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mh T ' ' . ; J' ."iritis .sun, saiukday. bwjtixuuM t iu. ? '
'11' rf 8AT0nDAY, DtiOBMiftlt Iff. 1531.
fl Mexico.
jjl Tlicro was oxuborant laudation oUhoMnx-
m i ' 'en Public 'n o speeches at tho banquet
ili ' In honor of SoQor lloireno last Wodncsday
It wonlng." Tho host ot tho evening; spoko of
In tlio recent proirrossof Mexico In civilisation
j( ' and prosperity. Ho declared that lior fields.
Jllf forests, and mines nro producing; In abun-
h ,lanoo ; that hoi- industries aro multiplying
PJ ( and profitable: that, whllo her treasury
'- ' x as bankrupt a fow years tifto. It now has
Hi an annual Incomo of over $100,000,000: that
II she Is a favorlto country for Investors, and
pi j Is rooelvinff vast amounts of capital from
Ijl v abroad; that, whllo she had loss than 800
III miles of railroad In 1BT0. eho has now neatly
1 -0,000 miles: and that eho will yot stand In
Ml tho front rank of tho civilized nations ot tho
jjjpj world. Ho lauded Prcsldont Dm as a
n nation maker worthy ot ronown.
8 SoOor Boueno dwolt mainly upon tho ro-
f latlons between Mexico and tho United
'Jill HtAtm. two nelghborlmr rowars which
j)j should always enjoy mutual friendship.
Ill ' Homalntalnodthntthotradebctwccnthuin,
which has Increased rapidly In rocont years.
ml ought to be frrcatly enlarged: ho showed
: that tho railroad and telegraph linns ot
n each ot them Intcrmlnglo so us to mnko
fl , lioth of them practically ono country for
ll commercial purposos; and ho spoko plons-
nji antly of tho growth of social Intoroourso
ttJ between the Mexican and American people.
jjl Tho host and guest woro not exchanging
l (imply compliments iu speaking thus ot
Dili Mexico and tho United States: they spoko
aif' tho language of business nnd umlty.
ill" Tt gives us pleasure to corroborate nil
that was said in praise ot Mexican progress
v. ithlu recent years. Mexico has dono well
und Is doing well undor tho poacetu), Intol
Jlgcnt. and eccrgollo administration of
President Diaz. May sha advnnco steadily I
jjllj: It also gives us pleasure to corroborato
jjjijl ,vihot was said In regard to tho mutual good
fill KB will of tho American and Mexican people.
ijltji Thero aro not any two other contiguous
llIlM nations lu tho world time mnliitnln us
Bin amicable relutlnns as those tlmlcvM be-
(lljl twecn Moxlco and tho United Stat ei.
)Ke9I MYM0-18 thnt tbosojrclatlons will con-
II 1 tiiiUB and that both countries will always
I! IS "w Denc1ted by each other's prosperity.
A .Quarter of an Hour with Godkln.
(j Wo observe that the editor ot tho Even.'
' itfgPpft labors undor a curious ralsapprc-
I Jj henslbn as to who is prosecutor and who Is '
defendant lu the llttlo matter ot business
t which wo have with him at present. Ho
jijl arises in the dock to remark :
jljj ' "Tuln, In Its championship ot Keen and Frrr-
IJII jj ' wrick, attempted to reller tnoee two exixmente of
IJIJ j Tiuniur methods from tbs retponiibliuy for tblt
111 marked aaeoelaUon ot the nqnortrafflowiuithopntiuo
nil ethool by placing the bUm opon tbtlr predectuor
jftj jj t In omce. WbUa II U admitted that the Bon1i t
ijjja Kxctse that preceded tho present ona may tie
fli held to blunt tor tka uUbllibmeat la th flrtt
mln ' Initaaee ot many of tho ealoona tbtt make
"II j I tip the cordons around tbo schoola, the tact U soiree-
II rabuthed beyond quuUon that tha axlitlng Board,
which came Into office under nppolatment ny Mayor
tunon aUy4.1SS9,lemore blamawonbr than any
of Iti predecessors. It la apparent tbat If cure. Kocn
i, and rmniain bar n var mad anr pratanoa of a ran
taodarata obaerraae ot tba ml ot tba Board which
';, aktannlawfoltba Uauaoaot Ueauaaor placailn
Iha'ImcicilitaTlelBltr'of acbocU."
l' ,Itmay-bo difficult for the editor of the
U ' Ectming Post to understand that Th Son's
,' Interest centres upon him and his methods
and performances rather than upon the
Hi W Commissioners whom he Is attacking. We
U I n bare no doubt that Mr. Koch and Mr. Frrz-
I ';' FATnicx and Mayor Gramt are able to
K I ' tako care ot themselves, at the proper time
III I ' and In tbo proper way, should occasion
M f nrlso. As for ourselves, this exciso casols
I 'J only an Incident In an extended series ot
HI l studies which we havo been making for bov
M I ' era! years past in the motives, methods,
jH I I and expedients of Mugwump lournallsm. as
Ijl I exemplified In the practice of its most dis
til I t tlngulshed professor. Wo find rich mate-
1 1 ' rial in Mr. Godkin's latest enterprlso of
If 1 1 mendacity. In fact, he is so wildly extrav
H I , agontlnhls charges, so wide ot tho cosily
M I ,' asootabjed truth In his ,pretondcd state
H I j. monts of fact, and so astonishingly rock
HJ loss of the Inovitablo prompt exposure, that
Jj J wo should bo inclined to bellevo thatsomo
j '? outsider was Imposing upon the editor of
al I S. the Evening Boat, did not the animus ho
'; displays against Tammany Hall, and our
ju ,, own previous experience with him in slml
) 1' ' iRrmatters. notably his celebrated chargo
III about tho aquoduct stoat ot $10,000,000, for
jH 7? bid that charitable supposition.
ill .! heretoro you may remain standing In
I I tho dock, Impudentlsslmus, and we will do
jjl our best to mako your Mugwump friends
n1 V1 ashamed ot you.
9 I f. You began by editorially accusing these
III f t two Commissioners of Exulco, and through
KU ' Uiem Mayor Giiant, tho present municipal
tit i i uovernmenc ana xammany uaii. o: sys-
M . tomatlo violation of law and brutal Jndlffer-
jll I 3" enco to the Interests of public morality In
HI planting saloons around tho public schools
M I & and tbo churches. You o-en Intimated that
I p Mr. Kocn and Mr. FrrzyAxnicK for In all
I fe of, your protonded" disclosures "and" rov
jl I etutlons" you novermontlon Commissioner
Hi j !. Meaktm, whoUoea not happen to boa mem
Ih ,. bar of Tammany proforrod In locating a
III '' now drinking pbacfl to put It where it would
II I doimo8t to corrupt and demoralize tho
H I V Ecn00' children of tho town.
