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HfegF - Sfflj THE strN THURSDAY, JANUARY 28, 1802. ' " MM
sanaK'i?' t? jl9f' ' nr" was Jfr r.y, b imxht-
B Hr JJV3 ?rJEnB sstvaatEU is.
Bfj.) W InHt'.:' TJawKsonted and In a Hold-all! 'Which Bptri.
Ha, a, jkaaasartt' 'on Carelessly Handed to n Friend on tha
UK?' Wf TnH4" ,Mer' nd Avh,cU wn CUtiekeit Auulust a
sasaaaWai sBC1' laasaaS Chalk Mark on a Inaied Trunk,
sansK- li && If NoMKontleli and Ludovlo SplrMon hadn't
sansBV ' yBI' Quarrollod it Isn't llkolr tlmt tho latter would
saaaaaViT! I laW bavo boon nrrontod on tliu oliurco o( liavlnp;
Hv "J h'araasH mucBlod Vftluulilo pntntlncs Into tills country.
Basasar-i ';'-' ilHIi Bnlrldon Unnartdcalor dolns business at 4
HVV '"IK 'Wofit Twenty-6cond street. Kontlsli soils pic
B&. it ( 'I W ' lupn on commission lor iloalorfl and llvos at 74
Kr' ' ('mT "West Fiftieth ttrcot Komo tlrao nco Special
saaaaafp mv i m ' Asont Charley II. Trnlttour nnd Custom In-
BV jlvji r !m f epoctor Thoinns Urown boIzoiI a numbor ot
Bif V'i 'iff ToJuablo pnlntinc3 upon which no dutlos had
Kf jjj 'l'w boon paid aud tool: Ludovlo Kplrldon nnd Col.
bHv'V If'" UJ1 ' August Gross Into custody as tho owners. Tho
bbHt k, "Mm ''' oflloora arrostctl thoso men upon an ndldavlt
sanssaUf L 'W taadoby Konllsh.
sanaasT H &rW Kontlsh w3 pxamlnod boforo Commissioner
B'r I i'. W Bhloldn yostcrday. Col. Gross was prusont
bHB'V $' sKtst - Kentish practically cleared up tho mystory
saaaaaFm ' ' ; surrounding thu case. Ho said thut hu had
anB' l 'i ' known Hplrldon about llvo yonis. On tho
Er ( '9 norninirot AiiE-ir. 1887. ho said, he wont to
BaaaasKAL b'" " ', ' '''or ' tl10 1'ro,lc'1 "no to ""'"l SplrlOon.
bbHti i 'iVi ' wno lla'1 'U!t orilvcd on La Brctiiuno. 0.
sbsB-1 yf asili Klloro and E. Slarchl. two other friends of
saasKX B Krfil Bplrldon, wcro also llicro. Kplrldon nimo
btbtBi !' lii.' ashore-, tho witness hnld. cairyliii: a" hold-ull"
bTbTbIy' N il'fJh! about twenty luehoi through. . ,
btbtbTtV I. nlr-t,Ki( Whou splildoii i-niiiu down tho Rancplnnk.
btbtbI$i ''' Vm tno witness said, tho cnstoitiH Inspootur hud
bTbTbV!i t- tl m Ills buck turned, ripirldon Imnd'.-d Klleio tho
B1! -' M ,Xji. liold-all. nnd tho latter, by Hiitiidon'H nrilorx.
btbtbV' 9V rfffif ' indiflcrontly threw tho hulil-ull i.iwlnut a
btbtbtT'' "' .' 'Uii' trunk whleli had bnnn exaniliird. Hii tliruw It
btbtbI)!. I W Drill In such n way that tho Ueah clialk mark of tint
btbtbth" I'- HrffQll custom Instioctor upon tho Mdoul tho trunk
btbtbI ' t M.'-H-jUI Tns roproducud upon tho hold-nil. Tlio hold-
btbtbI' '' i!' "iff nil was thon thrown umonc tho uxamluud buu-
BBnHL i ' MR" 'Mi ' Soiia
btbtbI -V il'Hill ' Hplrldon. Klloro, aril Kontlnh entered a oar-
BnftHU'' tB,"&2lrf 4 flaiio and woro drlvrti tu l'elleKiliil'ii hotel.
bbbbbtP' i il'Pl3l; Fourteenth btroet and Irvine place. An notross
bbbbb1p ' "' nfinii! - rodoln tho i-arrlami also. Th hold all was
BBnnnH ' '' I'f 91 carried tin In the (-urriane. When thu hotel
BBanS-' - Wyft'l t was roachnd tho holil-all wan taken to Snirl-
bbbbb!s n'ttB I -r Uon's room, where tho witness sawSplridon
bbbbb1 WtK IJ ' Pn "- contained Miinetlilnu- like thlity
TaWV' ' Ji"SLtr paintings, tho witness said. They wero not
b'b'bIiS 1 Mf'Kli' ' mounted. Kentish was pretty sum that ho
BBnHr Wlhul ' had aftorwnid seen tlieso bainn p.iintlni.'sla
"aBi 1b1 frames at Nobhi .V Sevirln'.. 118 KastVlilr-
f WA'lJl teenlli stroet. at Williams's art rooms, l'oiin-
i B H.'i( Hi; , Bylvniila uvouue. VTnslilntltcjti. In l'hllailclphla.
bHK SPnl'il!'' nnd Inter nt at) Wust Tttvnty-thlrdktii'ot. At
BBnHii ' M'Il lilt tno latter place, tho witni'b'i t aid. he madu a
BnaftVlF i- B'K' ni' descriptive entiilocun of tint putntinss, which
BBnH i ffiiP'll. Wan forwarded to Minneapolis.
BBnH' ' ! K ilr ThroH of tho seined pictures had been
BBnBtfi- M F it'' hrouirlit to tho Commissioner's Glllco from the
BBnH'i' '' wkiv r- Custom House, ami Kuntlsh liUutilleil these
BnftHv. S f II! ' tie tho name which ho hud been taken from thu
BnHI if'.iil' hold-all.
bbbbb1 -. 12' VM. Kontlih. contlnulnc hie story, said that ho
H' YE, nb had talkod to bplrldon about nmusulltu: thoso
bbbbbv 4 Hi ; II' pictures Into this country. .n uoarly us h
BBnBlK tl- ''III could remember now. Hplildon had replied
fannl ' B' "' W ' that ho had broushl paintings In tills way ovor
'.t. Ii ' 111 since he carao to thu United Mtatcs to do busl-
' ' 9'-' If' Bess.
BBnHv - Pi I ml Latryor Charles A. Ilnss. who nppcarod for
BBnH'. M4 If ' Pplrlilon. cro.ss-etainimd Kentish tit lencth.
bbbbB? yS, - II He developed the tart that Kentish nnd Kplrl-
BBnnw V w' HI don. once ureatfrieuds. had had n Inlllni; out.
BBnHiT m III nnd that as soon as tliatcceiirrod Kentish had
BBnH " m i ' Informed Special Airetii Tnutteut' how Hnlri-
BBnHv ' St" Ell don Imported pictures. Kentish told Lawyer
annal ' u wll JIcss that ho hud been ussintins the (Jnvcrn-
BBnHK m!' fill rnont In obtulninc otidencu, and thut ho folt
annHfis ' Si ti'tl very bitter nualnst hplildon.
BnaHv 15 ' ill The examination will bo contlnusd on
annH' ' f& m Friday.
BnH& ' W- ' 4- KKKW JUS FltIKl PHtESlX.
BnnB l:' W
H:- U ill Mr. Btllea Still Una Hoius Itrrolleatlons of
BnaBr I ffi ' W the Klsut ofUc. IB. .
LnnH m 111 Oeoreo 0. Stiles rams from 018 North Elx-
BnaH S ' tit teenth street. Fhlladolphla. on Dec. in. II o
annnK' m ' M spent tho ovcnlnc at tho Knclnecrs' Club nnd
BnnB ' m tl tho earlier hours of tho nisht with two men
Bnnnnl? m ' ill whoso acuuntiitanco ho had mndo on the sido-
annnnlr j9) II walk. Whon ho awoke tho next moraine at
BnnHi? at: ! ' Third avenuo nndlCSth ttroet about the only
BnnH m. ' 1 romembrunco he had of his last night's doings
BnaH' ' M ' I ya3 uterr'ble hoadncho. IIo had no hat or
annnnnM - AD ' i ovorooat His cold wntch was cone, and so
BnnH H ' 1 woro a diamond studded locket, a ring with
annnV) W ' P two diamonds and a sapphire, a Ih'-carnt dla-
BBnnnlV Hv i mond collur button, and about S1!0 In notes.
K' m( m ' titiles related his experiences to Inspector
bbbbbbv;?. K"l Byruea on Dec. 24. nnd the Inspector thought
annnnW; ."' ho rcoRiiizod in tho completeness of the job
bbbbbW: '9lX.PI ' tho work of Georc F. l'hcenlx. l'ho-nlx was
bbbbbS'::' ill Ti' njreusod of ro'obinc Locomotive Kniilneor
u Jf 'iS Minton Htoele In tho same manner on Jan. 10.
BnnnnnVr Hi Mfv IBt'l. Ho was tried in tho (ionernl Sessions.
Bnnnni A f ' and acauittod on n technicality. Ho left tho
Bnnnni',. M fl ' ulty after his discharce, and tho pollco could
BBnnnl f.Ctf', P f ' not loam his whoreabouts.
Bnnnni-' Siai ' S Detectives Grady nnd Dowlinc mot him at
BBnnnl-' H 1 Third avenuo and Thirty-third street on .Mon-
nnnnnT'- K S ' (ar DlRbt and took him to headquarters nn
annnBI' fiS - h I' general principles. Ho snid there that ho was
nnnH:) H R 44 years old and lived nt 11111 Wost Jb'ifty-elshUt
nnnH v ! f h' ' Street
nnnnnlif Hr s St'., ' )tn' response to n despatch fitlles camo from
nnnnnli.' K C U ' Fhlladelrhiu on Tuesday and picked Phoenix
, S! I out of ten staudine in Iiun n onu of thoao-
nnnnnl'v. . I Si qualntancns with whom he had vlsltod saloons
nnnnKff H fl on the nicht of Doc. 111. l'hcenlx was reinaml-
nnnnnl t cd in .lellersun Market Court yesterday to clvo
H.'i" r S the pollco an opportunity to loam something
annnni fl : il more about him and to ilnd tho iiouds stolen
nnnnnl).'' H.. from Stilus In.ineetor llyrnes snyw tliat l'ho
nnnnnl: W u plxisa well-known Wostern crook and thatlio
' IW r t aB ol'n 'n Pr'011 moro than once.
nnanH" ffi !)' "r Itob,n,,on I,I" bltn Only an Apple, a
nnnnnl- H 1 ' Crnelfer, nnd n l'lece ot Toaot Hlnce Ilec.3.
nnnnnl' W' ' f Civeiand. Jan. 27. Gcorco Itoblnson of
B fi: ' Beattlo. 'Wush.. was found in a baro room to-
BnanH . dny wltl1 Pcarcoli' bedclothes cnouch to cover
annnB m I ' h'm' 'n a 'r'uhtfully emaclatod condition. Ho
annnH n I' ' ea "la' '' 'a "vccJ un "n "I'blo. a crackor.
