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sue rEOTtx grow weabt of the
l Tata Efforts to Win (ha Support of tha
leader of tha National Liberal The In.
Icnltlca Inlleted Upon German Private
Holdlere-Olvlne; Alma to a Prince Artlata
efDuaaeldorf The Ludtr of Gu of
hwlndlere Hnlclde of a Well-known Man.
Br.itLW. Feb. 7. The protornatural activity
of the Emperor In political, social, and do
mestic Affairs la beginning to tiro tho nation.
Complaints are heard on all sides, some oom
loc from most loyal supporters, that his Maj
esty Is meddling ovormuch In politics, whioh
Is consldorcd dorogatory to tho crown.
He showed groat anxiety to moot Horr Von
Bennlcsen the other night nt Caprlvl's din
ner, engagod In earnest conversation with
him. and seemed almost to bog through him
tho support ot tho National Liberals. Thoy
spoke apart from tho othor euosts. Tho Kin
peror pressed his arguments with much ani
mation. Bennlgson listened with deforonco,
but replied with firmness, showing no signs ot
yielding. It was a notablo interviow; ovory
body present watched It, but hoard nothing.
Bennlgson refuses to repeat what tho Em
peror said to him.
To his Intimates he says that ho was re
luctant to attend the dlnnor: he only accepted
the Invitation when told of tho .Emporor's per
sonal doslro to meet him. Tho length ot tho
talk between them has boon underrated. It
lastod a full hour. It may bo said that tho first
half an hour was dovotcd to discussion of tho
Education bill. Tho Emperor urgod as his
chief argument tor tho bill the ncod ot
strengthening rollgtous education in ordorto
combat socialism and worse.
There Is no truth In tho report that the Em
peror doplored the lmpondlng resignation ot
Dr. Mlquel. lie merely remarkod that ho hoped
l the Ministry would hold together, nnd it was
certain to do so It tho National Liborals would
adopt a policy ot give and take.
The Emperor afterward talked with Ben
nlgsen und othors on soolal problems, es
pecially tho housing ot tho poor. He men
tioned the fact that ho recently had an inter
esting conversation with HerrKrupp. tho great
gun maker, who fully explained to him his ad
mlrablo system of workmon's colonlos at Essen.
The Emporor said ho thought that all large
employers might lmltato Horr Krupp. with tho
greatest ndvantage to thomsolvos and their
men. It was easy enough, ho added, to deal
with the overt acts of extremists, but it was
difficult to provent a misleading propaganda
while the poor had so many grievances of
which they had legitimate right to complain.
Ho himsolf believed thoy should utilize the
law to remove undoubted grievances to tho
utmost possible extent, while influencing the
rising Generation for good through schools
and village churchos. Ho eontondod much
might also be done through the army, if prop
erly directed and treated, soeing that ntno
tenths ot the male population ot Germany
passed through tho ranks. It was most un
wise to send those men back to their villages
smarting from the tyrannlos and grievances
thoy had sufferod from In tho sorWco.
, This was a dlroct allusion to the subject of
the inhuman treatment ot private soldiers by
potty officers, which has become a prominont
topic, since Prince George of Saxony exposed
It in a recent order. This subject had, no
doubt, boon strongly pressed upon the atten
tion of tlie JEaarOi'by tKerdebato in the Bud
get CommSfee ot the Reichstag. To say that
the discussion was extremely lively on that oo
easlou would be by no means extravagant
The question was one which provoked muoh
feollng. and all the members ot tho committee
seemed to vie with each other in the eloquence
ot their protestations against the cruelties in
stated on the defendors of tho Fatherland,
while at the same time they differed as to the
causes. Horr Singer, tho Socialist, doclared
that an exhaustive inquiry and drastlo re
forms woro necessary to wlpo these scandals
from the German name. Thoy should bo
taken up by tho Itelchstag at an early day and
thorcuehly disoussed, not dismissed with a
declaration of opinion by this committee. It
should be found out whothor the authorities
of tho War Office, like tho Cloricals. attributed
the6oeils to tho negleot ot religion In the
army and tho nation.
Deputy Llngons, making a plea In defence
of the oflleors of the army, argued that the
sovereign ruled by divine right, wheroby he
represented tho Deity, and that representa
tion passod to every offlcor holding tho sov
ereign's commission.
This extraordinary language caused an up
roar In the committee, in which dissent was do
cldodly predominant Horr Itichtor denounced
tho argument as blasphemous. Horr Llncons,
lie bald, would apparently sook to solve the
difficulty by making all oflleors ot tho army
chaplalni with big salaries.
The Liberals moved a resolution in favor of
the Obtibllshmont of pormanent military
courts for tliu trial ot cases of cruolty In tho
army, tho procoduro to be oral ami tho slt
tlngH public This resolution was rejected by
a vote of Hi to 10, the Conservatives, Imperial
ists, and UltramontAnes combining nculnst It
A milk-and-water resolution, declaring that
in tho opinion ot this commltteo tho proceed
ings of the military courts should tiavo greater
publicity, nnd soldiers should havo froor ac
cess to their oflleors to present complnints of
lll-troatmont was adopted. Tho Wnr Depart
ment will probably troat the declaration with
Mitny stories, more or less trustworthy. In
connection with tho recent visit of tho King
and Queen of Wurttomborg to liorlln nro In
circulation. The following Is voucliod for us
correct. The Emperor and tho King during
an Inspootlon of tho Hussars' barracks at
I Potsdam onterod the regimental kitchen. A
saucepan of hot sausages happenod to attract
the attention of tho Emporor. and ho express
ed a wish to tasto them. Oflleors ran to got n
Plate and knife nnd fork, but tho Emporor said
they nood not trouble themsolves. adding:
"Baueagostasto bettor eaten with the fingers
than from tho dish, or, as we studonts used to
ay, exfauktibuf."
