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Ibuixk'men confident
.vor o.v;-r that he will he som
fit ITm". Negntlvo'y at I.enat, rineed Illm.
,lf In tho Hnnda of III. Friend Mr.
tnr I Sold to Hutu the Assurance ihnt
lie Will Accept the Nomination ir It U
VonnKnnu.il- Tendered Jndae Caldwell
of Ohio an Oul.pohen mains Man The
Report Hint Alccr Would Willing! Ac
cept the Heeond Place on the Ticket with
Ill.lne Confirmed Over III Own Nlgnn.
tnre Clurh.on and (tuny tn Conference,
WAsntxnTON. May 23. It Is possible tlmttlio
plan "' "10 anti-Harrison llepubllcnns to
rtnmro'!e tlie Minneapolis Convent Inn for
fll.ilno may not lo carried out success
fully tut bo far ns Washington politi
cians mo concerned tlio stnmpedo lias
already begun. When tlio fact wns an
nounced in despatches to Tun Sun moro
than ten days nco. or immediately after
tho conference between Camoron. Quay,
piatt. and othors. that Iltnlito wan tlio
nun upon whom tho opposition llepubllcnns
would unite. It was conornlly thought that
Ilr. Elaine would himself make this plan Im
poislblo by declining to allow himself tu bo
considered a. candidate. It was snld that ho
would write another lettor, withdrawing abso
lutely and unconditionally from the contest,
and statins that he would not accopttho nomi
nation, even if it was made by acclamation.
Mr. Blaine has not written that lettor, and it
Is now thought qulto unlikely that he will
write It. In fact. If tho word of an Influential
and honorable Hopubllcan Benntor Is to bo be
llevod. Mr. Dlalne has Bald within the past few
days that he feola it entirely unnecessary for
him Jo fako any action with record to
tho coming Minneapolis Convontlon. lie said
In tho lettor to Mr. Clurkson that his name will
not (so before the Convention, and It will not
with his consont. Heconsldors that he has
tald all that it is nocessnry to fay. and if his
friends Insist on nominating him or attempt
ing to do so. It must bo at their own risk.
Tills attitude of Mr. Blnlno Is entirely satis
factory to tho antl-Hnrrison men, and they foel
confident of being able to conduct matter to
sultthemsolves. If Mr. Blnlno will only main
tain his proeont olfoctlvo silence.
Tho statement thnt Mr. Illulno hns thus,
negatively at least, traced himself in tho
hands of his friends, finds continua
tion in tho fact tlmt Mrs. Blaino
has also, within the last few days,
assorted with the utmost emphasis
tlmt Mr. Dlnlno is not under any obligations to
tho rrosidont, so far us politics is concerned,
nnd that he will not do nnythtng more than he
has already donoto prevent his friends from
attempting to brine about IiIb nomination.
This repoit of Mrs. Blaine's announcement Is
not henrsay. !ut is an absoluto fact.
Senator (juuy Intended to leave Washington
to-morrow for his homo In Beaver, Fa., to re
main until Monday, and then return to Wash
ington for a duy or two beforo jolnlnc his col
lcacucsof tho Senate and other Washington
Republicans in their journoy to Minneapolis.
A party of Senators Is now being mado
up to make the trip together, ami it
la a somewhat noticeable. fact that
almost every one of them is opposed to Harri
son's nomination. Mr. (,'uuy will leave tho
city with the assurance, convoyed to him di
rectly, that Mr. Illuine will not rofUBO to accopt
tho flora Inat iou if it comes to him as tiio unan
imous sentiment of the Itepuhltcans as
semble J In convontlon at Mlnneaiiolts.
Nothing lias hwn talked of In Washington
hut tho wondorful ontluislasm that hns ttecn
moused ly tho knowledge that Bialno may ho
h cnndldnto after nil. and Democrat' us well
at. lie piitilleanK now begin to aeei.pt It as an
KSKUreil fact that .Mr. Harrison will meet with
it relentless and ovorpowttrlng opposition
when his managers nrrlvo at Minneapolis.
Men who ten days ngo laughed at tho idea of
I Blaino allowing his name to bu iihciI now
admit that It looks ax though ho was tho most
ava'.lublo und likely candidate.
In connection with the Ululne gossip to-day
It was algnillcunt tlmt one of the most out
apoken lilulultos was Itepresentutlvo Cald
well of Ohio, who Is ex-Oov. Fornker's active
lieutenant and Chairman of tho newly organ
ized Hopubllcan Congressional Cumpuign
Committee. Ho informed his colleagues anil
thoso who interviewed him nn the subject that
Blaine would accept tho nomination, notwith
standing all that has been said to the con
trary. Judge Caldwell appeared to be so con
lldent that his prediction will be verified
that many porsons supposed ho had
home Inside intelligence which Mr. Blaine's
Malno friends did not reveal. The Judge
mot all suggestions raised against the proba
bility or nn acceptaneoof tho nomination by
Mr. Blaine by declaring that it is not a Ques
tion of norsonal convenience, lint a matter of
party duty. "Mr. Dlalne." said he. "owes
something to tlio Republican pnity, and the
time tins arrived for him to pay off his debt by
accepting the nomination wlilcb will bo be
stowed upon him at MinneniKilis."
" Were you an original Dlalne man. Judgo?"
aid ux-ltoprcsoiitntlvo .McCunms of Maryland,
who Is a Harrison dolegato at hirgo.
, "No." replied tho Judge. " but 1 believe hols
tho strongest man wo eiiu noniltinto. and I am
for him in profeiunto to any other man in tho
This decliratlon was taken to menn that
Judgo Caldwell has received u tip fioin l-'or-aker.
TheCablnot omcers whondvlseil the Presi
dent Inst week that he might to warn them
end other olllceholilers tn stuy away from the
Convention now think they have mado a nils
take, lor they see thill Mr. Ilairison will
Peed all tho friends mid workorn bo
can iniihter, unci it Ih understood that
romi fit tlio most elTcctlvo Administration
wlropulltTB will not obscrvo tho order
but will KotoMinnoiipolist to knepaneyo on
tut-ltluiniinun and .utiifer iintl-Harrison con
fiilrntiirH Ills I'vlitent. moreover. Hint when
tho I'rosldciit issued this nrdor he did it only
In u Pickwickian sunte. nnd meant It to apply
tot-oino ofllceholileib and not to others. Jio
knows vory woll. for. Instance, tlmt tho most
popular nian in Wuclilngton connoctod witli
liih Admin nstratlon. linn llimsUcll. Marshal
ot the District of Columbia, who Is n
vory clever political worker, will bo early on
tho ground at Mliino,ipol, lookiiiK out for
tlmt portion of tin. work which h.is )ls.n ,,.
trusted to him, and tlmt lie will bo assisted y
thoso i.iileer iohl-m whom ho wiiiilb ana will
leave in YUslilns ton tl.oso wle.m I odoes n t
Wint, As a evil M-ivcit reform d'euinent
therefore, this latest executive. or or Is a mi.'.
?iZl It'.'" ,"et"UC0 "ku ",u,,y "Aut Iiivepri"
'I ho Mntement toleuraphed to Tin: Si lust
nlKlir.lot he ono,;t tlmt '(.en. Alger of Mi hi.
Ban had llnally derided that InNvonll kot
Sue tlio second pl.ieemi I he tlekot wit h 11 due
and that tlio objeet of the meeting of i0i 3;
cans atlils Iiouh,. In lletroK last week via" f r
tho nurpuHo of fuitherliig t Jilt, do.lr " waS
llroi tljr conllrmed to-hiy by the rwulpt
of n lettor addressed to an nntl.llairl
on Itopubllcan Henutor. In this iti, r
t.en. Alger sot forthhls ambition for a place
on the I Ickot with Uluino. while still saylng
tlmt under no circumstances would ho play
cond llddlo to any other mnn In the ltouubll
cnii party. Uuay, l'latt, Clurkwtn, .iml many
otlirlepiihllcan niunagers are much taken
Willi tiui Alger Idea, and will mpport the
Michigan man with determination in enso
they succeed in nutting Mr. Bluiuo or some
other fciistern man ut the head of tho ticket.
llmlrinnn Clamsonof the National llepuh
IIchii Committee an Ivod In Wunhlngton this
evrnlm: ironi Now York and wont directly to
ine iioumj of senator yuav.whereaconforenco
was held, Mr. Ciark6on and his stenographer
-en. reclstciod nt tho Arlington Hotel, but
iV' ! l,l,rl;hOu,,ll.1(1.!l0t nut In nn nppouranca at
J 1 clock. Col. II. I. Kwords, who was nt fio
station on tho arrival of tlio truin, said that
i-A l Inrfeijon ,was met with a carrl.igo
r! UMrltcil u way, no one knew whither.