P j In support ot your amazing charges
si J- "ajalnst.Mr. 'Kocn and Mr. FrrzVATmcK,
I ' you misrepresented tho law governing the
M I f ' action of tho Exciso Hoard. You led your
I raadors to boUeve that there existed somo
In I )it statutory provision prohibiting tho Board
III I " 'rom afranUnt Ucoiuwsto places in the" lm-
I ( rmdlata vicinity" ot a school, church, or
Ml I charitable institution. rYou concealed as
IU I adroitly as you could and as far as you
1)1 dared, the truth that this "Immediate vl
H1 . dnlty ! prftvlaiou was nothing more thau o.
HI - rale of tho Board Itself, voluntarily adopted
U 7 as defining Its own freo Intentions and self
KM ., limiting the discretion conferred upon it by
' thAsotusilawsotthoSUtoilnothorwords,
1 j you persistently concealed tho faot that
I V evM If Commissioner Kooh and Cora-
It mlssioner I'itzvatiuck hod, as .you
.,, represented, established cordons of
;; drinking places around the public
'U schools, locating. It you plooso, a saloon
f eah.sldo of every schoolhouso, tho Board
i wquldliave vlolateduo law, but morely have
V, Ignored a rulo of Its owu making, which at
h. inyLtlmo It might formally rescind. The
k. 'eltect ot this Intentional confusion of terms
Sf by which "rule "and "law" were used In
jy ti;rchnpgcably, has been to decolve many
K lpl Hero, for Instance, is so clear
J hoadod n Journal as tho Boston Herald com
4 plrnontloir you upou your vigilance In do-
tooting tbo location of saloons "nearer to
V tfioschoolhouses thnutlio law allows :"aud
"ft you accept and roprlnt tho compliment
f , wltliout a blush, and, of course, without tho
r, fillfrhte.it moyemeu to correct tho radical
(u'i misapprehension on which It rests.
'ft Having established a bogus law as tho
ift basis) for your express charge of crlra-
'nJtllty agulnst tho mcmbois of tho
?' . '
Board of Exciso, you noxt proooeded
to tho manufaoturo ot fraudulent ovi
donco. Day, after day you .printed
maps purporting to show tho plague spots
around tho schools as established by tho
Commissioners whom you wore editorially
denouncing as brutes nnd criminals. At
this stago wo took you in hand, Irapudou
ttsslraus. Wo ascertained thodatosot the
licenses for which you were holding tho
two Tammany mombers ot tho present
Board responsible as tho original locators
of tho saloons in question. This in
quiry dovoloped tho somewhat im
portant fact thnt In an overwhelming
mnJOrityot tho cases specified, Mr. Kocn
und Mr. Frrzr.vnucK litul no mora to do
with tho location ot tho saloons than you
had yourself. Out of ono batch of olghty
ono saloons, for which you hold thoso Com
missioners responsible, nnd on which you
res tod your libellous chnrgos against thorn,
not less than seventy-six, or nil but live,
weroillconscd before tho appointment of
Mr. Kocii anil Mr. FiTzrATBioK by Mayor
Grant; and to revoke or withhold thoso
licenses, in tho absenco ot evidence showing
violation of tho Exciso laws, or bod charac
ter ot tho porsons holding tho licenses,
would subject tho Board to mandamus.
from tho nearest court of record.
Tho exposure of yourtrlckot map making
and your wholesale suppression of tho dates
of tho licenses which you specified In support
of your editorial chargos against tho Com
missioners, knocked your whole case flat. II
destroyed tho ontlro fabric of fraudulent
ovldenco which you had,, boon Ingeniously
and laboriously rearing'' for about a fort
night. No reader of the Pout, however hos
tile to Tammany nail, and however inclined
to bellovo In your humbug solicitude for the
school children, was so dull as not to sec
tho bearing ot this disclosure ot your meth
ods. You admit it yoursolf, as squarely as
you over admit any piece of journallstlo dis
honesty In which you aro caught, in the pas
sago quoted at tho beglnnlngof this article
Abandoning all that you hod alloged. in the
way ot proof up to tho tlmo in question, you
now calmly proceed to a now series of " dis
closures " nnd " revelations " on an entirely
different plan from those which havo been
demolished. Your porseveranco in this ro
speut would remind us ot tho ant, when its
hill Is kicked over, if your motlvo were as
respoctablo as that Insect's.
Your second series. Impudentlsslmus, is
as fraudulent as was tho othor. Following
you patiently Into dotalls. nnd scrutinizing
your pretended lists ot now saloons licensed
since May i. 18S9, when tho present Com
missioners took office, wo are more and
more astouishod at tho recklessness ot your
mendacity. It Is not easy to deal with so
shifty nnd Irresponsible a character, but we
shall not give you up" just yot.
Tho Evening Post is now publishing on
every possible opportunity tho statemont
that tho present Board ot Excise has grant
ed not less than 2,067 now licenses since it
came into existence and that a very largo
percentage, fifty or sixty por cent, at least
of this enormous accession to tho liquor
power, has boen distributed by the votes ot
Mr. Kocn and Mr. Fttzpatbicx in tho ' Im
mediate vidnlty" of public schools. It does
not publish, and probably dares not to
publish, tho fact that the total ot licensed
places In Now York at the present tlmo is
217 less than when this Board began its
duties. Instead of increasing the number
of licenses in proportion to the growth ot
the city's population since May 4, 1889, the
"Tammany Commissioners" attacked by
the Post decreased it to that very consider
able extent.
From day to day tho Post Is printing lists
of licenses granted by tho present Board,
and alloged by tho Poet to be " unlawfully "
near tho schools. Its first batch of 250 now
licenses pretended to show 100 saloons in the
"immediate vicinity "of some educational
institution. Its second batch of 180 licenses
contained 100 cases pronounced objectiona
ble In that respect. In a third batch of 113
new licenses it protends to discover 131 vio
lations ot law hv Mr. Knar nnH Mr Vm-
patiuok. It Is this third list, printed on
Saturday last, which we have subjected to
the test of a careful and somewhat tiresome
Wo find that instead of specifying the 131
objectlonablo places which It protends to
havo found in an examination of 113 new
licenses, Its list alleges only 100. But this
list of 100 really contains only 70 items ; for
not less than 17 places aro duplicated, being
mado to do duty twice, while two places are
used thrlco to 6well tho exhibit. Further
more, tho PoBt'a dishonest statistician
lumps as " saloons " and " barrooms " overy
placo licensed, whatover tho class and char
acterof Its license. According to the method
which It has adopted, tho establishment
of AcuKn, MmtiiALt, & Co.vdit, for exam
ple, at Fifty-seventh street and 81xth ave
nue, holding a grocory license for sale by
tho bottlo and in quantities, not to bo
drunk on the promises, would figure as
a saloon menacing thn morula nt h
pupils ot tho Charllor Institute on Fifty
ninth street; tho students of music in
Mr. CAiiNEoru's building at Fifty-seventh
street and Seventh avenue; tho Grammar
School No. CO In Fifty-fourth street, midway
between the Sixth and Seventh avenues; tho
Worklngraon's Sehool in tho sanio street,'
and several other Institutions of learning.
