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V I . 4 THE SUN, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21), 1831. -
nr. comes at the risisn, asd hags
g 7 ik w.v: or in; ).r.
K A Fllly fiom tbe Hun Rlitbl Sargirlitl
to tbe Tknl- Hptrlteil Radii a: and Close
j, rialeare In Order on the) Hilltop Track.
Ik The week opened fatorablv for backers of
v favorites at fluttenbtitg vosterday, four Urnt
K choice hot see and one second choice winning.
r , Thethlrd race.foi apursoof fcyoO.atamlloaud
f n sixteenth, was thnoteiitofthoday. Raceland
P" wasso hot it favorite that hl followers had to
l put up S101 to win $10 With Itaoeland barred.
f John CatafiHgh had the tall Ht odds of 10 to 7
od. Lfifafttn .et thn pare at n fast dip.
leading tlio living cioup into tliu second
luaitcr. Kltntiorly taking tin the work
f nn the huckstretch and loading into the
. homestretch wltli plenty of speed left. Tho
Y backers of OM Bones wejkt'iicd n little when
t they saw Klmberly running sitting In tho
lead in the final furlong: but Raceland camb
in the last sixteenth, and won handily by ft
good leneth. ,
A field of fourteen maidens statted In the
! first raco.a scramble of flto ftuloncs. lho
i talent were purzled when It came to select
ing the winner, anil tho netting was open.
, The Bun Stable's filly ranwav. at odds of 7 to
1. the longest winning shot of the day. proved
1 the fleetest-footed racer of the lot, and won
iromthe start, beating Gonzaloshra length,
latsman. the fttorlli losing second place by
1 three lengths.
1 . Perlld. odds on fatorlto for tho second race,
1 camo at tho finish, winning by a neck from
Marie Lotell. Sparling losing second place by
a head. Early Hlossoinwns first choice at odds
' on in the fourth race. Itwas a close shave for
V Early Blossom, the flllyjust nipping tho race
by a nose on tho post from Tormentor. Urn
pile Kelly lost tho plaea by half u length.
' Brown Charlie and Bonnie King made n rat
tling II n lh in tho fifth race. Brown Charlie
winning by a neck. Icoberg came In a strag
gllngthird. Flavllla. first rholeo In the sixth
. raoe. won in hollow stylo by threo lengths,
' Freezer, at 40 to 1. beating W. B. H. three-
nnartersof a length for second place. Sum
maries :
; Purs Stoo, of which PO to second, for twn.year-nld
maiden Ave furlongs
Son Stable a ch r Fenway, by Panlque By tbe
Way. im irsylnri 1
J P Campbell h c. Gonzales. U2(rarli 3
George Forberh.i' Bati.man,108iCla)ton) . 3
St penl Faux Pa tolt, Bon Vocaxe. Marmont, Sax-
oe!e Vocalist. UtlnlJi Archie t olllns Lillian M,
Xfabem. Pomeroy, and Heorxa n alto ran
., Time 1 02JJ.
I Retting 7 to 1 against Panwa),4 tn 1 against Oon
. xalee JWtn 1 against Battman MutuaU paid J25,
114 80 ?.
Purse Hon. of wblrh f. 10 to second; for all age; tall-
( I tne. ats and a half Virions
j r, JH. Slrformlrk ib( Perlld. 3. by Leonatat Perl-
i I winkle 100 II. riynn) . . 1
I W I nrer'h f Marie Lorell 4 1)7 tl Barrett) . .2
I ( Kbaftan Stable ch h Sparllnir a 112 iTaral) . a
. j 0rtle D. lxt Dalmi-ny. Pfralio, Bc. Architect.
' ' nUamouDi), and Balor alan ran
' rime, 1 SIM
BMtlnr-f'l in 4 on Perlld Stol atalnit Harli
1 b Loiall. istoj alnt Sparlinn Mutnali paid $4. $1 4A
i 18RO
. E , TDK fHIBD filCt
' t; rurta $800 fit hUb 1100 to eciond; tor all ei,
ellioc. oae mile and a ls(e ntb
1 , F. Djrerab jc Kaclaud ard by BlUet Caio-
! r lneI,J24'Terab 1
I ! PBtladelpbla xraMe'e li Ktinberl.4 102 (Blake) 2
I n.Ltkelandacb r Jobnt aanarb. 3 (&(nyer) S
! Vlrrle Lillian and LepanloaUn ran
I Time 1 4"
I . Betting Ten to 1 on Bareland. 20 to 1 Against Kim
berlr. e to 1 npatnpt .lotin caranagb. Vntuali paid
UK). $2 SO 14 5b
i ' . Puraetsoo 0tlilcb975 to econd. for all aea; fly
I ( anfl a half, furlonga
II ,lj Mcrofmli b. t Early Bloom, 3 by Plzarro
' ! t na J04(Dwjer) .1
1 Empire f table's cb c Tormantor. 4 107lTarlcr) , ...2
. W.Downlng'a b r. Umpire KelU. 3 102 (Bunn). 3
I1 Crackaman. Belle li . tan Ardo nraylock, Surptui.and
Hannibal alao ran
Time i oau
Betting Seven tn 10 on Parly Bloniom, 2tnl atainat
Tormentor. 3 to 1 agalnr-t Umpire KeUy. Mntnala paid
it SS, $2 0, $2 (".'.
' PilreeJWO.of whlih7.r.toaecond,for allagee;aell
nu one mile
'", A Lakeland br g Brosn Charlie, aged. 9o (T.
Flnni .1
Kbaftan Stable b g. Bonnie King e, OS (Blakei .. 2
- n Bradleyrrb v Iceberg s (in (II .lonea) a
x- Gettysburg. Pelbam. and Rtcbal alio ran.
; Time 1 44
v Betting Twp to 1 galnt Brown rbarlle, 30 tn 1
c againat Bonnie King 8 to 1 agalnat Iceberg. Mutuala
paid $010.4 85.19B5.
Porae (500, of wbleh l7Sto tecond: for three-year-
oldai all and abalf fnrlong
, J. McLaughlin' cb f Flavllla. by SIcDufl Vintage,
i fl9 tSterenion) . . 1
R Bradleyecb ff Freecer.POdi jonet) ... 2
i W B Hanson nr c W B H. 117 (Taral) ,.,8
Clandlne. fiervltor. and Richard K Fox also ran.
Time, 1 23
Betting Eight to r, against Flanlla 40 to 1 againat
rreezer II to S againat W.B. H. MutnaUpald I8 60,
i $3 80. $10 20
To-day Programme at Outteabiirc.
ITIrst Face Selling: Ave furlongs Flambeau. 110,
JavQoFI lie, Lorrf palmeny. 114. Little Fred. Apollo.
111. May I) 108, Simon I'nre. 10, (,oM step. Axtbei
(formerly Atbalarlr fllly). 102. Wigwam. 09; Maggie
j.. Murphy AlrnaT, Belle D.ne, Marine, 05, Excellenza
' .. 1U (i0
Serond Race Three nnartera of a mile. Charade, 11V
lester. 111. Alcalde. 110. Take BaiK. 102, Blltzen.
' Macintosh 07. Maxim till. 01
Tbird Race Ope mile. Banquet. 122 pounds: Major
Domn Madstnne itr: Nnwor5eer. 102, Miigule Beik,
loo, Tulla Rlailburn, Belvood, Uy lelloe, mi; Low
lander 113, Lizzie, DO
k 'Fourth Rice Selling sit and a half furlongs Khaf.
tan, 114 pounds. Australltz l-enelon. 112. Daisy Wood-
, ruff. Miaa Belle Moblcan. Puzzle, lou. Brussels, 107;
i TlUa .Marie. 0(. Circular. SI
Fifth Race Maiden two year-olds selling: fe fur
r longs Hedge Rose, 113 Majestic, Vernon us. Mabel
R Pomeroy Standard. 110, St Denis 107, liui I'n
colt Blalto. 103. Westorer, Mflrmont, 100
, Sixth Race selling, seven furlonga t'entaur. lift.
' Wm Daly. Jr. 113. Septunus.TbeFnrum.110. Little
Jim. Seymour. 107, lleadllgbt, 105, rerll. Pericles,
Oyda. 104. .Mabelle. on, nonble Crosa, Hyaclntbe, 14.
Rnaaell and Strathtneath Bnn as Dead Heat
:. at Plmllro.
j Baltimore. Oct. Ift-Italn began falling at
, an early hour this mornlngandcontinueddur-
I Ing tho day, thus preventing many persons
r from attending the opnning of the fall meeting
I ' of the BaltimnieJivkei Club The racing was
i . nulte Interesting, although the fields wore
j , .small. Thofeutine c.f the day was tho dead
j x heat between htrnthmeath and Russell In tho
mile and n clNteenth rmrso forthree-year-ohls.
II The following itrf the summaries:
m': Fnxball Kcene a ch i by Warwick CoLeua. 2. 07
J iW Mldgleyi. 1
V A S CllinanACn'ab. g O W ook, aged. 122 (Little-
field! 2
,' W B Jennings acli c Rusteed, 4. 122(Slmmi) 8
cC-- Rallarat alsuran
. Time, i nay
Bettlng-Againn Tokena rilly, 7 to 5; O.W.Cook, 4 to 1,
Parse 00 or which 7Sm second and $26 ta third;
i for all ages, one mite and a sixteenth
. 8 S Browns br c Lamplighter. 2, by Spendthrift
S Torchlight, t0 1 A Cntlngton) . .1
5 J.A A II orns'sh c. Mars.2. 87iPenni .. 2
" (5 8. -Morris s b I. Judge .Morrow, 4, 122 (O. Tot-
' Ingtini 8
y St lohn and the Mnnle Lewis tolt alsnran
f Time 1 ,12'.
v Betting Against T.ampllghter, ven money, Mar.
'; Till: THIllP RACE.
