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I ( ,F YOU SEE IT .N Off t IAIfelw ... "" If VOUgTfF ;i 'M
4 lively derate o.v electoral rv
i ohm is this lasdtao.
HIHuiy nninlilnni In Berlin Hired New
lor It Socialism Vnrncd Atsnloal u Ru
- ilnn Wlin l Comlnx IIre Herbert III.
inuriU l.lliclv tn lio Culled Artnln Into
inc Service nf the Ntnle Abiialntt Mnllors
, Fnrlincillon la North Germany,
Un.ns. May '-".'. Tlio event of tlio week
amone politicians was thn debate In tlio Land
tag on last Thursday on electoral reform. Thin
i ntorm lint hecomo tlio uuostlon of tlio hour.
Kid l likely to counteract tlio lnllucnco nc
qnlro'l by tlio Government In Llbornl circles
ilnootlu' dropping of tlio School Mil.
Engon Hlolitor, lendor of tlio Indopendonts,
yrcdrltntutl tlio ilcbato by Inquiring as to tlio
Government's Intontlons ns regards the Intro
duction of universal and direct sufTrngoln
pruli nud tlio reapportionment of seats.
Pis inquiry was mndo tn n mnnner which In
dlontcl hK distrust of tho Government's will
rji;ncto make nny adorjunto elmnKCslntho
jjreer,t systum. It tho qualifications for vot
ers wore changed so ns to bo brought abreast
With the electoral qualifications In other coun
tries, a redistribution of scats would bo lm
lierative. At nil events, In view of tlio coin
pMo alteration of tho distribution of
population in tho last thirty years
th. question should bo dealt with Im
mediately. Otherwise a bitter and wlde
rcneliing ngltutinn was sure to come. If tho
Government could brnco Itself totlm point of
manhood suffrage, tho poopln would bo satis
fied and tlio Boclul Democrats would bo de
prived of another rcund of iiiupiunltlon.
Therowasno logical reason why illlToronees
lOintdd exist between tlio niothods of choosing
tli Ijtndtng and tho Itolchst.ig Illehter said
lie dldimtdeslroto piesu Iho motion ton ill
vlloniftho Government would only formu-
late Its vlows so as tn bhow tho Deputios and
roopb; whither the woto tending. In fact, ho
preferred to reserve tlio whole mutter for ex
haustive consideration in the near future.
llrrr IlerrfiKth, Minister of tho Interior, re
plied to J'.lelitfr. Hoc-aid thnt tho llnnncl.il
ilmnuco. Including the taxation reform, con
templated liy tho Government, nnd upon
Which tho electoral ngltntlon was biiod. had
been completely mlsappreher.dud. Thf.ru was
nothing in tliem to warrant much meddling
with the present electoral system. Tho prln
elploon which thn Prussian electoral system
was based was a ulso one. uud had stood tho
test of years of varying conditions. No con
siderable putt of the peopio desired n change,
mid tho Government declined to innugurnto
nn undertaking ot which nobody was ablo to
seotl.oend. I'ndonlubly somo redistribution
of seats was required, but tho wholo m.ittor
was Involved in difficulties, and n careful pro
llnilnary Inquiry was neododbororonctlon was
taken. Tho Goernment expoctod to intro
duce a bill Incorporating tho necessary re
forms tit tho next session of tho Lnnrttug.
Several leading Deputies of tho Conserva
tives, thu party reaping all tho benefits of the
present rotten borough system, spoke against
tho broadoning of the frnneliibo and tlio ic
llstribution of fen'". Dr. I.leber, amid tlio
protesting cries of ;, loricul colleagues, s'lld
ho thought the llmohiid eouio for tlio placing
of thu Prussian and tho imperial systems of
suffrage on (lie somo broad baso of universal
Horr von Knrdoff, Imperialist, suggested
ironically thut Dr. Liober propose tho oloctlon
of tlio Emperor. Thlssuugcstion provoked the
shouted rotort "Why not?" from the Loft,
and tho cries of "Oh!" "Oh!" from tho lllght
wore not sllenco i until tho President had rung
for order repoatedly. Duputy Hobrecht urged
tho Government not to delay tho introduction
of tho reform mcafiuo. It wns a pity tomnko
tho proposi-d ehnngos. but tho logic of oventi
would compel the National Libortilsto support
any wrll-consldered plan of reform.
Thu Independents, and csreelally their lend
er. r.Ichter, wero roucli chagrined by tho cool
ness of Minister Horrfurtl.'s answer, as they
expected. In view of thoir victory over tho
t-chool till, to receive another roncefslon to
their demaiids for universal suffrage Tlioy
s.iy that tho reaetloiiarles liavo tnmpoiei! with
, tho Emperor, and thnt the result will bo unp.ir-
i cut in an Incie.iso of tho Social Domocratic
Vito at tho next electim of Doputies to tho
Tho illu-tratlons of military rowdyism have
oddud fuel to tho flro of popular bitterness
which was excited afresh by tho Lueck nlTalr.
On WcdiHisdny I.leut. Stacli. whllo walking in
Potsdam stioet with Ills dnehsund. met it re
tired oflUer out walking witii his bull pup.
The bull pup attacked tho Lieutenant's dog
and there w.it. a light. In ulildi the dachshund
was wor.-u-d. The Lieutenant nnd tho Major
fell to quarrelling over tlio occuirenco. and,
ulthou.'h thu Major is itU years old and was
uii.uiiuh1. .Stacli dicw his sword nnd struck
lilm u sharp blow over tho hip, inflicting a
deep wound. Haoli then took his dog under
Ms arm and walked away, leaving tho old man
bleeding in thu street, Tho Major was taken
home in a en and v 1 ! I bo confined to his bed
for several days. Stach has not boen arrestod,
rr.Hl.lt Is said, his only punishment will bo
removal tonm-thor garrison.
Tho other military ccnndal took place in n
Icorfaloon near the Halleschcs Thor, FIvo
non-coraralssionod ofllcors hoard two civilians
tnUlncoTor tho Lueck c.iso. and loft their
tablo to nttompt to jvin In the discussion.
Tliey bosun by calling tho civilians names,
hut tho civilians paid no attention to thorn.
Thoroupon they became so nbuslvoof all per
sons In tho rostaurant that tho prnpiiotor
asked them to leave. All ilo drew their
Bhort swoids nnd started to clear out tho
restaurant. They smashed tho glassoB, tables,
and chnlrs. and cut thine men ho had had
nothing at nil to do with tho dlt-puto. Thoy
withdrew only after havln1,' dilnn cvcibody
from thn place. Although thlx occurred tlo
'uy ago. s.i far ns can buaseeri.ilncd, no steps
hiivo been tnkfjii to itiroiillno tlio ouVm'er?.
An Inspired article In tho .Xnnltulf It .Wo?.
turtiic Zrituif chows tluit tho representations
f tho general itnff to tlio Einpororh.iwi do
elded lihn, ngiiinst tlioudvlcoof fount Solms
nud fount fnpilvi. to use nil hlsinllucnco to
Ijcj-suade thn Italian (mvurnmont lo ruducn Its
sruiy, Tlio nrtlcin arguus tint, great as hnvo
le"ii It.ilyV saerilleos to maintain her position
In tlio tilpplo alllanco, thoy aro nut
B'eator proportionately than those of
tiuriniiny und Austiiiu Jloroover. liad
lt.dv been obllyod to proleut herself
t szaiiist I'ranco without outnldo aid sho would
mo been nhligml to l.tx'li up a still larger
( Wl'tary ectabllsliment, Tlio Italian army.
, tliiuirtMo continue.", h.vs increased iminenso-
Inhuni.iliiUpltltor tho Italians, has given
tliem lienor Ideas of tho stronsth of tho Gov
NtniiPiit ngulnst the mnchln.itlons of tho Viitl
'in. iu I ban Improved tho health and broad
Wed tho minds of Italian mldiilo and lower
rlissi's. Induction of tho army would there
i 'uro weaken t,0 j.Mo politically, ns well as
aetract in,m t dignity. Italy's position in
t noli,o ulliance, concludes tho nitlclo. do-
Is'iidj upon her providing her sharo of troops
it tho toinbined forces. Whllo professing to
, ci,-uno (ilolltil heartily and trustfully, tho
r , . ar"cl nr "1" Xnnlilrnttc'ie warrnntd tho
whi,io., thllt fjinim, ,, ll0t conMOt,rt,a B0
I '"'st'ilniluritudinl.
