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V0L.LIX.-N0.1'J2. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, MARCH 10v 1602. PJHCB WO 0EOT3.' ' 1 l
married with a gold piece asd
believes she's a wife.
Widow Sadie Jndd Tell the Blory of Her
I.OTO lor Undertaker Jiimta Itlrnrdo or
Ilnckenaaek and IIow Ilia Love for Her
Conled-Wlll Have Hint Arretted,
In telling tho story of the lovo troublo of
Mrs. Hadlo Judd It Is well to begin -n Itli lior
own statement thnt sho Is not a woman to ho
hilled with. Mrs. Judd sayft this omphntlcally.
nnd with a snnp of two rnthor pretty eyes nnd
a fitnmp of n Branll foot Hackonsnck.
whero Mrs. Judd has lived for two
j earn, Is Inclined to tnko lior nt her
word. Sho wlflhos It known thnt sho Is on
tho sunshiny side of 40. nnd thero li novorr
good reason for doubting hor. Mrs. .Tudd'a
facols oval, nnd hor featurosnndcomploxlon
nru good, hho has brown linlr. nnd tho
clothes that covered hor well-rounded
llguro aro lookod upon In Ilarkcnenck
ns rather stilish. 8ho Is vorr drnmatlo
In hor conversation. Whon Ilackcnsnck s
lending undertaker. .Tnmos ltlenrdo, callodon
hoi. as ho sald.torthelasttlmohibt fnll nnd Bho
nsked hlin fornn explanation nf hit conduct,
and why ho had boon so nfTcctlonnte to lior If
ho was now cine to loavo hor. eho suys that
lio ropllod:
"Oh. that's tho kind of taffy thnt Iglvo'era
I nil."
I Then Mr". .Tndd resolved that sho would
I mnko hor btory public, toll how Mr. ltlenrdo
hid woddod hor with a llvo-dollur
I cold pleco. nnd then nsk tho courts
for vengennco. When Mrs. Judd wont to
Hnckonriiek a year ngo last Juno tlioro
woro fow who romomborod thnt whon sho was
Sarah Hnssolr, elghtoen loars beforo. she nnd
hor mother had lived thoro. In fact, thoy
bonrdod with Mr. lllcardo's family.
"liven then I led him. nlthoueh ho was
older than I." sho bald last night
Mrs. Judd hnd ut thnt ttmo boon a widow for
bovoii veils, l'uratlmo sho had lived nt tho
Mrlstol In Now York, nnd sho wroto for tho
maga7lnos under tho nom do plumo of "Mrs.
ProspOst." Thcro woro somo pooplo In
llnckonsack who wero unkind enough
to eny that hho posod ns n "form"
for a Now Yolk fashion publication
company, nnd that It was thcro that sho
learned to dross. .Sho rented a house in Statu
hi root, nt tlio cornorof Clay, In Hnckensack,
nnd lltted up hor parlor with hangings and
pictures in a way that mndo ltattractivo.
Mr. James Itic.irilo. although ho was getting
Bray nnd stout, was still u bachelor, ami as
.Mrs. Judd watched him pass her house, four
times a day on Ills way to his otllco and bnek
again, tho old lovo enmo to lior. hho wanted
to moot hlin ngninnnd )et she did not daro
i to spo.ik to him. It was nearly September
behu sho inothim and tliuu bv accident. Miu
attended tho funeral of a cousin of .Mr.
lticnrdo's. who was also related to her byimar-
r rlage. Mr. ltlenrdo had charge of it. and wlien
ho Invited tin- friends of tlio deceased person
ti step into tlio parlor Mis. Judd bad to walk
p int ti t in. Ho rocognl7od hor and said:
"Why. Sadie, how do jou do Why didn't
you let ino know that you woro In town ?"
Then followed a call on Mrs. Judd In hor
cosoy littlo pnrlnr, and a woekortwohitorMrs.
Judd was going to New York, and sho wroto
to Mr. lllcardo about a business scheme, nnd
asked him to call on her nt the Uristol If ho
happened to bo in tho city.
' Imagine my surprise." snld Mrs. Judd ns
her eyes Unshod, "to rocolvo in roplyto my
business noto a very warm lou I otto r from
Mr. lllcardo. Ho did call on mo at tho Ilristol,
anil wo had dlnnor together."
Hackensnek pooplo bogan to notlco that Mr.
lllcardo found It convenient to drop In nnd boo
tho widow, as It was right on his wnv to busi
ness, and as Mrs. Ilrower. a cousin of thn un
dertaker's, lived next door to Mrs. Judd. Mr.
lllcardo's relatives woro well informed as to
wlmt wus going on.
"They talkod about mo frightfully." said
Mrs. Judd, " nnd said oil sorts of mean things
nbout mo. for they saw mo going to entertain
ments ulth him. nnd it began to
be hlntod that wo wero going to bo
married. Mr. liicardo's relatives said that
I wanted him for his cold. nnd
ono morning In Jnnuory ho found
mn crying. I had hoard all those btorlos und
worhP. 1 wnntortto silence this gossip, nnd I
uskod him to marry mo nnd clear my name.
He said ho would, but It must bo a secret inur
rlnc i for tho present. Then ho pallid a Iho-
lollarRold piece out of his pocket, und liamlliiii
itto mo said solemnly: "With this circle of Kold
I. Jnmos lllcardo. Uu then wed.' Of courno I
know that this was ory Irrecul.ir. but 1 look
od upon It as a marriage, and I now consider
Mr. Itic.irilo as my husband, llo was vury
attentive, nnd callodon mo oery nisht."
.Mr-.. Judd told about little dinners that thoy
had together in her dining room, nnd although,
tho gossip did n.t ceaso it did not annoy her
so much. Tliis continued dining last summor
and until last fall. Then, according to .Mrs.
J mill's story, Mr. lllcardo caum to her mid slid:
"It is getting to bo town talk lioro tliat'I nm
.. HiippoitfiiK vou. I am not, yiu kimu, an. I 1
' wish you w jiild gn to I'.itor-on iiml seo If you
c i" hlro a hoiif there."
Mrs, Judd bug in to suspect that sho had a
rh.il nnd i. ne of lior frlonds snld to her:
AMiy. don't you know that Jim has beon
calling on 'Of (lark's daughter, l.lvlinr"
Mrs Judd didn't know It. but hho dis-coM-rcd
tliat .Mr. illcardo was grndunlly cens
ing to call on hor, and sho heard somo things
Bbiuit him tli.it did not please her. Ilaekon
Mick gossip hnd increased also and It mado
Mr-. Judd my uncomfortablo.
Duo morning In tho latter part of September
Ilackciis.ick awoko ton sensation, ill s. .lipid's
house uiiB rlinped in black. 'J ho blinds wero
pulled togcthci and tied with Idg black bows,
iheie was blael; ribbon on tho front
of the house wlieinor it could bo
tied and a lung stro.inior of black hung
limn tho door-boll handle, which was in tho
middle of tho door. Isoono know tlio reason
fur It. Tho report that something had hap
pened In Mrs .Iiidd's house spread around town
nnd attracted a crowd. Thoro was it whito
cunl nttnclied to tho crcpo on tlio door
and on It was written: "Mucho salio ol zorr.i.
pero mas el (juo la tomu." which Mrs. Judd
hays Is tho Spanish for "Tho fox is cunning,
but ho who catches him Is moio cunning.
Mrs. J udil hnd worn whlto nil suiiiinei, but sho
put on mourning on tho day bur house wus
"I did thnt," sho said, "to let peoplo know
that Jim had loft mo. 1'ooplo say that I was
clary about that time, und I rather think 1
must h i mi bean."
Mrs. Judd Mill wears mourning, nnd until
yostoidny there wein Idg black bows on the
bncks of all of lior chairs. .Mr. Weirdo's
llncki'nsai'k club bailgo was pinned on a por
tit mi In Mrs Judil's pallor last night, and
tlinio wus ili.ipod abOMi It a piece of crepe.
Thorn was also a big Pluck bow on
, tho comfoitublo lounge, but nil tho rest of the
I mourning ilhbous hud been reinmed. Tho
black ribbons on tho flout of tho knuso nnd
the crape on the door knob lomalned lhero for
nearly two weeks last fall, und theio vorn
some people In II lekonsack who th night thnt
Mrs Judd had niiimiciIuuluuhW with Mr. lli
caido very Kiitlsfucioiily.
Jlrs. Judd became ory niiii'h Interested In
hor htory ns sho told itl.ist nlht. Mm walked
upnnd down thelloor. and giM) Imlt itlmni of
Kim wniKH nun iuii. i .in. incariiii anil ol somo
ofhlsrelathch. She showed aroolerthatshe
had purehabed, nnd then said:
" Whon u man ruins n unman mntnlly and
sho ruins him physically .It is good Jaw to say
that tho jury will iiciiuit her."
Jn tho next hroatli hho nssoited that sho
loveitMr. lllcardo iinsslonntoiy.