TheKincofWttrttemberg. dining with the
officers of tho Hussars at their mess, told
thorn an amusing story about himself. He
aid Previous to his accession to tho throno he
visited incognito tho famous stables of Cnpt
von Drohno of the Hussars at Kossowitz, Tho
Captain was ofton pestorod with horse dealers
nd other undesirable visitors. When tho
Prince, still preserving his incognito, asked to
we the Captain, the latter sent back word that
lis declined to see this gontleman from
Vi Qrttomberg. supposing he was a horse deal
er. The servant who took the reply returned
nd announced that the visitor refused to go.
The Captain exclaimed;
Probably the man wants a donation," and
n sent him a thaler. The reception the ser
vant met with from the visltorthls time scared
Wraoutot his wits, and he roturnod to his
niastortrombllng In every limb. Tho Prince
lollowod up tho joke and tho waitor into the
rroaenco ot tho Captain, who immodlatoly
"cognUed him. Tho Prince laughed heartily,
Wk and said ns this wus the first alms ho hud over
re. ,w m wo, I10t piXrt wt)l tnc, cltt
M 1iIiiii, nun- n Major, wiih prcsontnt the
I at iii-r.it which tlilrt story wus told, ami tho
I ,'",'' f"'0,ui:d and showed him the Identical
inalor amid the laughter of tho company.
Ill .JMthrtsotDUsseldorf wm giV8 aa exhl-
I ?ltIon on July 0, confined to works ot the
u luaoua DoMeldort ohool. Thaypropoia to
mako tholr oxhlbltlon one of the finest they
hnvo over held, as It Is their purpose to send
tho most successful of their paintings in it to
the Columbian Fair at Chicago.
Tho Social Democrats ot Zoltz. Prussian
Saxony, bolng unable to buy orhlroahall In
the town for tholr meetings, made an agreo
mont with tho local browors to drink no beer
but tholrs if thoy would provide thorn with ft
sultablo plnco. The brewers agreod to the
compact bought tho town theatro for 150,000
marks, and prcsontod It to tho Social Demo
crats, Tho trial of Emll Hammerstoln, a morch&nt.
has boon going on n fortnight In Dresden, and
is yot unfinished. Ho was born In Stettin In
183'.! and has llvod and done business In Bor
lln. Vienna, Now York, London. Antwerp, Am
sterdam, and Paris. Ho Is charged with
swindling on a largo scale "in each place by
moans of forged and Btolon bills of exchange
He Is also said to bo a mombor.lt not loador,
of a great International gang of forgers and
swlndlors. Hundreds of these bills hnvo been
negotiated by banks not of tho highest reputa
tion. Tho prisoner maintained that ho bo
llovod all tho bills woro genuine An Immense
amount of ovldonco has boen accumulated. It
ho Is convicted his sontence will bo those
vorost undor tho law.
A gang of twenty printers on strike at Stutt
gart mndo a savago assault with clubs on flvo
working compositors last weok. They killed
one and would havo probably murderod all
had thoy not been scared away by the firing ot
a pistol by one ot the assaulted mon. It Is al
leged that tho prlntors' union deliberately or
dered and has slnco npprovod tho assault
Sovornl of tho strlkorn havo boon arrested and
an official inquiry Is In progress.
A locksmith nnmod Lehmann, living In BIx
dorf, n suburb of Berlin, was arrostod for Lett
Mairtte In having declared at a Socialist meet
ing that Chnrloraagno wns an infamous and
immoral monarch. A lieutenant of police who
wns present pulled LohmnnnofT tho platform
as ho spoke tho words, took htm to tho station
house, and mndo tho charge ngatnst him. The
presiding officer refused to entertain tho
charge and dismissed the prisoner. Lehmann
roturned to tho mooting, where he was received
with choors, whtlo tho police were treated with
Prince Leopold recently paid 4.200 marks for
flowers to docornto his castle at Potsdam on
the occasion of tho christonlng ot his son. His
extravagance is sevorely commented upon,
especially in court cirales.
Tho joiners and carpenters of the district ot
Snarbrucken have given notice that they will
cease work on tho 15th Inst unless their wages
are advanced.
Horr Bonzlger. one ot the leading booksell
ers of Berlin, doing business in Frledrichs
strasso shot himself with a rovolver in the
prosenco(ot his wito and four children and died
in tholr arms. A decline In business had af
feeted his mind and led to the rash act Herr
Bonzlger was widely known and respected in
this city.
An Attempt to Beaene a Boy who Stoned a
Truln Foiled.
Several tlmos during tho past month win
dows in tho Grecnport mail train have been
shattered by showers of stonos from unseen
hands, as tho train rolled through certain
villages on tho Long Island Railroad. On
Saturday. Detoctivo James Sarvls arrested
14-year-old Peter Gerringer, near HIcksvlll9,
as he was in the act ot hurling a stone at a
passing train.
Justice Stelnertot Hicksvllle sentenced the
boy to tho State Reformatory until ha ls-21
yams, old. His. rela.Uvea.jr.ntBstod, and as
sorted tho boy should never leave the village.
They assembled a big crowd at tho railroad
station to socuro him It the detective should
try to take him aboard a train. Seeing the odds
woro against him the detective had the boy
placed In tho village lockup and allowed the
regular train to go by. The crowd was jubilant
at tho success of tholr plans, and then began
to tulk of raiding the village lockup. The only
othor train through tho ptuoo that nlsht was a
milk train. While tho crowd were outside the
depot rojoicing. Detective Sarvls sent atolo
gram to the conductor of the milk train di
recting him to slow up a short distance out ot
the village
The detective and Constable O'Neill then
took tho boy to the spot designated and
boarded tho milk trnln as it came along. The
crowd hung around tho depot until the milk
train left and thon It rushed to the lockup
only to find that Gorringor was on the way to
tho reformatory.
The Fire Marahal Called Upon to Investl
Bate eJaaplclona or Incendiarism.
