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if TUB SUN, THURSDAY. MARCH 1U, 181)2. 7 'j ij
we east nit-Kit mutter, axd ei.e
rATi'.v n.t it.no au hi t.r.s Avvnorr.n.
The- Senate. Illeeiiaae the. RMIslnm Aspect
of Hunday Ontnlu of th World' Fair
s, ' ' H nd IVaeea the freedom or Worship Illlt
jt J An Adjournment In April Protsnnle.
Ai-mxr, March n.-Tlio nnnual appropria
tion bill pulsed tho Assembly to-tiny. Tlio
amount ! $D,'.m.l00.H7. 01 tills, Sa.'J54,(70.5:i
l to lo rnlsotl by taxation. Tho nmouut nt-o
Htibslnntlally tho eamo as thoao of last yoar.
'llils Insures a tax rivto at least as I owns that
rsccuroil by tho ecouomy o( tho last Pomo
rrntlo Assembly, ntitl probably lowor. bocauso
tho vvpitltli nnl nfnessod vnlitrttlons ol tho
Btnto havo Incroasoil ilurlne tho year.
(lonoral ana Bald Enslo llustcd and Senator
rinnkltt Introduced bills to-day to provont the
construction of nn olovaled or utidomroiinil
railroad on Madison nvonuo, or any portion of
' Mudlson aTonuo. without tho nsso.it ot n
majority of tho proporty ownors roprosontlns
t majority In vnluo of proporty.
TlioAnsomblyroportod tho Htilror bill to per
mit tho construction of tho now munlclpul
building In Bryant Park. No objection was
madobeforo tho committee to tho fnvorablo
reportlntt ot tho bill. Tho bill Is now at tho
foot ot tho Assembly calendar. Unless It Is
taken out ot Its regular ordor it will not past
as tho calendar is now crowdod and will con
tinue to bo crowdod until tho ond of tho
It Is probablo that n concurront resolution
for an early ndjouinmont will bo Introducod
ffoon. Tho business of both Houses is woll
up. and all tho important moasuros oxcopt tho
Supply bill aro woll underway. It is proposed
to adjourn tho LeeUluturo early In April,
whothor or not tho computation of tho roturns
from tho Stato onumorn'ion In nnlshcd. Tho
xtra session to mnko tho reapportionment
mny to called at any timo nftor tho enum
eration by counties and towns Is fin
ished. Thoi-o is no necessity for tho
Lonlslaturo to remain in session for It.
The enumeration is almost finished, how
ex or. nml tho count ot tho numos on tho
enumorntors' blanks lms becun. Loss than n
dozen enumerators havo failed to mnko their
reports. Consldorlm; Hint thoro aro over
5,'JOO enumerators tills is reenrded us a .very
good showing, and is n proof of careful selec
tion of men to do tho work. It is ostimtUud
that the population of this Stute wilt lo moro
than 0.500.000.
Gov. Flowor signed tho East Klver bill and
the Kupplomcntal Unvoted llallrond bill to
day, and both of theso bills aro now laws. Ho
wrote his natno with u cold pon which was
votod to him nt n church fair In Waturtown
last fall. and. after sluuinc. ho prosentcd tho
pen and holder in a yellow plush cuso to
(senator McCarrcn. who had charge ot tho bills
In tho Scnuto and who appeared beforo him
With tho Brooklyn delegation in favor of tho
Litis. With the bills tho Governor filed a
memorandum giving reasons for his nnprovni.
mid pointing out tho powers and possibilities
of the new laws.
Senator Hunter's resolution to ask Congress
A to approprlato no money for tho World's l'alr
unless It Is closed on Sunday cainn up in tho
Senate and caused ono of tho religious do-
f bates which is a regular thine in ono House or
the other almost every day. Senator Hooseh
mnred to rotor tlio resolution to tho World's
t'ulr Commissioners from No w Voik. Ho mndo
a spoech commenting on tho Puritan fathers
nd saying that this country should not follow
them in their bigotry and narrowness.
Thaller. Senator Edwards suld that no ono
Wanted tho World's Fulr to be open on Sunday,
and that thoro wero moro than ton millions of
Christian peoplo who wero stronaly opposed to
any desecration uf Sunday. Tliuro was no
reason why tlio World's Fair ntClilCHgo should
not follow the exnmplo of tlio Centennial In
hibition in Philadelphia.
Hunator O'Connor sold that there aro others
in this country than tho ilL-seenc-iints of tho
Puritan fathers. '1 ho Christian relluion Is no
part of tho fundamental law of this country,
and tho .Legislature has no light to discrim
inate in the passage of this resolution against
people of other religions, who observe some
other day than Sunday for their Sabbuth.
"I believe in religion." said Senator Brown.
but I do not think that an observance of tho
Sabbath day best consists in staying lndoom
and praying twenty-four hours. Sunday
should be a day of rest and not ot bondage."
Senator McClelland suld that they might ns
well close up Coney Island as tho World s Fair,
for Coney Island is much wickeder thun tho
World'B frnlrvvould bo.
Senator lloesch's motion to refer Senator
Hunter's resolution to tho World's J'ulr Com
missioners was carried by a vov ol 10 to 14.
Ihe Freedom of Worship bill ped tho
bonnto tiyn voto of '21 to 11 utter a long do-
late. Tlio bill In its present sliapn constitutes
tilt Attorney-Caiicrnl. thu Superintendent of
Prisons, and the ProsidentofthoMatoHonidof
, , Charities a liuurd to sou t hat freedom of wor-
l"V"i ship U secured tu all inmates ot btalo Insula-
I ttons. Tho object of the bill is to allow Catho-
I lie priosts to conduct services at Hie House of
llofugo on IUndall's Islitiul. In order to do
I this u general bill was introduced which lies
J been before tho Legislature for several veais.
-ft. The Board of Mauagors of tho Itnndall's Isl-
y land institution will be guilty of u misito-
r rooanorlf they do not admit Catholiu pritbts,
in ease this bill becomes n law.
HuimtorZerubabel hrvvin lot tho opposition
to tho bill. Ho said that ho was in favor or tho
utmost freedom of worship, but ho did not Im
llevo in designating a commission ot State of
ficials to looc after It. Ho feared that politics
would affect tlio Commission, and ho wanted
to keep religion and politics us far upait u-
Senator Havtrm ofTored a substitute that tho
courts I hould havo jurisdiction, mid th.it they
should lie substituted for the propo-it'il J'.o.tnl.
bo that any ono who felt wrcrlovoil would uu to
tho court und get icdrcss nibteud of appealing
to a btate Board.
"This is tho beginning of tho plan toiniert
cm. religion Into politics," said Senator Krwln.
' ' "The next thing will botousk for n division
of tho public Softool moneys and to give pnrt
of thorn to the scctarlun schools. I want tu
ketp the Church out of politics."
" I deny It. I deny It," said Senntor McMn
hon. " I ask for tho proof."
"The Senator gives his opinion. Ho Is ex
pressing only that. I think differently," mid
benntor Frwln.
Tho substitute was lost by a vote of II) to 15
mid the bill wab passod. Sonator ItlHiaidson
tried to dodgn mid wont olf somuwliero for
throo-iiuurters of an hour. Tho Honato waited
nnd suspundod thu roll call until tho Sorcoant-nt-Arms
found Senator Kleliaidsoii and
bmuglit him to the Mount. He then voted ayo.
The Assembly passed tho O'Connor till! to
exempt chuiches from tho collateral Inheri
tance tux.
A.Mr. Furqulmr will Introduce In tho Assembly
a bill loinakntho endorsement on all ollicliil
, ballots uniform, no that thoru will bo no reeur-
1 rencoof tho UiiondiiKU occurrence of last fall.
1 ' when the County Clerk got tho wrong endorse-
f meat on tho ballots and vitiated enough votes
to uiibuat a Senator and an Assemidymun.
Jm Senator Asplnull introduced n bill to permit
the ling Island Itnllroad Company to build a
m brldgo irom Long Island City to Now tork.
j Tlm New link onil Is to ho near tlio iiresent
JB Thirty-fourth Street Forry. A union station
9 If to uo built at tho und of this brldgo in con-
a neetlon with tlio NmvYuiL nnd .Sow.lnrsey
a bridge, which Into oeouiiy the same station.
l The midge i notto be a Hlnylo-spun bridge.
but It is to have plurs oiiliietei'fM below Ulacl--well's
Island, 'I he lirldifo N to be used in
connection with Austin Corbln's plan to i uu n
Jilioof fastocuan stuamshlim fromthe eastern
uuil of i,nnic Island to Southampton. He
t thinks that lm cuti mako tho passage tor pns-
aengers in live iluys. it Is proposed to run
, trains Irom tho West across the Hudtori lior
bridge and orer this proposed brtdzo tflioct to
t tho oast end of Imwc island.
