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I "volUx-NO. 35. - . ; NEW "YORK, MONDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1691. . : '" v-."v,. f , PRICE WO CEUTS. 5'?
' nnc emperor's eccentricities
H cirait jvotht vneabinebs.
H H vm near No Aovlee, ! Easily Kotos to
B utr,aid la Implacable UHlilmil
H at-M" In HIS Station "Who Have
aH Felt mi Dtplcaw Tka DliNWlnt
M Among the Clerleale-Afaor People Hnlned
pH by rrandulent Baafcai-a-eJoods for ike
1 World's Flr will Carried to Btnun
B rort at Half Hnte-IIUgoUa Fort.
,H Birux. Oct. 4. A curious kind of unrest Is
H apporont In court nnd military clrclos in Ber-
H ji Thficuuso is a lick of conOdonoe In the
H tudsmcnt ol Uio rnoreurlnl nnd lmpulslTO
H round Emporor. His claims to Infallibility In
H 8UU matters, his rashness in speaking what
H tut on Ids mind, nnd his beltof that all his
Hi acts ore done " by tlio grooe of God." havo led
H all patriotic statesmen to bo tearful and un-
H certain u to his nttltudo In oaoh now crisis in
I H European politics. t
Tho old Emperor professed complete relt
' asco oa Ood, and nevor failed to give a Trilling
W hMrlastoall proposals of his Btato advisers.
B Koboilr srumbles at the occasional mistakes
' ettho present Emporor, as, for Instance whon
M , h planned to visit Btrasburg with King Hum-
fort or sont tho Empress Frederick on hor
'B celebrated mission of reconciliation to Paris
B but complaints are heard overywhoro that the
Emperor's ovory act Is the) result of sudaon Im
pulses, ondorsod by tlio crowd of sycophnnts
that (111 tho German court. Tho Emperor's
personal relations are govornod completely
by his llkos and dislikes.' and ho carries theso
private prejudices Into public affairs. Ho does
not brook contradiction, and refuses to hear
arguments against his decisions. Suggoa
i tlons from Mb Btato advisers arc usually met
with sharp roproof. aa tho Emporor thinks, nn
absolute monarch Uko himself should origi
nate all the plans tor new pollclos.
Occasionally, howovor.ho takes u well-veiled
hint from a Minister, but only to claim it aa
his own and to exoouto it In his own rash
; ' The ehronlo affoctlon of his car has dovoloped
$ a strong tendency to constant pettlshness In
bis onoe sunny disposition, and his supreme
efforts to koop every detail of government in
his grasp have strained his norvos and shaken
his constitution. A good illustration of the
Emperor's conduct toward deserving mon who
for trivial reasons havo incurred hlsdlsploas-
i ure is glvon by tho case of Goo. Von Podblol-
j sky. This man Is one of the most brilliant
W cavalry officers In the German army. By some
V, Incautious remark, conveyod to the Emporor
1 by n professional courtier, Podblelsky in-
i curred the displeasure of1 'William as
Crown Prince. The Goneral was thon
Colonel of the famous Zlethen Hussars
and In popularity was second to no man in the
army except Moltko. It was impossible for
William to prevent his promotion to a Major-
Generalship. but as soon as possible the young
Emperor had him appointed to tho distant
command at Metz.
A few months ago the Chief of the Goneral
fjtaff ordered Podblelsky to elaborate a plan
for the defence of Meti In certain omorgencles.
The General Staff was so pleased with the plan
produced by Podblsky that it ordored copies
of it to be sent to ajl Commanding Generals In
tho western frontier districts for their, guldr
anoe n future operations. "The Chlof of th
General Btaffshoweaoopy also .to- tho Em
.w peror. suggesting' that. lt.'wu'.'-irbrthy of. hl,
,l1?' study. TheEmpeiw flew' into 'ragev upon'
,i seelngpbdbielsky'snata and shouted: ' 1'
"" "IsentthatfellowtoMeta'so that I might
i not see him. I do not Want to hear anything
about hfm or rjls w'orlO. - . ,.
'When Podblelsky heard of this scene he
banded ln'his resignation, and the Emperor
accepted it immediately.
'y Prinoe Fuerstenberg, an able and wealthy
cavalry officer, had a still sorrlor experience
with the Emporor's temper. Puorstenborg was
fanatical in his dovotion to the service and
commanded a squadron of tho Imperial Hus
sars of tho Guard. Ho was onoe a great favor
ite at William IL's court, and tho young Em
peror frequently passed an evening at his
house. Ono evening tho Emperor invited him
self to dinner, and was chatting affably with
the Princess, a daughter of the Duo de Bagan.
When he happened to glanco at the label on a
bottle of wino. Immediately his faco becamo
etem. and ho said sharply to the Princo:
"It seems that you have not read my order
to my ofuoors tabooing French, wines. This
champagne Is not sparkling hock."
The Prince replied that he had read theor-
I daf. but supposod it applied to tho mess
room. Ho did not dream, ho said, that it was
intended to affect officers In thoir private
housoholds. Ho had. moreover, ventured to
offer It to his Msjosty on account of his fond
ness for tho French brand.
"I HuppoBo. then, you did not think much of
my order?" contlnuod tho Kaiser.
"If your Mnjosty must know," answered the
Prince, " I did not It was Intended, presuma
bly tn promote oconomy, but German spark
ling wine? are much lighter, the officers are
llkolytodrlnktwlcoas much as they drink of
-similar French wlnos, and tho object of tho or
der Is thus defeated."
This candor increased tho Emperor's anger,
'and (ho departed shortly In very bad humor.
The next day hotook pains to Insult the Prince
before the officers of his regiment, remarking
that ho lacked tho qualities of a good squad
ron commander. The Prinoe forthwith re
signed. The Emperor subsequently relented,
and offered to reinstate him. The Prince, how
evor, turnod a doif ear to all tho imperial
In tho case of Von Kroslgk, another eminent
soldier, the Emperor's splto was frustrated by
theflrranossofhlsMinlsterofWar. As Crown
nines, William onco highly complimented
: l&ijor.GencrM Von Kroslgk upon the splendid
drllj of his cavalry brigade, adding impulsive-
I Wi,V)VhcnI am Emperor. I will give you on
,trmy corps to command."
KroMgk, Intending to express his good
, wishes for the 111 Emperor Frederick, clumsily
Fl replied: "Itrort that I shall not live to see
a that ,io.."
3 William took this as a personal affront, and
j upon ascending tho throne did everything in
,( l'l power to prevent Von Kroslgk's promotion.
j Alter nil hN efforts to defer tho time for Von
Jvroslck's promotion ton full Generalship had
Ucn exhausted, he requested tho War Mlnls
tfrtopabs over the ense. Tho War Minister
"If Von Kroslgk goes. I go too."
The Emporor ylolded to the force of this
threat, but Von Kroslgk is still on his block
5- hit and is likely at any time to bo surprised by
I, n Imperial Insult
., The belief Is fast spreading In tho army that
V., It no longor suffices to be a capable offloer to
,v nln promotion, put a man must be also a
courtlor ntfd tirae-sorvor. The bollcf Is nap
Mng tho efficiency of the officers' corps, hith
, rto tho Irreproachable feature of the
.' Imporlul urmy. This state of Affairs is
: especially ovldent In Berlin nnd Potsdam.
aobo.Hr. for Instance, dares go to tho once
popular Union Club, bocauso tho neighbor.
K 'Kvl thoioabouts is Infested with tho Em
Krvr'4 uplos. who note tho names of all vial.
Krs. It Is oqually fatal to an officer's pros.
Wots to stop at the OiTioors' Casino on thu
ti n Wat4, Tl18 En,Pwr has rxprcssod
J dlt.pprovnl of these places, and has warned
.1 ,J1ffloe that the barracka mossroom
would afford them all the refreshment and re
ttfatlon that they nocd.
Tho cIvU servico is hardly better treated than
tho army, and everybody Is asking! "What
next r and " Wliat are wo coming to ?"
