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'-'' - vv " TJiE SUB. WKDNl&PAV, DKO-MBaK S3. IBM. 5
tlolnc o flenrla Tcalcht to Kent aad to
E.eapo the -laappolated Hubtn-n.
alns'a ISomlnatloa. CoaflrMed All the
Trade Dollar Bnllloa Keeolatd.
Washington. Dec 2Z With onlyafow houra
I rttoalnlnc to him. BpenVcr CrUp boftn to
J night tho work of puttlnit tho final touches on
hljeommlttoo list that vrlll bo announced In
Iho Houso to-morrow. Tho "JlnM touchon"
intftDS tho nctual arran&omont of tho cntlro
list, for It U a fact that at an early
boor 19 evening tho wholo subject
wo.. In ft stnto of oonfutlon itlmoat as
eompleto m whon tho SpoaVor boean hit
Utk two woelca aco. Thoro will bo many
turprlJcs tO'tnorrow whon tho list Is an
nounced nnd many disappointments. Tho
Bptakor expects thorn, howovor, and Is pro
pared to hear numerous complaints.
Mr. Crisp has entorod Into tho last stacesof
hlj commlttco making nlono oxcopt (or tho
clerical nsslsUnco of his sooretary. Ho Is
compollcdabsolutolyto rofuse to boo anyone.
and admission was denied to-night ovon to
judge- Montgomery of Kontuoky. ono of his
newly found friends and olosa advisors. Tho
Speaker has reachod a point where he appre
ciates fully tho cmbamvssmonts of working In
hiite. but hnvlncnlvon tho assurance that the
committees would be announced to-morrow
he muit keop his word at whatever cost, He Is
libortag camoly and dosporntoly. but Is phy
rlcallrandraonUllyoxhaustod. He will goto
A Gwrnl" to-morrow night to rost and escape
rebuke of tho many man whom he will neoes
Hrtlv disappoint.
Among tho nominations of Fu Amastors sent
to tho Benato by the Prostdont to-day woro
Sew York -John W. Bartratn, Wapplngere Fall.:
Orion Sackelt, Aon: N.winn M. Ward oil, Adam.:
KotJ. Mock, (lo.beii; OrvlUo C. Roblnion, Fort Kd
wnli Edf.r lloyt, K.ton.h: Franeta J. Mentlea. We.t
(brittr. Joicpb A Snoed. Newburghi Uenrge II. Scott.
iMurkle.Jobn t'.Jenkine. slur Ring; Mr. Eunice J.
Jallnun. rottdatn: LonU u. Ratbbun. Blmlra.
ym Je ry-Hoiert carton. New Hrunewick.
fony!r.nla-Cbarle I". Buthraar. nreanca.tle; Ed
win! K. riener. Jereey Hhoroi Andrew O. White, Bea
ver; Wellln A. Mitchell. Warren.
Catiromle-llenry V, Vanilut.n. Loe Angeles.
AlLm-Tbomn II. Milter, Tuscaiuo.a,
The Senftte In cxooutlvo session confirmed
tlieso nominations to-duy :
t t Elklo.tobeMci'ietaryofWnr.
Com II. NiDckcr of Indiana (o bo Vailed Stale.
'. F BlmonJicf Connecticut to be Ccmmlailoner of
lvnmter.-Coniiectlcut-J. O. Hyatt. We.t port; W.
E (i.ie. (iiaitonbury: K. II. Renn.lt. Hartford; Mt.e
HaWiLi. nmdaor; Mar.hall Rmmom. Kail llaadam.
DelaareJ. W. Neutck, Ueorgetown; H A. Brown,
kteford Now York-John W. Uartraw. Wapplnger'a
rIU: r. R Utter. KTlendablp: J. 8. Snedekcr, lleuip
iteed; tl. I'. Scliryrer. Port Jetlereon: Wot. (tpraker.
Alienor: II. J. tjarlca. Liberty: W. A. Robblna. Nezloo:
Jotu. RobMoi. Bay Bliore: J. J. Raardon, St. John.
till.; J. I). Randall. Kllloott.vUle; O. E. Nnrrla,
Brliatin: A. II. Meeker. I'nadllla: J. A. M.rrltt. Lock
port. W. II. Ludlow. Ro.ebank; Miw Annie Larrabte,
hirter Bay. Solomon Ketcbam. Jr.. Amityvllle; J. w.
Brnraon. CaienOYlai II. p. Gardner. Attica: II. C. Kl
wtd, Nunda: J. T. DATlann, HocktIUe Centre; F. II.
Cofftili.ll. waterville: F. W. Parker. Alexandria Bay;
iirfint Andrew., FrankllnvlUe. -
All the milltory nominations 202 in number
were also conflrmod. Tho judicial nominations
were not considered, as they have not yet beon
actod on by tho Committee on the Judiciary.
In the Senate to-day Senator Stanford In
troduced his bill of last sosslon appropriating
JMftOOO for tho extension of the Executive
mansion In accordance with plans propared by
Vra. Harrison, also his bills of lost sosslon ap
B proprlatlng $1,000,000 for the establishment of
acun factory on the Faojflo coast, and to pro
vide tho Government with moans sufllclcnt to
supply the national want of a sound circulat
ing milium.
Senator Chandler introduced a bill to amend
the act to regulate the carriage of pasBongers
at sea. so as to provide that in future it shall
be unlawful for any steamship company to
bring passengers from any foreign country
unless suitable accommodations for the 00m
rort of the passengers liavo been provided.
The bill allots a certain amount of space to
each passonger. and makes it unlawful to car
ry them on mora than three decks, or on any
deck situated more than five feet below tho
water line when tho vessel is loaded. In com
puting tho number ot passengers carried
on each vessel children under 1 year of
ace ore not to bo inoluded. but two chil
dren, between 1 and 8 years old, may
b counted as one passenger. Finos
of I10O for each passenger carried jn excess of
tho projpor number are preseribed for the Cap
kns ofvessels. The bill also requires n suf
Sclent number of berths to bo provided, and
that separate apartments bo provided for
ilnfflo male and female passengers, and that
adequate provision be made for light and air
to each ot the cabins. Further provisions are
made for proper sanitary arrangements and
ventilating apparatus, ana fines are provided
for neglect in conforming with tho regulations
rreieribed. ranging from $1(10 to tl.OOU. and
ImpriHonmont lor from twenty days to six
. Senator Turpie introduced a bill appropriat
ing $1,500,000 for the erection of a publlo
building at Indianapolis.
Tho conversion of trado dollar bullion into
itandard silver dollars was completed to-day.
The coinage of standard sllverdollarsis thoro
foro at an end unless a change shall bo made
lo tho policy ot the Treasury Department
through Congressional enactment or other
wise. Tho coinage of 2.000.000 ouncos of sil
ver or f J.585.O0O a month undor the aot of
July 14, 1890. coasodonthn first ot July last,
and tho coinage ot standard dollars since that
date has toen cunlined to the trado dollar
bullion in tho Treasury. This latter colnngo
was authorized by the act of March 3. 18UL,
The total amount ot this bullion on hand on
July 1 was 4,305.031 ounces, costing $5,020.
Jul. Sir. Lench. Director of the Mint, said this af
ternoon that whllo he was not authorised to
peak of the f uturo sliver policy of the dopart-r-icnt.
ho thought thoro was scarcely nny
Uubttbattheaolnagegt standnrd sllvor dol
lars would bo continued at tho Han Franclsoo
and Caraon City mints In amounts sufficient to
uonttho necessities of the service. Ha esti
mated this at $100,000 a month for each mint
Concrossmau (Jeorge Fred Williams has sot
tho Democratic delegation from Massaohu
setta by tho curs In his effort to beconio the
Under. ,, Tho result Is a split in the delegation.
;t. miliums is at the houd ot ono faction and
UjUKretauian O'Nell loads the other. Tho
rouble ix'Hiin with tho Hpenkorship contest
ivngroaaamn Williams assumed tho ofllco ot
dictator, und fongrosHmnn O'Nell objected.
,'!';' mttur thought ho had a prior clnini. Mr.
"Imams was backed .by Hlmrman llonr. Mr.
Andrew, mid Mr. Crosby ns MIIIb supporters,
nnd Sir. o'Noll was supported by Mr. atoens
and Mr. Ooolldne.
.Ur.O'N'fil was known to bo a CrlKn man.
