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Briv - "''.
IK Inewsof the mining world
B&bHW1 Bir.rr.n vi,vns xo lAron fkeb cots-
HjHti . jujy.nmrovT liKu.inn xo VAiixr.
KHfF Excitement Orer Gold IUcoerl In Vlr-
H4li! ctMu A tiovernnient Commission to Ex-
Hn-'Hvi plore Ihn Cnrrlro Mounlntnn In New
pi Hr' MexIco-Tlie. ltlack Hills lit the IVotlil'a
mmf K Full .New IMncnvertes nt Creede.
J& H4 Ioaiio Cm-. Mnho.Anrll'J2.-A. W.Uitnnlin
B;V) Hf'' cut) tlio I'ntmtnitit nt llnntior by thn cross-cut
ml ff 4 from tlio Untiiinrttinnul. This cross-cut wad
ft P i started nt a ilistanco of 800 feet from the
Bfh W mouth. A1 tlio vi'ln lifts not bean run on or
5J '; oven croR(i(l, It Is Imposatliln to form nny Men
li x- nslotho vnluo of tlio ralnent dciitli. On tlio
U't' i1 surfaco It la larao und rich In anthuonlatand
P ruby silver.
& J It lias linen tlamor.stratod at Qunrtzbiirc
ff. ,, tlmt tlio cymllilo nronoas for worlilnu Iron sul-
' p pliurots coutnlnlncuoUlnndlsllvcrUaRUci'oss.
9 -' Tlio mines of Miildoon. on Littlo Wood
Bir ' Illvor. aro looklnc much bettor tlmn ovor bo
Hci foro. nnd more oro will bo shipped in lBlfj than
if, I, ; during liny prooodlni: vonr. Tlio Btovo Win-'-'
ft ohostor and Glllimplo and Woniaek claims nro
Bf! ! . innklneospoclnlly uoodfihowlniri.
If) Sllvor clubs nro oiunulxlns nil ovor tho
He BUto. tho moinbnrs of which bind themselves
B i to votPforcaudldntoH.for President nnd Vlco-
; ' Tuldont who favor freo colnnjjo. without ro-
&" r curd to party.
v H Iareonunntltlosof oronroout on thrtdiimps
B I,' ; or In tho oruhoUKoaon Kmoky.Altur.is county.
mil ( i, Tho Tyrnnnls. owned by John MoC'nrter nnd
n f: Joaoph Itawly. Isn bis mln. it sliofvs n inreo
B'S I i body of onlonaoro that will yloM handiomo
Bi5" Xt prollts. ThoFlncstafT. Oaloro-Storney. Catrlo
BK-. jj j" Jjoonnrd. Isabella, and Kins of tho Wort all
Kg'" ., Jiavo larcoqunntltles of oro out and 17111 eoni-
1 !;'.' aicnco shipping ns soon as the road to Halloy
if l?''i Is In condition for teams.
f'j ' tP All atone Wood lllver tho mines are yielding
if v ') oro In consldorablo quantities, nnd if Rllvor
'' ' doo.i not co too loir.' much will bo shipped to
'!' ,!" Dnnvor and Omaha durlnir tlio summer.
'; . ; ; Tho l'ioneor cold mlnu at yuartzburs. on
Js j j. oro from which a twenty-llvo-stamii mill Is
It r ' runnlnc rlKlit nlonif. Is fifty feet wldo nnd
3f j j yields from $ to $10 cor toil.
i IT' Tho twonty-stnmp mill nt tho Mountain
!, i ('" Quoon mine, noar Flonoervlllo. has com-
ts" inoucod cruslilnc. This Is one of tho (lnost
.,: i , gold mills In tho county nnd reduces two tons
It ',. of oro to the stamp. Tho lodfto Is porphyry,
W I V thirty foot wldo. and coos from S5 to $10 per
' i ton in froo sold, while $2 por ton pays all tho
Jg i ' expenses. That mid tho Gold Hill twouty-llvo-
) : .- stamp mill at Quartzbure demonstrates that
Jf;" j ", the lamo porphyry belts of this county will
i;, ! ' , pay handsomo dlvldonds when systematically
S J ( '.' vorlced with proper mnchlnory. Thero aro
j j ' scores of such lodges in Dolsu llasln awultlnc
jlv I ,' ; devolopmont and operations In tho hands of
ij I ; - Eufllclont capital to put thnm on a paylnir
fj' jj, ., basis. In fnct.it is now lullydomonbtratod
'& ( ' that tho croat fold products of thu future of
f ' ';. this county will bo from theso immense bolts
ri (i, of low-srado ore. whllo tho sllvor will bo pro-
s , I I ducod principally from Gnmbrlnus. lJenver.
)' 'l Banner. Archio Mountain, and Deadwood dis-
t , ; tricts.
t Many mlninc exports havo already nrrlvod
!,;' : ; hero, and many moro will como within tho
It 1 ,t noxtfoir weoks. Thoso hero aro oxaminlnc
y, ; i both cold and sllvor mines, although cold is
.,'. j '; preforrod. on account ot tho low price of
,1., , i "6 BllTOr-
'T$ ,! !,' ThoElmlratwonty-stampmillnt Bannor is
' produciuc an average of 1.500 ounoos of silver
jj ffe '' bullion por day. The mill Is capable of reduc-
.;?' 'J ; log only thirteen tons per day. so, with a good
$ 'If '"' mill ot tho samo size, this product could very
;i: is ,.' easily tio doubled. The ore comes from tho
5 ll V 500-foot level, which is about worked out
Vi- i I'reparatlons nro making for slnkinu another
gis Sh- ' 100 foot.
;.;u Sl ;, Dovolopment work on a much larger scale
4j$ ; ! r Will commence la tho mines of tho Beaver dis
ss ,l-' ttlctas soon as nuppllos can betaken in.
if' fj F. V. Tinker will soon commence errctlng a
tin small mill on a gold mine on Itnbbit Creek,
; lUi'i,. cevon mllos east of this place.
A 1. Tho Kilo lirothors are developing a splendid
1A. ; J , mlnoon liossTork, noar Elk CroeK. ten miles
f ' from hero. Tho ore Is trco gold, and on
B it ft ' nraatra has worked a good deal of it with oon-
J. JS 1 kWernblo profit.
ffi it? f Tliu buildings of tho now machine shops for
Jr ff- a the construction of quartz stamp mills and
-J . biueltors. at Belsu City, are up and work will
'? '' pi'' soon commence. A ten-stamp mill has been
i- K purchased by tho snmo company, to bo erected
'f, ' ' ut liolwi City to do custom work, and tlio llrst
l'f ! , K work ef the shops will bo tho manufacture of
,i 1 ;. a smelter. Hlmw's Mountain, ten or twelve
Vif is' miles distant, will have a largo supply of ore
' - In tho bins by the time tlio mill is ready tu
tJ i - ;' crush.
- j The oroiect for runnlnc a railroad from
r ; Bolstf City to connect with tho mining districts
- r; t. In BoUJ and Idaho counties 1a taking tangible
' I , ' ahapo, nnd wo hope to see It oonstructod at an
I j ;. early day. Many districts producing hlgh
4 S.g grade smelting ores will bo readied by it. On-
S. i til there Is a railroad over whluh to ship Unio
',.. e f; coke this class of mines must necessarily re
iiff ); ' 1 main idle.
P f '. ;t viBanaA.
f&- ' I Kor.rots. April 20. What promlncs to be an
.a 8 E exceptionally rich gold Hold has recently boen
'tv f'ti i- discovered in Goochland county on tho farm
m 1 & of Mr. C. F. Prior, about eight mllc.-i from C'o
y2 SI v lumbla. Washings ot a gravel deposit lying
$2 til i'' some twelve or eighteen inches below the sur
S It'L - fncohavo already yielded very largely both In
F ' -i-t- dust and nuggets. One nuguet exhibited In
35 . ,T tho Despatch oillce yesterday wclchod thirty
IE,' h h lx ponnywoights. The deposit Is In tho
if t t- great gold-beariuc bolt runnlnc through
;. 5 I' l-oulsa. Goochlaml. nnd BiiQkini'Jinm coun
&r ' I ',,s' nn(l again cropping out In Nortnfaro
'& si y Una. Aboutamllo from tho present doposlt
6 f f gold-bearing quarts la being profitably
$', f worked. Crowds aro Hocking to the sceno and
B , tlio greatest excitement iTovalls.
S, J ;' ',' SKW MEXICO.
fe f , p Bilvbu City. April 20. Tlio mnchlnory for
5C ,. t tho now eloctrlcal oro roductlon works which
jsf, ' fi aro to be erected ut Albunueniue has been
jfe- S i &- ordorod. nnd tho slto for tho pfant has been
VJ"' Polected. Tho company will treat ores which
fcr -S ' ( i cannot be sueoessfully treated by tho amalgn-
5, Si, , nation and concentration procosr. ami it Is
Sl, fc'.f ololmod that this jirocoss will extract praotl
Ss K ; " cully all of tho metnl from refractory urns
4? oh which will yield only UO to 70 per cent of their
'i lE! . valuo whim treated by tho old processes.
'if m( i- Free milling gold ore of as low grade as $."
ff Et . per ton can be treated in stamp mills here, but
V' WM t. roost of tho gold oro in this territory Is ru-
vlp ; fractory. and oro of tho lower grades cniiuot
M Hi' '' be treated successfully in stamp mills. It tho
WA Hi !' new process will do what Is claimed for it thu
--' mi -' K'd production of New Mexico will bo largely
M M. ; Juoreasod.
.if :,' Gen. A. McD. McCook, oommandlng the de-
ifsr. Bt ,-": partment of Arizona; John 11. llniuninuii,
Y B " mining engineer of Han Franobico. and .loliu
:tf. m I Barstowo of riholburno. Vt., who bavu been
K as fp appointed a commission to Investigate the
w B! -' ' Oarrizo Mountain country by tho beorutnry of
) ,', :. tho Interior and report as to Its mlnoral
t'i ' . aharactor, will moet at Fort Wlncnto May lo
W' H 'v ft.n1 prooood to tho Carrlzo Mountains on tho
M-t .kt 'Navajo Indian reservation. If tho report
mFa Bm' tliat a rich mineral district llos In theso moun-
mix: mmW, tains prove true tlio laud will lie purchased of
,$' mWW the Indians and will be thrown open to tho
AS Wf S public. For moro than twenty-llvo years
A, B'v' minors have looked upon the Carrlzo Moun-
S7- B' " tains as tho richest mineral notion in
iW' W: tf " .w Mpjclep. and dozons of adventurous
iV'i ' miners liavo lost tholr lives In attempting to
to" j-.t prospect tho .country, which has always been
H B' - jealously guarded by the Indians, in IBStln
ft B "!' party of live succeeded In renclilug tho moun-
i?" H't f tains, mid they reportod httviiig loiind fabu-
j ml, ft l:nly rich oro, hut one of their number was
' ' m- 'fr killed by tho Indiana and thu others did not
jv, .M' I doom it prudent to leturu after they worn
? SL . safa'y out of tho ipsorvatton. 'J'wn years ago
Wi'A WmW a largo, woll-armod iiarty vtcvt Into the moun-
mov mW.i- tolne, whoro they remained several weel.H and
lift.' Bif th'cnteU,i Jorgo number "fcmliiis, hut on Hi"
:'4 BU comnlnlnt of the Indians thoy were driven out
' 111,' by Unltod Btatoa troops. Some vorv lino
1 V Ear- spoclinons oforowro brought luielc by tho
5JJ. if';' party which wont into tho mountains two
i, ) rears ago. and thero are hundreds otiultiers
,S .' In the Territory who are waiting for tho ou-
6. Kt ': lrtunity to go luto tlio dlbtrict to locato
?oi St ' wlnos.
