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THE -SUN, THURSDAY, MARCH 10. 1892. ' ' jj J
- , . - -. jMMl i M. . jy .
r It la tka rrowr TUig to Site oa m Wkitl
-A a fbr SherlUtaacsTntrcl
It la rtt Taking; tka Pl.ee of tha Ball.
raaa Trln-A TUIt to the Madlaoa
Sajnare) Qaraea aalbltloawlll Show that
a Wheel Caa ha Dad at About Any
Weight, Whlla the Coaatroelloa la
Wholly a Matter of Choice.
The blevclo as a means of locomotion for
buelnoss purposes In addition to ploasuro
trips Is rapidly eoralntr Into popular favor.
This faqt Is attested to by tlio constant ueo of
tho blcrclo br buslnoas men. In adjolninc
towns tlio bloyclo Is daily used as n means od
i conveyance in proforenco to tho vohlclo or
p railroads for the transaction of busino8. In
many places protractod trips aro takonontho
wheel for purely buslnoss pitrposos. Tho ox
ponsoot railroad transportation Is nowdono
away with In froauont obhos by tho uso of
tho blcrclo. Tho advisability of utilizing
tho wheel as an adjunct to tho army
for oourlor service has boon suggested, and
In some places tostod with satisfactory ro
BUlts. For rocroatlon It Is advocatod by the
most prominont physicians. Its ndvantago
for covering long distances outrivals thohorse,
and being moro trustworthy has profcronco.
Tho Incroasod popularity of tho wheel has
necossitntod additional outlays of machines
by tho manufacturers ovory year, bo that to
dny bloyclo manufacturing Is one of tho lead
ing tndustrlos. In tho past two years manu
al facturors and dealers havo sprung up
all over tho country. Ho rapid has
been tho advanco mads In this branch
of manufacturing thai It has bocomo
necessary for tho various makers and dealers
to glvo an annual exhibition of their latest
products. Suoh an exhibition is now in prog-
ross at tho Madison Squaro Garden. Tho hall
adjolninc tho Madison avonuo entrance- to tho
Garden has boen fitted up for tlio exhibit now
In progress, nnd, being tho first over hold In
this city, it Is naturally oxcltlng widespread
Interest. Commodious stalls, partitioned off.
four rows deop hnvo beon arranged,
which, with the latest novelties In cycles
and sundrios tastefully vdlsp!ayod. pro
Font a neat nnd attractive uppearrnco.
Tho cyclo exhibit is tho first thine to attract
tho visitor's attention upon ontorlnu the Gar
den. vory stall Is In chargo of competent
and woll-known wheolmon. who are kopt con
stantly dilating upon the InJUMual advan
tages of lliolr products.
l'articulur attention has boon paid to tho ex
hibition of pnoiimittla tiro. Of lato years
there havoboun fowrndleAl ehanevsin thocon
structton of tho bloyclo. Tho aim of tho vari
ous manufacturers has beon lo lesson the
wolclitof their machines unci still have them
retain their durability to withstand seero
tests on the roads.
Tho pnoumatle has, to a nertaln extent, rev
olutionized cycling. It has dnno nwav with
ronsidarablo vibration and made it pohsiblo to
obtain a higher rate of speed without unduo
- exertion. Among tho oxhiiittsare three wheels
1 which aro relics of olil tluys. They urn eon-
strncted on tho volocipodo plan. One is owned
by I. M. Dnllard of lonkors, and upon it was
, won tho first bicyclo rnco over run in this
r country. That took ploco In 18)i). CtMn
Witty of Brooklyn owns one which was made
In Now Jorsoy in 180U. Comparison ofthu.su
wheel-" with those of tho present i!uy shows
marvellous improvement.
borne of tho prominent manufacturers who
nr entitled to great credit lor tho improve
ments in bicycles nre Col. Albert Tope of tho
l'ouo Manufacturing Comrmny. Charles Over
man of tho Overman Wheel Company. Georga
l'opo of tho Hartford Cycle Company, and
Messrs. fiormullyar.il JefTry of tlio firm of that
name. These men stand at the head of tho
bloyclo trade. Constant improvements and
modifications by them have placed tho bicyclo
in Its present perfect condition.
Tlio advent of moderate-priced bicycles In
the last ten years has put wheels within the
reach of every one. Tho wtnn.lard makes And
pneumatic-tired whoels retail at SlKi. S150.
and SI HO. but good substantial machines can
bo obtained for from $80 upward.
It is only within the past five years that
cycling became so popular Itiders of wheels
wore at iirst. riaiauiou. one io-uay it is one 01
tho moBt popular forma of recreation.
In the cyclo exhibit thero aro many varie
ties of wheels.
Thn Goo. It Bidwell Cyclo Company Is show
ing thoir leading wheel, tho Tourist, which is
being manufactured at the armories of tho
Colt's rntent Firearms Company, Hartford,
Conn. The Tourist wheel Is of diamond
frame, fitted with Bidwoll (Thomns) pneu
matic tiro. They also offer among their high
grade whols tho Warwick, manufactured at
Kpringlleld, Mass., and tlio well-known
Fsyelio. mado In England. All aro equipped
with tlio Illdwoll (Thomas) pnoumatle tires.
Their $100 wheol is eallod the (Student.
which they make in two patterns for both la
dles and gentlomen. fitted with oushlon tiros
at thut prlco or with pnoumatio tiros at Sl'J.l.
. This company also represents the Kt Nicholas
Company of Chicago, and control throughout
the East thoir line of wheol. The Bidwell
(Thomas) pneumatic tiro, which is manufac
tured by this company. Is also shown in ull
possible shapes for both road and racing
wheels. This tire is the most prominent In
K use to-day. All high-grade wheels of tho 'm
r model aro being equipped with pneumatiu
tires. Tho Bidwell company also show many
cycling accessories of their own manufacture:
notably among them istho Bidwoll Cyelomo
tor. Perfection Bell, and Perfection Tiro Heater.
Tho American Ormondo Cyclo Company ex
hibit thoir. full line of wheels, consisting of
the Ormondo in modols C. D. and tho ladies'
Ormonde. Theso wheels will Do llttod with
either cushion or pneumatic tires of tho Dun
lop, Bidwoll. or N. P. pneumatlo make. Tho
other machinos shown aro the Halvator, Bo
dlne. and Violet. Besides tho wheels they
carry a full line of lamps, bolls, and accesso
ries. Thoir greatest novelty Is a goured Ordl-
nary, tho first ono seon In America. It is cre
ating great interest among wheelmen. To
further enhance tho interest In the exhibit
i the Ormondo company hnvo deeldod to glvo
away two whoels ono to tho lady and ono to
tho gentleman who first guosses tho nearest
to the number of persons entering the Oar
den during tho six days' racing.
William Deed A Hons of Boston have an ex
hibit of four machines of tho now mall pat
tern, which they manufacture. Their ma
chines aro of very high grade, and their
models for 1802 aro among tho handsomest in
America. Their popular machlno for 1WK2 is
lifted with cushion tiros and tangent spokes.
All parts intorclmngeable, nnd none but tlio
best dropped forgings nre usad. Tho price of
this machlno is SIOU Tnelrn'wMail Scorehor
is n vory superior machine, llttod with pneu
matic tires, and sells for $150. Tills machlno
has a tube brwo across the diamond frame
following tlio rurvaturo of tlio rear whool and
ending in tho snddlo post sookot. This
makes a most tgrnceful brano across tho
. diamond frame. Their ladles' pattern, with
cushion tires. Is n very beautiful nnd light
machine, having noout It many features that
will commend it to those interested.
Tho famous Uoiulron cycles aro found just
as you outer the oxhlblt room. The stand is
, decorntod In black satin, with gold lettering,
! forming a neat iiackground for their oxhlblt.
