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IT'S" go." 1 6 V' gAMjgBjg (J iT'a so." J jHH
,-r rn M "' T'0,v nAS !fOT nAXaEn
. ntfl Heen No Onr or Mediation
m Anr Nation, and No Indteailna
That ',M n'""1" Klhr to ApolosUe
rrMnVfi llrpnrnllon The Nary Depart
,, Milt rinerelleullMnliljrrepara.
,,. ror OTcuee and Derenee-The War
ifP,irtment tnneliierlne the Qneetlnn or
Mtpplns Tioop to Occnpy Chlllnn Ter-rliory-H
I'allmnled Thnl It Will Re
,lllr An.iiOO Mrn, nnd They Will be
Unlaril M IncreMtOne the Number or Men
l ihr IM-line Keelmrnt of the Regular
Arnn The, Mllltl Will Not He Called
Vpn reei ln """ of lBT",,on'
WisntNC.TON, Jnn. 20. Thoro Is no chnnge In
Iho fliilinn situation to-night. There hnve
Urn no developments ln this fnmous diplo
matic controversy during the tiny, and nod o-
utpho. received that hnvo changed tho Issue
li, tin Ifi't- Tno President's mossngo will
M co I" ' ongres to-morrow, nml It Is posst
Ho thntitinav ho withhold until next wook.
It hn ben averted to-day with much posl
i.vnnc" Hint England has announced Its In-
dmAtlon to mediate In tho interest ot pence.
,nil that ..otturos of a peaceful settlement of
,!, Cor.trooty hud been mndo by Nofior
Mnnttth" MlnNtcr from Chill. Amomborot
the Callnet this morning, jutt boforo sotting
rut for Mr. Maine's house to dine, gnvo tho
fellowlrc summary ot tho situation to Tub
Ns reporter.
"N'nthhr wlintover hns occurred during the
diir't.i alter the situation In tho slightest do
Brec "'he menace of tho President will not
leent in Congios to-morrow, but this simply
nrnnMhiittlie l'rc-ddcnt Is nwaltlng the ro
crtptof "onu" reports nnd Information that nro
f 6cntl.il to n complete nnd perfect case on be
In'fof tlio AdmitilMrntion. Tho roports that
thoro li io ! con within tho prist two days nny
i ,fVT"rpi"nilii"nf repnrntlonornpology nro
nwreet. Tim stories of the Intervention of
Inglnr.d nnd thn Intorfereneo of Chill's
nolglilioi'i in South America are nllko
'intrnn ( hill hni shown no disposition,
m fir n' ! officially known, to make
aiioii'l' for whit she luis dono, nnd tho Unltod
tite lm not receded from tho firm Rtnnd
that lias boon taken from tho outset. Nor Is
anvpwp'-itlon to roomie contemplated. The
rrrn!nt. the becrctnry of Stute. nnd tho
ycri'tw of the N.ivy uro conductlnc tho case
f.r tho I'nltod btatcs. and dolnc It well."
Lite this nftornonn Secretaries "Blaine.
Traov. nnd T.lklns nnd John W. Fostor, Mr,
r.la!n"'s iliplnmntlo nsslsfant, wero in con--ultatlun
with tho President at the Whlto
llon'o for two hours. Alter tho conference
h rurutt'il one of the centlomon assured Tug
M'Nthit thoro hnd been no definite result, as
tn'ron-ultution was aeenernl onothatdid not
m ft to an Ivu nt any particular conclusion-
Tlio chat whloh Secretary Tracy had with
tl e members of the Senate Committee on Na
tal Attain to-day was an Intorostlnc one,
h!'.-lnleoloped mnoh Information as to tho
wzornus and Intclllcont campaign which the
seeretnry has mapped out. Not only are Mr.
Twey's plnns almost complete, but he is well
potted nlo ns to tho Intentions of Chili. Tho
vcretnry told the Benntors that ho hnd re
inet""l them to call chiefly that ho mlrjht talk
oierith them his plans nnd purposes, In or
ilrrthat they might sea for themselves whether
be was nctinu wisely. He said that poslbly
tlio whole trouble might end ln smoko. but ho
tunteil the Senators to boo how serious it is nt
iMent, so th5fTrd"couliI not Vo nccused
'I mnUne war preparations unnecos
rily. Tho subject ot appropriations
as then broached, nnd Mr. Tracy
lalimatt'd tohlscnllors that ho might And it
lee sury to nsk for moro money to be placed
t III immodlnto disposal. Thero Is In tho
Niw Di-iinrtiupiit "an omergency fund," to bo
-! tm Mich purposes ns Its name indlcutes:
Luttlit-ix is some iiueition in Secretary Tracy's
mind to ju-t how fur this appropriation
fin Im tn ncl'i-il upon nnd for what objoets.
Nutliinuilelinite wns done, ns a result of the
keiTetnry't. "iigestion. but ho was assured
that hi-. Iianile would be upheld in any enso.
One iinn-unlly Interesting piece of Informa
tion the sucU'tui yea veto the Senators that has
iut 1 m-n hefnro in ado known, nnd Unit is highly
ninille.int. Is tliat acontrnct has beon mndo
fur th- tiHtisportntinn of nst finnntities of
1'oal to tho nearest available port to Vnlpurnlso.
toberemly In case of hostilities being com
menced. Ono vo-.-,el wns to start from San
ImncNeoto-duy with fi.000 tons. According
t) the terms of the contract, tho coal will bo
liken wherever ordered by tho United Statos,
la cho of actual war, nt a rate proportionate to
tlioi!M.ii!i-i Secretary Tracy's private opln
wn. which Im hns f-xprost-od to f-omoof his
il;ie ttunds during tint pnst few days. Istlmt.
'liilethiihituiitloti is 11 iu ileliviitit unit eeii
intlcil one. win- will not lm thn lesult. Other
uluiiiii-tidtiut. oIIIcIiiIh express thn opliiimi
"it i hill h 1- misunderstood the serious lov
"lilch Hie I uiteil btutes has li.'ld. and tliat us
;'ii a the matter is miido clear to tho now
l;'veimiii'iit ami thoy luivo had timo to learn
tint tliu I'nited Slates is In dead earnest in Its
Oi'nilinK .111 iipiilo:;- will bo lortlieoinlni;.
V'liator 1 aiueriiu, (Jliulnnan of tho .Vaval
lumnutto.i, 14 also of tint opinion that thero
jvi.l i.ij im i,ir. imt ho is nllrm hiippoiter if
WitaryTiMny's policy of elaborate piepara
imn tn meet uhatotor nmy linppun. In tho
Niute, imleeii. Hie war party is not strung.
"'Iitliutuimewhiit intoretinc faet tliut tho
ee-.ators wlm. in private ronversation. hijout
"in hle.i of war. aro llepublicans. Tho untl
V"r tilling on the Itenuhlicaii side of thn
iiiimbr Iiik iictimlly gone nu far that tho
I'AKibiiily i,r doleatlnc tho I'rcsidonlial rei
'i'Jiineiidatlon of war wns dlhcussod to-day.
tho iii.;n wno indulgeil in this talk uro
'MiecMllyprmiilnont us piirklt-tont and bitter
U'l'oiiij 1-4 (, i'i(.(i0i)t Harrison imrbonnlly
hii.l niil.-inlly-. niil thoy prolong to holli'vo that
no i ci.iiiv..i t iinnc on war for tho purpni-o
,'"'' ' '"' l"s popularity, nnd themhy liis
nai -, t 1 iiMioinination. Snvernl of tlitn
in i..itorn wini M, t,lr .,4 to say thnt they would
iii ,.Mln,i''m ''i vote against tlio Piesideiit
1. '..,. I.,.,,1 ''ee im w.ir. but few of their col
'.'r1, ,;,M"llnk,,,"t ihey would lmvo tho oour
.' Mlieir e, 1, s,.,l convicth.nH.
w'.Vi 1 u"" "'"r" was less nf tlio display m
tr. i.'r;,1"0'1""" ns at tlio .N'nvy Dnpiutmont
to-'Ihv tlmn at hid tlimi within 11 weuk, thero
i.iit 'ir'i '-"''"no. "d everything Is being
! nc!? "1""'i"1 lor creater nellvity should
luni'.r. '"."''""d uii.'iit.i duelnru war. Tho
In",,,,,,,", "'""""""'Hon has gnnoon without
1 ,.',i .7' 1 !"' '""' airungeiiients liuvn beon
Ml i.ui.i 1 ."'I'-'ieily uiiiiing 11 nanil fuico
"... '." ' '' bill her llrstgieat lesson,
niri .:""' ' xvii- KHen at thn iVur lie-
.,",,' ', ' ''"o 'Hi' Hon or Mipplyltu;
ciii I""" e i r In itse.iuip.iisn against
I, , , ' ""-' '" ' ll11" '" ' ' "li decided upon,
ml,. a . '." ' '""Iter whleli em l,u readily
?,;,,, w '." " foimnl declaration of war
W.1.V..1' . ' i "stlmntcd that r,'M)(l inon
t r ',' '"", In the iHvuiMtinu of Chilian
In t . , ,n i! "' ''' , ''O-ed to r.ii-n this foren by
"on rli "I '''listed htr..ni.tli of tho army
liona , ! V y '""l ! '"Iributing thn nddl
ini 1. ,.,'" '""'"C-I'o present companies
iMs 1 y-"nHn(.tto add to tho'tiuwltldl-.riii.'.Hn",".""'!"'1-,
t-nynlrr troops will bo In-
frt. ti L,lr,ul:ubl)r ,,n ,lk!" (,nth" tm""
lieMBd J -JIla",r,r fnjnj'im es would bo Jn
oull hi .mnin""'.'""'1.1,",0' "a -s 'OBlments
rii SJitir0101 on thl8 oxpedltion. This
"ilillVii. 'V'Bmi?'rs "'"' otll-'r fotpe,
m-ri -it ''VS. .' ,f"ri;" "I1 ,0 th" reaulMto nu'
a,.. ,",r 5""tli. lr M'ems tn ,o 'generally
W"! 11M. '."i"r " .""tineiit Unit Ueu.