Fire broko out in tho collar of a tenement at
104 Ludlow street at 4 o'clock yesterday
morning. The building is five etorios high,
and Is filled with Russian Jews. The halls
filled with smoke, and tho frightened tenants
sought escape from tho building In the rear.
Three women jumpod, but woro not seriously
hurt Tho othors clambered down Into a nar
row ynicl, from which thoy could not escapo
until tho llromen broko down a high fence
which confined them.
The lire destroyed $500 worth of tobacco
stored in tho cellar of Theodore IMstow. a
clgarmaker. Ho said that ho smelled smoko
when ho got home nt It o'clock, and his wlfo
awoko In in an hour later, when the tire broke
out Ho xatd that thoro had boon threo llres
In tho house slnco he had llvod there, nnd ho
thought that some ono was trying to burn tho
building to unite tho landlord. H. E. Make.
A hocond llru wus in the tailor shop ot Wolf
i rank ut 7H Essex stroot Frank mild that ho
poured kurosone on tho kindling wood In tha
Ktovu ut H o'clock in tho morning, whon the
oil oi!oilcd nnd set fire to tho place. Tho
force of tho explosion blew off the cover of the
Htovo and smaHhed a front window. A patrol
man, who heard tha racket put nut tho flames.
Flio Marshal Mitcholl was called upon yes
terday morning to Investigate both of these
A, Declilnn for the XI Dorado In a Mult or
the Wrecker for Malvao-e.
When tho Morgan lino steamship El Dorado
went ashore on u Bahama bank in August last
tho men ot Andros Island swarmed aboard of
hor, Insisting nn helping to savo hercurgo.
The El Dorado's Captain told thorn their sor
vless woro not. needed, and characterized them
as piralos. Thoy brought nuit for eulvage. and
on Jan. '-' Chief Justiuo Yelvorton of the lco
Admlrolty Court ot tho Vuhamas decided
iignlnst thorn. ....
Tho Justice suys that tho Andros men
crowded upon tho Ulmlnl and tho Harbor Isl
and mon, who had boon oraployod by tho Can
tain, mid that they had no more right to board
tho vossol whilo tho Captain and crow wero on
hor than thoy would havo if sho were pursu
ing hnr voyage. TheJustlco Bays finally that
ho believes tho Andros mon "ai'ted Ignorant!
as regards tho law, believing that a stranded
ship wus a 6nrt of placo whoro any ono could
do as liu pleased with a view to his own advan
tage. 1 trust that this judgement will do nway
with any such misconception in tho future."
Gave Acent Kins a Hard Fight,
As Agent William H. King of the Oerrr
Society stood looking into a window on Third
avenue near Twentieth street on Saturday
night, he felt a grasp on his shoulder. Turn
ing, he saw a one-eyed tramp who said to him:
" You will rob me. will you ? Give me back the
money you stole from roe." The tramp car
ried aclub. King grappled with tho man, nnd
after n hard tight, fn which Ills right hand was
bitten, took awny tho club and stnrtod with
hlra to the Twenty-second stroet station. On
tho way the prisoner grabbed King about tho
knees nnd utternpted fo throw him down an
uroawuy. Tho ugont fell and tho tramp bit
him on tho light hand again. Policeman
Hunts drugged tho tramp to the station house
In tho Yorkvillo Court yesteiduy the prisonor
mid ho wn William Thompson, no occupa
tion, of 4!i' East Elovonth stroot. Justice Hyan
hold him for trial.
Pluxa Hotel,
Clh At., asth de SBIh tit.. New York.
the wter and Ice uud li dUtllled and from en the
prtmUti, tad pronounced by rtof. Chandler abeolnUly
It la Addressed to Chairman. Clarkeaa of the
Kepnblleaa National Committee, and! la It
lit Haya That Ut la Not Candidate,
and That nia Name Will Not Oo Before
tha Convention for tha Nomination Oen.
Alger and Senntor Collom of Illinois la
tho Field Against Ilarrlaoa.
Washington. Fob. 7. The following letter
was mado publlo to-night:
"WAsntNOTOS. D. Q. Fob. 0. 1802.
"Am. J. S. CforUon. CVttmua elAt Afortonoi JbpiA
rfra Cbmmtrf.
"My Deih Sin: I am not a candidate for
the Presidonoy. and mr name will not go be
fore tho Republican National Convention for
tho nomination. I make this announcement
In duo season.
" To those who havo tondored me their sup
port I owe slnoero thanks, and am most grato
f ul for their confidence They will. lam sure
make earnest effort in tho approaching con
tost, which is rondorod specially important by
reason ot tho Industrial and financial policies
ot the Government bolng nt stake Tho popu
lar decision on these Issuos is of groat mo- -mentnnd
will boot tnr-roachlngconsequonce
Very slncoroly yours. James G. Blaine."
Thoro aro a score of different optnlons ob
tainable among publlo mon in Washington to
night regarding the real meaning and proba
ble effect of Mr. Blalno's lottor. Tho majotlty
of Republicans hero profess to bollovo that
tho withdrawal of Mr. Blatno loaves the field
oponand froo to Benjamin Harrison. Other
mon, howovcr. say that othor candidates than
tho President will nt onco come to the frout
and that tho chances of Harrison's renomlna
tlon will becomo less day by day from now on
to tho meeting of tho Minneapolis Convontlon.
There two mon already in the rnco against
tho Prosldent They are both from tho West
and both havo tho bee buzzing In their bonnets
as loudly as candidates avor did in tho world.
Theso ambltlouB mon nro Gen. Russell A.
Alger of Michigan and Senator Shelby M.
Cullom of Illinois. Gen. Alger has been a can
dldato since tho day that tho Chicago Convon
tlon nominated Harrison. Ho has never for a
moment relaxed his efforts to make friends
and supporters, and only a few weeks ago
ho came to Washington to sound Mr.
