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THE SUN; SATURDAY. JANUARY IG I8D2I ' ""'."" " " T'f " " '" Y ,
1 UinF Hln.ir s Moaey.the Br-
I .IrinD-'Cb .!..'- M V-
-ImSoclitr frho rurposo of Flndinu Out
v.! u'r'i.. 01-1 aonUe.n Is BcaUi Mid
J , y luino or Whether there 1b Frnud Uln
I L vul yc.trr.Ur afternoon. Its ml-slon hud
'"', futnllod. Not tlmt tho mombors were.
rn1 , on'm. of J-rolonjan A Arrow-smith
, n. "They wcoiln't liolloto tlit old man
J, " rn,yirth.- nw Mm dnnclns tho skirt
m -irviur .If elded that ho ttn.m(loul)todly
l,,"a-ionn.l'inlloto motwjo his ITlrs.utid
' "m r.'M'cIeH yeotcrdnr afternoon n deleca
iiar llended t Humanity, as Dr. Solioler
.me. I'll" -" wlth Mrs- Kmmft mz t0
Biniro tiio fens ilo wins, appeared In Part II.
".,.,. suprooi.. Court and disoussod niattorn.
"Wo'll bolt 'oni ut their own came." Dr.
Ye'rWosliow'om.I bet you." Mrs. hoIb.
T!i throo Ommlsslonor". Dr. Samuel It.
EiHo't. Henry WlnthropOray. and William It.
mils, camo In and took tholr seats, the! jury
Ire .worn, and Dr. I. 0. Gray of tl Last Forty
ninth street vu called a tho llrtt vfltnoss.
"I sihvJoIiii Strobel yostorday afternoon."
tHjwiUiesa said, "niid I found that ho win
.utffrins from -entlo demsat'a. This was.
cite-. In my opinion, by wellness, poor
he-Mi. and lack ol proper uourMiInc food.
TheprobabllUlo" aro that under propur ticat
Bntliowlllr."3Ur In from slc to twelve
pjoctlis H In niidoubteUly lnwiu.'. but ouitlit
rt.t o 1.0 sort to i. lunatic nsiluru, us ho itu liu
tvated pmi erlr at home Ho Is not eapablo ol
t-'.r. e it.. of Mimel. or his iiffiilr.';
Vr.whmer b)l.edii9eii-tin4n.l.;dly at the
cci'iic and Mi.-, lloisz ttartd Indignantly nt
if wi'ne". V hen he had Untitled sue turned
to".erw0.npnnln and sflld. cpnteimiituoiisly:
ciiT ..a-' btrol .'I aln t a bit crtr-V'
Next it. K I t'ornlnir tost Hod: "1 found
Mr Vtrobel." h.- nilil. " n feeble old Ueutleman.
loo weak to no Irom tin; Kof.t on which ho was
Irlnc. Ho had n delu-ioii that he was In ex
trimn 0iirtJ. HI- memory was .tetertlve. tin
ilrhedcontlnjalh. and said that ho had lots
el trouble It ttoMl.l not haje boon eafo to
tirlne lilnil'ui". ii. ho mlclitjmtodied on tho
WItt. J-lin.S. Warren, who saw Mr. Strobol
Hirco '.mot, cave what tus pructltnlly tho
satnetotliui'ii). . . ... ...
Mr Hei-r iliook her bond Incredulously,
turned t the womon who were with her. and
.plained to thorn that tiio wltooBo Woro all
lnlhei)nnpplracy. and that Sir. Wtrobej wasn't
or crazier than the physicians. Then Dr.
Lawrenfo Johnson, who has boon attending
Mr Mrobel. aud a;alnt whom all tho wrath
f.f IIumunlt. tho Nclety. thu Committee, and
Jlrs llclsr was directed, toot tho stand. Ilo
' 1" l novor heard of tho Strobois until on Doc.
MMrn.i'tribclsntfor uio. When I came to
tuehojvislieauM. 'Mr man Is out ot his
him', md I don't Lnow wh.it'H the matter with
hniu' iMAthat he wis BuiTerlnK from mel;
uncrolla. Wnon 1 called a aeooud time I
toii.hl tlut a man nannd Mierwoou was in
chargi.ot bliu. 1 had n.Aer seen this man be
fire.lmt ulu n I firtind that ho . .irriod out my
iitiu tl!ifiithliilly 1 told iilm nottoullow
btup tn . uiu in and worry tho patient. Tho
cuu&e .if Mr. Mr.;l ol'e Ink.u.lty. I think, was a
jit., .lexo'eii to the accumulation of money.
Utlitlit. ininy hardships which ho I lupoid
i inn liniolf he ftlmplyworo till HfoawBy.
Mith all ro-pt ct to tiio testimony of the ox
jpt'. It I mj nyinlon that his reootUY la ex-
tr Ij ibmitliil." . ... ,
'I i in Juliii-. ltiiymnndwas calloJ. and JIn.
J!iir li.mhi'! 'iriMttc.ill. Mr. Itayinond Is
n irll null' friend of Mr. Htrnbol.
0 l stnilic'." ho fald. ' had a hart time on
it. lie wlt-d like n animal, not like a man,
1 1 lit n.t MHiuui'i .i uh.iys trunk. Yen he
n; nnbliPnt-i hm shi licke.1 'lin. Do vas
M rkK fci.r two M-ek. unt nob.joy comes
i,i-iV tl, unt eu I couldn't slant It no lungor
H'ttoMrn. Mrolet. 'Vr you don't pet a duo
t. r'i- Mil I. 'Vat for I need doctor? 1
I iltte"'.' hlie alvnyaUBO done blttors. you
limr. mii e' Men to all her fronts. EI ry
A. in oo nulchbtuohalt know btrobol bit
lrr "
llil rr.iited consldcrablo laucbter. Mr.
Pin. and went on to tell how nenadrecom
iiiiiIiM Pr. Johnnon. und how Mrs. Htrobel
li.'I rint Cm janitor for him. Then the janitor
'. . b'.r jlxd " he said. " always took me for
tre Mnsol Wurtnnibiirir. Ha treated me fluo
Ln r.'Ail me run all bin errands. In tho hint
lnil.ii thero hai been sovonil pooplo who
rnr.f 'o the iiouto and said their wero cousins
j id nephews and nieces ol Mr. MroboL Ho
t il ! ma litmsclt one day that ho only had two
;.i:liewi und oi.k niuie llvlac and that they
rete hi- oi.ly relatUos."
b.JLdi.( Orut.s. for Mr. Strobol, asked nil
I icii' .tltin ' .ifen rnH'tlonsandtlionheoo
f.v.il thit llu only wltucea for his side
I'u' Kuko home, 'lhu jury, in ten minutes,
r.p'-.-'ed that they b.dloTea Mr. Mrobel to be
inoani and unable to tako care of his property.
Jililcln.onalt.tn ol five houses worth &OU.OUU,
ltf a uoi tf ,n of iH'i.OOil.
.Mrs J!ci-7 j7i-d the jury up with a look of
l .inj.t un J Bald. " '1 hey're all vorrtlckt. Mr.
Nritil air t t t it crazy. Thoy all bolong to
tin m.v irire."
Vr fut) looLc.1 dlssusted nnd tha Bocloty
i.!id Hi the report of the commission
BilH.iit.cn tiiil pioUibly be in ado to have a
f fiiMtMolMr. Mrubers portou and estato
Hie n-id Hern lu llr. b'cbannter'a Stercoptt
con rtbe Umd m Bk Aceouat.
Thero is irournlns not only In the New York
Hosnltfloiertlie denth of Ilttlo Laura York
Kutlltr, but araonc aulte a host of pec pi who
know tt.o baby with tho romantlo history, or
Inew of her. Laura was tiulto a beautiful
tr'ld ind Ind ery winilni: wars. Bho used to
tiJdloarou.nl the hospital, either wltli Miss
rotlifTorsonio . ther of tho nurses, and was a
fnro'lte In nn esieptlonal B'ise. Although
Nl Vutlltr formally adoptf.' tha child, and
rued lor her n.tli the most tender dovotion.
ttttidlne lu nil her nouds and qitarterlnff her
,!ir.r i '.,wn rrlate rooms, every one In tho
"."Jltal li.td a seniio of ownership In the baby.
.i ' r i ' haufller. the head ot the City Mis-V-'IVVt
nominal charge of. und particularly
prrat micros In. the pretty lltUe waif, fin
' her p. turo mkon furhlsstereoptlcon. and
iJV'w"1rlu '"cturiKl he showed the picture
Wfinwdo m penis for Ilttlo Luuro, rresonta
,,, 1 "cfe entne In. urd a nice little sum ac
cuirU.,te, in i10 l,nM;. ),en Miss blltllff
. ?.?f ,A '"'Jl.,.l.,.ll ""'U account vas turned
'i to her. 1 his nh n. year ago. Jt Ik prob
iini i ! '.'! "' has long since been ex-
!ll.v'll!'1,l!"' ruf theelillJ. but If not it 1
ii.,Ld ""' "Bil1 1' u"ed in sonio npproprl-
ViI?lllMV,m,,!no.rl,!l "f tho hospital's baby.
hi J?nu,l"I,!t'd Dr. Rchaufllorto dlscon
ti'iV"l,llfl ,or tl10 olllld- a alio had
'?r,n',0Tl )""r. ,JW- and. bo far ub legal
ii !??' ,I,i!",rAi1""1 !:P0.n Mmy auprlvnt.
fortfi.!?1 ' tna'tfme. Hut no baby, however
In lt r .i .in Uw ""rounding of its birth nnd
ci n'.nti'i'i" '' ;Tcr ,miJ mnrti loving friends
c tie lu,l,r",Mi' """'Unicrs than this Uttlo waif
tie winter streets.
