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"VOL. L1X.-X0. 240. NEW YORK, TCJ1SS1)AyT"mAY 3, 1892. PHICE TWO CENTS. ' 1 1
jiEuvctsa ins vrianr nr noxixa
axd OTiiBit i.xvncisn.
jlc In Alio Hitting. TVorklnsthe Dnmb Bella,
nnd Taking I.odc Walk, I'nlll Now the
Muselea or Illi Arm Have Become Hard,
nnd Hla Shouldera Hqnnra and Firm, nnd
He Saya Un Never Felt Better In Hie I.I re.
Aithsv. Mny 2. Gov. riower Is rapidly be
coming nn accomplished boxer, Hohastrnln
cil down twenty-two pounds, from 240to'J18,
rind peoplo who know him as ho wan durlnir
tho campaign nnd when ho camo to Albany
tiro nil wondorlnc over tho change. A mnn
comei nround ovory evening to tho Exccutlvo
Mansion after dinner nnd boxos with tho Gov
ernor for fin hour, and rubs him clown aftor
wurd. Bosldes Unit, tho Goornor linn other
glinnnstlo exercises, which hnvo hnrdonod his
muscles nnd mndo him wnllc nrotfnd Mralcht,
w th his shoulders squnro and his head up In
tho u I r. nnd his lungs flllod with II no air, which
is an Albnny specialty.
Sluco Gov. Flower's recent nttnek of bilious
lndlRostlon hlB doctor told him that ho would
imio to change his wny of lis Ins It ho did not
want to bo a permanently sick man. l"or somo
jears Gov. Flower has not takon much exer
cise of any kind. Ho would drlo around Wa
tertown, nnd in tho fall ho would spend somo
tlmo huntlnc In the Adirondack and alone
theBt. Lawronco; hut from tho beginning ot
tlio campaign last fall until bIx wooksnsoho
took no oxcrclio that amountod to nnythlng.
When ho camo to Albany he was new to tho
dutlos of tho offlco. and ho started In nt onco
to famlllarlzo himself with them without hav
iurr beon rested after tho hard work and worry
of tho campaign. Ills nppotlto wns cood and
lio nto threo hoarty meals a day. Aftor break
fast ho would light a clear and go oer
to the Exccutlvo Chatnhor. whoro ho
would co throuch thopnpors and eiuoko until
10 o'clock, when tho olTlce regularly opened.
From 10 o'clock until 1 ho would boo callers
and work. At 1 o'clock ho returned to tlio
Jhecutlvo Mansion nnd lunched heartily.
Often ho would tako somo friends ovor with
Mm. and tlio lunch crow In substanco and
number of covers until it amountod to as
much as a dlnnor. Aftor luncheon ho would
light nnothor big cigar nnd walk back to tho
CapltuL From 3 o'clock until ho wont homo
he would smoke, and thon ho would dtno
heartily and smoko until bedtime. His doctor
told him that this courso of livlnic for a
man of his weight nnd habit would brine him
down to an early crave, nnd that ho would
hniotortop. Ho promptly btopped.
i'rom that tlmo until now ho has not smoked
B cigar, and tho way ho fools now ho does not
n ant to smoke. He is ambitious to learn how
to box well, nnd he knows thnt there is noth
ing like Bmoklne a oicar after dlnnor to lntor
foro with a man's staying powers if ho wants
to box an hour aft or ward. Gov. Flowor novor
wns a man who drank beyond a llttlo claret
With bis dlnnor, but ho has stoppod even that,
and ho is in training now that would put
many professional athlotos to ermine. Tho
result of tho training is shown in tho work nt
tho Capitol, as well as in tho way thnt ho
knocks around the professional boxing mnn.
Who has to stand up against him for an hour
In tho evening.
It is a week only since tho work of tho Legis
lature was turned ovor to tho Governor, but
ho has already disposed of all tho important
measures the Apportionment bills, the Con
stitutional Com ention hill, tho Now York In
spectors of Election bill, the Freedom of Wor
ship bill besides nil the armory bills nnd
many other measuros of local importance.
Ifo comes over and tackles tho bills the sumo
war that ha jftQOel4.eXBriPg.-man. Ho says
thotns thn rrmii3iI-iua-,itt.lauifclio never felC
bettor In his life. -
I nevor struck a mnn In onrnest." he said:
hut if I did. tho wny I fool now, thoy would
hnvo to cut my list nut"
He gets up at 7:30 in themornlng ond makos
a simple breakfast of n little fruit, beefsteak,
and coffee. Ono morning he takes hoofstoak
and another morning shad. Ho sits down n
whllo after breakfast and rends n paper. Then
ho walks half a mile to the Cnpitol and works
t tho bills until 1 "'clock. At 1 o'clock ho irons
back to thn hxecutive Munition nnd ents a llttlo
broiled chicken or some othor kind of n bird
Hnd n bit of tonst. Thon ho w-ilks again
to tho Cnpitol nnd stays thero until
o or 0 o'clock, when ho walks bark
to tho J..xecutho Mansion nnd makes
n dinner on soup, roast beof, nnd a few vege
tables, with no dessert or pastry of any kind.
Ho drinks nothing except wntor and cofToont
his breakfast, and ho Is rodueinc tho coffee.
Aftnr dinner hn rends for a while, and at about
II o clock he botes. Inhlsbolng horaadesn
specialty of tlio straight right, and straight
left. with tho result that fho muscles of his
arms hav o becomo hard and his shoulders nro
getting more square nnd llrm. After boxing
for an hour ht is rubbod down and goes to
bed. Besides boxing he works dumb bells of
light weight through tho regular dumb hell
exercises, nnd bo leans against n door or bar
and pushes himself back several times in
order to opand his chest.
until May 21 tho Governor will stay In
Albany. Then bo goos to tho Adlrondaeks
with Mrs. Mower for two or three weeks.
1 hero ho will spend tho time In hunting and
Hulling ami getting plenty of out-door oer
clsn During tho suminor lm will make his
homo in Aiiitnrlmrn. where Mrs. riuwer will
stay. Ho will lo in Albany several days n
Week, iir business mny require. Thon ho ex
perts to make an Inspection of all tliensylunis,
prisons, and rhniltnhln Institutions, in order
that bo may personally s-oo how they nro con
ducted. Jty f.ill ho will be bnek again in
Albany in tho best health ho has had sinco ho
Wb u JolTorsnn county boy.
Tvn.s our ltKCKirEit citoxcn,
ledge Uarrett Knya Tlierr VTa f'ollueloa
llrm cm Ilnnkrniite nml Flalntlrr.
Judgo Ilnrrett has given judgment In favor
f Henry Winthrop Gray, in receiver of I.ovy
Bros. .1 Co.. ilecluting the proceedings v old by
which Dcnjamln Croner wns appointed re
coil er of tho tamo dim by Justlco l'ratt of
Louis Mublhnuser, nisslgnco of a claim of
Ms wifo of S2.100 against tlio firm, brought
the action In uhh.li L'ronor was npiolnted
while proceedings were landing in thlh.-lty
fortheappolntrauitofnnc her. Croner was
appolnto.l on consout on Mny 20, JSfll. Tho
next day Justlco Jngratum appointed Gray
The Mulilliausor action. .Twig TJartott s.ijs.
Wasbiought In collusion tilth Moses S. Levy,
mornberof the nrm. whosouBl.ttosoci.ro his
of $20,000. Ira Loo IlamLergor was Muhl
hnusers attorney. In dnslgnntlng tho urn
SuniWiV; 3W" "" i-n'-i s tlmt'uu
ixiurtand Milllam J, (nnor, eounsel f. r i,V.
fendnnts. were undouhledlv dtc" e,i bvt lo
apparent roasonablenosb of the MiihlhauVer
proceodings. which woro. Jiom,.r. "iu.
herently Ucious." ni. i...
.,""." Bays Judge Barrott, " thn under
lying and practical auoitlon hero is. which if
5i'.';f,,.,':,!in,,lomen.;an b,, "dmlnlter thl o--tato
ami do i..btice most in part ally to nil
concerned i.edltors should Aot bo depFiu
firn?,.,1 ofono who Is confosbedly JCt
lrna? I"?!11' .wl,": to .,,ls 'Ddoiiondent pov .
estatosm'i?1?.6"?0' Y !' 'jmltor tho
ftn. i B''"s'njtorily to the Court and to ero.l.
a nnei?.llr ht'cnuso t tho earlior selection of
? Pfh"" 'V!"0"") nom nated by tho attorney
fnf IhM1'0 Bro 'HI"B tf) ''ontrol thn estato
won ? nn.n tinlft";r" Purposes-n person who
!Jn-. i. ?.Mnn.ll,mlljr ,l0 "Urrounded by Inll...
e?S?eviVin.' B J"'t ndmlnlMrntlon, How
floS. in?"0.nt f .rni11! J'r. .oner may he. ho
Into Imll'V11' '" ih"finn poMlion of ni.s,,.
Mr Gray' U)coofull,"lrt'os co":mfd as
OrUivold Inl.d,o (lie I'.nr.
