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K ?' 2f ' - " . Tim sua, Thursday aikRoto it), is92. ' " I
C ' fishermen 'worn wholly ileprlveil ofthn rlfilit
jj . ' Riurnntecd tntliora under th:ren(rot 18IU.
n Htitl lie Ims ndvocntoil tlio most vicorous mens-
B tiros ncnlntt Cnnncln. .... , , ,.
H On the Democratic Milft of tlio. rlmmbpr tlm
H ," fpplltie (lint Bourn IrslitlAtliiti of n retaliatory
f i kind unoulil lieeiiueteil.l n fctronir asamons
tlio ltaputillcnn ri'Dtitor.- Homitnr Oormnn.
who has louc two" nn nilvocntoof tho tro Icr of
HHf retaliation, void to-liny lhnt ho thoiiclit the
H i Democrat wero AlmostunpnlmouHon tlio sub-
H - jrct. Thin Mtat not tho caeo In , ltm
B l when Mr. Oormnn innile n Kfcech In the
H 1 Henntocontnliilnu'nllorcentttiok ntion tho.ct-
B , , trnordinnrr iirl.ili-Bos unioycd hy Cnnndlan
ll rftllroniMlnllilHootintrynnd tiponthelr eniir-o
m at littliecriinlniitlni: uculnrt Amorlcnn rnllroiul.
H jl Tlmt nniH'Oh wn-t uiiule on Auc. ;, 1M8S. on u
H lit roiohitlun introilticinl hy rioliiitorcullom. tin-
H 'K thori7.ini: tho Ooinmlttcn oil lntor-htiitn
ICotE'imrco to InveMlcnto tho dlvorlon
ot cummoroo from Amorlcnn tit I'n
tinillnn rnllroidfi and tho iUpcrlniliml luii
HKiilnst American vwnelK.wltli n vlixv of nscur
.tuliilnu what leult-lntlnn whh noousMiiry to pio
ti'ct tliucimmciclnl lliti'ip-tn or thiv lnitd
Htalcs. Mr. Oormnn f nld then In iii1ilriliiK
thu Hi-nntii thnt thu qtliiMloti to lieliivustllMUil
wan .-. iiio-xi iniportnnt oni. hum Iio bii.u 11
history of th ViirloiiK laws onnotcd mid Ti-i'iih-ry
reulnlions proniiilirntii.lt lint Imilirniil u ill
ly brought about tho pornlt'loim mmoiii com.
plulnoifof. Mr. Uornuin n-forretl In lhtniowh
to tho circular IimiqiI hy, Hoj'.ridiu y Manning
In lKATi. which was Inti-iidod to prolilhlt tin;
transit or Canadian soihIh thrnuttli tin ('lilted
Btuto, hut which. llkn.orilorepu'VloiiMynnil
tuhsonuently IhriiciI. fnllod lo iii-cninpllsh that
object. Mr Oormnn MibHcviiiontly proipntcHl a
dent to iirohli It tho trnnsll of coodn In
Cnn.tdlnn car, 'i'ho resolution wns not nclcil
upon, olilofly hpniUHutniiny r-unators wrre of
tho rollor tlmt tlium w iimp'o authority, for
puch action liytlio l'nxldont In rxMlnir law.
It wan in connection with tho introduction of
this resolution thai Mr. Uornuin hrouiriit out
tlio fncttnnt l.uvl P. Mniton. then iienii.lldnto
fprico-Prelilint. and Wlllliini l Kcott wuie
directors In the ('iinudlnn 1 iiclllc Ituilrond. and
thai. Calvin ft. Hrlcovvui it din-etnr In ntliur
Oiniiilliiti rompnnli'h r-'onnlor lvlmuiulu 10
lilleil to Mr. Ootiniui. itnil npcrnred as tlio ri-p-reKontatlvonnd
defender ol Hit' rxlotini? nvh
toui. principally la'cuuno undiT it tho Vermont
Central i)?t'ni oninyoil celtaln uihnntutrun
that It lli not -lih to foreco.
'I'liu Uullmit ro'olutlon of Investisntlon
, liHfooil. and it cood (lo.ll of timo for threii or
! four yems was spent hy tho commllto In trav-
r illlnAiitio;tt over tho country In nil tlitoctiiuiB
f lonklnif Ipto thu nnbjectof rullrond trauspor-
. tatIunnpu,takinsiili)AM '( toiitlinony. 'I heir
I lepoW, wltieh wuoii most voluminous ono. and
I which roeonfmendod lealKliitlon hmklm; to tlio
rewtrletlon of tho pririli-iroM eiuoji'd bs' t'an.i-
i illan roudsln tholiniteilMuteH, waHHtihmiKi'd
h iff to tho liint CoinrroHs. but notblnu vtws clone
H i w.th It. Tliurn are several Sctmtoi-H on both
B JJ hhlert of tlio chamber, ns Well :ih men or both
M W Iartle8 in the House of ltcpru-ieutntirvH.
1 i 1 who urn flnnn'jlally ami othenvlni' direr tly ln-
B ; w tereHted In various Cauadlnti rallrondu and
1 1 Auiorlcnn railronrlH wliich ilerivo tho bulk of
H ' m their business from thvii Canmllaii councc-
B ! lions, and tlieywcio ublu to binotlior tho Lul-
B 19 lorn report.
f isl (Jo Auu.'JO, 18HS. Noon nftortho paseniro of
J 3 fl tho Cullom resolution, l'n'-lilent i h'vel.ind
J j il. tent to itoncreK a" uiessauo on the suhtect ot
J J I retiiliatiou nK'ilnst Cnnailn. which, it win
I fl f 1 thought, would load tntheenuetnieiitof liiiuih-
I j J.J deslroJ leKixlatmn. Tho inufsiife was imidu
9 51 use of only lor political purposed, however.
j jf and donerexs udjouined without attcmptlne
f.8 to act upmi tlio recommendations.
3 iff Tho question of rutaiiution airaiiiht Canada
3 fa did not appear nijiiln until thu full of 1.S1H1.
a in whorl there wnh a In arlni; in the ofllee or rice-
. vj letiiry Wlndom in I ehult or certain American
S fS elevator owiier and others whocomplaineil
fl S bitterly of the unjust discrimination iicalnFt
j S f I thorn by Canadian rnmlH and aniiealed to tho
fl fffl Hecretary for ii'licf. llenrouiitatltnof all tlio
HHB IS rallroaili- hnvlnirCnnadiuu ronnectlous were
n M Present at tho lic.iin;, and they.toether with
HHB P $P their opponents, were f-tartled bythe hiitlilen
HHB v iH iippenrjin'o f Seeietary iilnliie. wlio had bi-eu
fi tf nn unnoticed llstenur to the arguments Hint
HHB ? ' had been prf-eutcd. I'mler the irulef set-k-
HBH I III Itii; some information tiom one of thu law-
HHI m fit 'orR pro-ent. Mr. Hindu- made nn en-
HHM ff III tlrely unevpected but hluhly interct-tinu
h. sjf Bpeocli. in which hopolntcil out tlio numerous
. and various ways in which American ronls
a were disci Iminateil ncainst by Canada, and
HH3 K took stroueeroum!'" in favor of fjiuuediule le-
HHlt m tnliation. heuri'tary Wlmlom. It was under-
HHV) f Mood nt tlio time, ncroi'd eutireh witli Mr.
HjHj?4 ifi Illalne. lnituhatoveractlon he may have con-
HjHB-i IfT templnted was Interiupted hy hi.-i sudden
HHK if death three monthb.iftei ward.
HHv 'I Thosiihiect or ameinlinu' the Trn.istiry rerr-
HjHji III ulntions then passed into tho bands of ticcro-
HHM Id tary Poster, who. in .Tiiun last, issued a now
HjHjK' ' regulation relative to the pnssacu or Canadian
HHfVrM cars in bond tlironch Hie t'nited Ktntos. Tho
HI iHl' new older wns much less soveie In teium than
HH1 (Hi hud been anticipated, mid appears to have hnd
Hi IBM' "" effect whatever toward cuttine off tho un-
HHI'9 (air prlvllceesemoed by Canada.
HHUT'l'- iSlneo the lssininceof that onler nothing has
HD m beon snhlordonoon the Mibjci t In Congress
HjHjW il or out. until Hunator Krve hiuiiuht tho mutter
HjHjk II. so suildenly ntid polntedlyto the attention of
HBH II tho Senate yoleidui'. iio has succeeded. Iy
HHH II virtu" or tho strained relations betwoen this
HE il country and Lnirhind. urnwinu out ot the seal
HHil II flsherlos dispute. In Interesting juililic men of
HjH? il all shades of opinion in Wnshluirtou in tho
HH W nocosslty for prompt and vigorous action.
HH H Democrats ana ltepuhlicans nliko announce
HH) fl. themselves in rendy to enact ntoneo whatever
HH ' xxi retaliatory legislation Is demanded, nnd it re-
HH IS main to bo seen whether they will runko uood
1 their Dromisus.
B i the JitK.iiY or- AltniTHATIOy,
HH , X And (ha Corrnpondence Relaftnff to the
HH S TrcHty nnd to the Mucin Vivendi.
B M WAsniNOToy, March f. Tho Injunction of
Is necrecy was removed to-day from tlio Dchrinu
B in Bea Arbitration treaty, which was sent to tho
B ly Banato yesterday by President Harrison. Tlio
BX m President also sent to Consross to-day tlio
BS (fi coirespondanco In-tlio muttor which has ac-
BB ji cumulated since tho date of tho last publicu-
B ji ' tlon. Jan. 0, 1801, with some notes of previous
Bfl !9 date which have not hitherto been mado pub-
tl lie 'Hero la the treaty:
IB Article I. Toe aueittont which tiave iirlien between
PHj ! tliiorernment of tb United btalet anit the ;oiru
HJ VM i ' xnent ot her Ilrttennlo Majesty concerning the Juris.
Hi H aictlonIrlhiot the United Stalet In the itateri of
HK M . Behrlnx He. nd concerntns alto the preicnatluii r
HJ the fur aeal ill, or habitually rctortlnir to, the iahl tea,
I amt-tlie rlichttor tbecttlzeninud lubjectaof tbecoun.
HJ m trle u reiardi the Inktnv ot fur teal la, or habitually
HJ 1 retorting to, the raid watera, aball bo aubnitted to
HJ D a tribunal ot arbitration, to be couipoied of
HJ uiit arbitrator!, who tbalt be appoluted ill the
HJ ' folloirluK manner: That u to auy, two ahall
HJ ' be named by the 1'rftident of the United State; two
HJ aball bo named by her llrltannlc Uajeity; hli Kxcel
HJ leney tbe I'retldont of tbe friiu-h Uepublla ahsll be
HJ jointly riuctcj by tho contracting purtloa to name
HJ one; liia Majetty the Kinir of Italy tball be aorrquttted
HJ to name one. and hit Majesty tbe King of bwtden and
HJ ' Norway abaltbeiorequettoi tnnanie one. Tho aeven
HJ arbltrutora to be to 'named aliati bo Juriitaof dittin-
HJ ' , (uiihed reputation in their renpecllte countriei. In
HJ i' caioof the death, absence, or incapacity to feneof
HJ auy or either o( the Mid arhitratora, or In tbe event of
HJ auy or either of the I4ld arhitratora o uittlnirnrde-
HJI y '' rlliiliiror ceattnir to act as such, tho President of ttie
Hjl ' United Mates, or her Britannia MaJst).or hit Kxcel.