Blaine as to his intentions. He learned
nothing definite, but what he saw of
Mr. Blaine and tho words that he heard drop
from his Hns convinced him thatthelettor was
In contemplation that Is published to-night
From that day Gen. Alger has been an active
and a hopeful candidate.
Sonator McMillan ot Michigan said to-night:
"Gon. Alger will bo a candidate for the nom
ination now that Mr. Blalno has withdrawn,
and he will havo tho earnest support of the
solid Michigan dolegates."
The Sun reporter Is able to state, on the
highest posslblo authority, that Gen. Algor al
ready has the pledged support ot some of the
most prominont and effectivo workers ot the
Republican party. Thomas C. Piatt and J. S.
Clarkson are both incllnod to favor tho candi
dacy of the Michigan man, and his friends
privately claim that Sonator Quay will join in
the Alger movement Indeed, thoro has boon
an effort on foot for several weeks to concen
trate the support ot the big Republicans who
aro personally and politically opposed to the
.reupminatton, of. the President .Oflthe Alger
tunny inn ff r"--i haa avt been entirely
unsuccessful There Is no doubt that Alger has
been assured of the support of. Piatt and that
at least a goodly portion ot the votes of the
New York delegation has been promised
to him. Clarkson is not pledged absolutely
to Alger, but it is known that ho and Dud
ley and others of tho old and new National
Committeemen are Alger men at heart, and
incllnod to regard him as the best man In tho
lot to be used for the defeat of Harrison.
Sonator Cullom can get the support of the
Illinois delegates, although ho Is not warmly
endorsed by tho Chicago Republicans. Cullom
has been as anxious of late as Alger has been
to get some stntemont from Mr. Blaine A
number ot Cullom'n frlonds had been to see
Mr. Blaine without eliciting any dellnlto state
ment, und as a last resort tho bonator himself
called on Mr. Dlalneanddomandod somosort
ot an expression as a measure of fairnoss to
the party and to other porsonn who might de
sirotobocomo candidates. Mr. Blalno for the
first time mado a definite statement for the
purpose, and told Sonator Cullom to wait n
row days, "whon something would drop."
That something has now dropped, and every
body In Washington is talking about the noise
it makes. , ,
Tho lottor is not made In ns strong forms as
it was oxpoctod he would make it. and so mo of
tho Prosldont's friend wish It was more em
phatic in its statements of an unwillingness to
accept tho nomination. There Is no indication
either in tho lottor ot withdrawal or in
the circumstances attondlng Its appear
ance that Mr. Elaine intends to give
any aid and comfort to his chief.
It thoro is any exception to this statement it
is tho doclarttfon mado to-night by a membor
ot tho Cabinet that Mr. Blaine had promised
that tho delegation from Mnino should be for
Harrison in the Minneapolis Convention.
While it is not doubted Hint Mr. Blalno
has mado this promise. It is not
taken as significant of n sincere doslro
on his part to secure tho runoralnntion of
Harrison, butonly as nn expression of loyalty
to his ehlof, which ho could hardly fall to muku
if ho desires to remain in tho Cabinet On
tho other hand. It is known that tho
relations between Blaine and Harrison
nro very much strained, and hao been
for somo six weeks, or ever slnco tho
President discoorod that Mr. Blalno was
notching him slncero and loyal support In
his Chilian policy. It is also known that while
Secretary Tlklns wns mora actively concerned
than any other man in bringing Mr. Blaine up
to tho point of writing tho letter, othor press
ure, greatly assisted him.
Among Mr. Blaine s friends In Washington,
thoso men who have had opportunltyof seeing
and talking with him of Into, the opinion Is
that tho state ot his hoalth Is the prncisocuU'-e
of his dooision not to bo a candidate. Ho has
been much depresssed nnd discouraged about
his oondltlon lately. Tho coterie of llepubll
ran Senators who havo boon for weeks discuss
ing tho probability of tho appearance of such
a letter ns Is made public to-night think,
however, that thoro Is another reason for the
withdrawal. This Is Mr. Dlalno's conviction
that no Republican can bo elected President
next vear. Ono of thoso Senators, a man who
hns known Blaine tor years and who hns sat
with him at dozens of dinner parlies this win
tor whoro polities woro discussed, said to Tub
Bun correspondent to-nlglit:i
"Mr. Blalno hns stated to his friends more
than once lately that ho doos not seo how it is
possible for Harrison or any one else to carry
New York next fall, and that to bo olected
without tho vote of that Btuto is a task that
few men will caro to assume. I know how
Mr. Dlalno feels about the matter, und I am
confident that It ho saw Republican success
ahead ho would never have written his letter
ut withdrawal, or would hae delayed Its ap
pearance until he wus assured that he could
not get tho nomination."
Thoro are many strong Republicans In
Washington who think that Blaine's with
drawal will bring Senator hhnrman into, tho
field as n candidate, und that ho will raise
hnvoo with tho Harrison canvass. Senator
Sherman is probably more popular to-day with
the leaders and the rank and file ot his party
than ever before, and may decide to bo a can
didate He declined, however, to talk on tho
subject to-night tor publication.
A Republican Senutor said to-night that
that there is and has been for some time a
movement on foot among some of tho strong
Republican', looking to the launching of a Torn
Heed boom in case ot Mr. Blaine's withdrawal.
Mr. Heed was asked about the report to-night
but said that ho had nothing to say on tho
subject It is said by some of Tils frlendB that
ho Is some what incllnod to think that the
Blalno lottor hns a string tied to It. ,
Hocrotnry Foster was asked for his opinion
oftheoftoetof tho letter. Ho said: "It will
result I think. In President Harrison s ro
nomination. The people rccognlzo his ad
ministration as one of tho best the country
ever bad. conspicuously able, thoroughly Re
publican, nnd hoiiubt."