PorseAVK) of which 7r, to second and 2i to third,
! for tr.year olds tUufurlongs
. David Gideon an i' ly Mr I'ickwick-llolmdel, 103
f (Llltlefleld I
Wm Hendne'sib f rottonade H'jiShauer) 2
P.I l)werAeonb f. Madrid losiSlmmsi .1
t.raud l'rix, Slandej nnd Maid of S reeo also ran
lime, 1 04U
, Battlng-Against llolinuel i oil. t) to t,, Cottonade,
i ' ' 4to1
J If rure$rio, for three jeer-olds; one mile and a six-
f ft teeuib
I y OB Morris h g etrathmeath. by Slralbinore
if V t fjftwer.of Jlealti, 121 (fl Covington)
D & f(l T'Learra blk c Belle-ue (107 (Ray) . ,..
I 5 'Portrheater also ran "'
9 fc . - T(m), , 6a
It , Pead heat, purse divided.
ft Petting Against Ktralbmeath, even money; Rnstell,
B t.r TfolS.
'f l . THE FIFTH RArE.
N'" Pone fTo for three-year-olds and upward; one
H r nine
m" l. Thomas Afn'sch. g Uold Poller, .'I, by Sir Mudred
SB'.. Trade pnllar lOf.iflinrasi 1
In w, u Barnrk'a i h e m Charles a mir Harris). 2
Jli1 W.B Jennings h m Ballyhoo, 4, 10D Olmms) . , , 8
111, Lynn also ran
1 ' Time 1:47
M v Bettlng-Agalnst Oold Dollar, 3 tol; St rharles,7tn6.
m l Entries for to-moi row's races follow:
a "' First Race One mile and three sixteenths Sir John
. 122. Kingmaker. 115, Ocypete, Abl, 104, Hoodlum, 103,
IfL ( ella. Rosa II . 115
l.r Second Race Tbree-fiiiartera of a mile Temple, US.
King Mac. Mhuylklll 111, Thiers L, 103, Alrina tolt,
i Pickpocket. Gondolier. $8
' Thfrd Race Handicap, mile and a Mrlong Kenonti,
. lin, Russell, 111. Kingmaker. U7; Pickpocket, no
), Fnurlb Race Selling, three quarters of a mile Gold
Hr Dollar, 117. Louise. lOh, Matagorda flU). 104, St
H Charles. 101. Ljnn, im teuslor, 06, Tattler, I'.'.
H ' Aspen leaf 1)4
17 Fifth Race eterpleihase, short course; selling In
n ' - turllv. l...l lire) Cloun 138, Repartee, 134; Belied!
HI Taruln, 13.', 1 .ipialn Mannings 12d
W-. Tlic tVlnueia at Clouceater,
I, OinrfiniHf s I, Oil 10 First Race Seten fun
Bjj longs SeiiMrltiui uoii, Bohemian, teiond, Lost Mar
"" third- Time ill.',-
H 1 Seeonl Pate lour and rne half furlonu Varueil
,) won, ti hell) seiond.Copel.ind third Tune, o kiv
" Third llaie mx jnd one half furlongs Rattle in
. won. 1'untiarloit ae ond Gltnull third Time, 1 23)t
I j Foutih Ruce-rtoyr anil onr half furlongs Stlisbui)
I- won Soendoiintt second llaakeie, Ihlid Time
rf" f ft'W
W," Hffh Race One i-lle farlonn won lotion, temiid,
H tlmtlare ihlrl Time 1 4i
jw Sixth lUic-Mvaud uiir quarier rurlongs Snon'la)
j- "on. I.ile in cud, Climax Iblid rime 1 2lh
M Axtell'tu Appear Again.
I' Chicago, Oct. JO.The owners of the great
m trotting stallion Axtell have decided to pre-
par him for racing next season, in the cxpeo-
', tation that he will he ablo tti lower all records.
Budd JJoble will have charge of him.
jrin'V. - - 1.' iail.il I 1 J- - 'f -Mjaafayte!.-! -
Tklrly-aevea Head, Iarladlasj the Htalltoa
Arsle, Brtac 7.,V,
Tlie thoroughbred breeding 6tud of Mr. L. J.
Bose of Loh Angeles California, comprislngth
promising young sire Argyle. and a number of
highly bred mares. Including several Importer!
from Australia, was sold by Tattersatla of New
York yesterday. Many well-known breeders.
Including Charles Teed, owner of the $100,000
BU Blaise. I'leire Lorlllard of the Bancocas
Stud. Milton Young. J. T. Meglbben. Col. Clay
and Win, Schulteof Kentucky, J. E. McDonald.
J. II. iMiuits .t Son of ParkvJIle Farm, and John
MacKey. representing J. B. Hagglnot Califor
nia, were prosont. Tho thirty-seven head
brought $20.U75, an average, of $704
Mi. Bose. who was phenomenally successful
as a breeder of trotters, established his
thoroughbiod stud three years ago. and the
news that ho intended selling out wus a sur
prise to nearly nil who knew him. He ex
pected Argyle to bring S'JU.OOO nt least, hut
although tho son of Monday is a sunerh.
strong, well-musclod thoroughbred, with a
high roputitlon asn sire, consuleilng his op
portunities In the stud, bidding was ery slow.
Messrs. Lorlllard. Terry, and Hchulte were the
contenders, and Mr. Schulte. who Is In the
dry coods business In Louisville, secured the
stallion for r,100. lust $100 more than Mr.
Itose paid for lilm before he bad shown his
ability to get such winners as Fairy and Rln
fax. Tho brood mares In tho main were
cheap, some of tho imported marcs being
rare bargains.
The following is a summai y of the sale :
Argjle. b b,l84 br Moiiday-Cuba, by Imp
Australian. Wm. Rctulte. Ixulsvllle. Ky $S,100
Imnorled Lady Alice b m . 13. by Musket-
Erjcina. by hledmere; Rancocaa Stud, Jobs-
inwu. N.t. . . . w . - 5 2V)
Imported Phtebe Marks, b m . 1H83. by Klaga
borough-Lady Audit), by Little John No 2;
,t Tarry. 2.0.V)
ImporteiRlcochet.hr m.lSST by Muskat-
hrrclna; Clav A Woodford. Parla, y .... 2.000
Bon 'Bon. b m.l88 bv lllnilon-Bourbon Belle.
by Imp Bonnie Scotland. Cbarlei Rd. Flr-
lewl!tud.Teiin .. , ; . .M0
Lady hllzabeth. b m, ISSa by flood-Lady
Evangeline, by Lelntler. Clay i Woodford ... 1.S0O
Imported Bessie, cb. in.. 18a. by John Bull
Avalanche, by Klngstoir: .1 Terry. ... . 500
Imported i atherlne ttbeil, br. ui .1883 by Wei
lliigton-Phlrglg by Volllgeur: ll. P. lleadle) 100
Imported ElsU. ch ui , 1SS3, by Grand Flaneur
Daughter of the Regiment, b The Drum-
mer: J Terry . .. , ""0
Imported Oadora. br m . IS87. by Jove-Heron,
b' Klngneber, s h Larrable, Deer Lodge,
Mom. -
Imported Ilarmonv, b m 1883. by The Drum
mer-Marttana. by .New Warrior. R Jones i . 200
Imported Hester in m . lsai. by Derby Mllll-
cent, hyMarlbyrnong: J.Terry .. .. H00
ImportedJudltb.il ra. 1877. by Marlbyrnong
Luna, by Lord of the till!: J H. Shulta Park-
vliia Farm . U
Kezlab h. in. 18SS by Darcbln-Ijidy Fann).
by Harboniar: s L. I'ooper .. ..- J
lmnorted Rose of Arizona, b m . 1887. by The
Drummer My queen, by Goidsborougn, J. H.
Haggln. Rancho Del Paso stud . . 32S
Imported Rose of California b m- 18Si, b) At-
lautic-Sea Kale, li) l-ady Kirk. S U cooper . 200
Almeb.br.ro IBS.) b Joe Daniels Alfaretta,
by King Alfonso. J s Meglbben, Cynthtana,
Ky. 500
Barbara b ra . 188U by Pat Malloy Desolation.
by UevaatMIO'l, J. tluBv ,. ,. . .. . 400
Blauca ch m . 1888 by wildldle Imp Mutiny.
b) Adventurer. J. B Haggln . 760
Cecilia b ui,ISs7,by Imp Kyrle Daly-BlUo.
by Longneld. J. Duffy , 300
Onlrnta bm ISrtfi. h Juhn Uappy Flnanza,
byMrgll. R K Tucker. . 3j(t
Ezraiua. b m . USH by John Happy-Eu. by
Joe Honker, J llufl) 100
Garnet b ro 1687, t Flood-Imp Goneaway,
b) North Llmoln. tla A Woodtnrd S00
Gertie McCartb) ch ra . lSfi, by Imp Hurrah
or Duke of Magenta I. Gloria, by Laver, J.
Dufly ... .. 3.V)
OlenlOLh b ui . 1887. by Flood Olendew, by
Imp Glengarry; Charles Reed . . .. 760
Jennie McCarthy, ch ra . 188ri. by Dnke of
Magenta-Imp. Genista, by King Tom, R s.
Tucker . . .. 450
LadyMonroe.br m , bj Gen Monroe Alie. by
Rebel. J Duny 200
Lenla blk m . IBS!), by Eolut-Vlglllne. bylgll.
J II Shulta . ... 3.5
Little Barefoot b m . 1888. b Tom Ochiltree
imp Allie blade, bv Typhous, Milton loung,
McGratblana Mud, Kentucky nOO
Maid of Honor, b m. 1881' Ty nimjar-lmo
Lady in Waiting, by Knlgbt of the Garter, J
Duny M"
Minuet ch m. 1887. b Imp Hajon d'Or real
Dance, by War Dance: J B Haggln . 625
Nlxle, b m,lb'7, by Wildldle imp Amelia, by
Salvator. Rancocaa Stud . 1,100
Olga, cb. m . lewn. In Imp St Blaise Oliilpi,
h Imp Leamington, R S Tucker 860
Ononda, h m.issii by John Happ Oliie, by
Onondaga; S L 1 onper . .. 200
Perl, br m . 1888 by Flood Frolic, by Thunder,
Wm. Scbnlte. . .... J"1-50
Seminole, blk to. by Illndoo-KatK by Imp.