' I Jt!n"rn'pin"f'-'n'ln"ftlc!e. which many ro-
m m nmcliil und which sroins to bo Intended
I inv,'IH "" "Pl'viiw In t.liob'. After
U, UiuV7!n,""nslB, ''"mr-nts upon the Glo.
u Uljltiet, tho uitlclo continues; "Loyalty
to tho triple alllanco has again beon shown to
Lo. not ns tho French nnd I'hllo-Fronchdroam-ors
imagine, merely nn appnnaso of thoerown.
but tho common property of theeducatodnnd
ruling clnssos In Italy. This fact affords sat
isfnetory ovldcnco of tho shrewd political In
stinct which, desptto nil party dlssonslons.
guides tho ltnllan pooplo ns a whole. To
whntovor consideration It may bo duo and
whithersoever It rany tend, tho fact remains
thnt Italy Is dotormlned to securo her position
ns n groat Mediterranean power, and that tills
nmhltlon enn bo attained only on thn oondltlon
that somo day or othor sho mensuro her
strength ngnlnst Franco. Her reconciliation
with Franco Is out of tho quostlon unless Italy
bo contont to play tho pnrt of nn liumblo satel
lite. Furthermore. Italy ennnot oven fool
seenro of her national unity outside of tho
"One of tlio most romnrknblo features of
this last decadoof tho nineteenth contury Is
tho revolntlon. nmld symptoms of unexpected
gravity, of tlio gradual nnd Irroraodlablo docny
of llussla's power. If thoso symptoms con
tinue nnd multiply so ns to obtrudo themselves
upon tho most reluctant observers, Trnneo
may ultimately bo driven to reshape hor wholo
policy, nnd to exchange hor dreams of war
nud rovongo for mntorlal advantages nnd nn
understanding of somo sort with Germany,
Should Italy meantlmo provo a faithless ally,
what reason would there bo thntGormnr.y
should support Italy's claims forco-oqunl na
tional oxlstonco ngninst Franco? Thus,
whethortho strain of tho present situation In
Europo relaxes Into a peaceful understanding
or is hrokon by war. every interest of Italv
binds hor to tho triplo nlllanco. so that when
tho Issuo comos sho will find herself on tho right
side. Thlsstatoof nfTalrs her shrowd political
instinct has onablod hor to iccognbe."
Tho editor of tho i'oftusdnimc, a Social
Domocratic organ in Magdeburg, bus boen nr
rostodnnd his newspaper hns been suppressed
because ho criticised the Emperor for pro
moting and Inudlng Private I.uock, who shot
two drunkon lnborors In tho Wrnnglo Strnsse.
In thn tonrnrW, Dr. Lux. a Boclnllft. do
nounces tho Prussian Socialist nnd swindler,
llobuchoft. Dr. Lux says thnt P.obuchotT In
gratlnted himself with tho aid of forged lcttors
of Introduction and lived with him for several
weeks. Dr. Lux thon discovered thnt tho
man's right name was Pachr'aeh. and that un
der various assumed names he had 1 oou
swindling thn Socialists of Tarls. Frankfort.
Loipslc. Munich, nnd Uerlln for several years.
As soon ns Pnchrnch lenrned that his record
was discovered. Dr. Lux says he flod from
limlin. taking with him tho passport of Dr.
Lux's brothor-ln-law, Herrllolzmnnn. Dr. Lux
says thnt Bnehrach has gono to America via
London, end that Now York Socialists should
look out for hlni. Uachrach is n Hebrew, of
slender build, nnd spenks Russian. German.
French, nnd English fluently.
Tho Kuluisrhf .'itimg. nlludlng to the un
favorable comments of many German dsillos
upon the Gorman-American copyright agree
ment, ndmits that with fow exceptions Gor
man nuthors will suffer very keenly under the
arrangement. With Gorman productions of
art. It says, tho caso is different, ns there was
no stipulation boforo concerning tho repro
duction of German works in tho Unitod States.
Tho Injury indicted on Gorman art In tho
United States through wretched copies of Ger
man works has long beon a very serious
causo for complaint, nnd tho highest in
terest of Gorman artists demanded n
change. In the futuro this abuse wilt
bo avoided. From the commercial point
of view Gorman art has galno.l ma
terial advantages. Tlio AC(nlcic expects that
tho Chicago Fair will give tho German art In
dustries a ftrtn footing In the Unitod States,
and expresses the liopo that with tlmo the
publishing interests will be able to obtain
greater concessions.
The llttlo Crown Prince Is travelling on a tri
cyclo dally through the park nround the new
palaco In Potsdnm, and his pony stnnds neg
loctod in tho stall. Tho trlcyclo is a birthday
prosent from the Crown Trlnce's fnthor.
Besides the ropairs at Castlo Stolrenfols ond
tho Coblenz palaco tho chief of tho Emperor's
household is pressing forward tho work on tho
liurorfal castlo I'rvillo. in Lorraine so that It
will 1 o ready for tho Emperor's reception next
fall. Tho castlo was onee tho sent of tlio noble
families or Polllnson and Kroehlngen, und in
comfort nnd substantial construction leave
little to bo desired. It Is two stories high and
rambles ovortlm best paitof nn acre of ground.
It Is possible that tho decorntors and uphol
sterol swill have tho castlo ready for occupancy
In August, and in that caso tho Emperor will
arrive a wook or two before Sept. 1.
Tho Aachen Society of Minors and Smelters
have informed thn Itoyal Bureau of Mining
that they will not tako part In tho Chicago
fair. Nevertheless thoy are willing to aid tho
Government with Information ns to the mining
and smelting Interests of the district
The Oovornmont has decidod to erect strong
formications at Jlrunsbuttel and Grodo, at tho
mouth of tho North Sea and Italtio Canal.
They will bo armed with coast dofonco guns of
tho largost size.
Dcsplto Prince Iilsmnrck's Irate donlnls In tlio
Hamburgrr XachrtMen, thcro Is good reason to
believo that Count Herbert Dlsninrck will bo
called soon into tho service of the State. In
vvliat capacity ho will reenter tho service is
still onlysurmlsed. It is certain, however.that
witn tho introduction of tho now nrmy bill and
tlio retirement of tho War Mlnistor, Gon. Von
KnHenbnrD-Htachnu, a general shitting of
Cabinet places will bo Inaugurated. It is said
thut Count Von Cnprlvl hns beun eelcoted to
succeed Knltenborn nnd pilot tho proposal for
more men and moro taxes through tho
Ilelchstag. Count Ilotho zu Eulonburg would
then succoed to the Chancellorship. This
would leave tho Prussian Mlnistor Prosldoncy
vacant. '
Frolherr Marschall von Blobcrsteln, Secre
tary of State for Foreign Affairs, Is said to bo
about to retire to form n Cabinet for his local
lovorelgn. tho Grand Duko of linden. Either
thodutlosof Eulenburg or Dloborctoln would
bowoll within Count Hcrbort'c abilities und
experience, nnd should ho not succeed Gen.
Von Kchwolnltz In tit. Potmsburir. it Is gen
erally cxpocted that ho will accept ono of theso
Cabinet pobts. It is known that tho Empuror
tried hard to retain Count Herbert when Prince
HiMimrek retired, and thut recently, since tho
aimoiineomont nf Count Herbert's engage
ment, he lias boon espoulully cruclous. hov
nil journals say thut Prlnco Ulsmarek's de
nials, moi cover, hnvo beon misinterpreted, nn
they were to tho cIToct only that Count Herbert
would not sorvo under Cnprlvl.
':i't, Kchulto of tho ship Noious, which has
arrived In llremon, has boen arrowed for
brutal conduct to his mon durlnir tho lust voy
age. Two of tho crew aio said to havo died of
starvation, nud elovou uro suffering from
diseases brought on by insiilllclent food nud
lll-troatment. An Inquiry is In progress.
Frnnz Dehna, civic, treasurer of Lunburg
Nassau, has teen arrested for embezzling
00,000 marks of tho cllj's fundi. Ho has con
fessed his guilt.
In view of thereckloss shooting of citizens
by sentries In Prussian cities, sovornl mem
bers of tho Jlavailan Landing Interpellated
tlio Oovornmont ns to tho necessity of reform
ing tho laws governing tho conduct of sen
tries. Tho Minister of War iinswurod on
Thursday that any such reform would bo
supurlluous. us Bavarian sentrlos nuver shot
any persons except escaping prisoners. Tho
Minister dollverod this rorly with rocullnr
emphasis on thu word "Bavarian." thus in
dicating that Bavarian military custom was
rjultodltforent from Prussian. Ilia icply was
cheered by tlio Deputies.
inn MuitnEitun rxriAxra ins chimes
is aim.iwvnsK
Ite Toilers Vnntendlly nnd vvllh Allien Fneo
lo Ills Fa'e-Vtlcrly Itrnken ltovrn In III"
I.nst Ilnura-IIK Weep, Iteud Ills Illhle,
Whlnen thnt (lie Velhoiirno People Are
llnnnlnic Itliu, nnd huji lie Never Com.
milled Crime, fixcrnt When l'ray-Con.
femtlnB Only (he Murder of 111 I.nt Wile
Ho Dies JRiully und "Lord ilenus. He
eelve Sly Hplrlt" Are III" I.nst Wordn.
