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mmW 'IB 4 U v J THE' SUN, WKPfffeSDAY, MA 1
Kfv, Bl !" Mtn- torks zeet tiik rrntn and
mm't Ml ' EOHrfitiricD to piiTsiivitaa.
HA aaaa! Jlnalon Tnrneri Dom Ail br the Claw.
H"i ' lond-flir) Ptiltndeliilila t'lub Hlrlkea a
K-'t H' Homela Nnl at HI. I.oiiM-Mlow Work
HL' H llelwrcn Cbcaca nod llroohlya.
Rf57 H' Tlio blttnr wind of ndvorslty blow Upon Uio
Hroi1' Baaaai plnycraof thalstorn Ijitsoball club yoMer-
H 'i dnr, awl Ib(1 tliom plilllcd nod bonumbcd.
V .H1- TliclrWeslt'tn brethren, who aroifloro nccus-
H ai tomcd to tluil sort of n brcozo. did not nppoar
BaB' aaaa! topudorln thilpt. and bnnend tholr visitors
m':k H' around in ntrunrocllne ronnnor. John Ward's
B iH formldnblo tiBsrowitlon was cuffed around by
MK imW Undo Anson, nnd tlio Forest City boyn. wlio
B? IHi hftvo boon a rntlior cimy mark lately,
Hv jH knocked tlio presumptuous Bostons down,
m JBfl' nnd tlicn kicked tliem, Tlio l.oulsvllles
Bw, J 'ial ''nrd work to smothor tli Senators.
, mTJ tut limy did It Harry Wright's Rontlo (Junkers
BB bbbK' 'woronot conlontto tnko one defoat and lot It
B ' go at Mint. Thoy nuleted on two. nnd Von dor
Bfl Abo's man supplied tliem with what titer worn
IB pBj looklnc for. If tlio Now Yorks had plavod
Bl Bj yontordny thoy mlslit ImvoKono down In III'-
IB H tory ns tho only Knstorntonm tlint wonnirnnw
Bl B on Mny 10. 1)'. Tlio New Vorks decldoil not
Bl toplny. and thoumpiro promptly doclnrod tlio
Bl sama forfeited to l'ittxuurah. Baltimore inltfht
Bft - possibly havo won nt Cincinnati, but for tlio In-
Bl iorforence of n, rain storm. , ,
Tlio scores of yostordav's gamos are as fol-
Chicago. 11 : Brooklyn. 0.
Bf . ClovoTand. H: Boston. 3. . , .
Bl ' LouIrvIIIo, 'J; Washington. 0.
Bl "fit. Lonts. 8; Philadelphia. 4-flrst name.
Bl c Bt Louis. n:rhiludi'lpliln. H-second game.
Bl . '. NowYnrk forfeited to Vittsburgli.
; .'- AtClnclnnntl-ltaln.
J ' "p TIIK HKCOllI).
Bl fh fTufU. Wcti. iVrrtl IW, Him. If. TVrrf
Bkb ' i Boston jn r, ,7nn Washington.. io ..
Baaaaa h Sreoklyn l.'l II .(IM Philadelphia, V 11 .
BB fUlSTll 13 7 .HWlll'Mciwil . H 1 ,4.'l
BBf ' A lttbnrrt...J3 H .nlll..Newlork ... 711 .3
BBF" ,- ? CleTeland....ll .r.nO'Kt Uul 7 14 .HU
Mr '; Cincinnati ...10 10 XOOiBalllmore 3 1U I OS
H J" Prrrsnunon. May 10. The l'lttsbursh slug-
H J ; Born won their cnMost victory of tlio season
BJ 3 i to-day. Umplro MeCullon gnvo tlio nmo to
H ' ft them by 0 to 0. It Is llkoly that Ua umpire's
BJ l $ doclslon will stand. The Kow Yorks nro groat
H i v Bolongor, nnd to-day that city Is represented
BJ by tho worst aKKreuntlon of ball plnyers that
H , , Iibb oomo from that metropolis In many
Hj ;1 f fyonrs. Hut along with their poor form ns
HI i ' rlayors. they noted llko children to-ilny. nnd
K ' dlsgustod about noOporsons who went to see
Bf ' I'ull tamo- ....
I X Thuyluft tho grounds In tho most uncoro-
Bi ' "monlous mnnnor. nnd without tho least som-
f t Fiance of a rensonablo nxenso. Uurlni; the
BL ',? .morning ndrlz7llns rain bad b.M'nfnlllnK. but
Bb is. .bout noon It hold up nnd mined no moro till
Br i ' ,' boilt 4 o'clock. At that time both teams wero
Bi 'i ! Jon tho grounds, nnd tlio rain that was falling
Bf ', ras vorv slight. Indeed. It did not causoun
occupantof tho "bleachers" to move,
f , Atsl.t mlnulos after 4 o'clock Itwnsporfeetly
Bi .'. ,fnlr and at that tlmo tho Nuwlorks had left
Bl ; tho grounds nnd wero crowding themselves
Bi I Intoallttlo'bus. I'mplro JlclJullcn attempted
Bi ( - to provnll on them to stay and play thogamo
r t tout, nnd eoraoof them uerowllllng. Uoronnd
Bf I two or throe more returned, but tho wiso men
Bl ;f cf the team Insisted on dealing out. and cluar
iK t L (Mlt thnv did.
IUmplro MeCullon was so earnost in the mnt
'ter that ha rushed out nnd stopped the runa
ways on the street, and tried to induce them
to act llko men. Hut they would havonone of
It. Munacor I'owors claimed thnt tho gnmo
ras forced to start at 4 o'clock; Hint rain pro
nntod It from Btnrtlnir then. Thoroforo, ho
. plnlmed. tho gnmo wns lognlly postponed. AH
tho inducements in the world could nut causa
Jlr. l'owcrs to tnko his tonm on tho field.
Tho umplro returnod to the grounds. Of
rourso tho bell had nlroady beon rung to stnrt
tho gnmo. The homo players wont on the
Hold, and ITmpIre MeCullon awarded thogamo
to tho l'lttsburglis hylttoO. Uoforo doing so
ho carofutly thought tho matter ovor. and,
after reading suctlou 1 of rule M, ho made up
Ills mind. Tlio rulo rends:
If tli nine or a club fall to appear upon a field or, be
Inir upon tlie llchl. tall to lioglu the Kama wltblu nr
fntnulca after the umpire ha railed "Flay" at tb
Dour appointed for the benlnolnir of the game, unlen
ucn delay In appearing or eommencinrtba vame be
wnavoldable, the game aball be forfeited.
That rule leaves little doubt as to the sound
ness of Umplro McCullen's decision. The
commencement of the gnmo was delayed four
or five minutes by an unuvoldnblo cause, viz.,
rain; and by all means tho New York team
Wore In duty bound to romain on the ilold
until somo understanding had beon arrived at
In thormattor.
The truth Is thoy wero on the field when not
drop of rain was falling, and if tho rule does
not deem a rain shower an unavoidable oause
for delay It la vory dimculttoflnd out what Is
considered such, whon both teams are on the
Cotcaoo, May 10. Drooklyn and Chicago
tnrtod In to play two gamos to-day, but the
grounds wero In such poor condition that only
one gamo was concludod. Tho contest was a
wrotchod exhibition, both teams being out ot
form, and neither nindo a dospornto fight to
Win. lialn fall during a portion of tho gamo.
Tho ball soon boenme soft, nnd hard to handle.
Hart, who Btarted In to pitch for tho Brook
lyns, was knockodout of the box In the socond
Inning, l'outz took bis place and hold the
colts down to six hits. Luby was touched up
protty hard at tlmos. but tho support ho rp
colvod was cpod onough to pull him through.
Hart. Corcoran, and llrouthers did tho heavy
tick work for tlio visitors, while Anson led tho
'llflt ot sluggors for the homo team. Thoscoro:
R,li,ro.li K.lern.A.K.
Wllroot,l.f. ...'.' 1 2 n o rollini. I f....i l i o o
pablen. Mb.. 2 U 1 .'I 1 Ward. 2d b....0 14 4 1
Jtran. e.t.,,.,1 u i 1 o Jovce. MI1....1 o o o
Anion. litb...l 4 H 11 0 ll'iheri. lit b.l 2U (1 1
IJuDian, r. T...1 1 a 0 illraii,r.f.lp.l o 2 n 0
.CauiiYan. lb.. 3 2 3 1 1 u'ltrlen.c. f...l 1 -' u 0
Cooney. a.B...O 112 1 I'orcoran. a. a.l 2 0 2 2
iicbrlver. C...1 o k 1 2 Dalley, c ,1 0400
i.ubr,p I 10 4 1 Uart. i. a r. f 1 2 12 1
TotaU 11 13 27 13 0 ' Tolala 0 "5 57 IS "5
Chltato 1 5 O 0 3 2 11 1 O-U
Brooklyn 2 5 o 0 1 o 0 o 1- 11
Earned runs Ch'caio. 4; Ilrooklyn. 2. First bane on
errors Chlraico, :i; JirooKlyu, 2. Left on bases i litca.
go, 7i nrooklili. 7. Klrst baio on balls offl.uby.ti, off
llart. 1; olT loutz, 3 hlrtiuk nut Hy l.uby, r,. by touu.
S. Two-base bits Mlliuot, Mart. Cuvl an, Anson, l-ao
rltlceblta Dablrn. Ryan. riHney. J eo U). itrotitheri,
VCbrlrer. Ktolen bases Ward (2) llrouthers. Tocney,
Xlunttan. Double plays Koutr and tJrnuthers: Pableu,
4'oooer, and Canaau. rassed ball Uatlsy. rniblre
lorncn. Iluie-2il0. Attendance 40a
tllritlD. 8; buston, n.
Cibtbiakp. May 10 Tho llnston plnyers trer telllnz
to-day of a man who ottered to wager Sl.lSKt they
would not loeo two Ktnnes In surresslon nit tlin trip.
( would hae been udvlMable for blin to fall tn ttis brt
tefore the Hoslnn's strut k Cleveland. The llcsneatnrs
lleldedllkeamiitllnir match early In the (sine. Tho
clouds opened In the sixth and kjit up a Urlzzlo until
lhfl eighth was oyer, whrn ijaftuty called the iraine.
liaTle's work at short v. as brililaut. Atttudauie, 1,600.
The score:
' clt.ro.i.r. .Is,r.o.i. 1
rhllrti,5d b..,l 112 o I.nnir. s,s....l 2 11 2 2
Harls. s. s. 1 0 2 4 ODuBy.o, f I 1 1 11 11
rconnor ..3 0 0 u 0 Slrbols. 1. 1 ,.. n 2 11 0
iurkett,-1.-f...l 2 11 o o Kelly. I r . . O 11 11 11 n
Tebeau,3db.ll 1 1 3 o .McCarlbr. r.f tl lu 11
: VoAlter, c. r..l 2 2 11 1 Lout. 3db,,, I) o 1 2 :i
Virtue, 1st b.,o ill o liiaiiMl, c 1 1 it a 0
Uoyle. r.t....2 I 1 U 0 Oulnn. 2d b...o 0440
i Lavles, p O 2 0 U O TucLrr.lst b..o 1 u 11 11
- Stletts. p.. .0 O O U O
, Totals. U1U24 14 3
' Totals 3 7241S n
Cleveland '! 10 0 0 0 2 2-
Bostou,, , .. ..O 1 1 O 0 u 1 0
Earned rims Cleveland, 2s lloston. 3. Two-basa bits
Ttbeau, MrAleer, lucker. Sacrifice bits To beau,
, Danes,' llullv C Stolen bases-Doyla 12). DuBy. Xo
tarlby.' lfton bases Cltnind, 7; lluiton. r.. Ktruck
obi Jly Bavlea. 4: by Hlmtts. 4. liases onballs-ilrt
paries, 2; off Sin ells. 2. Double plays-Uarles and
Virtue; Davles. L'ljIMs. and Mrlne; Gaureland gulnn;
jtlvettt, Ualnn and Tucker. 1'assod ball ilaucel. lilt
fypltcber Child, rlrst on errors UUvelaud, Ci Hoc
nTl. Tlmo-l.Ca U'miilre-Uomiey.
locisrntr, 2; wisnincTO'', O.
