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f' $, - . ' THE StJN, MONDAY, APJilL 11, 1692, 4
!&' -. - qw..,.wM.wa-s-i--fi-.f--------- . . .1 .... , . . - ... , ... J.,.,, rr ...I. in i y
HK? o. fi' tot: jamnnnr HiT.risn nsvs
HKj aiv; v.40i: jt.v A.tr susxno.
IK Ci-rat Renntirrea of tlic Llttle-known On
', trist Purl or Idiitio-A Mnln Mine that
KK4 0"" liilili:normoiiii1jr-Tli.N'trPro
orTrenlliic Oit When- Wmtr l Searoe.
Ffffe Mlyiii Cm. X. St.. At.rit 4.-Tho richest MI
vW Yurrtrlko uvor inwlo In thn western part of
gbp thin county w.is 1111.J0 lat wuok In tho Jim
BKA Crow mine. 1 lodmont tlltrlct. nr-nr CnrltMn,
V f J The mlno has bocn worked In o do-ultorr way
jf 1$ for mom than two yenw. but no xoryrlrh oro
fist wim found until last week, whon water levor
M Hx' whs reached. Thon the charucterof tho ore
j olmngod. In two days over $0,000 worth of
ft orovontakonout. A samplo ateay of thooro
'&jk taken nut tho first day run $1,031 per Ion. and
f' B -nnipto from thnt taken out tho second day
& 'A rn$l'.U4'Jierton. Thooro Is stilphldo nnd
m, bromide of Mlver. carrying notno Bold, and la
5 wl found Inostroue lead In a porphyry forma-
f J? tion. A fair crado of oro was found from tho
,v m surfiioo down, nnd n number of shipments
1$ 3J Jjnvn been mado from tho mlno. but up to this
Sf S tlmo tho profits havo not been larse. If the
ft jB, ore body which has just beon dNeovored Is
U 1? continuous tho mlno can bo worked with tho
8 B present dovolopment at a profit of at least
f. $.'1,000 por day. and with further tlovolon
f ffl mont. so that a larecr force of men can bo put
ji fo at work, tho prolltn can bo correspondingly In-
It? cremed. If the lead 1-t continuous from water
K level iI'Hvm It Is tho mot Important discovery
J eormadoln New Mexico,
f g Thn Gcorsotown district In this county,
f if Whleh has produced moro sllvcrthannny othor
5 Iff' camp In tho Territory, will mako a poor show-
, 5v nc this yoar. As soon as tho oro now out Is
v aj clonncit up tlioro will bo nothing dninc In tho
A &' eamp except development woilc. Orders lrtio
F p ben reoolved to siiHpend oticMtlnni In tin
NlmbiosCViii.'-ollclatiMl fJniiiimiiy'H mlno. nnd
S the mill will bo cloed down as mud ai tho ore
V K, bow out. which Is worth from 75.000 to $100.-
j &' 000. Is milled. Tho l'arapot mill Inn beon
closed down, and theio will bo little wnrV done
Jt In tho piiroptiiitll better prices can bo obtalnod
t Jorfellwi-. Tho Jllmbros Consolidated Com-
1j k rany has not boen woiklnc tho mines to tholr
full capuclty for moro tlinn a year on account
o'f th low prlco of Mixer, nnd tho mlnoi will
t P" not bo started up ncaln as lone as sihor ro-
a i " mains below a dollar an ounco.
Ton.stamp'iof tho Carllslo mill will be stalled
JP up In a few day1!, rivo stampt will bo run on
' cold ore and five on oro from tho Alnbatua
f . mine which has to bo tioated In pans and
f; eettleri.
Tho Standard mill at Hillsborough has justf
i w becnstaitnd up on oro from tho Snalio mine,
I S- Twenty stamps are In operation., Tho mlno Is
V In oxcollent condition nnd from twenty to
1 J? thlity tons of oro nio boluc mined dally. The
I v lllltshorouKh Sniolting Company has oriiored
f .OU) tons of coke and It Is expected that tho
&' smoltcr will bo In oporatlo In a few wooks.
:. f Like tho Anson P. smelter at Hanovor. It will
trentcoppor ores only.
I Two cold bricks woro shlppod from tho Bell
i ; A Stopbeus mill at 1'Inos Altos on Saturday.
J?" One of tho bricks, valued at S1.O0O. was from
Jf orn from tho Snntn Iiosalla mlno. and the
Z, r other canio from oro from tho Tactile exten-
' fy tion.
v ij1 The Slammoth mill, which Is but a short
i- k dNtr.nco from tho Hull it Stephens mill, lias
fe j beon etnrtod up by Slillor A Demorest, who
J luno about 000 tons of ore out. They will
r V keep u laiRo force of mon at work taking out
, t- oro in ordor to keep Iho mill running,
ij i The l'aeinc Oo!d Company has had somo
-'' h troubh' In getting water eunuch for the mill
Jf f hore. and tho mill was closed down for n fovr
& days uhllothe tunnel was being cleaned out
ft w It Is in opciation again. Both tho Aztco and
h Jlremcn mills are Idle, nnd the Flaglor Works
U & have been elosed down for sovornl months.
i Somotime ago it was repotted that they would
hi be staited up.ignln. but tlioro nro no indica-
$ 'S tlons tluit anything will bo dono thoro soon.
'I ? Work has been resumed on tho Colchis mill.
MS " nnd tl ero is a prol ability that it will bo com
Mg V. jilclcd this susimer. It w.isconunonced moro
;1 v tlinn lour years ago. but financial difficulties
li& presmited tbonisolves. und work on tho plant
i f bad to bo dlheontinued. AVhon it Is completed
;;5 if It will be one of tho largest r.iills In tho
tj ij territory.
S, SfosTEnnv. SIoT.. April I). Slued develop-
3 . nientwork is being d.'iio in tho iiMnes of Zae.i-
T" 2; teeiif. In nail neir thu town of Hombiereto
4 thoru .no srnui ul mining piopertles f tnipor-
Sft tnnro. Hrit of then.) Is tlin Souilireieto Mln-
r 'S lug tompan' mini's. 'J his piojieity has a
3, Bph'iiilul word, ami while In thn hands of a
9 V lirltlslieo.iip.inv yl.d.led S13.UO0.uu in losx
M Ihaiinti'iir. owing ton dlpputo wltli the mil-
lj i jib ipnlity tho uilni'H were nhaniioned nnd had
k . PHM111.I iiwni'n, until lln illy they worn d-
Sf nnuiictid by O inrgo Few lu 1M81; on behalf ot a
1 ( coiiipany (ouni'd of Now lork and Boitoneap-
a ltallsts. Mr. 1-ewnnrl othurmitiuiBers workvd
g, K tilt proneity .uccf-fifully fur somn years, till
If r tbn nnni'iadei Idoil to onlirgo their roductlon
3. & workman I bulb! onnof tln'llnest mills in the
S I; country. Till 1 did not iroo a i-iolltaMe
f. a cli.iMBi'.niid tho uji.it any. diKCUxt.'d witli th,i
jfe great and iiselesH eMion-.!'. a- well .ittith thu
i 5, trouble tho hud In a denouncement suit.
Vi tranttcrrcil the m ijcrlty of hliure1- to tho Slex-
f, -K lean .Met illurglral I ouipunj. v.hich lb Low
JJ Working the ptopotty.
j S i',.o(iiiEK'i is iPiitn.
$ '& IdiiioCitv, April 1.- Stanley linsln. in Hister
S ' county. Is elenr 1 snou. and pli.tur mining
t'f j opoiatloiiH bavnlreaily begun. A gueii itij.il
K 'f of rleh llo.it iminbur N found In the p'.icers
: Biij tl'c'iewl.l in mini-lder.iiilu fae.irclilug for
ft j the ledge durln1; tho hunimor.
ixi K Amill't'r.eaiiorroiMiri lor joirs of perslit-
'( t, ont.md haul toll !i is eonin to light at woneer-
J a, lllc. J 'or nOMT.il eniB Stutiinil I.111.1 l'aiis
4i ft hao winked for wages liuring the Mlnimor
-Xx ; so.ibon anil jmt In the wl'ite.-s runiiln : tuunls
n IX toiUiMikiitnrou li'dgi'bOiroinggoDiJ gold 010
t , on tho tuiiiiee. duo of tho ledges Ims 111st
v Ji. been tnppid 01 n '.'.'nl-foot tunnel, cutting it at
Ii'. W tho depth of "'10 feel. J'hnu'lii U Iron twelio
3-' fe to font tot n feel wide, and thu ntnveiy high
3C J giade. An nenny, iowIh a fovdnyb ago. 10-FM-
turned '.!. in gold anil tiinefj -si oiimccb silver
per ton. and ''n per eent. len.il. '1 hoyh.iw li.nil)
tunho! ore 011 the diimpH that will p.iyhnnd
Bitnelv to ini'l. but that coining out of ilm
depcst A.orKlngs will hnio to be sim lied.
Tho J Iklioru mine and mill on J.Ik 'ren'c nro
nowowiii"! by three men. who hao diehled to
ri'Hiime work in hooii as supplies o.iti bo tukun
Tn'i l'Olii'nnrthlily-slamp mill in Owylien
county li.i-. iid Jed -40,0uu to tho wealth 01 the
owiioi-h dm Ilia tho p.itt month.
F. V. Tinker iiau deeldod to erect a Hiinll mill
on a ledge on llaublt Ciuul: lids suuiiner. ami
Tliomim J:arry is gutting ie.uly to ship In a
ten-stanip gold mill for Ids (tolden Jvra on
Kunmilt i-let. .
.I0I111 It In has sold the Wldo Rostand Com.
meiclal llarplaeei giound, not far from V.ldo
WoiitoiiMiuiKe Jtlinr. to fpiatt ,.fc ,ou:ig of
Hulou.i. Jluti.. for -.'J..iOu ensli. 'I l.o pur
chabor:.. who will soon eoiiiinu.Ki; oponitloiid,
a.-o nngotiatiug for moio ground in the neigh
borhood. , ,, ,
Another rich nlrlko was nindo near Mont
poll or. Ilo.v l.nko eount).afow dayn ngn. by
ILK bpence.wh Udi demoiiuttiit.e.s th.it the ileh
boulder loecntlr found In the 11llcy enmo
from that mi untnln. Altor run ii.ig tliruugh
loose iiulltiil lllledHllh ni'lir leUtlietllllliolhaa
reneiiu I thn vein. 1 ro from wlik'h in ueh
At Miher Cll tho bUipo marie I from tho
winze cunnotHlngAo I and 1! tunnels of thu
Trad" Dollar Is in foiirtom Indnn of liigh
crude oie. A ftie.il. two Inches thick on thu
loot wall U nearly pure hi her. Tim rooinmn
1 Is producing some of tho rkhcnt oro oer
S. H. JiiibKutt ban hud mi assay mado of oro
from tho ."-ll 01 1,'uoeii mine at l.ouldei Cieek.
it ylolded ili ounces slhorpnr ton and To.por
cent. lead. The oro cauiu fiom a depth of
Henry'Whltnoy. superintendent of thoOueon
of the Slountsiiiri g ld mlno nnd mill, nt I'lu
neer. nuliod hero ftom lioston 011 ei nesday
to'etiirt woik In thn, nilne iiml mill. HoBnii
tint the mill can crush forti tons per 1 ly. 1 ho
IhJl'O Is eight li tni'lvo feet wide, nnd tho oie
goos from M to la per ton. which Is ory
Iii'ofllablo to work. VilllMhi ftweet. who is
runiilnga l.oOl.-feot luniiei to cut he -Muddy
rilnoM. a thort dlstaneii from the i,ue.-ii of tho
JMountnlriH. at tho deptluil W)0 fi.et, In driving
it nhead nt tho i.ttnof throetfeo pet' ay. An
ntreoiiipio-.enrand machine drills will bo put
In, -.vhn It will advnnco much more rat.ldly.
