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l.il'v I '4 " '. .. " ' THE SUN, THURSDAY. MARCH 10, 1892. "V ' ,
awn rxttr leads alt. the way jx
Bill jr. Wtae Hie Spar tho Haea Her
.' Maiden Ttvo-yeniMil' Coldatreaat, at 0
to 1, the Ionceet Hhot of the Day.
Honors woro equally divided on tlio slow.
Inuddr track nt Guttonbure yesterday, throo
of the pursers golna to favorltot and the othors
to horses that wore woll bacltod.
Ofalocc, faTorllo In tho first raeo. ran well,
but was boaton by a head on tho post by Char
acter Architect coming In a fair third. Dillon
J., whoso prloo wont back from ovon monoy to
a to 1 against, boat Vocal, the post favorite, by
a lonjfth, Hoy dol Marflnlshlncaclosothlrd,
The talent tossod tholr rnortoyoii Jay F. Deo
In tho third rare, and Jny F. Doo madu iilay In
the homestretch, and won Inn gallop by flvo
lengths. Mnry Lovoll bentlnir lllll Hurnefl threo
lenqtlis for tho plnco. The fourth rnco. amllo
nna furlong, was a plenlofor A7raul all the
way. Tho filly won by four Icnctns. Mir Ur-orgo
Jl. getting tho plnco by six loiiRth from
Kntnplana. Tho nrt.li iiurio was ctiituroil br
the U to) shot, C'olllHtrcnm. Miirlr.U., socoud
choice, boutlng Objection, tho favorite, n
length for tho plnco. Tho sixth rnco was won
li.mdlly by Fonolon. nlso n fuvoritu. Algernon,
ficcoticl ehnlco, bfutlng lorost Klin;, third
choice, for tho place, nummary:
Van SCO, tor beaten horm. three quarter of a
l. rile stable's b if. I'liarvctcr. 4. br Charaxne-Mna,
107 (llurslnll) .. 1
Auburndaie Mabloa cti. hi. uralere, aged, 112 (Li.
Hilltop Mabie'sb. n Architect, r., 117 til McLaughlin) :
Benefit, Vandal, I'luto. West rartus, mid Manila 11.11.
also ran.
Tlmo. 1 l2r
Helling Five In 1 against Character. R In r Ofalece,
doto 1 Architect. Mutual paid ST 8ft, Ml, S3 15.
I'urse S400, for maiden two-year-olds; '.lint; thres
M. rrnker's br. a Dillon .t , by Blares dam by Ilia-
welha, lit (Mmlrrt . . , . . . ..1
J. II. MrCurnilrk's br. f. oeal. s; (II. Jones) . . .2
Owner's Hey del Mar. S8 (V I'etinyi J
Atnlene mlv anil Jack UiH also ran.
Tlmo. o 40
llttllni Two (n 1 against Dillon J.. f to 4on Vocal,
6 to 1 Pay dal Mar. Mutuale paid 17.115. 1'I.SS, S2..V).
1'nraeSCOO: selling; three quarters of a mile.
Auburndila Hlable'a li h Jay 1. Pet. . by tympa
num Lena. HI (0 Lynehi 1
W LoTclleb in. Marie LiireiL .MU1 (I'nok) 2
t-ouirrset mable'a b h. Hill llarnra. u, 1UJ (J. llarrett). 3
atoll Mealaoran.
Time, 1 ?4W.
Bolting-Three to 1 nn .lay r. Dee. fl to 1 aralnat
Marie Ivel!,u tn 1 U1U Barnes. .Mutualspaldl2.7c.
12,26. S2.U5.
tub fourth racf.
raraetr00: selling; one mile and a furlong.
T. IMith en. r. Arrael. 0, by Foreiter-Albatroia. 80
A.Tbn'mpfoiiBbr.r'.sir'i'ie'orire'll.'V R'.jMorrla)'...'. J
khattanstablo'scli. b Keiuplan J. . Ou (IrvlMK) .. .. 3
Time, '."in
lleltlnz-Flts to n on Armol. sm to 1 aaalnit Fir
tieorce II . 4k, 10 1 Komphmd. Mutuala paid 1J.10.
Torae 1400: aalllni; four and a half furtnnira.
r. Ellloll'aeb. is. l'iilcitrnam, aged by Ilnjuu u'Or
rrldent tlio Village. 12C (J Ualll) 1
r.J Kelly's ch. U. Marty , B. 121 (Martin) 2
VT. II. Rnller'e oh. h ohlectloii.fi, 12.1r-biiii) :
NapalL. AnlileCollina. Menthol, and hello Urackett
alao ran.
Time. 1 02.
BettlilR-SIx tol acainit Coldatreim IS to r. Marty
B.. ereu uiouey UhJe.tlou. Mutuala puld 9 10.20, 9(J tk,,
Purae 1400; aelllnB' acven furlunci
J. vr. Smrth'a br. Il fenulon, aited. by Reform Me
Kara. 121(Fljtilil . 1
X. foattfaih. c. Aluenion 4, 114 (Morrla) 2
C.J.Kellr'eh a- Knreet hin.0. 114(l"innj) a
traak u and Klaa alao ran
Time, l 4.1V.
Bettlnr Ten to 7 on Frncluu, A to lagalnit Algernon.
4tol loreat hln.
To-dny'a rrosraaaaia at QattcnbitraT.
Flrat Race Th.ee-quarteravif a mile Kholover, 113;
vim Olive. Lamar. Biaa, Alarm Ken. Ilarriiburir, 110,
Second' Race Tbree-quartera of a mile. Blackburn.
113: bweet Bread. Graduate, Belllaartua, Crab cider,
lidy I'ulalfer, lacan, 11U
Third Race SelllnK allowance: alx and a half fnr
ona Jay F. Doe, 110. Xenopbuu. 115: Feralto. lou;
Innovation. 111.
Fourth Race Selling allowances: fonr and one-halt
fiirloniri Ballarat. 1J3: (.Utter II.. Marty n, blev.
118. Qulbbler, Mullliran. Adolph, 110. Crart, Ion.
Fiflli Race Fire elirMbK of a mile, l'rinca Howard.
123i oyda. Dilra, i5; Fardon, 1'anway, U4; Narka
colt. 80 . .
fclztanaoe 8ellinrallnwanceii aeven labtha of a
mile. Algernon, J. 11 , Hello Urai let!. Count Luna, 120;
Cascade, 117, Archie Collins. lO'l.
The IVInncra at Oloaceater.
OiorcastiK, March U. Flrat Race Six furlongi I.e.
toonOrtt. Ju4fe jelaon aecoud, 0ea doldeu third,
time. 1 'jn.
Second Race Five-oiKhtha of a mile Abra Daly flrat.
Maid of Richland second. Hantar Klca third. Time,
Thir.i Race One mile Birthday Brit, Juggler second.
Braiotblrd. Time. lT.rt.
Fourth Race Four and one half furlonga. Minnie J.
flrat, Ronnie Lass aecond Annie K. third. Time. 1 01.
Fifth Race Tbrce-qtiarfera of a mile. Wigwam first,
PaoU aecond. Vt in. Henry third. Time. 1 2d.
Bixth Race Six and one-quarter furloagf. Patrooles
first, TeddtOKtonMCOttO, Ulrlgo third. Time, 1.31M.
I, CaUfomla Horses Brlns the Best Prlcea
J I Home Good Bargalaa.
X I Chicaqo, Slarch 0. Kellogc A Co. 'a private
! I Sale of horses continuod to-day. The con
Blenment of LK. Shlppoe ot Stockton, CaL,
j brought the highest prices. , Following is a
; Hat ot the best that were sold and the prloos
Hi: I they brought:
(HI Blmon. b. c. 1860. by Kidney (2.imfl. pacing
1 (dam by Nutwood) 2 18M; l..I Morse. Chicago. fl, ,45
fiBl Ha.onH.blk.c. ll0.ljyDlrerlorK.17)-Zepher,
HI by Nutwood; R. J. Taylor, Chicago 1.CO0
III Mewtoa Tborne, bo.l88u, by Henry Thorne. dam
by Daniel Lambert; O. 1'sraons, Montirldeo,
Ml Minn 810
fSr . Camp wood. b. c. lHUO, by Campaign, dam ,by
JB1 Nutwood: lox Lake, III.. Htock Farm TOO
SBl Benry Thome, b a, 1884, by Hawthorn, dam by
ml Nutwoodi Cuhir aLawrenre. lnginont, Col. COO
mi ,. Silly Douglas, rn. o, 18V0 by Hawthorn, dam
I lidyl-et by Ruben, 2.14,Walnut HlUtarm.
