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"played well and won.
ciik nnrr ionics cAnvnsD a oood
Itreoklj-a Full i Omni Ont t tksi Vn
lUII4t1pli Hoalon, Clilcaao, and CI a.
tliinntl lli Other VNnnere-The Chant.
rloD. In a Ticklish l'n.ltlon.
Chlcns.-. Cincinnati, nm. Brooklm nr scur
ninc alons attor Boston In n Trar calau
' iioJ to mako tho loiulors fool cxtromelr
nnea?r- " tl10 Uoslons oxpoot to win tho
lirst eorloa tlior will Ami It nooossarr to
. Ufpaje tliolr lead considerably boforo
stnrtlne West on tlio final trip. Chlcaco
,j Cincinnati each havo a numucat ot
camos on tlio liomo (.rounds- to wind up with.
.n-IAnr-on especially Is noted for wlnnlnc
(U0Cl.sslve eanie.i on tlio diamond In tho windy
cltr. Tho fltilsh on July 13 promises to bo a
l,rce ruh. Tho sooros of yesterday's names
ate as follows:
. -stork."! Louti-rllle. I.
llrookljn. Si Clstsland, .
Boston. Pittsburgh, 2.
Philadelphia, 4 St. Louis. S.
Cblcaf o, "1 Baltlmjra, 3.
Cincinnati. 7: Washlmton, C.
in nccona
mZii v 11 .73r. Cleveland... ,:o im .
iwklrn...3 1 .oSS New York....!! !M .
Jllttnntll.-.i'ft 1H .Bill t.oulSTlll 7 .'I .
Chiracs S; 1" M Washington.. If- 18
KllJ.lpHla.'Jl 111 .Mr. Mt. Louis 1 a I ;
huifjriti...-.! 20 .t24 Baltimore..... u WJ -'a I
KEW 70RK, 0: L0U1SV1J.W, 2.
The yarn to tho effect that tlio Xow Yorks
eannot play ball In cold woathor received
mplo refutation yosterday nttemoon. It wan
M cold that the noses of tlio 1!.'J00 personi
present lookod bluo boforo the lllth liinlnit
was rcachod. and yet tho Now Yorks played In
chimplonshlp form from Gore to ltuslo. In
tottlns. fleldlnir, and bnso runnlnc tho local
team performed In a way to surprlso their
earnest admirers, nnd PfotTor's ncureiiatlon.
fresh from a victory over Brooklyn, and ex
pectlnc an easy mnrk on this side of the brldcc
i was astonlshod by tho warm reception. Proffer
put Btrutton. tho star pitcher of tho i.o;.iln
Tlllos. In tho box. anil tho Xew iork cavuhlin
evidence in every lnnlnir that tln-y nun nn.
hard. On tho other linml. Klnc wno too much
for tho other follows, and thoy wero tinublo to
o.umulato onow.li bite in urn; Inn nu to do
them any special good. Tlmt piuuular indi
vidual. Jack Fields, eaucht nu excellent came,
and by his heavy nnd timely stick work mate
rially assistod tuottowYorKs in wiuiiiuil tlio
"two Innlncs slipped nway before tho New
Tories bocan to mako Iron with yoiine, htrat
ton's pltcTilnc. Floidsstnrtt-dtlietroubiowlt u
double to left Then fctratton mudu a hiali
throw to first of Gore's croumler. iin.l nil run
ners were safe nml lmppy. tiu.o stole second
andtbon Shorty Fuller sent a stlmsor down
the rlcht foul line, on which fioro and Holds
scored. Shorty was determined to have two
basos on his hit. nnd, ho rcachod second nil
rleht Tho only trouble was that ho went fur
ther than Becond. Ho slid or tho base and
was touched out before he could cet back.
This was unfortunate, ns lilclinrdson followed
wlthnolovorslncle, Jlnniio btolo bocond. but
was left on Lyotis's out ut llrnt. ... ...
lntho fourth Innlnc o'lluurke started with
aslnirlo. llassott drove tho ball ncainsthtat
ton's lee nnd it enrromod snfely nwny. nnd blc
Amos ltuslo hit a little lly tlmt dropped on fair
Ground aliout llftoimfeot from tho plate lnsldo
The third baso lino. Tlio buses wero full and It
looked like a hlouuhter. At this point Fields
lilt an easy crouudor to l'foiTer. who threw
tl'ltourkemit at the plate, mid then the ball
beat bout Fields to ilrsL hlnir snulled out the
bricht prospects with a fly to Jennings. ,
Uoro started oil tlio fifth with a single, took
second on Fuller's uround sncriilce, stole
third. Bnd scored on Iiiclmrdson'slonK sacri
1 :lco lly to llrown. Lyons ended the Innlns
with an ucly llnedrlvo to left that Weavor in
terceptvd nnd held In good btylo.
Acainln the sixth tho Now orks pushed a
man around tho diamond. O'ltourke smashed
tlio ball against Mruttun. who seemed to be n
target for the New York batsmen, and It
rolled away palely. O'ltourke stole sec
ond, went to tlilid on a snerlllco. and
s.orod on Flelds's second two-bnecer.
Tho seventh Inning went by without result,
but In tho eighth Lyons led oil with n two
timer, and scored on O'llourko's single. The
l.ittnr tried to score tin liassctt's douhlo to
right, but was caught nt tho pinto, and tho
noxt two batters retired without advancing
IJa-sett. ,
Tho New lorka tried hard to nverngoono
run to an inning, nnd tli y mndun llnnl spurt
in the ninth. King, who had saved his hit
till the last Inning, nuiilo It then with great
eclat. Goro hit to left and Weaver mulled, all
blinds being safe. Fuller lilt a long ono to
right that hoory caught. King going to third
on iho sacrifice, (joro managed to git caught
I etween llrst and seeuml. and whiletho Louis
ville team wero chasing him King rushed
for the plate. l'feiTor made a wide
tlnow and tlio runner was safe. Itlch
nuiion ended the inning with nn out at
i'.rtt, Tho Lonisvllles hnit very hard sledding
with King's pitching. They mauiiged to gather
u i nn in tho llfth on Jennings' single, a sacri
ill e. and Kuehnu's double, and no more in tho
nmtli on (liim's single, n sacriflco. and anoth-t-i
base hit by Jennings. The score:
k. ln.ro. i.r r. li.ro. l. a.
Crrr.r.t ! 1 3 llrown. r. t... .) o 2 o o
I uiltr. r.t o 141 i.rin. ntb....l 11-' o 0
l'lrliMa'n. lb.O 1 10 tl tl Hratrr, l.r...o o 1 1 1
l.y,m. M It. .110 2 1 Plcller. 2il b..o o r. 4 1
tl.mirle. I.f.l a 1 ll 1 Jeimmi?, a.f.l 2 2 4 0
Kntt, 2i1 U..0 :i 4 it ll -irnllon, i. ..O 1 il 4 1
I'jii. r I O I n I j s.rv, r.f o O o 2 o
yirlru, c . .. 1 2 5 1 u Kui'iuie, 3d b . 1 2 :i 0
h, .s, p 1 I o 2 11 llinvjc, c o o a 3 o
To'alii MJ 14 27 14 4 Tola's 2 0 27 21 "fl
KrwYnrk 0 0 2 0 110 1 1-8
' Lou .lll o tl O O 1 0 11 O 1-2
Uurneil run Niw Ynri. 4: l.otilnTllle-. 2. Fimt baio
tiv errorH Now York, 2 LoiiU i le. 3. 1 f oa bne
v YorW. i.; LoiiUTt-Ie. 3. r.rnt bae m, i.alls-llfl
Klnif. 2. sine! out t.v K.ii. . bystratton, , 'inree
taii hit Str tlun. vwu lia.tj lilln Kmier. !.oii", Hiia
llt.llfll (2. IvltPl nf. smTillre hltn tlore. Knit, r O.
l'.''lu7il(jn. Hukftt. I'lroVr, stnuton, sry. stolon
1 . iloip 42l. Ku'liint-oti. o'ltourke, lloublc p'.iy-
htitt anil Itit'h.iriUoii; rrUur, liuwsr. nul tirim.
I iiiinta sht r l.tn, i line 1 .40.
lil.OOHMX. 8; CI.KVKHNP, -1.
Xrtrlthsliiiidlii'i the poor gamo put up by
t!i" lirooklyns mi Friday, nearly -4,00(1 poisons
were present nl l.iibtern I'aik vei-terdiiy. nnd
ti !) had noenuse in u'grel I ninirthurc. i'heio
v.i- plenty id clean, hnrd iiit'lngou nolli sides,
f ni' the llel ling was mnrreil o:ilv bvnn ti'-cn-ii
n.il error. I ho t'luvolands weio outbntti-d.
Mil tli, leli.ie lcn-t. I outi". ami ilnlley woto tho
I vtery lOrthu limnotonui. I'.'ivo let tho vis
I. 'is bit li!:r. milv nt Intel vals nml hut fow
lup.s resulted. Unllev banked up FmilK in
cre-it style. Orillln plated a creditable gamo
I I i-l.oil, his only eiror being u wild throw to
Hi si.
Ward flailed tho playing by getting first on
Jails. J'lyeti singled. Jiiouthers llled out.
.iid iiltcerlod to steal thiid. but was oaslly
Ihro'i'i nut I y o'Coiiiifir. 11 lio hud waited lor
jliiiii.is;i:igl,) Ward would havo got home, us
Joyce did. in Hi., ftixtn inninctlioy gavo an
evhlbitiiin ni what ihey could do in tho way of
I no, f-cienll'le butting. O'iirieu singled, and
i.a ndviiueoil to iliiul on s.icriileo hits by
I'adey and ! jii'n. Ward's clean hit brought
I'lliita U'i'i.i. In the next Inning, nftor
Jr.Y-n liul gone , oi.t. UrontheiH slu
kleii over 'I fiieaii's liead. Hums sent
unc'thnr Lull I'eyoml if, Kean's reach. Grilitn
Jient to lirt on called JmIIs. D.ily heat the
ha to llrt and llroiithiirs renelietl liomo.
J; Itilen h pi-tty hit scut in Hums and flrifiln.
l.rien st-l sicori , D.iiley ilio.l out, nnd
I outy, i. long egn carried hlm'io llrst before Jlo
lienn got tho ball, liali-and o'Jlrien made
lun-i on tho plar. lout?, was thrown outat
Tobo'au made th first run for Cleveland
llr. rp.ich.l list l,ociiii.n ll.illny nilflei his
last ttrlke. Iinrltctt went to Ilist on eal od
lalls. JleAleers.mt i, beauty Pi st Giimn for
abase, and 'lebenu cros-ed tin. ,,J. ! Vi?i,
two nut In the fourth, McAlfer s nuVctl ..,!
tamo homo on O'Connor's double. The oilier
l two runs woro made In tli" next limine V.n
U singles by Clillds. Davis, ami To"aJ a Aier?