Outsldo capltalUts are negotiating for sev
eral gooil mines in tlildcnunty. and oomo sales
will undoubtedly bo mado soon.
Slimy piospeetorsuro preparing to go to the
Bouth loik of t-almon lllvoras soon as the
weather, will prmlt. Last year some very
large ledgos. rich in both copper nnd silver,
werodlsioM'red Thn dli-coverors will do con
rtlilerablu work on thoiu during thn slimmer,
and many morn will certainly bo found. We
1110 now getting a faint idea as to tho great
xtentand richness of the almost lnaccosNlnlo
centnil portion of tho Htute. Tho only draw
back wo havo to tho ery lapld doiolopment
end working of our mines Is tholowptico of
eiherand CongressflunL-evlxmotithnMUijuct.
The supply of wood tit tho Elmlrn twontj.
ebirnii ser mine, at llaiiiier. is about ex
Imuktisl. ami It will have to be Mini down In
Me 1,1 two woel.K. The ield of thn inliin from
Dec. IB to Slnreh 20 wn4.noo pounds tiyolrdu
polsof fine silver bullion. It has nil beon
brought to this place, and In tlio.coiiree of an
othui week will bo on Its way to New iorlc
Tucson. April 1. Mining mon are beginning
to renllrn tho marvellous possibilities of the
cyanide process for the extraction ot gold nnd
silver known as the Sf cArthur-Forrest procoss.
Thus lar all experiments .have proien entirely
successful, and all over the West mills for the
treatment of ores 1 y tho this mcthnil are being
erected nnd pi.it Ileal nilneisnre fast I eeom
Ing nllio to the fact that In no othei way can
money be made so fast ami so certainly us by
thus tient I n their ores. Tho trouble hereto
fore has not been en much the refractory 01 cs
as the (.cnrclt! of water. Uwlngto the latter
fact, the oief. could not be rucccssfnlly treated
by amalgamation, lly the MeArthiir-l-orrrst
process. liowoer. only l.tOj pounds of wntor
Is reiiulred to the ton of 010 treated, nnd this
water Is used oi or and over again. ,
Agi.ld brick of tho uilueot s.OOwas brought
In usterday from John 9. Jones's mill on
Chnpnarnl tiulch. Itlstho rosult of a run of
only fiio tons of ore. . ... . .
'Iho L'nlted Verde smelters will start up next
week, nnd will tun at their full uipiieitynll
summer. It Is paid that sixteen tonms of
twonty-fotir animals each, belonging to J. h.
JJurkee of Tombstone, are now en routo to tho
mines to fn Ight between nlo htntlon nnd
Jerome. This camp promises to boM'iy pro;
permit during the coming season, as a larger
number of men will bo emplojed than tvor
Jtentim Jones, !osce of the Mltlo Jack Sllnc.
camolnjostordiiy with twenty-four ounces of
gold nmalgani, the net proceeds of IHo tons pf
oro. 'J'he orn is tnld 10 lo the lowest grade
tnkon ftnm the mine, aoraglnguboutN to
the ton. while much of tho richest oro will go
S."00 to tho ton. bo fur the oro Is froo milling,
the pay streak bolng from eight to ten
Inchos thick.
10I. I.. Oltison. ft mining onorntor. rocontly
lslted tin Honors A Hubbard mlneiit llarqua
Hula ntiil says thoy am as. rich as nny on the
l'aellle const, and that It is his. belief thnt thoy
will continue to lold heavily for .years to
come. It Is roiorted thnt this mine has been
hold to a New iork syndicate for Si.OO0.0OO.
Jn the quart;-, mill owned by the company Col.
(Ilbxon saR ho has never seen as well
eiitilppedn mill.
'lhu Iiigiin.'i placers, wltli tho pumps nnd
other machinery. hae boon pmchased by
Now Yoik capitalists. The ground wnsownod
by Oenrgo ihiseabery all 1 nstoclutes, who
luivo nuveriloni" iitueti worK on tho property.
The gentlemen who linvo hnuglit tho mines
are naitleiil mining men. nnd will hpnio no
expense to mako them paling nnd poriuiinotit.
M. limn uru i.niloed In tho lslg ling onx
mines taking out onyx forhhlpment. t harlos
Kingsley and I'rank Thointon. who hno the
lease of a nilueou liig lJug, nre sinking on tho
ledge us rapidly na possible. It is showing a
good auatlty of oro. and the urospectn nro nat
tering. Thoy expect to eommonee the ship
ment of oro soon. Jacob .VIeirord und Sir.
Drown, nre del eloping a claim on Itig Hug,
which Is voiy oncouinglng as far as thoy have
sunk. They are now down twolve feet and
have a good ledge of gold n.-e. Thoy Intond to
continue sinking until 100 feet has been
Huperintcndont J. Vf, Johnson loft for tho
Mammoth 011 Jrrlday. Thl3 mlno is a wonder
ful property, nnd differs in tunny features
from other developed minis In Arlronn. The
ore Is fren milling from the sutface to tho
lowest depths-Out) feet and no signs nro ob
senedof the pioxlmlty of water levcL Tho
oro body is largo and uniform in riuntlty. nnd
It Is more a uiinrry of oro thnn an ordlnnry
ledge. The fifty stamp mill crushos on an
average ltlOtous daily, put It is believed that
a mlrl of ir0 stamps can be supplied with oro
with equal facility.
A newstriko has been mado In the Silver
Dolt mine, .superintendent Lhnrlcs M. Clark
brought In somo very tine specimens of nro
from there tills week. 11 has no assay, but
liom to-tsthat hao been made It is estimated
that it mil go from s'HOO to Sl.OtK) per ton. It
Is vorv rich 1 nn'itioBllver.Thc strike was inudo
nt the 'Jlit foot level and tho ore boily lb two
feet In width. The. mill will bj started up Im
mediately. This district hns recently come to
the front proinlnontly.ns the mines from w liloli
Duller and Wright hae been making ship
ments of rich ore nro near the bilvor Dolt
Denteb. April 7. Ths mining oxoltemont of
Colorado Is now control In the neighborhood
of Creede. Notwithstanding tho decline of
silver, tho confidence of those Interested lu
Colorado's mines is unshaken.
Last i-rldny It was erroneously announced
that soveral of Creedo's biggest producers
woie about lo closo down. An investigation
has proied tho leport to bo without founda
tion. Tho leading producers at Creedo nio thn
Little Maid, King Solomon. Last Chance, nnd
MIor Plume. '1I10 diligent piospector con
tinues to br'ng in most encouriging news
from thl portion oi tln ditrlet. iii rmrcr.a
prospector, struck n six-foot vein' of honey
comb iinnrt7, in his lionanzn claim on Mam
moth Mountain, nt a depth of ten feet, which
runs in assays of fourspeelmons fiom Ilftoou
to seventeen oiwe.
Iiceprreck has Peon again hoard from this
week. There Isa Iiml of iiiln"ral in tho Tlr-t
Chnnce which Is seven Icet thick nnd contains
both siher and gold. Ab sron us the roads ant
better the fifty tons lying at tho shaft will Lo
Tho Kelson Tunneling nnd Stilling Company
lins been oignnired nt Wnson wlihn capital
stock ot sl.OOo.OOO. Tho objeot of the company
istoiuiiatunrel I elowthobiiehelormii eudls
tunceol OUXlfeetandatndeptiiof J.KIM) feet,
by which tod rim the mines I Hug higher than
tholr level, nnd they nlsoevp"Ct to (-trilio tho
veins of tlieso mines and determine whether
they urn Ussuro veins or not
One car per day is the average shipmont of
Cripple Creek oro. The Florlsnnt ludo Is in
sucngoodcoiilitlonnowth.it from onotoslx
tonsure usually hauled per day.
A number of miners nro reported to havo
struck a rich gold loile north of Ouray. It Is
mid to bo a true vein, enirylng honeycomb
quartz, and containing free gold. It is be
lieved to bo the source ot the placer gold vein
in the neighborhood.
'1 he low price of silver hns had a tendency to
relaidthn shliments from tho hllver I'lumo
riming the pnit fortnight.
The best strike ei-r ma In In placers in this
Plate is reported in .1 1 1.1I111 fillet the Slid
rlglit. The 010 Is tdmllar to thnt of the J a
l'laln, being heavy guluiin. ru; nieg one-half
wlvet en I f'l per c nt. lead. 'Ilm f-t. Jehu
mine .it Monbvuma shipped :;00 tons of ore ill
the not three weo'.s.
A ri.'h striHo niiulii near Lake City is at pres
ent iit'rn"ting eonsl'lerablo attention. Ono
bundled clsims are nemg st iked oiT. Tim oro
runs high In gold nr.d i-llvur Sllll wiuins
bhmv iiioetoen otiueeb of the ellow 1net.1L
l'tvivuK :r .1 Dou.
Ifl'oii Kc nn I'Hi.'olitliy Mw.pt Our in (lie
hioil Stievt. U'o Mix. TIltM."'.
It's hard to defril o a i'og so that nevhody
except tho owner will neognlye him on sight.
fleor'o Thniss, tlie son of the proprietor of tho
big muulu hnll on Fourteenth jticet. happenM
to bo looking for the dvg mentioned In this
?IJ ilOK "tltll A -.llglll JiUIT rait', tmra fr.un lt.ll
j.i.tt 1 11I1 nt. lliurtOu) 1.K11111111,' 1 1 ur.iili Till ISs,
'"cll." Sir. 1 helsb i-ald. when nsl.od yester
day ft'i n more paitlculardesoilptlon, "he was
a croFH between u nug and 11 black nnd tan.
Ho bad n I lack face "
"(lb, ho was too Miost for nnjthlng," SIis.
" Ves. O'ipeclally after a light,"
"You ought to bo ar-hamed of yourself." his
better half lejolned. "Iho dog had n loiely
face, lie had I laek eves, and a sweet now,
nnd a sweet expression. Ills feet were black,
too, und they Hero the sweetest feet you ouir
saw. He li.nl a enrly yellow tall, which ou
could tin into the (tweeti st l:nnt "
"Am! ' i-a'd .Mi. '1 heli.-. laug'iliigly, "ho had
asW"1"! yellow boil), like nswiel black ami
tun, nnd lilt, eweet hair, excepting his swuit
tall, w.:- mi net strnlulit and Mieot lough."
Tliov both biugiii'd. and then Iis. Thelss
m.ulethn nsionhlilng ilecluintlon:
'"I hue: nr,w j..u have a peilnet doscili tion
of bliu. If )uu see him, please Inlr.g him Lack,
will jour"
"lb h was ho ln"l "
"Oh." Mr. 'ihelbsf.i, " the fweet thing just
walked out Into the hucii street ami didn't
I'cmo buck. He hinl n sweet collar aiound Ills
neck. Ilo hidongud n mv wife, who gotlilin
torn pi ebent Inst hiimmor."
'I Mtrrn C'nnJ Cet In or J.oderr" Out.
There was n lot of lively hustling on tho top
floor of tho Catharlno House, n threo-btoiy
lodging house ut 01 Catharlno street, at 1
o'clock ostordoy morning to get out of the
way of a lire. It Is supposed that alodget In
room 'Jo set lire to the bed clothes with a
lighted plpo or elgnr. Tho moms contained
lllti'Cn lodgers. Thoy had tlmo to jump Into
their clothes nnd nil got nwny safe. Tho
flamo" wero confined to tho third floor and
I'liUSedn lossof fbiiO. ...