IicisHLiK. May . A coat of wtutewssh was aif
mistered to the washlniftuns to-day, the Senators at
otlmeapproachlDiarnn. Tbesrorei
LOCMrin b. a isutxciox,
a. la. r.o. i.B. a. la. r.o i.e.
rown,e.f.,,.o 1 u 11 ullor. c f 110 u 11
rferJer. 2d b. 0 1 C 1 Donovan. r.f .11 1 1 11 0
leery. r.f O oil o Duitee. l.f ..,.0 u 4 o u
SrownlDk-, L f. 3 3 U O Urkln. lit b.,0 1 H 0 0
Jennings, a. b. 0 0 2 0 1 Mrilulre. 0. 0 14 0 0
Taylor. 1st b..O Oil o O Itlrbardson,2b0 O 11 4 O
ku.lltlo.3db..O II 1 1 0 Knell, l ,0 1 1 4 II
Zrlro.c. 1 3 4 1) tiliowd.ndb. u u 1 1 o
aKralton,p....o o u a O Kadford, a. a 0 0 3 12
Totals 3 "73715 2 Totals !o 72710 "3
LoBlsvlll I.., ,..-" 0 0 0 1 10 0 Ct-3
VVashlngton 0 O 0 o o 0 o II u-0
Kamed ran X-Aulsvllle. First base on errors T.ouib
illle, l! Washliigtou. 1. First base iu liolls o(T Mirat
ion. 1: on Knell, 2. Struck oul-lly Mratton, i: by
V11ell.il. tho base hit-l.arkln Harrlltctihitt-Urowii,
rieRer, Jennings. Miration. Double plays-Jeniilnva,
ricaer.aud Taylor, 2. I'mpira-Hutrldan. Tlme-1 35.
,lj, iivis, 8; rniUDttrnu, 4 (nasr ami).
St Locis. May 10. One thousaud two hundred per
sons silvered and lehouk In the raw. cold atmosphere
at bpurtnian's 1'ark this artemeoa while the Broans
and Quaker rilyl'luh played Iwu gawss. The enthu
siasts whu Blood tho weather bad tlie sailiturtlon at
i , least pfeelug two good games, and to add to their
., iOud tieliu lbs Lome team won both. Tlio scores;
stV r ' touts. I ruainitruii.
"I ali.ro, a.e k. la. r.n. a. a,
i , Crooks, pdb...l 11 11 n o Hamilton. !, I 2 01 o
' t rimjl,l.(,,..l n I 11 o liei.ly.r. t. 0 0 10 0
.', y.erden.lstb 2 212 11 I) Mailman. 2d b.t 1 3 ft 1
1 1 3 piasscoc.B.s.o 1 6 It 11 1'nnnor. 1st b..l IU7 1 II
r Irodle.c.f, .1 1 1 11 o riements, 0,. 13 3 0 0
8 tarutbers,r.M 1 3 11 iirrou, c. f ...01 1 11 11
" if llsson. p. ,2802 II Muliey, 3d b O O a 2 U
'; S J btrlfker.idb.o 0 3 n OAlleu.V.s o 1 I b 1
- Kuckley,o 0 0 4 1 o carsey.p,.., .00110
f ij TotaU !i 83711 0 Total 7 "7 37 18 3
1 sir st. Louis , oooosons os
II fhlladclpbla ,,., O 0 0 o J 8 0 0 04
IV Earned ruuB-StUola, 2; rblladelpbla. 1. Three bass
iMs4! kU-VTwdi n. iiolea baiss-Olsatoa, Rilllj. tint bate
, .
' VaUa-O Oleatoft. 4j eft Carsey. R. rHrnek trt-l y
tMeatoa.'l.- Tlme-1:48. Vmplra-Bmtlt. '- -
bt, ions, D: raiUMtrau. S-hkcobo un ,
it, tons. rsiUbBtTim.
. a.lBro,A. v a.lB.ro.s..
Crooks. 2d b I !I 11 4 0 Hamilton, r. f.3 It 2 1
rarroll, kf 1 11 1 1 o Hellly. 1. 1 .1 1 o 0 11
Werden.lh 11 II 7 O 1 Jlallnuii, 2 1, I 8 2 4 U
II asicock. s s I o n I o Connor. I h. I ill on
Hrodla. c. f. ..1 1 3 o o Clements, r,, o OH) 1 o
Carntbers. r.f.l 1 11 0 Crcus, c. f. .1) ti 0 11 o
Uaston. p ,.11 1 .1 I Mnlteynii . .0 1 3 a 1
Hlrlrker, J.fb 1 1 .1 n I Alien. .t. ...3 1 11 2 -
Bird, c .21320 Thornton, p. .0 0000
Weybing. p 13 0 0 0
Totals . tl 82714 3 -.-7vr. "S
Totals .. .8 13 27 11 -1
Ft. Louis 4 1 4 O O 0 O 0 tl-H
rhUadelphla ., u U U 4 O I O 0-H
I Karnedruns-St. Iuls. 4! Philadelphia. 4. Two-base
Mls-Crnoks. Fnstnn. turd, tlamlltnn, llalhiMti. Jhret
base hit-Alien llmne runs i rook Connor, stolen
bases Ulassenrk Carntbers. laslnn, Bird, first bsse
on balls-urt Thornton. 8, n Wi-tbmg. n. u Raetou. h.
lilt by pitched ball-By Weyhlng I Slruck out-Bv
Weylilng. R: by Kaston. t. Passed belU-t lementa li
Bird. 2. Utldpltcbes-riaitou, 4. lluisj 1 . t inplro
I'iatera Lenane.
it rnitiDriritu.
rblladelphla 1 11 2 n o 11 0 o oa
Rocbestxr I U 1 0 II 1 3 U-T.
Base blts-rblladelpbls. R; Ro.hesler, 8. Errors
rblladelphia, 81 llochester. 4 rmbers-Uuwuiaii and
at rw Hirsi.
Kew Haven. " ' ! !I S ? S f"S
i:imlra 1 o 0 1 11 0 o o l-a
Base hlls-New Haven. IT.. I.linlra. 7. Krrorj-Sew
llaisii, 3, Klmira, 4, ritcbers-rournlir and rrlrken.
at rsoiinricv.
IKIV."'.' ' V V 8 8 S S 8 8 8;?
Base hlls-l'rovldence. 2. Albnr. ft. F,rrror.,r!'ruv'
Ideuce.Ci Albany, 3. rilchers-KIIro andTajlor.
Trnv 11 (I II 2 2 0 O 0 0-4
nurfalo t o 0 U O U O 2 2-,,
Bsse blls-Trny, ft; ItulTnln. ". trrnrs-Troy, 4i But
falo.ej. rncbtrs Clarkeon mid Conwa).
at sioiiWrni.
Blnibaratnn o n 0 0 1 0 0 0 0-t
"""use II a I II 6 O 0 U U-U
Base bll-lllngbamton,.'i Syrnrnse.7 Krrors-Bliig;
haniion. ai pyrscutc, 2. ritchirs-Htrgerald and
.Southern Ina;isr.
At Macon-Macon. 7i New Orleans. 5,
At Atlanta Atlanta. 4: Memphis, 1. "
At blrinlughum and Chattauuoga Kaln.
BTcatcrn I.oaguc.
Columbus '.. ...O 0 0 0 0 0 2 0-2
Kansas cur . ...0003000 03
AI other cltlet-llaln.
Other Games.
norhams 30310120 1-9
DauvlllB 1 O 1 1 2 U 2 0 0-7
Bnaeball Uainra To. 4: ay.
Ijiulsvllle vs. Ne Vork, at tiuisrllle.
Cleveland TB. Hmnklyn, at Cleveland.
1'lttsburgh vs. Boslon. at I'ittsburgh.
Cincinnati vs. Ihlladelplila. at Cincinnati.
Chit-ago s. Washlngtou. at L'lilcaro
SI. Louis vs. Baltimore, at HI. Louis.
Jaspers ts Oak Hills, at the Polo grounds.
.itaten Island A. C. vs. Princeton, at West Maw
staten island C. C vs Manhattan A. C, at Livingston,
lale ,s. yordham. at New Uaveu.
naaebal! Nntea.
Bochester has signed Short-stop Sullivan of Boston.
Will lAHSTOwa. May lO.-The Williams nine will leara
bare early to-morrow foreuoon for Amberst. where
tbey will play the Amherst nine in the afternoon. The
game promises to be very exulting and thy score will
'probably be close.
Cixcixiati. May 10. The Orioles moved onto St. Louis
to-night and Istt tang John Keilly sluing on the fence,
lledoesnt appear to know )ust what be will do, and
the Baltimore procession moied on without him. Hu
bert, wbo was sent home from Chicago, w 111 be released,
a fate that awaited Hood bad Relliy signed.
Amateur Baseball Heelelcr.
Among the many amateur clubs In thlsclty and sur
rounding places are the following, wbowant to arrange
games. The list Includes a number ot Junior tyganlta
tlons. whose plaers average from irj to 30 years.
Ironside Baseball Association Womd like to hear
from all managers of clubs who bad inado arrange
rnunts with the Ironsides. Their schedulo uf games has
been lost. Fred Wagner. 142 South utanga avenue,
Axles Baseball Club Would like to hear from the.
Tennya and Fl aware of ew Vork particularly. U.-
Anderson, 2tO .North Klghth street, Brooklyn, B. D,
orkvll e Baeeball Club of Kast rlrty eighth street
Open for Saturday or Sunday games. Hurry W. Uuio.
l.Uf.i) second avenue. New ork.
Mar Athletics Have Sundays of Mar 33 and 29. Dec
oration Day. and July 4 open. Oscar Hauck, 105 Ham
burg avenue, Brooklyn.
Twilight Baseball Club Have Decoration Day, Jons
18. July 0. 10, 2.1, SO. and all days in August and Sep
tember open. Kobert frith, BW Qulncy street, Brook
lyn. New Tork Life Insnranca Company Baseball Team
Will play all out-of-town clubs giving suitable guaran
tees, also alt Insurance company teams. lbcrt D.
aterphy. 346 Broadway. New Vork city.
Plymouth Rocks-Have June 1 1, 25. Jul 2 and 4 open
for uniformed teams. Augustus JCazal. Jr.&S Taylor
street. West New Brighton. S. I.
Voiuntaer Kleld Club of Tremont Hare Juna 4. 18.
July 8 and 10 open for strong teams giving reasonable
guarantees. Hugh O'Nell. Jr., Secretary, &3U Tremont
avenue, New York city,
Boya' Braacb, Young Men's Cbrlatian Association or
Yonkars Vi 1U niay alt uniformed teama wlMi players
a erasing ltl years old. W. Littlebrandt, manager, or
Mont. Kinney, captain, care of Y. M C. A . Yonkers.
Y. II. C, A., of ttanway- 111 play all Ant-class teams
en Satucdaya only. U. M. Hov, ard, manager. Kabway.