Tho sphere of tho evil Influence ot Aokkb,
Mebualij & Cokdit's IIcoubo would extend
eastward to Fifth avenue, northwnrd to tho
Centtal Purk, westward utmost to Seventh
avenue, and southward nearly to Fifty
third street. More than this, Messrs.
AcitEit, Mkmiai.Ii & Condit'b grocery storo
wouid figure in tho J'oat'a statistics not
as ono saloon, but as four or more, consti
tuting for mathematical purposes a distinct
saloou for every one ot tho schools within
six hundred feet ot It.
For the Poat assumos us the basis ot all ot
its charges thut anywhere within a radius
of six hundred feet Is within the " immedi
ate vicinity." There Is absolutely no
uuthorlty for this impudent oonbtruetlon ot
the Board's voluntarily adopted rule, ex
cept such as Is furnished by tho Pout's own
desire to mako a decoptlvo exhibit with
which to discredit Tnmmnny Hall. The
effector tho authoritative adoption ot the
Post'a construction of Immediate vicinity"
would bo surprising. In somo jorts of the
town It would do away with the Hccnso
system established by tho laws of tho Statu,
and set up instead prohibition, as absoluto
as over Gen. Nkal Dow dreamed of.
Take, for Instance, the map of tho exten
sive and densely populated region on the
east sldo of the Bowory, from Now Cham
bers street all the way up to BJvington,
nod reaching as far back as Clinton street,
und to tho East River betweou James slip
aud Butgers slip. Draw around eaoh
school aud church a olrclo with six hundred
foot of radius. Tho circles of proldbltlon
Interlock nnd practically cover thowholo
territory. Tliero aro 103,200 lineal feot, or
about twenty miles ot street front, in this
region, covered by plato 8 In E. noniKSos's
atlas. Only 0,640 feot, or loss than two
miles out of tho twenty, escape tho Post's
circlesof prohibition. Siostof thlsoxoraptod
territory, where the laws of Now York aud
not thoso ot Maluo would still ope j ate, is ju
i '
.n -
the streets dlroctiy Vipuit the river fronts or
nenrlt. Along tho enst fildo ot tho Now
Bowery and tho Bowory, from Now Cham
bers strcot'n'p to Itlvington. there hrd only
2W foot where thcT Excise Board, according
to tho Post's construction of what Is " law
ful," could grant a lloonse of any sort. At
Chrystlo street and Grand, at tho Bowory
and Bayard, and at East Broadway and
Clinton, there are llttlo regions containing
respectively 730. 000. and DM foot ot Btroot
front, where saloons, restaurants, or gro
ceries might oxlst. But 03,003 out of tho
103,200 feet, moro than eighteen miles out ot
tho twenty miles of si reel tiontln this sec
tion of tho town, v.juld bo prohibition
territory, with the Now York system of
llcenso no longer in' force. U.l.u bume state
of affairs would exist In every part of tho
.metropolis lu a greater or less degree.
Wo havo entered into theso Interesting
calculations to show clearly tho character
of tho Post's assumption as to what consti
tutes " Immediate vicinity." Now let us
sco how It applies its utterly unwarranted
and ridiculous assumption.
Its mothod In discovering saloons In the
Immediate vicinity of a school Is to tako
ItonresoM's atlas and measure six hundred
feet across streets, over intervening build
ings ana Bona diocks oi ouuuiugs, irum ino
nearest point of tho structure In which
the saloon, restaurant, or grocery store Is
located to the nearest point ot tho school
building. It tho distance by the map Is six
hundred feet or loss, the saloon, restaurant,
or grocery in question b set down In Its list
n menacing tho school In question, Irre
spective of,tho true topographical relations
of the two places! Wo regret to say that
even In pursuing this simple and conven
ient method of making a case, tho Evening
Poat is astonishingly dishonest in its meas
urements. Tho figures of distances alleged
in its lists, so far as wa havo attempted to
-verify them, aro utterly untrustworthy.
In nearly forty Instances out of a possible
ono hundred it helps along its case by
understating tho actual distance, nnd this
by understatements varying from ten feot
to twenty-fhe hundred.
Tho dishonesty of its measurements Is not
less marked than thodlslngenuousnesoof its
mothod of measurement. The reasonable
mv tn AKMrtjitn thn Hiftrnnrn f mm n. ftnhn.iL
house to a saloon, as establishing proxim
ity for practical purposes, is to measure the
nearest route by sidewalk from the former
to tho latter, and not through solid build
ings and blocks ot buildings that intervene.
To assert, for example, tbat tho res
taurant in the basement of tho Pros
cott Houso, on tho west sldo ot
Broadway at Spring strcot, menaces tho
morals ot the Marion Strcot Grammar
School merely because the nearest part ot
tho Prescott House is 590 feet from the near
est part ot the school building, by a line
measured across Broadway, through four
solid buildings, across Crosby street,
through threo moro solid buildings, and
then across Marlon street, would seem to
bo the culmination of absurdity. Yet that
Is what tho Post docs, and It Is a fair sample
of a great part ot Its reckonings. Tho near
est distance by sidewalk from tho Marlon
street school to tho restaurant under tho
Prescott House is 8J0 feot; and oven it the
latter establishment were a menaco and a
danger to any public school, it is practically
as remote from tho Marion street school as
it is from Mr. Godkin's office at Fulton
street and Broadway.
We havo gone through this pretended list
of 100 saloons, or actual list of 79 licensed
places of tho various classes, which tho Post
offers in support ot its charges, with growing
disgust at the Impudence of our unscrupu
lous Mugwumpcontemporary. Wodonotsee
how it can Impose on anybody who will take
tho trouble to Investigate personally half a
dozen specified cases chosen at random.
