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', Snbscrlptlon liy Mali-Post-paid.
PA1LT. Per Month SO e)
. ftUNPAY, rr Year 0
1 DAILY AND SUNDAY, rr Month to
i-.WF.EKLY, Vtt Year lOO
T ristsKe to rcrclfu Countries sdded.
TUB 6UV. Now Yor City.
Hold Chicago to the Contract!
Sir. Edwin Walk eh of tho ChlcnjroFalr
Directory Is drawing up a bill, which will
bo Introduced Into Congress, providing; for
nti appropriation of $5,000,000 for tho Fair.
Tho commlttco that accompanies Mr.
AValkeii to Washington to solicit alms for
Chicago " wlll'bo fortified with facts and fig
ures slaving tho necessity of Federal nld."
Thoro nro two facte, within tho IcnowlodffO
of Chicago and tho country, which estop
Congress from giving, and ought to estop
Chlcagofrom asking, foranothor cent forlho
Fair. Chicago promlsod not to risk for any
such grant from tho Government. Cong-res,
undor tho Improsslou that this prom
, Iso won elncoro nnd would bo binding, ex
pressly stipulated In tho World's Fair not
that tho Government .should not bo "llablo
ou account of any expenses Incident to or
crowing out of said Exposition for a sum
exceeding In tho aggregato $1,500,000."
Chicago promised to depend upon herself,
the HUto of Illinois, and tho munltlconco of
s Lor own citizens. Upon tho sttength of
that promlbo, now shamelessly donlod or
conveniently forgotton, Congress passed
tho World's Fair net. Tho Government
has fulfilled its part of tho contract. Chi
cago should l;o held to tho fullllinent of Us
awn voluntary promise
It Chicago had nsked for S3.500.000 In April.
1S30, tho act of April 25, 1830, would
uovor havo been passed. If, by tho reck
lessness of tho local directory, or by tho de
clroof Chicago to mako tho show and its
own profits therefrom larger, it has becomo
'convenlont for tho city to beg from tho
United Stales ilvo million dollars. Con
gress has noconccrn with tho matter. Tho
Government has dono ull it said it would.
Chicago has not. Tho more mono v that can
be hpont upon tho show, tho fattor tho Re
publican party of Illinois. But, politics
nsldo, Chicago should bo held to her con
tract. Sho has been fairly treated. Unless
hor own contribution is largely gas, sho
lias enough with tho grant from tho Gov-
ernment and tho appropriations which havo
been or will bo mado by tho soveral Stales
to pay for all reasonable expenses of tho
I Fair. When sho comos beforo Congress to
ask for money, sho should bo met with a
pollto but firm refusal. Tho World's Fair
should get from Congress an Investigation,
not an appropriation.
Trees on Lauds of the United Stutes.
Tho forest coverings of our Western moun
I tain ranges aro now in peril from legislation
originally designed for tho public benefit.
The old timber culture act wax repealed
at tho last session of Congress bocauso it
was a failure, and had resulted in a good
., .deal of land speculation, with vory little
" planting of trees. But in that repeal act
was lnaorted a provision declaring that in
tho States of Colorado, Montana, Idaho,
' North nnd South Dakota, and Wyoming, In
' tho district of Alaska, and in tho gold and
i Btlvor regions of Nevada and Utah, it
Bhould bo a good defonco to an action for
trespass on public timber lands to show
that tho timber was cut or carried away by
a rosldcnt "for agricultural, mining, manu
facturing, or domestic purposes," under
'. tho regulations of tho Interior Department,
and not taken away from tho State, Terri
tory, or reglpn in question.
Tho effect of this law is to open tho public
timber In great areas to tho ravages of tho
- axe. It Is truo that the purposes for which
cutting Is allowed aro specified, and
that tho prohibition of transportation out
of tho region helps to guard against cut
ting for distant sale. Furthermore, slnco
tho Secretary of tho Interior i& authorized
I Jto framo regulations, it may bo argued that
It Is his own fault if ho makes them too lax.
"Still, wo find this officer declaring that the
acopo of tho permission granted under tho
law is so great as practically to allow
cutting for any purposo whatever, except
In tho indulgence of racro wantonness. He
' points out that thoro is no limit as to the
'time when lumbor which is no removed
- ball bo used, and hence that " it may easily
bo cut within tho law and otorod for solo;
for It lo not provided even that it shall bo
lor uso by tho person cutting it." Even
when direct penalties aro provided for tres
passing. It has been found difficult to pre
Vaorvq tho public timber from devastation,
. so that when n largo liberty is specifically
.accorded, and tho ponalty shitted to ono for
violating tho icgulatlons of tho depart
(ment,iUU greater troublo is expected in
protecting tho timber, Tho Socrotary
j'makes another noteworthy suggestion :
v "The statute imposes much more upon the executive
I ctuoer than ho should bo required to" assume. Already
,tbs applications tor penults are so numerous as to
nara demanded a special force In the General Land
KoWc to' attend to thein, and as people learn
'tilt valna ot theia privileges the pressure for them
'will constantly Increase, until, unless the law Is
'rspoaled or modified, then will bo little timber
(left to protect. The States Indicated are not very
abundantly supplied at best, and with the In
creased value ot forest products It will talcs but a small
jlsrceniae ot their population to exhaust every posit
;W claim. It would seem to be much better that the
('srtanue should be so made as Itself to prevent this re
,11 than that so Important a matter should bo left to
;t a Secretary. Thlsomcsr changes with each Admin
ttslraUon. and, so lone as there Is anything to (Ire. he
) wiU nod It difficult to refuse to somo that which has al-
ready been granted to others."
'" Whether Congress will bo willing to take
,., this view is somewhat doubtful. The orlg-
Inal permission to cut timber for local pur
poses was lntonded to supply the needs ot
regions whore it was considered a hardship
I to havo to purcliaso lumber, perhaps hauled
along distance for household uses or for
' developing local Industries, These consid
erations will BtUl havo weight with Con
givsa, and yet that body must boo that
when enormous areas ot tho pub.llo timber
i lauds uro thus f reoly thrown open to tho axe,
.'great ravages must occur. It would bo out
Vot tho question to provide superintendents
And keepers enough to watch over tho
'fort-fits and Buporvlso, thn cutting dono un
, dor tlioto provisions. And this Is, perhaps,
j an additional rpason why tho Secretary
.Voters to tho present lawns "giving ovory
illceneo for foUlujr tho foresU." Even woro
oth'ephnuo " manufaottirlng or domestic pur
'poses " less olastlo than .It is, cutting could
1 bo nominally dono for local purposos, and,
utter being storod for some time, tho timber
i could bo shipped and sold at it dlstanco
".without attracting tho attention ot tho
'Government officers.
fOno provision of tholawimpplly furnishes
U Important eomco of protection, byuu
Jthorislng tho J'rculdout to tot npiut nuy
Jiand wholly orju part covered with trues
fia a puUIc, reservation. Uudor this pro-
I'tiolOq two valuable, tracts havo been so
I "
rcsorvod this year, ono of thorn as an ad
dition to tho Yollowstono Park and tho
othoronthoWhlto Illvor Plateau in Colo
rado, Including tho headwaters of tho
Whl to, Grand, and Ynmpa rivers.
