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M " . . "f S ,TtHK SPWi la'OTSPN-teDXY'jANDAltY 20, 18)2. :,-? . ." - INM
eBaBaBaV.w.H-S " ...'.. .... i i i i ii nMi m .11 i i -qg; - s , -bb
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aaaaHfo IP thfprMntaifflonltrth(w It could ep with any
LaBaaBeefbafU. SlXM'?' oatlons of Earope. He hopes Uie
IBr?rAt fcTld,nt.,uHl .i "OtiseM will oxorclso for-
tmswR" DMranoo tothalastdeirToebeforasoliia'to war.
(Hfi BenaiorOol ot Texas said I e
. The question a Tory gravo one, which
JHKJr ejery AmerteMi citizen should fully under-
iHl;, tl9 before our.Gpvernrnent in committed to
PHrTv' JJr y any act of Congress and tho President.
aBaBaBaHiRft War means sroat suffering among tho people
BBaBaBaBS? JT0 are Interested In those who nrtlvcly pur-
EjaanaaaKt: Jtolpataln the conflict to ear nothing of tho
aaBaBaaH; hardships whleh tho nithtlngrnen. wliriirtvn to
BaBaHKV endure In Boutli America. Yir will also in-
IVi"' plot upon ue further burdens In the naturo of
BVanaBaBaans'. Taxation. a It will necosMtate an Immonse ex-
KHF;- pehdltnro of money. If tho situation Is tuoh
BaBaaaaV J to warrant thelSendlns of our wartshlps to
BiKKv Pn'" t0 administer to the Chilians a nrnctlcnl
KBaaaaHi lesson In decent treatment of American sail-
KaBaBaBaNF,. ore, there need be no fear of opposition on tho
KHKK, DemooratloBldoof theBonato.''
H.aaBaVaKV . Benntor McMillan of Michigan raid that up
fi' to to-day he was of the opinion that Chill
I would realize how foolish It would ho for her
K'B i$f 1? waraRainxt such a hie nation as tho United
KBaB k Utntes and aftor u certain amount of hesitation
FR'aTaaE tV would make tho necessary apolocy.
KB W . "Tho situation to-day.'' continuod thofion-
EiJBaK wa.., ator. "appears to be more snrloue, and It looks
MrBaBi Fir wa will hnvo to llelit in order to eon-
i2,! jrtnoo tho Chlllnne. as woll ni tho world at
KH K large, that wo tntond to ilrriui th rights of
FiubbEe ft our people In all parts of the gloho."
bVIbbR)' Bonntor Hill says hnitoot not know enough
TtBaBaf fi about tho acllinl circumstances to express an
iVfBt; !' intelligent opinion, ilo Iiiih no sympathy.
JTT'anaR howovor. with tho bellof ontortnlnod by somo
KfaaBat' i' Congressmen that tho wnr talk In a plan to
t?aaHl 'ft? boom tho Harrison Administration. Ho doos
? (Banal Th not think, indeed, thnt wnr would populailzo
if JBaffi 'K tho 1'rosldcnt and his party.
ftK S oor. viomctt is ton veace,
SMMi V at t War Cornea lis Think It tVonld lie
.'?' I ! ' dvnntaate tn f la Smut Itrepceta.
j)M$. f Albakt. Jan. 10. Oov. Flowor. In. an Intor-
Sf.SR ,i , ' View which ho aitorwnrd roilaoil nnd np-
Mlff provod. said to-ilny of Iho dlfllculty with Chill:
4,f)jB:W "I think tho nllcged olTunce is rather a silly
-S (!;? Biattor to go to war about in thcio dayn ot ln-
ii iHBi' r telligonco and chillzatlon. and all honorable
'bH5!' ifv tnonnB should bo ucd toaold It. Tho pcoplo
itBf'K, of tho United Ktutos nrn ready for war. how-
'JljHl.'S sji 'ever. If It comoi. 1 can see somo ndvun-
'j'W !'? taaunfrom It. It would dostmy tho last rem-
ft Ml " 0 ' Hants of sectional foollnir. Tho North nnd
5W & -j South would bo llrmly unltnd. and tho Boutli-
SM, i'H rn Brigadiers would take as muoh lntorot
1 .,t In the light its the Northorn Urlttndlors. All
gHlfi ,i - sections ot tho country would uiillo cntliu.sl-
'ViWlvV U 'r astlcally nnd pntiiotlcnlly In tho suppoit of
SmMbv. fa" tho conornl Ooornment- I do not son any
HII ;,., doubt as tn tliu nutcoino ot the contest. It
1 ? (HB- w. wnr is declared I do lint think it will lat
SBBw'-4 ' ,on"- Tho l'resldont will rcwlvotlio hearty
fjKtwV 'si' 5 support of both Houses f Conunmx and of
VjBs,4 ,. all tho State Government ns n mnttrr of
'sHIHt i course. Irionptthlnk tint thn wnr. hhould
cfBli'? ''''", there be a war. will hnvonny polltlciil Blcnlu-
V, (l) i, i oanco. Tho Houso of lteprosrutntlvus la
iBft'i , , Domoorntic. ThoHunnto le nepuhliiiun. Thoro
,'IBr, ') . would tin no dlfforenco bvtwonn tho two In
-VllHIi1' '.'V '' their support of tho Administration In proper
VHi i tU ir War measures. All tho I'nlted Stntct desire U
C.!iK"i i . ,,. that proper roHpect should lie paid thi'm. I do
fBj f not think it would take lone to unsure ttint."
4'JHf ' Re (nys Thrro IVouM Iln N' Ifonnr In
tH f UcklDS Our.borae Connlrr l.tbe ('lull.
jjjBi "''5i KiLAMAtoo. Jan. IP. Company C Snnnnd
( :r f .,)' y Kegimont, Michigan Stato troops, lint night
? H Pi ; passod a resolution urging Gov. Wln.ins to
, EHa l' call thorn llrst In case of war with Chill, nnd
,V B ' ( thememorlal waB forwarded to Laiihlnuto-ilny.
4 .' '- ' Detroit. Jan. Ill Gov. Wlnuns stopped In
;'. H' r:- - Detroit this afternoon on his wny to Wnshlng-
y ml v. , "' ton to try and secure ttio National Domocratio
'' Mi 4 -r Convention for Detroit In spciikinc of tho
f B- '' aettpn of the Kalnmnzoo company Gov. Wl-
h B) 7:i;-f 'Jns prulsod the lioy. hut mldud:
a B; A jc . "II sooms to me that thoruean bo no good
J !' l.'r' MKUfceforu war with Chill at the prosent tlmn.
-f ft c ' . That little God-forMikon country In bem-nth
'i'lB' !',;' our notice. Kit wn Kngland. now. I should n't
'-iBV' f " mlud. but dliTerunces with such 11 country as
TBB' 7' ' that should be rondily eottlod l-y arbitration.-
r,BB' That plan would be much tho chcapor nnd
.!'' ' bettor. I bellevo In demanding full indemnity
l'BHi 4 tor oil that wo rnnv luno Mi(Terit from tho
!, :; , ' Chilians, but I bolhno in demimdlnc it otlior-
:( if' Wise than at the ciinnon't mouth.
'-'..' ; J "Do you know what a wnr with Chill would
''v 4 ' eostthls country. I'von under the most fimir-
?.'; 'ft, able clroumFtnnces r It would nov or cost ler.s
,aBK . than $:X).lKH).tH)0. with tho cluincox luicfly
7 7? ; ' In excess of that Memo. Whj. it cowtn 6I.S1X)
:.'. lor every timo you flrw somo of tnose new-fan-
'$ 'P, '- Clod guns on tho newwnr ships. And nil for
S'BB-T ?: j.'What? All for licking ullttlo oi)-horso coun-
? t,v .- ;J, ttft for which no glory uoulil poselbly bo ob-
JilHB- .4 i.,- tlBod. TI10 army nnd navy jiro. n nourso,
JBi i' i L, 4nxIous for wnr. Thoy hnvo henn out of job
,'(5 rl- ' o lone that they very naturally fcol as though
'JH it ' - ft was tlmo thoy were doing something. I '
n ,i V have a sou In tho regular urmy, nnd I know ho
,- ,' f- leloud in his damnnd for blood, liut n llttlo
; 3, '& ,. , coolconsldorntlon Is worth nil tlii wild enthii-
W i "' slasm. and that Is just what 1 luio bucn trying
VHI ,X J to give tho subjocu"
B $ ' '
'iM i ""' A Few WiMt to I'lalit. hut HoM l'rraon
. f; K Consldrr TlcklUli I'oavlbllllles.
iBB ,U. ' In tho clubs, the hotel corridors, tho ox-
t ' ' Changes, the storos. nnd thocarsthn possibility
:lB V ', Of wnr with Chill wiih yrstonlny tho topla of
oBJ ' conversation. The samo variety of opinion
(BJ ! 'f " Which The Hun gnvo publicity to yebterday
''I I ' Wa noticeable In tho talk about town. In
''I nios Places oplulons wvro pretty evenly dl-
jBJ )', ' V Tided. At tho Maritlmo Exchange tho old eea
:Bj t , dogs wore inclined to rrivo Chill n good thrash.
iH '' k 'ne' onJ " "l0 m,lttots wero (0 bo decided by
; Bj , t them a declaration of war would not bo de-
iiB) f layodlong. At no placo, howmor. was (lght-
t,flj I, Ins talk moro abundant than at thetiuuthurn
im l ... Club-
?B ft - " Many sensational rumors wero flying nhout
;'m 'i , CJI day, and tho nowspapors wero outorly
)Bl ; ' f bought to find confirmation or denial of Ihem.
m -f r"l Besides tho doBcotulica from Washington.