"I'lto tlm faot that he voted for Mr. Htovons.
luerewiiaa houret cuuuub of tho MaHracliu
? !S! delegates, and It was said that Messrs.
nilllamit an J O'Noll hnd a. lively tilt. As soon
... Crisp's election was assured
r. Williams Inblsted that Mr. An
. ciw,r mu8t bo Placed on tho Ways
ana Means Coiuinittoo. Congressman. O'Nell
unroil tho nppolntmonf of Mr. Stevens
M the onl y Massachusetts mau who could con
sistently to named forthut committeo by tho
bpeakur. illlams asked Mr. Crisp not to give
thuplaco to Htovons, und flnnlly Gen. Collins
wanaont fur to use his influence In tho same
election , don. Collins en mo to Washington
and saw tho Bixrakor. Collins also sent word
by Concressmnn Hoar that he would like to
jwak to ilr. Htovons. but tho latter
anubbed tho Domocratio leader nnd re
nJiU0! ln lIl t Tho mission , ot
"; Collins having proved a failure, the
5H wove was to send Mr. Hoar to MasBa
JJS'otts to work up a fooling thoro for Andrew
anc bring a pressure to bear on Crisp from tho
MUldo. Mr. Hoar weut to Dostonlast week,
andevor s nee Hneakur Crisp has beenfalrly
yeucoti wltli Utters appealing to lilm to ap
point Andrew Inntead of Htuvenx. In tho
gj?t tn O'Noll has kopt Wmself fully In
wmcil ot what wrb going on, and has chocked
tnmooniadeby the Williams faction. Mr.
liil"""!1 hon" " on Bunday. but ho did not
iMje Wuahlngton until ho know tliut Htovens
was to be appointed.
n"ccal;or Crisp will appoint his son. Chorles
ifc Crisp, clerk at tho Bpeakor's table. In order
SiJl'? V1, "'g Jlso young Mr. Crisp to-day re
l&t ,00 clcrlci,ll,l' lu 1" IntJ"0'
Jerry Simpson should bo lookod after by his
wl-monopollat constituents. Jerry has un
wuanlngiy and avowedly been engaged In try-
' di iJJtth-.er the .temporarily abandoned
project of a Cpngresslonol excursion to Clil
Jjjjo to view Uie progress mode by the Worlsvs
m..1.?111 1? co home to Kansas for Christ;
5 f.1"01 "toR- nni1 1 Aont ee rthyit will
SJnvlftP004 thl0 'or me If the railroad com
Way wlllpay my faro as for as Chicago."
Tho vacant Kansas Bonatorshlp Is a muoh
oiscussod teplo In Washington Just now.
Urand Judge L. a Hay ot Uie Washington
M'entaofltcolprooUy.nn official of the Gov
""?? it I'rinUng Ofhcn. is one ot thoso who
lJncloso touch with. Kansas politics. Ho
!nw.l? rly n trU8toa lieutenant of Benator
h'i!!)r,!i! S0CH .'?P 'JP'0 tno Bonatorshlp, If
in S,?.?,11' 'd lfy. to-dny. "us ho is by
S ,..i.'iu "")' iwallabl cand date, and ,n
iu?5.blf' c'lrPed for tho place, llut IiIh
jj.n'2,t.'D.00,a Solicitor of the BanU Fd
oiilWi. ,!,u?o much more than tho salary
- Vultcd States Beaator that q may bw xo-1
liotUr AoplAhMPPoIntment Ingalls It
nnt.Kl?4 WutenantOovernor. Phelps, la
uo a party to nny such bargain. I'm sure.''
8eoretaryElklns,who Is In Now Vork.wos
In form od of hit confirmation by the Senate this
afternoon by n telegram from tho resident
As he hot arranged to tnnnd tho Chrlstmat
L1,?J.,5n,'.'T,th hltlamliy ntWklntVW. Va! .UlS
f.nVR?fe.,!J"not Msume hit new4utlM
until Now Vo&r's Day or toon alter.
A I.Bal tavesllgatlOB Prot-teet by Bis.
assures la tha Iloey Litigation.
ObJoctlons weromado to the tiling of an In
ventory In tho Orphan's Court at Newark yes
terday by Mr. William lload Howoottholaw
firm of Blako & Froomnn of this city. Tho
paporwas an Inventory ot the citato ot tho
lato Isaiah Q Daboock. who lived In Ortngo.
nnd was treasurer of tho Adams Exprost Com
pany at tho time ot hit death in Dccomber.
1884. Ho left no will, and his estato wot sup
posed to bo Insolvent Helon A. Babcook.
his widow, was nppolnted ndmlnlttratrlx,
and sho filed no Inventory or account
until yesterday, when objeotton was mado by
Howard A. Mayors counsellor Atoxnndor
Taylpr.VTr..of thls.clty. Mr. Taylor goth ludg
mont In this c t y (n Juno. 18S4. for ilKaitxsa
Tholludgmentl was nover satlffled. When a
bill of complaint was filed on Nov. 11 in tho
utof the Adnms.Exprcss Company againtt
John Hoey In the United RtatesCourt atTren
ton. Mr. Taylor observed that several transac
tions between Mr. Hoey and Mr. fiabcook woro
mentioned, and ho concluded that tho llab
oock estate was more promising than had beon
represented to him. Ho therefore made ap
plication to the Orphan's Court to compel Mrs.
Daboock to fllo an inventory.
The Inventory was made byQoorgeP. Kings
ley and Frederick H. llllanis on See. 15, and
the list ot assets nroBonted to tho Court yes
terday was as follows:
One watch, chain, and loek.t. t7S: four patriot eye
tlauaa, S3: three pocket knlrei. 70 cent.: two lien
holdcra. 4c S3) twonalranr ale.ro ballon.. 43i one
nn, t3; one pair stnda. S7B: nre Itilfb and Ea.l.ra
Railway Comnany nnt mortraie aeran percent, bonds,
worthle.a; l.ooo .bare. California Water and Mining
Comnany .lock, worlhle... The total value ot these
aiiet. wa. given aa SI01.TS.
Mr. Taylor's counsel objected to the inven
tory, and claimed that tho oBtate was worth
Som spo.OOO to soaooo and he otknd to havo
re. Babcock'sbond increased. Mr. Hayes
was dlreoted to fllo his objections tna to tnko
out a rulo to show cause why Mrs. Babcopk
should not bo charged with additional assets.
Tho rulo will bo returnable in two weeks. The
bill filed In Trenton sot forth that Henry Ban
ford, the President of tho express company,
was Informod that Isaiah C. BaboocK wns the
owner of four lots ot real estato In lMmora.
Union county. N. J., but asBabcockwas em
barrassed by litigation ho was dlsablod
rum holding Iho tltlo In his own name,
t was further set forth that fiabcook
caused tho ownor ot record ot tho property to
exooute four mortgages for $4,600 each to
John Hooy. and upon these Babcock borrowed
from the Adams Express Company tho sum of
$18,000. Babcock afterward took up two of
tho mortgages. Whethor Mr. Baboock held
this property when he died It not known to
Mr. Taylor, but ho wnnts to find out. and ho
proposes to show that tho Adams Express
Company paid Mrs. Babcock $14,000 after her
husband's death as a balanoe duo tho estate
upon somo shares ot stock. It Is assorted that
Babcock owed the company $10,000, and had
deposited 200 shares of stock as security. Tho
stook was sold by Hney for 10,000. it is said,
and tho balanco paid ovor to Mrs. Baboock.
Pragma of the Scheme to Believe the,
Xleheaond Terminal Company.
Thoappolntmontoftho Stockholders' Com
mitteo to readjust tho affairs ot tho Richmond
Terminal system Is still deferred, and tho an
nouncement may bo dolaycd a week or mora.
Things oro moving along so favorably. Chair
man F. P. Olcott said, that thero Is no hUrry in
appointing tho committeo. It is hinted that
several changes In tho management of the
company havo already beon agreed ucon by
Oen. Thomas nnd his friends, and tho stock
holders' Committeo will probably freoommend
their adoption at tho spoolal meeting in Janu
ary. .
A meeting of capitalists.- including the Pres
idents of two prominent banks, was held yes
terday to consider tho affairs of tho company.
Oen. Thomas and Mr. Olcott were present It
Is said that they discussed moasures for rais
ing tho necessary money to carry tho debt of
the company, nnd that probably a syndicate
would bo formed for tno purpose. Oen.
Thomas said after the mooting that notn great
deal of money was needed. He thought that
tho strength oftbo market showod that tho
public was beginning to look with confldonco
upon tho move to excludo outsiders from tho
CoadaMtora Object to Qlvlag Bond.
Kaxbas Crrr. Dec 22. Tho ordor issued by
Goncral Manager Morrill of tho St. Louis and
Ban Francisco road that conductors after Jan.
1 will havo to gtvo a $500 bond tor the faithful
performance ot duty is mooting with opposi
tion, and there oro fears that trouble will en
sue. Tho conductors held a meeting and ap
pointed a committee to call on Oonural Man
ager Morrill to protest, but the latter, it It
said, wired tho committeo that ho would not
recolve it Tho trip was abandonod. but the
Order of Railroad Conductors, It is belioved,
will make a light for their rights. It is said
that tho Alton nan Issued u si ml lar ordor.