Tho dissension's among tho clorlcals are in
creasing in bitterness on account of tho co
operation of the oxtromo religious faction
with tho Vatican and Franco. Tho majority of
Gorman Catholics roallzo. the Importance of
frustrating tho plan to havo a French Popo
succeod Loo XIII. Tho Russian' and Polish
Catholics Bymputhlzo with tho .pntrlotlo fac
tion. , f v
Much talk has been created by a speech of
Do'puty Von'BtablourBkl-Thorn'. in whtoh Prus
sian Polos wore advised to1 support in future,
tho great and good. Gorman Emperor, the
deadliest onomy of the Russian Czar. Ills po
sition" Is" endorsed' by the rollsh Catholio'
Church. t , ' '
Tho efforts in St. Petersburg! and Taris .to,
induco American flnnnclors to join in taking
the Ilus'slan loan havo fallod.
Tho slow .progress of tho-oommorol&l nego
tiations Involving Gormany and. Austria is
said to bo duo to Emporor William's orders.
The scarcity of grnln in Gormany, the suffer
ings of tho Slloslan woavcrs and tho poorer
pooplo of tho great cities undor tho agrarian
laws, and tho unlvorsal complaints of high
prices, hove cbnvihbod'hlni that no now bur
dens should bo placed on tho masses.
Carelessnoss in 'handling a parsfflno lamp
caused a flro in tho stablqs of tho Hessian
Dragoons at 'Fulda thls'wook. Ono private
and flvo horses were burned.
Frederick Junkor. a locksmith in Halle on
tho Saale, klllod his wtfo. daughter, and sister
ono night this webk. He laid all tho doad bod
ies In ono bod and then stretched himself 'out
at thoir feet' Tho polios were sum'moned by
noighbore who hoard tho women's cries.
When thoy onterod'the houso they found
Junkor sbnad asleep with a knlfo bosldo him.
Bohroeder A Co.. bankers in AVlttonborg,'
havo failed lor 250.000 marks. An offi
cial investigation of their affairs shows that
their business has boon oonducted dlshonostly
for soveral yoars. Tho debits and credits on
their books have been manipulated throughout
tho last four years to conceal tho ovldonoos of
fraud. Hundreds of poor families have boon
rulnod by tho failure
Tho International Bank in Berlin has beon
embarrassed, but has boen helped through its
difficulties by ltd heaviest creditor, the Ber
liner Hahdelsgesellsohat.
Gustav Adolf Ludwlg has been boheaded in
Dresden for mnrdorins Eblenn Hainrichen. a
Innkeeper Ebcllng in Nouen. imprisoned for
swindling Blaughter-house Inspector Wols
monn of New York out of 7.200 marks, has
beon 'liberated, as ho proved that his wife
committed tho offonco. Frau Ebellng killed
herself before his arrest
Tho lielchiameigrr announces that in the in
terest of German art and industry all goods
duly oortlflod to bo destined for the Chicago
World's Fair, will be carried to ports of lading
at halt rates by tho Government railways. Tho
samo reduction will bo mado for all goods re
turn od after tho Exhibition.
Capt Buedlgor. commandor of tho imperial
cruiser Bohwalbe, has boon appointed Deputy
Governor In East Africa.
Tho reports that Emporor 'William will visit
Heligoland this fall to inspect tlio new de
fences there, ore false Tho works in ques
tion are so far from completion that thorels
practically nothing to Inspect
Representatives of tho North German Lloyd.
Hamburg-American. Bed Star, the French,
and the Dutch steamship lines, held a confer
ence in the 'Museum building in Bremen to
discuss tho'lmmigraUott laws of tho United
'BtatesTbey expressed tho hppo that tb.o ex
amlnailonbf 'emigrants would be Intrusted to
agents of,the steamship lines Instead of to
consular inspectors, lv , ,r ' ,
Count .BohmlfUn'g-Kersonbrock. some ttm'o
ago deputy to the Prussian Lantag. is dead.
Count' Esterhazy.'whllo driving home last
night near Wlesolburg, mistook the road,
drove over the banks of tho Danube, and was
VIM Blmstnc aad Ormtloaa In Ocrau mad
Xaclleb la the Carnegie Muale Mali.
About 2.CO0 Germans assomblod in the Car
negie MubIo Hall. Fifty-seventh street and
Seventh avenue, yesterday afternoon, at a mu
sical festival in commemoration of tho landing
of the first German immigrants on American
soil. Tho ship which broughttheflrstToutonlo
pioneers was tho sailing vessol Concord, from
Amsterdam, which arrived at Philadelphia Oct
0. 1683. The festival was given by the German
Lloderkrans tho Bocthovon Maonnerehor.
the Arion, th Deutsoher Vereln, the
Deutscher Historlscher Vereln, and the Gesel
llg Wissensehaftllcher Voroln of this city, the
Deutscher Club of Hobokon, and the Ger
mania of Brooklyn. The surplus Is to bo do
voted to German charitlos in this city.
Upon each side of the proscenium arch rose
pyramids of flowers and palms, and a largo
American flag was draped at the centre of the
Tho Chairman, William Btolnway, oponed
tho festival by briofly stating the reason of It
Tho musical part of the programme was oxcal
loutly glvon. The programme opum-d, with
tho singing of Beethoven's "Uio Hlmmol
Rahman Ds Ewlgor Khro' nonorus. with or
chestra nnd organ, by tho Liederkranz. Arion.
and BoethovonMaonnorchor.Mr. Arthur Moos
conductor. .
Tho first oration, in German, was delivered
by Cprl Bchurz. .Mr. Bchurs briefly 'sketched
the history of Gormnus in this country, nnd
spoke of tlio records which Muohlonborg,
Steuben. Herkholmer, Do Knlb, and others
had made on the nation s battlenolds. Ho ex
horted his hearers to bear In mind not to
maintain a soparato nnd distinct nationality,
but to merge themselves Into tho American
peoDlo, impart to others tho good qunlltlos
they possess, and tako from otiiors such as
thAy are lacking in.
"In tho political life of tho United States,"
continued Mr. Bohura, "Uurmnns have no
separate Interests of their own tho common
interest is theirs. As good cltlr.ons thoy
should always conscientiously inquire whut is
best for the common welfare, and act accord
ing to their true convictions without being in
fluenced by small considerations or bolng con
trolled by solllsh party spirit Thoy should
never subordinate great things to small
ones; never permit, for tiihtance. that
It could be said of them that thoy woro
capablo of forgetting tho .high interests of the
commonwealth In putty dlsputos over tho beer
question. They should nover permit them
selves to drlit into that dreary and unworthy
pessimism which raises tho cry of fraud ana
corruption against tivery effort at reform.
They should havo faith in our. free Institu
tions, whloh for ovory evil furnish the remedy.
This country is rich in pure nnd noblo ele
ment", and no good cause should ever bo
wpokly given up." ....
" Dio Mullorspraohe." by Engelsberg. was
then sung by tho Arion, Beethoven Maonnor
chor. nnduermnn Llcderkranr. tho, solo part
by Sir. Frank ltemmertE. Tho conductor was
Mr. Worachingor. , , . ... ,
l'ork God wfii spoke In English. "I hope
When GermnnH oomo hero." ho said, "they will
fpcl that they havo come not only to a now
climate, but also to a now political and social
existence. Our ancestors werehelpod by the
past, but nono tho loss thoy bulldodhoron
polity which had nevor been seen on this parth
before, and In doing so they achlovou tho
greatest ot all political triumphs,"
"Prols Dor DoutschenJIuflk." byHolnrlch
Zocllner. was sung by. the Beethoven Maen
norchoraml tho Llodorkrons and Arion soole
ties. Mr. Zoollner bolng conductor. , The fos
tlvnl concluded with tho singing by tho socie
ties and riio audience of Johann CrOger's
RNun Danket Alio Gott," composed in flMO,
Mr. Jwellnor again conducting.