"Mr. lliearilooiillod onmoaltor I hud draped
tho front of my house In mourning." she said.
"and ho put his unns aiouml nm and
told mo that ho did pot Intend t i
leavo mo. Then, whin ho was leailng
that night and I l.ltsou him and
asked him what ho meant by all
his sweet words, ho said that it was tho
sumo taffy that he gaM to all w.miun. I won't
bo classed thatwav, I was Ills wife just ns
much ns If wo had boon mnrilad in church,
nnd I considered him my husbnnd."
Mrs. Judd didn't Hnd Hnckensack very pleas,
ant after sho had published hor sorrow with
the blaok ribbons, but she didn't give up hope.
She thought that perhaps she could hlro a
house In l'uterson. whoio Mr. lilcardo s calls
would not o.Ncltn so much gossip. Sho went
to Sir. lllcardo's undertaking Minn on
Nov. -0 "I wantod to toll him about tho rat
orson houses," sho snid, "and ns I handed
hlin tho list 1 said, 'You will bo up to-night,
won't you, dear' nnd ho irlod to slam tlio
door In inv fnco." Sirs. Judd says that
Mr. lllcardo then nsaiilted her, tearing
her dross and cloak and ruining her bonnet.
Sho admits that pmhaps he was angry becaiiMi
one uigb when she Mmpcctod him she had
gone to .Mls-l'lark's lmut.ii and aroused, th"
f unity, to sen If ho was there. .Then
hlio iiad iiJoiihRl Sir. lllcardo s broth
er and generally mado a, good deal
of disturbance because sho. cnuldn t
find Mr. lllcardo. That did not justify thn
assault in her opinion. howovor.aDd shoaworo
out a warrant for him tho next day. 1 his war
rant waa never eorred. Mrs. Judd sold that
bbbW k
she did not hnvn money enough to proscputo
Sir, lllcnrilo Inst fall, so sho determined to wait
until slio did, ., . j .
"Mr. lllcardo's cousin lives next door to
me." she siihl, "and other relattvosor hl Ue
around mo. They dogged mo when I went on
the strcot. Two of tho women assaulted mo
several times by running baby carrlngos
ngnlnst moon thustreoU , .
"Thoy would cross tho carriages togethor.
sothat 1 couldn't get pat. and sny 'Hero sho Is
now. Just look nt that face.' This has nn
tioyed mo so that, slnco last Now loirs. I
hao Iippii out In the dnytlmoiinly throe times.
A reln'lvo of .Mr. lllcardo's. who Hvos down tho
street, saw mo und shouted out as I went by:
Look at that for stjlo. will you'"' , ,
Slis. Judd says that her lawyors advised nor
not to push hor suit ngnlnst Mr. Itlcordo
for assault, but to Include It In nn no
tion ngalnt him for broach of prom
ise. Sho, howevor. ilctoriulncd to begin
with tho assault case, nnd last week sho
swore out a warrant In Justice Cummins s
court for Hlcurdo's arrnst. This was kopt so
cret until yesterday. Sirs. Judd snys that sho
will go before the (trand Jury nud Jmo hlin
indicted, nnd then sho will proBocuto him for
breach of promise,.
Juntos lllcnrilo U n mlddle-agod man who
Is ery popular In Hackonsack. Ho Is
leportod to have mndo a good deal of
money In his lusinoss. In reply to Sirs.
Judd's charges ho made n general ,d
plnl. nnd said that sho had put blaok
rltit otts on hor houso to blackmail him. and
that this suit was brought simply for bl ick
nrill. llo declared that ho would light It to
tho ond.
itonsEnnivvi:n r ms rniEST.
I'mlicr McOrnll Knlnrccn Ills nisnpprovBl
nl'n ljirNblnuep Tor the tsecond Tlmr.
Ilr.orKTON, Mass., Mnrch 0. Tlioro was a
horsewhipping Incident on Klllott street, in
this city, yesterday nfternoon. which Is es
pecially interesting from tho fact that It was a
clorgyman who piled tho whip.
About two jenrs ngo nn Irishman camo to
this city. Ho was In III luck and told stories
nbout imaged mother nnd family In Ireland
who relied upon him for their sustenance.
The Itov. Father StcGrall of St. Tntrlck's
Church camo to his assistance by loaning him
nionoy and olTerlng hlin employment. Tho
man. however, showed ho was unwilling to
help himself nnd Tnthor SlcOrail lost all cott
lldenco In him. Tho priest ascertained soon
upon good authority thnt tho money supposod
to go to tho family In Ireland was bolng used
to support a woman in llrockton tho man was
dl'cli irgeil.
At the time tho Irishman was boarding with
a coupii) on tinrron nventio. Aciiunintnwo
with tlio wlto ripened into nflectlon, and before
long the woman separated from her husband.
'I he morning follow Ing tho man's dlsehnrgo.
which occurred last April. Tathor SIcCrnil
lisited f'nhary Coinetery ntan onrlv hour and
found his former omploj oo thero in compnny
with tho woman.
Indignant at tho way his confidence hnd
been utilised. Father Sledrnil alighted from his
carriage and used his horsewhip to add vigor
to hlsdlsapproMil. Following this the victim
left town, going to Itnndolph. where ho re
mained till very recently.
On his return to this city, he took up his old
tricks with eon moro publicity than before.
Ho secured a tenotnout on Klllott streot. and
boldly HmmI there with tho woinun. Yostorday
Father Slctirail camo upon the man on the
He rebuked him for tho life he was leading,
nnd intimated that he had no right to nsso
c.,)o with decent people. Tho man made a
si rly reply, and the prlost. seizing his horse
whip, g.uo tlio man a sound thrashing for tho
becuiid time.
;; in or.r.n An kissed 111:11.
Miss liiirc'i' Accusation Acntimt the Iter.
JTiHtiird 1. hbcrmiin.
Pot p .SiMiisn. N. J.. Starch 0. All this part of
Capo Slay county is interested in tho trial of
tlio liev. Dlwnrd F. Sherman, until recently
pastor of tho T.ibeinnclu SL 1'. Cliurcii. Tho
trial I-. before a eommlttoo of ministers. Tho
mini'-ter is accused by SINs Fllza Church, a
member of bis foimer congregation, of " con
duct unbecoming a minister In that he on
several occasions hugged and kissed and used
improper langingo to hor." Sir. Shormnn
was rcpiesented by counsel. Ho Is now In
Kansas Tity. and is too 111 to como Fast His
wife wns proont and looked after her hus
band's int ei est Sliss Church tried to coninco
thn committee thnt Faster Sherman had not
only misbehaved toward hor. but had hugged
and kissed other members of his congregi
tion. That pntt of her tistlraony. however,
was ruled out b the committee.
Thcoilomi lunch, SIis Church's father, said
that Sirs. Sherman Iiad on two occasions told
him she w.isjcnlousof her husband and had
spoken about tlio wav her husband had acted
toward his daiiglicr. Sirs. Sherman indignantly
denied Sir. Church's testimony. Thodefotico
offered in evidence twelve nflldnv its against
Sir. hurcli and his daughter. Sirs. Allon
Vanaman sworn that tho pastor was not much
to blame. If ho was nt all. Sho said sho had
heard .MlshChuicli coaxing Sir. Shormantocail
on her. One of tho wltnsssusfortlie complainant
jumped up and snid that tho persons who hnd
sworn to the atlldavlts woro liars, and ho could
prove it. While tho excitement was nt its
height thn eommlttoo resolved to rcfor tho
matter to the net ('oiifornnce. which will meet
In New Ilruusuick ou JIurch ll), und then
is GniiASE jvt.vr doomed?
Mnnnger Aronson Furlildn lis Vme by Blcm
licrs or the CunIqo Company.
Actors nnd actresses at tho Casino are learn
ing a new-fangled method of painting their
faces with an artist in water colors ns a special
Instructor. Tho now stylo is duo to nn official
order of Slnnager Aronson directing thu
abandonment of the old method of theatrical
mako-up by tho uso of stick greaso paint ond
cosmetics. These aro In uso in every theatre
lu tho country, hut Manager Aronson has
warned his pluyors that thoy aro daugorous.
Tlilb conclusion Is the result of nn Investiga
tion by a phshiciun who was called to tho
theatre to discover tho causo of tho neuralgia
pnins and inflamed oyellds which rocontly
disabled hOMrul members of Ilia company.
Jell He Ani.'clis. slIa (ierrbh, and Annlo
MvejH, mil hotuoof tho chorus girls linvo nil
bad nchlng mees and oyes for a fortnight puht.
Thoiioebu stiullnil their faces through u big
mngiiiii In,; glass, nnd surprised thoni by sny
ingtliht In ciiiild detei t particles of tho grease
paint and cosmetic lodged In the pores of the
skin. Thorough scrubbing with soap and
towel had falli.il to dlblndgo thn particles.
