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H ffi . , . THE SUX SATURDAY, MAY 7, 1802. . ,gw r
t fHr 5 .!M..nnnnnnRnnRnwRRRRRnRWRRRi'M
r B "v i i v.". ? 4.jv
H P, 2iR r,rjvi mm . varkiivrst
- The Clrrsjninn'n lint n Football tor Inn
PB, A AIH-1I FlrM Cnllan fop Drink e-On mt
M k the Women TeellMe Abstat Ilia Solaii
B' ; ea-lle Contradicts Her In Mtwit.
B , Tlio jury in tho enso of Hattlo Adams, on
1 A trial for keeping n disorderly houso ntfll And
t ;.. KlEastTwonty-sevonth 6troet and permitting
E:' ,, Ij the girls In that houso todnncen enri-cn'nand
m ' play leap frog tortho Amusement -of the Rev.
k f' Dr. rarkhurstof theMadrton Square l'resby-
H; f terian Church, returned last night a verdict of
V ' I "guilty. Kith n reooramondatlon to merer."
t 1 Thd jury woro out from 0:10 o'clock until 8:20.
f One of tho jurymen explaiuod th'e fecomraea-
Hk ' daUort'lo raoroy In thfn way:
K i, "We were, all. satisfied that tho hoisa was
B jl disorderly.' tyitWowcro not all satisfied that
H' -f the lidtlscrwas kcpt as a disorderly house with
K- Sj tho knowledge of Mrs. Adams, That, Isfosdy.
H & perhapa"Sfr. Adatu&'s chief crlmowat In tho
H !a fact thnVshn did hot use sufficient enro In the
H'' :i iolectlcJrl.of'ricrtoJcoYsnndlsltore.""
Hy i (t AnofliV .junrman said,' that tho flrit ballot
K- t' howod eleven for coritlctlon nnd ono. fornc-
Bb qulttnL and In order to Induce lio one to come
BB V around, l& IfioeToVoh'iway'ef, thinking, the
BK' 1 ,"" rocomfrf6'nditlon t6f merer ras ncct"nr)'.
Bb? I AntljphyComstocfc' was among tho spoctu-
B.i K tors at the opening' fit court 'In tlm mornlnr.
H? Br. rarfcniirs Vat oyer nenr a window. Out, of
B.'f fi sight of thoropbrter. Huubcani L'rvlng was
Bvf I ml t In' court uorwas Agent Oardnor.
B Wi Inophlbii.fprtlmdoloncoLnwy.ctnowosalfl
BKt W'' thatDri FarfctiurVt had outraged decency and
Bsf, ;' violated all propriety. Ho called him a pnn-
BB iiP deror nnd n procurer nnd an IiiPtlsntor of
LVaw wj erlme, ynohad pnlddecrnded womon to make
BbF j hi exhibitions that were offcuslve to eory feel-
BK, & Ins of decency.
Brr i "I will demonstrato." ho said, "that accord-
Bb I $' 'nc tn n" t'' !'nvs of ('c(:eQe' ' morality, and
BC-i S?1 hccordlne to tlm law of thoStatoof Now York.
v. Si? Farkhnrst, tho minister. Is a rrlmtnal and "
H' i hi', Ir. Molntyro jumped ud with nn objection,
Bc"' ! Ml k whloh Jndco Fltztrorald pU9talned. Mr. Howe
Bli Wv cald that hu Intended to Rliow that Dr. 1'nrk-
H .fs riur8tw.isncrlmrnnl.andthpnproothathewaii
K 1$, unworthy tn e cry way of bWlef. Ho rend tho
K.'o U- cectlou ol the l'ounl (Jido which ny tliut the
'; wltneas of on oxhluitlon of uunatuial crime is
i U a urliKlpal.
Bf sfi rtVor Honor." heenn Sir.- Mclntyre ncaln.
:- m' "wo nrotirins Haitin Adums, and not Mr,
Biv' ff," rarkhuist.''
.I fe1 "Wnaro trylnnthoTorncltyofRr. Tarfchurst
Set as well," Insisted Mr. Howe, lluttle Adams by
Si this tlmownn gobbing.
k j, "The law says." Mr. Howo conttnuod, "that
V; ;: Farkharst is u criminal."
HV b!'' Thcro was nnothur clash between Mr. Howo
K.1 K' on onusldonnd Mr. Molntm-iutd-ludeoiitz-
curnld on tiio other, 'llicu Mr. Howo becan
9 K, agnln:
S,r- Jsv It W'fnr'Tirn to deelrlo whethorthfeman
;' R- went to this liouio and witnessed that danen
V i-.' for tho object which ho has htuted ortoeratify
i.. his lustful tondonclcs by looktne "u. Im you
y . deom n man who would sit quietly by nnd wlt-
;. -i,. nens nueh n scunu worthy of bt'llefi' Novnr
v' &' hno I boen sont u loss toeipressmy dicust,
H' W my lonthinc for miy man. As Thiers oucoMdd,
A p 1 cannot elovato him to tho level of my con-
a' l tempt.' Ilebuke. a (rood citizens, as eond
i, km. men. the acts of such fellows as this I'ark-
Bjt" Kl hurst"
t' i,t After twn witnesses had beon called to nroie
t ' that Mrs. AdamH's house was not disreputable.
T K' sis far as they know, Mr. Howo culled Stove
ff ft". lirodle.
1 fc.- "lirodle." ho asked, "dldGardinorandPark-
i VI burst oalt on you tn March luHt nnd ask you to
K. If, procure girls to strip for thorn" llnMtie.said
vr fc" es"just as Mr. Melntyru jumped up and
V Jf, objected, and Judge Fitzcorald sustained the
H: I5v ' objection.
iBfr F Charlotte Vandervcro was next called, filio
c ST, raid Mho was seamstress for Mrs. Adnms. She
v- FXi wasnt tho houto tho nlcht Dr. I'arkhurst
s l? and his party called, una they wero there to
H V e p eeo a Miss Oovoe. who invited hor to comu into
H&V if the room with tnem. Dr. 1'urkhurst. she said.
B & aat behind the parlor door, and after nwhilo
K' S-ti lioaald. "Woll, let's havp somo fun." Tho fun
K,v S didn't go on richt nwny, ami then Dr. fark-
K'i 3ik liurat said. "Let's hino somo drink."
mf Sf ' "Then," said Miss Vanriervcor.bocarrled on.
Mif Gil He kept pulling and haullne tho slrls arouiiil.
m-H &ff He threw hts hat' to Uardiner and Gardiner
A' k'n throw It back at him."
B. " What did he do to you?" asked Mr. Hum-
Hk , iW- met.
iB &tyjrK . "Ue-eam up to me and grabbed hold of mo
iBr ' 'I(4- riero (Indlcattne her boom). anil pullort mo to-
Br I'Wii- ward htm and torn my dress. Ho said to mn
rS YQi l.Now you updross and I'll pay you well for It.'
k' v-itf- But I rorused and ranoutottlio room. 1 did
M.': iM-y notaoe what TarkhurstorUardlnor did In the
?: LS&" room with tho girls after I went out"
m'V , On crosa-oxamlnatlon tho young woman re-
i.' ; ; fused to answer several questions on the
v-1' Wit ground that to do so might tniid to degrade
m ' Jm hor. bbajsatdahe never knew tho piano placer
t; , xU. to be attnohoueo before, and supposed that
Mi ! fh'.- he came In with Pnrkhurst
Hi p. Mr. Hummel called Hattle Adams. He
iK& i 'Vi handled her In n most scientific manner, and
Kii ,K, drew from her an excellent story. Agrtat
1'- iifi dea of the story she told she hnd told In 'is-
iV' fii-' ,ICB "Whman s court and It hn been pri' fed.
K'r I il ' She swore he didn't know what sort of r on-
,l' tertaioment It was that .Gardner and Ark-
Mx t& hurst camo tn see. She did nr join
B$ Im ttiom In the boor drinking becatf I she
BS' fw; never drank. She repeated the story of her
f ,'f.j, Tislt to Dr. Farkhursfs house to demand uu
M-Z iVk explanation after tho reporters hnd told her
mV iVS' what Im had done In her honBe." Mhe dla not
B& it''-i. say anything to Dr. Parkhurstnthta house be-
v, " ' cause she did not know whether he would like
k'-V j& to have his wife know how ho hud been go-
B .! Her cross-examination was long and tedious.