Bt. Louts, Dec. 22. Oonoral Managot Morrill
said that the Atchison conductors are required
to give bond, and. as tho 'Frisco has como
under tho Bonta Fo management, tno conduc
tors of the former road should gtvo n similar
security. Mr. Morrill further said that em
ployees on all roads who havo the handling ot
funds aro required to give a bond, and tho con
ductors Bhould not be execptod. Tho state
ment that he had denied a commlttco a oon
ferenco Is false.
Batlroad Motes,
The Now York Board of Trado and Trans
portation has decided to assume tho uxpenae
ot carrying on tho litigation against the rail
roads in the old import rate case. Tho point
raised was whether foreign products could bu
thippod to Interior points In tho United btates
on through bills of lulling at tho Bame rate,
ns the Amvrlcau product could be snipped
from New York. The Intor-Btato Commoroo
Commissioners decided lu tho necatlvo. Tho
caso will am to tho United Btates Circuit Court.
At u uiouting ot the Htnto ltalirond Com
mission yesterday applications wore made by
threo xtreet railways to change, tholr motho
t.owor to oloctrlolty. The llrooklyu Elevated
Ilnilroad implied for permission to abandon n
part of its lluo on Grind avenuo. bocauso It
liits boen duplicated with a hotter route. All
tho applications will bo disposed ot Jotor.l
Tho l'ttduenh. Tennessee nndAlnhama nall
rond hits l-on completed to. Hollow Hock.
Tonii.. and tlif first train, weut over the road
yesterday. After Jnn. 1. through slocpers will
run lietweon Br. Lmiishnd NiiHliylllci "tor this
lino. The road will bu extendod to Bhoflleld.
Ala., in tho spring. , , , .
'l'ho New York. Busniiohnnno and flpstcrn
has completed Its second truck between l'utor
son nnd Jnrsoy City. Trains bogan running
regularly yestorday. . , , , . , -.
An Interesting hearing was held yestordoy
In Chicago by tho arbitrators In tho onto of the
Bt, Paul nnd Kansas City's appeal from tho de
cision of Chairman Finloy. who adjudgod it
guilty of n mlsuso of mileage tlckots. Tho
" Mtiplo Loaf" ofllcliils. who roprosont. It Is
said, other Hues also, .propose to establish
onoo for all the extent of ,Mr. Flnloy'B Authori
ty. They claim that ho Is.not empowered by
the agreement to employ dotoctlves or to play
detective himself. In orcler to nroourt damag
ing evidence against , a member, unless
charges havo boon formally preferrod against
a road by another oompany.
Dentist Fuller's Wife Gets m Divorce.
PgEShKiM, Doc. 22,-Judgo J. O. Dyokman
of the Bupreme Court has granted an absolute
divorce to Mrs. Sarah H. Fuller from Dontlst
Edward D. Fullor, both of tills city. Mrs.
Fuller named Mrs. Alice De Loon of Croton
Landing as co-rcsondent.
Oooda CbanglBB Hands Bapldly oa (be East
Hide or Toiva.
At J. Baumann nro'a'furnltnre eitabll.liroent, 3d
ar. ami Tilth l.. c.terday morning .ereral of the em
ploee. were kept Im.y apoloaiilng to Impatient rua
tomcr. ror lb. delay In delivering good.. Ho brl.k hare
been the aalea for the putt week, although the .lore haa
beon kept open e enlng. and the delivery wagon., too,
bare been going at high preamre, II baa beta difficult
to handlo the targe number or good, changing owner.
Although Daumann'a place haa only been in opera
tion a few month. It. auocea baa been beyond aU ex
pectation. Juitnow the more decorative) article, nnd
the readier aale. Cold reception chalra and .mall
divan, are advanced as a apeciatly and are taking
rapidly. A very pretty model of couch In Turkl.h
tape.try and In rug npbolatery are ether holiday
card.. So popular are they, quite a number or them
were booked (or auburban town, at a oon.lderabl. dla
tance. Parlor .ulti.de.plto their greater co.lline.i.
ware finding more ready aale than at any His during
thl year. It mu.t be admitted the a..ortm.nt I. very
large, the model, are very attractive, and the price, are
decidedly low.
Wall and mant.l caldnct. and fancy rocker, dlride
honor. to popularity. A iery noticeable 'feature lu
either collection I. the attention paid lo the daintier
ud wore unique dc.lgn.-de.lgna which Impre.. a
norlco with the belief they wlU coat about Uuee tunas
1 UlArUy widen U nally ake0,-4ia,
Her lawyers Wtthdratw Her I.lbel 8nlt
aad Accept at Verdict for the Jlcleace
Besaarkabla faeldentla raakloaable 1.1 fe.
Loxdon, Deo.22.-Slr Chnrles ltussoll and
tho other counsel for tho plaintiff In tho ac
tion for llbol brought by Mrs. Osborne, wife of
Capt Otborno, against Mrs. Hargreave, wlto
of Major Hargreavo, to-day announced to tho
Court that, acting undor Instruotlont from
Capt. Osborne, they Withdrew the case. Sir
Charles Busioll announced. In addition, that
Mr. and Mrs. Osborno accepted a verdict for
tho defendants.
Sir Edward Clarke, tho Sollcltor-Genoral,
counsel for Mrs. Hargreavo, said that Inquiries
which had beon mado conoornlng a lottor
which was sent to tho Judge on Haturday had
lod to tho detection of Bank of England notos
for which 050 sovereigns had boon changed.
Thoso notes. Blr Edward said, boro tho moldon
namo ot Mrs. Osborno. One 50 note had beon
trncod. and It wot found that It had been paid
by Mrs. Osborno for purchases ot linen. Other
notos signed Elliott had boon trncod to tho
Bank ot England. When thoso faots becamo
known, Blr Edward doclared tho result ot tho
trial bocamo a cortalnty. Tho announcement
of these discoveries by counsel for tho defend
ant causod a groat sensation In court
SI r Charles Iiustell expressed deep rogret for
tho reflections that had been mado during tho
course of tho trial. against Mr. Englohoart.
Mrs. Hargreavo and Capt, Osborn? desired to
withdraw all tho imputations that hud boen
made against him. .
Blr Edward Clarko admitted that Capt Os
borne had bohavod.lna chivalrous and honor
nbfomannor. AttoV hearing counsel on both
sides. Judge Donman. boforo whom tho caso
was being mod. said no had already concluded
that tho case could not bo decldod otherwise
than for tho defendant ....
Mrs. Osborno was not present in tho court
room. Tho Hurgrcavos do not Intend to proso
cuto hor. but, as a matter ot faot, the decision
of that quostion does not rost with thorn. The
wholo matter is now In tho hands of tho
police, nnd It depends upon them whether the
lady Is prosecuted for hor thefts. .
The caso first becamo known to the publlo
mrouRn a buil uruuKiii ur jure, iinmiavo ,v
soouro the return of certain lowelry or Its
valuo from a llrm of jowollors, doing business
in Qracechuroh strnot The Jowolry In ques
tion was a pair of diamond earrings and two
poar-shaped pearls as largo as illborts, which
hnd boon stolen from hor rontdenco at
Brighton and sold to tho jowellors In Lon
don. It came out on this trial that
Mrs. Osborno was chargod with stealing the
jewelry, and out of this ohargo grow thochargo
of llbol which Tins just boon withdrawn. On
tho other hand It was assorted that Mrs.
Hargreave was Involved in an intrigue with
Mr. Engleheart and that the jewels had boon
sold to pay losses Inourrod by thorn on tho
race tracks. . This idea, however, was not
plausible, owing to the fact that Mr. Esglo
heort was tho possessor of a largo fortune,
which had been loft to him on tho condition
that ho never married. .... , .
Tho two oases havo occupiod the courts lor
somo time past . . ...
The appearance of Mrs. Osborno in the wit
ness box had created a decided Impression in
her favor. Her apparently candid manner ot
testifying and tho failure of Blr Edward Clarko
to shake Tier testimony on cross-examination
had resulted In tho nlmost univorsal beliof
that tho charges of thoft mado against her
grew out of maliciousness, or that If Mrs. Har-
ftreave's charge was mado in good faith, tho
atterwas mlslakonnBto thoporson who lied
taken hor jewelry. Very fow. If any. of thoso
who listened to tho evldonco glvon by
Mrs. Osborno had any idou that sho
was guilty of the serious chargo preferred
agnlnBt hor. Tho announcement mado by Blr
Charles Itussell. that his cliont wlthdrow
her case, which, in effect was a tacit ucknowl
edgmont of t guilt camo like a bombsholl
among tho uninitiated, and caused consterna
tion in the ranks of Mrs. Osborne's friends and
supportors. .