I) Walnnt. 111.. .7. 410
Polly H.K r., IHiK). by Campaign, dam by Nut-
K wood: E. D. Xorse .. .. 380
II Abby.br. a.1882, b Abbotutord. 2.wi. dam
m Ryan mare, by Black Hank; Culver & Law.
t Ml renca 3T0
1 Gallagher, h c. 1K1H). by Hawthorne, damuvir
shot, by Chieftain; A. 11. cump, Chicago 300
li From consignment of D. M. Iteavis. Chlco.
1) , Calln Black Bess, blk. m . 1888. by Monroe Chief,
J I 2ilBV( dam by Olbralter, 2 22MJ. J. u. 8mltb,'
III Chlcaa-o .... J10O
II . Brown tllly. lKtil, by Roy wilkis, 2 OciU (paring),
il dam h Berlin: to K. II Morse .. ... 421
I I Bay lllly, 1SUI, by l'.oy Wilkes, by lieavis, B'aik-
, bird; UA.ilaMis, ('encia.111 300
, 111 The sale will closo to-morrow,
jlll, . News from the Horse World.
, lllll Tho Lansing DrlWnir Association nt Mfchl-
J I fjan has just purohnxoil lOUucros of InnU noar
., K ' the city and will build a regulation trotting
!i track to bo used at tho August lueotiug it pos-
i jjlll eiblo.
Hill AVilllam Itussoll Allen ot nttsfleld. Mass..
, , has noralnati-o forty mares to tho $2fi,(XH
II ruturlty of the Konturky Trotting Ilorso
.- HI f Uroodois' Association. Tills Is probably tho
,l II larguht numbiir over uoialnatod by ouo
' 111 " "r8oder'11 a trotting Make.
' HI3 Two flno bay tlllles by Messenger Wilkes,
' t il M S:'2'.i, wore fouled at Maplo (Irovo l'lirin,
If H Auburn. Me., lant week, 'i'ho dnm ot one wu8
ill Lambertlnn. by Iianiol Lambert, andtlintof
Ml the other Htrnwflirl, byAlmout. l'roin tholr
' III pedlgroo both fillies should bo fust.
I ID Dr. Orrln Fitzgerald, formerly of Dexter,
1 1 II Me., has established a stock farm at 'X'yngs-
J IB boro. 3inss., and has purchased of A. V, Gerald
I ll of l'dlrllolil. Mo., the stallions Longwnynnd
lj Kennett.und the brood maro Inez (li:44 nt four
! f j years), nud u lull sister to Umbrnok. '2:20, ut
'" ill .. thesnmoogo. iuez Is in foal to Wurrener.
I I which horse Charles Marvin recently tried to
i j , purolmbo from liriggs Brotbors cf Auburn.
I The Olytnalo Class Will Not Have Olbhona.
i. I Cuiosoo, March O.-tt is oerlalu that Billy Myer and
. ' Austin aibbons will not meet In tho ring of the Olympic
, ,1 Club A NewVork despatch tins It that Gibbons Is
' anxious to meet the strrator (!) clone, Myer said) es
i I terdayi "When I was In New Urlrans I aikid the
Olympic Clnli what sired purse they would give for a
I go between (llbboas and mseir,
We will not give any purse at all," waa the reply,
f 'and wbat'a more, Clbbons will not be alluwed loap
' I ' near 111 onr ring. e ha e a purse of tlo.OOOtohaui:
, j . tp for you when you get on a light with u man In j our
1 cfaaa atbbnns Is not tost uiau.'l
i I "I waaalso told that lllbbom had a foifeit ot tl.000
, i " posted In .Sew urleans. hut I was unable to rind uuy
jl trace of It. if Gibbons is anxious to meet me be should
post a forfeit and ascertain uhat rlubrrlll hangup u
"; . aultable parse, tbeu ! will lie reudy to talk business
iU with him. I am not anxious to meet Ulbbous. because
it I', belsaotliimy class, but Mill glteblm a match If be
i Jl gate aowu to buslntssaud ran find a club tu bang up u
S' I i purse."
V j Odds aad Eotla ofSporta.
V 1 1 "' J. W. Cnrbelt wore two-ounre gloves and Choyntll
t" ' I a ordinary driving gloves. Corbett won.
- " Tommy Cosgrore'a barker of Brooklyn writes to Tux
I Pea that hie man will spur Harry lllshop. at 115
iwanda. before a club or for gate receipts,
' k)N. a Rlavln and Kilraln boxed an alleged ten rounds
, , before the Granite saorlation, In llnboktu Slaim
, ' irot the deiltiou, but each tide rccelied 5,ckhj, ui per
O. C. V. l'eter Jackson and Teter Maher met at a
nubllo exhibition hi Dublin but Muher, II Is said, Mas
' under the Influence of-llquur Tony sage would only
allew bis Irishman to spar a couple of rounda.
'"Fatly" Lang. roe, bo has caused plenty of fun
durlogblsmauy years as a boxlug performer, le out
with a chaUenire to ngUI an) man who v. elghs not less
than 240 pounds. Its has a deposit of ISO at the Jllw
., mud Jim office.
On Thursday, March 17, games will beheld In Sulrer's
Harlem River Park Casino (and Oanlen. under tie au-
-,, n aplrtaot Ibe Aarient Oiderof lllberulans. Thefuiloii.
X K Jog areata will be rontostedi Shooting match, open to
' i r members of IrUh aorlelles. prise gold medal; Iwu-iulle
' ' rale, epraW all, prlMflO gold piere; one mile walk,
r , for members, prlae gob) medal; half mile run, open to
( , rostabjra- eons under 1 rears, priae gold medal, two.
aslie walk, oeea to all. prl $10 gold plane: throw ng
. le-pound hammer, runulng broad Jump, ruanlng nigh
" Jasap, alaaalng jump, .running hop. atep and Jump.
( i ISrtV; lUndttur Jumpa. tug f war between M Vara
Vt -wenty and JUnga county, eompstltlous la horoplpo,
iSJt ) aad Jl daaclag, aad a BoerUag match.
N rb,. ,,.... -SU-rf
Laaf daalaTil1'' "' ' --.-. i ?-"
Several Favoritea ftor riret and Seeond
Flaeea, bat the Wlanet- la la nonbt.
Last night saw n slight ImpTovomont in tho
attondaneo at the Six-day bicycle raeo at the
Madison Sauaro Garden but paying rock has
not boon struck by any moans. The manage
ment are hopoful that tho lastthroo days will
draw tho crowds. It was oxpfcetod that In view
of tho dlrnppolnllng returns the admission
prlco would bo lowerod to GO oonts, but tho
management rofusos to cut rates.
Tho afternoon crowd lookod lost In tho big
building. In tho ovonlng a number of stu
donts from tho College ot the City of Now
York onllvoncd things considerably. Friday
and Saturday will bo " wheol nights." when
the lending bicycling clubs will attend in
Tho vonturo merits tetter support. For
throo dnys Ashlngcr. Martin, I.umsden. Lamb,
and Heading have bean riding within a few
feet of ouch other, not one daring to lonvo his
wheel during the twetvo hours, flchook has
nlso bocn riding within n few laps ot tho lend
cr. Yesterday afternoon Lftmb broke tho
pcdnl or his machine and while changing it the
othors wildly spurted, gaining a lap on the
orratlo Englishman. This may mean tho loss
ot tho race, and his handlors kicked long and
strong to hnvo the lap credited to hlin.ndvano
Ing as n precodonttho roforee's decision when
l.umsdeu. Handing, and Htago fell on Monday.
But the roteroo docidod that Lamb ralshap
was not In tho nnturvof nn accident prescribeil
by tho rules. Lamb while, whirling around
helped his trainers in tholr kicking. GIvo
me tho lap. yo sods." Iio crl;J. ' You'd do it
tiulek onough if I Wasn t an Kngllshmnu." Bo
kept up his plaint nil day, varying It with suit
iienuiid snurts to regain tho cherished Ian.
Ho would gain as much ns halt a lap, but
could never get any furthor. ,, .,
At i!:.".r o-clonk Hchook's pnoumatlc tire
burst with a report heard all oer tho building,
and the machino wnbbled about tho track,
'I ho Chicago ronrosentativo lost two proolous
laps while a new wheel was procured for him.
The tiro was repaired and tilled with air. but
again burnt boforo Hchock got achnnooto
Scboek. with his lumbering style ot pro
pelling. hssuucoaBingly mado tho pace sinco
Monday afternoon, lie has not the spood ot
the others, and his only hope Is to lead mien u
merry chase that tho others will bo weary men
ut tho end of tlio wook. when ho expects his
powers of onduranoe and garaonossto toll.
Ashlngcr has suddonly loomed up as a
favorito for first money. Tho Oklahoma
boomer Is riding the easiest of the lot. and
thorn is no question of hlfl speed. Orrlo
Moore, the slx-dny pedestrian, has takon,hold
of him and spoaks favorably of his ohanoes.
It is strauge. but Martin Is seldom men
tioned as the winner. Tho champion kueps
uo with tho procosslon all right, and Is rid
ing strong, butsomouow the talent havo Itttlo
faun tn Mini to carry of! the present raeo.