,1 ,,,".' h ' '" eonuii.niil 11' Hi., troops.
" 'Hi 1 i ui'd11 Kl'" ,lu V"!"101 "" whether
" 11 v ' 1' ' "in I'jt'i mtvIco In tho
u, . 1 1. Y1, im '"'f-.1!111' n w""1'1 dnpmiil
''"ii.t 1 s ' Vi.ilf "'I' li"li'"is .,r that
'"it ,-.',., ' ltl'"!."dopt r(. Iininohibln II
.'- II... si' '".'.' ,,s "l"i- of the I tilted
1 -eh 1, . , ,' """l'i would, of course, bo
fll "' e-r- , 1 , '".,iM,,"iii "l,liersn tho htato
jM (., ', '. I l'"t hiM-jllcd 111 on, beciiuhethn
"'mil h 1. . '"''.'"IMilou l J'lilll would
I l..i.io ,, ' t",Ll" voluntary In, its com-
Mtli thn Ji','' '"'""I'ortatiou of cnal:y
uIul In 1 ,u ... '.' Ilt J.,n' w d bo
I u.iu luisii, nf'00- ,T.h," nfmydrdnancn
uu "us shipped very little material to tiuu
Francl-co. and nothlnu Is belne done except
the preparation of storos.for their ready trims
porlation In ensn war should tie declared.
An order has been (rlvon tho Hotohklss
'dun Company for several rapld-llrlng
weapon", nnd this company, as well as tho
Urjggs Ordnance Company, is working over
time In nntlelpalinn of thn great neopsslty for
thn nrmnMents of tlio class manufactured by
tiicsi) llriu-.
MnrE.tmsjs or v.in pks.skcs.
The rhllndelpliln and Concord Hare Left
WAsmyoioN. .Tan. 20. Tho Nnvy Depart
ment Is not making public tho raoToments of
naval vessels. Commodore llnmsay nnd As
sistant Secretnry Holoy this morning would
neither nfllrm nor deny tho stntomont that Ad
miral Ghorardl had sailed with his squadron
for tho South I'nclflo from rort-nu-rrlnco.
They paid thnt tho Philadelphia nml Concord
nro not nt Port-nu-rrlncu. but nddod that they
didn't know whoro they are. Tlio Kcnrsnrco
Is still at Tort-au-rrlnce. but Is expected to
follow In a few dnys. As to tho ordor to Ad
miral Ohernrdl to take command of tho floet.
It is snld that it is contingent upon hostilities
actually breaking out, nnd that ho is to take
command only In enso ot war. Commodoro
llnmsny paid thnt tho department sont n mes
sago to Admiral Ohernrdl yesterday which
failed to reach-Jilm. ho having loft Tort-nu-l'rlnco
boforo It nrrived there. Ot this move
ment of his, Commodoro lUmsny snld, tho de
partment had not been notified. Ho would not
spenk. howevor. of tho naturo of tho senorni
orders Issued to Admiral Ghorardl.
Tho Commodoro was asked If ho knew, or if
tho dernrtmont had beon advised, of the des
tination of tho throo Chlllnn cruisers that n
Valparaiso despatch said hadsnlled from thero
under senled orders. Ho said It wns not true
that tho crulsors had left Valparaiso ns re
ported. Only ono vessel had gone, tho l'smor
alda. and her mission wns to relievo tho stoara
er.Tnhn Elder, wrecked 1"." miles south of
Valparaiso, and not In tho Straits of Magellan,
as the press despatches said. Thn Esmeralda
dopiutnd at about midnight, which fact, prob
ably, tho Commodore said, gave riso to tho ro
poit that ho hail snlled lor some unknown
destination. Hor orrand of mercy hnd boon
acciimplUdicd. nnd stin returned to Valpnraiso
jostorduy. ns thn Navy Department had boon
Informed liyCnpt. Evans.
Thn sailing of the Yorktown from Valparaiso
for Cnllao last night, mndo public by tho Navy
Department tn-ihty, carrying tho ltalmacodii
relucees, is construed l,y oilleials. In the ab
.sence of iiiformutlon tn tho contrary, to mean
that tho Chilian Government persisted ln Its
refusal to give thn refugees snfo conduct, and
that tlioir only safety lay In transport by tho
1'mted States vessel. Tho departure of tho
Yorktown takes tlio only vessel of tho United
states from tho harbor, and Secretary Tracy
said to-night that no othni-vessel had beon or
dered to take her plaeo thoro.
The Navy Department lias ordered tho old
slugle-tuiret monitors, which have for years
tjeen lving"in ordinary" nt tho Naval Acad
emy nnd in IhoJiimesltivor nt Richmond, to tho
Norfolk Nny Yard todetermlno their fitness
for use In enso of noeossltv. Tho 1'nssnic has
been at the iavy Yard, and tho A;ax. Canonl
cus. Mnhopuc. Manhattan, aud y.mdottu at
The Milrited reply of Commnndor Evans of
the Yorktown to the notification from tho
Chilian Minister for Eorolcu Affairs that ho
hnd changed Ills mind In regard to allowing
refugee tn lenu Chill unmolested, has mado
manv persons, curious to know something
about tliatofllepr. Commander Evans Is called
"l'lghtlng Itob." Ho was appointed to tho
nay from Utah ns an ncting midshipman in
IKiio. was made Ensign In lH'i;t. Mn-tor In
1Si).". nnd attained his present rnnk In 1878.
lin is probably tho only officer of the navy in
active herilcu who is permanently disableiL
One of Ids legs is Pent nearly double, tlio re
sult of a wound In thn kneo received during an
I'ligngenn-nt in the Into war. Tho story goes that
emu 11 to- 'oiniuiiiider Ewius was wounded Im
was i'llnnnnil t,y n surgeon that it would bo
ip'cess.ny in amputate his leg. Evans hworo
ho would never sutunltto the operation, and.
niv.u-ding to tlio account popular about tlio
Navy Department, he placed arnvolerto tho
surgeon's head nnd threatened to shoot him it
any iitteun t nt nmnutntion wore made. Tho
leg was not amputated, but it was so badly in
jured that it left Commander Evans n cripple
for life. Iln successfully resisted attempts to
plaeo him on the retired list on account of his
disability, and served for many years on shore
dutv. Dpspito his crippled condition Com
mander Evans in a good sailor, and seems to
earn moro f,.r netivo servico than for duty on
shore. He stands well up near the head of the
list of Commanders.
Rumor nrThelr Set-Ion Dlaagreemeat Re
pealed With More PoalllTenee.
Warhisoton'. Jnn. 20. Tlio fact that Secre
tary nnd Mrs. Blnino gnvo n dinner this evon
ing In honor of tho President nnd Mrs. Har
rison is referred to with much conlldonco ns a
refutation of tho report that thero is a serious
disagreement botweon the Presldont and tlio
premier of his Cablnot. Tho invitations to tlio
dinner, however, worn issued nt least a week
ago, so thoro is littlo signlflcanco In tho point.
It Is stated to-day, ns it was stated last night,
but with moro posltivencss and moro elabo
ration of detail, thnt tho I'resldont and Secre
tary ninlno hnvo beon working at cross pur
poses almost since tho beginning of tho
Chilian controversy, nnd that within tho last
day or two tho relations of tho two men hnvo
become so strained that outward nppearances
of friendliness nio maintained with difficulty.
