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EBf jtiMznr; oy j ortTT.Mtr.t; cnmut xr.r.n
'lsH--i Blutli TTIHeia t'elncTli.lr Clre-nT n-Crcrda
9.HT "Will Now lie HubsjtnllHy utlt Up-811.
nBpjf trr Mining nl n l.'iw .! in Idiahn nn
jflKt Account of tlio l.nn l'rlco r Ihn Metal.
jflHjj Spatixe, Wasli. Juno 4 Tliouch tho snow
jlEjt l still (loop on tho mountains of AlnsLn, tlio
MHf minors, wlin diirlnc tlio Inst fuw months lmvo
, HH-" boon cot tine tholr outfits nt Foattlo. Victoria.
HRl i evndJiiiien.ii. nro stnriinR across tho Chllknt
' HHi Tasi 'o tho lirail wntors of tho Yukon Hlvor.
HK.tt Tho illstnnco from tlio sea to tlio licnrt waters
HHit' br wriy of Clillknt Is only about thirty mllos.
, fljH? wlillo hy vrntar, throucli tho mouth of tho
HjHC rlvor. far up In tho Echrlns Hon. It is liptuoen
HjHv'- 2,000 nnd 11.000 mllos. Alter cro6sitm tho
flH? ju-s. tho minors curry tholr supplies don u tho
K jHtf r'vcr on rnI,a ,0 "10 t'lcor dlRclncs. which llo
BIH, nenr tho Cnnndhn lioumlarv. Lust cnr
MH 170.000 worth nt cold dust was brought out nt
ffljB'4 Alaska over tho Chllknt Pns, niul tho (llc-
rljK! sines nro so rich thnt tho nrrount could bo In-
ilB? creased tenfold were them lettor nionns of
flfH'1 transportation. Kvory round of provisions
jfllHV has to bo curried ovor the pass on tho bnclsot
jllH Indians, who clmreo $15 n hundred for tho
'aliW carry. Then. too. tho Indlnns nro very slow
vjiH and untrustworthy. As things nro nrnr. tho
jlliH start cannot ho mndo until tho first of June
llH end six wocks nro consumed tti reaching tho
illH dlcclngs.
tljB,' Tho return ncrosB tho pass ennnot bi mudo
lljjjH' later than October, and so tho tlinoeonsiimml
iJIH, In cottlnc back fiom Iho mltio-i le.ios tho
'BfH' minor n very short senson Invvlilelito do his
IH'r work. Tho peoplo of Alnskn petitioned tho
IiH Government to spend $'J3,0)0 In luilldlnc n
'jH pack trail ncross tho rns, so that tho supplies
jnPJ for tho miners could bocnrrlid into tho in-
JHV tcrloron ponlos. TlioGoiertiinoiitlin-i not n"-
W .IjjHf ceded to tho request, but woro it to huild tho
T W!HbH trail, tho season wo'ild I o longer, supplies
MJyflflBt would bo cheaper, nnd tho product of tho
'JH Yukon pincers would hecomo nn Important
jKjflflB Hsvrtof tho gold output of tho United States.
jRjpH, TliociontTroadwell stamp mill, tho largest
JB.m. In the world, on Douglas Island. Is running
jlpHi rogularly tho year round. It was closod down
II pB only four days In 1801. and will probably mako
jlaJBf as good n record in 1KDJ. Tho orosaro of low
. :llH grade, butthomnchlnoryof thomillls sopor-
S pH 1 act and Is managed with such economy thnt
j japB tlio cost of hnndllng the orois botwoon 70 nnd
' $91 75 conts a tun. Consequently thero Is n fair
nfll margin for profit. o en whoro tho oro runs ns
I jiff low ns $4 a ton In gold. Tho success of tho
ifll Treadwoll mlno led some English nnd German
Mm. capitalists to put nbout S300.000 Into tho
I- all famous Boar's Nest mine, on the lodgo adjoin-
Inn Inc. but when tho mill began to work the oro
( fjf' threoorfour years ago, tho gold was so benrco
III thnt thoro was ngonornl belief that tho lodgo
if ttm liail boon salted. Aci'Oidlncly the mill was
lil (jlf abindiiticd. Nowforao miners nro trjlng to
ji 9 organise a com) any to glo It one moro trial.
m all "The grent Dear's Not swlndlo" has. how-
Jj 111 o or. hecomo such a common phrnsu among
1 m fllS mlnlngmen that tho task of gettlngnnyonoto
I Jltt I?ut morn money into the property will bo a
S nlltif (Utllcultono.
r BlliSi Somodoielopmont work has boon done dur-
lil5 Ins tho last yo iron tho Ml er Hay gold mine.
i alii III nino miles from Hitka Tho width of tho ledge
i Siillni' Is from twenty to twonty-two feot on tho Bur-
9 fill I fac. with an Immenso amount of rock In
illl!l sight. Tho nssajs run from $W.'i to 5140 a ton.
ff IIIIJ Thotroublo with tho loolopmentofthlsmino.
rl 1(111 as well asof many otliorgooil showings along
;i I IIA" tl10 Alaska coast. Is that capitalists are slow to
UVbIIu put their monoj fnto such a fnr-off pines'.
fEinii! A ship is now building hero at Sonttlo for
!I ill IIl naicatlon on tho ukon KImt by somo
ll J, Chk.igo men who Intond toco extonsloly lu-
if llj! to hydraulic miilng there.
IB ijllll EW MKXIC0-
iMilr SiLvrnCiTT.Juno?. Tho JllmbresConsolI-
IbIiIi'. dated Mining Compnny is running Its mill on
Sill! the Mlmhres Itlvcr. threo miles from Ooorxe-
)ff I II 1 1 town, nnd is turning out considerable bullion.
jU(l h when tho mill was stnrted tho compnnv had
jw lill' . on liand about $7.").0()0 worth of ore. which will
Hill take from than to four mouths to treat, 'ihu
Wl T company is taking out hut littloore now. .Hid
(f llj . when tho supplyon hnnd is oxhnustcd the mill
r Will bo closed down.
1 ll v M. J. lllnton. who owns vnlunblo mining
1 II proporty adjoining tho Mlmbres Consolidated
il mines, and who has expendod about &4U.U0U
ilfn In development work, has leased his mines.
B . and work on them will bc pushed goroush.
M- 1 s The manager or tho Flagler woiks hore is
t if ill . rondy to buy ore. and If ho can make contracts
J M Mli enough to keop tho works runnlngthey will bo
IK 111 r started up. The capacity of the works is about
llrt "' 1WJ tonB ot oro " ay ""d this capacity can bo
4 III t, easily Increased.
In ti Most of tho machinery of tho Telegraph
il mill has boon reinoid to Lono Mountain.
91 U 'whore it will bo put up this summon Thoro
HI is no mill In tho camp now. but thoro nro a
11 . numbor of mints which could ho worked
' H 4 profitably with a mill in tho camp to treat
H i the oro
I III Tho Lust Chanco. mill In tho Mogollons. has
J III boon closod down, but work isbtlll goingon in
. I 11 the mlue. A wln?o has bo n sunk ilfty foot.
i I Hi , and it is all In good oro Tho vein is tnolo
t1 (Hi foet wide, nnd somo ot tho oro Is of very good
, 111 , grado. 'Jhu uor.igo of tho vein Is ii'gh
i H l enough to paxoiponses of mining nnd mlli-
Efi l U1 ing, but in order to make any considerable
i f Jjll ' pmilt on tlio oro it has to bo sorted,
ft U Tho shaft on tho Conlldonco mlno Is down
J W 'Ofent, and is bolnc sunk to connect with tho
Slili (M ', 1.100-foot tunnol which was driven somo tlmo
fell' (11 ? ago.
SIS. M I Dovo opmont on tho Mnud S. mlno Is being
C'fl8v H r pushed rapidly, nnd tho company will eorn-
" IS- II ' morce to tako out oro in a low dns for tho
K. , new mill, which will ho complotod soon.
'' blnco tlio old mill was torn down tho mlno has
S not !"cn Producing, hut for tho past year It
t l supplied moro Dulllon than any other mlno in
'J Mr M ' tho camp. Tho oro is of a higher grado than
'j ' H ' ,,mt found in most ot tho mines in tho dis-
S X' V trier, and the entire oln can bo worked at n
,, S3 H ,' prollt,
i Mi ' Tho Sllvor Mining Company at Ijko Valley
? ' M r K"? started up two Uurlelgh drills In tho
f IB ' Johns shaft, lor sooral months tho dool-
I f m , ppruont in tho mines owned by this company
l) B 'J has boon going on slowly, nnd only baud drills
t f 11 t orouhod. Iho inlnos owned by this conipa-
W i m f ny have heonery productive, nnd thoownors
.j nt havo ionised oer ifl.000.000 in dhldcndu
i I U xjoiii their operation.
i ;r .,,J-b" losseos of thu Pellcnn group of mines In
rflu tho llormosndlxti let hno shipped ovor S.'iO,-
ID OUO worth of oro in tlio hiht threo montlis nnd
8 '. astiikohns boon inndetherowhlchlsdoiolop-
t ing into a largo body of oro A sample from
8 PK1-? tlio pay Btroalcrauoor 1,700 ounces Jn slhor
IHK 81xcnrIond8of oro wore thlppod from tho
; Qj,r Kangaroo mlno nt Kingston last week. hhip.
, Bti wenta from this mlno fiao boon steitdllv in-
1 " creasing slnco tho big stiiko was mndo thoro.
' mwti and tho outlook for tlio mlno is better than
; Klf ejer, .More Mduablo orois being shlppod out
i !&, of hlngaton now then atony tlmu witliin the
Wh? past six years.
j ' ; The Sierra Blanen illstrlct is coming Into
I; ", notice nnd mlnci thoro nro being bunded.
1 im'-J Jniii'rtL.McCiillou2hIs drhlng two tum.ols
Wj ',1 Into Sierra lil men Mountain. UjH shifts nro
If ? work and tho tuntiflo nro belngdri in night
i IMi-? and day.
I" Vm-l aouiu D1U0TV.