They n.ick tliuro nndlcaused Iiillnniiiiatioii.
In siune i.'ises the liillainmatlon was so soveio
t lint the) la) i rs were unable to nit at all. Tho
iloetoriiciuiiiiiciideiltli.it herealtef tlioy uso
only plain dii p chall; and mineral rouge, and
Slanagei n i in piisteil a notice In thu green
loom biht night louiuellliig tlio company to
adopt th advice,
Thn nmv of thin action has created consid
erable tab. at tho other playhouses.! and may
lesii.t lu Mm adoption of a similar policy. Man
Ufa -tiller, insist that all llist-class greaso
paint and tin atrleal cosmetics aro made of
harmless, v egutublu bubbtuueos and cannot in
jure tlio skin.
IVlio I.nat Till SJS Note I
A falr-hnlred, blue-eyed, tcn-yonr-old boy
called yesterday afternoon nt the cnllory of
I'liotogiaplier I). Abraham at H.'ifi Washington
street, llrookljn, and taking a $5 noto from
his pocket told Sir. Abraham that he wantod n
good picture of himself taken, and that ho
wasn't paitif-ular about tlio prlco. Sir.
Abiaham (jiiiihtionod tho boy us to his
identity and how ho camo to gut
hold of thos..rinoto. and tlio boy's embarrass
ment led bin to siibpoct that tho noto had
been stolen. Whllo -Mr. Abraham stepped from
the gallery to consult ono of his omployeos as
to the host courhii to pursuo, tho bright little
toy slipped out.loivltig tho noto on the desk
behind him. Tile boy did not return, and last
night. Sir, Abialinin notified l'ollco Captain
Campbell and thu noto is now awaiting its
ownei lu thu Adams btreet station.
t liumb:rlula C'ralQ to Morrr,
City Chamberlain T, 0, T. Craln will be mar
Hod to tho daughter otllichard II. Clark, the
Fresident of tlio Cuthollo Protectory, after thu
I.enton season,
Sllcliuel J. Sluliiueon. tU.o Into socrotary of
tln t utility ilemoeraev County Conuiilttee, Is
ongiiircil to linn rv StUs Sliuy tillmy, n da ligh
ter ol I'llidli" Works ComiulSiiloner liilroy.
Sir. Sliihiuccn Is tio.va 'laiiimiiny man.
Iter llcnlb .Nm (uiisnt In .llulpioi lire.
Aii.iutopbi-bytounti I'hy.slclati Convoise, at
Jersey City yotoi day afternoon, in tho case of
Abblo Ilaselbach, who died nt 200 Itallroad nv
cnuu Tuosday morning, disclosed that death
had been caused by chronic- uepultbj, and not
by malpractice. ,
. ' -j 1J.J; .
nitAOGED ovr xtina: negroes.
These They Shot (o Dtlh In RevrnKe (br
Wonndtne Herernl llepnty Whcrlfls In
llald on n Iotv Itesort Tlie Rnld Orevr
Ont ofn Qnnrrcl Itetvvren a Cnlorrd nnd
m. White Hoy The City Alaracil nnd
Kcorea or Armed Men on the (Streets.
SIewhib. Mnrch flror tho first lime In Its
history Jlompjils has had a lynching. Thrco
negroes werolnknn out of jull nnd shot, ns tho
result of the race troublo three days ngo In
the suburb known ns "Tho Curve." Tho ne
groes hondaunrters thoro wore nt tho l'ooplo's
Orocorr. a tllvo whoro bad whlskoy and gam
bling were tho lending attractions. It is
owned by a stock company of colored mon.
Thomas Stoss, a lettor carrlor. Is the Presi
dent, nnd Calvin McDowell was mnnngcr. Will
Stowam, a hnngor-on nt tho place, and those
two woro tho principals In tho troubles thoro.
Across tho Btroct a whlto man. W. It, Darrett.
runs another grocery, whero whiskey nnd
poker nro common day and night. On Wednes
day night last a colorod boy struck n whlto
child. The lnttor's fntherwhlppodtho colored
boy. Tho negro's father undertook to thrash
tho whlto man. but was soundly thrashed
Tho same night Barrett lodapartyof dep
uty sheriffs to SloDowell's placo In sonrchof
Steward, for whom n warrant had been Issued.
A row ensued. The llo wns given. Fnrrott
clubbed McDowell, and In return tho negroes
shot nt him, ballots piercing his hat ami coat
without injuring him.
Thcso oyonts proclpltnted tho trouble. Ilar
rett mndo'complalnt to Judgo Duboso. and on
tho next day SIcDowell was arrested, but gavo
bonds. 'J ho Judgo said ho would preserve
tho peace nt tho Curve, nnd a posso or
deputies went out on Saturday night
to arrest Steward ami raid tlio place
in caso gntubllng was going on. In thn mean
time, tho negroes claim, they woro told thnt
Harrett had nindu thro its to clean thorn out.
A moetlng was held on Friday night at a col
orod church, and tho rosult wns thnt on Satur
day night a large crowd of nogroes assembled
nt tho l'ooplo's Giocery armed with shotguns.
Thooflleors did not know this. Tho armed
uegroos woro concealed in the store.
Tho Sheriffs posso divldod. four of them on
torlngtlie front door and tho others going to
tho rear. Tlio appearance of tho ofllcors In
front drew n Volley troui ambush, and thrco of
thoin foil wouudod. one. Charles Colo, it was
supposed, being mnitnlly hurt. The negmos
claim they thought It was liarrett s gang and
that they bad coino to clean them out. Tlio
unhurt oflleers scented thirteen ot thenegroes
in tho htoro, and tlio next day siteon otlieis
woro arrested on suspicion. All those in an
way Implli ated wero captured oiopt ouo.
Hugh Williams.
Thero was much indignation on tho part of
tho nogroos, hut no serious talk of mob vio
lence, and with tho wholesale arrests uml tho
assurance from Judgo Duboso that all the
rulltv should be tumtslicil tirointitlc. tout lli.t
furtlior fact that tho vu)iiinl"dotncers were out
of danger, excitement had died out. No extra
guard at the jail was put on, ami Inst night the
hherltl. after visiting tho jail, went home, and
tho jailor wont to bed in his apartments in tlio
tavror. leaving tlio night turiu.ee alone.
Atao'clockthls morning thu Jill bell inn g.
Tom O'Dnnnoll. the tu:nko. asked who wns
there, nnd tho spokesman of a parti of lour
said they worn olllcers and bad Hugh Wil
liams In charge. O'lJunnell openod tlio outer
gate. Tho four men nt otu-o helped him. bound
lilmwitli a rope, und admitted a mob of 75
masked men. O'Dnnnoll refused toglvo up tho
keys or tell where t lie prisoners tho mob want
ed wero. Tho kevsvvero found In tho jallci's
otllco and tho lynchers, who know tlio men
they wanted, searched tho cells for SteDuwell.
SIoss. htev."ard, and another negro ringleader
named Mianks. The latter was the only mgro
wounded in tho Snturduy night M-iiminage.
and for this reason ho was placed on the tier
occupied by the women prisoners. Tins bavud
his life, for the mob "ouid not llndhini. J'bii
other three they quickly found and bustled
them out of tho jail. leaving the turnkey btill
Tlio mob hnd dono Its work so quietly that
Jailer Williams didn't awnko until the mob
had loft. Tlio cries of O'Dnnnell aroused him.
Williams went to tho telephone to summon
aid from the police station, half a mile away,
but the mob had out the telephone wire out
side the jail beforo untering. Ho had to go to
the station house to raiso an alarm, so that tho
mob bad n half hour's start. A carriage was
sent for .Sheriff Slcl.endon. und at nearly dav
llghtbennilapos.se found tho dead bodies in
an old Hold In a deserted section between tho
waterworks and the CIieBiipeako and Ohio
liailwny. about a inilo north of the jail.
Tho deputy sheriffs wounded on Saturday
night wero all shot in the head. Cole being
shot In the oyo. In like manner tho mob dis-
fosed of its victims. All weio shot In the
lend, nnd SlcfJowcll's hand was half rhut oil
ns though ho had grasped a gun Kurd in at
tempting to light for his life. Ills eves weio
shot out by bullets from thu side. Tho other
two wor not bo badly mutilati-il. 1 hob .dies
were brought to the city and placed In thu. stable
of tho county undertaker. A huge ciow-d of
negroes iih-.'miilod there, but nonu gained ad
mittance. It was an nwo-strlckim crowd, and
no threats ot retaliation woro heard, lint at
lO.-UO o'clock word came that a mob of L'bO
nrmod negroes was marching on tlio Cm vc.
Judgo Dubo-n gavo instant orders for a posco
of 150 men to go to tho scene. Thin owns a
rush to the nearest gun storo for arms, and in
n fow minutes mon wero boon on tho streets
aimed with repenting rilles nnd niivv nistula
awaiting cars for tlio Curve.
