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HEttlil """ ' Tiik SUlSf. TUESDAY. JANUARY 1, 1892.
IEr' !!''
CBlKf' " xrzjj nr tub attack on zh
I'fHlH ' 3ri,," ettmiiorB la Viae of Ftonbs-A.
M:'l"JiiK' FrihBaJofBookniaBr-loo4 Isae-lagf
t HjMC ' Cleaa Clatihes-Ma Belle' Ilia Ban,
KHE "Despite) rumoro of pending troubla In all
WJmMMmW rU of thape. It was as pencoful at Gotten.
HKr , burg rettordar M on any of the dull days at
BHjH doaroldJeroma Parle last nummor.
L'aHiK' JuBtleei of the Peaoo Tollman", McCoobory.
EvKr nJ 1uh ocouplod an ofDce at the track,
"ft BW1; , ready to take ball tor any or .all persona that
K.Bvl; Dame Rumor said would be arrestod, but
P'HjHp their torvtoos wore not required. TlioofTlco
lHjHH hoa boon rented to the Justlcos. and to-day a
WHfy algn reading "Justloo of tho Toaco" will be
V'lHKi' P'ace(1 ovortho door.
'jH)rY,'i A now drawtnc for bookmakers' stands pro-
X HHifr eded the races, and twenty-four stands wore
"& toon occuptod by tlio layers of odds, throo loss
t'Hr Wtwt on 'n8t Batunla7. James Carroll's and
1;IKM' Isaac Thompson's familiar facrta wore missed
HB bytho throng of regulars. Tlio old reliable
v jHH'n ttandbys, Prod Low Q. Walbaum. J. Lack
tfllll ' nn'"Dlsmarok." W. Thompson, the London
t'll Club. Wilson .tOo., and n dozon more well-
rjBlit. known bookmakers chalked up their rates
jlkHJ ;? and did a fair buslnosi.
LS i' Thoonly Ineldont that attracted attontton
'r.'ll & occurred between tlio third and fourth races.
''Iffll i'h non Judfio Joseph Uurko wai socn tolklnc In
r'sm an oxcltablo sort of n way with n tall man on-
I'fljjB iy velopod in a Ions ulutor. Tho word passod
?' jjBJI :'' round that tho rumor that the Judiro and
Ijijap L other ofllcors woro to be arrested was
Bv about to bo ful llllnd, und a crowd
ijwJH began to cnther. Hut tho tall man was W.
(HreM I' lynch, ownor of Illnckwood. Lynch dostrod
;SJtt - to hnvo bti horsa scrntchod from the fourth
XilgW' v.' raoo after bcttlnc had bosun, and thoJiidcn
W M ,i was naturally nnirry bccnui-e tho rnquet enmo
ti'ViR ' n bo late. Vim ownnr'ti pica was that tho norms
ff!' I Was lame Tho Judco onlorad that Dlaekwood
f Mu. . bo Jogged past tho stand, and ns Ulaekwood
v'rH ahowoU n llttlo BtllTiiess. tho request was
.SJJSaU V grantod and time glvon to make now books.
T SM V i Uuring tho afternoon It was rumored that a
V.'JCt A forco of constables was In wnltlng at tlin
f. MB Fourtoonth street ferry In Hahokon to arrest
1 B i'i boQkmnkore and huvo tlicm lockod up ovor
j MK ' plght. but it any such plau hud bueu arrannod
& M V) wds hot carried out
"" IN k - llepresentatlves of tho I.nw and Order
1 Mm "s Lonsuo did Intend to mako another raid to-
HI day. but yesterday thov wero served with sub-
t Ml 'r pcenas.to appear betoro tho Qrand Jury at
',: n ' 3 o'clock this afternoon. Tho Grand
4 Ml I Jury will , not set throuch with them
. BTl until after tho rnclnc Is ovor. ho that tho con-
ti "k! i tomplated raid must noco8surlly bo postponed.
3. flV -. Is not oxprctod that tho Grand Jury will
V 7M ri, ,lD ADX Indictment.. Tho supposition is that
;-' iH 'Ji the evidence will bo heard and bo dcclarod to
-;. WM V be lnsuffiolnnt to warrant indlctmont Aftor
si- m li tne Qrand Jury has notod. or failed to act. the
' M l lawyers of tho Law and Order League will np-
- m S ply to OHancollor McGill for nil order to show
i W ? oauso why an Injunction should not Issue to
!i mt restrain the solllnc of pools ut tlio truck.
v V it . Tho raoon woro not very prolltablo to tho
' M t layers of odds. Throo favorites won purses.
I I 0DS eeoond oholco horso. and two others well
(., H v backed capturine tho othor three. Tho open-
'. SB i) inc dash, for boaton hornos, was a raco from
'ri' tm L eno to end. Knnpp. at liberal odd, forced to
!' t(H 5- thefrontatafurlone. and lu a hot strugclo at
i IM A the finish won hy a short neck. Donnjo King
" ti i beating Burnsido n head fur socond place.
B' to i, The second race, a scramble of flvo furlongs
'' Uj f for three-year-olds, was won by tho odds-on
jZ '; , favorlto Irregular by a length, Gladiator. 1100-
" 8! Sf on( choice, beating Fassett four lengths for
;r Bl; the place. Tho third race, at a mllo. was a vory
open affair In the betting, tho live starters all
'ml i having backers at about a point difference
il $ Irom the top price of O to fi acalust Prinoo
v. m Edward. Irene H.. second choice, won by
r. ., ( three-quarters of a length. Defendant, third
A I r choice, gottlng the pluco from rrlnce
A ! , Edward by six lengths. Ma Belle.
t m odds-on first cholco in the fourth raco.
- r ' proved hor claim to belnp vory closo too flrst-
;f N , olass Ally by moving out from third plaoe in
. Jjj v the stretch and winning by a head from Seven,
r y i son of Sensation and Cyclone. Darter camo
, 1 third, eight longths behind tho leadora. Ht
;' f . Patrlok won the llfth raco easily tiy a length.
J 1 ' Stratagem Retting the place from WheolerT..
1-131 the favorite, by n head. Van.aqulottlpat8to
i SSI 'f 1. came at tho finish In the laitraco and won
vwm , by a neck from Onaway. LongHtrlde losing
HH ' eeoond plaoe by a length. SparlTng. the favor-
i' '.. fte, led at a furlong, but was of no account in
s'ffT t- the homestretcn. Summary:
m, t rax fikst race.
H! v. PnrM00. for beaten liornt: lelllni: nnsmtlt.
'.' ' T. Bamtt't b.e.Knpp. 3, ty Ur. rick wlcn-Boane
w"W !" BIW.Bsrrett) 1
fiH v Ea Lonrd'i b. r. Bonnls Klni. med, lOn(Dwjer).... 2
iwX - Brnet8UbU'iib.li. Hurmlde. 0. 1U9 (llljglu...... 3
KSD ; BpaaasU, BtneUt, ami KBotaTer alia ran.
i. ' H I), r Time. l!4UM.
tetffc i -.B,,t5r,'1J,0 l..alti Knapp. 2tol Bonnla
'- lit ! '" 8 to 1 BurniWo. Uutnala paid (1C.20, $ 7.05.
a 1JH 96.40.
l-Hfl v Puna 1400. for three-year-iWi; ulllnirs Ave rnrlonii.
iHI "' B-Leurb'f br. c Irrerular, by Irunuoii Vannlu, 11J
,'aUl ,? (Martin) ' : 1
"!HH Y W. . OottOB'i br. o. Gladiator. Jia (II. Penny) 2
iWB Olen Iiland Htaole'a cli.e faaiett, lMiSnedeker).... 3
-Vjirai ,;: Mart aad Onager alao ran.
tSfl - .. . Tlma. 1KWJK.
vHH ' ttlBg Twotolon IrrernUr. 1.1 toSaealnit O'.adU
$ HH '''' r' to1 '"" Uutuala paid 3,0j. (2 40, $2,113.
'-iM ' TnETniUDTtlCK.
kDIH Pars 9400 for beaten boric: teUlnr: onamlla.
''IH D. A. Hooira blk. t. Irene II.. 4, by Piaarro-Lasr
! Jaokaon, 104 (Larrlxey) 1
lufB M.Daiy'ab. a. Defendant, r, ioh (II. Penny) 2
"' .T BpNtdtbrltt Stable'! br. b. I'rlnca Edward, . 104
tl ' (Dwrer) .... S
.-' J Adalf Ua colt and Tb Doctor alio ran.
'IWM ? .'. Time. irl7.
.;! i .Battlnf-Twotolatainit Irene a, B to 1 Defendant,
ITal J: to 6 Prlnca Edward. Mutuala paid 98,86, 8.ao,
IH 4. ,nK F0UB,nt lucR
? I Pim9SO0; penaltleiandallowaneri: onamlla.
t Wm Irish's b. f. Ma Belle, 4. by Cbaraxua ada Bella.
i'iM f IO,(Maitin) 1
;H W.ll.Tlmmona'ech. 0 Soven. 3, 79(Orlffln) 2
; ft' W.BIee'acn.b. Rafter. 6. 94 (Brown) 8
'saNH OlsaUr ana fteeier alio ran.
? ava Time 1 -41VV
if nl lM . Battlnr Flra to 2 on Hi' Belie. 12to 1 acalnit Baven.
I'laj ; 19to6Hatler. Uutaala paid saAo, $2.45. 9B.75.
IhI I Porta $400: aelllnc three-goarteraof a mile.
I ft! r fataraonBtable'ecn. t. St. Patrick, 4. by St. Blalea
n,Ui Fatlence. fl7 (T. Flynn) 1
liiifii (ohnyttUI 8Uble'i br. a Ktrataiem. 4. 100 (Hnrrli)... 2
Si . Frank Kelly'a br. K. WbeelerT., aied. 100(11. Tenny). a
-.; ,i- tHfrtBeok.Jtidg Mitchell. L'leye. Nannie llnbtard
M7 H i eoumir. Htltuutb. and Sam Morie alto run.
K1W ?, Time. 1:17.
K1 ' Battlnr-Saven to 3 acaluu St. 1'atiick, 4 to 1 Strata-
AsHf! '-' fem. jTn money Wbeeltr T. Untuala paid 98.40,
KirlkW v. 9)9.06,90.00.
;.' I 1- THE flrXTII RACE.
Ite'iH I - Fura94CO: aelllnir: leven fnrlonna.
IklaM ! , Merbacb'ab. n. Van, aed, by Vulturno-Dora. 132
I if "Jflynn) 1
KSJi h W. B. McCormlck'i blk. U.onaway.r.. 1:12 (Morton).... 2
I i( B.A. McOnlre'ab. . Ix)titille. A. 12!(llueiton) 3
111 :j -lUpiater. Jobn lllcko)-, sparlimr, Aeptunm,oud Klnr-
aKaW ' if-- 9sa alio ran.
KaU Time. ltSSM.
WKUm ( . Itlnf Etfbt to 1 atalnit Vu. 4tninnaway, EWto
BIH r lLoBfithda. Mutual! paid 9UU.10, IB.70, 96 70.
WflB ?i Eatrlea for Quttenburc.
Hl'al' .1' . Hut Kara Pnne.9400; lellln?: (four and a half fur-
: '. Mnil. Tiona, 109 poundi; Hawkeye. ion: Crab Cider.
i OS Uarry RBMall. IOH; Silver Mint, lof; Lnit Star.