.BJ :, fc ' V bowevcr, no news was dovelupcd. At tho N'uvy
j-B !,( i? t Xard work was pushod uctlvcly. but It was ns-
;,BJ K j-f Mrtod officially that absolutely no dirucllonH
'B 5 f ' had been recelvud from Washington. Tho
B ' ty -activity. It waB explained, was nothing un-
H .'. , usual, and was simply In lino with tho Com-
BJ i.hit mnndant's policy to have nil repairs llnl.shed
BJ 4 y' ' "' M speedily as possible. It was rumored that
BJ 4' ,? orders had been rocoivod from Washington to
fll 0, plaeo torpedoes around New York harbor and
'lB c ;'; ' to make the armor on tho Vosuvlus 1 Incluw
iBi ii I?'' tnlck and to fit her out with torpcdooA. All
I ,y. ?1. thin was denied nt tho Nnvy Yard.
I S VS' Tho most startling news from WnshhiKtnn
, ;- j': ' wan tho announcement that orjuis Imcl boon
iHC J. s . Issuod from tho Nnvy Dopnrtmont to Hour Ail-
'BE ';:' mlral Ghorardl and Admiral Walker to con-
V A & ocntrato their squailrons at Valparaiso, Ad-
BBt' S, mini Ghorardl to be in command. Tho latter
BE if " if now with his squadron at roit-nu-rrlnco.
fll ?"."" His squadron includes tliol'lillndulphin. Con-
id ., M oord. and Kearsnrgo. Admiral Walkor'n
7 h MUadron is at Montevideo, und comprises tho
'?BI '- h Chicago, Atlanta, and IJonniiigton. Naval
I 'J-' .-,. omcers wero Interested also In tho despatch
'SB-' f" which Bald that threo Chilian mon-of.wnr and
HE V t ono. torpodo boat which loft Valparaiso undor
111 V '1 - - sealed orclorn would stop In tho Ktn..!sof Ala-
'KI ' it . . Bellan. Thlslooksns If thoChiliun Government
i , wsb prepared to dlxputo tho iiassaco of tho
' u United btates moti-of-wiir. An oniclul In nu-
' '.' .A .thorlty at tho Naval Ynnl said that in his
Bi I ,n opinion this meant simply that tho Chilian
t ' uovernmept was determined not to bo bnfilnd
!'? In preiuratlojis. IfwnrdovHrome. thnUnitod
.f -s -. BUtes ships probably will hao to light tfndr
Bk -' , war through thn straits. A Chicugouu wanted
jV;t, A. IP know wiiat olleet war would have upon tho
H M world's Fulr. This directed attention to tlin
flnv tr- ' ,. Probability that tho World's i'uir will bo sorl-
Bio t V mvr .intorferod, with. If It iBii't knooked
BBH4 S. 9ui altogetlior, in thn event ot wnr. Tho
gv ,V- dutanco botwoon tho two countries, tho
- ,. tlino that it will take to trnnHport troops, and
Etho possibility of long-drawn-out warfnro In
.' the mountains, mako Tt appear very probablo
H; '-' that hostilities would bo continued boyond tho
; ;f- tfm set for the opening. of tho Fair, l'osslbly
;' tp t this would bavu somo ouoct upon thn war son
4 1. ' n timents ot those members of Congress who
W ;f-, are devoted to tho Fair.
BBK W i''s.:3O-Much.0f yesterday'H talk nmong parsons
BBK ' i'.li-V Botfltixinusto sen thehorrorn of war In (Ills
BBBi K'v i :' ', Imtnedlato vicinity, wan devoted to tho con
BKritir - .' atdsratlon of New ioik's dofencos. Much In
BBBiBf - dUrnaUoa was expressod at tho fall urn of Con
k ' Brass to provide ndequnto fortifications and
BBBmRmC' ' oost defences. While t was bolioved that
BBKWDn ,l torpedoes and somo of tho new ships could
BBKKtf , prevent" the ontranco of the enemy Into New
BBtM 1 York harbor, some apprehension was felt that
BBKBkw' . oneo Chili's vossels might throw n few shells
nnHiiS'- - Uto 'the olty. If, for lustnnce, tho Capltnn
BBBfl ' ,,' mttha biz Chilian warship that is being
BBBBvr . oomp eted at a Fronch port, should some this
BBBW&v 5 .wa. New Vorkflrs might well tremble. IhU
BBVB'U ut.ni.wilp U .one. of the host equipped and most
BHtS rt. ' powerful flehters in the world, and would give
BflUr ;.' any of our ships a hard tight With nearly all
BflBfl. ' sur vessels steaming southward, the Capltnn
BBBBfJt 'Prat with liar Croat epeod. might cross the At-
Bl-L Li fcntfcfand play havoo with this city, The
BBVt V.v?. latest nformatlon raftkss It appear kely that
BBBBu 1. ? wlllbe ready lu overy respect within thirty
BBBKJr '-). -days. and ho could be put in commUslon
Batx..' 1, The idea was advanced yesterday that Chill,
BflBBr '.' conscious tliat her seaport towns could ne
BBBbuSi" wiped out sooner, or later by our, navy, might
BBBbTCkV y play a trump card by leaving them to such
f.Vg J protection as sim other weaker vessels could
BBKlSlV t Blve, and strike for oar big seaport, oltles with
Kg ,ik.fRr more powerful ships. Thev might figure.
H.: aaidth fheorUts who suggested this, upon
BBHfM Mtoe pretty bis ransoms. I
tVh Tones; Nw Yorksn are Jtcaay to
Ho Tovrard RhdHn Bloo4. "-
In the evont of a war with Chill the authori
ties at Washington will do well to turn nt onco
to the naval reserve of tho Btnto of New York
for Information and advice. Anticipating the
outbreak of hostilities, tho naval resorve has
gono over tho ground carefully and Is pro
pared to forward to Washington at onoo a
plan of campaign that will bodo HI for tho
enemy. Tho head of tho organization Is Gen.
If. Livingston Sntterloe, "President of tho
Naval Rosorvo Association of New York," To
a reporter he said:
"Forbearanco is always a good thing, but
thero Is a porlod whon forbearanco ceases to
bo a virtue If Chill has shot nnd murderod
American citizens and refiuos to mako re
dro'B, then tho result must ba war. Unless
this Government asserts Itself, and does It
soon, too, tho Amorlcnn flag will mean noth
ing outside ot Amorlcnn territory. War with
Chill or with any ono Is much to bo deplored.
Nevertheless we must maintain our dignity.
"The rosorvo is part of tho organized and uni
formed militia ot this Stato. In this respoct wo
aro on exactly tho same footing ns tho National
Guard. The only illffcronco is that our duty
Is porformed afloat while the National Onard
works on land. Tho inllltla was organlzod for
a homo guard, nnd to protect the lives and
property of the citizens ot this Btnto. Wo aro
tho marine militia. . In tlmo ot Insurrection or
riot, or whon tho territory ot the Htato is In
vadod bynfoo, tho only way In which woenn bo
got out of tho State Is to bo ordered out by tho
Uovornor at the request of the President. Only
whon thn wholo navy Is In use pan we booallod
upon. Thero in hardly a possibility of the
reserves being. ordored to Chill, because itho
tinvy may be able to hondlo tho Chilians. The
only powor llkoly to clvo us any trouble is
"In the face of theso clroumstancos tho
men of tho rosorvo. knowing tho only way
thoy can bo ordered outi in 11 body, havode
tlied another plan. A nortaln number of tits
men, say H per cent., will apply ror n furlough
und at onco ollor their BOrwooB to tho Secre
tary of tho Nn y. Theso men will ondoavor to
have thomsvlvos distributed equally among
the various men-of-war thut tho Government
luny prollt by their knowledge Tho remain
ing 4U por cent will stay here and protect the
coast thereby enabling tho Socretary to send
the tvholo regular navy to Chill. Tho vuluo of
our sorvlces cannot bo overestimated.
"Kxer since wo wore mustered tnwo hnvo
been sttidylugtho method and means of do
fending tho water approaches ot Now York.
This Is a problem that n great manyot our
men hnvo boon at work on for years. Our
plans show that thoro are two, approaches to
Now York ono from the oastwurd through
Long Island Hound und ono from the south
through tho lower bay or the Kill von Kull.
Ourmon ureinstructod in tho various chan
nels, lights, and buoys, and are familiar with
tho water around New York. Many aro rachta
mon, nndarq at homo on tho eea. Wo Imvo
also established a bureau ot Information. Wo
hnvo divided tho ocoans Into districts, und nach
division of tho rosorvo has made a special
study of tho district allotted to It. Each com
pany Im collecting nnd forwarding to mo in
formation In reenrd to Its territory. This
Information will boot great uso In tho coming
war. For Instance, we have a complete list or
coaling stations whore vossels can bo coaled
rapidly and can take on water and provisions.
Wo know whero nil tho mnrlno railways nnd
dry douks are. Wo have n list of all Dram and
companies who mako a businoss of building
nnd repairing steam and electrical machinery,
We know the oxtent of their plants, tho kind
audumountof work thoy can turn out In an
emergency. Wo aro familiar with the draught
of water nt their works and the slzo of
tholr cranes and othor machinery. We
knowthospcod nnd capacity of nil tugboats.
rUor steamers, and other commercial craft tho
world over. Wo. know which vessels we enn
uso for torpedo boats, which vessels are stilted
fur despatch work, and Which will do for trans
ports. We know whore material can bo oh
fiilncd easily tnnbstructchannolsornavlgaOIe
waterways. Our nnpor place In case of war
I right hero In No w 'i urk. but when you think
oithi" grout knowledco we possess It Is only
rightthnt we should sond part of our men to
survo tho nation whilo the rest protootthn
Ktuto. Wo will undoubtedly sond mon on each
vessel In tho coming war to render any aid lu
their powor.
