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I If ' MF YOU SEE IT IN I J? ' JsJll jtefciLf J ll ",F U SEE ,T ,N II ffl
gTux.-N0. 13?. NEW YOBgTFRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 1892. ' "ljHClTTn:oTENTS. rfl
ntsm coaxs straight back to
persecute xrb. zevin.
Oar IT Brohe Into l"nerl Bervlee o
Make Io Her ,", Ompple There
m1lh Her Brother-in-law Doa-ae Ileron
the tltreet and Wrote Her I-ellera-Onee
la nioo"'Blt,,",e Now on Want's Island
rhrlatlan Fabcr. tho man with a pocketful ot
money, who arrived nt tho Hotel Boswyok In
WlllUmsburgh on Jan. 3 from Australia, as ho
'aad and who "disappeared" on Jan. a lain
thotnaatie asylum on Ward's Island. Ho was
ent there on Jan. 11 after botng pronouncod
Insane by Drs. Fitch and Field at Bollovuo
Connected with Faber and his trip to Aus
trails Is a story which dates back Into tho
early days of lust svunmor.
Mrs. tans Levin, widow of Martin H.
Levin has nn apartment In tho Madrid
.1 180 West Fifty-ninth street. 8he lives
thero with hor mother and her two
children. Her brother-in-law. Albert Win
ter of Martin Kalbflolseh's Bons' Comoany,
65'Fulton street, lives at 32-1 West Fifty
sevsntb 6troet In tho first wooksof Juno Mrs.
Levin boenn to rpcelvo letters from an un
known and Ignorant man who profossod to bo
Infatuated with hor. Ono day sho was
accosted on tho street by a man who
poke In broken English, nnd professed
his lovo for her, and said that ho was tho
writer of tho letter. Tho nnmo ho signed was
Christian Faber. Ho was evidently a Gorman.
Mrs. Lovln hurried homo, dogged by tho mnn.
At 'tho Madrid tho portor was compelled to
lam tho door In l'aber's faco to keep him from
entering tho home.
Attirthat Mill more lottors camo. whon
Hr. Winter, with his little child, romovod to
lUc'hflcld SprlngH In July, Mrs. Levin nnd hor
family wont to 1io witli him at hlscottago
there. Mr. Winter's child was taken sortously ill
and died. The funoral was on July 2. Tho baby
lay In lt coffin in tho front room of tho cottage
and tho forvlces wero about to bogln
when the door was burst open and Faber
rushed in. He had found out In some way tho
thereabouts ot Mis. Levin, and ho said that
he had come to man y her. He talkod In a loud
vokv ami waved his arms fiantlcallv. Ho snid
that she wits in I a os lth him and that he must
have lie.. Hun h 'w tho lady in thu back
rni nml made t..v..ird her.
Jlr. Mil to.-,-toiipcil in frontof him to bar the
vrav. l!c had beard ot Fabor. but ho had neer
seen the tunn. '" he Hernial) seized hint by t ho
throat, thicw him to tho floor, and fccrntchcd
and lilt until tho othor members
t.t tho familv wero able to overpower
tliomnn'ae und force him out of tho death
chamber into the stroot As ho lefttho houso
he oV"l that ho would kill Mr. winter at
sight. Mr Winter complalnod to tho local
,liticif thu lVuee nnd Fuborwas arrested
the next day. By that time, howovor. ho had
I ecoiue (.aimed, ii nd on his promlso to lenvo tho
town Immediately ho was discharged. Fabcr
returned to .New York. Whon Mr. Winter re
turned lieioiibulted his lawyers, bmlth A Mar
tin of -111 llri,udwny, and they advised him to
take fteii-. to protect himself aud his sister-in-law.
Private dotoctivos wore put on i'nber's
trail, und Ho was subjected to nn ex
amination as to Ills sanity by Dr. Bond
and Or. Frank Ingram. These two physicians
made affidavit to the man's Insanity, ami a
commitment was signed by Judge Mc
Adam, soma time In the second week in
July. I aber was nut in Bloomingdalo As lum.
Dr.Xvon. tho medical superintendent, learned
that Faber had about $2.0iH) in the Williams
burgh Savings Bank. Mr. Winter sent u num
ber of specialists to examine Faber. The phy
sicians who looked into tho caso wore Urn.
Allan McLane Hamilton. Morton Orlnnoll, V.
C Dont Matthew 1). Field, Lyon. und Williams,
They all. Mr. Winter says, pronounced Fabor
to be chronically Insane, with a tondency to
, homicidal and suicidal mania.
One f the physicians In speaking to Fabor
asked him w ny ho did not leavo tne country,
aothat hewouldno longer be tempted to sea
Mrs. Levin. He replied that If ho could not
mam Mr. Levin he would just as soon livo in
Australia ai America. Ho was then nsked if
he would ically bo willing to go to Australia.
He (aid that lie would.
Arrangements were mado accordingly to put
the diameter of the earth between him and
Jlrt. Loin. He was discharged from the asy
lum " Into the care of friends." and the two do
tsetives took lum toHan Francisco and put him
on board a ship for Melbourne. His oxponseu
were all paid, nnd besides that he took his
own mono witli him which he hud drawn
from tho l-nn'c.
Mr. Vv inter suspected that Faber might re
turn. AnngiMit in San Francisco, therofore.
had orders to, watch for his nnmo on ships re
turning from Australia.
Faber must havo taken the first ship ho
ejuld qet hack on. for less thnn n month
ago Mr. winter received a telegram say
ing thut hu an on Ills wav to New
I'jrl. S-om ulterwurd came letturs nnd
telegram-, from Fabur to Mr--. Levin. If ar
med on Jan. It nml w ent to the Hotel Boiwyck.
He brought with lum from Au-traliii two srr all
niHEPts, nun for his "dear lady." ns ho said,
and one fur tho physician who had had charge
y( him at Bloomingdalo. Hb also brought
yree nhntngiaplis of himself, which ho sent to
Mrs. Levin.
..Adetoctivo was employed to watch the
"aurid to uinlect that lady. Faber did not
call there until Jan. 5. He secured ndmittanco
tjien and came up to Mrs. l.ovin'H npaitmont
Fortiiniitoly, Mr. Winter was thero. Ho or
dered l-ahiT to leavo, and succeodod in In
timidating him enough by his munner to mako
him h to ri ., ho lollowed him and had him
arroMtd hy tlm lit Ht iiolieeman ho met.
'aberw if taken tntheYorkvillol'olleo Court
on Jan. i). and committed by.Tustico ltyun for
fMiLlnatlon ii-, to his sanity. At Bollovuo
Jlosiltal lit--; 1 Ic'd nnd Fitch pronounced him
lnan audhevasu'Dt to Ward's Island on
i"-,1.1, ' "as quiet at Bollovuo, but talked
PfisMentlyof lr. Levin's love for Mm. In
Ji1'Kls cro tound 3'i72 In monoy
J? vL! , bank hook sliowinc an account of
1.0Oi in tlm Wllliamsburgh Bank. Ho hud
K,.'Iin!v,,lx "rent tho rout of his original
f!llUi'n.r! :"lnc from Australia. To tho
nidala of tin. hospital ho said that ho was
T ymiTf of nco ""d a saddlor by trade.
Alter Ms t'omniitment to Ward's Island,
fupirlntendent Blnko sent over to the Hotel
oswrektollml l'ahor's friends, but FMwnrd
"!" the manager, knew little of tho man.
Mr. lliurlsfuund among Faber'a effects n lot
li,?dv?'",ert. tn "rrank Ht. Clairo. Hoffman
,?.Uh"No?'.lol'1?-.t Ho forwarded the letter,
S?. b -'nrB.u c'0!11'1 nave reached Ht Clairo that
?a val e'L nn,'1 l'nii Fober's hill. St Clairo
SlifL" ' vrt !,Kon T1101" to Australia to rocu
?!?. "tiacuwhatevor could bo found of
iinivJ1"1 Ae'-tordoy. Ho Is unknown at tha
IvJXtt H.n"?,"- superintendent Blake has
!SE,l,,..to,o(nrpomtlon Counsel to havo a
S?"'8. "Iointod to tnko charge of Faher's
S"nead ufTalrs. St, Claire, it ft supposed,
none of the detectives.