K?,( jfc-' and she stood it fairly well, hut mudo some
K ('W bad admissions when Judex Fitzgerald nues-
m ! Ihf ttonea her. Among other things nlm paid in
K I Sr answer to Mr. Molntyre's questions that "all
Wj Jifcf tho party wero prity fulL" Asked how she
K& (', ' knew that, she said alio let thorn out of the
Ks Mf. house when they went. Ueslilus, she said.
& ' S,' they had been drlnklns a cood deal whan they
Kiy ;;, camo In. Mr. Hummel closed witti his testl-
Kfi Wl tnony. Dr. l'arkhurat was utterward called In
Wfr' I if' rebuttal.
fH, i Kj "Doctor." said, Mr, Molntyrft. "yon heard
B I SI the wluietis Charlotto Vnnderveer testify that
, ; whon you called at that- house you said to hor.
K , ft; IJetuhnvsollurun., Is that ho V
BfW LffV, " Unqualltledly false," answered tho Doctor
iW flw1' ' wlth spirit.
B SSJlS J "Khe sold tou said, 'Have you an j-thlng to
Bri BvW drink?' 'DKl youV"
BUv KW "1 UltT.1"
BP jVtfJtt- "She ald that you threw .your hat over to
m'?,' v,f Gardiner and tho hat was Ulcked about."
tBt' t?""' " I bclloro that occurred." snid tho clergy-
Kff ivt'K "Bhe said that you took hold of hor bosom
iB'T sKW andnullod her ilrcss."
LBJ jflP" "Trut'aallo.'"
Brl IBWE' ' "D.r,- ,?rkbarst." hogun Mr. Hummel.
BA fri aweotlr. "you wenttotliat house fortho pur-
i5y. pose ol engaging In an ontertalnmeut, did jou
EgjsW" t n9.tJ.
Bete. WK' "Of seeing an entortalnment?"
tHfcff. HU Of atelng an entertain muut. yes; of tak-
BelH. d? lagpart.no."
04 ! You knew those women wero harlots V"
li$ mf'XHj ' Mefnret bo evening wuh over, thh."
MplUc" M'.'fc' " And yet you drank boer with thum ?"
Hi" U'S' "Yea.'1
H. KKVi Mr, Hummel began hts Humming up. He
cO '):. called Sunbeam Enlpg "nn nhl(.tnnt slimy
2 '!, vampire." Of Dr. Parkhurst and hts society ho
iB -., .W',, aald that the evidence proved tlmt tho society
Bfc.y BB--'t should be called "Tho Society for tho Munu-
m. HP I ictureaod Encouragomnntof Vice." Hedu-
fu H3 rlared that Dr. l'arkuiirst hud told unblush-
Hf laaaam'.C Ingly suoh a story us hehad neer heard blnco
B t aaaaasKv " 'le u'd of Botlom and Oomnrrnh. Then he
pSK-. 1 Tal two sections of the I'einU C'ndo tn show
Bk BP''V ihat Dr, l'nrkliuritt.Jiy ipcitiiig-aurh n.per-
R taaaVic? foTinanoeaa one of thosn he hnd described,
KC ..aaaVtw Itself a felony. luiTl committed a felony him-
BTif, aaaaV'?, ' aeltanawns liable to Imprisonment for.-not
Hw 'IW'-' less than llva or more than ton years. Ho had
Bfc' 'B' confossod his guilt. ,
lW-.'. .9K Ir. Mtilntyro spoke for nn hour. It was a
Bfev (35S;' subject pf remark that Judge ritgeruld'a
BrS wBmti chargowoa directly for. conviction, mid It wmh
Br $$!' not expected that the nirr would be out more
- iS'J'f than r)V(orten mlnutei. Mr. Hummol. after
H''': Wl!-' havluo the jury polled, asked that Mre. Adams
- Sf'iUt )e remanded until Tuesday, when ha will np-
Kb ii'mI' peat tuv esse, Iho reouest was granted,
E'- '8BtsssV LawjferHumiuelsahl, afterward that If the
Bfiak ?? District Attorjioy did Ilia duly, Slr-Paikhuist
pro 'rr wouldbe Indicted under soctlons ','0 and aoJ
B1 V 'i Mjtr' of the Penal Code.
Bw'h' '' r !" Dcetslon.
BK?.i?J -Wl '' AXBANtf liif 0,-Tho Court of-AppeUli hnnd
BPf' Wtf d riown'wnurpbticf 'decisions UiUiuornlng
BF H In both tttvltloaa and tookui' recusa for two
B, I. week. Dbtlf-divisions will 'Ufen inectln AN.
BY. k lanr for one, week and flnlsli the soshlon In
BE, i rJaratoga. Then fthe Heoond Division will havo
Wi I finished its work and will probably bodls
l;K ' banded, the Judgos returning to thnlr places
l;C ' m the buuremo Court bench. Among the de
ll Wf , elslonH this morolimwcrothroo railroad ruses.
t?W-. Tim Central ltallroad l. compelled to pay
K'.&! i Uhomas Collins Sl.WJ.TZ for damage to tho
. plalntltra proporty hydro throuch tho oscap
Sirf Ins of burning coul from one of tho defend-
ftS nnt'i onslnea,
lift , J.ho Urooklrn Cross Town Ilnllroad Company
Suit, t vill have to pay to Itaehvl Pollock Slu.irfh!
Blu and cost" tor personnl Injuries HiiKtntnod lit
M, t , June, iwsn.byiionr lumping tho tiut-k through
mf. s I thnpandessnesMof tluiilrlKir.
Sj. ' ' rl Drooklyii IJtoviitod Itnllroad Company
riV '1 1 must nay fo Uriltu T.JarvU a.RfHi.h:i and
Ei ( ojtb fur tMr(iiml InuirloB received by plain.
Ba i tllfliy fallliic from tlm platform ntlm street
K 1 below, a dlhlancti of tldit.umt fuel. Thun
W r. was no propel cuurd ur lluht on h platform.
rH Miirraiijnrritilfitn arpi'l ctvjiiittitf nnd rranvsttaf
Utfj I wrk. Urui4H) "J 41luljlJ,-'i1 elrv.uUr,-v "
BM I )aMjja,a,B
.. v
totut aEnoxAXxa maok cavtaib,
j ' .
Aaa FlVo Mere JPolle CKU aaa TtrelT
Htrseaate Trnasrerred.
Tho Police Board mado four now Captain
yesterday. Commissioner MacLean made a
Captain of W, It. Hauehey of the Oak ftrcet
station. Prosldcnt Martin promoted Borgeant
John Oallaghrr of th'e Firth Street station.
Commissioner Shoelian promotod John J. De
laney of the Tombs Court squad, and Commis
sioner McClavo Kredorlck Martens of Tremont.
p I
cirt wm. . mccair. art. josh 1. vfliiit.
Capt, John J. Dolaney was born Aug. 22,
1841). went on the police In 1873. was made a
roundsman In 1877. and a Sergeant In 1894.
He has received four honorable mentions, nnd
was appointed at the request of Richard Cro
ker. ("apt. John Oallngher Is 48 years old, and
was born opposite Polico Headquarters, .'toil
t Mulberry street Ho
went on the polico In
1808. was made a
roundsman in 1870. a
Hergcanl In 1881. He
has served nil his time
In the Fifth street po
lice. Cnpt. William n.
Haughey was born
Mar 17. 1851. Hwas
appointed to tho forco
' - In 187'J. made a
(J I roundsman in 1881,
nnd a Sergeant In 188.1,
cirr. em aitLicutt. jj0 lives at Tromont
with his wife, nnd Is said to be one of the
wealthiest men In tho department. Capt.
1'redorlek W. Martens is 4() yearn old. on en
gineer by trade, went on tho police In 187a
was mado a roundsman In JHHJ. una n ser
geant In 1884. He Is very popular among the
Theso transfers and assignments of Captains
wero made:
.Vamr Ol I r K-tnrt, .Vr rrtrintt.
Rlchsril OTnnnor ... 30 W. aTlh t. 'W,!2JP.