"Hut thoeo aro not tho only things wo can do.
If tho Government neods them, wo can fit out
the fastest of tho ynclita In our fleet und trans
form them into torpedo boats. Wi could then
not only defend our water front but could
hapten to the aid of tho navr In other waters.
At the present tlmo wo aro studying tho prob
lem of taking somo ot the fastest bouts and
commercial craft In the bay and rigging thorn
with spar torpedoes. These boats will draw
hut llttlo water, our mon aro regular pilots,
aud wo will work wonders. I should not bo
surprised if wo received an old monitor to
servo In. W 0 will then go out as a soparnto
crew, with our own oftlcers anil mon. Our
'commander is eminently lifted for this duty,
tin Is an old sailor, and. having boon around
Pa do Horn. Is naturally familiar with tho
Chilian coast
" Tills fact should be understood, tho re
serve Is made up of men of nerve. Wo have
ptuctle.nl manhlnlsts. practical engineers,
practical mechanics, nnd ubovu nil. practical
and valuable knowledgn and plans."
As Oon. If. Livingston Bntterleo reached tho
word plans." ho waved Ills hand toward a
Pile ot papers ou his left then moved it slowly
toward a stack of drawings on his right then
pointed i t toward soveial tin boxes with bright
fllll letters on them, nnd finally poised It oror
lis head, with Ids forefinger pointing to.ft plo
turo of the old Minnesota.
We nan a Iot of Flue, Pant Mhlps Tbat
Would He Available.
Wo shall not want for transports If tho war
breaks out Thare aro atloast two sooro of avail
able steamships, all of American make, which
run log at least fourteen knots an hour. Tho
United Btatci and Dru'zil Mall Steamship Com
pany has a float of flvo vassals, the Finance.
Alllunca. Vlgllnnon, Advance, nnd Soguriiuca.
only ono of which Is under 2.000 tons net Tho
Seciirnnca and VIgllunca worn launched los
than two years ago In Dolawnro. Thoy are slstor
ships, constructed ot stool, and nrndrivon by
triple-expansion engines. Thoy can make nt
U.eii knots. Thoy are tf'JO foot long, 4T feet
beam, and 27 feet iloop. Ono of thn lied D
lino's trio of vomnls, the venouoln, was tasted
by a naval board n Jan. A. and found tn bo lie
forn war ship. Kho Inn now boat having, boon
built by tho OrampHitV IHWl. Tho Newport of
tho I'arlllc Mall lln'dwan Hlso tried nnd round
satisfactory. Thorn uro suvornl moro ships of
this lino, including tho City of Para and the
City of Poking, which might boused ugalnst
the bellicose Chilians.
Not lo.'ist nmong thn available vessels In
nmorgenoy nrn tho big frelghtnrK of tho Pncltla
Improvement Company, pfyliiir betwoen this
port anil New Orleans, flio nownst ol this
lloet Is thn hi Kol. Hlie und the City of Puking,
each measuring 4.H00 tons, nro tho largest
American HtnimHlilpt afloat Tim Kl Hoi Is
400 feet long. 4rt feat beam, and I il3X feet deep.
Kho hns fnurstcol mnstB. Bchoiner-rlggnd, nnd
has attained a speod of fourtnen und 11 half
knots an hour. Her trfplo-oxpansluneagiuos
develop 11.500 hnrso power.
Thoje nro at least two powerful frnlght
steamships, tho Haturn nnd tho Orion, that
may bo unid as colllnrs. Thoy aro now on
gaged rowing co'il botwoon Nowport News and
lloston. it has been proposed to utlllzooiioof
theso stniiniblilps mid 11 tow of two or throe
stanch stool whnlnbaok barges, holding nltn
gethor nhout 10.000 tonsof coal, ns a lloatini;
supply station for our war vassels, which will
ho unable to got coal at wny ports be
tween this country and Chill In tho
event of wnr. Mr. Fred It. IUInll, who
mprcMcntR the Doston Towboat Company, thn
ovMicra of the Datum, thinkn tho scheme Is
practicable. Tho Haturn enn stnnd tho rough
est kind of weather und maintain her grip on
hor ti.w. Hho may bo provisioned for six
months, nnd, with JI.OOO tons of coal In hor
hold nnd hunkers, fiho could 'stay out nt least
half a year. Hor convoy could bo provided
with coal from the bargos.
llow War U Prnolulmrd, aad Its r.recta oa
(he IleMlccrsDla uad oa Neutral;
Although wnr used to ho doclarod with grunt
solemnity nnd pomp lu tho old days whon two
nntionn ngrsad to dlsagren, yet tho nspnet of a
war In thooo daya wau much Insn Iruportunt
tliun now. Nowadays many questions enter
into the plans for carrying on a war betwoen
civilized nations that formerly did not exist
Of old th.o heralds of ono country wont to tho
boundary of tho enemy's land and announcod
that war was to be declared; then they de
clared war, and finally broko a stick tn token
of defiance. And then war began. Everyone
who wasn't for the first nation was for tho sec
ond nation, or dee vena, and the armies ot one
sldo preyed Impartially on the property of
their enemies aid their enemies' enemies, or
tholr own friends; ttmado no dtfforenoe who
olso suffered, so lone as the enemy did.
All that has been changed, however, and
with the added complications of modern life,
espoclully In commercial matters, the ma.
chfnory by which two civilized countries go to
war Is not set In motion so easily as It used to
be. With the United State, too, the author
ization of aOeslftratlon of. war U made mora
than usually djoipult by the couatltutlonal
provision that such as act shall require a law
of OonereM. that is. the concurrent nssenl of
the two nouses of Cowtreaa and the President
Only once has tho United Btates formally de
clared war aoalnst another country by act of
Obn'erois. On May 13. 180,' lh Houso of
Ilepresentativos. by a voto of J74 to 14, do-,
dared war agnlnst Moxlco: tho Benato voted
40 to 2, and the President signed the bill.
That was a necessary preliminary, and it Is so
still. Tho modus oprtnH of declaring tha
half-oxpocted war with Chill, therefore, will be
as follows!
A bill will be roported to both tho Senate and
nnd the House on tho some day from tho re
spectlvo comralttcos on Foreign Dotations,
whloh will be pas9od without friction and
slgnod by tho Prosldcnt who will thereupon
tssuo a proclamation, declaring war against
Chill. Notice will bo sent to tho Minister of
tho United Btatos In Chill, the Hon. Patrick
Egan. who will inform tho Chilian rorolgm
Minister that he has been recalled, and that ho
has rosohed no Instructions as to tho appoint
ment of n successor! ho will thon ask for his
passports, nnd will end by "renowlng tho as
surances of his distinguished consideration."
Tho Chilian Mtnlstor will do tho same thing
hero; or it Is posstblo that while wo send to
tho Chilian Mlnlstor his passports boforo ho
neks for (hem, tho Chilian Foreign Office may
do the sarao thing to Mr, Egan. In either coso
the logatlons of both countrlos will boclosod;
doubtless tho Chilian Minister In Washington
will request tho British Mlnlstor there to net
for him, and probably Mr. Egan will be repre
sented by tho Spanish Minister to Chill.
With tho declaration ot war tho troublo and
complications Inotdent to a disturbance of
commercial relations begin. A reasonable
tlmo will bo ntlowed to all non-combatant
enemies to leave tho respoctivo countries; all
partnerships botween Americans nnd Chilians
will bo ilitsolvod ivia facto by the mere declar
ation of war; and business botween the two
countrlos will como to n standstill. Tho Con
suls will return their exequaturs, will closo
their Consulates and return home: In fact
ovory moans of direct communication botween
thn two countrlos will bo closed.
On top ot this commercial dlsturbnnco will
como tho hostilities, in whatever form thoy
may take. Immediately all merchant vessels
ot either nation wlll'be liable to cApturo by
war vessels of the other nation, their ofltcers.
crows, nnd passengers will be llublo to deten
tion as prisonern of war and their cargoes to
confiscation. This, howevor disagreeable, is
expected In tlmo of war. and Is one of tho rltks
ot travelling or shipping; coods in war time.
Tha Question ot neutrals, howovor, tholr
rights and tholr duties, is tho chief compli
cating oloment in thn carryliig-on of modern
war. The rules laid down by tho Troaty of
Paris of 1850. to which most ofvlllzed nations
havo given their assont either formally or by
Implication, are as follows: , , ,
1. Privateortnc is and remains abolished.
'2. Tho neutral flag covers enemy's goods,
oxcopt contraband ot war.
;). Neutral goods, with thn oxanptlon of con
traband ot war. aro not iUblo to capture uudor
an enemy's flag.
4. Blockades, to be binding, must bo
The rules of tho Geneva tribunal of 1872
naturally bind tho United States. They in
terpret the Treaty of Paris in a manner which
will be sustained by neutral nations; and
they aro as follows: . ,
"A neutral Government Is bound: 1. To uso
duo diligence to prevent the fitting out, arm
ing, or equipping, within its jurisdiction, ot
any voseel which It has reasonable ground to
bellovo Is Intendod to cruise or carry on war
against n power with which it 1b at penco: nnd
also to use like diligence to prevent thn do
parturofrom Its jurisdiction ot any vessel In
tended to cruise or carry on war ns nboe.
such vessol having been specially adapted. In
wholo or in part, within such jurisdiction to
warlike uso. 'J. Not to permit or suffer either
belligerent to make use of Its jiortu or waters
for naval operations ngainrt the other, or for
tho purposo of tho renewal or augmentation
of military supplies or nrms.ortho recruitment
ot men. 3. To exorcise duo diligence In its
awn porta, or waters, nnd as to nil persons
within its jurisdiction, to proventany violation
of tho foregoing obligations nnd duties."