MEi.iiotinNE, May 23. Frederick Bayloy
Dooming was hanged ono mlmito after 10
o'clock this moinlng. Hevenlv reporters nnd
physicians gathered in tho prison yard to
witness tho exocutlon, nnd In front, outside
tho wall, thousands upon thousands waited
from H o'clock to watch the black (lac and wait
for tho signal thnt all was over.
Whon Dooming was led Into tho yard nnd up
to tho gallows ovorvhody was surprised to boo
that ho was not cluilnod, ns had beon cx
pocted. Ho walked unsteadily between tho
gunrdsnnd scvornl times totteiod as If nbout
to fall. His faco was nBhen..nnd hn shook Uko
a man with tho palsy.
Sovornl times when tho chaplain spoke to
him encournglngly In an undertone Dooming
pnrtod his llns to reply, but ho uttered no
sound. Ho scorned to bo stupefied by his np
proachlng dentil. When his arms wero
plntonod ho wavered, nnd would hnvo fallen
had lie not boon cnught by tho warden.
At first ho shook his hond whon his Inst op
poitunltyto speak was given him. Then ho
rallied from his stupor, and with n strong of
fort cnilod out:
"Lord Jesus, receive my spirit."
Ho tried to say more, and stood with his
mouth half open, but no word3 eamo. As tho
nooso was adjusted his knees knocked to
gether, nnd ho would havo eollarsed had ho
not been supportod until ho wns swung into
midair. Ho died without a stiugslo and al
most Instantly.
The body, after being cut down, wns taken
In churco by tho prison physician, who will
superintend tho post mortem examination
Into tho structure of tho skull and brain.
Dcnmlng's conduct at the Inst was a surprise
to all who have boen near him slnco ho was
sontenced. Last ovenlng he seemed to realize
for the first time thnt all hope was gone. Be
fore then, despite occasional fits of dospond
ency. he had told the prison officials
that ho was not born to be hanged nnd that ho
would get out yet and "make it not for his
persecutors." Shortly nftor supper last even
ing ho called to tho kocper and asked
' Do you think it is nil up with me ?"
"This is your Inst night. Deeming." wns the
reply, "and you had better talk to your God
Instead of me."
Dooming was silont for several minutes and
then inquired brokenly for tho chaplain. " I
hnvo beon n wild fellow," he soid. " ondUhavo
sins onough to bo pnrdonod. God knows, but I
am not so bad as thoy havo made mo out. Only
to think that poor, crazy Fred should dlo on
the gallows."
Whon tbo chaplain came Deeming was cry
ing. Ho said ho wished to review tho sins of
his past life, and to havo tho chaplain
pray with him for forgiveness. Ho said
ho had beon n good-for-nothing follow,
nnd bad Injured most of tho persons
ho had met in life. "But tho only
murder I over committed," ho protested,
"was when I killeJ Emily Mather, if I
did kill her. I was crazy vhen I did It, nnd
tho mon who sworo away my llfo at tho trial
havo moro to nnswer for than I."
Tho chnplaln reud prayers with Dooming,
und Dooming took down his Blblo nnd rend
sevornl chapters aloud. Then ho grow calmer
and wns talking nbout his affoction for Miss
ltounsovoll whon tho chaplain loft.
Ho wrote n lottor to Miss llouneovoll and
another to Mr. Lylo, his lawyer. Ho told tho
keeper thnt the heaviest burden on Ills con
science was that ho had ruined tho young
woman's llfo by tho notoriety he had brought
upou her.
Deeming went to bed nt 10 o'clock nnd went
to sleep nlniost immediately. Ho did not
nwnko until fi o'clock. Ho took out his Bible
nnd rend in llovnlutlons, then mndo Ills toilot
carefully, and put In order the papers contain
ing his Inst uddilioiiB to his autobiography.
Ho nto heartily at breakfast, and drank six or
seven cups of eoiTce.
At 7 o clock ho begun to bo norvous nnd
called tho keuper, saying ho wished to freo his
mind It was then thought thut tlio long ox
I ectud confession wns coming. Instond, how
ever. Dooming began relturutliig Ills story of
his irresponsibility ut thu tlmo of tho murder
of Miss Mather, "Tho pooplo of Mel
boiirno are hanging me," ho said. "Tho
.liidcn uud tlio jury and ovon tlinso
perjured doctors u:u iiiot tho guilty
oner. The po iplo wished to lynch mo when 1
was brought back from Perth, and they raisod
hunli a liunor that nobody dared toll tlio
Until. 'Jhejury knew thut 1 W84 not respon
sible; I could ceo It in their faces, I hnvo not
Imou a good man. but I novor committed u
ciinie in u utile moment."
Deeming then w.indeied off Incoherently
Into (ontiudlctory statements as regards IiIh
relations tn Mies Mulher. at one tlmo snylng
Mio was still living in Australia, und at un
otlir Hint ho might huvoklllud her in ullt of
i hilo preparations wero making to tako him
nut In thu searlold ho bucumo u pitiable llgurc.
tin cringed and cowered in it corner of his cell,
first taking donn his Bible, then throwing it
from linn, iniittoilni: to himself, und then
speaking loudly and Incoherently to tlio chap
lain, As the dour opened to let him out lio
bmct into tears and begged for u fow uiu
ineiiih respite,
hen this was rcfusod his mind apparently
sank into a stupor. Ho mudo nno urttvu nt
tompts toHpeuk. mon relaxed from nil efforl,
ullowiug himself to bo Imir led. hull curried
from Iho building. Tho chaplain said subse
quently that in all his experience ho hud not
been a more broken creatine,
Mr. Lyle. Deemlng's lawyer, says ho has not
decided what to do with Doomfng's autobi
ography, lio lias not yet hud tiiuo to read
much of tho nnuserlpt, and whut ho bus read
lias led him to think thnt it bus fow claims to
being a truthful nuiratlve.
Tho spelling und writing aro bad, ho says,
nnd there is evidently bo much ineohorent
philosophizing In tho work thnt lio fears
nobody will bo w filing to undortulco thu finan
cial risk ot publUhinu it. 'i'lio result of tho
poht-niorteiii examination of lccming's biatu
will not bo known probably for suvoial uuvs.
Fredeilck Baylcy Dooming was onnof tho
most versatile and bloodthusty wretches In
tlio history of tlio world's crime. 'I but partot
his cmeerwliicli led 1'nniodiutoly to his urrost,
trial, and dentil at Jlwboiirnu begun in limn
It J 11. ia suburb rf I.hcri "!. on July 'Jl. iwil.
lie tlion tool: lodgings under tho uumo of Wil
liams nt the Comuieiuliil Hotel in that village,
ii ml slioitly began paying court tn JI.hh Emily
Iliitbei, whom lie suio-equently mar.ll. Ho
ii.iili.iil)lnliiuiiMlla,on tiiiiinitbkl-tc.ortlnvll-li.ge.duiiiiB'
bib cuiiitsuip, uud tlieiiTk'eiv edit.
woman nnd four young children who disap
peared shortly before his marrlago to Miss
Mather. After tho wedding on rwpt, 'J'.' hn
and his wife took a short jnurnev. nnd on
Oct 17 they sailed for Australln., They went
to llvo in n house In Indsor, n subum of Mel
bourne. There, on Dec. -4. nino days ufter
their arrival, ho killed his young wlfn nd
burled hor under the floor. Ho then dlnip
poured. About ten weeks later, when now
tenants wero about to tako tho house, nn odor
was noticed. Tholloor was taken up and thn
body of Mrs. Deeming wns found. Marks u
her head and neck showed that sho hud boon
killed bv blows.
