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V0L.LIX.-N0.Z')3. " NEW YOllK, Ti liSDAY, MAY 10, 1892. 1'IUOK WO CEHS. Ill
yovso un. chant.eivs ambitious
I D I JLboat to Tako Inlatad the Most
I Costly Expedltloa Kver Fitted Out hjr 0e
I Man Ha Ilopea In Tiro Tear to Flit
H (be HIb Blank on the Map In East Africa
I -IIU Flan Detailed to a Ban Reporter.
Ixvndoh, Mnr 0. Bir 'William Maoklnnon.
head of the company that Bent Btnnloronhls
list expedition, gavo a dinner thla evening to
Ilia youngost of African explorers, who prom
if cs not to bo tho least famous William Astor
Chnnlor of Amorlca. who Is fitting out tho
largest oxpodltlon over orconlrod and paid for
as an Individual enterprise. Others present
wore Stanley hlmsolf. Bir John Kirk. Living
t tone's old frlond: Bir Donald Htowortof the
India Ofllco. formorlrCommandor-ln-Chlof In
India, and several well-known African travel
lers and explorers. Mr. Chanlcr gave dotnlls
to a Sou roportor of his proposed ex
plorations, to which n cortaln roranntla
Intorost Is attachod by reason of tho cir
cumstance that ho has not yot nttalnod
his twontr-flfth year. Howover. Chnnlor is by
no means unknown In coocrnphlcol and scien
tific clroles. On boing graduated from Ilarvard
at tho ago of 21 ho immediately went to
Africa, and while many of his contemporaries
woro spondlng thoir time In clubs, watering
places, and pleasure resorts, ho. with a small
caravan of Znny.lbarls at his back, marched to
Maialland. and was the first civilized man to
mako a comploto circuit of KIUma-Njft.ro.
Xoung Chanler's expedition will start to the.
Interior early In June from Lamu. the port of
Vituland. on the east coast
The Bum reporter found him to-day In his
luxurious apartments In Mayfnlr. Ills draw
Inn room was llttorod with strnngo accoutre
ments of African travel, a profusion o!
"Khaki" and tan-leather clothing, drill trou
scrlngs. oxpress rifles, elephant guns, and a
mlacollanoons assortment of ac&to hoads, as
wall as groat stacks of coplos of the Koran,
which Is lcc.il tonder for stores umoniz tho
Mohcmnicuan tribes.
" I am purfeclly willing." said Mr. Ohsnler.
whon I mads known to him my object in call
lie. " to tell you unreservedly my plans and
my projocts, my hopes and my fears. In regard
to the journey I am about to undertake I
shall only mako ono proviso. Tho projects I
I am about to outline to you aro my plans at
present; but, you must fully understand that
thoy are subject to chance as circumstances
may dictate when onoo we Bet away from the
"When I came of age and went to Africa, I
must confess, my only aim waa to kill bis came
and alot of It: but as I fanoy. every one would
aoon becomo tired of sending bullets into the
hides of pachydermatous rhinos, or shooting,
few and far between, a leopard or a lion. I too
wanted to explore, make charts, and see
strange people and customs. I liked the ex
citement of the life, and I own to the ambition
of wishing that some day. when the history of
Africa la written, a benevolent historian might
"'Then there was a young American named
Chanter, with nothing else In particular to do.
Who came to Africa, and by persistent travel
lad Investigation succeeded.' let ua say. 'In
hero and there olearlng up a shadow from the
fop ot the Dark Continent'
On my return from Klllma-Njaro and
Kasallandpt was my wish and Intention to
immediately fit out a much larger and better
-quipped expedition with whioh to explore
and give character and name. to that great
White spot, whloh. south of Abyssinia and
north of Lamu. from tho Nile through Somall
UndTstands out still as a terra incognita on the
"fen our war down to the coast however, my
brave Bervant boy. George, Oilman, who had
followed me from my father's plaoe at Barry
town, on the Hudson, was taken down with the
fever.and I was taken ill also. When wo reach
ed Mompasa we were immediately shipped to
Europe, and invalided home. During (ho two
years that havo passed since my return to
Europe, my only thought has boen to equip
tho expedition as perfectly and as completely
as possible, so that if we fail to accomplish
anything, the blame and tho responsibility
S'll reBt absolutely on my shoulders, and I
nk that the caravan I shall lead put of
mu into tho interior next Juno will com
pare favorably in equipment with any over
gotten together in Africa. We are prepared
for almost everything, except porhaps, for
aerial navigation, for whioh we have not
gone in.
"We shall enter Wltuland as tho regular
East African oara van. North of Mount Kunla
we shall shed our skin and become by tho aid
of a sooro of camels I shall take with mo from
Aden a desert caravan for I.ako Itudolphand
the unknown inland seas which it is rumored
lie between that lake and the east coast We
carry portablo boats and a great quantity of
wiro roping with which to construct tomporary
pontoons to cross tho rivers that may lutersoct
our route. For tho ascent of Mount Kenla we
Shall carry n very perfect climbing apparatus,
ut as we do not intent to waste much time
and enorgy in the ascont porhaps Mr. Whym
per, tho groat mountain climber of tho world,
may yot Hurt as virgin row thl snow-clad poak
rising out of a country of torrid heat
Alio only UT.iinr wiuifl mun Willi mo cara
van will bo J. lout nohnol. a very distin
guished ofllcor of tho Austro-IIungarlan navy,
who accompanied Count Samuel Tolokl on his
memorable expedition to Africa, about which
he has written tho moot Interesting and in
struct! work on African travol that I have
Rot with. In accompunylng mo Lieut
Ohncl Is actuated sololyby histove of science
and exploration, and I am indood fortuualo in
bavinc with me so ostoorocd a goographor, so
gallant an ofllcur. and a companion ho entirely
congenial. Our caravan on leaving Lamu will
numtor:!')Oinn. mustoringnbout 170 rifles.
I will havo with mo twenty or thirty domesti
cated boinall from Adon. to glvo Munilna and
a fighting examplo to tho other natlvo porter.
"Our route will first !lo through Wltuland.
about sixty das' journey along tlin llivor
Tana until Mount Kenla 13 reached. Here wo
will form n ht.-ong zereua and spend ttomo
weeks. It possible, in thoiotiglily exploring tho
mountain, of which little Is known exocptthat.
on his luiiroey with Count Tolokl. l.lout.
&0y!?& !,.ll,i1i,Sd.1.,u '"eUht, by trliingulatlon
to bo at out 1H.U o foot. In tho desert country
t ocamobiiH v.elBht-c.-ilora and ooonoiniro
win W Li"ur ,n.en- "' Prudonoo
win nt bo mhtilaccil. as in crosslnir
tils dofcrt Count Vr-lokl. uftor tor
Sfl'.1l'!lIJ', 'T31,1"1 Privations lof 'from want
of wiiU-r uud dlt-oasp, mor than lift vinon
SWi' n,li.r c,lmo1? uiimh to l l?o Vi irds fpi
of tho joiirnoyunlii in tho court, no Mill iinva
liqtliar string to our Low bufoni iTnhi.. ...?
po led to tnk., the d" ..rtW "aTto lalo l ."
north of Mount Kenli llos JIarMiitt nhit.SSS
Ky a nllotlo tribo. which. It is run r ' .".ft Pr "
In many camels, leaving tho .-.uaiau ill tl.o
orot.a.I uhnll push foiw.r.MUh u Uotaell?
mont of my mon. 1 chtly lor.dc.l, ii i, lb7K .if. ,r.
row, buy. or. Hi tho name. ..f'tclen",,, 'X
Jie' somo of tlielr tk'sea bhlpn. lioihlaas it
may. wo 6hu!t In soui.;r.ayoruilii.ri,u liacn.ii
the desert to which thehmahell tr.idrrsliaJ'e
apparoiiti); with good iciisun. gun su. ,i
urxary, doleful nainn, and i uiiu'h'.w or oilier
tut I fipp.1 In ei oil P'laij.v uii h the si.iitl.t ni
eud of I ako Ifudolph. Wo shall fully expl."o
this great inland soa. anil with our boats visit
tha Iftrae, Islands, that it roiitnlns. J cnvlni?
M the main body of tho caravan nllliourhciuior
1 fr inivtiiutunita In the zeruhn, J.lout llrhncl nnd
'Wl1'."1 onrofully axploro tho rlt or Mnniiio.
which flows Into tho great !aUn from an un
known bcurco in tho Abyssinian mountains.
and also another rh or, th cxlstenco or whloh
U merely conjectured, running into tho lake
from tho northwest. After. prlino paylnj u
flying trip to Ml. Kakna nnd the Morlo country
to the north of f.ako lludolph. wo shall rn.
form tho .arnvun.and proco.'d oastwuid to
ijOUu btvplianU'. Hero w.) shall fctuy soniu
time, oxp'.nriiig ami mapping, a, unfortu.
nutciy. when Count Tel.ikl vMtud tho lake tho
siuall.po.c was nigin-.' among llio nnties,uud
lil stay i.mongthum w.io a short one.