While theso rules, which now form part of
tho law of nations, will render costly tho pros
ecution ot u war by tho United States against
the actual territory of Chill it seems to be tho
?;onornl Idoa that our operations will bo of
ensivo. not defensive they will ham por Chili,
too. and espociully will thoy servo to protect
tho oastern coast of tho United States: of that,
howovor. more hereafter.
All provisions, arms, nnd ammunition for our
fleets acting on tho Chilian coast will havo to
bo brought down to them from this coun
try in transports either armed or oonvoyed
by men-of-war. Nono of our vossels will
be able to procure coal or provisions in
any neutral port unions It puts In undor
stress of wcathor: In that case It will ba
!olzud and disarmed und hold powerless .until
ho war is ended. A nmu-of-wnrof either un
ion will bo allowed to water In n neutral port;
butuonlisso necessary a part ot tho arma
ment of a war vossol otto-day that It is prac
tically contraband, and a war vessol of a
nation actually nt war cannot renew Its sup
plies from a neutral or from its own tender In
a neutral port
Tho Chilian fleets will bo under tho same dis
abilities in noutral ports, and perhaps will Tool
thorn even moro than our fleets: tor Peru Is
on bad terms with Chill, and. if it thought it
would pay, socretly might allow our vessels
favors which It would refuse to Chilian ships.
Brazil, too, Is friendly ton; while tho British
inttuencos whloh make thoArgeatino lleuuh
llo and tho lllvnr Plato countries to favor Chill
Wilt nt thn sumo time movent any even secret
act of friendship toward that country us
against the United States.
On our Atlantlo const remains to bo consid
ered tho Chilian cruiser Capltnn Prat, now
being completed nt Toulon. If war is declared
before alio Is completed, tho Fronch Govern
ment will detain hor. thus removing her from
consideration on our part It ho loaves Tou
lon before tho outbreak ot hostilities, she will
bo free to go any whore, to coal and roflt any
where; hut though she should lonvo boforo
wnr Is declared, sho cnanot refit at any noutral
iKirt alter tho declaration of wnr. If she does
loavo Toulon nnd cruises against the United
Buites. our naval vessels on tho Atlan
tic will havo to look after her: hor
conl onnnot last forever, und when that
Innxhaustod her powers as an ofTeusho ele
ment will oenso. Whllo her coal lasts, how
ovor, oven If sho docs not attack nny of our
ports, she will be nblo to Interfcro with our
mails und with tho passngn of public officers,
for public oftlcers and ofllctal ilespatche'iiot
diplomatic nnd not In tho otdlnury mulls uro
contraband of wnr.
As to tho rights of neutrals, they may send
goods not eontrnbund of war to both
countries, malls nnd diplomatic dospatches;
but a hostile fleet blockading a port may
capture oven 11. neutral vessel trying tu run
tho blockade, nnd, on condemnation, such u
vessel Is confiscated.
Non-combatant enemies will ho obliged to
lonvo tho two countries: their property on
land, howovor, will not bo confiscated iinlms
undor oxceptlonalclroumstancea Noutral; in
ono countrv will be treated as carefully as
possible by tho enomy: they will bo warned to
leave a town which the onomy purpososto
bombard, and will have time to do so. nnd In
aierywiiy. xcent for tho restriction caused
by n, blockade, will bo as freo as if in their own
countries, so long, of course, as thoy
remain neutral. Thoy have not. as against
an onamy, the sumo rights or privileges as
one of the cltlrons of tho hostllo country with
in whose territories they live: but they are
protect e'l moro carefully because the dlplo.
mntio forces of tholr on countries nre btill
resident In the hostllo countries, and are ex
empted by tho hostllo forces from contribu
tion and dnmuco as much oa possible.
Citizens of ono hostllo country nro hound tn
ohsorvo tho laws of wnr; thoy may not shoot
down onomlos' mon. unless thoy nro them
selves part of tho forcos of tholr own country,
nnd thoy may not act as guerrillas. If they do
sothey are liable to death by hanging whon
enpturod. All operations of war, in other
words, must ho ofllclal.
Cnnnecllcnt Men Wllllnc to Flgbl,
New Biutain, Conn,. Jan. l(l.-Cupt McLean
ot Compuny E. First noglment, has placod on
lllo in tho Adjutant-Goners.!' office In Hart
ford papers expressing hi willingness. In cbbb
ot war with Chili, to raise a company in thla
cltr. Ilo as already twenty-five names pledged,
and Iscoiitldent that he can raise u compuny
If a cull Is made for troops.
l:.Jude .lubnaoa'a 'will Set Aac.
Mary A. Thoall ot Oyster Bay. who was
houbokoopor for her uncle, tho late ox
Judgo Robert II. Johnson ot this city, lost a
fortune of $75,000 yesterday by n decision of
Surrogate Wollorof Queons county. Bho was
her uncle's housekeeper for more than twenty
roars, and on his doath n will was found bo
guenthlng to her an estate valued at 175,000.
It was contested, and evidence was produced
to show that Judge Johnson had made a second
will, but destroyed It burrognte Veller de
elded against the first will, on the ground that
it had not boon reestablished atter Judge
Johnson made and destroyed his second wilL
Miss Thoall will now sue tho estate for com
pensation for h r services.
H JElfktctu Mouth for Oastoa De Lcaa. S3
Gustav Bdrwald, otherwise Gaston De Leon,
who pleaded guilty on Friday, In the Lee Ave
nue Tollce Court In Wllllamsburgh. to two
charges of petit larceny, was sentenced by
Justice Gnettlng yesterday to eighteen months
Impil-onment liirwaid Utile man who hn
been luing for year, on the credulity nf poo
plo to whom lie told a cleverly concocted story
of. rich and noble, relathos In Pari und re
mittances that could not bo obtained from tho
bank uutll proofs 0! Identity were JurnisbeA
Six Weeks
With tho Grip
Wat my Md uperltnct early la 1601, nd I wii
tstn vry wk and cnb!to work ovr tew honri.
(JBtlniirred m utt HotiiVa Harsapnrllla, I did aa,
and In tin dayt 1 eonld wort, Up well, had a good
appttlts, and filntd In bulla and trantti." CHAR,
KBSWELU TaKde. Itooa'a Flit curs JLIver Ilia.
THE tiErvntic OF cnzti.
A. Narrow Strip of Mountainous Connlry
With a, reputation or Nearly 3,000,000.
The republic ot Chill, ns tho gazottcor tells
us. Is a country of South Amorica. bounded on
th oast by ranges of tho Andos and on tho
west by tho Paclflo Ocean. To bo moro pro
else, Chill Includes tho narrow strip of land on
tho wost coast of South America, extondlng
from Peru on the north nearly to Capo Horn,
and boundod ontho wost by Bolivia and Ar
gentina. In breadth this strip of land vnrlos
from 40 to 200 mllos. while Its length Is 'J. 000
miles. If a long line oould be dropped from tho
Jvi) r7 N.
Jxu TV
H S? I . ' f T
'iSOHVIaJ ' t
v l 0
5"""",rV ii j-i-S
0 Gf.rU'
1 Jif T ij
W or
city of New York struight down to tho South
Polo it would como within a very miles of
touching both ends ot Chill.
Chill lias nn area ot 30:1.1170 square mile,
and Its population in 1685 was 'J.ft'JO.OOa
From ono ond to tho other it id 11 country ot
high mountains; whoso tops aro snow-clad tho
year through. Its coast lino nITords but few
frood harbors. Tho best ono Is that ot Talca
lunno, a little town or 2.D0O inhabitants In
the southern part ot the const tine.
The harbor Is well protected and hnsnmplo
room nnd depth of wutor. Porto Coqulmbois
tho noxt harbor In point of safety. Thoro nro
0.000 Inhabitants in tills town, but seven miles
Inland is the important city of Coqulmbo. tho
capital ot tho province It has 1D.000 Inhab
itants and is the scat of a Bishop.
The most important harbor on tho Chilian
eoastis that of velpntalso. Tho town, which
has h population of U1.TJ7. Is on a bny of semi
circular form, which is capable of accommo
dating a very largo Hoot, it Is well sheltered
on the cast, south, ond west, but toward tho
north It Is exposed.
Tho greater part of tho town Is built on tho
sides of hills sloping down to tho water's odgo.
On tho wholo It alToi'ds as good u target for a,
man-of-war's guns as can bo found on thn
const of the continent. Ou March :tl. 18CU.it
was bombarded brn Spanish squadron under
Admiral Nunez und u largo part of It was
ruined. Tho lobS to tho town was ostimatod ut
The climate ot Chill, although it Is one of tho
finest on tho globe, scorns to have nn Indolent,
apathetic olTect on tho people. Tho Chilians
possess tho proud distinction of bolngnslnzy
n nutlon of poonlo as exists to-day. Thoy aro
not a long-lived poople, tho n Venice duration
of life being less than In more variable climates.
Chill Is. 1 great country for earthquakes. A
record ot twenty-live months shows lf0 sepa
rate nnd distinct shucks. Theso shocks do not
ns a rule do much damage, but thoy frighten
tho llfo out ot tho Chilians for u week.
