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. THE SUN, MONDAY. ' FEBRUARY 8. 1892. 8 IfB
lETntna wntctt disclose xna ef.
ronrs of tub rnmNPi to nEt.r iint.
The Murderer of Sea. "JellreretosT Hud
Earnest M Behind Him Who Bent
Illra What Money They Conld ripare
lle Ihnfed Under Itestralnl, aad I.oet the
Xapport of Some or Them.
Ban Antonio. Fob. 7. A bundlo of lottors
MonglngtoOtto Hnusor or Stanislaus Fad
lewsal. the Nihilist and assassin of Oon. Pollv
ertoff. was found horo yesterday. Padlow
ski. while here, worked for Edward Gleasor, a
saloon keeper, as a barkoepor. nod to him liu
Intrusted his effects a fow days before taking
bl own life.
The bundle consists of eight letters, several
receipts for sums of monoy which wore sont to
him by frlonds. and a newspapor clipping glv
Ins n account of his escape from Franco nftor
the murder, and ft history of his life as rotated
by hlmsolf.
Most of these letters are written In Polish,
unci none Is signed In full bytho wrltor. These
letters, translated and according to tho date of
tholr writing, road as follows:
Fun, May 28 1901.
Dm CoreiDi! The comrade, greet you heartil). end
alette yon lo r.m.lo where ) on ere We heve gathered
60 frtnrt which will glee yoa Immediate reller. end we
will not In the future de.ert you At to our cause,
I wilt five you full details in my next. Juat be aa
patient a" possible end auawer tMe aoon as possible.
More anon.
" reel" dselarea that he can no longer do anything
for Ibe caul., eut we doubt thli. We beg ot you tube
patient and tonrlle ours. Xxitit.
p. B-l'isli. Mart li 31.
I take the opportunity to Inform' you that our friend
M raet ' tn London haa edvlaed that j ou keep Absolutely
quiet as the (Internment has In Its hands evidence
tbat atroefly Incriminates you. Aa for in) self, lam
i ut of It all, bat I will Weep you poeted aa to every thing
. tbat transpires, and leave It to you to do whet you
think best K.
The following letter was addressed to Mr.
Otto Hauser. caro of Schroder. Solma. Bexar
county. Texas, encloslne a long nowspnpor
clipping, giving a detailed aocount of his (IIuu
sur's) escape from Paris aftor tho tnurdor.
Hobokbk, Juno 8 1891.
Dim Faiton' Only e short time since I again became
In possession of the second Totumeot Monegger's lit
erature tbat 1 bad loaned to friende, end 1 write to ask
whether t would be doing you a favor to for
ward it lo yon. Aa aoon aa I receive au
affirmative answer 1 will forward tho volume. My wife
hssrecently gone toOerraany to viait relatives, end 1
em keeping Bachelor quarters meanwhile It la mo
notonous Enclosed clipping might prove of interest
to you 1 would be pleased to hear from you abortly.
lours U bcu.
Tho following letter is of interest Inasmuch
as It shows that secret friends in Now York
were making 6trenuous efforts to keep tho
Mbllist supplied lth funds ,,,
Nsw York. JunelR 1891
Iikar Ma. Hsuser The enclosed letter was forwarded
roe from London today for you. Ae aoon as you notlry
me that your address Is the same as belore 1 will en
rfeavorto send ou another small sum Pieaae se.id
me a receipt for the f 40 which I have forwarded vou
In a letter, that lean show up the receipt for It. p.
In the next letter Padlewski'a mysterious
friend "H. boh" Is again hoard from. The
Nihilist had evidently replied to the first
snatchy missive, dated Hoboken. Juno 8. in
which, judging from the answer, ho evidently
unfolded to "if. fieri" his plan of revenging
the killing of strikers in a Ponnslvunia
labor trouble It also proves tho truth of
the statement that he was an educated man
and an enthusiastic ohemlst. as asserted by
Fritz Kreplo. his friend and companion in this
city. This letter it addressed to Mr. Otto
Hauser. care of Mr. Elgellco, San Antonio. Tex.
It reads:
HOBOew. July 2. 1891.
Pria Coa-ramos X am la receipt or your letter of21st
tilt It Is necessary. 1 shoald Judge, that you ahould
remain quiet and in retirement for at leaat another ear,
which rou can do by seeking work at plaoea where
no one would suspeot you. At the end of
that time yoa conld do what you chooae Your trip to
renniyleanta. and what you auggest in connection
wliu it, t can't entertain as aertously thought or by
vou Should the movement here receive a fatal blow
thso ae might plan aomethlng almtlar. but no friend of
tbe tabor movement could under present circum
stances wish anything of tbe kind. The capital
IMs are Juat lying In wait for aucb a thing
si tbat for nn excuse to wage war against tbe labor
organizations, And with the economical depression
nuder which we are laboring at present, the labor
movement would absolutely not be able to success
roll defend Itself. Your Kusslan friends to whom
I .bowed the letter, urgently advised me to
dissuade you from such an undertaking, wbleh wonld
only result te doing more barm than all tbe goo 1 v nu
have otherwise accomplished It." writes me that he
sent you tha desired en.mlcala fdnr weeks ago He
cannot understand that tbe material has not reach. 1
you I hope to hear from you aoon and
urgently advise that you remain In your preaent
neighborhood and seek new employment, Should your
desire Information regarding certain ocenrreucea, I
will gladly furnish alt possible I will send you more
books aa soon as you have a fixed address, or a perma
nent position, lam with regards) ours Il.hcH
A prominent Nihilist, "F.." who had under
taken to look after Padlewski'a safety and wants
ot life, atoordlng to that writer's own statement,
addreseos a letter to him in this city, undor
date of July 11. 1801. In it "F." gives up tho
tattl., on account of the Nihilist's incautious
manner of disclosing bis whereabouts. Tho
litter says:
Vour letter of June 25 baa reached me I ennlose ou
i:o lorahlcn ou will please receipt. When I received
the Utter of Introduction you broiignt ine I undertook
the teak to look after your aarety and wanta to the
best of my abitltv. lhe undertaking, bowover
wss not such on easy one, aa wo could not af
ford to let more than a fuw people into the
secret Vuil tiy )oui action have made this task
so much harder Indeed, almost an Impossible one, aa
you bate applied to anurcea tbat under no consider
mod sboulduav e become aware of your wheresbnuts,
end I am therefore, unab.e to beer thla responsibility
any longer
with beat a lebes for your welfare, I am j ours, F,
Then follow two letters from Dr. Lewis, or
Lurlwig beliroodor. of Buffalo. The first of
theso contains u btrange cluuse. It Is written
tn Hauser. ami refer to Padlowski. whom
Hatisor, judging from this letter, had charac
terize; ana low creature TIiIb reference is
laoipllcablu. It Is written in Polish, and reads:
., , IlciriLO, Aug C. 1891,
Jir DriR rleiseevcuse ray not aunnerlng your let
ter sooner, "nit trouble despair, ami irlef ha o wrought
eieh discorl in rue that I did not feel like writing
letters I tmi felt pained and miserable,
T. . ' '."' better here I have no friend
villi a-bom I can eichange thoughts, and 1 live aa a
stranger among my own couutr) men W lth a protest I
am compelled to ee bow tho lower class apread them
seiiestud I also realise that If I cannot get auay from
pre I will become a moral and nhyslial wreik.
i p to now i , not , ,nv c,nB(J n u,,
? .." a . r ' "mplalnt about Stanislaus I cannot tin
iientand ton even call lnm a low charniter, but!
suppose that It la excitement that aaaved uu. other
jrue ou wouli not o insult any one although, ith
Li I . v!l0 hl? sacrificed himself for our i viae, and
wiiobesldes having done so much will do still more
)oin.j Ibatnenanfto keep ou away from the
riovenent whereas Stanislaus In his last letter tome
tioti 0U '',r"",t0 "10 ,oc''1 0on,cn-
t.!,l"!,)r ', F'5 ,n Inform yon that the VrzJmnil Is
!i,J Vi. ?'AlK '""n '-ndon Perhaps vou wilt receive
ItJ.pri 'lllive sent tor a number, llowdo jnuget
fcSki."n i n" ".Jour occupation in ban Antontol
ISJi?-.1.1.1 i1" " n,,l favors, for I have
Z?H. if' "'.fends there who have proslierotia husl
ii... Ji?. .. s" am coed with the English I mguage
iiae you attempted to take out natiiralli-ailoii papers
JS,iVi? y ou rtn,a' bialthj.andUt me bear from
jou eD Lfne to
T'.5(J:on1r.loyc.r from Df- Schroedor whs
7,11Vi ,rom Puffn'o on Aug. 22. and it is full
WorH.'i8.".'1 "ucaostlons u to keeping his
identity hidden, lie writes:
lieViIW?1? I hasten tn anser)our letter as I
!?. rmL,.ia.niw",,rtle,,,n" rrejer in a bum I Had
ir. ,!" '"dedyou in a Je without lulturtiwhocoiues
i.V.?t..l"m 'IT" I '""' '""" Ho It a son ot ui for
1.11.1. .!.'' ,1"1 '"A" "" for veara in Ainerlin I ilou t
wiih .V'S1 .'' "' deretanile lollsli As an ussociata
iatii.?ri,ki" '." lul no "e"" '"' 5"" are not to
!,!. ..? ,. ,. '"l" everything I Mould, uidcd, be
ff.oo,,". ". M"e lossible tr ou to bctte. iur
loll J-.' !""" '" "''I ac'inaliiiniice wlm r.imea
nh" 1. ? ntonlo ery freriuenth ami whom you will nnd
ra.rd '. "mra,."ll lug per.on, au 1 1 a ill w rite tn him
Iri.-". "" "" " iuii.i treat lillii aswell m
fln?iT ; """stranger It Is late and I am tin. I.
