllweMinn Mutes i Mcndiii ; south I'gto
tho Jlis-dssippi Vallej to Springfield.
III., nisi over a poll Ion of Tevas and
JoillMam. and on the south Atlantic Const,
stretching from Wilmington, N. (.'.. to.lupiter,
Kin. The iiiiu nrea indicate a fall of ouc-
VEt.i. ox ir is VMtutEi.i. i HAXnrn
Heal Kstntr lli-rikot Ilotlklu or llrookljn nt
the Point of Ili-iuli.
Ileal r.stato linker I.av, renco 1". Boil kin is
Ijlngnt the point of di'iilh nt his home. '.'HO
Clinton avenue, Itrool.lvn. On tlio evening uf
July '.'" ho nt t i-mjit i'il to get ofT u Maiihnttan
lleuch train a It wns enteiing the Itetlfmil
station. lie stood ou the steji of nn open ear.
having in his light hand n Mialghl-uamlled
limbiella. This he si t on the ground n a sup
port. He misciilciihited the motion of the train,
and the hiiiidleof tlio umbii lla stitick him In
the side, under tho slimt ribs, iiiiIiik very
iiuutuMiffuilii!;. HuisTM cirsoid.
Hollmpnd to u street cm- mid i; l home as
soon ns ho could, Ho told his brother. In,
lieiiedlck J, lloilklii.of his mishap, and thu lat
ter evamliied the side, which bad become con
siderably swollen, Tho nevljilny Dr. .liinevvay
of Now sork wiih called in, lie said the acci
dent might jirovo very snrlou In Its eonse
Uiiences nnd udvised Mr. Ilodkiu to in
nmln iiorfectly unlet until t-oino dechleil
Improvement was noticeable. The pain
became wotso, anil on Sept. 17 tho patient was
compelled to tnko to his lied. Ih. llodkln then
Hilled in. as consulting physicians, Dr. Orltlln,
the ltronltlin Commissioner of Health, and Dr.
McCorkleof the Long Island Medical College.
They pronounced jt a cam of peritonitis ng
gravaled by drop) oi the peritoneal sack.
It has been loimil necessary t i open Ml',
llodk Ill's side. Dr. llodkin mi id i-y.ti nlny ton
"Itisllken d;lp nl -n which has sprung
u-lciiK vvo.irodi utg ill aeeaiitiii-fivn hlni. Mil
Mi fit we hnvo only I en nble to I eep Iiiiu fioiii
Milking, 'J In f It ll i a holds mil little hope, '
A Natural lllsposliliiu of the f'iir,
Mrs. Anniii Jlelrenhorn. ,r8 jenrs old, of 20
East Llghth streot, was arraigned In Kssn.x
Market Police Court yostorday. She declared
that flrovnrClnv eland was to be. tho next l'res
Idont of the Unltetl States. Jubtico Ilyan com
mittod her (or examination aa to her eanltjr.
iiisaatsisiaii aiisiiaia-rar---!-i aairi.l rr itrnrmmr
Uimrler of nn Inch of rain during the past
twenty-four hours, or up to H A.M. Itiiln Is
falling nt Lviichburg. St. Vincent, and In Min
nesota nntl Washington, though these places
are not In the ruin men. boenuso nt the tlmo
the observation was taken onu-iiuartur of nn
inch had not fallen.
" The fact that rain Is falling Is Indleitcd by
symbols. Minimis on the map with three
eros bars indicate, rain: with two cross liars,
cloudy wcitthurumn eioss bar. fair weather,
nntl with no cross bur, clear weather. Tho ar
tow ou these svmhols Indicate the direction
from which the wind Is blowing. Nowtnellg
iiresthat nro on the mnp are In groups. Tho
first four of the upper of each group Indicate
the i educed air pressure lu inches, tlm next
two llgures are the temperntuni at H A. SI. 'J ho
llgureoi'llguiestimlertlienlr pressuro Is tho
wind velocity inr mile, and those under tho
current temperaturo show tlio minimum tern
perntuiu for the past twenty-four hoursun this
iiinti. On an evening map they show thu max
imum tempeiattiro for twenty-four hours.