Tho friends of President Harrison claim
tliatSoerotnry Jllalno lins olther purposely or
otherwise fniled to givo Senor Mnntt. thn
Chilian Minister, n correct understanding of
the attitude of tho United States, mid that ho
hits, in addition, privately criticised what ho
calls tho "war policy" of the I'le.slilent. Tlio
Irienilsof Mr. Islninn. on tlm other baud, claim
that had bin advice been taken and less talk ot
" llrnmess," " honor of tlm Unltod States," ,Vc,
boon indulged in. Chili would hnvo long ago
mado i'cpieHi.tituti!iKthat would havoled to a
peaceful miIuUou of tho difficulty.
A gentleman who onjoys the closest possible,
relations with both tlio President and Secre
tin y lil.ilne, nnd who has heen In frequent
t'oiisultiitiiiii wltli them during thn past few
days, isiiutlinnly fur thohtatoment thatsomo
body has blundered In thoattomptto placothn
attitude of the I'nlted Mates In n Plain and
unmistakable manner before thn Chilian Gov
ernment. Tho erities of Secretary Dlulnuhnvo
Mated with lynch freedom of expression to
day that tho President has defayed sending
his mes.sige to Cnngi ess solely nt tho earliest
leqiP'St o Mr. 111. line. wln is llrmly wn.lded to
the desire for peace, and -icalnst thn ndico of
Ids most ti listed friends in the Cabinet,
Tlm so-called quarrel between tlio Piesldont
nnd Mr. Ill.ilno was tho subject of general con
versation at tlm Capitol ami elsewhere to-day.
and ,-ui ved to draw out many htnrles In cor
roboration of tho nimors. (inn Senator said
that to ins perianal Knowledge Mr.
hlulno took occasion to speak in tho most
bitter terms T thn President And thn
claim of the President's frientla that ho had
done thn main work In einidiieilng tho Chilian
negotiations. Many incidents like this weio
related, and thn hiioiei t of the Hanison-Illalno
r,,w ix being talked of as much as thn chances
of a Chilian war, Smiin iieiMins go so fur ns to
predict lh:it tho row will become an open ono
buforu many days.
A l.onil ,, lO 11 11 .11 1,111 unil Torpedoes.
Nwpor.T, ,lan. 'JO. Tlio United States tug
I'oituuo left hero this afternoon for Portli
Amhoy wltli a load of gnu cotton nnd torpe
does. It Is said that thn Patrick torpndooswlll
l.o landed at tho experimental station, near
New York, and will not bo shipped to Ban
Erancisco with the gun cotton.
Comment or the Brltleh Prene.
London. Jan. 20. The Ectning Kewi this
Afternoon chaffs what It refers to nt the
"bellicose wrath" of Presldont Harrison, nnd
says that It Is dissolving in faco of Chill's con
ciliatory messngo. Tho JVum also says that
Iho statement that Gront Britain hos offered
tn mediate between Chili ami tlio United
Mates in order to moid 11 wur botwecn those
two Vminti les. was lightiy mado or mado In
tho United States, on uowspapor foundation
' Thn V, JtuiiAi llaiette supers at what it calls
"uinrnis and bonne rumor-.." and lemurks
that it would Im "dangerous for tho Chilians
toeon"cin much to tlio luiken diploiuatr,, who
1 niuiot uuilerMand that politeness in mora
icasoiiablo when Chilians uro threatened.
tlnlnislnn V Hon
Announcn tho continuation sain of their entire
stock, removed from l.'iO Howoryto.MlHroao
way, near 'J'M st. spclal to-day: Silverware,
diamonds, and watches. J, H. French, uuc
tlouooi', Aih'.
nonrke Coehran and Col. Celtowa Will
Freient the Claim of New York City
Kama City SlnklnB a Vlcoron riaht
fhr th Honor Detroit If a at Dlattn
Btilshed lfltnllon la Waehlactoa, but
that City I llTldeatly Not In the Knee.
WAsmvoTON. Jan. 20. Tho Domocratlo Con
vention city soekers opened up shnrp nnd
enrly this morning with their booming, and
thoy lmvo boomed awny nil day with tho in
tensity of purpose clinractorlstlo of Domo
cratlo contests. Pino HncBnro being drawn
to-night by the various delegation manacors.
nnd onch ono Is figuring out a sweeping victory
for his own city on tho strength of " insldo In
formation on n list ot socond-chotce prefer
ences, you know." Until lato this evening,
howover. loss than half the National Com
mltteomon had nrrived. nnd bonce there
wns a scnrclty of genuine rnw mntorlnl
to work on. Those who wero hero were found
to be decidedly non-commlttnl. No doubt thoy
wore borod with tho anxious porslstenco ot
tho entertaining boomers. Hut this evening's
arrivnls hnvo brought tho number of
committeemen or proxies prosont up to about
forty, nnd now tho hand-to-hand encounters
nro bolng hotly waged with tho determination
of anover-go-to-bed spirit. Humors of vnr
lous combinations aro topics of oxcltcd
discussion nnd hasty oonforencos. The two
rumors most persistently talkod ot nro: ono
thnt Chicago Is on still hunt with
n tip -from the New York dologatlon
that they will start tho stampodo for tho big
WesUirn city: tho other that Cincinnati's
managers hnd completed a deal with Hill.
Gorman, and Ilrlce. in which tho snmo Tam
many tnflunnco would bo used to send tho
Convention to tho Queen City. New Yorkers
hnvo had to ropoatedly protost the sincerity
of tholr fight for Now Y'ork.
Ronator Brlco. tho National Commlttoe
Chairman, said to Tub Sun reporter: " Tho
impression has been quito generally current
that tho Domocratlo Convention should go to
the plaeo that can most satisfactorily nceom
modatosuch a huge political gathering, and
thnt cither New York or Chlengo should bo
chosen. That impression lias gained ground
to-day. I flud, nevertheless, that there are
good reasons for believing thnt tho Conven
tion will lm located in somo othor city. Tho
late urrlval of the committeemen has mndo it
difficult to discover u. decisive trend of opinion
In favor of nny city. There is no doubt that
thn delegations of citizens from tho lesser
Western cities have nuido marked progress in
convincing us of their capabilities for accom
modating our Convention."
Knnsns City boomers seem to have easily
distanced tho other Western contestants in to
day's booming. With them thero Is less of tho
"Hurrah boys" style and more "lino Insltloar
pnment with cold facts." us ono mom her of tho
National Committee put it. Tho Ml'sourinns
urn using heavy guns and nr working as a
unit Asld" from thn htato dignitaries who
head tho delegation, there tiro two men who,
more tlinn any ono else, have won laurels from
their linn effective work Witten McDonald,
tho wealthy llnaneierwho hasjustwon control
of tho Kansas City 7'ime., and Judge Gibson, n
loading Democratic candidnto for Governor.
Through their efforts tho big party leudors
have givon ear to Kansas City s appeal, on
pocltlvo assurances. Ilrst, of excellent facil
ities for accommodating tho Convention, and.
second, that no malign Influences will exist
there against any candidate.
"Missouri Is for party success over tho am
bitions ot any man." said Mr. McDonald: "and
ns to accommodations, our facts and our bonds
are simjily unimpeachable."
The Milwnukeo forces havo been somewhat
dnmorallred. it is said, by the offorts of the
Vilas faction to offset the talk about promises
looking toward a Hill Convention. They have
been very busy, however, entertaining tho
committeemen ns fast as they arrived, and are
claiming the prizo on tho third ballot, when
tlioy oxjiecttlio bt. PnuIItes to come over to
them. Thero is sorao talk of n sort of olfenslvn
and dofon-ivo alliance between St. Paul nnd
Milwaukee against the Southern combination.
Tho Hoosier folks regard their prospects
with great complaeencv. nnd insist that tho
leaders havo already givon their word to re
gard Indianapolis as tlio most desirublo plaeo
on which to compromise.
Tlio Detroit boomersorrlvcd earlythls morn
ing, but are not booming to any considerable
extent. They have a lino delegation, headed
by the Democratic Governor of tho Republican
Statu nnd tlm Republican Mayor ot tho
Dernocratlo city of Detroit. They did
not write tor accommodations In time to get
Into tho Arlington, so they are at tho Ebbott,
ilvo blocks away. Eun thero they have no
headquarters, but keep open houso niter a
fashion at a newspaper office. Detroit Is n
lino city to boom, but there Is no life In tho
present effort, nnd the tieautiful "City of tho
Mrnlt" does not seem to bo in the race to any
gi eat extent.
Among htatements mado In the interests of
St. Paul Is the following, printed in a locnl pa
per this morning. Thn assurances of the em
inent signers ot the telegram that all applica
tions for accommodations hnvo heen satisfac
torily granted cnuso somo astonishment to
those who have vainly sought for rooms and
Ciiinon, Jan. ID. 18P3.