Tho Gonoral Land Commissioner warnod
the country Boraotlmo ago that tho most
valuabio timber wns going very fast, and
Spat tho oxlstlng lows did not wholly pro
jTervo it from destruction. " Wholo ranges
ot townships," ho sold, " covered with plno
tlrabor, tho forests at hoadwators of
streams, and timber land along tho water
courses and railroad linos havo been cut
over by lumber companies undor protonce
of tltlo dorivod through preemption nnd
homestead entries mndo by their em
ployees and nftorwnrd assigned to
tho companies." Steam sawmills, ho nddod,
woro established on publio lands, and
thousands of men employed in cut
ting Government tlmbor. for which In
somo cases tho local residents hnvo been
charged prices basod on tho difficulty of
transportation from a distance over ox
pcnslvo routes. Flro also has caused great
destruction, Now tho problom of tho pres
ervation ot what is left is complicated by
last session's lax law. Perhaps tho final
disposition ot tho question may come with
tho proposed transfer of publio lands to tho
States and Territories, under uniform regu
lations. It has a direct bearing on tho i ni
dation problom, slnco tho spoliation of tho
forests, especially in tho watersheds ot tho
rivers, must oxcrt an Influonco on tho flow
of water, ovon if only by ceasing to hold
back tho snows and cause a tardier
spring melting.
A Question of Veracity.
Wo aro tired of chasing IsmrDExnssiMUfl
fiom Ho to He, but tho job might as well bo
flnishod tor the sake of Its moral effect upon
tho community.
On Saturday The Bun analyzed an olleged
list ot ono hundred allogod saloons printed
by tho Evening Post on Dec. 12, with this
prctaco :
"tlf the 143 licenses examined yesterdsy. 181, It was
learned, were for places In the 'Immediate vicinity' of
schools. Here are 100 of the new places ot the
131 found Id an examination of a Hit of 143."
The Post, thorcforo, specified or pro
tended to specify only 100 of tho 131 " sa
loons "newly licensod in tho "immediate
vicinity " ot schools which it pretended to
havo found in an examination ot 113 new
licenses. Of tho 100 alleged saloons which
it did specify, 17 wore mode to do duty
twlco In tho list, whllo two wero used thrioo.
Tho list really contained 79 ltoms only. So
tho Post's pretended 131 out of 143 wore ro
ducod at tho start to 79 out of 19. Concern
ing this part of our chargo of dishonesty, Im
ftjdektissimus has tho extraordinary reck
lessness to romark :
"It was asserted by Tnt Sex that the Ettntna To had
made use of some saloons In duplicate for the purpose
of makinithe number licensed by Mayor Gain's Ex
cise Board appear larger than It reaUy was. It did not
polnteutthe act that the method purtvd by tht Evening Pott
teat toplace a etgn oppoette the number ofeveh taloon, tthleh woe
explained at indicating that the taloon inu mentioned more than
vnee in that taut of tht paper,"
We did not point out that fact, becauso it
is not a fact. No sign of any sort is placed
opposite tho number of any ono of the
seventeen alleged saloons which appeared
in duplicate in tho list which wo examined,
or ot cither of tho two saloons which appear
thrlco, to Indicate that such saloon was
mentioned mora than once in that issue ot
tho paper. In evidence of tho utter falsity
of tho Post's assertion printed above, wo
can only refer any person who cares to look
up tho matter to tho list itself, printed in
tho itot of Saturday. Doc. 12. The list bo
gins, " Here aro 100 of the new places of the
131 found In an examination of a list ot 113,"
and thero is absolutely no explanation or
indication, typographically or otherwise,
that tho list is not what it pretends to bo.
Next, Impddedtissiucb has this to sav
concerning our charge that ho has system
atically reckoned as " saloons " menacing
tho schools, licensed places under class 4,
whero no liquor is sold to bo drunk on tho
premises :
" It TnaStnl learned from an explanation made In
the columns of this journal that in the course of the
exposure the Seating Poet had inadvertently mentioned
as saloons some places holding licenses to sell beer or
liquor uot to be drunk on the promises, and it tiiade km
othie totvntary tarrttiion fora charge tbrfl this newspa
per had dealt unfairly with the subject."
This, likowisc, is absolutely false. We
discovered early in our investigation of tho
Post's misstatements that it was misrepre
senting class 4 licenses by tho wholesalo as
" saloon " licenses. Ot tho twelve places in
tho Post's 100 which wore nearest by the
Post's dl&honest moasuroment to some
school, and exhibited as "saloons" threaten
ing the schools at very short range, not
less than eight, or sixty-six por cent., woro
found by us not to bo saloons at all. Tho
investigation of this department ot tho
Post's mendacious activity had been fin
ished, nnd tho results wore in type,
beforo that newspaper, alarmed, no
doubt, by tho knowledgo that1 hon
est scrutiny was on its track, took
occasion to hedge vaguely by the admission
that in its lists had boen "inadvertently
Included some places" which did not belong
there. But no correction, voluntary or oth
erwise has been mado by the Post of its
bogus lists, and no rotractlou of conclusions
which it has drawn from its fraudulent sta
tistics. And up to tho prosont tlmo it has
continued to represent as " saloons" places
which aro not saloons whonever tho Ho has
suited its convenience.
Wo charged, further, that even according
to its own decoptlvo and preposterous
method of measurement, namoly, by a six-hundred-toot
air lino through solid build
ings and solid blocks of buildings from tho
nearest point of tho school building to tho
neatest point ot tho alleged saloon, the
Past's figures wore utterly untrustworthy.
That newspapor understated tho true air
lino dlstanco In nearly forty cases out ot a
posslbloono hundred, by understatements
varying flora ten feet to twenty-five hun
dred. Of this charge, Impudentibsijius
now romarks :
"Tho next allegation made by Tux Sea was that
the ttening Pot bad misrepresented the distances be
tween some of the saloons and schools. It Instanced
the cases ot many measurements published In these
columns, denounced them aa false, and giro its own
pretended measurements, for Instance, Tus BoKtook
a number of saloons In the 'immediate vlciutty of
Grammar School Xo. 2, at No. IIS Henry street. The
saloon at No. 85 Monroe street, ebon n In the Etenlag
Pott to be only SCO feet from the school. Tux Sex de
clared to be 310 feet distant, A glance at plate No. 10
of Ronxsox's msp ot the beventh ward 111 suffice to
show that the exact dlstanco between the school prop
erty and the premises of the ssloon Is 200 feet. Snrtt ef
(iMifarmucatcrUAbueremada by Tux Sum lu this con
nection." Tho Evening Post takes ono enso out of
tho many specified by us, denies tho specifi
cation in that one coso, and rests upon
that denial tho irresponsible asset tlou that
" scores ot similar misstatements woro mado
byTuBSu.v." This would bo a very conven
ient method of dofeuce for a Hnr to pursuo, If
tho aecu3or wero not suro to bo heard from
promptly. It happens thut tho case of 83
Monioo street will servo ns well us any
other in tho ratulogun to complete tho
doiuonstmtluu uluVh toiiuvo umlcitakeu.
