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m If "IF Y0U SEE '" ,N I G!T I JkmiMCJif ' v C I ' ll "IF YOU SEE IT IN j '
, iT'g so." j 3 SSSSSsSSSSmmf' r " it' go." , mi
dr. xvsn of citEMVta xamed i-or
Cea. Jamas William Hinted '" ho n'
anbllcan Nomination-He .ld Would
I4 Whr Any Reimlillcnn foulil ol.
low-Hsaator Ciintor Nominated for IVcs
Idea Pro Tern, of the hennte-The
pantleaa Beaatora Il.l Not Oct JliteU
from Nw "ork In Time to Hold n aliens
-Repuhlloan Henatnra Trslne Hi Induce
Br. Edward to Ifrlum to Hiuw In.
At bant. Jan. 4.-Sonntor James T. Fdwards
of tho Cattaraugus district culled ou (lov.
Flower thl m6rnlng In tho oxccutlvo cham
ber. Gov. Flovtor was Bitting nt hls'desk.
Senator Edwards went uptohlin. mill, nfter
halting hands, the Governor nnd tho Senator
gut down nnd hnd a few minutes' chat Dr.
Edwards said that ho called simply to pay his
respects and to moot tho Oov ornor. Ho nddod
that ho proposed to so to tho Sonato to-morrow
and tako his teat, but that In his actions
he oxpected to do what ho thought was right
Iand -what his constituents would npprovo. Ho
did not Intend to ontor althor tho llopubllenn
or the Demoorntlo caucus. Ho would bo botyitl
by no party rules and he would voto In no
party lines, but his actions would bo almost
Irrespective of party.
This does not sottlo anything, unloss Dr.
Edwards docldos to bo sworn In nnd to stay
steadily In his scat It looks woll for tho Demo
crats, but thore -would have to bo 17 afllrm
attve votes to pass any bill, and sickness,
death, or casualty at any tlmo would loavo tho
Legislature without a quorum, if tho other
Itepublican Senators decide not to swear In.
Tho prosonco of only seventeen members of
th6 Senate will bon narrow margin to net on.
Senator Edwards has declined to sny how ho
will act on a single bill. Ills negative vote
will defoat a bill unloss thoDomocruts sent ono
of tho contestants, itoro is whero further
complication arises.
Thero nro three Demoorntlo Sonntors who
occupy something llko tho snmo position that
tho throo Tammnny Senators had in 18S2.
Thon the Democrats had tho Sonato by a nar
row margin nnd throo of tho Tammany Sena
tors mads a combination with tho ltepubll
cans. Under this combination Maurice Hola
han of Now York, who was talked of for Cle rk
of the Senate, was mudo Assistant Clerk.
This year there aro throo Democratic
Senators who occupy tfio same position to
the majority of the,Domoeratto Senators that
tho threo Tammany Senators who combined
with tho Republicans occupied in 188J. except
that In 188U thore wns a Itepublicun Uov ornor,
and only the pntronage of the Senate ami cer
tain private measures wero at stake. Now. in
addition to tho uncertainty oer Dr. Ldward-'s
legislative action, tho wishes of those throo
Henators aro to bo considered. They haw no
ideu of leaving tho party or of bolting on
party measures. It Is not n matter of
party policv. but of patronage. In ad
dition to tho wholo patronage, of tho
Senate thero are many btato olllcors to bo
filled by the Governor. Theso officials hnvo to
bo confirmed by tho Kounto. That requires a
majority voto. and tho defection of a slnelo
Democratic Senator would bo enough to pro
vent continuation. It Is reported that ono of
theso Senators wants ono of his constituents
made Superintendent of Public Instruction,
an office to bo filled by tho Legislature next
month on joint ballot Another is eredltud
with a desire to havo a resident of his district
Appointed Superintendent of Public Hulldings.
and a third thinks that his district holds a
man eminently fit to be Kallrond Com nilsslon
er. No threats have boon matin In connection
With these expressions of desiro and prefer
ence. The margin is so narrow that every
henstor feels that he may havo the deciding
voto on confirmation, and he wants ti know
where his district and his friends will.como In.
- Ttio Court of Appeals room vv as set apart for
tho Itepublican Senate caucus to-night but
not a Itepublican honator was theie. The
room was brilliantly lighted. Attendants wcro
firesent but not only was not a single ltcpub
icun Senator thore. but only two of th lour
toon Republican Senators were in town, and
they kept uwuy from the Capitol. These were
Senator Coggeshall of Onuidu and Siomttor
Emerson of Warren. Senator Coggeshall
facetiously said:
"I um not considering what to do to-morrow.
I do not cross bridges beforo I como to
thorn. In my actions I shall bo governed by
tho dictates of my own conscience and thu
wishes of my constituents."
Mr. I'latt will decide whnt will bn done to
morrow by the ltopublicuns. As they had no
caucus to-night, thoy haven't as yet any
caucus nominees. Mr. Piatt may as well ur
runge tho caucus nominees when ho decides
on the Itepublican policy.
Tho Democratic Assembly caucus did its
business ns steadilv us tho hands of a clock go
round. Mr. Dry-Dollar Sullivan of New York
called tho caucus to order us tho ranking
member of last year's Caucus Committee, lie
was (in I et mid dignified, unit madu a good iiu-
nresslon in his Mack frock coat and scarlet
four-in-hand. The decorations of tho Inuiigu-
nil eoromonies had not been rnmoi'il from
thu Assembly chamber, and Mr. Sullivan stood
under the State fiugwhnro Gov. Flower stood
when he took the oath of office Galen It. llltt
of Albany was elected ('hail man. lie said:
"It is contrary to Itepublican prophecy to
find a Dornocratlo majority in tho Assumtily
and a Domoeratlc majority in tho Nunnto. Wo
resented to th pooplo ol tho Statu tho lowest
ix rate for thirty-six yenrs, and on the record
of the lust Assembly and tho Democratic Gov-
ornor tho people turned ocr both ilousesnf
the Loglslnturo to the Democrats. Not only
aieall tho elective Mate officials Democrats,
hut for the first time in eight tears both
Houses nio Democratic."
Manydlstlnguisliod Democrats wore present
at llio eaueup. They wero Comptroller t'ump-
bell. Danlol G. Grlllln. Chairniuii of thoDemo-
emtio, I'.xecullvo Coinmltten: Julius ('. l.ullev
or tlio Aiiueduct Commission, County Clerk
McKnnnn. Gnorgo b.Weed of I'luttsliuigliololin
IS. ltlley. chlof examiner of tlio ('Ml rienluo
Comnilsslon, nnd othors. Dr. II. liusli was not
tliore. hecnuso it Is not customary for tlio mini
Who is to ho elected HpoaKur to attend.
Dr. Hush was nominated lor Sixaker byac-
oliiiri itlon. Kjjeoches wen niailo by (ieorgo
II. liush John Connelly. William Suiter, and
John (Vjoney. Thoold offieiiilsof thulast As.
soml.ly woro nominated Clinrlv it. Do.
freost of Troy fur Cleik. M. 11. lied
H moiid of Allmny county for Sergeant
H nt-Arms, c-Assemblyman Ldward A. Mkuih
IjH f btateu Island for doorkeopei, rioreiiee I).
lltjatrli'kir Oneida f rllist nssistaut doir
H keeiiei. lands Mvens of hulllvan for second
H iisoistant doorkeejier. and Thomas llassett
H . '"ubun fur stenogtapher. Not ono
H of thiie ofllehils Is fioin .Now York
or Jlrool.ljn. The Deniocintle leaders
H of thee two cities decided to gl nil tlio
H patronagu tn tlio mral dlstrlilR, wheiv It is
H more b aiee th.in in tlio big Deiuoeiatiuellles,
,, hcieweioin.e. nte-ts foi nny of theolllees.
ijieiiiiiiiiliiTs nf Hie Caucus Coiniiilltte aro
"obstor. lloulie. ami H, j r N,.w UiU. ltlley
H 0'Jl.l"y nni1 Gili'litlieriil JiulTalo.
H Thoro weio tlueo abentens at the Iteinibll-
H can caucus Ldwaid Gillagliorof IJuHnln was
H chosen Chairman. Gen,.Iaines William ilusted
was. of course, ifoinlimted foi Speaker, mid
H t .ri? A. Clilokeilng was. of cmnse. noinl-
natod for Clerk, with James If. .Mnnvllle. of
Wash nglon for bergennt-at-Arnis. Charles II.
H t-onkllng of llroome for doorkeeper, fsauo
lagiancoof Alhunynnil Alexander McMillan
i'L' WW '1 tant doorkoe)(.is. nnd
Isana II. Smith of Westchester stenographer.
'h accepting tho nomiiiatloii (len. Ilusted said:
n,"i0,"'ei Iving n peculiar times that de-
rnand peculiar methods. I am sensible nt tho
H honor of my nomination for Speaker, be. num.
