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II urntT pnET.iatt.fAnr fiout i.v the
at norsc of nxptiEsatTATirns.
flj The Order Melting Apart Three ny for llie
flj Cunalderaitlon r the Free Co In me mil
A doptcd'-Kxtriiorallnar-' Rutins by Hiesk.
H Crlep, which flterrnles One of (lie
Matt Iopular Decisions of rtpeaker
9 I C'artlale-,1. Parliamentary Lie Belweea
mU Mr. llland nnd Mr. Coekran-One of
t Hneaker Reed'a V'npopnlar Jleclslona) Be.
Til ferred to by Hpeaker CVlap In Hupport of
W 111 (Inn-George Ired Wllllnma Scot-en
the Denioeruta for Ifroken riedxea Re
I anrdlne Ike hllver uenllon, nud Ulvea nn
I Opporlnnlly for Tow Rred lo Make One
I of Ilia nrllllunt and Hnrcaatlc, (Speeches.
I Wariiinoton. March 7.-Thero wns a lively.
I entertaining, and In oorao rospocts amusing
I BKlrmtsh In tho Houso of Iloprosontnllvos to
I dayovor thn auestlonof thoiroocolna&o of
I ullvor. It wns tho nrU Important pnrtlsan row
JfY of tlio session. Silver won tho day by n, vory
fijj largo majority, nnd thorowlll horouftorbe.no
HvJ iiuostlonnstothofatuol tliu Wand bill so far
HI us tlio House Is concerned. To-day was the
Vf commencement of tho real work of tlio session
V J pci far ii4 mapping out partisan legislation and
W)i campaign mntoiljl Is roncernod. and tho
W cipoakor nnd his Counnittoo on ltulos woro
Jr overwhelmingly sustained. ultliough they suf
U foro.l some pretty hard knocks In tlio en
Fl I counter. Strangely enough. Hie heroes of to
m ' day's battle were nil nntl-sllvor men. although
51 I Mr. George Fred Willlnrai Or- Massachusetts
m might bo regarded by many as moro of u scape
1 Coat than u hoio. Mr. Trucey of Albany
1 lind chiiigo of the anti-silver right, but Mr.
1 M illiums. In his hot-headed liasto to announce
I Ills loyalty to tlio Lusteri! Idea, put tho Demo
I tiatie. imrty In very bad shnpo and gavo Tom
Itcod an opportunity to niako n brilliant llvo-
y. minute si eech. In whkh ho put Mr. Williams
fi Into u very bad hole. 'Iho result of tho day's
ti fight Is flint tin oo days aro now setnpnrtfor
i the discussion of the Hllv or bill, the end hav-
K ing boon accomplished only alter tho Speaker
J had dellbeiatoly overruled one of tho uiost
popular doelslons that Ppenkei Carlisle made
In the riftleth Congress, when he decided
that no business could bo transacted until the
journnl should bo approved, nnd after Mr.
Cri p hud also rathoi unwittingly quotod ono
of hponkor Hood's raot notable decisions in
tho billion Conctoss In support of his own
n tion. Tills, of course. cno Ml. Heed and his
B liepitbllean llfiitennnt.s a chance to Induleo in
I h.ir.nsm nt tho epenso of tho Democrats.
Ma, which put them into pretty bad humor.
Ivkyy THE 1H.HT IN TUB !I0lr.
IVM Tho debnto upon the order from tho Com-
llJ mlttcecn llules, sctliiiB npnrt Murch 2J, '.'J.
and -4 for tho consldiT.it Ion of tho lilnnd
B hllver bill. as piefaced byn lively rnrllnmen-
R tary ooutrovaisy upon the iuIIiib of the Chair
wfdf, us to thopilorlty of tho ordor over the rcadinc
WffX uf tlio jourual. Immediately utter the prayer
( 1 thouliupluln. Mr. llland (lleni.. Mo.) asked
T Inriinmodiato considemlinn of tho order. To
JP this Mr. Tracey (I)eni.. N. V.) objected, on
tli.' t'louud that it was not In ordor
until ufter the journal had been read.
L Vpon this Speakoi Crisp ruled that tlio order
k vo in ordei at that time, from which Mr.
B Tmcdy uppcaled. mid supported the appeal in
n ompliiittcimd impnsslcnod speech, lie was
' mW fo.lowed iy Mr. Fitch (Hem.. X. Y.. who sa'd
BW it ihro WMtmucri beinc said In hfs -tatu
" Blr upon Hie subject of snap judgment and np
14R ruinolitioii. "and wlieuwc tiremet.nswoluno
"M bi on rat lieio to-dai. with n nr.iposod tnup
li lonsldtinition of this Older, you (.iddrcsslnir
'1 1(1' tho fruu siher racnl will meet, us youdosene.
f jl with nit emphatic piotost."
; Mr. Illund suid that ii lowed these pro-
'I m eillnwitli amnoiiiont. Last Tuesday ho
j wasnppronehed by Mi. Cockiunof New York
il nnd Mi. Aniliewof Massuch iictts, and asked
4 toiiuioe to. i pohtponmueiit uf the ntuon this
I iiuustion until to-dai. the proini-liilu hne
' tliei.us'0.-lnti.M proiDit nnd proceed ton o!o
t iMthout llllbi.'-terinB. "ov. upon u rullna of
I tlio i-p"iilur. madi in stiict accordance with
' tlio ruli 'i, wlileli fs that u report from tho
J I iinmittni on It.liis ;s alwass in order, thn
i i ppu'ijiitonf llioS.lioi bill pwetd to fllibiister
im i. i olnlfnn uf tlie iiL'l(.nnn ill made, 'll.oro
gu v .'. n lilu..' -tr mrdiuari- in tlio ruiinu .if tlio
I if) (Inir. It .i" uiude in aeoordanco Willi the
' j'i rl:ie ,!.niit d ! a Democratic Hoaso. Ho
h ) led to lay the. ll'ln-il on tho table.
Cj Vi. Trirev tliimlfmiiu lid the fl nir. I nttlie
?'l tif.il.'. i. lu lli.it tho motion w-s not do-
i "ll Tiaec" 1 hr..itlio flooi.
'j Ilio tyn aki'i -The Rintle.inn has not tho
I li' flr J-ln loseised his time, whereupon tlio
jl ill in ifiot'ni.ud tlio cuutleciHii from Mis-
i U sunn, mid that cuntlcuian made a lurdlon to
I CI l.i tliu appeal on tho table, uhli.li cuts oT
I 1 deli ite.
If fl.c fur'her disca-slun ou this point. Mi.
i (I Td ni'l v it'"liow his motion in order to Tiablo
Kli Mr. Co kr.in. to iliun ho had personally ..1-
J' ludt d to tiiuo tl e lioor.
i'Vj i.i.imi ;!! . i iiiiwrmn nr-
M-. Cockian (Pen . S Y.) said thr.i his rec.1-
fjl lection "I tho I'l'iiierMi'ioii letwren lilmelt
1 ind Sir. lilhiul wasontli'ly difTi'ient f.-oi.i that
ll ht ited I tlio hitter eniln:nun. He M.ld !io
Inn a p-ale,! to the centlemari tocon-fjit tou
j I u',u liolii; tiikon to-day. nnd Ml. Bland Iii.u
) lotusol to cio tin- I'onscnl. Tliero was no
-j Biiodiaent made. I'pou liio ijuestion ol (111-
' i IilMi rit:!; Mi. I oikimi mild It was not tiecos-
' ij int) To. In m to nf'Sure tho Htnn-o tlu.t ho
I I M.lh ipObed to tlio pinCtlCM ll'lll .'0llld
i lioioi i o-i it to It. ivccort when, in hl
J U ciplniun. the uoeriiimut in tho roiiu-
h 1 tiy limit bo in dunuei. I!ut ho dibirod
kl toKij'tlitt in bis tpliilun tlio rulliiK of tlio
jjl f'hali was eiioneoiis and fi..ucht with ilnncL'i.
:' 1 or liiniroir. I.o could nut tell, mull alter tho
( I 1 juiirnal had been n ad. uiiiJji wlmt cuiidltlnn
II ( the Iiouko nasi mhled, orwliolhertlio l.mtioi;-
1 JflntlNo da luul cxpirml. It wasadaujerous
-7 I inllni;. ninl In-nioie,td au'iilnt-t il.
f J Mr. Andrew lUem.. Mnsf.' t,M that In (hoar-
;1 runci'inent pronosed last uukto Mr. lilnnd,
B m in 1 "l'-l ''.I hud taken a part, there wus no In-
B tenllon ou tho nrt of himself or fiiondt. to
f (llitiiibtoi.
! Mr. llland Then why do you illibustcr
Jlr. Cocfcran llecauso w p went to consider It
In nrderiind you want to uroeeed in disorder.
