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v ' ' .III
, THE SUN, FRIDAY, JUNE" Ifff I8JZ. ' .Bf 1
nnd hr. wn. tirgod to como from thnOonvon.
tlon direct (o tlio placo of meeting. When tlio
ilelpgatrti had aemblcd "Lour" Jonoa of
llllnofA mounted tlio platform, nnd nskod thnt
tho Harrison londors from cnch delegation
join him there. In ovory caao whoro tlioro
wni a minority for Don. Harrison In tho dolo
cation tlio Chairman of tlio doloentlon catno to
tho platform. Whoro the Harrison mon woro
In tlio minority. a chosen Chairman of tlio Hnr
rison faction In tho delegation ropresontod It.
When tliosn gentlemen had nisomblod on
the platform a delegate named Chnuncoy M.
Unpen' of Now Vorlc for Chairman. Assuming
tlio clialr Sir. Depew said that tlio object of
tlio mooting was to brine tho Harrison mon
ticothnr. 60 that thoy could como In touch
with each othor. and so that thoy could all
know for thomsolvos who tho saints won.
1,-itiKhtor.l Chrla Macoo of Tonus) lvanla was
Tlioro was somo discussion at to tho host
mnthotl of registering tho Btrongth tif Har
rison In tho Convention, nnd Mr. Mnguo
fUirgoided that ho would road n roll which hud
boon nindo last night for corrections. Mr.
Mngeo then rend tho roll. beginning with Ala
bama. Tho icprosontatlvo of onch delegation
on tho platform announced tho llnrri
s n strength In his delegation. Mr. Jin
geo compared tho atinoum-oniont with
tiio flgiiroi beforo him. and wherever
a oliungo was indlcntod ho noted It. nt
t)ionmii tlmo announcing It to tho cnui'iic
lairing tho call thoro wns an Interruption by
a delegate, who said thut tho Coiniiilttoo on
Credentials had admlttod tho llnrrlson dele
gates In Alabumn. which would makotholliii
rifon voto from thnt Stnto 10 Instead of 7. as
recorded on the roll. The nntiounei-mont was
erected with npplauso and cheering. Tlio vote
ni Indiana was announced by tin- venerable
Ill-hard W. Thompson. Chairman of the dele
gation. When ho had taken Ills sent Scmitor
I'ullnm told the cauciM that Mr. Ihiinp
son had reached hlselBhtV-tliirdblithday. nnd
ho asked that tlio mooting give three -hoprn
f.irhlm. They were given withn will, and u
delegate suggested that the announcement ho
reroatcl In tho Contention to-night, Tlio re
sult of tho roll call was as follows:
X iiSnina ... . , .. lltivintilnti'i 1
Ar.tlK" lr,Neliriil.ii !
I iltt irnll H. llfttnptihlre .1
r limctlrut. 3 Nrw .Itri-. J .. IK
Ji.intts.ri aiNovrYork ja
lii. mil North l aro'ina Ill
l-orRtll 2lt Nnrtll Paktitu. . . "J
Union ail0hm 27
lii.tl.tlia ao lUt-von
I nn. 'Jl IViiii lant i la
kilns . . la South 1'nrollnn 1.".
Krnluck) 10 sm.ui lukutu. 4
I mitsltuiit H Trnnmnt". lit
Vnrjlnml l.'l T. tint . 1
V t.sflrliiisttlts... lilWriuimt r.
Mlclilcali AVIrinnl. M
MlimeMitti . . '. Wrst Vlruitiln Ill
Miiipii . ia niwmihin in
Miitir( . 'J4 vv'jomlni:.. t
At the conclusion ol the roll call Mr. Mngeo
atineiinced tli.it the total nuiniior of otea
promised to Harrison was ."'J0. Thin Ineludctl
llcur-js from Now Moic, Oklahoma, and
I'lnli. which wore, not represented In tlio muot-
jVr. Mngeo moved thnt Chnuncoy M. llopcw
be mado the loader of the lliirrisim forcos In
th" Convention, and thnttho frlendH of Hurrl
son tand by him to the nnd. The motion was
adopted nmid cheers. Then the caucus wanted
astine-h from Dota-w, but Mr. Junes of Illinois
moved nn adjournment, and without putting
trio iin-tion. Mr. Depew declarod tho meeting
A -omit made from tho staco fMiowodtn.it
thore wore ."ill delegates present. Judge
bpencer of California, wli i was present at the
meeting, said after the adjournment that tho
Harrison mon claimed slxtv dolegntos morn
than were iiresont at tho caucus. Althouch it
is known that a number of men wore present
in tlio conference, who nro not committed pos
itively to tho Harrison cau-e. tho moral effect
of tlio mooting will mnko thoni Harrison men
unless the lilalnp leaders can counteract its
effect. If it should appear bcloro tho first bal
lot is taken that Mr. Harrison has a majority
oftlm delegates, his Btrongth will bo largely
Increased hy tho accosslon of votes from dolo
gates who want to bo on tho winnlnc side.
Tlio Harrison headquarters In L. T. Mlt-h-ener's
room was tho sceno of sroat rejoicing.
Friends of tlio President, from nearly every
Ptnte wore thero in consultation, nnd thoy nil
declarod with apparent eonfldenco that tho
victory was won. Mr. Now Bald to the re
porters: "This Is tho greatest move that has been
made durinc the Convention. It completely
discourages the pretensions of the opposition.
and proves our nhility to renominate the
President on the first ballot. Thero wero Ji'jo
doleaates actually present, and thoy entered
Into a positive ncreemont to vote together on
the first ballot for Harrison. That settles tho
matter, and thero is no uso In saying an thing
pjoro about It."
The following note was sent to tho press this
MltNKArnus, Jane 0 Slne it has been demontratel
by tbo uniuilmoui xpr6nton ut n Inrk' uiojorltj or tint
dclrKatna lo the National Contention, al a m.otliiii
litil tolay, that rretldenl Harrison It thMr tliolfsaA
lhe leadrr or the party In the unnentJinK canipalKti tho
queitlin haabeen anktil by fleleifateR lllifavoralile tn
Dim whether his friends would conttdtr the cxiiril!
ency of his retiring and Joining in the nomtiiatton or ..
lien man. The nnlform reply has been, and mil titr
mine to be to the end, that the Judgment of the party
hailntf beendertnltely avrertained to be fatorti: to
bis candidacy, his supporters will not partutpate m an
effort to reverse that judgment. At no lime will tht.ro
beany consideration by Iheui vl nnyotlir candiilatu.
I, T. Michk.ikk.
The storj' was passed from mouth to mouth
soon aft or the Harrison conference that tho
Illaine movement had collapsed, that his namo
would not even bo prcsontud to tho Conven
tion and thnt 100 majority for lion. Harrison
was assured on the llrst ballot. The Mutu
intmt spread liko wildllre. and as It was c.ir
lied from street to street nnd hotel to hotel,
the supporters of tho Administration Illicit tho
air with cheers, and the men who wore iiiaino
badges lookod clum. but at tho various lllaino
headquarters tho story was received witli do
rMon. Mr. Cliirkson was not in when tho re
port reached tho Wost llotol. but ex-Senator
Matt was found reclining on a couch In one of
hit. mostnmiablo moodi.
"Tlioro is not a word of truth in tho story."
ho said. " If thero was I would bo tlio llrst to
admit it. The fact is that tho Ithilno column
is stronger this afternoon than over. Do you
know how that story started? Thero aro over
'-'ovi officeholders horo whoso furloughs cxplro
on Saturday. Thoy don't want lo go homo nnd
leave the nomination uudocldod and tho Har
then cause deprived ot their valuable assist
ance, so they have started this report in tho
hope thnt It will hurry tho thing up. It simply
shows thnt tho Harrison lorces aro disin
tcguiting. You can cay that Mr. lllaluo's namo
vol! tie prm-ntcd as provided for In the origi
nal programme, and Hint wo consider him tlio
ftronget 1111:1 In the race,"
Mr. rinii'b ohiuf lieutenant. Louis F. Tayn.
"Tho statement of votes given out its tho
strength of Ml. Harrison, as developed In con
ference. Is ,1 trail1-! aient fraud, and made only
(pr the effect It ni.iv iiroduoo In tlio knoirludgo
that iioitbtir our fide nor tlio press could pos
sibly make a i-nnvaisof the men alleged to bo
therein the litre ictnaltiing. to ns to tlomon
Minto its fubity. Wi mtiv sav forus all that
v,o have to e-ny from this on, and that Is. wo
hniulevonil per.uhentiiro a majority of tho
(McRatii pluigcd tu Mr. Ulaine, nnd that wo
win domoii-tiato that fact upon tholloorof tho
tonvcntiuii "
'1 In; rank ,ird Mi- ol the lilalne adherents do
lint filiate in tin. , ..nvlctlnns of riiooi-h o.x
presud lii 1 Mr. l'l.itt and Ids lioutenants. mill
foX, fr." 'L'"' h"1,uB "H "lo1" tiled of tholr
ifn ln,i I-nn?.""'1 """'"Mh Won. Illlldo tO got
t& 1 Ji'.V.i "il,,i""vf "".',' llni-K " lllalnitesln
tlio loblij ot tlio Sust Hotel. ,jt the sneakers
inaiuiii ih 01 clN fur ti 1'ri -iil.iit i',rl1 .
sentimeni has tutne.l like .1 11 , t w.i'tl tl o
inuiges nun plume- ,ne tni , u. , r,,,,.,,!
(." betWi mid tli.. ait lh Sllr 1, r..,t
IlarrisoiiiMii. """' """
Tliiilnivptliinottlii llur i-r,n . lfuy u h..i,.
to have been In the l.-y brain 01 " ,S'
Jones ol Clilcago, who was -11,1 ,.r 1 ,,,''.
lloutonantH in JhM). .111.1 .,,10 i th . f m... i
:k M.iillar gatherings of that f.,t , " " ,1
were held .luring that C nv..it.,,,, i.,'t ,1, ,'
Wire secret. Mr. Join said tluh ,ifi..Mlo ,. y
I organized 11 committee of f,,, , . ,i.