Senator (,'uny undoubtedly know, however,
J.f! boenwultliig nil day t see tho
'I'loiwlt halrmaii. Tin. Henntor wanted to
oii, .lo.rnll.',uvor ,f-nli;ht. but decided to wait
of Kn"" ,",'.,.n9ri'0,V- lor the oxpress purpose
ill, ln.lth Mr. Clarkson.
w.l!.'!ri',,i''ll:ot,I'c",KO "'"I Chauncoy I. Fllloy
Pa.r.,in ,fl f.r." " wi.Ul 3lr- Clarkson. and they
Kitin LJlr' L,ft,no between l'hlladolphlil and
to Jii"iffti b"nirr 'Vi'iy la iiuxlous to talk
nraiihV.!i"kh2""'.'0U? "' Bialno programmo.
Saw n !''" Konntor Is ;oiitifttut It will win Is
iMBuifn i'" ' mUieexnreHso.l ton col.
cVhn,iJ ,'?? "I0, b0.110.' u"lt " uuiDU woula
i i llv ''.'. nominated.
limat. m" "$'," who has lonu been In
tt Miioiif.r,Cor.,i."ol,'1'1 to-day that the
"'t & , i'i'I'L1." l1oi'P'ltliili. Harrison
Uii SaK'J ' ,?-i'Ln ''ir 'lar." 8 Chairman of
national toiumltteo if tho I'robident I
should be renominated. Mr. Clarkson has
other Important business In Washington
thnn conferring with fionatorV'iay. Tho Na
tional Committee I short of funds. In fact its
treasury is snld to bo bankrupt, nnd unless
somo Bood-.lzod subscriptions nro received
soon tint lltorarv bureau In operation here will
hnvo to bo abandoned. Ills thought, however,
that somo way will be found to prolong Its ex
istence until the campaign Is fairly under way
Hnd money for political purposes Is more plen
tiful than It Is now. ,
Tho dornrturn of fieorotary, Tracy from
Washington adds Interest to the very lively
rolltlcnr gossips that is being Indulged in at
present, It Is understood nt tho Navy Depart
ment that the Hoeretary will not return to
Washington until June 1. and, that ho will
spend tho Interval In New nrk Stute. working
nmong tho dolepntos In the Interest of his
ehler. llonjamln Hiirrlson. It la reported hero
to-night that tlio Secretary Is ratlior hoppful
that. In the uvont of tho nominal on of lion
ianiln Harrison, there may to a place on tho
ticket for Benjamin F. Tt ncy.
A Filcnd or the l'rcnldent on the (Situation.
Wamiinoton. May 23. -Tho Hon. I T. Mich
oner, ex-Attornoy-(leneral of Indiana, known
as n warm personal friend' of tho President,
speaking of tho political situation, said to
night: "Tlio people of tho country nscribeto Mr.
nialno honesty of rootlvo and sincerity of ex
pression In his lottor announcing that ho
would not be nenndidato for tho Presidential
nomination, nnd thoso who nro now Insisting
that ho wroto the letter merely to deceive tho
public temporarily will not accomplish their
object, which plainly is simply to iloteat
thorenomlnatlonof tho Prosident. Accepting
the endorsement of his Administration t,y tho
Itopubllcan Conventions throughout tho coun
try, including tho Instruction of a Inrce por
tion ot the. delegates, as Indicating tho desire
of tlio party, the friends o tlio President pro
poso that this deslro shall not be frustrated."
Mr. Mlchenornddod: "Tho President will
not bo nny moro cosily stampeded than will be
tho National Convention."
The Place of Mcatlaa; Changed rVon Welt.
Ins; Optra Hon to tha Alhaabra.
Syracuse, May 23. The place of meeting
for the May Convontlon of Democrats, to bo
held In this city on tho 31st Inst, was changed
to-day from Wotting Opera House to tho
Alhnmbra. tho largest hall In Syracuse. This
doclslon was made by tho local committee
nfter tho arrival hero of Capt B. W. Fay of
Brooklyn, who came ns the representative of
the provisional commltteo. There Is abso
lutely no local interost In tho Convention, and
nt tho hotels tho landlords nnd clerks grimly
Hmllo whou It Is mentioned. They sny no en
cngomentsof quarters to spoul; of have been
mado. Kx-ltcvonuo Collector William A. Beach
of this city, who Is making as muoli noise as
possible in tho Syracuse newspapers. says that
regularly elected delegates to tho number of
500 will certainly attend. HI lieutenant is
James K. McOuire. tho nlternato to the
Chicago Convention regularly elected at Al
bany in February, whose apostney has created
somo comment throughout the State. Motiulro
is a youthful politician, with the gift of gab.
and a frco trader. Tho local organisation
took him up for a stump speaker, und In re
turn mado him an alternate. William Ik hlrk.
tho local leader. Is much annoyed at his con
duct. Ai.nA.XT.May 23. Tho Albany contingent of
HtufTed Prophet followers, having found thnt
thoy did not number enough to organize cau
cuses in each ward of the city und each coun
try town, met to-night and called their prim
aries for tho eloction of delegate-to the Syra
cuse Convention, tor Mnv 2fct. in tho four As
sembly districts. By calling ono primary for
an Assembly district they have done exactly
what they allege was done In February, name
ly, called caucuses which only tho Initiated
could reach. Several of tho Alhnny member
feel sore over this, nnd are Inclined tn repudi
ate tho leaders bore, who are blindly following
tho Instructions of ox-Mayor Grace and h.
Ellery Anderson.
lie ClTca an Army of porter Andlcac
und fsn He Una Come to Me n Ocnllat.
Becrotary of State James O. Blaine and Mrs.
Blaino reached Jersey City at 0 o'clook last
night. Euglne 305. with Engineer Harry J.
Codoll. who hauls Mr. A. J. Cassett's car. at
the throttle, rolled Into the big depot ahead
ot six cars. There were few people present, as
it was not gonernlly known that Mr. Blaine
was to arrive.
Near the ontranco to the ferry a small man
approached Mr. Blaino and said something
about a coupe1. Tho Secretary waved him
away. The man was portlstont und a second
time importuned Mr. Blaine. Again he was
repulsed and again he returned. Fiually Mr.
Blaine, who was plainly annoyed, turned
around toward him and said:
"You are a very impertinent fellow, sir."
Instantly the little man turned and hurried
up to the roporters. Ho was weeping und
wringing his hands.
" I am Isaac P. Iioosa, an Inspector in tho
Post Office Building." he said. " I um misun
derstood, and now whero do I stand 1 I am
Kono. sure." nnd ho wept aloud. lie hnd en
deavored to persuade Mr. Blaino to nso a eab
that wus thore.
Mr. and Mrs. Blaino took the forryboat Chi
cago on loot.
it hen tho ferryboat reached Now York De
teetlvu Morris called a carriage that, was wait
ing, uml Mr. Blaine und Ills wife were driven
to tho Filth Aveiiuo Hotel. 'I her wore shown
to parlorM -'. itiid'JT. which weio occupied by
President Harrison on his recent visit.
Tho npuitmontH uio on tho Twunty-thiid
btroet side, one flight up.
Long beforetliehecretnry snrrlval tholurccst
group ot newsnnpnr men seen outside ol a na
tional Convention was in tho corridors down
stairs. Dverrslnid,) of public opinion was rep
resented by these men. They wero from
nil sections- of tlio , ountry. Mingling
with them worn politicians. Including
,'iohn I. Davenport, oc-.Murhall l.ouls F. 1'avn.
ox-t-unator Henry W. Blair. Jternurd Blgllu,
Police JlisllcosTalntur anil Meiole. tlio ulwaya
winked (ilbb.s. Collector lloiuliki.s. Assistant
riocrotarySpauldlngrif tlio Treasury Depart
ment, Assistant (secretary Cyrus llusscy of tho
Interior Depaitment, Uvor Nason. Assistant
Appraiser Kugeno ". Pintt. Examiner Jo
seph Fiirrincton, (leorgo W. Wunaoiak
er. Charles. W. Anderson, Deputy Col
lector (.'buries A. Burr. Deputy bur
veyor John W. Coining. Nathaniel Paige.
ox-CongroHsmon Henry O. Burleigh of
Whitehall und lleorgo est of Ballstou. Gen.