They show thoir well-known No. 7 road racer,
4 a full diamond framo safety fitted with rat-
I" trup pedals, tho (Jorford scorcher paddle, and
1 tho Now orkjirotection pneumatlo tiro. They
also show a 'Jo-Inch safoty. full ball-bearing.
cushlon-tirod whoel. with dress guard, built
especially for young ladlos nnd mlssos, and
which sells for $00. All tho wheels shown
present a good appearance and uro I eiutifully
nlokelled and enamelled. The Uondron cycles
nre made by the Gondron Iron Wheel Company
at their works In Toledo. Ohio, where tlmv
have nn .enormous plant. Their Now lort,
ofllco and waroroom Is ut 107 Chambers street
Tho exhibit of tho Hmltli Wheel Manufactur
ing Company comprises types of their cele
brated high-grade Dart cycles, models B. C.
' and I). Model BDart is aldlamond frnme with
'JH-lnoh wheel weighing SI4 pounds, fitted with
JV-lneh Btrus pneumatlo, tires. Model O.
ttdles' dart, tbelr special for ladlos, with
20-inch wheel, very .light steel seamless
tubular frame, tons ball socket, sturing head,
handle! well curved, to give graceful position
to tho rider, welgn "but ao pounds li illy
equipped with pneumatlo tires. They are the
ordinal iT.ntorMtentei, and Introducers
of the practical ladles' bicycle. Model D, com
bination Part assigned for general mm ly
use. can be ridden by either lady or gentle
manby the simple removal of a rod attach-
mTh Remington Arm Company show many
novelties. They show throe wheels, ono
standard finish. -one full .nickel, and one with
U briaht parts case hardened. This makes a
. very attract vo and notel style ,at finish. Thelr
wheels are diamond frame, with a long-wheel
base, forty-four inches, and Jhor fepros ent as
fine an appearance as any wheels In tho show.
The goo4a that tho Anglo-American Iron
and MotalOompany exhibit oonslst of almost
anentirollnoof Iron and stoel products usod
fn the conatructloii of eye es. They supply
the trode with overyth ng that may bo needed
in the maklnif of n wheel; from tho rowmate-
riti&aVritotSdo?i&Md Mrark row.
tbfi eltr.haven exhibit of tool; and ma
ohlnenr necessarr to repatrera of blcy o es.
besides displaying the. regulation L. A. W.
uniform, have also on oxhlnltlon specimens or
tho dlfforont uniforms which they hayo made
and which are now worn by tho various bi
cycle clubs. They also display a large qnan
tity of samples of different colors and grades
of cloths for bloclo uniforms.
Ames. Frost A, Co. of Chicago have an Inter
esting oxhlblt, and one that, embraces several
Improvements oflerod to tho publlo for tho
first tlmo this season. . They claim a groat
many advantages for their pnoumatio tires,
which thoy manufacture. ., ...
In stand No. 3.J 1L I Coleman A. Co. of 35
Barclay street, this city, the, ltfstern renre
sentativo of tho Western Wheol W orks of Chi
raKO, exhibit probably ono of tho most com
plete linos of snfotlos mude. They consist of
twelve dllTeront patterns, and rango in prlco
from S20 to $i:t.r. mid aro fitted with pnou
matlo nnd cushion tires. The es em W heol
Works mndo nnd sold 'n.UUU safeties durlnir
181)1. Thoir output this year, thoy claim, will
roach .lTi,000 machines.
Tho New York Bolting nnd. Packing Com.
pany of ir Park row have a full lino of their
relohratod pnoumatio tiros on exliibltlon.
Thoy have n pneumatic tiro which has an in
ner tube and a covor comonted thereto, en
nhllnit any ono to repair tho, same In enso of
puncture In a very few mlnutos. They aro
constructed vory stronglr, and It would be a
ory dillloult mattor to burst ono of thorn.
Theso tiros can bo fustoncd to tho rim without
t hn use of cement. Their exhibition of cushion
tires and all rubber nccoMinrlos appertaining
to bicycles is very interesting.
Th Metropolitan Hardware Company of 20
Barclay street and 32 and 34 esey street nro
exhibiting n lino of tho famous. Budge cycles.
This llrm is producing moro wheols than any
othor cyclo company in the world. They wore
represented In tho United Htntos during tlio
dny or tho ordinary bicyclo by a Boston house,
which was nfterwnid discontinued, owiuu
rinrtlyto tho enormous demnnd for their whool
n Kngland and Kuropo. They are. now show
ing in their exhibit a model light roadster,
which is winning Its way among tho soorchers.
Thoy also show tho famous Triplet Safety. It
Is built so strong, and yet so light, that it will
safely carry threo mon each wolghlng 175
pounds. This wheel weighs soventy pounds.
The spood attained by this Triplet Is aston
ishing, ono milo having beon mado in 1 min
ute nnd r8 seconds.
The Banker Cycle Company of this city have
a very lino nnd attraetivo exhibit In stands
Nos. 2 and 3. They display six machines of
the Stover Bicycle Manufacturing Company
nnd two machinos of thr Moffat Cycle t'om
puny. They also exhibit tho 1'hirnlx in threo
wolghts 34, 30. and 4'J pounds respectively:
also a ladies' l'htrnix. a ladles' spnng-framo
paragon, as woll as an Iroquois convertible
ladles' or gentlomon's safoty.
Tho oxhlblt of tho Gormully ft Jeffrey Manu
facturing Company of Chicago Is under the
supervision of Mr. Hector Campbell, and em
braces a full lino of their relubrated Humbler
cycles, llttod with the plain nnd Inflated cush
ion and patent corrugated pneumntia tires.
Tlmy nlsohhown full line of sundries, and a
very largo nssoitment of bicyclo lamps, of
which they nro tho larccbt manufacturers In
thn United States.
The most Important feature of the oihiblt of
If. A. Lozlor A Co. of Cleveland. O.. Is tho won
derful Palmer pneumatic tire. This Is tho
only tiro now manufactured which will not
pimcturo under any sort of provocation. It
will not omit the air. either. It is as resilient
as uny of the pneumatic tiros. Their regulnr
linn of Clovoland wheals is as follows: Tho
Number 1!. with 30-Inch front nnd l!8-inch ronr
wheel. 1'i-ineh Inflated cushion tires, weight
40 pounds: Number 3. with 28-inch
wheels, Hi-inch inflated cushion tiros, weight
44 pounds, and tlio Number 4, which
will ho their scorcher, and will weigh
somewhere from 32 to 34 pounds, with pneu
matics. They aro absolutely high grade in
ovorv rpspect. and there Is a full lino on ex
hibit. Their Giant linn of bicycles consists of
tho No. 4 GInnt. a 30-inch machine, with
cushion tiros: the Giantess, n 28-inch rear
wheel and 20-Inch front, ball-boaring all over.
Including tho head. The Little Giants, both
ball-bearing and plain-bearing, uro woll
known wheols.
The exhibit of Charles J. Godfroy consists of
the nopulnr and oxcellont lino of wheels made
hy the John 1". Lovoll Arms Company, viz..
Lovell Diamond No. 2 and Indies' No. 2
cushion nnd pneiiematlc. and convortlblo No.
4 cushion nnd pneumatic. This line has boen
upon tho market for the Inst three seasons,
and has established an enviable reputation
for durability and quality. Tho Sterling and
b Iph are also exhinlted.
Tho H. B. Smith Company of Smlthvllle. N.
J., exhibit a Hover Star, fitted with Kelly's
pneumatic tires; also with cushion tiros. Thoy
n Kn shown diamond frame new lover safety.
This machine is propelled by lovers and
clutches instead of tho usual crank propul
sion. Tho weight is about forty-two pounds,
and it is fitted with pneumatic tires. They
also exhibit their ilrst production of a ladies'
snfety, which is provided with a drop frame.
It Is equipped with the Kelly pnoumatio tire.
The Liberty cycles, which aro tho product of
Mocsrs. Wilson. Myors ft Co. of this city, nro
exhibited. This llrm lensostho old plnnt of
the ltocknway Manufacturing Company, which
is located ut ltocknway. N. J. Tho Liberty is
shown in full roadster pattern, flttod with
cushion nnd pneumatic tires. A comploto lino
ot parts is snown in various siagon or manu
facture. A particularly novel hub is oxlilnltod
which admits of a true tangent spoke without
tho slightest bend at tho bond, the tensional
chain coming direct on tho spoke head. Long
steering head and wheel bnso are to be found on
the Liberty cycles. The stand Is in chargo of
Willis B. Troy and W. Campbell, both of whom
am woll-known wheolmon.
