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l H - Tlltt SUN, THURSDAY. MARCH W, itm.
J I t ..
B j ! TUURaPAY, MAltCH 10, 1133.
B y Mnheertptlnn by Mnll-rot-al,d.
H 4 tVttV. rrtrnt!i BO rto
rAlt.V. rrenr fl OO
m t.SDAY. IVrVenr 00
H ' lAII.T A!tD ATICDAT, Ifr Vear ao
H' PA11.V AM) FC.NDAY. rer Montn TO
H KilLMV. Itr Year 1 OO
H ( I iti to Itie LuCuuiitrtca added
Hi . UIliUUN. Ketr Tori City.
H ' Tho Mnynnrd flutter.
H TIid (osllmony tnUon beforo Mr. Justice
H Cui.lln lii tlm Emavh contempt ease, left
H iomootisuirity In rt'jrattl to tho conduct of
H ' Deputy Attornoy-Gimornl Ihaao It. May-
H KAitn. which it would uniloubtcilly bo ory
H I satisfactory to hnvo had cleaicd up by a
H ; statement fiom that ffontlomnu himself.
H j Mr. M UN usi. hovvovoi, was not railed na a
H wltnthn, nnd It must bo ri'incmboied that
H ' J uny t'onduHlous, ns Io hltn which woro
H ivnehod 111 tlntpioeoedlnKWiuc necessarily
H ; 'a arrived nt without any pt'rsonnl account of
I ( tho transaction fioin him. Until ho tins
H I been hoard km thn subject, it certainly
H ' It. unfair to condemn him us guilty of in-
H .' I tvutioual wrnn,r.
H If tho InvPKtlKiiltnn which 1ms boon ro-
H j solved tiMti by tho Jim AhKocintlon of thin
H I city wtmnn inquiry of an tifllilnl character.
I W xv't''' no ,,',',nPMt ' pol'tlonl controvumv
B 1 enteritis Into it, theto would bo some pios-
H B poet of thcroby obtaining sufilcloul. infoi-
I 1 ninllou as to tho facts to cnnblo tho public,
H I lrresicetlvo of parties, to form a Just Juilff-
H fi tnnnlns to tho propriety of Mr. MaynaiuVj
H bohnvior an Deputy Attornoy-Uenoinl in
H jjj tho election cubes; but in iow of thn
H M doubts which many membeis of thn liar
H j Association entertain as to tho ntoitlon of
Iff any Jtitlsdlctlou ntnll by that organisation
If In Judgo M wxaiid'h enso, nnd the eti onto
jjl Imp.'uhnbltlty that rollth?al feelings c nil bo
I V dlsrejrnidcU by unycommitteoof iuvcstltrn
B B tiou, no cannot rcnsonnbly expect any
I ' A thluR but nn iiHMJUi'lusUo outcomo fioiu
' 3 tills pro( coding.
I Kir H rnuy bo observed thai critics who con-
B nx dcniti n mar. with manifestly undue nnd
'll Intomporato scority, befoio any judicial
I j ascertainment of tho facts, in a proceeding
I W whero ho has not liud an opportunity to bo
B ml hoard, nio ery apt to help Um ntuio tlmn
I A io burt hlra.
in ho Central Railroad and tho Il.irlem
jH River Bridges.
j MA "'' now PfoP06'00 1s modo publlo in con-
I 9 nectiou with tho Xow York Contial Kallioad
I m Company's bridge across tho Harlem IU or.
I m 's u-'ccbsnr' 'Q (ompllunco with a ro-
I cently enacted law of Congrrss, that tho
f brldgobo rahod to a hoiclit of twenty-four
II 3 foot uboo IiIrIi water. This makes a chano
f ,11 of grades, on both sides of the river, of tho
l most serious character, and the execution
h m rould impose n buidenupon the railroad,
I h a " of which it cannot equitably bo called
) upon to bear.
mfl I It is now proposed that tho railroad com-
, in pany bo ompowerod to substitute foi its
'J M present roadway and Ptructuro nboo
f 9 108th street a steel Induct, similar to
I 'M tnat of our c,ovat0'1 rniliondi). and that
Hi' ill Prt ' l'10 vos(' of tllls c,mnffn borno
Pg.ijl by the city. Such an debated btructuie
M vonld throw open a largo . number of
I J llll treete which nro now closed by the rall
Kfl 1 road, and would piooot i on&tderablo nd
Be U vantage to the clt and to indiidual pixtp
Bv ,W erty owners.
K '. If the Harlem Itlwr nuisauco is to lie per
BJ M potuated, or, at loiibt. If Us abatoment is to
BJ I be deferred beyond tho timo to wldch the
M raising ot the railroad bridge can be de
layed, then It is not a reasonable proposl
I tlon that the extraordinary expense ot the
change should bo imposed on the railroad
alone. The city should bear its share, and
f we should strongly favor tho appointment
I of a fit and impartial Commi&bion to con
alder tho matter and decide on the equities
ot the case.
The Central Ballroad ! nrratand lib
eral corporation, and it dowries liberal and
Just consideration at our hands It has
conduced mnrellously to tho growth of the
city of Now York, and It Is ludlspeiisablo to
ourprogross. Wo hat u no sympathy with
that domngogio and dishonest clamor
Mj which seoms to hold that tho first purposonf
I I all local and gouoral government is the ro-
atrlctlon nnd tho repression of all corporato
progressnnd pios,p'iity. M'o belictoth.it
Within tho llnilto of ienao'i.ibli'nef.s ,ind
common icno tho eotpoi.itlons should
hate exactly tho same piobctlou nud cn
uoutngoiiint that the law .ind tliobplrlt of
J ourgotmfiuiiMit accord to pt it ato citicm.
,i It is only light, thorofoje, tint In a ques-
j tlon such its that if changing tho (.Vntral
giadcsloaiul bejoud tho lluilem liiidge.
tin i dlvlolou of tin bmden should hate a
fair and judhlul loiflilcintlou,
i - - -
'Uie tti'Milt of tin- Quebec Klecllou.
Thf-iiuLconio of tlm c-lootion wlilch took
; plait) on Tin (Mint- in tho province of Qun-
U.-0 was Iho iivomhcliiiltig ili-fc-at of tho
j riait luuded bv i-t-l'reniler Muncmn.
, . Mr. MuiCLii himself will ictnln his sent
j in the next Hniiho of Afcsenibly.iind onoof
i his lain o'lpiigiies. Mi. .SiiEin.v, tho ox-
'J'rcasurerof thu piotinic, isalsoieo'loctpd:
J but all tho rcht of tho dismissed Nutioiml-
If 1st MlulKtcrsnio beaten, and tho Conserva-
. it, tlvus wlllliavoa ninjoiity of iiliout thlrly-
I thrvolii aliouso (oiitnlnlng sntonty-throo
moinbois. 'Iho political ultuatlou Is thus
1 (bniplotelyioversed, fot In tho liomodls-
I Bolted iu Decombor tho follow eis of He.
, MuidEti had n majority of twunty-boven.
i It is evident that tho constitutional qucs-
tlons luvolted lit Tuesday's oloctlon were
; lrxt sight of, nnd that tho toters simply
tlr-cineil Ihciusulves called upon to suy
whether in their opinion tho ox-Minlstor?
; woio implicated in tho Ilaio des Chulcure
' coii.iptlon taso. That tho latter isuo o-
( i-luslvnly ocoupled tho publlo mind is shown
' as dcnily by tlm return of two of thonc-
ciiboil Ministers as by tho defeat of the
ji-Ht. To provn thW tvo need only recall tho
t o)lulous oiprnxsod by tho Commission of
' Inquliv. It will bo lomembcrod that tho
j , three Judgis composing tho Commission to
I whom tho clintges ugnlust tlm MtiicJtn
Cabluot wcio referred, mndottto jcports,
' ouo signed by Judge Jirrr., nnd the othor
by his twocollonguos. Doth reports agi cod
v In opo9lng nnd denouncing tho theft of
t ithlch Dai'.vvu nnd Akmstiiono had been
guilty In tho Balo des Chalouis affair,
' tidgo JirrrE, hovvotcr, held that thoro was
no ovldonco boforu thi Commission con
victing nuy nf tho Ministers of n guilty
knowledge of thoconupt baiguin. liuttho
5 ; majority report, with which tho verdict
j ot tho doctors Is curiously coincident,
f I discriminated between Mr, Mrnoir.it him-
I eolfnndMr. Sheuyn, his Provincial Tiens
4 J uror, on tho one hand, and some of thnli
j oollongucs on tho other. Tho furthest tho
- majority roport ventured to go in fixing
'' complicity upon Meiiciek, was to say that
i ho received eomo of the stolon money while
' j admitting the absence of any proof that ho
v 1 Luew 11 was stolon. As to Mr. 8iir.iiv', it
't 1 M not )?retondcd that tho ellghtcutoM-
Br&il(&.y -tML.mrtfifoi,Ut,
conco of complicity had boon discovered.
