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KiwiL bhi - . . i . . L- '- - - bbf 11.1 .IH
flr-Bk,1;; , ju.aivd'5 nam oonrdan juke.
UK1,' l
HBR; Tm Kdih CoosnttteA Votea to Xtport It
HMEn " to Atlnnr Three Weeko' Debuts 01 II.
fflPv ! W ami t no ton. .Inn. 20. Tho IIouno Commit
Mlr tee on Colnaiso, Weights and Mrasuros, at IU
llMUf ' Weetlnc to-dny, voted to tnl;e up and consider
UHRC 1h bl" Introduced by Mr. Blnnd of Mlsaourt
HHJei forlhofroo and unllmllnil coinage of sllvor.
HHE& ( Th bill In to he illicusncil until Fob. 10, when
HBnft votoonlilsto lotnl'nn.
HHVr As Boon as tlio committor) wn callod toonlcr
HHFit tho resolution ofTorr-d nt the last mmllug by
HBBB, Mfc l'lerco ot Toiinossno, Instructing the coin-
HBM's' rnlttoo to report n I'ruo L'olunjru bill without
HHkF delay, was taken up.
HRi Mr. Dartlno moved to amend tlio resolution
HjBf.i- by directing tlio comralttuo to rroceod to tlio
KHV consideration ot tlio Tllanrl l'reii Colnnco bill.
HmM?" Mr. Johnston of North Dtikoti moved to fire I
lirlfp ' oonaldor his Joint resolution nuthorlzlns the
sPJNm. Fronident to Invito other countries to send del-
HcST" oBnte to a monolnrroonfotvnce.t obi' held dur
EF'AbHV Jnothn eontlnuiinee or the World's Culunililnn
JfJH?, Dxposltlon, tortlm tiiirimtn of tcfttorliig slivor
ISWA to ir nlaun nn n irmtiov nu-liil. Tills wits do-
li'Wi- feftted by a vote of 7 to a. jlniNf. Htuno of
ljijy l'enniyrtanin. and .loltintonn of North JJiikoln
sWABlX , lonootlncln tlio nlllnniillu-.
(-I? . 1Ir- l'l"feo tlmn moved that debnte on tlio
I'l;!1!-' Mil bo limited to two weeks. Mr. Htmio moved
laffWv thatthroo weekB lienllovMid for lis foiivMeni
I! Hi tlon. Aflor nomo dtficUBnioti tliu ni'itlnu ir .Mr.
m! IM f Btono wua wri'dul to. and It wnsuriluruil thutii
il lil J voteHhould liotiikcii on tluillliiud bill on I-Vb.
llri "- ItWHHnlooUuclilmt to bear any t unions
I' ill 1 whomlclit wlflli tonddrusH tin) nonnnlltoe on
I-Jl i tho "liver question between now and tlio linio
at -S t fffrood upon lor vitini: on tlio ini-usun'. Mr.
li ,gw f Ij. O. l,oni-li. tbu Dlroutnr of tlio Mint. lins boon
K b ! ' rsiuost,," appear before tliu eomuiittco on
J j, Wodnnsiluy next.
il '' Altor the meetlnL It wn oTplnlncd lh.it tho
Jl) Blnnd bill would form the biiMs of dli-uslon
1 )f ' ndproparutloiiortlni bill to bo reported, but
. II , trom thovotoby vvliinlt it w.i" nerved to pro
B 9 5 eend, 11 In tu-obiible Unit Mi. Jlljiul'i plan will
, not be widely di-nurti'il from. Ilia bill pi nvldoH
jlf ' that the standard uult ot vnluo In tho United
tS f f (states flhnll be thn dollnr. eoim-d nf n.'i;
111 e Bralnsof allver or ::." 8-10 sralnsol cold. The
,f f- same shall lie colimd for any miner of bullion,
if if or tho owner may ilepoit It at tlio mlntnnd ro-
( i oelvo coin notes therefor, tlio bullion there
Jf -. upon Deqomlnc tint property uf tho llovern
m .i went. Tho-UM-oln uotonsliiill boitmiied In dn
'm r, nomtnatlona of from$t to fr."0. nnd hIiiiII bo
jii lull li-eal tcndi-i. ( (old and dlvnri'ortillciitns
Iil i' , undor thoaetDf.fuly !. Jf"H. liall not bit ro
ll Issued, but cancelled and deployed, colli notos
JJ)' jib above heliiff iiiued In lieu thereof. Tho
If i : notes shall bo redmimi'd In coin on demand,
II) nnd for thlnpurpono tlio bullion Hhnll bo eotned
Jii ' f08taneee'.sjiry. Tlie-tn notes hIiiiII bo u
El i chanced ou denuind for cold mid Hllvor coins
Kl in puiiiaof $10midupvunl. 'Xho Silver bill of
' II J , 3H73 and the Silver I'lirelmsii hill of lb'JOnre
liBl' repealed by tho provlRioiiHof tin,-bill.
? ." ,B 'urther proxldt-d: "Tliut ho Boon an
iilil' trance Blmll reopen her mints to tho free nnd
liM unrestricted ooliincont silver ut her present
MV ratio, niimelv. Ilftoen and one-half pounds of
.' Mi' silver to bo woi tli niio pound of irold. trov.lt.
S i "hall bo tho duty of tho President of the United
Uf i (States to Immi-ill.itely niako public proclnmn-
.'i' tlon of thai fiii-t. wheieupon the B.iid ratio
H-. shall be the IokiiI ratio in tliu L'nili-d States.
H S nnd thereafter the ntunduid sllvni-dollar tilinll
t consist of 400 crains htaiid.ird t-ilver, .ind tho
M. Jaws rolntinc tut liti htnndard silver dollars of
: Ut . HJ Brnlna Btunuiird BlUer shnll ho nppliea-
M . liletotnn nnwdnllar of 4(K) criilnx stundard
H 1 silver. Thattho sller dollars of IV2, eialns
V . then In tho Treasury, or thereafter cominu
H' Into the Treasury, hull immediately, nnd an
M- fast as practicable, bo coined into dollars of
, 400 ernln.s standard silver. Any ualn or t.el
H..' BoraBo arising therefrom slnvll be uccountod
A , (or and paid into tho Treasury."
H -n
H wjrsnmw usiox's ifinr quarters.
Vmti Vwa Big; Operatlnc Rooms-A. Test Board
f1 with 0,500 tVliea.
H The line new oporatinc rooms of tho Western
-s Union TeleKraph Company, which wero de-
scribed In The Bra several weeks npro. wero
L thrown open for Inspection ycslciduy, Tho
JK officials ot the company are all ImmenRcly
fU, pleasedoverthenowauarters. Vlcc-Prosldent
IIH'- l'homa8"E)';ert'tiuP,-,rmtenlPntA.S.Urown,
ilia " nd Press BPertntendcnt W. It. Somoriille
(111 - showod their invited Bucsts over the ofllces in
jll! J verson.
Iljjj The operatlnB rooms are all that was
jl t claimed for them. Thoy occupy tho soventh
IJI and eighth stories of tho reconstructed build-
II ; Ine at 105 Broadway. Tho sovonth story Is set
111 '' apart for tho specialties of tho soriee. These
III ? Include tho stock, srnin. cotton, cotfoc. nnd
III ' OTnorolnowstlekorcthnMorsewlros.cnnneot
Ml V inn tho exehauses of all the principal eltlesof
II ttxa country, tlio iirlvutu wlros leased by oor-
lIBt v yoratlons nnd Individuals, the wlniB runnlnu
Jlffl " I2J" raco tracks nnd pool rooms, and tlio
nMv- Tvneatstono automatin system.
Imit Tlli) olchtli floor is tho oporutlns room prop-
IH.' !r- u Is 7& by -'00 feet, witli window h on all
four fides. Thero aro uecoinmodatlons for
111 , more than l.lHlO telesrapbers and other em-
III) Ployooson this floor alcno. In this loom is
Hi f ' Spntred the network of wires ontoriuu Now
111 k Jork from all directions. The wires enter tho
111 t Jjulldtne at the ; basement and lun lute the test
ill St,,r? ",0"e. This board has caiiaelty forabout
II U L J.500 wires, rrom hero tho wires run up to
(. the operatlnB floors in entiles through a ilro-
1IM& proof shaft. Thero aro six switch boards in
lllil'r'- ne main opc.nitinc room, from which tho
II i- -wlroB nrn diptrlbutt-d to the various tables,
II vhlch nil tho entire floor tnacn. Aliout 'J00
Mil,'; miles of whit aro requiied for tlilxdlMribu
111 J,',2P; Tho room nt nlBhtwill bo lithted with
JlSI' WK incandescent lamps.
III Thereisaeallcryln tho centre and on tho
111 111 north sldu of the room to which nil tho mos
III' It siiBes received and transmitted o for dihtrl
111 button. The mesnm-s nro carried betwei-n
llila '"t8. B'd'e.ry and all pan of tho room by k
-11 fnio carrier nyMeni. The little boxes in which
ill 15' V-X mehsuBOs m o put run at tho rate of about
IFm vpOfoi't u minute. There are iocuty-uvo
lJ K statlonh on thin cable system.
Ill )'' TJ?e f'.'omH i will ho occupied by tho operators
jlli on Sunday. Jan. Ul.
til scuoowm vnjvr.y asuore.
jjljt , Hf-Solnc Crtnn linnit Two ISIilp.
jl r wptekrd Cli-wi on the Atlaolla Coitit.
!j Nonroli. Jim. '.'0. Jlurln? a blinding snow
ilij x and hailstorm this inorniiiK tho schooner U.
II TV". Haee of New York, destitution not known,
and loaded with lumber, went ashoro near
IJfo Savins Station Ji'o. U'. on tho Virginia
f beaoh. After two hours of hard work tho llfe-
savin u men Rot nil hnnus nBlioro. The crow
s and Contain urn .now hiiused at thn slntlon.
! The schooner will piobm-ly bu u total los.
.'"Fl' JP,8,,v,JPn- r Urfne tho i-toim last
jt b Bht tho British pohooner Mary Itot-urs. t'apt.
: TV. Jlqaar. cumo Insido the enpes and iiiu-hored
" outaldo tho lower end of thn breakwater.
About dayllcht tins mornlnK t-ho ijarted lier
chains and drifted on tho stone pile near tho
v" fos: signal atntion. whoio tho crew landed and
r.v were cared for. Ono mini of the crow. Wlllinui
t Landroy of Cape Breton, was badly hurt nnd so
much exhnustod that ho died nt 10 o'clock this
i rnornlnc. Cntit, (Jlampltt ot tho I.owes l.lfe stu-
," Mon was notified, and went off with liisllfo-
,- boat and Inndod tho crew of flvo men. with tho
it dead man, at his station. Lnndrey was IW)
ti rears old. and leaves a widow nnd flvo chll-
dren. Ills body will bo lutorrod at tho Marino
"ft- Hospital Kronnd to-day. The vessel is break-
:. lne up, and will bo a total loss.
i I jtro zosa TO TIM jr. it. clafi.ttt CO.