nnnnnt'f m " B ' IU1 a P'c0 ' toast since Doc 2. fifty-four
nnnnnl IS ! is days. Ho nppltod for h room on Dec 2. and
'jj, -n & was nsslcnod to ono on thu top floor. Occa-
annnnm! ' S ' I' ' 6lonally ho took a walk in the pussnecway. but
nnnnB 9 ' i ' BtaiCBurod about so much that the occupants
nnnnnni li " t ' avoided htm, thinking him drunk. But it was
annnnV m Sf weakness from hick of food, and not liquor,
K"- M, that made him stactrer. I'inally ho retired to
nnnnnV& ' .! I his room altogether, und hud no intercourse
nnnnnl; ! ' 5 li 11"1 any one.
nHnnHrAI M i W 'f'10 socond week In January ono of tho
annnHto a i I II boarders went to his room and found him so
B" - Br Sifi' emaciated thut ho could not rlso from his bed.
nnnnnl rL I ' f In ' Ho accept oil a. flas of water, hut docllned
mj I j , food. On Jan. Ill he at.) a pieco of toast, but
annnH? I '' II was stricken with remorso for doinc bo. Klneo
nnnnnl'v 9 ' L then ho has Rtcadily ileellned to cut. and the
nnnnnVl Mi t H people In tlut house, fearliu: he might die of
nnnnnVv? li ' ' IK starvation, ynsterday uipealed to tho city
anHnnnV9! I ' 'ill uthnritlof. He was examined nnd taken to
nnnnViV M i II r tn0 hospital. Tho only reason ho would nssiirn
annnnV B it' or h'h uellbornto net of starvation was that ho
'; H " ill, expected inonoy from tli Kiiln of timber laud'i
nnnnnl' -i l ," 'III' ' In California, and tliat O ! had usaured him
nnnnBV I 1 'II' stroncth until it should iilllvo.
fl ' He Is unreasonably proud and does not want
nnnnnni I' 'V 5 ill' to bo rdcanlcd as nn object of charity. lie Is
annnnw '-B - j Mil 43 years old. n law) in-by profession, woll odu-
nnnnnnV" l:l ' Ml' cated, and single. His pulse is low, und he
annnnKii '-5 s i may not live.
BnBBnnl H t II v
nnnnnnV' l! ; ill National Ilourd or Trude.
Bnnnnnl 'ft1 i W WARirraoTON', Jan. 27. Tho meeting of tho
VS'i ,9 i National Board of Trade, which beenn in this
annnnVVr if li' Cltr t,)'(J,iy u'"1 laet tliro (!a's- Every part ot
annnnW W HI t''6 c0llntry '" represented, upwards of 1C0
nnnnH' '9' 'if' dolocatos belnc prcsont. Some of the subjects
nnnnnW? 3 ' iW', to bo "H0,1BSI)t' nrot "A National Clearing
nnnnHI 1 if li'V' nousoforUnnks." Uniform T,oslshitlon.""Unl-
K I ( k, lormlty of Commercial Laws." "Tho Torroy
nnnnnni''' I S ' H' Bankruptcy Dill." "Tho Inter-Stnto Comtriorco
nnnnnnfS I ' ' lU ;? J-aw.''" Extension of Trade Helatlons, "All In-
H H 5 IP ' tSr,nB,?nuliP"aK,..?,.r, TW!'"" ".Thl 'loirulatlon
"."' j H. ' &' in,.nl!cri,'.ti"J . l lla 311s- isslpi.l Itlvor." .S'a-
BnnnnK'annf ! I ' i tfS"."1 1 to orks. " "Thol'ublle illu'lilvnys."
BK ill fe "h1iyir c?V.mc,'V An 1,0,nt !'llvvr Dollar,"
SABnn!.V lit "National B.inkins Uiws." "Letter rostae,"
KafB'.t nit ',. "Cheaper Teleurapliv," "Trado Maiks,""Iu-
V-(a"K' Mil' ' suranco." and "The Presidential Term." Tho
t HI last-Diitnod topic comes up on n resolution
' UL ,-j from the ltochestcr JUoard of Trade, it iiro-
l Iff J Vidps for a Fix-year term for rrebldout, and
KHv Ift i tnnkos him Ineligible fur reflection.
BTannnnr'nnnli'. Tvronty-cluht new iissoelations were nil-
KanB-L. Ill $ rnlttoil to membersliln to-day. Mr. Frederick
BnnWnVi.ttl :. Fraley was reelected rresldent, and delivered
'.nnnliKH U n spoech ncopptiiiir tlio honor. Mr. Fraleyhas
KiK'imfa hold tho oflloo of J'rosidnnt ever since tho or-
.nnnV7nl'V r' canlratlon of the National IJoard of Trade in
nnnnnnVnnnpB ! 'tiJ8-" Jio'ls 87 ,ura ot ui:ix
BBBBnaVannT nf i''" Another Kullroad to Coney Iilnnd.
HK'' W& ' Albant, Jan. 27. Tho cortlflcnto of orennt-
nnnnnnmannCI Y cation ot tho Conoy Island. Fort Hamlllon nnd
annnnnWnnK l$'P Brooklyn ltailroad Company was (lied with
BnnnnKnnnHV'l if tho Secretary of Btato to-day. Tho road Is to
BnnnnnWnnnVillr ' D0 A double-track street surfaco railroad
VE&l-lf 11 for the transportation of paseenccrs and
BnnnnHBnnTI''tF' froicht It will bo flvo miles lone with tonul-
nnnnnnTvB fl'J'IS l on Coney Inland. In tho town of Grvvosend.
Vf ?? ono at the corner of Kurf avenue und Mermaid
,.'I4:'I avenue, nnd nnotlior at the corner ottiurf
BnWIyl' avenue and West Hevonteenth avenue, and in
nn':.l?l': Brooklyn at Hecond avenue and Thirty-ninth
bV.-I'VI street, near tho lorry to New ork. .Tlio capl-
nnnnnnVnK'l!!. tal stonk is 500.tXX). Tho principal ollice will
nnnnnVBnftrll bo lir New Utrecht Tlio irircctpra are: l'at-
nnnnnnlJnVil-i I rick .tl. F ynn. Johu Mullin. John Murphy.
nnnnnBttn! 11 Vlllis iirower. Alexander Walker, l'etor L
11, Tynan, and Mlcbaol Murphy ot Brooklyn;
BnnnnnnnnnV'nl"l! Itiohard Jtorixcn of I'atorson, N. J and J. h.
Km'fmr Bhorwood of Glenhead, L. I., each of whom
H,BB owns 100 shares ot the stock o! the company. I
BKJA"'" .) 7 '
BBBBnnnnnnnnnnnV- t t! W --' j- v ' ,
Gorham Solid Silver
and Spoons made by the GOR
HAM M'F'G CO. are recog
nized for thoir beauty of do
sign and perfection of finish.
Tho number of patterns shown
is so large that almost any
tasto can be suited.
Broadway and 19ih Street.
They Thought Hmootfr Pete Wonld Oat Bin
Mentha, but Ten l)r la Homethlns.
On tho register of tho Tombs prison Is the
name of 1'otorMulhclland. nnd following the
nnino Information to tho effect that ho is now
servlnc a terra of ton days for beeclns on the
hlcliwny. Potor was arrested on Monday nleht
on Park row In the act of eollclttnc with crent
urgency a nickel from na Italian smaller than
himself, lvtor 1b a savaeo-looklne little tough
with a "bad oyo."
Ho was lirotieht to tho Tombs Court on
Tuesday mornlna by Policeman Con Sullivan.
tand following him
came a lino ot small
news-boys and boot
blacks, who made ex-
prossive and derisive
eostures behind the
prisonor's back. They
took tho front seats
next tho ratline and
wntched the proceed
ing with eager Inter
est until Mulholland's
case was disposed of.
"occrsri"." Then ono of them
bockonod to a Sun roportot.
"Sny.whntdidhoBltV" demanded this urchin,
who went by tho name ot "Cllnkor." and
seemed to bo a lcndor among his companions.
"Ton days," answered tho reporter.
"Hulls' Goe. I thought ho'd git six months.
Fay, fellere. de Jodse on'y eoakod 'm fer te,n
This announcement was rocolvod with such
unfeigned consternation by tho others that
the reporter ventured to nsk tho cause of their
interest in tho mattor and who the prisoner
"Kay. you'so dead slow." remarked Clinker
contemptuously. "Donchor know who dat
mug is? Well, young feller. I'll glvo yer a
straight go on It, anf yer kin put It In do
luipo. It won't cost yer nuthin', too, boo?
lilt out yer writ In' tools, an'don' stau' lookln'
at me lllco n hayseed at do Brooklyn lirldge."
Thus rebuked tho report-'r prepared to
write, nnd Clinker wont on moro alTably, occa
sionally turning for confirmation ton smaller
boy, wliose face was ono animated frockle.and
who went liythemelodiousnamoof "Swopsy."
"Dat feller dat just went down is Hmouger
Pete." said Clinker. "Fur a wook he's bin
loalln roun do Cityall Park, where wose fellers
do business, and smougln' nlek'ls offn us. He
bcgiiinod on Hwojisy. dero.did'n" ho. Bwopsy V"
Hwojisy nodded assent
"De fust wo heard of 'ra he cum up to Swop
sy ono day an" he soz. 'Say. dls Is my beat
bore, an' yer kin screw yer nut for do country
r gimme a nlck'I for do right tor stay here,
seo V Kwonsy. he's doad game, an' ho sez.
Aw, o'molL Whneherctvlnu8?' 'I'll show
yer what I'm givln' yer.' says de Smouger:
yer can't pitch no blull on mo. seo?' an he
hauled oft? an' hit Swopsy a biff 'n d' eyo dat
dead parMyzod 'm. Don ho mado 'lm pony up
his nlck'I. an' after dat nil wo littler kids dan
him had tor shell nut do nlck'I fer Smouger
1'eto. Wuz'n't wo glad when wo seo Con Sulli
van crabPeteforsmouKln'ofrndolittleDuBO?
W ell. 1 guess wo wuz, hey, Swopsy?"
" Ho'cher back teeth." responded Swopsy,
"Say, I'll give yer a pointer, young toiler."
continued Cllnkor, sinking his voice ton con
fidential whisper, so that only the roporter
oould hear it. "If Smouger Pcto comes back
an' tries do ol' camn on us when ho cits out de
jug, wo're coin' tor settle 'lm. Wo'ro orgen
mil' ono o' dese Dago tings, you know, a ven
dettor. an' som.i day Pete will bo found wid a
bright gllstonin' knlfo iiuiverin' in his trnlt
'rous heart like do fellor in KtoolOstod Jnke.
tho Illoodstained Avongor. Come on, fellers,
do show's all ovor." and Clinker led his ad
mlilng followers out from the court room to
their stamping ground in the City Hall Park.
And Mr. ISIcphena I3nt to he Courts Beek
tne Relnatutemeut.
William A. Stephens, aretirod merchant, ap
plied to Justlco P.ittorson. in Supreme Court.
Chambers, yosterd.iy for a mandamus to
compol his reinstatement as a member of ths
Greenwood I.ako Association. Mr. Stephens
was expelled on Aug. '27 last, aftor charges
had been made that ho had been guilty ot im
proper conduct in using language unbecoming
a gentleman.