VVhonthls nows reached Hnlnhlll tho police
torn up tlio floor of Dinhnni Villa tout!sfy
their suspicion that thn woman nnd four chil
dren who had beHii soon thciu witli Deeming
might not have suffered the sumu fute. They
found under the floors, which Deeming him
self had cemented, tho bodies of the womnn
nnd children. Tho womnn wns his wde, m'o
Mnrlo .Innics. whom ho married in 1 nghmd tn
1HHI, nnd the children wore Ills own. Deem
ing Wns caught near Perth In Australia late In
March, after ho had advettlscil thioiigh
a matrimonial agency nnd had mado
arrangements to marry Miss Itounsevell
In Perth. After his nrrest and lticar
corntton in Molbourne, awaiting tria1,
more o; loss evldenco was found tending to
connect Deeming with iIokuiih of heinous
crimes, including thoso of Jack tho Klppor.
and a man who knew Deeming in Halifax
enmn forward with proof that Deeming whllo
thcro had written to tho Eddowes womun, ono
ot the Whltechupol victims. Tho exact truth
of the charges was not und novel' will bo nicer
tnincd. ns Deeming was tried, epnvlcted. sen
tenced, and linnged for tho killing of Kinlly
Mather only. An idea of tho number or crimes
attributed to him, ns well as of his wholo le
murknblo career since tHSl.raay Lo gathered
from this condensed statement:
lHHl-MiMTlct MUi VMrle.tinioiint St. Paul's Church,
llinlir-r Irnncmerc. Went Mono in Antrili.i
lusi lolru'rt liv hlnMire. clit In Jnll Tor U weel.il
for tie rt. lio mil Hint tlmo iipftMj 1 1 Lr mirMiiir
an a p'utnbcr.
lets, c-cti lilt lwp tit n Isrffe imij. iri'fl uten a
frati lulenv. LauVriiptey. ami iiDL'onrt trout hikm.
1HH7-Klet-. Irnm Aile'aide lo I'npe Tiinli uritr
rohblnir two brotlit-rs Mlnaa lio melot u,o
lssi.ponfi, hi IHirb in in, a lutnnu t-lu'ilictr t'olni: In
JotiHiiiienliurif. ami xtu'cvLtli m otnuittu iMO by
.Mine nctn .15o) tn Ilurb.n in porloim ileeilf.
obtalnn iC'Oworlh ofJi-Mre'ry. ami iti.cuinp-
sipi jo Turncl up unoxpeciully lit iilrUrnheal,
wliiro llln wire wan llitnir.
Octnb-r In traced by a private iletecllv... Mho Mania
tll.Ti to,' the TratiR.-a.il rotborlv. In t vn berwell. then
lit stft'lttmi olilro,. Mlel bvrt otr.ltll to liltiliti
NoviMtilirr satin on tho Jumna lor Aiuir-tlla; lcaitn
the teicl at Port SaM, ho iloubles on l.in puriuer flti'i
rctiirna lo lllrtiiheail.
iwo. Januir) A Harry I,iron lio leaves lllrken-
leli JH Arrhea at llcierlry ami ntarnei Mi Matlic
on a fortnight attert aril.
March 15 tlbtaltitt Jeirelry by fate pretettrf a at Hnll.
Slarclt lit all front Soutbanirlon ror South
Art It 7 VrrentM it Mon to Video.
tut. HI Tried at Hull Awliea oml ntenreil tn nine
montufc' Inuir.noninent.
istii. Julv 10 I.lberateit frntn Hull jail
July -1 An Mbtrt Oliver Ml liam nnil,e hlslrnta
reuranre lit naltttllll, to iniutte almut llllltiam Vil.a.
anl takes up roiilenco at the Coinm-rclal Hotel
.luty -'2 ll.e.toa at the hotel with a itark li.ily, wlio
turn out tn be his wife. Vlrn Hremliijc ,f Hnkeiihea.1
July -M I.unchea ut ttie lintel with his Mlfe lHar
terwanlii aecoinp inlei to Ituytoub) Mtil4 Mather, atel
lien tbo agreement or tenaney.
.Inly 2e Mrs. Deeming anil tour chiMren ar-tte at
Wnhain Vllij.
July -il-7 Tho nvefoM murder i rominlttel.
Setit. 'ii Morrle Mhir I-tutty Mather at lUinblll
Oct 17 Salla Mitli bin Miro trnrn London to AuflrallA.
Nov 27 Mica Mather's tat letter putted on ttie way
out. at Colombo
Pen. 2-4 MUi Mather tntinlereil
181C .l.ilinary AasMannton. applies for another wife
Inn Melhourn matrlinonlal anenry. itecocnirel In
Syilnev l.v a uhllean Proi'oeeii lo and la acce,le,lby
flc l!otmeellt Perth H astern Auatnlla
Kebruar W rnto to MIn MatbeHoti at Heverlet re
ppatltiir a previously uiade renuet that che slmuM
viarth k Arrested on the ere of his marrlajro to Miss
Dcemlng'sdefencnnthls trial was insanity,
but in theirvoidict tlio jury found thnt lio was
snne. Subsequently Deeming confos-ed to
the prison eleigvmnn that he killed Mrs.
Slather-Deeming, but ho did not louionibor
liny of tlio circumstnnccs. Deeming was
about 45 yenrsold nnd of n respectable English
family. Tho story of his llfo. written by him
in prison, ho loft with his othor effects tn his
lawyer, Mr. Lyle. with instructions thnt one
tenth of the proceeds of thn sale of his auto
biography bo given to Miss liounsovelL
noru.'n Bftur foc.d.
The Mystery of III OI inprnrnnce From
Itajoune Partly F.xplulned.
Batonxe, Mac 22. Tho mystery surround
ing the disappearance of J. H. Dojln of 120
West Fifth street, bore, was partly cleared up
to-day by tho llndlngof bis body in Xownrk
Bay. near Elizabeth. It had been In tho water
n very long timo. but n summons found in his
pocket proves the Identity.
Mr. Doylo disappeared on Thursday. Feb.
2.". After eating his dinner on that day ho put
u considerable sum of money Into his pocket
nnd stnrted for Now York. Slnco that tlmo
nonoofhls family has seen him. A car driver
said that Jlr. Doylo hoarded his car at tho
Eighth street depot on the day of
his dlsappearanco and rodo down Ave
nue D to Filth btroct. and then
through Fifth street us far as tho hor-o ears
ran boforo turning into Avcnuo A on tlmir
way to thn titatett Island ferry, lloro Mr.
Doylo nligbtol. nnd the last thn driver hiuv of
him ho was walking along Fifth streot In tho
direction of his home.
Mr. Doyle's house Is nlniost nt tbo end of
Fifth street, thn street terminating on tho
slioio of Xnwnrk Bay. It was then thought
that Mr. Doylo hud been taken sick, nnd hud
unwittingly ptissetl his homo and fallen into
tho water. Lntor the tlieorv of murder, to
which thn family had adhered from tho llrst.
was revived by thn fact that on tho
night of Ids return two men had board
ed n horse ear at the point where Jlr. Doylo
left the one on which bo i"ue and had gono lo
thoMntitn Island I'crrj. nnd thcro. upon find
ing that tlio lust bo.it h id lelt for Port Bich
inond. tried to get the watchman to ferry them
iicroi-slnn rowboiit. The watchmnn refused,
and they disappeared along thoshore. Thn
Stitten Island pollno mado every effort to trace
theso men. but fuilod.
Mr. Doylo was n conspicuous flguro In city
nffulrs, although he hail never hold nn office.
He wns about M yenrs old. At tho tlmo of Ids
dlsnppoaranco ho was a member of a Hudson
county potlt jury.
AititEbTun rim jir.Acmi.ur.i.ya.
Two Blen Who Try lo Illeed Coin rutin
;umh:er K.HI Inlo n Trnp.
Coi.ujinrs. Ohio, Muy S'-'. Editor Levering
of tho Suutlau ll'ii-W was nrrested Into last
nlslil for blackmail. About ono month ago
Levering mndo II. W. Tlernan bus'ness mali
nger of tho Woriil. and it has been run ns a
blackmnlllng shoot since. Tlernan Is tho fel
low who stnrted tlio report nbout Senator
Shormnn having given lleprc sontnttve Dough
erty $:t.r(X) to vote forhi'ii for United States
Senntor and caused the long andusolcBs In
vestigation. About n weok ago Tlernan addressed letters
to all tho prominent sporting men of tho city,
saying that ho eonte-ni'latod waging vyar
iigalnstganibilnir through thci columns of tbo
iPui'fi. out Inllninil.ii: tluit hn could bo
"llxed." r-uporlntfiiilcnt Murphy of the po
lien forco hud Ills attention called to theso
lutterh. und ho put UP a Job on J lernun.
A. Dulfey I c -iisj a swell sporting Iiouso on
Wost Matii streot. nnd In; matin ni'liing.jnients
to hnvo Tlernan cull on him at 1 1 o clock list
night nt his rooms. Two detectives wero de
tailed to catch Tleruiin. , .,,,,.
