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. I
f ? fl J THE 'SUN, THURSDAY. J'ANUAKX 2B,l8!tt. I
fHf ras yfl)DLDirr endure a witch,
H- JB Kjfi J . Hlarr of Hp.lle, Which Lasted
annnnBr anamff ' fbr T"r" V"11 Whleh Heldt and HI
HfcT Mj bbBk "mllyHulTereil nnd rbrWtaleli They Ileln
Ki E? vJaHvC Marker! Responsible tiuperatlllon, A.
BBBaanMil!- K llBvt aaast Isereslhle, that Followed the Is.no.
mmmmmaTIf m 'Bff' '"' slrohl, n" ol" ' Ilcard nnd
LaaaaK I?1 fflni May AeeoBatrprnisMurder-IlarB Bura.
HEi V 13 ff '' '"'" "" D'"lh Atlrlbatcd to the
bbbbbbP -'?' '"! M Mnrano Man-Threat Again. t Him.
aaaaB I? j f I ' tCAtiicooN. Jan. 27. -In tlio Empire Btato of
aaaaB'r f& If S? ' New York, within 140 mllos of tho great city
fc ''II Hi v OlNawYprk. In tho contro of a prosperous
' I 'it'! k farming community In a county whoro thous-
bbbbbV I' ' i'l' t ands o dollars arooxpondod annually for the
BBBBaair ' Iff ft purpoao of education and thousands moro for
bbbbbH't -; 1 ffii f- ,.tho advanco of Christianity, thoro nro persons
bbbbbH I I (!'' ''(' .wno bollevo so thoroughly In tho ancient
bbbbbH?'- 9 . Is: V bugaboo collod witchcraft that they havo
bbbbbbbI b 1 1 & committed murder to rid tho community of a
bbbbbK Si"' .'T ?. peaoeftble old man who had lived among
bbbbbB 9& j"1? If them for forty years. Ho was accused of
Hi r'( if K , bewitching a man (filling him with pain
bbbbbW ra 't-l '' ,'and. ttrango sensations by meroly strok-
bbbbbbYsT Hi1 '81 'K ' 'nB ' ona oard. nnl by tho samo
bbbbbbK& IfM 'si f'' iindans these foolish peoplo say ho killed tho
amaamlX S" tv .bewllohod ono's horses and afflicted Ills cattle
r) i t'j till they dlod- Ho was also said to havo causod
mammas?;. Ifl 'i " ruDlanto kill tho bowltohod ono's mothor-
mmmmmlv !! ?' 'ill'' ,lDlftw and his son to fall from a load' of hay
mmmmmH''' If UI h ' "d bronk his neck. Ho vt os also accused of
mmmmmmW't Is l't; - ' causing, tho bowttched ono'A brother to bo
mmmmmmmT'' I Wm killed by the cars and of doing other thlogi.
mmmmml'kv li ill1 ' D" 'DEatle twaddlo that would fit well tho
mmmmmmmV'r ' K IS i '. ' ,PB0 of history of tho day of witchery.
B' 'l;i i., ?ho witch was met in thonlclit. was 6hot.
mmmmmaof fih ( l F v aodthen pounced upon by n man or men
H,i''- ' '31 rpiod with heavy clubs. Thoy boat his ho.id
BBBaaaHft lJ IvP in. and when ho fell doad they knoelod besldo
mmmmmmWfV Si"- 'IfBtVV? him and Ored Uvp shots Into him to make sure
bbbbbbbT ' 'F'l ... -oHhelr bloody work.
BBBBBaRvt j!r 'if'i Afow facts havo bean told regarding the
fit -'C Lifer J murder of old Goorgo Markort on Jan 111. two
f iajl lv " miles outsldo of tho vlllago of Jofforxon. nnd
bbbbbbK ' U iS within a stono's throw of his own houso. So
mmmmmmKw " IJc' certain wore the people of the town that thoy
H f. H' lm jS knew tho murdoror. nnd know his idiotic mo-
KV K pE sr 'T, l'iat "l0r nrres'9 n nmn ovon boforo the
BBBBBBalji'' ( i rT (''' body of Harkort was dlscovorcd. or boforo It
mmmmV'T ''' Bi Vl . 4 rtM known positively that a inurdorhad boon
mmmmmmmiV "' ml i '' commlttod. This man nnd his son. a youth of
mmmmmmmlfr 1! J C . 22 yours, whose head had been tilled with tho
"' B J; twaddlo his fathor had retailed among his
1 H t i neighbors for years, wero committod yestor-
,v j: I; ' X day to tho Sullivan county jail. Kvcrybttof
mmmmmmmv'n t ml .' " eridenco points toward thorn, or ono of thorn,
mH'V 1,' ' M guilty.
bbbbbbbI ' K i.r ' " tmnoDs or hhkixinci toe witches' srKLLs.
mmmmmmVfi ' M'i v- " The placo whore this crime was committed
B'' ' S ' A' A i called tbo Halfway Houso. Ittukesitsnamo
HHB 9 1 ' ' from a tavern that has stood on tho main high-
HHB , jj' ;fe v way as long os tho oldest Inhabitant ean ro-
BBBBBBBam, 1 x tJismber. It Is ten miles from Calllooonnnd
mmmmmmHl m" f ' eighteen mllos from Monticello, tho oounty
mmmmmmmmlxV S ' ',' '' 'Iner0 ar0 vory fow t00r fOoplo tlicro.
mmmmmmi.' I'- f n The farms aro largo and rich and well stocked.
HHHIii ' 1 , Of the 200 peoplo who form tho community
BBBBBBBalt .9 ' ' ' " f"rQ ora Probably twenty who nro bollovers in
bbbbbbbbH- mv '? witchcraft. VVhcn n neighbor's barn burns thoy
bbbbbbbbI 1 lf C ar that '10 naH Incurred tho anger of tho
bbbbbbbbH' '-i,' i, "'' Wltthes. Whenanolghbor'schildfallssickthoy
f ' J- ' reaort to mysterious dovlces nnd Incantations
1 " j to get It out of the power of tho witch. They
mbbbbbi'ij 9 $' eutoutof the mud tho footprints of tho sus-
mmmmmmmmlr ' 9 ' ' 'e onH ftn1 r0ll8t thorn and break thorn
HHk 1 'f , up and strow tho asbos to tho four winds.
H' i - They put chulk marks on tho doors to keop
bbbbbbbB'' -a i' . the evil spirits away, and carry charms about
bbbbbbbVI m '' ' ft'rniH;'B- Thoy hang stovo nokars up for
mmmmmmmml,'u 'fi'maT " lptotioD.-and do mnny othor strango things
bbbbbbbK. ' S' faK" ... rft have been handed down as menus of iro-
mmmmmmi? 'ili ' n'Bev"-
HHB,rJ'' Sr 9r- "T These people are ashamed of tholr supor-
bbbbbbbbI 'If!.li jWtleos and only talk nbout it among thorn-
mmmmmmmmlv' B(Uaal'-F ri'fW'Mi but Adam Heidt was tho most super-
mmmmmmmm i. W V "-tttiousof thomall. and didn't hldo tho fact so
mmmmmmVt''' -l;IRv-m'---.91Uoh aB 'd ho othor8- " W.liO wllo
Br'' '"f jrW" '" .rTOSSessod. He lives ori a lUtle mound called
bbbbbbbbI' Si " IV' ""Us Hill, which is halt a mllo or moro from
mmmmmmmmmV I' if P lH4tway Hqiiso. Ho was born InSulllvan
BBBBBBBat'-' 9 It ' county, and has lived tliero nil his. 1 1 TO. Ho is
LaaaaaaB. idl ll ' tttd " 0M Uan IIe,dt" though ho is only 42
ammmmmmU Tl f H years old. His family, bosides himself nnd his
aBaBa. 'aH ' If Wife Barbara, who Is possossod of considor-
BVbBm - iamal 1 fr " ably more sense than her husband, consists of
Hlr'aBh.; i T" Jpseph. 22 years old; John, la and a teacher
BVmIB1:!" Iv if-.ln a public school: Rosle. 14; Anthony. 12,
BBBlf BJIp V '..and Mary, a Heldt's form covers 133 acres,
BBBli,' BJ L 3 y? ,-i.mo of whloh is cultivated. It la ono of tho
BBBB-i Bj, Jj i '((argestlnthe oommunlty. and his stock is
BBBKa B: i ' "vm6ag the best
BVBBi' if' n '' "- ' QPf 9e Uarkert was 72 years oldandprob-
BBBBr B'1 '-. -' Kblywas tho poorest man in tho community.
BVBVr-' B ' ' f H S -"n Hl farm was only a flfteon-nero plot Ho was
Hf('' ; ""Qeidt's brother-in-law, having married Heldt's
BBBBf 9$ i V f al'ter. His farm was just a nlcho chopped
BBBBitj, H ' ?f v out oi a larger one and it was within hailing
BBBK H, ( -,V Jf distance of Heldt's land. Markert was honest
BVBBf If 3 jw'ind respeoted by nearly all of his neighbors.
BBBB iH i ! 5 He worked for many of them In odd tlmoa. for
BBw,' E f i Ma own farm wasn't largo enough to occupy
V' : J all bis time.
H;'; m i '' Ever since he was 20 or22yoars oldlloldt
BBBB' m '. Y has been ailing. Ho says ho was possessed.