Tliollrf 1'iiillimontary botwien roukran ami
llinuJ wAHii noMPlo scene, the latter uentlo
111 in loins,' wliltii iviltli pstiin. unit reiterated
tlm statement of Ills reeollcetlon of tho con
efsntlin. Alter It was nil uior. Mr. Lock
vi.ud 1 Dern.. X. V.) roso to a rarlliiinoiitary lu-
TlniHpeakor The gentleman from Xcw York
will st ife It. , ,
1 Mi. lockwood I do not remember any ncca-
7 slou durini: tho IiUy-llrst t'oncross w neu nn
niipenl to road tlio Journal of tho IIcuso was
ili'iiiod. I want to know if tho rules wuhnio
udopted, as innstriK'd by tho Npenkor. aro
moro arbitrary than the rules of tlio Fifty-first
Cuncresa as eonxtrui A by tho entlmnii from
llnlne. lApplnuf" bythoantl-Ireoslhermen.l
Mi. Catehlnus (Uem., Miss.1, from tliu (Join-
. mlttei-on llules. said tho rulo under which
' tlio icport was called up was adopted for tho
purpose) of enublini: tho committee to do just
whut It vras nttiimptlnu to do In this case. Ho
moved to lay tliu appnal on the table. The
It motion vi us carried yeas. II i4; nays. 73. Mr.
i utehlncs tlixii deinnnded tho previous quus
1 tion. nnd Mr. Tracy raised tlio uuestlon
k of consideration. 'J his was promptly doolarod
ft out of order by tho Hneaker, and Mr. Tracy
I uppeuted. Ho read too lUth rule, which ha
' a-erted tao to any member the richtto
rultotho auestionof consideration upon any
', mutter.
srAimisa uetwken pbed and rnisp.
Tho Hiioakor explained that by the rules,
as ho uodorstooil them, tho motion made ny
tho irentininiui from Xow ork was dllatoty,
and theroforo out of order.
Mr. lined lilcp.. Mk.I-Uocj the Chair bold
that totals the aupslion of uoaildemtlon is a
dilatory motion?
Ibe Chair The gentleman ought to know
that It was so bold In thn Innt Conuress.
ILnUBhtor on tho Democratic Mdol.
Mr. ltecd-Doos tho Chair ondprso tho
method of procedure In tho last congress?
Laughter on tho ltopubllcan side).
ThSchalr-l'Artot it. doubtless. Is worthy of
ondorsoment. Tho course of tho bponkor of
tho last Congress docs not meet with tho en
dorsement of tho present occupant of tho
t'hnlr. ILauBhtor on Democratle side).
Mr. ISeed (with much lmprosivenos)-Iraiy
say I neither oipectcd nor deslrod that on-
dorsement. .. .. , ii,t
Tho Hpenker-Wo nre entirely agreed on that
P051rt'Vnrnor(Dem. X. Y.l eliaracterlred tho
Hpeoker s 1 itllng as miro nrliitrnrv tlinn any
thing that occuFrod dm Ing tho iftyllrst Oou
gress, "iivirtu of whoso crimes mostor us
nro hero to-dav." .., ..
Mr. Catching movod to lay Mr. Trncoy a ap
peal on the tnlilo. A ote was ordered, under
ii call for jons and nnjs. nnd the nppoalwns
tabled. Yens, 170: najs.m. ,,
Bpcnker Crisp then said that the question
whs on Mr. Cntchings's deraund for the previ
ous uuestlon. . .... . .
Mr. Tracey moved to recommit tho ordor jo
hoCoramlttooon llules. with Instructions to
substltuto Monday. Dec. I'.'. Tor tlio J-'d Inst,
ns tho dato of beginning tho deliato on tho
lilnnd bill. . ., ,
On r iva voce voto tho negatho chorus
rollod up In tromonrtotis volume compared
with that of tlio yoa. and then Mr. 'I racey
called for tho yeas nnd nny. which was
ordered. Tho vote on tho motion to recommit
was defeated. Yeas. 70: nays. -0.'.
Thoquostion thon recurrod upon tho ndop
tion of the order, and fifteen minutes on cuth
sldo was allowed.
wiLUAMs rum ma roor in it.
Mr. Williams (Dera.. Mass.) said tho Farm
ers' Alliance party was the onlj party In tho
Unltod Mates which had adopted the freo 1 sil
ver coinage platform and which advocated the
free coinage of si Ivor. A voto had been tnkon
which showed that seventy moinhers In tlio
House opposed tho Free Coinage bill. 'Hiese
nro ol! tho Democrats tliero nro in tlio 11011-0
ILaughter.l "Vou may laugh." fiild Mr. nil
Hams. " but bad consciences nood some
consolation, and rou will need more before
you hear from tho fall elections. Tho day
nf reckoning will come upon this .question.
Ihepeoploof the North ran stand taxation
under unjust laws, but they aro nut yitiendy
to go Into bankruptcy and pay seventy cents
on tho dollar. (Applause bj tho antl-sllver
mon.l Tills question goes deeper into politics
than any one conceive". The organization r
tho House has been directed to inrciug this
question nn the public. It Is evidently tho
opinion of tho majority of tho House that It If
moro Important to reelnct a low Southern and
Western Democrats than to eloet u Deiuucratis
Mr. lined (Itcp. Mo.l-I eordlnlly agree for
oneo with the gentlemnn from Mass'ichusitls
IMt. illlamsl. He lid pointed out to this
House that this vnst Demoirallc mniority
which Is now horn was inocurea by f.ilo
Pledges to tho people, pledges wliich nro In
progress of boingbiokon. (Applause on tho
Jtepiiblii'iinsidel Ho hlmselt lias signalized
ono instance already before us and thure Is no
doubt that the rest of his partyvvlll carerully
point out by their actions the others indeed.
Hie party all day long has boon engaged in the
noblo woik of uncovering Itself to tlio naze oj
tlio American people. UpDlauso on the Kepub
llcnn side.) Lpun tho ground that they
woro going to give n sound current y
anJ that they were truer fiionds of
gold than the Republicans could possibly lie.
the) stoles march upon us in tlio Xoith. nnd
the gentleman trom Massaehu-etts (Mr. Wil
liams) has fitly characterized tlio n suit, upon
the delusive nnd false statement that im
proper mean hud h-'on used in the govern
ment of tho Houso they wont beloro tin- peo
plo denouncing actions which thev have this
day surpassed. ipnlausel They theniuelves
liavu overridden wlmt they mil thotaired
rights of tlm minority villh a lieivior
hor-o hoof than they woro ever tidueii
over befoie. Look at it. Hero this
day. gentleman. 50U have deliberately
sustained tlio ovurmliug of the decision uf
lour Democratic Speaker. Mr. Carlisle of Kon
tuckv, in tho Fiftieth Congre-,s 11 speakor
whom von have hlthorto jirofessod that oti
delighted to houoi. What astruiuro si'is-t.i-i'o
! Hero aro two-thirds of vour capital
stock lathe last election Hung lo thovvluds
trntightcr ami nppliiu-o on tlio Hepubli.'.iu
nidel, and. ns tho gentleman from Mu--nc.li 11
sotts well says, when the people get nn opp, r
tunlty to oxnoso jou thoy will gladly
rectify tho frightful inlstuku which they
made In IStM). Nevei sinco tho world was
treated was there such nn instance cf ih
swift lligtit of I) Inn vietoiious over tho i-low
march of truth. Itpplauso on tlio Itcpulditaa
side nnd laughter1'. Hut in the long run truth
overtakes tho lio and traniple-ittotliog-oiind.
nnd tho gentlemnn from Massachusetts (Mr,
Wllllainsi already hears tho tiumji of the
march of tho grand armv of truth -som -times
dollied sometimes defented, hut in the end
Oornnilv tilumpbant. Appluuso 011 tho l!e
puliliean side).
Mr. Terry (I)em.. Ark.) loa ou'ht not to
grumble nt our mistake.
Mr. Head 1 don't, lunticipatethem .augli
tor. Mi. Iloiitelle (I!en.. Me.) said the passage of
n freo (oinago bill was not to lie aided by tlm
lleptibllciin. This was a incisure which tho
Do.tiocrats must hhouidor. Hut it was for the
Interest of the people that this great questlMi
should be so'lli d as promptls as possible. Xo
nit of Ills should dnfer It or aid Its postpone
ment. Tho majority should havo an uppoi
tunit) to tcgiili tc upon it.
mr SII.VHt MIN wis.
Mr. Bland closed tho debn'o. and the ( Inir
then said the question was on agreeing to thn
n solution lejioitid from the 1 oniniitteo "ii
liuli'S. The resi'lulloii w adopted. INitoS.
'1 lie following UeiiHn.rat.s loled 1 u:
tinmTmiin Atilrcir 1 Ar 1 il l:iUirMr '.tintv.
rrlcl.n.-r. Iliui'1112 laulin ! 1 m' 1 mi litll. 1 imtl
lluirin 1 tilpu in t I inn, 1 nlili IMn 1 1 nlntrn 1 01 krr.11
I niiliilk'. 1 romlii. 1 ol eir, 1 1 x i r ,ilo, lunil, P lnr
rfrv tiutiphi'v 1 i Ion. J-nitli.li litih ,, Oi iiiiHimr
i.r. "nl-nf 11,111 lliiltiii.il Hurler r:. m (In iirrim
llonr. ItotiW OM .n.liniis il'.i KrlMn I lltlc. U
wo. lyn.li MrAI ir vlilUr. VIl'i null 11 . Ill (Vln. 1,
riiitliw dtr. VAHt It.' I' I lip IVM I'cirMll Krinor
Kui. -p m atllnJr Slriri.4 mi up, iriuij,
Wanur, w m nter mi 1 Will aidk ivw.i
Ihe following Ilei'Ubllcnn voted wiili tho
anti-sliver Demur ruts1
nuclintnn, i-iirt l Hnrmi lln.tk'iii Kplrlmni, Vn
rnn Khi rejourn - r le S'n-er 1 13 lor 1 III 1
lnli r (riiin,i. Wnilfi,nli hii I WiU.m il.j 1
The following ItcpuSllcnns votnl with the
fn v-i oinago men.