Here, for example, is the first school offered
by the Post in evidence, as threatened by
six "saloons " in the " lmmodlato vicinity."
jr PraNfUifoon. : 1
Grammar So. 3:
Its llenrjr itraat 85 Monro itraet 280
1SS Madlios atraet.. 178
IBS Bait Broadwaj.aiS
S9-S8 Bantr atrat..0O
atSIfottitreat 300
M Canal atreat 600
The place at 83 Monroo street, instead ot
being 200 feet from tho schoolhouse, by the
Post's own method of measurement, is 810
feot away, through two solid blocks and
across ono street. Tho Post has Hod 60 feot
to bring the llcenso a little nearer the school
house. The nearest approach from tho
school to tho placo at 85 Monroe, in default of
wings or a balloon, Is down Henry to Pike,
around one cornor, along Pike two blocks to
Monroe, around another corner, and up
Monroe. The distance is 650 feet, instead ot
200. as stated by the PoaL
Tho place at 158 Madison, measured
through Intervening buildings from rear of
school to nearest corner of tho saloon, is 183
feet. It Is nearly 400 feet away, around two
cornors, and shut off from the school by
many Intervening walls.
The placo at 156 East Broadway is two
streets away, with a solid city block in
tervening ; It can lie reached from the 6chool
by way of Rutgers street in 710 foot or by
way of Fiko streot In 850.
The place at 8C-83 Henry street Is on tho
same side of tbat street as the schoolhouse,
but 100 foot away, across one street and at
tho end of tho next block.
Tho placo at 315 Mott streot, stated by tho
l)t as distant 390 feet, is, In fact, 2.890 feet,
or considerably oyer half a mile away,
measured by the air line mothod. Anybody
who travels all the way to 21S Mott street
to ascertain how very threatening must bo
the saloon which exorcises its evil Influonco
upon Grammar School No, 2 at such long
rango will bring up In front of a llttlo shop
where a thrifty Italian gentleman sells
meats and groceries and keeps a few bot
tles of Italian and Callfornlan wines In
stock for his customers to buy and carry
homo. The place at 315 Mott holds a gro
cery license only.
The place at 23 Canal Is barely touched by
tin Post's radius ot 800 feet. It is separated
from tho school by two streots and two
solid blocks of buildings. The nearest dis
tance from the school to the saloon by side
walk Is 850 feet.
Wo might continue this process of ex
amination with similar results throughout
the Post's entire list of 79 licensed places
otall classes, fraudulently represented as
"lOOcnloons." Wa do not think any one
who has followed us thus far will exact this
laborious task. Life Is too short, aud tho
time of our readers Is, teo valuable to con
vict a malicious and industrious liar other
wise than by sample. A few moro than
ordinarily impudent cases lu tho remainder
ot tho list will serve.
Thnnllogcd salonmit 217 Ktnuton street,
not clown os menacing Grammar Sehool No.
1. on IlltliiRiou fttroot, at n dlitanro of Ml
root, is 810 fuut distant by ulr lino, through
three solid blocks aud across threo streets.
Tho l)at has lied 30 foet to bring it within
the radius. By alduwulk it la oio feot from
tho uchoolhouso It Is said to menace. But
there 1 no Saloon there, and rio llconso.
Tho alleged saloon at 313 Mott streot, said
to menaco" Gram mar School 8. nt a dlstanco
of 00 feet, or Just nero&s tho street. Is tho
Innocent Italian groeory already roforrcd
to as threatening llkcwiso tho Honry strcot
Tho placo at 35a Elizabeth strcot, monao
Ing this same school at an allogod dlstanoo
ot 230 foot. Is really 010 feot away by tho
nearest line. Hero thoitat has Hod 820 foot
to bring a license within Its radius. Tho
actual dlstanco from this school to this
plnco by sldowalk Is 800 feet.
Tho placo at 37 Bowory. said by tho Post
to havo boon established by Mr. Kocn and
Mr. FrrzrATnrcK with brutal IndHTcrcnco to
tho Interests ot Grammar School No. 7, on
Chrystlo strcot, at n dlstanco ot 675 foot, rs
790 foot awnv by tho noarest route.
Thus far by way ot Illustration. Now to
summarize tho results of our examination
of tho Post'a protonded Investigation ot
theso 79 licenses, rondo In Its list to do duty
ns 100 " saloons." all lu tho " lmmodlato
vicinity " ot tho publio schools.
Four nro represented as being COO feet
distant. Tho actual distances, by tho near
est practicable method of approach, are re
spectively 850, 880, 850. and 680 feet.
Twolve aro represented as from 650 to 000
feot distant. Tho actual distances, by tho
honest mothod of measurement, vary in
theso twolvo cases from 635 to 910, sevonof
tho twelve being over 800 footand all but
two ot tho twolve over 700 feet. The average
dlstanco of tho twelve places by tho nearest
way of approach to tho schools alleged to
bo menaced is 773 feot.
Four are represented as being from 500 to
650 feet distant. Tho true distnuces ot these
four places, correcting tho Post's fraudu
lent measurements, are, respectively. C25,
710, 820. and 1,000 feet.
Thirty places aro represented ns distant
from KM to 600 feet. The true distances, for
evorybody but tho Evening Post, vaiy from
100 to 075 feet. In all but two of the thirty
cases tho licensed place Is on a different
strcot. around ono or two corners, and re
moved from all offenslvo juxtaposition with
tho schools by Intervening blocks of build
ings. In each of tho two cases where tho
licensed placo Is on tho samo street as tho
6chool suriDOSod to bo affected, it Is 100 feet
away and on tho next block, or tho next but
ono. In twenty of the thirty cases the dls
tanco Is over COO feet, and tho average dis
tance of the thirty places is 611 feot.
Fourteen places aro represented as boing
at distances of from 300 to 100 feet. Tho truo
distances by sidewalk from nearest point
ot schoolhouse to nearest point ot alleged
saloon vary In theso fourteen cases from
soo to 2,890 loet. All but two cases aro on
dlfforent streots, away from tho schools.
Tho oxcoptlonB aro places on Eighth avenuo
corners, tho schools being on cross streots.
Soven of tho fourteen places aro more than
000 feet removed; ten are 600 feet or moro.
Tho average dlstanco of tho fourteen places
from the schools concornod Is 706 foet; but
this average is considerably increased by
the case whero tho Post has reckoned nn
Italian grocery as n saloon threatening a
school moro than half a mile away.
Twenty-four places are exhlbitod as from
200 to 300 feot distant. The truo distances,
by shortest way ot approach, vary from 230
to 1,010 feet. Somo of tho worst Instances
ot misrepresentation appear In this class,
ns, for examplo, in tho case ot Grammar
School No. 69, In East Fifty-seventh street.
Tho Post measures across two solid blocks
to East Fifty-fifth street to tho tap-room of
a large brewery, making it threaten tho
school at the dlstanoo of 260 feot, when in
fact it can be reached from tho school only
by a walk of more than 1,000 feet. Tho avor
ago dlstanco of tho twenty-four places fiont
the schools concerned is 135 feet.