Tho pueulliirltyof this houso Is that tho two
rear windows on thn top lluoruro protected by
Iron bine. ThiH would havo prevented oscapo
to the tear extension, which is the only means
of readiln-r the lire encape. Tho oeoupantsof
this lloor wero theiofoiu obliged to eseapo by
the Htnirwny. Tho proprietor said that the
iron bars were put up six months ago as a pro
toctlon against thieved, and that ho Would
take tliiuii down to-day.
ltted or Kris'",
There was a lire about 3 A. SL yesterday
noirtho houfoof Kolonym Cohon. an Avenuo
A dry goods merchant, who lives nt 7- Kasi
Ninetieth street, Tim consequent tumult
awoke .Up-. Cohen, who nppntently thought
the Cohen bouse wasahif. or soon would be,
foi f-lm ihno-t iinmoJI iteh fell t the lloor
niiililliil orfii.'lit. M10 w.ihl'rii veils old.
Would You Like
to Livo in
A Model House
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Do you livo out of tho City
from preference, or because
you cannot find a satisfactory
liouso on Manhattan Island ;
one that is nscossible, moderate
priced, woll built and in a first
class neighborhood ?
The King Model Houses an
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and will repay a visit.
Call nnd Inspect the nouses
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A Hhcetcd Flnure Tluit T.ecr at romlllca
In m Coonrctlcnt IIanll.
Nrw T.onpon. April 10. The qulot and ob
scuro hamlet of rsex In tho Connecticut
Vnllov Is tormented by 11 phnnton that flits nt
night In a clean whito shoot and makes
hideous faces at peoplo'B windows. Boon
aftor nightfall, It In said. It omorges from the
tillage cemetery, floats down the dnrk streets,
and manifests Itself to dwellers In tho out
skirts. A few nights ago n family In that
quarter wero startled by quoor noises In the
dooryard. and glancing nta window beheld a
face, contorted and leering, pressed against n
Piine. Although greatly terrified, the house
holder and his son dnrtod out of doors nnd dis
cerned dimly a sheeted figure gliding with
Rpookllke ease nnd swiftness down tho street.
The young moon was unobseured. and the
men noted thnt tho ghost vanished, as if It
had melted Into tho air On succeeding nights
the spool: showed itself nt throo or four other
houses In tho samo neighborhood, pressed Its
face agalnBt window panes, fled, and disap
peared. Its visits are always proccded by
curious sounds, like tho clntter of a looso
house lath that is played on by the wind.
The village peoplo nro greatly disturbed on
account of tho ghostly visitations, and the
young mon havo organized themselves Into a
band to nttaek tho spectre. Within n day or
two several young persons, who wero going
homo nt a late hour along unllghtod streets,
encountered tho torror. and wore frightened
nlmost out of their wits. It is noted by somo
of tho citizens, wdio seek to neconnt for tho
nppenranco of tho nocturnal visitor, thnt n
mjsterlous woman, cbisoly yelled, who evi
dently in n strnnger In thn hamlet, has been
een lllttli'g about tho streets for soveral days.
They suspect she inuy bo the ghost, but others
scout tho Idol.
A Hpry Old Printer.
NonwicH. April 10. Uncle Joshua Barstow
came to town n day or two ngo for a long visit,
after nn oxtensivo vacation spent in a soldiers'
home In Maine. Sir. Barstow. who has set
typo since his boyhood In many parts of tho
country, is probably tho oldest prlntor in the
country. Tor years lie worked nlongsldo of
Hoi aco Greeley at the case In Now York, and
is very proud of the fact that he was n chum
of the great editor. Ilo tells a hundred stories
of Sir. ureeloy. and all of them havo a sharp
snapper. Ho fought In tho rebollion nnd draws
a pension. He has a few relatives in this
town. Ho is about 80 years old. but bright,
bpry. and chtppor.
Court Calendars TM Day,
Scrums forar (lima Tsuv Nn. M SI 7t 77.
7S :- ,.7.72 oil W. nil. 71. Chamfiw Mntlon ealen.
flat. rallM ul Jl o'cloit. FrmcuL Taiuf Part l. AU
loiiri il 1' r Hie lurin. I art II. litis unniit.lirtl na.
1.1 S, lOhl. 14.11. I2CII. 114-', 1311. Ij;o JB2II lr,24,
1HI.12S.' 21111 nil 2l. -'Si, .'70, 14111. 004, J2S5.'.'04,
:.r.-. n.s.1 r,4 mi. J7k .0
iikii't i'ocst I'nrl 111 rar hot. 7.".4. .1522.
liiOA.V7r.n -iia Pan 1 A'ijourrietl for ilia term.
1'j.rt II I'liar. C.i.ri, frnni fart III. Part II'. Caia
iiii.'.iiihI rd. 1 a.ei (ro.it l'trt III.
mkioluf's Ton t IMIIt-of Sophia Mnp, TatrlrV J.
Ilurke, John . Miinu nir, ami Mart H Itotclikiaa, 10:JO
A. M. lor probate W ll'a of Ann o'Konrar Marynre.
tlla Matrctr. Jairra Wad lt;ll, IiuoaM. Worrell, Anilrew
J Tliompimi. SniitliA Hooper, C A McNeill, Ludwlg
tnc. air! Julio lloinitlll, 10 A. M: William Mnltrew.
Mrio Heine .loltn F M titer. Chnord Coddlnrton, and
1 k.Iiii l.'Atnh, rt. 10-'0 A M.
roMiins l'La 11. M.KALTBBM Adjourned until April
27 rrtcui. liBn 1'ienr I.e. Is 21. Eqnrr Trust
laa-tiioii lli,,l o, 4 ,-,. . 7. H. 10. II. M in. 17. III.
2.'. 23 Trill. TlKU-PrtI.-l' ear .Nui 147.1. loos, 1407,
I4II4, I.V.J 1 ..'-. ltfl ItllT.fill l.lRi.l'.nr. 7Ul, 14M1.
34r,7, 471" 147.' 14S7. 104101 14V. 10IJ, 1:1117.11411.
148,1, 14115 JUll, lt.7, IMirt, im 1&70 Tart II.
I'.ear faae from Part I Tart IIL Llcar. Cases
froi i Tart I
hirrnioK i'ockt flysERit. Trnif Ordera No 1,2.3.
Awe.n.from 'iidirinenlit a. 11. ,11, 38. 3W, 40, 12 Hm.
iial Tfrw. ae ni.l nlibed .No. r.Vl. .177, .Mil, 10.1.
i.im. itj", ttS7 "VIM laiti linn Part I. i: ear. Ito.
h:i,m;s. kith, itot. iM Mil. 2.114, nos, nuj. hSi.
lortf II an I III Ailpeirne'l for the term
rirr i inRTifet-ML Turn Motion., rum Trail
Tart I-l'l.-ar. o. fjlllli. MJ7, hlbS. 4714, C4II1.
'.-,, OJi.l. 4Sea. ri7.-7, S778, .'.llt.l, B .'..',
r.77ll r.781. hr, ,. I M, W.2, 62 IS r.ri.
l'uri Il.-llear .Nos .171'S. 4P.1S 4II2D. BMa, H4l.
r,;.t.i 4112.', 47n4. i-oo. .ir,ir. i.oi,tio)2. ana. o.i4,
l..l. nv.f, tmlS. fISO, ilisf, Mlel. Part III ie tr.
.N-p 4114, .'.SI .HCK. lI'.S'l ft1" .2 ,1"27. r. HI. Mil,,
moo "iil I 2l.fj i"U win r.wci. .'.him Part IV.
IIST -' ortfinoo tips 7-'7". "i.U3. 7211, 717.770,
;t 0 7IM", 7o7. 7011", rwi.'. T.HS4 QSiXI. 7004. I'.T'iH.
I", , 7oJ4 71 1. 11)41,1, 71 H, 7233, 3 S'l, liJJ, floSlI,
Watjtrfl cmaitji.
AK A r.o nernAToa on children'! rtrei.e.;
kond pir, mi fir v-etk anl lotii; teuton, Kurk
trtvill out to exctiuuced peraonii
U SOUIMDN 4 CO., M Grand t.
A" "ollMSSTAIlf.Wlll.n COMPANY want an"actlTe
toiina tto.iiun of (rood liu.lne.- aildreba anil ejtnerl.
enceit Inoilice wort Apily at nfllce, 201 tt lr.thnt.
TilTyiciAl. "kI.OW Hl Waute I, Icatnen and
pl'iuit maker, imi'l lil't h amine
' MMifhliLi: .t liAWUs.ft'imrondwn.
inirii:iAl7i-I.iTlvirits Waniinl, roue andltoiver
iaakr; work Klen liotnt- ulao learner.
II, UMHIBiM, ',-', Uuadyay.
Al.TII II lAI.H.OlTI.Its. Lraruemand nliinet maker!
nalittd. .V WAs-hltllANN, "I'll Bloalway.
HTI nUMlTPTdWKIIS -Kxiierlt'liiedlmniirwantTf.
MAMl.tlK .V LATZ. ,".S llond H
1lOK HII.llKllh ttan'eil,
' II i iiliri.l.MIl', 2nn.l2H Vandewalent,
pTasTr.Ils VMI ol'l'.!tiri).roiT"cinuoi-i v'tilr. 141
jl) l.iui .etii .t , iiieiiii.iu,
COAT I- I.MSIIi:i!S nnd huttonhoii mnltera wanted on
ri utoin ttn'l .til ill. I., tho Ta lor, 14,1-147 Power).
DithMsMal IMI. Iirinttiea."loiiirovrii"irood hew
ti t'ilt trn dr, aAiiitWIniy mi 1 cull Inn, Cull or write
ot rlrtulart an I f lnliloti! ! 1 Kara 2otn at.
DI'.II-SM VhhllS -V,.inttd. Ilrat ernm napt hand. An
11 1 all ieL. flme. I IKThtlon I at 1 14th nt.
IM'IUIIM'T.II HANDS in'LiinM pula, Tiiiir in
J hand-, ami lutid i ota wanti".; no work clvtti out;
hmlirtl prlirtpall 1 1 1 : S P V KMIIIll.lhl, ,n Millet.
IriNl'l.lill M Ml HIIWII MsKI'.ns""wanled, allu
J work tlvin out lu reliable, loiniieient hantu
-IMON, 1J Kond at.
Iol.Iil- ith, Murhine and hand foldern; aVeady"wo7kT
"' ''''-l.s HIXPHUl. 14 J Worth it.
( "lithe. xpi-rleiice.l aTol'lUt' landed framed tor
pronto Muiltrtf, holds, sehooKAc; cltvond couu.
Ir, Koiyl v aire t, at t'.lirf.:. n:it H. lotuhav.
HAT rntUMMtH waiiTed on aiift hate, nln tin makers.
FI.I.IHIT.IN. .172 .id av.
(tlhMsMJI'lJIIT.S AMI ll,l'SKr4 I
bTr J'OU I'.Jl I AI.HO . KAlt.M-:M
KItAIJ4Kt"l'. J.'W W1WT r?1i.N'r.
OI'hIIATiilis. I'.xpirleuied optrators and lacerun
nera on l.itrn ia
Mi IH.loMS .V ItgNPAI.t.. B2andOI Orcenest,
Ol'Ht vinilS Kxi'tT.riicid nperitnrf on MUlcox t
OH utuiatl.llui', .Irani potter, App ynt
I'. Ill'MlllN.M.Il CIJ.V, 34 Whitest.
OI'KUATOtPi "m allied, outside, on wrappers and tea
iVovtiit, hrlmr reltrrin o
oro (lAN1(IKSjk Rnjf.t 47l, moadway.