Thomopuiid bealo horu subjoined will en
able any reader to test tho truth of the
Post's figures, tho honesty of Itfl method ot
measurement, and tho value ot Its pre
tended lists of alleged saloons:
cli N08S
school s. m
i I s
PI Jfcjl . Ift-t-
S.O loo f so 200 Vo gp
Tho Hocused place nt 85 Monro was set
down by tho Post as a saloon menacing tho
Henry street school at a distance of 200 f cot.
Tho map shows tho true topographical re
lations ot 83 Monroq street to tho school,
except that it docs not exhibit tho solid
masses ot Intervening buildings, Tho dls
tanco by air line from tho nearest cornor of
tho school building to tho nearest cornor of
tho building at 85 Monroe Is somowhat ovor
tho 310 feet stated by us. It the Post
moans by its 200 feet an olrllno from the
school houso to tho back fence of tho
back yaid ot 83 Monroe,, it Is only
making Its protended measurements
ot proximity still moro ridiculous and
dishonest than wo havo given thorn
credit for being. Tho actual distance ot
83 Monroo streot from tho Henry street
school is between C50 and 670 feet by the
nearest mothod of approach. Wo havo
taken tho troublo to ascertain from Presi
dent Meakim ot the Excise Board, tho Post's
protended authority for Its theory ot " Im
mediate vicinity," his method of measur-i
ing distances from schools to saloons. As
wo had oxpeeted, Mr. Mkakim measures
distances on the street, and not by air lino.
Ho measures by tho approach usually used.
Only ono thing romnlns to bo said concern
ing this caso of the alleged "saloon" at 85
Monroe. Even when It 16 reached at a dis
tance of moro than 030 feet, it is not a bar
room; It is an eating houso.
In fact, nil that iMnjpKxnssnrcB has to
offer in dofenco of hiB trick ot measuring by
air lino through intervening buildings and
blocks is this :
"Exception was taVen by Tax Sox to tht method by
which the EemUgPoit determines th distance between
the schools and tbe saloons. It objected to measure
ments taken through tho blocks, and would have It that
they should be taken along the sidewalks. For Instance,
the liquor store at 74 Hester street, adjoining the
branch of Grammar School No. 43. at 70 Ussier street,
would, according to Tax Bex's measurement, appear to
be 101 feet 7 inches from Grammar School No. 43. at SO
Allen street. As a matter ot fact, tho saloon property
runs back to within 13H feet of the school building. In
tbe summer season, when tho school windows are open,
loud, profane, and otherwise Improper language used
In the saloon could be heard by the pupils in the school
This Is tho second and only other alleged
6oloon specified by the Post in reply to Tax
Sun's detailod exposure ot its dishonest
journalism in a hundred separate Instances.
Tho specification is characteristic ot Impu
SEKnssnrcs. He knows, for we have al
ready told him, that 74 Hester street is not
a saloon. It is a wine shop holding a class
4 license only.
Wo aro becoming quite firmly convinced
that IupuDENTissntus bos an outside part
ner in this enterprise. IsiruDENnssiMCS
supplies tho malice, but somebody else fur
nishes tho fraudulent statistics; for with
all ot his well-known moral and Intellectual
defects, IsiPUDEKTissiirus Is not fool enough
to commit the Evening Post, knowingly and
of his own motion, to such astonishing and
persistently reckless misstatements ot
easily ascertained facts. To that extent,
therefore, Iiipudentibsiutjb Is a victim of
misplaced confidence.
Several Appeali.
We are askod to give publicity to the
appeal designed to enlarge the fund for tho
relief of tho destitute Hebrews who are now
Hocking to this country, and nearly 100,000 of
whom havo landed hero this year. It gives
us pleasure to comply, and we havo not a
doubt that a large amout of monoy will bo
raised for them In this city and clsowbore.
Thero is beforo us an appeal for moans in
aid ot tho tens of thousands ot people who
havo suffered by the recont destructive and
tcrriflo earthquake in Japan. Wo aro
pleased to give assuranco to tho signers ot
tho appeal that a good sum of money in
aid ot the afflicted Japanese has been raised
here, that a part of it has already been trans
mittcd to Yokohama, and that still further
old will now bo given.
Tho Bussian Charge d'Affalres in this coun
try has givon notice that ho is ready to re
ceive contributions in behalf ot tho Slavonic
sufferers in the famine-strickon regions of
Bussla, and he promises that every cent
will bo received with gratitude. Itis grat
ifying to know that the proposition to ralso
a Bussian Bolief Fund in this country has
already taken practical shapo; and, though
tho subscribers to tho fund cannot hope to
do moro than a llttlo to rcllovo the millions
of Btarving pooplo In Russia, tholr eubscrlp
tlona will assuredly be Borviceablo
We have recently had grievous accounts
ot tho ravagos of famine In southern Mexi
co, by reason of tho falluro ot tho crops
thoro, and somo ot our citizens aro desir
oub that the American peoplo shall take the
occasion toshow their kindly feeling toward
tho needy natives of a neighboring coun
try. An appeal from tho Mexican Govern
ment, or from tho Moxlcon Minister in
Washington, would not be unheeded.
To those of our people who sympathize
with tho sufferers ot other countries u num
ber of strong and pressing appeals aro ad
dressed at this time.
The Sons of Santa Claus.
The letters to Mr. Santa Claus, whoso
present address Is unknown, may not all
bo so funny as peoplo think. In the long
list of the beatified, tho meanest toady ot
all la that frosty old Nick, He never volun
tarily visits tho children of tho poor. Ho
has no drums, no bugles, and no dolls for
them; and bo gives ships, farms, railroads,
fast horses, grand carriages, talking babies,
and splendid soldiers to tho youngsters of
tho rich.
Well, what aro we going to do with such
a saint ? Can't ho bo convcrtod ? Certain
ly ho can. Wo havo King's Daughters,
King's Sous, Sons ot America, Sons of tho
Revolution, aud all kinds of sons of ladles,
and no Sons and Daughters of Santa Claus I
Fall iu, chip in, ladles and gentlemen 1 Find
oul tho saint's address, tell the Postmastor
that you know It, when you do, and got
him to forwurd all those poor llttlo letters
to your care, so that you may do tho proper
Help out old frosty face. Hurry up, Sous
and Daughlors ot Santa Claus 1
Somo of our readers may havo smiled ycH
torday upon eeolnc tho despatch from tho city
of Moxiuo tlmt tho notorious bandit Oaiizia
hud sout notloo to ttiu MexIcnnWiovcnimont
thut ho would Inyduwi hie unns for $10,000
cnsli or a eonsuluto In tho United fitutcs. Tho
proposition looks rather queer, but, iu a matter
ot fact, it Is in accord with the polloy ot the
present Mexican Govornmoat Whn Pro!
dent Diaz camo into poivor Moxlco was over
run with bandits. Who sallopod thronjth tho
rural rontons, plundered tho vlllnttoa. levied
blAokmail upon the owners of haciendas, and
terrorized tho population. Tho Mexlean troooh
wero fororor flchtlng or pursuing them. Bomo
ot thorn were shot at tlmoi: somo, when taken
alive, weroexeouted. And n'orao wero looked up
In black holos to frlnhten their comrades: but
neither the army nor the elvtl power was able
to extcrmlnato thorn or to drlvo them from
their fastnesses in tho mountains and forests.