Crorge Oronn'a Halclde,
EuziBCTB,,Oct.4. Tho body of n man was
foiind this evening inaflold on tho outskirts
of this city. A revolver was In his right hand
nnd there was a bullet holo in his forehead.
Letters were found In hlH pockets showing
that his name was Georgo Gross. One letter
Ens a recommendation from the United Btates
lighthouse Board ot Tompklnsville, B. I.,
stoung that Gross was a flrst-class ship oar
pouter. Another letter showed that , ho had
, been n patient in Bt Miohael's Hospital, Now
ark. He bad only a tow cento in his pocket
t .... ':-
-II. .I. M
TtiK DEPosironB irnjo EE,nuT xnn
gvjzti are nnovanx to tVstick.
Tabtag Steps to rroteet Tbtlf VaUresta nd
toHaveWhat la ten, from neloa; Spent
tnlEal Fees TheTruateeaCrltlelsed fbr
Conllanlas Bnlne After OetraoJer'e
Dentleatlon 'Was Known TTIUiont Mak
laa; a Tboronch Iavestlgatloa. v
Kikostos. i Oct 4. Tho suspension of tho
.Ultter County Bavings InstltuH6n ba been
tho all-absorbing torlo on thts'.dcllghtfttlOo
tobor Sabbath'. At hotels and. pu'bllQihilacos
groups ot excited peoplo havo booft-dlsbusslng
tho situation and tho -probablo butcomo. It
kas also boon mado tho themo of , pulpit ora
tory, and pastors havo calmly.advisodthatno
imputations ot dishonesty bfl rftado against
innocent mon in tho boat of excitement, That
tho cause ot tho wreck will to sifted from bo
ginning to end and tho guilty ones brought to
Jostled' is assured. Persons against whom a
Bhadow of suspicion rests are being kept under
closo surveillance Their housos are carefully
watchod day and night and noposslblo avenue
of escapo is loft open. Parsons acting both In
tho interest of the bank and its depositors
havo secured tlio nld of detectives to assist In
ascertaining what .hns bcoomo of tlio stolen
money, and who wore directly or indirectly
interested in tho plundering of th Institution.
Large numbors of the depositors In
more romoto towns, of this' and ad
jacent counties, who did not loam of
tho failure until late yesterday, afternoon,
havo beon flocking to town to-dny. Many ot
(ho depositors navo boon clo'ncled with lawyors
at th'cir lio'raos and ofllcoa to-day socking
counsol and advice. It will bo a busy wook for
tho legal fraternity ot this city. Sovoral of tho
depositors havo boen In secret sosslon to-day
to consider tho fidvlsnblllty of calling a mass
meotlng ot depositors and others interested to
namo somo porson to act as receiver tor tlio
institution in whom thoy can place, the utmost
confidence that tho affairs of the bank will bo
wound up as spoodlly as possible, and tho de
positors rocolvo thoir money before it is usod
up in logal and other exponses.
Had tho trustees of the institution immedi
ately upon ascertaining that Treasurer Os
trande: was n heavy dofaultor placed tho
bank's affairs tn tho hands of tho Btato Bank
ing Department and asked for an immediate
investigation by export accountants, such as
has boon done tho past week, and had refused
to accept any deposits or transact ony further
business until such complete examination had
been mado. but llttlo odium would have boon
cast upon the management As It is, the
statement mado by tho trustees threo weeks
ago. backed up by many of tho leading busi
ness and professional mon. restored conQ
denco in tho institution, nnd hundreds of de
positors who had withdrawn their money dur
ing tho two days' run roturnod their deposits.
This was dono until tho very closing hour of
tho bank on Friday, whon tho persons In
charge must havo known ot its rotten condi
tion. It Is this more than anything olsa that
has exasperated the depositors, especially
thoso who live in this city and near-by towns,
and visited the Institution fretiuontly.
It is asserted by ono of tho officials of tho in
stitution that for nearly ayear there have beon
evidences that all was not right but that tho
trustees were desirous ot fixing tho responsi
bility where it properly belonged, and for tills
reason worked tho. case up secretly. Whon
tncy"s become assured'1 that Ostrander was
guilty of using the funds they deposed and ar
rested him. This they also did in the case ot
'hi s i assistant, MattHeWi T Trumpbour. The
wonder-is tnat.irnimpboar is i behind tho
bars," for' h ' bad... evair'. opportunity to
escape, having eaironwwseVteim. office on
Thursday and not .arrested until 1 o clock on
Saturday morning: That ho was. preparing
to oscape was evident at the time ot his arrest
for his trunk' wo? partly packed,' and had ho
not been arrested that morning ho would no
doubt have been on Canadian soil to-day. Tlio
supposition is that he did not hasten his do
pnrturo on Friday tor laok ot money.
Both Ostrander and Trumpbpur havo beon
extravagant nnd high livers. Thoy feasted on
tho fat of tho land at tlio oxpense of tho de
positors. On nil sides it Is asserted that wine,
women, and stock speculation havo been their
ruin. In tho case of Oatrander It may bo said
that on account of physical Infirmities during
tho past few years fio had somewhat modified
his former habits. A few months ago it was
supposodthat ho was at death's door, but by
constant nnd careful treatment his con
dition Improved, and hn Is now robust and
in fairly good health. That- ho continues to
enjoy a good cigar, wan evidenced yesterday
when he was brought before tho Mayor and
Recorder and remanded until to-morrow for
examination. Ho sat beside his counsol in an
easy ohair, complacently puffing awuy.
Ostrando? and Trumpbour have oaoh itottn
twlco married. For somo reason Ostrundor's
eldest son quit the parental'root Immediately
alter the father's second marriage and uover
returned. Whon ho visited thu town ho nover
spent bis tlmel at the old home, but with
friends or relatives. Bumor says that tho
caueoof tho trouble was that tho son had
selected for his wlfo tho woman who subse
nuontlv becamo Ills stenmothor. and whoso af
fections had beon to a cortaln degree alienated
by his fathor, who In those days had abundant
means at his command. i
Trumpbour, who camo from an old and re
spected family, though nowin his sixties is
what may ho called a nandsomo man. Always
urbane and courteous, though wearing an air
of pomposity, fuultlessly attired at all times in
tho height ot fashloq. with plenty of ready
oash, ho novor had any difficulty in finding
admirers among the fair sex. Ho is tall, ot
flood form, and of commanding prosonce. His
inlr is iron cray and hn wears a long flowing
moustacho to match. His llrst wlfo died about
two years ago. leaving no" direct heirs except
two grandchildren, twin girls, now about 14
years of pgo. it is said that Mrs. Trumpbour
left hor property to thoso grandchildren and
that Trumpbour has little, If any, property in
his own right Besides a city residence ho has
a country cottago at Mount Marion, on tho
West Bhoro Railroad, a fow mllos north of
here, where he sponds the summer months.
About a month or so ago tho community wus
somowhat surprised i to read tho announce
ment of tho marriage ot Mr. Trumpbour to
Miss Trnver, the daughter of a fashionable
milliner of this city and comparatively anew
comor. Bho is an attractive young woman,
and much sympathy is oxproBSod for hor.
