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. , " ' " " THE SUN, TUESDAY, JANUARY' ID, 1892. JT '
toTiirxo nn: matteii irira in
vixitnisa is tuk hex ate mxa.
trjif, Veil nd I.aAliriB Claim A(U flfr
C'nnsir-'l't lions Want to Know
lntv )i Money Appropriate for tn
Wortil'M Fnlr Has limn Kxpcndcsl.
7 Wasiii-WTOS. Jan. 18. Sonator 8hernian.
yiio lia boon nbsnnt durlntr tlio rooont can-
VnaaforSonntorln Ohio, returned to his aerit
at tho oponlnit of tho Sonato to-day and re
ceived tho eoimr.itulntlons o his associates on
his wClcctlon.
ArcliltcotClnrl:of tlio Capitol, In rosponso
totlioroHolutlonof th Bonate roappctlnsr nl
leccd dufocllvo ventilation nnd plumbing dan
gerous to health In tho Senate wing of tho
bullJInc. reported that ho conslderod tho Son
ato clumber and corridors woll ventilated,
and nlo all thn commltteo room, ortelnallr
constructod for that purpose Thore wero
fomuapirtmentitforiHorlr used as store rooms,
now uffd .11 conitnltteo rooitiB. which wero
only vont Hated hr nlr forcod In by fans and
thronuli thn open doors. Tho plumblns, In his
opinion, mis In eooil condition, ozoopt In the
enno of ono wnslntnnd, now botne put In good
-order. IIo was aware of no defect in sewer
ko or plumblns which mlsht bo dancorous to
Mr. Ilalo llli'p. Me.) offered a resolution
dlrectlncthoSocrctiiryof Statotosond to tho
Bonnto, .14 oarly as practicable, oodIos of all
agreements mado with other countries rolat
Ins to Intnrnhanco of enmmorco under Sootlon
S of tho MeKinloy bill, and all Information ro
cilrrd aito tho practical offect of such ncroo
niont. Mr. llalinsl;od thnttho rtwntutlon llo
on tho tnhli), and K.iid that he should call It up
at nm futurodny. .... ...
Th icculnr order was thon takon up. which
vrns tho lilll reported by Mr. Dolph I Ren., Ore.).
from tlio Commltteo on Forolirn Rotations, to
enlaruo and umond tho act of 1873 for tho dis
tribution of tho award paid by Mexico to tho
United Htatfi ntidor tlio mixed Amprlcan and
SoAlenn Claims Commission of lekitt.
Mr. Uolpli explnlnod that the objeetof fe
bill van to Instruct tho Attornoy-Oenoral to
brine tult before tho Court ol Claims to ded
ipltoly doteruiino whother the award made to
tho li Abra Company was secured by fraud
.ml fatea testimony. Tho original amount of
the award made to tho Well and o, Abra
claimant w.v S072.00O in American cold.
-tiayaMo in yearly lnctallmenta. Pnyments
Cad boen made to tlio amount of &14U.000
wrhen tho Hocrotary of Stato (Mr. E vottsj, ou
proof of fraud In tho presentation of the
claim laid beforo him hy the republic of Mex
ico, ordered tho ntixponalonot tho payment of
the remaining ellit Installments, and asked
Coneress to logislato on the subject.
Mr. Vest IDeru. Mo.) addressed the Senate
; In opiOKltlon to the view that Congress had
tho i Icht to invndo tho domain of the political
department of tho Government by conferring
ihMiary powors upon a municipal court to re
try this whole oaBe after tho fenate. by a con
stitutional majority, had docldod that thoro
was no remedy needod.
At 4. F. AI. the Sonuto wont into exesutiTe ses
sion and at 4:10 adjourned until to-morrow.
Home orKeprencntattrrss.
Tho seventh week of the session began to
day with no rules for the guidance of the
'House and Its presiding officer still within the
grasp of tho grin. Speaker pro tern. McMllUn
theref oro called the Bouse to order at noon.
Mr. Rellly (Bern.. Pa.) Introduced tho follow
ing, which was adopted:
KrfJird. It t the secretary of the Treasury be end be
la hereby requested to Inform tba Houa of Represent,
fares whet amount of money hat been appropriated to
and U available sailer the act ot April 25, 18WX relat
ing to the World' Columbian Exposition at Chicago;
a to what amount of the money appropriated bae
teen expended, with an iteintaed statement showing to
uom paid, tor what purpose, aijsl upon what account
Mr. Bprtngor asked unanimous consent to
Jiavn the momorlal of the National League tor
the Protection of American Institutions, In
cluding a proposed amendment to the Oonstl
iutlon. printed In tho Uncord, but Mr. Itntler of
owa objected and it was referred. The pro
posed amendment is as follows:
No state shall pan any law respecting the establish
ment or any religion or prohibiting the free exercise
thereof, or use lie property or credit or any money
filnfd by taxation, or authorize either to be used, for
the iiurpuie or fmmrtinr. maintaining, oraldinjr by ap
prr.prlatlun pnruieDt for icmcti, expenses, or otber
. riw any church, rvllaluns denomination, or reUnona
3lty. or any institution, eoctety. or undertaking
hlch le wholly or in part under sectarian or eccleaiaa
tical control.
The roll of States wn then called, and the
following MIU iVc v.'ere Introduced for refor
(nco: Br Mr. Mr,re ot Meiaachnsetti Prohibiting tha sal
f liquor In the Dlttrl .: of t'olumbia.
tlyMr. Anliexi ot lucfischtnetts AuthorlrJnt tha
oarinc i.r the bi'Iee adopted for the army of the
tuned MhitAonall nccaxlons ot ceremony.
l'y Mr. Wlulaias of North CaruUna for tha free coin
aire 1 1 silver.
liytlr. Henderson of North Carolina Die bill or last
CiiucTct. to provide for the apportionment of appalnt
inntBtothe citll service amouif tha Congresa districts
on the bam ot populAtlon.
Hy Mr. Ixjckm oodof .Now Vorx To pat csllelold on tha
free ll't.
By .Mr. Harterof Ohio lo lnereaaa tha rereane and
pro ih for a.1dltlons4 rolume of the enrreney.
t!y .Mr. Kochunsn of New jersey To prortde fox nr
yv.t nilup canal from the fialaware BItct to the
AHbiiIIc cciitor turitan Bay.
Mr. Taylor of Ohio I'ropoklns; an amendment to tha
Constitution nslnir April no Instead of Marob4as tha
dale for the beglnulUK of the terms of President, Vlca
rreildf nt, and inenihers ot the Conrress.
By lr. Utter of Oeorne-Appropristlni (3,160.000
for Improvement of the hat annah limrbor.
.By Sir. Mmpson of Kansas To repeal section 14of
the eel .of tehruary, llrto, which made the gold dollar
the unit of value.
The IIpuso then took up the bill regulating
the whole aubjoct of Government printing. In
troduepd by Mr. Hiclmrdson ot Tennessee.
After tho bill liad boon road Mr. ltlchardson
explained Its provisions. The,ehlet feature is
tlio establishment of a dlatrlbuting bureau,
tinder a superintendent, through which all
"""ernmont publications shall be sent out
'ihoelToct of tho bill will be to considerably
feilucq the unnual cost of printing.
The bill was laid over, and the Hons then
ajourned until to-morrow.
Things or Inten-Kt Ifuppenlaa: la aua Oat sr
tlia Hull or Congress,
WnunxaTos, Jan. la-Mr. Vincent A. Tar
loroIQhlolntfo3ucodin the Houso to-day a
bill providing for the designation of banks to
act as doposltarios ot money of the United
Itprovldos that in each city where, in the
judgment of the Seoretary of the Treasury, the
public buslnoss demands a depositary ot the
funds of tho United Btates. he shall cause to
be published once week for the period ot
fonr weeks, in two newspapers of general cir
culation In each of such cities, a notioe asking
sealed proposals from banks and bankers to
jctasfuch depositary for three years. The
furmof sucn proposals shall oontain an ngreo
rienttopnyinto the Treasury of the United
Mates a specified rate of interest on the dally
ful.incos of the funds so deposited, and the
1 Secretary nlmll designate as the depositary ot
Ik public funds in eaoh city the bank offering
the highest rate of interest, provided the bank
o di'signatd Bhall. within two weeks from
too date f tho notioe thereof, give satisfactory
curty for the performance of its duties as
J"11 depoBitary, and shall conform to suoh
jeeulatlons as the Seoretary of the Treasury
Jif ill"ie,;r Vi9- 'ril?i.?eor?tar"r JP' reauire
i tho depositary addlUnnaiseourity.and upon
iisrefusal or failure to give the same, he may
wove i the depositary and designate another
!i1t.0!ld "5 par reserve the rightto ,re
Ifa'lt'ldH.andlnthe event ot such rejep
pn. he bhall again advertise for proposals fn
ta manner hereinbofore provided, fle ball
fr7'ava V1B Poworto withdraw the deposits
""""''depositary whenever the publio ln-
lS mm T." not "bserved by its continuance
i n snttl city,
I ' .n.,BPeUngofhlsbili.Mr.Taylorsald:
haiinn Vla t"Vtt fly.e-Jr?arB. theGovernmenthsji
SSiP" leposlt with banks designated as de
lj;iuJ?Jl0SU.m ivaJ?ln"' 'or tout period
bin'wW M.u.ol,OItnW? money remains in
"kJr " lont time. , This means that in tho
tin ..VLyoarH. crtln favored banks have
Wcn presented by tho Government with the
-,' on the a-'f t sum of over $30,000,000.
