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'" " , , .TliK IsUaV WEDKlSSDAYt JLiNK l, .big. 7 I
I ritr.K LOtXAOK, IS 1113 OVIXIOX,
ii ovt.it UN ou.onan nr ihsahti:u.
I lupnatlble for Ua lo Mnlstnltv a, rarity
llttn.rn HIIt.i und Oolil-" A Tank thnt
Yf (Inly tin- Almlhly Could Und. risks"
I lor (he ll.ptrsl or llic (Sh.rrasn I. hit.
vamiimiton. liny 31. Mr. rJhormnn boenn
In tlu Sonato to-i1uy liU sicocli on tlio Klher
bill, tn the I reparation of which, lilt friend
I nar. I1" ' lma Blvan crcnt enro, duslsn
I ini; lo funk It thu koynota of tho
I tnrtr I'luttuim at Minneapolis. 11a
I rpi.Lo cIToctUolf anil without notcx.
I mill wt listened to by an nttentho Sonato and
I ).y oil 111 led Kiillorios. Mnny of tho Dumo
I crnticoimtnrai.'athorod round him. Mr. Mllli
I took a olmlr In the nlnlo. tho bettor to listen,
I plcrlni: which. Mr. Hheruinti, who wnfl be
K KlniiliW lo touch upon tho benefits which pro-
tcclioti mill honest monuy jointly had confer
)(,, nu thu country, suddenly stopped and
Ituiilmuly i-einnrUeil thnt ah lies.iw tlm Honu
tor from Texim proparlnc to follow him ho
wmihl lert.o the raarlts of protection to bedls
cusso'l In some moro appruprlato bill,
Si-naiiiri Murcan. l'uifli. mid Tellor, and
ollil nllMiraihocntOH. us well us Hviinlur Me
l'licrsoii. mined question upon Senator Sher
mnc. which lud Mr. Morrill In iiiturpoeu with a
vigGiotis objection tu thu practice, which ho
Hid had crown up of lute) ears In tho Senate,
of ci'inortlni: every Koiintar' Hpeoch into n
collo'iuy. Tho uuosttons, nuverthulcf. eon
tlutud. nnd Mr. Hliurnuin said tho only result
would Im that hu would occupy two dux with
the M'eecli Inatentl of one. Ho h.id nut eon-
' ' fhiJiul whoil tho Honntuadjoiiriiml.
"1 do not regard tho bill fur the froo eolnauo
of -Hut," Mr. Sherman besnn. "a u i'.n tlt-iin
inei'iiro or u political niensuienn which pal
tics aro Ulcely to divide It Is Inrvelv In my
opinion a loenl measure not exactly in tho
rensotliiit Gen. Hancock inlil tho ttitilT was
let It lit laiucle u local iiucslloit. Hnd at tho
mint tlmo one of vnbt Importance. .So quuMlon
befnro tho Sonato at tlili Fi"-slim nt all com
pares with It In tho linportanee of Its ellccts mi
the I'UsltH'SS interest ( tho eountn. livii
Mates largely Interested in tho pioduclion nf
pIImh. ory nblv unit ze.ilmir.ly ieprisintid mi
llils floor, tiro united ii) their ili-li'iiiitinn. of ten
r-enatort In faor of tlie fre- inliiuiro of i-ilver
'1 ho South nvm- hImMu liao ut suinethlnc
of tho sjiltit wliioli actuate- tho Miller Mutes
heciilMi it ile-lred imt exie'llv freo coinage,
lint an expansUm of tho cuuency. elieapor
, i niPiiuy, und broader emllt. It, tun.
In Inrcols represented on this floor,
nm! supports a proposltlmilnf.il or uf free coin
ugo. imi In other i',iitul tho euuntty. tlmso
lino h,io lipeu tnuulit to lolleui that the
Kieatct s-'od thnt e.iu iniiii' to our country Is
l.v nil PNpnlifclon ol tin pnpui eurrelioy. also
lielicMi In tlm Inie eoln.i.eiil silver. I repro
nm a stain miir)y eeiitia! in population. I
lmo IcMi'il the -er.be nr tin- people of Ohio,
anil tlni. 1 lielini. nu. Iv a iin-nt minority,
net only. if tlm iiul) li wliM. I holoii!,'. but
lilsoo! the Deiur.i'iatie p.iity. opposed to tho
tree (nliiiiKinif Hther. 'I hey hellnve It woulil
ilecnuln tho money ol mu country, wmild io
diice Its purchafilu:: imwor nenrly one-third,
nl 'lisli tho hiiui't.iUi rtmiilnid. and reduco us
in a nvuioim'tullic stiiudnrd of tiller mens
J iiiod iiytliptnliinof ."lii urnlnbtu thednlhu."
i i '1'al.iti:: up thearcunieni in Fiippmt of Iron
eniiiiiKo that unilor the exl-tlnc order of
1 t."iu-Iniril tines prevailed. Mr. Miennan nfi-
nr:e.l tn.it ther was im enuntry In tho world
la . iih a 'ondlli'iii nf prosperity and cenonil
he.ilin as the I nlted St tins. The eausoof the
iii-ept ll-lrrPH if tho .s(i.i!li was oierpio
uij'tlen. Its cotton ciepw.isi.n cient that it
iHiilil n. t t m ci ostium! i.j all tlm uitlsans ot
tii world. N'oieitlieloss he liulioved that tho
1-ontli. with lt v.iM. lullieinl lesourco". would
eei.tually ln the most ironnrnUH part of
.viuerle.i. and io State. ceet perhaps .Moti
tiiini, i;.ie Biich prunilsii ol pro'-pi'nty as .la-tutmu-tlie
State of the i-eniitoi iMr. .Moruanl
who rnii'il the w.ul of hard times.
" Now let us see." Mr. Miorninn continuod.
" ".hut was the 'dollar of the daddies' upon
villi h su mm h nlTei tlun Is wasted. Wo all
I now Hip hMory of tlmt doll.it. anr. tnat .Tof
fe. "im and lluiniltuu. the tspcretuiy nf State
i nd tlii." eeietiiry ol tho TrenMiiy, were en
en ".hi Mir to eftnlillsh ll Ininetiilliu systeiu. In
niilei tn ilii that lite;' endi'iimed to put the
i wn inetnU "ii a imilty with each otlicr.it their
limit. tit ril In In tho niurketii of 'he woild.
'i in-y tool, tlie to coins and measured them
and en in j lo the co-icluslnn thnt lllteen to one
win. th i! pioperr.it In. Itturnodouttlmtliccausn
Mime nt the s-lliei measured was abraded by
if-e tlny latliei uiiilerestliniitud it. Ilowoor.
tout ratio hln.ul. .Nniv, how many ilollr.is were
inliii-il mi tli.it l.itio: 1 have here tho tatili; -l.iV.ti.t
' c. Mm llti'ii the cultiauo was Mopped
.y '! homiis ilefletMin III lmi.. Vliy ' 'J'ho
li H-iii bit ) hy tho lllrectoi of the Mint wan
that n'.I lliesi- inlns Peini; new and beii.i; put
in i nei.ii.liiiii in loinp.iuy with tlm Mexican
emu-, wen ili-.ilipe.uinK. nnd therefnie it was
i. tk wa-teil. 1 nr nmiu ear- there. iltor not
no dollar i. l-iiiml. iiltlioueh anybody hud
a i.L'l't In ili'iuand them."
'Ii. Hti'Wmt- o liit look their place?
Mr. Mi 'iman 'J lie same com wo turnl'li
pi w. fiintioii.il eoin. was Ismed until lWliJ.
tin la.M yearnl lien. .lai'ksoa'M Ailministratlon.
when t"i some reason ltiuiuu hllierdollars
v.'ie ileii'iiiided anil l.supd. Then It censed,
nml ns.tln eommt need uniler Van Huron's Ad-
i niiiiisliation.whenS liU.llOOw?reisuid,iind so
it emit. uund. with sums v.iryinc from a million
iloti u tn a few bundled dollars, down to 1HTJ-H.
i.inl tt.u u hole amount which was issued, until
toe new eoln.ice aet waH passed, was $tMx;U.-i.-ur.
It is S'lid tl'Otwe. tiio ltcpublieuns cm tho
I n.anci I'ommittei. wore unfriendly to silver.
Tli.it lolnaue net of IHT.'t Missedjwithout one
MitKle olijectlon Irom the moinoers of tho I'nl
furnia delegation or any one else. It was
said that (hey did not Know about
the demonetization of silver. Whosn
limit was tlmt.' Anybody who read the bill
fluid sn It, especially as there was put in tho
pl.iee ol tlie silver dollar the trade dollar to
I.iMii our California friends In their trndo witli
Cliinn. Therefote. i say It is unfalrnnd un
iimnly toeharso upon tti" Senaturin chaiRoof
tli.it I, ill tho siilo riispnttslhllitvinrthedemono
tiat'oit of sor. iMiv was thudlvor dollar
omitted? Il cause it had Peon ubsoleto mnuy
leal-. Moro tliau that. It was denionotled hy
the Demurrant Administration of IH'il. with
Ml. Hunter of Virginia at the head
nf the Tieasury, hy tho eoinlns of
half ilnllars and quartei dollnrs eoutain
in cUhl per cent, h ss silver than tho
Hollar of tho daddies." Whvdid llioy do that.'
liee.iu.o hy tlio discovery of old In California
shier roMi In inlue. lust as hy tlm ouhsoiiUBiit
discovery of slli er in I'olor.iiio and Montuna,"
Sid'l lias lisioi nnd silver lias fallen.
Mr. Minriunii imther traced tlio dncllnft of
sllier to the suspension of thoLatln I'nion.
supplenieiitlni; the irie.it dlscoicrlos of silver
in the Western Mates, and impioved methods
of minim; ami tientlnu tliooies.
. Mr. '1 idler as'itod Mr. bhermuu If lie was In
fami-of thiillhmil-Allisonliill.
Mi. Shcrmiin-'rherelsnoJIIand-Allls&n bill.