Tills disposes of eighty-eight per cent, of
the licensed places specified by the Pout In
tho specimen list which wo havo analyzed.
Next we find eight places set down as dis
tant from tho school botween 100 and 200
feet, and four places where tho distance is
stated at less than 100 feet. Thoso twolvo
cases constitute tho only reasonable ground
for criticism ot the action ot tho Commis
sioners In the list under examination. Tho
rest Is padding, much of it ridiculous in the
extreme. Hero are tho twolvo cases which,
on tho face ot tho Post's showing, alone
seem to afford somo llttlo support to Us ex
travagant accusations ;
Vottt Trut
"Silaj" Mini. IHUnntt. Villonr.
13 Eait Ilotuton llOSbtrilt 183 015
158 Madljon lit) Henry ITS 400
BBDarard S3 Mott 171; s:&
IIS Columbia 110 Sheriff s 230
247 Stanton 110 Sheriff J 'VI 3(10
D3 Jlnlberrjr lot Bayard l.V) 330
13 Suffolk 33 Norfolk 100 30
ITSCbryitle 100 Chrytle J 00 100
319 Wel 47th S36Wt47tb 73 75
11 Varlek 13 Korth Moure 75 75
215 Molt 232 Mott CO 5
74 lleitcr 30 Allen SO 20
Tho licensed place at 113 East Houston
Is 325 feet away, and around tho cornor,
shut off from the school by n solid block of
buildings. It is not a saloon. It Is a dining
room of respoctablo appearance.
The place at 158 Madison Is a cornor sa
loon. It is 190 foet from tho nearest point
of tho school building by any route that
does not involve tho penotratlon of many
brick walls, and Is around two corners.
Tho placo at 59 Bayard is also a saloon,
around a cornor. and 325 foot awav.
Tho placo at 118 Columbia is n saloon and
shop for tiio sale of bottled wines, under
Columbia Hall. It Is ou a different block,
secludod from tho school by two corners,
across a street, and 230 foot away.
Tho placo at 217 Stanton, accurately
measured by tho Post as 160 feet from tho
Bchoolhouso, Is not a saloon. It formerly
had a class 1, or grocer's license, but tho
same was transfened last summer, and 217
Stanton Is not now licensed.
Tho place at 63 Mulberry Is a saloon ex
actly at tho "Bend." not 150, but 350 feet
from tho school on Bayard street.
The place at 13 Suffolk, measured by the
Poat as 150 feot distent from the Norfolk
stieot school, is 150 feetaway by tho nearest
approach. There is no saloon there. Num
ber 131s divided between a furniture shop,
a neat bakory. aud a midwife's office.
Tho placo at 175 Chrystlo is a saloon, as
tho Pout states. Its distance from the
school, 100 foet, Is truthfully stated by that
newspaper. Wo learn upon Inquiry that
the license to this placo was granted by the
present Commissioners, with the assent
and approval of the School Trustees In the
Tenth ward, and their endorsement of the
llcenso is on file.
The place at 319 West Forty-seventh
tticot. 73 feet from a schoolhouse, and on
tho soma block, Is not a saloon. It baa no
llcenso for tho sale of liquor to bo drunk on
tho premises.
No. 11 Varlek street, 75 foot from the
North Mooro street schoolhouse, is not a
saloon aud has no llcenso of any class, That
number is divided botween an apothecary's
shop and a small grocory.
Tho placo nt 213 Mott strcot is tho Italian
provision shop which figures so largely as a
saloon In llioWfl'Totclatloiib." Jt has
no license for tho salo ot liquor to bo drunk
on the premises.
No. 71 Hester, adjacent to tho Hester
streot ontranoo ot the Alton street school, Is
not a saloon. It Is a Hebrew shop, whero,
among othor things, wlno is sold by tho
bottlo to bo carried away.
This finishes tho 103 cases alleged' by tho
Post In Its malicious and 'unscrupulous at
tempt to manufacture cvidonco In support
of charges previously, and rooklossly mado
without ovldenco. If thoro la a single csso
In tho 100 which affords a basis for reasona
ble and candid criticism of tho Board's acts,
ah impartial examination fails to dleoloso It
Wo havo taken the troublo to go into this
matter In dotall to sottlo onco and for all
tho truo character of the PosVs fraudulent
lists. Wo Bupposo It will keep tight on
printing Its bogus catalogues. Thoro Is no
law or rulo that wo know ot to prevent that
Mugwump newspaper from deceiving tho
publio if It can, but we fancy that after this
exposure It will find that further onterpriso
in tho samo direction is a waste ot space
and typo motal.
To recapitulate tho caso against Mr. E. L.
1. Ho mado In advanco of any ovldoneo
charges of criminality and brutal indiffer
ence to the publio interests against two
publio officers, simply because they woro
members ot Tammany Hall, appointed by
Mayor Grant.
3. To support his charges, ho spent about
two weeks in presenting as ovldenco licenses
which had boen granted before Mr. Frrz
fatbick and Mr. Koch took office.
3. Detected and exposed In this trick, ho
cheerfully resorted to an entirely new sys
tem ot false representation, to whloh we
havo attended in the foregoing paragraphs.
4. He has misrepresented tho law.
5. Ho has misrepresented tho facts.
6. Ho has assumed a radius of "Immedi
ate vicinity " for whloh ho had no warrant
In precedent or common sense ; and which,
If adopted by the Board, would nullify tho
llcenso Jaws ot tho State and establish
prohibition In a great part ot the city's ter
ritory. 7. He has adopted a fraudulent system ot
measuring distances In ordor to bring as
many licensed places as possible within his
preposterous radius.
8. Ho has persistently and dishonestly
misrepresented distances, oven according
to his own plan of measurement.
9. Ho has misrepresented tho oharacterot
tho licenses granted, reckoning systemati
cally as "saloons" licenses of class 1, such
as nro Issued only to grocers, druggists and
bottlors, and which authorizo tbo sale ot
liquor only In packages by tho bottlo or
measure, not to bo drunk on tho promises.
10. Ho has dono all of theso dtshonorablo
things with full knowlodgo of what he was
doing, and with no other ournosa than to
gratify his notorious hatred of our city Gov
ernment and of Tammany Hall.
You may stand down now, Impudentlsslmus.
The Mighty Man of Erin.