State nnd Territory to nsceitaiu tl, ,,t,. . "
I'le.sldelit llanisoii. Tlio Him i , 1 ti.. .. ' '
Miiuday night ut lOo'clock. 'J In. restm .that
poll was 4MM. At n nteelliig tin, 1 n0I.,!.
night il was Mil tho thlid nlgM .'jn lu't
night, with Instiuctious to tluow .nit ev'.'r.
possible doubting vote, nnd give all cunt...,.!
against Harrison, bedrock llgtiri-- guvou- "d 1
votos. Then I announced to tin- ominnte.i
that there would be a mooting of tin. Ham-on
ripeguten at Market Hall on the mam stri . 1 t
Minneapolis iminedliitelc after the uiljninn.
mint ofrtn-dni's iiioruing session, 'j,,t
meeting esulted in IW delegato being n to
ally prescntiid, Tlie roll was then called ,y
Mates and sliowed Hurrl-oii's Ion -water iii.uk
at fi'ju votes, This is the llrst Instance In my
recollection that tho Mends of any candldato
ever wero bold enough to hold a caurus In
lr ad daylight totlumoiiRtratotlieirstrength "
The following am tho figures of the Harrison
column as revised at huadquarter.iund given
nut at U o'clock to-night :
lttillia 7 New ILiMiiislUrr 8
IArklllJkS . . . J.r. en .leriiet ... jm
lalilorina 7 New Vluliu. f,
I'aiiU'rtitiit, ,. . 3 Nvn nrk i'M
P'.anate , .. a .Vorlli I jn.lina ... 17
"Hda . H .Vortll lUkuU 'i
linireu SH lllllo . . . 7
jilinun, ;ia oklulionu , a
Inluiij .'to (iretfou 4
'"n.- . .. 'i'i l'eiylvunla . , ia
f"nas I a South Carolina if,
P""' ky ... 2i south lukou .... i
1"M tuna u Tililiti.re. . m
S '"t . 18Teias . .. . !
Unotti li.ll'mli .
h ' " a Vtrinont. , l
i "" . 7'VjtKinU . ., ii
8 -I'M-I'i li- Hoi Vlntnilo 111
S V:,J. ' 'ill Winotuin. in
I il";.'L. , "J0""1 -
I T"ul .. 65I
I Buri?ani',D?( v 'U0C'7UCU? ox-Congressmnn
ouriclgh of New Uork iM; 'Thollarrlaon
mon enn cot nil tho satisfaction out of the cau
cus that thev want. It is dollars to doughnuts
that whan tin IK-n ballot Is tnkon In the Con
vention, Instoad of 520. 4i).'l, or any. number of
votes up In that direction, tho ballot for (Ion.
Harrison will not rise nbovoHOO." Mr. Unr
lelgh recalls tho fact that thore was a caucus
ot Arthur man In IKst. the day before Hit; ; llrst
ballot was taken, nnd itlM mon pledged them
selvos to voto for lien. Arthur. Tho next day
Mr. Arthur recolved'JiH votes.
bonntorijnay said: "Tlteslgnlllcnncoof tho
so-called caucus can bo nppiodatod vvlion.
on half an bout's notice, tho lllnlnn men
canhavn a caucm f '-'AHK) people, whereas
los than JUKI wero nil that could ho drugged
Into the meeting this morning, nnd many of
thosu who wero not olncoholders and olllco
holding delegates were lllaino men. who wero
nttracted merely out ot curiosity."
I halrmnn l.larkson of the National Commit
tee said: "It Is a bluff-cold, clammy, nnd.
withal, a doBpcralo bluff. Horo are i tvvpmen
whnwoie In tho Harrison caucus in Market
Hall, and I can pledge my word nro both
lilalne mon. and can provo it by them
personallv. 1 can nv to you that wo aro
not a Lit disturbed over tlio alleged
coup that the Harrison people have sprung at
this late hour. Iain satisfied that lully onu
thlrtl of Iho men In Market Hull this aftornoon
were not dolegates. and that betweon llfty and
sixty of tlioni were men that I put lu tho hall,
or our side did. to watch the proceedings. I
doubt If there wore 400 delegates In the hall
who will voto for Hnrrl-on at anystngo ottho
Convention proceedings." . . .
i:--Onv. 1'ornkor of Ohio and A. I,. Conger,
the National Conimltteemnn from that Mate,
say thoy aro notdlsturbed overtlio report of
the Harrison domoiiHt ration. Thev claim that
there wero more shouters than delegatos at
the meeting.
'I ho rupoit from tho Texas delegation matin
nt the Ilnrrls.ni caucus to-day was something
of a sutprlso to the President's- friends, inus
much ns the lowest iiumbor of votes claimed
for him In any calculation previously umdn
was twenty-one. A llnrrlson shouter from tho
"l.i. tie star" State gave the following as tlio
explanation of tho mutter: , , ,
"N. W. Cuney. the Chairman of the delega
tion and pinctlcal leader of the liepubllcan
paity lu Toxns, is Collector ot Customs at
(inlveston. Although appointed by Cliirkson.
he owes his office to tho President, and in nn
effort to satisfy both sides. Is sending seven
or eight otos to the lilalne column, al
though thev are instructed for llnrri-on.
When asked why these dolegates do not
rotnnin true to their associates unit to their
Instruction". Mr. Cuney says he is unable to
Inlliience tliem. This strikes tho-e who nro
acquainted with the situation as somewhat pe
culiar, in iowot the fact that never heretofore
has ho boon unable to Induco Ids followers In
go Ids way. and that they would not be heio
hut for his influence, One of the delegates at
large. W. F. Crawford, Is an old school and
rl.issiimto of Kmmons lilalne, anil since the
latter reached Mlnt-eiipulls they have been to
gothor a great deal. He will vote for Maine,
making the hitter's totnl voto in tho delega
tion nine."
ii itii Tin: xi: vo:c i:r.i:i:.iTt:s.
Dr. llcpew T.raiUnc All the llil.ll-ntl forces
The Wlchnl JSIhlis'n Thlt li-en-.
MlNNrAPous. Juno !. Dr. Depew Is In com
ninntl of tlio llnrrlson forcos, not only of the
Nuw Vork delegation, but all tho Harrison
people here. Ho Is tho representative of tho
President, and even John ('. New and Oen.
Michcnernnil other llglitcts for the Pmsidonl
take their orders from him. Tlio Doitnr has
tlovelopod Into a political hustler. He lias ad
dressed tho Harrison forces over and over
ngaln. urging them to keep steadily In Hue.
Ho has been compelled to do thN booatiso tho
delegates havo been thoroughly awakened to
the trilo position of Senator II i--cock in NowVork
State politics. Senator HIjeock's assumption
that ho was heio to speak for New York wa-.
torn to pieces by Henry (i. liurleigli nnd other
anti-Hnirison men In tho delegation. Kvon
Mr. l'lntt, who has all nlong spokon of tho On
ondaga Senator a-a "personal friend." smiled
grimly and sarcastically nt HIscock's claims.
Dr. Depew saw the situation, and w.i com
pelled to step into the bie.ich. He also has tlio
authority of the President to sp.-uk for him.
Should tho President win. Dr. Depew will prob
ably bo the new liepublicnn boss of New Vol k
Stnto. Certainly, tint Itopublicitiis of Loth fac
tions In tho State will not entrust Senator His
cock with tho leadership.
That la tlio situation to-day. assuming al
ways that Mr. Piatt will have uotliii.g to tlo
with tho canvass In New York ritato if Hani
son is nominated. Warner Miller is wrapped
up lu tho Nicaragua Canal cntei prise and
could not devoto tho tlmo necessary to tlio
It is said that in tho event of tho President's
nomination Dr. Depow would have tlio aid of
Secretary Tracy and Collector Hendricks. The
Collector is a wisoand keen politician, lionets
moro like Snmuel J.TIlden than any man in New
York State in either party. His demeanor and
his husky voieo are very similar to tho vvell
remombored cliatactorlstics of tlio ago of
Oreystono. Tho Collector also look, liko Mr.
Tllden nt times. Ho has been a sturdy lighter
here for Harrison. Helms not sloppod over,
and has not boon frightened by tlio Plaiiio
boom, though he snvs he will not count Ills
chickens bofnrethoj nrohatchod. Ho ivnsatii
llo annoyed at the action of Sitting Hull John D.
Lawson IntlioCoiivcntlonthisiuornitig. When
Senator Sewell of Now Jersey moved an ad
journment until 8 o'clock this evening, and
f)ov. Mclvlnley had decided that tho Conven
tion had so voted. Mr. I.avvson rose anil called
for a division. Thu delegates stood up nntl
wero couutod. and the voto was -107 for ad
journment to 200 against it. Tho Collector
thinks Mr, I-nwson should not have called for
tin) division as the Haiiisuii men had fully
agreed to tho adjournment. Hut theio wero
'MH other men who sided with Mr. l.awson and
who woro opposed t fuither delay. Tlio
Collector in eij'lalnlng this cms that possibly
Mr. Lnwson and hit. ft lends were not fully ac
quainted with the Hiu rfson plans. Mr. Hen
dricks says ho fears nothing intliowu) of ad
journment, and that every hour increases tlio
President's stieugth.
Kx-Cougressmaii Jlurlelgh has made a care
ful canvass of tho delegates, lie does not wish
to believe his senses, but lie frankly says it
looks as if tho Harrison men had 4.rl votes.
Mr. liurleigli is now shooting through the del
egations hoping to disrupt tlio President's
forces. Hx-Uov. Oglesby of Illinois llgnros up
that tho Harrison men have 4H'J votes. l'.