Tho Now York Cvclo Company exhibit a la
dies' wheel, a gentlomon's cushion, and pnou-inatlc-tlrod
machines. Thespeclal feature thoy
claim for their own wheel lstho front and roar
springs. They claim that theso springs do
away with vibration und jar to a much greater
etent than does tho pnoumatio tire. They on
rieavor lo muko an especially strong wheel,
lather than a light ono.
Tim Warwick Cycle Manufacturing Company
show four pattornsoftholrnewmachlne.thePil
grim, llttod with pnoumatle nnd cushion tiros,
ono machine Is a very handsome samplo of
lino nickeling. Tho woll-known Warwick
Ghost is on exhibition, and in exciting the in
terest of those Interested In the snort. Taking
it altogether, tho exhibit of tho Warwick Cyclo
Company is a highly creditable ono and strict
ly in keeping with tho high chnractor of the
corporation's products.
ltouno. Hazard A Co. of Peoria. Ill . exhibit
three styles ot the Sylph, a high-grade spring
framo safety mndo by tho ltouo. Duryea
Cycle Company of the same place, with a factory
atChlcopoe, Mass. In this machine they com
bine the highest grade ot workmanship. It is
built in either diamond or drop frames with
pneumatlo or cushion tires. A seatlon of their
pnoumatio tiro with hollow rim Is shown.
An Enlarged Site fop tho Xetr JEplaeopal
Mlaalona Ilouae.
The Missionary Society of tho Episcopal
Dioceso of New York has just received a
valuablo block ot property at the southeast
corner of Twenty-second street and Fourth
avonue. The lot Is now occupied by tlio build
ing of the Socloty for tho Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals. Tho society was tho ownor of the
property until recently, when it was bought
by persons whose namos aro withheld for the
presont. Tho negotiations woro complotod
yesterday by which tho missionary socloty
will recelvo the proporty from theso unknown
Tho proporty has a frontage of about 80 foot
on Twenty-second strcotund 20 feot on Fourth
avenue. It adjoins tho threo lots In the contre
of tho block in Tourth avonuo, where tho new
HpIcopal mission's house was to hnvo boen
erected. Tho Missionary Socloty also owns
tho lot at 102 Eaxt Tvtonty-socond street, and
by the gift of the corner proporty it now pos
sesses a splendid site for the mission's build
ing, with n frontage of 00 feet on fourth av
enue and about the samp on the Twenty-second
street side. Tho plans of tho mission's
houso will be altarod at ouco to conform with
the onlargod slto. , ,
The gift easily represents n market value ot
$ 100,000. und, in connection with the proporty
already acquired by tho missionary Society, is
worth much more. Tho Socloty for tho Pre
vention of Cruelty to Animala will romove Its
quarters very shortly to lo Last Twonty-sec-ond
street tompornnly, and tho old structure
will then bo torn down.
Tho cornor of Twenty-second street and
Fourth nvenuo will bo transformed whon the
present plans for Improvement there are put
Intoenoer. Tho United Charities building on
the site of Br. Paul's Methodist Church is In
course of erection, and the Bleeeker Street
Bank for Savings U Boon to put up b new
building at tho southwest corner, .With the
new Missions building at the southeast cor
ner, the spot will be an Interesting centre of
oharitsbla work.
The North Beach Hyalarr Clear V.
It turns out notwithstanding the report
of the two Newtown dootors who made the au
topsy on the body ot Lange, that he really did
shoot himself, and did not dio of hemorrhage
of the lungs. In an examination of the head
yesterday they found the bullet. Tho body
has been Identified positively s that of Gott-
Ileb Lunge of 228 Bloorafleld street, Hobokon.
fo was a widower, nnd formorly worked in
the liavenswood Terra Coita' Works. He was
In bad health and despondent, and had sought
North Beach for the purpose of suicide.
Nesroes Boaaa fur Africa,
The bark Liberia sails from Pier 0, East
IMver, early this morning with flftr-olght
negroes bound for Africa. She Is commanded
by Capt II. J, Rogors, and has a crew of olovon
men. . Fifty of Capt, Hogers's passengers came
from Morrllltown, Ark. , They are going out In
the steerage, with nothing but what they call
their baggage. The other eight are the (ami
lies of two missionaries stationed at Bomball.
the furthest outport of the Western Soudaa.
Thsvoyagb will oocupt thirty days.
gffl Bi-OzoneCure.
"Tour method recommends itself to every
man of common sense."
O. F. II. MoVAY, editor Up-town Tress.
" A brief trial will convlnos any one that it is
all you claim for it" JOHN 0. HHEttMAN.
70 Johnson st, Brooklyn.
" It Is the perfect tonlo and sovereign rem
edy for indigestion."
U J. PHILLIPS. Antelope, N. M.
"Hy health continues good, and tha couth,
which I had not been free from for ten years,
has disappeared."
F. H. 8TEVEN8. 221 Fifth ar.. Chicago, IIL
cniCOPEC Mass.. Jan. 12. 1802.
"Bo far Bl-Ozone seems to take hold, al
though I may be too Imaginative from faith."
D. a HAMLIN. 81 Chestnut st.
From the same. Jan. 10. 1802.
"Don't know but I am prejudiced, but I be
lieve it is doing good work."
From the same, Jan. 21, 1802.
"Yes! I am pretty wall satisfied that I am
lowly gaining in several ways; In fact
N. B. Any one wishing to verify above testi
mony should enclose a stamped envelope In
their letter of inquiry.
In addition to ths above I have unimpeacha
ble references ot the highest character aa te
cures ot catarrh, dyspepsia, obesity, bron
chitis, nervous exhaustion, to.
One tree trial at office,
He Coafessee to Policy Flaylac and Telia of
nil Ilreaat-Tho Policy Dealer field.
William A. Losey of 525 Monroo street,
Brooklyn, who is charged with embozzllng
S3L700 from tho Mallison Brothers Company,
wholosnlo papor dealers, of 18 Bookman stroot,
was arraigned in tho Tombs Police Court be
foro Justice MeJIabon. yesterday afternoon.
Losoy. who has been with tho firm twonty-flvo
years, for tho last olevon years has boon em
ployed as bookkeeper. He admitted that he
took tho money and lost it playing policy.
On May 14, 1800. ho said, ho drenrot that
he saw a policy shop and the numbers.
172340. When he wont to work tlio noxt
day he told a friend of this drenm, and to
gether thoy went to Billy Sponccr's policy
shop at 202.W William street nnd played tho
numbers of his dream. Thoy lost. Thoy went
back the next day and won. From then on.
Losoy said, he frequented policy shops and be
camo a "poke llcnil." Ho lost steadily for
sometime, and wiib forced to take money from
his employers. Ho took in all $31,700.
Last Saturday the defalcation was discover
ed by the firm and Losey was arrested. Ho
confessed, and gnvo a list of tho shops at
which he had lost tho money. The proprietors
woro arrested and taken before Justice Mo
Mahorf yesterday. Thoy were hold In $1,000
bail each for a further hearing on March 14,
with the oxceptlon ot George Morgan, who
Was discharged.
Tho men held wore William Bpcneor,202K
William street; Georgo Hamilton. 235 Madi
son street; Thomas Cunnoen. 212 Waverley
place: Morris Sullivan. 3 Madison streot;
Fred Wilson, 180 Last Thlrtv-socond street,
and William Bedford. 2M West Fifty-sixth
Losey was remanded and was led off by De
tective Sergeant Itcap. . , .,
Ten yoars ago LoBey was one of the loading
men in tho town of New Lots, which has be
come tho Twenty-sixth ward of Brooklyn. Ho
was ono ot the pillars in tho Andrews Motho
dlst Church, and superintendent ot tho Sun
day school.
Manufacturers Combine to Meet tha Iloufe
smlths' OrsaalKatlon.
Upon the falluro ot the slx-weoks' strike ot
the housesmlths last May tha men declared
thnt thoy would try it again this year, and.
with experience to loarn from, they hoped to
win. Thoy have boen perfecting their organi
zation, and havo been preparing, it Is said, for
a strike on May 1.