8H '
nl ' A B,d,d""' to Units Goad Any Hbormco
P George K. Armstrong, secrotnry of tlio n. B.
8j Claflln Company, said yesterday thnt tho com.
KB Pany would lose nothing thioughtho alleged
i ' embeizlomont by Charles S. AVoathorby and
, TV, A. Btevons of Cincinnati, who were nrrcst-
Ik 'ft ed on Tuesda'r' TllBJr carried on business for
II i intH,i5,.CInn.,n mpany In Cincinnati. The
m , nlleeed fraud conblstod in tlio removal of
III X foodHfrom the btoroaud the appropriation of
II V f??.d" W.0t,nc,?ci tl10 U; Mnilln cVinVnu iy
Ut $ "'asaldthoBhortacowillamoimttoSlwVoiiO.
Iff 'J . no aro fully protected from loss." Jlr.
U !fr ArmstrongtoldiiSuNreiPortor. "Lrvistovens,
H sb Bi?vPn8' ,s Weatliorby .t Stevens's tmre-
S X- .Hols rosponnlblo for every penny we lose.
H 'S jS,''aTenptyetascHrt4ilnodtliiuxiiitainiiuiit
ift ?ltho defalcation. Vn act very rein-oniibly In
H 3.' -3.of this kind as regards propeoutlm: the
ifc: offonders. Wo cannot say yet whether or not
H t.. -we shall push tho charges uBulntt Weatherby
H. fk and Stevens."
K Vs; Xavlalng; the Conrcaaloa,
H TheCommltteo of thoPresbyterinu Coni-ral
H K. Assembly, which is nt work on the ro-
H' hik vision of tho Westminstor ('onfi-.sslon of
H' frA' Faith, held but ono session yesterday,
H Wi. in 'the morning, fnneral memhors of
t thecommitteo aro also uiembeisof tlio com-
t inltteo appointed to i-nnferwith unti-ii Semi
Kmirf liaryon tho oompllcations timing out of tho
I'i JirlBgs case, and they had to be prcn-ut nt tho
H -5? important couferenen with the Seminary ill
H A leotors in tho afternoon. But little wasdoi.n
If. j Si on the revision, whloh Kin fact, pearly com-
II H. plated.
H i-- Tlio commutes cut out the word "abomlnn-
J-"- My" In section 'J. chapter III, "Of tho Lord's
H tfi Buppor." Thn clause in which the word oc
Ml V curals: "Ho that tho liomanCatholli'doctrliio
j i f thosacrillcoof tho mass is most abomlna-
' s lilylnjuriaus to Christ's one only Kicrlllco for
' sin." The nowi-hapturon "The Oiler of tho
Q i. Ooepel" was referred to a bUbcoinmlttee,
- p -which U to report to-dny.
HI X Thsoommlttoowill meetacaln to-day If the
j '$ Union Seminary mutter in settled sons to al-
H t low the members ongaged In that eonforenco
n to be present, and It Is expected that to-day's
H i' .aostlon will be the last,
1A A
Gorham Solid Silver
Ens mi onviablo reputation the
world over, deservedly so, be
catiso the purity of the motal is
unquestioned, tho forms and
decoration artistic and rofined,
tho workmanship and finish
absolutely perfect.
Broadway and 19th Street.
T7 ri:atest ,ioici: o.v vartii.
A. Htreet Fakir Reap a Iul Rrirara for
Ilia I'al-t In n Practical lokr.
ITewas stout. Ho looked a good deal like
Mlko Blake, tho Clerk of the Board of Alder
men. He stood Inn nlloof pnowut tho corner
of XaBF.iu nnd John streets yesterday after
noon with a bag halt lllled with Imitation
cigars illlod with water to sn.us.rt Into theflro
end of the cigar ot a gcntlomnti kind enough
to offer a light. Upheld ono of tho things in
IiIr mouth, removing it now nnd then only
long onouch to shout. "Oreatost practleal
joko in the world. Onlyantckle halt udlme
flvo couls."
A crowd of bovs and one or two men stopped
nnd watched him while tho water leaked outof
the and of tho clsir and formed a little lclclo
and the frost gathered on his moustache. An
elderly man came alone. He was smoking a
aclgarl!iatlioliadcildcntlyp;t-t lighted. Tho
fakir spied him. nnd look a fresh imitation
without nn lclclo. Then ho shouted again. Tho
oldorly mun joined tho crowd.
"Ah. filr." mniarki'il the fakir, "would yon
mind giving men light''" nnd then he .limit
ed, "(irt'ntnst jolceuti earth" while he reached
for tho proffered cigar. Ho hold it tnthn Imi
tation. Instantly the bright light went out and
the nshos blackened. " Would you mind pull
ing una little on that cigar i" he asked, as ho
handed It buck to the elderly man.
The elderly man didn't mind, lli had caught
on. With a sweep of his left hand ho knocked
otT the fakir's hat. with his right ho grabbed
his hair, with his left again he hanged hitn in
the mouth, lie kicked the bn-; out of his hand
and danced n war dance on it and its contents,
while he banged about with right and Intt nt
the misnrnblo joker's head. In u minute ho
hud tho fakir down in tho suow and fell on
him. In another ho had him faco down, rub
rliiglilsno'oon thosnownnd ice. He mm pod
up mid sat down on him again quickly. Ho
iirdfiiji-ii nun uruiiiiu. iuuiua-;iiu lllll IIH lie
drugged, laughing derisively tlm while. By
and by lie let him go. Ho straightened up bis
own clothing, disarranged by tho btriiggle.
pulled n fiesh cigar from his pocket and lit It.
and he muttered: "Gieateitjokoonearth.eh?
Well. I guo-t, it Is."
A big polioonmn hovo In sight around tho
corner. The fnklrwas on hl.s huudu nnd knees
jUBtuboitt getting up. The policeman tpied
him and welted him below tho hip line with
his club. "U'vnn wit vonow, g'wan. What a
you be doln' here now 't O'wau, un' don't draw
a crowd "
Tho fakir fled. Tho eldprly gentleman ex
plained mutters and shook iiiindH with the pn.
lleeman, while the crowd of Imjs scrambled
about In tho snow trvlngto llnd a whole speci
men of " the grentc-t practical joke on eaith:
onlyn nickel half a dliue live eontn" 'tho
du-tnictiou had boon complete. Thay found
uol one.
Mr. nergli'a Hnclely Inlcrrcrea 1o Protect
tbe Anlmata In i'ttl. Hbctartl'a felablca.
rrcsldent Haines of Mr. Borgh's society nnd
Superintendent 1'arkcr of tho nth Avenue
Transportation Company aro calling each
other r. nl mean, while CoL Shnpard. who owns
the transportation company, rolls his eyes
heavenward nnd ciuotob Scripture. Meantime
tho scarecrows, that drag tho Colonol's stages
up and down rift It avenue, toil on thrcotoa
stage, in accordance with the orders of liorgh'a
society, instead of two.
The lino wus tied up at8 o'clock on Tuosday
night two bourn curlier than usual. Mr. Haines
and Superintendent Porker both wanted tho
credit ot it yesterday. Mr. Haines said the
company didn't hao horses enough to keep
the stnges going throe horses to a stage. Mr.
1'uiker answered Hint ho had 377 hordes nnd
ran only fifty st.iges. which would be seven tu
a Htugo If necessary. Ho slopped the stages
because tho weather was too tad to run them.
The superintendent lidded that sonio ono hud
ngrudgo against tho cou-.pauy, and "thero are
oilicersottho society wlntnuver owned a horso
und who don't know what they are talking
about half the tiaic"
Tho Colonel twisted his thumbs after the
faslilou of the Quaker and, looking in tho di
rection of tlio seeiely's bouse, plumed this
Scripture noto at the head of his edltoiial
column yesterday.
!! Hint Klth iiniwcr beroro ho litaretb, it li folly
and bhutuf iiotu tilm.
Mr. Haliic.sprw red In the face as he rend,
and nrswered: "1 suppnso thnt remaik refi-is
to me. But It is absolutely untruo. I have
nwund and managed horsos for the past
twonty-llvo years und I liavo n praetlcnl knowl
edge of thoir enre and treatment. As 1 w ish to
aioid prisonalitiesl will not attempt to 'ay
bow many hones tlio owners of the stage lino
have ever owned or driven. So far im Col.
Sherard is concerned 1 don't know him at
all in this matter. I understand by publiu re
port thnt ho Is tho principal owner of the line.
It is nn ab'-oluto and Indisputable fact thnt the
horses of the staco linn aro tho pooic-i led
anlmalu in tho city, and they are overworked.
Their condition is patent toull, and a matturof
constant public complaint and comment."
Tho Colonel twisted his thumbs, and an
swered this time through Superintendent
Tarker: "Our horses are hotter led tlmn uuy
in the city, and are more morcirully treulod."
This Scripture quotation will uppeur in the
Colonel's paper to-dny;
A rinbtcous mun rcparJcth th lira of hit beaat, but
the under tueri lc u( tlio n ickei ara cruel.
JlfBDbllcMn Dlaacnalons In H. T.nwrcaca
County A JUrniantl for Itrtnoval.
GouvKUNEun. .Tan. 20. A petition signed by
Senator r.rwln.Sapiemo Court Judgo I,e-IIo
W, IfubHol. Constoman W. M. Curth, Assem
blyman Ot-orgo It. Jlulby. ex-County Clerk W.
II. Remington, and others, usklug forlhe re
moval ot George M. (Reason. Collector of the
l'oit of Ogdensburg, has been forwarded to
President Harrison. Tho petition nmkes no
chatgcsngallist the Culhvloi. It I- ihecou
niniinnllon ol n deal 1,'liK-ii originated before
th" last election.
There me two factions in the Republican
pnityofSt. I Jiwiein-it county, Onolsi-onlrolled
by Senator Rrwinniid Pdluwcif, and tho other
by Collector i ilcifon, 'liiiicomliliiution of the
formal- resulted in tlioiioinli.atinnand olei tlon
of their can. Ildiite lor Stnte Senator and Con
gressman. Now the olllciiil hend of Collertnr
(llenson Is deinniidod In the liiteiest of Vt'. It
Remiugton of Ciutuii as ti tuirt nf thn original
deal. 'Ilut non-Hiippi-rt of lilensoti of tho cut:
iduuyof John 31. Kellogg of Ogiii-nsburg lor
Supremo Court Judge l.i--t fall c-iused n bitter
ness nnd hntrod of tho friends of Kellogg
which still continues, and which will probably
result In Ulea-i u's iviuomiI. This I'lii-llonnl
light will hiivi Its Pllei-r in the coming I'resl
itviitiiil election, mill tlio Horn minority given
to Harrison will be u-duced protnbl).