Hir Chnrles. In making tho announcement
said that it was distressing to hlmsolf and his
colleagues to bocompcllodtodoso. Once dur
ing the course of his remarks Sir Charlos was
so overcome with emotion thnt It was impos
sible for him to proceed, and ho stood for somo
time without saying a word.
Everybody in the court room waB deeply
affected by tho sight of the great lawyer under
such circumstances, and the sllenco which
prevailed in tho court room was so lntenso as
to be almost painful Justlco Donman saw
that filr Charles would not bo ablo to say any
thing further in explanation of the matter, and
bo ho broko the silence by asking:
"Then you consent to a verdict for the de
fendants ?"
"Yes. my lord, on all tho issues," Sir.
Charlos replied. . , . . , ,,
Justlco Donman thereupon Instructed the
jury to find a verdict for tho defendants, and
It was accordingly done. ....
Mrs. Osborne now admits that alio stole tho
jewelry and that she sold it to the jeweller for
550. She was paid by cheok for the stolon
jeweiry, and for this check a bank paid hor in
gold. Sho thon took the entlro amount to
a Bond street tradesman, who changed
the gold Into notes. The tradesman re
quired her to sign her name on the back of
the notos, which woro thus traced through
tho Bank of England back to herself. Catt.
Osborno visited the Bank of England yester
day, and his feellngB may bo Imagined better
than described when ho was thoro confronted
with the indisputable evldonco of his wife's
guilt Hoot once proceeded to his home and
told his wife what had been pointod out to
him at tho bank. Mrs. Osborno saw at once
that her donials and protestations of innoconoe
would avail her nothing. Sho broko down
completely and confessed to hor husband that
sho had deceived him and that she had stolen
her friend's jewels. ....
Capt Osborno is a general favorite, and on
every sido great sympathy is felt for him. Ho
holds an unexceptionable position In society,
and his record In the army is n good ono. Ho
hnd tho greatest conlldonca in tho honor of
his wife, nnd was willing to go to any lengths
to provo that hor charnctor had beon mallRnod.
He was engaged to her when the accusation
was first mado against her. Ho hoard of
tho charges, but she. of course dented
thorn, nnd so deep was his love for hor
and his confidence In hor integrity that ho
placod no beliof in tho accusations and ho
married her.
Homebody Likely to Be Hurt Before the
Polls Close To.day.
vuiihlri, vcc. -. rttt wiu uuju unina ui'ui ul
the polling in tho Wntertord election to-morrow,
feeling on both sides runs high, and it
will bo a matter of congratulation If no ono Is
hurt bofore tho polls aro closed. Among tho
promlnont mombors of both factions ot tho
Irish Pnrlinmentnry party now In Watqrford
working In tho Interest ot tholr candidates is
MiclmW O'ISrien Dnlton, tho I'urnellitu who
assaulted Timothy Henly In, Cork in March
lust. To-day Dnlton met Dnvld Mieohy. M. P.
for South Oalway, who Is supporting MIchuel
Dnvllt, tho nomlnoo of the McCarthyltes. and
stopped him. Dnlton violently nbusud Shaohy.
who retaliated In kind. A largo orowd ot tho
supporters of John Uodmoud, tho Purnellito
candidate, gathered about the two disputants,
and for n timo it appearod as though the whnlu
crowd would fall upon Mr. Bhoohy. He wus
protected by tho police, who escorted him to a
placo of safety.
France's Quarrel with Bulgaria.
London, Doc. 22. Tho Standards Berlin cor
respondent says: "Germany, England, Aus
tria, and Italy decline to accode to Franco't
suggestion of a joint note to the Porto on tho
Chadoulno affair.1' , ,
St. PETEEsnuno. Doc 22. The soml-offlclnl
Journal de .v, ivrrrsboura publlshos an artlulo
to-dny on the Chadoulno Incident. It takes
the ground that. In accordance with interna
tional treaties. Bulgaria was bound to act
through tho Fronch representative nrSolliiiu
any action she may hnvo desired to take to ho
euro tlm expulsion of M. Cliudoulno from tho
country, nnd that hor omission to do so con
stitutes a flagrant infringement of the capitu
lations. P(ll Hall ror New York.
London, Deo. 22. Tho City of Paris enrrlos
umongitH pnsscngors for Now York Advllnu
Put 1 1 nnd Nlcollnl. Ardltl mid wife. Novum
und wife, Mmo, Fabblo nnd daughter.
Young Lord ltomllly, whoso father vas
bumod to death In May last In his London
house through the upsottlng of a paraffins
lamp. Is nlso a passenger. His lordship is
about 20 yoara of ugo. and unmarried, una Is a
Lieutenant In tho Coldstream Uuurds. Ho is
alavorito In London society.
The Aiajrh. In Dry Bock.
Loxdon. Doc. 22. When the Bteumor As
syria (Dr.). Murray, was about to depart from
Leghorn, on the ICth Inst, for New York, It
was observed that hor bow was sottllng. The
steamer went Into dry dock, and exa Inatlon
revealed tho fact thnt hor bow plates woro
started and that sho was leaking. Sho will
undergo repairs at Leghorn.
Ntoddard Convicted.
Edwnrd L. Stoddard, who attempted to got
inonoy from Oen. Beauregard, Col. Elliott F.
Shepard, and others by forgery, whllo ho was
in jail in Jurtuy City, was convicted yesterday
in that oity of forging tho namo ot John a.
Wollpla an attempt to got money from a bank, '
xy 3ttB rroitto of rABtixoy.
Winter Partita by Mra. Aator, atra. Rob
erta, aad Mrs. Bottnlck,
Mrs. William Astor gvo her first largo din
nor party ot the tcaton last night at her resi
dence. 350 Fifth avenue, Thoro wero twenty
lour persons' eoatod about the square table,
which was sot in tho largo dining room and
was decoratod with tall stiver candlesticks,
covored with light pink satin Bhndes. Clutters
of American Boauty rosos In tall sllvor vatos
wore ptaood at elthor end ot tho table. Mrs.
Aator woro a gown of maroon volvot trlmmod
with point loop, and diamond ornamonts.
Coffeo was servod In tho ballroom, which, with
the dining room and drawing rooms, woro
drosscd with American Boauty, rotos and
Christmas greens.
Besides tho hostess thoro sat at tho tablo Mr.
and Mrs. John Jnoob Attor, who mado tholr
appoaranco togothur, nt a social entertain
ment, for tho first time this season: Mr. and
Mrs. James ISoosovolt lloosovelt. Mr. and Mrs.
A. J. Forbos-Lolth. Mr. and Mrs. Goorgo Pea
body Wotmoro. Mr. and Mrs. Nlaholas Fish,
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Kornoohan. Col. and
Mrs. B. Van Rensselaer Cmgor, Mr. and Mrs.
Bayard Cutting. Mr. and Mrs. Wells. Miss
Whiting, tho Maraulso Talloyrand-Porlgord,
Blr Roderick Camoron. Mr. J. Lynch rrlngle.
and Mr. Peter Marie.
Mrs. Marshall O. ltoborts cave last night tho
second of hor Borles ot largo dlnnar partlos In
honor of hor fiance. Col. llalpn Vivian, at hor
residence. 107 Fifth avenue. At on Monday
nlalittho dinner was servod In the plcturo
gallery. Mrs. Roberts was attlrod In a Parisian
gown ot bluo brooado and point laco. and woro
a nocklaco of solltalro diamonds, with
a diamond cross pondant nnd a largo
diamond ornament in hor colffurp. Mrs.
Roberts's guests woro: Mr. and, Mrs.
Bradley Martin. 3Ir. nnd Mrs. Charlos O.
Francklyn. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bryce, Mr. and
Mrs. Chauncoy M. Dopow, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Endlcott Mr Burko-Roche, Mrs. WllllamJaff
ray. Miss Grace Wilson, tho Misses Endlcott,
Miss Seward. Mr. II. Maltland Kersey. Mr. H.
(X Beaumont Mr. Augustus C. Gurnoo. Col.
Huthbort Larking and Col. Straooy of tho Bcote
uards. Thoro was muslo during the ovoning
by Lander's orchestra,
Ono of tno most notable dinner partlos of tho
Winter season was given last nlghtby Mrs.
.inoez a. uoBiwics niiier roniuBiiou, ouu tnui
avenue, in honor of Miss Elolso Btovonson and
Mr. James Lorillard Kernochan. whoso mar
rla.o is to take place before tho end ot the sea
son. Tho broad hallway was ornamented with
exotic and foliage plantt.whllo tho front draw
ing room was droBsed with a profusion of
Magna ChartA roses placed In vases on tho
mantel und on small Btands about the room.