William M. Grlswold. slock broker, of 72
JlroaUwuy.wlio wus ludletod last week for
leasing the house nt 31 Wen l'ourtl. street ns
nloii.oofillfun.onftorl,,, lmi heennotinoj
tl. 'rtf07,1,,V,'l,lH,!:nn''1,'-wase.-ille.J to
Icii Hn11 ,(',e''"11 b.sh.ns jeMerday to
iliil ti. . i '" ' ""t ni"r, hut lit couunel
it idgn V TlAy hl;",k?,0'. ", adiiuriiment
entertain i'Wi 8''';' nt l.efoni ho w. mid
lsSSi.?w.710tlon J'owould Iko to know If
fornanif!!! In court. Grlswold thon stuppc l
lii 1. rn'r2R ibl,clc 8(,nt nnd stood at tlio I nr!
A Tlrglnlnn Aeeosted Ittm On (be Blep of
the White Home and One Illm a Cunr.
WASItlTo. May 2. At about 3:30 this
nftcrnoon nsSecrotnry Dlalno wns going Into
tho White House, whero ho had somo bustnoss
with tho President, ho was accosted by Mr.
A. 11. Crowcll, a Virginian, who said:
" Is this Secrotary lllalno ?"
" Yes," replied tho Bocrotary, looking somo
what annoyed.
"You do not romomber me. do you?" con
tinued tho stranger.
"No. I can't say that I do." replied tho Sec
retary. "Woll." continued tho Virginian. "I mot you
hero In Washington tlx cars ago, and I enmo
hero to llnd out whero you woro Ihlng 6otl.nt
I could glio you a ci.no that I madomysolf.
which Is somowhnt l.lstorlcalln Its character."
"Younroxory kind." replied tlio Secretary,
looking moro comfortnblo and evidently woll
pleased at tho unlquo workmanship on the
Tho Virginian said that tlio cane wns made
of Georgia plno from ono of tho joists in Llbby
prison. Tho head Is formed of knots of roots
from tho batttellold of Bovo.'.l'inos. Thero
aro tluoo bullets embedded in tho head,
which wero picked up ou tho hattloflold of
talr Oaks. In making this explanation thn
donor of tho ca.io became iinlto enthusiastic
ami tapped tho t-ecrotuiy familiarly un tho
chost soi oral tlmos. either by way of umpluisis
or to test the heeretary's lungs.
When tlio vnnu was handed to him Mr.
I.lnino flourished it around soxornl tlmos. said
it was ory handsome, and that ho greatly ap
preciated tho gilt As ho was about to go up
stairs, whero tho President was awaiting him,
the lrglnlan drew from his pockot two hand
somely can od napkin tings inado from an oak
recently felled at Fair Oaks,
Hero. Mr. Socretary," said tho Virginian.
I did not forget tho ladles of your family. I
trust you will ho kind enough to present tl.eso
rings to Mts. lllalno and your single daughter,
and say I made them ospoclally lor their use."
'J ho t-oerotnry wns profuse in his thanks, and
assured his friend that tho ladies would prlro
the rings ns highly ns ho did his walking
stick. Mr. Crowcll thereupon closed his talk
by saying that ho hadnhvnjs been n great ad
mirer of Mr. lllalno, nnd hoped that T.u might
eventually becomo President.
Seventeen Years or Kflbrt by Its Promoters
Finally Crowned AYttli Huccena.
Aijuny. May 2. Gov. Flowor nignod tho
Itaiuey Hrldgo bill to-day nnd crowned
Dr. ltnlnoy's efforts for soventcen years
with joou3 success. Evorybody who has
been around tho Legislature nny tlmo
within twonty years knows of the Itainoy
Bridge bill. Tho chartor was originally grant
ed in 1807. nnd Dr. Thomas Kalnoy has beon
hero for seventeon years trying to have it
amended Into proper shape. Four yeurs ago
ho had soma amondmonts mado, which ho
thought woro enough, but tho courts over
throw them, nnd It has takon threo 5 ears to
get tho bill in shape to ovoreorno tho objection
of tho courts. .Morybody in Albany is Ur.
ltalnoy's friend. Ecn in thj atmosphere of
rorruntionnudpetty Inrcony that surrounds tro
Legislature, no charges of uny kind have boen
mado against Dr. Itainoy. nnd no ono would
think of trying to extort money from him. Ho
is n white-haired, gray-moustnehed man. Ho
was born in North Cnrollna about sixty yenrs
ago. and his whole tlmo since 1875 has boon
given to his liridgo bill.
Tho bill provides for tho building of a hrldgo
to connect tho New York Central ltailro.id with
Long Island, wlthtwopiorsonlllnckwell's isl
and, ono nt either Hide, nnd clear Bptins ho
tween tho Island plors und the shores. The
capital of too company is $10,000.01)0. nnd it
has authority to huild n branch to tho annexed
dihtrkt. Part of tho pluu la to provide Hat ears
which will bring farmers' wagons, with farm
products, from Long Island Into Now )ork
without breaking tho bulk. Tho Idea Is to
have tho farmer tako his wagon upon the car
and leave it there without horsos. Tho rail
road will tako it to Now York, and the farm
wagons TToutha arid" & Long Island cau-fce-.
lnmled heforo nocnvwtth tho fresh vegetables
of the morning.
itKruititr.D to hie nisnzER case.
Jnetlee Kennedy Give (he Grand Jury a
Hint as to Ilia Sentiments.
TJuca, Mny 2. Justlco Georgo N. Kennedy
opened tho Mny torm of tho Kuprcmo Court
nnd Court of Oyer nnd Torminor in this city
this nftornoon. nnd it was expected thnt somo
reforence would be mndo to thn cbargos to ho
mado to thorn against D. A. Dlshler. Keener
Duck, nnd Marshal McElwaino for assisting
Buncoer O'Brien to escape. District Attornoy
Jonos. who Is somowhnt annoyed over tho bo
Hot which prevails in othor parts of thn Stato
that, owing to tho influence w hleh Disblor can
bring to bear, no indictment can ho lodged
against him. hold u short conversation with
tno Court, alter which ox-Supervisor M. F.
Smith of hnotioro, wns nnmod us foreman uf
tho jury. Judge Kennedy thon said:
"It sometimes happens that u pnrtyaccused
of the commission of n crime muy occupy a
position to challenge, more or loss, public, at
tention to that cii.no. Ho may array in his he. '
half persons who aro Interested and friendly
to him. against the peace and welfare of tho
community. I need not s..g;est to you that
those occurrences, outside of unr place of sit
ting, uro violations not only of tliucjimin.il
lutt. hut in violation or o.oiy riglit and oidiga
tion that n rartynwes to tho citizens at l.ugo,
mid lie who Ih guilty of it Is guilty rf nil Infrac
tion of the criminal law and himself subjected
to the action of the Grand Jury through tho
instrumentality of an indictment for n viola
tion of its provisions.
"The Court his beon advised through tho
public nre.ss that theio has been committed
w ithln the jurisdiction of tho county of Oneida,
nnd the.efore without ur jurisdiction as
Grand Jurymen, an offence standing high In
tho criminal catalogue of the land. Uln Omit
1h also advised Unit it is quite prnhnblo that
you, ns Grand Jurymen, will hu called upon to
u.xamino into and inquiro who the parties aio
ho urn responsiblu for this violillon of the
ciimlnal law. Should that application bo
Ituideto j on. should Hint case he presented,
you will pass ii on it as ou will ooiy other
ease. Pass upon it on the inido.xo which is
produced. Pass upon it UOi. the fa t ns
they are show li to on, irrespective uf what tlio
public pi ess ma) huo snhl.oruh.it Indhll
uals outside the jury room may lmo uald.
Pass upon it ui on your consciences, upon tlio
oath that, us Grand Jurors, ou liuvu taken."
JSuncoer O'llrleu'a Iul Krniuudrd to Prleon.
Ai.iiAM', May 2. Goorgo W. Post, Tom
O'Urlen's pnl In tho confidence guino which
rolloved John M. Peck of Slo.000. endeavored
to gain his freedom through habeas corpus
proceedings. Ho was Indicted jointly with
O'Brien and oxtrndlt d from Wisconsin for
giand laiceny. After ho was produced in court
no was reindicted for robbery in thu first du
et ce. und then thn former Indictment was
quashed. His counsol held that ho was
Illegally detained, because, he was not indicted
for the crime for which hois now held. Tho
motion was mndo on Saturday for Posts re
lease, and to-duy Judgo Edwards, fitting In
fl.ei.lt here, denied tho writ and remanded
the prisoner. His counsol, Mr. Gleusou, will
appeal to tho Court of Appeals.
Inalrucilous to Nuviil Vcaarls In Bebrlsc
WAsmsr.Tos, Mny 2. The Secretary of tho
Navy to-duy mado publlo tho Instructions
issued to tho naval and rovonuo inorlno vessels
to enforce tho modus prohibiting scaling In
Behrlng Ben. These Instructions differ fiorn
these of Inst year In three Important par
thiilarH; First -Any vessel found sealing in
lieh.ingKeu is to bo sol.ed whether or not sho
hns Pom previously seried with notice.