" The maps nru made up from reports re
ceived nt MA. M. and H r. M. from eninptetn
ohseivatlons furnished from each ottho Hit)
stations III the country and sent to this ofllcu
lu cipher. They nro translated nntl entered on
n Mencll sheet nnd run olT on a cyclostyle
jiros. Tho pressure lines aro tlravvn torovory
one-tenth of a'l inch, connecting nil places of
I'HiinI piessiire. Thociirvatinoof the lines In
dicate the, probalilo course of the storm
or high jiressino nrea. Tlm tempciu
turn Ilii-ast nro drawn for every ten de
i:iee, und connect all place of equal
ieiupetature. The curvature or wavesof the
line also indicates the ountry over which tlio
cold wave or warm wave I liable to move.
The table on the light ottho map (not shown
in the picture) Imllcat" the amount of lain
fall the pa-t 'J4 limn in nil part of tho conn
ti'. In the lower leftdminl cmnerof tho map
(not In the picture) can bo found the iifllcl.il
forecast ftom Washington and tholocnl fore
cast for New Vmk city and lvlnity. which Is
piepnred in thltofllce.
" I'm ecasts ure made up from Ineil condl
tlonsuiiil thu study of the dally weather miiii.
There ate so many minute detail" thnt It Is
Impossible t explain to anybody fully, hut I
call give. 1 genoial Idea. Now. I'll tell vou vvhv
1 niiiko a fair weather lucdlctloli for New
York for to-morrovv, vvlth showers to-morrow
nlgl.t. Tlm high pressuro overlslng tho At
lantic State with Its centra on the eo.tst, ex
tending fr mi Huston to Norfolk. a., net a n
I uiilcrto thendViinciiigstorni centra now over
" i
Minnesota and North Michigan, as you will sen
on the map. Although rain is falling lu the
Northwist nnd in the Miiipp Vnlley, also
on tho Ninth Atlantic coaM. the intervening
conditions aie for fail wenther. The low pres
sure oi Moi in centre can hardly leueli this vi
cinity on account of existing high pressure..
The low pressure I cumin.; toward us. but the
high pressure keep pushing it off. Now it will
pioluildy bo for I on to the Nmthenst. Tlio
cold wvntlier and high piessiire following it
will Timber iuciciiso the probability of it
passing to the northeast, n that pressure is
jiiessitig eloselv the centre ot the low pressure.
.Now with theo condition it is llkolv that the
cold wenther will reach this vicinity bv Tues
day night, and. intermingling with tho
waim w cut hoi and unnst nir exist
ing ovor the Atlantic mnt district,
should piinliicu shower. Then cooler weather
will oveispreud thu Atlantic States, and it will
become generally fall on Wediiesilnj. The
temperature should remain about statlonarj.
on .uoiuit of tho cool nrea that now extends, to
the South Atlantic const, and that has already
liroili.ee I rain In that seitlon. The winds
should lemaln from the smith, blowing out
of tlio centre of high ptesun toward the cen
tre of low pressure, nnd shift tothu northwest
on the approach of cold wentiier. because of
tlm high jire-siiin spicndliig over the hike
legion. Now then." said tho Sergeant. "I
gtu s I've explained it us fully a it can bo ex
plaim il.
Tho public school that received the wenther
map vestorday were No. 1, ', IS. 111.2'.!. IV).
r.,".. o7. : us, 8'.'. SO, and is). Tlio tciidiera
studied them, but didn't understand them.
They v III lie in a more intelligent position,
poihips. nfter they tend till Mmy. Thu ex
pense of making nnd distributing the mnps
will be paid out of the money I hat tho Ctov em
inent appropriate for the use of I'ncle Iluk.
The idea ot making weather sharps out of the
pupils and turning over) cltirim into n wc.it her
proiilict was Sergeant Dunn's. I'licle llusk
told his agents all over the country that tho
(lovernmeiit weather hon vvoie intended to
do tlm gieat -st good to the greatest numlier,
and lie gave ilieiii permission to extend their
service lii anyway they thought would benellt
the piililic. Tin Isthe llrst of the new way.
School superintendent Jasper ami President
Hunt of the Itoatd of Ldticntlon are much
pleased with the plum So aie the tenchers.
A rirrcjmnu round Utility of Libelling m
l'ollllcul Opponent.
Dkmii, N. V.. Sept. L'S.-Tho trial of the fam
ous libel Milt brought by u.x-Asemblyman
Jnmei Ilnllanlliio against tho llev. William M.