.Now woapproacii tho vlnr tin reiiilaure of
oiirjniirnuy. 1 roi.i I.ako Stephanie wo slinli
marih i-n.,t.iioreiiikt to thn Juba llivor,
t iioiuhAbuut Hit luimlff I miles of pcrhnpi
riiali-aft known i"rtU n of th.i e.irth'ssuiriice.
r.na a Mranunly iitlr.-clivo footlon of tho glui
I' Ik. V., USIicflitlly ,u tu tl.o go.il.iglrt I'm.',
l.mso. II pllirt... nni tin. (,t,or Uwllncgivlo.
UstMilihew'rlil.f'.rii'iiifiiia whlrli tTiey nru
l"itti;i nbl to iivi.liiln th m I. have conm tu thn
con. liwloii tii it thUtriict of country IsthoiiKut
. '''lit foriii.itlouof the eaith's crust On thu
fVHH I,",,!,,0,r,'i- ' " fonat, traders
wo hear th.it lu thl country thoro is an ia
land sea longer than tho Albert NynMa.anl
several active volrnnoo; hut wo shall seo. or
only .me thing can wo ho nsiirj.i. .'hat '.
that tho eountry. even n grent way Inland from
the const, and v. oetward jrnm the Juba y J
Is inhabited by flerco aom-ills nndtlallatrl es
men. who thus far havo boen euccosstul In
keening all explorers out of tho oounlry.
" it seems presum ptuous to hope tosuecoo.l
in an exploit In attempting which mon HU;
l'rince ltuspoll. Itevnll. James, nnd tejfantll
failed wholly or partly and Baion von dor
Doplien lost hli IKe. nut thnro nrp ninny things
whloh consplro to innLu '""hopeful of Bticcess.
To onumurato them would take too much tlmo.
"All previous explorer havo attomptod to
march straight into tho Bnm.ilt country from
tho sea coast. 1 rom this dlroctfon thn savago
trlbos aro ulwayi. expecting, and aro fully pre
pared to meet tho advnnco o! huropcans:
while, on tho other hand, tho advancing cara
vans, bolug but newly formed, arc in n.jcry
poor state of discipline. , We, howovor. w 111 not
reach tho bomall country until our men will
have boen undor arme oer a yo.ir. o will also
fall upon them coming apparently nut of tho
very heart of Africa, and I think lam, justi
fied In oxpocllng that tho novelty of
our procedure will causo somo surprlso and
consternation in the camp of tho Somalls. In
deed, l.lout llchiielnnd I are both of thnopln
lon that instoad of uniting to drlvo us I nek
into tho lake country, whore wo might Incite
their onomlet against them and harnsi them
incessantiy. theHomali will bo only too glad
and too willing to lead us across tholr country
and down nnd out to tho sea.
"Aftor reaching the Juba we will proceed
down that rlvor to tho coast, and then along
the shore to Lamu again, completing, wo hone,
a journey of 3,0H) miles In twoycarx."
Mr. Chanler showed tho roportor the various
scientific instruments ho will carry with him
on tho expedition. Among tho more novel Is
a tolescopo for astronomical obsonntlons, to
bo set up on Mount Kenla. It woighu consid
erably over ono hundred pounds. He will also
tako with him a long-distance photographing
camora. .
TVork Stopped In Various Farta of Town
Contractor K.lag'a Men Called Ont.
In accordanco with a doclslon reached last
weok by tho local representatives of the Na
tional raving Block Cutters' Union. l.'JOO
pavoro, rammormen.chlppors.and others Tvero
ordorcd out on strike yostorday In tills city
and Brooklyn in support of tho lockod-out
stuneworkors In tho Now England quarrlos.
The Btriko Committee consists of James
.Grant. William McNalr of District Assembly
40. Patrick MoGlbney, Patrick Bmlth. and J.
Qalllgan. This commltteo has been empow
ered to assume control of any strikes of tho
union horo.
The men were called out In East and Wost
138th nnd 158th streets, tho upper end of Am
sterdam avenuo. Broadway and Twenty-third
street Bowling Qroon, tho lowor end of West
street West 145th streot tho upper end of
Eleventh avenue, and in Park place. Thrco
boats with paving blockn woro tied up in
Brooklyn and onenere. It was reported that
strikes were orderod simultaneously in Haiti
more. New London, Conn.; Providence. 1L 1,:
Boston. Troy, and Albany. . .
William MeNalr of District Assembly 40.
whloh controls the union, said yestorday thnt
tho firms of Booth Brothors & Co. of the Hurri
cane Island quarries and John Piorco prno
tlcally control tho bosses' combination. The
Btriko Committee also say that thn paving
hero Is-hot being done In accordance with tho
specifications, and thoy will try to obtain an
injunction restraining the Comptroller from
paying any more money to tho contractors.
The original oauso of the strike and locl-.out Is
a quarrel over the date on which tho yearly
agreement between tbe men and tho employ
ers waB to bo signod. . . , . . .
About 50U men who hod been ordered to
strike on one block and two half blocks of
buildings at 138th and 130th streets, hetwoon
Seventh and Eighth avenuos, where David H.
King, Jr.. is the contractor, did not nppoar for
work yestorday morning. Nearly lut Derrick
men. steam Utters, and carpenters were then
ordered out on tho Delaware and Lackawanna
building, at William street and Exchango
Slaoe. The strike which was to havo been ord
ered on tbe Metropolitan Club house. Sixtieth
street and Fifth avenue, did not take place.
The Building Materials' drivers woro prevent
ed from supplying material to the men on build
ings at Wotl30lh street which will throw a
largo number of brlcklayors out of work.
Yesterday a strike was ordered on a hulldlng
at Thirteenth street and fifth avenue because
the United States Steam Heating Company
was putting In bollors mado by a non-union
firm. The company agreed not to use theso
boilers, and the strike was declared off.
Tke Fbyalelana at Bellevne Said that tbe
Hcbool Teaeber Waa 2Vot Insane.
Miss Susan G. MoLaughlln. a teacher In the
Brooklyn publto schools and a sister
of W. H. McLaughlin. Superintendent of
Supplies in tho Brooklyn Building De
partment who has sorved sovcral terms
in the Assembly, was takon to Bellovue
at 11:30 o'clock on Sunday night from 25 East
Thirty-first stroet Her brothor said that alio
was lnsuno. and had left her homo with him at
325 Jay street Brooklyn, on Saturday. Miss
McLaughlin has disappeared severnl times
before and always gone to 25 East Thirty-first
streot where her friend, Mrs. Murphy, a dress
maker, lives.
Whon Mr. MoLaughlln found his sister thoro
on Sunday night she was violent and ho callod
in Ofneor Deachor to ontlst him. Miss Mc
Laughlin was taken to Bellevuo in an ambu-
She was sent to the Jefferson Market police
station. Yestorday tho physicians at Belle no
stated thnt she was not insane. Justlco
Grady discharged her.
Officer Dcaohor of Thirtieth street station
says that about tnroomontns ago no wai sum
moned to Mrs. Murphy's house by Mr. Mc
Laughlin and found Miss MoLaughlln act
ing strungely. lie sont her to Ilollorue.
whore she remained for several days.
About a month lntor sho wni. arrested
on tho street and taken to the Thirtieth street
station house. Olllcer Deachor recognised
hor there, nnd at tho Jefferson Mm ket 1'olie.i
Court thn noxt morning she was discharged.
Miss McLaughlin's frlonds say that atcnttain
times sho is not accountable for what hIio
doc. Between the-o hyxtorlcal attacks alio
bus no doxlro for intoxlcnting liquors, but
when tlionttaoks come on slio losortotothem.
Miss MoLaughlln seemed to be perfectly
sane yesterday, and sho cent a messenger boy
with n note to tho principal of tho school in
which nha linn boen teaching to tell him sho
would not bo present to.ilnv. hho Is a nlcro of
Hugh McLaughlin of Brooklyn uud u woman
of unusual ability.
Whon she was discharged from tho police
eourt.sho went to nee Mis. Murphy, and then
departed for Brooklyn. Mr. McLaughlin be
lieves thnt at thoBo times Ilia sister is tem
porarily Insane, and for thnt reason he had
sent her to Bellovuo on Sunday night
A. Fbtlndrlnlila Fntlent Brought to fiend
qn.iriera and rinrrounded by Women.
PniLAurxrim. Mny 0. Employoos in the
ofllco of the noalth Bureau wore startled yos.
torday afternoon by nn excited messongor
who rushed in. Ho hnndod Major Veale, tho
Health Officer, a certificate from Dr. Alexan
der Caldwell of 1.004 Christian street, which
said that Bridget Campboll of 1,258 Bouth
Twenty-eighth stroet was suffering from
The mossensror fald that tho p.itieut was
thou on tho way to tho City nail in a carriage.
