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W'C " " " "THE SUN, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 18j)2.' q -t-. T (H
H '21;; bMxocariojrv coxKnarowjcRs
MM Tlir Buy Tk-at tha taHMOM ef Csatraet
H Laborers aad tha BfctMt r BefettlT
WM to Thla Couatrjr kaa aitn Practically
IB' Mopped, and that Caasnlas Iaafxetloa la
j Impracticable A DUckarsc Caas Bo.
K reuu XaeployeVa Afal t Coagrr.
Hj WarbXSotok. Fob. 7. Ths rsport of ths Im-
H mlsratlon Commission-Messrs, Weber: Cross.
H Kcmpater. Fowdorlr. and Bohnltlos sent
H ubroad to inTestlsato tha oausos -whloa. In-
H duced the hearr lmmteraUon from Eorops to
tlie United States, has beta madspublio br
fll tho Treasury Department
The Commissioners vtsitad different ooun
H ' trl8 and made separate reports. Commit
H .wors Weber and Kemptter mad a Joint re
J 1 ,nrt as to the causes whloh inotta emlcratlon.
H Thar &r there are superior eondltlone and
H' - miraatazos In the United States! higher
H umbos, tower hour of Ubotv 'better living.
H ircedomfrom military dut and burdeneome
H , tniatloo.andrefful&tlonalnTorflncfreedomof
moTomont. personal llbsrty, and better oppor
H ttmltlos for rising to higher aoolal lerela in
this country; and In Buisla it Ja due
to religious persecution. They obtained
H statlstles from all Die great tra&satlanrlo
H tteimshlp companies, showing that mors than
H OOpercontotthalmmlgranU who landlhere
J come on tickets font br relatlTea or friends
B who have preaeoded them, and whloh are pur
H chased In this country. As to whether steam-
ship companies stimulate Immigration, they
rport that In the countries whloh they visited
H this Is forbtddon by law, with severe penalties,
I copies of whloh are appended to the report
I The result of tho oonferenoet held with the
I gteamihlp eompanios at LlTerpool and Bremen
I are siren. In which tho steamship companies
I express a determination to be governed by our
I Utrs, end several Unas have already issued
circulars reautrlng all sub-agents to conform
with tho new Instructions based upon our
As to the Importation of contract laborers.
thvy say that legislation by Congress, whloh
transferred the Immigration Bureau to Fed
eral oversight lms very largely stopped the
wholesale practice ol auoh operations, and
that It now exists to a very limited extent
itelatlvotothosystomatlo shipment of dofeo
J tires, orlnijtials. insane, 4a, to this country.
tberroDort that in Uie countries visited by
them this Is not now done, although there Is
no doubt that It was done formerly. Concern
ing pauper immigration. they aay that If the
standard of pauperism Is to be based upon
money possessions when landed, it would In
times past have exoluded many who are now
prominent in oommerolaU Unanolal. and legis
lative bodies, and every way worthy as true
American cltlsens. and If this standard is now
to be adopted, it will exolude those who may
become equally desirable.
Relative to consular Inspection. Ac they re
port It as impracticable, as It would at once in
crease tho proportion of weak and Infirm and
decrease the proportion of young and strong
who are liable to military duty in their own
country. They say that It Is thoir oplnlonthat
it Congress doslres to restrict or atop immi
gration it should meet that Question squarely,
unit not attempt to do no by ourabrousand ex
pensive machinery. The report gives in detail
a method by which all undesirable Immigrants
maybe prevented from embarking, and with
no expense to tlio United Btates. Briefly, this
Is to hold all steamship agents and sub-agent
responsible for thu cost of returned In
eligible, which can be done under their
own laws. Thus, one returned pas
senger would d octroy the profits madu
rathe salo of ten or twelve tickets, and at the
samn time the sub-agent would be suspended
or dlstnissod for non-compliance with the
steamship company's regulations. All doubt
ful casus are to be referred to the Treasury
Df piirtmcnt and reply received before the Im
migrant will be permitted to embark. The re
port suggests that our laws be amended so as
tn compel tho return to their own countries of
ull paupers as soon as tney become pauper
ized, and all criminals, after serving out sen
tence, ud to the time of their becoming full
cltlzonn. as is dono by every country they vis
ited except England. Attention is railed to
the necesbity of guarding the Canadian bor
ders to prevent iuollgibles from crossing.
Kolatho to the return movement of me
chanics and laborers who go baok and forth.
they report that this movement is less than
Is generally supposed, and support their state
ments br giving tlio exact statistics of the
eioveme tpiVw WiTftMMfli'Mam.taojjel frpm
urotowJidt aernKipd9i'Wtl?'th1otirovniLnt
ol rubtn'paYftvnger.
The Commissioners Ray that the number of
Jews living In Itussia Is very large, and
time they urn hubject to persecution
lrom the tout that therara Jews. It
the persecution continues. ot will cause
the omigrntlou of u population numbering Ova
or seven millions, not only of Jews, but mem
bers of the orthodox Greek Church. Their
conclusions are that the terrible persecutions
are hasod almost entirely upon religious
grounds, und nnibt. if continued, drive out the
nntlre population of tho so-called unorthodox.
These conclusions nro based upon personal
examination nnd conversation with people of
all classes In tho IlusMon dominions.
Commissioner Crosx reports that he has per
sonal knowledge of the tact that In the North
vcettlokotsnresoldonsix months' time and
Motto Lurope, for Intending Immigrants. In
Italy he says that emigration Is excited largely
br the efforts of 'steamship agents, who nro
everywhere exceealngly active. Me Bays that
in hngland. before prisoners are discharged.
W?S I'ofson connectod with the Prisoners'
Aid Society visits tho convict In prison and ar
riingos with him to go to the United States.
J r the prisoner accepts, tho Govornmont pays
the society the sum of SO. This sum pays his
rassntee to the United Utates and leaves him
something over on his arrival here.
, t-oinniissionerrowderly. In his report says
that ho called on tho K: Brooke bank. 103
Leadenhall street, London, to see If he could
make contracts for laborers to goto the United
btates. They replied that they did not make
contracts with laborers on this side, because
they would be sent baok, but they offered a
letter to one Mr, O'Dell. if 7 Wes Forty-seoSnd
street, Now York, who looked after tho steer
sgc i passengers by tho lines they represented.
In Italy he obtained no direct evidence ot the.
making of contracU. but be believes that It
v?cavJeSon yirough agonoles,, located In
w..Yor?' Bn? ho ?lvsa Hat of -tha
iiSmon-0,i8ucn. agents.; Hs found that
J. 3 Boards of Guardians in Ireland
H ?..I5iBKt Papers from among in
mates of the workhouse, as well as those
receiving outdoor rellefT ft ISgland piu
iwti'j;?r.a,B5i 81?ted to mrgrata. tha
ajfnlrelanii" bK ths same powers
m?-ml!l"0?r Powderlr favors theappolnt
Shit,t,nBfntft "'loshpuld UedlreoUy respon
M the Unite.1 Btates Government, and
JI.h.f.duHM'ou,db" to furnish oerttfloatos
mimiJK'i'j0 cVn Ornish a oerUQoato from tha
municipality whence they come showing good
fntnS?,?ic,e1.0' a 1" ani that unless the
iimnn! B 'P" 5fant can produce such a doo
S?,iu!f.''nov!,l3,rMb8P'''nf, 9 embark.
Miupllcatp should be sent to the Inspection
Tte. ,t.tWrt ,roa W the. ship saiisT
Z?.en?.'fh0Jll,,.69 asuBolent number of such
fiW.-nilhawoTk effectively, but he says
bordSrTsSieFuVyM"' th 0ftndl
Bmator Turple has Introduced a bill to right
he wrongs Mary Btuart Lasells believes she
"as sustained and to recompense her for her
"rrices. She was an employee In the Census
rean. and her experience there Use forth
in a memorial accompanying the bill In It
wotarsbhe was appointed a computer at a
lry of $720 a year. Entering upon tho dls
ciiargeof hor duties on May 7, she tolthfully
Wr.te?(1 thv?m nntU.about 11 o'elook ot
tSWosuay, Nov. ao. lb0. ths day before
'!&' v, ne- wn.a e wai dlsmlssedTSha
firtaiin fi ViSn1?upt.'rom a letter from Mrs.
' fui lotS- ,a!.,?r ""aw months hard and faith
in J?.orv under most adverse circumstances.
' ihiifn "'"'wluayin anUolpatlon of Thanks-
TatlrSJ. wiM bUU lri?g.taltWullyln the
mr8J!?i'ifcmJSount5r' lnformftg me that
to lfr't.S-appel6il in v,ln. the memorial says.
hMratiVirSSrittBdr JneHoB John W, Noble.
ofmoMtTm',,!!19 Intepor. tor a, eonsldsratlon
rit?.8KUf5 .u.asporJB?n,lijBr h' intac
Oovemf5llh'ul R,nd to" employee of the
iV.. t?meJ a.H "I" appear by refsrenoe to
!.vuiKord,,.0'.he Inferior Departoent she
count it ? A Kdif "V.K. Poo!" other
snii fn? !SrAXuI' Bd Wrbearlnsl of her case.
Sue h". e"npeasatlon as may be found
On Friday night last a prof esslonal hotel
lidof entered the npartmenU of sx-Benator
Jowen of Colorado, while the ocoupanU were
I J1!""1'' snd, stole diamonds belonging to
m i!:.rohAh,s8daa,!w wns
i Bnoun,jment will be made to-morrow of
m the appointment ot Edward a O'Brien ot NVw
VilR. rberftmm?loJM,rJ,f Navigation, vice
M;s ""UaoB. Bates. JU.O'JJrTwwMBlsburiing
Clerk of , the House In the Fifty-first Congress
and aottnr Beoretary of. the Congressional
Carapafgnoemmtttea of 180, He was sop
ported for the pmco.bythe ontlre Republican
delegation from Now York, and it Is said that
In his support all the factions of tbeEmpiro.
Btate wore unitod. The deposod olflojal. It will
be remembered, bofli.ln lew andHfol. pre
pared, and hnd. published reports upon the
shipping Interest ofthe country which Becro-,
tarlee Wlndpra and Foster woro orapolled. to
disavow and revise boforo they were lssuod In '
offlclal form.- ,
, Dr. Kceleyot the gold aura fame, arrived
here to-day, aooompaniod by his. wife. The
Doctor's business in Washington Is nominally,
to look, attar the. .establishment of a branob
hospital hero, but his main object IB to begin a
campaign for the Introduction of his ours Into
tho various national soldlesr' homes througout
the eountry, Witli tho endorsement ot the Oov
rartaer rttlgatlaa Follow Vsea tha Bet,
tleateat sfMn. AfUtea's Mult.