Hlm.eif Hnieiy orer tho Tracko-
lrtk W.lktr Kefnird to Help Him.
,.U"ln a riser, who fell from tha vostlbule of
We aleeplng car Missouri In the Park nvonuo
JttiiftL at Ninetieth street, on Wednesday
noralng and broke his leg. was removed from
" mjbTtorl&n Hospital yesterday to his
norae.atl70 Bouth fiecond street. Williams
rj? J; ,n an umbulaneo of tho Eastern Dis
WetHonpitiii. Mr, Pi,ir told last night how the occldont
h ?T Ho was cmlng from Haratoga.
BrooklSL8 f?.thor w,nB, burl6d n Tuesday, to
th??ufc .V,?'?? !" In tho sleeping cir In
trlsd tiflfi J.i :j t when ho Kt up. Ho
ooorl5?ntUl'odo?f ot tho toilet room. Tho
own.rtL'r2.ra,fne,r?r1to ,th0 otlbulo was
out kna5?n!LFa,koa ,nto tho vostibulo with
the TsH1h,Swl,Vr?,l,0,w,tt8-u.T'18 8'do door of
aikldiir.yll,,1,1?d. toubls t0,lch ud ho
Aa J2n .th0 traln lnto tno tunnel.
fSf hS'f.iV r.V.cW,od, from o shock of
SmmViM?.'"8.1 '' ? 'OB, was broken. Ho
&ol!?UBi?fcaniiI,?1A6j "Imself across tho
Mh from tl,5?.'?iaoh.l?d t,ie wall, w horo ha folt
mfiuffi? aHii01138 hal "B8ed n'ra ovory few
breath .A,torwa 8hrt rest to reoovor Ms
low ..UwtT-ny? Ket to b nluco bo-
AmtiauKdfPlLa88i8tnoe. nnd aftor wliat
Th "voice ffl5f.li?e,ln """woflnK ry camo.
and lie iaV ki mi 'i"ian ambtilanco was coming
Msea him t,"li'in,d wnl'ed. A track walker
KperHi?i.UB,'i,laiy,on,," ground, and Mr.
lb. writt '"""" loeoxer his egs.
"lkw 'r1.' '',",' uy, l"" dro;s,(J: The truck
on. Aouiii,ltl,Vttld.,,,HUod 'or nudwnlkt.il
cmewitlVmnU.nili xi J'Pbulanco surgoon
1 tfJ ?S?"'i8I .and a stretcher,
1 tinretfelrtnJ5'lsar?.Pot js soTera as was
) I t'f.ewllbrobablybsablato
ttlt 1
Iroeenor Crune Convlnred That UU
Prisoner I Not Dnnham'a Murderer.
Goorgo W. Fuller, who ladotainod In the wit
ness room of tho Nowark Police Headquartors
as a last resort In tho Dunham murder caso,
passod tho day choorfutly yostordny. Whon n
ropoitor askod him whuthor ho had anything
to say ho laughod and renllod:
"Nothing excopt that thoy have got tho
wrong man."
Two or throo dotoctivos from Nownrk worn In
Brooklyn yesterday trying to break down tho
nllbl which Fuller established to tho satisfac
tion of l'roseoutor Ctnno whon ho was ex
amined before, nnd which ho ropoatod with
greater detail to BuporintendentBrowndurlne
tho four hours' inquisition on Wodnesday af
tornoon and ovonlng. Fuller's statemonts
mem to bo corroborated hy flvo or
six witnesses, but tho police suspect
that Rome of thoso men are shielding him be
cause tho dctectlvos represented at first that
he was suspected of crookedness In a horso
transaction. Thoy think theso wltnessos will
alter thi'lr story when they learn that hit is
wanted for Dunham's murdor. Nono of tho
men Interrogated had any apparent motive for
HlileMlnit Fuller. Besides. It is nsked why Ful
ler should havo boen joalous of Dunham to tho
point of homicide, when ho knew that Blnncho
('urrnn after leaving him had lived for live, or
six weeks with a Newark bnrkoopor. against
whom Fuller mndo no hostile domonstrntlon.
An attempt is being mado now to provo that
Fuller was a cowboy, familiar with firearms,
and this Is to offset his testimony heforo l'ros
t'Ctitor Crane that ho never carried a pistol.
Fuller's testimony covers olgbty-threo pages.
The Prosecutor does not now bellovo that Ful
lor Is tho murderor. ,. ....
Fuller's niiinit was put on tno blotter at
Tollco Headquarters lato on Wednesday night
nnd ngalnst It was tho word suspicion. '
Pattick Pholan. tho hostler who fought Dun
ham In tho barroom n few minutes boforo tho
killing nnd who was at first suspected, has
slipped out of sight. Ho did not como back or
send for his pny yesterdoy nnd n so.irch is
being mude for him. If ho is found ho will
stiond a season in tho witness room of tho
Lssox county jail.
Cm Xctv York Oat Itf-Beorsia for Hill,
With Ilardly a Second Choice.
Evan P. Howell of the Atlanta, Conjinifion ar
rived at the Fifth Avenue Hotel last night Ho
said that tho Georgia member of tho National
Democratic Cnmmltteo will cast his voto in
fuvor of this city as tho place for hold Ins tho
National Convention. Ho thought this city
stood a good chance of getting tho Convention,
but ho appreciated tho fact that tho Western
mon would opposo Now York ns usual. Ho
sntd that tlm twenty-five dolegatos Georgia
sendsto tho ConNontlon will go unlnstructed.
"They will vot" ho said, "with tho dele
gates from tho Northern Domocratlo States,
jiroldlng the representatives from thoso
Htatos do not cast their votos for Cleveland.
Georgia is u thoroughly autl-Clovoland State.
It cau't bo nnything else, because in the Stnto
there aro an.OOO Alllanco men. and every ono
of tliet-e men is bitterly opposed to Cleveland.
Tho Alliance ha elected flvo Congressmen,
nud its st re ngth and influence nro great enough
to swing the Mate, if the Democracy wishes
to cany Georgia. l'lo eland must bo set
nsldi'. Tho llrst choice of tho Georgians is
undoubtedly benatur Hill, who. If ho be nom
inated, will nrou be) nnd question a winning
candidate. Tho second choice of Georgia is
perhaps Senator Gorman. I doubt, however,
if tho people nf Georgia havo a second choice.
I believo their preference for Senator Hill is
too strong for thi-m to tnko into consideration
nny other candidate."
Lx-Conressmiin J. J. Richardson, tho mem
ber of tho Democratic National Committee
from Iowa, arrived in town on his way to at
tend tho meeting of the National Committoo.
He said that Iowa would probably go Demo
cratic this year, nnd that all dnubt of tills
would hn dispolled If tho name of Gov. Boies
nppeaiod on the National ticket. Mr. Bichnrd
son fmors l)es Moines as tho place for holding
the National Convention.
The Democrat" of Iowa Will Tree Mm for
the Presidency.
Dx3 Moines. Jan. 14. It Is tho purposo of
tho Iowa Democrats to present the name of
Gov. Boles to tho noxt Domocratlo National
Convention as a cnndldnte for President. At
the meeting of tho Democratic State Contral
Committoo yesterday the matter was dis
cussed ut, some length. Tho committee had
met to closo up tho affairs of tho last cam
paign. When this buslnoss was disposed of
Chairman l'ullcn brought up the nuostlon of
Gov. lloies's candidacy and urged the neces
sity of irn mediate action.
Ho said there is much probability of tho
nomination coining West. and thorelsnomore
promt! ,c candidate to he found than tha Gov
ernor nf Iowa, who had lod tho Domocratlo
party to victory in three MiccosMvocnmpalgns.