BVamBf? If',, 'f It was twenty years ago, ho says, that Murkort
BBBB-a 9, east tlie first spell upon him. For two years
bBBBb I'; ! L i , he has talked about it constantly. Ho has
BBBflv ' J i'i .'' threatened, in his neighbors' hoaring, to do
w 'i l f ''' war with his old brother-in-law. He lias
BBBB'' I. j ' vlilteddootors nnd fakirs and worn charms and
BBBBm : f "papers, but he grew no bettor. The last year
BBBB1, 9 . o i '-be has been especially fierce against Uarkert
BBBBBJ 'L ''If i On Tuesday night a week ngo Markort
BBBB' , j' 5 "" toeat the evening at tho Half Way House, as
BBBk t t was his custom threo nights evory week. Ho
BBaaBtc'- I l I left tbe,tavern at 10 o'clock. Ho novor reached
BVaBB-( I f ' I bis home. On Wednesday mornlncutOo'clock
BBBB, I . , Casper von Eergen. Bergen's ttopson Johnnlo,
BBBBJ; I i, i l and John Eohler wore going through tho
BBBB I v ' k ' woods when thoy camo across a bloody cap.
BBBBS I '' j f ''" Tero was a bloody trail leading from It and
BBBBw;i I it ''from tire highway. A hundrod feet fiirthm-
BBBW( 1 ! 3 Hi" found a big pool of frozen blood, anil tho
BBBH4 U l' imprint of the back of a mun's head In tho
laamaamB I ' .' snow. Beside this imprint wns one of
BBBB4 I ' '. , t".. .rlffht , kneo, of a man. Tho blood
BBBBtT I !' I trail leer back again, und tlioro was ovldonco
BamaaaaamV 1 f !, r- v that a body had been draggpd 123 feet buck
BBBB" J ' i i through tho brush to tho highway ami to n
BBBB& ? i s " bridge that crosses tho crook at that point. It
BBBBto. 'Hi ft , J bftu (een tossed ovor Into tho water. Tho
ammmmmmmV In S Marchers soon found an overcoat nnd other
BBBBK) '93 it tX1168..0' othlng. .The hat looked likn
BBBBi' S3 -i ' Harkerrs. They went to Markert'a IiuUsb and
HHHHr'O, 95 ' ' round ho was not nt homo. John Koidnrex.
BBBBfeV. - II ?',t,tml?,: "WolU it Murkert is doad. lluldt
BBBBIV 11' Killed him."
BBBBi Hi' Mt1' Theothorsagrood. Thoy wont nnd nrrestod
BBBBR& a I . " They urousod tho oommunlty nnd then
BBBBJ5. J1 ;1 searched for tho hotly. There were ovftty
BBBBfi 8, ' ffl nve in this party. They patrolled tho erenk for
BBBBI.n II: i !' ? mll ?nd then went baelc again. Onthoro-
HHBBEVl -V turn trip ono of the pnrty ntw u rrmrvauglit-
BBBB1f;B' V outthsformor ainan. TlH)yli!uiletllttHit. It
BBBaTitRalt , Sas Markert Heldt's houx was Hoarfhetl.
BBfw i'p iwiITol.vor8 W ?ounJ' Tho family told a
BBB'Kt I t, "flffhi.story of the rinovamonts on Tuesday
BBBBa&Hft. ;T l?$82?leW.Dlaht" .Tll "" "' ti o
BBBBKBlT I W fc.mlM,vi!8i'ftlfi,oonoutvlla l"rrunc man
BBBBE'Bl 11 Josoph. who had gonotohano7.il Ukn ear y lit
BBBBkBI' h fhe vonlniPand returned about 10 o'clocl.
BBBbT mmir ', P Jaa arrostea.' as Wl as his younger
BBBBKBfll'" brother. John.
BBBBB'BbI:3' t . Joseph was In bod and snld ho was sick. Tho
BBaBBlrBV 4 $ i0r W n h,?i Wftf "'.' AitvL lllh urru"t lo
BBBBHBal 1 Mld: rfU-" ' k'"nii Markort. my father is
BBBBKBK f& wponslbjo forlt llut I didn't kill lilm"! '
BBKRalJ'' F ' 'In Joim'sroekotthern wuHfuuiitl a jecnnf
BBBBa&BaTS' - Pper, on wliloli was wrltton jnt about tho
BBBBbRBS U same Btonr that was told by the family an to Hh
BBBBi '' movonients. An autopsy wan rerformed ami
RRRRKRB;. we physician extractetl live. Iiullots from Jlar-
BBBBhBv t-i kert'ahead. .Nonoof thorn would tit tho re-
KB, ffy Votvers found In Heldt's houso. Theprosccu-
!?' Vs- tora-wiro In u predlcamuiit. They ntked
BBBBBBM" ' Heldtlf ho had miy moro revolvers. Ilos'iiil
BBBBKBaVfd &i i "n Pu" nno whirl) he found, und ho would go
fBBBHafSar' -l with them nnd get It. It was tied uplnragsniid
BBBHaBa! i'r. was ina haymow. They wont with him und he
aaaKi'ir "( got It. Though hoealtl It liud been there three
t .. months und that nobody tiut lilmsclf know that
M It was In tho haymow, thote was evidence that
S; it bad been recently tired. It was a .i-'-eallbro
BBBBBBBBBaaBwi 11' Weapon. The constables searched tho barn,
BBbIRbD' 'r- and on the other side from that whoro tho re.
BBBBEBat- I ; voler. was hidden they.found a box of ear.
BBBBmlBmKt , 'A fridges .that the men said were Identical with
BBBBCBEw "'., the bullets taken from the head of Jlarkcrt.
BBBBsBaU ' ! They searched tho woodshed nnd found n
RRRBRVaV 'X fourth revolver. It was nn old-fashioned wenp-
BBBBHak?' (" Tw hardware dealers who sold icvolvers
HHHHaVHE'iJ! ,! and oartridges rdmemborcd that some of thu
BBBBatBrlr ff Heldt boys had Inquired for XNcallhro ear-
BBBaWBaViV I" trldges, und uno denier said he bad Hold
HHHHBfBar'A ;-- them a box. A third senrt'li was made of
HRRRRBaW his. HeldtB house, and a pair of drawers the right
HHHHHHbKW iT?" i K.P7)' which was blood stained was found.
BBBBBBr'S C" This. together wkh two- letters found In Mar-
BBbBHBBkF w ' " coat pocket, constituted the ovideuco
BBBBBBBBB, -iy , 'n'. ' t
against tho Heldt. .On letter wits written In
German, tit otrier In' ErtBlUh. following ti
the copy of the ono in English:
' ' Ktroti fast, Apt. mi.
Otetei lJtT. ' iv
Sit yon witt not ttoti trouhtlnir me or
nrtrlni nt nblch I Potllsfly btUnt Ib.t yon ar. In
Idecllwo .kil will io lo Nontiitllo ant that
Jusraant llial I hofc. Von eame 16 rne an' demandad
a retaatl Ibal ! ean pttf anil I tax 11 to yon on Sunday
that yon can taia anil with now do not delay anil
tlma and tk.tum wortl back al mean Jul what!
ay. A. Itaiui.
On tho other sldo of the slnttlo sheet of paper
was tho following;
Now fov are afectlnjr mr hard rar tronbta haa
clialnod arrry llmfil Ktntl.d lojrouabotid It that I
raitawcartolf yon wll kill ma with It my wlfa ranit
lira lha )njrant to Ida hart to collect at f data f It in
net ahpowroijinyroprty .. v
, I AllltM
and ! furdennora ferbld yon my oremlira and mr
Jtih and blood and toy body In tita nama of Hod. I
eep a copy of oaoh Icttar tbal I tiara rhldan lo you.
Tho letter In Gorman was dated March 0, and
was almost a copy ol this one.
The matter of tho receipt referred to In the
lotter was explained by Hold! himself whon hn
was examined yeetorday boforo tho Coroner's
lury. Onthostuml ho exposod his folly and
Htiporstltlon of years, although ho dltln I tell
nil. He wouldn't rtntt with his tale of witch
craft. Ho must roiieut the story of his famlli'a
doings as wrltton in the momoranda found In
his son's pocket
Here Is his story:
" 1 am 42 years old. and live with my family
on Hwlss Hill. My son Josonh went to Konoza
Lake on Tuesday night lie left tho houso
about OX o'clock ln tho evening, and was to
soon blacksmith nnd And out when ho could
get the horses sharp shod. JIo went on foot
nnd alone. My other son, John, was in thtj
house, as well as tho other children. Vie all
wont to bod between OH and i:4S o'clock. My
self, my wlfo.and little Mary sloptdownstalrtt.
and tho rest of tho family slept on tho
lloor above. Josoph had not got homo
nt ,0:4B o'clock. But wo hadn't boon In
bod long when ho camo In. He had to
pass through ourroom to reach his own. Ills
mother nskod him what tlmo Itwas.iindho
mild n fow mlnutos past 10 o'clock. Then ho
snld that ho was not feeling well, that he had u
hendacho and ached all ovor. We didn't not
up. Ho put out tho light nnd went to his
room. Ho was not Hweaty or tired that night"
said tho old man, sharply, though how ho
know Hint ho did not Far. Ho did not get up
the next morning at tho usual hour, until
enllotl him. I looked into his room about
10 oclock. and still hn wasn't tin. I
Ho paid ho had a headache. Hn was hot and
feverish and we gao him quinine pills. Ho
was In bed alLtlay and that night wo had tho
doctor. He was In bed whon tho oonstablo
camo and tonic mo up. nnd ho heard of tho
murder In bed. Ho didn't move n mufeclo and
hn didn't Ilti-li when ho heard It. either." Tho
old man snld this savagely, and ho ndded:
"Thorn iih says ho did Is damn liars, an' don't
you furclt It. ou hoarmoa-talkin.