VlesB k Ridge Printing Company's Team-Challenge
all printing house teams with players averaging
18 years old. Charles Baling, captain, care of riessl
Mare Printing Co., 110 and 112 Fifth avenue. New
Tork olty.
At the Handball Conrta.
TneBtlayB are becoming quite a favorite day with tha
members of the Brooklyn Handball Court Yesterday
there were quite as good games pla ed as on the regu
lar " club days," but not so many of them, A tussle
between Champion Casey and Major John Carmody
against John Malcolm and James Dunne. Jr., was tha
special feature. Young Dunne came prepared to start
In on a schedule that he bad arranged, and selected
DUly Schmidt as bis first opponent, Thejatter, wbo is
known as "Casey the Second." was not feeling Just
right, but slated bis willingness to go on lib the
" Polyeslan." This did not suit the latter, aa be wantB
his victims to be In the llnest condition. The match,
therefore, was pnatponed, and Young Dunne decided to
go on with Malcolm In a double nanded encounter,
it w aa a spirited contest throughout, and resulted In a
raw . Major Carmody and Copt. Blllr Boss played three
James, and tha Captain was again beaten. President
. J. O'Brien or the John J. Mitchell Football club,
tackled Barney Etans. a lively "smoky Hollow" lad
and the foutball man was worsted. " I'll have his scalp
yet,"aaid O'Brien, "and before many days. too. I
wanted him to continue on playing yesterday, bat ho
flunked." The scores of the games were:
Casey and Carmody. 31 1R8
Malcolm and Dunne '...20 2141
Bernard ans i 8 31 21 M
J, J O'Brien 31 15,18-04
M Cllnord '. 21 18-39
J. hrough 14 2137
Prof Cogglns 21 21-42
William bchmldt (10 aces) is 11137
MaJnrCarmody 21 10 21-&2
(apt. Kose 3 21 14-34
JobnJ.O'Bnen 18 31 21-00
W.J.Lnnoes 21 13 4-38
Teatloi the Kpead orllomlaa; Ils;aona.
Tha first race In the spring ssrles of tin Empire City
riylng Club of New York and vicinity was down on
May 8 from Wilmington, Del. airline distance 100
miles. Thirty-six lofts competed. Lntrles were
limited to tltleen birds or less. The total entry was 37 U
birds, Tho birds ot the Nsw York section were liber
ated at u o'clock In tba morning, and those of tha
Neuark section at 9t01, Tha wlud was stronf from
the west At home the wind blew very strong from
tlixnortbnrst, wblcli prevented last spaed. Tha re
sult uf the raeo was:
JWrfflitee. 7m mlmre.
.Vtime. Ui 11. m Cir'lA.
C. A Mnbr.Jr lou.30 II H no 1.0 VMM
(lenrgo I Mnhr 10030 II IHUI 1.0.-.7.00
William Bunk, Jr I00.2d 11 48 .10 l,ll',!l III
Kll Moretbll 118.13 11 4S UU 1.0811 SO
William Barwell VH HO 1 1 IIM', 1,030.20
U. Bruraln , . 101.70 11 f,i 30 1.010.40
Jos 81'holl 107.27 12UUU0 UIWUl
T. Y. Goldman 10741 12 10.10 bu'j.44
Justus l'rlur 107 HI 13 12 Oil bsAlri
11. U Bowerman U1105 11 mi 1,1 li7s(K)
lien Klwell 117 30 llftliuo WtMtxt
Josephs. Iversen.. , 10.1 Ui 12 14 30 WO 30
John Ballard. IU404 IJlGtxl tmuoj
William lloliiday.... vxr.; vjicim v.nao
William Sb.pharil.,. .101 03 12 1241 U2820
Herman Schmidt., 10I.UJ 1.' 14 00 lull 17
(leorga Howarth. .100 u 7 Jj 1:1 .', U.I4 0O
Thomas Bowerman , mi.ll 1210110 ujj lu
Conrad Hebbler . 10100 12 11 isi u.'o.7a
James W. Housel looiu 12 l.t o.j uiHtirv
J.n Corson Win 12 11 no viaui
William llorlon . U7 nft IJI0110 uo4.r,4
J. Krdman 104 mm 1224:1(1 H'.uso
Krnestl'upka 10837 U.vusi Hul 48
C, r. rtchwenk . ... 10.M2 124000 SHH41
J. T. Jones 100117 12 21 M 874,20
T., I Clark ,, , .111.37 12 4'. t) 87204
II, N. PearsalL 100.78 12 Hi no 832 no
vlfiillam Buckner., IIU30 12 31 Id Sliiixi
WllllalllJobukUll 1UU.40 12 4 13', 7U3KO
A M.Jung 1011.42 12r,Ulsl 7MIK4
William Uennsrt ,. . UlitK) 12 47 00 777.84
Tho not rare will be flown from Washington May K1
alr-llua dlstauce, 2ix) miles rho pnre will be a gold
medal pn seated by the club's President, T Y (loldiusu.
Puuvinrxis, Mar lo The Hoard of Control ot tba
Counell or Pigeon Flyers, at a meeting In this oily yes
terday, did not llnd I In' proofs fuiniKbeil of the journey
of tho bird Forty Minutes from Madlsoubuuare Harden
to Boston suiliviehi for the record to Ln arcordtd.
Action was to instruct Hie raoe agent that lbs special
rule of distance in the day's journey must apply to all
for which otiblio record is claimed. This Is (bat "all
reports aud material proors must bsar the postmark or
the race agent's stamp uf the date for which the record
is claimed."
rilnluiroona Mill Train nt Hay HI, I.oula.
Bab ritralroroons, the mldOle-wslght champion, will
go Into training for tils match with Ted I'rltrhard by
June 20. Ills quarters will bo at Bay bt. Louis, and his
present manager, Jimmy Carroll, wilt look after him,
"lam perfectly satltrird with Bob's new match," said
Carrol last night, "and I bellore It will eiell more In
terest than his tight with i'etrr Metier. 1 have ran,
relied about sixteen weeks' eligageiuruts to give Fltz
a chance to get into excellent rendition. The Idea of
having the tight come nR during the earn week as that
of KulTlvan end Corbett suits me exactly. If such a
thing were possible. 1 would very much nave liked to
bavt Bab At hi In New lork before eucb clubs at the
New York or Manhattan Alhlella Oluh 'i
r'lloltnmonsis playing an engagement this week at
ncr't Eighth Afsnue Theatre, tattling all comers.
He Was Ifaadlcaaned Owlatlo a Bad Flnr
aae) Was Itcaten la Hoik Herlca. ,
X Unlit Urt night Fount had made strong W1 towt
tht championship In Tnr Set Individual tonmament,
He could hardly grssp tha spheres last night owing to
a sore Anger, end was defeated by Oeriles and Hold en.
Hve games, ho ever, were necessary to decide each of
tbe terlea. Holder, easily beat Oerdet In the third
seriet of the ei ehlnif. The scores!
nnT ssBirs risit havb,
nee.t.s in mi mi 7d si 1113 llfl 1st 10 1110
l!cl.B . ... Ill W So U 73 VI 111 131 14H 1J
itrllesi-OerJes. 1; Fucbs, 2. Hptret-derdet. 0
Fin lit. (I.
sr rotn CAvir.
RenlfS . . 10 M M OS 77 IW 10.1 IIS J31 143
HlClil . IW -' 38 C7 110 83 W I 10.1 131 181
strlkft-lirde, 2i Fucbs, 1. Fparet-Uerde-. 8,
Fnchs. J.
Tinsn nivir.
Herds 17 2U 40 il 8 J 2 105 1t 140 K.n
ruchs .. 28 411 1.1 8 lot 114 144 111 H1 J"
Hries-Oerdet, ll Fuoht. ft. Spares-Uerdee, 01
Fucbs, 4.
roiFTii 4w.
Oerd 18 88 48 HI 70 HO 110 130 100 ISO
"nflis ..;. 18 aS 68 77 14 111 121 11 I" I"
Ftrfket-tJerdes, 4: Fnchs. 2. Spares-Oerdes. 4
Fur hs, 7.
nrrit oiir.
Ilenle 8 17 ,V. 44 C.3 7t 111 111 131 IM
ruebs . ..." 10 111 311 fttl 110 811 10(1 115 120 141
Strlles-Uerdes, 3 Fucbs, 2. Kpares-tlerdes. 3
Fuchs, 3.
nroin srinis nsT oavik
Fnchs 50 48 Brt 7rt 8.-1 94 US 120 140 lnfl
llulilen 17 27 4.1U-. 84 83 11.1 133 162 lil
StrlVe.-FuChs. 8: lloldtn. 4. Spves-Fucht. 2,
Holden U.
Flirlis .. 20 40 IM M 104 12.1 113 142 1111 lfil
lli'ilen .. tswitfiiri SB 10.1 18.1 11)1 181 111)
Slrlkes-Fuchi, 2: llulden, 4. Spnres-Fuchs. 0:
Iloldeli, 4.
Tinrn nsHiv.
Fnrll 19 311 r, 78 H7 114 JM 14ft 10.1 IM
Holilen 18 .11 .',8 77 87 ltd lift 181 IM HII
Strlkcs-I'uplis, 2: Holilen, 2. ' Spsrel-tuchs, 8,
Iloldeli. ft.
rot'Ktn nivir..
FllCht. . 17 2ft 44 114 111 109 118 188 ir,8 178
lloldeu II) 211 44 lli 72 is) 108 128 lft.lvl,2
Slnkes-Furbs. 3; llolden. 2. Spares-Fuchs. 6;
Uolden, U.
nrrii osur.
Focht 10 21148 87 87 107 124142 1112 1112
llolden . .. .211 111) 08 711 Utl 113 14j 1112 180 ll8
Mrlkes-Fucbs 2j IlolJcn. 3. pnreB-!"uelis, 7
Uoldeu, 7.
third prriiM rmT nivir.
llolden 20 38 ft7 7ft (14 11.1 130 140 IftH ins
Jlcrdea. . 18 38 08 74 t4 113 123 143 183 18J
Htrlkee-Holdeu. 1 Uerdes. 3. t-pajes-lloldi.il. 7;
(lerdes. U.
Holden 10 ll an 04 81 104 12(1 14S 1ft.-, left
tlenles .. . . 17 27 311 4H&4 73 t'l Us) 118 130
Strlkes-Uotden. : (lerdes O. Kpares-lloldeii, S,
Clerdei, 5.
llolden .. IB SI Oft 81 111.1 13-1 161 101 180 1P8
Uerdes . .10 38 68 7ft 87 10ft 12.1 140 160 170
Slrlkes-lloldcn, 4: Ccrdes. 3. Spares-llolden, 0;
Uerdes. 4
Holden SO 60 79 ("I llll ISO 164 104 174 194
Ucrdts . Ill 31 611 71 HI llll 120 140 1110 180
Slrlkti-llotden, 4, Uerdes. 3. sparus-llolden, 4j
Ucrues. 0
TO-viIfitlT S CAVJM.
Tonight's games In Tur Hum Individual champion
ship tnutliament will l)a between Curdes, Thuiu, and
The following were the results In the first day's play
t the lulled tiowling Cub's tournaiueut. bctuv held at
Lion l'ark: ..... , ...
nrstoauie Jumbo nerger. 85: M. sebmedcr. ,4:
II. steil. 73: Sreugler, 80; Beniler. HI; J. bebroeder,
80. htell.12: Hodman. 40. Total. 67ft
Second Uatne.-UestBlde-Uatte, 64: D Mnller, 62:
r. Bunge, 34: Braeur. 41, Witten, 71: huhlmau, ,2;
Melas. 411, Mohnnan. 8'J. Total 482. .