Phaeton. W. a. Barnes. Lexington Ky. 1,000
Welcome, br. m . 1886. by Warwick Aeolla. by
Imp. Australian, Milton Young. '... 225
Total for 37 head $2.37.'i
Average rer head 704
The KTcnlng Sale.
A number of imported earlings and con
signments of yearlings and two-yejtr-old&from
Montana were uold at Tutlertall's last night.
Tho stock was disposed of in tills order:
Prince Regent, b c . 1880. by Regent Replj by
Lnqnlrer. J'obn Dnay $623
Last Chance, b c.llshP ly Regent adie Wll-
Hams, by Springbok; M If llcbener. 200
Butte, ih c.lbtfO. by Dr. Lindse). Jr riro-
nette. by Hartey MDlau. J. Croker 160
Teddy, cb c . 1800. by Regent Ordnance, by
Mar Dance, fc. B Larrable- 473
Bismarck, ch. c. 1800 by Regent Nannie Hoi-
ton, bv Longfellow; M II. Tiixtener. 300
Mollle Bawn. ch f. 1800. by Kegent-LIUIe
Langtry. by Huuter's Lexington. John DurT . 476
queen Hegent. cb t . 1800 by Regent Miss fciU.
by Fnoulrer: Clay A Woodford 1,300
Bonnie Blue, br. c . 181)0 by Regent Llta. by
Imp True Blue: M II Tlchener 300
Katie K , b f . 1800. by Regent MUadle, by En-
nulrer. Chris Doyle 200
Fenella.br f 1800 hy Regent Reply, by Fn-
quircr. W B Hanson 476
Bay cnlt. lsoo. by Ben AU Kaskaskfa, by imp
Saxon. William Laston 300
Bay ally. 18(f), by Algerine Imp Benediction.
by Lord Lion, w H schulte ... 415
Chestnut nllv. 1800. hr Wanderer Imn. Judith.
by Macaroni, s Lutas .... tlOO
Brown nllv. 18 IK). b Ben AH-Abllone. by King
Alfonso. W. II. SUiulte ... .... 226
Bay till) . 1800, b) John Happy Condole, by Iro
quois. 8 Lucas . 325
Bay fllly. 1R00. by Algerine Imp Arabella, by
Dutch Skater. Dr Ulffen .- 30Q
L'heatnut till), 1HH0 by Imp Rayon D'Or-FIono,
by VlrgH. K Hogau .. . . 200
Baylllly 1800 b) Imp MjlllrsAneta. by Ara
mlo. 1l Wilkes 876
F.dellty. cb f. 1880. by Keene Richards. Jr.
Constance, by War IcV . w H Schulte. . 100
Bay fllly. 1R0O. by Keene Richards. Jr -Constance,
by War lek. W. 11 hcbullc . . 100
Idolatressa. br f . 1800. hy llindoior Leonataa
Mecca, by Imp Billet. W. 11 Sibulte ..... 260
Brown tolt 1801. by Fsierllng Springtide by
Springfield. C Boife . . .. $00
Imp brown cnlt, lbOO bv Dutcb Skater-Bagdad
hy Cumellard, lohn Cooker. 626
Imp ba tllly. Ih'.Hl by imp Caraller-Mlnnl
Hank, by Mnrnlngton: It. , Clarke , . . . 1.025
Imp blai k fllly. 18m by Beedlgo-rieasance, by
( remorne, V s Barnes 600
Imp bay colt, isw). by Dutch Skater qneen
Marlon, by King Tom. H Wood 600
Imp chestnut nily. iswo hy Lowland chief
Aroma, b) Tbetlrey Palmer. R G tlarke.. . 800
Imp IrollLsnme Ijiss cb f.lsao b Hparrnw
Frolicsome by Van Amhurgh. T J Slaughter. 225
Alva, br r , 18ik) b) regent Houtlotne. b) Cara-
boo, W. Bnughrum 175
Muldoon b c. Ihlx). h Regent Sadie, by Bala-
klava;T J. Slaughter 275
Bronn colt. 18iii). hy liun. Ksher Imp Fair
May. by Jennie Croft. K B Ramsay 275
Chestnut nily. IHOn.iivnpendthrltt Imp Torch-
light, bj speculum, C Bole . . . nor)
lotal. thirty two head $13,600
Average, $421 60.
The Kentucky Aeeoclatlou'a Rtunlna; Meet.
Lixivr.ros, Oct, 10 This Haatbe opening day of the
fall meeting of the Keutui ky Association The ealher
ascoldaitil adrlzlliigrain fell The drenching rain
ntlaatulght made the tratk tery heavy. The attend,
anca was light.
The first race, four fui longs, had nine starters. Rook
Laldle) , a alight ravorlte at 4 to 1 against, won cleverly
by two lengths. Rote Boy lecond, Reflection third.
Time, O 54
Tenstarled In the eecnnd rate, nnemlle Rorkawaa
an tten mous) fatortte, Rorka won aa she pleated by
two lengths, Content second, hd Eshelly third. Tine.
1 47W
In the third race, one mile and seventy yards Outcry
waaanoddsnn favorite, bat Ibe Stol outsider. Don
nell, won by two lengths from Outcry. Patrick third.
Time. 1 VUi
(.aura Doxey was nrt ihoice In tbe fourth race, one
mile and fifty ) arda. but the 7 tn 6 second choice. Kins
tem, v. on the purse by two lengths, Laura Dnxeysei
oud, a length before London Smoke, third Time, 1.61.
The Winner at Chlcaeso.
Chicago, Oct li To-day's rate at Garfield Park re
sulted First Race Six furlongs. Vldetle won, Mis Lon sec
ond Pddle R.thlrd Time. 1 17a
second RAie FU e furlong Paul Dombay won. For
est Belle tecond. Kangaroo third Time, 1 02!i
fhlid Race One mile hi August won. Lew Carlile
second Luxle Gwynue third lime, 1 48
lourtb Race Mile and u sixteenth. Mary McOnwan
non. Roal rlush second. Ouldothlrd Ttine.l 48
rlflh Race Six furlongs Ilonair won. Warren Leland
second. Tom Jones third Time, 1 18
Sixth Race One mile and a quarter mer nia bur
die Robin Hood ou. Uassanlo tcoud. Rob Thomas
third Time, s 20';.
i:ight Hpeclul riajbta.
In addition to the Inter blale Amateur Boxing Cham
pionship to he held li) the aruna Boat Club of Brook
ln at Clermont u)euue rink on Oct 27 and 20, there
III be eight spenil four-round houtt, The name of
the contestants In the special bout were brought up
before a meeting of the Boxing Committee at the luo
rooms yesterda) afternoon npdth matches wer all
Tbe names of Hit tr-nlesUuts iiuliidr three diaiu
pinna. Pammy Kelly of tbe Het -ide -.tbluli Club ill
meet Matt Pue tbe ex amateur t. utmu weight ilintn
,uon of Amerlia ut ll'i iiouiitr Jim RrnunoftVett .
side A t the laiiirus leu iih mUbt and ex amateur I
iliampion at 1.'3 roun I- mii uhi r I,tii,ine (iNell Non
parell A C llru miIH en oi the Hrookltii A C HI
meetJ.F Hagcel'y or the M u ) l Haggerlyeut
Sullivan will weigh In at u Unit ksalbun 160puuinls
The heavy portion of the matches will bathe sel in
between Nu'k Calian National A. P. and Mlka Ml
AullBe. Bridge A. C. In addition there wlllbe a special
Invitation class of four 105 ponnd man, hetwesu Mike
Beat, Down Town A t: . Connie Sullltan. Nonpareil A.
C . Charles Kelly, tba Middle stales chamBlon. and If
"Kid" tlogajitangtt down to that weight, that popu
lar little boxer.
ill j ' ' ' ' ii y i I i
i 1 -i,'1 Nsw'Vf', f Wt "& "
iAi t. --. fclMM..,MKaaaaaaaaaaamaaa1
J GREA1 tiAitE Of fUSSS.
Tho -Now 'orh' aad Sw Jeraejr Chataploda
Divide Honors.
The handicap tournament of the Manhattan
Chess Club ia now In full swing. Upward of
twenty-five board were used on Saturday.
Among the many games contested was one In
whloh A. Vorrath. the champion of Naw Jer
sey, was pitted against the champion of Now
York. Eugene Delmar. The- latter had to con
cede the odds of a draw to hl opponent, who.
howeer. succeeded in aeoomplliblng the feat
of drawing, and thus seoured the victory. Here
Is the run of the gamo:
I sriUI. S 'OSItlt. t 1UIKH, 1, fOIIATa.
ii-jtw nttri.. mil'. .
ipK4 p-K4 rr S-Si
2Kt-KB3 Kt-QB8 10 f'astles -.-
a B-K Kt 6 K Kt-K 3 II -S ST.!
4P-Q4 PXP 120Kt-Q2 k-l)J
RB-KI6 P-JS J3Kt-Bf J?,-f's
AR-KR4 Kt-Kt3 14 Q R-Qld failles
7 B-Kta H-Ktftch l6Bxqr
8P-B3 Ptl"
attct (toniTB) 14 men.
mmm wa
s-s '- 'jy'VA r'A" 1SKHK
1 4 f Wk M A HI
!P pilii I
wnirx (Dttxix) 14 rticr
16 K-qeo 20r-K S'-rJff
lBktxB RPxKt 80R-U3 P Kt 5
17QtKtch. QxQ SlPJKtr RP.