Furlong. ex-Asslstrint focretary Charles K
Coon. Charles W. Haekutt. hitting Bull John
D. l.nw.son, a national dulegatu from tho
Knvontli Now York Congress district. Assem
blyman William Hoag. Frank Carroll of the
"1'lltV William I.oary, and Howard Carroll.
Thoy woronll therofortho purpose of catch
ing a gllnunu) of tlio man from Malno,
They wero disappointed. Mr. ana Mrs.
Blaine remained In their apartments. Ah soon
ns Mr. Illulno was refreshed after his journoy
ho received the newspapermen. Many of them
had met tho (secretary first during ids cam
pnlgnfortho Prosldoncy In 1H84. or in lBsa,
when lie took the stump for Harrison.
htandlnu oroct bosldu a table, which had
been set lor a late suppor: dreused like tho
Blaino of old, with high standing collar und
loosely tlmt cravat, with the sumo famous
Prince Albert coat buttoned tightly over his
chest, his white hair brushed carelessly off
his forehead, and his snow-white beard
elosuly trimmed, the Hecretary, rocelvod his
visitors. He had a emllo for those he knew,
and n broad smile at the number there. As
t he nowspnper men wero formally presented to
him heguveeaoli ofthera aoordlul handshake
and addretsod those he knew by name, recall
ing In one or two instances occasions on which
he had met them. Then no straightened hlm
Mif and was ready tor questions.
.,.,' feel, gentlemen, ' said tho Secretary.
that you have got a dry haul this time. I
nni very glad to grwe t you. I have always been
glad to greet tho gentlemen of your profos
sion. I am not hereon nny matters pertain
ing to the public business. My eyes have
bothered mn a trifle, nnd one of the, purposes
f "-JV. visit in Now York ut this tlmo 'is to
consult with tho best .oculists. , There
Is nothing sonnus. but 1 feel that
it would do no harm to see thoso oculists.
Another point Is that I want to see ray little
ft fi11 iiH? ur 'A ? r ' 'h to impress upon you
!lmt "iKf"!1 !m nothing whatever to do with
Ifcl'i01.",10"1 1'H'a'ion. f shall be here four or
live dayf. and shall romaln hero at the hotol."
Yi ould you oonslder It proper to speak of
WW conference with the President at tho
askod to-dny?" tho Secretary was
." Ah.'."illB "V111"1- " I was with the President
only thirty minutes, and If I should tell you
what occurred you would not be benolltod In
tho slightest dpgron."
.. A,? to yourhHullh. Mr. Kecretnry'f
i ,r",l'brea,k 'or Itself," and the Secretary
held his head erect. Ills voice was strong and
clear throughout the interview, and It wax
evident that, ho wn by qo means the broken
man that his political opponent huvo mado
him cut to bu.
xfjs riiettcn xaii nixr, nvr nts wrig.
It U Uellcved a Filcnd Tlrlbrd the XIatra
rollte to Tnrn Illm Looee-Oreat is how
ar Activity It Ituntlnc for Illm Hiiper
Inteadrnt Bjtnta n Jotihllnit Tlioma.
I)Nrox, May 2.'!. It was reportod to-day
thnt Thomas O'Brion, the notorious bunco
Blearer who was extradited from England to
New York, nnd who escaped from tho custody
of omcers In thnt State, nftor bolnc convicted
and sentenced to Stato prison, hnd been nr
rostod. Tho roport was, tutor, confirmed. Ho
was captured at Havro whllo leaving tho
stenmor Marseille, which left Now Orleans on
May 1 for Havro and Antwerp. Thoiigltlvo
tried to loavo tho steamer with tho cargo.whon
ho woe detectod and captured. Tho French
pollco woro nn tho lookout for htm. and ono ot
their best dotecllvcs was watching nt tho
O'Brien appears to hnve waltod on board
until nil was quiet beforo attempting to go
ashoro. Ho tried to leave In tho confusion
nttnndlng tho removal oftho cargo, and would
have escaped hut for tho fact that a watch had
hron left nt the stoamor with Instructions to
keep n close lookout for him. It Is Bald thnt
on the way ovorsomo of O'Brien's actions led
tho crow to suspoct thnt thoy had un escaped
criminal of somo 'importance on board, and
u hint was nlvon to tho pollco at Havro upon
tho arrival of tho vessel.
O'Brien was greatly taken aback by Ills cap
ture, nnd Inquired whothor tho new extradi
tion treaty botween Franco and tho United
Statos, ot which It appears ho knew some
thing, had yet gono Into olToer. The French
officers Informed O'Brien thnt tho treaty hnd
not been approvod. O'Brien was very much
rolleved. Upon being taken to Police Hood
quartors ho was at once subjected to tho an
thropometrics! system ot measurement tn
order that. If he escaped again, he might bo
road I ly recognized In France. O'Brien sub
mitted with good grace, after at first protest
ing that nn American cltir.cn should not bo
subjected to the indignity of having his toe
nulls measured and calves Inspected.
The French pollen wero surprised at his
gentlemanly appearance and lino physique,
and said he was far superlot In ovury way to
the Knu'llsh criminals who fell occasionally
Into the hands ot the Havre authorities. Apart
from taking tho prisoner's measurement and
kcoping linn in most vigilant charge, thoy
treat oi I him with overy consideration. O'Brien
will have nn opportunity, it Is said, to light
against extradition, and as soon ns ho was ar
rested ho ino. ulrod about getting counsel. Tho
proceedings fur his oxtinditlon will have to bo
under tho present French treaty, which Is
milt" rostrictod In Its terms as compnred with
tne treaty negotiated by Mr. Whlteluw Held,
nnd which has not been approved in America.
Soon after O'Brien's escape an account of tho
escape and of the reward offered for hln cap
ture was received in English. French, and
other continental ports. The English nnd
French pollco have since heon on tlio qui vivo
for the man. and steamers arriving nt Liver
pool. Havre, and other places have Loen care
fully watched.
.nrVr-O'ISrlen has succeeded In making his
escape from tho Havre police, and Is agnin at
large. The pollco are conducting nn nctlvo
search for him. und the vessels In the harbor
aie closely watched. Notice hns also been
telegraphed to all the udiolniuc towns.
There is little doubt that a companion of tho
bunco stcerer. O'Brien, bribed the detectives
who had chargo of O'Brien to let him iMnw.ijr.
(inicers from Sctland Yard were brep'riim to
goto Havro to Identify O'Brien when tho news
arrivod that ho hud escaped. Tho commissary
of pollco at Havro Is greatly stlnodup on
account of O'Brien having cot away, nnd ho
lias not only cnlloil all his subordinates to
account, but has telegraphed to overy port in
Fronce a doscrlptlon of tho mnn.
A Havre despatch fnys Jt Is .certain that
O'Brien hat not got nwav on nny of tho rail
way trains, and tho police thore helUrve that he
must Imvu gono on board a steamer or other
vessel just starting for n port nh.nc tho coa&t
or for Great Britain. Tho French police think
that be will try to mako Ills way to Bordeaux,
and thence to South America. The police In
London and other porta are keeping u careful
watch for the fugitive.
Tho police of Oravesend. Dover, and rtctee.
fives from Scotland Yard nro out to-night
watching for O'Brien, who Is expected to land
on tho English const within tho next twenty
four hours. Tho American Legation has made
special efforts to secure his capture, nnd it Is
safe to say that O'Brion cannot lind anywhero
on the southern coast of F'nclnndorat any
considerable poit In tho t'nited Kingdom
without beins arrested immediately, Late
this afternoon Police Inspector llohorts of
Oravesend and Sergeant Nowland of Sootlnnd
lard went out on a special steam launch and
stoppe,! and boarded tho Mosagerlos steamer
Fibre on which, It was thought. O'Brien had
Med from Franco. Thoy wont through every
part of the steamer from stem to stern, but
found no trace of the fugitive. A description
of O'Brien has been sent to evory coast town In
No notification of thecnptiiro of O'Brien by
the French police was received by olthor Su
perintendent Byrnes or Chief Inspector Steers
yesterday. Superintendent Dimes wus skep
tical nboutthe prisoner's Identity.
"There's m.thing gentlemanly nltout O'Bri
en's appeaiuuce." said Mr. Bvrnes. "He is not
oven n clever bunco man, but remlnib. mo
moro of a brutal highwayman by his method'.