Third Came. North tjennnu-SLlivvers, 0,: schuttc.
83:I.ers. 64, Lusehson. OJ: J. Brlns, &; ogt, ,2;
Sculuchtlng.Sd. Total. M14.
Fourth Dame. New York city Scliuetren-fiebman.
89: llelniback. Ill; Badloll. 17: llangf. W.i lelden. 25:
Wlltr, Utl: Scliata. 86: Schulnarher. l.'.l Total. 3U6.
Ilflb Came. West Shore-Deplln. II, i llrunges, 88,
Wraake, 87: Zollinger. 6U; Aliren-. 77; Zepperwin. 7.1,
Ualsten. 02iDlerckK.li.-,. Total, UI8.
Hltth (lama -Old llocr-.( lilies, 3;, Cent, ,0;
Bomer.68: Bruns, 61, Hoiipens-u-k, 48: iiorlner. 74:
ZlMOhlag 8.1: Zander, 117 lutaL4UOt , . .. .
.--evelitb (liilnc iJimvlndter K. FlnkenstelH. 61, J.
1'felrler. fill, hrunke, 80. Holm, 75, hlilrger. till, J.
Itnthermcl, 71; VMchman. 40, F. ItathermeL 70 Total,
61 11
l.lghth Game ficrmanla Thyne. 72: Knecht. SO;
Thnnl. TA; Mlmmel. ho: Miller. 8U Schilling, 6U. Voile.
43: Fahrenkamp HI. TutalWt.
Mntb liame Olendnle Werner. 9: L Schwager.
92; A. Scbwager. 81; Kricloinc. i',7: ntrattenhelmer.
44: R 1 uchs. 111. Murpll). 82. A. I'm lis. 93 Intnl. MM.
Tenth llatne Donblo h1lie II. Maass. 611: DetllolT.
84: llelser, 63; olkmer. 1,0, Ivlrchner. tin; llamluer
sclilag, 99: loege, 78. Iteldtr.ftJ. Total, 664.
lileventh flame Moiorl-Metch. 72; Carty. 47: llu
bsr.31i; 11. KreuUberg, 4S, sweeney,44; HeLkUian,27;
Weiss. 43; E. kreutzborg. 69. Total. :ntu.
Twelfth flame. L'nkln Braes. l-vbellerraan. 83, Mnl
ler, 3-1: Teepe. 49: Alberg. U), Matin. 84: .Neumann,
60; htreure. 82; Wueltlng. lid. Total. 467
Thirteenth Uame anirjlrv l-a Dun. 102; Uless. 48.
Meyer.bO: becathe. 84; hehmedes, 02; ljbmau. lul;
bchmitt. 8(1: Kleppe, 77. Ii.ikI. 038.
rourteentnflanic.UermAn Atuerlcant r. Meier, Odt
Becker. 61; Unldinan. 81: llessler. 64: Irauke. 02;
Mike, S3; A. Uoldman, 73, Nltte 48. Total, 438.
sxAsmxa blve rocks.
J. r. DaaaeTelaea Wlna the New Tork Ger.
anaa Quo Club'a Badge,
Tbe members ot the New York Cerman nun Club bad
a big afternoon's sport at blue rock and Hi 0 bird
shooting yesterday at Dexter Tark. The club generally
shoot at live birds, but this season have made arrange
CicntB for three of the shoots to beat blue rock targets.
Fourteen competed yesterday for a handsome gold
badge, ftren by tho club for tbo best work at twenty
blue rocks, eighteen yards rise Tho scores were: K.
banter. 104 J. Weilbrock. 10; J. Iraaer, 10. c. iimch.
16, J. P. lianuefelsen. 15; 1'. Harms, Jr.. 13. II. 'Ilium
lord. 11; 1". Garms. rr., 7: ll.tMiluiaii.il. J. Schllcht.
10; W Bormhoetr, 1; J. Stuernagel, 3; I. Llebinger, 13,
U Weinhelmer.
Ties fur medal J P. Dannefelsen. 6; C. Bnsch, 1.
Team matches were then shot between slles chosen
by Capts. sauterand Pannerelsen. The scores:
FlrstTeam Match, JUe blue rocks each Y Sauter.
1; J. Weilbrock, 4; J. I'raser. 2; c. Hutch. 1. Total. 10.
J. 1. Dannefelsen. 4: 1'. Harms. Jr, tl; II. Tbouirord, 2;
V. Harms 8r.. O Total. 9.
Second Team Match, same (conditions F. .tauter, 3:
J. Wellhrock.2; J. eraser. 3. O. Bnsch, 3. Total 11. .1.
P. Dannefelsen. 4: P. Harms. Jr., 6; 11. rboiuford, 4; P.
Garms. br.. I. Total. 14.
A team match then took place at four lite birds each,
the losing side to pay for the birds. The score I' Mu
ter, 8; J. Stuernagel, 1: P. Gnrms, Jr . 4; J. ehllcht. 4;
J. Fraser. 2. Total. 14. J. P. Dannrelsen. 3; J. Well
brock. 2; P. I.ieblnger, 4; W, Bormhoen,3, II. Mid
uau.4. Total Id.
h. vnoMroBD wixi.
X private shooting match took place at Dexler Park
festerday morning. In which nvu entered at sio each,
he loser to pay alt expenses. II. Ihoiuford was the
vi inner, and U. Nobel had to laca the bill. Th scores.
11. Woerfelmann, II; U. Nobel, 0: K. Mhroeder, S, 11.
Thomford. U; J, Weilbrock, 7. Ties Woerfelmann, 3;
F, Scbroeder, 1; (!. Nobel, 2.
The race for the Class A gold badge of the North Side
Ann Club, at tbo Queens county Drl lug Park jester
day afternoon, was most Interesting. The scoren
Regular club shoot. 7 birds eneh man, modified Hur
llngham rules K. Harlow, :0 yards.U; Charles Meier.
28 yards, tl: Dr. Franr. 27 yards. II, A Duriuu. 2i
yards ft: J. Tleruau. 28 yards. U: (1. Stems. 30 yards,
fi; ('.Meyer, Jr., 28 arils. 6; J. Mtncge 25 yards. n;
M. II. : Manning. 37 yards, ft; u. Meyer. 27 jards, 4: w.
Bmllh, 24 jards, 4; C. .M. Mever. ,10 yards. U; J.N.
Meyer. 20 yards, ft; J. 11. Wahlen. 2.1 yards, 6; J.
Tainpke. 26 yards. 8: J. Grau, 25 yards, 4; D Mouseen,
30 yards, ll: J. W, Lulus. 24 yards. 3.
shoot off for class A badge 2)anls additional handi
cap after every 8 birds L. Barlow, 2: Charlie Meter,
4; Dr. Franz, 7; C. tl. Meyer, 12: J, Tlornau, 16.
Touraey or tbe WIIIImiot-t Hlfle nnd Qua
WiniAusroRT, May 10 Tho fturtri aunual tourna
ment of the WHIiamsport Kltlo nnd (lun Club opened
heretoday. Among tbe l lilting shooters ate M. I',
Llndsley, W, II. Ilobart, nnd W, Fred (Julinby of Saw
York, E. D. Miller ot Sprlnglleld. N. J J. .11, Wiieden. C,
E. II. Brelsford and John W. Fulforit of llarrlsburg, W.
U. Clarke and ll n .eth or Allonna. II. C, lleunut of
Bochester, N. V.. W.T.Splcer of I) invllle. Pa, fieorge
Dai Is and Itnbert Duncan of Morris Hun. Pa.. II. K
Uouselof Walsontown. J. M. Mercer and J.c. llagen
buch of Bloomsliiirg. All purses wero divided Into Ilia
moiisve after deducting lite per cent, from eudi.
whKh amount was given fnr.the 1,1 st averages, as fol
low st 26 per cent, each to the highest average In thu
00 rlsst tho 80 class, the 70 class, and the M) 1 lass.
This was won as follows! In the no class, by
JobnW. Fulford Willi U4 2-10 per cent.; so rlius A.
It. Ilobart. with 87 8-10 percent : 7o class. I 11. Mill..
faugh, with 78 ft 10 per cent. All those who shot In
he programme events went ovor 00 pur cent., so the
avrrago for that class was divided between the other
three classes.
EMt OF tiik ma SHOOT.
Company 1' Trans Wtna tha Tsvenlr-llilrd
Keainseut Clock.
r Grandfather's Clock," the elaborate and costly
team rifle shooting prlzo which tbe members of the
Twenty third Kegliueut have been Btrivliigfor over tho
regimental rifle range In tbe Clermont av enue armor),
Brooklyn, during the past tlireo months, will tick In
tbe rooma of Comjuny 1, as the members of that team
carried off the trophy.
The trophy Is to bo held for one year by the successful
coiu-muy, and the company that wins It thrice will re
tain It for good Any company was entitled to enter
one or more teams, the only restrictions being that no
man could shoot on more tnsn one train, competitors
wore limited 10 teams of sit men from each lompany,
and the Held, staff, and lioli-comnilsstuiied etntt. route
excellent work was dune by the rltlemeiiof "Our's,"
as these scores atlttt 1
100 I'irJi. COO I'urJs. ri-l.il.
Company 1 28U 274 64.1
CcmpauyK 2H.1 274 6.111
Company K, team No. 1... .....2.11 24 6.18
Company I), team No.8.. 200 274 6UI
Company II 283 2'tl Ml
Comlisuy II, 26ft 274 6211
Company F, team No. 2 2.V) 21.8 618
Company D, team No. a,,, , 2i1 2.",il 617
Company A 26.' HiO 612
Compauy (1 , , . ... 241 :w Mil
Non commissioned stall team. 244 2ui 6117
Company II, - 348 26X MHI
Company K .248 257 605
Tbe three senior Individual prlzeafor I lie luemhcreof
tun trains making tho best aggregate si-ores In the
couipeiltion were won by the margins or 0110 point
eacli Private t-niuuel Perle taking the iirst tro hj witn
a total of lift jvoints iait of a possible ll m rgeant
George Musson of Company K gaining second trophy
Willi a score nf 884 points, and a-ergtant tlruil of Com
pany B winning third with a total of IM tioiiitsnut of a
possible 100, tery cUse and good range shooting,
A genera) meeting of the Arcadia Atlilitlo Attocia,'
tlon waa beld at the tlub souse on Putnam avenue,
'near Retd avenue. Brooklyn, last evening. Many ntvr
membera were admitted, and all thoae wbo had not
qualified as members wtre dropped from tht roll
Mr. nipley'a Molly Wine la the Hunter
Clnae-roor Entry In he TrottlnK Claeeea
Imported Berserker t'nrrlea On" the
Illiio Itlhlinn In ttia Hnekncy Clnae
llnmlln' Olndya nnd Clueen Hncccearul
Uuecnaherry Ti-lnmphtilOvrr !' .Iniupe,
Ilotwoen O.DOO nnil .1.000 jicrsons vlsltoJ tlio
open-air show of tlio United Ktntos Horfo niitl
CaltloKliowSocloty nt Mnnlintlnn VMA yc
torJny nftcrnoon, nnd thcro miponrcil to liu
moro llfo In tlio oxlilbltlon tlmn on tlio
oiipnlnc ilny, tho jnmtilnp: contcsti nroiislnu
moro cntliiisltt'in tlmn nil tlio otlior events
Tlio clilll nlr of tlio pvfnliiithniln mnrl:otl
ctToctnn tho ovcnlnir nttonilnneo. Thetnnn
ncomont n'jknowleiliso that they tlo not expect
tomnkonny inonuyniit ot this snrliiu'sshow,
anil say thnt they will bo woll snllslloil If thoy
pnyoxpensos. Thorresunt show Is tnerolv n
hlg nilvortlnoinotit for tho mnmiitoth oxlilbltlon
to tnko plnoo next full, nml Hint Now Vorkors
nro now enjoylni; only n forotnstoof II10K001I
thlncsthny will "(vrvoiiplnlhohorsolliiolntho
nutiiinn. Mnny ot tho moit prominent stal
lions nro now In tho stud, nnd tliolr owners
would not brlni; thorn to Now York. 1'IiIh stnto
or nlTuIrs broticlit about tlio llirlit entries in
Fomo dopartnionts, notiibly in tho trotllnn
classes. Tho present show Is, In othor ro
snects. very ontertniiilnp;. nml tho crounds at
Maiilintlan I'iold mo most ndiiilinblyndnptod
foi tho puiiioso. tho only bud fcntiiros bolnc
Iho'stnbllnp; nccoiiitiiodiillons. which do not
eoinpiiro with tho vxcollant uunrters tiirnlshed
in Jlnillson H'lunro Onrden.
