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it's so." 9 sHBilSsssSiwfcfe a y -' ' I its so." $
V0L.LIX.-N0.llll. " NEW Y01jkT1ve"5"nESDAY, MARCH 0, 1892. rniCBlwomlJr
dames C. Carter Otter the Jlesnltitton He
to. McCnrdy Fnmlnhea n Statement of
the Facta In AdTnnro uml llcclwrea ttlitt
Judge Maynnrd Dirt Jtlistit with the
Amended JUntctieaa r.leitkm Itrlurn.
Tho Association of tlio liar of Now York
rnssodtlioao resolutions Inst! night by n viva
voco voto. with nbout 20 per cent, of noes,
Bomo 200 of tlio 1.170 mourners being iircsunt:
Whrrtat, It appeari from a Int. oiilnlon pronounce 1
byajudteof the Supremo Court lliit Krnie otlences
mar have recently been comuillti din the taMwrof an
election return from tti oitlre of the Comptroller of
thle State, end that r. Isaac It Manat)l. then Dep
uty Attornevilrncral, and alnco cleinttrt to the bench
of rtirhlKheet court, wa ) enniiectcd with the trans
a tlon ai t'i Impair bin mefiiliiMs as a Jmle and tend
tiidlicreillt the administration of Juitlce, now, then
fore. It In
KrrJrt. That It bo referred to a committee of nine
I membcre. to he appointed by the rrcshtt-nt or the ano-
oiatien. to Iniulro Into the matter afnn said and J mice
' Marnanl'e connection therewith, anil to report at an
iadJournM ineetinir of the asocial Ion, to be hold on the
eienlmt ot March 22 at H 1'. M, the fact, with the
opinion of Mil iMimutttco as lo what action. If any,
should be taken by the anocl itlon In the rrcniio.
Tlio resolution was prepared on Monday
' cvonlng liy twenty or moio lawyers who linil
boon failed on by Wlioeler It. Pookhuin. Presi
dent of thoussoclntlon. to ndvlso Whether or
not tlio Association wits called on to net in tlio
matter. It leaked out yesterday that the reso
lution would bo offered nt tlio mooting last
night, nnd tlio little ball In thonFsoelntlon
houso in West Twenty-ninth street wis
crowded. Among tho lawyors present weio:
l'rodoiie II. Conduit, .Tunics C. Carter, I)o'os
McCuuly. ltoKor 1'ostor, N'oah Divls. Klthu
ltoot. i'runcls M. Scott, aud John jr. Uowei.
BIr. Pockh tin presided. When ho cnllod for
tho loutlno business .Ininos C Carter jumped
h up with n npor In lilfl hiiml.
!l "I rise" bo paid, slowly, "fortho purpose of
i moving tho utlnptlon of a resolution by tills
association having rofereneo to unnffhirwhlch
has excited much coinnimt throughout tlio
State. It linn connection with the taking from
tlio offlco of tlio Stnto Comptroller orcertnln
election returns, with tlio tampering with
public ptpors In n publlo olllco. and that by
high olllul.ils nt the btnto; a matter of tlio
widest publiu Interest nnd eonseiiuonee. It
tins occupied lni,:cly tho attention of tho poo
llo ami nf the nowspupois. It has engaged
tlienttentionof judicial tribunals, and we huvo
A statement made in relation to it by a
ii'cv of the Supremo Court. It It a
mat -i o mj cm vi a chat actor Hint
it ciMllenires our immedlnto attention. Tlio
lending features of the case are these: That .1
. certain election return was lonvnrdod to tlio
vj threo principal otucoisof tho Male. The re-
J turns. 1 bellow, huvo been adjudged lawful
m ones. From tho olllco of the Cotuptrollor it
If m appears that Deputy Attornov-Oeneral l-.ine,
1 It. Muynurd took tills return, haunt' no of-
ff Ilcinl authority so to do. It Is alsmi p.irtof
I tho fact that tho romonl of these returns n
,1 iililed another return to bo cinvasM-d by tho
lionrd of btato Canvasser", and led to tho
n declaration by that body that :i certain enndi
1 ilate was elected to tho place to which
I V nnotlnT candidate was really elected. That
net i hancd tho political eharacterof tlio Stato
f hennto. hhortly after this act the Deputy At-
I torney-Genornl wus appointed by tho (Suvirnor
I to n placo on tlio bluliest judicial bench in the
-3 btnte. Now. theso matters nro of tho crudest
chnracter. and It Islncumboiitnn llunn whoso
official duty it mar ho to protect the nutillc to
take somo steps looking to an Investigation
Into tlio facts. Now Is net tho time for us to
expros any opinion or to iuU.iuoo any judc-
Ho read thn resolution. Deforo ho liaiinn-
ishod Delos McUurdy wat, on his fuel, u'id. ud-
Voncinc to thoeentioor the nlle, ho said:
"It seems to mo that before this i.ssoeintlon
proceeds to adopt a resolution oeu to iuouiro
into the conduct ot Jurlfu Muvimrd it ouuht at
71 least'to uudPCTTHnitth fur.isof which I er-J-
Konally am couniant. AN lthout coini: Into ox
f tensive details 1 will stato Foinethlncof what
I know as nn assoclato of .ludco.Maynaid in
the aonductinc of these olectlon i ases."
Ho then reeitod brlMlly tlio story ot tho debt
up to Dec a. whon tho Republicans pioposed
to take tho dispute nt once to tho C'uuit of Ap
peals for final decision.
"Tho aruuinont." ho said, "had proceoded
all day, when thero was mado by tho nttornoys
lor tlio other side this proposition: Tb.it tlio
easeb be tidvinced nt oneo to tho Ueneriil
Term and dispo-ed of as quickly iih possible
there, and that the defeated pally thero should
appeal at oneo to tho Court of Appeals, tho
other bide waivni; tho rights of otteuded
notice and the like: that In tlio mean tiino tho
ntato lldaid of .invassors should notcunviss
V tho vote or make nny declaration wiuitovr.
Oy .and tnat d'Ii side should bo flniillv
'A v ' bound by tho (Kclslon of tho Court of
'I npprnls. The iicreement was made. It was
hi signed by eery liiwjiu on both sido". nnd tho
lit. uluninj; of tli.it nut cement was rosnrdod as
II final. To tho eiedlt of tho jrontlomen who
Li sfifiiLil it. 1 v.'i.ih to f-uy that not ono if them
if ever apienrtl in tlio eaoo iilterwnt)!. 'lido
' MKieeine'it e)ered tho eic-tsol Ihu four ben-
", nto (llhtilctn !u (lKputc. At tho time th.it
ft- iiifrouinenl was mado no other returns hut
tlioii that hail nlieady been filed weie eon
I teiupl.Ued in thought, of. and 1 spvakwlthn
I knowledge of the facts. The men who mado
I tho proposition l)i us realized Its fur-teachlni;
I consequence They aereiMl, BclemnU. ItDipen
couil. to abide by the tlnal (bei don. I'pun
out pint wo nbejeil tho ftliiiilntlnn, and the
Btato Hoard of CaiiMisscrs punle i,o eniix.iss of
tho leturiiH in their pos.-o.s,i,jii, tlioiiiih tlieio
."a was uotliinc but tlieirwoid topi enttlie:n
,i .1.... ii
"Now as to tlio other sidi. On Dee. 12 a
nnieiiiiiit wus imt on foot to send up to tho
Ktiilootllcei s amended l etui us fium Dutidiess
coimt). This was a direct lolnlioii i the
uitruemcnt mi solemnly eiiteied lut". A eoii
buitutlon was had by our side at once. The
niovjiiieut nstunixliod ' It was porfeitly
well uutlcrstood that neither sido should talto
any steps wlmtevorlntho eases until tho he.ir
ini; before tlio Couit of Appeals, U was deeiil
ol at thK consultation ti hold tho other i-idi
Mrictlytothen!;reementnnd If they did sond
In the amended n turns to return thuni on tho
instant- Trio Mate oflleors nil au'recd to do
this on tlio mhico of tlulr counsel.