'' means that I shall bo called ujion to lend tlio
m i'HnTY.'nl ntipreciate, howoer. tho re-
M'Onsibllltv more. It is an easy tiling
i?. iL'0j t,' Prfl'llns onicer, and tasy
,MrlM.d .?. niaiority: but to head the
ftm'"? I,'!" W "gainst such a minority Is
ynicult lor It Is not a situ ph. mujorltyof tho
H il0Ul,li' ,but nn 'X'cuIIb majority and a deputy
oJ?cVt,V8 majority, togiilior with a Lluutea-
ant.Oovernor. laminany Hall, und Troy
of, mm?'0! ,mu8t. "d't. In tho faco
V,,!S LUils '.i'!1 .not.CaV "1 on" I'O'li'r did at
f,iicl,ur.tillM!iiI wl" lead whore any daro to
it, in. hi l!itnI,lll.s'1iv tl",l,t ' "'" k'ui1 ""'r0 "
H Itepuhllcan can follow1.'
H o,r,!ll!m"lltial,l'.":1"',r.t,1B" nppolnted as tho
ii.Vicu& .""'nltiei. Mesars. Kubtod. bcleck,
H Dero, Keelur, ami Hoag
9 ... ,'j" V'""noutl"hul.,."t(",n,f1"' as hold bo-
m wisalluht oer the ollees. N. many rnudl-
i, .,'. 1 VV '.' "( l".'rl"H ' '"'iii'ing of Orange
t , .l"'.u'' ' ,u.r," ,l".,v, ""- l'-ii en ' li'ik
1 Vim ..""rfiV """nl "'. hui'"njsis. , Walt, r
H II. IIUIiii of Otsegiieouilty, ono of the defeat. .1
"'.' '1'ites for Clerk, was eons.d ed ,y h'l "i,
Adelbert ll Tallmudgo of his eouiity mi.hi
H?leoi,itttt-aV,OB- AlbanyJot two 'small of.
I Kn; ?a(n$U7nV ,',' Stenogroplior. aud
H i5?e -rirarrSu.'or. lostraastor mossun
H er. Tho Poatmasteribip was given to
friend of Dr. Edwards, John E. Leach,
of Cattaraugus, In order to conciliate Dr. Ed
wards. Two offices were given to Albany to
try to head off that county from asking fortho
Superintendent of Public llulldlngs. A renson
ghen for tho non-selection of ex-Deputy
Comptrollor Zornh 8. Wostbrook for tho
offlco of Clork of tho Sonato Is said to bo
tho intention of soon replacing Railroad Com
missioner Wni. V, lingers with ox-Comptroller
Kdward NNimple. lloth Mr. Woinplo and Mr.
est brpokuro from Montgomery county.
Jhu Doniocriilla Senate Caucus doctdod to
appoint a Committee on Contested Seats tho
Hist thing, and to tnko up tho contested elec
tion cases promptly.
Thoio was a good deal of dllToronco of
opinion In tho Democratic Sonato caucus ovor
the eoilis.i to be pursued on appointments and
organization. Pint of them wanted to pro
ceed at onco to throw out tin. Republi
cans In tho four contested district and,
with twenty Demociutlu Senators, to rulo
with a mailed hand, Senator McClelland
and others did not favor this co. rse. Thoy
thought it might react next fall, and that tho
best thing to do was to Investlgato all
tho contested election cases fairly, and to
ilecldo them like nn Impartial judgo.
solely on their merits. Thero was a
general disposition not to movo hastily.
1. lent. -Gov. Slieehan was present nt tlio cau
cus, and spoko several times. Senator Cantor,
who was nominated for Piosldont pro tern.,
n I so spoke. So did Senators McClelland.
Parker, llrown. Dloodgood. unit others. Tho
Sonntors woro put under nplcdgo of secrecv.
This is a great departuro from proUouscus
toms All such caucuses Juive been opon for
"years. Tho caucus will nfeet again to-morrow
morning, an hour beforo tho Legislature
Several of fho Republican Senators en mo up
from Now York on tho late train, and now, at
11 o'clock. Senators Lrwin. Parsons. und Smith
nro with Dr. Kdwards, nnd aro trying to bring
him around to the Republican policy
of refrniniiig from taking the oath. The other
Republican Senators nro awaiting th result
of the Interview with Edwards. Roth sides
are nulling and hauling nt Kdwards. Ho can
stittle It either way. The Republicans aro rep
resented by their nbljet Senators,
The Democrats hamChalrinan Murphy, Mr.
Crokor of New York. CBmmlssionor Gllroy, and
Senator Hill. Tho shrewdest mon of both par
ties aro nt work to get Edwards. Which of
them finally succeeds will not be doclded until
Lduurds elthei takes his soat or abstains with
tlio lltpiiblicnus.
Later. It Is asserted that Sonator Edwards
refused to bo n party to any dclny In or
ganizing, and had stated positively
tils r solution to attend tho Senate
at noon to-morrow us representing his
constituents. No argument could shako his
resolution, und so It was determined that the
Republicans would caucus to-moirow morn
ing und attend tho session later on. This is
deemed advisable as organization, if Mr. Ed
wards attends, can bo consummated any way.
Lleut.-Gov. Slieehan said in regard to that:
"The boiiate will bo organised nt noon to-morrow
1( sexonteen Senators aro present"
However, tho I'opublibans. through Senator
I'.rwin. gave It out at midnight that they had
not arrived at any conclusion, and would not
until to-morrow.
Tho corridors of tho Fifth Avcnuo Hotel woro
full of tho Republican Senators elect sum
moned thoro by o-Senntor Piatt and Senator
Hlscock. Thoy talked und thoy talked.
As a result of theso eonforonces It is only
necessary to add that their policy at Albany
was determined by Mr. Piatt and Mr. Hlscock.
They were not to go into caucus last night
Thoy wero to do'er action until to-duy.
Meanwhile every Republican gun wat to
bo ilireeted ngulnst Senator Edwards of
Cattaiaugiis. Lvoiy eflortwas to bo made to
change Ins mind about entoring the Senate
to-day and thus giving tho Democrats tho nu
merical Ftreiigth tooiganlzo that great body.
Mr. I'latt and Mr. Hlbeock propose that tho
wholo le-ponsihillty of tlio orL-anlzatlon of the
Seunto shall be tlirust upon too shoulders of
Senator Edwards, and that ho shall
havo nil tho odium thoy can chuck if
ho serves In tho office to which ho has
heen elected. If Senator Hiscock and Mr.
Piatt on havo their way with tho ltepuhllcuu
Seiiatots, theso will all refrain from being
sworn in. Thoy propose to bold Senator Ed
wards up as an nrcli-consplrator If ho swears
in nnd ns nn niclmngel If ho doesn't It is
known that they deferred their caucus last
niyht because their agents were out attempt
ing to change tlio mind of Senator Edwards.
Rut It Is considered doubtful If Piatt and Ula
cock could keep thulr men In lino for long.
The Rejiuiilic in Senators hnvo tholr districts
to iopreunt Iheywant their puy und their
ZO&hllS UAl'E XllttlR cnonz.
I,eiM Tin... Tlila Could Hurdly lie Kxpected
From the ReunllciiB H:ate Conailttre.
When tho Republican State Coramltteo last
met In the Tilth Avonuo Hotel thero was an
expectation that the Court of Appeals would
do better for the Rniiubllcans than it has done.
Tho Republicans hud at that time a docu
ment prepared denouncing the Democrats.
Tho decisions of tho Court of Appeals were
postponed. On that score a hub-committeo.
consisting of Chairman William Ilrookllcld of
tho State Committee. John Mllholland. and L.
I. Van Allen, and others, was aji.ointed to
wrlto a "piceo" denouncing tho Democrats
aud hnve it ready. With tho Court of Appeals
deciding in ulmo-t overy point against tlioui.
this sub-eonimltteo yestorday issued a docu
ment us nn mldicss to the pooplo of tho Stntfa:
The aililie- recites no now facts or allega
tions, but sets forth tlie opinions of tho Statu
Coiuinitteo lu a stylo of which theso aro sam
ples: lit lew nr thf rlt t'7 the late Oo ornor of the Stale
jii.il c. rlatn (itl.i. xdhfirillnat. I i, .Txe Um reMill of
Hie recent elrt ll'ili III the Klttet-ntll. sIMeentll.lMelltJ.
11 rt ll. at. it Intut) ,h.i nth Senate ilUtrittp, tlie Krpublt
.nil Slnte l iilttllllllee KUtiuilU tlllrt fcltttellienl tit tlie
fmUioiht Mjbir Judgment ot Hie 1'tuple ol the Mute
utr.LV orl
ll.u .It initinn tairr.itf. The que. Hon in. elicit i.re
nrt ilUratt'Hl'. (if pan politic, lull nr tulnraiiientui
c onititutluti it riblite. fur not only l.a tlio rnclit r the
pcoi'l" I. wfi.il, ti. elect tl.i-ir Ujfi.laior. b i u ileliatiU
!)' I rami, but nlliiernuf ll,e sluu, all Jiimi,. mile, lime,
tn futtli. r.tm eor the in.inl. lit tlie peril nuance t at.
ellirl .1 lulictlnn. ilellrU will, .telltji ration slut o.er
tlirout. by io em .1 tlie m.'uii.. JtnU.net.1 of tlie . uurtn.