Tho clever man In the AH any trumnctlon was
Post. O'Brien's nartnor. O'Brien simply occu
pied the position of assistant or laborer. If
they really did have hlm. and let him escape. I
can only say that they and theomcer who al
lowed him to escape hero ought to be con
demned to get together in a community bv
themselves, the only protection to which would
bo their own imllciug.
Sergosnt Blr-I. who was In chnri,'o of tho
Detoctlvo Bureau, laughed at the story of
O Brien's .capture and escape, rubbed his
liandH gleo'ully. and remarked: "And tho
French detectives are the best In the world I
ell. we get along very nicely over hor-."
At the tlmo of his escape O'Brien whs under
routence of ten years for robbing, by means of
tlio conlldoneo came.n xuun named Peek, in
Albany, or 1IUK!0. He was tnknn to L'tlca on
a writ of habeas corpus, and was remanded
back to prison, hooper Buck of Dsnnemora
Prison, who had hlm In charge, let hlm go
whoro ho pleased with Don Mlnchln, n no
torious bunco stoeror, nnd Dnvld A. Dlshler. a
local Lli.vi.hmd politician of Utlcn. Thorosult
was that tlio convict got away very easily, nd
iHsnldto have had fully twonty-four hours'
f tint ou his way to llborty when the alarm was
clvon. Warrants uro out for Dlshler and
Mlnchln, but thoy huvo not been nrrosted.
'1 horo was a roward of S'.'.EOtJout for O'Brien's
AMiAKT.May 23.-(lov. Flower snld this af
tornopn that ho thought tho arrest of O'Brion
was tho direct outcome of a telegram hosont
to heeretury Jtlnlnp on Friday last. In which ho
risked tho aid of the Statu Department In enp
U'.ty! "A1!10" ftt, J'"yr0, This ho did nfter
District ; Attorney Enton hnd laid before him
facts which Indicated that O'Brien had sailed
from Now Orleans to Havre. The re-iuest
madobyiov. Flowor was that a full descrip
tion of O'Brien lio ended to tho French Gov
frnmeiit nnd a formal request mado by Secre
tary Blaine for his dotontlon until extradition
papers could be mado out
One Wm In for Wnrdrr and One for Aa.
unit With Infest to Kill,
Bahatooa SrniNos.Mav23.-Adesporato at
tempt to break out of tho Bnratogu county Jail
nt Bnllston Spa was made yesterday afternoon
by Martin Foy, Jr., who murdered Miss Hen
rletlu Wilson of this city a few days ng.. nnd
Jerry Donahue, who was waiting trial for as
snultwllh luterit to kill. The men manngod to
trneaud bind Officer lord nnd lock him In a cell.
Jord succeeded in removing his gac beforo
tho prisoners could get into tho lower onrrl.
dor. nnd shouted for help. Jailer Howard
soon enmo with assistance, nnd tho prisoners
wero driven into their cells nt tho point of ro
vnlvers. 'I hey wero uiidoi- tlio Influonco of
liquor, which is believed to hnvo boon passed
to them from tho outside by a prisoner whoso
term expired on Saturday. Sheriff Worden
has ordered the rearrest of this man.
A Wntou Ituua Into u Ilor.e Car.
University place car No. 127 was travolllng
east through Spring street at Uii o'clock last
night when an express wagon drawn by a
team of raulo". going north through Elizabeth
stroet, ran Into tho front platform ot the cur.
The polo of the wagon struck Joseph .Inumann
In tho face, lacerntlng his nose and knocking
out all Ills front teeth. An ambulance surgeon
from ht Mncents Hospital dressed his wound,
and ho was ublo to go home. Tho driver of
tho oxprcss wagon ctenped,
Trie Enquro Ptate Enpreat-fo.lr.t Imln In lb. world
un' ltr .NewVorli at b:W a. U, hitil of V
Two Enalnen In Collision Headmaster Otln
and Five Othera Injured,
Potinnxcr.pstR. May 23. A serious accident
occur rod on tho Hudson River Itallrond ut
Clinton Point shortly nftor 2 o'clock this
afternoon, by which six persons were
more qr less Injured. Train No. 20, a fust
train from tho West, due to loavo horo for New
York at 1 :50 V. M., was on time, nnd when tt
left carried a green flag on tho engine, denot
ing thnt another train was following, Tho
train following was Monitor Englno 251, known
ns Itoadmastcr W. D. Otls'a engine. Mr. Otis
was on board, as wero also Mr. W. Thompson
of New York, euporintondent of brldgo con
struction, nnd his slx-ycnr-old son. The en
gineer of tho Monitor was Edward Kelly, ono
of the oldest and best experienced on tho
road. Ills flrcman was John Hugnn und the
engine's flagman IX MeAulllTo.
Ten minutes after tho fast train loft, Mr.
Otis and his party started south and ran nlong
nt tho rote of thlrty-flvo miles an hour. Aa the
Monitor rounded tho curvo north of the stone
crusher ut Clinton Point both Mr. Otis and
Engineer Kelly noticed an onglno stnndlng on
thu down track and only a short dlstnnco
away. Tho air biakes of tlio Monitor wore
applied ns quickly ns possible the engine was
reversed, nnd the trncu sanded, out u collision
wns Inevitable, and It came. Engineer Kelly
was hurled through a window In front o! hlm
unon Itoadmiister Oils, and Mr. Thompson
wnsdoshod with grout violence aeiilnt tho
side ot the cub. as was also his boy. Mc
AiillfTe. tho flagman, jumped before tho col
llslon occurred. The forward pnrt of the
Monltorwas destroyed aud tho forward trucks
1 ho list ot Injured la as follows: W. D. Otis,
who resides at Tlvoll, cut about tho face, but
no bo.ios broken : Mr. Thompson, out about
the face and head and arm broken; his son
slightly cut and brulod: Engineer Kelly, cut
about tho faco nnd head: John Hogan, fire
man, badly cut about the face; McAuliffe.
flagman, bruises on tho body und cuts
on face. A wrecking train was sent to
the scene of tho accldont from this
city. Dr. J. a Wilson and Chief Dntec
tlvo Humphrey accompanying It. Dr. Wilson
attended llrst to Mr. Thompson, and the latter
nnd his son wont to N, w York on the next
train. Hogan was sent to his home In Albany,
and McAUMlTe to his home nt. Tlvoll. Mr. Otis
nnd Englncor Kelly lemnlnod with the de
railed Monitor until tho track was cleared,
and then both wont to Now York. The onglno
which was struck by tlio Monltorwas work
engine 4'j:l. Thomas Oostine. engineer. It
was standing on tho sldo track wnen No. 2ti
passod, and thon was run nut nn tlio mum
track, when tho collision occurred, Tho en
gineer nnd llromnn of tho work engine jumped
beforo tho Monitor struck thoir engine.
Formerly Clerk rf a District Court, and n
WllllnE Worker lor Chrlef,
John H. Pcloubct, a Bon of Major and ex
Judgo D. A. Teloubet. Is missing from his
homo In Coles street. Jorsoy City. He was em
ployed us manager of his father's jewelry store,
HO Newark avenue. His father thinks ho has
1 ocome mentnlly unlatunccd. Peloubet dis
appeared last Wednesday. Ho left a lettor
dated the some day and written on one of tho
letterheads of Taylor's Hotel. It wns sent
from there to his father's store. He tells his
father in the letter that thu strain has heconio
too much for him nnd his mind is troubled.
"I nm going away on a vacation." he writes,
"and 1 wlltprotnibly be gone ubout u month,
but I will write."
Ho speaks of Ills wife nnd children tn affec
tionate terms und begs his lather to tsko
care of them. Thon he writes: "Every dollar
I owe I will pay. and beforo long. I hero need
bo no undue notoriety. I havo only cone for
a short vacation. Help my wife and baby. God
bless you."
Mujnr Folouhet says he has not the slightest
Idea whero bis son hns gone toorwhathla
Intentions are. "I noticed for several days."
he sold, "before he went away tlmt he was
troubled. He acted queorjy. He often walked
up and down the floor and oomplalned of hla
head. Whou I askod him if he wns sick ho
snld no. I hnvo no knowledge whntovor of his
business affairs or whether he owes much
It ts said that young Peloubet Is heavily In
debt and that he has gone nwav to avoid his
creditors. He was Clerk of tlio S-oeond District
Court a few years ago. Huattuiuel eoi.slder
able notoriety rcrontly In consequoneo of
somo trouble among the Willing Workers for
Christ Society uttacnod to tho tirnce Metho
dist Church. Peloubet organized the society
and wns Its President nnd most active meraberv
About a year ago un opposition faction sprang
up la tho organization and uftor a bitter tight
Peloubet wns dofiosod. He had his successor,
John W. Bothen, arrested on the charge of
libel and other offences. Bothen hnd lilm ar
rested In turn, and for two or three months
tho Willing Workers for Christ spent a great
part of thoir tlmo in the police und Justices'
courts. A compromise wuh llnally effected,
and all tho suits were dropped. Mujor Pelou
bet Is very much perturbod over his son's dis
appearance, nnd ho tears that he may, iu his
present mental condition, do himself harm.