Tiidsro Maynard. nnd nnsolf. Juduo Inerali.im
in tliUelty w.is niipe.lled to. nnd ho planted an
injunction forbidillnc Clerlt Jinans of 1'ourIi
keepsle -011(11111; the nmondod returns to Al
bany. This Injunction was ciuulud about 0
o'olocl. In thn ovonlne. anil I desi. itched n.
inosi.enKer with It nt once. In tho mean time
I had telephonic, communication with Clerk
Krnaiis. and 1 informed him of tho Isstiiui: of
the outer. In the iuc.111 time, nlsu. men in
j'niiKhkeepslii bad provillod on ( lei I: lUnnns
and had convinced him that it was bis duty to
send tlio ittuins to Album- before tlio
airhnl of tho ordor. and. utter my tolo
jihonio notice to him, bo deposited tlio
amended returns in tho m.iil. ioll. tlio
mcHsenser Willi the lujuni lion uiieliisiriiiiKli
keopsleabo.it ri o'clock in the ineniut,'. mid ho
fienod tho inper on tho clink In the unit local
way by a copy, and showlni; the oi luiii.il. 1 ho
porvlnnof this paper hud moie welyia i,n tlio
olork than had the nntieu ti lehoin). and ho
stnrlodont to undo tlu wroiiKlm bid done. He
posted off to Albany. Ilo found (lov. Mill, ami
explained tho matter to him, and asked wli.it
lie should do. ThoOnvernor directed lilintncn
andseo Jiidt'O Mnymiid nnd lo b" whicod by
blm nnd to net on III ndvice. Clerk I'iiiiiiih
took tho oidorof .finite J ntir.ili.im to .ludi;o
Mnymiid, and tlio. hidiro told him tli it hiduty
was plain, and It was to cot posse--fun of thn
lopor at open. II" went to the odleii id the
Comptroller with Judce .Mm nurd and there ho
found tho envelope contnluinii tho amended
returnb unopened, and that envelope was do
. . llvered to Jinlco Mayimrd by n iilerk. mr
I "i'nU.Kantlemoii, was what Judmi Mas nurd
f J did. It Is what wo nureed to do. it is what
I wo instructed the btato olUcors who inlwlit re-
I ceivo thoso papers to do, 1 maintain that It
L was rlt'hb Jude Mntnnrd, in tnkini; timsi)
I papers and clvlnc them to ( leik l.ui'ins.
I merely did went the Comptrollei hliiisulf
would linto done hnd lio been thei". I claim
W for Judco .Maynnrd that, as counsel, he had
tho rlfc'llt to udvine his client to Ret I ossesslou
I of thoptpois which his client said ho had beou
I Induced to sniiil by mistnko In dellanco ot tho
t order of .1 mine Injrrah.iiu.".
Jlr. JlcCurdythen pild hl respects to Mr.
A Gooreo llllss. who went before J uiluo I ulhm
Wk In Brooklyn to lmo tholncrahain Injunction
m ".Vow, Mr. l'resldent and (rentleinon." ho
concluded, "it Juilue -M.nn.ird comiultled n
H wronc on that occasion thero Is oil" here, n
ruomberof your hod), who is iil-o Kiiiltv ot
L tn.it wroiiK. nnd ho is here iei ired lntit' e
B tho eon-eqiiotie xilld ton leililie t 111) ieui-l-B
bllllV fiireMiiJihllu: .N"t "li'l wn- he ulllv
M of till) fact, hilt he was nil iiccc-voi V lietorn the
fact and 1 deflate now thai what was done in
1 those cases b Judeu Ma)iiaid and inwH I
would do aealii." .
There was prolonced applnuho when Mr.
MoCurdy sat "own. Honor 1 orator was next
recoBnired. Hosald that tliniissoclutlon had
H no power to act. no matter what it found to bo
Ihefiicts. forn.Tuilceer.ubl not nsa.nidco 1)0
Impe iched for sonicth utthp had dono l'fro
he l.ee inn- a JiltlKe. Up MI no P'.','VJ,yB"
ho -Hill, why the association "Houlil want
nteel.il eoninilttei) to lnostli.'nte tilts l caap.
when nil other dmltnronsos wore hnndlod py
the reuiilnrdrloMince Committee. ...,
Nelson Smith. Chnlrmnn of lie General
Commllleo of Tammany Hall, said that tho
resolution was voiy objectionable anil 1 Its Inn
cnnitn wis etremely odious. It iiractlenlly
assorted thitta.ruilceof tho lilchestcoiirt In
the Mute was uulltyof an olTetico which mado
it Improrer for him lo bo a Juilse. The whole
inattei wa politics and hnd no part In tlio do
ll aliens of the Association of the liar. Tho
sole Intent of the resolution was to Wackon
thochninctoruf the Jiidue. whether or not he
HaliniloVon men jumped up. No Pj'
was recocnlzed. He declnrod that if ho worn
liithotoltlon of JuiJko Maynard Jib ould
come to New York nnd. demand Ihntthe asso
ciation of thn par should mako a thorough and
eoinpletolnvostlKiitlon. "If ho bo not BUlltr
ofwronir'liosald. "It Is our duty to oxcul
lmtn lilin boforo the wholo world. .
l'rederlo it. Coudort closed tho araumont.
Ho said: . ... iL.
" I have not tho least animosity toward tho
Jndire. 1'ersonnlly I would likotoseohlmln
(llenttsl. Hut tho question has Bono too far.
nnd ir wo ston now It menus that this Jlnr As-t-ocl.il
Ion will not imestlcate tho llilpenched
character of u bl?h judicial ofllder for reasons
known best to themselves, but not understood
ornppreehiteil hythopoople."
I'losidontrookham called for the nyes and
noes. It was clear thnt the majerlt) faored
th leooliitlonunil tho nieetinc broke up.
Ono Ketitlenian snld to Mr. .McCurdyas thrt
lattor stepped up to Mr. lk-ham to talk about
tlieiiiipoinlmenlef tho dWimlttecs:
"That vns nn nblo and toss. Mr. SIcCiirdy.
but )oti should hno U"t up and said thnt
Juden Maynnrd courted the Investlcntion.
You know It was settled that tho comtiiitteo
would be appointed. You would liuvi uiiulo a
tiomendous bit." ... , ..
"Ah." inld Mr. McCurdv. "I did not know It
was cut and dried, or pel haps I should."
The committee will bo appointed to-day.
nihil Hoot. James a Cnrter. John M. llnwers.
and Delos McCuuly will bo four ot tho tilno
Itallrnuil Tlileves Hlriil Employees on
(Siiiird llptorn They Attack u Sure.
riNLKYVii.LF. Pa.. March R rour mnskod
men stolo up totho Hnltlmoroand Ohio station
nnd opross ofllco hero this mornlnif nt 2
o'clock. They overpowered, bound, enccod.
nnd robbed tho operator. Albort McNeil, and a
shittlnu enclno watchman named J. J. McMil
lan. They then ransacked the ofllcos and blew
ojicn thosnfo, lloolnc only when tho loud ex
plosion brought a shifting crew to tho roscuo.
The lowor Btory of tho btntlon Is used for a
wnltlnii room nnd ticket olllco nndthouppor
part Is occupied by the tolecrnph nnd slcnnl
operators. The hlchwaymen camo upon
Watehmnn McMillan suddonly. Very quickly
ho was bound, securely caneed by knottod
rope about his mouth, and carried by throo of
the men to an old sawmill, where ho was tied
to a po-t In a ho.ip of sawdust anil threatened
with death If be should make an outcry. 'J'lioy
took Ids watch and other poisonnl olfoets.
The men returned t" tho station and quietly
Ftole up stairs, and McNeil, the telegraph and
sicual operator, was almost Immediately In
their power. A threatonlnu rovoUor was suffi
cient pei suasion to obey tho order ot tho
lender of tho enng. who told him "not to tap a
ti'lcfi.iph koy or open his mouth." Thoy car
ried lil m down stairs and out of tho building
and laid him In a fence corn or. His watch nnd
a small amount of money wore taken from him.
The four meji then begun to rob tho ticket
office nnd jjeneral business loom of tho sta
tion, tin the knob of the safe a card hnd boon
suspended b) tho ticket agent, on which was
wiitten. "The combination Is not on: turn
kuol) to right." Tills he had dono inten
tionally, owing to tho recent robberies In
th.it l'inity. nnd knowing thnt thoro
was nothing of Miluo in tho safo o.xcopt
rallro id teeords and accounts. Tho burglars
kiioeked olf the knob, lllloil thoapeituro with
ponder, and blew the sale to plces. Tho
building was badly w rocked, but did not take
lire, although the stovo and glowing coals
worn scattered about the room. The explosion
irighlened the lobbers, who lan off just bo
foro the shifting crew at work near by camo
ruunl ig to tlio stition.
A huirii'd seirch resulted in finding McNeil
In the feu "oiner. lio was almost pros'. r?t.t
Irom the attack nnd tho louch handling ho
bad recelvd. but soon was able to take tlio
wiro and notify neighboring towns. Watch
man McMillan was found In tlio sawmill
almost exhausted from tho binding of tho
nqicsnnil the gag.
'I he Iniiglarsdid not get much booty. The
morey and other valuables had been forward
ed to Pittsburgh on the night express. There
is no bank nt I'inloytille. and this precaution
lias been taken by tho railroad company In
order to guurd against sorlousloss in event of
sought ntAiit j.v tiu: noons.
lTnvano,u!aiccl lir Pneumonia. Typhoid, and
irli, IJitunrd llurrr Tried the Platol.