Sonatorrassettbaytitliat tho fight l danger
ously elose. fix-Senator Piatt, senator Vuay.
and (len. Clarkson havo been in conference
all day. They realize tlio situation, mid mo
determined to break the Hnriisnn column If
possible. '1 he struggle is becoming more bit
ter every moment,
don. Jntu.s S. Husted Is improving In
health. The Cienoriil. even In his sick hour,
liiul tlio battlo uppermost in Ids mind. To ouo
of his friends he said, when Iio could scarcely
spoilt iibovo a whlBpor, and when tho lllaino
boom wnH at its height:
"To think thut Dr. Doptuv. Judge Uobortson.
anil I. for so many veins have fought rnr
Mr. lilalne. ami vet I come hero nnd find that
jierhaps he will bo nominated and all tlio
ecredlt will be given to Tom 1 latU"
Tliealvvays-wJcknil (iihi.s Is a lilalne man.
ho says, because ho lieliovi'S that lilalne and
reciprocity iiielthomosi popular f. ulurus im
foto the American people tu-dtiy. et .Mr.
(iibbs Is a llttlo downcast lo-nlgbt. He
lb superstitious, mid has recalled that
in thirteen games of poker on lib.
w.iy to the Convention ho lost i:i
each game, lli.it when he arrived Iicre tlilrieon
eoloietl gentlemoncallid oil Shod Shook. Ills
side partner, that thirteen pretty girls havo
winked nt lilm. that every tlmo ho changes a
ir'.'tlliill ho gets rHI back, and that Ids pew In
church on Sunday wuh No. J.I: and alter all
tills, ho is a llttlo discouraged about thu
chances of tho Muinusintosiniiii.
The loaders of the iinll-llnrilson forcos In
tho Ijnplio State believe emphatically n ho
policy of keeping nil tho il.itk horses In tho
held. Thoy my Hint (iov. Mclvlnley lias ni
ready loivotV-J.ui.il that if II lain.;, tho author
. f reclpiocity. iiuiliot lead- Mr. MclUti ey. Iho
author of protection us lei.rosoiited in the Mo
Ivinley bill, is tlio logical candidate.
Mail. Ilnnim of t'lcvehunl - as astuto n poll.
ti. i.ui as there is in Ohio, lie has I eel with
tlieautl-llnirlMin men Iroin .iow bilk nil day
v i king haul for Mclvlnley.
i'ii. thing is ceit.iln. that tlio opponents "f
tin-"resident In New York Slate will not give
a. the l.tie until the voles lllocolllltell. J liny
k -. i. up Iho slogan. "W ''" for Hlaiui; Mrs .
but w. me for aiiynodywho can licil Huiri
ii. and their remniks oil the Pro-blent aro
iiiighh niiiiihatlc. . .,.. ,
stu.it. i linviii of St. I.nwronco county Is
V'ri much dlfgusted at the management of
iboCnveiitloti, Hn h.ih tlm niaiiageisshoiiltl
not hive got I'J.OOilpeoi.letogethoi this morn-'.'-'
without entertaining tln-iii. Ho Is for
limine, and he belluvos that the, lllaino oratoi y
should m I,,,,,,, tinned on lnsti-.nl of any
thing els,, 'i he audience, after struggling to
('' in mid i,ii, iug nil suits of prices for seutrt.
were .liMuie.i summarily.
Lust night, m th great lilalne ileinonstn
Hon at , ,,,t Houbo. I'haiiucuy M. Depew s
bhlulngpliiglut was mushed, not crushed or
eninii j, i , m.timy trnuii'leil upou. it was
l ticlock jvh, n tin. great alter-tliniier tajker
atteinj.ted to ui't-r the front door of tlio West,
Ho tried t., .,, h vviiv across tlio
street. g,. ,, t, ntlenipt. tacked,
anil etc. iei f a M, ,n,.v . ntn.iP-i'. Ag.i n
the tons., .r, V r,,,., hiiu t .cast .ricluu to
viindwiiiil. .iii.l hniunl to iiiakoaileliiiirtothe
southwo t an I nut. nml ut last lie round an
entrance to tho bllllai.l loom. .Mr. D-pevv
passed through t1H tiarruonis, temporary and
Permanent, ami reached the. rotunda just n;
tl.eantl-ll.irrison bnnnorwat being tinnipled
uuuer foot. Tho dnu mues ol hUB-Jilty,
pushlnu this wny nnd thnt, elbowed him until
his hat foil off. in the twinkling of nn oyo It
Was trampled tuitof all sent hliincoof tlio latest
Imported article. Mr. Depew mntle no at
tempt to recover the lost tile. Setting bin
I' eth ho rosolutoly pushed Ills way toward tho
elovator. He Arrived thero with, his hair
dtshuvollcd. his coat torn, nnd his collar
wilted. Ho looked liko tho J'resbvtorlan min
ister In one of Ills own stories, who attended
an Irish plcnlo and danced a " throo-haudod
reel" luM. to bo sociable.
aosui' or nn: ioxwxtiox.
IleleBatee Hemline Home for Instructions
Col. Abr St,ip.kT Victory.
MiNNEAroMs. Juno a Tho AYestorn wires
nro loaded down with tolegrams to delegates
from tholr constituents ordering them to voto
for ono or nnothorof tho candidates. It Is
assorted that In nlno ensosout of ten theso
telegrams have been sent in rcsponso to tho
direct request ol the recipients, upon whom
pressure is being brought to bear by friends
hero to chango their opinion. In nnswer to
arguments from the othor side tho delegate
shows a handful of teleginms from homo and
says ho would like to voto the other, but ho
must represent IiIb constituents.
Jerry Husk's boom got horn yostordav along
with Ooorgo Washington Chllds ot Philadel
phia. It Is Inng-linired and frowsv nndsmolled
ilko cabbage. The Wisconsin crowd fattened
It. Thoy woro badges declaring tho long
haired Secretary to bo "a slatostnan, a soldlor.
and a farmer." Ju-t aftor Ooorgo Washington
Llilltls passed the press soat.s thoio was a
craning ot necks to see the man who walkotl
bohlnil him. This othor man woro a pointed
Iron-gray beard, soft brown hat. and a Dexter
red necktie.
" Who Is ho?" nsked sovoral.
" That's Col. PJllott 1'. Shepard." said a New
York man.
"Oh. Is that him? Well, I'm damned!" re
sponded a Chicago man.
John Jay Ingnlls's red nrektlo was one of
the most striking objects in tho hall on tho
seconJ day of the Convention. It imparted to
Sir. Ingnlls's personality much of the npponr
nnco of a sunset a sunsot soitetied by tho
cold blue light through the roof, but sug
gestive of the rcnl article. Ingnlls's fneo Is
not unlike the setting sun at Hie clo-e ota hot.
lias-.y summer il-ty. Tlio necktlo completed the
picture. You have all seon tlio i ays of the de
clining orb of tiny coloring tlio low -lying
strata of clouds to a deep crimson, soft but
brilliant, a lied of rare ricbnes for tlio slovvlv
sinking disk: so tlio sublime redness of In
gnlls's iKcktlu served to sot oil the copper
of his face. Dut Senator Wolcott camo near
tying Ingalls with a sc.irt of tlio delicate blush
of the society bud. a modest tnodluin between
red and pink, retiring, though firm In In
sislanco upon n right to bo seen it not heard.
Col. lloblnson, the commander of cuss words
from Noith Dakota, cussed Delegate Uletison
hack into tlio lllaino inmp yesterday and
thcie was a jubileo in tho Nottli Dakota
crowd. The Colonel was ns-sted by n lot of
folks from home, who brought with them a
noose rope ami declared that any North Da
kotnn who voted against Illaine was a horso
thief nnd should bo treated as such. Oleason
said tlio pressure brought to bear was too
Jliss fJraeo ll.ilnlridgfl Is a 17-venr-obl ad
mirerof Harrison. She hns not been ashamed
to show hut colors during the Convention o
cite'uont. anil had trimmed a swing which
hung before tho house in a very appropriate
fashion. Tho ropes wero twined w itii festoons
of rod. while, and blue, nnd between them was
hung a poitrait ol President lltirrjson. sur
mounted with a verltnblo grandpa's hat. whilo
out in the sard and watching tho crowds
stream back and foilh in fiont of tho house.
SHss.Cr.ico always wore a Harri-on bailee.
The mombeis ot tlio Columbia Club soon
recognised in her the originator ot tlio deco
latlons on tlio swing. They began to expross
their appreciation of her sentiments by lifting
their hats to her as they went by. Then tho
club chorus soronnded her, anil hist night tho
entlro organization paid its tespects to Iter.
It Is a pilo of fun to watch tho crowd in tho
West Hotel corridor. Whenever there is an
argument a ruli is nindo for tho point to
bear what is said. Yesterdav two mon. evi
dently old !ricnK mot fur the llrst time in
several years, and wero accounting to each
other for tlio intt-1 veiling time.
"You heard about my last baby, didn't you?"
asked one.
"Yes; liomustbe nearly two v ears old. now,"
replied the other, and then tho prowl fiithor
iliovvapli.itograr.li from his pocket to inhibit
to his ft lend. All this tlmo an eager crowd
bad gathered mound the two men. and by tho
time that photog-npli had b. en inspected
probably a hundred men were around tho
spot, each vvoincd lor fear something would
get away from him. As thoploturow - handed
back to the owner, lie was nudged In a tinen
dilTcient place-, und as many voices cried:
" Let me see it."
Ex-dov. I'or.ikor sent for nn Atkans-is dele
gate yesterday in a missionary frame of mind.
"Now. what would your State do in tho
event of a falluro to nomlimto on the llrst bal
lot?" he asked.
"Stand by Harrison," was tho ready and
positive loply.
"Hut supposo it should appear to you that
Harrison could not possiblv ho nominated."
persisted the doveinor, "what would sou do
after two or three ballots?"
