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K ' ' - "" " 1
W ; THE SUM, bATUKlAiV -MAY 7 1KI2. ' 3 : -
ion vorvt.AitiTT.
I H Hlcl" Votfd to ! m More Popa.
I i,rJtctnrihi.n IMnln Dnotk-Othrr Prlit
I i'r'lio""' "f Socl"l''" Heprenentn.
I iiTe "M l,n Wi Priit ArranccimcBta
fori'"' '",l ,,,,r r,h' n1r.
I At it ilrriwi to Ha triumphant closo the great
I ictori' 1 unJ 1'ulr lia" njlilcxl nnotlior now fea-
tnwtotlinliicls of toiulir attractions. It has
ow U'inio a Kroat honuty hov. eclipsing
I dtlifr tho l'or,n b'iow or the llowershowin
I ittrsfttnrf tint linmliomo Klrla of so
I fifty. It lnid cli'Men. of iirofosslonnl bcnutlos
I cftho stiik'i'. tnrs?od In tlio (tny booths on tho
I otDr.i; nlKlit. nnd thoy have boon In steady
J (tteniluneo. It was not until Wednesday.
thoueli. ''mt "10 ioc'ot': holloa botcap to gathnr
Ulorsnumln)r. Now tholr rich gowns nnd
linOiorae facos aro aa numerous as tho flow
irs of tin) lloral booth ovory afternoon and
Amonu tho people of sooloty who were pres
lit last night wan Mrs. Frank Pendleton, who
tilted about with hor sister. Miss La Mon
Mgae. wearing a rich costume ot black satin
brocade and pale croon silk and a larce
black hat dressed with pnlo croon plumos.
Mlts La Montnguo was In a costume
cl bluo frolzo embroidered In cold and a
irall blank and cold bonnot. Miss Coralle
Coudort. In a becoming cowri of ecru oloth
tmbroldorod with narrow strlrjos of cold and
Uuht-brown braid, and a larco hat of blaok
tlilp straw dres-od with a cluster of pink roses,
rtniBcIod alone through the crowd with her
tuned, Mr. Ilrokaw.
Mrs. Ooorgo II. De Forest wore a eostume
Mch attractod considorablo commont It was
ctliuttornut croon and black brocade, covered
lth a lone black velvet coat olaboratoly
trimmed with jot Her bonnot was a tlght
fitting one of black lace dressed with maiden
hair lern and a single cluster of purplo violets.
Mrs. James Andarlese.whowas with her. woro
aenstiimoof ecru creiion. trlramod with green
Tolvct ami a small hut of black.
Iflss Stevens, sister of Mrs. Ladenbure, was
hdark bluo cloth trimmed with cld braid and
I larce black hat dressed with pale bluo
3Irs. C. G. Moller. Jr.. was In a striking
eotumo of black brocade and ecru, and a
Hcht snuff-colored covert coat. Mrs. Arthur
Tworably was In steel gray silk and crepon,
awl a small bonnet to match. Mrs. Charles
Mlnton. who wnn with her husband, was in
dark croen cloth richly embroidered with
black braid. .... ,
Tho pretty blonde Miss Deatrlco How, who
walked about with her father, was In a cos
tume of dark brown oloth and short jacket,
bhowine a vest of pain pink satin. A larce
bluek hat with pule pink ribbons and feathers
was also worn.
Miss Oooreinnn Wllmordinc was In ecru
cloth and a Ilcht-colored cloth covert coat
Mrs.FiodC"nimwoll wa,Iiiiilnckcrc",poandjot
nd her dougthor. -Ml-s J Mary Cromwell, woro a
costume of ecru liodfnrd cord, trimmed with
Chcrtreusocroen elvet. Mrs. II. O. MeVickar.
who walked about with her husband, was In
Itc'l-bluosllk nnd silver.
Mr?. W. Urlswold Wheolor woro a gown of
Mack and bluo striped satin. Hlio was with
her husband.
Mrs. John C. Wostorvelt was In dark bluo
cloth, relieved with cold braid and jet Miss
Jloionoo Wostenolt was in marine cloth,
the corBaco boing made with a fall of Venotinn
point, and a hat of black straw of larco pro
portions, dressed with blaok feathers.
Mr. and Mrs. Tilrlon lllodcott. who were
married in London a Vbort tlmo ago, mado
Mural turns about the Garden. Mrs. Blod-
no itvrp ron him.
(tctt. who was formerly Miss Grace Pod
ley, was In fiiwn-rolnri-cl silk and cloth and
alone capo ot tho b.uno color, trimmed with
In tho Koneral throne were nutleed Mr. and
teiMi?n,'ior,i Vi ,li,! V- ''"ri;V Urumwell. Mr.
Louis hnllnr. Mr, I. II lamp Mr. A. Murray
loung. Mr.. John Hrew, Mr Martin de (iar-
?9Wt-r?&rJluf,ha 0-e,-"'' bmldt. Mr.
J. . tierard. Jr., Mr. Mewnit Urlm. Mr
AucustUH Clarkson, Mr. (imdied .Merrlttl
Mr. rred O. IJimcIi. Hr, A cinm it T Mimon
Mr William T. JMn.lcyti. Mr! Wmbffi
Llvincston, Mr. Do lmp-t Manlce. Mi
tlronvillo,, Suollintr. Dr. Itol.i-rt Vatre !
Mr. and Mrs. (iroicu V. l'uriitthn. the lt.iv
III-, and Mrs. D J'mkes Morcmi. Mr. .Inseph
arneiiuo, Jr. Mr. IJlwanl Du lvler. Mr. V.
I)c lVyitor I.lvJnuMon. Mi. Itoliert Hone. Mr.
Vlnthrop. and MIhs IMIth CoIHih.
Tim crowd wiih hlcirurtliiin r last night,
and in order to contml tlio Increase expected
to-duy, whon thofuir Is to olose. the managers
Jj,ne decided to double the admission foe.
uemiiror I rank rianxer hud received enough
yyyoterdaynooii to swell the receipts of the
J,i'ri.',0 l -'. 1. He vHliinutiiil that last
"'Kit's li.tors would aibl nearly SJO.tXH)
wtlilssum. Tho reoflptM h.ne steadily In-
K'ii ,1'57.f': Vednnday, I:i.l)tlOi Thursday,
fit Mi, "Varly NMKX)id beenenntrlbuted
t'"ro the fair opened,
Jhe coiiipctltinn for thn diamond pin for
iM.mort ,l!"t'Illar actress was tlio ox-
in, cv ncldcnt of yesterday's cathor-
iSiVv.i ?"Y .9(J mr" H1"1. women were
iLSit'JJ4?.1 night around tho hUekbonr.l
o wliieh tho builotluc wu placarded. Ks-
tolle Clayton and Genrcln Cayvan, ths favor
ites In tho contet, woro tiusynt their booths
selling waros. Meanwhile tholr rival adhor
ents. with their hats oil .and dress coats
thrown wldoopetv woreolbowliiiroachntherln
ft Bwavinc crowd, passing croenback3to tho
mnnacors keoplnc tally of votox. .. ,
Estclle Clayton loft her booth at 10 o'clock
and clambered to thoplatferm abovothe heads
of tho.voters. Sho bad fainted from nervous
strain In thn booth. and she reclined In an easy
ehalton the platform, n comely lliture In white,
with alder rod rose nt hor throat and diamonds
in her light hair. MI'S Coy van, hor rial. re
mained at hor nt nml In tho Lyceum booth In
theMhakespoaro bouse soiling horaiitographa
to a host of men, who woro billing them up at
a dollar a sample. Miss Piiyvnn worn a modest
gown of black, and her dark hair was frowned
by a neat black bonnet Upside hor wero littlu
Klsle Leslie nnd her curly-headed sister. Dora
Leslie. ... l
In tho afternoon n well dressed man with
patent leathers pulled SfKMi Hi crisp bank
notes out of bis pocket nnd handed It to tho
attendant at tlio blackboard,
"(llvomit l.ii(K) suliscrlptlons In bohalf of
Johnstone llontiott" ho said, and that nctross
was entered In tho men for tho llrst tlmo. nnd
sonttotbo head nt a lean. Hut all the camo
tho real rivalry was continued between Misses
Clayton nnd Oman. Jay Temnleton fell to
fourth placo with tho entrance of Jilts llennott
In tho lists, nnd Miss Llll Ian Hubs ell bocamo a
competitor for tho prlre also last nicht
When the sealod ballots wero oponed atlOU
o'clock Miss Clayton wont ahead 100 votos at
ntlmo, and It was oponly assorted that Mrs.
l'nlmor was throwing her lnflucnoo acnlnst
Miss Cayvan. There was a choer from tho
crowd nnd n smile on Miss Cayvnn's face when
Burr Mcintosh doclarcd Miss Clayton tho
wlnnor. This was the way It ended: Miss
Clayton 2,480 votes', Johnstone Bennett 1.00'j :
Miss Cayvan. TS2; lay Tomploton. 140: Lillian
Uussctl. 1U .....