OI'HRAfiTrts'liixters, And hutlon seivvrs on hojs'
Jail et., also ul"" kit Hint can run a ttttiug iun
chine tiilcarn.4uj lurtli 2d at . llroutDn.
Ol'fcllATOIlhun tvlilie .l.lrts nnd shirt ttnuisi stratu
lvtr lllil'.MAN A M'lbNRBIUHiil Hloi.a).
OI'I'.IIATOIts on uhlris and latllos' Malsts, stcaui
pott ir. 4W1 nnd r,o.' I'litrry t,
PAI-Ult iloM'.S-bxptil.tited bands on small and
Urge clue work.
si'Diis'Jr. grn co. 2rowct 27ihst.
PAI Kit HUM Wanted, KirU mi pas a work) com
prepared to iro to aurk, M lesey si,
RCI.IAPI.P, and 0perltinced outside hands nn ladles'
rapper, A c 1 A U. tifi I.ispenard st.
S CAIlhh Ijidles tuiiiel to learn: ttorl. hnine or lac
tury; trarhinir, il. 7l Charlton st . near llud.on.
CIIOE01'EHATUlfwMilnl. 63?l Tast Oth sti
" fl'l CKhKH "fc? ere need tuotersi n'to line trim
X mers on W, a, (1. lor lulle.' underwear,
hTl.l.NHIlUU. VJ Howard st.
T4IUIItl'.sS rnriisinmieis: steady Job. Call all
II e ttetk atn90ilut., lop lloor.
UMIiltKI I. IS Mantel ope mors'iTs'd to heinmlnir
slIU. tail) t'.rsl t i.i. hiiliil-! a'eady work xuaran
lied A M I..IlAUbti. IHMuliirst.
Wnuteil Amnleis.
MfcMM ii"i.nr jijih siStyxS4yrsj-fwrfatrasrissi'r
Awr.ntCAN nisTnVt'T iikshrnokr
Omce, It In nor list of Artrertlslne Agencies yon
do not find one convenient.
VEST BASTKRq and operators wanted
Mfnu.tlie T.-il'or. 14f, and 147 Powery.
W" AIST TRIMMKlM.i.NU IMPIlul Kits: ptrnan.ntto
KOod workers. 127 West 2ii St.
WANtT.Ii A joun j woman, about 2.1 with some ex
perlenre as aalesworaaii i must soeak rood bcrman
and fcna-nm Call at store, liUi.M.it.
nl ANTKP Tw.i food finishers nirciistnni isiitsthst
can ba.te their own jobs. Apply 27 lirecnwich
St.. near Warren st,
WANTED Ail rxporlenred operator on rne tucMnir
fnrlnrniitt'rnlua Apply personalty at 201 Past
Elxtttnthkt ""
WA N'fr.Ii Experienced operatlres on child reu's
l neaps JDHKI'II ithAIINHY. 244 Canal St.
WANTKD lixiirrlenred hands only on wind.or lies.
llf.ll.MIHL A ItANHOM, 42,1 llroadtt ay.
WANTKIi Hood hand sewersand good imbrolderers
at41 Ks.l luihst.
lomistic ffmmnts Wantefl.
A pint.: must be a Rood ennk, lanndress, and bread
haker, wiiiinir to iro to country for lumtr.er. Calk
niter V. 172 West 64th st
AOIRI. to do sri'nerai housswork. Apply after 0
o'clock A. H . 141 West 104th st . lop nat
(""IIAMBKltVAlD -Wanted, younir srirl for np-stalrs
work and waiting) small prlvota faullyi refer
nees. ICHWsst tt4tn st. "
(TOOKK. chauiUermaids, houseworkers. waltre.resl
' places itaitliii;, no feesi irond wages: irlrls not of
town secure eltfno.ltlons free hy wrllluB.INTHKTATK
Ulh av.
COOK Wanted, jnuiis; girl: plnlti cook: it ash and
Iron! house modern Improren'ints: at na) side,
L.1.1 14milssout. InQtilro BLIIT. 200 Hast 27tli al.
COOKS, uooxewnrkersT' chatubermnlds. waitresses,
places waiting; tin fee
. l.KNT. 401 Bth ST.. near 24lh st.
COOK wanted: washing; references; two lu family,
Inquire B07 wen anili st.
COOK.-Oirl to ron7, wsah, and 'ron. 430 W est 147th
HOI .UiWllKK. llanted. a middle aged g'rl tn do
general housework; don't care to go out ot city;
plain cook and p.ain washing.
Mrs M'lllhUNH. 2,10 Cast 108th St.
nuUsfWORK, oung girl for housework In Ameri
can fainllv of three
Mrs. W, K. MliYPRS, 12P l.tst 10'llh St.
HiilsRWtiRK lint Mr general housework tn small
family In Hat; must 1h goo 1 plain rook.
rsC.J2ll.t Blltlt St.
HorshWORK, Wnnied. young gin to do general
tiousonurk; small fimlfy; s.eep home.
Mrs llhir. 1122 nth nv , Jewelry store.
HOCSEWORIt" Wanted. aToung'glrltoasjIst in light
housework and lake ntMear-old bauyotn; good
home: reference JOS last 8.1th st .'parlor ilat.
OL'sRWORK. (llrl rcr housewort and assist with
children: wages lair, call or write, two diis, he-
tweenO andJJ, 210 Bait 87th st , second Hal;
HOCHEWOKK.-nirTfor general housework; must he
rood cook and laundress; rererences. Apply, after
II A.M.. hKlllllIllRMANS, 1 West 115th St.
Ol'SbWORK. Wanted, a good girl for general
houao irk must come well recommended. Apply
0 SMITH, Ifll Kast lOSth it., biseinent.
H OUEEWORRWanted. In small family on flut.
young glil for general housework; low wages; ret
erences Call at 2 bast ll&tb st
H" "ol'SKWllRK. Smart young girl for general lionse
sorV: family of three; good references required.
W ILMAMS. 3111 est 01st st.
HOtfsKWdllff. lltrl wanted forgenerat housework:
oxnorlencrd or lately landed; good home. Call at
110 West ss:h st. jj
HOl'REWORK. Wanted, a Germsn girl for hon.e
work In a smalt private family. Apply a: 41S
ta 2
nut sr.WORK strorg. acthe joung woman: plain
corking, washing, ani Ironing, wages Sir,. 78
. est 4iltu si.
HOUSEWORK Wanted, girl for general housework
In small family; to sleep home. 11.17 hut t 62d st,
one night,
HOUSEWORK Competent girl for general houe
work: good laundress. 1.13 Westmith st . nth lloor.
HOUSEWORK Warned, a young girl for general
houteeork. rsNstst.
HillSRWOEK A neat girl for general light house.
work 3lra lacll. llal liasl 7r,tst
H" ' ot'SEWoni;. f.ood girl for general housework.
Call 317 West f,2d st : Janitor, school.
HOUSEWORK t.irl rnr general housework; 3 In
fain ly. 213 East 63d st.
NPRSE for growing children: Herman preferridl
wage! tie. Calk .Idays, M East 13th st, 3d floor.
NURSE GIRL to mnkt hrr.el! generally useful; pri
vate fainllv 32H Last 72d su
. . .
WET NUKsE Woman wante.1 to wet nurse a I ally
during the dav. 41 hast 7.1th st . gronnd t.oor.
W ANThP oerman or Swedish girl fir general
housework Ina final! nr rate American family.
Apply, between li and 12, at J17 West 65;h st
S7ANTFP Relli'.le person ns child's nu-- and to
ft assist with chainl.er work; good relerences re
quired. Call lu West ind at.
Ur ANTED Colored woman to cook. wn.h. nnd Iron:
must be neat and bale good refireni.es. App y
1J7 west l4tli st.
W' ANTED rellible woman to wait nn nn invalid
lady, must come ue'l recommended Apply at
421 East (list st.
WANTED Colore 1 roiing wnmtn for housework.
f f Appl) at once. 227 West 4Mh si,
li -, -
Wnntrrt jilnlcis JMrrhnnirs. &t.
ANY ONE de.lrlng to become n tekgrnph operator
may hrsr or an rpportuull) by ad.ire.sinp
EXl'hUT TELElir. llllElt. box 11, a JO W est 21st st.
ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS A first class cutterTrnl.lei
on'y such apply o
siifis t tir.n.nnuN'. r,si nroadwny.
AIII.ACItSViTII'8 IIFM'EII wauled on ttavin and
trui x work cor. Njiy anJ Julnoon st, lini.ikmi.
A. FRAN KEV. .138 Now ark av. Jerse) C.ty.
ri1 1.exIn7ton af.
AHA t - AND C.!LI..I.tt priss tceitera wuuled. Ap
ply J. J I.ITTLI. A HI. lOAstor place.
BRASS HMMIER Wn el joung manhaiim; had
experierre en Fox lurri t 1 "ihe
IltONi'LAIi Mill. CO. :i.".i r lulling sv. nrooltt)n
AKI'.IAIirT PAINTER jonng lllnn In torn ari
wink. JOHN colli-N', rnnipkinivllle. s'a'en Islutid,
C" lAlllUAliE PAIMlhl to i nl.h g.irs mil hn'igup
work. I, h. TILRNhl. lar llockaiwt). U l
f'lAI.KUIli; PAtNTM'.e iMniHVMriSuinlnlnl
J ALl'KLIJ .1. W AUtl.lt'.-, 142 I n.l 4lsts:.
C" 'OAT f ILURS Cusloni rol bast, ra ntn'iJ
MCOMiih-lniliir. in Ihotory.
ENi.i.AlFRs Wahied" trttli.s bnr t tut in
iraiurs on white inetnl i rpaunliit gool pit:
eir.o'y vo-k t'leten montlt- lu a wir A'llv to .lil A
H.LtoElll'O. fni.t o Mtrk'tsl, dipot, Nitwirll, N. J
p II Ml 1.1 TR. Ill 1Y noo at.
L'EI.Phl.Son rulin rmachlnet Appij t,
r Itlhsi v, ,t.' i:,.k mini ?t, up sis Irs.
PAI'l.l. hoi s, linn mi gl '-."iTiiv., icu.t.iuiwl to
Iiirgi. work. MlNMCIC M INL'I ICIl'RI.NO I OM
PANY, IHh s hi h .llh l-v. j
PANTS PRPBaMBK -oil cosVl nsO r wonted.
NlfOl.l.lIuT.iPor. 14.1 llovrry.
STlllh M lit!.)'.-,. laitlel"eind rapertrs mid frarers;
steartf work an 1 finn 1 ttMr-'. win be Itfii lo tlret
dais hnrds Apply IthoT Fi'.NM.i: rMI'.II CO, 140
biiUlTaii st,
SI RAW 1IAT l'Rf hM.II r '7T7. m "d tinsser mi
liinn'o ha",, Ini d erork. r.lti II M. MI.M.ItMA.'l
lOMl'AM. 12 1'..i.t ist'ist.
S'lX TIN'ROOFER". T. V,"pO'tshTT. 1,115 Chiton,
beilitlinii iJiiiiia, ihiiiok-'n
T 111(1. h I'AINTi USwanleT on wniiiirwnrl., one for
sinptng and nn. sling hi
A. It IIHIN llltl It jt t Cl i 411 nrgf n st, ll-ltl)n.
rpp ijuiiiMiiiPjiTtT'AiNri ith i.nuii
1 Jas. IIARIII-. 1 lueword ..!.
WANTED A I'rM c.i.s uvir.-tlnitt h) i r.uin.lf4Cil r
me, s atiiMlournt .iti at-il riiy 'i.lhs li ii '.i-tr
ork, i ne w llh sou.l kno.t itd.'e o' il rawing pn ttrrt.I,
giM.uopportiiulty AddrtosK. box M, sun " tit e,
l? ANTEP-A llrst lints jiib'ill I liltteks tilth "" Irt.t C.