1 hey tonU all tin " llland" out of it whon they
mlopted the Allison amendment. liJluuliter
in the .'allerle..' I'ho enntor from Colorado
Cannot eomivjl me to L'lMja had name ton t'ood
n easjie.
l onlluulni:. Mr. Shernmn referred tn the lm
iRi'iiso tall In viiuu .ii Iron, copper, and other
mttHls, and shIiI siliei h.nl simply followed tho
same laws of tiade. 'I ho freeenlnnse of silver
ciitildicsiilt In only ou. if tint ihlnjs. It would
elthur hi ttiK the whole muss ut blvr up to tho
standard of (told, at tlio i.ilin of slx.uen to one,
or it would demonetize L'old. Viiih there any
fiinmtor who hiliuud tliai thenlu of thoMist
'!Sf1i ot tUv"' l,.l.a" tl,u "tlo-'i. of tlm world
eoubllio i hunted hy our action
Mr. lollei reniaikid that the " last hoards
of sllier" in all tin other nation.-, otl, world
were now dolnu did) ns money nt a uitlo Idl
er than tli.lt slated hy thu heimtur
Mr. Sherman said in,,, ,i,a not hiieeeed In
convlnclBB even the Senator liu, i'0u,'c"
before iiet'nt through that the,,, u 101 ,
were wntciilliif our action and waiting tu eon a
here, then ho would clvo it up. j0v enuld w 7,
uiulntalu sill or at thorntli. ol sltiuu toou,,,,.x.
copt by buyiiiiall the prndii. ts, not ,mlv of tho
iniues of thy United Slates, hut o all 1 1 ,.- iniuis
In tho world. We could Kn on huylimaiul ,,.
Intour notes till our debt wm, Inn-cr than it
was at tho close of thu wur, but tliueolluiisV,
would eomo at last.
In reply to a question by Mr. Mepi,.4llM
about tlio effect of tlioMliei llulllon I'm. Iiiih-
jmu inw ui innn, , ini'ii .ill .iiei'iitu si II .1I1...I
the "hhoruiun ant." Mr. S'heinuin -aid, mth
Imprensivu emphasis:
"Therenre pobslhilitles in the future in rn
card lo tlmt law. miscalled the Mhonuau law,
which make mu asunxlniis for It, i open I as 1
was leliictant In pass It. In tho utisom (
u y iirovislonforthosiileof sllier, It thu pilen
of ellvor should ruuttutio to docllne, I should
I l"i desirous, ns far as 1 could, to uue-,t tlio
f'lrlhor purchase ', million. With uclreuhi-
tiiimf 517.(MK),tKJit rn tho hundred millions
plodsed. and only $'.J7.(XJiUJ(H) suriilus, tn lull;
nf uialntalnliii; thu two metals mi u parity is
tlie wildest scheme of Imagination. U'e.-.m.
not liialut.iin pnilty between silver oml ifold.
letter build upon air, or tlm phantom,
ii Inch float abovo us. Klnuuco Is a hard phys
ical fact. Cro.ito a doubt or maintain a sus
picion and ou may brink' disaster. This very
oliorl to brim: ubout freo voiuaueof sllvor is.
In my opinion, dolnip moro to disturb tlm
ilimnces of the country than anything else.
Xhet.isU of mulntaliilnc tlio two metals on a
Isirity is herculean. It Is more than that. It
Is a tusk that only tho Almlahty could under
take. It Is because I feel tills in overy fibre of
my -ynt om ; t Is becauso 1 know, us far us a
mh can know, what Is In tho future, that it It.
utterly Imponsihlo to malntnln our circulation
it'"ii sueh a basis, tlmt I speak earnestly on
tulssiihjeoi. lieu can wo do it? hhullweseil
it i "Mul-. foi cold i Tho very effort would proba-
I J'i) impair our credit and deurado us from our
inpii position amoni; tho nations of tho world.
ii'.',!',,"?..1"!11 "f 'liver? We liuvn over
Mwi.ObO.OiK). and only six or seven millions
, In eirculatlon. The rest is ttorcrl away In
1 'aul'.j and cellars as sccuritj- for thouiuoub
forms of paper circulation. Dtre o sell that
fjlvor? I wanted to provldo In tho law of
1800 for power to sell It, but tho partlos would
nota?roe. Now. to attempt to soil that sllier
on a falllnc market would only ho nddlni
misery to ruin. I do notllko to talk of theso
thlncs. but it Is my duty to do so."
Mr. Sherman had spoken two hours and a
half whon tho Benuto adjourned.
msiwr uyax nvr.n run $1110,000.
Father Dent's Charges or Blunder Ilroanlit
to Trial.
Tho trial of tlio loiiR-pendlnc suit of Father
Francis Dont nt-nlnst Illshop S. V. llvun of
DulTalo for $100,000 damuKcs for aliened slan
der, besan yostcrday beforo .ludco ltartlettlu
the Supremo Court In Brooklyn. Thonnse has
been beforo tlio public In ono hhupo or nu
other for tho past ten or twelvo years. Slnco
his deposition from tho priesthood Father
Dent hns been a rosldent of Drooklyiuind has
Itiinil.ibly appeared In tho eourts ns'ils own
lawvor, and ho observed thu same rule ester
day, but cpusutitud that Mr. Arthur J. Dulaiiuy
should assist him.
Ills charao iicalnst lllthop Hyatt, who was
proscnt, was that tho lilshop had called Futliur
llent n perjurer, and accused hlin of iinelmslu
conduct with Maria T. Horchoy ('roti)n. llnn
nah Deck, and Nor.ih Malum, and of liavlue;
lieen exeonimunicated. l'uther Dont said dial
Archbishop Curiiitnn. Illshop McDonnell.
Father Asplno. nnd other witnesses, whom ho
bad subpieiiaed, had rofils?d to attotid. aud
.ludKO llattlett told hlin thnt if such subpinnns
were not respected attachments would bo
Mnry Amies Hutlor of "J F.ast Thlity-soionth
sttoet. a loeonil cousin ot the plaintlir. was tint
III st witness. SI10 said Unit In June. ItHSi. tho
Jlisliop told her Unit Father Dmit had foiued
public documents and had been itulltj or other
ollences named In the ootnpluint. She re
ci'lied a sitlipii'tia to attend 11 henilni: of tho
ca-o nmilnsl Father Dent In l.lltlu Vullcv.
Hlsliopllyaii advised her not in paipiuy atten
tion lo tlie summons, und she did not no. 'rim
witness testified that sho had Hindu a nolo in
her memorandum book, ttliini: ns close us sho
could leineinber them tho exact words of tlio
lllshnpiti inference to Father Dent, and sho
piod need tho leaf from thu hook euntnlnln..'
the uoti.
Tlie witness recalled n visit sho mndo ton
house In West Third sheet iibuut foiuteou
J'i '.'in HKii. She culled there In so.) Father
Dent and found Mauido llnwers, thu clil 11 tin
was nlleci'd lo luiv.i Peeu klilnapped by Father
Dent, and also Illshop lllun in the Imuse.
Mnci'lo HoWers was In Led and seemed to bo
Annie Hutlor. the mother nf Miss liutler.
eoriohorateil lior il.iiiithter's testimony on all
the iiL.tcrlnl points. .1I10 admitted Hint tho
entrusin her dauiihtnr's niemoriindum liook
hnd been mode at tho leiiuest of Father Dent.
Mnicaut Kenny of .'x Macdouunl street
tpst tiled that sho hud tieen suhpiPiiiifd bv
I atliur Dent to attend tlio trial utl.tttlo alloy,
and went there. About n block fioni the sta
tion sho mot Illshop ltyaii, who told her to uo
hack and have nothini: to do with tho case.
The llljiiop. she ssld. also repented tho nllo
mitlous nimiiiht 1-Mlher Dent. '1 ho witness le
tnriied to ton 11. but lotted don n nn the hack nf
the siihinrnn tho leieienccs of the Ill-Imp to
I at her Dent Tills suhisi'iin. with the 10 do mi
the lack, wn put In ulidenee. A priest in
eonfesshni also told tho witness to disobey
Fiitiioi Dent's Miilipii'nn.
Counsel for Itisnop Itynn noked: "Did 1011
write down tl.iuus ou lieaid on other occu
hliins?" "lli. yes. very often. Theie were two or
thrto piiests. for Instance, murrlril, who he
Innced to M. Anthon' ('lunch while I was
there, and 1 made 11 note nf these events."
l"Atlii-r Iii'iil Dtil they belolirf l.i inj unlir the Iran
cIacaii ., The) .1 til
(,1 tio ;ou reiiii-iiiin r tliidr iiRinei A -nm. ,ns
(Vinnt.ilitiiti. mint tier Ldwarils, an 1 auulliur n (iiriann
print unweil Uithnanri'
Tho ease will be continued to-day.
VA.T TO I.l.r.M.t.E aAMIII.lXd.
The Nriv llrlennn fJinnit ilury Itecommendii
lliHt Ilnlpttal FundN lie Utilsetl 't'hereli).
Xkw Oiii.K'.n.''. May III. The Grand .fun-hns
presented n strum; recommendiilion to thu
Legislature and tho .Indues of tlio Criminal
District t'miit in f.ivorof licensiui: i;.iiiiblini.
Tho Grand Jury declare-, that it hns been
found impnsslhlo to suppress unmblim;. and it
pinposes the adoption of tho hlclidlcenso sys
tem. recomiucndlnK a fee of J2,40Ua year, nnd
tlio Mayor to bo tlie solo judco as to whether
a gambling house shall l.o net rr.lt ted In do
biuinuss. Tho money is to com thu Cliatity
Hospital, whicli lias hitherto Loon larcely sup
ported by tho licenso paid by tho lottery com
pany. Tlio Mayor is to be uutlioried to close
all gambling houses upon Information from
the treasurer of the Clinrlty Hnspitui that tho
Camblinz licenso hns not be"n until him. Pro
vision is also made that no Illinois shall bo
allowed to enter tho u'amblini; house, under
penally of a forfeituto of llren-e: that no
1,'umlillnu ho allowed on tlie (.'round lloor nf
bulldiucs. and that a prlvuto uflleer hu sta
tioned at euch door to preservo order.
The appeal is mado to tin J-ei-islaturo to
pass aliin of tills kind for tlio benellt of tho
i haritv IIiisplt.il, which needs tho monei.
(iiimLlinz liouses were localized and licensed
by tuo l.PKislature of tho Stuto In 1HOM. but
the law was found so objectionable In many
ways that it was repealed in 1SS70 at the re-0.ue-t
nf tlie Kiimblers themselves. Asstera
of extra-official liconslnj! was innucurated by
Mayor bpakespeare In lH7Sand contlnui'd un
til 18Si8. each camnllnc saloon pnylnKA vol
untary sum to the Jlainr. ami tlie money bu
ins used to erect and support thu Muikespcuro
Tlio proposition made by tlio Grand Jury to
day meets witli favor from tlio press and peo
ple, but it Is doubtful if tlie I.eulslalurn can
pass n law nn tho subject, as tho Constitution
declares cuinbllnj,' a crime.