It Ih procleoly tlioso two Ministers whom
tho voters absolve of guilt so far at biicli
a verdict Is Implied In tholr reelection. On
thn other hand, uccordlng totho majority
roport, HoniDoux, Mkrcirh's Attorney
Qoneral, compromised himself In attempt
ing to discount I'acaud'8 notes in Mon
treal; &IARLU9 JiANonMEn. l'lovlnelnl Sec
rotarj', was acquilntcd with tho details of
tho transaction and unquestionably le
colvod monoy from 1'acauji; and Duhamct.,
Minister of Crown Lands, actively sup
poitcdtho IJalo des Chalours transaction.
Every dno of tho Ministers thus distinctly
Incriminated by tho majority report lias
been defeated. Tho signlllcnnco, therefore,
of tho Quobco cloctlon Is that tho totors
will not permit nion against whom thcro Is
pioof of cormptton In ofllco to lopresent
tho people. Tho determination docs them
honor, and it is to bo hoped that thoy may
adhero to it in tho future. Tho only thing
to bo regretted is that tho totors did not
form such a wholesome resolution earlier,
foi much tho groitor part of tho provincial
debt was accumulated by Consertntltos,
and ovldcnce has been lopontcdly picsonted
of bribery, embezzlement, and corruption
on tho pmt of Conseitatlto official? in tho
As regards tho constitutional questions
which tho totcis lost sight of, tho lric ldents
of tho last threo months proto that tho
Constitution of tho protim-o (if Quolwc
can Iki violated with Impunity, piovidc-d tho
violation Is committed by n Conservative.
In I81HM1. Lcrnnt.irit. tho Llbcr.it I.iou
t euaut-Gov pi nor of Quebec, at bili.itilv ills-
mlbsed theCoUbCivatlv'o I'rov Incl il Miuls
tty.ofwhlch Mr. Dii lliuuiuivir.t.c w.n
the head, and ot tv hlch the present Lieutenant-Got
ernor. A.votna. was a member.
Nothing could bo mora perfect than tho
Analogy: for tho Dn ISouciiLr.vitiLi: Mlnlb
try. liko the late Mrnciun tUbinct, had nt
the time of itn dlsmlbsal a tnajorilv in the
Quebec House ot Abfombly. Mtueovei.tho
CoiiMorvatlve-i were then, ns they nienow.
IniKiwer at Ottawa. The dlfTercnco iu tho
situation lb thnt it was a Liberal who w.ia
guilty ota high-handed net in H7S, nnd It
was i a Conservative Pintinci.il (Internment
which was tho victim of tho piocved
Ing. Loud and llorco woio tho Conserv nllvo
denunciations of tho iiuconstltutloii.il
conduct of tho Quobco Lieutenant-Governor:
and In compliance with their pro
tests tho Governor-GenornI dismissed Mi.
Lktellier from office. In December, 1S91,
however, it was u Conservative Ltoutcnnnt
Govcrnor who unconstitutionally dlsmibeil
a Liberal Provincial Cabinet commanding a
majority In tho popul.u branch of tho Legis
latuio. Did tho Governor-GenornI dismiss
ldm foi committing an net identical with
that which brought the penalty on his Lib
eral predecessor.' On tho contiaty, Loid
Stanley of Preston and tho Dominion I'rv
miei, Mr. Aiinorr. li.ivo exerted nil tho
powers of the Canadian gcneial Govern
ment to sccuio tho vindication or condona
tion nt the ballot b ix of tho Illegal conduct
of tho Consorvativo Lieutenant-Governor.
Theyliaveattainedtheli end by keeping out
of sight tho constitutional issue and conllu
Ing the attention of t ho electors to the ques
tion whether thodischarged Minlbtors weio
guilty of compiiclt" in a corrupt bargain.
The outcome of the Quob-c election blg
nlllcsthat lwodllug will M-ldnm bo tolerated
when it is committed byLibei.ils. It also
signifies thit tho piiaclplo of Ministerial
accountability to a Legndntuio must neter
be violated by Liberals, but can bo broken
by Conbertatltcs at their dibcietion. Tho
fuct justify . i further lufereiue. that tho
provision of the Iiiitlsh North Amorica act
that there bhall be one session of tho Quebec
Piovincial Legislature In otery cai. has
become a dead letter, seeing that thedcll
nnceof it by Lieutenant-Governor AMirns
does not seem to havo exorcised tho slight
est Influence on the Quebec electors.
Tho Kuto of .in !ou.i Logkl.ui nnd
Have you heard of tho original, but not
wholly succbsful, method 1 itcly used b
the late Muj or of Govt iif, Iowa, to dumon
slratc ihat liquoi iirohlbitiou in that
State is not incor.bi-tout with loading any
citizon with a gift for drlak far ubovo liK
Plimsolij maik. and up to tho maigo of his
Ico scuppeis' Probably not. L'oilin oi
1'aris or l'latlunds bec-ms w much noire:
than Gov, rie. which Is nevertheless .i mei
ltnrioii3 settlement Mtuatd but for
fuilhor pirticuhml we musticfei jou totho
Gn:etteei. Wo .iro writing htoiv, not
gcograph . Let us hasten to (tilalu that
In speaking or I'm lato Mavoi of
Gowrio. v.o don't ncin tint tins emi
nent, although pel Imps to enatle,
man has ciosied tho htygl in fi-rrj , gnnn
over to thn night's Plutonian shore, broken
his pipe, pissed in his (hecU.lit out foi
good, tak"ii acottigo with a thatch of tuif,
hud his tltknt lukcnupon tho iiudeiground
railway, anil so on. Ho is defiiui t in tho
henso that he no longoroon Noa tho funt
tiousof Mnii of (to lie, lint ho IIvct with
out fear, if nut -vllhuiit thiisl, in tht town
of winch liotv.ts Mayor, nnd of which lie ln
blsts that he in Minor btill. lint loom t.ile:
Mi.SvMUSiilMi.uiii.MiAcniiw istl i! most
populni man nt old Gov, ue. Itsecnin toll ivo
been no clog on his populniltv that ho w is
a couvlvl.il fcoul. Ho was well M'lisoned.
As nn admiring but ctlll Impaitlal cotte
.pnndont writes to tho (Jluciipn lltralil from
Port Dodge, " long ycais of prat tho hud
made nrdent spirit-, ns fnmili.it to Swi'n
palato as Is milk to that of a piuttllng
Infant." Still, theio tiro mid to hut been
times when S3t Jumped out of tho p tin of
moilcrntlon. If bin it was the caw, wt havo
nodoubt that his motivo was corn ct. Ho
wanted, as wo hn.o nlrendy Miggestcd, to
bting tho Iowa lhiiot iivviinloinutcnipt.
Any way, hi townsmen inuduued his of
fences, if ho had co.nmittcd uny, bv olectlng
him Mayor Inst yen. Ho wusolectod unan
imously. IhoMuyoiof (Jottrio icioivi? a
8inallerh.ilaiy thaulhuM.iui of New Yoik.
butlhnhoiioi Is one of whii h any ( ltlen of
(Sovvrio may well ho pioutl. His Honor,
Mayor Dvrinti Mivut.ii, win pioutl. Ho
wlblndto evpross his thanks to tho people.
Ho had a demijohn of ryo whiskey In ought
into tho ollki-, ami Invited his unanimous
bupportora tolubricat'i theli windpipes. As
a public man. ns tho thief iiitigibtiato m
Govt tin. ho may havo felt himsolf called
upon to take two whlnllc-tvottois to their
one. Tho results na thus desctlbud by tho
hlbtorlan fiom whom woquoto:
"Tho niitltwni lnvltli' Tin Mil) or Kit ilrnnt
TtitJra)llly i-)J from c no nnjo to niiothir, mil
Ana 1) ASiumtxl imiaitfotli pru.Hjittoii. Tli vtAor
crew lilUr out He flunl.j' wubblo I out i tins tttttt
uil Imijmi ftiakluK li.tnln ronilc.ioiI) n itli tier'
man trumin inil ctilM that lionul rno Mll.ijn u u
yrainlbllcaJ, uitil a rjutmltten fif rr,nl took the tr
reipomiblft oitlelal lit hand an. put tilui to hel Tha
Dtxl inontlDii tho Mayor ultni, and nlomnly
irotnltad nor to tat vjcli an uccliWut occurakalu.