Beautiful pink rosos decorated tho second
drawing room. The dining room was dressed
with yollow rosos. nnd tho live small tables oc
cupied by tho guoats were embellished with
orchids of green and yellow. Mr. Kernochan s
hunting colors. There were flvoguosts at
each of tho six tablos.and from The contre
plccototho placo ot each guest was n broad
Bash ot yollow or green satin, on which was
painted tho namo oftbo person occupying tho
place. The ladles rocelvod as favors bonbon
ntcrc of Dresdon china, enclosed In n fancy
satlnlbng. Tho men wero presented with
B.ncy menus, to which woro attached small
readen china match boxes . During the din
ner thoro was muslo by the Hungarian band,
which was in tho hallway behind a screen ot
palm trees. ... . ... .
Miss Bostwick, who Is to marry Capt Albert
Caretalrs of the Royal Irish Rifles, wore, a
handsome gown of yellow satin brocade,
trimmed, with pink inolro ribbons. Miss
Stevenson's was a gown of groen satin com
bined with primroso colored chiffon and
ellvor. Mrs. Bostwick, boing ill, was not ot tho
company last night ........
A muslcahi was glvon last night y Mrs. Eg
bortGuernsoyat hor home. 523 Fifth avenue.
Tho soloists woro Mme. Laura Bchlrmor
Mnplcsnn. Mr. Jamos Suuvage. nnd Chevalier
do Nlodslolskl, who gavo soveral selections on
tlm violin. The largo rooms wero docornted
with wreaths of laurol and ovorgreons nnd
buncheB of holly. At lntorvils about tho
Sooms wero clusters of English mistletoe.
Irs. Guernsey woro n rich gown of black vel
vet trimmed with Honltnn luce, and diamond
jewels. Bhe wns assisted in receiving by
Miss Florenoo Guornsoy, who was In satin,
draped with black chiffon, and Mrs. Oeorgo H.
Clowes, who woro a rich gown ot old bluo bro
cudo trimmod with flounces of old point laco.
There lay Be u Conteat fbr the Estate of
Bob I. jone'a Father.
Tho prosecution in the case of tho murder of
Bob Lyons Is threatened with tho loss of Us
most Important witness. Martin Lyons, the
father ot the murdered bov.dlod on Monday in
St Francis's Hospital, and now his wife,
Ella Lyons, is sorlously sick. Mrs. Lyons is
tho witnoss who says Bob told her that Mlckoy
Bllnoy had cut him. Mrs. Lyons is an old
woman, and her husband's death, following
tlm murder ot her son. lias completely un
norvod her,
Tho remains of Martin Lyons were removed
yesterday from Bt. Francis's Hospital to Mrs.
Lyons's present homo at 41 Montgomery strettt
and they will ho Interrod. probably on Cbrlet
nias Day. in Calvary Cemetery.
Thoro may bo n contort over his estato Ho
ownodthe four-btory tenement house In Cherry
streot whero Bob was murdered, and another
houso in Market street It is also said that ho
had considerable money invested in stocks and
mortgages. When he became dissipated his
wlfo unci Ids son Bob looked after his busi
ness and doled out monoy to him In
small quantities. This wns usually spent in
tho neighboring saloons, and when ho wanted
moro monoy than he could got at homo ho np-
Sllcd to his Bitter. Mrs. May Caddlo of 129
ladison street Mrs. Caddie frequently gavo
,lm small sums, and on ono occasion Lyons
6atd to her:
" My wlfo bolloves that I havo loft all my
monoy to her. but I havo mado another will, in
which I repay you for tho money you havo
lent me."
Trod on Sir. Flynn's Barry Howard Corn.
A letter bearing tho slgnuturo of "A. War
ren" ot 3D Bookman btreot aud protesting
against the changing of tho namo of nny stroet
to Harry Howard street, was rend at tho moot
ing of tho Board ot Aldermen yesterday. Mr.
Wurron wrote Hint tho friends of tho old flro
chief wero displaying moro al than common
sense. .
Alderman Flynn. the father of tho effort to
glorify Mr. Howard, sprang to his feet and
yelled out that tho letter was impertinent nnd
moved to have It laid on tho tablo. All tho
other Aldormen smiled dryly and voted to
havo tho lettor filed.
Tho Board refused to entertain a motion of
Alderman Mead to roconsldor the resolution
to restrict the running of trains on Eloventh
nvonuo to the hours of darkness.
A resolution was adopted allowing licensed
venders to stand on Second avenuo between
lllltli and 110th strcots during tho holidays.
Annuls Ilorlon,
Tho woddlng of Mrs. Annlo Hclicnck Horton,
tho daughter of tho Into William G. Sehenck,
proprietor ot thu Westmlnbtor Hotel, und Mr.
Ellphalot Nort Anablo ot Long Island City
took place yostorday nfteruoon in ono of the
fiarlors ot tho Westminster HcrtoL Bocnuso ot
ho rocont death of Mr. Hclicnck. only relatives
woro present nt the eereoniny, which wns per
formed by tho Rev. Dr. John Hall of tho Fifth
Avonuo Presbyterian Church, assisted by tho
Rov. Dr. Courtlnnd W. Annble. an uncle ot tho
bridegroom. Thoro. wus no reception. Mrs.
Auable's first husband was Nathan Waller
Horton. Mr. Anablo is a lawyer of this city.
Banged Hlmseiron Hie Nephew' Bedpost.
John Roccl.l, a trunkronkor, who lived nt 01
South. Orange avenue. Newark, was found
dead and bunging by tho neck to the head
board of a bod In which his lB-yoar-old ncphow
was sleeping. Roeckl got up In tho night and
strangled himself with n fish line, which ho
trylstod into a stout cord. Ho was : years
old. nnd worked nt his trade In this city. , His
wlfo died II vo mouths ago. and. although lio
has two promising vhlldron, ho became do
Bpondeut and moody.
The Umbrella a Prime Futorlte lor a Iloll.
day Oin.
Tho umbrella more than any known article ha. a
fiihlon of taking unto It.elf wing.' and never return
ing; therefore. If one', complement number, fewer
than two or three, that unfortunate will be left In the
lurch tome wet day Hence it 1. o many .hopper,
make no ecruple of duplicating thL article for a hot!
day gift, knonlnir full well tb. umbrella given Lit
year wa. probabl) lo.l long ago.
The umbrella ha. come to be a con.pleuou. f.ature In
the dock of every dry good, and tnen'a furnl.hlng
tore, but lo get an Intelligent Idea of the multiplicity
ot make, to be had, the anortment of a dealer In um
brella, only-wor, b.tter .till, ot a manufacturer-ehould
be In.pect.d, By taking a trip to Fulton et, and a.
cendlngone night of .lair, to the premlae. of the
"Smith Manufacturing Company," at 1 21 aud IS3, one
of the mutt dlver.e aortinent1n the city can be teen,
Iroin 'J'. I'eiiti to fi' they range in price, repre.enllug
all grartea of material, .Ih cr and nold mounted, When
th. fact I. taken Into run.litcrutiou that Nr, huiitli re
tail. Lie gjoJe at manufacturer' price,, una rati read
ily .ee It paya to lilt tbl. place. At the Harlem head
quartrra. IStand 160 EutlSSIb at, the .took I. a4
moil ai large aud price, are quite a. low, AJst
Three pounds of self-raising
flour costs twenty cents.
This is one way.
Three pounds of flour and .
enough of Cleveland's bak
ing powder to raise it costs
thirteen cents.
This Is the best way.
Candidates for the Nomination for Goveraor
la the Hoclal Whirl.
BiRuiNonAM. Ala., Doc 22 Alitbama has at
present a novel campaign. It started out enrly
In tho fall as n mud-sllnglng contest, but soon
changed to ono which Is much moro pleasing.
A Governor Is to bo elected In August noxt,
and Gov. Jones and Capt. Reubon F. Kolb aro
thoonly candidates for tho Democratic nomi
nation. The campaign was opened In Jefferson he
causo it Ib the most populous county In the
State and has glvon the largest Domocratio
majorities. Kolb had beon stumping the
county, aud Gov. Jones's frlonds prevailed on
him to do likewise. An engagement was mado
for him to speak at Adgers, a small raining
camp twonty miles out from Birmingham.
Attor thu speaking a danco wns proponod.
Oov. Jones was asked to load It with Mrs.
Johns, tho boautlful wlfo of tho superin
tendent of the mines. The Governor could
not refuse, nnd ho onterod at onco Into tho
spirit ot the amusements.