1--, At its evening session the Assembly passed
",.'. thu Mllzor J'enal tid" nineiidmentit nnd
!y Sir I-auncolot Wells's bill to ivpavo Thlnl uve-
t nuo north of tho Hurlem.
! TlioOjiniilroller sent a mossugo to the As
sembly saying that th amount eatlninted to
ho realized frjniludlrocttn.vutlon. particular y
from tho iuhnrituui'u tax. liad been greatly
oveiostimntoil. ..... , ,,, .
Tho Assombly donated ' ho Byrnes hill to
limit tho hours ot labor on street-ciir rouds to
ton by n voto of 44 t 4R Tho Itepublleansop.
poseit tho bill, and tho Doinocrr.ti outsldo of
thu cities aro not united.
nn-: nvuiivuKHuv load iiMitisa.
1 Advoiutc" nnd nenriil or llie Mrnaiire
A Aricua llrluri Hie Kenule Committee,
Awusr. March . TlioHonatot'ommltteo on
Jtallroads gnvo a hearing thla afternoon on
tho bill known as tho "Huokleborry Jtallroad "
bill. Among thoso who uppcarcd to favor the
bill was ax-Senator Charles A. Stadler. Ho
aid ho roprcKonled A. 0. Hupfel. John Med
io r. William Hilling, li, f. Clniispii. Henry
Zoeher. nnd Jienry Clausen, Jr. Theso men,
ho laid, rcl'ioocnt about $10,000,000 of real
statu. Ho claimed that tho special rights
confivrod by tho bill wero the light to issue
Umdityndmoitsagoltsrroperty, tho right to
iajv cuoo Nuti) with other railroads, and tlic right
to Increase lis capital stock. .Tudgo Krncst
Hall asserted that (hero was nothing asked
from the city or Stitc. Ho offered amend
ments striking out tlio exomptlons from pay
ing a porcontngo on receipts, soiling tho f ran
chlsont miction, and paving between tracks
nnd adding nn exemption clause to relievo the
promotoisfrpra similar provisions In tho tlcn
oral llallrond act. Another amendment pro
vides that tho road shall payl pereoLt. on nil
carnlnc9 over S 1.700 n day. nnd nn extra
amount ot 1 per cent on eaoh ruultlplo of
li T. Wood, representing properly holders,
objected tu tlio bill on constitutional grounds.
Ho said that It evaded thoso provisions which
rnfu&otoglvo any Individual or prlvato cor
poration any franchise with Immunity from
taxation. This special giant was practically
saving that tho annexed district shall havo
ono law anil lower New Votk another. This
proposed law would glvo nbsoltito control In
tho annexed district. Its ptnmoters would
never havo to build u bit of extra road If they
did not want to. but could keep out other peo
plo who would llko to furnish tho people with
bolter facilities.
.Arthur U Botts. representing tho Citizens'
Improvement Company ot thu annexed dis
trict, asserted that tlio road, under this bill,
would be ntlowod to travel so every section of
that district, nnd could bo cxtetulod Indefi
nitely. Just ns soon na tho bill is passed a
corporation will ho formed to build, not only
In one stroot, but In every street In tho dis
trict. J. N, l:mrn snld that Mr. Botts ropre
scntoil n very small number of proporty
owners, and that ho was simply seeking to ob
struct whnt would bo rt great public benefit by
giving to the residents of that district butter
transit facilities. Sir. Bolts said Hint ho Wan
not opposing rapid transit, but protested
against grunting to ono corporation tho right
to control tho strcdt" of tho district ex
clusively, so that competition would bo barred
John 1). Crlmmlns spoko for tho bill. Ho
thought that nt least 7ft percent, of I ho prop
erty owners wore in favor of the bill. I- A.
Curlcy. claiming to represent all tho Knights
of Labor assemblies of Now York und Hrook
Ivn, protested against tho bill, us did H. B.
II. McCren. n property holdor. J. I). Hart, u
property ownor. sppko In favor of the bill on
tho ground that It would Increase tho valuo of
tho property. The iiigumcnt was closed byex
Judgo Hall, who handed In petitions In Its
favor from property holders to tho amount of
io sviisriiciK tiAxaixa.
favorable Report Asnlnit J'.lectrlenl Exe
cution. AnivNT. Mnrjh 0. Tho Assembly (Jommit
too on Codes has ngreod to report favorably
tho bill of Assemblyman Stein, amending tho
capital punlshmoiit net of tho State. Tho bill
docs owny with tho cloetrleal chulriind substi
tutes dunging. Tho bill is reported without
iiwv n.tri: rocxn out mi:, cook,
Anil He Isn't Likely n Work This Free.
pnM llodze on Mniy Store Jtiillrond.
A glib-talking vvoll-drossed Englishman
presented himself at tho olUces of tho New
Jersey Centrnl Hallroad, 143 Liberty streot.
on Jan. 18, with a letter purporting to bo from
li. Wood, district superintendent of tho Lon
don nnd Northwestern Hallroad at Chester.
Eng.. Introducing tho beurer as C. H. Cook, as
sistant superintendent of that railway, who
was trav oiling in America for railroad Inspec
tion purposes, and requesting nil American
roads to honor Mr. Cook with passes. Mr.
Cook snid ho was nn ox-Captain of tho F.lghty
elghth Connaught Rangeis mid had served in
Indin. Ho wanted pnscs to Washington nnd
back, and he got thorn. At his request, tlio
New Jersey Central endorsement was put on
the letter. Tho oflleers of this road next heard
of him on receipt of a letter from Edward
Caulleld. Assistant Treasmer of tho Union P.i
fltlc. stating that do had found tho represen
tations of Cook to bo false, and warning tho
Jersey Central peopl" against him.
' Kn Jail. :i0 Cook went Into Sidney Billons
private olllee. nt 40 Broadway, and finding Mr.
Caulleld there showed his letter and asked for
passes to Orngon. Mr. C.uilleld was suspicious.
Cook talked a great ileal about himself, stating
this time that ho was nn o-n.ivy ofllcer of
England, and had been Invited to go West In a
private car by Viro-President Webuof tho New
York Central. On inquiry Mr. Canlleld found
that Mr. Webb had never heard of Cook, so ho
lefuseil to giant Cook's request.
U'Slerda) nfternoo'i Cook turned no nt tho
oflleeot tlio Jersey Central Klin as over with n
lettei fri.m a Baltimore ami Ohio ofllclul to tho
(leueral buperintundent in Chicago asking
dim to show Mr. Cook through the iaids tit
Newark. No ono bus been ablo to Und out what
this letter means. Mr. Cook wasn't long In
finding out that something was wrong. His
suspicions vvl-ro aroused, ond with reason, for
a policeman had been sent for.
"Just excuse mo a moment." ho said, nnd
he stepped into the hall and started for tho
elevator on tho Liberty street tddo. but tho
elevator boy blocked tho way. Ho turned,
and before any ono could stop him. escaped by
the West Ftrect exit.
Cook has travelled froo over a good deal of
tho Tinted States nnd Canada, nnd duped a lot
of men who aro not in the habit of being
l.ikuu In.
iiirij.xnriKi ox tov.
The New .lersev Axxemliiy Fasten the Itltl
That 1 111 !sti! the Itald.
Tr.EXTOv, Mai eh '.. Tho Gultenburg Rnco
Track bill was taken up on final passago In
tho llouso tliis afternoon. Daunl's McLaughlin
had a seat on tho floor, and listened to tho do
hato and watched tho voto with lively Interest
He evidently knew "how tho eat wns goin to
jump." for tlio plain observations of some of
tho men opposing tho mensuio only biouxht
smiles to his face.
"This bill is no longer n bad bill," said ono
of its advocates. "It has beeniimouded. In
stead of allowing pilcnors to deslgnnto tho
m.iglsliates beforo whom they shall bo ar
raigned, It now trovidch that they shall not
! drugged out of the town or village in which
they am arrested lor a hcuring or to give
Kiillsd of Essex said It was the best bill that
had been iu'iodueed this ye ir. Hutchinson of
M nicer declared that it was tho worst; that tho
amendment was liyended to ehloiotorm tho
consciences of '" members who had voted
ngaliistlbe bill when it was defeated before.
Studcrof Essex Midi tho hill ought to be hi
titled "An net to encourage and facilitate tho
nefarious huslueH of tho ineo track gamblers
ot the State." Ketehani of Issex decluiod
that tho linger murks or the devil wero on
tho bill, and ho asked tho BepiibllcanH not
to soil their hands by touching It. lie hiidii't
roi: to Truntou to legislate) for criminals.
Smith of Jlorris-appealed to tin) Democrats to
vote the bill down. Ho and Strali.m of Mnn
m'Mitli weie tho nnlv Democrats who voted
agaln-t the bill. It passed by a voto of .'14 to
'.t, nnd iiowper-miisarreited at Oiittonburgnt
the Instance of tho Law and Order League will
not bo taken oir tlio ground,. A Justice will
Imhmnly to admit them to bail. ,
Tlio Jersey Cltv Water bill was reported ad
versely in the Senate, The report was sus
tained by a vole ofl.'l to".