Albert, tho ex-amateur runner, is handling
A favorito with tho crowd is Handing, the
sturdy, hiindsomo. blnck-moustachcd soldtor
from Omaha. Heading iscreditod with having
tho most spood of tho party, having dofeatod
nearly all his associates in previous races.
Itoading has lost two laps by changing ma
chines, but lias not shown whether he has his
old speed by attempting to regain tho lost
ground. His trainer says there will bo plenty
of tlmo for that in tho coming throo days.
Lamb, the English stono mason. Is second
choice It Is a certainty that it he Is anywhere
noar the front on Saturday night tho specta
tors will bo treated to some remarkable sprint
ing. Ho has shown that he retains the groat
sprinting powors that electrified tho crowd at
tho last six-day contest
Lumsdon is keeping thorn guessing. , Every
body ooncodos that if tho homely Scotchman Is
in at the death ho will make things hum in tho
llnal miles. But they are looking for him to
drop by tho wavsldo. although, in truth, ho
appears to bo ns frosh as the others.
There Is serious troublo hotwoon Manager
Eck and the riders, llig Sick Huwell came
very noar handling F.ck roughly early, yester
day morning, but l'ress Aaont Gottschalk In
terfered boforo any blows wero struck. How
oil says tho Garden management has treated
him fairly, and rofusos to make any statement
until Saturday night. Then he promises to
divulge things that will make spicy and lntor
ostlng reading. .. , ,,
On his part Manager F-cklls proparing a
statement that will givnhls sido of tho case.
In regard to the rlaors' charges ho denies
everything they say, and in return chargos
them with swindling him nt every opportu
nity. Ho says ho lias supported O'Flanagan,
Lamb. Howeil, Alfred. Kobh. Wood, and Htago
since last October, and declares they are doop
ly in debt to him and are guilty ot baso in
gratitude. When Eck's and the rlaors' state
ments are mado public some Interesting de
velopments of six-day blayclo racing Will be
Tho 72-hour record Is 1.043 miles, made by
John S. Prince at Minneapolis In May. lfcfcw.
Prince covered 538 miles tho tlrstthree dais,
and the riders are still a few milos behind the
The day's serios of short-distance raoes re
sulted as follows:
Three mile Race McDowen defeated Arthur Robb.
Time. 10 minutes 0 4 5 seconds.
One mile Rsce Wood defeated Alfred Robb. Time,
8 minutes 410 seconds.
Three mile Race o rlanagan defeated Howell. Time,
0 minutes ad 2 5 seconds.
one mile Race Arthur Robb defeated Alfred Robb.
Time, 3 minutes 7 4-5 seconds.
iwii-milellace Arthur Robb defeated Wood. Time,
6 minutes 24 4-5 seconds
One mile Race McDowell defeated O'Flanagan,
Time. 1 minutes 22 2-B seconds
Tbree mile Race Arthur Robb defeated IlowelL
Time, li minutes 21 1-5 seconds, the fastest time made
on the track.
Five-mile Race Arthur Robb defeated McDowell
Time. 1 it uiinutee 48 3 ft seconds
Tbree mile Race Arthur Robb defeated O'Flanagan.
Time, u minutes 30 seconds.
The 500-milo post Was passed at 10:50
o'clock. :i:t hours 50 minutes from the start.
Tho score at 12 o'clock:
ilttt harm MxUt. Lap.
Ashlnger nia 7 Reading Mil r,
I.umsden ft!l 7 bchoek CIS o
Marti I Ml) 7 stage 480 1
Lamb .'.ID U
ninrsa rroitrn imoktsq at.
Beautiful Exhibition of Horaeraanahtp la
Aid of Charity.
Durland's Hiding Academy prosontod a scene
of brilliancy last night upon the occasion of
tho annual muslo ride in aid ot the Ta Kala
Fresh Air Fund. The programmo consisted
of a grand exhibition of riding, driv
ing, and jumping. There was not n va
cant soat in tho Immense amphitheatre
when tho oponlng number began. At 8 sharp
tho doors loadlug to tho stables woro thrown
open, and fully seventy-five ladlos and gentle
moil appeared, mountod upon lino saddle
horses, and executed numerous pretty and
lntrlcato movements in twos, fours, and eights,
under tho command of Baron Paul Yiotinghoft
Tho socond number on tho programme wus
haute cfolf, porformod by Mr. E. M. Little's
bountiful Iiorso Karl, ridden by Mr. 0. I.
llalley. Tho rniadrillo camo noxt. and
wus ridden by twenty young ladles,
it was one of the protliost numbers
of tho evening, and thoso who par
ticipated In It woro: Mrs. K. Little. Miss Fannie
Groxsmayer. Mlf-s Ida Grossmnyor. Mrs. It. M.
Squires. Mlm (lakes, Miss Jessie Watkins.
Miss H. Allure, Ml-s McCord. MJss M. O. Dono
htie, Miss I- Herman, Miss Edna Johnson,
Mr. John (ierlcln. Mrs. W. Itassott. Miss M.
Hiiilng, Miss Muugio Curnen, Miss G. Watkins.
Mlsi X Allure. Mr. O. A. Foster, Mrs. li. F.
Kcis. MiHstVimpboll.
'1 he gnuin of jeu de barre proved to bo a, very
exciting contest. It was participated in by
Messrs 8. H. Knight. 0. Ilarretr. andJ.Melsh
Ian. The latter succeeded In keeping posses
Mon or the illibou during the game and was
doclared tho winner.
The llllli number on the programme was
tandem riding by eight irontleniou. Too riders
wero attired In mngnlllcvnt red hussarunl
forms, and up they performed tho different In
tricate llgurVis tliey wore applauded repeat
edly. Tho pumpkin raeo was ono of the amusing
features of theatenlng. It was contested by
Mt'fcbr. S. 8. Knight. W. Stanton Elliott, F. It
Snttcrtee, and J. Moishlnn. Tho conditions of
this raeo made each competitor ride around
the ring, dismount, grub n pumpkin and curry
It throe times around the rlug. Mr. Elliott
succeeded In making the bost time, and wus
declined the winner,
Tho dead men's raeo was contestod by the
same four gentlemen, with Mr, Samuel Walter
Taylor. Jr. of the JtuUv and Jliirrr and William
A. Mr Gibbon ns nulges. In this contest Mr.
Elliott wus also tho winner. This game was
like tho pumtikln raeo. nnly tho contestants
picked up stuffed figures instead of pumpkins.
Tho maKiiltlcont Iiorso Hercules, owuoit by
Edward H. htokps, cavonn exhibition of high
school training, ridden by Col. II. A. Stoereur.
Tho Hussion Traika, driven by Baron Paul
YietlngholT, was nn exhibition neor bofoio
seen In any academy in UiIb city. Threo
horses wore driven abreast, with tho driver
mounted behind on n white high stepper.
Each horee had a set of sleigh bens attached
to the body, and us the graceful movoments
wore oxeautt-d. tol the merry jingle ot the
sleigh hells. It was highly Interesting.
Hurdle jumping concluded the evenings
ontertalnmenr. The riders were MoBsrs. l)n
vldF. I.ovuy.J. Mefehlan, W.btunton Elliott,
and W. A. McGlbbon,
At (herrifiilarimeliugof the Ariel Ti utile Club, held
at iiirrli!titvi(J4U Ji Ot "iilNir, IJ17 Washington
avinue. on luc.fi i.(iiiiiir, a tuupVe arhvdii e f
touriiauieiiisundiuuli.bcslor the touilng rtuaon wes
presented by the Tournament Committee; oompoeed of
J. White, w. II. Kener. and K. H Cole, aad was
adopted with hut few alterations. Plana for the Im
provement of the grounds and the bulKllng ef a new
club house were dlaeaaewd aad adopted. The teaaU
season will be formally opened on April SO, oa which
day lat club's sprtflf louraamsnt will Dsfla. I
i. .'it... ,,-y -. jl. ,.
jtaeker Baata Moaea Bird Beorea, bat I.o
snaa Huccnmba-Rumboll' Brilliant Feat.
London, March 0. Tho feature ot tho third
roundlnthotntirnamontof the British Choss
Association was tho victory of Laskor over
Mason, Tho Amorlcan, in tho dofence, played
a Potroff, but lost ground In tho ralddlo gamo.
By accurato play tho German trabk succoodod
In winning tho gamo on tho forty-ninth movo.
Bird and Locock playod a sprightly Gluoco
PJanot thold man won after" 60 moves, hav
ing tho advantage throughput ,01a gamo.