Tli o elrcuniitancea were nontlilrft t.) lie uiltliritln;,
and the tuatler a Umbo! up ai nulttly aa poiilhle,'1
It doesn't scorn to occur to tho Port Dodgo
historian, nor does It boom to havo occuri oil
to tho simple uatlvoof Gowrio, that tho
Mayor's t rl tt m plul procession and oxhlbl tlon
on thuslieol was in ptirsunut'o of the put
poso which t.o believe ito had ut hoait, the
lllustratiuu of tho proverb that when) theio
is much prohibition thoro Is much potation,
H ' ' f-ini'i 'I if '---a I i l i i . i i i in in
, l..iijrf-'.lr'i'.-""-
His Honor proceeded to nnothor demon
sliallon. Iist fall ho " was sent to Jail in
Port Dodgo as n common enso of chunk
nnd dlsorderif. " 1 he historian nteis that
"a distinct commotion wnf. cnuse-t bv thin '
Wo should think very likely. Iho rivalry
between tho two clttw Is well known. It
seems, how over, thnl ho was let off without
n llnu, so wo take It that "mW to Jail" Is
mcioly nn amplttboloutt expression for
"dumped Into tho inge." His Honor lo
turned among his forgiving If no longor
unanimous ilock, nnd for tv long time hu
gave up tho task of trying lo rend a primer
of prohibition to a school so stolid. But
Iho logician, tho phllo3ophor, tho humorist
in him overcaino disgust nnd forgot defeat.
A fuw days ngo his Honor gave another
olii'ut t lesson, nud ho look mi assistant with
him. It was a rcd-lctlor day for Gowrio :
Vbo1 VnnwsJuathiiTltbapDfned, butonHnttirdr
nlitlit the Major appeared on tho atrecte In a atato of
appallliiRl) m Ident Intoxication f.or vas tho Major
alone Arm In nrru with tha cltye Chief Executlia
won Ji a tUnrar, notorloiu drunkard ana ' ne'er do-
ill ' who until V1 1, for ImciiKaitoii a admlnlttratlon
pent motofliltlino In the clt !' Tho pair eta?
prod alonirthe streeti anddencd too rnllro population
of the clt to Interfere with their happlneii. City Nap
ahal I)i snhejitot the Mayor to (to homo, tail prayen,
threntu nnd intrea-lea were ill tieeleea. TheMarahal
wlthdre hla forcea ant the fun went nn. Soma
of tl e tw-lnjM men eousht tha Marahal and
reijuaitel htm tn nrrcit fie dliturhera of the
etcc. Tho nHilil wai wlllln?. hut aa Major
Dap iiKMiir n ." thenntj Jutlcof the Teace In the
Ml1 lire n weUni Vliyor there m no one to liiustua
nirrtnt nor anyone h-tire whom the rulrrltacnuld ho
tiro I flit if arrofot m tho Vlayor im rennltted to
purnjot'ionucun tenor of lilim with bit eonjenlil
uinp'inlon It " "1 t ntlt the happy pair. In the
loumo ot their ileua wanderlttRa felt throuiih tho
w Ind of i no i.t the lovllnn dry o Is atnre that the
cutriirfl cltlrcnt arixeln thlr mlkht nnl r"t nn en 1
to the ilHrar"fni ep-rlaolo Marahal IU M attempted
t imakethearreo unhlaown rieponilhllltj. but failed
illnnully Tin Vlior .in I hl friend refined to hear-le-e
I 1 innllj the Marthal ilepiitlre 1 three Utliena to
lalphtsi nnl aftcra jiird ll-lit Maor Inui-itutaicrn
roim 1 lilmIt. Iu coiii.itnr wit-i Juk Uir, occupy
Inx nelllnlilioe.il Jvtl '
Let us admit th it tho Mayor mado n mis
take bete, hln lit-.', mistake, it voti will tako
tho tumble' to stitilv his piogrammo. Ho
should hive promptly Issued n ttaiinnt for
his own ttnost. nnd bhould then have ad
mitted himself lit ball; but ho was carried
away by his own enthusiasm nnd plated
hlhpartto) well. Moi covet, ho seems to
have lost his letnpoi n little at tho dnliii'ss
of his fellow tiliei's On bundity he mado
out ami b"ited ptpersou thcnion whoai
rested him. ami chaigo I them with illegal
at rest nnd malicious pio-ecution. On Mon
day tlm iu c used i clot ted by bringing btilt
ngnlnst him Tor bre iki'tg the- S.tbb ith. and
what not. His bondbmeu withdrew fiom
lils bond ns Mayor nnd ns Justlco
of tho Peace. Tho City Council p.iss
ctl a jesolution declarlncr tho ofllco of
Mayor vacant, and elected ucothor
mini to that oillc-c. 'this 6fcms to bo a
qtteei sort of pioecedlng, but ovoiythlng
cxci'pt piohlbitlou mavgoln a prohibition
State. Tho umliuntcd DtuoiirNnAUon
Hied new bonds and tried to asset t his
uudlmlnished titlo to tho oftleo of Mayor ot
Govt rie. but he is nt most only tho th jure
ofllcinl. Tho ilc facto in in has Issued tin
order that heiieefoi th anv man w ho nppeara
on thnstieetsof Gowrio Inn jagged condi
tion bhull bo inn in. 'litis seems to bo nn
indirect acknowledgment that h cm Dvccm
i vnvLiiii is btilt Miioi. Hut his nuthority
Is gone and hi i talttty 1- gone, ami tho till
rens will hivo nono tif him. .Such is tho
tost of being bovctely logn ttl and piofound
lv liumoioits inn piohlbitiou State. Humor
and prohibition aro not compatible.
A Mote for Good ItouiU.
Sen.atoi ItlCHAflDROV of Oinnge It is mtro
dut ed in tho Senate at Albany a bill which
cmbodiPb many of the ideas recommended
by Go ci nor IIilz, in his unnuli metsago of
1M91. It provides for the creation of a Board
of Commissionets of btato Itoads. to bo
corapoped of two Demociats and tvtolto
publiinns, to which tlutll bo inti listed the
construction nnd mnintcn tree of htuto
roids outido of cltici and ineoipot.ilcd
villages It pi ov ides further for tho sub
mission to tho people ot a la.v authorizing
i lo.tn of SIO.'JV'.OOO for paing the cost of
bin It loids, and dliecls liow the monev. If
the lean is mithotiyed, sh ill be sjient
'j he htato Lnglneci is to deUimino the
ih.ii.tctei t-ml kind of road-, to bo con
btiuctcil iindci tho bill, nnd tho Pommis
fcloni'ie, atv) to conti.ict with tho lowest bnl
dci lot the construction of tho loads. 'Ihey
nio to havo tin power to bet nsido nil bids
If thi'V'tonbider tltoiu too high, anil to ml
vet bo for lulls again. Outbitlc of uties
nnd Inioipoi.itcd villages the t-t.tlo roads
contcniplatctl in the bill. no to connect Iho
oiiuty si tits of niljati nt t otiutics. or other
pointn of gn .iter Importance, and nro to
run nlong tin lines of die loads ttltcady et
iBtlng. bo fai its id tv bo practicable.
Piov is'on Is made fut tho objections of tho
inhabitants of a tountv to tho llneot load
laid down by thc.St.tto Utiglneei nnd for tho
heating bv tho Commissioncis ot such ob
jet tlons, and for tho roviow of tho proceed
ings by tho Supremo Coin t. Tho ncqulsl
tlou by purch tsn by tho Commissioncis of
liunpikon needed for Stato roads ot tho
(oitiletnintion of such turnpikes unikr tho
ixh ting laws is piovlded fot ns veil.
'1 ho tenth (-or tlon of tho bill is important,
ns making it ehnngoiii out pen d system:
Il tie cnnttlll II mifaicll r'atatlealld Co ill mil
lotira stinll utlhe ns tir m prnethilile tho labor of
loiolcte ihi luu ho in the stato jrUne peulten
tl irieK AlU Jlilld nf tho st ite, jb wtll 1.1 tho labor of
taitptnt nut Itaiiru vbi .mi) be fippiried at the
I ilblir t jeiu ui ti tiiB to bu under nn 11 reciilatloue
old iinnrtlnH uji n.i hi anrn 1 upon l ot'ieen aut II
louinlkiimi u an I ttio -upi rintiuilt.nl of tilol'ria
in 1 r rti er iiithuri'ieH luting th c. uirol nr cuatoly
e Kii li j rli 1 ri. p uipi in, t r 11 ,i ii,orau h uh ma) be
tin iflert, rcillcjllj jiroilii 1 fo- I ) alatute, mid the
ImI tliioi 1 ly 1 f uc'i roaiU ab urn) 11 it bo inmlrilf l I
lj am ho inlrt jiaut T ortruiii lijbur i-orcaald, ahall
bi tri atrmled by runtrait "
I'Acept foi thU f.edlon, which is not
nniessiiiij ,1 ptnlof tho plun of loadbeon-tcmpliti-1,
tho bill Is woithy of couslilcia
t Ion. '1 ho question of good roads is onoof
tho niobt v Itnl ifsties- of tho time, and must
bi uitHwiuul hooum 111 Juti'i, Good loads
uto good inveblments. Thoy aro neoded
gie.ttlyiu nliiiost every purl of this Stato:
tho bill puts their loiibluiitlon uud inaln
tcnnuri) into tho hands of it non-pat tisan
lionul, whnli in in act mulct tho profeb
fllomtl itilvlto of tho .Stato Engineer; It
would fccuin ntlvlrable, c-ctept In tho point
BtiggOBte'il, to enact It into a law.