1 ilco hit by Yirti.o. and v, lid throws iy o ' min
nnd Duller. Tliubcore: ' """'
soorx. iimrHNn.
ii. la. r.o, i. r. mi,,,,
fc'ar.l, 2d I u 2 3 2 uW'hlMi, 2ilh. i 3 i i' o
Ji)rf.3ilb... 112 2 II Virlur. Irtb l 1 li ! V
Lionllirri, lb 1 2 ll 2 tl llavla. r f.. 1 2 II 1 i
li.rm.r.r 1 2 tl 1 IliMi-Keuii. a.a.,0 1 r. n
llrn'in, .!..,. 2 113 1 Trbraii. .Ill li 1 a 4 V V
I'""! 0 r. I 2 tl O tl lluikill, l.r. . o o 4 ii ,,
II lire li, l.f.,.2 2 1 1 O Mi-Ali-tr. r t . 1 2 2 ll
lUiUy, e... o I H 1 1 ofimimr. c . .0 l a A
lolltr, p II 12 0 0Cuiny, ji 0 0 O a o
Tnlala H14'212 21 Totali Avlilil "a
I'liihli out, lilt by a batted ball.
i;rooki)i l ooioiKo n-a
C.cflii(l 0 10 12 0 0 0 o t
Eameil riion prooklvn. 6: ClevflanJ. 1. Firit ba.e
PT trron ProoLlyn, 3.. X,eit on baifa lirooklyn, te
I'lrvelaU'l, 7. Klrt base on balls (HI Fog la, 2i oil
ni py, 4. struck out-Hy Foul. Ci by i.'upnv, i.
, larrr-basa hit lirilKll. Two base hlU-Hroulliers.
lmi. iirnnnor Icbeau bacrillca Idls-o'Hrliii,
Pauar, loin. Virtue, stolen bates Iiurns, Orillln.
'i Hn-n l'uej ball Ualley, Umpire Lynch. Tluie
S hours.
soston, A; riiTiscrr;ii. 2.
Iiiimoi, Jjns 4. llostou iron Iho game to-day, Tin
lorn '
soiroN. I riTTtsrnr.il,
,, n. is. rn. i, r.' iLlB.ro.. r.
ccrtiiyr.fi ;i I ii ii Millrr. r. r ....o 1 2 o n
P.itfy c f . n a 2 o 1 liirrbimrr. 2b. I 1 2 4 u
i'1"." n i '- r. i shuk-urt, . o i o a :i
"O'.'ilb. I tl r, 3 11 Hrrtlry, Islb.l tl 14 ll 11
t1 '., ii 1 :i 1 in smith. I. f .ii o ti n n
f.'i'i.Uii .1 o 3 1 l,lurrell.3lb...il 13 7 1
'" . f. n o 2 ll ll'.lUi'k.' II o n 1 l
iilni i 12 1 f, o I urkhlll.cf. ..It n n o ii
Tmkir. lab a 1 H 1 0(Woodcock. p, o 0 0 3 0
Touts Tifoslio a Totaii ."a TJTiw "E
Sj'0," 1 O 1 3 O O O 1 1
Jlinhnriih 0 0 0 10 0 0 0 1-2
i.'j!1"4 """-l'oaton. 2. First base br errors Pos
it.n J; eitt.burpu. a. Ml on basra-lloston, 7j Pills-
I .! ".','' . nr" tae on balls-Ort Sllve tin. l off Woo.l.
VX - . Uti'Ck ont-iiy Miirpa, ,ii br Wewtcack. 1,
risV 1,. "'."." I'li-Mtiarihr. htmtttr hlts-Mtfarihy.
"'"liUjUiil.Lna, Kill, JtasU, (2,) Utcklsy, rar-
rail. Btolnkaia-Imr, lira, (J.) Kafir, Xf Wash.
Hllretta. Donhls play Wood aook. Mack, and Bseklsr.
Passed hall-IC.ltr. L'mblra OaOnsy. Tima-li4o,
Altsndancs 8.70C .-
rmutitLrna. 4 n. louu, 8.
rniiAMLraii. Jone 4. Th rhlladslnhlas iron a eltia
(urn rrom St. Lonls to-day by bonohlnf two Ulplaa
nnd a alngla In the eifhtb. Inninc. Ths score l
raiuMirnts. it. tons.
a.la.r.o.a.B. a.la.r.0, a. .
namlllon. It.o 2 1 o o Crooks. 4bi.o 12 2 1
i:onnor, Istb.n 0 0 0 0 Carroll. L f....0 2 8 0 0
llallnisn.2ilb.l 2 2 1 n Wrden. 1st b.O o S o 1
Thumpson. r.CO 110 0 nlasscoek, a.a.0 0 0 8 0
lielehantr.c.t.1 14 0 0 Brodle, e.f....2 2 6 0 0
Clniiehts.c....l n 6 n 1 Caruthera,r.f.0 12 0 0
Allen, a. a o o 4 2 1 I'lnknty. 84b.O o O 1 O
Cross, .Id b 1 110 o nuckley. e 1 11"
lielllr,3db..,.ti 0 0 2 O Uleaaon. P.....O 0 0 2 0
w.,fl,.p...:o o o 2 IoUt 3 -ii "5 1
Totals 41027 8 8
Philadelphia ...0 10 0 10 0 2 ..-4
bt, Iiouls O 10 0 110 0 0-3
Earned runs-BI. Loula. Ii Philadelphia. 8. First base
on arrors-St. Louis. It I'hlladelrhla, 1. Left en hairs
St. Loula, 7s Philadelphia. 7. First base on blls-Uff
Weyhln, 3. BtrucR oul-lly We) hint;, 2. Thrae.be.se
hlts-Urodle. Ilalhnnn. Iielehanty. Two-basa hjta
lirodle. Hamilton, t'leuients. Cross. Saerince hits
Werden, l'lnkney. nuckley. Connor. Weyhlni. Rtnlan
bases-Allen, nuckley. Uinplre-llurst. TlmeliJO.
caicico, 7 asiTiaoaa, 3.
BiLTivoaa. Jnne4.-Tha Kteat and only Anion and
his Ubtcairo colts made their first appearance of the
season here this afternoon and were well reoelrea by
their many ailmlrers. Attendance 2,148. Thesooret
aiLTiMoaa. cnicaco.
p,la,r.e.a.R. a. la.r.e. A.T.
Milndl.8db..l 4 12 1 Wllmot, lf....,l 1M
Vn llalt'n, l.f.O 10 0 O Dahlen. Sdb..2 3 2 10
llnlllitan. r. f..o 1 1 O o bchrlrerr c, . r..2 2 ii O 0
shuen, a. t 0 8 4 1 Anion. lslb...l 0 4 t) 1
Urlch.c.f ... O 1 a O 1 liungan. r. J...0 1100
Vihlstler.lstb.o oil 1 o t'anavun,2dbO 8 4 a o
cdrKw.2db.O o 3 2 o t'ooner, e.a...o 0 4 8 0
Itoblnson. c.l 0221 llulchlson.p..q q O q 1
liulUiitoD, p...l 10 8 0 Ulitrld(e,c....l 17 10
Totals 3 "82414 1 Total! "71227 8 2
Paltlmor 1 O O O O O o 1 1-S
Chlcna-o 0 0 0 2 8 0 2 0 ..7
Earned runs-Baltimore, is Chicago. 4. Firatbaieon
errors-Baltimore. 1; rhlenito.2. Left on bases Haiti
more, Hi riilcairo, H. First base on bails till nuftlnton,
4! ot Hutchison. 2. .struck out-Hy Uufflnton, 1 by
Hutchison, n. Three-base hils Shlndle, pahlen. sac
rifice hlta-liahlen. Van ll.iliren. stolen base Shlndle.
Iioublei play Cooney nml Pahlen lilt by pitcher My
Hutchinson, 2. Pmied bill-Ktttrlds;,. Umpires
llatilou nnd Ityan. Time liUl.
ri.KClATI, 7 WASIUXGTOft, 5.
Wisniircrox. Jnna 4. After the Menatori had knocked
Chamberlain out ot the lm In the llrst innlns;. uallane
pitched the remainder nt the name, and had the home
club completely at his tnercv. The Keds were enable
loilo anylhtnir wlthtlasirlihtnntll the seventh Innlnf.
when they won the game ou six hits. The icorei
rslar.al.r. n.la.r.o.a.R
Radford. 8db.l 2 2 4 1 McPhee, 2d b..2 2 O 5 o
Ilowd.2db....l 1 r. 4 O Ijttham, Bdb.l 3 1 o o
Hoy. ct 1 10 0 0 O'NelU I. f....l 1 O O O
I.arkla 1st b..l 11! on Hullldar. r. f..l, 8 10 0
MlllUsn, C....0 o 4 2 2 Bronnlnir. c.f.l 1 1 O O
llunee. 1.1 1 2 10 O Uomlakey. 1 b.0 013 O O
llobthson. a. a.O 112 O Smith, a. a 1 2 2 r. O
tlaatrliht, p...O 2 O 1 0 Murnhy. C....0 1 0 1 o
Donovan. r.r..0 0 2 o 0 Mullaue, P....0 0 0 2 0
Tolala .6 10 27 ia "a Totala .7132713 O
Washtnitton B 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-B
Clnclnuatl 1 0 O 1 O O 8 0 07
Earned rum Washington, M Cinotnnatl. 4. Firit
base on error Cincinnati. Left on bases Washington.
7: Cincinnati. 4. First base on balls otfOastrlIbt.4;
ott Mnllane. 3. Struck out-Hy Castrlght. 8: by MuP
line. 7. Three-base hits Dowd. Hoy. Two-baae hits
Koblnson, tlastrlgbt, McPhee, Browning, rlacrtnca hlta
Mllllgan. Comlskey. Stolen baaes Radford. Dilfiea.
Double play nadford and Larkln. lilt by plteher-By
Mullane. 1. Wild pltch-Multane. Passed balls-Murphy,
2. Umpire Emslle. Tlmt Two hours.
Thai Amsstenr Iaacne.
nJ. TPomloK. rrrrt. C7s. Won. lo Ttr rt
MslandA.C. 8 O 1.000 R. Island 0. C. 2 2 .000
Englew'dF.C. 2 1 .e7N..lersey A.C. O 2 .000
stitix isusn i. c. 3: m jiasir a. a, 2.
Again were the New Jersey A. C. teatn defeated by
the champions of the Amateur League at Wast Brighton
yesterday. The score.
n.laro.a.r. k. la. r.o-a. T.
VanZant.2db.O o 2 r. o Carr. a f 1 2 0 0 0
Krausi.0 o ono o wud. a. s o o o 6 0
Brill, lltb 1 2 10 O 2 W. Carrie, c.l 18 8 1
Ilrush.s.s O 12 1 1 soaldlng, 2b..O 0 17 1
Clare.p O 12 0 0 fack. r. f o o o O O
ovonnor,3d b.O 10 2 O Westerrelt. p.O 0 10 0
McDonald, c.f.l 2 4 0 tl Sprigm'n.3db.O 10 2 1
Vroom. r. f....O o 1 O o, Smith. 1st b...O 015 o 1
Bassford, Lf..l 110 O Fountain, p.. .0 0 0 0 0
Totals ll "82713 3 Total! -2 42617 4
One out when winning run was made.