Mnior Vealoordrredhimto intercept tliH car
riage nnd h.u tho woman taken back. Down
stnlrs rushed tho messenger, but in tho Mar
ket streot con idorlio was confronted by tho
curriago. Anxious to get rid of his dangerous
P.innoiigor. the driver had huiriodly gut tho
woman out and had driven away.
Tho woman uns carried into tho ladlpfi
rooms on tho third floor of the City Hall. Tho
preoneoof a sick woman was .enough to ex
cite curiosity, nnd in an Ini-tant tho apart
ment was crowded with sympathotlo women,
who proshod about tho nationt anxious to
learn tho eause of tho trouble. In n short tlmo
the imssagoivay was blocked, and watchmen
woro forced to clear awoy the crowd. ,
Major Veale Bontat onen for the nmbulnnco.
and Dr. Bohall hastily diagnosed tho enso as
small-pox. After lying in tho room, for mi
hour the suffererwas removed, to the city pet
housii at 4 o'clock. The City Hall will bo fumi
gated at once.
Mr. Htonn'a Jtoat Diamond niag.
An oldcrly J1UI7, who said she was Mrs. Ktonr,
a friend of Clara Barton, and a member of tho
Hod Cross Society, called at Polico Headquar
ters laitevcnliij and nskod tho polico to aid
hormrciii'ilngii diamond ring which had
bi.eii stolon from her. rhn said that tho wile
of nn English nrtillory olllcer whom she. us a
member of the lied Cross, hud nursed on tho
field of battle, had presented the ring toller.
It Is a cluster of five diamonds.
A Few tVeeke Ago He Was "Well and
rllronci "A Ilumnn Hnnbenm" "Yester
day They ot Him from Court o the
Clercymnn'ft llone and Called a l'hyil.
clan They Thought He Ilnd Gone Mnd at
First, bnt It Wan Juat a NcrTOue Col.
lapse The Craae-Kxamlnutlon on Mnrle
Andren'a Trial llrottglit on (he Attach.
John Lnncdon Ervlng wni a humnn sun
beam, according to the ltev. Dr. Pnrkhurst of
tho Madison Square Prcbyterlan Church,
when the elderly dtvlno Logan with tho rosy
choekod young mnn to visit tho haunts of un
spoakablo vleo. Tho eldorly divine was touch
enough to withstand tho double strain of boo
Ing tho oll nnd describing it In tho public
courts, but tho young man was not so tough.
He broko down after testifying, In tho Genoral
Sessions yestorday, to the atrocities com
mitted in Marie Andrea's house In WostFourtli
street. Only a fow wooks of Dr. Parkhuret's
work had boen too much for his strength, and
all likeness (on sunboain had departed.
Ho was evidently notwoll while In court.
He was llushod and confused tiudor cross-ox-aminatlon,
ospo.'lnlly when ho was pressed to
toll and told In many dlltoront ways and lnco
horently what his motlro was In visiting dls
oidorly housos. It was noticed when ho loft
tho wttnoss stnnd thnt ho looked worried and
foable. Assistant DUtrlct Attoinoy Well man
remarked It to one or two of tho lawyors tu the
court toom. nnd Immediately followed the
young man out into tho corridor and invltod
him Into his prlvnto office. Ervtng went with
him. Trosontly tho men In tho watting room
outside of tho District Attorney's ofllco heard
somo ono demand loudly, " What day Is this?"
A fow minutes later Mr, Wellman hurried
out of his ofllco. It was his turn to look wor
ried. Ho went Into the main court room,
where Lawyor Brooke, who had been cross
examining tho young man still was. and asked
him to go In and seo Krvlng.
"He's completely gone." said Mr. Wollm&n.
"I don't know what's tho matter with him.
Ho acts as though ho had gono stark mad."
Lawyer Brooko hurried Into Mr. Wellman's
room, the Assistant District Attornoy remain
ing outside, no found Krvlng sitting on a
chair mumbling to himself "What havo I
beon saying?" Lrv ing repeated that several
times, and then he put his hand to tho sldo of
his head and demandod loudly:
"What have I been doing? Where am I?
I want to know where I am."
Then ho almost shoutod again, What day
Is this?"
Ho calmed down then for a fow mlmitos. and
began muttering ngain to himself, " Whut was
it i said? Oh. the motive. The motive I ha 1
ha I es, I romombor now. Ah, that motive
thoy didn't understand they didn't under
stand." Lawyer Brooko was frightened. Ho hurried
out of tho room again and sought Mr. Well
man. " He's gono crazy, that's what's tho matter
with him?' ho paid.
The lawyers considered what was best to bo
done and Anally doc! Jed to send for a carriage
and tako Lring to Dr. l'nrkhurst's house. Mr.
Wellman wont back into tho room with rlug.
while Mr. Brooke telephoned for n carriage.
Krvlng was woopins and still talking to him
self: The motive 1 Ah I that motlvo they 11 never
understand it. -Poor Dr. Parkhutstl I'o
spoiled his eaeel I've spoiled his easel"
Then ho began talking ubout his parents:
' Poor mother." he sighed.
8uddonly he demundvd ugoln. What day is
Mr. Wolhnan talked with him and utter n
while got him calmed nnd half rational. Hut
It was only for a while. Ho began uuuin:
"Whut case is this? I know I couldn't
stand this. I know I shouldn't try it. Ohl
what made me do It?"
He put both hands to his head as though In
pain. Then ho Pegan ngnin to talk to himsolf.
tills tlmealiout Dr. Pnrkhurst
" I did it for him," ho said. " I'm sorrv I'vo
spoiled the caso. I knew I couldn't do this,
but I tried."
Ho kept on at this rata until a Iittlo whllo bo
foro the carrlngo came, when Mr. Wollmanand
Mr. Brooko. who had com" in again, succeeded
in getting hlra quieted. Ho mid he wuntod to
go home. Then ho said his pcoplo woro away
initio country and he was going to ltyo to noa
thorn, riimllyhn said hu wanted to go to his
house any way. When the earring" arrived ha
wascalm and apparently rational. Mr. Wellman
accompanied him out and down the stops.
En Ing looked very much Hushed and excited,
and walked nervously, nlmopt stumbling us
ho went. Mr. Wollinnn got into the carnage
witli him. Before they Mirted two or three
mon crowded about tho mrini and wanted
tu know what was tho matter. Mr. Wellmun
said thoro was nothing thu mutter.
As fui as could bo leainod the carriage wont
flrstto Mr. LrWng's futhor's hou-eut3U West
Twentieth fctrout. Lning asked the servant
at the door whero tho family had gone. His
father and mother went lust 'lliursday
to ltyo. nnd tho young man must ha;e
known it. Ho thou askfd for his letters, uud.
getting those, started h.ick for tho carriage,
taring thut he was going direct to lljo. In
hteudof that, 110 far us could bo learned la-t
night bo uunt in the eairlage to J:j! Ilat
Thlrty-llfth btroot which Is Dr. l'nrkhurst's
house. It Is believed thnt Mr. Wellmun ae.
couipauied lilm, hut Mr. Wellman, when ankod
about it later In the evening, refused to Kpeuk.
It Is known that Dr. I'urkhiir.st took I.ning.
somo time later, to hi-d a doctor. What bu
camo of cither of thorn afterthut is not known.
Dr. Pnrklmist wns not to bo seen, if a physl
clun is put in charge of tho caso lie ii likely to
prescribe a long lest and change of scenoto
rchtoro thojoung man's ncm.UK ivstum.
Tho breakdown of Mr. l.rvlng may c-uunoa
postponement of tho i.ibo uguinst Mrx.
A ndi pa. Jlo will cither liavo to go on tho
stand this morning for further cross-oxuinln-atiou
or all hl testimony muy bo stricken out.
'1 lie trouble v, III havo to be explained in court
this morning,
Marin Andie.i's trinl waf. begun yestorday
morning before Judge 1 Itgeruld. A-slHnnt
Dlsti let Attorney John 1". M.:Intio conducted
tho prosecution. Charles W. Brooko mid Kd
tnuud 1 I'rlro appeurul for Mario Andrea.
It took most of the afternoon to got n jury.
Mr. Jloliitsronxliuui.ted his nllownneo of por
emptuiy challenges upon people who liuui nr
dld liiiNtncKS in nolghbotJioods wliore ills
ri'i'iitnlil.i houses nboiiMd. anil the him ere for
tho defenco would have no I'resbvtorlnn on thu
jury, or anybody who hud over attended Dr.