"Joe didn't have no pistol, olther, an' I nover
seon him liuvo ono In his hand Vent In' Hun
day afternoon, Jan. 10. whon ho an' some of
tho other boys of my family were out In tho
rnrd uiitlorthnoldnnplo tree, plugglh' holes
In a targot with a 22-cullbro. Ho wan't ao
cuHtotn' to carry a pistol, an' ho didn't have
nonoof a. Tuesday night Tho.ro wnn't but
ono pistol around tho house, and that ono I
bought from Herman Dootsch. Uootsch told
mu It was n 32 and I bought 32 cartridges
for It I didn't try tho thing till I got homo,
ami then I tried It on tho dog. It killed tho
doc. but it didn't work well, and I put It away
until tho next tlmo I wont In to town. That
was about a year. Dootsoh saitl It was tho
eni trldges. and he changed them for u new
box, which worked nil rlitht nnd that Is all tho
pKtol business, 'ceptlng tho llttlo ono and tho
MiiiHlerbum and the ono I told 'om whoro to
find In the haymow."
This llttlo talk, which was permitted with
out interruption, had warmed up the old man.
Stul ho was ready to go ahead and talk about
tarkert "I'vo known him." ho said, "evor
slnco I was a boy, and wo woro always good
friends." This ho emphaslzod. "Vos. ovor
slnco, ho was n boy, and wo was nlwaysgood
friends until a year ngo last summor or there
n bouts. He was my lirotlior-ln-law. He mar
ried my slstor nnd alio died about eight
J ears ago. Markert cosfeFsed judgment to
mo In 1W8 for C0o. That wns to avoid
complications with some other peoplo, whioh
wore avoided, nnd n year ago last summer I
gnvo him a satisfaction piece. I wrote lettors
nbout that pleco In March and April last year.
Rnd it was thorn letters which was found in
is Pocket"
"Whattroublodldl havo with him? Well,
now, I'll tell you. He didn't strike me. but ho
patted me threo tlmos on the shoulder and
said. ' You'ro good-n right good brother-in-law,'
repeating it threo times?' Tho old man
paused to seo tho effect of this declaration.
That was twenty-two years ago," he went on.
ironi that time I wnsnlllng all the tlmo. I
did not know what Was tlw mattor. No doctor
could toll mo. I didn't know the spoil, and
after this we wero as good friends-as bo.
fore, visiting back nnd lorth. I wont to Dr.
Bonnltt thirteen years 030. Ho said my
condition was hoalthy, and he could not
tell mo what made mo ailing. Ho gave me
modlcino which did mo no good, but made me
much worse. I took half of it and stopped.
Another year I Went to Dr. Kemp. His modl
cino did mo no good, but hurt me. I lived
then in tho Beech Wood. I had pains all over.
Nothing would euro or help them, and my
stomach boat liko my heart. Gradually I grow
worse, and In March, twelve years ago, I went
to Jofferson to seo Dr. Wnlfroeo. He gave me
modloino. and said he knew what ailed me. At
llrst I thought it did me good, but after taking
11 bottle of Tt I got down siek. .Markert then
lived in the Oannpler place Dr. Wolfreen came
to my house, nnd was surprised to see how
bad I wns. It was reported around then that I
would die starve to doath. I had pains liko
filling teeth. All at onco I got better. Two
weoks uftor I got bettor I met Markert Ho
snld he had heard that I was awful sick. I
said I had been. He said ho had met tho Doc
tor and had uikod him IF I was dangerously
sick, and tho doctor said I was. I went to
JelTorsonvlllo with Mnrkort that time, but ho
did not touch moon tho way. and I continued
getting better. Ho moved away to Itockville.
Conn., the year after.
"l was getting bettor every yoar then until
Markert camo back to our houso. I llrst saw
him at our houso. nnd thcro wo shook hands.
After that I had worse pains than I ovor hud
bolore. .Thoy wore ln my head und logs and
In my Hldo. If I bought patent medicine tho
first bottlo did mo good, hut tho next made mo
worst) than I liad been. Thon I let goof that
ami took thu pills, with no better luck. Mar
kort visited mo two or throo times 11 year till
a year ago last spring. A year ago last spring
ho came to my houso and we shook hands, and
I took him in the collar and treated him to
elder. I got at once strungo feelings ln my
eyes. We wont up stairs und sat down, he 011
posito mo. liu stroked his whiskers."
Here old man Heldt leaned forwnrd and
pulled his own grizzled beard. His eyes
starod into thoso of tlio Coroner. "Hobtrokod
his whlskors and twisted bis linnd at tho end
of ench strolco us if he was throwing some
thing from thorn at mo. Ho saw that I noticed
Hand ho stopped. Whon I turned my boad he
did the snmo filing again. I went and looked
In the glass. My faeo was yellow, with 11 bluo
rim around my eyes, llo then wont home. I
told my wife to look nt my faeo. and that Mar
kort was a witch ami had east 11 spell upon 1110.
M10 told mn sho couldn't beliovo that liu would
dosuchntlilng beeuuso ho talked so much to
llgion. I told her I thought he had done It.
"Tho next riunday ho camo again und did
tho samo thing. Again my faeo turned yellow
and blue and I had pains all over. Then ho
camo the third Sunday nnd I wasn't home.. I
had been to chinch In thu morning uml hud
walked to JefferHonvillr. At just Iho tlmo
Markort culled ut tho house nnd stroked his
beard tho thing camo upon mo In Joflerson
ville, and when I got home I said to my wife
.Jluit Murkort hud been hero, KI10 asked
mo why. nnd I told her. Hho didn't
beliovo It. 1'iorii that tlmu I Imd pain
threo days Intho woak, Friday. Saturday, aiitl
Huuday. until In July, when ha camo to my
f'lnce again and asked mu how I was. I nskod
ilm how n man who was sick ull tho tlmo
would bo. Ho camo tho next bunday mid
wanted a satisfaction nloen on tho judgment.
I gave it to him. From that tlmo my trouble
eh inet'd. nnd tho pnlns would begin nny day
In the wook and last threo successive days. It
was in my oies and brnin, and whon It wont
oil I had n pocullar fueling In my breast
"Tho lust time Markort camo to my house
was In December. JHSK). A month Inter he
wanted mo to lllo n saw for him. I wouldn't
do it, for to look at it gave mo pain. I wont to
Dr. Hazlo aftor that. Ho prescribed vapor
baths. 1 took tho buths, and thon lie prescribed
medicine. I took it, and it mado mo 11 grent
deal worse. 1 hud pains in my fuco overy day
ond all the tlmo. Thon I went to a htisoltnl. I
wns then) two weoks and got no lellof. Ther
cavjimo medicine throe tlmos daily, which I
i-ouldn t toko, and they wild thuy didn't know
wluit ailed mo. The professor examined me
'id found mo sound, hut ho shook his lieud
nfriild liko. mill seomod glad when Iwoutuwuy.
4s.1iooulilnit f.at or "B.V J10'.1- camo out or
thn hospital then and I bad n conversation
JM Hwl'.n,ion-t ?hA u.Bkcu. "' nl1 went to
tho hospital. I told, her it was to get relief
lrm my ,roub!?.B- M'ald mediulSo would
not help me. bhe told men man had put tho
!ir,i.ei?i,ne' he "aLR l "Mould not shako
hands with any man. Kho wrote something
for me on a nleco of paper, bho snld I should
und that I If I did I would got better. I ,
a'nlfwVnr.o0.9 WUni" my to"lJ
Mr'minm,?&V?B,e'..th0 ?Id man said, was
Mrs. Hteln, and .be had a Place In E glity-flfth
tf.fSftL'FNi?.? tr' u"e oouldn-F tell thi
number, Hnvvasat her houso two hours and
,"dA,Wra.'I,!l',,1'rrn r, hnJ- Hooontlnuedj
Altor seeing Mrs. Hteln tho second time j
came buck home, and then I went to see Mar
ket t. Unwerenlnno. I told him he was the
muii who hud putted mo on the shoulder ami
snld. ou nr a good, a rlplit goc-l lirotiiocdn.
law 'and I tried to make film take, tho words
bask. Tb.ut ho , oiily iaughouV, .At, tiiat
time I had a feeing in mr Ukf as
if ants 'were -crawling up and down.
Thlsoontlnucd unlll Novomber, IBM, Then
I went to see my brother ft Bradford, la. , l
stayed there live weeks, and ho took mo to see
the travelling Dr.rlnrk In Towandn. That doe.
tor gave me two glass bulbs, with ft glass tuba
connecting, and fold me to hold thorn In my
handa Tlin llanld In one was forced over to
tho other. He told mo this Indicated hoart
disease, liter disease, .kidney dlseaso. and
some nthor diseases., lie was going to fix
medicines, but I snld I didn't want nny,
"Idldnot toll him I was bowltehed. 1 loft
Ilradford and went to Pittsburgh, nnd saw
Father Moillngor. Ho gayo roo a blessing, ant
said thnt I npedod no incdlelno. 1 did not toll
him what nlled me. Ioxppcted tJio blessing
would tnko mo oft It didn't. I was thorn
eight days, and I came directly homo to Calll
coon. I walked from Calllcoon dotiot and un
der the railroad bridge I found a rpvolvor and
a box of oartridges. Ibroughtit home. The
next morning I wrappod it up In rngj nnd hid
it uwuy ln the haymow. 1 did not toll nny one
Iliad found it The last, time I saw Mnrkert
alive was the night of tho first Maturdny In
Jsnuary. 1 was down by his housn, and saw
him through a window at his table."