l!.,iwi,1oopertfo,lt:,aT.e'"-' almost one mil-'nr,Ki1!;,,nr7oar-
'"I6 B member of tho
r.owfV,t?atoI.8eci":oa tb.9 enactment of that
twrnmusl;i'0,sltarrlaw,for the city of
lafwH nd .which unearthed the Axworthy do
ClMii1,0?!0' mnrw tlian aBOO.OOa Tho banks of
eomu Wdwuroatilrhtliostlle to the law. and
m,ii, V toeptiior. refused to b d. but on the
StlSM B,ivertlBin tlioEucIid Avenue Natlon
a bid uf vi H uwor "id secured tliomoney on
ieo . i,1dPor ont. Tnat was throe years
term Sr,L"ien nt tn8 xPlratlon of the
hreulTeuL" Wuro aBk.8d. 'V h8 coming
rSf at?vttifftitb,e,ro Wft8 no lftck o' bids, and the
M n2Ul,eJu'Bt.mPnelr was awarded was
iS.fjfWt' If tho money of the city of
ougfiKUV" 4-'i R8-cnt.. euretythe?!
ro on if-? ?, AJmoultsr l? KjBttinar nearly that
V oe0rnnT.enm,imor.B 5teadr deposit otths
bocUor?tlJMn(lB APdno ijood reason can
I fotecnft JV'A'a"611 ?un of moneyliereto-
I Cfd,'n,oBtgottVthlfofet?' '
I ?.!'? Supfo0 curt of the United States to-
I ?i B f.as Involving the construoUon of the
I in.rr.Bri,,on ,teWcon Uw. passed by the
I immieratloCn,!iSecIdSd u,i Wl of the
M tnltrLni .. t Ml,,1v,?cto.r aa to whother anim-
uiarant canjevirtiin tho prohiLltory clauso of
tho Jaw was binding and rovlewablo only by
tho Treasury DepartmenK and not by the
courts. .The controversy arose over a decision
of the OommlsHloner of Immigration at Ban
I ranclsco in refusing to allow Nlshlmura Eklu
and five other Japanese women to land at that
port, his ground for so doing being that they
were Ikoly to becomo publlg charaos and had
been Imported for Immoral purposes. Nlshl
WVJ1 A"i'4 8UJ?jl 0,,t ft 'Writ of error to tho
United States Circuit Court for the Northern
district pt California, but tho writ was dis
missed for waut of Jurisdiction. Then tho
caso came to tho United Btntoa Huprome Court
on appeal. In its decision to-tlny tho court
fays that it rofusod to consider nil but one con
tention made, that In regard to Uio right of re
view, and in omrmlng tho decision It holds
that tho Commlaslonor of Immigration's ao
Hon Is rovlewablo only by tlio Treasury De
partment Undor the ruling tho women will
be returned to Japan. .Justice Urny rendored
tho decision. Justico llrovor dissunted.
Miss Susan B. Anthony, Mrs. Ellrabcth Cody
Stanton. Miss Luoy Stono. nnd Miss llowell
Hooker appeared boforo tho Houso Committee
on Judiciary to-day In support of tho joint
resolution introduced by Mr. Oreonleaf
of ftqwlork proposing an amendment to tho
Constitution extending to women tho right to
votiint all Fodoral elections. Each lady ad
dressed thn committee, advocating the paasago
of the resolution. Tho resolution submits to
tho Legislatures ot tho soveral States tho pro
posed amendment to the Constitution.
Tho Supromo Court ot tho United States to
day. In rendoring an opinion in tho cano of A.
C. Petri vs. tho Commercial National Dank ot
Chicago, an appeal from the Circuit Court for
the Northern District of Texas, decided that it
national bank was entitled to tho mimo rlghtn
us a citizen In entering suit against a person In
tlio judicial district nl tho Htnto wheru tlio er
pon suod rosldos. Chief Justico l'ullor ren
dered tho decision.
IToproRontatlva Mills roturned toWnshlngton
from Toxas on Saturday night. Ho camo
back in good spirits, nnd will tako nn active
part in the business ot CongruFS. Yesterday
ultornoon Mr. JH1U wno In conforence for
soveral hours with Mr. Morrison of the Inter
state Commerce CominlsBion, Mr. Watterson.
editor of tho LouUvllie C'jiirirr-Jburna), and
tienator Carlisle It Is said that Mr. Morrison
is .in the hands ot his friends as a candidate
for tho Onmocratlo nomination for tho J?resl
doner, nnd one ot them asserts that ho oould
obtain n majority of tho UMnoIs delegation
desplto tha rainier boom. Mr. Kills reached
tlio Capitol shortly hoforo It o'clock, and re
ceived Quito an ovation from members, both
Democratlo and ltepubllcan. He at onco en
tered Into conforenco with Mr. McMillan, who
wan on the floor ot tho Houso. Mr. Oates ot
Alabama being in the chair.
Session Think lie Did Not Give the Elgk.
leenth Wmrd Jloetrlne Eaaagh.
The Iter. Lewis C Barney, pastor of Orace
Presbyterian Chapel, 340 East Twenty-second
street, and the session of the Fourth Avenue
Presbyterian Church, to which tha chapel is
attached, have disagreed, and Mr. Uarnoy
preaches his last sormon in the chapel on Jan.
31, The Elders and deacons ot the loto Dr.
Crosby's church concluded that Mr. Barney
did not preach doctrino enough, and they
askod him to resign his choree,
Mr. Barney is a handsome young man. not
yet 30, and a graduate of the class ot 1888 at
Union Theological Seminary. He came to
Uroca Chapel a little over a year ago from a
charge la Whitestone.
WiThe Elders of the Fourth Avenuo Church
began to hear rumors as early hb last Septem
ber about the laxity of the doctrines which
Mr. Barney proachad. He was called before
a committee of the Elders who questioned h I in.
According to Mr. Barney's own statement last
ntght. fault was found with tho young minis
ter because in preaching tha scheme of salva
tion he did not lay Bulucient stress upon the
death of Christ, and made too much ot the life
of Christ. He did not preach, it seeme. thn
advanced views held by Presbyterian minis
ters of tho liberal school, but rather failed to
preach enough doctrine.
" My relations with the Elders of tho church.
are most cordial," said Mr. Barney last nl ght
"and wo disagree Bimplyupon a question ot
doctrine. My cnncrogatlon at tho clmpel wero
perfectly satlsfleu with what I preached to
them. It was a practical Christianity that I
taught, and it muy have been lacking in doc
trine. But the people of the neighborhood
where I was laboring want practical Chris
tianity and not doctrinal, to my way of think
ing. I have had some ot tho members of my
congregation at my home, and they have
danced there. Perhaps half a dozon have
taken exception to this form of amusement,
but their opposition has novnr resulted in
nnythingtanglble. The Elders nt the Fourth
Avenue Church and myself will part on the
kindest terms.
' A contingency may arise which will mnke
it necessary tor me to appeal to tho Now York
Presbytery, but at present I have not decided
to do this. Itthe action of the session of tho
Fourth Avenue Church has cast such a cloud
over mo that I cannot obtain another charge
in the Presbyterian Church. I may appeal di
rectly to Presbytery to pass upon my ortho
doxy." Mr, Barney has been studying philosophy at
tha New York University recently. lie is a
friend pt Dr. Brlggs. although not in accord
with him in all Ills views.
r4a On Killed. Thoack the Train "Was
Solnit Jr'lfty Miles an User.
BfU.cs It rvxn F-ixs. Wis., Jon. la A bad ac
cident occurred at Bheppard's on the Omaha
road, five miles south of this city, to tho Bt
Paul express from Chicago, known as No. 3,
this morning at 0:10 o'clook. A broken switch
threw the passengor. sleeper, and dining car
from the track, the elcepor being thrown on
its side in the ditch. Nine passengers were in
this car and were taken out through the
broken windows, and with the exception ot
three or tour miraculously escapod serious In
juries. Tho train was nearly an hour behind
time, and was running at tho rate of fifty miles
an hour when the accident occurrod. The
track was torn up for a distance of twenty
rods, and the rails snappod like pipe stems.
Fire did not break out in the sleepers until tho
passengers got out. else all must have been
burned with tho car. Tho wrecker Is at work,
and the track will bo clenrod up by to-night
and trains running on time.
The Injured are Brakeman 'William i Rchulta
ot St. Paul, ribs brsiien and other injuries; A.