IMuard Dw)or. a young varnish maker,
camo hero from Chicago last May and bogan
boarding with his brother Thomas, who Is
Dm) ton Ives's coachman. Edward has had a
hard time gotting acclimated. First Iiowas
taken down with the grip. Ho gotwoll. nnd
pneumonia put him to bod ngaln. He got on
Ids feet oneo more nnd typhoid feer pros
trated him. Uo got ovortliut. too. but was
much debilitated and could not resume work
at hi- trade.
ilo left his brother's homo on Sunday, and
his brother heard nothing of blm until yester
day afternoon, whon a despatch from Jamnlen,
i.ouu Island, niinouncudt lint IMwnrd had tried
to kill himself. Hu wnlkod into Miller's
Hotel In . Jamaica yesterday afternoon.
wltii liloou oo?ing from n wound
m tho light sldo of bis bead. Ho had walked
out from Long Island City to the Jamaica
woods, where he staled In the chilling rnlu nil
night, ills Intention was to destroy oory
tlung ho had with him that might glvo a duo
to his Identity, seek tho densest part of tho
woods, and snoot himself. Ho fired ono shot
which stiuck tho frontal bono and hurled
itself under tlio scnlp He thought ho was
mottally hurl, and lay down to die.
As he kept ou IMng. ho docidod to tako an
other shot at himself. He llred slantingly nt
Ills abdomen. '1 ho bullet stiuck a rib. mado
a fin row hull mound hi body, and lodged In
thollesliof his back. He was verv weak, and
tlio leiu'tlonnry force of the second shot
knocked the roolor from his hand. He lay
down again and waited for death, l'alncitmo
instead, and hu got up ngaln to mako an end
of himself.
Hut ho couldn't find tho rovolvor. and so ho
gav'iip the Idea of quitting the world nnd
stnggored out of tho gloom of wlntor boughs
down tlio load to Jamiiiciu He told his story
nt Miller's Hotel. Dr. Novmen wus called in
and decided th it IMwnrd had a butter elianco
of getting oor his wounds than of getting
over the ri-ult of his exposuto In tho woods.
Ho was put on an eluctrlo railroad car and
sent to Hie lliueigeney Hospital. Tho bullets
hnd not boon extracted lust nlshl. Edward
said ho wnb iinMoun to live.
m:cr.iri:u roit r. ir. niicicu.
Ilo Fulls lo Appear lu Court to lle.lit tbo
The financial troublos of"Wm. II. Hlltor.
diusglstof Kl.th avonuo and Twonty-socond
street, i esiiltod yesterday in tho appointment
of Julius I.ohuuin rocolvor of his property by
Judgu Nuwhurger of tho City Court on tlio ap
plication of i:orutt D. Harlow, attorney for
Orlando H. Jndwlu, a judgment oredltor. Mr.
Hiker could not be reached with a. summons,
and Mr. Hat low obtained an order to show
eaiiso in the City Court, returnable yesterday,
why a receiver should not bo appointed on the
ground tli.it lilker was avoiding service.
Neither Mr. itiker nor his attorney appeared
in court yesterday. E. 1. Calhoun, manager
for Mi. Hiker, lo-tllled that on Fob. VI Mr.
Hl'iei sold out the drug business to himself
and iilhers r irMS,7u(i, of which WiO.tXHJ was
in eit-h and iM,7)u in notes. Judge Now
burgei jaomptli .ipi olntod Mr. Lehman re
conor, .Mi, Hallow Mild yesterday that he hnd
llleda II-pendens ng.ilnst Mr, Hiker's msg
nllleent ruhldeiiio at tho northeust corner of
llivoisiilo Drlvi and 109th street, which Is
Milued .it sO7,O0l, hut Is nioitgaged for$10U,.
Judgment for Shift's was enterod yesterday
against Mr. Hikerin foxorof J. 1). Kinltli. Tlio
liaiiiliMi s totho drug trado are estimated at
V ltrr'a dinner ol'I.lberli.
I.i.wierlluininel olitiilnod n writ of Imhcns
( r u Seslenl.n morning from Just leu Au
di ws, lu tho biipieiuoCuuit, Chiimbors. In be
half of his client, Hurton C. Webster, tho slayer
if ( buries 1- tioodwln. Tho writ is returnabls
at luii o'clock this morning, when Mr. Hum
mel will ask Jubtlce Andrews to admit Web
tor to bail. - I
the imnmsa sua TitKirr cossw
En eh is inn si:xatf.
No Correapondenre Accompanies It, nnd No
Comment on Lord Nnllobary's Rerusnl to
Itenew the Modnn Tlvendl-Plenty ort'om.
meat liy the Henntora, Thnnuli Mr. Frje
Vould Attack. Canada's Trnnspnrlntlon
PrlTllegea-Tlie Trenty Likely to be Rnl
ined, and the Heula to be Protected.
WAsnisoTON. March R Tho Tresldcnt sent
to tho Bonnto to-day tho Hohrlne Sea treaty of
Arbitration, which Was signod by Secretary
Dlalno nnd Blr Julian Pauncofotc, tho British
Minister, ton days ago. The treaty was not
accompanied by a roeommendatlon as to tho
modus rimuff, but such a rocommondatlon
may possibly bo sent In to-morrow, when tho
l'resldent will transmit nil tho correspondonco
on tho subject thnt 1ms takon placo since that
publlshod last spring.
ThoSonntowns in oxocutlvo session for nn
hour or moro nnd listened to a very lively dis
cussion of the llshnrles controcrBy. nftor
which tho treaty was roforrrd lothoCommlt
teo on Foreign Holatlons. Senators Sherman,
Trye, Morgnn. Tcllor, Folton. Hale, nnd othors
mado short speeches; and nil woro of tho
opinion thnt tho treaty should bo promptly
rntllled and tho law with regard to poach
ing Ugoroubly enforced. If tho tiealy
should bo promt tly ratified it would
not hocomo opeintlxo dining tho coming
fishing season If Unglnnd rofuses to renew tho
moens rirpiidi, then It Isthooplnlonof Sonntors
on both sides of tho Chamber th it tho United
States should procoed at oneo to punish all
poachers and violators of tho law. leaving the
question whether the law had been violated or
not to tho courts or to tho arbitrators.
The spoochos In tho exocutlvo sosslon woro
of nn oxcoodtngly aggrosslve character and
woro mndo by somo of tho Senators, lit least,
in tho light of the fact thnt nftor tho Cabinet
session this morning a mossngo was sent to
Iyord Salisbury, w lilch. it Is supposed, said
that tho Unitod Status Government meant to
defend Its rights promptly nnd vigorously.
Kenntor Shorman was tho Hist speaker. Ho
explained tho provisions of tho treaty nnd
lot out tho fact that ho and other
Senators on tho Foreign AfTnlrs Committee
had been called Into consultation with Secie
tnrylllaino on the morning it heeamo known
thnt Sir Julian l'uuiicefete had signed the
arbitration tit nty and Lord Salisbury had
simultaneously nnnounced his deteunination
not to agree to a roiiewal of the tuoixs riuinb.
Mr. Sherman was followed by -Mr. .Morgan, tho
only Democratic Senator who spoke. Ho
agreed entirely with tho Chairman of the
Foreign AlTalrs Committee, and said . that
Democrats as well hs Republicans wero In
favor of llrmnoss and dignity.
Sonntor Frye. In bis usual exploslvo way.
created considerable excitement by advancing
tho proposition thnt If Lnglnnd persisted in
her refusal to continue the iiifn rnemi tho
United Statos had It in its power to bring Hug
land to terms In a very simple and dim q wav.
Senator Fr) e's plan Is the ono that has always
been a favorite with him. of retusingto t nnndn,
tho privilege she now enjoys of trniispoilliig
goods In bond through the United States, "lte
tallatol retaliate!" shouted Senator Trye.
" Thnt Is the only sensible wav of bringing thn
English Government lo terms."
Other Senutors. Including .Mr. Cullom, Chair
man of the Inter-htato Commerce Committee,
endorsed Mr. Fryo's proposition, which
aroused considerable enthusiasm among the
Senators generally. The Intimation was glen
that it England did not shown moro friendly
disposition Mr. Fryo's plan of getting ovu
would shortly bo put into operation.