I.lltlne 11 Uflt Hell inp l'rjn Pa Itrllf Hftlrr
nro terl !. Il.rrei,' arle Cjh i'iiMIii, Pin
Phi .1 Piilltwr fimU uk i.-ii,.iid Uniut it, lltn
01,,-nii I01A ,1) Jliiu,tiii Uitr, IPiikrr, IIip.liH lit
II hi i.iIiii.mi iIimI 1 iniuniN l 1'illri Inn I, ml
Vlilll1 fl lllllllleli Itrllll-, li '1 ) ' Hi f Ml! N
1 mi lull Itu , m Hi -tun il' -iniI, 1 I, ri) nr
iiilii'i' .1 It litvi. r Mine. V. TVvtn- ii'li.iiui.i
en 1 W.il.ir.- VV -1 .1 Mtlui 111O IN nk.ii.
Tho bicaker The Cl'ik vuli now road tliu
j Kriial. 'I nughter.l
1 riii- Invalid T'li-lon bill was then called up
IV Mi. D.Nell of Massachusetts, and inibced.
Tlio Houso then adioilllli'd.
; 111 nitiya ,s;.m ovtTw..
Rrnaons fir Toul rullMliiirt' Hrriisitl in
Ctiiiflnu file tiilii IpimII,
Ottawa, M.u eh ". Speaking to-daj on tlio
rclUMilof I.onl t-tillsbiu tocoiioitit In a i
pow.il otlho modus vlvendi in liohrim; Sea
t tiiu season, ,1 mom be 1 f tlio Dominion Cabi
net said that the contention of tho tiovorn
ment w.iatbnt sinl llfo vras in no way ndan
goied b pelagle scaling, tlio only danger of
extinction doing found In tlm wholesale
slaughter tho seals woro subject to on tlio
rookeries by nutives nnd Iho Alaska Company,
This was Iho ground taken, It is said, bj tho
Brltibh (lovornmont, nnd was clearly borno
out by the ev Idenco secured by both tho Ameri
can nnd DrilMi Commissioners who visited
llehringbealnst summer to Invostlgnlu . -e.il
V.'ahhimjtov. March 7. Tho President has
taken tho lieluiiu be.a question in hand, and
thin morning. In the enforced absence of Mr,
Llalnn on account of sickness, had un extend
ed intervlow with tlio Hon. J. W'. l'o-tor. who
lias tlio ranltor In chargo In tho btnte Depart
ment. Lord (Salisbury's rcfusnl to renow the
modus Vivendi leaves tho questions in dlsputo
wharo they woro prior to June. 181)0. At th it
timoHIr lullnn l'nuiicofoto. tlio Hi Itisli Minis
ter to Wnshinglon, said that Great llrjtnlii
could not admit tho right of the United Stab s,
of tholr own solo motion, to lestrlet tho
freedom of navigation of liohrlng hia. and
that lio irns Inxtructed to protest ngiinst any
liiterforcncovvlth llrltlsh vessels navlgiitliig
nutsldotho territorial wuters of tlm I'nltol
States, and "to declare tbut her lirltanuic
Majesty's Government must hold the (iov ern
mout of tho United Htntes respouslbio for tho
conseouencos that may ensuo from nets which
aro contrary to the established principles of
International law."
Hatlslaelory lo American Fishermen.
GixiuciSTEn. Mass., March 7. Despatches
from Oitowa say that Mlnlstor Topper lias
Introduced a bill Into tho Canadiin l'aili.i
ment. which provides for tho renewal of the
ihouv ureudi. This pleases Iho American
fli-ltormep. Indor Its pruvl6inns Amerlum 1
llbhermon. hy paying o license fee of i rm
per ton of their eralt. can buy bait and outfits I
uud ship crew s in Canadian ports.
- 2iiiLilLmmiBmlBaaaaaamBBamai
1'ot.icevas HootmvrF nitAnau) nut
Hn lie Kontht All lha ITay, and lie la a
Rig Mtn, Too-lle rtanlb Ilroke Attn),
Vat I'ndtr n lett and Let AVondrulT Tint.
Tho llov. llM.Coiiwny.il colored innn. was
eiocted from tho pulpit of tho Messiah Dnptlst
Church In Yonkorson Sundn) night by Hounds
man WoodnilT and n largo portion o tho ion
gregitlon, nt tho oiilor of Mi. Fdw-anl 0. Car
penter, n broker of tills city, who lives In Yon
kors. nnd Is tho Trensurer of tho board of
Trustees of tho W'nrburton Avonuo liaptlst
Church In Yonkers. which vlrtunlly sup
lortB tlio coloied cliiiah. Tho Messiah
hurch, which Is In Aslihurton place, was
built for tho negroes by linnkor .Tnincs
11. Colgnto of this city. Mr. Colgate
deeded the premlsos to tho AVarburtou Avo
nuo Church, with tho understanding th it thoy
werotolonsnit to tho colored pcoplo for the
nominal rent of SI 11 year. Mr. Colgate nlso
gnvn tho W'nrburton Avcnuo Church the right
to closo up tho now church whenever the saw
fit. In loislngtho building Mr. Cnrponter ex
pressly told the colored peoplo that as soon ns
tho chin ch relations coased to bo harmonious
ho would put thora out and lock un tho place.
A onr later tlio mlnlstor left, nnd Mr. Con
way was appointed to 1111 his place. Ou Feb.
1 last Mr. Conway tendorod Ills resignation. A
meoting of tho trustees of the church was
culled to acton tho resignation. Mr. Carpen
ter nttended tho nicotine. Mr. Conway's resig
nation. It is said, was unanimously ucceptcd
He denies it. A week ago lastSunda) the con
gregation were in tho mldillo of services,
which thoy woro conducting without a minis
ter, when tlio llev. Mr. Conway, followed by
two or throe members of the church, walked
In. Thetiustees were surprised to seo tholr
Into pastor, but said nothing. Mr. Conway
walked 011 up to the pulpit, took somo notes
from his pockot, nnd began to preach. A
eouploof tho trustees objected, but Mr. Con
vvav went right on. Many of thoso in the
church got up ami left, nnd boforo long tho
preacher found hlm-elf. il is said, with but
eight or ton li-tcnors. He finished his sermon,
however, and then loft the placo with Ills hup
porteis. When Olr. Carpenter heard of this
nlTnlr ho immediately lockod up the Messiah
Church uud turned over the eisto Mr. Col
gate. On lat Saturday night tho .ritstces of the
W'nrburton AvenuoChurchhehl 11 meeting and
decided to reopen the church on Sundny. Sov
ornl members of tho colored congregation
gin e it us their nptni )n that Mi . Conw.i) would
not again nttemptto preach, and thokevs of
the ahui'di were finally turned ovei to Trustee
Jteubeii l'ollard or the -Mes-iah ( hureli.
On hiiudio morning Iho enngre,; itlon held
service-In the chin -li. Mr. l'ollard oeeupjing
tho pulpit. Mi. Conway did not appeal, hut
Mr. Carpenterwas n t sonuro that ho wouldn't
appear at the evening service, tin 1 so notified
the 1 linkers police tint Mr. l'ollard was mi
thorled topri'ii'h In the ehurcl1.111.il that if
Mr. Conwni attempted to enter the pulpit ho
was to in elected Hie congregation, about
slt. lint gathered In the chinch fi rib" oven
lug serv iee w lien .Mr. Conway entered, followed
by hi- faithful supp. rtorn. 'the latlei en
tered peWH and Mit down, but Mr Conway
kept straight 011 iiji tho aisle entered the
pulpit and began to e'nrl the conttiegatlon.
Trustee l'ollard sprang up ind requested Mr.
Conway to step down. vfr. ( oivwa) glanced at
Mr. Pollard forn moieenti ml then resumed his
seimon. In the mean timo tho (ongregntlnu
vioro gradually slipping out. until tlicio vras
liiitunu man heslilet .Vi. i'ollanl left In the
tliuich He li-teuid ntttntively to Mr. Con
vrn s exhortation. Mr. l'ollard oneo more
ordered the pi cachor to vecnle tho pulpit, and
receiving noreply hurried out into tlio streit.
where be met Air. t aipinte.'und told him tho
trouble .V meseengtr was despatched to tho
P dice station lor tin ofticoi. ami ho soon ru
tin net! with lloundsmnti Woodruff. 'Iho
roundsman entered the church followed by
Ml. Can enter and 'trustees lleiibonnnd ftleh
nrd l'ollard. Fston Thornton. 1 ml 1 rederd k
(illlatn. s0ne oftl.ee nigiegalion followed to
seo how theallali w. ulil tuin out. I tit nearlj
nil of them remained iutliololib). Thoroutids
maii went i-tr light to the pulpit, wheru Mr.
tonway wn- -till jire.u hlng
"ou nin-t stt p down from tliero and lenvo
this ehiircli," said thn roundsman.
"I am the minister lieio and will remnin
where I am," leplixd Mr. Comvaj. ami no ,o
gan to preach again.
"Vnii'ii tetter g 1 out peace ibi'f Mr. Con
way." -aid Mi. 1 'anient ei. "ou ate 110 longer
tho mlnlstir of till" einin h. and if vou don't
lenvo th it pulpit we will have to tisn force."
' As niiui-tur of this thurcli here I stay."
said Mi. I ouway.
Ho'indsni in Who 1 111 T then jumped up on tho
platform and look hold o: the jirenchei.
' Nownii'V hi going lo g.t out. or mil .t I
lb uiv louiuil'' nski I tho I'flli'ei.
"Am I under ari"-t r" a-ked Mr. Conway.
.1111 l lllllll't .111"-.! I il- tvVII Mi. Ulliiy.