Concealed behind abed worn tho dolectlves
and live witnesses. '1 lernun said, ns soon ns
ho vvalkud into the room, lint : tho I .aw nnd
Order Loflgue had olTeied him ,.H0t) to mnko
'vvar on tho gaPiblcrs. " , t that forsfStKlho
vvoultl rortise. ns Iho ';'' V"? not "ITOsod to
gambling. IMilfcy preicndcil to aceej,r, inn
giivoTli.rnan u c I. fm ''iln' nmikinl
MOO bill. As soon us in; n-co pte III o money
Dotoctivo licrKln ur i-e irom behind tho bed
und mudo Tlori-an it prlsnnr.
,ov Inis was in r ste I in thn pr Ir i Ing offlcn.
Their bail vva- nvd ut-sMO. which thoy nro
uii "iblii to give us et. and both men uro lockud
up in tbo citvprlcou.
(. ot Amu nd SSnv lliivo Kilibed Auollier
Jl oat llftlcc,
llocm.sTEiu May 'J'-'.-On Friday Inst John
King, who was under ariest for Post Ofllco
burgiuiy. slipped his handcuff whllo on Ills
wiv"from tho I'nlted States Court to tho j ill
I, lescupe'l, iJist night tho Pot Omcn.it
Viititl t a village. fowmllos south of lieio, wiih
etitere I M ihohiimo methods iiunjuod by King
In hla fotiner liurglurls. T hrc,q liuiulrod and
llfly diillalH in. money anil S-'iKJ In postage
sin in 'swvro taken. It Is sunposod King wus
thu oi.erntor.
One l.:ivyer Kliootx Aiioller,
Wichita. Knn.. May. V2. - Judgo Ieaao O.
Ileetl shot and fntally wounded Isnuo Hopper,
on tho main street of Wellington, Sumner
eiiitnli. last evening, Both men urn, promt
nenl nttonieys of Iho (own. The shooting was
Iho result of a quarrel over Judge Bend's at
tentions to Mis. Hopper for two yours nat.
itecd'h ivllo liu-e in ilistnu. Hojiper lb tapidly
thirsty souls welcomed.
I.lllle Trouble for the KnntvlnE tsnd Iho
llirloni. to Find Iho Way Tllrotllh the
slde Ilnnr lot Arresln Werliatvken Dry
Inr the Flint Time In It ItUtory.
Fnder normal conditions vestordny would
havo boon a fairly dry day in Now York, oxcept
In thn tenement districts, which wero novor
known topormlt a Sundny drought. Thorn was
some fall of moisture from tho clouds, but ont of
(ho kind that necossltntos very much drinking
to keep a iust bnlanco. It was not so cold as
to suggest tho nood of Internal warmth, antl
thotewns no heat to make tho soul yearn for
thirst destroyers. Novortholess yostorday was
a wet Sundny such n Sunday aB would havo
grloved tho soul of Dr. Parkhurst had ho beon
horo. Instead of In tho quiet New England vil
lage vvnero Amhorst Colleco Is sltuntod.
It would nrpenr thnt Dr. Pnrkhurst has
nrousod so much curiosity on tho subjectof
tho possibility of getting drinks on Sundny
that no man fcolsthat ho has dona his duty
unless ho goos In person nnd leans against
bars, and proves by the rersonal engulfing of
several drinks thut theso things exist. A man
who was deaf, dumb, and blind could not havo
failed to find out thnt drinks were to bo hnd.
Tho blinds wore all down, nnd ono had only to
stop In front of a placotohenrthounmlstnk
ublo sounds of n thriving business within.
There weio arrests, of course.
Olio pollen Cuptnln, whon asked what hn was
doing nbout the Exelso law, e.ild: "My men
nre on tho lookout, anil I think they'll cntch a
fow. No. I hnvo no men out In citizens' clothos,
but If nny saloon has n dlsordeily crowd bo
bind Itscititnttis I sbnll send n man tu citi
zens' clothes to make an arrest, if tlio regular
ofllcr ciiii'l get In. 1'eiMoiinllv, I believe In
enforcing the law. If it were enforced rigidly
lor several Sundays the next Legislature
would bavotoiepe.il It. Thero are only two
people out of eleven who go to church at
all In Now York, nnd one of thoso
Is n Cntlnilic. who goes only in tbo
forenoon. Most of tlio nino anil thn Cat hollo
in the afternoon propose to enjoy themselves
on Sundav. und they will havo something to
di Ink. How In thunder tbo ono timn who
believes In proving and singing and silting In
tho buck of the house with the blinds elosed
nil duy hiindnv is going to hold the other ton
In check I don't seo "
Superintendent Byrnes declined to tllsciis
the subject of excise, lfls train of thought
dltl not seem to bo running In that dire -t Ion.
A bartender in a white apron stood reading a
newsimrer Inside the i saloon nt the northwest
corner of Houston itreetand the Bowery vos
torday nftcrnoon. This Is the saloon that .Su
perintendent Byrnns sent a poltceninn to close
two Sundays before, thnt being the llrt time
It was closed In t"ti yoirs. The h.trtoinier
"hnol: his head nnd ninilod when thirsty way
farers tried to cot in nnd get n drink. Thoie
wasn't nny trouble in getting drinks In tho
saloon on tbo opposite sldo of tho Bowery,
which Is just two blocks from wlieie tho Su
perintendent sat In Ills oltlce.
Nine saloon keepers wero nrrnlgned in tlio
Yorkville Pollen (Vurt for violation ot the Ex
cise low. Justice Hognn suid In each caso to
tho nlilcer:
"You went Into tho placo and found tho
prisoner thero?"
" Yes. sir."
"Did you see anything sold?"
"No. sir."
"Did you see anything exposed for sale?"
"No. dr.
"You arrestod him then for having his place
"Yes, sir."
" Tho prisoner is dischnrged. That is not n
Before thn excise cases wero renchod. Agent
KiPgof thnGerry society brought boforo tho
Justice fourteen-year-old Bernard Fitzsim
mons of 242 Devoo street. Brooklyn. Agont
King said that nt:io clock In the morning ho
had found the boy fast asleep and dead drunk
on tho stairs of the elevated station at Thirty
fourth street nnd Third avenue. Tho hoy
could not walk, nnd King carried him to tho
Thirty-fifth street police station. All tho boy
could remember was thnt he went Into .-.saloon
nt Nlnety-ovontli street nnd Second nve
nuo on Saturday night, whero somo men filled
him up on whiskey nnd other drinks. Then
thoy put him on nn elevated train. The boy
war hold for exnmlnatlon to-day.
The returns from tho different precincts
showed that although thn city wnsveiy wet.
this condition was not owing to lack of energy
on the part of the pollco. At Klo'clock Inst
night thn number of arrests reported to Police
Headquarters reached 101. Tlioro wero
soventy-seven on tho previous Sunday. It was
said that another order wns sent out from
lieadquuitmson Saturday.
Tho I'nptainsin somo of thn precincts shifted
their men to now poats. Kxcept In two In
stances. tli precincts reporting no arrests nre
the special ilepartmonts. such as dm steam
pniit squad. The record of nrrests by precincts
ritrtiul. Arrr' I'iioiij Ant l,rtnt't. Am?,
J, . l'lO . 2 23 . 1
2 . . 3 14 ... 2 SO 1
u o ir . n j, , r,
4 4 in . . s o
. . 2l7 0I2.1 4
tt 1! is) 1 no . 4
7 . 1 in r, 31 1
k 4 21 :i sis ... :i
ti 1 21 jIjij :i
ii 7 2.' 4i:n . o
11 . c 21 . 3 :u . o
12 1. 24 .2.lll . . o
Tho closing of tho saloons in Hobokon last
Sunday erected a great surprise, but it was
nothing compared to tho surjulsu King Simon
Kelly gave his subjects in i eohnvrken yester
day. King Simon. In his several rapacities ns
Mayor. Chief of Police. Chief ot thu 1'iro De
paitment, Piesidont of thu Town Council, Ac
received mum tliuu throu weoks ago Judge
Llliplneott's letter demanding a strict enforce
ment of thu istiudny laws. Mayor Kelly too!;
tho subject under consideration. Ho had not
arrived ut any conclusion threo weoks ago.
nnd consequently tlio saloons in 'eehawl:en
wore all open on tho Sunday niter the letter
was received, iho Jersey City saloons v.vro
closed, but business wits curried on In Hobo
kun as usual. A week ago yesterday the Ho
bokeii siiIiiiiIih wero clos, d. Tvvonty-thrro
arrests were made lor violation ul the law.