Second Tho morn presence of a vosset In
leliiing Sea, hilling ou hoard n sealing outfit.
is i. mm lur soUuee. Tliljd All perbons on
honid tlio vessels seled uro to no sent as
pilsners with tho vessel to sudor the penalty
"Ithohiiv. Under tho British law nil persons
killing, oi aiding or abetting in killing seals in
I'chriiigSea aro punishable by a linn of J.1U0
ami linpijsoiiinunt ut hard lubor for six
months I'udvr tlio American law they aro
supjuct to six mouths' imprisonment and u
lino of $1,000.
l'ubllc Hcliool t'ulldren on n HtrUe.
I'munrirjifi, Mny 2,-Throo hundred
school children counectod with tho Vaughn
Grammar School in Itonslngton, went on a
Mrlke this morning bocauso n now principal
had boen pluced in charge of tho school. Tlwy
looked tho gatos of tho school by wrapping
lioavywlro about the iron posts, and it wns
found necessary to call olght polloomea to
drive tho boys away and opeatho schooL ,
The Ruislan I.esatlnn Here M'nrnrd the
Ludlea AVIio Were to Tnke Her Out lu
lilett Unite the Tynehend's Oriiln tint
Mile Hub Got a 1'assport of Her Onn.
Tho unexpected nnd to a certain extent un
foreseen nctlon of tlio tholtusslnn dlpjomntlo
reprcientatives nnd ngonts of thn Russian se
cret police in this country hns nlppod in tlio
bud oho of the bcst-Inld plans to oludotho
vlgllnnco of tho authorities of that cm
.nlro that has been heard of for somo
time. Tho plan was for a woman,
n strong sjmpathlzer with socialism nnd
other vigorous political theorlos Jiot fnvorod
by tlio H.isslan authorities, to go to St Peters
burg nsnn Atneilcan nnd ns an envoy of tho
International lied Cross, tho organization
which is now laboring to assist tho starving
peasants of bnmnra.
Tho woman In question la Mrs. Thcophlln
Kraomor. the wifo of Mr. Felix Krnomor, a
trustod amployoo of tho firm of Btolnway k
Bons. Mrs. Kraomor is n tall and beautiful
woman. She Is graceful in mnnnor, nnd has a
pcrsonnl tnngnetlsm which is powerful in in
fluencing tho mon of whom she doslros to ob
tain n concession. , A Polo by birth, sho speaks
Russian fluently, nnd is also a muster of tho
English language
According to her own statements, in tho
affiduvlt sho mndo not two weeks ago when
she obtained her llnal naturalization papers
in the New York Court of Common Pleas
as nn American citizen, sho wns bora
on Doc. 21, 1B03, in Poland. But thoso
who know her assert that sho cannot bo
younger than 33. Her father left Russia, when
she wns vory young, nnd settled lu Cincinnati
under tho nii.no ol Smith. Her mother, now
bo years of ago. Is living in Chlllicotho.
Mrs. Krnemer Is reported to have beon mar--rled
three times ut least Her llrst husband, it
is said, was a man named Kuet-sner. her sec
ond n man named Klein, now living in this
city, and tho third .Mr. Kraomor. with whom
sho has not lived for somo months.
Mr. Krnouior used to live nt Stelnwny. L I.,
in u small hnuso known us the Villa Echo, with
his wifo. She being a Polo, took n gieat in
terest In thn l'ollsh soeietlos of New York, and
used to attend a number of mot tings hold in
the back streets ol this oily by tho dUsiitislled
Polos. Mrs. Krnemer olten camo homo nt
2 or 3 o'clock in tlio morning, lu
the compnny of severnl bearded Poles nnd
the huslnnd took exceptions to such conduct.
It is supposed that this lod to tlio llnal iup
ture. A le.ir ago Mrs. Krnemer rode lu n pro
cession of Polish societies In thlscltv, nnd in
thn evening mado n speech in tho Polish
tongue at n mass meeting in Cooper Union.
Her languugoon this occasion is repoitcd to
hnvo been of a, most Incendiary ehainctur
from a Itiisslan point of view, and sho is said
to hnvonssorted that her solo ambition wns to
aid in tho oveithrow of tho Russian empire
and tlio reCstnbllshmcnt of tho kingdom of
Vihon thowomon of Iowa gathered tho funds
for the cargo or grain which left this city in
tlio steamship Tuicliond otenlay afternoon,
it was their Intention to send n number of
ladles to St Petersburg, as representatives of
tlio Amorican women, to deliver tho cargo to
tho Itussinn authorities. Tho ladies were to
go under tho auspices of tho Red
Cioss, und wero to bo furnished with
special passport and with pnpors which would
free them from tho inconvenience of having
their baggngo examined nt tlio frontier. Tills
evidently struck Mrs. Kruenior ns nn exceed
ingly convenient method of gninlng admission
to tho empire, and sho consequently started
for Washington to make her arrangements.
Miss C'lnra Button, thn 1'iesldent of tho
American branch of tho lied Cross, resides in
Washington, and it whs sho who hud authority
to designuto who should goto Russia with tbo
cargo. Mrs. Krnemer became acquainted with
Miss Barton and soon persuaded the latter
that she was n most valuable person to have
as an envoy to Russia.
Mrs. M. Loulso Thomas of this city Is an
other lady much interested in charitable en
terprises who tnoughtshe would bo of asslst
tnoa ssamlsslonnty to the famlne-wtricKeE
district, and she wns nppolnted hy Miss Bar
ton to bo ono of the envoss. Sho will sail to
morrow on tlio Lity ot I'uris.
Mrs. Thomas went to Washington early in
Apiil to complete the arrangements for her
journey to Russia. While in that city sho met
o.-Gov. Hoit of Dakota and Col. Henry C. Par
sons, a wealthy gentleman, the ownor of tlio
Natural liridgo in Virginia. Fx-Gov. Hojt is
President of tho Russian Fainiue Relief
Committee, nnd It Is ho who mndo up the com
mittee of piomiucnt Americans who should
woik to assist In collecting money and pro
visions in all parts of the eountrv for the
starling in Russia. On this committee weio
several hundred nnnies of men piomiuent
in all branches, of society, and llio
numesof women. Throe of the Indies iveio Mr-.
Hearst of California, Mrs. Thomas, unit Mrs.
Kinoiner. Mrs. Kruemer's name hnd been nut
on tho list because .she had shown grent inter
est in tho movement and was able to speak
tholtusslnn language. She told Col. Pjiriu.is
that sho was anxious to go to Russia. Shu
oven oxprossed to him a firm deterinii.ation to
go. She said that she was willing to go iu any
capacity, men ns u sen ant, as long as sho
could goto ltussli.
Whon Col. Parsons learned that Mrs. Thomas
wus going to Russia with thn cargo bo Intro
duced Mrs. hrnemerto her, nnd asked her if
sho would bo willing to take Mrs. Kraomor ns
u travelling companion. Mr-. 'Jhuinas
Mild that she eu'ihl see no objutlon;
but on learning thnt Mrs. Kraomor mis a na
tive of Poland sho said to hei '
" Knowing ns I do that the Ru-snn Govern
ment Is it most jealous urn! careful one, ut:d
knowing that )uu are n Pule. J mutt ii.sk jou
if sour political leeuiil Iscleu."
.Mrs. Kraoiner looked her squaroly iu tho
oo. and replied:
"My leeoid is perfectly clear"
It was theieupon ugiecd that the two ladles
should tniiel together, .mil tliu preparations
for tho voyage well-continued.
sin rtly uftei this intend w. howeve.-. Mr.
CharlosdeMiuve, the Russian! nioiat Wash
ington, wtoto a note to Mis. Thomas asking
her to cull at the legation. Sim was so busy
that she was unable to do this n nil iifow!us
later Alexander (licger. fh.uge d'AITiln's of
tliollusMiinlcgi.tlon.iiilIi.it on Mrs. 'ihomas.
Ho told hoi lietb.nl pe.ird that sho intended
going to Pussln with .Mrs. Krnemer ns com
panion. nnd said that Mr. do Slruio ndilsed
hernottodo so. H,. wainid hm thnt IT she
did tliero might icsi.lt lolltical complications
mi arriving at the fiontler which would pi oio
most disagree ililn to Mrs. 'ihomas. us Mis.
Krnemer hud a b el reeoid in Russia.
Mrs. Ilionms thereupon sent for Col. Par
sons mid requested Mr. Groger to topeut to
t hat gentleman what ho ha I said to her about
Mrs. hiueniei. on hearing it Col. luisuns
iiri'onred to boverv mueli troubled.
, Mis. 'ihoinus determined m.ttu have Mrs.
Kiaemernsii com. anion, und Info.u'ed Miss
Burton of what had happened. Mrs. Thomas
then secured per passport nnd jotiiined
to this city. On arrival heio sho ie.
celled a note from tho Russian Con
sill. Gen, Ohivowsky, nnd a fmv davs later
Shoealieil ou hlmat the Consulate tiore. Ho
told bur mom of Mrs. Krnemer and utilised
her again to give up going to Russia with her.
lie assured her that Mis. Kraomor was u pro
fessed bociuUbt and thut (die would
probably be stoppod at the frontier.