VT tart, ana warm work-, nt aso I tufhinj "-.
WAXTKU- rttOKo7ri7r7hTg-i-lllllerii ,
A M N, 2U4 Last "4lll st.
WlNIEIi I'atriaie paln'r auT hlsck.inllh s
helreraatlSnud'JO llenr) t.. Uronll'ji.
WANTID-Agoodblacksnilihanl hcljer, :.bO!(t
Wanted 'SUaljjs JUI-.rcUar.cous.
tlENTS wanted tns-ll the 1 .sex IIiiIImii t n'a Pail
Irck biktlons; li.i,.n,. itoimitl), rtiintabo at
inta.iiii: box by map, lOirnis. .1", llr ii'lttaj, mar
Puaiie st,
ACLNTS $1 to 17 dally: experience unmet saury;
rxclijln terrilurt.
PUTNAM i. Ci) , fvrfumcrs. We.l W lusiedConin.
AGENTS.-', diiiy; , nicdleiUnadliig thimble;
grcatett noteliyon esrtu 7 Warren si , room 31.
A .WANTED, a'f snirn c nl'hi'r on Ihe grocers, shoe
stores, and rttallrrs genera It, l curry our ic
I iiras aide lint, light aainidns, iiulrk, , to 10dTly
for hoir s ttork: relert.iite.ri nilrnl
JTHh BLAi'lCIII'i;.'! en. iiji! li. 'irl..rn st., Chicago. Ill
A CTIIE AdKNTS tiaiilsd lo sell inlhurban lots on in
IX a'ahraentpliiii, liocinl loiniiipslnns
TlliiitN's, 01 Broadway.
AHRIllllT tni'.NII IUIMIMAN tt ant, d, about RO, can
luia, n teoil inn iimi..' t xiiion, Apily per
small J. 20",l ast 12 Id st, turner III lit.
A MAN t. aiiiod. ulmut aoTeirs o d vth'i understands
rniht'iltig lu iheiitt oi , i tthocan learn ijulckly,
Apply ersunally nt 201 East li.ih si,
B WANTED, salosmrn on salary or lommlsslon to
tiamlle the new I'utent CiieLilral Ink Krr.clng Pen.
en, thcgrruicsta.i iiignnieiir ftr ir'iduced: erases
Ink ihon, uglily In tan secouls, no abrasion of papttri
2isi to r,tx)per cent, rout; mieugiiit s sales anioiiutcd
to$il.sju slxdajs, itiinther .I2 hi two I ours: we want
one general agent fur aih biuio and Ttrntory, lur
terms and lull parin ulars ad.li,
Tllh Mu.Mlui. hllAM'.R Ml'il. en.
Ia t ro.e, Wl. X 8,
OOKKEhpTRS. OinTTolTcflors. ttr,, irocery. dry
foods, entry, sink, and shipping clerks. $12,
waiilnnen. Sir,; purlers, ti2. .inoieiuen, fl2, tii
gluerrt, SIS, ilrcnta, S12, took" I2: vallrrs.lt:
luarrlod couples, farm l.nn Is. tisrlul mm Jamtois, mil
oibersqiilrklr place I ll.stnbll.heilaud re labh, i in
tices ill Court st, Hrookhn, Nsii lork Amnf, "M
Broady a) , corner Hih st,
"jbl.Ntiltl.hllll MAriTtTiTpMAN liliout 28. wanted, with
JJ soma general business nidlilt I" enter ur line;
right arty it ill he full v m.lru'ted, tilth a ilea- tn ink.
In.' charge of others, ,.iluri pu'd, A ply pcrsounll) at
201 Last PI li st.
yntcfl38ta!t5 -minf tltottttntf.
1 H I'
ASir.nif'AN llIH'liinOT MESHP.NOKTt
Oilce, It in our list of Adrertltlng Agencleiyon
' do not nnd one convenient.
fjxMI'LOYWENT OF ALL KINDS procured fortnen and
J hep furnished free to euiploters..
MLTMll'OI ITAN AllfcNCY. 710 Pmailwar.
tjxAl'.M IianTis. tiiarhiusti, g irdnie'. single gardener,
married gardener, man and w fe, groom, fattn
toreinau. and meu Ixtcly Ian led wsnte'l nt
CARI'l.NTIilts. 108 fltliav.
n"uNENT, sonhR Mh. "jiot arrald lo work hard,
wan'el: must li able to drlle. keep simple ac
i, Mints, p-otnre unrtiifrtilonili e teferrtices, state
length and nntnreof previous emp'otment
M . box 12.1. Sun up town oilicc, 1,2'H i:ra
I.NDUSTRPll'S M.V WANTMIof good a Idress. will
lug lo work! steady employment; salary to coin
luence Apply, belo a 10 A, XI , ul sloro. 1,232 Broad
wnj, Hrookl)n
MAN, nhniiino out or employment, ran find steady
po. p Ion, small .alary to start withi gool chance
toadtnnce. 104 Olaha n at., Brooklyn
siTEN wanted o i ctttle sTeim.r toln ioiiand 1,'Tef.
IrA tool to nork tor free psstaLe U4 ilreenwicli st,
PERMANENT SALARIED I'OsIlloV for n married
man about 28. ttltlt soma knowledge of retail
trade, whu Is an ncthe worker. Apply personally at
20 1 Lail flth st.
SU.KSMAN WANThl) of good addre.s. must be lira
and artlte tn if'.l Hie ATHK l.KTTKlt
ril.C. I I II at 8 I Renter m.
CTRONii BOY wanted llaltassau st Sd I'oor.
WAITERS. cook. anil oilier hotel etnnlnjerx are
f? engaged tor summer season free of charge to
eiiiihoerHiidemployet, nt HAUI.'I VNN'P. r.3 Lexing
ton at
tT ANTED ilang bosses, steam drillers, la'inren; on
TT A rl I 12. at kiapperthat Ouarrlea, heading, I's , a
steam drllleis 1 hose to talorers, on Ma) 1 nt Hope.
well Quarries, N. .1 , r, stt'iiti flrlllcra. 2 gang liosies, llsD
laborers: pick and shotel, quarries wi, I immjo on aboio
dates Appl) ut tt,.r''s or lo JOSLt'H II, KDliE, con
tractor, lick box 1S2, R, idlnr. Pa.
WANTI p a strong boy lo tlrlto horse and work
TT around shop, QUI.N.N', 1Mb st. nnd II in av.
fSitMaticitJ Wanted .female.
5c. Per Line.
i wiiiiiiH to tut, i.i.vr,
AIAPV who hu eight i ears experience, and nn
di rsui nih all p.ir's, t tho ml lhu ry lu.tni-s, wou'd
Ibi, a p '"tli'i"! a. salthtttiui in in a llrsoelnss house.
Aditris A., but 12.1. sun uii-tot. n ollt u, 1,2113 Broad
wnt. "' I1ISP. UTlfilliTaTiii-iitxt-oi'toroon glrlwishei a
1. Ixi e tiHihaiiihTit aid nnd waitress or parlor maid,
c r to tratel ttitt ii lad, . goo i r'renrcs Address, or
callali) time this ttrek, XI II.. 120 Mac Inligal st,
C0NHIt.TilATlON Mxyt jeat eTiur cashier and
I otikre.ter unemployed: weean fi III retomicend
her to sn) o it needing her services. Address P. o. box
2 ato, lw 1 ork.
A C0LORl.il WOMAN wfs'ies situation as cook or
luundre-: cltt or country.
Mr TtChE't. lill West 24th st, 2d flat.
A I AI'AIU.E YOU.NO WOMAN wants a"sTtuatlon as
coo',, wasbtr, and Ironer, best references. Call at
23 Hilar.
ALsDV In need wtmid like a nn.it'on of trust. A .box
132. eun up.tottn oll'.ce. 1 2'H Proud ttay.
Colli. AND TAiu7LTuiirtn North nfirelanl Pro:
estants together or aeparate, as economical, clean
cook and washer; neat chambermaid und waitress.
No 34il ttth av.. lira: lloor.
C" XOOK a"N!) LAUNDRESS First class cook and hum-
dres., can bo seen nt present employer s, 141 West
73d . '
C'OMI'I.Tl.NT YOCM1 WOMAN as first cla.a cook: as
' sl.t w it.i ttnthing, good references, city or couli
try. 1 r.O West 20th st.jear lione.
CIIAMRHtMAID. A capable toung girl wants a sit
nation as rhambortnaid and waitress; best refer
ences. Call 2.14 3 lar.
DISHWASHER or gmeral work In restaurant by
strong o'nig woman
Ct'NNl.NI.IIAM, Il narrow st . near 4tll
DursMAkl.R ttnnti llrsoc u.s ti.iistiin I s'.lrt
bandi. liens, 1P0 1 -ist iMhit.
DEE-RMAKER wants work hv the i'ay or it I ome.
M MKItRY. Jlil Lust 27tli St.
"LII.sTCLA- Cdl.OR.ai I OOK wishealtunllnnfii
' rliatelii-uily: relerence 14'" West 2ii'h it.
IltiitT.i'I.AHd iiiiiiier and o.dcr cook fcr Ubiaurant.
471 7'lisi . sure.
GTRMaN IIII1L ttan's a sltiia'lnn as chambermaid
at d waltrts. w tiling and strong.
M.st IIAl r.HI.HATII. 1,877 2d ar.
GERMAN cook wi.I e. sltl alloti, no wishing. Amer
ican P' ople pr lerrcd Call two da) s, 10H hast 80th
st ; ring Janitor s bell.
Gl-TS AND PxVH.v Washino. 7Re per doicn;
open-nlrdrjlii Mrs. .Hi I IS -OS, 12s West soth s'-
t I "' shitEEI'I.l: T xjierlence.l I'onslanTady (11)"
1 I best referc nres lf..lrc pnsftinn tn hotel, club
hu i.e or prltute fan lit . fluent In French, EnglUh. and
Cernian ,M. llf.AI'VONT, f, ,n Amsterdam ur.
not shWORK '.out, tie in Herman I'rotostant: ttto
curs' referenc; coos and la nulress or general
h t.settork; illy or coutitr). Ill) E ist 12th it, near
Hol'SLU ORi: Ry young :-,nodit.h glrTTsp'akingEng.
Ilsh; goo I roo", trusher and ironer. willing nnd
obliging, clly or co'.ntr), nrerencc. Call 272 Mil av.
LT!' V Illl CONNTLI.V. Ixle.tstyrei waists, wrxns.
Irtuch cutis b, 1 skirt., Rus.iall gotrnr. pcrfec
tu, i In llltln.' and dtsljnl'u'. tt itbes a tew more rus
tiimi.TS.lt lioiui. Miss 1. lllhY, 131 W est 22d St.
JAPV d,s res I ni or p" iln washing at her home:
J vent', nnd )oing liuifs' washing preferred. Ad-
l.re . 4 11 Wist .Will ft'
NCKsE An experienced ) oung woman wants a alt
iixtloii t n r . Ursl-ctn'.s s iiustrtss; best refer-
I frs Call 214 3 I. if
XT AT PI'OTIsrANT l,l::l . gool.ool- wn.'ier. Iron
is ,r or flu housework; cit) or coiinlr) : teiimicei.
No s'.o lull ut
RF.M LCTM'I.I'. co ored wonilM to cook wash and
Iron, pritalii fill in inferred I I.ME COLES,
i li- lilghl, lutii. rk'Ilt l1e. MSI iistpStti tt.