Coincident with tho preparations of the mon.
the iron manufacturers und builders havo
been organizing a league, which is said to
ropresont about 00 percent, of tho cnmpanlos
In New York. Brooklyn, nnd Jersey City.
Tlio organization hns been incorporated
undor the namo of "thn Iron League."
Among tho members nro ,1. B. ft J. M. Cor
noll. Post ft MoCord. Jackson Architectural Iron
Works, Campbell ft Van Tassoll. Cook ft llnd
ley. Biverslde Bridge and Iron Works. Wnllaco
Iron Works, Union Iron Works, V. Moosloin.
Poulson ft Lgors, Howell ft Saxton. . I. ft ,1. K.
Ileuloy, J, li. ft T, Dlmond, and William U
Tho oflleors aro: President, ,T, M. Cornoll:
Vice-President, John Cooper of tho Jackson
Architectural Iron Works; Secretary, B. E. .1.
Kils of Paulson ft Egers, nndl Treasurer. T.
Dlmond. The Kxocullvo Committee consists
of W. 11. McCord. J. J. Hoaloy. William E. Lyon.
J, M. Cornoll. John Cooper, und B. U J. Llls.
The manufacturers say that their fundamen
tal idea is the same as that adopted hy tho em
ployees, an Iniury to ono Is tho concern of
all," Ho that it tho mon om ployed on ono
building or in the shops of onoeompnny strlko
tho league will hack tho concern In Its light.
Nono ot the companies will employ a mail who
has struck whim in the employ of nnyothor
company.Tho concerns belonging to the leaguo
not only manufacture tho building iron but
"Thero Is no presont Idea of a consolidation
of interests," one of thn members ot tho
leaguo said yesterday, "nlthough thoroisno
telling what the outgrowth of tho leaguo may
bo. There Is as in mill to gain by union of In
terests In the building and Iron manufnetur
ing trade as in tho other groat industries."
If You Cannot Dance,
Feol constantly languid, tired, no appe
tlto, cannot sleep, u6o tho gonulno Joliann
HofT's Malt Extract. It 1ms wondorful
Tonlo and Nutrltlvo qualities that have
mado it popular. Quito naturally Imitators
bavocorae into the market, against which
tho publlo Bhould be warned. Boo that
" Johann HofTe" signature is on tho nock of
very bottle. Eisner & Mendelson Co.. Sola
Agents and Importers ot Mineral Water", 6
Barclay Street Now York. '
n Had Made It and r.rtry Part of It trtth
Nla Own Hands, and Had Done It All
In Hla Evenings nnd on Muadaya A.
Changed Man Hlnco Its Destruction.
"My husband." said MrP. Charlos Thwnlte.
as sho leaned baro-hoadod ovortho sldo gato of
thoir little cottago InTrowbrldgo street As
toria, yostorday. "is a man of fow words. Ho
koeps his lips togolhor bo that you'd think
ho didn't understand or had no feeling. But
ho is ono otthoso men that do a sight ot think
ing. And ho has taken it to heart, very much."
Mrs. Thwalto was roferrlng to tho yacht
This yacht was tho applo of Machinist
Thwalto's eye. It was also tho wondor and
prldoof all Astoila Thwnito camo over from
England about twenty years no-n quiet shy
worklngmnn. skilled In machlnory. and In en
gineering also. Ho had a groat fondnoss for
tho sen. While ho got a living by omploymont
at his trade, ho sot hlmsolf to work to accom
plish his one ldoo,tho building ot a yaoht.
Thlswns to bo no ordinary yaoht something
that n man buys ready mado and sells to tho
first comorwllh Its prlco, but a yacht of his
own creation throughout, with each scrow and
bolt anil ploco of woodwork tho product of the
labor of his own hands. It was not to be large
but It was to l,o porfoct.
So, about fifteen years ago, Thwalto sot to
work upon tlio model, which was merely the
embodiment otidoas long carefully settled In
his bond. Tills model was flnlshod In 1870.
and wnsoxlilbltodattho Centennial, whoro it
got rnuoh ndmlration because of tho perfoo
tionof Its lines and tho Ingonulty of Its do
talls. Tliot snmo yonr Thwalto sot to work
upon tho yacht itself. Ho lms a carpontcr
shop in his backyard, and, as back yards aro
cheap and big In Astoria, tho shop was largo
enough for tho ranking of a Itttlo yacht
As Thwalto had a wife and two chlldron to
support, ho had to work at his trado all day.
But each oventng nftor supper lie labored
awav. and on Sundays ho took no rost from
morning until night At first Mrs. Thwalto
was rejolcod at this pleaBuro ot hor husband's,
which kopt him closo at home nnd steady In
his habits. But as tho yacht grow it began to
cost money, und soon Thwalto was besot with
wifely complaints. But as his wife s hatrod of
his yacht grow, his own love for it inareascd.
nnd ho kept his lips shut and said nothing.
For years Mrs. Thwalto kept owuy from tho
shop. But ono day Inst summor Thwalto said:
" it's done, mother. Como out nnd look."
Mrs. Thwalto went out. and was forced to
admire. The hull was ot iron piatos. fastened
together by Thwulto's own hands. The Mulsh
ing ware ot roso wood, sot In placo byThwuite
nnd Thwalto. as glazier, had put stained glass
ot great beauty In the windows, transoms, and
doors. The only part ho had nut built was the
As Thwalto's houso Is naunrtcrof a milo
from the rtver. tho noxt thing was to get water
undor the yucht. So- Thwalto called in tho
neighbors nnd they sot to work to get her nut
through several back yards to tho stroot. This
work could only go on ot evenings, and even
ing nftor ovonlnt nearly ull tho mon in that
part of Astoria turned out to put down wooden
rollors nnd push and pull and shout. Thwnito
doing two mon's work. After n week of this
toll they got her into tho river and Thwalto
stood on the shore, surrounded by wondoring
Astorlaus. watching tho result ot so many years
of thought and pains aud toil sitting grace
fully upon the water.
In tho latter part of June he got up steam
ono Sunday morning, and, with as many ot his
assistants ns possible, sturtod Bayly toward tho
Sound. Thero were twelve men with knees
close togcthor in tho cublu and twelve with
knees close together on tho deck, and then
thore was Thwnito. and tho yacht wu full.
Tho twenty-four frionds were loud in their
praises, hut Thwalto kept his lips close to
gether and only let his delight Ohcape at his
eyes. All summer long, ot evonings and Sun
days, Thwnlte, with his oyes shining as tho
little yacht leaped along, mado excursions up
tho Sound and back again nt twelvo miles un
hour. Tho little yucht wus all ho had hoped
It would bo.
With tho coming of tho wlntor Thwalto built
a sort of dry dock at tlio foot of Itomscn street
and drew his pride and joy Mifcly up out of tlio
water so that the hull might not rust Neither
in tho summor nor in tho winter would Mrs.
Thwalto go near the yacht. Thoro was no
money In the building associations or the sav
ings nanus anil no real estate in mo inmuy as
n result of that yacht, and Mrs. Thwnito would
havo none of It. She admired It and she ad
mired her hushand. but sho felt that both
would pay for the troublo and the Sunday
work thoy had cost.
Last week Thwalto advertised the yacht for
sale and got nn Immediate offer from n man in
Maryland. Thwnlte hated to glvo up his pride
nnd joy, but he felt t tint it was a rich man's
luxury and that he had mado a mistake in
spending ho much of Ills life on it. J.at Sun
day morning his daughter Nettlo went to
church. Asnhnwas sitting there a boy in tho
sent behind hor loaned forward nnd whispered:
"Say, Nettio Thwalto. did you Know your
father's yacht burned last night V"
Nettlo didn't know it. nnd didn't believo it.
But the boy cave so many details that sho told
her father when sho went home. Ho nut on
his hat and hurried down to his dry dock.
There lay tlio shell of tlio yacht, but thn shell
only. The woodwork, tho beautiful cabin, the
rosewood llnishings. the stained glass, all
woro gone, nnd there was only tlio look and
smoll of charred wood in an Iron shell for the
fifteen years of lovo nnd labor. A man who
was with Thwalto fell to cursing tho loafers
about tho river front who must hnvo burned
the yacht, as thorn was no II ro on or about lier
anywhere. But Thwalto said nothing. Ho let
his jaw drop, and turned aiouud and went
homo and hung up Ills hat.