Tho nwnrdlni: ot prlr.oi yestordny heunn
shortly nftur J o'clock with n blc clnss ot
horses sultnblo for inflkinii hunters In tho
rlnif. ronforinntlnn, f-oiiiidiirsa, noil porforra
nneo oer foncos till counted, nnd tho bluo
ribbon went to Mr. Slducy Dillon ltlpley's
Mollv. nne.it hay mm e, well known on Lone
Island. W. W. Tucker's Diulo w;.s sneond.
nnn Clic-tnut Hill Ktock 1'urm's Cock llobln
Thero worohut two trottlns stallions In tho
opon class Instead of tho Initio entry usunlly
rceelcd for this eont, I'.l Porndo Tnrm's Mon
terey, a slx-s'enr-olil son of hloctloneiT and
Mint, scorlnu oer l'. 'J', lllculns's St. Albans,
hy Klmr vA'llkes. Tlireo yoitni: stallloni. Vir
mal. liy Xnrvnl: Monitor I. by JjivnlnrU, nnd
Itvlford, hi lli'iiollt, .ippoarod in thn class fur
three-jenr-ohl trotting sites tlio two beini:
plni'cd In tlio order named. Ill Dorado 1 arm's
i;nltno, by Cahtban, wici niljudKod the wlnnor
In the class for jenrllnir colts, tho second prlyo
UoIiik to tlio snino farm's eolt by Hlilnny. out of
lluisy. In tho cliiis for trottlni: brooil ninrcs
In foul or Willi foal nt foot, l'.l Dorado Turin's
lluisy, by lleillii, won ovr?r V. II. Miller. Jr. 's
Tliiilln. by lliTlln.
There wns n lurcn entry for linrnos horsos
ovorH.t liniuls ami not o.veccillnc 15 bands.
V. L 11. Mnrtln's black stnlllon Ameilcan
('i)iilldence. by 1'iiihlon. won, with .lames
Ilefleriiiui'ii urny initru I.ucy seooml, and Wal
ter Stitnlon's may uridine Dixie third. I'lvo
very snry ponloeuniomit under snddloln tho
pony class under 1U linuds. (Jliarloy llureosi.
an imported ro.in stnllion, owned by (Jeorco
l'epperof Toronto, outclassed bis oppniionts.
wlnulne tho lit st prlo. . Suward Webb'b
1'ilncosH was seeoml. and tho Hon. (1. II.
linker's Iiilly third. In tbo pony class between
i:i bands and 1-1. 1 hands Miss llopo (loodurd's
Ijtily Dorttont won, with Illohnrd Trlmbull's
l'eter second, tbo hitherto well-nleh Invincible
Merrylees hecutine third prlro.
I'lvo liitclvituv slun compctod for honors In
tho stallion elai-s for horses above 15 hands
nnd not exceeding 15.'J bands. Imported
lierscikor. by tbo ebmnplon .Matchless of
Londesboro. ownml b William D.hloane. won,
with W, Sewanl Webb's Imported Sprottioro
Fashion f-ecotid. Imiotted Olendalo, ownod
by Frederick (i. llouine. was third. In tho
clnss lor threo-venr-nbl tnlllons nbovo 14 and
not otceei'dlne 15 IiupiIh (leoreo (Ircen's im
ported Foii-st Swell, hy Hertfordsblro Soll.
won, with Vi. Sownrd W obit's imported ltockot
second, (hlilll Willie's imported Llonol was
Hurry Ifamlln's jiiir of mnrcs, Gladys and
Queen, swept tlio board in tlio competition for
l'roscott Lawrence's special prlzo for tho hest
pair of hieh Bteppor". Somo porson said thnt
tjueen wns n whlsllei. and to provo tlin falsity
of tbla statement Heuinnld W. Hives droo tlio
team nround tliorineut a rapid pnee for ton
mlnutos. after which the Quoen was examined
by tho veterinary inspectors und pronounced
sound. The lliilfalo mnrcs are very handhome
and have splendid action.
Homo slashing timber-toppers eamo out In
tho competition fur tlio Dunlap special prize
of $1(M) for the best performance otor six
bticcosslM) jumps, not under 5 loet and not
oxceodinc" feet li indies, lieoreo Topper of
Toronto bad tbroo stronc.candldates ontored,
nnd won with yueensburry. aslxteen-handi-on
ot Van Dorn, who took his fonccg in royal stile.
To-dny tlio proermnmo will bo ono of un
usual Interest. During tho morning horses
will bn exercised in tlio ring. The judeinir
will eomtnenco with ponies jumping ana
hunters taking i-ix fenco 5 feet (J Inches high.
Tho chief intorest will be controil In tho four-in-hnnds.
llond teams and Turk teams will
bn judged. Six road teams will bo shown.
Thoy ore thoso of liugoun lllggins. B. S. How
land, Charles 1. Dates. Dr. w. boward Webb,
nnd vi. (!, (iiilliver. Dr. Webb has two teams.
Tho Park tmims nro ownod by llichard V. Car
man and Charles A, lluudouino, Sr. und Jr.
Tlic-n will be driven by their owners.
In tho evening tlio l'ark mounted police will
show how to catch runaways. Thoontiro siiund
will bo en hand, and each man will try to do
his best. They will have a better ehatico to
show what thoy run du than tbey bud lit tbo
Madison Satture Cmrilen. ns there is much moro
room for tho runaway to koop clenr of tho
mounted policemen. Tho pri7o Is 150 for tlio
wlnnor, $75 fur tlio second, and $.'!0 for tho
(Jn ThursUny evening Capt flallup Isgolnc
to marshal tho Signal fiervleo Corps on tho
grounds. Tho corps will go through a serlos
of fnterestlne mnixcuvros, such as signalling
with Hags nnd lights, riding bnrobiiek, picking
up handkei chiefs from off the ground, and
other dlMuult feats ot horsemanship.
IS 111K aitAXlt RTAXV 110XES.
An Inerensril Attcnriunrs of Fashionable
Folk ut tbe Opcn-Alr Ilorso rtbnw.
Society flocked to tho open-air horso show
yesterday in much largor numborstluin on tho
oponlne day, nnd from noon until past tl
o'clock, when iniiny of tho occupants of tho
boxos wont over to tho club houso for dinner,
tho grand stahd, tho piaas of (ho club house,
nud tho'grounds werothroneod. In tho ovon
Ing thoroworosoeral largo dinner parties at
tho club house,
Mr. and Mrs. 1'aul Glbert Thobaud ontor
tulnodn company ut a round table, Mr, 1'ros
eott Lawrence, Mr. 1'rnncls T. I'mlerhl I, Mr.
,1.1. Adiinis. Mr. Louis Lorlllard. Mrs. Artliur
elnian, Mrs. 1. icon, nnd Cul. Holiuylur Cros
by. 1 Ivn o clock tea was a dlstingulhlilng fea
titro of tho afteruuon ou tho balcony of tlio
cluii house.
Mr8.H11rkn.Itoel10.ln sago green nnd whlto
foulard, wltli a profusion of giilpuro laco on
tho hpillco. occupied a tox with lior sister.
Mrs. IVter Cooper Hewitt, who was In a Eult of
bluo cloth and black jet. Miss Turnure. In u
rostumo of brov.11 1 fiieyii and brown elvet; Mr.
( oorgo Work.uudlr. WuodburyKuno wero of
tlio party.
Somo of tho other visitors nt tho oluh houso
were: Mr. and Mis Mishit Dyor, Jr., Mr.
and Mrs. J. Hurry Alexandre, Mrs. Churles
1. Fru eklvn. Mrs. Herman Oelcichs, Mr. and
Mrs. Cliarles I . Alexander, Mrs. Fied -Noll,
son, Mr. anil Mrs. I. oyd Jlryeo. Mrs. W. Hew
ard Webb, -Mr. lielghton Wobh, Mr. 1'red
ViVJ,i.-.,r' ,'Vul?r!,H- Jor,1 i' 50. Jr-.
Mr. l'eter tl. Moller. Miss .Moller. Jfrl
rod 'lapnen. Mrs. Fred Eslor. Mr. li
ti'..;'iM,"1?,r .?'"', lrft"k l'ondletnii,
l' nui J!l Hi -i'v h- art'lnl'i Mr. I'lilllii .(.Hands..
Mr. It ehnrd T. llsmi. Mr. and Mrs. llobort
tiirnoll. -Mr, John -Trimble, Mr. Chneloa 11.
HoiiH. Mr. 1-rod (leblmrd. Mrs.ClaronoeCary.
Mr.ri..IuinosAiilailo8e. Miss Hopo lioddarii.
nndMr.dlrauilioster.whohadwIth him his
brldo, who was In a rich gown of stool bluo
cloth and a bodice pf velvet of thoBumu shudo,
and a largo whlto chip straw lint.
The present Indlcutlona are that the onlv entry from
n!f!,V.".'!.,t-V,01 '.'"Moihe Harlem Uegutu will be I.
Itbelufrauk Hi the junior singles.
The Nassau lloat Hub held a meeting at the St. Clou'
Hotel on .Monday n;ht. at which it was decided to put
the grounds ut their annex house at Oakburstlti first
f'V'i'.".".'1'.1""1 ' Pccoratlon Uiy, nheu the) expect
The doublc-acull race between Hanlan and O'Connor
anil uemer and leeincr, which was tlxed for Drcoru
tlonliayatPullinaii.llll.liue been declared nil, owing
L 'iV."!'J f ,;ul"? "''filo. I" if ot leuvo from the I'ussalo
Hnwing I lib, ut which he Is trainer, until after Juno
18, the date of tbe .Newark regatta.
The llohernlau Host Ulub'e junior elght-oared shell
crew (Ibeirllrst ttntiire in thi racing line) which is
showing 1111 remarkably well fur new ilien. isconiiin.e.l
orl,hahliia,laiHj M. I'rirtiil.'.'i t" folk 11, A Jliuti.4,
J. ihcn.ly.r.j J llelohlavok.il: W. Blbal 1, i hull
ill Ik", stroke, I blsjda, cukswalll,
runt Ju'iiisHaiir or III. Metropolitan Honing Clnb
bus lii-tn ntdlj 1 dUaiipolnled lu tetllug upw lor the
Hur If 111 rigalla It was his luleiiilon to have three
crews, bt least, intend, but business engagements
liavo Interfered. However, the black and red will he
re presen ed by the follow irk Jiunor four sheU cjw 1 .1.