Tlio hill to o-tiiMWi police commissions In
PntorMin and Camden paM;l tlio Hoiiho after
the liveliest sort of opposition on thu part of
tho Ibipiiidic-iPM. Who assorted that t.ov.
Alibi-it wanted tho bill passod to furthur per
sonal cuds.
st:nai:AST rji.onis" miArmtr.
ire Oc it .Iteitiil tor lle-eiiluc Htc. Prisons
(li.ni llir llotrl Jtoj.ll.
Tho proR'nco of n flro pntrol wagon in front
of tho Mutual Lifo bulliling at 11 A. M. yos
terdayiiiidtheeiitimico of tlio ilromen and a
lot of others drew a crowd. A good mnny
thought there might bo something wrong in
the building. '1 he assembly loom of tho Boanl
of Flro Uuderwrltois soon filled up, and the
corridors of tho seventh I'oor werociowded.
Tho occasion was tlio juosentntlon of tho gold
mrdsl of tho Board of Underwriters toSor
gcant John II. Ynuglimi of flro putrol No. 0
for his heroism at tlio burning of tlio Hotel
Hoy al on Feb. 7 Jiitt.
Tliero was scarcely room for P.itiol No. Sto
niii in and lino up boforo tho Prcsldont and
saluto him. Superintendent of Pntrol Abrnm
C. Hull wr.n In churgo of tho men. and Presi
dent Samuel F. Ulngden of tlm Board of Un
derwrite! presided. Tho men wero three
deep, nml in tho (list llh.'.iiext to Sorgennt
niighaii. wero the others who havo received
lui-iliilainr hr.ivon. They wero John lJile,
Joshua V, Moore. Lieut. icC;iiui. ami t apt. 1'.
Kiirove President Ulagdeii. in pro-opting
tho medal, lecoitntod Sergeant Vaughuns
feats of binvery In rescuing live porsons. ono
ot them weighing over '-'00 pounds, while
Vnimliuii pml ably weighs less than IE
It Is soma tlmo since thoBoaiilof Under
writers has awarded a modal. 'J his was Ilia
sixth one, mid It boio upon it, toe tlio regular
lire shield ol thy department In relief, with tho
words '.New iirb ItiMiilof I In; Undorwrlters,
1W)'.'," on tho bluo (iiiamel border. On tho re
versa shin was an Inscription of presentation,
with tho iIhIu of tho lire. , ,
A leltor was read from C. W. Ivllne of Haflo
toa, I'u., one of those whom Sergeant aii3han
resi'iied. expressing his grtttltuoo. and prais
ing the Sergeant Cravory. '
, i.i . . .w h 1 I . . !,
at it. m.AXCiiAttn ztiixks iw may
11 Aft: HIT lit XT A 1.11 TI.K
Prrtldrnt Hroohoeld roire No mow wns
Htruck-An Outburst of Ell I'usnlonn
thnt Could Unrdlv hne Oeenrred ir Col.
Clllntt P. Mhepnrd had Ileen In the Ilnll.
" You're n Ilarl"
" Who's n liar?"
WIT. " rult 'om npart No scrapping."
" Ho struck mo."
" Ho called mo a liar."
Tho two actors in thla brlof warfare wore
James A. Watichnrd, Prcsldont of tho Itopubll
can Club and mombor of tho Union League
Club, nnd Jamea Owens, a coal dealer, of 575
Madison nvonuo. It happened nt tlio end of a
vory stormy moetlngof tho District Commltteo
ot tho Hopnblican organization of tho Twenty
first Assembly district on Monday night Col.
Elliott 1 Shepard is a mombor of this com
mlltco. but unfortunately ho was not present.
Tlio mooting whb dold nt 105 East Fifty
nlntd streot. William Brookflcld, President of
tlio Ilopubllcan County Committee. Chnlrman
of tho Bepubllcnn Stato Committee, nnd ox
Prosldentof tho Ilopubllcan Club, pvosldod.
As this Is ono ot thoso ticklish stories whoro
tho actors have a groat droad of being misrep
resented. It should bo told In tholr own words.
So horo are tho throo sldos-that of tho striker,
Mr. Blanchard, tho struck, Mr. Owons.nnd tho
disinterested spectator, Mr. Brooklleld. By
special request Mr. Owcns's comes first:
MR. owe;r tells niR btoht.
"Now. young man," ho said, " you've seen
Mr. Blanchard. and you know what a big.
strong follow ho is-nenrlyn head taller thun
I, nnd moro than twonty-dvo years lounger at
that. I'm 70. though I don't look It, while ho
is less than 45.
"Woll. sir. for tho past two years this ward
has boon run by thrco men. John Proctor
Clark, President of tho Ilopubllcan organiza
tion: William Brooklleld. und James A.
Blanchard. Tho triumvirate. 1 i all thorn, and
they'ro bound to down mo. sir. What d'yo
think of that? Tlio throo havo dono nil they
could to ostrnclz ) me. but I won't lot 'cm.
"Now to como to tho point. About thiee
weeks ago wo had a commltteo meeting, and
Col. Shopnrd. who was present, suggested
that wo get a bigger meeting room whoro we
could havo lectures. I got uu then aud moved
that a committee be appointed, consisting of
Col. Shopnrd, myself, and another gentleman,
to consldor tho thing. I believed that as Col.
Shepard had brought tho matter up. he would
lm willing tobenru largo sluiro of tho expense.
Charles A. Hess objected to this, saying thnt
ho didn't want tho commltteo to bo run by
Col. Shepard. or something to that effect. I
said: 'Charlie. I'm sorry to hear you spenk
like that. Col. Shepaid is ono of our largest
"A low duys lutor I am coming to the point
now i went to ino treasurers omco io iooi;
over tlio books, just to see how inuuh Mr.
Shopnrd had really contrlbutod. I found that
bo paid In S'JUO Inst fall, which wns $151) moro
than nny ono olso had given. Now, what do
you think was mr surprise to find that nelllmr
llrnokfleld norClnrk hnd ever given ncont.nnd
that Blunchard had only paid 5. These wero
the men. mind )u, that worn running the
whole machine. And then. I found, too. that
tho treasurer. Mr. Kcnyon. had been In
structed to pay all bills that John I'roctor
Chirk marked o. K. I Informod him that that
was against tho constitution. Ho had paid
out nearly a thousand dollars without a single
vouchor and nothing to show for it oxcept
Clark s ' O. K's.'
Mr. DLAvcnAr.n TFXLn his.
"Woll. sir I'm near tho point now wo hnd
a meeting on Monday night. Tho tieiiaurer.
to my great surprise, got up and said: Mr.
Chairman. I was instructed by Mr. Clark some
tlmo ago to honor all bills vvhloh ho o. h. d.
Myattonlion. however, has been railed to tho
fact that this Is in violation ot tlm constitu
tion, which savs oxnressly that tho Finance
Committee must audit and pass upon all hills
before they can bo paid. 1 would like to know
vvhetlierlt is the sense of this meeting thutl
should continue to violate tho constitution.
"Then, sir I'm coming tn tho point,
directly -I got up and began to spe.ik. '.Mr.
I halrman.' said I. Thoso were iu exaU
words. '1 had Intended, invsnlf. to bilug this
matter before tho organization next Monday
night, hut as it linHeomo up to-night. 1 haven
few words to snv about It.'" (Horn Mr. Owens
got up. biittom il his tout, extended lil'Uiriu,
and addressed the reporter.)
"'Mr. Chairman, I ohjocr to tills method of
spending tlm moiiuv of tills oiganintioti. I
do not mean to accuse any one' -I was
Hist getting into tlm spirit of the thing,
you nen 'Imt, sir. it i against tho eon.
stltution. It Mr. Clark can sign away
the monoy nnibody cnu.' C.ileli tho
point V Thou I told them what I had found in
looking over tho books, and just as I was get
ting Into trim tho ( hnlnnaii cut tun short. I
dad begun to my that neither Mr. lark
nor Mi. Blanchard nor Mr. Ilrooslleld dad
ever paid In a cent when thu gavel c.imo
down. Mr. Brooklleld and that tho constitu
tion itllnwod no ineinlmr 0 Hpenk more than
tun minutes, I naked for special permission,
but Mr, Blniiehnid objected. Tden Mr. Clark
got up nnd tried to defend dlmsclf. Ho In
stilled mo grossly, sir. Iln snld that I wasn
damn liar and that ho didn't care a damn nr
mo. Tho Chairman reminded lilm that that
was unparliamentary language, and he took it
all luick. but ho Insisted that Iliad misrepre
sented things. Well, sir. hospoko neiilly half
nn dour, and no one interriiiitod him. They
wouldn't nllovv mo to nnsvver film. then. Think
of It. sir: think or the tyranny of It !