Tho old man stopoed talking, nnd sat baok
In hischnlr. The Coroner and tho lnwyors anil
the jury asked questions. Ho did not answor
thorn forsovernl minutes, Thequestlon," Are
you hotter than boforo Markert was killed?"
started him again. . . .
"'Notn blt'rho declared. "Thoro Is pntn In
mo now. I saw Markort dead, nnd saw Dr.
Kent oxtract tho bullols from Ills head. Tho
sight of him doud guvo mo no relief." . .
ln Answor to moro questions, tho old mnn
said thnt ho had often talked with his oldest
son, Joe. about bolng bowltohed. Ho said he
hud nover told Joo t(iatMarkort'sdouth,would
relievo hltu. .The old man snld ho did not
know that It was Stark 0 it's habit to virlt
Hcmbdt's Half Way Houso. and thnt ho had
nover said to Mnrkort that it he camo on his
place ho would novor leave tt Ho denlod that
ho had rccontly purchased nnyenrtrldgos or
had given money to his boys to purchnso any.
Ho inawabsolutoly nothing about tho murder.
una. oLKiucn'o muiujeil
In tbo statement tho old man did not refor
to tho lots of his cnttlo or to tho misfortune in
his family, and ho was asked nothing about
them. Thosonre told by his neighbors. His
family misfortunes began with tho murdor pf
Ills mother-in-law. Mrs. Olorlch. Bho lived
near Jefferson, ana ono night five or six yoars
ngo, Jack Allen, a touch, hrokn Into
her hou?o and murdered her for hor
llttlo stock of mnnoy. Ihe twenty witch
believers whlsnored mysteriously and chalked
crosses on their doors. They argued
thnt Jack Allen wns no witch, but bo must
have boon possessed of ono. Thoy looked sus-
tdclously at Markert. It wasn't long alter that
hat one of Heldt's boys fell from tho load of
hay and broke his neck. Tho whlspors nnd
tho suspicious looks woro louder, and
then Heldt's two horsos. tho finest
In the community, died of some mul
ndy thnt tho locnl horse doctor couldn't
find nnitmn for. Heldt camo out plainly nnd
snld that Mnrkort hud afllletod thorn. Follow
ingonthoheelsofthlscamothenceldentnl kill
ing of Adam Heldt's brother. Again Itwns Mar
kert Ho hud possossod him to goon tho track
In front of a train nnd bo killed. Then Holdt's
cows didn't give as rich milk ns his neigh
liors' cows did, and ono or two dried up. Mar
kert again.
Tho wltoh In Eighty-fifth street who hnd ns
sured Heldt that ho was possessed, told him
to break tho spell ho must got Markort's hat
nnd boll It. ami then ho must with his own
bund tako the brain from tho skull of n dead
man nnd boll it Heldt told tho noighbors
about this, but whether ho followed the In
structions Is not known, Heldt had many on
oountars with Markert. Hohittold of them. and
tho twenty witch-stricken citizonn shook their
heads nnd chalked moro crosses on their
doors and hung up extra pokers for fear tho
wlckod wltoh would possess them, too. Homo
of them burned llres and put them out with
wntor thnt made nn offensive odor. ThN
caused protection for n tlmo. Others lookod
nt a bald mountain that stands off against
the sky miles away. It tho witch
had dared como around the mountain, tho
mountain would have managed In snmo way
to fall on it, according to these dullards. Tho
bnm of a mnn who nnd chalked Ilgtirnn nn
blocks of wood wns burned. The neighbors
fought the lire as longns thov could. Whon
tho heat bccamii too grent fur them thoy
backed away. Tho Owner only remained. Ho
stood with his back to tho blazo bending for
ward, and alternately crossing himself and
Rwoenlnir his hands buck and forth In recuhir
timo. Tiiat was to drlvo tho witch into llnmos.
and compel it to put out tho flames or 0U0 bo
destroyed. He held his place till thcro was
nothing left to burn. Ho went Into his houso
with a neighhor who noticed tho chulkod
marked block lying on tho lloor nnd remarked
It "Oh." oxclnlmed the unfortunnto man,
"had I but hnd that block I would havo cust it
into tho flames and quenched them." Tho
neighbor wasn't superstitious. He seized tho
block and cast It into the kltchon stovo. It
burned up. To this day the men haven't
spokon, tho yarn runs.
Markort maintained his even anil luuffensiui
disposition through it nil until his murder.
After tho Coronor's jury had rendered , Its ver
dict yesterday, and Heldt nnd his son Jon had
been lockod up over thn saloon In which tbo
Inquest wan hold until they could bo taken to
Monticello. Joseph wn-i questioned. He be
liovod in witches, ho said. Ho believed thoy
could possoss man or boast, nnd that Witch
Markort hnd possassed his fathor. " Hut I
didn't kill him," ho added.
Identity of the Yonag New Yorker Who
Didn't Kill nimaeirim Paris.
A cable despatch from Tarls published yes
terday told how a young American of 20. whoso
namo begins with K. had trlod to kill hlmsolf
aftor a short career of dissipation, but wus
nrrestod beforo ho could do It Tho young man
lsZacchartus Kurzmnn, and ho Is tho son of
M. Kurzman of tho dry goods firm of M. Kurz
man A Son, Grand nnd Eldridgo stroots. Tho
father Is a wealthy man. Ills senpogrnco son
is more foolish than wlckod. Ills futhorwnntod
him to settle down nnd become a business
mnn. but Zncchnrltts preferred horse racing
androulotte. Ho fell In with a disroputnblo
lot of men nnd women, nnd spent so much
lime In their company that It was agreed, after
a long, friendly furnlly meeting, thut ho should
leavo tlio house.
This was over a year ago. and slnco then his
family havo heard hut little tit him. About six
months ngo ho wont to Llmimnn Tannen
baum. a diamond dealer at tlr Nassau street,
nnd said ho wanted 11 pair of diamond eanlngs
nnd a diamond ring. Knowing tho young
man father. Mr. Tnnnenbuum gnvo lilm a
pnlrof eat rings worth iU.IO. anil promised In
send the rlnu to his house. Tho eai rings wero
nover paid for, and tho ring wus returned by
Mr. M. Kiirznnin.
Tlie young man went to several jewellers
nnd obtained diamonds which ho did not iny
fur. It Is supposed thnt hn lavished nil this
jowolry on Ihe women with whom ho con
sorted. About four months ngo the peoplo whom ho
hud swindled began to look him up, nnd then
he wont to Kurope. In Paris his money was
soon spont. und bo bought 11 rnvolvor. with tho
avowed Intention of killing himself. An uc
qtlnlntnnen iiotllled tlio police, who nft?rwnrd
gnvo It out thnt they apprehended him in tho
act of aiming the revolvt r nt his (mail.
m lis father doos not Imllnvo thnt hn wanted to
kill himself. Ho thinks the young man simply
wanted to cronto a sensation.
A Concert In Aid or Holy Trinity.
Tho Church Chornl Society, of which J. rior
pont Morgan is President, nnd Illcbard Henry
Warren musical director, will hnvo an enter
tafmncnt for tho bonoflt of Holy Trinity
Church this evonlng. It will bo given
nt the church, I.onox nvonuo and l'J2d
street at tii o'clook. Tho programmo
Includos Schubert's "Song of Miriam,"
Max Brueh's "Jubilate, Amen." nnd Hnlnt
Haonss"TholIenvons Declare." Mr. Warren
will act as conductor. These soloists will
Mis. lilln Pfnff and Miss Knthrln lllll.n. so
nrnnns; Mrs. Allele I.aels liuldwln, euntiultn:
Mr. J. II. Illcketson. tenor; Messrs. Perry
Avorlll. Frederick Milliard, W. It htiulre. and
.John D. Khnw baritones. Mr. Frank Treat
Houthwick will bo urgnnlst. Tho full ehoiiis
of tho society and a grand orchestra of forty
five and organ will also be heard.
Baslaese Troubles,
A. Toabody A Co., wholosale dealers in dia
monds at IK'J llroadway, havo put their nffulis
Intothe bantlnot tholr creditors. They havo
given a bill of salo to the creditors, and have,
It Is said, nut their assets in trust for tho cred
itors' benllot, Tho cause of thelrtrouMols said
to be tho recent loss of n trunk eoptnluing dia
monds, which wns stolen from ouu of tholr
travellers In tho West It was reported thnt
their loss was more than $2f,UG0. The liabili
ties of tlie firm nro estimated at $70,000 and
nominal assets at SwO.COo. An oiler has been
mado for a cumpromlsu at sixty.flvo cents.
Theofferof Mites lirothors, wholesale jow
clars of CI Maiden I.auu, tocompiomlsu ut
twonty:nft cents mi the dollar has been In
crcasod to thirty-five cents.
Ex.CoDKreaaman Hoblnsoa'a FiturraL
The funeral of the late ex-Concressroan
William E. Iloblnson of Brooklyn took place
yesterday. Ilrlef services wero held at the
house. 02 Second placo. by the ltev. Dr.Johu
Hall ol the Htlli Avenue Presbytorlnn Church,
llrooklrn luhernuclq. The nail bearers wero
litflijamln hlllliiisii. Itobert lionner. the ltev.
Dr. (diurles H. Hall. Unno Dayton, Horbert L.
Hridgm ju. und Jlurnard Pctors.
Caania af tlma. North Sbora Umltad, next 6uU'lar.