TI linn. 7 n. Trinrttn. WifWrtqtnn, It. C.i
Th? Uepuliltdili .ulHComuiUtee or ties National Com
mltt?,'n,flt toilay in till. eity. Twenty-three Stt
tliilfuittloiirt una nltenmttH are nlreaily prodded fur nt
lUf ftps! ana NeeiHtet hotel Ire liavn been Hccoin
inn Inteit to their entire ftatl-ffictliiii, .(i turait appllci
tlinm h., heen receieil. UotelNV ill not be tue! In
take cure of All MKilor who limy (Dine. The larger
Suites are h11 prothlei! for at taut date The cilireimnf
lioih I'jtjea. reiraplle. ,,f party nfllliatln. wl.h M.
Paul Kt-ece.i, and will . en that all are .utisneil who
II. K. Haow.N, K. O. Wit-mx, Tuning Ixiwar, OrORr.m
A. Bimckktt, and W. i:. hTUKtr. tNiramlttee.
A. il. t'o.Ncrn ami U. K. Pause, of atlonal Committee.
The city that is to havo tho honor of enter
taining thn Convention will bo selected to
morrow afternoon. To-night, when thohead
iiunrtprs of the various boomers won, cloned,
the light wns still nil open one, No attempt
has beon made to decido tho struggle in ad
vance of tho meeting of the Natloiiul Commit
tee to-niormw. llurko Cockran and Oil.
Eellows will bo the orators for New York, nnd
will 1I0 their work well. They wero appointed
for this duty at n meeting of the Now York
delegation tn-tlny. Othor delegations havo
selected good spenkers, and nduliglitful and
convincing flow of oratory Is expected.
A Vlallor to the Menagerie X,earn Home
thins; About Leaving Wild Animal Alone.
Tlio big Ioopnrd walked sodittoly up nnd
down inhlscngo in the monngorio nt Central
Park yesterday nftornoon. to tho outspoken
admiration of a number of slghtseors, among
whom wero Thomas O'Connoll, a carpontor
living at l.O.'iB First nvonue. and a frlondnt
his. Thomns is 45 years old, and ho hasn't
been over long from Ireland, and ho Is not fa
miliar wltli tho habits of loopnrds, any way.
"See thopurty busto." he said to hlsfiiend.
ns they stood by tho cage. "I-oiko tli'oold
womnn's cnt, only th' shtripes do bo bigger.
(',111,'. pursy, Wud ho moliui, d'yo think, nv I
bhtiiikod Ills fill ? '
Tho fiieud didn t know, and the leopard
evinced 110 interest In tho conversation, except
by a sidelong glancn of his eyo.
O'Connoll put his arm between the bars and
patted tlio "pushyV shoulder. Thero was n
sudden Ilnsh of n striped paw, n snarl from the
beast, and a yell from tho man. and tlm specta
tors saw a very frightened- Irishman wave n
bleeding nrm wildly in tho air us he galloped
across the Park yelling nt the top of his lungs,
while the leopard sat down on Its haunches
and composedly licked a bit of cuff and somo
strips of skin from Its paw.
Policeman James Whalen took O'Connoll to
the Presbyterian Hospital, whore his arm was
dressod. It wns badly torn, but no hones wero
broken. O'Connoll wont home. Ho will soon
recover, although ho is now ill from tho fright
Tho jeopard is fouling well.
Oorrnan Formally Klecled.
ANNvrous. Jan. 20. Tlio joint convention of
the General Assembly of Maryland to-dny re
elected Senator Gorman to tho United States
Senate for tho six years.' toim beginning
Miiich-1, W.t. Ono ballot for 11 successor to
tho l.itn United States Senator Wilson, was
taken, but the vote, was ouu ninio widely
rcittered than that of the l)rt ballot recorded
yosteiday, Afler the oto tlio joint conven
tion adjourned to meet nt noon to-morrow.
The talk for .Senator Gibson n n tlnal cliolco is
heard on all hide, it is expected that 11
caucus will bo held to-morrow evening to end
the contest.
A rolleeman rtaeed on rjpeelnl rtrol In
Front or the Hone.
When tho trlnl of Herbert Soarvnnt forshoot
Ing Mrs. Cora Chnpman hnd been brought to a
closolnthoCourtofSossions in Brooklyn on
Tuesday. Judgo Mooro told Mrs, Chapman
that In his opinion it would bo ndvlnblo for
her to hnvo hor husband. Howley Chapman,
committed to some Institution. Judgo Mooro
gave Mrs. Chapman this advlco ntter Dr.
Joseph Cronmor Informed him thnt Mr. Chap
man evidently was insano and should bo
placed under restraint. Dr. Creamer
hnd watched Chapman closely In tho
court room during tho two days of
tho tiial. ami also talkod with him
forsoveral mlnutos. Mrs. Chapman told Judgo
Mooro that slm would not consent to havo her
husband sent to an asylum unless such u Mop
was regarded ns absolute y tioeessury. Mrs.
Chapman yestorday morning sont a note to
Jero Wernbnrg. her lawyer, saying that hor
husband would not allow her to leave, tlio
house, and that bho feared somo Injury nt his
hands. .,
Mr. Wnrnborg sent her baok word to caII
upon Police Captain Early, nnd also ntlvised
her. as ho had frequently done bpfore. to hnvo
her husband put in somo Institution where ho
could tin cared for properly. In the nftornoon
Mr. Cluipmnn and his wlfo called nt U111 Iler
gun street police stntlon nnd asked for Cnpt.
Early. They left without explaining tholr
mission nftor they wero informed that tho
Captain was nbsent. , , ,.
A policeman was plncod on special patrol in
front of tho Chapman houso 11 1 .18 St. Msa-k's
nvenue last night. 1 ho couple worp seen to
gether Inthe housoat a lato hour Inst night,
nnd each declined that matters wore entirely
harmonious. Mrs. Chapman assuring tho re
porter that she was In no fear whatever tit her
husband. A pnlleoinnn. however, still con
tinued to watch tholiouse, nnd it was snld nt
tlio station that Mr. Chapman might Do placed
under arrest at tiny moment.
He, Too, n.e Claim rendtnz Agntnat Mae.
hn Ite Didn't I.Ike the Agreement.
Joseph II. Chonto was unnblo to nttond tho
case of E. S. Stokes against John Mncknynnd
Hector do Castro in tho Supreme Court yoster
day, being confined to his bed with the gilp.
His assoclato for tho pltilntifT. Mr. Gowan.
asked for nn adjournment, but tho Judge re
fused to grant It
Mr. Larocquo. for the defence, proceeded
with the examination of Hoctor do Castro, who
contradicts many of tlio statements made by
Mr. Stokes. Ho denies offering Mr. Stokes any
Interest in tho tolegrnph properties, or show
ing Mokes any letters from Mackay. Ho also
said that Stokoa mid no interest ln tho telo
graph business.
On cross-examination he ndmittod that
Stokes did have an interest in tho property to
tho extent thnt ho was to roculvo something
out of it for Ids troublo ln consolidating tho
companion. .... , .
Do Cntro says ho first mot Mackny In Tarls
ln 1SMK. Ho now has a claim against Mnckay
for ser Ices rendered prior to 1SKS. Ho didn't
recall tho amount, but thought it was between
Sl(xi.uX)nuilirn),(XU He ilrst mot Stokes in
IKS'.!. Mr DeCnstro admitted signing tho con
tract with Stokes Knowing tlm contents. Ho
objected to the contents nnd didn't know why
he had signed tho agreement. ,
l.etteiswero introduced by tho riofenee to
show that tho $'.'.r.IHK) which Stokes assorts
was paid on tho contract was in reality money
n'ivnncodto Stokos to meet n porsonal note
not connected with tho ngreomont
Tho case is still on.
Not Seen Since He lrt the We Share
lintel on Monday Xlffht.
Chnrles Koltrn of flO Garden street. Ho
boken. has beon missing slffco Sunday morn
ing. Ho has been crrnloyed for twenty years
in tho carpet department nt Lord .t Taylor's.
On Sunday morning about 11 o'clock ho left
home to go to tho club room of tho Lyra Sing
ing Society to help nrrango tho hall for n con
cert which was to be given thnt night He told
his wlfo he would bo home ln time for dinner.
He did not go to the hnll. but ho was trnced to
Fourteenth street. New Y'ork. Hn was seen
thero Sunday afternoon, nnd on .Sunday night
ho called nt the West Shorn Hotel in Forty
second street. The proprietor of tho hotel
knows him. ami noticing that ho was acting
Mruugely advised him to tako a nap. Ho eon
serted. anil went up stnirsto a room.hut about
two hours later he was missing. He had gone
out by a side door. At this point all trace of
him is lost.
Koltza was treasurer of tho Lyrn Society.
An oxaminntlon of his accounts was mado.
and it was found that ho hnd deposited till the
society's money in tlio bank except $22u. which
he hnd received 11 day ortwo boforo his disap
pearance. His sim-in-lnw paid over that
amount to thn society on Ttiosdny night to
make the uccmiiits stiulght It is feared that
Koft7a bus become temporarily insane. It is
supposed that ho hnd tho society's money with
hi in when ho went away, and his friondsfenr
that after ho left tho West Shore Hotel he may
havo fallen into tlio hands of thieves.