At n meeting of tho Board of Trustees of the
Kingston Savings Bank it was decided to tako
advantage of .tho sixty days' notice and that
institution will not bo opon for, business to
morrow. This will greatly intensify tho ex
citement and runs on tho ltondout Savings
Sink and othor monpy depositories are feared,
eerings wore held by bank officials last
night and consultations wore had to-day to
dovlse plans of operations should tho predic
tions bo voriflod to-morrow, Mossengers havo
boon sont to New lork and other- placos to ob
tain sufficient cash to, meet tho.prospoctlvo
runs. Counsellors 'Brlnnlor .and Nowcomb
havo notified AttorneT.Gcneral.Tabor thut on
behalf of depositors thoy demand tho right to
bo heard upon nny. application that ho may
moko for the appointment of a receiver for tlio
Ulster County Savings Institution, and ask
that duo notice ot such application and hear
ing ho given them. Tio fraino attorneys pro
cured from Judgo Barnard, of l'oughkoopslo
an nttaohmont on furniture and money In tho
bank in favor of William H. Whitney of this
city, ono of tho doposltors to tho amount ot
2,2()0, and Hherlff Dill lovled upon 62.WM) in
cash. The Bank Examiners nnd Superinten
dent Preston worn counting, tho cubli in the
dlroctorn' room whon tho flliorlff knoeki-d at
tho door and vfos admitted. Tlirt Sheriff stated
tho object of his vlslt.nudSuperlntendontPrcs
ton.aftoroxaralnlngthownrrantotnU.ichmont. replied thut the action was agnlnft tho Ulster
County Savings Institution, which hud turned
aflltsproportyovortohlm.andpt of which Im
was the custodian, nnd ho told, tho Sheriff
that if ho made a seirurp it would, bo at hl
peril. Nevertheless tho Sheriff took 82.000
thatttay on tho table and bid tho Superintendent
' good day." Other warrniits of attachment
havo been Issued by County judgo'Clenrwntor
ot this clly, and also orders requiring, tho
truhtoes to show cuuso. before Judge Furs-
iniin of Troy, at a special term to be
held in tills t city on Saturday, why
a receiver should hot .bo r.iipolnteif.
An injunction was also Issued restraining tho
trustees from disposing of any of tlioiWi-iutH
until tho return of tho order to show aiuso.
Attornoy-Goneral Tabor lias heon tolo-
ftraphed for by Supcorintendont Preston and
s expected hero this ovoulng. Ho will bu
asked to tako Immediate stops to dlssolvn tho
oorporato franchise of the institution and se
cure the appointment of a, receiver to wind up
Its affairs.
Tske'lbe Baatbweitera UmUea tU Now York Ctn.
traitor CMceco, Cloclamtl, ul St, Lotus. rft time.
'ja(M unlet. 4dt. ,
,' .- ,, ., j.-,. .; " 'if
Tka Singular 'Roman of Col. Forsyth nnd
Jlr. Uaclir.
PuiLtsELPiuA, bet 4. News comos from tho
West that CoL Forsyth, formerly of Gon.
'Sheridan's staff, has just succeeded in win
ning tho hand of tho daughter ot hlsold friend.
Dr. Dallas Bacho, a Phllndclphlan, also In tho
military service, nnd that Mltn Forsyth, tlio
Colonol's daughter. 'hasVbecomo engaged' to
Dr. Bahe. Enoh of tlio mon Is CO years ot ago,
nnd each has boon n widower about tho sntno
length of time Notthorbt tho young women
is much ovor 20 yoars ot nge
It, was at' ono of tho military forts noar
Omaha whoro thoso gallant heroes foil victims
and surrendered. Each Vb occom'pnnlod by'
his family, and horo it was that each woood
tho o tiler's daughter. Nono ot tho nrrango
mants for thowoddlngs has been announcod
yot, bnt tho smallest details will be watched
for oagorly in this city.
Dr. Dallas Bacho is a direct doscondantof
Benjamin Franklin and is connected with the
families oftho latoGoorgo M. Dallas. VIco
Prosidcht with James K. Polk, as well ds with
tho poel Byron.who. In his letters, jnakos inbn
tion ot "My cousins, tho1 Dallasos. in Amer
ica." Col. Forsyth was sont to PinoBidgo during
tho Indian outbreak there Howat vory ac
tive but chargos wore mado that ho hod ovor
Rteppod his authority. Ho was courtmartlallod
for this, but was acquitted. His marrlago sev
eral years ago was a social ovont ot national
It attracted society and military peoplo from
nil parts of the country to Columbus, 0..
whoro he married tho daughter of tho late
William Dcnntson, Governor ot Ohio. Gov.
Donntson was onco Postmaster-General In the
Cabinet of President Lincoln, and first Oov
ornor of tho District ot Columbia, an offloo
afterward abollshod.
A Chicago Ton ntoira Vp TVHa Terrible
Cnicioo. Oct 4. A bollor oxploslon on tho
tug C W. Pnrkor killed seven persons and
seriously injured others noar Arehor nvcnuo
bridge, on tho south branch ot tho river, about
4:30 o'clook tills afternoon. The tug, with
threo othor tugs, was trying to tow tho coal
steamer H. 8. Pickands out of tho draw of tlio
bridge whon tlio oxploslon occurred.
Threo of tho klllod were omployeosot tlio
tug. and their bodies havo not been recovered.
Tho othor persons killed wore standing on tho
banks of the river, to which a number ot spec
tators had been drawn to wltnoss tho removal
of tho steamer Plokands, which arrived on
Saturday from Buffalo with a cargo of ocal.
Tho vessol had run nground In tho draw, and
four tugs wore putting forth ovory effort to
move hor whon tho C. W. ltorkor explodod.
Tho list of tho killed and wounded as far as
can bo ascertained nt this hour is:
Killed. James R. Carter, Captain ot the
tug; John C. Slooro. engineer: Kaniuol Arm
strong of Manistee, cook: unknown man.
klllod by fragment ot boiler while htundlng at
east end of Archer nvcnuo brldgo: Mrs. Mary
Rico of :t.(J13 Arehor avonuo : Barbara Rice, her
IS-year-old daughter: Samuel Sawyers, labor
er, 3,425 Bluino utroot'
Wounded. Joseph Cultcn. fireman of C. W.
Parkor. will probably dlo boforo morning;
Henry Bell, deck hand, badly scalded and log
pnralyzed; Charles Ktrtln. wounded by mis
siles; Frank Wagner, arm broken: Joseph
Bomorazk. skull fractured, may dlo; George
Juell. Captain of tho tug Van Schsack. leg and
back hurt; Louis do Mass. deck hand Van
Schaack. back sprained; James Cunningham,
cook. Van Bchaak. scalp wounds.
i .1
Having IR the ffaoda. It Waa'au For.
Conatable to Capture Taeai; "
WiLXxsBinnE. Oct 4. Fox and' Elmo Cope
tho young couple who olopod from Dallas and
havo lived in tho mountains ovor since were
arrested to-night by Constable Alex. Lice On
Saturday nightthey camo down from tlio moun
tain and entered Luzerno borough. Fox and
tho girl obtained permission to stay.with a rel
ative of his. They remained all day.
Fox incautiously ventured into tho yard, was
soon and recognized. He attempted to oscapo,
but the constablo cnught him und managed to
land him In jail with tho holp of a deputy.
The girl was arrested afterward, and mado no
resistance ....
Fox Is u rather good-looking man, of rather
slight build. He is well cducuted. Tho girl is
only 15 years old. small, and rather pretty.
Bho is very Intelligent and would nay llttlo In
regard to tho affair. "We left Dallas threo
woeks ago Inst Sunday." said Fox. "and went
up tho mountains, camping in caves or undor
tho treos."
Fox would not glvo nny reason for thoir go
ing to themountalns. norsvould ho tell 'how
he obtained food. Miss Copo sold: "I don't
blame Charley for what has takon place It
there Is any blame I want to suffer ns much as
ho doos. " Thoy will havo a preliminary hearing
before Bqulro Walker of Luzerno on Monday
night Fox is hold for steullng from tho
I.ney MeClnre No Ixrogcer Deftea "the An
thorttlea In Went Virginia Mountain.
HuNnsaTON. W. Vo.. Oct 4. After years of
fruitless search tho United States authorities
havo succooded in capturing Lucy McOlure,
tho dashing moonshiner, whoso operations in
Wayne. Lincoln, and adjoining counties have
boon both extensive and profitable
Ever slnco 1880 this woman has been one of
tho most extensive manufacturers ot illicit
liquor In this part of the State, and has
amassed a largo amount ot monoy. In addi
tion to being young and athlctle ot groat
nerve and presence ot mind, she is a flno
shot with either riflo or revolver. Sho was the
owiiorof a beautiful sorrel horse that many a
tlnin lias saved hor life Whonovor tho Mar
shals were on her track hor fleet-footed liorso
born hor swiftly away, and at night sho was
soereted by hor friends.