Ojii.ocd tu Hie 'lux An rui n Ciiiaprninlaa.
Joseph J. O'Donoliue. tho ferry i.ingiiutc. Is
opposed to Ihe prop isjd lompioiulso vvllli the
el'-atcd ruilro.nls in J'i-ooUji by the city
niithorltle, in the uialtcrof niieaiHOf tns.es.
About a week agoCirpnt.ition Cminsi'l .leaks
ri-coniiiiemliil tlmt all, p.-niling ltliiitin
against tho I'onip-inle-, should bo tiiifimi i,y
the payment to the city or nt.onv S-'-TinXoO by
tho L'iiniinnU'i. Mr. ' Ibmnliuc. nh taxiuvcr.
has protested to Mayor flood y against tills
iiriangi'iiieiit, nnd bus been invited by tho
Mnynr (t a cunfi'inni-e net Tuo-ilnr, nl which
I lies u I? tubulin open illbcusMnu of. tnvquestlun.
The Empress Elizabeth of Austria,
Bevoral years ago. after n severo spell of sick
liess, wnsiiilvlscil l,y tier liouse plolcl.ius to
usiiJohann IloirsJlu't Kxtruet to lebiilld her
weukeiied constitution. It acted so udiuirably
that in appreciation Johann Huff rocelvud tho
Order of the Golden Cross of Merit. Thero Is
nothing "just as good" whon you enn obtain
the genuine article, which must have the sig
nature or "Joluinn HofT" on tlio neck of evciy
bottle. Take no other.
rtXAvefia. Aim coxjochctal.
New Tark Stack Exas-Salaa iT. .
7Al.CIauA.."r. 102
CZXKCtO riWCES or okitkd statm noHDi
C.H.Ia f lob - .F.1.1..1I
I". 8 4 r ...., "ill! UK I'. F.0a.lHll7..1IS -
U slM 110 117 Ills. e,JHWI..lia
m w$ 5 J;2s
i ' 8aW i llOyi
lilVhi.onlu ll.l' nN.Y.AP.C.AI.en. Ii3
,t iiaij in ioS
H :v :":: : JiSj iiN.v,o.st.u4. noij
? flit! 2 I'll
iS ".'.":".'."..:::::: ' " w
nAli;.H.cn .r.lOJ fa
,5 r'::-::5a.M JSji-.,w:iiv:a:-.::::igl!l
I ferf S:it'a4!Ri:lSM J.i'w.-s::!
in I'll ah cn.ft...10 n . YH U, a i isltiir.)
j chi'o ".lii i.ua i or.it. a n. i.i....mMj
i ctit. A V. U. A. Orcon Imp. Ca...
in en V.i l ''"
nciu.A o. it. a a. ,g i.i ;;;;;;; 1)2,,
:r,r'n ao.ciiv.m.ii-4 ................. iw
1 CB.AO.. ilcl). r loa l reo. uii.w. mil
if1:. ::.. .':.::;:. .S"a'4 3 ',."'.'.'.'.'.";'.." ::." iu
2 I'll A Mil, Ut. IIS 1 Pen. A Ktf rn In. 80la
1 l-nli. so. tut 10-1 lOPfium. AH, r lim
r.i'an so.s.1, w.io-'i i rm.AWi..nt... sov
lr. uuin. A . r. HI.. "I',l ' lt
Jo I..... .. ti-IjI 3 nil. A iv. i'. t.uj. ui
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4 . , .... Ml 111 Ilk. A W. I'.T. St.. Il.i
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B8II Kllimitiill A Tein, . , .1)0 ,M ..'10 ..10
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$17000 Ueoripil I'ac. 1ft ,,, lIM'i 101 lUOJi 101
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nm. A Alhiny,limi.j 2oo ron-lPnn E no ni
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h.y.A.I.B.iir.llMU 1D7W noiton A Moa. 371 1I7W
H.l.Ceiil.4a,, 7D ; Tl llnlln A lloiton l."41 111
Win frill, pr . 4.' CalilulelA II. .500 SIT,
Amer. lleU Tel2U4 2(iH Santa I e.v. Co. 25 27M
Irielel 5 411 A..I'. A H.Te4a. ttM 8S
cwLIlr.3el.. 01 A.t. Ab.yatu. uzh m;(
MKtSU 4u;iPenn- " "
W'ednesdat, Jan. 20.
There was a euddon change In the course of
tho stock market to-day, and nlso in tho tom
porof the apeculatlvo community. Tlio lead
ers, or larger operators on the short aide had
apparently scented danger o er night, for titer
began to reaover. promptly at the oponlnc. the
etooks they liaTe beon soiling tho last tew
days. The most remarkablo foaturo ot tho
covering' movomentwas its continuity. Asa.
rule, whon a large short interest is to be cov
ered thosowho are engaged In the operation
stop buying from time to time and renew their
attacks upon vnluo in order to corn pic to thoir
purchases upon as low a level as possible. But
no such tactics wero resorted to in
tho present case. Krom this it may be
inferred that tho larger bear's considered It
wiser to retreat thiui to temporizo with a
situation which might easily react upon them.
Wall street's nppetltc for sensations is so vo
racious that it soon devours and exhausts any
ordinary pleco of news, nn well as the most
startling rumors, nnd it tbon becomes Impa
tient for froih developments. Consequently,
having enjoyod the Chilian war scare and the
Missouri Pacific-Western Trndlo Association
episodo for a number of days It is not surpris
ing that the brokers and their profosslonnl
clients wero glad to llnd to-day a chango In
current ndvioes regarding both of those af
fairs. Wall stroct abhors stagnation as Nnturo
doosn vacuum, honco In Its opinion fluctua
tions, even if thoy result In losses to someone,
are proferabla to a qulot life. " If we arc not to
havo a foreign war," nrguos the stroot. "then lot
ushavo peace and an announcement to that
effect at once." Tho conclusion ot this argu
ment Is: " Thnt we may put prices up If wo aro
not to havo a substantial basis for putting
thom down."
Tho rocuporfltlvo powor which tho markot
displayed to-day was a surprise oven to tho
bulU Tho explanation of the sharp recovery
In prices is found in tho fact thnt during tho
last two weeks, nnd especially yesterday, tho
smaller speculativo holders ot stocks had
been shakon out and their shares tnlou by
strongor dealers, who aro able to act in unison
because smaller in numbers. And nnothor
contributing circumstance was on extensive
short lnterost. ot which only a part was coverod
to-day. Though tho hulk of tho buying was
against sales previously made a very fair vol
ume of orders was oxacuted br commission
houses. TheHO last did not licsltatoto advise
purchasers hocnuso of the better understand
ing of the attitude ot the Missouri raviflo to
ward tho Western Traffic Association, and the
moro pacific advices from Washington regard
ing tho Chilian nfTntr. A largo and well dis
tributed bU'ditoss was done in stocks, with tho
heaviest transactions in Kt. raid. Distilling
and C'attln Feeding, Reading, AMilson. Trio,
nnd Hock Island. In many ot these stocks, as
well us in others that wore less active, tlio net
ndvancos exceeded '2 H cent., so that all of
yesterday's losses wero rocovorod and tho
average of An nl prices was higher than at tho
cloie on Monday.
The Bpeelaltles quickly joined In tlio im
provement, which thus became genornl. Tito
most extonslvo donllngs in this class wore in
the Chesapeake and Ohio stocks, Omaha com
mon. Delaware and Hudson, tho Lake Erlo
and Western stockB. Louisville. Now Albany
nnd Chicago, Kansas and Texas. National
Cordage common nud preferrod. Ann Arbor
nnd North Michigan, Wabash preferred, and
tho Whoellng nnd Lako T.rle stocks. A good
deal ot Importance was attached to a sharp
riso In Missouri Taciao on comparatively light
transactions. Although tho London Stock Ex
change was closed, foreign arbitrage houses
were buyers, presumably in expectation of
a strong market in London for American secu
rities to-morrow morning. It is expected thnt
tho weekly statemont of the Unnk of I'ngl&nd,
issued to-morrow, will show nn increase In
cash that will influence a roduction In the rate
of discount. In the afternoon there was a
brlof setback in the upward movement, caused
by tho report that the House Committee on
Coinage would leport n Free Coinago bill, but
tlie tone ut tlio close wa-. very strong.
Final sales compute with thoso of yesterday
as follows:
J.W It J.m. SO i .run. ;s. Jan. !.
A.T.A!. I... 411, 42HNorf.aVW.nt.4HV noli
Amer. Cot. OIL . !..., .'Hj, Northw-ftcom.ll.1H 11H
Hurt.. R. A T. . a I :ii . r. Tat com. 231J 2 I'I
Can. so.itheru. rl( r.'n, .Nor. Tno. pf.... eilla n
U C..C. Ast.U 7HI 72i X. r. ('antral... uai. 11P1
C1J.AO. ...lOiAj ll'.-" S. V.A.N. K.... 4-I&J
C.ALast 111... il" 7J,i.N'.J.l,-enirjll...lllM 114M
C.AK III. pr.. U71J im Omaha com.... 44K uV2
Chei. Auh.o... 21 2HM Ontario A IV... ml! IHJi
l-.All. Htpf.. tlllj til', Toclftp Malt.... B'K nns?
C.AO. 2dpr... 42 42jil'ull. Tul. CttclStlW 16
Chicago Oaa... 7311 7.114 Uorlc Island.... ttH), 1)074
Pel.UAW....13i 140, Rich. AW. P.. . ir(? Ill
Del. A lludjon 121 12tiU.ll. A W. P. pf... 70s, "lti
llllt. AU.r.Co. r.tiVtf r,;i,lReailllig.. ...... 3dB 407J
Krle HOI, :in,St.Taurroni... 77M So
HocW. Valley. .. no HO 1 SI. I'aul pf l'JoVJ 122
Ill.Uenlral 1071C 1081) si. Taiil A VI. .. I2t ll.l
liall.A lrtlf . 1HI, IIH, Tem Piiclllc. 12U 1211
Knn. A let.pf. .-Ill, 1)21.1 r.i".. I.AH.... 4IU 42
Iwila. A .N'a,n, , so"i Union Paciitc. 4u 4774
lJile Shore.. ..I20i 12i. I'. Tac. I). AO. 20lJ 2I'J
LaLeK. AW... 20i 22f Wah. AT. com. 131, l;)4i
L.U. A W.pf... d!4, 7il Wah. AP. or... 2HH !K)iJ
Ijicir.lo (las... 207, 21li Went. l"n. Tel.. H2 H.1W
Wo.Tii-llli: f.-.i'i Hk WheeL A L. C .Mill S7.J
Nat. Corilic- . 1I411J 5liW. AL.L. tf... 77jJ ISil
horth.Aui.lo.. .1 ltiij n n
Govnrnin-nt bonds weak. The 4s closed
T cent, lower bid. Halhf.iv bonds strong. Tlio
fi-iitiin-s were Toxns Kielflc 'Jd-t. Oregon Iiu-provcmi-nt
.Is, Northorn l'ncifle consul os. Mo
bile and Ohio generals, Kansas and Paelllo
consols. Erie "Jd i-onsols. Colorado Mldlnnd 4s.