Btaten Island A. C 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 1-8
New Jersey A. C O O O O 0 1 O 1 0-2
Earned runs-Rtaten Island A. n., 1. First base on
errors Staten Island A. C. 2; New Jersey A. :.. 2.
Left ou bases staten Island A. C, 11; New Jersey A C
B. Base on balls-off Clare. 2i OS Fountain. 2. Htrnck
out By Clare, 4: by Fountain. . Two-base hit Brush.
Kacntlce hlta-Hrush. W lid (2). Stolen bases Spalding,
Brill (2i. CUre, McDonald (2). Basiford. Wild pitches
Fountain. Clare. Fussed balls Currte. Implres
Cullem and Bulltvan. Time 1:32.
ascLawoOD r. c. 8; stat!T island c. r 8.
The Englewood Field Club and State n Island Cricket
Clubpuyed an Amateur League game at Knglewaod
yesterday. The score:
r. 1 a r.o. a. k. a.la.r.o.A.x.
S. Mowrr, 8b..l 0 3 2 1 Fauss, c. f o 110 0
Durrea.2db..l 0 O 1 o Ford. 1. f. 0 2 0 0 1
Cumlng.c 1 2 7 3 0 Thriictin'n.Sb.1 10 2 0
JlcBurney.c.f O O 1 o 1 o. Murphy, s.s.1 118 1
Oanut. r. f.....l 111 0 F. Murphy, c.l 211 1 O
U Mo wry. a. s..2 0 2 2 1 uwen. 1st b...l o 0 o o
I'rnsser, 1st b.2 2 11 0 0 Johnson. 2d b.O 18 18
Van tlrden, Lf.o 2 1 O 0 Tyng. p I 12 4 0
Corwtn. p o 0 0 4 OJanln. r.t 1 2 o 1 O
Totala. .TT'iois'i Totals ie 11 27 12 6
I rord hit with a hatted ban.
Englewood F.0 3 0 2 0 10 0 0 08
btaten Island U. C 1 O O 6 O O O O O-O
Earned run Engtewood F. O. First base by errors
Englewood. 2: 8. 1. O. C 2. Left on bases Englewood.
re. s.I C. O.8. First base on balls OB Corwin. 2; off
Tyng. 2. struck out Iluryea, McBurney (2). L. Mowrr.
Van Oraen, Corwin. Fauss, Ford. Throrkmortou. F.
Murphy. Owen, Johnson (3). Tyng. Sacrifice hlta Mc
nuriiey. Prosser. Stolen basea Cuming (2X Daunt.
Presser. Van Orden (2). C. Murphy (3). F. Murphy CI.
Tyng. lilt by , Itcher Throckmorton. Wild pitches
Tyng. 2. Passed ball Cuming. Umpire Dally. Time
of game 1:45.
Central New Jersey Leasue,.
OiAi Won. Lfi. rtr ct. nul-. Wim.lMl.Ftrrt.
Plalndeld 3 O 1.000 Westfleld 1 2 .38.1
Elizabeth..:.. ..2 1 .ut)7Somerrlll 0 8 .000
wisttikld a. c, 8; wxst aNDs. 4.
PuttNnaLD, June 4. The Westfleld A.C won from the
West Ends or Somervllle yesterday In Westfleld. thus
making the West Ends the ulleuders In the Central
New Jersey Baseball League raco. The score:
R.la.r.o.A.a. a.la.ro. A.K.
Carbon si u c. f.0 2 o o 1 Mclndoe. 1. f..l 1 2 1 o
t:ailln,r.f O 12 11 Lever.o.f o 0 o 0 O
Farrell. -Mb. .(I o 3 B O D'Rourke. 1 b.l 1 1:1 O 1
Harkins. latbO o H 1 1 Howe, a s O O 3 2 U
Kennedy.o....l o r 1 OillammIL r. f.,0 2 o 1 0
Mooreheild.s.l.l 2 2 8 1 Klley.2d b....2 O 2 f 0
lladmua. Klh.l 2 2 1 1 O'Nell. 3d b...l 0 110
Hannlgan. l.f.l o n o 0 Warner, c i 2 4 2 1
Pecs-:, p. o 2 12 0 dure, p 1 2 2 11
Totals 7 "via ii Totals. !5 "5 27 13 "u
West Hnds 0 0 10 0 0 3 0 O 4
Westfleld A. 0 0 0 3 0 0 3 0 2 0-8
Earned runs West Ends, 1; Westfleld A. C , 2. Two,
base bits Cadmus. Mrlndo... Three-hnse bit Warner.
Stolen bases-West Ends. 2: WestCeld A. 0.. 8. First
tmse on balls ua Reese. 4: off Clare, 3. Hit by pitched
ball Kennedy. Htrnck out lly lleese. 8; by Clare. 3.
Passed balls Warner, 2. Time of game Tiro hours.
Umpire Lemmie.
rLAixnaLD, 18; ELlKAsrru, 8.
PLAianrLD. 'June 4. The Crescent leagae team by
great work with tho stick administered a most crush
lngdefeat ! the Elltabetli representative of the New
Jeisey Central League to-day. The score;
rLAixntin. ai luasTtf.
n. la. r.o A. r. a. la. r.o. A. x,
g afford, c 8 012 1 0 Coogan. rf....0 0 0 0 0
eeler. a. a. ...8 6 2 2 2 Balnea. 1st b..2 ID O 1
Murphy. L f..,l 110 o Murray, as... .0 2 2 4 2
Turner. 2d b.,': 2 2 2 1 Williams. 8d b.O 12 3 1
Haley, 3d b.,,.1 1 O n 0 Tiern. y. C.I...O O o O O
Leldl'lcf 2 1 2 t O lllllon. I.f 0 0 0 0 0
lionner. r. f...2 loo O Barry. 2db....o 1 2 r I)
Jones. 1st b.. .2 2 7 o 0 Rarlerly, c.,.,1 1 r. 1 1
bneedeu, P....0 2 13 0 Francis, p 0 O o c 2
Total! 10 Ifi 2T "i 8 Total! .3 '(J2Tl8 "i
Plalnrleld 312 3 8100 O in
tlliabeth, 0 020000103
Earned runs Plalnfleld. 4. Two bare lilt Jones,
Three-base hits Heeler. Turner. First base on balls
017 Francis, 10; off Sneeden, 1, struck out By Fran
cis 2 by Nueeden, 12. Left en bases Plalnheld, 10;
Elliabetu. 8. Double play Murray and Burry, b'luplrs
Berryman, Tliue-2ilO.
faatcrn Aaaoclatlou.
at raoriDiNt'm:
rrovidenca 1 OB80000 a 11
New UV.i... 10000000-1
Base hlta Prorldenca. 8; New Haven. 2. Brrora
Providence. 8; New Haven, 4. ritchere-Knauu and
at aornuTts.
Rochester 0 8 10 10 0 0-6
Albaiiy..,......,.,,....,....0 0000000 0-0
Base hits-Rochester, fl! Albany. 2. Errora-Itochea-ter,
2; Albany, o. pitcher! Uoodale and hulllvan,
ninchamton. O 0 0 O O 0 1 I 0-2
Troy. !...,;.".!!!. ..!!!!!!.0 o 1 o o 1 1 o o-a
B.ISS blts-Bliigbainlon. f Troy, R. Krron-Blng-tamton,
,1; Troy, 4, Pltchers-Corly and Freeman.
At Sjracuse and Buffalo Bain.
Olber Osinsea.
raiNcrroN, 7; oaANoa, a. e., s.
.Princeton College easily defeated the Orange A. C. at
the Orange Oral yesterday. The icorof
oaANoa a. c, raiacirov oolligm.
a. 1 a. r.o. A. r, " 1 a. r.o. a. x.
Psboock.i.tb.i ua O lKlng.2db 1 J 4 1 0
llutehinsii.lr.O 1 I o o Voung. P.-....2 10 4 1
l.L'bndge.r.f.o 0 o o O Mackentle.lX.l 1 O o II
'"'"y.i' .loir. 2 Wright. ct....i 2000
Lun'C.VL-' 0 4 a 1 lUmadelL s.s..t 1 2 4 p
Bra iy, id b.O 0 2 2 O Trenchard. r.f.l) 2 2 1 II
lieeb., an, 1 ;i a j woodcock.Sh.l 2 110
h.lbridge.a.s.0 I 1 a o ll'in'p'ys.c.lb. 0 7 2 1
McKelvey.c.f.o 1 J o 0 lrsn. 1 1, c.O 111 0 0
... M)rake.p.....,.0 0010
Totals. . a 6j7,7 C""""-p
I Totals 7 182714 2
Orange A '. 0 o o 0 o O 1 0-3
Princeton College ...00002130 2-7
Lamed runs- I'mueion College. 2. First base by
errors-OraiiKe A. r . j Princeton College, a Left on
i1.!::.' '."ii"".-.!',- "i Prlncel'n College, 11. First
tmei 11 balls-Oil lil'ioj. 4; off Drake. 2; off Young, 3.
Struck out-nutchin.,?, ,V litbbrldge 2). Duffy (21.
Brady. Beebe , .2, McKelVey, King. Drake.' TrencharJ,
v ",'' nfa tiLl"S lre utt-llcltf nila. baertcioe bit;
1. I.elbbrldge F. Leibbridge. Hutchinson, Wright.
,Jir..V'iiJ ." .:'.". S ""Icork! Stolen bases-lMcKensle
(JI.Mrlght.Kamsdellii!. Trenchard. Woodoock. Hum
phreys I JL Brown Ci veung ). Double plav-B. Ltth
ili,ityo?h.?'v!fn"u.,,)r. filcber-Klng. Hunipbrey..
iilL" ty'S'SSZy1!,- ,'",, balls-lluffy. Urn.
plre w. 8. wykon. Time 1 00.
John B. Day, J, w. Spalding, .ud K. B. Taloott all
siaie.1 to s isii reporter yiSfi.riiia no inreling ..
bass ball orhclaa, laf oriaal t vluerwUe, had bteu hliu
In lift eltyreeently. which goea te show that printed
report! to that effsol were without fonndailon and ut
terly fall.
' HAaaiTTiiJ A, c 8; ranAia A. a. 8.
. At Paualo yesterday the Manhattan A. O. defeated
the Faeselo X. o, Th score-
MARaATTAN A.C. rillllo A. o.
. .. n, la. r.o. A. R. r. la. r.o.A.m.
Wlsr, 3db 1 2 13 O Campbell, a. a.O 1 4 2 o
Martin. 3d b.. .2 2 8 4 o Jones. 8db..0 116 1
?BnslL Jstb.,.,1 212 O 0 Wood, 2d b... .2 8 2 2 8
cwd.e o 110 2 o Frlta, c 1 2 8 10
ates.Lt. 1 1 0.1 0 Ward, lltb... O 010 o 1
galian, a.t....o 2 in o bhaw, r. f..,,.o 0000
Wilson, p o 008 o Williams. If.. 0 o 1 0 o
O'Leary, r. r..l 300 o Parsons, c. f..o 0000
Brown. cf... ,a 000 oiiurns, p o 0341
Totaii. ."siaarriH o Totaii ."3"t2714"5
Manhattan A. C.. 0 18 0 13 0 1 0-8
rassalcA.0 0 OO00010 2-3
Earned runs Manhattan A. C. 8. First base by errors
Manhattan A. C.. n. Itt on bases Manhattan A. U,
8; rassalo, 4. First base on balls Off Wilson, 21 off
Burns. 3. Htrnck nut By Wilson, Hi by llnrns. 2. Three
base hit llnell. Twn-hase hit Martin. Sacrifice hits
Frtla. Jones, Yales. Martin, stolen bates Wler, Martin,
Yates. Cailan, Wilson (2). O'Leary (3). Brown, Wood (3).