Socretary Elklns said: "For somo time, a
month or more certainly, It has been known
among the Republican politicians, and was
hocomlng generally known among the people
that Beoretary Blaine wouldnotbe a candi
date, and they were arranging for that condt
t Uon 0! things. Bom ot thorn are tor Harrison
and somo for othors. but the gront mass nro
for the President nnd ho will bo renominated.
Harrison Is growing tromondously, Is growing
erory hour in favor among tho pooplo and pol
iticians." Secretary Traoy said: "I Am not surprised.
Ivo been expecting such ft loiter for somo
time It points to Harrison's renomlnation
nnd reelection." .,,, . , . .
Secretary Noble said: "With Blaine out of
tho field thoro Is no man of eufllclont national
Importance to contest tho nomination with
Mr. Harrison. Ills administration hns boon
fair, just and upright Ho will bo ronamlnatod
unanimously nnd reelected... As Mr. Blaiiio
says, his declination Is mndo In due season."'
Secretary Rusk said ho had hoard a creat
donl said of lato about Secretary Blalno's In
tention to docllno to bo a cnndltlato. and. now
that ho hndwlthdrawn.it looked to him as if
President Hnrrisonhjndnolenrnold. . .
Senator Cullom salfl: "I nm not surprised.
I had Intlmnttons of its coming from various
sources, nnd. Indeed, from tho Sccrotnry him
self, but nothing doilnlte If it Is construod br
his frlonds to mean an ahsoluto refusal, as I
hnvo no doubt it will ho (tho Sonator had not
thon seen a copy of tho lottor), it op&ns tho
Hold for tno nomination.
" Does that moan that you will enter, Son-
" Yos, It does. I havo snld to my frlonds
that, having given Illinois thirty years of
earnest service eight In tho Stato Legislature,
six in tho Governor's chnlr, eight In tho lower
House of Congress, nnd nine In tho Ben
nto I would ostoem . It a groat, honor
to havo tho delegation to tho. National
Republican Convontlon from Illinois support
mo for tho Presidential nomination. If I could
bo nomlnatod, woll and good; If not, tho
delegation would bo frep to support nnv
flood man. I hnvo said, furthor, that I
ind no wish to run agnlnst nnv ono, nnd
was desirous only ot socurlng that which was
best for tho Republican pnrty and for tho
country. If any othor man can get moro votes
than I can. I will bo for, him: but. If you will
permit mo to say it, I think that I would make
a protty good cundldutc."
Orovar Cleveland'a Name Taken Down From
a Club In MnnaHeld.
Mansfield. O.. Fob. 7. Tho Grovor Clove
land Club, orgnnlzod horo whon tho star of tho
man whoso nnmo It bears was high In the
hoavons, has changed Its namo to tho Jackson
Club, tho organization voting unanimously for
tho chnngo on Friday night Somo say that
this wns done in ordor that no boom may bo
given to tho cause of any candldato tor tho
Prosldoney, but tho facts nro that the followors
of Hill, who aro In the lead here, and control
tho club, tnko this means of oxprosslng tholr
opinion that Cleveland Is not in tho Presi
dential race A woll-known Domocrut speak
ing of tho mnttor to-day. said :
"Haidly a day passos but somo opposition to
Cleveland crops out in somo part of Ohio.
Democrats in this city, especially among the
youngor representatives in tho party, nro nend
set against him. The namo of tho bpringflold
Democrntio Club Is soon to be tho David II.
Hill Club. Ohio Domocrats soom to bo for
Eight Baya Behind Her Big Tankee Blval,
the Shenundoah.
The new steel cllppor Swanhllda finished her
first voyage to this port yostorday. She is
four-mastod British vossol whose skipper,
Capt Mitchell, doclared. just before he left
Havro on Doc. 24, that ho was going to beat
tho handsome Yankee ship Shenandoah to
Now York.
The ships sallod from Havre on the same
day. Tho Swanhllda battled with wosterly
galea for a few days, and thon put into Spit
head. Tho Shenandoah rodo out tho storms
and got out of tho English Channel a day or so
ahead of tho British ship. Tho llrst Inquiry
Capt Mitcholl made when he got into Quaran
tine yestordny was: . ....
"Hns tho Shonandonh arrived?' , He, did
not look happy when told that tho giant Yan
kee racer had beaten him by about eight days.
Tho Swanhllda is a fine singlo-decked craft of
l.UUO tons, and was built two years, oko at
Dumbarton. Scotland, by A. McMillan & Sons.
Her owners are J. W. Carmlchaul & Co. of
Prlnee I-eopold or Blreteln a FMiengar,
with Many Attendanta and Servanta.
Prince Leopold of Birstoin did not have an
agreeable time on the North German Lloyd
stoamshlp Lahn. which arrived yesterday, two
days behind hor usual time The Prince re
ceived tho bost kind of treatment from Cnpt
Hellmers and tho oflleors of tho Lahn, but the
ship was badly treated by tho galo-swopt
seas. While bucking the tall waves on Jan. 30
a shaft bearing got hot and tho ship had to
stop for seven hours. Tho bearing burnt out
tho next day. nnd the Lahn was novo to for
V.t'i hours while a now bearing was put in.
She pitched and rolled a good deal, and two of
her second cabin passengers wero hurt by
Prince Leopold brings with him sovornl
counsellors, a secrotary. a doctor, and a small
regiment of servnnts. Ho ulso has enough
trunks und satchels to fill a small-sized hotel.
Two Besldentn or Little Italy Mako aa At
tempt to Settle a Grudce.
Josoph Deserla and Domlnlco Marra settled
an old grudgo last night with knlvos nnd
pistols. Thoy mot iu front of Mnrra's grocory
at 420 East llflth stroot
Doseria camo up bohlnd Marra and stahbod
him twice in tho loft shoulder. As Marra
turned to dofond himself Desoria stabbed hlra
in the left breast and ran nwuy. Two of Mar
ra's friends caught Desoria. VYhllo they wero
holding him Marr.i drow a pistol and flrod.