; IHii nrunwoon. Juno ('. Tho outlook for n great
: M" output of gold and silor fi.nn the hllU this
ffly loar Is very enconrnglni. Tim iilmk Illils
j m promise to mine mote of tlio yellow metal
JBJf than ntaiiy tlmo slue.) tlio early ihisa Tiu-io
If. Jiover has boon n tliriu when reiioits of i cel-
lontgoldnnd slher strikes wer.iuioio niuner-
! ous than in thu imst four months. heornl
mj uonriirocosscBfnrtliorodiictlunor nro fiirnlih
t anothor fiitorln tho clip.'rful outlook,
i Hr . Thohtnrnndlliilloik Hmdwuro Company of
l this city roci)led yo-tiiid.iy a car load of tin
,R Plato, tliopinduaof nneral cai luads of tin
vm oro which had l.oen hIiImj. ,! from tho liarniiy
js, l'eiik and SI-'giTlJIII tin mines tn thu (!uar-
' nntoo Tin Mills of l'lttsnurh. 'I ho .utlelo is
wiuallf imtsuporloi to tho Jicllsli pinduet.
'! WLi JJl.iek IIIIIi'i s uiii now using tin tor hn iMiln.hl
i Bl urniie(whli'lM.ib dui almost wl liu bight
H of their linnu".
(p A xory Milii.iblo strike was made In tho Coin,
HP' FA',.,.lr'A ' rc"i ,'u )H Blmiv lis Willie to
1MB lie ,1.50(1 ouin os bllur.4'J imr eout. lead, and
JBBh 15 iimi ci-nt. i:old. in this pioipit) many
pockets of hi.'h. grado nro lino been ilKcot-
nl ered, oii'hnf whicin'ontiilns nianytonsof ury
ijW ''I'f1' BfaJo on-. Jno cm load which was
tK Khlppnd li Omaha lai-t weuk netted tlio com-
SHT. panynotrly sl.tjiw uboui oxiionres. This is
Wk one- of the host mlne-i in tho district,
H n last Monday a tuniimmrv oignnlntlon
aM wuseiTecledniiioiighomlneiiwneri.aii(l prna-
.(l poctoraof Onion i Mhur Cnnin to combat tho
: 1(B iirbltruryderrmnils nnd notlmi of tlioMlueih'
I M u'i on, n society for tlio protection nf inlneis
? ' whloli was foriiiodlhcin muiio weeks ago. Tho
. ( Jitilon demniidsnllxpdbcnlu of w.igostlint tho
, . B iiii"orsoftht.cami) nro not able to pay. owing
' H tifthftlnsufllcloiiey of their development. Had
1 fttf I'i0"' '.lns air"-""!' "iikIh its npicnionco be-
, ift taeou the two associations, umi serlouB io-
,'jW fcultsiiro fenrnd.
IIV I, 'sign lirleks of piiro yellow gold worn
' ''IE J.h,,(.' ni". M'''- '"'' "'") 'J "ny i.ro t ho
I lafli i."? '.1'- . "liloli ih a littiu iit Urn ntr-
' &Ut .";' losn i HthN tho (lohloii l'ewr.-.l . Mlii-ni:
tm rt ilu-.Vt1, l'l,"'l'-l''Kli.' hlleknt.n!.h.iii.,l
'3 Wi pollod. 1U"' lUeil ou,',llt ''" tl,u ""o
'h ijlB rouintnn.
I ilffl thnt m,.:1? "') 'T'lni ay will tend to plaeo
'4 tm li Jo Hill VV if "nihil rooting, 'i'hoentiio
Mt nctiilt l i S"J ". "" """-l witu gii-.iter
Hi (' "ciimij iiiim belora t in lie. an i tlio nut nut
1 .he Last i.hanco and Iloly Moes give mot
B ncournBingrepoits, while the Kiuc tiolomon
nnd either croups nre being developed with
mo new camp of Copporltock is proving to
lioono of tho llxollest camps discovered for
sometime, nnd Itichnrd J.lntlilcum, who Is In
terested In nlloiiHcnmps, has just nrgnnlzod
it pompnny which will dovolop n number of
promising prospects.
, Tho mines nt Ilieo nro proving Torltablo
bonnnrns for tholr owners.
At Oiirny.Hllxerton. and I'aihllloconsldorn
bloncthltv proMills, and strikes nro of dally
occu rrencc.
Idaho Citt. .Tunn 3. Tho cynnldo process of
working rohtlllous gold nret has proved a
romplotosurcets nt yunrt-hurg, this county,
Ilonnsm ,lUoorhnohwl their works In opera
tion for two month', nnd hao succeeded In
saving l'8 pi-r cent, of the tuieloui inptalcon
tallied In thn iron still burets nod by tho
Onld 1(111 mill 'I he discovery ot this procs,
by whicli gold oies can 1 o reduced at tho very
small cost nf .SI pir ton. will pioo a great
thine for llolsn Ilavln. ns tho sulphuret ledgos
mo litgo and very numorous. ilerotoforo
but little Was dono on nnvof thpin, nsthoy
could not lie supcesstully treated In stamp
mills, nnd to concent rate and ship for smelting
was ton iiiensle to lm profitable. One belt
or ledges lllled with iitirlforous sill phuretsox
tends from Cntiim Crock to Summit Hat, a
illatntice or firtoen mllo.
l'nwMctors hn o ah endy commenced locat
ing chiims.on which cnnslilernblo development
work will lm dono this onr. Much of tho
Milphurots is very rich, nnd the ledges nro
frmn Hvo to sixty teot In width, resides this
licit thoro nro mmy other snlphuiet mines in
tlmpiiunty nn wlilch work will he done.
Tlio piimnnt the Wn'hlngton mino nro do
ing mod work, nnd the w Merlins been lowered
iruTeot. nr half uny to the bottom nf the mnln
shnfi. II)-.luh 1 a force of forty or iltty miners
Will boat wnrK.
The Bmcllersnt llnyhorso nnd Clayton nro
idlonnd will rimnin so until silver can bo (lis
losed of fur mora than Ks cents per ounce.
Those dlstiicts havo vlelded largely In tho
past, and It Is ory much regretted that min
ing matters thero inn novvnt nstnndstlllon
necoiint of the low prim ot the white metal.
As the snow disappears prospectors nro
working their wnv toward tho nigged nnd rich
Hilmon l'.lver mountains In emitial Idaho
Homo nf the mines ntfihoopMountnlnnnd Sea
foam have developed Into vol v valuable prop
ertle, nnd ihnin Is somo talk thnt a sraoltor
will I hi erectod thoro this v ear.
The Mountain Wueen mill, near l'ionocr. is
running iljht along, reducing over forty tons
of nro per day. 'Iho ownors of this property
will realise eonsldorablo on tholr inveitment
this j ear.
I.irgo veins nf bituminous coal hio boon
illsinvored nenr llavlioiso.
At Silver Clt nineteen mon nro omplovod nt
tho Illnlnn tunnel. The ore body In the Trade
Dollar still buhls Its own, and tho strike in tho
Muck . Tuck is thn leading topic. Tho 1'hllllr.s
A Sullivan Is showing up In tine shatn. and tho
gold oro coming out will mill $'Jut) per ton.
whllo the silver pnition of tho ledgo looks well.
A splendid body of oie hns also been developed
In tho IioonvlHo. A large number nt ovpeits
nronmong the mines ot Silver ( Ity. and tho
phnncesare von ravorahle that somo Impor
tant transfers will soon ho made.
A mining man has gone into Heaver district,
nearliannor. lor tho purpose ot ovnmlnlng
sovorsl of the best silver mines of tho place,
Sevnral of them nro fairly developed ami show
large hodios of very rich ore. One company
will soon commence tho work of sinkingn'-'OO-foot
shnft on tho llolln mlno. Much Isoi
pected of the district ns soon ns n mill Is orect
od so thnt minors enn market tholr ores with
out the hetvy cxpoasoof shipping.
Tucsov. June 4 Sovoral years ngo. during
nn Apacho Indian rnld in tho Matkltango.
several members of a colored company of sol
diers from 1-ort Iinyard. marching acrohstho
mountains, picked up somo gold rock, which,
on assay, yloldod ns high as $.'i,t00 to tho ton.
Col. Tinker and Sam l'ollock spsnt consider
able time and money In endeavoring to locnto
it. but thev could not find the spot agnln. T his
week Joe llrunt and " hheba" Hurst enmo Into
hina'ston nssortln.-; thnt they hndloundtho
lost "soldiers' lode." They exhibited speci
mens that looked oxactl) llko the (haracter of
the rock found by tho soldiers. Onnsinj.lng.
howovor. they fell far short of thobohllors'
specimens, although earrjingconsldornbloof
tho precious metal. Hurst and llrunt havo re
turned to the locality to mako a more complete
Tom Grocnshawmsdo some valuablo loca
tions In the Hnrqua liala country during his
trip there, and miss that ho expects to clear
oU.U00 within niear. Everybody is in good
hplrlts in that district, nnd hns great faitli in
the future of the camp. Another big clean-up
was niado In tho lionnnza on .Sunday. Tlio
Ingot or gold is ten pounds henvior than tho
JH1.000 brick brought in somo tlmo ago. Thy
ban lrancisco men who are trvlng to buy the
mine hi o not closed tho trade ) 1 1.
Samples of rich oro from astnko recently
mndo of the IlasKaynmpa. hotnuin the tormer
location of tho two dan3 of tho WalniitGrovo
water Htor.igeComnany. worn brought in this
weok. Thoorowlllgonlltho way from to?l'J
I or pound, or from Slb.000 to S"' 1.01)0 rei ton.
being horn sllvei. The discoverer Is Fred Ar
nold, who brought in nbout UOl) pounds of nro
from tho claim. Tho dlsovory of this rl;h
mlnornl was accidental. Jiythe great Hood of
leb. 1!-'. lSnu. which curled nut the two
dams of tho Walnut drove Water Stor
age Companv. tho covering of sell which
had completely hidden tills ledgo was
(tripped orT. exposing tho leilre to view.