"4 hdii Jfroduce Uetter Klet.
Mia Sam sn i ho Is a Christian nnd lm at
Mailed Bnndur pehool. Ho has a laundry at
p" 'Jist I.lcrntli (.treat. 'Ho lontt-IGatfau
..".A ". ,!owr on Hunday, Dec. 27. and tho
iifii , 0st i?H5' Ho nmUo a complaint nnd
n.nho men woro nrrestcd. All but eight
Jfcro lot off Mti a $3 flno the next morn
n... luterday nftornoon tho eight wero or
ranied n j-ox Market charged with bolng
lrwwe?.8ic!rr,0,l,0n lnthB P ac- Sergeant
KfiiWrif inB am naS Identified
JlnV in i. '.i' "!": Jlilrty-nlno pr sonors wero
told to tp,'l,i-,,l"i''inl,?n houw ttnd Chlng was
lino forV..?! iK'10 ""o- Ho looked ot tho
Up if ?,P,,; J, 1C a companion gae film iv
tMnE'.i,,",",'0 Tgeant called oft a nnmo
h n ",?,Wt,anl(,n would nurjgohlm. and tnon
lice Khr.ilr i"iy th!tJ noof them.. Jus-"dLVtWtM'tlori.
Lteiit Trl. D.skes late Cok. Trl.
thU"rRT-.ra- Jan' ".-About 4 o'clock
osih T 1stl, wt-hound limited express
otnelialtimoi-fiiiiHl Ohio road dashed into a
I wJ'!'! U,.Iort "oal. Pa.. twenty miles
1 (relLs, "", tUi; T1'8 ,Douln charge of the
I off h. 1 Pulllns on t0 UlB Iue "uH Tom
I running ltt0UDd trnck- Th6 express woe
I intot1," ftbout f ort y mllpa an honr. and dashed
I adtnnIl,.,8i?0V0tFaln- Four ooke care
I n iSJm. lVlth-fl T'w'ted were broken, but
I "t a n.,.- J car did not leave the track, and
I flioTi Si,?ingrwf 'mured. Engineer Nleh.
I 'flnothL'i,.y?!J-'n' fireman Wylle
toeexDreii r' .'n..c,!re8 of ,hB engine on
1 tointlK thV,7i! ,b'i,'n,urei' They imnpod,
n'and rlcJ??J lcholn alighted on his
M iiajaymtg,.wUMl- u
to ixrxsTiaATB xnx rxxaioy boil
A MMlety ofTeternna Who Tklak the Tmf
ate Mar a JUae4 by 10,90.
Wasmnotok. Jan. 15. An attack Is to be
madolnthe present Congross upon the pen
slon laws with tho hope ot reducing the an
nual expenditures In this direction from $138,
000,000 to 38,000.000. or. at most. 50.00a
000. The movement will not Bo inaugurated
by the mombors of Congross. but will bo tho
work of an.organlzod body of loyal soldiers,
who bellevo that rotorm Is necessary, and that
millions are bolng expended annually for pen
sions to men who havo no right to tho money.
Tho cardinal principle of this organization Is
a competency to thoso permanently disabled
or unablo to earn tholr living, and nothing to
the men who can either by tholr hands or
tholr brains support themselves and tholr fam
ilies. Tho organisation which .proposes this revo
lution in ponslon mattors had Its lncoptlon In
Washington, whoro It has boon working for
somo ttmo. quietly, but effectively. It is known
as tho Society ot Loyal Volunteers. Tho asso
ciation believes in teaching and maintaining,
among other things, theso lassons: "That the
war was for tho preservation of tho Union, and
not for conquost or revengo; that tho volun
toor r.rmlos woro lnsplrod by no hope ot indi
vidual gain or glory: that many persons as
loyal und bravo as thoso who ontorod tho ser
vice were preventnd from so doing br circum
stances that did not hinder tholr companions;
that ictorios woro golnod by tho loynlty.
courago. endurance, nnd loyal inspiration
of tho whole pooplo: that arinios woro
reorultod from allclassos and vocations; that
tho VAt majority of tho voluntoora wero men
of good character, but some were bad, and
that this class of inou do not hositato to-day to
Ihnon tho generous gratitude of tho pcoplo
through payments made on pensions obtained
by fraud or at tho expense of honor; that men
who had tho 'ntolllgenco. courage, and per
sistent energy to win battles by .lrtuo of theso
wiiua dualities of charactor aro able to com
peto successfully for tho rowards of eh II life
with thoso who did not enter tho service: that
many who sustained severe wounds and al
most all who retained their health suffered no
impairment nf tbolr ability to care for and sup
port themsehes and families."
In explaining tho attack tn bo madoupon
pension legislation Lieut. Allan It. l'oote.
Chairman of tho National Uoardsald:
" Wo propose to havo n resolution submlttod
In Congress to investigate tho ponslon roll and
ascertain as nearly as possible the classes of
men drawing pensions. Then, upon that in
formation, we want a bill Introduced making
it necessary to show that the earning capaoity
of a man has been reducod beforo n ponslon is
given him. Under tho present laws we are
educating tho peoplo as mercenaries, not as
loyal cltlrens. We propose to organize
these fiocietios in every county and
expect to cooperate with tho Government in
weeding out this evil and sitting tho chaff
from tho wheat. Those who can earn their
living must hnvn no pension, but thoso who
fire incapacitated and who cannot provide for
theniBolves Bhould have not a miserable pit
tance of a few dollars, but an abundance. Hut
of the OUO.OOO pensioners now on the rolls,
only a little more than 3,000 are drawing pen
sions for total disability. The plan wo pro
pose will provldo the remedy. Thoro Is no
politics in it but loyalty and patriotism. It
will reduce the censlon roll by almost 9100.
000.000 and rostoro the manhood of mon who
seem to havo lost it. We propose to begin the
work during this session of Congress, and the
preliminary steps will be taken yetr soon."
sumx talks aia,
Bat Iti Enowi Haw t Tula, Utile. Too
Deserters from the Rcpabllcaa Comalaa.
QoorgeZerubbabel Erwin ot 6t Lawronco.
the loader of tho Republican minority in tho
Rcnate at Albany, was at tho Fifth Avenue
Ilotel noarly all day yostorday. Ho came
down from Albany the night before, after ho
and Senators Edmund O'Connor and Charles
T. Saxton had been deolarod to bo in contempt
for refusing to vote on the amondod Enumera
tion, bill. All throe had oxtended consulta
tions with ox-6enator Thomas C. Piatt not
only at tho hotel but also at Mr. Piatt's ofllco
In lower Broadway. Mr. Erwin loft for his
homo in Potsdam later in the day. Ho was a
chromoof -alor. He would stand out and ho
would do this and do that before he would
apologize for refusing to rocognlz i the ancient
rule of the Senate.
Mr. Erwln's valiant words of yesterday were
In strange contrast with his humble remarks
to Llout-Gov. Shochan after the Senate ad
journed on Thursday. He was then convinced
that tho majority in Albany would not stand
any nonsense. He was very meek at that in
terview with the Lleutenant-Qoernor and tho
Democratic leaders in Albany.
A cumber of Democratic Senators were in
town. They were presont when Mr. Erwin
talked with Mr. Uhcehan on Thursday after
noon. According to theso Democratic Sena
tors. Erwin. O'Connor, and Saxton will, surely
be punished unless they obey the mandates ot
tbo Benat . .
It also became known that Bnnator van Qor
der will bo, perhaps, the only Republican Sen
ator who will be unseated. The charge la that
ho was elected on marked ballots. Van Gorder
In u relative of ex-Senator Piatt As a matt j.- of
fact certain Republicans would be glad to Bee
Donaldson and Derby turned out The criti
cism Is that they havo been of noxnluototho
Republicans in their dilemma, but that tholr
chief Idea has been to eaie their own nooks.
They are for themselves, and nobody knows
this better than Mr. Piatt and other Republi
can moguls. The Republicans are calling
Coggesboll and Van Gorder recreants, too.
An Appeal from the Merchant' Coaualtte
lar JLargcr Aaproarlatloa.
Tho Merchants' Commit tea of the dry goods
rade of New York has sent broadcast copies
ot a circular addressed to tbo citizens of tho
State of New York, and calling attention to tho
World's Fair bill, which has been introduced
in the Benato at Albany by Senator Cantor of
this city. The bill providos for a Commission,
to bo composed of the threo National Commis
sioners and threo othor persons, who aro to be
appolntod by tho Governor, and in addition it
empowers the Governor to appoint throo Com
missioners from each Judicial district who
shall be subserxJent to tho general managers.
Tho circular states that it is the unanimous
ami emphatto opinion of thu committee that
this would he not only detrimental to tlm
best Interests ot our State, but that It would
inovlLubly delay und hamper tho work of ar
ranging exhibits, elnce whatovor action might
be taken by tho Dlstrlot Commissioner) would
havo to be submitted to the General (onimls
siou for approal orrojcctlon." Tho commit
tee therefore suggasts that tho bill be changed
tn provide for but one person from eaeh Judi
cial dlstrlctof the State. it ,
Thn r-ommlttfro states further that M00.000
is Inuileijuato to defray the expeneos to bo In
curred, und iisUh for an appropriation of not
loss than $500,000.
IVben Arrested He Mold He Only Borrow e
Them t Stney Tbelr Theology.