Williams nn by pitcher Shaw. Umpire-Black.
Time 130.
AnnisjT, June 4. Amherst gave Harvard the biggest
scare she has received this year. Harvard scored one
run In the rlrst Inning, but then until the ninth her
men were retired In one-two-three order. The scorei
R.ls.r.o. a. r. r. 1 a. r.o. a, r.
Mason, e. t....o o o o ti Leacb. e.f....o 1 2 o o
Tolh'h'm, 2b.l 18 2 1 Allen.c 0 0 tl o tl
Foule, a s 1 0 0 4 1 Stearns, 2Ib..o 0 2 4 2
Cook, 3d b.....O 0 18 1 Sulllvan.nb. p.O 0 2 1 1
Dickinson, 1 b.O 012 1 0 Hunt, lstb.. .0 0 12 o 1
Trnfford, I. f,,.o 1 o O o Undls. s. s..,.0 1 1 r. 1
Corbett, r. t...O 0 2 0 0 llrown. r.f... .1 lino
Highlands, p.. 1 112 o ilnuld, I f 1 12 10
Cobb, o ..0-111 2 IColhy. p O 10 11
Totals If 7 30 ll 4 Total!. 2"rT'2812 0
One man out when wlnn nn run was made.
Harvard 1 nooooool 11
Amherst o 0O02OO00 o 3
Two-base hit Highlands. Ktolenbaaes-Frothlngham,
Dickinson, Leach, Kullnnn. Hacrlflce hits Mason,
Iraffnrd, Cobb (2). Dickinson. First base on errors
Koule. Cook, Dickinson. FiattrrJ, Sullivan, tlould. Cot.
by. fitrnck out Frnthlngham. Fnule. Highlands (21,
Leach, Allen. Stearns (2). Hulllvan, Hunt, Lninlls (2),
llrown. (Inuld. Double play Frnthlngham and Dlckln
son. passed ball Allen. Wild pitch Highlands. Time
2 hours & minutes Umpire K H. Jackson, Amherst.
at raosracr fark.
Marlon 1 4 o 2 0 r. ..12
Lyle o 0 0 0 2 188
at rorcuxrarsir.
Xaviere O 0 0 2 0 0 18 110
l'oaghktepsl 1 000002306
First base hits Xaviere. 6: Ponghkeepsle. 3. Error!
Xaviers, 2; Foughkeepsle. c Batteries Smith andT,
Malons; Mctilll ana Weeks.
at vrinckton.
Trlnceton Freshmen 0 10 0 0 0 4 2 07
U. of Pa. Freshmen o 0 10 0 0 11 0-3
First base hits Princeton, 4i U. of Pa 3. Errors
rrlnceton, 10; U. or Pa., 10. Bntierlei Snyder and
Pissed; Eisner and Roray.
Qneena. 4 3 8 7 3 8-21
Sumner! ot Brooklyn 0 10 0 118
Ruilell, Blrdsslli Ward....O 10 0 13 0 1 2-7
Brighton A. a O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Mlneola 1 2 0 3 0 10 3 ..-fl
Jefferson 1 18 0 10 0 0 0-8
at riTinjox.
Peterson 3 O o o o o o 8 .. n
Union 3 loooooo 2-0
Babylon 3 0 11 8 0 0 ..13
wiuUmibnrgta A. A o 0200U011-4
Fordham 1 0 0 8 8 0 1 O 8
Harlem A. A O 0 0 2 0 12 0-&
Wyandotte 2 0 8 0 3 3 0 0 110
Seaboard! 1 1100800 1-7
Bayvlewa O 0108010 2 0
Claremonta G 2 4 10 0 8 0 ..15
WinrSeMa 2 0 10 0 0 2 0 1-fl
Whllons 1 0 0 0 8 0 0 0 1-6
Meteors 3 18 0 14 2 8 3 19
Hudson 0 7 10 4 8 0 2 ..22
Iroquois A. 0 0 O O 0 O O O O 00
Elizabeth V. M. C. U A 2 18 0 0 12 0 ..-
If. T. Life Insurance Co.. 1 0 0 0 4 8 3 0 1-11
Mystic A. C. O 3O301 1008
Arllngtons of Ltarlems 2 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 04
ALorrlstown A. C 1 1110 0 2 1 ..7
Montclalr A. O. O 0 8 0 0 0 10 0-4
Murray II I1L. o 1 0 O o O O O 12
Barnard Cadeta 1 4 10 0 8 11 ..11
Columbia Grammar Sch'l..o 000000000
First base hits Cadets. 8; Columbia, 8. Er
rorsCadets, 7: Columbia. 8. Batteries Mortimer
and Irving; Brlen and Bowell.
North Side A, O. 2 0 10 4 0 8 0 ..-10
Riversides 4 100000000
Beekmana 2 00000000 24
Windsor A.C O 00020000 02
AtEllzabeth-atonteuiur A. A. Juniors. 10; Elizabeth
Field Club. V.
AT roar XSRVtB.
Cuban Giants O 8 12 0 4 0 0 111
PortJervIs 3 0 8 12 110 O-10
Leons of Iloboken O 12 1110 0 1-12
Elksof Brooklyn 1 0 118 18 1 011
At Rutherford Rutherford Wheelmen, 10; Epiphany
Lyceum, 2.
At Woodhrldge Woodbrldge Field Club. 23; Rah
waya. 5.
At 11 Ulidale Washington!. 14; Twenty-second Regi
ment. 8.
At Madison-Madlsoa Athletics, 7; Dauntless ot East
New York. 4.
At Bensonhurst Bensonhurst 7; Alpha. 4,
At Uzone Park Bergens, 0; Mac A. A. 4.
Uaacball Gmmea To.day,
Fordham College vs. Arllngtons. at Fordham.
Emeralds vs. Twenty-second Regiment, at Van Nest.
Invlliclbles vs. Salem, at Fordham.
Cuban Olanta s. Allertons, at the Long Island
Leos vs. St. Raphaels, at Erastlna.
Keating A. C vs. Olympics, at Peterson.
Dimlck and Stanton ts. Crambo Club, at Bayonne.
Ilasehall Mntea.
Choate has resigned the captaincy of the Princeton
Freshmen and Otto has been elected In his place.
The Fordham College vs. Unlverslty'of Pennsylvania
game scheduled to playtd itt Fordham next Thurs
day has been cttnrel.e I. f anagrr oliea or the Fordham
learn has no idea v.hj the Pennsylvania boys cancelled
the game.
The Atliletlc Men of the Hteuroer Teutonic.
Four yeara ago the itowardi of ths White Star steam
er Teutonic organized an athletio association. For two
years they held iteld games, once In Europe and anoth
er time In America. Last year, however, they were un
able to hold any games. Yelterday they celebrated
their fourth year by field games, host and awtmmlng
races, at oaL Point, on the sound. The fames resulted
as follown:
One hundrod-rnd-twenty-yard Handicap Final hsat
won be tl. t'ox. T. Pearson eecnnd. It. Flemnilng IhlnL
Two-nundred-and.twenty.yard Handicap Final heat
won by ll,F.eiumlng. tl Cox second. .1.11. Davis third.
Twrt-hucdrcd-and-twenty-yard Hurdle Race Handi
cap Won by t-j. Leatherbarror.-. a. Cox second, E. Yapp
Three-legged Race. 100 Tarda Won br Andrews and
Freeman. Flamming and Robertson second. Mann and
LenttHTbarrur.- third.
Feur-huiidred-nndfortyyard Handicap-Won by P..
Leathcrbarrow. s. b'neuri second. Pearson third.
Firty-yurd Potato Race Won by J. II. Davia. T. Burke
Half-mile Handicap Won by N. Corddard, R. Spears
one-hundred yard Sack Race Won by H. Androwa. Q.
Mann serond.
iiue-liundred-nnd twenty-yard Daih, for Novlcei
Won by O. Mnnn, ii. Pearson second.
One mile Run Won by P.. Yapp, 11. Edwards second,
'nig-or-war single men beat the married men.
One-mile Walk Won hy T, Sharp. J. Parsons second,
D. Freemen third.
One-mile P.nt Race Won hy "Pop" Breeze. Mate
Olson second.
One-htindred-yant Eivlmmln Race Won by N.
Crocker, T, Mi'Dlnrinlil second, 1.. Nugent third.
I.enz Htnrfa on Ilia Ills Rlcyela Ride.
At least 2,000 persons saw Frank O, Lenz itart on hti
bicycle tour around the world on a pneumatlo aafe'.y
yelterday afternoon. The itart wai made from City
Hall Park at ,1 o'clock. Lens carried a photographing
machine in a knapsack strapped on his back. The ma
chine weighed twelve pounds. The toted weight of his
luggage was about twenty pounds.
Tho bicyclist and his guards rode up Broadway to
Fifth aenue and thenco to Ihe Manhattan Atblctlo
Club house. Forty-tlfth street and Madison avenue,
v, here a halt for hAlr an hour was made. Then, accom
panied by a coterie of M, A. c. wheelmen, of v. Men or
ganization I.c!iz le a member, he rode through Cen
trill Park to Riverside Drive, Ho expects to go
no further than Yonkers to-night. When Al
bany Is reached Leiu will shape Ida course to
Utlca, Syracrse, Rochester, llullalo, Niagara Falls,
Detroit, rhlcago, si. Paul. Mliineapu'ls. Helrnu,
Miokana Falla. und then dimn the slope to b'nn Fran
risco. From s.m Francisco lie will sail for Japan, and
then proceed across Ihe channel lit Shanghai, He will
ride through India, Afghanistan. Peislu, Palestine, und
Asiatic Turkey to Cnn-tuminnpln. Ho will also visit
Servla. Hulgarla. Hungary, Austria. (Icrmany. swltrer
land Holland. Belgium, France, and Ihe ilritisn Isles.
Before starling on his long ride Lena said that he
will try to be back nl thestarting point hy June 4. 1SU4.
He experts In cover ab ut22,IKMj miles.
Lent's home Is In Pittsburgh. He haa ridden from
that city to New York scleral times, and has also
taken trips to St. Louis and New Orleans. He Is 2fj
year! old, fi feet (I Inohes lalL and weighs 148 pounds.
He Is a compactly built man. and hotda the weitern
Pennsylvania champlnnshln for twenty-four hours on
the road, having covered ItlJ miles In mat time.
A Walkover for the K. C. IV.