"Stmil by Harrison," tlio loply cnmo again.
"Will then- not come a period in tlio ballot
ing when your delegation would be willing to
voto for Mr. lilalne? continued the Oliienn.
Tho dologates almost guessed tho answer.
"Never!" The ovtiovornor did not do any
more missionary work tho whole afternoon.
Tho town is crowded. It Is almost impossi
ble to move around tho st roots. T ho crowd In.
the West Hotel to-day was so detmu that it
took moro than twenty-llvo minutes to go from
ono end of tin- uliiiula to the othe., nnd
almost tho only way to go at all was to get
In the line of some club that was forcing it.s
way through. Yet in tho fnceot this the pa
pers print this udveitisement;
The ritlet's' t'onniltt. r utt AicominodAtlon hate
vet unaM.if.'tit.'tm t ouimodntlousror over ls.tioo peot.li.',
in, t totn b it k'..I 1'iuirortaule rooms iind tie.lM. rhe
hot. Ii Ale mil full, lit. .'It) is not half lilleil, and the
tltliini roiiilnitlt'ii iiriunxlotm tn ml Urn room llbt
nl on their bonkH IkinloiiurtiTn. t-orner Thiril mm et
tnj llrtin. tiltt avenue K. JI I oliant. seirU.try, W J
Miele, I'hnlliuau
Col. Al o Slupsky has accomplished his fell
design, and i- almost as happy now as ho
Would bo if he bad iiiatle unlvolsal Ills glorious
scheme of school riloiiii. Chuuucey I. l'llbiy.
Ids enemy In the i mining of St Louis politics,
was knocked out vesterday in his candidacy
for National Cominlttoomiiu Jrom .Missouri.
1'llloy had been commltloumun for four years,
and was opposed to s.'hool reform. Slupsl.y
siys ho'll now knock I'illey Into a cocked hat
tho llrst time htiiipnear.slu Iho. St. I.ouls Hoard
of Kducatloii, and that glorious school reform
will result,
Thero was a big scarn In the west corridor
last night alter the lilainixrowd llnishoil tho.r
street dlsplui. liuutln-ds of plumbers ot tho
lllaino clubs swnimcd into the hotel with sev.
oral hands and marched around, hooting and
shouting. Then a Ilani-oti club got In with H
I and of forty drummers and tried to drown
the Illalnu . shouts ami the lllaino music. There
wtfn n linnd-to-lianil light In n few minutes.
Thu crowd wns packed so closely together thut
very lit t lo dnriugo could bo done, but plenty of
lints were smashed and clothing was torn.
Thero was u struggle over tho pictures of
the ilval candidates. Those wero torn
1 tl.iwn mill ttutnplod on ns fasl as they
vver.. put m. When the lllnlnr- nnthiislnsiu
was at its highest Chnuncoy SI, Depuw
nnd Senator Id -cock, the Ailmlnlstiition
Two of the Pig 1'our of New York, stilted
down th i rn-1;. il stall way lo the lobby. Tiny
ed'.-cd their wnv through the jam until they
leacbcil Ii. e llnor. hut it was with difficulty
that they piu.-eeded luilher. Thev would ll.ivo
be. ii t r, . in ji It-il under foot, I ul f.u tlm fa.'ttliat
some nl tlio lanblo lecngul.ed Iheui and as.
nlsteil them to get lo the s met, Whuii the
eiusliwasat Its giealo-t .iiul thoro-wiis dan
ger ol a panic, tin police being unable
to .lo am tiling. o-('oii:iessiiiaii Snyder ot
.Minnesota suddenly juniped ujiou tho olllco
e. untei, mid in bti iituriau tones should a
warning that it the.-roml did not iIIxpoihc the
lloor mlglit give wa This produced silence,
anil In some manm r thosn nenrost tlio in
trances maiiageil to get out, In a few m"
ineiils Hie uesiuio was relieved and the dan
ger had passetl.
Prank llatton, Iho minor of tlio Wnslilngjon
J'i1, lias declared repeatedly thnt neither
lllaino nor Harilson would be nominated, and
that it would be vory unwise to nominate
iltlior. lie was asked last night If Iio had
changed his opinion. , ..
"1 have not ''r,i, he. "It still remains the
.same. If am tiling, my opinion as to the innu
v Istiblllty of nominating eltlior llhiliie "r Har
llsoii lias been btrengthene.l by the i',''j0i
the imsi few days So lunch but" r feeling ms
been ongi-iitlercil that it w iiibl bealniost sill-i-ldalto
ch iosh either num. it must b ronie
strong third luait. mid I don't care who no i.
"Then oti think nuitlior lllnlno nor Harri
son will bo nominated In the Convention
" I believe there will be nbout loo scottcrinc
votos, uud neither Ulalnu nor Harrison. Mill
havo enough to carry either ono throimh. Of
course tills is simply guesswork, but It looks
Hint way to me.',' , , .. , ...
As Sir. Hatton is ono of the elirowdestob
servers of tho political field In tho country his
opinion may lie accepted as Indicating tho
complicated character ottho situation.
Thorewnsaconferoncoof colored delesatos
last night at a private houo on Honnepln ave
nue. Moro than titty, of the 110 nogro dolo
gates wero present, l-retl Douglass nnd SInyor
Washburn iiddressotl tho meeting. It Is fnld
Hie object of the meetlrg wns toeonsolltbito
the negro voto, which roproflentB the li.-iluli.'O
of power In the Convention. Inclileiitnllv.lt Is
sabl that Mr. Washburn has Ylco-Pie-ldeii-tlnl
Tlio SHssourl delegation nlmost came to
blows yosterday ovor tlio soh-rtion of n Na
tional Committeeman to succeed chntim-ov I.
Fllloy. Tlio Herons men enntendotl that Sir.
Fllley had not put tlio campaign fund where It
would tlo the most good, and used thlsns an
nrgument against his reelection. Fllloy. on the
other hand, brought witnesses Into Parlor D at
tlio Nicollet to provo that lie hntl always ex
pended tho funds judiciously. Tint tali: was
very nncry. Hie Ho direct passing about Indl -erlmliintoly.
The vote stood: borons, 10:
Fllley. HI: Warner. 1.
llallroatls ternilnntlngln thoTwIn f Itles havo
ngroedto honor at once for return imssugo tlio
excursion tickets of tho delegates and othors
attending the Convention This Is th-result
of n lively complaint made bv visitors who ob
jected to being held here two or thiee d.ivs
for the good of Slllinenpolis. Tho original
agreement was nindo by thu railroads to hoi I
visitors here until 1 rldnv or whenever tho
Convention might ndjouin. Hut tlio protest
from the people wliowtititcd to get out ot town
was too heavy for them yesttuday, and Ibis
morning thoy publish the iiiitiounceiuotil that
tickets will be honored to-day.
The National l'.veeutlvo Committee of the
Amerlcnn ltcpuhlicati College League, thenew
political organization formed nt tliot'nlverslty
or .Michigan a few weeks ago, held its 111 f-t meet
ing at tile West Hotel tm Tiicsilav toiletermliie
upon the genetal polli-v to bo pursued by tho
league during tlio coining year, anil particu
larly during the campaign. Another meeting
was hold to-dav. Tho rcporta of sub-committees
showed tho lengue to bo in a very pros
peious condition. and plans were formulated
for pushing the work with increased vigor.
At a meeting oi the alternates of tin Califor
nia delegation veslerday this resolution was
unanimously adopted:
:,.Wirf. 1 li.it the nltt rnnti'S of the 1'illfo-iiin ileleii
tioti beltet Instil it II. ey leprnetit tlio ui.liet nt the
iiciple of their r.spi t tit.' M-i'tuili .ire unatiltent.slt In
litor of .lalu.'H II lllatne a.llie nominee ot the .Villi
l cit.oa rmiTf ntion mi 1 rtiint that thev havcliultbe
putttrto cast toe totes of inllfiirnla for tilta.
F.-Senntor Falmor of Michigan Is extromo
Iv wrathful over tin- teli-gintu sent hole by a
Detroit Oraiigeiiiati, saving that Palmer or
any other good Vnn-ricmi would receive a mil
lion and a qiiiuter votes that would not bo
enst for ISIalne. What annoys him the moru
Is the fact that certain peojilo have gone to
the trouble of lithogiaphlug the tclcgiam and
me distributing it broadcast among the head
quarters. The World's l'alt President savs
that It Is dirty business to drag religious mat
ters into politics, nnd that it could not have
boon done bv mil fii.-ud of Ids. Tliennme
signed to tho telegram ho bad novor heard be
foie. (haiincey M. Dejiow and Senator lllscook
have been doing a good deal of missionary
work at the headqu'iitersot tltt.so delegations
that havo membels on the fence, l.tito l.i-t
night, hi aildtcsHliig a big gathering of Slis
soitri, Kansas, and Dakota delegates. Mr. De
pew said Sir. Harrison's Administration had
been successful and blessed ho) end anv since
tin- war. and many of the people who were bit
terly opposed to lii in four teat sago wero now
m tho tiont rank of Ids suppottcis.
The Iowa delegation had n mooting with
closetl doors a short time before the as.-oni-blltig
of tlie Convention tills morning. Sev
eral New Y.uk delegates who favored the
nomination of Harrison wore present, and a
speech was mado by Chnuncoy M. Depew. who
was one of the number. Tho effort was in tho
illr.ctioti of stillenlng tlio bucks of the Iowa
delegates, who aro favorablv disposed toward
Harrison. Aftei tlio im ettt g D. Cndy t base of
tin-Iowa delegation said that w bile no action
was taken this morning, owing to the pr.-s.-nei
1. 1 the N'ow .rkers. the I wa del, gates were
considering tlio possibility of seeming the
nomination for Sonator Mllsun.
"The only objection to this," continued Sir.