The will ot John Anderson, the millionaire
tobaceonlst which has boon ths basis of so
much litigation, is again to figure In the Su
premo Court The last trial In which it was
involved was Mrs, Laura V. Appleton'a suit
against tho Now York Life Insurance Company
to recover one-fifth Interest In tho Plaea Hotel
In tho compromise ot this suit It was agreed
that Mrs. Appleton's Interest under the will
should stand. This gave her the Income of
60.000 for lite. At her death that sum is to
go to her children. Mrs. Appleton has soven
children, and It is partly on their bohalt that
a motion is to be made in to Supreme
Court on Tuesday by Col. James, who actln
pop junction with Edward P, Schell nndA, u
Elklps tn tha recent trial, that Edwin J. Apple
ton, husband qt the petitioner, and Mr. Bohell
be substituted tor John Charlos. Anderson,
Lawyer John Webber and Alfred Wacstaffaa
trustees for Mrs. Apploton and hor children.
. The substitution Is asked on the ground that,
by reason of tho litigation over the will and
the attitude assumeu by the trustees in con
nection with this litigation, they are dlstastoful
to Mrs. Appleton. Her husband and her at
torney, she thinks, are quite as competent
and more agreeable.
toxt accusb nix or ahbos.
Mr. Fx Bays Ilia Porter Coatees That
He HaS Tries to Fire the Batistas;.
Tjut Wednesday a fire broke out In the
building 30) and 300 Canal streotthe upper
stories of whloh ore oocupfed by Charles Ber
genstoln &, Co., lace Importers. Tho Ore did
about $10,000 damage.
About OH o'elook on Saturday night B. B. Fox.
a mombor of the firm, saw a light in a oloset on
one of the upper floors. v
As he walked toward the closet Felix Mur
phy, a porter, rushed past htm Into the oloset
blew out a candle, whoso light had attracted
Mr, Fox. and threw the candle out of the win
dow. The wood work In the olosot had been
soaked with kerosene oil and rags saturatod
with kerosene lay upon the floor. As Murphy
had recently had trouble with one of ths firm,
und had threatened revenge, suspicion point
ed, towaxd him. Mr. Fox caused his arrest
At the Tombs Court yesterday Fox swore
that Murphy had' acknowledged In the pres
ence of Mr. Bergenstein and K J. Nagle. mem
bers of the Arm. that he had attemptod to burn
the building. . Murphy denied strenuously
that he had made any such statement or that
he had anything to do with the fire. He was
held In (0,000 for examination to-day.
mums luMMo-rms sir.
SnarlsM.... 7 Ml Sua MU.... fi 38 1 Hoes MUl. 4 14
am vina tiu air.
lasdy Ilsok. 48 1 Oot. ItUnJ. 4 23 1 BeUOata. fl 11
Arrives-StntBAT. Fsk, T.
Si Adrlatle. Meot. Liverpool.
fis Lahn. HaUmen. Bremen.
Es Bsrmnaa. mur. Bnnuil.
He ui Hsrees. Birrawe, Gilnitn.
S Altrt. Usur. Clrarotioi.
si BotsnU, Htwltson. LirirpeoL
Se TitaUUd. Frsser. Bermuda,
SiuraTwuiT, Key W.it
Hi OayandatteWaUltr. Norfolk.
fes Umbrls, Meaay, UrerpeoL
iKorlitir arrivals Pint rac.
Ss Allsr, from 3iw York, at BouttasmptoD,
rrsooia muiuitn.
.. , n.T, .. jimUattttii - " THH Jdtt. i
-ensttstieeekis. Ssvsassb.. .'.,..:...'..- '-' -toor.n.
CtnroXei.CirltitoD a .00 P.M.
Sail JVnofTOM.
Laha. Bremta 10:00 A. M. l.Oor.H.
Arltona. Llrorpool 2:30 P.M.
BoUecua, Iluaoulf. 8-OOP. M.
DKonira miiuin,
Hiu ?tMlay.
Nsplsr , aibnltar. Jin. B
VlnUnci 8t.Ttiru)M Jan. 26
Csrlbbee ....Bt Kltts. Jan. 27
Bobatma. ........Antwerp 3ml 21
Olympla M..,.;..Otbraltar. Jan. vi
Poiynaila ..M...;..8tttlii Jan. 30
Colorado ............null....... Jan. 38
Rlcbmond Hill London Jan. 38
Knriand .London.. Jaa.1'1
I'mbrU LlTarpooL...,, Jan, 30
Xorsa Obriatlaniand Jan. 24
Naderland .Antwerp ......Jin. I'.'.
Kuropa 4mdtn Jan. 37
Ynmurl...,, Ilavaaa. Kb. 4
Bthlnnla QtaKow ....Jan. 28
Im Nonnasdje Harre Jan, 30
Buiila llavre Jan. 28
X)w TimJav. r. 9.
Alvo Klniitoa Fab. a
Cane Liverpool H Jan. 20
Navada Liverpool ,...,.Jan.80
Elba Bretnan Jan 31
Alixandtr Etdir Ixindon Jan. V
North Erin Olbraltar. Jan. 26
Dut RMiobfc Jao.10.
Ttntonle Llvarsool Pab, a
BaUranUnd. ...Antwarp... , Jan. So
Saratoga ,,. Ilavaaa.,,,.. ,..!). 6
XtoalWiowlay, L
aala , ..Bremen Feb. 3
OMam Hotterdain..... Jan. 81
Bnrnnaia nibralur. Jan. :
Alena Betfaal Jan. 3
JDf THdat. r. It
City of Barlla ..Liverpool .....Vab. S
Ooneho -. ;.rolon Fab. a
Muriel .,...81. Croix..'. rb. c
Dut Balurlaii. J6, 'J.
Italy London.- Jan. so
St. Rossas Liverpool...-. Jan, 81
Ootditaln to llr. Iildor nerabnald. At borne. Bun
day, Fab. 14. 18U3; 89 East 1071b St., Saw York city.
He earoa.
I8H-8afAKT.-0n Sonday. Fab" 7, 18M,attba
rasldanca of tha bride's parents, Bergen Folut. N. J
by tba Rev. W. W. Xnex. Ella I. Smart to OanlclJ,
Fish ot Mew York city.
ABOTT.-B4denly,oa Friday, Fab. 6, 18B2, Baa
Jimln F. Abbott, seed 6 yeara
Funeral from bis late rasldanca, 68 Joralemoa at.,
Brooklyn, M. Y. on Monoay, Feb. 8. at 3 F. M.
AVKEKI.2T.-On Tbursday, Fab. 4. nt Farla.
France, C. Louis Acksrley, wire of Boxer Acksr
lay of Liverpool, Ensland, and tfauthter ef Edward
Burckbsrdt et Bala. Switzerland.
ABAMSX-At Sound Baaob, Coaa, saddanly. Fab. 6,
1893. Freak B. son of tba late lamuel Adams.
Funeral service wlU be ball at tbe rialdanca of hl
BMtber as Monday, Feb. 8. at liBO r. M,. Carriasas
wiilbelawaltiMatSound Beaeh depot on tba ar
rival of tba 1 iOS train from Mew York.
AM.EJf.-On Saturday. Fib. e, at Stratford, Ooun.,
Joseph a Allen, aged SS years.
Fsneral from bis late residence. Main si. en Wedats
day afternoon at 3 ;80 e'olock. Intirmant at Fair
field. Coon.
EmT.-At Tea Certlandt. Sunday, Feb. 7, 1(03.
Aru U, beloved dsufbter ot Richard A. and
Brldiel Berry.
Funeral from ber parentY realdence at Tab Cortlandt,
Wednesday' morning at 8 o'clock, thence to tbe
Church of Oar Lady of Meroy, For Jbain. Interment
Is St. Baymund'a Cemetery.
BlVAKE.-audealy,OJ) Feb. 7, 1882, Neney, wlfe'of
the late 0. A. Blake, formerly of Maine.
Main papers pleas eapp,
amABiaiiB.-lD Mtwark, K J, en Feb. 6. SKnay
Brambla, a4 IB years.
Friend an Invited t attend the funeral from tbe
residence of his sister, Mrs. David Oould, IS Acad
emy st. on Sunday afternoon at 8 o'clock.
BIOWNMlo Sonday, Feb, 7, at 888 Sostb Mala
at. South Korwalk, Conn., Mr. Mesas Brown,
Motlo of funeral hereafter.
CI.ANCjIY.-Oa gitarday, FaD. 8. at Brtdceport.
Contu Michael t hoa ef Jobn sad Maty Claocey,
ag d 7 months sad cays.
Friends are invited to attend tbe fdneral from tbe
rtdeaeof th eareats, Fairmont av. en Monday
afteraoea at S o'clock. ' '
CfL.AaUC.-0o Friday, Feb. 3. Edward T. Clsrt.ared
77 years S months ail 11 days.
Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral
from hla let residence, JM Weal 3MheU on Tues
day, lbs tb Inal., at 11 A. M. Interment n U) prats
Ull Is cemtttry,
AVll.-Oa Friday. Feb. B, at New Haven. Conn.
Mlaaia L. daughter of A. J, Davis.
Funeral from bar lata residence, VS VTsoa'tcr It-, CO
Monday afterneea at 1 ycleek.
W , My Father
m , Eldest oaaghter ot s i3R
i Charles Dickens , 3?
M Written for th K
gfej February number ol i j&l
S Home
m Journal m
qjnf RBADV AT ALL 'w
W 700,000 copibs '.28
'ay iJthb curtis puDUSHtNa W
Oft Philadelphia. P- $k
DAYTON.-On Thuraday. Feb. 4. at South Olsaton
bury. Conn., Mre. Mary Dayton, daughter of tha late
David Batea.
Prlenda are Invited to attend tbe funeral from her
lata residence en Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
SEXO W. On Sunday. Feb. 7. at Darian, Conn., Hve
Un Derow. aged 17 years.
Kotlca ot funeral hereafter.