It was not until 4 o'clock thattho juiybox
wa lllleilnnd Mr. Melntyrn opened the ciik
ll tins lime the couitlroom was filled to the
doors. Dr. Paikhurst hud boon In tho loom
eiillurln tho day. hut had gone home, und
Mann Andrea wub sitting by her lawyers, 110
conipunled by several young womon,
iliu Vbslstuiit Diktricl Attorney's opening
address was very brief. Ho mid bis witnof-seit
would ptiu that tho plaintiff wns In personal
rontii'luftho lions., in Wei-t fourth street on
the nlghl follnwiiu' Mnreh ll.nnd tliufex
hitiltions of a degi mtud und beastly oliniactei"
wero there enueted. Tho defendant, he sold,
sold llijuor to the IMlors und procured thu
women whom tho witnesses hired to enact the
disgusting scones, nnd lliullr solicited thu
four visit, irs to Ri'comr.iny the women to
rooms in nluli.s. Tho (rightful specliiele wan
iirociiiid ut 11 cout of -fiti to tho visitors, not
including the rieer. of which 'hey otderod .mil
putd for lour louuds at 1 a lound.
llio llrst witness, Uharlut V. (lardnor. wan
thn haiiin agent who niatiageil the orglo nt
Haltio Aditnib's for Dr. Purkliuist. Unsaid
that he, .Mi. John Jjinjdon Krvlng, .Mr. How.-s.
and Dr. Paikhurst, walked down to the Fourth
htieut liour.o utter leaving Huttlo Adams's,
and arrived thorn between midnight und 1
11 clock In the mnniln,;. As thoy npprouehed
thuhousothoyobaenmla woman sitting in n
window who ''blssod" to them. There wns a
iiollcemiin standing dlreitly In front of tho
bnubc, Tim Andrn.k viimnn met them nt tho
door arid asked i( they wero all together. Thoy
snld they wore, und shu took them Into tho
front imilor. There wero nlreily several
Kills there, and sho called enough more
from up stairs to make booii In all. file then
nskod if tliev'sltoru wore going to Heat, iilni
(iardner ordered two bottles ut beer which
cnst$l. (mrdiiui asked for somo music, und
thu woman culd she could give thorn none, but
could furnish thorn an (ixliiuitlon. There was
some tliBi'Usbion over tills, and at length they
bargain! d to bee It. Tho forms ngroed upon
were that each of the four vlsltoro was tu
choose a girl at 4 each. 11ml" tho liotiR.t" was
to throw in another, uiuklng llvoln all.
"Hho said." (Iardner lestllled, "that this
ptlcu would Include going up stairs with tho
girls altel v.'tril. hhe asked us to pick out our
l.'liU. 1 picked out one, r.iWngplukod nut one,
llntvds picked out one, and and tliut lult 0110
for Dr. 1'irkliurst. tiho gave her aiders to tho
girls in Frcnih."
Mo?tof the testimony which followed Is un
printable Clarduor sold that alter the exhl-
bltlon tho women, who. had nroilounly dls
robod, snt on his lap. on Howcs's, and on Krv
lng's. On tho cross-examination, Mr. Brooke
tried to ilnd out how many times tho visitors
had drnnk that night nnd how many places
they had visited previously, but Mr. Melntyros
objections wero sustalnod. Onrdner sworo
tlintnonoof tho womon had snt In Dr. Pnrk
hurst's lap. and nflorwnrd contradicted hlm
solf, llnnlly siiylng that ho did not soo any
woman do so. Innnswortoaquostion, ho said:
"Dr. Pnrkhurst did not look nt the exhibi
tion much nftor awhile. Hu looked tho other
way. Onoo ho tried to go, but I motioned to
him to stay.". , .,
John Lnngdon Krvlng was then called. Ho
appeared to bo revel ish und excited as lio do
tailed tho revolting scenes of tho ovening in
much the same languuga and In greater do
tall than thndotoctlvo. Ho spoke of tho suc
cessdvo "llgures" of tho exhibition as if it
had been a cotillion. He said that tho womon
wure low-necked and sliort-sleovod (lresos
renching to tho knees whon tho party arrived
nt tho hoii'o. In this contradicting Onrdner.
who had sworn thnt thoy woro nothing but
undoigarments. Jlr. l.rvlng grew very nur
vous under Mr. Brooke s persistent cross-examination,
and nearly broko down In his de
scription of what ho saw. Ho wns unable to
assign nny other motlvo for visiting this nnd
other places oxcept "to bo with Dr. Pnrk
hurt." In reply to tho sumo question, sov
end llinos repeated, ho said:
" My motlvo was to accompany Dr. Park
hurst." , . . ....
" Why. Dr. Pnrkhurst went to thoso placos
and Ifollownd." , ,
"My motiownsto work in connection with
Dr I'arkhuist's Society for tho Prevention of
"1 wnntod to accompany Dr. Pnrkhurst to a
Iiouro of prostitution.''
" My trotivo was to get cvldonoo." ,
" 1 didn't know oxnetly what tho object
Mr. Krvlng said that the, oxhlMtlon dlsgnst
cd him, and ho tinned his head away.
"That Is." snld Mr. Brooko, "you simply
looked us long as you noiild. and when you
got disgusted you turnod your hoad away?''
" Yos." said .Mr. Krvlng.
" And whon you recovered from your llttlo
minim you turned and looked ugain ?"
" es."
"Vlioro did thoso nakod girls sit aftor tho
"Aioundthn room."
;On chairs or laps?"
"Did one of thorn sit on your lap?"
"Did sho kiss you?"
"No. not then."
"Did you kiss her?"
" Whon did she kiss you ?"
"Ab I was gotting up to leavo sho throw her
arms around me and kissed me."
"And this was nfter theso alsgustlng per
formances you saw upon tho floor I"
"es," snld Mr. Krvlng, and then grow red
and terynenous.
" You did not repol hor?" asked Mr. Brooke.
"Yos." euld Mr. fc.ring. shifting uneasily.
Then he said No. and seemed much agi
tated. On a repetition ol tho question ho said
he did not know could not remember.
" Welmvo threo answers to tlu.t question."
snld Mr. Brooko. "no can take our pick?"
There was no reply.
There was an almost painful scone over tho
quebtion whothor or not ono of tho nude
womon had sat In Dr. Pnikhurst's lap. Mr.
Krvlng sworo that nono did, nnd then snld ho
couldn't tell whethorunydid ornot Finally
ho mid that If any did sit In Dr. Pnrkhnrst's
lap ho didn't see It Mr. Lrvlng wns now clear
ly oyercomo, nnd went to pieces over the ques
tion who drank beer nnd when It wus drunk.
Ho was sure thoro were four rounds, but that
was alt ho was sure of, and in tho course of bis
confusion he contradictod many points In his
testimony that ho hud previously insisted
upon. Mr. lirooko Anally became moved by
the young man's llushod face and confusion,
and asked Judge Fitzgerald how long tho ses
sion would continue. It was then after 5
o'clock and adjouroment wns announced. Mr.
Krvlng wns to go on tho stund ngnin this
morning at 11 o clock.
During tho examination it wns brought out
that Gardner paid for tho exhibition out of hi j
own pocket oxpectlng to havo tho amount re
funded to him by Dr. Parkhurst's socloty. All
oxcept Dr. Pnrkhurst helped pay for boer.
Gardner said he received $5 for evory six
hours ho worked. It appeared through an
explanation made by Mr. Brooko to tho Judge
that tho defence would try to provo eon sptraoy,
claiming that theso four mun hud conBplrod
to procure the b nking of the law on the part
of the women. Judge rltz.-ruld allowed tho
Hue of questioning In defence of which Mr.
Brooko made this explanation.
Battle Adams, who was com Ictod of keoping
n disorderly house, at Ul and 3:t Kast Twenty
seventh streot. on Friday ovening. In the Oen
eral Hossions. before Judgo I itzgcrald. will bo
arraigned to-day for sentonco. '1 he ltev. Dr.
11. 1". De Costn of the Protestant Episcopal
Church of ht John the F.vnngelist bestirred
himself yesterday in un effort to obtain clom
eneyforher. He wrote to Judgo Fitzgerald,
but Judgo Fitzgerald declined to mako tho
lotter public, lie also wrote to District Attor
ney Nlcoll this lutter. on tli6 letter head of the
"Whlto Cross IVntral Committee." or which
Bishop Pottor, Ilishop Huntington, and Dr.
Morgan Dix are mcinbors:
I)kk Mu Nirnn: HicIomiI In a letter IntendM for
the Juice who li.to ii,b .rntfiire on Mm. battle Al
Anif I lefl It tin,ileJ. ftlld If ynu think, under thn
rucnniidAnc,i t!in'l a1 U troperun niv part.t'iat lit,
if triers In re. It ctd Impediment t'i tnr nrfiou, wilt y.m
not kitully Adtlrr.. I i. ai thu ho tr Icnnnot lear 1
thu Juitbs name, nnd forward at your earitent con ten.
Within tn't 1 month I nedeie men action t a (hone
nftlr rrklllirt v ill be declared it felonf liy . t of
l,irifcln'u-r If l lirmMan ltilnUtcra arc voliu to he al.
lo.w.l lo ptir?u- "tell 11 ( our.,. if w hatl,,e wll. It ho to
ll. ile of nor dd to lUh' IV htrtle 11, for toercy
furttierotr creetnrc ..ho better thanBome of her
aicuf.rs. Vtry r p.clfully. II. t. Dr Cmti.