18BxOch 8x5 12K-Kt2 5-K3
lORx?. P.xR 33PXP KtxP
20 B X B V R-0 B i) It B-K . R Kt 8
21BIP RxV SSK-83 P-R4
22 B-0 4 B-B 6 311 P-R 4 K-B 4
23R-l5sii K-ll 2 37BxKt flB
24Kt-OJ T-K14 38P-Kt4ch K-Kt3
26P-K(T Kt K4 S0K-Kt3 PxP
J8P-B4 Kt-Qfl 40KXP
27KtxR r. x Kt Drawn after 76 mntes.
28 R (J It kt B 4
How the Sportsman Secnred fjt. Mlalae-The
hli-e Insured for atSO.OOO.
Mr. Charles Reed was a buyer at Tattersalls'
yesterday, adding two well-bred mattons to
the already long list of brood mares now at
Falrview Stud. The owner of St. Blaise is
highly pleased with his purchase, and in his
own characteristic way tells how he beat the
world and seemed the prize.
" I mado up my mind to have the horse some
time ago." said Mr. Heed, "and I calculated
that $75,000 would buy him. That was before
tho sale on Friday, but when I saw the way
price were going I knew I was short of the
mark. So I slept on the question and outlined
my plans. I went to tho sale with $104,000 In
my pocket, determined to earthquake the mil
llonalies. Say. how long did it seem to you.
after I bid. before the horse was knocked
down ' I kept saying to myself, over and over
again. 'Knock him down, knock him down.'
and 1 give you my word it seemed to be four
days before the gavel fell.
"Mr. Sanford. who sat next me. promised
that he would not bid unless tho price wont be
yond mv limit. After the horse was mine ho
told me he had a cable despatch from his 6on.
now in Kngland. to buy tit. Blaise at any price.
I'm a great blleverin luck, nnd always hate
beon. and I think that w Ith a little of the right
kind of fortune on my side now, this horso
will prove a great Investment for me. A
couple nf hours after I bought him
a gentleman offered me $1,000 for a service
and wauted to breed two mares at that price. I
refused. Th"n Mr. Walcott of Walcott Camp
rell made mo an offer of $2,500 for tne privi
lege of breeding his Prince Charlie mare. Itu
perta. to him. and I have accepted that with
the stlpulat Ion that in case she is not with foal
there snail be no return. I've had a great deal
of 111 luck with mr horses during the past year
or so. losing Mr. Pickwick. French Park. Brad
amai,te. and British Beauty, and I, may lose
St. Blaise, but I'm going to take that chance.
I've figured on selling his yearlings on an
average of $1,500 apiece, and I think that
a modest estimate, don't youf At that rate
the horso will pay for himself it) a short time.
It made me feel good when that yearling
brought $30,000."
Mr. Iteed yesterday Insured the horse against
accident, dfsnasp. or death for $50,000. paving
a premium of $4,000. It Is moro than likely
that the $100,000 beauty will go to Gallatin.
Tenn.. to-day. as arrangements were made
yesterday for a special car. He will be accom
panied by a trusty man with a couple of assist
ants, and nine brood marcs will keep him company.
William Gardner Has an Order for at
Schooner For X-onla Clara.
Theconti act for a 00-foot steel schooner for
I.ouls Clurk of fit. Louis was signed at the
office of William Gardner, 15 Whitehall street,
yesterday. This order has been In tho air
srima time, but has Anally landed and the
yacht will be started soon by Georgo Lawley.
the Bosten builder. Mr. Gardner mado a de
sign for Mr. Clark last spring, hut eince then
tho lines hae been changed somewhat and
the plans call for new and novel features.
The model, which Is in Mr. Gardners oftlce.
shows the offect of the Gloriana's success.
The aftet body is clean, like all the
Gardner productions, while the fore body
possesses a full water line, and the fine
buttock lines aro carried forward in a
long overhang a", in the Glorlana. The
lines themseltes are different from those of
tho Glorlana. howevor. the schooner model
being coraparativelyof less draught and beam,
and consequently calling for an entiiely differ
ent design. Approximately the dimension, of
tho new yachf will be: Beam, 10 feet, and
draught, 10 feet H inches.
hhowlllbe a keel boat and asshole to be
used largely fur cruslng, the weight other hull
will be considerably greater than if she were
Intended exclusively for racing. Her stern
post rakes about forty-seven degrees. The
rise uf her keel Is gradual from the heel,
whore la the greatest draught, and the line
Is broken abruptly by a fore foot, which
drops nearly perpendicular from the full how.
Her diagonals are unusually fine. Her greatest
beam Is abaft thecuntre, andhortopsldestum
bio home slightly amidships. Her bilge Is easy
nnd while sho sbows that she will move over
the water, she will try to do it without creating
a disturbance on tho surface, and her foie
foot, whllo helping her to hold on to
windward, will flfso be of the same service off
tho wind that tho leo bow wave Ib to tho Glo
rlana. That Is. the forefoot will counteract
unv tendency to carry a lee holm.
Tho rigof the new jacht will resemble that
of the volunteer in having the foremast well
forward, and also a large mainsail. Themaln
mast will be considerably longer than the fore
mast. Mr. Gardner tried tho model under sail yes
terday. and was satisfied with the way It moved
through the water.
First Night or the I.orlllare! A. C. Boxlasj
The 1,000 spectators "got a run for tbeir money" at
the preliminary bouts of the Lorlllard Athletic Club'
annnal boxing tournament, wblrb were held last even
ing at Wood's Hall, Jersey City Every bout was con
tested in a manner highly satisfactory tn tbelorersef
tbe manly art of self-defence. The boats resulted as
siiria diss, 106 rotJ.vos
In this r lass only three men nnallried Hugh r Boyle,
Pastime A. t . drew the h)e, which brought together R,
NWIhon, Scottish American A C. and r Watson. Stan
dard A L rhe judges agreed nu Wilson
rraTHsa wrntNT n sss, 116 rni'p.
The opening bout In thinlal had for contestants.!
V Crammer, Lorlllard A C.andJ McKtik, Olympian
A. C The latter won
The eerond bout was between P. Connors, Scottish.
American A C . and Mr Shea, Lorlllard A C, Connors
had an easy thing of it.
(Julck and effective work rharaclerlzcdthethlrd bout
In which J. ?orton. Haunter A c.nndB pugsn. Cable
A O. were Ibe principles Tbe right hand upper cut
of Norton told in the long run, and he won
srmsL class, 126 rnons
Fhe men weighed In. but only nne bout waa derided,
the conteatanta being P Blakeley, Brooklyn A C and
c Dnckwits, Brownsville A, C. The Judges gate the
bout to Dm kn itr
tICUT VtlGBT CL4II, 136 rot ps
Facing lath other in tbe first bout were 11 Crone,
Wett Side A (' and W noggins Clinton A 0. The
referee declared Drone tbe winner
The aetoud anil closing bout of the evening brought
together W Uonahan. Wayne A C, and f! Jackson,
PaunetinA C This proven the best tight of tbe eteu
ing The lodge disagreed, and in tbe extra round
Jatkson obtained tbe adtantage by bis hard bitting
who tbe rulit baud
Thennaland speiial bout will be hi Id m ihursday
ewningat the same place
fSoou Baa Fishing.
striped bats fishing continue to be excellent Mr,
Cornell Bergen and friend caught at Jertey fists,
trolling with Martlet's worms," 86, weighing from 1
to SH pound, for tbe next twn week hereabout
Anglers will Ond plenty of sport afttr this gam) flib, U
the weather rontin'us as It I -JJc.
v- V- tf.AL),' aU .f r. Kt lj a
No Records Are. Being; Broken In tbe Big;
rMs-etay Wheel Kace, But tho Men Are
Making flood Time Thirteen Vlders
Htragsllat; to Cover lho 1,800 Mllea-Ar-ihur
Bobb Taken a aleacter. Mat la Able
to Coatlntie-The Score at 1 O'clock.
Despite the Inclemency of tho weather there
was a ciowd of 3 000 highly enthusla&tlo and
demonstrative spectators at the Madison
Square Garden last night, whllo the attendance
during the afternoon was fairly good.
The six-day bicycle race Is an Interesting
novelty to New Yorkeis. and there Is much
about the tournament to recommend It. It Is"
a clean sport, and the natty, tireless wheel
men, with their unceasing spurts, coupled
with a fascinating fear of nn accident when
ever tho rldore dash around the steep Inclined
corners at full speed, aro a vast Improteraent
over the six-day pedestrians, who wore wont
at this stage of the game to bocome dirty, hag
gard, tootsoro and weary. Inspiring nothing
but sympathy as they nobbled around tho
track In agony.
3. ctEW or TIIE TRACK.
The sport lastetening was of the best. In ad
dition to the thirteen riders struggling to cov
er 1,300 miles within the 1413 hours, England's
fastest short-distance riders, BIchard Howell
and Arthur Robb. had a rip-roaring ten-mile
duel.whlch kept the spectators on a yell for the
33 minutes 2 3-5 seconds It took to decide who
was the better man. Robb won by two yards,
taking the lead in the last quarter-mile and
holding it around tho precipitous curves at
the risk of his neck.
Another side-show was furnished by the
two beBt trick-riders iu tho profession. Tom
Canary and W. S. Malt by. the female imper
sonation act of tho latter inaklug a decided
The racing of the six-day riders did not do
note that in less than twenty-four hours they
had covered the distance between New York
and Syracuse on their tirolefs steel steeds.