$,- ift " A rich strike linR boon mado In thoKangnroo
St h , mine in tho Klngstou district Die la being
jp' i,- takon out whlcli runs from 1,500 to 2.ouo
'n ounces In sllvor por ton. Tho oro has lieou
found to extend over forty feot, and it Is bo-
Moved to boa morn important etriko than tlio
, one made In the Conistock ininn In lriKl.wlileh
fcUrted thp hlugbtmi boom. The mlno Ilea
i, 1, between Jim I.ndy I'rnuklln. from which bun-
! ii ' OToflhoutiandsofdollarsliovo been taken.
j, j and tho Couutock.
! nD,E5imJ'r01'' April aayho Black Hills nro
I notlatiiig with, tho World's Fair Commls-
i &?,r0rs'acofor ftmnoral,oxhlbltat the
r" fiPlK'toR fe?W,ttoni A'ory mineral lound
5?,"' y1"? w"' be on exhibit on. nnd from tho
Si'ko'tr.r.lSfK mck iim onl? si
', l On Saturday, .as tlio minors of thoBlg-Mls-
h fP Mining Company, whose claims adjoin
' W , thosoofthelloraestakaMliilngCompuny.woro
I f sinking a s.hatt through to taif o voln of om
I . supped t be directly uudor them, their drill
suddenly slipped through their bands at a
depth of lbft feet, nnd disappeared f torn view
through an opening in tho bottom of the .shaft.
Knowing in a mlniito what had happened, they
Rotftlcd their superintendent that they had
rokon through into tho underground work
ings of the llomotake mlno and dlcovorcd
that the Homestnko was getting their ore by
means otu tunnel they had drivonlrom tholr
workings n distance of 2t'Ofoot Into tliu oro
bodies of tha Dig Mlsfourl. ,
Tho Monitor group ol mines five miles from
Pondwnod weru sold to the llotncMnko Mining
Comliny on Suturilay last lor Si'OlUiOO. It Is
evidently tho purpose of tho Honlestako Com
pnnv to engage heavily In Mllcloiis quartz
mining this sprlngnnd sunimcr.ns this makes
six valuable properties purchased by that cor
poration since Jan. 1. . . , ,,
A seven-eighths interest In Iho Spokane sil
ver minus was yesterday (-old to all I.aptorn
hyndlcatoforjilhO.Utii). Thin price Is consid
ered ery small for the, Interest In the prop
erty, as from all Indications tlio mlno Is ono of
thu ilchest ever discovered. Thu ncrago
assay value of the ore is ft Jo per ton.
Placer mining orgraxol washing In creek
beds fur stream gold which was supposed to
have almost "petered out In this section re
ceived n now Impetus a few d.iys ago by tlio
discovery ef rich diggings on upper llapld
Cre-Jk. I'roKp.'tors who made the dlscoveiy
sought to keen the Unci to theinsehos, but their
peilodlcnl visits to this city, where tlioy weio
known to bo poor wandeiliig ptospeotpis. who
very seldom find enough to buy a grub stake,
and their lavish display of "dust ami placer
tiuggoto. eatifed several miners to follow them
to their diggings far up liapld Creek, where
they made the discovery that for a dlntniico up
and down theereok from the proprietor's cabin
thu creak bed was fairly teeming with gold.
Hastily taking up claims, tho spying miners
returned to the city, where they gavo the In
formation that diggings which excelled the
famous diggings nt Uoldon (Into In lttut had
bean found, 'lhls caused a stampede, and to
day what was a desolate wnsto Is covered with
touts. haWiiga population of over 200, with
now arrivals dully.
Pksvrii. April 211. Developments mado in
and around Croudo during thu pnat wook havo
done much to prove tlm claim so ottou made
that it Is an cudurltig camp. A number of now
claims Just oponud will compare favorably
with tlio Bot Lhnnco and Amethyst. Tho best
test of the camp's possibilities has boon mado
on Bachelor Hill. The rich lead there has
been opened up so that Its course and direc
tion can bo tracod forqulto ono ami a half
mllos, and a strlku reported there yesterday
would scorn to extend It through two moro
claims. On Campbell Mountain the advance
has been considerable, though less than on
Bachelor, because less development has been
done. During tho present woek the Buckhorn
has made a good strike, and a numberof other
claims on which work has beendono aro show
ing up well. Tho Mammoth is receiving much
The King Solomon Milling nnd Mining Com
pany, which took hold of tho Eclat and
King Solomon claims somo weeks ago. aro
puslilug work, and promise to ut last Inlng
this neglected spot luto prouiinenco. Itenorts
from tho Uttle Maid continue to prove
encouraging. Minor's Crock is n new district
which Is beginning to attract attontlon. home
strong quartz leads aro boing prospoctod. and
tho country Is full ot tlout. Assays as high as
l.'-'.'lilounooH in sllvor were had from thero
this week. The big Amethyst ledco at Wagon
Wheel Gap. believed to be another find equal
to tho Bachelor Hill strikoof lost August, is be
ing worked to n considerable extent.
Thero aro a number ot small camps contigu
ous to Croede which are being carefully pr.is-
pecteii. and generally with good results,
among the more rocont districts boing Camp
Comfort and Burns Camp. Tho big strike in
tho Winchester is panning out according to
predictions, nnd tho llrst reports havo-been
vorllled during the woek.
Amethyst quartz has boon discovered in
Silver Mountain.
Two important strikes havo been mado on
West Aspen Mountain, near Aspen, tho first
being in the Homestako at a depth of 'MO feot
and Die second in tlio Little Cloud. Tho strike
consists of a lorg body of fair grade ore.wbich
has not lieen sufficiently examined to tell its
oxact value, but from present indications thero
is an unlimited quantity of it The Molllo
Ulbson continues to produco largo quantities
ot high-grade mineral, although no effort is
being mado to swell the output beyond that
taken out in the ordinary course of develop
ment work, owing to tho low price of silver.
Sevoral chunks were takon out. containing be
tween $.ri00 and 800 in silver each. Hovoral
strikes havo been reported in the Argentine.
Ore In large quantities has been broken in tho
Aspen Contact property. Tho shipments are
greatly retarded, owing to tho bud condition
of tho roads.
llecent assays from tho vein struck in the
Western Branch at Uplilr run as high as ilUU
per tun In silver.
Tucson. April 23. Thomas Hughes of tills
city has some rich oro from tho Prince ltupcrt
mlno, in tho Washington district, near Crit
tenden. The specimens show horn and wire
silver. This ore generally glvos a uneltiug
return of from 150 toLi20ouncesnerton. Home
selected pieces havo gone as nigh as 3,000
W. V. O'Daly. Into chiof engineer of tho rail
road between Imuros and Cerro Blanco, was
in town last week. The distance from Cerro
Blanco to the mines is ton miles. Tho cost of
transporting tho oro is about (JO conts per ton.
The mill linn been running for the past two
months, putting through about 125 tons per
day with thu process known ns steam stump.
Tho Canada Del Oro mines have a force of
men grading for an additional coppor jacket
und for a sixty-ton lead plant on their grounds
a tnllo below town. The plant when in full
blast will give employment to sixty men,
which, added to tho number at the mines and
the teamsters hauling ore. will mRke tho total
on tlio payroll 150. Work has beon pushed
on this pronerty, and in a short time the mine
has been put in condition for the production
of from 75 to 100 tons of oro por day.
6am I'owoll came In yesterday from Dark
Horso mine, near the ilnssnyorapa. In tho
Bluolc Bock district. This mine Is u recent
discovery nnd is being developed by two open
cuts, which expose ii pay streak varying In
width from three to twelve feet, tho ore run
ning from $0,000 to $7,000 sllvor per ton.
UTiie King Solomon group 111 thoBsnmo
neighborhood Is turning out well. Tho live
stamp mill Is kept running day and night, nnd
has ore enough in sight to run for u long time.
Prof. Douglass is in Ulobo looking after tho
Interests ot Phelps, Dodge A Co., who havo
bonded a group of mines, tho Buffalo and
Hoosier boing tho principal ones. Work has
been goiug on for the past tow months develop
ing the numerous claims ot tho company,
somo of which havo showu up to advantage.
Thin company Is doing mure to onou up cop
por mines in Arizona than uny that has over
operated hero.
Tho Boggs mlno is getting out ton tons of
SJOO oro por day. Butlor has btiipped during
March thirty tons of ore running from S-100 to
wiOO per ton. Ho has lately bought tho old
Dividend mine from Judgo Hush for $10,000.
The oro in tlio Dividend runs from $40 to $50
per ton.
The oro in the Bnginaw. owned by Iowa poo
ple. Is getting richer an depth and nearness to
thu wutur level is attained.
Business Fair at Very Wrll-amKalued Prices.
A fair movement in all classes ot proporty is
reported. Values In many instances aro hold
ubovo tho Inclinations of buyers, and In a
mensuro this fact has had tho effect of cur
tailing business in somo sections.
Brokers' sales Includo:
lliitliuaa llruf. itutl W. B. TyIor A Finns have sold for
.totui I'. WIUuiui the fmir-Blury Lmlliliu. tin. -'1 Wt:t
'lurutyllimltlreiet. Adjoining tbe null AVuliuo Hotel.
( m.iixiis w. fur n&o.ooo.
Ujutflu4 Hnblniioa. Jr., it Co. tittve void or Mn. K. U.