Is thoro, then, to bo no fun lu politics
when women run tho polltlotil machine., hold
ratillcntion mcotlncs put up cinilldntos, and
iftBt tholr billots at tint polls In oloetlotiH?
Monday IdHtttja tho dny for tho oloctlon of
President of that famous organlz-atlon of pro
gros3lvo women knonu aj boiosls. Was tho
cluctlun precedc-d liyallvolycompnlBti. Illus
trated with Ihouslit'proniollng Hpeochos, and
by tho noblti ilvnltyof opnoslnc cumlldatua r
Did It resemble, for cutmiile. tho rccutit Piosl
dcntial oloctlon In the Unlou Letiguo Club,
when Dr. UKrevvcniuo out victorious, umld tho
wihloot onthUHiam of hla admlrors 1 Not at all,
or In any way. Why. thoro was only one
candidate for tho ofllcoof Prt'bldont of borosls.
and Bho was elootod by the unanlmouo voto of
tho wholo body ot toters! Thou camotlio
election of a ( halrmr.n of tho Commltteoon
Phllantlunpy, and hero again thoro was only
one candidate, who was also cloctud by
unanimous vote !
Hitch elections aro both flat and drr. qulto
UQOxcItlatT.andhardlrotenlutcie-itlnz. Presl-
dent JitKMr. M. Loyicn did not gain the vlctorr
over any rital. or over a lot of rival 8orol
did not enjoy the dollchts of bftltle-
Siirely vto liav rrnron to fijar the approach
M'i iliiccw hlch ionic folks think Is coming,
nh -it voi.ii-n nil! ti tulu political elections. If
tlipj all vot tor out pnrty and tho same candi
date, tin elect Ions will bo as dull as ditch wa
ter. 1 hero will bo no fun In thom.
Tho reported discovery of smftll-pox
among immigrants arriving at this port has
led tho Statu Dopnrtmont to send orders to tho
American Consuls nt Liverpool and Hamburg
to provido for tho mcdloal Inspection of all
Btoornce cassongors bound to this country
from theso ports. This action of tho Oovern
mint Is proper and dleoreot. It Is of tho
utmost Importnnco that ovorv precnntlon be
taken to prevent tho Introduction of infoctious
nnd contagious disensos Into this country br
lmmlitrant-carrytng ships.
Mr. PirnitproNT was ono of tho founders and
noiernora of tha Manhattan club, but left It about tha
time when tho war broke out -mti
Evory statement In tho foregoing paragraph
Is nn error; besides that, tho Manhattan Club
was not founded till after tho closo ot tho war.
It 1b ovldcnt from rocont occurrences lu
tho Wostorn btatos that tho Prohibition party
will not coOperato with tho Alllanco party In
the Procidentia! election of this roar. Tho
two parties cannot unito upon n platform,
nndtheroforo could not unlto upon a candi
date. Tho Alliance party will notnecept tho
Prohibition principle wlilch tho Prohlbltlon
lxts are bound to maintain, nnd tho Prohibi
tion party desiron to chanco tho principles
upon which the Alllanco Is toundod. Tho rep
resentatives of tho two parties hnvo met to
Kcthorlnn number ot local conventions, but
in no caso have their been able to dis
cover any way of cooperation or acree upon
anything that is ot fuiidamonUt Importnnco
to elthor party. Thoy had tho same kind of
oxporlcnco nt tho fat. Louis oonferonco of last
month. Knelt party desires tho backing of tho
othor. while both parties aro hostile to ono
It is evident, thorofore. Hint each of the two
bombllatory parties must stand upon its own
platform, nominate Its own Prosldontlal can
didate, and conduct Its own uproarious campaign.
Wo trust that Prof. Samuki, A. Kino of
Philadelphia will cross tho Atlantic to Knrope
In his air ship without talking too much about
thotripboforohoraakoslt. VVoshnll not try
to dlhcourai;" hltn from ntartins out on his
trip, forwo bhall ho pleased to kpi tiny man
f.uecesful in ni.tl.intr tho nlr voyajo wlilch so
many crtnks aro ativnvs promising to make.
The thins; foi 1'rot. Kim, to do Is to astound
tho woihl by crossing tho Atlantic in his hy
drogen balloon without (-aInc n word about
it beforolnnd. and without hot rowing a dollar
of tho monoy needed to buy htdrogon.
In nt least ono respect, it is tl.o right kind
of a iflllclous rovlval that is now going on In
tho wicked Canadian city ofliollngbroko. Tho
penitent sinners thcro cry for Heaven's mercy:
that is a common feature ot revivals. Tho
converts forclvo tholr enemies: that sort of
thing Is frequently done, wo trust, oven by Ir
religious people. But now comes tho extra
ordinary news. V10 find tt in a Canadian
purer, which, whllo describing tho Holing
broko revivnl. declares that "some of tho con
verts have refunded money whioh thoy had
obtained dishonestly!" Think of thntl Think
of it. yo Christians of nil creeds. Think of It,
halvationist revivalists. Think ot It, Moodt
amt Lankly!
Hore. now. is a revival that Is worth some
thing, and hero aro converts who bring forth
fruits meet for repentance, oven tho fruits of
tlm treo of righteousness.
In reading tho reports ot tho cret religious
revival in Cincinnati, wo hnvo not observed
that it is illustrated byan incidents of tho
DolingbroLe kind. Yet wo would not glvo two
cents for any revival In wliloh tho conv orts who
hold money that they bsve got dishonestly
fall to do us tho pcnlteuc sinners ot Boling
broko have done.
And this is a Earing to which tho people ot
all creeds will subscribe without scruple.
Prrmlaelon Given for a Fair la Cattle Gardea
lor Ha IlcneOt.
The Park Commissioners at their meoting
yesterday granted tho roauestof tho Colum
bus Statue Committoo to hold a fair in Castle
G irden from June t to l'J to talse monoy to
help imj for tho statue. The blto selected nt
thullOth t-treot end ot Central Park has not
given general h itisfnctlon to the Italians.
David I.eventittt, who roproscutsalarge num
ber of Italians, wroto to the Board that ho
thought a bettor slto could bo choson.
hunerlntondent Parsons submittod a plan.
whli h v as approved, for a now cntrauco to
Central Park at Eight) -fifth strcotand Tlfth
uvetiuo. bix bids for tho building ot a now
Macomb's Dam biidgn across tho Harlem
Kiverwernopenoil Tlio Dirts will lie tabulated.
Jtwas resolved to trect a music stand at a
cost not exceeding 3J.700. in Mount Morris
Park. Tho Board dei ided to li too llvo cot
tages in I'nlhnm Park to tho Catholic House of
It was rebolvod tnnnnd to thn Legislature
th draft of n Dill prohibiting tho building of
railrouds through St. Muiv's and Bronx Parks.
Caait nail Wrat l Nrtv .Voiulaatloa for 1 1ce.
Frnm the hilUm I .Vvf.
In rnnaiderlnc the characterandparionalit) nf Pat-id
U HtUtheone feature nhloti tirat attracta attention
ia I leinlcndld Mill tlncquilltlox hla un taunted pluck,
and hla iiinniScent nerve Aa t.overnor of Sea York,
Hm 11 11 llll! addtd to tho fame or hla Slate, bla party
und hluiiielf If at. senator hedoeaai well, he will de
aerve all honor at tbnbandi of hla party la the State
and tha nation
front U,e OUnhnmn renting ff.i.e.
roa rnaau tr,
tor vtck rausioxaT.
TOM I'ATTKIt.0V of Colorado.
The Heat Anywhere,
fifitnll I'nl m -nl o 1 tt, ,V r,
Tik Natr Vihk huv, )ko Ita frreat nameaake tn tha
iklc It the beat thing ill the nettiuaper Hue that can
bo found iiih hero lu the world It contain all the
nrua, and If juu ttant tho beat netrapaptr then aub
tirlbo to tbo dail) bcv.
Hill In Slaaiucbuaetta.