Mortimer' won a beautiful Evans i Gambit,
docllnod from .fasnogrodskl. u ho game Is nn
pondeiL iUimboli scored his llrst.victory by
defeating Oosslp In brllllnnt stylo In n 1 rr-ncli
Pofonco. Xoo playod a. Buy, Lopez agulnRt
ljomnn. Tho Dutch champion was caught
napping. Ho lost after 45 movos. nn Mlot
and Fentoh drew, the former, who opened with
a Four Knights' game, throw away his advati
tage. Fonton played the latter part of tho
game remarkably well. . .
Tho soore Is now. as follows; Lee. 2)s:
Usker. 2: Bird. 2; Mnsqn. 2: Mortimer. 2:
Fenton. 2: Van Vllot. IS: Locock. 1.'.; Loman,
1; Humboll, l: Gossip, tt.
BOaTixia, Jisioosoesxi. aoriiaiB. jiswonoDsst.
2KI-KB0 Kt-OBS 20 1'-B4 n-R1
BB-na B-Bi 21 !t-n K-B,!
ar-oKtd B-Kta aaxt-KS ri'
n p-o it 4 l-o it 3 win". J.-1!.8
Or-HS P-tJa 24Kt-B2 ','
7rJj8 Kt-B Plf Kt-R4
8 BK 3 B-ll JL 2 Kt-K 4 B-H 4
U S X B R X 11 27 R-B 2 Jl X Kt
10 Castles Caatles Xt B I' x II Kt-3
11UKI-QS Kt-K 2 211 K-Kt 2 I' H,1
12t-Ks!l Kt-Kl3 WlOR-Rsq -."
13 1 M 8 I" Q 4 31 Kt K 3 O X kt I'
14 il-Kt 3 -& 3 !U Rt-ll B Kt-Kt SQ
inKt-Kt3 B-lltl 3JU-H HIM
IflP-Rr, Kt-Kt 5 I4 1,xll Kt-K2
J7Q-K2 P-K1I4 ,1ft P-B B M Kt X t
18P-B3 ht-Ull j B x K and wins.
Ktelntla Home Again.
Stelnltz arrived home yesterday from Havana In the
City of Alexandria. To a Beit reporter who welcomed
hint he saldi "lamalwaya glad to go to Havana and
glad to rome back." Before he left Havana he gaAe an
ixblbltlon at simultaneous play at the Havana Chess
Club, winning nineteen games and drawlug one without
losing a single game . . , . ,,
TtchlgorlnwenttoNewOrleana where be wlU fulfil
a two weeks' engagement.
Flrat Bay or the Blc Baltimore Touraa
meat. BALTTMonE. March 0. The Initial shoot at
the Inter-State Manufacturers' and Dealers'
Association openod to-day nt Acton Park, tho
stamping ground ot tho Baltimore Gun Club,
and was nn lmmonso succoes. Tho early
hours of the dny woro roiny: but at noon tho
clouds cleared away, the sun came out bright
and warm, and nt least a thousand porsons
spont tho afternoon on tho grounds. Tho i
opening evont had thirty-one entries, nnd this
was tho lowost numbor of tho day. Tho
grounds presont a ploturosquo appoarance
with a semi-circle of tents behind tho lino of
traps, nnd the Patapsco Ilivor in tho fore
ground. The wind blow from tho left quarter
all the attornoon with just enough forco to
clear awny tho smoke without interfering with
tho flight of tho targets. The now, Bomi-pro-fossionat
rulo which was trlod to-day for the
llrsttimo isvory popular.. The only exports
Sresont wero Apgar of Now lork. Miller of
printleld, N. J., and Wolstoncroft of Phila
delphia. Tho latter is out of form,
shooting far below his usual average. O. II.
Brolsford aud J. M. Worden of Harrlsburg are
among tho shooters who arrlvod to-day. Late
in tho nfternoon Dr. .Wuynian of Staunton,
Ya., while shooting In tho amateur class.
had a narrow escape the entire breech ot his
gun being blown on", owing to a flaw in the
metal. The Doctor escaped without a scratch.
II. A. Penrose and John Parker, managers
of the Intor-Btato Association, havo been
working llko trojans for tho sucoess ot the
tournnmont. and are being congratulated on
all sides.
Fonotala One Club Bboot.
The regular sboot of the Fountain Omi Club had
about the usual attendance at Woodlawn Park jester
dar. Tlghtcen shooters went to the score, but tno
were Invited gnests ot the club Tbe club shout Is at
ten birds, modified Uurllngbain rules, club handicap,
for special prizes that are given for the best averages
at the end of the season D. Shells and C. Williams
both klUsdthsir ten straight, and made a good record
for one of tbe prizes A sweepstakes at rhebirdi, 25
yards rise, was shot before tho club sboot. C. It. Morrla
killsd live straight and won
Alter Ibe club shoot was over a sweepstakes at three
birds, misa and out, 25 ards rie, was shot with four.
teeu entries. There wero three prlres D. Shells. ('.
Williams. 0. Murphy. M. Iadsley. and D Hchwarta di
vided llrst prize with tbree straight, and W, I-uir and
Major Eastman divided third prize. The second pnzo
was won by O. ( Morris.
Sroreof Club Shoot-Dr. Shells. 28 yards 10, C. Mil
llatus, 28) arils. 10, C Flato. 28 yards, 8 : M. Llndsley,
28 yards, : "Wanda," 2')yards,t); A. Furdy. 28 yards,
7; V. V an Ord. 28 yarda. 7 : ti. H. Morrla, 30 yards, 7,
Major Eastman, 25 yards, tt, D. Schwartz, 30 yards, (1,
II. W, Blattmaeher, 25 yards. 0; U. Murphy, 28 yards, (I;
A. I.tvUigiton. 28 j ards. 6; W. Lair (invited). 10 )nrds.
4: C. (llgllo. 25 yards. 3. J L Lake 27 yards, 3. L.
Hopkins (Invttedj, 25 yards, 3; W. Oilman 28 yarda, 1.
Parkway Bod and Una Club Mboot.
Tbe regular monthly sboot ot the Parkway Rod and
Gun Club at Dexter Park jesterday had twenty tv.o
members to go to the traps. Tbe club shoot is in three
clasaas for a club medal and club prizes, set en live
birds, modified Hurltngham roles. Tbe first prize In
Class A was won by E. Uelgant after tying v. 1th Major
Remten and J. Blake. Tneyeach killed their seren
straight, but Blake did not shoot oil and Remsen was
beaten one bird. In Class B. C. Wlssel won after tying
with II. Bookman and U. steinhauser. each killing their
seven straight. In class C. (J. Oldberry won with six.
The scoret
Class A. 28 and SO Tarda H. Helgam, 10; Major U J.
Remson. V, J Blake, 7 (withdrew): J. Bennett, tf; A.
Botty. a. T. short. 5. P. Lerblnger, 6
Class H 25 to 27 Yards O. Wlssel. 11: II. J. Bookman,
10, J. Brown. l, O. stelnhauser. 1); II helover, i, II,
Kntckumn. U. A. Andrews 0; D. Miller. 5: II. Knrlchs.4.
Class O J. Oldberry, U, Vi. Slrasser, 6; D. bwlpe, 6, J,
French, 4, J. Link, d,
HIiootlnK Ooaalp.
A shooting tournament will be held under the
auspices of the the North bide uun Clubof I.onir leland,
at the oneens County Driving Park, on Tuesday aud
Wednesday. March 22 and 23, to commence at 10 A M.
each da), Tbetlrstdsy will be devoted to bluoruck
shooting and the second day to li e bird shooting.
Yesterday 11. Melssner and II. Bleckley of the Tre
mont Uun Club and A. Balser of tbe Flatbush Oun Club
shot a match at flrt blue roekaeach, twenty yards
rise, 910 entrance, the loser to pay for tbe birds. Bal
aer gave Melssner a good race for tbe purse, and was
only beaten one bird. Blackleywas out of It from the
start, as rheumatism prevented his maklugblsu ual
good score. The scores were; U. Melssner, 32, A. Bal
aer, 31; II. Blackley, 25.
The wcekl) medal competition of tbe Kxcelstor Rule
Club was hsld at Hansen's ranges. 7il Moutgoiuery
street. Jersey City, ou Tueeday evening Kadi com
petlng member tired ten ahota at the Oerman 25 ring
target, and t lie following scores were made out of a poa
elble 250 points' W. J. Hennessey, JW. Christian
Bauekle 227; William Weber, 227; C. U I'inne), 240,
L 1'. Hansen 231, William llallowell. 2J8; IV. J. Chan
nlng, 23d. and James Hughe. 231. The medal winners
were: ( lass A, W.J. Hennessey, 238; class B, C. L.
Flu lie), 24U.
Owing to the ery Inclement weather there waa on
tin usually small ultendunce at tbe t v. elftb at erage sboot
nt the North Hide (lull Club at their grounds, uueella
County Park, U I., on Tuesday. The scores, seteu
birds eachi C. M Meyer, a; J. Tiernan, 7: Ceorgu
Siins,5; O. Meyer, Jr, il. A. Dur)ea.3: J. draw. 5; I..