. Atthoclosoot tho dance, not content with
his success as a danaer. ho leaned forward
Snd Imprinted one of his sweetest kisses on
Irs. Johns's ruby lips. Thnt pleased tho
audlonce.and a round of npplauso such as
seldom greets any ono wont up from tho
throats of tho minors. It was tho most ploas
ant Incident of tho day, and since thon tho
contest has boon callod tho osculatory cam
paign. Bo well ploasad worn tho peoplo with that In
cident that Cnpt Kolb. at his very next np-
'ointment, which, by tho way. was at Adgers.
hought to outdo tho gallant Governor, and ho
mprfnted two kisses on tho cheek ot Mrs.
IlflhouAH. the charming wlto of the mining
boss. Nowovory political meeting is trans
formd into a dance or a germnn, nnd which
ever, candidate is present la forced to lead off
with tho most popular lady present
la lie Floating a Confederate flag t
Washington. Dee. 22. First Assistant Post-mafltor-Genoral
Whitfield has rocelvod Infor
mation that during tho last several weoks tho
Postmaster at Baird. Calahan county. Texas,
has kept a Confederate ling floating over his
office. Whllo hardly crediting tho roport Oon.
Whitfield has written tho Postmaster for the
faots in tho caso. and an oxplauation if tho
facts aro as reported.
Mr. E. 0. ARBUTHNOT, ShanghaL
!,ATcei autucao ran nir.
Esnrlie..... 7 23 Ifcnn.et..... 4 87 1 Moon rlie. II 00
men WATia rail oar.
Eandy Hook. 1 10 I OovJiland. 1 41 1 II.U Gala.. B 31
Arrived Tua.oar. Deo. 23.
S Kma. Sander. Southampton,
ha Douro. Man ball. Antwerp,
ha rroft. Itoblnion, Dundee.
h. B.nea. Krl.tad. (Jitiara.
f nail!, HcFarlane. I'arn.
K. riarlbel, Macknlgbt. Klng.ton.
E. Vumurl. Uanaen. Havana,
ha naldnmero lirle.laa, raatella. Vera Cro
ne TallabaMte. A.klni, Savannah.
ft Duyaudotte, Walker, Norfolk.
Hi II. V, Dlmnck, Kerry. Botton.
B. City or Kitcbbura-. lubber. KoU River
IKor later arrival, .ee Flnt raia
8. Ancborla. from New York, at Movllle.
t City ot Lincoln, from New York, at Antwerp.
Sa America, from New York, at London.
Sa Hellaura, from New Vurk, at Liverpool.
K. Laplace, 'rout New York, at Klu Jauelre.
8a f lament, from New York, at rare.
ha Teotunle. frum New York, oa Brow Head.
Ha Spree, from New York, oft firllly.
fc. lrance, from i New York, oft I'rawle Point,
i ticoi.e ncAHsatr-
IbU Tit-day.
ttallidm. Tn.,USat
Bolivia, (iibraltar .lOOI'.M.
Britannic. Liverpool 7.30 A.M. 11.00 A.M.
Cherokee. CUarlenton 8 00 '. H.
City of Aucu.ta. Kavannali 3 001'. M.
cityof Cbe.ter. Miernool.. 7.30A.M. Jim) A.M.
Krlc.land. Ant crp It 00 A.M. II do A.M.
Muriel. Karbadoe. IIOI'.H. it 00 P. M.
Rotterdam. Am.terdain ..1)00 A.M. 11.00 A.M.
tail Jb-jworrnn;
riarlbel. Klne.ton lOOT.M anop.M.
Kurlpldea. I'orto lllco 8 no r. M. r, 001'. M.
Knvetudale, Klnntoll 10 00 A. M. 1 2 -OO M.
Ituirla. Ilamhurir IIMMM.
Soutbwold. Havana 1.0JI'. M. H 00 l. M.
Bmeaton Tower, I'orto ltlco. U.UUI". . C.coi'. M.
ir revive .TraamirL
i.brfitH. .
Cbateau I Otte Bordeaux Dec. 7
Finance St. Tnoma. Dec. 14
Helvetia London Dec, it
Eevptian Monarch London Dec. ft
KtbtoDla ulag(.w Deo. 10
Italy Uverpool Dec. 5
Wl.ron.ln Liverpool - Dec. 13
Nomadlo ..Liverpool Dec. 13
Siberian ..(iia.gow Dec. 11
Colorado Hull Pec. 7
carlbbre St. Crnix Dec, IS
Maje.tlc Liverpool Dec. IS
Havel Bremen Dec. 15
Venezuela Lairnayra Dec, 17
Maaara Hatana Deu. 1U
NMIerland Antwerp Dec. 10
Wae.laud Antwerp Deo. 13
Hum rfti.rfiv. 0". 24.
Otxlam Rotterdam Dec. 11
Moravia Haraburir Dec. 11
Dut frdhtg, Dk. 23.
Colon (olon Pec. IS
Hautiairn Na.nau Dec. 21
Alexauder Eider London - Dec, 13
X.b taturibi. Dec 26
nrrioutia nr. , roia i'u. i
TMnirtalla Chrl.tlan.and Dec. 13
Tower IIIU London Dec. 13
Kuropu Loudon Dec. 13
IhiiStnutw, Vrc 27.
Auraula Liverpool Dec 10
Kurnpa Hamburg D.c. 12
I,a Champagne Havre Ilea 1U
Muriel o .. Hull Dec. 13
Trinidad Bermuda Deo. 24
Itot Xtmdny, Dec, 28.
Fume. .la illa.iow , Pcr.17
Aiulra , I'ort Llmou Her le
orluiba Ilaana Dec 24
Holland Lnniloii Deo. in
Runic Lherpoul Deo. 17
augiufgq fOrtifM.
A Holiday Oirt.-MeB'a Winter Under
wear, line. Sinrt. Neckwear, hu.pendere, Ulotea, Car
dliruii Jacket.. Ilamlkerehier.. Muntera. WrutleL. Col
lar. Cuu. .1. W JOIIN8T0N, 37U Olh av.. above 23d
at ; alto 2C0 lirand at,, N. Y,
Tbe reataer-wclgbt Umbrella.
Neate.t, llidite.t, and etromre.t umbrella made. Only
at oi. manufacturer.. TUUMAM MILLKII bo.MI,
1.101 Broadway, between 2t)lh aud 37tb ata.
Mra. Wlnalotv'a Hoothlna: Hyrnp for children
teething, aof leu. the guina, reduce, lntlamtnatlon, at
lay. pain, cure, wind collo 25 cuts a bottle,
For Colda aad Morn Throat, no more u.arul ar
ticle can be found than the Men known "BHOWN'd
llKONL'IIIALTHUCIIBB." Bold only lu boxea.
Phillips' Ulsealltile Cocoa
yprnl.baa nutriment and aid. dig ..Hen.
AN'ABI.E-HORTUN.-At Ih. re.ldrnce of tbe
brldr, on Tue.day morning, Dec. 23, IBM, by the
Iter, Dr. John Hall, at.l.ted by the Ilev, Dr. Court
land W, Anablr, Annie Scnenck Ilorlon, daughter of
tbe late William O. hcbtnrk, Eaq.ot tbl. city, lo
Eliph.let Nurt Anablo of tang I.land City,
WIXIN-llueCIRKGOB.-On Monday, Dec. 21,
at All boul.' (Antbon Memorial) Cburch, by the Itev.
n. Ileber Newlon, Loulie MacOregor, daugbterof
Henry NacOregor, to Robert A. WlUia
ALLEV.-Oo Monday, Deo. 31, at Warebou.e Point,
Conn , Mary Allen, aged 88 year..
Friend, are Invited to attend tbe fon.ral from the
re.ldence of Cbarle. I'a.co, on Wcanotday afternoon
at 2 o'clock.
Al.L,EN.-On Dec. 22, Eut.n M., mother of William
D.and John II, Allen.
Funeral at Troy, N. Y Dec. 24.
BE.lRDNLEY.-On Monday, Dec. 21, at New
llaven, Conn., the Ilev, E. E. Ucard.l.y.
Notice of funeral hereafter,
UBIUUEK.-At Central l.lip, L. I., Dec. 21, Mary P..
widow of Tboma. E. Hrl'lcer. agod Kl year..
Funeral at Central l.llp, 2 1'. !.. Wednc.d.y. Train
IcatLa ling l.laud I'lly at B 30 A. M.
HHOHNAN.-Oli Monday, Dec. 21, Margaret Drui
nan, athcrrc.idente, 1114 Waverly place,
funeral from tbe lioute at tl 4. M, on Wtdnaiday, In
tcrmtnt at Bimjuebanna, I'a. No flowcra,
BROWN.-On Sunday. Dew. 30, al Hartford, Conn,
Cbarle. W.aon of the late -eorga W.and HattleB.