The fourth semiannual road rare of the Wheelmen's
Team Road Racing Association v. as held yesterday af
ternoou on the Cranrord, N.J, course. The distance
was fifteen milts, and three teams qualified for tlm
rare, The Kings County Wheelmen were represented
by F. Hawlry, M II. Phillips, It. w. hiercs, and Duraut
Mclean. The Brooklyn Rambler-' team consisted of
(leorge Holland. D. II llaltoii, and C. II King, und the
Harlem Wheelmen of F. Oluistead, W, Pulle, A, E.
Loic. and J. Fulle.
The race was started at 4 o'clock. The course was In
good condition, and, while no fast time was inude, the
Kings County Wheelmen had a walk over for first
place. Their team lead from Ihe Hart to the finish ot
the race, .-scoring 38 point! for their club. Walter
Sieves, K.T ., the winner of the Mllburn road race,
finished Orst In 1 hour 3 minutes and 21 seconds.
The Brooklyn Ramblers finished second, scoring 15
Klnti. and .he Harlem Wheelmen 18 points. U. E.
iriuood, B. B. C, officiated as rsferse.
Four fast trains to Dstrsll srsry day by iu Ks V Tork
Mr. Marcaa Daty'a Great Colt Hefe(ed
rnlron and TorkTllle llello, Knnnlna; ths
Mile In Ii40-Frraon tTon the slartovr
BtssVes for the Sleaara. Morrla Imported
Aatortn, Jlez. Entrc, anil Hlr Oenrse In
the Van Tumi's Clever Riding- An Ac
cident to Sir a. reek nnd Her Itlder.
Tho attondnnco nt Morris Tnrk yostonlay
attornonn wns of tho most conorous diameter,
about 15.000 parsons journoylnc to tlio mam
moth course to sco Mnrcua Duty's colt Tnm
mnny win tlio hlstorlo Vlth0r3 Ktnkos. tlio son
ot lroquoW cnrrylnt; 1-- pounds nnd running
tlio mllo in 1:40. Louh Htunrt's l'ntron wns
second, find 1'. A. Ehrct's Yqrkvlllo Hello third.
The nows of tho ilonth of Joclcey Andrew
SlcCnrtliy. who wns Injured whllo rldlnc I.lttlo
Noll on Tuosdny Inst, ronchod tho courso
nbuut throo o'clock, nnd owners, tralnors, nnd
jockoysdoplorodthosnd ttiklni: oltotncnpa
blorldor. TlioWlthors Btikoswas, of course, tho evont
of thodny. ns Yorkvlllo Bollo was incctlnK tho
Bront tliroo-yonr-olds. l'ntron and Tnramany.
for tho first tlmo thli year. Tho Hello rnn o
smoothly nnd easily n mllo nml n fuilotii; In
the LrulloV Stftkcs on Thursday tlmt Iho tnlcnt
rognrdod her ns bavins tho host clinnco to
land tho prlzo. nndmndo her favorite ntoilds
on. l'atroii's ruco for tho lirooklyn Derby,
when ho ran a mllo nnd a qtimtcr clor.o to'JiU).
nnd wus only calioplni; nt tho fnilHb, trained
lilui many notvlrionds besides tho brlL-ndo tlmt
has iilwnys ivcnrdod 'n ns 0," of tlio best
colts of Ills iiko In Ameilcn. Thero was 11 very
Btroiii: tip out on Tniiiliianv. .Milieus Dnlr's
ruttlliiKsonof Irortiiol-tiiiiil Tullnliotnn. ruiiinr
lutvlnKit tlmt tlio I'bestnnt coll ImU worked 11
mllo over the Monmouth 1'ark cuiiiko In 1:4'.'.
and went so liiiiullly that In tlio estlitiiitlon of
those who saw tlio performance ho could have
benton it at lonst a second hail ho been nkeil
to do so. l'atrou nnd Tiitiiiniiny were eiiunl
second choices. -jo.nl mills 1,1'lnt: 'U')t. ilnifiiltisr.
tho otliers. which included lliufonet, Mai-. und
Kir Arthur. A few playi-tl tlio bluet; coll, hut
tlio otheri were considered ns niilclusteil.
Mars was llrst out on tlio way to the post, nnd
ho looked hard and dry. iiutte In eniittiist with
l'atton and Dnifoiii't. both nfwlinni moved na
thoui;h on sprlnus, Taniiiiuny and Yurkville
llello came tlirotiBli tho irati 11e.tr Iho start,
nnd wont tlin-ctlv- from their slalilei to the
post. Mr. ItowoKot tliesixtlireo-li-.irold-inwiiy
on oven terms without nuy delay, ratroii shot to
tho front, and piloted thu Held up tlio back
stroloh. with Yorkvlllo Hollo second anil Tam
many third. Around the upp.'t turn Patrimony
was still in front, but Harrison sent Titiiiinnnv
nlonc, and nt the water turn tlio Mnninmilli
l'nrk representatives were only threo parts of
11 leneth apait. wltti Yorl;llli llcllea close
third, Dnconot fourth, and tho other two already
beaten. Down tho straight lliiywardand tiarrl
roii sul on l'nt run nnd Tarn many us Ihmiu'li men
of stone. rcKardlm: each other with thm-loscst.
scrutiny. T heir horses worn taking stride for
stride nnd both appeared to be runnliiL; handi
ly, nlthouch thop.ico was torrllle. torkville
llello wasttiird. aleiicth and a halt away, and
Murphy wns riding with hands und feet.
"Which will wlnV" was nskod with feverlbh
nnxioty by tho onlookers.
The question wits nnswored nt tho lat fur
lonft Dole by Tanimniiy'sehestiiut noso shotv
Inp In front of Patron's bay muzzle. Inch by
inch the Dalv colt crept nwnv. uhil Hayward
went to tho whip ou l'ntron. With clunt strides
that cnrrled htm ovor tho yellow earth with
astonishing rapidity. T.iniiiianv eamn on,
winning, with (Snrrison's hands on his withers,
in tho fast time of 1:40. three lengths sepnrnt
lnir l'ntron nnd tho liulf brothortoTullalllack
burn. Murphy plied thowhipon YorkvillelSelle,
but Patron ill ways bad her beaten, and third
was tho best the favorite could do at tho lino.
Tho Monmouth delegation split on tho merits
of Tammanyand Patron. and uuth wore backed
vory heavily. Tho winner is a stoutly mado
chostnut colt by Iroquois and Tullulioma. and
won. umong other inces last e.ir, tlio (ireat
Eclipse Stakos. which ho won at odds or
100 to 1 in miuio books. Last autumn Malt
llyrnes considered him ns good a colt ns bo
badovertrnltied. nnd was willing to enter him
In n sweepstakes with Ills Highness, Yorkvlllo
Hollo, and other high cluss two-vear-idds.
Yostordnv's race was liis llrst start fills year.
Tho llartow Stakos brought out only four
colts, John Hunter's Hesperus ruling a strong
favorite ovor Messrs. J. A. t A. II. Morris's
Freemason, Foxhall Keono's I'eatrico colt. nnd
Nathan .Straus's Integrity. Freemason was
first away, but Hesporus jmssod him nt the
end of 11 quarter of a mllo and pilotod
tho others to the llnnl furlong. Then
Littlonold sent Freemason alone and
tho brother to Lady Heel wmi very
handily by a length. Hesperus beat Integrity
as fur lor second monoy. Major H. . Thomas
of Dixlnnn. who bred 1 roemnson. snw tlio raco
from the lawn. Ho wus much pleased, and
started for the paddock faying:
"That's ono of my babies. I must go and
sen him."
Tho winner is n hnndsomo chestnut colt by
Followcraft. out of Mannln Gray. Ho has size,
nnd a beautiful way of going. Hesporus will
do better later on.
Miles Standish was favorito for the opening
rnco at llvo furlongs for two-enr olds, and
thousands of dollars went on the son of 1 jing
fellowut comparutiv.'lv short odds. Kmlu Hoy
und tlio Imported It 1 1 v Astoria wero fancied
more than the others, Hamilton having
tlio mount on tho latter, fc'nvo for a
few strides at the slart Astoria was
in front nil tho way, Hamilton binding
her llrst by three-quarters 'of a length.
Emln Hoy beat MilesStnndlsh asfnrforsecond
monoy. VYlllinm Ea-ton. who owns Astoria,
sars that ho refused alO.OOU for lior.
Hhe Is by Cavalier out of Vectis. and she Is a
smnrt miss, us she equalled tlio best on record
for live furlongs r.i seconds, i'agle Jilrti und
tlio 1'aniqin-Iiebecca itoett colt run well.
lteekon was favorite for tho si-cond r.n-o at a
mile anda sixteenth, but the Morris lllly was
sour nnd man ut the post, kicking nnd refus
ing to breuk Willi her competitors. A select
delegation played tin-en .Morris's threo-year-old
Hex heavily, fialllo Mct'lelland made her
llrst nppearenco in somo time, anil not a few
put a bet on the hnndsomo little male, balllo
showed her nlmblo heels to tlio crowd until
well into thn homestrotch. whore Hex pn'-sed
her. and won in acalloi.inl:4i. l-nlllo McClel
land beat Heckou uiinost as ousily for becond
Kntrdwas bnckod in every poolroom In tlm
city to win the llfth race, a swoopstakes at six
furlong-", and he was vert- strongly tipped at
tho track. When the betting openod the crowd
quickly backed the colt down lo even money
and five to four. Kntre led until a furlong from
borne, wn-ro he was challenged by Zorllng.
T.tral rodo luriouMv. and l.ntrd, ro
sponding with surprising ganienoss,
nguln took tho lead. Mmms bec.uno
rattled, and going to the whip lost
his opportunity, as Taral outrode him home.
Entni winning by a scint half length. Ktnlnc
tlto was third. Taral',-. lockoyshlp was never
more needed than ill tills lace, and Mcmrs.
Vnlcott it Campbell, who won handsomely
over tho rnee, can thank laral for landing
their monoy. . ,,.,,,.
Mrs. l'nek was thefavoillo for tho last race,
n selling nlTalrnt seven furlongs. Init she roll
in tho llrst quartern! 11 inbound broke her leg,
leaving the others to light It out. Hamilton
rushed Hlr Ooorgo to tho I1011I und none of tho
others could ovei take I11111. tho son of Spend
thrift and Piccadilly, winning ea-lly by two
lengths In tho fust tlim; of I :J7.. Onward,
under tho whip. Iat Milt 011ng half
a length for second money, It. Harris, tint
boy who voile Mr.-. Peck. Injured opo or his
legs, but ho was nbb t llmi around on It. ami
will probnblv be in Iho saddle again In 11 short
time. Stryko bollo.l ut the start ami lost
twonty lengths before lren;'h could cot him
straightened out. Summaries follow:
NIK rnisT livci:.
A sweepstakes or 2U ench, for maiden two-yeir-olds.
with $1,000 addnl. or whii'li ajoot-. second and ioo
to third: seven pounds below Hie ei-.i.e; live f urlonirs.
W. hasion's b. f. Astoria, by uivsller-teotla, 108
(llainltlon) . , ,. ,,,-,., 1
w. M, llarrlck's b. r. l-.niin liy. Ill fMnun.i.
Valrmt .t t'ampliellslir.c vlilc-i SUiidlsn, 111 (Taral) :l
l-aiilelllrd .unfa, liouii.lli;-". Hryiiard. M. .loseph.