Chase, "is that the election of Mi. UlNon to
the l'lt-sidency would leave a vacancy in the
Senate, which would bo filled by tho election
i.f ii Democrat. That would be a gteat sacri
fice, but erliaps not ton gp-.it if the puity
could tbeieby seouroa can. Ibbild upon whom
all factions could unite. One of our delegates
will voto for Sir. Allison on the llr-t ballot. and
1 think it is safe to say that tho ontiie delega
tion will swing Intoiino for Ins nnminntioii tint
instant ho develops any stieugth in other
The Michigan delegation held a meeting Im
mediately after the tnorii'iig adjournment in
one of tlie com mil tee rooms ml lolniug tlie Con
vention Hull At it. elose Col. Dutlleld. who
Is to present Oen. Vigor's namo. said that tho
object of tho cotifeienoo wns to see whether
tlu-re was ii ii v Ln-uk in tin- delegation.
"A a rt-ult . .f tliis mooting." said lie. "
can stnt" i ositivelv that some of our delegates
who havo boon sii-peotod of an liitontl.iin.it
to vote for lien. Air.'' i will vote for him as long
as tie re is a possibility of his noininiitlor lie
will receive the full voto of Michigan mi Iho
lir-t 1 allot."
senator stockbrbUo does not take the same
viow ..I tho mutter, lie s,iys at lia-t iho of
the del. gates will vote for llanisoii.
Tills afternoon Dick Qu-iy wasasklng for It.
C. Kerens of St. Lotus, who, ho said, lie heard
had :"-4.i oOori.i.otiuto lot on llairison's 10
noiiiliia'lon. 'Moil toll him." said voting
Ui.av, "that ho can have his money eotuie.l
here, anil doubled, ttebled, or quadrupled if
lie like-." At la-t accounts nouuul tlio money
had been pkn t-"l.
Perry Cnrs.in.thn seven-foot colored deln
gato from the Distil, t .-r Columbia, is olbl for
lllnlno. although bulsn Fudeial officeholder
iintler Hairlson. lie declares that ho is
against Sir. Hat risen for the reason that be
basnet given tlio fru-Americans and lotul
Jiopiihlie.ius of tlie District tlio consideration
duo them.
"Why. do y. ii know, said Carson. "I am In
ndopirtment under n rebel placed thero by
Cleveland, and It H-gists me. I am against
Pri'-ipnt Haiiiso-i. although I hold otllee,
because I am always for my ruco and my
Ceil. Ilute.l JmtirinlnB llt-ii. Lew Wiillnee
mul l:i.s.peiile. flintv III,
Minneapolis. Juno!'. Tho excitement and
worry over the Convention, tlio hard work done
by some of Hio delegates, and tho change of
wnter have icsiillod in placing a number of
dolegntos on the sick list. Several of the mom
prominent delegates are quite III, tion. .1. W.
Husted, although quite HI. is reported Innu .v
ing this allei noon, lb-will not bo nble, how
ever, to attend tlio ( onvciitinn. Cm, Low
Wallace of Indiana went to bod vnsioi.lay nf
tornooti. eoiiiii'i-tcly 'vbaiistetl by Ills labors
In behalf of Hie 1'ie Id- nt s reiionilnnllon, and
was unable this he i ning to leave Ids bod. The
news .. f the Minns n caucus, however, so far
revived him that lo- was about this afternoon,
quit., happy, and .ipp.liently In the be-t of
health. '1 he II. n. tiidiisha A.liiovv. thovom r
nble War (lovonioi "( 1 oiinsvlviinla. lias been
eonllned to his mom nl uo-t overslnco ho m
ilvednt Minneapolis, hut snvs lie will go over
to tlm Convention and cast iiisvoto for thu ru
iioiulnatl .ii of 1'iesuleiit llnrrlson.
Tiiars.tM's (tnwi.MMxo .txuttu.v.
So for Tlcl.ecs to I'll. .mint. to Se.sni.. anil
Othi-r Dlx'.iniftirts unit litiiiosltloiis.
JIinsihiiii is, June O.-Mlunonpolls to-day
Itol Is more angry, disgruntled persons prob
ably than any othci city Intho Fnlted Slates.
Thero are 11.000 people horowho havo been
swindled and browbeaten, and who realle
that Hi")- a"1 I" fr "' I,'a't a day or two
more ot tho iiieiiiiet sort of rob.
bory. to which thev must submit. Tho
p.'0.lo are li alono Iho protestnnts.
The tb legates who were brought ,0r0 for tho
pin pose. .f nominating u cnmllil.ito for Presi
,b nt demand to be permitted to go on with
tl, ir work .ind gel home. They hnvo found
Jliliiiclpoli- i most evieiisho city to live In,
nnd the sto"k of linmev they blought with
them Is Loing rapidly exlniiistid. A thou
H.iud miles or so from home, ns most
of them are, tho situation which confronts t hout
s getting to be more or loss serious, ami they
me less nnd less in a condition, to bo fouled
with. They do not soo nnd thov cannot under
stand am ii'iison for tho procrastination.
Theio have been three sessions of tho Conven
tion, ami thousands of the crowd of ton or
cloven thousand p opln who have attended
each of them have puhl S.l oach for tickets
each session.
Tlio two Hist Fcssions woio bad onough.
That of this morning was looked upon by
the spectators us a downright swindle. It
wiiHoxpoctcd by most of the people who pur
chased tickets that they would soo at least
a llttlo light or hear n speech or two by tier
sons of prominence On the eontrari, they
did not havo a chance oven In llnd their teats
before Chairman SIcKlnloy declared that tlie
Convention had adjourned until eight. Iho
money thoy had paid for tickets was nono ab
solutely. Tho tlckots are sold br sosslons, nnd
those sold for ono session aro not good for any
Tho crowd did rnlso n howl of protost this
morning, but it was not heoded. Moroover.
ton minutes aftor tho sosslon tho Borgonnt-nt-Arms
wont around and shbutod to tho few who
llngorod to soo tho hnll that thoy must got
right out, for tho building wns going to
bo closed at once, Then again tlm '
tooplo wero confrontod ns thoy went
out by htlndrotls of tlckot potldlers nntl
speculators with hamlfuls ot tickets to tlio
evening session, which theV offered for sale at
from S." to $10 each. To mnko tho purchaso a
llttlo moro Interesting, a good many specula
tors ran a sort of lottery with tho tickets. Thoy
hn.l besldos the tlckots for tho ovonlng session
pockets full of tlckots for a half dozon pros
pective sessions.
QTIipy offered tho pick of nny two sosslons
for $15, or tho pick of any sosslon for $10, or a
whole, outfit ot tickets for $.r0. The chances
weio about six to ono thnt tho man who took
ono tlckot in tho lot would got a session that
would last only llvo minutes. It wns
thiee to ono that tho purchaser would not
get any return for his monoy. Thorn wns tho
consoling ceitalnty. hovvover, that the man
who got the nutllt for $oO could see some
thing. A gieat inaiiypersons swore at Ilepub
lio.ius In general und tho managers ol tho
show in particular, ami paid the foO.
This Is the worst the people huvocomplnined
of. N'extto It conu-s tlm food linn- mo com
pelled to eat and the places they havo to
sleep In. At the big hotels, where iicoplo
Pa) -. $10. mid S-lu n day for accom
modations, ham Is served threo times
it tlav. Thore nro other articles of food, of
course, but till aro poorly cooked, and unless
one goes Into the dining room, at some of tho
bolols, at tint llrst tap of the bell. uvoiythlngiH
eold ami unsatisfactory. This is notaltogutlior
t he fault of the managers, for they tlo the best
they can. hut thu few Hotels hero cannot satis
factorily feetl tlio crowds that sleet, in them.
Tlie whlskoysold would kill a mule.
The Wost Hotol management havo cnuso for
complulnt against tho visitors, and they will
probably never cease to legret that the Con
vention wns held In this city. They received
the mob with their magnlllcont velvet carpets
down, and unprotected by covering ot any
stilt. Tho politicians hnvo made wiiuamakcr.s
of the floor, and the carpets are a good many
of.thom ruliu d. In the dining room tne careless
waiters break hundreds of dishes at every
Not to be forgotten uro thostrort cars and
the stiocts themselves. The sidewalks aro
blocked so as to bo almost Impassable. The
street cars aro jammed, and the men and
women bang, m to the bund mils. Just beforo
Convention (lino in tho morning It Is almost
worth one's life to board near, while if you take
a carriage the charge Is about a half dollar for
uvery two blocks. The malingors of tho street
nillwavs haven't had cars on hand when the
scslons were adjourned. Tho lesult hns been
that the Ion or eleven thousand people have
been dumped out of tho hugo hall on top of
two orthreo puny little cars.
Tlie condition of tlio poopl.- who stay in tlio
Pullman anil Wngnor ears of the special trains
that an- side-tracked here is worse even than
the condition of the others. The cars uio hot
bov.es. F.very bunk and every section Is a hot
bov inn hot box mid after n tuiflit lu thorn the
men come out wdb a parboiled appearance.
The lcgitimato nieiclinnts oi tlio town do
not stoon to swindle the visitors, but tho
(ukirs at o as thick as Hoes on a vellowtlog. A
collection of bootblnckH has been Importod.
Th ygivo a shiho that n Now York limn Is
ashamed to wear, and charge from lo to 'JtSi
cents tor il. T he now.sbojs double up the price
of the papers. Above all, and must horrid
.f tlm tinnovances here, is the llsh horn
fiend, as numerous us on n Now Year's night
In Now Yoik. Ho toots all over thoclty all
night, ll.-otjncksantl water pitchers, havo no
effect on him, mid tlio police encourage liim.
. Willi all there Is to com plain about, there
are a few things to bo thankful for The Now
ork Life building, wboi o the now-paper men
are. is not overcrowded. Tho Sllnneapoiis
I lull is one of tlie llnest clubs in tlie ooun
trv with a building almost as line :is
that of the N'ow Colonial Club In New
ork. Tho members havo extended tlio
courtesies of tho club to about as many men
as they can accommodate, and It Is now tho
centre of tho best political gossip evenings.