'I ho city was plungi d Into tho greatest ex
citement it has known since tlio negro riots
after thn war. All sorts of rumors of a raco
conllict wio In circulation. The police woio
nil ordered to the scene, citrons voliintnercil
to go. nnd In halt an bourn crowd of several
hundred whlto men, nil armed, weio at thu
Cuive. Not a negro was in sight save an occ i
slonal pnsslng ihuky. who looked at the iirinei!
men in surprise nud fear, not knowing whut It
Tho nogroes did hold n largo socret meeting
in inn iiwin sircei cnureli.oM'i which piesldes
tlinitnr, 'Inv lor Mghtingilu, wlio is incused,
owing to his incendliry a,N. (o lilb ilock.of
stirring up morii race bitterness th hi nil thu
oth'-r negro le.nlors combined. This leads!
iippielieiisiou of more tumble. Many of tho
colorod leaders luvn no svnipatlu with tlio
inched men, because of tlioii law Ics conduct,
'ilio Itov. It. A. Jones, an iiilluenti.il negio
preacbor. is out In a card in this melting's
fM-iiiiitnr counselling Ids raco to coolnoss iiinl
patlenco. and becis hlng them not to llhten to
agitators and bt.-ifo-inakurs among their
Tho lynchers wore nil from tho Curve, nnd
tho cl l.ens of Memphis condemn theli action.
Tho .Merchants lAiliango called u mass nu ot
Ingtiioxpioss public condemnation of II, hut
on second thought it wns decided to take no
such action.
Judgo Dubosn took prompt moasiirestn sup
press any poss bio tumble, A gunsmith
named Ijrank Sebum nm, who had sold guns
to norrocH. was online. I inni,ni.ii..in..pj .....i
thp guns ot tho Tonnsssue Jlllbis, a colon d
military company, .Were conllscated und
stacked In thu hhorirrh ofllce. An evlia fun o
nf deputies Is on guard at tho tall and at thu
Curvu. l.veryth rig Is .juiot to-night.
A meeting of the reputable white residents
of thn ( urvo was hold t .-niciit. nt which i"-u.
lutlons wero passed expreh.lng thu belief Ilia!
tlio roiibbi would not luive occumdhidlt
PSft' 'Slin .i', '."., "''''V'V nd gambliiu'den
Kfl'. ," J1'? ' ll" " l.nrreti. und c tiling mi
thp Judgo to clo-ii bis p,.0 ,! tUniti, f t ,nr
saloons where liquor U illegally sold and
gambling piactlseil. Tho meeting pledged it
order." " '"ithoiltlcs in piebcrviug
Col.' II. Clay King, the celobrnted criminal
avvyer and nut .or. who h I , ,nT e" nil.' m led
to dentil for killing Dhv d if Pnctnii liiwvi.r
f1,"'-???1"-,'"" ' nWwS I'll .'i' said
It wns a mngn flcont nrdorly mob." that its
Sjhrhl,iB.rhU .'if V"lt '''""lumbers v;ero not
dlsturbod. though ho was within ten feet of
tho orowd as It rushm throuel fil,. i ill ,. irrl-
Cnehler M.ibte Airctcd.
TAnRVTOws. 3Inrch(.-Jos0pii y, Mabcp. thn
defaulting cashlor of tl,0 Tarrytown National
lliink. wasnrrobtedto.nlg,t und was taken to
hlin Wains nnd linked U), rho Westch-sier
county liraiiit Jiuy ronml m i , , . 1 1 .. i . ,. . ,i .
i.gnli.hthliiiM-bte.iluYbT1 .V.'"'1 I" '
the bank. Slabeu inaib g , 'a 'i '".n'o- ,1 ,
hiht Ueci-mbei. when It w,,s , Lem, , "iln I
bank olil, ialb. mid It vasnoM ought twit I
would bi.prosecutod. ilUtrlct i7.ri...v l'l.itl
preasod tho case against ' I'lhif. if., w" "r.
Uliaacity tlll'.ji.diiU, Brgoilju sua hwt
renee Hprendu llrr llnntle In the Eighth
AKMmtil)- Illtlrlet.
Oncouponn tlmo a bulldog snld to pussr.
" Lot us play and bo friends." "Willi nil my
hoart" nnBWorod pussy. "My I what lovoly
teeth you havo." " Oh I They aro vory tendor.
but your claws look nlco." "My claws," snld
pussy, "nro not sharp." Thon thoy stood nnd
looked Into each other's eyes a long tlmo.
Finally thoy bnckod off cnrofully nnd went
Tho regular Hopubllcan organization ot tho
Klghth Assembly district hold a meeting Inst
night. GtibtnvSeliurmniin proslded and John
IJrodsky wnsthcie.
" Sir. Chairman." bald Brodsky.
"Mr. llrodsky has tho floor." snld Schur
mnnn. " What can I do for you John?"
And thcro wns such a huge gnu in tho room
1 hat tho knlv os nearly fell out of all tho sloovos.
Sarcasm 1 No. It was n solorau fact Dog nnd
pussy wero Dialing together. Only tlio night
before theio wero two "regular" Hopubllcan
meltings within it hundred feet ot each
other, at ono of which llrodsky wns
calling Schmninnnn finud. whllo Hchurmann
piitertnlnod tlio other with remarks about
llrodsky. Hut last night both bides came to
gether in tho rooms of tho John A. Logan As
sociation. 0:t Lu IIow street. It wasaregulir
business inciting of tho regular organisation,
of which Oils Schuriuann Is Prosldent, and tho
association of which Frodsky Is at tho head
had nothing to do with it.
Two men stood outside tlio door, two big,
stiong men, who represented tho two loaders,
and thoy were Instructed to allow no trouble
makers in.
" Fine day." said Brodsky's man.
" Yes, It It doesn't rain," said Schumann's
They glanced furtively nt each other ovory
now nnd then. Tho Schuimnnn man was
seized with a sudden thirst, und whllo ho was
absent a M'N reporter, as It happened, entered
the building, llrodsky's man looked at him
clo-cly. then seized liim firmly by tho bhoulder
uml said:
"I don't know you. (let f hell out o' horo
Y'aln't gaw'nt'bust updls meotln'l ltoportor?
'Seuso me. I t ought 'blunged tdo hchur
mann gang."
Inside thero woro two tables ton foot or so
from each other At ono sat Chairman Sehur
inaiin. witli tho secretary, and nt tho other sat
liiodkv with a few friends. The memberss.it
along tho walls, with their hands Intholrpock
ets and their coats buttoned. Somebody said
hu had a leport to offer, and It was laid on tho
table. Then folluwid a stretch of sllcnco. dur
ing which N'liiiriiinun looked at l!rudky and
lltodsky looki d nt the coiling. It wns getting
monotonous and both sides wero uncomforta
ble. Feeling called upon to say something the
Chitriiri.se anil snld:
" Cientlemoii somebody snlckored nnd for a
moment sileiico reigned. Then): Ono thing I
havo noticed In tho past two years it. that this
room is not sate to meet in. During somo of
our our. Ii-m meetings tlio celling down
stairs was cracked. I move thnt n committee
hu appointed to give the President nuthority
to hlio u halt Bomewhcro fur big meetings."
"You me in nitillcatioii meetings. I sup
pose." Sir. llrodsky suggested, swoetly.
"ics. Thatis what 1 meant This is going
to bo itulto an exeitaiuo i-rosiuoniiai yiar, ana
we will need plenty of room."
"During what mouths would you say?" Sir.
Iirodsky asked.
"There It. no motion befcro tho house," said
one of M-hurmunn's men.
"Never mind.Clinrlov." tho Chairman replied
smilingly. "This is only a friendly discus
sion." " I'll mnko tho motion myself." snld Brodsky.
He mndo it and it was carried. Then silence
fell again.
"Allow mo to havo n word, snid a Brodsky
man. after calling to tlio Chairman several
times wit bout roceiving recognition.
"Oh. exciiso me. I was looking in tho other
direction." tlio chairman explained. Thon a
fcclintmnnn mnn got up. -
"Sir. ( liuirmnn. if vou will reJbgnlze me."
"Mr. ISr.li.-rts."
"It Is customary for every district organiza
tion to appoint a committee on patronage.
ISIiiniiirson th.- llrodsky side. I move that a
committee of three be appointed."
Sir. liiodsky jumped up, sat down again, nnd
then arose, with a digiiitleil slowness.
Sir. Chaiinian thero Is no objection to this
body appointing a conimitteo providing this
committee amounts tounvthing."
".Motion moved and seconded." said Schur
mntin with an old-timn exiuesslon on his face,
"All in favor say -aye.' cotitriuy 'no.'"
Tho "aes" wero faint and tho "noes" woro
"Curried!" exclaimed tho Chairman.
"Division! Division1" criPd several llrodsky
men. jumping up. Hut their iendor said:
"No, let 'em have It Don't call for a divis
ion." " Th next thing." continued tho Chairman.