" After thu meeting 1 went to .Mr. flat I. and
said: 'Now, Clark. I cm , iihstuntlato what I
ald by thobooks.' ti wuv from me ' ho cried,
throwing his hand up. 'Don't talk l" mo.
0 way.' 1 walked uway end noticed Mr.
Blaiicdnrd standing pear tho wall. I wont
over to nlm mid sjild: 'ueii hero, Itlanchaid,
that wish t fair. )nu know you've novvr given
moro than to tho dlstib t organisation, and
R'.':.no.'!,l:H,,Jm5v''.-,. You're u llnr.' said lie.
lint Yj ad I. Wmn liar,' do repented.
Doyou'thlnk that iKiiproiier thing to say to
n gentleman' I ji.Ui him. 'The books piovo
wlmt I say. null, you're u liar,' do said
" V'.Vi I'bvncdnrd.' I mi,. j nm ot n inr, I
am telling tho truth, and If you say 1 urn not.
you are telling it liyoiiiselfM!rll mon Jl.tr'
decried, and with Hint h, shot out Ills list mid
struck ino in the mouth. Then a lot of them
camo mid pulled urn a.iut.and forth" rost of
tdoiilKlitlm went struttln,. umt saving that
1 hai culled dim a liar, ana tdat do IiaiVpuii
sdud mo lor it. That, sir, Is tdowdolo and
trno slorv of tlio nffalr,"
Mr. Blanchard's eldoot the story Is much
.."M,r,t!TerV' """dl. "wantod tlm nomina
tion for tlieAssombly last fH I .and falling to
get it do daf niiinlleKted ii good deal of 111
reollng ngnlnst several pcrsonslu tho district,
myaulf Included, lorsuvernl weeks nust gen
tlemen havo called at my office ami told mo
that Mr. Oweus was preparing n attack
against the management of thVuVtrlct: that
ho was searching the leoordH Vnrt hnd told
tuem that hp was going to iipoSSeJascall-
Itleaof tlm management. Tho nttick came
Inst Monday night. Alter tho meeting was
over I hnppcned to bo near Mr. Owens when
ho was making charges, and I told thum that
thov were false. Ho said 1 was a llnr. lorn
single Instant f forgot myself, and Hint do was
an old man nnd largely Irresponsible lor his
utterances, and I sttuck at hlni. I am not con
scious of hitting hlir. nt till, lint If I did tho
blow wns ory light, Iho next Instant I re-
r retted It, and havorogiottcd It over since. 1
lad abundant cause for righteous Indlcni
tlon, but I went too far, and nm not wlthuut
blnmo for losing mv tempoi. I am not used
to having my Integrity questioned mid being
cnllcd a JI.tr. ,
To mnko the ftory complete, liere is Hie
slntemeiitof William Brooklleld. President of
tho Kopublicati County Commlttic. Chairman
of tho llepubllcatt Stnto Commltteo, ox-Presl-dontofthn
ltepiibllcan Club, and n prospec
tive delegate to tho Sllniicnpolls Conv ent Ion :
"I presided at till moetltig. mid I ran say
thnt any storv to the eflept that Mr. Blamdiard
struck orinadonnyefrott to strike Mr. Owens,
is falso from beginning to end. Tlm meeting
was somewhat noisy, it Is true, hut no blow
wns struck. I dad occasion to tall Mr. Owens
to order for speaking more tdmi ten .minutes,
willed Is nil that the constitution allows, and
I had to tell him that If lio did not stop talk
ing I would summon the Seroesnt-nt-Arms.
After the meeting he said f Imdn't treated him
fairly. His complaint was that tho ton-nilnuto
rulo had never been enforced before, but I
told dim I wns bound to enforce It tliis time.
Yniirnn snfely deny tho sloiy that any blow
was struck."
The Bonnohr Rami Her How tntn the Hrne-en-Nelther
sjcrloosly Ilninaneri.
The Old Dominion fctonmshlp llonnoko camo
Into port on Tuesday ovcnlng with a fractured
noso. tho rello of a brush alio hnd with a sister
ship, tho Henoca. off Htvinhurno Island, in tlio
lower bay. Her eighteen passengers wero
somcwhnt frightened by tho colldlon. but no
ono wns hurt on either vesf ol.
Tho llonnoko was bound In. nnd tho Senoen
was going out Although tho air was heavy
with rain tho ullleers on thu bridge of oacli
vessel could scon mllonlicml.
Capt. J. O. Hiilphers of the lloanoko says ho
doos not wish to imply by Ills story of tlio col
lision Hint tho commander of the Seneca was
In fault All ho knows Is that he saw tho Sen
eca emerge from the mist In the Swash Clinn
nul nearly a mile away. There was plenty ot
loom for bothvcss.'ls If each had understood
which course the other intended to take. Tlm
Boanoko sounded one wdlstlc, vvhlcli meant
thatsho would go to the rigdtof IheSenuea.or
thnt tho vessels would li.iss each other on tho
port hand, presenting "red to led." Capt.
Hulphers doesn't know what was il.uio iibomd
thot-eneca. llo heard no responsive signal,
nnd kept on his cour-o until ho saw that tlio
Seneca wns nppa rent ly determined toerns.shls
bow. He then threw his wheel n.itd-n-poit
and revei. sod at full sperd.
Tho Seneca's st.ubourd Mdonwllho sharp
how of tlio ltoanoke camo together. Tho
Itonnoko's cutwater vvn twisted and torn, and
tho rails and bulwarks of tho boncci vveio
smashed. All the passengers on both steam
ships camo on deck In a hurry, mid fur a few
minutes thoro was excltomont bordering on
The Seneca's commander found out that tho
vesdcl wns not dnmaged utnll below tho water
line, but ho feared, irom tho I adly batteied
orpcniunco of the llouioko's bow. that sho
had lecelved a mortal blow. So tho beuec.t
tinned back und escorted her sister ship to
the Nanows. llv this time Capt. Hiilpnors
dad found thht the lliaiiokow'.is making no
Watei. and ho declined furthei e-eorl.
Tho Seneca resumed her eouiso mid the
Boanoko came up to her pier at Iho toil of
Bench street, discharged iter pas-eiiL'ois and
freight, aud went Into dock ut Morgan's
Iron Woiks nt Ninth street and tho North
Biver for repairs.
lerney City Sulmollirt Wnlt All liny for
nn Agent to t'ome nud 1'uy Them.
A stream of peoplo pouted Into tho Weldon
building, nt Montgomeiy nnd Washington
streets. Jersey City, jesterday morning, and
kept the elevator boy busy taking them up to
tlio fifth floor, where they expected to llnd In
room on an agent or tlio lommereiul i.ntor
priso Company of I'hiludelpliia. The majority
of tho eoploJ wero women. When they
icaehed room liS they found the door locked,
nnd there vvn. no answer to icpcatcd knock
ing. There were severnl Indignation meet
ings held in tin' eorridors and on the sbluwal!;.
Each of tho visitors had a circular headed:
vullmrneil rniiiul, tnoono.). Tin- (Viuii en ial Cn
tfrerue I'onipioiv, Wano haw. ITPnelctit; 1 lliimpr.
Tr.rturer. r, 11 0ri-l If. secr.'lurv QiiJsitpfrliiU'itileiit
uf Atftnclrs. Olllee. t.or.i.Vrca vticn. rtmilul lilu
Tho body of tho circular was as follows:
Til the Mtii,lrnfthr rtrnment .1 t't 1t,rU A.mnr.-
Ah)ii liA)e piltl lulu tlie llliovi. cmnimny $27. nr
oer. eu nt'i wint-nletl In rl nt nmiu lH. Wrltlcti
liull'llint. .If rsf)' l llj. litre no wuilcAlile flrr.oiirf incut
run tin ftilfre.l inlt) tor llio stttlvitiPUt nt eur Ik,..)..
Tilt nil i.e opt.li( nil Woilm-tli). Mnli.li 0. OI'li-u liniir.
lotu-J. lio rnvMiiuui. hNT&tirl.iK i nrjisir
Ono of the visitors explained to n Srvro
pnrtortli.it bv paving M a week to tlio nun.
pany for sixteen weeks each siile-ciihor be
eamo entitled to fill e:id or i'.i't worth of
clothing. The sixteen weeks wero up uinu
weeks ago. The iiimpani then annoilli'-ed
that time for subscilljing had In en extended
to twenly-llvo weidts. Thnt was up a few da) s
ago. and thou tho circular miiic nud tho sun
tcrlbeisilldn't undei stand it.
A bout 1 o'clock a voung man. whngav 'bis
name as William Dunbar and said ho was the
(ompan's ngont in Tieucon. eoinforlod the
expectant ciovvd xv i 1 1 1 the ussuranco that an
ngont of tho compuiiv wioild be on hand at 4
o'clock to settle all claims. , , n..
reived ,i telosram to that ulTeut from
the main olllco In Plillndelphla. The crowd
waited until 4 o'clo'k and for a half an hour
loni-er. hut no ai'otit ai t. arcd. A few minutes
Inter Duubiirappcaieil again hnd said a mis
take lutd been made. 'Ino ugent fnun I'lula
ilelphla liad stopi ed at Now.ul; ami was p.iy.