Fretldont Diaz determined to adopt a now
method of doallnc with thorn, and Congress
approved Ills polloy. He Issued a proclama
tion to the bandits in all tho States ot Mox-'
loo, urging them to glvo up their wars, which
woro ovlL hard, and dangorous, inviting thorn
to enlist In tho army and promising them rank
or promotion according to tholr merits or tholr
sorvlpos. It was not long boforo it bouawo evi
dent that tho new polloy would bo successful
Bandit chiefs appeared at tho military posts,
surrendered, took tho oath, joined tho army,
and beoamo trusted soldiers. Tho Oovorn
montkoptitsprotnleo to them: somo ot them
who brought in their gangs wore mado Cap
tains, and some havo risen to tho rank ot
Colonel, it not ot General. Thousands of tho
bandits ot Mexico wero thus brought Into the
military eorvlce, and tho majority of thorn
havo dono credit to their uniform.
Within tho past ten years Mexico, under tho
policy ot Diaz, has boen almost entirely freed
from tho terror of tho banditti who formoriy
ravaged tho country and defied tho troops. Tho
rampant Gaszu. who has been doing busi
ness along tho nio Grando for the past few
months, is about tho last man of his kind In
In offering to surrender for $10,000 cash or
a consulato In tho United Btates, Gabzia has
given Fresldont Diaz an opportunity ot parley
ing with him. Perhaps tho outlaw may be In
duced to accopt a Captainoy or a Colonelcy In
the Mexican regular army.
An esteemed monthly periodical ot this
elty annonnces that it is ready to supply tho
publio with literary pabulum, secular or relig
ious, "by tho pound." Hero aro a few sen
tences from its announcement:
"Wo will send flvs pounds of reading matter pre
paid for one dollar. Nothing aent but that will be found
of general Interest, and always a variety. In this way
good reading matter can bo put in circulation. Early
orders wilt get tbe best selection, rrlces are net, no
discount to agents, and not less than five pounds sent."
Wo object 1 Why should thoso who desire to
fortillzo-tholr brain with this kind of "reading
matter" be required to buy it by wholesale or
in job lots ot five pounds? There may bo
poople who. it it wero sold at retail, might
take a pound for twenty cents, or halt a pound
for a dime, or even a quarter of a pound for a
nickel, ami then, if they liked It. they might
afterward get a dollar's worth and carry it
homo in a hamper. The notion of selling in
tellectual matter by weight is not to be con
demned with malioo aforethought: but wo
persist in demanding that small purchasers ot
narrow raoans and craniuma shall not bo de
nied tho privllogo ot procuring it at retail.
Diana Hortenr.la, the tutelary divinity
of this town, is not to go West Bhe is grown
up. and she is sufficiently high up in the
world. If Chicago wants a copy. Chicago
ought to havo ono. but what would Diana do
in that grimy and murky atmosphere?
" Ah. in that strange and shrlneless place
What doth a Goddess, what a Grace !"
Tho theft of the hostess's Jewols from a
country houso'durlng a party has ovor boon a
favorlto themo of English novelists. Somo
ttmos. espoclally if thoy are heirlooms.
It is tho hostess herself who makes away
with them in order to qulot a black
mailer or to pay tho debts ot a dlsropu
tablo father or a lover ot other days
without the knowledgo ot her husband. Somo
tlmes the thief is a governess or a guest who
proves to bo an adventuress masquerading
undor an honorablo name. But even Wiuwe
Collins could have improvod but llttlo on tho
Intricate plot suggested by the case of Mrs,
Osbobxs against Mrs. Haboreaves.
Tho plaintiff, a girl of good family and posi
tion, while a gaest of Mrs. Haroiueaves steals
her pearls, worth over $2,500, in order, it Is
thought, to pay hor brother's indebtedness.
Then she marries, and when suspected by Mrs.
Hahqheavis sho sues her betrayod friend for
libel inspired, ono would imagine, by the
desperate hope of retaining hor hus
band's rospect. Tho trial begins with
tho most eminent counsel in England for the
plaintiff, but. by a singular coincidence, tho
money paid for tho jewels Is traced, and tho
omlnont counsel withdraws, occopting a ver
dict for tho dofondant. If the history of that
woman's varying feelings and omotlons during
tho past yoar could bo written, what novel
could oqual it in dramatlo intonslty and pathos ?
This Is to bo a peaceful Christmas. Prince
ton and Harvard have settled their differences,
Franco and Gormany please copy.
Terrapin, canvasback ducks, and plum
pudding may symbolize to tho gluttonous all
the good things ot this lite, and when washod
down with Chablls, St. Estepha. and Mumu's
Extra Dry may InoIIne tho hearts ot tho toast
ers to listen to long spoochos in eulogy of tho
' World's Fair at Chicago. But it was cruel ot
the Director-denornl to ropeat at longth tho
story ot Columbus, mid rising indlgostion
could hardly havo boon cajoled by tho char
acteristic flattery ot tbe Windy City when
tho Fresldont ot the Commission assort
ed that it tho Now Yorkers ot to-day
had lived in Athens in tho time ot Pericles
with an overflowing treasury, they would hnvo
dono as Pewcles did, and built tho Parthonou,
tho Odoon, and tho statuo ot Minerva. What
Pericles and St PxuLhad todowltli tho Co
lumbian World's Fair may havo porploxcd tho
happy banquotors lu tholr dreams that night
But these words of deflulto meaning woro
spoken by Mr. Gobton W. Allen, ono of tho
Commissioners from this Stato: "It has not
passed out of tho mind of tho gonoral
publio that Chicago promlsod to
do at least all that tho citlzons of Now York
promlsod to do. Who beUevos that
Chicago would have been suocoBstul in that
memorable, yot friendly struggle (In Con
gress), if thorn had boon a doubt ot her ability
to perform what sho undortook ?"
This was more to tho point than any maun
dering about Colvubus, Pericles, or St Paul.
Tho othor evening tho British tug-of-warsmen
wero defcatod. During tho past fow
years John Hull was beaten In nonrlyallhis
favorito athlotio comos and international
tests. Bis yachts have boon eallod out. his
boxors knookod out, his co-as-you-plcn60 mon
tired out, his oarBmen rowod out, his wrestlors
thrown out, his jumpers heelod out, and his
tug-of-warsmen pulled out Llkowlso tho
brooches of his big guns havo burst out Yet
It cannot bo said that ho himself Is played out.