JSeTCrat Arrested on the Itnivary Tor I'ollect
Inc Disorderly CruivilH,
Tor sovornl weeks ono of tho most lucrative
callings on tho lioworv has boon that of curb
stone bookmaker. Men who could not scrapo
tocethcrmonoy enouch to invest in a regular
pool room havo been in the habit of bottini;
quarters and half dollars with gentlemen who
cried tho odds and sold tickets on tho side
walks. Odds didn't matter. Tlio hot tor could
mako Ids own terms, for tho odds were loni;
that tho bookmaker would woleli. After cuth
erltiB In all the subsidiary coin in any cross
roads he nnd his confederates would slip out
of sight.
Capt. Cross of the I'ddiidge street pollen
bioku up seioral games of tills sort in his
precinct, and on Monday ('apt. Duherty of tlio
rlfth street pollen urreflted u party of three,
who were said to ho engaged In tho sumo call
ing, at Hotfton stioet nnd the ltowory James
Clark. Joseph Demi tr. ami Cmirnd Klreliuer
wete the names given by the num. who wero
Ihipil SjlOencli liv 1'olico Justlon Talntor in tlm
Khsox Market Pollco (!ntirt oterdny mnrnlug.
They wore uot accused ol gambling but nf col
lecting n disorderly crowd in tho street. Clark,
who seemed to bo tho backer of tho book,
proved to ho John, better known as 'Cr.iekor."
McCarthy, who keeps n saloon In llleecker
streot just off tho llpwery. "( nicker " Mc
Carthy was tho mini Dan Driscoll shot at when
ho Killed his own mistress, ut HKI Hester
street, on Juno '-''i. ItSSKJ. a crime for which hu
was hanged In J.iiitmi ;. ! Met arthy was
in tlio hrlo County i'enltenliary when Driscoll
was hunted, serving n term of liupilsonment
for "shoving thu queer." Ho bus boeu buck
ubout ulonr.
cukav ias is cu:rt:i.AXi.
The (Secrets of Ihs Uas lluslncss llroutflit to
I Iglit In C'unrl,
Ci.p.vkhsp. May .n.-Not qulto two eors
ngo tho City Council pasted mi ordlnanco ro
duclngtho price of gusfromfl per thousand
let l to LU cents, mo gas uuuipuui viieuuvu
all tho legal talent of the city and bitterly con-t.-tid
tlm validity ot tho ordinance. The le.
tlm ny divulged was Interesting, and shonod
that tliupiolltsof tho compuuy luiil been slm
Ph enormous, ono man ulnnii becoming sev
i i.il limes a tnlllinnulio out or bis investment,
bargii'iiiioiintsof money had been expeni ed
which tlmonicoiH of tho company lofusedto
aei'outii rot. but which wero used for political
luirposcii. Tii-dny n coiupiomlsii was reacliud
by whicli tlm city seoiesa signal vlctuiy.
iuisis toil,,, reduced to mi cents perthon
saiul Th,, enmpiiiiy will pay all thncnstsof
the suit, nnd will nlsnpny into tlm city treas
nr 'I i pfi eent. of thegtobs recelpti for tho
privilege of thu f rnnchlso.
.New Unn to lie Tested.
Thu Jiouid of Magn.lne Arms nut yesterday
at the Army building. A letter was read from
thu Becrctur) of War. extending the tlmo al
lowed fur Inveutoih to submit guns tn Julyl.
To-day tlm l;0Urd will divide, part going to
Kprli'ii'lleld. Mas- Und part reinulnlng here.
l)n lliursday, Friday, and Saturday thu Durst
gun will ho tested. On .Monday the 5luko gun,
and on luesday. Major Olenwnrth's gun will
ho tried. 'Jim llnunl will meet hero on Juno
U and .ili.and Julyl. ua furthe Hoard has
tested liieuty-elght new guns.
SererM times Un trk lita corner nere llp
piiliitru in not leliiB'nl,l, lo olil.in, s, coiuiiiuiliitiulii , ll
Die slier. Line Hjer. ' Hie nm fn.l liimton Usui
frnm (iimid ti-iural .-uiiou nl I' M. si.i are now
, bu'iiK tol on ILi. tram tLreu J) In vlwu e.-.Uf,
The New Life that Men. I'orter 1'ut Into
(he Undertaking Ilssnlls In Hilhscllp
tton or S30O.00O In Misty Ilnjs.
Oon. ltornco l'orlor announced ycsterdi7
that tho entlro amount of 5350.000 which tho
Grant monument trustees determined two
months ago to collect had beon subscribed.
With $700 to spate. Of this amount S'.'W'.OOO
Is cash. In (ho )oars that tho old manage
ment had clinrco ot tho Uniut fund$l.ri0.000
had beon raised, nndthlsiiowhrlngs thu whole
amount of tho fund up ton round half million,
which will complete the monument In accord
nnco with tlm accepted doslgns. (lull. Porter
Issued this letter ycBterday;
Tu He .( It ,f lit llv ,.; x, t .tk
"DuiltiB the past shty working days, ending
with Ducnrnllou Day. thoto lui" been sub
scribed to tho (Iruut Tomb Fund JII.'O.TOO, o
cluslvool the donoslls In some of thopubllo
contribution boxes, tho contents of which havo
not et been cnll,iet.ed. Of the above amount
tho sum of S'J.'ilMriK) has boon paid In cash, and
the remitlndtir Is represou.ed bv subscriptions
which nn equivalent to cash. Tho money us
leeched is placed In tinea prominent liust
eomiianies. which, in lien nf tlie nntuie of tho
fund, ullow.'l percent, intoiesl on theuniuuut.
Willi the uvception of iilnml $'.'.',000 coutrlli
llted hy leslilmits of othol eltles. the plesont
fund tor this national memorial has been sub
Hciilied In veteran soldiers nnd ntlter military
oiguiilutious nnd tlm peopln of the city of
r.eii' inrk. It is nn exhibition of public spirit
und dlslnteresled geneioslty ot which any city
might tm justly proud.
"Jh,i wnil. of conslructlon will now go rap
idly for mini. An additional sum of money
will be required to enver contingencies, to pio
vlde fui ntiv Incruiisii in the cost of luboron
llic granlli' woil., tn prupeily di'Cnrato tlio In
terlor. and tn mid tn thu general embellish
ment nf tlio structuie.
"Tlio offoits of tin sevetnl commit tees which
have nut yet been able tu Iluish tholr work nnd
make their formal luporls will thereloro tin
continued. Furthersuhscrlptlnnswlll boglnd
ly received, nml thu sums resulting from thorn
will lie judiciously cvpondoil in lidding to too
attrnetlieuess nf this national monument tn
older that It may command tho dosorved nd
miiutiou ofnll who cuiiio to visit it and bo thu
chief ormimciit of the mntrupoll.i.
"llmiii'K I'oiuitn, I'rcsidenl."
'J'lipcshlbltlon ot paintings nnd norks of nit
eoutrl but ed );. tin' in lists fort lie hcncllt of tho
drant luud will begin in (Irtgies's Fifth Avo
utioArt Gallcriis to-duj. and continue until
June V. when the paintings will be auctioned
olT liv Chiiuneoy M. Dep.'iv nnd Oou. I'orter.
the proceeds tn ho added to the fund. Alhert
Jtleistndt has given a painting entitled "Sun
set." which Is vulited nt.l.iHii). Nune of tho
artists leiiresented are A. T. llricher. J. l.
Hroiin. William Verpl.inek lljrnev. J. . ( :isl
h'.'ir. Clmries Warren Fnton. F. Win land I'el
Inwi'B. Frank Fowler, lienjamln 1'oster. S. It.
Clifford. Fastntan Jnhnston. Thoiuus Mnr.in,
Arthur rurtmi. (iranvlllo I'ctklns, ilcorgo 11.
Stoiy. II. W. Van lloskfik, nnd Thomas N.
Wood, (leorge if. Vewell has cnntrlhuted
three etchings of tlie room nt the Mount Me
(rcgor eottuge in which (leu. Giant died,
llinry W. Tiny has sent a large portrait In
chatcoiil of Gen. Giant, nnd Ahlgnll llrown
Tompkins has given u sketch nf tho tomb. F.
II. linldeuberg called n minlatuio bust in
Ivory of Gen. Grant us Ids cnntrtbutioii.
Hit! , llli: 31 .1.V ICATKll.
Ills recullur Predllertlnn Tor IIKInR Persons
When lie Is Out r I'rlsun.
"Hie Joe" Hughes, "tho man eater" of Wil
linmshurgh. turned up In the I.ee Aveuuo
l'ollce Court, Wllllnmsburch. jestorday morn
ing on a simple chnigo of Intoxication. On
tho lecords ol tin com t there are scleral
charges pending against him. on ono of which.
If convicted, ho can bu sent to prison for
llfteen sears
Fifteen i oars ago ho bit off the noo of Wil
liam Young, and -eivul a term nf tliren years
In the Kings county penitential y fur mailiem.
He nl-o counts among his exploits tlm lilting
off of the right ear of Policeman Patrick Lynch
nf lirooklyn. nino juars ago. For tills crimo
ho went to tho penitentiary for live years. Ho
has been out of prison about four years, duilng
whkh tlmo ho lias continued tolndulguiu Ids
man-eating propensities. He hns been known,
it is said, to provoke a quarrel apparently for
the mero opportunity to blto the fiieo and
hands of Ills opponent. In July hist ho com
mitted, it is said, n henlous oflenee fur which
he will probably now bo tried. Dig Jou is .V)
yours old. Thirty years Im has spent almost
entirely Pntwocn tin penitentiary and tlio
county jail in lirooklyn. Jtcpeatedlv dunm.'
the lust nine months tho police nf Williams
burgh have reciied complaints of h man who
ntisireioii tug Jons upscrlplinn, unu whosn
only offence was that ho would gtah men nnd
women In the street und attempt tn bite them.
Tim police sonrcheil in vuin for tlie man. not
thinking that Dig Joe might bo tlio culprit.
They supposed he was in some penltnti.iiy.
On Monday utternoon Pnlicentan Martin uil
vlnof tho Bedford avenue st.itlnn auostedu
tall, rnwl oned num. who was drunk, in skill
man nvonue, near I'uiou aienuo It turned
nut to In Hughes. Ho was arraigned beforo
Justice Gcetting j csterdny morning.