"Shoisu't burnt, is sho V" snld Mrs. Thwalto.
" Yes," snid Thwalto, and that was all.
"And ho hasn't bo the snme since." said
Sirs. Thwulte yestoiday. Ho wanders about
with his lips shut as usunl, and ho doesn't
seem to havo any spirit mid drags his feet
and hangs his shoulders. Ho works over at
Anderson's machlno shops in Ninety-ninth
street, but ho doesn't seem to tnko any pleas
ure In work or in living, etthor."
Stole Cushions From Horn Pedro's Old Car
riage. Louis Sinclair of 523 Wost Fifty-fourth
stroet nnd Thomas Murray of 833 Eleventh
avenue woro accused in tho Yorkvillo Polico
Court yesterday by Lewis Krononbech, nnlom-
ploycoof James Alexander Strykor, of steal
ing four cushions nnd two lamps from n car
rlago bolonging to Mr. Strykor, Tlio theft oc
curred last Octobor.
Tho carriage at ono tlmo bolongcd to tho
Into Emperor Dom I'edro of Brazil. Mr. Stry
kerkoops It Inn shod on tho old Stryker c
tnto nt tho foot of West Fifly-thlril street,
'ilin wheels, which nro of modiuni height, urn
well built, ami hnvo heavy tires. Tho hubs
lire adorned with heavy gold cups, orn.i
innntnd with a trailing flower design of
inisod work. The body of tho carringo is
long und rather wide, nuiilo of a linn wood.
Tho drivers box in graceful contrivance of
skeleton Iron work. At tlio rear of thoenr
rlnce. over tho springs, are trapping ndornud
with crests and helmets. Thouxturiuroftho
carringo Is vory beautiful, Sunday night Sin
clair had a quarrel with Mr. Annie Murray,
who livosnoar the Stryker estate, which re
sulted in her tolling tho polico thntSlnclair
had stolon the cushions. Ho was arrostod, iiml
sold that young Murray, .Mrs. Murray's Mop
?0I!V,,J!0'' '.llm " thuin. They woro held
In $1,000 each for tho Gonorul Sossiotis.
Roth tlio method nnd results when
ByrupofFig3iat.iV.cn ; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and nets
gently yetpromptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
nches and fovers and cures habitual
constipation. Svrup of Figs is the
ouly remedy of Its kind ever pro
duced, pleasing to tho taste ana ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy ana agrrottlifesubstances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50a
and $1 Dottles by all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not havo it on hand will pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it. Do not accept any
lie Telia Justice Kllbreth no Fcela Inclined
to Kill Illneeir.
Samuel M. Abrahams, a nebrow lawyer. 27
yoars old. living at 210 Henry street, has boen
practising in tho Essex Markot Police Court
for tho past four years. At the last election
lie ran for Assembly In tho Fourth district on
tlio Voorhis ticket His relatives, it is said,
nro wealthy.
Yostorday morning Abrahams entorod court,
took a scat on a front bonch. and stared va
cantly into space. When Justice Kilbreth had
dlsposod ot the business of tho morning Abra
hams suddenly clonchod his fist, nnd, walk
ing to tho bar, said: "I fool an inclination to
commit suicide, and I want to find out what Is
tho trouble witn mo. I want to be examinod
uecnuso i nnvo pains in my neau. for a long
tlmo I have determined to mako tho request,
but only to-day could I find courage to do ho."
Court OMIcer llorkoley mado an affidavit to
the effect that Abrahams had acted queerly in
the court, nnd tho Justice sent the young man
to llollevue for examination as to his sanity,
lteforo going the lawyer roquested that none
of Ills friends bo told what had becomo of him.
Ho snld ho wanted them to think he was dead.
Abrahams boars an excellent reputation, nnd
is neither a drinker not- a smoker. Two
months ago his grandfather, who was very
wealthy a ud of whom Ahrahams was very fond,
died, nnd it is believed thatthis had something
to do with ills strange action yostorday.
Unit Connie the Cnrn Another Way.
Tho Campbell Printing Press and Manufac
turing Company owns certain patented Im
provements In car couplers. Slnco April. 1880.
the Manhattan Elevated Railroad has boon
using a couplor embodying these Improve
ments, and at tho present time has it in uso on
1,017 cars nnd 31!2 locomotives. Yesterday
Judge Ijicomlio ot tho Unltod States Circuit
Court grunted tho Campbell Company nn In
junction restraining thn elevated reoplo from
using thn coupler. The railroad contendod
that an injunction would bo a detriment to
travel. Judge Lncomhe, howover. ordered tlio
road to remove a certain numbor of couplers
each woek.
New Strength,
New Life,
New Health
To tlio wbole system. It posi
tively CURES Rheumatism aud
ajkiTttouka iiVnHTiiScitEvf
AiverllfemMl tt)r TIIK Mi.N nnybnlrft t ny
American PIMrirt MiunenKer oit.ee in Ihucity. whora
Hie it grrfrh will le lle mini) in thoneat llieiusin nnlce.
Itt?l ruL'SIIKV'ToirHAl.K i i.inpletr, lu coutfnrJer;
fui'u.. nvtii., ithiu. Dinnm, Mower lidleR, WfUtn.
i.dtki: aIk'iiii'h stirl fecdiiil hand lutrlrontul ciitfttir:
flintloi IU1-1 IHx.lu uu'littroltu; li)ilrau!lo btaui
duiuiii. ti- tii-li i yiinitr. i am. fmu -fiMjt run.
.lAMfcs lifl.ill'.K. 45.urlh Jd at .Brooklyn.
A'tirriu-mcnti fnr 'Flu: sl)M may be left ai any
Aiiicrii'aii innrirt MfMinarr emcc in ifiln rlty, wueri'
ItiftCliMiffvii will be I he twine at tliuaeal the main ortlci.
BIM.UIJD'ANI)-roof. TAW.FS. na-"aml aeciina
nana; ntirtlnu price, HIUI'HIII Co.. 10 4IU v.
mm: uj:kt "hii.i.mrii ami pool ta'iu.fb.
1 THIS llia'M-UlrK.HAI.KF-Ol.lfct.ENniiK CO.
Uroailii ay, curlier 17lh at, tl'uiuu aquare).
yA No 5ape
Sam J 1 would pay 12 cents a pound for Pow
Vjjr H JfRHl'M dered Soap when she could buy it In
ggaEgSs. 50AP)flEA bars for 6 cents, though every woman
jffiPpgpjjfl aJwOlillld 77o knows that Powdered soap Is handler
lEljlBfefl TH?SU10ST and better tlian soap In bars or cakes.
BffljWBf 60 CENT& But when a woman can buy Powdered
Kb soaP fr tIie SAME PRICE as bar soap,
of course she takes the Powdered soap
rmTii QUuVlTtv'' for ll does her work and thJ other
Only 26 Cents.' x Is no work at all.
Gold Dust KSSJSE
enterprising grocer In wholesale packages (4 lbs.) for 25 CENTS,
N. K. FAIRBANK & CO., Sole manufacturers,' I
Advert. stintntt nr TMK HVS may t Irftnt any
American liiitrlct Me anrrr omc In tbU cltr. whin
tb ctwr6ft will bathe umi ai thoie at tb main tifflea.
SFPRKnrcot,HT.-1nthraatterof"tbe application
or the Board nf Education hy the Cnnniel to tbo
Corporation or the City of New York, relative to arqnlr
In title by tbo Mayor, Aldermen, aud Commonalty of
the City or New lork, to certain land at MOUNT
IluPK, In the Twenty rmirtli ward of aald ctty, duly
elrrted and approved by aald iloanl a a afte for
cchoot purpoiet, under and In purananco of ttiepnt
vltionaur diaper ltu of th Iawaof 1M38, at amended
by chapter 5 of the Lnmiof 18 I'D.
riiriuant to the yrovltlont of Chapter 301 nf tba Lawi
nfHNM,at amended br chapter 3& of the Iwinf
UlM, notice If tiTtby nleh that an application will
be made to iheHupreme Court nf the Mate of New
York, ataHpecial Term of nnld conrt. to be held at
ChAuihcm thereof, in the County Court Hotite. In the
pit v or New York, on r-.Miird.iy. the Hh day of March.