DOOI.1NO.-On Bunday, Fab. T. at Haw Haven.
Conn., Mary Doollng.
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from her
late realdence, 88 Orace at., on Tueaday forenoen at
9 iSO o'clock, and from St. Prancla'a Church at 10
SVNNINO.-On Saturday, Feb. 8. at Bridgeport,
Conn. Rose Dunning, wife of George Dunning, aged
88 years.
Frlenda are Invited to attend the funeral from her
late reildenoe, Lafayette it, en Tueiday forenoon
at 8:30 o'clock, and from Sacred Heart Church at
8 o'clock.
FITZGEKAI.n.-On Friday. Fab. a, at Kew Haven.
Conn. Jamti Fitzgerald, ased 74 year.
Friends are Invited to attend the runeral from his
lata realdence, 28 Ward at. on Monday forenoon at
8 SO o'clock, and from St. Jobn'a Church at 8
OAHMON.-Cn Saturday. Feb. fl. at SprtagHald,
Maaa. MraT, 0. Gammon ot 48 Oagood at.
Friends are Invited to attend th funeral from her
late residence on Monday afternoon at 3 o'elook.
GODDAKD. On Saturday, Fab. 7. at Nloa. France
Alice Button, wife ot E. Ely rjoddard.
Kotlca of funeral hereafter.
eOODRICM.-On Friday. Feb. 6, at Rooky BIO.
Conn. Belinda, widow of Jason Ooodrtch, aged 88
yeara and 8 montba. (
Friends are Invited to attend tbe funeral from bar
late residence on Tuesday aftaraoon at 2 o'clock.
HtODWIN.-Oa Sunday, Feb.7.at Norwalk. Coan.
Mre. Ann Goodwin, aged t& years.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
HIGBINS.-At his Ute reildenee. 378 1st ar. on
Friday, Fab. 6. 1883. John Ulgglns, native tot Fort
William, Ballysbaanon. county Donegal, Ireland, la
hts 80th year.
Balatlvee and frlenda of th family ar respectfully
Invited to attend his funeral aa Monday, tha 8th
Init, from the Qburp oX,UJUamaenl;eJConee--tlon.'Eait
leth'st. wher" a, solemn requiem tnaas
will be offered for the repos of his aouL at 8:80
BIQOINS.-In Brooklyn, en Sunday evening. Pah. T.
after a lingering Illness, Albion P. Biggins, la the
71st year of hla age.
Notice ot funeral hereafter.
1IAI.I.ON. On Bunday, Feb. 7, at Bridgeport, Ceaa,
Ana Mellon, aged 74 years.
Friends are Invited (o attend tbe funeral from tha
residence of her Hilar, Mrs. R.Dunn. llSPaono
nlcket. on Tueiday forenoon at 8:30 o'clock, and
from St. Augustla'a Churoh at 0 o'clock.
HacKENNA,-Mail of requiem, month's mind, for
the repose of the soulot the Be v. John MacKenna,
late rector at St Michael's Church, Fluihlng, L. I.
on Tuesday, Feb. 8. at 10:30 A. M. Trains leave
L. I. City at 10 A.M.
Bt'KKKN AN.-On Trlday. Feb. 6, at Hartf ord. Conn.
Maggie, daughter of John and Margaret MeXernan
ot 33 Hudson st. aged 1 year and 7 months.
Funeral private.
XcXAllKY.-On Saturday, Feb. 8. William King
McLaurr, eon ot Margaret King and Dr. William U.
McLaury, at 344 West 42d St.
Friends and relatives are Invited to attend the funeral
services on Monday afternoon. Feb. 8, at fi o'clock,
at tbe residence ot his parente. Delaware county
papers will please copy.
NOBKIS.-On Friday, Fab. 8. at Hartford. Conn,
Charles Morris, aged 18 years.
Friends are Itvlted to attend the funeral from his
Ute reildenee, 682 Main St., on Monday forenooa at
8 o'clock, and from St. Fatriok'a Church at 8. SO
0NEII Oa Sunday, Feb. 7, at Xew Haven, Con.
Nora O'KelL wife of Rlobard O'Nell. aged 44 yeara.
Frlenda are Invited to attend the funeral from her
late reildenee. 218 Clinton it. en Tuesday forenoon
at 8:30 o'elook, and from St. Fraocli's Churoh at 8
SHEEMAN.-In Norwalk en the Bth lnsl. Mary
Shcehan. widow of Jamas 8ueehan, axed SO yeara
Interment at the eonvenlence ot the family.
SMIkEr.-On Sunday, Feb. 7, 1883. In thla elty.
Sarah Smiley, widow of Dents Smiley, 1st of Mon
treal, Canada.
Funeral on Tuesday at 3 P. M. from 88 nenry it.
SallTM.-On Feb. 7, 1883, John Smith, beloved hus
band ot Annie Smith,
Relatives and friends, also oomrades of RcnoPoit44
and members of Hancock Lodge, Knlghta of Honor,
are Invited to attend the funeral from hla Ute resi
dence, 1,848 4tb ar between 101 st and 102d sts , on
Tuesday, Feb. 8, at 1 P. M.
STCAaVr.-On Feb. 6. Arthur O. Stuart
ReUtives and friends, aUo members of the various
e orders of which he waa a member, are invited to
attend the funeral on Tuesday, Feb. 8, from his
late residence, 3B0 West Nineteenth st. at 8:30 A.
M. thsnee to 8t. Vincent de Paul Church, West
33d st. near 8tb ar at 8 o'clock.
TI PFANT-On Saturday, Feb. 8. at Hartford. Conn,
Dr. Ruasell IL Tiffany, Notice of funeral hsreafter.
TB AINOR.-At the realdence of ber niece, lis But
83d st. Margarst Tralnor, sUterof Mary A. Tralnor,
ot CnotablU. county Cavan, Ireland.
ReUtives and frlenda ar requeued to attend the
funeral from lb reildenee of her nleo. Mrs. Woods,
113 East 83d st. oa Tuesday at half past 1. Provi
dence, R. L, papers pleas copy,
VAN WOEBT.-At Hobokin. oa Saturday, Fab. 8.
188 Emm Smith, wife of Andrew B. Van Woert.
Funeral at her Ut realdence, 1,387 BloomSeld st,
Uoboken, on Monday, the Bib Init, at 11 o'clock A.
M. Interment at Woodjawu.
TVEEDj-On Feb. B, 11)83, at North Stamford. Coan.,
Maria E. Weed, aged 88 yeara.
Friends are Invited to attend the fsnersl from the
residence of her son, Charles A. Weed, North Stem-
ford, Mondsy. Feb. 8, at 1 o'clock F. M.
A mas meeting to protest walnit the Baisag of this
N1U11T. FEB. 8, AT 8 O'ULOClC
REV, . M. KINO, D. D.
EOBT. ORAtUM, Secretary.
CEOUB DBNTIFRICB t tbe belt tooth jM.w3erln the
world for vreeervlnr tbe teelb. "fiKFKWHINO AND
DBUCIoys." Twenty-rive cents a bottle.
gflrw ubllfalioni,
.a-n'urren'e "10 000 a Year" -PhyitcUBe
4V Diary," - Old Lendos r'JVFwfflVsarh "
XEir JNDvsrrtTAr, coumtrAtiosa.
The most Important feature ofthe week's
news, exoept, perhaps, to Imltvldunls who have
made or lost money by tho fluctuations ot the
stock market has been the announcement of a
number of new anrroffattons ot capital In
vested in Industrial enterprises. Following
olosely upon the vote ot the stookholders of
tho American Sugar Iteflnera' Company to add
313.000,000 to its old $50,000,000 sharo Issue,
tho two great electrlo sunply companies tho
Edison of this city and tho Thomson-Houston
ot Boston have screed to a consolidation;
several ot the largest lithographing concorns
tn tho country hnvo formod a business combi
nation, the cotton pressors nnd tho rice clean
ers of New Orleans havo Joined forces, and tlio
National Cordage Company roports that It has
rooently taken tn, or Is about to take
in. tho remaining manufactories ot cordage,
bagging, and twine, in the United Btatos.
which havo hlthorto held aloof from It Bpoclal
attention has been called to tho Distillers'
nnd Cottle Feeders' Trust by transactions ot
Its olTleors In Its stock, which aro not favora
bly viewed by thoso who hnvo lost money by
thorn, n big anthrnclto coal combination Is
talked about and Chicago Oas Trust cortld
caton, though not so prominent In tboptiblla
oyoastttcy wore n fortnight or so ago, nro
still tolerably conspicuous. Altogether, tho
affairs of theso onterprisos have, for tlio mo
niont, takon precedence of those of rail
roads, and thoir merits as monoy-maklng In
strumentalities are moro actively dlr.cussod.
It would scorn that slnco In tho cno of rail
roads aggregation earliest bogan It had also
earliest endod. Tho forco underlying It Is,
Indeed, as poworful as It ovor was, but It finds
little loft upon whloh to oxcrt Itself, All the
small companies that oould be morged In
greater ones have long slnco succumbed to
their fate, leaving the field to a few giants,
each able to maintain Itself against its breth
ren, but none big enough to swallow thom.
Thu Inilubtrlftl companies are now In tlio midst
of tho process, and with thorn It has yet some
tlmo to continue.
To repeat what I have often said upon previ
ous occasions, this formation ot companies
with big capitals and tho absorption by thom
of smallor ones, excites no alarm In my mind.
It is not the Quantity of money In a concern
that makes it formidable, but tho degree of In
tellectual ability that directs Its affalrs-and
great ability in business Is as rare as any other
great mental or physical endowment Thore
Is a natural limit ot growth to aggregated
capital, rosulting from the natural limitations
ottlie human mind. Most men cannot carry
on enterprises ot more than a oertain magni
tude, just as they oannot lift more than a cer
tain weight The attraction ot gravitation, the
strength ot bono and muscle, and the nutritive
poworot food combine to fix the bodily size
and strength ot tho human race at what
It Is. and only a ohange In those constituent
forces will allow a ohangs In the dominant
type. Btoam and electriolty. It Is true, enable
mon to accomplish much more work In finance,
trado, and manufacturing than they could a
century ago. just as In ages of whloh geolo
gists toll us. when a different atmosphere and
different food supplies existed on this earth,
plants and animals grew to an enormous size
compared to that whloh they attain In our day.