Tho bullet broko Doserlu's jaw.
Policeman Culhano seut Desoria to the Har
lem Hospital anil took Murra to tho East l'-Mth
street police station.
Mnrra's wounds woro dressed nt the police
station nnd ho was locked up. Dosuria's
wounds wore dressed nt the hospital and he
wus tukou to the statiun and locked uu
Thunder Storm la Boeheater.
Rocnmicrt. Fob. 7. A genuine old-fashioned
thunder storm is prevailing horo. It Is as
much like a July storm as can bo Imagined.
The Weather.
The storm that formed In Texas on Faturday mnred
nortboaftt over the central Statei yesterday and wai
oxrtba lake rtulont last night. It Is attaining con
siderable energy and Is attcnaed by liluli winds. At
Chicago the velocity was furty miles an hour. The
storm centre will probably pass down tho St. Lawrence
Valley to-day and tuuso high nlmls oer the Atlantio
coast north of New Jerner. Tho rain ntea. entered all
the tluK and Atlantio Mutes, railing partly aa snow or
aleet front this clt uorthward and as snow in the lake
regions west to the pakotas. The rain was heavy In
Georgia and eastern Tennessee, and beay snow fell lu
It became warmer In all the Atlantio States and lake
regions, and should be somewhat warmer to-day. It
was colder In the Northwest States, and the chances
are that much colder weather will push south
ward Into the lake regions and central States, and
reach this neighborhood on Tuesday, Mght fog pre
alled along the coast, with light northeast winds.
They will probably ctiango to the southeast today and
become high.
It was cloudy In the morning In this city, and shortly
afternoon sleet and snow began to fall, which soon
changed to a light drlule; humidity averaged Ui per
cent., but reached Utl per cent, at 6 P.M.; highest of
ficial temperature, 37; lowest, 2; wind northeast,
average eloclty eight miles an hour.
Tha thermometer at Terry pharmacy In Tea 8m
building recorded the temperature yesterday as follows:
1801. ism. 1S91 IS02.
8A.M 84" 2H- S'SOP.II 28 87
6 a.m..,, n:i :tiw a i M,, au ut
DA. M a.', ,')0 IIP M -( 87"
13 M 37 UlilJJlId at" W
Average 8.1K"
Average on yeb. 7, 181)1 Sit
wiiuucTox roaicisr roa ao-mar.
For New England cloudy weather and rain; Brisk and
high south winds, shifting by Monday nlsht to deelded
1 ly colder northwesterly, probably cleurliitf Monday
Dlgbtj fair Tuesday,
tor ufrnt Jt'eu l'orl, thly veatlitr and rdfs or saov
briik and kigh Kjuttuity uimli, thifii'J bll Umvltiy nlgMto
cotdtr MortArrfy, prolyl (learing fcy itvuday nfjft; air
fWiay' coAf vart in tiorf Atrii jwrff mi.
For eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, oud
Maryland, southerly ibirilng to mirth rstrrly winds.
clearing and i olilt-r by Monday tuning prubbly Ul-
cldedly colder and fair Tuesday, cohl Hint-.
lor western New York suit western !'enns)han!a,
1 cloudy weather and rain, turning Into snow, winds
hitting to decidedly coldernorthwesterly, with a cold
wavej colder aad cloudy Tuesday, fair weather; varla
i bit wind.
Maybe 20, Maybe 40 in the
Hotel Royal Ruins.
These Leaped from Windows Be-
fore the Ladders Came
Many Missing.
Scenes of Horror When the Flames Drove 160
Lodgers to the Windows at 3 A. M,
Tha Blaae Began In tha Wooden Elevator
Jhart. Set tho Wooden Stnlra AHre, and
tat Ob Escape Isruve Reacuea by tha
Flrcmen-One Side of the llulldlnsr Cot
ered With liielr Healing; Lnddera-Tha
IValla Fell In nnd Burled the Bodlee or
the Burned Jin, Van Norden Mlaslnc
M lib Iler S30.000 Worth of Itlumonda
Tho Bescne or Proprietor Phelpa and
Ilia Family No I.nddet-a for the People
oa the Top Floor-Htor or the I.nat Man
Who Eaenped-A Dclny or Eluht Mlnutea
In Bending Out the Alarm Probably Coat
Many I.lvee-Comedian Powers Haw the
Fire from Ontalde and Culled the Knslnea
Ten Thousand People Hee the Blaae.
A fire becan in tho Hotel Royal at tho south
east corner of Fortieth street and Sixth nvo
nuo at 3 o'clock yesterday mornlnc It swept
throuch tlio'bulldins liko llghtnlnc The
'cucsts had no warnlnc of their dancor until
awakened by tho crackllnc of the flames and
by tho GUffocntlnc smoko. Thoy rushed
to the halls and wore driven back by
the flro that evon then was burning
from a rnoTociurn of tub euins. R
through the walls nnd tho doors of their
rooms. They ran to tho windows. Thore was
but one stationary flro escape. Not all tho
rooms woro furnished with tho rope oscapos
I that the law roqulros. Bocauso ot almost
criminal slownoss in Bonding out tho alarm
thoro woro no firemen with ladders to nld tho
frlghtonod pooplo when thoy came to tho win
dows. Numbers leaped out. Flvo woro killed
Instantly outside the walls. Cozens moro
wero hurt.
Thore wore 105 or 175 persons in the house
when tho flro started. Not all tholr names aro
known, becauso a thief stole tho register when
the lire first broko out But evon the register
would not toll the story, for many of the tran
sient guosts at tho hotel woro ot the kind who
register undor aliasos to ooneeal their iden
tity, Thoy camo with womon who wero not
tholr wives.