Brooklyn Socleljr'a Great Ball.
Tho social event In Brooklyn last nleht was
the seventh annual Ihpetonga ball, which
took place in tho nrt building and lu tho as
sembly rooms of tho A?udomy ot Music, which
adjoins. There was a great outpouring ot
Brooklyn fashionables, nnd tho ball was con
sidered one ot tho most onjoyablo und bril
liant ever given by tho socioty.
The decorations in botli dwellings wero on
an extonslvo scalo. In tho asuombly roonu.
on a background ot scarlet wore huhc mod
ern tapestries, set in narrow gilt mouldings.
and nt regular Intervals on tho four sldos of
the room were pilasters ot whitowood with
clldod capitals. Tho mirrors woro trimmed
with ivy and red roseB, and ovor the tnpestrios
nnd thn icd wall was n broad friozeof whito
material upon which wore suspended garlands
ot Pink loses, caught up with ribbons ot
applo-green satin.
There wus dancing In the nrt room, which
was transformed Into n ballroom ot thn time
of tho empire. Tho guests were received by
tho pntronesses. MrH. Udward H. Lltohflold,
Mrs. A. Augustus Low. Mrs. Henry ). Brook
man, and Mrs. William C. Sheldon, Jr. After
Bupper. which was served at small tables, tha
cotillon was danced, Mr. Arthur M. Hatch
leading with Miss Lillian Talmage.
Fi at Htcumar sJerTlca to Canada.
Ottawa, Jan. 11). It Is undorstooa thut the
Canadian Pacific itallroud Company tender for
establishing it faBt line service between Canada
and England will bo accepted, thus chine that
company a direct lino of stoam rail and water
communication botwoon Groat Britain and
China. Tho tenders which wero called for by
the Dominion Government for this fast Atlan
tlo service wero opened to-dny. but it is at
prosent Impossible to obtain uuy details re
specting thorn boyond tho report thut tho Ca
nadian Pacific hi llkoly to Bocuro tliu coutrnct
and tho subsidy the Gorornment will have to
pay for tills sorvico. Parliament made a statu
tory offer of an annual subsidy of ifiOO.OOO to
any company undertaking tho service last
year, but It laundorstond thnt this amount
will haVo to bo largely Increased undor thn
terms of tl tender of thn Canadian Puclllo if
the Government accepts tho olTor.
I.oaa of Pnhtlu Heapect ror T.nw.
Amjavt. Jan. 10. -Tho titnto liar Association
convened In this city to-dny, und the annual
address was delivored by Melvlllo M. Bigelov.
Ills subject wus: "ltospect for the Low, Ito
spi'UBlblllty of the Proposition." After a. brief
Introduction he said: "Lut mo put my lliigur
at onco upon the ono urout evil for which the
profession, the bar moro than thn bench. Is
lutgely responsible. Tho evil Is the mani
fest toweling In record years of re
spect for tho law. I hum 110 respect for
lawyers. Our wuys havo been ovll continually.
It Is not 1 ropeut. tho proluftiion tf. which I
refer nB suffering loss of respect; It Is the law.
That assuredly. Is a sorlous thing. Tho law
Is very humane as well, us just, lie It ours to
bring home to the jieonlo tho luw as a bonlgn
Influence, gently und llrmly connecting us ull
together us one."
Kecepttou for the Iter. II r. Duffitld.
The trustees ot tho First Presbyterian
Church cave a reception last night nt the
Presbyterian House. 53 Fifth avenuo. to tho
Itev, Or. Howard Dufllold ot Detroit, who has
succeeded the Rev. Blohard Harlan as pastor
ot tho church. Among those present wero tho
llov. Dr. Taylor. ex-Mayor Wiekham. Theo
dore I Ouylor of Brooklyn, tho llov. Dr. Phlllin
w'Att-J? '!', t'rosby Brown. Stephen B. Nash.
William K Dodi.;n.JilrdKoyoIilal.tman. Beverly
Chew, the Itev. Dr. Alexander. A. M. Iludnut,
Jumea Hansen. P. N, Owen, tho Itev. George J.
Mlnglns. C. M-Jfesup. Prof.k H. Bull, Itolert
I'brguson, tho ltov. Dr. 0. E. Knox, Granville
B. Smith, and Assistant United fitatos Treas
urer Kills It Roberts. Tho reception was lor
men only.
Ue WUhea to Marry Ilia Nltee.
Sam Francisco, Jan. 10,-Thoro Is much
gossip In Catholic circles here ovor the nppll
cation of Kidney Boyle, a wealthy young mor
chant living at Baa Rafael, for a Papal dispen
sation to marry his niece. Boyle and his
elder brother quarrelled several years ago,
but recently made up the trouble and divided
a large Inheritance from their father, who was
a wholesale Importer of woollens. Recently
the brother.died and Sidney was made execu
tor. Part ot tho estate was left to the widow
und her daughter. Sidney taw much of the
latter, who Is a girl of twenty, and the result
wAithnrthey fell in love. Being go.nl Catholics,
their onlyhone 0: getting their marri.iKn Mine
tioned to apply to the Pope, which they
huojut doue.
Torllfnrnl wlthoiu r litnse ot cn ! he Yuri 1
Cmru 'erftct wie. tr far.-4Ji. I
zms wAsmxarox rorjc
Thing ef Interest Hanpealas: la and Out or
tha Holla ofCooartsa.
WASnrsnTOj. Jan. 10. The chief business
of tho Houso to-dny was the discussion of tho
Public Printing bill, which comes up ns un
finished business. Mr.ChlpmaniMleh.)snldtha
economy sought to bo secured by tho bill was
nolthorwlso nor popular. Tho bill contained
features which tho Houso would nover ap
prove. Tho power given to the Sonatoln the
bill was not In propor proportion to thntot tho
House, which nominally held tho purse strings.
It waj a patt of tho plan pursued In
the last thirty yonrs by which tho
Sennto had graduully oncronched upon
the powers nnd prerogatives of tho
Houso until now tho Houso had largely lott
control of tho appropriation bills. Tho Mnto
ef thlnits rocnlcd by tho statement of Mr.
lllclmrdjon end tho bill Itself demonstrated
tho expediency, If nu tho necessity, of chnng
Ing the tlmo of tho beginning of tho sessions
of Congress. Tho present nrrnngoment. by
which for nearly ton months tho poople were
not repioBcnted on the Committee on Printing
by tho representatives elected by thorn, was
an artificial If not un-Dcmocrutlo one.
Mr. Johnstone of South C.irolinn opposed tho
bill on political grounds. Ho fald he saw In
Its provisions a schemo to consolidate in tho
Republican pnrly, through Its control of tho
exocutlvo departments, absolute chnvgn of
tho distribution of tho the Democratic
members of tho commltteo had political
literature of tho country. Iin thought elopt
on their political rights whon thoy agreed
to report the bill. It was open to another ob
jection, that by Its iolnt powo.rtonpolnt the
liioposed editor of the lAitiormsfuuut Jttcoid.
tho Senate would huo the power to super
vise the publication of tliu proceedings of
the House. Aud in tho third place. Mr. John
slono suld, tho most objectionable thing about
thnhlllwns tho appointment of tho Superin
tendent of tho pioposed Bureau of Distribu
tion. Ilo was to bo nomlnutod by tho Presl
dontnnd continued by tho Senate, mid would
bo tho representiitivu of nn adveiso political
power. To thla ofllclal mombcrs of tho House
were Invited to profer their roquoMs upon
matters of public businoss, a condition of
things which ho did not think comported with
the dignity of tho House.
In nnswer to n question by Mr. Walker of
Massachusetts Mr. Riahardson said ho would
not llko to undertake to makonn estimate of
tho amount that would bo saved under the
operations ot tho bill. A rough osttmnto had
been made that tho savlnir would vary from
S4U0.000 to iDOO.000 a year, but this he did not
Clvo with nny authority.
After further debate Mr. O'Neill moved to
lay the billon tho tabic. This was ngreod to
on a division ot tho Houso, 105 to 58. The yeas
and nays wero domanded, however, nnd tho
voto rosultod: Yens, 137; navs, 10',!. Mr.
O'Neill moved to reconsider tho vote, nnd then
toluythnt motion ou tho table. Those mo
tions wero adoptod. This clinched tho action
of tholluusuutid tho bill Is shehod for this
Mr. Cummlngs of New York Introduced the
bill prepared by the recent mooting of fourth
class Post mustors in this city to fix thn com
pensation ntull fourth-clubs Potmustersupon
u commission basis.
Mr. Snodgruss of Tennossoo offered n meas
ure mnking it 11 misdemeanor for any associa
tion doing businoss tinder tho national bank
ing laws ottho United States to chill go ortako
an Illegal rote of Interest. Tho rato to bo
charged Is that allowed by tho laws of tho
Stato in which the ban): Is situated, und whon
no such laws exist tho rate of lntorest Is lim
ited to 1 por cent, a year.
Tho Senate, with nnavorngo attendance ot
twenty-five membors during tho greater part
of tho dny, discussed U10 Ln Abrn claim until
adjournment nfter pasMngthcso public build
ing bills in tho morning hour:
MniiuKiiithllec Spring YrllnMHlnna Tart, tloooot
Tuimm. Tin , lUooon; WMtTburr. Conn. 1 100 000;
HattlniM, Ntb SaW.OOO. Vanslleld. O , aifjOOOU, Nor
f.ilV. Ni'h. t.TJl.lK).), Jnck'inWllt. III. "rlKl; feritus
ralln. Minn .SIOOOOO, .VullUil, N. lj.. $100,000; Zulios
Mllu. O., tlOO.OOO.