As the poots may say, " Ho Isn't in It," but ho
has still Ills cricket
,)vJ1m ,wo llere recall tho landing of the
Pilgrims, let us remember that Ibey not nuly wiugbt
freedom to worship Uon. but ibey also sought to estab
lish (be freedom aud liberty of inanhood.-r. (Joorls
CIXCIUIB at tht MnjoklH iuralter'e Dlm.tr.
Let us remember that tho Pilgrims didn't
book anything ot tho kind. Thoy wanted to
establish, and did establish, n religious nnd
civil oligarchy. Froedom, as they understood
It, meant tho right to drive out evorybody
whose opinions dlflored from theirs. Tho
Mayflower crowd should not. howover, be hold
responsible for all the cant that lias been
talkod about it
Forgery FokaiAk'h heelers oni pretend
ing thut a memburot tho Cabinet has written
a letter In favor of I'oiukie's flection. lVr
iona vh' rumember Fohakku'is connection
with tho ballot-box forgeries will regard with
suspicion uuy document produced by him or I
his managers. I
rat-: chisxs iy qvebeg
The Xlbtntl Mtalatrjr Dlsastaa kr ss Tory
I.tenttsmat. Governor,
"A constitutional orisli of the first order."
said Mr.Ernstus Wlman yesterday, "is proeood
ing in tho neighboring province ot Quebec. It
possossos features ota most interesting char
acter for all BtndcnU of tho sclonco ot govern
ment by the peoplo. Tho cvonts that Impend
havo ospoolal interest for Americans, who, in
their experiment ot self-government, aro not
only doeply Interested In their own carer, but
In tho career ot other nations that aro attempt
ing that high and noblo duty. The dlfforoonco
botweon tho two Governments controlling tho
destinies ot tho North American continent,
namoly, that ot a ropubtlc. on tho ono hand,
and that of a monarchical colony, within British
possessions, on the other. Is vory marked, and
itis just this difference which creates tho orlsls
"Tho distinctive eharaotor of tho United
Statos GoTommout Is that tho powors of tho
general Government aro dolegatcd by tho
Statos. It is a power that prooeods from tho
clrcumforoncn to Die contro. In Canada a
proclsoly opposite condition exists. Tho
powor thoro proooedt from tho centra to tho
clreumtorenco. The ocntral powor is sup
posed to bo hor Majesty tho Queon, bb ropro
sontod by tho Governor-Genoral at Ottawa and
Ills advisors. Tlieso laltor appoint a Lloutonant
Govornor tor oaoh of tho soveral provinces, and
by tho grace otthls Lieutenant-Governor, thus
appointed, a Govornmont ot tho province iu
supposod to exist It so happons that her
Majesty's prosont roprosontativos at Ottawa
aro Tories. They appoint a Tory Lieutenant
Govornor for eaoh province It also bo hap
pons that the Parliament of Quobeo is Liberal
in Its oomplexlon. Hence a Liberal Cabinet Is
a nocesslty. Thoro is, thorcforo. a conflict be
tween the Liberal Cabinet ot Quobeo and tho
Tory Lieutenant-Governor appointed by tho
powors at Ottawa.
"A contrast could hardly bo moro marked
than exists at the prosont moment between
tho State ot Now York, for instance, and the
province of Quebec. It would seem a very re
markabto thing If Mr. Harrison had tho rower,
to appoint a Govornor of tho Btato of Now York
who was a Republican, who should dismiss a
Legislature that was Demooratlc. Yot such,
broadly stated, is tho condition that exists In
Queboc. Tho peculiarity of tho crisis Is. how
ovor. that tho Tory Lleutenant-aovomor hav
ing called a Tory Premier to form a Tory Cab
inet, the attempt will bo made, at the assem
blage of the local Parliament. In a few days, to
govern by a Liborol majority. In the bands ot
this majority rests tho power to grant
supplies with which to carry on tho
Govornmont, and tho Lieutenant-Governor's
salary and Uio Premier's compensa
tion will not be paid unless the Liberal ma
jority choose to pay thorn. Adoadlook of this
eharaotor in legislation would, of course, event
uate in tho dissolution of tho House and an
appeal to tho poople. This appeal. Mr. Mer
clorand tho Liberals believe, will result in
their vindication, so far as a swooping majority
is concornod. The crisis would, therefore, be
indefinitely prolonged. It would be a Tory
Government in Ottawa and Quebec, on the
one hand, against tho popular vote, as reflected
in Parliament, on tho other. For tho first tlmo
slnco tho Bovolutlon, on Oils continent, there
would bo felt tho forces ot a conflict between
tho central powor. which might bo despotic
on the ono hand, and an expressed doslro. in
an opposite direction, of tho peoplo. on the
othor hand.
"Tho futUrOOf thlfl mnafc intAt-natlno. nnnAl-
tlon will depend upon tho attltudo of tho Ro
man Cathollo Church. If tho Cardinal, tho
Bishops, and priests favor the Govornmont at
Ottawa. Mr. Morcior and tho Liberal majority
may be snowod under during tho coming win
tor. If, on tho contrary, an impartial attitude
Is assumed, there is very llttlo doubt that a
Liberal majority will bo roturnod. It is threat
ened that if the local hierarchy sldo with tho
Tories. Mr. Mercier and the Liberals will ap
poal to tho Pope. There is thereforo probable,
on this contlnont. a contest In which tho far
away influonco ot tho Vatican will havo moro
or loss weight. Altogether it is a very inter
esting spectacle.
"In all that has boen said no roforence has
been mado to tho causes of this conflict. It
may bo truo that thoro has boou corruption in
tho Quobeo Government; and it is an ascer
tained fact that largo sums of monoy havo
neon improperly appropriated. But It Is
oqually truo that the Royal Commission, bo
foro which Mr. Mercior and his Govornmont
woro charged with participation in thoso acts,
has declined to acquit lilm, at the samo time
adopting that most non-committal verdict, po
ouliar to tho Bcotch pooplo. of ' not proven' 1
"It roinains to bo seon whothor. with such n
verdict, and such peculiar conditions, tho
Quoboo pooplo, who aro mostly French, will
sustain Mr. Morcior. and administer a rebuko
to tho central power at Ottawa that presumes
to dictate to the citizens. Contributory to this
victory will certainly bo tho threatened action
ot tho central Government, looking to tho
criminal arrest of Mr. Mercier and his col
leagues. If this step wero taken it would
mako them martyrs indeed, possibly resulting
in a wavo of sympathy and indignation which
might sweep tho central Tory Government at
Ottawa from powor. On the othor hand, a
victory of tho Tories, in Quoboo. would sub
merge thn Liberal party, not only thoro but
elsowhoro. and perpetuato tho powor ot tho
Consorvatlvos in tho Dominion Oovornmont
tor many a yoar to come.
"Tho question U one of oxccodlng interest
to tho United States," cbncludod Mr. Wiman,
"not only from its gonoral aspect and tho
probloms in govornmont which It prosonts,
but bocauso the hopo of a bottor relation be
tween tho two countries rosts largoly on tho
success of tho Liberal party."
Byracnso tiny Take Water from Skan.
cntelee) JUsfce.
Aldanv. Doc. 22. Tho caso of William A.