To tni- FniroRor TnaSit .ir Aa a Ocng Demn
emtio toterof tho old Bay Mate, I wlali to heartll) rn
dorre and af mint ) our untlrtnx eOorta on behulf of one
of tho frrniideat apecimena of a lira Demoirar) thai
tbla generation baa pro tut ed
Aduilrini; cuurace, candor, and pMrlotlem In public
Ufa wlure can tiaaee theaaqo tlitiea more thoroughly
detunnatrated or ciemplincd than tn the career ot that
Murd) lackannlan Democrat Datld IC Hill T lie, fir.
Oiirinir hla tirll tnnt cartr, liaa repreaentrd nn otliar
intrrottaiitii thoao of lam couatltuvlile, and that hla
r!Iurl hate met uilh their approval la aultlileutly
irol by hU trliiinihfliit utectioua trhtn hecougUt
endnraenitnt at ttieir Imii la
W In rola the iti nig Iiemoirat in the State of ew
Vork thai haadsneni uiuih ay Oavid 11 If 11 1 tn aolidlfy
the I'euioincy nf that Mate b making Ita orioiul.n
lion an isrfect and louiplote that It liai tievur met
Ith defeat while under hla guidance
.... Tuonan tiuarii Hmriir.
Womiltie, Mat , March',
To ma roitoa or Tiir fccv siri I want to know
where la tha proper p'ace to put your feet, on the
ground on the table, or on chair t Why I oak la that
yetterday I had my handa In my troutera pockuts
tmliid ii, my owntrouaen and not anybody elte'i),
and a fellow remarked Ihat an Irlahraan nirarkntw
what to do with hit handt, any way. Then ba aat down,
lit a cigar and elevntnl Ma feet on tha labia. Whereat
I ainl wroth and told him that If an Irlahman did
not know what tudo with hla hand Id be eternally
Krllleil it the average American knowa what tn do ttUu
Mattel furthermorr, I tiuve elnec teen In the atreet
1 ura meu nun looked ntlt they ought to know belter
trnaa their Irga and make a door mat of every man.
woman, or child that entered II may tare the price of
a thlue. but it la expentiva to otuera In olubt and
other 1 ubllo placea aoine put their foil on the rallt of
ihalra otbera un 1 ha table, and aoma make mantel or
nameiita of tbem Thlt la particularly olittrvable In
the loan, long man The fat uinn etldoin odenda in tula
reelect tor heaven a take atari a pedallan society,
an 1 teach peoplo vi bere lo put their f lot. .
UiiouaLVA, Murch b
Or ror rllureal Oar.
linn ,Af AaNana (try Tlnt't
Tbapaitweek Lai not been ap!auut caeforfaUe
, v. gi a) ,tri.' j i,
MjiMiWiiviTi-riiM - "' -
Bceineala lo the Metropolitan Mnxeam nad
Inatllntloaa or Charily aad I.earalnc,
Tho will of Gen. QeorcoW. Cullum. Muior
Oeneral of the United Btatos Army nnd Colonel
oftheCorpiofEnBlneore. on tho rotlrod list,
was published for probnto yesterday. Tho
will was oxocutod Nov. 3a 1601. nnd names
the follorflns persons as executors: Mujor
Gon. James II. Fry. U. 8. A. : William G. Ilnmll
ton. doccdont'sbrothor-ln-lftwiCoL Grorco U
Glllosple, U. a A., and Col. Goorao V. Crannlss
of San Francisco. Tho estate Is estimated to
exoood $1,000,000. Prolato Clerk Tinncy Iibb
Issued oltations returnable on April L'5.
The following baquoBta of a publlo charactor
Were mido by tha testator:
The Women'a Hospital of this city, of wlilch
his docoasod wlfo had beon Vlco-Prcsldont.
$5,000 for nn Elisabeth Cullum bed. nnd $1,000
as a subscription from her to the an
nex of the hospital: Now York Cancer
Hospital, of which his deceased wlfo was
tho projector and founder. $0,000 torn bed
to bo designated ns "bister Mary's bod."
nnd $r.n00 for an orcan fot tho St. Ellrabcth
Chspol of tho hospital : bt. Thomae's Church
ot this city, tor tho maintenance of the Hatpins
Hand Bocloty and illot kltchon in St. Thomas's
House, "establlchtd by my charitable wire."
$5,000. to bo deslunatod as tho "Kllsnbeth It.
Cullum Fund:", Society for tho Improvement
of tho Condition nf tho Poor. $5,000. to 1m
known ns the "Cullum Fund:" Old Ladles'
Home In Han Francisco, $.r.XH): Library, Art,
and Historical Hocloty of Mondvllle. Pit .f.'i.OlH)
Tho Redwood Library, Newport, II. I, re
ceives $f.000. to bn dcPlRimted tho "Cullum
Fund." the interest to bo applied totho pur
chnhoof new publications other than works of
fiction, nnd tho Metropolitan Museum ot Atb
$0.0VK). with which to purchOKO casts, statu
ary, and works ot architecture, to be known as
tho "Cullum Collection."
Tho United MatoB Government receives
5V!r)0,000. for the purpise of erwtluir a memo
rial hull nt tho West Point Military Academy.
In wlilch to preserve souicuirsottho military
history of tin United Mntos.
This memorial hall Is to boa "receptacln of
Btatues. busts, mural tablets, portrait) of dis
tinguished deceased ofllcersAnd crnduatesot
the Military Academy, painting of bitttlo
scenes, trophies of war.and such otherohieets
as muyteitd to ulve elevation totho military
profession." In case tt Is necofsnry to nur
clinse land for tho hall, thn sum ot 410. 000 ad
ditional is left for that puroo-e.
1 ho sum of $211,000 is bequeathed in trust to
the superintendent nnd certain professors of
tho United t-tntes Military At ndi my. the, In
come to be applied to proeunnt? statues busts,
mural tablets, and poitralts of iIIMiiikiiIhIkmI
dce.ised ofllcers and graduates of thu I'nltid
ftateit Mlllt.uy Acndi-nt), which tiro to bo
placed In the niemorl tl bull.
'I Mo Association of Graduates of tho United
rtlt.trs Military Vcndemy ncelves MO 000 to
be Invented in thn name of the association and
to lie used for Its expenses llio nshcoiutiou
alaosits all tho doccdi-nt h m.tiiusciltits, let
tets. notes, and pituiphleta nud publications
pertalnln to mllltari education and tho his
tory of tlie academv und its graduates.
lu tho merairi il hall are to bo dtmnslted tho
sword presented lit tho Indies of St. Louis
Mo . to Mnior-Gcn Hnnr V. Hnlloek. his por
trait painted bv Lazurut:. a bust takon after
cien Hiillrck's death by Jliill.nnd thotobtator's
own portrult. painted liy Lllot Gresory.
Thu Amorienn (leouraphleal Hoclety rocclvns
$r U00. a part of the income, to be applied to
tho p trchaso of cold medals for those who
have distincuished themselves in ccouraph
ical discoveries.
There aro a nunil cr of personal bequests In
tho will, the prlncipil ones beinir $60 000 to
bitt sister. M-ilv ina II iR'all. nnd $50.(X)o to his
"favorito nloea " Emina C Cnrta77o of Moad
ville. Pn. Other relatives and trlouds recclvo
Thn residue of the estate up to $100,000
Boos to tho Amorlean Geographical hoclety for
tho erection or a fireproof hulldinc for a libra
ry and for other uses of tho society. In the
event of tho residue exceeding this nmount
the excess ts to co to his niece. Emma Cullum
UythevfUIofMrs..TullaW. Acker, fllod jester
day, theso bequostsaro mado to charity1 St.
Paul's P. E Church. Paterson. N. .1 . $1,000;
St. Teter's P. E. Chunh. hpotswood. . J..
$1,000: trustees of the Fund for Aced and In
firm Clergymen of theT. h. Church of tho Ui
oceso of New York, $1,000. ond to tho House
of the Holy Comfortor. $1,000
II I C stonmoulh County bhowi Ita Demo
cratic Mlrenzth.
rnrEnOLB. March ft Tho Democrats carried
fourteen of tho sixteen townships of Mon
mouth county yestot day, ns far as the Board
of Choson Freeholders of the county was con
cerned. In Ocean township, which includes
Long Branch. Llboron. Monmouth Boach. Kea
brieht. Lone Branch city, and Pleasure Bay,
tho ontlro Democratic ticket was olectod. In
Neptuno township tho Itepublicans eloctod ev
ery candidate with the exception ot a Justice
of tho Peace, and a Constable. Tho township
has a heavy Itopublican majority, but Cooke
Hnwlnnd. thoBopulilieancnndidato for Choson
I rei holdor, had only 48 majority over Albert
D VlcCibe.
In Mir -wtbury township, which includes
lied Dank and Itumsou ltoad. the Itepublicans
made a elean sweep, except that Henry Chllds.
Demoernt. was reelected Justlco of tho Ponce.