HJI ' lency the President of the French (republic, or his
HJI ' Majesty Ihe Kin- of Italy, or his Majesty the
HJI M Kinfof Stden and Norway, as the raso may he, shall
HJ nam or shall be requested to name forthwith another
Hit person to act as arbitrator in tbe place and stead of the
!', arbitrator nrix.natly named hy such head of n Mate.
And la tho eveut of n retinal or omisilon, for two
snouttit utter receipt of the Joint request from the high
, j eoiitrai'tlUK parlies of hia fcxcellency Ihe I'resldtnt of
Hjl 1 1 the French republic, or his Majesty the hing of Italy,
Hjf j ' orhtl Msjesly the Klngof Bwedenund Norway, to name
HJI f an arbitrator, either to till the original appointment nr
HJ r lilt nva.-aucy at abov protlded, then in such case the
HJ. ' , appointmentiballbeuiadoorlh vacancy shatlbsillled
HJX ;l In audi manner aa the rontracllng panics shall agree,
HJ- , ' Article II. Tbe arbitrators shall meet at Paris within
HJ, ' twenty day aftr the dclitery of tbe counter case
HJ ! intntioned in crtlclt 4. and tball proceed ImparlUlly
HJ1 andcarerully to examine and deride the questions
Hj I brought before them, as herein provided, on the part of
Hr j the Oovsminents of tbe United States aud her Untan.
H ' uloUnJesty respectively, AH question! considered by
H 'j tbe tribunal, Including the final decision, shall bede-
H termlued hy a majority of all the arbltiatort. Each of
H' ', the high contracting parties eliall also name one per-
H ' i ton to attend tbatrlbunal at Its agent, to represent It
H generally In all matters roniieettd with tbe arbitration.
H if Article Hf. The printed case of each of tbe two par.
l ii, ' tics, accounauled hy the docuineuls, the olHclal cor
J. ' retpondence, and olher evldcnco on which each rttles,
i j ' (ball be delivered lu duplicate to each of tbe arblira-
J Ion audio the agrnt of th other party as soon as may
,1 le after the appointment of members of the tribunal,
'f. n ' but within a period uot exceeding three months from
i g (, tbe dale of the exchange of the ratltlcatlon of lb
' j I- Article IV, Within three months after tbedcltery
' I, 'onholh tldetof the printed cate, either party may in
U Hit eaapnsr deliver In dupllcatp to each of the aid
II? arlilJratw in J lo the egvDtot the other parly ucoun-
Jjl' ttr cte and additional documents, correspondence,
, Il I" and evldeuce in reply to the cate, documeuti, corre-
I l tpondtnee, aud eldeuce to preteulcd by the other party,
jj f If, however, In consequent of the distance of the
ij 1 plsce from wtloh thu evldeuce to be presented It to he
! j r procored,.ltber party thau,wtblh thirty da) salttr the
II y receipt, by Its agent of thecal of the other party, glr
I Jj I notice to tbe other party that It requires additloual
f it' time for the delit err of such counter rate, documents.
$ fl lift eorrespondence, aud evidence, such additional time, so
f If VK Indicated, but not exocoillur, sixty days beyond the
)k IJ if tbree months In thla nrtlcla provided, simllbu allowed.
II vV If III tho case submitted lo die arbitrators either
tl C" psrty shall have iclilednr nlludel le un report or
II f. document In Its own exclusive posn sslou. Mlthoiit au
y I nexiag a copy, such parly shall tm biiuuil, if the nlher
H S party think proper to upp!) for It. in lurnishthat
- I ' party with a copy thereof; and either jinny may rail
i i) t upon tbe other through the arbitrators m produce tin
V J eriKlutlsor Mrtlniclcoliiet of any nepers adduced at
Lf 1! Tldtnc. glvlug In each Instance noma thereof wllhtn
KulJf i thirty daya after delivery of therate: and iheorlguial
KT ct eojij go requetUl thai! lie delivered as toou may
be and within a period not txeediar forty daye after
receipt of notic. . ... . - t
Arilcle V It shall be thedntyof tha stent of each
parly, within one monlb after tho expiration of In
f tut limited fnr Ihe rtellteryof tM counter case on
both it Irs. to dellrer In duplicste lo each of the said
arhiirators and tn il e an'iit of Ihe other parte a primed
argument thnwiro Ihe niinls and referrlnir to the evl
denca upon which his l nernuient relies and cither
parly mar alto support tin tame bi fore tbe arbitrators
liyoraiargnrntntiif eniintel, and the arbitrators mav,
If ihey di-sire further elucidation with regard In any
point, reauire n untten or printed statement rrartru
uient, t oral amutnetii hy pnunel. upon It i hut tu em h
case the ntner parly shall he entitled to reply either
ornllrorln writuiK, n the rase may he.
Aitlcle VI. In deciding the leatters submitted to the
arbttrutiirs tl Is surged that tii following nte points
sha'l h" suhinilteil to them In order that the.lr award
shall embrare a dittluct dtclslou upon each of said tire
1 What exclusive Jurtsitlptlon In th sea now known
athe llehrliig s.a uud what exclutle rights in the
teslnshens itiereln. did foistla astert and exercbe
p lor an J up to tbe time of the lessluu of Alaska lo th
United Mates? , ,
a How far were these claims of ji.rlsdtctlon ns to
the seal fisheries recognised and cotueded h Uiuat
.1. ts'us Ihe body of water now known as the Itebrtng
P a Included m the phrnse 'Taculo llcean'' as used hi
tho treai of 1M5 between Ureat llrltuln and llii-nl".
ami what rlthts, II anv, In the llehrlng sea were held
and exrltthtly excrcincdby llnasla nltir sanl treatyr
4 lildnotaltilitrlehtaot lluin ns to Jurlidlrtlnn,
and lit to'the teat hrherlts ill Hrhringsea eurt r lbs
water Isnmdury, In ttie treuty hciueen tho lulled
Males and Kiittia of the roth March. 1M17. pats niillie
baited le the I niled htates timtrr that treaty 7
I. lias ttie Untied Mates anyriffht, an I if so what
right, of protecllon or properly In Iho furseasfre
queiilliii the islands ot Ihe noted Mates in liriirmg
h.awben sucli teaia are found outtide the ordlnary
IhrcMiillellmltf . .....
Artie e til. ir Ihe determination of the fn-etolng
questions aa to the exchlulM' Jurisdiction of tho United
sia'rs shall leave the subject in siuh position that Hi
conciinenoe ot Ureal llrltaln is lierrtsary tu the estab
lishment or regulations rnr the proper protection and
preservation uf tholur seal In. or habitually resorting
in tho Kehrlng hea the arbitrators shall thru deter
mine t. hat loiicnrrcnt retolutiims outside the Jurisdic
tional liinltsor the respedive ihoernments are tieces
sar and oer what waters am li regiilailons should ex
l ,ii,l. mil in aid tliem In ihat ileterniliiatloii the report
nt a j otit cotnmtsinn to Is, appointed hy ihe reM-ecme
fhorn men is snail he laid bfor them, with eui-h other
elldrlictH either Uoeruun nt may submit The hlifh
eotitracllnu parties lurthertni re orre to ro"ti, rate In
siC'ir.iiu the adhesion or oihur pen vr to stub regula-
Article VIII The high contracting parties having
toiiiHl tnviiuelv, suitable to ai,te upon u rereiciue
v. Inch shall include the question er dahihty or earn for
the injuries allegod to haehicn tl stittiitd liy the other,
or by its ritleus, in cuuticrth.n llli tne daitiispre.
tented and uiged hy III and h, nig wiilcuou- tint mis
eiibiirdutateqtiestlon shoutd not inierrutit er lungt-riif .
tn thostihinitslniiaud determination of the In-iiii quia
t o i. ih aereo that either may submit lo the urhitta
ters any question nt tact into ted In slid cla ins and
ask for A hilling thertou. thu question ot liability of
either itiiiernuieiit u,i in liiu tacts found to lelhesuli.
jert of fuitlicr negotiation.
litictti IX. Tne high contracting partlr hating
acretd to uppollit tno ronimosioiitrs nil the purtot
ruth lloelinnent to make the ,o nt iiiestlLa!iou on 1
reeert ceiilemplatisl in the preie.llnr arlii le VII , and
to Include the Urine nf the suld n.rieinelit )n the pros
rut toutetilton. In tho end thntlh,1 iclnt and sewral
rentals all I rriniiiiuellilalliilis of Mild relntiiisiou,-is
may be iuduo form submitted totho.trbltru'.ors sh.nii I
tie. ,-iihtuiKOncy therefnr arl-e, the atd agreement is
aci ordlngly herein Include), a lulhins.
l.aih llioernuH-tii shad appoint tne raini.llsduncrs
to investigate conjointly with the t'ommiitotif-re of
the ether ijioernii.eul nil the facts having relation to
seal lite In llehrmg Sea, ami the measures li-ce-xiry
fonts ptoper pintcctlou and preserx alien. The four
1 emuiissleliers shall, so far as ttiev may tie lib, to
ai:ree. make n Joint report to each of the tne tjet-iti
meets, aud they shad also report, either (oinlly ot set.
ernll), toraih tlowrlllnelit en auy pMntson wletli
lhe may he unable to agree. These repirts shall net
he made public until they shall be submitted to the ur
hltrators, or It shall I p,iear that the contliuelicy of
their being used by tht. aihitraters cunnot arise.
Article A Lach lioeriiUieut shall oay the expenses
of Us inciiile rs of thu joint C nimlst)nu In the luxes'.!
iratlens ri 1,-rred to m the preceding artttle
Arttcl-M the decision of the tribunal shall If pos
tlh.e. he made ntthln three mouths from the c!ee of
nrguu etit on both elites. It shall he mod- In writing
nnd dated, and shad he signed by the nrb.trntnrs who
ahu.ta.eeiil toll The decision tray lie in diipllcoie,
one cony s hereof shall he delivered lo the agent of tho
I nlteil. stales lor his (.oxsruuient. and the olher iopy
sh HI fwdelnend to the agent of Ureal Britain u.t hit
Hot eminent . .