Brown, aged 7 y.ara and 10 month.,
rsncral private.
nU:HIONANI,-0abrll A. Dochljo.nl, on Tun
day, Dec. 21.
footral from hi. late re.ldence, 134 3d av on Thnrt
day, Dec, 24, at 10:80 A. M.
CA-.KER.-On -Monday, Deo. 21, at Bait Hart
ford, Conn.. Frederick Cbalker, aged 33 years.
Friend, are Invited to attend the funeral from hi.
lata re.ldene on Toe.day afternoon. Interment
at Clinton, Conn, Wedneeday.
CIIERRT.-Sudd.nlrrfii Monday, Dee. 21, Thome.
Cherry, aged 20 y.ara, beloved .on ot tbe late
Tboma. Cherry.
Funeral from hi. late rendenee, n 3d place, Brooklyn,
on Wedne.day morning at 10 o'clock. Interm.nt
private. Calvary Cemetery.
Cr.ARKE.-On Sunday. Dee. 20, at New Haven,
Conn, -Den V, Clarke, aged 07 y.ara.
Frt.nd. are Invited to attend the fnneral from her
lata rlnV", IAD Do Wilt av,, on Wedne.day af
ternoon at 2 o'clock.
cr.ARK.-On Sunday, Dec. 20, 1801, Ellia, wife ot
(leorge W. Clark, In nerftOlh year.
Funeral lervlce. at lier lato re.ldence, 1)0 Avenue D,
on Tue.day evening, Dec, 22, at B o'clock.
CI.OONAN.-On Monday. Deo. 21, at Hartford.
Conn, Lli.le Oloonan, aged 41 year, and 10 month.,
Frt.nd. are Invited to attend the funeral from her
late residence, on Wedneeday forenoon.
COiI.IrV-On D.c. 21, 18U1. nt lha re.ldence of
Rlgnal D. Woodward, K1, 129 En it 30th .1., Dr.
Ro.well I'arlc Collin, lato of CO Ea.t 31lt t.. Now
York city.
Funeral and Interment at Fayettevllle, K. Y.
CONNOR. Bernard A. Connor, beloved hu.band of
Elira Wall, nt hi. re-deuce, 300 Cherry .t., on Mon
day, Dec 21.
R.latlvea and friend. arc reapectrully Invited to at
lend the funeral on Thuraday. Doc. 24, at 2 P. M
DITMIH. At DougUaton, UI. n Monday. Dec. 21,
1801. Henry O. Dltmla. In the 61 at year of hi. age.
Relative, and friends are Invited to attend tho,
funeral at Xlon Church. Dongla.ton. on Wedncaday,
Deo. 11. at 3 P. M.
IMDO-0n Dec. 31, Oeotye Dodge, aged 38 years.
Friend, are Invited to atteuid tbo funeral from hi.
late re.ldence, 80 Morton at, this forenoon at 10
o'clock. Funeral aervlcea vera held Tue.day
DOLAN,-On Sunday. Dee. 20. at hi. late re.ldence.
1ST We.t B2d et.. Tboma. Dolan.
Solemn ma., of requiem will bo offered for the repo.s
ot hi. .out at the Church ot the l'aull.t Father..
00th t and Columbu. av.. on Wodnaeday, Dec. 23.
at 10 o'clock A. It. Relatives and friend, are Invited
... -t,rf tntArmetifc in Patvarv.
BOON.-On Sunday, Dec. 20, kt Hartford, Conn , Jo-
cpb, .on of Jo.tpb Doon, aged 'Jyeara.
Funeral private.
DOWNH.-ln New llaven. Conn , on Monday, Dec. 21,
Andrew J. Down., aged W year..
Trlend. are Invited to attend the funeral from hie
late re.ldence, e Harden at., on Thuraday afternoon
at 2 o'clock.
BOYLE. On Dec. 21. at 77 Greenwich av.. Mile.
Doyle, aged 35 year.
Frlendaaro Invited to attend the funeral from hi.
late re.ldonce. 77 Greenwich av., on Wedne.day
forenoon at 10 o'clock: thence to Bt Joaeph'a
Chorchat Clh av. and Waehtnglon place.
DCFFY.-On Sunday, Dec 20. at 67 Weet DM at.,
Urania Helen, daughter of John II. and Cells it.
Duffy, aged IB montba,
Fnneral private.
ENOLIrj.-Baddenly, on Sunday, Dec 20. William
Franklin Englia. aged 3S year..
Funeral from tho re.ldence ot hi. rather. .Tohn Englia,
10 Clinton av., Brooklyn, nn Wednc.d.y, Dec. 23.
at 8 P.M. Interment private.
ENNIrJ. At Bridgeport, Conn, on Monday, Dec. 21,
Peter Ennl. of 474 rembroke it., aged 03 ycara.
FEl.TEH.-At Columbia Hall, Lebanon Spring.,
on Dec. 20. 1801, Samuel W. Feltcr. aged 64 eara.
Interment In Cemetery of Evergreen., New Lebanon,
N. Y.
FENNESY. On Saturday. Dec. 10, at Hartford,
Conn, Mary, Infant daughter of John and Kate
Funeral private.
FOOARTY. In New Haven. Conn .on Monday. Deo.
21. Mary, wife of Timothy Fogarty.
Friend, are Invited to attend the funeral from her
late re.ldence, 46 Day at. on Thuraday forenoon at
8.30 o'clock, and from St. John'a Chnrch at 0
FOI.EY.-At Hartford. Conn , on Monday, Dec 21.
John A, Foley, aged 20 yeara.
Frlenda are Invited to attend the fnneral from hi.
late rcaldence. 20 Affleck at, on Wedne.day fore
noon at 8 30 o'clock, and from St, Jo.eph'a Church
at 0 o'clock.
FORDIlAaf.-On Monday, Dec. 31. Adeline, aged S
yeara andfl month, daughter of Robert L. and Mary
J. Fordham.
Fnneral on Wedneeday morning. Deo. 33, from the
re.ldence of ber parent.. 324 We.t Mat at., at 10
o'clock. Interment at Woodlawn. California, Con-
nectlcut. and Long I.land papers pleaae copy.
FOYHr.On Sunday, Dec. 20. at Hartford, Conn.,
Jotepb A, .on of A. and Jennie Foy.l, aged 1 month
and ! daya. '
Fnneral private.
FKANCIS.-On Sunday, Dec. 20. at Mandarin, Fla.,
Hiram Francl. of Merlden, Conn., aged 78 year
Notice ot funeral hereafter.
dARVEY.-CatbarlneJ. (larvey, widow of Thomaa
Funeral from the Church of St. Vincent de Paul, We.t
23d it. on Thuraday at 0 A. M.
GENCE.-On Sunday. Dec. 20, at Merlden, Conn,
Mr.. Ancllda Gence or 21 Cedar at.
XLAYDEX. At Black Rock, Conn, on Sunday, Dec.
20, Ellnabetn llayden. aged 58 year..
IlENNEHHY.-At her late re.ldence, 148 Ea.t 3d
it., on Tue.day, 23d In.t, Mra. Richard Henneuy.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
JAH.VlM.-On Saturday, Dec. 10. 1801, Eliza Brower,
widow of tbe late D. B. Jarvla, aged 76 year..
Funeral aervlcea at ber late re.ldence, 114 We.t 41. t
at., on Wedne.day evening, the 23d In.t , at So'clock.
Interment private.
JONES.-On Sunday, Dec. 20, at Merlden, Conn., Ml..
Margaret Jon., of 41 Willow .1.
Z.AIIEY. On the 10th In.t, John Lahey, aged 48
5 car.
III. relative, ami friend, are re.peclfully Invited to
attend tho funeral .ervlce from hi. late re.ldence,
413 We.t 48th it., on Wedne.day at 2 o'clock I'. M.
EOW.-On Monday, Dec. 21. at Hartford. Conn.,
Catbarluo Low, aged CI yeara and 10 month..
Friend, aro invited to attend tbe funeral from her
late re.ldence, 110 llungerrord at, ou Wedne.day
afternoon at 3 o'clock.
LYON8,-flD Dec. 21, after a abort lllneij, Martin
Lyona, beloved bu.banil of Ellen Lyon., at hi.
late le.idence, 41 Montgomery .!., city.
Funeral will take place from St. Jam.'. Church,
Thuraday, Dec, 24, at 10.80 A. M. Solemn requiem
mm will be offered for tbe repo.e of hi. ouL Rel
ative, and frlenda reapectrully Invited. County
Walerford (Ireland) papera plea.e copy.
MARTIN.-On Monday, Dec. 21, at Bridgeport,
Conn , Lout., ton of John and Katie Martin, agod 2
Funeral private.