In tho coming and going of pugllistlo
championships in America tho beautiful
Irish Island has been more often repre
sented at tho front than any other
country, whether it be tho United
States itself, England, Germany. Canada,
or Newfoundland, tho few but famous
sources of our list of champions. Of the
nlnoteen Individuals attaining to tho afore
said catalogue Ireleud has given birth to
seven, although thoso whose first stamp was
upon this Western hemisphere, llkowlse
seven In all, wore known respectively as
Hyiui, Hkenas Gallaoheb. Dwyeb, Btak,
and BuhjIvan. They were named thus out
oi no personal preferenco for titles of Gat,
laqheh. SUU.IVAM, and the like, but for the
reason thnt their forbears had so been
known in Ireland years before. Ireland Is
on top In the originally British field of pu
glHstlcs as she is in the great American In
stitution ot negro minstrelsy.
Of late years tho nativo Celts havo stood
around our ring and not in it. Thoro hasn't
been a genuinely Emerald champion since
tho six feet and a halt of Edwaud O'Baxd-
WIN sank out of Hlo-hr.. Thrrn Inn. nnntillnr In
terest, therefore, belonging to tho appear
ance this present season ot another Irish
man giving ovldenco of boxing powers fit
to pick up ognln a thread of his country's
Interrupted greatness. It not to tako back to
her tho very highest honors known to tho
profession. Peter Mabeb. who night before
last performed with suoh amazingly brilliant
success at" New York's most magnificent
DiANA-toppod arena, tho Madison Square
Garden, is a truly good young man. Ho is
a tall youth whoso weight docs not show
through his coat. His face. Intelligent,
pleasing, regular, and slight, as In cases
often encountered with us, speaks for a body
ot great muscular size, and by all usual
comparisons still greater strength. Ho Is
marked with power and quality to his hocls.
With him all is good, all works togother,
and with tho luduplloablo elegance of great
natural gracoand untouchod suppleness.
And his style. Ah, it is lovely. Master
Mahxb has as yet tapped gloves with but
very few, and hence has onjoyed llttlo of tho
practlco that makes porfoot; but none the
less his action calls up the days when tho
analysis of the great tighter gavo ono part
strength to nlno parts skill, and in casting
up tho letter's chances against his rival,
bdonco occupied tho judgmont almost to tho I
exclusion of weight and force. This Irish-1
man is as puro in stylo as tho professor
who cultivates stylo only. His hitting Is
straight, precise moaning, finished, and
marred with no motionof the windmill orot
tho slugger ovor ready to rest his fortune
on tho die of n single blow. Taken for all
In nil. strength, stylo, and method mako
him to bo a happy and always dangorous
medium betwoen tho whirlwind school of
giants that have kopt tho ring for now
something like a dozen years past and tho
classical and highly polished 160-pounders
who ruled It in the epoch preceding.
As towhatMaaxB can do in the face ot
the greater guns now figuring before
the public, such as Slavih. or Jackson, or
Coreett. time will have to tell, since noth
ing elso can. But he has proved so much
tbat among the various national flags float
ing over the P. B. the but lately drooping
standard of Ireland must again be raised
aloft to flutter In the company of the high
est. And by way of first taking his own
measure, why shouldn't he take that of Mr.
CaboiiUS Mitchell, now on bis way to this
country ?
Why did our friends, tho Drys, choose to
hold their next National Convention In St
Louis? A meritorious place, but without Pro
hibition suxg-eetlons and well endowed with
browerUs. Why was tho Convention not called
for Watorvllle, Watortown. or Watorbury?
It is desirable that the publication of the
now edition ot Dr. Ciuujcckt Mitchell Dk
raw's" Orations and After-Dlnnor Spoeohea"
hall be delayed long enough to permit the in
sertion In It ot the discourse whloh he deliv
ered on Wednesday laat at thn dedication of
the Droxel Institute la Philadelphia. Mine pas
sagos of which woro printed in yesterday's
Run. The full toxtof tills dlvrmirno will show
that It 14 unlike tiny of tho orations or any of
the uftor-dlnnur epoechos that stood lu tho
lat edition of tho book and that aro to bore
printed in tho forthcoming edltlou. Ar the
Orexel Institute has beeu "founded for the
promotion of Art. Science, and Industry." so it
Is to these noble themes that Dr. DsraWsdli
oonreo Is devoted. It Is not ess, evonfora
nan ot very luminous mind, to throw anr new
light upon tueli lhuraos.but It Is Impossible
for Dr. Drrrw to take up any theme without
throwing light upon It.
Therefore, wo nek. lot this publication of the
new edlllo 1 ot Dr. Dtraw's book be delayed
until ho cuh find tlmo to review, revise, and
prepare for the printer tho Philadelphia dls
oouraa ot Wcdnosdar last upon art, science,
and Industry.
Wo. tho American j)coplo. aro kindly dis
posed toward Chill, though she has not de
meaned herself proporlyin her deallntrs with
us. Wo ore altosethor frlondty to Italy, rhoufth
sho withdrew her Minister from Washington
sometime ago. Wo think highly of the whole
population of the New Dominion ot Canada,
though somo ot the purblind newspapers thoro
do not roolprocato our aontlments. In short,
wo. the Amoiican people, aro lit an amiable
mood as wo survey tho wholo world, and stand
ready for sett-defonco against alt comers.
That la an ablo Idea ot, Chicago to invite
OonsresB to como and look at tho Fair., Will
you walk Into mv parlor? A doadhoad excur
sion for Congross at an expense of $5,000,000
would bo a trifle too expensive Just $8,000,
000 too oxpenslve. If Chicago cIioobob to gtvo
a tree lunch to Congress, and certain membora
ot Congress ohooso to go, ovorybody to" his
taste: but Congress knows that the bill will
bo sent In.
Mr. Andrew CAnxMiE appears to hold
decided opinions about tho future destiny ot
the northern portion of North America. In
reply to a question put to him by Mr. Joun
Paitsbson of Ontario about tho proposed es
tablishment ot iron works at Hamilton, ho an
wered, with emphasis : "When the foreign
colony ot Canada recognlcos its destiny and
becomes a part of the American Union. It will
bo time enough to consldor the Investment of
capital thero by Americans. This natural
union ot tho English-speaking people ot the
Aroorlcan continent would doublo the valuo ot
everything In Canada, inoludlne the men ot
There is no doubt that Mr. CinNECU's viow
of the effect ot continental union upon tho
value of property in Canada Is just and mod
erate: and whon tho peoplo of Canada como to
the samo oonoluston, they will undoubtedly
know how to mako their Judgmont offectlve.
Having kicked likon bay steer against
mortgages, the Kansas Alliance Is nbouUo go
into tho business of being a loathsome mort
gagee Itself. Tho Kansas Alliance Coopera
tive Mortgage Association has boen formed.
It remains to be seen whether the Alliance will
be any more ready to pay Interest to a company
ot this namo than to (inordinary investment
company. Tho capital I to be raised by
tho sale of stock, so that Wall street might
have a volco in tho company if It desired; but,
according to tho Kansas Alliance theory, there
should be no obligation to pay either Interest
or prlnolpal of a mortgage to tho shark
mouthed and harpy-olawed capitalists of the
East No mortgages genuine unless hnysevd
is used to "sand" tho ink.