"lib heart) greetings. I am jours. luni.
hhot Ills Friend In at Drunken Cuiii-rl.
I'sohdesce, Fob. 7.-lfnrry Sweonoy nnd
Jamos Hickoy had been fust friends until labt
biRlit, hon both got drunk. Ulckey'stwo sis
jws raet tho two friends in tho street and they
egan quarrelling, bweeney whlppod out a
revolver and began to shoot. Two shots wero
"red. Hlekoy dropping to tho ground at the
Mcond one Holon Mllckey brntoly Krnp
IieM , lyeenpy. and seizing hla wrist
Khot 'Vn"" .V10 excited man fired tho third
to .im'if "Jg lllr'. .Sweeney then trlod
last tit.SIi.M H?eY force(1 I'fm to flro the
a crown S0.,t?.at T 'ectx. ln thomenn time
loon?W.d1,ai!hrcd 'rpm the neighboring sa
him Lun1 th6 raon attacked Sweencynnd ea e
h V,,r;ero ,,",tttlJ'.s- Jle afterward 5ivS
Mi?l?vhS4a?lnBJ"mAnf hRl hot man.
wMimf .w?8 ta'ten to 'i19 hospital, where his
hiil ?r i,vais Pf'Dounced a mortal one. The
I PeteUedtlun'Sr.1118 r,Bl,t " aUd ,,u5
BBBa i ... i
uoseanee and Blttcraeee In Thle Woraan'a
H e?,TwI'0UIS' Feb' 7,Mf9- Harland received
Hi liT aliraon irom hor hUBband recently, and
with tho money set up a boarding house,
Ifl Among her boarders was an Itinerant lihotog-
mphor. J. B. Piengh. who in n fewwoeks left
VhtIlMirH 'arlatid. and went to Minneapolis.
mUltl10 borrowed 71K) of hor to establish u
mirY.Ie"linUml !'tot,tlio monoy for tlmt
Hi SirfS.'' a8U Pt'roprlated the bulnnco to his
( MnnViT. BUS etui:n6l here a few days ago
I??i?i'nSr "d found employment as domesUo
?iii55 House. Yesterday bar husband
...TO.011 har reeoncillaUon was effected,
.a. M-w7irowBartiede.oconiJUmo.
tM Veil Pierced lVlth Bwlleta Re TTsta
Chnrsilaa; Tson African noatllee.
BltntiN, Fob. 7. Tha particulars have been
received of tho killing of Capt. on Graven
routh near Cumeroons. This Oermnn oflloer
la well known for hla work In German West
Africa. It was doeldod nt Camoroons that nn
expedition must bo sent against the Iluea
people, who livo only two days' march from
tho const, to punish them for tholr unfrlondll
tii'ssnud rofusal to obey tho Gorman author!
tic. Giinenrctitli headed tho column. Ho
hoped that It would not bo necessary to fight
tlio nntUc, but that n, conforenco with them
would result in an nmicahlopcttlcmonr. It was
found, however, that tho lluen people had
linen Informed of tho nnprnnchlng expedition
find neropropurud togivo thuin a hot recep
tion. 1 iro wai oponod upon theGormnn solillors
from behind pnliiadus as soon as they came
within range. Tor some reason tha Mn.tim
miii which the Germans had takon with them
failed to vvork. and tho native troops whom tho
(lormans had led from tho const woro there
fnro greatly dlirournged and did not wish to
nhnrgo upon tho palisade. A part of them,
howuvor. consented to ndvnnco and n charge
upon the enemy was mmln. led bythocora
innniler. win) had notreachod the fortifications
when ho fell, pierced with bullets.
Tho advancing column wont on. got tnsldo
tho palisades, and tho Iluea soattered In
nil directions. Tho remainder of the Ger
man forcothon came ttpund holpod to pursue
the Hoeing enemy. The victor), however. Is
notregardod ns conclusive nor us thoroughly
grat living. The Germans lost ono of tholr
liet leaders, and. moreover, they worn so
nearly out of ammunition thntthoy could not
iiSAtirothu results of tholr victory. Afterdrlv
ing tho Iluea a short illHtaneo from thoir forti
fication they were compelled to teturn, as it
was found they had only sixty rounds uf am
munition left. They tlieroforo returned to the
coast, and it is feared that another expedition
will bo necessary In order to insure tho mural
victory necessary to rcduco tho natives to submission.
They are Iternmlna; Aahavsne of Their Quar
rel and Mssy Make) Up.
jLortnoN, Feb. 7. In to-day's Sun Mr. T. P.
O'Connor says: " Tho stillness ot tho Irish po
litical atraosphoro just nt present Indicates,
wo hnvo reason to bollovo, tho ooming. or at
leastaboliof In tho coming, ot n reunion ot
the factious. Tho Irish nro a little tired nnd
also a llttlo ashamed ot continuing a struggle,
tho cause for which no longer exists. It must
bo admittod that there is still much bitter ani
mosity but n change in tho situation is appar
ent Tho tnoro rational members of tho
minority have altered tho tono of their
speechos. nnd no longer Indulge in Insults
and calumnies.
' Thero is a suspicion that this Is duo to pres
sure brought upon the mouthpiocen of tho
faction by their own supporters. Whether
there Is to be permanent peace or not it is too
early to say with confidence. But there Is at
present something in the nnturo of a truco.
and we are rejoiced to believe that the era ot
bitter personal l eliminations Is missed."
Ileferrtng to tho recent caucus mooting of
tho McCarthyites. Mr. O'Connor sajs: "We
nover saw a gathering more Borlous, more un
der control. The speechos wero listened to
with unbroken attention, and debatable
quostlons were talked ovor without unreason
able criticism. Wo asked several members
the reason tor this unanimity, and received
from all tho same answer ln substance
namely, that It was tho effect of the terrible
losson taught by the occurrences in commit
tee room 15."
Fire on the Wyoming;.
LorTDON. Fob. 7. Tho steamship Wyoming,
which sailed from New York on Jan. 26. and
arrived in Liverpool on Saturday, had a slight
fire on board during the passnge. Smoko was
observed coming from tho main hatchway.
Tho Captain at once ordorod an investigation,
nnd tire wan found ln tho bunkers. It had not
developed to an alarming degree. By remov
ing part of tho cargo danger tens prevented of
tho flro spreading, and the day after the dis
covery It was completely extinguished. The
chief damago was to the room containing
meat Tho passengers behoved with coolness,
and accepted the assurance of Capt ltigby
that tho steamer was safe.
Sertmuv and the "World's Fair.
Br.Kxiy. Feb. 7. Horr Wormuth. German
Imperial Commissioner tor the Chicago Fair,
has returned to Berlin after visits to all parts
of tho orUPjro lh the fnf,$Vfi8t of Germany's ,ex
hlbit at 'the fair. Ho expresses satisfaction
with the rosult ot his tour, and says there is a
general disposition to support his proposals.
Everywhere he has promises which usaure the
success ot tho German div ision of the Exposi
tion. Ills last visit was to Alsace-Lorraine,
which province will send a creditable exhibit
of wines, food products, porcelains, and glassware,
TJadcalrable Forelme-a.
Wabsaw, Feb. 7. Twenty-nine Germans and
twenty-three Austrlans have been expelled
from Warsaw ns "undesirable foreigners."
The exact natuio of the objection to their
presence is not known.