Uniti W. 1 nrtrlirht.. . '1 Old Slip. .. 2rt W. loplh it
Joiuh A WMierrtlt . 1H K. 2M at 20 w. B7tb at
Jonn llallaa-her g g. Md ft.
rrfderlck w. Jlartfm. . 8-J hlnnb'ilet.
William II. Ilauulif) . J I'ltT llialf.
Jolin J. D.lantr. . 7 Hudlaonat.
Joarph V alIllu . 2fl U.lOOili at. li PeUnnyaL
Ttiouiai Klllllea... .. . 7 Uadlion at.. 32 W. l&2d a .
These Sergeants were transferred:
I.Vim 0 1 rrfrlntl. Al Prflntt.
Rirrrnf T Lronartl it . 7 Million it.
Dflamaler . ... 14 Filth itr.tl. 12 Delaneer at.
Hrownf. ... . IM KaaiZJdat.. 13 Union rkt.
nttm.ln .... 10 Mnlliarry l. 12 iwianriyai.
K J, nallaoc 25 kat 07lh at. S-i Morrlaanla
Connor. au W't 125th t. 2r, Bad t)7tt at.
Monlian . . .. 10 Mulberry at. Jl lllli rld
Knilirli 31 llisb Hridga. 10 Mulbarry at.
Charlca Clcaa n Leonard at.. 2 Churcb al.
Mm 2 Cburcb (.... r, Ionari1 at
Mieldon. 2tf K. 12Uthat.. 25 Kt 7tH it.
Oram 33 Morrlasnla.. -l b.l26tb at.
Sergeant tangan of tho Elizabeth stroet sta
tion was transferred to the Tombs Court
squad to fill tho nlaeo made vacant by the pro
motion of Capt. Dolaney. A genernl transfer
of roundsmen Is tr,e noxt thing exported.
Patrolman Mlldrum of the Twenty-fourth
precinct. West blxty-elghth street station,
whose trial for flghtina with Policeman Coyie
on April 2tt was to tako place to-day. renlcnod.
His restvnation waa accepted, althouuh C'dm
missioner MoeLean thought his trial should
take place first. . .
" Lot him get out said Mr. McClave.
Sumuel F. Kenny of tho Mulberry street sta
tion resigned undercharges. Patrolman Fran
cis McCarthy of Union Market was reported
permanently disabled by mental trouble. He
was retired. At the roquest of Capt. Thomp
son of the Charles street station, Polkemnn
John Townsend was detailed us a spoclal duty
man. The following patrolmen were trans
ferred: Antlraw Dcvary from Leonard atreat to Chnrrh at rest.
Ceorce Ulrmlnirfiam Irwu Rlltabelb atreal toDalancey
atrei. Carrna Iiilnr from Klftb atrret to Mulberry
atreet. Jnh.i lloyan from Old ailp to Mo4liou attrat.
TKoiiiaa l'oarara from Mitiialgbih alrfft to Fortyaev
cnth atrrat. Pollcaman Ifagan rrom rrlnra atrvat to
Charleailrfrt. rollceman Dojrla from Oelsnca y atnat
to ht 1211th atraat, Roundaman WUUam E. Ilurca
Iroin cbarlea atrcet to Fltty-nnt atrctl,
Ignatz Hoffmolster and Ladston Stransky
were made patrolmen.
A clash between Com mtssloners MacLean and
Shoehan occurred over the appointment of a
Dnllceman to fill n vacancy in tho Fifth District
Court Mr. MacLean named Philip lllass.
President Martin said that Commissioner
Hhoohsn would fill the place. Mr. Uheelmn
named Hiram I.evy. Mr. McLean did not with
draw Ulass's name, and the mattes was laid
There May Be Fifteen Years) Ahead for
llr. Oerrjr Agent.
William A. Finn and Edward Becker, agents
of the Gerry society, who were arrested on
April 28. charged with having extorted $500
from Mrs. Sophia Martens of 8U Allen street,
we're held yesterday at tho Essex Market Po
lice Court tn $5,000 each for trial. Commo
dore Gerry and Assistant Superintendent
Stocking of tho society wero present Beck
or's bond was renewed, and ho was about to
leate the court when Justlco Talntor called
to him not to go away.
Decker became pale when ho was told that
he was under arrest on a charge of brlbory.
made by Mario Schultz of 84 Allen street. In
her affidavit she nworo that on March 1 she
paid to Docker $500 In consideration of his
promise to "protect" her. She was put on tho
stand and turnod over to Mr. Joromo. who
appearod for tho agents. Rho said she first
met backer lnrohruary. when she lived at 121
Kldriitgo street. A friend of hern nnmed liloek,
who was also a friend of Decker's, had told her
that If she wanted to open a houpe sho must
pay lleckor S500, and ho would make it all
right. She ndmlttod that she hud kept houses
in other parts of the Kletcntli precinct tor
tlireo years.
"Did you ever pay any monev for protection
to any one else " queried Mr. Jerome.
Never," replied tho wltnw-s.
" You have never been raided?"
" Nn, sir."
"Ah I" said Mr, Jerome. " You have been In
the Eleventh precinct for throo years keeping a
house, and ret. you never",
"Counsellor," Interposed tho Justice, "the
polico are not on trial.1' ,
Mrs. Kchiilts said Decker camo again to her
oq March In and demanded $J00 more. Blio
cao him SCO. but ,h threw It on the table.
Buying: " I want It all in a lump."
Did you olTor the o.r0 because that was the
usual Qinount, you had to pay for ' protec
tion' i"
Jiintlce Talntor told tho witness sho need
not answer II It would incriminate her. Then
slit- said alio thought $oo was enough for
hen Mr. Jorome had finished his quostlons
Mr. Mucdonu. tho uroK-cutor. said'
"I'll ask you a question now, Mrs. Sohultr,
that Mr. Jerome kiqit hinting lit, but seemed
uf raid to nut to yon. Did ou over pay to a
.police olllcial u siogle dollar for any pur-
po ("
"I did not." was tho answer.
"I don't think." mid Mr. Joropie. "that
many persous In thin w omun's condition would
Wiy In court, befoio the police Captain and the
ward man that she had ever paid them money
for'protoctl'n.' "
The mail Block was not produoed. Justlco
Talntor hold Decker In $.'j.0oll ball on the seo
ond charge. Ills lawyer protested that this
would mean Imprisonment. Finally the Jus
tioo.rnduccdBifckur'hhali Inthellrst caso to
$i.)U0. us tho penally for extortion U at most
flvo year' Imprisonment, and kept at iri.uQO
tho sociind charge, which is one. of bribery,
whore tho pcmilty may l. un yours besidex a
line. Decker got ball. 1 Inn's bondsman did
not appour. nnd ho was committed to prison.
Dr. Woodford to be President ofthe C'olles;
ul tioclnl JEconomle.
PHiLADKLrniA. May O.-Dr. Arthur Burnham
Woodford, Instructor In political scleno lu
tho Whurton School of Finance nnd Feonomy,
University of Ponnsyhunla.has accepted a call
to tho Presidency of the College of Social
Fconomlcs in .New 1 ork rltj. llo was born in
Connecticut In 1801. unit do studied at thu
Universities of Mlchlgiu, Paris, and Berlin,
lor four yearn ho was professor of political
economy In tho University of Indiana.
JTror. rainier Decline (he Chleaco Otftr.
1 CMiimiK.r, Mar O-Prof. Q. F, Palmer ol
Harvard has declined tho call to Chicago Unl
vorMty. nml hn i-ont n despntch to that effect
to President Harper. Tho offer of the Chlcugo
University Includod Mrs. Palmer, nnd the
monetary inducement wn $l'txiO annually.
'I be Primei-Wanla I.lmlfed
i falU'l llt World flrrr-ttit raavrnarr TralnMon
i,r, ,.ititt or tbr al .ul ula rltllonor lUr.juljiuirnl anl
Hi rat dim, s uf ili v iuiiiif,vr uiiiclill run Ula tL
i imlrcvl Iran " t'liirtfw and Clullnuall. Mt.
A Mother Gratitude
Too Great for Tongue to Tell
Constitutional Scrofula
Terrible Experience of Olive Carl, Reynoldsville, Pa.
Hood's Sarsaparilla the Only Remedy Which Did Any Good and
That Effected a Complete Cure
No flowery rhetoric can botbor Hluatrato
tho medlcluiil vnliio of Hood's Surenparllla
tlmn tho frniils. full btntoment of Mrn. J. A.