Frcoman Harriott lias been arrested in
Brooklyn us tho alleged purlolnor of nenrly
$'J,000 worth of books from tho library of the
Pratt Institute. For nearly a year books hao
disappeared from the reading room of tho In
stitute, The police wore notilled, and Dotco
tlvo Sergeant Doluhanty after a careful inves
tigation had tils suspicions diroctod to Har
riott a clerical looking young man with an
excellent reputation, and a prospective can
didate for tbo pulpit . The managora
of the Institute told Delahanty that .lie
must bo wrong, but when the detective
placed Harriott under arrest on Wednosduy
night on his way from the Institute a yalua
ablo book from tho llbraiy was found con
ooalod under his overcoat and. at tho station
the prisoner broke down and ucknowleged
Mint lie had hoen stealing books for a year.
Onthesawo night tho dotoctlva found 400
nf tho missing bonkB at tho prisoners apart
ments nt 407 Myrtle avenue. When arraigned
yesterday In the Oates Avenue Court, Harriott
told Judge Connolly that he was studying for
the ministry and that he only borrowed the
books, eventually Intending to return them.
He was commlttod to jail in default of ball.
Routs Rheumatism.
Mr. CHARLES LAWRENCE of Ashland. Neb..
says that Bwlft's Baeclna cured hla of severe
Rheumatism of whleh he had suffered fer ever
six meaUis. wlUi vain efforts to get relief. He
recommends It to all sufferer from Rhen
in attain.
Bend for our beok en the Blood and Bkln.
mailed free.
From Torturing Humors
When their tender Skins are literally On Fire with Itching and
Burning Eczemas and other Itching, Scaly, and Blotchy Skin and
Scalp Diseases, none but mothers realize.
To know that a single application of the CutiCUra Reme
dies will, in the great majority of cases, afford instant and complete
relief, permit rest and sleep, and point Wraaw
to a permanent and economical (because jf $
so speedy) cure, and not to use them f v Sv
without a moment's delay, is to be guilty r t aJWVvft
of positive inhumanity. No greater leg- IV V Vt
acy can be bestowed upon a child than K , I
a skin without blemish and a body nour- vM """0 if
ished with put blood. ft - Ssi
Remedies are the greatest skin" "SS Vp
cures, blood purifiers, and humor reme- '
dies, are absolutely pure, and may be used from pimples to scrofula,
from infancy to age, with the most gratifying and unfailing success.
Treatmekt. CtmcurtA, the great skin cure, and CuncuRA Soap, an exqulitte
skin purifier and beautifier, externally, instantly allay the most intense itching, burn
ing, and inflammation, soothe and heal raw and irritated surfaces, clear the skin and
scalp of crusts and scales, and restore the hair, while CuncuRA Resolvent, the new
blood and skin purifier and greatest of humor remedies, cleanses the blood of all
impurities and poisonous elements, and thus removes the cause.
"All about tub Blood, Skin, Soar, and Hais," mailed free to any aJJre,6 picet, 3
Diseases, solUustniioat, too Tetumoaiali. A book of pnceleu value to motheri, affording informa
tion not obtainable lUcwhers.
CtmcusA Remedies aie told throughout the wotU. Price, Coticuka, 50c.; OrncvxA Soap.
je.i CtrnccEA Resolvent, $1. Prepared by Poms Deug & Chemical Cosr'N, Boston, U. S. A.
T" 1 Til 11 1 red, roush, and ody alia sad
Pimples, Blackheads, -.5
aad childhood art prevented and cured by that moat effective of all Skin Purifiers and BeautiAen, die
celebrated CutlCUTR Soap. Ineamparacly supenor to all other skin and complexion toast,
while rivaUInc ip delicacy and purity the most eipcuive of toilet and nursery soap. Tit mfy frf
tntW iiitfmmtin Mtut c!Kigf tht trei, (At cauit t mntactal iUmuht. Price, c
jto eniEsis mm noctous' mills.
Father Fn.ntoU' llrothrr 8ya that 1
Brooklyn They Bo'Siot,
The suit of Dr. John J. rrendoraast against
A. C. Fronsloll oa oxonutor of tho astuto of his
brother, the lato Father Joseph FranMoll. for
S2.5O0 duo. as alleged, for medical sorvlees
rendered to Father Fransloli. will soon coma
on for trial in the City Court in Brooklyn.
Father Fransioll had been the rector of St.
rotor's parish In Brooklyn for. more than
twenty years, and was ono of tho most popular
prleBts In tho dlocose. It was mainly throujih
his efforts that St. rotor's Hospital was
founded. Ho loft an estate alued at $5.000to
his brother. Dr. Prendenrsst's claim Is that ho
attended Fntlior Fransioll durins. his many
periods of sickness from May. 185 until hia
death on Oct IS, 1800, and novor recohed any
compensation, lho defendant Inlisunswor
denies that Dr. Prenderast's sen ices wero
worth tho amount claimed, and that ho ro
celvod no compensation during Father
Fronsioll'a lifetime. Ho then sets up this novel
"That it was nndstill lstho custom In Brook
lyn nnd olsewherofor physicians to rendor
sonlcos to prints and to attend them profes
sionally without mnkinjfor Intending to mnko
any ohnrco therefor, und without any expecta
tion of receivlne any compensation therefor:
that said custom wns woll known liy tho
plalntirrnndndoptedand followed by him in
his nllejred practice tin a physlclap. and espe
cially iu his relations, if any. orpfesslonal or
otherwise, with the Mild Joseph Fransioll and
tho other priests attuohed to tho parish and
Tho bill of Undertaker Frank J. Dousherty
for Father Fransloli's funeral oxpensei is also
still unpaid, nnd Exocutor Fransioll has been
threatened with, a suit unless ho sfttloa up.
Tho amount claimed is $811. but Mr. Iron
sloll refuses to pay more than S50O.
i. i .-j- -i - r.n i ' --.----. ..
IRVIKO PLACE. 21. near "Union aqnare iHndaomely
turnlabed rootni: meala aerred to rooma. coa
venlencea. pitereneea. private boate.
LAKAVETTE PLACE. 7. Comfortable furntahed
rooma to let, orat clan private board; alao private
tEXINflTOK AV . 3)l. ntar Grand Central St a t fo n
Lame, elegantly turnlibed rooma; excallant
cuiatne. lenaa very moderate.
hXINOION AV 85, near Orand rentral. Planaant
haalad rooma, bet aud cold water, oloieti; board
modarate. -
eXN(.TOS AV 1 1, near 2lta at-taodaoma Ija
J rooms, with board; refareucei.
0 ST. 85 EAST -Mcely fnrnlihed room for onaor
two Kntle.men, wltb food German cooking. S SO
tier week eacb.
TH AY. 10, orrioalte Cooper Union Kornlabed
rooms, good anbatautlal board. EngUah cooking,
U -O. s&.
9 Til ST. M EAhT Steely fornlsbad large and small
rooma, ood board, for gentleman aad ladles.
IftTlI BT, S10 EAST-Cosey room, nice board: two
IU genla. SB CO. single. U.li. r, Ring Head's belL
TH ST.. 210 EAST flood board and nice rooma for
S3 CO. S-.lnKoodnetgbborbood. g
1 0TH ST . 233 FAST Mcely f nrnlsbed rooms to let,
1 0 large and small, witb or without board
HT1I KT. 80(1 FAST.-Pleasant, nicely furnished
rooms, with board
L"fTII ST. 2-M EAST, opposite Stnyresant Park.
L Largs and small rooms lo rent lth board; omce
suitable lor doctor or dentin, table board.
Ct A TH BT 28 EAST Rack parlor with board with
AVk raie nrs for 2 gentlemen for S12.
J 1 bT-ST r.,7, 9 EAhT.-Apartmentafurnlibed, singly
Ol or en suite, caceUcut table, transleiits, table
boarders accommodated.
QCT1IHT. 6 LAST Elegant rooms, with first class
eliJl board and attendance, references.
10TirST, I5 KAhT. iTear lexlngton t-Oood
de7 rooms good board; all accommodations, gents,
.',. la4lleaM
".OTlf BT. 22 EAST, Desirable furnished ball mom;
(- excellent board, pleaaant home, good location;
.'. DO week
(TrifilVr.. a,7 KAhT. near L Station Well furnished
UO rfi"ms. en sulta or singly. 1th rlrst-class board
fTftril At. JC.'V BAST. Slcely fuiiibiliedroom, with
tJU good board and all home comforts, In Jewish
family. ..
.TTII iT. r-11 I.AT Comfortable room. nrirata
Ot lioiiae, home rouitnrli: u,utei bloct; allcouren
luifes, reasonable; L station
f..l"l T . Jtl FAhT Tu large, wsll heated rooms
Dfc for jteiitleinen or couples, excellent Uerman
buard. references
YiTou hT, 17J LAbT -Middle aged lady or rnnng
iXZ gill; 8 Wla week EMVTH.
Went Mlda.
VAM1AM ST.. SO Ijiree and amall rooms, neatly f nr.
nlalicd. with kood board; labia boarden taken,
I, rras reasonable.
VAIttCK hT- 105 Klrst class board, plessani rooms,
larira closets and bath, also table boarders taken;
jflll hr, 274 WKsr A large, nicely furnished room,
suitable fur two gentlemen, tilth guo-l board
"l AW Hr. 243 W J'.HT. Second atory front square;
14 also healed hall rooms, wltb good board; refer
enim C14TH hT, 419WI'ST. large and small rooma. nicely
4 furnished, wltb good home board; rooma heated,
tenua moderate ,
ORTII STT231 WEST -Large and small rooms, neatly
furulabedi rooms healed, with good board; all
OQTH BT.332 WEST. Large and small rooma. with
tiO good board; all conrcnlences, table board, terms
OflTII ST. 838 WHhT.-Large and amall rooms, nsatly
tiff f urnisbed. wllh good board; all conveniences, de
al rsibIeiuelaJibjorjM30jL
QsJU ST., ad", WFST, Large and amall rooma nlcsly
fumlsheJ, wltb good board, all accommodations,
table boarders taken. .
