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W " " THlS SUN. fllOfrDAY, MAY 28. 1KC. ? g
I nr author or -ose of xms rr-
I He Calls ntnir Blooatlarz Jar.aad Baya
rmtt II Maney Eaotsgh te Fay the
Academy Henl-Fr.it Thlnga, Too.
I J thoxo rooi'lo who went to see tho " artistic.
; oMal. nnl nilUtuty ovent" which did not tnfco
Ml ttee it tho Aeadomir of Muslo on Baturdar
V n cht hiil V-nown thr full story of tho onter-
I trlse which thus ftdl7 fallod thor would liftvo
I uughed In f rlto of their disappointment and
I tliopourlneraln. Hut thor did not know anj-
I thine " t,,nt t'10 doors wero locked, that the
I BacASorsnero absent, and thataroush era-
I tilojA" of thu Acadomy was swoarinc at them
I to cot thorn out of tho corridor.
I Uliilo all thlwas coins on Mr. J. T. Pratt.
I tl.o mnnaRpr of tho ontcrprlso. two of his
I irlfmh nnd financial backer:, and Mr. Van
I Duon ri-rrosentlne tho owners of thehouso.
I were In tho box office hidden from view.
I Hftenlri: to tho howls of tho antrrr ticket pur-
cha'cr without. i:.u.lrjc ruefully at the box
rceolit. which amountodto J10, and wonder-
-; uro In thundnratlon Mr. If. filado was.
Jlr Mivlo hud boen thero Just lone onouch to
ttvjhow thlnes stood, and then ho had slipped
away Ycstordoy mornlne ho camo to Tub
Bin oftlco with blood In his oyo.
" TM 1b tho blankest scrapo I evor cot Into
In lay Hfo." h E,Id " nd I wnt t0 sot
right In tho matter. It's broken mo nil up to
hnvomr nama In tho papers at It was this
mornlnc. I'm In tho Insuranco business, and
I new hid any troublo In ray llfountll I wroto
this blank play. 'Ono of the Rnventli.' I wish
I'd nTer touched It You sen when the nlil
asked for one-act plays f hnppened to bo In
BuSalo. nL haying nothtnc to do one Sun
day. 1 sat down and wroto "Ono of tno
tJenth.' My son Is a member of tho Seventh
Ktime'D., and he's all cut up about It. Tho
tori are Buying the life o it of him. and ho
yi he's c olnir to elvo un his place down
town and tako the train to Boston. , . ,
Well. Iwrote tho play, and it was rojoctod.
Then Mr. Pratt offered to put Hon thostneo
for me if I would back him up a little. I was
not to ret any money for It, but iico. blooming-jar.
waatoeonteut myself with tho undo
of having a play produced In NewlorK. 1
t aid. ' Airriiht' and wo went ahead. He cavo
m 300 matinoe and 600 evening performance
tickets to sell, and I put most of them Infyn
dall's hat store, at 165 Vroadway. and Al
Jlearn'a saloon. Broadway and llleeokerstreot
fThen. you know. Prof. Oastlneau and Edward
O'alas Coward, who had rlays that were to be
brodocod with mine, also took a lot of tickets
'"ftofd Mr. Pratt distinctly that I was not
and never had boen a member of the Hoventh
fieimentbut in spite of that he advertised
the play to be by a member of the reciment I
old 4W5.60 worth of tickets, but paid Mr. Pratt
90. He said ho tnu;t have Uo at once to pay
the property man. and he had only $10. I cavo
him tho $16. Then I cavo him various other
sums of money, amounting in all to tW. Mr.
Clement a friend of his. lopt him $500 to pay
xpense. Oastlneau sold $110 worth of
tickets: I cave him i0; tho box receipts wore
$10, and ho cot $20 from another souroe. mak
fnc altogether $770. ow. why In blazes
dldnThe pay tho $500 for the rent of the house
It he was so anxious to produce the plays?
But no. He spent nearly halt the money In
cavinc old debts Incurred, In former enter
prises and let this affair slide. I sent back all
the ticket that weren't sold.
"Sow. I had no engagement to meet him at
1 the theatre at 0 o'clock, but had promised to
be at the Coleman House at 8:30. Itele-
f:raphed him to make it 7:30. thinking all the
Ime that since ho had tho money to ray the
rent the show would go ahead. He did not
keep the eneagemont I learned that there
wax a hitch about tho matter, and. fearing
thatthi rent might not be forthcoming. I
raced home to tell my wife and a lot of fashion
able people to whom I hod sold tickets
that they had better not go. I was
too late. I found my wife dressing, but
?11 tho others who live In our flat bad gone,
put $50 into my pocket thinking that If
there was any hitch about as small n. sum as
that. I would give It to Mr. Pratt When I cot
there I saw the crowd standing in the corridor,
unable to get in. and I made a pretty good
gucsB at the cause of tho trouble. After a
moment's reflection I went to Tyndall's and
Hearn'f. divided the $50 between tbom to pay
any ticket purchasers who mleht ask for their
money back, and then went home. I'm going
to pay tho rest of tho money to-morrow, and
then I'll say good-by to tho whole confounded
theatrical business." .......
When Mr. Pratt heard that Sir. Slade had
been making statements ho was discusted.
He was disgusted anyway, he snld. but this
made him tired. He had received a note from
Mr. Slade in the mornlnc. which also made
him tired. The note ran llfco this:
Dstn Sir: I am not wtU to-day anil thai! sea ma e. I
wlsi you to sntf t me at Hr Clement ottcv lo-raorrow
at 11 o'cli?k. Ntm-Wr ba. tcot to retract thoieuewe.
paper Itenn or there will b. trouble I ?ir you $25 aa
a klntne.a I a tranced VjO when I ba4 told aerea
ticket. I tave ouII&mor fruoi theealeof my nrt
t!rkci. ontt alter cetttnir trnm oil eourcei only $tt&, and
done Jait wbat jroo tald wltb tbe r.iualnlnr ticket,
von briny me Into the papers ai a tbtef. liar, and everr
tbiuielte Dun'tcome beie. aa mjf wife 1 quite 111
alo I will tee yon al abor I trial! pu: thu In mjr
attorney's banda. for I betleto it la a case (or him.
Tery truly. . t H. Sum.
It you go to the theatre ask that property man to
take care of that antforn.
After showing tho reporter this letter the
dlscustrd Mr Pratt said:
"That man Made wasn't thinking of any
thing except that he was going to have Ms
plar. hN own tootsy-wootsy play, but on tho
stage. Instead of hustling around trying to
sell tickets, he spent n weok loolclnc for a nice
uniform. I haven't got anything against tho
man. except that he misled me. and while Mr.
Ogdon and Mr. Vandusen and my friends were
consulting about thu serious sldo of this affair.
ho was running around on somo damphool
"In the first plaoe be cavo mo to understind
that hn was going to have hnlf the Seventh
Pegiment at thu play. He took 500 of the best
teats In the house. Now.lt I hadn't beliovod
that he could have disposed of tho tlckots I
wouldn't have gone Into the thing at alL But
what did ho do next t Whilo we wero nil wait
ing In tho ofllce for him to come down with the
money for tho tickets ho was sneaking around
outside, and we did not even hear'from him.
until at quarter past 8 o'clock a mossenger boy
brought In all the tickets that Blade had been
unable to sell. He didn't even have gumption
enough to bring them down himself. If thoso
tlckots had come down earlier, tbe rent would
have been paid and the curtain would have
cone up. As It was. It's none of Mr. Blade's
business what I did with the monoy I bor
rowed. I am only sorry for Prof. Jastineau
and Mr. Coward, who had sold tickets to many
, of their friends, and who are very much an-
1 nored over the matter. I. myself, am getting
used to disappointments In this business, but
I shall pay, dollar for dollar, every debt that I
havo Incurred, and see that every cent that
was obtained for tickets Is refunded."
nturcea AUiajilo rsrs B.v.
bo rim.... 4 361 Son me.... 7 IS Moon rtasa. It)
aicn w.rta rats pat.
asaynsok. 4 C7 I Coy, libad. 8 13 1 Ball Oats. 7 ett
jLrrlvca-SrxpiT, May 33.
B Anrsnla. Walker. Quetnatnwn.
Bs Alaska. Murray. Qu-emtown.
8t Rbaetta. Ln'lwif. lUmborg.
EsTaonnlna, Koch. Hamburg
6s Dunmora. Campbell, ragua
CgOevsnom Knadson, Op-rlo.
SeOrlnoco Qarvln. Bermuda.
S City of Columbia. Sterens Norfolk.
Ss oayandnt:. w alker. Norfolk.
Ss Wyanoke. Hoac. orfolk
Ss Nacoochee. bmltb. Pavannah.
Sehernlnole. Ilatt. I harleuon
atagk fcoigrao. from Rio Grande.
Fur later arrivals tee rtrst rage.)
J ecicoiad BTSAmuira.
jruCeCiuM. r.o.'i K.ut
Chattahoochea. Eayannab S txj r m'
Cherokee. Charleston tswr, it.'
coll r-morne.
Trays, Bremen 3(xja.M. 6 -to a, si,
nrcomYc srsAKsnira
Rlrarasl Gibraltar. May ;
ri)kla . Gibraltar May i)
i-enntand Antwerp. May 11
Cili.rad.i Mull May 7
rrrlaud London lay h
Meiuh lrtncs .......iiibrattar May g
State of Nebraaka. !as2uw , May 1 1
Cutic Urrrpooi M.j 13
City cf Alexandria Ilarana Ma lu
ame . , Bremen Ma 13
ia. Tu.?y. Jjy 24.
j Wsxland Antwerp May It
Newport Colon May 17
Manello Hull May It
A eila Gibraltar., ......May V
M neJ.raijy. Afiw l-
city of Part X-lrerpool May IS
JiJm ....Ameterdam - May H
t-'"'1) Gibraltar..,, -.... M.yll
I4aldaltnty Saansea - May 11
Caracai ,,.,, Lexuayra. - Mayl
tAraloia. .Ilitrana, - May 21
Hatel Hremen May 17
f .riirl.tUr.iind May 11
"aria Ilanburir..., May 10
Anutrrlani , Itnttrrdaw -.... May U
rr',oi,u, (.Ibraliar - May 11
Abcudana ,.., hble'ilt May 11
iW Vi4iv, Mat 37.