Carl. Riven below.
Au Is well ltnown, Scrorula Is a mprcllofts.
VGnomoue.anU obstlnato dlca.-n. ilolyliisf
tho skill of physicians, until In despair tliuy
rotli o from tho Held. But
Hood's Sarsaparilla
when everything ulso falls. Read Mrs.
Carl's Btatomont In her own words:
"HEyNOLDSVILLK Jeffer'on Co.. Pa..
Jan. J4, inii-. t
" Jfessis. C. I. Hood A Co.:
" A sense of gratitude too great for longuo
to toll impels mo to wrlto to toll you of tho
great good Hood's Sarsaparilla has done for
my little' daughter, now eleven yoais old.
About three years ago sho was taken sick
with whooping cough, followed by measlos:
after tho measles she began to complain of
pain one fcure which grew rapidly worse,
and which we and our doctor both thought
in bn rheumatism. The pains extended to
Every Joint in Her Body
and wn were compelled to carry her every
place she wont Many iiighta tho pain was so
Bovere sho had to sloop iu her chair, belnc
imaWe fo Hi in oerf. At last a friend rocom
mendsdtheoxtractof sarsaparilla hs a cure
for rheumatism. So wo bought a boltlo of
Wootf Sarsaparilla. and had used but n few
doses when wo saw a decided Improvement
in hor condition. About this time wo em
ployed nnothor physician, and ho referred hor
case to nmtlHU-r vkVMa" held about that
tlrao In Beynoldsvlllo. Thoy prbnounced tho
diseaso somo form of
Constitutional Scrofula
Wo told our doctor of tho good Hood's Sarsa
parilla hnd done. He told us to continue, fray
ing It was a good blood puriflor. and gavo us a
prescription to bo taken with the farss parllla.
After using both for nearly two mouths tho
ilttio girl refused tho doctor's medic no on aC
onunt of the taste, so wo continued tho ut.o of
Hood's Sarsaparilla alone. When wo began
HOOD'H P1I.I.H act eaaily, t promptly and
efrlOnlli on lUetlur nu bottla.
He HaiUaa the Retrcntornn Angry-Parent
or Ono of Bin 1'uplla.
Principal Georgo Stelnson of the Fourth
Ward Primary School In Long Island City was
arrested at 11 o'clock last night on complaint
of Charles W. Brace. Financial Secretary of
tho Lincoln Club of that city, who accuses tho
principal of attempting to shoot him. Poth
men Uvoln Kouwonhovcn street, Mr. Braco
at 212 and Principal Stoinsan at 4.'13. The
Fourth Ward Primary School stands in the
same street about midway between tho homes
of the two men.
Mr. Brace says his ten-year-old daughter
Vlrgte has boen Ul from infancywith spinal
disease. Any undue excitement tonds to ag
gravate her trouble and affeots her so ehe
can hardly walk. On Wednesday evening he
found his daughter ill In bed. She told her
father that hor teacher. Miss Carrie A. Hayes,
and Principal Stelnson had a misunderstand
ing inscliool.and the excitement mado hemic!:.
Mr. Brace became ungry on hearing her story,
and about 8 a o'clock that eeulng wonttoseo
Principal Stelnson in company with another
man named William Maskiell. Mr. Stelnson
invited them Into his house, where Mr. Brace
says he readme notaci u me prinoipni. tie
says ho concluded his remarks by admonish
ing the principal to bo careful in the future
not to allow a recurrence of the scone which
upset his child's nerves. Mr. Stelnson re
torted: "And If It does happen again, what are you
going to do about it?" .....
"Do about it?" ejaculated Mr. Brace; "I'll
come around here and smash your law."
As he uttored theso words. Mr. Brace says,
Principal Stelnson sprang from his chnlr and
"Get out of here, both of youl Get out of
here I"
He then darted back toward the dining
room, while Brace nnd Masklell sought the
street door. Whon they wero about saventy
II ve feet away from the house. Mr. Brace says.
Principal Stelnson appeared on his front
poroh and shouted after them:
"I'll bore a hole through yon!"
A heavy pistol report lolloed th remark.
The night waa dark, and the flash of tho pistol
lit up the front of Mr. Molnsou'H porch. Mr.
Brace says ho shouted bock to the bolligoront
principal: . ...
" You couldn t hit a barn door."
Then thore wns a second report. By tho
flash Mr. Braco says ho saw tho weapon v,n
loiollod in their direction nnd thny hurried
away. On Thursday night ho got a warrant
Mr. Stelnson last nlcht would not discuss
his interview with Mr. Braco beyond donying
that ho attomptod to shoot him. Ho said,
hovvor, that ha was a good shot, nnd had hn
used his weapon his u:cuser would probably
havo had othor evidence than the reports to
bearout his statomont.
A boy who was passing Mr. Stelnson s house
on tho night mentioned says ho saw Principal
btelnson run out of hts houso and tiro two shots
in the direction of two men who had just left
the house.
. Miss Carrie A. Hayes, who teaches tho class
In the Fourth Ward Primary School of which
Mr. Biaco's lltthi lrl leu member, says tho
trouble between herund Principal Stelnson on
tho Wodnosd.iy In question wns caused by hor
wanting to M-ntlleto tho room. Tho day was
very close, aud.hhe had the windows pulled
down .from tho top. Principal Stelnson
cume In hor room soon utterward and
put the windows up. When ho went
out she pulled thm down again. Ho
came tn and put them up again. Then
woids passed botween them, and the class was
dismissed. Miss llnjosand somo of tho pupils
say Principal Steinson dismissed the class,
whllo Principal HtelnHou huys it was MIsk
JlnyoB who sont tho class home. At the last
meotlnu of tho Board of Education o com
munication was rocelved from Miss Hayes.
MIm 1'nnnloJ. Kelly, nnd Miss Ella It. Brng.iw,
teachers in this school, and Janitor Druko,
potitlonlng (ho Board to tako somo Btops to
suppress Principal Stelnson. The teachera
said the principal Insulted thtm dull), and
that his conduct Is intolerable. They suy ho
com pur oil them to tlshwomen and kitchen
coo Ue, in his defence, Mr, Stelnson iutl
motes that every male principal who ever had
charge of this bdiool was henpecked more or
les. Ho accuses his touchers of tnsubnniina
lion, and says that thn school Is In n state of
anarchy from tho opening to tho closing ot tho
session. An Investigation Into the eliargos
will bo beicnn by thn Board of l.Uuoallon on
Tuesday evening next.
Aldrrtuuti rior .Vakca n Humble Apology,
Kuapcth. Mny !. At a special meotlngof
the Klliabeth City Council to-night charges
wero presented against Aldorman Story,
who was accused of being Interested In
the city scavenger contract to bo given out for
three years. Ills name was found on tho bond
of the person presenting the lowost bid, which
In Itself was a misdemeanor: and othor evi
dence was submitted to show that tho bidder
was only a "tool pianon for Alderman btory.
Alderroon Iiuuu and Corhln said Mr. Story
hnd, by his unlawful act. brought disci ace
upon tho honor of tho Council. A rosoluUon
was offored directing tho City Attorney to pro
ceod against him to recover SOOo line, which
tho city charter Imposes for his offence.
Alderman Story bogcud his colleagues not to
be so hard on him. He implored tnemtoae
ccpt his humble apology for his net. which ho
said was done tlirouuh ignoranco of tho Inw.
He only wanted to holnnlong IiIh nephew. Thu
resolution was tabled by one mnjorltr.jaome
of the Aldeimcn stilting they did not like to
punish thu offender too severely and wero de
hlrnuHof molding further ccandal. Thocon
tract was not iiwnidi"d to unybodr. New blda
Will nov l)attUt;rtlted for.