TxtM) MiCM, olHI.s wihh'stlii'ttlrn. ono xs cook and
lvi n Ir k. tt t. ni'i-r as cbrnibi nnald anil waitress;
iltj inountry. ."Ot Hist l.'llili st , top f.oiii
117 ANTMi ro-ltlon hi n pn ot reader, csuedltcopr
. or do oilier editorial ttorl: buiir exp-rlemt. Atl
rirox I.lilTDlk ir,2iha.
lyni'Nii wtlmw wishes sltiiaiTon as 1 ousikeeperTn
L whlott cr's fuuult, fir lo Hike cire of bachelor'!
r nrtliieiit. Mrs MOlllli:. J7r, West .lilth st.
"VTIIl' tl LMIY ttitiils ptsitiiti, cash r, ndilresslnirl
A or olllct' pieferrei. be.t re'erenres gltin Addrcsi
I.. I., 12.'. Hojt it . BionVI)n
YOt'VO lilRL wishes a sl'.i'xlioii to do cbainberwork
au 1 t ii'l-ig In a pnteie I mill) ; god refirence.
l i 1 at 317 UVtt 1 Till st , trp i nor
YoI'MI lillll. lati 1) Ian e", ss chambermaid and
traltresx, 21H J ,iti nil, st . cnund ihxir, batk.
ititntioii'; 'Ht'a'.tteii -jUales.
5c. Per Line.
avoi:is Tajriii: li.nr
AIIT.I.I M.I.:: IH-i: MS umi'j pisllimi; long
pri.ll el cxp. rllliee: bookki erillg. to.icitinir,
t)jewrl In- fil.to tt rk and rtn-lttl hu.in..-. txto'
! 1. 1 r lei tin is I e7l!'0l.', 2s .Imn it ,11 kl) n.
A MIN ulinsptakx Elli'.is'l mid I7enilall would llks
j In tt j, k i n Isi .0 A'lr.'.i
M i II. IKiilor illo. Jefferson county, Pn.
1-.10'tKE.PI V D nib'. i-lilrt rood accoiinlnut. w Ith
J excelli li' tilt triolein e? tit. IMS pn.lt. oil. nioaer
itlegiil r) Allriss LltOttKl 1 I'Eil. cm e It. J. loiter.
7.',ii U.oj.dtcay
1U!irNrKrt with Al references ind expi-rl-n-e, de
- sir' s , mpl itini'iit, niolrrati .ii'air i'i!i..s
IIAI.j: PI II. I mi, Il J li t it, ,.'.il I'liHttliiny,
BIIIT Mil l: Irishman, ill at present ,mjn)ed,
,'t.irn in ih i k, live tens exp. ricnci., rjfer-
lines. Iddrr.sJOIlN .'let IIRMIUlt 27 est 21.1 it.
Cni.riCTor: of ,x,urienro 'tub tint hit. refr
1'i.ti oiiil seii.rlit lliort.ugh knottletse of illr.
dt.ire p'.tHl n I'li.n m
ii J l.l.i 7oltinri" I) .' Cotter. M ilroxdway.
Cke.UIl-.lt Tor hrteiiir uit rrnullU Irui. nuh A 1 refer
nie. oil s.iiTlt), uxp'Tli ncul, dt'Hl-u m-p.il).
tut lit; inn Irrii'i' ,ator Adilie...
CAsllIKi', i ireot Ji. .1 Cnitir, 7111 llrntdw ly,
CAP.) I'.T MM I'AI It'llEI'.s-Mxiiaxer, .11, IHrtoTs
lu -iigaiul iMrpri fniiury, w.j'i oi rtnrroif
tiiillnr.il, re Milre.x
ill It l.l.l, care of Cotiii.T'iI Ilrnilttai,
t-"(IAl'ltMAN, Hell ib'o ni'tll 01 , p rii'lice wTtii
Pis' tit,, s illy rt ritrcm ., Mi..re. einpln)i nui,
strlcti) leMiierati. Addns,i u i IiMan, , urn of It. J
Cnttei, T'n'iltlotdwa)
CA LOTH INl. sll l.sM tN b.'n )niitl in I l".ennt'r
J ffll t 'l I'll tl n b Ullli H, ,' Client ii It-, id, t,i.
lln s i l.llllll.Nll S.VI. !'... I IN ci ''i Iit, ;,"il ,'tci).
CAIill.ll ratv.ueit ruiltir, strlctit ilr-t i ,nssa".
arojnd limn rill J llitingion si,
Ciml., s.nuly Urst-i ls -i n I bri i-bes ul h .i Z.
tion i.i.ii ii mi ::i2i i. 7111I1V1.
Cninhni MAN a. uriT or iliin- forJo.hr. b-Tt
r-i't-nil.'e. I, .IAI.I. 34.1 We,t Kit, ,(.
DRY l.llllll Cl.l'Iir Ai'tlti )i Ullg llinn 1 r Xt-erf.
ome. 1 iih lirs -i I i.k iifer. nits leimn M nt',,,,
Ainlri i Illll illlllp.sui.Elllv cum o U J, Cutler '...tl
Bi ot.l nay,
Dltivrit H'-n tlteiuan fur delltery tt ag 11 goot
riftreni'ti or give bflils; mo lerale w ig... sd.
dressl'iliM.R. -are or li. J f! titer. 7.1H linudmi),
DP" : p. rolnr. tarerul, 1I1.I1I ) eiirsNetv7irir
wanlssitu itlun. '
ELLIOTT, r.H4 7Ui at.. Brooklyn.
J'jsXI'l'Eli.M'l.li In all tir.oielin, meal and "na.trr
(oik tin crnniiiiiit'al uu I icliutile manager first,
iiuss illy rifireiue. r
WII.IIAM KlIEIII.KR. 201 Wen S3d st.
J.iNTRY Cl.rltlt, riipil rminan. oulok at figures with
-A estell' lit i It) red relicts, i.e.tres steadt nosltinn
Addriis h.N f KY 1 I.l.lllt. cure of D J Cotter. 7UI iiraad
ExiilNFll: Urst class mini, w.lh license end excel,
lent lefen lis ilc.llls nos'tlon; mnleratu salirr
Addrtss li.Miln.lt.ian of i. 1 (Vitr, 7r.ilHroail'ta).,
J' .IN111.NEH! Practical 1 luliliiiiit, I'o'.npeient in iTi
Jhruiit'hea i'ii'luccrl.lg ail repui-it g, 10 waiaat
ptrg.biio MUNI L.2lf. EflStiltlst
I.iMll.NLI.lt, iiratllcal lout insist, tiiiii true liioil
J bralit lies OI eugllletrillgatlil rrpurlt g 10 years lu
a larva place. hN'dlNEHIi.Jilr, I', i.tj'lil st.
1.1m Ixfo II di-. Ires pinii.m, ont olios license: eie?
J trio hghls, ico mat blues rleintnrs. lillress
liujii r.ii.l "day
ENillNEKhTntid iiTai'hlnii' liirman, wishes a steudr
situation; bestroferi'iii'. '
Cillt IIIITHK'SS, 40& East 4Hlh st,
1.1.N0I.NEER itnntssllnslli'ii. steady man; goodreferT
u ence. Addns. 1 1.1 West 101st si , care of janitor,
i ,1111-1 CLA.ti.al. ruiiud rt'.tiurnin 111,111 head cnokT
tarier. uu ler. lands 1 uMini raw metis, soup., pud.
U.ngs, and pasti), thor tikhlt r liable and sober,
.IL.titl N, 170 ait lisithst.
f'lRfll hllYf'I.IHK. A )uuug man. acme andrxperl.
A enced. xvlth giml ri ferrima 1.1 she. puslllun. mofl.
erutn tm.vs. Address i.ltCULEY LJ.I.lii,, lartutli, J,
Cuil.r, "Oil lifu.i li.nj, J
JFttealltrttii WantciAltAJtlett.
6c. Per Line.
ORIce, If In our list of Ailrettlslng Igencleiyou
do not lliitt ono cuinenlint.
iTxTipUATED Civil. I.Nl, INKER would tiki poiltmni
tj- ilx yeara' experience, ft Id and orr.ee; references.
A . sun up town oilice, liikl Proadnqy.
nitSMlllol It ounirmnn waulsotn ilnormani
city or country. Adlr'SsC. BMIn's.Oj; Bait 82d
it. between Istand2dari. New nrk
OIIsFMIOMT A stealv oiiiig man wants situa
tion as nunrman, or oan fit and drive. Addren
c. M 112 North Ulh su, Brooklyn.
FANlTORot"pofter, colored man, marrlid. with At
rererenees, deslrci emitojmsiitl moderate wages
A'ldrr.si:uLonhD.IA.N'ITiiR. tan of D.J. CutUr.75H
broad way.
JANITOR A raiuili without rlilldren wonld llki
charge of leveral nrst ilass rats up town. Ar"dreii
A. II , box IMS, Bun utnoi.
JAMTOli." wHIi-iTr'ir"lsTi city rcferencei, deslrei
place In nitlra building or Nat. Address JANITOR,
laro 11 J, Cotter. 7.111 nroadway
MARRIED COUPLE ror gentleman 1 placi; man for
horse, cows garden; wife ai cook, laundre.si
giinlrcferencea Addresa MARRIED CUL'l'LE, can of
11 I Cotter, 7rtl Enndtiav.
Pamir WtAPEIt Tjohber, Lngllsli ilermanl-CIean.
rapid reader in langiafcs, can work at the case or
jobs, wants situation
' ' HI ItMAN POSE. Sir. Fast 77th it.
PdRTI.II lly an old and able, courteous and trait
worthy colore 1 man, a situation as porter or a mi ar
in'aclt). six yean referent e from last employer:
o'h-r hrt'-flass reference. .1 11 i:ico. 427 W. .ism st,
PIRtl'.lt AND I'AChl'lt -Young man with Al refer
ences, quick and wllliugl tleslr's jp.i.ltlon with
chnnce of adtanceraent. Address P0RT1.R. cara of
loiter, 7M Hroadwa).
PIILSsMa.N, r Under (assslstant) t.ordnna, paper,
cutter; citr or country. D. R box lis, Sua up
tosn otllce, l,2rtft Broadway.
STiTclTcLERK stead), reliable man. excellent ref
erences, desires employment, moderate salary. Ad
dress STOCK Cl.hllli. care II J. t.'iilter. Tr,H Broadway.
ST(M'KllfTlP.stuxtinn as ns.lstatit itock Biter.
Addre.s L. lil.STKIt. ,120 Easl 14th st.
S" ITl'AIION watpeif hy a i-oung man of 22. who Is
strong AU.l willing tn doanyklndot work) rcfe
ence.. Ac
W INFIELD C. OITTI.EMAKS. 82 Jefferson it . N. Y.
WATCHMAN". Reliable man. with tirst-clisi refer
ences and ah!. to git e bonds, desires employment,
Addlesi WATCHMAN, care of D .1. 1 otter. 7f.ll II' way,
lfAlTEH wiihei iltuatlon: daFor night work" Ad
Tl dress l(UIM.A, .HI7West r,2l st.
WANTED By dentist of twenty rears' experience, a
post'lon as nll'Srouud man In New York or hrook
lin, best of rrrerenres Address Dr. W. E HUBBARD,
B-.l Main st , Hartford. Conn
and gilrler rn Job and iron work, wishes situation as
lortmun 1 r llnlsher la any city In America. Addresi
P II. 11. box 113, sun up.fown nrllce, 1,205 Broadway.
YOtlNll, practical, and experienced cutter, from
Canada, desires position In or out of city; satliraa.
tion guaranteed. Audresi
W. II. INOHS. 119 Exit 120th it,
YOl'Mi MAN 2S years, want! work ns drlterot de
livery wagon; can furnish best of reference also
bonds. If teiulred. Address CHARLES EICULNFIELD.