S"1,,nl MrerrKil ..Mayls
ottala UierwoL May 17
i ;"rlea Undon..,. - May 14
MiMiwipp Iiidon Mayl:t
Kift bteitln MaylO
fenlAu Monarwh lndon May IS
iiiiluriru Na..u Mayyj
ciraeajia Hwanna. Mayl3
iae &Jwr.f.iy. Jfa IS.
!"' BUtuartk Ilainbnig ...ViyJO
Kf.1T"- l.ierr.oi. ., ;,.,.Mar 15
i,1t, ., Unwell.....: : May 1H
rancrs Uerji((l , ,.May IS
gtmxnf g0tiCC5.
1. St, 111, m.ao, on- etwa aotka T)r
BlTinTS. i. W. JullXSTOX. 870 ath ar. abova 33d si.
NOrlBS.-At Brtdgeport. May 30, 1803, a daughter
to Mr. and Mrs. K. P. Kobbs.
XrRKAT-Hr.WI.ETT.-On May l al St.
reter-i Cherch. Wail 30th st , by tha Ber. O. s.
Roacb, Julie Almee Hewlett to Uarry Murray, both
ef this city.
ALLEN,-un May 30. 180J. at Irrlngton. K. J. Fmtly
Allen, wliiew of James R. Allen, aged 03 years and
11 months,
rnenils are Invited to attend the funeral from tha
realdenca of her daughter. Mrs Benjamin Smith,
Elizabeth st, near Clinton r. trnngton. on Mon
day arternoon. May 33. at 3 o'clock. Interment at
Fatrmounl Cemetery.
BATttKUTIIEfl.-Dn tha 31st Inst, at her lata
residence. 3.113 Madison ar, Elinor Mary, wife of
A. K. nayreuther, and daughter of tt-e lata Thomas
Funeral will ha held at All Saints' Church, 130th st.
and Madison ar, on Tuesday, 24th Inst, at 10
o'c'ock A, M. nelatltes and friends are respectfully
Invited to attend.
KOf.EH.-Ou Saturday, May 31. at West ll.wan. Conn.
Cella R. Rotes, aged 37 years.
Friends are Invited to attend tha funeral from her
late residence on Tuesday aftarnooa at 3 o'clock.
RITT.-Jln Saturday, May 31, lrtl'2. at Boston.
Mass.. Lonls Srltt. age-1 about S3 yean.
Mntlce of funeral hereafter.
CAMN.-Un Saturday, May 31, at Hartford, Conn.
Maggie Capen. aged lr, years and 8 months.
Friends sre Invited to attend tbe funeral from her
late residence on Monday forenoon at S 30 o'clock.
Ca.hHIDY.-On Saturday. May 31, at Hartford,
Conn., Margaret Cassldy, artd M years.
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from her
late residence. Prospect ar. on Monday afternoon
at 3 o'clock.
DONN EI.IY, After a short illness, John Donnelly,
in the Ttlth yearot his age.
Funeral from his IMo residence. 340 East 03th St.. at
2 PM. Monday, 33d.
DROMI.I1Y.-On Saturday, May 31, at Sew Haven,
Conn . Ann Dromley.
Friends tire Invited to attend the funeral from her
late reildenca on Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
EATON.-On May 30. 1SB3, at Jersey City, N. J.
William Eaton, agtd 37 years.
Friends ara Invited to attend the funeral from his
late restdenae, 8 Fraier st,on Monday. May 33. at
9 A.M.. and from St. Joseph's R. C. Church at 1)
o'clock, where a solemn high mass of requiem will
be said for tha repose of the souL Interment at
Hudson County Cathollo Cemetery,
XCK.EK1.-On May 30, 1803. at Newark. K. J.
George Eckcrt, aged 33 yeara.
Friends ara Invited to attend tb funeral from tha
residence of his mother-in-law, 303 13th ar., on
Tuesday forenoon. May 34, at 9 o'clock, and from
SU Mary's R. C. Church at 0 o'clock.
ETEBr.lT.-On May 31. 1893, at Jersey City, Ann
B. Evarett. widow of John R. Everett, Ec, aged 5
years and 0 months.
Friends ara invited to attend the funeral from her
lata resldsnca. C30 Bergen ar. on Monday after
noon at 3 o'clock. Interment at New York Bay
sail.! On Saturday. May 31, at West Haven, Conn.
Elizabeth B GUI, aged 76 years and B months.
Friends are invited to attend the funeral from her
lata residence on Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
4JKOGAN. On Saturday, Maj3t. at Hartford. Conn.
John Orogan. aged 34 years.
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from hie
lata residence, C3 Albany ar., on Monday forenoon
at 0 o'clock, and from bt. Patrick's Church atO.CO
CCMPf.DOK.-On Saturday, May 31. 1802. at Mert-
den. Conn. August Guspldor.
Friends ara Invited to attend the funeral from his
lata residence, 81 Twist st. on Monday forenoon at
8 80 o'clock, and from fat. Mary's Church at 0 o'clock.
BANHI.lN.-On May 30, 1802, at Jersey City, N. J.
Btidget Uanglln. aged 73 years.
Friends ara Invited to attend the funeral on Monday
forenoon. May 23, at 10 30 o'clock, from 6t. John's
R. C Church at Plermont.
LOOBAM.-On Saturday, May 31. at her lata resi
dence, 31S West 115th st. Mary, widow of Matthew
and mother of James P. (deceased) and Matthew
M. Loonm. In the 71s: year of her age.
Funeral Tuesday, May 24. at 10 30 A. M. from the
CbnrchofSt. Thomas the Apostle. 118th st. aud bt.
Nicholas ar. Interment at Calary. Kindly omit
afICKEE.-On May 31, 1802, at Jersey City, X.J.
Theresa Mlckel, aged 35 years and 3 months.
Friends ara Invited to attend tha funeral from her
lata residence, 100 Brunswick at. on Monday fore
noon. May 33, at 8 o'clock, and thence to Tort Lea.
where a nlb xnasa will ha offered for the repoea of
her sonL
MINKEB.-On Sunday, May 33. at n art ford. Conn.
Herman Mlsker. aged 08 years.
Friends are Invited to attend the fnneral on Tuesday
forenoon from 8t. Feter'i Church at 0 o'clock.
MVI.I.OY. In Bridgeport, Conn, on Friday, May
30, 1802, John MuUoy, aged 83 years.
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from hla
lata residence, 47 W est ar., an Tuesday forenoon at
8 30 o'clock, and from Sacred Heart Church at 0
o'clock. Interment in St. Michael's Cemetery.
FINCK.XEY. On Friday, May 30, 1803, at his late
residence, 144 West 73th st , Stephen It. Plnckney
In the (SOth year of his see,
Relatives and friends of the family and members of
the narlem Club are respectfully Invited to attend
tbe services on Monday arching. May 23, at 8
rBI.NGLE.-Oti May 21, 1803. at Jersey City. X. J.
Ida Headly Prlngla.
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from tha
residence of her sister, Mrs. John Thompson, 830
Fairmont ar . Jersey City Heights, on Monday, Msy
23, at 3 o'clock P. M.
Pl'BCEm-On May 30, 1802, at Newark. N. J.
Mary rnrcell, wife of tbe late Daniel PurceX
Friends are Inrlted to attend the fnneral from her
late residence, 177 B'eecker St., on Monday, 23d.
forenoon, at 8 o'clock, and from the Cathedral
at 9 o'clock.
QTJIOI.EY.-0n May 21, 1802. at Jersey City. N. J.
Mary Qulgley, aged 20 years "0 months and D days.
Frisnds are Inrlted to attend tha funeral from her late
residence, 135 Mercer St., on Tuesday forenoon at 0
o'clock, and from St. Bridget's R. C. Church at 10
o'clock, where a high mass of requiem will be of
fered for tha repose of her soul. Interment at Hud
son County Catholie Cemetery,
ROGERS.-Suddenly, In Brooklyn, on tha 21st Inst.
Benjamin C. Rogers, agod 70 years.
stalaUves and friends are Invited to attend tho funeral
from hla lata resldenre. 335 Bridge st , on Tuesday
evening at 8 P. M ; also members Mosaic Lodge. No.
418, F, and A. M., and Diamond Lodge. No. 140, 1. O.
O, F, Interment In Cypress Hills Cemetery,
SCEEKY.-On Friday, May 3a l"l3, at Hartford.
AVnn Scoery, widow of Patrick Bceery, aged fid years.
Frisnds ara Invited to attend the funeral from 30
Arch st. on Monday forenoon at 8 30 o'clock, and
from St, Pettr's Church at 0 o'clock.
BIHI.EY.-On Saturday, May 31, at Hartford, Conn.
3. U B. Hbley.
Hotlc.a of funeral hereafter,
TARBOX. On Saturday, May 31, at Hartford.
Conn , Emma Tarhoz, aged 31 years.
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from her
late residence, 4 Union st. on Monday afternoon at
3 o'clock,
TAYI.on.-On Sunday, May 32. at her late resi
drnce, 643 West 137th st. Norma pocgall. wife of
John Barbsr Taylor, In the 30th year of her age.
Funeral from tha Church of tha Intercession. IMth
st and Boulevard, on Wednesday, May 25, at2P V.