B 'J 102: Battle Cry, U: Eudora. oe): John Lackland. 05.
spajf JMeena Race Pur 9400. for maideui: Cveeighthi
THI iV ,4 a mile, Qrand Duke. 120 pound : Torchlight coll.
arMli -' 14 Catberlna colt. lid; alomreui. liH:,IIuppy(ienme.
BaaU 'i ' .M'Ulm Waahlnitoo, 1 13: Van Dyke, lift; AuiuTet
KaaaV r- cnlt.l04j Oold Dlfcer,104; Oiugrr. 104: Markini:
Kaaal " . LI,D- 1(1,I ExceUeuia Ully, 101; Black lluaiar, 101:
j parioi, 101,
? TUItdlUoe Pnrae9400: lllnifi threeouartersof a
ufffl " JKi'a. .Prlnca Howard, Mil iciiiiiOn; Itepretrr, 10.',:
aff1!! t Marl; Lorell. 103: BUfcloo; tiam llono, 100; Ireuo
I'lSJ'l! f IluMi Bmntfler, 94.
KttiJi rporth Race Pure 9400; rvllintr: fonr and n half
m-PSl iHT!?aa. Comet, 114: Oldertlon. IOH; I'cn.or. 10s:
B I'-GaU 1 Mill Baniet. IDS; flo Lurky.ior,: IVenilawny. im; Kir
mOU " mr'MS1"' ' K'lt,,'Vi' V""'"1'"rur-
K'liH ' . WJlh Baca pure 9600) lelllBK mlla and a qurlr.
S-flB M Orippe 108: Sir llae. 104: Telcihnne. J03; U111K
t'-lS ' Tan.lpl: Iceben, 100; Bonule Kllu. 07: ItiiabliTiil.li;!,
H.'H With Raca lMr unci; eellluir: e turloii;
KB U BorlaRbodea.im; Prodmal. Uu; uro, 11.',; KeptunuL
B;BS Corlnne, 101 Under Cover. U7. .-...,
HMIV- Ckaaytaa Ilanelball I'lnjrr or the Vftmt,
Hu9nlr''''( l' ",,k ,n ctlc" vt'llllo MrOurn, who nuprrln
FHIIv' ' 9adbUfatber'a court In I hat city, ou the'tiandhl
HtMaW-'V ehamplomblp of lb Weit by dermtlnit Tom O'Hrlrn.
BH'' ,h mn Are well known In Ibe Kail, and the mutch
BBAV acltl nonaldarable InterciU The ennteat ai the
HhKw kastotilaVenfamea, to be played In two rourla. Mr.
BaRBawJ j5i '' Oamproved to bean eaiy winner. The lint kfrlee of
KfBBBS'C h ammea wai played at the Cblravu Atheiia-uni, uud Jit.
.'S v Bawa won four. The dual uauma "err i.la)nl 111 .M.
MaWaaVv, Bras court, and Willie won three atrak'lit uud Iho
HaWM.?," kaatcb. Tliaicortiortbegumeawerei
BI McOaro.. 21 11 lit 14 21 ?i 21 21 21
Wmmmt'i CBne..; 14 21 11 21 J s 17 14 0
tlaaaaaHi l TuajiS'lcato men- It laiatd. will tend Mi-flam Eat to
LaaVaaaaVJ?; play aralmt ttieerackplayeraof Iblicityttnd Hrookllli,
Kr Jobn MoEvoy plnyed n aliule fituie avalnt John t'.ir.
aaaaaWaaaaW.r, llnalntho Brooklyn llamlhall i.'IuIi'h court yenirrday
iji ' aftarpoou. and tb"Ballpropby Pet" won fur theitrat
aaaaaaaaSalS.; - tin by 21 to a. prof.Cofglnn wanted to cnotlnue but
1 MeEvoy declined, aaytna; n bad already ubtjiued autla-
, faction. Three other uiatchca v, cio played, the rcaulta
iVaaaaaaaVV- John Cannon (10 acei) 21 21
IK JebaNeEvny la 11
liL WlUlam Monan is 21 13
slit? JobaNcEroy 21 11 21
i'1' W.OacclolaanitJ, Muleaby 21 10 21
HH-' D. Dougherty and W.Wall.c 16 21 12
aaaaaaH:J To-night, In the Broollyu Rlub'a court. John Malcolia
Vi- ' will play a return match wild I'rot. Ccgglna, the Utter
Kiv rteelvlnr a handicap.
BjVjVjtri iTbe annual ball of the Flint Social and Athletic Clnh,
mUmmY?'! but la the City Aaaembly ltonie,llri'Ollyn, laat night,
UwmmiTfii waa a pronounced aucceaa. The playeri from Wllllaui
)?' Oaartner'a court, wbu attended, proved that thei were
1,1', aa wall varied In the an vt terpiicbore aa lu handball.
HwawawaH, The Clipper Athletic Club baa only been organlied
mmmmMia ,lnc March 7. 1 r8l, allll the rlub haa been n itably auc-
li? caaafuL According to tho late rehurt or Iho Board of
BBJMBvfy Managera tbera are lhOnamaa on the Hat of member
UwmWW&'t b)P- During laat year a number of talueb-eadditiona
aaaaVJawMU ' war luada 10 the riuh'a plant. The report lurlher
PB999JB9M..W abpwa that wlula the expenaea have been $700. the rr-
JHV V.'Pl?,n tl.ToO. leat ln a very comfortable balance.
aaaaaaaaaaVtV't 1 TbtCllpjMr Udabava decided to leaia grounda abo
BaaaaaaaHEf a&Siaalf " "b'r "")r nttn-1 -uUil (B
WL- --' ) -.-
He 'Wanta a Natloaal Bcaool for AthaatUB
Vndcr Control or the OoernraaatH
Wasiukotoh, Jan. la-Wllllam Muldoori haa
a bill which Will probably be Introduced In
Congress by a member of tho Now Vork. dele
gation for tho establishment of a national
school of athletics. Muldoon has given muoh
attention to tho subject, and teols confident
that his plan Is perfectly practical, and that H
will moot with farorablo consideration.
Ills plan Is to establish a free tchooUot nth
lottos under tho supervision of tho gonoral
government, wlthhoadquartersat Washington
and branch schools In all the largo clttas. Mul
doon believes tlist nthlctlo ednontlon( should
bo compulsory, but as this Is notln nocord
anco with our froe Institutions, ho ham made
provision In his bill for encouraging a love for
athletics, provldlug for annual prizes to bo
awarded to the best atlilotoa in a ncrlon of con
tests that will bom U10 naturoot a revival of
the Olympic games. .. . . ...
Tho blllprovldqs for tho appointment by tho
President of an Instructor General, wtto shall
havopoworto appoint thren assistants to be
stationed nt Washington. It also provides for
tho erection pt a nohonl at Washington, to cost
not ovor ViOO.OoO. and to bo complete In owrr
detail. Including a model gymnasium .and a
grand pnblla natatnrlum. 'Xho intatructor
Oonoral Is empowered to appoint Instructors
in othor cities, and to mako arrangements for
the branch schools, which aro to be, patternod
after tho school at the national Capital. It Is
estimated that an annual appropriation of not
less than $125,000 will bo.roaulred for tho
maintenance of tho school. The Inspector
tloneral is to rocolvo $5,000 and his assistants
$2,500 per year.
To Boa Ten Houaels Hrbro a Mew Sport-.
Ins Club la Brooklyn.
TneBtnrtm Rox forecaited a match that wag made
yeiterday In the UutraMi Jt'oriofflca. JlmmylLyneh,
the undefeated 122-pound boxer, agreed to Dgbt Walter
Ilalllgan for ten ronnda. It' hai taken a lorat time to
makethla match, ona aide or tho other barfng made
demand! aa to weight or the dlrliton of the puna
that were not agreeable to the other. Rat the matter
bai been settled and artlclea algned. Jimmy Lynch
contracted to right Ilalllgan ten roonda between Feb
20 and 20, In tome hall yet to ba choaen, under the
amplcetof the Brooklyn Fpcrtlng Club, a sew organi
sation that bai been chartered, The weight of the men
latoba'123 pnunda, and the bora should maka a very
good light. It Is nnderitood that the rlub oflari a
puree of 9750. but that could not be verified yesterday.
Rod McMahon, who la backing Lynch, waa aakedlf
ho ihould have a bet with HaUlgan'a backer on the out
side. Rod replied t "Idont know that I will. 1 am
quite willing to back Lynch in private fight for 9.WO.
but In theie public affairs, according to Jnuga Barrett's
declilon In the SuUlvan-Ureenneld caae. It la not legal
10 bet on one roan doing better In a boxing m&toh thaa
the other. I don't want totranagraas the law in box
ing contrsti, or In any other way."
The men will go Into training at one. A Bow reporter
who had a talk with tlalllgaii after the artlclea were
signed wai told that Walter waa In rood ahape, as
niual, and would have tittle trouble In getting to
weight. Ilalllgan aald that he weighed now only 126
poundi etrlpped. Lynch la not n well man. or, at leaat,
he aays he lan'l. lie will train f orthe bout, he declares,
aa though bli life depended on the result. It HaUlgaa
whlpe him. be aaya. be will quit righting.
It ought to be a great conteat, and the money that
will goon them win be heavy. Each man mnatputnp
9100 ten daya before the tight to guarantee his ap
pearance in the ring.
Sale or Beat! and Boxea fop the Indoor
Champlonshlpo or the A. A V.
A Urge number of athletes wero at tho KewTork
Athletlo Club's epaolona houie, corner of Wcat Plrty
fifth street and Sixth avenue, last night, to attend the
auction aale of seats and boxes for the Indoor cham
plonkhlp of the Metropolitan Association of the Ama
teur Athletlo Union, which will ba bald next Saturday
night at tha Uadlaon Square Garden.
Athletes from tho Manhattan, Paitlma, Prospect
Tlarrlera. Wllllamiburgh, Acorn, and New Tork Ath
letic clubs competed for the choice of noaltlons.
The bidding waa quite spirited, and the reit of the
seat! and boxea will be sold by thevarlouaaporting
gooda bousea and tha members of the committee dur
ing tbe balance of the week.
The meeting proialaee to bo of exceptional Interest,
as the crack albletea of the leading organizations are
entered for the events.
Tbe special feature will be a grand conoert by tha
famous Old Ouard Band In full uniform, commencing
at 7 r. M. iharp.
Ineaa wera the purchasers of the boxes In the order
named 1
C, 0. riughes, Manhattan A. 0 46
Eugene van Schalck 4,1
Auiuatus reverelly, Wililamahurgh A. A 87
P.P. Moulton, New Vork A. C 41
Hugh IL Baxter. Now York A. C. (2) .....47and4
W.N. Bovier. Acorn A. A Bt
8. V. Owan, Acorn A. A r,3
Wllllamiburgh A. A 89
Paitlme A. C r4
Varuna Boat Club 62
Cnbaa Glaata aad Oorham Cluna Claim the
Ham Five Players.