Tho Marshals have hunted her recently, nnd
sho went to Lincoln county. Tho officers
"cot tho drop" on hor, and sho surrendered.
Wlion arraigned boforo the United States
Commissioner at Charleston yesterday It was
with a smile and a " liowdye" that sho greoted
The Commissioner placed her under $1,000
bonds, which she furnished and thon departed
for her homo in Lincoln county. Sho, says
that tho enso against hor for selling illicit
liquor will bo fought by tho best counsel that
money can furnish.
And When tfceClgnrette Smoker Beaented It,
It wo rurther Irapreaaed Vuon Illm.
A well-dressed gontleman who Rat In a box
at tho Columbus Theatre on Saturday night
wont out between tho acts to smoko a cigar In
tlio lobby ot tho theatre. An oveidrosscd
young man of 10 yearr taking a cigarette from
Ills pouket, asliod tho gcutl'emnn for a light
When tho gentleman handed him, his mntch
box tho young man remarked, poi haps with u
cortaln lack of polish in his mannor:
" Whut'B tho matter of lending me your ci
gar?" "I novor let nny ono handle my cigar." ro
tortoil tho gentleman, " but hero is a match if
you like" ... . . . .
"Oh, you goto tho dovll: you're too stuck on
yourself." was tho cigarette smoker's repartee.
This ended tho interchange ot civilities, nnd
the gentlomnn with tho cigar sont tho young
man with tho cigarette spinning toward the
gutter. There was somo applause by the by
standers ns tho young mnu started for Cant
Wobtervelt's polleo Motion In KastlSuth,
street to complain of the treatment he had
received. A detective, who went around to
tho th'-ntro to Investigate, reported buck to
thoCnptiilnthnttlin clear smoker wns really
tlio aggrieved parly, and that Jils treatment of
thu rlgaretto yuiing man wus jubtlhuble
A riRht nllb Ti-umjx Sluy Und Fatally.
Ebik. Oct. 4, Charles Sturgess nnd Edward
O'Hara of Buffalo wore held up by tramps
noar tho State lino Inst night Bturgoss. who
resisted, was shot In tlio abdomen and is dying
in the Humot Hospital His companion.
O'Hara. wnllo making aflght.to wiva his
friond. was also so badly stabbed that his lito
Is despaired ot
Tn-oBnlleta Lay'tlee Dead on, the Floor,
and Two More Send Her .Boarder tn Belle
vnenllti Buret? a Ckaaee of Hurtlvlag.
'Nino years ngo Mary Murphy and John
Lewis Osmond wire living together as man
and wife. Seven years ngo tho Rov. Dr. Ed
word McGlynn marrlndthom. Within tho past
year Osmond has repeatedly accused hlswito
ot Infidelity. La to on Saturday hlghtho shot
and killed her. Then ho shot John C Burch-(
ell, an old friend, whom ho accusodit Intimacy'
with his wife BurchoiHg pretty snro toJteK"
Osmond Is ono of thoso' devil-may-care,
happy-go-lucky follows who seldom do great
harm, and more rarely any good." Ho was ft
brass worker, but indolent' nnd shiftless al
ways. o worked only when ho could not got
out of It Ho Is 28 years old. short nnd com
pactly built 'Ills' ores aroigray and-small.
Seven years ago tho woman was good looking,
nnd sho had not' lost all hor comollnesa when
hor hdaband shot her. ' .
Up to September' two years ago Osmond
lived with hor ot 708 Third avenue At that'
'time Osmond's aunt Mrs. Eliza Cu'ahing, dlod.
Mrs. Cushlng had an adopted son. John C.
Burcholl. Sho lived with Burohell at 600
Third avonuo, between Thirty-ninth and
Fortieth streets. By hor will sho loft nil hor
personal property, money, and furniture to
Burohell. Burcholl had llvod with Mrs. Cash
ing slnco ho was 8 years old.
After-Mrs. Cushing's death Burohell asked
Osmond to soil his household furniture and
como to livo with him at 000 Third avonue
Osmond did so, and for u ttmo tho now ar
rangement worked well. Then Osmond grew'
jealous. Ho hud boforo chargod hlswito with
unfaithfulness to him, and had particularly
objected to her acquaintance with ono Chnrlos
Crotty. But now ho was suspicious of Burch
oll. Burohell Is a bacholor, and 40 years old.
It is insisted by his friends that his rotations'
with Mrs. Osmond wore always proper. But'
Osmond was surly and quarrelsome and there
were occasions when ho bent his wife
In Juno of this year ho had to go to Bellevue
Hospital for a oouplo of weoks. Whon ho came
out of tho hospital his wlfo refused to have
anything more to do with htm. Ho hung
around for a few wooks trying to ovorcomo her
resolution, but sho was firm. Early in August,
he wont to ljvo nt 010 Second avonuo in a fur
nished room. In tho moan tbno Mrs. Osmond
had begun proceedings torn divorce with ali
mony. Occasionally Osmond came to tho houBo
in Third avonuo and tried to seo his wife
Sometimes ho saw hor and thon thore was al
most sure to bo u quarrel. Ho was constantly
trying to induco hor to glvo up living in tho
samo house with Burcholl and to go with him
to his rooms in Second avonue But sho ctead
fatly refused to havo anything more to do
with him.
The neighbors say. and Mrs. Osmond's sis
ter. Mrs. O'Brlon. who llvos on the floor below
tho Burchell rooms, corroborates tho story,
that on ouo of tho visits whloh Osmond mado
to his wifo hn seized a carving knifo and
threatened to kilt hor. Bho escaped from him
at that time and had him arrested. Then, bo
causo liu plondcd that in his ill health prison
llfo would kill him, sho refused to mnko a com
plaint against him.
Last Tuesday night Osmond went to seo his
wife again. The papers In her divorce suit had
beon served on him. His mood was a mixture
of anger and supplication. Ho begged his wife
to return to him. stormed and swore bocauso
sho would not. nnd then went away.
For tho last few wooks ho hud beon working
for tho Interior Conduit and Insulating Com
pany, at 527 West Thirty-fourth street . Ho
lost his place last Saturday. When ho was paid
off ho took the money und gqf very drnhk. !
Thon. he bonght a .revolver; He tells .thoTp.
-Ileothhthe wanted It to scare burglars. He
spent tho evening at homo, but about .30i(
o'clock lie gotnpnnd went around. to hts-wlfra
rooms, when ho wont In hls'wlfe and Burchell
wore sitting nt a table eating supper, Mrs.
Osmond's thirteon-yoar-old sister, Nolllo, was
with them. Osmond walked up to his wifo and
spoke to hor about tho divorco caso. Sho re
plied that she would not talk with him about
it, and told him that ho must boo hor lawyer.
Without any further talk Osmond drew his
revolver. His wife sprang up. and ho shot her.
Sho turned in falling, and he shot her again.
ShoBcreamed "Oh, my God!" as sho fell to
tho floor. Sho was dead in ten minutes. Tho
llrst bullet had btrnck her in the loft breast
and the socond In tho left side ot tho back.
Iiurcholl was looking nway whan Osmond
fired the first shot. Ho sprang upundranat
Osmond, but not In tlmn to prevent tho second
shot or a third, which ho received hlmseif In
tlio loft breast Then ho grabbed Osmond hy
tho arm. und In thu struggle which followod
tlio revolver was lowered a little, so that when
Osmond llred tho fourth bullet It struck Burch
ell in tho abdomen and onded the struggle.
Thon Osmond wont down tho stairs and out
Into tho street His wife's little sister, terrified
by tho shooting, had jumped through the win
dow to tho lire oscape and was screaming for
help as sho made her wuy down It Neighbors
ran in. Policemen wore summoned. An am
bulance camo. Burchell was taken to Bellevue
Hospital. Coronor Messemer was sent tor.