Senutor Teller delivered a vigorous speech
against tho refusal of Lord Salisbury to ox
tend tho moduli nvendi, and insisted that tho
rights of American citlens should bo pro
tected In accordance with tho laws now on tho
statute hooks. Ho said he was opposed to
truckling to Groat llritnlu In this matter, and
'ntircn'e lthnt Lord Hallb-;ry could ho brought
to iorms in a fow hours if tho Administration
wus authorized to enforce tlio law.-, and if
necessary, to send ships to tlio sealing
-grounds to protect American Interests. Ilo
gave statistics of seal killing which w ere alarm
ing In tho cxtromo.
benntor Hale, supposed to bo speaking for
Secretary Hluine. advocated a ratification of
tho trenty on tho ground that It would commit
Great ltrltnin to the acknowledgment that tho
United States bod certain rights In the liehr
ing Soa which Groat Britain has not hereto
fore admitted. ,
Senator Felton.who mado his maiden speech
behind thn closed doors, ridiculed I.oid Salis
bury's claim for nthlrty-mllo limit. and quoted
statistics fiom the fur seal oompuny's agent
to show that In addition to tho Co.OOl) seals le
gltlmately caught last yenr. there woro.'llllMMM)
udults left dead on tho rocks and Illl.tllX) pup
that died beeausooftholr mothers having been
All tho Sonntors agreed thnt England by as
senting to the provisions of thetreatj nf arbi
tration had committed herself to the acknowl
edgment thnt the United States had eortaln
ilglitsnot heretofuio conceded, nnd that there
fore it was inconsistent for her to opjioso
continuation of tho mo r null.
At tho Cabinet meeting to-d ly the opinion of
all the members present wnB in f.nor of tho
President's nttltudo that tho law must bo en
forced, which view, it is understood, was after
ward communicated to tho lliitish Govern
ment. It is likely that when the President un
doitakestho suppression of poaching it will
be found that he has adopted a moro compre
hensive Plan than has heretofore been en
forced. It has been pointi dout to the Presi
dent within tile last day or two thnt the pres
ervation of tho fur seals in llohrlnu Sea is
really of less Importnneo than their iirolectlon
In other and adjacent wateis. where at
presi nt tho poaclieis havo full swav. Ho has
been advised that tho Canadian poachers find
n much more fruitful field In the north i'uellla
Oceiut thin In the liohring Sea. Thn entire
shore of tho ocean Is lined with hundreds of
islands and Indented by havs and small rivers,
which aie almost constantly filled with seals,
nnd hero tho poacheisilo their most effective
work. Thoy not only kill unmolested in these
comparatively cleni waters, but they form
a barricade which movents the seals
from getting up into Heliring Sea at
all. The President has beou mlvlsed to
send such naval vessols nnd levenue cutters
as ho can command, tonnforco tho law against
poaching for a distance of lllteen miles from
tho shoro of tho Ninth Pacific Ocean, leaving
tho matter of killing In the open sea tofutuio
negotiation and arbitration. Fifteen miles is
fixed as the. limit of jurisdiction, because that
is taken to bo tho distance that can bo covered
nnd protected by modem guns. Tho sugges
tion for this nctlon Is based on tlio principle
that a nation litis nirisdlctlon of tlio
wnters for iuch a distnnco fiom shore
ns lit can protect itself. In ancient
days this distnnco was htatod ns n stone's
throw. Interns an arrow's night, and suhnv
fluently throo miles, which wnssiippnM'il to ho
tho distnnco that could ho covered by e.iiiiion
shots. In theso days of modem gunnery tho
limit tins been raised to (lltecn miles, mid It is
thought that the President will take this dis
tance nstho limit of hw claim for the jiuis
dlctlon af tho United Stales.
In tho open session of llm Senate to.ilny Mr.
Pqulro presented a petition from the ( hiimber
of Commereoof l'oit Tnwiisend. Wush. setting
forth that tho present condition of tlio Heliiiiu
Sea fisheries question woiked the gieiiest
hardship to American iWiorinoii ,y .li.prnliig
thorn fifth" rights mid inlvlleges which they
enjo)ed lu tho North Atlantic Ocean, win!"
thoy were encouraged nnd pn,eoeil h) lb '
Government of tho United States: that
the fur seal, besides bolng a de
stroyer of food llshes, was nn article
of. luxury presorved, for the use of th"
rich nlone. and had been inndo the sublet
of o monopoly for more than twenty )cars:
thnt if tho waters of thn North Pacific nnd
BehrlngSea were oft free to all, ns wore tho
wators of tho North Atlantic, tlm memorialists
bellove. the benefits which American fisher
men generally and those of Washington Slnt
In particular would derive would far evceed
In value the amount lo-tlvcd liy the United
statos for the lease of tho I'rllnlnv Islands.
Therefore, the memorialists prayed that the
Hsheriesof theso seas bo thiown open. 5ll.
Hquiro said lie roginled this nsn mutter of
groat, importance, and iiskisl that It bo re
ferred to tho Committee on 1'oiolgu Nidation.
It was so ordered.
Consul lllreeted to Wiileh for Hinnll-pax.
Wahiunuton. Mai ell H.ctnK Secretary of
Rtato Whnrtonl.itothls afternoon cabled tlm
American Consuls at Hamburg and I.lveipool
to mako a cm cfiil iuspi 1n ( miiigiiints
bomiilforAiiieilcn.to see tlmt no traces f
biiuill-pox ovist among them
This action was caused ,i a tele'Tiim ie
coived lit tlio State Ufpaitiiieiit to-day fn m
Ilenlth (inieer Juiil;lnsfNvS-0VkU,'l!iiug
that steamers from those ports nro now ile
taiuod In qiiorantlno with pnssongers sup
posed to bo uulIeriuB Irom wuull-pox; '
vmzk, A attnur itn.r. nir.t.v.
Unable to Ileelde to Who Hhonld IlnvB
Her, the Mailer Is Nettled In the Ring.
A Chorry Hill hollo was tho cotiso of blood
shed last night J. Consoll nnd Jamos McCoy,
both residents of tho Fourth ward, aspired for
tho favor of tho damsel,
Thoy woro both oqually nrdont In tholr atten
tion, so that tho recipient ot tholr affocttons
was unablo to docldo upon hor choice To
sottlo tho question n fight was suggested by
tho impartial fomale. 1'Uo two men. accom
panied by an aggregation of sporting gentry,
repaired to tho outskirts of tho city last night
to sottlo their differences. A good battleground
was chosen nnd tho men prepared for tho on
counter. It was to bo a bnttlo for lovo. Tho mon
fought eight rounds. Consell Is nn Italian
tonsorlnl artist, and showed, from his fistic ef
forts Hint ho was not in his elcmontln tho
prize ring. McCoy, his opponent, on tho con
trary, was vory clever. Ilo piurlod tho Ital
ian's savage thrusts, and in return
gnve somo stinging blows. Ho drew
blood In tho second, mund. McCoy
had thn bnttlo won in the tilth round, but
Consell with great grit continued In tho light
until eight lounds had been fought. At that
time ho was bleeding from the nose nnd
mouth, mid hnd n Severn cut under his leftoyo.
The light was then awardod to McCoy.
The bnttlo was vory Ilerce. John Murphy
noted ns leferee. The timekeeper wnn George
Murphy. Outsell was seconded by J. and W.
Conway: McCoy hrm for his seconds Jack
Muck and James O'Oonnell.
Anions the well-known men who witnessed
the mill wero Paddy 1 orster. J. J. Sullivan.
Jeremiah Cionlti. Thomas J. l'ow llichiird
(lenity, and John Altken. Consell, tho de
feated suitor, relinquishes nil claim to tho fair
maid from Cherry Hill.
The District Attorney Adnilia lit There
Wiia No Chance of a Conviction.
Iloraco Itussoll. counsol forox-SherlfTJamps
A. Flack and for William I Flack, tho ox
Shoriirs son. moved yesterday In tho General
Soeslons boforo Judgo Cowing that tho Indict
ments pending against tho Flacks, charging
them with conspiracy to procuro a fraudulent
divorce Tor tho father from his wife, tho Into
Mary A. Flack, bo dismissed. They had boon
convicted of conspiring with Hefereo Joseph
Meeks to obtain tho fraudulent divorce, but
the nppellnto court hnd roversod that convic
tion and ordored a now trial. Moro than a
yenr had elapsed since a now trial had boon
oriieted. and the District Attorney hiel given
no sign of an intention to move a now trial.
The Distnct Attorney said thathodld not
desire to oppose .Mr. Ilussell's motion, becausu
Mrs. l'lnck.tlio principal witness for the people,
had died, and even If she hud lived the terms
of the opinion of tho higbor court reversing
tlioconvii tlon had mado it impossible to use
the greater pirt of hertestlmonylnanewtrlal.
The Indictments against tho Flacks. Meeks.
tho Into Civil Justice Ambrose H. Mouell.
Snriih Chorry. alias Mrs. Havmont, nnd Goorgo
Hart were found In September, lr8!t He did
not believe that n trial could bo moved on any
of them with nny assurance of securing n
conviction, and tlierelore would consent to tho
dismissal of all of them.