"Is to appoint tlio conimitteo. Sir. Itoberts,
Sir. O'Connor, nnd myi-plf aio horoby ap
pointed. Thero being no further business
the meeting stands adjourned."
"The most harmonious, rj'jeo. wo over held."
llrodsky said.
Then chunnann nnd Brodsky lookod nt
each other, biullod. nnd went their respeetivo
Murphy Siijh lie Didn't fntend to Starve
Willi I.iiIm Around.
Henry Jlurphy, 30 years old. took a room on
the top door of tho houso nt H).'i Fast Thirty
fourth street, owned by Sirs. FmmaOrant. on
last Slonday. He snid that ho had j'ust come
down from St John, N. II.
ebterday morning at S o'clock Sirs. Grant
was sleeping in her room when sho nwoko
and saw Slurphy attempting to unlock hor
wardrobe, trying key uftcr koy which ho took
from his pocket upon It.
Hu turned an 1 saw her looking at him. Sho
j'umpod from tho bod to escape. Ho caught
her by tho linlr. tearing n handful from hor
bead, knocked her down, nud kicked hor.
Tin n he run out of thu house
Slis (liant went to the window nnd shouted
for belli. Slurnhv ran Into tho arms nf Cml
Dcveryat Lexington avenuo nnd Thlrty-tlrst
stroi t.
Iln was taken to tho Fast Thirty-nth street
station liotisu nnd seaichod. On him wero
found llftj-throu keys, a small jimmy, u lllo,
and a Knife.
"I guess I've (lxoil myself this time." he
snld in tlin station house. "Up in h, John,
where I UM'd to live, I was a waiter, but I
couldn't Hud any work In that lino here. I
was htaiving lu death, and I had to steal: 1
wusn't going to die of want with tilings right
icmly to my hand,"
Yesterday morning ho was arraigned at tho
Virl.vlllii Court and remanded, 'lo-itay his
photograph will bo takuu for tho Rogues' Gallery.
catholic itntiAL ni:sii:i).
I'fillcrinon Ttecn vviih ii Knight ofPythlnn
und Dlril IV Hliout the Klle nl'the Church.
When tho frlonds of tho Into Jersoy City po
Ilcemnn. Peter F, Itoen, went to attend his fu
neral yesterday morning tnoyworo surprlsod
to learn that tlioro was to bo no high muss,
and thnt tho body was not to be buried In eon
sceialed giuunit. It had been ndvorllsedthat
n solemn high mass would bo sung in SI.
Petet's Church. It tiansplicd that arrange
ments for a mass hi I boon made, but when
Bishop Wigger learned Hint Boon was n
Knight of I 'j thins and n momberof other se
cret b.i.-letles.anil had died without having ro
cilvul thn last rites ot the I hun-h, although
ho had been sick for nearly a mouth, ho for
bade tho rellgloiH lervicos nnd tho burial In
consectated giouiul. A comm Itito was sent
to tlio Bishop to try and Induce him to recon
sider the nider. Tho UMwp relontod ho far
as to penult tlio body to bo placed in tho vault
in tlio Catliollo i ometery until furtlior orders.
It s possible, but not probable, that it may
oinntii illy ho hurled in consecrated groutui,
llcen's lenitives andfriends were greatly put
nm about thu matter, Tho mom hers of Grant
Lodge, Knights of 1') thins, to which Been be
longed, will hold a special meeting and ap
point a conimitteo to watt on Bishop Wlgger.
A Iln vvllh Tpliu In Kldrldge Slrcet,
Dr. I) iiiii of 41 lllvlngtnn street was called
jobtonl.i) livening t attend Bohurt Norwich, u
ID je.n-old boy, living on the third llooi of the
teiv n i i t at V.lTi F.ldililgo stieel with hs
pil it I hu doctor found that the hi.yvwis
htiffeil -gfiotn typhus, iiud notified thu Boatd
of Health.
Iletween Ihe Acts and Bravo lOe.
lUtf Dime. &a. All Tobacco Chrirettci, are tbe only
maaini.atjriae,ii,uu. zuvami,-xit,
The Rplrlta thnt Keep Ilnnntlns ner-Rhn
I Aetnnnded thnt thn Widow or .lodge
Terry Khould llo TliuiiEht C'rnxy-rinced
In Custody I'endlug the Kxnmlnnllnn.
San Francisco, Starch a Stnmmy Tloasant.
tho old negro woman who Is tho only truo
friend left to unfortunatoSnrnh Atthcn Terry,
sworoout awarrnnt to-day forthonrrost ottho
famous plaintiff In tho Sharon divorce ansa on
a charge of insanity. Slis. Terry's lntoet
rscnpndo occurred In tho Hamniau batliB yos
torday. Sho took a lath thero. and. after ro
colvlng mnsnago treatment, refusod to move
until "tho spirits" should conbent Shofallcd
to get tholr consent for ubout throo hours,
and mcantlmo romnlned on a marblo slnb.
About 5 o'clock bIio got up, dressed herself,
nnd loft the placo. Sho wns arrested shortly
beforo noon to-day and brought boforo Judgo
Lovy. She wns nccompnnled by Sirs. Pleasant
nnd lookod weaiy. When, with dlshevollod
hair and glaring oyos, sho ontorod tho court
room shooxclnlmod:
"What doos nil this moan? Do thoy really
think tho widow of Judgo Terry Is nn Insano
woman? Well, well I let them examine me.
I want Judgo Coffey to conduct the examina
tion." Sirs, riensnnt ppoko kindly to hor, nnd tried
to calm hor. but she continued to talk in a
rambling manner.
"I nm broke," sho snld. "Ipawnod a ring
Inst night to get my dinner, and I slept In tho
park alt night, for I did not havo a bod upon
which to rest myht-id. Look nt my shoo."
Hero sho roached down, pullod oft ono of her
shoes, nnd hold It up to tho gazo of evorybody
lu tho court room. "That Is my littlo shoe."
sho oxclalmod. and then laughed historically.
" It's full of electricity, but I'm going to put it
on my foot. There's magnetism in that foot
Mammy Pleasant is not my friend now. Sho
thinks I'm insane. Hal Hal Thoy don't
know me."
At this juncturo Judgo Levy mado his nn-
pcarauce. Whon ho took his seat on the bench
thn unfortunate woman, long accustomed to
seeing Judges and listening to court proceed
ings surrounded by a host of attorneys, recog
nized him instantly, und smiles wreathed tier
Slis. i, ny give tho nnmosof nscoro of wit
nesses whom sho wanted Bummonodto provo
hor sanity. Tim Judge agrood to subo-i-mi
them, and then set tho hearing for to-morrow
"I supposo that In tho mean tlmo you will
want to putmo In somebody's custody." snld
Sirs. Teiry. "I don't vvantto go into Mammy
Pleasant's custody." hho continued, and at tlio
same time hlio looked sncoringly at tho old
colorod woman. "Shi sent it big nigger mnn
into my room tho othor night, niul I don't
think that was prono". so I waut to bo put In
charge of Dr. Livingston,"
Sirs. Terry then nroso nnd picked up n vallso
and a largo nunnlitynf old wiro. wlilch sho
snid wns charmed with electricity, and went
away with a deputy six riff to the Homo of Jn
elulates. whcruslio wl1! lio detained until to
morrow morning. As sho walked nut of the
loom she was followed by a largo crowd, upon
whom she bmlled pleasantly. Hernppenranco
wns " sh ibl.y.goiitoel." Mio wore a long seal
skit i-oiit. torn in several places, and which
looked as If It had bei n made for a woman
much hirgerthan Sirs. Terry. Her lint had no
doubt once boon a cholco bit of millinery. It
wasof the turban style, but tho trimmings wero
all awry, and her uiikeiiipt hair heemcil to bu
tangled in thu feathers of tho hat Hor dress
was in tatters, and lior face had been rouged
until hlin looked ns if situ had been mndo up
fern part In bu'lesiiuu opera When she on
tercd thu hack Slnmniv Pleasant accompanied
her. As sho stepped in. sho hiild:
" Hero como tlio eleetrleals. Pulldown tho
UAitn times ton iiie imoKEns.
Mnn t'runrlnro IleulrrN In Mining Mocl&n
IV 111 Sell Their 1'iiliitliil Itnlldlng.
Rv ritwcisco. Slarch !. The San Francisco
Stock nnd r.vchango Board building, whidi
was built in tlio great bonanza excitement In
1H77, will soon bo sold and tho monoy divldod
among thn member of the Board. Tho build
ing and lot aro worth J-KIO.000. and this would
giv .) -MKHl to cai-ii member, W horeas tho prlco
of 8"ats now is only s"..riHl.
Stilling Mock business has sunk so low that
ng.eit nart of tho brokois cannot make a
living Tlio lamlis refuse to come in ami bo
plnn-d on cutthroat liouls, and as no now dis
cov oiios aro nnde in thu ('.mistook tluro is no
chance or vvoi king up any excitement.