Last year's squabble between the managers of tha
two local colored clubs lay likely to continue. Previous
to laat season tho clubs worked In harmony, but tha
managers foolishly enticed each other's players sway,
with the remit that both clubs lost money. The playera
laughed while the managers wrangled, and they played
with either club v. hen It suited them beat. As tha
colored ball players are deluded from tho minor
leagues, they depend upon tha two local clubs for an
engagement. Although there are one or two colored
elube in the West the Dlayerspreferred playing with
the Cuban Giants or Oorbama. Tuey did not get a Buck
Ewing or Johnny Ward eatary.bot aa It aulteo them tbe
managers or the club) were aatlsfled. When tho
manasere began to right each other the playera' play
ing abilltlea were worth conilderahle more, and not a
few got an lncreaie In aalary.
Lait week the (Jorhains annonnced that they had
secured Oanrge Williams, Clarence Williams. William
beldon, Ueorge Barton, and Harry (lant. reaterdar
MSuager Bright of the Cuban Olanta atated that he had
the-e Ore players, notwithstanding reports to the con
trary. Laataeaaou was a bad one for the two cluba.
and aaleie tbev patch matters up it will bagood-by to
colorn baaebad clube In thla city.
Theae are the playere that Manager Rrlght announces
for Ilia Cuban uiant club: Clarence WlllUma and
George Rarton. catchere: John Nelson, William Heldon.
and Douglaaa. pttchera; John Prye. first baae: Geurga
WllUama, aecund baae and captain; Abe Uarrlaon, abort
stop: W. Terrlll. third base: Ben Boyd, centre field:
Henry (lant. right field, and Frank Bell, left field. The
club will play at Hoboken every Saturday beginning
the latter part of May, and on uundaya they wui play
at the Longlaland grounds,
Hhoetlag; on tbe Seventh's Range.
Company D's rifle team shot last evening for the
Kemp trophy. The score:
courasr o.
,,,.,. 10O fila. 500 r.u ntaU.
IJeut. J. W, Cockran lu 2,) 42
Kergt. P. W. Pohlo., 21 24 45
Private C. U. Haiuday 22 25 47
Kergt.ll. Evcrdell in 24 40
Scrgt. P. W. Clark 20 2,1 g't
Private W, U, Maeon 21 17 ll.s
Private B, u. ricboonmaker lei 10 28
PrlvateJ.P. Ilopklna, Jr 20 21 41
Private P. P. liuryea 20 17 07
Private U. E. Kverdoll IH 17 a.-,
Private A. McClavo 19 15 S4
Prhatell.V. Welter 23 24 411
Private I). W. N. Cole 11 111 ;n
Private L. P. Ballard 19 20 mi
Corporal 0. Bain in 19 b.f
Private O. T. Wenlge 18 1U 114
Private u. W. puryea 14 1.1 27
Private. I. McCiate.Jr 1M 22 41
Private J. A, Campbell 20 2.1 411
Private P. H. Kennedy 20 19 hi.
Semt. E. B, Klchard 20 IH 84
1'rhata II. It. I Snyder 21 jr. ail
l.lrut. K. Mnet 20 1& II.-,
Capt. W.C. Ilih 2.1 21 44
bcrgt. U. B.Towle 2.1 22 45
Totals 4K0 482" M2
Fropoaed Chancca In the I,. A, XV. Con at I-
At the annual SMrmbly meeting of the League of
American Wheelmen, to be held next month, msny
rhaiiKPi win bo made In tbe Lvsgue constitution.
There will be a general overhauling of the weak points
which hae beiouie apparent during the psit year.
Yfce.Pieildcnt Burdette propoaea to submit a number
of chant:-! to the National Assembly for adoption. Us
wlilrunw' that In i-aau or the death, resignation, or
rmantalof lh Pri'iidcnt the aubodicers shalL In tha
order ul priority, auccerd to thaonice of President for
the reiuuuuler ol ti.o term lor which such Vlce-Preil-deula
wire elected. "
lip will elan trytoenVrt n obange, so that the per
capita las of f,0 rcniarollrcted by tbe Hecrelary Iront
thennnualduei.nr the mernhera, 21 cra'e shall be col
in tut aa the uniiiisl aubcr)(ition prlcof each mem
ber lur ttieaeveritt pubiicationa of the Road Improve
ment Bureau dnnug the cuniluuance of that branch of
llie orauiiatlon. and that "In caae of a emulated
election the iieilaion shall reit with the National As
sembly, and eucli declilun aa to the right of tbein.
I'umbeiit or aitivliton orticoor claimant thereto ahaU
be dual and hindlug upon that division."
It la expected that the Racing Board will alao make
aoino (.haugea in the raring rules, which will coins up
tor the aeiivtlon of the Nstlonal Assembly,
They applauded Peter Jackson.
Peter Jariaon, the colored Australian boier, was well
received yeaterday afternoon and evening at Hyde A
Bellman's Theatre in Brooklyn, where be will ssar d ur
ine the week with Con Rlonlan, the California heavy
weight, "Paraon" Uavla.cn Introducing Peter, re
queued the spectators to rerrsln from comments tbst
might be construed into the sense of a comparison, and
Ibe galleries remained nulel, an far aa Paddy Slavln was
concerned, but It looked aa though the bnuao ae Willi
Jackaun In his match with his white lomnairlot, lur
the peopia gut e Peter a cordial greeting uu buih hia ap
pearancoa. Mauager Davles told a Sua reporter, after tie show
that If Matin bad any idea of calling oft hia Bialch
with Jariaon. Jarkaon had not heard of It, hut has
made all arrangeroeuta to tight Plavin In Ixjndon on
May tm. Jackaon added that, arter he got llirough
with Slavln, he would be very glad to take vn Curbed
again or anybody else who came along with money,
At the Titan A. O. "atag-to be held Saturday even
ing. Jan. HO, at tho club rooma, 414 Weal Porty.fitth
strest, there will be a apeclal bout between M, Brock.
Weat rUda A. C, and J. Hhorlell, Nonpareil A. O. Olhrr
hoxera wlio will apearare Billy Airrgda, J, droit. Bob
O'Neill. II. Aylward, l. Knnpp. i Miillina.J otfara, U.
Hauler. J. elcli, U. Cuniiliighain. and the tluli luaa
cola, llonlaii and Ilrcardon. The bteck brothera. J.
lhid. W. hilteraleln. riuttiier. and II Cohen will
wraatle. The wind-up will to a battle royal between
'Cyclone" Bill Utury. W. Johnson, Hurricane"
Strloklaud, and J. t'larencs Russell, colored lata whs
hays besa thstt btXols.
a- . , -- f
ants hatasa cuesb uaicr.
Tcalorln Beata tttalnlla ta Twatfthre
Movea tThat HtclalU Baa to Bt.
Hatasa. Jan. ia-OwlnB to an lndleposlUon
on the part of Tgohlnorln no smo waa played
on Baturdar. On Bnnday plar waa resumed.
Itwoa BtolnltJi'i turn, and. like In the sixth
came of the match, ho broneht hu blihop to
queen's bishop's fourth on the third move. The
llueilan promptly brought about a Two
Knights Defence, an opening whloh he almost
Invariably adopts In kindred positions. Bteln
lta early won a pawn, but at the cost of a
cramped same, while Teohlcorin obtained a
rapid development of his pieces. Eventually,
with tho assistance of a tow weak moves on
the part of fitelnltr, Teohlcorin succoedod In
broakins through with his attack, and. winding
up with a deep and brilliant combination,
scored his second victory after but twenty
three moves. Tho Bcoro Is nowt BtelnlU.d!
Taohlgorln.d; drawn, a. The ninth same ot
the match will be ployed to-morrow.
Bionv or m nrrn oami.
Havana. Jan. 11. Btolnltn sends tho follow
ing account of tha fifth came to Trb BtrN! ,
The opening, an Evans Onmblt, ran tha
course of the third garao up to black's twelfth
move whcnBtolnltzelocted to withdraw Kt
K su. Instead of Kt K 2., as In tho provlous
Kvans, During tho next six movos thellutslan
dirootod his attack, es usual, on the king's
side, and succeeded In malting a rather un
pleasant nolo In tho adverso quarter, whloh
etavo him menacing opportunities with his
quoon and bishop on the lonfrdlatronal. Bteln
IU In tho moan time prepared a breakthrough
on the U B fllo after having obtained command
of the kins Die. whloh was bound to be opened,
and he effootod his purpose on the twenty
third move. A oomnlloatad and difficult open
battle followed, in whloh tho queen's wins was
completely cleared ot pawns on each slrlo, with
the exoeptlon of black's passed 0 K P. The
came was adjourned on white's thirty-second
move and then the attack turned Into the
hands of Stelnltz. who was also a pawn ahead.
iCho Itusslan fought the up-hill battle like a
Ion. titolnltz still had a winning same until
le allowed himself to get caught oy an tnat
ontlvo slip on the forty-eighth move, whloh
led to exchanges that brought about an ordi
nary drawn position, though black was still a
pawn aliuad. Hero Is the full sooro ot tho gome :
nrrn ciamk xvans gambit.
TscmooxuT. sTKimrs. tscmaoaia. sisuma,
irnne. fll.vi. Whiu. Work.
1 r-K 4 P-K 4 81 R-R SB Q-B ft
2Kt-KB8 Kt-QB8 2 hours?
8B-B4 B-B4 83 E R-6 D sqO-K B 8 tg)
4P-qKt4 nxKtr 8:i r-K j p-r&
8 P-B 8 n-R 4 84 Kt 1) aq R-K 7 (h
e oaitiea P-o n ss g-B 8 q x q
2P-0 4 B-KKtB (2 hours)
R-dKtB PxP 86PIQ Kt-Q4(l)
P X B-O 3 87 B-tf 4 R-Kl 7
10B-Kt3 K 1-1)3 eait-ijMU) Kt-Kt8
llKt-BS Castles B-B CV P-R4
12 P-O 8 Kt-Kllrj(a) 40 Kt-E S r-H5
13R-Baa BlU 41K-0 8 B-Rsq
l4Ktxn oKt-oarb) 4J rt-rts K-qsqft)
10 Q-B2 t-Q 1V3 jc) 4.1 P-B 4 R-Kt 4 0)
I6dKt-0 4 P-K Kt 3(d) 44 R-Kt 2 B-Qrj
17 Kt EJ R-K so 48K-B8 B (Kt )-
18 Kt-Kt 8 q rt-B sq Kt 5
(1 hour) 48 P-B 8 P x P
19Q-qa q K2 8 hoora)
(1 hour) 47 It-K 6 fl R B B Ch
20 Q-K S B-Kt 8 48 K-Kt 2 R Kt 7 (m)
21 Q-B 8 P-B 8 (3 hours)
22Kt-Q4 BxKt(s) 4!iKt-qaej R-q7 (n)
23 y x K rp M n x Kt r x stt
24Pxr Q-K 4 CO 5tR-qna R-Q7(o)
20Q-QK14 QxP 52R-KUB HxRJp)
26QIV-Uaq U x R P MKxB R-qdca(q)
27 8 X P K-K B 84 K-B 4 P-B tj
20 II X Kt Kt x B 83 K X P
88 q x p o r-k iq Given up as drawn (r)
BOQU-qsQ P-KK4 8h40m 8h30m
orss it w. mnrrs.
(a) Oood enough for the situation, and probably bit
ter than 12...KI k' 2 putred In tbe third game.
(bi Of course Kt x K P would cost apises by the re
Joinder U B 4.