Opposttloa from Neighbor, to the Cmnllnc
i f several I.leen.eii.
Representatives of the West Ride Property
Owners' Protective Assoclntlon protested to
tho Excise Board yesterday against the
licensing of a saloin to Peter Mn her nt'J.tSOl
Eighth uvenue. They said thore wero alroady
too many saloons In thu nolt'hbor-hood. Tho
protest was laid over.
Tho Paullst Fathers. Fifty-ninth street
and Ninth avenue, protested ngalnst the
licensing of any moro nlnons In their parish,
and particularly against thu cranCnc of n
llcenso to Charles O'Connor ot titt-i Eleventh
Dr. Thomas, who owns n prlvnto hospital at
fJ7M Lexington avenue, uiotestod against tlio
granting of a license to Henry Kongo ut tllil
Jjoxlngtnn avenue. , ,, ,.
Father Burke of St. Benedict's Catholic
Church in llleocker street appeared against
I.eo Sonnenborg of 2(1 Carmine street.
M. A. C. Lovy, owner of tin. building nt 34
West Fourth street, protested against tho re
newal of Iho license of ono oi Ills tonnnts.
Dennis Doyle. Levy wants toteur the build
ing down, but Doyle bus an unexpired leusn
for pari of the ground floor. It was developed
at the Tombs Court several weeks ago that
Special Agent Moonoy of tho Hey. Dr. Park
hurst's society had been paid Jii by I.ovy for
trying to collect evidence against Doyle for
violating tho Excise law.
In the casoof Oeorco 1. 1 rich of 1.570 East
End avenue, to whom n license was refused
because thero wore already two saloons on tho
corners, the Bonn! said they hud made .an
other Investigation, und tlio llconno wus
Gave a Black Tie Apiece to IJetecllTe Von
Orrlelitrn mid III. Hon.
Detoctlvo BorgeantVon Gertchton and his
son, William, wero doing tho Hawkshuwpose
at Eighth nvenuo and llSth street last night
when thoy wero disturbed by a gay young
man somewhat bodlampped and not nlt'o
gethor sober. Ho jostled futlior and son. nnd
wus told to go on about his business. Ho In
vited everybody In liar em to make hlm go
on. Tho dotectlve tried to do so. and
cot a black eye. The son pitched in and got
another. Tho gay young man whooped and
called for moro eyes to blacken. Pollcoman
Boyle came up on a trot, and, with the help of
tho Messrs. Von Oerlohten. who had two un
dimmed eyes between them, the gay yountr
man was subdued and taken to the V est 125th
street station. He refused to glvo an account
of himself. Ho woro n diamond stud nod two
diamond rings and the air of a Harlem swell.
Lawyer Henry Ilalsey I.anda III. Opponent
In Ludlow Street Jail,
Lawyer Henry Halsey. who has been ar
roMed and Indicted a largo numberof times
on tho complaint of William 0. Jones, Presl.
dont of tho United States Aconcy. and who
was acquitted on his itilal In thedenoral Hot.
elons, begun proceedings against Mr. Jones to
recover 5(i.(HK) for malicious proseautlon and
false imprisonment. . Mr. Jonei was arrested
yestorday by Deputy hherlff Upturn on an
order Issued by Judgo Lawrence and held In
J5.000 ball. He went to Ludlow street jail In
default of tho ball.
A I. title Girl Killed In the Street,
Annie Smith, 0 years old. whose parents live
at 1.000 Second avenue, was trampled to death
by etroot car horses lust ovenlng nt Second
avenuo nnd Eighty-fourth street. The child
died before an ambuUnce from the Preshvtn
rlaa Hospital came. Tho driver was untested.
. ,
II W.i In'ended thnt Ha ri'.nntd he the
Head or It. und III. f.'rnnctrntlirr I.elt
Illm n Mllllnti-Tlie Fever that lie Itled
or Pronator I'ontri.cied While Truvrlllna;
William II. Vnndorbllt, tho eldest son of Cor
nollus Vnndorbllt, died nt Ills father's resi
dence 1 Wost Flfty-soventh sUeot, at 10:15
o'clock Inst night. At tho bed-lde wero his
paronts and their other flvn children, ("orno
litis. Jr., (loitrudc. Alfred. Reginald, mil
Gladys, who Is only 0 years old. Dr. J. W. Mo
I.nnc, who attended tho young man through
his Illness, was nlso present,
Tho ond was pilnlos.s whon It eamo. Both
Dr. McLunuiind Dr. William H. Draper of the
College of Physicians and Surgeons who Imd
bcon acting ns consulting physicians, hnd
given up hopo early yesterday morning utter
the third of a series of eevore homorrhngos
which wenkencd the pntlont greatly.
AHhoiig'i tlio attack of typhoid lovor was au
alarming one from tho outset, it was not until
3 o'clock on Sunday afternoon that Dr. Mc
Lane fo.ired n fatal result. This was when
Mr. Vnndorbllt had tho first hemorrhage. Tho
soennd followed at H::tti o'clock In tho evening,
and tho third was nt 2:30 o'clock oslorday
At that hour Dr. MclJino said that death wns
but a question of a few hours, for tho pulso
of tho sick luun wus hardly peicept
Iblo und his temperature had rench
ed an alarming height Somo encourage
ment was hold out to his family in
the early morning, when thero was u slight
rally. The temperature went down to 100.'.,
nnd tho pulse wns decidedly llrnier. This fa
vorablo condition continued through tho day,
but us night came on Mr. Vunderbllt began to
sink n gain.
Ills father hardly left his bedsldo all day.
Thero wero mnny callers at tho house during
tho day. Chauncey M. Depew spout tlio day
at tho Vnndorbllt mansion, nnd ntfi o'clook iu
the afternoon he sulci that tho signs wore en
couraging. At S'i o'clock In tlio evoiilng there was an
other -overo hoinorrhnge, and n few minutes
niter tho young man passed from tho delirious
condition In which ho had been tor tint past
ten dnys into u quiet sleep. This continued
until death came.
Mr. Depew said Inst night that tho young
man probably contracted tho fever n n West
cm tour in bis Kitsterhulldiiys. und not at New
Haven. He (rot back to Yule on April 20
and the dlseaso llrst showed Itself on May 4.
Two days Utor ho was brought down to his
fnther'H house. Tho funeral will probably bo
nt nt. Bul'tholainewV, where his father i.su
vestryman. The son was conllrmod while at
St. Paul's School. Concord.
Win. If. nndcrhllt was the oldest ot tho
fourth generation ,,r the millionaire v'nnder
Lllts. and was evidently destined by his
gr.indliitlier to ho the head of it. His
grandfather. William II.. loft hlm a mil
lion dollars, the income to be applied to
his use on Ills minority. . -mil nftorwurd to bo
paid to him In such amounts ns his father saw
tit. until tlio son should he :it)yenrsof age,
whereupon he was to receive tho prin
I clpal. Ho was tho only grandchild
who received a bequest under this will.
He was born In New York on Dec. 21, 1S70.
and was thus just a few months past ids ma
jority. Ho attended Dr. Cutlet's school In tliis
eltv. and from thoro he went to tst. Paul's
school ut Concord. At thu school he took
great Intoiest In athletic sports, and oh
Pecinlly In rowing. Hi. n stroke oarofst.
Paul's crew. Ho linisho I Ins course of study
at St. Paul's In tho summer of ISM', and In tho
full entered tho class of Mi.1 at Yale, fie joined
the Psl I'pslion fraternity, mid when stricken
with trnhnld fever wus about to to Initiated
in rcroll and Key. to which he had just been
elected, doling Mr. Vunderbllt was living in
room 240. Durfoo Hall, at tho univeislty, with
his classmate. Moses Taylor, ii son of H. A. C.
Taylor of New York, when ho came down with
the fever. On Friday. May t, he was brought
down to New York to his father's home.