A nvThTl 2!1 WF8T I rg well rumUlied beated
& rooms, bath; board optional; i-blsbo-rl
A sTZTII KT, a&7 WF eiT, 1-rge back parlor, also Iront
fill room; good board; aU couvsuleacea, table board
ft 1ST ST, 439 WEST Nicely furnished parlor, suit.
Ox able for a physician; alao other rooms, One loca
tion, excellent board.
KflTHIhT . 201 WEST, near Broadway. Two large'par
tJD lorn, southern exposure; grate Ore, ruuiuug
water; gas; also labls board.
s OltTll hT- 261 WEST To let, on parlor floor, thrse
1-rtJ rooms, en suite, for gentlemen; running water
and bath; board optional
KIOTII HT, 20J WEST Handsomely furnished
1.0 aeeondetory front, wltb board; also hall room,
running watsr. large closets.
1 0 OTII BT . 104 WEST.-Lerge eanara and halt room;
l.svtJs.llcoUYenleacos; baadaomsly furBlsbed; Brat
class board.
a iafcsya lyi-uwtn A xrin -r-ii-i ij i
PINEAPrLE ST., 93. 8 minutes from Bridge. V Sard,
So to , rleasaut rooms, excellent board.
yoard 'nuttw.
BOABD AND LODaiNO for two wanted in respect
able family. Cathulio preferred, up town; stale
terms for vermautner. ' a. bvxlUI, buu office.
d nniUluJ eoms S fflpurtnu-tn g -fet
l-et Mlda.
with bath. In private bouse, to rent to two or four
gentlemen or man and wife, references. 1S1 EastlSlh
st near Irving place.
CLINTON I'LACE. 39 (Hest 8th st, Broadway).
Mre light rooms; tugle geutletncn or married
couples, light housekeeping
LKXINUTON AV. 412 -Handsomely furnished
rooms, near 42d ft conculent to Qraud tea
tral Pepot, terms moderate
Rl' V F RKlToTjMi. corner Hrnadwar and llonstonat,
roinforlablq looms for Mlo per "lay upward
STUYVEMAM hT. 31 I rgeand"tnall rooms for
gentlemen or gentleman and w ife, all warm rooma,
STUVFSA'.T RT, 25 near iith st elt rated Nlcelj?
furnished rooms, gentlemen nl.
Oil ST 423 LAbT Comfortably furnished rooms,
suitable fur light homekeeplng SI. .' 50
)D KT. 12il"l APT Mtely'fnriiisLsd rooms to 1st,
k 1th or Ithout boird.
4T1I AV.B47 Purnlshed rnum for gentlemen by day
or week; board if required Oyster bouse
lrV" ST.' " I fT-Irnn and small neatlyfur
IV nlsbcd rooms, gentlemen or married couples with
1 (YTII bT.. Ml FAST. Largo furnished rooms, snltabls
111 for bentlimeu or man and wife, light house
keeping; 1 ATII ST. imE. between 3d and 4th as A nicely
.2.1 furnlsbcd rroul parlor.
1" lfsTTi'Ml-AfcT -Mcely furnlelied rooms In prt
m. ato houe with or without boanl.
IOTII ST, SuTTihfTnear Jdar-Ijirge furnl,ld
rooum, grntleiiien or inurried couples. S2 npwanl
I cTll ir, !oJ LAST. turuiahed rooms tu lei, urge
J tl and small
1X11 ST- 145 LAST. Newly furuletieu rooms for re
f plCtabIe gentlemen on rtrst Moor, east: board It
1QTII ST. 2111 LAST Large, lomfortable housekaep
lu ing furnished, front ruum. 1, suiting couple, two
handsome rooms sitting and bedroom suiting couple,
f, gas, heat. prlate residence.
1QT1I bT- 12 EAbT Handsome newly furnished
lO room, all lmproeinrnis for gentlemen; prlata
bouse, exce lent neighborhood.
73T" hT 22BltAST Large, handsotne front room.
JLO flnelj turnlabed, every couveulenoe, heat, gaa.
ICTIIbT SI 1 past -Nicely furnished roomtoletto
AO one or two parties, prh ate 1 ouae.
1QTIIHT, K,l LAbT. Uandsomely furnished room
at I for man aud wife
' WTHiT,lBI paht -.Newly furnished rooms; also
lu physician a omce.
1 O1'1 ST- a, EAST -Mrel rurulshed small room;
Ho bath and gaa tall all week
Of.TIt ST. dJ EAST.-near Iiroadaj Hoof, also
yVr large and small rooms, to let
O .HT ST- 204 EAHT fargerrnnt room un second
A 0 J. floor for light housekeeping, rubnlug water, aU
OfbT ST. 43 I'.AST.-llandsouiely fi rnlsbed suite of
a 1 rooms, eterj coneuleuce, sttond door; also
back parlor.
C)CW bT-S.1 EAST Large dealrah'e rooms, en sulta
.& or single, references exchanged
QOI' ST.. 147 LAST Three nicely" furnished rooms.
& $7 per week; also single rooius
ft'WlS, Mtty, UanT Ilandsouiely furnlsbcd large
AeJi and smutl rooms, $1 ro upward
nATll FT 213ljA.ST Two flno famished rooms, gas
rl and bath, two gentlemen or tnarrle I couple
Q7?i! ST. 21.2 EAhT lurnlsned hall bedroom to let
Hit bring reference, jilng Flrn'a belL
OOTII HT.10H WEST.-Large nnd small front rooms.
Osuitabeforoue or two gentlemen, also basement
lor ofllco
IfY11' ST. 102 FART -Handsomely furnished bach
OU .tor apartment, villi private bath southern ex
posure, also large room, with hot aud cold water;
QlbT ST. 225 EAST Large front room one or two
Ot gentlemen, all conveniences, private family
331) ST. 222 EAST. Largo furnished room for
) housekeeping or gentlemen. SJ 75 weekly, ball
rooms, si Go.
Q,,T1! ST. 21 EAST -Mcely furnished alcoreroom.
O-- suitable for genta or light housekeeping, con
leniences terms moderate.
JdTII RT. Ifll rA-.Corafortslile. well furnlihfd
O-l; rooms, southern exposure, terms reasonable
4 Oil ST- 322 EAST -Mcely fnmlshed annate rooma:
geuileuien or housekeeping, single rooms S2, no
tVl) rIT. 1 bvr. W J si Neatly f drill-bed room suitable
) . for oue or tno gentlemen; terms reasonable
Q 1 TH bT, 241 KAST near L stullun -Large and
O-j small rooms; allcoutenleni.es, genlietnou or light,
(in I II HT , 4M W.-Large light f iiriilsliod rf om for one
Jt7 or two gentle in n, also single hall room.
Went (side.
A IIIVCDOX RQUAltE. 17 -Large and amall well fur
. nlslied rooms, frum 1 to f&weeki); lighthouse
seeping if desired.
B'EDrOUU ST. 111. near! hrlstopbersl .Newly fur.
mshed large nut small rooms, alt conveniences;
bath, gas, terms reasonable
BOh" hi , tii Large front room in s-i ond floor,
suitable for bousekseplug, gss, lain, reut 14 BO
per week.
DUMINIl'k sr HI, betwirn limisou undtarlek
Nkily furnished parlor; hot and told water, bath,
l,s, ri.asunable.
GKEKNWICU AV.47 Oue. two or three rooma, new.
lyfurnlahed, housekeeping, single room;, to 7.
GIIUVK bT.. W, Nicely furnished rooms, stoves,
running water; -.' hull room. -. gentlemen.
AtEIILEV 1'LACF. 227 -Ijirge unrurnisbed room,
with w an rand closets, suitable tor housekeeping,
to women employed during the day.
4 Til HT. l EST, WasbTiigton"squaro Nloely fur
nlshed rooms for housekeeping or gentlemen; reut,
M fM up. "
9TII hT , 114 V, FnT Kurnlsbed rooms, without board,
for gentlemen; reference
II Til ST, 2iH WEaTLarga an 1 small rooms, nlca
1 ly furnished; wall heated, all conveniences,
ti rins moderate
1 A filhT, J54 WFHT, Uoubloand siuglo rooms hand
1 s.miely furuisbcd, bath und gjs, gculkiueu,
pnirs moderate
n?ll hT.2'H HI ST Cnsey parlor alcove room; gas,
llrejilano.Sil per unt'
lOfll HT, 20-, WiiiT ruTiiishtd rooms for llghi
J O ho-sekteping, rent, 9J ru, also back parlor, rent,
4 W. J
ClOI) hT-1 27 WFnt -Large sunny hall room; hot and
A . cold water, gentlsmia preferred, private family,
04 TH NT. 44 West Handsomely furnished rooms,
Ayf- also reception room for donor, bath attached, all
accommodatloiis; location central
0iTlTbTT2io ivTST-Mreiyfurnlarifd rooms, bath,
A rfi gas rooms heated, with private faroUy.
ilKIITST. J-0 WEsT.-lrgo and small rooms, nloely
-eJ furnished; heated, all conveniences, terms I.',
ti. and M weekly.
m3 Handsome rooms, elaborately furnished, baths,
toilets attached; singly or aulte; breakfasts
st)D ST.. '17 WEST Large front and hark parlors,
Ot) handsomely furnished. aU conveuleuv.es, with
respectable family; bath, heat,
Qsju ht . 4.1l I. ST. -Irge and small rooms, neatly
fe fonilshed. well heated, all conveniences, terms
easonsble; private fsuill).