There was a roar of laughter In another nnrt
of tho Gardon. It wns nwakened by tho an
nouncement that Charles Dickson hnd won
the gold wutch for the most popular actor ovor
Edwin Booth. Mnnacorsl'rohman and Hnncor
joined In tho popular merriment.
Two other onteitnining bnllotlnc contests
woro being carried on spiritedly whllo tho bat
tle between Mls Clayton nnd Mi Cayvan was
In progress. These other contests wero thn
voting of a diamond star to "tho most
popular lady eoniiocted with tho fair
work." nnd of a s-.rl)0 clock to tho
most popular prima clonno. Mrs. Acnes
Booth led for tho star, with Miss Cayvan n
closo socond. Laura Kchlrmor Mnploson was
ahead of nil others in tho voting of tho clock.
Both awards will bo mado to-night.
Tho bcnutlos nf tho Twolftn Night Club
bloomed among tho flowers In tho flower booth
last night In the afternoon the swells wero
CIUNE." lucky enough to get nosegays chenn from tho
hands of Madlo Martlnot. Simula Mnlth. May
Haines. Qucenlo Vnssar.lMrs. LMwIn U. Morton,
nnd Mrs. Alice Shaw nnd hor handsome,
twins. Tho Florists' Club, which built nnd
furnished gratis tho mass of Mowers thus far
sold replenished the booth with a glorious
heap of roses at night. A great throng of
men vied In blddlnc for tho possession nf
the costlier noseirnys. They wero soldv by
Miss Mnbel btepbenson, Xollio Mayo, hitty
Jordan. Madge Huron. Ada Dvof. Mamie
Wheeler, Mnrie Uart Janet Lewis. Minnie
Lewis. Kelina Fetter. Kitty Mayhow, Dickey
Martinez. Maude Chilton. Maida Cralgon. (!r ieu
Benton. Mrs. Lily Doubleday. Martha Morton.
Bosslo Tyreo. and F.fllo Shannon. Miss Acnes
Booth also helped the sale. In tho afternoon
Burr Mcintosh hold flowers and indulged In
witticisms. DeWolf Hopper sold candle-, and
Delia Fox sold silver spoons, t-omo lucky
purchaser of the boxod candles will got an
order for a $100 piano lamp beforo tho fair
The diamond enrters. which tho wlnnor
envo back to Acnes Booth on odnosdny to
be voted for over again, drew a frosh crowd of
bidders to the millinery booth yesterday. Thn
jewels glittered as the silk bands dangled
over tho nctross's head. Mho was kont busy
taking subscriptions at SI each for the
carters. Thoy will be ro-awardod to
night Near hy. on tho Roman Colon
nade. Aunt Louisa Eldrldco. whom everybody
seemed to know and to like, stood surrounded
hy a host of tho llttlo children of tho stage,
disposing of a great miscellany of treasures
that had beon collocted by actors and ac
tresses. Mrs. Fernandez was with Aunt
Louisa. Othor woo actors pushed hither and
thither in the great throng selling; tho fair
newspaper. Pretty Besblo Lackoy was again
tho bright particular flower of tho booth at
which Actress ltosa Hand presides.
In tho Husslan booth sat Mrs. Hnrt. known
among the stars as the granddaughter of Wil
liam E. Burton, tho famous comedian. To the
curlositlosof the Fair Mrs. ltaohel Cantor of
tho Forrest Homo, one of the oldest living
actrobscs. contributed a crnzy iiuilt. for which
thoro are many eager subscribers, who
are admirers of tho late "Billy"
FIoronc. Most of the crazy bits
are mado of nocktles that Floronce boucht
rturlnc his last engagement with Josppfl Jef
ferson In 1'nilndelphla. When on his death
bed the enmedinn ordered the nocktios to bo
sent to Mrs. Cantor, who, he hnd heard, pro
posed to make tho quilt for tho benefit of the
Actors' I und. ... , ,
Maudo Harrison turned into thn Fair treas
ury vestorday a check for $1,000 which "Bo
nanza" John Mackey sent her for tho fund.
Miss llolen Gardner of the Women's Press
Club tat In a sodan chair In tho GUI Curiosity
Club yesterday and held aloft the dag
ger of tho older Kenn whilo Mr. A.
Si. Palmer, Mr1-. Acnes Booth, and Francis
Wilson bid spiritedly for Its possession. The
blddlnc was still going on nt 11 o'clock InBt
night MibS 31. I". JlcWueeny of tho Custom
House was scooping In slhor on a curious old
(Spanish watch, w hleh Mill runs, although ISO
years old Tlio watch was sccurod by William
S'ngoof IWJ West Ninety-fourth street. Agnus
I'thol. who is now a widow nnd r tired from
the Btnce. spont nearly $1,000 at tho fair bo
foro these awaids woro made last night:
raiulaliilira. K. ". Mi1e. 2." Went TUIrty ninth itrfet;
Twt-lttliMzlilrioK, Kuttt Hauler, .".OHWci.t Ferlitlxlli
itreet. Farnli llemlmriH tflotc. J. KnnT I nton, ate
trirrtipb Rltain. Mlmlt attenhofcr. 1H I.nar fc-niMitj-fifth
ilreet: Twclf'h Nlirlit phonograph .loll, uuun
Ktliel, Twelfth Mirht o ivpnlr iponnt Mri I' U Murllti:
rhftlnaml watch charm. MlnI,.Ii. Mallen. Iliirrliran
houth blcjc!.'. Ij K. Ilrewn; toy theatre, II. Uevnd;
Claytoa rowboat. Eucene Mosed.
She Had n PIMol, and fired It Thrice mt
Her Holldtiii lluMhnncl.
Annie Green nnd hor husband, Thomas F
live on tho third floor of 21U Lllzaboth stroot.
Last night nt midnight Green enmo homo
drunk. Ills wlfo fled to tho fire escnno. In fear
of him. and got down to tho second floor.
Ho ran down to thn Ktrent. fearing, ns ho
says, that she was clnfc to commit siileldo.
Showason tho first-floor fire osoapo vlien ho
cot down. Hho hnd a pistol. Mho fired three
shots at him. She missed ovory tlmo. Ho
lied. Sho was arrested.
The Brooklyn Klndenturten Movement.
On Thursday ovonine. 3Iny 12. a mooting In
the Intorest of tho Brooklyn Kindergarten As
soclatlon will bo hold In tho ehnpol of tho
Packer Institute. Brooklyn. Tho work of thn
association la to establiMi freo kindergartens
for tho children of the poor. 1 wo of tlmfu;
i-ehnoNnrn now In operation nnd a third will
be Minted In a few months. '1 he iiieetiiiK will
hnaddiMnod by Dr. Lyman Abbott, tho Iiev.
Dr. .1, Cidomnn Adams. Dr. both Low. and
other, Interosted In kindergarten worlc
Tuo Ilnllun Tenement" Kmptled.
Tho tenants of 303 nnd 305 Elizabeth stroot.
numbering many Italian families, worn ejected
-torday morning, and all day thoy, with
their household roods and sympathizing
friends, crowded tho street from Houston to
By nh'lit thoy had dispersed to various parts
pt the city. It was said that tho tenements
had been sold to an Italian society, which Is to
err et a bandsmno church. The vacated build
iiiBswuru ransacked by street boysj,
A I'o.lnl Trleni'upli C'olli-etor MlaalnB.
Otto Hottlor. a collector for tho Tostal Tele
craph Cablo Company, cllsappeurol on last
Saturday, and It It reported that nn exiort Is
examining his accounts. Cashier Butterllold
sold yiHterday:
I don't know whether you cun Bay Bottler
is mleslnc or not. We hoard from him on
Monday, and In jusiIpo to Sottlornnd tho com
pany woeannot say anything nbout tho mat
tor at present, Hottler lives In Brooklyn."