See Mar iork Central lima taoIe.-jit. ' ' ' oua "
Vflth Blood Flowing from Tier VTcmud, Hlie
Walked with Hint in the Priest' House
Hhe la T))lne nnd He la la Jul),
Mary C. J. Drown, a handsome blond young
woman, ornnloycd by Dr. Charles II. liholton
of Orovo stroat Montclalr. was shot nnd hurt
mortally yesterday aftornoon by hor lover,
Joseph N.IIyan of this city. Mary wns maid of
nit work at Dr. Shalton's home In Montclalr.
Bho left this city a yoar ago. Ilyan. who knew
her hero, lovod hor and made" several visits to
Montclalr to urgo tho girl to give up house,
work and bo his wife. She Invariably told him
that sho would bo ready to mnrry him when
ho quit drinking and gavo her some assurance
that ho would support her properly. Ilynnls
a Iioubo painter. 23 years old, and Mary one
year older, bhe ovldontly liked him, but had
sonso enough to rofUBo to marry a man of his
habits. Each tlmo Ilyan called upon her he
went away angry.
xestorday Dr. Bholton and his wlfo wentto
Brooklyn to nttond rt wedding, leaving their
four children In Mary's caro. Michael Coffey,
tho coachman, was In tho houso just after din
nor nnd had tho youngost child In his arms
whon llynn appeared at tho kltchon door and
nsked for Mary. Tho door between tho kitchen
and tho dining room was opon nnd Mary was
busy clearing tho dinner tablo. Ryan saw hor
from tho door step and crossed tho kltchon to
tho dining room. He closod tho door
botweon tho two rooms and bogan a con
versation with Mary whllo two of tho
children woro playing on tho floor,
llo was in tho room half an hour beforo Cof
fey's attention was attracted by angry words.
Ho knew that Ilyan was reproaching the girl,
but couldn'tdistlnctly hoarwhatho said. Thon
n shot was llrod. and an Instant later tho girl
opened tho door and rnn Into tho kitchen,
crying. Hho ran out tho kltchon door
to the stroet ond a moment later Itynn
camo out and started aftor hor. Tho
girl ran along tho sidewalk with blood
dripping from hor dross. Hho crossod the
railroad tracks with Ilyan close behind hor,
nnd ran up to two men who wero standing
near Harrison's teed mill.
"Got mo u doctor, quick 1" shn said, but tho
men turned nway without paying nny atten
tion to hor. Itynn caught up with her at this
momont and said:
. "Mary, wo will sottlo this at tho prlost's
Tho girl stnggorod along nt his sldo until
they reached tho resldenco of tho ltev. Fntlier
Mendl. Ho wus notnt home, nnd they turned
to the Misters' houso noxt door. Tho Bisters
instantly saw tho condition of tho fainting
woman, and sont for Dr. J. Spcncor Brown.
Aftor examining tho young woman he sent
for an ambulance ami hud hor removed to the
Mountainside Hospital. Itynn rode on tho
step of tho nmbulance. nnd on reaching tho
hospital ho was nrrestod. Ho was per
fectly calm uml gnvo up a huge bulldog
revolver with which ho shot tho woman. Last
night Justice Milllgan committed him to await
thn result of tho woman's Injuries.
The doctors said lust night that the young
woman hud senroely nny chance of recovery.
Sho was woundod In tho ahdomelt with a 44
callbre bullet which lodged In her back. An
operation was performed at 0 o'clock last
night and tlio ball wns oxtractod. Aftor tlio
operation tho young woman rested quietly.
Sho has no relativos in this country. Hor
pnroutnntoln Dublin, and sho has boen away
from homo two or threo years. Itynn was
taken to hor bedsldo last night by Chief of Po
llcoPlcr. ami tho girl identified him nstbo
man who Hhot her. He was thon handcuffed
ami tnken to the county jnll in Newark,
"illynn told Chief Pier that ho was sorry that
ho had not shot hlmsolf after shooting the glrL
Ho was slightly undor tho lnfluonco of liquor
whon he reached Montclalr yesterday, and. It
is bolinvod, hail purchased tho pistol tor tho
fiurposeof killing tho girl, bocauso ho told hor
he last tlmo she refused tomorry him that sho
would be sorry somodny for jilting him, Thoro
wns considerable excltomont around tho Mont-
Slnir police station while he was there yoster
ay, and threats of lynching woro heard, but
when the crowd got too largo tho polico dis
persed It
Prof, ncllprln Mapping: Ont Ihe Work tor
the Expedition,
Pnn.ADni.rmA, Jan. I!7. Prof. Angelo Holl
prln. who has ben aelocted to he nd tlie expe
dition which tho Acadomy of Natural Science
will sond to the rollef of Lieut. Fonry. accom
panied the original expedition to McCormlck
Bay. and Is regarded by a majority of the mem
bers as 11 man 1 refmlnontly Qualified to com
mand tho expedition. Prof. Hollprln is on
gagod in drawing up tho preliminary plans to
bo submitted to Ids committoc. He said:
" As to tho plans for thn expedition, they nro
not as yet in nny shapo as to dotalls. I have
simply formulntcd tbo general plan.
"Tho expedition will start from this city
early in Juno, nnd loavo St Johns, N. F in all
probability, ln the steam whaler Kite, tho earao
ypisel which took Ponry and his expedition to
McCormlck Way. I expect to reach Molvllla
Buy ut about the time, or tho earliest broaklng
up of tho loo puck. Thl .usually takos placo
nliout the third week of .Inly, whon a free pas
sngii Is permitted northwestward to Capo
ork, in lutltudii 7.i degrees f0 minutes. Be
yond Capo York tho froo north water is
reached, nnd in a day and a half or two duys'
sail I bollovo wo will reach Penry. whom wo
hope to find safe ut his headquarters.
I.lout. Peary and his nxploring party expected
to return to their hendtiuurtnrs on McCormlck
Buy arter tho journey ovor tho inland ico In
tlie last week of July. Thoy will b ready to
leave on their rotutn southward between Aug.
1 nnd Aug. lf. The. relief expedition will then
lench Penry headquarters nbout two weeks
iiindvanceofhiHtlmeof departure. A year's
oxtrn provisions will be tnkon for Peary's
party in tlio event of possibio omorgoncles
compelling another year's stay in tho Arctio
Tho personnel of thn relief party. Prof. Holl
prln said, hnd not been ns yet decidod upon.
Thnt was n mutter for tho committee to con
sider, tint! ho hnd notdeciaed yot at to how
innny mombers the relief rnrty would consist
of. When nsked about what ho would do If
Penry wns not found nt McCormlck Bay, ho
replied: "Tho course-of notion in thatovent
has not boen decided upon. It would bo ul
mot useless to push Inland across tho ico. as
wn would have nothing tn guide us. That wn
shall find tho party at McCormlck Bay I nm
coi.t.isioxs on the jiaxz.
Frrleht Trnlna WrccUrrt on tbo New York
Onfriil nnd Baltimore nud OI1I0.
roiminwrsiK. Jnn. 27. Both tracks of tho
New York Central ltnllroad woro blocked this
morning nnar Hyde Park by tho collision of
two freight trains, sovcinl bolng dorallod.
Passenger trains. Including thn north-bound
fust mull, worn delayed nbout threo hours. No
one was Injured
WiMiimiTuN, Pel.. Jnn. 27.-A long freight
jrnln on thu Bultlnioro and Ohio llallruud
liroko In two early tills morning while going
down 11 grade In Cecil county. .Mil, Tlio rear
section collided with thn foremost ono, and
ten oars worn wrecked. Thorn wore three oil
lank nits mnong thoso wrecked, which took
ilro und set Urn to tho restot thotrulu. No
ono wus Injured.
Pnrlnrr wltb u Iliirplnr.
Fimxhmk, Pa.. Jan. 27.-The trial of II. H
Wlnnns, thu church elder, politician, nnd agri
culturist phnrgitd with burgl.iry, wns con-tlntioilto-diiy,
Wlnnns shocked snmo of his
nolghborB who hud como propired to glvo evi
dence of his good charnctor by testifying that
be hnil served two terms In tho penitentiary
for burglary ami sheep stenllng.
Undented haying hnd anything to do with
tho ItousnTilln Hotnl robbery, hut upon crois
examination admitted thnt ho hud procurod
tlio luimlar tools for ltoblnon after the latter
had ordered them matin, underthn Impression,
thnt thoy woro models for u patent right which
BohliiKoii claimed hn had. IIoFoliltliat Itobln
son told him ono day that ho wns u fool, nnd
uiiioil lilni to clvo up work and I eeomn his
lil." Wlnunis says ho Indignantly refused,
and llnblnsnn threatened his life. Tho case is
in tho hands of tho jut y.
TUe ilnuillmri Bank All Rlgbt Again.
NEwBiuiNswjCK.Jnn, 27.-Cashler Westor
volt of tbo Jamosburg Bank says the bottom
facts have been reached nnd the Hill defalca
tion Isles than SWtOOO. By ndvleo of In
spector blono of the Treasury Department thn
directors liuvo levied mi assessment of $15,000
on tho stockholders, apart of which has been
L'SL'I'.a.t ''is will restore the original capital of
75,000 and put tho business on a solid basis.
Suit was begun to-day against tho old di
rectors of tho bank by Frederick rt. Parkor
and John Lly of Froohold. The charge is
criminal negligence. in not securing a new
bond from Cusliler Illll ufter the death of his
4omWinau. John T, Hill.
Appoluteil Coroner of HunolU Comity,
A mm nt, Jan. 27,-Oov, Flower to-day np
pointed Charles liordon Coroner of Suffolk
county, resident on Fisher's Ulund. In tbn
Plneo of Alfred J. Holbrook. who was elected
lust Jwveniber but lulled to quullfy.