Article MI. Pacti Itoxernment shall pay Its own
agent and pro, ido for the propt-r remuneration of
counsel employed by It and of tin- arbitrators appointed
hy It. and lor tne expense or preparing and siihtuf ttinir
its ihfre le The tribunal. All ether expense ceunti ted
x. ith the arbitration snail bo dcfra)ed b) the lwolIo
einments in equal moieties
Attlcw XIII fhe arhltralors shallkeepan accttrnte
le,eid el their i.rocei-illtins end miy apeiiit and tin
ile ike ne.-e;ssr efhi erato udst tliem
Arth-le AIV The hlgll rentracttli parties engage to
renielel Ihe result of ttie piotcedit.gs of the trihi.li.lt or
in hit rati in as a toll, pirrcit, and final seltleniiut or all
the quvKt.oos refenvd lo Ihe arhitraters.
Article. v. The pr.-eent irt-aiv suau ee nuiyruineu
hy die I'nslleiit et the United Males of America, by
aiel , tth ILe advice and content ot the senate tht rear,
and bv tier hriluuiilc xlaiesly.urihe ratilicatl-ius.hall
he excliunced t-lt) er at Wasnttigtou or ut London u it'e
In six moutlis xxithln the dale hvreor, or earlier ifluv
The eatlier part of tho correspondence sent
to Concrtss lo-duy relates to tlio m-ipitiatlon
of the iiiodiis rai'e. by wbicli both Goxoin
nients niireed to proliiljit tlio kllllti!: of seals
tl iittPir the season ot 18,'li f'J. peiidim: tlio
aecutintion of a treaty of urhltration. Thero
was pxeepted from tho prohibition tho klllini;
of 7.0UO seals, to bo taken on the Islands for
the subsistence of tlio natives. Tlio negotia
tion of the (W nmuli was very lapld. Iho
first proposal eamc from the llritish Hovel n
ment on Juno :i, 1W, and the moifiM was pro
elntmud on June 15.
On Juno '. Mr. Whnrton writes to Sir Julian
Panncefote. tlie Biitish Minister. rofcrrJiiu
to Mr. liluliiK's note of Dec. 17. 1WJ1. propos
ins six questions for arbitration and preseut
ingnt tenet h the case of the United btatos In
supportoftho claim to jurisdiction over lioh
rlnif hoa. and Lord Salisbury's reply, dated
Feb. 21, lbSJl (which accompanies the corre
spondence as a separate pampiilot). In his note
Lord Salisbury objected to tho sixth proposi
tion ndvunced by Mr. JSlaino on tho cround
that it attributed special nnd atinonnairights
totheUnitodBtates. Toobvlato tlilsobjoctlon
Mr. Wharton was Instructed to mnko the pro
posal which was nfterward adopted an article
VII. of the treaty. Ho also proposud that the
question of compensation should bo luid be
fore tho arbitrators, but biter, at Lord Hulls,
bury'ssinrcestlon. this iiuustlon wits disposed
ol In tlioiuunner net fotth in article Vlll. of
tho treaty.
In Mr. Whnrton's note tho nppointment of
fourCmmisionursto Investic.ite all the facts
lmilni; relation to seal life in Uohrini: Heu nnd
tbe measures necossnry for its proper pro
tection and preservation was anieed to. bttb
sequent correspondonco in tho latter port nf
Juno and early in July relates to the appoint
ment ol tho Commissioners nnd nrranco
ments for their visit to tho I'rlbjlov Islands.
On Nov. 2It Hir Julian Pauneefoto informs
Mr. Illiilno that two reservations nro desired by
LordriallBbury. viz.: That tho necessity nnd
nature of any regulations for the seal llsherles
bo left to tho arbitrators, and that such regu
lations shall not become obligatory upon tlio
United Mutes uud Creat llrltuln until tlu-y
hnvo rocelvod the assent of the maritime
powers. To this Mr. Illalne somewhat tartly
replies that tho Ministerliud himself furnished
thu exact points that had boen aureod upon
for arbitration, and that the proposition of
the '.'ltd cunuot bo tnketi Into consideration.
"Thorols no objection, lie rays, "to hubnilt
tliiL' tho mnttor to thu niaritimo powers lor
their ussont. but tho United Htnfns cannot
nureo to mako tho ndiusttnent with llreat
Britain dependent upon the action of third
fiartles whu havo no direct interest in tho seal
Isnerics." In a note dated lice. 1, Bir Julian
explains that Ills object wne. to prevent th-i
llsherles beinir put at the mercy of some third
power. Hut Mr. lllaino replies that thy 1'iosl
dent is unable to see tho apprehended dancer
of n third nation uiik'nulnt.' in sealinc no other
nation oor having done so. The two nntinns,
hnwovor, should unlto in a note to tho princi
pal powers advising thuiu of what has boen
itono and itskinic their approval. If tlio agree
ment Is disturbed by a third nation, (treat
Utitaiu and Hie United Btatos can act con
jointly. It Is therefore hoped that the
arbitration may be allowed to proceed,
loiter Kir Julian notifies Mr. lilnlno tlint ovviiu:
to diniiuiltles of tcleifraphin communication
Lord Hnllsbury had boen misunderstood, nnd
that lie is now ready to slun the in tlcies.
Then, evidently, arose a discussion oxer tho
questioner rcduriuir the number of arbitra
tors from sovun to live, nltlioudli tho propo
sition Is notuiven in tho correspondonco sent
to Congress. fJreut llrltuln olnocted to thu
reduction, and nifrood that tho three outside
nrbltratois should ho selected by I'm nee,
Italy, and Swoden.
In Fobruary last several notes passod lie
tween Mr. lilulne and Hir Julian respecting
tho moetltu: of tho llehrlnt: Ken imonts Profs.
Morrinm and Mnndonhall nnd Mr Honrco
Jladen-Powell and Mr. Dawson In ono of
which Mr. Illalne oxprosses regret Hint tho
British Commissioners are men wholuuoal
ready publicly expressed ojdnlons as to tlio
merits of tint question, hut hopes this will not
prevent ufulr uud Impartial Investluatiim. Ho
Inturposes no objection to prellmlnarycon.
ferences, nntwlthstandinir tho fact Hint tho
treaty hits uot been sluued. Mir Julian, on his
part, deprecates the intimation that tho Brit
ish uguntH may bo biased bv previous publiu
expressions of opinion : prosonts the defence
of both of them, and remarks Hint tho sumo
bbsenatlon mlttlit hn urned In tho case of the
Amorlcnn neents. Tho correspondence fur
thor shows Hint tho British acents pndenv
ored to postjiono tho conferences until nfter
the treaty was slmiod. but tho t nitod Slates
nuents, tholrOnverunient reuardliiK tho treaty
us substantially uureed upon, wore Instructed
to mako known thulr readiness to jiroceed
without further delay. Tills wus on Feb. I'.
Two days later Mr. Blalno tofors to tho re
fusal ot tho British intents to discuss tho
woihu rlrniiifi und says thn value of thulr
work will be erently dlnilnlsbod thereby.
Tho more recent correspondence relates to
tho icnowulof the iDodul vtveiull for tho next
llshory season, which was proposed by the
united Btates in order thut the seals mlaht he
protected pendlni; the proposed arbitration,
ltenlyini; to an inquiry by Mr, lilulne. Bir
Julian l'auncofoto writes on lob. Ill that her
Majesty's Government cannot express any
opinion on tho proposed renewal until they
know what inouui riiYiei tlio United HtatoB
(lovornment desires to propose. To this Mr.
lllaino replies ou lob. -'4 that the President
suci-'ests that tho modus should ho
much the same as last years In terms,
hut thnt II should he hotter executed,
"This," Mr. Blaine writes, "would require a
notion to tno lureo number of sealers which
nro preparinc to eo forth from British Colum
bia. Tlio number In said to bo Greater than
over before, und without any law to loiuilutu
the kllllnc of seals tha destruction will he im
mense. Holding nu in bltrutlen as .tntho i Urlit
fulinndeof t.tkliia seals while their destruc
tion coos forward would bo as if, while an ur
hitri'tintito thu title of timber lund.weru In
prourcss. one party should reiuoiu ull the
trees, lahall huro to nek you to tiuusmlt thy
contcntit of this note to Lord Bsllsbitrr b
telccrnph. Evory day thnt Is lost entails groat
trouble upon each tiovornmont."
Two days later, on Fob. 20. Mr. Blalno writes
to Blr Julian:
Mr. Myers eiirrnnitilat Victoria, tetegrapht m that
there are forty-lx sailing achoontr cleared tool
and six or teren more to go. At the saiu flat lost ) r
thirty-ou cleared. 1 think from tblayouwillsecth.it
It we do not eoine to an undemanding toon there win
he no needot thengrremrut relating toteata In the.
Paeltlc or In the llehrliig sea. I will be glad if you will
let Lord Kaiiiuurr know tblt fact.
On Fob. 20. Sir Jullnn write., to, Mr. Blaine
that Lord hnllsbury line nuthoi-ized lilni to re
ply to the note of the 24th to this effect:
In the tint place Ida lordship states that he cannot
In any degree ndmlt-that the delay hae been greater
on the part of llreat lirllam than on the part uf the
Unit I. stales As regards the necessity for another miss
ttinml. her Majetty'e Uoverntnent i-nnteuled lo that
measure last ear solely on the ground thattt wasanie
tmseil that there would be danger to lliepretertntlon or
Ihe seal species In llehrliig sen unless time inter
val In tl eainiignter of seals were pretcrihed lint It at
sei and on land Hut tier Majesty's Uox eminent
bate reiilttd iininforiiiatlou In show that so drattlcn
n medx Is necessary for two rouierutlve seasons, on
the contrary. the liiliish I'oiumHstoners on th; Dehrlng
Sea .limit Commission have informed her .Majeilys
iiovernmeiit Ibai 10 rnr pelagic scaling It concerned
there is no danger of any serious diminution nf the fur
seal species as a consequence of this year 1 1 hunting.
Nexeriheless. lord Snllshiny would not object. s
teliliM-rory ltieitture of precaution for this season. Jo
Ihe iirohiustlou or all killing xi il 111 n a rone extending to
not ineief than thirty naiillial inllnt arouijl the
Prlhihn Islands, such prohlhlilon being conditional
upon th timelier of seals lo he kitted lor auy phrpote
on the IstnttiNbclnga tnaxlniiiliK f OO.O'h).
Ian iMItshuo.reierringlothe passage in your note.
In which xou compare tho i oc to ou arbitration annul
titnherland Irom which the tries are being reunited
hx one of the hurtles, obserxed that lie hardly lliliikt
the simile quite apposite. Ills lordahlp nue.ta that
the tase Is mure like one of arbitration respecting the
title- to a meadow. While the nrbltratlon Is going on,
lie ad Is xxe rut Ihe grals and quite rightly, '"rllin
grast will bo teproiluied next r, and so will the
On March 7 Blr Julian writes to remind Mr.