DiUtialu ana Mr reunuuauto ttia Hank fur tinvingtf
bu. 44 nnd 411 Hunt Tivuity-htcondlUreet, two four
atoryilwelllnm. "U plot 41iUji. Tola, loltetlirr wllU
prclloua puu'liafcea, Klt tho bank a plot )02sUH II ou
tuu tornur o( Fourth uvtaiueaixl Tweuty-nec-ouil strunt,
1-reii.Tlck llorubytiaa o!,t tbo plot of fourteen Iota
uuii7&. went .la. or (Vntrai Wt Wutt, between
Mnely-huconU ana Mnrt)'l!lrtl btreeta. Tlio tiur-iiiii-r
la an luatltollon vvlilfli In ald to lie unotijeu
ttoiitiblu In character, and t lie pra.o 9243 000 4he
lauperty hua bet-n aoU on a Inuv cuutriK'1
Opprnbeinier A Metfir Utve noid to William K. nillcr
lie hliio lot. on toe ..Mill aide of blxly-iiiutk itreet.
&,i,rj.Wi,iji?sui.v,""c- " '"""' l"U"'
John U. HIMj.uU Ii i-old for K. J". AloxitDiter of Sa
y.innali. l,a , the IHo;tory lint lioi.tr, Nu UH-103 tt
hfKlily-alalU atreel. 7U ilxsr.aluj.j, ur nin.ooct
Ijauiiliia Kilbinion, Jr., A L'o. h.ivo aold loTbeo. W.
Todd to Mr. ,. H. Hiiosatell, No. OJ liult Mxly.rtrat
!!?,' """"jy orown alone dwelllug, uu lot 25x
100 on jiriv.tie teruia.
b. II. iwlow Co. !... ioi4 fr Mr, illul j, Adama
to Mrs. IliinuaU Mulxel. No. aj I oat sixtylbird street.
tiPSl&'l.&t&.VSS ""'"" -&' "a"U1'-
lllri.cli linn, bnvo purchated trom Kimuel llotiiaehlld
the inn,. IuU.iij tho norlli aido ot Kitblyenilith atreet,
JJ.'l liutvaal of lollllilbbaiituuiie, on urfvnte leruia.
lj)Ul I.eae lia auhl to Joci.lj Jouia 0. ;ta gat
I-I'I'V;-"'""!'! airei't, a four ,iry hrourniloue Unt. as
Xi4xfl)il. for X.i.l, nnd In l. rmtiuiaii No. U4U La.t
LiKtl.ae volt Hi atreet, aaiuilUr Hat, aluo for '2JUO0
,.JJUailn'"-aliuuiilo UdwarU TIdoiuii No.
1.11 Weal alaty.ulniU atreet to I'uuinio ocbrodcrou iirl
vatuteima. Illram Merrl't baa uold No. 23.1 Kant ntiynlatti
ttreet for llieodoro :cbu.ailiuixou ;rlMiln terma.
, ,fi1."l'"'.Sl",lS, ,','" bf l"la "" Frank heltr. tlio
Inillder. !". 15H Kant hlxty h-ccaid atreet, 11(V), u
three tory uiiil hanumuni brown atone da elunir. tu L.
t'l'mann nn private terll., nnd .No. l&u j:.ut huhlleth
el rent, a three itory and babeinnt browu-atonodvreU'
Init. for Mla ttuiftulo Uaublt-cUek ton air. Hoaaubauui
Juliut friend Iihi aold for I' llmender three private
lioi.aia on the toutheaal corner of Park uvenuennd
Miuy.flllb ftret-t, and .nown ai No. 1.VI3 aud X.21Z
Park ul enile und .No. 100 I'.u.t Muty-Uflli tlrect, to Mr.
t'o'.k, on privute loriaa.
Kdnrard Ttpplug baa told the fouralory and bate
cient bpiHu-atoue and brick, diu'lllng- No. i;il Weat
sulyiiliith atnet, Ue laxoUxloo o, at aJi.uOO, to
Mra, Pauline Hchroeder.
Homer lloatwick haa aold for Mr. Foiler of Foater k
llllaon the double llat No. 1,054 Park nveuuo. V5xb6x
l(u, to Aoimt Selbert, on prlvule lerme.
Iiamott a Co. have aold the tiroatorr and bsaement
frame hmiae, 20x40. No. SU2 Kait llutb atreet, lot 2f,x
100. lor Cant. John Fnlruy tor $4,250 to J. UcCabu.
Two of the ' KlnK model houae"wero aold durlnir
the week by Superintendent K W Scott, Jr, No. 21"
W.-ft I3HIU street, u three atory and bafcemeut bouae,
17x51. wiia aa'd to t'ejareo lull for HH.'Tt). nnd No.
.'la. adjoining, alao u thra atnry mid baelneiit "uiodel
houaa' alto 20x50, Hi aold to 0. W.TIllniau for
",V1'" FoM ef Ford 4 Welaker haa aotd to Lome
WrUcr.Noe.17f. and 177 Ka.i Ninety-third itreet. two
four-atory brown itoua Bata, on plot 5li.IOxloo.tt.
tdnrard T. Bmlib om sola to Frederick Kurruian tbt
Biackweii's Bull Durham
Smoking Tobacco,
composed only of "pure leaf," grown in the famous
Golden Belt, its uniform quality, and rich fragrant aromi
recommend it to all who desire a really good smoke.
No other smoking tobacco has ever been made which has
secured and held the popular favor as lias Blnckwcll
Bull Durham. It is now, as it has been at all times dur
ing the last 25 years, the best in the world. Made only by
flv lota northeait corner ot Eighth avenue nnd HUtb,
ktrect tor about jino.ouo ...
nohert Wiulscn haa aold to Chnrtea l:oer No. 145
Weft herenty-itflh atreet. a Moratory brown itono
0elitni;.2riXoAnndextenloh ilea. 2.
r.. it Karrlng-ton ha sold to Herman , nrr; the
nvoatory llat. 20x80x100, on the north tide ot fcunti
eth atreet. 80 foot oaat of Ainaterdam avenue, for 121.-
Tichborne A Wllaon hnve eold to Henry Ottenberir Xo.
38 Mt seventyelxth atrcot, n four-atory brown atone
awalllnir, 21xGi nnd ettenalon xl02.2. tor ;42 fto.
hdnaril V. Hamilton Co. hnveaold Ni.. Ill and 03
Cait 13lt atntei to J. h Montnoinery lor f'0.iioo.
r. 8rott SonfcavowldforJohnl.jnchtoM. BatUNoa.
807 awl rou rait Tat street, two tour-very brick and
alone (lata, eaen 20x100, nnd for Henry stone to U. u.
Aaron. .No. 214 Eait 73d at. n toaMtory brown-etono llat,
2,.xM0xllX). on private terine ... .,,
Tho Twenty-third ward oillce of L. J. rhllllpa A Co.
hive aold for Bernard French. 5 by Irregular, oil tha
Weal aidonr Third arenue. 114 feet aonthof 14ttitreet,
to a Mm. Annltaue. on private tertne. ... , ,
Wumiit t tieadbr have leaaed the following private
dwallluirii: ho 3.1 1 ant Thirtylblld atreet. for Mn.
Kunt to lira. James Hatnmereley at 2.UOOi .No it Weal
ThlrtynUth atreet, for A. J. Kobertaon to I:. 11. Ultra At
Si.oiKii No. ll Eaat Flfty-Mvtnth atreet, for I'reblo
Tucker to II. Uutnola at 92.200: and No. 1,'U haat 1-lfty-fourth
atreet. for tha Kqoltablo Life Aaauralici! I oui
nnny to John Wnhlad nt IKX). all for one year; and the
follovrinc houaea each tor three yearai No. 08 haat
lltv-rourth alrcet. for II T. Bryce to l'rof.
l'ollew at S.-1O0: No. (10 Eatt Hfty-alxth
atreet, for Mra, Kook to Walter Wataon nt $3,000; No.
109 Modlaon avenue, fjr Krederlcx I). Tappon to llr.
t'larkr at 3.2&0: No. 4 East Twenty-third atreet. tor
Mra. KoblDion to Oeotuia Bralnerd ai SI.HOO: alio No.
2l Kant olxtT-aecond atreet. for A. J. hbaimer to Dr.
Weatlake Morao ror live yeara nt S2.100: aod No Btl
Eaat Fltty-flfth atreet, for Mra. K. V, loew f or Wllber
torce sully for dvo yeara at 2,000.
Wllllama A Oreena havo rented the premlace Np. 070
Fifth arenue to Mm. J. II. Garrotte at 14,000 per
annum, furutdhed.
Cliarlei O. Reynolda baa purchased a plot of (tronnd.
252x200. on the aouth aide of Mcllonoufta atreot. 200
leet went of Italpli avenue, extending through to Ueca
tur -tri't, from John French, on private terma.
R. C. CjiuciIIo A Co, have aold for Ueorna It Sheldon
to Louts Acor a plot, JO.-.xloo. on tho south aide of
Macon street. 197 Feot eait of Reld avenue, for S12.000;
alao aold for the estate of a M. and O. E Meeker A plot.
300x100, on tho aouth side of Hancock street, 100 weat
of Kainh avenue, to Tr.ink C. Hniinm. on private terms.
Bernstein A Marks report the rollowlnir sales: Tho
four-story brick tenement. 26x00. lot loo. No. 21U
Mauler street, for Joseph rruse. thu builder, to L.
(irulmler lor $12,500; the four-story brick dwellinir,
25xi8xlOO, No. HSU Myrtle aveuuo, for llcorire Strauli.
the builder, to Charles wa oner for M2.300: the lot 20x
100. with email billldlnira thereon. No. l.ili Broadway,
for Henry Roth to Max L Meer for $n.&00: and ror
Charles Wiiiruer to Simon Edelinan tho three-story
brick doublo Bat, 25x50. lot 100. No. 4J Sumner avenue,
Corwith Brothers havo sold for Catharine Westervelt
to Frank Kelley tho three-story and basement frame
dwelltnx. 25x50x100. No. 60 Clay street, for 4.MI0.
and the three-story framo dwellinir. 25X.VIXHX1. No. HI
Oakland street, for Manptret .'tevcnaiin, for $-"..0.0;
the three-atory frame doubl tenement. 26xil0xltO,
No. 100 Kcsfnril street, for llenrae S. Hamlin to Anno
Oreen. for S7.2SO. and two three-story frame double
tenements. 25x57x100 each. Noe. lit) and 118 Eckford
atreet. for Thomas Haalem to Ametln Finn for $13.8');
also No. 120 Krkford street, a simitar tenement, for
same to V. IV. Fltrslblwns for $fl,W,0.
William t". Jones ha solil tbo three-storr frame
doublo tenement. 25x110x100, on tho south slda of
Naaunvenne. .'.0 fe-t east of Humboldt street, for
Andrew B. Walker to Mnry A. Hlauvelt ror 7.0Oi: also
a lot. 25x115. on the east aide of Diamond street. 115 feet
norm of Norman avenue, for A. M. Cochran to Theo
dore II. Hopl.e for V10i.