Tlioro is renBOU to bo thankful to tlio Minne
apolis man generally, for he Is doing hip best,
but twice his be.it would not prevent tho visi
tors from pravltig to be let out of the town.
Tlie distress is keenly felt among tlie dole
gates ironi tho South espechillv. Thoy are
most of thorn poor. Yen fow of thorn biought
enougli money to last over to-day or to-morrow,
tin. I vory few of them have bank accounts
or even friends upon whom they can draw.
T be railroad tickets of many of them will run
out beforo Saturday night.
nn: coi.uisi.it ii:r.i:a.iTi:s.
They Hold u onli-rt'nee nnd Wny Thnt
IM.tlnt- nu.l Harrison tshnulil lie llroiied.
SIisnkuiii.is. June P. Perry Carson. Fred
Douglass, llohr rt Smalls, and othor well-known
colored liopublionns believe that the colored
delegates hold tho balance of power In this
Convention. So does John SI. Laugston. They
have held a meeting, at which most of tho
c-ibueil delegates and nlternntes were present.
They scorn tlio stories that tho colored dole
gates are In the market. They say thut thoy
linvobeen Insulted long enougli on this ques
tion, mid that the greatest insult Is the con
duct of tlie Alger men toward them. They
say that Alger fooled them once, and thnt ho
eann. t undertake tlie contiact the sec
ond time. At tills meeting of coloied
in. -ii there wns a si iitimont to the
ellect that both Mr. Hairlson and Sir. lllnlno
should bo tin. pped. '1 bey believe thai the bit-teme-s
lias bueome so intense tint neither
could win at tlio polls. They are very friendly
to John Sherman. Thev snv that senator
shell uin pays his nolith-nl debts with the
s.imu pn multitude that lie does Ids gmcery
bll's. Thev like Shetmau: thoy t li Ink ho is
tho greitst Itopublleuu alive since Slassa
Lilt, nin'h tllll'-.
It is a f..cl that tho coloretl delegates to this
Citivelitl. n uio tlie most intelligent body of
men ot that race ever sent to any National
Convent!, ii since they have hud the franchise.
They ere clean-cut uud seem to understand
the situation and all its changes. They tlo not
tit I rile, ami mo well clothed. Thev believe lu
themselves, nnd they uiidci stand tho uieutd
of thu pii'senl light.
A 1. tl.tir llctegntlnti llen.nn.U Harrison.
Slivxr irons, Juno'.i.-Tlie Now York labor
delegation of the Worklnginen's lb-form
league nnd Asmx iated Trades of Now York
city met at tlie Windsor Hotel this morning
mid determined to eirctilato 10,000 copies of
the lollowmg insolations, which wero adopted
lii the Wocliilo.l Trades nf New York city,
.'.imposed of eleven unions, with 8,000 mom-bci-shlp.
..li Tuesday evening. Slay HI, at 'Mi
Ninth avenue. Now York city:
Ut 'It'll ill it t-e hellevu Hint Hit- record of J-rer-filfiit
IbirrlMin for the t,t Ihrie jenrs has uliottn I lint lie l
the tnobt t-lnrliile tiindnl ito for sorkuiittneii ami ritrtii
ei i. itlrin.'tn or all lln- list who have hetn mentioned;
tin I tl it tte di limtnl his rt nn llliuatliiu at the Mlllui ati
olis t nntl iiitoti sua rail upon every deleioite to vo'u
lui linn lor llni tolliittitiir rc.nnins
lit- tin', plion of the liiiiietnliio conf. ri'lit'e v 111 do
Hunt to Milfoil) I lie . listen, hunt tthii'li tiotv .'Vint la
-Ml hii'IhI linill rs I etwten tilt-i lllllisor illitereiit bri
i. ii.nr tlie tiiiinlrt, aiiii will nltifiiitety M'lllo lh in lu
III" Ifit I ml ol th. It hole n . 1 I
II.-1- t Uio, r in iirote. timi of lb" worldtictiian nnd
fitrni. r ironi tin, itequr .mitrml labor or Luriq..-an I
Ass i, n'l.t li 1st patriotism is .l.ntt n lit las liruiin m, in tliu
t hill ut Ionian, ami Uelirlnn Sea nITalts
Wt Jilt dip Uio vtorkltliflut It Jlll'i ruNieT voto of the
I'nln it Mates to hlln as Ihu t atiilidule oi tin II. jiiilill.nii
,vi.l That n. lnIeiritioit.it six he .ippninl. il hv tint
.'h.tlr to pri'innt line" ri'.oltttloiis to tin. 11. jiiil.licnu
.Natiiiiiid t oiiveiitlon at .Vlunit.qii'll on Jum- 7
v II. i. tn tin i. Chairman
Jsvur A. I'ov serrotar) of llekvallnii
tr.t.smxaiox 7iiiics its i.if:xo.v.
Illiitue Heiillmr.it Hum I'ri.cllr.illy Illed dm
nl the C'iiilttit,
WvsiitNinov, June 0. Whether It mlsos
from the absence from this city of most of the
lllaino boouiuis, or whether it is a lesult ut
Itifoi million lecelve.l fiom Minneapolis, it is
ccitulii that the lilalne sentiment has prncti
i.illy died out here. The Washington public
veer.-tl mound to-day to a general expectation
..f I'to-ltloiit Harrison's lonoiiiin.illon, afier
al. and iiittny havo come back to thilr origi
nal belief thnt ho will secure the i ovetud j ri'o
on thu llrst ballot. This opinion was ex
pressed fiooly nt tho Capitol and was cup-coii'-iiired
ill by main who are known to bo
not over filoudly to the Administration.
Tln filling" "f sentiment is said to be
largely due to the crowing belief that tho men
who liavo been loudest in jiresslngtli.t name of
li. I'l.ilne have been doing so with the ec.
tie I itioti of I elm; able in this was i make
i te.ilts in Hie llarrieon rants, mil insure tho
di i.iit of tin. liosiilcnt without a. tun. ly tie
siring thu holei'tlnii of .Mr. HI. line, but tatlier
t but of a third candidate. Slimy e.x oriole ed
tm niciaiis hero, including some wlw have
I eon pushing the lllaino boon), luive ex'rosed
this opinion to-dav, uud appear to consider
that tbo i'.x-so detail' bus been mi roll a tool,
bt th- use of which the null- diiilnUtiation
ut n hive hoped to get revenge ou Pi. spli-nt
Har i in fr liim-lcd r real slights.
lie- linri.s n m n insist thai Sir. Ilbine's
II III w, 'I 11 Jt 'Ve'i bo piesuntetl. and that lie
is . .actiuilli out of the qiio-tlon. Tho de-M.it.-ln-s
wliioli hnvo neon received In-day lit
the White lloiisetiro.il tills tcn..r. and tlie Ad
nilulstiation leaders in .Minneapolis declare
themselves conlldout that thu President will
bo renominated without anysorlous opposi
tion. Tho vlotory gained In tho Committee on
t rodentlnls. In thocontest between the dele
gations from Alabama, was a matterof con
Itratulation at tlie White House to-day. Pri
vate Secretary Half .rd was so pleased with tho
sll nation, as it appeared to him this nflernooii,
'Imt he exrrcs-ed tho opinion that the Presi
dential forces wero strong enough. If they
ii red to do It, to force matters to n crisis to
night, taken ballot, renominate Hun. Harrison,
a .1 thin conclude tho most Important work
i i f th - Convention.
. I nt it evening Washington was utterly bar
ton ot excitement. Tlio morning despatches
i f i -Jin Sltniieapiilis,lnsteadof arousing intorest,
noted ns n, sedative, anil no ono would havo
nus ted from thonppearancoof tho streots.
theCnpltol mitt tlie department buildings that
one of the most Important oii-nts of tlio year
was ponding, llullctlns were posted (ti various
places, but thoy attractod llttlo attention,
and tho Convention was unanimously votod
tho dullest alTalr of tho kind uvor beard of.
When nows of tho lecoss arrived oxerybody
expressed disgust. Thero wero ninny specu
lations ns to the real eauso and motive of tlio
delay. It was goncrnllv believed that tho antl
Adinlnlstrnlloii men at Sllnneapoiis were spar
ring; for wind, and hoping thus to damage
tho Harrison interest mid ut the same
time to gain an oppoitutiity for making
new deals In tholr own bohnlf. Tlio
almost universal opinion was that tlie delay
would be lata! to Sir. llhiine'sovvii lioinlnatioii.
nnd that Iio was nowvlrtunllv out ot the race,
whether ho formnlly withdraw or not. Tlie
favorite argument of the aiill-llarrlsoii men.
that doltiy would nlso be disastrous to tho
President. eoinod to bo no longer assented to
bv Hie jiti Idle, and tho admirable staying quali
ties of tho Harrison boom were frequently dis
cussed. Tlio liopuhllennsnt thoCnpltol ovlnoedsomo
anxiety to-dav about the activity of the silver
men nl Sllnnoapolls, and wero iiptuohonsivo
lest tho Convention bo led Into a Inlse or weak
position on tlio free coinage question, The
text ot tho published sketch lor tho silver
plank of tlio platform wns si.riillnl7etl with cnio.
and it didn't seem to please tlio ltepubllcatis
very well. Ne.xt to tlie ticket Itself, tills is
tleuinntl by them Die most impottnnt point to
bo settled by the Convention, nnd many Ile
piiblicatiH hero tire ufiutd of being otit
generiillctl by tlio Democrats on this Issue.