Tho fact to whloh I have already advorted.
that railroad combination has pretty nearly
come to an ond, results from this law ot na
ture, and It will not fall to vindicate itself In
the case of Industrial enterprises. The orig
inal Impetus which they rooelvo from their
foundors will eventually expend Itself, and
then, like other corporations, they will settlo
down into jog-trot of earning salaries for their
ofllcors and making modorate dlvldonds.
It is not without reason that tho promoters
of theso groat Industrial combinations solicit
from the nubllo contributions of capital on the
ground that the larger the business thoy do
the less will be the ratio of oxpensos to gross
profits. This, as a genoral truth, nobody
can dispute. It has boon Illustrated over
and ovor again In commerolal history, and
many an Immense' fortune remains to bear
witness to It Still, against this advantage
must be offset the tendency of all concerns
not managed exoluslvoly for the benefit of
the managers to avoid taking risks and to
adhere to stereotyped precedents. This
eventually brings their dividends down to an
amount far less than that earned by private
persons in the same line, and to a point just
enough above the rate of Interest on borrowed
money to oompensate for the additional risk
attending them. This has been tho experi
ence of investors In railroad stocks, and it will
be that ot those who buy the Industrials.
For the present however, investments In
Industrial companies are yielding handsome
returns and aro tempting purchases. All that
Is lacking to recommend thom to cautious
people is the absence of trustworthy knowl
edge ot tho companies' affairs and of confi
dence In those who conduct thom. Whonlflrst
mentioned them four yoarsaeo. I 'said that
thoy wero fair gambles for thoso who could
afford to lose the money they put Into them If
that should bo their luck. Kxporlenco has
demonstrated that my estimate was,, on the
whole, correct and whllo somo ot the stocks
whloh were then coming on the markot have
turned out badly, olther from mismanagement
or from dishonesty, the majority have done
wall, and can be sold at a considerable profit
As to the opportunities which the industrial
stocks afford for unfair Stock Exchange opera
tions, which is oharged against this class ot
investments as a poculior defect nothing could
be less well founded. Those who condemn
Sugar Refineries. Lead Trust, Distillers' and
Cattle Feedora' Trust and Cottonseed Oil
Trust stocks as more gambling counters
manipulated by sharpers for the purpose of
preying upon the public must be very lnox
perioncod In tho ways of Wall street or else
must wilfully misrepresent the facts. From
tlio commencement of railroad building
Rharcs In railroad companies havo boon dealt
In HDOouIatlvely.and a man ncod not bo as old as
I am to remembor Fisk and Gould's operations
In the old Erlo ltaltrdad stock against Daniel
Drow and Oommodore Vanderbtlt and the
Commodore's own altornato cornering and lot
ting out of New York Central stock until it
suited his purpose to make it a constirvntivo
investment Ills son William If. played
a like game with Western Union Telegraph
stock, and the street was so often deceived
with rumors of tho company's approaching
"cutting ot tho melon" that wlion It Anally
camo most ot the speculators In the stock
were caught on tho wrong sldo ot tho market
When, on the other hand, tho samo William
H, Tanderbllt in 1870 ostentatiously parted
with $20,000,000 ot New York Central ltallroad
atook at 120 In order, as ho said, that the pub
lic might be permitted to share in the profits
ot the road, almost everybody believed htm
and eagorly bought the stock all tho way from
120 to 165. Thon came the building ot tho
West Shore road and its acquisition, after a
eostly war ot rates, by tho Now York Control,
With the result that tho Central Btoek fell to
below (XX I might go on In this way. In
definitely, drawing illustrations not only from
railroad stocks, but irom those of mining com
panies, petroleum companies, coal companlos,
and gas companies, but I think I have men
tioned enough to prove that industrial stocks
aro not dangerous above all others.
General business, my friends tell me. is very
dull just now In this country, and what I read
in tho foreign newspapers gives me tho
Impression that it, la equally dull there. This
being so. tho surplus of production over con
sumption, or of profits over expenses availa
ble for now investment is necessarily re
stricted, and this accounts both for the pre
vailing low rate of Interest on money and for
the comparatively slaok demand for now so
ourltlea. Sooner or later, however, thla aspoot
ot things must change, and then tho problem
of investing money will come to the front and
demand a solution. IUIlroads have seen their
best days, banks and trust companies afford
but a limited opportunity for now capital,
while the Held of industry is as vaebas aro the
elements of nature and the ingenuity of man.
Great Britain has cultivated it for many years,
a&d ber capitalist have dotted the I
globe with their various undertakings
In it making for the last tew years
extensive acquisitions In this country. Our
capitalists are not inferior in b6ldness
and In enterprise to thelb jfrltlsh cousins, and
the roason that they havo not hitherto followed
their examplo has been that they have found
abundant employment tn developing our own
natural resources by building railroads. If I
am oorroct In judging that wo must now look
around us for now forms ot Investment. It
seems only reasonable that industrial under
takings should take with capitalists, both
small hnd groat tho place heretofore occuplod
by railroads, and should, llko railroads, cm
ploy large aggregations ot capital.
Matthew Mahshat.!.
ftKAXVl.it. ASt) COmtKRCTAt.
New York SMock Esehange Hate and
Haaseor Prices of All Mceiti-ltle Dealt la
llurlas the Week lading Feb, , 199.
, 0- fg. Ultt (If
11)030 tj.fl. 4i, e ufo m 1IMX irY
K'UOOU. s. ei. r UuS juiu iinU lieu
1UW Alabama, Clan A lu.t loo 103 11)8
- ?"5i Sor- ,'"r- 1 1 1 lit l'-iH 138 1X3
1 iuvhi Nor. Car. en. im 8H t"7 W7
n-MU H. I'ar. Us. B. rn b lU I'll vr'u W
ajooUrKWIartiilef., t. It 1)3 W I'M Vli
SJUOllTetltl. .Sat. Ill nitfl (61 SNU But!
lUUOTenu.Ket. He InojJ lu,j m&jj iof,)J
Oifn XUgh' to (Id
Foi". it-tf. erf. frf. intf.
a;.4 Atrhlson ii vS',4 uat tu &n
2.117 Atchlion Inc (utt flltU nu Mitt
UlAlu.tlot.UllBa luutZ HljC lOUM Mil
40 aii. a Pac. lit, Tin liifj faq 7jQ
III Alb, A Sua. en. a, I'-'s lito ljfl iijO
10 Ani.Dk. a Imp. 0S....1D7U 1U7 luf'f Kli'i
HAtrli.AU. 1st. ...i.... 84 84 84
11 Brooklyn Kl. lit nu m lLu J 1:1
7 Bun. A l'h.gni tm no na im
0 Bur., c. H. A N, let los loa lontf 10.1
6 Bun.. K.Y.AB Iw ibm im ma
e Hon. a k. now u&M nr,l4 ilnu nr,u
B'iHeacbCreekJst UHU Ml VSiJ nil
2 Ublo. A Ind. Coal lit... U7lf K7U u7tj 117 U
4tl I'lia. O. en. ds 104U 10411 IMH 1U4U
at'hs. au.ei.iuii iisJ ubS im im
r. fha. to, 8.W. nitic ...103 lo.-, los ju-,
37 Uhs.AU.lt. A A. tit en. 77U 78 7714 77
IClli. All. K. A A.2JCU. 7SW 7HU 7BW 782
nrn.AAit.iit jo:i(J iun hh hmJI
CG C. B. A U. CUT. Sa ill 111 HoH m
l."ilB.Al.4i,Neb.ex.. tilU 11114- VIU UU
IllCB.Al.7l U-jft 12J j 12'iU 12lJ
10 0., U. A I . deb. S 10.'! 11)3 IViO 108
II U., B. At .41, I. dlv.... U4 l4 V4 04
8U..H.AI .41. D.dlv... H1U Hl U1W 11114
1 Ublo. A fllL let 1S mi l'JIJ 122U
4 U.. 0., O. A I. gul iltl 120 11 " 1211
III. R. IowaF. AN. te...lO0 100 loo lt)
C, U. AN.&I ion ior. 10.-. 10s
0 III, 1". A AlU WiU 1II3M 10.-U4 111314
lUUan.So. lit 107 107ft 10, 107
III Can. Ho. 2d 1U214 10SU 102 1U2U
1 till Chic. AN. 1". lit 7HM 7VM 7UW 7lii
6 Cl. A canton lit Hum gujj si.lj bum
ail, II. AD.rn. RF....124 124 124 124
3 Cent. 1'ac. gold. 'WI...110U llvt IIOU HUU
HCent.Pac.UU.0a 1U1M 10IK 101W 10lO
108 CI. Pitta. 4)4, 8. A.. 107 107(2 107 107U
IChlc AB. IluTlt C0...123 122 122 1!2
BBS Cblc. A B. IU. gnl. CO... V 1IIOM UU lOiIti
21 Coninmers' O. ot O. Be. 87 87 88 M
C,BUU1 N. O, U. d. U7 17 IHI lit)
6Cb.. Bt. KAN. 0.6a... 118)i IIU 113U liSV
6C0l.Mia.llt 111 111 HI lit
7Col.Bk.4l.. 71H 71K 71 71
87ChlaOaaL.AC.Calst. 88 88)2 88 H8
78Cble.B.lst 101M 101(2 1U1M 01U
881Cblc.AE.lne B2U 63)2 62 2 C8U
25DeL AlU '114. S.10....110 110 110 110
8 Del. A 1L Pa. d 140)4 14014 140X 140M
llDen.AaO. 1st 1173 117)2 117 117
30Den.AK.O.cn... 7tfU 80)2 78 80)4
11 Del. A Waco let Bl B 8tt SB
0Den.0.C.llt WU BUM BB DS
aDesM. APt.D.4Ms.... 77 77 77 77
10 Del., M. A M. lo. 8'l 811)4 SU SB
1 Uul.B. 8. A Alt 6a lltt 1)11 fcl BO
1 hqulUbleO.A F. lit... D7W W7)4 V7U U7M
7EdiionE.lu.ist loo)! 100)2 loo)2 100)2
80KllrAB. B.llt 8A HGIi 85 85)2
lOKrlelstex. '.USX 114)2 114U 114)2
20Erley.Bs 1)2)2 wa U-M 83
HKrle4tbex 1141' 114U 114)2 H4M
2 Brie Gtb ex. g. 4s lOljJ 101J4 101U 101 U
7UErUcn.2d 107)4 107)4 loiM loeQ
lB.Tenn. 61 U8U B V8U BB
OKureksB.lit lOlvi 1014 lOltJ 101M
4 Flint A P.M. 1st Oa... .131 121 ill 131
44 Ft. Worth lit 10114 10114 101 101)4
1 Ft. W. A B, U. 1st 74(2 74)2 74U 74)2
12 Ft. Wayne lit 188(2 108(2 1SH)2 18M(2
18 Fulton El. lit ,.87(2 8U 87)2 SB
28 0.H'gA8.A.lSt,ir.a. 87(1 U7l H7)I B7U
8 DrancVInd. 6s S3 B3 83 88
lUreenBayln 87 37 87 87
211I.ASt.Jo.cn. 8 118M 118?4, UD 1184.