TVG17NZt.-0n Saturday, May 21, at Uertford,
Conn . Emma Tugunra.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
Tl'.NIH.-On May 2-). 102. at Newark. N.J.. Ellia
be th Camp Tunis, daughter of tbe late Nehemlah
Be'ath es and friends are Invited to attend the funeral
from her late residence, 104 Orchard st.. on Tues
), May 37, at 3 o'clock P, M. Interment In Mount
Pleasant Cemetrrr.
.!. ANUEN.-Ou May 31, 1802, William Van An
den. aged 77 years.
Kelath es and friends ars Invited to atlend tie funeral
services from bis late residence, liS7 Madison ar .
hi Wednesday morning. Mi) S3, at 11 :w o'clock.
Interment at Poughkeepsle. Kindly omit flowers.
WINTER.-0O May 30, 1802, at Jersey City, N J..
Lirrle, )oun;est daughter of Susan and the lato
lltory Winter
Frirndt are invited to attend the funeral from her
late reildence, 313 Varick St. on Monday afternoon,
May 23. at 3 o'clock
'P. ".c.'.!',,' strip man l.e now oners bis neir sprlnit
side sliding window rrene at 2.V. per pquore fuot. To
get st rott. fuse the number of square feet In one half
of each winduw thrse screens are cabinet lluuli with
two coats or tarntih u.aite In ab. oak. cherry, uiabf.g
any. : ur other wood to match the trim. Other
srrertu made fur 10 to 2ik- per foot Tnls neat srreen
by tbe aldnttideiprliut retains lis po.iliuii al lop or
bottom lulu vUil.osh by h. Roebuck. 17." rulton
St. New lork city r.talm.ned in years. Telephone
call, i ortlaoat215 Illustrated catalogue mailed fre
to any address.
CEOt'h Iir.NTUKIl.l: is lbs best tooth powder In the
w."t1?.'.'!rJ,",,r',ni' the teeth "RKFtsllI.NO AND
pr.LICIOCH" Twen-y nvs cents a bottle.
Or.a POCKET UAP.-itepaMte Mates. Territories.
AO I'nlted States, Can a la. n"set atlses
rilATT. 1 V lltll av. (Mall )
In splto At many discouraging Incident, tho
market for sound dividend nnd Interest paying
securities romalns firm nnd is ovon advancing.
Tho prophets of ovll who havo boon predicting
both tho failure of theltlchmond Terminal re
organization schome. which has boen so long
boforo tho public, and tho passing of tho quar
ter's dividend on Xorthorn 1'aclflo Hallway
preferred stock, havo had tholr sagacity vin
dicated by tho ovont, and. just at tho closo ot
tho weok. enme tho announcement of tho now
$100,000,000 Becond mortgngo of tho Atchi
son, Topokn and Bantn Fo Hallway Company,
which, nppnrontly. Is n bold repudiation of f ho
contract of tho company with Its lncomo bond
holders nnd an nltompt to bulldoze them
Into accepting considerably less than thoy
nro entitled to, Tho Westorn floods have,
likewise, discourncod purchases of tho stocks
of tho compnnlos whoso property they havo
damngod and whose receipts they havo cut
don ii. Dut, boyond the limits of tho direct
Influence ot thoso untoward agencies, pur
chasers show no signB of trepidation, but
rather tho reorso.
The fact Is. that tho nbundanco of Idlo capital
seeking Investment, both here nnd In Kuropo,
nnd tlio consequent low rates of Intorest for
monoy nro advorsa to anything like a perma
nent dcproitlon of really good stocks and
bonds. In this city, call loans on marketable
securities can easily bo had nt 'J por oont. per
annum and less, whilo time loans on similar
securities, as well ns discounts ot first-class
commorclal papor, aro quoted at not nvor3W
per cent. In London, tho Sank of England
rate, for the first tlmo In five years, stands at '2
per cent, with call monoy nt ono-hnlf of ono
percont.. nnd discounts In tho opon raarkot nt
1" por cont. In Tarls, IJorlln. Amsterdam.
Frankfort, and Ilnmburg tho ratos of discount
In tho opn market range from 2 to 2S per
cont., nnd It Is only In rortug.il. Spain, nnd
Ilnly.whoro tho credit ot borrowors Is bad.
that higher iiuotntlonsaro made.
As usual, this condition of things Improsses
many minds ns being nn unprecedented
noolty. In tho same wav that evoryhot sum
mer Is declared to be tho hottest over known,
and every cold winter tho coldest It Is noed
less to say that we havo had many just such
seasons boforo this one, nnd shall havo many
moro of them In tho futtiro. Pay Is no more
surely followed by night flood tldo by obb.
and summer by winter, than aro porlods ot
great nctllty In industry, trndo. and enter
prise by periods ot reaction and comparative
stasnatlon. Two thousand nnd moro yoars
ago tho wise man of Scripture wroto: "The
thing that hath boon It Is that which shall be.
and that which is done is that which shall bo
dono. and thero Is nothing now undor tho
sun." Those words remain true to this day,
and they apply as well to financial affairs as to
thoo of loss Importance.
)y most pooplo. too. the present reaction is
attributed to tho Baring suspension of year
beforo last and to tho shock which that cntas
tropho gave to gcnoral confidence This,
though true in rart. Is not sufficient to account
entirely for tho prolonged and widespread
dulness now prevailing. Had tho Baring fall
uro not been supplemented by the bad har
vests ot lost year In Europe by tho collnpso ot
speculation on tho Continent as woll as in
Great Brltiin, and by tho fear of hostili
ties by Russia against Germany and Austria,
its oiTocts would by this time havo passod
away. Our new tariff Is also chargeablo with
a disturbance of European manufacturing in
dustry which acts unfavorably upon enter
prise. When existing Investments of capital
aro yielding reduced rroflts. or no profits at
all. new onos are not made, and a diminished
demand for monoy for both old nnd new under
takings leads to low rates of Interest as a
logical consoquence.
How profoundly eur economical legislation
has affectod Europe in imagination, at least, is
shown by tho recent Speech of the Primo Min
ister of Great Eritlon. Lord Salisbury, con
demnatory ot freo trade, and lamenting tho in
ability of his country to retaliate upon us with
protection without doing itself moro harm
than good. Wero it not as his lordship was
compelled to acknowledge, that Groat Britain
cannot Impose duties upon tho breadstuffs.
provisions, and cotton, which constitute the
bulk of her purchases from us, without in
creasing tho cost of feeding and clothing her
workmen, and thus Increasing the cost of the
manufactures they produce protection would
have a good chanco ot being triod there. As It
Is, the British people must endure patiently,
what they cannot obviate, a very considerable
diminution of their forolgn trado apparently
caused by our protectionist policy.
Tho British Board of Trado returns for the
past four months ot this year showanincroaso
of imports of 3,828,402 as compared with tho
corresponding four months of 1B01, nearly
the wholo of which Increaso is in articles of
food and drink. Tho exports for tho snmo
period exhibit, on tho other hand, a decrenso
of 17,!33,C47. as compared with the corre
sponding four months ot 1801, of which do
crease 5,871.535 is in articles manufactured
or partly manufactured. 700,000 of It result
ing directly from tho effect of tho McKInloy
tariff In diminishing our consumption of Brit
ish tin-pl.ito and telegraph wlro. Thero is
also a considerable falling off In our buying of
machinery and cutlery. Tor tho month of
April the decrease in oxports amounts to
3.042,601. which is 11.5 per cont of thu total
for April. 1801.
It ii, of course, an open Question whothor
Lord Salisbury doos not, for political effect ex
aggerate tho injury iufllctod by our tariff upon
British trndo. KWdcntly tlio lncroase of im
ports which ho laments Is duo not to that tariff,
but to tho bad harvests, whilo the decrease In
tho exports of metal manufactures to this
country is not so great a.i to justify alarm. IIo
probably hurt In mind tho recent protective
legislation ot Franco as woll as of this country,
and tho competition ot German protected man
ufactures in South Amorlcn nnd other foreign
markets with thoso of Great Britain, While,
too, tho percentage ot tho loss ot British trado
Is not enormous.lt affects so great n number
of pooplo that their complaints aro noticeable,
and. In tho silence ot thoso who aro still con
tent with thelrprodts, ittorrltlos a politician.
But, whntoor bo its cause, thero is no dis
puting tho dulness of tho European monoy
market, and tho sympathotio dulness hero.
The stignatlon shows itself most conspicu
ously in the piling up of currency in our
banks, this being nn effect and an indication
ot tho same condition of things that makos In
terest low. Borrowers of money, as I havo
ottcn pointed out, want not coin nor paper,
but tho things tint coin and paper will procure
for them by exchange As a matter of fact. In
very fow largo borrowing transactions doos
actual money chango hands. Usually only a
bank crodlt Is transferred by tho lender to tho
borrower, nnd by tho borrower to tho sollor
of t!io commodities ho rooulres, and except
In paying wages and buying from small pro
ducers no actual currency Is employed. It is
truo that wo aro adding otcry month botween
S4.0o0.000 nnd S4,."00.000 to our stock of
money, and thus apparently to our loanablo
capital. Tho only result Is that by augment
ing tho total olumo of currency wo Inflate
tho prices of commodities, and thus counter
act whntoer benefit might bo dorlved from
thohlndr,in'o to importations caused by our
tariff. Tho proc.tfa Is bound to ond, sooner or
later, in a reduction, through the export of
gold, ot our circulating medium to tho quan
tity nooded for use, but In tho meanwhile It
accuinulutos lu bank vaults or romulns In
other depositories.