Tollco Tni.t-iln Afelnugblln submlltod to
Dletrlct Attorney Nlcoll yesterday his report j
as to theownershiiiof -iiKi Sixth avenue, which
ho raided lust week as a disorderly house, bv
Willhm Lauteibieh. tho llleecker stieetsllk
merehint, who was a member of tho .March
dran.l Jury and severely condemned the po
lice for not supi.rebblng the social oIl.
Mur.vEit .tr buicwr.
Itnstmnd mid Wlfo Ilnd quarrelled and
Jleer XV.i I'oilild In n I'lltllcr.
TIvo hundred feet beyond tho station nt
Canarsio tho line f thn Knst NewYoikand
Cannrslo Ilallroad passes a place called tho
Sand Hole. As thuH'HO train from Knst New
York on Sunday night reached this plnco tho
engineer, Daniel Warner, saw a man lonp fiom
tho darknofs about twenty feot ahead nnd
land In front of tito slowly moving engine. Ho
(truck on Ills hands and knees In the mtddlo
of llio track. The engineer stretched out his
hand to reersotlio engine, but before ho had
moved tho Jcerlio folt the jur which Indlcnted
that tlio man had passed under tho engine.
Ho also heaid a eiy.
When tho train wns brought to a standstill
Abel .Smith, n young colored man, wns found
on the track. His legs wero cut oft. but ho
wa 'conscious, Cunatablo Ooorgo Hendrlok
son was nen. und ho nsked him how he got
under tho wheels, but tlio colored man said
nothing except that ha hail been drinking,
that he wanted to poo his father and mother,
that ho didn't earn to see his wife, and that hn
didn't know where bhewas. As Btnlth had
been mnrrlidoulya year an.las ho had always
been fond of his 10-year-old wife, llendrlck
Hon, who iccognlred him, could not under
stand this. He said to a colored man named
W" "ou'iiMlownlo his house, nnd gethl wife."
"Thev (juuirelled this afternoon," replied
Ford. "I heard, him say to her that If sho
didn't behave herself bomethlng would hup-
,,lA little girl was standing by, and she snld
that lib bhe was inisMiig the bouse about ton
minutes before S n eloek she had heard a nolso
liK.t a gun going on in the house, and hud soon
a nasii on tho front window.
Tho house was visited, On the bed lay
Mrs, Hmlth. her feet upon the floor nnd
her head resting in thn midst or . tho
eoiers, which woio stained with blood.
In hor right hand was clutched a table
knife, Ilerlefthsnd wub open, and near It lay
a butcher knife. Tho loft sldo of hor face and
her law had beon shot nwuy. In the corner, of
tho room stood nn old-fashlonod musket with
which Smith had often gone hunting. It had
lieea Mrod roeonlly. A. Pitcher was at ono cor
ner f the table, nnd In It wns u little bcor.
Smith died of his Injuries.
Killed I'rr ll.islmiid Willi n Hammer,
Bt'RNTov, May 0, Mrs, Martin Pcanlon thin
morning ondod a quairelsomo cxlstonco with
lior husband by heating his brains out with a
hummer. He wns hu intoxicated that ho could
oiler no resistance.
Mrs. Scanion also attempted to take the life
of hor son Flunk becnusu he interfered In he
lm f of his father, tiho pursued him with nn
u XC and the ptnmpt nrrital of a policumun
n'revcnted a double murder.
Mm. Scnnlnn denies having struck the fatal
blow, and says that her husband died of heart
disease. Her mind lu bellovod to bo affected.
Heard Hound the World.
The rumble ol the Erap'.rt State Ejpreit is heard
round tlie wvti.Jil.
accused of usrsa ms office to
lie la Cbnrged with Ilnvlac Prevented the
Adoption or One Hiatera of Pneumntle
Tnbee In tlie rhlladrlphla foil OOlce
lleeauee T,.10O (Sharee of the Stock ol it
MlTttl (system Ilnd Ieea lltpoal'e.l to Ills
Credit In the llnnk ofthe Itepnldlc,
WARniNOTON, May 0. A document wns to
day presonted to Congress by llepiusuiitativo
John C Henderson of North t'arollnn, Chair
man of the Tost Ofllco Committee, that brings
to the nttontlon of Congress nnd thu country
tho peculiar and boustod " business nuthodB"
employed by "Honost John" Wnnaniaker In
Iho conduct of tho Post Office Dopartmont.
The otldrnco convicting tho Postmaster-Ocn-ernl
of using his public ofllco for the promo
tion of private business concorns is containod
In tho memorial of H. 1'. Leako of Phtluilclphld,
charging tho Postmastor-Oeueral wllh haying
proventod tho adoption of tlio Leake pneumatic
tubes by tho postal authorities lu Philadel
phia because thoro had been deposited with
tho Bank of tho ltcpubllo In Philadelphia, to
Mr. Wanamakor's order. 7,500 shares of tho
stock of an opposition company. Tho memo
rial, which was roforred to tho Post Ofllco
Committee, asks for an Investigation, which
will undoubtedly bo grnuted, and tho oppor
tunity given to Mr. Lcnko which he seeks to
provo tho accuracy of every charge which ho
roakos against tho Postmnstor-Genoral. Ho
has tho necessary letters and other documents
at hand to substantiate his charges. Ho has
talkod with many prominent members on both
sides of tho IIouso to-day, nnd their nctlvo
support has boen promised htm in laying bare
tho romarkablo transactions of tho Postmnstor-Genoral.
Chairman Hondorson will seo to
it, ho says, that the memorial has the immedi
ate nttontlon of the Post Ofllco Committee, nnd
thoro Is no doubt thut tho doslrcd investiga
tion will be ordered.
The Leako company is a Philadelphia enter
prise incorporated In Now Jersey In Novem
ber. 18JJ1. with a capital stock of $10,000,000.
On Nov. , 1801, President Lenko submitted n
proposition to Postmastor l'leld of Philadel
phia offering to lay a IM-inch metal pipe be
tween tho Post Offlco building nt Chestnut
and Ninth streets and the sub-station in
Chestnut street, below Fourth streot nnd to
thoroughly equip tho plant with pneumatlo
appliances. Tho plant was to cost $40,000. und
was to be donated to tbe Post Ofllco Depart
ment The proposition was guaranteed by
Christopher Uallugher, Thomas O. Carey,
Thomas Clemonts, and Bradley Brothors, ratod
to bo worth $j50,mkj.
Postmaster Field said at tho tlmo that ho
took the proposition to Washington and doliv
oied it to Mr. Watmmakor. No nttontlon wns
paid to the proposition, hut an effort wus mado
by tho Washington officials to procure the
right of way through tho streets of Philadel
phia for tho laving therein of u pneumatlo
system, controlled by James O. Mclienrv, an
nssoclate of Wanamakar in his Sunday school,
und which proposes to charge $40,000 for Its
exporlment. Iho Lonke company appoalodto
Wan unaker. nnd he replied thnt he had not
recoiled their preposition. This wus startling
information, in v low of the statement of Post
master Field thnt ho personally handed the
document to Mr. Wnnamukor. Mr. Field wns
In Colorado nt tho time, and II. P. Hughes, act
ing Postm ister of Philadelphia, sent a let
tor to Mr. Wanamalter. showing tho
truth of Leake's assertions, and nlso
his responsibility us a business man.
Mr. Wanamakor replied thnt hu could not
open up the streots of Philadelphia for them.
The Losko Company hud never mado any
such requests of Mr. Wanamakor. us it pro-
Fiosed. and nftorwnrd .ld. get that rrivilego
rom tho city, which privilcgo was rcfusod to
tho opposition company.
Jlr. Wanumaker askodtha Lenk company
to appear bofurx W. II. Brooks, custodian, and
Oeorgo W. Painter, assistant of tho Philadel
phia Post Office, to give Information as to the
power required to operntu the respo.-tmi
systems. Brooks and Painter reported in
favor of tho leaks company, and Postmastor
Field sont tho report to thu Post Otilco Depart
ment Thon Mr. Wanamakor bad John L McMnnn.
Inspectorof Honting Apparatus, sent to Phila
delphia to mnke nnother report. McMnnn told
Leako that ho reported in substance th it tho
Leak.) company required thu uso of only ono
boiler t onernto its srstem. wherens
tho other company required three boil
ers. McMaun nlso pruned tho jointcJ
carriers or th" Leake company, say
ing that they wore specially v.tluablo lu
tinning cunes. But in a letter to Postmaster
1 ield Mr. Wanniauker claimed thnt Mr. Mc
M. inn's report wis of such a nature thattho
department cnnld not use tho he ike system.
I.e.iko immclliitely u"d:od 1 Ield forucopyof
Wnnnmakor's letter, but It was refused, i.euko
thon teleg-aphed to Wiinamaker, stating tho
facts regard tug tho porter required to operuto
tlio two systems. Wiuianriker then ondouy
orod to sblft tlie.rceponsiblllty onto tho Treas
ury Dcpaitinonl.