Mark Twain III.
Beblin. Feb. 8. fiamuel L. Clemens Is Terr
sick with inflamed lungs and throat, duo to
uv er etertlon. His wife, w ho is watching over
him. suys that he shows signs ot improvement
Notes of Forelso Happenings.
Ths soldiers woro called in on Saturday
night to clear tha theatre at Montpelller.
Franco, where the audience refusod to permit
an unpopular play to begin, hissing and groan
ing as soon as tho curtain was raised. Tho
military made twenty arrests and suppressed
tho disturbance.
The Princess Sophia, sister of the German
Kmperor and wife of tho Crown Prince of
Greece. Is sick with Influenza.
mioT by a nor.
Hesnsrkable Experience of a Yonns Girl la
mi Ohio Town.
New Amunt. rob. 7. Mabel McCaffrey, a
school girl aged 15 years, was assaulted en
Friday morning about 0 o'clock while stand
ing in the front door of her homo by a boy
agod 15 or 10 years, who ran up to her and
struck her in tho mouth with a stono. badly
cutting hor lips.
This morning she went to the front door to
answer u call, when tho fcame boy met hor.
nnd. drawing a pistol, llrcd, the ball entering
hor loft eheel;. passing into the back of tho
neck. Tho wound Is jioslhly fntnl. Tho boy
is wholly unknown tn the girl, who nover saw
him until he assaulted hoi.
II escaped through an alloy and Into tha
yards of tho Air Lino Hallway, whore he suc
ceeded in seiTotlng himself among tho many
cars on the sido tracks.
Capt. Rourkr's Arrest of a Mexican Citizen,
San Antomo. Fob. 0. Ignucio Ramirez, one
ot the wealthiest Mexican resldonta of Texas,
his house being near Itio Graude City, was ar
rested a fow days ago by Capt John G. Bourko
of the Thlid Cavalry upon tho ehnrgo of bolng
implicated in thn Gata revolutionary move
ments. Tho prlbonoi Is a cltlon of Mexico,
nnd has appealed to tho Mexican Government
tu demand sntlsfnntlon from tho United htntes
fin the alleged oujidges to which ho 1ms been
Gt n. Stanley, Commnndor of the Military
Dojiurlwent of Tcvas tn-dity roceived a lottor
from Honor lfamlrez, in which charges of very
xi nsiitlouul nature uro mndo against Capt.
Bouike. flo alleged that his house was
Hi'urehed without nny authority and that his
wife was subjected to tho severest of insults
and indignities ut tho bunds of Capt Bourko.
A New Yorker Hit by n Train.
Chioaoo. Feb. 7. Frod Solomon of New
York, who represents n New York lithograph
company, was struck by u frolsht train while
driving across tho Santa I'u tracks at Four
teenth stioct last night. Howustakon to the
Loland Hotel, where his injuries are pro
nounced serious, but not fatal. , . ,,
Mr. Solomon said that a friend of his, E. J.
Cadoza of New York, was with him when the
carriage was struck. The policeman who
found Solomon lmmodlatelyjiftor the accident
said that no ono was with the injured man
when he was nickod up. Cadoza was stop
ping at tho Ltlaud, lie lias notbeen seen
slneo the accident aud his friends aro search
ing the tlty for him.
Where teslcrdajr's Fires Were,
X M -'.'lir. 1,787 Third avenue, William Jones, dam
are $850, 3,10, 683 toHM Sixth avenue. Hotel lfoyul,
KIcbaM Meares, proprietor, damage (360,000, 00,
1(14 I.uUlow street, K K. Blake, damage (100; b 40,
"01$ 1'nes street. Wolf 1 rank, damage tillllna",
I vt -l.J-,, -Jlr. We.t I le-ht) el(htb street, William
Clark damage S2i, r, ,'iO. r,7 JvorMk street, I.tim
Kilter damage SI 00. II 4-. 001 I'n.i lOiltli street, Mary
(Ian 111. damage I0, H -,", 4JT l.-t UIU liiinl street.
W rainier. il-jua SMI, H s',. I H77 heconil avenue,
William II Peau. damage trifling. 8U 105 hast
103d atreai, rairirk McAullBe, damage M, U 30. SO
Burling slip. New York, ixhool of Navigation, damage
MX; D 50 tujltldare street. UiuieNuerenberg. damage
$300, 11 80.44.4 Bait Eighty fourth surest, Mrs. Hoar
1 bebo, dataege fioo.
Tha flyasBaony Stria; Quartet.
The string Quartet headed by Mr. Adolplt
Brodsky h-avo its fourth concert at Muslo Hall
yesterday nttornoon. Tho principal charac
teristics of Its work wore". "ft" on previous occa
sions, extraordinary brilliancy and vigor ot
oxeoutlon. these excollonoos, however, not ex
cluding daintiness nnd flnttat, which, in
yosterday'a performance, woro revealed with
spoclal clearness ln tho second inovomont
(camon(tta) of Mendelssohn's E fiat major
quartet, tho oponlng number ot tho per
formance. Following Mondolssohn'a melo
dious but not very muscular composition.
Mr. Brodsky nnd Mr. Forrucclo 15. Busonl
mado known n sonata by tho lattor artist, and
tho concert carao to a closo with tho first ot
Beethoven's three quartots (0p, 50). dedicated
in 1H07 to Count ltasoumnfXsky.
Tho sonata, tho throe divisions of whioh aro
an allegro ileciro. 11 osMnti(o. and au allegro
mofto, was somewhat disappointing, dlsclos
ing ns it did a painful paucity of ideas,
and tt, continuous striving nftor effect
through . tho medium ut inharmonious
progressions and hrusquo oontrasts. An
unnecessarily robust Interpretation ot Mr.
Busoni's achievement add oil to Its oonfuslng
impression. This was happily dispelled bytho
clear beauty of tho Boethovon quartot. with its
refreshing alleortlto scherzawlo nnd Ita lively
allegro founded on n Busslan thomo.
Mr. Brodsky and his associates gave it n
most spirited rendorlng. although It must bo
said thattho first violins native strongthand
audacity and his admirable technique often
endow his sharo of tho task with greater
prominoncothanisdeslrablo in perfect quartot
Paderewskl at Heidi's Concert.
Faderowskl appeared at the Soldi concert
again last ovonlng. nnd the Lenox Lyceum
was orowdod in every inch of room. Tho
"Standing room only" signs were dlsplayod
twenty minutes boforo the concert began: but
they wero a mere pleasantry; they did not
moan anything. Boom of any kind, in any
pnrt ot tho building, was not obtainable,
despite the increased prices.
Of course, tho wonderful pianist played most
wonderful musle. the muslo that even the
severost critics simply go and listen to now
and say nothing about for lack of adequate
suporlativos of pralso. It was noticod that
Horr Seltll had had his locks shorn quite closo ;
a mute tribute, perhaps, to tho Polish pianist's
l'adrowski played Rubinstein's concerto In
D minor, with the orchostrn assisting. In tho
first halt of tho programme, and for the encore,
which tho auAenco persisted lu obtaining af
ter six or seven recalls, one of Mendelssohn's
"Songs Without Words." After the Intermis
sion no played throe solo and. of course,
another encore. His magnificent rendering
ot Lis7t's "Grand Second lthapsody" fairly
enchanted tho audienco. and after it recovered
the plaudits wero simply deafonlng. Herr
Fadorewskl has every reason to bo very well
pleased with his reception by " popular" audl
encos, who simply lovo muslo and don't cure
much for bew ildering harmonic riddles.
Pauline L'AUemand was the vocal soloist
and she pleased the audlonce mightily vvltli
her artistic rendering of Uellbas a bell aria,
"Lakme."and a difficult but highly pleasing
collection of variations in a number by 1'roch.
Tho "Intermezzo Iiomantlco." from Mas
cagni's now opera. "L'AmlcoFrltzl." rocolved
Its second presentation last night with the
violin obligato by Mr. Clifford Schmidt It was
warmly applauded, both because ot ita favor
with the audience and becauseof Mr. Schmidt's
excellent playing. A ballet sulteot four numbers
from Johann Strauss's new comio opera.
"Parman," was played for the flnt time In
America, and the orchestral numbers through
out were up to Heidi's usual standard ln selec
tion and rendition.
Mr. Dantrosck's Sunday Concert.
The vocalists had precedence over the band
at Muslo Hall last evening, and the perform
ance ot Miss Mario Tempest. Mmo.