W till (tie t .r-"finl inulilti. ut the e'l ettalori. ef I bin
crime we me n it 1110. ciaueineil. 'llu Ir niell.cilrf are
mauii.kt 1 Lr.iiijeLti.ai, ti ontnil tlie JerfiHiatiae
by ijialiufaLtuiluif u pLinOLraliL uiujurll in the
bin ite
the pihcme i.ii itt vifieil ii'l it. eTcciitinn .uterln
tll.'lcil b oov. till), suit be lum tiul lu ly 11.111. e(l be, re
.Oltiilblllty fur tlali'l lilAexultatlen u.er tin le.ull lu
Her m: el a at ter.wiic 011111.111.
Tlie . o nit .11 tin, 1 1 114 or Hie, It ctlon nhonM that tbe
It. ,ii,ltUai I'.iiiilitli.t.K tur lac .eliHto bint r.cci.Lil ttie
irr.utt.t iiliiiiheror intmlu LiLtitiell h. Hutu ilutrll Is.
mi liiilli.u tliefuu. 11 imnl
In iiitiriieti .if iln tit in auction wn nmile, nnd tbe
ltot.nl ol stale I'ati. ti..ei. rf tiled the eltttton or
ti.ii.ucn l.t iii.l.l.ci.n ai.a loirten p. incirutte seria
Iith In the l.'iir ili.irli titiu.u iliereiuriu. of tbe 1...
spr, tor. or tit LllnM .1 os nl Hill ealll ot tbe Iteptlb I
can luniltilati'ri lal reici.cd tho larL.t i.timberof
voti- bl.t it bet nine .. fU tit. ... .1011 n. tile re. lilt
of Hie , leitlnri it. kluiun tbat ut. i Hurt ..o.tia ba
MD.ilt! to rnitil' e btfote tllfl Hoarit of State 1'HllvlH.ir.
lal.e nn 1 1 1, til terll tale of II.l county HoinUln
irriiiinc hi nt le. 1 1. thi'.e.liHtrl. 1.. iitioii ., hulitussi.ilo
lit. ai.Hirt in ul.i icillty the .li.tlol. ot the Pluto
crat,, Tin. .. iiMilone It. ih loiiuiliKur stiubin, O11011.
iluitl U. I1...1 1 r aliil Inttitte-.,
As to details, most ol the address Is devoted
to tin. l)ulciie.-h e.ibc. of whiuli it sayslucon
LliiKlun' Hie 1 inirt of Appeal. In Hie P.nclie.N ca.e decbted
ton lhltif-l,rt, II at lliu Mlyol c, rllllulte" ua
ot 1 foi r 01,1 ami .. ulil not be ianiii..eil an l.eioml,
I but tlio stale iiiti.a.'.i r. mtifi I apil.liieiliji iuivm.h the
tin rel.iin, ilifi it not rcLitleil trntn the rounly
1 leiK thu. tntii1 ia nn; a. il .a .mo niit tbe pog.llile
pr.t Hint iIil m iti .an.ii.Hei. nihl.i not imiu,,
the In e 10 ill. 1 1 uaiihe a.t.Httil .oiy of It liud not
I let. 11 cent 1 b. ih.iit iroin tt.u l otnily Cleft Ibruimll
tl e J'ii. I tllliK
'flu Uo.ir'i or MMi'i'tin ns.cr. met After tho itecl.tnn
ef Ibuloultot Alpei, wit. allmiiiiii eil. Tbev k. er
111" liu. l lliu vile lu i,eioiioflaHtull) ce.tlnel
ttitliKof tie 11111 toiiL.titl 1 turn; they ba I been
.trie I with the onliir of tl e supreme ou.t h. ibe tiro
fteiliu leltue .lltdire llarnuni, lit Hbieb they i.vre
puriie. coniuiunitlMir ibeta not loian.a.. any other.
rhej nete riiuinoel ol Hut ilert.toi. r ibel'oiirtof
Alilieitl. The. ialiia..ei Hie Iratlilultnt anil fal.e
Mtloil certl'icaic " tleieritiuie't thtrLlrutti that Mr
(l.t uri.e bait lei eiieil HeKr.utt.t itiimbrnr oich Tmt
S-na irll. the t-ittierluilLlricl.allilltbiictluitllllliutu
vt elet lion toh.u:
rnus.irriiii) of stale, pre.ent nt the meeting of tbe
II anl, ttH.iUlii 'I .. belilit lie tiail not nieheit a copy
it tin true return iiiaTeil tu buu bribe Putcne..
I'm uty t krk. IIl refu.ed to rirl). The Bu.rcl then
u 1'iiiiriie I ,
fhe Hoard of suite i"ani'.er. I roinpo.nl nf tho
seiiLlari of stale, tbe Atlorlie)-l,etieraI. the fniup
tro lei, tl e stale ire i.uier, and tbe stale Jwuiurer an I
Mil . 1 or Tin e olliiir. u ere all prc.tltt and united in
doluir tin wioiil , . ,
Jlieybnietlitreby broken tlielr agreement to ablile
by thr diit.ion or ll. e ('aurt, lhe have tlolated tbe
1.1" till) have dl.oliejed the Juilvmentof thu court.;
Hit) ba.e.iibcii'll) reitliled that to be true wbicb every
one ol thein per.oi ally knen lo be lal.e.
1 he ai or tbeii.irf lii.tl.-alor el tlueuSeuce and of
bt.aoutlora oto mailer, ut reionl. Tuey have .ullled
tbe honor and tin naced the tlfare ot the btate. They
are reiolutlonar). . . . .L . .
Happily ihe are without precedent In tbe hl.toryof
Ilia Mate or Nan ork. To pre.ent their repetition I.
tl.eiliityof till Kuod citlreit.. We coaiuitnu the .utijcit
In j our urue.l cuu.lderatlon.
Tbe IIucIoi-m Were Too Quick For Mint.
John Regan, a horscshoor, who has been out
of work und lias drunk heavily, walked Into
his house at lift West Twentieth street at H'
.elo.-k Inst night and held Up a two-ounce
"Hi'h slieg.xs. mif," In. said, and emp
tied thi.f intent uloivii liUthioal. Mlti. Regan
didn't stoi.t. 1 nk what lie had taken, but run
out and tuiiiitl I'ollfomuu llehr. anil ten lulu
utoslHtor two doctors woro working over Ro
gait witli a stomach pump. Ho was uncon
scious, but they said thvy would fetch him
aiound all rluht
cvb To-Monnow mam.
He 1VII1 Oct OS Vote iron the nome aai
IS from the Seamte. or Him More Thu
Enough- W lit) Rnaaor of Ilrlbery nnd In
fence Exeltemeat at Columbua.
Columbus, 0.. Jan. 4. Tho Senatorial fight
hero Is tho all-absorbing topic. Bonator Parkor
otCluvoland has broken away from the bhor
man column nnd come out In n letter to For
nkor announcing that ho will voto for him.
This fell llko a bomb in tho Bhorman camp,
but ltwasofTsotlnafowhoursbythostntemont
of Bonntor Rawlins ot Springfield that early In
tho fight, when It was thought that tho Re
publican voters of Clarke county woro In favor
of Fornkor. ho had written to that gentleman,
pledging him his support Blnco that tlmo he
has bocomo convincod that the majority ot tho
people of his district want Sherman returned
to tho Senate and consequently he will sup
port tho Mnnstlold financier and etatosmau.
While this is a stand off. Btlll Rawlins's de
sertion Is a severo blow to the Foraker crowd.
Thoy enn HI afford to lose a voto In tho Sonate,
whoro thoy now havo only six of tho twonty
Republicans of that body.
Tho Sherman mon also gained another Son
ator this ovotilnc by the swearing in ot Oeorg
E. Idon of Newark. Licking county, who was
contesting Sonator Qaumer's seat. A commtt
teo was appointed, who examined Men's cer
tificate, signed by tho two Republican mem
bers ot tho Muskingum county Roard of Elec
tions, and as Gaumor only claimed his elec
tion by ono voto It did not tnko tho
commlttoo long to brush that aside, Tho
Foraker mon in tho Sonato did not daro voto
with tho Democrats to soat Qaumer for fear ot
tho chargo ot disloyalty to tho party, nnd so
allowed Iden to bo seated, although his pref
erence ttr Sherman was well known.