".No. vou nro in ting disonlirlj and iniist
leave till 1 In iinniednitel). '
"If I am not uiulei airetl roru-ero go."
and Mr. Conwiiv liini'd his b.iek tutheudlcer
,111 1 begnii to 1 leach again
WtiodiiilT git a II 1 in hold mi Mr. Conway's
coat, and with 11 inlhty ofToit, foi tint Pi( aeher
In 1 1 1- anJ p e urful I'lau. biought hini down
out of the 1 ulpit and st irted foi the dour wi'h
him. Dot nr. lonvvny broko away, ran into
me of thn pews, uinvv led under tho seat, uud
delled niiybodt to touch him.
Tlio roundsman nnd tout of the oilers now
worked foi nearly twenty minulos. trying lo
pull tlio pistor lio-n under tlio seat, and wlien
they flnrll) did get him out his clothes were
torn, anil hi-eoll.tr and nei ktie gone. He re-hist-di
very effort to put him out. Tlio con
gregation, lu the lobby of Iho church, hearing
the sounds ol the II 'lit in-lde. began to enter.
Tlio wiunii si (; rued, t.m1 tlio nun valnl) in
id ivoinl Ions-'"-! tin loundsiuan nnd the l
1I1 rs in their elVort to ejict the mini-toi. Mi.
1 iiuuni's-upiurlors did not aid liim physi
t'nlly. il was nfnr! li i'f a-i hour after the entrance
ol tutioflli 1 r into tho 1 hurch whin Mr. 1 on
wi . bntli red .fid tout, w.i- cot out Into tho
f-trf-t. iheenngii gallon followed, and limn
Mi Carpenter locked every door In the church
and walked away, ihe church will not lo
opened iinlii until t(tn tiustees of tho War
biiiton iitiiiim I'liunhiiiu snlisflt'd Ui.it Mr.
Conway will make no more tiouhle. Ml. Con
vn. said to a reroitei ji-terda-
" Tlio whole alTiilr was an outrage of tho
most terrible tlintiuter. 1 nevei imagined Ihni
such tiling- 1 011I I ho In the-o tlmi -. but I will
liivoiny lovenge. und iuiy jiilii. woman, luul
I'hl'd who got in 11 blow ou .110, and tliero worn
many rf thorn, will bo landed In jail before
long. Somelimoiigo 1 (endeii'd my leslgna
lion. but : linn ongiigatlon would not accept It.
Of late I have not lieeu preaching, but lint
night, w die, walking on AHhbiirton 1 l.ice, I
notiudtlcM hureli all light, d up and walked
In. or course I went right to Iho pulpit and
began myseiinon I was getting waimtd up
to 'iiy work w lieu tin. trouble heguu."
, on Mils. Mtiieh 1, -A warrant has been
Issui d foi thn nrn st of tlm ituv. .Mr.Conway 011
11 1'liarge of dlfcordoily ifiiuliiit. lie Will piob
ably have u bearing to-morrow.
JIIAItlilEn .VOII 7ti.7.7'S
Cenrje from llir tnliln and Unr rmm Ihe
Ntci'iaje Hate u liiiinlnr trrllHialr.
fieorgn Hamilton, a voi.ng Seolclunan, who
1ms been living in tlio neighborhood of .Now
Yrl fortho la-t nl'ie yeais. irturnid from a
vMt lo Fngl mil 0.1 N.tuday on ilio bteanislilp
I'mbiia. Ho wasacaliln jiisseiiger. When ho
left tho s'jfii tit thnCiiimni pnr , 3 took wild
him Mary lloyle, a comely young l'ngli-h gill,
who h'idcomo ovei in thoi-teorageiind should
bavngono to l'.llls Island with tho rest of the
immigrants. Ini lining r H,tr, Hnnilloii
had known Mary foi sovoral months mid lind
inndi lovoto her. Sim hud inkon pnsengo In
the stiunigo. not kiiovviiig that lift lover win;
In tho calii 1. Ho spied iiur and went down nnd
renewed his courtship
A liontdliig olllcer ; saw Iho pair lenvo the.
Pliir.und thenutjioilllcsat l.l Uland waited
lor Mary to nppt ar an I t lalm lur b iggage.
Bin. called yesterday and was detained. Mho
said that !ho wns imirried lo Hamilton. Ho
had taken her from t 1.1 ( unnrd nler to it hotel
sue wiin sno nnq insisted 011 11 marriage, nnd
ho had gono out and got a paper which ho do
.dared was 1111 Araurican uiarilago certificate.
He said minister. ii.ii26trato. 01 tho pomoual
appearanco of tlm bi Mo wab not necos ,ary.
(!ol. Weber told her to send for Hamilton.
Ho siirprSed ovorybody by coining, hut ho
wnsunabloto show any kfnd or iiitiilm.'u
eertillcate. Mary fulntc.l w ! , 'J ,e-f ,1 .vit
she was not n wile. ct. Wobr n gg ested that
ho might squill.; himself by bav Ingil real eei 1
inonypcifin unit. He wis willing Vu J'at.ir
lli'lkoineler mado tl em one.
.. . .'"J""..!'' A"" """ "in") lr.
If Mir JJhUfJ t,C t All Jot trrr) Cij-ir-it! nr th 01ly
iiiAitdi mvl by TH U. II..L tlu" j jsj iiis
Ho riiea It IT tlntt llerore KlnitlnB for
Df.ttioit. March 7. Oen. 11. A. Alger and his
family will lonvo to-morrow on a three weeks'
pleasure trip to California nnd other rnelflo
const Mutes, fien. Alger proposes to forget
politics forn short lime, but It iRotpoclod heio
that beforo ho rtturns to tho city somo dollnlto
announcement regarding his candidacy will
bo made. Iho (leneial has been collecting
documentary ovldonco for somo days to fully
answer tho chniges niudo against him. and ho
says that ho litis nil tho proofs In. ncids. It Is
understood Hint tho matter will be mado pub
lic before long, though thoGoneraldeillncd to
sny whnl will bedono
" 77. i JMroil Free JYen ye'terday roprlntod
n portion of Tub Sun's despnlch dated De
troit, uud published 011 Saturday, concerning
Oen. Alger, 'iho following uppo.us in the
i'ree yVeii to-day:
Till' rimnflU tl'trml A Pif.
"H111: Tho stntoment Hint Senator Chandler.
IlepiesontntlvoDrlggs. oruuyother petson In
nny manner over suggested, ttlroi llv or Indi
rectly, as stated 01 iitherwlsc anything about
my war record to me. is vvhol j false. Why
not tiumnllvlngvtltnuscs? As I hnvoheretn
foro staled, tliu first Intimation 1 ever had of
the mutter was during tho Chicago Convention
ofl'WtN . ..
"Don't you suppose, had I known or suspect
ed such a document nlstod during Uen.
Sheridan's lifetime, 1 would have asked him
to 1 on ect it. and if I hi had declined, do you ho
llevo our Intimate porsonil lotntlons would
have continued to his death, ho visiting mo ns
he did nt my homo and writing me fre
quently and 1 him In return t I had deter
mined to pay 110 further attention to these
nttempts to rob me of all theio Is In
lib', and the greatest heiitnge ono can
leave for his family nn honornl le name
but you are too near my homo foi me to allow
these nintters to piss longer unnoticed. No
person lias ever heard me claim to have ac
.ompllshed very mtiih during the war or
since, but what is justly my own should not be
pilfered from me. Tho jewel prl.od most
highly by tho American peoplo Is 1 air play.'
"11. A. Amu."
A Former Backer of Jennie O'.Nell Poller
Knee Her and Oibera Ibr tlSSO.OOO Uumiiicea.
r.orriESTEn, March 7. Honry 1! I.adue. a.
rich contractor of Horncllsvlllc. wns arreted
on April 't. IKfil. in I'.lmlrn ns Insane, and on
the follow ing day was committed lo the State
Asylum foi tho Insane In Wlllnrd. whoro lie
remained fifty-two da) s.
Now Mr. Laduo begins suit against his alleged
abductors, claiming damages in the sum of
f.'oO.OOO. Thoso unined in tlio kidnapping
suit nro: John O. Adslt, Chnrlos tl. Hutchin
son, Willinm ltichtmyer, O. M. Warner. Chnrles
O. (irecn. W'lllinm If. Murray. V. 1). Youmnns.
nnd Hoswell It. Morse attorneys: Chief of
l'ollco Levi Tittle, Dr. Henry 1 lowl. Di. .1. A.
I Hindus. .Itnnin u'N'i II Potter, the elocutionist.
Slid t liniii s W. l'llgiini. stiperliitendinlot the
Wlllnril asylum. The complaint ets iortli
Hint certain or tho defendants seired Mr.I adue.
niiilattei jilacinglianilculTson himtook himto
the police stntioti In Klnilrn. nndallei eonlluing
liiin there until the lollowing day. had him
sent to t lie State V-ylum lorthaliinnu III Wil
lardnsa pauper lunatic Tho complaint fur
ther alleges that Laduo vras arrested without
u will runt, nnd that hews- In excellent bodily
and mt'tit tl health Ho says ho lost $100,000
in n deal in eonsequonee.
Kegnrdlng tlio uonnocllou of .TonnleO'Nell
Totter with the cne. tho complaint says that
he undertook to got up a public roading for
hernt the Opera Houso In Ltmirn. He lind
borno nil tho expenses, amounting to about
fjiiy. Tho profits or the two oveuings would
havo been '-o.Utti. lenvln : a net protlt of
f.'l.'JOO. Thesti readings, ho says, woro broken
up ly Ids arrest.
Tho an est ho ascribes to jealousy on tho
port of ono of tho defendants nt the success ho
wis likily tonehieve in managing the enter
tainments of Miss Potter. Ono of tho grounds
upon which the two Eltnlra physicians, who
saw him a few minutes at tho juil at a late hour
after his an est. wns that he bad adopted n pe
culiar method nf advertising the entertain
ments to ho given by thn elocutionist One of
these was to send out invitations to tho best
famillei of Klmirn. neconipnnled hy a bouquet.