Tho oorpso wan carried to tho Morgue
Biirchcll's ante -mortem statement says:
" I was shot by John Lewis Osmond, He and
his wife. Mary Osmond, had a llttlo difficulty,
and ho left the houso about flvo wooks Rge
He said ho was not coming back to live with
her any more and sho wob seoklng for a di
vorce nnd alimony. The trial was to como off
next Monday to-day). After ho was served
with papers ho wanted her to oomo with him
to his furnished room, whoro ho was stopping,
ut 010 Second avenue, slnco he left hor, and
wanted .her to" leavo the place sho was in.
which was IKH) Third avenue and sho refused,
bocauso of his Ill-treatment all along, and sho
did not seo any prospect ofhls being able to
keep hor. Liiht TuoBday night ho was up In
tho house at 000 Third uvenue to try to make
some arrangement with hor. They went down
to a lawyer together. .
" Saturday night ho came in at 1Q! o'clock.
His wlfo. hor bister, and I were sitting at a
table Ho walked right up to her and said:
" Now, lulksls. What is thore new about this
"Sho repllod. ' Johnny I cannot say any
thing nbout It I guess wo 11 have to wait' Ho
then pullod out his revolver and shot her. I
was not looking at him at tho time ho pulled
tho rovnlvor from his coot Bho yelled. Oh
my.' Whon I looked around and saw the re-'
volver In his hand I Jumped up, but before I
could get a hold of him he shot her twlco and
then turnod right around on mo and shot me
onco whon I caught hold ot his arm. Then ho
shot mo a second tlmo. I then ran down stairs.
I do not know whether ho was jealsus of .mo or
Capt Ryan went out on the caso himself, ac
companied by Detectlvo. Binning, Binning
know that Osmond's brother, William II. Os
mond, llvod nt24(l East Thirty-third street, so
all night ho and Cant Ryan kept watoh on that
house. Osmond's brother-hud heard ot tho
murder, nnd urtld that ho would novor glvo
room in his houso to a murdoror. It was nbout
7 o'clock yesterday morning that Osmond
walked up to his brothor's houso. His slster-lu-iaw
oomo to tlio door. W hen she saw who
it waB sho slammed tho door In his face Then
Capt Ryan arrested him.
Osmond did not seem to care Ho was still
vory drunk. Herald that ho had spent tho
night walking nbout betwoon Twenty-fourth
nnd Twdnty-olghth stroote and Flr.t and
Second iivuiiupk, until ho found ft grocer's
wngonnt tho corner of Twonty.fourth sticot
and First avonuo. In which hn wont to sloop.
Ho admitted shooting his wifo nnd Burchell,
nnd hn did not soem to bo In tho least sorry for
it. Tho revolver ho had.thrown away. At tlio
Yorkvlllo Court he wusromnndod until to-day
to glvo him time to sobosup. Capt Ryan took
him to Bellnvuo twlco to havo Burchell iden
tify him. The flrrt tlmo Burchell wus undor
tho Influonco of opiates, but tho socond tlmo
homadetheldentillctttlon. ,
Laparotomy was .performed on Burchell as
soon ns was possible, but his ohance for lite Is
very smalt 'His intostines were pierced in
twelve places.-'
Poisoned On u 1'lcnle.
Wiixiametobt, Pa,, Oct. 4. The Bcv. W. H.
Graff, rootor of Christ Episcopal Church, ac
companied by ft numbor of boys, mostly mom
bors of tho boy choir, loft ycr torday for a day's
chcstnuttlng seven miles north of this city.
Shortly nftor partaking of their lunch seven
teen mombcrsof the pnityworofakenvlolontly
111, nml tor a tlmo fatal results wore feared In
several casos. ,,,,. , . , .
Canned ham, ot whtoh all had usod frooly. Is
believed to havo beon tho causo of the poison
ing. Mr. Graff was ono of tho sufferers. They
were brought home, last night, and are now
pronounced out ot danger. .Tho food Is sup
posed to havo absorbed load poison from the
can, ' k
URVTl.QOr. iitxsa kybs amc ovt.
The General Com! ' New York fbr
Treatment-Mnit Olve Vp 'Work.
BnccmAirrox. Oct 4. The' Mornlna .Mfpu&M.
ran will any that Gon. Jones left for Now York
this evening to rbootvo treatment trom special
ists for an eyo trouble. For somo tlmo ho has
dono n large nmourit'of work, using his eye
sight to nu unusual oxiont.
Tho pressure of his Increasing business nnd
his polltloat and State labor have, largely over
taxed his physical and nervous system, nnd It
Is feared ho will becomo blind. This mlsfor
tuno' wlirrVructlcDlly unfit hint for tlio present
campaign and ho will bo compcllod to forego
his many plans'.
Tho General; however, hoped to bo able to
dictate letters and contlnuo his present work
for the Mutlandman. His physicians will In
slst.on a relaxation from nil work, mercantllo
and polltlcal.'for tho prosont Sovoral special
ists are to treat tho aise, r
The Boetom flay that Mies Ltule Conatable
Caanot Keeover.
Wilxesbakmc. Oot.'4. Miss Lizzio Constable,
tho Plymouth young lady who waB solzod with
hydrophobia .while giving a party nt her resi
dence Is in a. vory critical condition. Two
more doctors wore called In.
Tho patloht was unconscious most of the
time In hor ravings sho besought hor at
tendants to put tho dogs out BHe was under
tho Impression that tho room was full of doge
and that they wore only awaiting an opportu
nity to. tnako an attack on hor. The taste of
water sends tho patient Into hysterica. Bho
can bo heard barking across tho street
The physicians proposo to porform somo
horolo operation to-morrow, but tho rccovory
of tho girl Is considered out of the question.
Bho is fast losing strength. Much sympathy
is expressed for hor.
Tho family physician would have had hor re
moved to the Pasteur Institute in Now York
had sho shown any signs ot lmprovoment but
hor condition all day has boon so weak that at
a consultation of physicians it was thought
best not to remove her.
A Story that MO "White People nave Been
Bailed la Mexico.
San Antokio, Oct 4. John H. Parton, an
American, who for two yoars has boen en
gaged In tho mining business noar Motztillan
in tho State of Hidalgo, Mox., arrived horo to
day, and brings information ot an Indian
outbreak in tho district of Tulamongo In that
State Tho trouble Is an outgrowth of a dis
pute between several colonies ot Spaniards
and Germans and tho Indians, tho new set
tlors attempting to settlo on tho lands ot tho
Tho Indians resisted tho attempts to evict
thorn, and much bloodshed has resulted. Mr.
Parton says that a fow days before his depar
ture a settlement ot whites was attackod by
Indians, and nearly 200 people massacred, in
cluding men, women, and children. The colo
nists have appealed to tho Government for
protection, and several battalions ot troops
are on their way to tho scono of thotroublo
from Pochuca.
She Treta a nail la 1 rOS and Jos Oat
Mile In ll 8-4.
SiociTOH,Cal..Oct4. In exerotslngyesterday
on the kite-shaped track. Marvin drove Bunol
, halts, mile in one minute and three seconds
and jogged a full mile ln.3:13X. ile spooled
her onlicon the first half mile Palo Alto trot
ted around tha kito-ghapod track in exercise
in 2:11. His record is 2:12.
Tho track is.vory fast and all horsemen hero
predict that Sunol will boat 2:00 when sho is
sent against tlio record, Tho meeting next
TuOsday promises to be brilliant
The Extent of CoL Ban Xtaont'a Blseoverlea
at flld Madlaoa Avenue,
As tho stream of people going to and coming
from church passed the Cleveland residence, at
810 Madison avenue, yostorday. ovory oye
turned smilingly to the windows.
Ono of the earliest visitors at tho houso was
Col. Daniel S. Lnmont Ho congratulated tho
ex-President and thon began to talk politics.
Whon he camo out he couldn't toll tho color
of tho baby's oyes or what she looked like
"I know that there Is a girl baby in tho
houso, and that's about all I do know," ho said.
"They haven't oomo to any conclusion about
the namo as far as I know, and as for tho
christening, it's a little too early for that"
Both Mrs. Cleveland and her daughter are
doing well, and It is expoctod that they will
soonbe able to go into tho country.