Then Mann Kelly held a (uii-i.ltntluii with
Chief (if Pollen Kelly, and 011 sat unlay night tho
Chief hud bis policemen notify nil ihu tiiloon
iieepeislu Ytcchuwkiii that they must keep
their places dosed. Simon's, mandates uro
never questioned in Weckliawken, and conse
quently it vviis impossible tugot a glussof boor
t hero est crday. I.veiy pluco was closed lib
soltitelv. Sinn n Mild hn would sot know where
to get a 1I1 Ink hi m sell If lie wanted one.
"1 havo dono tills," IiohiiIU. "out of respect
for Judgo Lipplneott. I think my people
would Hither havo tho saloons onon that Is, I
incuii. ncccssililn-hut when Judge Lipplneott
suss tho law must lie eiuorcod, It must boon
leieoil. Tluit is all there Is about It."
If Ih no doubt trito that for the Hist tlmo In
tbo history of Weohawkenthn saloons wcionll
I'nion Hill and West Hobokon wero nlsn dry
- that Is, oorai uratlvely dry. A stiauger 1 orlhl
not get a drink, but u" regular" liiulnuspooiul
peed to suffer from tlilist.
'J hero was a changed condition of ut.a'rs In
Holioken. Jjist Sunday evoiy place was closed
tight, ami ho was a clover man who could suc
ceed in getting u drink. Yesteidav thero was
not so much illfllculty. The police ui'P'ireiitly
had received quint orders that tliei need not
bosoonergctle In enforcing thn law -is thev
hud beon on tlio prev Ions Sunday. If thnysaw
nny plieoopen. or lieiinl tnusl.i or noise In
side, their duty requited them to go in und
111 rnt tho proprietor, if thev had icuson to
believe that a place was open und tlio law he
Ing violated they worn lo fit pear I eroro the
liecorder this morning and mnko 11 loriuul
complaint. Tlnnosull wan that thnre were no
uirests ycstotibiv. Cupt. lluvos tn.d thcro was
not a pluco in tho city open to his linowjodgo.
As a mutter of fimt every saloon thuMi.isn
sldetloor was accessible to the habltilos, al
though It was dltllcult for a stranger to gut a
J Idoriuio wis open, but nothing stronger
than soda water, sursupurillu. welss beet, or
ginger ale wu sold.
In Jeisey City tlio vigllunco of the pollco was
somewlint rclnxod. still llicre were u great
many saloons on the principal stieots tint
wero absolutely clobcd. Thoy were mnluly
suluuiib thut hud no convenient side dours.
Mi-preted of Cniialn: the Ilrnlh nfit liillil,
Tbo pollro lalo Inst night .11 rested Eil'.vurd
Kelly iiml I'1" wife Kuto of :J12 Eist Forty
llfth street, on suspicion ot causlir,' (ho ilenlh
of u throe-iliiis-oltl child found on thoioofof
IIHIEait J'ortv-llfth street.
Mrs. Kolly. wlio was very sick, was taken to
DclloMin llopitul 11 Pii6onor. Hur husband
wus lo.'kud up. -.
r.x-KIro liiier Ueckrr III,
John Docker, nt one time Chief of tho Volun
teer Flro Department of this city, Is very III
with pnouraonlunt lilsliomolnPortlllchmond,
Stitten Island. At 1(1 o'clock Inst night ho was
rusting quietly. The doctor sunt that nothing
but his Mmii.' on-Mtutlou and Iron will could
piutiiU)' pull hiai iliiou.M.
ISA Drowned Out nf 1ST on Tlonrd, Cnpt.
Cnatrot Amnnr the Number,
MorcrEvinEo. Uruguay, via Galvoston. May
22. Tho Brazilian warship Sollmoos wns
sunk this morning in tho harbor of Monto
vidoo, nnd 122 of hor crew wero drowned.
Only llvo oscnped. 8h o struck a rock violently,
bows on, off Polonlo Island, noar Point Kegrn
Cnstillos. Tho woathcr was rough. Sho sank
almost Immediately.
Tho Sollmoes was u, two-turrctcd Iron mon
itor. Her displacement was ,1,700 tons. Hor
battery consists ot four 25 tou 10-Inch muzzlo
loadlng guns.
Capt Custrot wns among tho drowned.
IT. . TASnKlinil.T WORSE.
The Chance fume nn Ibe 8Sd jltsy of Ille
Attiirk of Typhoid.
W. II, Vandorbllt, tho eldest son of Cornelius
Vnndorhllt. and a student ut Yulo. has boon
sick with typhoid fovor at his father's Iiouso at
1 West Flfty-soventli streot. Yesterday thero
was a chango in his condition, and Into Inst
night his father suld that tho chutigo wns for
tho worse.
Tho Borvants wero up at a Inter hour, and
word was sent to 040 Fifth avenue, tho rcsl
doncoot Mrs. William II. Vnnderbllt and her
son George, grind mothor nnd undo of tho
sick young man. There wore n number of in
quirers nt tho house.
Ycstordny was the twenty-second day of the
fovor which attacked joung Mr. Vnnderbllt
while ho was at Now Haven. Tho twonty-llrst
day. or a day near that. Is usually tho critical
day in typhoid.
Dr. James W. Mcl-auo was nt tho house all
night, and Cornollus Vnnderbllt also sat up.
Thais niii.viivns at uoiiic.
Ties Filed on the lloeb. Ialnnd Truck to
Wreck n Fut Train.
Des JIoines, la.. May 22. A sensation was
cnusod horo last night by nn nttompt to wreck
nnd rob tho voctibuled train over tho Chicago.
Bock Island and Pacillc. Tho train Is gen
erally crowded with passongors, nnd Is dim at
lli.'S. When two miles west of tho city, whero
tho tracks run through a Innelv and dosolnta
pluco. tbo train rnn into a pile of lallroad ties
placed on thn track. Tho train had been run
ning llftv miles nn hour, but was signalled
in timo to slow up before reaching tho tlos.
Tho night walker, who Bigpalled tho train,
says ho was going up tho truck ut about 11:110
o'clock when ho cumo to tho obstructions nn
tho tracks. Ho commenced to romovo thorn,
when ho was attacked and sovornl shots wero
tired nt hliii. Ono of tho shots btruck his Inn
torn, broke it. untl loft him in thn dark. Ho
then mado his eeapo and went to tho brick
nnd tile woi ks, nbout a linlf mile away, to yi't
11 new lantern and assistance if possible. Whllo
going hn wns again shot nt.
Benching tho brick aril ho secured a lantern
nnd passed nround the otstriictlon to n point
abovntosign.il tbo train. The passengers re
ceived n severe shaking up. and for a timo
thero was u panic in the crowdi tl train.
TliopnsBongersiitllrHtsupj.osi.il thut it was
duo to n washout on nccount of tho floods.
Immediate scutch was uommnncod for tho
would-be robbers, but uu trace hub boon discovered.
vrotectiox anovisa at yai.e,
CUm Htnlltleaor'0Hbow a Strict Change
In Grfldaute Hentltnent,
New Havkjt. Mar 22. Tho class book of tho
senior class of Yalo will bo issued to-morrow.
It contains all sorts of statistics, from tho size
of a rain's shirt collar up to his ancostry.
Among other things tho book stntos:
Thonvornge oxpenses for tho coureo wero:
Freshman year. ST.'O: sophomoro. $715:
junior. 5800; senior. ?S00.
Tho highest flguro fora year's expenditure
is$2.rt00. the lowest $00. Fifty havo had to
partly earn thoir wny. Tho nvorngo prlco raid
for board was $5.57 pnr week. Of tho class. 05
are Itejniblicans, 22 Democrats. 20 Indepen
dents, nnd ono is a Prohibitionist.
Tlio protection sontlniont Is increasing at
Yule. Tho following comparative tablo shows
thu rnto in tho lust four classes:
s 1. ne. '.o;, o?.
Vreo trade . r,r, 40 411 42
I'rotectl in 4.'l 3H 70 HJ
Twelve men never play cards on principle,
and six for the snmo reason never go to tho
theatre. II. M. Kfdd of New York Is voted tlio
handsomest man In thn class, und at thu same
time tlio most concoitud.
Till: allAST-'JOXKl.IXG T.ETTi'.r..
An KxiiZnmitlnn from Columtiuft of tlio Wny
It Rat Into I'rlnl.