Mr. Leako then asked the Treasury Dormit
inent for a copy of M.-Mami's report. This
wus refused. Hi. then insist. i Hint either Ills
company had been misrepresented by .McMnnn
or tint JlcMiiiin hud been misrepresented by
Wanumaker, und in either case that tho I.enku
company hail been seriously injured, und vvi
therefore entitled to a copy of tho report In
order to know where to place tho responsibil
ity. The Treasury Dupiiitment again refused.
Mcinulillo the loiiko Company secured
authority from the city of Philadelphia to lay
tbeir pities according to the brobosition sub
mitted to Wnnnmuker. Later on tho opposi
tion company renewed their nni Mention to tlio
city forth" sumo privilege. Mi'Mann's report,
which hitil been refused Leiiltn. was now ued
IntlioiCty Councils to suppoit I he implication
of the opposition company. That iippllmtloii
Is now pending before the municipal authori
ties of Philadelphia.
mo sew a.iMRUsa houses.
I'lill Holy )n Ilnm Additional Klvnle at
I.nns Itl'iilirli TIiIm 1iw,
Loo Biiam'II. Mny 0. Phil Daly, the pro
prietor of tho Ponnsylvnnlan Club House nt
West r.n.l. Long Branch, will Imo two for
midable mnl gambling housos to compote
with this sensou. Ono Is to bo run by Tom
Jolly, who for years was one of tho assistants
ut tho Pennsylvania Club, and who bus just
finished negotiations for thu renting of tlio
handsomo Prosbury cottngo. near the Wost
Fnd Hotel, nnd the other will bo run by Bos.
ton men who lmvo Focured the Len cottage,
directly In tho rear of the WestKnd Hotel cot
tugos In Ocean nvonue. It was not until yos
terday that tho news leikod out that tho Lea
cottage, which wns owned by tho Itov, E. II.
Chamborlaln of New York city, had been pur
chased by tho Boston mnn. and that it was to
oo turned Into a gambling house
For a month enrpenters hao boen at work
altering the cottage, npd as soon ns they get
through drcnrutiirs will beset ut work to make
tbe place outshlno tho palatini Pennsylvania
Club. It Is directly opjosltu tho club run by
Daly, and will be paitly hidden from view by
tlie V. est Cud Hotel cottages. Kinco thu cot
tage has changed ownership It has been paint
ed In gay colors.
While the news thnt the Lea cottage will In
future bo a gambling hell will oreuto consider
able, surprlso to the regular summer nitrons
of Long Branch, the information that tho
handsomo Presbury cottago has been secured
by Tom Jolly for a gambling house will
.reoto no ond of gossip. Tho cottago
Is between tho Went I.uil notnl anil thn
lfowland Hotel. Mr. Jolly will take charge of
It this week and time It nltered to suit his bus
iness. It is reported thnt Mr. Jolly his se
cured two jenrs lease, with the option ot pur
chasing It ut the expiration of that time, Phil
Daly, when seon ut Urn, Pennsylvania Club,
expressed no surprlso at thu news that hu was
to liayo now rivals.
"I can stand all of them, ho snld.
II i. a Tliiee Wives and Mud Uern Converted,
Coi.iTMnu. May 0. V.. II, Olnoy, u young man
of respectable nppeurance, gavo himself up to
tho Chief of Police in Augusta this evening,
nnd confessed thnt ho was a bigamist nnd had
acted the part of a scoundrel. Ha says ho
has one yvlfn In Pails. Teun., another In
Augusta, Kim., and a third In a small
country town in Tonnossu. Conversion lo
religion, hu said, cuused him to con.
fiss. Ho usked to bo sent back to Tonnessi n
for trial. Tho Augusta authorities advised
him to go back of Ills own accord.
Hourly tralni to the Nortb and Welt bj the New York
Ceulral. Dee lime table. 44a,
A I.ocM Polltletuii ralatly Hhot and Ills
Nlnyer Corarolta Hulctde.
Svr.Arusn. May 0. John llrosnahnn. a local
polltlcltn of bad repute, was killed by a
pistol shot filed by John Jfioudi In a
drunkou brawl at 0 o'clock this ovening.
tho sequel lo a qilnrrol over a woman.
Tho tw o mon had beon In ono nnot her's com
pany all duy, and this ovening turned up In
Knst Water stroet, tho slums of rJvracuse, in a.
condition of riotous Intoxication. Aftor nn
hour's carousal In a saloon they wont out on
tho street, nnd In sight of half r. dozon people
Bresnnh.in was shot In tho stomach.
Tho enormity of his crime sobored Crouch
In nn Instant, and before tho persons nearest
could reach either man, ho dellborntoly turnd
tho pistol toward his own head anil flrod. Tho
two men died within nn hour after being takon
to the hospital.
Crouch recently came hero from Jackson
ville, Flu, und boustod of thoonueishlpof nn
orange grove near Hint place. Thonamo"J.
Crouch " vias tattoood on his loft arm.
further tlinn that nothing is known ot him.
rtresnuhnn was originally from Dntrolt. but
during a resl.lonco of three or four years
hero had got a,, footing ns a ward
heeler. Ho is believed to havo found
Crouch In n convivial mood nnd to lmvo led
him Into the lowest part of tho city In spend
money with which tho stranger was flush,
aim woman they iiUHirelledlotorthey had met
during the day. Her identity is not known,
l.ydln Ann TVynlt Puritmonr Acenaed of a
rihopltlnr L'rlme.
Camden, MavO. A woman was murdered in
Camdon to-day. partly In order thnt hor body
could bo sold to a modlcal ntudont ut the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania, whoso namo is Venn.
For somo time James It. Moulton. n mlddlo
oged colored mau, had beon living with Lydin
Ann Wyatt, a colored womnn, who has somo
money. Moulton has endeavored to gut monoy
from her, nnd whon sho sold some property
Inst weuk and obtained JHOO ho be
gan to lay plans. Ua wroto a lotter to
Student Venn, offorlng to sell tho body
of ii womnn for dissecting purposes, nnd said
he would deliver thu remains himself This
morning Moulton came over from Philadel
phia and called at Mrs. Wyutt's house. He de
manded that she should give him a couple of
hundred dolluts. Hu collided this witli tho
statement that If she didn't ho would glvo hor
to tho doctors, who would cut her up, Tho
womnn was frightened and offered to glvo
Moulton n small sum of cash, but whon sho
showed her money ho foiled hor to tho Iloor.
broke her bond, und then took ber money. He
laid the body out In iireuarution for removing
it to Philadelphia.
Homo neighbors noticed thnt tho woman wns
not about und went into her house. They dis
covered t he murder, and Moulton was arrested.
Student onn had in tho mean time sont tlie
letter offering tho body to him to tho Chlof of
Polico of Philadelphia, who sent It over to tho
Ciundon police. 'J ho Jersey officers paid no
attention to the lotter until nfter tho murder,
and then it dawned on them that they might
have prevented tlio crlmo.
When Moulton wus urrested he snld be had
only a little change, but i2ZM wns found on
htm. Ono of his tlngors wns Injured, nnd hnd
Ided. He said in explanation that ho had fallen
.low n. Nobody herodoubts that ho committed
tho murdor.
.Mir. astor's corns sot opesed.
It la Not I.lkrly ti be Opened Acnln-A
Wnlcher by It Night and Day.
The coffin onclosing tho body of Mr. William
Astor romulnod uuopenod nnd untouchod all
day yesterday in tho mortuary of Trinity
Chapel in West Twenty-fifth street whither
it wub taken directly from the etonmshlp La
Bourgogno on Sunday. It Is a plain oaken
coffin, mado aftor the French pattorn and cov
ered with black cloth. Unless present plans
are chnngod. it will not be opened. Hoxton
Albort Meurer of Trinity Chapel and two as
sistants tako turns in watching tho body. One
mnn is on guard during the day and two at
night No members of tho Astor family vis
ited tho chapel yesterday. Hexton Mourersaid,
and no flowers had as yet beon placed upon
tlie coffin. The musical programme for the
funeral on Thursday has not been announced.
The interment will bo In Trinity Cometory.
Mrs. Astor nnd Mrs. T. Coleman Draylon,
her daughter, spent yestorday In Mr-. Astor's
house at HoO Fifth avenue, which, with Its
drawn blinds nnd outer doors closed, preeived
the same grim nnd tonnntless appearance
that it has maintained dutingthe winter. A
numberof callers loft cards und messages of
An English Syndicate Taken Hold of the
Kentucky Distilleries.
Cincinnati, Mnv P. It was told on 'Change
to-day and admlttod by officers ot tho Whiskey
Trust that an English syndicate had secured
control ot nil tho Kentucky Bourbon distil
leries. Nathan Haffholmer of Now York city
conductod tho deal nnd the papers will bo
signed in this city on Wodncsday or Thursday.
Among the distilleries in tho dual are those of
James B. Pepper A Co. and N. Gibbon ,t Co.
Tho output of the entire list is 25,000,000 gal
lons. Lucli firm retains forty per cent, of Its
valuation In stock nnd will receive in nddltion
a salary for managing thn distillery. The syn
dicate, while nut u party tu It. will work in
harmony with the Whiskey Trust.