Ho wns a handsome young man, about 5 feet
II) Inches hill, much resniuTilIng his father In
features. Although slender, he had an ath
letic Ilguro. and looked especially well on
horsebacik. He was an excellent rider nnd i
pood polo player. At tho nlo tournaments ut
Sowpoit In the summer he wus an Interesting
figure, and with his partners ho won iiiuiiy
prlzos. He wns a gtut cross-country rider.
Mr. vnndorbllt whs the owner of tho 4i 1-foot
sloop vacht llderim. snld tn bu tho Inst
boat designed by Kdwaril Burgess before his
dentil. Iho llderim Is now In Boston nnd has
just gone Into commission. With Ids younccr
brotnor, Cornelius. Jr., who is now a frehninn
nt Yale. William hnd tho 25-font yacht (lludvs
In common. This hunt Wcamo the property
of the younger brother when the llderim wns
built, lounc Mr. Vanderbllt was a member
of thoso duhs: The Knickerbocker, tlio
Racquet ond Tennis, tlio New York and tlio
Senwnnhnka-CnrinthlKn Yncht clubs, the
Country Club tho Hiding lub. and the West
chester Polo Club. He gave $!,000 to tho
Yale gymnasium In his soi homorc your.
ait. iwciiaxas nut hkmahhy.
The Vcr.lon of lltn Cn.p Given Out by Ilia
I,uw j er Yr.ierdrty.
Dr. H. W. Buchanan said yestorday thnt ho
did not know whoie to Und James M. Smith,
who sent u deposition to tho Coroners' office,
suggesting thnt Buchanan hnd poisoned Ids
wife, who died on April 23 of cerebral apoplexy.
Lawyer J. D. McClelland, who represents Dr.
Buchanan, says that James )l. Smith Is a man
who porsecuted tho lute Mrs. Buchnnan.
"Ho claimed that she owed him f.'.OOO."
said Lawyer McClolland, "and ho threatened
thnt If. she did not pay It he would bring suit
ngiilnst und expose heron thetii.il by making
public cerlaln tilings that would dlginco her.
"Two weeks after thu do.ith of his second
wife Dr. Buchanan went to Halifax. His
nlvnrccd Ursl wilo was llvlnir there. She sent
a letter full of svnipathy to him. uud later i ho
culled on him nt hi- hotel. Mm stated that
she had been Innocent of the clmice.s brought
ngidnst her, but rather thin go through tho
puilicityor a divorce Milt she had put in no
defence. Dr. Buchanan's little clil. who was
the child of his tlrst wife, pleaded forhor, and
as a result he remarried her ou MuylU."
lie Boxed Her Up With the Furniture and
(she Travelled at Freight Itiiten.
St. Joskhi, May 23. John Adlock. a bachelor
farmor. near McFnll Station, Mo, recently be
came or.umorod of a neighbor's buxom daughter.
He persunded her to elope with htm to this
city, whom thpy wore married. Next day thoy
returned lo their liome. and tutor decided tn
remove to Rocky Ford, Col. Adlock chartered
n freight car, In which ho loaded such of his ef
fects as had uscapod tho f,ale, Including his
Ho boxed up his wife nnd loaded her In the
enr with the other plunder to snvo paying hor
fare. Ho went along with tlio train, and at one
oftho stations he unboxed his better half.
Sho rode vry comfortably until bearing
their destination, when sho was put buck la
the box and was unloaded, none the worse for
tho journey, at Rocky Ford, where Adlock will
go Into thu bee business.
Ilrewrr Kurxenbemer Mhot lllm.eir.
Christian Kurzenborger, a wlnn dealer at lltf
Market street, Nownrk.nndthonwncrofasmall
brewery, killed himself on Sunday night by fir
ing threo bullets Into his head and mm Into his
left breast. He shot himself whllo lying abed
suffering Irnm blood poisoning resulting from
a wound received throe weeks ngo when a
small keg fell upon his foot, ills family sup
pressed tho caiuo of his death ou Minduy
night, and a abort oi.lt nary notice was pub
lisTied in the morning papers, glvltig tho cuuso
of death as blood poisoning.
Ho wnsn member of many soclotles, among
which is the Nowurl; Cremation Socio y. Ills
body will bo cremated on Wednesday at Fresh
Pond. U 1, Ho was born In urtemburg In
lS4ti. Ho rnmo to America In IHiiH Ho leaves
a wife and soven child reti.
William II. Hamilton Hurt.
William II. Hamilton, ono of the officers of
the Crescent Wutch '."use Company, was mor
tally hurt last night In ltosovlllo avenuo,
Newark. Ho was struck by a fat train whllo
crossing the tracks to go to. his housp in
Thirteenth street, .Newark. Ills noso was
broken, tils face crushed In. nnd one leg and
several ribs broken. He is il;i years old.
Matclile.. In Fnclllllo.
The Prnn.ylv.nl. Ksllruad pr.i.nts uniurptned fa
cllin.i fnr Ir.Tilier to Ike Weil tail tioutb. ft.
Iiui, itrlft, 4ifk
DAltLtMi ItfAtt IS EXtr.F.
The Mnn Who Wrrekcri.Iorn t rinmmerA
Co. lie Ha. Ilrrn In Montreal f'.Ter Hlnce.
Moxtiumi, May 23. After tho firm of John
F. Plummer A- Co. of Now York failed In March.
IMiO, W. S. Darling, Mr. Plummet' confiden
tial mnn, who had wrecked the Arm. came to
Montreal nnd took up his residence ut tho
Windsor Hotel under tho name of Chariot: D.
Hilton. Ills wife and child remained tn New
York, but mado frequont visits to Mon
treal. Darling led a very retired lite,
ond nfter a short slay at tho Windsor
took up private quarters. A fow months ugo
his health begun to full, and a physician wIioim
ho eoiisiiltod warned hlm thnt ho wus btiiTor
lug from enlargement of the heart, which
might soon prove fatal. Darling, who nt ono
time had been a Mason, conllded his trouble
t several members of the craft In Montreal,
who woro very kind to him and guvo hlm all
the assistance In their power. His health
steadily declined. Yesterday ho burst a blood
vessel anil he tiled early this morning. Ills
brother and son arrived troni New ork this
ovonlng and will rotiirn with the lomnlnB.
Darling was John 1'. Plnmmer's ennlldentlnl
ninn for twenty years before tho llrm of John
F. Plummor.V to. failed, lie was Mr. Plum
mcr h llnnnclat munnger In nearly all of that
ceiitleiniin's business transactions. It wuh ho
who engineered the Plumuier hind boom at
yet herwoo.l, New Jersey, and who built tho
Ncthorwod Hotel. -Mr. Plummer lint) the ut
most coiilldence In Illm end Intrusted till of
the financial alTalrsoftlio llrm to him. He had
absolute control. He assured 3fr. Plum
mer thnt (ho llrm was clearing on nn
ayorugo SI.iO.iumi a year und Mr.
Flumtnor believed him until ono day
ono of the mills which was u creditor of tho
llrm for $4tKi.0(H) made a demand for Its
money or security. Tlmt brought on an In
vestigation, which led the noxt day to nn ns
flgnmenr. Instead of thero being a surplus of
$.nHl,(jOtl. ns Darlings reports showed, thero
wns a deilclt of nriirlv thnt amount. This was
made known n few days biter In Wall streot.
and the same day Darling fled. What became
of the. money was not known. A sinu'I part of
It only was lost In Wall street spoculatlon.
He Killed Capt. Fnmylli Two Year. Ago
Ilia Pnl. Hrrvlnu Lire Sentence..
Eaktmax. On.. May 23. -The nows rocolved
here this evening that Rich Lowry. who assas
sinated ('apt, John C. Forsyth in this county
two yeni sago, has b.Cn enpturod nt Suffolk.
Vu., created considerable Interost. Tlio assas
sination grow out of a long-standing land liti
gation In the Federal Court. Tho Dodge Lum
ber Cnmnany of New Yor'; was tho plaintiff,
and (.'apt. rorsith represented tliom In (leor
cla. six men entered Into a conspiracy and
hired lileh Lowry to kill hlm.
Lorn Barch.nneof the conspirators, made a
full confession. They wero all committed, and
are now serving life terms In the Ohio peni
tentiary. Luther A. Hall, a prominent lawyer,
and at one time a member of the Lottlsluturp.
wast lie head of tho conspiracy. Tho Sheriff
of tho county was another. The Stnto of
Cieor la and the Dodge Lumber Company
offered $1.5(i(l rewind for Lowry's capture.