Tho President sent to tho Konnto. ln re
sponse to n resolution of Jan. 12, n report
from tho Secretary of Stato respecting tho
Woll and Ln Abia nwnrd. The Boorotary
says that Mexico mado tho final pnymont of u
total of ;.',r.';.4H8 on Jun. 21. lrtrto. The sum
prftJSO.SUUhnd been withheld from Benjamin
Well and the La Abrn Mining Company, and
thero is $lo.l04iu tho hnudsof thoHecrotnryyot
to bo distributed. Denth of tho principals and
failure of their administrator!) or executors to
pioent tholr claims for tho balances duo them
are thoouly 1 easous,Secretary Blnluosays, why
this sum lias not been pnlu out Socrctury
lllaimi says that nt no time has nny of the
money received from Mexico beon paid out.
Mr. Honr introduced a bill to provont tho
manufacture aud sale of clothing made lu un
healthy places. It provides tint nil urticles of
wearing apparol manufactured In oneStnto to
be sold or delivered In another Stato or In a
foreign .country shall bo markod, under a. pen
nlty oflromSTiOtoSlOO. with ntag containing
tho nnmo of tho stroot and number of tliu
houso whero the clothing was manufactured,
and othor Information for ldentlllcatlon.
Tho Senato hns confirmed thoso nomina
tions ot Postmasters:
New Vork-P. J. Mtnrlen, Wtit Cbs.ter; R. J. nock,
fiosticn; Bltliop Aruittronr. North Tarrjtown; o. 11.
Dtan. Kamlolpn: A.J. II) land. Colinctoti; C. A. JntiU
rtun. IbiOHlck I'jil.; A. 11. Lupbnni, Em: Aurora; J. M.
Ree.ua. Tiirotown.
.Now Jer.cj-Churle Ayera. Metuchen.
Tho merriest man on the floor ot the Sonate
to-day was Undo Philetus Sawyer, against
whom tho fntes were unpropltious yostorday
to tho extent of $150,000. To numorous in
quiries from his friends tho old gentleman ex
plained that tho decision by Judga Newman
iitTectea only two of throo cuscs in which
his liability as bondsman was heavy.
Yesterday's decision touches tho Sena
tors pocket to tho amount of SCO.0O0.
l'or nearly twonty years Senator Sawyer has
bocn n bondsman for Republican Statu Treas
urers In bin htato. All of these Treasurers,
without exception, hno been nominated nt
his dictation, nud most of them hno beon his
townsmen. Kx-Congrossmnn Gunthor, who is
nowConsul-Oonornlto Moxlco. held tho office
of Stato Treusurer two terms, liming been
picked up by Mr. Sawyer out of an Oshkosh
(true store nnd oloctnd almost before ho know
it K. U McFetrldge and II. D. Harshaw.
who each held thn olllco several terms, woro
also proteges of tho old Senator. All of theso
men have been In tho habit of depositing the
htato funds In vnrlous Republican banks
throughout thn htnto from which Interest has
boon received usually ut thni.itoof three por
cent., notwithstanding; a law on tho statute
books requiring theso funds to ho kept in tho
vaults of tho Stuto Treasury In tho Cupltol ut
With the olbctlon of tho Democratic admin
istration in Wisconsin Inst year thero begun at
once thn agitation nf tho question whether tho
various Republican ex-Trciisurnrn could ho
rnnclo to return to tho statu tho Internet they
had reeoived on htato moncjB placed In pri
Mitn Links. This nt onco put Senator
Suwyor In n decidedly unpleasant position.
Ono at least of theso ox-Treusurors had
gono through bankruptcy, and tho Interest
he had received during his four terms of sor
vlcn would havo to bo paid by Senator Sawyer
II it could bo collected of anybody. This in
terosilH roughly ostimatod to be about Sl'.'O,
(iOO for that :i'ri'diurur ulono. As some of tho
bondsmen nio dead und oiIkts aro
not s" nncosFlblo through ihu courts
ns .Sijimtcii Sawyer, thoro nntiirally lusted
upon 111 11 11 hi'iiw burden of defence.
J ho Dcinocriitlo Attornoy-tlcncrnl becan test
suits und Senator Sawyer retained I'. W,
I elkor and S. 11, Penney, two uf tho best
known lioinociatlc lawyers in Wisconsin, 'iho
fuels, niter n good ileal of legal skirmishing,
stnnd admitted, and the trial of the test caso
was. to decide simply legal iiuostloiis. The de
fence nly upon thn fact thut tho law of Iho
Statu niiidotho Treasurers not only thn cus
todian of Stato moneys, but nls.i the in
surer against nny possible loss. The Su
promo Court of Colorado In u similar caso
thought this responsibility instilled a Stato
'treasurer in depositing tho Stnto funds lu a
number of banks, fo as to divide and thereby
roducnthe possibility of loss, and also to re
quire lntorest at 11 low rate, so that In case of
nny loss ho should bo nblo to Indemnify
tho htato. It Is practically tho samo
quoptlon which has. jtrlsen In Pennsylvania,
hen uskod to-dny If ho should submit to tho
decision. Sonntor Sawyer wild: "Tho money l
roady for them when it Is decided to belong to
them. Uoshnll np peal tothuSiipromttCoiirl.
wheio .liistlen Pciiiiuy. whu was niyooiiiisol,
cnnr.ot s t, 0 eourso. Tim other four Justices
(irn equally divided between the twopurtioH.
lam not worrying a particle. I havo told two
vury good stories to-day. nnd luiighcd at four
or Iho others. I am huvlngu good time."
Thn action of the Democrats In certain
wards of Philadelphia In holding primary
meetings last night for tho election of dole
gates to tho State Contention thut will select
the 'delegates to tho National Ctuiciitlnn was
uldely commented upon to-day In Winning
ton. Hewial Republican and Mugwump news
papers claim that tho content was a direct
Issue between the Cleveland and Hill men In
Philadelphia nnd, that the friends of tho o.
President carried oer thine before them,
Uomocrats of prominence hero whoso
nttontinnl wus called to-day to theso
publications are surprised thut the Phi),
udelplda Democrats should attemrt to
" tll lighting by electing delegates t
tlile tliuf, wlkn thero ,s 1,0 warrant wlmtpver
for such nction. It is j.oiutcil outturn tho
Mute Loutsnll'ia hns not vet I our. called, und
that thcrelore it U plainly iriegulur toeloot
deli'gaUi to It tit thlii tlmo. homo of tho best
uoatoJ lawyers in both Houssj of Congress
, held that if delegates can be selected now to a
couvcnlion thut Is uU yot called lor, they could
Ulcer Form-IIospltali and Doctors
Useless Crnrccl with Pnln Curea
by Cuticurft Kemetllcs.
About olght yours ago I'wrote rou from
Wilkes harre, rn..dcscriblnB how your wonder
ful remedies completely cured mo ol a torrioio
caso of ocrema or salt rhoum. I must now toil
you what OUT1CUIIA RKMEDIK8 liavo aaaln
done for mo. Onthe 2Ud of last September. I
rfSaw had the mlsfortuno to brulso
jRiiSKfti. uy leg. and I put a piece, pi
fraSWiSaA stioking plaster on It Insldo
K Haaa Pi a week I had n terrible If r.
SflMy wife bocamo frightened
-. TRjandadvieedmetocotoasur;
P 'S EpL geon, I wont and dootore.l
' Ivlfortwo months, but no good
w fy was done me. besides costing
VSe. V me big money. My leg hud by
V this time formed Intoan ulcer,
X. K ft nnd got worso evory dny. I
ASjw l could not stand It any longer,
' K. .1 4aJ and mndeup :r.y mind to goto
r ) ifll n hotrltol nnd soo If I could
ts--J3V bo helped. 1 went to several
horo In the cltr, In turn, but none could do me
nny good. I had a ttrrible log. with 11 liolo In
It as big as a dollnr, and pain that almost sot
mo crar.y. I got scarod about It. and dptor
Slncd to trj'X!UTI0UaA.BEMKblE8. I ob
talnedaset.nnd Insldo of.flvo weeks my log
was honied up us woll as It over was. pxoept
the terrible ecnr It left for a reminder of what
wasoncc a torrible soroleg. Those BLMEDIE8
aro'worth tholr weight In gold. .
JOHN THIEL. 243 E. 03d st New York.
Cuticura Resolvent
The now Blood and Skin Purifier and Rreati),t
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blond of nil Impurities and pplBonouselmnonts.
mid thus remove the cause I. und , ODTICURA,
tho great Skin Cure, nnd CUTICURA SOAP, nn
oqulslto Skin Bcautlflor. externally; (to clear
tho skin nod soilp. and restore tho hnlr).
npcodily and permanently euro evo.ry spoclos
of Itching, burning, scaly, crusted, plmnly,
scrofulous, and hereditary diseases and hu
mors, from infancy to ago. from plmplos to
Sold ovomrhoro. Price. nnTIOURA. 50o.:
SOAP. 2.V.: RESOLVENT. 1 11. Prepared , by
PORATION, Boston., , , ,
8-Sendfor "How to Cure Skin Dlsoases."
04 pages. D0lllnstrationB.and.10O testimonials.
Dilll'I.KS. blackhaaila. red. rooiu. cliapDid. and oily
rIM klu currnl by cu rtcUKA soap.
jt wJ and rains, baebsche. weak kldneya, rbsa
tiaTaala" matfim. nmt ebett pains relUvadlnona
iSBZfaa, mluule by tbe Vntlearn Anll-Paln
'CSBaB l'lualer. Tha llrtl and only Imlantao
S9Pw com palirkUllur platter.