A ropnlnr Netv Vnrk Hotel.
When the llurklnittiain Motel wa flrat onene1 nn
yitlh arrieie, at the eorlieri.r 1'lftlf tb Itrret. Neir erk.
Heiiirdfar u,tuwn an. I tumewhat outer the way.
Now. linnet er. II Imn lllehearl iif.the fahlonahle iliiaf
ternf the city, the growth luwar 1 Central I'ark hai been
a ureal ami to ranl'l In reront can. Tie- llurkliifham
li aim kept by elberhee ruder, utn h hu bail vaio
able training; ill iler the moat faiunui and iieeeriil
lintel iiianaien of the natt a-enerailon In New Jerk.
They have bern prouisi toadutit all the beat modern
linproeiuenliln their bualneaa. and Ihelr Homo hat
an eirellent rciiulalli.il aa a t ojiforubleand attractive
abid Da place. vjirlN,jAVii itruitfeju,- .IJr.
Frenchmen Expecting; Itoly-n Withdrawal
Irnm the Trlite Alllnnce ftord MHlla.
Iiury'a Npeeeh to the Primrose Inniie.
Bome, May (l Thn ManUls ill Rudlnl nn
nounoed to-day the resignation of the Minis
try. In oonsoquonco of tho voto of want of eon
fldonco In tho Chamber ot Doputles yesterday.
Whllo It has boon assorted, soml-ofllclally.
that tho forolgn polioy ot the Government will
not bo nffectod, tho eonoral expression Is that
It will Inevitably bo affoctod, as tho troublos
that have led to tho resignation nro entirely
duo to financial dlstross caused by tho main
tenance of Italy's placo In the Triple Alliance.
Tho Austrian and German ropresentntlvos nro
In constant communication with tholr Govern
ments nbout thn crisis, nnd (t Is reported that
the utmost anxiety Is fe.lt both In Ilerlln and
In Vienna. At the French Embassy there, Is
little roncenlmont of tho joy folt ovor the
downfall of tho Itudlnl Ministry, tho cauBos
leading to which, many Frenchmen hero de
.claro. Insure tho sovorunco of Italy from the
Triple Alliance.
lie Is "Understood to( Counsel Extreme
Measures of Kealatanee to llemn Knit,
Londos, May 0. Lord Salisbury presided to
day as Grand Master at the annual meeting
of tho Grand Habitation of tho Primrose
Loaguo. In his address he said that a great
cballongo would soonor or lntor bo imcondtnc
at which tho people must takocroatdoclslons.
He had no doubt of tho rosult If tho poople
recognized tho real Issues. As to what tho
real Issuos wero Mr. Gladstono wnB silent
Hoinouvoiild bo found voting on tho nuostlon
of Church disestablishment, othors on eight
hours, somo for tho integrity of tho empire,
but there was no means or knowlnc ou wlilch
question tho minority would "tote. That
strangely anomalous condition of things thor
oughly instilled tho preenutlon which tho
coiif-titutlon provided against a hasty or pub
verslvo decision. '1 he Government hrnt kept
(ill its promises. Boycotting in Ireland had
ceased to exist. It was undeniable thnt tho
death of 3Ir. Parnoll had removed a more
formidable too to tho unity of the empire thnn
any thnt lomnined. Homo rule, added Lord
tinlishnrv. would bo a messaco to Ireland, not
ofpoaco. but of a civil war animated by tho
deepest religious antagonisms.
Tho meeting wns one of tho most striking
assemblages seen In London In rocent years.
Coont tlniden wns crowded, nearly (.000
knights and dnmes of tho order betnc pres
ent Tho remotost towns of the klncdom wero
roprosentfirj. Evorybody woro primroses, and
most of tlio ladies carried bouquets of tho
cyrabollo llowor. Lord Salisbury was loudly
choered whon ho ontored tho theatro. As
Grand Slastor of tho order ho wore a jewelled
star and crown comblnod. suspended by pur
plo and prlmroso ribbons. 3Ime. Albanl Bang
'God Nnvo the Queon." the audlonco joining
In tho chorus.
Lord Sallsbu-y nevor mado a flnor speech
than he did to-day. As he warmed up in bis
argument tho nudlonco crow enthusiastic,
and burst Into tumultuous applause when ho
mndo veiled threats that tho House of Lords
would come to tho resouo of the Conservatives
by rpjpctlng homo rule for Ireland as often as
tho Houi-o of Commons should pnss such a
measure. Anothor exhibition of Intense feel
ing was evoked by tho language In which thn
bend of the Government seemed to Incite tho
Ulstermen to a policy of violence In rc-lstlng a
home Irish government should ono bo ei.tab
llshed. The greater part of the siieoeh. in fact,
was mado up of this sort of thing. The re
marks nf the Premier were, on tho surface,
deprecatory of lnterneclnii strife, but tho un
derlying sentlmont was plainly that In resist
ing home rule tho men of Ulster would be nct
lngtlio part or patriots and battling for tho in
toirrity of tbeempiio. ,
Tlio general Inference from tho rremlors
speech in tho lobbies of Parliament this evening-wns
that Pnrli.imont would bo dissolved
eirly In tho Hiimmor-not Inter than July.
3Inny mombois wired their ngonts to that
elfect to-night ,,
Tho CAnoiicM says: Lord Salisbury s
speech will bo regarded by Tory partisans
ns a strong one. It was a trumpet call to
action nt tho coming election. I)y ovory
thoughtful and impartial person, however, it
will bo pronounced tho most reckless uttor
anco that ovor proceeded from the lips of a re
sponsible stntosman."
Cat Ofl" on Aeaoant of the Pn-etortal lVetters
to the French Electors.
Paris, May C Tho Government has de
prived six Bishops of their salaries for Inter
fering In the last elections by Issulne ad
drosses to the Roman Catholic electors. Four
of tho prelates thus cut off are said to bo tho
Bishops of Nlsmos. 3Iontpellter, Valence, and
Vivlers. It Is not yet known who the others
It Is said that, this is thn beginning ot tho
separation of Church and State in France, and
that hereafter this policy will be tho chlof
featuro of tho Loubot Ministerial pro
ernmme. Tho pastornl iottors. for tho
reftdlnc of which thesn Bishops aro
disciplined Instructed Cnthollo voters that
thoy belonged to the Church militant nnd
that tho Govornmont waB carrying on a
"double-faced Sntnnlo war" against tho
Church, and suggested, as did tho Bishop of
Mendo. that nobody was bound by laws which
ho did not approve. ,
Tho stoppago of salaries Is denounced by
thopnrtyof the prelates as a crying outrage
on the ground thnt thn payments to the Church
are an indomnltyfor tlio seizure of her prop
erty in the revolution, nnd theroforo cannot be
withheld rightfully by the Govornmont
Expected to I.nnd In Ceylnn To-dny The
Mrltlatl Police A-krd to Arnal lllin.
BKnMK. 3lay 4 Tho Trankfort Rothschilds
hao traced their nbscondlnc cashier, Jaeger,
wliorobbod them of nbout 2.000,000 marks.
It appears that Jaeger had dropped somo
mystorlous hints to' a woman in Frankfort
nbout a land of flowers. In which lie said he
prnposodto spend his days, and whither ho
asked her to go with him. Slio turned tho
matter oil ns a jest, init when Jaeger's disap
pearance became known sho repeated hU
proposal to home of bet filends. and it finally
enme to tho ears of the police. Lines of
travel for tho A701 es. the Woet Indies, Ceylon,
mid other points usually associated with
flowers and nzuro skies wero carefully
scanned. Jaeger was traeod at length In an
eastoily direction, nnd It npponroil that ho
had taken a Ne-sel which is duo to arrive in
Colombo, the chief seaport of Coylon, to-morrow.
Tho British police in Ceylon have boon
notified by tetcgiaph to look out for him.
The Little Crown Prince Elltere the Army.
Rerun. May 0. To-day Istho tenth birthday
of tho young Crown Prince William. Accord
ing to tho tradition of tho reigning house, of
Prussia, ho becomes Hocond Lleutonant of tho
First Foot Guards, n Potsdam rogimont Pots
dam to-day was full of representatives of tho
House ot Hohenzollorn und other ruling
houses of Germany. The reclmont nnd nil
tho carrisoii of Potsdam wero assembled on
the great pai.ulo ground. The Lmporor mado
an addiehs to the regiment, und gave tho
Cruftii Prince tho decoration of tlio Black
1-iigle. 'I he Crown Prlnco, with a military
salute to his imperial and paternal war lord,
took his idaco In 1 lie regiment. Then tho guards
marched past the F.mperor, tho Crown Princo,
who woro tho uniform of a LioutAnaut march.