40" ST. 2ilrl"wF.hT Lnrgf-rnTrelj furnlslirileooui;
H.& also ball room; convepli nt to ), roads, Willi board.
A Qril"hfTlJr. WEST -hecond-story alcove, suliabie
rlCs for two, also square room, with board: reasonable.
tQfii kt, 821 UMT.-Furulsbed Irout and hack
'B 'parlor, suitable for pbyticlaui other rooms for
t-eutlcuen: Em list. S1II7U.
ef-riilgftttl $m ft 3lprtmtnw St gpet
TTe-t tSla.
atflKTST. lfW WXRT.-Nlcely fomtshM room In r
f M. fined treneh ramllyi breskfast It desired: aU
i-onvenlenres: Brat flat cast.
6 of) ST. J53WEST Meely mrnlthed hall roatna,
'J neatod, southern exposure' rentlemen only:
references; rail; Mrs HllUTIIIMCK.
OV.TH ht. 22fl WPsf Mcely furnished room, snit
JU able for elderly lady, with board If deslredl re
Q'TTII ST. 100 WFST.-Meely tnrnlsbed large and
' amall rooma, with or withoat board, terms reason
able IfMTH KT, 101 WEST -Neatly furnished front and
Y back parlor.snltable fr r t wo gentlemen or couple;
at 1, atation; terms reasonable. Itlng Januor'a bell.
liJUTII KT,' 254 U bT. Desirable Runny, well fur-
tJtiisbed room; reaaonnble; prlvula family;
special eleanllness; highest references
i?0B furnished and nnfurnlshed flats H all parts of
... !h. r,,r. also turnlshid rooms, apply tot- LLOYIi,
ef lirtg nna fflpartrntnti "tTo get.
N-W1.T ni.lOBATKIl FI..Ti
lUiat aide or Bill v 1:101 h fa inntli all.
RENTS lfl TO 118 fOUNHIS, 2I) TO 2f.
At'PLV TO JAMTOIt ON 1'ltHllIsL.s, Oft
ai:icAi,D it- mtuw.v,
J. II llltllAUWAT.
In good and healthy locations near "L" slatloni. 4, B,
and 6 rooms; all Improvements; stc-im heated.
So2 Columbus ar cor, 102 j st,
Hanrtsnmel) decorated, ulrom heut prlvnlo hall,
finest li catun tn llailem: will turnUb If desired tp
pl to Janitor, 1.PH7 7th a , nr H'.ANK 1- 1 IsllPB a
t-O , 441 Columbus a., near Hist at,
A arAKK THIK. 2 anil 3 room apartments.
decorated w till Ituptueluetils, un 1 stitiun street,
also near cross town cars; rent, S7 to SI.!. Apply at
real estate ofUce. 201 tj vt est tlBth st.
A Moat Ilewli-nblei I.Of-tton. nd.l"'nlna7rnr",
esAnal IStict at, New cloiitnr. flutat seven
rooma und -mill renta reduced, ts-to to 4U.
BEL Altt FLtT-Cl l"4ll22 tt 1 ST HIST ST -These beau
tiful apart mente about $,to inonthl. near Park en
trance and 1- B It station, (I aud 7 rooms, new.poUte
lanltur in basement 11H '
ILAT-iA.NUPItlVATK lllll hl
a? Matslrom SiGio JSOper uiuiith: houses from (720
to S2.0U0 nor annum.
Jlstrt nndthT.
I.lLATS AND APARTMFNT'". unfurnlsbod andluT
. ntsbetl. In all parisof the iity
HILSOM BHOTI1HIS. Hmiroadway, cor 1 2th at.
U nM.h BOOM (LAT: all light: hotel apartment
s-hoQse; elevator, gas, ranges, but water supply, bal
ance of lease, $50 hTLKS, uih av. and liuili at.
RLNfFBEB TTiTinr ltTlicTiililorilve rmrnisTslST
433 East 114th at.; the Hue flat of six rooms, f 17,
.Nu l.UOUAv.tt.
VICTORIA FLATst3 to finttest lllll st Beeently
reconstructed, runges. boilers, baths wash trajs,
Ac; handsomely decorated, rents from $JO, Janitors
on premises
04T1I .ST. 2d." Wl-bT 1 ree let,. 1, three rooms
Awt newly papered and paluted, some all light; S10
to 14
OVTII RT- 010-312 UST Three light rooma. 115,
A -sJ nnd bssement. hot and cold water: bath
8-1 Til HT., X. T- (OR, AMHTKKUAM AV.
5 il 7 rooms bilh. steam benled all improvements;
handsomely decorated, rents til to Sou Owner on
mSTST.75WLST negnntly decorated heated:
all Improvements, tl rooms una batb: nearen
lranee to Central Park and coiivenleut to L station,
rents low.
1 1STII ST. 4U1 EAST-'single Pat, six rooms and
lej bath, all Improvements S1H
1lsTHT. 7 J ) ast nar Vmllson av Hat orgs ten
. rooms and bath, all Improvements; $11
1 'iiT'Isr. 14 vr.sT.l7itweftrStn"ali TiVnox vs
lu'l J. cgaj.t Hots from $111 toS.'O, uiui lug paid
1 JiaeTTlTl Td"aV. -et. T-t-inrl 17 lit Hta,
tloor, oil modern Improveini nts. suitable for resi
dence or light business east) accessible, elevated sta
tion 70th st. Inquire ot .lainloron premises
giwlliufl houses Ca t.
DESIRABLE HOISES, nnfurulsbtd and rurnlslTedT-l
all 1 arts of the city.
UlLbUM lir.OTIlhi:-!. H2H Broadway, eor. 12th St.
0 fLtl lor guiiittrsis $rposc..
Broadway, near 32(1 St
Tn q n I re on lrli. l.gCeS fli-oadwray.
1 tii-tntiiK .M ftnt. to let. locntion. 2GV- ffsit 12nd
it, rent 9tJt jr moiiiit, .mi.eill-.tti puhUKSlon. tor
furtUcr particulars upply
KOI. if A. VO.t "Weat IZGllt mt.
on iiuulevard nrrt on Amnterdam at.
J WHlTAKUt, HuliarJ atul Ul 74th it,
l-MRAHUC sniKI-4, tottd, nua"oniLt to let lu fcU
XJ tmftor tint clt)
I oLsoM HKOl lU'K. H2C nrn(.rTr, ror. 15th it.
Elsil 1ST. liHt near Gran 1 New Tftti'ry mnl bt
tnwit builJiiiKU lva. .rtl(K, puwer, be At, audi
iev.t(,r; aUiuiproeuLUtai ontr,
F. HOfcHK. 110 Worth U
IOIt RKST On ennytertiiH two lrr roinniunicM
' lngitoreii 2.i:7". feeteai h; vas, elcttrlc ll(fht. ttteam
lit-At. Ac; splenctH uieuititf for Hj ifouU. Uolbinir.
fancy (tim In or nillllrier . main itre.t: t ntr.i! loratuin.
ApIly -KMEK. LOuMfS A LO, MJtiiervtl.tfL-s J.
LOFTS to let, from S40O up in HiUuii, Uftiliuifln,
1'carl, Miltaic, ami adjucvnt trri
C UK t:K M A X T
LOHiS TO LfcT. Mean power, heat, el.v"or, excel
lent light, Leoiifcr-I it- neartVntr? Apply to
U. II MVMQNrf. llotViitrait.
STOItp, Aiuiterdam a , near Dmii tf, esi-Uent on
portunlty fcr nttnurnnt Jnnltor nr I-' JLUhON
KII I'ATUILIC A t(J ,00 iladli'n u , corntr f.Wth -t.
TIinRFHTORY IIOL'SK on'arili ht . near tit ha., to
let for bmlnci for term of er uiut lia.t ranh
erunt. Aililreitit OW Melt, box 104, Han iiplun n faflW.
TO LKT Tliofle itory btiiTdinif 2'Ornt loiiant
JAMhft HI HOI I HT. rl, W-U-t.
tun ht. If rook mii Y 1 Iniuireof
AKTUUjtMIITII JUU amau M . New Yorfc.. j
l.tt'eiS Til I II 1 A V 1, H. V. (OH.l OilTII NT.
I'Ktat.on lOtltiiit. hTOKK. 2(5xlU0, to leave for Urui
otltam. Janltur on preTiithn or
lhlt UF1.LMAN, .IP INainvi nt.
Vantrd (or guoincoj $urpo(4rti.
WANTED Oood but unnll place for rale nf rUnra to
Ikkch Ac. A .If Y , tknr itor, ll'i IbiHery
e5m a"xa m i:it k A X
TiTisi: ;LAit!i:e: o.
'!ratclna4 Morfne;ea for Invratnra
Money fo iMmn ou Hond Hn4 Morticuffe-
1'lllen rxauilnrd nad GilHranlrecl,
FlXr.ll AMI l.V RATM,
No 4 nrffrai Car lllwliurNettienlw,
04 NaaxniiHt. (Mutual I.lfeHltlir ),.rr Vork.
J80MonliiieHl.(Kel Ft,li,ltlilic.)lt'l.ln.
.lltll.N A. IIIIYI'II. Mce.rrlileiit.
W.I. WAMNKK, Treiiaiuri.
H. M. I.IVINUHTOV, Mtcri-lury,
J . '
3rI stm efor lc Comur..