MARTIN.-On Monday, Dec, 21, at Merlden. Conn,
Sarah C, Idow of Mile. Martin, aged 0.1 yeara.
McFADUEN.-On Monday, Dec. 21, Edward Mc
Fadden, tubl.44thytar.
Relath c. and friend, are invited to attend tbe funeral
from hi. lato re.ldence, 070 Greene av, on Thura
day morning at 8.30, aud from tho Church of Our
Lady of Good Council, Putnam, near Ralph av,
MeI.EAN.-On Monday, Dec 21, at Edinburgh, Scot
land, Edward W, McLean, formerly of tula city,
NAQLE.-OU Suuday, D.c. 20, at Merlden. Conn,
Patrick Nagle of 187 Centre at, aged 42 year..
ODEI.I..-0n tbe 21.1 In.t., Emily Matilda, wife of
William S, OdelL aged 48 year..
Frl.nd. and relative, ot the family are re.pectfully
Invited to attend the funeral aervlce at her late
re.ldence, 180 York it, Brooklyn, on Tbunday at 11
o'clock A. M. Interment at lloboken.
O'CONNEEI-0n Dec. 22. Ellen O'Connell, widow
otCuarlcaO'Counell. aifedCt year..
Funcralfrom her late re.lnencc, S.-.7 We.t Itlth .L,
Friday, Dec. 2C, 1801, at 1.30 I'. M. Omit flower..
HEI1.EY, In New Hat en. Conn , on Tueaday, Deo
22, Mary, wife of John Itelley,
Frlenda are invited to attend the funeral from her
late re.ldence. Blatchley av.. on Thuraday forenoon
at 8 CO o'clock, and from St. Francl.'a Church at 0
REIHBORF.-On Tue.day, D.c. 23, at St. Vincent'.
Ho.pltal, the Rev. J. V, Itel.dnrf, O. I'.
Funeral .ervlce. at St. lucent Ferrer', rhurcb. Lex
ington av and IKltli it., Dec. 23, at 10 A. M, Inter,
meut at St. Jo.eph'e. Homered. I'erry county, O.
RICH, -On Tue.day, Dec. 33, 1HU1, Surah C. Rich, In
tbe 43d year of ber age.
Relative, and friend, ot tbe family are re.pectfully
Invited to attend the funeral from her late real
dence, .1 and& Exchange place, Jer.ey City, N. J, on
Thur.day, Dec, 24. 1801, at II A. H. abarp; thence lo
Bt, I'eter'. Cburch, where a aolemn high ma., ot
requiem will be offered up for tb. happy repo.e of
her .out
RICII.-On Monday, D.c. 21, at New Haven, Conn ,
Jacob Rich, aged 40 year
Funeral prirate,
ROUBINH.-On Dec 21, 1801, Leonard Robbln., In
hi. 73d) ear.
Funeral terwee. from tbo re.ldence of bl. .on, 218
Eckford t, (Ireeupolnt, on Wcuiiciday atttrnoon,
Dec. 23. at 3 o'clock
HAWYEH.-On Monday. Dec. 21, at Now llaten,
Conn. Ilattle D j)cr, lfuuf William D, Saw) cr,
aged 4Syear.
Friend, are Ihtlted to atl.nd tho funeral from her
late re.ldetice, 148 Orange it, ou Wednc.d.y atttr
noon at 3 o'dvck,
;,. , ,'t!is!rjiiir.; irV.aiv .
SAMEH.-On Monday, Dec 21, at Hartford. Conn, ijj
Kllta M. Same, ot 203 Maple av, ag.d 03 years. fVf
Frlenda are Invited to attend the fon.ral from hat t ft
late realdtnco on Wedneeday afternoon. t I'M
SCIIENAUER -On Monday, Dee. 31, at Mew (.
Haven, Conn. Maria E, widow ot Philip Bch.nao.r. V
aged 78 yeara. ' Wi
Frlenda are Invited to attend the foneralfrom herlata ;XJ
re.ldence, 846 Wa.blntton .t, on Wedneeday after. Ca
nnon at 3 o'clock. Interment at the convenience of $S
the family. SJ?
SCIIEtfF.rtAN.-On Sunday, Dee. 30.at 81J Eati ($
21it at, Anton Beheoerman. il$
Flend. are Invited lo attend tbe funeral from 811 "M
m.',2l.t at, on Wedne.day at 3 r.M. , f
SEEnMY.-On Wedne.day. Dec. 31, at Bridgeport, A'VS
Conn, William K. Seeley. aged 63 yeara and S 'gt
month.. raj)
Friend, aro invited In att.nd lha funeral from his JS
late re.ldence. 130 South av, on Wedueaday after -
noon at 3 o'clock, 'j?
8MITII,-0n Tue.day, Pec, 22, Nellie Smith, th. bt- jig
loved wire of I'eter Smith, aged 01 year.. iffi
Relative, and friend, are re.pectfully Invited to U '
tend the funeral from her lato re.ldence at 1,00J 3d -MJ
av., at 3 P. M on 3h In.t. M
STII.WEr.U-On Tue.day, Dec. 32. SllaaM.SIllwetl, Ml
.on ot the late Hon. Slla. M. ami Caroline Nora- ,-3f
worthy Btilwelt. aged 37 year.. '
Fnneral from the Cburch of the Atccn.lon. 6th av vlj
and 10th at, on Thuraday, D.c. 24, at 10.80 A, tl, "B
Interment private .'SKI
SPAE.DINO.-0n Monday. Dec 21, at Bridgeport, M
Conn.. Francea Spalding, wife of Henry Spalding, '.. H
aged 03 year.. "Vj (J
Frlenda are Invited to attend Iho funeral from her S A
lato re.ldenie, 117 Pembroke at., on TueJayatte M
noon at 2 o'clock. M
TAYX.OR.-0n Dec. 21, In Broad River dl.trlot. Ko eft II
walk, Conn, Julia Ann Taylor, aged 70 yeara. .l H
Friend, are Invited to attend lha funeral from lha .'yjj I
re.ldenceof William II. Burger, at Broad River, tbla ! I
afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment at Rlverilde ' I
Cemetery. l
TIFFANY.-On Monday, Dec 21, at Hartford, ii
Conn, E. Palmer Tiffany. .', m
Notice of funeral hereafter. .4 I
TH.EMTON.-AtIkewood. N. J., Dec. 22, ot heart -JS I
failure, Henry Tlle.ton of New York. if B
Notice of funeral hereafter. 'g ij
TURNBPLL.-On Monday, Dec. 21, at New Havaa. S I
Conn ,Mry J. Miller, nlfeoflrwln B.Turubull.aged -Y Ij
31 year.. "- ill
Notice ot funeral hereafter. fa)
TWIHB.-On Sunday. Dec. 20, nt Bridgeport, Conn, m,
Ann, wife ot Illran V, Twla. of 7 George at. On
Friend, are Invited to attend the funeral from her $ X
late re.ldence on Wedne.day afternoon. ' ! 3
VAN HcnOONIIOVCN.-On Dec. 22. 1891. at $ N
the hou.n ot her .l.ter-ln law, Mr.. Edward N, ' ' S m
Cro.by. 7 We.t 82d .t, ot pneumonia, Elltabelh , '1
Huntington, widow of J. Laming Van Schoonbovea ; s IM
of Troy, N. Y, In the 72d year of hor age. 9 J
Funeral .erv Ice. In Troy. ft
WF.M.H.-OH Monday. Dec 21, at New Ulvea "41
Conn, Mary O.Wellaot 08 Ward at, aged 78 years 3 '-K 1
month, and 3 day.. .!; jf
WIHTTON.-At New llaven. Conn, on Sunday, DM. i; Ij
20, Mok. I. Wbltton. agod GP yeara. '
Interment at Owego, N. y, ' H
tVII.LIAHS.-On Monday. Dec. 21. at Bridgeport, -.' J
Conn., Maud France., daughter ot Robert and Mary l
William., aged 3 luontha and 14 daya. j ffl
Frlenda aro Invited to attend tbe funeral from the ' l - tffl
re.ldence of the parent-, 33 Cedar at, on Wednea. ;'; 1
day afternoon at 2.30 o'clock, "a
WRIOUT.-On the 21. t in.t. at the M. E. Horn 5 1
U2d t, Corailla Wright, aged 83 ) ear.. 3 9
Friend, and relatltca, alto mrmbera of the Second .$ 1
Street M. E. Church, aro re.pectfully Invited to at- 9
tend tbo funeral aerrlco at tho Home to-day at ii St
10.30 o'clock A. M. Interment at Maple Grove. "' H
Mount Hope Ccmeterr. jR
Office, flSO 6th av, corner 2.1.1 at. Now York. .') n
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