(c) 1&...D-IC so,: 16 r-K 6.16 KtxP; 17 KtsKt,
17 I'xKtlllS EtxBP. 18BxKt(notl8...R-qB sq:
10 P q 6 with a good game alnce black cannot take
theeurn on account of the reply Kt x R): lnuxfi, in
qxP; 20R-B6.20QXP; 21BXP.21 p-qEt3was
probsblr superior.
(d) A disagreeable necesilty. but It could hardly be
aTolded. l7ie...K-Kiq; 17 Kt-B S, 17 P-K Kt 3 (or
17...B xP; 18 Kt x Kt P. and black dara not take
the knight nn account of Qx R); 18 Kt-Hft ch, 18 K
Kt 2 (or 19... K-B sq; IB St-Kl 6,Aa, 19 Kt-Kt 4
with a strong attack.
(e) Bimplenut probably best. After 22...FXP: 23
Q x B, 28 It x Q; 24 R x R ch, 24 Kt-B sq beat.
White could obtain a good attaok either by doubling tha
rooka on the q B Sis at ones or by playing flrat 1" i P.
(f) Not as good aa It n 4.
(a) 02...qiLt 4 wouldtbava savsd time, as whits could
not afford to exchange.
(b) 84... Kt K G followed by P-K B 3 was perhaps
more effective.
(I) If38...Kt-B4: 37 It-B 4, 37 P-Kt4l 38 R a P,
83 Kt-B S: 39 B X Kt, 39 P x It; 40 It-B 6 and should
UT White's defencels splendid. If SSrtxQRP. S8
R Kt8: followed bytho other rook to KB wine in a
few moves. Equally objectionable waa 38 It x K 11 p on
account of the reply K (K sq) K 7.
(k) B B 4. with the view ot doubling rooks on the
Q Kt die, was much stronger,
(1) It wasot no use doubling tbe rooks on tha serenth
row, since black could not capture tha K B P on account
of the reply K x Kt.
(in) An error; It K14. followed by KB 8, would.have
won without difficulty.
(n) Returning with this rook to Kt 4 retained still
winning liroipects.
(o) K Kt 2 gave black still winning chances.
(p) Weak play. He ought to have moved back tha
other rook to Q fl in order to gain time tor K Kt 2, with
the purpose of supporting the front K B P.
dp Ifna...R-UC; MR H5; 54 P-B 0; 88 KB 3,
folfuwed by K-Kt 4, Ac.
(r) After 05. ..R x P; M K Kt 4, no more than a draw
could be reasonably expected.
Major aTanbana and Copt, Plnkbasa Flay
Major Ilanham and Capt. Plnkham fought a drawn
battle In tbe first of the aeries of exhibition games
which are being played at tbe rooms of the Council
Chambers Chrai Club, 2s0 Broadway. Tha Major won
the toaa and sheeted the black men. The game, a
I'onrlani. drifted into an early draw, when tbe Major.
In hia endeavor to carry victory by foroe. loat a pawn
on the thirty-eighth more. But whlte'a extra pawn
being on the ktng aide, Capt. Plnkham waa unable to
Saeen it. eo tbe game waa abandoned, drawn after
xty-three movee. The second game will bo played
to-day at 2 P. M. at the saui place.
EJfrniES von the ainmopoziTAx.
Morris Park's Big; Handicap, Beeclven a
Ulsh Class tot of Cntrlca,
Secretary Henry O. Crlckmore of the New
York Jockey Club makes public tho following
entries for tho Metropolitan Handicap, which
Is ono of tho New York Jockoy Club's chlof at
tractions at the Morris Park spring mooting,
and a splendid entry Hot tho valuable prize
has received.
Tho Metropolitan Handicap takes rank with
tho Brooklyn and Suburban and will be do
cldod on the opening day of the spring
meeting at Morris Park. It has $10,000 added
and Is at n popular handicap distance ono and
one-eichtli miles. With such an entry list the
raco cannot help being a success. ThoRo who
saw tho groat struggle between Tristan. Tenny,
Illloy, Clarendon, and othor cracks for the
Metropolitan of 1891 will not readily forget It.
hecretary Crlekinnro points with pardouablo
prldo to the fact that tlio Matron for 18tM has
a total ot IKJ7 entries, mudo by olghty-three
Metropolitan Handicap, for all agea, A sweepitakes
of 9200 each. b. f., or only $2(1 ir declared; wiih $10,000
added, of which J.'.ooo tu aecoud and 81,000 lo third
Welghta to be announced on lcb. I, and declaratloua to
be made by Feb. 20 One mile ami a furlong.
Brown A Rogrra, br. r. Luinpllghtir, U.
Chrlaty, J. li., br. h. W, u, Murrla, G.
C'olllna. John H br. u. Longtiavd, &,
Clay A Woodford, br. h. Allau Bane, 4.
Ilafy, W. .. b. m. LUule. 4.
Daly, Marcua, b.b. Montana, 4,
Iiwyer, M. P., b.g, Banquet,
Dwjer. M, P., U U, caituway II., e.
Uwjer. M. P., b, g, Haceiaiid, aged.
Dwrer, M.iP., b. li. Yoaemlte. 4.
Owyer, P. J. A Sun, rb. u. Bolero, 4,
Dwrer, P. J, A Hou, b. h. Portcheater, 4.
Dwrer, p. J, 1 Son. br. in. Hectare, 6,
Dwyer, P. J. A Son, b, b.,Slr John, 4.
Evaua, Jobn, b, h. Sesnaey, 4.
throt. Frank A., b. b. Uemuth, 8.
Khret, Prank A , b. h. Key del Ray, 4.
Khret, Prauk A., ch, h. San Juan, 4,
Lhret, Prank A., ch, b. Uno (Iraude, 4,
lijirel, Prauk A ch, h. Peter, 4.
Buret, Frank A., ch. h. Pairvlew, 4.
Umpire Stable, br, b. Madatone. a.
I.aiton A Larrable, b. h. Poet scout, 4.
Jonea, o. A. A Co, b, c. Leouuwell. 8.
Keeue, PoibalL b, c. Candelabra, 3. '
Keene, Poxhall, b, c. Aluiuo. 8.
I-nrilloril. L. L , ch. h. Sicitmrr, r,
Mit'lelland, Byron, br. li. bermud.i, 4.
Mt'Clellaud, Byron, ch. in. tiallie McClelland. 4.
X!oril,J.A. AA.l(, b I, Itliaell.4. """
Horn., J, A, A A. II.. b. h Ternller. 4.
Morrla, J, A, A A. II., br, in. Ambulance. 4.
Morrla, J, A. A A. II.. rh. m. Ilecknu, 4.
Murria, J. A. A A. II . Imp, ch, in. I.'lntrlgusnts, 4.
Morrla, (1. B b. g. hirnibmrath, 4. """'"""
Murrla. (1. B.. b. b. Judze Morrow, a.
Preakneaa biable. br. in, Lu uula. 0.
Ryan, P., b. u. I.jrub, 3.
Itaiicocaa Mahle, ch. m I.a Toara, 4.
Kaiicocua Stable, rh c. Curt Uunn, 8,
Itoai'. L. J . b. Ill Fairy, 4.
Moan, L. A Co, li h. Trlatan. aged,
Kluarl, 1,. A Co, U h. I'k'knl.ler, 4.
iiuilli. (Icnrge f: . b. rt King Cadmus, 8,
tv.iliolt ACaniiitll, b. h, CAiviba, 0. ,
Halcull A Camiihcll. b. h, l'raiara.4.
Wali'oii A Campbell, u. c Acior. 3
Viulcolt A Campbell, ch, c dure, 3,
A Night With Muscular Christiana.
The aecond series of athletic events among members
of the Newark Young Men's Chrlallan Asaoclallon were
held on Kalurday evening at Association llaiU Newark,
The events were Interesting and reaultrd ss follows!
Runulng lllgh Jump-Won by li Psrker, with 5 feet 2
'JViVVv ,v: VeL " Uwl" "", "" "cond place,
w lib r, feet 1 lurh. ' '
- K? rJr"ft v . V a r a Bun. ohiiacle alart-Won by R. Parker,
lib A. Craig aecond. Time, 6 3 8 eeconda.
Potato Itace-Wnu by A. Kollmar. with O. Wldner
secoud. Tue potatoes were haudlsd with Ibe aid of
There was an exhibition on the parallel bars by tbs
model class, compoaed of C. bliurde. a. Helm. A. 3ralg.
K. loinier. K. Cehlhuth, A. Baldwlu. C. VTidner, f
Uertarh. and A, Orleacr.
Fred liertach, the amateur bantam champion wres
tler, and William Co... who weigha lu pound a. wrea-
!';', iV.'iW."!'?,.,"f ,n"" '"' Tljg former on lbs
lint and third ratle.
A gjinna.lum rahlhtllon will lake place nn Wednes
day etrniiig. tcU 10. when the ladiea' and lui.iea'
claaite will give an enterlalument. to conalal of club
jJfJ2? exercises ca IDs Dying rlars, revolving- calU-
Thej Claim that Mis tTllhera was Wilting
ta Pay aUOO.000 for FavorahtB Dccla.
Ion frosa tho Court of JCrrora and Ap-eala-Mr.
Wlthgra Oanlea tha Tarn
Philip J. Dwyer Says that Ha was Prts.
tat, ana No Such Offer was Matte,
J. 0. Carr and Dennis MoLaughlln, members
ot the big four, have mado a bold statement
concerning the reputation of no less a person
than David Dunham Withers, a many-tlmo
millionaire, turfman, and owner ot a control
ling lntoroet In tho Monmouth Park Itaclng
It was at Quttsnburg yesterday that J. 0.
Carr made tho statement to (ho effect that Mr.
Withers had ofTorod Donnls MoLaughlln,
Connty Clork of Hudson county, and boss of
tho famous Hudson county ring, the sum
ot $100,000 for a favorable decision in
the famous case on which tho Court
of Errors and Appoals wero to hand
down a deolston last fall. Carr said that
Mr. Withers Invited MoLaughlln anil htmsolt
Into tho timer's stand, and requested every
body else, save Mlonael F. Dwyor. to loave. Ho
then. Bald that ho was tired ot paying blackmail
to Monmouth oounty, and would be glad to"
have the thing settled, so that there could bo
racing at Monmouth. Carr says that
McLaughlin, refused to have anything
to do, with tho matter, saylngi " I don't know
how they soauro deolslons in New York Ktato.
but I do know that any man who attompts to
bribe oJudge InNowJcrsey finds himself behind
the bars; and, as I'vo never boen behind tho
bars, yet Pvo no desire to got there at this late
day." Carr eold further that Mr. Withers lie
came very much excited, and. leaving the
stand, callod to Mr. Mlchaql F. Dwyor to uottlo
the mattor somehow. Mr. Dwyor said, accord
ing toCarr, that he did not want to bo mixed
up In the affair at alL
MoLaughlln. who was afterward seen, cor
roborated Carr'B story.
Mlohael F. Dwyor Is at his hotolln the In
dian ltlver country. Florida, many miles from
a to ograph station and could not bo com
municated with last night. butD. D. Withers
and P.J, Dwyor wero soon.
Mr. Withers, who was lound at the Knicker
bocker Club, saldt
M The wholo story Is almost too ridloulons to
deny. I novor saw this man Carr Inmyllto
thntl know of. and I nover saw McLaughlin
but once, and then only for Ave minutes. The
tiling is not worth oonslderutlon. It Is too
ridiculous and absurd."