The Sheriff will leave to-night for Lowry.
A ritt.hiirgh Pre.biterlnn Prencber Kcores
the Vice Hunter,
FiTTHBURmt. May 23. It was "quiz day" at
tho Presbyterian Ministerial Association
meeting In the F'lr.st Church to-dav. Among
tho questions propounded was ono wordod:
"Is n rastor justified In sooietly visiting
haunts of vice wllh n view to exposing thoni ':"
Tho Rev. fieorge N. Johnson Introduced tho
subject. Dr. Johnson did not think a minister
of tho (iosnel was required to seek sin iu such
a place, it wns like going down into hell to
sen how Sntgn lived. This wns not the duty
of it Christian minister. It was not the way to
redeem the fallen: It wan a direct violation of
tho Biblo teachings, and was uncallod for.
There nro means of reform that wero moro
effectiw nnd not half so demoralizing as tlio
methods of Dr. Parkhurst.
Rnltlmore'. Society Actreit la Now Ont
of an rhigna'ment.
HtLTiMonr, May 23. Tho sensation In so
ciety over tho advent of Miss Beatrice Tiffany
upon tho piofcsstonnl stage Is supplemented
to-dny by her dismissal from Harris. Brltton
A Dean's Opora Company. Manager Dean re
quested Miss Tiffany's resignation on tlio
score of "habitual unreliability."
The fair society Metres had fulh-d to appear
nt tho Aoudumy on several occasions, alleging I
indisposition ns nn excuse. Affnlis leached a
climax at last Saturday's rnntlnoe. when Miss
Tlffuny appeared on the slngo in such a con
dition thnt tint management felt warranted in
demanding her resignation.
A New Orleans Detective Ha. a Clue Man
Arreeted In Kansn. City on Hiip1clnn.
Dr.sisos. Tex.. May 2.!. A Now Orleans de
tective is said to have a clue which will clear
up the mystery of tlio miirdor of Miss Shaw
lnv and three other women. The detective is
known to hnvo left suddenly last night for
Texnrkana. Tex., whoro It Is said tho clue will
be taken up.
Kankih City. Mo.. May 23. It Is reported
that tho lolleo b.ivo in custody a man who Is
believed to be tho person who murdered four
women nt Denison. Tex. His naino Is given
ns. lack Burke, nnd he is held nominally on a
charge of vagrancy. Burke has a bad record,
nnd Is known to hnvo come from Texas n few
days ago. The police will not giro any Infor
mation about him.
Tber Fnmtil n ltrokrn (tail nnd Muved (he
Limited rxpres. from Ill.aa:er.
Datton. 0.. May 23.-Two tramps, whilo
walking along Iho tracks of tho Big Four Ball
road, near this city yesterday, discovered a
broken rail. Ono of them went along tho west
bound track, and the othor on tho east-bound
track for the purpose of notifvlng any trains
that might bo approaching. The wost-hound
limited oxpros.s was signalled. It wus
promptly stopped. When thepnsscngurswero
made aware of the danger that had been
overfed they chipped Into the extent ot about
5100 for the tramp". Thorullroad officials nlso
ordered that thoy havo a froo rldo to Cincin
And Mliol Her Fntlter When IIo Got the
Girl llu'li,
Mapisox, fin.. May 23.-H. W. Conloy's daugh
ter, 14 years old. eloped with V. A. Coohran, a
man of ,'5. about three months ngo. Recently
alio wns taken from her husband and rostorod
to her father bv order of tho court. Cochran
made several nttempt.s to regain possession of
hlsvouiig wife, but each attempt failed. As
Conley was retiirnlngtohls homo from Mndl
son on Saturday, when passing throuirh a
clump f woods near his house, ho was (lied
upon bylochiiin.tho bullet passing through
his head. Hi. died In a few minutes. There Is
great excitement over tho assassination.
Bnt ri.tol. Were V.ed, and Two Men Are
Head und n 1 hlrd I. II) Inj:.
Atlanta, May 23. While a numberof men
were Indulging In a dance nt the water works
near this elty yesterday a quarrel ensue I and
pistols wero usod. Jim Taylor uml " Kid " San
ford wore killed and Robert Taylor so seriously
wounded that his life Is riospulivd of.
Fdward nnlilwln II) (n.
Edward Baldwin of tho firm of llncon. Bald
win A Co., dealors In woollens nt'.U Friinklin
street, la 111 nt his country home, "Thu Chest
nuts." nt lllverdulo. It wan not thought Inst
night that ho could llvo until moinlng. Ho
has consumption. Mr. Baldwin has not Leon
actively engaged in business for two years
and has spent much ot his tlmo travelling for
his health.
tell five Nlorle. und Lived,
Israel Bchnuchtsky, H years old, fell from
a window at his homo on tho filth floor of
2tlJ Cherry street yesterday nftornoon, and
.truck on his back ou the sidewalk.
lit skull was fractured and right leg broken,
no was tuken to Uouvernour Hospital and will
trobably recover,
: ,1
follows mui HthsArvr.n child jj
ACROSS A Ml 1.1 -!.()(! THLDT1.E. J?l
- Til
Khe Cn'che. the Kidnapper In B.rnnna at $!
the Ferry to Hinten Inland, but a Patle. Ij
mnn Help, the Mnn cl Ont of the rllnte. -iVj
Euzinrmf. May23.-,Tohn Hayes, who live V'fji
In Readout, came horo yesterday uftarnnoa " Sj,4
nnd kidnapped his child, aged 2' years, fntm .'I
tho hnuso of Its grandfather, John Turner. 107 fVfl
Marshall street, Ellraucthport. Haves hns not ,sijl
been living with tils wire. Julia, for about a !i
year. Ho called nt her father's house during gSJ
her absence, and, seizing tho child, who was jl
plavltig In the kitchen, hastened with It to ?M
John Arnold's boat house, a fdw blocks distant. fi I
and hired a rnwhont to take hlm across tlie . ' J I
Kills to New York Stato. i?J J
Mrs. Hayes roturned homo just In tlmo to ' 1
pursunhlm nnd eitcli hlm nt the water front. rfs I
Sho trlod to wrest the child away from him, X( 1
but w h unable to do to. nnd then she threw t? I
the oars Into tin. water nnd warned Mr. Ar. .gjfc n
nold not to help her husband Iu his attempt. ijff Ij
Arnold rctiiBod (o let Hayes have a I nar, S1
Hayes then Marred with tho child for tho . 'Jfl I
long railroad bridge that spans Newark Bsr ',W I
from Ellznhothport to Bergen Point, Ilia Mj ff
wlfo followed hint nlonir Front street, hut jbK j
fulled to meet nny policeman to nld h"r to re- i II
cover tho child. She followe I Hayes a mile, to IJ
the bridge, and then crossed It behind him- l U
though It In about a mile long, and a rata "tt I!
storm had set In. Thero Is no footway, and if ij
sho had to step tro-ii tie to tie, Hayes made Vi i
for tho ferry to i-taton Island, from BMyonne. a 'IA i
mlln from the terminus of tlie bridge, and hia .M Q
wife kept nt Ills heels. When thoy reached the k. ''Ijm
ferry she followed hlm on board the little ",H
steamer I-ark. that piles between Port Rich- ,'fjM
tnond, S. I., and L'uvnnuc. and mnde another Xm
ineffectual eftort to get possesion of the child. 'SIB
which, Iu tho struggle, nearly had its clothtn .&H
torn off. -rlHJ
Haves thon called a policeman nnd. tolling &m
him his wife was do.nenteil. induced hlm to ,nM
force her off tho boat, despite hor tears and mi- AM
treaties, and to allow Illm to carry the child
out of tho State. Hayes soon reached tho New i? f
lork.shnroiiiiil was out of tho jurisdiction of x Y
tlio New Jersev authorities. 4A
The baffled wife had no monov with her. and -kifs
was forced to walk nil tho way back In a &
tlioncliliic lain storm 1 1 Klizibethpnrt. which l'
sho reached Inst nlgni wet thr nigh and In an -si'
exhausted condition. Sho mado hor way to jW:
the house of Lawyer T. M. Kellv, to whom sh fMII
rolnted what had taken plac. nnd Implored Sj
his aid to got back her child. Tho lawyer, SiKf
however, said he was unnblit to do anything In 'vtkc
the matter, ns tlio kidnapper had got l.ev,,n I 'Sis 8
the reach ot Now Jersov law. Mrs. Hayes Is 'nil
nearly frantic ovo.1 the loss of her child. She '-fc-fl 11
did not learn the name of tho pollooman who) 'fbii
aided her husLund. ,'Jri St
The Opposition Thunder. II. Denunciation isfli
er Illm at Mm. Mccttnicln Flrat Avrnu. '3 'MB
If tho ears of Slgnnr Barsoltl did not glow "wP I
ltko a pair of Incandescent lamps last night. It Mtfl j
was through no rault of 200 Italians gathered '$!'