A Htenm Pipe UnrHt and a Fireman' Feet
are H adly Nculded.
Whllo the guests nt ho big ball of the Amor
Icnn Legion of Honor wero forming for the
opening march in tho arena of tho Madison
Square Garden tho electric lights suddenly
grow dim. and a few moments later clouds ot
steam began to fill tho cloak room in tho
southeast corner of tlio arena.
Tlio dancers weio Ignorant of what caused
tho escaping steam and wero growing uneasy,
when I'.ilieo Sergeant Cooper eamo in wltli
seernl policemen and told them that nil aeei
detit had happened In the boiler 100111, but
that thoro was no causo for alarm, The police
threw open pint of tlio roof skylight nnd then
went hack to thn boiler room in thn sub-cellar
to II lid out really what had hnjiponcil.
The boiler loom is l.icnted under tho side
walk at the corner of Twenly-siMli street and
Fourth avenue. Thero urn Iho largo boileis
ect In miisoniy tlmie. At Oifii) tbeio wns nn
explosion or a steam plpo. It blew tho coals
oiltof thn furnace and scattered thnin iner
thn asphalt luiM'iiienl. Steam escaped and tho
boiler Pit wub Uooded.
John Curtis of 140 West Twenty-sixth slrcot,
one of the llromen, ran Into the boiler loom at
thn tlmn ot tlio explosion and stopped into tho
pool of hot Mater escaping frmn tho holler.
Ilntli his font were so badly scalded that ho
was leiiinved to Hellevtlo III all iiiulilliil' ee.
Snpei iiiteinleiu llenson Shertvoud could not
himeelf tell exactly what hud happened, and
ho won't boiiblo to Unci out until thn boiler nil
is pumped out to-day. It had tlueo foot of
water in it nt midnight. Mr. slim wood said
that ho thought thn feed pipe of tho holler hud
burst. Thn dancing wenton in tho arena alter
Sergeant Cooper's announcement.
It Took Four Pnl.ceniru to Pat Joseph
Gordon Into u Carrliiice.
Joseph P. Gordon, n Frenchman, who says
ho Is an agent, has lived at tho Cumberland,
17H Tilth uu'iiup. for several months. Lately
he ha shewn signs of inutility, and vostorday
niornin:; Keuliou Howe, the manager of tho
CuniU'ilund. called at Jefferson Maiket and
told .Instlcnt'Hiidy that the man was becoming
violent. Awanunt forlils arieM was put In
the hum!-, ! I urt Ollieer vtouils. At tin)
sight ol tho offjeet Gordon went Into 11 lieny
ol nign and Woods was ul, lined logo tntlin
st 1 net and en II three other polleeinonPefiirn ho
could get lllin Into 11 cariiage. It took live
olikers to get Gordon from tlio cania.'o luto
the court room.
"Hrlng mo n reporter." he shoutod. "until I
chew him up." Tiie'li he called for a RlBter of
Merey. "Don't put mo In 11 btraltiaoket,"
ho cried. "I'll be quiet If you promise me
that." Ho was assured that ho would bo let
alone If lin would be quiet, and he sat down
anil called for n braco of chops ami a good
cigar. Ho waH committed for examination ns
to Ills sanity and sent to llellevue. Howo 6tiys
lie knows nothing about Gordon.
An t'nltnnuii Womnn's Httddcn Ileutb,
A blue.oycd. browii-hnlrcd Uernuin woman
nbout fit! yenn of ago wont ii.to tlio cigar
store nt.'O lllvinton struct about 111 uVlou'c
last ni'lit mid a-.:o I f, be allowed tn rcet 11
lew in.nutc-, -un,g Unit flio was siuk . s ho
sat ilon n nnd n physician was sunt for. Whllo
ho was I'Miuii'ilUn '! slm died, 'llm body
wtiej tukiu totlu l.ldiidgii street station liutise.
h'innke Hull' lluir Jllmo
all tobacco. Tha belt 6-cent cigarette made. Ad
ritt.O.ll Special 0! tb. N.r Vnrt Central tea budtt
cr Ituo jgh. t. lime ublt.-,l.Mj.
ciiicAao axd nr.R crazy lover.
lie Wrote Her that She Shonld be III
Bride or lenth' She Appealed to the
Police, and Now Cannot be Found.
Cntcjioo. Jan. 20. -Miss May Turnor. 10 years
old, living In tho West Division, has been miss
ing for 11 day, and there Is reason to bellovo
that 11 crar.y lovor hns cnrrlod out his threat to
hill hor. Mls Turnor is tho daughter ot an
engineer omployod at tho Hookory building.
Sho is a musician, and whllo nwny from homo
supported herself by giving muslo lessons.
About six months ngo sho fell ln love with a
young watehmakor named Waltor IHohards.
Itlchards Is tho son of nn Iowa jowcller. nnd
thn affection lavished upon him by May was
lully reclprocatod. Trovlousto nioetliig IUch
nrds Miss Turnor hnd nttrnctod tho nttontlon
of a young mnn ot wealth nnd aristocratic
family connoctlons, who gnvo his name ns
Harry Stokes. Bho did not seom to caro for
him, nnd nftor meeting tho young watch
ranker told Stokos his absenco was proforablo
to his company.
About that tlmo domestic troubles nroso bo
tweon tho father nnd the daughter, nnd tho
latter loft home nnd wont to room with Ednn
Pence. nn estlmablo young womnn. nt fUJOW'est
Madison street Froad from the restrnlnt of
parental enrc. May nnd Mellaril spent much
tlmo together. Thoy wero to havo boon mar
ried on Christmas Day. but a third young man.
who had vainly sought the lovo ot Miss
Turnor, mado various criminal allegations
ngninsttho prospective groom, and tho lattor
was imprisoned on tho chnrgo of larcony as
bnileo. At tho trial, which wns heard by
Justlco Woodman. Itlchards was discharged,
although tho rejected suitor tried to send him
to prison. During tho two weeks' Incarceration
of Itlchards his sweetheart mado frequent vis
Its to him ln his cell. After his liberation tho
young people mndo arrangements for their
inimedliito marriage.
On last Wednesday night Miss Turner wns
walking 011 West Mndlson Mroct. when sho
saw Stokes for the Ilrst tlmo In many weeks.
Her story nbout the meeting and subsequent
events, ns 1 elated by hersulf before sho disap
peared, lb ns follows:
"I met him. nnd ho asked me if I would
marry blin. Ho is such n desperate fellow that
I nm ufrnid of him. but 1 told him '110' most
emphatically. Wo hud somo words, and ho
made an engagement with motor tho follow
ing Thursday night, nnd thon. seeming to be
come nngry about my statement thnt I would
never mnrry him. ho made a crab for me. but I
esenped nnd ran to my room.
" Tho next morning I received a letter from
him ln which ho threatened my life if I did not
mnrry him. I reported the enso to tho police,
nnd that night f, with two detectives, waited
for him, Imt ho did not come. Ho has threat
ened my life, and I believa ho means to kill
me. I havo therefore placed tho entire mut
ter In the hands of tho police."
The letter Moks wrote is ns follows:
"MrDEAnEsTMtE: This Is tho lnt oppor
tunity you will havo to piivo your life. 1 will
hnve you or kill you. I havo sworn by tho
Almighty (tnd that you will bo mv bride or
De'ith'". You romenilier. my darling, how I
i'.'ive nskod. begged, and prayed you toeonio
Willi me. but with tlio perversity of youth you
lino bulked mo. Now. patience has censed to
lie n virtue, nnd I will havo you or havo your
life. Vou know how devotedly I love you. and I
know that ns my wlfo I will treat you as a god
dess. I am lnsnne. crazy, n raving maniac:
cnll 1:10 what you will, but tako tho blame
upon yourself for my mental condition.
" lUnnv."
Itlchards reported to Tollce Lieutenant
Heard last evening that Stokes met Miss
Turner by accident dnwn town yestorday
afternoon nnd attempted to force her to marry
him. tmt sho UL'uiu escaped him by running
II war.
"Untold her yestordsy thnt ho mennt what
ho said in tho letter." continued ltlehards.
"nnd would surely kill her il she did not
marry him."
When ltichnrdn went to Miss Turner's room
Into last night tho door was burst ln and tho
apartment wns found deserted, with the light
brightly burning and tho room ln disordor.
Tho young lady's hat and cloak wero cono and
all trnco of hor lost
Tho pollco bellovo tho woman, who Is quite
pretty, has been murdered. They have been
uuublo to find Stokes.
The Mrmtrenl Fx preen Damp m Freight
Trnln The Snitch Didn't Catch.
Yonkkrs. Jan. 20. Thero was nnother wreck
on tho Now York Central this morning. It
hnppened nt Glenwood a little after tl o'clock.