Mr. LuduooMdainsthishy saylngtliat tho bou
quets were small, costing only ilvo cont- r.v h.
He denies th it Ills relations with Miss Potter
worn otherwise than ot a purely liuine
character. While In Hornellsvillo the elocu
tionist vras a g'io-1 of Mrs Ladii Laduo is a
liandiomo man, and his friends snv that Ids
personal oddities aio J10 moro marked than
thoso uf any other business man.
The Affid.iTlta Leave It In Doubt Whlrh
Side Blacked Ibe Olhcr'a Ejre.
Lottio I Ii7oboth McKeli movod beforo Judge
fiiegorich in tho Court of Common Picas yes
terday fornlimony of $7ra week nndacnun
sol fco of $1,500 in a suit she has brought.
against Donald McNeil for a separation. Ho is
tlio senior lartner of Donald McNeil A Bros ,
stenm holler manufacturers of lirooklyn. Sho
savs his Income is SLTi.Of'O a y eir.
'I hey resided most of their married life, dat
ing from Doc 25, lH71.nt Flntbiish, nnd hnv
n d tuchter II years old. Sl.n gives a number
or lnt.mcosln which, slmsiyh ho maltreated
nmlhworo nt bei. sho says ho bhuked her
evesiinil impri-onod her In n 10 un to trounco
lier. Hodiaiik, -ho says, to Intoxication.
On the motion yeterday he hud an array of
aflldnvits against her, lii'luding tliosoof lier
own inotlier. .Mis. .Tnno Lewis, nnd her brother.
Chin lo- ti. 1 . wis. who dnscril o thn deft iidnnt
ns an exemplary husband and fathei. Ho
denies her in eii-utlons and say- that 011 Aug
14 Inst sho fl. w nt him in a lago and 1 lacked
hisronii'l tried tos'nti h hi- fate Ho says
Hint on leb. :t last she abandoned her home,
taking their child ami a pony and eon luge.
Ho does not know what bus become of her.
Decision w is rf sorted.
titiAso jvnr seciii:ts.
A Significant ("nt.ilnn from the Bench to the
Neu llrnnri tfi.rs.
Tho Orand .Tiny for tho Mnrch form of tho
fienernl Sessions woro snout in yeste: day to
fore i.ocoulei Smyth. Ilonnpolntod Honry M.
Tabei. cotton merchant of 111 Poirl street,
forennn. In his chnu'o Iteeordor Sniylli gave
this rebuWito I.irry (iodkln and tho grand
juror or grand jurors who leaked lo l.nrry
about the ptoi itdlngsof tlio Novuiubel (Iraud
"lle'oro calling your attention, gentlemen,
to tlio pioiislonti of tlie -t.ituto. I doom It
proper for nietu lemlnd you of the terms of
your oath wbi li you hnvo nil taken In the
presence of tho Court. 1 his oath nsiiures Hint
nil tho pin. codings in tin. Orand Jury loom
should bo kept siirel. No grand juror has a
right, without violating tho provisions of (lie
statute nnd iho 11 iiuliements of Ills oath, to
eonieyany Information whatever to nny poi
son as to am pioceedlng bad beforo him a-a
grai.d juror, Hy strictly observing this pro
vision of (ho statute and this portion of the
01th which you liavo taken, gentluinen, you
w. II avoid 11 great deal of trouble and avert a
vast amount of scandal,"
On Hie Track ol Metrnchkl.
Josd Mesrachkl.tho Hebrew boggai who shot
litbbi Henry Mondes of tho Shenrlth Israel
congregation on Saturday night, lecauso tho
rabbi would not give him '100. lb still al lib
orly. rite policemen In plain elollies ncaicli
rd the east-sldo lodging housos for him xs
it rday. nud it was found that Mesr.icbki spent
I'ridav night in tlio Mctorlu Ilotil.at Hi llow
or). DettctivoCoonoy is now looking for hi in
In New Jersey, nud expects to get him to-day.
Di. Smith huh thai Dr. Mi ndos is getting
along nice!) nnd will nrobibly lie out Inn few
days Among tho callers tit the houso yentei
day were many persom who lind given money
tuMt'siachkl from tlmo to lime. 'J hoy com
pared notes nnd denounced tho beggar, but
lint ono ol the m weie willing to make nny 1:1 nil
of a chargo against liim that would laud him
In piiMin. It wiih said by ono ot linbld
Meudes's frh mis that if tho beggar is caught
tlioiabbi will not appear against him unless
ho bus to.
lay Gould OflT for Mexico,
Sv Axtomo, March 7. Jay Gould loft here
for Mexico 'this afternoon at .1 o'clock. Tho
cold with which ho suffered in New York has
disappeared, Ho v lit spend to-night la Laredo,
nnd will be In Monterey. Mexico, to-morrow
night. Hovvlll visit tho city of Mexico, Yera
Crui'. nnd tlipnoe go oyer tlm Mexican Central
loud In Torreou, Mexico, nud Li Paso From
iho littler placo lie will start for New Yotk 011
the Texas Pacific.
"X. A- H." Wlltk l.l.nrlre,
Quality delicluui. su ii lo. JrufglMi rcrj'tibert -a.fr, '
she nvsnrs ito MAiiti.vnsr .la.tts
.wnnovT VEt.ir.
Zliniotttkl la far llaiinj Sinn, nn.l (lie ('err
mony Took l'lttre l.esa 1 hnn I'm ly-elgtlt
Hours .Ifier It.e l.aitt Wn ttelrit.'d
from Her IlondsThe tliiilge Is Setcre 01.
Ilio Bnion, Who, Ilr -lays, AVn (lllcl,
Hioi'v; 1'Att.s. S. P., March 7. Anollior chap
ter iii written lo-dtiy In Iho loiniiiitle Do
stums case. A deereo ofiib-oliitt'dhoicowas
filed Into on Seturday evening, und at 11:"0
o'clock this morning tlio plnlntlit was quietly
married to William J'lllo't Moro Xboiowskl
nt tholr sulio of rooms in tho it.it.iet House.
TlienlTnlrwnHcnrrled nut wltli tho utmost
secrecy, nnd. until iiltcrtheceiemony wns per
formed, only a very fow persons know that tho
dlvoico lind been granted. Tho decree was
signed late 011 Snlurdny nftoinouti, tho
transcript of tho testimony having been given
to the tourt on Mnrcli 1. Atter tho Court
House was closed 11 carriage was sent for tho
Clerk, vvhoiiuletly nccepled tho Ming?.
It was learned Into this utteinoon that
yesterdavZtorowskl went to tho llov. (ieorgo
Wnllncoof tho Augustine F.plsropal Cat limit ill
nnd asked him whether he could marry Mine.
Do titueis and himself.
Mr. Wallace replied that ns a, loyal clergy
man in tho Lpiscopnl Church ho could not
perform tho ceromony. Ho suggested, how
cvor. that tlio llev. John A. Criisan
of tho First Congregntlonnl Church was
not bound by church obligations, and that ho
would doubtless unito tho couple. This was
arranged, and 11:110 o'clock this morning was
set fortho time.
Al 11 o'clock Zborowskl secured his mnr
riigo licence of the elnrk of tlio court. Tlio
witnesses to the coremotiy wero Heihert A'.
Shipmiiu of NewYoil; and John S. Lewis of
tills city, tlio latter a close frb'ndof Zt.oiowskl.
After the sorvlco Mr. nnd Mi. Zboiowskl
nnd the witne-sos tat down to a cheery bnn
Otiet. nt the tl so or which it was doubtless
agreed to keep the whole thing iiliet.
Late In tho nftcinoon, however, it wns ro
portod that tho wedding had taken place.
W. If. Corson, ono of the Cataract House
projnietors. was uskoil nbout it He insisted
and doubtle-s believed t lint it was not true,
Herbert A. Slilpman was also askid.
" It is propostorous." said Mr. Rhipmati.
When it was called to his attention that a
mnrringo iiconso had been Issued, ho declined
that it was not an uncommon thing for N'ew
liork people lo get their licenses several
month- in advance of the time when they were
to be used.
Tho Lev. Mi. Ctusin refused to sny whether
or not he had performed tho ceremony. And
bornvtsl.l himself had "nothing to 3ay."
Thoy wero married just tho same, and that,
too. less Hum forty-eight hours niter tho de
ereo of divorce wns signed.
Kver6incotho trial began Mmo. Dctuers
has been very ill. Her condition was so alarm
ing Hint last wock two physicians wero tolo
graphed for from Chicago. Hho Is still lu a
very nervom nnd weak condition. When sho
recovers sufticicntly to travel it is understood
nn extensive bridal tour will bo taken.
In bis dccroo.ludgo Aikcns makes tho fol
lowing findings of fuct:
" That sinco tho mnrringo of plaintiff and de
fendant the dofendnnt has been guilty of acts
of oxtioruo cruelly toward tho plaiutiff, which
have Inflicted grievous mental sufferings
upin her, Tsairt nets consisting of repented
violent exhibitions of ill-temper nnd uninori
ted lonsuro in tlio presence of other-, nnd
finally culminating 011 thn l.'lth day of
.lime. Icnm. in tho ilefondnnt spirit
ing uwny from the soelity custodny nud
control of the plaintiff, her two minor
children upon the prciovt that the plaintiff
was in nn unbalanced -tato ot mind nnd that
the children wero ill danger of being effected
by hei malady, to their gteat detriment, wero
thoy allotted to be with hoi.