The association has a club house at Green
wood Lake, whore many of tho families of
the members spond their summors. Mr.
Mephens und his wlfo were there last August
It was charged that Mr. Stephens thon re
ferred In the club houso to John O. Lloyd, one
if-tlui members, us "a dirty loafer" and a
blackguard. t
At the next mooting of the Board of Trustees
on Aug. J7 chnrgos wero mado against Mr.
Mephens. and hu wn expelled. On tho argu
ment yesterday ho claimed that his expulsion
was illegal and not In accordance with tho
rules ot tlio association.
Decision was reserved.
Ten Yrura Old and a Forcer.
Cincinnati. Jan. 27. Two boys. John Hobs,
aged 10, nnd A. Diltman. tho same age, are
locked up. ltoss worked at Louis Mlchaol's
binss works nt 182 West Second street He
stolo a check for $132 from a lottor and so
cured lilttninu to nlil hlra In cashing it. At
noon yesterday llittman nppeared at tho Mer
chants' .National lliinlc. He prosontod the
chick, and while endorsing it by forglnif tho
,11111110 of l.oul.H Michael, Sergeant Casey
stepped up and arrested him.
Two tletectivot waiting on tho outside ar
rested William Moans and Henry Hepgeman,
two young pals who accompanied llittman.
Thoy were locked up, und Heggemnn later on
was released, llittman is charged with forg
ing, and Means with being an accomplice
ltoss was arrested at his home, nnd locked up
for grand larceny. Ho admits tho theft It is
, expected other discoveries of forgery and
. t belt will he made. Tho pollco say the young
fellows have been woiklng u system.
Court Calendars Tula Day.
Frmrxii Cocbt Gekiui. Tiiix Itaccti eonlfmiM.
Ciuairiu. Motion culrmUr called at 11 n'oloea.
Sririii. Tinv 1'urt I. Clenr. No.. BSH, 6SM. 8.15. IOU.
laio.s.-.o. ;o. nit. 7U-'. litw ufiHJV nun, 118)2
r.!ui, iso. ii7. mi. liisa, i2.iit iSii, 1243, nil.
1V4.',. 1240, 1247, 12-iS. l'J-ll, 1250, 1251. Part II.-No
l.'iitciiT Court Port III. Cue nntlnltheil, Noi. 300.1,
Jia.. i ci !.", linn, I2.'7, lO.-i, lasM, i;ti., 14112.14117,
1145,1217, 124B. 124H. ISll.T. J380, A I It, S8S3. 12I.
j'un I. Clrar. Pari ll.-Clear. c.uei to b lent Irom
1'iin I. Part IV.-t-'iuo uutluUhed. liici tu be .eat
frmii I'Jrl I,
siiiiiuiuTk'i Court. Willi of Sclinyler Rkiati. .lolin
fl-lfU. liiiiiu A. M. Tor erobatf-Wiili ot Ellaklu h,
Bolli.. 1'nirlck I'oouaii, liorn llnildrrmnnn. hiowara
Nf Willi. Ill A. M.i I'li.irln a. TliortldlUo Hire. E Heir.
leln. Mury J. Mi'iilii iimui, .lulu Koley, solnmon Jjou,
Utiivrnril.! h. Rlllrrhainl Citrrle IC Mi.itr, JOiSO A. M.
fcoriRinRUocRT (Ii'mral Tkrk. AdJminieJ until Ket.
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for Hie term. Trui. Tien part I. clear. Nu.lU70,
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losl. loiO. loan. 1351, 1713. 10(10. Part lll.-Clear.
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Coauo.t rtiii OiNtRii, Tim. Adjourned nntll Feb.
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1017, 1173 602, 1222. 1100, 1272. 321. llilR. liB2. 107a,
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1103. 11157. 100.1, ISM. H3I. 2S5 H ,' 12B.I. PS2 Sttl
Parti II.andUI.-AdJouriiedfortliitena.
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farli I . II, lit, anil IV.-Adjourneq lor tbe term.
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New Tor Stock JExeaaaBO-Batea Jan. T,
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txoswo rwcra or onotd STATXA BONDS.
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BBnr-U.lt. A. V.ltt.l02 3 11 lU
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211., II, T. A W.r.i,.10tll; n 110
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1 Mrooklyn Kl. 2d.. S.lJJ B Ohio Soil. nl UM
1 Cbi. AO. cn.Ci...1IKiU 7 llr(-BunH.I,.Oi,...107LJ
1 101U t On ion H. Uun.cn. Hli
1 Chi. A O. It. A A. B 82
lit en 1'H riiireironlinp.Bi... etii
6rbl.AO.lL A A. 8P..P.AK. lit, K.d.lOK
2d en "S 1 l'eo. AUail. lit... 82t(
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1 7s 1 H2
8 7nU 2 peo. A Emtern In. H.1(
loch, a Ait, s. F....lmi; 10 IM
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40 113 251'lttl.A Ull.llt... KlfJ
15 C 11. A V. . Neb. 4 82
ex ,. noi in nil, aw. p. T.m. mm
IOC, II. I). 71 122U lOlth.AW.P.T.Cl.. 115
200., ft. 0. A I, en. ..130 1U 0.-!4
IC.P.AMInn 118 20lto..W,AO.ex.Ca.ll.'
all., 1'. A Attl 104 4 1KI!
C Can.Ho. lit 107 (I 11.1)2
1 Cnn.bu.2d 1I12I 10 114
25 HUH 6 Rock Iilnnd tla. o.l 2.1
1 ChlC A.N. 1', lit.. HII 1 Kock Ill.ei.Cl...l02U
111 71114 2 1II2U
BCb., I'.ASt. L.Cl. Il?7 H 102U
B M7H .10 Rock UL deb. 5a. H5kZ
25Cb.AIi.Ill.gnl.59. till 10 VM
20 IIHM 105 5M
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HCIi..St.L4N.O.r,s.ll2 4 lib. A Ilnr. 51 S8
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.7 51W 22 Heading lit pfctn. 742
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0.5 85 31 74M
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cpen. c. ii. in eiiJ'in rsij
1 KII2.I, All.S.ltt. HO 20 BSLJ
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.7 IIHUJ! 1H i:nK
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OK.Tenn. lit 11IU 00 Bliij
2 It. Worth lit 1(7 K7 40V
5 UIOW 22 40;
0 ,;:::: 1W1 1011 , 40
1 Kt.U.AP.II. lit. 7W 7KI0U.W.1H 77
U(ln.S.A K.l.t.... 7M 1 Tllta
2 Harlem lit, o 12lG 23 77
.. 122 1 Scioto V.AN.IS.4. 7IU
611oca.Val.Cl SDI4 12 7u-)i
.1 VM lUSt. P. A Jia. Ill,
1U. Bill M. ft 01 11B
H Iron lit. Ol hM lOSt. P. A Ma. M.
4 H.l l!.5i 100W
8 H.W 1 SI. I,. A 8. F. 2d,
25. H5V Cl.C 113
15 Int. A 01. N. lit, .122 4 St. P. lit, U. C. d..llHM
.4 122U 10 St.P.ltt. ll.AU.7l.123
10 122S 5SI.P. term 104!$
12.1 USt. I'.lfct. C. AP,
7 122W W.dlv 100
8. 122t 11 10il)
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5 H1J4 Jo St.l'.lM.W.A M.51.HI4W
80. HIU II 81. 1 A So. W. lit. 72U
10 Ind. A Sn. lit IK'O C 72
2 Iowa Cent. l(t.. Ill 2 7IK
15 via 15 St. L. A 8. W. 2d.. 311
1 Kaneail'ae. con. .lull 11 Buy. A W.let 75
13Kan.ATex.4i.... SOW (I 741
52 Kan. A Tex. 2d... 53I 1 8. C. It. R, lit 10HJ
5 G.14 28 S. ft ILK. 2d llll
14 53lt 20S.C.K.K. In 2IW
0. 53 2 .Seattle, h. H. A K. 114
1 KanawbaA M. 4i. 74 1 lex. Pae. litBi... H2M
20 Ken. Cent. lit.... h:4 Tex.l'ac. 2dln... 31
20 Laclede (lai lit... S.'lt :il'
6 H31 r, 31
3. b;iW OToL. P. AWlLl.t. 77M
15 Lou. A S, N. O. A 1 Terrell, lit IO31J
..M.dlv 113 1 Tol.. A. A. A S. M.
7Lon.AN.g.4l.... 7 lit 101
Si.... 7!j lToL.A.A.AN.M.cn. K.ljf
20L,N.A.A Cb.cn.10lK 2 7
2SLo,St.UAT.llL H5 B KrtJ
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5 tl 4Tenn, C. I. A R.
f l)d,S4 til. BIT. dlv 02
2....... U.V 10T,St.L.AK.C.llt. P.1!
f. Met. EL lit lil 4 liu!
B HIP 10 H.l
10 Mob. A Ohio gnt.. H7M 182 V. P. g. l, ft T. N. fSt
?S Oil 41 US')!
J2 11754 4U HH
15 17 1 PnlnnPao.'93l...llly
2 Mo. Pac. en 108 n t'tali So. gnl 102
lo Mutual UnlonJ5i107t 3 I'nlon EL lit ltl
10Kor.rac.litc....llilU Btl u. p. p. A U. lit.. 'BJi
.2 Hi) 2 Wabalb lit 104
10Jor. Paclitr....llll BWabaiU2d H3J
lg 1:.. llflX 1 83!
10Kor.Pac.2dr 112 115 84
lor. Pac.cn.Bi... 'U 7 84t
,.. 78)5 15 84J1
12 Sort. A W.. M. A 1 W. Unlun col.r.i..loiM
W. dlr n:w 45eltShoro4l 102SJ
4Norf.AW.5a 115 8 I02
BN.Y.AB.gnt 87 U U12K
BN.Y. A8.3d HI 13 Welt Slloro4a. r..lOJ)J
IN. J. Cent. llt...,125 Wb. A U E. lit.. .10.1
B !. Y. Cen. ex. 6i..l)2; 3 W. N. Y. A Pa. lit. BUM
1 J.aili.A Chat. lit. 1282! 24 W. K Y. A Pa. 24. 32)J
Total aalei ot railway bond! (pax value). S3.21U.00O.
Oftrr i(.i- low rCrori3
Salt. 11,7. a. (A Bid. A Art.
10 AdamaExnreii.150 150 150 148 150
HBAtner.Cable.... BOt 80U 8U SOU
225 Amor. Dlit.Tel. 112 (12 112 61 83
100 American T. pt. 1)7 U7 1)7 Btl US
2.1 American hx,.117 11714 117 llll lis
810 Amer.Cot.OII.. a:M B5M 35JI .1514 5W
100 Amer. C.OIlnf. OHM HJ lillM BilW 7Li
10720AtcbT.AB.V'. 42 42 42 42iJ 423?