A commlttoo consisting ot the two Chairmen
of tho caucusos Saturday Senator Ohl, on tho
part of tho Senate and Representative
tiaugherty, on the part of tho House wore au
thorized to set tho time and place for holding
tho Senatorial caucus. Both Ohl and Dough
erty aro warm Sherman men and woro urged
by the friends ot tho old Sonator to push tho
fight now that tho advantage was clearly
on tho side of Sherman, and they woro urgod
to namo to-morrow afternoon nt 12 o'clock as
tho tlmo. and would have so decided, out two
Foraker mon pleaded with them successfully
not to call tho caucus till Wednesday night in
ordor to give them timo to hear from their con
stituents. Soon Wednosdny night at H o'clock
thu Senate and HousoRepubllcuns will moot in
tlio Houso of Representatives, und John Sher
ntan will be nominnted. sure, on tho first ballot
Ho will receive not less than Illty-three votes
to Forakcr's forty, and ho may get more.
Thero are six doubtful votes. l... Pudney.
Porter. Dnugherty, Lampson, Iden. and
Schlitz. nnd tho Foraker men now baso their
hopos on theso. Daughurty. Lnmpson. and
Itlen are not placed in tho doubtful column by
tho Shurman men, who nro absolutely euro of
these men. Sherman will receive thirty-eight
votes in tho Houso and fifteen in the Senate,
thus giving him Ufty-threo, or blx more than
Both Sherman's nnd Fornker's headquarters
are crowded to-night and tho excitement Is
so Intense t lint something roust give way soon
or bur-t Thoro are tho wildest rumors of
bribery, intimidation, bulldozing. Ac. Hying
around, but they cannot be traced to any To
llable sourco. It was roported thut Korukor
would withdraw to-morrow, but this is laughed
at in his rooms In tho Null, and his frientls sny
that if he must dio, lie will dlo in tho lust
A wagor was postod In Bott Brothers' pool
rooms tills morning of i&OO to S25o that John
Shot man would bo reflected, but it lias ro
malnod on tho board all day without any
Welsh and Dicks, who announce tholr Inten
tion to voto for McKinley and Foster respect
ively, aro boing urged by friends of both the
loading candidates not to throw away their
votes, but so far they remain UrnwDicks gives
as his reason for voting for Foster that lie
made a solemn promise not to voto for either
Firo Alarm or tho Mansfield Icicle, and that ho
is going to keep his word. Welsh will not glvo
his reason for voting for McKinley.
Tho Republicans now see n chance to "get
even" for the ousting of Lau.pson from tils
scat as President of the Senate two years ago.
when ho said that ho was elected Lioutcnant
(iovernor of Ohio, and It in reported to-night
that Immediately on assembling In tho morn
ing Lieutenant Governor Marquis will bo flrod
anil will not tin allowed to act this weok as
Piesidcnt of tho Sonate. Marquis goos out
with Gov. Campbell next Monday, anyhow,
and it will not make much difference except
to makon marUrof him.
Thero aro twenty-one Republicans in the Sen
ate and ten Democrats only, nnd It can easily
be done, but this action may sorao day como
back to plaguo the Republicans.
Dr. Muncer Give ill Authority for the
Htutement, Which Gen. Fry Menles.
New Haven. Jan. 4. An artlclo by Gen.
Jamos It. Fry In tho January Century, ontltled
" Comments on tlio Cubter Rattle." has caused
much talk In this city. Tho artlclo was n de
nial of tho declaration made by the Rov. Dr. T.
T. MungeratGon. Alfred H. Terry's funoral
on Doc. 'JO. 1800. that Gon. Custor's Tato was
the result of his rashness and disobedience of
orders. Dr. Mungor said:
' Custer's fatal movement wns In dlroct vio
lation of both verbal antl written orders.
When his rashness nnd disobedience ended In
tho total destruction of his command, Gon.
Terry withhold tho fact of tlio disobeyed or
dorsnnd sulTored nn Imputation hurtful to his
military reputation to rest upon himself rather
than subject a bravo but Indiscreet subordi
nate to a charge of disobedience."
Dr. Mungor when asked to-day how ho was.
led tobpeukot Custer in his luneral soimon,
"Prior to tho funeral Col. Hughes, In eon
veisatlon nbout Gen. Terry anil his eonnee-'
tlon with tlio Ill-fated Indian wars, said that
Custer had disobeyed both written und verbal
mders. Ho (Hughes) had listened to tho ver
bal orders and know what they wero. Oil.
Hughes, however, did lint Mute tu mo tho
tint hi t) of tho orders. Ho simply said that
Custer had dsoboed outers. Col, Hughes
said that ho bad sevotal times urgod Gen.
Teny to tell the wln.li. stoiy, as it was duo
li I in thut tlio whole affair should bocleured up.
Toiry rcplli'il that bo did not care to dis
close the Inets, ns Ituioulil stand it better than
lien. Cui-tnr, who was dead. Col. Hughes sug
gested that in my remarks at the funeral I
should leferto tho facts. Thatlsthi.reusr.it
that 1 did so. Subsequent to tho funeral Mrs.
Custer wrote me, asking for my uuthoilty lu
snyingth it hor husband had disobeyed orders.
1 replied that my authority wns Col. Hughes,
and that If bhe would communicate with him
be would undoubtedly furnish her with ull the
details. That (sail thoro Is to It so far as I am
concerned. My excuse tn referring to tho
matter was thu suggestion from Col Hughes.
Gon. Terry was a careful soldier, and If Gun.
Custer had heeded his oidors. tho terrible
massacre would, without doubt have Deen
White the Toller Wee lireuklns Into Ilia
Iliiom l'utlon lataed Ilia Life.
St. Louis. Jan. 4. A. P. Pattnn of Carrollton,
III., committed suicide to-day while the police
wero endeavoring to force open tho door to his
room in order to arrest him. About three
months ago he accepted tho agency of a map
publishing house in Chicago, and during Sep
tember ho travelled through Illinois Belling
maps and charts. In many cases ho was paid
with an order on a store or a check on u bank.
Home of theso orders and checks were raised,
and warrants wore issued for Put ton's arrest.
Ho was traced to this city and finally to a room
on Chouteau avenue, where ho had been liv.
itig for several weeks under the namo of P, IU
This morning tho Sheriff of Oreon county,
II) , and two poilcomun wont to tho house to
urrest Patton. lie was in his room, but ro
fusod to open tho door. After somo delay tho
door was broken upon, but Putton was not
visible, A closet in tlio loom was bn.ken open,
and tho fugitive full out upon the lluor In tho
lliioesuf dentil. On tho Hour wns found a
small revoh.tr, ami a j.onilur burn mi Fulton's
coat over tin. heart told fho story. He had shot
himself wlillo tin. pollco were at the door, but
tho clothing in the closet prevented thu report
being heard by them.
-IT. alt M." Stick Licorice,
DajuMtionably to landing bnuul, All 4rnrUU.-a,
She Rerntea to Repeat It, and Follecataa
McGlynn Ilenlee It
Tho rumors connoctlng tho namo of a pollco
man of Capt Gorman's command with that of
Miss Allco Stoddard ot 57 South Eighth street.
Williamsburg)!, took dollnlto shnpo yestorday
whon tho girl's fathor, Charles Stoddard, gavo
a statement to tho rcportors who called on
him. Ho said that Miss Stoddard, who Is not
yet 10 rears old. loft hor homo ono night In
February to visit a drossmakor on Mnray
avcnuo. near Hcwos stroot Sho returned
about an hour later much ngltatod and went
to bod. Blnco then sho has bcon undor Mid
caro ot Dr. Hanford ot Loo avenue.
Sho mado a complaint to tho children's soci
ety, und a notification from tho society was tho
first Intimation ho rccolvod that the girl had
boen wronged. In reply to his questioning sho
told htm that on hor way homo from Maroy
avenue sho stopped at Howes stroot and Wytho
avonuo for a car. Whllo sho was waiting Po
liceman E. J. McGlynn spoko to hor nnd told
her no car would pass for a half an hour. Bhe
rcpllod that she would watt and tho policeman
answered, sho says:
" I guess you won't You'll como along with
mo. and it you try to run away or call out I'll
blow your head off."
Shu was frightened, and nccompaniod tho
pollcomnn to a coal ofllco In Kent avenue. Ho
oponed tho door with a pass koy and forced
hor in. As she wont tn another policeman and
n girl came out Sho gavo the name of tho
second policoman, nnd tho records of tho Cly
mer Btroet pollco station prove that tho polico
man sho named was on that post during tho
month lu which tho alleged unsault is said to
havo been committed.
Capt Gorman was Instructed from Pollco
Headquurtors to investigate tho rumor. De
tectives Holland and Dolan went to 57 South
Eighth street and talked to tho girl. Sho ro
fusod polnthlunk to mnko any complaint or to
repeat the statement Iter fathor declares she
madu to hint. Tho father also refused to say
to the dutoctlves what ho hnd told to reporters.
Ho said he had promised tho doctor and tho
lawyers ho had consulted to wait until they
told 1 1 1 til to make a complaint
When tho detectives reportod tho result of
tholr investigation Capt Gorman called Po
liceman McOIvnn beforo him and told htm of
tho reports that had reachod the station. Mc
Glynn denied tho truth of tho ro ports, and
said that tho rumors must havo been started
by nn enemy. Ho does not know whom to sub
poet but points to tho action of tho two citi
zens who took the trouble on New Years eve
to report to tho station that ho was off his post
in a saloon as a proof that ho has onomles.