1 . m .
have been elected juetas rightfully six months
or 11 year ago.
Tho Democrats In Washington almost with
out exception, who are not blindly attachod to
tho consecrated fortunes of Candidate Grovor
Clevoland, nro of tho opinion that tho ox-ofilco,
holders undor the lead of Mr. Hnrrlty aro alto
gether too haBty tn their attempt to f orco tho
choice of Clovoland delegates nnd that if "snap
judgment" of this kind can bo taken In
Philadelphia, tho sumo thlnir may bo done
olsewhore. to tho discomfiture of tho support
ers of tho froo trado candidate. Several Dem
ocrats of untional prominence to-day sug
gested thnt if the men chosen nt last nights
primaries should bo seated in the Stato Conven
tion tho Notional Convention will be called upon
to decide tho question of tho eligibility of the
dolegatos whom they may sond to that body.
There are numerous precedents in support ot
tho contention that delegates solectod us thoso
woro la last night's primaries in Philadelphia
aro not entitled to voto lu a legally construct
ed convention, nnd they will bo used to good
advantage should this mothod of electing dol
egateB In ndvanoo of tho calling ot the Con
vention bo continued.
is 2'ue air HESPOXSZBLET
MlsliopB to t-lfftit Wsfonaontbe Brondtvnjr
'utilo Buule Raising u Herloua Question.
W. G. Lowls. Socretary of tho Gilsey Club of
Cist Thlrty-llrst stroot started from Fergu
Eun's livery stable in West Fifty-second strout
ono day recently for a drive In Central Park.
Ho drove up Broadway. Botwoon Fifty-seventh
und Fifty-eighth streets ho was obliged
to drivo on to tho cablo road to avoid other
vehicles. Hlshorso was colnc at u good jog.
As ho turned in on tho cable road ono side
of his wagon ln front suddenly droppod to
ward tho ground. Mr. Lowia thought tha
wheel on that sldo had run off tho nxlo. but be
fore ho hnd tlmo to stop his horso tho wncon
stopped as suddenly as if It had run up ngulust
u wall. Tho horse went right on. pulling Mr
Lowls, who hold on to tho reins, violently
against tho dash. Fortunately, the horsfe was
a gentlo ono, and stopped promptly at tiie
bound of his master's voloo.
Jumping from his wagon, Mr. Lowls discov
ered that one of tho front wheels had droppod
through the slot of tho cablo road clear to the
hub. The slot Is supposed to be of a uniform
width of throe-quartors of an Inch. Tha tire
of Mr. Lewis s wagon is a scant Inch wldo. The
Blot was wide enough nt tho spot whom the
wheel went lino roceivo it with ease. The wbool
ran along lu this slot for n few feet when it
struck tho regulation width, and stuek
fast Tho wagon wus brought to a stnndstilC
Tho horse's momentum and weight broko tha
king bolt lu the wlflletroo. and tore tho har
ness to pieces, so thut ho kept on his wiiy. Tho
wheel was wrecked. It required tho oltorts of
several mon with prtoa to romovo It from the
slot. Tho harness and wagon were worth
$400, and they woro so badly damoired that
Mr. Lewis wont to the cable road lioadquortcra
to see If thero was any olmnco ot his loss being
made good. Ho was told that tho cabin com
pany woro in no way respousiblo for damogua
of that kind,
" You will havo to look to tho city for rellof."
he was told. a
Measurements rondo of tho cable nlot be
tween Iirty-sevonth street and l'lfty-iilutli
street slnco tho accident to Mr. Lewbi. show
that places aro numerous where tho width la
from snvnii-elghths of an inch to no inch.
Irani: lerguson. tho llveiy stnblo man, says
thnt ho knows of six cases besides Lewln'n of
mishaps to light vehicles that have been
t-auirht In tho cable slot as Mr. Lowls was. tho
punt month or so. Tho tiro uf no road wagon
iBlcsslthaii throo-quartors of an inch wldo.
unit seven-eighths is obout tho average.
Tho Broadway ontranco to Ceutial l'aik Is
tho ono used almost universally by iilonsuro
ilrlvors. because the big stubl.is whom their
horses nnd wiittons are kept uro piluclp.illy in
that legion.
.trruld or tho stiaatier.
Pollcoman McAmlrotvs noticed a man mov
ing cautiously along Mulberry etruet ut 11
o'clock Monday night and arrested him. Whon
searched there was found a 44-i'allliin horso
Pistol strapped to his bed y. Tin. mail said ho
was Henry Phillips of Hi Mtillicirr street. Ho
had heuni so miichrtboiit " lack the Slasher"
that ho wus not going to tiiko un cli.tucuhiif
tiuUnif Ills thrput cut. und carried the revolver
to protect hl.s llfo. At t ho Tombs Court jus
tcrday Justice DuiTy lined him Jll). '
fiit a Woman wllh an Ink, l.'msrr.
John S. Edward, a respectable looking
young follow who says be llccs or i:r Eust
Elk'hty-iilnth street wus drunk hi-t night, and
iV1."! ,',nf,'1 ,l,,iU?H ,Lfil.B,,u,h.t','f,h ""'lino.
Ho got int.iii light with (!ui.i Blown, .mil cut
ut ovor the eft eye and on tha hand .villi an
'm,ui;'fs';,r:t U?v'.lUo truok heron il,i irt ..""
nil ''i'-i 1M- V.lum tt.ri,e,8H f l,u '"'in said Hut
he hud been robbed of $7 In tint liu.i.u.
nalcnnll CJuoatu.
rrfiiiifnt Tamiii. of in. riitaburirn Cluh 11 in 11 ly
ltUaai,.lu liintu ,111 allfliiptluarriiVd l.iuiil ilaii
K.i'na'a .;',? """'m, "(" "".
will coat S40.00O .lone f,ir .n Uilfa. .0.1 wllh oilier
.WXW.T "" 0ll auioa'lil WIU "a-, t",
lllel;-HWk' liliiil"','!" "VV"" U" Cln. "
in new ltirit yrtrrly. lit) sutlJ iimttrrai In ih. linti
ll.ll. Iirel, etralalil,,,,'.! nul.Vml I lle'l'sll", of i e
aiiH'k 1. nuwi.,i. tan.t. ',,, we u.Vi 1 nr.ii J
Si-illl-aiu III Heat.ui. I.,. ,,r ,', , I,",,, "ither ,i,u
Ih.rjwlil b.ajvn.r.l re.nel , lllu K4i ,,eVi X
Ibn New York director haVn i n Airnael oratrmi.
lyliiiriatuiu 10 tl.e .., j1r,,V ..i,Ji,
ef rait id, .iireiiora oll.red l.l.liui.l..i,i mor. .!,,,
aVrlT'" """'""'"' " lWl " X.V Virk TI,Jr
jj.v.vffls- a1. 'dr,at - &. uu'vr
iMOKnlUs Jan ID Kour luor. of the dl.imnll.rt
loekbolileM ho liU ni,J fill aliial lli. Lo!hiii1
lr.l.ll i-lub ,,t ,J,ow lllrl ?"au?.. J .i? the" JK i'
lliel.uua beolar.il 111 il, baiula ol an .Im.vrnf u.I
court furb-r and William, will i,"e oV ; CM.aiX
I'ldtf w.mJm li int,"-'J ""re. from ciilraK,i
i laurr win return In a few daya toiaae iharvnur Viil
f tloun. bleu wae elo.ed 10 mvht for r na ri Su ,m I
that unlet, allowed to play llilx.ul.Vll. he a II reiVri
from Hie Jlauiond anj'de'ot. ill b" t me "0 b i ou..
ue... Jiniuiy Woin father died here to-day. u"
The Nailer bAflehall elu wilt make a atron. attmn
.ajer.and la Ire! -.n iradork. J. k iSeiinJi. uS
lliholctofile 'Milie.r. Iir raaiiiJer lie IWh!
";, Mltled by J.i.lal, llartntv ll',h T'lArr ..
elrcierj lrea.jrr.- Aiiu.pi it. i.d, fcbJwl.. mrw on
the team .re li.nlaiuiii Mile. K. J lLrplij Joim inf.
ran l-ralli ,)d, ,;ant Jo, S-'liui Jami I
?? ''.oui" It'.B'ke. Emu ScaiitV. and l.;
iW.u?' ?" SeHn I. a etroug VnJ. Uan.V.r
iS';n,r,.,, 'W l" , "fain thallenn. from initafjl
lub.fc in. .,. A.TItrCliisPwtSlBi.iVtBltt
ijjfj!.5;-j5e I M
pBTER 0. KELL000 a 00 OCTIOXEEJtA ""'" I
Tb's follewlnt astea will cemmenee each dtr Jatai
atlOn'elork. sttlie atatatal
M ST, between Md and t)th tta. New York M nTaBTai
where (be bereee may iweeeu H faffaffai
In hartief. ir ile.ireil V "?
en lbs track (H mile), within tbe MitMlnr nTnTnTI
(Addreis correspondence to 107.loi,ni.(. H
TUE8DAT and WEPStsIMY, Jan. in ant :o Ijbi M aaal
7 clpilneont Mia .I'm, aa anjnjnjn
fat P" rerly ot I JH
Mr. J. u. IfAvla. tee. Me. 1. I H
Oeer 100 held, rntanrlalnir alt tbe brood Mur nana aalH
youn Stock and all sfaltlfin.. replltic Alcantara agl .1 iSaiaH
Alexander. The marea are liyiuchtrreat aire. .uP5! . H
Medium, Wrdienood, Nominee, Kentucky I'm c. aal aBaH
Almont. Adiulnlatrator. Daniel' twinibett. Nntaflf BaTaai
Alcanurs. Jay Uould. Thnnolale. Entlcld. ttirrr flat aal aaaaH
fcentlnellleneralKnor, Cujler..c. .tinted 10 'a.c.J: aH
tarasiid Jintaoot. The cone and illllea nreclnfir ,. f M
Alcantara. Alcyone. Nominee, an.l Altonmi The 1 ora aal aTaTaai
will be snbjeot to Inipecllon rrom Saturday, Jau la ?"
old, 1 H
TtinrtBDAVi Jan. 21.1891. M H
coneipnmenta from WM aTaTaTaTj
Mr. ROBEIYr STJIKIi. I'blladelpbta, ra. nH
Ur WALTRn It. WILLKTa. Roilyn. N. r. H
Mr. Rle.l'e honea. 40 In number. Include tbe rerr tut BLnan
Irnttlns etalllona Krla krlnile. 2.ISI4 and Temrifpinri. BBTaTai
:3titi also brood mare, by Thornton, Alcantara riar aBTafan
ODward, Happy Medlnm, Kentucky Prince, Tim vi.V ?