Consolidated Virginia lias dropped below $.r.
and other stocks am kicking round the market
at 1 por share. Fnder thehu circumstances
tlio poverty-stricken brokers propose to real
ize on their exchange building, which is en
tirely too gaudy and palatial for their present
plcayuno business. When thn exchange was
opened seats cot 'jr,()t)0, and onco they wero
held ns high ns ;-l O.OOO. Since then tho prices
hivo gradually diopped as business has do-cliuod.
The Ktnte Crund Army Encampment.
Burrvix), Starch 0. Tlioro oro about 1.000
delegates hoio attending the State G. A. Ik en
campment '1 ho contest for Department Com
mnnder. for which Poolo of Syracuse. Kay of
Brookljn. andCleary of Bochestor aro candi
dates. Is lively. Poolo seems to betho favorite.
Ati anonymous circular was published last
night charging that ho oflored to tluow thu
ll. A. TL vote of tlio Miltn to l'lnv,.lim,l In nr,..-
hlder.itlon of Ids intention In tho otllco of
I nilcil States Pension Agent, but it proved a
boon mane.
Hnriuuiiv prevails among tho women dole
gates to thn Women's Belief Corps meeting.
About -HI.) women are In attendance It is
gcnoinlly understood that Sirs. F.llcn Putnam
of lliillnlo, tho Prosldent of tho corps, will bo
(She Is Too 1'onng to Help lny OflT m
Mai t;nue.
Boo Loopnow. tho German nows woman
who sells papers at tho City Hall olovated rail
road station, was arrosted last night with lior
fourtpoii-yenr-old daughter. Hose, by Agont
Barker of the Chlldicn's Society. Sirs. T.onp
now Is charged with violating the law in re
gard to children under 111 jears of age. bliu
has sold papors at tlio elevated station for
tlireuvenrb, using thoprullts of her labor to
i.iy oil a mortgage ou a small farm near
Boonevllle, N. 1. hho was taken to tho Oak
stieet station and her duughtor wus placed in
tlio caro of the society.
S ii lil tied Ordered Her lo Kill Her Children.
Sirs. Stary Pachus becamo suddonly insano
ypstordny morning In her rooms on the third
floor of 'J0'2 Johnson avenuo. Willlainsburgli.
Aflor announcing to her husband that Ood
had nrdeied her to kill their Tour children, sho
caught the eldest child, a girl of 7 years, and
tiled to forco her to tlio window. Sir. Paehus
Intoifered In tlmoto snvutho little one fiom
harm. With the assistance of Polleotiinn Cnti
illdus he took .Mrs. Pachus to tho ulllou of tho
Ciuiiniibslonors of Chirities and Correction,
nndslio was remnnded to tlio asjluui for thn
insiiiio at I'lathuhh. She is ubout !I0 years
old. and until Tuesday night, when alio nited
stinngely, had nevei sliuwti uny symptoms ut
A IIIII Chili In 1st, l.mil.
St. Louis, Mnrch P. Fifty commeiclal ny.
ellors, reproFontlng wholesiilu houses of this
city in thn South and West, h iv.i formed a lllll
club and havo bout an iuiltitiun to Scmitoi
Hill to aiblioss t to Douiociucy of St, Louis
while on hU trip South.
Til cy 1VIII llnnd IId'Ioiih,
RlDOBWonp, N. J., Sfnrnh ll. Tho people of
this town byaronjorltyof lUOln a total v-oteof
XO deolded yonterday to bond tho township
for Ssttl.oUU to niucadamlo the roads.
The Firemen t'.uue llmue Itrjolelng.
ThoYoternn Flromen. whq havo boon on a
pleasure tilpto Now- Oilcans, letuined homo
hihl night, making lots of nulso with tlielr
bandb of music.
M here li liid.n' 1 Irus Were, '
A VI 1 .Yi. Hu Uu in i flint. Vf 1 iiiuml Win!,,
buiiu I .011(1111). it mi ui $1 ' JO
Ji -, (ll. pim r,.f, ,,., ilium..,, f-, -j
(,r..-iiu .I..-I.I fa'., .i.nrii. il M, , i J ,n. up-tiu.i
fciieet, r, Mini), iiuiluniutfi
Tl the I.uiulre Stnto Kxpreiivla Now Vurk Con.
tral tor Albtny. Plica, bjrrcu. ilocbriKir, Buffalo,
x UlilT MI '" & Hit world, Kotxtr
OL'.V. Al.dEll'S ctyniDAcr.
lie Thinks tie Una Michigan Solid, Oeslde
Ti lends In Other .Mnlee.
CnicAtfo, Stnrch l.-Gon. Alger. In nn intor
terviowhoro to-day declnrod hlmsolf a candi
date for tho ProslilentI.il nomination.
"But I wish It clenrly understood." con
tinued Gon. Algor. "thnt my candidacy
Is not to bo consttuod In tho
light of an adverse criticism on President
Harrison or his Admlnlstrntlon. Ho has given
the country a clean, ablo Govorment.
In matters whorcin ho nnd I hnvo dif
fered in policy, his judgmoiit mny
havo been hotter than mine, ns
I claim no suporlor wisdom. Tho ambition to
asplro to thu Presidency Is tho right of tho
Amorlenn citizen, tho bright hopo of evory
American boy. In becoming n candldnto I
am but exorcising that highest privilege of
' then. too. I llkoto see snmothlngmoroln
politics nnd Conventions than actit and dried
arrangement Competition Is the life of
politics ns well ns of business. I hnvo
lecolved nsstiranhos of support from
many quai-teis. I expect to havo tho
Michigan delegation, but I havo reason to
till k that I will have fiipndsln other States as
well. AstotheMntos from which lexpcct votes.
T ciinii.it now talk. I know Hint four years ngo
insiinuitimis vvorotaade thnt money hud been
used In my bohalr. So far ns 1 nm eonopriiod
that Is untrue. If nnvor my nllogod friends
niado mistakes. It was without my
knowledge or consent, -and to this
day I iiiii Imincniit of any knowledgo or
tho use nf Improper means togainvotos for
ino tn the Convention. If nnvtlilng of that
i..t 1 ,a" 'ono It was dono nt their oxponso.
But I do not bollevo n vvotd of It.
If I ennnot got tho nomination In nn hon
prablo way, as tho f reor choice of a mniorltv of
tho Bepubllcun party. I do not want it"
lie In Hald to Hnro Kemnrked thnt It
nitindera Ilnve Never llren Kxceeded.
Omaha. Slarch 0." The blundors commlttod
by tho prosont Democratic Congress hnvo
never been oxceedod." is tho romnrk Im
puted to Grover Clovelntul by Dr. Georgo L.
Sillier, tho woll-known Dcmneiat of this city.
In nsilvor talk beforo an executlvo session of
tlio Domocrntlo Stnto Central Commlttoo ho
used tho quotation, saying that ho had itnot
thrco days old from Clovoland.
shot a cinctr.o justice.
A Mnn lie hnd Fined Wounds Illm Twice
us lie Sll nn the Ilrnch.
Lincoln. Neb.. March ft An attempt was
made to kill acting l'ollco Justico Borgolet nt
nbout 10 o'clock this morning while police
court was In session. Chnrles Warnor. n man
nbout t!5 yonrs of age. walked into tho court
room nnd up to tho dosk whero Justico Borgo
let sat writing. Drawing a rovolvor ho fired
two shots nt tho Justice in rapid succession.
Tho first shot took effort In tho region of tho
heart, but was turned from Its course by somo
article in his vost pocket The second bullot
struck the Justice ovor tho loft eye nnd
ploughod through the llesh In an upward di
rection. Warner was atonco seized and held
after a severe struggle.
Judge Borgeiot was removed to his homo.
Tho extent of his injur os nro not known nt
this hour, but it is not believed that bis wounds
will provo fatal. arner wns fined by tho jus
tico on Inst Saturday for stealing trousors from
a merchant and bus since beon mnklng threat
ening remarks concerning tho Judge.
Trains Stopped. School Closed, and People
Are Keeping Indoor.
Omaiia. March 0. An extraordinarily high
wind provniled in this section to-day. Tolo
phono and telegraph wires woro bunched, and
great damage was dono in tho way of blowing
in plato-gluss windows and destroying cor
nices. Tho wind blow nt tho rate of fifty-six
miles nn hour.
St. Pvul, Slarch 0. Boports rocolved hore
from all over tho Northwest show that a tor.
rlble storm is provulllng. Schools nro gonor
nlly closed, nnd peoplo cannot xonturo out of
doors. All wires west of Fargo aro reported
In this cltyolectrlo car traffic between tho
city and outside Is seriously ilol-iyeil. Whon
tho Chicago. St. rnul, and Kansas City train
was within about seventy miles of tho city,
Ldwaid O'Brien, u photographer from New
lprk. stepped out on the platform and was
blown therefrom. The train was oulckly
stopped, and ho wns brought to tho city and
sent to tho hospital. His Injurlos nro painful,
but not serious.