Capt. Gorman says that until somo ono oomos
forward aud makes chargos he can do no more
than ho has done. Ho will report to Head
quarters to-day that beyond tho rumor he can
leurn nothing ot tho outrage alleged to have
been committed.
Among tho police of tho precinct and the
friends or McGlynn. nnd ho Is very popular,
tho story is not belloved. The girl is said to
havo been In somo trouble with tho Children's
Society nearly a yoar ago. and to havo mado
chargos thon which sho withdrew when asked
to swear to thorn. Sovcral of the statements
niado by hor fathor havo boondcnlod. Thoro
is no drossmakor in Marcy avenue within a
block of Hewe strcot nnd Dr. W. H. Hanford
of Loo avenue declared last night that ho had
nevor heard of thu Stoddard girl.
Frank Kneeland orOreenpoInt Believed to
Have Become Inaaae,
Tho sound of a pistol shot in Oakland streot
Greenpolnt just after dark on Saturday night
attracted Policoman Connolly from tho next
stroot. As ho turned the corner into Oakland
btrecthe saw Frank Kneeland ot 'Mii hobbling
away with a rovolvor in his hand. Ho arrostod
him, but no ono soemed to know anything ot
tho shooting, nnd Kneeland wns locked up on
charges of violation ot a city ordlnarfce and in
toxication. When ho wus arraigned In the Lee
Avonuo 101100 Court yostorday his wife told
the story of tho pistol shot and Kneeland was
committod for tho action of tho Grand Jury, on
a chargo of assault in the llrbt degree He Is
believed to bo Insane.
According to Mrs. Kneeland's statement suf
fering has deranged hor husband's mind. He
has tiad three strokes ot paralysis during tho
past three months, nnd sho has supnorteifhim
by making twino. Hois 34 years old and sho
is it). Tho Foresters, of which order he Is a
member, learned of his distress nnd voted him
JU a week. Tho money was paid on Saturday,
nnd Kneeland. niter telling his wife that he
hail reoolved it said ho wns going nut to got a
drink. When he left tho house sho put her
head out of tho window to toll him not to spend
It all In drink, nsbho had no money for Sun
day's dinner. Ho answorod by pointing his
revolver and firing. The bullet btruck tlio
woodwork of tho window.
Like Sin. Raeaell Nace, She Forthwith
I'ule Her Visitor Out,
Mrs. Honry Ward Beochor thus describes tho
visit of a beggingcrank to her houso nt Orango
and Hicks streot Brooklyn, a few days ago:
"I admitted tho woman myself. Sho was a
Btrangor to mo end nbout 40 years old. Sho
told mo lier rent was due. and that hor chil
dren wore sick and her husband out of em
ployment Whon I asked hor what I could do
for hor, she said that I must lot hor havo
SO at once. Whon I told her that
1 had not that amount ot money In
tho houso Hist theu. tho woman sprang
to her loot and began to itbuso me. Sho went
on You. j on, tho rich Mis. Beochor. mean tn
toll me thut you haven't got $tl about you?
Aren't you ashau ed to Ho soV I pointed to
th door and told tho woman to go out, and
nfter looking nt mo very hard for u few sec
onds she Went out.
"Everybody knows thnt I am not rich. I
rent this house. My income Is a modest ono.
but it together with what 1 earn with my pen.
supports mo coiufortitiily. that is all. I havH
no complaints to make. Everybody from tlio
ehtiiuh and nutsido ot tho church Is loving
kindness Itself."
Bo Say the Rullrond (Ifficluli, und Say It
Very I'oalllvelr,
Contr.il Railroad officials say positively that
Engineer Donnhuo of the St Louis oxjiress,
which crashed Into tho tail end of tho Buffalo
nnd Niagara Falls express abovo Hastings
Christmas ovo and killed thlrtoen pooplo. Is
not color blind. Superintendent of Motlvo
Power and Rolling Stock Buchnuun said yes
terday that Donahue's sight was tested no
longer ago than last July.nnd hetlistiugulbhud
colore correctly without hesitation.
The samo system of testing tho sight Is em
ployed on nearly nil tho roads hereabouts. A
quantity of worsted containing all thu colors
of the rainbow and a few MIicih besides is
spread out on a tabic. Tho man to submit to
the tust conies In nlono bufoie tho curnitier
and picks out stiatnlsof encli color and names
them ns ho picks them out. A siuglo mistake
menus tho loss of his place. Theao tostb uro
mado about onco a your.
William, It Appenr", Uaa Two Name, Only
One ol Which In Faanoue.
Judgo ISurrett has grantod an ordor substi
tuting " William McGlory, also known as Wil
liam MeGrory and una McGrory," for plain
Billy McGlory, Ian summons gtvon la a civil
firocee.llnglnthe Supremo Court It seems
hat Billy very conveniently has two names,
and refused to answer a summons to William,
McGlory In a suit brought by Slcmund Ashnar
to recover on a note of Ti.tH Tor cigars fur
nished for the Fouituenth street dlvo. It also
appears that Anna McGlory, his wife, who also
signed the note " McGlory," holds property In
thu name of McGrory.
The Graad Jury Will laveatlcata Thla
B. E. Btlmson, Thaddeus C Miller, Philemon
Tllllon, and Robert W, Retd, who were arrested
accused ot criminal neglect In the construc
tion of tho new thootrn at the cornor of Jack
son nvonuo and Ninth stroet. Long Island
City, which collapsed last Tuesday. Injuring
nine men. wero arraigned bofori) Mayor
(Reason jnsterduy. Tho men wero not ready
to go on with tho uasu, and at their request the
lieaiilig wax postponed until rrlday next 1'ivo
ot the injured men itr still In thu hospital. It
Issaliltlto matter will be presented to. thu
present (Jiieuns county Grand Jury by the
Board of Health, who condemned the building
und ordered work discontinued tho day of tho
First Through Car for California
Laavee New Torlt to-day on tbe North Shora Limited,
via hw York Central. Accommodation! tMutd lijr
will la M, 0. Beach, 418 Bro4way,-Xa,
It U Raid thnt Father Mitchell. Father Car
roll, or Father McNamarn May Be the
Hnccevsor ol Blehop 1-oncchlla.
Tho first step toward tho selection ot a suc
cessor to Bishop Loughllu has boon taken.
Tho lrrcmovablo rectors nnd diocesan con
suitors ot Brooklyn met last Thursday and
dscldod on tlio names ot threo priests
which aro to bo submlttod to the
Bishops ot tho ecclesiastical provlnco of
Now York nnd to tho Popo. Tho Bishops will
moot and consider tho names, and It they np
provo tho selections of tho Brooklyn prlo-ts
thoy will forward to Romo a list containing
thoso threo names. It thoy do not they will
mnko up a now list Ono or two of the names
on the list of tho Brooklyn priests may bo on
it or It may bo composed of throo other
names. From tho namos on tho two lists tho
Popo will probably chnoso Bishop Loughlln's
successor. Ho may, howover, appoint somo
ono not mentioned on either list
Tho meeting on Thursday was In Arch
bishop Corrlgnu's resldcnco In Madison
avonuo. Thoso prosent woro tho Vory Rov.
Michael May, tho pastor of tho Church of tho
Holy Trinity In Montroso avenue, nnd tho
administrator of tho diocese: tho Rov.
Mlchaol J. Moran of tin Church of
tho Nativity In Classon avenue, tlio Rov. J. A.
Hartnott Presldont of St. John's Collego; tho
Rev. Martin Cnrioll of tho Church of St
Vlncont do Paul lu North Sixth streot tho Rov,
Thomas Taaffo of St. Patrick's Church In Kent
avenuV. tho Rov. Dr. Joseph P. O'Connell of
tho Church of St Mary Star of tho Sea In
Court street tho Rov. P. J. McNnmara of tho
Church of Our Lady of Morcy In Dcbovoiso
ilaco. tho Rov. Edward Corcoran of St. Joseph's
;hurch In Paclllo street and tho Rov. Anthony
Arnold of All Saints' Church In Throop avenue.
Archbishop Corrlgnn presided, but ho hnd
nnvnlco in tho selection of tho namos. Dr.
O'Connell wnschoson Secretary. Beforo trans
ncting any other business tho nine priests
each declared that in making his selections ho
would not bo lnlluoncod by favoritism or ror
sonnl reasons, hut would act as ho believed for
the best Int rests of tho diocese. Slips of paper
woro distributed among tho priests. Bach
wroto throe nimes on a slip, designating each
namo as olther"dlgnus" (worthy), "dlgnlor"
(moro worthy) or "dlgnisslmus" (must
worthy). Tho slips wero placed in a gold
chalice. On tho first ballot threo names had a
majority, and Archbishop Corrlgan declared
them tho choico of tho priests.