l71Iock.Val.6. SUtf 111 8US4 Bl
2Bll0Ck.Tal.ei WO IM) B. BU
611. AT. Cent. cn.0e....luiM 101 u loiu loin
281l.AT.Ceat.Ual. 41... O 64)2 64 84(2
120 Iron Mt.ltt 101 101)2 101 101)2
2IronMt.2d 10 100 10U 10U
481ronMt.6s 8&M 8W 88 83
21 111. Cent. 4e. 1953 101 102(2 101 102
IB Int. A Ot. N. lit 122M 122(2 122U 122(4
8B int. A Ut. N. 0 80(2 HI 80(2 81
7Ind.A8p.llt 116 US 114 114
13 Iowa Cent, lit 88 US B2 V3
IBJomeiB. V. lit 10S lOi 100 10.1
3Kut.Pac.eon 110 110 110 110-
2Keok.AD'm6s VOW WW utr( 88(4
146Kn.ATex.4 81 81 80j2 81
477-Xan.ATcx.3ds.; COW Bite 4V8 BOW
11 KlueiCo.EI. lit BB BVA BB VB
4 Kaaawba A M. 41 75 7n)2 75 W4
1 K. O. A Nor. R. B 108 108 108 108
81 Kentucky Cent, lst. 83)4 83 82M 82W
0 Kan. City A r. 1st 74(2 78 74(2 76
47 Laclede Oal let 82(2 82W 82 83W
3L.AW.B.ca.a. 110(2 llojj llotr lloQ
3SL.K. A Weit.llt 110(2 111 110)7 111
BO Lake Shore lit 120)2 131 120 120
31Lake8horo2do 123)2 123)4 122U 122U
6 Lake Shore 2d r 121U 123 121W 128
18 Lake Shore D.bda. 117)2 118 117(2 118
6L0u.AN.cn 114M 114K 114)2 114)4
BI.ou. AN, N. AD.lSt.,114 114 114 114
6 Lou. an. gni 118 nu no lie
2 Lou. A rO. AS. 111... 88 B9)4 88 BUM
80L.AN.. N.O.AM, dlv.. 11 8 11B 11HW 118
85L0U.AN. g. 41 78(2 7B!4 7HU 7UU
15UAN.. S.AN. A. 6a... 83 88 88 83
5 IVihlgh Val. Term'l Ba.lio 110 110 110
74 LO, St. L. A T. let U2T4 84U 83)4 84M
1 Long Iiland lit 117 117 117 117
27 Long Island 6s 114 114M 114 114V,
46 Long Island 4s 83)4 84 B3)4 MSij
66 L, X-A.ACn.cn 101(2 l0- 101(2 102 (J
7Lo,N.O. ATex.llt.... 88 80 88 88?
8lA,Ev.A8t. L.&S 82 82 80 HO
1 Max. Natl, lit 83 113 85 83
1 Mlsa. Btver Br. let 100 I'M 108 108
62 Morrla A Be. con 137 138 137 188
80MorrUAEe.7aot7l...l23)4 12314 128)4 123)4
6 Morrla A p.. 1st 141(2 "'H "'H 11(4
33Uct.Kl.llt,...: 116) 11)S 116 116(2
0Htt.Kl.2J 1U8 108 107M 107(2
1 Mobile A Oblo lit new.lieX 116)4 116(2 116(2
10Mol AU. Hi. ex. Ol... 113 112 112 113
108 Mobile A Ohio gnl 68)4 88)4 86 66
I6MI0I1. 0,nt. KUL4I BU 100 88 100
Bllcb.Cent.7s 128 123 123 12.1
10Utcb.Cent.6s.lU3l, r.113 118 113 11,1
23M0. 1'ac rol.lltOl 81U 83 8114 83
10MO. Pao.8d 113 US 116 115
1 MIL A Nor. lit, 1810.. ,118V 113M 118M U8M
6 MIL A Nor. lit, 1813.. .114 lliT 114 llf
2 Mil. A L.8, M.dlv 120 120 120 120
6MIL AUB.ex.te. 106U 100)4 104 10(1
8 Nor. l'c. Terminal llUOfl 100 103 105
118Nor.Pao.lsto 118U 116M 116)4 11614
46Nor.Pac.lilr 116( 11BW 116(2 116(2
28Nor.Pc.8d e 108 108(2 108 108
169 Nor. Pae. en. 6s 78 78(2 7SW 7614
26Nor.Pac.Allon.lat...l01M 102 101(4 102
3Norf.AW,O.V.dlv... 86(2 8I1 86)2 M
21flNorr.AW, M. AW.dlV. U22 82H 81 81
10UN.Y.A8us.lstr.6s....lO3t2 104(4 108)4 104)4
8N.Y.AKus.2d HOW HI 8(1(2 SI
40 N. V. A Bus. gnL 66(2 e&X SS(2 85)4
8Nor.B.R.o(cal.Bs....l01 101 101 101(J
3N. Y.AN.E.7S. 121 124, 121 121
6N.J. Cent.cn. 1898.. ..Ill III 111 111
68 N.J. Cent. gnl. Bar.. ..Ill 111)4 110M 111
227 N.J. Cent. imL 6 Ill lllS 111 111)4
OIIN. V. Cent. 1st 0 12414 124(2 128 124
17N.Y.Cent. ex. &S 1022 102U 102V 10214
17N.Y. Cent, deb, Oa lou(2 108)4 10UU 10w(2
10 North Mo let lOtlU 107 106(2 107
11 Naeh.AChatlit 126!j 12U 128(2 12U
8NaebAChat.cn 106 10H 10A 106
lON.Y.KI.lat 112)4 113 11214 112J4
18N.Y.AP.C.AI. S.. 83V 84 V.'M 84
45 ML 8. M. Co. lit 10.1 103 103 10.1
I N.V.Alt. U. lit 1112 1IU 102 1U3
lOtlN.Y. ANor. 2dl 61 HI M B7
2U3N.Y, Ch.ASt, L.4I.... UC)( 1IU B6U
6N. M.S. 1,61 108M 10U 10HU 101)
IIN.W.cn US 138 187 137
2U N. . c. 41 r Ullfi U7 HtlV 87
21N.W, ex. 41 100 1110 100 100
ll.N.W.goldc 124)4 12.', 1241 12A
2N.w.a. r.tiav 117)2 niX llH 117X
20N. w. deb. r., 25 yr.... ior, 10614 ioCf iiisu
6N.Y..O, AW.lIt 116 110 116 115
11N.Y, O.AW.CU 101 1UIM 101 101M
2Olt.0. F. ASt. P. let.. 108 1U8 107W 107)2
100hlaAMIU.en.B.y.112M 112(4 112(2 112U
8 Oblo A. Mil, cu lUU 112K lllj 112JZ
3 Ohio A Mill. 3d lil'H 11H)J lltlQ 119(2
SIIUIOAMlM. Ill, Bp.d.112 1J3 113 113
7 Or.. B.AN. 1st lU'H 1M4 110U 110)4
8(lr, K. AN. Con.61 85 8(1 113 Ull
ti Ohio Koututru lit lou luu 1011 ion
22 Ohio Houthern gnl II4M U4I4 Mil Ci'l
28Urcgon8.L.l'n.cn.... 82(2 83(2 4i 8.1(2
13 Oregon B. L. 8 106 1115 I115 lo-.
137 Oregon Imp. 0 70 70M 68 (IvM
12 Oregon lap. lit 102M 102H 1"'-M IOjU
1 PltlK, P. A F. lit 85 83 85 85
14 Pao. of Mo, lit 4s UStS I'BM ) WH
11 Pac, of Mo. 2d ex .,loi ion 10". 103
12 FfOIile'lU AC.OrCId.lliO JIH1 IIH1 J 110
7Peo ll.AK.lat. B.U..1II7 107 107 107
1U Pen., U. A K. 2d 70 70 70 70
84Peo.AK.llt hlU 83 U2i 83
611'eo.AE, in 34(2 MH 83(2 '(
r,ill'enua.4)4i,p loil loot; ioi " luu,?
85Penua.4e, r 1U6U Hl)4 luHu 10 Hi
12JPltts.AWu. lit.,. I..,. 8J(J 8-1 bjlj 83
111 Peo. A P. Ull. 3d 7(14 1"li 7u) 7UU
till Kll, AW. P.T.MS Ml Uu)2 BlU IC.iJ
237 Kb. A W. P. T. Ol 1.1 07 IU2 65)2
211 A I'lltl. Ill ril 11UU llll'-i II11J4 IIU'I
48 K0 W. A O. ex ft 118)2 114)3 113 114)2
45Kuk launi'l III, r , .121! 122 1JII, Ml
847 KocV Island ex. 6a 10JK Wi 0: 10JW
ll ItocX l.lalid Ueb. 6e., Wllja B'tU 8l)j U.li,
2ltll.AHllv.llt Ill 111 III 111
10 Ml. A Duv. 6s , H.'i MJM KlU B2U
612 Heading gul. 4 ,. 84 H'M 83 2 ''M
618 Heading lit pf. tno '-i 72M llll2 7'.'j2
1U42 Heading 3d pr. Inc 64)2 67 63V 64i
B311tedlug3dpf. tue 40)2 44)4 U.-U 44
.' Hriulllig IIU ,'liv ..,43 43 4.1 43
Bllteedliwdef. ino 12 1'J 12 13
247 Klo U. W. lit 774 7KX 7i)( 7ci
6Bl.I..VallAT.II,lt..lll)4 lll.S, lllj 11M,
BBclotnVal.A N. K. 4S,, HO Kll Mil Ml
lubt.P.A.M10'psen....,.131 131 120)4 120)4
lHu. Pao.iiri:i. UlX.. 4)4 1I4K 114,7 IIVi
lato.l'ao. otcl.cn.",... 811S hum link uu
lOt-o.Pac.of N.Mex. llt.lOJU 1U22 lui'l lOL'II
12tvo.Po.ofArli.lit...,lui lolij 101 I0i?