The headquarters of tho syndicate will bo In
Nivvork and London. A Board of Control
will have the miuiueemont of tho business
Tho profits will be divided pro rata uunrtorly.
Tlie capital Involved Is between S7.0U0.WX)
undSlO.OOO.OOii, and Is furnished entirely by
Liverpool and London capitalist. The iliRtll
lerlos wlllbe run as In tlio past, the onlydiffor
enco being that the profits can bo pooled und
there will be no cutting of prices.
Two Children Hint Over nnd Faintly In.
Jured littler Accidents.
Tour-ycar-old 1'rnust Murchorltz of 220 East
Houston street wns run over and killed In
front of his homo yesterday by a truck.
Michael Oerostcroivsky, tho driver, was or
rostod nnd held at Lssex Market for examina
tion. Dora TonlsB, 3 years old. of 144 Kust Seventy-fourth
streot, was run ovorund klllod in
front of her lioure by a horso and wagon
driven by Bol Htrnus, who was lookud up in tho
Lust Sixty-seventh streot sttitlon.
Louis 1 ntleld.H years old. Ilvingat 300 East
Seventy-second street, was run over last even
ing near his homo by a truck and two horses.
i ho driver, James Rtnnback. was arrested, and
tho boy was sent to the Presbyterian Hospital.
,,A1n1'tlmnuo5,7,J,,'.''0hi. was run over at
ll'Jth street and First avenue yesterday by a
lumber wagon In charge of Martin O'l'onnoi.
'1 h driver was nrrtatcd, but was discharged,
"ft Vl cll"d B injuries were roportod to bo
Did tbe Iaiw Chorea Members si leal the
Cross t
Lair, May O.-Tho rector of St Paul's Epis
copal Church, the ltev. John Husko. who nuns
from Fuyettvlllo, N. C, Introduced on Palm
Kundny it proosslonal cross In memory of the
docensed membors of thooholr.snd tho gi and
chlldren of tho lute Wm. L. Bentt presented a
fald stool In memory of that gentleman.
Tho low church element i egan to protest.
A majority of the vestry demanded that all
changes In tha ritual be discontinued, and tho
rector refused to concede. 1 box thon asked for
his reflgnatlon. but nine nut of ten inembern
ot the church pronounced ngnlust It, 'lhis
evening whon thu ohuieh wasopened for choir
practice It wns discovered that tho proces
sional cross had been stolen. The cross had
been blessed by the Bishop of tho diocosc.
bulge Kennedy hot filed keeper Iluck't bell In Click
nt to if xi
Tlie union rsrpnitera of Newburidi liara struck for
ellit hiinton nallinboa All llio Ddi except ou till
lue city are .die. auJ about IU uieu are out.
The President lias appointed Henry U ,IIu:uei, v n
nt II. ar Admiral lluvliee iretlred) leioiel alternitu
camll lutj ul large lulhu Hut Puiui Miliur) A.adeui),
1 ne body ef a titan found la tlie rltr at anlt on
Fru'ail.j, I ecu Idrntlli.'l ae that of Pirhanl Wei,
Hir.d.1, fllatertra, "liiiftlloit it hntk bariie . u
IM- 4 l'.'M tt neu eeieml bargei trim reels I.
three men tttre toil thru
I'mler bulhmiiy ronfririd I y a reeent Juhil ren
bil.on nf Ilia lielattir., lint Hotter lit iiiipolnlea
I. van Tlinuukor .Sew york. John B rt uf Allianj, and
I'hartea yiuliuib of f aluiyra roiniutealonere tu niveau
ata toe matter of aupplv of trater front tlio beneaee
liver to the 1 rte Canal, and lo report ellU recota
lueudalloui to lbs next Legislature.
SSBSBSSSk-aSSSSBBTaWI'..T.-.T.T.-.T.-.T..T.Me....T.H.M..w' -...kX. ...h
Kir '
Jta i,i
Took One Mint nt Hint rlltllnc and Two f -ft I
Plytnc nnd lilt film Tnlce-The Utile 'Jlv
Fury Welsh Only lOO Pounds, but Ma 3 i !
1i Pull of Ruin mid Very Pull orPlBht. , TOj ;
Andrew J. Mullen, nn lrnclblo llttlo hunch 'Jv 1
back, who has I ecu for threo years night Jp f
clerk In tho ColtinibiiH lodging house, nt Forty- D
second street nnd Third avenue, got tipsy Inst R i f
night g I
Fred. J. Williams, a young mnn who had h I
been lodging ut the Columbus tor sev 'fj 81 J
eriil weeks, was sitting In thu offloa H m j
when tho hunchback sniggered in. Wll- 4j ill ,,
llnms und the hunchback were uot on iM''
good term. Tlin hunchback nkod John ,'i W ,!
Oweni. his assistant, if Williams hud paid for j 1 ft '
his room for the night. William, -.aid he had, it) j ft
nnd the hunchback, swaggci Ing toward WIN j rj
lliuns. growled out: -J J itl
"It's a good thine you have, or you would ? 1 l !j
havo been thrown cut." "3 j Jf
Thereupon Williams got tip and slapped the t : I j J
hunchbnek's face. The ciookod llttlo fellow L J( l!
was full of light, and rushed on Wllllami. Ho (Si i
was intercepted by Owens and several men la j .)(
tbeolllce. who lifted him up hn weighs about 3 'til
100 pntitidi-i'iiiried lilmtohU rouiuadjolullig ! Hnj
tb oIll.tMitnt locked him In. , f s'
WIllinniM snt tlotvn on n I ereh about four $'
feet from tlio window. Growls and curse i ft; I
rniuo to him from the hunchback's room. , i f'
Piofently tho ItnpreeiitloiiH censed. Ownni ' J t'ijl
"nwth.i erookod llltlu tniin's tliln. sallow faeo t jyj!
nt tho otilco window. j uwl:
The hunchback had climbed out on tho roof y I jtl,
of nn oxteiislnu frmn bis own window, nnd - J fc'J,i
crept over to the ofllco vvKidow. He hud. 1 big ' 3 Ffi!
self-cocking revolver in IiIh band, and hi eyos fi fty
were Hiiaikllng. lie pointed tho rovolvor at ITS
Williams, linens yelled: j Jm
"lionlc out! he's going to shoot you!" . j ft
Willintns placidly looked nt the furious llttlo MR
man. lust an If ho wero a child with a harm -''In
les toy. and suld: j VA
"If ho wants to shoot, damn him, let him ' a 1 f A
The hunchback tired through tho window, i '?P
nnd Wllllami1 put his hand to his right breast - J fst
nnd Hiring. "I'm shot." ran .mt of the olTlea (l!rji
down tho stairs, with tln llttlo crooked wild . ,llK
man after him. llnforo ho got to tho bottom tallti
of tho stnlrs ho heaid tho bark of th Irvsji!
hunchback's revolver again, und it guvoMpeod .v 1rXf
tohls foot He reached tho "treot wllh the ( fw-tj
hunchback In hot pursuit. The third shot ila-Sl
struck Wllllums In the lelt -lde. . jJSft'
Pollceninn William Carroll cutne around tho c I Mil
corner und Interrupted tho hunchback' pistol - I ill'
practice. Williams pointed to the hunchback, lKMi,
saving. "Ho lmi shot rant "and fell on the V 3 'fl '
sidewalk. ffl'ta
r?Tho policeman nrreted Jrullen nnd sent for JB 1(S '
nn nmbu'atiee. The hunchback wns tnken to ,iS 31il I
the rnst Thirty-fifth street station. He said: ?R lil '
"I'm only sorry 1 didn't kill him." '; tiv
Williams Is In Hellenic. One of the hunch- ,'l ill '
bick'B bullets went through bis right lung. m K
nnd another pierced lilt loft side. Ho has a P ifi
chauco for his life. ir rlK !
SUITED THE NA .OO V Kl.El'XRS. . rl Ub ,
liter Hliook Ilnnd Yestndnr Over Sne, in 1
du's Enrorreroentof tlie NewPxclne V.atr. fi fP ti
Tho operation of tha now oxolso law last i& !ii
Sunday was eminently satisfaotory to tho 'S R
saloon keepers. Tho ofllcos of the Excise '- JfgJ
Commlbslonors woro overrun with liquor .ibis,
doalers yesterday. Thoy shook hands and a fgi
thu invariable salutation was: BiTf! i
" It suits to a T. oh?" IjIm)'
Tho answer was a smile and a regular Mwl K
Jimmy Hustod wink which might moan ovory- ' Hfii ft
thing or nothing. Yesterday, howovor. it t& '
meant that enough money wns mado In tho jSliKi
liiiuor business on Hunday to carry Weatehos- J 17 f
tr county twice for the Haiti Lagle. ,jg j
When u prominent mombor of the Liquor liki
Dealers' Association was asked if he feared ,1a 'l
polico interference on Sundays bo smiled and J. Ji (j '
said: i I jJ H'j
"The function of the police Is toproteot, not '', 'ijl
to persecute private citizens. Judge Koch S' ;?BB
and Attnrnoy-uener.il Itosendale say wo are p(t timtu
private eltlzons on Hundny. Consequently tho V-s fslHIl
police will not Interfere, but will protect us. ,'H Jlrf?