Judge Cowingthoreupon dismissed the live
Tho Flacks live In Brooklyn now. Sarah
Chorry. who was made co-respondent In Mrs.
l'htck s subsequent suit lor divorce. Iins never
appealed In court nor been reached by tlio
pneo-n scrvor. She Is snfo now tn returning
to this jurisdiction with liorchlldien. Joseph
Meeks served his sentence out without appeal.
iirxiiiQui.s AitiiAiaxEii Axn let oo.
Mr. Anthony Hud Itecclved llll S'-SO and
llilut Vtl.ti lo PrtiMccute.
Aloxnnder Honriquos of 14 West Thlrty
socond streot wns nrrested on Mondny ovonlnc
on a warrant procured by ltlchaid A. Anthony
of 11 A 11. T. Anthony .t Co.. dealers In pho
tographers' supplies nt rHl lirondway. charg
ing him with tho larceny of S'JO. Heu'.iqucs is
n son of tho Into Alexander llenrtques, Ylco
Chnlrman of tho Stock F.xchdngo. Ho was ar
raigned ntJi fleison Mnrket Court yestorday.
and Mr. Antlmnv withdraw tho complaint. He
sold to JiisticoDivver:
" Honriquos was a college chum of mine. I
hnvo seen little of him hitely. but when ho
ciimo into tho stole last week and asked mo lo
cash n check for SIM) I had no hesitation in
doing so. Tho check was drawn on the Hank
of New Amsterdam, and was bogus. On learn
ing this I caused his arrest. I withdrew tho
i barge on request of his brother, who has
mud" good tlm ?!;() and for tho sake of his
family ami wife. The slit) 1 have turned over
to Mrs. HonriqucH. who is lying ill ut her
Mis. Honriquos was Miss II. n. Ilooth of the
Cnslno company, who played in " lndigo,"and
who-e luiiiriagu to Henrique's inMontrenlon
Oct. 11. 1KU. was n surprise to tho friends of
both in tills city. Justice Divvcr discharged
Honrlques. .
T.ateat Development In thn f.lltEUtlon Over
the Trust Kalutr.
Justlco Patterson of tho Supremo Court has
temporarily enjoined Mrs. Marietta Ik Stevens
from lotting or leasing tho realty In tills city
left by her husband, l'nrnn Stovons. The ap
plication is mado by Charles G. Stovons nnd
Goorgo 1'. Hlchardson, trustees of tho million
dollar trust fund created by tho will of Pnian
Stevens. Tho widow Is required to show
enuso why who should not bo permanently on
jolned. Tho Injunction wns obtnlnod by tho execu
torsund trustees in the action they brought In
H7llfornn accounting against Mrs. Stovens,
John K Melchcr. and Charles G. Stovens, ex
ecutors under the will of Jlr, Stovons. As
executrix she had been nctlve In tho manage
ment of tho estate, uml It was determined that
up to Mayl. 1W7. shn had rocolved tSU.Ull
morn than slio was untitled tn,
Tho million-dollar trust, which operated ns
a sort of blanket mortgage on tho realty of tho
decedent ill this city, caused many complica
tions between tho trustees and executors. The
income for life vmis to go to Mrs. Mevens, nud
nt her death the principal was to revert to tho
testntor's three children.
Took Vp thn IVraiiB Ilnir of the Itetuin
Tickets und thn 11., I., anil W. Is (Sued.
Andrew G. Toomey nnd John 1 Popper,
mombcr.s of tho Produce Uxchnngc, and
Mlcluol Toomey, tho father of Mr. Toonioy,
hnvo begun nn action ngiilnst tho Dclawnie,
Luckawnnna and Western llallronil forS10,000
damages for malicious persecution, false nr
lost, and imjitlsonnient. Tho caso Is tocomo
up In the Supeilor Court befoio Judge Freed
mail tu-iuuirinv, olf A ilodgo reprcbcut
In tholr complaint they snvthnton Nov. 12
last they bought tickets for Uriel; Church. N.
J., and return at tho foot of llarelay street,
'i he conductor ol tho train on which they wont
to thick Church took the half of the tickets
miitkid "i'lo'ii Hnck Churnli to Harclay
stieet," and returned to them tho parts In
seillied "I'ro'u llaicliiy street to llrlek
Chinch." On their return fiom Hrlok Church
Conductor lliinilt refused tn accept their
tickets and culled them mllroad beats. Thoy
say they bud not noticed that the first conduc
tor made a mistake. When they reached Ilo.
bokon tlio supeiinteiiilent hnd them arrested,
hut when they ompI, lined tilings to lloeoidur
McUonougli they wero released.
Mm, rsorzano'n Dlvnrcn Sull.
Mmo. Marguerito Borznno, who has been
living In Nowpoi t for two years with her four
children, has brought suit for absolute divorce
In the IthoJo Island courts against Julio I',
Sorzano, a woalthy Spanlsh-Amerlcan of
Urooklyu. Mr. Sorznno Hies with his father,
Francisco Somino, at tho Plerrepont House, In
Montaguo street. Snrano Is a civil englnoer,
uml bus nu office at :1 llroadway, whoro hu
conducts a considerable business, in which his
father Is a special partner, Thn elder Sorznno
said yesteiday that the charges which Ids
daughter-in-law mado In horpctltlnn wero un
true, and this his son would defend thu suit
Truth's (Jurislnc t'onteat.
The nmii). of tie iwiinirtf if llm plinn, Nin ',iti
io'ijue, blcjde, ami Inuip will be iiiI!IIkm In Truth
toiliiy. I'fK'elOcenli. J-er jale'erer) where. A It,
Umpire state F.ipreii via New York Central-wcrla't
recoil tor uptiiS. sdt. .
ins lUEirs Axn losses.
ITe ITnd n Clrcnlt of Five ISIiopi TThere lie
Played Croan 3lir,s. Mti iiitdle, nnd IJrave
yard llowlera,anri the Policy Ilenlernnre
Vnder Arreatna YVellnn Their Ctialomer,
William A. Loscy of B2.r Monroo street,
Brooklyn, who was until last Saturday head
bookkeeper for tlioMalllsonllrothorsCompnny.
wholosnlo paper denlors ot 18 Ileekman streot.
is n prlsonor at Police Headquarters in this
city. As n result of his nrrost sovon policy
dealers nro also languishing Insoparnto colls
much disgusted, bocnuso Loscy "penchod"
nftor losing $:i'J.U00 of his omploycrs' money
playing policy.
Loscy Is a tall, portly man, closo to 50 yonrs
old. Ho has a lino head, covorod with soft
light brown hnir. His moustache In fine and
flowing, nnd ho generally wears Dundreary
whiskers. Hn is mairled. and lived In good
stylo in Brooklyn. Flevcn years ago ho was
ongagod ns bookkeeper for Malllson Brothers,
uml tho Arm camo to hnvo conlldonco In him.
Ono morning In tho month of Mny. lrSK).
Losoy says, while ho was on tho way to busi
ness, ho chanced to moot n frlond whom ho
hnd not scon in somo time. It wns on a brldgo
tialn. The conversation happened to turn to
dreams. Mr. Losey told his friend of a dream
ho had had a few nights before nnd his friend
was much Impressed by It. Tho friend was a
policy player, and thoro wero somo numbors
In tho dronm which wero very vlvljly dis
played boforo Mr. Losey's mind. His frlond
Bald thoy ropresontod a " cross-cnpltnl snd
dlo," and nnnouncod his Intention of dropping
a dollar or two on tho numbers In policy be
foro going to businossthnt vory morning.
Losoy said ho would llko to do like
wise just to seo if thoro was any
faith to bo plncod In droams. Accordingly
tho two went around to Billy Spencer's policy
shop, at 'JOliS William street, and each played
the "cross-capital saddlo" eomblnntlon for a
lew dollars. Tho eomblnntlon did not eomo
out that day. but Mr. Lnsoy's friend said ho
was not going to glvo up, but would play It
again on tlio morrow. Mr. Losey wns thoro
the next day also, and this time tho combina
tion won.
Losoy says this mado him a "poke fiend."
ns the frequonters of policy shops nro called
He played "straight enpltals," "cross gigs,"
"up and down tho scale." "straddle gigs."
"graveyard howlers." and ovontlilng else In
tho category of policy plavlng. Ilo lost all Hie
monev be hnd saved. Then his salary and
what ho could bonow wns swept Into tho
policy dealers' pockets; so housed the linn's
Losey hnd become sufficiently acquainted
with policy and tbo players to know that whon
luck vi as poor thoy tried to revive it by jda)lng
at another shop. Losey chanced his luck for
the hotter In another place, and Dually got a
circuit of live places. Ho appropriated money
from the Ilrm's cash, nnd juggled tho llgures
In tho books so successfully that ho was not
discovered. He also kept books of his policy
jiliDlng. and theso were found on him when ho
was arrested.