Blaine that in tlio course or the correspond
ence which took place last summer lit Mr.
Blaine's absence! from Washington. It was
distinctly nolllluil to vourUoteru nt tlmt Iho
iiuWiie cii'c'idi would not be renewed for tbe
fnllowlnif season." and utes tlieadoptlon of
the inif,i i ii-ciiii proposed by l.oid rnillhuur)'a
ns set forth In Mr Julluti's note of the JUth.
ovii last itiyoiNiir.it.
The lust notoof the correspondence, dated
March ft Is from Aetlnif hecretary ut Mate
William ft Wlmrtoti to Mr Julian l'utiticofote.
Mr. W'lmrlon says:
Ih.s serious and protracted controversy. It hat now
been ha'relly ngr.-nl shall ha Mihniitlcd to II e deter
mination of a trihtiniliir arbitration, ami the treMy
ml) analtt lie-notion or tho American Miintc. lli
Judgment or the arbitration ttlbun.it taumt, however.
lie reached ilt.d Hated 111 Utile to eelillel tbe conduct or
the letpeeMio tlovi-rtimetittaiidof their cillreiis d ir
lug t he -, a lug season or isei, and the org, nt quest em
lie is What docs good tilth, to say nothing of liner
icitu mil county n-qulreef the parties lo the oihlir-i-tlon"
If the iiiuleiilloiinr lhl llovi rinilelit is m
lalliedhx the arbitrator", then any killing ot seals b
tl. t'anallin tenters during I his season In three ivaler
lean iniiiry to th'.a ilottriiuinii in Ut jiirisilictluiijiii I
pro.ierly. Ihe injury Is tint measured hv Ihe skint
laki-n but ntlecit lie-permanent xalue nf our prepert).
Mas it eer heard heiorn lhal III s.lih a col.trexerey a
nnll.ni or an Indixldualce il l npproprialo tlie whole or
anc curt or Ihelniiinienildpriella. much lees the .body
of Ihe contested i repertx. peuduig tha litluallr.n. xillj.
out .iciouhlnlillll," isiiatly.liiMirl 01 thnncery would
place a rei, ixer er tr-ielee In 1 1 arge uiel bold tlnelie
leineor Ihe property lor the benefit of the prexallllf
lnri5 eusai that lord sulivi.uiv rejecting the llhis
fr.itlon med hx- Mr Hlnlne, "suilBctts that the taee It
more like eno of arhttlatloli respecting title to ll
nieudoxr. While tho arlntratli.il Is going ou net. 'it the
gra.s. and. quite rightly for the gruts will b
reprodund le.t jear and "I xnll the seas.'
He tan hardly lluau hy this I'lustratloll that
being 111 contention xxllh n nelfhbor regtrd'
log thn title In n meadon hi- could hy any piec
ed, nt in thj eqnlly courts r h any stnndard of
couituoll honesty he Justllled III potkelltlgthe whole or
any pari or the gains of a harxrst ullliout accouuta
blllly to t lie claimant xx liose cxcll stxe title Wat after,
ward established II is no alisxx er for the trespasser to
eay that the true oixler ss lit haxe an undiminished
bnrxest nct xenr tt xiars larxest vnt lils alee,
lr by the use ot Ihe plilinl pronoun Ills Lordship lllraiis
that theharxe.t or tie- contetled meadow Is lo be di
vided bctwien the lltlgsllls. I beg lo riilllud 111 II that
the title f the I mud Mates to the I'rlbjlor Is. amis
tiae not et been cenUe'ttt and that mil l.n;i!iir lint
lloatoxeraliy seatln.txis.el. The llllislrJtlon is ll'in t
In the further particular that Ihe tl alt not taken till
Jesr tuoy hi taken nevt. xxhlle the grasl must he l.-u.
xevted ur lost.
Mr. Wharton then quotes fiom the corre
spondence, on the question of submitting tho
matter or compensation to nruiiruiioii. ims
eoncludlnc imiaciaph ou tho part ot Incut
Britain's representati.o:
lheexxor.ls Inxolxetheprnpesltion Hint lierMaetx's
Ooiiriitnent are hob, to make seod iossit resulting
rrom ho wrongful uctloii ef persons sailing outsldu
lhplrjiirlsdlrth.il under the lliltisu hag. HerMaJcst't
Ooxviumeut i.ould not uctept sucli a doctrine.
On this Mr. Wharton makes tho following
The I'risldent cannot l.ellexe that white holding this
xlexvof its actountshilitx, ihe i.oxerntuent ef Ureal
llritain wilt, pending ttie arbitration, countenance,
una 11 lea" Justiry or defend the ' eiitiuuntici or pn'aglc
aealiug by us suhje. Is It si oulu either assiito- re.
spunsibllllv for tno acts of thete sealers or riblr.un
tbem trom".! pursuit. Hie lawfulness of ixhtih is lo be
deleruilned hy tho arbitration. Itefcre uu
agreement for arbitration find been reached tie- pro
hibition of pelagic aeniing w a n matter or totnitx but
from tlie tu'-ini in of Ihe signing of that agreement It
beiame, in his itbo fritldeut'a) opinion, a matter ot
Mr. Wharton's note concludes:
Il'illng the aeaaon ot 18111. uotwllbs'anding tlie !"
ttrlrtlotis resulting from the m.-frfs adupte.1, Hie U uia
dl'in teaii'rs took in tbe Uehrmgsei alime rs,,e:t skin",
or neatly lour times ns matt) iistlie restricted u'xli
utsoi our islands. Tins Uox er.'imt nt is Uexv udxlscd th a
Itftx-one vessels from llritish lolumb.a and elMeeii
Iroin Noxa Scotia haxe sailed or are obeiit to sail for
the tl.'hrlug Sea to engage in taking teals. This lar'o
increiueintlie hret engaged makes it certain, in Ihe
absence of an eflectlxe restriction agreemen that tho
destruction or seal lire during tlua season, by pclauic
seahug. will he uuprcctdcntcd, and xiill. In the euluieti
of our Cieiimtsslooers. so neirly destroy the vulue of
the seal llsherles an if, make what will rtinain ot so ill
tie xalue ad siarcely to be o worthy object fur Interna
tloual arbitration.
Tne j repetition of Lord Salisbury to irohiblt the
killing et ee il at sea xvltht'i a one eUioliugto ee.i
more than thlrtx uaulicul miles areuiel tie-I'llhllei-
islands is so ohx lonely Itllit.-quate and
so iuipossllilo of CX'lUtlOlt tlllL tills OOXTII
i.ient ,-aimet 1-nterinin It. In fie eirly p.ir
et the dleeiiesion of the subject of a frr.i. lor 1 it
xear, this method xxns tflitatixel suuuei-ted among
others 111 I O'lieiiullon between .xolliseif .tud Mr
Illalne. hut it aos aller-Vard in etleet linr-ed bv belli
l.oxurniiieuts to be inadequate, aiift xrns not again re
ferred to in ire correspondem e. In the mtiuoroii'lum
rtirnlibed ly ou with our note oLItinee xnuxay:
1 ord fuitsbury points out that it sucli hunting ho
firoblhiled on ono sideof a purely iinagltiar) line draxx tl
ntheopeu oxeau while It is permitted on the other
aldeoflbelltit.it will he impossible in msii) uie, lo
proxe utilowfui stating, or lo infer it rrom tne poeses
slen of skins or llshitig tackle."
Tins was slid wnh reference to tlie water btoin.liry
of 'jill purchase from Itussta but it Is quite us applica
ble to the lhlrt mile zfiuexxhlch he nox, snggests The
prexah-nce of ftigs in these waters glxes itirrease 1 fetee
nnd tonclusixcness to the p.UIll taulle bx-hle Iiordshill
against an imaginary water line The President tuii
tlot agree, iiuxx that the ti mis of arbitration liaxebeeu
settled. Ihat the ri stri'-llons impeiieil shall he less Hi in
those wh ii-li holh lioxeriiluents di einetl lo le' appropri
attixxheii it was itill tiucertaiii whether nn ear.) ad
Justuieiit ef the contiexersy w.is a'tainnhte lie
tbeierore hee-s Hint ller slBjesty'a fl'ivernillint xxlli
toiieellt to reticle the nrruugehicnt uf inst x car xxllh
Hit) tuolllptlicss Xl-hlt h the t-xt,n', tleluands. ihd te
agiee toeurorce it hy relii"ing ull t lenraiict s lo scaling
xessels for the prohibited xvuters and hi recalling Irom
Hio-e waters all sucli xessels ns haro aireadv t leared
This lioverniiient xviti )iouurahl abide the Jiitguient
of tlie hltflt Irihiiual xvhlch has been ateetl upon,
wiiether Hi it Judgment hu faxornhln or unfavorable,
and a III nut seek toaxold it lust responsihllll) for any
er Its acts i. hlch hx that Jinlgnit et are loi lid to lie till
lawful But i-erlnlul) the Lllltt il Mat-M cannot be ex
recti d In suspend llle defellt e. bv surh mcutit us ale
wltliln Its poiiir, of tho nrtqierty and J.trfsdietloti-tl
rights cltuueil hy It pending the arbitration, and to
i-.ui-.ent ro rect tie them irom that trihunat, Ifawartle I.
shoinof uiLihof the.r value b ttieailsuf lrrcspoLsl
hlv pereous
ovr.iH in Ay, this nr.vicn.
Holm I'p No iv nnd Thru lib n tVlfe, Hut
Torsels- lo Take Iter .ltvuy.
flenrue Doyer, n well-to-do hoiiso painter
oiul decointor. of KlH (iinlinm uietiue. Wil
llamsburcli. went to bed tit 11 o'clock on tho
nlclit of Jan. 2H. An hour Inter ho was ilis
turbeil by continued knocking nt tho street
door, and In reply to his inquiry from tlio win
dow lent ncdtliat his mldnicht visitors were his
father, Jiiiiios 1). Doyer. who disappeared in
JHSa, uud a woman he introduced its Knrali
Mailln, The visitors weto welcomed, and
they lomnlncd tocothcr at tho hntisu until
about ten duys ago. when nftor a violent quar
rel with tho woman Mr. J. B. Duyor again dis
appeared, leaving no cluo to his whereabouts,
nor any statement as to when ho might return.
Mrs, Martin mutlo herself very much at
homo, nnd when Mr. Doyor hlntod thnt her
visit had been a long ono sho gave him to un
derstand that us tho house was tlio property
of.T , B. Deyor. and she was J. B. Deyer's wife.
sho did not consider horself n visitor. Hliu as
serted tlmt sho had been innrrlod to .Mr. Deyor
In .New York by tho lluv. Dr. W. Kxerett of
somewhere In Hocnnd avenue In 18H7. Sho
went with lilin to Adelaide, Australia Thoio
Doer cnufessed that in marrying her ho find
committed bigamy, and she sont him back lo
tho Mutes to get u di.orcc. Ho obtained a
dhorco in Kan Francisco, and returned to her.
lie hnd brought hurto his home nnd Installed
her there, ami tliem sho intended to roinuln.