Henry W Itruel! has sold the two-story nnd basement
frame lioute. lot lHxIOO. N". 117 111 eraon street, for
William It. Brown to 11, Brandon ror $4,000; the tlirot"
story frame double llat. lot 25x100, .No 71 lirsn. I av
enue, lor rharlea M. Kvarts to John V. hhaller for
Sti.OOO; alao the three-story and bo-mcnt brown-stone
niveiiinir. 15x55x121. No. 85 Clinton avenue, for
Charles M. Evnrts to Androw retersim.
8. el. Fox A Co. report the following anls: No. ii
Third streit. a three-story and basement l-rle dwell
lnir. lli3iJ100, Cor A. F. Mitchell to Autruht Anderkin
for $1,850: No. 155 VT.irren stieet. a- three-storr and
basement brick dwel. luff, 25x50x150, for Cirollno A.
Tlsdiilo to K. llenrettv for $7,600: No. 177 l-aclllc
street, a two-story brick shop. 25x2."xlO0, for Stephen
Hazxurd to M. C. Freeman for SU.Ol.
1 razor A Co. have sold ror Mrs. Margaret F. i:d wards
to Mia. Angela W. White tho two-storv nnd basement
frame dwelling. 10.0x40x100, No. 237 1'utnam avenua,
for $4,400.
John Jenkins A Sod bare sold the two-story and haso
ment frame dwelling. 17x40xliX). No. 1.415 Herkimer
atreet, to J. B. Vouug for $1,200; alao n two-story frame
Queen Anno cottage, at fearsalla. Long Island, for
baiuuvl Furnian to Charles F. Oldenburg, on prtvata
Kaiser A D.ilton havo Bold the following lota on the
Zabrlekle homestead: Two lota on l:nst Fifteenth
atreot, near Avenue O. to WHUain Borbor for$tiOJ; two
lota on LastTbirtcntli street, near AienueD "to Rod
erick M. FJrrand for $500; also two lots on East Thir
teenth atreet. noar Aienue C, to 1'eler H. Dlller and
Jtary K. Farker lor 1560.
A. I-iraiiskv bos sold to Bernard gchcllenberg the
one-story framo store, 12x70, .No. 101 Myrtle avenue,
cu private terms.
Rcnl Estate TrnuafVr.
lint'nst. b. 15". e4th av.m.fviioo.11: Karah
A Holmes an. I ono to Itisa O reenhergunfl ano. s JO.ttOO
118tb at. n s. 228.7 w 4th av. JO. HxlOO; Fredk
Detcke and ano, exora, Ac. to tslmon Adler
nndnno i. 20.000
Lexington av. l.J42; Isoao F.elmutli andwlfo
tu Hannah M Hartuedy and ano 8,525
108th si. Ill' East: James 1' Hurrell nnd wife
to Urlilln B. Distirow 1
Cthnv. nw cor lUlh t. r.o.BxloO; Jacob A
Zlmmerinanii and wlfo to Anna M noiaer-
101 at i"t, n s, 32 6 iv Commbna uv, 26 flxluO.l 1:
llustav Uoehm and wire to Matilda I .VIeraer... I 28,500
lO.'d at, s s. l.NO ' West hint av, 75xlts'.ll:
Alexander Walker ot al lo Alphonae lloge-
nauer .. x
I'rescott av. a r, 1KH2 a o Bolton roail. 5tK
1U1.6: Hoh.Tt 8chwulb.und wtfo to Anna M
Komervilie .... . 1
2iatbst. as. 7.1 o Coliimbni av. I.li.llxl25; Job
phlossand wlfo tootto Newler 3.700
irrstu at. s woor Willis v, 25x81. i: Hermann
N Meyerr.nd wife lojohtmnd. Nicholas Cotter. 1
Washington nv. w s. Urn a li.5th t, 26xltln;
Win II IMynonnd wito lo Josephine Fuss..... ..000
Wllns uv, s w cor 13'itll St. 25x11X1; John and
Nicholas Cotter and wives to Hcriii.inn N
ImVnod aV.- o'V. 454.Vi ii'uVrard av. 70x223;
Anne J thirroll to lleiij Fitch 8.000
Arculnrlus place, n s, 228 is w Walton av, Ml
loo: Itobort H llargravo and wife lo Eu
genia w Hargrove 1
Broadway or Kuigsbrldgo road, as, 100 a Ma
comb st. 48.(1x100; l.udwig Kuenatler to Juha
Ollbert 0.000
Opdyko av, s s. 86 e 3d Bt, 60x100; Mary
Vliun lo Margaret M Hyun. 0
I'ark av, n e cur D2d Bt. 20x88,(1; Andrew J
aerwln to Mary I, Hinitli I
7'Uhst. loaniul 111 East; Jonas Well ot al to
EmmaAppel 00,000
68th at. s b. 101 w 1 exlmrtoii av, lu.xloo.5;
Msrah Ii Kproull to Lewis Z llarli 16,100
Madison av, 1,311; Waller Held to Louisa SI
. Hchaefer 1
Tnthst. 241 Eaat; Mlna bolluger to Faunlo
Meyers 11,600
8hthst. bs, 476 o 2d av, 75x100 8J,i Daniel
Lord. Jr. to tbo Children's Aid Society 1
BOth st. s s. 375 w 1st av, 30x10.'. 2; Mary A
Farroll to Herman Wiseman and ano ,., 18,000
7llthst, ns, 31M.0 w 3d av, 10.0x103.2; Bella
L Fountain tu David (lldeon 17,000
Ilndsoa st, l&U; Bainuel Wyaut to Jamos Kear
uey .' 20,000
h'assnti st, 48 and 60; Matthow T Scott aud
wife to lielen Langdon 1
Franklin st, 162 and 16-1: John T Wllllama tu
l.ouiso L Williams 1
Hudson st, 16'j; James Kearney to Maria Cole
man 20.COO
Franklin st. it s, 3V1U o Cnurtlandt alloy, 25x
loo 3; John T Williams to Louise U Williams 1
11th st, b w a. 14.1 n v mil av, 22 SX12U.7; Wul
11 dray aud lfo to Henry C 1'leroy 28,000
Gay tt. IV; Frances O'Closoy to Washington
rarker , 7,070
Doiulutck st, n , U'Oellulscu st. 20x87 .U;
Anna E O'Neil et ai to Mtobaol Brndlev, .. .. 10,800
faun- iirni dames r m-uiiiviiu, or um. ,,.u,
to Michael Bradley , 1,800
Attorney st, 34; lleury Waters and wtfa lo
1'aulum Obstbtttui. ., 42,500
10th n. n s, IK.10, lot 413 map estate Nicholas
WHtii)vniit, 8r; Eluin A Stabl to Michael
Ncimunu !i,tHX)
Ludlow st, 121; Harris Itatkously and wife to
I'Bus I Fleck, 15,0)0
Clinton st. 147 and 14U; Emma Appall to Jon. is
Well and ano (JO.OOO
22dst, 451 West; i'runl: II Trelber tojeflirsou
Mljiiy 10
331 st. 200 7th av. 25iill.O; Margaret
llcnrlt lo liiMiedlrkt liselier 12.000
2blhsl,.V,8 West; ll.l Benjamin to Christian
Hies 17,000
B4Hi st. a s. 4 ho West; Chas .Mcheude und wife
to Jacob Wels . 13,000
32d st, Ii s. 231.3 el'lll av. 18.UX1.8 11, Kdwanl
111'ellova and uno, exors, Ac, to Abm hterii
uti'luno 10,000
7th av. Ii8.li a .inth st, liliioo; Ueorge A
Htlmpsun to (leorve VN Baldwin 1
4thnv, 353; Wm A Head tollenS tlsarborn . 1
2t)th -t. 60 West; Fredk W Saltisledor aud wiro
to Joseph Sleiner 1
02d St. a s. 11)4 e Bill av. 23x118 9; Silas II
BrownelL rcf. to Wm Schneider 42,000
7th av. U8.U a 3 lib st. 10x100; Thomas Seward
to Ooo A stimpson 14,000
enth st. 213 ana 215 West: Anna U Somrrvllle
toJacob A y.ltumermauu 1
4Htli st, 60 West; James Carroll and wife to
Mary McWalters 0.000
Columbia av, s o ror 1134 st. 25x100.8)4;
Alex W Krnter and wife to John (lautf. . ... 73,600
West End av. v a 47 a 71th st, 17.HX5I; Itobt
r Martin and wife lo John II tlenshaw 1
81st st. s s. Ill a. Ho Amsterdam av. U2 lixlOiU;
John Banta and wlfo to tha Third Universal
is! society. N V 49.000
47th st. s a SSI..1 e 7th av, 18 Uxl00.6; Carolina
Itossto John U Morris 20,000
Amsterdam av. w a, 60.S n doth st. 25x80; Ar
thur Berry, itf, to Harriet a Anderson 28.700
ZXZ?2S!-.m . -,. ..!MCTWwr-a.
4(lth st. n a. 250 w loth av. 25x100.5; Thomas
(Irani to Thomas McCarthy and wife 7,050
78lb Bt, n cor Amsterdam av. 30x103.2:,
Louis Schwegler to Albertlna Millar 170,000
Anderson, Wm D, to Jas Trowbridge, 27110th
ar.Syre .3 $5,000
Aprell, Emma, to Jnnaa Well nnd ano, lull and
111 East7Bthst. 8yre 3.000
Atfams. Jaa.8r. and Jns. Jr. to linens Lowell-
Held. 2dO Monroe at, 2 yrs 1,000
llogart, Chas W. nnd wife to Alfred B Fountain.
na I2bthat. wothav, note 4,000
Canulro, Vtlo, and wife to Louisa strong. 110
Nulberryst,5yrs...... 44,000
Same, to Jacob 1'askusz aud Abraham KasaeL
same prop. Installs. 2 inorts 10,000
Dlshrow, iiiitnu B, to Jns I' Burrel.HU East
lOMthst.lyr 0,000
Sllleiiburg. hutharlna, to Mnry M Hnpltlnton,
a a &"itb at, o Lexington av, 1 yr r 13.000
Ellison. Mary o. to ilarlem Savings Bank, u
112th st. e 3d av, 1 yt 6.000
Flesk, Cha I. to Harris Hatkousky. 121 Lud
low st. installments 2,000
Fitch, lieu), to Anno S Carroll, e Inwood av, n
lleranl av. 3 yra 3.O02
Fns. Joaepblla, to Win II Fay no. w a Washing
ton av, s lt'6th st, installments..., 0.600
Ilarlucdv, Hsunab M, and ana to lsaao Kdet-
muib. 1.1)42 Lexington av. tkyrs 3,000
Hagenauer, tlplmnse, to Alex walker and ano. ,
a a lu.'dst. ivllthav. 1 yr '16,600
Johnson. Wtn. and wife to Julia FUrandlu,
gdti. n2adst. w loth av. due 4,800
EatBenstem. Llna. and ano to Mary AFarrelL..