Last Saturday tho firm discovered a dis
crepancy in Losey's accounts which reached
qulto an alarming llgure. Clinunccy S. Truax.
the Ilrm's lnW)or, wasconsultod. District At
torney Nieoll was not soen. und then cntno
Inspector Byrnes. A warrant wis procured nt
the Tombs Court for Losey's nrrost. nnd De
tective Heap nnprehondeil blm. Ho broko
down nnd confessed to tho Inspector. Ho
gave up his books w horoln ho kept account of
his defalcations nnd his policy phi)ing. nnd
gave information which led to thouirost of tho
Tbo exact amount of tho defalcation Is $31,
70.! lid. During the twenty months in which
he pi iyed policy Losny won $.T2.;K)H.95, and
lost this winning besides Ills stoullngs.
These nro his ultimate losses ut euch shop,
according to his bookkeeping:
;02i. William street 111,020 AH
4'Hi'iarl nisi r.o
lini'ark run 8 l,',s 111
ir", 1'jtrk row .'ilsr, in
l.'ooni l Merett buiMitn? 1 oltl 7'l
ties vlirltaswn'ie, llrookhn 7 110 10
Totsl 11,70.' ,'M
Yesterday morning nt 10 o'clock Detectives
Heard, '1 litis, Kranch. and Haiilev raided tlio
polic) shops a"d arrest d tlm following persons-
At'.'ll'J'i William street. William hpencor
of 17 JelTeison street: nt 4114 Pearl street.
George Hamilton of :." Madison street: atOJ
P.irlc row, Thomas Cunneen of 1M' Wnverloy
nlnce; nt Um Purk row, Morris Sullivan of :
Madison street. At Edwards,, Co.'s. roeni it.
l'.veiett building. 'J5Ann stieet. Fred Wilson
of lsil 1'nst Thirtv-socoiul street. William Hod
ford of '1M West 1 Ifty-slxth street, nnd lieorgo
Mnignn of :t'"J West Fifty-olchth street wero
nrrested by Drtectives Slnusen. Frhd. and
I. Milan. Tho shopnt 30S Myrtle nvonuo was
h ft to the Brooklyn police. Tho prisoners
wero jirnigned nt tho Tombs Court yesterday
and remanded without ball by Justice Mc
Mahon until this morning.
snixnr.i.ya house dealers nxx.
Illsiippenrrrnin Third Street and Elm tstreet
In flin Mm nine Hunshlne.
The bunco gang of "horso denlers " exposed
in ) estcrday's hus dlsnppcaied yesterday from
O'J Kim stieet and 170 Third street. They
left no address. At the Kim street stnblo an
Italian explained in brokon Kngllsh thnt noth
ing wrong wns ever dono in tho stable. The
"light wagon mon." .is ho called thorn, had
gone nwnv early In tho morning. Ho would not
toll what th" "light wagon" business was.
At ( liarles Machousky s stabloiu Third street
a bo) said in Geimnn that tho men weio
not there now. Ho never know thorn to do
unvthlng wrong. Neither did ho ovor know
them to take out their horses.
N.ippur was seen on tho Howory near Sixth
street. He said:
"Inrt'lnk )or busted us. don't yer? Well,
we ain't done, an' dat'sn straight tip."
Wanta Mlfi.OOO JIunuiKca fiom a Slreet Cur
Mr. Kmmn Hnliburton is suing tho Now
York nnd Hailem ltailioad Company in tho
Court of Common Pleas, before Judge Book
Btaverand a jut y. to recover $lf3,0(K) damages
for injuries. On Dec. l!,'l, 18tfli. sho got on a
Madison nvenue car at Forty-fouith streot nnd
rode to Fourteenth strict. Just as sho was
gettlngoil the carat that street sho says it
gn e a sudden jerk and started, throwing her
tiithu pavument. She received injuries to Iter
spine of such a nnturo that she Is liable to Lo
a cilpplo for life. Sho hud been a clerk ami
Monographer, and now Is un'ihlo to work, bhu
was biought Into court in n steamer chair.
Mrs. McCnrmlck hins She Is (he M'lilow.
'lloso Mc'l'ntlandof 47Caunlno stroot called
at the Coroner's olllco yesterday to ask to havo
u post mortem mndo In tho cuso of her father,
James MuFuilaml, a blacksmith, who died at
tKil Greenwich stieet on Monday. Sho said
that since tho death of her mother in August
her father had llvod with a Mrs. McCoimlek.
who now claims to hnvo been married to him
nnd to bo entitled to his snvings, somnj-l.tjoii.
Jt was on this account that his daughter
thought his death suspicious. Deputy Coroner
Dentin arranged lor an invosllgutlon to-day
befoio the luiierul. Dr. Overmillei, who signed
Mel'iirlniid's (lentil ceitillcate. which gives
Uphold pueuiiHinla nstheciusoof death, Ib.i
physician in good standing.
Uar Wtuy, lint shouldn't Hivear.
Alderman Goorgo B. Morris reported at tlio
meeting of tho Bo.mlof Aldermen yesturdny
thnt the hnckmen who stand on the north side
of Madison square use foul language totho
nnno)unco of the residents of tho neighbor
hood. Ho thon offered a resolution abolishing
the stand. Tho Coachmen's Lnloii opposed it.
und it wus voted dioiti
'lholliirlnm nnd Klngshridgo Hallway Com-
fiany asked the ISoani for. permission to ex
end Its tuicks through l.ioth stieet to lti or
side avenue and lirondway. A jiudIIo lieuriug
will bo held on the matter on April 14.
Hell Hoy Cuaalu (lul nn nail.
Honry Cassln, forinorly n boll boy In the
Hotel Vnnilonie. who wns convicted In the
Genera! Sebslons In October, ISHO, of stealing
ntin box containing $HI,(mkI from the hotel
olllco s.lfn uml was sentenced to Male prison
for nine )eais, has been in Ihu Jmiiiis since,
pending iippenl lii the I oiirl of Appeals Hu
was rclcnil rsterday under s"(riin) bill,
pending thenptu'ill His boiiismiin, wns II
Ihini il. Couictt, contraitor, of i'Si West litty
llrbt street.
Ifeerlnt'a Copenbasen Cberrjr Cordial,
A delicate ana faiclnitlsf tTra(t, Oxwut. Ait.
untmrtHfnrtraxrmi'MmittHm'J ' n
He Ilna been Confined to Ilia House lor n
Week, end Ilia I'rleuita Arc Much lltaliirbed.
Washington. March a Tho physician nnd
frlonds of Jlr. Blalno nro very much concerned
nt his condition, nnd, nllhough they Bay for
publication thnt ho Is not soriously 111, thoy
aro vory much afraid that hols. Tho Secre
tary has now boon confined to his house for
nbout a weok. nnd hns boon all that tlino
unablo to soo any of his friends. It
has been glvon out nt tho Stato Depart
ment thit ho wbb transacting public business
dnlly In his bedroom, but theso stntoments
wero no doubt mudo only in a Piokwlcklnn
Bor.se. Mr. Blaine's piiyslclnn himself makes
tho statement that tho Secretary ondeavored
a fow da) s ago to attond to somo routlno mat
ters and was so prostrated by tho oxortlon
Hint ho was thrown Into a high fover, which
did not subsldo for two or throo dais.
Mr. Blaine's orlglnnl ailment wns a cold
which ho caught while walking during tho bad
wonther last week, hut It hns become so com
plicated since ns to niiike him seiiously 111. Ho
is himself somow lint alarmed nt his condition,
nlthough there has been no rocurrencuof thn
attacks of nausea from which ho suffered
(uilv In tho winter, 'lho Secretary Is
unable to pay nny nttnntlon to tho pressing
matters of State Department business, which
nto now attended to by tho President, With
the assistance of Mr. John W. Foster. Tho
new Genniin Minister, who presontod his cre
dentials to thn Prcsblont to-day, walled for
some time In tho hope of being introduced In
tho icgulnrway by tho Secretary of State, but
found that thero was no prospect of Mr.
Blaine s being on duty for some tlino tocomo.
The Secretno's Illness has given rlso to a
renewal ol the rumor that he is preparing a
letter of resignation, which Is to bo accom
panied with tbo statement that ho Intends to
retire Immedlatol)' and permanently from pub
lic life.
Mr. Sidney Hell's Vnplenanntneaa XVIth
Itoalnn Yokes' Mitp;e Mnnnicer.
Cnicvno. March 8. Felix Morris, stago man
ager and leading mnn of ltoslna Vokes com
pany, did not ontor Into his duties with much
7est list night Mr. Morris hnd boen
slugged. For tlireo or four seasons thoro
has been troublo betweon Sidney Boll nnd
Inn, which culminated in a porsonal on
counter on Saturday night. Mr. Bell says
that Mr. Morris, as stago malinger, has been
unnecessarily arbitrary In his treat
ment of him and Mrs. Boll (Klcanor
Lano). Somo untoward net at , tho Sat
urday night performanco proclpltnted the
troublo. .l.very minute tho performanco
lasted only added to Mr. Bell's discomfort. Ho
fairly ached to get oven. When nt last tho
curtain had been rung down and street at tiro
resumed. Mr. Bell burst into tho alloy on
which tho stage entrance npons.