Chii-iigo and North l'liclllc lsts. Chicago, llur
lington and (Juiucy debenture Os American
Cutton Oil 8s, Atchison. Kansas and Texiis.
Itli'limcnd and Termiii.il. Heading. Kt Loul
nnd Mouthvei-storn and Wabnali issus. The
more impoitont net advances wore in Atoliison
Ini'Oiiu-. ' t1 cent- to Git1..: Amnrlcan Cot
ton Oil 8s. '3, to 108: Chicago. Ilurllngton und
Qulncy delieiituro Tis, ',.1010:1: Chicago and
Norlh I'.iciflc 1-ts, '4'. to 70!': (Viloiado Mill
land 4. iv. to 7S'; V.rle 'M consols. ,',, to 107:
lfanFns and rncllli' consols, 1, to 110;
KnnMiH mid Texns 4s. '.. to 8of,
nnd -de 1 ii. too4: Mohllonnd Ohio conerals,
-(, to07: Nortln-rn I'aeille consol 11s, ,. to
7st': Oregon Iniprovoment 5s. U, to C8',;
lliclimond 1111J Terminal lis, L', to IM, nnd lis,
? to ur: Itu-.iding 1st preforenco incomes 1 ),.
tn74: 'Jd piofi-renen incomes, 2'. to. W,, nnd
lid preforenco incomes. I1,, tolls,,; St. Louis
and Houlbwi-sti-rnlRts. '.. to71J.and Uds, 1,'i,
to :i.")'i : Te.os I'aeille HiIh. ','. to Jl ",, and Wa
bash Jbts ,' V t-ont., to lO:!.
In bank stocks 3 shutes of Western National
Fold at J'-M.
fillver bullion certificates for 05,000 ounces
sold at ll'J.'.fiiOy. Dar silver in London.
4- i)-ltjd.
Money on cull offered at 2 V- cent, all day.
'Hint' money, li t" cent, for sixty days and :i, fur
Hint ty iia s on good inlxi-d block Exchangecol
latttrnl, and cent, for six to eight months
un dividend-paying securities. Commercial
paper in good demand, but tin- supply is light,
l'miio endorsed hills, receivable nro quoted
nt 4 (-) V rent., nnd llrat-clnss single-mime
paper at uti.uH v cent.
Sterling pmIiiuicc strong but quint. Potted
risking rates. 4.4 for long hills and 54.80 for
demand. Actual nitos are: Long bills, H.K'J.rj
i4.tU 1: sight drafts. i4.M.'i' .and cable trans
fern. SUvmiHJwi, rrancH are quoted at
ri.lh,fa.j.l!l'i less l-li! lor slglit and S.'Jl'i'u)
ft I'i for long; rol'dismnrks. 05', for short
nnd H4'. for Ions; guilders, 40 for long and
4011-10 for short.
Domestic exelmngo on New York: Boston
Kin l'-'S cents discount ih-i-$1,000. Charleston
Iluylng. par, nud selling H premium. Ha
vniinn h-Buying. par: sellinr. H premium.
New ilrlcani-Banl;, l&O premium: commer
clal, i)0n7,ipromluin. ban Frunoisoo Hbilit,
-Vi cents: telegraphic. 7.',', bt. Louis 00
cents premium. Chicago l'ar.
Tho production of nuthrncite coal for tho
nluoduys eliding .Tan. 0 was 071,881 tons.a de-cri-ttse
of ,tllJ,(UOtons as compared with the
corresponding period ot last year.
The Ontario Hilver Mining Company haa de
clared its regulnrlnonthlydlvldond of 50 cents
V share, mukinc $r,,(JiH).U0O paid to date,
payublo .lull. 'M, at the uQlco ot Messrs. Louns
Itery it Co.
Thn Vestlngliouso F.ler.trlo Company has
voted that an interim dividend of 1 cent on
the preferred stuck of timeout puny for the frac
tional part of tlio quarter ending Dec 31 last
be declared, payublo on Feb, 1.
Pullman's I'aluco Car Company has declared
the usual quarterly dividend of 2 Y cent, pay.
11 bio Feb. lit.
Tho Lach'do Gaslight Company lins declared
n dividend of I' t cent., payable March 15.
This Is the llrst dlvldoud paid upon that stock,
nnd it is officially described as a qunrtorly one.
Tho statement of tho company for last year
lias not yet beon completed, but it )b clear
from tho figures at band that It will show a
small surplus nfter paving llxed charges and
0 V cent, mion the preferred stock. ,
Adrian H. MullerASon aold by auction at
the New York lteul Lstato Exchange to-day
thu following securities among othots:
100 ftnrea liana of New inrlc 2.5.1M
'.'notharea .National Uutcbera- and Drovara' Uank.lHO '
fitifharea Meii'hanta' National Hank If2l4!
nOaharea National Pank of Commerce ..lh 44
20 aharea American hxrhaiifre National Bank..,,lDlla
filHJaharra National CitUeiif Pank I60W
200atiurea.vlal'OaltaiiCoiiipiny (Hank),,,,,, ,,,..1S4
10.1aharet Thi'iiixNaiininiiTjinl: i.32M
140aharef Mechanlca' National Hank ,,,lti)'i
2Mlfhareallrli.'0tal Hank ,,,.282U
lUOabareal'inteit N.J. p.. II. amlcanal L'oa 22
K17lialeaN, V., New llitven and llailford R. B,,,22tf
4M ihurea ):riiokl)niin l.iaht Lo ,,,12.31
2.1 aharea Nationnl Pank nf loiuinrrce IBOIJ
2.1i.area.Naa inra liun Imrrnvement Co 41M
1.1 aharea l.crnian Ilxclntiiiiii JlauL. 87r
C-liarta Unit Ire rn Pirn Imiiianre Cn. ,,, s.'W
MfUll er.uiji.N y. CpUon T.vrllano 4ia
SOilmrc. I ulliU DtatciTmitlo 77J
S iharft PennijlTanU Coat 0..... .... JTJ
BO aharea Broad tray and 8vnth Atbo . n."!'"!
loahareiLnwrera'TIMe InaaranoeCii.. ..,.... .If"
lOiharef Bl stone (lap n-ld- and Inrettm't Co. BOH
n iharri Thnrtier. Whrland Go, preferril......104
toihareat'iilon Farryco.., ,22i1
2nilarea8tfTrnatCo.,...,...,.. ... lpeM
100hareBmol!lTii(lafLiiMCo......... JM
lOfbarea New Jrk Mutual ilea 1. irbtCo 1"
12 fharef Continental Inauranca Co -'20H
Troaury balances comparo with thoso of
yesterday as follows: 1 Jflr .
nMcotnnilbnltton....tl22.4HI..'l7(; 12I,48t;.lijr.
Ktlrer eoln and bullion.. 7,344,iWtl 7.U-'.213
Liritndera,ltiiludiii .,., ,..,..,
Treat ory itot 4 R0."i,M4 e,10?.r.4T
Totalt i34t;ai,r,s4 $is4.-o",7iri
Deposits In nnllnnal tank. M.V.mnS7.
ngnlnsf sfrA4rJ,rt7" yesterdav. In addition to
the foregoing the Trensun- reports sllmh"','
Hon puiohased under the net ot July 14. 1MX.
Sili.lt.'si.o.iO. ind Treasury notes issued against
tho same. $7l,rUU.UiA. of which $ib.tsA).4lJ
are outstanding.
Honey in lndon, 'W1 V cent, n.itoof dis
count In the open market, for both short and
three months' bills, 1 i y cent. Amount of
bullion withdrawn from the Hunk of England
on balance to-tlav, 70.000. Purls advices
uuotc 1 cents ut It.") francs 47 l. centimes,
nnd exchange on London at 25 francs ID
centimes. India Council bills were allotted
to-day nt a decline of 'id. V rupee.
The Olcott South Carolina Hallway Keorgan
lzatlon Committee stales that a substantial
majority of the second mortgage bonds nnd 11
considerable amount of tlio stock and Income
bonds havo been delimited underits plan. Tho
committee iintiounnes that securities depos
ited utter Jan. 2!i will only bo received subject
to Bttrh terms as may hereafter bo decided.
HtcpH for fornelosuro nro now being taken un
dor tho direction ol tho committee.
The sales of mining stocks at. tho Now York
Consolidated Stock and Petroleum Exchange
to-dny wero as follows :
talee. A'tfiM. Optninfl. Birffivf. JtaiMve, Otirf.
1MW Brunt wick 11 fl K n
no con. cut. A ve.. 4 ao A r,d a r.o 4 no
r.00 Horn Silver., .. 3 7r, B 7.1 H 7.1 8 7f
S()fll.eadvllle 20 20 20 20
lOOMexican 2 no 2 00 2 no 3 00
lootipbir a im 11 'm H ."(i 11 no
loo Mer. Nevada.,. 1 no 1 no 1 no 1 HO
2001'tah. 63 115 9 U3
'Hie total aale, were 2.850 abare a.
Klcetrte htoek (Auotatlana.
lanox. Jan. 20. Tba Utett eieclrlo Block qnclatleni
lolay werei
M. AiJt.
Thomeon-Hontton Hlectrle rn ,.rst 03 Bl 1 0
Thoniion-llouilon I.lectrlc Co. nrr..2H 2S 2S M
r on Wayne l-leclric I'J 2.1 12 60
Tlioineoii'iioUHtiinitcurttlealaerifalJ) 7 I'.'ia 7 21
Wefilc(houiaatentedtmftrei-iipta.l2 S7H 13 00
Nrfv Tirrk. MarketP.
WpnsniT. .tan. 20 l"iocn jisn Mm Ttnldem ren
eralti afkeil amne imprnvement on late iliruri-i. hut
liujcrK rcfocd tu meet ihelr view, and Utile ivat done.