yoth at, v lat nr '10.000
Levy, Maurice, and wife to Kami Knox and ,
ano. exre, 135 and 137 Divisional, 4 yrs 145,000
Nearer, otte, to Solomon Moses, exr, s 213th
at, authar. 3 yra , 3,000
.Mil cr, Albertlnu. to Louisa Schuyler, no cor.,
10th av aid 78th at. 2 yrs '10.000
Myers. F.inlte. to Leopold M Whitehead ct aL
exr... 2411 East G7tU st. 3 yra 0.000
Neumann, Mich, to ElmaA Stabl, 231 East
Kith at. mos 7.U00
Nugent. Frederlo K. and wlfo to Thos Mackel-
lar, sa&tiiav. u 124th st. nolo aOOO
Norrls. J no O. to Caroline Koss, a 47th st. a
7thav,ljr 16.000
Obatbaum. laullue, to Uy Waters. 34 Attorney
st. Install. 12.000
Opnenhelm Hnphle, to Title Guarantee and
Trust Co, 133 West $8th St. 3 yrs 6,000
Plercy. HyC. to Wm II Cray, a a 11 that, woth
av. lnstitll 8,000
Frank. S.inu. et at to Jacob II Warner, UU Stan
tonal, 0 yrs 13,000
Farker. Waihlngton, to Wm 11 Multh 10 (iy
et. 3 yrs 4.000
Eeckweg. Jinn c. to Warran 11 Sammla, a a
Oambrlt a:, o Marlon av. 3 yrs 4.G00
Stewart, Piter M. und wife to Jas R Smith, 8
77tUst, wWest Kndnv. 3yra 208.000
'Smith. Mar- L. to Andrew J Kerwin. n o cor
I'ark av aid U2d st. 1 yr 10.000
Sohnelder. Cm, to Mary A B Howe, s s 32d St.
e.Mhav.lyr 80,000
1 Stevane, Allert. to Nathan A Chedsey, na Dl.
vision at. i Chrystle at, 1 yr 3,000
Stavmeon, aobt, to Thos It Stewart, a b bldny
at, e Westthestcr nv, 1 yr 200
Stern. Abrihain. and ano to Frederlo J Mid-
dlebronk, o a S.'d st, e Uth av, 3 yrs 11,000
Smith. Wm II. nnd wife, to Emigrant Indus
KivaBank, na 15th Bt, o 7th av, 1 yr 7.000
Stl'npson, lien A. to Jane C Mead, vr a 7th av, a
ailth st.3;ra 11,000
Schulu. liils. to American Surety Co.. e a
llreenest.s West 3d st. bond 20,100
The Third Ultvcrsallst society to John Duller,
as81atst. lOlhnv, 3 vrs 20,000
Thels. Jacob, and wife to Thakla Robe, a a 34th
at. w bth av. 11 mos 2,000
McWalters. Mary, to Jas Carroll, n s 411th st,
wlOthavlyr 1,500
Zframermann. Jacob A, aud wife to Fredk (J
Potter, n stlOlh st, w Amtterdam av, 4 mos.. 2,000
Bouress. Jno M, nndnno to Havld L, Durra,
store, 252 K-lst 61st st. 5 yrs, per yr $420
Foantnln. Alfred E. to Jno 1' Hopper, 138 and
140 East 2Mb t.u yrs, per yr 3.870
Jobuso'i. Ch.is E. to Henry U Ross. 202. 204.
anil 20d 7th av, 7 yrs, per yr 5,700
Nixon. Ann, to Adolpli Frcnnd, store, Ac. w a
:i.l av. 25 n ITstli st. OU yre. per r...$30Oto 480
Nostrand. Ilenrv l. et at to lle.t Ulngler A Co,
store, Ac, 17 Fulton st, 5 yrs, par yr 2,100
3fimltC -j$maUA
(vAnrwrvAewWls ,-,-irr -ir,j-i.n.,-
All Amerlenn Jllatrtct Aleaaeneer Clfllccs,
2D AVE.. 1.021), NEAR 80T1I ST.. LEUMANN A
UU AV E., 1.6H3, E. (1ANZ.
lilt AVE., 1.33S. 1IK1 TllTH AXD77TII STS.. fl. APT.
81) AVE.. 2.051, BET. I12TH AND 113TII ET8. LAW.
hTll AVl!., 162, COR. liTII M.. W. II. FORDHAM.
Kill AVE. 704. ANDERSON A I'd.
2.11) ST., 103 EAST, S. W. CORNER 3D AVE., C. OTTO
tIAN'AI. ST.. 17. JtlLHLl KLl'MIIKIti).
DIVISION ST., lr.7. .lOl.H'H 11 IAMBI. ltd.
BBOdlsLYN, I- I.
en court hi.
ATLANTIO AVE., 2.1508. I'ltAlT A CO.
NHS1RAXU AV'E 362, L. Cl'NMNailAM.
OTU AVE., 240. s'liall' FELT.
DORDEN AVE., o (Telenhono Call, UO Orcenpolnt),
NI7WAHK, S. .1.
PATfnoour. r.. i.
A lady (about 30) of gool nppeariinee, bright and In
telllgent, with gomi couveisattonul powers: one i.apo.
bio of calling upon and doing lui-iuess wlib lailles;
r,fcrennes must be of th liiglnal liernciir. Only
thosn meeting these reoulreuli'llts liee'l U'Mresi A. W,
L., box 101, buu up-tuK u allies. 1,205 Broadway,
-A -A -A ArllHcl.il tlowers.-We will ulu a
few neat, bright girls Le)riid school ago at
l.urncra. Apply with panut. ...,.
WUKZHIiltnilii A lir.CI)T.f.('5 Broadway.
ARTirit'lAL FI.OWERK.Wiint..l, loer Ul.lkers.
THO. II. WOOD A CU .73 Broadway.
BOOK FOLDERS wanted at in noli" hut experi
enced baudaneed apply .it lot and IU.1 Fulton al.
BOOK rbuiKW. gutherers. uud aire tlltcbers. 330
s'uarUt.. 4th Moor.
EXPERIENCED HANDS on ladles' nightdresses; work
given out In quuutitlea; aauiulc aud reference, 80
Walker at.
1" jiOLuERSrpatupblet foldor watrtnT '
iN)ii:ilV, OHprnccst.
CJ.IRLS warned for folding and pasting! iteady fob. 40
V Vesey St., lop noor.
QI!tLWANTEDfofee"druBiiniachlne. oulohn at.
MILLINERS Milliners and trimmers wanted; good
lay; steady wurx. Inqatre all neck at
b. HAMiLOWm'B, 861 Manhattan av.. Brooklyn.
0FBRAT0R8 Experienced operators on Windsor
tits, and bemstlichers wanted.
jU-ondel t UANoOJl, 425 Broadway.
1892, - x : ,, .
Wnirfta efetttssitg.
0NE 'V.Vr 8AVB
oir.te. ir Ir. onr list of Advertising Agencies you
do not find one convenient.
PF.RATolis watoed'otrialles' skirts, steam powir
B V. I). SK1IITC0.. n Varlck st., enrnef Lalght.
Ol'ERATORS wanted on tine I'uslom shirts.
S r CARMICIIARL. l.lnonrnailway.
O'l'KIIATOH, basters. r.nlshers on tine vests. 141 East
2n'.i sl basement.
SKIRT HANDS wnntotl ; must bo
thoroughly competent ; weekly sal
ary ihmT loiifr senson. Drossmnkiug
WANTED A first-class Cutter
nnd Fitter for Ladioa' Jackets nnd
Riding Habits. Apply nftor 7 P.
M., Monday, at 3C0 Schormorhorn
st Brooklyn.
W ANTED Experienced girls on small glue work.
Apply lo LOUIS BAUER. Bth av, and 26th st.
WANTED Operators and learners on shoes. 633
Enstutn st
SomrjBHc rrvnaw WanttA.
CHAMBERMAID. A young girl as chambermaid and
waitress; eonntry in summer; city references re
quired. Call before 1 o'clock
Miss L1TTELL. 223 East 17th it.
CHAMBERMAID. Wanted, flnt-olass chambermaid
In boarding home: Irish girl preferred. Call, with
reference. 400 West 23d at.
C" IIAMRBRMAID Olrltodn upstairs work and wait
on table; private boarding house. 413 West 28d st.
t CHAMBERMAID. A neat young girl as rhamber.
tuald and waitress: reterence. 424 West 22d st.
CIIAMRERMAID and waitress tor small boardlug
hmi-e. Call early. 4f.0 West 2nd st.
GIRLS WANTED, experienced and lately landed, for
private families, hotels, schools, summer houses,
Ac, city and country: places ready at good wages at
CABI'KNTER'S. 10 lith av.
GIRL to do general housework who can cook, wash,
Iron; small family. 161 West H'llh st.
HOUSEWORK. Wanted, a Uerman woman for gen
eral housework In small American family (4); a
good home for a good woman. Call 351 Wost 31st st.
HOUSEWORK A neat Herman girl about 10 to assist
In light housework: good home. Call
Mrs. BLECKMANN, 61 fit, Mark's place. East Bth it.
HotFsEWlfRK Small girl wanted for general house
work; must sleep home.
Mrs. CI1R1KTMAN, 208 Bast Beth it.
HOUSEWORK. tllrl to do general hnusawork In small
American family: German preferred.
Mrs. MOPE R. 244 East 20th at.
HOUSEWORK. Yonng girl wanted for genernl bouse
work In family of three adults; wages tnoderato.
Cnll betore noon. 833 East 33d st . 3 bills.
HOUSEWORK. Respectable young girl for house
work :must be good laundress; no cooking; wagea
UlU, 105 East 10th st.
HOUSEWORK Competont gtrl for general bonse
work: references. Apply between 1 and 3 P. M..
82D Wost 4th St.
HOU3EWORK.-YoungBlrIfnrplalnhousawnrki fam
lly of three: JR Call, after u, EA RLE, 328 West
21M St.
HOUSEWORK. Strong, willing girl wanted for house
work; norhlHren; good home. 225 East 311th Bt.
H OUSKWORK. VonnggTrrforplaln honaoworkffrt;
family of three; call after EAR1.E.32S W. 2l6t st.
HOUSEWORK. Wonted, girl fnr"genernl housework.
Mra BORUES. 342 East 24th St.