Arnold, a short timeago. whlln rulingnlong
the creek, mtleed tlio ledge, and thought it
looked as if It might contain gold. Dis
mounting aid taking out his io!l pick, ho
broke open somo of tlio rock, and to his sur
piisu found It to bo horn silver. Ho Immedi
ate!) located tho claim and wont tn worn, tak
ing out some nro 'J lio oro is thoricho-t ever
discovered in that section, nnd naturally cre
ated much excitement, and prospectius nro
Hocking there, und other claims aro biing
Tho mon who purchased the Jennings pi icer
claim on tho llassaiainpi aro washing nut
(onslderabloof thosellow metal. Three lai go
team? and fifteen or twent) nie'i left for Hill
side this week, and ever)thing points to u
lively season nt that en ran this suiumor.
llopnrts from tho Mark Twain am to tl.o
effect thnt n rich strlkf was made In that mlno
last woek. Along tho llassnyampn every Inch
of tho placer ground is holng loioted from tho
(Juartz Mountain to the Sinatnr. 1 hero aro at
least slstoen enmps established, and all nro
reported ns doing well.
Montfuf), Mexico. Juno Ik A comrnny lins
boon orgnnlr.od hern to uiiiulre niut npeinto
the conccfslon granted b) tho Mexican (uiv
ornmout on Juno 14. 1NSH to (ion trauoloco
Olivines for the exploration oi the mining
camp of San Mcnlas In tho noithern district of
thn Mate nf Tamaulipas.
U ho Huhlnnl Mining and Smelting Company
recently Hhlppod Its llrst ear load or bullion tn
lH'aso. Texas. Tho product contains about
4(H)ouiioosof silver and !.'.-) In 'od pnrton.
Thuiiuantlt) of niileksllvei drawn ofTduilrg
tho month of Apill In the (Jiuidaleazn mines
was U.4S0 pounds.
AnowstriUo of au Immenso lo.ly of rich
mlrcrnl has boon niadn in thn Santa Juliana
l'ropoits In the S.iliinal district, Chihuahua.
This Is tho mlno in which the gieut strike
was mr.do a rovi weeks ago. The now strike
consists of a eliiiln of i nven extending Into tho
mountains nnd mniprMiu xariout- ch unl eis
eonnectid by nairow tasngi, Thei-o caves
havo hoeiioxplore.l fo a distance nf ovirllOO
foot, nnd It is thought that thu ditlrc nioun
tain is honiDcombed with tliem. 'Jhn walls
and floors ot these cavtsaroof solid ore. as
saying HO ounces in hllvoi and I'i to ounces
in gold und about Hi nor cent. lend. Tho
a.nountof oro in sialit Is estimated at7!,(jOU
An:i"ic iiy MisrAKi:
JiniKor IIimr D.-.uclid'i- Tlmiuht HlioXXn.
1'uklnu ream nl Tm ur.
ArdelS. Hunt, the Ifi-yeai-old daughter of
tho janitor ot tho Horatio street primary
school, died yesterd.it nt hor home adjoining
tho school from the cflects of arsenic taken on
Wednesday b) mlstako for cream of tartar.
Tho poison n id the drugworo kept In mustard
boxes tlmllir In nppcaianco, and neither la
belled. The girl, nfter swallowing the arsenic,
reinnikodthut It bad not the cream ot tartar
tnstii, nnd tho mistake hho had made vvns con
seriuently at nncj dutoctod. Antidotes woro
ntiplled. which. In a lorfectl) healthy pnrson.
would luvo had etrect, only a erinll quantity
nl tho poison Inivliii: been taken, but tho girl's
ho-irt was vve.il; nnd Aw succumbed, bhn diod
fro.u Ill-Alt failure, thn giitnll caused by t10
nr"eni; l.eliuonli a i nnlrlhutlng ciill-e.
Thn arsenic mil been -,)t by .Mih lldnt to
nolcon nils with, (ho teacho.s In the ichool
liRvlntrobjoitiid to thn pirn-men ot Moiisei a
b Ig eat bi'loiwliig to tho janitor, nnd caused
his banishment from thn building. '1 he noi,., ;
was iiiliehasml as a sujstitiite rat klllei.
Mis. Iiintishiiartbrnken, her deialr at Imr
diiiKhtcrs loss being aggravated In tho
thought thnt tin; inUtuko which caused her
death would not havo been made had the
poison been labelled.
No Xiii tlculnia On Hundnj, '
A bis nogro walked Into tho Health Depnrt
mont yosterday afternoon nnd said to Dr.
"I'vocot lilvos."
" Let mo so '." said Dr. Gllfoll.
Thu negro drew mar and tho doctor jumpod
h.-e!., satire:
" Wliv. mini, tou'vog d small-pox,"
"lih, Ii-il. I'm gone' JMI illim .ni. moaned
thn ni'giii. v ringliu- his hiindj and il ii.clag
mound tlin rmiin.
l;i. tillfnll sunt hlni to North llro l.or Island.
Nodei'llncd toglvolln negru's II I'le. siting
theiUiai'ii fiepartm nt. leing elu-j, cm huu
day, uuuld givu u i inrormnlion.
The Colnmbliin i:xprror.lliu I'tnunj lvaul
Will rter June IS. rrli. n rhlco onn mlnutei
""VJ-L'MM'OiPMM-Ill l l ll I l i jl j ----
The Tribulation ofn Ttoynl Wooer Thirty
tnnr Ccntnrlo Abo.
AnArnbxIllncoonthocftstbnnkof tho Nile
hasroccntly glvon Its nnmo to somo of tho
most Interesting finds Hint archicologlsls hnvo
cot hold of for a number of years. Tho town Is
Toll el Amnrnn. nnd tho finds nro known ns
the Tell ol Aninrnn tablets. Iho Arnbs of tho
vlllngo had long known that thcru wcro rock
hown tombs, rulnod nnd desolate, behind their
town at the foot of tho mountain". A whllo
(go an Arab petsnnt woman was engagoJ In
an cagor soared for nntlqullles nmong tho
stones tint wcro fenttored nround In theso
tombs. Hho. of course, enrod nothing for nn
tlqultlos herself, hut sho knew thnt It sho
found anything of valuo tho foreign nidi
quartans would pay hor n good price for It.
Shocamo upon theso tablets. Thoy wcro of
various shnpes. squaro or ovnl. somo Mat on
both sides, somo convex, nnd nil closoly cov
ered with cuneiform writing. Thoro woro 330
ol thero.
Tlio woman and hor trlends saw nt onco thnt
thoy hnd mndo an Impnrtnnt dlscov cry. for tho
writing on tho hardened clny wns different
rrom that usunlly found In thosn reglonB.
Thero vens considerable competition umong
foreign museums for tho prison, Ono hundrod
nnd sixty of thu tnblots woro sold to tho Ilerlln
Jluseum. the OIzoli Musoum nt Cnlro took
sixty, n fowwont to prlvnto collections, nnd
eight) -two woro securod for tho llrltlsh Mu
soum. 1 hose thnt wcro takon to London have
jtiBt been placod In ono of thn Kgv ptian ronmB
In tho musoum. together with translations of
thn writing engraved upon them.
Onoof theso tnblots, 8x4 inches In sl?o, con
tains ninety-eight linos of very lino cuneiform
writing. It Is mndo of Nile mud, nnd bears
upon It tho mnrriasn propotnl of n ruler of
J" gjpt fur tho hand of the daughter nf tho
King of Dnbvlon. It is evidently n duplicate
copy of lettor written to thn Ilnhjlnn ruler
ov or I hlrty-fnur centuries ngo. or nbout 15.(01).
C. This little, tablet admits us Into somo of
the Innermost f-ocrets of Inlacollfn In r.gjpt.
There arn other tablets also relating to tho
snmo matter.
It seems that Amenonhls III.. King of I'gj pt.
hns nsked In marring the hnnd nf Hiikhartl.
"the llttln one." thn daughter of hnlllinun Mill.
Ivlng ot llnhylon Thn King, however, unsworn
tho request ot the l'gtitlun ninn-irch with
words ot reproor. It nppeirs that thn rnjnl
lg)ptlan was already lnnrrled to tho slstnr of
the King nf Hah) Ion. who eomplilns tlu.t
Amen(iphlshaiiot tieatndvvell this wife whom
ho took from the Eastern kingdom. "Irnm
thn ttmn when my father cavo tlmo mysistor
tn wife." tho Ilabtlnnl.in King wrltos. "no man
hath seen her. and none knows win thorsho bo
nllvn or dend."
llin rg)ptlnnmonnrjh thereupon ehallenges
tho IJnbyloalin to send iness-ngns to eon
xlnce themselves ot tho well telngot tho v. He
Tho mo'si'iigcrs nrrlvoln course or time, nut
nmong tho galaxy of queens In the 1'gti tlau
harem thoy aro unable to identlf) the llahy
lonlan princoss. The King of DaiDlnn thern
foro writes In righteous indignation thnt it Is
vory evident thnr his hister is net among the
queens whnm tho riessongers hnve soen. Tlio
I gyptinn King rerlles:
"Slneo thou sat est mv 'messengers cannot
identirt her.' I ansvvei. then who enn Identify
Imr? Audi nsk further. wh dn-t thou not
send a wlso man who might give thee a trust
woithy necount. nnd describo tn theo tho com
fort nnd the good health of thy sister hmo?
Command, then, ono of tin vvlo men to
comoandex.vmlno hoi household and let him
sen for himself, tho honor In which she Is held
by tho King.
In nnsvv -r to this lottor tho Hah) Ionian King
sonds n tnbletto Kgypt no longer express
ing doubts ns to tho welfnrnof his Mntor In
the Lgttlan harem, but appearing very re
luctant to trust his fnvonto child to tho
I'haraoh. Ho llrst ph ads that his daughter Is
too )onng to marry, and Legs tho King to
wait. Tlion again, he urges that hn will not
send thn child until ho knows the fato nr her
aunt. Final!), hn asserts that Ids daughto .
hiikhartl. whom the 1 gtptlan rulerdesiies f r
his wife. Is mt beautiful. Tho marriage i-ot-tlements.
which Include the patnient of a
handsomo sum to the King of Hub) Ion, nre
satisfactorily concluded nt last, hnvevor. and
thn King nf lJab)lou writes to tho King ot
Tgypt: "If thou wilt w.lte unto mo aain sho
shall ho brought unto thee."