1M2, atthoopenliia; of the court on that day, or aa
mon thereafter at conuicl ran be heard thcrCon.for the
appointment of Coiniuliilunera of Kitlmate in the
above entitled matter.
Tbe nature and extent nf the Improvement hereby In
tended la tbe acquisition or title by the Mayor, Alder
men, and Commonalty or tbeclty of Nework toeer
tain landa and premUta.wlth the bulMIn! thereon and
the apiiurtenanoel thereto nttunuinir, at Mount Hop.
In the Twenty-fourth ward of ald ttty. In fee almple
ahtolute, the aame to be converted, appropriated, and
met to and for thepurpoitaapeclned In aid chapter
ll'l of the Lawi of IfttW. ai amended by aald chapt.r&'i
oftheLawaof 1HW). aald property havlmj been duly
fleeted and approved by tbe Board of Kducatlon aaa
alte for acbool pnrposea under and In purauanoeof the
provlelonaof laid chapter lul of tbe Laweof ltttfri.at
amended by aaldcbapter 35 or the LaweoMHW, belnjf
the following described lota, plecei, or parcels ot land,
Ail that certain piece or parrel of 1an4 and premlnei
iltoate, 1) Ing1 and belnic at Mount Hope, In tbo Twenty
fourth ward of the city of New York, bounded and de
scribed aa follow:
HeKinmnp at the corner formed by tbe Internet, on
of the southerly side nf Tremont avenue with the west
erly slue of Anthony (old ITospect) avenue, and run
mm: thence southerly nlon the westerly aide of An
tunny aenuetw hundrer and twenty-four and six
one hundredths feet, to the northerly side of Mount
Hope (formerly Washington) place thence westerly
alonif the northerly side of Mount Hope place one hurt
Iredand twenty-live feet; tbenre northerly, parallel
with Anthony avenue, two hundred and twenty-tour
and seventy six nne-hundredthsfeet, tn the southerly
side of Tremunt avenue, and thence easterly a I out; the
southerly side of Tremout avenue one hundred and
teut)-n.e feet to tun point or place of beglnulnif.
Hated NEW MIKK. Fehruerv Irt.lbua.
Counsel to the Corporation,
No. UTynm row. New York city.
AT ASPECT lb TERM of the Superior Court nf the
city of New York, held at tbe Court House, In the
city or New York, the Dth day of December. 1HW1.
I'rvHent: Hon. I'hlllp II. Hugro. Judge In the matter
or the application or the trustees or the Conover
Brothers' Company for a voluntary dissolution.
On reading and tlUutr the petition of James F. Con
over, Ueonre U. Conovur. and Normandua W. Tuaver,
trustees of the above named Conorer Brothers' Com
pany, aud the schedule thereto annexed, duly verified
on the Uth day of December, lHBl. and on motion of
Kainuel Y. Prentiss of counsel for the petitioners, It Is
ordered that all persons Interested In said corporation,
the Cnnover Brothers' Com puny, show cause before
tblsiotirt, at a special term thereof to beheld at the
city or New York ou tbf 15th dny of March, 18U. at
10 30 o'clock In the for noun, why the prayer of said
petition sbonld not be tranted aud why the aald cor
poration should not be Ulmoh ed.
I' is further ordered tuntn copy of this order be pub
lished at least onre In, en h of tbe three weeka lnime
dtatuly preceding tho nine fixed herein for showtnc
cause In tbe follow infrnamrd nrwspapore. to wit: The
New York Law Jourusl. published In the city and
county of New York, nnd 'lliehun, published In the city
and county or Now ). ork.
I.nt.: V. II. DUGRO. Jndge S. O.
A copy. THOMAS BO LSI.. Clerk.
1 B. ABBOTT. BurrosMe of the county of Klnjrs. notice
la hereby Riven, according to law, toallpemous having
claims against John Lou if LI I u, late of the city of Brook
lyn, deceased, that they are required to exhibit the
same, with the vouchers thereof, to tbe subscriber at
hla place of transacting bimlneso. to wit. the Chancery
Ottlc. 2ft Mulberry st.. In the city of New York, on or
before tho tlrnt day or hentember next.
Dated. Brooklyn. Frb , 1SIC
MICHAEL ALWHTlNb CUHKIOAN. executor or tha
last will and test Iment of John Lough Mn. late Bishop of
Brooklyn, dvreased
W1LI.IAM.M.AKDKEH. Attorney for Executor. 102
Broadwa), New York city.
guMIe ftotictt.
Aattrtlirm.nta for TIIK rVS may o.lettatany
Atnvricau iiutrlit Men.Dxer office lu thl. ctlty. nber.
the cDarn. a wtll ba Ibc game ai tboae at tbe inatu oftlcc.
POST OKFirE NOTICE Fnr.lnn malla for the wee
enilllii; Marcu 12 will Lloiu (promptly lu ull caaa
at till, ornrr. aa follnir.
TIIL'KNUW. .'.A.M. for I'nritandMnnaoa. p'rllnm
lilp Cyril, at 10 A. M. (iiniilnumtary II A. M ) fur
Central Alocrlra(eiiept I nstaKIra) anil houtli Pa
cine porta, per ate.iDi.nlp NeHport, tta Colou (let
trra tor (.uateinala lituat bt illrect.d "per ew
tMirt"), at 11 A. M. for l'roreo. per itraui.llip Ill
Una (letter, for otber parte of Mexico mnat be
illrri'ted "perllatiana"); atl I". .M. (luppleuientarr
1 :!) I'. M ) for Krrmuila. per ateauialilp Trlnntacf;
itt 1 1. M. (.upploraentary 1:30 1. M.) for Na.aau.
1'.. and Sautiairu Culm, per ateatnstilpClenfuegoa;
at 1 I. M. ror Inatfua. rape UaM.tionatveH. St
Marc. ant Port u Paix. pt aieamitup llelaware; at
:i I. V. fur Truxillo and Huaian. per ateauiablp J.
(Hvrl..lr., from .New Urlrana.
SHTUKHAY. Kt 12-ll A. M. for France. Swltaerlanil.
Italy, hiuiln. rortunal. ami Turkey, per .teamanlp
It Snurvoirne. via llatre, at 1 :3t A. M. for Europe.
iH-r ateamiiblp Umbrla. la Queenitown (letlera tor
ilermauy. Km nre. Hwttrerlanil. Italy. Hpalu. rortu
ral. ami Turkey niuit lie directed " per Umbrla"l;
f."A. M. forhoray direct, per ateam.Uip llekla
(letteri nul be directed per ll.kla'): at 2:1(0
A. l roriiarmanydirecl, per .teaintlilp Elbe, via
Hrenieu (letter, fur utbi r part, of hurupe via houth
ampton and Bremen luut be directed ' per Klbe"i;
at a A. M for Hcntland direct, per ateauianlp Clr
rauln. tla(ila(ow (letlera innn te directed "per
circai-Hla"): at ;i A M. for Natberlanda direct, per
ateaiimlilp Amiterduin. via Kotierdam (kitir. roust
be directed "per Aui.ieruaur'); at 10 A. M. (.upple-ini-ntary
10 BO A. l ) for nt. Crolit and M. Tlmniai
Ma st, Croix. Ainn WlndKurd iflaud direct,
per teamblp Uelalr; at 11 A M. fur llau, I'u.
jnnn.i.an.l Carupauo. per iteanuhlp I'rliu S llletn III
lletter.fnrntlier eniuetan pnrla alidforcnracoa,
Trlllldad.Hrltlll aud Dutch (Itnana. mutt he directed
"ptr 1'riuii Hlllem III.")j at 11 A.M. (aupplementary
11:110 A. SI.) tor r'nrtuno Inland and Jamaica, per
ateamshlp Alelie (iell.ra for.lacinelaud Aux l'ae
muni be Jtreclcd "per Alelie"): at 11 A. M. (aopple
uientary 12 M ) for Venezuela (except Cumuna and
Carupano unleni specially aildrea.ed) andCuracoa,
al.n f a anllia via I'liracna. per iteaui.blp eueruola
(letter, fur otber Colombian porta muHt be directed
"per Veneioela"): at 11 A.M. for Nauau, . I'.,
also I'amperlie, China, lahaaco. and Yucatan, per
ateani.bip muurl (letter! for Cuba and Tauiplco
dlrei t and other Mexican Mate. la X era Crur mlut
b directed "per yuinurl"): at 12 M. (nuppleuieutary
1 1'. M i for Htii Janeiro and I.a I'lata coiiutriea
la Ilio Janeiro per hte.iui.blp I.a Place: at 3
I, kl. tor Puerto Curte; pur ati.uu.hlp konicFrode,
from New Orleans , .,
SUNDAY. At I'. M. forCo.la Itlca via Llmnn per
ateamililp Fnxliall. from New Orleans, at HMO r. M.