Ing In tho rear file. This ovoilnc Potsdam
wns bidoiididly illuminated and tho pulaco
was a fcceno of fostlvlly.
Count Mennlireii'a Suit for Divorce,
Paws, May 11, Tho younc Count Menabrea,
son of the famous Italian Genoinl and former
Ambassador at Paris. CountvJIenabrea nnd
Mantuls of Valdora. was plaintiff to-day, at
Nice, in a suit for divorce. The Count and
Countess occupied n fine houso on the Boule
vard Curnbnccl. Tho Count kept watch ono
day and. it is alleged, discovered his wife In a
comiiruinlblncsituatiouuith a Russian tiamud
Oresko. whom bo had supposed to lie his
friend. Tlio resulting wandul, it Is said, had
much to do with tlio resignation of the older
Count Mdnabrcu ns Dalian Ambassador to
Nelthor tho Countess nor Orzesko wns pres
ent at tho trial to-day. The Commissary of
police who was with the Count when hu sur
prised IiIh wlfo gavo formal testimony ns to
what ho had witnessed, Tho case was then
adjourned until Juno 3.
riecurltles Worth 1,000,000 Francs Stolen.
Paris. May ft Tho police aro Investigating
tho mysterious robbery of a box which con
tained 1,000,000 francs In Btocks and bonds
from a van belonging to tho Eastern Railway
Company. At tho tlmo of tho robbery the
drlvor was delivering goods In tho Boulevard
dos C'apuolnes. The pollco bellovu that tho
van was watched and followed by oxpurt
TaW the South eaiern Limited via New York Central
fur rnirii'ti Cloi'lunali, and bx, Luuli. tail time,
fclegaul evrylco, .lit.
In Cookery
The Royal Baking Powder, besides
rendering the food more palatable and
wholesome, is, because of its higher
leavening power, the most economical.
The United States Government, after elaborate
test, reports the Royal Bakino Powder to be of
greater leavening strength than any other. Bul
letin 13, Ag. Dep.,p. 599.)
Mlas FAHlkner Throw From tho Moving
Trala by HeW Assailant.
London. Mar ft Near Holdbook station,
not far from Leeds, a switchman, walking
near tho railway track, found awomanlylnit
near the rails, almost Insensible, at 10 o'clock
laBt nlcht Bho said sho was Amy Faulkner, a
dressmaker, nnd that she had beon assaulted
In a compartment of a carrlnco on tho Great
Northern Hallway by a man who was tho only
other occupant of tho compartment After
the assault tho man pushod her out of tho
carriage whllo tho train was coins at full
Miss Faulknor was not badly Injured. Bhe
was brulsod nnd hystorlcnl. Word was sont
to Loeds. nnd a special onclno conveyed the
woman to town, whoro she was placed In nn
Infirmary. Thoro she said sho bad gono from
Leeds to Ilradford in tho aftornoon nnd had
stnrted to roturn to Leeds at7:J.;o clock in
tho evening. A stinngo man followed hor
whon bho ontored tho; train. Ho was tall and
of dark complexion. Bhe became nlarmod and
left tho carriage and wont into another. The
man followed her nnd took a scat In tho com
partment Miss Faulkner then docldod to wait
for tlio next train. Hho steppod out of tint
compartmont on tho platform, and thn train
started off without her. bho took tlio Ut'JO
train for Leeds. At Kramloy tlio man who
had annoyed her at Uradford entered tho
" I will take care you don't cot away now.
he snid. approaching hor. I will kiss you
whether you like it or not"
Miss Faulknor ran to .the window and low
ered It Bho put hor hand out and trlod to
crasp tho communication cord. Hor assailant
then pushed opon tho door und throw her out
of tho carriage. , ,, ...
Tlio pollco think thoy will catch tho man.
A lotter. purse, and eyoelassos found in tho
compartment upon the arrival of tho train at
Leeds will, it is believed, form Important
clues. The mnn Is supposed to have jumped
from the train before it reached Leeds.
Tho present case, added tothoNugent-Prleo
and othor recent outrages is arouslm: much
public Interest, and thero Is renewed agita
tion to compel tho railway companies to tako
somo steps for tho protoctlon of women who
travel alouo.
Hanker llnmmerateln'a Example. (Jjulckly
Followed by I"isertroem llrotber.
P,Em.iN. May II. Three suicides startled the
financial elrclos of llorlin to-day. Tho llrst
was thnt of If err llammorsteln. tho chief ot
tlio well-known banking house of llammor
steln A- l'rlodlllndor. which collapsed yoster
day. Tho two others wore thoso of Tager
stroem Brothers, wholesale morchants nnd
exporters, who woro ombnrrased by tlio Ilam
merstoin ,V Frledlltndor failure.
llorr Hanimorsteln retired last night ap
parently In Ills usual framo of mind. This
morning he wns found dond, with a pistol bo
side him. It is said that an inquiry into the
atTalrsof his llrm would hnvo disclo-odacts
that would have mado him liable to prosocu
tlnn. The Fngorstroom sulcldos occurred to-day.
Tho elder brother was found In his room with
n bullet wound in his tomplo and a revolver on
tho iloor. The younger banged himself In tho
attic. It is believed that thoy made an agree
ment yesterday morning to dio tocethor. For
somo time, it is snid. thoy had been negoti
ating tor a compromise with tholr creditors.
The arrangement was to have beon concluded
yesterday aftornoon. Thn collnpso of llam
morsteln & Friodl.lnder. hnwevor. frustrated
tholr plans. It Is not known definitely whether
tho Fagorstroems carried paper for tho bank
rupts or wero pressed bv tholr creditors bo
cnuso tho lattor suffered from tho failure. At
nil events the elder Fagerstroem told a busi
ness friend that Hammerstoin got out In time,
nnd added: " Wo think of getting out In tlmn.
too " When asked what bo meant bo an
swered: "Walt and seo: there is nu use in
lighting against your crodltois and hard luck,
ton "
Tho suicides havo produced a grave Impres
sion. Thoy have shaken business confidence,
nnd anothor punio like that of last winter Is
An Kanloalon In the Cnatle of Ifombroux at
Bnt'SRKiA May 0. Another panio was caused
In Lieco nnd its vicinity to-day by an explo
sion of dynamito in tlio Castle of Hombroux.
at Alleur, about nino miles from Lieco. The
castle Is the residence of thn Iturgomasterof
Alleur. who is accus-ed by tho Anarchists of
having been a leader in the repressive meas
ures of Mayday. Tho dynamite was placed
near tho lliirgomaster's apartments. Nobody
was Injured, and but little damage was done.
Many hiispercod persons wero urrostod, both
in I.legii nnd in Alleur.
Paiiis. .May 0. M. Very died to-ilny of tho
Injuries rocolvod whon hlswlno shop In tho
Hue Magenta was blown up. 'I hojiovernmont
will defray thn expenses of his funeral und
given pension to bis widow.
Victor Hammond, who was In nry s shop nt
thotimoof tho explosion, also died to-day.
Tho Government will pay hlsfuneral expenses
nnd pension his mutheo.
Aral), nrlnsc the . o Zunillnii He
Hnd llern Stricken v llll Nnmll.pnx.
IlKni.iN, May I). Eugono Wolff, spoclal cor
respondent of the HerluiT Twhlatl for tho
Gorman colonies In Africa, telegraphs this
ovenlnc that Arabs arriving at Zanzibar say
that Dr. Emln is dead. Tlio report, Wolff says,
lacks confirmation, but It Is i.rol nblvtrue. for
WolIT telegraphed on May :i that Dr. Emln hud
leen stricken with small i'o whllo fo lowlnc
his ndancc force from "ideliil to Ilukobn.
This foreo was under Di- Muhlmnnn nnd
reached Ilukoba on Fell. 1R. No later reports
from Ktuhlniiinnhawi been received. Whether
Dr. Emln lssunpoM.il to ha; o died of small
pox or from violonco tho despatch docs not
Nolrs or KorclB" Happenings.
Ulctnr Krauts, momhorof the Chamber of
Donutios. has boon Jippolntod Com Issloi or.