Mr. Morris and his wife followed. Mr. Morris
hnd a cigar in his mouth and stopped to
scratch n ninleh. Tho Hash cast a Buddon
light on tho faco of tho man Boll was looking
for. Ho aimed at tliecignr and nenrly suc
ceeded In driving it down Morris's throat.
Bell began sparring away llko clockwork.
All his blows lauded with forcoand as rogu
lnrly asdruin ulps. P.yes. nose, und mouth
were buttered In quick succession, Morris
milking few-und futilo attempts to avert tho
punishment. .
Although thero wero a numbor of men
among tho bvstnnders. nono mndo a move In
Morris's behalf, nnd It whs not until Mrs. Mor
j is threw herself Into tho breach that the
boml nrdment ceased. Mr. Hell was still
frrently excited atterthecollislon, nnd declared
lis intention of romoving nil temptation to
follow up tho assault by removing hlmsolt
from thecomimny.
Mr. Morris was in a woeful plight, and ho
mudo a few preliminary motions in starting
for a placo of safety and rost
Ill Party Almoat Wiped Oat at the Polls
In Quebec.
MoNTBEAr.. March 8. Tho Quebec elections,
which were held lo-day. havo resulted in the
comploto dofeat of Morcier nnd his party.
The Consorvntivos have swept tho province
and Liout.-Gov. Anger's action in dismissing
tho Mercier Ministry has been sustained by
tho peoplo nt tho polls by an overwhelming
jnnjnrlty. Morclor's party, which had a ma
jority of twenty-seven in the last Legisluturo.
has been almost wiped nut of existence, und
will not number moio than twelve members
in tho next Assembly.
Out of the snventy-threo constituencies In
t he jirovince. fifty-two havo returned Conserva
tives and six Independent Liberals. Tho
Conservatives will hnvo a majority of over
thirty In the now I.egishituie. All tho new
Ministers are elected by big majorities. Mor
cier has been personally elected in Bonaven
turo county by a good majority, but all tho
member of his Ministry have boon defoatod
by big majorities. Tlio city of Montreal hns
elected six Conservative mombors and pollod
uo n hit- votn nir.iinst Mcrclor.
MnorMcShano, who was ono of tho Mor
cier candidates in Montreal, has been snowod
under. Thoro Is Intenso excitement hero to
night over Merciei's detent, which Is regarded
as putting an end to his power in Cuniidiuu
He Vacd nn Axe, nnd Knld on the Scaffold
that thn Punishment Was Cnjiiat.
TctMUnNNOcK. Va March K Clmrlos Wnll
was e.xecutod hero this mnrnlng for tho mur
der of his wile, Tho drop fell nt 10:'J0 o'clock.
Ho was uttondod by tho Hev. J. F. Wnrnor for
nn hour In his cell beforo going to tho scaffold.
As he was lining bound he remarked: "it is
unjust forme to bo heio. I did nut know what
was doing when I killed my wife." Ho died
without a struggle.
Wall murdered his wlfo Julia with an axe
on July ''.". ISiil. Thoy hnd boon married only
two months. Ho alleged undue Intimacy with
Butler Wall, his nephew. Mrs. Wall ran out of
the house and hor husband drove the ae into
her head as she run. He plcuded not guilty
on account of insanity.
Mia nrrrlHb Will Never Klaa Mlaa Mi era
Sylvia Gcrrlsh and Annlo Myers perform a
Normandy duueo In " Uncle Celtstln" at tho
Casino, and sing during tho dnnco. Last night
they kept apart, and tholr failure to kiss each
other.whlch was ono of the amusing episodes
of tho lUiiU'o. caused astonishment behind tho
scenes. Miss Gcrrish snld that sho had been
iiisiilled by Miss M) in s's action lu keeping at
th" extreme edge "f I ho stage when the) ought
to have daiiced together, and that she Would
noverag.iln kiss Mia-. Myeis.
Mobbed lij Ills Fellow Convict.
Coi.uMni's. Match K A torrlhlo cutting
affray took phen Inthoshooshoiiof tho Ohio
Iionltcntl.il) this afternoon. John Johnson
(white), soning n si v en ) ems' term from Cin
cinnati foi assault to lob, sllpjind up behind
i.af.ivette (liaison Icoloiedl. a convict from
aiiesvllle, Ohio, urn! uliiuged a sharp shoo
knlfo three (linos Into his neck. Gru)son fell
totho llooriilnl waseiiriied to lho hospital by
fuiiids. The ilo tors sat he will die. Warden
Ivor will lepoit Ihoi'ii-etn lho Grand Jury.
The cutting was the result of nn old feud.
Crn. I.ltlli field 111 the Tomb.
Gen. .Milton S. I.lltlelleld, whoso $7,500 bnll
bond had bei n twice forfeited, tho lust time on
Monday, appeared In the General Sosslons he
foie lleconler Suoth. when Assistant District
Attorney Davis mined hlstrlnl upon an Indict
ment charging him. Jointl) with Dr. Waller M.
1 leniiug, with obtaining cr.lou by labo pre
tences irom Mrs. s,.jiianl, the mother of
Alphonse J, Mephiilii, 111" iniirderei. Ho
pleaded that ho was out of town oil business
mi Mondny, He was committed to the Tombs
lu default of now i ail.
The XVi etln.liou-c. I'ncllcn XVInn.
Pirjsnt'non. March ft At tho Switch and
Signal Company's utinunl meeting to day tlm
Wrstlnghoiibo Interest voted 1 1.1KI shares of
stock nnd the other sldo il.niiil. Tho Board
will not oiganlze for a few dms. and It Isgeu.
er.illy the opinion that Mr. Wi'i-tliiuhiuisu tun
Il (to the Piesidelie) il he (lelies. ol it ho do
c ines thut it Will goto Mr. Dicis.
Jr-n. Miil nr'M Hmli,)ii IIIiicm,
isiiisoTfis, Mnuli ft- t'di'plni'm ines
sago was iccmted in Washington to-night
stating that Gun. Mahnnu of Virginia, while
atttndiiu tho funeral of his law pattuor.
Windsor. In Alertandrla. to-day. wus tukon
suddenly ill, uuoToas uuablo to return to
p t unwe.i, ue.i iMi.iw)i.iwKiajiei'ml'y '('l' '"
,i. A1
O1 y
Her Vnln nnd Hhnlloiv Conilnet Even Amtrb J, i
rntia In Tnkohnmn Hny She Flirted Rreka t; i
Irssly-ller llnahund Hlnmed Only Ibr i ' j
tshnntlnB Itoblnson Down l.lko m Hob. v1)
Sin Fiiancisco. March R Dr. Northfloct. . -W
surgeon of tho Monocncy, who knew the) ; n
llethorlngtons woll, explains tho singular ,!f,
conduct of tho Lieutenant's wlfo by tho asser . V
tlontlmt tho woman wns vnln, fond of ndmlrav i '
tlon, nnd hnd no common tonse. Ho snld: ' ;.
"On tho voyage from San Francisco to Chin ,i j
sho caused much gossip by her flirtations, and I1 "
whon sho roachod Yokohama sho at oneo sot ,f
tongues wagging by her Indiscreet conduct. ,'l?
Hho wns easily tho prcttlost woman In the for- ' '."J,
eigncolony nt Yokohnnia. but Hiobo who know ' il
her I ost said sho had no heart and flitted ' s
merely for ninusomont, and tho soquelprovod
that thoy woro correct. if i
" From tho first duy of her stay In tho Grand i,'.
Hotel sho seemed to lay herself out to fascl '
nnto Yokohama. Sho would glanco about tho J I
dllfereiit tables nt dinner time, ogling tho mon ' ly
nnd smiling wllh a solf-consclousnoss that I '
amused must of tho men whom sho mndo hor " '
target. At dinners and balls sho would flirt ' '
desporutoly. nnilhorllghtslirill lnughtorcould 5 , ,
bohenrd In tho piazzas and couscrvntorlos at l
almost all hours. While hor husband was 5
n board thn Marlon she took luncheons nnd
dinners with (lower Kobiiibon und went riding t 4
with til 111 in his drag. I
"l.lotherington llunlly hnd Ills oyos opened
on Now v car's ove ut a bnll, when ho disco v- 1
ered his wife nnd HoblnBon in 11 lover-llko ntti ,',
tilde In a secluded cornor. Itoblnson left town. -J 1
but ho was injudicious enougli to wrlto to Mrs.