"'Tou H.ii.-"Heai: nii:"rki,
situated In h, . Ilerkshire biirderlnir m I ItcMlrl I
eountr. Conn , inads famous b the Itet llt-nry llnrd
Heecber'a-'Mar 1'aoers " linul Jobriton s 'Ulllows"
anU.hrnest I'eas.a "Did Mill an.i Witrrfall. 'esie.
ilailyadaiited to trull cudtire, ni ressiMu to r 1
nnd U It It ainl mauy puiuts ot Interest for Mh
lhissci.llou is noted Further iiifnriiiiitinii i 1m n br
JUIss A 11 bAOI', thaplmll e, tonli
ANMt' rOTTAUr: wltti"Hi) lect tirandt lneliidlnit
barn. $10011. lot WxiW feet, $lIO null. laUni-a
$iUi.oiilhl; also sli room cottsi;r,'$.'0i0, Alsiii-ot.
tK I1.IIWI. rO rail) lislnncel', im lltlilk; sjilendld,
liallh loratlon. within ten inlnutis' walk of depot;
pi) trains dally; IB miles fn in Ity
It L HOI I'tITT, :il Centra st , fjw-ner.
tLniRHA.N LOU IN IltllbTJN. TEAS 40sl.'.U fuel,
O $il caib. a, reiif. proiertt itljorrliir t.,r, in r acru.
Apply LiMA.S o DANA, room in 2s7 lltoalwsy.
Tl s'UlATtrll TIMIll.lt LAMis. irnits to suit, In
lJtfUJ Tuas J'.ai-n.. IMrll.lllar
I.VJI t.N O liAVA, 2H7 Broadway,
Sal -ttr for nle or (xrl.ai.fle.
EXCIIANnEOIlJl IVK) CAHH-22 Fait 7Bthst,171
Kastllld 440 Wist r.Htlj, 21H Cenlral I'ark Ueat,
2JJ Hasl&oth, tilil'stt liioth 218 w.t .4th also plot
of Jots, larllculars Itlilil.NbfiN, owner. M-Hroudwar.
AtUhll HULK tor Bond seeond irertiMie. (tend
panlrulars. T. - ATtt ATh II. .1 1 Nasiau at.
WANTKO-Kr a party who Is compelled by 111 health
to lit e In therounlry. a farm near tiilscit), rrom
10 to o acres, must hare a wood dwilllnit bouse; a
barn suitable fur three horses; win exr-hanj( for same
In. exiuity in a very deslrsblo fuur story liijrh stoop
house in a flrst-rtass nelrbborbood Kor partitutara an
yly 10 JOHN HOOBB 2J Leim.ion a v.
efor ,iie or ITo 't iCountri),
r,XlK hAI.K llll 'lIKST iCTIIK I'AIBKII I." -llraiid
llnKI Mam il, on Ulster an I Delaware It II. els.
.atlon J.Mjtifret abesutllul ooils.'e il looms, iil.tly
I furnished, runnini sprlnr water In kltrhvn, wllh
arres of lamL nea barn, icetiuusu. lo.rly takestotked
with trout boat, shady arorcs, trout alreams ke.k',
nrlre. $tlisji) i.rms mad. ess), for lurllier parileu
lar, address STAMXY, I', O, Do. J.1W. .Sew Vvr.Cltr.
jfc-. gyta!e elm $Mt.
C'rmWiasTBTOnKkw ibar monr-Th.
aetoii lmprorement Co, Is orffanlaed under th. laws
ol Nrrhnan for the purpose of rlslni funds to Indue,
snanefarinrers to locate In their cut, . ...
The company purchased a trsct of land. snMl.lded It
Into Int., .rut soli to iMtlrrjnsnf Vuskapnn In one day
l.Hoii lots at a uniform price of $ IDO per lot
Some or these lots ba.e been resold for $1.00(1 and
msny of them for rrom six to tea hundred dollars
I It hundred houses and twelve Immense factories la
the r.snlt nt the sale, the profit. I eltur used to erect the
factory bulldlnta which wer. presented fre. to tb
present owners
The same company now offer 00 lots at a uniform
price or lir. mrh Terms only tl cash and$2aweek
or $s a month The lots in the second sale are more
worth Thn Honored Dollars than ihoie In the first
ate were worth (in. Hundred and Thirty Dollar, on
account of said itnprorements.
The company luue a bond backed hy a millon dollars
to duplicate In lb2 a hut m as done In lriul
Bond vour name and l'ostunice address and we will
rheerfnlly mall yon fr... Hsts, Maps i beantlfnl
blrd's-ejetlewof a city of Thirty Tliousand, and aurh
Information as eteiy lnteUlyebt snrsou will apprscl-
If you do not become n pnrchaier yon will find this
Information tamable ami Initrucitre This Is the one
chancuof your life tt rtou t cost aavthlnit tnlntostl.
.ate Willi toUIIAKLh.il 11. riTLLLt A 60NH, Sola
AKenls Muskeitnn. llch,
CITV AND RLRI'UIIAN morEnTV.-Farins for sale
and exchange; loans.
A. II HALL1KT, 170 nroadway.
Foil SAI.1I A rood farm of r.O acres In the town nf
Tilllnrworth, Conn . 4W miles from Clinton. Shore
Llnetl. It.; nicely located and smtauly divided mm lm-
Frotimr aasture and wood Jand. fried fences: food
ruit; plenty water; a irnodlwn story house of 1-rmiina,
with L. lar.. 1rii, carrlag. house, stalls, sbeils, with
other out outldinffs, almost as frond as new, nrtr.
$3 000; half can remain; stock hay. farmmr; Imple
ments. 40 acres of land n few mils atrny tan bo had If
wanted, ror furtuv'r Information nddrens
v. ii iiAitmi.
Tilllngworth. Con a.
FOR SALR-riorlda. 040 acres, lake front, folk
county! $000; 1.0IJ5 acres, near San Antonio rasco
count). $ J, Ol)" both aacrttlres for qulcl. sale, USOacrea
nn the noble Charlotte Harbor f1.(Xl. a (lint Island.
10 0-0 acres, near main land, for nhrwp troats tains
presirte. oyster li nks. risnery. $ll.rJ0. Improted
homes. iosea xardetis, $2tot.p, 10-ncre boni. tract
suburbau to prominent cities. $Jr, to $100 each.
Florida Land and Peod Commissioner, Lonlarllle. Ky,
To ruisn AV FSTATE -A vslnable fruit and dairy
farm nnd mill property at homers Centre on the
Mnhopar llranrh of the Harlem K IL; will aril over 100
acres separato from mill property for less tban the lata
owner had the bulldiurs stiK-k, Ac . on It insured tor.
For pnrtlcnler address JKbblE IL (ilUFFLN, Trustee,
Yorltoo n lleUlhts, N. Y.
cal (istile lor alc Cttw.
Foil S ALU-Corner Water and Oliver at, COx&O. suita
ble for manufactory.
- Ht-tMAN BT.
TIIC rtKST riMSHHD HOUSES In lliabestloralltyin
the clt) its est 1udnv between M7th and iwth.h).
now ready for occunanct ; to prompt bnyera liberal
terms wllfb. intde li KILI'ATKICI-, Uatlder,
60 Went CTth at. '
1ST At'.. nearl08tbst.-Fulllot, $T..700; allmortfai.
if improted. I.LT. log -old at.
4(V('IIi;nRYST.. iiearlrankUuMiisre. $12 000: 32x
1U 1,4 ; all morntage KLV, 103 Oold St.
gtcat g slate lor t roohl.tt.
89l TIIlE 8NAIS !
K.w B story FLtTS 20xr7xlOO, aolld. elegant proper
ties all Improvements, Moon. $1,000 down, bslanc.
asyi pa) 1& j.er cent, on Investment; also others.
Plenty 2 story basement frame IIOL'SLS. arranged 3
families, doub o Imttrov.ments $J.30( to $4.(100. onlv
KiOOdottn, rest $uo quarter, knock pa) Inc rent end
ttisi.. All close elevated; fne Immediate fnturas fyou can
seo It tourrelf), tbe.o properties are bargains, price,
railed later on, tt rite or sec us at once; seen Sunday.
KKNT Az CO.. 1.210 Cales av.. nearEt er.reen.
BAI'.OAI.VS 1M SMALL HOL'IRg In all parts of Broox
Mi: must be sold. MchbO.N CO- 7ekt lledfordav.
r",iolt hALl. (in plot of grounl (ilOiJOU). a handsome
detached Tllla. all molern Improvement., sraa.
furnace batb. Ac; tiry easy terms Apply to FltKO
U. COOIIEL'. 1911 Montaitue st . llrooklyn
C. M. ne'e. 110 Urand t, New York.
craresTatc f ofalc riuolautC
rort HAi.ti "
Fituatedon Great Mmth nay. Amltytllle. L. I. Accom
modatea 12f, Kiieits. within 41 tulntites of Long Island
I It) ; will be sold at u .Treat sacrifice hotel lu perfect
runnlnir order, newly turnisLed, within 10 minutes'
walk of station, nlaro koo I tor transient as w.d as
summer .nests lor further rsrtlculars apply to
M MUBI'UV. HJandP t boutll st . .VworX city.
Ai.tiLHKN oriOKTUMTY-Thaveforsalo on your
own terms loterul neiv ijueen Anne cottarea with
all Improteiuents, nicely located In Fnihliiir. L I Ad
dress AKT11LK M tNDl.lt, 1 17 Last 23d st . basement
.ton sAi.K tT . ooim.ivr.N park, ttoon-
X1 llAtliN L I Threo new villas. 10 to IB rooms;
Kas hot and rold Hater: cabinet finish mirror
niantt-ia, and all modern Imnroremeuts; $3.b00 to
$5(XXJi Adareu
M. I.E PAGE, box 12. Woodhaven. L. I.
ON LY $rQ0 DOYV.V, balnnic monthly to snit purrhaa
er; own your home by anvllifr rent )ounowpayt
handsome newdwelltnits at Lnlon Course two block,
from Hronkl) n riry line, rapid transit and electric
carsstnpnu the t r.inert. which Js rapidly Increasing
lu tslue, bouses splendid!) finished with bathrooms
aud water suppl) In pipes fell in forenoon onli.