Howie has just been concluded nt tho Delaware
County Ciicult of the Supremo Court, before
Judge llumsey nnd n jurj'.
lialliiiillno is an active and Influential Repub
lican, nnd has beon Supervisor of thu town of
Andes and Chairman of the l!opubllcan County
Committee. Tho llev. Sir. Howie was long
instor of the United IYesbvterlan Church nt
Walton nnd editor of the Walton NtDiJanl, tho
county organ of tlio I'rohlbltlonlMs.
The causoof artion camo up two j'ears ago
this fnll. when Dallanflne wns theltepulillcan
caniilihite for Assembly. The Democr.'iticciin
didate wns the Hon. Kaae II. Mavnanl, whose
well-known dislike loecrtnln feat u res of thu
lliiioi'tralllc got him tho support of the .Vim
iliinl and its followers. Tho campaign grew
exceedingly bitter and personal, ami Kdltor
Howie went so far ns to accuse Ilnllantlne spe
eltlcally of gross immorality. Thereujion llal
liilitiue sued hi reverend opponent for $5,1)1)0
damnges fordefamntlon of churacter.
'Ihn dcfenilaiit plcailed In Jiistlllcntion that
tho chin gos vvore true. The trial was on for
three da with eminent counsel nntl a cloud
of witnesses. Thojun gave the pin I nt I IT S.MM)
damage and costs, Tho llev. Mr. Howie will
ItriliMtlnii or tViiiteal'oatpoiirilnt Full Ills er.
1'aii, ItiVFii. Sept. 1!H A largely ulteniled
met ting of the Cotton Muiiufacturers' Associa
tion wu held this afternoon to listen to tlio
report of its r.xociitlvu Committee, which wns
onlered on Sept. 'J to preinrea revised hched
tile of wages and also to take fluid action In
the matter of a cut down, to go Into effect on
Oct.fi. The committee said that it wns ready
to report, hut it wiih decided to instruct them
to hold tlio repott back for the present. This
result has been antlclpntetl for some fow day
past. Inasmuch as tlm mnrket has Improved
hlticuthn votiv to reiluco was passed. It was
genei ally conceded among manufacturers thnt
u prolonged strike would follow a notification
of i eil act Ion. nail they were not disposed to
tnke any unnecessary movo which would pro
vokelabnrtroubles. Thn action of the asso
ciation has lifted a load from tho minds of
opciiitives and business men.
Don't He Deceit cil,
lA rppeciallv when your liciltli ipny
i jsfrjSroK 1"1 "' f,,',l''' If nuy ono oilers you
QGyQIflJohaiin HoIT'h Mult Kxtract nntl
K(i4oB"Jolinnn Hod's " slgnaturo 1b not
KJjiuSi on the nock ot tho bottle, do not
Ha5a9r take it underY eirouijataccf.
"' a-aaa-- . . f ., ? M ( , y ,,,,,,,,, m r m
- 2 "" " -"'" - "' - i M
She Bays Her aTnaband had No Came to be
Jenlon or Her.
Tho doctor i nt St. Vincent's Hospital hnvo
not yet determined how serious nro the
wounds of Mrs. Frnnk Lntikeln, who wns shot
by her husband on Sunday night. In front of
:H.r Hudson street. Thoy hnvo not beon nbln
to locate the bullet. Houso Surgeon Shea
thinks thnt thoro Is llttlo hope of Mrs. Lnu
keln's recovery.
Llttlo Delia lllake, who wn wounded In tho
shoulder hy ono of tho bullets. Is nil right
ngaln. Sho was In thn Jefferson .Market Court
yesterday when Laiikeln was nnnlgncd. To
llcoman Dunn, who nrroMoil Lntikeln ut tho
tlmo of tho shooting, brought his lulsoner be
fore Justice Kelly, Lnukelti Mill w'oro the
pink cnrnntlou ho bail In his button hole thn
night before. Ho said he did not mi nn to hurt
his wife, and only wanted to frighten her
In order to make her llvo with him again. Ho
was held to await the result of herlnjuile.
I'olicnman Dunn said Hint when 1-niikolii was
taken to the drug stote whore his wounded
wife lay to bo blentltled. lie tried 1 1 removethu
wedding ring from her linger. Thu tioliceinau
prevented him from doing so.