I'nirns Puiiirea hndn hini).int npenltiir nn.l Itie.ul
valice in pncet uift-le a ati-nd" piareaa tut near the
clui-e. when I here Ha, mi-hc " Hiihhlinit" tinder enlea 10
reallu b ittnld bull, tut there nat n recovery and
fie cIoro was itendy nt nhonl tbi- best llipiree ul llio
(la), which ehov ed all iiilvance of 12fl.1 liolnta. A
aunirt adialiie In l.lverpnol ffitve the hrat ll.ipti'.ie to
therlee. The market k-ained hi 11 IiKtlmn the Mtiall 1 lnp
mm ement. and the renewed itritmth In Hi." ta..i hnur
aa due to thn itctlte rpot marknta at New Hi le 111s and
Kemphla, and tho better price there and nl neurit-nil
SinithTn polnla spot i-ottnti waf l'lno. dearer; mid
dling uplnndv. 75iic I do. (lulfti.rlc. Tbo fiilloitmv ore
tbe detallaot tbe trauaactlona in f uturef , vt Itb aafes of
1S4.I100 unlet!
Mmi'Jh. Cltripf rrtfrn. fenmt, XoireC Stltl.
Janoary 7.40 7 41 . ...
lebrnary 7.4ur7 r,0 7 4I 7 8') 7.2is)
March 7 .V.'riT no 7 t.U 7 4 40.101
AprU 7 7247 7.1 7.7.1 7 .'.'.) 17.tSH)
May 7.HH47 84 7.e)4 T i.-t 811 21HI
June 7.P4i7,'J5 7.P4 7 HI 3l'.'i()0
July 8 04(V.... 8 04 7(11 r.,400
Auitmt H.11mS.12 h 111 7.1'H S,-IC1
September H.ltart.'jl H in t) 117 7oo
October 8.2U(ab.27 II 20 8.14 400
, Suoti$ of h
16.11-HS. Itsruoi;
Port recelptt this dar 12.-.45 2ti.r,in
PrevloiHly flnce Sfpl. 1 ft 2111.77.1 4 P2'1.2I2
l.xporti amce Sept. 1 3U)ll.24'l 0 41I4.P41
blocks at U. s". poru 1.2110.4.15 UU,0vj7
Pnonsiov? Lartl fut'iret wore dull, but prices wero
not decidedly lower, sales rso tea. for Mny at 11 14)3
UPlo. After 'Change the closo rraa ateady nt t'..ilOo.
lorPihruary, C.7.1C fur March, and d aoc. for May.
spot lard tru dull; antes 200 tiis. prime rltT at0 2i".c.
nnd 300 ice. prime Western at tl 07 Jec. iei;ular; rehned
for the Continent quoted at tt.70'4fc. Pork nlet at
$D.76(2S10 M) rurnieai. Cul manl-i ivore qnlte active.,
and full prices were paid: tales so M)t) tbe en'Med lice
Ilea. I0V12 tti . nt tic , ut lixn. ch or do . ii'4UV ; r,r")
plrUled Imnif atsc., aiidl.oooirreen do at s-. Dreshed
Iiok tinner at 0?p tto. plk-i. H'4C. THllou'iuorenctlto
atete.idv tlirnrfca: ale IrAiOHl f. nl 4lir stenrlne
euiler nt 717!kc. liutter and cheese nrm. 1 l-k tin
tcttted. tiRiiiN wt.eat future npo'ied ealor: the war clou 1
did not continue to tork. but rtdui'i-d receipt!., and a
nct:er e-ipert trade enured n tpil'-k re 'overt and tli.n ly
umi' further ndv into. sale tl l!i1tio PihIi nt91niu
Ctallldfor Hbruary, fl.iCl-.iijI (II for .March. 51 02
$104! for April. Jl OJi.il air Mr Mat-. si.oiU'i
91 U21J for Jane, nnd tunic $! ia)i, for Jul), spot
wheal WKMietiie at rathi rhetti-rpit en. The dem mil
wu mainly liiriNpnrt sjles jsikxhi hniti nearl) nil
No 2 ml VVInlir. at$l 0'i. f. n. b, and tl 04alliiuu
Indian corn luturrs decnutd owimr tn the ecechlvQ
liiov ement of the i.eivi-ir,p. sa'es.. 00,000 hush, nt 4liii
"0',c. for Februar), 4Wi'0o-. ror March, nnd 4eJ
(4t4c. for May. spot cum waa eaeler, but at tho
tlctliu,. ttiii. oullo aitlvo for export and home u.
Sales 21.1.000 bush , lucludlriK No. 2 mixed nt 4Pp
Mlu elevator and arloat; aienluar do. 4ni21$livi,o ;
No. 3 do, 4.1Ha".; ilcnmer vellow, 4o),r,
(lata Here rat her tlrmer. upd the eiot tind t. ,ia ai live.
Sftlua fi.W.OtO bosh, iuilidluz No. 2 mixed nl .'iill-If,
.-itljic. for Kibnmry. and 8T,'4'4:t7ljc. ror.Mav. nod on
tbe apiit, mixed ut .f6'nsc.. and Mlttle at ltS',4't.. ,
lno.ua,lty. aliu.No. 2 white nt.1sl(ii-. 111 eleiatur, and No.
2 inlel al .'iPp-. in elevator. Rvo more l.roily held
and quoteit a: I'lfi.i lie. Hurley moie active, af.'lo..
iioobuih Mnte .11 li JillV for ttio-roHid. ioi 1 7(is72c.
forelv reinl Puck wheat dull. After 'Cbauire IV heut
closed nrm: No 2 red uiuter for lebnutrt lieja:
Manli. JlllSJi. Ipiil Ui4)i,. Mty, 1 lr.H: June.
Sl.oJM: Julv, si IKiWe. Coiiietcudv; No. 2 mixed lor
lebiuary, -lii-)4i : vli.rch, 41i?,c: .viay. 4.1141:. tints
nrm. No 2 tulxcl tin Fchriiur), Uil-wc: May. a7ijc
Nil ' Uhlte fop IVlii-imr !isif.. ' ' '
Corrvi Contra (.1 Htre f.i.rlt active and stronger on
liU)lUl,'liy "fill--!" totovtr. itllllUUletl h IMleclilC.llr
lietlirfeelllii.' In thorpol market, I'letin.-ul chanced tu
lOpoiliti hlirl.er 111 lotnw.tiil null e.lclilii)'s nnal
trlii 1 lCeirii:s..l Itlu, l.llKMbuu: ut Sjii.os, 20(K)'l
I.U1.-H. Hxchtink-e in Pin culler ut I2l,d. Sales 27 llt.10
bna rloitn.'ite idy Hlth eellLraul the rolluHnig prices:
January.. 12.Hc April. 12.IOc.i.luly 13.SO0
rctiririry..rjr,oc.iv.u) 11 (,.-. Uiamt. ,.ii.;r.i-'
larch 12 2,!Jimc. ..ll.rir,c.sipicniherll.70c.'
"3be spot market uai active and hfirher; lffo Nn 7
qtintrilat 1SV: "ties l.Li.0 hair, Itlo at l.'lV. for the
loiiee: 1.011 iiivs I'.lo No. ,, to urrtte per Cacbetnlre
?,';' 61f-A;i'" 'mK. J"" '" rrin pir AUUnra. nt
1.1VJC ; a.2.H) ban do. to arrive per inhere, at 111H
JjUiii-.i -WX ha,-s do, in nnlve per Viirt.unca. nt
1 iic., 3.111 lixim do. tnartite 1 er riLiBTso, at l:ilM
u llpi" ; .-'..100 hau-H iln Jniluai) ililpment ut I.'IItIo .
l.OOOhunriu. nl l.'Ke.r audi- l.OoOhaKaild. No! ii
loK. at l.-sjc. c. und r,; .looiiaidiSiiiil.nNii ll to arm 0
per Cuvier. it l.'.Mc ; 2ro Iiiki, ilo. .No 7. to arrive,
per il.i.. at I4'v . .".DO b.irs do. No .1, 10 airlvo
periluclieoilre, atl.lc ,,aiiio.ii.-i1o re.iherrvNn .1 to
trrlte pc: Un.ut 17c j SHI Inure do. .No. 0. to nrm o ',ier
l'roi.re.o. nl 14i,i".. run !' do. No .', to urrlve ner
Ilnlton iitMc. i.inOUaKsdii Nne 4 lo ft. 10 nrrlve er
r.onu. ut 1.114c lor No ll a.id 1.IXA) ml-siIo. No f, 10
orrlvopir.Vilrance. at l.-,t(.u. Mild cr-.len nerei.nrlr
acute and atrnilv, sale HID twin Muraiuilio.il 2"i(i
2.;,i" for Kiioil l-ui-iita, 4SS b.i(( saiantlla, 2t,S bails
Layua) ril. unit 171 li Hit Jnmulcu nn p. t.
mtuaii. Ac Ihe nisiki t lor rot viasiti!.-t, but xteadr
at 8c. tor fair relininir tniiicntaili,, mi. .1 7.ii',o tor
stoti'Iard centrlruRiiN. la-en loo hairs 1 entrifiieat pll
te.t. ul S 7-111'. Ilellne.l mi, pi h-lter demand and
steady. (Ju.iltd Cut lutfunil cru-led, .lnJUc . cube
4l,'S4Sc.: pov-.lercil. 41,. J,i" Kni'il.lale.l 4,IIik.:
mould -A."4 B-B4 r, nic innilv ".v ' J1.4U.' : c 111'
ferllutiera' "A." :ii.'4c. ulf -A" 3 II Mii i x.-H.t-
-nhllt extri"-"3l-,'i:",c ; iel'n..1te'..,(iliji. ,'.
laxen wm lalrly active ami steady. I no carrot boil.
Ink tin Jo moluxfi'i. fiO teat, soldat.'lo. Pke vt.is tu
lair request nnd t.Uady
, TiiAt the aiirtton sale the nfferhiff were larire
10 4M) pkn . and price ere e ier r limine m fol.iiws:
Mnvnne lit ton 122.10 : yiiui. ilyinu, liu11t .c :
Imperial. 1 hi t.,2.1lAc. : ifunpoitiler. i.'t'j.t.i.- I'uiirsiiev
-Voiilnt Uniiu 1 1 or 1 .l,ic. . Imperial. I.ikiiVcT a 111.
ponder. 10,'fd'Jc. Jnpun I'.infn -il.iniwis.: basket
do., lhvsic.; Itttllu. .',5,7i,i-.: CtniRnii, in.i . c
Indm und orau.-o l-ikoe. ll.'dc Oolong !' luiur
34liilloV , Amoj.l.linllc, innnoiu. ITIessi. '
."J.'.IV "T"" x "Pirli. i.irpeiitiiio nuH nrm. hut unlet,
at j41.p7.141", for reruian, and UOl'v'.:,.-. ror iiml
'hliMltiaiawai withur.tclini.Ki! und dull at1.37i:
G I1.42i lor iniiininn In fond eirniueii. '
Pt:TniiLFt u Nutional Iralliil celtl'lcale were Quiet
bill alaad). opium at 02c. sellnil al U23i;.i,l.,,au(l
clotini! al UJijc. bid: "In U.roobbls. ,4 ..