HOUSEWORK. Oood breadraaker: clean and tidy;
Scotch or German. 20 East 12th st 3d Hat.
H"()USEW0Rfe7--Respectabl girl for housework; good
wages: small family. Call 2.14 3d av.
HOUSEWORK. Wanted, girl for general housework.
Call after o'clock. 205 East 15th st.
NURSE (II Rt, for growing children: German speak
ing English preferred.
BARLEY. 80 West 14th St.. 2d Door.
NURSE.-NeaV. tidy girl (14) to mind baby and do
light housework; Bleep home: wages il. Apply to
GREY. 128 Waverley place.
VVAITRESS Retlned. good appearing yonng girl for
TT tlrst-class hotel in Feeksktll: call before 11.
23 Lexington av.
UT ANTED A glrU about 14 or 15 yeara old. to mlnila
baby and assist with light housework. Apply at
33H East 15th Bt.
WANTED, at 67 East 75th at., n girl In a small pri
vate family for up-lntrs work and aaalat In wash
ing; references.
W' ANTED Girl for general hotiSQWurk In small fam
ily; must furnish city reference. 171 East (12d st.
WANTED A young girl for general housework. Call
Monday. Mrs. MrLAL'GIILIN, bill) Park nv.
Wmitrfl P0 ffTMlmutCi?, &c.
A BLACKSMITH wanted on wagon and truck work.
Comer Navy and Johnson sts.. Brooklyn.
B0OUB1NDEKS. A man to run a Semnte trimmer.
JAS. GRANGE. 60 Duane it.
BOOKBINDER stamosr on Bible work.
THOS. KELLY, 35H nnd 8(10 Broome Bt.. city.
fOY with taate for drawing can learn a good trade.
J Address ENGRAVER, box 102. Sun oillce.
BLACKSMITH. Finisher: a (rood man on light car
riages. 203 East !8tb St.. N'. Y.
piiCKSMlTlI wanted. 510 West 15th et,
flAKRIAGE PAINTER wanted: ono who Is a good var-
lush and rough stuff rubber and bandy on gears.
BRADBURY'S STABLE. 11U Wost 40th t.
FIREMAN wanted (hollers); alao engineer. 01 Court
St.. UtooHyo
H" ORSESlToER wanted to work at llro and floors
light work. PATRICK WELSH, Morrlstown, K. J.
HORSP.SHOBR3. Wauted. a tloorman who can wot k
at tbo lire. 7H South 6th av.
HtillSKSHOEII Young man. Boor and lire. 131st St.,
near Boulevard,
UORSKSIIOER. A good Iloormali wanted at 4 Do
lancey st.
IJAINTERS-Wanted. six good palnter.1.
1 W. 11. ROBERTSON. Port Chester. N. Y
lirRAPPER BOOKERS, at 423 East Odd Bt cigar fuc
11 tory
WANTED Engravers for calico print woiks; ono
experienced plato cutter, two machine engrniers;
good wages and steady oinploynieut for good work
men. Apply to P. O. box 6.090, Bostou. Mass.
YV ANTED Second lastera and eewers on band and
11 Goodvear turn work: btist prices and steudy work.
Address DALTON SIIUB CO.. Dalton, Mas..
WANTED A good llttor: ono that can cut tome. is.
uro ladies' aud men's uppers Apply
It. SITSS.1IAN. IQOGo'.dft.
WANTED Fifteen hanlwuod workers on vonet red
doors and lio.ise trim. Tho it. JOHN WOOD WORK
INO CO.. Stamford. Conn.
ANTKD-A-hlncksmitli. alo a whcelnr glit, ut
DONUHUE'S. corner Cluesua av. and PactOc st.,
WANTED A ttrat'ClafS trimmer on general carrtjgo
r-'P'ilrs. FLANDHAl' A CO.. 872 Hruniilosl.
W'ANTED-Whee li-rrg"lTt"ul to truck work. SHAD
lliILT MAN'Fil CD. I8 I-'lushing nv., Hrnokl)li.
WANTED A feeder on a cylinder varnTshing ma
clllne. Address A., box 11'). Sun oillce.
WANTED lliacksmTth"and helpar, also wheelwright!
on truck work. 01 Thompson st.
WASThli A woodworker. Call at 10 James alln
trom 8 to 10 A. M.
YOUNG MAN wantod aocuatomed to paging and pei
loratlngmscbmes; steady employment. Address
Yt, 11. D. blx 14.1. .sun ottlcel
nntfil Staltg atUgrtUancotw.
A VANTKD-i:uergi;tlo men or women of vnoil
chnrartprtoorgunlrnloiigrifor an order paving
tl.ooo In seii-u years or S8.0OU at death; experleuca
not essential; business permanent and nrntltable.
Address NATIONAL MtATEKN'AL UNION. 327 Main at
(Inclnnall. '
A YOUNG MAN ns a llrsiclais grocery clerk: como
Monday lutrnlng preparo.1 for work.
P. SELLERS, Flushing. L. I.
AOENTS-SS to 7 dally; cxperleuco umieceisary:
exclusive teritory. "
PUTNAM A CO., f erfnmeri. West Wlnsted. Conn.
A0ENT8 WANTED to sod nearby property on install
menu: commutation, ut, ; lots ill) and un- bnr
ci.romlsslon. Apply 2H7 Broadway, room rt.
AGENT8-J5 dally; see noedlethreadlng thimble''
greatest novelty on earth. 7 Warren at. room 31 '.
B WANTr.li, salesmen on salary or commission to
. handle lb. new Patent Chemlf nt Ink Tliiasliig pen
ell; the greatest aclllng nnvolty over Produced; ernsca
nk thoroughly In two seconds: no abrasion Tor nantr
r..'.??0 H" rent, pront; ono agent's aa ", aniouule.1
to U20 lu it days; another 32 in twohours; we want
one general agent for each State and Territory 1 or
terms uud lull u.irtlculari. addr-ss """' ' ur
l-u Crosse, Ws X.I,
BOi)KKF.r.l'EH.-Waried, a thornughb7,oTkeen'.'71
one acquainted will, the nluinlung business i.re-
jBx' ,;Sui, wm sua. vk
Be,fEUi.u,rtj.t:Kiffl?"n'' .-tjjt
MAHM IIANliS coachman, aim gardener; gafileneraT
r married and single: loan and wife; farm foreman
groom, stableman, handyman, and men laielv landid
wanted at CAIti' ENTER'S. HWiliu "i.
1 inako n change rnli at Hie tl,l-to1.lieLo,l ond rlm
bio New York Agency: tostituna nt every nlass oijekly
(,rc cured: new unlera every mall; liitormatlon In e.
7J0 liroadway, ioi nerMbst.
MEN IVANfllu on rotlle steamers to London nod
Liverpool, to ork for free passage. 04 Green w iru
SALARIED POSITION for an energetic man about aa
possessing fair business nusliiicntloos. aid willing
Hi work far proiiio'luii, will i,e ni,)y instinclod .n
i.tJt??ln"' iP'y I'rsinall. nt 201 East Hit list
WNARTTcLLAN TioT in work In icstauranYi.irdur.
Oner. LAllbON'b. Clinton Market, fuolof bpltngst,
t'tlKlNilTsninrT ofranTTiiy lor nriiiTlu7cdTrci2757T)
i Fullnii st., near AUb:.iuu o., Brooklyn.
WTAlrEKP. cooks, and othertioiri m"pToveesa7o
VI engaged for amnmer season free of charge to
emplojer and employee, ut HARTMANN'S, 63 Lexlug-
WANTED-A man about 30. of neat appearance, with
some knowledge of retail buslitoss. lor a permanent
salaried position; energy aud tact riaulrid, Aulv
jeriouilly,:wiEmltMiit, """" wf
oxb way"to savb
A.tfritif'A.v insTJiir-T Mrssr.nr.rt
ufilce, If In ntir list ot Advertising Agencies yoa
do not find one com enlent.
ANTED More people to si nd 10 rents (silver) for
n-litri'ss In our directory: will rerrlve blgnini'e.
rlhK HIVE ADVERTISER. 163 Ashland at, North
Adams, Jlass.
U " r ANTED Experienced messengers; alao hoys 14
yean old or oer to learn telegraph messenger
ten-Ice. Appl); AM.JHsT. TEL. ;()., 8j)eyat.
WANTED A finely educated agent for the best home
gymnasium In (he world. WHITNEY HOME GYM.
CO., Rochester. N. V.
YOUNG MAN to work In livery stable.
Call 31 Nortai Moore it.
fflumtions Wanted ffttunlfK.
6c. Per Line.
A WOMAN wants to go out by the day, washing. Iron
Ing, or house cleaning, or to take a ashing home to
tierowu house: reference. Mra, MILLER. 105 East53d
L, top floor, left.
A YOUNG (iillL, lately landed, wishes a situation nt
rhamber work; willing to learn. Call at 237 West
loihiL.ln store.
CIIAMRERMAID -Capable yonnggirl wanta situation
a chambermaid aud aaltress; best references.
Call 234 3d av.
D" UESSMAKUILIate with Connelly, perfection In de
ilgning and lilting, Russian gowns, seamless
waists, evening dresses, wants more customers at
home; positively llrst class work only at abort notice.
tMIss LAIIHY, 183 Weat 22d St.
DRESSMAKER wishes more work: glovo-flttltif lulls?
boll skirts, ad: ginghams. $4.
Mrs. KEOUHII. 218 East 3l)th st.
DREBSMAKKRS-lmprover and' apprentices: paid
while leaning; como prepared for work, 200
hast lllllh st.
EDUCATED LADY wishes employment part of day:
no canvassing. WUKK. box 102, bun up-tuwiiouice,
l,Jtl5 Broadway,
F"IRST-CLASs"drESSMAK"er: tits by a. r. Taylor sys
tern: drapes, trims In tho latest style; $1.50 per
day. 161 East 12(lth at;
GERMAN GIRL wishes situation as housekeeper or
cook; can mako dresses and give rofvreuco of
great respectability.
POTTHARST, 353 Central av.. Brooklyn.
GERMAN GIRL for cook, wash, and Iron: private or
boarding home: city or cuuntry: reference. 100
West 25th st.
GERMAN WOMAN wishes to do washing and Ironing
at her home Apply to janitor. 112 East iIBthsu
GENTS' AND FAMILY WASHING. 75 centiTper doten:
open air drying. Mrs. JOHNSON, 12s West 30th st.
GIRL wishes situation In a small prlvateTanitly; best
city roference. Call at 141) East 117th at.
HOUSEWORK Ry a young, able, artlreglrl: knows
how to keep things neat and ciaan. and Is n family
cook and good laundress: wages moderate for steady
place; city or country, 272 uth av,, uear 17th at.