TorHt. I'lerre Mlquelon, per atcuuer trom llalltax.
Malta lor China aud Japan, per aiemn.hlp Oceanic
(from San Kralicl.co), clo.e here dally up lo
March "1H, at II an P. M. Mulle for lla alien l.laoda.
per eteainkhlp Australia (from .-nn I ranei.cu). lose
liere dally up lo March 1. at il HO I' M Malla for the
Society I.landa. per alilp Tropic Hlrd (from hau
hrancfacoi, close here dally up to .M-irch 2., at 0 JO
1'. M. Mafia for Australia, New Zealand, Hawaiian.
HJI. and Samnan Island., per ateamshlp Munowal
(from Ban Francisco), close here dally up to March
27, at tl 30 1. M. (or on arrival at New York of
aieamsblpAiiranla ith British uiall. Tor Ausiralla).
Malls for Nefoundland. by rail to lla ifax. and
thence by steamer, close at this ultlce dally at 8:.JO
V M. Malla for Mlquelon, by rail to Boston, and
thence hy steamer, closeiittliia ultlce dally at8 .10
KM. Malls for Cubo. by rail to Tampa, Fla., and
thence by ateamer (..tillnir Moudaya, liiesdaja.
Ihnrailaya. and haturdays), iloseat this ntllce daily
al2:toA. M. Malls for Mexico, overland, unless
specially addressed for desputch by steamer, cluse
at tin. office dally atS.UUA M.
Transparltlr malla are forwarded to San Francisco
dally and the acbedulo of closing- is arranged on tb.
presumption ot their uninterrupted overland transit to
i-an Francisco. Malls rromthe f.ast arrlvlmr on tlmeat
Hin Francisco on the dav of sailing of steamer, ara de
spatched thence the same day.
Itea-istered mall closes at if 00 ! M, onprevlou.day.
Extra aupplementary mail, are opened onlbeplera
otthe Encilab iiml French .learners at tha hour of clos
ing of supplementary malls at I he l'ostomce, uhluute
main open until within leu tuinuies of the hour or (all
niir or steamer .
F.-srrrTons, admixntkator-i, crARDUN". and
Fra'.ed propomls will he received by Iho pomplroll.r
ot the City or New -mrk nt ma mure mull Ihursday,
the lOlhdayof March, Islil, at 2 o clock I". M , when
thev will be publicly opened for the wbole or a bart of
the' follow Ina- refislered bond, or the City of New
tori, which aro exempt from ciiy aud lounty taxa
tion to wit:
SMuhuh) Dock Rondaof the City of New tork
The principal (if paid bond. Is pa) able Irom Ilia Sink
ing Fund, November 1. 11122. auii they will hear Interest
at the rate of three percent, per annum, pa) able semi
Htiiiimllv on tha first dav of May and November lu vaitl
mutually ou luv urst uuy ui nay aiiu ..uvemuec lu cavu
The proposals ahould be enclosed In a sealed envelope,
endomed "Bonds" or the Corporation of tua City of
New ork. ami each proposal should aUobe enclosed in a
vet olid envelope, addressed to tbe Comptroller Of tba
lit) of New York. TIIKII W. MYIIKV Comptroller
cliy of New YiTk, Finance I).iattuiut,cuuiptruller'a
litliie, Ftbruarj 2", lf.U.
NOTrcF.. Ksllmaiiafur rruio-tliiir tbe existing pier
known as 1'ier i2. 1'nst lilt er, near the root of rultou
at , l-.ast KUer and lor preparingloraiidhiillditiirauew
vooilen pier, with It. appurtenances, on the silo thete
or, and for repairing the crib bulkhead thertat. will bt
melted hy the I'i i.irliin.iit of Docks at 1'ler A, Battery
place. North llhir. city, until 1 o'ciook r. M of Thurs
day, March lo. lsp2 1 or full particular, see tbe City
Uncord. Copks for sale at 2 City Hall
NliTICh Ksilmate tor 1 urnlshlna Kranile stones for
bulkhead or river wall will be received hy the
Boardiirfomtulssiuu.raat the head or IbeDeiunmeiit
or Duct... nt the olllce or said Department, uti 1'ler " A."
fuulol liailerv plaie. North lUveT. Ill the cltr of New
York, until 1 o'clock 1', )l, ol Thur.da), March 17, 1HK2.
For full particulars see I lie CI' y Record Copies for .ate
al 2 Clly Hull. 1.
Watthtfi, rwrtrij, .
Adiertisrm.ht. for TIIK Hl'.N may Lr l.rt at any
American District Meueng.r oltlc in ibis clly, where)
the chnea will ha the aame aa tbote at the mam olhca.
WAlilliHa, diamonds, leneiry. uu al weekly pay!
lueuts, delivered on first payment.
KXCIU.MJB tVATCII po.2.0 roadway.
'I'jkKK to uk Av:fiiKMi:vr
Adv.itls.mtntsrorl'IIK MUN may b. left at any
American Distrlot Uess.ti.tr omc. In this city, where
tbe charges will b. ti a tame as tkoie at th tualu ofaca.
BRfBTlEFr5B"WAXI0"rX00BB msnutaoT57ed"by
BBADLEY BM1T1I. brash manufactur.ra. 261
Saaxl al. n.ar Fotton. MtADLBY BMITU'S wax brain
i uaea In raria. rranoe. wftlca teal d.mo&ltlatw IB
I io.Uni;a of U ajtlcia.
Mwa-J.v..n.l'i'w..W.,iw Jliww.w-nfili.we
y-" i .ej
ytstttsg jgoMl V. 1 '
TO vi '
BINTBirT MElf.r.NOF,lt OFFICR ! f ,
Advertisements for TIIK HUN may be left at u .'
American District Messenger oitiee in this clly. wh.r v1
the charge, will be the same -as those at the main onto. '
4.H to W. West 27th at., near Broadway. 1
Pay. only 1-20 of 1 per cent, a year for ; ininraas. 1
Thtnl, the lowest rata of any large hotel building in tM j .s ;
worl.l. j
Room ilngla and en suite, with balhi, for pennuMM , . ;
And transient RUests. -3. .) 1
Nolielesi eleralorii electric llghta n1ht and flay. , -
(). A, OHHIACII. I'roprl.taf. f a ,
5th av. and 18th st . '
BICnAKU DK I.OOEBOT, PropHttott : ,
ifOTEL mnm ! '
I I Centrally IJ AUthoUUrt Ifl )i ;
II Located I ImproTamiitf. Wi ,.
Rrnailwar 41it St- NowTork. h l
4MKBICAN AMD gCHO.'KAW rlAat . r f J
HOTEL VIANO.Sn Hast lPth t..near BroaawaT.' " ' ;
First-class family hotel: Amcilcanand EuropeanplaiL -
9 i
cCfnaiug gjcttltf (Out of gotva. ' :
TO ' '
Advertlsem.nta for 'l'UK MUN may he left at u j
American Dlitrlrt Messenger oltlre In (hit cltr. wkar) . J
.the charge, will be the aame aa those at l he main onto. ( ) ,
one of the most elegantly appointed nntela tn nm i
world. AtCOMMODAflON F0H500 IIUEBTB. TOttrtatJ j ,
will llnd Savannah one of the most Interesting aaal ! , i
benutirmcltlet In tbe entire South. No place that gu J ' '
be ui-med Is more healthful or desirable asaplaoaa j
winter resort . . L 1
WA1.VON A POWKRH. Propriafrl. ; n (
Colonnade Hotel,: i'
Enrcpean Plan. tl.OO per dny and upward. . .