(ither tah'ets giving further features of
this interesting eoirespondenco seem to
show tint tho L'nbt Ionian King's lipsititlon
to intrust his daughter to tho 1 gyptinn
ruler was not dun entirely to his miIIc!
tudo for the wolhiro or his sister, but
rather to the dlsappo'ntment over tlmretusil
of Amenophison a previous occasion to send
him a princess for a wife. It arpenn tnnt he
had written to Amcnophis to allow him to
marry nn Eg) ptian princess, nnd l.nd been
metv.iththe curt nnswor- "Tho daughter of
thn King of 1 g) pt has never been ghon to it
nobody " His Mmeslt nf Hnliylon was Irre
pressliile. howover. and In reply to fill unuvil
lotti ho wrote: '.Surely there nro dai'ghteis
of princes in Kg)pt who ate beautiful woinu.i.
Jvow. If thou knowe-t a benutlfal WMinan I hn
seech theo to send hn to me. for who could
say she vvns not n princess '
Ho was apparently willing. If thn King would
notsond blma piincexs, toueeppt any vvmnnii
whom his royal brother mUht send if sho
wero only beautiful. Ainrnnphfs still rerufed,
nnd tho next letter from RibInn said- "In is.
much as thou hast not sent mo a wife. I will
do in like m inner unto thee, and hinder ant
lady lrom going from llab) Ion to I'j pt."
This llttlo misunderstanding was piobably
thn roal trouble in tho way w linn Am nophis
sought for another wilo in llabslon. i.ut
Anenophls got the girl vrlien thn n quire 1
presents were sent: all or which show, the
niononnn and diplomatic node of Ir'ngln
nbout a roal mairhuo thlrt)-fourci.:ituriua
nir.Y xtitsic T7S it noisT's styli
Tlio Tnpplnn ofTluKIipr Ilennrofiry'a Till
Itrmlnds tile Police nl Similar Trlil-fJ.
Sevoral mon In tho JotTerson Tdnrkot Pollco
Couit yesterday thought thoy recognized Mar
tin Oory rs a man who hid been connected
with swindling oppiatlons In this city. The
police i-ny that his picture is Inhiipeilntoailent
llyrnes's colleition. Uo Is a humorist In his
line, nnd he usi-nPy seh cts Cierman gro-ers
or but' hers an his proy. Ho rni.do a mlstako
on Saturday night.
Oory entoied William Hcnnesspj'B mo it
Rtoro at 741 Orccnwich nvenue about 10.T0
o'clock rnd bought three cents' worth of do
meat, and offered tn pat foi it with a -in note.
lm a little Mil it ot iliiinjreln-uiglit. ' said
Helllll-ssiij. n'ld )nu arc ... leome totlm me it "
"J!ut I il mill h ralhei put Tni it," j.l i, d limj.
I liivn just moved into this imii: iln.iho ',.
nnd I hnve n In-u fainll) nf nn it eater I
sliiill tiadn heie, and If oii vill -1 ! to tlio
do u 1 will point mil mt house tn nu '
HenresHi y wns pleased with his new no
nu.iiiitniii and went out on the e Idev.-alk to
Iook at I is housii.
"it :x thn huh down thn street with thegrep'i
blinds 1) n't sou mo It'" asked dor) nt the
mill o time inlsuig his lint.
Hi rniesioj didn't see such a house, (lory
wits iiiiiph di-nppolntnil HennosM y went
link inlaws ship and dl-eivernl that Uoo
In innnet and a S1."ai chock had I eeu lolen
Ir nn Ills iiisi ilrawiM. lie inn nfli i 'nut mid
turnid him ovnrto l'olkcmim liiodnre. k. or
course ti ,rs dldn'f have the stolen muni v, but
thu biiti hei vas mro he bad uctu I as a dnoi,
und thet when lm inlhi'd bib hit It vvasn sig
nal th t (lion vtvnis eh nr,
llrodereik si)s (,orj Is nn old. Unci, rieernl
loirs ico a man answering Ids d.wriiitbm
went Into n butehor's siiop on the west spin
with a companion and feigned ilriiul.oniiess.
One of tu.iuh.id n hljh silk hat. .mil ho lot
thn bntchuTf.ithat hc..nujdn't pour a gallon
of molasses Into this hat. The butcher too,.
thn bet. and when the hat had bocii lllln I with
molasses It vvns pulled down overthi buteli-e.-s
head. When lie got thn hat off nnd Ihn
molnsres out of his eves the two jokers wire
gone, and to woio the contents of hlb eisli
Then thero was n German gioec r in 1'aile n
wholiad nn unlnitiinatn cxp.Mloeco with two
men. fi'ni nr whom In r,i il like limy, 'J'lmv en
tereil his store nne ni;ht nnd ntei almd him.
'I htjwsin uiniollstn limk ft his ici. lies'.
'Ilingioiertoo'. t'n m to tlm-i'l' -nft iii Morn
Wiieieliis hirgolie i best Mood, nn ! v lie.i be
opened the door his liev: fi lends puimd ini
Insld nnd loekn I It. Ilefmn tun gi.Kei- Imij
cooler (low n tl oy had picked his mo-icy drn'v
cr nn I escaped
Jiistlco (undy romaiidod (lory forcMitulna-
Tllronlcn it It illrniid: Slil'.r,
Masmi.ox, 0 Juno l'.'.-Tho general mm
ngor of Iho Clevelnnd. I main and W'hcilln,;
Itnllroad has boon noUIInd b tho tialnmei nf
thoroid tint unions their iHunmJi lor tho i
stnndaril ritn nf vva.fes, about '. per cunt,
m pro t Inn liny Ret nmv, nro iicceiled tn by
midnight, a general strike will tako plnen to
morrow. This wuuld luoludn evmthiiig ox
rept the mall train. The Miop men will imltn
with the trainmen. Thn comm.tteo of tmen
emplovepswlin Willed on the goneral man
ng.ir with thn demands ha? buon discharged
from tin company.
I'rlir ltil,st.l., Vnic. ,; ,
Inter JIiifB'-ll stat od Saturdiu nL-ht nt tin
Inube of his brothor-lu-livv, Tlimnas fiiaj.
184 Con-on! ntieot. Ilro.kltn. He hid in
home, und rorn longtime bo ha I hei n si kl'
aii'l nut nf wiriv. )e. tm d n mo nine hn v.m
found ilvliiJ :ln Ms i ui, II had takan )
ii-iide of piitassium. Ho died soon uf,u.' tho
arrlvi-l of an ambulance surgeon.
Block blzoul uud InlerlncUlnic Mnlirtica
A"."'f .H.,,,.",!;",n.c'.,or"ftyon rsl'rosd. They
proit lli trsckror Hit I'enniylrsaU Kallroit-Jj,
jutiiir: i.itwhy ts.
OHnTpac or Indlvldiints In Viirlon B
Brrca of Light nnd tthndr.
A few evenings ngo several members of the
Nnrragnnsctt Club woro playing tlio new nnd
intellectual game of cards known ns "kan
garoo." Clcorgo E. Best, tho elilof clork of tho
Mnyor's ofllcc, was Immersed deeply. Beads
ot pcrsnirntlon were on his high brovr. Ills
cont vvns thrown open, displaying the tip of a
cigar In his ost pockot. Mr. Mastcrson. a ro
tund mombor of tho club who nt near by In
his shirt cleaves. o)ed tho cigar torn few min
utes. Then he retichod over, and, with tho dex
terity that camo from much practice In tho
samo line, plucked tho cigar from Its abiding
place, plnced It In his mouth, nnd closed his
teeth upon It Mr. Mnstorson brrnthod heav
ily, and looked triumphantly about. When ho
thought the lncldont had censod to bo regard
ed ho lit a match and, placing the flamo In thn
proper position, sucked leisurely at tho clear
until Its end wns glowing llko a livo coal. A
mlnutolator tho jdio crs began to show signs
of npprnlionslon. They enst f rlghtcnod glances
at Mr. Masterson, and thoso nearest him dis
played a desire to movonway. When tho ash
nn the end or thnelgnr was nn inch long, nnd
Mr. Mnstorson wns In tho wildest throes or en
jojment. nnd when n stampede seemed likely
to occur, thiro enmo a llttul puff of flame, a
llttlo cloud of siuoko, nnd then n report llko
that caused ly thn explosion of nconcexlcd
llreeracker. Mr. MnsterBon is too rotund to
jump very high, but ho jumped ns high ns ho
could. Whon lincamo down he looked with
nmnpmont on the cigar. It lay In ribbons on
tho lloor. nnd oach ribbon smokod nnd splut
tered. W hen ho hud rocovorod a llttlo com
posure ho asked:
"What tho dlvild'yo call that?" , ,
Mr. 1 lest subdued the rising xolumo of mirth
within him long onougli to reply:
' 'I hat was a dpeov."
."Why didn't jo toll mo? I thought It was a
Alfied Johnson has discovered that Ittakes
ensh ns well ns principles to run a political
orgiinl7ntion. Alfred Is a stenographer In tho
Mntnr's ofllce. llo Is very voiing. Ho hns n
smooth tnco. nnd ho runs to largo nocktlos. A
lew months n?o ho started out to build up a
party that lie. modestl). resolved should bo
I ormltted tn grow largo enough to control the
politics In this Htutn After that hnd been no
compllshed ho might I o willing, ho said, to
Hun hlsnttentlou to tho pntion. He hired a
meeting room In Ilnrlein nnd sent out a gen
eral Invitation for vo'ors to drop In and sign
tho roll. Moio than llfty dropped In. The or
ganization was christened Tlio Jacksonlans.
nnd Alfred presided at the lnoetlngs nnd mndo
speeches. Pretty soon the landlord wanted
his ront. nnd then It occurred tn Allrod that It
was about tlmo to llx duos nnd Invito the Jack
sonlans uptothoeishler'sdesk. Thoduoswoio
fixed, tho Invitation was Issued, but nobody
steppidup except a low inthusiasts. Then
tlio party began to languish, but Allrod didn't
lose hone. Hn mndo hotter speechos than
ever. llo discussed national politics, nnd
urged tho. Incksonlans to rcmembor Jackson,
nnd what n greil mnn ho wns. Tho Jack
umiansnpr lauded, but thoy didn't pay. Tlion
Alfn d began to think. Then he took nn ne
count of stock, and was surprised to find that a
gie.it man) or tho Jneksonlnnswerotoo young
tovote. Thu object ot the very )oung men in
joining n rnrt) wns not clenr. Altred wns
pained, but be was willing to overlook tholr
nun It thn) would only pn) something, liut
the) woaldn't, nnd so tho pnrty went to pieces.