.Norih Hi".- (.unlpiil York Onlral'a tlnant
allftniM.il nam i( Piiruil and Cblcairu. 1'aitecl sf
the use of Hood's Snrftiparllla, alio could not
he mocd without crying out with pain and wo
wore compelled to cut her hair, ns she could
JhnK5!nSeT?W"ia''n,lPP5 "n"
Olive S. Carl
not boar tho wolght of It. At first the change
for the better was very gradual: the pains
sccmod to bo less frcouont and tho swelling tn
soineoftho joints subsided nftor using about
ono bottle. Then Improvement wns more rap
id, and ono nlsht sho surprised ua by telling
us that wo
Need Not Prop Her Up
In lied as we had done for months, nnd the
next night sho iiijiWamI ii fllll moin jy
rolling over across the bed. From that time
on improvement was vory lnpid.nnd sho soon
bocnu to creep about tho houso, and then to
walk on crutchi"". Now sho us-cs but ono
crutch, tho diseaso having left ono leg erookod.
and I fear It will remain so for life. Wo know
that Hood's Sarsaparilla has made a
Complete Cure
as It has been over a year elnco sho hns taken
any medicine and tho disease has not returned.
To Hood's Snrsapnrllla and to Dr. King we
owe our child's life, and wo think tho Saisa
parllla deaorvos tho most credit.
"I oncloso the photogmph of my daughter
and I think that it is a turlure of JV17M
llmlth. When I think how near sho was to
death I cannot feci thankful onough forhcr re
coery." Mrs J. A. CAUL. Beynoldsville. Pa.
inori'N "7fl,l.l cure llvr Ilia. conHt'patlon,
blliousiif t. Jnuudli'e, alck ticmlaclie.
Antonio Yznnga. who hns boen confined to
hts apartments in the Lenox. Thirty-sixth
street nnd Fifth avenue, for several weeks
died yesterday morning. Ills full namo was
Antonio Vznaca Del Valle, but he was rarely
spoken of by thnt title. Ho wns a native of
Cuba, and was about T.i jcars old. Ho wont to
New OrleanB early In lite, wheie ho married a
Miss Clements, rormnnv years prior to tho
civil war Mr. Yznnca Hvt'd in this city, being
enuacod in tho commission business. In
lKilil ho took up his permanent rcsldenco on
his Louisiana plantation ot Itavenswood. in
tho northern part ot tho State, on tho banks of
Lake Conconlia. Ho hnd a icsldonce in Now
Orleans besides. Tho family spent much ot
their time here, and Consuola. the oldest
daughter, was a bulla forsoveral seasons. She
married tho prefront Duko of Manchester on
Mny2'J.187a Huwasthen Viscount Mande
viile. Early io the winter ot that year he came
to Amerlc.inn Invalid, suffering from African
fever, which he had contracted on the Conga
Tho Vnnsn family took him to their
home iu Orange, and Miss Consuola
nnd hor mother nurfuJ him devotedly.
Natica, tho second daughter, married Sir John
Lister Kuye. Fernando, the only son. married
Miss Jennie Smith, a sister of Mrs. llllum K.
Vanderbilt. Thoy wore divorced, and two
years aen ho married Miss Mabel Wright.
Afterward his former wife married Mr. Wil
liam George Tiffany. Miss Emily Yznnga. the
only unmarried dnughtor. spends much of the
time with her sisters nbroad. Although Mr.
Yznnga had inherited sevetal small fortunes,
ho leaves little tn his widow and children, ow
ing to unlucky Investments In tho past few
years. lie camo from the South to attend
Mine, do Bnrrios'd wed dine.
Orsamus O. Warren, senior member of the
firm of JameB D. Warren's Sons, proprietors ot
the Buffalo Commercial nowspnper nnd print
ing houi-o. died yesterday. Sir. Warren at
tended the Republican htate Convention last
week nnd was elected a delecnte to Minneap
olis. He was born inClarencolnlcU7. Here
moved to iluffulo In 1S."II. when his father.
James D. Warren, was oloeted County Treas
urer. Ho was educatod In tho public schools,
and In 18H1 ontored thoofllcoof tho (bmmer
cia! Advertiser, In which paper his father had
purchased an Interest. Ho continued In the
offlco and Inter became manager. When his
father diod, ho and his brother became the
sole owners of tho business. Mr. Wnrren wns
a director of tho American Kxhungo Bank,
and last year was President ot the Associated
Press of the Stato of New York. Though Mr.
n urrcn never held office, he was active in pol
itics. Ho succeeded his father as member of
the Stato Committee, ant was 11 delegate to
eory State Convention slnco that timo. Ho
was a delegato to the National Convention of
lSeW. He loaves a widow and llvo chlldron.
Marcus W. Knblnson of Brooklyn. 72 years,
old, died nt tho resldenco of tho Storrs
family In Mansfield. Conn., on Thursday night.
He was stricken down with pnoumonla wnen
ho went to Mansfield InBt .March tn attend tho
funeral of hi6 brnthor-ln-law. AiigustusHtorrs.
Hewasnssoclatod in buslnova with thehtorrs
brothers from It-UVI to IKiM. Durlnc tho last
twonty-flvo enrs ho tool, part In tho manufac
ture nnd Intioiluetlon to tho trade of a number
of hardware specialties. Ho was a member of
Plymouth Church for over thirty years. He
married Abigail Ktorr. the sister of the late
Augustus Btorrs. in 1S50. Ho leaves n widow.
A cnblecram has boen received In Syracuse
announcing tho deatli of ox-Assemblyman
Thomas McCnrthy of that city in Purls. Ho
wns n son of thn into ex-Congressman and ex
Stato henntor Daiiuln MoCaithy. and wns 4
years old. llo was a itepubllcan. nnd for
sovoral years was n member of tliu Boards of
Hupenls'iis and Aldermen. In IKSil ho was
rlocted to the Ai-sombly und hold the office for
two years. 0 w(lHtw'lf u married, first to Miss
lloso hernan, daughter of ox-United Stutos
Senator I ranch) liumnn. of Utlca, mid next to
Miss Iiln Mi-Donah! of Montreal, duughter of
tho Lteuteiinut-(loernor of Ontario,
Tho llev. A. J. Alexander died on Friday tn
Dallas, Marshall county. W. Vs.. nt-edS'.'. Hn
was a graduate nr tho Allegheny Theological
Remlnary and of thn Colletrn of Ptiyelclan nnd
Surgeons of Cincinnati. Whllo In Ills Vlrolnla
district he prcacheil tho gospel nnd practised
medicine. Ho founded the. Presbvtorian
church nt Portland nnd Scotch Illdge. O.
LudwIgOrtstndt, oneof the founders of the
German Luthrrnn Church of Elizabeth, died
there on Thursday, aged 71!. He was for mnny
years 0 foromnn at the Delnwaieand Lucku
wanna coal wharves. Ell.iln'thport. and was
tlieowuiirof much valuable property In that
part of the city.
Guernsey Suckett. t-oninr partneroftheleg.il
firm of HnrLi.lt- hull, tlliul Mldrlftnl V of nnll-
ralitla of the heart In his ofllrn nt -1 Piirk low
yesterday, Mr, Hut-Lett was 11 member of thn
union League Club of Brr-nklyn. where he
res ded. Ho lenvos a widow mid two adult
Ernest Giilraud. thecomposcr. died In I'm Is
yesterday us hn was preparing to dellxera
lecture In the Conservatory. He was horn 011
Juno l!.'i 1HII7. Ills best known, works ara
hyhle." "En Prison." "l.e lorgeron et
Gretna Groou," nnd " l'lccnlliio,"
, .Henry D. Orlswold, iiroiiriotnr of tho n.mlels
House In Sherburne, N. v., died middnnly on
Wednesday of acute brain illseaae, Hn kept
the St. James Hotel in Oxford tor a number of
J ear, lljsncu was 45. nnd he loaesawlfa
nnd two children.
Thomns Nettloson died nt his home. U14
west 1,'J7th stroet. on Thurhday. of heart fall
ure. Hu was at one timo Chairman of tho lie
puhllcnn committee optho Twentieth ward.
Ho was 7:t years old. A son, Charles II.. sur
vUeshlm, ,-T,ohn T. Parker, editor and proprietor of the
iW-llfeAw Ktitinl, tiled at his homo at
Mabanoy City, Pa ycitertla).
(leorgii Henry .Moore, I.I. I superintendent
of the Lenox l.ibruri, died on Thursday of
Prof. Aul-iiMiib William II.iiTiniinn. the noted
clicmist, died in Iluilln jesterdny of apoplexy.
More an't ral carp. 1 rltniunsaii I rannratlng works.
Broadway mid ailuil emd (uruircuUr.-UsV
ladlcannt Over the Slgnlnc or the Chlneen
Exelualoa Bill The Wont Jtriianre, Dr.