J. V. rtickson .1 Democrat nnd ox-I'ost-mnbterot
Freehold, wns elected Chosen Free
holder from Freehold township. In Wall
totvnshln the Democrats cirried through suo
cesbtutly every man on thclrtuket. In Minos
nuan tho town election resulted in a complete
victory for tho Democrats, lialstcnd H. waln
wrlicht. the present Mavor. who run for re
election, w is dnfentod by apt. Gcorso llalley
by a voto of U)H to VO 11m nowly eleitod
memburb of tho TovvnCouncIl ure ltobort Vnn
dusen. It Frank Loncsttect, and James U.
Iho voters of Snrlne Liko Bench docldod tn
lavor 01 iinvinK 1110 puice incorporuieii as a
boroucli by avotoof nearly seven toone. In
Honclitotvnship there was nn excitlne con
test ovet tlinCliosen I reeholdershiti bottyenn
John II. Viinseholck, the locular Dnmocrntlo
cindldiite, who repreented Gov. Abbott's fac
tion, and Jotcph Ilutchor. who was put in tho
Held as tin hub pendent Democratic candidnto
by United bt lies r-ountnr Ulodelt' followers.
Butcher won by n decided minority
New Bbunswii e. Vtareli .) Tho elections in
the township of Middlesex county yesterdny
rosultod in it Democratic victory, nnd tho now
Board ot hreoholdors will stand 11 Democrats
tort itepublicans. a loss ot ono for the Dunio-
Elizabeth. March 0 Boturns fiom tho
Uulon county limnshlp eloctlons Tuosday
show the Uopubllenns to hnvo sustained a po
litical Waterloo Uh) Democrats get control
of the Board of Freeholders for the llrst tlmo
In years, nnd this without tho aid of theMaritli
Ian. passed this week by tho Leslslature. and
which will (,'ive font more Democratic Free
holders to Lllabeth 'Iho present Bonrd of
Freeholders stand Ih publican. 0: Demo
crats, 8 Thn new Board, without Elizabeth's
four oxtra mi mh'rs vylll stand: Democrats.
10; Itepublicans 7. Ibis means tiio ousting
on May 1 of the Jlonublienn Director and Clerk
ottho llonrd, also the ountyjnclneer, Countv
Collector. County ttornoy. Jail Warden, and
A .Ven Volcano In Mexico,
fUs Dieoo, Vlarchf. A party of prospectors
who worn in tho N" ltlver regiou of tho Colo
rado Dosert at tho tlmo of tho rocont earth
nuako brine In ,1 story of a blazing volcano.
"Wo worn on tin lower I auna Mount tins,
close to tho Mcvlcnn boundary line, about
tnldwny between Nut Dleno and urns." they
hay. "when the inrthiiunke occurred '1 lint
ntitht wo lit-vid rtiiubllnir noises, and the nett
ilav tlio smoke returned, denser und blnikot
than ever. 'Flint nlunt Irn-n tho mountain tups
we could plainly fo a fliitni Hhootliier up. Tin
volcano appeared to bo uhoitt forty milif. nvtay
nnd InMevUan lirntory. The-flaino wits not
hlch above the level of tho osort, and tip
poured to eomo Irotii a pit hole,"
Itockluud Cminly bhowa it Large Decirnae,
Nvack. March 0. Tho enumeration flcures
In Iiockland county wore received to-dny. and
rauoh dissatisfaction is expressed. Tho now
census puts thn population of the county at
.'.'1.085. Tlm enumeration in 1800 cavo a pop.
uhitlon of :i5.1tu It Is claimed that a winter
enumeration In Itockland county is unfair, be
cause tcores of fitmlllea who aro, residents of
this county spend tholr winters in 1W lork
or Brooklyn lu addition to this. tho brick
yards In tho upi'or part .pf the county nro Idlo
In vvlnler. muUnB a difference ot betwoon
'J.000 and 3 000 there.
tone laland City waa Kobbea.Too.
Tho State census taken found 35,020 jar
gons In Lone Island City, which is 5.123 more
than wore fJini',b? ,(D50,d?.r,ltlu?onBU8 takers
Increases of tromlJJKW to 2.000 aro show n In
the returns from towns tn Queens county out
eldo of Loni; ielana City.
J'.lBhteea Neraee OraeluaUal.
The commonoement exercises of tho Mills
Trnlnlnc bchool for Malo Nurses at Bellovuo
Hospital took place In the ichool bulldlna; at 8
o'clock last nlht. Thore were elghteon crad
uates. and encli rceolred a diploma from Prof.
Jacoby. Miiny J,J'"fWBre present. Mrs. A.
H. Sjliitrd.the ,uPfrtn'ndei)t of tho school,
nresded, ''',,,,t,'?kBT(; ro Prof. Jtieobv.
IkimmUtlonerPorUr. Dr. Brown, nud Mr. li.
O. Mills. A',t'orrflfM .refreshmeute
were serveJ. ana there was dauclnu.
r,.. OiJnJUU ;
A Port on the raelBo Fonatt for the Chler
or the Treaanry Agrente.
It wns nttthorlWIvoly announced at Iho
Custom Ilounn yesterdnr that within n fow
dnysCharlosa Wilbur, chief of tho Treasury
nuentsln New York, will bo tringfcrrod to
soino port on the Pacific coast. Treasury
A cent Goorco Whitehead of Suspension Urlilutt
has boon Invited to eucccod Mr. Wilbur In
charge ottho Now York office.
The proposed transfer of Mr. Wilbur, follow
Ins Immediately nponthotrnnsfor of Treasury
Accnt McCoy, tho dlsmlssnl of Treasury In
spectors Brltton nnd DiiRnn. nnd tho ttnnsjer
of Bovon additional inspectors fiom Mr. Wil
bur's office to CollcotorHendricks's command,
wns regarded ns slcnincnnt by Itepublicans of
hlfihdeerec. It was remarked to bo the con
cluding chapter In tho ilchtof tho New York
merchants and Htolr Influential Bcpuhllcin
supporters against tho encroachmenta of tho
Treasurynconts as dominated by A. K. Tlnttle.
Htipervlslni: Treasury,, Agent nt Wnshlnc
ton. Lmlnent Itcimbllcans doclnretl tlutt
tlio finale would not bo reached until
Mr Tlnuln was elthor redttcod to the, ranks
or dismissed from thn service. Tlioerltlslstti
nf Sir. Wilbur has not been sharp, for It has
bcon known all along that ho wits lonnd to
obey the orders of Mr. '1 ingle, iot tho mer
chants of the city hove conceived a trejiidlpt
against him, nnd have Insisted thill ho should
be transferred. , , ...
1 he merchnnts encaged In opposing Mr.
Tingle iiuoted totho vVttshington authorities
Hit official comments of John Hhormnn nnd
Daniel Mnnnlnir. Secretaries of thoTri'ttsury.
Ana result tho Treasury nccnts wore warned
not tn porseoutn custom otlleiiils or merchnnts.
but for throo icars. uccordlng to tint most
eminent merchants In Now York. Mr. Tinglo
has persecuted them to such n degree that
even tho solidost Uopubllenns have refused to
vote for the Itopublican ticket or In any way to
contributo to Its success. The serious nature
of the situation wns callod to tho attention ot
tho President by Gen. .Tames b. Clarkson,
Chairman of tho Itopublican National Com
mittee, who requested that Mr. Tinglo ho to
rn o ed from the service Mr. Tingle Is now in
tho West on an exploring tour.
rim TiwuSASD rn aviso volicemex.
They're la the "rlllah Klaaxttona-Baw Mm?
Have. We Here f
In thn chnrol or tho Tabornablo. Thirty
fourth street and Sixth avenuo, estordny
morning. Miss Catherine Ourney of London
told tho Ladies' Christian Union a great many
Interesting things about her work among tho
London police. Miss Gurnev says that God
put It into her heart a few y ears ago to medi
tate upon tho peculiar temptations and tiials
to which policemen aro subjected, and upon
the fact that no especial Christian endeavor
wns directed toward sustaining thom In those
trials and temptations.
tiho was so movod that sho bestirred herself
among the police and organized a Christian
Pollco Union with a building In tho Strand
whero thero were libraries, reading rooms,
nnd religious meetings for nollcemon only.
Then she cot up n renlilcncoat Brighton. nlty
miles from London, where any pulico officer
who was getting over sickness or wounds re
ceived in performing his duty might go to
recuperate. M10 told the Ladies' Christian
Union that God had wonderfully hlossed her
work, and thnt tho Christian Polieo Union now
extended throughout tho United Kingdom
and had a membership of about 5 000 pray ing
policemen. Her object in v isitingthis country
wns to sot on foot a similar movement, und
she Bays she has had great success lu Canada
and In tho West, especially in Chicago
It is probable that thu Ladles' Christian
Union will start a tiranch of tho work in Now
York, whoro the police mny rend, uttend llttla
receptions, hold prayer meetings, und other
wise bring themselves within tho influouco of
non-sectarian Christian influences.