B. . lllTCIILOLk, 14 Lhauibtra st . N. T.
5t'rJlthri&ltr (o. Vroperty ,for vale.
OOfk ACUF $110((O. 7B acres, tt bile Plains road.
JO U $J1 mo. near Up line, tt OOI.LE1 , 21 farlc row.
grggtiiitecf or i5alc--Jeiv ewe7
To in on hd thv riluoct our pmpertr, eacabuyerof a
f 10 lot vri Ue pr. spntei wiihaier-ortl lot, frte, for tha
next ten ilay unl nt (termanta tlm e-leganl tabnrb of
Atlantic City .worn, roal tnt)fvn,chO-U,chaTehei,
Ktorts Ar. No refitrictlunx Tlieo lt7ta aro wnrtb SfVO
eath Tttls giarHnt-l, fre and clear; dce4wiltb
mailed at onre on rn tint or $10. Batter thauUia bat
ba Intra bantc In th world .'all or aldreis "
Al.O.Nyo bAHK. owner Utl HOcrTy t-tooiu 234,
HABItOlCK llLIdllT Ulfh and healthy: lovely
viewi, H minutes from station nn main atreet;
brown none Irnugo, 15 roomn l bedrooms, ample
vroundr. beADtlful lawn, nhnibberj, fruit elefant loca
ilun for hotel and roa 1 house, nolio In town, be sold
Trv Inw nn easy terms Other houses $1, UK), $1 BOO,
$OiX upward, all on Improved streets and well rented
tlUMavl. 160 to S20U down: baLanco easy. Lots, lu
tallments Write for particulars
K. M. A.NhO.N, HAHnROl'CI- llF.ir.HT3.
SIOKI AN1) imKLMMJ IOK hALK, near tha depot
at rallsisdes i'rk: small amount down, balanca
easy monthly payments, about equal to ordinary rent,
limine new, with butli rom and w ater supply In pipes,
excellent sewerage, vood sinud for busliifss. Apply lu
forenoon only. B V. 1UTCJICOCK, 14 Chambera tt,
hew orlk
SI .URI..I.T. S' J for sile 80 room hotel, fu
nlshed, running order, every Improvement. 28,600(
(It! wn-rash floooorjir cent
WILLIAM LAM.. ..roadway. Lonr Branch. W.J.
Oil truESjrood liiBli p'nnnd land near railroad and
OX Tiltiffc south or I slc-Tsool r,iwt into, notrade.
IIUAKU A VA.NftANT.lHJPr.illWtiy.room8
wa) ( ou.pl.l li-ts of i ropert) troiu sixty ayeuta
In sixty suburban places about tiv lork
1 11 Ab J. tlVVbU Secretary.
tourif, s m if nnd dniice, Jlr, naj rel. and wlnir
(Unditk' tauiftit for the ctair or attiirment, tuition
thnroUkih, praitlcnl. Mini idrlitly rlvm. tine liutru
luetits at lowest pricee, (.iitltvra.uou tfuafauteed. LaU
or wrltn. open day and eientnir
.1. OHAN. 174 .M av, near 3Hth st.
BANJO Mntdohn Mnlln (laltar Instructlyn; Jails.
tauKht. pil.ule (horotuh rourso, I..
V J. llonfOSrMWettSlsU
Bs 10 WW KD nnilo, concert, sMtHst, tciober,
nn I dealer. Instnit tion private, lataloues mailed.
hull articular. 1 4JH j.nu.di.a).
B.nJ( ilultur tiud Mitndolin f'risita Itsions.
HFSttV C. Uu-J.O.N, l,.'7u liroadway. ratentsUrer
bell banjos
1" )OMM;"TAlT(,IlT by lTrf7M'l0," tavlDr 17 reaFT'
J (.xperi.iicu ut iiutrtK tt r
MOMCO HOTPL roneyltJand.
D lOtlKThTiToMl -Oo o.l Wodd O.mtiasltiui"
l i ant 2rtiij et , op ti it iy nn I c.pninir, runntny
lr( 1, ruw tnif mii' (unt k, Ljiimuv traiulinr, bat lis Ac.
QUI A RSI tn "-. I if'I'h.UuUar.TTiiiT
tn HlVli H IU I "V Dann Privat lea.
rona AlnjCiuno. hlntnir, ..c. ATHOVf,2&5 VV. 4 S4 st.
Pttol- I M'lUHWhSKA, a-'rt l-ast ;jd" st"Kivli
thorotuh uud suc.viitful liistructiun In piano and
SI'ND isTMIri-tho'lretiyTriewritr"' to flHORT
KAMI ANI ni'li.'.MflMi COLLI Ol., QV Br&Ad
..), S
YuT SO I Alir(4iiTilio wilTVivT'Spaiilsli l.ssont at
puplU tiuiuts unij mod'Title terms
I l.HNASDFX. I Ml Broadway,
8tenorupble Initltulo, bdt llroadwajr.
Best Instruction In best s stem of fcliortliand. Trsv
nrltinKrcu hriid tur ilniuars.
CJ 1 tif A KLV. h nr I and Inlilonrf f mlHSrT 'llfliT:
)3IUKI JIM Shll nry Arodmiy (boys) Address
Fi'lax'I'AL hfll'xil.N riaddonn.l.w Jerf,
aiu;iinrartemri, '
IEnVAMHlS AC till, Mt. 1IIJ KAHT MTirMTWaita
' andallibenrwdaneesiutighliaoldl)-; classes form
Ins; rrlrsle It.sdiiaall hours headfor otrral-r,
WALT, olid all fastilonsbla dauiia tau.uTT Idlt at.
and rltss lessons, rlrrulirs
hMCM-HUllfl.Ht (USbKKtATOlli; 44 tVestltlhst.
" -A -1 1 BMTl I'l'. am! Ctl(l'hlS-ln racLeterr.
Itiinir lor Ih.i sekeeoin t heap i-t Hie old an I r.U.
1 1. Iiou.enf rlli HI 1.1 IK, tl aud 10 41b at , o uoalte
L'ooier Institute. .Veu iurk,
111 IIMTI KT. sold without rash'depitil7Tcn.esi i redd!
in niiMis stuck i.raud liatdds Manufaclurera'
AKCht. JUJtll-WUlL
ttrtlon Sotlrt , rH
"Notlilnj:irioi-olnvnh'orporf(ftCAn o6m !!
out nf tlm Intid ot thu .Using Siin."-SIB f'v.-H
o.v l.x'tiiniTiox day Axn xrmaxa, i
-70.r V A. .V. lO O AXD T.'.O i I
-V) i) ,?o i: xi., -!
lit ad HI,. Mndlaon hqnare. t ;H
Formerly or Tokohuma, '!
JAN, 111. AND tullt lOI.LUWIMJ DAIS. Iti
AT ClltO O'tllvOCK P. M. '4!
...rataloitneof ll.rtaffrs, with rrefaee bv ftlrBdwt. H
Arnold and III rnli jisiie illustrations uialled on receipt &i
ol vrtee. , rents. ui
TIIOUH r. KinnV. Anetloaeer. H
The Amerlcm Art Association. Managers,
I'nst .td Street. !
111TI1 AVhNUI. AIIT UALLLItll.a, vl
SRfl FIKTlt AV , M.AU .14TII ST. Kl
.vow o.s rr.r.v. miibitiun. "!
.i, li noi.ru. a s t. . -jH
to nn Rfii.n nv ai'ction Monday avd TtmaiiAT v tH
11Y OHTall'.a A CO '.!
NOTiri'. Notice IsherebvuitcnthatlhiDepratmenl l
of Docks, al public auction to lie held at Tier A ;H
Mattery place. North lliver. will sell the nulit to damp H
and ml In behind the crlbour- bul-bed between tb4 ' B
centre nn. ot tt est Hlstst, and the centre line ot tha i if B
middle ot Hie blotk between West KM and ttest etKt I !
sts.ontbe North Hirer tor full particulars se. tha - H
City ttecord Copies tor sale at No i Uily Hall '
' -' -
Sublie Qotittt. i H
OliXNMiLtlTsTorinTweekelntniit . ftH
close (promptly In alt cases) at this omce as follow. i lM
bATUltDAV-At 1 DO A. M. rorlrnnco. Switzerland. 1
ltut), Spam Fortuira!. and Turk.), per steamship 9JH
La Bouifiu.ne. tla Havre (letter, for di herbaria hl
of Furope must be directed "per HniirKoirne"li H
at 3 to A at. for Kurope, per ste.ttishlp L'mbrla. (jVj
tta tjueenitottu; it 4 A 31, for Norway direct, qSH
per steantshlii llekla (letters must be directed JJH
"per Ilc.ln"): nt 4 so A. M tor hetherlanda
direct, per steamship Maasdain. tin KotterdnrA
(letters must be directed ' -er Xaasdam"): at !i
DA, M fur Scotland direct, per steamship Deronla, SHB
via (iliisirow (Utters must be directed "per De 1a-l
Yonia"), atll A. M ror campeche. ChinpaB. Tabasco, Hl
and ticstan, per ateamshtp Yitmrui (letter, for HH
Cuba and Tamplco direct and other Mexican Mates. , ajJH
tla tera Lrlir must be directed "vr Yiimorl"); BBH
atlA.M (supplementary tl ) A V.) for fcrluii. uH
Island and Jamaica, also Jaomsl and Aux Catts. Eai
Ilaytl.persteamshlpAlTOiat 1 i'. M (siinplementarr hi
2 10 1'. M ) toan DomtnKo ( apsllaytl andTurk'a !