Tavary. and the companions ot these
prima donnas awoke genuine enthusi
asm. Miss Tempest's numbers woro "Come
per mo sorono," from "Ln Sonnambuhi."
and Clay's "She Wandered Down." not to
mention tho Inovltnhle encore pieees,and. Mmo.
Tavary was heard in tho mad sceno
from " Lucia," nnd In the highly emo
tional aria from "Fidclio." vvhloh work was
alsodruwn upon for a quartet in which Miss
hochoska and Messrs. IltegerandHovemann
were concorned. Miss Tempest's experience
as a Casino songstress hns not been beneficial
to tho lady's voice, and it would be flattery to
say tht sho conld roplaceMmo.ilittiorevenMlsa
an Zandt. but her "SondambUla"alr showed
thoroughly good schooling and considerable
execution, in addition to tho charm of expres
sion that the artist throws into all her eirorts.
Hor tendency to unduly roll the in
tlie Italian words to the muslo was, to tbe
knowing ones, somewhat amusing. In the
English ballad Miss Tempest was simply de
lightful. Mine. Tavary. who has abundant tempera
ment, a strong if rather worn voice, and plenty
of poise, sang effectively, but marred the final
effect ot her Italian number by an endeavor
to give a high note that resulted in discom
fiture. In the aria from "Fidello" she was
very dramatic, but less reserved In manner
than could be wished on tho concort platform.
Tho orchestra, undor Mr. Damrosch's direc
tion, distinguished Itself particularly in tho
overture to Leonora." No. Ill . which it ren
dered with welcome passion and force, the
" Danoe ot the Blessed Spirits." from "Orfe."
testing its mettle quite as satisfactorily,
though ln a wholly different wuy.
A Travelling: Salesman Gets Up an ITnsne
cesaful Flirtation with aa Actress.
WiujAMBroirr, Fa., Feb. 7. J. P. Soott a
travelling salesman of Hartford, who is stop
ping at tho Tark Hotel, appeared before Alder
man Jones this morning to answer tho charge
ot having insulted Mrs. G. II. Hamilton, an
actress connected with tho Baldwin comedy
company. Scott is about 20 years old.
Tho affair which resulted so unpleasantly to
him bogan In tho Acadomy ot Music last
night during the performance ot "A Social
Session." Scott says that whon ho entered the
Acadomy he was assigned to a seat dlroctly
behind Hamilton and his wife.
The hitter was not acting, nnd he says, soon
begun a lively flirtation with him. Finally he
slipped a hastily written noto into hor hand,
nnd in response received a nudgo other arm
on his knee.
The noto arranged for a meeting at tho Tost
Offlei) this afternoon at ft o'clock. When tho
play was ovor ho found blmsolf descending the
broad stairway bnslilo tho woman, sho being
on tho opposite sido of the rail that servos its a
division, while tho husband romained behind
ut quite a illstance.
hcott retrained from speaking to Mrs Hamil
ton, and when tho stroot was reached hurried
on. Ho wulked up Fourth street to I.I in Ira
street and then roturned. hen Hcott reach
ed Hepburn street on his return Mi. and Mrs.
Hamilton wero standing at tho corner of the
l'ostOflleo. Thoyreeognbodhltn.atid Hamilton
atonoe tan font police ofllcorninl ordered beott
to bo taken into custody, ratrolman Iiughitt
arrested him n few moments latot, and whllo
on the way to tho station Hamilton stepped up
and dealt a stinging blow on the prlsoner'a
face. Hcott was placed ln n ell. When tho
mattor was called up this morning tho Alter
man dismissed tho proccoUltigs. saying thoto
was no cubo.
Fleknorhets In the I.I on Holier.
While Mrs Frances Hotter of 1,140 Broad
way was watching tho lions in Central Purk
yesterday afternoon, two plckpckots wero
watching hor. l'ark Detectives Savage and
McGlnty wero watching tho pickpockets.
Tho detectivos Baw the younger of the men
put his hand in Mrs. Hoffor'a pocket while his
companion jostled against hor. Tho vvmnnn
seized tho thief s hand and the iloU'dlvus
seized both thevos by tho collar at the sumo
At tho Arsenal they told Sergeant Mttlhol
land that thev wero Jacob bchinldt. 17 veins.
of 42J WostThlrty-boventh street ami Henry
Kiefnr, 10 tears, ot 415 West 'lhliU-sovemli
street Schmidt has spent four jenrs in thu
C'ntholle Protectory. They wore looked uu.
and will baarrulgnod In the Yorl.ville Police
Court this morning.
Daisy Burt Found and Locked Vp.
Daisy Burt, who on Friday last sold Tailor
Clarence . Faircblld's furniture and disap
peared from tho flat at 503 Amsterdam avenue,
which bIio nnd Fnlrthlld had occupied less
than n week, was found nt :4 Greenwich
avenue yestenla) morning. Dotectlvo Watt of
the Wobt 100th street station traced her by
finding tho van driver who rnmovid tho furni
ture. Miss liurt was with a Mrs. Malllard. who
null! she is attained nuise. and declared she
knew nothing of Miss Burt's conduct regard
ing the furniture. Miss Burt was locked up In
tho West 100th street station, hho will be
arrulgned In tho Harlem Police Court to-day.
. , Field's Aiuellle lief nrnliic (
U M. Field passed a comfoi table ilityat Lud
low stroet jail yesterday. His appetite scorns
to havo Improved. For tho first time he com
plained of feeling hungry, and gave his nurse
Instructions to prepare a good dinner. Hla
brother Cyrus and a former college chum were
bis visitor. I
oab txaj iBfr ntsn colorku iws-
She Says She Had Thrown Flnnr la Miss
1 sen's Face, but Others Say It was Pep
perAt Any Hate, There Was a Fight.
Soveral hundred poonlo witnessed a fight ln
Broad and William streets, Nowark, Into yes
terday afternoon botwoon Mrs. Fills Palno,
tho comoly white wife of Nowark's colored
city mossongor, on ono sido nnd pretty 111-yenr-old
Elizabeth Lang and hor mother, both
white, on tho othor. Tho throo. who nro
members of tho First Presbytorlan Church
Sunday School had just loft there. Tho Langs
woro walking bohind Mrs, Palno nnd her
sistor-ln-law. Mrs. Palno said to hor com
panion'. "I guess tho popper wasn't enough for
Tho next Instant Mrs. Lang struck hor over
the head with her umbrella, nnd then caught
her by tho throat and cried tor thopollco.
Mrs. Palno drew off and struck Mrs. Lang in
tho taco with hor hand. Thon Miss Lang at
tempted to striko Mrs. Palno, but tho latter
threatened to thrash mother and daughtor.
nnd ns a largo crowd ot pooplo had gathered
they separated,
Mrs. Palno and her companion ran hack Into
tho church and told the pupils and officers
that Bho had been publicly assaulted by two
wonion who broke up her family nearly a year
Subsequently Mrs. Paine snld that a voar
ago she began to suspoct hor husband ofun
duo intimacy with MIsh Lang, and finally got
what to her was positive proof of his unfaith
fulness. Then sho left him and has since been
living ln two rooms which sho hires lu thn
houso of ltlchard W. Thompson, a colored
man, at 04 Homorsot street Slnro sho left
1'atno sho says ho had frequently been visited
at his home, OS Barclay Bfreet by Miss Ijvng.
on the protence that sho wus carrying to him
his olotnes utter hormnther had washed them.
On Saturday night Mrs. Palno says sho fol
lowed tho girl to her husband's place and
throw flour upon hor.
Palno was found nt his homo. He is very
black, but well educated end smart. Ho and
Mrs. Paine were raurried tn this city ton
years ago. Ho said that her statement of
his intimacy with Miss Lang was un
true. Tho Langs, he said, visited his
home, as did Thompson, and nearly a
year ago hlswlfo loft him to becomo Thomp
son's housekeeper. 'Since then tho Langs
have cared for his clothing and done other
work for him, and helms ofton been in their
houso. Rovond this they woro not intimate.
Neither Mrs. Lang nor her daughter was at
their homo. 82 Stratford place last evening,
and Mr. Lang would not talk of thouflalr. lie
had heard ot tho light between the women, but
hlswlfo told him that Mrs. Palno had followed
her about and called hor hard names.
Acoordtng to Louis Lang, the girl's
brother. Palne's visit to their houso
has made trouble Neighbors of Palno say
that his acquaintance with the girl has long
been known, and that Saturday night there
wus a lively row ln front of Palno' s houso and
his wife threw poopor in tho eyes ot Miss
Mr. Thompson. In whose house Mrs. Paine Is
living, is a son of tho late Cato Thompson, who
was callod New Jersey's richest colored man.