"You aro charged with intoxication," said
Justice Uoetting.
"I'm guilty." said Illg.Ioe.
"W'horo is your homo?" lnqulrod the Jus
tice. "Somewhorp down Fulton street, I think."
retorted Dig Joe as bo scowled ut Justlco
The policeman then said thnt Hughes bad
no home, whereupon .Tttstfco (inciting added
that from his own knowledge Dig Joes homo
was in tlio penitentiary.
"You didn't think so when you ran for Su
pervisor." shoutod Dig Joe.
A warrant accusing Htighos of nn ntmclnus
crime, not mayhem, wus here produced from
thu records, and Dig Joo stood astounded. Ho
pleaded not guilty, and as ho was being led to
the prisoner's pen lie shouted: " You would
hang mo If you could."
Hushes will have nn examination beforo
Justice Goetting to-morrow.
iriwcK or a ma ixaixK
John Desmond, an OIUr, Crushed la (he
ICiiln of the Muehliicry.
All unaccountnblo accident In the factory nf
the T. Now Tar lioollng Manufacturing Com
pany at i'i-IO KnstTwontteth street at .'i A. M.
yestorday causod tho deuth nf ono man nnd
proved tlio means of throwing a hundrod
others out of omploymont for a month or
more. Tlm man who was killed was John
Desmond, an engine ollor. The factory was
running night and day. and at the hour named
Desmond wont to tlie engine mom presuma
bly to oil somo of tlio machinery. Ho was
alone. He had scarcely cntored the engino
tnom whon a tromcnilous crush was heard.
When George 11. Mnymird. the engineer, nnd
tho uljrmeil workmen llockcl tn thu engino
loom they found the big liv wheel und nenily
all the n lilneiy. exeujit tlm body of tlm en
gine, ii muss of tnlsfed lion. Desmond's
mangled body was found under tho debris,
whicli was piled in a huge liouii.
How thu accident happened Is n matter of
conjecture. It begun hy the holt breaking, but
what broke t lie belt is not known. It isposbbilo
that Desmond was caught ill It. nnd inth.it
way caused It to break. At any rate, when It
did bieak a hugo end. 'M inches wido and an
Inch thick. Ilcw Willi such forco ngaliist tho
steam pll o as tn break it in several pieces nnd
throw ono of tho fragments Into tho lly wheel.
The effort of tho introduction of Hie heavy
mass of metal among tho spokes nf tlm im
mense lly wheel, moling ut tho ruto possibly of
1 7.1 reiolutloiis a minute, was the Instant and
eorapleto demolition of tho wheel nud oven
thing nlimit It.
.Mi. Newestlmntod thnt it would cost $10,000
to leiiliieo llio machinery which was wiucked,
and tako llvo or slv weeks' time.
.lfiii,t or UIIIIuh; Sirs. Cnisnii.
William Kerrigan, for whom thu Jersey City
pollco havo been looking for nearly two years,
wus arrostod b Detective Pearson lust night,
herrlgan and his wife were Visiting William
Caisouiind tils wife in Moigan street, und tlm
quartet "worked the giowlor" until limy all
became lighting drunk. Tho two women woru
ststeis. A light look plucu in whicli Mrs. Cur.
sun wus killed. Uctiirn she died she sil.d Ker
ilgaii did it. Kerrigan escaped, und i,as not
found until lesterilav. ( arson, after a long
delay, wus tried forth" murder of his nilu
undacqilllted, The pollru do not think that
Kerrigan call bu conilctud. When the fatal
ulTriiy took place the two men wore lighting,
anil Mrs. ( at son tried tu separate tliiiiu. A
beer pitcher fell on thu lloor and was broken
In pieces. In tlm sculllo Mrs. Carson wus
thrown on tho broken pieces ot tho pitcher,
und her ueck cut to budly thnt she bled to
K Us Island us a Matrimonial lluresu.
As ii matrimonial bureau Kills Island wus a
decided success In tlio merry month ot May.
Twenty-six couples, mostly Germans, have
been sent into tlio blossoming domnin of Uncle
Sam ns man nud wife. In ten instances, chil
dren hud blessed tlm union sevnial years be
fore it nccili red. It Is one of tlie rules of the
island to debar all young men who refuse to
imury tho sweetheart they mini, jvlth them.
- "' , f
I.txxle I.nmlor Cornea to Conrt and Con
Unu JUnmle ltennnn's HI or jr.
Itoundsmnn Mathow F. Dnlloy of tho Do
luncoy street, station was In F.ssex Market Po
lice Court yesteulay. and there faced young
Mnmle llnnnan. who nconcs hlin nf having
assaulted her on March 1ft) In Joo llllles's sa
loon nt Pitt and Uroomo streets. The girl
cried now nnd then nnd mndo horo os red. So
did hormothor. a stout woman In black, who
sat bosldo her. Tlm pollcemnn watched In
tently evoryslngo of tho examination. Llzr.lo
Lawlor, who. nefordlng to tho comiilnluant'ri
story, was proscnt when tho assault was com
mitted, appeared In court of her own free will
and contlnui'd what tlio girl had said. I.nw
jersl'iletid nnd House upucurcdn for Dnlluy
Mid contested ovary Issue, oven tho mot tri
lling. Assistant District Attorney Miicdona was
tho piosccutor. Thehoarlng was In Justice
Talntnr's jirliate room.
Mamie llnnnan went on Hie stand llrst, but
before bIiii nnsworod any questions Frank
Moss, tlm lawyer of Dr. Pnikhurst's society,
took a sent at tlie t.iblo and In reply tn a ques
tion by Mr. Maeilnna replied that he hud eomo
" to defend the Interests of the young glil."
Mr. Mnedotia objected. Mny I not put somo
questions to the glilV ho asked. Justlco
Talntur said he might, but Air. 1 rleiid object
ed so stiunuuusly that Mr. JIoss took no part
In the examination.
Mamie llannanV affidavit was then read,
and slio testified that she ami the l.nivlor
Womnn had mot DalleyttlidSeigeant McDonald
nt U, o'clock on the night nf tlie assault, and
that Dnlley had offered lotivul. The Suigount
was in citizen's clothes, ll was arranged that
thu two women nml .McDonald should enter
thu saloon, nud that Dallev should follow five,
nilnutos Inter. They had four louuds of
di Inks. Slio took lemonade. The two couples
were at separate tables. Dnlley got up and
put the light out after locking the dour.
Di. William A. Conwnv. who examined tho
girl, testllled thut sho would become a mother.
Mrs. llantiiin repented her story of Dailey's
attempt to induce hor not to prosecute and ot
hornnost. The boy Dnlley Mint up stalls to
summon hor testllled to tho fact and recog
nized D.i 1 ley.
dipt. Faktnshnd told Justlco Talntor whero
tho l.nivlor woman could bu found, nml a sub
pii'iiu wus sent nut. She came nf her own ac
cord, however. She Is rather lurgo. und wonts
diamond earrings. Her blank dress and hat
weie eiy ne.it. Tho story slit told mado
Dailey's lawjors frown. Shu continued
Mamie's story lo tho point whnre tho giisnus
put out. Sho hoard a stiuggle on tho other
side nf tho room, and Mumlo called to her.
'I.lrio! Lbvlo!"
"What are you doing? sho asked. Tho
gruff volco or Dnlley replied:
"inn mind i our own business."
Tho dav nftcr Mrs. Iluniiiin met Dnilev at tho
feiiy Dallev hunted up l.hvii) l.uivlui' and
asbsl her not to say nn thing about what took
place in thosaloon. Sho then Kent nut of tho
will" because she did not want tn bo tuixod up
in tlie case, but Ilnding that It would eomo out
uny way, sho sent a man to Dallev nnd ar
ranged to moot him In Sixth stieot, between
1 list and Second in otiuos. Here isliur account
ot what happened:
" He bud ii fellow with hlni whownsnnotnry.
lie said, and he too'.; n paper fiom his pocket
nnd asked inn to sign it. It was n statement
tlmt I hadn't been in Jou llllles's saloon that
night, ami didn't know anything nf any as
sault. I said. ' I'll sign nothing.' and went nut
in tlie front room, fur lie had taken mu intothu
buck room nf u saloon, lint hu kept on asking
me. HostiliD'lf you'll sign that paper I'll
keep jou lorn year well, maybenotthnt long,
but si months any way.' ' Xo,' says 1. I won t
sign it.' " Well,' sn she. 'I'll give you $'.,5 If
you'll sign thnt paper.' 'Hint's just it.'saysl;
it's tlm signing nf the paper I won't do.'"
Luwier 1 1 lend attacked tho wmniin's charac
ter. She said that herthren brothers supported
her. Ono ot her brothers, l'etur l.nwlor. is n
policeman. She had been married, and was a
Mrs. lilckey. but did not live with hci'htishuhd.
Sho had had a room at -7 Dclaiiccy sticct. und
since that at ."40 Grand street. Sho admitted
that Dorv Ware. Thomas Pettit. i'atsy Com-mt-kov.
and Jimmy Lastrange. all convicts,
were friends of hois.
Tlm examination will continue nt 0 o'clock
to-morrow morning. Dnlley will bo arraigned
to-U.iy befoio thu l'olico Commissioners.
jonx inoKs Axn ntksiiKis.
More Trouble ullti (he Klemeals (lilt M'esl
Some of Indlnnaiiolls t'ndcr Water,
Mr.xicn. Mo.. May 1 31. Last night a tornado
dm.istnted tlio northern pari nf Audrutn
county, blowing dow n houses and barns, tear
ing up crops, uprooting trees, and destroying
nrchnrds. A cloudburst followed tho tor
nndo. Hooding tlio region.
Oi.ney. III., Jfay HI. Tho tornado which
swept through this section on Saturday de
stroyed many houses, burns, fence,, und
orchards, but occasioned no hiss nf life, A
child nf Daniel llaker was seiiously injured.
The tornado increased in luri as it spread
through tho county tn the northeast.
KANsisCm, .May .'II. -Ono of the mot vio
lent rain storms thnt has visited tills locality
fur imuiv i curs h"guu early last uvening and
continued witli stent intermsion.s all night
long. Tlio lightning was terrille. while tlie
downpour of natorwnsiit times almost In tho
nature nf u wutei spout. Tlie streets of tho
city were Hooded, jnd lepnits from the sur
rounding country suy thut tlio crops weio
washed from tie ground.