Whon tho meeting wns about to adjourn ono
of the priests asked Archbishop Corrlgan if it
would ho a violation of the rules of the Church
to tell the public who tho throo piiosts selectod
were. Tho Archbishop said that no rulo would
be brokon by making tlio names public, but ho
told the priests that ho believed It would bo
well to keep the result of tho meeting a secret
Ho said thnt as at least two of the priests on
the list could not bo made Bishop he consid
ered thut when tho Popu mado tho appoint
ment It would bo. to sny tho least, emburrass
Ing to tho clergymen not selected. It wns
possible, tho Archbishop pointed out that tlio
Popo would not mnko any ot tho men on the
list Bishop of Brooklyr.
Yesterday some of tho priests in Brooklyn
learned what took place at tho meeting. Last
night one of them, who said he had excellent
authority for Ills statement told a Sun re
porter tho names of the threo clergymen se
lected. Ho said that tho Rov. .Inmes H. Mitchell,
for many years ono of Bishop Loughlln's
right hand men. was chosen as most worthy:
tho Rev. Martin Carroll of tho Church of
St. Vincent do Paul, moro worthy, and the Rov.
P. J. MeXainara of thu Church of Our Lady of
Mercy, worthy. Nono of tho priests who at
tended the meeting would say anything nbout
tho choico of the names last night. All of tho
three priests mentioned nru well known, not
only In Brooklvn. but In other dioceses. Tho
churches presided over by Fathers Car
roll and McNtunara aro among tho
most prosperous In Brooklyn. Fathor Cur
roll and rather McNamara were born In
Ireland, but mado their studies for the priest
hood in till country Fathor Curroll at tho
Enzarists' Seminary In Nhienru. N. Y.. and
Father McNamara at tho Sulpicians' Sominary
in Baltimore. Each is about CO years old.
Father Mitchell was born In Astoria about
forty yeurs ago, aud was educated for tho
Jiriesthood in the Sulpicians' Seminary in
ilontreal. He acted as Bishop Loughlln's sec
retary, and has greut influence lu tho Brook
lyn dloceso.
Dr. O'Connell. tho Secretary of tho meeting,
made out In Latin two accounts of tho pro
reeding of the mooting. Ono of thoso is to bo
forwarded to the Tope by Archbishop Corrl
gan. and tho othor will bo placed before tho
Bishops of tho dloceso when thoy meet It
was sold yesterdny thut tho Bishops had acted,
but Mgr. McDonnell. Archbishop Corrignn'u
secretary, told u roporter labt night that they
had not met yet.
It is prnbablo that tho appointment of tho
new Bishop by tho Popo will not bo made for
six months. The record of every candidate
will bo examined in Rome, nutl thu authorities
thore will not act hurriedly, it is suid that on
tho list to be sent by tho Bishops will bo tho
namo of nt least ono New York priest Mgr.
Parlor. Archbishop Corrigun's Viear-Gcnoral,
is spokon of as that one.
Futlior May, tho ndinltilstratnr of the Brook
lyn dlocoso. hits appointed Fathor Mitchell
Chancellor and bocrotaryof tho dloceso. Ry
virtue of his powers In theso ofilces. Father
Mitchell will reside In the episcopal residenco
In Greeno and Cloinmnt avenues, and perform
duties which will practically make lilni administrator.
It la Hatd the Ilefrnce Will Charge thnt the
Jurj Wuat Tampered With,
Denver, Jan. 4. It was announced to-night
that Dlsttlct Attorui.) Stevens had placed
beforo tho Grand Jury the sworn statements
of Deputlos Wilson mid Means regarding Dr.
Graves's allogod confession, which implicates
Col. Ballou.
Public, sentiment appears strongly In favor
of tho condemned, und sensnllonnl develop
ments nrc jtromised by the counsel for tho do
fonco within tho next few (lass. It Is un
derstood that chargos aro being prepared
nguiiibt tho jury on tho giound that their ver
dict must havo been influoiiced. Tho motion
for a new trial will bo argued on Thursday,
itnd thu case will bo taken to thu Supremo
Dr. Graves wns scon this afternoon In his
cull utthe county jail. lie denies over having
minlu a coufcbslnn. anil asserts that if lie goes
to thogullows his lubt woids will be. "1 um in
nocent." John Conrad has received a telegram from
the Plnkerton aguuoy in Chicago billing that
Col. Ballon left lor l'rovideiiiu this nitenioou
ut.'l o'clock Via tho Luke nluiiurniitu Refer
ring to Dr. Ur.ivort's ullogLd eonleasieii. the
Denver 'Yims to-night sus:
" Whether guilty ot .innocent every fi co-Lorn
American eitlen. like Dr. (..i.ivei, is i nillinl
tu tuir ticiitment nt tho haiiiin of the Ul
cers of tho taw uud tin. iies. litnt lliu
Doctor has been most bi utility i.ern.
cuted by both slncu his convktiuii mi
Saturday night Is apparent to uveiy
fair-minded person. Tim statements madu uy
tho deputy slieulTiand tln.ll" roported elloitn
tu gain confessions from the well uigh
crazed man uud his hysterical wifo havo
hud tho effect of turning public sentiment
vrryinuch in tho convicted man's favor. Tho
powers of a deputy sheriff nro not moiiarelil
till, und when the) lire transcended hu should
bo punished as suveiulyas u julvato citizen.
Tlie methods nf Sheiilt Burton's deputies
have for u long time been openly criticised ny
the best people of Denver us unwarranted ami
Indefensible. It lb, tlieiofore. surprising tuiit
the morning papers should have treated their
statements with such respectful consideration.
It will baudisgiaco to Denver II thu actions
of the deputy sheriffs bolnro, during, and sinco
I lib Graves trial are not thoroughly und of
ficially Investigated, lu tho Intoiest of tho
good name of Denver It is likely that tlio citi
zens will jnuku the demand beforu tho week Is
Mrs. Graves Is reported to be worse
A Bla; Fire la Weatfleld,
Tlukyicld, Jan. 4. A flro startod lu tho
office of tho Wostfleld trader at 'J o'clock vus
terduy morning. Tho town has no water
works and practically no Firo Department
The flames spread to adjoining frainu build
ings, and beforo they wero got under control
at ; o'clock by thu Lllyubtth Kilo Department
which had sent help tu tho toun.u wholo block
of buildings was in ruins. Among tho do.en
btllldlugs limned was ono oeeuinutl by thu
Woniun's Christlun Tuniperiinco Union. 'Jhu
ofllco of tho Wostfleld Ntuulartt was ulso
Suttod und a brand now printing press was
estroyed. The total loss is estimated at front
t&0.000 to $75,000, which Is partially covered
b insurance. It u not known how the flro
Feeaned from Ilia ICouae In the Abetnee or
la Nurae.
Hawloy Cliapmnn, tho Imhoctlo husband nf
Cora Chapman, who was shot by Herbert
Bearvant hlsnurso, on Nov. US. disappeared
lustovcnln? from his homo at U3 St Marks
nvonuo. Brooklyn.
Chapman's mind hroko down ovor n year
ago, after living nt high pressuro for throo or
four years. Soon after tlio shooting Charles
Herman wns omployod to tnko Searvant's
placoas nurse, nnd Mrs. Agnos Clifford, Mrs.
Chapman's mother, also wont to livo In tho
Thoro was no special alarm ovor Chapman's
condition, but tho nttrso generally accom
panied htm In his rnmblos around tho neigh
borhood. About half past 0 o'clock last even
ing, when tho nurso was on his way to tho hos
pital with somo oysters for Mrs. Chapman,
nnd whllo Mrs. Clifford vviib engaged In another
part of tho house. Mr. Chiunnan put on
his hat nntl coat ami slipped out of tho houso.
It was not until two hours nlterwurd that tho
police woro notlllud. Mrs. Clifford said last
', Knowing thnt Hawloy was In tho hnblt of
railing on Mr. Wehstor at U4 St Mark's
tivetiuo, I sent the nurso thorp. Tho
nurso found that Hawloy had railed
nt Mr. Webstor's and remained thoro for
a few moments. Wo could find no truco
of him after ho loft Mr. Webster's. Ho had
only a few dollars in his pocket. 1 suspect ho
has gono ovor to Now York. Thero nro plnces
in Eighty-sixth struct Seventy-fourth street.
Third avenue, and Lexington avenue whero hu
has boon In tho habltot vlstlugwlth the nurso,
anil I havo no doubt whatovor that ho has
gono to ono of theso places, and will turnup
all right."
Mrs. Chapman Is now considered out of
danger, und will probably bo nblo to leave tho
hospital within a week or ten days.
A Religion Controversy Reeotted la Mur
der When Veapera Mere Over.
MoujjTCAnviEL. Jan. 4. This city wns thrown
into a high stnto of excltomont last ovcnlng by
a murdor which was committed boforo tho
doors ot tho St Avonlan Church. Early yester
day afternoon, whllo John Sadusklo, Michael
Chumas, nnd John Stephens, members of tlio
congregation, woro walking along Main street
an argument nroso between them on somo ro
llgious quostion.