Int claims theiit. So.no ol tho subsenl er
liiirneil down io the Pennsylvania llmlrnnd to
catch thellrst train for Newark. n.brciiber
wltliwhom Tjih ht'N-repoi tor talked said sbo
did not pretend to umloi-trud how tho com
pany could puvi-lll for '.'.". hlie only knew
that tho compan) promised to pjy it and sho
invested her money.
II ll.r.l AM .1011 SOX MISSIXG.
He ' lli Vnia Old, ."! Tret 8 Inrlies Tall,
noil Him mi Almitiirul llrnln lteelepment
i'or tdreo weeks Mis. Harriet Johnson of
1.:'.:7I'ti!lon street. Brooklyn. ha ilieen search
ing for her 15-ye.ir-eld sun. Wllllnni, without
result, and yesterday she came to Tim Huv
ofllro to ask Tim: Si'N to aid her ill herquett.
William. was running tho elevator In tiioCuiii
deiland Mrept llomiropaldle Hospital, und do
started dome from thcro on the nvenlutf of
Feb. HI. Ho left the hospital nt 7 o'clock. In.t
did not reach dome. Vdis Is not tho llrst timo
thohov lias dis.ippemeil. but hitherto ho huh
never been awnyfioin Ini'tio for moro thin
lliiee or four days at II lime.
r-rvoiol jeais ago in lion bolt wdHi ftll
fiom mi elovaleil slrm turn in llrooklyu, lot
him on the head. Since then he ha hud III
of moluncholiM, v.-lion lie would vaiider fiom
home, lie wns f.jiiinl once In Far llockuw.iviii
a eiiuii of buslie-, amt at aii'.tlier timo ho
was found in l.liuliclli with Id- mind a blink.
Ho had spent tlio night walking fiom .loisity
City to F.lir.i'liclli. Toe boy ii. 5 feet t inch.'S
till, with an abuormal briin development.
When ho dlsappeaied bo had on n light brown
nveren.it over a d-irl. gr:iy snlr, nml woiu a
soft felt hat.
At.i. 10 jiii: lohii.
ThlH nrmilln Villltnn Urfnr't. v Ilred
or Her House In the Clmiili t'ollri'llou,
A fomalo member of St. John's Episcopal
Cliurcli. In Seventh nvotiue, Brooklyn, a week
ngo Inst Sunday deposited In tho collortlon
basket tlio deed of a llttlo douse In Seven,
teentli street vvlilch sho owned, the keys of tho
same, nnd a lot of cheap joweliy. Tho Ilev.
fieorgo P. lirdod. tho lector, as well ns tho
vestry nun weie surprised at Iho mil tiro of the
otTer'ng, and otthoeloso of the services tlio
don.ttor. whom they ju !ged tn bo siilferiu:,'
from soino liroinnslblo emotional fail
ing, was reuuestiil io tako Puck her
Lenten gilts, tibe ovplaiuei) th.it sho was
only obovin , the dlctutus of her eonsclei.eo.
nnd tefiiseil lo take back any of Hot articles
she had placed in the basket, with thoueei.
tion of tlio Keys to tlm lumen, and they urn still
In thuposestinn ul iho vetryninn. Under no
circumstances will tho church accept tho gift.
The Ilev. Mr. lirei d refused to disclose tho
ideulityof tho woman, but sho Is H'lid to bo
idiiglomida tologi.iih opeintorof uilddlo ngo
and jiovsesaed uf column;! bcne.
riineral ol IMHnrds l'lertepiml,
Tlio funeral of tlio lato Edwards I'Icrrepont
took placo yesterday morning from his rosl
doneo. 103 Fifth avenue. Tho sorvicosnt Cal
vary Churclnvero conducted by tlio Bov, Dr.
Henry Y. Satturlue, nsslstod by tlio Bov, Dr.
Morgan Dl. tlm Ilev. Dr. Novins, and tlm ilev.
Mr. Ihompson. Tho Pall-bearors wero Dr.
.lohu S. Bassett, W. M. Lvaitii. President
Tlniothy Dwlght of nle. Jodn Blgidow. Cor
nelius Vuiulerbllt. held Low. Mlllam Allen
llutlor, Josepd H. Cdoate, Jtistlco Putterson,
and Judgo Addison Brown. The body wns
taken to Uanitiih.on.tho-uudaon and in
terred in tlio fauillt plot. '
i.,wMiiyij"'ii;iii i 'J" !fi"". ""-''' '' ,'"''' ,"
Henry Troiise Cooper to tie Kxnmlned n to
Ills Knnllr Ann'".
Henry Prouso Cooper, formerly n well
known nnd wealthy tailor of tills city, was a
prlsonor nt tlio Tombs Court yesterday after
noon, accused of having tried to kill din
brotlier, Stopdcn A. Cooporof 54 Broadway.
Detortlvo Heap of Inspector Byrnos's staff
arrosted Cooper nt tlio Alabama House. 14.'l
Bowery, wlirro do dad deon living. Cooper
snl J tdat ho was n clerk for Blackiu k Son,
publlshors. of 70 Blblo House. Ho denied tho
uhnrge. saying do wont to dls brotdcr's storo
losco two cf tho omploycos vvdo had ordorod
books ftotn dim. Ho wns romandod for ex
amination us to Ids sanity.
Cooper w.m born In Edlnburgdlin 1840. Ho
camo to America in 1S00 from Liverpool,
when) lio hnd been a tailor. Ills wlfo and
brother came with him. Ho opened n tailor
ing shop hero nml mndo money. Ho inovud In
187L to 54 Broadway, and two venrs later
opened n branch store ul 1MVJ 1'lftli Avenue. Ho
showed no signs of menial troublo until 1881.
when ho wns on a visit to England with his
wife ami four children. In London ho fhought
detectives wero nftor dim. In Parts do went
on n prolonged arrec. during willed lie pntaded
tlio streets In dls w Ifo's clothes.
On Oct. :.0. IKS'J. Mr. Coopor wns taken to
Snndford Ilnll. a private asvlum nt Flushing.
Ho was taken against Ills will, on tlio certlll
eatos or Drs. Beard nnd Soguln. All nttompts
to commiinlcnto with friends wore frustruted.
Finally his brother. Capt. HemyCoopoi. heard
of Ids Imprisonment mid obtained his release
on n writ ot hnl oas corpus granted by Judgo
Honolulu on Nov. 1, lKM'J. Judge Dnnohtio or
dered t he Sheriff to drawn jury to .Kiss upon
Cooper s sanity, und on 1 rlduy, Nov, 10, tho
trial was I egun. , .
Stephen A. Cooper, wlionowowns tho Bttro
way stoic, was the only witness of tho day. ho
was nclerk In tho Htoio then. He rolatod al
leged acts of his blether while In Europe nnd
nt home. 1 otters of Introduction to various
pent le. written by Cooper nnd peculiarly
winded, wcio produced. Numerous real es
tate deals consummated bv Cooper were.
brought to light The trial was adjourned until
Nov. 17. when Mrs. Cooper testltlod that her
liiil and did peculiar things when drunk, mid
that he snnK thosobblng song from "Olivette
to theelilldten At the roMimi tbui of the hear
ing on Nov. '.' ( dalles II. Wheeler told of
Cooper's admiration of I e.iutlliil women, and
of hi taking the wituostomiFgvptlnn hutoiu
in Pan-, whom tho performers woio scantily
clad, llo said Cooper worried over business
matters, and gavcotber evidence of what was.
In the witness.' opinion, insnnltv.
For the defence tt was alleged tint Cooper's
pi-eiiliarnetloiis wciodiin to nervous prostra
tion caused bv trouble with his brother
Stephen and other members of his family. On
Dec. I'll. Ins.', Cooper was declined sane.
Cooper pa Id the expenses of tho trial. Includ
ing the fee of his relatives' counsel. After
the ti lal ho drank heavier than over. Ho part
ed with his homo at 'JO Lu-t Sixty-eighth
street, and spent all tint money his trustee,
Mr. l.rown of Hi own. Draper A Co.. would glvo
htm. lie gave up his interest In Ills tailoring
btit-incs.s in issM, his brothel. Stephen A.
Cooper, buving dim mil. Ills biotlier sent
him to Austialhi. nnd agreed to glvo dim
iH.tiOO a year to stay out of this country.
Cooler saved tho money his brotlier gavo
dint, and in 1S00 bo returned to this country
uuil was reconciled to his wife und family. Ho
went lolivvwith bis wifoonu farm ho formerly
owned, but which I now tlio juoperty ot Ids
brotlier Stephen, at l'ahwny. Ho staved there
until June. Irtlm. when he again showed signs
of insanity ami was ent. at hi own reiiuest.