Mrs. Ijiukeln made nu informal statement to
Coroner Messemer lai night. She said:
"As my husliuiid enmo to me he stood still
and Mild. 'Now I hnvo got vou.' and put III
hand to tils hip jiocket mill pulled out u pistol
ami I s.iitl. 'l.inie. tlou't do any haim.'itml 1
hid behind Mrs. llostan. My liuslmiiil then
tiled behind her at me. She pushed him, und
tile shot took effect III one of thu windows of
thn store without touching me.
"My husliuml then llrcd again, tho shot tak
ing elfect in Ihn t iglit side of my neck. 1 tliuit
hcnrtl another shot, which I thought ho aimed
at munlso, but which 1 havu siticu Icuiucd hu
II red ut himself.
"I believe my husband Is nrrested. He hnd
no right to Mioot me. I wnsalwuys a good wife
to him. He thought I thought more of my
parents than 1 did of him."
She said that tier husband had previous!)
threatened to kill her by Inches nntl that on
three or four occasions hu had attemptulto
Mrangle her.
"1 never did any wrong." she continued.
" When 1 mnrilnd mm I loved him. I have had
fear of my life tills Inst year. Tills Is my sec
ond husband who nttetnpted to kill me. I have
u llttlo girl 7 year obi bv my first husband."
Mrs. laiukein fald that she was forced to
Bond her child to her parent because of thu
foul ami indicent language which wa con
stnutly used by her huMmnil whuu In thu giil'n
rouxa odelt. was suspicious.
He AdTaucea SAO on a llrnft fhr SlOO iinil
Then Haa the Oivnerorthe llrnft Arretted.
A good-looking young mnn, 'JH years old,
who says ho is Georgo C. Hallldaj'. Is looked
up In tlio lorkvlllo jail ou u charge of grand
larceny. Ho snjs bo Is agent for llulllihiy
llrotbcr. gruln dealers ut Memphis who nro
Ids uncle. Hnlllday camo to New York about
ten days ago and culled upon Udell Brothers,
organ maker, at 407 West Forty-second stiect.
In regard to tho repairing of tha big organ in
tho Memphis Lplscoiml Church. On Fridny ho
asked Georgo W. Odetl to cash n draft for $100.
drawn on thn Memphis National Dank, nnd
signed linllidny Unit hers. Mr. Odull gave
Hnlllday his pet annul check for $!(), and ilo-
?osited the draft In tho Homo Hunk, New
ork. for collection. Odcll suspected (hat the
draft was fraudulent, and when linllidny
called on the following day, Odell levelled a
pistol nt tho young man und demanded thu re
turn of tho $().
" Give me my draft If you aro so anxious for
tho money." Hnlllday retorted, but tlio draft
was on its vvnyto Memphis.
Odell called l'nllcemun Nevvson of tho West
Forty-seventh street station, who nrrested
Halllday. Thu young man said that tlm firm
of linllidny Druthers was one of the oldest In
Memphis and hnd done business with tho
Memphis National Dank for cars. Ho insisted
thnt the draft wns jierfectly good.
Kdwnrtl Stevenson. President of tho Home
Hank, telegraphed to the Memphis Bank, and
he sn st hat ho received this telegram In reply:
" Persons mimed in your telegram nro not
known to the bank."
Upon this Justioe Murray held tho prlsonor
in &1.00U bail for examination.
1TII1 the North German Lloyd Try Them
lor l'aasenger Service I
A despatch from London to tho Maritime Ex
chnngo says that tho North German Lloyd lino
has advertised for bids from shipbuilders In
Europo nnd America for tho construction of
sixU.OOO-ton whaleback steamships. Tho de
spatch does not spoclfy whether tho ships aro
for tho passonger servico or freight service.
At tho agency of tho line in Howling Greon Mr.
(itistav Schwab snid that representatives of tho
lino had seen tho Charles W. Wet morn at Liv
erpool and were pleased with her. He thought
it likely that if tho company had boats of tho
whaleback type built thoy would bu used lu
the freight survlcu entiruly.
Hulrlde from a Ferryboat.