,IninUi. bow. W. Iloodboly, 3; T. Jellneck. 81 11 Jit
Atherton. stroke Tbey will he coached by tbe veteran.
. B.ioy. The Mets have added four-oared barge to
their large fltet of boats. 1
f mm- mm smmmmmsMmmmim-- mm mm ' I i i i wmmmm i
' 1 .
H. Ctmy Mlk4o Wli la Strnlftlit H(
-Fatat JtlUTfcU Seftiovi.
Biltikoric. Ha JO.Tl-ere f a rak In th lne
wf ather that fretted the trttrt and pacen bre when
the Houtheaitern Tlrcolt meeting be jao to-day at Tim
Hen. Two oftbacUue. itttted without moehdiipote.
The 2:45 trot ieemeJ pretty food for nine Light, but
he went lame In the fir it heat, and coold only yet sec
ond money. It. Clay, a local trotter, Improred the
chance and i cored bit Urit victory In it r eight heata.
The 2i1h ttaco waa never In doubt after XAkaJo
allowed his ability to go a 2 il 2 clip In the leconj qunr
terof the lint heat, and he wan not headed after ruih
lngpat Mnrendev nu the back atretch. In the nt-cond
mile the itrny itatlimi paoio home Mit, ana torf-d the
jreirt.nirmit ini'ilUH the teit time made thli year, and
the tHu had aracu to tbetniebes lu the tblru heat at
The I'imllco Ktake bronght pnt nine young trottera
nni kept the tulciit gtieMlng. llarry Mohair had nu to
n fnllowlng, andahnnld have, won the flrit heat. If hi
itiivcr. Mtoi.fter, hud not been to friendly to Con nay,
tin tnttt r ruining upon the hnmestrMch and grttlnif
imttnthe wrr, htoulter tnaktn(T no effort loraltyhia
lior-e ihe JutlgeH let thli go, but railed the driver
ni nfter tho Mcond heat, which ateo went to
I'otmny. M.niffer gnve 'the I nine etnnee that
h Has ofrjld "t being distanced it the
grtrtliiti in ml f n break tnd wae allnwed tn go.
( uiivriiy Mm ,i tired trotter after t hi a, nnd Willie K.
K"t M rlifht foot foreiaoRt In the third heat and beat
tha fmoritf frntn the iiUtanre. Then came the rain,
und ,Nni arru, u hu ha 1 been u ell op. hot iiutteadv, bad
ii'i troiilile tuoutlaittns ronwayln the funrth heat,
the truck waa quite heavy, aud aa the rln rontlmitit a
lMntitiiutiKnt until to morrow waa announced. Hum
' 4" rlanaj pnrietrOt
It Ciat, by iiniv Kngla (Kcduioud) 1 1
Unto l.lKht (StctinUnii) 3 4 2
tuoor KiniriOcera) 4 3 4
(leorgMV. (llalght) 3 a 8
.Nelly .Tofteit OMIlfnmftonl die.
Tluu-2 n;iS- 2.3.1H, :U3H.
2 18 pife: nurao S'OO.
Mikailo t.y fHlm (l.flwli) Ill
Xlasrotnlsia iTriint I 1 l
Iji.H Sherutnn(iinwi J :i 3
allfr r (lenttergnndt 8 f, rt
l.l.icfc York (OrUer) 4 tl 4
MM Bruce (Trimble) & 4 5
Tmie-2.31, 2:llH. 2:llM.
Nnillco .stake, 2,WK); 2.30claiij nntlnlthed.
Conway ((.rant) 113 3
Navarro (Trout) 8 1) ;l 1
UUli K Kireenuay) t H n l
llnrr MrNalr (StoiHTtu) ...2 3 5 7
1 horn wood (Ciirran 4 rt H 4
I rank HrownvU. MfrrelleM) 7 8 (1 6
lllirhlniiil Hoy (McKaddeii) IS 0 8
kUik'l harlekii'upo). 4 4 dr
Tluje-2!24Vtf, 2.24H. a:24J. 2:31.
lie Kiiyft Hint Illtl Pllntnier Whipped Him
Tommy Kelly, tlio Harlem spider, was around town
yerterdny, und he tthowed that tie wax much rbagrtned
at hie dtfe.it hy 11111 lMlmmer. Kelly had ft b'ack left
eye, hit lips were not (Iuhii to normal ulie. nor waa he
lu a mood for aaylug cheerful things. Jack Qnlnn. hli
t rul nfcr, w.ii with hi in when be catted at Tuk Kia
of, re.
"Uf course. Pilinmrwai a belter man than me last
nlKhfiald Kelly, "and he li better than a good many
people think he l. Ho la a coot-headed. cleer banded
bo), and he beat me fairly. If 1 tell on that I could
(bate whipped hint under audi and met. conditions you
will only laugh at me, nnd say that a loser ntnnys hae
excuse. It U trim that I have catiws to explain for
my dereat, but I think that mlueare outntdeof the or
dlimry. I now nuprccUtn the fact that I started In to
train too soon after my Illness. If 1 had waited a whll,
pa) tlx months. 1 mictu hare got back my strength,
but I didn't do that, and the work of training Mas tou
mui'hTonno That'n all there is tult. A man train
tug Is one thing, mid during my work I frit ai mroug aa
n hull A man lighting Is altonetlior another thing, and
after I arot a couple or 1'limmer's right-handers on the
Jaw and stomach. 1 wm as weak as u pup. I don't want
to take away anything from Hlmmer victory, but I
woulil like to meet him again atter I have had six
months' rest."
I'llminer esterdav showed a rut overtho left eye and
a Mtolleii left law, but uthcrwlsowns unscathed. He
dtd not boast about his ictory ocr Kelly. He simply
tnidthat be would like to lueet lieorite Dixon. If the
colored rhainplun could trt down to his weight.
As to the question of lixon'i poslb e weight there Is
auido titiTernco of opinion among thost who think
thf know. Ii is said that Dixon weighed only lt:
pouniU Hhen he mrt t'ut McCarthy in Troy, When
liixon hii) made a nmtch at arcrtaln number nf pounds
j Itourke Un had the scales marked at XUt- limit. Ilia
man has never made the beam move at that limit.
.Men ho have seen Dixon at close and long ranges say
that the colored boy can no more reach 110pnndi lu
ftbape for a fight with a man like l'hmmer than fly.
Dunn's next match Is with I red Johnston ot England
at 117 pounds.
Pllmmer and Ketty received their money at tbe IUw
fr-sio sY-im oitlce esterday afternoon. I'll miner got
91,700 of the purse and Kelt) $300.
11 nnn (br the llrokaw Memorial,
rii.5C.tT0T, May 10. Stone Rosa of New York hare
offered plana fur the llrokaw Memorial which It has
been decided to accept, Tbestylu of architecture will
be modern Renaissance, and tho materials wilt prob
ably be Indiana limestone, Tba plans are somewhat aa
follows. There will be an arched hallway patting
directly through the middle, and on each side will be
locker rooms, which wilt occupy the main floor for the
most part. In the basement wilt be located baths and
a nwlmmitigtaiik The lntter's dimension will he 100
feet by UO feet. It Is planned especially for water polo.
Tho athletic fletd surrounding the Memorial Hnlldliig
will be of n elr sufficient to rontain two football fields,
a haicbatl diamond, aud several tennis courts. Toward
the uudertalclug $42,000 have been contributed by
Iiaac V. llrokaw, most of which will be put Into tbe
bnlldlnr. while alumni and atudents will equip the
Held. The prniu arstty field wilt alio he cousidera
hit enlarged by an adjoining Held recently purchased
The addition Hill allow room for another football held
and hasfl'Hll diamond. The pru-ent cinder track wilt
very probably be enlarged th a half mile, with a 220
yards straightaway oourae.
Ihe Tennis Association of I'rlnceton College have
formed a number of tenuis lea trues. Tbe matches of
the first leagut hive thus far resulted as rollows:
Johnson, 'U2, heat lletts, Mid. 03,0-1; Condlct. 'u.3.
7-J.. 0 4: .1. (ireon. '.id. 0-1. 7 S: Ktojd, '04, S-,
H-tl.rt-2; Jenny, '1-4,3-0. 0-2. 0-4: .Neely. M4. 01.
01: Cnlbr, 'U5, 4 0. 0-0. 7 G. and 11 McPormick,
ltr O-O. 0-2. t'ondlct, 'O.t. heat Belts, 'IM. O-O,
0-3; J. (Ireen. 'IM. ti fl-3: Hoyd. 't4. 0 . 02;
t'olby, 'WV. 8-0, 8-0, 03; II. Mcformlck. 'PO,
-,1, 30, 7-r. nnd Jenny, 'H4. 7-5, 1-0, 8-0.
.T.fJreen. l3. beat s McCormick, 'til., fl-0,7 fi; Jennv,
04. U-2. 0-3. nnd I' .Md'ormlck, 'fiJS, 7 8, 2-tl. 7b.
S. McCormick, W1. heat Neeiy. l4. 0-4. 0-4. FIod.
'.i 4 beat (ireen, '1','t. 7 o C 7. K li. and rely, 'hi,
H 0. 3-0. Ol. Jenny, '94, heat Floyd. '14. 04. 76,
ami I'. Mc.'ormtck, 'W, 75. O-O. Colby, P5. beat H.
MrCoruiHk. y&. 0-4. 3-tl. 0-2.
O'Connor auid Hnnlon Will Itovr Htunabury.
Toronto. May 10. Tho following Is tho full
toxtof thoohallonue which William O'Connor
nml Edward Hnnlon tmvo Issued to JamoB
Stansbury, who is conslderod tho best oars
man in Australia:
We have hot), visited Australia on different occasions
and hae been defeated ,o now think, and all fair
minded wen will agree with us. that it la time the
boasted ctiamplon nf the Antipodes ot the world, if ha
prefers it paid us ttie poor compliment of one return
vlttit. As an Inducement wa herewith make James
Htiuitthury the following offer: Wa will l!ow him
(l.taai to come tu America and row one or moreracte
for f2,roo a side, or we wilt allow htm and a partner
Sl.rxxi for expenses to crois the l'arlhc. and row each
of us a single-xcullrace and Jointly a dnubloicullrace.
Knch uf the tbrrt contests to ue for $2,600 a side, over
a ttirecm1Ioroiirtn with a turn.
Immediately on Klausbury expressing bis willingness
to accent this otter we will deposit the amount stated
for expenses with either the tumUm t-firtwu lift or Ann
oWn tjKtrttuin. o should prefer the races to take place
this season. If poistbte.
We would also say that if O'Connor wins the first
race he will guarantee to give Ktatisburya chance of
another contest before his return to Australia. We
trust that this will be the menus uf bringing our AMI
pudtfun frieudsi to America.
John Too m or hns boon talking a longtime
of n race with William O'Connor, and the lattor
now turn about and issues tliu following chal
lenco to tho McKeosport man ;
I will row John Tciiuer at any time, for aaysnin,
and at any dlstauce be chooses to uame.
3Vew Attractions, ror the Westchester Coauty
The tclieiter County Fair, thnt met with so much
success la t jcar, will probably achieve more fame this
year. Oliver fjumner Teall will manago It again, aud
hehasnevtralnen schemes for attracting attendance.
One of these is to be a tournament in which borseueu
from various sections of tho country will b Invited to
ride and tilt, somethlngafier the manner of the knights
of old, for prizes and for a crown wuirh tbebravFet and
strongest knlgtit may nlace upon his lady's heaj.