In the Homo for inebriate nt Foil Hamilton,
Heijlsiippeiuod from Fort Hamilton in Feb
rtiarv, Istll. and (time to this city, where ho
got work With lilncklo .t Son. Ills brothor
tried to induce him to go to a private asyluni.
but without avail.
About n week ago he started out among
ilov n-town business olllees. canvassing for
Hubbard Bros , book publishers, of Philadel
phia. He entered his old store with a knife
tn his hand mid threatened to kill his brotlier.
He wns dressed yesterday in a puft of light
cheviot tmiiser. a bright blue waistcoat
notion Willi vvinto, a iioavy orown reeier, a
brown derby lint, vermilion tie. mid gloves,
one of which was brown tho other sellow. Ho
said tn Justice MeMnhon:
"I inn it I'hilstiiui. your Honor. Twasonco
wealthy. 1 nm still n gentleman. 1 meant no
harm to my luother. 1 was in Ills store simply
t sell some I ooks and to look onco moro on
w lial was onco mine. It helped me to see my
old place, v our Honor, nnd tho familiar sight
filled my heart with love, tint hate, toward all.
1 nm full of chanty, not malice."
31 r. Hltiley ltt-ndM tn X'pw spnper thnt They
Are in be Tiled for Murderlne Hlni.
MoXMOfTit. 111.. March 0. Fred M. Staley. an
unman led man, .'!." jcars old. wns a former
resident of tliis place. Some years ago lio ro
tnoved to Potiiwattomie county, Knnsns, wdoro
do has a ranch. Last fall ho concluded to
spend tho winter in Illinois, but did
not proclaim his intentions. Ono day
two voting men of his aen,tialiitaiico
a-ked him to ildo with them to town.
He accepted the invitntlon. On the way
to town ho 'ufoimed bis companions that ho
believed be would take the train for the East
th it night, which ho dhl. and he had nevor
written or heard nom theio until Monduvof
thi-week, vilion lie lead in a newspaper tho
t-turtling announcement that the lining men
with whom lie rode liad been indicted for the
iiiiinlei'.'i Find M. Mulcy, and that the trlul
had been si t for March II).
Ml. M.ilcv says that undoubtedly too nutlior
ith shave isti nig case against the prisoner",
as ihev wero tlio Inst men of his ac'iualntiiuco
seen with him and he had pot told thoin worn
ho w.i going. Mnloy left this morning and
will be a wclcomo witness at tho tilaltu-moiruw.
lSiisliien Troubles.
Aii attachment for $17,240 lms been Issuod
against Daniel D. Boat don. exporter, of 54
Broad stieet. In favor of Fliriibetli It. Dolnlleld
ot Lenox. Mass.. for money loaned.
The Sheriff has sold out the stuck of tho II.
fi, Allen Company, subscription books, at 7.'t't
liro.i I way. ic.ilixiu:: ?7.000. and tho stock nnd
nm. hineiy of the Manhattan Shade Cloth
( (iiiipitti) at Port Morrifl for about 7,lMji.
Tim Sheriff jcsloiday sold out the stock and
llxiurosor l.ussu Luil wig, doing business ns
L. I lidivif A ''o in iniif.icturers of cloiks. at
Kin 1'iliico st re 'I. eiilli'iii about s-'M)li(l. .Mi,
I udwlg is repoitcd to havo loir tho city two
weeks ago. UN son. about 111 jeais of use,
told Ihoerodllois tunt his father hnd gonotu
Paris to collect money, nnd would como back
nud pay oveivbodv.
I liii.itturiiotH for Ilnrtmnn A Mendelsohn,
clonk miiiiiiluctiiiers ol tltiSCnunl street, say
I bey halo received a cublo despatch Hail Mr,
llaitmaii. who wasmiestei) in Bremen at tdu
iiisliineoof ereilitois, has been discharged.
.luilgiiieut lor !''J."i.si)i has been entered
against HuekleyA Co.. formiiily dealers In dry
i: Is at I'tlcii, in favitp of 1'. Ictor ,V Aclielca
b i goods sold.
lodgment wn enleied yeslerdav ngnlnst
.Tohii Hoe' b-r t'.'.HIH ill faVoi of Seiiion, Bachu
.'. io. on a promlssui note.
Will-Ill'- .l;iilti ntlnil I'nr Itilll,
Wlieii I tiwjorHowonppn.voil before Justlco
Andiews in Supremo l oiirt. I'lmmbeis, yestor
i';u iifteilioou to move ll..it his cllunt, IJurton
(', Mel ster, tlio miiiderer of Charles F. Oood
win. be lelensed on bail, nearly evciv inch of
standing room in the court room dad boon up.
preprinted by a ciovvd of spccliitors. Mr. llnwn
i Itcd several Inst in.'ts whom Supremo Court
Judge hail admitted poison- under luillct
incut for miildor to bail aftei Iho 111 r-t liiul had
failed, It would be luipos'lblii lo tiy Wubstor
ng.iui. ho said, iinlll .-eptembot.iistlieie uro
seventeen pilsoucn in the 'lomlis under In
dicliiieiit foi homleblit wlm must bo tried lit.
Jliisuggosliid IhatJusticoAudiewM llx tho bail
at ?,ri,lhl,
.sil.-liint DNtiict Attorney Mnlntyre op
posul Iho iiioilon, and declaicd that the peo
ple mean to to Webster aiMin in Am II.
Justice Andiows asked for a copy of Judgo
divvlm. chin git and of wolsters evidence,
willed the lawyers agreed to obtain for him.
llo resei V"d hi decision until liu could look
over Ihuso documents.
rid j.loor liriirslii Ibe l.ntlii ol'llls Hlplumo.
.Max (iiiggenhelm, lately of 181 Eldridgo
stieet. was convicted In tin) Oonornl Sessions
K't-teiduy o practising medicine without n
license, and was remanded to await sentence.
Under tho conviction, as Ills for it second
olTence, he mny bo sentenced to tlio peniten
tiary for two yars nml fined Sl,0i. ijiwyur
Piurlngtoii of the County Medical Society
pointed out lllty.four enors In tho Latin uf
(luggeiihelm'h bogus diploma.
Tfar.-e .Miner Killed und Trni Mortull)
WitKEsnAnnE, M'arch P. Threo miners worn
killed and two mortally Injured by nn explo
sion of gns In tho Aldcn mine this nlternoon.
A careless miner ignited tho gas with a naked
tight. Tho killed aro Charles hryora, Henry
Brown. nnd Elijah Junes. Thoso Iniured are
John hryora mid Michael llctliun. Tlio mliiu
Wis badly damaged by thu oxplofclou.
(clumblun Uxpreev vln l'ennk Irualn Bull,
roud lo ( hlcaito.
Vtillbutedi'.(plncr. dlnlm rr nU eotctati. No
lr rre. buvtlorln aiel uiieuilaui lucotcnci.
noitmr imtsic Tnn pr.
Rnnrllei.... n 1!) I Rim rets . II 02 Moonitti. 6 SI
jik ii vutri Tilt nr.
sur.ily llnoV. r. 10 1 tiov. lutnnil. n .11 tlillatta.. 7 27
Arrlrrd WtnsMt. MwchO.
Pflt'itnin, llriibinm. Anmtsntsin.
s.n ilnrtleiiln. liutlisrleril laitlon
s- 1110 liiinmr. Itief, Hiiederlnci 1.
SoAlMie s, t Ir-rn .IfttmcL
s Klti. snviif, Putt Antnnlo.
Sn R kh, Itnuls), VnltilittnA
Hn l.elnir, Kliinvi'S Went InillM.
HKIle. VVtnle Pnrrj.
suCltvM AlcMOnlrin. I'lirtU. Mntmim,
SltTriittnile, iDllilf, l.lvsriHtnl.
sn Ktitrlsrtif1,T. Ilsbey, w Orte nnt.
mt-xeslBinr. tllmrlii'. Nwi)rtaan.
Kn Kllie. V nn tlOPMl! Ilremcil
Sn Alftnntiutn MtKsr, .Ini'kffnnrltt
tof'ltv uf Atlanta l)"lc. Wot Point. Va.
aannlue. smllli. Savnnnali
shin Mnratiniit, lluiitativnn, Atitrrp.
tlarlcJoitetl llin.no Kntwrliion. St,.la(fO.
Parle t'onnuMfttor, Wnrirn Allrnnts.
HatV I'anln Vlndrs. Vlolllmi. Iboilbur.
Uira lihhn. Mciitnle. lienitrsn,
ll'ur lattr arnrali aes Kirat Pm.
itMrrn our
PaMaJftlc, from New Yorl, at ijiifanatnwn
S ScamtlA. trom New Vol k, pnMf tt tlie t.iraril
sa Cmonoitniitnn. rmm .New York, at Itatliailoa
SL'ilv ut Wiuhlntlun. rrnin .ss Vork.at Havana.
itdp ran roiiriiii roit)
Si Intani, from rbrltlntiainl for Sew York.