War Palm, llim-ti, Japnuiin I linluuibell, TI.I11I0 colt,
and Rebecca Roftttll ':".
Tune. 0 . It.
Ilptllnir-Twn to 1 n.'sln.l lllllln Rny p M
Ftanillsh. 4 10 1 Aiiorli. H m I l.iurli; Hlrd, 20 to 1 War
l-uiiit. limn 1 SI J.i.epn, iiu Jul nrlfii.-iutol Rejnarl.
M in 1 Thistle roll .Ml In 1 l.Vl.iii'a Itmi ell c ill, llu to
1 eachltalely. l'linl.iiuihi-11, and Japonlca. ilutualspaid
J22.0.1, tll.W, 2.T0.
Handicap sweelitakes of 20 eiicti .Willi l,000
added, of Ci inch i"i I" second an 1 loo lo ttilrU; one
iim... li! M.'!?!."' b!'c. Itos. 3. hy Leonatn.-Kffi. o.,
BH''l'ei'ln'.t;s'nb ni.' hallle ' WcCiiliand, "i''i'lO1
J.(A.r?in'dVi. ll' Morris's ch! r lier-knii, i'ii'(i.'li'liolieid') a
liellei lie. Mr I'tttesbyand Caniass also ran.
Bettlnir-l-eieiitnr.aitalns't Reckon, .1 lo 1 Rer, 4 to
We don't profess wo shall he able lo heat last Friday's
record of ilwslranht winners nt Morris Park, Includ
ing Mi ndicnnt at 12 in I, but nro confident He shal
eipialll Ihose nhoilld nit eee tho slHtuuicli. In yt,
lenlny's Press may prnilluM) hum saint- i.p. ilur ulree
urellirlnlk of the lon, und well liny may bo. duel.
ersflory la Ihcm. bookmakers dread them. Our rUld
rule lie never depart from, line horse ouly a race,
nothindfood, nothlug sent. L'lieuts are a(aln urirdlo
show last week's messages lo their friends. Our wires
are our belt advertisement. Order to-day. Terms as
usual, 10 for next six days at Morris Park, and promise
of five per cent, on net winnings, rour-paioprospectus,
fully eiplalnlng business, with bints as to enr anbeata
ble safety plan of speculation, sent poll free. Address
all communications I lbs
JJUSIWESi VaUUOEB. V, 0. box J,tOt,
1 Bailie McClelland. 7 te 1 Sir Catesby. SB to 1 Canvas.
Mutual! paid (20.0S, 11.80. si.eo,
llartow Wakes, for two-resr-olds. tf lOOeaeh, with
tl.r-00 added, of which iaoo to second and 20o to
thlnli six furlnnirs. . ..
J. A. A, II. Morris'! ch. c. freemason, by Tellow-
crnlt-Mamlollray.lOrl (LlttleMeld)..., 1
John Hunter's ch.c. Hesperus, lOH(Rlrr-d) 2
Jiethan Htraus'i b. a lleilnald, 108 (M)ir) 3
llealrlceeolt also ran.
Time. lilSM. ......
Pettlmr-tils-httofi niralnsl reemason. 8 to 5 ties.
5 tui. 0 to 1 Beatrice colt. Mutual! paid 12.01, $7.40.
Withers Stakes, lor three-vear-olds. at flOOeachjWllh
f.l.lsX) added, ot which IWJ to second and 1200 to
Ihirdi one mile. , . ,.
Marcus Ualy's ch. c. Tammany, by Iroquoli Inlla-
hnma, I'Ji (Harrison) 1
IiulsHnnrt'sb. c, Patron, 122 (Hay ward)..... -t
P. A. I.brel'sch. f. Vorktllle Belle. 122 (Murphy) 3
Mars, PaRonet, aim Mr Arthur also ran.
Time, IHO. .... . .
Ilettlnir-Flva to 4 on Yorkvlllo neile. 3 to 1 aralnst
Patron, a In 1 Tammany. Iiotu 1 llneonet. 60 to 1 Mara,
00 lo 1 sir Arthur, Mutuals paid S23 00, 110.75, 110.20.
Tim nrrn rvck.
A sweepstakes of 20 each, for three year-olds and
upward, with $1.1)00 added, of which 2O0 to second
and f 100 10 thlnli weluhts 24 pounds above the scale;
alhmances: six furlnnus.
Vtalrott a I'ainptielPa ch. e. Entre, hy luyon d'Or
Klla P., 1 14 (Taral) 1
P. .1. Hajer son's dr. t Zorlinir, lin (Rlmms).., . 2
llanrocas Stable's br. r. t.-ilactlte, 114 (Hamilton).., 3
Key West, Alcalde, nnd i.'erebus also raa
lime. 1 12!'.
Iletllnir-TentoPeii 1'ntre. 2 in 1 Zorllni, 4 to 1 Sla.
lnctlle. ir In I Key West, 20 to 1 Alcalde, Mutuals paid
13, i.BC, 7,50.
A sweepstakes of $20 each, for all aires, with (1,000
added, or which S200 to second and $100 lo third;
seven furlnncs.
11. T. Pulslfer's ch. h. Sir Oeorfe. 4, by Spendthrift
I'lradlUr, mil (llaralitonl 1
C t'oriiehlsen's cli. h. nnnard. r. 104 (slmms) 2
Umpire Stable's h. ll. : Milt Ynnnir. 4. 104 (l.lttlelleldl .3
Ruiuerort. Tom Touith. St. dames, India Rubber.
Daily WiHidruir, Uoiizuies. ttril.e, and Mrs, Peck also
Time, 1:27H-
lleltlnir Two tnlnjuln-t iinnnrd, 4 In 1 Vrs. peck,
r, til Hilt Y11un1-.lt 10 I Hlr flenrKc,7to 1 India Rub-b-T,
7 to 1 Po-iuilort, 12 to 1 St. James, in tot Tom
liitnrh, 20 to I Daisy tVnnilrntr. 30 to 1 Stryke, 40 to 1
(ioti.-nle-L Mutuals paid tr-'l.u.l. S'-'-'.sT,, Hl.lo.
jocicar Asnr h'caiituv ukau.
The Fnfnl Ite-nlt of nn Accident ut Morrla
l'nrk. on Wefltiemlny-.
Joekoy Andy McCarlhy. who was thrown by
I.lttlo Nell in the llrst race nt Morris Park on
Wednesday last, nnd sulTered a fracturo of tho
ribs and n puncture ot the ploura. died yester
day nt l'j o'clock at tho Fordharn Hospital of
McCarthy wns a most capable rider, nnd
woul I havo won fortune nnd a great deal of
fame but for his ungovernable temper, which
was constnntly cottlnc him into troublo.
Ills numerous tilts with .Starter Cnldwell,
t'ol. X. Lewis Clark, mid other racing olllclitls,
lire Well known, nnd lio was under suspension
Iho (.renter part of tho time. This year ho
resolved to turn over n new leaf, nnd gave less
trouble nt the poet than nlmoi-t any other boy
in the saddle. Ills riding was ns vigorous nn
when he won the llrst lirooklyn Hiindicaii with
Dry Monopolo for Sam Ktnory. and everybody
was pleased to see him succeed. He won a
number of rnco this spring, weurlng tho
colors of Henrv Wnrnko and Cliailes Oxx. It
was YVnrnko's lllly he was riding on Wednes
day last when she bolted and ran through tho
tempoiniv fence whero tho Kcllpse course
crosses the regular track. Ho was taken to
the Fordham Hospital, and his condition wns
not thought nlarmlng until l'rlday evening,
when symptoms o! pneumonia appeared.
McCarthy was an exercise boy for Jimmy
IIowo whon the btnrter trained llootiack and
oilier great raco horses for tho Dwyors, Ho
1 oilo llrst nt llrlghton lleacli, where Ills father
was a jockey, and father nnd son frequently
had a mount in the same raco. His services
were secured by .loo MeMahon. William 8.
llarnes ot Louisville, nml oilier prominent
liorsemon. and In 1K8-1 and 18S4 lio was re
garded ns the crack light-weight jockey of tho
country. His best rno was whon ho won tho
lirooklyn with Dry Monopolo. Ho wns '-'8 years
of age and unmarried.
It A CIS O AT a Alt FIET.lt 1' A inc.
Willie Mnrtln'a Hiding; Does Not Pleaae
the- t.'rlllra.
CmcAGO, June 4. Six races were decided at flarfleld
Park to-day, the first on the card being declared off.
Molhe V. wns the only u Inning favorite. Von Tromp,
Magi-le Peck, and Risinnrck being second choicei, and
Gov. Wheeler and Viceroy long shots.
Willie Martin, the Knslern Jockey, rode tuo wretched
races on The Kiuir and Talero. both favorites, and both
beaten nt ttn2 fall, of the seven platers In the opening
scramble Kedslnne was favorite. Von T'omp v.on hy
four leniith Irnm Redstone. Dick Scott third.
Mairitie Peck won thersc at sit furlongs after ft
driM' with Uno-liK-citer, Hie favorite. Bon Ton third.
Ti.e S:i.om) Madls n snkes had seven two year-olds
In It. 1he Kin,-, n big faierite. ws. sent away slowly
by Willie Martin nod ueii-r ran an inch. 1 e lirand and
llisint-rcK. Ibe second pit-K. r.iced heads apnrt to the
atretch. v. here IllMiinrck pulled awuvandwrn by half
a length. Th others lrnir!d In led by CapL. Cottriil.
A great ileal of money ivns lost on Fafero In the han
illcnp, which the extreme outsider. Viceroy, won easily
from (inod Bye. liov. Wheeler won tho fifth after
.Mike Shelley quit In the stretch. Knugarno being In
terfered with. The last elent went to Mollie V. in a
runaway style, Johnny fireener being second.
The Winner sit (Sloueeeter.
GiorrrTia, June 4. The races here to-day resulted
as follows:
First Race Six furlongs. Leather Stocking first,
Wallace ii. ,eronit, Ueb.i T third Time. 1 lH.'a
second Hare Six and a quarter turnings. Smuggler
r-l. Arthur Pavls tecond, Santa Rita third. Time.
I '32 .
Third Race One mile. Rushlight llrst. Too Sawyer
second. All.in Archer third. Time, 1:4SL$
Fourth Race Seven turloligs. Raleigh first. Dago
second, A. 11 II. third. Time, 1 -3J.
Flllh lluoe Herurloug-i luiioalon first, Maid of
BI11 ney second (Irimaldi tliltd Tlmo. 1 :0::i4.
Sixth Race seven f urliiugs. Illns llrst, Kurnsldo seo
end. Anarchist third. Time, li.1l.
To Tamlilen Win the Tobacco Slnkea.