Ho raid that bo had been making an Investi
gation icgardlng Mrs. Krnemer. and that In.
belloiedsim was merely taking the badge of
tho Red Cross to secure entianco Into Rnsslu.
He said alsothat In. had rorwurded her "blog
raphy" to the Third Section. w,cli Is tlio
Itiibsdaii political secret police. Mrs. Thomas
assured Mr. Oliitoivhky that she would not
traiel wltli Mrs Kinemer.
since Mi, de sti in o sent his mossngo to Mrs.
Ihomas und tin, latter Informed Col. Parsons
nfthoei million of iiiTalis. nothing lias been
5?e" 'ri'i " liruomcr. On Saturday. April 2:1,
Mre. Ihoinus recoiled a t legrum from Cut.
Parsons, then iu Philadelphia, which suld
juerolj ;
'Mrs- K. has started,"
Mis. riinmas does not know whethor this
means that Mrs. hraenier has started for Huh
sin or not. She certainly did not sail from this
port unless she unit under 1111 assumed name.
Di t that bj tin; last that lias been lieaid ot her.
Ir. J. 11. 'Mlllughasi of Daieuport, Iowa,
who has been superintending tlio loading "f
tho Ijtiohead.said Jistirihty buioiothe Tyiie
heail Bulled tliut ns sooq us liu loirned
of tho rumor eoncirnlng Jlr. Kiao
iner ho put deteitlicH on her tiaek,
nnd In threo ilujn knew enougn In
niiiko fl his duty to emss lier imnio
Irointlio list uf eniojH. Ho would not tell
losferduy what the detcctlies had learned.
Ho said that Mis. K roomer would nnipronilso
tho senders of tho Tjnelieud if she wero ill-
iiihl-m luKuiiiiupam. jieyonu mui uu vvuuiu
not speuk.
After leaving her husband Mrs. Krnemer
Hied at J.'4 Second ulenue. but she rninoicd
Irom tliero somo tlmo ugo und fulled to leniu
her now nddies. Her house utstelnivny Is
closed und Is said to have been Bold. Her bag
gage was removed moro limn a week ago, she
secured a passport for foreign travel about
two woeks ago in this city.
The gontloinon In Washington and Philadel
phia upon whom eho imposed in her attempt
to got Into Itussli by means of tho Red Cross
ore greatly disturbed ut presi nt, nnd nro
nnxloMs to Hnvo It known that they wore In no
munnor accomplices In her schemes.
inr.r on,-) ion most.
Annrelilsla ItuUe I'nln at the C. ,, f, Mny
Day Meeting.
The AnnrchlMs mndo nn effort to enpturo
tho Central Labor Union's May Day colobra
tlon Inst night In tho phza nt Tnlon Bqaurc.
Hometnlng ot the sort had been expocted. and
Inspector McAvoy was on hand with 100 po
liceman under Cnpt. McLaughlin, and n small
rcsorvo forco on Biondway, nt Soventeenth
street. Thero was 110 disorder, howover, to
wnrrant Interference oxcept in ono Instance
At no tlmo did tho crowd number much ovor
3.000. Troublo began In tho very Leglnnlng
of tho meeting uion tho very platform of tho
coltaeo. 'ihrco members of tho Central
Labor I'odoratlon nnd tbroo of tho l'edern
tlon of Labor had been Invited to speak,
A. Jabllnowskl, Cliailes V. Wilson, and Charles
Sothern, who belonged to tlio first fucilon, ie-
fused to speak becauso Henry Welsinnnti, W.
C. Owen, nnd John II, Edel.nnnn of tho oppos
ing fnctlon, whom thoy termed Anarchists,
wero on tho list This llttlo files provokod
loud discussions, which sovornl times nmount
cd to posltlvo disorder, nnd onco threatened
to break up tho meeting.
Tho speakers from tho cottage platform
wore: Thomas Laplnc, Chairman; Jacob H.
Ijitzen, Henry A. Hicks, William C. Owen, An
drew Murray. Hugh Greonan. Robert Bllssort.
nnd P. C. Mayers. Tho I itter was Chairman ot
tho Committee of Arrangements.
I'rom thoLeglnningthorowastroublonround
tho cast truck, which stood noar 1'ourtli 11 ve
nue Tho crowd horo wus oven bigger than
that In front of tho eoltngo. This was tho Ger
man truck, nnd horo many evidently sup
posed that John Motwasto hold forth, as bo
had promised In Ftrthnt, nothivltlstandlng
the announcement of the commute that ho
would not bo allowed to speuk. Benjamin
Witkowsky was tho Chalrmauon this truck.
Ho is not un Anarchist, nnd when lie called tho
meeting to order mid began a speech ho was
shouted down. Tho crowd cried:
"Mott! .Most! Wulst HoirMost?"
After several unsuccessful attemptsto mnko
himself henid. Mr. Witkowsky retired, and
George K. Lloyd. Soeretiny of tho Cei trat La
bor I'uion camo forward,
" Wo nio laborers asseinblod In the tnusn of
honest labor," ho bhoutod. "Wo uro not An
archists!" " No. no, nn." shouted the crowd In mingled
English anil Got mnn. "Wo don't want to hear
vnu! Wo want Jlerr Most! Most Most!
Mostl Give us Most! Whero is Mcr-Hnc.
Most! Mcrllno!"
Mi. Llojd tried ngain and again, butlho An
archists yellel all tho louder, and (limbed
upon the tiuck itsell. waving their hands.
Mr. Llojd, within disgusted wuvo of his hand,
retired. 1'. U. .Mayers, tho Chairman of tho
Conimltteoof Arrangements stepped lot ward
and sulil:
"If Most comes, ho won't bo ollcivod to
Thero wero groans nndhlsscs, and Mr.
Majors leaned nierthesiilo o tho track nnd
called to dipt. Mcljuighlin. who had pushed
Into tho crowd with u number of blueonts:
"If any Anarchist tries tn speak here, let
him bo urre-led. Tins Is not an Ajurehlst
meeting. It is a meeting of Americm labor
ing men."
At this point a small black halrod woman,
with black oes. which glistened menacingly
through a pair of spoctaeles, pushed forward
alongside of him ami shouted:
" It Herr Most comes here, ho will freak!"
"Neither ho nor any other Ai.arclist," re
plied Mr. Majors warmly.
Tlio woman loplied. and tho crowd shouted
for Most, in the excitement John H. lalel
miinn stepped forwaid and iidilro-jed tho
crowd in 1 ngllsh. His speech was temperate,
but ho iv.is ;i fileml of Mo-t's nml
was listened to. Ileiuy Weisniiin nml
R. Lewi-, nnother soeiker or antrchistio
tendencies followed. I iimll the littij woi.iiin
in glasses was introduced, and was uprouri-ou-ly
received, sho was Miss Goldinnn. an
intimate friend of Most'-. Sho spoke in Gor
man, and wns applauded lirlhu point ot intor
ferlng.wlth Hi rest of tlio n. .ic.'ng. - - -
Meantime Mr. Maiois hud gone bnek to tho
rottige and reported thn stato of nfiulrsnt tho
irui'hiu 1 iiiiirinan 1 iioinas uipiiie. 'J no ills
tiirbaneu bad alrendy alWtml the iu lungers,
vi ho worn finther di-tuihed hy tlio loud ill
euioin iiinong tho fuctilios on tho Cottago
"Have tho truck moved off." said I.aplno
M.ijers stnito 1 off, Minuting:
"We will hum no in.uelilsth hero! I order
that trin k ronton d!"
lie wi- -elml b 11 eii'lmts of opposing fac
tion and held Isick f r 11 time. I ellow mem
bers ot hi- coiiimilt.it also urgid leiie.
To wild Hi o'eloi k. though. .Miss i.olilmann's
oration was e.-. ating siih disorder tint
('linlrii ,111 Laiune leiiewnl hi- onler. ami
hoiseswire l.ltehid to tl.o true'e. aiiil it was
inn nit Tint pole- helped In this, alter as-sl-tlng
.ill-s (lolilmaun otf tho tiuck amid
bhm.t- and jei is.
The Anal chi-ls then pushed in front of tho
Cottage, and e.iMly got poso.ssion of tills
meeting, which had d'vludleil. Mr. Majors
was -peaking.
'" We are not called together in the interest
nf nniirehy nr "icinlisiu. ' liewabioijing. "Wo
hnvo no usefoi the red i!a. Tlio Stars nnd
Slrii es are good enough for us. W hat vvn w mt
Is lite 1 ight-1'onr day. and 11 n on 11 get that
without it' irii.iltoaud tlio n d Ih'g."