HUBI.P.AM.lil,r.l),6l.l(XlU 10 llllU I111U
H8I.P.AMa.lst.M.0.UsllAIA 113(2 113(2 UlVlZ
12 Bt. P. A Ma. con, lb..., ,11811 120 lll 120
13 M. P. A Ma. coll. 4)41.. UMU 88 tw!2 I'll
1 Kt. P. A Ma. 2d ,11H 118 llx lid
Jl EI.P. AMe,M.ex.4l.. 8aX s,V 88)4 (U
6 81. U A H. P. 2d, III U.. 11,1 1IH 118 111
1BLL. AH. F.2J. CI. 0..U8 113 111 113
348l.P,llt6 .,.,,...118 118)4 118 lli)(
BHHI.P.llt, L.C. il......,lJl 121(2 12(1 130(2
3 HI. P. lit. II. AD. 7., .121 121121 121
2M. P.. Mt. P.dlv 10JU lUiU lllJU HljU
2HHt,p.iit.o.Aji.auiniQ 101(2 ioi(2 i(i2
BSt.P.toq 1281 13)S 12 ibia
1211 8. P. gul. 41 SUV Ml 8614 8t
16 HI. r..D. A Ot. So. 6,. .101 101U lOUIi 101U
BU. P. Term 104 104 101(2 10 Q
Em. P. 1st, C.AP.W,4.10 lOoW 100 iu6
8 Ht. P. lit. 8 M.d...,...116 115 11B 116
1 St. P. 1st. W. AM. rS..106 103 103 106
St. P. 1st, U 4D.U....103X VG&X 'WHJWH
Cr Jltgh' Itt' fftf
&i4,-o(!t.ii.A,w.iit.. y 1u j(ir
j&tt.LmhiAaw,3i..t. saw WW m(2 ,4
jfll.ll.K.K.lt J08SJ JOjja 108)4 J0H(2
12 K. CH.lt. 2d 109 1JM ipo 100
jKav.AW. let: 76V H VM J
JiBetlIS.iBtltt... 81(2 ,V M W
1 Spokane Aral, I" 'WJ lC?f "JJH JL,VM
VlTexaiPac nefel6s...J jifl "li " S'.,
3r2Txasl'aclll0 2dla... BJ PH 'iu. iW
14 lol.. p, A Wn. lit .79 mJH .7' .!&
lTt)l.Abhloi'eut.lit...liV1 163 Jai 10
WrolA,A.Ar5.MlM..lllJ , 1U.I 1WM 1'JiH
tlTol. A.A.AN.N.en.,. rVji 88 72 HS
M Tul. A, A. A fail. let.. 8 t 84 8 IM
2H(lTiil.,8tj..A(,C.ilt., U4W M-eJ MK WM.
820 0. 1'ac. g. tl, U. T. N...' Urt .M WH 87
t L'nlen Pac, 1st, 'Bfle.. .107(2 107H 07 107(4
4l'iilonPMlneW87 IK'S 'Val Uffl li8
1 1'nlon Pacltlc; 'Ulie 112S lim 112H 113K
Union licinc.'tiai lIo nok 110-H JioK
tl I nlun Par. N. f 106 lOAM 1H '('i
Million Pee.il. T.4KI., 7S .7. ., .X.S.
lUtabSn.gnl ...lp2 Wli WH JWM
Hfnl.ni Ri. lit ...Ill 111 IJ' 111
VJ I'nlon Pan.. II.AII. lit. 7, 77M 1'J 76
3 . Midland gnl. s .. . Wl 84 .4 ,8
C Vallny ic K.uri) IHB 10 103., 10
ItOWabaililit 10411 lint 10414 103
201 Wabaib2.1 H2'2 .HM .l2 .fl
ill Urn. union deli. 7a.. .117)2 H Ji'H J 'J
31 Weat, Union ccl.r,e. ..lot' 104,. 103 loa
BB3 Weat Shore 4 102U lO'S 10314 lojM
lietTeitSbore 4i,reg ,...102U 1'H 102)1 o?
nWheellligA UK.ilt..l0.1 103 106 1115
10Wh.tMI.lni HIM HX IM14 JUM
BWeM.N. Y. A Pa. lit... tl'lQ 100 thl 1'W
SWeit.N.Y. A Fa, 2d... Il-'M IISJl 83 83
SO till. Cent. 1st 822 82)2 82t 82)1
Total islei of rallicar bonds (par vales). SlU.813.o6v'.
ppn- TM- " C-e
Mm lug. ut. m. i,i.
47S Adsms Express 148 lif 143 j47
1B Albany A Bus 160 103 1U0 1(13
834 American Cable 81, 83 81, 2
8(lOAiner.Dlst,Tel uatj et 03)i 14
886 American Tobacco pf. 87 87 mi ifiH
411 American KxpfrM... 117 118 III! 117
4800 American I'ot.OU.... 8f;1X l aJ
9nBaAmerlcanCot.oilpt.ini ml : :(
187421 AIChT. A 8.i;e... 4l 40), li7)I 0&
VHAtantl3 A Pacific 6 6, . l 4(
6 Honton A. K pf 101)4 10IK 101(2 101
nsooBuit., rtoch.AP.,.... 40 40 asii u6,
10tJBlllT,Kocb.AP.pf... PO-4 W4 7BM 78 2
7tWllruulik.Co...... .. 1J4 V ' 'h
70lt.AO.8.W.pf.... 5 r; 4 4JI
4030(n'!8onthern 81 81 Bo 504
24281'an.JigB rcWC IW 0 J BM
10lll7ChS.AOU10......i... 26 3(t) 34)J 25)
62IUCIlI.AOUlolel.f,.. 02 62 01 WlU
C8B2Cbee.A0hl0 2dpf.... J'lK 43 42?- 4 1
800CIHC.A Kssllll 07,, 117 CU 68
. 35Chlc.ABastIII.pf.... WJt 88 8814
eMit3(lblcoOa...... 77(2 )H 74 75)2
227 CblcTa Alton.. 188 144 138
872.) C :.", ist,:..... 72! 72. 7K 7I
183C. C..C. ABt. Upf... 87 B8 UI 88
84285ChlC AN.V7..,.......lllf 118 116)4 1J7
648 Cblc.AN.lV.pt 144 144V2 144 14
1U1360C, M.ABt.P BOM SO 78l lUi
71tlOl.AHt.P. pf 1242 1262 124M 125l
48943C:M.AP0.j 81 82 80 8I2
14110 Chic. June. 8. Y....... 76 77 7 76(2
70 Chic. June. 8. Y. if... 82M 83 S2 hi
C310 Colorado Coal....'.... 88 88 O'M 8014
HOOCol. Allocking Coal.. 17 17 .17 .17
1641 Cltliem'Uaa ufB 101 10IK 101 101
10U Coniol. Coal. .28 20 28 2(1
12217 ConsoUdated Oas C0.H6U 116)4 I12M 1J4J4
1243BDSL A Hudson 122 JJW J32 12M
188513 Del, Lack. AW 146J2 IW 144 10IS2
400Dn.AMI 16H 18, llj't
202O0 Den. A R. U. ft 48H t)H M H
lODeiM. A Ft.Uodie... 7 7 7 7
86i37ailuuTaK..... C3 , MH C? t'M
21B0B.T,V.l0 7K .7)2 "7 ,7)2
10K.tZv.AO. lltpf... 60 60 60 fff
OOB.T.V.AO. 2dpf.. 15)4 16)4, 16(4 IBM
16441 BdUonO.B...... 87 lot BIlWlOlC
060BvnT.U 121). 122 120(2 120
lOoFllntAP.W 23) 2514 26(2 26)2
BOOOreenBavA Win loj, .10(2 10 10
1 840 Ot. Northern pf 124). 124(2 123(4 123M
1604 HUnola Central 108(2 109)2 108(2 lOHl
40 IU. Cent., leased L... 83 82 82 112
1018 Iowa Central 13K 13i 18)4 IBM
896 Iowa Central pf. 48 48 47(2 48
0OQL08t.LouilATeias. 17, 18 16(2 18
348iL.B.AWtern....... 32W e32Jt 2lU 31 J4
S7B8L.R.AWeiternpf.... 72U 7:1 71(2 7:(J
6884LkSbor 132(2 123 1 122(2 122
SOLonrltland 98 Ud 8& 90
lOOSUeredeUai...... .... 33 22 20 21
11633SLoula.ANaib. .:.... 74M Ittt 72K 74)4
86260 LoulaM. A. AC 38U 2U 2ir.j 28
60toET.ABt. L 20(2 2W 20(2 20!