Ilarlo. U: J. .Me)er u: J. lampke, : M. CI. Manning,
5. J II. Mriicke. (I. Tills being the last ahnot or tho
aearon, the dlamoad badges and raen pnres were
awarded to tbe members according to their respectiie
averages Tbe following were tbe successful cmiest
ants; Class A H Lyon, diamond badge; CM Me) it,
lirst cash prize; h. Barlow, second cash prize: A
Doryea, third rash prize. Clsss B J. Tiernan, dluiiumd
badge; J, II. Wahlen. Itrst cash prlxs; Dr. Franz, aecond
cash prize; J, U, Mencke. third cah prize.
A. Brilliant Baata by Ward' Mea ta Which
the Opaoaeala Failed to Meore.
Ociu. March D -The Brooklyns made a better show
ing here yesterday than even their warmest admirers
among the citizens of this town bad expected. The
Tampa team has been reckoned among the strongest In
the South this leaioii. Their record up to yesterday
was ten victories as against only one defeat. A. L.
Lawton pitches good balk but the boys foind his curves
In no time. At laat aecount Joyce wat still at
Hot Springs, bat Ward hat wired him to
tome on Immediately, as he will be an absolute
nerenlty In the gam with the rhlUdelpbtaa,
One ot the hoys here received a letter to-day from
llanlnn, who is at Hot Springs, in which the latter con
fidently asserts that Bnck Kwlng'sarmlsall light, and
that be ran throw aa well aa ever he rould, considering
lack of practlre Ward received a telegram last night
saying that Hhort-atop Corcoran had left to Join the
team here, orllhn arrived here from Utlca to-day
looking hale and hearty.
It was ideal baseball weather this afternoon when
the Brooklyn and Tampaa erossed bats at thel.xposl.
ttongmiinde Tbe grand stand waa one third occupied,
and the crowd on tbe Held waa of good aire. About a
rtnen carriages and stages well rilled were grouped
bark of the diamond, nt (east a third of those present
being ladles. The Inlleld work to-day was very line,
esperlaliytn tbe Drib Inning, when tbe Tampaa bad
three men on bases and none out. A strike out, an as
sist from Ward to Brouthers, and a run out between
third anil home made up tho goose eggs. Tbe score:
aaooiLVN. tiara.
a. Is r 0.1.x R.lero.1.1.
Itart,r.r..,...i o 1 o O York. a o 1 1 .1 1
Ward. 2d b ...i o :t a l lllll, rf o 2300
Dalley, r. t....l 2 U O O Lawson, 2d b..O 0 2 2 2
Brouthers, IbO 112 U 0 Laf ce. Odb.O 0 2 1 O
Burns, a. s o 1 0 a 1 Mack, 1st U....0 010 0 1
11 Brim, I f... o 110 o Lawler. 0. f...0 loll
Cam. .'Id b 1 112 0 folllns. L f....O 0 2 0 1
Kluslow, C....2 17 2 o Kurtz. C O O II O )
lnks,p 0103 ODooley.p O U 2 fl O
Melll, p.. .00230
Terrj-. p 1 0 0 4 0 Totals. 0 4 27 14 7
Totals 7 B2T2I1 15
Brooklyn o 0 0 110 2 0 8-7
Tampa O O O O O O O O O-O
Karned runs Brooklyn. 4. Two-base bits Carr.
Brnnthers, Hart, Passed balls-By Klnslow, 1; by
Kurtz, 8. Bases on balls-By Inks, 2; by atetn, It by
Doole), 4. Htruck out Klnslow. Dalley, O'Brien.
La son. Lawrence 12), Lawler, Kurtr. Leri on bates
Brooklyn, 7: Tampa. 5. Time 2 boars. Umpires
lerry. Stein, and Muller.
Meeting or the Kaatera IVeafrne.
RornrtTza, March 9. The meeting ef the Xattern
Baseball League convened at the Powers Hotel at 11
o'clock this morning, with tbe following delegates
present) James ataloaey, John F. Ahern, and L. P,
Fassett, Tro) ; Ueorge Kuntzcb, Charles Welch, and J.
Fata, Syracuse: W. W, Bsrnham, Providence; Dan
Shannon, New Haven; W. W. N'ewelt. Blngbamton:
James Mutrle and M. T, Catn, Plmlra: James Ilanley
and John Deplnet, Krle; James Franklin, Buffalo; K. H.
Mulcahy una B. R. Lawrence, Rochester. President
White orcnpled the chair. A report waaimade by
Messrs. White. Franklin, and Fassett or tbe Circuit
committee. The application of Rochester for admis
sion was presented by Mr. Mulrahy, and a franchise
was Issued to blm Syracuse was tbe next applicant,
and it waa admitted, tbe franchise being granted to
ueorge Kuntzcb.
A surprise waa In store, and It came tn the formot
aneppflcattm from Philadelphia. A stock company
has beiii formed In the Ouaker City with a capital
stock of V) 000. and a franchise waa asked for. Mr.
White acted ns proxy for Philadelphia, and the fran
chise wae granted without delay. The circuit ae far at
made out Includes Rochester, Syracuse. Philadelphia,
Buffalo, Albany, and Troy. Providence, 'New Uaren,
Kluitra, Erlo. and Blnghamton have also applied for
franchises, and their applications are now under con
Jtll UUJMllllllUI'llfc W IU1U UUlll A U HU1. V IU.IIU"
morning, and during tbe eicnlng it Is thought the cir
rult v, ill be completed The best Information polnta to
the almlsslon of I linlru and llinghamton. At tbe
early morning meeting tbe M'hedulo committee and
other committees will bo ppuiuted.
A good deil ot talk haa been nod over the wire be
tween this rltv and ProMdence and New Haven to
night regarding the Issuing of the remaining two
lralichlees, but Hltbout apparent result to those cities,
w hiii- Lrfe came here with strong backing. Frauklln of
lluflaln senna to be about the only one who really wanta
F.rlo admitted. There seems to be no doubt that Plmtra
and Blnghauitoti will be chosen to complete tbe cir
cuit and that franchises win be granted them at the
adjourned meeting early to-morroa morning.
The adjournment to the apparently unreasonable
hour of 130 u'clockln the rooming waa to await the
arrival of ao absent member of the committee.
Proponed A. A. N. Baseball Series.
The Baseball Committee of tbe Amateur Atbletlo
Union haa decided to make an effort to hold
a championship series this year. The prelimi
nary games are to be pla)ed, if possible.
In May, June, and July at New York and vicinity,
Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, Detroit, Cleveland,
aud any other point on which tbe committee may de
termine l.nch locality must enter at least two teams,
rhoss teama winning the series at Boston. New ork.
l'hlladelphla. and Washington sro tn play for the East
ern championship betwien Sept. a and 10, and the
same rnndltlons villi prevail In the settlement of the
V estern rbamplonsblp. The llnal scries will consist of
five games and begin Oct. 3, choice of grounds tn be
decided by toss. Entries close April 15, and each eu
tr) must bo accompanied by a fee ot S50,
Baseball Xotea.
Catcher W. J. rollins la open for an engagement.
Collins is doing some good work for the Tampa, 11a,
There are letters at thia office for Manager Bright ot
tbe Cuban otanta, cbarles Turney, and the manager of
the Long Island grounds.
The coming season will And the Senatorton the dia
mond with their usual strong team. Tommy Moore-1
bead will act as manager and captain.
Tbe Harkensack Outing Club would like to hear from
all rtrst-i lass clubs. Tbey would also like to engage a
nrst-clasa pitcher. Address Hackensack Outing Club,
Clay street, Hackensack, N. J.
The Acme Baseball Club of Brooklyn hare April 30,
Ma) 7 and 14 open, and would like to hear from first
class clubs giving a aultable guarantee. Mount ornon
and Elizabeth A, C. preferred. Address O. C. Crawford,
1.1711 Fulton street, Brooklyn.
It is possible that another semi professional league
will be organized. The only drawback la that there
are not enough bunday grounda. Manager Mclaughlin
of tho Huhir.g ta atroiigly In favor ot a league, not
v. Ithstandlug last season's dlsastroua experience, when
the league disbanded before half ot the gamea had
been played.
The Hummer Baseball Club of Brooklyn baa seenred
the follov. ing playera. R. Howling. 1st b ; T.Burke, 2d
b : A. Brown. cdb:C. Burke, s a;G. Hlnck, I r.; Rob
inson, r. r.: r. landers, c r. Thsy would like to bear
from a good amateur catcher and pitcher. All out or
town clubs giving suitable guarantee can arrange
6 sines by addressing A. Brown, (130 Qulncy atrtet,
Billy Mooney. who played In the Eastern Association
last season, and Eddie Seetke. at one time with tbe
New York National League and Brooklyn American
Association clubs, desire au engagement In tbe North
western League. Sborty MorTls, a well-known local
semi professional player, who expected to Join the for
mer two haa come to the conclusion that walking from
Washington Territory to this city la beyond bis limit.