Train 22. known as tho Montreal express,
collided with a freight train. Tho express
was running slowly. No ono was hurt nnd
nothing was injured excent two freight cars
nt tho roar of tho freight train. Tlio Montreal
express, after it had passed Dobbs Ferry, was
ahead of timo. and therefore tho engineer was
running his trnln nt low speed, so that ho
would boon time when ho reached tho Grand
Central station. After tho express had reached
a point midway between Dobbs Ferry and
Hastings itoveitook the freight train, which
v,nson tho third track, nnd tho two trains, sldo
by side, drew slowly down toward Yonkors.
As tho freight train nenred the switch house
nt Glenwood the engineer blew for the switch.
The switchman hearing tho signal nt nncn
shifted the htitoh to allow the freight train to
make tlio siding. At this point tho third track
merges Into tho main track.
As soon us tho freight started to mnko tho
snitch, tho express slowly diopned back un
til thn engineer of the freight train could put
his train onto tho siding and so clear tho main
truck. The switch In some way did not eatcli.
nml ns the cars of tho freight train passed nv r
it. It wns tlirown open at tlio south end. This
allowed tbo freight train to pass on tho main
trnck. 'Iho express by this time was under
considerable headway, and before the engi
neer could stop his train, ho crashed Into tho
rear ond of tlm freight which was nbead of
him. After the wreck hnd been cleared nwny.
tho express train proceeded to XewYoiknnd
the freight train was detached fioui the
broken cars and hauled down to Sixty-fifth
street. All trains wero running on time after
0:i;0 A. M.
Itemarktible Kiplitnutlon or the Wreck on
the Wubush ICoud,
QuTNrr. III., Jan. 20. Fireman Ed Wnrboy,
who was in the terrlblo wreck on tlmW'nhash
liailroad near East Hannibal a vi ok ago
when two pnssenger tuilns collided In a fog.
lui'i recovored sufficiently from Ills Injmlesto
givo his version of tlio accident, und he tells a
startling story. Engineer llurchnrd of Spi ing
field ran past tlm switch in tho fog nnd tho
ot Imrt ruin crashed In tot hem. Warboyhtt she Is
positive now that Engineer Hiirehnnl dlod In
his cab from henrt dlsenso snon nfter leaving
Hulls, the next station to Allndin. wheiotho
accident occurred. Wurhoysuys that lturchnrd
was nn old nml pxpcilencod engineer, nexnr
took his bend from tbo cub window from tho
time tho trnln left Hulls until thn neeident oe
ciiirod, and, thorefore. tlm train was running
wild all tho way, and of enuisn 1.111 past tho
switch. Wiuboy's statement is now generally
A Kiillrnud Station llnlilird.
When Miss Hutas. a tliket ngent nt tlm
Melinioiid Valley Mutton on tho Stuteii Island
llupld Transit llallrond. nirived nt tbo depot
at 5;:i() o'clock jesterday morning sho found
tlio station door had been forced open. Fear
ing that burglars might htill bo In tlio office
sho waited outsldo until tho arrival of .Joseph
Ayres. tho mall ngent nt St. George, who lives
lulllchmond Valley and takos the otiily train
to bt. George. Mall Agent Ayres nnd Miss
iiutus, with a lantern, entered the build
ing together. When Miss Hutas readied
tlm ticket box she found It had been
broken open and Its entire contents of
;i.t)H7 ferry nnd rullroad tickets taken.
A numberof packages belonging to the United
States Express Company, which had been left
In the office over night. Iiad not been touched
1 y tlio burglars. Tho only Minnger heen in
the leinity loltnilng about tlm station Tues.
day night was u limn soiling comic snugs. It
Is tmt known whether lie boarded llm la-t tnilu
for New V01 k. Tiafflo Agent II H, Pillock has
iralilcd llm conductors. .utile Ami jy division
with the numberof the stolen ticket-. Ho has
ills.., ii.hlructed tho cat liictor t aire-t any
poison who proeunu onoot the stolen ticket j
for laic.
Edith Pollock Hclurne to I.otvtll,
Lowei.u Jan. 20. Tho actress, Edith Pol.
look, who disappeared night before Inst, has
returned. No explanation of liar mysterious
uuoenco 1 given.
A Had Cnr Ittin Amtictt Throttih the
Street ofa Netv Ierey Vlllnee.
WooDnninon, N. J Jnn 20. Bovon porsons
havo boon bitten horo by n mongrel cur show
ing signs of rabies. Tho Town Commlttoo
issued orders last night that all dogs found
unmuzzlott should bo shot on sight. Nonrly
nil thoso whom the dogs attacked wero school
children, nnd thoy wero bitten In the hand or
wrist Threo wore badly bitten.
About throo weeks ngo n dog belonging to
John Thompson showed signs of rabies in
Woodbrldgo. Ho was shot Nothing mora
was lienrd of tho matter till Tuesday noon,
when a mongrel ran down tho tnnln street ot
tho village, frothing nt tho mouth nnd snap
ping at ovorythlns In his way. ltalph Ensign.
n nlno-yenr-old bov. wns bitten through tho
sleeve, but the skin was not broken.
Cnpt. Joseph Clny. n dog fancier of New
Hrunswick. chanced to ho on the streot nnd ho
pronounced tho dog undoubtedly innd. Amy
McEwen. H years old. was bitten nnd two of
her lingers wore Ineornted. Charles Itomberg
wns severely bitten In the arm. Klclinrd I.nrch
Is In ti ilangnrous condition. Ho wns bitten
nearly through thn arm and blood flowed
freely. Hols 13 years old. The dog sprang
upon him unawares.
Loroh. Amy McEwon, and Chnrles Ilambrey.
it wtis said, will bo brought to tho Pasteur In
Mltute. Thn wounds wore cauterized by tho
village doctors.
The dog next jumped at the throat of Free
man llowlnnd. 50 years of age. but Itowlnnd
warded him off and esenped. A four-ear-old
girl named Poterson wns rolled ovor and over
ln thonow by tho brute, but sho was not hurt.
A crowd had by this timo been collected,
nnd Ellis Mundy tired several pistol shots at
the dog, but succeeded only in breaking ono
of his legs, Mrs. Emit Coley esenped by slam
ming tho doorus tile brute sprang nt her. Itoy
Valentino was knocked down but not hurt
Goorgo Keating was bitten slightly. Tho dog
was llnallv killed. It wns owned by Mrs.
Dunn, a saloon keoper. of Woodbrldgo.
Arrest nd Indictment of Dorrd' Compan
ion, Ahearn.
Had Dowd. tho slasher, a confederate? In
formation obtained by a Sun reporter last
night tonds to show that lie had. Dowd was
arrested nt 3:40 o'clock on the morning of
Jnn. 17. Ho was caught slashing William
Mullor. at tho corner of Batavla and James
At. '1:20 o'clock on the somo morning Thomas
Shanon, abakorot41 Cherry street, was stand
ing tn front of 30 Cherry street when a man
approached him, nnd. seizing him by the
throat, ondoavornd to draw a knife. Police-'
mnn Dugan was standing nt the corner of
Cherry nnd ltoosevolt streets nnd henrd
Shnnon cry for holp. He chased tho nssnilant
and caught him In tho dnorwnyof 121 Itooso
velt street. Tho mnn had a knlfo drawn whon
he was arrested. At tho Oak Street station ho
gavo his name ns John Abeam. 21 years old,
of ,'M4 Water street. He Is known to tho police
ns John Asker. nn ex-convict.
Twenty minutes niter Ahenrn's arrest Dowd
was caught slashing Muller. Tlio distance be
tween where Shimon was nssnulted and where
Muller was cut is not over n block. Tho two
nsallnnts wore aequntntcd with each othor.
and wero frequently seen togcthor. Tho fact
of Ahenrn's nrrest was not known until It was
learned Into Inst night that ho was Indicted by
tho Gland Jury ycMordny for felonious assault
Three of Then Arrested Slmpaoa Appear
to be Demented.
I Raphael Simpson Is a peddler, and lives nt
22 Itutgors plaeo. reddling has not proved
profltnble of late, so he turnod his attention to
begging. At 8 o'clock last evonlng ho ap
proached n woman at Plko and Madison streets
and demanded $f. Sho refused him the
money, and he became violent and domnndod
$1,000 or her life. Policeman Michaels ar
rested him. At the Madison street station
houso Simpson said ho wns n king and a.
brother of tlio Lord. Ho was sont to Uellevuo.
Policeman Dnntol Dugnn nrrested Charles
Joch of 243 Bowery at midnight on Park row.'
Joch. who was Soliciting money, npmoached
Dugnn. who pulled out a handful of change.
Joch grahhod him and attempted to take tho
money. Ho was taken to tho OnU street
station. It is supposed Joch is the beggar who
assaulted n young girl on tho Bowery a few
nights ago.