In justification of this act the defendant pre
sents 11 icrtillcato of certain physicians ono
of whom Is n icnowned specialist in
nervous diseases. The extent of the
aciiuiiintnnce of said physicians with tho
Plaintiff ard the pretended examination
ot her person illy (which is given in
evidence minutely) woro insufficient for
nny human being In base or fmm
an intelligent nnd just opinion upon, and for
this roiinon tho Court turns tlmt the children
were. 'a- heroin before stated, spirited away
nwny from their mother, the daughter being
placed In a lonvent by it i-ehoino wliMi it
would not bo doing vldenco to ron-onnbln
WI!IU IIWl Un .ilMllfe ,1 'inil ... I Vils.lllH l,,
interence to find was in tlio Inception intended
to end in tho luciircorition of tlm moih.'i.
This action w as biillli ier.t to warrant tlio 1 1 1 1 ra
ti CT in censing to live and cohabit with the de
fendant." Tin. ludgo's conclusion Is:
" 1 Ir-t ihal tho niaiihige mentioned in tho
complaint herein. 1 ntered Into between
tlie plaintiff, Margaret Uiura Do Mner".
nnd the defendant. Alphnnso Fugeno
Lambert Destunrs bo dissolved, nnd thin tlio
said parties and oach of them, tho said plain
tiff and s.ilddoreudunt. bo froed fiom tho obli
gations thereof.
"Second, that tho plnlnllff. Margaret Laura
Destuers. Ii.ivo the solo cu-tody and control of
the minor child, Mnrgarct Kugenio Isabel Vie.
torla D -tuer-.
Tlio d. fence will appeal to tho Supromo
Curt. D 1 . Powers ot tho defence said.
"Tln ea"e will bo anveaind. 'I hero tiro not
ten families in sloux Fall-which could not get
n decree of divorce 011 tho rullngbund llnd
ings ot tliu Court.
The ItnronesH Do -tuers asked forn divorce
on th" ground of ciueltv. i- ho in aeojhlnof tlm
li.to I. hit .lacob htoi In 1 in lh"rh nil gin-en
a 11 nighterof W III! un lliiekhouse A-t. r. sho
to-tilled that sho was uiairl'd lo Huron d 1
Stile.- at tho home I but I ithtr. John t'aroj.
in thi illy in 1W7." shortly alter tliu marriage
thoy wditt ) Paris to Mm.
'ihreoehlldri n wore horn to the couple, ono
girl nrd two lioyn. The . hlldreii am with
tlie fattier. She sa'd thul In r husband
was very unkind to h.'i in Pans,
Hint ho eallt.l In 1 ".1 snvnge Anier.ean
and a hub), uud that lie Odd her
she didn't I, row how to behive. Ilo
iiiado Iheso remarks befoio peoplo. she
said, Ome. while her iiii-tand was
Secretary of Hid legatijn at Imtrlil. sho
nulled Hi iee pi op'o 111 dlplyniatio olrch'H
to lur houso Inn Cai was iissussin.itml
that afternoon, und b". nii-o hlie refused
to I'ouiikrnui'id tlm invitations at hot !iti.
band's request, tho 11 iron ulfionted th" guests
and ahiued lir in theli pros, ueo nnil tol.l
llioin sho did lint know how locoudiiil lieiuolf
us a minister's wHo.
One day at 11 dinner, ul which tliero weio
eight or ten guest", she Hindu 11 leiuurkher
husband dldii t like, and hoi husband
jumped up. si :e lined at her. spat
in her fane, and irlid: "I wldi to
Cod I had not 111 irrled you" Her hiiMiniul
iihji 1 ted to Itoi'leidlligniirthlng but bl-torj,
and oneo wliou she was ie tiling it harmless
I ugli-di novel, ho elite cd lb" room, snatched
tlio book from her, an I went oul, sl.n .m, 1,
tiiedoor, Ilio Huron, she wnd, once ehuiginl
liorwith being iiulHittiliil 1 1 liim. 111 ide her g 1
tin Inn eh and sue irlh it shebndbei 11 Inbhrii1, 1
nnd Hun -aid iho had pi 1 lined lieis If. In 1
luH,i n Madrid, wlulo In 1 hiisitind was I
negotiating II delicate 1 oil merci il liotly, 1:1
wlliilt ho wanted t'lo aid of tho Mini toi uf
Commerce, lie linked hor to Invito 1 Ik,
Minister to tho hou-n und 1 It nil (.r
blandishments 011 him. ' ho tolil hei bush ind.
sho said, that -lie w is in 1 doing siuh 1.01 ,
and n fused, as sh put It, "t i'hii 1 Iniiis my
womanhoi'd nt Hi" son ico of tiio-l.un'y
Her liiisbund, blio dtclau'd, iniido .111 elToil
in Pail- lo have her loik.il In ;i re
Ileal. Ho nroiii hi a phi sit Inn to Jiei
who said she was merit ill) .'ranged, I ecaute
Fho did not Iom hergool, kind liusl lind, ,.,'
ebildri 11 wem norlltd nwa, lio teslineil, II1.1
trirl helm! 11I.11 . d in a Ci l.ttlit and the I 01 s in
rt boir.lliigschoul.
Iho llni miner - maldt.-l.llf d In her behalf,
mid Iho di'ioslliou-.of (I 1. biitli'i mid ,JI1 1
cook of tin. family de. hired Hint tho 11 11 1 1- j
nosswiiBof ni aim und seveio leinpeiameiil,
nud that tho Ikii on was ii'spuiislhlu Joi all the '
tioublo 111 tlio family,
Huron De stums s defence was In the four,
ofndeposltlon that lov in oil sevouty-llti'pi '1 n
of type-wnlloncopv. shorllv b. fom tlio lilnlof
the suit was begun I ho 11 iron siawyeism ulea
motion to 111111 ml Iho Duron's nnsnoi to liN
wife's couiiiliiint. but .fudge Ail.cn icliimdto
grunt It. 'Iho Diriu, in ii.iiositiun, deelateil
that tin. Itiirotiens had oi.nuiltt rl ndliltciy
wltlil lllottborowtki, otlierivlse Willinm II.
liott, -Mi. illlot' is well know n in Now lork
soLleiy. Ho is somutluies called Count bor
o w si. 1.
"1 hftvn discovered," said the lljron in his
amended deposition "tln.t tlm liuiuiiejs
joined l.lllott Xlorowskl n liu dnts
ijftoi she left bet home, In Paris,
.linie 14. lEJKi. 11 nil has 'Ineo eiititlniliillv
and openlv eoliiiblt.d with b irow-'kl In an
onensfilynradiil'i'ions liite-C"iire. iletweeti
the 11 ith und .Mb ui lime, lvt.o. tho It irones
oicuplt'd todglngs In latlnrlne street In 1 on
don. 1hereall.il' the lliitcness mid F.lllott
.hoiow-l.l .'iiibiirkid mi a sluim v.i'ht.
end siuUtib, tin, islnulof Ceylon and fto-i
Iheiowoiil tiigethii to Itullii I lift leliiiued
logelier 11 I ondoti.a.ld w. nt to 111 'C.lledonlru
II.ilcl.Atlt.il hfn 1. rnie... whin 11 tlie) I. gi-tornl
11- Mlc. an I Mr- I III ill.' .11 I', i, lo. jwn.
I hevweiea's iIiMtig together at Timbiidgc
W ells on M11hl1lM.ls.1L'
llr-nut; ' .Itidgi MI.I11 lefus.Ml to gTfint tho
motion or Hi" llaiou- lawyi'islt. nuiend his
aliswei.tlie I! iron's ..'item.n(s about Iho re
litloiisof I!,,. HniiiniiHs ami Mi. '.Imrovvskl
weio not tnli ,)!,. I as testimony, and the law
yers w.ie not allowed Ir. oMiuilito the llaro-ne-siiK
In beer. Intlons with Me .oorowskl
, W licit 11 put ni Huron loM'ier's 11 nended
d. p. Bltlon wi.s 1 ilnlo'l lu lh.iiiousui"is last
.Iniiuaty, a man -isti rledtlrit ho tut it bi" lon
ger on n -ii"iiii"f which left ltombayouo ot
whose nsM.iguis wis a person who. liu nriei
;i nd It.irpid was Mr. borotkl. A tall,
h noisome woman, it htondo. nccoiupmtod Mi.
.noiowskl. '1 bo purses told thn oth.'i pn
singers that (hevwcio.i Duko nnd Duchess,
but Hint as thoy didn't want to hnvo
their lit'o known they icglforod us
Mr. ami Mrs Hllolt. Mrs. Flllott. tho
lellei or the storv-nlil, smoke 1 tlgurettes on
il. tl:. and carried 11 gold elguretloea.Mi set wltli
icwelsittiil iieoionel ot diamonds, though not
u illtehi sv (oroitet.
In hliileposliion llaron DoStiterslnld nil tlio
Jw nil". d tin. hiiiill) trouble on his wife's poor
lieiillli nnd tho nbnorninl views alio toolc of
things 1 sthoiesult. At tbenpnra one night slio
said tho box wit- too curded, und asked her
liiisii.iuii to go out, st tho same tlmo purposely
walking upon his feet. Shu smoked 1 Igarettes
hosnld. ami oneo gave clg.nottes to thochil
nien and tried to inuko them smoko. Ho de
nied bis wire's itlleg itlons that ho tried to de
prlye her of her liberty or to got contiol of her
rnti:n 30 xritLCK ax ewulss.