His record is known throughout the land, and
ho has earnest friends and supporters in overy
Htatein tho Union, and organized effort should
bit made to get them together and at work in
tho right direction.
Mr. J'ullen's remarks mot with tho approval
of overy member of tho committee, and it was
(lecldod to call an early btato Convention to
select dolegatos to tho next Nutionnl Conven
tion when the time ami place of holding the
Convention shall have boon made known.
Iowa Democrats nro In earnest in the move
mentto present tho namo of Gov. Boies as a
Tho Troopa Endure Much Hardship, and
Full to Find Their Game.
San Antonio, Tex. Jan. 14. Capt. Goorga
F. Chase und his troon of tho Uuitod Btates
Third Cavalry orrlvod at tho home of Antonio
Gozalos. tho futher-in-law ot Catarlna Garza,
ut tho l'nllto Blanco ranch in Nueoos county on
Tuesday. They had a march that was 11 lied
with hardships on account ot tho terrible
drought in that country. Cr.ttlo aro dying by
tho hundreds, and thorn Is no foiago for tho
horses of the troops, causing much suffering
among thu animals. The I'allto lilnnco ranch
was thoroughly searched, but Gara nnd his
men wero not to be found. although thero wero
indications that they had been thero very re
cently. Gen. D.H. Btanloy received a lettor from
dipt. William B. Wheeler, in command at Fort
llinggold, saying thut n county Judge is ren
dering tho revolutionists assistance, and that
ho is loud and hold in his denunciations of tho
Unitod htatos troops operating in that section.
Gen. Ktnnloy will take stops to hnv o tho .1 udge
impeached and punlshod if ho llnds upon in
vestigation that the charges of dipt Wheeler
nro true. Major Louis T. Morris, fn command
ut F'ort Mcintosh, made a report yesterday
recommending that tho detaehmonts of Texas
Hangers be assigned to tho several troops in
tholleld, ns tho rangers aro familiar with the
country und would i ender tho troops good as
sistance. Tho recommendation was reforred
to Gen. Mnbrey, Adjutant-General of the btuto.
Bba Appeals for Mora AUmony-Her Has,
band'a Cenfllcttns Affidavits.
DfABWOOD. 8. D.. Jan. 14. Mnrtln & Mason,
the Dcadwood attorneys for Mrs. Mary Nevlns
Blulno, received a notice to-day of a motion
that will bo made before Judge Thomas here
on Jan. 20 by her Sioux Falls attorneys for ali
mony, lncreasiue the allowance heretofore
"a copy of tho complaint was Berved on the
defendant at Bar Harbor on Aug. 10. and ho
mado answor on Bept. 30 undpr oath that he
was receiving an Income of $2,000 per year,
and wus willing and ablo to support tho
ohlld, notwithstanding tho fact thuton Sept-HJ
he had made oath that ho. had no means and
that his total incomo was 00 per month from
the Pennsylvania ltnilrond. TIih afllduvit
further says the expense of procur
ing tostlmony by the plaintiff has ex
ceeded tho amount allowed for alimony
and none of suoh alimony ordered by Judge
Thomas has been paid by tho defendant. The
caso is sot for trial boforo Judge Thomas, in
this city, on Feb. it. nnd will botrlod from affl
davits now being takon in Now York.
Hr, William lloey Herloualy III
Mrs. William Hoojr, tho wlfo of tho well
known actor, has boon dungorously sick for
the past two months at 230 West 127th stroot.
It Is suld her Illness Is the result ot blood poi
soning, riovoral physicians huvo attended
Imr, uiidxsterday she was somewhat butter,
but sho is not yet out of dangor. ,
Mrs. Houy is Lena French, a sister of Mjnnle
French, who plays the part of Innoaid Aid tn
the "Parlor Matoh."
Tour At MmjlW'a " Acme JLlcorlee Pellet
rersor taroalthare bafltl ttioiuajidi.-Afo.
nis JTrleada TJtterly at a Zm, After a.
Search of Tea Days, to Account for Ills
Disappearance, and No Clue to Ills
Movements Itas Been Discovered.
Ten days havo passod olnoe Edward do
Lima, the eldest sonot B. A. de Lima, loft his
homo at tho Hotel Langham In Fifth avonuo.
and not a word has boon heard from htm by
any ot his frlonds. no has disappeared com
pletely, leaving not a hint as to whoro ho
might have gone. Tho arrival of thoBramen
steamship Travo at Southampton without a
word of nows ot htm was a shock to tho young
man's frtonds. Thoy wore posltlvo that, fol
lowing his custom, he had gone to tho ship's
pier on tho morning of Jan. 5 to son frlonds
off and had boon Involuntarily carried off, and
would bo heard from tho instant a point was
touched whoro die could sond a cablo tolling of
Ms prodtcamont Even aftor tho Trave had
toachod Southampton and had sailed on again
a fow persons thought ho still might have
boen aboard of hor and a cablo might have
beon sent ashore and mtscnrrlod.
But tho last hopo ot his boiug aboard the
ship was dissipated yostordny whon the pilot
boat that took off tho Travo's pilot outside ot
Bandy Hook was heard from. Sho had been
off shoro for n woek. As soon as she camo in at
tho Hook telegraphic Inquiries that had boon
mado wore handed to the pilot. Ho had not
heard a word about any ono but tho Ustod pas
sengers on board tho steamship. It was con
sidered certain that if Mr. do Lima had been
carriod off on tho vossol ho would have sent
word of tho fact back to Now Yoik by the pilot
It was thought by some of Mb friends that if
ho was not carried off on the Travo lie might
havo beononsomootherstonmor, probablyono
bound for a South American port. Ho had
many friends tn BoutU America and might
havo had a friend going down thore. but thero
wns only ono boat which sailod for South
America tho day he disappeared. That was a
Clyde lino boat. Her passongcr list did not
bear tho name ot nny ono known to bo his
frlond. nnd at tho office It was snid that
not a thing had been heard of any ono being
carriod off Involuntarily, nor had nuy ono an
sv eriug young Mr. do Lima's description boen
n passenger or been soon on tho plor. They told
a reporter at the company's office yesterday
that tho pilot boat that took the pilot oft their
stu imshlp had boen heard from, and the pilot
hud no news. , ,
Tlieroaronowbuttwo conclusions possible
to bo arrived ut. One Is that tho young man
hus been foully doalt with and the other that
he has suffered from suddon and temporary
aborratlon ( f tho mind nnd has wondoicdoff.
That he has hcou foully dealt with seoms pie
postorous. Ho left his hotel at 10 o'clock in
the morning in broad dnyllght witli eight
hours moro of blond daylight boforo him. IIo
stopped to tall; with the clerk of the hotel a
moment before he wentout, and ho reraurkod
when lie wont out that bo was going to his
olliee to business. The oflioe is at OH William
street. It was his custom to walk downliftli
avonuo to Fiftieth stroct und tlirouch
J'lttieth to Sixth avenue, wheto ho took
tho elevated down town to Curtlnndt stroet.
und then to walk ucrnssto Liberty und William
streots. From the time ho went out of the
hotel door all trace of him was lost. Nobody
who knew him saw him utter that. He did not
go to tho ofilco. It lie was foully dealt with it
must have been in broad dav light and on somo
street that at that hour ot the morning is al
ways crowded with people. He had no mis
sion thut would take him in any unfrequented
part of town, or in any place whore a crime of
any description could be committed. Ho novpr
stopped in saloons. It was his custom to go
direct from his hotel to his place ot business,
i-.e er stopping on tho way. and thero was ab
solutely no reason why he should not havo
done so on that Tuesday morning.
He may have met with an accidont. havo
been knockod down anjd run over, or have been
hit hy bricks ortlmbor whllo walking under a
scaffold, or fnllen and Injured himself, but if
ho did tho nollco don't know it, nor is he in any
hospital. Lvory hospital in tho city hns boen
visited and no ono answering oven remotely
his description is a patient. The polico rec
ords from tho hour ho left the hotel to this mo
ment have beon scrutinized without result.