General for Fruncto tlio ( hlcugo World's
In thn lobby of the IIou-o of Commons on
ThursilaV Mr. Joseph Cliiini .nrliilr Introduced
Mr. Gladstono to the daughter of M. Clom
eneeau, tho I'reneh Depiiti.
A general strike of colliers Ins been bogun
in Upper Mlcslu. Many of oil I rlcshavo
boon shut down for some time othors have
been n!n 011 half time, and wages havo beon
reduced to starvation rale-.
Jt Is announced from I.0"''0." Un .l,Bmar
riin'nof Cunt Cruise, a In of tlio I'ilty-Keeond
InruMty. t. PMrsf IlUvun.r l't.llH.m, .I.tiit.M.ter of
li.,liillnnrL!il Clarke of Cooporstown, N. Y..
amlwIdorofharleHl'liilllpsol Philadelphia,
will soon tike plane.
At a meeting of thoCmn-orvntlve members of
Parliament, held on Friday, a resolution was
aloe declaring that, tho flocking of destl
tuto foreigners to London ronderpd It deslra
bio that thofloverninuiitbliould not dolajr soma
measure of prohibition.
Tho delegates or thn cotton oporatlvos mot
tho representatives of tho Masters' Federation
yesterday, and It wr.s unanimously M'-jed to
at Manchester eonllrm thoactlon of 'lhursday
brliiclng tho lockout th nn end. Work will
therefore bo resumed on Monday,
Tim ,YiihZ flriittelif Z.i'iluna denies, evidently
on official authority, that thoro Is any inton
Hon on the part of the German Govornmont to
recall Von Brandt, the German Minister, from
Pokln. This is accepted as settllnc the rumors
of linpendinc tronble between Germany and
Thu opponents or tlio now Increase In the
Gorman Income tnx havo found a text for
argument In tho case of tho Itaroness btuhe
SwS Btrn-Bbiiw? "ho having saved 311.000
marks from tlio wreck of the fortunes of her
family, found herself unable to llvo on the In
come from that sum undor tho now tux law.
and committed suicide
The annual rezatta of the Oceanic Yaeht Club of
riiiumuiilpax- will be field urer a trlauiruar soune f
New York Hay on Sunday, June JU. 1'rliot to Ike
amount o( SlOO will be o&tred.
Btrnek on the Head br Bnaie Ohjeet Walla
Running a Fast Frelabt Trala.
Aijiant. May ft Enclneor Wlltlanv H. Whip
ple of this vclty, who was so mysteriously In
jured near Palatine Brldgo last nlcht while
driving locomotive 491. attached to the fast
f roleht dlod nt Fonda this mornlne. and this
ntternoon tho body was brought to his homo,
217 State Btroot whero ho lived with his
mothor. Tho wounds on tho head nnd nock
soom to tndlcato that ho was struck by somo
object while leaning out ot his cab window.
Suspicions ot foul play seom to havo llttlo
basis, and railroad mon horo discredit thorn.
Whipple, who lias beon with the Central Hall
road for elchtnon years, was ono of tho com
Piny's host engineers. Ho und ills fireman
(Lellor) woro on tlio bost ot terms, nnd nil
unite tn saying that a mottvo for a murder
does not seem to exist . .
Btato Hailroad Commissioner Michael 0.
Iticknrd, who served for years as a looomotive
engineer on tlio Central-Hudson, has a theory
to advance as to tlio cause of tho fatal Injuries
received by tho dead enclnoer. Mr. lllekard
says that laborers employed on tho tracks fro
uuently loavo crowbars, shovels, pickaxos.and
other implements lying about, nnd that when
theso aro struck tiy a locomotivo going at full
speed thero is no tolling which way they will
fly or whero they will land. Bometlmos thoy
aro thrown away from tno tracks and tho train,
nt othor times they strike with crest forco
against the locomotive or the cars. In this
way Engineer Whipple might havo been struck.
aB ho was leaning out of the cab window.
Artist Frank Gaynor Will Fight the Breach
or Promise Halt.
Friends of Frank A. Gaynor, tho artist who
is being suod tor breach of promise of marriage
by Concotta Gallonl. nn Italian clrl. .gay that
Concotta was his model whon ho was In Capri.
He denies tho paternity of hor two-year-old
girl child, and his friends say thoro is no ro
semblnnco between Gaynor and tho baby.
Lawyer John C. Oullck. Mr. Gaynor's counsel
said yostcrday that tho suit would bo do
fended, nnd that thoro was no question about
the vindication of his client A friend of
Gaynor's, a brother artist said:
"Irtue .1 hold at low rates In tho class In
Italy to wnieh Concettu belongs. She Is a
very common sott or girl, und rrank bus beon
more than t.iir to her. Ho never promised to
marry her. Ho Is not woaltliy. and would bo
glad to soli n picture. I guess."
Mr. Gaynor tins a stuuln tn tho Mendelssohn
building on West Filty-llfttt stroot. Hollas
beon moving frequently of late. Concotta has
beon urging him to marry her ovor slnee sho
arrived horo from Italy In March. 1BIK). bho
has n liundlo of alleged lovo letters from him.
written In Italian, hhe says the baby looks
just liko him. .fobn Fulmiorl. hor lawyer, says
hor father was killed by hor trouble. Ho says
sho is .supporting herself and her mother by
The H. K. Smith Infirmary Tronblea.
The troubles in the S. It Smith Infirmary at
Now Brighton. S. L, which culminated recently
In thu resignation of A. L. Mackin. tho houso
superintondont. tins broken out anow. Bix
physicians ot tho medical staff, Drs.
William C. Walsor. Theodore Wnlsor. T.
J. Thompson. F. E. CInrk, E. D. Coomloy.
and J. .1. Van Itensselnpr havo tenderod their
resignations. Tho principal reason given by
thorn Is that during the recent troublo be
tween tho superintendent and Miss Lam pe, the
matron. It was understood that It Dr. Mnckln
would resign as houso iihysician. Miss Lutupe
would also resign.
Dcspitothis understanding Miss Lampe Is
still retained In tho hospital. The physicians
also say thoy have been insulted by F.rastus
Wiman. who engaged an outsido physician to
visit tho infirmary for tho purpose ot making
an examination of tho surgical instruments.
Miss Lnmpo madocomplaintagaintMudent
Mackin. charging tho young doctor with
not linviuK kept tho Instruments properly
cleaned. The physlclnns contradicted Miss
Lumpc's charge und claimed that the Instru
ments wero always properly cleaned attor they
had beon in use.
World' Fair Director Want to Dodge the
CniCAC.o. May ft W. K. Carlisle attornoy for
tho World's Fair, submitted nn opinion to-day
on tho sale of liquors at the Exposition. Ho
holds that Intoxicating drinks cannot be sold
In Mldwav Pleasanco. but that Jackson Park
Is not within tho prohibition district of Hyde
Park. Tlio directors wanted him to tell thorn
how tho law could bo dodged, but ho advlsod
thorn not to try It
Tn; lor Drove the lleuree.
Mauion, Ky., May ft At tho funeral to-day
of Thomas Morris, a rospoctablo colored mnn.
John Crow nud William Taylor had a nuanol
ns to which should drlvo tho hearso. Words
cave vva to blows. An effort to part tho men
resulted In a general light in tho churchyard.
Tho town Marshal restored order. Crow bad
been beaten to Insensibility. A womnu named
Tlllle Stewart was badly Injuied. 'Jaylor
mounted the hearso tn triumph und drove
pioudly to tho cemetery.
Hlened by the Onvernnr.
Alakv. May (I. Gov. Flowor has signed the
following bills;
Tne.lBlilieh lloant nr Annonore In Rlrtimnnrt county.
roniiiliaiitliiir ihw We.teni iM-peimiry ur the city or
Newloik nun the llalniiliinnn llaenllal.
rrnviilliif for it"- niipeuiimrnt of a Coinmusloner of
Jiirorn in WemrlieMrr rnuiilv. .,,.,. ,.
AniPiiiliiiK the not I'r.nhliiitf fur the ontori city
wuler eupply.
Accused of Inclflnff tn Murder.