A mnn jumped overboard yesterday from tho
ferryboat Hubert Garrett while she was on her
noon trip from New York to St. Goorgo. He
wns respectably dressed. Ho walked up nnd
down tho upper deck several time, und then
descended to tho main deck. Ho sprang ovor
tho gate at tho stern of tho boat. Cnpt. Charlos
Holder stopped tho bout. Tlio ferrj boat South
Held, which was on her way to New York, also
stopped. A small boat was launched and tho
man wns hauled Into this boat. Ho was taken
on board of tho llobert Garrett. The man was
unconscious, nnd when thu ferrjboat arrived
at St. George, ho died in the waiting room
there. Coronor Sohnfer had tlio body removed
totlmfitnpleton Morijuo Tho man was about
.r0 years old. stout, n feet 10 Indies tall, had
Iron gray side whiskers nnd moustache ami
wns dressed In aclieck sack suit, now congress
gniters. brown socks, white underclothing, and
u blnck silk tie. In tho pockets woro found nn
open-face ehean silver wntch. a pair of eye-
flasos. a pocket knife, nnd t went y-onu cents,
t la thought ho was a German.
Didn't Wan't T.m (Wanted an Ambnlanee.
There wns a clang of flro bells, tho rattlo of
heavy wheels, and the excitement ot a rushing
crowd nt tho corner of Greenwich nnd Knrclay
streets shortly after noon yesterday, but thero
was no flro. Tho nutherof all this commotion,
a gray-haired gentlemen, stood nervously In
tho midst of tho crowd explaining what ho
wanted, while, the drivers of three engines,
two trucks, nnd tho water tower, two battalion
chiefs, n number of insurance men. nnd somo
llromim from tho llreboat New Y'orkor stood by
receiving bis explanations coldly.
"I wanted nn nmhiilnnce," ho said, faintly,
"nnd I don't know what you want hero."
He wan M. Z. Crane, a clerk In Welch's
jewolry store. !!.'U Greenwich street. He saw a
wagon push John llogullaln, a bootblack, oft
his feet. That was why Mr. Crane wanted un
ambulance. Tho bootblack was not much hurt.
French tfesas Celebrating KmanelpatloaDay.
Among tho netsof tho French Revolutionists
ono hundred years. ngo, doing away with class
distinction, wasadecrno Issued Hejit. 1!7 and
promulgated Sojit. -8. 1701, which Insured to
the Jews nil tho rights enjoyed by other citi
zens. Yesterday afternoon and evening tho
Bocltitd Israelite Franchise, H. Itosonstlc!, Presi
dent, celebrated nt Bulzor'a Harlem Hiver Park
the centennial of tills emancipation. In tho
nfternoon thorn was a promenade concert by
the Hebrow Orphan Asylum bund, opening, of
course, with the Marseillaise, The arrival of
Coroner Levy was greeted with "Iinil to tho
Chief." About 7 o'clock l'resltlont Itosenstlol
mado a few remarks suited to the occasion,
und introduced Viscount l'uul D'Ahr.ac, Con-sul-General
for France. Ho was followed by
Prof. Adulph Colin of Columbia and Coroner
Lev y.
maintnins its lead. It is better
this year than last; next yca it
will be better still, sind will go on
improving because its makers will
never claim that it has attained
perfection. This principle ac
counts for its continuous success -
Wyckoff, Stamans & Benedict, ,-,
it - ,, . y ftt-v r.av.wr, ufrvwmm
ax jmonTAXT hECTunn ox ran
rtrt or the Free Coni-no of MoRtitflcently
I.li.Ntrut.M. Irfctnrrn-Thft Mot Ilenwl.ft.1
IlNtuH1nflc Vlo iv r.rpi Seen In ThUClty.
With Ih opening ofthr lor... rtrnon ctvuiM th l
nn)IopitlirfMI pinirtrif llliHtrAtti. ItettirM by Dr. (
Civenr. tlio npf rlntM, f.fr.1 Went 14th ft. New Votk.