400 Butt.. Kocb. All 4074 0'J 4IK4 4()LT 4Uil
10O Bnn.. 1L A P. Iif. 80J 80S1 . HOW b0
23 Hur.. ft P. A V;. 4l(j 41 41VJ 40' 50
flto Can. Soulbera.. t,OU BOU BO tto tJO'
40ilCali. raclKc... BStJ 8: 8MJ 8SW HsiJ
laOOI.'liei.Allhli 25$J 3fiX 252 25 251
101tlC.AU. lltpf... 02 B2 t.lM Big 2
1435C.AO.2dnr.... 43 43t 43 43 4.Jir
.100Cbic.Ai:.'ll.pf,10IM lulS lillU 10OV lull
164S5 Chicago la.... 77jt 78 77(1 77lS 77tJ
1400 f. :. A St. L. 72i 721 72 7lS 73"
82110 Chlc.AKW.... lis 1191,, UTTiS 118W 118W
15CUlc.AN.W.Iir,144l 1445 1442 - '
200W)C, H. AO loiaj l(i, J0S1 101IM 101IW
18.V.0C, M. Aht. P... t-OU hlijl bO2 Hlij U)fl
rj).1C.. M.ASt. r. p.12.1 123 12'J 122lJ 123
17510 0, B. I.APae.. Hlf 2l U1U iilti U2U
lim Cli . Col. A Auir. 32 82 32
345 Cblc. June. H.Y. 754 75JI 7.114 75 711
B300 Colorado Coal.. 37'i SMt 8HW 87t ,s(j
2010 Col.. II. V.ATol. .10-1? 31 J 3051 KOtt l
7oocit.oai orii.... my leoLj i? ino mi
2220 Coniol. (lai C0.104)i I04M 104 10311 1IUU
1385IHL Alludlon..l2tl 12H41 125l 12.1U 12H
837MIUeL.Laek.AW.145 14SV? I44J, 14.-JZ 14514
100 Denver Alt. U.. 17M 17fJ l.U 17 In
71 ODen. A It. II. lit. 47W 4S! 47,8 47 471
100 Ilea M. A Kt.D . 7W 7 7 7J4 8
87110 PIltlllincA O.K. 58 58 B7iJ B7LJ 57M
lOOKdllonli. K 82 82 112 III uJ
lCOP.vans.A.T. I1..120J 120W 120M 120 12'ilj
50 Flint A P. M 2.1 2.1 21 25)4 27
ICO Flint A I', il.pf, 85 85 81 80 H7
H5iiot..SorthernpM'.,l 1:4 121 12.1a i-r,
lour. III. CentraL 10dJ 10BM 10H I0A)J lu'.l
BSBIuwa Cen. lit... 48 48 47 47 411
BOOL.E.AWellern. 2M 22M 22(2 22G 22
2150 1..r..Aeil.pf 73 V.'li 73 733 laS
1200JJakMlore.;...122 122)1 122 122 li"
Ijiclede liH.... 22 22jJ 22?4 21J4 22M
lOOI.ouls.ANa 7:( 711 74W 75 7?.ii
34141 L0UI1.N.A.AU. 2SlJ 2HM 28 2KW 2,5
8140 Minhatl'll Con. 11U 113IJ 11014 113 II.-ij!
47 Minn. Iron 82 82 82 hu 82
lOOMex. Central... 2lU 201 20M 20V 2094
111 MIL. I..SAW.pM33W llisa la.l 134 IsS"
BOooMiiiouril'ac... 111 r:ji 21 us uju
310.110, Kan.AT... 18M iM IrAl iu ,,)
13t;ilMo..Kan.A'r.nf 81M K1J 8112 Bl 82
IK 0. Mobile A Ohio,. .'15 85 84l 35 iir.u
14im N.J. Central... .11ii 117 115)1 115 1111
13ii0N.v.Central....lir, nr.w H4 114M ur,
lllllll Sail. Cordace.. H7M U7 H7fZ U7S tni,
llir.l Jsat.Cord.pl'....lloJ2 112 lloG lllO 112
1130 North Atnor.... 1U inQ 10 jkW
SDUllN.Y.AN.Kllg.. 501 BOM 4BI4 4UJ4 50
200N.Y..C. A8t. I,. 2UW 2o(J 20 20U 21
BNYCAbtLlitp 711 78 78 7bg ',uu
Sr..SYI)ML2dp 41W 4 41U i-S '
loo n.y, J.i w...ioiit2 1011Q loiiij 10.1 111
1051.0 N.Y.UIi. AW. aij, 8U 31$ 81M ft I J,
425N.Y.1.IJ.AW.D. 73 72S 72 72 72?
20 N. V, h. A W..V. 1114 llij 114 111 ijlj
BON.Y.S.AW.pf. 4SH 48 4S 471, 48'
lONor.A Welt. pf. 41l 4ll 411)? 49W 50
25 Nollhern P... 24 347 Sail 354? 2314
0B31 horth. I'ao. pf.. BUM r)7M BlIU 7 071!
3BU0 Ohio Houlhern.. 32.M 23 22 22 2'iJ
1100 Ontario A Wait. lu)J lit;, luu n,j n,,J
BOreKon lmn.nf. 8.1 85 85 Br. "
1760 Oregon K. AN.. H7J4 I4W 87M B7T4 Bl
200 Orejrcll 8. 1, SOU 8(l( IVlQ ,'ihl! 31
4510 Paclllc Mall 8 ItWW 8812 liml 3i
100 Peo, V. A Kt.. 20yj 20!I J.O'i 20li 21
70248 Phil. A Itcad.,.. 4lt 42i 4 II-) I 41 tj 4)
2&'nna. Ilai 3IW SlJJ mil 30 81
COOlML.C.ASl.Upf, B5 65 (Li'" ur
10U24 KIcb.A W,l',... 15U 15M 14W 1414 15
14U0ltlcli.AW.P.pf. 72S2 72 7(1 71 711
300 It, W. A ()..,. 113 112 111(4 111 112
200 hi. L. A 8. W ... lift Oft i,3 "pa jo
200Ht.L.AS.W.nf. 211 20 lli3 UlCj "
3L0bl.l'.AIluluA. 411 41114 48 4il 411Q
10 81. P. A Dul. pf. I04 10417 104M 104 10.'.
lOrtaillt.P. A Oinila. 51)44 r.0 511 5TH4 51.1
HMIKI.P.AUin. pf.liat U4U 11314 HiiiJ 1141?
200Koutbernl'ac.,. 40sJ 4111 4i 40 ii?
114.1 Tenn. I.'oal A I.. 42U 43 42H 421 43
IieOTexa.l'ai-lni...., 124 121 12W 125? 13
18435 Union 1'aclflC... 47)1 4H1. 4715 4S 4HV4
210L'monP.U.AU. 3lf 22 2I 2IM
ntKiw.M. l. ap... 1.1U iiiu i3 lavs 1314
31100 W.,bt.U A P.nf. KO 30 30 30ii 3
. 20 Weill, arg.llix.145 145142 140 14 I
inuiHW.it. In. Tel... 831 wr, '83I4 B3J4 M4
4l50Wheel.AI.K, 37'f Il7 Sill 37" S'ly;
1200W.At.li.pf..: 7UJ-J 7U.)J 7H)J 78ft 7BS
Total taleiof itocka were 445.048 ibaret
fjpe "in- lov tint.
Pl'"dAmer.!ng.nef.Oo... 'if &u & X
B Araer.Suc,i:ef.l'o.pf. uiu lijlt li.'Ii 11
115Natl.lrfadTruit...:.. 20II 2olJ 21'!! "ol
70O Natl. Lead TruitCiri. 2t)Ci 2'J 2I1U 20U
85hati. Lead Co 37W 37), 87U B7l3
2W) Natl. Lead Co. pf 8314 .)!? bill 831
270C..ll.V.AT.pf. A.S.P, () et KiJ Swi
10OPul,B.B A All e)J 1J M ,,i
BOMex. Natl, coll 13 13 IS 13
7nocniitockT.co 21 .21 21 i
400 Horn stiver fl.wi 3.50 o.r.o bh)
BOO Leadrlllt 28 ,24 .2s
l070OPhu!nlxof Arii...,,;,, 78 xr. an ,
(BOOlX'oiuitock T.Co,4l, .'IO 801 30 now
15000 Pine LlLlCtfl U1M Dirt 1 Ulj!
BhL allied. nil. AAtA
foi Aatalna.151iJ mm Kew Eng. Tel.. &o 52
Kltcbburg 82SJ 8.1 Del. Lie?. W." 8 H5
Jj.Y.A.K.ptlll7 107M T-ion-ICion Kj B114 BlJ
Mex.Cent.4l.. 70JJ 71J Weit'houie l:., 12? jiV
Old C'oloiir..... lull ' luiu4 WeitPndlnd 17W 17M
Wli.Ceul.'pf.. 44 M " Iloiton A Won. 34i 35
Alner.BeUT.L20.l 310 Klilte A BoiUn 14 IB
aim Tel 45 Calumit A 1I..3US 270
UaujuYalHy. WW 61 rnt, ... WJf u
..s:f?Wii 1;-"4"- ---- .4 --....vf.w.
AtMwn 4.114 Korfnlk A Wertpt.,.., K3
Canadian Paclfl P3W Northern Pacinoet... 8H
Krl common 82 onlarlo A Weit 20
(.Tie 3d romoli louL! 1'eniurlTinla.. ........ 6714
llllnoli Central Ill Heading 2lfi
KamaiATixai low Ht. Panl. 8214
Uke Shore 128 Union l'acltlo 48U
UtLAKaihrllla. 77 WabalhpL...... OOH
KY.centraL uifl
Wsdnbsday, Jan. 27.
Tho purely professional ohnrnctor o( tho
stock market has had ampin Illustration In Its
movemonts to-day. Prises havo In several
notoworthy Instances ailvanood sharply on
heavy trading, but the not rosults of the day's
oporations are far from aratlflrlnff to either
faction. Tho most promlnont featuro In ora
phnslzlne this bollof Is that ot Lackawanna,
which, on transactions ot ovor 84,000 shares,
ndvancod 3 9 cent, to 148, a point whloh It has
not touched slnca midsummer and whloh ad
vance was lost botoro tho olose of business.
Hotidlnu, in tlio sarao croup. Is anothor exam
ple, hnvlne calnod 1 V cent only to fait back
to whoro It olosod last nlcht. Of eourss such
n condition ot tho markot Is woll adapted to
trading purposes, but it shows only too clearly
tho nbsonco ot U1.1t olomont necossary to a
permanent ndvancomont of prices.
Tho Chilian matter has fluurod only silently
In tho oporations ot tho market to-day. Defi
nite Information as to tho true state of affairs
did not reach tho stroot until nfter the olose of
business, but tho provatllnc sentiment was
ono of poace. An absurd rumorwas started to
tho offoct that an nttompt had boon made
upon tho lifo ot our Mlnlstor to Chill, which
was tho signal for a coneral attack upon tho
list, rosultlnp; In docllnos ot more or less Im
portance or In proportion to tho early ealn.
It was not so much that the rumor was ho
llovod as It was that tho traders bow an oppor
tunity to realize on some ot their early profits
and availed thomBelvos of It
Thero woro orders to sell at tho oponlne for
London account Reports of a lame failure
woro curront and there was a prossuro ot
Louisville and Nashville. Union Pactlle. and
Bt Paul. Tho local trndors. who are ovor on
tho nlort took advnntaeo of thoso rumors to
hnmraor tho wholo list but tho porslstont
stroncth of Lackawanna, Manhattan Elovatod,
and Western Union was afterward communi
cated to the wholo list which, with tho ex
copllon ot tho Northorn Pacifies and Loulsvlllo
nnd Knshvilto. ndvancod sharply. Iteports of
n favorable nnturo concornlnp; tho December
statement of tho C. 13. and Qulnoy dlroctod
speculative attontion to that stock alter noon,
and the prlco advanced to 110.