The State Athletic Club of West Bergen have reorgan
Ized their baseball team for tbe coming eeason. amfare
open to book games with the leading cluba of ibis city
and Brooklyn. Tbe following well-known New Jersey
tla) era 111 play on tbe team 1 John McQlvney, catcher;
enl. pitcher: Crlbbena, 1st b: Nugent, 2d b ; Mack,
a s : banders, 3d b : Cane. c. f.t Joseph McLilvney. 1, r.:
1'helan r. f All communications should be addressed
to (li urge Kauders. 40 West Hide avenue, West Bergen,
Amateur BJIIIards.
The amateur handicap billiard tournament waa con
tinued last evening at Zahn's Academy, lid Bast Four
teenth street. W. II. Foster (200) defeated 1'hlllpJiunna
(10-)) by 20010 u.'k Average by tbe winner. IT38M:
fa-it run br the winner. 43, best run by the loser. Jo,
Rereree, James Blrkett. Time of game. 1 hour 411
minutes. The contestants this evening will be James
Blrkett, 200, against J. C. Statin, 100.
Wheeling; Ooaslu.
The Mate Racing Board of the Pennsylvania division
of the I. A. W. taikotnppoiutlngan otnolal referee to
sen e at all (bo big tournaments,
tt.J. Corcoran, tbe well known bicycle trainer, is In
town In speaking of the prospects thle yeur the
visitor stated tbatln his opinion it would be the live
liest )et seen.
Chief Cousul Ro)le of tbe Pennsylvania division of
tho L A w. has appointed these commlttsesi Rights
mid I'rivileges Thomas Hare, J. W. McUowan. and c.
1. I.unk. Rules and Regulations P. S. Collins. 8. 11.
Murray, and I, J. Lee Improvement of lllcliwais J,
J, au .Sort. Si, It, t'erkinplne, Jr., and C. A. Dluitii.
iTho Town Athletic Club of Bath Beach have secured a
llrst rlasa array of taleut tor Ibelr annual monthly
stag, vihlrh win beheld at their clubhouse uiihutur
. day. There will be special bouts between Nick Colllue
mid Kugene Hornbacher. Ueorge Wright and Jauk
t ampbell. and a wrestling match between Jack Leon
anl aud Jim i ogarty. The entertainment will wind up
1 wllh a ten round go twtween Billy Murray or New York
and Jack Myers of Cincinnati.
Prospect of the IeUndere Going It Alone
Unless the A. A. V. Make at Chaaae.
The Long Island Am at our Athletlo League
rocolvcd setback at the mooting of tho Cen
tral Board ot the Amateur Athletlo Union at
tho Astor llouso on Monday night, when at a
vorr Into hour tho following resolution was
passed by the Board:
JfrseW, That hereafter no association ot the Ama
teur Atbletlo Union be allowed to recognise any league
or association ot clubs within Its Jurisdiction.
The passage ol this resolution was attended
by a lengthy discussion, for tho magnates of
tho Board oaslly saw that it meant a conflict
with tho great Long Island League tho soo
ond strongost athletlo body in tho country.
"Why was It passed V askod prominent Long
Island athletes yesterday. "Wore the man
agers of tho A. A. U. afraid ot tho league's
growing power and strongtn 7"'
,,Tho upshot of tho wholo troublo may bo that
tho Long Island athlotos may conclude tn go
It aloao. Keeping out ot tho Manhattnn-Now
York row. as thoy consldor tho Metropolitan
Association, nnd using tholr elTorts toward the
perpetuation of local intorosta,
Presldont Poverelly. when soon by a Sun re
porter relntlvo to the matter yostorday, said i
Tho whole troublo was brought llko our pre
vious misunderstanding with tho Amateur
Athletlo Union, by tho lack ot knowledge of
thooasoby tho officers and members of that
body. In tho first place, soveral weeks ago
President Curtis mado the suggestion that tho
Long Island dlstrlot bo mado into a soparato
division, but wo did not apply for that
division, as Prosldont Howard Perry Wa
ited Gotham and. proposed several amend
ments to the constitution of tho union that
would bring about tho desired change Tho
clUbB on LongIsland aro a unit on the subject
of a soparato division, as far as I can ascer
tain, as wo havo ovorythlng to loso by remain
ing In tho Metropolitan Association, which Is
fnr too large as It stands at prosont. and noth
ing to gain. With our own laws and rules,
subject to the Amateur Athletic Union, wo can
get many ot the league organisations, which
now refuse to loin the Amatour Athletlo Union,
to become affiliated with tho union, nnd thus
strengthen the body utoletlo as well aa tho
avslla U vjfe
"Secretary Sullivan sent out a circular,
while we had already Issued ono to the clubs
asking their viows on tho subjoct. erad in tho
absence of the replloa from thoso clubs, many
of which have held no mooting. 1 presume it
was considered that they did not desire to be
come a separate division. Tho league, as us
ual, will take prompt action, and I have called
a speolal meeting for Tuesday ovenlng next
at the Union Athletlo Clob rooms to consldor
the affair. Whether tho league desiros to go
it alone remains fortho delegates to decide. It
is not improbable, as we have many mombors
in tho league who aro not affiliated with the
union, and tho rowing clubs and cycling organ
isations, being members of the National Asso
ciation of Amntour Oarsmen nnd tho League
of American Wheelmen, may decide, as they
have their own laws to stand by. to form
nn organization Independent of tho union.
Personally I do not favor such a plan, as we
have enough A.-A, U. cluba in tho loaguo to
get tho separate division and may decide to
adopt that plan at 01100."
Prosldont Marl A. Cuming ot the Acorn Atb
letlo Association said: "It was an unwise
move ot tho A- A. U for the Long Island
Loaguo is vory strong, and It has now given
threo championship meetings qutto success
fully, as far as talent goes. Tho Acorns are In
favor of a separato division, and will advocate
such a ohnngo. for it's tho only mothod by
which wo can got the recognition our strength
warrants." . . .,..,.
Troasuror Joseph 0. fipnoth of the Arcadia
Athletlo Association, relatho to the subject,
said: Our organization Isn't in it. as far as
these squabbles aro concerned, but when tho
affair takes on a local coloring I am afraid
that tho union will And It pretty hard to down
the league which sways a vast amount of
local interest." . .
Treasurer Calvin D. Higglns of the Company
I) Athletlo Association, and Socrotary William
II. Coopor of the Company F Athlotlo Associa
tion. Forty-seventh Itegimont, said: "We nro
infavorof tho seraratedlvlslonfor tho league
without reservation."
President Daniel MoGoniglo of the Brooklyn
Athletlo Club said: "Woliave a very strong
organisation over on Long Island, nnd the
union was once beforo convinced of its error
In relation to the championship moeting, and
we mny again nrovo to tho Contral Hoard that
this last resolution wus wrong. If the league
is to bo abolished, the Brooklyn Athletlo Club
is for a separato division."
Chairman Henry Hay of tlio National Athletlo
Club. President It. Frank Simmons of tho
Amity A. A., President William F. Back of the
Wllliamsburgh Athletlo Association, and many
other promlnont ofllcors of organizations on
rolled among tho associato members of tho
Long Island Amateur Athletlo Leaguo ex
pressed the opinion that If tho league was not
allowed to stand "there w as only one resource,
a separato division."
He Maya Thnt Peter Wss Ilia Oera "Worst
l.nemy While Training:.
'When Billy Madden was asked yesterday whatreter
Matter could mean by saying that he had been "doped."
aud not trained properly for his light with Fltzsim
mons. Madden smiled sadly, and replied:
''I don't know what Peter has been doing since he
arrived in Philadelphia, but from this talk I think
there must be bomething the matter with him. I
really do not care to havo anything toaay on the sub
ject except that tbls is anew tune for him. In all be
aald to mo after tbe tight he admitted tbut be would
bai e won If he had followed 111) instructlona "
Jack lullon, who helped Madden train the Irishman,
wasnot sorelustanc totaUc taldlie: "IfMahersa)a
he wasn't tnlned pmpertr he muat be epeaklng ot rus
own ac is when at work. No man rnnld hare bad more
ruithrut attention than he. If Madden had been re
ceiving $100 a mtuuto tor taking oare of blm he conld
not hav c done more than he did
" And It was hard v. ork. I tell you." oontlnned Fnllon.
" For some time we rould not krep the man awa) from
liquor. Wemtght have dune It by sewing hla lips np,
but there was uo other Viar He would find whiskey
somehow and sneak a drink on us until two weeks
before we went louth He often stayed out
until 2 or tl o clock, loo, uutll Madden became
desperate and, v,lth my help, kept blm within
sight every Instant of the dai nnlnlght. Wewere suc
cessful ln.onr wstrh (lurlngthe lest two weeks of the
training, and In that time the man was got into the
best possible abape. that tbe time and olrcomatanpes
allowed. Built waa not v-ithout arduoue aud tedious
labor, and many a stiff lecture that luelbded a threat (o
throw blm over If he did not bchav u himself,'
Fallon would probabl) not have said all this unless
he kneiv that Maher could not ilony it. for tbe Strong
Boy expects to have tbe Irlahmau for a stay at his Mat
bush huuso within a few days.