Naturally, in iow of this dearth ot oppor
tunities for tho employment of capital In trade
or in schomos for tho development of now
sources of wealth, well established raying
Investments are more sought for and higher
In price. Tho rlso In our coal stocks, particu
larly Doluwaro and Hudson, Is mainly attrib
atnblo to this cause, and it is needless to souk
for others moro romoto. All sorts of explana
tions nro glvon of tho advanco ot Manhattan
Hallway stock, but tho dtvldonds It pays and
Is likely to pay In tho futuro m.iko them en
tirely unnocessnry. Any long contlnuanco ot
low rntos of interest on totnporury loant, Inov-
Itably oroatet a willingness to pay more for
pcrmanont Interest and dividend paying seen'
titles, and were It not for tho uncertain
ty that ftttends nil human affairs, I
should confidently .predict still higher
prices for thorn. But though tho results of
this year's harvests here and In Europe havo
yot to bcoonio manifest, tho contingency of
a war In Europo to bo conslderod, and tho
flnancosof ourGotornmont nro itinory un
settled condition, stllL In low of all the condi
tions, I recommond my roadors not to hosltito
to pick up any really good Investments that
may bo oftcrod thom. Evontually, no doubt,
tho prcsont dulness will bo succeoded by ac
tivity, but tho chango will not bo suddon, nor
tlio waiting for It profitable. Eventually, to
another reaction will ensue. HWo that of lWK).
nnd after It another domnnd will spring up for
good Investments such as now prevails. T jo
much caution nnd foresight It Is well to te
member. Is ns bad as nono nt nil. It paral j 70s
action nnd purchasos safety at the oxponso of
profits which might bo made, but which,
through Irresolution, aro allowed to pass un
appropriated. Matthew Mu.-,hall.
New York Utook r.xetiiina;f-sf.a and
Range Price of All Securities limit 1st
Durlnc the Week Kndlnt; liny 31, lMUt.
Chen- lfc. lov f?w-
ftlii. 9 ' iw.
s'onc.ii, is liTv, 1171, u;ij n7
GuioN Car. SpL Tax- .... H :i ;i u
Nor. Car ns, lull) ... .13fM 12"Jf 12? 12c
4m0Tenn Set 3 7J1. 7ils 7iH 73U
17UKlTenn Set.Os . . -.K'i'2 U'JK 102't 10-S
2iJa.Bdef . T.B.S ... ijj ., JK 7,
tOOO Ala, Class B 107 107 107 1U7
Or- Jhq. Urn- (7o
14 Atchison 4s JMM fM hi t&'i
er Atchison 4s, r JIJJ f-'k Bit, m
176SAtch1ionlnc &'; t'l. W t4'
SSiffi-h&S.-::::::-:::1 " ' MJ
8J!i4.rn,Ki,"""iIiJli iin mil iir
7 Am. Dk A Imp SS....10S, lu los Uwi
in Brooklyn El. 1st 114k, ur, 1U no
llllrookl)lll.l xd , '-4 .wi V'H ,1'3
4 Halt. A Ohio Be. 181 10U 1011 lou lull
ni imrt a Pit Bin i"!H -i 101 !.:
WHur.,1'. H A V 1st lt'.'H '"', l U "'"
4 Herein reek 1st ...ion's 1(U luOMi lO'S
25 II rttmi I n i.ai lids . '.'2't l-'.'H l'-I l'-'"
SO.'thlc.AInd.loallst. .llUh I"-1 2l II'-1.
lOisAU.PM.r 1U ll.l 111 113
41lh Au. en r.sr. ... UHii HW't ln3 10.1
imhs.AO.cn.r.t 104 HMji tut 104K
121111. A II Sill 4'S . M4 "it, ll, KlU
ID i hs A O K W mt ..led 30iw H! lixtj
21Cbs. O.It.AA.lstcn. 7SM ;" 7(W 7fH
il ,11. 1 O. cn.C 110, Hi", lint, lloC
TaV-B. aQ. 4. Neb.ek.. SWl PlJ4 r.'"l 8I.W
ie:UAJ.7s 121M IJ-'J 12.Vt '-'''I
Ul'.ll. 1U.4I I illy.... Wis V4 fit, 1'4
2J C- II A 0. deb. ! 10.J Hl' 10J UW.
1 lCn AO 4. U.illT... Vl I'l'l l'31 M'l
llbAMltl.t !!, ll'ltj IMli 1 Hits!
SC.C. I'. A 1. 1st H4 1UI 1141, 11
71 ,1", I'. A I en M" 1J' l.t 130
7C.B.AN.0, 1'MM 1DIM 1" KH
llllhlc. I' Abt L. Cs ...lOU llej HO 10U
10 CI. 1' AM L. en .. . t'K t'J i I'D
llCsn.M. 1st 10 M-S, lo-l 10it
14LAH. boJJ lty,, lo.r' I'JIH 1".!
lailLUlc. AN. I'. 1st.. ... iK i4 Hi 77
4Leti.lt R. A II Co of
u. i;. G. S3 85 81 81
8 CI Amnion 1st . . Vi I' J '2 1'3
1 Cent. i'ac. gold. 8...11J 11J 1IJ 11J
lltntl'sc UUSi .102 1')-' 1HJ M2
11 (.L A I'llls.S. F . . .l'-'O l.'o 1 .11 Uil
lchlc. 1. IiLlst . lisi II"', ins nxi,
4.'l.blc. At 111. gnL&s ..10lt ll'" U'lHi 10'ft
1! ml. Coal lis l UJ. I'D l'l''
)Ln,M. I. 1N.O. M.d. U7H li ,10 I'll, l7
7C01A1IIJ.4 0 .O ,0 ,l)
1HC.U I. All 10 1st. .. V-i t'lS, IH'( I'Sl,
IOC. InJ.M.I ACh.4a l l l1 t5
2HCblc. E.lsl lO-'V, lUali 1"J lu.'
BOCttc Afc inc 4ii TO ii-H ZAt
20 Consumers' u. of c.5 1)1 ., m vi.'t
6 C. C. C. A &t. L. W . M.
die nm nm cm tun
6CC C.A bt LSt.L.il.. lo4 1'04 li4 H1
Del. All. 'V 107 107, 107 t 107iJ
I1KI Jllf. J 141 141 141 141
17 Hen Alt O I 6s W4 4 KJJ4
i'lira.i!to 1st u&k u:l nr.it u-,
l.'llieu.A K o en 84 MS, 4 Hl
WI)ul A Iron K. lit WHs 10Il lol lot
10 Pen.C.C. 1st I'Ua l'.'l4 t i t''
B HAL A Waco 1st Ml1, b'l1, fi"t e"l.
42tl Pet . M. A M. bl 3l., 4JV, llli 4.'Vj
BPnl A AtL5s....l0.1 10.1 l.u 101
llrtlll 111 124 124 1J4 U4
82 fcliz. A B. S. 1st l'4 vm i;4 n-,x
SLnelnex 114 114 111 114
ahrleC. T OS 112 112 112 112
18-'Erlecn.2d 101-W IOjH li'-J, 1H
41 E Tenn 6s ul ' I' Hi ,W
lUKqultubleil AF. 1st... 102 102 lull, lOli,
t 1 Jlson E. 111. 1st. ...102 11.12 101 Hilt
1 Flint A I' M. 1st Aa . 100'i llaiif '! lf'(
ISHIntAPJI Ist.F.U.SalO.' 10.' 10lil0lJ
22M.MOt1h 1st KM 104tt li4 104
t) lotion hi. 1st 8J S'l edl
ICalr.ll AS A 2d . 102 1"2 111.' 1U2
21G.IIuA.A.lst.w.d. ItilV, .J, ff'M I'-J,
II II. A M Jo cu. Us ... .117)t 11,4 lll4 117i
4Ilock.Vai.6s U7 t' t .fj .;H
Hllock.aLa 105 li'i 106 105
88 II. A T. Cent. 1st 10-,1 10-1 105s; 101
lllous. A Tex deb. 4s... 70 To 70 70
C01I. AT. Cent. GuL 4S... 1 IVI CH i1
1 Inl. AB1 lltpf 11H llo Hit HU
10 Iron Mt. 1st . 102t 10Jt 102 101H
21ruuMt. Ark.B los nw ion loo
85 Ircn .Mt 5S 84U, "5 84kJ 84U
2 Int. A ct .s lst,c. oa.nwlj lo-ii, 108', loiLj
20 l.ra Mix 8 121 I'.'J 121 12J
2JInt.Al,t. N ts. a 75 71 .4H ,4J
SOlnd.ASp 1st 1JH4" 12.' l.'I'I 122
20 Iowa Cent 1st Mt, v-i1 f i
Uaine.lt Is: ... 1'7 l'7 I'. 1',
7 kan. I'ac. con 110 no Ho 110
18)Kan. ATex.4s 82 M H1H ,
40.1 han. A Tex. 2Js & Wis 6"' 6X
7Klu?sCo fcLlst i M VJ lii
S k C A .Nor. K F 107 UW 107 ur.ii
2 k C. A Nor. st chs B 10) lou leu HID
r.kiiox a ohto 1st ..HX) lii mji WH
25kentuckrCent 1st.... 85 8"W 8. y
H Kan city A I' 1st .. . 7'1 70 ,i ,n
407Lacledeuasl.l 81 8V 81 84?l
SlTAn.llcnas ....111 113'J 111 lll
8U1.AMmi.2J .. 101 101 U 101 11
85Ike.ihore21r .. 121 121 121 121
lLakebore2ac... l.'.'l, 22Si l-'.'l, 1221,
blAia AN cu . .. 11J 11J,14 11.1, 1-H
8I.on.AN. I 4s. . "JH. 81W 81lj 811,
2 Loll AN rl 118 118 11k llo
16Kon AN. F A- let Jt 11) I JO J01
OL AN.N.O AM dlr 121 121 121 121
llxlli AN. hill " lt 118 H'l II" IM
s'tfoAVir-s l.J?M li. l iSilf
msslilsAl:' n?i ? ln ll
UUim Islands. . "7 ", l?t U'"t
20 U. A A CIi unl .0 -0 iU ,11
44lT N.A.Alh en 10JI, H2 102 1(2H-
ULo.N.O.ATtl 1st . 8;1 B1, 8M 8JH
W.LlSuhl'.fT-r'nllislo'. lt' 1WU lo;U
lUManllhli t 1. 4 .411 61J, 4 1 611,
15 Met Natl lat IM I'U V V
i Mi'ili A-t L. 1st 12-' 12J 122 121
20 Moms A 1. cun ., 10U Uih 14'. 4f.i,
2 Mrrii A Es 7s ot 71 l-le 1211, 1211, 1211,
IMorrlsAhs 7.ol liOJ li llfl 1HI in.