London, May ft Charlos Wilfrid Mowbray,
tailor, and David John NIoholl. journalist
vyoro tried to-day at the Old Balloyfor print
ing an article In a nowspaper called tho Com
fimiiirca. which attacked Home Secretary
Malthows. Justice Sir Henry Hawkins, and
Police Inspector William Melville, and which,
according to the Indictment solicited certain
persons unknown to kill these men. In behalf
of Miiwbtny it was argued that ho had no uart
In writing tho nitlcln complained of. Nlclioll,
it was shown, nail avowed responsibility for
the article. Mowbray was found not gu ty,
and was disohargod. Meholl was found cullty,
nnd sentenced to eighteen months at hard
Wheeling (Snail u,
There will be 16 mrniberi In the Martin 35 ralte road
The llmlion County Wheelmen will hull a ten mile
CluUroad ruceon the MIIDiiriicoureeon Uy 14.
W. I'. Murphy of the New Vnra Athletio Club iloe not
intend uokIiiiiImi: i Irani mull Hie Intier part of ln,'.
s"-. M'a flying in
i . the facts of Na-
Tli Wj! ordinary pill,
I ' rrjKF Just consider how
A4ir it acta. There's
wjtl too much bulk
Jp.yr and buitle, and
SSv C. S v not enough real
0?y r -.f yi good. Ajid think
. TV s'V J now it leaves you
WU I tb when it's olloverl
' ""' ' mv Dr. Ploroe'i
Pleasant FoUeta act naturally, Tnoy help
Noturo to do her own worlc They cleanse
and ronovato, mlldy but thorougUy, tho
wholo system. Regulate it, too. Irlo help
that thoy givo, lasts.
Thoy'ro purely vegetable, perfectly harm
less, tno smallest, easiest, and best to take.
Blck Headache, Bilious Headache, Constipa
tion, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, and ail de
rangements of the Liver, Stomach and Bow
els are promptly reliorea and permanently
cured. Ono tiny. Kugar-ooatod FeUot for a
gentle laxative three for a cathartic.
They're the thecixst pill you con buy, for
they're guatxmUta to give satisfaction, or
your money is returned.
Yon pay only for the pood yon ret
Thia b true only of Dr, Pierce's wndineia,
cise he a a rr. pokererrv juice.
That, Ite Pnya, Wouldn't Hurt n Flea, and
Mlaa Ilavr Ilriilh Cnulrin't be Due in
It-UntSl r.rQule tns TouncCole'a Mind.
Simon P. Colo, a well-to-do younc fnrmor of
Mechnnlcsvllle. N, J 1ms boon nrrestod on n
chnrcoof udmlnlstorlngmodlclno for an un
lawful purposo to Josephlno It Haver, tho
olchteon-year-old daughter of Freeholder
William E. Hnvor of Korth Braneh, which
Indlroctly led, tho nccusntlon Is. to tho
girl's dontb. Tho drug upon which thn
charge Is bused was furnished, It is
nllegotl, by a colorod belli doctor, known
as "Old Jake," whoso hut Is about a mile out
of North Ilmnch. Tho clrl took tho dosolnst
Octobor without Its having any marked effect.
Bhe did not die until February, throo wooks
aftor tho birth of hor child. The physician
that attendod her, howevor, says sho would
havo survlvod It tho medicine sho took had
not poisoned hor system. Colo was roloasod
on $1,000 boll, furnished by Henry Miller.
Tho clrl dlod on Fob. 24 ot a fever. Dr. E. E.
Conover. tho village physician who attonded
hor. was Informed about a modlclno she had
takon, and he expressed tho opinion that It
was tho lndiroct causo ot the girl's death.
Tho baby, a fine largo boy. Is altvn and well.
For some tlmo after tholr daughter's death
Mr. and Mrs. Haver did not ducido to make
any complaint ngainst tho younc mnn. His
attitude in tho muttor. howovor. subsequently
Irritated them, and Mr. Hnvor wont
to Prosecutor Steele of fiomorvllle and
put tho caso in Ills hands. Cole Is
snid to havo admitted that ho gavo
tho girl tlio medicine, but ho donlod that It
was (n any way rosponslbln for hor doath. Tho
bottle wns hnndod over to tho prosocutor, hut
ns Mrs. Haver had otnptlod It and then used It
to hold carbolic acid, ft is ot llttlo vultio as evi
dence. " Old Jnko" Van Nest, tho colorod herb doc
tor, who supplied tho medicine, llvos in a
lonely little hut nbout a mile out of North
branch. Whon n reporter for The Hun ontored
tho plnce yesterday tho colored man was
scntod at n small table In ono corner ot a
quoer-smolltnc little room, which was
as hot ns an ovon nnd littorcd
with bottles and jars of all slr.es
nnd kinds, bunches of horbs and roots lying
on tho tablo or on tho floor, and nn odd-shnpod
stovo red with heat on which woro pots of
steaming concoctions. Tho mnn himself, a
larco negro with n long, thin face, was
clothed In n strangely fashioned suit made
of canvas nnd darkened bysmokoand stains.
Ills head was absolutely hairless and
It shono liko a polished horse chestnut All
sorts ot mystorlous storlos aro told about tho
solitary old man. Ills grandfather, who dlod
a few years aeo in North llrunch nt tho neo ot
HU, was a medicine man. who studied herbs to
euro cows. He, too. lived all alone In a llttlo
hut and Jake, who wns brought up with him.
learned tho mystorlous properties of horbs.
About fifteen yoars neo Jake disappeared from
North Dranch. and tho report spread abroad
that ho had boon seen going off in company
with an old negro witch. Ho stayed away
throo years, and whon ho enmo back ho
built his hut and mado tho most wonderful
cures, ho says, whenever anybody came to
him. Slnco then ho has spont all his tlmo
boiling concoctions on his odd-shaped stove,
or searching for herbs and roots in tho Holds
and woods.
Whon asked about tho drug thnt ho had
Clven to Colo, tlio old man stood chuckling in
a wlsn way while ho stirred a pot on tlio stove.
" What was the stuff that you gave hlm'r"
"Pokeberry mice," ho said with another
chuckle. "It couldn't hurt a flea. I knew It
wouldn't do any good, but I cave It to
him to put his mind nt rost just as
I've done to lots of other people. Look
here." ho said, pulling hack a curtain
and taking down a hrond-innuthod jar which
contained a mass of dried, black-colored ber
rles,"thls is what they are. 1 dry them in tho
oven and then Loilthnm with Jamaica rum.
It's good for rheumitisni. but thit'bnll.
" Ho caino to me lato ono night and he said
he had cot a girl in trouble und wanted some
thing for hor. I haven't got anything for such
poople nnd I wouldn't give it If I hnd. I don't
bollevo In poisons, and ijuinlne, nnd that sort
of trash; it's natii'o's herbs and roots and
barks, and borrips that I use. and it's only to
euro peoplo when they're sick, remember what
I'm telling you. lint ho must have something.
so I gavo him a bottle of pokeberry juice, and
he paid mo a dollar for it. I've dono tho same
for lots of othors. just to quiet tholr minds.
He nover came back, and that's the first and
lnst I ever saw of hi in."
Then tho herb doctor branched off to toll
about his concoctions and the herbs und roots
crowing In his garden wild chorry bark, for
asthma, in two quurts ot water boiled dawn to
one quart then a pint of Jamaica rum and
one half pound or sugar to make a syrup, a
tablespoon dose forndulta: golden seal, lady
slipper, ragweed, bloodroot bittersweet, and
llftv othor things.
" My conscience if ho had had nnything the
matter with him. and wanted to bo eurod. re
member what I'm saying. I've cot tilings to
euro him. Hut he only wanted quieting in
his mind, nnd I gavo him pokeberry julco.
bocauso it couldn't harm nobody."
' Gilder Jnckeon.
Josoph B. Glldor. editor of tho Critic, will bo
married at 12 o'clock to-day to Miss Gwendo
line Jackson. Tho ceremony will tako place
at tho homo of Mr. Gilder's brothor, itlchard
Watson Glider, atfifi Clinton plac, and will bo
performed by Dr. Ilainsford of New York anil
Ur. lilshop of East Orange. It is to boapri
vato wedding. Mr. Gilder is tho youngest of
the Glldor family. Miss Jackson comes from
l'ngland. whoro her mother Is living, but has
passed part of hof life in the Island ot Jamaica.
Iapnneae Kakemono at Auction.
The sale of Jnpanese Kakemonos nt the
American Art Galleries wns concludod yester
day afternoon. Eight albumB of Jnpanoso
paintings and n lot of nntiquo Eastern rugs
woro also sold, together with tho furniture,
showcases, and gallery flxturos pertaining 10
tho collection. Thn prices weio uniformly low,
and the result of tho day's snlo wus only
Jlitntnena Trouble.