H, Willis of Boston, out on head and back
hurt; a. W. Mttlo. Jr., of Chicago, leg cut and
badly bruised sHnnry Bell, Philadelphia, hurt
internally: E.F. Fowler, Chicago, legs hurt:
A. T. Hunk Chlnago. head out: G. tttewart
Wallace. London, England, considerably
bruised about head; O. Q. Showor, Chicago,
head and shoulders badly bruised ; F. Checker
ing of this city, bruised and out.
JL Jrree Spectacular Show In Vontsas,
LxwiSTOir, Mont, Jan. 18. A wonderful
mirage was distinctly visible near this city
yosterday afternoon. The mtrago has caused
considerable alarm, however, because it is
feared the Indians may have started on the
warpath and encountered a party of hunters.
Through tho vistas, during tha afternoon, tho
huntors and the rod men could be seen re
peatedly to charge and retreat Tho Indians
were apparently well supplied with ammuni
tion, and by suporior numbers they Anally suc
ceeded In capturing a party of a dozen hunt
ers. Those who witnessed thn woudeiful
scenio effect produced by the mirage, assert
that they could distinctly see tlio savuges build
piles of fagots and burn their captives at the
take. Mid-winter mirages in the clear, crisp
atmosphere of the Ilockles are rare, and pho-
Somena of this oharaotar are usually repro
uotions of real events or real'soctlnnn of the
country, do far as could be ascertained last
night the Indians on the reservations are
Abducted at JLItlls Olrl.
Diuttok, Ont, Jan. 18. A great sensation
was oreated here by the abduction on Satur
day night of Jane Smith, a girl of 11, tho
adopted daughter of Louis Newton, Two men
who are supposed to be John A, Gardner,
agent for tho Bell Organ Company, Toronto,
and an eraployoo of that Srm, arrived hero on
Saturday night, and whilo one man stopped at
tho ltoyal Hotel nnd engaged a horse and cut
tor, the othor proceeded to tho residence of
Mr, Newton, where 'he saw the little girl nnd
by some means got hor to accompany him to
the sidewalk, where the cutter was in readi
ness. She was placed in the cutter, and they
all drove away in thn direction ot (hielph,
where, it Is supposed, they took tho midnight
train for Toronto.
A. Coasting Tragedy,
Cadiz, 0., Jan. 18. r- A terrible collision oc
curred between two bobsleds loaded with
ooasters late on Saturday night In whloh sev
eral young people were badly hurt The acci
dent was caused by the pilot on one of the
sleds falling to turn, and ft collided with one
going on a down couree. Tho injured are:.
Hiss Itamsey and Miss Maud Bamsey, legs
broken and severe cuts on head: Harry Perry,
log broken in two ploceas .Walter Poltz. anklo
severely bruised and sprained: Misses Lempe
find Alice Carnahan, cut and bruised about the
teal and otherwise hurt; Mrs. McCoy, foot
badly hurt Others on the slud were moro or
less hurt '
the azAansn azkeait indicted
lie nnd tils Brother, the Sctlglsne Crank,
Kxrbnnge Compliments In thn Tombs
Court, Kack Alter alls Kind-Is this tkej
Sotvd who Slashed Flynu la Jnly, l.t
Henry 0. Dowel, the Jack tho Slashor cap
tured by tho pollco early on Sunday morning,
nmomont r.ftor ho had struck down William
Mullor, supposedly his seventh victim, will
probably, beforo the week is out, be in nn
asylum from which ho cannot escape through
a transom, no 'was tndlctod yesterday tor as
sault In tho first degree. District Attorney
Nleoll says ho will bo tried at the oarllost pos
slblo moment, and that he will start for the
Stato Asylum for Insane Criminals as soon as
his trial is finished. That will bo tha oourso
hercaitor of overy crank takon in crime by tho
police, whothor or not he is declared harmless
by tho doctors,
Tho Slashor passed a steopless night at tho
Oak stroot station. He had a cell next to the
ono occupied by h3 brother, John Jamos, tho
rollglouH crank. John James wanted to pruy,
and tho Slasher Invited him to go to shool.
Cnpt MaLaughlln visited Oak street early,
and lie and Capt O'Connor congratulated each
othor. They callod in Policeman Mastorson,
who captured Dowd; Policeman McCroroy.
who helped, and Pollaeman Lang. Then they
sent for tho Slashor and his bgothor. Dowd
looked rocky, Thoro was a patch of dried
blood on tlio sldo of Ills head, where Pollco
man Carter's night stick had landed. Tho
wouud had not boen dressed. His left oyo was
black, whero Policeman Masterson's fist had
struck, nnd his lip was cut where it had come
in contact with McCrurey's fist.
Capt. O'Connor handcuffed the Slasher to
Mosterson. Thon he font two moro pollco
men out to clear the stroot of tho crowd that
had gathered, anxious to get a look at tho
man. Whon this was dono tlio two Captains
linked arms and marchod out of the station.
Tho Slasher and Masterson wero at their
heols. and McCrorey and Lang with night
blloks wero tlio rear guard. . .
The crowd had lined up along, the curbs ot
the 'BtreotB loading toward the Tombs. They
made remarks about Dowd. Homo one ad
vised a lynching party. McCroroy reached for
tha Borne one. but missed him.
Oudgo Duffy was waiting at the Tombs, and
tho patty went Into- his private olllce. John
Jamos camo along In a fow minutes with an
other pollcoruan. He had to sit, among tho
Monday morning drunks in tho court room.
Masterson was unshackled from tho Slashor,
and went to tho Olork'sdeikttnd sworotoan
anidavitacouslugthenianotussault with in
tent to kill Muller.
Tho Slaahor was brought out in open court
with Masterson and McCrorey gripping htm
on either side. Ho hold down his liead. Tlio
examination was merely formal. Dowd was
nsked what ho had to say. Dowd said lie was
3S years old. He looked every day of 60. Ho
bald he was born in Liverpool, and his parents
Wero Irish.
" I cut tlio mnn in self-defence." ho said. " I
was walking along James street minding my
own bUBinexs. when this follow I killed came
along and bunked mo oft the sidewalk nnd
assaulted mc I had to cut hlmtotavo my
"How did It happen that you had a razor
with you V asked Justice Dully. .
" Why. I shaved myself Saturday night just
beforo I left my room, and I don't know I
jubt happoucd to drop It in my pocket I guess.
1 don't curry one usually," said Dowd. locking
"Do you know that you are accused of
slashing all theso other persons?" asked the
"Yes." answered tho Slashor. "I know it
but it ain't right I only cut ouo man. That
Was the follow who assaulted me Saturday
night I never out anybody else. I wouldn't
hurt anybody not oven a fly."
Tiie SlaBher so far appeared rational. He
got a little oxctted when the Justine usked him
what his business wn. Ho finally answered
that his father had been n civil enginoer and
that he had assisted his father.
"I shall remand you without ball until Wed
nesday morning at 9 o'clock." said tho Justice.
Dowd walked down to the pen still held by
the two policemen. John James was called
noxt He hadn't taken any interest in the
Slasher's examination. His eyes had been
closed, and he had evidently been praying. In
answer to the Justice's questions lie salu that
the Slasher had been oonUnwl In the Flatbush
usylum and another asylum, and had escaped
from both. He had also Deen sent to Stato
prleon for Ave years.
" la it true," asked the Justico, that you
nro a religious crank- or. rather, a orank on
religion 7"
" Yes, sir. ItK" said John Jtmes, " and I nm
proud ot my attachment to religion, and I don't
Know but what it would bo better for my
brothor if he bad nn attnehment like that too."
The Justico committed him to Dollovue Hos-
Sltal to bo examined as to his sanity, and the
lashor muttered "damn fool" us Uewuu led
The Slasher was taken down stairs and
lockod up. Masterson then visited the Dis
trict Attorney's office. Inspector' Byrnes hud
boen there before him. and arrangements had
been made for rullroading 'Dowd'tu tha asy
lum. Mabterson was fiont-itiAftaletant Dis
trict Attorney Lindsay's room, .lie repeated
his affidavit and tho cuso wept to tho Grand
Jury at ouce. At 1 o'clock the jury presented
the indictment against DoWd.
District Attorney Nleoll said that the indict
ment would answer all purposes, und would
rid the community ot Dowd tor good.
"He might huve been Indicted for the mur
der ot Lawyor Carson" said the District Attor
ney. "I am morally certain that he Is guilty
ot it nnd so is Inspector Byrnes, but It is very
doubtful if wo could get any evidence to prove
it. Evon if convicted of killing Carson, ho
could not be punished except by Imprison
ment in an usylum. Thore will be a regular
trial on tho indictment tor assault tho jury
must find that tho man is insane, und lie will
go to Auburn."
The Mlasher wiIL.be arraigned to plead this
morning. . , , ,
Inspector Byrnos received yesterday a
letter from Danlol Flynn of 4UU Second
avenue, who says that live years ago his son
John Flynn was slashed in the neck by u man
named Dowd. and tliut Dowd was arrested and
convictod and sent to tho Island for two years,
lie thinks this is tho same Dowd.