Allred hns been advised not to despair, but to
remember that men lnvo sustained much
greater failures whon tho weight of many
vears was upon them, nnd that thoy then went
to work again and won a victory.
Itwas 0 o'clock In tho morning. Tho sun
wns high enough to peep ovor tho low, old
buildings on tho up-tnwn sldo of Grand 6treet
and to nhoot nrrowsof light on the dusty pave
ment'', l'nr brighterthnnthosun. audrnrmoro
riidinnt than nnyof tbegorgeousshop windows
was tho llgure of Clionnv- Simpson as It enmo
tripping ilalntU) toward the lsowery. Chonnt's
mou-tiii ho was waxed, and from hlsro 1-lashod
evesgloimoJ forth a tranquil soul, lit aching
thn Uowet) ( lionnt mused, nnd. drawing a
silk handkerchief from his pocket, rubbed It
gently over his tace. smoothed It ovor his
gloss) silk lint, that was already ns smooth as
pos,ble: flicked tho dust lrom his patent
le.it her Klines, gave the big diamond in his shirt
front a rub. and then smiled on the Jlowery
as rnrasHlghth stroet. When near came along
and jostled (.bonny avviy with it tho neighbor
hood lost '.T) j oi cent, ot Its hrllllano. In tho
exeninrt. while the sun was high enough above
the western horizon to got n good squaro look
at him, Clionnv appeared fii Grand street
again. Ho must havo been In n bandbox nit
dat. for ho wasnt mussed up n bit. At the
cornerof Attorney street n little crowd greeted
him wnrml).
"Ah. theie. Shiner, wadjorgoln'to do in de
tlstrict dis year."
"Wo'ro going to get tho old Republican ma
chine out ng.iin." said Chonny smiling like a
cherub. ' and wo'ro going to shine the Demo
crits up."
' Your do hoy kin shlno "en." said tho crowd.
" os. sir." Chonny replied, poll-hlng his silk
hat slowly. "I think that I shall prove to )ou
that I have a right to bo called tho bhlnor."
S lit A 11 ZOHT1I, OK JW.7I.
Kltlier XVlll Do, for Nrllhrr Is Jllntil, nnd
shc son-y 1lr Saved Her Life.
Fnrnh North, or Sarah Xorr. as she gnvo her
mine sostorday. who attempted sulcidn on
Satuiday night by jumping from the llattcry
sea wall, was arraigned in tho Tombs I'ollco
Com t vesterday morning. Sho Is 45 years old
nnd rather good looking Sho told tho Justlco
in nmwer to tho usual questions, that sho
wns slngli and hnd no homo
"1 Initio. I do not core to till anything about
myhomo." --hp explained, with a bmile. "Xo
ono 1 ere knows me, and I don't intend they
erinll. mi I night ns well answer In thnt way."
"Is Small North tour right nurao.'" asked
the Justlco.
"North or Xorr." sho answered, wearily,
"elthor one will do. Ot course you understand
that nelthi i i-. l g it."
"Now. 1 want jnu tn tell mo why vou at
tempted to kill jnurseir." said the Justice.
J in; woman ht.ngher head for n moment,
and tin ii railug It Mid-
"IwiuiMltndle I wlshtofiodl had died.
If they had let moi.loni. It would hnvo been nil
ovei iioi,. I cannot tell what my motives
weie, out us boon as I go: out. r Ibis I'll try It
again. Ifioulj had a pistol I'd havo bhot ill) -
J SI I'.
i .Tii-tlc Mo Mali n trlnl haul tn get her to
I till Mini .thin,.- ab. it hers. If, hut 'lie refused
tn give Urn sllglmt (limb he! idcntlt) or to
incut ion tho nam ofafrii nd she might wish to
ho Sho inn lo m show ol ( mntio i when the
.TuMI o told her he wnii'd hold hei In $1,000
I nil foi tii il nt (( lier.ll Sissinli".
.'t i nhu nad been tnki n In thn prison sho
m.Ii! to ,i lejioitei " I vv is a housekeeper with
aweillby buull) up town until a few w.-el s
ago. wliLiithcyl ft Tor tin niintr). Thlstlruvv
ninoutof work, and. as I havo been ill for a
yoiu ni niurn an I under a largo expi use, I
P ii'id I had no money nnd lei mm despond
ent. I w mt to die and have not the sllgntc-t
(leslrntWIvn. 1 trie I to kill iii)m. onco bo
foio by taking lai.dauiiiu."
riMi -im in XI lio Could sm Itrnvined
mill tnnll I.lln It M.rii,
Anion,: tho h.indiy p'nsum s-ckeis who
bonidid fie Meam Il-.hl'i- stemnl oat 111 ick
hlrd nt tin. toot or Knst 1'irtli s'reet at ll HO
o'clock yiMcrdi" i,iorning wis Henry Itott
man. ntiuek dihn, 'J ijciisnhl. of "J4 Hiving
tonstieet. lloltman was known as a lucky
llsheriiiannndnncxpcit bwiminei. Hn sat on
niMiiipslooloiithi, side of tho boat furthost
from tin; do. k. Ills lunch. Lalt, and tncklo
v.n.ii I ("dde him,
ili.tl i in was busy examining one of his
Ines win in a gust of wind blew III hat mm.
bo ltd, A ih i h h unl on a .isslu lug c.uuht
tin hat. and nt it spinning bid. to..nid holt
man llmhnt 'i II sh nt. It v.evoi, m d dro ped
In tlmwatei-. j., j rn ,,r jiottuiun'iifiieiiil i.i
gin lo ih.i'i hlni.i itlng thn miii would bleach
his hnir. Iiistu.tiy l.ottinnn iln pped Ills
t nkln ,1'id ill iipi.il overloiril nltei his I nt.
Iln had h ildlystiiiek lliovvnt Twh'ii lint I row
IIP both ll, ni.h mid e led foi In l IV, i Mm
I in. '-' le.iisoM, nl llTTIionilison strut, an
nthPi i.xeursloiilM.jL'npediniiflni him. llotl
iiiaii ink i idem. Mm .i ,.ou i ,,lCi blm.
Miannlill;. tin uini'iit canlnl Mm kin
nil 1. 1) out Into the stieam. llo too. was In
,,,',',','f,."!.Jt'.ns linwnid. wlen rolliemaii
.In Hi WiihlfiirtlKit tim I nlnii .Vlmkot sl.itln-i
sprini: into i inwl.o it, rowed nut tn Mucklii,
.mil I ri.iuht h i -afu nshnic. Mack.n nl all
dom d til.) ex. urtloi.,
.l'li.L'iili i VI ni I' nnd Voiklnsou t-on.lnj.
DelwRto i:dw-nrds of tho Hexagon Lai or
Club of Tlio Layers' Helpers reported jester
diytothi.iVntiiilI.nl or Union that tho pick
I'tsor thetllo lv,i.fR ,,,,,1 liclpcrs, whoso or
cunl'tioiiurnnii MilM.innin to him In tho
nimniiuiin Ireioitnl that men wernnt work
nun i ih ii. Men. km mid (irm ll itrncts. Ho
went Iheie. In hnd, uii'l found n number ol
Ufiiiiliiu mon nt work without the pollen
liriiilt iiiie.r. im Suni'iiy Jlnrnpiiitml tho
ma tert.il .ipt. (' eeden. who s nt twiioftlcors
vvitlihliu In tm. plni.,., mid as no permit could
Ins liuuii the woii- wuh st ipped. The eon
tiai'ior tv.is llo ii Ma-sof llnuMon stieet mid
Irs. avi'iiiie. Tho Ihdianen Labor Club nf
Mirhle Woiki'rsgavi'tuOU to thn tlln layers
and .' to the helpers toald In tho eight
hour Btrkc. The Theatrical l'rotcctlve Union
25 V A B 10B"CCR. I Gentlemen:
-rrWfiJr 1 COrolBM We have Smoked op
tTW M) WffcS all the Tobacco at the World's
V V w V'i.UV Falr and have unanimously
W . i 1XIS awarded the Gold Medal
Fq m, (or Smoking Tobacco to
sa Bull Durham
yk V" Congratulating you on your success,
BlackwelPs Bull Durham u 4111
IJas been the recognized standard of Smoking Tobacco .TaSafB
for over 2; years. Uniformly good and uniformly ' JgTSfi
first. Bright, sweet and fragant we Invite the : ,JQ
most fastidious to test Its peculiar excellence. AsffiylKfl
Blackwcll's Durham Tobacco Co., Durliam, N. C. 1 Xi"uimS
Fovit-LKacEh cicvr;. s
Three or Ihem llnve Il?rn Produced In
t'onncctlcnt Thl cusnn.