Our estoomed contemporary, tho Jewish
Tidings, objects to our speaking ot a person
who had been arrested in New York as a " Po
lish Hobrow." Tho ground ot the objection Is
that tho word Hobrow moans an adherent of
the Jewish religion, and our contemporary
holds that it Is objectlonablo to describe a man
by naming his fnltlu So it would be if tho
purposo was to express or intitnato anything
unfavorable to the religion In question ; but in
Tax Sun the word had no such intention. It
was merely used to describe his nationality, to
tell what country and what raoo he comes
from, just as ono would say in another case
that he was an Irishman, an Italian, or a, Dnnn.
Our contemporary mar supposo that it would
bo suffloiont to say that the man was from Po
land, but wo think not. We know ot no other
phrase than tho ono wo nsod that precisely
expresses his nationality and origin.
Now that tho Lcaguo and tho American
Association have met and kissed each other,
and dovo-tyed Poaeo has umpired their long
dispute to Uie satisfaction of both, the future
of the national gamo looks as beautiful as
over did thn Hon. Michael Jolx Kelly
la his most aureate and pulchritudl
nous primo; and tho American citizen
who doesn't; so to speak, shout for joy
and also sing in consequonco is going to have
tho grip, and noods to bo looked to. Tho war
ot secession is over, and union, at fifty cents
general nnd twonty-fivo cents special ad
mission, is cemented. Thereforo tho crank
longs for tho springtide and tho heart of tho
howler Is high.
A Richmond City Councilman has been
arrested for taking part In a turkey raffle and
refusing to draw out of the gamo when or
dered to do so by a shocked policeman. It Is
to bo feared that thoro nro many men In this
fast old planet who aro unable to resist tho so
ductlvoncss of a turkoy raffle. Perhaps tlioy
bolleve it to bo an anclont and onco laud
able custom not to bo retarded, at worst,
as moro than tho mildest sort of a malum
prohibitum. Perhaps tlioy rcgnrd the groat
coat of a turkar orocurril hv thn linmnU nt tlm
dlco as evidence that avarico and tho desire to
get proporty without labor can't bo charged
upon the turkey rnffler. There nro porsons
who will drink no stimulant but gin. and yet
regard themsolves as singularly virtuous and
teetotal Inconsequence, and perhaps thero are
enthusiasts who regard tho procosa oi turkey
raffling as not gamblinc but a spirited mothod
for tho distribution of food products.
It is said that Frlnco Albeiit Vicron nnd
ins l-incBSS mat is to bo nro going to bo hard
up. ALBsnrEnwAJiD hoards debts rather than
money, her Majesty, though n saver, is not
rolling in generosity, and Pnrllamont Is not
disposed to provide too woll for tho young
roan moro renowned for length ot neck th n
length ot head. Tho thing for him to
do Is to como ovor hero nnd lecture prepara
tory to growing up with tho country. Prlnco
as he is. ho may yet bocome a member of tho
Oklahoma Territorial Assembly or Mayor ot
Blumpopolls. Hero Is his chanco to mako
money, and to become a ruling sovorelgn in
stead ot a prlscclct
A Georgia physician, too much derated to
putting an enemy In his mouth, has received
from bis townsmen a vigorous rebuke In tho
shaoa of a flogging and a ooat ot ink. The
ooatof ink seems to have beea a substitute
forth more usual tar and feathers, and may
have been used in an allegorical sense to de
note that tho jag boarer has such dark
grained spots aa will not lose their tinct. or
with a satirical reforenoo to the doctor's
literary acquirements. It will not be pre.
tended, we suppose, thnt Ink applied exter
nally has any curative quullty In cases of In
temperance. Why ink should be used as a
warning against blots Is not clear: but It is
often difficult to grasp tho subtleness of ex
pression wlilcn a mob employs in Its im.
promptu courts.
Ilia lll-taw.
I dreiint tbat t dwelt In Tamrnanr't IUIU,
With Croter mil Urant on My ld;
And of all tba Ut.uiru within lu trails,
Mrtl and Mills wcra the prll
Oroit the majority I could txuui;
I iiad wrcited from David bit famt.
But I alio draamt. which pteatad Me moil.
That tba Mugwump! aim loved Ma Ilia tame.
Then Crlip and Gorman touglit My bind,
And worshipped with briiilf il Invf
And nlih retfrenf.-, I could not nilbi'aod,
?b) pledfml their auppurttn Mr,
But t woiei and not out ot the whole d-d tana
Since then tu oared aniht for My claim:
And la aU My dreanti I tea, will, a twnr, I
Ta Traataaa Bar Accepts tka Aaeade4
Bcalgaa er Architect Retna A Xfltra;e.
Ooorge Maccultooh Miller informed Holns
& lVatargo. the arohltoote in Temple Court,
yesterday that the Board ot Trustees ot tha
Cathedral of Bt John tho Divine had substan
tially accepted the amended plans for ths ca
thedral aa they were submitted. Thero mar
be a tew small obaagea In the plsns In ths
course ot construction Of tho cathedral, but
practically they will remain unchanged.
Tho gonoral ground plan of tha edifice Is la
tho form of the cross, the arms ot which, form
ing tho nave, transepts, and ehanoel have each
a oentral and two sldo aisles. The genoral ex
terior doslon is that of a largo oentral lantern
or tower, intnoiouraneiosor tne cross am
four flanking towers with entrances. At the
west front are two larger tewern. the contral
one being crowned by a splro. which looms un
above them all.
. In tho amended plans greater seating ospao
Ity has bpou given to the main body of the
cathedral., and . more decoration . has been
added to the splro. . The cathedral will face
wost Instead of south, and the chapels will rlsa
uhnintly from tho retaining wall of Morning,
sldo park. The total external length or I lie
enthedral will bo tt'20 feet, the width ot thn
front and the transept respectively lfio and
2tK)roqt: the holght of tho oentral spire 425 foet
from1 tho floor of the cathedral and 525 feet
from tho city level. The front towers will be
2i0 foet high. .
The Toaafca Pfcyatelem AM to Do the Tea.
Cifyiag About nil Saatty.
Crank John George Roth, who shot at ths
liov. Dr. John Hall as Dr. Hall was leaving his
church after service on Nov. 20. was arralguod
yostorday In the General Bosslons to plead to
an Indlctmont for assault with intent to kill.