I.tf a Stuck. Market.
Niw Yom, WVIneiday, Jan 21) -He. elnl of beeves
rT0..7-i"'h !"1'. incil'dlmr b3 car, Ioi Ihe nurkct.
aniir,Jcjradiifcttiii.luiMhieiei. Ine uurki t oi.en.'il
tnrly active ul luhtl) liriiiirvuliii-E Inn 1 li.ml iinll
I'mirekl ti) Pest native Mi era mid ut 'l.7r.ri., i lud
Ins ; bulla and dry cows al M.-HK..J.I lo. ir. . d !,.., r
tu idy at t,i-ji" V 2i. tor unlive tidct i,i,.ti.i.
Wo from ixmiloii 1 iiuoies Amen, an iieer nrm ut iol. .,
l.'c. e) fti.drened Helubt. and Aiuciicuii reiriseraiiii
!,".'-', ""dy at aiMil lOn ft In. shiiuieula today.
8,illqUiirirror beer. T.imnrin ,.',l, Vi'lei. '
Iteoeipis or calvts wiie ilia hciil Murkt ruled
steady and uncbnlved tor all sorts I rail ...1.1 111 ii
?l tSlJIl ' '""' B l "'"1(" X W"l"n cul
lleceipia of sheep and lambs. Including 3 rurs direct
were J.nl hcud. Sheep were sleudy: lunihs linn nrnf
sllllhtly lilaber. Sheep E.-.d at (., .iIV iK Si ""'ii',' 1..
at ti.(.", 2.1. Iini.td miittoi. ateud, at7uic, J
k : Ureised lambs nrm ut ityjnkc ... vt
ltecelits 0-hoj-s Hero 10 Din head nil coi Hjnia ds
reel. Nominally steady at 4.1034tu 4). loraZ
Ural Mutate) Kxehunce Salea.
Byltmlth A R) an. public miction sale or ll.e ,lT.iirr
brick store jm, lofJ.'.MO 114 Meiter "irVei ,, ufj
Ide. we.t of Foriyih unit, for .-5 ts). and louVsiitr J
brown .tunelui atiu.wllli lot 2.D.1O0 U.11 1.exVnolou
at enue. east aide aumti (it I illy.si 1 ond itreet, for 1 -ll .
Willi lot .iOSli l-l.M 2XI0I.I, 1,124 Iroudtlui rni.tiiii
JbrollBll to C.04) nttl. liven ue. 31)2 leel norlli". ' en
I). tltlh Mri-et, for 302.4IO; nv Mwi I rl. 1! tliC
with plot of luiut 71 IU...'. Clrl to . iil) Ull seve , ?e K ,'
street, aoolll ld. 233 reel ent or AvLlnia A fir !
Wortli itreit, near I'uik row. ror 27 fiij "vl
llTlticharil v. Ilarneit A Cn.publln aiiftlrn sal. nf
if V1"",,'B,r""1,rilel. north side. 240 "fe.t east
of Ninth ateiiue; withdrawn ou a i.iiif.i tjo-ll, i
nve-story brick bLlldlnt. iinm't 26xic5 - "' I U '.'2
avenue, northeaat cormr of i:ii street"' withfi'riS
on a bid or 4H,2.'4). uImi esecntor- nl.,'e .1 r!'.n
story ttone.front-ilat.wUb "t rcom I0-. We'.'N t
if """I rMt. wulli Ude rat feu west "f Moth i?f
". withdrawn at a bid of Miliar). ' "xalu ve'
By D. r. Inirrahatn A Co. foreclosure sale nf it..
i4ci'n'f7,;,0I" 'rnn,( bullainir. lit ot"i7 1$?
I.iili '.'AtVMstinii street, nortb aula. aJ bi,;?,.?;
otbMendav.uut, Iorl,00o. "i.oiioi nasi
- Seal Katate Tru a a Term.
2,i'iV-.n f- V21 7,B T- S8xttu.B excri John
11 Earle to bainuel s Abboit..... ..,..;.. 11a -oo
ellbsl. n a, 171 w ay 11. 2.1xllaiH- Jnhn u.
.Vo ...rrY.'kiuie,"'.:1? ' " Ahuui; "
MVry,'!rct.,ffie:,nn!:,sron ,
tojci Beraa i""'i'i" -evt
ITolTman ft. es, 20 n 199th at, n7xll8i37.3x
118.3: Oora a and Wm.lt CotnntoJnolI
Edin..... :,..,... MOO
Amilerdam ar, . 7M1 n !i7lh it, 23x74; .,.
Jaooh 11 Thomas and wife to Vn J AtoKeown 2J.200
SBIhst, 145 W: ihs Amsterdam Improvemenv mnl.
CotoJaariltnde J3,K)0
SbarllTit, 10.1: Emanuel Nemnan and wlfs lo ..-
Jacob ITelOer ...., 18.600
Bronx River, wa. Ion 213. 2ir.. 217. and 211'.
Sap No I. map lliatt I arm: Theobald 1
a)er loVarto A Haver
Delancey at, 281: Joseph Holland wife to John ...
liarmnir ..9-S00.
Ittmt.UlEi There Well to 11 A Klela. ... 12.JW
Bsraeprop: nenedlctA Klein and wile to Jonaj ....
Wetlnndano, . . 3,360
west llonston st, 21 and 27; Joseph lleran ana .
wile lFerd II Meld 10
Cannonst,e. W) sstnnton st, 25x100; Mayor, ...
Ao. N Y, to Louisa Kr limit 18,000
Monroe at. a. lot 1,013. man Henry Rntircrs,
3.1x100: Arthur Rchrcnketten tu Martin ...-
Mclirenkelien 3.14I
Stonroe It. a a, lot 1.U04 10 l.uii. saina map, ....
US Hxt4 blocki same to same. 1-10 pt C.sta
lMlh st, a, now Unablncton nv. ;.1vl00:
Mary J Inker to Maidalena, II of I'etsr . ....
liBvlln 8.(500
6IM1 st. n a, 100 e Columbus nv, 7.Cxloo 5: Mar-
Rare! and I'rancltCrawfoid toKilard.uppcn-
elmer and ano..,. 1 85,000
12.'dst,lis, IKIHe itll av.lMHvloO.il! Isaao
A Hopper and wtto to John HMeWililam 25,800
Slstst, na.tll w Wist 1 nd av,17xS2,803 Westl
Faulty M and I) 11 Van lien cor lo Louis O
Fuller 1
Sime properly: Louis C Fuller to Ileujaiuln B
Vail llerveer ... 1
Walnut nv, a w cor 134th st, 20 l..1x Irreir: Wm
linrottnAnd wife to l'ort Morris Land and
IraptCo 1
Wilietst, oa. 17b lllvinirton t. xiooxvr.x
100: .Nathan bchelb umi ir to Mary and
Jos Mote 28,080
Bobbins uv, w a. lot 1711, map Halt Mnrrlsantn,
l.'&xiou: lleury (jMuckniid vrlfe to Ltully
Focal 6,000
80th at. n a. Bonn o 1st av, 23x102 2; Chna
Sherman to Me) ercnodnian 22,000
Southern lintiletnnl, n s, l(i w st tun's ar.
50x100. the Fort Morris Land and Impt Co to
WmKllrowu -.,., 1
nroi.Din KORroir.FS.
Beran, Joseph, to J Bolomon, 23 West Houston
M., I vr.. $35,000
nt rkotCits, Morns, 10 t, (looilmnn, 11 s JUh.it,
ava, :i yr..- 6,000
lleavet, Harris, to s llcldelshclmer, e 10th
av, 11 IKltb st, 4 yrs 17,600
Hamuli", John, to O A Weber, 2(11 Delanoey st,
f)rs 4,600
Conlan. Michael, to Herman savings Hank, at
8iliBt. w AvA. lvr 82.000
Devl'n. Mairdalena, tnN'J Ickcr, lot 643, map
Melrom south. 5 vra 8,000
Fosal, Unlly. 10 III) Mack, lot 170. map t'aat
Morriianla, 1 yr 8,000
Crnll. Kail, to f 1111101111.0 a 45th at, w 11th
av.Avnt .. . 6.000
Gnoduinii. Mev-er, tu Charles Sherman, 11 a HOih
st. e lstnv, 1 yr. 7,000
IIui-iiis, James, to Oennnti savings Unnk, n
s.'d st. e Lexington nv. t yrt2) 60,000
Isaac. John, tod Jeremlnh, exor, a a 80th st,a
2dav,Hyr 8.600
Ki hoe. Jnines, to l'.mlf rant Industrial Sav Inns
Hank, s w rnr lludsru and Iltiliert sts (2), 1 yr. 4.000
Klein. Benedict A, to (J N Kancnbbley, b s Ifith
st. av B, 4 yr 8,000
Mela, Ferdinand 11 to David Cuttuaun, 23 and
27 Wist Ilo iMonst, 1 yr 20.000
tlrWIIIniin, Johns, to J A Hopper, 11 I22d st,
elm in', il nun 6.000
Vloinnus. Ciiiharlue, lo HI) (llitord, Riln, lot
253. map Unit Morrlhunla, 4 vra 1,000
MoriH. Mary, 10 N scbolb, M lllelt St. 1 yr... . 400
Opprlibointcr. I.ilnnrd. and .1110 to Atuos R
Kim. t.ti itirllth av nnd ttinh t Itvrs 40,000
J'arK Atnruito J, to M Miller, es Cieston nv,a
li-iiili)liroiik st Itvis 40.000
rfttffrt Jiicub, to IlNtuman. w abbTlrf st, n
Stuutonst . . 1.600
Run, Charles, to Fanners' Lonn and Trust Co,
.".01 Madison si. . 'I vr .... . 23.000
Ilohis. t-red'k. to 1' tl Decker, n e comer West-
chistet undlluHlo avs. 1 yr 6.000
Itoirotn, l'uul, to L Cnmiogiln. 23-25 Kooierelt
at 1 yr 6.000
fc'bca. John II tii.t Kicbler Urcvvlnf Co, n s Lot-
tnuuav. vv 1'ov.cll plili'e. 1 vr 8.000
Sciiwod. Me)ir tuthu uiemer Vereln. n 2d
nv. s55tll st. 5yis 9,000
Ktnlr. lieorie, to A Dooper. lot 207. map Mel-
ro.e South.:) yrs 8,000
Bcbultr. Louisa, to A LSiade. o s Cannon at,
stiinton st. 3 jrs 10.000
Bciult! IttiUa. to J bchult7 a a Cannon st, a
llivlni-ton ai, 2 yr 8.800
Toner. Mary K, to J. Murray, nsU4tbst, wllth
at.Ujrs 2,600
nscor.psn Lusies.
llrvde Clara II. to Murla Sevier, SK7 Orand at,
:l 1-13 vra 81,720
nrou-n. (ierald 11. to Jas llutler, 2.6(18 8th ar.
r.tots svoo-i.ooo
Dempsey. Ann, to JnsWallnce. 522 3d av. 5 vr 1,600
bmtth. vm J. to Urunu DJar, Jr. A Co, 19
t'enrl si, I vr .. ... . . 750
Wnkel). Jus, toChis I. Nencomb. Ul W42d st,
8). yrs 1,200
C'oni-t ("ulriidui-a Tlila Day,
Scrxrrx cocrt OrxptuL Tnaw Iteeest conttnned.