(leorgo Dover was In Justho Hngln's civil
court yestarday to usk legal aid in getting rid
of his unwelcome guest. Tho property In his
hands wbich riaroh Martin claims as J. 11.
Doyor s xvlfe or widow is valued nt -H&.UOO.
Oeorgo Deyer said to tho Justice:
"My rather was well known in Williams
burgh fifteen years ago. Ho started the Inisi.
ness lam now carrying op, Homo years nftsr
my mothers death ho married again, and
until lbHl ho nnd his second wife lived hap
pily together. Then my father disappeared, it
was suid. with another womun. In IbM'l Ho
presontod, himself suddenly at tho hoitso
and trind to iminco his wife to forglvo
him, blio was not easily pacified nnd ho wont
a-yay. Wo heard from him again In lbMS,
when my stopinnthor was informed that ho
had obtained a divorce from herlnt'ontiacosta
county, f.'al. I received no nowd of him after
that, and did not know ho wus nllvo until ho
como to my housoon Jan. 28. He introducnil
his companion, but never told rao that she was
his w Ife. Mho claims to liavo proof that slio is
legally mnrrleil, but I don't liolluvo her,"
Justice haule advised Mr. Deyer to begin
dispossess proceedings, und ho lelt the court
to consult a lawyer.
. Ibi New lork f'entrnt afford th fount aud moit
rmep'eto through Hum senile uf any railroad m
Aiucnca, -Ji,
r -
Mrs. MllUitui iMhf
A highly esteemed lady of l'reeport. Ill . was
in i-iilllmj tltiaUU because bf
But was fully curod hy Hood's Snrsnpnrllla.
"A year ngo this Inst fall I ccmmcncod to
feet pootly. Although I was never a veiy
strong woman. I had generally enjoyod good
health. But I commoncod to
Fail Vory Rapidly
Lost nil appctlle nnd ambition, did not tnho
nny Interest in tiling", and barely dragged
along with my woik. During tho winter und
spring had to hate help about my housework.
1 was treated by t-oscral physicians, but they
did not help ino find 1 got moro nnd moro
discouraged. 1 buffered from dyspepsia so
Hint I
Could Uot Eat Vegetables
Or meat, and nt last so that I could not even
uso butter on my toast. Used to dip the toast
in ten and oven then It would distress my
btomach. in thu spring I hired n girl pet ma-
Sarsaparii la
nenlly. my health was so poor. She tried to
per-u.ido mu to tal:o Hood's r-arsaparilla.
as n lad J- for whom she had wotked betoro
lllltt been gieatly benefited hy Its use.
Z Dragged Along
I'ntll August, when I purchased a bottle of
Hood sSireaparllla at Mr IVhh stlrug s'.ore. Ill about
a week t commenced to fill .1 Ulttu better, rouht keep
niorefooilon my stoiiinxh nn I gteix ntrongir 1 took
threi hotlhs. um now perfectly xcell, haxe tallica SIU
pound, am in txtelletil liealth. I nxio all this In
Uoisl's Sarsjps.rflla and am (.hot to let o I knoxx what
it lias tlulio lor me. -Mrs. WILLIAM lAllllt. lilt lr.u
ftiirea "I.. In eperl, lit.
tod's I'ilN net easily, yet pioniplly ami
oflleieiitly on tho liter und boixels, eiuo headache.
Waldo di ins. the succcs-ful ninn.'iser ot tho
Adams Kxpi oss Company, dlod In Huston lust
night, aged !ij eais. lie was four ycais old
when his father started tlio iNpress eompaiiy
with one borso and wagon and a little ofllee,
hardly laiger than one of thu doublu cxnrosi
wagons now in Uee. Waldo lelt seliool at nn early
age and went on a oage to 1'i.ttiee. He suun
returnod. and luimedhit dy started for Austra
lia on business fin- the eonipany. which then
had a banking bu-incss there. On his leliirn
from Australia he wont into the ollicoof his
fatlior. first as ofllee hoy. tying bundles, jack
ing trunk". Ac. Jjitur on l.e kept the
drivers' accounts, and for a time drovo
n team himself. During tho war. after tho
second battle of Bull Hun. when tho Boston
citizens left Miclr churches to mako lint and
prepare bandages for the wouiidod. Wultlo
Adams mndo up a special train mi tho old
Boston and A.oicester to cany tho fi night
to the soldiers, himself going in ehaige
or tho train. On the blatV of (iov.
Andrew ho held tho rank of Lieutenant
Colonel. With William 1'. Leo nnd Cliarles
II. Duiton he was appointed Assistant 1,'uai-teriiiaster-lienonil.
miting gratuitously in
that position. His part in equipping nnd help
ing to send nlT troop- from Boston at a timo
v. ben nobody seemed to know just what to do
was 1111 active and t flleient on". His rise in
the epro-s hti-lno-s Was gradual but steady.
Altera time ho .t made niperintcndont. and
in IrWS at thtitleat'i if I resident W. 11. Dins
nitiii'. bot'iok the pl.ico id manager for New
Lngland. which olllco ho held at the tiiuu of
his death.
Moses Liumtin. who was at hl death the
oldest down in tlie wjrltl. has rus-cd away, tu
Cincinnati, aged ML Ho was bom in Lontlon,
und hail been In America siuco his boyhood.
Ho went to r.itiopn with the llrst American
circus thnt ovur xlslted tho other side, but
soon ic turned to this eountiy. It Is said Hint
lie once turned lot somersaults without stop,
ping-n fent not since equalled, lloii.nl trav
elled with lininum. lionlusoti. Spauldhig ,t
llogers. and others, nnd onconwiied u ciicus.
James JIoonoy.Bi.. the head of tho detective
firm of Mooiicy A lloliiud, tiled in ( liicitgo jts
terday id jiaralvsis. thu icsult of liijitiies rn
ceivetl in 11 railroad accident four ve.tis ngo.
During Ihe putt three veins ho had boon iirae
tlctlly an Invalid lie w as -til veals of tig". Hint
was Lorn in Nowtoii-l'tirljos, (unity Longford,
li eland. Mr. Mommy loft a widow and thteo
childii'ii in comfottnblo circumstances.
1). B. Young, noted as a nicerssfui Inventor
ami business man. dmd nt his homo In tho
town of Columbia. X. V.. on Sunday, aguil 77
yeais. lie had forfoitv ye irs held the post ot
deacon of the I'loo Will Baptist Chinch of tho
town. Hois niirviied by 11 daughter, who is
tho wile of tho llev. James lluxtablo ot Bos
ton. .Mass
Kdwln H. Zoblo die.: suddenly j-estetdny at
his homo. 10o India stnot. Ilieenpolut, nf
he.itt trouble. Ho was in bis fjtllh juar. Ho
wus Vlt'i-l'ieshleiit of tho Demeiutic Assocl
iitinu of tho Heveiiteonlli ward for the past
thteeyeats, and vvas.i member of the Jellnr
sun Club ui tlio ward, lie will bo bulled uu
i:.v.-Aldermiin IVter Kehr died on Monday at
Ins lesjilence. Jhl rieehiid iiveiiiln. lie was a
tti.inufnctiirerof tleslcs. A few inoiillisiigo a
futile attempt was mailo to lnivo him com
mittcil to an asylum as ,111 liis.uu laiisnu. Ho
was about till years old. He leaves ,1 wile, two
sons, and n daughter.
Bltd'ov L. hlierman, for the pin eighteen
years lu..'al niauagei'of the Il.iitlonl Men in
Boiler Inspection and Insurance I'oiiipiiny,
died at hib inline, 1H Wc-t'liiiity-rotlrth street,
uf lineiimoiil.i, on Moiiu.i). He was -hi eais
old uud leaves a witlow.
Churlos illliun Ml Ihe tiled on Tiionluv at
I4'J l'ai'lllo street, lliooklvii. in hisrUd )eai.
Ho was Mild to be th" oldest nrgdlll-t ill Iho
country mid ho hud played in many nf Um
loading Catholic churches in this eily und
Mrs. Clui Issa Bolknap died In Xowhiirgh es
terdayaltlioageof l7 years. Shu was a sis
ter of tho Into Thomas V. Illng. treasurer of
tlio Nnwhurgh Savings Hank, and w.ih hoi u in
Cornwall, llerhusbund died lllleen ) ears ugo.
William Arlington, of the song ami ilauco
team known us the Arlington brothers. ImIcuiI
at Ids homo In tlintou, Mass., aged .i. His
right name wis Martin U. ! reel, mid ho had
been on tho stage about four yea in,
Prof. Soiimo Watson. Iho curator of the Har
vard Herbarium under Asa Grnv. died yester
day at his homo of a piolouged attack or the
grip. Hu was Oil years ohl. aud had been
curator lurtho lust twenty year.
Dr. John Hull, said to bo tho oldest m.ictls
lug dentist in .Sew iork city, died at Ills homo
in lialnlleld yesturday. In Ills Mild ear. Ho
was the Inventor of many dentistry npiilluncos.
Wllholm KI06S, n oiico famous pianist and
composer, is dead ill Chiphaiu. Lng aged 7il.
iio hnd studied under Horn und .Mendelssohn,
und had performed before Queen Ictorln.
Honry L. Knowlcs. a prominent lawyer and
Hepubllcitu politician of l'olsdam, N, 1 died
on nundny, aged 7H yents. Ho wits at otto time
County Judge of St. Lawrence County,
Thn llev. Dr. D. L. Domjisoy of Beaver, Tn.,
where he had icslded lor thlrty-llvo years,
died yesterday, aged MO, lie was a l'rusidlng
Llder for sixteen ycare.
Abraham Kchworty- head of tha largest dry
goods houso In Now Uridine, died on Tuesduy
night of grip.
Ely's Cream Balm IRK lo
.vim. cum: RTARBVrJ
fi ft mtiai 1 ai lallB vfK?9
Apply Jlaltuluto each lioslrlt BatfiPeS
H.. UltUA, W Wurnn U , K, V. wKt-j$ -
Uoodit rntalnir Tlii-onxli Cnnniln, .Not m, ht
ee I.lal, (o Inj Ituly-'l he Tnt'lir Ills,
cnaslnii Uiirnetl In Iho l(nttr by ,Ir, t,..
Mlllan-llo tlenniinces (Iio McKlnlpy II I H
and Kn.i tbe People III Nnt Tulri-ulr,
It I.on&rr-Mr. Illnglcv .MuLvn Antiier,
AsmxtiTON, March U-Jn tho Henalo .Mr.