Mr. Kengnn Arcusea Her ITnahnnd She In
I.lkely tn Illc.
Sergeant norliliy of tho Loonnrd streot
station wns standing nt Hudson nnd Harrison
streets nt 11 o'clock last night when ho heard
a woman scream "Murder!" Ho ran to tho
corner of Harrison and Stnplo streets and
found Sirs. Slnryltengan holding hor husband,
John Bcagan. n sailor of ii Staple stroot, by tho
coat Thn woman was bleeding from nn ugly
gash In tho throat When Hurllliy arrostod
the man she said:
" lie's tlio murderer. Look what ho did."
At tile station house sho refits, il in i,ai n-hn
had outlier. Bongan'shnndsniiil i lothes woro
covered with blood. 'Ibu hospital surgi-on
sewed up the gash, which extended from tho
left ear around the tliro it, under the chin to
thu light cheek. Tho woman 'was removed to
I (lumbers Streets .Hospital. She will probably
die. A bloody knife was found two blocks
nwny by Boundamun Slastorson shortly otter
lteugun s arrest
Dr. Ncudder Committed to .loll.
Citicvoo, March 0. Dr. Honry Martyn Scud
der was to-day sent to tho county jnll on a
warrant charging him with tho murder of his
nged mothor-Iu-low, Sirs. Fllzaboth Pnrker
Dtitilon. Hu wns assigned to cell No. 11 on
the main corridor of tho jail, directly f icing
the jail ulllou. The warrant on which Dr.
ncuilder was committed totlie county jail to
dill was Issued one week ngu. Thuhervieo of
tliow irinnt was delegated lothe police, who
iiegleitedto perform their duty. It Is proba
ble that investigation will bu mudo by tlio
Police Board.
The M'ruther.
Thentnrm llnr paiudnverthliclty onTnetday wan
cenird jc.tirbn nn Hni unit nt Malnn, liavliut
irn-atl) ihiuhiii'liiMl hi ncrir). Atthouirti the liarnm.
Icr.u Pirtliin I r 'i 1 -U -'t, Hiu pro.nurii Kraillput IiaI n
virj miulit In. hie, w tin h uranium 0r the hnhtne4 ot
tho vv in I flit- it nn thnt vim ino)inj,-ilown iru n tlia
NnrtliHi.t sn,u .i ui.irktil lin-rcnve Ju puwer Ainl
iiiitiriiltiii.i', H w ii i.ntr.il oier Uiko Superior, hum.
lnt.itHiiril Tie) hiii'I) In Ita front nur thelnbea
and Olim ViilUy icr lUlit and humdhIiiu vnriablu,
uliilf ilio Mta I In lie r nr nrtliiicentrc, over llni Ml..
lsliii anil vtbniiri ..l ijii, ua tloshiK n calo and
alt. nihil b) a BMeri) iu1l unio. Ttio ItiniiirHtiiro In
vtiunt'ii'itn unit .Manlliitjii tell Irnai 10" to ao' ana ,
lietuw tio, Ttte Irruzuu hie nuctieil kuutU to Uu
Arknn..ii Vallc),
hiiliuiiii uiirmer wcitlipr prevnilcl mcr tlio take
hi it s lllll Minn in Vhtiiif.nt i mi I Hit. VtLbMlij,i a.
I Itiu .! rai "ill i' in nst o, r lliu lulu, ami ihiiri
IlLht r.iiu illtllti Mioiit) an I nvcr Nun l.nuluel, xilli
lil.li uil.'U uloiu- tlio inn, I It Hill lie billon eil by
l.'irliic uiutner In tlio atttriinoii ami bei nine, much
iol.hr ut lil.iit, ith t-Mry probability i.r cold. Uir
t iitliernii Iri In) and Saturday,
The Miatlierwu. clear lu the Southern State anil
writ. if tlirMUnUiippl.
In tbu city Ilia la tji fair, with Increailnir rlnu.lt
nn an I a leu ipriaVIe nf rain lu the afternoon,
lll.lirit ollldol teinperatare, C0j louett, au, aerana
t. uml III), "J nr cut.; Hind generuli) not; iiroi,
vt leclty, 10 intee an hour.
The llmruiomeler at I'errj'i pharuiacy In Tua Set
b JllJiMk' lecurdi il I tie tauif er.ituro ) ett rua n lullos
J1JI, JS'l.' IHI, Jf-I J
,1.V VI ,...-r,. jo' n 31 , M ,, III ,',i.
II A M ,-.il am ll I- VI 17" 47
Ii V l .17' J.' ti - l J'.H 4J
12 VI 1 41- I -J nut il.-lil U l-i'
.ne-iu-- IJi-j . Avirj.-'im Mar. UP Is'U lllj'
M l.lllM.lliV liiiui i.T Till si s rail, in)
I r N.w lii.l.mJ, ttiri.itiiuiu ui.itinr mil rum
I n c if ib u- Miithn tMiair, i . uer h) I ri 1 1) iinan
Jn ptft nlt.tr 1'uit ei ,VVip Jtr..v, tff'tiiiinf elnulmf,
villi lijlt rutin, vtttirly vtiiU, (nrrriMii.j (n juice, tnitrh
toldir IhvrmUy night.
For Waitern New York light rain or mow; trltkte
BlfHwtlUrljwtaili,wltIii cols Waft, .
. V v
. .jl 't.
The nehrlngMen Treaty of. rhttratloB S 1 !
the Correspondence Ilnlh Be lore th . 'f'l '
Hennte-Slmrp t'rlllclem or f.ord Hull. I ? 'j
bitry'e Kemanl (o llcnevv the Modus VI. , "i
Temll ,fbr the Preservntlnn of the Beatla i
while thn Arbitration Goei On-Tli ,
'Wllhdrnunl of Cnnnitn'n TrnnNpnrlallom ' '
l'rlvlleara In the United Hlntea Htcsm. , - ;
nienilrd by Henntora and Itrprenentutlrea I j J
ol llolh Parllea-Mennvvblls Poachers J I i .
nro Threatened with PunUhment. ' ?
Washincitojj. nreh O.-Snnator Fryo's rig- $ J If
orotis Bpoech In tho executive sosslon oftha '1 j,'
Ponnto yebterday advocating a policy of lm- j '
mcdlntoandcomploto ooramorolal retaliation f,
ngnlnst Catinda unless England shall ngroe to ' f j
deal fairly In tho ncnl flshorlos controveray ' f -!
met with approval throughout Washington. S J
andwasovorywhoro discussed by Btntosraoa j
and politicians to-day. Mr. Fryo's upoeeh. ' '
moreover, was followed by tho Introduction ' j'
this morning, by Senator Slorgan, of a resolu- j
tion providing for putting Into offoetnt onoo a ! i
Plan of retaliation ns far nB would affoot th '. '
privileges now enjoyod by Cunnda tn tha !
transportation of lmportod merchnndlso , ."J
through tho United Statos. In tho socond
day's dobato of tho llehrlngHoa question, after ' J
Mr. Morgan's resolution was Introduced, tha i 'j
nronrtptv nml Tirnntl'iniaitt. Ae n...ii...i I naf
.. ...u...,w...,j v luiuiiiiiLuu naa j aaa
again tho loading topic, nnd It boglnsto look as j
If membors of both parties woro about roady . -9
to take soma decided step in tho matter. ! -M
Tho Tresldont sont to tho Sonato to-day tha S
correspondence that haB taken placo on the M
subject of tho Uehrlng Son llshorles slnco tha
last publication nbout a yonr ago. Tills corro- i '
spondenco. as well as tho trcity of arbitration. ' 'S
was at onco mado public. Tlioro Is nothing ll
whatovor In tho treaty that has not alroadr 9
boon announced In tho newspapers, and In tha "iB
corrospondonco tho only now foaturo is that 'M
isirt wlilch relatos to Lord Salisbury's refusal '
In nnnonnl tn n un a.p..I nl ll.n .. J. . ...u ... rlSBB
Soon after tho President's mossago was ro- '' VB
ccived nn executive sebslon was hold, and ' M
thrco hourRwcro spont In n continuation ot I fjM
tho discussion begun yostorday. Tho princl- i .wM
pal speakers to-day woro Senators Sherman. j 'fl
Voorhoos. Morgan. Halo. Tolior. Chandler, 'Ifl
Palmer. Ransom, nnd llutlor. Nearly all of ,;J
thoBoSonntors wero strongly In favor of rati- I ,9
fylng tho trcoty. contondlng that the ef- ' )
feet of such a course would bo that of , j ?