Mr. Philip J. Dwyor was found at the 8t
James HotoL He said: "Iwas presont whon
Mr. Wlthors had a conversation with Mo
Laughlln. and nothing passed between them
that could be twlstodlnto any suoh shape ob
this story. The wholo thing is ridloulous. and
Ey brother, who was present, will bear me out
tho atatomont that It is not true."
rive of the Newly Electee! Men Stelae Not
to Act,
FThe Manhattan Athletlo Club has been
thrown into one of its periodical flurries by
the resignation of flvo prominent and wealthy
mombora of tho Board of Governors. The re
tiring ofllcors are as follows:
Lawrence Wells, Prosldont of the Manhattan
Storage Company, corner ot Forty-second
etrcot and Lexington avenue.
Edwin Gould, son of Jay Gould.
6. B. Boochor of tlio firm ot Boocher Bene
dict, insuianco brokers, 145 Broadway.
James J. Coogan. roal estate owner and fur
niture dealer.
K. T. Blgolow, manufacturer.
The resignations woro handed in on Friday
night last, and tho question of their succes
sors was laid over until tbo noxt meeting of
the Board on Friday night of this wook.
Tho Governors who aro loft on the Board are
0. E. Trottpr. 0. 0. Perry. H. A. Apnollus. F, 0,
Opnvoreo, J. V. H. Arnold. W. Q Pago. B. M.
Morgan. E. M. Earl, and Warren Sago.
Tbe ofllcors. who are also members ot tho
Board, aro G. W.Carr.E. FVHoyt. a C. Hughes.
Walton Storm. Eugene YanSchaick. J.B.An
derson, and F. rortmoyor.
Lawrenco Wells, ono of tho retiring Gov
ernors, was seen by a Sun reporter last night,
Yes. I have declined to serve on the Board."
ho sold. "The fact is I haven't tho tlmo to de
vote to tho work. I wai an oftlcial of the Union
League Club for many years and have got
tired ot that sort of work. My namo In the re
cent oloctlon was on both tickets, but tho
campaign managors of tho regular ticket
camo to mo and requosted mo as a favor to
them to withdraw my namo from tho reform
ticket This 1 thoughtlessly nud unwisely
agreed to do, much to my regret."
In answer to the question whether he hnd
withdrawn from the club because ut a disin
clination to shoulder any portion ot the dobt
of the club. Mr. Wells ronlied:
"No. I did not resign for that reason. The
club ought to make a groat doal of money,
and, it properly managed, would undoubtedly
do so. Every department does a brisk busi
ness, and I see no good reason why the club
sbould not in tho course of tlmo pay oft its
Of tho flvo men who hjave reslgnod all but
one wero now mombors of tho Board. Mr.
Wolls had sorved previously, but Edwin
Gould. James J. Coogan. E. T. Blee
low, and S. B. Bocahor woro new men.
milliard Men Practice.
Elosion and Echaef er practiced again yeiterday, both
with a win determination, to improve over the worz
they havo been doing in practice, i At one time during
the evening one could not get near the table on which
bloason wna playing. The acoree:
Helaer-7, 10. H. 8. 0. 1, 4, 2, 10. , 1. J. 2, 2, 88. 8 20
10. O. o. 27. 1. 24. 3i, 20. 1). 1. 0, 25, 10, 21. Total 5)07."
Average. 20.3li highest run.SU. '
Kchaefer-O. 80. . 10. 4, 20, a. tl. 41,0. 8, 118, 78. 0.
2C. IS. 44, 0. , b2. 84. 2S, id. 18, 40, 7. i. O. 11, 22. It
45. Total, sou; average, 25: Iilgheit run. 113.
SIOaaou-0, 38. GO. 4. 4. II, 140, ft, all, 6, 1, 48. 1. 88 23
11. 14. 1. 43. 3. 2. 2, .IS. Total, 600. ' ' '
Average. 28 223; Iilgheit run. 140.
Valy-1, 0, 15, 4. 28, 1. GO. 0. 11. 20, 18. 0, 4, . 21. 47
1, 0. 3ft 24, 37. 1U. Total, 32U. Average. 14 i-22
liigbeit run. GO.
Oddai and Eada ornort.
The Middle States Regatta Association vrtu hold a
meeting at the Hotel Marlborough on Jan. 2d.
The Brooklyn Canoe Club will open tbe sesion on
May 21 with a race for war cauoea, with crowaof nr
teen men each, Including ateeramen.
T. P. K. sauV Collyer la allvo and kicking. If you
don't believe It, go to tha Brooklyn Navy Yard, call tor
him tor he works there and give him a btufr.
The Cattle Club of Patcrson. N, J., holds Its mcnlblv
meeting on Jan. 25. and la open tueutriva from boxeraof
all weights, for puraeaof2u and tuo. hntnea cloae on
Jau. 22 with JtiuUtbuoue.
Billy Bo Freeat, a pupil of Tommy Clark, and Andy
Morau have been matched tu right ten rmmda wiih
four-ounce glovea within three weeka. Clark prom.
laea thla right to be worth seeing, as be haa guaranteed
Ihuae boys a tluo purse.
Tbe Arcturus Athletic Auoclatlnn will hold a "atag"
at the clubhouse, ml Uevoeatreet, llrooVlin. anlhura.
day evening, Jan. 21. Thera win be apeclal boxing
bouta by aome of tbe rracka from the NatleuaL stand,
aril, Purk, Brooklyn, and Wllllamiburgh athletic cluba
Capt. Klllott of the Veiper Boat Club of Philadelphia
expecta to have a new mate for Kdwin Headier in ih
double sculls next senson. Ibereaaon for thla la that
It la rumored that U. IV, Van Vllel lonteuirilatei lulnlnr
the Malta Uoat Club, where he alau calculates lu mid a
new mate,
Voxxsa. Jan. 18,-The third annual dinner of the
Tonrcra Corinthian Vscbt Club took place at the club
houae thla evening. Covers wero laid ror 100. Coin,
modore A.J. Prime presided. Caterer Moultrie aerted
yilteen out-or-towu cluba were repreaented around the
festive board. '
..T.u,F??"1ic Bo,(;l'"' '"s adopted a new uniform.
It la of black, with a crest on tue ahlrt and cap Tl a
latter Includes inu head and wlngi ot an eagle, the
bodyof n lion and the tall of a nali, making the lult
somewhat almllar to that worn by the oarauicn of the
btaten lalaud Athletlo Club. '""
Tbe Lone Star Boat Club of Harlem will ho'd their
third annual reception at tbe Lenox Lyrenm on Jan
23. Tlieyhave aecured for tbe eient htnu Piacher of
the Metropolitan opera llouie derniau Optra Company
Peelhoien Mnug tjuartet, und the Columbia ciilego
Banjo, JUuJulIu, and ulee clubs. "
Rubacrlber.-Thereij no truth In the rumor, If there
la such a rumor, that Jack Iieinpiey has challenged the
winner of ihejackrou-tuavm light, .lack Uenijiev la
living quietly in Wllliamabuga aud will not light again
unleaa be can llud unopiiuueiit aomewbero near hia
weight, which la about 14S pounds.
Reader.-Bllly Myer waa twice defeated by Andv
Bowin. Once Myer atoppod becauae he was ill, 'I hi
aecond lluio the " Mrestor Cyclone," as Myer 1 ome.
tiwea called, dcliheralely struck Isowcii. who una
knocked down, and waa nearly nut. It Myer had ro
luined hia heal Judmnent In the latter I'outot he
might liaie bcaleu Buwen.
HlgJuu" hulllranof the Brooklyn A. C. and P. w.
IVIeranf the liua-.on A. A. were lo bate lought on Prl
lay. J. 2. hut the latter declines to meet the Hrook.
Iimte, Now, hulluania open to meet auyUGorlGO
round auuteur In Aiuerua, Henry npaw of 11, n ,s.
llonalaor Jake Pitt of the American A, 0. prelerred.
letters addrcaied to Tus box wU reach aulllvau,
Forsnmetlme Willie McNIchoU the crack 115-pound
msuol the Titan Athletlo Club, has been trying (o get
on a muub with Muillna or Mllrny, but Muillni alwaya
glveaaaan excuse that be cannot get iinwn lo lift
pouuda. which McMchollhlllkata only a fake of hia to
prevent a match being niaiio. McMcbol called at Tux
bun office yeaterday aud aald that lie waanurv ready to
meet any llGpouud amateur for a trophy before any
reliable club. '
The Newark Bay Boat Club of Bsycnne nt their an
nual meeting wiped out the black ball system, which
baa been In use in the election ot mernbere alnce the
club waaorganliedln 1881, by a vole of 84 to 15. Mem.
bera herealitr will he elected nn open ballot, three dis
senting voles being netttiary tu reject. Tbe new Board
of fru.ltea will consist or nine members. A new club
houae la how being erected on the alte of the i-ne re
cently ilfitrojred by tire. Itlaluco.t 8ir,,isju, and will
be completed about the middle ut May. Tile next rn.
cpiliit.f the club will lake place hi Thuradaj etch.
lua.Jan 2K. '
Tbe fuiluwlng o!t.cerswer e.erlrd without orpoil.
iiw' .''sident.lirnsstC. Wvbb; tlce-Pre.ldenl.amea
R.?t3?-,.,pJrter,",, sjeeretarr, w. H. lligginii cor
reipondtug fccrelary. Jeaepb fbomaa. Jr.l Csptsio.
W, l. ilifltusi Utuitaui!, ), i. UeudrlcksoB. " '
Several Important Salea'or Trotting Sloan
to Take Plaoe Thla Week.
The American Institute building. Third
avonuo botwoon Blztr-thlrd and Sixty-fourth
fltroctn. wai tho contro of attraction tor a great
many horsomon yesterdar. Tho superb con
signments from the Ulghlawn Trotting Stud,
and the brooding studs of Messrs W. K. Wll
lotf, Itosylln, L. I., and Bobert Steel of Cedar
Fark. Phlladolphla, being on exhibition prior
to their sale by auction to-day. to-morrow, and
Thursday by Messrs. rotor a Kollogg A. Co.
Tho famous stud at Ulghlawn, tho homo ot
Alcantara, has been ono of tho mostpromlnont'
nurseries of trotters on the continent for rears.,
and now that tbo grand collection ot brood
tnaros gathorod by tho Into Hon.Elearar Bmltli
and his trusty agont. J, 0. Davis, are to be sold
to the hlghost bidder, thoro will be, ot oourso,
a great amount of rivalry for tho pos
session of tho prlzos, tho best known
and most eucoossful broodors or
tliolr rocrosentatlvca being In town to"
attend tho notablo sale. Over 100 head, com
prising all tho brood marcs and young stock,
and all stallions, excepting Alcantara and Al
exander, will bo offered. The maros aro by
such great slroa ns Happy Medium, Wedge
wood, Nominee, Kentucky Princo, Almont, Ad
ministrator, Daniel Lambert, Nutwood, Alcan
tara. Jay Gould, Thorndalo, Enfield, Harry
Clay, Ronttnol, Gcnornl Knox, Cuyler etc,
stinted to Alcantara and Nutwood. The oolu
Snd Utiles aro chiolly by Alcantara. Alcyone,
lomlneo, and Alfonso.
To-day and to-morrow will bo takon up with
tho Illehlawn consignment, but on Thursday
tho Wllletn and btool consignments will ro
colvo tho attention of Messrs. Kellogg A Co. Mr,
Htool's horsos, some forty In numVor, Include
th very fast trotting stallions, Kris Jvrlnglo.