As was tho case yestorday tho Industrials
woro necloctod. Most of that list however,
scored a small net eain. In the specialties,
Loulsvlllo, Now Albany and Chicago was the
most active, having advanced on heavy trans
action nnd by reason of a report thnt tho road
wus to form tho northern outlet for the Termi
nal Bystem, which, of oourso, would muterlnlly
brichtcn its prospects it such wero needed.
Tho Tormlnal sccurltlos. on tho contrary, woro
weak, tho preferred stock havlne lost over 2
cent Bonds woro active nnd higher, but
tho deallngB In stocks, o.xcopt for London ac
count were ot n professional character, and
the market closed without feature, having lost
much of the early ndvunco.
final sales compare with those ot yesterday
as follows:
. ., . 88. Jan. 27.1 Jan. 38. Jan. 17.
A,T.AS. Fe... 42J4 42(( 'Mex. Central.. 201 2oj
Amer. Cot.OiL 5M OBiiiKat. Cordage.. U7SJ U7k
Una. It. AP... 40tJ 40;, Ncrth.Am.co.. 18 lull
Can.Knuthera. boLj 0 !Kortnw"itcom.ll8l4 118)J
Caii.lMcmc.... 8HI4 884-Nor. Paa com. 24 23t
CCC.ASt.I 72(j 12 I.Vor. I'ac.pf,... 87 87
C-B. A li llW, 101IJ1 N. Y.CentraL..115 115
O.AK. 111. pf..l0lll lOljJ'N. Y.A.S. K.... 50 60
Coniol.tlai....l04 104 IN. J. Central. ..118J4 11 Of
Chei. Aiihlo... 28 25oilomaBacom.... BoL7 r.oi
C.AO. lltpf.. B2K BlkilOmabapt ll.'lU 114tJ
CAD. 2.1 pf... 43 431, Ontario A W... 20 1B4J
Chicago (iai... 77M 77WlOregon R. A N. 87 0
I)el..L.A W....14.1 I4.1J4 I'acineMall.... 88 3D
Del. A Hudson. 13MI 1251 Hock Iiland.... 81M 112
Den.AH. O.pf. 47 48 Itlcll. AW. P... 15H IB
Dllt. AC.K.Co. t.-U B7W B. A W. P. pt... 721. 71 Si
Krle... 81 ait Heading........ 4lU 41W
Hock. alley... aufi siUlRLrauicom... 80M K0
III. Central 108iJ 10SJ) St. Paul pf 122W 123
Kan. Texas.. 1IH4 I8.Texai Paclllc.. 12U 124
Kan. A Tex. pf. .lit, SljflT.C I. AIL... 4S 42
Iiuli.A .Nam. 7ll 75JI Union Paclllo.. 47 48
Lake hore.... 122 122 P. Pac, D. A O. 211 22
Lake!;. AW... 22M 22l4Wab.AP.com. 14 13M
UP.. AW. pf... 731 7RH Wab. A P. pf... SO 8054
Laclede liai... 22 224, Welt. L'n.Tel.. 8314 83lJ
Manhal.Con...llot" 113 Wheel. A L. E.. 27(2 87il
Mo.Pacinc 03 B3H W. A UE.pt... 78 7BJ
Government bonds steady at unchaneed
rtuo.tatlons. Hallway bonds stronc The fea
tures wero Amoricun Cotton Oil 8s. Canada
Hotithorn l!ds. Laclede Gas lsts. Mobile and
Ohio cenornls. Union Pacific Bold Us. C. T. K.
Consumers' Gas of Chicago Cs. Hocklns Valley
fjs. lown Central lsts. Northern Pacific consol
lis. Oregon short Line Union consols, Peoria
nnd Eastern Incomes. Pittsburg and Western
lsts. Home, Watortown and Ogdonsburc
Ds. Wabnsli 2ds. Atchison.- Chicago and
Krle. International and Great Northern,
Kansas nnd Texas, ltock Island, Head
inc und St Louis and .Southwestern is
suos. Tlie morn Important net advances
wore In Atchison 4s, .' 1 cent. tn&J1; Con
sumers' Gas of Chicago lis. 1. toH5; Hocking
Valley 5s. H. to W)i : lntornatlonnl and Great
Northern lsts. 2'.. to VZWi. und Us. 1. to 81 li:
Iowa Central lsts. .J;. to 01 Ji ; Northern Paclllc
consol 5s, .', to 7l'i: Oregon Short Lino Union
consols, 1. to 82: I'eorl.i and Eastern incomos,
.', to :t:tS ; Pittsburgh und Western lsts, .''. to
82 j Homo, M'ntortown and Ogdensburg Gs, 1,
to 114: Heading general 4s. s, to
8.I.V, nnd .td piofcrence Incomes, ii, to
40, and Publish 2ds, i V cent, to
tMH. Tho noteworthy declines woro In
American Cotton Oil 8s, X V cent, to HOi;
Canada soutliorn 2ds. X. to 102;; LnclodeGas
lsts. '.. to 8:jJj: Mobile and Ohio generals, h,
to 07: Heading 1st preference incomes, ?', to
74H. nnd 2d preferenco incomes, ,',. to 58; Bt.
Louis and Southwestern lsts. X. to 71?, and
2ds, Y cent, to HO.
In Hank stocks 10 shares'of Western Na
tional sold at 12:i.';.
Silver htilllon certificates for 500,000 ounaes
BoldntOiraUl'i. Par silver In London, 41,'id.
Money on call 1 ilai2 ? cent. Tlmo money. 3
cent, for ninety days on good mixed Btook Ex
chango collateral, and 3 i V cent, for six months
on illvltlond-payiug securities. Commercial
pnnor In good demand, hut tho supply Is light
Prime ondorsod bills receivable are quoted
nt 4,'irffl5 jh cent, und tlrst-class single-name
paper nt CfflSJt cent
Sterling exchange irregular. Posted asking
rates. $4.80 for lone bills nnd $4.87 for do
mund. Actual rates are: Long bills, $4.8.1 V
44.81 : sight drafts. fc4.R)V.i.,.nij, and cable
transfers. 4tdji4. Francs are quoted at
G.lia. lo 1-liL for sight aud 0.20 for long:
relchsmarks, (lo lb-lii for short and 11515-11
for long; guilders, 40 for long and 40 3-10 for
Domestic exchnnco on Now York: Boston
8.W10 couts discount, $1,000. Charleston
Buying, par. and selling H premium. Ba-viinnah-Buymg,
par: selling, H premium.
New Orloans-liank. ,150 premium: cotnmor
clul. bO premium. ,,Ban Francisco Sight. 22 .'
cents: telegraphic. 27Ji'. St Louis VO cents
premium. Chicago 10 cents premium.
The Toledo and Ohio Central Ilnllroad Com
pany litis declared a quarterly dividend of 1
cent on its common stock. payablo Fob. 25.
The Now York, Lako Erie and Western ltail
road reports gross enrnlngs for Deooraber of
f2,il41.r)ill. on increase of $203,920 ns com
pared with the same month of lust year, nnd
net $478,700. an Increase of $82,031. For the
throe months ending Doc. 31 tho gross earn
ings were & U0!i.731. nn Increase of $5114.034
ns compnrod with tlio corresponding period of
$127. ila0"11 DBt $1'005'" "nTnSreasSSf
The Philadelphia and Beading Railroad
Company roports for Docem boras follows:
JUKI. JtBO. Ckanlta
Oroii earning!., fl.881.523 l,08tl.lll Inc. $!!. ill
Operating exp'i. 873,838 1)80,4(13 Dec. 1323
Set earning!. 1907.084 (HKi).H4 Inc. f 208 0.15
Other Income..,. au.UOJ 03.707 Ino! SSija
, Total I947.H.J4 (733.3511 Inc. 1314.2ns
Improveuienti.. , 18,417 4U.7o3 Pec, 81,385
Balance.. .... S92U.237 (883,574 Inc. Mifiins
Cbargei 25,000 Mli;77U InS: IslSso
Borpllll $304,287 $71,804 Inc. (382,433
The Coal and Iron Company for December!
fJrr.11 ernlngi..l,784,422 $l,oe,877 Inc. (178.045
Operating exp'i.. 1.1123,842 1,611,128 Ino. llBlS
Ket earning!. $100,480 (H5.2B1 Ino. (85.22
Improvement!,. 88,158 85.384 Inc. 3772
. 1'rnfit $72,324 .R7 Inc. (83.457
Charge 85,500 88,000 Dec. 3,500
Surplua $0,824 Der.$58,133 Dec. 04.B57
Tho net ot both companies Increased $273.
234. and tho surplus for the income bonds was
$311,001. an increaso of $208.31KX
Tho Iowa Central Bullroads roports gross
earnings for December of $183,711. an in
creaso of $28,704 as compared with the same
month of Inst year, and uet $00,680, an in
cronsoof $22,717,
,Thn Governing Committflo of the Btook Ex
clmngo listed to-day the following securities:
The Chicago and Erlt Kalliray Compaay'i $803,000
additional tint lnortguge 4-6 fl rent, hoadi ot 181)2.
making total amount luted $1 2.000.01 it.
The Pu'.lalo, Itocheiter and I'lttiburgh Kalliray Com
pany'! $827,000 additional general mortgage 6 a cent,
gol'ltpndi, making the total amount lined '.'.871,inx
The Denver city Cablo Itatlway Copipiny'n $841)1)00
additional tlrat moriguge M "H cent, gold bondi. uaklua
total amount mud H,r.'.i7.000.
..'f.liJl'.'1":k.f,! ajK'il and Improvement Companr'i
(IS&.0W1 addlllnnal tint innrtgaae n V cent, gold bondi.
making total amount luted 1, 155,000.
llie l.ii.tern Hallway limipanyol Mlnneiota $450,000
adllilonalnrildlvuiun nnt mortgager, VI rent, guar
flled'Ml-oo?uoOU,Mgc'1',lK'':, U1,klu total amount
IUi iVh'lg h Valley lUUvay Compaay'i (1,000,000 tl- i
dltlonal (Int nortrata 4W pent, guaranteed roll
bondi. making totalamonnl Kited $10,500,000.
J.!0ltJ,Ul, n llttibnrgh Railroad Company'
$3,000,000. general mortgag H n cent, lerlei A,
guaranteed gold bondi. -
Adrian II. Mullor. ft Bon sold by auotlon.nt
the Now York Haul Estnto Exchango to-day
the following socurities among others:
.000N. V, cltvSVcent. coniol. gold itork.,,. 1314
20ibireiTltle(iiiaranieanilTrnitCo...... 170
lOibaiei ljuryem'Tllle Iniurnnce Co 154
20 ibarei ThurW-Whyland Co. pref..., 105M
50 ibirei National Hank of the RenqbHc 171)1
50 iharei American KxctianitaNat'l Hank.., 160
17 iharei Mioe and Lealber National Dank,, 161
850 ihirei I'dttai Telegraph Co , ... 1
78 iharei Dry Dock, liait Broadway and Bat.