Miserly Charles Farnhasn Left sMO.OeJO
Wrapped la Soiled Clothing.
Binouamton. Feb. 7. Charles Farnham.
aged 60. died in this city on Friday ln ap
parently destltuto circumstances, yet he loft
n fortune of $40,000. Ho came here from
Ilouesdale live years ago and was looked
upon as an eccentric man.
He was a bachelor, and occupied lodgings in
a wrotohod attic. whoro;he lived like a miser.
He seldom ato more than ono meal a day. and
this consisted usually ot crackers and milk.
His clothes wore alwaj s threadbare and poo
plo bu prosed that ho was abjectly poor. Ho
mndo u liv ing celling clgari on the road.
Whenever Farnham went out of town on a
trip, ho uIwmjb left an old valise with his
landlady. Mrs. Tuft A week ugo he ro
turned home, and complained of feeling
ill. Ho grow worse, and went to
tho home of IiIh cousin, a widow
named Ftost He refused at tlrst to have a
doctor, because, ho claimed, he could not
afford It When told that ho might die he
gave his cousin orders to ongugo tho best
physician in town. His illness was too fur
advanced to bo checked.
yesterday morning a stranger called upon
Mrs. Taft. Farnham's landlady, and demanded
the satchel which rurnhnm had left ln her pos
session, bhubuspocted something wrong and
refused to give it up. Tho stranger said th.tt
he was sent by Mrs. Frost. Mis. Tuft was ob
durate, although the stranger fumed and
threatened hor with arrest
He finally went away, and later In the day a
sister of Farnham called for tho vnliso. W hen
tho satchel was opened it was found to con
tain a lot of soiled linen, lhe pieces wore
unrolled. They contained bills, gold and sit
ter coin. Government bonds, and other securi
ties, amounting in all to $40,000.
Farnham is survived by a brother and three
sisters. One eistcr is "umed Hull nnd resides
in Hyde Park, a suburb ot hcranton Another
sister is un Inmate of tho Binglntinton insane
asylum. He left no w ill. so fui us is known.
A Wreck on the Chicago and Alton.
Cr-NTOaXiA. Mo. Fob. 7. Thero was a wreck
on the Chicago and Alton Itailrond this morn
ing at Larabee. four miles west of hero. It
was a head-end collision between tho " Hum
ijier," the west-bound lightning express, and
an east-bound stock train. Tho freight had
gone upon a side track to allow the passenger
to pass. Tho switch at the east end
had eithor carelessly beon left open by a
previous train or been tampered with, for tho
fiasBenger train, running at a high speed, shot
nto tho side track, leaving tho rail and collid
ing with the freight, Tho tw engines wore
both completely demolished. Thn cabs on tho
engineers' side wore utterly torn away. Alex
ander Islington of ltoodhouse. ongimorot tho
frolght train, was instantly killed, as wus also
Frank Kellar of ltoodhouse. fireman on tho
passmger train. Fngineer Chris Adolmun of
the passenger train had a leg broken and was
injured about the head. Ho will likely die
Fireman Hyinlmnnof ltoodhouse of tho freight
train had a leg torn off and was otherwise in
jured, probably fatallj. ,T. O. Da) ul Chicago,
baggagemustcr. had an arm broken.
McElvalue May De Killed To-day.
SinoSing, Feb. 7. Charlos McElvatne. tho"
murderer of Christian Luca. tho Brooklyn gro
cer, has taken his farewell of his wifo and sis
ters and is awaiting tho summons to tako his
seat In tho chair of death. In all probability
the summons will como boforo noon to-morrow.
All tho preparations aro completed. Tho
dynamo has boon tested, nnd every portion of
the apparatus has been put In order. Prof. L.
II. Laudy of Columbia College, who has actoil
as I'lictncal export at nil of the previous exe
cutions by electricity, arrived this af
ternoon. The witnesses required by law
urn expected enrly In thn morning.
'I heir names will bo announced alter tho exe
cutionnot before. It is expected, howevor,
that they will bo In goueialtho sumo who wero
present at the execution on .Inly 7. but with
sixnewspapei men udded. Tho latter v 111 bo
representatives of tho United Press, tho Asso
ciated Press. Prcst News Now Voik llnald,
'Jul hu:, nnd the HnrW. 'X ho ofllcial invita
tions to nttond tho execution name 10 o'clock
to-morrow its tho latest tlmo foi tho witnesses
to arrive.
A Waller Ctrl Shot,
Cwctrio. Feb. 7. Jennie Mnssnngnll. a
pretty waitress, was shot and fatally wounded
by Michael Mitgulre, a St. Louis restaurant
keopei. last night. 'J ho girl had formerly
worked for Muguiro and had knuw lodge of tho
fact thai ho had harbored thoGlendalo express
robbeis Miobeiamt'uir.ildot himatid stcret
ly left the 1 lly and mine to M. Louis, Magtilm
tiaeed her here and cnletiiig-tho lestaiii.iut
where she was emplocd. iu-isted on tier uu-
oiiipatniiu him. J lie gill run nut of thn rear
dooi, lollowed by Magulru, vvlnultow Ids re
volver ami flrod three shots nt the girl, nil
taking nlloct. 'lhe tlrst entered hoi forehead
anil will prove fatal, another lodued In lit r
check, anil thu third in her shoulder. Magulre
has not yet been captured.
1 he Wallace Will Contest Settled.
TAitnvTowK, Feb. 7. The contest over the
will of James Wnllaoe of this vllluge has been
settled. Ho died a ear ago, and left an estate
of moro than a million dollars. In his will ho
cut olT his daughter, Kate Gurdner Wood,
thn wife of II. H. Wood, 11 clerk in the Grund
t'eutrul Station, for marrying against his will.
Ho also out nil his son htuwurt Wallace. Thny
contested tho will. After a long light tho ex
eeutors 011 htiturdavi-ettlid tho case with thu
ciMitoktantx lij uhlnj them $l.ri.000, to bo
divided between them. A lie. Hon will I o tiuiito
before Minoxidil t ulliii now to admit the will
.11 ornlni I, .
Tbe I.uUlee.
Ths plsesant efteet ant perfect safety with a hirb
ladles way use! he Caltrornla liquid laxative Syrup of
Flea, under all conditions, make It their tavorlte rem
edy. To eel tbe true and genuine article, look for the
&sms of the California yie eyruy Co. printed, user ths
titles. ItBBaclu-t, fUst, ,
Slgnlflesnce or the Fuss over oUej ssa
Early Convention.
Amu. Fob. 7. It Is significant that almost
every man who has joined tho disturbance
against holding tho BtnteConvontlon on Wash
ington's Birthday Is n porsonal frlond ot Mr.
Cleveland's and an enemy of Tammany Hall.
Tho fact that tho Convention has been
cnllod to moct on Washington's Birth
day is taken ns a pretoxt by thoso
who wish to stir up dissensions. If
tho Convention had beon called to moot on
May day, on Decoration Pay. or any othor day
distinguished by somo patriotic evobt or his
toric custom, tho objection would havo been
tho same, only differently expressed. Tho
wholo thing is only a movo ot the
men who woro not allowed to enter tho last
Domocratlo htnto Convention becauso thoy
had voted for llopubllcans for State and local
office Thoso mon opposed tho election of
Gov. Hill In 1888. Thoy opposod Attornoy
Gencral Tnbor and Comptroller Wemplo.
They supportodtho Itepubllcnn Assomblyman
and Sonnlors In Now York city in 1800
nnd 1881. Thoy trlod to dofeat the
regular Domocratlo nominees InBt fall for
Governornnd Lleutonant-Govornor. For tholr
previous defections thoy .woro excluded from
tho last Democratic Convention, and thoy tried
to bo rovengod against Gov. Flower and Lieut
Gov. Shochnn. Now that thoy aro unable to
wago their wnrfuro against tho Domocratlo
party from within, thev aro preparing to fight
trotii without thu regular organization.
Tho petition Idon was workod ln tho Henry
Georgo campaign ot 1880. It was suggested
by ox-Mayor Grace, who Is one of tho lending
spirits ln this movement to create dissension
among tno , Domocrncy. Impotont In
their political Isolation nnd individual
loneliness these mon, whose only polit
ical creed is., Iiatrod of Senator Hill
and Tammany Hall, havo adopted the old do
vico of the Labor party to untto woll-moanlng
and thoughtless Democrats with them
selves The intention of tho londors of
the disgruntled is to open the way
for n bolt In, ense Senator Hill is
uominatod. They intend to appoint a commit
tee to go to Chicago and ropresent to tho dele
gates flora othei States that thousands of
Demoorats will not support benator Hill if
nominated. Thoy trust to tho Ignoranco of
Now York politics of the delegates from other
States on tho ono hand, and to tho
Ignoruncoof tho signers of tholr document ot
thousos to which their names will he put on
tho other. It Is apolitical contldonco game,
which apponls tn the same class ot men
that other confldenco men count among
their victims. Their organization, formed by
tho Pooplo's Municipal League, tho Iteform
( lub. the lurlfT Iteform Club, tho Tax Iteform
Association, and thn various other organiza
tions, moro numerous than tho names of tholr
members. Is to be used to got up another
movement against Tammany Hail in Now
York local politics next fall.