Cmctfio. May 22. Tho rraftf nColuml.il .O.t
special says that Investigation to diccovertlio
source of the Grnnt-Conkllng letter has
brought to light interesting facts. "Tho
original copy is not here, nor is it known
vibnro it Is." said a man to-dnv who claims to
hnvo known that bue.li a lutler was about to
bo sprung for somo weeks. "Tho copy glvon
tho press enmn from nn obscure colored man
in this city, but I nm sure ho wns used morely
to conce.il tin, real exploiter of tho lettor, I
n 111 told that thn letter has this history:
".Several months ago a prominent New York
Bepubllcan. an udmlrerofConkliugumlGmnt.
was eng-iged in 11 politlenl disciisblon in tho
oillcoof an Ohio nlllclnl with sevornl gentle
men. Grant's thin! iitlcinpr was brought
up, Tho New Yo'kcrdnfended him, nnd during
tho discussion ho drew tills letter from bis
pocket und read it. Ho then pine ul it back In
Ids pocket and asked that nothing ho suld. A
stenographer at work- in tho ofllco. hownvor.
took notes of It, and It Is from his notes that
tho letter hns beon produced."
Itnllroud Ilriikeiuen on Ktrlkr.
Dujt.vi.o. May 22. Thero Is n sttlko of tho
brakomen 0111 ployed on tho construction
trnlnsof thonoiv Buflalonnil Geneva division
of tho Lohlgh Valley llnllroad. Tho men say
that up to April 1 thoy received Sl.TOatlayand
17 ' cents nn hour for overtime, and that on
thatduto their pay was reduced to S1.50nday.
They declare that they did not know this until
the pny car cauio around this morning.
The situation Is verj annoying totbo com
pany, which anxious (0 htirry along tho
work In oidnr that tho lino may bo completed
l.y .July l.wiien thu extended contract with
tho Lilo expires.
Will Acc-pt the I'rrpttleney oft'olhy.
IMirrwsn. -Me.. May 22 -Tim Bev. B. F.
Whitman ta-d.iv announced thut lie'houhl
uecei t tho I'resldnncy of Colby Cnlver-iiy. Hn
liiinhiidiliv mntto,- under advisement slnco
his election, and a stiniig piersnie bus brim
hrnrulit hyt 10 rrrn Street Chuuli to Induce
him to lujuiilu ns pastor.
hlx Arrt'Hlx lor the Florida Triiln Murder.
.I.M'jtsoNViu.r, Flu,, May 22.-Tivo Mii'ilfTs
poshes havo captured six men suspected of
the attempted train robbery und the murder
near Mtinro Junction ye.sterd.n. nnd two
others uro liu.ng trailed by tn. mil blood
hounds. It Iht'Speeto I Unit tiu-y williun tliain
down before morning,
Ton l.ole it III 11 llnlivtis l illpil-.
Nino tlcb.'irrel contract laborers wero put
n board tin I.truiiu on ."aturdui to ,; buck to
Liverpool. Thu Etiurlu sailed ut 1 P. M. At
4 .in o'ctei k SittinhiV Uiternoon 1 uud It
Brothers ci'ivdl a writ of lu.beas tornus on
Col, Wobei to keep tho iiiuu J j 111:1 sul'iug.
Found Iltci Ailv eiaiiry Coder Arrest:,
rollremaii llt.ar fiiiiml liaintlOitricniJriiiiW In Hist
SIM J llrslstrirt tail liik'llt Mel took Idui In the l.ail
Slt levfitth street station I mine. An linuraftrrMiir,!
loiMreuro iit'imtiur nf UnA Past Suit. ilrst street en
tired tt,. station bin 111 g Irulu a a' tb Moutlil in tho
lie leiouiu.'ej OTtrli n asotic nt it k.tnir that bad m.
rauiti 1 linn A big Kllltn ultu blooJ uu It nusfuuud
en tl Ul Inn,
The Kmpire State Ilvpress-fastest ".ratn In the wo:U
v,a ,i m t'nr t ttitral. Hill vn eu ort cu uui
c.t.r i.LjJj) nit ui s.jj A. Jl.-aj.l .
!!,H0O MILES. ''M 1
Not n liny thnt the Cnnnrder Conld Nat ,
Keen from the Alualtn'a Deek-Of Conraa .ft
It Wasn't a lines ror the Mall PrlTllegaj KflT
No sklpporot a palatial steam packot ove ffllj
admits Hint ho ovor racos with any othef i
packet, Tho sklppors of tho Aurnnla of l-fK
tho Cunnrd lino nnd tho Alaska ot the! lljt,
Gulon lino, which flnishod yostorday off tha fJHj
rod lightship nt Sandy Hook a remark 'tV
ablo pnssngr, aro not exceptions to trill JH
rulo. But If thoy didn't raco this trip , 'ijH
well. If thoy dlin't. thoy didn't.nnd mayb s'-ilH
tho mall-onrrylng prlviloco. now hold by tha 'Hliljl
Aurnnla, nnd said to be worth something Ilka !!lt 1
$11,000 a trip, hatl nothing to do with It ,;m jy
Tho feature of this trip wan not tho rapid ' I in
tlmo mndo. but tho fact that tho vessels kept n
within easy sight of each other ovor tho ontlrti i SI;
oconn track of 2.800 mlios. V 1 ll
There wus lots of bottlngon tho result In th -JiVnHr
saloon ot tho Alaska nt nny rnto. The Alaska ;?jH
Is nn old record holdor, and has mndo tho trip ftll !1
between Queonstown nnd Now York in 0 day ij Yw
IS boms nnd HI minutes. w 1
Tho Aiirnuin has not dono so woll as this by j! j
sovornl hours, hut sho Is a crack singlo-acrew 71! j
boat. She nlsohnd tho advantage, from tha ll , j ,
bettor's standpoint, of having vniiqutshed th '$ I
Alaska by throo or four hours on thoir last trip ' j!
to this port. .ill 1;
To win tho mull-cnrrylng prlvllogo tho ',flB'
Alaska must beat tho Aurnnla throe times in -jjl
succession. M
Purser Brandt of tho Alaska says that aha , . mm
loft Cork Harbor shortly aftor noon on Sun s ' ilfi
tiny. May 15, anil that tho Aurnnla stonmod "jij
aftor her probably hnlf an hour Inter. Thu j
brcezo was strong from tho wost. nnd the sea ' iVri If
poundnd under tho ship's tiows ;J
When tho sun went down thn Aurnnla np- 'iljft.
reared to bo about four miles awny. and after 't S
tbetwlllgltt faded tho chasing Cunnrdor was 11) m
distinguished by tlio many lights Hnshlntr hM
from her ports. . J,
She took a slightly moro southerly courso i w
than tho Alaska, and was on tho '.lulon boat's ' ft
pint qunitur most of Ibe voyage. If jl
Thn Alaska pnssed Fast not ut 4:02 P. M. on ft, (1
Sunday. The Aiimnln was llfty-fonr mlnutns -- jiS H
nstern ut this point. Pussengers who wero up 4I
early on Monthly morning saw tho funnels of ..,
tlio following ship spouting groat vulumos of sp
black smoke. Uit
Tho stokers wore hnrd nt It down In tha ')f,e f
shin's hob). Thoro was some hustling, also. vipf J'
in the stoke hold of tlie Alaska. I'ptonoonoa , Mi l
3Inndny tlte Alaska bntl logged :(().! knots. 'Vf
Tho lelutivo posItlonB or the ncers wora yl'F -
practically unchanged for three days, or up to ,. Fr
Wedno'ihiy last. Then thn Abisia begnn to "iffc .
gain a llttle-inelii-s at Hist, nnd llnnlly yards. "u' ;
Tliere was a ninderato southwest gale utul a. -st
high bend sen. through which tlio Alaska wa fQf ,
ablo to plungo with more biiccoss tliuu tho vj':j i
Cunnrdor. ''''"jj
Aftor midnight tho gnlo had moderated toa, ' ttj
brisk wind anil the Bi;y bocamocbmrllrss. Tin ' '
ofllcors 011 tbo bridge kept a continuous look- 1
out aft all night long, and wore glad to nnta ! J
th it thoir pursuer did not sem t igiiin any. W
Voyugers witli sporting blood stayed up Into ill I
in tbo smoking room untl mndo pools on tha ,. -a)
timn eitlior vessel would win or lose by. "iwa "
The Aurnnla slowed down bocnuso of fog on ',JJJ '
Frldiv sober log says but the Alaska's offl- 'il! ,
oris sav thoy saw tho Auranin through all j'oiiv
there was of that fog, and that alio was about r! :
oight milos nstern then. .)j
Sho lost stendllv r.ftnr thnt, nnd yesterday ' Iff,
nftonioon, forthe first tlmeduringthnvoyag.'. tllt
tho two vessels wero Invisililo to eacli other. Jjl,
largely becnusoof rain nnd fog. fs
Tho Alaska passed Sandy Hook at 5:20 P. M. , .15'
nnd tbo AurnnlnutU:4:i P. M.. orl hour nnd 23 fl
minutes beliind thn old-tlino critck. 'iJt
Tho Alnska covered 2.7!.i miles. The tlmo -M
other voyngo was 7 days 0 hours nnd 18 "fifi
mlnutos, and that of the Aurnnla was 7 days slf !