Sweet against tho city of Syracuse and othors
and tho similar caso ot Comstock against tho
city of Syracuse wero dlclded by the Court of
Appeals this morning. Tho cases wero ap
peals from decisions of tho General Term
modifying tho decisions ot the Special Term
in favor of Sweet and Comstock. Both parties
to eaoh action appealed, tho plaintiff becauso
tho judgment ot the trial court was not wholly
reversed, nnd the defendant becauso it was In
any respoot modified.
The original caso was a suit to prevent tho
elty of Syracuso from obtaining water from
Skaneateles Lake on tho ground that the Htato
needod tho wator in tho Take, and that for the
city to take it would be an Infringement upon
Btato rights. The Bpoclal Termheld that tho
act granting this privllogo to Hyracusowas
valid, but the Genoral Torm modified the judg
ment so far ns almost to reverse the decision
In favor of tho plaintiff. In June tho Court k
Appeals, undor nn opinion writton by Judge
O flrlen, rovorsed tho Genoral Torm opinion
nnd affirmed that of tho Hpeelal Tot m, thoroby
declaring tho act vultd. Furthur argument
was askod for and grunted, and the deolaions
to-day aro in favor of tho city, nnd practically
allow it to take water from tho Inko.
Seventy Russian Hebrew Detained.
Sovonty Russian Ilobrews, who arrived on
tho French steamship La Gaacogne, aro de
tained nt tho Uargo Offlco becauso they aro
destitute. Thoy came from Paris, whore tho
JowUh Sociotr had boon caring for them for
oevoral months. Tho society orlalnally in
tended to send them to tho Argentine Repub
lic but, learning tlmt tho Russian Immigrants
who hadgono there Wero uot gettingon, it de
cided tp ship them to this port. Trhey will
probably bo sont back.
Mia Coat Lined with Mold and Bank .Voles.
PrrrsBuitoii. Dec. -"-.-Patrick Kllday was
arrested last night whllo liurangulng a crowd
incoherently at a streot corner. His coat was
found, to bo Ilnod with monoy. 1'lvp. dollar
gold pieces mado almost a cout of mnlifor his
buck, and bunk notes wrnppod in oilcloth
woro sewed in tho lining about tho shoulders.
Ho Bald ho left Pittsburgh with tho forty
nlnors to sock his fortune. Ho carried It homo
iu his coat lining.
TUo .W AeminiH Prtive upms the new year n llh n
mint aluAb'.erMy if nrllclrs. lucre Is no periodical
lathe world uflbe'asme high style as the Honk .,,(
ran, wbkh is conducted with the same adaptation to
tte great popular lattittts ot tUs da.
cotziensAitD TxAxaronTsroR cans.
Bow Oar Coasmtrrtal Ttsstls Cam He lim
ited la Honth Paelle Oaxratloaa,
WAsntKaiOK, Dec 2Z Tho valuo of sin aux
llary navy telooted from tho merchant matino
is having a practical Illustration in these days
of busy preparations for possible dealings with
Tho first stage ot thoso preparations has
beon completed with the mobilizing of every
cruiser of tho now stool fleet Tho Yorktown
and Boston are already in Chilian waters; tho
Baltimore Charleston, and Ban Francisco are
in tho Pacific and can soon bo sont thithor: thn
Chicago, Atlanta, and Bennington aro on tho
South American coast, steaming rapidly south
ward: tho Philadelphia and Concord aro in tho
West Indies ready to movo In any direction,
nnd will soon bo joined by tho Newark from
Norfolk, while ovon the Vosuvlus is said to bo
flttincr out nt the Utter point ns an armed
dospatoh vossel for Chilian waters. Tho Mian
tonomoh, primarily a harbor defonco vessel, is
ready at Now York for any service, with hor
ton-Inch guns. Tho slnglo ornttof tho now
fleet loft out of this reckoning is tho llttlo
Potrel. which is in tho Mediterranean, proceed
ing Chlnawurd by way ot tho Suos Canal
This task being accomplished, tho problem
now undor solution is that ot ooal suppllos for
thoso vossels. Chill has a ooallng station at
Punta Arenas In tho Straits of Magellan. which
would probably bo solzod by our navy In caso
of war; but tho immodlato nocesslty U to pro
paro for a demonstration which would take thn
place of and proolude war. Bosldos, should a
point on tho Chilian coast In tho nitrate rogion
bo seized and hold as abase of operations,
thero would havo to bo transports to convoy a
garrison thithor, nnd also to carry supplies of
coal for the ships. In tho chlof seaport cltlos,
accordingly, tho merohant mnrino has boon
carefully scanned, and thn Navy Department
has a record of thoso vossols that aro available
at onco for carrying troops or coal and qther
supplies, and also thoso that are best fitted for
uso as torpedo craft In Han Francisco this
inquiry has beon specially aotlvo and careful.
Evory day's dolay in tho reply of Chill to tho
Government's suggestion of reparation for the
Valparaiso outrago is put to good account, so
that, although the Presidentdcscrlbodthis do
lay to Congress as "needless," It has proved
valuable It is now probablo that a supply of
torpedoes will soon bo ready for tho fleet and
for auxiliary vessel. Tho roeont successful
trial of tho Howell invention loaves it only
necessary to push on tho manufacture ot tor
pedoes of this sort, whllo tho Whiteheads will
soon be ready. Work on tho now ships has
received a fresh Impetus, so that, should a
long diplomatic debate be inevitable tho Mon
terey, the Puritan, and the Terror will move
rapidly toward completion, with somo ot tho
unarmored craft. Tho ordnance yard and
private works are now hard at work on largo
Should tho present troublo with Chili bo
settled amloably, as of courso it ought to bo.
with the moderation of our Government's de
mands. It will still havo proved of tho greatest
valuotoour navy. A quarter otacontury of
peace had mado tho mobilization of an effective
floot an untrlod experiment Even tho llttlo
flurry on tho Isthmus, a fow years ago. had its
uses as practice in tho landing of bluejackots
and marines : the more rooont strain in our re
lations with Italy was serviceable in showing
what contingencies must be prepared for; but
.now for tho first time in twenty-five years tho
navy has really put Itself in thorough readi
ness for hostilities.
And for the moment one ot tho most useful
lessons in this procoss proves to be the aid
that may be given to the fighting fleet by the
commercial marine. European nations recog
nize tills, and somo of them oven make pecu
niary arrangements with ship ownors. during
the construction of now vossels. by which they
shall havo dock strongth enough for batterios
and speod enough to serve as auxiliary
cruisers. A very great help In this rospect is
now furnished by the development of qulck-flre
ordnance. The flvo-lnch and even the four-inch
guns of this systom havo becomo formidable
armaments for vossols. by reason of tho onor
moua weight of metal whioa they aro able to
pour in. A four-Inch gun has a range of moro
than throo miles, and can Are sixteen unaimed
rounds in a minute. Undor Secretary Whitney
the inquiry was for merchant vossols able to
carry a six-Inch guru But the number strong
enough for ono or two four-inch guns must bo
groater. There aro many othors that can
mount rapid-tiro guns of smaller calibres,
and tho Government factory and private
works aro busily turning out such ordnance
At all events, tho naval authorities nronow
fixing thoir minds on tho aid which tho mer
cantile mnrino can glvo ns coal carriers, troop
transports, despatcli vossols, and cruisers,
and Congress may vory properly study tho
samo important question.