Sa raithlnti, from Matnnraa rnr New York,
Hi sprep. rmm lliemfn lor New Vnrk
Sallernoiiln, imlil tluuiaro ror Nf w Vnrk,
Sa yaanitatii, from lmiterilain Tor New York.
ba .NiUerltlel, trum Antwerp for .Vew York.
ninn ran nortic mat.
Ei Colorado, from Gatvunton for Naw York,
ctrcoisc aTriKOtirt
toil rtlv.
jfuhrw. ri',
ripjifnfcnj. Nas.au J oui vi. nisip. VI.
Ilnnln. llaiiililirK JJ OOP. M.
Ilabani. IliiTana. . 11 l)A. M. 1 OOP.M.
Jieopnrt Ciiliin 1U.MA. M. J"J l)OSt.
Mate nr Nebraska lllaaKuw. .. . ltXJP.M.
TrllllOnJ. Uvriliuilil . ..1 IK) P.M. UOUI'.tL
.int 7t-mtirr(ii.
Alcnnonln. fharleatnn 8-OOF. W. "
Cbattaliourlice, Miliunnll HUOi'.M.
iscouia srcAvsnira,
Jlvr y.-,.i.
narniuilt St. I'rnlT tb. 2?
I'allfnrnta fillinltnr Keb 2.1
Merchant I'rlnce fllbralliir Ken. 23
cniiueuiarii . Ollirnllnr Fen. 24
Saals Iiri'HK-i Maren 1
Itlii-ll.t Alitwen Kelt. 24
1il,teln ., . .llavri' Feb 24
.lerney rlty . .swan-in rflb. J4
tiefurunru .. . St. Thomaa March fi
Dut W..lt. .V.lrri 11.
rlteor llerlln l.lvernool..... March 2
ranr London Feb 2H
blberlan uinmow Feb. 28
Jnt Nifitri.iy. Jlirrh 12.
I.ndtate lllll l.nn.lon Feb. 27
Jjonpaitna. . ,. fiilnii. March n
jMiinlll Muliil'iirv Ib.2(1
i.ellert ..... Unillliiirii. .. .. Feb. Jll
Jluanie. M. Tlionma. March 4
Jtvt .Vi.a.Liy. .Ifirri 23.
Serrla Liverpool March T.
t'ulle l.iviTpunl March .'1
l'nliama . . . Ilnrtlenuv Feb. BR
llllnnli, Antwerp Feb. 27
llrei'i. Loiitlnn Feb. 27
WerkeletauiM .. . . KntttnUlu Feb. 27
Orinoco lienuuila March 10
iliie Joniliijt. Maith 1-i.
Darniatadt Ilreuiel March R
l.tbtoufa lllaafft.w March 1
Il NnrillliliUle .. Ilnire March R
Vlrelnla. . Ilairc March .1
Yucatan Havana March 10
Abo Pert IJinon March r,
llnllleo . .. . Hull lab. 211
Maracalbo Cuiacon March 4
.. lVeei.lv, .If.trnb 15.
Mitla Ilamburir. Marrh 3
NeMnla MmtdooI March R
I'ucitiu.i't . . . . illltriillar. Feb.2X
Ft. I'ancriia Mveri'ooL.... March 2
Take your ndvertlaeanent
Aitrertlaementi for Til KHUN may beleftatany
American mtrlct .Meeener oitlca In thla city, whera
the ebargea will be ilia tame at those at tba main oftlca.
Keep' Ireaa Shlrla. In meamrn. a for 19.0a
None littler at any price. sHIt) ami HI I nroadway.
WHITE nVTTON'.-Satnrday. March 6,bjr th
Iter. Cbarlea II. l:aton, Joaeph Kdlnita White ot
GouthrarollnatoLvelyn Pay button of Philadel
phia. Pa.
WYl'KorF-HKATH.-nn Monday. March 7. at
Hie West I'reabrterlan Church, by the I'.ev. John 11,
paxton. I). D., Kinina Proit, (laughter of th lata
William C. Heath. Kan, . to J. IMwurda WyckoS.
Adrrtlaeinanta InrTHKSCN mar be left at any
American Dlatrlrt MetfeiiRarothce in tola cltr. where
the charge will be the same aatboaa At the mala omco.
BAU.VIAX.V-On March H. 1802. at 2 A. M attar
a abort lllne;. Charlaa F. Kallmann.
Funeral wit! take place nn Friday afternoon at a
o'clock from .141 i:att 41at it.
ni:.4TTI,E.-0n Monday. March 8. at attrlden.
Conn , Mri. Louisa Seattle, afed 07 yaara.
Interment at Newark. Jf. J.
BOK1IN. On Tueaday, March 8, at Naw Ravan.
Conn.. PeMle, daughter of Ifcnry and Manila Boahn,
aned 3 yeara.
Frlemla aro Invited tn attend the funeral from th
realdence of tlie parenta. Koiautb at, on Thuriday
afternoon at 2.30 o'clock.
CHAPLAIN. On Monday, Marrh 7. at New Uaran,
Conn , Charle I,. Clmplaln. aged 70 yeara.
Friends are InWtiit to attend the funeral from his
late resblei re, 2."li Church at., on Thursday after
noon at 3 o'clock.
CON 1VA.Tf.-0ii March 0. of pneumonia, Carrie,
yot nzrpt daughter or IMir.mnl J. and Annie. Con-
uay, aged 3 years nml R months.
Funeral from renMenre, 114 Fast 10-th St., Thnrs-
ila), March 10, at 1 o'clock I. M. Interment In Cal
vary I)A I I.F.V. On Tueflajr, March R, at Bcrnilde, Conn ,
Michael Ualley, aged NO jears.
Trieiula .ire Invllrd to attend the funeral from his lata
residence nn Tburaday forenoon at 8 o'clock, and
from St. Mnry'a Church, Cast Hartford, Conn, at U
Interment nt Hartford, Conn.
JII.I.IM. On Monday, March 7, at New naven. Conn ,
Mary i: daiigbter of Mr. Kills, of 237 Watbtngton
St., aged R years.
Funtral private.
ri:itf;i'HO.'.-on Wednesday, March l, Cath. J.,
wife of John Ferguson, at her resldeuco, 12tt East
Notice of funeral hereafter.
GHANOIlK.-on Tueslay. March 8, at Rprlngnald,
Man. Ann .1. wife of Iliury A. (iranger, aged Ct
1'rii iiJh are Invllfd tn allend Ihe funeral from her
lale reHldebce, P7 Florence st , on Tbutsday after-
noon nt 3 o'tln-W
:OOI)l:i.I..-On Tuefilaj, Murch C. at Hartford
I'onii , Mrs .lames (looilcll.
N'oili e of film rat hereafter.
OKI F FIX -At Mnntleello. N Y. on Tueslir, March
H, Idniii M (Iriltlii, holnvrd liLtlianil of bllo W.
lint n iill'l iion tn l.iu of Ihe Into Uiikell A. Oret.ii
I'm, cut) unlai at 22H south .1.1 st , Ilrooklii. nn
Ihlirvliy, Malcll 10, at H P. M lirlallvia .Hid
rriiiid rupectfully Invlied. ) li lei mint prtrale.
OVN.N'.-Ou Tuisilaj-. Marth , at llartfotd. Conn .
I'onicllaT , Mltuof I'harles A, It una. ,
Notlci1 1 f funeral la rentier.
HAS'I l.tS"t.-tln Monday, March 7, 1RPS. at her
hit- rel.U:i"p. 2SU McDoiiougti st , Urookljn, Mary
Helen 1I,i.iIil'.
1'riierul serlii4tonlulit at S 30 o'clock nt the house
liuerniei.t W iliusda) In ilrienwond Cemetery.
II:AI.I:1.-iiii Tmwlny, Much H, at .New Ibiven,
roan . .loll ri lleuliy. knl. lu law or.lohii Ilonngalt.
I'rliii.ls nrj btvliei) in attend theiuneral from his
tuie icsiibiiif, V'.VJ Joins , on Ihuri'tl'iy foriiiinon
ut w it i In k, and frni i SI Francis's I'hurcl, at y.30
o't'lni k
.IOIINsON.-0n Tiiesib'. March s, at llrlilgeport,
Conn viarlhi .lohnitiiii nireil 71) ) ears.
Irieiidsnro inviieil tn attend the funeral from 19
t'othariliest en Tlitirnlay aflernonn al 2 nYlncl.