John Flynn told a reporter yosterday that he
recognized Dowd as his assailant by the
picture printed in Tug Sun. Tho aasaulr. he
said, took place on the evening ot July 8, 1887.
'He wa3 out for a btroll, and ut the Sixteenth
Btreot entranco of StuyvesantParkamun ran
from behind a troo and struck him across the
neck with a sharp weapon. He captured the
roan. Dowd, on that occasion. gae his busi
ness as peddlor, lAd suid he lived at B8 Henry
Samuel N. IToyt, the banker, who married a
Bister of Dowd'a mother, said yesterday:
" Dowd's mother wbb a eistor of my wife.
Both are dead now. The man was always a
ne'er-do-well and good for nothing fellow, and
ho didn't get any, sympathy from me. 1 did
not pay his rent ihrougn White. I nevor ruyo
htm a penny for uny cause whutovor. He has,
always been a shiftlesp fellow,' as hay. and I,
linvo not scon him fortw&ycnra. I believe ho
was Ingaua the lust, timol saw liirn, and inniy
opinion he should never have been allowed to
bo at liberty. Mywifols dead, and -my nno
rlatlou with her family ud her relatives was
dropped at her ilojtih. .DowdM etety of his
mothor huvlng been askaultjd by a German Is.
I think, a pure invention. I never heard ot
such n thing." , ..,.,...
Coroner Shea, who Is to hold the inquest In
the Carson oaso Is much interested in the report
printed In The Sun yosterday that Dowdliad
trouble with a lawyor in Daltlmoio throe years
ngo, und ho will try and find if Carson wan the
lawyer. Cart-on took to drink and dissipation,
much as Dowd did, and at about the same
In capturing Dowd Inspector Byrnes fol
lowed the plan he followed when, In 1882, ho
caught Col. Howard Wells, who tried to black
mail Jay Gould. Wells wrote letters and post
ed them nil In station E district There area
hundred letter boxes in that district Byrnes
had a man nnd a letter carrier to watch eaoh
box. An advertisement calculated to draw u
letter from Wells was printed in a morning
paper. The same day every time a letter was
dropped in a utatlnn E box u carrier opened
the box and looked ut the address. About 3
o'clock in tho afternoon Wells posted 'a letter
in an Eighth avenue box to the address given
In the personal, and he was immediately ar
rested. ,
There Is already talk about Headquarters ot
promotion for Polleoinan William li. Master
son, who capturod Dowd.
Explosion erJVnturnl Gas.
Laucastkk, 0 Jan. 18. At 0:30 this morn
ing occurred the most disastrous explosion of
natural gas in the history of natural gas here.
The residence ot Judge John S. Bror.ee, a two
Btory brick on North Columbus stroot was
levelled to the ground. Mrs. Brazee. tour
frown children, and a servant were in bed at
he time. Judge Brazee being the only ocou
fiant stirring. He was blown sixty teet aoross
he street where be was found unoonicloui
and bleeding from severe wounds about the
hea It seems almost a miracle that none ot
the sleoplng occupants of the house were seri
ously injured. The walls fell outward, and
this probably saved their lives, Windows
were broken for Bsvoral squares around, and
tho organ in an adjoining church was ruined.
The shock was felt for miles. , A leak no pipe,
it is supposed, filled the cellar and library
with gas, which was ignited from the grate.
Fontbwesterallinltea.rla New York Central. Fastest
and Wst train far UlnclnuatV luJlaujoils,-nuJU'
Ixiula No extra tare.-uf.
Is Absolutely the Best,
Because It never fails to make light, wholesome food.
Brattltboro Household.
Proposed by Young Women, It Frightens
Mr, Pnnln Atrny from Iletkanr Home.
PiTTsnunoa, Jan. 18. Tho curious stato of
affairs at tho Bethany Faith Cure llonio.'shown
rocently by tho oxposure ot tho Rev. John Mor
row's promiscuous kissing propensities Is by
no means ended.
Last night tho Bev, Ivan Panln. who has
boon holding tho meetings at thn Bothany
Homo, loft for his homo in Grafton, Mass. Tho
condition of affairs brought about by tho liov.
John Morrow's teachings, ho said, had not
boon exposed fully. Ho declared that one day
ho was visited by two female members of the
Blblo class. They argued that he, did not
preach nor practice- tho highest order ot sane
tlflcntlon. They wont with him to a room and
lockod tha door. Then ho nsked what thoy
meant Ono ot tho women snld that they
meanttho complete control of all unholy im
pulses. Doing questioned they proposed a
startling tost, and wont ou to doscrlbo to Mr.
Panln what they had undorgono to determine
tho degree ot holiness to which thoy had at
tained. Theso Mr. Panln denounced bb Im
moral. Mr. Pnnln eald ho bnd tried to getMIss Moor
head, tho foundor of tlio homo, to have tha
teaching of such doctrlnos as thoso suggested
by tlio two womon stopped, but tho refused,
and ho loft With him wont Miss Mary Lcggo.
Miss Oilfiller, and Mrs. Farmaleo, who agroed
with him. Miss Mary Jloorhead, the founder
nnd manager ot the home, speaking through
nn authorlzod proxy, said that Mr. Panln
was dUtharged for several reasons. He waa
vindictive, nnd attempted to exorcise more au
thority than his poMtlon warranted. Ho In
sisted on taking three or four ot the women
into his bedroom, looking tho door, and pray
ing with thom. Mr. Panln had told tho ennio
story to thorn About sisters named Colo, llvlmr
nt 14 Linton street Thoy wero not Inmates ot
tho home-ami never hadbeon. They morely
belonged to tho Itov. Mr. Morrow s Bible clans.
There had been no scandal whatever In con
nection with any' of tho inmates of the homo.
The liov. W. H. Walker ot Bridgeport. Conu.,
lias beon secured to conduct services for a
A reporter called at the home ot tho Misses
Colo. 14 Llntoa stroot Four sisters live thore.
but two of thom wore out of tho city. A girl
enmo to the door, and tho reporter repeated to
her the liov. Mr. Puntn's statement Sho de
clared that. Bbo was not tha one who hud tho
conversation with Mr. Panln. but admitted
that Bitch u conversation had occurrod.
"I don't care to Bay anything." explained
the young woman. " but Mr. Panln doesn't
look at It in tho right light What is pure In
Ood's sight is not pure in the sight of man,
who is full of sin."
Ninth Regiment Review.
Tho Ninth Regiment fS0 strong, tendered a
review last night to CoL Kavanngh of the
Sixty-ninth. Tho occasion was tho annuaj
presentation of marksmen's badgos by the
Commissioner of State Accounts, CoL Barker.
Cot William Soward was In command. The
regiment madoaflno showing. Sharpshooters'
badges for a score of 47 out of DO wero pre
sented to Capt Joseph A. MacConnell. Capt
William M. Truman. Capt Horbert Taylor, and
Private J. H. McGinn. Badges for sixteen
years' qualification as marksmen wero pre
sented to Private W. D. Ward and Capt Charles
A. Kohlberger. Lastnltht marked the com
pletion ot Mujor Georgo Hill's thirtieth year In
the servloe. and the regiment presented him
with a gold watch.
On the Sick I.lst,
Sir Edwin Arnold continues to Improve
steadily from his attack of tlio grip, but is con
fined to ids room at tho Everett House. He
has been able to throw off in a measure '.he
more serious after effects ot the disease. His
Tuesday morning lecture has been postponed
by the advice of his physician.
Tho Kev. Dr. John Hall, who has been con
fined to his bed for several days with a bad
cold and neuralgia, was able to sit up for a
part of the day yesterday. Ills physicians
think he will be out In a few days, lie will not
preach on Wednesday evening.
Thn little Ifonntain afutii Mania.
il Miss Carrie Perkins, who used to Impress
orowds nightly as the Utile Movntain Ualil In
"Adonis," was man led yesterday aftornoon to
T. Wallneo Black, tho Jobton Doddle of tho
"Natural Gas " company. Tho ceremony wal'
performed by tho ltev. Mr. Francis at the housa.
ot Miss Perkins's mothor. 101 Webt Ninety,
third street. Tho groom appeared at the
Grand Opera nouse lust night just as if noth
ing had happened.
JL Collision at Dane,
Tho British tramp steamship Jessie, while
leaving Havro this morning, collided with the
French steamship La Touralno. which has
been laid up slnco Nov. 10. when she com
pleted her last trip from New Vork. She was
slightly damaged. The Jessie escaped in
jury. La Touralno will rosumo her trips be
tween Havre und New Vork in March.
Only Two Heaths Ascribes! to Grin.
Only eighty-six deaths were reported to the
Health Department yosterday. Two wore as
scribed to grip and its complications.
Kunarcaa auuiuo-rais nar.
Bon rises.... 7 SIJ Sunsets.... G 01 1 Moca rises, 0 38
, y.a waa rata bit.