2:28i, and Temploton, HilluM: also brood
maros by Thornton. Alcantara. Clay, OnW.trd,
lloppy Medium, Kentucky Prince, Tho Moor.
Startle, and other groat Biros stinted to Wooa
nut, 2:lUi. brother to thodara of Arion, 2:lKe
nt two years old. Upaulet. 'JslO. Pedlar, 2:27.
and Don Montcitli. T.'MXi also a lot of speedy
young colts by Woodnut and Epaulet Mr.
nlllets horsos, eovonteou in number. Include
tha superb young stallion. California King, by
Guy Wllkos. li.'lfW, and four yearling oolU by
him: the fast stallion Cartrldgo. 2:H1. by
Lldrldgo, out of Lady Stout, 2iaw, and llvo of
hln gut; also a young stallion br Antevola.
JilUX, and some young maros by Sidney, Al
cazar. Cuyler. and WUI Orocker.
A iriday's ealo will see the dosing out of tlio
trotting stud of Messrs. Wilson A Handy. Oyn
tliiana. Ky, Ovorllity head, comprising brood"
morns, young stock, and all horses owned by
tho Urm, oxcoptlng tho famous stallion. Sul
tan, slro ot muoh of tho young stock in the
sale, and by which most of the brood mares
are in fool. The great prices that havo boon
Snldln Now tork in past years in tho sales of
lr. L. J. ltoso of California (who bred Sultan
fortlio stock of that horse, will mako him an
object ot intornstto many Eastern ownors. and
for that reason Messrs. Wilson Jc Bnndy have
brought him from Kentucky and placed
Button, 2:24. on exhibition prior to the
salo. The brood mures ot tbls consign
ment aro by such sires as George Wilkes. Ilob
ert MoQrecor, ltod Wilkes, Phallas. Alcyone.
Bourbon Wilkes. Aloarar. Almont. Blue Bulk
Victor Bismarck. Indianapolis, etc The oolts.
fillies, and driving stook are by Sultan. Sim
mons. Ueorgo Simmons, and Rockingham.
The regular horse market la dull and teat
uroioss. butdeolors are hopeful and express
tho bollof that buslnoss will tako a decided
tondency upward niter tho middle ot next
month. There Is little or no inquiry for even
the choicest animals tor driving or riding pur
poses, although ono or two pairs of high-class
carriage horses were sold for big prices In
fast Twenty-fourth street last week. The
following nro standard quotations In the local
market: Pairs ot matched carriage horses.
JHUO to J1.800: teams of truok or express
horses. $C(JO to $850: good saddlers. $375 to
050 oach: drivers. $300 to 4750 each: busi
ness horses. $175 to $75 oach. and streoters.
110 to $170 each.
A well-known carriage doalor voiced the
opinion of tho entire trade tbe othor day when
he said: "Boyoud a doubt, this ollmato in be
coming nioro tomperato every year. It Is par
ticularly noticeable to us, and for tills reason,
during tlio last eight or ten years, tho business
of making sleighs In this vicinity has fallen
on 75 per cent Thoro has been a proportion
ate decreaso In tho demand for tills vehicle,
wlille road wagons and fancy traps nro grow
ing In propularity. Boston and Minne
apolis set tho style and control the blolgh
market nowadays, and a large percentage ot
the sleighs sold In this elty go to the West"
Tho snow that fell during the last few weeks
had a stimulating effect on tlio carriage tradoi
In fact, there was riuito a boom in comparison
tothodulness which hasalTected this Indus
try since tho lattur part of Novombor. All the
dealers report satisfactory saloB of sleighs,
and they carnostly hope for a contlnuanco of
this samulo of old-tlmo winter weather.
There was a largor attondanoe thun usual at
tho auction sales of carriages conducted by
Messrs. Van Tassell & Kearney in their re
pository at I'M to 132 East Thirteenth street
hist week. Among othor bargains u Portland
cutter, built by B.M. ytlvera and in excellent
condition, was bought for a remarkably low
figure, and n four-imssenger sleigh, with
plumos, Ac, found a purchaser at $140. This
firm aro continually adding noveltios to their
stock of cnrrlnges. Ono floor of tholr annex
on Twolfth street is dovoted to the display of
light lunoy traps In unique colors and natural
woods. The vory latest freaks ot fashion can
bo found thoro. and ns on Instance of tho grow
ing demand for.thlB oIufs of vehicles It may bo
stutod that this Is about the most frequently
y sited department of this establishment. Van
Tassell it Kearney have an enormous stock of
broughnms. victorias, and cabrlolots. These
rqprosentthoworkiofmany manufacturers.but
a largo portion of them havo boen built for this
jinn and will rocelve their guarantee A vis-.
Itor to this omporium should not ovorlook tho
harnoss department, which Is repleto with a
most vuriod stock of harnoss. whips, brtdlos,
;vc. Including Bomo now patterns In russet
loat hor for light nnd heavy summor work.
'iho other day. as Hdward Callanan's son
stood In his ofllco looking through tho win
dows at tho skilled mechanics in his work
shop hustling with jobs ot repair work nnd
putting tho finishing touches to a new
brougham and a handsomo cutter ho had
built for a wealthy patron, ho rubbed hl.i
hands and smiled with glee. "Snow, snow,
beautiful snow," ho ropented nloud. "I agree
with tho author ot that pooui. It is beautiful,
and, what Is moro, it bus just sturtod things a
booming In my business. For the past two
weeks 1 havo hail a grout rui,h of repair work,
especially on sleighs that needed somollxlng
beforo being presentable. Oh. it this weather
only keeps upl"
Mr. Cannnun Is, n carriage bulldorof !stand
Ing, and cheerfully submits desigus und ustl
,1lVt5!'on Hl.,y sty" t carriage. Ills fuctory Is
atf7 West Forty-fourth btreet.
. Messrs. l'londrau ACo. Imvo already begun
to exhibit spring styles und novelties lu both
their places at Broadway nnd Filty-llrtt street
and nt.l72aiui:tiOBroomo street. Especially
deserving of attention is a haiidsnniuly fitted
cut-under dps-u-dop. which Is likely to become
popular. Their Newport brougham, which
reiirohonts the latest whim. Is a mngnlllcent
vehicle It has several rndlcnl changes as
coiniuircd with lost season's style, ami besides
tho hanging lamps, unothur novelty Is tho
oval windows. A fcplendld assortment of all
other Hyles of vehicles Is kept in both places,
Including lliu styllbh topora bus. brakes, top
an.'i no.,n carriages, and other fancy traps.
'I h; Columbia Wagon Companyiiro makors
fi. i.'a lmls,.! huslnoss wagons. Including
light, fuiicy, delivery wagons, and farm wait
on. Uf tha latter tyro they claim that their
?m'i r? B,c' wngon U superior to any other.
Jhls is opiistructedof tho bestiiiaterlals, prln
cipnlly of stool, and has many patented appll
itncoR which ld lo Its strength and iliirab llty.
Ju!i0W.orjLoG,cdot this company Is at fh
eft Fifteenth strcut.
iA.lefrti,alViy.l!ae.'n ?$ ctrP- country uso
ismado by the Urudloy Wagon Company, It is
called a Chleopon" wagon. Tho box Is built
on Concord springs, and tho comfort ot riding
? cnliancod by nn ouuuliratlon bar. Tho
Climax bucklionrd. built by tho sumo peopli..
Is also n dcslrablo vehicle to havo. Ily an
Ingenious contrlvanco u concouled seat can be
brought into use, .making accommodation pos
jlblofor two or three persons. A number of
thwto wagons, nnd ninny of other kinds, can
bo seen In tlio company's Balesrooms at 14
Warren street,
.1.: M. C'lilinby.tCo. of Kowark aro builders
of tleslrnblo I'nrrlitBoi of every doscrlrt oil.
Their only nlucooflutslnoss Is oppos to tlio
Broad street station ot tbo D..L. aiidVv.Il.lt.
Iliiructt und tliilnn (n Wrestle.
The following letter, nccompanled hy ,'.0, w se re
ceived at the i-Jlc, Gii.nt oruce yeaterday irom .loliu T
llamelt, or lio.ton. who la eager lo match un unknown
towr.atleW. II, (Julnn of Montreal. Canada, tl.ecl.a.ii.
plon collar and elbow wrestler or the Dominion or any
man In America, collar and elbow, Pdi,, Gax'tt, rBla
tor IMOn side slid Ihechamplonihlpof America.
ih!a,J"'rS?J"'i,"""J.,' '" "Hsrand elhow, beat two In
and tbecmiUet tu be decided In Botton JlV.a hi ouhl
huslntat- ' C" "0t "'"' "e"faper uotoflety bit
An Klgbt-nitle nua Over an Icy Ilnud.
Si niacntiD, O., Jsn, 18.-A unique fool race look piece
lait nlghl between Vellow gpringi and thla city. The
runntraw.reMe men In the employ of the lu,., ,
Jivr.Ttii'l!"nc WV ' nlea. a-iirtlhe road was
ger coid" I !i'"".'i,'c J1" "inner, IrsnkP, "
waiiirA-A1,?B''.',,lf' '" wis htur. ttorthlngtoi
u, iJ",W'. Uugene mate uvuil.a third iSacs
JSliss. 16 ulnutes. lures gold inedaU wire ttis
, j " ' 1 nB
Tw Mar Claoa CoaelaeH Tketr Rerfea ta
tha Asaertesus NaUensU Totsraey.
nroeraekBrMMyaUama whe nave besa bM
for Amsrlean aatlosal toumsrtent prises for Us. past
three months, played their flnsl soheduledgsmssat
the Osrmaala Aissmbly Eoora alleys lt night The
coresi ..,-.
AtsLilTTa. aoLLv.. K .
AX it. Sm: S -f
Uotlsr .. 4 4 184 D. Msysr 1 B 8 JM
usrdss 8 6 a 170 egennanssr..8 n a ija
llanach.n O 0 4 JJJJ llarms a o 8 138
hsussman.,.,4 4 a 0 Hunga 1 J S M
llaaa"....... .. 0 b lol Dlskerman...a 8 4 161
totals 112317 788 Totals. ..102020 7S7
AtsUntS....M 180 287 838 404 488 Ml MB 711 JPB
0Uy...!....78 18 IW 378 87U 471 640 60S 878 767
Umpire U. Fahranksmp. Boorers A. Muller and B.
Viages-AtaUnta, 16B Jolly, 1012-8.
Sscosd oina.
nut. ngtutsa.
p. M.,.r f i- & Lowry. f 1 J
rVnngl........4 a 4 187 avkleKiroy....a r, 8 180
j)leokman....S 4 3 181 Dainss........'J 5 8 180
ToUU....13"ioii 784 Totals J12018 833
jolty 84 168 240 018 800 468 668 810 APS 784
rsrless-....101 188 263 846 430 608 64 670 787 M3
Umpire II. rahrenkamy, 8oorsrs-0. Blern and A.
"ATsragea-JoUy, 168 -6 Peerless, 160 2-8,
tBlso esau,
mains. itsuwra.