A heavy hailstorm occurred in Johnson
county and much damage was dene to grow
ing crops and fruit. Near Fnola scleral heud
of cattle wero killed. Tlio storm was especial
ly sei ere near Helton. Mo., great damage be
ing dono by water, hail, und lightning.
F.AI)... Mn.. May .'!!. Tho heaviest ininf.ill
in oars came last night. The river and creeks
urn swollen nut nf their hunks. Dick Van
lb-dell und Charles Scantling, who reside, in
Lake Township, weru stiuck by lightning and
instantly killed.
Inihvnapoms. May Ml.--Another groat storm
passed over this eitv early this moinlug. and u
tiomendous amount of water lias fallen. A
number nf streets mo submerged hy tlio over
Mow of l'ncHPs Unu. At this hour they are
taking out families nn Pine. Davidson, and
Nohlo streets. The water isnt or tho llrst Hour
of many houses. The Uamugo will bo great. It
Is still mining.
Sr. Louis. .Mnv flL Hnportu received from
points throughout the States of Illinois. Jlis
buuri. Arkansas, and Kansas suy that u heavy
storm of wind. ruin, and hail prevailed Inst
night. In somo places tlio storm took on tho
dimensions of u tornado Lightning struck
several buildings nt Newport. Ark., and at Car
thage. Mo. At Mevlcn. Jin., eleven persons
wero injured by n building blown down by tho
Wind. No loss of life is repotted.
Ili'fin. Col., May ill.- A heavy snow storm
prevailed nt tills plucn la-t evening, and dur
ing tlie night four inches of snow loll. It bus
turned vorv cold and lias tho iippearunco of
snowing ngfiin to-night.
(juu .-T(;iiT ix a xi:iy couxxitr.
Immlsrnsla nn Kills Islund Amused hy View
ofu .Mun's Less 'I lirnnzh (be Celling,.
A shower of plnbtor cuusod a scattering of
immlgintits Inonuof tlm detention rooms nf
tho big structure on Fills Island yesterday af
ternoon. After getting out of rungo. tlio
senrod Immigrants looked up nnd saw a pair
of legs wilgullng riuntlcally from n holo In
the coiling. Tlm legs belonged to Peter Uiriu.
up Iron wm ker. who was inpnlrlng some sup
I oils in tlio gallery, and their antics were so
giotesquu that tlm Immli-'ianls fell to laui'lilng.
Hut It was no lunching matter to .Mr. Ilyrno.
Ho Knew that lie had thlity feet of unob
structed ulr below hlim nnd ho was trying lo
get hack. Ho had madn a mlsstop nnd had
broken tbioiigh tin; plaster. II, . spread nut
Ids arms and thus cheeked his descent. Somo
fellow workmen gut him buck on thu rafters
iiguln with only a few bruises under his arms.
Opposition (o r-uperlntendenl iliisiirr.
The evidunco for and against Mrs. Louisa
M. finlllgaii. prlmip.il of tho pilmury depart
ment of Grammar School 70. who Is charged
by tlm inujorltj of forty-three touchers under
her with fulsifylng tho payrolls, cruelty to
tt'iichirs. nnd conduct unbecoming n luily. whs
eonshleiei. yeslerdui beforo tliuCnminltleo on
I'e.ielnirs ill the Hoard nf Lduention building.
It Ihiinilurstnud that tlm) will submit tn thu
Hoard a I eport rneoinuiendlug her dismissal.
Airs, (i.illiguu has been a teacher in the publlu
schools for iibmit thlity xj.irH.
J lie uleotloii of superintendent of Hliools
will take plneo to-day. Ulid It Is genorall pro
dieted thnt Mr. Jasper, the present Superin
tendent, will meet with considerable opposl-
Arihllects Lo llrun nml Clinton submitted
their plans for tlm new Hoard of Ldncatlun
building. The, romnilttou will consider thu
pluus of two other architects next Monday.
l.lKUtuliiE 1.200 Feel I'nder Urouud,
nmn ll.r I'Ai.i Mi-ll I'm;
I'otthvh i.v. Pa., Muy'-'ti -Lightning, which
hit uck a column pipe run down the slope nt
Otto (olliery and shocked Charles Mcfiovern,
who was standing by tho iiilnu stable door,
tendering him senseless. Ho now lies in a
precarious condition. ?hruo other miners,
who were near by, wero llkuwlse affected, but
tint soserlnusl).
'I lie slope Is 1.500 feet deep, nnd, though In
stances of the llchtnlng penetrating the enitli
to Und n victim huvo been known, no bolt has
ever rciichod such n depth before. In Its pus
sage Into lliii bowels of tho earth tho electric
fluid burned, tore.nnd twisted tlie pipo In such
a way as to necessitate thu temporary suspen
sion of the colliery. ..,,,, .
During the storm in which this oloolrlc freak
oenrred n number of barns wero struck and
destrojed by tho lire that followed.
- ..... .... ... ,. , . lfr- -i - ,,i pi
AmA How Math Hoom ! ThrI th PH
o VhcU Mam Int
Th Mai of IVtor F. UalTorty. eS-fororannof
Alstint nelchoraln tho Trtasurr Dennrt
mont under Clevdnnd, who la chnrped with
BollclUhc money from tho assistant wolBhorrt
undor him for thaDumocrnllo National Com
mittee. an ended yoatordar before Juduo
llonoJictandajury In tho United State Cir
cuit Court. If tho iury aRrces tho vordlct will
bo announced this morning.
Itafferty. In tatltyinc tn Ids own behalf, de
nied that ho hnd ever Rollcltod a cent. Ho was
appointed nan Republican, ho aald. hndnlwais
been n Hvpubllcan. and la n llepubllcnn now,
Lawyer Charles 1'. McClcllnnd. In BUmmlnc
up for ItalTorty. wild iimnns othor tlilnir.
"Tho aaslfltnnt elhtTH Rut $4 a dav and
JlnfTerty received $1,000 a year. Tho uuotUu
with them vas whether or not they oimht to
contribute to thu Admlniatratlon that waa ro
Hixmalblo for tholr contlnuanoo In oHloc.
Tlieau men were looklnit.out for tholr own
pt'iBonalinterustfl. Thpythouuhttliat.tr they
didn't eurryfaor with the partv In power by
L I vine It pecuniary assletunec. they iutd not
im us fUMiuro In tholr nlaccH an If they UiJ.
Thero waa no need of a HatTertv to Mtcreo
tliom. Tliny wero all rushluj; forward with
their contribution" ....
.fudffiillonndlet. labia charge, paid It didn't
mako any ditToronco whether ItntTnity wna u
lU'i'Ublleanoru Democrat. "If tho defendant
nald tothewcichoranamedlnthoinilirtment."
.Tudcollonedlet Hold, "anytliintr o-nk'ulaloi tn
Induce them to pay tiie contribution described
in tho indictment, and which he intemled
ahould have that efToct. ho solicited, which U
contrary to tho law."
If ItiifTitrtv in fount! crotltvlio Ik 1 nl.ln f n n.
lino of not more than $..000 and three years'
Imprisonment for each otTenee.
MtMAirilK 4IJ."iC THIS P4T
SunrUei.... 31 Suuitt 7 5 Moon sett.. 13 07
BanJy llook.12 28 1 Uot.ItUnd I'J Oi Ilelt UMe.. 1 57
ArrlTU Tprnit. May 31.
Ft Amerlra, l'enrr. I.nnlon.
tVMolo, Murrf, Hreuiru
Drfudon. Kruhttier, K rem en
hnnlr, ItOittk. Mtutti unptiMi
i t'linDdf mmor, rimtollii, Napli.
HuMbcrlan. Park. UUokow,
Pn MNft-ca, Trtlr. lumdep.
m .in mm. Took, Montr ko Bar,
m Kntitf l-rotls. Ktetnitt. UHrat'oiL
Hu rtibu, Hurnliulut, librae uu.
M Kiunitce, .olllnir, M Tlimiin.
hu AUne, lder. Klmrilon
Ji Culouibtn. HliArkrurd. 1'nlnn
H Nt- w url-H!i. Ilrtti. New On fan.
Mt.Nupct Klk, ililetin.
mi ('liattaliutifhf f. Itnck'tt. Savrtiuinh.
h tiuynTiGtit.t. WiUker. N'nrfoll.
h Pawnee, InitrHliniu. W ilintiiivMon, N. U
t-r. MjWtTtck llaltoll. Portlntid, Mr.
Sm1). M. Wliltiuj. Haltott, ltovtoii
11-ur laivr arrhalt ie Kirat laj,l
Hu Aller from New York, nt Ilrcmrn
Sj Nonr Manil. from Vw ork. at Aiitwerii.
m Muriel, trmn w ork. nt llermuUa.
S nt r Para, frnm New Yirh. at Colon
t Plulatlrlnlila Troiu New irk. at Curactm
sn City ir Uathlimton. frnm Sew nrk. at Havana.
h MnrrU. from New ork, at Hlo Janeiro.
bi Mncatuu TuHr, truui New urL, at DarbaUoet.
Miirn rnoM rnnrtr,t tohii
Sn Arlzonn trnm Queentnwii ftir New Vork.
hu tlltr. from SimihatiipiiMi tor Ne-w York.
hK Caiin'lA from (IraeAml for New ork.
tt umuri. irom Havana for New York.
ht rederatlnti, rrotn llio Janeiro for New York.
ho Mny. f nun .St Tliomas for New York
hft Maunlnirtiam, from Palermo for New York.
r-u l'artbiuu, from ht Johns lor New York.
.uil Twttoy.
X'tiUfT; TVwh Sail.
Cltvof Part. Uierpool . H oo A. M. U an A M.
tlermnmt'. I.trrpnol 7 SUA. M. 10 :MA. M
lilrtitii. Anntenliin ... 7:S0A. M. :.( A M.
UucklunU. Alltuerti H.IUA.M. JO 00 A. M,
t flrcnf. lJti;ua)ra . 12)MM 'J(xi' l
Capulvt. KUi Junciro .1 00 M J OO P. M,
CliltlurtcoN. Hutana loop M. aiHip.M
Clement. Pernauilxicu 2 00 P M, 4 00 P M
Aiifniiqiitn. Crturi'itoii a (Hip.
Ll hhI. .New Orleans 3HOP.ll,
KiiUkas Cltj, baannah a uO P. U.
,Si Tirmorrntr.
Kuerf-t nUmnrck. Hnuilmrrf. H 00 K V. 31 Cd A M.
Kvrimula. m Orm . . 1 oo p M. a oo p. m.