Mra. HALI.'a
HOUSEWORK. Neat, clean German Protestant: two
years' reference; cook and laundress or general
homework; city or country. P., llu East 12th st, near
4th av. '
t URSE, Experienced young woman aa nurae: rtTa'
11 class seamstres: best references. Call at 234 3d av.
OFKIUK WORK,-A young ludy thoroughly ex
perienced with otllce dullas and having a good know l
edge of bookkeepluir desires a position: salary mod
crate: reference. Address M. FORD. 407 East 15th it.
POSITION as housekeeper or J.inttress. Call for two
days at 411 West 2dth st., fourth tloor, room 20.
RESPECTABLE married woman. Swedish, wishes a
placo aa housekeeper. Call for two dayi at 1,835 3d
av.,lhlrd floor, back.
SITUATION by young widow aa honsekeeper In wid
ower's family or take care of bachelor's apart
ments; Mrs. MOORE. 273 West 30tll St.
WANTED Position as stewardess on ocean steam
ship; best of referenco. C. box 205, Sun otllce.
YOUNG American woman would llk position as
working housekeeper; would take charge of bach
elor's apartments; three years reference.
SULLIVAN, 601 WeBt 48th Bt.
YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN would like day's work;
housework or housucleanlng.
Mrs. CARNEY. 2lt)Wcst llous'on St.
YOUNG GIRL wants position aa cliamhe.mald in prl
vote family; referonco from hr mother: city or
tountry. Apply, tor two days, 305 Eust 2th st.
YOUNG OIRL to do chatnberwork and plain waah
ing: best city reference. 635 West 68tt rt.: ring
Jnnttor'a bell 8 times.
YOUNG GIRL as chambermaid and waitress: good
cUy reference; 1.018 1st av.
YOUNG WIDOW desires position as housekeeper.
Mrs. STUART, 202 West 2 Ith St.. llrst tloor.
.g.tttation.'S Warned Sttakis.
6c. Per Line.
A YOUNG MAN. 23. spvaklng English, French. Latin,
little German, bookkeeper, desires work; refer
ence and security,
V.. V...VF ,, ft, or-,, mniinu .,., UlUU.Iil,
A YOUNG MAN would like to procure a situation as
clerk In a summer hotel after June 1. Address
CHAS. A. HALL. 331) West 35tti St.
A YOUNG MAN (21). with references, desires a posi
tion as entry dark or in a stationary atnro. Ad
dress B. R 20J West 3tfth st.. city.
BOOKKEEPER Thoroughly experienced; 37: best
city reference; speaks German; present emplover
retiring. Address .. D. M cars P. A. Caasldy. 246
East 4llth at.
BOOKKEEPER, double entry, good accountant, with
excellent city references, desires position: moler
nt.) salary. Addreas BOOKKEEPER, care D. J. Cotter,
760 Broadway.
BOOKBINDhlt'S experienced young man. paper r'der,
wlshea position as tlrst-claas faint liner; under
stands striker. Please address
O. NECHAMKUS. 312 II room a St.. city.
BOYwahtaa situation ss a feeder nn a ruling ma
chine, or anything that will suit; good, steady
worker. Address BOY, 205 Held av., Brooklyn. In
qutre In atore.
BARTENDER wishes a situation: can furnish first
class reference. Address HA. Amsterdam a v. (store).
BAKER. Steady, sober man wishes situation as fore
man; country, preferred. 182 Forsyth et.. barber
BOY, 17, would llkn to learn gents' furnishing busi
ness: first-class reference.
w. F.iMOKOAN. mitf Norman nv., Brooklyn.
BOY. 17, rood writer, fjiilck and correct at tlgurra. liv
ing at home, wants ultuatiun ill or.lce.
MALCOLM Blil.NIE. (Ill Wall st.. room !..
COACHMAN, by a respectable tunrrtbd man, who has
had charge of a gentleman'a private stable 13
years: best city reference; employer can be seen;
country preferred. Callornddre-
ROGERS. 110 East 3d St.
COACHMAN, gardeufr, or farmar; working foreman;
practical: understand farming In every branch;
can tako charge of gentleman's nine.
ISAAC h. CORKY. 252 West 40th St.
COOK. Young man, first-class, wants position, with
wife as i.'cond: thoroughly cnuipi'trut tu all
branches: hotel or Institution; city or country. Ad.
drM CHEF. 244 llnmllton nv.. Btooklyn.
COOK Evperieurod In all branches: sleudy, reliable,
sober: Mry t-t'ouomlcal; incut, pastry; cltyur coun
try; tlrst-class references.
WM. KOEHI.Elt, 201 WcstS3dst.
(100K Single; experienced dlnuer order; gooil all
J around; pastry; best references. J., room I). 77
Monroe st,
COOK. OoudTiutrber ond carver: boarding house. In
Ktitutiun. or other plicc: moderate salary: good
referenco. A. POtKER. 274 Monmouth ht.. Jersey city.
(" 100K Bng'llsh: thorough In a'lTbra'irli.'S llftt-clasa
. conlting; meats, pastry, carving; hotels, re.tauruut
referenciB. CHEP. 435 West 2?that.
C OOK. day or night; good all-ruund experienced man;
single; understands his business.
' FRANCIS. 10 rark row.
C OOK, dinner or order; unilerstanda'ruw meat cutting
and carving and butter cakes. ,,,
CRKKHICK, 1B2 Sullivan at,
CiOOK. stetidr young man for night work. Address
J II, . care Wright, lTJMileceker st.
CyTHn tiliU and Uordou pressman wants situation in
small o.Uce; can cut paper. Address . . .
' CYI.1 Nlhlt.l57 4tb.av,
COMPETENT STENOGI'.AI'IIEIt will teach pupils at
th.'lrnwn home, day or ewning; Munsnu syttem.
Address TEACHEIt, slum, I.9D5 7tb avriiy;
CVirEr'thormrglily e"xperlencdrilrT.clas on dinners:
' thorough butcher. 41 l.ndcrlilll av, Brooklyn, 4tn
bell. .
OI.OREl) MAN desires sltlMtlnil as order cook In
restaurant, EIIIE.N'E K, I'olirr.K. 154 West 63.1 St.
fi"!if)irilltiiicrand ord.-r cook wlshos a situation. Ad
I rtri'fs i,ii!;nfIM.I, w) iilltt it.
" riif-Ti:i i'.'i'i.i:iA.N Hr.iltKS
l'tlilTI.IS lit . OUtil A 111.1:. W U.I.INO.
Viil.K.Vfc'.ra WmumLw. aTII HT.
fNjllNEKirwaniTaaltiiationiis engTiii'ir or Janitor
!iin oiliin liiiildliK. lintel, or tni'tur): ilrat.cl.iBi
license 1H wars' rcr.Tenee. Anierlcaii; aitu 88; mar
rle.l . A'Mwsa LNGlNKhK, 10 He) t . prlnlar's.
IIIRSI'-i'LAs1' Ilnner7 order, and pastry nnnki all
1 branches or looking; good worker. 23.. East Bth st.
IMHTCLASSHicotid hand on all kinds of bread. Vienna
1 rolls, city or ciuniry. 117 2d at., Iblrd lloor,
fitltM'i'l.AS.i HIKER, fireman, on bread and cake:
' city or country 7 I'lirysilojit
1 illthT'l'I.AsS dinner and order cook; good carver;
y referi'H es. KJ.1 1.t '.'"Hi st . '.'it noor.
(nii'.tiON FEI'IH I! wauls pnidtlon; experienced
A hand, can miso readt I'., box 1BI. Hun oillce.
JIMKlKiTilihll si class rity riiference. desires posl
tlmi In oiin loin. Uu ror Hat: iimderate wages. Ad.
uriss J N IK ill. c.iri"." Ii J. Cutler. 75H Broadway.
1)0111 Ml AND I'AflihR.-llriO'l man. with excellent
n-li-rrncis, desires poi-ltlnn. or assist shipper; mod
criiti'iaiKi tildiess POUTER AMI PACKER, cero uf
l.'utti r. 75i Ilrnadw n,
fjASlRY I'OOi;.- AND BAKERS supplied to bOleU,
X retluurants, an 1 calt'rersliy tbo ol.leit soiietv
flllllh. I! It'll. 74 East 3d st.
SAi.rSMANin telaiTgroceiyhiisliussdasiras po.ltiou;
competent el ry way, )ears of experience; young
loin still Addrr.
U, box lo., sun uii-lowu onice, 1,2(15 Broadway,
So Hi; II and'rnmii.tent in, in as fnrounn on nil Miius
ut brrad. Yii-nna uud rolls, wishes u steady sltua
mn; city ir country. Call or addrese 356 East 73d St.,
inp 11 nor. trout
CINiil.I', HKKMAN-lln. roppersnilth and roorlrT
J wauls stealv inb In factory.
AIiVEBllsmi, 774 bin a, care of llr. Ilitber.
SITUATION wunted Hsrnaclitnan for tentleinan; city
or country: will work in garden and take cureof
Imrses. Ad.lreis I). P. M . P. O. bug 3. Curt-rack, N.J.
SHIPPING t'LMlK.-Adlri lunu wiTh gooil rerer
enreaitealrea iiosllliMIl inolerute wages. AddresB
MIII'I'INi) CLERK, care ot 1). J. Colter. 750 liroadway.
USiiKUI, MAN FOR COUNTRY: ablatndrlie; carofor
horses, cows, and garden; first-class reference. Ad
dress MAN FOR I1U2 COUNTRY, cu (ii Cutter, 750
sjgltwatlbmn batted patem.
5o. Per Line.
Otllce, It In our llat of Advertising Agencies you
do not find one convenient.
UT ANTED llr a respectable young married couple, a
gentleman a bouse to take cart, ar for the summer
or later oni ran glvn the best reference. CaUur ad
dress M., 22 East lOlh at., city,
WATCHMAN. -IMIable man, with tlrst-clax TuT
cnee and bondB ir required, desires aposltinn Ad
dress WATCHMAN, care of 1). J. Cotter. 76(1 Bmndway,
Y(lT'Nl) MARRIED 'MAN wishes a Bltuntlnnat an7
thing. Address I., s.. Jinx 167, Sun otllce,
VOUNO, sober dinner and nrd.'r rnokVants situnHonT
. ''OOK, c re .lordan. 64 Slantnn it.
YOUNG man would IIXo position ns order cook or
kllchenniatii good butcher. MARTIN, 423 7lh av.
YOUNT"M AN as cake baker: nrst-classTeconiiliaiio.
100 2d st.
llookkeeMng. writing, antiimellc, correspotnlence.
apelllnc. itenography, typewriting, private tnsttnc'
lion: day, evening, all lununer. PAINK's BUSINF.V4
fOLI.EUK, U3 Bowery, corner Canal; up town, HIT
Wesl34tli st. corner Broadway.