'I hem woi.I- weie hiid lounilly. Shouts
nnd caii. iu ulino-ldior. tied his mice. "Como
off I" " I hat is a 1 otitic il speech!" were
bliouteil. ,' onieof tho-i" on thephitforin hl-sed,
too. Voiv lew aiqd Ulileil. put they did it with
n will. The lollce ir.itheied up n round tliu
crowd and nilved 1.1th it. I'halimaii Laplnn
l.iinledli withdrew the speaker, and 11 young
I111111 with 11 black niuslache rteppol forward
nnd said n few temi et.ito woids. Then tlio
meiting was suddenly clo-ed.
.'. jlv.'..v o :; 1 vur.i axakcm:
Alinut 40O Iinllaiit. nntl Frenchmen Go in
Hear tlio Itttll in Vllsliinnrji.
When Dr. Savario Merlino, or " Companion "
Mcrllno, n3 ho was called, tl.o Italian Anar
chist, mounted tho platfoim lu Clarendon
Hall last night to speak on " .Socialistic An-nrehy-Its
Principles, Methnd of Action, and
Menus of War fate." there were about 400 men
in tliu hall. It.illms and I'lenelimen. They
smokod pipes and str i:ig-snielng cigars, and
talked evcitetlly In groups while waiting for
Dr. Merlino. A few women sat in far cor
ners hv themselves. When Companion Mcr
llno llnnllv aopoaied too men ull crowded
iiioviid lilm nnd beg 111 talking.
Dr. .Mei lino I- a -in ill. nei i.ius.ln l.lng Ital
Inn wlthdiiik 1 ie- and Jeaid. and an unu-ii-ully
inelodioii- vo.ie. Ills speech was veiy
mueli lei-H violent In scnllmeiit than might
l.ale been expeitcd fro.11 lis tillo. His hear
ers fieiiiienily ii lei iiteti him to thunder
"Bravo!" Ho spoko much of thn general in
jublkuoxlstl ig in li" n hitionsuf capital and
laiior. in Ital). he said, inl-ei vivas ulwuvi
011 the Increase, nnd -" was capital. This was
because the lour ullowtd themselves to bo
111 ule sliiie-of and worked for tint rich. Di.
Moilmo objected to tho present form of gov
ernment in all eountiies. arid ho objected to
sailngs Ii inks. Hid all similar institutions ns
innchirory specially Lonstruuted for grinding
down tho poor. ... ,
"Tim master who steals nn hour from his
workman I- not - rob" or. ho said : " but if a
workman steals a loaf of broad ho commits an
tinpuiilonnhlo. cilnic. ,,,,,
The speaker ndn I dy snilng thnt ho did not
beliclo ill petty le-oits to violence. 'J hi) peoplo
should beoducited onto a gomuiil revolution
that would appul ami conquor becauso of its
bii eeplug pow or,
'I hey Want T.'telr Ked FlaEa,
Cnicioo, May2.-A dolecatlon representing
tho mon whoorganlred jostordny's Mny Day
parndocallod on Chief McClnughroy to-day
nnd ilomanded llio return of tho rod banners
confiscated by tho police. William Urban.
business in nnagci ef tlio anarchistic, orgun,
tbo Jijr-itv eifniA wai tho leader nnd
spokesman of thn di h'ffntlon. Tho Chief Is to
ghiihlH .Incision tomorrow. Uiban said if
tho lings irmti not returned a rnploiln writ
would Itu taken out and the eouilh aked to
dculile the qiioHtion a- to what lings may bo
peimlttod lu a parade
Grceligoud'tiuiii Aliioud Convlctcil.
Green Goods Vlercliant Chnrles Alwood was
convicted byn jury In tho I'niled StntosClr
cult Couit yesteiday of hnvlng sent green
goods' cuculars of his bubl.iess through the
malls. Hovrillde Fouteneed hy Judgo Bene-dictto-morroiv,
1 hero are hei oral other mer
chants who nro immibors of his gang yet to bo
tried. They ure out on ball, and it is doubtful
if they will show up for trial iu tho face ot ) es
torday'u dlsuBter.
he bats in: iro.vr vat unit debts,
AND bill: UOX'T l'AY Ills.
There Hrcmi to be n Hlitiko Vp In the Con
cern or Which Tliey Are the Illreetore
Their elepnriitlnn Followed Ills Avounl
thnt He llnd Hired Men to Bhntloiv Her.
This ndvortlsomont wns loft at Tub Sun
ofllco Inst night:
NOIICI! IS Iir.RKnv (ItVEN thst 1 lll not from
tint ante bj riionllil fur any dtbu or luiilliilci
luut umy be crratoil b' my wifn
Htr.m.mc x. nt.ANc.
Mrs. Blnno nlso announced to tlio reportors
last night thnt sho hnd turned her husbnnd
out of doors, and would hnvo nothing moro to
do with lilm. This tragedy followed upon tho
revelations mndo yestordny In tho ),orkvillo
Pollco Court, whon Mr. Blnno confes-od thnt
ho hnd hired n detocllvo to follow his wifo.
Mrs. Blnno wnnt to court In tho morning to
nppearugalnst Gilbert Leonard, whose arrest
sho had caused on Saturday for following her
iu tho streets. Her gown wns black, and about
her waist was a broad black bolt fastened by a
largo gold clasp. Sho woro n jaunty black hat
trimmed with white, and sho appeared buoy
ant nnd confident
Her husbnnd, tho "Damn," who had boon
eubpecuaodby Justlco ltj-an. strolled inn few
minutes lator. His stilt of gray lifted to per
fection. In his hand ho can led a walking
stick nnd n pilrof tnn-colorod gloves. Hus
bnnd nnd wifo smiled ploasantly nnd greeted
each othor. That was all. He leaned bnck In
his chair nnd lookod at tlio celling, whllo bIio
nervously tapped tho floor with licr patont
lcathorboot Justlco Ilyan nt onco said to Mr. Blnno:
" Did you employ Mr. Johnson to follow your
wife?" Tho prisoner Loonnrd had said on
Sunday that ho hnd followed Mi s. Blanc nt the
direction of ono Johnson, who had been em
ployed by Mr. Blanc.
Blanc repliod that ho did not omploy John
son. " I nmplojed William Irving to follow my
wife." he said.
All In tho courtroom started at this confes
sion ovcept thn wifo. Blane bad mndo the
confession wltli the utmost coolness, nnd
never lost his co.npo-uro. Ho continuod
studying tho ceiling.
"'Hint mnn Leonatd," put in Mr. Blnno's
lawyer, "ought tn bo punished. Ho lied to us
in eo. ut threo times vnMnrdny."
" es. I know " said Justlco Ryan. "Loon
nrd. why didn't 5 nil tell us tho truth?"
"Well, snui Honor. I didn't have counsel.
I haven't been on tlieeasn ut all. I only saw
her about twenty mlnutos. I wasn't within
two blocks 01 her all the tlmo "
"Why! What are you suilng? What do
you mean?" said Mrs. Blanc, becoming ex
cited for the Hist time. "Didn't nu get on
the -aniocur .' Didn't you sit near ino? Why!
you wero within ten feet ot mo. not further
nw.iv than von urn now."
Leonard smiled grimly nnd twisted in his
elialr. When ho recovered ho roplled: "Well.
I might hnvo been."
Leonnid testified thnt ho wns In tho employ
of William Irving, a private detective. Justlco
Ruin held him in o0l) bonds for good be
hniior for ono month. John Mnrtinof till Third
nienuo furnlMied tbo bonds.
Rlancstrodoout of tho room without look
ing nt his wife.
" W hat do 1 think nf It ?" his wlfo repoated
when questioned. "I don't know. Win. even
Into Inst night Mi Blanc Protested that ln
knew nothing about tin. nffuir. Ho denied
hiring any men to fellow mo: ho gale ran his
wont of hoiu r as u irentlemnn. And now I
don t know w hat to think."
"ion nro to inek up your belongings nnd
leave tliis hotel to-day, or I shall do -o. I w l
never Mm under the same roof with a spy."
Mi. Ilium thereupon took his traps and went
to thu Hotel Brur-wlclc. As n mutter of fact
he was registered thero on Sugdny night.
' An soon as 1 discovered," said Mrs. Blanc,
to thn reportois ".esterdny. "that my
footsteps wero being dogged 1 went
to my husband nnd told him nf it Ho ap
peared to bu as indignant ns I, nnd suid: I
sincerely hope you will find out who is
at thn bottom uf tills dastardly piece
of work and hnvo him well punished.'
I said. Tied, it Isn't pn-slhlo that this is j-our
work?' Ho replied, "Lee, 1 swear to you hy
tin memory of mydead mother, bytlin memory
of our child, that I have hid nothing tn do
with It ' I begged his pardon fo. tuning
doubted him eien for a moment, and late- hn
repeated in the presence of my laws er and my
biotlier-ln-lnw Mint ho neier hud any cause to
su-pei 1 1110 nf anitlllng which would require
ire t 1 1 e watched. My dust and was neiei so
kind and ulTcclionatu toward mo as during the
la-t tuo wee'ts,
WI en asked wlint object he coull hnvo for
haling her watched sip. replied: "'ihore I
nni complete! in tint d irk. I linvonlwuy- he
lleml 1 po-sessod my huslnnd's confidence.