As tlm evening wore on tlio streets tn nr tlio
telegraph and newspaper olllces became more
crowded, ami genuine Interest In tlio Conven
tion revived when the dotulls of tlio evening
session begun to arrive
itr.Aixi: sm:s Tin: iti:voitTi:its.
lis Siijs III Health Is Verfert, hut Ke
I'nsesi to 'I'nlk in I'nllllcs,
Boston, Juno II. " I fool that I am a perfect
ly well ni. n" wero the wolds Sir. Itlait.o used
ton ropoiler this noon wlion Inquiiy wasmnilo
as to his health. Sir. lilalne remained in his
room to-day until l.ito In tho afternoon, but ho
was not so hard to approach us lie was v e dor
day. He grunted th" cevvspapor men an atnll
onco after ho had eaten his breakfast, but ho
carefully avoided ttuv allusion to tlie political
situation. Tho most interesting feature of
that reception was tlio scoring which Sir.
ISInlne gtiMi to a newspaper which had pub
lished this morning mi alleged interview with
him. Tn that inturvlnw it was nlloged that Sir.
lilalne was asked why lie teslgneil. nmlthe nn
swer uttrlbuted to him was: "'Ah.' exclaimed
tho Societ'iiy. stinlghtenlng himself sud
denly and lilting Ids chin. "I cannot answer
that question. 1 shall huvo to let tho other
side tell veil that.' "
"'Hy thu other sido you moan Sir. llnr
rlson''" "'Ceitainly.'"
Sir. Ilhiinn i end the alleged Intnrv lew while
the new-paper men were standing around
him. and lie didn't iiiinco nntteis when ho
spoke. "There Is not one wold of truth In
that statement." said Mi. lll.iinc. "I did not
see this man al all, and he did not see me."
With the Ice tltiis bioken the repot tors trijd
to induce Mr. Illaine to talk upon the subieot
uppermost in politics. Hut Mr. HI. line knew
bow to dodge such questions, and the inter
view' contributed nothing of iutui est on that
A pollticnl friend .f Sir. illaine. who lias had
a long chat with lilm. g.ivt out this important
information to-day:
"All this talk about Sir. I'.taliio having a
dlfToiencn witli President Harrison in tlio Cabi
net Is wilfully and perxersully niagnllb'd. .Mr.
Illaine hud no personal quart ol whittuvnrwltli
the President. Whatever dilT.-rences there 1
between them is purely political. Mr. lllaino
would raise his hat just as polltulv were lie lo
meet President Hairlson on the stteet to-day
as ever he did. and the President would as
properly respond. Thov are on speaking
tonus. Theirsejiiirntion Is wholly political "
"Will Mr. lllaino bo in Hi contest nnd a
candidate to tlio extent of several ballots?"
Was asked.
" Ye-, lie will. Ho savs: 'If the liepubllcan
party want inn now I am willing to abide by its
judgment.' I am not attempting to givo Sir.
Illiiln.t's words, but that Is substantially bis
" He will not withdiaw, then '"
" No. I don't think be has nny Intention of
doing so, but he doosn't lift a linger for him
self, nor does ho mean to do so."
Sir, lilalne has decided to ptolong his stay In
Huston another day. He will not leave until
somothing decisive is done in Sliiiueapolis.
if iiLAixn siioci.it in: itnorvi-.n.
Hits Rl-nl Friends Would Xeirr Forltr Ills
1'retellded Ones. Senulnr Utile Savs.
WAHiiijifiTON'. Junnfi. In nn interview pub
lished hero this evening Senator Halo Is
quoted as follows -
"1 know no reason why thero should bonny
doubt about the presentation of Sir. lilnino's
name in tho Convention. The truth is there
me among those who wore foremost In urging
Sir. lilalne to bo n cmididuto this time nun
who did not want so much to see him nom
inated us they did to use him to tie
feat tho leuominatlou of the President.
These aro tlio mon who now express
doubts ns to whether -Mr. lllnlne's name will
or will not bo pr. sentetl to tiio Convention.
'J hoy think they havo accomplished their pur
pose of defeating the Pio-blcnt, and now thoy
are mann-nvrlng to diop Sir. Illaine also mid
nominate a third man. I think there is dan
ger that thoy inny ho sueeo-sful in thlsmovo.
Tint If they prevent the nomination or Mr. lllaino
In Ibis way, Sir. lllalne's friends will never for
give them. FitherSIr. illaine or .Mr. Harrison
should ho the nominee. This is what 1
luive thought all along, and 1 still believe
it should be done. Wo can elect cither
of them. Wo could el-ct a third man.
for that matter, but if Sir. Hlalue's
nomination is defeated n nv by tlio men who
hnvo jirctetitlcil to be ft r lilm. it will havo a
very bad effect among his ic.'il friends. I am
not sure that the postponement of the ballot
ing Is in Sir, Hlulne's Inteiest. It muy be pait
of tho plan of the men 1 have spokon of to set
him aside. 1 think Sir. Illalin-'n Interests
would be best served hv going lo a ballot at
once. 1 think ho could bo nominated to-day."
When nsked If ho hiiilhiiilnnypilvateadviceH
from Sllnneapoiis this morning tbo Senator
said he hail despatches which convinced lilm
there was a movement afoot, such ns In-hud
si oken of, to set Sir. lllnlno aside and tako up
a third man. Who the tldr.l man was likely to
bo the Senator would not Indicate It ho know.
He f.nefc tn the Thontrr. I.cnslnu; Mrmlier
of the t'ahliirt (u 'Crt-eUr flic Xi-ivs.
Wvsiiini-.ton, Juno O.-Tho President, Sirs.
SIcK'ee, Secretary Husk, nnd Limit. Parker at
tended tho amateur performance of "Damon
and Pit Idas." nt the National Thcatroto-nU'lit.
given for tlio benefit of the Women's lielivf
Corns of tiled. A. II.
Tlm i'losldi ut on his entrance was loudly
applauded. Ho remained an iuletesied sin e
tab i tliiotlghnut the p.qfoinimi. o, returning
P. tlm I. xeMitlvo .Mansion n out Iiijio P. M
At tlie J.xociitlve Mansion ho round Sicto-
tari- l.lkins, Attorney.iloner.il Miller. St -
tnryl ostef, and Secietary Tiacyin the r nun
of Piivat.. Seere Jury Hulfonl, nettling news
from (hot onvciiiioiia!,t eat, e trout the win i
lit tin- adjoining ro A number ol irivato
despatches weio lecelved, some suipiis.i
Was explf-ssed that thu President, lb
most Interested In the niiti..m "f H'.i
I'onventlon, si led to bo Ihelea-t -on,., in. I.
having for tnroe hours been nw.iy fr in all
sources or Infoi inatloii, All news n .- -iv. .1 i
tho I x. cutivo Mansion was of the nio-t . n
counigliig ohmuoter, und thosn pie-ent in
innliiod until late In tho night i. .i.luu' ' Hi
evident satisfaction tlio private ile-p.itches
und the pi cm bnllellns.
tlrehiiiu unit the Vlrr.S'l i-stileiici.
( II'. viio. Jim '.i -A I'nltetl lr" r.q 'iter
called at tho resl 1 ucoof Judge i.r.-liam Into
last evening to inai.e Inquiry eon in m; th i
rcpoit that hi. hit i iiti'ormod the I', ." o mana
ge is tmt he wool, I incept see ml i u-cuia
ticket headed I Mi. lilalne. Mir til-sham
sent word In tin- ..p.rter that tb. e'.!.) Iia I
In en ill, ill. lav, ami v. istheiias.eeji in I that bo
s -tilil not bo set .Mis. (iiesbti' t is tin i
u-l . tl il tlioio vvi's a y truth in th" i.q it. nnd
iilt.rucoiisiilei.il.! leltiv she lepl,. Ithalslii
did not know, and lid not nnswer lie- que
lb n. Tins iiini-i .ni.ilttal niistici, io.led
wlt'i tli" fiit-t tli.it .)' I ' ("lesltani Is I i .w-itn
luive tocelved a gr- it uuinl'.-i of len-raiiis
fioiu Minnoaii. lis j, iday, gives soiu i cio-
ilon-'o to tho Slliineap .'Is btory.
Tlm True l.intlei I'rliirliile
Of the pi nils used in mil iiiutiiriiik the pi .ttuitrein
.ij sv -upor r.-w i s, ,i reiinint, iniii". c tie, i
t n tilt 'anii.tn k.st. ii tt r le it.,, eli, a i ir:i t Oil. ex
trat'ts in. I mineral - .1 ill i ir ikhiI'v so.d um lti-,ii,s.
are p i.i.iiieliiit inn rieu. Iteitii. s. l a luri i ti
Htilu, i-ie tri.e r-in. It onl- .MiiuuruL ureU h thu
Ctlitorata 1 isjrupi u A'lt
Mor;anA Uro sktskc Warehouses. 'J.13 2.TI West 47th
st. nrar broad way separate rooms fur turn. lure "
per tuiinth itLtl upward, luspectiou sjliclled.-Jif.
two' azaA'ama Ticur.is. '
The Cleveland lien Forco r Hpllt nn,d Trro.
Jlrraocrntle F.lectornl TIehet nro N.imed. ,jj
SIoktoomki.v. Juno O.-Orovor Clovolnnrl "t)
must bo held rcspoiislblo for tlm loss ottho
electoral voto ot Alubnmn if It shall not bo
footod up In tho Doraocratlo column next ,J
November. Two Democratic doctoral tiakots !
will bo run in this Htnto. thus dividing ,'i
tho voto und giving the llenubllcnna tlin
cbaiico to cast tho majority voto. Noth-
lne short of tlm deleat of Clqvelaml 'j
In tho Chicago Convention can ehnngo this. i
Tho prlmnrius would havo resulted In n har
monious Convention, hnd It not been saun thnt j
It was probable that the Hill mon would con- '
trol It. Tlion theio began the soliomlnjr by i
thoClovolnnd lcaduro to kill olT tho. country
votes. r .
(Iov. Jones was not disposed to tius.li his, can
vnssnt-tliii oxponse ot party harmony, dipt.