The majority spun around the track with as
much vim as during the opening hour, and de
lighted tho crowd with frequent spurting,
while Jules Levy's Mexican musicians fur
nished the lit plicst kind of music
The hero of the evening was Martin, who.
after passing his men one bvone during the
afternoon, slipped into the lead at 0.30 o'clock,
supplanting Ashinger. who had retired for a
well-eained ro6tatfl,52. with 293 miles 4 laps
to his credit. A roar of applause went upas
the voting Iletrolter orosson the 300-milo post
at 10.03. riding apparently as fresh as at the
No records are be-mg broken, owing probably
to the fact that the scoring is honet-t and effi
cient. It must alto be taken into coiiMderatlon
that thN is tho second continuous six-day raco
ever held, and that the riders race against rec
ords made iu snorter contPfts. ltolii wastlie
first to cross the centuiy line, his time
for the 100 miles helng U hours 20
minutes. Ashinger is credited with having
done the distance in " houis 47 seconds
at a tournament In Minneapolis last May. Thn
200-mile post was first reached by shinger in
13 hours 25 minutes, and young Martin was
the winner of the 300-inllo heat in 21 hours 50
minutes, both still being behind tho rocord
The venture will necessarily have to be won
derfully successful In nrdei to enable the lead
ing ridirs to win even it moderate sum of
money for their woekV hard work and sulTor-
ing. Tlifl Garden management was c.tught on
tho Couch-Alhett six-duy go-ae-you-pleaso
fiasco and bled for a good sum.and It evidently
has a recoup in mind in thn present affair. The
lawyers hate dutun up an ironclad contract
whereby the riders agree that all expent-es
" whatsoever" shall lift taken from the receipt
first. These expenses includo the building f
the track and all carpentering ami other work
around tho building; the scoters' and an army
of other attendants pay : the passage money of
the foreign riders and the rafhoad fare of the
home talent, together with hotel and other ex
penses while In the city: advertising, music,
and the automatlo score dials; Tom tck's ex
penses, and a hundred other things whloh will
go to swell a grand total.
Taking the management's estimate of legit j.
mate expenses, wo bate $15,000. The esti
mate of the receipts, if the affair continues a
success, is placed nt $30,(KX). This would
leave $15,000 after the expenses had been
takep out. The Garden takes half of this.
$7,500. and the balance nturUon Its tourney to
the riders' pockets. But before tho money
reaches its goal.Toin Kck, tho manager, comes
on the scene, and under cover of the strong
contract signed by the riders, subtracts 25
percent therefrom ns his managerial salary.
This $1,875 makes quite a hole initio so-called
dividends, $5,025, beforo reaching tho men. Hut
the money does not yet go to tho winners.
Tho rldciB are eraploxul by tho Madison
Hquaro Garden Amusement Company, and
their wages are yet to come out of this prize
money. The rate of payment is on the scale
of $25 for a first day's work of 275 miles, no
rldcr'a wages to be over t'.'OO. If seven men
should fulfil tho requirements-cover 1.300
miles-and draw $l,4(Xton account of wages,
there would bejeft S4.22.", divided as follows:
First, $1.47R75: se.-ond. t.l.05tl.2B: third.
$507; fourth. $422.50: fifth. 3.8: sixth.
$253.50: seventh. $100. It may be that the ex-
fiensesmay be less, but there Is also an excel
ent chance of the receipts being a good deal
ess than the estimated $30,000.
Charles W. Ashinger. the Oklahoma rider,
Robb, the English champion, and Prince, the
handsome American representative, are the
favorites at thn present stage of the
game. Prince rarrtes the glorious Btars
and btrlpes.und Is u decided pet with the spec
tators. He is the neatest liderof the three,
and being an old-tlmor at these n flairs is hus
banding nls strength, a sustained rest in thn
afternoon sending him twenty, miles to tho
rear. This is not a formidable lead. how6ver.
when eighteen jnlles can be reeled oft In an
fiour. and the Prince partisan are not. worry
ng, although their man's stomach took a so
rious .pell Tn the evening.
Edlin and Lamb, the two other English
. I a ' l
m t c
, ,t. iaanaaaaaaanaaaaaaal
' ' ' "i i. , i i ,
cracks, aro riding steadily, and. without In
dulging In any oflhe.wlld spurts which set the
crowd wild, are keeping paco with the leaders
on tho big blackboard. Lumeden. tbe rider
from the banks o'the Dee, Is not keeping his
place in tho procession that his great record
would justify In anticipating. He, has been
handicapped by a lack of good wheels, though
Champion JJllly Murphy of the New York Ath
letlo Club has come to his rescue with his en
tire, stock of racing ordinaries. Saturday
night Is a long way off. and the sturdy Scotch
man may ba in the first platoon when the cruel
war Is over.
.Willie Wood, tho fast Britisher. Is not In the
hunt.at least not from a score-dial view of lt.hut
ho Is effectivelyin the hearts of the spectators.
After resting he indulges In some of the most
heart-breaking spurts, passingthoother riders
as It they were anchored. He gains lap after
lap on them foradoren miles, during which
time the crowd gives overy demonstration of
enthustastlo lunacy. After whloh he retires
for it rest, to reappear later on for another ex-
,.0'Flan'agan. the Irish rider, with his adora
ble green suit and golden harp, is also evident
yon thoboaids for exhibitions. A bad knee
is said to be tho cause of his poor showing.
He Is a good "grand stand" rider, howover.
nnd will doubtless be retained for short-distance
races. His races with the Englishman
Wood bring out tho partiality of tho crowd
for old Erin over Johnny Hull.
Hchooh. who at present holds the long-dls-tanct
championship and the world's record of
1.405 miles for six days. Is the "Lepper"
Hughes or tho race. Ho is tho ungninllest
rider oj tho lot and laborH as much on nls ma
chine as Hughes does on his feet. He has all
the Irishman's gamoness. though, and wins
bis races by unceasing, gritty plodding. He
has not been absent from tho track, his only
lost tlmo being tho changing of machines. lie
is counted on as one of the three winners at
the end of thn week.
A lively dark horse In the race is young
Martin from Detroit, who comes from the West
with n good record. He is ttt splendid con
dition, and is being handled by Pedestrian
" Orrio Moore and Billy Nnwinann. whoso ox-
ferlence will do much to help him to tho goal,
fe has kept well up with the leaders since the
start, and rode into second position In the
afternoon by a well-sustained spurt. He Is be
ing backed by Ed Fee. the well-known Detroit
sport. Fee is the largest cigar manufacturer
in the West, and in coming to the city on
Thursday with a good-sized bank roll to back
the boy.
McDowell, the Philadelphia roller skater,
whoso graceful riding and comely appearance
caught the crowd at the start, kept with the
leaders for fifty miles as easy as if he were
taking a practice spin, and then came to the
conclusion that a six-day iftce was a tiresome
affair. He will ride In the series of short-distance
races Manager Eck has arranged to tak
plane in tho afternoons and eenlngA during
the week.
The first accident occurred at 4 o'clock in
the afternoon, when Kobh was pushing Ash
inger for the lead. Tho Englishman had not
left his machine since the start, and was try
ing to supplant W. .1. Morgan's reoord of 237
8 lies continuous riding In a six-days' race,
o had covered 232 miles 3 laps, when on
looking over his shoulder altera hot spurt to
seo where Ashinger was, he ran his machine
into a box near the edge of the track and took
a heador of tho mo6t approved kind. He
landed on his head some ten feet away. The
shock. In his tired condition, was enough to
render him unconscious, and the side of his
faco and one ear wore badly cut. He recovered
after halt an hour's care and set out in pursuit
of the flying Ashinger.
During the afternoon Dick Howell and
Arthur Robb. the crack English short distance
riders, raced five miles on the outside of the
si'-day men. Robb won after an exciting
half-mile spurt by a yard in 15 minutes 53
seconds, mighty poor going for fresh men.
Maltby. tho trick rider, gave his clever exhibi
tion, his performance of a beginner being par
ticularly emoyable owing to tho many hard
knocks the rider subjected himself to.
Albert Is riding a fairly good race. It may
be of Interest to the Amateur Athletic Union,
and the htuyvesant and Xavler Athletic clubs
particularly, to learn that this rider is
none other than the Loonard who has
been competing at nniateur races In
this vicinity for some time, and who won the
milo run at the Brooklyn Helgttts A. C. games,
held at the M. A. C. grounds on Saturday. Oct.
10, under protest of having competed at
unregistered games. His name Is Crozier.
and ho is an old six-day pedestrian Ha
rnn professionally at Jersey City on Labor
Dayatthe Central Labor Union games, and
the same week ran at the Xavior A. A. mem
bers' meeting, winning the one-mile run Ho
acknowledged his identity and offences last
night, but remarked carelessly, "Oh, I
can get reinstated next week." Tom
Eck says he has known him tinder at least
twenty-rlvn different names, and his reason for
assuming allasns is that his father Is a minis
ter and discountenances, races. Ho is captain
of the St'iyveeant Athletic Club.
Tho twenty-four-hour rf cord, with theleaders
nt the ond of each, is us follows. It does not
approach Frank Dingley's total of 350); miles
made at thn Washington Illnk, Indianapolis,
in 1887. but the latter was aa especial affair,
mode with pacing riders.
Isft'Ur. Hirir, ifit Xiiw
Itobb 1 IS
Ashinger 2 s H
Bobb a to 3
Lumsden , 4 as it
Rnhh i R flo 3
Prince tt p.r, 2
Ashinger 7 no 1
Asblnuer 8 134 2
Itohh l 178
I'obb 10 1',2 ft
Athlngrr ' II lye 4
Root. U 1,11 7
Ashinger l.t 1P4 ft
Ashinger 14 ;nt
Ashlnser 15 223 B
Ashinger 1 214 6
Ashinger 17 24 4
Aeh'.nger 18 2ss tt
Aeliinner II) 271 4
Ashinger 20 281 rt
Ashinger 21 2'l.1 4
Martin 22 203 2
Martin 2 mi 7
Martin . . 24 317 A
Tho score at 1 o'clock was;
UVm Lui J .ViI'4. Iiiu
Ashinger 321 rt l-rtnce ., .. 2S4 1
Fdlln H2l 1 Bo)st .. 240 rt
Vartln . ais Lumsden . aw o
Iamb , 811 nlstage, 227 o
SchoiL . 2H" lllttood li4 u
Robb .. , 2H2 rt O'Hanagan. . 13" O
Albert 270 0
Some rxcltlng Siparrlne at the Brooklyn
Despite the inclement weather, aeveral hundred en
thuslsstir spectators assembled at the gjmnasium of
the Printers' AtbMtr Association, corner of tallon and
Orango streets, Brnnsijn, last night, to vilness the
initial slag athleile entertainment of the organization
for the Indoor season
Somo excellent eport was enjoyed, tho bouta being
anything but " lo)e tapping" exhibitions.