Mr, Teall'sldeaUto hao nurnemen from the South
encounter tho.e from the North, and those from the
West meet those from the .last. Any knight may cast
his gnuiitletdowii. and my other knight, brate enough
tu nit k it up u HI have u light on his hands. Unlike the
knights or old, tbe modem knlghta will not tilt againit
each other ror tbo pnrnosoot Intllctiuv discomfiture,
but tlmy will strl to pierce a ring while in motion
it in re time than aii)body else, Mr. Teal thinks tbia
st heme u HI show tho relative merit of the horses
from ditterent sections.
IV hy Cur roll 11 Id Not Klga I tie Article.
Jimmy Carroll called at the VvUct Gturtt office yes
terday tu algn the articles of agreement Tresldent
' marloi Noel uf tbe Olympic Oluh forwarded to Richard
K Vu for Htrslmmonaand I'ritchard to sign for tljelr
roiitefit f-ra purse or f 12.000. Carroll, arter readlnr
the articles, came across tho following paragraph: "It
is hercliy further agreed that neltuerof us are to en
cage lu any contest tn a finish or otherwise before the
Mb day of Huptemhtjr." t'arroll theusaldi M J shall nut
(.Ign articles with that clauso lu, for It would prevent
ritz.immuns from engagiuir lu any cnnteit. Beside,
j'rltchard la matched to fight Jack U'Hrlen, aud sup.
poe hols bfatrii. then FiU.nnmniis wiiulil b the loser,
for the Olympic t'l nb will receive the $1,000 forfeit, but
ritrsimmoiis ulllrecehe iioihlng,"
Ait soon as PrcMdi-ut Noel learned that Carroll re
fused to sign tbo articles uf agreement on account of
the obuoxluus clause tn the oriicles he wired Blchard
K. Vox aa follows! " Krase tbe clauiw,"
WbsellDic Gosalsn I
TheAtalanta Wheelmen will hold a smoker oa Way I
Lumiden is In active tralnlog for the .full man road
The Irvington Bicycle Club will hold a banquet on
Krldav evening.
Arrangements are being pushed for tha annual cen
tury run tu bo held on June 11. The captains and
MefrupuliLan Aisoolatlon of Cycling Clubs will mauags
Uie utrut
Tbe KngUwood Whtelmen have elected the following
officers: i'rrsldeut. Jauita Barker; Vice I're.ldrnt. C, If.
Illake; t-ecrrtur)Treaiurrr. 1'. B. hcuuelti Captalu.
Chester Colgate.
J lie Atalanta Wheelmen of Newark bave arranged tbe
low ing runs for this mouth: May i, to Westtleld:
May J4, toPoinptoui May 21, ta J'lainileld! May 28, to
J'aalc; May nil, to Intngton,
The following comtnjttees have been elected by tha
Ilrookh n lUcrclft Club In serre during the current year:
lJuuBurommlttee A. V.Hcbencg. V.J. Uwls. and K,
A. Vandergaw, Meiubcrahlp 11. K. Baymond, f. H,
Norton, and W. E. Fuller, Ailditing-K. Hk Inner and W.
Hnedekcr, UbrarjvU. Btcbblns, U, Hcldyn, and J,
gjfJSJ-BCT'!BSjjgjiyj'"'Try''-'i'K mtytF??2f3tmmmm
oobsib. rhour thk hAce tracks.
i ,
UtillrttF. Uowtm at Mile la lllilH, tuta
CiioU Hate tiaaa F aater.
The track and wctlir wore oven tlilnetlit
racing man could dcalro yostonlay mornlns.
tod a numbor ol the candldatas or Uio llrook
Irn Ilandloap were sent nlops nt a lively pace
the war lio ran a mile In 1 :43)j.
It wna about 0 o'clock whon. Loocstroet,
IUcelnnd. llRntjuct. Nomad, and others ot
Michael P. l)nyer' string catno out on tho,
track. Nomad nnd Lonustroot wero ported
togotlior, the throo-roar-old In frout for ovor
thri'0-qus.rtorn otnmllo. Tho hoy on Lone
stroot had to bull nnd swing- tho
favorite for tho Brooklyn from nldo to
oldo to kcon him from riinnlntr nwny
from tho Bon of Wlldldlo. Turnlnu Into
tho li omest retch Lonsstrcot etcapod fiom
tho omtrol of his rldor. and In loss than
a luilonc iiiisiod Nomad nnd opened up a cnP'
ot two lo list lis. Hli rider thon took a hard
pull, and tho bnlnnco.ot thu milo was travorscd,
ata slow pnoe. tho tlmo bolne i4'.iii. ns Rlvon
above Nomad's tlmo wns 1:44).. --nml this
spanking Callfornian will boar watchluc In
the opinion ot tho best men nt tha cotirso
Long-street could liovo worked In 1:41 had ho
beon pcrmlttod to have his own way. "All1
ovor but Uio shoiil Inn If It doesn't rain" Is now
the slogan of I.onctt reel's lesion of ndrnliors
and supportors.
lianuuot wanted to run away with lltllo Cox.
and tho mldcot had his hands full controlling
the camo coldlne. A mlto In 1:4(1 wis tho
work Indulged in by tho brothor to Tea Tray,
Atrshaft boIiie a portion of tho dlstanro with
him. Old llncolnnd eallopedu mllo nlono In
1 :47, nnd wont a hnndlly as thouuh ouU for a
cantor. Tills mirprislnu old clinp doui not
neod Ills track picked out for lilm. ui ho H
oiiually nt homo in mud or on n aooil course
lion Klnesburv nint Long Dunce, lonllni: ex
traordinarily veil, moved a mllo In 1 : 4-Ti. tlio
formor, who is nearer n uico than Ilyo's (-tout
old campnlBUor, drawInK nv.-iiy at tlio llnlsh
and boating his ttnljlo companion tlireo
lonaths. Miisttirliulo woikod mm earn-mile in
tho vicinity of 1:."0. nnd 1'iitiior Hill Pal v.
brooded tho:ir.0001oiiuty lloluron mllo nt a
little bettor tlmn a twu-minuto if a It. Sumo of
tlu othors In tho llurttord mnn'.i slilni: got
shnrp work, llttlo I.upnnto belnic tlnivd a milo
In I:4.'t'4. lour smart sprinted worked
six furlongs at raring tmce, nnd it
was a whipping lltiith. nil ridduti out,
llttlo Jimmy I.niubloy winning with i.nllnli
after a tight K(iuee7P In tho llnat furlong. India
llubber, looklnc llko split silk, galloped blow
ly. He has grown into a grand, hlg lour-yonr-oid.
WnllcottA C'umpbolT's horses fittiactfd a
great deal of attention ns thoy trotted orcan
lerod slowly around tho trask. Votinura es
pecially catching tho fancy of tho tnlcnt. A
short, compact follow, l'eusarn U u raco horse
all ovor.
Wyndham Walden's string of two-year-old',
ownod by tho Meiers. 'SUii-iTs. nindo an impos
ing appearance ns they li-ottcd In Imllnn tile,
clod In scarlot blankets nnd hoods. They only
arrlvod on Monday, and will not bo asked to
step along until to-dny, their work yesterday
being contlnod to wnliclng nnd trotting. Hnl
lantr.tho brown colt byOulopinoutot Jonulo
II.: Mlnntdiaha. the crack duughtcrof Wagnor;
Agllo, by Hprlngtleld out of Acthe. and a
chostnut colt, brothor to fidoi, by lll-l'sod out
of Killette, aro grand lookers, tho llll)- bolng
remarkably racy In nppearance. ltussoll. Tor
rlller. nnd tho older horsos woro on tlio track
an houror sonftorthotwo-year-olds.uurt thoy.
too. did nothing but trot and canter. To-day
or to-morrow thoy will work some. M. Dorian
nnd Mars have developed Into a very hand
somopalrot throo-yenr-olds.
Ono of tho host looking two-year-olds Is a
brown colt ownod by li. li. Onrrlson. tho
iockoy. Ho is named Control, and Is by Kan
takaoutof Imported llordolalso. Control Is
the Imago of Kingston, color, conformation.
nnd gait being Identical with the gieat son ot
(Spendthrift aud Knpangn. His shius aro
Jbuokcd tustnowand his owner Is tint doing
vory much with him. Wallace, by Rayon d'Or
out of Lucy Wallace, a brother to Kparling. is
a fine largo colt that should win In ulmost uny
Lycoum nnd Milt Young of tho Empire Sta
bles worked n smart mllo In tho neighborhood
of 1:48, tho last named bunting tho line-look-Ing
son of i'rinco of Norfolk, who is not ns fit
as the Kontucklan.
Kocrotary Mclntyro of tho Brooklyn Jockey
Club announces that tho four-year-old chot
nutcolt Ueansoy. by Iroouols out of Wlregrnss.
was declared out of tho Drooklyn nud Maturity
Handicaps at 10 o'clock yesterday morning,
llonnsey was going great guns nt Monmouth
l'ark until n couple ot weeks ugo. whon he
Balcowan Wine tha Maxieelt House Has
dlcap to a Gallop tiy Five Iene;4ba.
Ntturit.LR; May 10.Tbe track was slow from laet
night's heavy rain. Tbe f.ret race, a selling purse at
Ave and a halt furlongs, was won py One Dime, second
choice, by one length from Glendlve. Kel Prince third.
Time. I14i.
In I bo second race, six furlongs, Tom Darling. 102,
at odds of 9 to 3, won by two lengths from Grey (loose,
who beat Borealls. ttie rarorlte, by u nose, for tbe place.
Time, lllli Tbe third rare, at live furlongs, was won
by I.adr Jane, at 7 lu 6. by a tensrttt and a half
from Kd A. drreuwood, l.Utlu Ueerge third. Time.
1 OHl The fourth race, handicap, at ecien furlongs,
was on by llolltar Burkni-i. ftttoriteat 2 to 1, by one
length from Hlaze Puke. American lJidy third, lime,
The Maxwell House Handicap At nine furlongs was
nn exercise gallop for Ualgowan. an eien money rat or
lte. llnlgowan took the lead at the half, nnd noil ns he
pleased by nve lengths trom Joe C'artt-r. ho was a
nose lu front of (loud Bye. third. Time. :i.OGJu'.
The last race ot the meeting brought eleicu selling
platers to the post Uarde,-. heatll barkt'd at X to I.
won by two lengths from l.dwin, Alorso third Tune,
1 la.
J.aat Ituy of I.ealnKion'N Meeting:.
LrxtvcToi, May 10 This was tho last tiny of tha
Kentucky Association's spring mealing The Heather
was showery, the track muddy, and the rporl poor, no
stake race being on tbe programme.
The tlrst race, selling, three quarters of a mile, waa
won by the e en-money rawirlte, Iu Dudley, by llo
length. Parolo second, lapped liy Comma Kmn-y.
third. Time. l;2t). . .
Tlii second race, aclltng, men furlongs, wns wor li
tho r.tolon fnviirlle. Itidon. by ten leiuths. Pud
Hughes second, ten lengths bcrcr- Avon dor, thli d
lime. 1 3.1.
The llilnl rare, at seven and a half furlongs, u ss nrn
by the 7 to ft fuMirlra. ilreenwich. hy live lengths l.il
Han !.indt.u second, Captain Drane tl.lnl. 1 .me,
The'fonrth race, at lour anl n half furloiuii. was won
By ther, to :i fainrlto. lleatllno. liy llo lnigtlis, III
Bit seiond. I'alsy third Tiini',1 Ol.