An Anonymous Donor'a U I ft a Cap t. Onnner
to be Hetlred.
The Follco Commissioners doclded yesterday
to accept tho offer of nn unknown-lady, mado
to them through Miss M. A. Dolaney of tho
Catharine Mission, to put books and book
casos in station housos which now have no
Roundsman Hayes ot tho Fifth pre
cinct was, " for polico reasons," remanded to
patrol duty and transferred to tho Thirty-second
precinct Tho trial ot John J. Galiughor.
who has been couvictod in tho 'Gonoral Bos
sions of assaulting Mary Eonnody, a news
papor saleswoman, has been sot for to-day.
and tho Corporation Counsol was notified to get
a writ of habeas corpus for Gallagher thutho
may bo on hand for tho trial,
l'ollcomnn Adam H. Sborry of tho Madison
stroot Btatlon. against .whom many charges
havo boen mado, and who has boon flnod vii
days' pay. was dismissed from tho force.
Horgoant Thompson of tho steamboat Patrol
waa lined olghtdays' pay. throe for being ab
sent without loavo nnd ilvo for disobeying or
ders. Policeman Michael Nolan of tho Eighth
wns charged with Intoxication some tlmo ago.
A voto to dismiss him resulted In a tio. Then
another vote was taken, and tho complaint
was dismissed.
The quostlon of rotirinc Copts. Ryan and
Gunner carao up. Tho former will not bo ro
tlrpdjuitt now. he having shown that ho will
not bo 00 years old untllJun. 3,1803. Cnpt
Gunner will roach the limit on Christmas Day.
and a special mooting of tho Board will bo
called on Saturday, when ho will be retired.
Bishop lrfitiiclslln'a Health.
Bishop Loughlln of Brooklyn has transferred
tho Rov. James IL Hltcholl from St James's
parish to St. John's Chapel, and appointed the
Rov. William Farrell to tako his plaoe in tho
old parish. Father Mitchell has often acted
as socrotary for tho Bishop, and ho will in
future Ilvo In the episcopal house In Clermont
avenue, Tho Bishop celebrated his 74th birth
day on Sunday, but ho was so foeblo that ho
cpuld not carry out hlBpngagompnt to offlclnte
at tho dedication of 8t. MuryTs Churoh In Long
Island City, Ho was prostrated on Friday
with an attack of his old gastric trouble and
has slnco boon confined toTils room. Yostor
duv It was rnportod that ho was rapidly im
proving, and would probably, bo abfo to par
ticipate in tho Christmas sorvicou.
Mr. Boodjr Bealgua Ellit PJacasj.
Slnco hla cloctlon to tho Mayoralty of Brook
lyn Mr. David A. Boody has resigned from ex
ecutive places in eight institutions, tho last
b?ln,r Jri "Mdnoy ot tlm Board of Trustoes
of tho Thomas Jefferson. Gen. John It Wood
ward was chosen as Mr. Hoody's succosBor.
Congressman Coombs has also retired from
the Ireasurershlp ol the Tliomao Joffereon.
J ohu Delmar takes his place. ""
.New Name on tbe Tasasaaay Roll.
Among tho now namos on tho tickets at
tho Tammany primaries next Tuosday will be
thoso of Bornard Rourko. Nathan 8. Levy, and
Silver Dollar Smith in theWghth district, Al
ilermnn Abraham Mead and ex-Aldorman John
luvuniigh In thn Ninth. Alderman Josenji Mar
t nln tho Tonth.Xx)ul8 II. Huhlonnd Kuueno
Cohen In tho Twonty-tlrst. uud In tho Till",
tuunth James King Duffy.
At tbe Cburcb Fair,
'i'wii lift,
llr-Yuur parents wero iironhrllc, Miss ilnodvear
whriiilirycfirlstriitdjuudiarliy. ""ouyesr,
lli-lJli, no I It was lierauso I beuui at liouie.
. '5"?."SlJr ,r.et yur cold from the start by usloir lir
Jayue-s Expectoraut. and you way estaM uni frlm:
fclMUotsocisUKuiteuiliofc-IZfo, lp" lWf 'fgu
coxuvauira tbe nwr, xannATzu.
Money for n New Beeeatloa Hospital and
lss Meaey far Telephoaea,
Tho Board ot Estlmnto and Apportionment
yostorday began tho work otarranglnjrthonnnl
estimates for 1603 by giving the Health Hoard
J.IiaiSa In this sum Is tnoluded 930.000 tor
a new roeoption hospital in Eaat Blxteenth
stroot $327,138 for salaries, $15,000 for disin
fecting purposes. $50,000 for thohealth polico,
$47,000 for tho Hospital Fund. $3.000 for ro
moving offal, nnd $0,000 for contingencies.
Tho appropriation has been Inoreasod about
$15,000 ovor that of 1801.
la tho provisional estimates the Commis
sioners ot Charities and Correction asked for
$2,877,245. This sum was cut down provis- ; ;i
tonally to $2,200,125. Yesterday this waa fur-
thor reduced to $2,171,383.50. The Board con
sidered that tho request ot tho CommlMldnera
for $507,000 for new building" waa unreason
nblo. and tho sum waa out down to $00,000.
Tho Commissioners may go to tho Legislature
for authority to make tho Improvement In
tholr department, which they doelare aro
greatly noeded. ..... ,
Among tho principal items allowed were
t 1.350.(100 (or supplies. $014,825 tor salaries.
70.000 for repairs, $20,000 for the, poor adult
blind. $20,000 for coal for tho outdoor poor,
and $10,000 for destitute votorans ot the late
war. This $10,000 wlllbo distributed by the
G. A. R. During tho discussion of these mU
mates the Mayor discovered that It cost $7,000
!. year for tolephono sorvlce The Mayor did a
Ittlo figuring, and loarnnd that this was
H.200 more than waa paid by regular sub
scribers. This roduotiou was made In the)
amount appropriated for this purpose .
The Board appropriated $208,000 for the sal
ary list ot the Finance Department : Register'
pfficoilst, $150,050; National Gnara&jor. Ian- t
tors of armories and laborers. $40,770; Sher- '
Iff office $110,252: County Clerk's omce.
$04,330: and Commissioner of'Jurpra, $35,200.
ThoBoard distributed $1.232.7iai0o ex
olso monoy among, the various charitable in
stitutions, and $15,000 was appropriated for
tho New York Freo Circulating Library. $7,500
for tho General Society ot Moqhan csnnd
Tradesmon. and $5,000 for tho Aqutlar Froo
Library Society. ... .. ...
To-day the Hoard will take up the estimates)
ot tho Stroot Cleaning Department.
Tounc Mr. Blaine shan't JTIave Hlsa Hera
No Compromise la tbe Divorce Salt.