All the men I know mo without evcep
th n my litisl anil's intimate friends. Tint only
di-igreement no hum oier had hns I n on
1 u-ino-s matters. 1 hnvo not been willing to
Inio-t as much In somo uf my husband's
-ebonies ns ho bus wished tno to, and 1 think
in 111 11 Ii 110 hoped to forco mo to comply with
hi- de-ltos by detecting 1110 in boiuethlng
w lilt Ii h could hold oier me.
"As for my husband' treatment of me," sho
continued, "his conduct Is too notoiloiis tor
me to nlteinpt to conceal It. Night after night
ho has lett 1110 alone while ho lias shown him
self in public, places net omp rated by women
well known on the va lety stage or in
I ho Casino ehorup. I may sny for my
self that I hnvouluiijs pre-eivod tho respect
nml sum atliy of my hu-bnnd's relatiies. I
linvn had to-duy 11 long an. I kind letter from
his urn Ie. William (lebharil. nnd this month I
n eel to vi-it his sl-ter. Iho llnrone-sdn Sie
bert In Pail", and his father at the hitter's
homo In Genoin As for my husband 1 shall
never. If 1 cm help It. see his face again."
A f 1 lend of .urs. Blann -aid that her
foi time I-. much larger than tint of her
hii-band. She Inherited some nioiiev from hor
gi'indfather. .Mi. Nkholson of Philadelphia,
wiitio urn j.ureu lias an income 01 ,'w
11 jear fioni tho e-t do of his mother
who was a -ter nf William Gedh.ird. tint fa
ther of I'redorlckGcbhnrd. Tho same person
said- "Tile records of tho Philadelphia couit
will show that in December, lust I. a divorce
wan gi. intod to I'lmihcth I aurencii Rlegel by
.III Igo Mann on slnliltni y grounds."
" '1 he whole tumble Is one of finances." a re
lathe of Mrs. Blane s .Id. "lie is President nf
II inamifactiiiing company in John street
nf which hn and his wife aro solo directors.
Sho has been putting money Into thn concern
II I it it recently, when In justice to herself
she was forced to stop. Blnno is nervous.
When he has plenty of money ho Is
all right. When she refused to give
him any mom ho set thoso mon nttnr her
Whether bin) will try forndlvoreo Isnques
lliii, she holds n judgment against his com
pany for S-Mi.U.O or -4ft,000, nnd mny tako
hlepi to-day to satisfy It."
I'lnne vi as seen at the Brunswick. Botween
pulls at his eigarotto hn smilingly repiated
that ho had nothing to say.
Mih. Blane Is al out tit) yenrs old. She was
I'll7,ihvtli Nicholson, und her father wns eon
united with n stove manufacturing llrm in
Philadelphia. She showed great loudness for
I hn society of young men while 11 child, and in
Juno. lw0. when HI jears old, she was
married to Alfred Lawrenco Rlegel.
whoso father was 11 momber of n dry goods
commission house. Ho wab well known among
tl.o fashlonnbln joung men nbnut town, wdo
worn constantly to do found In attendance
upon his wife nt tho balls, whore she at onco
bee.imo a conspicuous nnd fnmlllur llgure.
She was frequently seen In tho Park on boise
back or driving nn English dog cart tandem.
About flvii years after their marriage thero
was a separation, wild h. it was reported, was
preceded by an angry scone betwoen Mr.
Rlegel and Mr. G, u e 8. Hamilton, a young
Englishman connected with tbo b inking llrm
of Brown Bros. A Co. Mr. Hamilton und
Mm. Rlegel woro much together, and
ono oienliig. It wus, reported at tho
tlmo. M-. Itlegel ojeited Hnmlltoii from
thn house. Mrs. Rlegel went to llio nt tho
Continental Hotel, nnd some tlmo nftor, en
couraged partly by tho success of Mrs. Lang
try, whoso acquulntiinco sho hnd formed,
sought nn ongageuient on the comic opera
stngo. Ifor only appearance was in tbo " Mys.
tlo Isle." She was tnnrrled to Blano nt St
Ueorgo's in July IKS 7.
Falitl IVrcvk ut Monmouth Junction.
New Bnt'.NsincK, Mny 2.-A big wreck nt
Monmouth Junction about midnight on Satur
day is nllegod lo have been rauvod by the fact
that llio engineer on 11 freight train which was
waiting for u fan freight went to sleep. A
dozen curs wero wieiked und afterward
burned, and fourincii were injured, two Mibo.
quentlyiljliig. I'lnis. RoSHiiioniof Phlliidl Ida
was sent home. He was dadlv Injured. An
unknown tramp was liiotunlly killed. Ids head
being cut oil. Another tiaiiip. Cluulos Cireou
wahl, had both urnis ami one thigh Inoken,
lie died in thn hospital in this city tn-day. lie
was from Poleishurg. Va. Another tramp,
Charles Smith, is still lu the hospital. Ho has
u scalp wound and othor drulsos. Ho will re
cover. , About .'JO horsns nnd cattle wore klllod,
ond a larce lot of freight was lost.
aiju ciuxi:si: i:cursiox bills.
An Agreement Henc'ii-d nr the Henale and
Ifntite t'oiirvi-ees,
WAsmsoTOV. May 2. Tho conferees of tlio
Kenntonnd Houo on tho Chlnpso Exclusion
bills hnvo renchod nn agreement, nnd their
report will bo submitted to their respective
bodies to-morrow. That part of tho Senato bill
extending the proilslons of tho present law.
which cxplros Mny it. for ten jears from that
date, was adopted by tlio confoiecs. but
scleral of tho most . stringent proilslons con
tained In tho Houso dill were incorporated
In it.
Ono of these takos tho place of llio Senntn
habeas eorpi.H provision, Itptovidis "thnt
ufter tho pnssago of tho net, on an
nnpllentlon to any court In the flist In
stance for a writ nf habeas corpus dv a
Chlncso person seeking to land In tho L'nlted
States, no hail shall be allowed, and such np
plleatiot. shall hn hea.d nnd determined
promptly without unneeessiry dehii."
Another id tori" for tlio House conferees wns
tin Mih'tltuto of 11 section pmildlng that
I hinesnliborers now residing In thu I'nltod
States shall npply within one yenr nftei thn
pns-agonf tliu act to tlmCollectois id Intel -mil
lievenun In their respective districts for n
cortlllcitnnf residence.
Any Chinese fulling to comply with this re
quirement mny bo arrested hv a customs or
revenue ofllclal nr inaishal, trlod before a
L lilted States Judge, nnd ordered to be de
ported from tho country unless ho enn give n
sntlsrnctmy reason for his failure to take out
If a eertllleato granted Is lost n reasonablo
tlmo Is tn he granted to tako out nnotlier eer
tlllcate, the costs In tin caso tn bo In thn dis
cretion or tlio enuit. Tho eertllleato Is to 1 .11
taln tlio photograph of teo Chinese nnd uthor
means of Identlllentlon.
Penalties are Imposed for tho transfer or
forgery of cortiilcatos. nnd for fulso personation.
Important Legislation Affccllnp; Ocean
freight nntl l'liRneucer ISteitmers,
Americans who go nbroid noxt jearmay
enjoy tho novel sensation uf crossing tho sea
on swift steamships lljlng tho Stars and
Stilpea. Tlio bill which will nchiovo this re
sult wns passed by tho Houso of Represontn
tliesnt Washington j esterdny without a dis
senting vote.
Tho bill, which was Introduced under sus
pension of tho rulos. authorizes tlio Secretary
of tlio Treasury to grant "registers, ns ves
relsof tbo United States, to such foreign-built
Menmshltis now engaged In freight nml pas
snngor business und sailing in mi estab
lished lino from a unit In thn l'nlted
States ns aro of u tonnago of not loss tl an
Stout) tons nnd cupiblo of a -pood of not le-s
than twenty knots per hour, of which notle-s
than tit) per cent, of thn shares of tie capital
of tho foreign eoinoratlon or association own
ing tho Fiimn was ovviud Jan. 1. ISI'0. and
has continued to bn owned until tho nagii
ot this act by eitiens of tho United
States, provided that such American owners
shall, subsequont to the date of this law. hnvo
built ur hnvo contracted to build, in American
shipy.irdsMenmMdps of un aggregate tonnago
of not less in amount than thoso of tlio bteum
ships so admitted toregistn."
This bill applies only to tbo Inmnn lino.
WlllCll IS nwtieit iitmncl ArnltljKr.1.- l.v lm.ir.
Iciiis. nnd neatly ull its uflleers. including
President Griscnm. urn natiiu Americans,
The bill will probably go through thn Senato
just ns smoothly ns it passed tlio House.
Tho Inmnn line's splendid twin-seiew vns
ppls thn City of Paris nnd thn City of New
lurk will thus fly the American ling, as tho
lino will doubtless begin constructing two big
twin-screw stcini-hlps equal In turning'!
tn tho City of Paris and tho City of .New
Jorkattho yards of some American builder,
probably tho Cramp". Thn Inmnn lino will get
11 subsidy for enrrying tho mulls, nnd will
doubtloss profit much by tho increased putron
ngo of patriots.