Blartle.andotlief (treat alre,BtUiled toWnodniii, 2 iniJ "
(brother In tlio dam nf Anon. 'JitOH. twi)ier) I'.nai! BBTaTai
let. SHU, Pedlar, 3l27W!two )eall. eon of l.lrctljii,,, M
and Don Montelib. 3iz!H. aon of Rlertloneer: alio a lot BnBTa
of apeedy youn colti by Wonduut and l.paulet. l
Mr. Wllleti'a borate. IT ln nnmber, tnctnde tbe anserk bbbH
ronnKBtalllon California Klnr. by Our WllkeOiUi naaH
andfoaryearlinjfoolta by hint: tho fa.taUliinn ran bbbTI
tridiMiBl.byFldrlditeontnr f,ady Hinnt. s 311, una bbB
neeof hlaireli alaoayoiuicjstalllonbr Anteimn.2 lu ?
artd eomo yuunif marei by Sidney, Alcaear, tlujler, and ffaTaaal
Will Crocket, eon of Blentloneer. bBi
Thehoraea will beenbjeel to Inipcctlon from Kator. BBTaTai
day, Jan. lu, until told. H
raiDAT, Jan. 22. isna. bbI
olbafmiootlhe Banrl
Metirt. mtSUK t HAXDr, bH
CyDtblana. Ey. B
Over BO bead, eomprtalnir Itrond Mnrea. yonne BiocK BaH
and all llor.ee owned by the Arm excepting the famous nTaBTai
stallion Saltan, alro or ntttcli of Ihojouiift etock in the bbbTbI
sale and by whleb moat of tbe brood tnnree are In foaL bbIbibV
Tbe RYeat prices tliat havo been paid In .N'ew ork In BaiaiaV
pn.t yearaln tha aalea of Mr. 1-J Ito.e of California btbTbbTJ
(wbo bred Sultan) for tbe stock ot that liorte ill make alaTaTai
blin an object of tntareat to many Eaalern owner, aal bbbTbI
for that reaaon Meaara. Wtlaon ,k Handy bn e at our re, bbbh
Que.t conionted to bring bin from Kentucky and place JH
prior to and dnrlnj tbe eale. H
Tho Brood Marea or thla conMnnment are br unci BanTal
aires as tleorso Wllkea. Koben MoUregor, Red Wllkea fffffffffaTai
fihaUa., Alcyone, liourbon Mltkee. Alcar.tr. Almont. nTaTaTai
lu Bull. Victor Blamsrck, Indlanapolla, In. The aalalafl
Cnlte. Fllilea. nnd Drlrinx Stork are by Sultan. Sim bH
mnna. George fllmmona. and Honklngtiant. The horiee bbTbbTbI
will ba aubject to impaction from Tueaday, Jan. IP, ut- aTaTaTai
til .old. H
Farcata1ojrne,addree ft aaafl
l'KTKR a. KULIAaa CO. Anctloneera. bV
HIT Jobnat.. New Inrt lll
VANWSGLL cUii:i!ll,l.
130 and 132 JEasl VMh .., M
Tear 3d ,1o.
And ia Number or New Victorian ana (.'aH. JbbbI
Bolela nullt Kcnraaaly fbr U r the Baea faanTI
nkera, und on Wailch Vtm Slwa tile Fullaal "
Uuaraaiee, JH
CONrtlHTlNO or H
. Vraati!rTrt Triap". O.me Waiena, aalalH
eiaoollna: Waanna. Hurt-eya or All Klnda, Banfl
Horn Carta oY K.ery Htyl. Wimonettaa, aalalB
IIOBkey and Pony Carl., KenalnKlona, BTanTnTI
Ituckboarda. Knnuhuata, B
Onr Stork or Second-Hand Carriage M
aaMrrawsr TKHv?.RMvovTBIIFcH2corBRif!? H
" " aaavaaavi
yAI.I.V 110. KZTBNHirilf TOP IUAETON3, Tor ANll bH
Ac. Ac H
Xatohed Oarrlaare Palra uad fine Slaila BaH
Horace Alwetya oa Hand i Trotter awd aBaBaal
Xoadatera, awd Moreea lur aBaBaBal
General llaa. M l
Van Tassell & Kearney, I iH
ISO AND 133 F.Aflf lnnt .ST.
1 28 TO 129 EAST 12TII Sr H
Near 3d Avenue H
Coacbmak.ie and Manufarturera of liijfli urade BaBaBaal
Oppoiltetbunro.dll. autlon of the H I. IV R s.
Handy Wagon. In palot and nai.ni woodi R.nn.r
nilRgl.i. with four II of l.li.. and the eaklr.l H
riding. prlng ever tnventedi b.irr.yn. Kiteniioo T"i'S H
and IlLgglei; Two-wbeelere that are ab.olotely tin H
rrom liorae motion; Road Carta tu.it are made lo carry H
Ur, Kverlelt Made I'rlnHpul. H
Tho Jorsny City lln.inl ot Ktlucatlon Inst H
nlclit appolntod I'roJerlck W. I'.vorlott of Cam-
brklsn. Mnss., principal of Tulillo ticliool ri. to H
succpoil tlio Into principal. .lohn A. Donmrost, jH
wlionlqil roPontly. Tliuro wns somo oito-I- H
tlim to Mr. I'.verli'tt beoiiuso iin Im.l iioiMrt.il- bTbH
onto from tlio Ftnto llnurd nf Kxumlncr-., tut B
tlio niuiorlty ol tlio ilnnnl suit tliuy Inn num. H
iiifil liiio uml luuiHl.tlmt ho wuu u counaoi.t ibTbH
I1IUU. BaBaBaal
miliar Men at Praetlea.
" Wlratd" ScUaefcr laat nlgbl mad a favorable tia H
preaalou on tboie wboare Intereated lo hl 1'ialcb wtib H
KloMon. to be played ou FrMae at tbe Lenoa I.Tceum. H
lie jlld the bed work that lie baa yot done lu bit w aBaBaBal
mutuary praitlro, uiaklngaruu of 1130. wiitoli ecuri BaBaBaal
hl.iK.mi a run of the other orenlng, wblr.b era. bit. BaBaBaal
La.t nliilit'eeenrea wen. a. follow. i BaBaBaal
hi liar.r-kU, 13. o, o. i. i), 4J. 2. 4, a, , I. 2J, aBTnaBai
r;l;. 2 0. O. -, 0, SI. a. 1, O. O. eo. ist). Total BaBaBaal
.. l.''n.'ll.:I.!,. 'J- '." '-' o. i. a. o. w. o, 2t. 1 1 o, B
O. 1, ?. 1,1 -JS, I. n u,li, r..ul, l.'ld. BaBaBaal
Averie-Ni.iaefer.ill 21-'T: ttouMe,fi27. IMjVit BaBaBaal
rilli-Ktliiirfer. n:iU. Muulda. . aBaBaBal
iA'"!!"'.'.-". i-, 1.12. 0,17. I. ST. 0.0, 13. 7 111. BaBaBaal
143. 13, Sill. O, 0. it. 0, i, tl, -ii, 80, I, 41, iO, ot. Twlal. H
r. HfV ;"si. T-.1". . ,s. " , 7. t. a. o. i. , e, r., o. i, H
0,O.D.B.l,0, in U9.r;ii In. 'lial,27: BaBaBaal
i&iwttS&fti u"(r' vlao- u,"'", """ H
Oodfray Haya That 111 Match 'Wltk Makar H
Wui n Fake." H
Fniurririiu. Jan. Is.-Joa UoJIrey itya tl. knerk JB
on I hy ivttr M.het at the Ariel t'lub'la'l hatunlif H
litjhta.a -lake." Hint he tn get eo much ill' I.. T BaBaBaal
fur being tinpp,q:. UIj (hat ho concluded to earn It i BaBaBaal
ea.y a. io..!ble. bbBbbbbI
nes bbBbBbbbI
Barak -f'1'"' tln hralpaod tcmpl.ilou. U bbBbbbbI
aTaaTaaTLB limit uf n J.ar.1 etL.rleure. a fJBVBaTal
;am"eal'f'r. ' Drumnn. er acnt br BaBaaTaal
tCfenaha. Jafaa01"..'- etmo.. C.k. and III BaBaaTaal
F7 .QKui SP. ".' r" nk "" I'trmalolcgr .ml pn i bTbbTbbTbb
-'rSrx.j llludreitd' on iktu'eialp, rrr BaBaBaBal
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