Drrsaed Stones llud Been Ptnrrd On Ihe
lludann RltfrTrnrkn rur Hurry lottn.
rotiiiiKn-rsi,.. March 7.-Thero wns nn at
tempt towio'l: the Chicago express on tho
Hudson llltei railroad last night. Tlio train
k'lt New York ut II o'clock, and wns composed
mo'tly ofsleoplngcnrs. It passed Harry town
on time, nnd was running at tlie rate of fifty
miles an hour. Half 11 mile further north, nnd
nt the edge of the Aspenwall Woods, tho on
gino ploughed Into dressed stones, each two
ortlneo foot scjuute. which had been placed
til on tho lttlls. Pn-Bongors woro hurled from
their seats, nnd there was much consternation.
Forn hundred feet the engine forced Its way
through tho stones and tearing up tho tlos.
Neither tho engine 1101 any of tho cars wero
Tho grounds on each side of (he tracks near
Harry town havo been tilled with tlos nnd
dressed bridge stones. It was somo of tho
latter that bad hem placed on tho mils.
At midnight Chief Detective Humphrey of
tho tallroud nnd some of his men were nt the
scene. Tho work wns undoubtedly that of one
man. for tho reason tint on both sides ot tho
track the giound wns soft and footprints ot
only ono man were visible. Tlio obstiuctlons
wero placed on tho mils atter 7:52 o'clock, bo
cnuso a freight train pissed sufoly north at
that time. It was ovldont that tho scoundrel
avoided using ties bocauso it was a moonlight
night nnd the engineor would have seon them,
'lhoro Is no flagman for a milo north of tho
spot and forhnlf a mile south. Suspicion rests
upon two men in Unrrytown.
iiMLon .s 1 niiLinm
Baitiviobe. March 7. Tho Chicago expross.
which loft Camden station nt 7:15 o'clock last
night, w is in collision nt 8 45 o'clock with an
extra fi eight train bound enst in Itockville.
Tho engines and tenders wore damaged.
Fireman Uuckuloo of Cranborry and Urnke
nian Fenters of Murtinsburg woro klllod.
Ono stock car was w reeked nnd fourteon
cattle wero killed. Engineer Potors of tlie
expiess nnd nn oxpmss mossenger woro
slightly Injured. N'o passengers woro Injured.
Twoso(..rers wore slightly dnmagod. There
vtns no interruption to travel, ns all trains
wore despatched around III" nccident.
Tho freight tlid not coutinun on the siding
wliich it had taken to let tho express pass, but
ran 11 the main track.
KocHhKTFU, March 7. Tho St. Louis expross
on Iho New ork Central, due hero from the
Fast at 4 :o o'clock this morning, enmo in col
lision with 11 fioight train at North avonuo.
dimagingtho two locomotives nndthiooday
coaolipj. No ono was hurt. A flagman who
li id been sent back to stop tho express went
down tliu wrong tuick.
Tltree Thousand Dollars' 'Worth of Tbelr
CittliN In tlie I uritom House.
cl ciK..M u. ............ T ....' .i.t.r -.
Col. Storoy, Surveyor Lyon's chief of staff,
mado a lino haul yesterday of millinery nnd
dre-s goods from women who woro passengers
on tlio French -tonmship La llourgogno. Tho
goods woro in Feven trunks belonging to
Mr. 1- Morgan Moonoy and Miss A. Fox.
known us tho Fox Sisters, drossmakors nt
:!'! West Thirty-fourth stroct. und Miss
J. O. Allebono und Miss Van dor Hel
per of 1.551 Michigan avenue, Chicago.
Two of tho trunks contained the porsonnl
w 1 tiring apparel of the party. Tho sebum
was valued at S'kOOO. nnd Included millinery
and gowns by Felix. M. Mayor. Watts. Worth,
nnd A. .V 1'. llnndwlts. Purls. Tliero wero
nlso cloaks, silk underclothing, gloves In
numerable, tucked into Iho toes of tlk stocking-,
und ns lino 11 collection of Knster flnory
up tho most enthusiastic young womnn this
side of tho tliv le would care to look nt.
'Ihe Fox Si -tors nppemed before tlio Col
lector In the nftmnoon und proto-ted against
the -ehure of their trunks. Thoy said that in
tho hold of I 1 ISourgogne thoy hnd goods on
which the customs duties would be S'J.OOO,
and tint thcii trunks contained nothing duti
able. 'Ilio Collector said he would ponder tho
II IXTl.lt $.1'I0 Olt II Ell I IFF.
TruitlK" Tllsluiba Mrs. Nenle'a fence nnd
I'tliti'lirn llrr HuMlin...!' llra.l.
Ilolar: Tradlgo. head waiter In tho Hotel
Iloyal i.t the lime of thoflre. was urre-ted by
tlm Moreei -treet polleo lift night for threat
ening tin Uf" of Mrs. snmuol A. N'cnlo of Kt
Wiishlngi ni pi ice. upon whom, it is illcged,
i,o I as 1 1 nlo leiieat'd attempts to levy black
mall, ...
ihey Inviiinonr ounlntod tec yenrsagy when
the) wep'-eivii 1- in "'ton hoti I, und thoy
vcio mi goid term- for eight yeni-. 'J bo
woman I- now 111 irriul 1.1 clerk forntiiitteu
btirg I in kimiker. - - -
rhe and hoi hiisl.ai d have complained he
rein Hi ,t Tiadign had tried to extort niouuy
from In 1 mid luul llueateiind lier with vio
lence. Iisi 11. eh! ho got into iho bonidlng
lion-. I, I ps nnd lliieatened to kill her
Willi a ra' r lio blandished unless sho paid
hini .' 11,
Ho wi-nrro'li'd. and ""eilo followed himto
tho -taltoii hoilsi, (in tl.o way I udlgo bloke
fr un Hit 1 ol'ei'ituii'. 1 111 bael, to Ni'iile. und
punched his head I In 11 tho pi jcieslgn in
formed und I ,01. 1. led.
4!i K;.iidti Xt.1 anuiiuy t lurfovt 10 llcrea.
' n ii so n cab drove up in a florist's store
ut l.'JI7 liiuuluay at ! u . lock last night mul
two v ill-dri ssi .1 yo'ing w omen got out and
liotighl somo nosi guys. While tho youngur
Was hll.ng somo vio'ils in iho waist of
liei gown hf sireamed and staggered,
and ! ill I in kwurd In 11 III Into a big show win
dow. l!ll"d Willi 1 l.inlsand flower-. Sh" kicked
fliintl Uly. knoe! ing Hut pottid lloivers and
1 1 nil- hi liei sk. Hei.
erowd ol S'v.hhI liuitilreil blockel tho
sidewalk until a el"l I. . 'iiiii" In irom a neigh
1 1 ling drug sloro.uid I eld a bottle ol stioug
iitiioion! 1 to tlm worn m n iiosi. She lecnvered
,ibnitt and slid out of tho window, she
lie 1 il mound M iho ihiotig outsldo with u
bo'tildered alt, and then solod her compan
ion's itriii. and both jumpud Into the cab and
weroilnvin mT.
Mr. Sprlugrr lonltnurM lo ImptOTr,
Wtsuivnio' , Mai eh 7. -Corgressman Si ring
or lontln ioh to improto, and ills cndltl ,n is
roP'rtnl to liu iniieli more gratlfilng than It
was last uiglit. Hi. lucent, tlie attending
ploslciali, U vuiy iiupelul uf the juticut's (u-Color).
A Aito itfiani in .nr i.'fir ut'3
i'i.mpw m or. it u.iioitn. Jl
llrSusgeafs Wi'titliittK I'tittc'la'il I'lilsinptl 5
" I'enii ll " I I. inn' In- I -ttilti-al Mi'. I.onld 1
In Ihe XiuIcm nr I'le. mil rnt be 'S'letlil. tf'
Kin ol 1 li n "lo,.mil (Jin i ll.. (J libra. V
Tie gallicrlng l Piefiivletii'i dlvm-'s in f
the liitciesl .1 t tunc 1 i'len-loti. wbii h was )
belli nt tl e 1 ouse of Mi'. .1 it ii.nibl two week s(
iirpi und at wiileli Mr. (I011I1I gateii clie.ck for j
Jlo.ooi) tiii"alied nthemi ti r t scrnion'to tho i
llev. Dr. Iliilnsfoiil of SI. (leorge's Protestant ,
l!pl"c..pil (hiii'h on siitidny. This cxtrnft
from thospriii.iii was pi luted yesterday in CoL u
l.lllolt 1'. Shopai I's Vnil fiwl .'1 pi di.'
" When 1 hear of 11 church stiong. numerous, , ,
Infiuentlnl, and lieh-n bodv of Christian men s
reinarkable for tho ehauiplonliig of wh il thoy
ebilm to ho poslollc Christianity calling a
mi etlng fortlio extension of Christ's Cliurch J
In the house of the ono man who before tlio -'
people or nil of these I nitod States bus con- '$1
fessodly represuntctl what istho very opposite i;
uf Christianity a man who hits dono moro to ;
degrt'.de nnd debauch tho mornls of buslnoi y
life than nnv othei cltiren-whnnthlshnppons, 1
Isavlt Isiinie to speak ns well nstopray. I 'f
state tho matter as temperately us lean when (
I say 11 mlstako has been made, which has put
tens of thousands of Christian peoplo to the J
blush: nnd more. 1 say It is Idle to tulkof pray- .j
Ing for Iho advancement of Christ's Clnirch If
such things lire ullotved to pass nnchntlongod. Jl
ortboso vvhoare lobiiouslblo lor them to pass f:J
unr.diiiked. 1
" l'ei sedition cannot hurt us, infldolity can- .
not w. akon us. sclent lllc research can only 1
add another eiow 11 to the brow of the Hon of j
Muu. Hut a determination ut all costs to suo i
cuod, a willingness to yiold position and defer-
eneo to thoso who nro successful caring i
nothing for thoso moans by which they havo ll
nttainoJsuccess-this Is to deny Christ and !
lotray our trust. It is to Bet up n modem i
golden Imago and to sa to it,Tnou art my !