a flag of truco pending the contest ovor j H
tho proposition for a ronownl of the mofftt jM
vivendt. A fow Sonators, howevor, notably ,VM
Mr. Voorhoos. opposed such action. Senators jjN
bhermnn nnd Morgan mado tho most Impor- l
tant spooehes of tho dny, and tho Iattor I 1
surprised ovon tho Sonators who liavo known i3l
him longost by tho unubual vigor of his uttor-
nucos nnd tho advanced ground ho took In f 'i.TH
favor of tho most prompt and warlike retalla. if "'jB
tion upon Canada. l 'mm
Sonator Shorman surprised tho Senate by i 1 .9
the statomont that the corrospondonco would li 'M
show, or If not It could easily bo proved, that f 1 j M
Lord Salisbury had roncatodly disavowed i1
P.ngland'srosponsibllltyfortho outrages upon 1 ri
American rights in Pohrlng Sea, and laid all 1 ' '
thoblamoon tho shoulders ot tho Canadians, '
to whom ho had continually retorred as poach- U , t skm
ers. Kevoral Senators questioned tho correct- j$l ffH
nossof Mr. bhorman's statomenton that point; g f-8M
but tho Sonator ropcated it and unoOlolally f ' fU
assured tho Senato that Canada, and , fifl
not tho English Ooversment, was most- ' til
ly to blame. Lord Salisbury. Mr. Sherman , Wmt
said, mado no sccrot of tho fact that he could 'IB
not control tho Canadian in this matter, much t .
as ho would Ilko to. Sonator Sherman made Skfl
nn enrnebt nppoal for tho ratification of tho j , H
treaty, and his ndvieo was strongly endorsed '' .iffl
by Senators Morgan and Halo, who oolntod 4 sll
out that with a trualy or arbitration the United $ -M
Statos would bo strengthened in nor position flafl
so far as tho good olllces of friondly Govern- I 'J 'jEU
monts woro coneernod, and that It would In the S !lH
end bo Impobblhlo for Knghtnd to declino a j -XlH
tnoitiis t'li'raifi whllo arbltiation was In prog- i -IbbI
rets. t j M
Sonator Morgan announced to the Sonate In 'J ,'ifaH
tho most S'lluuin terms that ho legarded the !? imw
Present situation ns the most critical blnce he ti ,'al
had been lu public llfo. herlous Jillloulty and 2 rH
oven bloodshed, ho bald, wero threatened, and A "mM
houppealod to tho I Senate to discuss tho mat- If i4sH
tor In a broad, calm, btatosmanliko way, to- (j (imm
tally unbiassed by political prejudices or na- I .
tlomil jealousies. Mr. Morgan tavored tlio j iH
ratlllcation of the treaty as tho best means to j laH
a satisfactory conclusion of the controvmsy. j I l
Senator Voorhoes added to tho general In- j I rJaH
terobt nnd ocitcmont of tho dihcusslou by J 1H
making a llcreo attack upon tho Adinlmstra- ) HH
tion for w lint ho debcrlbed ns Its " bungling 1 i ;JH
diplomacy." Ia bald that tho President -3 Mm
nnd Secrotnry of State had blundered from J ,Um
tho start, nnd that it was a dis. 3 !
grace) and n hliniuu for them to bend i tXeafl
to the honato a treaty proposing arid- t; lilmm
tratlon in the face of England's lufusnl to iHbbbI
prevent poaching whllo tho question was bo- rt , ,aH
ing arbitrated. Senator Voorbees charged ' 'obbbb
that the Admiuistratiou know that a ronewal ' iimm
of tho iiWiIiia rnimli had been refused when i,
the treaty was signed, and that therefore a, t JMm
stupeniloiis blundor of diplomacy und status- '3H
mansliip had been coiiiiultted. .' -5l
Senator C'liandlorclinll.iiiged this statoment, I ifH
arid a protracted dibputo arose ns to tho dates I VbbbbI
of tlio various suctions of tho correspondence. I '?iH
At its conclusion tho improsslon provniled 1 VbbbbI
among many of tho Sonutors that Mr. Voor- ' -M
bees was warranted In making bis statement. MH
Senator Toller said that tho United Statos . atrnm
hnd purchasuil certain rights In tho Uehrlng -ibbbB
Sou from llussla. and until it could bo shown 'bbbI
thut I.nglnnd had prior claim to or any share , 'Abbb
III thn heal islands and the wutors contiguous if ''bbbbb
thereto theruwns no occasion for arbitration. 'bbbI
Ho InsNtod that the tieaty should bo rojectod 'bbbI
and the I iws against poaching enforced. 'tlaBBB
Sonator Palmer of Illinois, who has Pros!- , i IHbbbbbbbI
deiitinl abidrations, stated his undnrbtnnding (Obbbb
of the cutitioversy and advocated a vigorous Vbbbb
policy toward Great llrltain. He. like Senator IH
1 idler, does nut believe there Is any necessity 1 lCmH
for at liitiati'iti. holding tint tlio United Mates . vImbbbI
has eortalu rights In tho lielirliigSe.iucqutred ' Ibbbbb
by purch ibe und therefore need not ask Dug- 1 nmm
land whether those rights shall he enforced, 'IbbI
Senatois Hansom of North Carolina and Hut- j?!bbbb1
lei-of .south Carolina said they weie lu favor of , , 'I.bbbb1
busliilniiigtbe Ailnilnlstiatlon In any policy it 'IbbbbI
miglit pursue In this case, but they deprecated bbbbbI
h isty acliiin that might involve the country in i ibH
a warwlth Gieat llritaiii. "'I lioewhn pasroil bbbbbI
through thu lute win," said t-enator Hans uu, .,'jH
liesitatn tu oiigngu in aiiotbei bloody coullict . jBBBB
if it can lie avoided by huiioi.thlu metliodh." msH
Senator llutlor niid he woiilil go as far us iH
any Sonator to uphold thn honor and dignity raBBBH
of the t'nlted States against Great llrltain or iH
any other foreign (ouiili ), but bo did not see ivbbbbI
fimu thu facts presi'iiteil any occasion for the , Vbbbb
sensational aspect presented hy certain per- timmw
bona in dealing witli this subject. It appeared -fmm
1 1 him that lUiglnnd Imagined she saw an op- 'ibbbbbb
purlunity to aconite certain privileges In Hen- Cbbbbbb
ring Sea without giving anything in return, Ibbbbbb
ami with liei-.iHiial tbillt w.ia reauy to tnkoad- , bbbbbbI
viinlagool the nIiii.iIImii. I "JbbH
'Ihe whole mat l. r was final v lab ovor until . jbbbbbbI
to-moriiiw. IbbbbbbI
If any n linncii vvhaliiMjrciin bn placed upon , -tH
tie utterances of h admg Smiatoih and Hop- UM
re-eiitatlves, it inovident that the Mintlinont V MM
of Ihe majority, f both Houses of Congress Is H
in fit i n of iiompt and elTeetlvo retaliation '-bbbbbI
agaiiibt I'anailu, ami II beginbtolook thorefore 1 taBBBBBl
as it tin tlneats that havo for sev- B
eial leir.s been miidu against the con- fl
t i n u.it 1' ii of tho transportation and sbbbbH
'tie r privileges enjoyed by Cutnida are i isbbbbH
nbi ut to be carried out. Sonator Cullnm. 1 sbbbbbbI
Chairman of tho Conimitteo on Intnr-State bbbbbbbI
( omul n-e. ninkt-H no concenlmont of hisopln- IbbbbbB
h n t hat tho Jaiglish (iovernment should bo , ' rBBBBBBs!
tri ated ai. an enemy of this country and shut '.bbbbbbs
out coiiipletely from the commeiclal prlvl- bbbb1
eges which she now enjoy?. Mr. Cut- -bbbbbbbI
loin said ,, to-day, that ho was In U 'aBBBsl
favor of tho iiiobt vigorous retaliation K H
iigaliibt 'nmida. and bellov cd that the 1'nltcd ft bbbbbI
' ; I. ties blinuld nt once servo notice iiun tho V bbbbbbbI
I.ngllhb liovernmi'iit that ir she did not eon- t H
rede our lights In the fisheries nintinversy jbbbbbI
wiif.li 'iildat ono withdraw t'unaln's iallro.nl bbbbbbbI
fii'l'itii's in this coiihtiy, "Wo lune been . i mmm
pa i .nt long i.;ii.iiuh."liii bald, "and now is J mmm
thetnii it'istnke " , H
majority ol .Mi-. Ciillnm's Jeitihllcaii col- I H
lm jtb s bcilevu as be ii is, and so umhos m bbbbbbbb
tliuiiiM-IVeb. Senator 1 ru' bpeech in tho i, bbbbb1
eeeiitiviibessioii)uiteiday wasrlmiilyarop. 'JVf mmmA
otitlonof othor bpeeches which ho hnsdellv- ':lf bbbbbbB
erod in thu Senato In the last live or six years, -,'1 bbbbbbB
i Io tiau lopofttodly saia thut UjeKovy liagUn3 .1 jH
?.'.iitria)'.iHiri.'n. ipw.j.ia.,.,-. - s fc A '"bbbbbbb
I -JAmmmJ

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