H.8. H. oVrre. A f. A AfTj
Lowtt a 5 n 102 Holler 6 a 8 17U
O.McKb-ov....8 U 1 1R (isrdes 4 It 1 190
BpllleF.7T.:....3 il a 180 llanschen a n a Jg7
8 loElroy.,..0 .1 1 218 ileuesinaa....n n 4 let
Balnes..... ."3 a 170 Uaas a 8 a 187
fouls 1620 "5 Soi Totals 18 21 13 804
resrleis T 184 2C8 84B 448 661 848 744 828 008
italanta.....05 160 24& 820 408 610 000 887 774 864
Umpire II. Keller. Scorsrs-A. Muster and K, B.
' ATsrats-resrless. 181 1-61 AtaUata, 172 4-8.
ns twenty-ninth series ot games was rolled In tbs
Academy tournament last night. The games wers no
usually doss. The scores i
niur ours.
Bosoita. ncxB.
AAA Smrn A A .Js. Scam.
Metnken 1 8, u 162 Strsok 4 1 5 160
Illnck 8 4 U 167 I.slr 1 fi 4 144
kroeger 8 8 4 164 Wallace.. 1 4 rt 180
aslevera 4 1 5 154 Weiss -1 8 1 181
A-8lsvera 1 6 4 141 Wslp O O 4 147
ToUtt 121811 768 Totals.. 7 3415 788
ytoaedals 84 188 234 813 888 460 837 818 700 768
JTluk 74 100 220 287 870 448 604 678 604 788
Umpire U. Ban fl ld. Boorers W. Bsllsmy ana A,
'Avsrags Bossdale, 161 8-6i Fluke, 147 8-6.
ascoso aisti.
nnn, nmiim.
A S. B. Satrt. A A A Saw
etraok 4 2 4 178 Rretsr; 1 a 7 11H
Lair ..a 8 6 14.1 Valdes. a 3 0 180
Wallace 8 8 4 161 Fchreyer o 7 0 164
Weiss 1 2 7 119 Yakel.. 3 3 0 183
Welp 1 4 5 183 R. yuchs....4 0 0 103
Totals. -l7l4 2a' 728 Totals.. . 20 703
nuk 68 148 323 29 885 46t 828 603 88 723
Ulendal 0 138 216 246 3811 417 42 670 861 783
Umpire B. Lorentien. Bearers O. Werner and W.
XI, Bellamy.
ATSragsnok. 144 8-8; Olendale, 148 3-6,
nun suan.
euorrntB. aosansta.
AAA Bmrt. AAA Sm.
grater. ...2 a 11 120 Metnken'.. ..3 7 1 17a
Vkldee 1 4 B 182 Illnck. ...... ...2 a B 143
Ecbreyer......l 8 8 168 Craeger.....l 7 a l&i
Vakel. .0 4 tl 182 C. (Havers O 4 8 128
B.Fuchs......O 4 0 124 A. 81svers...-l 4 B 143
ToUU.....r2028 C72 ToUls X2S19 788
Olendal 71 128 200 280 840 409 471 618 6PS 072
BosedaIe....77 10O 246 807 884 468 683 000 003 788
Umpire J. Blah. Scorers O. Werner ana E,
Average Olendale. 184 2-6: Eotedala, 147 2-8,
There wss a big crowd at tho Arlington Ball alleys
lvit night to wltneis the opsntng gaxuas of the tourney.
Ths scorcsi
cos-conn. ail 1 1.
AAA Smfr AAA Soera,
Preusa a 4 4 leo tooier.... ..l f A 127
Htephenson...a 4 4 JSP Rebhola 3 4 B 120
Frame 3 3 6 141 I'iohr 8 8 4 160
Phillips a 1 7 114 Wllhelm 8 a B 16:1
Collins a a 8 12 Blmpklns.....,! 4 S 143
Sutthoop .18 0 180 Scott a 7 T 144
Bawada a 1 7 120 Krahl ..4 8 3 174
risher 1 8 0 128 Krug 1 4 6 137
Totali 15204Sl,oeo Totals 1824401.134
ConcOTd.. 08 101 287 897 488 602 720 838 089 1,M8
Kitty 88 180 297 433 00.1 700 817 818 1.012 1.124
Umpires A. Ttaub and C. Wllko. Scorers D. Craw
ford and O. voa Ulahn.
Tho New Tork Athlatlo Club's team played a rams
with the Cosmopolitans lait night on tha lattei'a al
leys. In Section rio. 1 of tbe American Am ateur Union,
the Sew Yorka taking the lead in the first trams and
holding It to tho end. The score:
cosMorouran. amr xosg a, c.
AAA Snra. A A B. Awe.
lTunt ,....8 1 l 162 Carter 1 8 a 164
Seaman o 3 8 111 Drown 1 8 1 15
Wllmarth 1 4 & 131 Moro 4 1 G 171
Norman 1 4 6 184 Shaw 1 a lr.rt
Laxarus 3 6 B 147 Cowpertbw'c.l a 142
Totals. 7710 27 676 Totals .'2718 783
Coam'p'lltan.74 148 208 201 834 85 481 618 63 875
N. Y. A. U 83 144 227 U01 807 438 CO (93 U3 798
Umpires L II. ilameland and IL Weber. Scorers B.
H, Uunt and F. J. Uurke.
The Our and Amsrlean Bowling Clues' teams met la a
schsdnled game of section number one ot the Ameri
can Amatsur Union last night on their own atleya la
the Tennis Court building. 212 West Forty-flrat strest,
tha Americans winning in tbs last rrsms. Tha scorai
OCX. Annies.
AAA 6tare. AAA Awre.
R. 8. Luq.ueer.0 1 U 170 Bralnard O 8 4 148
Pay 1 4 6 183 Zann 1 II fl 120
Carroll 4 8 3 184 llanft 1 3 7 121
Touiaalnt 2 3 B 124,I)eVcau O 8 a 107
Andreas. 1 4 6 188 WaUaca 4 B 1 200
Totals. 1416 31 78& Totals "6 24 20 702
Our... 68 143 204 281 80S 444 819 612 874 736
American.. ..73 129 198 281 84U 403 623 699 (174 "U3
Umpires P. J. Dedrlck and U. S. Baldwin. Scorers
F. T. Lurjueer and (J. C. 11 slated.
Iteprrsentatlra tesms of Tbi Box and WoWJ bowled nn
Intereitlng g.lme yeiterday afternoon on Tua Eon
Club's alleys. 20 Division street. It was a closs contest
op to tbe seventh frams. The score:
woar-o. rag ic.
A A A. Srnra. AAA Stor4L
Tuttls 3 3 4 14(1lllesple 1 4 B 147
Allen...,. 1 2 7 117 Newman a 1 d US
Mr-wlnBkl.,.3 e 2 IHO rerklns a 0 2 103
Iloyle........,0 3 7 lie Juppe 1 4 6 via
Eiaer a8 8 180 Dvls........::i 7 a 172
Totals 7 1729 076 Totals 182220 738
WorM 65 160 213 292 850 412 484 BM 819 875
Tut SUN 60 127 HO 272 3U3 428 611 689 032 738
Umpire Elsworth Jones. tcorers-Hatlleld and
Avcrsges-TTorW, 135; Tnr Sox. 147 8-5.
Tbe Waverly and Echo clubs rolled a closs and excit
ing match Uat night on the former's alleya In the Heo
lion Threo aerlea ot the American Amatsur Union
games. The score: v,uii
witshlt. geno,
Oshrlln, J 4 S-aor; Sellers a 5804
Jllhop 3 8 4 169 Brown...... 3 a 6 140
l.lriiigstoa.,.,4 B 1 184 Wells... o 0 4 li?
Ilsrrlson 4 a a 181 Parol.. ....""o B 2 17s
Travis 3 2 B 141 FeU .ia 8 0 191
Totals 171713 870 ToUls "8 26 18 iirj
Wsvcrly 60 161 230 SOS 402 613 694 704 791 870
Echo 09 101 240 317 305 300 680 070 73 807
nmAraltCLur!'lCs.'ihari't' "-Cd . AOam.
Amateur Howling Uniou tournament. They riued S
.ntJtl.lvV0mln?itH?fm.s.,l, ' 5th ??.
aentatita quintet of the llontgomery llowlluiClub
!!c WrTuVicSreV"1 '""" """ ' i,"cwi" .
& . J UOA-HuYmbyi' i 1 J3
l1"), 4 4 1M Urom 3 a r, 127
T"" 72510 7tii Totoia lTiTJa 7T0
io'umJ nt?b2 ??Tl .??? .??.'' if 8U r'oa 4 721 788
Ioulg,B.(,,.64 137 223 2Jlt 878 443 622 &8d 042 71U
B.Tn,rJjra.J?i,,na A,,,n"; lam, " " winners In
Tue scores" " """ "ul"'ke, louniament.
risiT cms.
Frrmont-Paab. 149: Kastim. 210: Fnchs. 127:
ter.',u'af,?iv!:p,'Teonl':,,ird42-,u,,r-'1 " a" M
lr'."l",?V1"ier"."- ,f;8- VVIlson. Ml: nobinson, 173;
Full Monn-Bndentiender. 121; Henkel. 143- j
f tb'v11?; iJii""VLr. Hi Wellter' 123 Worluan
I17i Bihmldt.200. Bander, Hill. TolaVl.lln. U"U""J
Allantlo-bUpenberk.lBil: DllnterLnuip 102; Kchroe-
VyvrVlu4U;',wycnt?a1b.L'T1Jt'iiya-,Al0-!' ,1Si
The Athletlo and llairttie le una rilled aome good
guinea n the fcaatcm waind inuriiaiiient of nroutlyi!
',.utTi,.foun.,.u,,' p Mmcq,u ,w ,,u"
rtsir navr.
Alhletlc-Ourk, 165; Scharmiin, 109: Oatrltl 134-
Wllllaina. 10: (lahu.212. Tutal.rlio ' """" la
, Tinlcton Itebtn. 194i Meltenbcrk, 164: Lclater
141 Kaiumerer. 104; Hummel. I3rf, TolalHus. '"
SVCOSP digs.
,,V,0,"r-B"er. 148: Nichaela. 190: A. Bcharman
IWti hrackowlrer. )ai: J. Mharman. 182 Tout. Mu'
ii.I.""ipl.l,0"-.'ir'"n.- ,,8i "rellenb.ck. IS7: lle?bergef
181; Ulaler, 165; Kaiumerer, 104. Total, 82y,f
wlrtViTSf-aiiin: iMsniSi.".1 "!,.;,.
Tko s9rlrie Responsible- nr Xtei-e Deathe H
ATttr Heeoverj Than llurlns lu Conrse H
Bow to Avolet tho Saoaer. WWM
Grippe, In ttsolf, Is bad onoueh, debtlltAtlnp;
enoiiRh. but It Is tho after effects, Hid slowness
of reoovery. that shro ilt Its sreat danger. In H
most cases, the person did not havo sufficient H
vitality to rally nftor the disease Itself had H
passed. The forces of naturo wore too wnnk to H
oontond with tho debility which tho Urlpp B
had left.