(Irllimn lirrilltlila . 1O0P. M. M OO P, M.
btatuof Nturaiika. tiluBgow. . . 8 OO 1. M.
Jhm 7h-fltij.
Relalr St. Klttm May 21
Itliwilaml . . Antwerp May 21
Neaila Liverpool May 21
CMcatfo Antwerp. . . May 17
Teutonic I.iverrMMii,, . . Miy 'Jl
1-ahii Bremen Way 4
Jtue Tlurtilny, ,fttr ii.
India .Olbraltar Mar 18
UerkflnJ-ou... KottentMin May 21
Mohtc.in Swansea May lit
niuuri . Ha una Ma) 2tf
Cltv nf Iterlln .. I.Uernoti . May 2"
YeiiAncIa laciiajra May 'H
St. Ki.iwtliH. I.iWmh)I Mi) 21
liclkrt. Haiuuunr.. May 2J
lint Sitlur i. .line 4.
Antruiita Victoria Ilaintnirif . . May 37
Werru . ... lilhraltar .. Mm 27
Mauata ... Hamburg . Ma IK
l.,lian Monari'l) . Lomicin . May 2t
Manttobi Loixlon Ma 23
1-r.iiieUcii . Hull ... May 21
Piciiuu ... (Hbraltar .May 17
Jhtt un'u, .hint Ji,
I a nourensrne Havre. May 28
h-eniv. Liverpool. Mav 2rt
liArinHtadt. llreuien . , Mny 25
Kurii'si.t .. ;tairnw , .... Ma 2l
hrlitrilan . Rotterdam Mav 21
HelMtia London . . .. Muv ir
Tbouecti Liverpool May 21
Hut Mtmibiy, .'iin 6
1'lbe . ... Kremen . . . Mar 2
Taune liverimol Mav 27
iiraijiii ... Havana . . Jims 2
Alwna Port Ltuion . . May 28
311I131.US.S Sottcu.
llokpr'n nttlrrN, since 1828 acknowltlee-l to b
by far tlio bent ana i)net Momarh llitter Uiada,
wfcttlier taken pure or wit It vine orltriuori.
Smith tr Anaella Holer 1 uriiiirpaaM far
rolnr jui4 wijirincfiualttl'!) Itetaif at popular rici.
I'OOTK. In Wt Hinfonl, U) M, lsw. a ilaiiglilcr
to Mr. ami Um J I lootc.
Mrt'ANN, At V rllcile), Mai., nn SunOiy. 5I) 2!,
JRti-, at 0 A M . h tun to Jolin Krnelt uml Mariiiuus
ENGSrCn-ILL'KTJCIC - At .Neunrk. S.J. Majr
'.'2, IRHl'. lir tli lit, luri (ilrtinn.r iVurnd
Knlf r to Klio Kuster
At .N.Hrl. N J, Mu. "1 1M2 !. III" Kfi Crl
(Jlrlaiiner. Clirlstlnn illonLler tn Mftriturettis uen
Il.I.lfi ECIi.-At Nevmrk, N .1. MarM. IHII3. Iij
tli llev. Cnrl iilrlanncr, ili-nrura illliftn HuMa Erl.
JKNKI.NM-MKI.ll'h.-AI Nmark. ..l MayVM,
lNli.', by the II. v llniiKl II .Mnrllii, llon lJcn-
kin. to Allioiiray Mflti'k,
KAOI.AN-IIAMl,Kll,-U .Niiwark, .. J May
1.-., JH'U. liv the lltt. Jaroli llrnkrl, com Kaxlan lo
Una lliilullir.
I.KKT IIII.'IZ.-At f.pwarl., ., .1 . Xlay :.',, IKD'J,
ti) the i: AlfteJ Mrhulton, Jote'ih l.eet tu Annie
MITI'llKI,t.-UK Jll.OIM.-On Sim,!.). Ma ;.
1h'.i2, at Hirlfl.lil, MaM.hvtlir llrr lir Bui'klnu
ham, Jnlm .1. Mitchell ami Ml.. Minnie K He Hlola.
OIII.IA.N-III.AI'I-'r-.-,-.u .Newark, ,N. J
on Mny .'.',. lH92.li) the l: Carl Clrtanner, Iiula
Oulmami to Mary lllaulua.,
Sl'l'l.l U-WFKJr.lC'l'.-At .Vesark. X .1., on
May 2.', IfDA hy Die tier. I'nrl ilertanntr, Jacob
f puler to Jntianne eliterl.
Wll.KO.N-AI.I.IN.-At Newark. N I on April
VH. JHII'.', hy III. llev, lllrhanl T ( auiptiell, Janira C.
MUon lu Minnie II. Allin
AI,t:XANlKK.-Oii lue.ila), at Hartford, Conn ,
Theo.lor. (' Aicxanner, ayeil -lUjtarp.
Fririi'la arn intll.il I" atteml the funeral from hi.
late re.liltnie, t,li JaliuiuLiit at., ta MeJnrailay
afti-rnoon at 2 o'clock
AN Dr.BKON.-fcuditenly, on Momlay, May 'M, 1HX.
Uailil AnJ.r.uu.
Kunrral (rom liU .liter's reiiilenre, Mr. Hovel, fliio
Vtit 4:H at., il 1 SO 1', M, aharp im Wrilnenlay,
June I. I8H2.
KATlIi:. On May 31. at till tale reiMenre, 401 Weit
S2il t.. .nlTiIior M ,1'lirlilojyhtr liattie, bu.tiiol of
l-'athrrllie hell),
Notice of funeral hereafter,
UH.lllI.HY.-lm Mnmlay, May SO, 1BU2, at Jack
niiillle, Ha re.ldtuce or Mr, Horn, bllat A UraJ
le), aneiiiyiar.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
Mltr.NNA.N'.-On hui'ilay May 2, IM'J. si urrlalu
rr.ldeiice, Mnrrherat , lll(U UrUne, Mary h ril
i,t uauihler of i;orir V. anil Mury K Urcniian,
aeil 17) ear. a u 4 4 luonthi.
KelallvcaaiidlniDiltar. ret'iectfully Invli.J to at.
lemt the funeral Irom M Mucin! Ferrer Church,
HVh it, and Uiiniion av., on Wedueiilay Jui.e I,
at HI tin A. M Interment In Calrary ('.meter)
IIUISKKICIIOFP.-On Huiiday, May 2I, after a
Uuierlng lllneu, Iiaac Krlnkerhorf, aed Cll year.
Itelatlree and friends ar. reipecilully invlt.d to at
tend the funeral nn Icei on Wednesday aft.rnoon,
June J. at a n clock, at bis late residence, 70 tioutu
etb st., Brooklyn.
BVFF.-on May 0, 183J. at Hnhoken, N, J., I.oulis
Hull, ed & )tnri2 munlhi and ;9do)s.
trieudt ar. milled lo attiud th. fuutralfrom tb.
ttlaoc. ef hir sarialt, 619 wiUow .- I'ufl.rmi;
BUTI.F.H.-On Tneiday. May Al, HtPJ, at S'.w
llaT.n, Conn., Mary V. Bntl.r. atsd in )ar- sad H
rrlemlsar. tnrltcd lo atlerd tb funeral ti. in bar
lle residence, US rulnam at , nn IbiTnlay luie
noon at H ROo'clock, aud Irom iai,rsd Heart I'lmrch
at I o'clock
C'A UT l'R,on May 24, 18P2. nt Newark, N. J., Kllta
B , wife of (l.or.t I.. Carter, anul iw ) ears
Friend are Inxlt.d loatlend Ibe funeral services at
ter late residence. 2 i (llltett pi ire. on WeMmi-liy
afternoon at 2 o'clock, interment at thu comen.
lenceof lb. family lu E,erifreeii teuist.ry.KtUa
beth. N. J.
CIIAHi:,-On Maj30. 181'2. nt l'at drtnse. N I
Anna K. chase, iTtr. of (leoice, Cbati. aited 3?
i nrs 1 month and 7 da)
Irtriulsnre liitlt.iltn attrnd the funeral from her
late residence. 10 Jones St., I asl ()raiii:. N.J. on
lliursdny afternoon, June 2, at Jniln.k.
COt'llKA.N'.-Ather lata re.lilencc. 20.1 Manlmtt in
av., llrookl)n. K II., Mrs. Mary Cochran, nallr. of
(ilaii-nw, Hcntland, In berill'lb .ar.
Funeral trl ate.
COFFKV.-On May .10. 1HH2. Catherine CofTcv. In
religion SUter Mary lionatn hr loved dauijliter of
l:ilen nnd tlie lute Mlcl ail ('iiltcy
Helalhea and friends are litTlt ed to at tend th. funeral
from the New York Inundlina: As)tulu, (Mill si. and
.1Ja on Thursday, June 2, 11I2, at U 3) A.M.
ahir. n solemn r.uleiu mass nlll e iiR.red up for
the repo.e of her soul. Inteitnent In Calvary Cem
etery. CHtnvi.F.Y.-On Miu.Ur. May .1), Cornellua II.
Crowley, In hU -tilth xear
Members of gulmlam Tribe, No. I'.i; linp'd ll. II. M.,
aro ln lied In atlctnlhlr luneral from '' 4JJ mil av.
on IVedliesday. Jim. 1, at 2 I. M.
JOHN KKI.l.V, Kec I'l M1H llhTTS, Sachem.
IHAl'Kr.KY.-im unday May :n..toaevh K. Ulaik-
er),nireil 23 years
Funeral from his late rrsldeiire vro Wisl until al.. on
Wednesday, May 2il Internum In Calvary Ceiu
JIKIKINBON.-On Mny.10, 18112, at Newark. N..I.,
Charles I.. B. Illiklmon, son nf the He,, iieori. F.
Dickinson, seed 211 ycara anil 2 muniba
Friends are Invlteil to attend the funeral from bis
late residence, 71 Wllsey st., on Thursday forenoon
atlOb'ctock. Interment at the colmnleliio of the
family at Basking Itlduc, N. .1
DONOilVJJ.-On Ma) III, lt2. ntepheu. the he-
loml child of Ilartle) F and Mnrtsret Honohue,
aged 2 years 2 months and .'I da) .
Funeral Wednesday, June 1, from his parent's rial-
ilence, 1,112 1'ark av at 2 I. M
JUK I'ATKa.-On Monday May .'10, JSU2, at New
llav.n. Conn . I.eoi) rrank Ue Fairs
N'otlc. of funeral hereaTier.