Nonwicit, Juno 12. Connecticut hns brnkon
ho rrecord on fenthcrcd fronks with lour legs
this year. As a rule the .state produces jmt
ono four-lecced chicken oach season, but this
tlmo It hns dealt threo of n kind, rotor Les
sor's hon of Tutnnm contributed tho first ono
with four lees to tho cnu'o. and It Is extraor
dinary thnt tho stranco chicken Is crowlns up
lntonn nblo-bodlcd hen. l'our-lccced chick
ens hitherto havo nlmost Invariably died
within tho first hour otter having been sprunc
on the world, hnpplly for agriculture In tho
Nuttnee State, nnd oven In thocaoot Tetct
I.ossoi's marvellous chick nature cfToitunlly
forestalled nny vaultinK munition It mlsht
havo had In connection with its extin sot
of legs by rcstricllne theli Hold of uo
rulnoss Thoy wero doMcm-d. It nppenrs.
only Tor ornnnientnl punose. In tho
first week of Us existence It vvns tbodri.im of
I'Sor. who loresaw a dlnn museum career
lor It. that his Irregularly endowed f ivvl would
be nbln to ueiill fournf Its lev .ilternntnlv,
nnd somultlrly lis inpnblllty. llnnnd nther
l'litnam unrdeii truck rnlnra hnd nn hie 1 It
mlcht stnlk a! out nn tho lorwnrd set ot legs
nnliourorso nnd scinteh. then flip upnntho
renr lego, stnlk nnd seniteb on iboin nnothcr
hour, nnd so coon stalking nnd scratching In
definitely. Hut the chicken hnsn't fullllled
whntwiiB expected of It. It travel exclusively
on the rear sot of leg, while the forward ones
aro mercifully uplifted and crossed upon Its
breast in nn oinntohut useless po-o. In thn
opinion of I'utnnm gnrdennrs thoo legs wem
bent nnd plnnod In the way noted In accord
with n provldontlal idlit of clemency thnt
wasnn afterthought, making umend fordolec
tlvn foresight.
The next four-logged chicken Is the property
of Albert Lnthrop ot Stratford. It Is very
young yet. but its owner has high hope that it.
too. mav survive. It is curiously marked in
hue. It Is of n puro whito color, except n
brnnd yellow strlpn up and down Its buck. It
belongs to tho VI) mouth Hock lined Its
extrn logs am ntt iched to its body under Its
wings nnd with n stlfT upwnrd tilt, so they nro
tntnlly useless oxrept to trim ship, when tho
chick is under way. It Itettinld enougli t irun.
The third tour-legged chicken, which wns
hntcbed nt 10 Summer strict. Ansonli. vvns
the most wonderlul or thn lot. but it lived
only nn hour, it had tour legs and leet, four
wings, ono body, and ono held.
liUIHHXC; ami .v'ova;s.
cahii ok riir.niT.
Ilarnlils Goods. I.om Prlcex. I.ntrst hlilm.
No Ilriioi.lt WIumi I.onicTlmeliiNiil XViinlril.
:sTm.i-.i:i:i lnor.
(OIK (IMA I'LAl'I. ill- IU-IMS1
K9-lOII '!( SO- 1MKK HOW. N.V.,-ff
Btwcu chnt'ixm ,iunri ntel l iti Mali (.tntlonii I. R. K
)i:ritiii.xc for iioi'!:iti.EPio.
sironh rv vvetii), r S2 rr v'onth on 52"
" l ivo i.r $4 on fn
tlm i .'-, or f. on st",
$10 l vi or Sit ' on firm
,8M J-'-". ir 5li " on j.'oo
Larcf rnmomiln enmt rnte vino term mle to .me
IVantrrt cmalrs.
All .tmcrlcun District XZrncmzrr Onicra.
AVI A. M, rl.T. SD AXD 4111 MS. J UV A IIP J. II.
TAVIt.1 s
311 AVI- 1 .'(I. I (,AX.
IIP AVI . l.rfis HI l ,n i It AXDTTTII EH, r APT
HP AM. h.i IIIMIKI.X:. VIAKKI.1. Ill.T. lilll AND
"111 MS. llloVI v I VMl'TIN
."1UAVI- .ir.l.ll T 11.111 AMMUTIi -.rS.i.AW
niiiAvi ir... i or i .rn -.r. vv h .ohuiiajl
STll AV I- ,.7oj. vmih MlN A l ll
ITII I.T -I.' I vl i.Al.TI.VMi
utii sr.iTii r. I. w M-iuiiivn
urn i.r.io w i -r in dm .' j vm s v vimiNMs
-SIIST.H.J I A-l Vl.lili.MK.il) Wl, O urTO
oi .s
Alll M
Ai.l MV
miwi iit in.. NPir 111 rovn. st. a. wuovia.1
(ANAI.M 1 ,. 11 I II .-. Ill 1 llll III,
Pivni.sM , ir,7 ji i ii r ill I vincito
i.i: mi st. niu 1 1 m 1,1 viivsrutcj.
CULl Willi AVi',7oi .1 VKi.LV.SN
mtooici.r.N, i.. :.
(I.I . nrt si,
All VN. i' AM ' -i . I-KATT A. i (W.
I Mllilllll AVI . 1 ..n, 'Ino.tL AlimniSSNG i-x-fllA.M.I
llllllAli.VA), :.0 M.AP. MARC-y AV U .N.
((ll KT ST, 1.1. Vllllll.t AIIV1 r.TISINll ! r'UAM.I
lil 1ci.:i AVr.. ro-., v,(jiii iv vijim tii:u i.
ll'l.ln,- IT, CtiT. I'M)III,IA.V AUM-JtlINU
Af.l Nl')
lAFAvrTn AM'.i.iti.. i.vvvsn; tea
WII.1I.I: AVI 1,111'. Nl-Ali IIIKMIIV. Al, V. I.0T1IE
MI-7IIVN1IAVI . .'.I ( I WCullAJl
ITU Vl . HO. I llll.ll' V I I
CRA1IAM VVI , 40 1, li)l L
i iimi is,.vmi riTV, r.. 1,
nOKPIIKAM. .'. iTi!ti)oie l.i,l. M) (.runpo nil.
JOHN W. 1IAV l.l.N J ' h
nono:ii:N, .n. ,1,
WASllI.Nf.TON ST. inl I Mi IIMT.NVriitN
VV.VMII.M,i,.N ST, r.n, l.HD 1 In ITill.il.ll
ACADtM) IT. ii, W II oil MuN
lOWX Ol' I , UN, .N. I
lll-n.L.N I l.Nb AVJ., iJil, KIII.N liaf
rATriioni'E. i 1.
B(l(lKs.HIjlfVAMI'l..n 1,1,1.01 1 nk n 1 m.
'""k 1 l."TI I! W. l'Vl.V:i II I 1 lMlllniUirf.
BOOh Kllllllt-J VVANTIII 11 I,. il rMHiirmni
lunula, nl W WAn l.s .1 -,li , lol 'i!iit
I 'll".. 'Vi'irlrn,,.,! mil i-it. 1 1 111 In I nnnlnl for
X irlvatnf llillllo. Inn. I, .,,111111 - loum, A. .il'y
umi rounlri, pininu,,) , C1. llt '
. i'VUI'KNIi a iiriiilmv
II fl VAj-j,..iJlir.a, n,.ll ar inr.lHiil I
0,!rioTl''r',,.?,,7.lr,J,.7,r,!:'I!,,r, "rl" jc f"-
MbTltOI OMTA, N LUIIIFRrO 1 V, I roll ir1 ,1
0"'TM L'Vi'Jf" V.iTTi--" i1 1 nr 7"7it,T
only tlinr...wlily 1 1 .1 ii.i.ent han U ,. I 1,1 ,l
Oilllll'll H' IMI IH. .),,,,,.., .. . -.7
irvMiAiiu n:vnii 11 iur ,,',',. .ii 1
)ll I' U"l -1 '. il- i.-lur.(.r , .-Mi,. .1,
"i ' ii' i.ki n 1 i-iiiu,i.,i 1
rpjII'hvliMln II..K1 iai iiluiiiAirne i. " ""
ir 1 NT! I'- i.lrl In 1I.1 puihlinir nn.t rat-iuni: In I lm'.
IT in errifu.i I 'iiiiiiuim '
""" i'vict;n: ;ii'nrt n ,,t
tlMNTIH llr . ii. m I mil ,,ri ,, 1( lVll x
T lm oulo.ii ml im Ainl)itink
M"'!' I'AHThn'jyS. Yuxii llli .1
I"a"ntm-a ii nt juiuiKi-irl fo run trrsml, t
VV t2..H illu.OAIITUklWI!Vtluii,.
I irli en bidgo. Apply 7a trinity slct. """
rDomcjatlr trvnuts Wantrtl.
CIOOKS, chnmUrnmlili. vnltrfiif, Anl narti of Ml
litllilltlt plitrcn VAlllnr ror tbMii 207 84ST.
t"IUVinEHVIAIIi 10 nik litriflt tenerTllr uitfuk
lliinjraiiit obllirinir H17thi
"llKsTi lass UUP miua ot all nstloni; b,t
Jt lecommrndril. hiKh,t wnifr,
M'lllll .M.MANVS BlTlct 475 Bill ST.
G int. to cook, ah. mid Tron In private rami. y; rtf.
orincrsrequlreil '1X1 Weil Jlh it
HlllSI.WOIIhnun elriTcoToreiT or wliltt. toito
htitiA-iiork: lo in fnmtl): niut t) nat nnd ohllR.
Iiik, HacnS8riyr tnoiitb. on. who nulics good borne
jrorerreJ. call early
vim. McDONAI.n. 313 Fant loath at.
Hnl -l-vv (IRK -Cook, waili. bun, lSj waltreti. IBi
Uundrnii in.
1 LNT, (in ilthar. between 2l'i and IBthata.
HOL'srwoRK. Wantedrvounritirr to imitt In aen
ernl bouseurork nnd take 0111 children, email ram.
ii). nni1.ns.211 weetautat
nOTM.VlortK A neat, competent girl for general
homework In elegant flat mod wnpeH
nioMAN, 20 Fait 120th it.
J" fdl-M.vror.K N.at se,Tl,h eirl for ainall family:
I ifooi ptnee for rijrbt parti; knowledge of Emrllah
rnl lltren.ar) Tll on Vim fllJVT. U) Went 4th .
nDISIWoiiK Wanted, swediih slrl for general
liou-CMnrk. plnln cook icoo I wnMierand Ironer;
fiilllllj, fniiradulU, vrnnmSU. 421 ha,t8Mb,l
nfli-SI.WORK. i.lrl about Itl to anlit In llcbt bouie.
ork mil mind chiltren; wniie, 7 or . lira.