A tall, thin man was taken Into the 'West
Twentioth street station by Policeman
Moloney, who charged him with begging from
door to door. Thn prisoner gnvo his nnmo as
Georgo Craig, and said ho had no home. Ho
hnd been ringing door bells In West Twenty
second street und nsklng for monoy. When
this wns refused ho wnlkod in nnd snt down,
saying ho could wait for it Whon arrested ho
fought the officers, and it wAs only nfter hard
work that ho was taken to tho station.
Th Connecticut Senate Finally I.lstea to a
Communication from nim.
HARTPonD, Jan. 20. Thore wore only four
Republicans besides Speakor Paige in tho
Houso at 1 o'clock this afternoon whon it was
called to order. In pursuance of tho rules
when there is no quorum, tho Speakor ad
journed tho House for a week.
Tlio Senato met nt 1 o'clock, nnd, for tho first
tlmo since it was organized, recognizod Gov.
llulkeley. Tho Governor sent a communica
tion to the Senate cnlllng their nttentlon totho
fnct thnt there are only four Judges on thn
Supeiior Court bench, nnd nsking tliem to act
on his reappointment of Judges Fenn nnd San
ford. Clerk Comtock read tho communica
tion nnd 11 lively ilelmto at nnco began. Sena
tors Cleveland, Clark, llolden, and Gnrviirn
participating. This laMod nn hour nnd n half.
The DemociatH wanted to lay tho conimunlcn
Hon on the table. This is the Ilrst tlmo that .1
communication from Gov. llulkeley hns heen
read to tlio prornt Sennto. tlio Clerk usunlly
tliiowiug them in tho wasto basUetan soon us
they were received. Tho communication wus
filially laid on tho table.
And Then Admitted to the Police that lie
11m u Proieadonnl Thief.
A mnn boarded n cnr of tho Mndlson and
Chambers streot cur lino nttho corner of Mont
gomery and Madison streets at 1 1 'a last night
and refused to pay his fare. Tho conductor
insisted 011 ha'ng tho money, and tho man
kii'iehed hliu down and demanded all tlm
money lm hud. A woman in tlm car Intoifercd
and was knocked down innl kicked.
Policeman Michaels of tho Mndlson street
station niloMcil thn lobber. II. raid ho wus
Patrick llramilgiui. .'12 jenrs old. of 21 Onk
street. When asked his occupation he had no
hesitation In admitting that ho wasn profes
sional thlof.
Semcblnff tor n Live Wire.
Whilotho workmen nt work on tlio bridge
that Is to connect tho elevated ralltoad with
the feu les nt the foot 01 Whitehall slrcot wero
hol'tingit beam into il,i"e last night, the cud
of the beam caught in tlm elect no light wire
and Uioko it, Ninth street, 1 1 nm llm South
I eiri't I 11II1U1 Fen) was piling si lull ilaik-tn-s.
Men With liiiitciiu, iiiiilieilii.tch- began a
(-e.uili for tlm liu wile At 12 0 1 loci, the
laid not found It. M tliat hour no ono was
1,11 AVIl to blue ciitno in eoiit.li t with it.
Mr, limbic-Oil i-s it I) I nm-r to the PrrMilenl,
Vi'AMHNiirov, Jnn. 20 -Seeretnry nnd Mrs.
lil.ilne gann dinner to-night in honor of thn
Piehldent and Mis. Illinium. Thobo seuted
Included the Secretin y of Stnt Mrs. nnd Miss
Maine, tho President nnd Mrs. Harrison, Sec
retary ami Mrs. Elklns, thn Hop, John W. Fos
ter and wife. lioprefontaMvu and Mrs. Cnbot
Lodge. Justice nnd Mrs. Gray, Gon. and Mrs.
Fryo, Justlco Iilntchford, nnd Mrs. Iloboon,
Bed ori.llkosruulile Some,
iNPrrrNnr-NCK, Iowa. Jnn. 20.-An Important
discovery has been mado In this county. Prof,
Galvin of thoStato L'nivei'.-ity recently mado
in examination of rocks in townl sections,
and found largo quantities of tun peculiar
limcotoim used no offensively ill lithiurupliia
ait. and which nt pie nt is obtained onl lu
U-rnumv. As thu ,!eiu,u. N great und tho
pre-et.t sal ply limited, (lu lllid will pioea
lb.ll one.
A Cherry snout Km tiny HiilltCiiE -t lire,
Tlio building at 4fM Cherry olivet was found
tn In ul!r at 1 o'clock this morning. The
Williams Filming Company, the Iron .?, and
other manufacturing concerns occupy tho
building. AdjolnlngTs the Dry Dock and Enst
Broadway llallrond Company's car Mubleo,
and three alarms wero lent out
Tito nusnnr.n frisoxers break ovx JM
They Capture Tito Other Fori nnd Set On B
to Ttentnre lit. Fonwerato Power Reduced
v. to SuHlectlon at l.itst by tho Government J
IttoJANEino. Jan. 20. Two hundred prison- H
ors confined in the fortress of Santa Cruz, nt
tho mouth of tho harbor, broke out ln mutiny 1
last night A number of them wore porsons t'eaaaaaB
arretted for misconduct in connection with faaaaaai
tho recent political disturbances, and wore 8aaaaai
mostly piutlsans ot tho deposed Dictator, GoS. ''SaiiBaaael
Da 'laaaaami
Tho political prisoners appear to hnvo taken aiH
tho Initiative They mndo a dash on the ItHaaael
Riinrds ond soldiers about tho pilson, who 'j&Hraal
weio taken eomplototy by surprise. The prls- HfleH
oners rushed upon nnd disarmed them. They wajaaafl
then, numbering about 200. seized nil the arms ' iH
niidanimiinltlnnlnthosoldlors' quarters. Thor , -H
followed tho leadership ot ono man. ,' H
IJeforothotiewsof tho rising had spread the 1 H
prisoners advancod upon tho two forts, Pico . H
and Lugo, that guard tho harbor. The men H
garrisoning tho forts wore not on the alort, as v
they did not liuagliio that danger was possible. -, H
und tho prisoners quickly captured tho two ' H
Places along with ull tho provisions and muni , H
tlonsotwar. I H
Alter establishing a vlgllnnt guard against H
nttack, they elected as leader the man who 1
hnd beon foremost In their stroko for liberty. - aH
Tho leader announced that their object was H
tho restoration of Gon. Da Fonsecn to power. B
und lie made n formal demand to that effeot ' H
upon tlm authorities. The lattor simply '' aH
clapped ids messenger in Jail, nnd proceeded 'r H
to gather troops und notify tho navy for an .1 H
uttuck 011 tho forts. The insurgents begun '' fH
nn irregular cannonndo with the artillery ' jH
in thu forts, hoping, apparently, to ; 1
compel tho authorities tn coino to terms. jfH
President Petxottopersonnllydiroctedthatths j H
Insurgents shnuht bo first summoned to sur- jtI
render and the forts thon carried by assault at 1 H
nnvcost Tlio llrlng from tho farts Inflicted, -1. jH
littlo or no damage, owing to tho unskiltulness jfH
of the gunners. Tho mutineers refusing to ' TH
surrender, preparations wero mado thl tore- .H
noon to carry tho forts by storm. The gun- ' H
bonts began a bombardment of Fort Lnge and ' VH
soon rondored the plnco untonablo. The mu- BH
tinners in that fortress, seolng no escape, and ' aLH
lining uuublo to stand the storm ot shells from aVH
tho gunboats, throw down their arms. flH
Fort Pico was carried by storms but when ;RH
tho troops reached tho walls of the fortress IftaaaaaaH
they met with but slight resistance, the mu- 'Uamaaaafl
tlnoers being panic stricken. J) 1
When tho troops ontorod the fort they found -li BaaaaaH
theleudorof the mutiny lying dead. He had 'Kaaaaaaafl
taken his own llfo because ho fqared the Ten- iU aaaaaH
gennco of tho authorities. Tho fortress prison X tH
ot Santa Cruz, whoro tho mutiny began, was C bH
held by a portion of tho mutineers, who yield- 'Itnaaaaafl
ed after bait an hour's bombardment ftfaaaH
During the timo tho forts were ln possession ;k EaNTaH
of the uiutlnoers tho lattor tired upon the itEalaaaaafl