CivniNATi, June 4. A good programme of six races
drew a fair attendance to Lntonta toslay, and as Ihe
weather and track were good the sport was Interest
ing. Ihe first race was a handicap at six furlongs. Mel
ody. l(SM.Iulson). nt 10 to 1, won handily bi a length
trein 1 uveiton. Wurreu 1,,-land third. Time, 1-lD
The second race was at one mile anil a sixteenth,
llueiietne. lo" iThorpel. at 8 1 1 r,. won under the whin
by a lieml rroin IVur lie I.ls. 11 ho was two lengths lu
fri'iitnr ll'.b l'crsvth. Time. li.'ilK
The third race uas a b-oi'licaii .it one mile and a fur
lour, ilreenii-lch, 10.", (.1. Murphy), nt 3 to 2. won han
dily by a l-nirlh irnm Happiness, with Carlsbad third.
Time, 1 '.Hi)
The fourth race was the Tobacco Felling Stakes at
one mile. Only three horses slartetl. Yo Tnmhlrn. 100
Cfl orp ). was th- rn-iiri'.e at ft to 3 on. Yo Tnmblen
won ,-o.ily byfnnr lencths Irom Uarry Weldon, wlih
Ilorka third, lime. I 4:iJi.
Inn tilth race u. is a spin of five and one-half fur
Ionic, fir lwo..'iir old. Sarah Rnmey. lOG iP. rler), at
S tn,r,. non en-.-ly bv three lengths from ladyjane;
Aflcrnnmi third, rime. 1 low
A dah of one mile and a slxieenth ended the dav'a
sporl. John Ib-rklev lo-l (Thorpe). won hi half a length,
with Wnrplot s-ciiud and laku Breere third.
A Hisle oflSncA Horses Declared OflT.
The announced sale of race horses In training. In
cluding sereml Impoitcd thoroughbred", by Mr. William
Kaaton. In the pmldcck at Morris Park yesterday, was
a failure s--eral horses were offered, but as the bid
ding showed that few present w.-ro willing to buy, the
sal,-was step ed. Aiming the lcit CAtnlogiioil was the
imp. cily Astori.i, wlnm r of tin- llrst race )eslerday. In
ivln-h sue beat n I irge lie d of nuiiifeu itio-year-nliis at
lite furlongs 111 record luue 511 sciouds.
Giinics or Ills l'nsflmr Athlellr Club.
Tlia Pastime Alhleiic CHibhrll ill sixteenth annual
games nt the Pmpiro City flolllsaiim (Jones'! Wood)
esierday nfteri onii The sport w.is fairly good, Han
ilicapper I'ohlin 111's nluaments rcsullltig lu some close
llnlslii'S, A dead lie-it Ulween Ihe I rst three men
was declared in the I'niil o.' Ihe HO-yald sprint, but tv,o
of Hie Judges were Itnxperlr need, und overlnnked Woer
ner's m in hy something like four Inchrs. There was a
li-iuihy programme i.f dunces for tho evcuinr spurt,
'Hie siiininiiry nt eicnin
MiK'iyy.ird llaulli-.ip Run-First heat won hy C. W.
Wmtiht. h nri: lime 114 5 seconds second heat
noil by K P. Miuli'us. 4 jurds; lime, III seconds. Third
heit linn by Ii. sinner. :t yards; tlmo. It) leronds.
rourlh heat won by M, Mundle, 2 yards; time. 10 sec
onds, lirihbc.it iveu by It S, Levy, f, j arils; time, 10
seconds, sixth hcut uon by I'. Matlou, 11 yards; time,
lit seconds.
Second Trial Heats First heat won by Woerner, Sin.
tier sei'iiml. Time. ,1i4-.-,iecimds. second heiit Hon by
Levy, Mundle second. Time, p l-.leiTuud.
Il1111lhe.it noli by Sinner. Mnnille second, Woerner
thiol Time, 11 l-fi ei'ciiiul,.. Ihe men had previously
rim a ileud lient In P U-.1 si-cumU
lue-hiindred and-tiieuty ard Handicap Run First
le-.-it won by J. Corcoran. 11 y.irds; r A, , arrlngloii. H
srds. si'i'Hlld. lllllf, 204; T, secnuds. Second heal
mii liy P. Hagemeter, tl ).in!s; II Plelllrr, r yards,
serond. Tune, 2d 2 ft seconds. Thlld heat won by s,
Irlbi'iirg, H yards; P W Klrsi-hner, 8 yards, second.
Time 27 seconds. Final beat won by Corcoran. Ilage
lueier second, Plelfler third Time, 2d 1-Ti Eeconds.
llalt-mllo Handicap Kun Won by A T Fowler, a.,
janl-i I.. Miter. -Hi yards, second; W, Adec, 40 yards,
II ird. Time 2 inlnules U,'l fi seconds.
(me mile Han llcup liun-Wim by I Kantronltr. 100
ianU.il Hollander, srrulrb, sei-mul; W. Lee, 4.', yards,
Ihirl Tlim1 4 minutes 4ii 1..1 seconds.
(me mile Handicap Wulk-Won by F. Hills, .10 see
mid; M Lew. !' seconds, second, s. Lcltgold, scratch,
thiid. Time, 7 minutes .'II 4-r.weconds.
Pi.tllllg Tii-elte-piHtnd Shol, Handicap Won by J,
Illavac, it feet it Inches. Willi an actual put of 3d feet 2
Inches; II, Frtsctikortl, 111 feet, sreond, wltk 32 feet 61a
lueliei; II. II. Tribourg, scratch, third, with 41 feet ltf
rratt 'IVnnla To-iraey.
The spring tourninent at Pratt Instltnte, Brooklyn,
was continue 1 yc'r lav the Interest ceulrlng on the
colllest bi-lweiu M ' I "" all.) Miss Atkinson lu the
ladle.' class. Ii. I ii ' s " e nu, srnres
Ladlil' Class-Mi - O.ni.iui b-ut Mlis Wi.rster,
u. 7 il H I.-J, VI -s 11 ir -ll beat Ml.s Clismberlain.
ll -l', ll ai; Miss A i " '".ii Miss Clark, tl 1. tl-O. and
Mls Atkinson heal M- V1"1' ' 7- "-H' ,-'-'-
First Class -llni-i- ,M b-al lljers. 'Il.l. S-tl. tl-O,
Coles 'H4 heat lln-haolsiiii, Ii I. 7-f., o-tl, ll-a,
Second I lass- l.nvn'1 U'l. beat Cram.lon, 'H2. H-O,
fl-tl. tl :i, Comings '02, bent liempse, 'P2. H-i. u-2;
Webb. 'U I. beat llaiuinell. 'I'll tl- .', ;l'l; llartlcti. 'H3,
heal Herder, I'.l, -? Ml,,rl-,'-t ',:'. heat Allen.
'HI, ll-a, ll il, tl 3; andWIicelock, 'U4. beat, Emerson,
P2, 0-2, 0-4.
The IntcrcollcBlata Jiroud Junia Kcosrel
Br. Joansscsr, Vt, Jors 4 At Ihe Sill day tisrclsss
yiilsrdaraisi. Johnsbury Acaasmy, 11. . Nsw.on
broke this year's inlsreofleirlals record for stsadlaf
nreal )iunp, scoring 10 (sal U laclkt.
gl mttt , titmqttt ftc
265-267 Canal Stroet.
Firm wrr,n, rontMCtors'Mn.l furm erl,1ry (roodt,
lannilrr, fftoctu', mirt luiiltirtn wftirmn or nil ktuui.
tull lino of liiriir.(.w astiil buggy whlpe-,
Carriage Builders.
406, 408, 410, 412 Broome st.
i;mtaiii.isiii:i) imh.
HtonRhntn. IntaMtdrnlKna. m.I tilcciv, Koch
nvnjr. Hlx I'lin-tcnjcrr, Oc1nson Front.
Coup Fine natttirlmrnt of It und n iisoui.
l'onr Cwrtwt AVHt.ni.- itt llnrnrnii.
Carriage Builders,
8C&.287 Tnnnl tuul C.l llonwrd Hlreet,
VletorUi. landaun, coupe ror VnwATi. (mrrey, etten
Ion-top .ihftf tnni. rnbriolct. hrrMitttiattin. Imlteii' pby
tons, aii-1 nil nx, Wf pt In tlM-cl-na rt')U(.ltorir5.
265-267 Canal Street.
Rtreet sprlnlilln? warons and carts. IVe bare the
finest ami most complete line In Die country.
i.i'i'ii.r. m:.i.
For lawn and flower beil ue. Is n novelty! must be
seen lobe nmircclatcil. henil fur catalogue or call and
see our full line of a-nuils.
A Sl.ltlOVS LOSS JO llAItVAltlt.
Her Able L'oxaivalu, II. M. Bntlrlle, Illee nr
Bortos, Juno 4. Coxswain Ilnrolil Munro
Iinttolloot Ilnrvnrd'ri 'Vnrhity orowilltul of con
Humptlon nt Ills liomo in tlio linek liny Dis
trict yertortlay. lio was 1!'J years old. lio was
a membor of tho class of 'll.'l. anil was not only
n very hris-lit scholar, out a Ipailor In tlio social
nnd ntlilctla llfo of tho university. Ho wns
wldoly known outsldoof his of his class, nnd
his dentil is mourned hy hundreds of tlio
In tho middle of his frnshmnn rear ho was
Bolt'cti'd from a numherof candidates to bo
roxswaln of tho 'HO 'Varsity crow. Tho fol
lowlnu fall ho was coxswain of tho 'll.'i crow
which won tin- hntifn raco". Tho next spring
ho coxswained tlio '1KI crew In tlio cla-,s races,
nnd In Juini was noxswaln of tin victorious
'Varsity crew. lirlnBiiit; to that position almost
Ideal nhllltios.
linttello was a conscientious student, and
his popularity ninonc his follows wns attested
hy his membership in tlm Institute of 1770.
1. K. F. and tho Hnsty l'mliliiir; (-'lull. In
jrWJ ho cntorod tho l'oxhury Latin School,
and craduati'd from thero In 8ss. While at
tho school ho h.id n seven) attack or pnou
monln. tlio recovery from which left his luiiRS
Iieciilliirly weak. In lVlirunry. IbSli. ho went
to a place near Colorado Springs. Ills henltli
was iireatly Improved, nnd in the fall of that
year ho entorcd Harvard i'lilverslty.
A year nnd a half nco. the llrst premonition
of thn seriousness of tlio disease, which lias
proved fatal, came. At that time ho wns 111 fur
somo time, hut recovered and returned to his
e-tiiilloo. This year his physlclnn perceived
that his enso was serious. In March llatello
loft college, and slnco that tlmo was conlliiod
to his room.
SteTo Itrodle Upturns to Ilia Flrat Lore.
"This sporting llfo is not what It's cracked
tip to be," sadly romarked Stovo Urodlo tho
other morn Inf. ns ho pensively wnlched sev
eral truckmon carrying out the liquors and
othor chattels of his saloon at !)." llowory,
which ho purchased from Gus Tuthill somo
oliiht months ni;o.
I'm ifivlnff up this place and coinc hack to
the old joint down town." lio explained. "I
mado n lot ot monoy In tho old place and it's
nil blown In on sport. TuthiU's pool room tip
htnirs not $4,000 of myooin: then I'etor Mnhur
coit mo SL'.'JOO more: I've been ulT on Tommy
Kelly and Oil McCarthy in fact. I nin't niiidu
a winner since 1 came hero. Ho I'm culiiir
hack to work in thu old place and make all
ot her bundle."