Swindell Bnye. liver rstKd tiy C'onnreaa,
OtfAnA. May a-The action of President Har
rison In signing the Chinese Exclusion act last
nlcht within a few hours of Its dotlvory to him
was severely criticised to-day by tho delegates
to the Methodist General Conference. Tho
commltteo appointed rosterday to prnparoa
memorial protesting against tho bill tolo
graphed tho President last night about tho
matter, and to-day fool that tho President tins
directly snubbed them. Ono excited delegato
this morning vehemently declared thn Presi
dent's action to bo "a dirty Irish trick." nnd
further said that tho bill was signed "solely to
catch tho Irish ote." Somo of the lay dele
gates strenuously objected to this statement,
and It was withdrawn.
The Commltteo nn Chinese Exclusion mado
two reports later In tho day. Judge Lawronco
of Ohio offered that of the majority, which
recommended that, as tho President had for
(rood reasons elgnedjthe bill, nothing more be
done. Dr. Swindell, who prcsentod the minor
ity report, said that tho Conferonco must
at onco tako steps to protect Its missions
in China nothing could now bndono to annu J
tho law. buteoinothlng must bo dono to pro
tect the Chinese In tho United StatoB and tho
Americans nnd tho lnlsslonnrles in China or
there might be loss of life. Dr. ijuoaly moved
that the tiuostions Involved In the relation ot
the Church to tho Chinoso quostion be sent
back to the cqmmlttoo for future nction. Judge
Lawrence bellovod tho matter should be re
ferred to another commltteo for turthor con
sideration. Dr. Leonard denounced the PrcRldont nnd
Congress, and said that the Chinese hnd tho
amn rights here as other foreigners, notably
the Irish. Ho bellovod this Conferenco should
act in no uncertain way.
Dr. Buckley ot New York asked that tho
matter be roferred to a committee instructed
to got a copy of tho bill and mako a cloar re
port on the subject.
Dr. Swindell again made an earnest apnea
for action. He aruued that unless there was
Borne action the country would regard the Con
ference a approving tho bill. Tho bill, ho
said, was thn most Iniquitous measure ever
passed, by the Congress of this country.
Dr. hdwards of Chicago said It was a politi
cal measure. "Tho bill Is 11 sop to thn steer
ago passengers now unloading nt New York,"
ho ndded. "It was rushed tin ouch a Demo
cratic Houso, passed bv our nolilo Senators,
and slcnod by our weli-nlgh untmpcachnblo
President solely for political oIToct." Ho
moved to refer the qucBtlon to the Commltteo
on Missions.
Dr. Pnyno of Cincinnati said the Church
should show that It was not controlled by any
partisan bias and that no polltlc.il party man
aged It. Ho halfcvod tho conferenco should
show that It did not npnrovo such a political
meustire, nnd he moved to send tho matter to
tho Church Commltteo. Hu wus loudly ap
plauded. Dr. Buckley again secured tho floor and de
nounced all roferenco to politics, saying that
tho man who would try to build up ono party
or tear down another in this conference was
nothing but a demagogue.
rinnlTyProt. Little succcodod in having tho
matter referred to a special committee, con
slxtiugot live ministers and .'our laymen.
Dr. Dunn of California askod that ono mem
ber of tho commltteo bo appointed from the
Pacific coast. This was ordered. Tho.ro was
numeral sien cf lellef when this vexatious
question was thus temporarily disposed of.
A Bill In Mnasacknsrtle o Herb ran Candi
dates and Poll Ural Committers.
Boston. May . Senntor Smith. Chairman
of the legislative Committee on Election Laws,
roportod in the Senato to-day 11 bill which pro
hibits money contributions to campaign funds
or committees in certain cases, and provides
that in all cases thoy shall be publicly ac
counted for. Under tho provisions of this act
no person shall. In ordor to promote his own
nomination, directly or indirectly contribute
or promise to pay any valuable thing, except
for personal expenses for travelling, writing,
printing, postage, tolegraphing. Ac. but theso
are limited to those which aro directly in
curred and paid by him. Neither Is he allowed
to promiso to appoint or secure the appoint
ment, nomination, or cloctlon ot another per
son to office in order to promote his own nom
ination or election, oxcept that be may an
nounco or define his own choice or nurposo in
relation to an election in which ho may be
called to take part, if ho shall hlms-lf be
elocted to the public office for which he is a
No committee or person is permitted to so
licit money from any candidate, and candi
dates are prohibited from makinc pay
ments or promises of payments on any
such demands. 1 Kvory pnyment. unless less
than $!i. must be vouched for by a re
ceipted bill, which must be preserved for six
months from th election to which they relate.
Penalties are afllxud for violation of different
provisions of the act, varying from a line pot
exceeding Jl.liOO. or for imprisonment in jail
for not more than one year, or both fine nnd
imprisonment. Tho net. which is to go into
effect on Jan. 1 next, uppltts 10 all public) elec
tions except elections of town ofllcers In towns,
and npplios tn elections onthe part of the Gen
eral Court of City Councils, to caucuses, and
conventions for the nomination of candidates
to be voted for at such elections.
2Vo C'hnnse In (he Reorxnnlratlon Commit
tee Another JExtcnolim 01 Time.
No changes were made in the membership
ot the lleorganlzatlon Committee of tho Itk-li-mond
und West Point Terminal Company at
its meeting yesterday afternoon, aud no modi
fications were made In the plan under which
holders are invited to deisislt their secuiltles
with the Central Trust Company.
All the members of tho committee wore
prosont except Col. O. II. I'ayno, who is iu
Europe. Mr. Froderlo P. Olcott. wjiose long
illness has proeoted his taking an actho
part In the work of reorganizing the Tormina!
system, came to tho city lu ordor to nttond as
Chairman of the meeting. The session lusted
nearly two hours und lusulted in an agree
ment that the time for deposits of i-ecurltios
under thu plan of reoigauization shall be ox
tended to nnd including May 1(1. Until that
date tho terras previously advertisod will bo In
forco. uud no penalty will bo exacted of guar
anteed stocks uud undeming bonds.
Secretary Uonrse S. Ulls made ttio follow
ing report of securities doposltod up to yes
terday afternoon under tho reorganization
RirsstiKP Trasiifiu
rninmou unit ,. . ian,77R,40O
ITtffrrretl aliii-l. H,7oll lino
l'ollU-rii,lTrum... 7,M-JS.IXI0
coiinuranrim e lv.ioo.oou
Total S74.GiW,700
. r. Tikcmi itn oroacu.
Flrat preftrrail SMHI.Hai
Hxotul prari-rrad luritluoo
l ouiluuu iluH 1-.MU.IIIIO $19,1Cfl.000
oihcr atocka uut tfimrautaed r4 .Va)
Oiiarantreilaturlannd uinii-riMiiitliniiila. 2.ob'"0o
liimrantt-trd flicka ltli i-tlur drp-iat-
iitrii-a... . 9-8000
Lellara vleittfinif Ueimaua under ibtidi '
t'ona '.-sua 000
Tol SU0,U'J4,too
Ofdctrs Chosen by tho Mnyor Committee or
Una Uundretl.
The Mayor's Commlttoe of One Hundred that
Is to have charge ot the Columbus celebra
tion lu October met In the Governor's
room In tho City Hall yesterday, and elected
these permanent ofllcers: President, Mayor
Grant; Vice-Presidents. Horace Porter, Cor
nelius Vanderbilt, Samuel 1), Babcock. Cl'mrlos
llarsottl. Gen. Marlln T. McMahoti. nnd Alder
man Mend;- Secretary. Commissioner Charles
O. V. Wahle: Treasurer, j, Edward Simmons
Auditing Committee. George J. UoulU JoWi.'
Starin, nnd Da Id Banks. "hh.
The members of tho Executive Committee
nro Morris h. Josiip. John D.Cilinmln" Ai
t bur Leary. Hubert .11. Itoosevelt. Charles s
bmlt h. Juau M.febaljos. William Bui "e"1 low
nrtl jnrroll, J Id or Straus. Louis IWernl.l,
Ferdinand P. Larle. DnWd Mi dure, Wil an
11. Wiekham. .1. Schuyler Crohy.' w ,1
Lval I. Frank Earle lloyward. C. A. ilarat 1
Charles V, r ornes. Henry K Cram. L-lwiir 1 V
Skinner. A. J. Dlttenhoelor. ClmrloH A il?o. -F-r.Htunton,
Mayor Ornnt. and John II, V.