EanayUoak.il 03 1 Uor.IiUnJ.il 17 Heuaate,. 1 06
ArrlvseV-UosDir. Jan. IS.
Ft Oallla, Ferrnson. Liverpool,
be El Paso, (juick. New Urlrana.
as Kltler. Jteineeke. Southampton.
He Buam, Hruinama, Boloyne.
Hi Hcots Ureys, Johnson. Htraneea,
Bs Halantlae. Jlrace, l,lcata.
He altred Duiaols, Ohriati. Qlbara.
he yraneiscn. Jenkins, Hull.
Hblii llelle or Batb, Curtis. Havre. '
Bark Competitor, ttotenbantn, Uothenuurf.
(For later arrivals see first reee.l
aaairin out.
Is OMam. from Xetr Yora. at Rotterdam.
hi P.uyiitanil, from New Vork, off the Liaard.
Us Inlrlatlva, trom .New Vurk. at lilbrallar.
Ba State ot California, from .New York, at (llaiffow,
fee NerierlAiid, from New York, at Antwerp.
Bs Pennsylvania, frptn New York, at Antwerp. .
Bs Boitima, trout how York, oa Brow Head.
aiiUD raox roasica roan.
Is Prorreso, from Rio Janeiro for New York.
Bs Alltanea, from Barbados for New York. I
Bs Caracas, from Curacoa for New York.
Bs Clement, from fare for New York.
Bs Wisconsin, rroni Queenetown for New York.
Bs Aller, from Bomhamplon for New York,
Bs Saratoga, from Havana for New York,
Bs Santiago, f teut Bt. Jago de Cuba for hew York.
steonta nainasiri.
Salt iWiJy. t
Basle. Bremen. CaOA-M. v.0OA.k.'
ug Tu-morreie. j
AWena, Oonatvei 11:00 A M. 1O0P. at.
Conobo. Colon 10.00 A. M. Ja.OflM.
CluQin Condal. Havana ... .10:0(1 A. M. 12:00 M.
Cltyof Berlin, Uvrruool.... U.OOA.ll. b:UUA. V.
Iroquois. Charleston U.OOI'.M.
H Uriel. Barbados U.OOI'.M.
Nucoochee, Savannah MOOf. M..
Niagara. Havana..., lriHir. 1. soul. M.
Tcutimlc, Liverpool 7.U0A. M. 10 BOA. M.
lacbaixo nullum.
Alliance Rt-Tbouios Jan. 11
Yuiatati Havana Jan, 14
larlbsl 1'ort Llrnon Jan. v
llesperia. Ulbraltar. Jan. a
fcaanueiu Itotierdam Jan. e
Kbaetla Hamburg. Jan. 7
State of Nebraska. iliasitow , Jan. a
Wyoming Liverpool. Jan. V
Vm HWiirxfuy. Jan. SO.
Saratoga Havana , Jan. II
i'rlesland .Autwero Jan. a
level Bremen Jan, 12
lUsllllppl...... London Jan. 0
But Jkmtiav, Jan. HI.
Colon..,,,, , Colon , Jan. is
Caaee ,,, London , Jan. 6
luuUire Ulbraltar -. Jan. 7
4M rriiav, Jan. it.
Britannia.,,,, Liverpool Jan. la
Pania,..,, Havre..,.,,,,,, J an. la
bantlaia,,,, Nassau Jan. la
folarla. Stettin Jan. fi
Dm Saturday, Jaw. S3.
Elrnrla , Liverpool..., Jan. 17
Cachetntre ,,,.. .Rio Janeiro.,,,,,,, Jan. fi
Amsterdam ,,,,, .Rotterdam ,,,, Jan. o
Caracae Laguayra. Jan. 17
JhM Bvmidir. Jam, 14.
Lodrate Bin., , London Jan. a
frtalsadr..i .-.-,!. Iteriaulte. .-..,,.,,,,-,,.. Jan. l
LaBmafue. Uavre Jan. id
A Movement In Princeton to rtrcntnvtat Ike
Boarding House Keepers,
Ftixncctov, Jan. la Moro than 600 studont
assombled In University Hall this morning to
constdor the qncstlon of organising a tint
vorstty eating club. James 0. Murray, Dean
of tho college, in an address, satd that during
tho long poriod In which ho has had charge of
sick students ho was often pained to find that
their sickness was due to poor food. Profs.
Bloano and Llbhoy promised the students their
hearty personal support Botno graduates
havo promised to udvanoo money to start the
The erudonts had afreo dlscuonlon as to the
method on. which the nlub could bo run. It
wan tho opinion of thoo proaont that fho
boarding iiilctrossesln the town did notelvo
thom value for their money, and that they
should doscrt them. They backed up their
opinions hy signing a paper pledging them
selves to join tlio university club.
Tim price llxed for board Is 4 per week, tho
proilts to bo equally divided at thn end of tho
Jour among the inemborAot tho club, Joseph
Iuton. John Til. Mnyhcw, and Joseph M.
rJhollnbnrgorwore appointed a committee to
eonfor with tho faculty and l'rof. Libboy on
the renting Of n hall.
A Physician Dead In His Slalgk.
PrrrsnuRon, Jan. la Dr. M. D. McCandlesa
ot Youngstown. O.. was on Monday evening
found dead In his sleigh two miles east of the
e Ity. Heart dlseuso.waH the cause of his death.
Ho wai fi'J year? old and a member ot the Ma
honing Ojunty Medical Society.
Mrs. Winston's Boolhlnsr Mvrnn
Hat been need for oxer yiVTYYtlAns by MILLION tit
WOTHKIIh for their CHlt.UKF.N. Will UP. TKKTIIIXIl.
PIH-TK.NSlliKOfMS At.LA.Ytta.1 rUIN. CtlllHH WINli
Bold hy PRlTUOISTrt'in every patt uf tbo wurld.
A T.nxury tor Tourists.
PR. LYOVH TOOTH POWUKR, m metal boxes, wltn
patent tneaaurlnc tube. Ieat and jiortabta. 25 eta
. Keep's Tiresa Hhlrm, to measure, n for SSjOO,
None better at nny price, remands!! Hroadway.
ACKinMAN,-At Hackensack, on Saturday. Jan.
10. Jobn Edward. Jr., son ot Jobn E. and Susan C.
Ackerman, late ot Harlem,
yuneral eervlee Wednesday at 3 P. If, at bis lata
residence, Clinton place. Trains leave 23d tt. 1.C5
f. it., Chambers st 3 P. M.
AI.I.E.N.-On Sunday, Jan. 17, at Hartford, Conn
BUrabetb J. Allen, wife of John B. Allen of 78 Jeffer-
era St., aged 41) years.
AN'rxJN.-On Sunday. Jan. 17, at Bridgeport, Conn.
Frederick U eon ot the late Andreas and II, Anton.
aged 28 years and 5 months.
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from his
late residence, Penbroke at., on Tuesday afternoon
at 2 o'clock, and from Herman Reformed Church at
2:30 o'clock.
BALDWIN.-AtYonkera.N.Y., on Sunday, Jan. 17.
Klsle. Infant daughter of Helen R. Soltlvaa and
William Detavan Baldwin, aged 10 months.
Funeral private.
BF.IIRIHdl.-At Norwich, Conn., Jan. 10, Henna
T. Bcbrltcb. lietored wife of B. Bebrlsch.
Funeral Tuesday uiornlng.
BKI.TO.N.-At Toronto, Canada, on Sunday, Jan. 17,
rbilotnena C, wife of Frank S. Belton. and youngest
daughter of the late Nicholas Walsh of this city.
Br.TKK.-At Red Bank. N. J., Saturday, Jan. 18,
)Ir. Elizabeth Beyer, beloved wits of John Beyer,
aged 63.
Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to at
tend the funeral, on Tuesday, Jan. IV, at 1:30 P. V,
front her lata residence. Red Bank, ft. J. Train
- leaves Liberty at.. New York, at 11 o'clock A. M.
BLAKEI.Y,-On Bunday, Jan. 17. at bis resilience,
124 West 70th St., laniuel M. Blakely, aged BO
BI.ANCH.-At riackensack. N. J Jan. IB, ot pnen-
nionla. Lydla Brmkenbolf, widow of Abraham
Relatives and friends are Invited to attend tha funeral
s-rvlces at her late residence, on Mala at. on Tues
day, Jan. 10. at 1 P. M. without further notioe.
JIOI.LF.H. On Saturday evening, Jan. 18, ot pneo-
moula. James T. Bolles.
Funeral from his late residence, 121 East Mth St., on
Tuesday evening, Jan. 19, at 8 o'clock. Western
papers please copy.
UK K.VN A N.-On Saturday, Jan. 18, at Bridgeport,
Conu., Margaret Brennan, aged 70 years.
Frit mis are Invited to attend tha fnneral from her
late resilience, 41 Walter st on Tuesday forenoon
at 8:30 o'clock, and trom St. Xary'a Church at 9
BRENNAN. On Sunday, Jan. 17, John J. Brennan,
In the 80th year of his age.
Relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to at
tend the funeral from the late residence, CSS West
44th st on Wednesday, 10 A. It.; thence to the
Church of the Sacred IJeart, West 61st St., wbera
a solemn mass uf requiem will be offered for tha
repose of bis soul. Interment In Calvary,
BIIOOKFIIXD.-M Jacksonville. Fla, Jan. 18.
James M. BrookOeld, aged 78.
Friends are invited to attend the fnneral from bit
lata residence, 11& Taylor tt. Brooklyn, E, D., an
Thursday tuurnlng, Jan. 21, at 10 o'clock.
IIROWN.-On Saturday. Jan. lit, Jennie Marks
Brown, beloved wile of Vanning J, Brown.
Frleuds are Invited to the funeral front her lata resi
dence. 24 West lBCtb sU Tuesday, Jan. IV, at 10
BIIKKE.-On Saturday, Jan. 18, at Burnslde, Conn.,
Edward Burke, aged 2V years.
Friends are Invited to attend tha fnneral as Tues
day forenoon at 8 o'clock from St. llary'a Church.
Interment at Jewett's City, Conn.
CAKUIOH AEJU In Brooklyn, K. D., Saturday,
Jan. 10, 1BU2, Daniel A. Carmlcbael, la tha 6th
yearef bis age.
Fnneral private.
CMAMIIEBI.IN. On Saturday morning, Jan. 18,
Enoch Chamberlln, In the 83d year of bis age.
Fnneral services on Tuesday, Jan. 19, 1892, at 2i80 F.
M from the late residence of his slstcr-in-law, Mrs.
F. F. Sandford, Mount Pleasant av.. West Orange,
K.J, Carriages at tba Orange station to meet the
, .. 1:30 train. D L. and W. R, It., from New York.
CJLKARY.-On Sunday, Jan. 17, at New llaven,
' Conn., Rosanab, wire of James Cleary,
Friends are Invtled to attend the funeral from hor
late residence, 7 Locust St.. on Tuesday forenoon at
8 30 o'clock, and Irom Bt. J'atrlck's Church at V
CO K. Ou Jan. 17, 1 Sf2, Clinton Alonao, youngest son of
Joseph B. and llary J, Coe, aged 10 months and 7
Funeral private,
t'OT.T.INH, On Monday, Jan. IS, at Bouthport, Conn.,
Margaret, wife of I'atrlck Collins, aged 85 years.
Friends are Invited to attend Ibe funeral from her
E lata residence on Wednesday forenoon, at 8.30
o'clock, and from St, Thomas's Churob at 9 o'clock.
CONNOK.-On Monday, Jan. 18, Bridget, beloved
, mother vf Maurice, Thomas, and Martin Connop
satire ot Newcastle West, Limerick couuty, Ire
land. ' Funeral on Thursday rrom the residence of her son,
" Maurice, 416 East ltb at., at 1 o'clook.
'.COS I.KT.-On Bunday, Jan. 17, at Springfield, Masa ,
Mrs. Mary Conley, aged 87 years.
Friends art Invited lo attend the funeral from her
' late residence, 22 Everett st. on Tuevday forenoon
. at 8:80 o'clock, and from Sacred Heart Church at U
CIUPI'K.V.-On Bunday, Jan. 17, at Msrldcn, Conn ,
Mrs. I). W. Crlppeu.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
CBOWI.EY.-On Sunday, Jan. 17, at his father's
residence, 241 East 71st St., Jeremiah, only son
ot Thomas and the Ute Catbenne Crowley, aged 83
Relatives and friends are respectfully requested to
attend tha funeral services at St. Monica's Church
on Tuesday. Jan. 19, at 10:30 A. II, Interment In
Calvary Cemetery,
DEGNAN.-Ou Sunday, Jan. 17. at New Haven,
Conn. Roseua, daughter ot Wlnnlfred Dsgnan, aged
18 yean.
Friends ara Invited to attend tba funeral from her
lata residence, 8 Castle at, on Tuesday afternoon at
2 o'clock.
DOlAN, Edward Dolan, at bU lata residence, 1,000
Broadway, B. S. Brooklyn.
DUSAN.-On Monday, Jan. Is, at her restdsnea,
83 Carmine it. Anne Dugan, aged 71 years.
Funeral on Wednesday, Jan. 20, Interment In Cal
vary. DVNNINa.-ncadq.aarteri 25d Keglment Veteran
Corps N. O. S.N. T.-Oomradeti Wllh deep regret I
am called upon to annouaoe the Ceath mt oar old
comrade, ex Capt. WUmot M, Dunning Ton an
earnestly reiseiteu to attend oU funeral from to
Veatch Presbyterian ChurctvHth st.newetaar.
en Taesdsy. Jan. 19. at 1 1. M.
T.TV.IIARrtM, ' ". KLT,t8 BKIOOb,
( Adjutant milanel Commanding.
IrjVEnOKY. On Saturday, Jan. 18, LuclenDu
vergey, In Ills 40ib year, at bis late residence, 745
l'allsaite av., West Uoboktn, K. J,
Funeral servlcra at residence Tuesday, Jan. 19, at
11 A.M.
EQAN.-Sud.lenly, on Sunday, Jan. 17, Patrick Egsn,
aired 70 yeers,
Funeral from bis late rol.Wnre, 430 Rest 81st st, on
Tuesday, Jin, 10. at II nn A. V.s thriice to Bl. Mo
nica's Cliireh. Taut "Mth !.. wlire a solemn re
qnlein tnsKS will bn offered np for the repot of his
soul. Interment In Calvary Ceiuelery, Michigan
Vapers please copy,
rXI.IS -On Monday,. Ian, IS, at East Loug Meadow,
Mass., Jobn C. Hills, aged M years.
Friends are Intlteil tn attend (be funeral from bla
lair residence on Tln.rn.lay afternoon at 1 o'clock.
rrr.l.Y.-riii Sunday, Jan. 17. El'en. widow of
Michael Feely and tlnughterof lb Isle I'atrlck and
Mary Callahan, nattt out Mlddleton, county Oork,
Ireland, aged 6.1 yeara.
Funeral from the residence of bar s W Ni.ra'i Cal
lahan. 767 7lliav.,im rneaday lntlilnai,, at 1:'J0
o'clock P. M. fori, pspere ilras iy,
FJBRGUNr,N,-On Saturday, .Inn lit. Ad i U I en
Held, wife of Jiil'n.M rVrgiierii,
Funeral from her Inte rfsldrn-c.-tVi We.t ..tt St.,
Tuesday. Jan. II), at 10 A.M. Interment prltiile,
FITZGr.aAI.ll.-Oii Sunday. Jan. I J, at Spnng
field, Masa, l:iliabetb, wllo otJobn I'llrgeratd, aged
63 years.
Friends aio Invited to attindthe fnneral from her
late reeidence, 203 Tyler si., on TneUv forenoon at
8:30 o'clock, snl trom St. Mu'lmei's I'mirch at 9
FITZei'.nAI.I.-Ou Monday. .Inn. 18, Elizabeth
x L. beloved wife of William I'. Fitwrnlil.
Faneraltromherlatemlilctirr, r4 West Plfty-nrtt
si., nn Tliurenay, at 10 A. M.i tlirnre to Hie Church
of the Sacred Heart, wlieie a solf run tnaps or te tulei-i
will be ottered for the repose of bcr soul, liiteriartit
In Calvary Cemetery
FJ.RTtJHKR.-AI fi fifVfnrd St., Hrooklyn, on Jan.
10, Archibald P. l'Jelcher, aged 61.
Funeral from bta lata residence nn Wednesday at 3
P.M. Relatives and friends Invited.
FJLYNN. At Rnndout, N, Y.. on Sunday, Jan. 17,
Patrick J. Flynn, aged 87 years.
Funeral from bit tale residence. Stnyveiant St., non.
dont, on Wednesday morning nt V:ro o'clock, and
from St, Mart's Church at le,
FRY RH.-On Sunday, Jan 17, 1802. at the residence
of her daughter. Mrs. William J. Carr. 104, Bain.
bridge st. Brooklyn, Margaret Fryer, widow of Ed
ward Fryer, In the t)2d year of her age.
Funeral services from the Church of the Holy Rosary,
Channcey St., near Stuyvrsant ar. llTonklyii. on
Wednesday, Jan. 20, at n:.'JO A. M. lttduttves and
friends are Invited to attend.
OENIN.-On Sunday. Jan. 17. at Atlantic Illsli'.ands.
N.J. William L.fleulo. aged 4." years.
Fnneral Tnesday, at 2 o'clock, from Ms residence, 4th
av., Atlantic Illghlanda lutermetit at Oreenwood
Wrdnerday rooming. Trains leave toot of Liberty et.
at 11:16 A. M,HTbf family and friends and mem
bers of the Pavonla Yacht Club respectfully Invited.
taOI.DTir.as.The funeral ot Mrs Llna Ooldherir,
nee Ilfeld, widow of Dr. Ph. Uoldberg, will take
place at II :S0 A. It. Tuesday, the 1Mb lust . from her
Ute residence, 41 L'ast74tb St. l'leaso omit flow
era fiCTTKNBEHO,-On Jan. IB. 1S92. Joseph dot
tenberg. beloved husband of Roea (luttenborg.