CnsyyKn Mouon cvkndnr called at 11 o'clock.
firri'lAL Tint). Part I. Clear. No. 3S. 1111.243. t1D,
347,711.'. P2.I. ni t27. and 22U eieiated railroad cases.
Tart It. Nil calendar.
Cip.ciit Corn I'.ilt III Case tinnnislied No. 32lel.
14is.Ji47. 1.I.IH. Ul.1.570. 172. 11711. LOill ;inOd,,l(s)l
3art 1 i'ju iiutliiishcd Cncs to be sent from I'nrt
111. I'srt II t'ie iiiirlulsli-i. Cases to be sent from
l-uitlll. I'urt IV. Cu-e uullnisliid. Caacs to bo sent
Irom I'urt 111.
Siiuu'.ail's CocnT Will of Schnvler Stf.nl, 10 50
A. M For protiitti Wilts ot William Si'hieiss. Carrlo
stiaittinn. 10 v M.; Jumei Deiint, Mnrifurct Coddinr
1011. ltt.au .1. M
sii-skion Coir.i fitxctAi Tin Adjourned nntll
Fit.. 1. srriui. Intl. Vlotlnus. I.'gi itv 1 ri-M Clrar.
N".i-. I'M 1.14 l:ill. 11,31.'. 214. lelvl rrrn Part I
t-i.se undi. nl ol Nos 1032. 32S., ll.'2. Irt70 lull)
lun. l'.-wi I'.trt 1 1. cnso unniilsbcil. Nos. 1121. .Mil.
21.72. liiit. f'7H, 740.2144. 1112, 131.S. Part Ill.-CIear
No 12'JI'. 410
Cuvhos I'm a Grvtitn. Trail sdjournod until Feb.
I. jtkiai iii 11 No. li). IqciivTsrh. vdloiirned for
the term. Thial Tihm rart I cle ir. No. 3U. 154
11)47. Ii'.l. 602. Hin. 15411.401, 1312. 10(12. 1222. 131fl
10HIL llWl1102. lltltt, 1272.321. 11,15. 1:1.'.' 107.1
31S1. 1314. 021. llifi.'.. IU.-,. 1170 l.-.-fci. 1034. 1J55. l"arta
II. and HI Adjourned Mr the term.
Cur Cook sdcialTi ait. .Motions. tial Tim rart
I 1 use tllililll! ed. Nov 541H. .'H7, oU5. 5210. 5211.
CBR7. 67. .-iWJ. 3731. C'.'tlll, 52117. B.171, 52
5.110. 54117. Fart It Clear. Nns. 6PS4. 65111. 4201!
5.1i4. 40 u, r.;A).'. S402. 474.'. .11.12. 4CII7. 50H. r.it.'in;
20111, 4-.tvs. 5it7n, .-.0711. 5US0.4477. Ii3"., 62PU, 5(t52.
5OT. 47;s1, MI22. 77N. 4S01, 5H4(1. .Kill, 51142, 6C.t).
l'art IIL Case iin-inivbi-.l N'os. 43(17, 1713. 257H
4Ptlll. 5331, 2B3S. 8424. 5302. 5.110. S584. l'art IV.
Clear, short causes .Nos tt41lt. tllllH. illtie. 8ti24. QM)4.
115521 6271, U272, 0151, 1,1110. t.UhJ, 051)0.
IfusilneHB Truulilea,
Deputy Shoriff Tracy has received ieveral
oxocutionsaKainstthe Arm of Charles Mayer
i Co.. shlppiuc and commission morehants at
41 Dey ptreot, ttKaint whom judements for
$l,:i3U havo been ontered, but tho ShorltT
found notliintr to levy upon. Their ofllee fur
niture. It is said, was covered by a bill of sale
to K. GottschalK".
Kdvvnid W. Curtis, manufacturer of photo
gr.iphiu albitrn-; nt'Jtliinml '-'(17 Canal stroet.
rniiilo an assignment yesteiday to Edward
.toliu C. Xobis. stair builder at 258 TYost
Twenty-elKlitli stropf. innd( an assienment
yesiniilay to charleo 1 Uciiks. civlnir nrefer
enoet for SlniO. ills simp at ,'1'JM West rortleth
street vims burned our a few week'- iico, the
iilnipii loss tioliiu hr:;.)0(: itisiirutii'i). soi).
Ills ratlior. t.'linili-s .Nobis, stnrteil tho fmsi-iii-.-s
in 1S.S'.'. and railed In November. 1KM7.
Mtii-e wlileli time tlio asaisuoi lias continued
the I'U--iiihss.
.lohn O. llrolnw has been appointod receiver
in B'lpplw'liii nt.iry ninceeilliiBH for Alyeii ,t-.
hiic itiur.nuinufiietnrnrs of push doorsnnd
blinds ,it .ill, mid :.iui Went Tliirty-fllth street,
ontlieapiilliatioiiiif W. II. Starr.
T.i.1 i'." Si!'i'rii,T r"-terday Hued out the effects of
fiI-'lll.,i'V.l,'-l.'!iril''!' H,lllr Guilder at tho foot ot
est iiftieth stroet
Ono Labor OrCanmitlon Dndorata ractory
Inicclor Couuolly.
Albant, Jan. 'J0.-Stuto l'aetory Inspector
James Connolly was to-day summoned to ap
pear heforo another organized labor Conven
tion assembled here. This time it was tho
States Trades Assembly, which has been In
session since Tuesday preparing labor bills
lortho Leclslaturo. A committee of (ho was
appointed to examine into Mr. Connolly's olB
ciul conduct and seo if it was misconduct no-
?.i,r'.!i"F., !Mr standardfc After mi inter
view tl tvvo hourt, tliy Convunlion voted down
JJ resolittl.m ..oniioijinliia th.. factory ii
speet.ir iiiid rormi.-d anothoi- one cudorsli c
ilsudmiiiittrallon to hoCiunmitteoon Ileso
Itilions. wliK-iV. It is uii.ii-rMoovvill report u
fav.ir.ibly to-iuonow. TIiIm Im tho lli-st of tlio
thr en oicinbed labor conventions which hivS
i'.'i , e10!'';. " l ,0 lns . ,en ,lllvs tllt li'Vo I md any.
tliliiL' In t aiitiFu tu heap upon I'aeiory In.
bnei'torCiiniillv. and , iill.-l't'tth t there I
fe'rolc,;,''!,,.,"' ll,u tru,,aDndV0'!
The Ketlletu.nl of the Anderaoa Will.
Blnco Ihe nmtc.-ible sottlomont of the Ander
son will case, various lama Bmn8 )mvo lo(a
mentioned us tlio terms ncrocd upon. Tlio
e..v:t terms of tlio settlomont appear lu a let
ter v.lilcli William II. lloinblower, who was as-
iJ.&.:,liw uw M- uM'r&
eJ'"j:",V'.Vl'r.,.'lre InRurnnro Company paid 120 OTO
em ofVlM1."!". Mr'', Al'l"'" f ll'tiriaii llniT-IprV,?.
wi . ?', t'l'.'.'T oir claim thereto. Not one cent mora
Zr ".', .''.' U!! '.IW "' ' Iniuran.o Company to
sirs Appl.i.in or her counsel, or niibo.iv in her niter,
iktlliuiiynbupoorrnrin. Mr. Charles John Anderson
shellresnl.d Hhlili 10 bad p:.tctira:lv alien liirnianir
i vVliT V"v"1 "' Noihine more hi Ue" "a"
Um.'Ni""":1"' "T U". b' relmqullhed any other por'
onorihee.lnle. (In the r. ntl.iry.for tbeconsidlra.
iJS',:,.,!1,,r"i",,l,"',,.r" Al'l""t'" '" iflln-iJiihid uH
Int. rial or claim In tbo enure Anderion eil.it. As t
tl.eilalius of oth.r partieM know of no person that
;!, 1" rhUai Willi lutllcicnt bans lo raise auv
Iul'or.'vT,'f,'l.,l'',, lr '""' ! ihrealJniifJSSJ
foil ,!"vl'",!.,,V1'. ""V ejpictatloniif biilng bought
jS'.'y ,h New York Uro iniurVnco Company. or ilia
will be erievtuslyiUsaivolnted. "'s'ityiuorn
Tho Wulera Itecedea.
TiuvEitsB Cur, Mich.. Jun. 1'0,-On Monday
nlcht the wells of the wator works and fac
tories suddenly envo out, and tho water re
ceded from the shore of tho luko to tho extent
f;!.i!0,0 f:),;t' ,1" ',? '' w.itorfell BlxamU
hall font In the Inkn as tlmiiKU n ert'at t lal
ple.'trio lluht .-finipanliH con n not furnieh
lllit liocuusooM nek of water. nnd for f ull5
an hour Jliu elty vvns in lolul flaiknes" Tim
waters of tlio l.ilo nn.l l.iiy siUlboo lent J
l lulled back with ten illu force. D""b0''u,-'ir
efinanrinTs I jH
laylanfl Trask & Co.