Ifnle. acting Chairman of tho (ommltten tin
Xnvnl Affairs, lirosclitotl n report providing fur
an Increase of tho naval estahllshment nf tins
L'nltod Ktittos. Mr. Halo salt! tho bill was Hiih.
staiitlnlly tho same measure introduced by
lilmself on Jan. '.'., IfcSX'. piovldlng for tho
construction of buttlo ships, const defeneo
gunboats, and night llrM-classlurppdohunts,
with an amendment providing for nn tiendl
ture of $500.t)(j0 in eperlmelitfl with torpo.
does. Tho bill was placed on the enlctnl ir.
Tlio Interest wan Intensllled hy l)iu olTeiing
by Mr. Morgan of Alahnmn of tlio following:
A bill to enforce the provisions tit section I'.sihtoi Hi
Itevlted statutes of the l'nltod states in respect of urn
t Ic 2 tot Ihe treaty ot Washington uC Vtjj M, Is;i. xwth
tho ilJV'ernuieut entreat llrltaln:
That all parts or lane are hereby dec'.irid tubs in.
operative vlilrh exempt Irom He) pnjnin.inf duties
nny article 1 id t oiuinei ue hlch nie not 011 Ihe fne ht
when Iho mine nro entered In Hie I'ustotit Houses of iho
I lilted States ror transit or transportation threi k'hlbn
I idled Stales te tho Dominion of I utiaila 1 r auj l.r.t
Ish posssttlou 011 the continent ot .North Amena, or
from the same tu mi) roit-lmi oit. 1'roxhltd lh.it this
declaration itiHrs not apply In arlle'e ."0 ef the r. nly
with tiie.it llrltaln, roncliidtd Mays. IsTI rtiithu
part cram act or t'olniress iih.th i;n,'se-il oj, laln.n
und eftect tosnld altlclc.
Mr. Morgnn asked that this bill beiefcreod
to tlio Committee on 1'oiolgn Ilo'utlijns. and It
was so ordored.
Mr. Morgan from tho Cunimlttee nn I'melgu
AITiilisrepoitedfavornblv tho bill fuitheap.
polntment of Consuls In tho Congo I'ich Slate.
The I'nddoclc 1'ilte I'ood bill pa-seil Hid
Senate without a division.
this uorti: or i.mi!...i-nTivns.
At 1 :'J0 o'clock tho Ilrmoo vviiil liitoCommit
teoof the Whole (Mr. Blount of Oeo gia In tho
chnli) forllio puriio'o of consltlerini; thu 1'ieu
Wool bill. Mr. McMillan, witli a red carnation
in his htiltouhole. took Iho lloor 11111lntom.1l
the tariff debatu In tho iiiesent Ongross.
Ho began by saying that tho Inst (' ngeots
iniposeil thn highest tuv ever levied in this
country nnd made tho most utruvagant ap.
ptoprlutiulis ever mado In time id n-a-e. 'Iho
present Congiess vvoubl eurrect this evil. Thu
farmer now renhred fiom twoto tine, loi.ts
poi'poiiiiil lesson his wool ban foinieih'. lM.
borers' 'wages had not Increased under tlio
Mckinley law. and they li'id to pav foi tlie ml
vance In the iiecc-sllles of lire. The AleKiu
iey bill had Inci cased the tarltT of lSi l."i,er
cent., nntl the latiniftluty was higher 011 tlio
nett'ssaries than on tho lii.uile of life. Thu
consumer had nut been eonsldeiod. and Hid
muiturui.turor and ttttt coiublnaliens had
been Pi otectetl. 'Iho greed or tlioscllorui.il
net the need tdlho tuijer was thu mca-uru of
tlie i.iteof tint y.
Ileallutled to Blaine's icclprocity scheme,
which ho called uudeiuociatic. iiuiepulilic.in,
and un-Amei lean. The I'lv.sitletit. In his dl
cret'.on. could iiiiinise or remit eeit.ilti taxes,
rsiich a power was unprecedented, ami ir exer
cised in l.nglanil tlie yueeii wouhl lose her
crown, if not her hc.id. and tho House of Lords
would crumble.
Tlie .Mcivlnley law had seiiou-ly alTectetl our
coinmorce. Before the war vvu got ourinate
li.ll fur 1 airships wilhout ee,-stve dut, uud
sailed tliem in competition with tlio nations
of tho earth. Wo tinv can y only l'J .. pet rent,
of our vast fotelgu eomiuoiec. and 7 1 er emit,
of our foreign trade is conducted in btcamcis
bearing our national 11, ig.
Mr. McMillan euiitinued:
A re'ti 1.1 01 com .ihre.i 1 t aa brine b-vk tl o 1-.111.U
ordol'uis' xxerih e: t luilili.jr Itee troei tavittieu. be it
t.lleef Ills hllllltlo lull, - rs lvr tesee.t' ft , jllto
Xll.rtll of St aliens lirolu'tit h let hx him to- '!.( ese of
his f.innli ho xi toil. 1 11,1.. tepai, .0 , o.-.tit..-1 i,e aur
OKeraleoll woollen K001U more th-lll llel 1I11I1, an 1 en
some art. Us l.e xio.it.l halt- feptl on Lnn loo'Is l.ioru
tli 111 s..iwdtity rtiete st. eiM le some u:u t tila. ,d 011
tlie iilneutit, t ien ef XI tarilli; appirel, tljul t. in bo 1m
porltd lr,e ot duty
Tlie Ian ties tliablts those Who hill' exicsixely to
p-i tin expet Bs or .1 trip. inroad 111 too i.n i,- uiatttrof
e.ii luc tlul 1 kn.ivx ono man ixhe vdiii for Iho Vc
l,luli.xbel Htld 11 he helped to eaihllu 1h.it llleisitio
upon tbe people, xi ho 111 uiet lhaii ltsi dais aittrits
tuesice lieeh-il in LnifUnd and bouifht Sl.t'sS) iierlL of
tl'jlhis Ihe rrst thin.'. Hv was a nrotectteolst.
Mr. McMIUIn (hen snitl that the overwhelm
ing Democratic hiiceesse ut tlie last elections
was the jiooplu's le'.uke td the party that
1 u-sod tho liihitiitous Melvlnley bill.
'ihe people huva risolxet1, and 111,' xxlli miko that
resolililen hloed, licit thoy xi 111 lull e ,1 rtdudloil 111 the
r.it tu taxation, tr a still further te let lion of those tu
t'ouifress w lei faior hltfll taxation. Tins battle Ik on,
and ison tntho Unlet), tin the 0110 shle is arrajtd lie.
Democratic putt) in famr of Ju.t taxatluu, 011 the
oilier suit its eppoiKots, camoruu' tor txtesslie and
llllj'..sl taxation Woxioihlllet .1X01. 1 tilts cout'lcl ir
XXI- I ould, we Could not lr We Xlellbl l.t-t tlie h-lttle
ratfe nod tie, tuner the lietler. until some ri coifiiiiion
lsiftxel! lo the trilt'lplc th I' taxes st.teibt ho h X led
and 10II1 t-ti tl lor ihe siiMiort el leixt niliient. r.i h. r
llian for the ei,'iesl,.n of the many .a the te-bisl aiel
for Hit bill' l.t ol the feu
In conclusion Ml. MeMillin lorerred to tho
peiorutltin of Mr. Iti'e.l on Monday lefenlng
to tlie tililiiipliulit inarch of tiutli. which xvns
eeiuililled bvtbe iiseendency id the Hoiini
(rutle putty uller tweiity-llvu ve.u-. und thu
lelegution of Mr. lleod to tlio lloui. where ho
eould only cry and eurbc.
Mr Iteetl was not in his seat, hut ontiyod
the hall in time to hear tho concluding sen
tence. In accounting fur ids nk-onco lie said
it was due to the fact that Mr. MeMillin was
speaking. ILaughtor.l
Mr. MoMIIIIti replied that ho was glad to an
nounce to tho gentlemen from .Maine that tho
Democratic paity armed in Ids city (l'oit
hind) yesterday, ll angliter.'
Ml. Dlngloy of Maine took the floor. Uo said
the situation whiclicoiifruiitotltlitt Democratic
partvas dixfilbcil by Mr. McMIUIn win Mg
nlllc.iut. They wnm divided against them
selves. Thujiait had gone before tbe people
in the last election, and had made fulse and
wicked eiiaigosavaltist tholicpuhlican.s. The
people id tlie lonntry were looking with
anxiety to see what they Intended to do Tim
policy was not well dcllncd. L pon looking
over the three sporadic bills reported by thu
Committee on Wbvs and Means ho had en
deavored to ascei lain the scope uf each and to
seu exnclly wlmt taillf rfoiui meant cs dt
llned bythe I-IU Duuiocratslntlie House. This
wiislbe leallyatlon of the promlso made in
IKK) under which so many Demoerats wero
hero tu-d.iv. This w.is Un, lumedy fortlui
iitiociuiis McKInloy bill. This was to givo
jeliek to tlio country, l'rosi erily wasto bo
thus leetoiud. '1 his trust he del iislmi In which
thu )einociatle party luoposed to Indulge, and
jirisn tie.'oro tile pouplo us tariff retoriiiei's.
Tlicro wernnl-oa few other bill-, which they
jiioposed to bung in.
Tim present tiuitT In all Its parts was cor
lelutlvo ami framed in vlmv or u coiu-lstnnt
poliev. Tbeio was nothing in the bills ie.
potted whi h enabled any ono lo jutlgnas in
thn purposes ul thu Domooi'utltj party on this
gtont iiuestio'i. ir fine binding twine. Itco
wind und woollen goods, fine entloii tie., woio
an index id Hm policy, then tho Demoeriits
weie ften ti.uleis. M111la sjieclaclo in them
bills' 1 niton ties on in,, jreo llel und hoop
iron, ol winch cottontleswere made, protected
at li.'i percent. A now hc.'ieuio nf tin, Demo,
cratlc purl lias. 11 rived when completed iinin
lil.icurcd aitu'les wero put upon tlio free list
iiml tiiNllP'iiivr material.
The l.inucis wool, a complcto product as to
him. v.'iisi 11 the free list nnd inaiiiiractiiiers'
clnthis piolected lit ,M pnrceiit. It 'las nil
i!oul.toill the policy or thn Deinociiitiu pnty
toistvecpull prodiicllou out or Hut way. this
was the method they had adopted n eliciting
thn people, but tlio latter wore not fouls and
wnnhl not ho deceived, Tho hills ns lop.iited
were absiinl. unjust, and unvvim In evei y pnr
tlciil.ir. If tho Deiiioeiuts In Hid Hifiise lie.
Mi-veil in the policy of tliolrp.irtv tlio would
lulng I" measures vviiieh lllintniti d its
Minclpli-. But they wero nflillil. if Hm
purt in ltd as honorahhi men Hiev vanild
usl. the pcoiilti to judgn ol i t vi parlies neft
lull on direct issues. They dared not go lo the
people upon Iho tarltT Issues. The) dodged
theiiiicstioll. Legislation siiinuusl, m devoid
id iiiliiciples,istliat proposed would not input
with the approval of (lie pooplo who worn n it
fo.ilsninl't nld distinguish between liouenty
Bending fin ther remarks hy Mr. Dlngloy. Iho
committee mso and tho Houso udjourued un
til tu-moiion.