His mind must certainly have become sud
denly deranged nnd he has wondered off. But
thore Is absolutely no reason for this assump
tion, except that ho has mysteriously disap
peared. Ho liud not lioon ill. Thero uover
was a caso ot insanity in his family or amo'ig
his ancestors so far as is known.
Ho wus a young man of exemplary habits, not
given to any sort of vice, bo all bis friends say.
Ho had never shown uny trace of insanity or
even (lueernoss. Ho was n man of education
nnd rellnemcnt and of unusually strong mind,
his friends say. Ho was not ono of tho kind
who could bo led into doing anything lie did
not want to do. Ills family say thut when hu
left them Tuesday morning no ncted nnd
talked as ho always acted and talked. It was
Ills custom before ho went nway from the
hotel in the morning to talk n moment or so
with the clerk, and tho clerk snvs that ho
usually said just bofore ho left, as ho did that
morning, thut it wus time he started for tho
ofilce. The clerk detected nothing unusual in
It would not have takon mora than twenty
flvo minutos or half nn hour at the most for
him to havo gono from tho hotol to his office.
ir he lost his mind It must havo been within
this half hour, which is certainly remarkable
in view of his temperament and habits. If ho
has wandered off. wheto can he havo gone I It
seoms hardly possible that ho could still bo in
the city and unheaid of. If insane nnd wan
dering about New York, ho would surely havo
been picked up by the police. Tho fact of his
disappearance has boen printed in all tho
newspapers. together with partial descriptions
of Mm, und soma ono who would recognize
him from the description must havo seen film,
nnd would have reported It, Lvory place thut
ho was ever known to visit has been visited by
friends looking for him. Of course, ho muy
liavo left tho city by any one of the many rail
roads without being seen by any ono who
know him. That is probably what ho did.
Ho may only havo crossed tho river to Now
Jersey or to Brooklyn. If ho has done that he
should be found quickly.
Tho following is as perfect a description of
him und of his habits and tastes as can ho ob
tained. Unfortunately ho had not hud his pic
ture taken for several years, und there is no
good likeness of htm In exlstenco :
Twenty-three yeais of age, 5 feet n inohos
tall, slight liulld. weight about 120 pounds, full
ovBlfneo, very regular and well-proportioned
features, no beard or moustache largo brown
eyes, light brown hair, Dorfeot teeth, very
whlto and very regular. Ho wore, when he left
the hotol, a black cheviot suit with a sack coat,
a black scarf with a black sllk-covorod pin
and cuff buttons of tho same material, white
linen, a derby hat with a mourning band about
it, and luce shoes. He was regular in his hab
its, seldom wus out late at night, read a groat
deal, and enjoyed good books and was fond of
plcturos nnd works of art. Ha talked English.
French, and bpanlsh. He was born In this
country, and spoke English without foreign
accent. He wns a great traveller, and thor
oughly familiar with all the details Inoldent to
travelling. The only jewelry h wore was a
heavy gold Waltham watch.
Curiously enough, no general alarm has been
sent oat by the police ordoring a search for
the missing man. Mr. Ellas de Lima of the
firm of D. A. de Lima A Co. said yesterday that
ho had not thought this was necessary, be
cause if the man was out ot his mind he would
bo picked up by the police any way. He said
ho thought no would have an alarm sent out
to-day in the throe cities. The search, he said,
hnd beon from the beginning In competent
hands, and evorything possible that could bo
done had beon done to find tho young man. Ho
feltconfldontthat ho would be found ultimately.
The idea of foul play." he said. "Isgood
enough for a sensation for somo nowspnuers,
but It appears to mo to bo very foolish to think
that a strong, healthy young mnn could meet
with It In broad daylight In a great city llko
New York, with thousands of people with their
eyes and ours opon about Tho idea that
lie has been kidnapped and is held for
n ransom Is also foolish It seems to me.
Ho oertnlnly oould not be Induced to go
off with strangers, and I am very suro he had
no friends or acquaintances who would think
of such a thing, and, bosldes. If he had beon
kidnapped, his kidnappers would have been
heard from befoyo this. He had practically
no jewelry about him that would tempt a bad
man to injure or run away with him. He nover
wore a ring. His shirt studs, and scarf pin
and cuff buttons were ot bluok matorlsl and
inexpensive, for ho was in mourning for his
father. Thoonly othorartlcleof jptyolry that
lio had was his gold, watch and his chain,
which was ii veryslmple ono."
Mr. de Lima did not know anything about
tho watch excopt that It was a gold erne, with
Waltham movement. He gave It to the miss
ing inun some years ago. To-day ho will try
and find out tha number ot the oase and of
the works. They may lead to something.
naafel Brewtas Co.'o Maahattaa Wear.
rtwtl from malt sad boju only, 339 B. Hla aL 4a
It was a Case of Gambler ARalnst Gambler,
But One Had a Mure Thing-.
An ingenious plan to bent tho pool rooms
ownod nnd run by Frank McLaughlin, William
Lano. and J. B. Collins. In East Newark, wns
defoatod yostordny by tho bungling manner tn
which tho mon wont about their work and a
modicum ot vigilance on the part of the police
As a oonsoquenco William Dodson. 220 Jay
stroot: Honry Horbort, 220 Jay street! Thomas
E. Grady. Groenwlch nvonuo, and Fred Marvin,
421 Fulton stroet, nil ot Brooklyn, nro In
jail. Twice within a year attempts havo
been mado to beat tho East Nowark
pool rooms, but tho proprietors woro
always on tho alert for trouble. The success
ful coup of the Wostorn Bwlndlorsten days ago
made them still moro wary, and the ostoru
Union officials, profiting by tho Rt. Louls-Sun
Franelsco-St, Paul oxpcrlonco, have kept a
closer survolllanco than over beforo over the
pool room branch ot Its business.
On Monday lost throo men leased tno rear
room on tho second floor of Oscar Kennodv
house at 230 ltollrood avenue. Nownrk, pav tng
$3 n month for the use of tho apartment. Ken
nedy's houso Is not moro than 200 yards from
tho pool rooms. Tho men represented thom
solvos an surveyors employed. by tho Pennsyl
vania Ballroud. Then took a big trunk to the
room, and did not return until Wodnesday
Meanwhile Mr. Kennedy became suspicious
and Informod Sorgennt Coakloy. nnd a watch
was seton tho houso. Two of tho men were seen
outside of tho houso nt 1 1 o'clock on odnes
day night nnd wero watched. They did nothing
then but stroll along tho rnllrond trucks, nnd it
Is Supposed thut they tapped tho wlro leading
to tho pool rooms In tho early hours of tint
morning. It was boldly done. Inus
much ns tlio loop run to the houso
in open v low. Word was sent to tho Western
Union ninln offlco in New Yoik.and Miintser
D. B. Mitchell soiitoutun inspector early, Jes
tenlay morning. Nothlngwas done until tho
races begun, whon tho police. In ehurgo of ber
geantEngnn, enteicd tint houso nnd caught
the four men. Thoy hnd a switchboard, tele
graph key, thirty-eight cells of battery, and
tools for lino work. One of tho prisoners said
thut thoy should havo waited nnd they might
have caught more. H" suld: It's only u caso
of gambler ngulnst gumbl-r."
The Inspector of U. Western Union will
muko a formal charge agnlnst them to-dar.
It Is said tliatthoy did not sond a word to
the pool rooms and had not put their intiu
inonts Into oporntlon. If they hud. Collins
said he would probably liavo detected the dif
ference in resistance or In tho bundling of tho
key. ns Iim Is an export telogrnph operator.
They aro supposed to bo members of tho gang
which wus at work noor Biiltimoro recently.
A Sudden Impulee Kelzee a Patient Never
buapected ot Inannlty.