Funeral will take plaes from bla late residence, 208
East 3d St.. on Tuesday at 10 A. M.
BARJIH,-On Sunday orcnlng, Jan. 17, Marie L., In
fant daughter of Otto W, and tho lata Minnie L.
Harms ot lloboken.
Funeral private.
jnAKPEUU-In this city, on tha 18th Inst. Mary
Emma Harper, beloved wife of John Harper.
Funeral private.
HAVH.ANI,-Ruddenly, of heart fallnre, on Sun
day, Jan. 17. 18U2. raulina Havlland, widow ot
Lyman Havlland, In the 73th year of her aae.
Funeral from tha residence of her daughter. Mrs
David Hunt. 810 Union St., Brooklyn (corner 7th av.),
on Tuesday afternoon, the 111th Inst, at 2 o'clock.
Kindly omit flowers, rougbaeejisle pspera please
BEHOLD,-On Sunday, Jan. 17, at llartrord, Conn.
Charles Herold.
Friends are Invited to attrrd the fnneral from bis
late residence, 63 Rellcrcau St. on Wednesday
HICKOJ.-0n Saturday, Jan. 16. at Springfield.
Masa, Harvey, aon of the late Joseph O. and
Lopella c, Ulctok. aged 3 years S mouths and 10
HIC'KS.-In Brooklyn, on Sunday. Jan. 17, 1892,
William D. Hicks, aged 91 years and 11 months.
HOLLAND. In South Korwalk, Conn . on the ICtn
Inst., Annie P. Holland, daughter or the lata Mrs.
Jobn Holland, aged 3 years and 10 mnntba.
HOLLIM.-At Sohenertady. N. Y. on Jan. 14. of
pneumonia, Barbara Kotrbaurr. wire ot Lieut, Ira
N. IloUis. IT. B. K.. and daughter of tha lata CoL
Eltaa Pelssner, aged 33 yeara.
BOYER, On Jan. 16, cbarlotta Iloyer, 69 year! of
age, wife ot John U. Uoyer.
Relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to at
tend her funeral from her late residence, 2113
Broome at , Now York city, on Tuesday, Jan. 19.
1892. st 3 P. M.
BUNT. On Friday, Jan. 18. at Hartford. Conn.
Annie Peck Hunt, aged 40 yeara.
Interment at Coventry. Conn , on Tuesday.
JONKH.-In Weston.onfhe letti last. Maria P. Jonas,
aged 84 years. i.
Friends are Invited to attend, the funeral from her
late residence, on, Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Interment at Danbury, Co'nn.
KKAKNN.-On Sunday, Jan. 17. at Clifton. 8. L,
Thomas Kesrns. In bis BBlb year.
Funeral services will be held-at 8t. John's Church,
near Fort Wadsworth station. B. L, to-dav (Tuesday),
LA PORTE. On Sunday, Jan. 17. at nartrord.
Conn. Cora A. daughter of Eugeno P. Laporte of
168 Washington st. aged 4 years and 6 months.
Fnneral private.
IiOCKWOOD.-On Monday, Jan. 18, at Norwalk,
Conn., lira Jane Lock wood, widow of Clark Lock
wood, aged 73 years.
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from tha
chapel of the First Congregational Cburcb. on Lewis
St.. on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment
at the convenience ot the family.
LOUD. On Jan. 18, at Morrtstown. N.J.. of pnen
monls, Emily M. Lord, widow of Edward CraryJLord,
and daughter of tba late Uerard William Livingston
or New York city.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
LVNHAHf.-Fuddenly, on Jan. 15. 1803. at hit lata
residence, IT oodhsven Junction. L. L, Thomas Lun.
ham, son of Jobn and Eleanor Lunbara, aged 27
years 6 months and 7 days.
Funeral private.
LYMAN. On Sunday, Jan. 17, at Springfield, Masa,
Israd F. Lyman, aged 81 yeara.
Frleuds are Invited lo attend the funeral from his
lata residence, 187 Hickory st , on Wednesday after
noon. IACIf.IE.-At 848 Broadway, Jan. 17, at a nnsrte
to 1 A. M. Jobn Gilbert, son of Jamea Orant Mackle,
New York,
Funeral will take place from bta residence, 123 East
13th st.Jan. 19, at 2 P.M., Evergreens Cemetery.
Relatives and Intimate friends of the ratntlyare
respectfully Invited to attend ; alio Wyandotte
Council, Hope Lodge and Tribe No, 102, Red'.Men.
California, Australian, and European papers kindly
M.VP.ur.R.-On.Ian. 18, at bis residence, 811 East
114th st., Gaspard, eldest son or Clara Fisher and
the late James U. Maeder, in the C2d year of his age.
Funeral private,
UAITLAND.-On Jan. 16, 1SB2, in the 77th year ot
I er age, Ellrabetb H. Maltland, daughter of the lata
Robert and Elita Lenox Maltland,
Relatives and friends of the family are Invited to at
tend fuueral services at the First Presbyterian
Cburcb. 6th av. comer of 12th st. ou Tuesday
morning, 19th lost., at 10 o'clock.
M AI.LAU AN.-On Bunday, Jan. 17, at New llaven.
Conn., Matthew Matlaban.
rrlendsareluvited to attend tha funeral from bla
late residence, bO Asylum st. on Wednesday fore
noon at 8:30 o'clock, and from St. John's Church at
li o'clock,
MOKOAN.-On Sunday, Jan. 17. William P. Morgan
of Brooklyn. s
MVI'.I.I.Ksf.-On Sunday, Jan. 17, Thekla Mueller,
belored wife of Anion Mueller, aged 74 yeara 7
mouths and 3 days.
Relatives and friends ar respectfully InWted to at
tend the funeral from her Ute residence, 16010th
av. on Tuesday, Jan. 1 M,
MVKPHT.-On Jan. 17, 1892. William, youngest
son of Palrlok aad Delia Murphy.
Fuueral private,
NELMON.-In Norwalk, on the 17lh Inst. David 8.
Nelson, aged 67 years
Friends are invited to attend ths fureral front bla
Isle residence, U Fair st on Waduesday arternoon
at 2 o'clock.
NIUMOl.H.-On Sunday, Jan. 17, at Springfield,
Mass., Elijah Nichols, aged 7 years.
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from kit
lata residence, 21 Wilcox at. on Wednesday after
noon. NIKHVI1R,-I'aed away, on Saturday evening.
Jan. 10, 18U2, William U, Niebubr, In the 80tb year
of his age.
Relatives and friends ara tnrlled to attend bis funeral
from bts lata rasldenoe, tm West 14.1th at.. New
York city, on Tuesday. Jan, 19, at 2 P. M. Inter
ment at Woodlawn,
NOLAN.-Or. Jan. 1U. Thoina F, Nolan, beloved hus
band of Xatla McQueeney and son of Philip Nolan.
Friends of the family and also his fstber-ln-Uw, P, J.
McQueeney, are respectfully Invited to attend tha
funeral from 790 nth av. on Taeaday, 161b Inst, at
If Mr. Beechery fl
as 1 Knew Him 9 fl
) Recollections of ;
- MRS. HENRY 1 fl
In tho Janurry LADIES' JM 'H
J Beecher contributes the fol- "snBnnl
a lowing chapters to the Beechcr wU H
reminiscent papcra : SW . ' H
j First Indications of the Frtort tSjg
' Beginnlna His Great Career jPf. '.H
His Fearlessnus In Utteranot riftS jH
' Sorrows which 33 i
Taught Him Sympathy Mp jH
. Overtures to,Lcavc the West p I , jH
I Accepts Plymonth'8 Call JCH -H
! The Ladies1 fl
: Home Journal W I
y?? Kor January la on the newi- TmS tsi
jL otaado, ten cents a copy 3? ' ns
& For One Dollar we will mail tgn -M
$ the Journal regularly to any J.- '
AV addresa for one year. '&) i M
, Circulation if Store than 700,000 P ,-H
xSZ; copies each issut HD --H
i?i. The Curtis Pitbllhlnj Cotnpane Jf i.SBsni
r$2 l'hlladclrh'.a, Pa. TR 'IJH
. ' ""' ' i hi wf i n ssnTl
OS IV A I. !.- O i Sutukr, 17th, May June Oswald, H
widow of Jonn U Oawald
Relnllvcs und frloiuU Intlte.l to attend the funeral on i'sbsI
AVetlnRil.ir. at half ;ri'il 2 o'clock.
O'llltll'.-V.-At r,t Hut 71t et.on attnrday, Jan. j
ItLKugfUn A, eldest s m ot Irenceant1Catharlns
Funeral fiom the Church ot the rirssed SAcrnmsnt,
71tst. mid r.oiilevard, Jan. IV. at 10 o'clock , It H
Kindly otnlt llo ers. I
O'CUN.VOIC (1.1 Jan. 10, after n eli'Mt ninae, Dannla ,H
O'C'ounor, nttlve of Trfllet, county Kerr, Ireland.