Ten members of the Executive Coaimlltoo
will i-onstltiito a quorum. Authority was glw-n
to the committee to rent heudiiuarters. Tin
rommlttee will meet lit uoonon JiomJny In thu
Goornor's room.
WUaa Baty waa alt-. wa (ara liar Paitona.
Wbm aba waa a Clilld, aha rrlad lo- (ailorla,
WbB ht birama MUi alia tlDf ti faitoria,
Vhea ata k4 ChlUran. iha gave ttein Caatarta,
Tennis, Steamer, Athletic,
Outing Shoes.
1 j w French Patent Leaf her,
Tnr. best rox ss.oo.
Her Wanderlnaa In the Rla: Cltjr In Benreh
or Work nn Told lay Herneir.
According to the records of the Jeflerson
Market Police Court little Miss Millleeut
Smith Is n ncrnnt. She docs not admit the
clinmc. nnd If her story Is tiuo sho Is simply a
vory Independent young woman with lots of
pluck and two pretty eyes. She doosn't know
much about her eyes yet. for sho is only 14
years old, but sho is suro that she Is qulto
able to tako earn of herself.
As she stood boforo Justice Dlvvor yesterday
morning sho was dressed natty, and showed
no signs of having bpont tho night in tho
1. Thirtieth stroet police
f Vif station. Hor red straw
JS&'jjJfyL bat hud a stialght
ti rvVvT T3 l,rlm "mt slllldc1 ''"
Cs-WYj-I ) eyosund matched hor
K' 'fill dress ln colo 81l
y4- f( alsoworeallttloiaoket
NT Jjxii ' K1'l"r Llotli. and but-
?& toned shoes whosetops
fy lackod several Inches
lfyf ' ro,lc'1'nK 'l'0 bottom
(? other dress. Milllccnt
S says sho Is one of a
' family, of five children.
miuiaxt aim. They UveJ ftt jq
Broad street, Newark, uutll a year ago, whon
sho lest both her father and hor mother. Thon
they wont to lio with thoir aunt. Mrs. Mar
caret Smith, who is a dressmaker in Chestnut
street. Newark.
"My mint is a widow," said Milltcent. and
sho hnd enough on her hands without bother
ing with me. I am plenty old enougn to worn
nnd take enre ol mysolf." With a capital of
almost half n-dollar she left Newark on Thurs
day afternoon without saying an thing to ber
aunt, and cot hero at it o'clock.
"I didn't know exactly where I was going
to find work." she t-ald. "so I bought
a morning paper and looked through
the want advertisements. I went first
tu a houso in West Twenty-first street,
but tho lady told me I wmh too young.
Then 1 walked up to Thirty-fifth street. The
lady of tho house Invited me in and cave
me something to ent. She said that if
I would oorao around at 9 o'olock the
next morning sho would give me somo work.
Mr aunt did not know where I was. so this
lady gave mo paper and a pen and told me to
write to hor. and I did so."
Tho girl cannot tell a well-connected story
nbout lier wanderings duriug the afternoon
and early evening. Father Casserly aud
several other priests had been holding con
fessions in the Church ofthe PaullstFatlicrs
at Fifty-ninth stroet and Ninth avenue, and
wero iust leaving the church, nbout 10:1)0
o'clock, whon Millicont spoke to them.
"Please can I sloop ln the church to-night?"
sho said to Fatlior Casserly. "lama stranger
and I am going to get work to-morrow .morn
ing." The priests were surprised, and when she
had told them her story and said that she bad
walked until she was tired. Father Ca9serly
asked Jamos O'Brien, an alter boy about 18
rears old. to take the girl to the house ot some
women ho knew, and nsk them to keep her
ovor nlcht. Father Cassorly says that O'lSrien
is n trustworthy young man and he docs not
bolloo tho story Mlllicent tells of her experi
ence after leaving tho otiurch. Mlllicent said
yesterday thnt after she had walked a short
distance with the young nun ho insulted her.
" What did ho do?" asked Justlco Diwor.
" I am ashamed to say. sir." said tho girl,
with her eyes cast down, "but I ran awny
from him."
Mlllicent sas s that she walked around the
streets until after 1 o'clock without knowing,
whore tn go. In walking throuch West Thirty
fifth street she saw n light In the basement of
the house at 1211. Sho wns tired and fright
ened, and sho had no money. Thero didn't
seem to be anothorlighton the block. After
hesitating for n few minutes she went up the
stops nnd ranc the bell. A centloman opened
the door. Millicont stepped in and said :
" I hue come hero for protoctlon, sir."
Tho gentleman drow buck In surprise nnd
asked what sho meant. Mlllicent told him
her story nnd nt 1 o'clock ho took the girl to
the West Thirtieth street police station. .Mil
licont's new protector told thn Sergeant that
ho was willing to keep the Ilttio girl nt his
houso all night, but ho wanted to nsk the ad
vlco of the police. The gentlemnn'.s daughter
nccompnnletl mm to tiio suiuon nouso, nnu
both Miemodtn bo much Interested in tho lit
tloclrl. The Sergeant snltl that tho matron
would tnko cat e of the child.
Closs-examiuation did not shako the girls
stoiy. Justice Dlver committed hor to the
care of Mr. Oerry's Society, nnd if her story Is
found to bo truo a place will bo found for her.
As soon ns Millicont reached the house of tho
society sho asked tn bo permitted to do a Ilttio
dusting and housework to pay (or nor hoard.
"Did I evor hear of any other girl running
away to New York V" sho said lo 11 Mi.v re
porter. " Wliv I didn't run away. 1 simply
came hm e to find work."
A Newark despatch says thore Is no such
number as Ufi Chestnut street, where Mlllicent
says her aunt lives, nnd no cnsonfu inlhslug
girl was repotted thero yosterday. Apart of
tho girl's t-torv has linen corroborated, and
sho tolls the othor details in a straightforwurd
rtood Ntnp Traffic In Northern Illinois
FrelBUI Car Moved by the Wind.
CnicAoo. May 6. -For two days rnln storms
havo prevailed throughout northern Illinois
and a great deal of damage Is retorted. TralTlo
on tho Hock Isluud Itailroiid has bten mis
pended between Joliet and tho Mississippi
ltlvor on account of washouts, with the rosult
that tho entire system Is pr-n tlcnlly lli'd "P
Hundreds of families al -In let luixo tiullted
their homes nnd gone to the tl ulT-. ir',,rl"' J1' 2
ilnin would burst and Hood the rentrdl part of
tho city. Thefactoies nno from one to four
("it of water In them, und many h.ie sus-
ileim'ris'Kl.'oMi.inw,.. la., i-av Hint houses
haw' boon Hooded, rnilioad trucks washed out.
"nd a part ( a new bridge carried ana). Tho
Hood has caused mam people to leae their
Wrnnklng. Mlrh.. the tains )mn been so
vw. . ?h?? I'llck huildliiK lu (lint Place col
lapsed, hating been undermined by the flood.
- Tu ii'l'i HI- May ' A, tornado passed
on-nwitd through a part ofthe country seven
Jules north of till. Place last night. At Mc
Unwell, u small stntlon on lli Wabush road,
tin- wind blew wllii such velocity ns to set In
motion bent llv Imidn I freight cars standing
en the sidlngb. Tlio storm did considerable
s-rrUHig; 70.0 O fcr the I oa 1 or an Eye.
Judge Piyorof the Court of Common PJous
hns denied n motion to compel tocurity for
costs to bo glien h" Mr. und Mrs, James If,
Swlnarloii In tlinlrsits against Le liuiitlllier
Ilintlii'is to reeoter mS.OOH damages for tho
lns of Mis. swliinrlon's eye. Mie, whllo in
tlio tlereiiilitnt's store, was struck in tlio ne
by a pin snapped I ' one of the cash hoys. Th
sight of theele wns destroyed antl tho injured
eie hull In be lein iet to savo the other, Mia.
hnlnarlnn wantb Sf0.0()0 fur th loss ofthe
uyo and her husband dtiiiinndn S'J.VKH).