When Dr. W. H. Bishop, resident surgeon of
the private surgical hospital at 405 Lexington
avenue, was writing In his office on the ground
floor nt 10,li o'clock on Wednesday night, ho
heard a sound ns of somo ono falling in tho
stroot. Tho nolso wns followed by n cry ot
pain, nnd ho ran out and found Mrs. L. T. New
man, one of his patients, a young woman of 30.
hlng on the stops. Sho was unconscious and
fironnlng. Two of the nurses helped to carry
leruntoher room on tho socond lionr. over
tho entrance hull, where thoy DUt her to lod.
Her right wrist nnd tho third finger of her left
baud were broken, but, oteont for tho shock,
tho wns unhurt. Sho weighs less than 1UO
When sho wns able to talk. Dr. Bishop asked
her why sho hud tried to kill herself, nnd sho
refused to tiolievo that sho had tried, hhosnid
that she had nu remembrance of her full. Sho
hnd nover shown symptoms of Insanity, and
sliowns to havo been discharged from tho
hospital ns cured to-day. A nurse was with
Mrs. Newman when sho jumped from the win
dow. Tho room is a largo one. andthenurso
was In tho corner furthest from the window,
wuslnng a bnslu. Mrs. Newman wus In u chair
by tho window. Sho was preparing for bed.
und was dressed only in a wrapper. Suddenly,
nnd before the nurse could cross the room, sho
had thrown up tho window sush and jumped
out. Tho distance she fell Is over twenty feet,
and the steps nro vtrr steep. Sho nnd her
husband are Hebrews. They have nover had
any children.
Cahlll Worked Wall Strert-MIIIer Accosted
a Follceinan la CItlzcna Clotbea.
Justice MoMahon. at the Tombs Court yes
terday morning, sent two of the many beggars
who Infest tho streets ton place where they
won't beg for somo time to come llobert
Cahlll was tho first prisoner.
ltobert spent Wednosday afternoon on Wall
street, using this formula as n means of pro
curing money: "Say. got do pricouva meal,
voung fellor?" When tho reply was nogutive
lie cursed und threatened.
In court ho suld that he hnd no homo, but
County Clerk McKonnn would vouch for his
character, nnd was oven then about to givo
him a political olllco where he would earn n
good salary. Unless the ofilco can wait for
thrco months while Cahlll Ison lllnckwoll's
Island tho County Clerk will havo to find an
other candidate.
Fritz Miller bus no homo. Ho has also fow
clothes, nnd such ns ho has aro almost worse
than none. On W dnesday evening ho walked
up and down Park row bogging nickels, or
rather demanding them. Policeman Dugan
was in citizen's clothes and Miller accosted
him. "Gimmo a nickel, me friend," ho snid,
catching tho ofllcor by the arm nnd barring
his progress. Ho was disgusted whon tho ofll
cor showed his badge nnd arrested him. Jus
tice MoMahon sent Miller to tho Island for six
Capt. Bollly repeated yesterday his Instruc
tions to his rintrolmon to koop thostreotsof
the Tcndorlofn cleared of beggars. Tho two
pollccmon In plain clothes detailed to look ut
ter the beggars arrested four mendicants.
A Central Park Pet In a Paenlon Trice to
Break Out of Ills Cuge,
Tho big Russian hoar at tho Contral Park
monngerle still continues In a rage which on
Wednesday was so violent as to frighten ovon
Keopor Maryn. who has ohargo ot tho boars.
On that day tho bear boenrao unusually ugly
and tried to escnpo from his confinement- Hn
trumped up and down ills cngo roaring In rago
and pounding on tho Iron bars.
Onoof tho bars gave way and tho crowd which
had gathered was in a statu of pnnlo when
Keeper Maryn appeared, and seizing a heavy
cudgel entored tho cage, and pounding the
animal ovor tho head drove him back into his
The bar was fixed, and until noon yesterday
tho bear was quiet, but then ho was roused
again and clambered up to tho top of his cugo
by means of the polo In the contro, nnd again
brokoabar. He stuck his head through tho
opening, but at sight ot Ms keeper with tho
club he subsided.
Bo Wishes the trailed Klutee o Protect
Him Durlne; Ilia Visit In China.
Elizabeth. Jan. 14. The first Chinaman
ever naturalized in Union county, N. J., got his
papers to-day. Ho Is Jo Eee, a laundryman,
and ho wants to go to China to get money
which Is coming to him by Inheritance. He
has been olevon yoars In America, and hns
joined the First Preabjtorlan Church in this
city. Ho wants to bo an American citizen so
that he enn claim protection from this Govern
ment during his trip to China, and be able to
gain admission to tno United btates when ho
comes back. Judge McCormick guvohimtho
necessary documont, which lie hugged to ills
bosom us he rotlrod.
Carried Iter Dead Child la Her Arms.
A woman who was almost too exhausted,
from travelling or liquor, to walk entored
Bollovuo Hospital afjor dark last evening. She
carried a bundlo beneath a well-worn shawL
The bundlo contained the dead body of her
one-year-old boy.
Hho was Annie MoCluskey of 1)4 Cannon
streot, and tho child had dl d on Wednesday
night Borne of tho neighbors had told the wo
man to take tho body to the hospital. Hhoatart
ed out early yesterday morning and had beon
travelling around all day with the doad baby
under hor shawl, trying to find the hospital,
('apt. Donovan put the body in tho Morgue
and told tho woman to send an undertaker
for it
T, II, French, Auctioneer,
VVlibti to announce that on UomUr, Jan. IS, beginning
at II A. VI. daily, lie will tell tin stock or Diamonds,
Wttchet, Solid Silverware, Flated ware, BroeiM, anil
Antlgoei of Johnaton k Son. tor fifty years jeweller at
ICO Bowery, sod wbJob, for convenience of aala, bat
been removed to bsi Broadway, Bear 21at at, whir
the auction takii glut. 44,
The Whole llcgalnr Ticket Goes Through
with Very Little Hcratchlnc-eOB Votes
lor Mr. Bllae-An Era of Uood Fcellnej.
Tho opposition of John L Dnvonport nnd his
frlonds to tho rcfiloctlon for tho seventh tlmo
of Chaunccy M. Dopow as President of tho
Union Lcacuo Club was evidently struak with
tho grip last night It was a severe ease
In all, 722 votos woro cast of which Mr. Do
pow rccolved 425, Mr. Bliss 202. Joseph H.
Choato 1, and blnnk 4. Tho entire regular
ticket, headed by Mr. Dopow, wasolectod, with
llttlo scratching. At sovo'nl elections In tho
last few yoars a lnrger voto had boon pollod.
During the day somoot tho frlonds of Mr.
Dopew woro anxious about tho result Thoy
had ovldonco ot tho herculean labors ot John
I. Davenport and his throo friends. Surveyor
Lyon. Appraiser Cooper, nnd Auditor Blatch
ford. In tho lntorest of Mr. Bliss. Mr. Davon
port had been specially active
So tho friends of Dopow Bplashod around
Wall streot and tho dry goods district In cabs,
reminding ovoiy Union Loaguer to como and
voto for Dopow. Tho frlonds of Mr. Bliss ulso
racod around tho town In cabs.
Thero nro 1.000 members of tho club, nnd
since Monday nil had been showered with
campaign lltoraturo sont through tho malls.
Many had been personally scon nnd Impor
tuned for their support. Up to yesterday
must or tho work duiiu had been In the interest
of Mr. Blhs.
By jesteulny, though, the Depow workors
vvero tiut In foiee. '1 he Validerbilts and their
friends nil tut nod out. Gen. Thomas I k Jnmos
and John It. Vim Wmmoruf the Lincoln bank
hustled like riny I tborors.