H'.UtKS rjlOU XUK TF.l.KaUAl'11. .
Tie Mission Church in Tremont ttrcet. Ilmton. near
theltoxhiirycrosslnif, was destrofd by lire at -I no
jesltrdix 11 ern inir. Lett Jihoooo. TLe ihurch wnt
oci upied by the lledeuiptlonl.t rather.
Tinielliy Paler, who murdered hit wife with n ltt
Iron, in I'reVl'f ,''' "fi eb '. and Hu 11 cut his throat,
was illrhar.d Irom the hospital ru Tuetda) und ar.
lauied In Ihe D strict Cuuit )ettfrday, He pleaded
cullix and ui bo and iur lo the June tnui of Hie
t'euri et fotiiiuon Pleut without bid.
'"."."..'("'eieebf-S? '!n !". H'e inarketll flooded
v. mi 11 ifi 1 nor l'1.""!"! Iion'j buy a r.ddinu lied until yon
x The expiation
Irb of a bomu Is not
, fi moro Midden or
. VlVin nnlookctl for
TTL ill(v4i$) nant illsonso
Wi 'I,.' T7yW. XA which v.TKiM not
&e rtkijyy occur wero the
5utyFkZz Wooit In lKrfuct
l'i.iS? '";it(Z- oi-iluf. i'- '"-
f irT, xVi, ptiro hlocd litluo
WVV)5'i7 ' groat variety
v I-" of ills tint tnalio
lifo n burden. 1'iirify your Mood, uud you
havo it. . ,
All thn iyrnr jYiitinr. yoti mar rly uixin
Dr. Pierce's Uoklen Medical Diseovcry to
purify tho I1I001I nml Invlgowtts tho system.
It's not llko tho wsnixu IllaS. thnt nro said to
lie good for tho b!ood In March, April nntl
May. Tho " Discovery" works equally well
ut ull times, mill In nil ratcn of blood-tainls,
or humors, no matter what their imnio or
nntitro. . ... , ,
It's tho thraprsf Llorsl - luiriucr, coM
throujh tlrusgltts, hecaiibe yoa only iiy lor
(hr (iood you cot, .,.,., ,
Yotir money Is returned If It Uoctn't benc-
11 1 or cuio you.
Cun you nilf mor?
i.ni: xrAsiirynrnx lui'ifs.
Mr. ntnlne riellrr .. Slnltio lo Knlunel T.
Ilnaitiill-T.Ne lllvrr nnd Ituilmr llltl.
Wajhhncio::. March 0. Secretary lllaino was
heller this morning. Ills fuvor hnd almost
illsapponrcd. and ho was less iestlcs. 13y
direction of his phjslclnti no visitors are per
mitted to seo him. and ho has nut during alt
tho Dohrlnc Sj.i correspondeiieti of the pnst
few davs be"ii even advised that It luul as
sumed nn acute phase. His friends hope that
with absolute lost .Mr. Illalne may be able to
icsuniu his ulllchil UiiWos next week.
The nomination of tlaorgo W. Miller to-day
to l,o Collector of Inti mal I.c.onuo for tho
Western District of IVnnsylvaulii Is con-Id-ered
slgnillcant In the light of the present po
litii'iil bltllitlhiu In the ivevstono Mate. It is
roiii'edetl to be ntllroct recognition on tlie putt
of the Administration of tlio elilnisot Chris
Miigco of l'ittsblligh unit ( ongiessmaii
Diily.ull. both of whom weto back
ing Mr. Miller foi thu pisltloti. It
Is uho considered to be a direct Intimation
from I'lt'sldent Harii"un to Senuto:' 'Ji.av that
tho leceiit npposltion of tlie hitter totho Ad
ministration lias not tended to loiillnuo his
iild-tltuii Inltlielice at the White House. Mr.
tjuay hnd n caudldato for the position
in W. H. (Irnhani. who was eailv in
tho Held. The vitcanev was caused by
the dismissal of Collector Wanni-aMlc. a i.ut.iy
lieutenant, for Irregularities In olllco. Assu.iu
as it bet unio upparcnt that .Mr. Viauueastle
huil to go. tsotintiii'tOiiuy had (iralinm take the
Held, c. iect III'; to have lillii il PIiol lit ed und thus
retain control of the largo patroiuign iittached
to tlie nfllcp. Mr. Mugeo und .Mr. Dalyell.
who had unnouiicetl theiiiselvvs in fa
vor of tlio reiiominntioii ul 1'iesldeut
Harilson und who li.nl leeelved nothing
when fie patronage was distributed ut the be
ginning of tho Atiministtntlon. concluded that
they would nsseit their claims, and eudoised
Mr. Miller for tho jil.tue, Wanncii'-thi's dls-inl-sal
tool; plncu In November, and slneethcn
a bitter light has been waging, luiitleiilurly on
the part ol Mr. Vuiiv und .Mr. Dah-ell. the lat
ter iiciug nu iiiiiuiuueeil caudldato tot' the
I'liited Mntes Senate. Tim nomination of Mr.
Millor Is considered a vie oryforMr. Diil&ell.
Senator Hill will not mnko his Southern tiip
so extensive ns was contemplated u few davs
ago. Ho will confine hl visit to Jackson. Jllf,
anil Bit mlnghnm. Ala. He will merely stop at
the lattet place o Tew hours on bis return from
Jackson. According to ids pioeflit plans Iio
expects to leave here ou btinduy night overtbo
Norfolk and Western load, anil changing
cars nt liiistol, Tenn.. nnd lilrminghiini.
Ala., will tench Jackson on Tuesday
morning. He has ncecpted an invitation tu
address tho Mls,isnippl Legblature. and will
tlosotm the afternoon of the 1.1th. tho day or
his arrival. A lecrl tlon is to lm teiidetod him
bythe (iovnrnor und citizens Unit evening, und
the next morning he will st nt luck to Wash
ington. A stop of a few bonis will be made at
lilrmingnam, although die Senator lias not in
dienteil bis acceptance id the invitation to
speak thoie.
No other stops will be trade, either goins or
eoming. longer llian the Usual tlelays of the
regular 1 1 tin. Senator Hi 1 expected to elond
tils visit to S.ivnnnnli. (in., but ho l uud that it
xi-im 111 ru L A f tv (i tli fins il it 1 Mil irn olnl list
iii'inti limn t e v vi iiin.1 xiti j it'iiss' i itini ttu
docs not deslioto iciuain nvvay fiom tho l apl
to! more than tho lour or live days ncees-sary
to make tho round trip to Jackson, In (bus
Ilmitliu; his trii ho hits been obliged to decline
more fTiim a score of pressing Invitations.
"If I had not early promised to go to. luck
son." said tho Senator to-night. "I should be
verv much disposed to givo up the trip, for tho
reason that I would like lo accept nil of the
kind Invitations, mid owing to a lack uf time
must accept only one or two."
Tho Hou'o Committee on the World's
Columbian Imposition to-day agreed to report
favorably tho joint resolution introduced by
Mr. Durbiirrovv. authorizing tho President to
reiiue-t of thniioveinmentsof Spnlnnnd Italy,
the Duke of Voiagua. u descendant of Colum
bus, nnd certain oilier people, ninps, books,
papers, am other aitkics assoelaled with
'oiiiinlius in tlio caily di-coveiy and set
tlciuint of America for exhibit at tho
reposition. Thu Committee, n-.o orduied u
lavniithln lepoit on Hie lesrilution niithoriing
tint l.ibiiirian orCoticicss to mako an exhibit
at tho Imposition id books nnd manuscripts
relating to Columbus nud tho discovery of
America. Tho committee decided to hoar tho
lejiresentntlves of the National Commission
nnd the local Itonnl of Contiolon the gotiorul
World's Fall- bill on Moi day, Murch 'JI.
Congressman Jllnncliard's seml-oflielal an
nouiiceinent Hint tho Liver nnd Harbor bill
when completed by his committee will nggte
gate about $'..,l).(!i)0.lil)() lias greatly diseour
nged tin) Democintie eiotioiuists in the House,
who ardently dtsiro tlmt the nity-sieond
I'ongrc-s i ball mako a creditable record for
economy find Irugallty. They tugurd such uu
eiioriiioiis ltiverunil ll.irboi bill us absolutely
liiilefunsilile, and in tlon might luiitiuvclitloii
of the party's pledges.
Itcpiesentatives Spiiugcr, Ilolman, and
Mills nro all reported to ho improved this
evening, and it Is raid that llepresentnlives
Holmiiii uud Mills will lie able to resume iheir
ofllclul duties In a few days. Mr. Isprlngcr.
while his condition is greatly improved, is still
a v ui y tick man.
Tlio Houso Committee nn I.alor to-dnv an
thori7ed Mr. Hunting of Now iork to lepoit to
Hie House the resolution authorising the Com
missioner of Luliorto investigate tlie slums of
cities limine it population of I'OO.OU) ot more.
Th" House Committee on Territories to-day
considered thn 1)111 Introduced by Delegate
Joseph of New Mexico to enable tlio people of
New Mexico to form u constitution and M.ilo
(lovcruiiient. nnd to b ndniifti'd into the
I'nlnn. It is juobuble that tho bill will luceivo
favorable action.
Mr. Hatch of Mlssnui I to-day showed his iul
inlnHlon lor the l.ile Siiutiel J. Itundall by iho
intioduellon ol u bill in the Ibui-e uppm
iirl.lt lilt; ."iO.(H)0 for too election of u btntuu
to his monioiy.
Tho President Rent to the Senate to-day the
following nominations
Stnarl I'.Slit iiHiutd vi ..ii luneiis. to loM'nIiectur
ol I'lisloms for Hit de'- t of Xi irh "h, at. Mass
tjeurift, W Vltllerol 1 I ' lis! ll mu I, lo I a Collector i f
lllttruxl it' Xtllllotll'lle 1" Ul. Hll-ldislrillot I'HIII
.1 i rienii'iii, of ilcirs'ia to I i Inier stale roni.
nn rce roiiiiiiisttoni'r let e alt, t llrik's'. tlt'ceased, uud
Wll.llltu 1..I iUa. iltt lie l
lie Had .Itirtlvr on Ihe llruln,
I'suiMows, 1'a, March !'. J. W. Harmony, a
well-known glass cult 'r, committed Mihido
to-day hy sovoi lug Ids jugular with his pocket
knife, lie iii'iiHc tmlv lliw morning, nnd get
ting sonioeuibon nil. poured it over his sleep
ing wife, siiluratlng her night dress and tho
bod dot her. He then decld-ed his Intention of
binning hernllvn. nn. I seizing tho frightened
woman by the toot dragged hortothollropluco.