FIiI.D.-(in.May30, lxlC.at lloboken. N. .1., Emma
B Field, daughter of James and Bertha Mtld. aged
4 )ears 1 Unntll nnd fidays.
rrlends are Invited lo attend the ftirernl frnm th.
resident, or her parent.. 210 Hncr st., on W nines
day afternoon at 2 o'i lock.
Fl'LLER.-On Monday. May .10. lML". at' Kprlng
Held. Mass . Mary K. Fuller, wlfo of hinfonl Fuller,
aRedftil years.
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral from her
late residence. 84 htehblns st.. on Wednesday fore
noon at 11 o'clock. Interment at Mnnaon
GAVI.KR.-im Saturday, May 2H, Charles (ia)ler,
aged 72 years.
Funeral aertiees rroru ChurcTi of Transfiguration,
2lltb st. and Madison av., TburaOn), 1 I'. M
GllIl'KKPPI'.-dn Monduy. M.i) 30. I HU2. a t W ll
limanllc. Conn.. Cnruruli Glupseppc. aged 30) ear.,
killed on Consolidated Katensloa Hallronit,
OHIER.-OnMay.'tO. 1MI2. al Newark, l.llni drier.
beloed wife or William II. Ilrler. uired 3il)eara.
Vrienda are Imlted In attend Ibe luneral riom her
late residence. 1M3 Washington st., on Wcdiieida),
June 1. a!8 30 a, M.
UALLIUAN.-IJll .May 31. 1H2, at Jorsey City. X.
J.. Charlotte llalllgan, aged 58 years.
Frlendi are Invited to attend tlta funeral from her
late residence, 12 Mnntgnmery at . on Thursday
afternoon nt 2 o'clock Intirme.it at New York
Bay Cemetery.
HAKIXH.-On Morula). ajv 30. after a linger
ing Illness, Willlim Ila.kllia. at lit. lata residence,
r:il 2d a v.
Notlc. of funeral hereafter.
IIAYKM. On luemla), May 31. 1RII.. at 238 James
St.. New llnven. Conn. John F. Hayes, aged 2
) ears nnd 11 mont lis.
Notice of funernl hereafter.
II4tl.Mj:H,-0n Sunda), Mny 2fi. at New- Uaien.
Conn . Louisa Holmes, aireil 7rt) tars and lOinuntti'i.
Friends are linited to attend the funeral from her
lale residence, 1(1 (,ardlner at , on Wednesday after
noon at 2 IK) o'clock.
IIISKTU.N.-At Mount Kden. on Mnnduy. May 30.
Susannah llortnn. In the Hi.th yearuf her ai;e.
luneral from the- residence of Thomas Woolf, Jtraina
av., corner 173d at , ou Wednesday, Juim 1. at 2 1.
M. Carriages will meet train at Trcruunt depot at
1IOHI.KY.-On Sundav Mav 2I. IH02. at Sprlngrlcld,
Margaret, wlfo of Loring II llosley, aged H.i years.
Friends are Invited tn allnnd the funeral froui her
late residence, nn Wednedny afternoon at2oilock.
lH'SIIi:H.-On WlllJiy, May 2D. 1MU2, Wllliuui II.
Ilugbea aged f4 yeare. .
en ices at bis late residence, 1.10 Kast 127th st. at
4 o'clock Wedne.day. June 1. Funeral from th.
Second Presbyterian lliurih, I'eeUklll N I , at
1 30 P M .Thursday. June 2. Members of Hubert
Bruce Lodge. No. US, K. of I; Harlem lodge. No
201, I o o F end Hawkins Zniiav. Assoalalloti,
are respectfully Invited to atteuJ
Notici Hawkins Zouave issnciation will meet at
the residence of our Into comrade. UO hast i;7tb
st.at.P M. Wednesda). for funeral service, aud
at (irand Central Depot at 11 20 A M. Thuisda), to
proceed to I'e.kskill.
noBi:itr ll At.uiXTs. I'rc.d-nt.
J.C.J LANOBKIN. !-crretnn
KAKST.-Departed Ihls life, on Mav 211 1k'i2, I'.iu.
Ine. wlfo of Henry IJnrst. daughter of tieoige aad
the Inle LlirA Faber, In the.'l.ld yearnf her ng.
Friends are Invited to attmd tb funeral irom the
residence of her father, .it I ar llo.'kaway lliursday,
June 2. 18112, at hall-past 2 P. M Trains leave
Long Island City nt II .Ol and I -I.-,.
KKI.I.Y. Uli Monday. M.i 30, IMij, at N.w llnven
Conn Catherluo Kellv daughter nf C.itherlue aud
James Kell), aged 1 )ear ami 2 moiilbs
Funeral private.
K.l:i.l.F.Y.-0n tlondav, May 30, lh')2. at Spring
field. Mass . Mrs. Marv Kellev . aged .4 v ears.
Friends are Invited to allrnd the funeral from her
late residence, 101) Pearl at . on Wednesday fore
noon at 8.30 o'clock. Inle ment at llrattleboro. M.
I.I'AIIIIY.-On May 2i, at Jersey C.ty. William
Leahey, aged 4 1 )ears.
Friends are invited loan end Die funeral frum his lata
residence. 3(H) tlrove st , nn Wednesday afternoon
at 2 o'clock,
JLOCAN.-0n Monda). Ma) tn, Hester Amelia Lokan,
widow of Farren I.ogau, aged . ear.
Services at her late lesldenre. iro Kent it B'nnktyn,
K. U . at 7.30 Wednesday evening. Juu. I. 1 uneral
MAI.I.ORY, On Monday. May 30 1HU2, atWrst
vllle. Conn , Mrs. Homer C. Mallory, aged r,3 years.
Friends nr. Invited to attend tlie une-al fmui h.r
late residence. Broad st.. on Wednesday afternoon
at 2'30n'roik
MANI'XVIM.r.-Oii May 2, 1HI12. at Newark. N
J., lilies F. Mandevllle. aged 42 years
Fllrmlsare luvltel In attend the fune-a) from bis
lato residence, nss Orange at , on W'nlnisiay, June
1, at 2 30 o'clock, Interment nt ralrinount C'eius-
MKYF.B.-On May 31. 1M2. at lloboken. N. J..
KatbarlnMe).r, dniig.u.r or Christian and Mela
Mejer. aged 1 ) ear 2 months and 14ila)s.
friends are Invltid lo attend the rumral rrnn the
residence nf arenls. Ill llmjiou ,t., Iloboktu, on
Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock,
Ml-I.UHF.W.-On May SI. ISU2. al Jersey I'll,, X
.1, John Mulgrevt,agid In years.
Friends are Invited to attend Hie funeral from the
r.a!it.iii.nfr....niH ni., ..,. .. w. .
.-.-.-. u... .in .i , on iiiunsuay alter-
nnon, June 2, at J 2. .'10 o'rlnck.
VrAIIAMH,-lln Sunda), May 2i. 1MI2, Mir) Mc
Adams of 3.11 West 17lb st.
Itclntives and friends are r.speclfully inviled loat
tend the funeral from ht Bernards Chuich. on
W sdnesday. June I, at 10 A M,
Mci:i.lllN. Y,-0n tundii). M iv 2li. Cailierlue
w if. nf Michael McKlhlmi)
Kelullvrs and friends ara nspei tfuliy invited In al
ien,! the funeral from her lale rcsllence. n.i Noun
llsfordsl., on Wedii.sdsy,.lulii- 1 at i A. ,M . tin nee
In Sacrnl Heart Human t atl.ul c Cliurrh where a
solemn mass of requiem iii u otlei, I fur the r.
pose of her soiiL Interment llnl) Cm c. metery
OI.HKN.-Kuddml), on Mondi. Mil) ,'!, lull.', at
Mlddleiiinn, Conn., John ill", n aged 2 )ears.
PKAKI'F,-Oli Sundav, May .".'. IHU., In the H2d
).sr of tier sks, hlla A. Peine relb-t of Ur lohu
Pejrc. and dai'iihterof the late Pel.r Erbcn of New
Kelalhea and friends of the Istnlly a'e linitrd to
atiend the timer..! from ih,. r n Iriirt- ot her son-li-iaw.
a. II Jenkins, I mi i.ler plni e, Per.en
I'ldiil (WestKth st. n,j He. ne.ia),.lin. I, iip.ni
the arrival ot the iralu leaving inm of I.tberl) st.
Nen vork, at 10 o'clock A. M
rCTKBhUN, -On Ma) 2. I -.'2. at Jersey CHy.
Peter i'tt.rson, aged 38 ) ears
Fr,ends ar. milled to intend he funeral from Ills
lale residence 2U Morion p'.v e on Wednesday al
Isrnoouat ao'clock Internum at Bay Mew Cem
etery, PKI('E.-0n Toesday May. 'II IKiiJ Brldleliulfy.be
loved wife ot Jams. Iton.ld Price, in the 3M year of
her age.
Funeral from her late residence, 111 East i:oia
t., frlday, Jul. 3, at 2 P. M. Interment at Calvary
PKIMJB.-AI Riverd.le an Hudson, Rundty, Way 3D,
Cbaf lotl. Wilktos, Aautbt.rJbC tu. UK Dr. Wlliuja
ITftSman aa W ? EArt ITimt, n tt) Mth 9
!r ofh.tr .. y, H
ratiual if hIcm Vt. t Cwch, Nw Yot, ctnar "Jf
HMIi at. nu.t Uroadwiy. n VtitiitMaj, at 10. AM. V
lttt.fH-jn Mnrlt,PMJ-jlt M
Kein. ji:J 2.. yeV- H
lririminriiiuiil l l-nd h funeral from Ur $ M
late naUleiice. 0,M1 Vtftftti l TUurJa after. m
Horn t 3 o'clock, lntefinftnt t WoodUnJ ; m
tfiiietprj, H
niCUM(Mi.-OnTter. My3l,li2. t Hart- 'li'l
fftrO. Cnnn, Mr Ma-y Ttlchnmii I, afd Wjenra. ! M
rrUinJaar) invited to attend th funeralfmui hfrlat j W
rMdence. 2o ater-trfl.on WedmidM' forenoon l
al 8 o'clock, an I from bt ltrlcVi CUurch t tt30
n'llock, '
nOMAINC-U Rophefo lMrt, H ..nn Kunrtay. j M
MaySW. Hinlrl KomAlne, In biaTitlh )oar. W
Fniieralut bin tata reiidenot on Tl.Mrwday, Jnna 15. at M
2 o'clock P M Carriniteii vrlil meat the 12 o'c.oc. 1 M
t ret I n Irom N" York on New York, biitguthannft K
atiil Wefttern Railroad i )m
H rill.rtKUUI.-nn Motidav. May 0. at hit I fM
home TrnniititlUty. N.J, Lowla Morrli Ruthaf t m
furd in Ira Itllhyear j M
Kelativei and trtemli ar invited to attend th j Ol
f Df rttl. which will tnVi jUcn on Thurnday, Juna 1 M
2, nt Tran.-utllty, .n lurU-t of tlie train IrartDf ,
i'tirn'opliN atnot ferr al U 10 A M for ItaQketta ,r
low n by tlie llvre, Laclaaanna and We. tira I
llxllrind. lIoMiniliitf train leavtt llackettalownft.