Three Tlekela lo be Voted For la Next
Week's Choice ofOoTeraori.
The Manhattan Club, on Thursday evening.
Murch 17. is to elect live Governors to tako the
places of Frederic It. Coudort. Charles B. Teet,
Edward Scholl. J. Edward Simmons, ana
Charles H. Tru.ix. Theso llvo coatlemen have
been renominated.
In the Manhattan Club ten members mar
nomlnato a ticket, and threo other tickets have
boon named. Ono contains tho names of
Douglas Taylor, Monton Marble. Harry D.
Macdona. John A. Ituthorford. and Frank S.
Ellis. Another bears tho names of Manton
Marble, Froderio It. Coudort. Douglas Taylor,
Judge Truax, and Charlos M. Oelrlchs. The
third ticket nominates Messrs Coudort. Peet,
Scholl. and Simmons. butHiibstitutos Jofforson
M. Levy in place otJudgo Truax.
The elei tlon promises to bo Interesting. Ono
of tho best-known members In the club ox
plnlned the situation thus:
"Mr. Coudert has beon a Governor for many
years, and our President for the last flv 0 yonrs.
Wo are all proud of him, but ns President ot
tho representative Democratic club of tho
country there nro certain members who bo
liovo he should hnvo abided by tho nction of
tho Democratic stato Coramltteo in calling tho
htato Convention for rub. 22 Neither tho
Inmmany element northo friends of henator
Hill have uttered tho slightest opposition to
Mr Coudert."
Tho Goiornors elect tho President at tho
April meeting. Thero are mnny mombers who
favor M.tnton Marble, who was Mr. Coudert'a
predecessor llv 0 years ago.
Foreign Note of Kent Interest,
Tlie migration bat come of intcranca agalnat blind.
Trefrrred Allaorp stock bsi received a dividend of
llircc per ceni pvr am uiu
Arcrent tlaltor In nitmnrck deicrtbei him aa the
picture of bodily and menial vigor.
A large robhery in the Cluny Mnaeum tsrna out to
hat 0 bean perpetrated by an ofllclat
Afier a hfo of more than t 0 leiitnrlea, an old maater
In tlie Brltleli rallery. painted on wood, Mas cracked.
someone liaa been urging the introduction of black
edge 1 pottage itntups fur tbe cont enlence of people in
niou ruing
The Berlin prlront were never to crowded as at
preaent largely owing to the I inperor a recent cruatda
for tetter mora
Atopy of tbe original elltlm of "Pickwick" given
byDUkenajto Macready haa hern told from tba lata
Jamra viclienry't llhrary tor .'(I gulneat.
Mine yeara ago a email Jewlih colony waa founded
ontbetlult of Alaba by a l.irnnn It liaa proved a
complete failure, and ihe lolonina bJt e been resetted
to lente.
The Oovernor ot relrovannlr Ruaila haa limed a
jinn tarnation declaring fiat .lu Lf a caught Indulging
In rlroug drluk on tho bench u til be proet.uted and alt
tbelr declalona annulled.
Throe of tbe partnera of a large tarnlah factory near
Iondon liavedied within n yrnr lent lug an aggregate
fortune nf over ten inllllona ofddrvt in pertonalty
bealdeelarge (itateoln Hindu
A pupil of Joachim. Hetty oehwibe nge 1 1 P. tha mat
tera' futorlte pupil," hat male a brilliant dibut In
Berlin playing a cincertn of Inaililm Mcudelaaobn'e
concerto, mid a V ieuxtempa b ilia I 1 tie 1 ritlca predict
a lirllllatit future ror ber.
In tbe criminal court of D laa't Inrf a mnn hat been
rondiiuucd to flic tear, jenal irtitule or robbery
and tudeatbforuiurdir Inttrbt ninrorinlt) tilth the
letter of thelnti The legal liilliir n it l tthlcU ten
tence aiioui I In 1 arr e I ' it t r '
About the time tl nt a s lull em l e.io v an burned to
iliatli Willi petr 'lei ir, it iuoi iliii.i, a young wldon in
vieiilu. In tlio jioilnoe if lli .uttlna me.iected of
hating polromd her liuaban I i-malen from ber bed
miiin at nlL.ht, loinil tian I an I fxl. milted In ja
troleuiu, aet en fln, 1111 1 burnt 1 10 ueatb
Jntercating Informant n t-j . 11 Iho niinllllcgneia nt
IlievorVlngrluiiieatiiniliaeril 1 1n "irly life for on 11
agepenalon is alter !e I by Kkri it I iijllahflrin or cotton
kpninere They odcred to iliaullo 11 iroto aiertlon
run t on roiillllon that tin irl people aubacribed
upon nnactipirlnlacale, but itminjosjl wai retried
by a vole of morn than I no tin 11
The Itjke do la lioca 11 i'iiii leenf l-paln 11 Uo may
etiind bonneted btfuri Ihe hint, l.m retired ton uioii
aatery lie i a piomlnrnt tVlle ill llailrid am let y
aud eonirlhlng of a .illtli a 1 an I tclired dl.guatrd
ut tha fuilura nf hit 111011011 In the rorter tortduco
tlierltilllttaiidtboi iui-qiiriil filling agalntt liluiat
the court ant tilth ihi-urMorrniy
In 1 reparation for the ti'st lei,t f t'arletlir Prenrh
War Pcparliiimtl aa Inlen atej lonard llieconatruc.
lion of an Iminenan utibltaliiniiit In the 1 It; for tbe
prcaervatlou of niott ny freeriiif Miiillar eatabllah
inenta in auinuVr arat.a wl I li uttarhifl tnt'ie ftrts
encircling the cap til The n -1 tr tt.lt I eup'ilin 1 tn
allfromacititra! elation opirtlcil "cu dmg ton new
iiimicm. ulrajitf"
Dr, Deltoeirr, Leperot the arrhltetln V.nttfril.tin.
anno'inceitliathebiiafoiinl ' hitherto tiurorognl'el
Ilembraidl.repriteuilntlie neiiiblliigof the llatati
under their Cilif I'hudlua ( Ivllli lutt leroro their re
volt agalntt the Koinmie uuout .1 ieiitur before I'hrlit,
The picture ha I long been aiinb ited to Jureaan Hi. 111,
anAmttcrduinartitlof tho nil Id e of ttiuteventeeiitli
cenlnry.aiid hung in the gjlier) of tie Lily Hall
When King l.oult Mp l-'n mule the 1 Ity Hall lilt
palace the picturs ai taken f rem tbe gtllfry aud ttat
bung In a dark turner if a hick, room, wbtre it ro.
inamtd unnoticed until Pr He Krer begin etudylng
It, Dr. Penoeterbaa laid bit procft before tba nutib
Ocvernment, which It eipecte t to trantter tba picture
to tba Bembran'l alrr B"1 .
- - i- " I
. .,. -.... ir -T TTi 'ijr-taaiiat
roxhntl Krenr Hiirake Hlltthtledr of nit)
Pretty Hevero Art Ideal.
Thn steamMilp Toutonlc. which arrived at
her whnrr yestordny attornoon. had among
hor imsiengers lllshop Aloxandcr ot Dorry,
Mrs. Prnneos Hodgson Ilurnctt, Mt. Norman '
Lubbock and Mrs. Hldney lluxton, tho son "S
nnd daughter of Hlr John I.ulibocl tho " ,
physicist. Mi. Poxhnll Kocne. nnd Mr. Arthur '
ltobml Peel. 11 cmiidson of Sir ISobort Pool.
Mr. Xormtin I.nbbock nnd his sister came
on thtlr way to California to consolo their
sister, Mrs. Van Znndt. the wife of Ferdinand
Van Zandt, who committed suicide nt Drown's
Hotel In London a week ngo last Tuosday
night. Tho young man's body wns not dis
covered until Wedncday morning, nnd
there watt just time to catch tho Ma
jestic. Loforo sho mtllod. Mrs. Van Zandt
is at hor homo at Menlo Tark. Cat. with her
two children, and the cabin that conveyed to I
her the news ot hor husband's death an- J
notinced thnt hur brother and sister wore on V
their way to her. Their intention In to take
her back with them to their fathor's homo in
l.tiglnnd Their names were not on tho pas
senger list, and despatches from tho other
t-ldo had it that itvvna Sir John Lubbock hltn- '
self who was coming William C. Dldrlckson.
a brolhor-lii-lajvot rerdinnud Van Zandt. waa
ut tho wharf to ineot them on tholr arrival.