It was continued all afternoon, and after 7
o'clock, whllo tho young men wero on their
way to church, it was renevvod. Tho mon bu
camo vory bitter against each other, and, as
Sadusklo wa i opposed by Stephens and Chu
mas, ho mado an effort to get away
from them, aud when ho cuterod thu
church ho took a seat near tho altar,
while Stephens ni.d Chumas seated themselves
In the rear. At the end of the services they
waited until Sadusklu reached tho door, when
they joined him and reopened the argument
Snduskiu protosted, but they kept on, snylng
ho wns afraid to stand und hold up his
end. It was ovident from their action thnt
they wished to tiunrrel with him. Saduskio
accused Chumas of being the eauso of thu
trouble, and hnd no sooner mado tho assertion
than Chumas drow from his overcoat pocket a
hugo dagger, which he plunged into Sadus
kiu's breast. Tho blndo penetrated his right
lung and Sadusklo dropped to tho pavoment
Stophens nnd Chumas tied, leaving tholr vic
tim in a dying condition.
Ho recoverod sufficiently to makon state
ment In which ho accused Chumas of tho crlmo
and Stephens as an accessory. Olllcors wor
sent In search of the two men, but they hail
left tho town and are still at large. Saduskio
dlod shortly aftor making his statement
Bla Horace are In Bad Flight aad Troopa
are on Every Side of Illm-
Lieedo, Tex.. Jnn. 4. A reliable party j'ust
in from tho scene of Garza's operations re
ports that Garza's men aro in a sorry plight as
regards their horses.. Tho hoi sea with which
his mon wero mounted several weeks ago were,
all grass fed. Tbe hard usago that thoy have
been put to since, in a section of country whore
thero Is no corn or hay to bo had and the
grass on the rango entirely drlod up, has about
used up theso horses.
It Is hardly possible that the command can
bo kept together very long dismounted. The
necessities of tho ruso can be appreciated
when it is known that thu United States cav
alry operating In that soction of tho country
urn Buppliod with forago hauled on ox curts
from Laredo.
Garza Is surrounded In tho chaparrol. In the
extreme northwestern corner of Zapata coun
ty, by United States troops und rangers, and It
is ntiuobt Impossible for hirn to escape, olther
to tho northward or In the direction of Moxlco.
Svs Antomo, Jnn 4. Skirmishing of nn lu
decisivo character continues between Unltod
States troops and Garza's rovi luttonists In
Starr and Duval counties. Tho bandits being
moro active and bettor acquainted with tho
brushy und brokon character of tho country,
continuo to eludo tholr pursuers without seri
ous loss, meanvvhllo remaining In tho Hold
nntl gathering fresli necossions every day
either In mon or moral support on both sides
of tho Rio Grande.
Desplto this fact Gon. David S. Stanley, com
manding this department feols cnnlldont of
either suppressing or driving Garni from
American soil with tho forces now in the field.
The Pnneencera, Who Had a Narrow E
citpe, Wuaied to Lynch Him on the Hpot,
RociihhTER. Jan. 4. Tho passengers on tho
train leaving Windsor Bench, on tho Romo.
Watertown and Ogdonsburg road, at 11 o'clock
this morning, had a narrow tscape. Tho
train consisted of tho engine, bnggngo car,
and two passougcr coaches, and tho toadies
wero crowded.
Near Rattlcsnnko Tolnt tho road makes a
sharp curve, ond horo tho engineer saw a man
a short distanco ahead leave tho tiuck and run
up tho hill. Tlio brakes woro instantly ap
plied and tlio engine came to a standstill only
ten feet from a three-Inch plank fa-toneil be
tween tho rails, with tho evident intent if
ditching tin. tr iln. Tho engineer and tlruuiau
cavn chase and captured tint man.
When tlio passengers learned what had
hni.penid there worn eriesof " l.vnch hint 1"
"Hang him !" nntl " Kill blni I" Thu prisoner
was uot injured, lewever. lie was brought to
Rochester on tho tiaiu and bunded ov ur tu thu
He gives his name ns John Abel, and claims
to llvu In the city. His stt.rvls that in i.uiy
Ingtlic plank, Which he ioiiuil in thu Genesee
Rfvur. bo Inviiino ulariin'il ut t!.o npplnich
ol tl.it limn uud iln iveil It t. pmvent being
jiruiuii: it.ti.iux.
l!e Qoc. Ut Sim J'liiucltfco tor it IVlaoncr
null Urt Locked li,
Svn FitvMisco. Cal , Jim. 4. About three
months ago William Lalton, a detective of
Jersey Cit)'. was sent out hern to get John
II j er, who wns under arrest foi embezzlement
It was alleged hu hud upproprlutud $U,000 of
his employer's money and ducumped with tlio
coin and Ills employer's niece, whom ho per
suaded to become Mis. Ilvur without huriin
clc's coi.sent Tho young couple weie on tho
eve of sailing for Jul an when Jlyor und his
wile u'ete anested antl locked up at the police,
station. 'I hoariest was made nn information
forwarded to Chief Crowley by tin. Chief of
Police of Jeisev City, ond Detective- Daltou
camoon immediately.
On arriving hero tho doteetlvo found that
Hyer bad employed an ntttorney The at
torney has been leading Dalton such u morry
chase eluco then that Daltou. In dsgut went
ou u bprep, und on Dec. 17 wn committed to
tho Home for Inebriates liver's attorney has
got out a writ of habeas corpus, thu hearing un
which Is set for Jan. ID.
Cigar Dealer .File wood Dronard,
FATEnsoN, Jnn. 4.-Ernest O. M. Filewood.n
cigar dualui at 1! Court sttoet. Brook bit, was
drowned in tho Passaic River ut Warren's
Point, noar this eit), thlh ultetnoon. Hocumu
here with u party who wished to look at somo
hind put iiplursalii hv the EnstPutui soul Jind
Tho imiperty Ison the Eilo Rnllioid's Ber
gen count 1 short cut. The llioaduuv bridge Is
broken down und thu party uttemptud lociu-s
iiverlo l'alerson by liout Tlio river Is swollen,
nnd thu boat which was very leaky, wus cup
sized. Mr. Filewood was swept away and drownod.
His body bus not boon recoverod His com
panions escaped with their Uvea alter a hard
Whnt m the Influence that Secured th JH
Cniirte-lesofthe Port" OirThral-Tho. H
V. H. Urand Jury to Take Hold of the Caaa,
An Important conference, lasting until dusk. H
took placo yesterdny at tho Custom HcAise. H
Thero woro present Collector Hendricks, Sut H
voyor Lyon. Col. Dudley F. Pholps ot tho Law H
Division, nnd Asslstnnt United States District H
Attorney Evarta, Tho United States Grand IH
Jury assembles to-day, and tho matter under
discussion wan tho advisability of continuing H
tho prosecution ngaltist Mrs. Mary Mlnnlck. H
arrosted nutl now undor ball on tho charge of
smuggling $10,000 worth ot Pads gowns for N)H
Mine. Connelly, tho Fifth nvonuo dressmaker.
Collector Hendricks dlroctod the releaso ot
tho drossos on tho pnymont ot $3,400 oustoms ,H
duties on tho dresses nnd tho filing ot a bond
fortd.GOO. which Indemnities tho Government .H
for that amount In enso tho Unltod States Die- dH
trlct Attorney's ofllco establishes tho charge H
of smuggling against Mrs. Mlnnlok. ,H
H oaino out at s est onlay's couferonce that 'H
Col. Goorgo Bliss had boon retained to repre- ,H
sent Jnh j1 Fitzgerald, tho husband nt Mm. H
Connelly. Mr. Fitzgerald Is u well-knuwa obbbbbbbbbbb!
politician of Boston. Ho was on his wedding bobbbbbbbbbI
trip with his wiro. Mme. Connolly, when they IbbbbbbbbbH
met Mrs. Mlnnlck In Pails. Mrs. Mlnnlok had 'H
formerly been employed by Mme. Dono- jTH
van as n designer. In that capacity bbbbbbbbbbbI
she hud visited Paris and copied tho doslgni i' obbbbbbbbbbb!