C 10 P.M. ,
BVA.V.-M her rei'dence, l,wn 7th av., M ara are t ?
It) an. m Mow of Mrho'at ltyaii
luneral un Ihutiday niotuinir at lOoMnrk from tha ,U
rhurrli of St, Thniuai iho Apoitte. limit it and tit, A
Mchola av. Ihternirnt In Calvary remetrrr. l
RYKItH.,-On ila ,'M), 1HK2 at o7 llluh it if
.Newark. N. J Ulclwr.nl V, Ujeron. aued .Vt ycara. &
MA KtiKSNT.-Oii Monday, Ma M at Now llan, X'1
1'onii hleanor H Sarirrnt, datifrhter of tleoife and .
Hi?.rio .Sat gent. a'd . yearn & j ,
tlndn art Invited to attitid the funeral from bar
lnte im. deuce. 2M t'hurch a.rrrt, on Wo'liieiday i
(.luiia I) arte; noon at 2 noo iluik 7 ,
SAW Yi:it,-At New York rltv, 011 Monday. May HO,
112, MttriUK. saujur, In the 47th yoarof hia aga. d
Kuiieral service at tho Central Prtfiti) tcrlan Church, V j
r7lh nt.. between Hroadn) and 7th av on Thula '
da, Juno 2, at hatf-paet 11 A. M.
Hlli:i:ilAN.-On Sunda). May S'MHM, at Bridie- -)
port, Cunn , Catherlnn Kherhan. aifed 0 ) ear, ' IE
rrteiidi are limited to attend the funeral from her " 'P It
late restilencr, llurrall av, on lue-tlay forenoon at ,5 ' m
H r.O o clock, aud from St. Auipi.Une's Church at V iff U m
o'clock. S ' ' 1
HU I III. -On Tuesday, May .11, 18H2. at New llaren, Jvfii I
t'nnn , Llliel M Multli. UanKhtcr of Samuel (Land 'WV 5
1 Itniora hulth, aged 4 ) eare 0 months and 2tl daya. ' v f
Vunerat nrUate. & ( 1 1
Sr.lRK.-At Hotel Wtntbroiia. May 2P. lfW2. ran- $ v-(,l
tile it., duuifhter or CtiarUa K aud Ltutly C. Spark a, V 4
Inllie2tth jear of her age. t&
i-uiitrai at ti. reiidence. Tuejoiay. tn Jtikt inecat i h;
8.GOP M, Hurinltn WfmdlnKii, Wtdneslaj, 10A.M. jj
STr.Vi:.NS.-)n Tuesday. May 31, Juaephlna hte- ;
eij. nKdH2 )car. jl
luneral ouThurnlav at U o'clock from umterUVfr'a, - ; v M
1V1 llowery. Kelaltvie and fnanda Invited to at '-' ' if
tend Interment at Wood la mi Cemetery. v K
HTiniil.N'O.-Ou Monday, May CIO. Ixi2, at Sew ', .(i
Haven, annex, Conn, Caroline llugte htlrtlDjr, X
Hxed !'.l )r 7 months and t. ila)e. W
FricudH are Invited lo attend the, funeral from tha ;
tenidtnco of her noil, Altrvd Huitea. 1) lorhes av $
on Wednenday afternoon al ii n c'ock f J&
KTOCRMAN.-tin Monda", Ma ;u, IRft2. at Mft t
Main it., Bridgeport. Conn,, Mm. lrfiulita Mockuian. s j c
widow r lr. (. V btotkman. aired H4 jenr. V ,'
ISTURKR. At Colorado fprimjci, on May.KJ, Samuel , '
C. Btorer. .1 r . aircil Hi ear . , I R
Interment at Coloradu sprliiBii. Col, l ! f
HWKI-.N Y.-On Monday, llav ;!', of 1w.ejn.0nla, l-j
Lltlie Ma, only tlauk'httr of James aud ktliahetb t 1
Sweeny. a(td .t earn. ,T, t
luneral from partnta' rc"llence, 222 Ldcecoinbe ar., $ .;
on YVVdueiday, Juti 1, nt 1 3'J P. M. f
Tll.HO.V-Oii Tuesday, May 31, Lmma K Til ton.
aged 2J ) eara ( 1' )
Relatives and friends nro rcirtf dlly Invited to at 4;
tend funeial Bervic. at her latu horn". iWeit jt '
132dat tm Irlday Juneit, At'JiiclncL T. M. -fi t
ZVni.KK.-At llloomtield. .N. J., on .May 2U, 1802. H ;
Itudolph H, Xtib'or. aicnl A nr.
Friends are Invited to attend th. runer.ii troio hUUte ' ;
rHldeuce( 22. WaohiiiKton av .on Wednesday atter '' i f
no in at 2.J0 o'uloLk, liitermtnt at UloomRald ;j , ;j
Cemetery. i
mf mint Unite- Omclrrr.
Office aw) t.th av corner I'll t.. NevrYarc. l
licciul Notice.. ;t
TKUIIKH will taka nottco ttMt the ojirratora of k,i
ritlHtiumh aro on uliiWe and arn notttkd tn mako them 9
aelreit (.oimtiit utu by their nlteu In l".tl.jurKh dnf , L
Inn he PittRbuntli Rtilkf. Ativ iw tnk operator i '
uorkiuwln PntHburtchdurliK the etrlke wia Ii tlued 7 p
A). by order ot the eouel). J II. UA .N"K. I'rea 4 I'f
Thort. o SlilLL. Stat) ft f
cliTf.UKf:.' TfiAvi.Nc "mojIm """
Require Itinntdlate attention. - HltOVYN's; KfiMIKrOB - -
rtiMHTV'arr the " HI.-t w OHM I DL.Ntil s" ut um;
five relief qutckl). For ia! b ilrutrKmn 2..c a t x. ,T ',
. tA : A - "
sK flsvavais " i
M Ready Wednesday June at W j J
L ThtCtmturjis i.'nt' issitdeitthfjtTtttttit A ,4 ' j
vjP MHlft.) M
The June I
J Budapest ThoIUsoofaNew 2 " J'
p Metropolis, by Albert Sh.v. With W , .
S 1 7 illustrations by Joseph I'ennell. ' j
y Tho Ohatelaino of La TrinJt. Jh j
W First chapters of a ronunce by the J .
i author of "The Chevalier of Tension-fi ' '
J Vani." Illustrated. i
9 Early Political Carlcaturo in I -' .
K America, by J. 11. BUhop. IIlus. S it
Christopher Columbus, bv S '
J Senor Emilio Caitcl.ir. Illustrated. K
Tho Great Unknown (the Sea. 9 "i
m Serpent),byJ. Ii. Holder. Illustrated, m (,
S Two Complete Stories by Viola m - ii
W Roseboro'andWill Payne. Illustrated. ,'3
Mount St. Ellas Ilcvisitcd, by W a
J Israel C. Russel. Illustrated. m tj
Znd of the Living: Cliff- -
W Dwelloro, by Lieut, S.-lnvalka. lllus. , 9
C Other contiibulioni fioni E. C. 9 I
X Stcdman, Rudyard Kipliup, VVolcott A 4
W Ilalcstier, Edmund Gosse, Mary Hal- Z K
A lock Foote, James Jeffrey Kocris,and 9 ?
j other well-known authors. m ll
J Arrann to have The Ctiituiy scat to S j!
you during the summer rnonlkt if W jt
you are not already takwf it. Sin- A f.
Wf gle numbers jf rents. PniltsheJ ty W '
TlmJiiiioniiiiibci'or-llO.MANi'E" U for ij'j
t,.tli t'NciywIioi'u to-il.iy It contuina SIX- ,' 1
l'i:KN' (X)Ml'Li:TK STOIIIHv tlio hcohi-h J'
bi'injf liilil ill Aiiiuilrii, I'liiiiiv, Englnml, '.' j
Sp.ilnl litih-sln, lmliii, ,'iinl on Hu' lili;li wia, M ;
Anions thu famous iiutlmi- nf vnilmib nu- 2 "t
lions roiHCBontfil mo Vll'IOllIKX tSAU- SI
DOl'. EM1LU I'.Utl.O l!AvN. IA'DIA ' 5
(il'Y I)E MAL'l'ASSAXT. - I lio Vionir of ji
tlm Kvvnii," li- (Sr.0J(ii:s (HIM'.T, '.(ihcie '
inintoil Tor tlio llibt tlmt! in Ann! It'll.
' IIOMAXCE" upijculr. to all who luve
htmli'H, Nootlii'i- (iiasfiiJnu in tlm woild
pulillslicH to mnuy fiinl hiirli khihI ouob, '
l'or hiilo ut nil iinwb Hliitiilti. Miij,'1d copies,
iSn'iit.; hubspilpiion priti;. 2..vift ytr. ,' s
fllliloil llrsll. Alnr PI ii it, Nrvv Vork. 1 ;
MW KKAUY-Tlli: ill'.NR 3
I I'lilaiiiini; I'nur .Nrvv ainl (oinnlrlc Hlerlts. " j
and iiiaiiKitiniiiiriifa n.vi uml urlirluai serial ilorr of .
"Ml MA INT," f-
loir.tlifr milt miir- us.ful ami vnt.rtalDlni mlse.lla. X ''
umus inaltrriif uii.taniTalueln.vtrr noos.Uaidi lbs 'i
wlulr fnrnilns on. r tlis MOSI' A'rTltAtTlVe it '
AMI l.otV.l'KII UK faiull- maaiiii ,T.r J& i-
K8 anil S5 Duan. st. (on. Aoor sst of Brosd wafj. E t
MaLUORV'H "Mlir. it Arthur." PsroVs-' O.rtr, UiT flf i
lI.tu;Ua.",otluaa, ttSxt, JW WkaVj I i

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