11M.S.AK. 1st . Ifoh IfW 140', 14.(
4Met.ti.ut ii; J;t ii; hsm
2 Met hi 2 I . . 10, 10, lOi 10,
7B Mobile A Ohio gnl W "Ms 4H U!s
SMimonliK 1st 10 I" "J Jin
1 Mich. Cent. 5s lull 111 111 111 111
12MlcULent5s.il-).' J'r l'l' Jo-.W IJH
8 Mo I'ac. en ..lot lo 10, lo-i
25Mo rac l.tcolSj "H 'H ?H
12 Mil A I 8 1st . 124H 12. W l.'4, 12,.t,
.uwLJtb.ex.Bs, iy;'4 -v: I"? iV?
5 Murvan a L A T iW HI HI HI HI
lo".itTmlnall.tliW 1IMJ lOi 111;
luor. I'ac. 1st r . h JfifS JJ'W JJ.Jt
1 Nor. I'ac. l.tc ... . Jl?'-. 1S 18 - JlVj
1 Nor I'ac. 2d c l'",4 HJt, HJ't HJh
8ti7 Nor. Fac.cn. 5s i ''A 71J4
.'Nor.l'..' A Men Is: V 1. J"' J- wi
85Nurf.AM ,M AW.'IH ' MK PS t'4ti
15Norf AW.5. r , '.' '' , 14
18 N V A .sus lei, r 6s 10, 1U1 I0.1 la
6 N. Afusiwl " 8" 8S s
ilNorfAinl'l . '' " I' J I")
liiier lilt nt Cil fit 101 ll11 llJl ll
1 J lent ill 1"'-' '-"' 1-"l I-'"1 I-'"1-!
2 N. J. Celli. inl. 5. r I 'H 1 l't 1 1"? 1 .
47 N J Cent fill .' II- z, ll.LH II lit
,,) mnt. ex, is. l""v "'IN lol'J lOllJ
fAINosUACIlAt rn 10 'V, PI. liml. 111. J,
MN. hi lit . l"l l'd'4 11 4 H-l't
lii A V" A I lit l"' "' I" V"'
iSs 1 iVoV 1.I ; i;;-i'4 ijw
1.1 N.Y. A Nor 2d- A 'J-S "eHs '; "jfs
l'.'n.l.l.Cli. A.-t I-4S '!. , ' ' "Jt ,!'
4l.itl?.M lolsl J") I'V l'l'l J')
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8N Hi I" "" !"' U'.'
r. Ix 41 r '" "" I" 1")
HN.W.oi.lc -'. 1-1 lp'i 12.1)4
111 l .!li fm T ' " J" 1"
HS W let). Is - 1V'' W'-h 10VH 105,
1 u AW. 1st. . -H Hi 111 112
U::t.Att.in. " V. 10;i lUIt, lOiU
nor. KAN Con 5s . I'-'k )-'!, 1)1 v:-,
Slti 1 K li I' ll "" 1'" ls li
1 Ohio ttootl era nl . 0114 11 m em en;
i5io: ',:.,.' ". wV ioj, irf nils
".,'Lc.o'fV. .' - it I4. a! Si'
II". I. tr.lst P." l"i li.ili IL-'W
lillvui.A lU r l'y 1'.;'4 lu7'i liij'i
l.-ll'llts. A V'n 1st 81T, 8., s.l, J-,
ij 11 it 1 r ill t t r1
..lib A I', r 5s 64 r.71, 61 671,
In llo t 0 ex 6s .III 111 HI 111
r, .Vi.'-."' ' '-i i'.l-'i h !"-'(,
4 cUlslanlex. 5s . .10 :, lu, IOIt. Ill I'T
2 II. ik I..... 1 i.u '- . ' fj 'i . fl I' "j
II Hh A Put lt 1 "s Ai..-, lui, 10.1J
6 Kb HM " , 'V.. ' l'
sit. rallneniMs .. . 'ji i g.'JH ;(,
Yiiiaiii.if i.rM"c' 0., " ""'t "
"11 .0UIII22dpf. IIIC . H-'t" L lll)I Ul
Mfleadiiistalpl me '-"2 ',' ,' y-J
J!,, i;, wind. 1 me 11S 1 i'.;) lJ
(,l KraliiK'Ui'ir "i'l ! c-!:iJ "1
hr,'loti.M t N.K.4S , l 82 K " j '
l5 M. I', t Mlu'J-s en . 124 121!, 121V., 124(4
iJ. W mi )i Hi Hi ii.i un
11 to. I'ac. of Cal en I.n J.'ll, Uti li.iu
i I'm idArlA. I.t 10". lo 10", 105
MM i.t 1-3 13.1, 12J14 12114
11 H I' I Mn con. 4Vs 1 U 1111 HH lint?
irt. ' A Ma con..7.. Hi 122 122, 123
ihJ. , A Ma M x Is 4 .-;(, wtj kmI
iP, A Ma 21 Ilift 117. lliS 117K
r. Ei I iufcuii .."I 7uU .ni' ;,,K
SmL8 F2d.CI.il lll' 111V HlW 1112
I UtUW.1 Hlfj Jlt-J UIJ HI?!
108 I.I.. nnl .s liy J llijU lirfi unrtj
15 M 1 18. Frt.l 5. 'Vt 11TB 173 D'S
IS , ',1st. UC. d... 123, 12214 132 12jtl
Obi )' 1. 1 II. AD 6s 1U-.H 10-Ai UKAi lurM
lilM ' I.I I' AM It 6s 1U4H 104t lotlj Hill,
7Ht.l'.con 11" I'U 1 ' 1.1)
I Ml'. I. A I.t. SO. 6. ID'S Itl.U HIM, 10.V,
4bt I'.lst. 0.4 I'.W.U.UOJj HO., 10, UO;,
tYen- We- tV Cfe
l18t.r.lt,t M.d llfM 117 117M HTM
17 St. T. 1st, K. A M. 6.10Hi 10 1:H 104
H8t. F. 1st, U A II. 6. ,11)4 101 1"4 l'U
10SI I'. Snr. r)l 123 123 1.3 123
32 n. tails A 8. w.i.t... ni.u Dl4 n-H itK
ll.Ft.Lonts AH. W.2.I.... SpM ii SI 't
T4mii a. a a. i'. 1st ns... n .o tvt H
il H. Jo A II.I. 1st t9 I HI l'4.
27 Kittle UK. A K I.t USUI V5)t .VIV, t'MJ
2StH.kaneA I'al. Us . . 11? "I 7. '.,
iflt.ilV III 74 74 74), 7JX
.SOTciasraclfiolitr... 8tJ 8.H 81 8 ,
141Texasl'acll1o 31M OlH 8" JM
U.I ToU I'. A 11 1st Hl 8I, 8IM "If
llertell 2.1 pf . 10-.JI lli-.U lu'.M 10.-.U
iiT.ii a . in ; let 11111,1 11 oil mill link
11 Tol. A Ohio Cent. 1st .101 lOOlJ IOH lOHj
3Tol.A. A AN. M III . Hi 11 l7 7
7 Tol, A. . A Cad 1st . lilt. III HM 04
flT.C. l.A Itfls. Il.dlr. 5 iilK 1'4. t"4
14 T. C . I. A K. its. T. dir. HSjl 1)4 IHH in, ,
114 Tol.St.U AK.C 1st.. .S Hi W. I'D.S
111 I', I'sc.a; (la. O.T. N. . UJ lt) l.'.S I'iK
7 Inlonric. 1,1,'tei 113 113 11 1ft 113.
1 Inion I'acliic, Vi 1. I1JM lla) H3)t lV'H
3 I nlnn I'ac. 8. V .. -HIT 1U7 llli 107
im nlon I'ac. i T.lhi., TO 7.) 7 7o
1 t tah 80 ex 1st .10.1 103 103 10.1
SolmonFI 1st . , . 113M 118H 111 113'
.'II InlnnFnc. I). A (1. 1st. 7A 7f) 76. 7'.
l.7Habashlst 104S la.v, VhH Io'.lj
l:itlMalisih2d 84 W Hljj 8JH MH4
iltSest. Inlon C0U6S . 104H lOlK 1(H 104,
We.i I'.cltir 111) 111) ID II"
lt.7 We.t Shore 4 ... . 104M 103 10l4 10".
(i w en Shore 4s, re 104Ti HUH !'! 10414-
7 West. .1. V AI'A. fit ..lot 104 104 104
67 est. 1 A I'a. 2d. , U 4)( 34 114 ,
2 IMS Cent. 1st , ,. KIW 13 IHU l'3
6 W Is. I cut. In 34 4 84 34
Total sales ot ralla-ar bonds (par ralne), 110 533.000.
Ol".. J(e. Is. (I'm.
fa. (i5. r. ew iyi.