. rESsisaioyB am ship.
To Bnttd One That Will Carry Fifty Pan.
aengera Aero. a the Ocena la Oaa Nlskt.
Wasiunotox, Jan. 27.-Mr. E. J. Pennington,
the Inventor of tho famous nlr ship that bears
Ms name, is In the city. For tho past nlno
years ho has boon engaged in studying tho
problem of aortal navigation, and Is confident
that ho has solved It. Mr. Pennington to-day
talked to a JVs) reporter. He said thnt a com.
pany comprising somo of tho wealthiest and
most progressive citizens of Chicago had been
organized with a paid-up capital of $30,000,
000 to build tho air ships.
" We nro engaged In constructing several
small ones." ho said. " at our works at Mount
Carmol, III., nnd o'er long will proceed toman
ufacturo n ship with which to cross tho At.
lantlonnd capable of cnrrylng fifty pnsscn
gors. Tho last will roqnlro about a year to
complete. As soon as It is finished I will cross
tho ocean In It In fact It Is perfoctly feasible
tofravol In it all ovor tho globo. Wo will be
SS,1.0 lV through tho attnosphore at n rate of
fOO mile" an hour. A man can go to alccn In
Jsewlorkand wako up In London. Thoro Is
hardly any limit to tho uses to which It can
"JW A farmer living 100 miles from n city
could load up a lot of garden truck, carry It to
market and fly homo-nil In two hours' time.
The malls could be carrlod from New York to
Chicago In five hours. .Freight and nil kinds
of articles could bo lot down Into buildings by
mpans of chutes connecting With tlio roofs.
Carrying tho mnls will bo ono of tho prime
usos of tho air ship."
.. And what is your shin to bo built of ?" '
Aluminium, that .marvellous metal whoso
peculiar properties mnko It specially adapted
to norlal machines. It in as light us wuter. or
nearly ; so. A shcot of tho inotal will float,
though a solid chunk will sink. The buoyancy
cham hor, car. propollor. engine, mid ontlro
machine will bo mado of aluminium."
i.ME,iiSnn'n.s.tinn'ltniach.lnn wi" ,ly against
t"? Pid'1nc! thereby boIvob 11 problem that
has hlthorto bafflod all Invontors. Tlio ontlro
sclontiflo world has beoomo Interested in his
experiments, nnd ho has had enrrospnndonco
with sevoral leading Europoan Oovorn
inutits about his air ship. Ho Bays
that Maxim, tho famous Invontor of
Improved guns, is nt work on a flying
maohlne, n which, ho Is essaying tn Imltnto
nature, taking n bird as his model. Mr. l'on
nington thinks that Maxim will succeed to a
llraiinulpxtont only, though ho does not doubt '
his ability to produce n muchino that will
nav goto tho air. So fur from injuring tho
business ot railroads, Mr. Ponningtonlseure
that thoy wUl bo callod on to do moro trulllo
than over. The telegraph did not causo poo
p o to ooaso writing letters. Ho contonds thut
his nlr ship will be infinitely snfor from ocol
dents than railroad or steamship locomotion,
and travel will bo greatly cheapened, soelng
thnt no roadbed will havo to bo kept up and
no wear and toar ot machinery.
a troiKAX qtrixDrjcn.
His Palmer Fonnd Guilty or Obtaining
JUoney Frnndnlenlly.
ToriotA. Jan. 27. The criminal suit against
MlssAloyslus Marguorlto Palmer for obtain
ing money fraudulently from E. T. McClelland
of this oity has boon on trial In tho District
Court for sovorat days. Miss Fnlmor camo horo
Inst summor from Wichita, and represented
herself to bo tho ngout of nn Eastern Arm cn
gagod In tho sale of silk worm eggs. Sho rep
resented tho business ns being an unusually
proQtablo ono, nnd snld tho goods could bo
purchased and resold at a big Incroaso in
price Sho was without money, but succoedod
in enlisting tho InteroBt of Mr. McClelland,
whongreed to advance monoyand tnkoa sharo
of the 1 proilts. In tho coumoof three weeks
he had Invested about $3,000.
Packages of tho alleged eggs woro reoolved
and shipped to various parts of tho country,
but no money was ruturnod to McClelland.
His suspicions woro nrousod. and upon in
vestigation It waH found that tho pockngoln
transit conta nod nothing but ordinary mus
tard seed, which closoly rosorables the silk
worm eggs. To carry on her fraudulent work
it wttH shown in ovldonco that she had forged
receipts at thn expross office at Wichita, anil a
numborof telegrams purporting to huvn been
received by her In Topeka woro ohown to bo
spurlouB. fahn induced tho lady operator at
tlio hotol to write tho tologr.tms on the regular
blanks undor pretense that they worn doslred
as copies of original mossnges. Hor nrrost
followed this oxposure, and sho has beou In
jail sovoral months awaiting trlnl.
h-hS.lury.re!urno.,ilB vorJet to-dny. finding
the defonuunt, guilty as charged. Hho be
trayed no emotion on hearing tho verdict, and
has baen apparently indifferent throughout
the proceedings. Shn has not yot beon sen
tenced. Tho ponnlty, for the offonci. Is im
prisonment In tho penitentiary nt hard labor
for one to flvo years.
Miss Palmer Is about 2fi yoars of ago. of re
nnet! manners, and prepossessing appearance.
"IT, Personal doportmont has boon beyond
Mr. Branlnser Kay. the Doctor. Wanted
Mra. Powell'a Body-Tbe Crave la Sunken.
WiLKESBABUE, jan.27.-Tho people of Ash
ley, a small town near hero, aro greatly ox
cltod over what appears to be a grave-robbing
case. On Jan. 11 Mrs. Bobert Ptiwoll dlod of
nn attack ot black jaundice, a dlsoaso very un
common und which has lately been exciting
the nttontlon of many physicians. On Jan. 14
tho woman was burled. Hor brother. Joseph
Benntnger, was in tho last carriago of the pro
cession and, being 111. did not reach tha gruvo
until the coffin wns bolng loworcd. Thon ho
noticed that tho gravo was not moro than two
font deep. Hespokoto tho sexton about It.
who mado tbo excuse that a large rock had
been struck while digging.
After thpconin was Joworod tho sexton only
threw a llttlo dirt on it saying ho would finish
tho work nftervvnrd. Bcnnlngnr returned to
his homo, but fplt ill nt ense. bocauso sevoral
physlclnns bad mado offers to him for tho
body. Ator supper ho went toward tho grave
yard and met n little boy who told hlnithatn
couple of strange men had usked him if Mrs.
Powell had been buried yet. and then hurried
off to tho graveyard.
Honnlngortlieh resolved to watch the grave
all night and nrmod himself with a pistol.
When ho reached the cemetery ho found tho
grave had been filled. lie watched for three
nights, hut saw nothing suspicious, utter
that a snowfall eovorOdTho grave. To-day
tho dlscoviiry wns mado that tho earth over
U10 grave had sunk ln. ns If the coffin hud
boon romovnd nnd tho gravn filled. Tho wo
man's husband was consultod, and to-morrow
tho gravo will bo opened.
Cbureb nnd Faraounge Burned.
Aijhny. Jan. 27. Firo wns discovered at
4:15 this morning In the Trench Church of tho
Assumption on Hamilton street, nnd ln ton
minutes tho ontlro structure, which was a
framo one, was wrapped In flames, Tho priest
In charge, rather Luvlgno. rushed in to suvo
tho sacrament, but he had to turn nnd floo for
his llfo. in hnlf nn hour nothing but baro.
blackened posts remained. Tho flames spread
to tho pastor's houso on tho west nnd to a
Jour-story brick and threo two-story irnmo
houses on tho east Tho ontlro Flrn Depart
ment wus called out. anil for nt least live hours
theru was u hni d light, tho firemen gradually
getting tho bettor of thu lire. The 1 past K
Iioiish was thoroughly wrecked und thu framo
dwellings, occupied by tilnn colored families
were entirely deployed. Not a vestlgnof tho
phurch property was saved. The entire loss
$10,000 nnd wus Insured for$tJ,00O. Thethor
mometor registered four dogrees below rero.
and a high wind was blowing. Tho llromori
snirnredlntonsHly w th cold, somn of them bo"
Ing literally encased with lee an inch thick,
and which hnd lo bo brukon by their comradeH
so thnt thoy could walk. comrauta
,,ni?i"i2t-c,i!;'!irr0S.c"VK,ltln rnP,d ""cecsslon
until by- P.M. to-day Severn dwellings on
rulton street, a grocory on Oreon streetthree
dwcl Ingson Charles .street, nnd tlioAlbnny
Boys' Academy nad all been ablaro and moro
orfessdamnged by tho flames. ByaJtlvecf
rtrt5 tho flroiuon sueeoeded. In spite "f the
wind and freezing water. -In extinguishing the
mruc8hovenrr?oO.,),6o!0ttt, du mM
To laaure Into Tnn.en'a Nanlty.
August Jnnsen, who wns nrrestcdlastThnrs.
day on complaint of John P. Duncan of OEast
Klxty-fouithstroot,who declared thntJatison
had nnnojrod momliors of his family, espoolally
lis daughter Annlo. by sending tlirentenlng
Ler,,,XsAnilo.!905,tln: ,lletn ontheetreetwas
arraigned at Jefferson .Market yestordny Mr
Duncan lodged an additional cliarco r,f in
sanity against the prisoner. Ho eSld thSt
Jnnsen Imagines h nisolfn member 7fth,:
Diiiienn family, Justice Brady coinmlttld
JunsentnUe ovuo Hospital for Vxuininiiin
specifying thut in case I "is .roiimiuJii to l
ot sound mind ho Is to I "1 brought "back t
SXr.coWcr th '' WabAekd
" Kill the Traitor."