Wheeler H. Peekhum. W. R. Grace. C J.
Canda. Charles H. Fairchtld. G U. Baldwin, nnd
two or threo othors uro thu instigators of this
fuss. Uheso men uro like tho supers
of n panic-stricken theatrical company.
They are kept busy changing their clothes
and marching rapidly across the stage to give
thu audienco an impression of great num
bers. The ex-Commissioners. ex-Mayors, ex-Sec-retaties.
and ex-great men of various
assemblies cannot give up thn hope of feeding
again on the pap that never will be theirs
It wan ,lnat Before the Hour Fixed fbr ths
Wcddtnu-The Clil Kills rjerself.
Ar-nuQUEnQUE. N. 51.. Fob. 7. A sad case of
solf-destruction occurrod here this morning.
Thomas Whitley, a fireman on tho Galveston.
Houston nnd San Antonio Bnllroad, and Miss
MuttloLeo arrived hole on yesterday morn
ing's enrly train from El Taso, Toxa". and wero
to bo married at -' In the atternon: but
Whltely deceived nnd deserted tho girl, taking
nn delayed east-bound passenger train a fow
minutes before the hour fixed for the cere
mony. Ho loft the girl at her room to unpick
her trunk w hllo ho went out. As ho appeared
nervous. Miss Lee becamo susplcous.
and followed him a few moments later,
hho went to tho depot, but too late, as tho
train bearing her afllaticed husband had
pulled out. and sho was left ln the city penni
less and among strangers
hho brooded over tho uffalr all yesterday af
ternoon nnd lust night and this morning con
cluded to take hoi own life. She secured
chloroform, aftor which sho penned those
words to the man who had deserted her:
"Many thanks to jou for jour breach of
promise I wish sou all tho good luck you
might gain 1 it and many friends. Tills i.s a
d ing token, lours. MvrriELKK.
"lo ltoDFNT AsKISs, Sodalio. Mo."
She tnen donned her wedding dress nnd
placed the veil and a wreath of flowers over
her head, 111st as she would havo appeared at
her marriage and drank an ounco of the fluid,
besides srrlnkling it over her clothing. The
frlil diod ut noon. Whitely's right name Is
lobcrt Asklns. and his people reside at
hedttllu. Mo, Tho girl was only 18 j ears old,
und hor parents live in Luulsiiinu.
He Cuts Ills Throat While His Wife Is In
un Adjoining: Room.
Columbiv. S. C . Feb 7. The Bov. Georgo W.
Eildow. a student In tho Southern l'rosb) terian
Thoologlo.il Seminary ln this city, committed
suicide this morning by cutting his throat
with a razor. On Saturday night lie went to
bed ln his usual good spirits.
This morning at 5 o'clock Mrs. Eildow rose
nnd stopped into the adjoining room with the
purpose of lighting a flro. She left hor hus
band just waking, nnd made somo remark to
lilm as sho wus going through tho door,
hho thought it strange that he did not
reply. She liad hardl got into tho other room
whoa she heard a fall and a gurgle. She
rushed to tho door und sawherhusband ontho
floor und blood spurting from a wound in his
nock. Sho uttered n shriek which in a few
moments brought othot oecupunts of the
bouse to tho sceno. By that tlmo her husband
was dead.
There Is no doubt but that Mr. Kildowhad
been insane for somo time. H was 'Jit years
old. and was from Maryland. He was married
to a Virginia gin ln Georgia several months
Immediately aftor his mnrrlago he went to
Atlanta, stopping at the Kimball House. He
had been there only two days when ho came
down tothoofllco saying that everything was
wrong in his room nnd ho intended to suo tor
damngi s. He wont to the Marklmni House,
where ho wus put out The police then locked
bini up for safekeeping. His brother took him
to Virginia for soveral months. Ho apparently
entirely recovered nnd returned hero to re
sumo his studies.
Cut Ills Throat, but Mill Recover.
Frank Konna, a hostlor. attemptod sulcldo
yesterday morning at tho Putnam House,
Fourth uvontie. nenr Twonty-bixth fatreot by
cutting his throat with n nior. Konna regls
teied at tho liotol last Thursil ty. He has beon
there since, and a good deal of tho time ho has
been Intoxicated. At noon jisterdity a cham
bermaid found him In his room bleeding
freely from a wound in Ids neck. Ho had given
himself only ono gash, and tint with a pretty
blunt Instrument. Ho was removed to llello
vuo Hospital 11 prisoner. Ho will recover.
Weelejun University Flecllnas.
MiDDi.irrnwN. Conn.. Feb. 7. Tho senior
societies nt Weslenn University havo an
nounced their elections from tho class of 'lit,
For Mystical Seven onlv flvo mon havo beon
chosen: W. ('. Akers. A II. Tliorndlke, l.h.
Hull. J- V. Dubois, nod G. II. lllakesloe.
hkull anil Serpent has elected 1. O. Smith.
L. Jl Jones. ('. II. loll. F. Cutts A. T. Till
madge, 11, A. Talni.tilu'e, II. Howard, and II.
A. i iiomiison.
sllss I va Nel.on aired t.0 esrs mis lestrntl) !l let
at htitrle), III eatinU utterm rn I ) tieinir -truck iiy
un lion 1 aa.iiiirvr iralu v,lu e ire.siiiy the irc.
A tire earl ve.tirduy iiinriiliin ietru)d tun li ui
ness t lui ks mi 1,1m stieti 111 M-im ite.ter, ? II 111 1
baillt UaiuuKcd aeiiral "thrre I lid Ji hn tl nnL
mid 'b iniuerlii n heir, hu 1 k nn I lie o'd ilillretli
block nwnelli) ibe1rueiuiil,inl Mitchell heirt, wne
burned, lbs ilsuiace was !-' uoo,
joiuya.s auuui luny.
Thirty Dine excise arrests j esterdaj ,
Arthur Wont, a trimmer oa tbe steamship Adriatic,
committed suieide tiyjuinplnv into the sea mi Ibure
da) Isst Abialvots loweied to save Wuovi but he bad
The vmiiieii who fell on Irida) at Fifteenth street
and r irrt ateniie hi ddied 111 u iienrtihorinar dnie store
viae ideutine I leaivrilay as Mrs Anuie HurLe, a do
meinour UH K ull'Iklil) third street.
In a pale 011 M uiday last a lilt: sea boarde I the Hrif
lsb ship I autueiie. in vesterduy Hum latiutla, ni,d
washed away a ventilator and a si rtsncomainiu all
tlie aulp a meteorological instruments
Tbe four tor double tcueimnt 1 "tw Third avenue
UMsiliiiiiu MII7 lire tn the evii nt of r,iaif.ii,) yt.ter
ltl niiMllti. 1'ie 1 hum la (Oilel bv Uaule) t hap
in ut nt Itn 1 nlm tttiusealie ua shot Iiy bis nur.c,
Jlirbeit rtattaut,
I'olireiuali llauuli took Joseph lletilier, Irank
Wil aim, ami William llickey to vorktllle Court yea
lerdar. The policeman says that the Urn two pris
oners are Implicated lu the rokhsnsa of v arloua house
nn Kilty seventh street, between tlfts and Ninth ave
nues. Tbsre have been oif titeen of these robberies la
Uie oast week. Tlie pruousra were jeauoiUi,
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of Urtar baitnrt powder. Highest of all
In leavening strength ban V. S Corrrnnuial Vmi
Copt Edward F. Curtis, ono of tho best known
of river and steamboat Captains, dlod yoster
day afternoon at the rosldonco ot his son-in-law,
Mr. H. D. Lynch. 70 Charles street, this
city, ot pneumonia. Capt. Curtis was born at
Derby, Conn., on May .'I. 1820. His father was
a steamboat Captain. Capt Curtls's first
vessel was oa tho Bridgeport line, which be
left to tako command of tho Donn Illchmond ot
the Albany line. On tho breaking out ot tho
war ha was transferrod to tho steamer Com
modore, engaged In tho transportation of
troops, and subsequently to tho Knickerbocker
which was used as n hospital. Aitor the closo
of tho war ho becamo Captain of a vessel on
tho Stonlngton line, and was llnnlly in com
mand of tho Plymouth Hock, running to Sandy
Hook, and later to Long llranch. Capt. Curtis
celebrated his golden wedding two oars ago,
lAst yenr Mrs. Curtis died, but ono sou und
two daughters survive him.