The fttth race, at a half mile, was laplured hy thet,
tonfaorlte Irank l.llis. hy ten lengths, Luke I -''-ond,
Woodsman third. Time. U.&4.
Bright Outlook for Ihe Kentucky Derby.
Loi'isriur, May 10 Tho wrathor outlook vasiery
gloomy at noun to day, and It seemed almost a tnre
gone conclusion that the hlstnrio Kentuck) Pcrhy
wouldberuuonamudJ) track. If not In a liejty rain.
Latolnthonflernoon, howcur, the wind shllied lotho
Burth. and tho cluuds rarled and the hurroer,
Btarted on tbe track at Churchill Po-ins. lkii-re uigm
fall it had liuiiiovi-d a.) much that It l mfe l -a-dust
willity when the Perliy colls run mer li t m
row. The sun nlso set rlcsi. aiiiloTtrrililug i;"ii.i tu
abiauilful ilij for iho great ruo. rlie iiihl m im
small, possibly the siimlli st tll.ll .ever st.itl. d f '
stakes but lb" live colts tianierlln fnco Hie tin-- l.a
national 'Teiuilalinns. and Iho race nlll he ur deep ii
lere.t aud uiirertaiii'.)-until the la. I janlif Ji.r l
tauce Is roterril. Tu night the tul.n ' ''-"'" '.
Mded In their opinions M.uie think I ill l'' ; I '
hie ut landing toe prlxe. hlle olhcr. r'" " ' '"'" "
Arm nnd Irish chief. At an) r.iie n is an i.p-- .
test, unit that " what makes puli'i. luNtcn and v,
"ettlSg'. In can't be. learned night -.ti. '';'
of nerlalniv Im HI ride Ihe . lis, n "J n '' '' '!,'
Murphy will ride Ara, incibui 1'lnl ii"r,aul icuuj
Thn Wlnnera lit tJIniieeeler.
nion-BSTKB. May 10 -first Hac-I l "- 'in f '
B?l. Kli'SBCIerS llrsl. w.isl .ir) .e.on.l. l'rodikal
HeconTlaVei'T'hi-. V1,r,. r. of a ,!. J....I a
"fSurVir.u't'i-rx"1.! Tl hi "lurl.".!,. , .K.int.rcr
Kiirlug Krsiilt" ' "' l-nul".
Rt I oris Mny 10 -Three fatnrltes. two second
chol'ce. and.,,erou...d,r P 1 -rr the winning
lluenrst today. Tho ou-n.1-' . i.rafto.,. who wa,
"s'! Jl''llVoamU tstirr-rsor.. HU. Plcl-lrt
flrV"l inxie' 'u.rdnJr second T,v.u.cnd third. Hu...
,8er"nn.ll'are Kouranden Inir rurlj,ojra. injur llrst.
Avoid rinbatllutea. Ocanlae mad only by
ruNB'B KXTRAUT CO., 1 Olh v New
Yorks J
XIIK SON- or lltVEB ItBA tm ttrmanM. I
Mabel taleaa JiauU JkU the Wavy la tha I
. llnir-sall HMrilcaBs-Jatrtklas) the aic I
Nkal af the Ua.Uoaara Erealr DtvltWd. I
Tho talent was out (n foroe nt utUnbiirg I
yesterday, and, In sporting parUno. got It In '
the neck In tho first three rnoM. The fatorltos
Uien took tholr turn, nnd mad honors von
hy winning tho last three. Javmestown, ntStn
I Bgalntrt. opeuod tho apert br beadtns the big
field vt flttoen beaten horse and winning br
length nnd a half from VnndaL fourteen ran
In tho socond rnccKriklha-niatOl shot, and
paving $ll)RHO for t'i In the mutual s. lej
nil tho woy and won br h length. Ivanhoe
beating Irrcgulnr. odds-on favorite. head
for socond placn. Thn colt On lod'tn th
scamper of half n mile for two-ycar-pld.
heating Nick, tho favorite, by njensth. .Then
thu tldo turned. Ms be I Glenn, first oriole In
thu handicap, won by throe lengths, Dortyngo
boating llallarat n head for aecond plac.
llatlgo, odds-on favorite, won tho handicap at
n mllo by n length from Klmberlr. antl
Lllmux. n strong llrst cllolco, capttired th
liiHt race handily by a length from LltU Jk
Tnrse 400; for beaten horses: etlllngi four a a
half furlonr . . .
Itamioiph stsble'n rh. (..lamettown, 4. hy Boccaccio
l.naiialt,12Z(Verplancki. ... . ... ..I
I'all lirool. stable's br. h. Vandal, IVMIIortoo) 1
It. Uwj er's blk li. .lay gu-Kl. 5. 1 24 (Oyantrelll... . . .. . R
Montcre), lleailllgfit. Arebltett, .Kihel ll. taekr
r.hiar. Algebra gelding. Etmstone. King Arttinr, Key
stone, Ituby, llenent, and Menthol alto ran.
Rrttlng-Elght tot against Jamestown, 20 lo 1 tsa
ittl. 4 to 1 Jay (ju XI.
thk sBootrn nkct
I'nrsr MOO: selling: tiro furlongs
J II, llcl!o',b. f. Krlklna.4. by Muscnry-Krlk, 107
II riiuletrtb.f. IsaWbiieVaged. lot (Taylor)!! ,".!!!!! 1
li. Leigh's hr.e. Irregular, it, 107 (Marthi) t
.leneller. nob Arihnr. Coldstream. Ansonla. Blanehe,
(lindlntor. vah. llecl Klin, alnrsh lleden, ttitia Wlllkn,
and lltmlex also ran.
Tine. MI2W. .
Ilettlng-Twelve to 1 agalust Krlklna, 4 to 1 tvanhae,
tven money Irregular, ,
THE Tlltntl KICK.
rurse 400. for two-year olds: half a mil.
W, II, Tlmmon's b. o. One, by Macanlt-lllntdrep, lit
it:. Vaiikiisvni... , . , I
ilien Island Hiahle's iii.e. Nick, lit. (Sneilcket) 1
I'rlghtim stntile'ach t. Mohammed, US (Tarieri
Lerralne colt, Urooktlalo. and laibcllfl alao ran.
ncttlng-Fhe to 1 against One. 10 to 7 on Katek, M
lo 1 Mohamtuid,
TIIK Foinrn BCt
Handicap: tWOi half a mile
A. Thoiiipsnii'e b.r. Mabel ulann, 4. by nindeo Cak-
phurnla. 10.1 U. Pails) 1
It. Bradley's cli g. Derunro. Ik 1IS(I1 Joneg) f
h. I.nii.'s b. li. natural, 6, 11." (Flynu) .... . t
I'letirette also run. J
Time, o 4St
Hetllng-fK to S against Mabel Glean, 3 to 1 Deraafa.
inio .1 llallarat.
Handicap; purse MX); one mile.
,1 Mullinn'a b. h. Badge. aged.by III Uied-TDo Barou-
iss. 114 (tlynu) 1
(hen Island's Stable's b. ll. Kluliefly, 0, 110 tSneo-
eseri. . .. . 3
A Thompson's b n. agabnud, 4, til (C. Leigh)
I'm ertalnty and Vlrgle also ran.
llettlrg-Three to Con Badg,,Vlo 5 against KlrabeTlr,
8 tu 1 agabond.
inn sixTTi hick.
Purs-$400: salllnir. six and one-half furlongs.
T. Welch's rh. g. Climax, aged, by Scotlaader-Pa-
ridrs, lo7 (Martini... v 1
I, Tull'ab h. Little .lake, aged, 104 (Bonn) 2
J.O'Lcarr'abr. c. riwectbnad, 4, JOJ (II. Jones) 3
Mollis Pals, Benedictine and Tnrk also ran.
Time. l-2Jl
Brttlng-RK to C against Climax, 4 ts 1 XltlU Jake.
to 1 hweetbreail.
To-Day'a Entrlea at Xorth Barsjcav,
first Ilace Parse $400; beaten horses; Ore furlinga,
Kelturno. 110: Lucky clover, VH: Aunt Jane, JUti
ciafl. mi: Hhotover, S7i Lebanon, 110; li lens ton,, 10A;
Napa II.. 1)3 -
t-ecoiid Itace Purse rtOO; maldene; six Carlonti.
Iluiry Way. ion; Keba T.. 81: Debonair, W: llarry
11.121: Kitty N .us: W. Walkle. 105: mis Lakslaal
111 iv. mi; Vera. 11 1; Jeweller. 100; Japltcr, 10M.
Third Raco ritrse- $400: itwo.year-olq beatea
horses: five furlongs. Mohammed. S3; Whit, h, ad. 10;
l'ninam. t)3i Jennie Kecne colt, 108; Coeoa, 10&.
fourth, Race Purse 1400; six furlongs. Smoggter.
100, Alma T.. 8.'.: Josle Wells. 87; Silver Thread Bllr,
K7; ntrmanlo. li": Pedestrian, 10S, Prince Howard,
114: l.lltle Fred. 100: notation. 102
Htlh Itace-Purse J.VM): selling: six and a half for
longs. Mohican, 101; Blitten, 110; Klngstock, 100; Ma
liille. n.i.
Sixth Usee Purse 1400, selling: aeven fnrlongs.
l'l.llnnder. l'.'H. l.ongstndr.l2li Brooklyn. 109: Preexer,
121: John Winkle. 113: Maxim titty. 100: Fred K. 123:
Centaur. 12'); Harrison, 120: Early Dawn, 123; Wyn
wood, 120, J II . 121; O. P. B .101); Kharian. 120.
Ils-cnrra. May 10. Mr. C. IV. MoKav. '03. of New Vork,
who vm chosen to captain tba Dartmouth football
team uext season, has resigned, owing to a press of
other college duties, and W. A. Allen, I). M. o., wag
elected to the acauey.
For this handsome Parlor Suit
in Tapestry and Silk Plush. Very
best upholstery, first class through
out, i
Reduced from 965.00.
SSa TO Oil flll.TON ST..
1801 ilT.MI HAPETIf..,
ullli l.auip and llelt,
f-olld lire. 1152
(uelilim tire W
m ltd I.uiiiii and Hell, .
Solid tire BO
iielllim tlrea " sja
,OH.:t Merenlli Av,. Aiaw York.
I Athletic Uniforms.
9 A .aaaaaaaaaw Correct Stylag. T
4m 3SSKMW a. a. sPAtpiNO WP
I aP 34 Broadway, N. Y. "
aaBBww . caTAijooug ratt. B
rinen In Kew Vork to buy new and eeond-hano' wbssla,
All makes VIC'lXtHH,pHMONDKH,Jtl.ACaa
t.'INUH, Jk.
Itepalrlaf a aaerlaliy. Work guaranteed.
2M 8th ay.. Bear I'M si.
X:?n the victor
jdtCV9fgr Makes th lac.
J XiTaf i 1.' 141 Broadway. t
All teaat-afA.?" lSM&i-S
change, t.'atalogu, list uf second-hand wkMla. aa4
easy terms of i.ayinaiit inalled free, Cushloo Mil
l'neumatlc tin s a.llad to old "Iimi fnoderBiej eost.
Bicycle suits 7 to 11(1:, eapa, 76c. tolt.60 IgugMeteV
On the Installment Plan.
J. E. rooBiTAV; VS'ldt a"llfpp?'w,noI.44j.aa
retail, Cincinnati. O. ,(
Write for seconff hand list Mae, a large nnmbtI
Columblas, Victors, ,V,A,M5c$,oU'"f'
.u,i... d.r; i v..r a'ivaa.fgg;

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