American Plan, tano per day and npyajt, ' j .
?tVMtcr ?SrisortiS. j -
TO i i
Advertisementa for TIIE NII.V may he left at aa I
American District Messenger otttco In thla city, wbar
tha chargea will he tbe same asthoseattbemaln ottlosw J
I i
Thla snpe rb hotel, altnated In the romantto Tenneaatt) 1 :
Mountalna, la open. Climate equable, and temperature) -ji - 4
now 25 degrees higher than In New York. Exqulilts '
scenery, macadamlreri roads. Every comfort for tboaa ij )
seeking health, rest, or diversion. No expense has beea V " j u
spared to make H an Ideal all the-year-roand resort, '
Tourists may reach it via Shenandoah Valley Expreaa. ; 1
Richmond and Danville K. IL, or hy way of Cincinnati i 'j
or Louisville, and It may be visited either lolng- or j '
coming from Asbellle, Thomasvllte, Aiken, Florida '
New Orleans, or other Southern resorts. Address j
l 1
: - w
' i s
For terms, address ' ' W
Sheepsliead Bay, Hi. I. jl
Thoronghly remodelled and refurnished. Now oneat 1 I i '"'I1
for gnests; directly on beach; every comfort. Including? j I il
steam heat, open flrea, elevators, sun parlora: hot aal. ! f
bath, in house, and enclosed walk to the ocean: opaat , f .l
all the year, CIIAS. EVANS. i (3
ara Falls forty minutes away. a ff
gste.faiitatt.i8. ! iM
WITH GOOD WINE, 60c. ' '.ill
lal-llia ULEEL'KER NT., t ;fl
Near L Station. Open Sundaya. I lil
lo I 1
Advertisements for TIIE rtf'N mr be left at any ' i J
American I). strict Messenger olllce lu this city, whera . ,g .ji
tbe charge will be tba same aa those at tbe main ottlca. B vm
2CO Klegant Upright Pianos with embroidered carer ' .1(1
and piush stool, at 20 cash or 2U0 on Installments; , ' VII
$10 do n aidHinonthl until paid. if I
PIANOS AT 10 J ,fl
FlsCIII II PIANO S2 I ' 'til
Dt'NUAM PIANO 1"0 , 4 I -
WATERS PIANO ........125 )U
PIANO-. AT HAIHIAINS. . ., .- ' 'fl
. HriCllKK PIANOS. I (
Ijirgo assortment Upright. Grand, and Square Plans.) '
at moderate prices, cash, installments, and exchangedl i v. .
alio Pianos to rent; several bargains In eecond-baaA SI
Pianos, uinereiu mnkers. at lew prices. .
1 10 nth a... corner ltlth st.. New York. j JM
AN ASSORTMENT of second-hand grand, upright, an . , M
squaro pianos of our ov,n make, in perfect condi. I am
tion and fully warranted: alao a number of second i I M
hnnd pianos of other promiueui uial.ers at very lew ,
Vt""' WM. KNABF. .CO.. j
148 Clli Ave,, near HUlli St.. IV. T. ' , t
THE j . ',
excel. Ill tone, beauty of flnlsh. aud durability; aol j ;
$10 down and $H monthly: warranted 10 years. Pace ; ,
tory and wareroom. 2V, 2V0, 2U t uiton st . Brooklyn! J
open evenings. i
COTTAOK OIIUANH. 12 stops $itn; $11 monthly: guar I ! ;
antced the seara. wUsM.lt, 2ul) Pulton at. ' '
Brooklyn ; open evenlngi. ! 1 "
I ELEGANT L'I'IIIOIIT PIANO. $!! $A monthly! . 1 !
J -.trlnn ay, bargain. WIbiNKR. '.'Uilaiid 1102 Pulton ' t
su Brooklyn, I'pinetenlngs , ,
V. t'tsNNEIt". 4 Et 48d at. ' . i
Upright and hquare Planoa for ule and rent on eaar I I .
terms of pa)iuonl: aecond hand. $r.Q. $7f. $100upward. i J
LADY sacrlflcea elegant uprTglit piano, cost $rX)sl '
niontlnago: sell $l&o;atuol. cover, 2!W East 34th at. 5
LOHMANN. 1,2.'U Sd av.. near 72d at. Piano I M
. for sale, rent, or eicbanged; mnlng. repairing.
t 1 lilC fsfls'l-Br-'"-"3 plenofTirtes 1I0. or- '
al,eJUl,UU,Jians$,t.l. Ageul.want.il. Catv I j 'H
iTTgue free. IMMI.C K. nEATTY, Wnslilllglnn. N. J. ' j .'H
Advertisements for THE H UN may b.l.ft al ur . V
American District Meismger ofilie In ihisrlly, whera ' ;
the charges will be the same as those at the main oltlc a. M
llelorees pinning your time and money t rVM
Answering deceutfie and delii.lt e ad. ertlsementa I '."
Not worthy of credrme with regard to banjo playing; rM
JOS. II. HIHMANof HimHthav.. N. V. olty, will, i M
on application, .end you free partlculara. '
B" ANJO. gmUr. mandolin Instruction, thorouffh tnt' ' L
tlonby the aorld famed DOItE IIROTIIEUS; all lea. :M
aoitsprl.ate, noclassiH. Mudloa etld tlihtav., city, 130 , -
i.'ourt t , Brooklyn ee Dora Brothers' new banjos. I M
ANJO H anted, one huudred more ladle, and gen- ' j
tlemnn to complete hanlo urihratra for my una i .1
III ai Mnmlard Theatre, May 1. Instruction frae. OBAhV ' i
I. DOHfiiN'S ban)n siinllo. 12. 'M ay., near Uth it, 1 j
vFI7. miToiiltar, Uandolln, Piano, Singing; ia. I
striiineiits for sale I
JOHN OALNAR. 412 West 26th it. j I
)AS'.ll). VUndollnrviolln. Guitar In.tTuctlon; ladla '
li tuught, prl. ate thorough rour.e $.
J. irollTUN. 167 Wtit 28d it.
BANK). Guitar, and Vandollu. Private laaaona. '
UhMlY C.DOIIKON, 1,270 Broadway. Pat.nt alV- ;
.er bell tianjos. jj
BtMO mandolin. Ilg and clog danrlng taught: laa J
runs prn ale, circulars. J BOiiAN. 200 Bowery, j
BANMO. munilolin, guliar.and stage danclag,$fi ooorsai
Je.sousprltale. J DEAN. 674. 'Id av.. Stlthst.
HOW TO ol.r MltONil-OoloJ.Wood'sGymnasluni. ' ''
i) East '.Kth at i opm da and evening: runniuaT '
track, row lug machines, hoiltur. training, hatha, Ac .
Alurrr.itionn," Dr. UrCarthy'a UypnotioSean c.to '
night, aiuwiit 6Wh. 2f.c ' , i
MlSs"iAUIEBARN'UM. ingllih artreis.-Aead.mr
ror. ocal cull lire, dramatic acting, dancing and . ,
iliporluieiiti the new dove dance: amateur, coaohed: v
I nrlor cnlertaliimente luperlntended. 270 W. 42a si.
ZITHER AND VIOLIN sui ceurullv'taught hy i ' ,
m'n'AV t'Olts. bl hast Sd at. '
--J 1 j .
g.iidun &rjflmltg. . ; I J
takeouoktihemnt ?! I
TO I i- '
Advenliementa for THIS riUN mayb. l.rt al any T
American Dlitrict Uesirnzsr ontca In thla city, wbtra .41 i, '
the charge, will be the same as tho so at tho mala otto. i VJ!
DANCINO-Walti and all fashionable dancaa UocMl fl k T
rival, and elaaa le.Mns; clroulara. H h
atjfl0aK00EllCONBEBYAT0JtY,44irMll4ap( ?

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