British steamship Sorangl. Tho prisoners SaaaaaH
were placed, nftor roeapture, undo a strong afaaaaaH
pimnf, and tho surviving ring leaders were laaaaaH
loaded with manacles. The sound of the firing H aaaaaafl
caused great consternation In Mo Janeiro. V aaaaaH
Tho Government is trying to ascertain WaaaaaH
whether the outbreak was ontlrely spon- Iteaaaaafl
tanoous, or prompted by persons outsldo the " .H
prison, who de-lrod to effect a revolution. H
A Good Crop Forming; on the Hndsom Xx u sH
tent of the Cold Snap. 'ibafaaaal
Baranac LiSE, X. Y.. Jan. 20. The thermom- S WM
etor at the signal sorvlce station here at 7 this 'ft Kaia
morning registered 30 degrees below zero. 1 Vaaaaal
This is the coldest morning experienced fit -Mlll
this plaeo for years. S H
Albany. Jan. 20. Zero temperature preralla j
here and along tho Hudson, to the delight ot K H
tho ice men. Another day of this weather will 8 j
permit tlio cutting ot ice from the Erie Canal KB
between hero nnd West Troy and from that Jj& jHH
portion of tho Hudson behind the piers, known jg iH
as the Albany Basin. It will take longer fortha - M
river Itself to get In condition, as the water Is i H
high and tho current swift Themeroury waa Waaaaaaai
4 liolow zero this morning. , fnM
Rondout, Jan. 20. The thermometers wers iaaaaai
several degrees below zero In this violnltr task ';s'laaaH
night, nnd this morning was the coldest ot the alaaaaaaai
season. North ot hero the river is closed with iieaaaaafl
ice from two to Ilvo inches thick. If the pros- Uamaaaaai
ent cold wave continues it will be the best rSaaaaaaal
freeze-up in several years. Throughout the ioVtH
Catsklllsthetliermomotor ranges from fifteen lK.?B
to twenty-two degrees below zero. Ice onths elJtMi
Inland ponds is from seven to ten Inches thick. A CotS
and cutting has begun. eVLtaaal
Sabatoov. Jan. 20. The mercury ranged be- SSMB
tween U nnd lit degrees below zero here last tliliiaai
night nnd to-day. Ice oi excollent quality is amaaai
being harvested In largo quantities from the laaaaH
lnko and various nnnd. liaaaaaai
WiNNU'EO. Jan. 20. Manitoba has suffered 5aaaafl
from the coldest spell it has experienced In "ilaaaafl
many youts. Since the 1st of January the tiKnH
thermometer has not been above zero. Last riUBaal
weok the nverago tempernturo was 10 below iKaaH
zero. On tho coldost day It registered 35 be- 'Kkamal
low. VeMerday morning the thermometer fell SfliaH
tO 40' below. leWaaaai
New Or.i.EANH. Jan. 20. Heavy snow and '(Saaaai
sleet storms, with tho coldest weather for llaaai
years, ure roportod from all over the State. rraai
The Weather. vIM
Ttio cold wive overipread all the Atlantis titi, th 1 Be jH
laVe rerlona. and Canada yetterday. It u coldest la LlliiJ
tbe latter dlttrlct: at RocltlllTe, Can.. It wai 80 below IftilBl
zero: Montreal, 1!" below; hortlitleld, Vt. 16"belowj 'Iwi!
Albany, 4' beloir; Nevr York and Boston. 10 above. rlSiUkS
It was lalon freezliif tn all the Southern States eicept r?f?Pj
on the roust south of Virginia. Fythls mornlnfth irofiltl
freezlnir line should ynn oer the southern part ot PSffpji
Florida. sfftejl
Tbe ware wtll expend Itself this mornlne tn most ot &
the Atlamlu Mutes In IliK neUbborbood It is ex- ''itiltfl
pected that the temperature ft til be clone to 10 above JMrr?nj
zero, and become much n nruier atter 8 A. M. n.ljttl
A nana wae covetliiK the CLiitre et the country 2 dlJM
from Mnititul'it to Texas Is moving cafctward. The tern- J ftSjM
reraturo In the Mieslselpnl Valley and Northwest bag 3Crfl
neen from 'Jn-' to3','', and a similar rise majr be lookel Kuf tail
for In th' Atlintlc suites by Friday. J, yffl
Thebtnrin that wason tbe Allnutlo coast was forced ft ftelflaal
eau Into thn,'t.in by the hlh pressure, leavlafonly l3vitH
llglit rslu fiilliui; nn thu smith Atlantic coast. U SftlH
There were a few (lurries of snow in the lake regions. . fl tl tHH
Wtuniinv. mid L'tnluclsdirherethe weather was fair. mObbI
It was cold audcrl-p In this city, The light snow K MH
ended (.hnrtly afur mlnnlitht; total snowfall, twa R'tiafl
liirl,e; hlnlict oft'clul Irmperature, !'; lowest, 10'i H Nnali
aterage hunildiiy, 00 xr cent; nlnd northwest; R atllai
blithest ii'lin'lly In the enrly morninr, SO miles an B IH
hour; aiernpe velocity, in miles. Hl
The thermometer t l'err)'s pharmacjr In Tn So ffi Caatal
nuildiiur recorded the tt,iner.iture yesterdar as fob Ssatalll
J -if, 1 li.' 1 I8BI. 1803. CaallH
,1AM 'J., I'll .1 W) P. M n8 17
a a m ao n'! ii r. m ; 16 '"
ia.m :;i iii'lui'M ar il -BaalB
fjm .r ij'iU mid as io -
Avcnnto t&K "laaH
Aleruge nil Jan. Ill, lsi'l ...SDH -ILH
IDlAt li'lttliST TILL 8 r. H. TIICIUDir. 4 iImLH
For soullnantern Sew York (iucludinjr Long Islaud), tLti
also for western Connecticut and northern Ha IH
Jeney, fair, lUhtly colder in the early morning, fop ILI
lowed by warmer, winds l,ernuiliig southerly FprFrt- SlaH
duy, yiuer.ill)' fulr, with soiuu fo, aud warmer, VbeLbI
V, 11. Huns, Local Forecaa: Offlctai. W E4H
WAFiiiM.tns to'acAsT toRTurasDiy, jc SaH
For New I.lik'hilid und r,i.o .tv Yorlr.gtmraXiyairl tf sfffflR
unrvtt. . f, tJ , Imiltuiiif mlln,t L K P) ILtl
lor eibtirii I , iiiisjluiii 1, Now Jirscy. Delaware DK
Miirylind 1 ul iri;iiiU, 1 a 1 r till lr il ij ; warmer; arla- viilfl
tin Mil ,1 jf III)
lur West tirglnh, wtHirn New VrV, western enn If it Mi
eylwim. (llm,, liiliatiii, nn I IIIiicik, Kencrully fair, '" JJ, f&
Lieariint nil tho hikef; wuriiiur; south winds. Il utf
tl ti t,r
joiiisus Aiiovv jwif.y. lyrm
- - ft A dv-
Senator John rherrnaii of Ohio il at the Fifth Avenat W' 1'ffj!
Hotel. ft JiW
Judge llookstaver has granted a limited dlrore t f) tm
Matlc Jobeiuiu Uruhe Irom diaries Utube. It f(K:
Col. Ilalph Vivian and Mrs. Vivian, w ho was formerly S.Hfmi
Mrs Miirshnll 11. Huberts, sailed for Lnglaad on th tUfliSTl'
leiiteiui. jesler.lay, !(fiHj'Sll
tif the 1:111 dentils reported to tbe Health Dsnertmenl f4iiVlSK
)eter,U) twelve were ascribed to grlii and IMcomvll; HlK-i
iiill"ii r.iglitef the Ucilmstu grip ere women. AH !PrtiV
wereedults lff(VJ
(run Re.Vsl 1 sierrar pi'sencer on the teamsblp fOi'Kj'i
W)lillll:Mli!arrl 1 11 3 II 11. Hie day alter tie W iWJj,
U) nm n.- lit Ivi.irllsli'Hll It MJ'Poted that b I4Hv'
jlllllt t 1 , )i'lt, Aid ('ttifll?
lin v has revetted SI H n ' ei- o d l Wise- HIKmiI
mil , i, !.! ii I A ,r , ;i..i' ;" H'bin. the KRlM
I.iio.i ..!.. .i.nid . a. I Pin I. .uijhjsseut f-5lB
il i,, i -iIiiiit ' " iMifiaB
V I , i , i ,1 , i i . l , i i'i e uuel.tl.ln SjalllM
k., ,,,.. ,. i , ! . !, ' t Mlele lie uSami
,. i. , , i rn e- n .. - i, a.- i lie sti mil riaeaaaa
I i. , ' " lnfl
I, It I, ,,i..-'i ,v ,.. i'loflat HtvQIJaal
i- k , l i ,. ,,.- i i -1 'I Hie Hotel Hfafl
, l , , ii in 1 ,t,'ui I '. llnr. It .i eerlltl. faKTlBaV
i 4'e t it. ) . e ili'Ulil '.itj .i.g pro ee lilies peuduig nSaH
Coiiiiiiitsioner t riran toi.L testimony yesfcrdsj In taaWBall
thecate ot tredeilck IV Vandetbill s cht Conqueror. IHkall
1 be (luittlon whether tbe scht Is sublect to custom taaTkPaal
Iiitlf swin hi aririie 1 before Judge Uionulu IBS Vailt aWTaTI
bialti District Csuit to luorrow. jlH

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