or famous Parisian modistes. But Mme. Con. iH
nelly had offered her n higher salary, and, It It -H
alleged, that when they mot in Paris Mrs. 4aH
Mlnnlck became Mrs. Connelly's emploreo nnd iH
f ecu red thu dresses which woro solzod oa H
arrival bore by Chief Storey of Surveyor Lyon's 'H
Mr. Fltrgcrald was greatly chagrined at the aH
charge. Ho Insisted that thu duties ot&l.iOO H
should bn paid promptly Ho then requested '.oH
Col, Bliss as attorney to pay all tho penalties - bbbbbbbbbbbI
of tho transactions represented lu tho bond 'bbbbbbbbbbbI
forU.fiOD ''IbbbbbbbbbbbI
Thu evldonco against Mrs. Mlnnlck will b amH
submitted, hovvevor. tn tho Unltod State H
Grand Jury to-day. Tho conference In Col- '; fH
lector Hendricks's office yesterday wns for the H
purpose ot ascertaining Whethor Mr. FltZ- bbbbbbbbbbbI
go-aid's check for Stkoou could not bo acoeptod CH
antl tho matter dropped. Collector Hondrlcka taH
was opjiosed to nny such prucooding, and ha ?H
vvassupnorted by Mr. Evnrts and Mr. Phelps. 'ibbbbbbbbbbI
It was finally determined to loavo tho whole lH
matter to tho United States District Attorney. H
Should Mrs. Mlnnlck bo Indicted nnd convicted H
of smuggling the uond given by Mr. Fitzgerald H
Will bo forfeited in tlio legal Way. .bbbbbbbbbbbI
Mrs. Mlnnlck is tho wife of William Mlnnlck. H
contractor, of tho Eighteenth district It was t obbbbbbbbbbb
through his Instrumentality, remotely, that bH
thocourtoslos of tho port wero obtained for B
his wife. Assistant Appraiser Joseph 0. Big- .'ol
liu met Mrs. Mlnnlck on thu dock, nnd ut the oobbbbbbbbbi
tlmo he wns believed to be mlxod up In the 1
affair. Special Treasury Agent J. C. Cum- H
inings investigated, and on his report the 1
Treasury Department at Washington exonor- 'bH
nted Mr. Bigliu from any guilty knowledge. H
If tho case comes to trial Interesting details H
uro anticipated. B
lie Snjx He Gnre Away the Boa; that Bit
L'ddle Hnll t hen It Waa a, Pnp. H
W. Campbell Clark of tho Clark Thread Com
pnny denies tho ownership of the dog which H
caused tho horrible death of little Eddie Ball H
ot Harrison. N. J. Ho said yestorday that ha H
gavo tlio dog to his driver. Andrew Fagan. H
when it wan throe months old. Ho wanted to H
drown the pup. which was tho runt of a litter bbbbbbbbbbI
of four, but Fagan begged for It and was al- H
lowed to keep it It wus a full-blooded mas- H
tiff from an imported English dam. The H
others of tho samo litter are in good health oobbbbbbbbI
ami fine condition. Mr. Clark has volunteered H
to pay tho oxponses for medical attendance H
and interment Adam Groel visited the be- JjTH
reaved widow yestorday as a representative ot
Mr. Clark, his employor. H
Harold Ball, the U-yoar-old brother ot the H
boy who died of hydrophobia on Sunday. H
shows no sign ot tho torrlblo disease, bat has H
boon mndo oxtroraoly nervous, by. vtaltors who 'H
watched him curiously and epoaulatod about aTH
his fate. Tho physicians have given positive H
ordors that ho must not bo annoyed or In- BtatatLt
formed of tho causo of his brothel's doath, H
It Caanot Be Completed la Mr. WLteaVs fl
Caae, lut the Uncovered Fart Is Ueallag.
Mrs. Minnie Wllck. the wife of Herman WUok. H
who owns a steam laundry at Twenty-third H
street and First nvonue, was scalped on Deo. H
26, 1800, by hor hair being caught In the ma- kH
rblnery of tho laundry. Sho was taken to
Bollevuo Hospital, whero tho doctors deolded ftVH
to try skin grafting. Mora than half the part H
exposod healed under tho skin-grafting treat- IH
nient nnd now only a placo about 5x4 tnchos jH
remains open. Over that howover, tho graft- aVaVayfl
cd skin refusod to adhere, and two months ago H
tho doctors decided toabandon tho experiment H
and leavo a skin to form of its own accord. jB
Dr. Glisnit, who is in charge of tho case, said afaWaWayj
yesterday thnt granulation had ceased and ITawaVal
that tho epithelium promised to oovor the raw H
I lace. Ho declined to sny whon tho patient EbbbbH
might leave tlio hospital, but ho thought If She oobbbbbbbbI
continued to improve as sho had improved H
during the pnst fovv wcoks that tho wound H
would bo entirely healod beforo the ond of the IfgtAtAtR;
eur. JiaVaWa
Put Ont of tho HooTmua Uonaa, raooooooi
James Upshur, who says ho Is a son of Boar H
Admit nl Upshur, attracted the attention ot H
ovcty ono In tho Hoffman House cutd at 12 jH
o'clock lnst night by knocking two glasses H
from the bar. Hilly Edwards attempted to put jB
him out and received a blow in tho fuoe that
almost took him off his foot Upshur and iooooooooool
Edwaids gra. pled und vvert. soon rolling on
tltnlloor. With thn help of Detectlvo Jacobs, V
Upshur was at last put out of the hotel. It
was said that hu had been ejected lu tho after-
nuon for making a disturbance.
Iliirxtlw; "f a Water Mala.
A water main In Fulton place, near Llv- iVMVMj
fngston street. Ilrooklvn. burst lnst night and
tlio How Of waf or Ullllcl milled tho Collar Walls 'bbbbbbbbbbI
of tho extension In course ot erection to Fred B
Looser ,V Co. 'h.li j goods establishment jSjVa
The iron girders und beams supporting ths )
extension gavo way. und tho entire two stories
heluw tho sidewalk collapsod. The entire jVaWfl
foundations fortho cellar as well as tho walls ooooooooooi
will havo to bo rehild. and tho loss It is thought aoooooofl
uiuy reach 'J0.0OO. -ooooooooool
Tho Weather. ..jVgVJH
Tliere la a icneral liurometrlu tlcpreaaloa orerylytng
Hie . aiMcrn lia f uf the country, except the louth Atlas- H
tu Fin'.., wl.iru Hie j.re.hiiro la blgo. Thedepreaaloa.
I. irrwular in ornt, lint unty a.aunie definite outline
Hiil.i) ut. I ciuixIiIkIi "In.Uui.il light inuo- over the H
Ut . . mill tlie inMil.t Atlttntie unit ew Knaiand btatea,
It i.j. .tiuiihuL.iirtluy in Vtrmnnt, nortbeinitew J
Yuri , !'t mi.) Ilium, Olth, aiet lirbieat, anil ralnlaf
iu Jliuiie .mil Canada .l.i iiliere It wa.latr.
Tin. cold ware ceutruit In Hie ea.iern yarl of tbe lata IH
rcinon. mi i Canada, the zero Ih.u ticltix luuanod to the &
i ttttr district uutl M ,c ilKtn. Tlie freezing line resetted j
M.utli In the ea.t Uuir anil to the centra of Florida. 'aoooooooi
Kllliinrfro.t reaihcd ahnos' tu tie extreme (outturn .sboooobbobi
eniliif r.orlila for tlio flr.t time this winter. Tbe cold t .ooooooooooi
iKiiiovliiKea.tTi jril.louly. .nil la followed by atllgtttly Ibbboooo!
lilcur it rupcralinef.oia tbe ctutreot tbe country. It iVooooool
Mlllimna up ery.lul lu tble neighborbriod and wlU r "LAH
Le(rim7 to lOil. ureei belo (reLiiiu ILL rooralut. Joooooooool
Ibere ta now a pru.peit that ice will form In tbe up- vooooooooo
per part ot ll.o state cl liutf tbo upji.r lluilaon and flooooooool
Ibe caiula Tlie tcn.pr itute ta not eitrem.ly low, ijaaooooooa
but it la generally beiniv ireeilng over Ibe entire couo. aJBaoloool
try, excipttlie Uulf stitc.
In I IU. city tbe luHtat oillclal temperattira yettarday noooTaooi
waa2o , bllte.i, 'JK'; ai erase bumldity, fSper c.nl.i LBtaool
wliidnen aui1.outl.weit; aietae velocity, 14 mlleass flH
hour. A.pnnMeutiuow fell at nlgbt. 'Laaoooi
Ibe tlierniuuieter at I'crrj'e pberuiacy tn Ti m ttoooooj
building reiortlrd Hie temjeratuieyeatanlay at foUowl Tl
SA.M 1; 21' a .10 Pit 18. 80 H
HAM Hi "I'M 22 26 afafafaf
tlA M HI' M -' iT oooooooi
UM -I' 12 VI d -ii' 27 H
A.e u." .?;W M
.,u l!' "II Jim. Is'.H ' H
tu, ,l iiniii.r mi. r, H
lr .oiillie.tcrn Ne erk. iiiiluillng l.'inr I.landl H
at.ii for Mtf.tiiii lutineLtlctil atnl iiortbrrn .New Jeriey,
lul.t .imu iulitl ouriuer, soutberly H
uiinl., lur Wi hi 1 1) fir n itlotur) temiieraturo. H
I 11 l'l J. i..il riireia.tONIiUL l
e ..iitst.r.iN tin Kr a it nvp.r, )H
.nr.Ni I iigUiul .uow tturriea, i.ilder, eiieptats- oootloooi
tlouary temperature .it lllock I.laud, It. I,; nortbvMt oootsi
for At J'era, PrnntitwuU, JVVut J.rtey, JlaTaaara, asa oool
JfaryfiuuT, asm fiutitti tLati9arjf lcaaratara J farluHi , saooi
aiMo, oooooooool

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