IHMON. nj3 I am iioth at . nenr 2d ni.
nOlH.VVORk Girl for uerifraf liouTen-orli In email
family in lint: mu te gool Inln cook, ,le,p at
home .Villi l F. W . 24 1-n.l enilitt
HOl'ShWirRK Neat girl nanled to nulil In light
housework and lake care of children. 480 Eaat
I Igblleth at firm Hat.
TlolsnvvoiiK. Wanted, a girl for general boimework
1J In a mallfamil). must be neat and tidy. Inoulre
at07 Welt2lltht.
nOfsT vri)RK.-Oiri for general homework; mmtbe
cood watber and Ironer and plain cook. 1S3
1 1 (It hWORK a j-oang girl for 'general homework
A I lor raintly of tuo. reference required. 212 Eaat
HOI SKW (IIIK Renpectable girl to aUt in general
homework; ungca.SH. 2ix Kail noih tl lopflat.
HOtshWOIIK Orl wnnted for general houeework
Jn a imn'! himll). Mr,M MARX. 17(1 Eall IWth It.
HOL'si.wollk A etrong young girl for general
homework In a prlrale fnmllr 413 East 116th k
notsrwoilK A woman wanted for general house.
wofl ' tint Mre. MLHRAY. 1110 Fast Brlh st
not'sEW ORK VTnmnn for general housework; giod
vrasner and Ironer 413 Wett J3d t
IloiM.woitK Nent loung girl for general house
I work ( all at 202 West 31111 st.
Hor -r vv (IRK.-Olrl for general housework; must
sleepliouie Call 2IIS We t 24tb st.
nOksi WORK -Wnnted girl for general housework.
Appli at 31S Wett 141b it
KITi'llPN GIRI. wanted for boarding bouse: white or
colored good stead) place. 131 West 22d t.
NL'lisl Smarfgirl to mind baby and be generally
useful. alecDhonie
M rs. WOESNErtR. 307 East 68d St.
NIRSE A little girl, from 12 to 14 jrearaofage. to
mini! a bah) wages $4 per month and board. 250
W elt Hum et . basement
TVtlRSI V glrTahout 1(1 to take care of a babrordo
H light housework. Apply at J28 East 114th st. top
1 oor.
Nf RSI- strong girl to take care infant; one who can
sleep home ntgbla. Call at 242 West 22d St.
Nl'RsK. Waniel. voungglrl to mind children and
make herself useful 153 West 30th at.
JVV TDISH or Oerman girl wanted In small American
kj tamby for general housework, cook. wash, and
Iron, must be able to furnish bestof referenres from
Inst 1 mployer Address or call at 518 South llroadwar,
lowerre near)onkera.
WANTH) Two sine chambermaid and waitress;
willing and obliging, private boarding house,
come pr.par Hi to work. J48 VV est 21st st
WANTLD A reliable meat andpastry cook, mala or
lemal Address C. II. UJLUAMS. Smltn House,
(rrnwnll N. )
"I ATM ST . 34 I AST. Wanted, a competent woman as
I J plnln rook In boarding house; must utderstand
her business.
H-'nntal jjilalts 3trhattit &t.
A -UK". II AROAINSSecond band 20 suits. 5. 30
J. suits SH no suits 10. $50 suits 112: new
suns half price 201) Hatbnsh ar.. Brooklyn.
BIIOI IlINnhRS Anrstclasa casemaker at JOHN' a
V ll.t-NTINh'3 33 Fast Houston st . Tuck building.
BOOKMNM- ts TPerieneed stamper and Inker.
JAMK-. IIEN.NFShY. 7311. 741 Broadway.
BOV wonted to learu bookbinding InonlreG.boz
:oii. hunm'lce
iOJiro-ITl)I' nrst rlnsstwo-lhlrd Jobber: wages SIO.
f llll. viLili AT1I. 1TH.S 187 fcnst 23d st
IDilh .NCTTLlt intel on men a fine work.
J II V Al.Tllt-k, 14 T-iomasst.
Vr-!T ANirsl.rONI) LVSTLRS on la-lies' tine Oood
1 rear turn shnes. (. VRDI.NLIt A ESTES COMPANY-,
I4l!i,l md.nhni,
1.V, I Dl I . )otirf mnn to feed Gordon press wages
' ?4 Til) VI Itl VNIII.i: I RKSS. 117 East 2'ld St.
I-Vlnoiiv vn lini'slMluElt In go short distance In
joutilri . iiiungjuen I all 14 Murray st
.Mooiimin Iior-Fsiiohni wantod 6l8Ilamllton
T m . nro klju .N .
nOU-.r-'.illl R-C fireman is wanted at lSManhat
inn u , Jirse) city llilghts, .N J ; a single man
HV'.M - VVI I.R--General hand and stitcher.
J, 40. i'rooilwaj. iirooktyn near (.ales ar. Lsiatlon,
riAr.M viAhl nms Jd aiTnroTikTyn
JJOiimtN njntrd Anp'y it oi, eillh st.Kth and
ii luh ins
S'i.n I'VIMl 's r'ir t el isi ietlerers wanted. Arply
NhW voilh vliv -Ii.N 10 . 10 1'arkpaie
'PWU IIAI'.NI-..- MAM i".wantelat
1 I. M ll VNl.Ve. White Tlalns. X. T.
VAT! I An epeil-inel 1 lan to run a wood carr-
,1! ills rincNIue A,i i I lo
IIAI'.llVIAN, 'l lli t (Q.ll31VVest4Sthst
llf ANTI D Fioo-inin I orscslmer. 155 Powers si.
llrookl), 1. I' llrlLtf ) our apron, must be union
W'ANri 11 I.lthocianiiir cra)on nrtisls on color
' o k tlBlliniti MAVSa, 180 Orend st , .New
W-s'l"D-Tliree good itn roofer Fst 5ih st
' nevr2lai HlHI.TKH.
WvNTi.n-Tiir-eiiiiroifer Apply at"4fi! Kth av.
eouth iiroo'ilin.
lf ANTH) Mrs -lis Tovruan. Inquire blsc. smith
1? Aliop 7 Hid n I ,t.
lV'ANIl H. 1 rs o.inwniTcr lifi-iilti.net. Hrnoklju.
tTANTI.It-A fireman hnrsesLner 1". lllilngton st.
1lf TAIir'ilvr liH HI. R- Neu")orkTtale. $1,11
JUtii-riliij, lure w 1 1 ti t lm 1 1 argei tonni mnn
vim Morks.O'lnvs start M. mini J11111 lllll'.vl
)l 4)1,11 A ( nl I 01 I Uliireinalcli si.
aVanictl-Uilro iHtorfUmifous.
A(,l vr-'a ti 7 duly rvpe-ienca unnecessary;
lCl 1,111 Iriritnn , . .
illNWIAiii lerfiuii'" West VV lusted. Conn.
ilFNTssrfi!riU ie 1 re tie threading thimble, the
gr. He. t mm ll) iiiir'n 7 Warren t .rooinai.
AA -A - llli. Ill ,'l" Ne lf stills $),
, ,iiii 11, S ' il' tl cheapest liou.e on earth,
i I u In "i.1 riailnislinv. Biooklyn.
IAN .1 11 . I ii i!i- alniut .10 years old. who
unl H.1011I.111II1C n. niheclty or i.newhocan
It im i.iii .) A i Ii pi r null) l -Ol 1- ast lBlh It.
Vii N e.irt iH In Ii1! nine a telegraph operator
1 111 1 turn im " iiMirtnnii) b) addressing KXPEBT
'i.l, 1, :: A I'.l i.P IikII .'1 1 llnton st Urooklyn.
11(1) nir 11 er ai'sanl innke lilmseir g tnerally vti
Ij l il. reh r 11 I-1 'I' I
' "..ll lid) (CVII'VN), 111 rteyst.
Ill, III . i'i ! 11 n.Vee'iers. Hi lo.-o,
Kj yil e ,!(. il pule snild pnnkers. I2 In
I . nnlir I i.ifl; umi ore wai, binen srxitn
J7 e 11 1 11 . 1. I" '-n, . liner.. 412, stablemen.
I., sail, . I irmers u.elullu'li. JO to45. im,
niiu im - 1 .' Inciie iiu-ii.ii ment by m
ii ma In n I ' UWPlMTVN A(il!NC), 74 llrjiJi
no) I r k 11 --
i'Hil I n Tm-. In-li ' lUt'u Vmenian caiholii' in
siiu. 11 in' ;r In.; orders, (14 to commeuie
Willi I I I.l iv V.N l-'l Una"' SI . office 3, up , lairs
JM 'Inl Til HARUIEII MAN. about 28. wantsd"
ll wtiu s no general business ability, to enter our
line; right jaru ; 111 to fully Initructei wlin alew
SWWl BYsVll'lhal"" ,aUr""' PP'rP.r.-j
wir&orjT TbDrnoKAt.
rotr mayjaVk touii
Offlea, If In oor list of Adyertlslng Agencies m
do not And one conTanlent. m
ARM HAND; 18; good milker; also boy fortenra A
farm; far paid. SOD Washington it. Brooklyn. fAMt
make a change eallsvttha old-asUbUshed and relia- I
bla IsewYork Agenert positions of arery class quickly I
froeured: new orders ererr mall; Information fret.
68 Broadway, corner 8th St.
MEM wanted on cattle steamers tolndon aodu
erpool. to work for free payiagt. 04 Greenwich st.
WANTED Immediately, a man about 80, of neal
appearance, with some knowledge of retail bail
nest, for a permanent salaried poMflon; energy and
tact required. Apply personally at 201 East 18th st
WANTED An aetlrebor, about 10. possessing gomf
edneailoni must write and flgnra well and rend
with his parents. Apply at 201 East 16th it.
11 A 6TH AT Important Notice to Men Seeking
A J.- Employment. The National Agency, one of the
oldest and moat mccessfnl In New fork, has rimored
to the abort number, and. with Increased facllltlss frit
doing bnalness. would Inrlte men who want t good po
sition to tall rartleular attention gtren to the belltr
class at position!
NATIONAL, AQBSCr. 114 81h ar. near 17th st.
ltun.ioau Wntrtttl eftrnttlfe.