17843 Manhattan Con 110)2 118)2 116)2 117
loo Manhattan Bb 4 4 4 4 ,
A Maryland Coal 23M 2:M 28M 33M
300 Mahoning CoaU 77( 77(2 77(2 J7H
200 Minn. Iron 82 82 82 83
600 Mexican Central, IBM in 14, 18 , 10.,
1140 Michigan Central 107W 108 3.H 107W
200 Mil, C 8. A W. 84 83K 9II
100 Minn. A St. I 0 U 8 8
3O0Mlnn.A8t,L.pf 18 1U 18. 18,,,
1076 Missouri raolno. 824 tS3W 61V K2H
210SMo,Kn.ATX....... 18(2 18)2 17(2 1"
12I45Mor.Kan.ATeX.pt... 81 82 80 81M
B65 Mobil A Ohio......... 8S 88 87 87
Ht4 Morris A Bliex 146 146 143X140
1260Nasb- 0.A8L.L SUM 8ttS4 86 86)4
1200NatLL. Oil.. 291! 8l(li 211;; 80(2
83707 N.J, Central HOW l'-t!V( 1142 126(2
4917 N.y. Central .V...116M 11311, 114(2 115
700 N.Y.C. ANortb.pt... 19(2 1HS 18 18
39722 NatL Cordage......... 88M Mb VU 96.
10769 NatL Cordage pf 11SK llefcj 110(4 lloM
8911 North American 18(2 17(2 15M 161
44197 N. Y. A New Eug 4lrU 60 411 J 47(2
888 N.Y. AN. ... 225(2 227 226(2 328
1BSSN.Y.0. ASt. L. 2(1 2U 18 18
8IWN.Y.C. Aflt.Ulltpf. 77 77 76 76 ,
1860 N.Y.C. A St, IV. 2d pf. 42 41 40)4 40)4
110 N.Y, i.AWVL1....'..llO4 110X nog 110j2
64366 N.Y,UE. AW 80U 81 80 BM
4O80K.Y,L.K.W. pf... 72(2 72J4 71M 72
2317 N.Y, 8. AW.......... 11(2 "H H "N
3S35 N. Y, B. A W, pf 4BU 60)2 OH
812 Norfolk A Welt pf.... 4U(e 60 41l 60
8814 Northern Pacltlc 2H 2Vi 2344 33M
SBllBNorthernPaoltlopf... 07)2 87(2 J (
COO Oblo Soutbern 20 21 20 21
100 Ohio A Mill 32M 22)4 22) 22M
80 Ontario A Mining 44 44 44 44
10043 Ontario A Welt 19)4 18)4 1BU y)4
600 Oregon 8. L. 80(2 80)2 28(2 38ti
SllSracUe Mall 8tH 88 87 87(2
870reo.Deo.ABv. 20(2 W 1M 1S
378788 rblla. A Baaolng 41)5 40,lJ 4MJ
1260Phtla.Oa T 28 28X 20 28(2
22S8 Poll. Palace Car Co.. .1MJ4 180 188)4 189
207 Pitts, CO. A Bt.L.... 27 37 27 37
87lPlttl,C.0.ABt.L pf. (J4 0614 84 86)4
640Pltu.A Weiternpt... 40 40(2 40 40(2
luOFeo. A Rastem.. ...... 18 16 111 18
lOOQulckaUrerpL 21) 21 21)4. 21
82 Bens. A Bar . 170 170 170 170
2O0 Klo Grande W.... U7X 7 87M 87 K
82RloOrandeW.pl 70 70 7o 70
17830 Bleb, A W.P... 147 16U 14M 14lf
4660Blcn. AW.P.pf 72 73(2 evil 71
186BB.W.AO...... 111M 1112 111(2 11 1)4
4308t.L.A8. W. 9U 8j2 UM 8V
2S20 8t.UAB.W.pr. IBM luU 18(2 18S
60 8t. L.A8. F.letpt... 78(2 "") 78)2 7B-
2300 8t.PaulADuluth..... 46 46W 45 46(2
810Bt,PanlADulatbpf..l0Cf4 106 104J4 104),
llBIOBkranlAOmaba..... 48M 4(J 48W 48(2
6808t,rulA0mabpt..ll4(4 116 114(2 116
74B Bobth Carolina 3(2 4 814 8J
. S110 Southern Pacltle 8M 40 88)2 89H
800 Standard Mining 1.40 1.40 1.40 1,40
SI 10 Tenn. Coal A Iron..... 42)4, 43 41 V,i
I8OT0LAO.C 46 4B 48 40
1740TexasPacluo.......... 12)4 12M 12 12
6880 ToU Ann A.AN.M... 26M 27K 2.-VV 28M
SOO01 Union Pacin 47(2 H 46(2 rJH.
2300 Union Paclflo, D. A O. 21(2 31(2 18M 20
20U.8.KXDrM....,.,... 4Ut2 4B(2 4VU 4VK
10 United R. K. otN.i..223 223 223 223
mow,8t.i.p.... tan l.ts urn rm
11S33W, BMUAPtPf. 81 81 ! SO
63 Well. Fargo EVnreil.140 140 14i 140
137886 Western Union TeL... B3 88)4 84T4 87M
B810WbeeUng A-L.B 87 H 87)2 8,1t 87(2
6880 Wheeling A L.E.pf... 78 79(2 77K 78)2
100 Wisconsin Centrsl.... IVM lJt Id.'t 19)2
Ex dividend,
Total sales, 3,189.839 share.
ChH- Jiiffh. lot, tlae-
ATaTat. iff. V. . ins.
8670Amer. 8. R.00 B0J4 83 7BI4 SHI
1110Amer.8.aCo.pt.. VSil 88K 82)2 93
1667 NatL Lead Trott... 20V 2IU 20(2 -0)4
8400 N. Lead Trust Otfs. 20C iotj 20 20(2
6387 N. Lead Co.... 86(, 889 83t4 B6(2
4617 N. Lead C. pf 82(2 M( 82(2 SSIj
622 CoL, II.V.AToLpf. 70 70 68 7o'
4O0 Dal. 8. 8. A AIL Pf.. 16)4 15V 14)4 14
600N. Y Pa. AO. pr... 1(2 IM 1H IK
300T0L, fW,,.. 20 20 20 20
1000ToL,Bt.L. AK.O... 16W 111 14 16
1800T,-it.L.AK.apf. 37)2 27)4 23X 26i
700Chryollt .....25 .80 .26 .SO
BOOComitock T.C.....l .20 .18 .20
100 Dead wood 2.80 2 HO 280 2 HO
100 Horn rtllver 8.60 830 8i S.M)
400 Lead vtUe .24 .25 .24 .26
luOOPhcentxotAris. 74 .74 .06 .811
SSOOOOeorgla Pac.lita.,10234 10".'S4 (i;74 102S4
SlloOOarortiaPac.2dcn. B22 -'S 62(2 82(2
S&OOOUeorgla Pac.lno... 17 17 17 17
SlIOOOKR.AMempbllBl. 78 7Ki 77 7H)4
S16000V.KlddlohfrKer8a. 73 7,'l 73 78
820UO ripe Line Cm (JO U CH"f 60
Vin. 7'7". 7ie. (Im.
Bal. lij. tl. r. irl.
24Merbanlca' IwJ 186 1MI ImI
ISO Metropolitan Ill 11W Id ll"i
18 Weitern National 123) 12.1(2 123 123
65 American Excbang 160 ll li ino
72 Bank, of Commerce 1H3 IH-'i la'l 1H3
23 Fourth IHI 111 181 181
lOONereuante'....,, 134 154 134 151
II Hank of Republic 175 175 175 175
1(1 Com Exchange 250 250 260 250
ino Butrbera' and Drovara'.lBH-; lH3t 1H.1'( 183'4
76Mercballl' Excliailga.. 124)2 124)2 124)2 124)2
BUNDAT. Foil. 7.
Tho sum of the Treasury bnlancos ot ths
close ot buslnofts RaturJiiy was JJ13-,8I)3,G9.
an iacreaso as com pared with tlio previous
Saturday of frill, 0117, National hank note
circulation outstanding. $I7L,.mi.,.rll. Bal
ance of ilopotlU to redeem nntlonnl baulc
notes, $:il,07Hti-'M. a dncreaHo for tlio weok ol
Ftntlstlcs rolntlns lo silver bullion certlfl
ontcH dealt In on tho Stool: i;i-li.inc,i nro as
follows: Bllver bullion on hiind Fob. 0,
;i,7il1. 812 ounroi, on Increase of Jll'J.riiriounces
fur thu week; cortllk-utoi oiitHtnnillnv;, 3,7511.
Tlitxlenllncs for the week were RUU.000 ounces.
atOOUAill'e. cloHlnirnt lil" cunts pur ounce. '
Tho weekly l.nnk stntenient shows:
J.ih .10 th. 5, nianau.
Loans S4.VI.382.7n0 (4HO.0.VJ.II00 Inc. 7.010,800
Drniiills,.., 6(ni,6l4,0ivj (,ir. 3in.;ui Inc. 6,BU2.7IX
I irrlllSllon. 0.4HH, ( 5..VU.HKI Inc, 41,800
Leiiii uud'r 6o,2uo,:oii 6ii,2a.40i inc. Hd.iioo
Specie,, llS.lli.'.imu lll.lilll.-.OO Dec 1,200,400
Iteserve j"lii'l,3iii.4lkl 1 162 245 (l Deo. l,ll;i.8J
r.ri'tereiid, I37.37H.Hsi 128.844,175 Ilia 1,465,(176
Surplus, f.Hi.0211.11011 3.1,411,42, Dec. f2.57ll.475
Tbesurplus year egn u k'JIU'l .',u75, and two year
iiu Sli.tCiS HOU.
Clnroure H. WIIiIch offer' to Investors 1st
preferred. 'Jil preferrm, and cuiuimni htook of
tlio Amoileiin Hoda l'iniiitalii Omnpitny, which
paid lust oar (I, B. uud ll) V cunt, tespuctlvely.
Tlielr Ilullnle will bo .tntt.l.otlery.
Np.w Oiilf.akh, Fek 7. Tho Domojrntlo F.x
eoutlvcComnilttoe. lit order to sut ut rest ull
questions recording the lottery constitutional
aiand-DentusB adopted resolutions ordering
tat all ths jJemocratio tickets shall be printed
ocalDstthe lottery amendment. This is tho
fMUonotthojJemocracx charged wita being
WendlrtoUiolotteiT,- r rtitffl
ll)ji() , V yjll. 8 Viu J,- J, U, (J0t t
South Carolina .Railway Go. 1 11
to tup iim.nr.RN or skconb ooitt '& !
courANT. -ia lMM
The propneed nereement fhr the) raeinaa ' JH
lantlon of tlil" rnmpnny. dated Jan. , lsa VV
I notvrendy for dletrltnllnniimnngtlika1H ', i3nH
cranrimaeeurltle. TlieNewTortt jrtt i& H
and Trunt t'onumuy hna eared to ae a tha ''j taaal
depoallnry ol the Com ml Hen. Coplaa )x" th) '& iUWl
plan tnny lie ntilnlncil nt Ita oOce, Ne, 41 4 (jD
Wall M,, New Turk City. The elrTllew let Sfj '
ter or the Committee, tocether with m tttt -fe ,B
of the Jtrrel ver npprovlnn; and endoralac tha r'J '.H
plan, may tin hnd nt the mime ofllee. Tha Ias4 & H
daFttaed for the deposit or the acearitUa 11 W
Maaday, leh. B. 188. ' KM
hate niir.N i,hti:i on thk vim i' M
llated New York. Jan. Ox. 1 SOS. g. IMM
46 Wall Sia ' faMl
IS Wall St. V If ;
IS llroad as, S I m
80 Bread Ut, ' -
234 FIFTH AV, eor. 27TI1 8T. ;
Branch oCBce, IB -Wall Ht. and 3 Nassau
CAPITAL and S17HlI.VH....l,0e,V).d) . fl
IntereMt alloweil on deposits. Cbecki paa tarengH H
Clearing llouio latne ai tboia on city bank. .