.0 "ryiLft.cn : lir,;,
10ibarei8tiirveantSafeDinoMtCo.,,,,. 76
3 iharoiChamleal National Pank 4,500
2 ijinrti. Natural on Trut lit
jniJiareisi.Mcholai hank ot New York.... 116
80iliare.lercbenti,NaiioiialBank 1KH4
40iharei(lanieioortnank 110
1 5 iharei stale Trim Co 1II4T4
it) iharei J'nlied N. .1. II. R and Canal Cm.., 32(1
'.H !" I)ginport Railway Co 7
35 iharei State Truit Co,., .; 1U4J4
300 iharei Manhattan Truit Co 12(14
15 S"" ;"lfl Jeney Ijind ImpL Co. UOiJ
7iharen)rienialliank ;. B.14
10 iharei Union Tru.t Co 72s
26 iharei Southern National Bank.... HUM
IS iharei National Park Pank..., 813
Treasury balnncos compare with thoso ot
yestorday as follows:
Oold colnanrttinlllnn,...$lii?.3s7,711 Sli'fliiriii.i'isn
Sliver coin and blllllnn.. 8,200,542 8,083,007
Legal tender!. Including
Treaiurynote! 0.4(17,305 8,810,353
Total! $133,121,058 $l83.33ll..-)ia
Doposlts In nntlonal banks. $13.rmai8S.
against $12.Iiw.ihw yertordny. In nddltlon to
tho foregoing the Treasury reports sliver bill
"E'.V'?,!1.n.8ed "Oder tho act of .luly 14. 1MH),
8t).8U4..ni(), nnd . Treasury notes Issuotl
iW.W? tll3 "V1"0- O.O-'S.O0a of which $70,
014,027 nrooutMandlug.
Money In London. l.frX cent Rate of dis
count In the open iiiarkot. for both short and
,leri0iimontt,,8 ullls. Uf cent Amount
of bullion withdrawn. from tho lliuil: of Kng
land on balance to-day. 350,000. Paris ad
ylcos quote 3 i cents nt ." francs 30 ceti
tlmcs. and oxchango on London nt 25 francs
17 contlmes. India Council bills wero allotted
to-day nt u decline ol 7-32d. rupoo.
Coffin A Stanton nffor to Investors $125,000
city pf Columbus (0.) II cent street improve
ment bonds, muturlug In 7i and 10 years.
The American Kodn Fountain Company has
declared a soml-annunl dividend of S3 V
Bhnroon its prolorred stock. $4 on Its 2d pro
forrod. nnd an annual dividend of $10 V share
on Its common stock, all pnynblo Feb. 4.
Tho snips of mining stocks at the New York
Consolidated Stock und Petroleum Exchango
to-dny wero as follows:
t?,t8"M- Optrtnt. High. lmt. limits.
lOOAlta. 65 KA 65 ?5i
252J JJflUnn.. Id.-. 105 1(15 1(15
(100 llellninil (10 110 tu) (10
.looii.jta llelcher. 8 2o 8 3D 8 20 8 21)
1800Brumli!k 11 7 H 7
103 Crown Point... 1 46 1 45 1 45 1 45
IIKK'aleilnnlH It U, CO IX) 111) til)
4110 Rn. Central.... 1 20 1 25 1 20 1 25
lOOCon.Cal. Vo.. C 78 6 78 6 78 0 78
100 Pxrelilor 85 85 H5 61
isoiiould Curry. 1 73 1 75 1 75 1 76
400 Horn Silver.,,, a II3 3 (15 a 111) 8 80
(WO Klmr. i Pern.. 50 50 00 61)
8000 ladvllle 27 27 24 35
lOOMexican 2 30 3 30 2 30 3 30
lOOUpbtr 3 UO 8 60 8 110 8 80
11125 Phcrn. of Arlx., 77 81 75 75
ItHlltoblnmn 48 48 48 48
300 h-g, Belcher.... 1 00 1 00 1 00 1 (HI
lOOSavage 1 85 1 (15 1 (is 1 US
ltioo Standard 140 1 no 1 4U ICO
1500 bUosliono 2 2 3 2
The total lalei were 32.655 iharei.
J'.leclHc Stock Quotations.
Soiraie, Jan. 27. Tha lateat electrlo itosk Quotation!
to-day werat
Thomton-Houtton EtectrtcCo siw MM
Thomion-IIouiton Plectrlo Co. nnf 3B 27
Detroit l.lerlrlral Wnrkl 8 Ml
Port Wayne Electrlo Co 1.1 13),
Tlimn.on.llotiitnn necurltlei (Sertei D).... 7 7f
neitlnghouieaiiented truitrecelpti 12X 13
The) london Money Market.
JYom Our Sjttetal CbrrttpondenL
IiOSDO!. Jan. 27. There was considerable
depression In tho Amorlcan markot this morn
ing, owing to the closing out of a largo amount
of stock for tho account of the late Mr. Hume
Wobster, who committed sulcldo last week. A
receivor for the ostato was appointed on lion
day upon the application or his creditors, to
the amount of about 70.000. Large blocks of
Louisville, Norfolks, Canadian Puclflcs. and
Union Pacifies woro thrown on tho mnrket and
tho position closed. Tho carry-over disclosed
a cpnsldernble bear nccount. and Contangoos.
which began nominally at 4)S. eased off to 3)
and. in soino cases, to 2ii ? cent The banks
charged brokers 3 S cent for fortnightly
loans on Americans, and 2 ? cont on rupoo
paper, which Is now selling at tho lowest
prlco in years. Discounts are firm at lfi V
cent The Dank of England lost 350,000 to
day 200.000 to Russia. l 00.000 to Paris, and
50.000 to Argentina. The loss since last
return is 823,000.
New "Tark MarUet.
WnwfiiMT. Jan. 27. riona xjn Muxl Tho market
waidutl. and price of wheat Hour were euite unsettled.
Buyer heidotr for lower prtcei.
Cottox Fmurei opened at a decline of Ocxd points,
nirtlaily recovered, again weakemd. doling dull at 4a
Opotuti decline from tlio llec.il tlguren or M.terday,
The early decline waidue to the couneof the I.lierpooi
mnrket. which, ntter ouetiing higher, cloied lower.
There WHi mori! hammering by the bean, hut tint no
vigorously ot late, owing to the contlnui'd fnihll move
ment of the crop at th. porta u herv HocLi begin to ue
creaie conciderably. The partial recovery wan tlue to a
moderate, buvtng for the "lung aecnuii. encouroged
by the teaiineH Willi which alue are lllaintiilueil.
All authority of aome exiietlenee t.aid to-dny the crop
can by no tneani exceed 8.31x1.000 balei. and at the
lame time cancelled I1I1 beta nn 8t million baleior
over. Among tho "bear" polnti tn-,ay were the in.
terior receipt:, a littlo mom than half us large ai last
year. "All 11 fUh that come to tt.elr ntti " Spot rot
ton waiduil, nuddlliii: upl.-imli. Tli-nic; do. OulN. 7 15
10c. The following are the demlli of the transactions In
futures, Kith lalei of 100,800 baiei:
ManlhM. Vltn.tnrjjrl.tt. JUfhn. itr. All.
January 7.I7,.20 7.17 7.111 700
February 7.24?.2(l 7.27 7.21 euo
March 7.81V.7.3.I 7.35 7 30 14.300
April 7.42W7.43 7.4U 7-11 12.WK)
May .7.&.'lb7.54 7.57 7.61 87.1M-0
Juno. 7.lllf7.H5 7.07 7.(12 11.400
July 7.7347.74 7.7U 7.71 2.WH)
Augillt. 7.8l 7.84 7.78 16.400
September. 7.8!ic$7.lll 7.b3 T.kii 300
October 7.U8ai 8.01 7.W5 1.500
r ftWIM Of .
ltUII-BZ. 18Q0-91.
Hit'.. W...
Port receipts toll day 14.338 32(187
Previous,- ilnce Sept, 1 532.S4I7 6.10.-..13(l
Kxportismco Sept. 1 8,(113.238 3,1107,770
Stockist Lulled States ports... 1.2 18,548 H1U.378
Pornio!-ljrd fuiurei were further depressed.
There wai an Increase In receipt! ol hivlne at prnuaiy
points, and Western packers were at;iilii sellers, galea
4.ix) tea. at (I74MU.75" for January, 0.72c for
Pibrunry, 6.7Hitl.80e. for March, mid U.ii4isU Use.
for May. After 'Change tue close wh easy
S'."-'2.1-'- fat Pebruary, 11.73c. for March, and
O.uJc. for May. h-pot lard wns loivor; aales
in lea. prime city at 0,40c, anil 750 tcs. prime
Ueitern ot 8 ,5.77Kc. tegular: refined lor the Con
tinent q.inted at O.IOhi, 15c. Pork in ralr denianilnt
$U.,5r$10.5Ofor mess. t,alei 30O bble. Cut IileaN quiet
and unchanged. Pres.ed hoga easleratnisQiiHc i plgi.
OWSiUHc. Tallow quoted at 49ic.. but 40.000 . fancy
iiIdat4Jc. Butter aud cheese very firm, hut not active.
(ism Wheat future! were variable and nusetlled,
showing at ttmei much rtreuglh on the reduced crop
movement and luller export., closing finally at a mnli".
rial decline owlli to the prnUalillltl, s of iilalm.iiuhig
peace with Chill. Sales 1.245.O0O b ish. at $1.0.' ft 1 11214
nr Kebruary. $1.03t(,l.03k lor March. i.o:(m
$1.04 for April. l.()iii1.03 Tor May. Sl.ooJiui.Ui
for June, and tiSJlalu'io. for July. Spot wheat v.-na
more active for export, shippers titltiug about 200000
bush., part for early arrival There wui alto ioui de
mand from local millers. The i.ilei Included No. 1
Northern iprlng at l.04(i'?$l (Mi;. In storo and atloit:
1.0. .' do. at Sl.oo for early arrital, and Nu. 3 red win
ter at $1.02(431 03 In store; also .Manitoba on p t.
Indian corn futures were a fraction dearer, owing
mainly, to the return of an active export demand,
halei 710.000 bujh. nt 4SK1448I4Y. for IVbruary, 4lku
4MJHC for Mirch, 4x;'i45te. for May. ami 4'iUq4bSr.
for June, spot corn wai active for export, n llh B fair
local trade, at rather better pricei Shippers look
28O.L0O buih. The salei Included No. 2 mixed at
48HK50C. In elevator and nlloat: htcaturr do.
at 47H' 18c. In elevator; No, 3 do., 47c. in
elevator; 11 earner, wluio, 51c. In elevator, and
pteamer. yellow. 48Xc Ira elevator, oats were
less acthe. but pricei were about iteadr
for mixed, but white rather llrmer. Salei 20o.000buh;.