Henry Van Busklrlc of Now Milford. Bergen
county. K J., died early yesterday morning,
aged UO. ot pneumonia. He was a member of
the Board of Chosen Freeholders from Mid
land township, n director in tho Hackonsnclc
Bank, and alwajs hail an interest in the New
Jersey and Now York Itailrond. Ho and his
brother Jacob owned tho old and valuable
VanBuskirk mill which stood at Now Milford
for moro than a century and was purchased
by tho Hackensuck Witter Company u few
yoars ago.
Thou. Baxter, President of the Baxter Stovo
Company ot Manslluld, O., died on haturday
night, aged H'i. Ho wus a native of Ireland,
coming to America at the ngo of 14 years. A
widow and seven sons survlvo him. Mr. Bax
ter began tho manufacture of stoves in Salem.
O. In 18117. and in ltWJ removed tho works to
Mansfield. The company's stock was owned
by himself and sons.
Chnrles Crossman. founder and senior pro
prietor of tho hotel named after him ut Alex
ander Bay. on the bt. Lawrence Itlvor. died
thero ou hutuidav. aged 75 years. Mr. Cross
man was known to many of tho travellers who
for tho past forty years havo visited tho Thou
sand Islunds. Ho had entertained many dis
tinguished Americans nnd foreigners.
The two brothers. Dr. 8. F. Fonda and An
drew Fomla. well-known residents of tihnron
bprings. N. V.. died last week of pnoumonlo.
following attacks of the grip. Thoy worn aged
respectively 80 and 78 soars. Andrew Fonda
was a conspicuous Methodist, who had con
tributed most libeially to Methodist work and
Victor Galshot. a native of Denmark, cashier
."f tho Richmond County Savings Hank, West
New Brighton, died at tho hmith Inllrmaiy
yesterday morning aftor a prolonged illness,
at the ago of 42.
Ellshu Wlnthrop Brace, a native of Bork
shlro county. Mass., nnd a descendant of the
colonial family of Winthrops, died in CnBtilo,
N. i.. on Friday, where lie hud lived for fifty
j ears, agod 87.
'lhe Count Do Launny. Italian Ambassador
nt .0 German court, died yesterday of in
flui nza Count Do Launay has represcntod
Italy at tho German court since 1871.
Benjamin 8. Foot, formerly a well-known
Quaker resident of Otsego county, diod lust
week in btockhridge, Mich , aged 70 years.
He leaves a son and a daughter.
Word was received here yesterday of the
death on haturday at Nice France, of Mrs.
I ly-Goddard ot 'J7 West Fiftoenth street, this
John J. Routhwick. a leading woollen manu
facturer of Western Now York, died In Clifton
bpring Sanitarium on Thursday, agedUS years,
Joshua Gilford, a retired merchant of Tuck
erton. N. J . died yesterday at his home in West
Asbury Park. Ho wus 82 years old.
Hear Admiral Brlsson, U. S. N.. retirod. died
InWishington yesterday morning ot ulcera
tion of the stomach.
Adjt-Gcn. McClelland of Pennsylvania died
at his homo in Pittsburgh esturday afternoon.
Stephen Warren, a brother of George Henrr
Wnrron of this city, died in Troy yesterday.
Isaac Klttrodge, Lockport's oldest resident,
died in that city on Th ursday, aged OJ.
A. Series ofllouse and lslsherny Uobberles
and Not aa Arrest Made.
Detboit, Feb. 7. For a wcok this cltv has
been at the mercy of a bold and elevor gang of
burglars and footpads, who havo thus far en
tirely baffled tho police On Wednesday night
the residence of F. M. Thompson wus enterod
whllo tho family was at supper and $800 worth
of jowelry and clothing carried off. Tho same
night James Harris was held up nearhlshoiio
and robbed of jewelry and cush to tho value
of S200.
On tho following night Miss nuttio Brlggs
wis waylaid and robbed of n valuable watch
nnd considerable monoy. Last night tho gang
took $.00 ln cash from Alva I'rootor whilo ho
was on his way to the depot. Early this morn
ing thn houso of J. R Ilaugh was ransacked
nnd J400 worth of silvorwaro carried oil.
'lhe gang endod their week's work to-night
by stabbing James Boss in tho heart of tho
city and socuring bis watch, a diamond pin.
and othor jewolry. worth about $500. lhe
police seem absolutely powerless.
Georffe C. Searing JMIsslas;.
Private dotoetives have been scachlng for
George C Searing, who left the city on Oct
17 last, ostensibly to go to Florida. Searing
was employed for sevoral years at tho ill
fated Hotel Royal as a bookkeeper. Ho told his
cousin. Miss Ll77le Weeks of New Haven,
that he had a position offered him in tho Mug
nolla Hotel at ht. Augustine. I la. Ho left his
trunks and gold watch with Miss Lewis. Four
days after ho loft the city I10 sont her a lutter
from Richmond, saying that lie was on his
wnj to M. Augustine. Aftor that all trace ot
him was lost. O. C. Scaring, manager for
ThornoACo, hosiers, 404 Broadway, is an
undo of tho missing man. Holms two aunts
utOstut Bay.
Mleslne Allre Terrell Fouad Jlunelnar.
Alice Terrell. 14 yours old. who disappeared
from tho homo of her parents. .'18 Howard
stroet, Williamsbuigh, ou Wednesd.i). and for
whom an uetivo scaich was made, wus found
Into on hutuiduy night dancing in Knicker
bocker Hall. Chmer street, Willlamcbuigh.
with a mauled man. him had danced so hard
that she sprained her ankle, hho was taken
totheClyiner street police station and held,
hho told tho polic-o sho had been frcQuentlug
the moiry-go-rounds since sho left her home.
Holitiert at 3,000.
Omaua, Teb. 7. Bam Snidor, a pawnbroker,
wus last night met by masked rubbers und
compelled to glvo up $.1,000. Snyder had been
nppio.iched by .in oi-city detective and told of
a plan to rob an express train. Ho was urged
touctusnreeuivor of goods for the gang und
agreed to do so. He was taken to a room
whero the alleged train rubbers were, but in
stead of having an opportunity to share In the
robbery he was conftuntod with revolvers, und
a demand was mode fur $U,000.
Tbe Late fonsut-Geserol Clark's Body
HrouBBt Horns from Liberia,
The American bark Liberia, which arrived
yesterday from Monrovia and Sierra Loone,
brought tho body of Alexander Clark, United
Mates Consul-General to Liberia, who died on
May ai. lrk'il, of fever. The Liberia mi t ugly
weather, hlio wasoloven days north ot Hut
teriiH, having boon blown off by northwest
The Uenuliio Imported Curlsliuil rviiru
del Suit
Is of great bciiellt In temporary mid habitual
const 1 1 at ion, liver and kidney diseases,! hum
io eatarih of tho btomtich and howols, rheuma
tism, gout, Ac, ami should be used In the
morning before breakfast Obtain the genu-
1 0J
A Daughter aTlhr I.ete WllllumC. eTSlf'WflRjl
Anneals to a Pal la Court. I'VR 1
Thero have been rumors in Brooklyn ''JPBH
some tlmo that tho domestlo relations 'jH
Albert Phelps Th tyor nnd Anna Kinsley B
Thayer hnd become seriously dlsturbod and)BH
thatnlitndy pioceedlngs for absoluto dlvoro yH
nro ponding In one ot tho courts In I,t',.'e,H
I fforts have been mndo to keop tho matter' Jfl
qulot, hut n prlvato despatch from Paris f"?t'B
leeched yolertlay announcing that there waaj'Bjjs
no doubt whitovor that Mrs. Thnor had'-Hfl
brought dlvoroo proceedings. .,'n l
Mhs Anna Klngsloy was tho eldest daughtarjjSH
of tho lata William 0. Kingstey, who wuou,nR
uf tho foromost citizens of Brooklyn acdwHI
whoso name wus so closoly associated WittijBH
thu building und opening of tho bridge. Mr.jf H
Klngsloy wus niso 11 big man in polltlos. anil, D
torscvoial years shared tho leadorehipotthe) ' H
Democratic oigunUatlon In Kings county .with ''
HughMcljiugnlln. Ho died ln 1885, lonvlngss i, M
fottumi estimated nt soveral millions. w H
By his will his widow, his two sons, nnd two k H
diiucbti rs received tho estate sharo and share .v iH
alike. Judge 1 dgarM. Cullen of tno Huproms t H
Court and tho Into Ripley Ropes woro tha ' H
trustees, and since Mr. Ktngslcy s doath each ' H
bonollcliiry under tho will has not rooetvad , H
less than Siri.utMl a year. Miss Anna Klngsleyv tt H
tho eldest daughtor. was educated abroad, and ?