Dr. Deiiew entered tho club shortly boforo 8
o clock lust night. Ho was In evonlng dress,
niulusjiiuntyns you plouse. Ills supporters
wero in Hie iniiin conlilor. They cheered him
llkogooj fellows. Tho voting lind boon go
ing nn slnco ll'j o'clock, nud already tho
Dopiwmeu hullovod that thoy wem going to
smother tha Davenport ticket. Over by n pil
lar wore Jlr. liiivvnpott und his friends. Thoy
responded witli n elieer for Mr. IIINh
Lvery ie-1'irt vwis paid to Mr. lillsshytho
flienils of Mr. Dope A'. Thoy value .Mr. BlKsus
un ardent nnd uund and practical ltopubllenn.
But ull tho same, they couldn't very well help
voting tor Jlr. Dvpuvv. the regular candidate.
Mr. Bliss did notoonm to tho club.
Ho bus been ill for several woeks with
bronchitis, nnd his physicians have ndvised
Mm not to ho out nights. Mr. Dopow had a
full-moon smile for nil liisfricndsuud uhvurty
hand shake.
All hands w ent up into tho groat mooting
room of the club, whoio tho annual reports of
Treasurer George Montague and other oilioors
wero to be read. In tho nbsence of the retir
ing Soorotnry. J. Beavor Page, his predecessor.
Sigournoy W. Fay, an ardent Depevv
lto, .was Secretary. Tho report of tho
Lxooutivo Committee. Judgo But us B. Cowing.
Chnirmun. showed the club to bo freo flora
debt and with a surplus of over $2o.0(i0 In tho
bunds of tho I'lnnnco Committee The total
receipts of tho club for 1KU woro $U01.ti7.
nnd tlio expenses S74.HHt. Another report
said that thero ure now b.U3'J volumes In the
All tills time members woro stealing out nf
tho moeting to vote. Thorn was only nno poll
ing tioolli. Allied IL Whitney, tho second
edition of Mr. Depew. William B. Dowd. nnd
J. C. O'Connor woro the tellers. Tho polls, by
tho rules nf the club, woro to bo open only fiom
0,'k toll'j o'clock. Tho situation necessitated a
change in this ruin Inst night Not thut there
were too many votos. but that thero "was only
ono polling booth. At U-oO P. M. uinny mem
bers hud not been ublo tovote. Soonmotlon
of Charles btowarc Smith un extra hour was
At 11:30 It was known that Jlr. Dopcw had
won. Ho wus thereupon congratulated, and
nil sorts of felicitous things, material and
otherwise, wero offered to him. Tho club pro
vided many kinds of bovoruges and salads.
Mr. Depew thanked the members for their
renewed expression of appreciation. Tho op
position proved to bo good losers. They all
partook of tho beverages nnd congratulated
tho victor. Harmony wus at high tldo at mid
night The candlduto In opposition. boBldos the
candidates for Prosldont. wero:
ron vicE-rnEsircMR.
rorni Huh .n Wh. F.'lhu Knot.
Tlionn If llunt.jird. J, use Sellifman.
tlittrlvs stew art smith. Joliu slunue.
W. Hurt Hmllh. U llllnin llrnchllelil.
J-tlwnrd w, Powey, liuulcic Itolline,
ueorxt) Blatfden Ikury W.CnDnon.
llctdinuu 1-i.rr. Hi-nry ('. Ward.
Albert O II) de. Irv.lirlik T. iiro-m.
Henry W. Cmrinn, rioMilim 1 lttle.
s II.vlriilii.il U. Horace II try.
Win. O. Guttirlo. Gin. RutMge Glbton.
Frank Waller. Edit 3rd 11. Walei,
Wllllnm B Ilowd, 1j.iujuc1.S1. niatchford.
Jlr. Sloano'.s lottor declining to tun against
Mr. Smith was lostcd on tho bulletin board.
In other roquets than those tho tickets wore
identical, as follows:
For Vhe Preeldenti Levi P. Morton. Col. Joel B.
Frhardl. Herman i Aruiniir Woodbury Itntrilun, At
rred V an saiittoord. Tliomna C. Aetna, J, I lerpout Mor
gan. Itutue H. Cowing, nna (Jen Horace Porter.
or .Secretary John It Vnu Wortuer.
it)i Treasurer Georifc Montague.
Tor Kxcciitlve Coamlttei) (clait of 180i Chirlee
Lmiter and Robert M i.tdlauay.
1 or C'onunuteo on Admission (c!asof 1 BIM) Harrt
eon K. ua try. Charles j:. Gregory, nnd Lock IT. Win
chehler. lor Committee on I.'brnrj Pierre De P. KIcLettt,
.latnes C. lived William Mitcliill, Dunne r. Lterson,
Gordon W enikll. und l.iij:eue n Haw Line.
lor i oinmltlcein Alt Hired 1'.. VI. INirdy, HenrrW.
Wittrouii Robert W Vrn HosLer.-t. William G. NiUiula,
Albert llienua.it. and stetmri W suutb.
For Committee on rolltlcnl I.etoriu K. 11 Hinsdale,
Clarence C, Huel Cephas Ilridnerd. John J.Knox 11 B.
St. John Konsa, Tbniuns L James. Mortimer t. Aitdoms,
Iienjamln H Church, samuel Thomas. W illliau T. Sihiuy.
Jeflrrf on V Urk, ami ltlcbitrd B Irtt in.
l-nr Audltoi Uonald Macktir, Charlca Myers, and
Walter A. Peas.
tiik YQUxa arc.v vindicated.
A Duik Ualies rhurcea Which It ! Vm,
tide to Hubetunllut;.
Dethoit, Mich., Jan. 14. Last November tho
Ponlnsularbavings Hank had its paying teller,
Douglass Keith and A. F. Henke, his assistant,
arrostod tor stealing iVM from tho bank. In
splto of tho fact that the young mon had put
slips with their names and tho sums takon writ
ten on them into the cash drawer to show
whoro the money wns. Tho bnnk wussovoro
ly censured by tho mnny friends ot tho young
men. but It improved the opportunity to churgo
tho voung men with having takon Id.JtOO
which had boen missing from tho bunk for
somotlmo. Under threats of prosecuting tho
young men. thu bnnk got their parents to
make good tho shortage.
The mattor. howovor. got into tho newspa
pers, and J. I), Muoio, cashier of tho bunk.
who is a prominent Itopubllcan. und who
was candluutn for btuto Treasurer a
year ago, udmittod that thore was
no reason to suspect the young men
ot stealing the $1,300. The parents of tho
roung men thon realized that they hud prac
tically been blackmailed, and they In turn
threatened to sue tho bunk unless the money,
SM3U In all. was returned, Tho bnnk settled
the case to-day by giving Keith nnd Henko
each a check for tYUU. Where tho Sl.oOO went
is a mystery.
(Senator Hill and tho STanbatfuu Club.
At a moeting of the Governors of tho Man
hattan Club last night the letter of Senator
Hill naming Jan. 20 as the date for the recep
tion to be given In his honor was read. It was
resolved to turn the letter over to the Houso
Committee, mid to givo tho committed power
to make all the arrangements for tho recep
tion, which will be a notable one.
Broke Fellow Patient's Head.
John Barnes and John Maxwell, patients in
the hospital at IlandaU's Island, quarrelled
yesterday afternoon whllo they, with tho rest
of the convalescents, were at tea in tho dining
Ilnrnes, who n&t noxt to Mnxwoll, smashed
his bowl over Maxwell's head, fracturing his
skull. Oflloor lioilly. who is stationed on tho
island, took Darns to tho East 12t)th stroot
station, Maxwoll was treated at the hospital.
The Woodiick Divorce Case.
The divorce suit ot Mrs. Holla Woodrick of
Jamaica. 1 I., against her husband. Capt
William Woodrick, and tho hitter's couutor
suit, were brought to a close in Long Island
City yesterday. Judge Dykman charged the
jury in the afternoon, and instructed hem to
bring In a sealed verdiot If the jury oome to
an agreement the result will bo announoea
lilt n Coal Train at Uitsiellen-Xo Lives
Were I.oel.
Elizabeth, Jan. Ii. A wreck ocourred
at 10 o'clock to-night on tho Central llallroad
of Now Jorsey near Uunollon. A north-bound
T.oyal Illuo Lino train run Into tho rear end ot
u coal train.