Efforts aro being mndo to rcorganbo tho
Spiral Wold Tubo Company of -fcJJohn stroot,
whuso factory Is at Enst Orange. The liabili
ties ore reported to bo about &i,(HXt, of which
$10,01X1 ar secured by bonds as collateral.
bamucl Greenbaum lias been appointed re
ceiver ot the Universal striking Machine Com
pany, on tho application of William Wottoror.
ujudgmont creditor.
Now lhat Gov, Flow er ha cluneit the bill empowering
the rity to ncqulre the Jireert of tin1 Iinv lnla'l'1
Water syppt) Company, condemnation rrocciilutjfft will
be beirun
Arbor Pay wan celebrated eterdar in all tin1 publlo
tbnniH a llh muolcal ami literary ( xerclneii Af Bihoola
tu which around are attached tree and shruby wtro
planted by the girls.
The Rev. Edward l'ajon Terhiine ban received a call
to the pulpit or the I'urllail (.'onBTeuatloii'tl 1'lilirch on
iiarrv a nue. hleh bus been nrant eince tho retm
nation of the Kev. I ir Kdward 1'. Iiitfer.n.l Ihefnlary
bai been lined at l4,oii The Kev. Mr Terhiitie wan
formerly Ibe paMor of the Kirat Kefornied Church In
Ilrookiyn. lie w 111 probably accept the call
Thechnnife in the management of tbe Ilrookiyn Ele
vated Kallroad Coinpanj waa followed yetterill) by the
appointim ut of Chif hmrliieer o. K, Jiirhole u general
eunvrlntendfiit In plnce of ioi. Mariln. who ri,Uned
Just 10. uruii a the Vhllnnnn Barrett faction hadettiu
rotded in getting control of tho couipuny. It lb Intend
ed tu extend the road.
Arriinclnc it II lie Hloicle Itnce.
Arrangement for tho 100 mile handliap rn.id race,
tube he d by tho llii.lnesi Men's Pyclinu Lcane of
Newark, on Monday May HI, haie been almost ron.
pieted TLj) race will ! narled at Ilroad ttreet and
lehlgh a-wnue, I'lillmlelplila, at II o'clock ill
the iimmlug The route will bo through lirla
tol, rrankfnril, llolmi n'nirg, Jullj-tovin, Treii
ton IVniiington. Ilopeuell rfalnvllle. soinintr
villi, Jli.nnd llr 10k, ,Vm Market, liuiilleii. Cam
liiH, and KUmI-i-iIi, llnl.'iliu nt A. tor ntreet and
Irellngiiujfeii ni NenirH. A handicap limit i.r
fort) iiiin,ilialiabieu.iloited Thin Mill U-tlio Mt.t
long dutuucernail rare iter held tu thin titimty, and
elilrienare cittutug In from nil ijiiarlei
Toe lint of prloi alr.'ody donated inc'.udal I'neil
nwitlc racing aarel 1 Sl.O "liter cup Ur. dtherctto,
J'-'.',: gold Kiilih JTo, I'.'l I ghixee. li.. h!i'e .ad
die. $k; diaai I ring, 421. gold eleen bullion., $.'0,
furniture, jr.. runutur -'n, cnr... uinr, iuo: e'her
ware, fin, Kilveraiirr, 'o; medal, $!.'.: gold hradml
cane. fit. h cycle sundr.ci.. Jin; l,i,,lrt lain", esj
smoker let, sin, trou.ere tflO; etching M.",, r.utt, $10,
clothing. -Co: 1'igaroitrt, t'.'."; picture, ta. picture. .';
picture. So; fountain pen. f.",; allii'nior bag, SI'.':
clock. fSI; lamp. 10 pneumalle lire. f2', opera
glaaees. fH, rologne, fr.; umbrella, f.',, nliors, tr,; knife,
IE. compute ).t: but. .!. teieeci.i.v. ein, biiiner i -''';
eneclalpne. $2.1 A liiiiulitrnf Individual IntphleM villi
alio be oflered Klllrien lor the race ill clone on Vlon
day next Hllh J. H. IIoIuhh, JAO uroadway, New Vurk.
Oosalp nl thu Yucllta,
Joieph P, Karl'a a oop jacht nraeie labettiff fitted out
at N'et'k,
Oheiier W. ( bapin ii having hit tteel tcbooner Vampa
fitted out at Tebo'e.
It U expected that Vlr Clark't new achooner Alcaea
will be lauifcbcd next eek
The Murine und Held Club home at llvth lleaeh will
be opened for the irabon to My
HA V E some
H-O for
A Falsa Nams Fully Expoied. ':
A Hutyct Which Ertri Kewrltr It Dtpty In i
Icrcttnl fn Jiut nt Thlt 7tm. '
Thero la a trouble which comes to most people 5
nt this .season ot tho year, which, for want ol a ji
bettor name. Is called " sprlnc f o vor." It Is not, .j1
strictly spcnklne. a fovor, although tho torn- v'j
poraturo Increases, but It Is moroly tho ohana- f i
Inn ovor from winter to summer wlilch takes 'j
placo in tho sprlnc which causes n fovorlsh. .)
unbtrune. nnd unpleasant condition. j
Hut Is It not n fever ? .,
What Is It? It Is n shaky condition of ths t J
systom. Shnly becnuso tho norvos aro un- ' j
fltrunu. tho muscles rolaxod. nnd tho head Is , ' J
notclonr. It has boon a popular error to sup r J
pose thnt this Is due to a dlsordorod condition
ot tho blood. It Is not It Is duo to a badstate ', s
of thu nervos and of tho brain. You have boert
under a severe strain all tho sfason, have you ,'- L
not ? A warm day comos and It shows you how '1
norvous, how really woak you nro. This is the .,
wholo thine In a nutsholl. At
Youmustdosomethlnc? Certainly you mutt, t't
if you do not wish to become sick. You must fe m
build up tho norves. food the brain, put your vl j ii
self tn tho proper condition. Youcnnnotdolt v-l(fl
yoursoir, of courso: you must havo help, and w
holp of tho rlcht kind. Noordtnaryholp.no V J
overy-day concoction, snrHaparllln or blood v ' I
purlfler-thnt Is all nonsonse. You must have , V
somethlnefclontlricsomothlnepuroandpow- ' t
crful, and, nt tho same time, harmless. '!;l
Do you not know what this Is ? Thero Is but i
ono thine thnt is a modern dlscovory for this ,-j' j
trouble, and thnt Is l'alno's colory compound. -
Ithastonodup, built up, and establlshod more ',
health thnn anydlscovery of tho past ono hun- , v
drod years. It Is a credit to Amorica. a benefit ', nl
to tho human raco. and It Is wonderfully popu- t .- S
lar, ot courso: but It is all bocauso It is so bono- ' a P
llciiil. ) f
Wo could nnmo scores ofwoll-known ladles ?j
and eeiitlomon. not only in Now York city, but , !'
In other clttos, who havo lookod forward with ' l
dread to tho spring tlmo, evon with its charm- r , fa
lnesurroundincs. becnuso ot the unpleasant-
ness It brines. Thoy have felt worn, weary. 1
uncomfortable, unhappy. Andyot the prosont ' '
sprlne lias boon tn all respects onjoyabloto , Jcj
thorn simply bocauso thoy had found that br ' p
so easy a moans thoy can avoid nil theso an- ' d'
noylne troublos. This jrroat dlscovory. Palne's j'i
calory compound, has beon to thorn nothtntr, ", 'fj
else than a Brand frlond. It has restored the ' h
streneth. lnvleornted tho ll(o. and brought j
about happtnoBS InBtead of misery. " ; ,i
' -5 li
frilllnm Knknek ha Albert Mitchell la- fiCd
dlctrd Tor Kldnnpplntr. f vj
William IT. Kukuck of 100 East EEffhtf-stzth 'A
stoet obtninod a dlvorco from hln wlfo several J W
montlia neo. Albert K. Mltcholl boln namad U
as oo-rcspondotit, Mrs. Kukuck wont to live '- H
Inlloboken. it is allecod. with MltchelL By f
tho dlvorco Kukuck roceivod the custody of 3
his children, Iluttie, need 13, nnd Motft. aged -
11. Mrp. Kukuck wanted to havo tho children l-4- w
with her. nnd in Novombor lunt 3fltcholl enmo 'j
to this city. p(t thif'hildien. nnd took thorn to H
their inottior. Kukuck recovered tho children j
by prncoi'dlnch ut law. ,T
Ahout tliH'o wonkonRO. nscharcod. Mitchell - ,.