Whon Clerk Hall askod Itoth how ho pleadod.
ho looked helplessly at his oounsol. JUwver
Purdr. Mr. Purdy replied :" I plead not guilty
for my client. Ho Is not In a mental condition
to plead for himself, becauso he has no Idea ot
what this proceeding means. Ho is undoubt
edly tnsane. I now ask your Honor to appoint
a Comralsnlnn to determine the question of his
mental condition." ,
. "No. Mr. Purdr," rejoined Judge Cowing, " I
havo, never been In favor of appointing com
missions ot that kind. They entail unneces
sary expense upon tho. county. There ara
physicians attached to the Tombs, and they
can examine a person alleged to bo insane. It
Is not necessary that hlgh-prioed exports
should bo called upon to do what they can do.
Thon tho codo provides that a jury may bo Im
panelled to hoar their testimony and determine
upon it . Itoth may be rnmandnd for examina
tion by tho Tombs physicians."
UABS'I fouxd cox. a noun.
Agent Tralttcnr Want to Sec the Flclnr
Healer Matta tAnimm Seine.
Col. August Gross, tho art dealer, from
whom Treasury Agent Charles H. Traltteur
seized "The Lion in Ambush" and "Aux
Amies." iu Minneapolis, could not bo found
yesterday. Ho returned from Washington on
Thursday ovenlng after calling on Assistant
Secretary Spaulding. and registered at tha
Hotel Bartholin. Ho remained in tho hotel
but a few moments, and has not been seen
there since. Treasury Agent Traltteur was
hunting him josterdny.
At the Custom House an Invoice was discov
ered whloh shows that on Aug. lit last Tl de U.
Splridonof Splrldon & Co.. 4 West Twenty
second street, arrived with two boxes ot paint
ings, on whloh ha paid (3D duties. The paint
ings were Invoioed at 1.000 francs. Col. Ores
met Bplridpn on the Freuoh line wharf that
day. Mr. Traltteur asked Hplridon yosterduy
ns to the nature of tho paintings brought iu
on that day. "Oh.'' replied SpTrldon. "they
woro. cheap things In rolls. I had forgotten
about them. I sold them almost immediately."
-3ren.Wr?' Inspectors Husey and Britten of
Chief Wilbur's staff walked Into thn tailoring
establishment of Cooper k Jarvis. 54 Broad
way, yesterday, and solsod $300 worth of sarfa
linings, which it Is claimed an employeoon the
steamship City of Chicago thrust out of a port
hole to a confederate on the wharf on tho last
trip ot tho steamship.
x realise at tha Power Htatloa at Boaetaa
Street tha Work la Now Comitates'.
.. ...... ....... . . .. I
lontractor joun u. tnmniins declares his '
gratification ut the practical completion ot tha
pavoment and cable construction In Broad
way. Except for 100 feet at Houston street,
whore tho powor station is building, the work
is now finished.
Mr. Crimmlns is proud of it He says that
2,500.000 granite blocks have beon laid, the
greatest number ever laid -In tho same spaca
ot time on ono contract and that tt is the best
pnvemont and tho best oablo construction that
havo boon laid in this or any other city in this
Huoli degressions ns mar noinn frnm tha f-
tllug of tho .parth where the water pipes wor
changed will bo levelled up in the spring, so
that in October next, whon tbo olty accepts the
pavoment under tho contract, it will be in as
nearly 'perfect condition as it Is possible to
mako It.
The now bridgo, stones havo not boon laid
for the reason that thoy could not bo obtained.
Thoy will he quarried and dressed during tho
winter, anil the Maine Granite Company will
romploto that part of thewotk according to
the plans and specifications. Tho pavement
whore tho bridge stones aro to bo laid is only
They Max Parana Water Thlarea la Klee.
trie Launches irTkey Will Walt a Year or Ho
Tho Police Board yesterday dismissed Denis
J. Fogarty of the Thlrtioth precinct Fogarty
has not shown up at tho station house siuce
Dec. 3, nnd there woro thirteen charges against
111 in. Ho was at ono tlmo ono of Inspector
ByrnoVs mon.
Thomas Stewart of tho Nineteenth precinct
was retired.
The question ot providing steam launches
for the mon ot tho steamboat Patrol was dis
cussed. Commissioner Voorhls said that the
reason ho had not advocated tho providing of
steam launches was that he had boen follow
ing tho experiments made in boats nn the
Thumos and tliu Heine, where electricity was
the motive power. He thought the Board
sliould await tho result of thoso experiments.
Boundiimnn John Walsh of tho sanitary
sciuad will noon bo UO years old, and therefore
dfsquallllPd for duty as a policeman. Tim
Board or Health sent a communication asking
that Wiilnh'H ago bo ovorlookod. Tho letter
poke or Walsh as an estlmableofflcorand still
capable ot fulfilllnc Ills duties.
no vnonmiTioN j.v sovtu caiiollsa.
The Henala Xejeeta the Home BUI and
Presents a License Bill.
Columbia, a C. Doc. la The Chllds Pro.
hlbition bill, which passod the Houso and Is
now on tbo Bcnato calendar with ap unfavora
bly committeo ronort is dead. At a caucus of
Sonatorslast night it was decided to LIU it
Whon the Senate mot this morning a substi
tute was Introduced which provldos that before
any llconso shall be (ssuedapetltlonforitmust
bp signed by 40 nor coat of the freeholders
or the municipality wherein the business Is
to bo conducted jthat the llcenso tee shall not
be less than $600. and that 60 per cent of
this sura must go to the county, and the ra
nlnA!V1oJ',fP tnB municipality. Tho provWIons
of this hill are not to apply to places where the
sain of liquor is now prohibited.
The debate on the measure will begin to
morrow. It Is beUerod that the Senate will
pans this substitute, but It is generally pre
dieted that the House will not agren to such a
compromise. In any event no Prohibition bill
will be passed. This Legislature's term of
existence will cease next Wednesday night
no Bay Ha Was Oaljr Waiting la Jersey I
to rtad a Beaasmaa. A
John It. Morrison, formerly Superintendent
ot Street Cleaning, against whom the Grand
Jury found two Indictment In June for extort-
Ing money from district superintendent
undor pain of having them removed, surren
dered himseir yesterday In the District Attor
ney s oraoe. He disappeared when the Indict
monts wore found. He saya ho has been living
all the while In Paterson. Intending to return
as soon ns ho could make arrangements to
give bail nnd avoid being lockod up.
He was accompanied, to the District Attor
??fc?Konlco py Ifobert Muh. realestate doaler.
of 515 Wost Forty-seventh street Muh be
came his surety in 93.000, and be was released.
Without aa EqaaL
TuiSok rcmalua without au equal lo AmerlcnJour
iA,0," ""if I" n relieved byinr. Jarna'tCipte.
T4wW ""dy lor Iroucnlal aud nuUaonary

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