3SI I ast 4th st.
1T0U.NO MAN" wlshei position ai assistant cuttir for
X custom tailor; inks measures and draught.
IlhCKMAN. 2.11 Held at.. Brooklyn
YOU.M) MAN or 11 would like to hare a position in
wholesale homo, can rurnlih best of references.
s. SIMON. 2H1 tail 71 itst . tity,
yol'.Vl MAN 21, wishes asiiuulon at any thing;
drltlng preferred: b-st reference. Box a, 122, Sun
iiirtottti olllte, 1,2111 Broxdita)'.
YotJNUMAN married, gootl penman and correct at
Sgurcs. wants employment. Address POST, box
letl, bun onite
All trains arrira at and depart from
Tratnts Ieave n fblloxx-sii
9,nt .1. M. Except Mindny For Albany. UtlcA.
UU syrxetise. Auburn, Centers, ranandalgua,
R01 hester. into JltiQ-xlt. r, 10 I'. M. Fastest
train lu the world Actual running time.
Civilities pirhourall (lay. Noexlrafara.
9, 1f A. M, Dilly lor l'oughkeepsle. Albany.
. 11 baratogx, Ilocbester, I ttca, Syracuse, Mon
treal. Batavla, HutTalo
1 O'flO A :l'.1"l,l. Due Chicago 0:45 A.M. next
In.Vn A. M. Except Rundays. Ratnrdar- trail
Xv'siJXJ dot 1 not run west of Olct eland and fletrolt.
1.QM 1. V.-Dally. Pne rinriiinntllliinA. K,
,OU Indianapolis 11 -.V, A. M. nt. Lotill 7:16
next I'. .'I. N'o extra fare.
Is'-Mi '" It. Dl'y. '" Chicago 3 00 P.M.naxt
OA day. No extra fare.
3'lf '" M. Except Nunday. Due Albany 7 26.
OU Troj 7 35. Saratoga .10 r. M.
4.9I P. H.-n-llly. Due Detroit 8 55 A. M. Chi
,OU c ig.i4v.ii r. M.
6.nfi I M. nnlly. Duo Buiralo il.ll Niagara
UV.' tells 7'I2 1'itteland 10 O A M Detroit
1 111, l'hica(,ii IHJI'.M , M. Louis 7:45 A.M.
R'0 1. M.-Ilally. Due Montreal 7.55 A. K.
7.il ! M Dlilj. I)lollll0alo7 30A. M., Ml
iOJ agiral'a un A M
. xl t XI Drtltt. Due I'liicinnsti 7 in I' M
C !U17 In bin ipolu 10-40 1'. M et Liuli7.30A.M.
9 .nil 1. M. Hal'y. Sloping car pasiengen
.Ur for Uoc.ies'.er onl) , irrle.1 ou this train.
run .vni .mi;ht eximci.h.
9, I S I'. M.-Da ly lor Bllltalo (ldenshurg
. I tJ Iie'n It. und I hicagii: alsu tor Otpe 1 luceut
d li'y, exc.pt Sx'unUr
FISI1KIM. tNF'llll'Ililll). POu'llllKEEl'sIE. RIIINF-
riitr iMM.hT iN) t'xT.sitii.i, rniov 'ai.
Itll.l.l. AND llt'I'MIN-t; 1). til .HI A. M: 13H0.
,",ll, 0 2.1", M il- for I oug'il .-ept'e. 0 IK A M;
I 1), 2 1.-,. "I ',1 il On. 7.0. (n H r. I'. M Mud
s. n tin .10 A .'i, fur uarrl'iu stWtsi I'lilni). 7:iO
li2".. Ml u a xi.t2its.tl '. 3 4.',, 11, w lor uarrb
sin's '4 V, 11 J, I'. M.
Al.lnNi and riiiii 7.no fi nn.ii'in, ioi'W, m in.
tl 1 .in a M 1 hi n ,'u. .; 4", 1 "II II no 7 jo, h no
i Sfi, II I .".' I" "I., also lor Tr"), 11 .'". I' M
FARAIUl.t. ".UU tl. 10, til .1' A M, t.l CO, B 25,
tTIUA1 ..Mi' SXI'.lC'lTE-tT V fit 00 (1 10 1000,
tin in, tn ly a. M; 1 ji, 4 :o, ii no, 7 ro. on, u 15,
til MM' XI.
Illll'lll.-rhltANPItl'iFAIO-fl l 11, in, 10 no, 110 '10
A l . I .SI 4 .Ul. ei 0) 7 10 II 00, li 15. tll.MI I', il,,
iil.ofiir jiiclie.irr, I' noi' M
M III IBA I Ulh .HSi n 111, 111 IS), tlOOOA. Mi
4 3 1 11 mi ; ;m i". 1 , ! M
li III I M.i, 2", I' "I
C.M'l.llNl r.Ni AIUI.MTilN--il I",, rtll SB 1'. M.I
nisi, rurt .liiiiui.r 11 ir.l' M.'ll'Mir M.
OsWHill in l' ,H 1UIA M " !' I' I.N, 1111 511 P.M.
At'lll UN 1,1 Nl 'x. mil " INlNHMllUA-tll 00. II 10.
i)il till ,11 tl. Jil.im '." I", 1 1 1 ".ll 1'. M.
I'M'orir.i.it. li"no, NttnTit iiiamh,
A.M. 'IMI. s!i:itu-sll!li: IlII.iK,
-, 1 v niiu.i:,! in t iniitN,
Two trains tt it 1 turo.ih Pra t lug Room r ars to ruts
find-IP 11 'I ' 1" I'lHiieid 1 .'si .North Adams
2 'in f M i;'',n,'i iliiu I'ltlbleidn 10, Nurlh.ldaun
11 in r M
lo ink, 1111,111 a 'In slc'p nnrisarpl) at (Irand
i' nirale uih or .'t ''II 4l't '.n'.. IKJ llroadwa). 12
I'ltrkll.ti ..i 1 ol t'lll us .it., M llest I2MII St., ami
Willi st nii-in N "!. 1.31 11 i.lilnwton st, 720
lulliiil.l snl .1, t !l.'lfnr.l.it I. li lln., 1) 11
It is 1 It's 1 x tren. call, fi r, n 1 i hi.es bucsagefrom
hrti'l. ui.dr ie 1 s1 , mil f'iil,siiiiai'n,
tliiil, tx i'i'i no'ii) liall) cxi'trpi Fxturdxy,
Ulltrrtrn iiipniuill) , ,
Aiiot, run. exi'it t'u se lnt lug tl li 1 o, flilO A. V .
.1 11 ,'l.ti 1 "' I 15.4 ' 5"., and 1 1 -Mi I'. JI. slop
at lutili st .Ifilli n
,rn nil Mannrer i,t in rl Pass, Agent,
"Tbalto. & OHIO r. a
mw-wMh ''"" I'-aw: Lp'iu a ,?
Kslllclf wasbii.wmi.V
NJJ.VL'" 'l?ffir CT I III ML
tWsWiia """""
tB And All I'dlnt Went.
VU1 1 '! I ' "'' ."iri7fi:.V Al.l. III. If Mi.
I.t . N.tr Vork ffottif I Iherty .t. asfol'oai:
Fori IIH li.ll. I'irrKil III. II. I vl p M,12:I0A.,
l.rtM'iNMTl ft mil Hi M.r.p 11,
v r IMIINl.TtlN. lULIIUdUE ill A. Jt (U:fO
AM 'iiiingiari lilu.i .' I' l. Urn ng lar), 0,00 P,
M.I. IC JI. Alllr.iliisrun.lillv
H r N.irl i.s, rla Hi) I me I HI' M weekdan
1,A ies 17.1.111,415 ami 1,140 Broadway.
Sri, ),i k nnllM Br udtta), LnoslJ'l. hTATlON FOOT
Of l.lliUlfl hT. 11 enlrulll II ul n J )
i tt Vors fransf. r roincati) x ill tall for and check
bagJge ir.iui houlor reildeiite to cist. nation,
Folll 1'iilluian vestlbuled train leaves Rrooklrn (U I.
R 11 siationi 11:05. I.. I. City. 11 lln etsry nlghl, sr-
riiesln Boston K 20 A. JI t'orresporidtng train reiurn-
! ink" Tickets ami neepliitf car bitlLsalL.!, R.K. sfflcc.
Offlci. it in our list ot Adrettlilng Aginn'sloa m
do not nnd one conrenlent. 1
3R. A TT -.
Block Signals and Jnterlecking Switches.
Desbrosses mid CortUndt Strrels.
On and after FI ItltVAHX Olh, 1802.
0 lOO A. M.-Pullmin Vutliml I etleininr and rarlot
V5?' rnrsiClei eland & jft A.M. I'oiuinbui in
A M. Indianapolis 11 40 A. Jt . Ch caro 6 2& r7 si
and M lmlx V 00 t M. next day. AnMctVaiiA
lor Toledo, except Saturday.
Si! A' i-x.'onijioiiil ixcluiltily of I'nllmin To,
tlbule lirattlnr and Mate Room. Heaiiln Dinlni
Rmokinrf. and uhsertatlon Cars, presenttna- ItnaneiiU
reports, sienoeraphers and typetrrsiers. bithrooniii
lor both lexes, ladies' inal.t. barber snop, llhrar). and
all the romeiilinces of home or omte, Llithied br
stationiry nnd inntablo elctric tlftiits. Arrirs Gin
clnnatl if 40 A M, Inillaiiapi.lls7 r,". A M.tluicairj
I' 46 A. M, and St. Louli015r M, next day.
tlo I. M.-I'ulluian Vestibule sleeplnir I'ars from
Nework. and Iiinln Cars from Netr Vork to st.
lsiuu and I'lnclnnali. I'aasincer conch New iork to
I'olumbiii Arrirei Cincinnati 10 45 A, M. sn.l.Ht.
ouil7't!0P.M next day
iOO I. M. I'ultman Vesllhnle. Slesnlnf, Dlntni.
bmokiinr, and rannsyltinia Railroad Vritibule fa..
scnKer 1 oaches Irom Netr Jork to Chlcotro. Arrlrea
lllChlcaioailol'. M. next day.
130 P. M.-1'ullman Vestlhuli Sleeplnrr Car Ni
)prk o rittihmrifii, Ht. Lnuli, i'hlcao Cincinnati,
ilivcland and Memphis. Iilnlng fars Nitr Vord to
I'hlludelphla. and rlttshurxh to Richmond and Chi
S"S? Ar.r,T,,,u 'l"nl It '40 A. M. roimnbui
1 .1r, p. M . finclnnati r, .10 P. M . Chlcaito W'to I'. M.
next day, and ht. Louis 7 01 A. M , s-cond mirnlni.
Connect! for Toledo dally except Saturday,
too P. .I.-Pullmap KnlTet B.eepinc Car New York
Jo I hlcaio, New lurk lo .Meinphis rln ihe Shenandoah
alley. Arrltes week dss at Columbus 7:15 r. M..
I let eland it ,1b 1'. M next day, and dally it Chlcaito
, OO a. M, aecoud moruliiK I'ounects for Toledo
daily, and for Clot eland and Columbui except Satur
day. AiliO P, M. Southern Kxpresi dally, with Throutb.
sleeper to .Netrllrleana. Asherllle. and Knoxrllle, rla
Rlchinoud and Danville It. R.
61OO P. M. Dally for all points on Cheiapeak and
Ohio Railway, with Through Hleeplnir and inning Cart.
ftltsO 1". M. Shenandoah lallsy Express, dally, with
Through Pullman Buffet sleeping far lu New Orleans,
via KnoxTllle, Chattanooga, and Birmingham.