DnnnlnK Lost Ilia llnliince He Ie In Helle
vue Iladlr ISntlered und I.IUrly to Die.
Mondny night Is tho stnr night for tho gal
lory gods ut II. R. Jacobs's Third Avenuo
Theatre. Last night just as tlio band was
filing In Jnmos Dunning started to make his
way down to tho front iow on tbo noith sldo of
tho gallery, whore his frionds woro saving a
seat for him.
Tlio ushers say hn had been drinking, no
ronchoilthob.uk of tho first row of seats nnd
poised forn moment Ho wn9 about to drop
into Ids seat when be lost his balance, tot
tered, and fell headlong oier the gallery rail
ing, landing bend Hist un a chair In thobeeond
row of tho oichcHlrn and -mashing it.
Therewas confusion n Mm orcln -trn. vihllo
thn guild y gods peered ver tho railing to ceo
what hnd become of Dunning. 'Inn ushois
lifted lilm to tho stage and cm nod dim
back of tho scene-. Tlio stage manager and
attendants quieted tho nudienco with
out much troublo. Dr. Sjliester hip.
pened to bo within call, nnd did what
he could for Dunning, while Policeman
Walsh sent In a hurry cull for nn ambulance.
Dunning wnbnfterwurd removed to Bcllovuo
His injuries nro n fractured right arm. right
shoulder dislocated, left jaw broken, fr.ieturn
of bridge of nose, nnd prodnbly a tinctured
skulL It Is feared hu will dip. Hois a lather.
Its years old. married, and living at -44IS Third
avenue. Tho incident did not interfere with
tho porformunco.
He OPJrcIa tn (lip Hill ror Relndextnz Heul
l'state Itrcottlp.
"Tbo bill Is Iniquitous nnd Impracticable,
and designed moro to make placos for politi
cians than for any other purpose. It may cost
thocityJoOO.OOOor moro It It bocomes 11 law.
I intend to write to thn (lolernnr iibont II "'
Tills was wli it Comptroller Myers said yos
terday about Assembly bill l,:i.7J, that was In
troduced by Dry Dollar Sulllian, and Is now in
tlio hands of the Governor. The purpose of
tho bill Is to ciento n Board to bo known as tlio
CoinmHslnneis of Record of tho oily of New
Yum. It empowers tho .Mayor to appoint two
Commissioners for a term nf Hn. mm-.nt n
biliary of $11,000 a 5 ear. These Commission
ers, with thn Register, who Is lo recoil e 110 sal
ary for this work during the time lie holds of
lieu ns Register, bhall constitute the Board.
1 he Mayor ma'. In Ids discretion, ovlnml tho
term of ofllco uf tiio ComiuisslonciH to ton
The 'Work mnnped out for the pioposed
Board Is tlio relnile.xing under tbo block sys.
tern of nil tliu lecordsin use in thn lleglstei's
ofllco pilor to Jan. 1, 1st), whon the block
bSstein was adopted. All thn eoiiieinnees,
inortgnges.nndnthnrpnpersnhil pamphlets lire
11I1.11 10 bnreinileediisivellns nil unpaid tax
rocoids, usses-ments, nnd wator renin.
"I" Crnee Itniciiloiv nnd llr. riuenrer
Franklin Objected 10 Inlerli leure In l.nvc,
Giiheswich, May U.-For severnl months
Dr. Spencer I'rnnklln. a young ihjslilan,
has paid attention to Miss Giacu Ban-alow,
a pupil at Mrs. James Beeeliu.'s
Soinlnary, near thn old oak on tho turn
pike, dotweon Groenwiol. nnd Stamford. Miss
Darealow Is an orphan and nn heiress, rind was
under tho speelnl elinrgo of Mrs. lieocher. who
exereisod a motherly Influence nvnr hm-. .Mis.
Beeclier Is tho widow o Jimms Beoelicr. half
brother of tho ate llcniy Ward linecher Shu
vuiH uwnrn of Dr. Irnnklln's attentions t 1 hnr
charge, but objected to his visits. I.ust week
sho lorhade a continuance rf tho friendship.
Then Miss Bnrcnloiv told Mrs, Bee. her that
she would not giin up tho doctor, for hu wns
not only hor fip-nd, but her loier. SJm said
?.'".' vns engaged to marry him. Mrs. Roclmr.
It is said, giiio hor the alternatlio utgulm;
him up or Uav lug tho school.
.Miss liaiealoiy imiueitiaiily called on Dr.
fiiinl.llii undtoid hlimif il.o sltuatl m. 'I hu
Doctor did not i uislder the matter long, nml
In company with friends t ey drem I'o.t
Chestei, and were inarrd d yesterd.ic. Ilo
Mirpii-cd Ids lalllOl, who has 11 H,iuiatluiii
here, und his numciuus fu inln by 11 limine
ing them tu his bible. Thei nt u now at tno
homo ol tliu M'nior Dr. I i.un.lln. '
.1 a.v.i , rt.iM!v 111..
I..1I0 l.nsl .Xljlil II W ii Snlil nt Ibi' Until
Ttiilt ritir n Hi lire,
Anna E.Drkln-.on lias 1,imi at the 1 ifth
Avonuu Hotel fon-oi.iu tlr e. and lias iccontlv
been very III. lust nightit was p', oiti d Hint ,
sho was 1 ury sick indeed. Dr. (loldtliwalto of j
tho hotel was railed in. and was witli tho
patient for a long tlmo. When ho loft her lm
reported that sho was butter und out ot
dsjOJier. . I
aTaaaaalaaalamaaaaaaataaaaaaaaaaaaaaTM TT
1 1;
hie iiorsn of the coMMAxnnn or r &&
hie arte ai'Aiin wrecked. ; 1
Ittnclntx the Door Hell ATIer Flnelng u
Ilom'.i In thn Vrllhnlr-llnneea Madly MB
Dninnced Tor SCO TnnU Aroand Sj
fltiieli lliiiuiicr, llonp-.1 Getman Arrested ' Sfc
-Aniurhlsts in oiher lai Is or Europe.
T.irik, May'.'. Thohousoof thocommandor , gl
of tho Chic Guard was mocked with a dyna- St
mlto bomb this oienlni:. Tho bomb wns Hi
placed betwoon tho Insldo nnd outsldo doors fii
otthe vestlbulo. and tliu doll was rung. Tho f
rusu must hnvo deen vory short, for the maid- 5
seriunt was only half wav. down tho hall- PJ
way fro:! (ho renr of tho houso when .7
thn explosion cnnie. Doors, casings, hnlf at'
uf tho llrst story wall, and tho storm "ftji
stein were smashed nnd strewn nlong IvM
thn pavement. 'I ho largo paving stones In !$i
f.ont of thn house wero bfilit. nnd directly ho r W
fore the steps n gap six feet deep was torn. 'jjj
Tho ceilings fell throughout tho houso: two tt
ehandellers foil, und every bit of glass, lnclud- fefi
Ing the Winn bottles in the cellar, was broken. Mf.
Thn shock shook thn Iioupos for a radius of sj SJ
Hot) yards, nnd many bouses within a radius s '
of 'JuO yanls were seilouslvdnmagod. I
1'becomniniiilerof tho Clile Gunrd hnd loft A 3
tlio city with bis family. Ho hnd been warned ' t . 1
repeatedly, since tho calling out of tho Clvlo j g !
Guard for May day, that nny attempt of the $P
guard to discipline tho Socialists would moan Sp1
Ids death. Ho therefore left Into last night , SI'
after passing tho day In tho city nnd Issuing
many uf tho orders to his mon in tlio riotsof 1 a-j
last Lienlng. j ?j 1
The maid who started to answer the ring nt "1j fjj
tbodoir was thrown 011 her back by tho bhoclt 1 f
and picked up unconscious five minutes lator, B
She has reeoiorod and Is apparently without ) f
serious injuiy. Tliu pi iu of tlio djnnniltnrd '-jiti
nppareully wastoluimtho lio-nbeplodowliilo t afi
the donriiiisupennnd kill thoservuntnndnny- S
body else who might be in the front pnrtof the &
house. A crowd of pniiie-stricken noighbor ' f s,
gathered before tho house, and ono ot thorn tejfi
told tho police that ho hrd boen n Gorman J
Inn rylng away fioni tho conininnder's houso . '. K
just heroro tlio explo-ion. Ho do'cribod th 5 ji
man. nnd upon tho strength of his description I 'Jn
tho police hnie arro-te i a Gorman commercial I sfif
traiellerwlio-n nnnio thoy refi.ho todlvulgo. j SSt
Tin ro is mueli unea'iness horo fo-nlght ns 1 fw
tho Aiimehisls liavo been making threats to '', sjW
tul.o reiengoon tlio police und militia for their j
nttackb upon tho iloters l.i-t nlgiit Mor
trouble is apprehended, und tlio guards nt tho i KUIt
public buildings are maintained with thoBama 1 1 Mr
strength ns jcstenlay. , '' rf ;
IM.is. Muy L'.-A de-patch from Alby. In the ' , t S,
Department of Tarn, says that n dynimlto 5 2 jf
cartridge was exploded In tho street on tho -, ff 3 j
night of May diy. Tlio explosion did no dura- S ti
nge, nnd is supposed lo halo henu thn work of J,i .