Kolb. although suinttiiig iiiulor personal1
gt Iov mice. W' mid havo ubidotl the result
of an adverso Convention, but tin) Un- f
prluclplod tueaiia resorted to to turn tho ;
delegates for Cleveland wore so transparent '
with (mud that ('apt. Kolb could not restrain .',
Ids friends. Tim Jones Convention was or-
guiibcd bv declaring a lot of men eleetul who ' , ,
bad no claim to Iho title. It has nominated ,
Jones for (ioveruor und solecti tl Cleveland ;
delegates. Tho Kolb men orgatiUetl nnd '
iiomlnutod Kolb for (lovornor. eb.-cle.l a full
miti-eiov eland aelegation to Chicago to-day.. ',
and proposes tn tight It out to the end. Tha1 -ft j
result is n split in tho white vote. , , Vj
ci.i:ri:rtxu mi:x iii:.iti:x is' rrxAs. 'si
A Itcsntiittnn lnstritctlnu; lltr tlm Cfnlmnnt V I I
Jleateil hy n Vote- ufStSII In IIO, f- I f
TNniT WoKTtr. Juno P. The big fight In thu, J J
Texas Democratic Convention tool iilacoys-j t? v I
turdiiy atlor a strong free silver plank had ' f ! j
been adopted. The question ot liiBlruotlng; ' !
for Cleveland camo up. Thu majority tvircirtorl 3i i
thocommlUeo was In favor of Instructing for
liir.u A minority opposed thl". After.throa ;
bouts of wrunglltiga BUbstltuto was adopfed, 'j j j
by n voloof.VJtl'j to 170. by which tlio 'dolo- -,'
gates are Instructed to act as thoy doom wise- , i
John Ireland. J. W. Tliroekmorton.il. P. Sic-' ' i .
Donald, nntl Soth Shophord weru elected delo- f
gates at largo. Tbo delegates Btand sixteen
lorClevelnndtofoiirtconforlllll. . ', 3
uxiiapi'v c.i.r.rr.LAsn .triv; J
Not Nemlv o Sure nf I'hnt Tvrothlr4a C
.VliOoi'lly ns They SWl'o u IVis- Ilnv" Ar. '- I
WvsiiixtiTriN-. Jiinoli. Tho Clevoland Domo- '
crals in Washington nro feeling doeidedlysoro ' I
to-day o-.ur tho action or tho various Stato j
Conventions jesterday. They expected that ?
all tho Southern Conventions woultl positively . j
Instruct lliutr delegates to voty for Clovolnntl. J
as they have constantly doelnrod that ihojr" 5j'jjj
would, mid the fact thnt nono of thorn did po Is al
ubillor lull for tho ox-l'resldent's trionds to J S
swallow. The proceedings of the Texas Cfon- H
ventlon havo licon incorrectly reported fn s6v- m
er.il papers as altogether favorable to iir. ' fc
Cleveland. The facts nro thnttho Committors oi
on llesolutlons roportetlin favor of Jnstrtictlnir
tlie delegates forClevoIund, buttiioConvoQtlon ' w
turned this down by a motorily of nearly 3 to; "lS
1. and ndoptetl a substitute resolution refiis- S
ing to Instruct the delegates. For a btato jfi
which all along has lien claimed forC'love- w
land, um! conceded to him by everybody, this
s.cins to tho ( levelund people here a pretty
sei Ions setback. Thov aro ulso greatly ilisap- j
pointed titttio action of tlio .Mississippi Con- fj
xontlon in sending uitlnstruetod delegatoHtoi If
Cldcago. 'Iho ( luvoland men aro muoh ills-1 il
gruntlcil. too. over tho cool treatment of their ii!
idol bv tlie Slsryiaml Convention, whicli ' Jl
not only refused to lnstruot Its dologates. ijl
but nlso i ejected, by a majority of '.I ill
to 1. n subsequent uineiitlmentto instruutfor S
Cicvoland, and stipiuessodand ignored an Jn- ;i
tllgnnnt memorial from the loiing Slo'n'sl S
rlevebind Association, touching tho c induce
of tho recent Kultimoro prlinaries. 'jfi
Altogether. Cltiveland Hemocrats In Wash- B
Incton mo not by tiny means its. sure of that B
"two-thirds majority" to-duy us they were; S
yesterday. j .'
run hemocuatio lriawAic 1
Twenty Tl.oosunil I'eeele. 'Will Gather Tin. 31
(let SIM Canviin Hour. j
Cmrxfio, Juno 4. Itichnrd Ilrlght, Sorceant-nt-Arms
of tho Democrntlo National Commit
tee, is liero to see that tbo wigwam Is com
pleted antl all necessary ananeeminti
made for iho Pomoernlic. Convention. Tlio
roof is an enormous atroteh of circus canvas,
siipportedliyn sovcntj-llvo-foot polo planted ;
in tlie centre of tho hull. ',
The canvas; was adjusted In loss than nn ,
hour this morning, by llfty workmen. Tho j
canvas was tln-n fasfened to tho supports -I
around the walls, and tho big hall was for tho j
llrst time covered over. .
Tlio ulK-etxyaH ratlier novel, tho Interiohfiv- 'a
ing mon tlio appe.iranco of a circus than a. I
sttlistnnti.il Conventi. ui-ball. Ilrlght Is of tlio 1
oiilulon that the wigwiim is too largo. 1
"1 think." said lie. "thnt a capacity Tor
10.000 would have boon lnrgn enough. When j
Sougot'JO.OUO iicoplo together they uro hard i
to manage. If anvthing bhould happen It ' ',
would bo awkwm.l. 1 tldul:. howevor. Hint wo ,
will luive a bettor Convention hull than tho
onent Mlnne.u oil-. I have just como from
that city, and while the wigwam will surpass 1
the Convention hnll, that hall Is a good one.
The decorations mo grand."
irojij-Y 7.i."; a UAxn.
A llespntth tn Alliiiieupoli-, Aantuat Blat-s
iiud In 1'iivoi r EInrrl-.oii. i
Hoston', Juno ti.-'I'lie fourth annual Con
vention of the Loial Women of Americnn Lib- j
orlyis being held ln-io to day. About forty I
dolegates woro iirosent at this morning's sos- , !
sion. Tho following t.-legiam was ordorod, , I
sent to Slllinenpolis
Tothti Itilrtn'tn ul tit' V i'. mtf l.tjtiMtt-tltt f imrrnlten, Jits. .;. I
tt-..rw., ' I
llttfhTlM.. Tlio .Sitti. ml Ai-soi'iattoii of the Loyal 1
Wonn ii ot vnienc.'iii t.il . n t 11 putrl'itlc political or- I
Kinl.aliiiu m aniiinil t .neiiunii ais -inlileil, in Kan- . I
ellll lliol, llimtoi , .1 ,r.-t. expre s tli, ttlli lilltllCil . n-
ilorsi incut of tin- ll'in iiiii'.itin ItiirrUon forrerinni- ' I
nation. Iioliiiltt' Itio Int. re-ts of our land to he h St. ,
aerie I tij his rene tliriortl. iIii"l(.nof soinn-ttnlii a 1 I
1'rotestjiit AiiitruHii U- put.it. an. W. believe, the, , I
lioinlnatioii ol Jaint's.J I t.iine vtlll le.nl toiUliUbliCaa t
defeat. . I
LLiztitLTii Mro it llii.r National I'resnJciit. r
Protest Act.ltist llliilne from Vermont, , i
SIor,iitsvti.i.r, Vl , .Iiitn- 0 - This morning tho , j
follow lug tb -..iti h w i sijitlo II. II. Powers.
Chalriniiu of tb" lerci'iit delegation to tha ;
llupiilille.in Convention at Minneapolis: 1
Tlie t.eotili. in 1 pr. --' ' V ' riniint riirr-t our jiosltlon. ', i
Tnlo n pi.i.ltil. .to ' r 11 ,ri -eli lirsl Then foilotf - I
for vicKiiil. y .uiO s , ii ii i. nt inn,.
lie It II 1 .tiKK. Itll'l nitcsM Clos. 1
, .1 i
A Nritiiil. Tl.r. .Ire III I't-rll. ) i
Jaeohn's 'Hi, ntro lu S.-w.irk. htul a narrow 'il
escape from ib-ti i. i -n last ovonlng The big j j
factory biilldirg le . il ..!, occupied by tho M
.Newark New AC. 'I. nui.it tuiing Company. 'WM
took lire from ait ov. rl eiit.-.l b.ii.or, and il.uu- il
tigolo tlie oxl. nt I ..i.)iio-'.-i,odo wa$tliie. IBB
Miioko potii'.l ml" tb- tl..utio nntl It wan '4H
thought at one Inn I'uu it vv. s on Hi-. Kven JsflH
steam-rs soon ,: ' '. d m tie tire, will h ,'!
vtascontlii d t He- (a -t. i 1 i ilding, v4bB
'I'linv act directly ami promptly on fl
lln' Uvor iiud Stoiiiiioli, ro.itoriiif iH
tlio poiisti.'t(o(l organs to hoalthy MH
ac'ivily, ami aro a positive ami per- tH
fectly Safe Cure fur Constipation, f I
Liver Complaint, Sick Headache, I
Biliousness, ami till othor diseases ;,l
arising from a disordored con,di 'tl
tion uf tho LivoY and Atoinacli. t'l
'I'hey iti-o tho OXLV KKI.IAni.H VKOK. I
TVHIii: I.IVKK 1'llil. MILD: Tiny uro " H
VY.KVVX I'liY UMllLKSs; Thi-v uro
iMKKisY vicfiiivi vm.i-:; i'lCY rlU5M.
Jill, sl II. "..NC K'S) JSnoit on .inximpilust. Vsl
I.lvctr I oin,liiliu nuil Ujrs.uiilu Mem Free. M
DR. J. H. SCI1ENCK & SON. Philadelphia, Pi
'i -.I.W.H

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