Hod. Tlio results of such worship aro inevlta- II
bio: limy who yield to it, how ev or vigorously , 1
thoviiiity ehuinplon the cause of what they J
choose to concoivo us religion. In tlmo mutt I
toniti to be pitiless to man, untrue to them- A
selves, and faithless to God." r(
A si's reporter tailed on thollov. Dr. Ilalns- s
ford last nlglit mid asked: "Are you correctly , ".
quoted Intho Mail anil Erprmi't" ' ,'1
" 1 don't know." nnswerod the proacher. 1,
1 hev nevei get any thing right lu that paper.
Let's soo what it says." '1
Ho read Iho extract and remurkod: "Yes, i
that's all right."
With the extract thus endorsed by tho ?.
preacher. Tin Sirs roporter culled on tho Itcv.
Dr. Paxton. of whoso congregation, tho West ?
Presby tin lull Church. Mr. Oouldund his family J
nro moinhers. Dr. Paxton wns just going out .
to 11 wedding.
"Itend me what Itainsford said." ho saitU 1
whoa tlio ml-sion wns explained nnd tho re- til
porter lend tlio extract. . ;l
"Humph." said Dr. Pnxton. "you nsk Dr. A
Tiainsford in my namo wheru tlio wealthy 111011 J
of his congregation got their money, und liow S
tlio nion In Wall street who attend his chui "li Ik
came by tholrmoneyl iou usk liim that! Did 4
thoy 001110 by It any moro honestly than Mi. 'il
doiild, oral honestly I I'euh I thoy can't any ul
ot them hold up their bonds und cast the 'fi
stone. Inm not deftnding Mr. Gould or Mr. a
Gould s methods pnrtieulary. but I sny this: Jj
Mr. Gould miiy beu coiitlnontal sniusher. If
he Is. theso men In tho Fpiscop.il Church nnd a
in Dr. llninsford's church tire poanut ama-li-
ors beside him. Am 1 not right t
"Mi. Gould lias bcon for seven years a con- fi
stunt attendant at mv church. Ills daughter. li
thoroughly Christian young woman, has if
beon a devout member of my church und htm 8
tnkon activo part In every chanty that juts t
hnnn enrb.mnff v mv Miurnl. SII1.1 l.no .-I. nn IS
largely of jior portion. Mr. Gould is downed &
to his daughter. I personally was responsible A
for that meeting at Mr. Gould's house, and fur 7i
that gift. In nil the sevon years Hint Mr. V
Oould has nttonded tho church I rm not tr
asked or accepted a favor ot hlra. I have not .)
received ono ponny ot his money, ltecently h ,-j-
felt that It was his duty to givo Mi
of his plenty. 1 proposed that meet- vi
ing und Mr. Gould suid 'Yes. hold
the mooting in my house. 1 will liolp tint
church all that I can. I will pay nil tho cost
I said to him. "It will bo exponsive. V.011 niay
buy tlio finest dinner that Delmonieo .an I
servo nnd it mnyco t fl'.Ooo. This will cost
moro. much more ns much ns 510 000.' uud (l
ho said. "es. you shall have it,' and I." cause jy
ho gave It ho is lumped on and blackguarded Jl
by theso men and by tho Kt nima Jkitt.
"lhuve said nothing boforo. Hut now It Is .ii
timo that these outngeous attacks were 1 "
stopped. I know that air. Gould is one of tlie '
loveliest men In the world ill his liomo lite. OC 1'
his enroer in Wall stroet I know nothing. i
Helngn clorgymnn. I would not know. Hut I -
know of the business ot Wall stro"t. from the j
biggest house of nil dovv n to tho smallest man
who walks tho street. 1 know it is ono mud, ,
wild rush for wealth money mon iy. If 1 ',
God Almighty weighed In tlio scules of B
eternal nistlco with Mr. Gould those v
other woaltby men and the carpers who 1,
now attack Mr. Gould I would like to 2
know who would make tho bettor showing. H
.lust bocauso Mr. Gould seos lit to give to tho fi
t'ulvo'-sitv of theCitv of N'etv York S''5.00t) 1
cnlvc-siiy or tliu city 01 .sew lorn s.:..ooi) :
and 10.000 moro through mo to tho cause of 1 .
church extonslou becauso of tlio respect be j
hud for my church ho must bo violently ns- 5 I
buulted by men like Dr. itainsford. must ho? I '
Well, itls time to .-.ill a halt." !
Dr. Paxton opened tlio door nnd walkod , ,
down tb slops to his carriage. Ho stopped jl
once. "I don't liko Mr. Dana." he said. " I it'
don't like Tun bus bocauso of its Hill ten- f ,
denelos. r hate It. Tin: isus' has said unkind I),
things of mo. It nover bald anything good of 1;
me. but us to tlio sanity of its remarks on the f,
ltev. Dr. Parkhurst. wiio litis soen ilt to rofloct I j
on the acceptance of their gift fiom Mr. Gould. I i
IwivTiii.buv was right" j
When Dr. Paxton tulked of " peanut smash- f J
on." in tho Episcopal Church ho mentioned ;
the names of two magnutos of finance, but he jj(
asked tho teportor not to print Iho names.
svs.imn 10 .7.ir rouii vxitersity. j i
A fiiri Mudr by Jay Oould Mooa After Ilia :
i onliilrullon lo Church EKtrnslon. I i
Jay Gould ha civon $'.'5,000 to tho Unlvnr- g.3
Rlty of the City of Now York. Tho gift wai SI
made it fow daysuftor ho gnvo his check for
$10,1 100 to the Presbytorlan Church Extension
Commlltee, It was Mr. Gould's deslro that the 3
gift should bo kept a secret f'l
The llev Dr. John 11. Paxton, the pastor nf 85
the 1 hurch which Mr. Gould und his family at-
tend, let out tho fact last night unintentionally
to a srs npoiter. Whon pressod for further
information concerning It. ho suid tho matter ;,
was a secret. '
Chnncollor MacCracken conlrmod later tlia
fact that the gift hud been made. j
The Weittl.er. if
Vmlrrilvy was excptionatl brbtlit aisl plrAinnt la 3
Hid uil'lille Alt mile uml ew Luif.an I stntu .ni.l InLa 1
rcitioni. II . ismperatura wai nt freezing point In ttia 1
inurultii;. but roan rapidly daring Itiu il iy f
Ihvrloiin Hint wat coutral iifar Mrinplilthiinday 1
ltiktit laottj foiitbtrttril. aiul was irttirul on tlieilulf i
innit lit nr Ssvi Orloon ycntrriU), incrfasiiur In rnsr-
hi rl e r itnnreu tearlioil north bi MirKouri mi I Kttn. jf
sit, mil front Ivxatoiur sll tlm Nrniiiern htatet, vaht- jflj
oapl to tli AiUulii) count TltU stfrttt will (imbsbty 71
moV't t'littn aril, 101 1 be nlleti lerl ly lutrh .tiitiora fj
in,l4 nn Dm ioith Atlantic nail toilay.attl Ilia 1
tlircilriiinvtieallirraiiil rata t 111 apread northward to M
tliu inldll Atlantic Matet Tlura u a aecomldepria- II
.tin tnrinin o. r Mlmieaola tlitt i creatlni; ara. la
rlx'ln itiiii'Priitnri' III tl at ii-lKlit,nrti.,o1 but aa ot
tit la 111 III I'lln. Tlirro l all iMrtllltn aica or lildt H
tiiiiii' rtiluri rprrulins from Ite. north 1'arli'c Ot'eaii to H
11 riuirit 1 ex is. ivltli .UnrMeailitr. Thrro ure 110 la- fl
ill a,.lon-..r.'l aiallier 'fl
Hie wttidii 1 ontf tlm iuit .I-crevHI In form y-ttsr- fl
Id), I ftuin I'H ftorli wrt, rl) It mum clear lu IbUrity, fl
111. I ' rftcnl leiupir .lure, fA) (which l-0anora fl
ttio Ht.raue boritt .11 . aierao buiulillt), ,', per fl
rtlif .mil ui -I, aterarfe liloilt) ulno liillea 101 hour.
The t iv lie ineiet at 1'trry I'bartnuiy in Tiff Sia
hull.tinv recor 1. d tlio teni) ei uturr ttliiUay ai IoIioh ai
jvo isn.' i mil. ISIIJ
n 1 ii ai- at- laii'.yi ,-ni' r,i
II AM D)' Jl' 11 I' t 4tl m
11 a t i.' a? ti I' vi. m- ;
j i'i ;i;-. 40 u in, ii i,-hi .at" it- .
Aterasi lt. Aterou'" oil Mnrcli 7, lsui, 31', .
n llli!M,U) iokii i-r roa tli .uir.
1. r New I nj'.mi't, fair wtullier Tuuslay, Marrurr
north ir t'-inuiliu-etu, rain unl cooler Wcduetda)
w.Merl) Hb,,u, l,t finliiir tarlublo
hit .,friii .Vrie lorl, j ttr Jimitiy ai;Af, letiulu tl IfiinQ ta
rti fAwiwrry,
Pur N.a Jersey, fncrfailiig clouillneii iturir.f tlta
i') irnbably rollo-icl by llglttralnt, winiliablftlor, la J
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