somo praulcul joker, ns tho town which cava 1 1 m
Its name to the Vlhigen-oi is notod for tlio '. 4 W
penceabluandnidorly character of tho nooplo. ' f f
Biuh.om. May 'J. Tho 1'rnfect yestorduy, ' V
nftcr tho bomb was round In the stroot, closed j t
nil llio AnuchNt mid woikmon's clubs and I j fl
aided tho houses of notorious Anarchists. j t
Jliiitv uriests wen mado and ducuinents 1 H
beled. bid no nxplii-lius wero loiilid. J ' JH
vIniMii. M ly '. Tho Queen drovn through , t M
tbo piineipal siieet- of this city jostorday. j ,-M?i
1 hem weie 110 iiistuib'incis. Trunps wnro -,tl ;,'Ml
hi Id in leadine tliioiighout the day. but a viil
Mai ial eld it wu- made to keep tliu soldiers oU H IWi
the st reels in unlet thatthey might not ollorsi B ?B1
proiocatioii to tin 1111n bl-ts. , fl M
Cmi. May 'J. ---everal Anarchists wore nr- "'Ii H
rnMed liero 5 esterdny fortrlugto brciilc up a Jl H
juo'essionof prie-ts which wns carrying tho -w.VrH
htcainent to a dying man. Otherwise there JI'S
vvas no tiouble. ' 1 1 IM
J. 11.1. 1. .VI.ij -. -SW Anarchists havnboonnr tVvlaTl
n -ted here, charged with complicity in tho ll?W
nits and lionili tl rowing ye-teiday. Tholr Ai t'S&l
liou-es were foiinil to eonl iln rovolutlonary ' jjjj
litciaturmimlehoinlcals used In manufuctur- ' Jti's!
Illg eplO-lMe-. i'i'sii'!
Aii,ii.i.s. May '.'. Xinn Annrehlsts wore nr- H-Slll
re-ted hern se'terday for trying to incite tlR'Xrl
crowd 1 to blood-lied and pillage. RifuSl
In 'diistuiihallie Vn.irchls's wero nrrosted. 3y5.iitl
1 hm- spoke 111 tho stifi l lu faior of assassl- Jl.-Mai
miiing t'io rich mid plundering their houses. iK'iirTI
i'i.vxni:n inini a tjivsile. UtiM
An Engine nnd 'I'lotui Cara Fall Into ji'.SI
ICHi-r. iiifll
Mic mo in City. May 'J. -A bad wreck on the iimm
Ioulsville. Now lbanj nnd Clilcugo rond oc- m'Wfl
ciiirod at tills. Ind . -even nilles south of liero Wul
at 1'J'j o'clock this nurn ng. It rosultod In 'ftf'f
the death of Engineer J. C. Murray. 1'iroman . ! fn
James Broivn, and Brakeiuan Elmer II, Brown. ji .Si
Engine 'St. going fiom M uion to .Michigan "Kjifi
City with a heavy train of freight cars, dnshod M Jif
through tho tretlo Into (he sii ollen ml!! htronm 1. 1!:
beneath. Scleral miles above the bild.'nlsa at,
diiiu. whlcli g.ivo way -hortiy defnro midnight, rt I'll
nnd, tearing iilung. Imt o -nt I1lt11lnrg1.su iv mill. if, tlM
It i- supposed tli.it the mill stun 1. tho trestle i Mm
just ns tho IimiIliI ui-vii lit. Tho bridgo ' ttlM
is a now ono and made of ml. und iron. The 1 bM
curie In tho road nnd tho darkness, together fffiH
vilth tlio downpoiiriir nilu. uiade It Imp isslbla 'glffj
lorthe engineerto notice the w i-hniit.iiiid the 'it'll
engine und twelio or the en- went oier. iioar- A )j;B
ing with them tlio (ralnnii n. who were Killed. 'trill
1 hn eaiswure loaded with pig imn and enaU 1 Pr
mid crushed down upon tho englm-aml tea- 1 iff 'H
dor. 'llio bodies hnvo not been H'coiurLd. '? '
tf M
'I'orilllducH Out Vriu , j M
Bunos, Kan., May '.'.Yesterday morning ',, If. ffi
tornado struck this village, and causeJ n Inrgn ,' c 9
amount of damage. No ono wns Injured.- J I
Among tho buildings destrnied wus the school jp M
houso In tho northern part of the village. Ro- t Sj
llglous services worn doing hold In tho school as)
house, but when tho storm w is seen iijinronch- J. I ;
lug tin building was a and moil. Scarcely LIE
bail the people lelt the I uilding whon tho tor- I 1' W
undo struck und deuiol sle lit. rJ.liLI
Si. Jim "ii. Mo, Vi.v ' W-ierd iv a tornndo Ix'-Utt
vilth lain mini t thiough Id-It, .Soilaway, and M it
Atchison couutieb In .111 - mi, an! along the Jf aflal
boutlicin tlerof Iowa 1 11.11I11 - Loss of llfn Is j W
reporli d ut riiifii, M '. I h ' le-uint lirancli p lr
of tho I'uilingtoii ll 11,1,1.1 1 w.is wasliod out for I If III
lomndistunce, 'j'l i"i ii"o douo will reach 1 i m
uuny tiiousuuds 1 1 d 1I.11-. Uf li jjii
iirttiiunUr SIn.ckN in .New Hnmiislilre, ' ll vllii)
W f-einH
CoNcni.ti. May " - 'I w 1 enrtlnuako shocks a ml
vvi 10 felt in 11 is 1 It j- -, - enlay morning, ono !
about o'dock. Hi' it..r an hour later. .Aaal
One thud, was It ll at ton stov.-n. 4flaaH
Tti worm wii r.uliiw fa.tw vrd In front of sn Vl
1 iriunt ari-n of Jon j ri.ur i.a rclt In b lilan-ia ft! 1
- mi . M.trrdii, Thu in-ut lift, s'i air ll. Altcva ,r ,1 flH
If ilr fun. ulimlyeaitiiapl II.U04UI In llvlltlj ".inner I
tfiiij an 1 a little lunre hiilirj, 111I1 oici.iuiu.lkt.uv.. j l
tin .11 11 u inlililltf .itiaatb ,-mi'iii ii aH
am 1 illernier.il tliu .SnltllMeat. Tliu ternler- 1 lH
I .a u,u iroui 4 in 111' li 'uw fuemiK iu Miiiui.jU. 4j M
.1 I'.iiotiK. nnl Moirmi 1 JK MM
In tills city tl,6 iln) is fair wllb n frf.Ii inovfr in 'w MU
II inuralnitarnl uicain in tliu Diintii itutett on rial 'VKIbLLI
tn-; crature, 1; l'i,-it, w, oiumgt iiuuilJUy, f.0 feH
j -ret lit.; KludtojiliH.tl; atcrairt clicit),10 ui.Ui VH
an ll
i liu ttieruiometer at I'crrj'i rhiriwtl In Tin Sat eH
lmiiUnit reionlei ills Uni;tn!ur jttupl.jr M ll
it. uviii sHsH
1101. 181! I JH11. 1(13. .B
ni.it r.u" in .Tnir. M ir,. h.i .wtH
1 l n. ,. 1,4" ill' 1,1' 11 fltaH
i .vt .....'.-' ns ei- .'.7' j H
T.i : os .H
i e.H)V tlB
jk.irueini II 1) -", f I 0s4 'etaal
V AS 1 V.K n I ill 1 , .,1 lull tjMMMM
lor Ni i tikliinl ail I ei. 1 .IV J A, .'f.ifrrj, ;i .H
, a ,1 4 I. 1 1 , ' irn 1 .Jtr. tjett dutim MMMM
.lift, t 'iii. . 111 J.I uij. 1.1 1 1 a lit 1 viruiai! i)utUa yMMMi
1 lit u. ' k
li.i.a.oial 1. tl. 1h.1t 1 1 nil 1 .V 1 1 Juiny. f tlr III the H
ntiii Miiimi fa 111 uiliuuih, kujiaueterly H
1. ll . 1) 111 t. -iiBBBsi
I .r in.'. -n'i ri slci'i-r.i . liu. ) cniltr, ex. "aLLal
r ale 11 i.-y ieni,ei.aUii) 011 bind 1 rr, uriuute
11 a U . H
I er 1 iieftn p ni-rall)- fair, vnrJ ililr Minli..
lor, r Ii liukutu, u'tntiu,!)- fair, iljgmiy narmec H
iorhoulb llakita liowrr. illili-ly warmer, except
tatloaary touipcraturo Id ejtrcuic cut) norttitttterti MMt
WlDdj. flH
,'MMi'a"aatMlergeaai ' ' "' ' "-' Jw. .' ua. 'mji 'HmMMMMUM

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