Newark Yacht Club Election,
Tbe Newark Yacht Club haa elected the following
officers W llliam B Adams, Commodore: F, J, Herpcrs,
Vice Commodore; Edward Atchlaon, Secretary; T. F,
Luff, Financial Secrctar) ; O. fiohade. Treasurer: Joseph
Bandford. Measurer; I.jsandrr Wright, Jr . U. Y, chap
man. . P. B I'ricli. W llliam Murray, and r- L Phillips,
trusties The delekato to tbe New York Yachting As
Biiciniiou ura Cliurlrs K. Cameron, K 1. Phillips, and
Churl.- Si hacli, with !-. w, ijrover, William Murray,
and T .1. Haiho an all, mates. Alexander llnggs uus
appointed steward or the club.
Yncbtlna Goaalw,
At the annual meeting of the Wllliamsburgh Yacht
riuh, held on Mniiit.iv night last at tbe clubhouse in
Stetuun). L. I . the folloiilng orllcers wero elected tor
the mining seosun 1 ominodore. ike VruFh: lee-com-modore,
TlieiiilomMejer; Herniary, Cleorge Mines. A
slstant Hccretan M K. Toerel: Port Captain. Ernest
xiillllug: Hcrgeuut al'Arins, Caleb Barker; bteaard.
lleur) llolb I .
To Decide the Water Polo Championship
F. J. Wells of (he New York A. C.andF, R. Forlmjer
of the Manhattan A C, met at tbe Manhattan A. C. lait
night tn decide on dates for the water polo ihaiuplou
shins. The ursi game will be played at Hie Manhattan
A.cl. ont-atiirdaj. Manh lu; second game at tho ew
York A. c. 011 1 nda. March 45; the third aud deciding
ainc tu be'HIdttllrviard
Bolls, carbuncles, pimples, and sores having their origin in imptirt
blood tho most prompt and thorough remedy Is AYER'S Sarsaparilla,
It expels from tho vital current every atom of poison, and under its p
health-giving influence, tho -flesh takes on new life, sores heal," and tho v
skin becomes soft and fair. Bo sure you get AYER'S Sarsaparilla.
"I was for years subject to ryslpalat, I "Moro than thirty years ago the rim
being ttnable to find a remedy, At of one of my eara began to trouble me,
length, our family I ' . I commencing with
Sgr-'YS jl Erysipelas iSAa'ia
Ayer's Sarsaparilla, ' r tM ' charge ot almost Ira-
and after taking two bottles, I was en- perceptible matter, which would form
tlrely cured, tho disease having never into a sort of scab, Increase In site, loos,
shown Itself since." E. B. Simpson, en, and fall off, leaving tho parts
Loudon Tenn. , , raw and sro- Salves and tbo doctor'
"Twoyears ago r wm ttoablcd vrlth prescription did mo no good. Tre.
alt-rheum. It was. all over my body, aumlng the trouble to be eczerna, I be. '
and nothing the I I 9
doctors did for mo I C I f . R h P II tYI f ""P"1" 1 h
was of any avail. 0lll. eTEIIO-MIH hardly commenced
At last X tOOk four lasaaaeaaaaaaaaaaaaamsaaaaaaaaaaaaasaaaaasasaj on tho fifth bottle,
bottles of Ayer'e Sarsaparilla, and waa when ike ear entirely healed and has
completely cured. I can sincerely roc- remained so since." Isaac Clements,
ommend tub medicine to others, and (80 years ot age), Fort Ann, N. Y.
consider It a aplendldanlood-purlfler." "Two bottles of Ayer's Sarsaparilla
Justin 8. Burt, Upper Keswick, N. B. cured my baby of an eruption which
"Ayer's Sarsaparilla cured me of covered his body in one solid scaa."
scrofula." J. O. Berry, DeerOeld, Mo. Mrs. Kate iamb, Orton, UUh.
AYER'S Sarsaparilla
Prepared 6y Dr. J. C. Aytr Jb Co., Lowell, Mass. Sold by all DruggitU,
Has cured others, will cure you
Mowznra rou a buteb, cvr.
The Meatbera of the Knlckertacksr Bowk
lac Clab atoU oa the Teaala Court Jklleye.
The Knickerbocker Club held their third meeting
this eeaioa at the Tennis Court alley yesterday after
noon. Thera was ii tart attendance ot members. The
clsb committee have decided to donate a handsome
silver enp to be rolled (or by the members each
week. Competition tor the price commenced yesterday.
The ladles are required to roU 125 and the gentlemen
ISO to entitle them to draw for a chance to roll In the
final contest tortus cup. The members securing the
greatest number of tickets throughout the season by
virtue of aeorioc tbe required numbor ot pins will be
selected on the final day of tho club's meeting to roll
for the cap Tbe prise must be won for three seasons
to become the permanent property ot the winner.
At yeaterday'e meeting eome good eeorea were made.
Miss Florence Van Rensselaer rolled 173, the highest
score made by any of the ladies, Mlsa Ogdon came
second with 1ST to her credit, and Mlsa Nlcbola third
with 122. The gentlemen averaged from 100 to l&O.
Among thoso present were Mrs. P. Fell. Mrs. M. Clark
son. Mrs. Richard Dana, Miss Tenny, Miss Florence Van
Rensselaer, Mlsa Jones, Miss Ogden. Ml,s Nichols. Miss
Clarke. Mlsa WIRlame, Miss Shannon, Mlsa Beekwlth,
Miss Cunningham. Miss Taylor, Mlsa Miller, atlsaBlc
cura. Dr. B B. Bart. Mr. Luqueer. Dr. Porter, Mr. Uanyer
Clarkson, Mr, Floyd Jones, Mr. Livingston Center, and
The gab-tournament at Carrnthers'a wound up last
night. The Echo, Herkimer, and Montauk cluba rolled.
The score:
narr ciaa.
goto. ' aauiaia.
S. S. B. Seor X. S. S. 5wre.
Feller 8 4 8 183 Robinson 3 8 4 inn
Miles a 4 168 (Ireenman 4 4 3 178
Brown 1 r 4 148 Meacham....3 3 5 143
Wells 8 8 4 ISO Farwell 1 1 H lOB
PeU Jl 7 1 179 Trebout .4 4 3 171
Total 122313 818 Total .7514 21 747
Echo... 81 140 102 271 842 41 B CAIi B71 7B0 RIB
Herkimer,.. ..72 123 180 230 29tf 87l 48d 671 851 747
Umpire J. Donaldson. Ecorers T. Curtis and F, B.
atcoxn oias,
S. ,V. B 5-ftre .v. s. B Smrt.
Robinson 2 2 6 181 Sparks. 2 tt 2 169
Ireenman.... 1 C 4 140 Potter 1 6 8 1&7
Meaoham,....4 8 3 inn Mnrphy. i0 c 5 180
Farwell.. 2 8 S 1.17 Loscaup. 1 4 C 181
Tisbont 2 tt 2 ISP Cornish 2 U 3 172
Total ilitfio 742 Totals. Mi7rT 70S
Herkimer.. ..70 120 178 229 287 841 41 B60 fl.".7 742
Montauk 88 140 l'-i 2U8 i)01 384 428 COO 078 785
Umpire J. Donaldson. Scorer T. Curtis aad T. R.
Low score were rolled In last nlght'a series of the
charity tournament at the Oermanla Assembly Room
alley. Thesccresi
riaT ciaa.
KorddeutcherKo. 1 ETers.45; Martins, 801 Sniens,
03, cblicbtlnr, t)2; Buns. 87. Total. 2aj.
icoan cm.
Fmplre No. S Budenbender, 04: Merer, 65 alt. 01 ,
Weurmann, 8l3; becathe, 82, Total. 388.
third tuxr.
Hndson A. Lndemann. 62; Iluerflnd S3; Condes, 6S1
BohUng.dS.y. Ludeinann, 85, Total. USD.
rovers tuna.
Young Elchenkrane Blumenthat. 83; Marhelneck.
84. Rlnge. 81; Heyden, 40; Rushing, 32. Total, 220.
nrru aaaa.
Sangerrunde J. Keller, 04; Lohkamp, S3; Pellnlta,
1,4. J. Keller. U)j Welacb. 44. Total, 27C,
Pbarmacentlo No. 1 A. Behrena. 80: Pfelffer, 88 1
Runkel.40; K. Behrens. 41); Wuriu,70. Total, yi2.