The list of dead is not complete, nor will it
bo lor many hours. The walls foil In and the
bodies of thoso burnod aro undor the de'brls.
It may be that the doud will not number moro
than twenty. Thoy may number twice as
many. Tho list of missing printed In The
Hun numbers forty. A Inrgo proportion of
thoso porsons aro probably safe, though they
may novor bo publicly accounted for.
With llvo corpsos In tho Morguo, elclitoon
porsons recorded ns injured, forty as missing
or inijulrod for, and fllty-two as known to bo
safe, thoro aro fifty persons still of whom noth
ing has boon heard one way or anothor, if
thoro woro 1(15 persons in tho houso. It Is
probablo that nearly all ot theso fifty escaped.
Tho building was n flro trap. Chief Bonner
buys. Tho lightning rapidity with which tho
flames ato up tho interior and tho readiness
with which tho walls foil down go to prove the
statoraont. Tliu Building Bureau was stricken
dumb by tho disiibtor.
Ladder Too I.ate to Have Those Who Were
First at the Indowa.
The fire seems to have boon discovered by a
great many people at about the same time,
and no one tmcl the coolness to send In an
alarm for fully ten minutes. Tho night en
gineer, Herbert Harding, says he was in tho
basement rnking his fires whon he beard a
crackling and saw a puff of smoke in tho
woodon olovator shaft nt tho east end of tho
basement Ho dropped his poker nnd ran
down to sco what was tho matter, and ho saw
that tha wholo bottom of tho shaft was ablaze,
and tliut the lUnios woro bolng drawn up tliu
shaft und wero i-onuminlcatlnguboi p. Harding
says It was :t:li5 o'clock A, M. when hu saw tho
liooigol', Itmnloll'li, nu operator for tho
Postal Telogruph Company, llvos acrosH Sixth
uyoiiuo from tho hotel. Ho wus just gottfing
home from work at 3:10 o'clook, and he saw a
glare in the upper windows ot tho hotel that
light the corridors. He also saw a blaze near
tho elevator shaft in tho office. Ho watched It
Thoro woro halt a dozen pooplo walking along
tho stroot he says, and thoy saw the flro and
stood staring nt it
Jamos T. Powers of tho "Straight Tip" oom
pnny had nil lits sonsos about him. It was
3:12 o'clock. Ho wns coming across Bryant
Park just north of tho hotel, nnd ho saw llttls
tongues ot flame coming from tho roof near
the contro of tho building. Hoshoutod "Tho
roof's afire." cut across tho pnrk to tho cornor,
6elznd t ho handlo of the flro box. and sont In an
alarm. .
That was at least eight minutes after the
discovery mndo by tho engineer, nnd It was
nboutthotlmo that this alarm was sent out
that tho guosts got warning of tho flro. Engi
neer Harding tumblod out of the office, fol
lowed by Clerk Undorwood. Thoy say that
thoy had tried to run up the stairs to alarm
tho houso, but had boon drivon bnok by tha
flames which filled tho halls. Tho wooden
stairs ran around tho woodon elovator shaft
Two of tho boll boys say, howovor, that Under
wood was asleop and that Harding was not
Whon those mon cams out windows in all
parts of tho house began to go up and men
and womon appeared at thorn and screamed
for help. On tho second and third floors tho
rod glaro of tho flames could bo soon behind
them. Their rooms woro burning already.
In flvo minutes tho stroet bolow was packed
with a crowd, screaming advice that was not
heard. Tho flames socmod to break out of the
wholo of tho roof at onco.and their glaro light
ened tho stroot liko day.
Thoro wero ono or two frnntlo persons at
every window In tho houso. Thoy held out
tholr hands apnenllngly. They loaned out and
over tho sills, clutching at the air. Horo and
thoro was a cool ono, probably a dozen all told.
They know enough to use tho ropo oscapos
that woro in some of the rooms, and thoy
clambered out and slid down them. Hore and
thoro a man or a woman loaped up on a win
dow sill nnd stood a moment and then sprang
wildly off. Two mon dived headtoromost from
tho third floor on tho Fortieth street side, Ono
fell flat on the pavement and was picked up
with ovory bono In his body apparently broken.
Tho othor struck sldowlse on his hoad.and his
head was smashed and crushed shapeless.
Two womon lospod from ono window on the
third floor on tho samo side. Thoy had stood
a moment claspod in each othor's arms. They
jumpod, still clasped together. They foil,
apart ono doad, one unconscious, on the pavement
From the same window leapod two men,
Ono shrloked wildly as ho cut through the air.
Ho did not move after he fell, and he wns
dragged away dead. His companion landed
on ids foot and sank down and fell over. He
writhed about on the pavement just a mo
rn ont. Thon ho leaped to his feot and dashod
on" across Fortieth street ne was not seen
again. Probably his nnmo or his alias is in
tho list ot missing.
The fate of thoso who foil could be seen by
thoso who clung to tholr places in the win
dows, and it mndo somo ot them hositato to
follow. Somo who leaped escaped unhurt nnd
thon turned and shouted to the othors to hold
tholr places and not to jump. The excited
crowd in tho stroot shouted "Jumpl" and
"Hold on 1" by turns.
I '
ax or-EN onvrF. nrrn i loou.
Two engines nnd two trucks wero ontbo
scono flvo minutes aftor Actor Powers had sent
In tho alarm. They found mon and women
clinging to tho window sills and hanging out
over tho stroet The air was filled with shrloks
of terror. One womn with a child In her arms
wns stepping out ot a third-story win
dow on the Sixth avonuo side. Sho
held on to a ropo and lot horsolf go sliding
down, and clinging with only one hand.
As sho reached tho second story sho lost
hold ot tho ropo nnd fell. On tho Fortieth
street fldotliero was tho coolest man in tho
building. Ho was fully diessod und woro a
silk hat, Ho lot himsolf down by n ropo os
enpo hund over hand mid lauded safely.