EelstUes uul frlcndeof the family and of his eons, 1
Jere and lieinlf, and comrades of Peter Cooper
Council, Amerlciti I.eglonof Honor, are respectfully
Invited to atutnl tbu funeral from bis 'lata real
deuce, 3'X) I'ourl at.. on Tuesday, the lllth InsU at jH
11:30 A. M.; thenra to St. Andrew's Church, City' jH
Hall place audlluane st. whero a solemn requiem
mass will bo offered up for the repose ot &la aouL 'sl
Interment at Calvary Cemetery,
O'TOUXU-On Sunday, Jan. 17. at bar late rest- M
deuce, 2.000 9th nr. Mary It., only daughter of
Catherine nnd the late Andrew O'Toole. JH
Funeral on Wednesday mornlnc. Jan. 20. at half past
9 o'clock sharp, to the Church of St. Joseph, wbera
a requiem mass will be held for tha repose ot bar
soul. luKrtnent at Calvary, Dublin papers please JH
copy. M
Uni.IVY. On Fondly. Jan 17, at Bridgeport, Conn, !H
Mrs. Michael Ilellly of 3I State st. flH
Funeral private.
Br.VKKU-At New Rochel'.e, Jan. 17. William, . EB
Revere, aged d& years. jnUn!
' Funeral ecTv Ices' on Wednesday at resldencs cs? bla BH
daughter. Mrs. Tr.iphagen, at 2 P. M. ssn!
nr.V.N'OI.llF.-Ou Sunday, Jan. 17. at New llnvea, M
Conn. May, daughter of Patrlck.P. and thelatare
nteE. ReynoMs, aged 11 years nnd 0 months. k
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from her J
late residence, 45 Proad St., on Tuesday afternoon
at ,1,30 o'clock,
BII.EY. Ou Bunday. Jan. 17, at Hartford, Conn. , jH
Alice II. daughter ot Jobn and Jennie Riley tt H
Liberty St., aged d years 2 months sndlS days. H
Fnneral private, jH
BOONE V.-On 6aturdny,Jan. 19.1892. at HorwnTav
Conn. Frances Hooney, aged 28 years. x Innnna
Funeral private. KgagH
SnilKN.-Suddenly, at hta residence, 237 VTenl '"'M
8Uthst.,JohnJ. Hudden. sflH
Relatives and friends are Invited ts attend tba r ' H
neral strikes at the Church of the Holy Innocaata, IH
87th st, near Eroadway, Tuesday, 10th Inst, at M IHH
A.M. ImH
SAJIPON. On Snnday morning, Jan, 17, Jonas 0 imHiI
Samson, In the 54th year ot hie age. iKI
Funeral private. Son Francisco papers pleaaa soy). 909
rJEJT.LICK. On Sunday, Jan. 17, t,auaor, Cann. JOS
Emily p. Selllck. aged C8 years. ,, H
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral front hog ffjl
late residence on Walnesday afternoon. '' i"' JlMsi
sniXTON.-On Friday, Jair. 15. at Brtnga'port, tM
Conn. Mrs. llartba O. Sbelton, agad,Sf eara,, isnni
Friends are Invited to attend tha.fiiperaJCrorst,nar sl
late residence. 502 Fairfield av. on Tuesday after- 99fl
noon at 2:30 o'clock. " ' 'r 3gi
81, CK,-In Brooklyn, Bunday, Jan. 17. ef eonstrmp- ftH
tlon.Jobn Wlllard, youngest son ot Jataee D,aa i rr.MI
. Lavinta J. slack. r ljrl
Funeral prl ate. C3MI
SMITH.-SauiuelJ.Pmlth, at -orris av. nealf lS4th SSM
st, In the "3d year of his age. "'Sl
Funeral Tuesday, 18th Inst, at Provldenoa. , L ff'jHil
Providence papers pleue copy. xwtl
SMITH. On Monday, Jan. 18, at Bridgeport, Conn, lf(El
r.llrabeth It, a if.) of William Smith, aged 74 year BimM
an 1 1 month. uic nl
Friends are Invited to attend tho funeral from tha vcfjjl
residence of hrson-lu-law L. It. Gould, 275 Lafay 'jJHglvf!
ette st . on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. tV&JHl
STEI'.I.C On Monday, at her resldouce, Bergen. STOWi
Point. N. J.. Mary I!, wife of the late George bteele. Yffia
Funeral services Wednesday, Jan. 20, 1802. 7.30 P. M. if-'iS
8TIMhON.-0n Saturday, Jan. IB, at Hartford,' W
Conn. Isabella Stiuuon, widow ot William Stlmsoa, -tfii'l
aged 72 years. iWjl
TAT1.0K,-On the 17th Inst. Nnoml fl. wife of VmSi
TV Ullam E. Taj lor. both formerly ef Philadelphia. f$t(&
Funeral services will be beld at her late residence, Jti 'jj
1H0 West 82d St., at9:30A. SI. on Wednesday, tha jfjM: 1
201b Inst. Interment at Ureeniroud Cemetery, r,r Ul
Frankford. Phll-lelpbla. ??B'
TII.TON.-On Sunday, Jan. 17, at Hartford, Conn. $'$$-!
Herald P.. son of Abner F and Margaret Tllton. aged fijirkl
2 years 2 months and 2 days. Xjtal
Funeral private. flrvM
TVBNEit. On lion lay, Jan, IS, at Haw Haven. UJ
Conn, Willie U Infant son, sDH
Friends are lnlted to attend the funeral from tha K
residence or the parente. 01 Chapel St., an VTadaen. H
day afternoon at 2 o'clock, Mnmwl
TVAKREN. Suddenly, of pneumonia, on nvanay, 'tSOni
Jen, 17, ndmund Warren, second eoa of Oescgs tsLnnnl
llrury and Mary Phauix Warren, in the Slstyaar ''JH
T hl " ,,.Jt Ba-ssni
Funeral services will be held at fit. BarthDiomevrn 4asni
Church, Madison av., cornsr 44th St., ori VPssnaalay, Xsnnl
the 20th Inst, at 10 A.M. Relatives audtrte-lshv
vlted to attend wltliont further notlee., ,,"; ' nssni
'WATSUN.-On Sunday, Jan, 17, at SprtnffJall. H
Mass. Melatlah U. Watson, mother.of Mrs. D. D. 'H
Warren, aged 72 years. ,
Ogaensburif and Oswego papers please espy, lata. .H
meat at Oswego, 24. V. A 'BB
WF.I.HII.-On Monday, Jan. li. at Hartford, Conn. 'WL9
Miss WeUb, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs, Welsh, a4 ai Bfl
years. 1R8J1
Friends ar Invited to attend the fnneral frmn tat r(v7?
residence on Wednesday forenoon at tiSO e4tok, tiltifl
aad from St. Peter's Churoh at t o'clook. later. K II?
usnt at Mlddletown, Conn, 4'xiiil
WF.LHU.-Oo Sunday, Jan. IT, a Hartford? Ooma. Otli
John Welsb, aged 17 years. - .' C.Jjf g
WlTTE,-Oa Saturday, Jan. 18, at Hartf otfc flaaa. Spf .f
Cbas. Wltte, aged 70 years and 0 toon tU. , , ,. fewJii1
Notice of funeral hereafter. .' tHMlS
WrT.-0n Monday, Jan. 18. EUiabeth aker.w1fot "vWlt
Dr. John R. West. f fWi-H
Funeral services at tha residence of her father, rTm, )M-'rl
P, Wescett, 158 Summit av. Jersey City, on Wednea MfW
day evening, at 8 o'clock., ' . fi.ftl'r
TV-ST.-On the 17tti Inst., at ths resident of her HJ(ltJ
ton-ln law.Cbarlea E. Homer, 784 West Bnd av., Tuftl-
Rebecca Orahaja, widow of Joseph ra-S-WMt,ot f iflti
Philadelphia. it M'tr"
Cures Cramps. Collr. Colds, and all palna. 250. a st Ua. itflfji!
WlIa-s.TKNA.-Tb best breakfast food! deU- tapH
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grocers. IIKALTII rOOD OoMPANV.sl Ota ar. , fflMW
i , ,ai qmm
Jnv gu)i(iUon. o " ,,1121
....v .....,.y,-.IM. -....-. .... i .. ,.i.u hcjsLmU
Jus' Publah4s '' '
by NATAI.V 1 0N LMMISTUUTIV TransUledbyTTUell 'V jna
L. I Ilir.Ol'. With Photogravur lUuslra-at-, ;iiHI
1 vol. lSiuo. haltroa. (I.23i paixr. 75 cents.'- ' Lrivla afsfl
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UKCH 800K8, 2r-OtctWth0hUefclBsi ktWti
tocial, -scuaalc-uvek. PJUTT, i-WMevWtMl
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