Bee?" 'g1!!!
i 'SSi'i
The Rtillet Could Not Oet Thrnnicli Koneh' 4 j i
rtkull, but It Knocked Hint OflT I lie Cttitl Box, i AlVZ',:
John Itonch and James Irving, tough young "tvfl'i
follows living In Last Twenty-second htreet, i'i KB i
near Bocond avenuo, hnd a drunken dispute 'yj Jj '
VThilo bitting on n coal box in front of the J wki
grot cry store at Jl'itJ East Thirty-second streot hjcj
itoneh threatened tollci. frvlng.und Irvlngshot '? ajg
Ibmchlnthob'fttomple.'lhellttlebulletdldnot & ffig;
get through ltoacli's skull, but It knocked him fj 5.5!
off the coul box. Irving rnn .mny. Ito.ich la 'a affl
In Hellcvuo Hospital. The bullet spllntem I 8 ml
the outer pinto ot tho skull und wus found B MS
under tho scalp. 'tiwi
Tltn trenther. Ji'j'M
if iWm
The storm which baa been deteloplnir in Texae since tJi ij
SatLrlA)', aaatiiui'd der!ii(te ahupe tefterday, aul In- Vffl . jai
crenaed rapidly in eiierj,'. It tmaaed due nortb, over 9 mi
Kanaaa and Miyacmrl, where the centre tiaa turldne; vx Pj V
more toward the ItVo re- ona. hetein Kalea jirevallail ( r XS
on all aldsi. hlOKbiK towftr! tlie atorm ceutre. The ' m t
ralnrall visa very beitvy oteru'l the Ktatea of the A -Jl j (
Latiaua, Mlaaourl, an I M.iji,aip;il talte fair weather A j W i
pretailed In llie lake rejr ona ttic llliU Valley, and At- A 5
Isntlenta'ee, tthere It aa k'enerally warmer. In tbe Wi i
northwest and alnnir the ensi riinire of the Jtoclcy 'A fk t
Monuta lis It waa much celUr, 'he temperature touch?, V & '
hut freezing at tuoal pltuea, aut uiaraliiK 0' beiowai fi .ffij
Cheyenne. jhjyff '
In tha cliy the dn waa fair, with stationary lent- & VI
perature. Highest oflVIal temperature, 72"; lowest, R fi
41ii aierairs humlditj r.Jp-rc.nt; ttlnJ, northitestt 1
aterairo velocity, 7 miles in liniir j $A
To-da) proinliaa to he fair and Jlijlillr warmer. To- S -JM
morrow ahower and warmer ti &A
The tbormnmeter at rerr' pharmacy, InTiiiStm fi Wi
building, recorded the t .,pcruttira as foUowst 2
ifni. i"i.M 1891 itit. slsfi! K
,ia M r,8' i.j i annp m mi 7o , , Vim
BA M r.T Ml (IP II . ..Hie (le a;.J i
MAU MV rb', UP, M .. 71 fle I j'Jl
is u 7ii u'i.'itiuig'it es' r. '
Averait ni'H ,1 Sirit .
Aieraitenn Hayn. Ihoi OUJi J Hi
For Nen.Jingland ard uuem JVi 1'oit, ytivrally itff fiJJ g
J gtuly ronltr on Jahj l.luut$AtiJattlinnit'tm Vei Vmkf ft hit J
lituillc irlii'i. b. yy
For w Jeraey, rincrally ftlr, foilovteg Tueidsjf 1 M l
alght by ahottrra, winds becomliii.' easterly. y i'ti b
For western .New orlt and wejtern reunajtranla, V I '
s'.luu irs Tuesday; southeaiterl) ullida
For Mlnuctota and the lulului, showers, north to j trt jj
northeast winds ir f
8'fW h
rrank Itellly. s slnno matin, who lived at Williams- l'il A
hridve Has allied ht a m nil hound .New llaveulocal IisIm
rliorilyarier 4 1', i! jcaterda) at 1101U slr.et ana Jismli
1 oiirdi uteuiie. kkmt
The Natlonul Fuleriitinii or Amerira has received ;(iibbH
three auhscrlptloli, for the iteiier.il election fund la rflsnssu
In'. .null S ami II Ad. rintle, I'll.' Ileurj atroet .'W 7lssW
branch t, llaltnoore, SICJ; Mr Fran. I iIUau. lu. IH''
I' O tlttlelleld of the llnn of I, I'.ll.llanl k Co, SU i K
Fifth atrnuu. recorerrd y. at. rdat the entitled oliscaa, I BH
tnlhealueofl7,o.'l CO lu.l liy l.o), Wllllaill llratli, g JJ;i
tihohad been carryiug thtui for dipuaillu the Third n mil
hallonal iiatik.
The WestSlde Clilrens' Aaaoclatl'ti la ft ajipolnt a , 3
coilliullte4 to ennfrr with l.eneral Maiiairer TcuceyoC ,a sssa
lleNwori. I cnlral and .n.leitor to elei t a cool- M asfal
I Minise a 'n. it the iiiDvin, of froy'il iralua In Jilevcniu ' B
stenue 111 theday llluo. S Bn
At tbe adJui rned annual meetirir of the Jewellers' HH
recuruy Alliance, liell at tneir ci.ire te lay the 5 mm
lo'lowlnn I rera were el.clelt vr R m nn Treat aaj saw.
dent, Mr. lleriiard Karacii, iretisurrr. and Mr (,ecre issassssf
tlodenpjl, re.reiary Br
The body of a man nfrnlHIe ace roated t.t 'I aor- isasall
face or tha Harlem r.lvirnt lb foot or lil.n.li, tvrniie Wssal'
at ft o'clock e,lerdar altertioon II had been in llie IIbbbb
water aolos tune The cuat and Irouaer. wero idlpalug. llsjWI
sudllurs waa nothing lu eataUlnh Ideniiilinlloii. IIHf!v
Utayelie r.nt, II. A. It. has approved the siiinreatlnn liMr
tlml aiepoaltury bo nrntldeJ Ml llioilraiil Memorial for anssBsl
ire,ertlni' tt.e aul. vrai hie n I a i r nuiiihers or the 'JsbbbbbB
brand Arui slid Iiaa Irdnel a ai.ht. riitl"H lor C4try, asBsssH
llllt uul the plan eiual tot I freaih.ir Us lurluhori. filH
James Ii'i,nwan w it bell at tie Tombs Court yeater- nssssBBs
d rnr theiiriind Jury on thn mini lulnt of James I. VtaaTsm
hiineUud n l.rokrn.r a'.' In 'id air.il, bn said that -SsbbbbbbI
mi ,iunia nun while Irunl. ho met McUowuii who raTsnBBBsl
ltd him tii.i I'arK row loduniK himae ana robbed tiira of 'H
hi, watch an I iLam and twiiriiuta. ''H
Lena Tailor, rharlre Ibiuilltoll, and tbs other la fasasaaaas
t'ltieaur tin home ,11 JlirirJ air. et where John J. 'HTsbbsssbbI
lireiiunn was foniil on H it urdity uU'ht with s bullet la "bTbbbbI
hit I. eud. w re liKCharir.dlu the l.aaex Uarkel Folks tjflaBBBai
i ouri jeaterilat It bating Iten demonstrated to ths tBBBBBi
sailaia.tbii of the Court that thu case was one of .-sbbbbbbI
SUlllte '-BBBBBBBl
Judve Peach has granted absolute divorces to Cm bbbbbbbi
mu to rroinli'ila try, tuCliarlea Iloterg from Mary .(bbbbbbbI
J, lloii.rg rind to Man- T lb air frouiWni M Ileal, ''bbbbbbbbbi
Judae McAdain hasuranled aharljte dlrorcos lu Hor. bbbbbbbbB
et co llrockmeier from Joseph Jlrockiutar, to WILtani ft bbbbbbbbbbI
A I join frmll I.IIIUll A. l.iniia. and lo Alike T. lloseu- 'isbbbbbbbbbI
helui Irutn Morris Itoaelih.ln:. 'sbbbbbbbbI
The Mat fair and festival of Ht. Stephen's ratlioita 'IsbbbbbbbI
Church waaoprnrd by Jiclv Murnn J (J llrten last WWM
rvi ning in tlin large ballot met hunh. Twelve booths, IbbbbbtbbI
laden with fauev aud u.tul urn. lea, were arranged .bTbbbbbbb!
shout the hall llie JutaniUi bind fro n the tntaalos of IbbbbTv-I
the luimtcutatsCniiteptliu fiirnlhnl llio music Fully ''flBBsrafl
LCdOpeoite vr preasut. fue tatr U1 cvultaue lr -IbbbbbbbtbI
twowtcka. IErl
aiiSrXj . ilH

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