Mr. Boswoll P. Flower said to the reporter:
" I shall send a note of congratulation to Mr.
Cleveland this afternoon. I was vory much
pleased to hear tho nows."
The City of Home .and the America Two
Bays Overdue,
All steamships ot the belated fleet that ar
rived yesterday met heavy woathor tho first
part of the voyage nnd unusually donso fogs
off the Banks thereafter. The Kaiser Wilhelra
IL ot tho North Gorman Lloyd lino was more
than a day late Tho oil carrier Elsie Mario,
from Uarburg. ran Into it succession of hall
and rain squalls lasting twonty-four hours.
Tlio Anchor lino steamship City ot Romo was
two days overdue last night Sho passed Capo
Race, tho southeast extremity of Newfound
land, forty-eight hours behind time on Friday
morning. It is probablo that she mayhnvo
beon fog bound as well as tempost-tossed. Tlio
America ot tho National lino Is also two days
overdue . . . .
A special message from Washington reports
a sovoro storm In the Atlantic. A baromotrio
firossuro ot 2H.00 was reported last night from
lermuda. This Indicates dangerous weather
tor vessels' sailing south.
The Empty Paekagea Fonad la a Field Fonr
Miles from Vtlea.
Utica, Oct 4. Threo of tho oxpress bags,
several boxen, packagos, and envelopes
secured hi tho American Express robbery bo
twoen horo nnd Llttlo Falls last Wednesday
were found In a field ut Harbor, four mllos oast
of this city, to-day. ......
Ono of the bags was for Wntcrtown, and con
tained monoy envelopes addressed to banks in
Adams and Wntcrtown, One envelope wus
mnrkoil SO.IMX), and sovoral of tlio boxes had
contained dlnniondc, watches, and silvorwuro,
as shown by tho way bills. All of thu puckuges
had been rideil.
Probably a Mortal Htaib.
Charles Shaw, a truckman, 22 yearn of ngo,
of Tenth avonuo and Twenty-fifth htrcet. lies
in tlio Itoosbvolt Hospital In a critical condi
tion suffering from u fractured skull. Herman
Nolco of 444 West Thlity-llltli street nnd
Max Nolco of 511 Wist l'oity-nlnth ftroet
brother, quarrelled with Khaw last night In
Ninth avenue near Thlrty-fceeond street, nnd
Herman stabbod Khaw on tho top of the head.
Max and Herman Nolco wore arrested, hhaw
will probably die.
An I'uldrutMcd Hnlclde.
Thobody of nn unknown man wns found In
West 171et street near tho old Aqueduct road
yesterday afternoon. Tim dead niiin wab
about 55 yearn old. A mossagu written uu n
cigarette box ran: ..,.,,
"I urn uIkuU t. commit suicide Notify John
Mnlealiy.KIJiittllltliMroi't." , . ., , ,
John Mulcuhy could not be found nt Hint nd
dirsK. 'I'liern wun no outwaril mail, to Indicato
tho manner of thu inuu's suicide
Mr. Uockefrlter'H Illneee.
Cleveland. Oct 4. Mr. Itockofellor will not
leave his eummor homo until tho end of the
'month.. His nerves ore somowhat unstrung
and he' Is not fit for bnslnoss, although his
case Is not raardod as serious,
i Mj
And 'What Will the Maranla Do Now. P ;' ;'
Thing-Fight r-The Ceremony Performed 1
In Br. Beeme'a, Church at aMIO Jsm ,( I
Night, After the Evening; Service. J",
ThorowasasurprisolnstoroforthoBov.Dr. j
Charles F. Deems, tho eulogist of Commodore '"
Vnndorbllt's boautlful foot after tho slmpls
services which ho conducted last ovonlngat ? '
tlio Church of tlio Strnngors In Moroor street. ,i i
near Eighth. Mrs. Frank Leslie tho pub- .-Xs
llshor. and William a Kingsbury Wilde , '&
younger brothor of tlio nwthotlo poot Oscar ' M
Wilde wore among tho congregation. B
Mrs. LobIIo was plainly dressed and VJ
lookod youthful, but not so youthful Em
ns hor six - foot black - boardod. blaok- Ajl j
oyod escort Thoy occupied a pew south '5b'1
of tho mtddlo nlslo of tho ohurob. )!)
noar tho pulpit. Dr. Dooms apparently notloed Jvfti
thoir prosouoe. but so Bexton IL T. Atkinson tljDV
says, ho wns unnwara of thoir mission. '3 Jl'v
Thoy had not oomo entirely to hoar tho Doo- i "'M
tor's sormon. Llttlo Marshall P. Wilder w ?Kt
with thorn, as wns also Mr. Cramer, a pub Hl
llshor. and his wife m
Dr. Dooms had pronouncod tho bonedlctlon. iiill
and was doscondlng tho pulpit stairs when hy tiffl
was halte'd by tho soxton. Mr. Wildo hod ''-Mwi
previously spokon briofly to the soxton. Xaij
Tho substanoo of his remark was that Mrs. ,'xrM
Losllo was going to Im married. The bride- &'
gropm was to bo.WUdo :tho wltnoss. Wilder. ? f
Tho congregation, which was small, wns out SMi
ot tho church when tho Doctor, who is the odi- -km 1
tor of Mrs. Losllo's religious monthly. &?
rccqlvpd . tho. unnouncomont of Mrs. .StfKt
Losllo's intention. with apparent oqusnlm- SiliSt
Ity. Ho asked if tho couple, who had ,"Ms
stopped forward, wanted to ho married in tha iiwt
church or in tho church parlor. Thoy pro H'r
ferred tho. parlor, and thlthor thoy wont ao Tilil
companiod by Mr. and Mrs. Cramor and th VO
llttlo humorist who Is a standi friend ot Mrs. r-Wt
Leslie. jK
Dr. Dooms is not n sectarian, and any form ''Mh
ot marrlago sorvlco agrooablo to tho bride ana ' txi
groom was agrooablo to him. They preferred vfll
tho sorvlco of tho Church of England, - 'llfi
The ceremony, was begun atOM o'clook and wt
concluded within ton minutes. The brida .i;Jl
and groom then loft tho church, and. !l
with Mr. Wildor and Mr. nnd Mrs. Ora- jll!
mor. got .into tho barouche In whloh they . lv
had boon driven to tho ohuroh and drove oft fp.(
Mr. Wilder nnd Mr. Cramor wore witnesses to i
tliocoromony and signed their names to tha wl
register. . if &
Mr. Wilde who is a writer on the London Ml,
TekvrnpMs tho oldest son of tho late Bir Wll- it f
llam Wilde. M. D.. of Dublin. Ho has known (If
Mrs. Leslie for somo years. Ho came here) fta:
from London on Oct 1, and went to tho Ilruns- S 1;
wick. At tho. Brunswick last night it wa 8
said that ho had packed up his baggage and ,,
had departed. .Mrs. Losllo Wlldo lives at tha JBai
Oorlaeh. Sho had somo company at dinner ,3i
thore last night and after dinner font out ??