ncnin kldiiuppedthtun. and tho law restored ' .
thorn to Kukuck. Thuroupnn he went before j
tho Cirnnd.Inry and secured Mitchell's indict-
ment for kidnapping. Kxtrndltlon procood- i
Incs wore Inntltutud. Yostcrday Mitchell oame !
ovor from Hoboken and Detective McCarthy '"
arrested him. He was taken before Judco
Cowlnc in tlio Qenoral Sessions. He icavo bail f
and was released. t
John fiarmnn. bartender fnr Andrew nnrn t TB 'lf i
Pnrk row. vat arrcKird on Thurndny night for xelltnff -ist
liquor without a lire tine, and yesterday at tb Tomb-
Court wai huld for trial. ' - 3
Thorn a A Roger nf 171 Cbarlei itreet vu fined . I
Kx) yesterday by .IuJko Cowlni? for keeping a policy e I
hop Chnrira tiraliatn nf 42.1 W-rit Klffbteenth ttrt U
whh llntd $r0 fur thu saraQoflence. i $
The Oonrd of Street Openliur adopted vciUrday a 5'
map for lailntr out 1 1 H t f i . lilitUi. And 20 h atreeta. L
Thee thorounhfaren run throoirti the Uykeman prop q
erty on both trie of Kliiffsbridtfe road. f,
Tlie Hoard of Estimate hai nuthorled the tasne of 1
fHl.WK) werth of twtndu for thn Ininrnvrment of ntvr- 5
ride Drte and for rmipletlnir the retaining wall bo- 3
ten erulv ninth and l-)tth atreeta. j j
1'lan liap t--en fllt-d for thn theatre which Klllott $i
Zboroeki nn 1 T llenrj Jrench will erect at 247 Watt :
rorty first nr,'.i it I- to bn of brick, ilx atorlei in v
heUut 1B by l.V feet, and U to coit 9'JUi 000. W
.ludaw McAdftiii hari ir ran ted nn absolute dlroroato S,
Ilarrj K. t'lmvin from Herllia Cbavm. Judgment of jf
n-par At inn -wrauted by Judgn Lawrence In favor of &t
Merry A. Tom intend from Daniel K. Towtuend was tiled
ytfterdny Pi
An inrchtltcatlon Into charirea made again-st half a X
hundred rabtiH'ii hv the City Improvement Miclety for ii;
nrrcharfrmtr m a beirun yerterdu) bj Mnjpr'a Marshal f
Knifi'lhard In eery rae where the euartcea wera (L
proel tbe licenseaof the accused men were revoked.
Jiidtre KooLHt.irer of the Comni'Ht Plean Court has &
dlKKoUfd thH Injunction obtained b) Mm bael Mltiden f
eiijniuhik' (tforKe (Jrien. tho own .1,1 Went Twenty V
n nth mri'i't, frmn elecHni him trnm the house, and ''
prt'enthiK tforrfe J, Kraus from tearing down tb,e f
build I ii ir
Joiteh riannairtn, the platform mnn ntthelSPtn ;'
treat itntii.n of the Third atfiiua rltated railroad,
who l aictiheil of asiaultinir V lliutn J. (lotT and John
H White, wan held In 2.riji bull in the Harlem Court ',
eitierd.ty fur further examination ponding Mr White's
Street Cleaning CotninUiloner Brennan asked the
Board of Estimate and Apiiorlniiiment yterday for ,
tho fxtrA alloutiiHb of StirjtHOT-l authorized b th ,
I-fgUIature, In order to citrr) o'll the prm llon of the f
nen niret't cleaning bill. The rfiiut wnn relerred to
Coiuptrt.'r Mj ers ,
Alfnd llujilif!. iecr)nd ofTlcer of the tamshlp Cax
ton v hich arrUed yesterday fniin Kniltlan porta was
Bent tu Swinb.trrie Island, xiitltrrlng froin a dUrqw
r'osi ri'inbifng ylow feer It a diai'tinted M V
bliintm it mi it cut few r by Dr. .) nkliiit Ihv steamship nt
wns dUitifoi'ti.i nnd allowed to ci-me up to tbi- city, a
rrosldetu I'Uh. Iaw)er Lititerl)iiib and riiiciner
Ughtall "fthn Third Aenu Ilnllm tit Comi-uiy palled d
on rublUMWirki Cturji lU-loner illrn M-hfiTiliv and '
asiLrid him that tint work of Ujirv thi ruble on A
Third avenu M'lnild bu couipleied iif lar a Chatham '.;
p-limre by eiteinbert and that tho wbul work, would 'I
b tlnislud tbi jiar.
A man lio went about shouting at people tn West .
Thirtieth tiLet -iutvrday u.is Hftit ( it llc u-- IlU 3-t
b"iieed that be h i f-tLMpfcl fru'ii tonic tts)liiin On ft 4.
hU uiiderplotluiig are embritideri d th n.unct A U. I -
Nnrlon and R W Dttnif-t. foltmed l the adUrcNf. i '.i
"htainford Conn." llrtpav his niim U Uy-'ron, ami j ! c
thut lie is frum Connecticut, I l
huinupl ltrchler, 4 ear o'd, of fil .Norfolk street was JJj
found by lie iltli Ui r- jeierdu rut? rliu u 1th t v
nh u. nnd oh rumovnl to ltliarid' H"p-in Junes )t
M (ilnb'V, ngi d M, w ho lr til . ! Hn-t.me niru t, y
walked into the Chamber- timet llrhpttal in I cum m
plulned of inalnrl t Hi has nu ill-pox, and htsbecu ' J
strut tn North llruther Island w
The fortj three prisoners arrested on Tlitircdnrntght j
In the disorders hoiue nt 1.7 and 1(" Wn iter treT, ,
M and 151 IhompHon street, and I'.'l wiuth Mtth ave jl
nue weru arrulrfiiel nt Jerer-m Market jrterd.iy, '-I
Justice llAcr lined four wh inni $o farh. Tho )l
keeieraorthebi)iu-.s wtrehild In .V ball eicli fur -l
trial, und tho other prisoners er- diirharged, I 1J
Surrogate Itaniom jeterday nupoiuted John Keenan '' "3
assistant collateral Into rttanre rn trk and IlugU
MeUonald Index ebTk t the rnlttter-il Inberltatira 'j
tax departnit-nt Kotli )iopfmitef n(t inemb-rit nf the -Ml
Lammnny orgatur Hlo'i Mr, hefiiau nl the I iifhti-enth -iH
district, and Mr Mrliuiiahl nf tb M"irlrrntli district. -H
The) were recording c'trks in tho i-riostti's ultlce. -" M
6V A IMS ritO.U Till: ilJACGUAfiL 'fU
Arbor Pay " cclebrnted lu alt the sctiool-i of the W
8l.i,D rK.rln I
Axltmit u rtry Croaiipe uat taeu sudlcnlylll I
on 1 bur- n ii clii nud wns unablu to bo at Ih'j Tri at- f J
ii r Pepiriii lit jKterday, f i
lUno II Inb r. px-frensurer rf Cnwforl county, J ,
I'm , wliu 1- chatgrd with i lie criln 7nifiit of ji Ow I I
ut fin utility a fund, wp a roivd in Ciirano ou Z ..
Thurd n nl Utti oittce r n i ,by i'j hi i'ouninyt ( j
;i'7 w no ii uiruuf, wht-re li ns emiiutf n bowk- I
keeic lue ria befoie tin- l.ttlurv or ilni iJehijiini-t-T J j
banV .it MiniiU'e. -tiiller, a County rrvasurer. de-
pi.sllfd .mhhjii tbe bank It nt alb-in-d that there t .
wa cjII'j un u twei-nth i U rre Jielatii-ntersand Miliar trf 11
Outfit that very properly contains a supply at 11
Hires' g I
wliicli ntlds to tho enjoyment of all tbe other r!H
d-i'uui'.s.anj tnalces a picnic a picnic indeed. 'ifl
A 25 cent packn-jc uukcj 5 gallon of thU H
very popular beverage, H
Pod'i b dtct-ive J If a dcler, for the uk 'JH
cf lirjer profit, tell you loinc oihtr kln4 iil
U"juitM(ooJ" 'tltfalie. NoloJiaUai 11
b u good at Uu (tauloo llnu' . ' ' IH

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