Actaaa Exrcntoror Amlnlstrator of Kitats.ana 4J ' H
Guardian, Itncelver. lteiriitrar, Tramrcr and Financial , ; Bf
Agent lor Ktatca, aa. ralliuailsauil oornQralou. r r. )
JOHN- V. TOWNSKND. l'reildent. ' ?' )'.
CllAIIL.I-t T. rlAltNI'.V, Vlce-Frsildsnt. . '
JusliPH T. llltlJWN. 2J Vlco-l'reil4at '. ,
rRED'E L. KI.U1I11K1E. Secretary. ,i 3 fl
J. HtMtV TOWhhK.ND. Ass't SecreUty. -
earned for the year IBM on total lileiof SS.1T1.S14.B h fl
thesomor S410 48R.01 net, which snm psld dtvlanSS W H
ofd.8. AND 10 Fi:it CENT, respectively on 11.230.0081 ji fl
each ot lit Preferred, 2d rreferrei nd Oommot) K fl
Stock, besides carrying to snrplua aoronnt fll0.4S9.tl. f jf H
full particulars, with prirei ot above atocxs, raralss) Y fl
on application, together lth Hit ot other dsslrabts J; fl
socurltles. fl
a. WALL 8T1XEET. 4 . : fl
i - asj
, itr,)i .,!, , m
Purchasers of Real Estate ' . -' 9
who desiro a loan tocomploto their snrehasa, fl
can obtain samo without extra charge it ths '. ,'
havo titlo cimrnntood by " i fl
D5 Liberty St. N. Y. 20 Court St. Brooklyn. ' , I
" i
ffaylaud Trask & Co. I
Bankers and Stock Broken, '; ' I
IS Wall Street, New York, ; fl
TSiairiaT-r'r--l-g - ""-"- irar ' '- fl
aa4 ! aoaaaslsslea C MBrttlM daani at at '. fl
ttBwXarkrtokEsehang. J'
watiaahd tbask. 4, - J " fl
Henry Clews & Co., J
II, IB, and IS BROAD BT, opp.M. tl'storttttolni. M fl
' . i-j jfl
Deposits received anhject ti'cBek aa aenuad. Eav j I
Ureal allowed on dally balanoM. ; M
Order axecntedon the New York Btocx Exeaaata '-' M
(or stock and Bond, fur luveitment er onmargla. j i '
jiviatpjfljg noa atrtrrcjte ', 1
A dividend oil per oent. on the preferred, ax eg this ' r
company tu been declared ont ot th net xatngi tor v m
the quarter ending Dee. 81. 181, payaol aasad afteg I '
Feb. is. IBM. at ths company dfflca. 0 roadwy. , H ,
Mew York, to holder of record Jan. oUlStxr J
The tranifer booka of the Preferred Stq k win b ':, '
cloied at noon on Saturday. Jan. 80. and SMpened at " ,
10 o'clock A. M. on Tueiday, Tab. 18. 18U2.
K M. 8C11WAM. Secretary andTwaaurar. ,
CItrliflus attt, jfttattuaj. ' I
. . -!-,- .. "I" I..-,.. J"!
way. New York. Jan. 12. 1892. The amual meet
ing of atockholdero of the Ward Shirt Ooavany.'Um.
Ited, and the election of Dlrectora tor the auojng year,
will be held at the Hotel Aberdeen, No. U17 Hroadwar,
N. Y on Wedneiday, Feb 17. isui at B e'clock P. SC
Poll opn one hour. LOUIB B. MAlDU0F,3creUry.
TUB ANNUAL HEKT1N0 of hartioldrot th SUth ;
Avenue Railroad Company for th slectiva tt vj
thirteen director wlU be held at the depot. .
Cth v. corner 43d it, on Tneaday, reb.A.
from 12 to 1 o'clock. '
transfer nook closod Feb. a to . ., !
1IBNRY 8. MOOBY, Beentary , '
i i if;
goattg, ;
ADYANOBS oa household furnltnr wtttmit nawrat,
BADOUrrB, 817 Broadway, N. Y, a4t 876 Fulta
at. Brooklyn.
; , J 9 i
.. - '"A
NEW YOKK.rsB.a.lStS. f
iiropoeal for bl J to lutiply 1'rinted. I4lnogrnj -
or Stamped Forms. Blanki. Fsmphlet. and etatlonerr. 1
i. e. (llticUl Writing Faper and Knvelopea. to the Coartf
dally in tha CITY ItECultli. .,. , .'
Bida will he received at thla offle until 12 cVeleek :
M. on Thunday. Feb. IB, 1S92. and WlU b opened at
meeting ofthe Board ot City ftecord, tob held la laa
All neceiaary Information may be obtained from tn ( i
propoiali end th cellmate and contract form, to bf j
iirocnrml at thla ofllee, and from the eamplaa nt ,
description on Ble In the Department of Publlo work.
By order ot the Mayor, Counsel to th Corporation,
and Commissioner of 1'ubllo Wurxe . . !i
w, J. K. KENirr, SopervUor. ;
Couartatrfihtp glotiftj.
NOTICE IS II E UK II Y OIVEN that Uarry D. Prtnca,
one ofthe copartner! In the arm at H. rrtaoe A
Sun of the city of New York, manufacturer. and. deal- ,
era In fura, haa withdrawn from said firm, sad tba tba 1
bnilnen of said arm will hereafter be conducted by at, ;
Frlnce. KAOUKi. rKTMOK
Dated New York, Feb. 1,1892. 11ARRYD. raiMOX. : '
i I !'
Court Calendars Tbla Day. !
ScruN Counv Grnsiui Tien. Not S9.10S.as, SS.
7S, l. HO. 78, 70. Cuimrna. Motion calendar called.
atill o'clock. tSriciiiTtax. Fart Js-Caa usunlab
Demurrer. No. Ki, Law and fact. Noa. 1001, 102
KH.'. 1045. 1053, 10011. 10(KI, 9X8, 10C4, 1000. fart IL
Clear. Demurrers. Nos.ui, 83, 84, 85. , 1&. Dt
vorcri. Noi. 1218. 1612, 1516. 1217. Law and tact.
Nui.7r,7. 701, mm, 420, 680, 488. 364, 205, 25, 57,
Oir.. 451, 4UJ. S1V.674, RH7, 023. ' ji
Unccit OoosT.-Part IW.CIwir. Nos, 44Z, 748. ST. f -f
1151, 1214, Mill 1180. 8445. 1204. 040, 848. 107oji
2543, 117a. J'art I. Clear. (W tobeunt tromrarl -Jfj
III. l'nrt Il.-Clcar. Casei to be sent from Part lib WA
fart IV. Adjourned until teb. 15. , i
HtsitcwiiE'i Cocht Wills of HcbuylerSkuts. Patrick VI
3. Iiurkc, mid boiuila Bon. 1U;30A. H. For Probst. 'AM
wllla ot Patrick Ullmarllu. Aouh P. Yetlmnn. EraUy B. SJ
ouliey, c, A. Thorndyka Bice, Stewart NewalL Bugen) '!
A. O'UrleD. Dor Haddermanu, John Balrd. Patrick f, SM
Uimoud. William Y.Mortimer, Kva Uelnleln. Mary p. M
Hepburn. Dennla Downey. Dorothea Helen. 10 A.M. S
Chrlitopher CutlUlu, Jaraee Cooper. Richard A. Bobln. CI
eon. J. 1. bernle. Barali 8. Cuihman. O. I". liatneld, S4
Henry Tllsaii, Kllta biuilti, Mary E. Kmlnack. AUeUu n
D. Wilion.Ji.uii II, Iierluli. 10:80 A.M. IS
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meiile ftva. .!., :m, 8H iH. BrrcuL Tmalear. Nee.
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term. Taut TsKM.-l'arl I.-Clenr. ho. 102. Pari
II. ami 111 -A.iiuiitneil lor Hie term.
Coauox I'uii-Uixiui. Tkhx. Adloumed for the (
term. Wrcuila.-ciiar.Nu t!.!. lIWiTrTsaii-.
I'aie Slllllilltied. .Nul. 2ll. 53. 07. 3U. 48. 55, 67. 8. 84.
UK 72. 76 7il.li nnd twentr-ilveeleiateil railroad eaajs.
TRUt TlKU-I'ait I.-I'lesr. o. 1U87. 100. 1189,
285.811.1UJH. 1007, 842. 1351, 1840. 12S, 4B7, 884,
12US, 2HH, 002. 772. 1.I3U, 45. J2.-,5. iUt.11. 122,
H7l!uiC"l-1. 411.400. 1118. 43. Part Ilflae ontln.
l.imi, Cn.ei to be tent from Part. 1. Part UL Clear.
Cai-4t" I'Hieni fnim Purtl
Cinr Cocar briciiL Tim-Motlcni. Tmti Tim. ;,
Pail I. I tear -N(-. UH .l'67. 4.10. 4702, 414U, 4500
3151, 62)1.1. 4A-17, 62114,6275, 42112. 8UII8. 683U, 6SM,
6373, 6'Wl. 6.-UM, 6JM7, M5H, 646U. 647W. 6508. 4424, . '
f.MH. 6-kiii, lA'H. (trio. "Ml. Part II Clear. Nop,
6IU1.', 4200, 481. 8H41. 623.'. 607H. 6U80. 62VH, tVbl.
61HU. 64(14, 8275. II5I6. 7341. 8700. 6887, 60M1,M7S.
6148. 4(1117. 4807. 654d. 42U7, 6(144,6407, 4944,6688,
6110.8743.4033. Part III.-JTaie on. Va Gaidar agt.
Merchant' Ins. Ca, Ac. No calendar. Port IV.-llear,
tquity cihi. Nos 60. 64, 112 bhort causea. Hue. ,
C721. S227, r6M. 84211.674)1, 01143. MM, 8468. S481,
8287. 8260, WllS, (J7VU, (1744, tU44, OGOO, 8000, iUHsM

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