171 Adams Express 145 147 146 Willi
BtAmericin Cllile .. 84 85 84), 81
8X10 Amer. lust Tel . ill tUK 81 ill
1 0 American Tobacco pf. lis 118 lii t8
SiilAtnertran hlpre.t ..118 11W 118W Hnlf
42irAmeriran Cot.Oil ... .ID :u 3t., .17S4
121J American Cot. Oil pf. 7liM 7I-4 75 7
174150 Atch. T. A 8. I .14, 8'.U li2t 3.114;
O211 Atlantic A Ficlnc... 4U 4U 4!, 4),
12)lloil.m A Kpf . inula 10. H 100U H,
81IDB09. Koch. AF 43.j 43;, 4 lU 4lAJ
CiHutl. Koch A P. pf... 85JI 85i HO WJ
21 llur.C It. A N 6", 6b r.O 6.1
lot) Brum IckCo 8 8 8 8
41lC,Halt A ohm . . . Oi I Hl4i t72 07 U
4ii'.(:aiiartahoulhern f'" Mj OH
SuiCanadian Facirlc 88'i ctiW 8i'i bnv,
dlocentrall'actnc H 3H ' V"H
8(171 Chr. A Ohio 21 2 11 22 22)2
naociie. . Ohio litpf... K24 0214 nl mil
J.'utOChes AOhlo2dpf.... 42)2 43 42 42 lT
lnlOCblc.AF.aatlll.pt.. ..I01I4 K.T, lo. 100
8o7.(tt.hlca(.llas M 80 h, 77, 71'
lr.tblc A Alton l.M 161 153 IM
(1353 C, C . O. A M. L 88 (K d.l BUM
41IC.C.C. AM.L.pf... H), .S M, toll,
l'-43lhlc. A . W Ill", 120), llt.1. 111)
10.1764 C. II tu 106H in:.)-, 102rS Kusr
102130C. M. ASt. F 78 711 7ni 77)
3120 C . M. A M. I', pf 124 124), 124 124
87iul C. K. 1. A Fao K3 b.'tj T,u 'teu
1HVII blc.Junc S. V 711 8H4 7l Ilk
2.)Chlc June 1. pf . 841, 85)1 84U 85I4
lilCl.re A Fltts .. .U3 162 162 162
.-.1.0 Colorado Coal 21-V, 2l'U 2u 211
27445Col.il.1.. A Tot 3nl 8l'S a) .17,
31M)L'I,II. A TO! pf 7H 7lH ii 7U
11 OCoU Allocking- Coal.. 12 12 13 13
li.lthn. Oil A Alls- 31 31 81 81
1840 Consolidate.! (iae Co. 1151, 11BI4 11 J 114)4:
(.(..'Ollel A Hudson 144 144), 142 142
13210 Del. Lack. A W 15111 15 168)( 15HJ4
201) Den. A K. (1 17 lIU 17 17
3.i 1 Den. A K O. nf 5lU Ml, to CAI)4
211O lies M A Ft. l)il(e.., e 1) (I U
4UU.) Distllllnir A C. F. 47)1 4K4 47 47H
22TO E.T. I.IO 4.4 6 4W 6
855hT..' Al. 2dpf 1IM HJ li'i 12
270 1. liiuli h 111 CO 8IJ MJ), mvj 82),
1(. lh.3Ii.AT.il 13 ILL lui 13U
10-1 I.t Northern pf 12l 12lt 128 12.1),
litis Illinois Central. 104 H4 10J 103
III lunra Central H( 11 Hit- 11
107 Iowa Central of. ....40 40 40 40
11") hnnax ha A M .. .. 10)4 ln7i 10), lu),
MiOLo Mt.houllATeiAS. 22.Z 22 32 32
6.120L.K. A Western 24lJ 24)4 21U 24),
770L.F.. A Western pf.... 77 77 78 78)1
168i O Lake :-bor 183M 131)4 13H 132U
80. .Lonir Island 101W lull, 10ll 101)1
8.125 Laclede l.a. 2IJ 2.), 21)j 22U
HI78Lacl.de (la. of (0 8.4. rtO 34
S8H71 Louis. A . lain 7n 7 lit ToU 78
841 5 Louis. N. A. AC 25, V'.l, 241 24),
ll.lLo.Ir.A bt L 25 25 25 26
15.1 Ixi li A St. Upr ... 61 J, MM 5.IK RlIU
23X10 Minhaltan Con.. 12i)J 133 127 1J2J
32.1 Marylau.l Coal -'(', 24i 24 24
lOMInu. Iron 70U 7rU 76M 7'.l4
20.1 Mexican Central 17), 1 .!, 1?H 1.),
1181 Michigan Central 1C8S loo 108 108
(125 Minn. AM. L 12 13 12 12
1715-Mlnn AMt. L.pf 28 211 28 28H
3073.-. Musourl 1'acinc 67)i 6l V,M 68)4
rnXl.Mo.kan ATet ...18 lOfi 111, 104J
2255 Mi. .kan A Tex. pf... 27 2)J 27lJ 28
lOJMobtleAOblo 40 40 40 40
222 Morris A Essex .14ll 14'.' 14U 341)
14..-I NatLr. M (.11. . 33 J5). 33 34
146NalL.l M Co Istrt.lon IO) 100 100
4liNatL8 M. (o :dp( M1U loll, 10IW KllW
8135 N.J. Central l!;i lax)! 137M 13.i
2ii5 . V. Central 114 ml, 11.(12 11J
22050NatL Conlaite 1071, 110!, 107 HtVlJ
2502 Natl. Conlaee pf 108(J KUk 104 105
Ilium North American .... 13 11J 11 13W
214.0 N. Y. A New Lug- . ... Si DI 874 Slli
2.-ON. I.e. A St. L." 17 17 llf 17
300 N. 1.C A St. Ulstpf. 72 72X 72 72W
6O0N . C.A St. L.2dpf. 37 37 3 tVll,
JX5440N.Y.L.E. AW. ... 2HM fOVf 27 27M
140.0N.1.U E A W. pf... 71J 72 (15 MM
84fO.1SAV ....... 12 1UH 12 l.lrt
7.iN..S.A W'.pf 67 .'li OiBf BllJ
.130 Norfolk A Westpf.... 47H 47U 41A4 47
UOV) Northern Factllc .... llili 11 IM. 18S,
200..11 Northern 1'aciftcpt... 6il 57 52) 53)4
MOOUhto Muthern 24U 24U 2d 21
220 Ohio A Miss 2llU 20)j 20), 20)j
00 Ontarln A Mining 40 40 40 40
2147 Ontario A Welt IBM ID. 1VH 184
8-0 Oreon B L 22W 21il 2t 22U
8K00 Faclllc Mall 35U 8J 34 Sll,
12(XJ 1'e.i. Dec. A F.r lbfi 18 174" 18
146.I2U ThlU. A Keadlnc M4J "H Eu r',
412F.lt W.AC ." 154) 105 154), 155
li. 0 Fall. 1'alaceCarCo.. .limit 1W8H It"! l'
l.HJ Fitts.C.C AM. L pf. til), 81W IU 8114
2.l'ltts A Western pf .. 421, 42l 42(J 42iJ
1110 Quicksilver pf 18 18 18 IS
lOOf.K.i.randeh 37 .IHr 37W 37M
2nO Bio Orande W. pf T2lj 72) 72), 72C
163L4 K!.-h. A H'.F 7), 8 7 7J
Cmtl.lch A W. F. pf 48 60 48 411
400 it. W. A O H0'4 111 1101, 111
41OSI L.1I..W 8), 8)4 8 M
015 w. L.AS W.pf UllJ UK, 18 1H
.'(WSI'aul A Dufulh 47 47 45 41
2411st. Foul A I)uluthp:..107 107 10.IMJ 107
2411 M I'aul A Omaha. . . 48Jf M 48)4 9ri
3.Vi7l-t.I'aulAOmabapf..l20 1221, 1111 U"
UlObUI'anU M A M .114 114 1131, 114
241-0 southern raclfc. .. 87 37f 87 37
8441 Tenn coal A Iron 42 4J 401, 40U
10OTex I'ucinc Land .. 3414 14)4 1 ) 11J
8220 Texas Facirlc ll4 10t 8M I.
11 11 Tol.. Ann A. AN. M... 2JIJ 2 ('4 23J, 2.1)4
13H.I,8llii.)n raclflc 402 4!U .SJ, 401J
J210 Cnlun Faclllc. D AG. 17)7 18'4 17 17'4
HOL'.s. hxpress 47 4H 7 4H
Khi Virginia Mid .. .. 35V .1.1 35), B-W
117oW.M.UP 11)4 11)1 lift H-t
88'.5 W . St. 1. A I', pf .. 2n4 2)t 24)4 25li
CO Wells. lariroKxprese.141 145 145 141
101U2 Western I tiion TeL... U.'JJ Hll( I12M t2H
ll.H-.OWheellil A L. b .. 31a, .KVi !0. 31
13-.2'AheellnA 1. l.pf... 74)i 75), 74)i 74),
27o Wi.conmi Central. ... 10 IU 15, 35),
tx dividend.
Total sales. 1.C20.CO0 shares.
Open- tA- Lot, tlofc
fil iM. . 1-9.
4.-K31 Amer. S. P. Co H2 WW H3H M4
1121 Amer. R II Co. pf.. 1114 l'5t lult H
824 N. UadCo 321, 3J 32)4- 3J)j
1I.H3 1 Leid Co pf . . 844 81 84'1 84A.
1V41 Dul f 8. A All . . ? P), 81
12072 (lui - A Atl pf . 21)4 16 21 25L
111,7 hd ll i: Co. T Kill 112 Hu-tf lldli
l.,5iiTol. M U A K 0. . 31', 21), 211)2 211.
12(101, ht L.A K. 0. pf. 80lJ 31 80 SUiti;
25ltnir) Bank .. 813 313 811 8M
8OT0I. Feo AW . ... 24), 24l 24 24
2C.iConisti.ck T. Co . .14 .14 .14 .14
100Ilado.Kl 2 11 2 11 2 11 3 1.1
3ilFUinlxof Alls. ... 43 .43 .43 .42
fAMMComstnck T. Co 4, 18 18 18 18
tl6(.(ieoria I'ac 1st, .MO l"i loo lt)
1(i..i(!eorlml'.-.c.2tcn. 534 Wi 634 '-D
tlouoli.or.'ia Fao Inc .. 11 11 H H
t7V)taIIlddlfbercr.1s 7 04" 7.1H 'H 7.lf
3OO0 Buckee i'lpe I. ne. 12 IU lit 111
Or.- ("iV- Ltn- C7ne-
Enl IV erf t liw.