Island ier steamship Saginsw al rt .to l If for ffl
rsrnainbuco. Hio Janeiro, and la Data countrtaa, &!
via Hlu Janeiro, per atealnshlp Capua, trum Baits M
more EBBS
SUNDAY -At 4 A M forPara Can. anil rernamubneo,
per steamship Amaronense, at S I'.M forCostaRloa, ll
tla Idnion, ner ate-mi-hlp loxhnlt. rrom New Or H
leun., at t. .In r tl. for at. 1'ierre Mliiuelon, par
atoamer from Halifax. iai
Mausfirthe llawin inn Islands, per ste-imshtp Attstra I H
Ha (from Kan 1 ranrlscn) oluso here dailt uptoJaru Jl
11 at OH) I'M Malls for the Society Islands, per !
stilu Cllt of 1'apeltl (from Ban Francisco), close h.ra MH
dailj uptoJan -35 at U oo r M. Hails for China
and Japan, i cr stiamshlp (laelic (from ban Franchv
coj close here dully up to Jan. .1 at il HO I. L laaW
Mails for AustraMt. ,N.w Zealand Hawaiian. FIJI,
and hamoan Is'ands per sUtutshiii Alameda (from si
Han 1 rnnciSLOj. Llase here dally up to Jan AOac ti
II JO r. tl. (or , m arrival at Net. V.rk or steamship
Aiirunln tilth British malls for Australia) Mails tor (
Neuli.uudl-itu! bt ru,l lu Halifax, an I thenoe by iSan
tteai-cr. tlotoat tbls ofllco daily at H .hi P SL Malll Hi
tor Miquelon. by rail to Kost'in. and th.nc. by H
steatier cl""e at this office dallt -t H .HIP M. ValW
for Cuba, by rail to Tampa, rla . and thence by B
steamer istliin. Aloudajs. Tnursdats and Uatur ' IHH
dai) close ut this utlice dull) al2IA M. Malls .. Ji
for Mexico oterland. untess specially addresed lor ntt Sai
desnattUby steamer, close at tbls ufflcedally at. j1 s- JJB
A. M iaai
Trans Faclflc malls are forwarded tn San Francesco , . ,H
daily auil the schedule nf closlnir Is arranged on th "M
presumption of thilr urintcrrtiirtil ut riand transit to 1 aVi
ban Irani isco Mnl sfrntu thn List arnvinir on time
at ban IrniiLiscoim the dt of sillin nf stcameraara
despatched tbeuco the same dav Ketstcrcd mall IBHI
cioes al 0 on 1' tl retlu is dn. aH
NOTIIF Nolle, is h-rrb) nlen that at a metln HN
ottli- Ilinnlnrilorks hold lm 7 IWI2 Kulo No il (Erf
oflhel.ules mid llseu' ilious u.s uniumled so that tha ls
prltlleiro of iifiiiir borc foviirlii the loading or dls brrwl
f haririiiff f tcsst-ls on tb. North Hirer betaseli Pier A. liti
and ttest 1 1 tli st. und on the I nst alter between tba wr
flattery and (Irand at. w&a. vitiated For full par tlca t-w
ars see tho Lity Record Copies Cur sat. at Na. City . J3F
Hall '
' ' M
gtrliotOH. glotiK. ' tt
M Ll'nLUtt.n Il.of rn.tllrnut'. N J will d(b E
liter the nflh l.clura In the course in 11." ( HURCrT ' ?Xh
OF THE I'l KJTtNv tti.t IJO.h l l.ear&th nv . Hr Jty.
morrow nt 7 45 P M -iibJict tip Translations of Thm
the Bible ntul Tli-lr Iiitlueii. ou i It illr-tlon " On t-j!
the 24th of laiiuary Pnf Min n It 1 inoeni. D. I) . V&
lectures on The Hible and NN Ti tftineni I'rtli' lm.H t?Jt
ASOCIAlltlV IHLI Twintl-IMrd Mrcet fiaptlat '',
Churrli. cur. 4th av llr Uium i.rnchi-i H) 48 , . JV
and 8 Mornin. prelude, "lbs lAtterj cuue" 1 tj-a
como 'VUs
AT 8PKIM1 ST. rI!SnTFItlAN 1 111 I'.l'll-P.v. A. JS:
tt. Haley pistor, at lull) aid 7 4", Sunday yfi
school. DA. it btraokeis mlcoiue 5xri
CtJll'KCH ot t HI'IsT li'i'ltNTHTi-htrtlceHundaya Jffi,
at 10 30 A M , llardtnan Hall Titli nr and lIHb St. j
lilbleilsss 12 tl ertn cs Hwi'lny nnd Tuislay even i&jKj
Imrs ateibclock at rradlii. rooins lm th nt. 0ea llfi
dailj Hit, Auirueta I. Met.on. partlnr. fljfe
8PLCIAI. I t .Nl,l LI-TIC blKtlL . . gEBi
rheltev Mr, and Mrs Iviritfil r 1 u Ion. Fn-land. Sew
will .. 1. 1 llr. Oilier A Bnii, ii. pisim I r Ihree n ss. 1 .
cnmuieiHlnir miiiiij, Jo in i-truc tttry ttenln. J aY
except t-atllrdav. 7 ' tun art. Invite. I ' 1 rye?'
LCtl.NTH M-kTLT- 1 .Mtr.l"-Al.lhl ("IIUKCH. S
nearutbar Itev Dr 1 t I1..11, , pnsior -M'blectsi j jU
11 A M. "Tho baiue (.oupol fur iIih III. Ii mil Poor! . JJOTii
h P. tl "Ko.lal hills n I Hliat Is Belli. DolietoCura J-lTdB-
Tlieui. ' III Hy lliilustllul I il'icalloli - jijBl.
'.iTltsf Pill i-II.tTIIAN flit I I Jl.li at and 12tll sir'
JT st-Berilrrs 11 tl and 4 P M ih past"', tbo tat''
Iter lluwarl Dudli lil H II. will jnirli Minday J--1
school ll JO A l. rinual lirnjir uutllt. Wednesday. I !';
a P. M. Heart) welcome for nil fUJ,
I.toiniTII I'itthlli ll.KIAN "tCit. l.iKCidi II Krrra) laVi"'
ClllltCH 34th st. near mil ai -i.t t.eorjo Wi JMIj
(.allanher will Lnacb next Mindat, I ith, it 4 1. M
nOLYTBIMTt (III IH II IIAIlirtl, I.nnx av and Hj
l.Jdst. Ncir tork -linl) r, uiinunl.ui III A. )l 1
mornfnir pra)i r and Miinuii it 11. sn d . scliooi.nl
clilldrinsaeriiip 3 P. tl .ihortl uriho and serutuii
at 7 45 P. M 111, Pit (' Il It Mil U-linn. Dl. will .,'
nriAih nt tho nuriiiinr vertire Ihe oenmsr servlca
will lie under thn insuii i i f (lit . num. People. I P.rlslf t
Assuciatlou, iimltle i rinil, i r nill !" tie Kct. Jnbtt ..
tteslrt llri.iui. I'U, r-ilur of M. Thouiass rboixb, -V1
New V..rk nt) . M
nl.NHY MiANMetturts u ' II m Hie i liuri-h bin .
dirsliiiinaii progress 'at Clilikerliu.' Hall hunday fi
eiinlns. All seals irie i M
MAIHM)S At lltl'TlhT CHI KCII. turner nf nisi st. rii
-Prendiluif b thejinstnr l.tv Hi nrt M.Kanders, .;
D li.iiiiSuiiilm, Inn 17. Nnim ut 11 A M aud 8
P M HumU) schod nt M i A M Mid week seme ' ?
ttnlneslay M P M. All am lonlially United , , 'j
MC AILI.Y (III'MllliNr. tl-,n(IN'll)4 tt.stS2dat-. . ' ''i
Aiiiiitersar) tn tin mm, buixln), .'mi 17.RahdH BB1
p. .t, speakers list I)r tlririii Hurra I. (Irwr, Merrl. 'jH
LJisup. lei ami nlheri. All pirsmis we.coiue SHH
PIloffTsTAVf Ll'im IH'AI.I III III II )l ZIUN and rii., ' H
llinotb) Holy communion nt rt A tl In Hie Parlatt
House, .lit ttest Mib st. Murnlnif prayer, litany,
anil sermon it Jl A ,1 In cnmulo Herltal IlalL lP
f,7tli st and 7th av p.ienln? pru)ur ami sermon (Bi
at 7 '10 P. M lu Hie Parish House Prrach.rei
innriilmr, tba rector, tb. Itet. II nry Liibei-k, L , tl.i f
ititiiiK, Hm Hey, harl Si hr-artr-M. a. M
RbV RAPIIAT'lTllLNJAMr Jl "lll pieai h on IP
"It'llif ions Criticism" this luoriuiis ut Fift.cnili . IMit;
Mreit Temple, I j,i'
Ul PAI'Lu'MLIIIIllllM I'I'TmTiI'a'L till lll'll. tha vVf
ohm (Jeurire II Vil.rcn-, D D , pastor --Hesidunie, m
141 Fait .1st si rtm.lni snrttcrs nt iror.th art , Jfc
clsss meellnir at 10 o'cimki prsAchltnr at 11 oolock. ( flth
fiuuday school und v,rek daysrrlns lu tb. rbauel n'x,
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