5c. Periiii
w wonns to the line.
ARKriNED American woman wishes a position an
companion or to do light work or sewing. Call or
address l'7 flth ar Dr. VV lllson-e bell.
AMERICAN (UK!, at thorough housewnrker; gootl
cook and laundress; city or country, six yeara'rer
erence. 302 Weal 44lh st.
COMPOSITOR Lady desires position; rapid andao
curate Address vv. (1 , box 233 bun otnee
ENGMSIt WOMAN to do light houltwork; kind to
children: home preferred to wages: city or coun
try. 238 nest 32dt. '
C1ENTS' AND FAMIMRR' WASHING at 75 cants per
-a" dosen; open air drying Adlrers
Mrs. C.JOIISSO.N. i:s Weal SOlh ak
GRrOfAN GIRL for cook; prliate hotel orToardlsit
house; city or country, ino VVesi2Nthst
H"(iLSEVVORKKn -Neat, willing German, good rook,
laundress, or general houseworker, city refer
ences no objection to courtry or summer hotel. 119
Eaat 12th it, near 4th ay.
HOLSEWnrtK-ny capab'e. neat Scotch girl, not
afraid of work; city or country good cook anal
laundress. Call at Mrs. HALL'.-. 272 sixth ay , near
Seventeenth sU
RKSPFrTATILE young girl at nurse and seamstresa
to grown children; will travel anywhere, beat cur
reference. 2.012 1 star.
SITUATION wanted by a Swedish woman In laundrri
washing and Ironing
Mrs IAJI1EERA, 111 83d st . Brooklyn.
SWART TOCNG GIRlTwIthes a situation to do general
housework In a private family: city references.
Call 438 West 53d st ; ring four times.
TWO trained nurses, who have completed their sec
ond year In the study of menlclne desire to accom
pany patients to Hurnpe for the aummer, references
will bo gh an Address
M. L. 27 Strong place. Brooklyn.
WANTED A home bv an estimable lady, thoroughly
competent In tako ho d of a wealthy gentleman
and la ly's household; good wages expected, goo 1 home
preferred Address R . 43 York si . Savannah (la.
Yolno German girl for general housework; city or
country, good city references
M R.P2II Slelnway av , Fteinway, K I
YOUNG GIRI, tn do general housework In a small
family, city or country, rait at present employer a.
No 10-) E 18th st . between lnand 1 o'clock
ttwations -Wanted stales.
6c. Per Line.
f) wonns TO THE LINE.
N HONEST, reliable American. 21 yeara old. nicely
educated hae had 8 years' experience with rlrst
claseeurieyors. understands Instruments and inspect
ing thoroughly. Ac . will go to any part of the country!
a permanent position anted; outdoor work preferred,
Address T. L.. 207 Henry st , New ) ork.
AriR8T.CI.ASS BARKEEPER. Jnet disengaged, de
Sires position , city or country: best reference Ad
dress JAMES. 5 8t;MaiViiplace. New York.
A FIRST CLASS CAKK BAKER wishes a situation.
180 Palmetto at . Brooklyn.
BOOKKEEPERTdouble entry, good accountant, with
excellent city references, desires position; moder
ate salary Address
BOOKKEEPER. careD J. Cotter 7S8 Broadway.
CAKE BAKER and French pastry cook wants situa
tion as foreman. 701 Park av.. Brooklyn.
ENTRY CLERK. Rapid penman, quick at figures,
with excellent city reference, desires atead poet- ,
Hon Address I
E.NTRYCLERK.jaro of D J. Cotter. 760 Broadway.
HANDY HAN as light porter, or In any other capaot- 1
ty; first class relereure furnlehed 1
Address HFI.IABLr box 174. Bnnofflco. j
JAMTOH. with drst class city references, desires po
sition tn offlee building or flat, moderate wages. 4c 1
dress JANITOR, care D J. Cotter. 750 Broadway. i
MAN wante position as bather at seashore. Addreaa
M, Box 108. Sun orTlct j
PORTER AND PACKER. Good man. with excellent 1
referencea. destras position, or asalat shipper: mod
erate wages Address PORTER JlSD PACKER, oar of s
Cotter. 750 Broadway.
RF8PECTA.RLRYOCNO MAN as cook; understand B ,
fish and game dlnnera. referenoe. J, F., box 101. mm
bun up town ofllce. 1.205 Broadway. V, WM
HirPI.Ni) CLERK. Active man, with good refer- , B I
ences deslrra position: moderate wages. Adlreu '
8I11PP1.NQ CLERK, care D. J. Cotter. 758 Broa4. r. j
UVIBRELLAS-Sltuatlon wanted by a practlcat"maa I
as superintendent or manager of an umbreLia fao- t
torr. thoroughly conversant with tbs business In all t
its details, the best of reference aa to competency and a
Integrity. Address K . box 210. Sun ofPce.
ski-11. man piiRcoiNTR): able to drive: cart for I f
horses, rows, and garden: first olaas reference. Ad- 1
dress MAN FOR THE COl'.NTRY. car of Cottar. 758 f
Broadway. M J
Ur ANTED By Eastern clothing salesman, a altna- S
Hon for Eastern States, average aalea S40.000 to
4-O0Oayear Apnlr by letter ruiTUINO SALES. )
MAN. IO American Hooee. Boston. Mass.
UlANTFD A situation by an intelligent boy with a ,
firm where be can advance; can do office work s
R. V. D . 50 Fulton st. r
YOUNG MAN. 28. wishes position asbartender: clean. X
nulck; a good mixer, two years' reference from last a
employer. PHILLIP. 52D West 45th St.
YOUNG MAN. 20 years ot age. wants a situation aa 1
bartender; best of referenree from last employer. s
II BOOEL. 32 East lllh st. )
YOl-.NO IRISHMAN. 21. wishes a steady position aa f
barkeeper, has the best of reference from last em- ;
pnyer. Address MARTIN COSTELLO.378 Washington at, j
YOU.NOVIa"n. 22, would llketo learn bartendlnfl '
wante situation. J. KL'TIL, 220 East 73d st.
YOUNG MAN wlshee a steady situation as rake bakeri
city or country. Address 130 Tompkins av, B'klyn.
YOUNG MANwIshea position asbartender: good ref- '
erences. Address 1IENR), 50 Hudson st. )
gBttofcrttt, (.Ortjan, &r. ,
- i
and Square Pianos of nur make, some but slightly
used and fully guaranteed: also eecond hand pianos of f
other leading makers at low prices
Silt Ave. and lath Ml., New York,
ititi(;;s iiAivos; j
With the new soft stop attachment. Large atook est
pianos to rent, city and country, reduced rates for $
summer season.
t-U7 Broadway. 18th St. 1
THE ' l
eirela In lone, beauty of flnlsh. and durability; aata) t
110 down and $8 monthly, warranted 10 years. Kaa
lory nr 1 warerpoms, 2P4, 2Uo. 2U8 Fulton ek. Brook- J
)n, open eieulngs h
C-vorTAllF"ilRl)AN8, 12 stops tnt 1 monthly, guar
j nnieed 5 years. V) ISa.NElt, 2KU Fulton et, Brooklren) 1
(pen eienings. c
IM'r.ANT OBGANB. 70, with stool, temp, and booki i
J easy payments l
JAi OUJIIOTIIERS. 1DB Broadway. Brookl)-n. Jj
EfFOANT I'PrTght PIANOS to rent from 13 montC r
ly upwarek WISS.Ntlt. 2W Fulton St., Brooklyn. r
open eveninge. t
AGMKICENT upright piano, latest Improiemenla; I
HI rosttnoo six months ago, sell 130, stool scarfi J
gunranletd. 230 Eaat 34th St. . j
PIANOS steluway. bargatn; new uprlgtu. 2iXi t
easy teroie and to rent -7
JACOB BROTHERS, 106 Broadway Brooklyn- 4
ARE TIIE BFST. lisy teTms ' finl Hud exchtn.ea. .
57 and r.ul'ntrareliy place and 3i I asll2tbtt 1
ssinii ns,in-''Ni-"'--'T pi an iortki. '
OljeJUUjUUUlr, organs ti agents wantedj
catalogue flee. DANIFL F. IIEA1T1 Washington .N J. I
llnokkeeplng writing arithmetic, rorri-sponileuee, 3
spelling, stenography typewriting, private imtruo
lion; day. evening all suinmir I'ArNb'-i HI "IM-
( OI.I.buF. ili Bowery, corner Caual, up town, 107 r
W est atth st.. corner Hroedway I
BANJO, mandolin and guitar Inetritrtlon. I" per
course: song and dance, jig clog reel end wing ei
aanctng taught for the stage or amusement, tuition ,.
thorough, practlrik and strictly irtiate. satisfa'lloo 1
r:uaratileed. circulars mailed free, open day sud evea- j
ng.nue Instruments at lowest prices ...... -
J.HKA.N. lUi dav, neer SSIhsl 11
BANJO TEACHER and manuracturerrapeclal lalea
for the summer. E C, DObaO.N, l,b9S Breadway,
opposite Casino.
Banjo. Duller, and Mandolin Prlrale lessens.
HENRY RDOBSON, 1.270 Broadway, PatentsUver
Lell banjos .
BAN 10. mandolin. Jig anl dor dancing taught) a
lessons 1 nvalc; J, BOUAN. 1J7 3tav 4tb st J
iiHIIIK Ti Ii, neweiaprr writing pFn f read
ill lug taught by mall m-bool of Juumol.m 4S
WeltUlhet. ,
CUnPTUlUn -"end for haiiU.in 20 qmri ae
onUnlllAnii circular, free n. am d Iress
A J Craliam. nultioi alilpil'll h'r 74Mroalay f
(.WIMMINI. TAkl.HTOLK kl V at limes lneiut nun Is'
O convenlenoe Address tllAMI ION eWIMMfclk bgx
141, nan ofllie ,
2 8o6t, 3il f
in YEARS' EXPERIENCE with dogs; dogs boarded, ,
A& "" " W.bftLU,t77,c?-kVr4a,. i

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