30BnkSateofXeTorkll7 117 117 117
27 Fourth 2')1 2i)7 SOI 207
la Manhattan 183 InJ 1J3 383
80l"r.lu ...280 210 280 2tui
(InV.leni National. . 123 3.'3 121 123
tl.Menhint.' l.irlianee 1211)1; JJI.V 1211)4' IJUfeJ
IU iop an I Uather .1.17 1.114 157 11SJ
l.nliiuV..riummerce lui H'J li'i lui
COChathatu 42J 423 421 423
Bi'NDvr, May 22.
Tlio Fiira of tho Treasury balnncos nt tho
cloo of l.uslnosi fiaturdny was f 124.159,1:10.
n dn'riaii) ns eomrarod fwltli tho iirovious
riaturdayol S3,3ii0,000, Nntlonal bank noto
clroulution outstAndlnjr. 5172.418,801. linl
ancn of dopoiit to rodoom n.ition.U bank
notes, $27,05,210. a doorcaoa for tho weok of
Statistics rolatlnc to sllvor bullion, cortlfl
cates dealt in on tho Stock Uxc.'innifi nro as
follows: Kilter bullion on hand Mny 21.
2,428.34!i oiinco-1. nn Incronsoof :K11il ounces
for tho weok; cortlllcatos outat.tndlns. 2.42a
ThudenllnSK fortho wook worn l74.lXK)ouncos,
at88',(S7'.. closiiiB.it fcSt, eenu por ouueo.
Tho wickly bank stdtomont shows:
;.,, II illl il tnrgn.
Loans .S4D2.053 8O0 V B4H 7i"1 dec. I1.107.1HO
liri.osiu 6J.i.71il.7il 6.14 41.7() Inc J.71U.O.")
Ctrrnlal n 5.702 2' 6 76I.K.) Inc. 4I..K.)
le.'l fin's 4li,:Vilitl rzoMSOll inc. 3tV17.ll.al
bpecie. U', 101.71") 101,171.700 Inc. SOXiIisjii
n,,erT 1148 4VI 1uO $16.1.1711.1100 Inc. 14.723 OK)
Be'Je re'd UJi4.175 13.I.II3.I.H2S Inc. H.lti.750
Farplus tlO.772,125 li.OO0.l70 S3 78.1KV)
Th- surplus a ear afu was 15,217,050, and two
sjl.OOO tor ritarlry Welch.
A mass of flowers bloomed on tho staso and
In tliofoj or of Herrmann's Thoatro last night
when sovon hundred pcotdo went into tho
ihiyhou'O to tnko I'.irt in tliu professional tes
timonial to Chnrloy Welch, a oiini,' mornbor
of tho theatrical culld. Thoro wero sontis nnd
talks, nnd Aunu lloy.I, Oeorco Marion. Harry
Oiillfoll. Harriet Aierjr Htrakoseli. IaiIp Fuller.
Harry Connor. John Kernoll. Joliii V. Itan
soiie. Uessln Wells, and a doron fitliortminHd
entertainers. Mr. Welch went home in tho
rain with $1,000 lu cash in his pookots.
! Fcrstlnand Ward I-ooklnsl for s Forsstf
STtMFor.i), May 22,-Fordlnand Ward ro
eontly paid a ilsit to this placo and drnvo
about town with Thomus J. Fooney, calllns on
noToral real estato scents. It It bollovrd he
Intends to purchase tho Minor place on lllch
rnnnd Hill here, a farm ot 05 acres, which is
valued at $25,000.
SI 0,000,000
IkiA CinclnnaH, CMcap, anil
SL Louis Railway Company
4i?o Consolidated Mtge Gold Bonds
Part of an Ioo IJraUed to 9?a,0a0.000.
riIIaCirAI. rAYAHI-K OCT. 1, 104O
Principal and Interest Uncondi
tionally Guaranteed by the Penn
sylvania Company by Endorse
ment on 'each bond.
Coupon Honda In Denomination rf Sl0OO
aeb, with Itestitrtitlon rrovUtoM.
Tho fottowtnff ntntementd ar mad on tbe Aithorltr
of comiunnlotion from tlia I'm. dent of the fenn
yhantft Company And of th nttiburvh, Cincinnati,
CMrazo ant St. Louts Railway Company, which can
b had upon application to u.
Theprolt of the rnniylranti Company, the iraar
an tort of tba abora bcnl. for thn year IrSDl, after
payltiir allexpemea, lntereit on bonded debt, rent
ali. advancee, lc amounted to tl(?2."(r3S3fl, out
of which a dividend of 4 per cent wae paid on tha
capital atoctt of tha Pennsylvania Company, amount
lnfftofSl.OOO.oO1 and entirely owned by tho Penn
sylvanta Rallroatl Coinpanj.
The Tennsylranta Katlroad Company and the Tenn
lylranta Company totether own 928.fu7.PXX) of tba
outatandlnc capital itock nf M3B46.A23 of tho
ritUburch. Cincinnati. Chlcano and Ft. touli Rallray
Company, and through socb ownenblp tha latter com
pany li absolute ly controlled by them.
The operation of the Pliuburgb. Cincinnati. Chicago
andfiUlaOoU Hallway Company for the year ending
lc. 01, IH.il, resulted In a net lurplunorer alt fixed
charges and taxes of SP37.031 81, an 1 dividends haTo
been paid on Its preferred stock an follows X pr cent.
In May, IftlU; 2 por cent In Norambor. 16ttl, and 2 per
cent lc May, 1R.-2.
Tbe total Funded Pebt of tbe company lsa,s follows:
Cnderlylnr Sectional nonds $21,001,000
H per cent. Consolidated Mortgage Bonds . 20.3D3.000
These Consolidated Mortgage Bonds are Issued In ac
cordance wlvh the tonus of a mortgage dated Oct. 1,
18lO, limited In amount to $75,000,000. tothe Farmers
Loin and Trust Company of New York and M X. Jack
son, as Trustees
The property covered by tho mortgage consists of
1.082 OV miles of railway (including an unalrlded one
half Interest in 33 miles) equipment, and terminals In
Chicago. Indianapolis, ssnd ColumhUK. as well as all the
railroad properties and equipment acquired or to be
acquired, and the company's franchises.
Consolidated Bonds equal to the amount of the See
tlonal Bonda still outstanding hare been referred for
the Utter' s retirement, and the Hallway Company has
agreed that it will, at the time of the maturity of the
Sectional Bonds, pay them o7. so that the Consolidated
Mortgage may become the first lien upon tho whole
property. The remainder of tbe Consolidated Mort?aga
Bonds may be issued from time to time for Improve
ment of the Company's property, the purchase and
construction of additional railway, and for other law
ful purposes
Tho Bonds now offered are designated as Series A,
dated Oct. 1. 1R90, bearing 4 per cent Interest free ot
taxes, and maturing Oct. 1, 1040. .Principal and Inter
est Is payable In gold coin of the United States In New
Tbe stndenslsxned trill i-ecele sabsKrrlptloras.
fbr the above bona at lOS and accrued In
toreat to date of delivery.
ISnbsserlptloan open at IO o'clock en Taesu
day snonilac May 24, ssnd will be closed at
8 o'clock P. Iff. or earlier on the saneday,
the rlgfbt belasc reserved to reject any appli
cation and to award aneullcr amounts than
applied for.
Bonds alioted upon subscriptions are to be paid for
June 6.
A. elsnnltaaeona lasme will be smade la foa
don by Messrs, Hpejer Broth era, and la
Amsterdam by Messrs. Telxelra Aa Mattos
KKW TOBK, May 20, 1892.
Branch 18 Wall Hi., sutd a Nassau 81.
CAPlTALsiKlMCBPLUa S1.000,40
Intercat allownl on deposits Obeeks pass
tbrotiKh Clearln. House same as on City Hanks.
Arts as Executor or Administrator ol Estate, and
aiUuanllan. RecelTer. Hegtitrar.Trantrer an4 Fiuan
clal A genl for btaies. AcM railroads and Lorporatlous.
JOUS 1" TinVNbESD. Pre.ldent.
CUAItLEn T BAR.SKY, Vtre-rre.tdent.
JU;II T BRiAiN, 2d Mce-lTelldsm.
JAdillimi HENRY r DIMOrt
fRED'K L. FLKRIIMIE Serretary.
J. 11K.NKV T0YE1, Ass't Secretary.
0 Practical Results
ot tltlo insuranco
as established In this Stato by tho
1. Complete relief to owner nnd lcndor
from tho old-tlmo cxnctlons for searches
and constantly repeated law fees.
65 Liberty St., N. Y 20 Court St., Brooklyn.
Preilden. 1 If. President,
21 lee President Treasurer.
ecrctary. hutlcttor.
Ladenburg.Thalmann &Co
Circular Letters of Credit
For Travellers
Available in all parts of tbe World.
Commercial Letters of Credit.
lll.NBY K RFDMOM), Mimber K. V StoeW FxcnAtite.
Redmond, Kerr & Co
41 WALL ST NEW .iillat.
Transact a csn.ral banking business Allow Interest
on deno.lt.
Bui aii'l fit Binds nnd Stnrls n (tie Ne- Y,rk
Ftuc Excbang.or in tbe open umriet lur casb cru
murs in. Heal tu
OP xr,w TOIIK,
IM nntl US Nsia.iiu b(., New lork (lljr.
CAPITAL $500,000
all Bonds and ruderlaeluiri required to be approvsd Ur
tbe conn s or beads ot de artinents.
Tbe act of Uajr 4 Ittli:, permits AdocUrlet to Include
In tbelr lawful .ipeniea lbs fee cbaried j tartly
compsnjr for forulsbtnf bonds.