Including No. 3 mixed at 35c. lor Pebru try, riavu!
for May. and on the ipot, mixed at H4to33nc.. and
white at 8(l'i)41c.. as In quality; also No. 2 white nt
37(j38c. 11 elevator, ami No. 2 mixed at 84Xj-a
J6c. In alcvntor. Ilye drooping and unsetileil:
quoted D06U5C. Barley dull, but well held. Puckwheat
moro nc live; sale! 100.000 Hush, for early arrival at
B7c. After 'Change Wheat closed ea.y: No. 2 red
winter tor reoriiary. ii.iiz: xarcii, 1.0-'R; April
$l.03; May 1.02i June $I.O'l: .Inly. uM!-. .Vara
iteady: No 2 mixed for Pebruury.Js-V.; March. 48ifc 1
April. 484c: May. 48j.; June471,,0. 'oats eirvj'o'.
3 inlxeit lor February. ascMarch. iHHc; My,3ukc.i
No. 2 whltefor Kebruary.a7o. " '
Uorrrx Coulracls wore a trifle higher, but tbe ipecn
latlonwai quiet and without new featnreiof Imoor
tance, closing unchinged to 10 point! higher ai com-
Sired with jester.lay'a tlnal prices, llecelpti at Klo
.OOUbags: at Hantos. for Ihreo days. 211.000 Vjags. Px.
change In Itle steady at 13d halei 20.WW bags cloiin
leody, with sellers at the following pricei: " tl0,ln
January., ,iai5c,ApriL 12S0-.Jnly 11 lalo
Pehniary,,12.75c. May,,,,,,12.10e. Auguit. ..11 m-!S'
March. ...,12.50c. (June UMTOcilhepienibei iim.o.
The ipot market aaillrm but quiet; Rlo.iuote.lat 13-w
l3Uc. forNo.7! sulei l.lXKI bagi Itlo.Vo. 7 toariivi
per llalley. at 13 44c; 3.0OO bags dr., id ,rvV per
Capnlet. at 13c. fVl tags Hatitoi Nc's ft and 8 l ti
arrive per llullou. at lilc. for No. 0, and 1.000 hi do
$o.H.ll;bUc,c. and f.; also jeslerday, l.uiObiTgi
8anlo Nn 0. spot, at lake.; 1,00J bags do. No. h7 ,Sa
at 14c. and 1 (X bags Jtlu No. 7. to arrive per Vllrilaiicla
1.J50 lags MaracaltH) at 21c. for good Cucula: I 000
bags Jamaica, and 1 32 bags Cent! America m, n. .
bcuiK.ac Themirkov for law woi lairly acllve rind
Arm. closing at :'c. for I air rehnlng muiVSvado and3
Z-Au'.f 4"1'r? ntr fugnl: aalei31.H44 bags Ha.
5ia'ii .,'" ' W- ,l,,""eu was easier, bulatlho
decline the demand wai active, and at the close She
tmc: cubei, 4141-44 li-llle.; powdered, 4U4 6-iOc-granulated.
44ji.; moultl "A." 4,Ut.i. e ndr "A "
44Wa.contectlolleri1"A."8Tia4c. Tot? "A." lY.l(li,
ll'dSii- t,h'.te '"' "c-."" Iltl'34-c.: yellow?
0 3-l8r3Hc Molanci wai moderately actlii andstead J
Rjce contrnuei in fair reiUet at unchanged 1 uluei "
K7JJr4tuV Rur!'"n ' ,h ci'-rlngi were imaller.
,1Np?it,,l Ptlf,''! ' again easier, and ranged "i
xlluXirtUaila"' zf'f'PH: !1K 1 3i,o.i' yi.ui, hyson!
10H940Mc.:luiwrtar. HH'-.24i'.i gunpowder, l3rS8e
Ping buev-1 onng bv.on. 101 ,4 1 i)j,. ; imperial, lo,
18c ; guupo,ier. llw'.'So. Jaiian-Van frfe.1 PilVc :
basket do 12l,'2mc.: liftings, infc ; Congou, i I (
8Xf-i. India and o. Pekoe. I&UujSc. Oolong-Vio!
chow, 17Wc ; fiirmcia. I8i33jc uuiong-roo-
NirsL hToiri hninti turpentine farther advanced
owing to the limited supply Lr. and n7m.r"o"b.rn
BuiaeU, cloilaif flrm al 86ic..for regular! and ttSJiil
for machine., letla vHltiilyi uJea 850 bbla. roO
mwiirif-Na'tloiial Tranilt eeHlflcatee were mM.
bnt iteadvi opening at 3M(L. lelllni at 6:)i'240
and closing at 83,o, bid; lalei 1 0.000 bbU.
Live Slock Market.
lfg Toiig. Wednesday. Jan. 37.-Becelpti ot )
were 3,107 head. Including Hears for export. 71 wj
fer the market, and 48 can direct to ilaughtereri. The
trading ruled dnll lor all gr.vtei at former valnea, and
fully 80 cars remained unsold. Pooreit to best nitlM
ileernoldat $.1 ($. IB w 100 tta,i bnlli sn jr
rowi al $l.nOa$3.2f. Dressed beef iteadr at fWeflo.
M ft. for native sides. Latest cable from London
unotei American iteen flrm at 10t4.ql3e ft, dreieen
weight, and Amirlcan retrlgcratid bef iteady t
,0B?celpts of calVei were Sin head. Veali were flnni
(rassers dnll and easier, and 300 unsold. eala lold t
Mtt.a V 100 3.1.1 grasferint3 50a$3.7B.
Receipts of iheep and lambs. Including n car! direct,
were 1,842 head. Mifep were Heady: Iambi active,
and He. per ft. higher. Rheepsold at $4i4I5.76l too ft! I
limbs at.t(li7. Uressed inuttnn steady at7Hat)H0.
": dressed lambs ilrm at ttciiowo. , ....
Receipts of hogs were 5.455 hesiL all ronilgned direct
Nominally Heady at $4.1H(44.75 100 fta.
Beal rjilnto Kxchsinae Mule.
Dr Bryan h Kennelly, gnardlan late of the fonr
itorr itonetront dwelling, with lot. 13.8x103.2. 43
Rait Potent)- sixth itreet, north side, 82.0 feet eait of
Madison avenue, for $111,000. . . .
By William Kennelly, foreclosure ate of the fjnr
Hnry bricg dwelling, wllh lot, luxlOUl, a West
Mnety.seventh itreet. south ilde, 1U3 feet east ot
Ninth avenue, for $21,250.
By D. P. Ingraham A Co., nnbllc auction iale of one
lot, 24.11x100. on Tenth avenue, corner of 13Hth itreet,
for 111.275; three lots. each. 25xl(s), on Tenth avenne,
adjoining tho above, for $5.U0O each: one lot. 35x 1 1,
on 1811th street. 10o feet Irom Tenth avenne. for$3.625i
one lot, Sr.xloo. on Tenth avenue. 135 feet from Tenth
avenue, for $3,475; nnd two lota, each 35xuv.lt. on
140tn street, 1UU feet from Tenth avenue, for $3,735
Jtenl Kelnte Trstnafer.
3dnr. 1 e cor 102J it, 50.11x100; Henry A
Crnin and another, exoritnJucob Cram .... $1
nth nv. 11 w cor lllth it. 38x80; same to some.. 1
38th it, 147 Kt Samuel S Abbott and wife to
Win (J Martin and ano 14,000
157lh at, 1 i. liu e 12th av, 83x77i Wm M
iirliineil to Helen Lflrlnnrll 100
64th it, 1 i, 100 w loth av, 25x100; Louis
llnnnetnan.ier. to Spencer Aldrlcti 18.000
8III1 at. 538 hast: Leopold Barlll and wife to
8olomeaJacobowlcr 16,000
Same prop; Annie P Brandt and ano to Leo-
pold Barth 1
SKtb st, 223 Past: Leopold Barth and wife to
Annie P Brandt 23,800
lsoth st. s w cor Madnon nv. 50xl48x Irreg;
Llla I. Harnei nnd ano to Isaac N llebberd. ... 8,000
Dev it, 33 and 35. and 32 to an Church it: Al
len Mltclieil and wife to Jefferson M Levy
ami nno. a
Sontlirrn llonlrvard, w s. 200 n U?lh it,
75lno: Lytnnn Titfany to V, Pnlmierl 1
147lh st. 4011 ttests .1 II uoetoA Illloe 1
Lexington av, a cor 33d it, 50.11x85; exors
Joseph Smith tn Rllia Bmllh etal B8.00
"thav. icorl2Uthat,20x80; Henry B Beech-
ertoUKSIIber 45,600
Bathgate av, w cor 180tll It, 160x50x148x4.3:
Sarah KBamei to I N llebberd.... . 1
Pitt it. Mi NOreenrcldtiiOKetitenbanni 80.500
H7th it, 341) I'.ast; Michael Pries to W Plicher.. 31,000
U3d st, s. 120 e Lexington av. 1(1.8x100; Rich.
nrd llennessy to A c ilennesiy 1
41st st. 11 s. .-132.2 e Dth av. 17.10XD8.V; ThoiO
citrandcr toJ J Thomson 10
C7lhst, na.iBw4th av, 3UI80.S; Iildor Fell-
helraerto M J llirsch 1
litav. ea. 35 8 n 87th it, 35x80; Frank YTSn-
deman to APCollIm 19,600
108th st. a s, 35 (I e 4th nv, 35.0x50; M Bchoen-
thai to Hannah Levy 13,500
45th st. 1JO1I West; Mary Uehan et al to Coniotl-
dntedllas Co $,000
lCSth st, h 1. seo n- 10th av, 50x100; Martha U
K'irady tntieorge Mirady X
15Mth xt. s, 250 w 10th av, 50x100; lame to
Martha LShrady 1
157th st, n 1,250 wiotti av, 50x100; same to
Anna a shradr 1
157th st. n i. 300 w loth av, 50x100; taine to
Archibald MShradv 1
Brnndt. Annie P, to Leopold Barth, n 1 89th it.
w3dar, 3 yra 16,000
Holete, Edward, to Ueorge Ehret, CUOPthav,
leas ". 2,800
Brandt. Annie F, to Leopold Barth, n 1 80th st,
w'Jdar. lyr 2,100
Bencnm. Edward, and ano to Henry R atount,
adinr.e s Mottav, n 150th it, 8 yn 4,800
Farley. Thomas, and wile to Knillle Huber. Rlt-
ter pi, purt 8. man Bilzauoth Asclie. 1 rr.... 3,600
Gordon, itobert, to James p Robertion, 45th it,
n s. 182.(1 w 8th av, 18.8x1006. lease 4.000
Herter. Peter, and wire to Hamilton Bank,
New Vork city, Rivlngion it, n w corner Suf
folk st, notes 10.000
Ltnck, John, and ano to George Ehret, lit av, s
e cor lO.'ld st. demand 16,000
Dei'ompbe, Sarah R. to Bertha Roddlng, a
137th st. w Lenox av. 3 yn 4.600
Meuclitng. Charlci. and wife toVerdlnand O
Halm. 211th. it w i, lot 405. map u Ray. 1 yr 1.000
Prague. John U. to 1). W. James. 1 a 123d it,
R Boulevard, demand .. 36,000
Ryan. John, to Jacob Ruppert, 3,064 8d at,
leaso 8.000
Be Hew. Prederlc 8. and wire to Title Onar and
Trust Co, n s 78th et. e Madison av, 3 yra 10.000
Silver. Charles K. to II B Beecher cttl.il
12tltb st. o 7th av. 1 yr 40,000
Btnlth. Klira, et al to Joshna Hendrlcki, exr
and trustee. Lexington av, a e cor 33a It, 3
mnrts. 5 vrs 26,000
Stapf, Rudolph, and ono to George Lhret. 637
West 54th st, lease 1.600
Thomson, Jamei J, to Tboi E Oitrander, n
41st st. ebtnav. 3 yra .000
Betx. John O. to August F Beehr, 3,059 3d av.