Thertrit.i.tiirnf l.ilcniirt lnt f-cnlnir, with lull
linttrntlnnn f mncnliVr ntly Jl Hlnir U w, many of
them grflihlty nn I sjeniitlftitly rolorr l. n, ure all of
tir tJrcMic itrrtt nml Miltinhlo lectiirf, Abrlttlnnt mo
There t one ttilnfr tn he mM nf Dr Ore cue- whtfh f An
until-xf.1.1 of ny other pjriMan he MAndn nt th
he ilof in) item of meriMiifl. tho creMet exponent
iinl tnnl nuciefiil phjulrlin nnionif thoe who.
ill inline tho linn f polonoii unci iujorlnav
Ir wn In tlie trAtuieit r (lie nh !, eimilni their uo of
ue1irlne ilrely to thn-, hnrmleu uftihlfl reme
tll l tch ntur-- lms mi womlerf.itly proKU'J for oaf
1hU0r Orreiin'tposltloni
I'dlr.inotn time: Injure nnd kill,
Hjtrmle-tK xectAhln medicine) potltlvely enre.
I'pon thU prim Iple. nl le 1 by liU nut nnrt tlrete r
Monrfli aim iii iiitiirf'uretnettlei, Anl hAvlnir fAcllttltl
foi unllnilt.! lii.fotlKAtluii", Dr. Dreenn bun built tip
an I pei-fn'tctl the in't iiro aii I ui:c8ful mode of
trMtliu he M(k tic'r ilUemo-c I.
Ihmiiiih'W nf pIi K niinult him.
Illn pi.u tU e lit enrmnti
lllHiun m In riirliu !. nAre,lr,Ui.
I'ooplo nttlli'te I liy nrrv rtu und chronic dUeaei coil
milt IHm. perRiiiiAUy nnd tir tetter, from All over lh
I'riltp t Mnt M pip til ir his thU ayntem of core hf f
hnriii'.ef .etiihli ttinlirluefl, a) pnpured And adm.n
Utcrt-tl h Dr Uieoiio, ticnme, And i widespread th
cull and dfiuind nr the sick from eery quarter for r"
lief .md pure, th it Ir Oreenc hA hen nhllnred to nn
tH!oith hint a Urfro oirpi of eminent phyplclnna,
wlmp henrt and nnul are In their ehoot-n crtttlnir of heU
tiu tlicilim'.ised nnd nutTerln hy theno heatth fflfiag
hut liartnh! prfctrtlilo remedies. '
Tht re lint Pttn evtAb.lhei nt the oITlcei,-85 Wetl
Hth t , New ork, .i
Tu4t tlurruii or IlenUhi )
ARlt rre. wherpnll may ho trrAted hy thin now thor
dtijfhU tested nnd ptrfeited treatment of the, tick hf f,
ruetahlu nieiUi int', nnd where thoumndi upon thou ,
Mndn are belujr cured,
ll U a proeii fnet. -
Ir fireene'tt r tnedlei pure. j
They nn ahrolutely certain tn revilti. t;
Thoumiidn nf aulterem have tried polsonoui drnfff Is 4-
nln. ,
Thuuiiand more hae been deterred from taktntranf
treitmi'iit bt'caiiHe ihcy feared to consult doctors wtaa i
prvtKribed piilnonons dnu, v
They hied fear no lonfrer.
Let themcniisult Dr. Uroene. penonally or by letter, ,'
wllhuut dehi I ;
There !( no i harve Tor consultation. A
He can hr ponntilted by all absolutely free of charfs.
The ont pti"t in any eent, should the patient decld '
to take treatment, wilt be the price of the medicine 3
necessary to cure, which price will be plainly sUted.n '
cncli can
At lent nil shontd hare their cases examined and
their diseases and conditions thoroughly explained, J
which they can hni' without cost. They can then or
afterward decide to adopt the use of these curatlro
remedies ns they choose. ;
The sick can tailor write for consultation as the
prefer. The Doctor keeps several stenographers and vs
typewriters constantly busy, and those who write for
advice ill receive, free of charge, carefully considered i
answers perfectly nnd completely explaining their dli fr
eases and conditions, touethor with the necessary ad
vie in regard to cure,
Weudrtse all who suffer from any form of nervous
or chronic disease, any long standing trouble difllcult to
cure, or which other physicians have f Ailed to cure, to f?
Apply Iminedlntely to this most successful physlelaa, '
Our word for It,
None irtH be Disappointed. '"
Tli ere Is a sure and certain cure for all by these r v
marlaAble vegetable medicines.
Connider for a moment that most wonderful of Dr.