iua hot llttlo hall at 177 First avtnup. They ','j
came together for tho express purpose of giv- flf
lug vent to their opinion of Signer Birsottl. Mj
and they had hlrod a brass band to aid them -M
whon their feelings got too strong for word.. ,
As all tho world now knows, the Italian m
colony Is rent asunder twauso SlgnorBnr- .w J
sottl won't resign and let tho Italian Consul W,
dlioct tho celebration of tho Italians of Now JjjS
York In honor of tho memory of Cristoforo jflj
Colombo. Signnr BnrsottI and a. few of hia J&y
friends form one side of this rent, while seven- Wf'S
ty Italian societies nnd several thousand Itnl- J,c.jj
Inns form the other side. As Signer Barsoltl 41?
cannot be forced to resign the sevonty societies tff
can only shout. Thia moetliiir last nliht la -J(J
ono of the series that thoy am conducting for -MP
tho purposo of giving Stgnor Barsotll pnrtlou- Ahi
lur aud ceneral (builder. Jfij
when tho nudieucu reached the hall, under jHjf.i
the guldinro or a brass band and a trans- Mitt
pureiicy that said, "Wo want to honor Chris- Hit
tophor Columbus, and not private sehumors." Vfi I
It found a considerable body of litorature. In i5 ip
green, in blue, and In wiiltu. already occupying J K
(he seats. This lltoruturo set forth the evil- .i'llli
doing of Barsotd. and called upon all Itnl- JtflSl
bins lo riso and kick vigorously. There Sl II
wero speeches In Ilsllan and English. w.iTll
the hand eruml.liuiT tho plastering with Via!l(i
a selection nrtor overy speech. Sinner SSlilli
BnrsottI was vaiiously painted by the iSiisa
speakers, according to tlio nollllv of tho ftirla
s.ea';eisat uncompllmnnfnryadjcctlves. The wj jl
audience showed its approval i.y applauding -vi.? 5 1
uml hlssjng. Each spoiker strovo to nut b 4f5(5a
tho other in saying pleassr.t things uhoiit JtSjSM
" This jre it and g.orioiiM country." Chrlf.to- Sj jl
ldierColuiul.il was cheered loudly and also -fc I
tiaillaliii end (ioorge Washington, although ; I
the enthusiasm was n.it so great over thorn i ,3' I
over lomo inodorn andlocal h -rocs in evidence Vg ,1
thore. Alter several hours the meeting ad- ,L iS
jourued. nn I o vory body went home feeling iff iS
much reliuvod. ft jg
- . 8 1
Elht Mea Now In .ItH-Ono JIuy Turn &
Htofe'n I.vtd-nee. ij M
.Taoksokville, May 23. A Kanford spocial O if
to the 7Vnis-fiiioa says: yj jt
"I'.xeltoraeut ovor pursuit of train robber 53 jj ij
continues unabated. Eight men are now un- J'i; ?
dor nrrest on suspicion of belli? connected . 5;
with tho crlmo-part of them here nnd purt at 'Tfe ;S
Orlnndo. Ono of the latter. It Is Fiild. Is about '$
to turn State's ovidenco and tell the whole ''
story. Implicating his confederates. Ho will Ie'smS'
do this, it is sal, i. only ou condition that hi) Siffll'
life bo sparud until nftor regular trial. , Tlas,
AU the men under arrent nro white men. nnd 'lii'lt
nearly nil of tliem lire, or havo been, inllro id -i)II'
employees, ft Is confident!' expected that tSsI
honiethlng will lie rinno to-night. The murder- 'Sgl'
ers uro eorrnlled. and thoy can't possibly kop 'dpnis
our of tho clutches of the law much longer. -Ms'
New posses aro going out hourly, iied rumoro fifiw i
nro wild over reported arrests. The entire tiblr
tountiy Isahlazo with Indignation, and if the 1-jJ
murderers aro caught aud lilonlitlcd. oak treed ' itfitJ
will be counsel, jury, nnd judso. - JjpfJ
An Cx.Cnnvlet Alteatpl. Suicide, .-'Slilrf
Emll Dompkse, 35 years old. of 100 Ludlow $!&'
Btreot. attempted sulcli'o last night by hang- 'sfcil
lug himself from tho transom of hln door. He '!i(f:
was (ent to Oouverneur Hospital. 'wSb-
A man whoso namo Is not known dlsonv- 'Sffj
ored Dompkso's body dangling from the tran- WSfi
pom und cut It down, after which ho ran nway. ifl)8
Dompkse will prubaldy not die. "Mivi
He lsu hnuso pulnlor. In lhOO he was sent IS fe?
to Sliii Sing for two years, convietod op a "rtK
charge of feloniously nssiultiug Ofllcer lltz- ' iuBfi
ilo eaine down from Sing Sing fourdaysngo, "fiS 12l
and found (hut his wife and four children fii 8
were still living, and In addition, he discovered (!
nn iiifnnt In his wlfo's arms only n few montlit i3tH
old. Jlis. Dompkse had Hiippotted the family MiilH
by running u coal collar. Iji'M
The We.ither, ,;
Tti. otnrm lbnl..priircil nn ttiern.ft nn Sunday vss H
r'nirAl yeiterdey off (lie Inwer Ne.v Kni-lvai es.it. ifll
The rnln iron moved nnrtli, .prrndinit Inl.t4 to (be ' ramal
Utie rniont ond rnvertnv.sll llii. .Vuw CneLnd Slates. Atonal
Tlie wr.llierrlr.rcil in (lie inlitill. Atlantic Bt.lei la 'rnnnnl
Itier.rly morning, and tea. ir.nerll fmr during the bH
Any, Tli.tormln tho Xnrtlitrtit I. .pre.'lliur .tata .JH
end en.t, but I. nltrn1e4 by . f.w bflii .hnwer. only, ;
Tbero appear. In be htltprnerjry bill, movement, y.lr H
we.ttier was general )eterday louib alii we.lofth. H
lake '.91
It tin. become nuicb warmer In tbtprAin dutrl-liof bII
the Nnrlheii' In Hi. lottnn bell the etatber If ..datl
The rain ended In tblarlty at tld.1 A. M.. total rain- yH
fat!, .Tanf an Inch; average h.unldity, 7.1 pfr cfut. ''bbI
rlnt norths'. li utera velnrlty, 10 mlln an hour) Ximm
lilglieitnflrialleuiprrilure. "T: Inwesl, Ol. m'IbbI
TI.e ihurni'iuetrr nt Terry', pharmacy In Tn Sea Vlidaannnl
buildlBgrcurd(d IbetempeMtureytiterdaya.fnllitwti Vnammml
1KHI. iem. lai. mi;. Jnlnmmi
UA.M o aw nrtoP.M A5. : olaanmml
11 K ll r, s r. M fli n:. -Bnamml
lit.-M ..' r,.- HI'. M Ml AA atnnnni
Atrrairr.. . . . MM VltBaannl
Avenge en May S.I. ism tblf lannnnl
wiiaiNr.Tus roRrcur ton tcvidat, Bnfl
I'Or.Vrtl' RnglDIld andxul'is Ak Ymk, fair TWJuy; a
.'i iktlb v ,1. it r ly Twi'l'iy n'gftl, tiuA arulloaaiy Kapera 'nmnnnl
tttr.fi'itli.rt.i.t, tlie llXit'.fa,- m(.4 tutiimtng MvllkmM. Lnnnl
Kcreaiicrn lvnui.)ltanl 1 and Neir J.ittr, falriul iaaannl
Wcilneiilay nlKtit; warmer by Tut.day nlgbtg wlolt Baannl
lircoiaine loalUeafl. )a
for vtiterii" New York, fair Tut.day, pr.ead.4, by t
llglil.bowcr.onlht laVci, wlnli bacniningaouia. H
for Minnttoik. North Dakota, and Booth Dakota. fatrf 'j
lightly cooler Id wtiteru f orllom of Dakota; aorlkep. Vmm
in wiooa. fmm
'- L jfl

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