Urodlo's old place at 114 Bowery has nndly
deteriorated since ho spent Ids tlmo up town
unioni: tho "cood People:" nnd it i- doubtful
If It over will niraln bo tho money winner it
was when it attracted tho siuhtseers.
llarvnrd'M Vjeel Mref.
CiviRlDGx, June 4, Tho third annual open sprlnir
meeting of tho Harvard t')clinif Association wus held
on Holmes Field this aflernoon One reoril was broLeu
the Harvard mile IracL record ot 2 minutes -10 sec
onds, II. O.Tyler of Siirin-ile'd rnade the dlitance in
1! minutes ui 1-ri seconds. The suuiinnr' -
one-tulle xrrati-li Won liv I' J llerlo. l. A.O.i O, I".
Tajlor, r-prilisrlts.1-1 11. I'.. sei-ond; II. (' Tlh'r, Sprinif
Held H. '.. third lime, 2 minules -17 3t" si rnlnK
Half Mlle;2:.Vl t'lnsk-Wnn by J. .1. CnlltiOlly. .M. A. O.:
F. S. lllllot. II U C A., second, h. .Ni-lsnn. t-iirlnitlleld
11. l'.. tbird. Time 1 iitiuute 2o-l-r si-coitds.
one Mile, Interscl.olustic 01 'ininifinships Won by r.
Onrish. liorcliesler II. M.; II II. Itroun. Hale's School,
second;.! ,1, tinn.-h.iu. C. HI. T S., third, 'liiuc. It min
utes ai 2-r, seenn'ts.
Int nation team race between the r-pnnirlleld II. C.
and Hit- I'ress r, r of llnitnu, won bv the latter cub.
one. mile Hiiiidb-nn lnn by I II. ttum-er, New Vorlt,
lOOVnrds: K. S. 1. libit. II r t'.A..lt) lin1- md:
ll. Coiiunll', .M. A. i'., "G yards, thlr-1. Time, 2 minutes
2S a ."St-collils.
Oiu-'inile .Novice. t'losid-Won hy M. K. tln-enhuri:.
II. V. A. i'.. 11. l, Meens. II I'. A. t' eecuiid Time, a
minute 2r 1 -.". si-i inula,
Special Mile llundlciip-Won by II C Tyler, ft II. I! ,
scrutch; I. J, Hi-r.u. M A. 0.. scraleh. second. T Kt'on
miilv. M. A. 0 , 00 yards, third, lime. 2 minutes 31 1-5
lt o .Mile. Ordinary Hand cap Won by A. K. 1'ressy,
F.T:. C. s ralch; . Onrish. 'I' A. r . T.0 varils, seconj;
T I,. Coiitiully, scratch, third. Tluie, U luluuli-s 2 .1
Klnfca County Cllnniplonahlis Totirarr.
In every respect except the neather the opening set!
In the Inter-Club Ijit.-n T.linls I.eauiie'l second annual
tournament were a decided success. May was com
menced yesterday afternoon on the court! of the
Knickerbocker Field Clutj. at Fiatbush. The results
lientlemen's Doubles, Preliminary Hound 0. V.. Mc
.Malum nnd i.tojd Ti-ilt, itinoklt n Tennis Club, beat K.
IMrfilt und F. W Walker, Kliickerhocker Field flub,
It 7. J It; Adrian Merlan and W. 1'arker. lirooklyn Ten
nis flub, beat tl. Afield and C .. Hclthaup, AllluruTeu
nia Cluh. 41 fl. it o.
Hrst Hound McMshnn and Tefft heat Percy Purdy
and Joy H. Jones. Altlora T. ' . 01, it 2: Hr. W. I',
Frarer and J. W. Kaymoiid. KlnifsOounty T, O.. heat .1.
W. Tallnairn and t'lifroll Post, Jr . t'reseent Athletio
flub, il . 0 il. II I: Merlan and Parker beat .1. Fruu
clolnand 11. Wall. Knickerbocker T. O. iv-o. H2: U,
M. I'ayne and II. V. Mctifinali. KIUKS i'ounty T. tl., beat
J. W, i'ouera and W. Illlbtrt. Crescent A O, 4, n-a.
Second itouud llerian iind Parker beatPajue aul
Mellow an. C 1 it 1: Fraer and Itaymoiid beat I.loyd
Tent and o, o. McMelinn, 11-2, s-it. il 3.
1 adios Slutfles, Prelimlnarv Hound Mra. Helen He!
win beut Miss ilrace 0. Ahlers. u o, il 1
Ladles' iiouhlcs. Preliminary Kouutl Misses Brush
and llelwi- beat .Miss Wostfall and llairudorn, o-O, U O.
Mleey Takes K-iti.'a IMnce.
Pniiinstniii, June 3 The birds of the Rhode Island
Federation liberated in this city on Sunday mornlng
inada belter time than the advisory report hy wire
gave them credit for, and it Is Mlssv Instead of Hutu
that hai the honors of the day, and Mra Hawk has the
hold on the Oiuhlltree cane offered for tho second best
average In three or more journeys through the season,
her two trlnli averaging 1.10 yardi. Dickinson of
Fall Klver still keens the lend for the best. The order
of speeds for the Hliode Island birds to each lofl la
mas. , . Tintrotit. At'ralttll,
Ifnl. ,. "'r- '" luriii j-s-mi-1.
Missy Ihiulelle .. ..a.'.aw l.lll.MI
MissAprll iiiinit a.-..'.', l.nu.a
Ilillh Oooiihy...,,. ;i;kh 1 lli;i -
Mrs. Hank Hadeu nsO.rj 1.U77.U
Robert Haden r.t.1 l.lr.Rfl
Priividcnce liny. ,.Dais .172 2 1,1000
Palsy Oalle-.-an.. . 17s ii 1.0U4U
lumer Williams. ...Onmlby, .,, '7-1 1 l.uii:ir,
llolay Young IITliU 1.UHI.7
llalfour Franks.... -IMO USSO
This lly aires to Providence ths honors for distance
lntho day, 23."i mile), and Ihe lend (or both Outing
Srlres, advancing tho miles covers 1 from the Thurston,
c.o mam.
portjsman'fi Cooiljs.
In lafety blocles, cushion tires, - price, I00; cut
price, JtlTi. I'neumaili', lltt price. ? no cut price, 1100.
All ball bear.lig, We bate u'ro s si-Cond-hand safe
lies fruni 130 up. I.ach bic)clels. arantred for oue
ear. i'Vi l.i I'OMPA.NV,
l'7 Weilern lloulet . I near lUth si,
CbcapcsL )luco in town.
CAMPIIF.I.Ii .M'FO CO. 12H Worth It,
tue Mlivv xtva iiAionuuig.
ini say fancy prices. Tou eas lave from 60 t
f hy Viyluf (nil hsw perfect hlih-rrads Bnrllsh
I t'ele. cushions and pneumatics. JXCOB U, LOOaL
I UanttMturtr'. aVisiit, IB to 3D WUJtehall ik
" oSvTATjro7"vrr' !H
VOU MAT I.KaVk TOUrt .naai
AMrrtir.vN nirsi'iturr, MEfnrNB H
omce, If In our Hit of Advertising Agencies yo -4lH
do not rind cine convenient. '?1H
Van Tasseil & I
At Their Mammoth Repository, J
13. 132 J.AKT 13TII HT TIIROTJsBHTO '.21 J
1811, IS."., 137. AND ISO KAMT UTsfST. 'JljJ
the MnnKST Asn finest sRi.rrTioM or nrwajctj ,H
Victorias, ', j j
Cabriolets, ;vfti
Eight-spring Victorias, I
and Victorias with Rumblesi -; ,1 1
a l. 'i', 1
in S! i
Natty Summer Traps $?',&
and i.miiT vniiioixs for bprino dmvih sii m
Itm'KAM'AT.I . M fij
Tiir. poppun nrs aiidi't WAnnNa,trt aix !$.''&
MT1I0LT 101'A Sjm
LADIKS' lllll ISO I'll AKTtlNH. ''Jjv'aJ
ONS. TII.ltL-KV.--t. KMlMall 1)00 CAKTH. PONt CABTil, .sfj i
sassaaa-aaeaa. s '. f
Mail Coacli, .. :
- -J i .
Brakes. j
Body Brakes, Skeleton Brakes, y.
Elegant Second-hand Brake, i
VI1KV I.Mill'l' OMNI 11 1!--, WAOON. ' 1
riTR with movaih.i: oi.ahn -win d
1IIIWS A .Nil I.l:.TIIKIt tUltTAI.NH. . ,
It Will Pay You I ' )
tasss-s-sssssssssss-asBBBBBBBs-KMM-wea-aBBass-t-BaaaaBSBaafl !; .
USED. 4m
X-XL3tH.3NT3SS. Mjj
Flandirau&Co. I
Ht.W.N TIMVX, -At.
372, 374, 376 BROOME STREET. I
BROADWAY, 5 1 ST ST. & 7TH AV. f
POWD & Co. J
WAGONETTES .-.,.r...,.,
,...-... WAGONETTES.
TlAullilt I I LO For 8 and lo FaMeae-ar-a, M
636 Broadway, I
lslun-iturtni-rra !' All Hlj-feeO" 111
PLEABiiti: i.tiuiuiiia, m,
with aitJtiBtab!,. siats for two, Hires, or four peraaaa, yk
Ssiitl forcaiali'aue. um
Will rsnt for Ibe season, with privilege of onrcbaslar, tfjl
IIKA.NCII atB.au 7TH AT. ?i
Business Wagons and Carriages.
6b5, f-H7. r,B HUIIS1IN. COHNEU HANK BT. ' Ml',
The New York Coach Horse and Cab CompHj '-
Offers for sals a larxe auil aaierb collection of absolute- J!J
IF hlb class Imrsss, comprisliut well broken auil man- ,!;
uereil four-ni-iiaiiil teams, laiidrm tsama. naUastt MT'i
1 airs, slr.s-ii ' -rs, aaiKHc lioisrs, and cobs. ii
tiurborst-s are well si-as'ineil. witb very hlfb kttsa K;'
and hoc! a- imii irrrat oua tty, and pert sot manners! 'pft
allsutilsct to i.e. cxaiuluailmi. ,w;
0 O. PRATT, Vanarer. .Kf-
aaoweeiajthst. 0
AIU'NDA.M E OF UIIAhS end everr coofsnlenoe for ft
liouniliii: lio sri luihest refcreaos, VAIMUBJ, If?,
FARM. Passaic N, J. m -, "J
ALANDAllLETin flllt-claaa order, wtti sU"ZT ' ''ff.1
sbaf 1 i price tlCO. -ipplj 111 Bowaryr lif
DOCTOR'S rilAETOM. Bsarlj Besr, buui U eWaatl ' las
alio nne new tarnssa. l.Tfi katUsoa ar, uBirtC 1
WANTKD-y.OOO.OoOpsooletoMnd (e Wraa-asVi? 1
rlases and harnesa eatalo-riesi lariesi aartaaaa I
taaxaerleai rsrr moderate prteen don't tajsaakea- w

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