The opening pair were bantam weight. John White,
Union A. C, and Cbarle Johnson. Printers' A A The)
made a very liel) tet tn. tleorge fclielnencli and
John Lee, Oreenwond A. A followed in a llely bout
Then Jame Coughlan taruna Boat Club follo-ed in
a very deter exhibition with the Indian clubs, itisiom
blnation mores being especially tine
.1 Punphyaud .Tames Kyan, Printers' A A made m
good bout, and Ibe next pair, Wlllitm Walsh, Nonpareil
A C and on Sullhan, a club mate had a slap smash,
hang b)dt, in which Walsh gained much ciperlenie
and many bard knock.
Cleerlnmm Creede and Pick Cunningham of the
rei rJtssund 0!)mp!au Athletic i lubs went through Ibe
ropes next aud guen scientinn exhibition
nigJIn: rlndla), I'nlnii C and K Iiojle. Heard A
C . tame t n next will) some ery lino puticblni; touches
An extreme!) comical bnLt toll twetl.J Hess and bd
Pnneof the Nonpareil A i' being theopnoslua: twain
Hess, by an accidental blow, was knocked down end
put nut hy a swinging blow which landed en the law.
antwbeti be came round plut-ktly went through the
remaining fornon of the xhlbltioti The hoy was
heartily cheered.
A funny Ate round tight between two uewsbojs. In
troduced respectely as "Ton), the Pago." and ' Bugle
nosed Bill." ended In a draw after a slashing bout. In
which science wh thrown to the winds for the 'git
thar" method
Mike Bent, t'nlnn A C, and Jerr Harriett, Pon
TowuA (J. followed In a ery sclenlltlo boul.wlinb
gained the participants plenl) of applause
faulacld and Punphy went at It next aalhespetlnl
fgbt between Jack Atkins ond Pan 1 auldcld . post
pnned, Atkln being unable to make the weight Ztdley
and Desmond came next with a cleeerbotit Then not
tn disappoint the crowd, tbe printer put on. at short
notice, & special ' of four rounds between Chutk
Conner and,i Ryan
Hrst Round Conner forced the fighting Inndinir
with two good straight punches on neck and rib
Rjaufell short nn the returns, and the rouud ended
with a clinch.
Second Round Rran picked up a bit tn this, show Ing
somcier) clever doditmie tailb s sud using both hands
well In tbe returns Conners got In some bard blows
on the stomach, and again they clinched a the gong
Third Rouud Tbl round set the 1 rowd nlld with ex
cllement, as R) an fought Conner tn hla corner and put
In omc two handed rltvrnasters. which set the printers
fourth Round Conners swung and caught Rj an full
on the chin, but tbe printer waa not knocked out by tbe
blow.toihe surprise of the crowd Some very Ihely
exchanges were seen In f bis round, and when the gooir
sounded Kyan and Conners were both at It hard Tbe
judge gave the fight to Conners
No Champion Billiards for Mexico.
Frank Ires' more in setting up In business on tbe
next block from Champion Sihaefer In Chlcake, thus
entering the field as a direct rltal to tho Wltard, has
probably kum Led tbe bottom oot of tbe tt heme of the
twn men touring Mexico together and giving billiard
exhibitions They thought that there was big money
In It at one tlmo.
" Ive probably won t go now, Fchaefer said, "at
though I could forre him to if I laredtodo 10. at be is
under contract to make the trip"
It Is rumored that the joung Napoleon and tba Vtla
ard are not a thick as tbe our were lees seems to
bavaset np for hltnieir In earnest nls recent (tale
ment that ns was going to challeug Schaefar Is consld
ered evidence that a coolness has sprung up between
Columbia Atbletea Perfecting, Ibe Plana for
Their Ncnr Club.
The first regular meeting of the recently formed Ath
letic Club w a held at Union SiuareliaU on Saturday
night. The election of officers resulted la the follow.
Ing being chosen. Robert Cones, President: W War
ren, Vice rretldtnt: JT McMaion. secretary! K. Herb,
Unsnclal Secretary! w Wagner. Treasurer; 3, H. Smith,
Captain: II I. Smith, first Lieutenant! L. Buchanan,
Second Lieutenant; II. Andsrson. Marshal.
, i'iij 1 a 1 pi" n ' 1 H' j' ' 1 1 j s it'. ' t ""'
y f- - s ar- aaaaaanmtamaaaaamaaaaaaTI
' t
A Oraael Inhibition or the Mexlcau Na.
tlonal Sport.
Cut or Mexico. Oct. 10. The revival of bull
fighting in the City of Mexico yesterday was
In the name of charity. A com mitten of ladles
of this capital, with Mrs. DIaz. the wife of thn
President, at their head, oiganlzed the show
for the benefit of the sufferers tromthA floodB
In Brain. It was one of the gt eatest spectacles
of the Mexican national sport everwltnessed
on the North American confluent. The time
set was 2:30 o'clock In the altoinooc. l'or an
hour previous Pan Francisco street, the Alut
da Juarez, and tho Paseo de. la l'oima present
ed a most animated scene. Carriages of every
description, from the landaus of Mlnlsteis and
Senator, with cockades nnd liveries down to
the commonest hacks, jostled together on tho
way to tho bull fight
A stream of pedestrians bent on the same
errand filled the sidewalks, whllo from bal
conies and housetops thousands watched the
passing throngs. At the Mara del Tores the
people came from every dlroetlon. hut so per
fect were the police arrangements that no dlf
fleultyor disorder was encountered, and the
mman tldo poured Into tho irreat amphithe
atre w ithotit doluy or discomfit.
It Is estimated that l'J.000 persons were
within the enclosure. Two military hands
wore present, and four companies uf Infantry
served to insure good order. A long row of
boxes, intended for President Diaz and his
partt-.thecommltteeof ladiesand their friends
and the membeisof theriptnlsh Casino, were
elaboratly decorated with bunting, tho Spanish
colors anil palm branches.
Presently a. roll from the drums, a flourish
of titimpets, followed by the national hymn
by the band stationed outside the amphi
theatre, announced the arrival of the Presi
dent of the republic. Hie appearance In his
box was the signal for enthusiastic cheer
from thn spectators, salutes by the, soldiers,
and a repetition of the national hymn by
the band inside the enclosure. The applause
was genuine and unit ersal. Hundrcdsoimlnia
ture Spanish nnd American flags wero unfurl
ed and waved hy the spectators during the
postlngof the Mexican ensign In front of tbe
Presidential box. The President was evident
ly In excellent health and spirits, and. advanc
ing to tlio front ol the box. acknowledged th
cordial reception. Accompanying the Presi
dent were Mr. Diaz, the committee of ladles,
and a brilliant company composed of the very
cream of Mexican society.
Nine hulls of celebrated breed were killed
amid the hravosof tho spectators. The ani
mals had been trained for the occasion, and
many of the matadors had narrow escapes.
President Diaz and party left the ring during
the killing of thn eighth bull. The panderlllos
that had been stuck into the hulls were, after
the fight sold by peddlers at extravagant
nrioes. This was one of the greatest fights
that Mexico ban seen for years, and the amount
received for admission fees is supposed to
reach $2.",000. Tho great crowd wes demon
strative, but good natttred and orderly.
Three Orcat Athletic Clabs Not Likely to
Bovrl In the American Amateur Vnloa.
The Schedule Committee of section one of the Ameri
can Amateur Bowling I'nion are hampered considera
bly, and It will tale another week before they can
compile a llt of games At present It Is not known
whether the New York A C. Manhattan A. Cor
Staten Island A C will take part In the erle, and un
til decided ofllclally nne wav or the other no schednle
can be arranged Although the Our Club previously
decided not to enter, they bare changed their former
plan and will compete In the tournament
Thts decision or the Our Club undoubtedly means that
tbebew Vork A. C. will not roU In toe serle TbeOur
Club a reason for wishing to stayout waa that their best
bowlers were members of the ew York A c. and
would roll on the latter s Hit men team. In that case
the Our team would be too weak to have any cbance
asralnst the strong club tbar they would have to meet.
Rut now that the our Clubhate. decided to stick, and
the New York A. C. Is keepingqulet on the eubject.lt
certainly looks a If the tueieur) toot was out of tbe
The Manhattan A c hive not decided what they will
do. while Mr Call of the staten island A (' said only
f-wday airo that lit ould positively state that lho
Staten island A c. would not roll in tne tournament.
TheAtalanta BnatClub hae decided that they would
be unable to roll With these four exceptions the clubs
In this section win surely roll nnlesttbey change tbeir
flans again Tbe clubs that naee decided to roll In sec
ion 1 are Our. Aineiiean. Ianhoe. Cosmopolitan,
Produce Exchange, and Xavter A C.