Sho came In nbout 10). o'clock alone bflra
Ever slnco tho doath of hor husband left her Js SI
alone in tho world. Mre Losllo haa been sur- ,$
rounded by suitors. But for a long time sho lmm
devoted herself to buslnoss and would not vMi
even listen to thom. Whon tho Losllo estate AMS
was straightened out sho had more leisure. CB
and organized a sort ot salon, to which a larga "S'ffU
circle of men and women was attracted. S 1
Mrs. Losllo Is a sympathetic soul, and had a ,O.S
way of appreciating mascullno sorrows and il'
tribulation gcnorally that deluded many a .It
poor follow Into thinking ho might hopo to in- ''!
spire tenderer feelings than more friendship tl5
in hor bosom. But not until sho learned to HTa
know woll tho Marquis do Leuvillo did sho ifftS
show signs of capitulation. ?,i1i$
Itgotnolsod about in tho summerot 1800 $iWl
that MreLeslio was to marry the Marquis. BU
Tho, nows was confirmed, domed, confirmed Hi!
again, denied again, and so on. Then tha Mm
mutter loft tho hands of tho friends of the In- iAlv,
terestod parties, and tho two principals vied tt
with each othor in affirmations and donlals. ,pim
Tho whole world got excited about it and tha--, &n ,'
cobles worn kept hot , ,M
Finally TltE Sun's London correspondent '?.jJ
discovered that on Thursday, July 10 tha - jV&Mli
Marquis and Mre Losllo had callodjit tha ,flH
offlco ot tholleglBtra in London andhadiaken, fuf
out a. marriage license. The, -Registrar1 said &,w
that Mrs. LobIIo had told him sho intended to . tijjn
marry tho Marquis early on Saturday morning ;$
and sail for America later in tho day. It.waa ,
also discovered that at tho vestry offloo in ifim 1
Mount street Grosvonor square, on Aug. 10. pirn jj
18811. or nearly a your before " Mrs. Leslie. - ','ma
widow. 38 years, und William Bene Oliver tt.xH
do Lornoourt, Marquis do Leuville." had tv
declared their intention to marry, and ;rl
on July 10. 1800. thoy had again declared their !sm A
intention of marrying. Mre Leslie had grown H4l
no older during tho year, but Do Leuville had TUfel
cot a year youngor. Tho Marquis admitted jVl
that all this was true, but Mre Lesllo on July 14
24 stoutly denied It whoroupon the Marquis Efl
said gallantly that ho could not contradict a j&H m
lady. .. Jg!
Aftorthis Mrs. Loslte and the Marquis ceased :li
to bo montlonod as prospective husband and JitHfl
wife -'IJSw
Tho Marquis was a most eccentric person in k'iam
gait and dress nnd speech. He wus always be- S'U
ing sued or suing, challenging to duels or 1.1&
threatening to challenge getting into money '-U'fi
sorapos and getting out iJlJs,
Mrs. Losllo never montlonod his name with- -ti !
out going into u rhapsody of admiration tor 'm'lii
his bravery, ills nobility, IiIb high alms, and r 'it III
so on. . Uiii
The Weather. Jjjjfjt
Tne warm weather of yeiterday has nerer bees .91 'iff
equalled on Oct. In the record.. Tbe taliaett official ' 5b fiat'
temperature here wai B3; It was warm in all the v!l
middle Atlantic States, with a hlah hamldity which ''mm
arerared 80 per cent., and reached P5 at 8 P. X. 'mMl
Tho warm area will bo dissipated to-day by cooler 'w9K
weather now moving In from the West. Everywhere &al
In the Mississippi, Tennessee, and Ohio valley and, Kil
the lake regions the temperature hae faUftn front 1!a? a
1' to 28. with showera over tha time districts. i 3 S
brouiiht on by the advancing cool wave. It will be 'V-il 1
cooler In aU the Atlantic States to-day. with more or 'III
less fog In the morning, and generally cloudy and jjh !y
showery. The cool weather should remain over Swl
Wednesday. mM
Thero Is a depression over the eastern half of tba ;, Wi'im
country, with a storm centre of very slight energy over ' " Sjjj
Canada. This depression should be dissipated by to- f!ual
night, and generally fair weather should set la. la .Viiljl
this city the day was fair, with fog at night; lowest 'v litis!
temperature, 64; wind four mile an hour, changing "'pal
from southeast to west, ' ' JE'S9
The thermometer at Terry's pharmacy In Tne Bug ttWMal
bulldlDg recorded the temperature yesterday as fotlowet j? m H
ISIiO. JHIII. 1HD0. 1801, 'lL1aa
sa, h ca :'' ssor.u 7s af .lYvllla
8A.M n 7 f.M ..70 7B !$W9
HA.JI 70 11 f. M Otr 71 eJMiW
12 M 71" 77 12 midnight.. .04 70
Average 7S
Average on Oct, 4, 1800 OCH !
local roarcisT till R r. a. moxdat. - tm mi
For southeastern New York (including Long XtlandV 'X-Kml
also for estern Connecticut, and northern New Jersey, '! mi
cooler; cloudy and showery In the mnrulnr. with fog ViyB
over the coast and Bound; clearing weather towar4 '('V'sTml
nlgbt; west to northwest win is. ' fSfl
for Tuesilay, fair and cool. r ffleaal
For Wednesday, generally fair. rH
K. B. tiun.f, rieneral rorecast OReud. v'kO
wAsnifGTOsr rnnrrAnT tiil 8 r. v. mohdav. vvH
The high area central last nlzht over lie south Atlaav ;!
tic' coast lias entirely disappeared, giving wayloeUa rflaQ
presslnu or great driitli in the Atlantic, a pressure at Vll.fl
2S Oil last nlsht beln reported from llermuda. Then vW'S
uro no indiuitlons nt pnsent that this cyclone will ' !f1n
reucli our rout. Thi blonn In Illinois Ins movel te J Mfm
the tit. Luvrrcnce Valley. The i learlmr cundltlnn In the ' sin
plutiau region lias k-radually mmeil suutluast an4 1 titim
lovers the lni!c country i.istcf the Mlis,lppl r.iver. J yfj
I'lcarJn? ueulhiT may ha cxpicud m the Mississippi m
Valley, shower ill the l3iv r laLy reiflun, und generally iniljmii
fair ilscvi here. Hltlli
I'or the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, r.hode .'Mfr
Islllld, CiilinrrtU'Ut, f.n .V,i I'utl, ftMrrn 1'tliMjlr ''Irtti
litmiit, .Y Jttfij, lltbittirt, il.trjtntl, oni YUjUiiM, ' w'rlif'
fittr ; n.Jer l vtnufJt utrvU,4pniii Htflhfoittrtlf, . ljlm
Knr Weal Virginia, uetera,l'eunirlvauls, western f'I4
New York, and Ohio, showers; colder; northwesterly,- '!9u
winds; fair in Ohio Tuesday, - ik'-l'mel
Twenty-seven P.xclso arrcsls yesterday, jg tfj'
The T.ii'ler'r,lni'luli 111 rive n supper In the Madlsoa )SiV ST'li-
bqunreiluitlin rtslnuruiit on Oct, Jl, $ X'fllj
Ihls atieii.ii'in Mix Kauny lti,-o Mill liberate 1,000 Kb.tj
(Ui'ou'.tn'ni tin- ptofi't the Jli -llord Atintio Theatre, LLrTuT
lin-jkl) ii, uiiiiiiuui'lUK the uj-'-uhu of tb'i theatre. , It if
liiilsl.ri'iunal'l, u clvar biiucher. of Vl3 pelanrpy '''KlftTl
Iroet, Hlluiiipii''! ili'i.lo Ut niv'it by Jiimpliti; friiin a i IJf
nurd t'.rj i. m Li.i ut r,ill:l. Ifu tlicl. Ills lnJrln nre - Hrv
net nrui.. (j Crli
1fi linrxa In the stalila nt 018 Wist Klfty-serond JF Vi3
street, hinU4 i I.iuk-Ii iiralUiv, wire bini'it te t WuH
ilv.ltli vcstfiuaj u.hril'.oli. IimIIi- to lue r-.lr I JiAr.vs P " fflju
Mi'i.Mlh o( ;i Truck was thrown u.i uud hurt ills lical itfri
und hiiiiil. i li'
Tliefauillynf 1'nftniuvler (leneral WauumaVerarrlved '" J& )Kl
from France ji'sierday on the sti.t lump ijiTouralue. ' "T .Lj;
Tbey were met at ijnarantiueby thal'ostmatter-Uen. j i.ft5J
eral, Mr. Rolxrt M. McLane, formerly tinted statee . rs Y.WA
aliiiistcr to Krauco; UlsUup IJttleJuUu of Long Island. 1 A r,Kt
and Jnd0eorgl". Andrews were eUonastuitanea - -S ,":M
LeTeuratue, um
J; if , H

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