Bankers and Stock Brokers, iH
18 Wall Street, New York, H
Iraasaet a rarilar aaokloi bnslnesA laelndlnc tn nt.
aktaa and Mia an aomralsaton of stearics stall u si
taaMaw Talk staak Eichsnua. 1
1.1 Woll Htreet. NEW TOKK.
ItOHTlIN, t'im-.m. H
Henry Clews & Co., H
11. 10, and IE BROAD ST, opp. N. T. block tjxetians H
Depottla roeelved anbl et to check on deraanl In. H
teres! allowed on dally balanoea. H
Orders oxftcuted nn the Note Vurk stnei. Ilxchsneefir ,
Stocks and Honds, for tuvesimcnt .iron niariun MMMM
-1 bVviqifhv "tii
Missouri. Kansas & Texas R'y Co., M
Cooponsdn I'eh. I, 1832. on the sr.CONn Monr
oauk fouh ter rnsr. gold iid.vps or tin mm H
pany will bo paid on and alter that dato on present. lH
tlon at the, olllcti ot the company. 45 Walls!., New Iwi H
C"r' CIIAH. BHKBOr, Trrnamee,
Eicellent opportunity for Investment In nisnnr.i-'i.r-
lnj corporation produclnu recently patented artlcie.
retains SO per cent per annum: nn experiment aur aH
nmonnt up tu tit riity thousand dollars nislre 1 f .r I i IH
thrrtlevelopment hi business, mvestnr luichi b.-cuii IH
oillrer of corporation if deslrod: excellent m.pnttiu t M
for a father to start a son In legitimate bu'liiei a.' lH
ply room fit), V.Na.Mtu H
)iviilciuts ana 3iutrwt. H
tlltlre the. H
Killsoa Bulltlliii, !r.nnl est., tH
NfAt Vlllili. .Inn, r.. in; B
To tho storkholdera uf the Kdisou Ueiicral Llectno H
Co-upany: MMMm
The iiiutti quarterly ilirldrnilof Spereer.t nnaliihs H
loik of this compiint- has hi en ileclaied bv the llosrl
nf Directors, due nnd p-tynble .m rrh l.lt'.o. at ilia H
ontee ot this company to holdera of ricord Jan 10, IH
The transfer books vtll he closed at ,1 o'ttoek I' vt. ffffffffffffffffffffff
on.tan.l'o. IH'I'.'. and tenpened on leb ll.lsiC H
Ay order or tbe ltunnl nl lllreeltti-. MMMM
A. .llAKI'ln, UrcrelH-T. H
Mills Buildliis". lr. Iirniid st , .H
SbW YiiKK, Jan. IP, IRu: H
Divinusn no. ikh. Bkmkw
Tbe rerolar monthly dividend of Fifty Rente vr IH
ahare has been declared for December, payable at tht H
oiuoeof the totiitian. S.vn rranelscn. oral tho iran'l-r lH
airency In Neve "iork. on theit'tth lut. H
Transfer books close on tlio 2r,th lust. aH
LOU.NSUI.KV A CO., Transfer. Ants. H
rx) wall sriiiiET, mmmM
m:w yduk. Jan 2n, iro; H
A dividend nf threo per cent, on the capital of ttia 1
Etare Trust Company has been declared by the Trustees. aH
pnvtblo on nnd after l'eh. 1. ln:. 1
The transfer hooka will be closed at 13 o'clock noon. 1
Jan. 211. and "sill reopen at the same hour, Feb 2. I8PA BfBfBfBfBssH
JOHN Q. ADAMS. Secretary. H
Jan. tl. 1SB2 H
Tbe Board of Directors of tbts Company bare ds- H
clared a dividend of Tno Dollars iter share, payable, ll
Jan. t". 1-ransf or booka vrill reopen Jan. lift IH
p. C. 1VI.N8. Treasurer. H
glcctiong nnd Uftimjg. H
I.lbcrlvst. .se-c York. Jan. lit. 1H112 At tbe ao- H
iiuut mtctinir nf thoatockbolders ot this company, belt H
this dsy, H,li).j shnre belnx present In person or by ll
Jiruxy tiliu voilun. tbe follotviuit ticket veus unaulmouav ,i H
y elected: " IH
Orlando B. Potter. lleiirire tl. Wllllama, 1
"tVi.liaui M. Inzraham, l.uifene Ketlr. 1
J.inui D. lAtirli. John T. .Vlariin. IH
Jiiiiu vv. Murruy, Aiesaiider M orr, 1
I.uitl Oelberniana, 1uls Winilmulter, atH
Martin Joot. John Jacob Ator.
lieiijamln 1). Hlcka, Huso VVesendmick.
JohuD.lllcka. Julieu T. bailes,
John Kursyth. William II. Male. MMMM
Ellis D. Williams. rharles K. Ilamlersoa, iH
William Trautwtne, tl. II. i'elsey. asssB
Charles Matlack, Samuel T. Freeman. H
Charles Richardson. H
FOR l.VM-.l-Tni: Of I-I.KCTION.
I). Kairchlld, lH
Fredi net Potter, lH
Theodiire VVentz. MMMm
At amaetlng-nrihe irnstses. held Immediately aftar sssH
their etectiiiii. .v.r l. II. Ke'.eey tus elected l'rcstilent, MMMM
Mr. John W. Murtny Mce-1'restdent, Mr. Frank, lialley tl
beciiud Vlce-1'resl.lent. M
Mr. Ixtuts Windmuller. xrho has served tho company aH
as Treasurer lor eli'ht tear, kiv Imr to the duties of tho H
once such time as he cold sjiaru rrom his many litis). H
nes interests, -rlthdrew lu favor of an actlvo Ti.as- faH
urer. nud Mr. (Inar lluerton Schmidt was elacted lo MMMM
thai ortlcc. tr Ixmis . Uritrbt uas elected secretary MMMm
uud Mr. c. D liuidii.k Asilstuut secretary. 1
The follovrlnK I'tnance Cimmittee was also elected t aakaasH
Messrs. l-ottir, Juost, .1. II. Ilul.s W ludmiiller. and MKMM
Ljnch. LOl'IS V nitlOIIT. Secretary aaaaH
Alll:i:lClN 11 INK Mill; ('(IMl'l.W TrituStl frnillr eaatslH
place Nen Y.irV.J.tn 20. ISU'.'. At thannualrlei.. eaaslH
tion of this lomiinny.held this ilaj.lho tollon inir cen'l-e MKMM
men t- ere elected Trustees tut thi-eniiiliijr vear. vi.. aBalBlBli
l'lllNtlS ('. LIII-.V.illL'UY, JOsIU'II S SIillII'. aaaB
JAMI.sMAnnOSDLUIl, JAIlKIl K. Mhl'S. akaai
aid n siiiirvr.n. vviluam j. ahkelu H
J. lOLIHI l:i)ill.HT-iOS. JllllN K. CUKl'.II.Il. MMMM
TIVIOrilY II POHTl.lt. hlltll'MM" CU.NVERI!, aasaH
Tlii:o. II. l'KKEI.VMI. JAVIhSH. FORD. sasaH
At a anbseqnent lueettnx or the Board ot Trustee, tho saLsLH
follotvlmr ollieers sere elected: aBBBsH
JAMES MAI'DONnL'liU. I'rcsldant. aaaal
Al'.l D Slll:i-AIID )vi. i... ,a . saaaH
J. rilUIIO ROIIEI'.TON. I Vlc ' "f'O'nta. tH
'nil OUOlii; II 1 UEfaLAND, See. and Treas. aaaH
JO IN E CL'KRIFK, As secretary. mMM
JARUD K. MVKItK, Asst. Treasnrrr. aaaLaai
THHO. II, HlKhLANl). Secretary. BW
ginnual icportZ "" H
aft AND T FltANKrilltT NT., ..H
Ijani on bond and mortgage (lace value) 113.142X4 bbbbbbH
Cash on hand and In bant "iiiil aaBBBH
Furniture und Ilxtiires. eitliiiaieit '7(hh) -IflflflflaBBl
Installments duo uudotLeruitets '.M'.il'H H
Toi.ii rirri'i ...1
Due shareholder, on stuck account jionri'- in faBBLBBB
lialaine due mi loans iiiudo , iisiijiii bbbbbH
aurplut .tliu, '.'j H
total .l4l,:i"in iT
rash on hand Jan 1, 1 sin .' ur, n7 aasH
Subscrip'lniu.iii slimes , 4i. 4 IT aBBBBBBal
l'r. niliiiiis recctted ..il" '1 bbbbbLbI
Inlcrevi received , r.'lpil v bbbbbbLbI
Kll.i-s u aBBLBaH
Initiation, ims bi.ol.s, interest nen sh.ir. s bbbbH
and tiuiisrirs '-."i) .WbbbbH
Oilier receipts ;t ,t H
Total 5!IO..ii'4 H
I)lUL'R.iEMl:.'TK. H
Loitneilon niortcae SSP "44 IM bbbbbI
Slitires vellhdratill , Is'lIT t7 H
Salaries 'irx.io H
AdtertUiUK"iiid priiitlntr r-:,ii bbbbbi
Ki'.'U H
Other exiienser Mil 1J bbbbbbbI
Atinriiiy-'iitid uppniliers-lies advanicrt.. i.o.-iu aaBai
CaU on baud 2 47nni H
To'1 'ITi'")- .H
Ete of .Ncvr York, cllj- and and county of V H
a.,'V!.li.Ko,"ft v'te"Pre"ld(iit. and Horace W W., .. H
Ba.-retnry,iif rhosiiiiuiiil.veninirMiii.liulldlni;..tiiiiii H
lx.au and Acriimulaiin; Fund Askiicfaiioli, l'... .1 r bbbbbbI
jwiirn. ench for hluisoir, suys tin, t th, foiec.ni. .i,r. aH
Ei.VoWi3riayi..t.lu uU """ ,u ," "i" "f .H
.Ii.Ul.I;0I:I't'l:i Vlce-rrc, lilent. H
n . k.f ", 1A(AK. - "I.l.I.-. seer. Urv H
B Ii.nn'A'J!,5r. P'l'.-OlUtlavnf Januaiy. IMi H
AMIIRnsEli. Tl)ll). .Notary l-ublli' .- Y I'oiinn bbbbH
n.7ir'Vil'fH''."or.lPc "V"1" ita.wlall.in wa.pei -1
on Jan 11. l"li-'.aiidlttilioifnfnrmeuibeihi:i. Wt
B"oa,,s' H
AltAirn-fR ,'.?.u."!.h,ol,L fniltnra without re'mot nL H
uiti' h.'tt'ilVookl) n'. ' """""y. " .f- ud - M
AKi:Ry and lunch room for sale- li...t tnci . a bbbbbH
13 dr. a tcei,. liiiiiilr. tai?iliunf "Ve w CLi " ' H
fjt)R SALE ihree irood saliau iirn7iu17...in bbLbLbH
. ! ...."IfiVr8., VT10'- &&&&? 4.', H
Jiis.ui'di.wr w v. sw e;i HH
c3sin?.s.s Omtis,
- ,".0,C;.0,li!r'"le. l.tar, Droadway. H
O VoVBhVar,liwJi '"T.nin mmmM
I .B

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