Michael Conway of lOCIarkson stroot says
that as ho passed thellvery stable at 308 West
UrnT,Te,,l"?,."iBl,t'"0 ww ""n on
ttlf" hf B2i. tt .uf'Si
been struck hy a piece . o 'hard" ncl i.nlat
thrown from tho roof. The pollci "think fhora I
wasa woultto on the root l oro J
V A prompt r-
fjrt turn of yonr
V? Iim "'"" rnoney, it you go
jy m neither benoflt nor
1 faNAyyx J cure. Risky fcsrmj
V VyyT: 'or f19 doctor,
JlMSTJ: but nfo and sura
SntV-'Tk ff tie patient.
VW Everything to
(rain, nothing to lose. There's just ono modl
cino of its class that's sold on thoso conditions
Just one that could bo Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery. It's a jirmlfar way to
ell it but it's a jireul far medicine. It's the
miarantced remedy for all Blood, Skin and
Bcalp Diseases, from a common blotch or
eruption to tho worst Scrofula. It cleanses,
purifies and enriches tho blood, and cures
Bolt-rheum, Tetter, Eczema, Erysipelas, and
all manner of blood-taints, from whatever
causo. It costs you nothing it it doesn't help
you. Tho only question is, whether you
want to bo helped.
" Goldon Medical Discovery" Is tho chtap
est blood-purifier sold, through druggists, be
cause you only pay for the good you get
Can you ask more I
The " Discovery" acts equally well all th
war round. Made by tbo World's Dispen
sary Medical Association, at 0C3 Main Btreet,
Buffalo, If. Y.
Dr. Allrod Carprntor. tho well-known Eng
lish physician, died esterdny. Ho was tho
author of many medical works, no was ono of
tho highest authorities on sanitary questions
In England, and was born at Bothwcll. North
amptonshire, in WIT), nnd received his medi
cal education at St. Thomas's Hospital ln
London, whoro ho won a scholarship nnd hold
tho positions of houso surgeon and assistant
medical officer. Ho becamo a member of tho
lloynl Collego of Surgeons In 1851, and bogan
to prnctlso nt Croydon. In 1855 ho beenmo
M. B.. and In 1850 M. D. ot London University,
nud In tho latter year was appointed on tho
Croydon Board ot Hoalth, serving In that ca
pacity with so much distinction that in 1870
ho was elected President of the Council ot the
British Medical Association. By this tlmo ho
was an-nctlvo membor of many modlcnl and
sanitary societies, and an Examiner on Publlo
Health for the Universities ot Cambridge and
London and the Apothecaries' Company. In
1881 ho was a member of the Royal Commis
sion on small-Dox. Ho la tho author ot many
works on such sanitary subjects an sewage,
drainage, diet sewer gas, thu effects of fog and
smoke, Ac, and delivered Innumerable lec
tures and publlo addrsaos upon his special
M. Pierre Jolgnenux. tho well-known French
journalist and agriculturist Is doad. M. Jolg
nenux was born at Varonnes In 1810. After
completing his education ho becamo connect
ed with tho Itopubllcnn press und took an na
tive pnrt In tho opposition to tho Government
of Louis Philippe, being ono of tho editors ot
tho Journal tn J'euple. While connoctod with
V Homme Libre, n Democratic paper which was
printed clandestinely, ho wns arrested und
condemned to Imprisonment. On being re
stored to liberty ho publishod. In 1841. nbook
on tho prisons of Purls. Ho was olect
ed 11 momber of tho Constituent Assembly,
nnd connected himself with, thu Extreme
Loft Soon uftor this he established tho Demo
crat lo journal La f'euilte tin Vtllatie, which
was addressed espoclally to tho country peo
ple. After tho coup d'etat ho was banished
from French territory nnd took rcfugo ln Bel
glum, whoro ho resumed his studios and ex
periments in agriculture, and becamo a fre
quent contributor to tho Manlteur le F Agricul
ture.. In 1850-51 ho published twovolumes on
Tho Peasants Undor thu Kingdom :" In 18"5.
Dictionary of Practical Agriculture " dwo
volumosjiln ,1802, "Cultivation of tho Vino
and tho Making of Wines in Belgium," Ac.
James T. Furber, Vloo-Prosldent and gen
oral manager of tho Boston and Maine Rail
way systom. nnd one of the bost known railroad
Ben In the country, died last night in South
iwrence, Mass.. after a short Illness of grip
aud pneumonia. Mr. Furbor began his railway
career on the Boston nnd Maine. Many yours
ago ho was employed as station ugont in Groat
tails, N. H. Afterward ho was agent of tho
Erlo road In Jorsey City. Later he wus for four
years station agent of tho Boston and Mnino
In Lawrence, nnd for ono year ho was general
freight agent of the road. In 1873 ho was
made general superintendent
Tho Hon. Thomas Noxon died nt his homo In
Saratoga yesterday, agod 70. Mr. Noxon wns
for many yours prominent In business and in
Itopubllcnn politics. Ho had boen SherltT of
thn county, mninhnrnf Assembly. l'rs!dent of
thovlllago.nnd forten tormsuHujiervlsor. Ho
Is survived by his wife, to whom hn has been
murrlod llfty-slx yoars. ono daughter, threo
brothers, two ol whom nro 85 nnd ono 88 years
old, nnd threo sisters, ono of whom is tho wife
of Senator Wiley of Elizabeth, N. J.
Gilbert Morso died nt his home. 02 Highland
avenue, onkors. on Tuesdnyntght. of Brlght's
diseuBo. Ho wns tho gonernl munngor In New
York city for tho Massachusetts Mutual Lira
Ineuranco Com pany. Unto a short tlmo ago
ho was President of tho Now York Under
writers' Llfo Insurance Association. Ho was'
54 years old. He leaves 11 widow and a daugh
ter. Ho was a trustoo of bt John's Itiverslde
Louis Ilohman. a plumbnr. of 21 William
stroot. Newark, died suddenly on Tuesday
night or apoplexy. Hohnd a bad fnll on Hun
day night in Ills houso. nnd his donth Is at
tributed to Internal injuries reoelved thon.
Mr. Ilohman wns 55 years old, and he leaves a
wifoand tbtee daughters. Ho conducted his
buslnoss next door to.Polico Headquarters for
twenty-flvo years.
James ,M. Wobb. who had beon Treasurer of
Cumberland county. Mo., slncn 1870, was
found dead in bed on Jan. 24 nt his homo In
Westbrook. Ho was First Lloutonnnt in tho
Hevonteoutli Maine Regiment, serving through
tho entire war. lit lost n leg at AmedrnSprlngs
two days boforo Leo surrendered. His death
wns caused by heart disease. Ho was 50 years
Mrs. Tenny A. Topping, the wlfo of Sldnoy B,
Topjilng nnd the mother of Charles E. Ton.
Ping, the goneral superintendent of tho United
htates Express Company, died at hor home, in
"osthnmpton, L. L, early yesterday morning,
Jacob Ltithor of 42 Forsyth Btroet. a veteran
of thn Fifty-fourth New fork Volunteers, was
found unconscious on thn sldownlk in front of
3?Do.,JTry'.0.,,,out. 7 oolnok )at night and
died at the station houso of heart dlseuse.
JnmosD. Newoll, aged 03, dind of grin on
Ftl;ldfty'.lnu0rw6": "U Bn James 1 Nnw
Sll' 'J oi1 'JV t"1'?.1 (l'.l,' .. On Sunday his wire,
need 01. dlod. pn Monday tho son's wlfo died,
bhe was tho last of the family.
iiA..v'y TN9rthrup; who !ma lfn compos-
Carroll L. Howland. the builder and in
former 1 care the landlord of tho Howlund
House In Ocean Grove died on Tuosrhw niBht
HeftwarS1oeiuN-J''n,,er 8hort !ii
ford. Oraugo county, died suddenly on 1 Mon iaV
oMiieurt disease. Ho lea vos a wife nnd chll-
John W.'!t .!"",''"" widely known eel
cntlllo man, died In Boston i.n Monday at tho
ago of 711. Entomology was tho study to which
he specially devoted himself. """uu'lo",u;
hniWi?"'8 vo," ."ibor.tho founder of many
thff?irklmrDn,im0in.pr?.m,.nent member of
aged m. in Bostot ou Tuesday.
New York Doctor nine and Mpeuk la Uuek
Dr, David St. John gavo a dlnnor nt naeken
sack last evening to tho Bergen County Modi
cnl Society, nt which thoro wore seventy-flvo
guests. Including a number from this and
other cities. Dr. Joseph D. Bryant Surgeon
Oonoral of the Now York Nntlonnl Guard,
spoko for "Our Friends from New York:" Dr.
David Corning wroto a poem on "The Country
Doctor." which was rend by Hr. 1) tvltl Wob
n' J',f'1('W1l'-hradyBiitl itobert New
ili?nitri ull"ar.uX nlr? "I"0- "rs. W. Gill Wy.
lie. Itobort Wyfle. E. i. Junewny. and II. II.