her marriage to Mr. Thayer took place In "f H
l'urls a yeat after her father's death. Mr. '
Thayor belonged to 11 Boston family, and tor rH
sumo time belore his marriage he was a mem- ,VH
her of the Now Yotk htuck Exchange. Soon ci.HB
tittet his marringo lie broko off hlf- .yVl
business connections In this country, and for J(x H
the greater putt of tho tlmo slnco he bits lived V' JM
in 1 lanco anil Englnnd with hiH wife., Mrs )4
Thai or h ts been an Invalid for some time, ant' .,4 H
she Is at present nt Biighton, ln England. J M
BrooklMi man, vvhn Is acaualnted wlthull tht ?' H
Tacts In lefi'iein e to the troublo between Mr ', tH
lliaver and his wife, said last night: . f ,
"ltlstiuo that Mrs. '1 haver has brougn' 1; B
divorce iiroecidlngH tn Paris. It was only 1 ; M
few months ago that shoreceived tho lnforma ,:, H
tlou on whkh Inn-suit Is baaed, and 1 havo seei ", M
a letter fintii her recently in which she de
tailed all tho facts. Miss Klngsloy was a vor, .- H
beautiful und accomplished young lady whe t JM
she mat riod Mr. Thayer, but her health ts not )
greath impaired " M
Nelthei Judge Cullen nor Mr. Harry Bean M
who was fot several years Mr. Klngsley's prl H
veto secretary, would dony or confirm the 1 M
story of the Paris scnndaL H
She Comes Eusllj On thn Shoals and StcaK.' "; jH
Vp lo Her Ilnck la llrookljm. '-
The Rod D lino steamship Venezuela did n ' i jl
reauiro the assistance of the towing steamsht' ,. !fl
Saturn to got her nuso out of tho grip of tl . B
sand of tho Brlgnntino Shoals, off Atlantio Clt M
Tho ocean tug North Amorlcu. assisted by t M
engines of tho Venezuela, began workli M
for all thoy wore worth at '2 o'cloi , H
or about high tide, yesterday moi t
ing. hho enmo off iiulckly nnd easl' H
She was apparently not u hit damagi M
nnd canio up to tbe city unassisted, look! '
just as seaworthy as it sho wore going 01
trial trip. The Saturn accompanied hor pi 4H
of the way. hho refilled no asslstanoo of 11 Vi jl
kind, hho warped into Harbock's stores J B
noon Hci cargo will bo discharged to-d, l
and she will be put ln dry dock so that I )
bottom may be iuspected. Her Captalii de - H
not think hIio is damaged.
1 si
Mr. Meriwether's Revenge. If fa
Tho story of Mr. Leo Meriwether's recc ' IjH
exoerionco with the customs officials at Smr ' l
na who throw hira Into prison beoauaf'"i'"7B
tried to enter tho country without prop J H
paporsand had no monoy with which to brl' v& H
them, has boen publishod. He has present.1 v, H
his also to the authorities at Washington. 1 , H
will bo surprising If Mr. Meriwether does n t fl
get oven with tho officials in ono way or a fl
other. Hu will bo romemborod as the you 1 H
man who wote a book on how to travel 3 H
Luropu on r0 conta a day. One day ln Swit , ''
eriand, during that economical trip, ho we '
into a ie"tjur.intund nskod for uglassotoi- ' H
milk. Tho wultoi brought him milk that w , H
lulling hot. and wheu Meriwether aro
to gu, refusing to pay for what 1 ' H
li id not ordorod tho menial selzo -
bis hat and gave it to tho proprl 3 M
toi, Meriwether uppoaled to tbe loi H
mitgistrito and also to a lawyer and fou' 'L'H
that they would do nothing to holp him. 1 ttH
returned to the restaurant and puld the pr -wSH
pnetor for the milk, remarking as he dla - ' ctn
that he paid the monoy not for the milk bo '
for tho Information that It was impossible! ?H
get uitico lu that town for lmposltlo' &.il
practised upon strangers. A few dayslat "yfl
Meriwether eiossedthe frontier into German ?fl
where ho lost no tlmo in preparing a nice b ;
full of sitvvdu it which he sent tiaok to the p !'!
prietor of tho restaurant Ho did not pay! !
epiess charges, which amounted to $1.40. ''ft I
the box wus a noto saying: "This is to retain . .Ba
yuu uf thu man whose hat you stole." 'i
it HH
The King; or Dahomey at Slancater. 2
Tho King of Dahomey continues to butoh"- jiH
his prisoners and his subjects ln royal fashlo.
M. Lnrtigue, tho French traveller, gives a Tea 'H
till description of tho King's fostlvuls. In froi 'H
of his palace ut Abomoy he has two greattank H
to recoh 0 tho blood of his victims. Humn H
sacrifices occur all the year round, but whe H
thn menioi y of King Gnezo is to be celobratt fl
the slaughtm is dreadful. jf1
On thu .11 of August last, according to? Hi
Laitigue, tho number ut killed was over sevi , Hi
huniliiii. The 5th of August wus tho ere. B
festival, and ids Majesty himself took u nan .
in tho killing Ho 1 .11110 to the placo of butoi C
ery in n carilago drawn by four line horsi
and dilviu In four coachmen. Tlieso coacl ffi
mon wcio oiiiered to advance to tho coi m1
tro of the place. They understood whi 1 f '
that nieiut. They walked slowly. Teni I
woro lolling down their cheeks. Tl I
King aiue, walked over to them, sabre ! '
band, and ib capltnted them, one after tl '
other. Tlie bloody work was continued unt f
the 'JUth of August, homo of the blood of tl b'
victims was carried lu buckets and throw
upon tho gr.ivo of tho doparted monon 1
Women were also sacrificed, nnd the King wi f
llnnlly satisfied. He is resting now, buthow
soon begin operations again. I
Success or a .N ew Composer. f '
Boston. Feb. 7. Tho Handel and Hnyd j M
Society to-night guvn the initial presontatlo j M
of a Mass in F, composed by Mrs. II. S. Beat. I'M
of this city. Mrs. Bench Is tho first woman I ill
Amerka to compose a vvork of so muchpowi j ,13
and benutv. Muslo Hall was pnckod.andtl 1
pioco scored n grand success. M, s. Beach 111 1 a
peared us soli 1st in uno of Boethcven's work., 4 IM
and hud an ovation. M
Knocked Donn Jlr a Hurface Car. fi j Ijfl
Hugh Kennedy of 3'iO West Thlrty-flft' 1 W
streot. wl.llo crossing Ninth avonue atTwentv !
fit li st 1 net last night was knocked down by Jjjjl
Ninth fivetmo surface car. Ho was taken I ;ij
the New 11rk Hospital witli two broken rll lip
nnd biulses nliuiit tho bodv. Tho driver, The '
oduio Mallei, was arrested. :
The Polyaeslun OaT the Nasal, '
Nohfoik, Fob. 7. The British steamshl' '
Polynesian, whkh wont ashoro at Cape Hani 1
ll'hton Friday iiiornlng.wnsafloatat4o'cloc
this afternoon and prucoodod un her way l
Baltiinoie without ussibtunce.
Never before tn a Presidential year were so mar ,
political club formed in Maine at this etage of li
campaign as hweucently been orvanlseil. Hlalneei
Mill ure tha mn most tallied of. Cleveland la aetdo.
. i IS
ahicb settles In and Indameathe air tubes leading t m
ttieluruv It Is tbe beginning of i jf
Bronchial Consumption, !
and If netrlects 1 leads to that disease v sry speedily. j .fi
sharp, metaUlc cough accompanies tt Take it la tire, ii
and you can certainly cure It lth , ' jl
Mhlili le Without on qunl Tor
on. I lor all dlxliaea leadlln, up to and llli.'Ujllif Cos
sUIUfitloil , '
Tr. HUIIKNCK'S New Hook on Dl Jl
eases of tbe Ijudrs, Liver, und BUucL It
should be ln every borne, bent free. '

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