I! Iintirs nnd 47 minutes. igtTf
Thus tho Alaska won by .'10 minutes, com- iSiril
puting tbo time from Fnstnot. K ti
Thn Alaska came up to her pier. Tho Aura- uw 9
nla stopped at ijunrantlne. -,mi il
n r
six mili;s lrinr. ,t'
The MUalsslppI Mill Itiistl-e-TintnsSlslled -'"
In Hi- Wnter. VTsS
Burunotox, JIny 22. Tho Mississippi Blvsr J '.ill
nt this point is virtually six miles wide K tlM 3
riso of eight inches lias occurred slnco yestor- '$ 5
day. and tho stream Is still rising. Jlf
Burlington passengnr No. 4. duo hero nt 0;0 5(
o'clock last night, arrived this evening, belnj (jj i
tho first tmln from the Wost for thlity hours. A k
The train was well filled with pnssnneors, who - 'M i
hinlh"n on hoard dtirlnc the imtlro time. ill a
A dining car was utlached to tito train, and fJwi i
the coniiuiiiy fed th- pnssengnrs In it Iron of K a
cost, liellg'ous cervices worn conductod la f, u
ono nf the ears by u minister who wns a pus- :V ij
senger. A p.iaseng"r train on the St. Louis. !T; (j
Keokuk nnd Northwectnrn got stalled In tha A: B
water at Alnxantlrlu, Mo., wblcli put out tha J,i S
flres in thn engine. SJM
Amos. III.. .May 22,-Col. Boll of the Btata ijj
militia nrilvcd this morning with two cur ft 5
loads of supplies for tlie flood sulterms. In- )J 3
eluding fonts. Iilankets, un I cots, which wera jJs
stored subject to tlio order ot tbo Belief Com- 'X j
mitten, flov. Flfer and party arrived later, nf- fii! S
termakinsa tour of tho flooddd districts bo- '(J; 1'
low here. ''!"
Soen Thronisll 11 Tou;, Dnrkls', ei
Tho stcimshlp Ln Tournine. which arrived 'Si
on Sntiuday nlghl. pnssed closo to a big ice- !'ftJfi
berg 011 Thursdny night In a thick fcg. One of Hm
thn ship's olllcersde-eilhod tlio berg ns " bin "itj
as thu Atluntlu lllghlnnds," "fnaf
The Wentlier. 'osS?
The storm that was over the middle Atlsntlc Ftatst '"E
nn Saturday moved eastward, and clearing neatber M
bad beun lo set lit yesterday niorntlnr when a second vijl
storraajipearod. sltrtltiK tha Atlantla roast rroiu Plor- '
Ida tnVirinl-t. Uraduall) lis elfjrts were lelt a',1 alon ti 4
the coast. Tl.n centre of tho storm Is probably near , j
Itermuda and it un ors a ti Ida area of tlio ocsau. The tu'
btglt wlnls Jlk. rearbed Hie const hit". No reports frora ' J to
llitterns uiri reccttcd becain tho wires mere down. ' jfjj
The rain ami stretched from I'torlda to Maine, o.vtead- f fcjj
hnz ittlanU tothe Alleirhany Mountains. Mil 1
1 he storm U likely 10 continue lis course tn the north- jjj J
east and le followed by clcarln. neathcr In this regioa i'C fj
by tins afternoon. j 18 f
(iinorallr fair nenlher pret ailed tent of tha Alia- if 81
nhany Mountains, etrept ror a fow scattered local jlK
showers In Iho Ohio and Mississippi Val'.ejs. J(
There : a storm fornilnit ni er tha Ha'.otas As yet jifif
little rain has fallui, but the lemjierature has risen jjfj
anil Is now slmia freerlnff point In nil districts. 'jli
It naarlouilv in this city In the raornln; and rainy rf.cl
afle:3P VI., hiimlditj uierased 01 per cent.i wind t 'Wit.
northin.t, nverairn veloclt) lo miles an hour; hiirheat ii'b'
o'.llelal temperature, ro0: lotreit, 4'! total rainfall up -'iM-
toio I". M. half aulro'i. rj
The tin niioiiieter ut J'crrj's pharmacy In Tin Sr MM
bulldim.' it corded the teni pt-rature) est erday as follow st 'Al
.'sr, f.'?, fisr. fs.92. 'Jm
n.v vi i..i 47- .-nop vt j;; r.7
n .1 VI n. n it r M 74 M" ,j
tl M .71' l III1 VI l'l 4HJ ,"3
U'M 7S M IS Mid liT 4rt 6-'jM
Aiorii;.! . .. r.oy i'Tm
Atiruteon May22, JH'.il 1 -foB
a tftini.Tov rnnrctir rua mnvnsr. rVrli)l
J'or Ne'l I lis"! md and tntrn re V-rt. tlwrrt, Hnrtfi 1 slttlH
nfrlf IM.i l. Of sii,7, ,,,,' iraririr In l'llii yH
I'or eihttrn ' nn 1 onti. ,Nw Jersey, Peiaware, ..Jjtl
an,'. Varylatil shoutn, nrtbtasttrly wlnN, tu H
rrea-lnuT, H
I ,ii wt'itera Nea Yor'' western IVnnstiianla. West lH
Vlrriiiin, and iil'lo i.'rtiierally fair, pre-ed'd by Ugh; pH
1.1.0 er on the likes, slichily toolcr at i u;uuibuia4 Bl
I'ar-i'rstiurj; v. wide mostly s-inth 19
lor llniir.ni. i. .North liiluta. South I'akila Iowa, B
nnd Ni traska k nera.'y f.i'r. followe I bj-slihtshoMera V
In v rln nils, ith P.tkota; sllirhtly cooler luarstira i'B
pako'.i, narmer rlieuheri', s m.liuistf riy wiu Is. 'itlttll
.ro77vt7s Miour ions. j'iklH
----- tfl
Tb-ee w -"'t an t nineteen lin.n'ir-an's wrre 'onlol ;Wlj)))))fl
nt l.i i l.isii'in. id ii '9H
It'll banks hnii' .'it i er ni.slon to the llraut Mon- li7'ilH
iiiiiin ts.ouil i , i: i trliiiii.u bn st in WIH
unit., or Inelr pnllt. tele-. lj)H
All n ii-II pis i.rsn,iiOHt niu-lilpi'ltyof Hidis, ,'H
ii l.l, ', turn e I i in. is Mr J Harry. M. 1'., ','.iH
on, ,( in- prmiM ti,-- or I'Mnii', Jn .1.1', lliililm. JH
J u'htfiti it.,1!, u ins w irrlifi mi tlio itjaiusbtrs VitH
rn ,.,l a a, in ,, t 'i ' 1 s'.itiU T u'.' wru mtit to JIH
wi r in ,i t hi -a4 ' sum tai'lury. .ml Itul prepaid ' vpillH
Mnr teirr lur",i. i j minx laborer, wsifouni dsad lo f'iltH
lil.l,, i ,.t I'l'lln-' I'ort) siMtistrrei vestuiUay morn- -sltH
iiilt fioiu n- lij aiiium b k.i., Ii Is billjitd that lio sSfffH
lelt Iho li'iinr op.iii b i intake, 'vH
Mrs. ataii ('oh, ti. 4 V years old, became Insans at ber H
home .7 I s.ax stret, jisterdat iiinrnlrir. and was H
taki it loliit ev.ie ill s iitul. she hisbtcti vrorrjlnr oier fjH
the sikn .s ot u lUuifltter, nut Imagine Iba tha j)))))V
dauti ir isilead iH
while '.'I Trues was giinti tn a small nre yesterday. M
Thomas iliHiltcy ntl years dd. was luroan trnin tba jH
irui. ailinili avenue an1 ThirUe'li I'.rost 7l,e wheels B
tve,nter Ittslii-ly. brul.ln.' him badly anil cullUf M
ubsad, llu Kusukfulvilbl.ctuv. a , B

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