Kayre were present Dr. J. ij. lluynes r Co-h,-
w""p w his wuv to Huekonsaek yester
daynflernoon, was taken sick in thlb city and
was iiniiMo to prnceod. .ludg,. M inn ng Si.
hnnpp. whoso sudden death occurred on 'files'
thiMlTuner. V bel''flonuo, "10 Peukors at
1 The largo dining rooms of the hotel worn
lavishly decorated with plants an t flo wJth!
and music was furnished l.y an orcl etru it
was remarked ns n sud coincidence Hint n
micli rlaborato dinner hud been served I
IJ,',fK,J,5k ba thecoinpllinontiiry bum uoi
to Judgo Knapp seventeen years ago. when Iih
was uppolnted to the Supreme Court boiVvli
WSan Baby was McV, ava her raatarla.
B btn tie wai a miln. lie cri4 fo1 Caitoila.
Winn atie bcam VtlM, aha cluny ti Cattorla.
Downtown, mp
f, BTaV, 1 BROOME ST ,
Uptown. t'ii
For town and country of everj Y
Bresrlistaa, Kociawara t-,
Lanilaoa, Curtain Kocitawars, i.fc
tatidaulata, prpot Waiona, at,
(imnmua. Wajtonntaa, flpj
Vlotoriaa. abrlnlt
Rpltlrra. Stantiopea, ffi;
i-haatoiia. " hi
BoailWarona. Vltla Carta ,'i
Immanit stock ,.x
anil . ,"3
alio j
at auotion, ?
FRtDAT, Jan. Si). 1811?. at 10 o'clock, at 1'
Tha Amarlran Initltitle IlulMlin.
BJ at, beltrcan ODJ and twill an , .New York '
Mr. A. It. MOORR. Clovanlal Stock Knrm, Cotmar raH
anila twenty haad. ttia rat of Iiril ltuell ilrnitirta
MauilR) Woodnut. aitilH; tlnmhriiin liuillry, 2 tvu.
Kentuoky Wllkea. 2'2isf! Keiitoeky I'rlnra, Anlfmio.
ailUH; Abertleen. Happy Madlum. Rfd Wilkm, llaruii,
Baroutrilkea,2tl8 liullan, Sl.'l, and Abenleni.
Meatra. A, Bmtth McCann of Lexlne-tnii, Kt., an.t ; a.
Brownauf Michigan jolnty ronilmi 10 haail, Inclullnt
laTeral colta and i Ally by Anteen. 'J im, out r
dauirtitera of Ra rt Wilkin ntheraby Red v liken. Itr.hrrl
Mrirrairor. 2ifHi Wilton, BillHii William I.. Ofn-ti
Watlinitton, tttlOnbrolher toSunol); How Delia thruther
to Ball Boy), lo.
Aaynopila cataloirua now ready. Offlclal ratatotna
dayofaalo Addreaa
1'KTliR C. KEt.LOaO A ftV. Aoctloner
107 John it., be Vctk.
JL Gay Scene I.aat Ea-ealns In the nrnoklya
Acaderay or Mualc.
Tho Acadomy ot Music In Ilrooklyn preient
cd a gay and brilliant scone latit night, the no
easlon bolng tho llfty-fourth nnnual ball of the
Emerald Association. During Its history of
moro than hnlf aoonturythe nssoclatlon Inn
not allowed a yoar to pass without giving a
ball, tlio procoods of whloh havo always been
dovotod to tho support ot tho Itom.m
Cathollo orphan asylum. Lust night's
rounlon provod in many respects the
most successful In tho history ot thn n;o.
elation, nnd will add between $5,000 nnd $il.(Kit)
to the orphans' fund. Thoro is no speclul ef
fort mado to docornto tho beautiful auditorium
of tho Academy, tho legontl "lb,'Mi Emerald
Association 1802 " in blaring gns jets In front
of tho proscenium, and ivy groens entwining
tho pillars nnd boxes, bolng tho only special
foaturcs. The orchestra seats were, as usual
on such oocnBions, floored ovor oven with the
stage, back of which Conductor P. S. (iilmore
and his orchestra woro hidden from view be
hind a bank ot flowers nnd crowing plant".
During tho arrival of tho visitors a vocal nnd
instrumental concerto! seven pieces, arranged
by Mr. Qllmore, wns given, tho Misses Kmille
nnd Kmma Kchnooloch und rjlgnor Victor
Clodio being tlio soloists. Mr. (Iilmore got a
characteristically warm reeentlon.
The fashlotmblo Irish-American element In
Brooklyn llfo was. as usual, most Inrgoty rep
resented, but otbor nationalities wero not
missing. Nearly 500 couples participated In
tho grand mui eh, which vas led by ox-bonator
Eugene F. O Connor, tho President of the
association, nnd his pretty daughter, II K
Kuto O'Connor. All tho leading ofllolals and
politicians, with tholr wives, daughters, or
sweethearts, woro scattered ulong the
ploturosque line In tho procession. Tho
drossos woro as bewildering in their
rlchnoss and varioty as was the beauty
of tho fair participants. Tho order
of dancing embraced twonty-four pieces,
and it was woll advanced In the morning
whontho Acadomy woh deserted Among the
visitors woro Mayor Boody and Mrs. Boody.
Bheriff Courtney. Judge Clement. Henry
llawkoB and Mrs. ilawkos. Hugh MoLaughlln,
Mrs. MoLaughlln. and Miss McLaughlin. Beg
istor Kenna and Mrs. Kenna. Edwurd F. Keat
ln.""i lv A- FurS'r'r,Ii . J. Froel. Ooorgs . M.
Nichols. Dr. A. W. Ford, Dr. J. K Younger.
R.v"- O'HuUlvan. James. It. Judge, Josoph J.
O Connoll, and Hugh A. MoTcrnun.
Battlement or Through Hulca oa Vflaeat hy
the Southwestern Aaaoelatlon.
Bt. Louis. Jan. 27. Tho Bouihwostern Bail
way and Steamship Association to-day trans
acted a great deal of work of n routine char
acter, but Involving no changes In rates. The t
question of rates on Washington upd Oregon
wheat shipped to Texas points, regarding
which some difficulty has existed relative to
tho proper basis, wob definitely settled. The
spccinl commlttoo having it In charge repotted
that an understanding had been reached with
the Union Pacific. Tlio through rates named
in tariff No. 640 wero recognized As the nor
mal basis. On tho understanding that no
chango should bo mndo without tho concur
rence of thn association, tho icnoit ot the spe
clal commlttoo wus adopted.
A question aroso in regard to rates on malt
from Fort Worth to Mississippi Jlivor points.
J,owor rates were desired, so as to compete
with othor malt-producing points, but taction
was postponed until tho noxt meeting. In order
that an investigation muy bo held In the mean
time. In regard to return passes lor men In
ehurge of llvo stock, a resolution wus adopted
looking to a discontinuance or the practice,
provided tho cooperation of othor ussociutlons
can bo secured.
Ballroad Note.
Tho not earnings of tho Boston nnd Maine
lncreusod $0,000 during December.
Goiioral Manager Howard of the Now York
and Now England Railroad denies that ho has
resigned, but ho says that ho cannot tell what
muy happon In tho future.
..Advices from England confirm the report
that tho British Uovuriimont has decided to
tost tho Ciinudlau I'uclflo us air alternative
routofor tho transportation of troops to and
from China, nnd possibly to the East Indlet.
Col. tiiator. whose battalion, the "Prlncets
Ijoulse.'; will this spring bo recalled from
lne hong to England, hits rondo tho trip
fiom china to London for tho purpooof test
ing the feasibility of the ('nnudlun Pacific
nmtofor military transportation, liu reports
that tlio cost or such transport und the time
occupied will bo greatly roluliiilod by tlm
adoption of tills route, utilizing both tho ('una
tlinn I'acltlo stoamshlps and railways Instead
iirtrutiHport ships, as bus boon tho custom up
to this time.
rnrtles Intlmntoly associated with tho Ml
sourl. hunsnu and TexaB Iliiilrtuid we're sur-prlsodjer-terdnynt
the completion of the ie- ,
organization .of tbo Intornatlonul nml (ireat
Northom, It Is said that tho first und M-cnnd
rnortgngo bondholdors arranged thn deal with
Mr. Omild. rqprosentlng tho Jllnsourl i'aellle, '
without tho knowlodgo of tho Missouri, Kan
(as and Toxus. giiarantoeing tbo payment of
nil the 1 iihhessmontB that mlglit bo matlo nn tint
Hock to derrny the expense of leorganlzutlon
rather than soo forocloguro proceedings car
5e'' 9vv. A ,r?I,ro"',"tlvo of the M., R. und
i. snld that Ills company would stnnd the n-stissnit-nts,
and nobody need bo afraid Unit it
would loso control of the Internutlouul through
the fulluro to meet those chaigus.
Maya He Shook lianas with Waehligtoo,
riTTsnunan. Jan. 27.-Isolnh Clark, who, so
far as Is known, Is tho oldest man in Ponnsyl
vanla, having boen born In 17H0 in Somerset
county. Is dying at his home In Mechanics llle.
at tho aco of 112 years. Mr. Clark claims to
havo hud the honor of having ehakon bnnl
wi'l' iV."i'rBU .Jv"t!',,n?,0- widen he sars "
tl w,ii10? ''.'.l '"7l l la"! '" 17 w ' "
nf iSr i"1?'.1!10 raat-rrftdfuthcrof the w e
ofl'rot. CarlMaoJtfrof Ifttsbuigh.
S500 BDHf?J
to anv man, YFWERlbij
Woman, or Child E $(m
oBTriln- rrara aaa-&B
catarrh, wmm
Not a LIQU.D or SNUFF. My-afgVER
awe. IrlceMcen atdrulata,url,yuiall
eLYliaoTimBs.MWarreaalewkeri. I
1 X.i
1 WgmimMmmjmmmnammmmmmmm

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