Tbe members of Our Bowling Club were In good trim
on Monday night, and some good scores were rolled In
their weekly handicap prise games on their alley In
tho Tennis Court building, 210 Most Forty-tlrst street.
Tbe score:
I1R3T oust.
Team No. 1 Clute, ir2- Wentr. IBO: Day. 1CB; Mc
Keen. 178; Harriott. 14H, Ballard, 187: Toussalnt, 188;
Sraltll. 188. Total. 1.87.'.
Team .No. 2 It. 8. Luqueer, lfl8: F T. Luqueer. 17B;
W..I. Feck. I81I: Barony. 1H7: MacNIder, 17U, l'attsion,
182; Curtis. 143; Wilcox. 1UU. Total, 1,370.
Team No.1 Ballard, 170; Clute. 198: Day. 171: Cur
tis, ted, F. T. Luqueer. UMiMcKean. ldl; Wilcox. 102;
. 3. Peck, 182; UaUaher. 174; MacMder, 151. Total.
Team No 2 mltb. 1(W; Brown. ir9: R. 8. Luqueer.
ir4; hamn,177; Wontz, ltu; Marriott, lni: Tous
salnt. 1B7; Moore, 170, l'atteson, IDS. Total, J. till.
The onenlng games were played In Dahnke'a tourna
ment on Tuesday night 1 leven frames were required
In the nrstgame. The scores:
Lenox struthers. 20U, Burgolne. lBIj Abry. I6O1
Arnold, 100, llalrath, lKtl. Total. 807
Hilary Lalor, 188: Lackman, 171; Axtman, 1C7;
Wise, 167; Howe, lU4. Total, 838. '
Itilarr Lalor, 122; Lackman. 1S3; Axtman, 13:
Wle,an0; Howe, 141. Tolak 78
Crescenl-F. Roth, ir,4. Ccbhard, 180; J. Roth. 103:
Booth, Md; Irvlug. litn Total. 811. '
Crescent-F. Roth. 137: Oebbard,";i6l! J. Roth. 124:
Boqth. I&4: Irving. JM Total. 722.
Lenox striithers. 10": lliiricine. 139, Abry. 153:
Arnold, 100; Bolrath. 162. Total, 771). ' '
Tlie Spartan and Amerlcus club of lloboten rolled
MAN wants but little
here below,
But everybody
wants H-O
the first game of a series at the latterM alleys on ateev
day nUhU The Spartan won by 81 pins. The aoorai
Amerlcns Hunt. 182: rcnerbarh. 14P- Seller. 12i
Little. 12: K. Leulr. 147: Clark. 178; Voger. 14B: Bit
ter. 156: Sehmedea. 180: J.Leulr, 184. Total 1.657.
Kpartan-uarrtson, 141: Tlmkert isni J. Oehra, 18f
Pape, lit: O.Rtellea 142; L.Oella.212: J. Steljee, lBt
Keckeltsen. 177; Duncan, 144; Kuncken. 170. Total,
The Twenty-third street branch, champion of the
Young Men' Christian Asoclatlon.were defeated by
the Harlem braneh on Tuesday tnight. The gam waa
played on the Harlem branch alleya. The seoret
Harlem Branch Corney, 187: Kggleson, 121: Church.
101: Wlnans, iao; Martin, ler,; strobei. 184- Long. 178;
Breen, IPS: Hermann. 130; Duncan. 143. Total. 1.483,
Twenty-third Street Braneh Kirngboffer.klflD, Rueek
ert, 140; Boenke, 118; Asendort, 106: Dueehar, lSB;
Whitaell, 148: Hansen, 128; Uoner. 160; Biuhler. Ul)
Elche.ltja. Total. 1,432.
Athletlo Coatpetltloao tn tho 'WllUaaas.
bnrsh'e Clabhonae.
There was a large crowd ot interested epeotator at
the clob house of the Wllliamthurgh Athletlo Associa
tion on Tuesday evening', when the first of a ecrlss ot
weekly athletlo competition was decided. Owing to
the lack of room, most of the event were field cosiest,
but they wero hotly contested, and furnished plenty of
sport for all hand. Vice-President William IT. Carroll
was the referee, and Edward Jester and John A. Crelf h
tonwere the Judges.
The Srst event was the bar Taultlnf competition. Eigh
teen athletes oompeted, and It eras tome time before the
lot got through. Oeorge A. Berger woa, trttn the food
vault or Q feet BU Inobes: William Ktrkwood waa aee
ond. with fl feet 2k niches, and T. Robert Lynch third,
with 0 feet H Inch.
The aeconiT eveut w a atandlng high Juntp. which
waa won by WllUam Klrkwood, after tying T. Robert
Lynch, at 4 feet -H Inches. II. Auticamp wa third,
with 4 feet. "
The third competition wa a running; high Jonip.
which was won by William Klrkwood with the leap of
4 reet 7 Inches. T. Robert Lv nch wa aeenad. with 4
feet 5 Inches, and Eamoel A. Walters waa third, with 4
A tripod race came next team No. 1. T. Robert Lynch
and WllUam Klrkwood. carrying oft tbe point, with
team Ivo. 4. Peter A. Boylan and Capt. Bam Walters,
necond, and team No. 3. consisting or Qeorc f sera
and Ueorge A. Berger. tblrd.
Then followed a most comical tug of war at catch
weights. Capt. Sam Waltera'a team consisting of Capt.
Sam Walters, anchor; A. Antlcamp, a: Peter A. Boy
lan, 2, and and William Crocco. 1; and Lieut. Lyneh'a
team consisting of Oeorge A. Berger, anchor! Oeorge
Bggers, 8: William Klrkwood. 2, and T. Robert Lynch,
1. waltera'a team won by pulling their opponent over
tbe cleats lu 8 minute.
A two-lap bopping race followed, Peter A. Beylaa
winning, with Joseph Blschod second, and J. GreevM
third. It was a close contest.
Tbo points were then computed on the best ef flva
for a winner, tbree for a second, and one for a third,
and the result announced a follow: William J, Xlra 4
wood. 18; Peter A. Boylan, 14; T.Robert Lynch. IOj .
Samuel A. Walters. I: A. Auticamp and George A. Bar- 1-
ger 0: Oeorge Crocco, B; J. BtschotT. 3; J. Ureere aad j
(i. Eggera, 1. j
On Feb. 28 the Manhattan 'Atnlttm Clab gavapt
f easlonal boxing tournament, and tbe beet "go " ot tha "
evening was between Tom Kelly of Uobokea aad At
O'Brien of Philadelphia, two 183-pound men, Kelly
called at Tsa Boy offlce yesterday and said that a
could defeat O'Brien If he could ret a fair decision,
and. If o Brlen is willing, Austin Olnbons will put apa
riurae for a limited number of roands or to a finish. te
ake place at the Patterson Athletlo Club.
n,ra Dear Sir:
6ej3B AlxoffctntiUmJm I
JBFV vnll M-f v,tB 'I
IMttiSr "'kJ nJ reM j
sjV)7iVMrrdlds4al i
FfVs: ef tht tiring I
rl Specifies for Le$tm J
Vigor and Nervous Debility. Altoualtct I
betkefttartlingfacttandtrvthi. TAtm I
only certain Sfecijie ftr frematunM I
I Decay, Cure guarantied. J(
6P.M. 8untaMO.M..ot P.M.
I 80 FIHh Avtnot. New Ytrk City.
aMJal Mai aaVaal aaaafjai aafjBafJ
j8porfipmatt,j gooihts i
Advertisements for TM KHUN may be Isft at any
American District Messenger office In this city, where
tbechsrgcswiUbsthe same aa tboee at tbe main eMee,
All leading atandard make, old wheel taken la ea
ch an ge. Catalogue, list ot second-hand wheele aal
eaay terms of payment mailed free. Cushion and Paea
tnaflc tires applied toold wheele at moderate cost. 309
11 red cushion tire boys' or girls' Credesda. tBOt
reduced to SOO. Correspondence solicited.
Pt-AIK. As MNIfPEtt. ! Waaaau St., N. X,
lllcycles. all makes, slzea and types, at 1,784 Broadway,
Broad v. ay. between 57th and 68th sts.
From SJO up.
BIUVCU3 i.'IIANCK.-New H umber, cuslon tu-.iot
also another, S35, I-
(front Snle of Parlor Furiiltiiree 300 DlfTerent Vntteriw, in nil Coveriiiffrt, Murked In IMulii Figures, Less thnn Cost. Barffnins J
In all Depni'i'iiieiits this Coming: Week. I '
9& lnr!or result In French Topestr.v. Wilton Hiih, or uuy Cover; Heduced from 985
pw "-1"1'1 ' " ..-,...,. . .ill ,-, , j-,it . .. J . A ,
-- Z .... t- '?rT j- ...ii, li ,i ,,.,-v- ''''a.iULa ;, . ,( , x t j x .-.,. ? '

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