Tlio colliding train wns No. GOO, nn express,
which loft Washington at 5:05 o'clock, and
was duo in Jorsey City nt 10:Ut.
Aconl train was backing on tho track from
n siding, nnd was In tho way when the express
enmo along.
Tho cnglnoer of tho expross snw tho coal
train In tlmo to chock tho speed of his train
Nobody was killed, nnd after n dolay of two
hours tho tracks wore clearod nnd tho expross
Tho express arrived atJersoy City two hours
Into. Nobody on tho train was Injured, and
the trainmen reported thut nobody hrd beon
hurt at all In tho accident.
Etll Ik Cook's Clmran Against a Tonne Mar
ried Man ot JEtmlra.
Buffalo. Jan. 1 4. Wm. J. Bonson. a hand
somo young mnn, wus arrested hero this after
noon on a churgo of abduction, l'.dltli L. Cook,
IS j ears of age, is his accuser. Miss Cook was
nttvndtng a boarding school near hor homo In
Itutland, Tioga county. Pa.
On Dec 1, Benson, whom sho had mot
Bovcr.il tlmos at social guthorlngs. drovo up to
tho Fohoolhouso and askod hor to tuko a short
ride witli him. Sho readily consontcd, and
nftor they hnd gono some dlstanco Benson
drew n revolver and thro.itenod to blow hor
brains out If sho rofuse d to go with him. Sue
was terribly frlghtoncd and promlsod to go
without resistance.
They went to tho noaro't railrond station
nml enine hero. Bonson nt first took tho girl
tniiillTenutablo resort Ho told tho woman
in chaigo to keep hor closely eon ;i nod nnd
to allow no ono to see hor. After
a short stay Benson took the girl to
l.fi)7 Main street, whoro thoy began light
housekeeping. Tlio villain hail tho girl com
pletely cowed, and sho wns afraid to let her
friends know her whereabouts. Yesterday hor
fat her was told thut his daughter was in this
city. Ho camo at oiioo anil Invoked tho aid ot
tho polico. who captured Benson late this af
ternoon. IIo hus u wife und two children in
An Epldemlo of Scarlet Fever Boalnc la a
Connecticut Town.
HABTPOF.D. Jan. 14. It is reported from Wil
Ilmantio that scarlet fover has made such rav
ngos in Colchester that it bus becomo noeos
eary to quarantine the borough. A publlo
moeting was held yesterday, at which It
wns voted to place u red Hag on
nil housos whoro thero was a caso
nnd also to nllow no persons to leave housos
where thoro is sickness. The cpldomio has
boen raging In Colchoster for two months.
Bacon Academy, n leading school thoro. has
not been open this year, except for a short
time in tho frill. Tho public schools have beon
closed for n long time, for tho reason that tho
disease spreada rapidly among children.
Whnlo families have been ill. and tho mor
tality lias been very large. Children aro dying
ntsuch nn nlurming rate nnd tho fear of tho
disease is so intense that they nro burled
without any ceremony and within an hour or
two after death.
Tlio ouarantlne measuros will necessitate
tho closing of tho rubhor mill and tho isola
tion of tlm placo until tho epldemlo has been
stamped out
The Han She Wui to Marry Has Cast Her
OfT, She Say, and Whe Doesn't Wsk to llTe.
Bachael Rosenthal. 10 years old. went Into
the room which sho occupies with her mother
nnd sister nt 105 Honry stroet at noon yester
day and swallowed Paris green.
Her sister found hor half an hour later, and
she was taken to tho Oouvernour Hospital.
Sho said she did not caro to live.
Tho girl hns worked in a cigaretto factory.
Sho was in tho tssox Market Conrt yesterday,
nnd chnrged David Bartlostono of 33 New
Bowery with betraying her under promise of
marriage. Sho declared that Bartlestono bad
taunted her nnd had spread bad reports of hor
among her friends, so that sho was hooted and
ridiculed wherevor sho r.ppoared. Bartlestono
denied her charjes, and the case was dis
missed. At tho Oouvernour Hospital it was said last
night that it would be a question of a day or
two whuthcrshe would recover.
Concerntnc Playn right Belasco's Collars.
Playwright David Bolasco was disturbed tn
spirit yesterday by tho descriptions of his per
sonal appearance nt tho examination of Mrs.
Leslio Carter in supplementary proceedings
on Wednosday. Mr. Belasco was particularly
upset by tho references to the fact that ho ap
peared in an unstarched collar and had for
gotten his necktie.
"Gicat heavensl" ho said. "Where could
thoojesof the reporters havo boon? My col
lars aro nover of linen. Thoy nro silk.
I can't wear linen. My shirts cost $210 a
do en In Paris, nnd nro of tho bast silk.
Think of starching silk I It Is not customary
to wear a tie witli a silk shirt, oithor."
Playwright Belasco wore a black tie last
night, but ho looked unhappy, und the tlo
looked out of sorts, too.
A Darn on West Oneonta Creek Breaks.
Onfonta, N. Y.. Jan. 14. A dnra In this place
on tlio West Onoontn Crock broke to-day. anil
fifty acres .of wator rushed down tho valley
with great force, ltnrns nnd bridges woro car
ried nwuy. but no lives wero lost.
ThudiiiH Green and wlfo waded out of their
houso In wator up to their arms. Tho roads
ure ull Inundated und blocked with Ice.
The Weather.
The storm that was In the South Attantla Elates
pasted northeast over Nen York yesterday and disap
peared Into Canada. The ft eatber in all the middle At
lantic and New F.nrlant States waa unusually warm
and sultry The temper dure lu this city was IS decreet
hlgb.tr than had evtr before been recorded on Jan. 14.
and was ",1 dejrrees obote the ateraee. The humidity
was also exresslt e. decrraMnir ton ard night.
The toa was er dense In the morning. It became
light after 2 301'. M .eicept at InterraJs. By 7.80I'..VIi
It Imd entirely i'.lMppared. Fuow f M In Kentucky,
Ohio, Indl ma, Michigan, nnd Pennsjltanla, and rain In
all the. States bordering the Atlantic. Elsewhere tha
eatber Han fair.
The coll wave shou'd coter alt the Atlantic States
this morning aul run the temperature down to freez
ing point. It wus below r-eri yesterday In the western
part nt the lake region aud in tho central Mississippi
Vaheyand north of Kans is. The roldrst wuttO'he'
low rem lit Winnipeg-and. 'is below at St. Vincent.
it was (oggjrand rainy in Ih tit y during the day,
clearing at night, total rnluf.il'. .OS or an Inch; at
ersge humidity, Td per rent; wind, south to north
wett; average te'.ocliy, H ml!e an Lour; highest
otr.rhl temperature, (IJ, loet, td".
The thermometer in Terrj's pharmacy In Tea Prit
building yesterday recorded the temperature as f odon si
Jill. J.''.' iff)i, ;j9
8A.M - M 330P.M 4 r.H
SAM n M' (I'll elV Ml
BA.M H7 r.tl UP M !)" ,
UU tO CJ' IJUIll 3d 4.1'
Aierare ssv,
Average on Jan. 14, 1801 ,' a"H
u.cit. roaaciti roe raimr.
yor aoutbeastern New York (including Long Island),
alto for weatern Connecticut and northern Itew Jersey,
light rain or snow In tha early morning, followed by
clearing and decidedly colder weather, with a cold
wave: brisk northwest winds.
For Saturday, fair, colder.
yor Sunday, fair, stationary temperatura.
E. II. U, Loral 1-orecait Official
witnixcrox rostcm till u r. k. rmD.tr.
For o l-:ugl.md, clearing; cold wave; wind be
coming northwest.
Fur ewrih a. ip 1'orl, titrn Vieifpitef.i, nnd JVt
Jtrfi, rfurtfij, re? f wore, lutrlkire! ,rm It.