BANJO, mandolin, end guitar instruction, : per
course; song and dance. Jig. clog, reel, and wing
Innrmg taught for the stago or amusement: tuition
thorough, practical and strictly prlvato: saitstio
Hon guaranteed: circulars mailed free: open day au4
evening: lluo lustruminti at Inwest prices.
, J. DI'.AN, 674 ikl av, near aim st.
BANJO, mandolin, song and danco. Jig and clog datu
Ing taught; circulars mailed. j
J. noOAN. 200 Bowery.
BANJO. Mandolin, violin. Guitar Instruction: ladlia
taught; private thorough course. H.V
J. HORTON, 167 West Sad it.
BAN 10, Guitar, and Mandolin. I"rlvata lessons.
HENRY C. DOBSON, 1,270 Broadway. Patent silver
hell banjos.
HOW TO GET STRONG. Go to J. Wood's Gymnasium!
fl Eait 28th st.: open day and evening: running
track, rowing machines, boxing, training, baths, Ac.
will take pupils of either sex In reporting, eilltoral
writing, stenography, nnd proof reading, and aaalat
them to positions; day or evening.
PRACTICAL, 167 4th av.
TKKHH. Academy ror vocal rultnre, dramatlo act
ing, dancing, and deportment: tho new dove daneaj
amateurs coached: parlor entertainments superintend
ed. 270 West 42d st.
"PROF. E. SCIIARWENKA, 22H East 23d St.. glvei thor
A ough and luccessful Instruction in piano and stng-
"" COUL MAGNETISM, Psychological Therapeutic Ao
Otlon." Thursday night, Bit MCCARTHY'S hyp
notic seance. Mceinerlo Academy, 31(1 West 5t)th at.
ffaunno eademie.
0"PKN ALL SUMMER! waltt and all fathlonabla
dances laught rapidly: ciri-'nlara.
jgianofortej, jBrjiiM, &c ....,
200 elegant upright pianos with plush cover anA
stooLatS250; Slo down and $8 monthly until putd.
Also a lot of bargains In second-hand pianos, as fol-
Choice of 10 UPRIGHT PIANOS 123
Your choice at $10 down and $5 monthly until paid,
WHEELOCK A CO.. 23 and 25 East 141h It.
of delighted purchasers acccrd full praise to tha luper
latlvo qualities of tho
Why not Join this boat of contented possesion, in that
in your borne "the night ihall be filled with tnustot"
10U CAN DO IT by purchasing on tuch a convenient
series of payinenta that you will scarcely feel the ex
penditure. And you w III be always pleased.
1)2 6ib av.. near 14th it
A few of theso Instruments, slightly used, all In per
fect order, at great bargains; cusb or Installment!!
pianos tu rent.
807 Broad wny (lwih St.).
xctlii In toe, bfRtity of finish, and .lurnMl.ty; nol4
tio down MTitl $H moiitlily; warrnntttt lu yettr. Fao
turv ami wareroouis, 2U4, 1'OtJ. 2y Kulton t., Urooklyni M
ogen eventny.
. Ami t-xjii.-ire l'lauoa of our mnt quio but fiifflitljr
iticd ai(t rullj tftiaraatcoil; )no Kecuud'baii- piano
" I'ther IcaUIiitr niAkam at Uiw pricey.
fit Ii Ave, nnd iWth HI.. New York.
AI.Al'Y rtacntlccA mantt)cent uprlirtU piano; thre
peJnUr fully fruarantueil; also elK&-- faroltura.
No. a.i Kmt 4th tt.
COTTAOK OROASS, 12 utoni.. StH.; $a mouthly; (fnar
Aitteed live yeftn. WlhaNKIt, W0 Vultoo at.. Brook
lyn; opeu Bvenlpgi.
COTTAB 0U0A.N8, 12top. J05: tr monthly :ruav
antce1 nvo yeara. WlbSNKK, 9tJ Pulton it., Brook
lyn;opn evening.
stem w ay. barcraln. WISHN KB, 200 and 302 Kulton
it., Itrooklyu; open evenlnga.
ELHOANT ifl'RloilT PIANOS to rent from $3 up- '
want WISSNKK. 2Utl full on it. Urooltlyn; op
F. COWER. 4 Eait 4fld , i
Uprtirbt and Hquare I'ianoi rnraaleand rentoaaaav '
ten of payment; lecond band, $.'). 970, flOOupvard, ,
ABB THE BKST. Easy terms. Kant aod eaohang.4. i
r.7 and SO fnlvcrslty plac. and ai Bast 12th it.
CSt $4. Upright pianos rented: f 135. mahogany up
yBtJif right piano; bargain.
BIDDLH. llano Manufacturer. 7 East lath it.
The Oldent Calubllabed HpcctaUat.
Has devoted more time (as city panera ihow) than aay
other advertising physician lo tha exclualT. traatV
ment of
from whatever causes arising. BLOOD and BKINdlaVn
enses, red spots, pain In bones. Bore throat and mouth.,fi
blotches aud eruption! on tbo ikln, ulcers, painful-,
BVrellincrs, Ac. J
K1DNI-.Y and UllINABr complaints. Irritation, icald- L
Ing, inilauimntlou, frequent inclination to urinate, -i
lectious discharges, gleet, strictureB, Ac. i
OiliiAMC WKAKNK.iS. nervous debility. Impaired
memory, mental anxiety, absence of will power lost':,
vitality, weak or soruuken organs. Impedimenta toJ
marriage, melancholy, involuntary vital losses, weak.
hack and other diseases resulting from excesses. 1st- l
discretion or overwork, receut or old, speedily,
thoroughly, and permanently cured.
"Where shall I go to get cured!" many asultereri
asks, not knowing whom to trust. (Jo whir thou-,
smuts of othera have gone and been restored lo perfeota
health, the comfiirts of borne and the enjoyment of
audit)', to Dr. (IKINDI-K'S old established olflci, over
12 irars at 171 West llittl St.
All lingering clironio diseases that have been neglect
ed or halo failed to yield to the treatment ot lesssklt-1
tul hands soon get well under Dr. HUINDLK'S superior
1'atietits wishing speedy relief and sura cumhouhl
consalt Dr.Ultl!DI,K. the lucceisful ipeclallit. whos
long, exteuslio egnerielico inables hint to apply th. ,
proper treatment at oncu without ua.lesi expsrimentaj.'
thus saving ttto patient much tlm. and .xpsnse.
ut rice ovi:u is years at
171 West 12th st., between Uth and 7th avs.: lowest i
charges; advice tree. Hours.K to B.8undays.mo:iltoH.i'
. DB.OKEV, as years a specialist for tho eicluilv.
treatment of diseases ot men. Ulcers, discharges
gleet, strictures, blood poison, sore throat and mouther
tongue eroptlons, blotches, and red spots ou the skin,
painful awelllngs. kidney and bladdir diseases, trrita-
lions, scalding InHammatlon, frequent desire to un-,'
note; organlo weakness, nervous debility, errors oC
youth, bad dreams, undeveloped organs, luit'itdtinrnt.i
to marriage, weak back, and all diseases rciultltnr
froia excesses, Indiscretion, or overwork, recent or
eld. speedily and permanently cured. All lingering I
ohronio diseases that have been neglected or haver
tailed tu yield to the treatment of less skilful baula
soon get well under UR. URKT's superior treatment.)
When sullorlng trom dlssase patients should seek ad-t
vice from nn expert whusi experience and iiractto
havo taught blui to apply promptly the proper remedy.)
and quickly remove the disease, thus aioiding tb,
many months ot tnatment so common to tnelncx-j
perlenced and annoying and discouraging lo Hie pa-.
tlent. Itemember that M years or uninterrupted pra"
t ice aa speclallsl enablas me to speedily lure ail coin
tiUlnts, uo matter what tho caute or bow Ijiig ''""!;
ing. for quirk reietand sure cure, ronsilt Jir.ii.lBs
.- ATTimOI.UKrtTAllUsllhH ' H- ' . .,.
120 Esst 17th st uear 4th av. I,ni 'barges. Ad
vice free. Hours, ft tuU; mndai sj'jhi :. "" ,
1HT1I HT., near .Id av. station oldest ;s I'J'" .
speclallit: over 40 yeara lu .Ne lork- cur '"?'!l "
blood polaon, skill eruptlom.bli'l. h ,r'''lJ"l"l,':l,'l.c',!:
sore throat and inouili, patniils lliiias. pa ; In
back. head, bones, chest, henrl. lung". 'li- ,;"'.
cntarrli. consumption, kidneys, bladder, 'requeiii
painful nrlnatiun' illscliarge. stric iiira-. g '; .
METIIOII only one liioan that cures l''""nenlly
worst casoa nervous drbiltiy. ie..kie.;. errors of yosth.
Indiscretions. eio...e, low C ' ,, '; 'Af'T- 'SI
manhood ngor ntllpowr t inclioiy.dixxlneas.sBf-
ncsV" u.mbf.i.g. imp. dlmciits , w i.mrriago.ihrunkaa.
are ve.ra old ill ipei nllsts are old men and hava
SJuy'ha" il AN V coVh lo mo for, art lion lit .lamina
tion and in! superior treatment, that had received n.
benent front t iis )""" 'lf strM great doctorl.
hnLna nriifessi'rs agencies, companies, elactrto bum
Ws a !OS-Vl.r (il.D ill! SMITH llrst; he Is tha
r,i,t...'i i,st aiil ihiape-t; mm time, money, and;
great';, tie r,g iflicl.Arg.: .t..n,.e,l l.nedl-t.ly; !.
est charges, uny disease, ndvlce free, U to tf.
111.11 I. OHIMH-E.
ouaih'ati: m:v i'obk umvek.
niHKIHIN 4IF MI'N. Bloivl and skin diseases.
"re' tlirnnt and innath. bloicbeiandernpllons kldnsy
anil bladder diseases, irrltallona. sc.lldlnas. Inflainniu.
tmiis ireiueni desire to urinate, dischargea. gleet,
sir etures, ulcsrr. painfull swellings, Ac. My treatment
ii'.sltli-'.l i-nria nervous 'debility. f!e"- 'nPlr''1
leinori. tnentul alialely. absenrsof will power, diul
e,s in prrfei llr developed or weak organs. Impodl-
"''Vl.W-irJs.-'Ai'T'a' AT ,
171 Wei 12th st., betwoui nth and 7th avs.: lowest
charges; advice free, Hours U lo II. Sundays.!! tu 4; il to H.
D'hsks'anh oyrici: pusnitl-ije in 'PA7JrAr

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