Kl:i:.N,1.-On Mili'li li ai Nonwi.k rntiu,, Murg.irrt
V Kiijoi, ! oi;l.1irof tlie l.ili John Ktcnn, ugist 2S
I'rii'iids aie luilteil In attend llii- funeral on I riday
for, noon nt p n'cl'it'k frmnst VUry a L'liurdi. lie
lerir.eut at i lie parish foneli'rj
KI:IIU. Ihe nit m hi'isuf lliti rum ma nv Hall oencral
I'lilllinlttee mid Ciillillllllvn on lilk'.nil.tti..ll of the
Tl'lllll Axeillby ll.sllirt are llllllel In.lllilll Ilia
funerid of Ihe Holt I', lir Kelir. from li.s Into res).
iltmr, Ibl'.'i'.iiv Ihursds). Mircti ID, )hu2. nt 1
I'. vi ii co r wibsril
i;r.M.l:ili:iC.-im luodar, .Vlnuh s it Vliriden
1 niii), Vliuniv. ilaitghitr of virs Mary hellelier. aged
1." )IMI.
liileruiiiit at Wallliigrord, Conn
UIVl:ui,T.-i)n Tn.d). Miri'h K at lha rest
iViueof Person, I,. A. hluiterl). New llnteii, Conn .
Mrs Iiulsa Kluilierl).aged74 j ear and 11 months.
Funeral from her la'.e mlileucr, b2 Wood st., on
Thurday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Interment at
iluilford. Conn.
KOSiTKN'OAIHJF.K.-Oii Tin sday. vtarrh 8, at
i:akt llarlfnrit. Conn, I.ucy, dai guier of John ho-
tendailgir, aed 14 years.
I,.Hhi:i.l.-Oh i. tiih Inst Margaret Ann, wife
of John J, l.aiiell, aged ill) ears R months and U
The relatlrsa and friends of the family are raspeet.
fully IBTiltd to attend ths funeral on Friday, (he
lltb. at 2 o'clock I", M, from hsr UU retldince.
S81Vtt J7tust, Intcrwtnl at Orccuwood,
-star r i i
J Frank Leslie 5 I )'
w -
X contributes i
.-it- an interesting article 'H ' '
t ) '
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g si
J.TONB.0a Tuesday, March 8. at West SprlnrueloV.1 K j?
Mass., Malbew, youngest ton ot Hathaw and Katlay' j
Lyons, aged 1 year. fif ,
Mct'ANN. On Tuesday. March , at Hartford, Oonn-. fi 'i
Bridget, wife of John McCann. ra '
Notice of funeral hereafter. . ,1
MoEI.HOY.-nn Tuesday. March S. at Hartford, i? j
Conn., Joseph McElroy, aged 85 years. &
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from ther ' U '
rcaidence ot bla son, lr, Atlantic St., on Thursday ji f
afternoon at 2 o'clock. ; t
McMUNN.-RulleJKe McMnnn, the beloyedienot ,41
M. McMunn ot tho ilrm of Itussell Bros, printers, la ;9
Ms SOtb) ear. -j 9
The funeral wilt take place from his lata residence, i'j .n
20bberman ar. Tompktnsville, Biaten Island, to) B J jH
Oreenwood Cemetery, on Friday, the Ulh Inst at A ,B
12:301'. M. i S
MITKI'IIT.-On March 8. at 1.034 3d ar Jamea T. i ,(
Murpliy. i ' ?
NKAOI.r.-On Tneslay, March 8, Thomas J.Xeafla, 1 'iM
in the2Ctbyearof his Afte. rf
Funeral from his late realdence.il Christopher St., 5 xM
on Thuraday, at 1 o'clock. Interment In Calvary. il
I'Ii:H,-()n Tuesday, March H. at llarirord, Codil, , ,!
Liula Nles of 82 I'ront st .aged 25 years. ,3B
Notice of funeral hereafter.
ONIECKI, On March 7, Kdwant F. OsleckL baloredi I JS
husbiiiiil of Mavglo Ilniut, aired 2H, at th retldanc JtM
of his brother. Thomas J., ! Madison at. mI
yunenil service 10 A, M. Ihitrsdayat St. Rtanlslaua pfM
Roman Cathollo Church, rnruer f-tantnn and For- ' Sa
ayth sta. Friends and relatives are respectfully In- 5J
vlleit. 1 ' (M
O'DIINOVAN'.-On Tuesday, March 8, Florences 1 , V
daughter of Jeremiah and fcllen O'Donoran, In her H
lr.thyear. iH
nelattveaand friend, are respectfully Invited tn at '3H
teudlho luncTiil from her late residence, 37 West 'iM
Ciith st., on KrMay, March 11, at 10 A. M., tbem-e to &
the Church of thu Holy Innocents, where a solemn 1 M
mass of reriutem vill hoVtlebrateit, Klndlyomlft jM
flowers, Canadian papers phase copy, j M
O'NI'.II.r.-On Tuesday, March 8, In this city, Katla 4 'H
V, lfeof .I.e. (I'.Nrill. j '9
BurlHirroin Uaorito F. ltenrj's, RI Ferry St.. Spring. ' '!
lttl.l. Vlni.j, on Thursday forenoon ntO o'clock, 'H
BIIA IKJIINKSMIIV. On Tuesday, March 8, at '
Fnulliporl.Coi 11 barab, nlfonf Joluis'iiaughnesiey, .,
iiv'ed r. )ears, , M
liilerineiil.il tvistport, Conn, 'j 'H
HTI'AUT.-ilu March 7, 1S02, Mr. Sarah F, Stnart, J
aieil r.." ears. lU
Kelatlvea unl friends arn repecifully Inv KM 10 at '! "
tend tlio funeral services ut her late residence, 34 8 1H
Coliimhla st, jj -.M
"Y.ilK On Tuesday, March " al lonit HIM. Conn, 3 lH
lamoiitl', sun of Ih'iiniisl. .ml Augusta K. Curtif f, Jt
VViidc, rued ti months, H
Krienils urn Inv iipit tonllind lb" funrral from Ilia '
resld'iuoof ibiarriils, on Thuraday afternoon at '
2 11 clod. Intiiiiieiit nt His I'onMiilence of I ha H
faiiil')'. .vaal
WII.I.IAMN,-ln flili.iilelplila at 11.0 residenceot 'M
her fatlur, Iloberli t.in, wilo nr strplien n. WIN , M
llamr, and ihuishter of J Tnliiuliuiid Annie Cabeaa B
Funeral nt St .latin ' Churcti, riiiladelphla. on Frl- 1 , H
ilj). Vl.irih II .it I.' 10 oVocIf, Intcrmtnt private. "H
f.iKi: vuLtt Aivt:it'risi:ir.T ! M
msTiiii'T vii:sii:h oitick, I' ,
Atlieriisi'imii'alfr 'I III! Nl'N may be left ut any f, H
Ameiicaii IhKirli 1 Ment nvtr I'lllie ill llils clly. ithera fl 'VI
Hit i liuris milbi Ihi-niutt .in tl.oi.1' lit the tiiaillillhre, 11 sH
f)icriitl 3lottm. II H
io B 'aaH
iiistiih'T uihi:i:ii orrirr. Uj IH
Aatriiurinriits lor Til I! "t I' . may In left at any K sSai
Vuit-ricau Uiiru t viiFnner oibce in it Urlty. wbsra H MH
Hit r harL'i a Ttl.l be Hit siine mi lb, e at iho iimlnnttli e. U H
"Tin: ' 11 a'w roit 11 KiionsHrATrR K 9
the si iiidiirdor ovi'vlteuiu in nearly rvtryreiallaboa K aBaaai
sii.re in tii I'oiiutrv. HI tl
vk tot ,1 pair ir I'ruw fords, you u ill lm told tbejr a fH
bnve 1 sho " lusl as ir I, ' or iquul 10 il," and orca- 9 H
,,iiiji1 h tati'Miian will culm t,i have ono "better M .aiaal
than rhr I'rawluiil " As dealers I'allliot buy thla shue. H H
tlie) cannot be expected tu sjieak 111 its praise luten 8 HM
tlmiali). ft fH
1 tie 1 raw ford If sold by the maker to the wearer only, E SBaaaal
thioiiuli Crow fort shoe stores K HH
" lirtl'.NK:.M'.s,si AMI 3IOIIIMIIN10 H
tlAlin'i'eriiiniieiiily curid. lir. .1. A jtoaih s Treat a aH
1111 111 the latest uiiii most sucreiirii treatmtnt known, .Saal
In iiivopl Willi iti'i'iplfit priiK'iplis. It is sclcutuir and u.
suicessfui Teftliminialh anl terms on application. H
lerritnry lurthe rljht tn ii-tt tlio triiunetii for aate. .'ll HI
Aildrcs. lilt, i.ul.lii:', Hull idvipanv, '.Il H
Alliiiiice. Ohio. 'U B
Titi:i,iihATrviN iiKi.if.vnt ' iM H
Cures Cramps. Colic. Colds, and all iuu. 2V. abottli, ' tM
"WaIKATENA.-The bast-breakfa'tr" foodi .ati." '!H
rlous. nourlshlrir; cooks In one minute: 25 oentai s.l . VHaal
. atocsra. U1.A4JU 001) COitl'A.SV, Ol itsvalf, ' I !H
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