Greene's discoveries the most wonderful. Indeed, of all
medical dUcoverles Dr. Greene's Nervura. ' J,
What is It ! ";
It is the grandest nerve and brain tonic In existence, K
the greatest strength giver, the best blood tnvigorator.
the most powerful reBtoratlve, the surest health-rs- ":
newer. .?
What has It done? J
It has cured thousands npon thousands.
It has revolutionized nerve medicines.
Formerly there was nothing known for the nerrea
that was not poisonous, and people feared and shunned .
nerve mtdfefnes -'
Dr. Greene's Nervura contains not one particle of anjr- , ;
thlngpolsonous or Injurious, but.on the contrary, Is mado i
from pure and harmless vegetable medicines, wonder-
ful In their strengthening and health restoring powers. -
It is no wonder, therefore, that our people, nerve ,
weakened, nerve-shattered, and nerve exhausted by j
our high strung civ titration, by the rush, push and j
nerve wear of daily life, should reach out with one ac
cord fur this mightiest of medicines thU great and
harmless boon to brain, nerve, and body, this restorer
andiuvigoratornf tost strength and vitality, this won
Uerful remedy which, white giving us hack the health
and strength we havo lost, we can be absolutely certain J
can do us no harm I ;
Dr. Greene's Serv ura Is now known everywhere aa tha -V,
great nerve cure. No drug store so small but keeps It, x
no newspaper so insignificant but sounds it praises, no
person with weak nerves, from the simplest headacha
to heart failure and paralysis, but flies Instantly toltt
use, knowing that Just so surely as be takes It
Just Ho Surely Will It Cure
htm of his disease.
How many thousands of our people there are wh
have suffered from nervous weakness, headache, tired '
feeling, palpitation of the heart, loss of memory,
trembling, numbness, pain In the back or side, neural
gla, d)spopsla, indigestion, biliousness and constlpa
Hon, that Dr, Greene's Nervura has completely restored ,
to health and strength. It U impossible for us to com
pute or cv en estimate.
What we know Is that millions of bottles have beam
nsed. and that no other remedy ever discovered has
rivalled It In popularity. The demand for It all over
the country almost surpasses belief. The great manu
factory w hlch has been compounding and making snob
vast quantities of it In the past has been found totally
Inadequate to supply tho demand, so that now a second
manufactory, four times larger than the first, has been
secured and put In operation. Both manufactories aro ,
now running at their full capacity, yet still It Is doubt
ful If even these enormous facilities for production caa
supply the growing demand. Its price Is f 1 per bottla.
and It Is therefore within reach of all. '
We are pleased to announce that Dr. Greene contta 1
nes his free course of magnificently Illustrated Uoturaa j
In Chickcring Hall. i
This evening and on Wednesday evenlnr, at 8 o'clock.
Dr Greene will give free private lectures to men only.
These lectures are of a strlcly private nature, and aro oC
the greatest and most momentous Interest. They aro
moreover, completely and thoroughly illustrated by
dissolving views. 7i man who can attend should fail
to do so Admission is free.
On Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock the Doctor wftxl
deliver a free private lecturo to ladles only. A this
private lecture to ladles Is perfectly and accurately
illustrated It affords, especially to the sick and ailing.
a valuable opportunity to gain a thorough understand
Ingof their exact condition. ,',
Divorced by u Pollro Justice. .?
Frank Jackson, a colored coachman, was '
Bontonce.l In tho General HosBlons yesterday ;
to a yoar's Imprisonment for bigamy. In flptts r
of this explanation:
" I dono hnd nn ldna dat I could oontraoc -yl
an odder marrinco. Din hero fust lady, shv
hnd mo up In Jcfforflon Market, and do Judge) ?
tolo mo to letdo lady alone, and not go near '
her again ortrouhlohorany moan. So, sahT t
gous and marries his hyah odor lady,"
' 1
Thursday, Oct. I, 1
Is Hie last day to secure OA.-ALA. Uf.
Stock at .$4.00 per share and the i
October dividend of 20 cents per shire. 1
in which all Stock pnrehased lew $
participates. Price advanced to par '
($10.00) Oct. 1. I
For further particulars call on or '-
address JAMES W. HYATT, IVeasnrer,
Rooms SI and 32, 11 Wall St.. Kew
sxaxa is f
- r - r7marr

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