Telcpkoiia Call, . Corllttstdt.
imttrix. tn
sa.ib.ooo. P
tl Mnrlcirre .1 per eent. IInOi, iT-
it::ri:t i-ayarls janiury and jult. 3j
iMti.NvirAi. riJ 19BH. Si
Tbe binds are Issued at tbe rate of tl 9.000 jier mil JL?
and 97 nisi additional for eqiilnment. The irlnclpal and j;
Intereit are , Irtaalljr guaranteed by Ibt rhiraire and fljt
Fistrin Il'lnnls ltllroa 1 Company, which npeiateatha Si
road and ewm all tbe stoek liarlnir Issued In own "sloek i'j
In etehan.e for the same, thereby pr.ictlcAllr ssiuin- h'.
Ins all obllitatlnns or the Cbttaro and lndlsna Coil JH
Railway t'ompsn) Tba last annual report (June 30. '
IS'O) li" that the ron.otlila'rd roads after paylns; JV
all filed charges and su torrent (tl per rent )lltidenda r
on the preferred eWclc bid a can surr'-at of MIO.OOO, J;
Returns for eljlit mentb, of the present flaoal year ; I,
show that durlnc that period the company hat eatne4
Its full year s dividend on Its preferred stock,
We reeommeail theae bnnrl s aisisj j;
liiTeatment. Prlce 101. )
8152,000. ;
SI per rent. Oold llonila. J- .'j
I'niNfii'Ai, irn louo. I ;i
Prlnclpnl ssnd Intrreftt urnlilr In cold cots . , j i
nnd atiiarnnteed br the l,ake (Shore nnd MIsJs. j . j
Isnn Hontliern Bnllivny Co.
$470,000. .J
II per rent, flotd Ilonilo. m 'I
PRINCIPAL 111'R 1090. f ,1
Principal nnd Intereat Bunranleed by tka Ji U
Mlchlcon Central Knllrond Corapnar, 3 M
3 per cent. Qold Bonda, '1 ,'j
Prlaelpnl and lulercat pasnble Insxoldeoln. j
nnd cimranieed by the Mlchlscnn Central r
Ballrond Company, I
FLOWER &. CO.. i
80 BROADWAY. . i
NF.1V ORK. April 80. 1W2. -'!
Notice la hereby (tlren mat tha follou lnk' numbered , 7
bond, of tho HootiYlllo Railroad llrldire t'ompanv wera ii j
this day drawn for redemption tu accordance with tb ,K ,
blnbing Fund provlston of tb. lndeuture of trust, vlxi i
12 :i:iH .-:$
mt o 57 :, I
:o ooo l
i:to 72 oo:t S;-
14 sn ! 4
23:t 422 700
200 440 .. -li,
270 480 fte-5 ' 'I
294 48 4 h
30 504 . M
fiald bonds will be paid on prntrtion at the oflle '
of tlie Union Trnit Coinp-nrof N5w Yorlc. Truit In- -h I
triiton mM bond lll cee Iriday Jtilr 1. 1H1-2. Htfl
ftiiii Trask & Go. i
Bankers and Stock Brokers, . :
18 Wall Street, New Torn, ' ',
transact a regular banklnr business. Includins; tbe pur ; '
cbasi and sale on commission of securities dealt la sA V 1
tbe New Votk Stock Exchange. ,,
a '.;.!
ajividradis ana ntttt$U sj
Columbus-, lloeklas Valley aad Toledo Kail. M;
way Cosapaoy. j
A dlrldend of 2V, per cent on the preferred stock of l,f
this company, for tbe bair year endimcJune 30. baa 4di
been declared, payable on the nrrt day of July next. f
Checks w ill be mailed to stoi.kbolders of recorU at tbo 9 r
closlnsr of the books on June 10. 1UH2 At
Tbe transfer books rortbs preferred stock will etosa , Cj
at 3 o'clock. June 10, 1BU2, aud remain closed until v f
JulyO. ItOi. C. C.HAITE. Pre.ldout. V .
gltrtiong aufl fatttiua9. -! I
The annaal meetlnr of the stockholders of the et, i '
Joseph and (Irani Island Railroad ( onjpany, for tha k
choice of Directors for tbe ensuing; ) ear and the trans- ? '
action of such other business as may letrally come be- il i
fore tbe meetlns. will b hrl.l at the olbie of said com- ') t
S any, In llwood. Kan. on Tuesday, the lath day of t 1
one. 1MIJ. at 111 o'clock A M j
Tbe stock transfer books will be closed Tor this Dnr il
pose at tbe dote ot business on May 14, 1&U3, and ra- It i
opened after tbe annual meettnjr. f f
ALEV MILLAR. Secretary. K i
BOSTON. May t. 1693. l j
. i
at. Ji Wall St. I
SEW YORK, Mar 1(1. 1802. !f
Tbe rorty fifth annual xnecttn of stockholders of tba 1
PACIKIfJIAII, STKAVlllll' I llMI'AM will tMbetdat 1
the office of the company. IlMlall st. iMllls Butldlnicl, I
In fie city of Ne lork on WKDNEslM. the 20th day J j
of May. 1X02. between tha hours of li noon and 3 7 J
o'clock V M tor the election of director, ard transac- ' I
ttnn of such other busttie.. as may properly come be-
fcrelt. Tha transfer booksof tbe ompiny will close I
at theoftlre of tbe I nlon Trust Company on ttednes- 1 t
day. tbe mth da of May. l:u. at 3 o'ci.rfk P. M., and ,i )
nlllrsopeu ou Thursday, May M. 1" .', at 10 o'clock ',
A.M. tt H. LANE l
.crttar. l
ADVAVCI-s on bocsehold furniture without remoraL i
RADrLlFlfc. 233 Broad wat.N. V.and 375 I ultua SI A
st. Bri.ol.lyn. J
LADV LOANS confidentially on furniture In us.) , I
legal Interest, weelli installments , . f
1'BiVATi: pABrr, box no. .-un omc. Wj t
WANTED1.V000 on first bond an I mortiMUefor -jifi
a term nt yeurs nn Improved real e.ta'e In city of ' 1
60()OJ popnlatlon. located In central New lor. Ad- ''I
dress I'Al'ITALIaT. bol 157, Sun urt ee. Maleloaest - t
rate of interest. f I
gCCBl ?loticts. v,jj
NEW TOIIK SLTRKME CdLRT In tU niittr of 1j
tbe Application ot tin He t1 ot h luction brtha l
i unl lu the OorporrUion of tn rfy of orx ml 4
alite tu Aciulrtiitf tltlo h tti lyr AMrrc.'-n anl j?
Commonaltr of the cltyof .uttto.eruin tnii!i ,i
atth wouthweit corner or ONh lit MUtHi AND hh- ?
tbe Tnefth rt of aid city duly !tied anJa;- j
SroT4 by salO Hoard a a site lor ictsool purj'o.e. uu- '
er ana In pjrunnre at Hip irnUiuii.crcf.pwr 1L
ot tbe LaaWiof 1948, aamcuJcJ b cbjttr uf tb
Lawi of 1 BwO. - i
Tnrcuant to thfl pmTlnion-of chapter I'll of the Lawa f
of 1m8 a amfnlr.l ij rttapur A ut til lmiof lfll0, K
tiotic t ttrb'ftlven ttiai 4f rP'l atton nil. b mala ) I
to th MJiirmia Court of tli rtat of Nrwork. at a t
Pecial term (f aI1 Curt to t.o .irlt at (.barntan j
thereof lu the t'ount y Court lloui in the 'll uf g
York ft fat u nit) tbe 11th 1 ij- ot Ji n. 1hm2 at th JS
npci,iiu-f tht tourt 0:1 Urn iky ir n win Ibtrwift r &?
a cnui.! an b herl t litre 11 ttr tt.e app -mtineut i-i
ct oiutnlihlbbcra of Eitluiate lu the ab eutil.ed i
mattrr t . S3
The nut'jreand extent rf the linpnremnt hT'by In w
tentcil l the ar,utitIot, of title (i tl.May r A.lr .-
mtPt a 11 it ( oiniuonaltt of the rtty t r to cecj if
tain lanU tni remi (th the MiiMlfu' tt.t r u anl I
the ti pitrietiaiire thereto hIousinif -t tl t .uiithe.t 2
cu tier rif uiie llunirel mi 1 rtiitren h -iret tiii-1 St,
Mrhulatatei'ue, In the Twelfth arl t 4 ?l r In f
fff umiiie nh.ttlute, the ame tu If nertI a;(To-
prmir I, aii-1 tiartl to ant) fi r the nrtn r li'i in i,
, ! hptr lnl of the Ia of l- n iiinlJ by ,
.nl riiai(er fuiiif the Iinf I. r.ni 1 1 r rertynn- t.
in if Uen ilutjr lelerte 1 ail 1 appro, iM ' the iloarl rf &y
liidticri (. a it fur chO"l pure o un ter -til ta 3
rurtitance of the provislor 4 nf uMr up r lui uf th
jiof ItUri ai acienUeJ h 11 1 c tyrT V.ut the
a f( It, heii the folio In-Tli Clite4 lot. -
piff . or parcf-li ot Ui d nmh i"
Alt that rrrtaln tiere r 1 arcel or lau 1 aul prein.4
ttit-tt. i litv. anu telnir 111 the Twelfth .tr! of the
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1 7i t'l'.I.l t-T. New ttx tltyt tleaaa taka 00- vff
lte that atn h 'pi 'atijn win i uiiJi to tha Court of iV-
t fiminon t'.t-. (t nperial Terni in tb) ouoty Court
I).u.-, New rk tl) on Veilnetlay, My5,lHwJ, i
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ai1 Kill t'rrni meit 01 Kranrtftn to H M Mnlaialn for y'
1 e nn coniiinMlun Itt3 er York, May It. lHii3, ?z
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