Ho was attempting to thrust her Into thu grate.
In which n III" was snoulileilng. when her
screams brought simienelgliboi slot he icsciie.
Ileriuiilit dress wus sliigoif, and In a moment
moro she would lime been on lire. Tlio hus
band then gialihed up their little sou liny
undid uud riHhod inn to s the street to his fath
er's with him. Telling them to look niter Hid
child ho drew his l.nlle mid cut his throat. Ho
died In a few moments. Thn uinii had been
drinking hard lor severnl years mid bis mind
was uniloilhloilly elU'Cteil. Hovvait.M.) vouisolil.
Deaf from Catarrh.
I was tho victim of tho woist caso of Catarrh
Ihat lever lie.Kd of, I was entirely deaf In
ono cur, and all tlio Insldo'-ot my nose, Includ.
Inc fiartof tho bone, sloughed off. No sort
of treatment boiiofUod mo; and physicians
said, " I would novcr ho any better." Asa lust
wort I to-k Swift's HpocMc. and It entirely
cured rao mid restored inyhcorlne. I hay
boon well for years, and no elgnol return of
the disease. -Jlrs. JOSEPHINE POLUILL
Duo Wost, S. 0.
plorefu, arrtitfictj, c. I
rXliTttAnvl.lt'l ItSJIMKNT H
msTRtcT Mr.si-ir.Ncir.it oppice. H
Adxertiseiaciits tor 'lltlrsttN mar be left at any aH
American District vtetsenirerofttce in ihistliy, wher
the i harcs nut be the same n t those at the main nmce. H
A -Till! " r.STIItI:BTu'CKOP W.V(lONrClB.
niAoiis. Titfi'KS. caiits, rAnst waoons. iuiic
ItllAII IAIITS, ll.llt.N'll.SS, 1H.ANKKTS. lc' OP TUB f-B
aiiAV, 4urn AM) win his. Mfsr in: fold nv H
AIT.lli I, ltt:nAttIlt.I!S.S OV COST, AS I AM TO HK-
Tint: pituM iiii; hukinuss.
Pr.TimA. CA'SIDV. ProprlUnr.
ttentey A Oo. irlns-troui lamdait, superb order. H
Demarest A t;o. I'l'srl, superh order. H
Demnrest A I'o lirotnrnnnu tiipi-rh order.
I- landrnu A Co. t'nhrlaic. tupei b order.
Piandrau A I o. Wnvonelte, superb tinier. H
Ir'ialidrau A I'o. Mall Phaeton, superb order.
Mil ISA. Ha W est f.lst st.. Csrrlsge ntilldtr.
Send for uty new price lint nnd cnlnlr-xue, H
k. t. vTi'.nKinrsP,
(It Thompion it. M
HKWbtKrt Tor IU'iKIV. I.mwiiter fnml.y mrry. H
IftiUfr.' tup jilintoii. ultiitto a tul tloublo Imrnen, all
lieurlynew, in oilers rrfuMl
' fUAOHMAN. 1M7 Went 17th it.
Wo now ofTer our now STYLE I
10, . WATERS DPRIGIIT (as shown '
in cut), including handsome fl
cover and stool, for S250 cash, fl
or $275 on installments, only I
S10 down and 8 monthly until I
paid. I
TiiKsnAnr.Tiin rvvocs sr.w writnvKn vta
ti:uh riiticirrH, thi: hi:st iand most
DUItAllI.r: I'l.VMH MlW Mllin, TJs OC'TAVKS. .I- .
STItlNGI.H. Illl'll, Jli:r.I TO.VK, VVITIt FINE bh
and i:vi:itv jvti'itoviisinsT. w.vititAN'rF.n L
Tin: mon'f.v i:vi:ii orn:iti:D i.v a i-iaxo. aiao a
ui'WAnn-rAY.v:i:.NTs ss vlr jio.ntii. bar. '
xo i.'ii.vitni: rem dklivhry within- 2.- miles
or m:vork. i-lkasi: call on m:nd tostal
134 Fifth Av., near 18th St
Pearline the only
Washing Compound
ever imitated.
.TihIitp Brown. Rlltlmr in tlio rnitel Ktnlen rirrnlt
Tourt. jPKtiri!ny fuuifj in tho ilnrch (.ranl .lury. AVIl
li.iiu II. ltrll.iun. hfcrcmry ut (Iio JUpubUtjtL County
Cuiiiuilitft-, in foremnu
Cotlcrior IIiulrlilcB Ib-jM an onlfr yatrrday for
tin iayiii"iil to "llmi-Lier, hjlini A Co. of f W auM, du
iItk j nit) on ilia ..o Uu box' nt nun i lin iininutril liy
that tlmi M'l.irli duly 1im bi-ii ilei lunt hv tiit rourti
to havo bet n illrz.ilfy tb.it (ftd by evi .I.t-itor Miirfout.
I. in ill fl' ILtUliiii-t'iii nlitalucil a Hnllc uf jct.OO)
ffc'niii'-t Ihe .Nvw (.'Jw , nut llnrlfiu It Minimi Coihimiiv -C
in the LVtitrt ut Ci.nttiioii l'len yriituidiit Mm w4 fl
tbroun Jroni a fourth ttvciuitt .nrt.ic l'jt nt Union .
ftijunrein Ikx.i, ninl r l.t.t liijurl- tu Iht c.i.iio. a !.
rtt Itni-tl during the tn il in a Hlcnun r rlmlr,
In tho Mi.pn.ir Court ttcrday I'atrlt k. JevTl.(rot m I
crlictolt4 rriH)..k-nii.t the L'nitulMii' sI.IcctricI.iKlit
iiti'l I'o ait Ciini- itiv, HU firm, w lm iruu linemnii. .M
uin killeil by ulnt'.t, frnn u wire of tlu- Utripolituti mffl
liiriiioneOoinuini. wlilrli li.ul lium lutrfil by wiro Xm
of the tltctra Imlit tuuin .vhi.-h troHKul It, fl
I'.uilhif Tnptniiru Miisn limn leil :it .IrlUrMn Murket fll
jtcii t-I.iy lutrcetl with Metiiiijr i'n in the r uninnr her flfl
f-rnpoM r. Jolni r.h.hnt. 'it 'X ri Mhih t-trper.on flfl
(-It 'jT ami tculnu itiei-ff, j. w 'h, a in I Nr.ci.brMn
thud .it $l -hhi Tlu tfirl v.i4 urn --ifd nt ( ainpbell J
11. ill, Oatitikt: fount), by lun ot ltisnotTm U tncft'c men.
An ftutiii-v fti the catt ol .limetiii Mrl'strlnnd whr
di sith on Mi tidny ut t j1 i.ricnult h Mrnt hiin thoulit
bv L xiliit u till r itOitt tu hi- vtifplibMlf. t.iou f-1 duitli t'i
b- (Iin to nit nijuMfrin cud v tinicnln. The woman
r'alliiilitf tn b thi At ml lunli'i widow rliibllt'd the err
tfrif'jitur UrmnrrHil to .MrFtirliii'l IuhI Ci'Mober by
1 mliur liUk'lif a or ht. .Infrepir Church
YVJlliiim 11 iMitbcrbiuil, niiinntfrof tli Alt j Chrmlral
Comptiii). who ban b'Mi ionr.iH'i hi .If'lprcon .M.trkel
lirtfoiia-vaitlniftrjal lor MliIiikc f 4(- worth of borax.
wuMheiit hi IM.flvii" .trrUi) from .kitetin Mar!it
rourtforex.unInail.nl ,t to hi wmity on rnbiy
nifht Mtlhi-rlatiil t-et din in hlh ledi lrtih, nn lu-n ' K
imLeU why ho did no mid the Ltenir wul trjluif to LIU
II H. Manlcr.n nnd Uu Iiho lnn tht lnp-tnrof
weitflitK und nuiiurr-t nyntrirtt hoin rlitrkv nt mill-ft-atsrintv
in nil.ru brUi 1 1 vi in.ib. ul id on Mavur
lirntit t Kit rd iv moi m,Tiid to rocikii 'ihi rlMrwe
w t rot fi tit ih'y If id i oil 1 1 tfd nioiii y tiom i.op..?cirrs
ulilcli tliry Inilid lo luin Into titu ilt tri'inrv, It it
libel) thu. Uu evldtfln'o will br riiU tu thu HUtrl( t At
Iho D.-ttrh t rniuinltts'o of th Tiimtii.inv Hall nruan
frtlioii of lh Tt mil Vi.t inbl ttltrh 1 it i I ml fvUiriK
at 4'M hlxtt' m1i ii'nl oiiillinil fm the nir bv oltrt
Itu llftirv W " f iialriiiaii I r in't.oi'hu. Yuit VJp
l'n-bb'lif .lolin 1 l.JIH h, tHcoii I M.'i I'r .-I'lrlit: Vtlb
llnin .( -littf 1. urioiioridlinr lt!.ry. tloorjfo
'HI. m in. IbiordnikT-trirt'tao undTctr Hoii.Serffcaui
at rn
At n um etiiii; or tin Hm Cnnim.M.nnrrii vrnlfrdt
Vim miiti lluj.1! J Mi Cab" of J.iuMtii" HI u.ih r-Mliiffd ii
a t r mini "I the Mrit urru U. on thu ri ortinicinlHtinii of
i but Itmiiiir. vtUorhartrni hun win, IntoMLMtion, Tita
i Iio I t untied that lie ll-nor mW JlCt'abt. obtr Tlio
loiloMii! Ilrrnu tl wein llllttd I. .1. I ..(... l.Difllif- Jl, I
abptt-ni withoit 1( ac, tut daj,' pny: l'cur Muiiv. Kn.
if to 11 tntoxlf alhui, tvii .;ui-' sa, tlnlin t-tirnlfiu
iii'.iih, 'iii:lm':i4, InfoxlfHtini), ei.bt ifini na : William j
,1 Mnlbtfirn. Hook and ..uddirH. amLlolm . Abbrioii,
Hook and IiidiUr7, nbi'iil witboiit i-au, tlvadayV f
itu)fi(h, MittUn'w O'Krun ot Kuulm J nud Jani-i
ilitkur i:iiulno.'i2 wro rcpriiuuiidjd lor ncflectf m
llil- 14
Gorham Solid Silver.
Solid Silver and Cut Glass j-
itiake a charming combination,
especially so vhero tho rich I
ruby colored glass is used in
connection with tho silver. For U
Clarot Pitchers, Ice Bowls, l(
"Water Pitchers, Salad Howls, I'
Loving Cups, it is considered
rofinotl and elegant. Tho I
choicest assortment of thoso fl ,
wares is to bo found at our fl-
establishment. mL
Gorham M'f-g C- M
Bno.VDWAY and IOtii .rrjaET, M

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