The Orchard and Fidelia Roll Big; Reorea
and Win by Over 1M Pine,
The American National tournament resumed play
last night and. notwithstanding tbe inclement weather
a fair sired crowd witnessed the initial appearance of
the Orchard Lenox mil. and Fidelia clubs. The Or
chard sblnr score in the first game show that they are
In trim and tney will be finitely watched by the other
competitor The scores!
riEjr ctxr.
ttox Biti.. 1 nxcHian
. .s1 B Sv" S it frw.
nulllanme 3 a '. l.talBurhholz .. 2 a s 141
Dannefelsrr 22a 12!)Falterman 424 4s
Beck 1 4 a lBJITiedeman 4 4 2 178
Iranklin O r, ft 131 Rufer 3 4 3 142
Schlewitz . . 4 3 3 170 Bogenschnel'rft 4 1 211
Totals .. "5 17 24 7O0 Totala . 18 17 15 R40
Lenox Hill 71 114 2lrt .'2 377 4SO M ftSI W 700
Orchard 7 17'l 2.'.0 334 41R WM ttlft P4 7.M 40
Arerage-1 enot Mill. 140; Orchard las
I'mplre Adolph Keller ecorers L C. Bninjeaanl
psroin otirr.
rinsLii i trtnx rill
. P frtiif I .S ,s B .Vnre
llolden 4 6 0 S20 Oolllauuia 17 2 1S4
I.eridge 2 4 4 15 Dannefclser 3 2 S 143
Ainann v 1 4 IK'S Heel s 2 a 19
Klbtel 2 .1 ft 18'ilFTankltll 12 7 121
Paulsen r, 1 4 mtiSchlewiti 0 7 3 isft
Totals lit is 17 8V Totaie 10 20 20 762
Fidelia n l 2 S41 430, MP. 23 8P8 74 Rft
Lenox Hill t.K 1.18 24') 3011 3l 4rtt) M2 WM rt'-d 7.12
Aerage-Fldeld. 171 .i-ft. Lenox Hill I.ViSft
I'mplre Adulph heller. Scorers E. Schroeder and
L C. Brumes,
thirp r.swx.
nirniro nr-rtu
N f ft ficor. S S B Srrtr
Bucbboll 3 3 4 113 llolden ft 3 3 102
nerner 2 3 f. !! Lcierldge 2 ft B lft.1
Tiedeman 3 ft 2 172 mann 2 5 a IS1)
Rt.ter .42 181 k'lhbel I ft 4 I Ml
Bogetistblid r." ft 3 1.-.7 Paulsen . 2 ft 3 110
Totals 14 20 IA S04 Totals. J2 22i 814
Orchard SO 17 21S 2M2 Rf 4.1R R44 627 7IS 804
Fidelia h- 117 2S(l 31.1 443 .114 .1WI A7 720 B14
Aerage-Orrhrd. 1()4 ft Fidelia. 162 4-ft
I mrlie Adolpb heller Scorers E. Schroeder and
A Wedekin
The opening gimee of tbe Brooklyn national tourna
ment were rolled last erening at tbe Elephant Clob
bouse alleys The contesting team were the Cler
mont, houtli Paw and Pioneur Boat Club The Cler
mcntteain had 4n eay victory ner the Pioneers ill
the second gsme, but were defeatel by tbe South Pawa
in the opening contest. In the third tfame tbe South
Paws aul Pioneers plajed a vry cloie game. The
cLrrwovr i sorra r-iw
c s. S frnr, 5. H B (m
(' Smith 3 3 4 l.n )- .lenklu. 1 A a Ir.rt
W einlib 2 il 2 liHilir tiordnn 14ft 14s
F P. romp 1 4 ft 132 C Mgel'us 1 ft 4 14ft
smith 12 7 lllllll Michaels 0 7 8 Iftl
R Bannister. 1 2 7 Mttll Bierscbk 4 4 2 lrt7
Trials rTlTzf, 7241 Totals TiHl 771)
Clermont 71 144 2l3 2S 313 447 ft21 885 6B7 724
South I'aw 71 Iftft 260 321 41M 4'U ft7H 18 714 77'1
I topireW B "ellere. scorers J, Van Riper and 1
srroNp Cisr
msuflNT riosxia soar clc
v t ,vor e 8. it Unwt
r emltb 2 4 4 1.11 r ssan 3 2 6 147
W emitli 1 ft 4 14n J Jaler 1 A 4 188
h Deromps n ft ft 132 i Sanderson 3 1 7 120
W enilth I ft 4 1411 w Harding 2 0 ft 1ofi
B Bannister lea Ifttt K .sajre 127 131
Totals "ft'.'ISO 728 Totals , "5 10 SI Ml
Clermont S3 1X4 '.Mil 1151) 383 412 508 680 Se)3 728
Pioneer B ll'l Ml I I'll 211 3111 .)7." 43d 4h! fttl4 CM
I lupin -li .Mi hlro) Hcorers C and H C. Van Riper.
THIt-D GlktS
solth rse I rinstts sntr ctrs
c. ft ,c.or .') ,e,v,e
S lenklns l 4 u-i F Swan 3 8 3 1H7
Dr. fiorib.n 2 7 I ITO.I a)n 1 6 4 13d
c ifteiiut 1 11 3 imv tanderton 0 4 H 117
II sllcbaeit 1 2 7 121. llaldlng 1 4 4 .VI
J.Bier-chenk I 11 3 IMF Sajir .4 3 3 Itll
lutals fl388 7iS Totals "isJIU 740
South law 78 l.Vl 2JH .'Irt 3'H 4rtl S40 .Ifit) 847 "48
Ploueei It C 70 14) Sl. 274 018 4.111 ftV !&h it'll 7IH
I'mplre w H 'epers Morers-i van Klper and W
.1 Hat Is
Hon Hug; tinmea To-night.
AltSICtv A1lftSAl TOtaeAMSM
AtalantH s Oriental, Oriental rs J.nnprell, M11
parell t Atalanta
Illllluid Men Pracllee. (
fieorgeS.nsson nne eirdenilv determined tnsrnre a
victor) oter Msurlce Hal) In their practise match last
evening at Hie former s parlor on Broadwav e
failed to scire in his rirsi Inning and on tbe fourth
seremli fourteenth o1 ttftreulb but managed by
some fairli stood work tn dtlral Daly In lwent tu
innings b tlisitr .'iuipom The 11 ore 01 tbe game U
as follows
Slosson-0 10. SO (l03 23 80 1 4.2. 2lV O 0 31
41 14 2rv 71" 31 2il 7 II II .VI Tolal eWl Aitrage
28 1 13
Pal)t) O HI O 1ft 8 3 1,0 23 II 2 3d. 12 H 11 ft,
2I( 24 0.2 0 M 12 ! Tolal 'Jmi Ateraie, 10 2,1
Tbe Aiuiiftcn billiard tournament oned last eten
Ing Two names uerapla)ed at Arlington Hall II is
handltap toiirtitmtnt .1 Mick won the first Kame, de.
resting" lerrubi 2l.1in2(l In the sei ond tern L
Cottln defeated M Morris I ) HW to HO .,lnls
Messrs heliaefer and ( otlou placed a tvrat point prao
tlte sjnine last nlabt at Sexton billiard parlors Uroal
wh) and riuri) third sired eisliHefer made tbe splen
did a) eiage of .101 11 Ills Ulxhest mil was 2iVi lot.
ton siertged ItUf. and Ml total Score was sis points.
Malcolm Ford regained consciousness )eterdsy. rec
ognized bl relativee. andienow bettered to ba out of
danger, The polsd atnltlt had a narrow Oiape from
dsaftt. ,
V-y"' ' i'i"i;jii l" U"e ! ''!
A qlear complexion !, the result of gcd
health-not of coimetlcs
Cosmotlcs can be used in moderation t ad.
vantage, but llieyare neter so perfectasths
bloom which good health Impart.
A clear complexion Is usually the result of
good elmtlatloit. and good circulation is the '
steady flow of the blood through the system.
When the blood Is sluggish and the mind
depressed nothing Is so benetlciat sapirs
medicinal stimulant, and nothing tothoroughly
stimulates the circulation or keeps ltln regular
and perfect order as puiwhlk'v
while tbaie aro many so-called whiskey,
there la only onn that Is admitted to be a purely
medicinal one. namely, Duffy's pure Malt,
Druggists and grocers mayttytnarguetoths
contrary, because thevmake more money on
cheap and inferior goods, but it is always ben
to bear in mind that the one which has heen
tested, tried, and pi oven by experience Utha
only certain one.
The Anltricns football tesm played a ratten. iiMr
Astoolatlon rule, with the Teuton itovets oa ttnirdar
on tbeir ground at Amerlcut Park. Wett HoboVeo. tut
after an sxeltlng game, won by 4 goal to 3
roolballltts will not be allowed In use las Korth
Meadow, Central Park, anymore It was closed agttnit
team yesterday. Lacrosse player from the Cttviei.
lege, however, were allowed to Indulge, In their tport all
they cared ta
Tbe light-weight elecen of Barnard Csdat School
played a ecrub team, on which were several members
of the sub-freshman class of tbe College of the cut n.
New York, jetterday afternoon on tbsoldball ground.
Central Park. The military lad won bra crnt:t
point tn 4.
Outtssuso. Oct IP The ruen who will compoMtl
regular eleven of Pennsylvania College are louows:
Left end. eeUhelm: left tarkle, Vattlne, Istr guard
riartman: centre, Kline, right guard, uain. rtght
tackle, Oeneemer. right end Ender. ouarter rack
Knhler. lett halfback. Hlptley; right halfback, Bvtiai:
fullback, woir.
Tne Stateh Island Cricket flub football teita defst'sl
the Etna Foottuitl Club of New jork at Ltrtngtteoeti
Satuidaylait by tho score of 40 too The Etnas wete
badlv baodiewpped on account of their onlvbetnger.
ganlred a week Carleton Pltou and VTanunp played
plendld game, for the Crickets, and Maclonaid ant
Allison for tba Etna. Another game ha been arrantet
for Nov. a
MiDDLtTown. Oct. 10 The We1eyan aleeen played a,
rather unsatisfactory game this afternoon against k
strong tonsiiildated icam resulting In 10 touch
dow as for each side. The anils s did not ssent ui hare
folly recovered from tbe shock Trinity tare them on
last Sarurdsy. when h beat,.Wieyan tn tee tune cf
four to nottilhg. That game, by the way aftoriel
probaMy the most disgrace al scene that the WetTn
tnenhaceocermet with, eten in their tornier gtraea
with tbe Hartford College
Pantrrro Oct IS E E Scorlll 'Bft. thrainr nt
the freshman fop'baU team, has accepted aie ck
lengeand thegajie win be plajed at yew Httea on
Nov 11. Tbe freftbnien' eticces at the last game,
ba made them teel Quito, confident. Frobablr
some of the 'varsity won will (lay on the team Ame.