5iTiV7r' uirfi'M I n rnmfilru ult of furnMur
llJaW tH.r ..J! rtit.t'iiifil n it irtrtuif bl.
tlkCSJj rFrrr1? T.ihfl II" Mori f om ttill hd ftl'l
ytyap r"-ffi 1 j j, t'm, ,,. ijfuno nttli'ul
Jrrw nr. tfijjrr Il'i2 ADhft llll ltd Wflg.lt.
ii U 1 I'iutnt it on I cut will luj W9
U-. .hi fsii.s- riO i) U ft Hi U w'tndi.
jTp RulsTst.i'' CJ Call or wrilt for t'atkltiiut
sua vr. lath MT.. N, Y.
Wtmtt ,forrtw?, ft;
wrrnoor TbomonAt,
office, It In oar Hat ot AUrartuiiis Arcnciaa jrau
tie nol find one conreniant.
372, 374, 376 Broome Street.
ttjp TsO-TOraa-, '
Broadway. 51st St. and 7th At.
stock hkcdsp rmnrtEs.
Handy Warona In paint anil natnral wooil: Banaf
Rufitlf.. with four atylaa ot totltat an 4 tho nsjtaan
rJdlng aprlnc avar inventrdi Hurrays, Bxtanatoathnf.
anil BuKKlei; Twtswbcalcra that art abpolutaly fna
from boraa motion; Ittiail Carta t bat ara usdato otcrf
nmni.KT a-in., u WAinr.v ht.
4H00D IIIJMM'.ss lltiitsrit. nlao truck, anil ton Us
litrrr waxona and liarueaa; barfalna. Mil Rait
lllliai. .
Bar Tvei-, ,Iobn Kilnnejr. TaallBcn nt the
Inqneat In Red Bank.
Rkd Uivk. Maya Atthe inquest tolayln
thu I.lzr.lo l'arrell murder case n plain wldtn
handkerchlot playod n conspicuous part. It
was found near tho body ot Miss Furroll. It
lint boon supposed that it was tho snmo hund
kerchief given to hor by Mrs. John McNeil,
Willi whom sho had boon sponding her en
Ings. Mrs. McNeil on thn stand this uftnrnoon
doclarod tlio handkerchlot was not thu one
alio gavo Miss l'arrell. Tho handkerchief is
large, sueh as n man might carry,
Mary Lovdon. Lizzie I-itrroU's most lntlmtts
friend, tostllletl that Lier.le had SOS in bills.
vrhleh wero wrnnpod upiu a pieoe of uiuulla
papor. Onthoovenings sho stayed with ber
sho took tho paokage from her bosom and
placed it on the bureau. Mary said tint Liz- I
Ele'siKX-ketbook. which is missing, was tbroirn. I
with metal clasps, nnd was three inches lone. I
bhe never know Lizzie uud John Deiuner,htr I
lover, to quarrel. if
At about t o'clock on tho night of the at.
sault Mrs. Rudolph Malchow and Mrs. John
Oliver wereonthelrwayhomofrom downtown
when nenr Bridge aveuue u. man and woman
passed thum, walking slowly. Thoy were ot
equal height, not more than llvo feet tall. Thti
man was stout, and ho wore a Derby hat and
dark clothes. Tlio woman's drett was black
Rnd she worn n short sacquc. Thn hat worn
y Llzztn Vnrrell was shown to Mrs. Oilier,
who said it looked like that worn by the
John Dolnnoy testified that Lirrlo and lie
were to hu o boon married noxt fajl or Bjiring.
Ho didn't know that the girl ever carried any
large amount of money with her.
Theinquost was adjourned until next Mon
day morning, when Dolnnoy will again be
placed on tho stand. John MeKoover, a la
borer, of Little bllvor. was arrestod last night
also on suspicion. Another charge against
him Is that of threatening to sot tire to the
house of Frank Garrloll. with whom ho board- 1
ed. He wan taken to tho Freehold jail to-dsr.
It is not thought he knows anything about the
Mai; Fiona Visitors to the Chiarafc or St.
' Jean Until I ate. '
AU dar yestorday thero wero crowds at the
altar of the Catholic Church of 8t. Jean Bap
tlsto. East Sevonty-slxth stroot. near Lexing
ton avenue, and the aisles and the scats wera
filled. Tho oxposing of tho rello of St Anna,
the Mother ot the Virgin Mary, began nt 6
o'clook. and until 5 in the afternoon tho glass
cover of the Ilttio caso in which it is set was
continuously pressed by tho lips of do out
Cathollcb. Thn visitors wero from all parts of I
this city, from Long Island, and from Jersey I
City. Some came from Trenton. I
There wasa line of carriages boforo thn door. I
and from many of these invalids were helped I
or carried to tho shrino to kiss the glass
cover. Tather Totreau. the pastor, said that
much spiritual good was being dono by the
relic, many conversions hnvlng been made
and many persons having recelvod comfort.
esald thattheroweroal6oanumburof cures, V
but llo declined to give the names, as the per-
sons curod do not wish the notoriety that
would attend tho publishing of their names.
He found among the visitors mnny physicians
who wero iiiixIouh to see the bono.
I nthor Totrcan snys thnt tho relic of St.
Anna, which ho has secured, has left Romo la
charge ot a mcbscnger, nnd ho will go to
Cunaila shortly to get It lie expects to ex-
poso it in tho Church of Ht. Joan Uaptiste la
about six wooks, and from that time continuously.
A Rumor thnt One of the RvBuerlen Hns
Withdrawn Iron, the llenl.
PiULADKLriiM. May 0. Thero was a rumor
yesterday that tho Franklin Sugar Iteflning
Company had taken advantage of a clause In
thoir ngreemont with tho Kugar Trust and
had withdrawn tho option for their plant, und
w ould horeafter bo continued as an Independ
ent refinery. Tho rumor created somo ox
cltomont among tho sugar men. but could
not be verified hacausn ot tho reticence
ot thuso connected with thn Franklin
reflnory, None eomod willing to confirm or
duuy the story. Thero aro two thoortcs on the
etriet as to the probable causes leadlrurto the
siiDposud withdrawal. One Is that theFtank
lint ompnny had tin option of withdrawing iu
sixty days if sudlsposod. The agreement was
signed on March 4. and the sixty days' grace
expired on Wodnesdny last. Tho clamor
concerning tho nhsorptlou of thn Philadel
phia sugar refineries and thn recont nction
of United btutos District Attorney Ingham
tending to nnnul the deal, led tlio rraukllii
people to withdraw. It Is said. Another theory
is that tho trust, for the purpose el iipiioitslng
those interested In the KUg.tr I rude, have for
tho tlmn dooidot to relinquish lletlr option
under the sixty-day clause in tlmngrtoiuont,
mi that in answer fo the vuri mi- attack made
upon them they nm-point to nt leustone In
dependent refinery In 1'hlladulplil-i.
Cayl.llint snrla. a Cuban fount brnker of Key W.t,
rla , allot lilmrir In tha temple in t aloon on lm.
btiru atrert, Kaitiinorc. yaaifrdMi Tlio wound la a.rl
tui, but nut iifi m.irllj ratal, sorl" liad !"' tn Baltl-niiiii-1
vn k- mi tniinca an-l i-e-tiru. 11a In. a
latully In jooil clrruniklanit. in k'iy Wa at,
Hut twenty-two! ono In tlio full lilmun of I
ni'lixu v.iiiiiuuliootU with "uuod illyuhin i ,
IiimIiIi, nml upiiollto" anil (rruii uf em-
tinge, bulll on pnrft'cl health u inotlel of
iii'tiiitviiinl hiii)iy living Tlio utliiir- oni u
i-iil uf hnh butt been twotoltl (-ho'ii old in
Imily, yoniijr in ears n Viioek of wlitil hu-
might liuvti li'-nn .She l.ici-H wcnrHiiiiiH'i I
look ill hor ll'iuo wiiiiltl uui Ije ll;nliei '
the -eiihiiiif wiiiiiuii hiiyh i-iiiplmtlo NO1
Thou lot -ill women wonr tlio KiiiiIihiimi
A'lllnt. 1'it lis cilMoili liinile, Mntlo by
tieorgo FrohU ''itiipmiv, Hoslon,
For salo by Kew York duotcrs geucnUly.

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