THE no U I'll.
IOiIO A.M.-" Wssahlnctnn Limited Express"
of Pullman vestibule parlor Cars,astlbuta Passenger
Coaches, Dining Carlo Bxltlmure avery week-day.
arrtllugln Wasblngton at .1 CO P. M.
SlSO P. H "l,oiiKrrlliinn.l Limited" of Pull,
man Vestibule Parlor Cars and Dining Car dally, ar
rltlngMashlngton s 2r, p. Jl. No extra fare be)ond
usual Pullman charges on either of these trains
Additional Fxprrs. Tritlnai tl 20. 8 On. H .10,
II jo. and 11 A, Jl , 2' 10. 4-.10. r, 00, and 11 uti P M ,
and 12:16 night. For Baltimore only liOO P. M.
Sunday. II lb, tj'30, anil 0 80 A. M 4,30, 6 00, and
V 00 P. M , and 12:15 night.
Dally, 0.30 A. M 0 OOP. Jl.. an I 12'lr, midnight.
Flnrldn Hpeclal," Mondays, Wednesdays, and rrV
da) s. u 80 a.m.
Fnr 1 itinptt, 11 30 A. M. and D I. M. dally.
'nr Key XVeal nnd llHTtann, 12:16 A. M. Bun
days. Mnndnii, llednesdiya, and Friday!
FOR ATl.ANTIt CITV. 1 fo P. Jt week dayi, with
Through ButTet Parlor Can and Coaches
FOR CAPE MAV, 1.00 P. Jl, week days.
Express: 0 20, 7:20. 8'O0. 8 80. 0 00. 0 80, (10 00
1'enn'a Limited, with Dining car, and 10:10 Wash
Ington Limited, with Dining Car), and 11:jO A. M,
12 20 1 III). 2:10, SOU, H 80. 4 00. 4.30, G 00. li 00.
fl 30, H 00, utid u 00 P. M , and 12:16 night. Accom
modation, 11:10 A. M , 4 40and7.oo P. M, Sundays,
Express, M. 16 8 JO, 11 00 I) an (lo Limlisd). and 10
A. JI . 2 00 4 00. 4 :30, 5 00. (I 30, 8 00. and W 00 P.
M., and 12 16 night. Accommodation 6 00 and 7 00
P. M.
FOR TIME TAIsLESof tralm tn local polnli on
the Pennsylvania Railroad System apply to the fol
lowing ticket offices: Nos. 486, bill. U44. and 1,823
Broadway, 1 Astor Houte 42d St. and Uth ar,184
Kast 12oth it . 204 West 126th st , 261 Columbui av..
and foot of Desbrosses nnd Cortlandt sts ; 4 Court st..
Kilo Hilton it. 118 Broadway, and Brooklyn Annex
llatlon, foot of Fulton at,, Brooklyn; 76 Hudlon it.,
Uobokeii; station. Jersey city.
The Netr ork Transfer Company will call for and.
check baggage from boteli and residences through
del Inntlou.
General Manager. Oenerat Pass'r Agent.
Station foot of Liberty St.. North River.
Time Table in effect April 11. 1893.
Trains leave xrla
Contrul Itnilroud of New Jersey
For PMl2d3lphla, Baltimore, and Washington.
hoy 11. ihxi: us:.
For Philadelphia. 4 00, 7:45. n 00. 10 is) (U-to A Ml.
1 30. 2:16, 3 jo. 4 ml, 6 no 0 on 7 ;ui r M . 12 n
night. Mindxys. lion. 10 SO, 11 III) A M.ltio, 8 ,,
6 00. II 00 P. M , 12:15 night.
For B iltlmnre nnd Washington dally at 0 00 (11 ),
with lining car) A- M. 1:30 (3 HO Dining Car). 6 00 P.
J1.12 lbmght.
Trains leat mg at 7 46 A. IL. 1 :30, 4 00, 6 00. 7 Itn P.
Jt, (12 16 uis'lit except Saturday night). Mindays. 11 1.J
A Jl ,3 I'll, .' 00, il OOP. Jl.. 12 ir.inghl. bate connec
tion inr Reading, llarrisburg I'otisiliU. Ac lortuii
bur. LettlKUilrjc and IMIllamsporr. vta I'nllaleiptiiJ,
at ,.45 A. M.I .10 7.30 P M (12 16 niglit. except ast
urday nlghti :.iiinta)s ill'. M. 12 IS iiiidiiiitin
larbirt arson lay Tralm t-leepera mi Nii'lil Trains.
lorl.iislon. 4 00, 7.11. MIS A. Jt, 1 li,4 M 4",.
7 30 P. JI Minday. 4 30. 7 On A JI , 1 on. A .Jl P M
r r I ethleheni, Allemown, Jlaucn CliunJ, Ac , 4 "0.
7 16,8 sia. M 1 no. 4 3 1, 6 4 ,17 an 10 Abelit.ivrn) P.
JI. bund-iys 4 .111. 7 IX) I M.I OJ, 6 30 P. Jl
Por Wntesbarro. Pitts. ou, and Mrantoii. H 41 A. M,
4 30 P M Mindays, 4-11 A Jl.
lor High lirl'Uo I ranch. 8 46 A. Jl , 1.00. 4iW P, JL
6onlA)s 1 'si r ji
lor Iroeliold nnd Atlantic Highlands, 4 30 N'lr,,
ll:ir,A. M.. I P,0 4- .0 11 oop.M. Hundays. j on A M ,
4 1' Jl (except hreeholl)
For lied Bank L ng Branch, and points sonth ti
Point PI. iisaut, 4 ai, M 16 II 16 A M tl 3n. .1.4, Itet
ll.-.iii onl)). 4 is), 4 20. 11 00 P. Vj. Kiiudais extept
ocean l.ruto und Aihury Park, :i ntt A"JI , 4tXI P. M.
Cor LAKRTw'0.
At 4 ro H:ir, a. M.. l.m ;i 4.1. 4 20 p. 11.
for lorn s Elrir, Harm-gut Park, and Barnegat, 4:30,
8:15 A M 1 H) 4:211 P !.
lor xthintlo Cli). lineland. and Hrldjulon. 4 30 A.
M 1 10 P. Jl
Tor Moiimo ith Beach and Seabrlght, 4.30, 8, IS, 11:15
A.M. I:.iuand4 20 p. Jl,
Train,, leax'n above rsfutlon Tlis
For Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and the West,
8 16 A M , 7 30 P. M f-undajs, 7 38 P. M
lor laMon, 7 IX 8 16 A. M 12 .HI. 2 16, 8 46. 6.16,
T.'nP 'I. Mindays, M1I.1. II A M, 4M0. 7 .18 P M.
I or Boibl, hem Alicnlnirii aud Jlaucn ChLlik, 7 00,
8 11 A. Jl . 12 IO, .1.41 .'. 16 7.110 P ,M. bunda)!, 8:18,
11 14) I. l. 4140 7 ill P.M. ,
I or ll.irloi.ili. M 1:, A. M , 12 30 8:46. 7.30 1". M. Bun
days, M 1.", II ima Jl 7 IMP Jl
tnrWIIkesuarrc, I'lll.tou. and Brrsnton. 8 16 A Jl,
lVt'io. .1 45, 7.31 P. M buiidayi (except bcriuton)
7.8 PM.
lor P.lmlra, 8 15 A. Jt , J2 M, 7)80 P. M. Hundayl,
7.38 P Jt
Tit keti and parlor seats can be procured at 71. 172.
2.1.1 llll, 41.1 1144. 1,140 I M.'ll I'ruadaar. .11 Fast 14th
si .737 ilm nr 2il Vte.i 121thst , 1,14 hast UHh st.
New Jork, 4 icurl it, fim lultou st , im Broadway.
ItrooLlyn Netr iork fr.niiftr 10. xs ill call for tttid
ciu ik tirgage from hotel ur residence to destination.
A. A Jli'Ll (III, I'. 4 HANCOCK.
Prei'i and lien JIVr. 11. 1'asi Atrent.
I'llK'inn. UA CIIAITAlQtA I.Ahh 11R M
JlliL'NUI.NH, HIRE1T8, AND 8fl(! Al
Direct route to 1 A.saio, Paterson, iiLxedo, Newhiiffti.
Mtldletnwn, Port Jervls Mnntnel o White I. '.
lloniidalc, Ft'raiitou, Binghatnion l.lmira Corning,
llaikins 1, ten, Bath, llaiuinondspirt, Aton rui.s.
fliii bt'it-r, llorneilst lle,Bunoln, Nlsctra l.il. riin.'r
tn hautauqua lxke. Clrtelsnd I'liieiniiall, l l.nlft
Chicago nn I nil joints West Trains Irate Near lurs,
foot of 1 haulier, st . as follows, and Hi as iniuiirs ear
In r from H est .31 s: 1
9.(U A. s'. H illy- la Niagara Pal s sod 1 miliaria, ja
.Utfl.t'.e. Parlor Car N.w york lo Buiu o Mieer
liorneii.t I l to t inclmiaii.
3.rUW M Dally -r.tlbule Limited Mil train for
LHJ Chicago, via Chaiiiamina MLe with ';'"lu5
car tntlncago 8lecperi to Chitago, cietrlnnu. aud
I iticlniiati,
-l.QII''- ' except 8unday-Moonialn rxrrtsifor
ijujll lllllglioutltui, llMiirslalt.. aid Montlrello
6,'JA P. M. Inlly-fiolld train to Chicago, tlsNIag-
;U aia rallsundllraud Irnnk llailwa) -.ccrl
to ii in ilo llochester, Toronto, and I hli ago
8.'i( P. M Dally Ma I naulsuuim Lake anil Mag-
OIF ara (alls, bond Irani 10 lincago Slceperi to
Boltslo Chicago, and ineiiina'.l
PORT JEIllIr.Heek t'ais A M .0 A M , 10 30
A. M . 1 P M .1 VU I' M 4 .I! P M . 8 8 I P M .7
I' M. i I 30 V! j " ' (Jull lays-tf A M . 3 P M . 8 30 P. M .
rni!Kr8)AND ri.llNHACl)M(.DAT10N8 "i
T ioi 37Tnd ft17 'roYlits), 1 lumbers and West
2Jd Vt Firrlr. , "" "' "a 3.Hi"n st,
Rrooklrn. 1 17 Broadway Hllliamsbiirgh: corner New.
arkan.i iladsonsii 1 IM" xeti.aitd Jersij City Hlallon.
Erl. Trai .rir 1 ron n) rU tor and cnecss baggage
froui hoiels an I resfli nc. through In dcstHnllon
iroui noieis an 1 ni1'lhKI8i l)tueT passenger Agent
RTYofk'and Boston AH Rail.
I .are Ur way 1 f Due.
nisi A 11 FnrlPgfleld and "or. ester. 8 3d P. M.
lu 10 a xe't wndon and I rnr dence, 4 11 P. Jl.
II no A Jl s.i.rliignel'l and Wordier. 6 w P. Jl.
linOM.. ' llarlfntdand W J 1111IN.E. 80 P M.
lot) I'M Net. Imdonand Protldence. 7 80 PM.
3 () 1: l . illlinaiii.c and N V and N, Jj . u-on p. M.
s) p M ..irlngueld and Horcester. in no p. M.
r. no p Jl n London and I'roi idence, II 00 p. M,
II IX) P. M e,prlnHiM md tt on ester, 51I6 A M.
U i P M . ,'w Lnn,loi nt Protldince, 7 00 A.
Kims daily. Including nunda) ..
Hetum srrtlcs. same boars and by urn rontM,
TurougD nrlor or ilsrplng can nynch iralm.

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