It Is sad to think how many people have o
died who mtcht havo been saved It nature had B
boon properly assisted and fortlllod after the H
Grippe had boon driven from tho systom. gH
Many physicians rcallrod this fact, nnd apslsted H
their patients ovor tho dansorous nttor effects H
by braclJiir up nnd stlmulutlnc tholr syBtoms, H
This was and can bo done In but ono way, and B
that Is by tho steady and moderate use ot some HJ
puroyotpowortul stimulant. Thero Is batons HJ
absolutely puro and medicinal stimulant W
known to the profession and to tho public, and flsl
that Is Duffy's Puro Malt Whiskey. Tho most '
promlnont solentlsts and physicians of tha !"
land endorse Its purity nnd value. It Is not a !
now whlskoy. It hnsboon boforo the publlo for
yoars. It la not a ohcap decoction, but a pura fgi
distillation. It iinpnrU a tono to, tho system. .
posslblo ln.no othor manner and sends tha MM
blood oourslns throuch the volns with renewed MM
vlfiTor. It Issuporiorin every rcspeot. and how-
evor muoh any unscrupulous dniKiilH or (
nrocer may Book to load you to bollevotothe H
oontrory do not bo dcoelvod. MM
Young Men's Christian Association alleys, 450 Oatss H
avauue. Thescoresi H
Avon Itardy, 182 Nlchola 138 Lincoln, 181 B. yn. Jl
8en,103! W. Tllden.102. Total, 720. AH
Bedford Ankamp. 143 Bhaw, 132: Wltllams, los, fH
Donald, 160; W.Aukamp. 149. Total. 682. '
iicoxd un. "
Avea tlardy, 112: Nichols. 146; Unooln. 18S A Til- !
den. 1441 W.TlIden, 181. Total 008. "
Bedford Donald. 141: Noitrand. 142: Luptos, 181i afM
Vonslf. 172; W. Ankamp. 140. Total. 702. ' H
The aeries between the Acme and Owl aclnbs, rolled at galH
the letter's alleys on Friday night, resulted In fator ot eaTal
the Acme Club, Tbe scorssi H
ntsT oiMS. H
Acme McKally, 168; Armatead, 188: Doran. 181i
reamer, 1021 w. IlofTman, llr: MacArttaur, 152! kTgafJ
Hchulta, 169; Schenke, 160) r, A. lioflman, 17U; ThoreL "
169. Total. 1.619, . ayaaB
Owl Klinker. 126: Vcnlm, IO81 Orebensteln, 128i MM
rendwlch. 173: Haas, 181: Nell 1DH; Degenhardt. lis! eaH
V. Oealten, 109; Kammerer, 119; Byer, 180. Total
1,301. H
sgcngn OAara. M
Acme UoSally. 14B Armstsad, 164 Doran. 155i
Xreamer. 139: W. Hoffman, 11 MacArthur, 130: MM
Bohults, 186: F. A. UuSmau, 143; Thotel. 160; Ocbiuke. gafsal
16W. Total. 1.418. TaH
Owl Klinker. 108: Venlm. 145: Orebenateln, 160: MM
Fcndwlch. 170; Uaas, 140; Hell 146: Degenhardt, u.'.; MM
J. Deaksn. 182; '. Deaksn, 157; Byer, 132. Tola! mJ
TBD turn. H
Acme SIcKally. 168; Armstead. 210: Dcran, 181; '
streamer, 164; W. Hoffman, 146: staaArthur, 14ft; gaffl
Bohulta, 118: Schenke, 184; F.A,Uoffman. 148; Thofel. aH
181. Total, i.682. frnM
Owl Klinker. 168i Fendwlch. 120: J. Deaken, 143: lsl
nan. 99: Urehsnsteln, 143: F. Deaksn. 122: Nell, 168; gafafj
Degenhardt, 141; Venlm, 123; Byer, 126. Total. 1,039. M
Few games are rolled In tha Knickerbocker tonrne- BH
rncnt but what are won by a few pins. While only on fH
rare occasions do games result fn a tie score, both gafafj
Eames In which the Madison team participated on fJH
atnrday night required an extra frame. The rlratgame B
resulted in a score of 708 for both tsams, and on the m
roll off the baohelors won hy 28 pins. In the aecond afafafj
gam the Madison also lost by 1 pin. Tbe scorcsi Mm
l-ISST ois. "
Bachelor Ferdinand, 203; Boyd, 176: Ityds, 143; "
Tumman. 172: Ham el, l(ta Total. 802. gafafj
Madlaon Haviland. 169: LaaaaU. 143; Carr. ISO; afjs"
Gross, 170; Parker, 220, Total. 834. IH
Madison TTarlland, 14H; Lnaaetl, 1S1 Carr, 166;
Oroas. 182: Parker, 189. Total 803.
Atlantic llorn, 168; Braufuehr. 179; FrnckenhrandL afjl
163; Welsseulels, 174; Cordes, 144. Total. 803.
Atlantic Horn, 178; Brantuehr, 139: Frnekenbrandi, H H
140; Welaenfels. 141); Cordes, 148. Totat 789, IH
Bachelor Ferdinand, 121; Koyd, 1&5 111 da, I881 safj
Turnman, 149; Kamel. 189. Total. 707. JM H
The Osceola, Peconlo. and Brooklyn elnhs rolled 08 H H
their ties In the Brooklyn National tournament last LH afafl
evening at Carruther's alleys, 1,411 Fulton street. The safl safll
scores : B pH
Oaceola Knff. 103: Oliver. 120; Dohbte. 146: Bead. IH
147; Bnger. 109. TotnU744. '
reconlc-lllckok. 1B2: J. Esgleton. 148: Haynea, 198; afJal
Ksrahall. 148; a Eaglston. 105. Total. 851. afafl
Brooklyn Hltchcool. )S2; Allen. 130; Wood.'105i afH IH
tougheed. IDs; Bmlth. 102. Total, 776. "
The tie for the ntth Individual prise In the Brooklyn H afH
national tournament was rolled off laat evening. LH afJsl
Meaara. C. Kagleton and C. U. Bmlth or the Feconlo and H afJal
Clermont Clubs respectively, competed fortheprlae. sB H
Mr. Smith won by a score ot 150 to his opponent's 146. IH
The Tonng Men's Christian Association League gam MM
at the Mndlson avenue branch aUeya on Saturday night LH gafJI
waa the best.pl.iyed game of the tournament. Although sH gafJI
tbe home team roued up 1,760, they only won by Si H afjsl
pins. Tho scorei mU
Uadlaon Avenn Loupdes. 188: Bnrllnsnn, 310; Hob- afjl "afjl
ertaon, 177; Muhlenthaler, 101; Janues, 211; Falk, 148l afjl afjsl
Iiarnea. 180; A. Uascy, 104 O. Uasoy, 211; Lefurgs! "
109. Total. 1.750. H fJH
Young Men's Institute Brandt, 144; Bhlman. 148i gafj SkfJI
Montlgel, 101 1 lloog, 101; liarchfeld. 104; Schmidt. aflsl
ail; Klfld. 233; Heln. 186; Wendelkern, 105; Kruger.
104. lutul, 1,724, MM jl
The Torkvllle branch of the Tonng Men's Christian gfl Bai
Association were defeated by fifty pins In thetr league safl "BkfJ
game with the Twenty-third Street branch on Baturdar safl afjsl
night. Tbe scorei 1
YorkvlUe Munste, 168; Btompfel, 138; Fitch. 147i safl afjs"
Kottmler. 140: White, 132; VngeL 104; Kehbeln, 2141 afjl
Drnmmond, 160: Balz, 184; Luce. 120. Total. 1.667. iH iH
Twenty-third Street Cox. mi: Itueckert, 157 Elche safj MM
181; Ilrnns. 14S; Deuchar. 161: Whitesell. 100: Hansen! Mt gafJI
163: Uoner,185; llreen. 105; aUingellbolIar,14a ToUL tfjl
1,007. H
Tbe opening game In the Amatenr Bowling Assoeta- H
tlon aeries this week was rolled last evenlngat the Jer- Mm MM
sey City Athletlo Club's slleys. The scores:
Jersey City A. C ltomalne. 127; Wilms. 168; Lock. aflsl
wood. 128: Bogert, 150; Bowley. 184; Elllann, 142; "
B":.Vr,,;.,; i?"i.,lew,,U0B' 10li Btarrett, 152; Leay- MM
crart. 14(1. Total, 1.757. Ut
Riverside A. O.-Cadla 188iMawha, 141 : Abbot, 1B9; fJJ "
Bolton. 13,1; Klndell, 88; Thomson, 108; Tompkins M afjsl
140: Harrison. 101; Plsrson. 184; Beynolds, 169. Total, JI "
l,4u8 SJBJ IJH
Bowllas Oaasea To-nlsjht, H L
ISriSKUK K1H051L TODgifAsmrt. H
Olendale vs. Fifth Ward, Fifth Ward vs. Alpha, Alpha H aH
vs. Olendale. Mm aH
jiuicj mivsca moir. IH
Section 2-West P.rid vs. Vonnsr Men's Lyeesm. West H
S."11 va. "lnhisTdalo at Weat End alleys'Madlaon va.
Btnndard. Madison vs. IJarlem BeoubUcaa Club at Maul- MM afjs"
son aUeya mM
nicufin's TOpgaAatm B H
Oerman-Amarlcan vs. Mosart, H H
irBuno uiaum. H
OrangeA.0. vs. NewYorkA.0. atOranrsA-aatleyi,
iauism AMociiTioic
ArUngtonAC.vs.PalmatiArlington A.C. ansjs-l MM IH
ssasrr cirr AKinsn uuaua, " H
Ettow vs. Pin Knight at KUkow aUeva - -' "
vmitin muL rocaauraax, -"- ., IH IH
Third Ward vs. Itaceland. -" JM ijfj
To.day'a Cameo In tbe Womea'i Tournament.
This afternoon, beginning at 1 o'clock, the fair howl- H M
era that represent the New York City Scheutsen Lsdles.
Felsenkeller Ladles, Teutonla, and Bushwlck bowling
clnhswlll anembleat the Central Turn Vereln alleya
and try tn overtop Ibe previous acores rolled by ilia '
teams In the women's tournament. Tbe opening day tgafl
ot the tourney wna an Inlereating one. but It Is n- "
p!Slea.i,.'t n",cb Wr crowd vrUl witness tbs "
games tbls afternoon. BJ
Bonllaa; Goaalp.
A movement la on foot to form a leagne among the
tinwliiig cluba of Manhattanvllle aud Waahlmion "
Uelgliti,toeiitcrintooompetltlonroravalus.bletroby, M
Tho Courtland Bowling Club met at Fanlbaher'a haU H MM
flalurday evening and elected the following otlliern "
I'realdent, John llaUen: Vlce-I'realdent, T. Wlagand; "
Secretary, WUUam U, Ulckcihaunt; Treaauier, 11. Hid-
Next riundar afternoon a meeting will be held tn pr- M
feet urraiigements for a morning newspsper bowling
eague. llila will probably conalat of four cluba. with MM
lltre-inen teams. 1 he papers reprcssnted wiU be Tus
ECS. ttuilJ, Jlerat.l, and Uilmllaar. fH
Brooklyn Furniture Go. I I
553 TO 571 FULTON ST., 1 I
cV'..?00,,S MAKKKIi IN ri.Al.V
aa?..,:S AT f',:SS '"AN SIAMW.
Brooklyn Furniture Co, I I
Manufacturers tind Retailers. I I
REDHAIl)A,Atr''j I I
"ll,a1,a-'iU!,,,..UKK"'''-RN,N'KN(ILA.NO. I
k'. v.v kOI.U KVJiltVWIIIillK. " I
sw Vork Br auch, V2 i'eurl it, Ai . ZcU, Afsas, I MM

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