5yrs N,asJ
Brunlnga. Juliui, to IODold Wornes, 266 84
av, ,1 yrs 1.260
Engiehardt. Jacob, to Henry Wellmann, 63T
Welt 54th 1L 5 yn 420
nerx. J ullut, to Jacob Gtelner, 7 Eait 103th it,
8 yrs 86O420
Junes. CharlesL,toWP Raynor, 114 Kaat 45th
it. 3 1-12 yri 1,000
Somarlndyck. John W. to Wm II Brlckner. 183
Bowery.r.yri eVBOO
8tuy veiant, Kutberford. to Isaac A and M ar-
cluiCMoran. 20th it, a a. 100 w 2d t, 44x82.
20 yra 1.100
Welker. Babetta, to Helnrlch Kohn, 1.397 aa
av. 8 yra. 1.820
Zwlnge. Henry B, to Peter Grnn, 646 But 11th
it. 6yri 460
South Carolina Railway Go.
The proponed agreement for the reorgaa
Ixnllon or this company, slated Jan. 0. 1SBS,
In now reudy lor dlatrlbutlon aaioig tke hold
ers! of lla ffecurltlpa. The New York Security
and Tnut Company haa aayrred to act na tke
rleposillnrr of the Committee. Copies or the
pliin may be obtained at Its oOIce, No. 4
Wall ht New York City. The circular let
ter or tha Committee, together with a letter
or tbe Receiver approving; and endorsing the
plan, mar be had at the same once. The last
day xed for the deposit or the securities la
alosday, Feb. 8, 1899.
Dated New York, Jan. SI, 188.
4 Wall St,
18 Wall St,
IS Broad St..
Broad St.,
The Investment Trust Co. of America :
These bonds are secured by rst mortgace
real estate loans, which are deposited with '
the Hare Deposit and Trust Company IfBes.
ton, Trustee. ;
Interest pnyable quarterty at tha Ninth
National Bank, New York.
Bonds mature rrom five to tea years. i
We know or no srcnrlty as sate for Invest. -ment
that will pay the Investor a per cent.
Price PAR snd accrued Interest,
S 125,000
City of Columbus. Ohio,
Street Improvement Bonds.
ffayW Traslc & Co.
Bankers and Stock Brokers.
lt Wall Street, New York,
traiiMoi a ret-alar nankin Duiiasi laclsduu the tw
Ikaaeaadsalees saoinlsiien of leotiiUes dealt itL
tt.a.wVr.atMkl!xchanfa " m
Atlantic Mutual Insuranca
NEW TORK. Jan, 58, l9x
Toe trniteen, In eonformlly with the charier of the
company, inbmlt tbe followlni ilatemint ot lu iCalri
on Ibe Slit ot December, 18911
rremlnmi on Marine Rlsii tram lit Jan
nary, 1801. toSlit December, 1801..,. t3.8M.fH7 tj
rremlnmi on rnlldei not maraeil off lit
Jannary, 1801 1,4,1T7 HT
Total Marine rremlnmi jln.2M.f!.M)t
rremlomimarteaoff fromlit Jannary,
1801,10 Slit December, 1801 W.784,723 3f
Lours paid ilnrlnir the lame
period (1.830,023 11
uiui and Ex
peases I784.7BO BT
Tbe Company baa tbe followlnit Aneti, Tla.i
United Btatei and Slate ot New York
Stock, City. Bank, and other Stocks... J7.r.67.1.V. Cs
Iiani lecured by itocki and olberirlse.. 2,009,100 on
Real Estate and Clalmi dne tbe Compa
ny, estimated at 1,083.400 JO
I'remlnm Nolei and Dills Receivable 1.4:r,.n.vi hi
t'aab In bank 1U.-1.W.1 hi
Amount lij;.-J7,:,M-y fj
Blx per cent. Interest on the ontstandlntcortlncalu
ot prollli wilt be paid to tbe bolder! thereof or their
legal representative! on and after Tuesday, the Second
of February next,
Theontitandlnf certificate! of tbe time of 1887 will
be redeemed and paid to the bolder! thereof or their
legal repreaentattTf i on and after Tuesday, the Second
of February next, from wblcb date all Interest iherenn
will cease. The certificate! to be produced at the time
of payment and cancelled.
A dlrldend of Forty per cmt. li declared on the nil
earned premlnmi of tbe company for the year endinj
Slit Doceniber, 1801. for which certiorates will be Is
sued on and after Tueidar, the Third of Hay next.
By order ot tbe Board,
J. II. CIIAPMAN. Secretary.
JOHN L. ItlKKl', GKOIltlK W. OAMfhELt..
JOND D. JOKES, rresldent.
IV. 11. II. MOORE. Tlce-I'reiident.
A. A. RAVEN. 3d Tlee-Preildent.
NOTICX-Tae time Tor tba deposit af tha so.
enritles or the South Carolina Railway Com.
pany (other than tha flrat nortfaie boada)
with tho Central Trnst Company or New
York la extendea to Monday, Feb. IS, lflse,
InelnslTr, after which data seenrttles will ho
reoelved only upon sneh terms as may bo de.
elded by the committee.
A substantial majority of
the second mortgage bonds,
under which alone a reor
ganization appears practi
cable as well as n consider
able amount of the stock and
the Income bonds, have al
ready been deposited, nnd
steps are now being taken
under the direction of this
committee to foreclose the
property ot the railway com
Hew Tort. Jan. 28, 1892.
O. 8. ELLIS. Secretary. M Wall St.
IS Wall Street, NEW TORK.
Henry Clews & Co.,
11. 13. and 15 BROAD ST.. opp. N. T. Btook Bxohann
Deposits recelred subject to check on demand. In
terest allowed on dally balance!.
s.l"', ???,1,S'1 .n tne Nw Vor: Btoe Exebani fr
Btocti aud Honda, for Investment or nn margin.
jJJMto interest.
NOTICE 18 IIEIU5BV aihUg!o7ih,
transfer of the common and preferred itncfc of the
Chlcaito Junction Railwaviand Colon Ktock Vardi iinra
panr will bo closed by onier of the Hoard of Director!,
f S.'.., "2" of ,.n" business nn the ,10th day ot January.
IJnc?.reWl,,Jcl0,e'lunUl ft'r the P'Clal meeiinf
or tho Mnckholderi of tho Company In bo held na
iSSl.!r,i!ff '" dT ot Mrch. 181)2. Due notice of the
SiD.S."' '"'.' o the Sto;-kholden after the clo
ln of the transfer boo'-ia
WILLIAM C. LANE. Secretary.
KO. 40 WALL ST.. NEW YORK. Jun! 10, 1802.
...,,.. . MIVIUKND NO. 16.
r-VKT1??11 ot.0!(K AKll OSt-VUAKTER (I'll I'KB
CENT, on the preferred atoek of thu cnnipiny for Hie
2i1.2fr uiri Dec.lll. 18111. has thli iln) been .le-fiil'l-
",ia ? '" '"". r,m on "n"1 'ter I-eti. HI. I8I1J. Tlie
.nJ'rrK1"!.,,!lVl0'-V,"K'b'0t 3 o'clock, and re.
open I'eb. 17 at lOo'elm-k A. M.
.1AM VM M. IIAf, Seeretarv.
TKOW DIRirniRY. ii:intinuanu
- lllOK.Itl.JilN CO.
omce, laiLestijiiist., e Vork. Jau.2I,18B2.
....l?""1 "I TW. Dt'r " bi preferred stock of
tbli company for the quarter ending Jnn. in, imi2 hi
Th.ntiJ.,n,V!l,1.D?,1,?..,",, alt on und after leu IS.
JnrKenb"riiliri0VWM1.Cl'"J,'D-80 at noon tt'"1 "
Dividend check! will be mailed tn itockholders.
V, II. ll.VTKH, necretary.
., . .NEW YORK. Jan. 22. 18H2.
p n , mW',cJI,Ku.'(tt w- Warren and Trnnklm
ft " ? ".".?. '''.,'' ' 'bu2. W'U bo paid at maturity at
toil ortlce. Mills lluildlllg. If, Lwi, iZ mavuuvjr ..
hii'i'f,'',1!.'".1' S' cnt laws It Is requested that rouponi
SXJ.W.L1!,"1 tnnt ihowinir name and le.i
deuce of owner. v. h. huell -rr.asurer.
e.S ?JJi,P.i,.-Sr thfl K,,.r.t. Mortgaira Bond, of the i;hl
y.f. i nilf.".aif nfC" Wvl'loii oT this company, doe on
No?il,iai'.V.'t!rYr"k,h C"a"' h""al ""
JOHN A. IIILTUK. Anlitant Trnamrsr.
TlSnt2A,?!f''-"!ND IRON
United I Htas Trust Comjuuny llulldlnit,
OonnnnlSi'V W,"'L " ,Jiw Vork'jall 2.1. !".'
eomSJn! wiii ''T.'fb. 1. 1B1I2, on tho bond. .,f Hill
and after that daft 0I P""""11""1 "' "ls olilce on
plvae'ri .'ftlr'ii1 ONEUA,'K 1"K,;CKNT--Tlie
iranifer book! will 'he eloied from Jan --. t
""'- J. f KIlliDKIIItMll'.full.ier
T,Amr'i?lJ.AiL. SEBT.!N." "' l' itoTkhoid"er7of the
for thi S, y""' ;1I1U for "ltl eloctton "f Direct"'!
other T,u?,i L'.'L.,' '." "n.d for ,h transaction i-f su n
SietliiJ ii hSi.S",y b iiroperly hruuirht h-f..re tne
?cioel.'';rii,'.l',0.ililt,u "'J Thursday, ri-b 2.1. Iti2, at U
o Clock, at the otUcei. n& Broadway, rooiu 72,
, a. LovEcitArr,
- Mcrrtary,
TlA1tetiM,1iUJ',il,K'iTi'" ot ihareholden of file J-IMI
itTiTillViii' """road Ooiiu.tuy for the eltctiuu of
thirteen director! win be held al tlie depit. r""luu
eih av. corner 4d it., on Tuesday. FeU II.
IV.-.. ro-n 12 tn 1 o'clock.
Tranifer book! closed Keb 2 to a
1IE.NHY K MOORE. Rerretarr
T'i!0.uNi,i't'F;.T,''f theTFncTFmjTer. ..f tne
direetori" .Vj'.,,W,.,it ,bLe r'inpany for thee.eciiou ,f
wlilU ?ii.fJ fit ?&'' ''"''" 'y be nreii niel.
New YorkiiTl1 ?c!of " company, 1 lWlr.
, Vwu6'aS: Su.&Cim, ' - m '"' I
m :m
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aid. i
to be
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A aud
from i
now 11
end oi
ted. r
eed. i
of ui
Wo ya
this ,
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