'DO win coach tbe'varkitvandwiilpiavonthe llaaiut
tan football team this fall This wtu be gool newati
all Princeton men. aa Ames knowldie of tor Mil
and bl abiUty at a plat er male him about the strongest
coacber Princeton lould secure Tne practk- to lar
waa Terv aevere. bmall and tbe new,1 Chlreto mats
played wall An open date , naturdav, Oct 24 win .
lined with the New York Athletic Club on the Varsity
Ktw Hint. Oct in-Cant JtcClung of th Yale testa
returned from Boston late last etening. and todty wa
At the flald as usual. He t)S that his visit to Boron
was for the purpose ol siring up Harvard splay sod net
wltbavlawftf arranging a Yale Harvard gtm lti
admitted however, that the, subject of a gane was dii.
cussed bv him . 11 b Capt Trafford, bnt nothing d-anlte,
wasarranged It appeir that Yale detr..Mop'vtbi
game In New Vnfk, for flnanclal reasons white Har
vard prefer Springfield It is underttool howecer.
that Yale w ill uot make tills point vital and will p'jtr
tt Springfield if a gam at .New York rannorba ar
ranged, McClone and Trafom expect to tn-et in
Sprljigneld the latter part of this week anl ifpnillMe
definitely settle matters.
CAxaaincs. Oct IP Three Important events In ton.
ball will be arranged tbl week and dee! led upon br J
tbe Graduate AdMsorv Committee Tbesaareiaeunsl l
agreement with lalo to play tbe annual girne. f 1
FTac of ttlsgame. andthe negotiations with Pnac
on Concerning the latter nne of tbe A'bietic Coa
mlttee told Tax St 1 representatlce that they tboattt
it quite, possible that Harvard wooll plav, Trincetin
thts year. Tbe principal question I that 01 d-ites (ti-1
be " We can t play Princeton too near the Yale gsina
and rnn any risk of bating our plarers crlpr.e.
although there would b no objection tn having tb
game the week after Thanksgiving or rerv early ta
November. Astntbe place I think Hsrvard would be
willlnx tn make concessions on this score proeidel
some agreement were made by Princeton to play near
here next ear"
Nrw BavKa.Oct. 10 It was expected to-day that
representstices from the llniversity of Pennsylvania
would meet Capt. McClunganl President wngb toft be
Yale football team and discus a change In the date
of playing tbe Yale and Pennsjlvanla games Vtt ta
however, appeared to represent the Pnlrersitr of
Pennsylvania, and In rart both McClusg and Wtteh'.
statethat they did not expert any one ro ooaterwlta
them Yale autboritle are satisfied witn thacatesas
nowarranged and Intend to stand bytbem. Tomor
row afternoon Capt MeCluns; and President Wright
will rneetCapr Trafford and representatives from Hr
vard at tbe Massasou House in Springfield and discuss,
probably decide, the time and place of playing ta
Vale Hanardgame Nothing n)et beendeci'XMre
gardlng the Yale Princeton game Yale waoUfoHay
at Eastern Tark. She will not nla atthe Berkeler
Oval and doea not faiar the Manhattan Athlstli
The In ifiWndent Srbuetien Company the Second olA
et srhuetzen organlcttion tn Brooklyn bad It snal
shoot of the reason at Decxelman Bldgewooi Parlt
L I.yesterlay Tbe gold medals that bad been won
during tbe six shoot of the season were banded over f
the winners On ibe point tarf O lti won first
medal. I. Mendort, second P Eraxt-r tbxrd, W Kee
ner, fourth. J Fuchs. Sfth. C Ecka-fei uxta. L Kra
mar teeentb and E Mndtraf e:f-t: " tae ring tar
get the medals were won in 'r.e fewtng order (I.
Lota and I. Meudorf. second medsU L fllaman I.
Kramer, and c Lajrer third me-1. c tvackelraan c.
Schaefer. and I. Nungesser fort medtli X Laud.
graf. H Budloff. and J Falnaeit rte shoot on thn
twentv f.Te ring tiryet for ladies resulted in trefollow
ing score Mrs G Fuchs. 4e. Mrs II AM, 41, Hr 11.
seaaefer S Mrs P Kram-r 1 Tbe ennd up thot
waa at tba man target L. Mendorf won the nrst Jaelil
wtthftt and w Roeber the seconl m-dal wtb58. e-it
of a to lb eeo
The regular shoot of the Prospect TTelghts ilun Ctin
was held estcrday at Parkvllle The club Is sol a larl e
one. and shoots at fifty b'ue rocks each. 21 yard rts
The best eere made were f! t fioier Hti.wiQnmr
thegold medalfortbe second time, c s. Reynold It,
w. ll Atkinson. 30, Cert Mcbo.a, Jt). Ilarver I't
vis. 28 1
The rumor of a pigeon match between Capt Je 1
Brewer and Charles Fulford of Harriet ur PS dr v I
quite a number of spectators to Marnn N ,1 yeate-oie, I
and aa neither contestant put in an aprearenc thte .
wasmucb disappointment The men ere matched it
shoot three matches at Marlon, at 1110 birds for S2iV) 1
side each match, and the dates are Noi 12 13 and H
Wlndle'e Time la An urate.
Tbe news of tbe wonderful ride of tttii.im w Wtnlle
of tbeBerkele) Athletic Club on tsturdty last when
he covered tbe miV at Hampd'U Park eprlngnald. in 3
minus 1,1 seconds. s at first doubted bv 4 gr'lt
many wheeUnen. Investlgitlf n 1 roves that tber-cr1
Itsccnrate Wlrdleln blarH was timed by foirwsli
known residents of Springfield tu Messrs 0 A )'r
Osrret:, E C Bohertson F M Co and C T 8bbiu
He was paced b) Messrs H II trn. Id 1, I la-l.-r U
fi Tyler, and t. A McUufbe mlwi. admiriMybtr. 1
ninrt quarter wo ridden in3M2 ft seconds, tt,b.,f
in 1 minute K second the three qnttr ta 1 'ulrtite
41 eecond, and tbemtle In 2 mlnn'es 11 second)
Windle now-bold tb worjl s record for the m.ie en
the safety aal ordinary w,iee,s
naeebtsll News.
PainDltreu Oct Id norcorin ihers'ktteri i p
baaslgned with Ibe AihleticCinhirr nxt f."u '
eral clubs including the New Tork l.-af'i. CI it -
bidding for bis sernces
OfflclaU of the Vew York Clith sir that in ftt'ur- o
Sut Danny Richardson e name on 'h rrieru ta
ue toan error Hnw-ter. Iiann) t coetrt" t w
years to run and no alarm is Mt
Dr C P I.lnhart who for trr'e rears pait has a4
charge of the gyuu.ntlum of tt." Newark in .1 Ard
emy. baa been tnBcd bi the 'lanhittm MhleMc fluS
aemedical adMcr and )mnatir instructor aad he
will at once beglis t!) organ VHtun or classes
It Is the opinion In local bsseball circles that wlia
MlkeMcIi..naldof Chlcaj' "' Irto the couac ' 'I the
Atnerlcm AssocUIKni. U11 iler tbe I'belps ji al wi'l
baietbe m"i exciting lime .f ibeir rneckerel oai
ball cartel McDonald he tbe reputation of bit)g
rather nun m entioiial in l..s ptrln J'utsrv methods
Lot nrii.tr Oct Ifi-At a meeting veaterdav nf tn
fire new own-is t the IineMU club paper wr
drawn up Incorporating tbe nrnpany and calling It the
Iyiiilscllfe Baseball Comnaiiy fhew-HI be t'n'llf
morrow Ten thousand dollars vcirihnf slock will ha
pall up and ibe placers pv.il 10 the end of the season.
The club will disband the latter 1 f of this weaxalt
Ihelr games at NaihMl.e
ClKriftttt Oft 1 Nowadays the Atsorltlloa reis
sionarles remind one of the old adage, "One woe. d' 1
tread upmanotber I heels so last they folios- F.I a
tonder Abebad i arre seen Hie vales of tteeiijc se
upon Ins Heeling torm wlxn mild blue eyed ttiiitm 1
Bsrniesate1 In from Bsllltuore. He was aflei II ...I 41
da) Slrl'bee, ltbloes and Harrington The letter tr t
hace gon-doe n Into Kontuckv on a buottag expd
lion and they did not get a cbano to ferst ibilr ea
up"ntheirortllce countenance of the Aihleu? (
manager fhe Bj had that honor all 10 himier.
hut be was not bypuotued and Manager Barn.e hit
him homeward with no contiacts to show nr his ni
nlng rltve tn Ih rumor of the Asionations re
turn 10 Cincinnati he av I know umhior aboil
It 1 was not in faiur of goltiir there tn tne flrtt place,
and tbe Milwaukee bid opnd a Intel) w.t mil nl that
uiuiiuht ;r .ir. impobtiid.
,sew York Branch P.'rurltt. E. L.Zell, Agent
pcr.i.man'is tUooii.
S50 EACH."
IVieAlF.TUS will be rlo( 1 oat thit wek slavertl
ISO each, suehmelss Co'uinbus, Refeiees. Jel'
Itels Invincible, Ormondes I Dions. nl '0 lnr I
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a? 1 Lmiox Ave.
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