Tho Dromon think there were suMiuty-IHo
peoplo in tliu wlixloua whon thoy gut tliuio
Thu mujorityot thorn weio woiiion. Tlioinon
attached to tho engiuo t'oiuiMiiios d"uited
their endues und duslied to theiild ul Hie men
on the trucks who woro struggling with tho
big ladders. Somo of thorn seized scaling lad
ders and swung them up to tho coping ot tho
first floor and clambered up thorn and draggod
more ladders alter them, la two muitos,
- 'TBBanasa
wltnossos say. tho wholo Fortieth street side Bafl
of tho houso wns literally eoverod with ladders. 'tifll
and on each woro mon who clsmbored In at 41sbbbbbb!
tho windows In tho taoo ot the smoke and ''eH
flames. Thoy clamborod out again, eaoh bear-
ing n woman or a man In his arms, and began vaH
tholr porllous doscont Not one met with an 4mbbbbb!
Tho men with the ladders on the Sixth tf.1
avonuo side had no such luck. The people
thoro woro moro panlo-strlcken and harder to fifel
manage. Probably the dolay had a good deal sH
to do with this. The first big ladder that tha jH
V "1 'tricWAVlNG & printTnc. j t V'sH
If i TilHIl "I 11 -1
1 If JU I
" i -i - ." BH
flremon started to put up got away from them -
and crashed back on the elevated railroad, It
took them throo minutes to got It In claoe, and H
in that time tho flames wero gaining tearful ' H
headway and wore burning through the wall H
and doors and into tho rooms. H
When the ladder was in place a dozen flre- H
mon and almost as many policemen dashed up H
it nnd leapod off on tho balcony at tho first floor. H
nnd into the windows at the second and third fl
floors. Policeman Daniel Glenn was one of H
tho first back on the ladder with a woman In H
his arms. Sho had fainted. He came down H
halt a dozen rungs whon a woman above him. jH
who had clambered on the ladder un- ; tH
aided, lost hor footing and fell oa '9
him. Sho struck him when he waM iff
on a lovel with tho first floor, and '
the force of tho fall knocked loose hl R
hold. All throo foil to tho pavement Glenn'a (!
loft shoulder was broken. The women re- ,
colvod bruises, but were not seriously hurt. w
Another woman fell on a fireman who waa ii
boarlng a woman and child to tho ground, and 2 -
thoy all fell In a heap. Thoy also escaped ie- f I ,
rious injury. '
Tho laddors reachod only to the third floor at U t
first Ono that touched the fourth floor was lj
put up Anally, and men and women were oar- ;
riod down that But there was no help for tha h
unfortunates on tho fifth floor. Little could be M
seon ot thorn from tho stroot A t
The smoko that camo from the lower floor (
seomod to rlso to tho top and hang there ltka IE
a groat cloud. Occasionally a gust of wind j
would clear It away for a moment and forma
could bo soon hanging from tho windows, Tha , ,'j
peoplo there screumod to the flremen.but their i
cries wero not heard. In the excitement on
the other floors ovory ono soemed to forget A
that thcro was a floor not reuched by the lade j
ders. Once whon the smoko clearod a woman j
wubsoon to dash hoadforomost out of a win-
dow on the top floor. Hor companion, a man, 1
soUcd hor skirts. Thoyheldamomentandthaa i
slipped from her. Sho fell on the balcony.
Tho man climbed out ot the window, hung;
from tho sill, and then dropped, Aropeese i ,
cupo was hanging from the window under him I
and he managed to selzo that and checked tha jjj
forco ot his fall. Ho landed on the balcony be fj
side the body of tho woman. Picking It (up ha jj j
cllmbod on tho laddor and was coming down S i
with It A pollcoman took it from him. Ha Vj
leapod then Ihlmsolf from the ladder and if i
dashed across tho street. He was W. L. Har- H ,N
mon. Ho was nearly suffocated, but was other- V; 7
wise unhurt. ' fi
This couplo were tho last that got out of tha l l
building. Thcro wero no moro faces at tha f, S
windows. Indeed, it was not possible that any ft j
ono could bo In tho building and be ullvo. Tha E l
whole lioubo wns n iiiiibh of flamos. From I f
nearly every wiiiilowtliu lire leaned out almost J r
to tliu railroad truck on the hlxth avonuo sldo I
and ucrost. tliu street, und hinged the trees on t ',
the l'ortletli Hlroet H'le. Not u drop of water 3 ,
bail boon put on tlin lire, llio men had 1 -Ji
nil been too busy mi Ing Ufa to think of prop- ,' M
erty. Now tint Piigliu1 hooked on to the f V
hitltutitx. ( hiiif liiiuiKir hud sent out a third ft.jf
nfiirni almost tint in-tiiiit be arrived. That t A
riillui ten tumbles. 'IVn htn-uins wero aulckly 8 J
ut wil. but tlieto wiih no chucking thoflamea f
which hail I it bii-V at leant hnlf an hour. V i
riuon tliu fortieth t-treet wnll bulgednnd foil I
in, und thmi tint whole northwest corner of tho H t
building, thiiuhclu roof went with It, liftoeu B f
irlimtes Intel F.ill that wiib loft landing of thn fi
hltb uujiu sidu wusu juggod plwo of wall j
Ie- than tM)nty-flM feot wiiliMind about us I q
much tiualelt of thu l'ortleth street front. j i
Nit ,t tenth uf tho horror wits mm-u from 1
jthubticct. Hut a llttloof tho restcau bo told. J J
SI )!.! Ill' TlIK LiST MaN OUT. 1 1
TIiomi wlm cseapod by tho ladders or br 'X f
jumping tell bomu of it Harmon, the Ut H i
limn out. said: yi'
"I was aroused by the smoke. I had just 3
dreamed that the hotel was on flre and. that I ' J-
bad been bwuod to death. Wheaft9UiM .

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