Mr. Lubbock nnd Mrs. lluxton will remain in
this city only a day or two before proceeding
with their jnurnoy to Han Pranclsco. Arrange
ments had been made for thorn to stay at tht)
Brevoort House, but on their arrival thoy de
cided to accept Mr. Uutlor Duncan's invitation
to tie his guests nt 1 Mfth avenue.
Wallop Aloxandcr of Derry. a colobrnted puU
pit orator, was conspicuous among tho pas
sengcra owing to his broad-brimmed felt nat,
with colored ribbon, nnd his clerlcnltcoBtumo.
Ho lea short, portly mau. about 00 years old,
with a closely trimmed gray board. HI -
daughter. Miss Alexandot. accompanied them.
Disliop Potter oauin to meet them and drove
them off In his cnrrlago a few minute after -.
tho steamer arrived. Tills Is tho Irish Bishop'
llrst visit to America. Ho will stay hero about
two months lecturing on religious topics at
educational Institutions. Ho will llrst deliver
a course of six lectures at Columbia College,
beginning with Sunday evonlng next. onth
"Evidences of Christianity." Ho will t
Bishop Pottor's guest for n woek, then he will
spend a week with Alexandor E. Orr of Brook"
ly n. and tho Inst week of his star in this vicin
ity will bo with President Low ot Columbia
College. Alter that ho will so to Boston and I
to Philadelphia. Hla wife, whom he leaves
bohlnd In Ireland, has n reputation as a rellg-
lous poot. tho "Ilurinl of Moses" bolus anions
hor beBt known poo ms. ,
Mr. Poxhnll Keeno did not look very much t
liko an tuvulld as he stood on tho wharf. With
regard to tlio accident which ocourrcd to him
in Ireland, ho said:
"1 did havo a bad fall. I injured my front
tooth whllo riding in Kngland. but I was never ,
at death's door, as was roDorted in certain f
Now iork papers. When a horse puts hit foot
on your bond It Is not n laughing matter. My (
head has given me a good deal of troublo slnoe 9
thenccldont but I shall take care of myself '
until I havo entirely recovered." 1
Mr. Eoone brought with him a fine grey
hound, a present from Col. North. He expects
to hnvo his twonty-threo brood mares, now In
Nowmnrket. brought to this country late in
tho spring. k
Mr. A. It. Peol has Some to this country as an
attache of tho British Legation. On a former
trip to tills country Mr. Pool made the ac
quaintance of a bunao steerer on the ship, who
represented himself as Inspector Byrnes's
right-hand man. Tho Englishman Was com
pletely duped, and ho might hnvo become
victim it the bunco mnn had not been arrested '
within twenty-four hours utter landing. He was
dining at Delmonico's with Mr. Peel when th
arrest was mado. ,
It Gave Rise to a Knaaor of HaleUa an 1
Alarmed Ilia Frleada.
Frederick B. Houso of tho law firm ot Levy.
Friend A. Houso gave his friends around th
Court House a good deal of uneasiness yester
day for a fow minutes. Mr. Houso has been 111
for several weeks. Overwork in the Bllner
murdor caso resulted in nervous prostration. .
and tho other members ot his Arm havo been
trying to persuade him to take a long voca
tion. Mr. House has been engaged in some ot
the most Important criminal eases that bava
been tried in New York in the last three year.
In the " Frcnchy " trial he broke down from
overwork, and he has been working very hard
on the bllney case.
Against tlie advice of his physician and
friends Mr. Houso camo to his ofllco yester
day, and. when talking to Sir. Levy, fainted.
In some way tlio report got around in th
courts that Mr. Houso had committed suicide
by shooting himself while temporarily insane,
Halt an hour later this rumor was contra
dicted and Mr. House was able to leave his
office , He wont down to Btaten Island, wher
ho will rest far a tew days.
A Bis: Xxjaflor fJlarvlaa; Knaslane.
Ono noods to Etand on the hurricane deck ot
tho steamer Missouri and watch the forty or
fifty burly stevedores pitching sacks ot flour
and meal Into hor lower holds to gain a notion
of tho magnitude and the moaning of the gift
generous Americans nro making to the starv
ing peasants of far enstern llussia. Big bags
01 flour were jntckod In tho four lower holds,
which nro about halt tho ship's cargo capacity.
Nearly 2.0(H) tons of Hour will bo stowed away u
in thom. Aboro those lowor holds thero Is I
room for ns many more tons. f
Tho rest of tho cargo, including 1,500 000 L
pounds of corn meal from Nebraska, will bo T
stotvol away hoforo noon to-morrow. When a I
deck load of cattlo bus been put on board the
Missouri will bo ready for hertoyago. raT
All this mcana that Americans uro sending 7
to the famine-stricken provinces one big Ioht
of bread JIM) feet long. 40 foot wide, and 27
feothlgh. It will feed tho starving peasant
for perhaps trt o days.
Mr. iTnhnaon'a Teatlmonlal Aaaeaaed.
Friends in England ot ltobort U.Johnson,
associate editor of tho Centum Magazine, de
termined soino timo ago that ho should be re
membered for bis valuable tot vices In tho es
tablishment of tho prosont international copy
right law. Among thcbo frlonds wore Lord
Tcnnyeon. Sir ijluln Arnold. Walter Besant.
thollarlof I))tnrt. Georgo Augustus Hala. It.
D Blackmore. 1. Mnrlont 'raw foi d. and George ,
Meredith. They clubbed togotlier nnd pre
sented a maHSivo silver vaso to Mr. Johnson.
Tho testimonial arrived by tho Ltruriaon lob. I
24. lesterdny Collector Hendricks insisted
upon tho payment of forty-flvo ror cont. cus
toms dutlos. Mr. Johnson will appeal to th
Treasury Department at Washington.
Ilrookljn'a IMatrue of ISiarslara.
Dwollors In Brooklyn's Twonty-slxth ward
havo beon suffering for somewooks from a '
plnguo of burglatfl. It had almost become epl- 1
domlo whon the pollco wore aroused to un- ;
usual nctlv Ity by frequent complaints of depre
dittlons, and now. although tlio blticcoatsare
much too few to tho aero In that more or less
ruril precinct, they putado tho stroeta nt ;
night in uniform and in multi, taking a consus
of thoao wlio keep Into hours, and for tho time rf)
being Horioiuly crippling tho burgling Indus- '
tn. Miantinio tlio Unarms trade has had
somotlilngof a boom, and prowling stranger 1
are very likely to bo shot at from upper
. - .1
A Longer Term for Hoaool huiterlatendeat.
Tho Board of Kducntion had a special meet
ing yosterday to discuss nuveral bills, with a
view to bringing thom before tho Legislature.
Only ono was approved, und that changed tho
tunuto of olllco of tho ( Ity Superintendent
nnd Assistant ruipurlnlcndent tn three yonrs.
There was a deadlock over tint bill to establish
high schools, consideration of which wns post
poned until tlio next tn. etlug. Uho'lcxt-hnolc
ComniihsiouerH' bill wasiilxo practically killed,
nud thn bill to establish an oo ting high school
failed to jiuss;
The UlrlUdaj or 70.jriu -old Twin.
Thomas T. Ilihbard and Georgo B Hibbnrd.
twins, lijve just colobrnted tin ir seventieth f
birthday nt Of II Pulaski street, ilrookly n. Th
formorlns lived in Brooklyn for thirty years,
and tho latter is nn old reldetit of itondout
J.nch Ihn church deacon I'ntiln cently, whon
George's head become muih whiter than th
others, thn hrotherH could nut ba dlstln- ,
cutshod from each other.
Mr. Pec ilitun'e ( oiuiulllee Not Tot C'hoeen.
Wheeler II. IVckhnm. tho Pnsldont of th
Bui Astoclitlou did not hnvo the tlmo yester-
day to appoint th coimiiltleo which Is to In- ti
itulrc Into .ItuUt Mayiinidrt 1 otintctlon with f
tlie Ditlihe-. nullity uei tlon returns. Ha , I
Hiid I tin te.lent.iynrtoiuociu that ha hud been , I
bum ullduy lu couit. A
The Villa nflhe Unda Oct There. U
"Genial Mike" Nolan, tho bright-eyed and f
rcd-hiilied aiuhorol "Aunh ltooney, ' was a
Iirlsoaer in the I'.illen Court to-day. Tho '
1 liarg, nuilii-t him was thelt iluvrascon
vUtiil. Iliiuil ". niiu beat tujall for thlt ty duys.
Kit l-llril VV 11I1 III lVorfc,
rt no n ler- vi) lear you le't tbe latch key Id the
ley It de tthcii yru cameliitaat nlgbt.
Mr t oiiu let Wall it you had at mucu trouble get
ting It Into tlie keybo'eail bad T 1 1 f ttl nta)rnlh
litre It tbtra, too.
,.,tA l.j.itfL ftxktaaaaaaaaaaai

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