Tho young son of James G. Blaine Jr.. is not
to spend Christmas In Now York, as his mother
had oxpoctod. Tho Dakota court before which
Mrs. Blatno's dlvorco suit is pending refuses
to allow tho child out of its jurisdiction until
Its custody is judicially determined.
Tho custody of tho child is a point ovor
which tho principals in tho case and others
back of thorn, aro lighting hotly. Young Mrs.
Blaine had tho bor in her keening in Dakota
during hor rosldenco there and when she
came East sho loft him in chargo of a nurso In.
Fargo. On Sunday she telegraphed to tbe
erson in Fargo having charge ot the ohild to
iko it to 8t Paul, whonce Mrs. Bloino brothor
was to bring it to New York. . .
A telegram camp yesterday to Mrs. Blaine
lawyer. Edgar M. Johnson. Inform tng htm that
the Circuit Court ot Doadwood refusodto allow
tho child to be takon out of tho jurisdiction of
tho court Tho child is now tho ward ot thn
court, and will remain so until tho divorce suit
Is settled, and until such time, the despatch
aid. the child must remain within tho court's
jurisdiction. . .
This information was oonveyod to Mrs.
Blaine when sho was with her lawyer yester
day in tho oflloo of tho referee Daniel Lord. Jr.
Young James G. Blaine was present Mro.
Blaine loft the office with hor eyes tilled with
Tho taking of ovidonco in the dlvorco suit
beforo ltoforeo Lord was continuod yesterday
afternoon. Several witt.eeseB were examined.
It was said that many days moro may bo occu
pied beforo all the tostlmony Is in.
After Hoi eroe Lord and all tho witnesses had
gone homo Mr. and Mrs. Blaine and their law
yom were in consultation together in tho office
of tbe referee for an hour. Rumors were after
ward circulated that efforts and advances wore
being mado looking to a compromise in the)
divorce suit It was positively learned, on thd
best authority, that thoro was no truth in the
cnmsraiAs presents seized.
A Few In st FstaeeasreHa Basjsraco sussl
Buahela In Use Foreign Malta.
On tho steamship City ot Chester, from Liver
pool yesterday, Christmas presents for various
somobodios woro coUected by Undo Sam as
follows: Two diamond and pearl studs, two ,
gentlemen's gold watches, one gold watch
chain, two diamond and ruby rings, two ladles'
gold watches, sovonteen pairs kid glovos.
three diamond scarf pins, a cigar holder, pho
tographs, and books. Tho collection belonged
to one passenger, name withhold.
The mall which came by tho Brltannlo and
Etruria on Sunday and by tho F.m yesterday
was tho heaviest yet received at this Post
Office Out of this, some twoivo tubtuls of
packages containing Christmas sifts have
been seized under section 3,081. Revised
Statutes ot tho United States. These letters
and packages contain jewelry, paintings, arti
cles of ubo and ornamont and ovory variety ot
Christmas present Thoy come from oil parts
of Europe and are addressed to all parts of
this country. Somo aro addressed to loadors
of tho Four Hundred in this city; somo to our
national legislators: somo to prominent poople
fromMnfno to California, from Mexico to the
lakes. Thoso packages aro examined, and it
tney are dutiable they aro rotalnod until the
line imposed by law 1b Paid. Ono Interesting
seizure was a Bible The interior had been cut
out and a razor placed thoroin.
lie Bolts at a Croaalase Where Hla Former
Master Waa Killed.
East Ouakoe. Doc. 22. Tho horse whloh
Samuel Campbell. Jr., of South Orange drove
on Thanksgiving night whon ho met with his
fatal accident at tho Iialstod street crossing
in East Orange, proved this afternoon that
horses havo good memories. Ho is now In tho
possession of William E. Bloodgood ot Llew
ellyn Park, who hitch od htm to a buggy and
went out driving with a friend. A few min
utoa before 4 o'clock they turned IntoHafsted
street, in tho opposite dfrootlon from that in
which Mr. Campbell had driven.
Tho horso approached tho orosslng in a hes
itating way, and the moment that ho reached
tho tracks he bolted, although thoro was no
visible causo of fright. Tho buggy waa over
turned and tho horso thrown to the ground.
Tho men woro, pitched out and sevoroly cut
and bruised. Tho horso was also badly out
It was tho first tlmo the horso had been driven
through the streots slnco tho fatal accident
Mr. Choate Still Poklnsi Vp Felix.
In tho action ot Mrs. Laura V. Appleton in
Judgo Patterson's court to recover a fifth ot
tho site of tho Plaza Hotel as the daughter ot
John 'Anderson. Dr. Carlos F. MaoDonald
testlflod yostorday that from the ovidonco ho
believed Anderson Was insane
"Would you bellevoaman Insano on testi
mony that was a lump of lies?" askod Mr.
Choate, glancing over toward FolixMoCloskey.
, "Not if I believed tho testimony was un
true "Do you know Felix McCloskeyr" queried
Choate amid a ripple of laughter.
I do not"
Then you have novor beon called upon to
pass on his mental condition?"
" No, sir."
Justice Pattorson adjournod the case until
Monday, owing to the absence of A. I. Klkus.
associate counsoi of .Col. James, whose father
had died, and the illness of on intended wlt-
S ess, and Mrs. Appleton. It was said that
Irs. Appleton has a heavy cold, which threat
ens pneumonia.
The Trolley System Will Ceet .aoo.eo,
Tho four surfaco railroad companies la
Brooklyn whloh havo obtained a franchise)
from tho Board of Aldermen to substitute the
electric trolley system for horso power are
confident that Mayor Chapln will sign the res
olutions apd that thoro will be no further ob
fjaolo to tho completion of their plane Tho
City Railroad Company's estimate of tho cost
of the chanira on all its linos is $6,000,000.
whllo President Richardson ot the Atlantic)
2e.B!?P,!a1 B,,aces thB 0o?t to company at
$501J,000. The cost to tho other two compa
nies, the Brooklyn City and Newtown and Uie '
Coney Island and Brooklyn, will foot up about
a million. r
Thoa Tbero will be Tws Jarlaa on Hand,
Goorge W. Stewart, Inventor of a soa tele
phone, diod at 115 East Fourteenth stroot on
Doe 0 of what Doputy Coroner Donlln'e post
mortem examination showed to be cerebral
apoploxy. A puroly formal Inquest was to ha e
!l!,?iL,"s,i! YC,'PY' hut Coroner Bchultze ad
journed It on finding that neither the widow
?,,lLirunlc. w.ara. of ..307 Eust Thirty-third
5LreVi'rJen(1.w!? i"no1 w'h Mr- Stewart
shortly boforo ho died, was present. Tho Cor
oner also discharged the jury. A lawyer who
?,"''' l,,,,w.'8.V,unB0Irr.-Vr' Ptownrt mado it
ft HHiilioiit this, and snld he would lmo tlw
sumo juiy biibpa-nucd overugaiu.
There la No Preaeat as) 000
4 lIU! vJ "UtBvCtUC AWv4"-AhV

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