For the District ot Columbia. Delaware, Maryland,
and Virginia, generally fair) cold wave; northwest
1 oriel deeping ear throagk to Baa Vranelaes via Haw
Terk Centred every Taaaoay, Seat (or Ulualratad pasa-skULaa,
The Princess Hetroi to Wed Inn Month was ,H
vrlth Illm nt (lie r.nd-Hls ItclMWes Bather i
at Handrlnsham-A rjketch of Ills Lite jH
l'rlnce aeot-ice Now Uecnmen Heir Pre 'LBal
umpttvo to the llrltlah Throne. H
ConrlglJ, ISM. l-j Tnl Fci JMnritv; ami JVJhMw H
ertafLm. H
Iisno.v. Jnn. 14. All London to-night Is In M
mourning. Kvory thcutro und plncc of amuse- H
mnnt Is closed. Tho blinds ot all tho groat M
clubs in 1'all Mall. St. .Tamos' s ttroet, and Pic- jH
cttdilly nro drawn and ovcrywhote flags aro B
drooping nt halt mast, while tho streets and M
public houses nro full of pooplo, who aro talk- 'bH
ins or tho lives and deaths of tlio Prince and '
prlost w ho passed away within an hour ot caoh M
other this morning. M
Tho nowspnpors afford an Interesting study.' H
This afternoon all camo out In doop mourning '!
nnd annottnaod the two deaths in much the JM
bamu manner. The Globe says:
"It Is with tho deopost sorrow that we haro M
tn announce that his llojal Highness tho Duke ' B
of Clarence and Avondnlo died shortly after 0 ,'flBfl
o'clock this morning;" and Inanothoroolumn: vHHI
"Wo rosret to' nnnounco that Cardinal Man- cHJ
nlng pnssed away calmly soon after 8 o'oloer itVeVJ
this morning." -lVafl
TheSf. Janies'jGazeKdhasltthUB: "With pro- . IH
found regret wo havo to announoe that the HH
Duko of Clarence and Avondalo died at Ban- HH
drlnglum Houso nt 0:15 o'clock this morn- jfl
ing;" nnd "wo regret to announce that Oar- IflH
dlnnl Manning died at his rosidonoe, tho HH
Archbishop's houso. 'Westminster, at 8:20 9H
o'clock this morning." jHH
Tho othor nowspnpors mako about tho same iHH
distinction iu tho degrco of their regret, while HH
not ono can lind words enough to laud the tB
doad Prlnco or express its sympathy with jVH
his royal parents nnd grandparent or his JHHJ
prospoctivo bride. But it is not In tho nows- H
papers that ono gots tho opinion of the pooplo. HBl
und In low ot tho existing social conditions "HM
in England tho real opinion ot the people oon- Bfl
corning tho death of an holr presumptive to HH
the throno Is worth knowing. 9J
The first person to whom I mentioned the jHHj
doath of tho Princo this morning was a hotel H
waiter. " Wo can get along much better with- jH
out him." quoth tho waiter, "than we can BH
without Cardinal Manning." Tlio waiter was ...H
not a Catholic, either. Ho concluded: "It's TH
mo and tho Ukos of me that supports them e vAl
Princes." ?
Only a short time afterword a friend told jJLH
moot a scene he witnessed in an omnibus.
which may bo tcrmod tho vohlcle of the popu- ff
laco. In this omnibus a man who was reading Kl
a newspaper said to bis neighbor precisely (HI
what the waiter had Fuid that the death ot IB
the Cardinal was a greater loss than that ot !B
tho Prlnco. One man was highly incensed by Bl
tho remark and desirod to fight; but every IS
other person in tho vohlcle upheld the first fM
spokesman. SdH
By 11 o'clock, when the Prince's death was 91
generally known throughout central London. hRI
the callers at Marlborough House had become OH
very numerous. A small and very quiet crowd Oul
stood on tho pavemontopposite. Many women flil
wore in it Tho flag ovor the Marlborough sf21
Club, opposlto tho Prince's house, was flying tiln
at halt mast. So was that ot the Union- iRII
1st Club noxt door. All along Pall Mall ul
the clubs showed rows of drawn blinds. fu'm
Through the llttlo narrow outer doorway used -flfi
for foot passongors calling at the Prince's ytl
house thoro passed in and out a steady stream elM
of ladles and gentlemen in silks and furs, who iJH
had driven up In handsomo equipages to sign jjHI
their names in oondolonco in the visitors' rw9
book. I failed, howovor, to detect the tearful ESS
oyos and sorrowful facos that tho English re- Kfcl-
porters say wero to bo obsorvod on all sldos. B
In a talk that ono overheard in a crowd jSt
which stood watching outside of the house, as (5
if expecting that nl'rinco's death must be ao- .jjf
companlod by somo extraordinary manifests- i
tlon. thero scorned to bo little thought of AN KW,
bort Victor's princely position. That If he had 3k
lived years ho would havo beon a King seemed VK,
at tho tlmo to bo not so much in tholr thoughts jf
as that If ho had lived a fow months he would S
havo beon married to a lady whom tho JHJ
people havo como to regard with affoctlon. 9H
Kxpressionsof sympathy for hor wero to bo HJ
heard on all hnnds, and yet it was whispered IHH
beforo the Dtikn ot Clarence's illnoBs that the HH
I'rlncoss Mary was really in love with Prince flHJ
Ooorgo instead of his older brother, and that iwfl
her affection wus reciprocated, so that the M
young lady may bo (juoon of England yet. H
Ono houifiln all paits of London expressions al
of satisfaction that it Is Ooorgo rather than l
Albert I'jhv.inl who Is now in the line ot sue- ''al
cession to tho tluonn. 'nH
Nevertheless the death ot tho Duke of Clar- ' H
once and Avoiuiulo casts a gloom over Lon- H
don. The t-licuniFtanco that thoro Is to be no H
royal wedding next month moans alone great H
loss to tho tradosmon and through thorn to tho U
workingpeoplo. Thufactalsothntthocourtwlll
go Into mourning tor threo months will bring 9
about u dull Ijndon Houson, which moan Vi
further dearth of business la many trades. ' fh
It may not bo gonor.tlly remembered that M
Prlnco Albert Victor was a seven-months C5
child. Tho Prlnco was born In January, and W
tho joyful event, says the Annual Register 0i
ot tint year, wns aulto unoxpeotod. as Bra
tho accouchement of the Princoss was V-il
not anticipated until Murch. It wus Intended '(ffc
that the confinement of hor Koyal Highness 'jf'
should tuko pl.tce at Marlboiougli House, and 'J-S
tlioPrlncet-s vvrwto Inavn Progmoro for Lon- iiiS
don In about a fortnight Tor several days ft!
previous the Princess had Docn slightly Indls- )j-j
posed, mfforlng from catarrh and cold. Her usf
I'.oyal Highness, however, had sufflclontly re- ffi
co vol od to bo ablo to bo present at a skating Mp.
party at Virginia Wator. On the 8th. upon re- 2g;
turning to 1'rogmore, the I'rlncoss bocame so S
unwell that tho Prince of Walos Miit a tele- iffi
gram to tlio Quocn at Osborne announcing tho ,Wjt
condition of hor Itoynl Highness, andnmos- 3JB
songer wns despatched for ir. Brown, who or- gJ
rived nt 7 o'l'loi-k, nnd ut two minutos to 0 tho Sf
Prlueois was f.ifely delivered of a healthy Sf
prince. fnl
Mcsi-nges h..d been n nt for tin) medical gM
men hu were ni p luted I i .itti n-l th. Pnn- WM
com) und fiu'Mi'ii'-i-' ('r-s. liuV the Prlnco 9fl
w.isborn long l.efuro th- muld reiicli I-'rog- HI
more, Ur. MeveMng w.is the first to arrive U
from London. IIo was followed by Dr. Farro ft
and Dr. Cream, and Inter by Blr Charles lH
Locock. Blr Oeorge Orey arrived at 11 flm
o'clock. Thers wh no nuria la ttndinr

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