Hcthorlngton nomo vory temlor lettors. and i
these sho carelessly lot fall Into hor husband's J
possession. Tho lattor related hU doublo (Its- I
eovery to his Captain and brother oflleors on fj .1
tho Marlon nnd thoy persuaded him thnt his f) '
honor had been violated nud that tho slight V '
put upon him by Itoblnson could only bo i '
wiped out by blood. 'V
"Tho woman's silliness was plainly oxem- 11
plifled by her conduct nftor tho tragedy. She
not only oxprossod noconcorn for the occur-
renco. but actually desired to attend n dinner .
party given on Hnturdny ovonlng. the dny jj
lifter thn shooting and tbeiluy on which Bob- q
Inson died. On the evening of this dav Mrs. H '
Hetherlngton went to tho wito of Admiral 'n ',
Belknap nnd said: it ,
"'Mrs. Bolknnp. what shall I do nbout this l C
dinner? 1'ou know tho Judgo (sho always U t
cnllod hnrhusbnnd hythistitleliindlhnvobeon A '
Invited to tho HiiHslan Consul's, and. of course, v? ",
he can't go, bccatiso ho'n in prison, but I don't i
seo how I can get out of going myself. Don't 11 '
you thlnK I'd bettor go?' il
'"Most certainly not.' oxclaimed Mrs. Bel- ;1 1
knap, liorrlllcd at such a proposaL "It would 11
be perfectly Indocont' Is
" ' I don't bco why.' ropllod Mrs. Hothorlng- j l
ton. tossing her head. ii V
""Then I will explain to you.' said Mrs. f, jj
Belknap. ' Can't you understand thnt while) H 'i
)ou nnd your husband are resting under tho f '
cloud of this terrible tragedy It is hotter that a j
you should keep yourself in tho utmost il f
privacy ?' 1 v
"Why should I? no killed Robinson. I J
didn't.' .3 I
"At which Mrs. Belknnp Bays she could not 1 j
stntid such nonsecso any longer, but thon and V
thero mado thn foolish woman sit down and (i
wrlto a noto of regret. Mrs. Bolknap do parted ', -J
tor the dinner, tlilnlclng over) thing was all !,
right. Imagino hor horror whon, halt 1 i
through dinner, to seo tho llckle. golden- J 1
haired beautv, Mrs. Hetherlngton. como trip- 1
ping in. chid in will to tullo and diamonds. '. I
smiling nud greeting every ono with pretty '
speoches. Shu oven remarked to one guost: A f
'You know tho Judgo tins shot Goorge?' jg
"Tho guests wero shocked, nnd it was as If ft ( (
wet blanket hnd fallen over tho banquet board. Hi )
Thn ludyiemnlnod there till lato. anddoparted IMv
as happy as if nothing had happened to mar ii-
her Bolt-satisfied tranquillity. K"y
" Mrs. Northlleot says Itoblnson s friends do- i?il-
elaro ho roturnod to Yokohama with Hethor- (m
ington's permission, given him by telegraph. '
Itoblnson from Kobe wroto many lettors to jtFJ
Hetherlngton. and received a reply by wire w i
consenting to his return. M. Pors. who was a 9
bosom friend of' Itoblnson. wns In Kobe) (J 1
Benrchlng forthls despatch whon tho Inquest A f.
adjourned in order to get his testimony. (,j
"Tho foeling in Yokohama is bitter against .f,i
the woman, for oven tho Americans snyshs fa,
was so reckless in flirtation that no mnn should ih
havo boen killed for her sake. The only crltl w)
clsm on Hetherlngton Is thnt ho should buvo 'it,
shot Itoblnson down llko a dog-" Mi
A Telegram thnt Canned an Abrupt Cbius 9l
la Ilia boutberu Trip. M'
Ban Antonio. March 8. Jay Gould did not eo
to Mexico, as ho had plnnnod. lie received a iXl
tolegrnm calling him back to New York. He Sj,
had gono ns far as Laredo. Tex., and aftor CT
spending only an hour there, started on the Wj
homeward trip, passing through San Antonio jjlj
at an ourly hour this morning. w
A Decision Agaluat tho Elevated. ijj;
AwiNY. March ft In tho enso of the appeal I'M:
of Edward Mitchell and others, as truBtoos.
respondents, against the Metropolitan Hail- Iff'
wny Company, nppollants, from a judgment of Xfb
tho Gonoral Torm. first department, affirming raj,
n judgment cntored uiwn a decision of Justice gj'
Patterson nt Spoclal Term, an action brought al
to recover damages sustained by tho plaintiffs !j
by reason of the operation of the defendants' JJ
elovated railway In front of plaintiffs' premises ffll
in W est Thlid stroot. New lork city, tho Court M
of Appeals to-day nlllrmoil tho judgmant ro- Ejji
straining the defendants from operating their sSj
ra Iwuy in front of tho promises unless within 3;
thirty days nfter tho entry of ludgment thoy Hi
should pay to tho plaintiffs $12,001) as dum m
ages. il
Thn New Orlenna 'I.onBaboreraea'a Strtk ufj
... Ended. )B.
N'kw Or.r.EVNR. March 8. Tho strike of the) h
'longshoremen ended to-day in a compromise. w
tho men gaining most of tholr demands. The
strike Involved several thousand laborers, and Ijj
finally reached such jiroportlonsnstosorlously Hi
affect the export trado of th" city, bringing it Ml
to a complete standstill. Tho vessels have til
lain Idlnnttho whnrves.und tho railroads wero a-
comiielled to roftiso freight from tho interior tli
intoudod tor export. ' fl;
Chnrlra Ilndenalnb Kllla Illraectr. S
Clinrles Bodenstab, nn old resldont of Col- '
lego Point, committod suicide nt his residence a
In that placo Inst night by taking ursouio.
Tho niotlvo is unknown. v
The Weather. '
The utorm wide h wst central In the lower Mliilttlppl
Valley oa Monday liicrDaiBil In cvurUyland moved
iiortlieiitivaril to the intiMla Atlnntlc cot. where the
rintro n j oteril ly, Tho wlml all alonir the cont
Increased In torco an I ero niaibi diiuteromi by a very
thick foif. They ere bloirlnir from tho nnrtheait to
Ihu nurth of Viridnla. anil olf nhorn to tho outb of that
Mate Tlio ratn area cuverei tl Ilia Matee from the
(lalf norlhunnl to tho lake., uml from tho Ohio ami
Ttiinmico v.illiy. to the Ailnntlo coait, except la
the uppt rlaka regions, w heri Udi rata turned to unow,
Thirelnnoihcrtorm 11101 lint Niitliniit over the upper
Inkei Unit wi I proh tbl) bo dra.vn into lho coatt tloria
uu I inirciiso lu fori),
The ruliifnll m tlm Allvntln btnteg wi generally
luuiy. lho storm Is neonu' iuirtlHAtuaru and
lie Min t" llkei) 10 I'imtiiiiio loitiy, followed br fair M
1.111I li;litly (u-ai'r virniberluie ut nliiht oron TUure- I
In thoMlxMtppI V idler and weitirard the weather
nnl.iiriuil IU!itly cooler. There U no cold weather
Tle rain heiftm In tlii rllynt 10 22 A. M., and fell
heitiib In lho nflcriiouii, I'etneeii 'ii and 8V P. M.
lho fill n ernd halt an Inch an hour; avenue humid
It) ii'iiiercint , winitnorlheaiti areraie velocity, IS
unit nu hour; liitheit oRlcltl teu erature 40, lowtlt
The thermometer at l'errjri pharmacy la Ti Bo
bullilinir recorded lUeteraieratureyeeterdayaafollowii
Intl. IHU 191. 1891.
3 A vt ,'U l 3 30 P. M an5 8ii
1, 1 .i".' so' ill'. M . .3-.' 4o
II A 'IT' (I III' l . .3l 40
I.M ll 4.'.' IJlllllnlHhl. .84s 4l
Aiemce (IJ. Averace un March s. lh'.i, M,
aiiicTo roiucKt tii 1. H r. M ami.iiiAr.
I' r ?" J-iutun I, Hid nti tunc uiaiher, with ruin or
mow , iriab'e wlndti, i.iirht) v. iruit-r lu vtaiiAChu
t' an t ( elite 1 te tit
J. 1 rite 1, ,Vir I , nut 'trj.ritj .Jmrti. fir,t'.iU)i4. ,
l ill. 1 il mi, .1 i " "H mi irriiUtr. nf. njuiiit.
I.i- whamii Ni i Vd'I. h(uir; urlit)e t tie;
inoi.ibl) ci'iirat. ilmlii. iheUuy, wunior lu eaaieis
I'orttu.i '
Ilrenrd from Malt and Hops Only, " '
Ilopfel Drew'if t'e.'a Manhattan Der, :3aV,WHbM. .
-Alt. ,

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