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' xxDMsn, ro tutor.:, ...vo macicjsa
J. I
' 1T NrIIto Amrrlrmi Will Nnl Vo Lone
, Ht4ir o Mll"-l ovhnr IHhIIW tn
,1 be (luiril, Hill Will ItMr T l.sncth
; f Time tlnr" nidi nit KnSJsc a.
Thi exlrsmi use or disuse nf moduli no-J-
emints for more artistic (allure limn any
i other one thing. "A youth nlbim Willi the
I Klory of hnrw-etod truth" come rudely to
find thnt hi nrtlstlo. demigods ilo not build
'.' tbslr marvel from out of thcr Inner soul hut
' mplnr tnuiiir mnn or woman who does a
l fair Impersonation (or $3 n d-iy. Ho ul serves
thai draperies do (old and thnt ths divine
i form I" o itrusively mntcrlal tli.it passion
, can bo p'ired "Ter so easily, nmt that
humor llni In nn enlurgo-uo-it of thn ex-
tremltles. Now thnt ho hold tho secret, nil
msy run smooth, lilt g, nlu burn and his '
er'tiulasm I In n porpetuil slow. "t his
"guide and philosopher," who I railed Into
become raptumu over th last rnnvn. will
I oontlnue to look nwnv from tho p-cltlre tithe
figures on the i.ll pnpor and to Im iinenlni
In hlnpffh. t r turn lln f u icet from the mnt
tor In hind. Hit enthusiasm hums d urn tn
white iislm ii'ilil only the llt'le Ihnio of d--pilr
In left, hut that l hue Into, dole mlnn
tlon. nut thnt itti.illti mnv nun the town. Ilo
J BOW CO' hneli n ills mo-lei and becomes
rn'tl iiniirufKrtI with n variety of fact, nm n r
Allien ore thiit his model will not make hi
picture nor cuMils plcm e i emu-lnwllh ut Ills
rno ltd. and lnt jy the nn lei cost s I n day.
He llndh 'het lie rutin- t put n Snu linr m
thofirok st (blue, 1-ccatHe the w.ol I kll -l.l
butter. If ho clue nut; hodlso ivorstlntliucuu-
Wot Blnnd soldiers up In a row. hecnune they
I I lie better uut ut u; that a worthy young
1 , woman In toe mu 'o Is not mi Wise! ader he has
II added tho wings: hi model Is uln.iy- stiff in
attitude and hi cn-tiuuc naver lit the model.
ii pnil the niodul ca i't readily e e ther n Utn id
I, panic of tho Louis XI.V. peilo tor u Mhw unim.
t beruiise she l n other: nod yet If he doe not
have I he modal ha llnd hl-ncl( Ids In the
i po'slldlltlvn of how a sle-vocan wilnlo.
. ! Altogether the struxsls "f tho young artist
nd hit m dsl Is grave and gay liy t rns. Ho
knows ihut th. i very plnnnaln has boon r -milled
! by men who wml 1 not hnvo mu ll In tholr
studio, nnd no k mit tl) it I .lino t.il fnmn Inis
crorn-l tlio ilT-iiti- of imin vli- o-i ild nit
, paint u nlme hu Ll wlthoul the etill llf toed
'. before thwii. Ho do.ii uut vrint tn lm a wa-
ruu'itlinr .Mi O This or Anneitij nnd lie cili
1 ," Ins hur " IIium" or " Ciroo," imr doee he
want to utaolihli a oleMir nystiim o( hli-ro-
Clviihi--. to wliii-h he hop - tho iiii lie
will boe-mo n eiitnnioil. If In dlru
to lmi"ni.'ilD and well-tn-clo. he nill eniriiuo
til-i contlenion und ii-iiuc lad to ilu Ii!n pu-.
Inu nnd pei-janile them u pay hl.n $."nm ir
Sl.iUO f-irtliudiitinetl m of l.-lns Imnio'ta'
Izod In luiu. If he iiiidxt on domi; nnvlhini;
elne, I ran only u'iu- In-n one iiic'j of iphl-r,
und ttii In i -)',ei to tnke no '. As ti my nu
i ixiirlnen, 1 can s ly Hint tlie prolile-ii l un-
Hiilved, hut 1 nm biio fonio fac h runeeinini;
ao.-lel-lii-li havn i-oino undor m olin-rvn-tlon,
nn 1 ullwrs mnv ImiiRiiio the dink-ulties
ol nn nrt'siN pruh-sslon.
c One of the moot .ieeoun t-lsetelim Ieer
ni.ulo mi. uf i.n Apiu-liH Indian. 11 was In
vrnrer e.ilor. nmt ih-l It from iliw lautiuo
lolut -if tenl. I I-iokril uvor my li nl-ler.
jiiiiui m,l-ilmil ed Ur.fe ku ii-t-i ln at Itwiili
iiirnlni:. I ndy ovi ilo HpoUo hnrhlilj In his
own laiifc-IUSC cuihl vd the skoH-h. mi- i-,1 It
totiie erniip uf i..iav'e-' just nuthlile. talked
VeheiaeiiilM-.tuI tmo it nn. Aurent ileal was
tmld. and I wua mowlx-l at uut 1 1 thuiiKlit
4 , murder iuut follow, when t vr..'j t Id oy a
,; friend to ilo n nine ketch lit- In I uut .
elnlty. tho iloeton. Iin-I tut ictdl-eoveieilan
iinthlote lor a .nehoter. loiu-iho i-allhie.
i After na.n: diin-ii from the 1 ; t- I t-y
( till- lie lit m num-iil on tlie p.itt nf the
j enwm I lesi.ianl mi oporathms, hut I aiv. .us
1 guw to It ' h.it in rear wan inipriKii-ihli In-lorn
I weutlnto ni-tli n. In ii ins tho untile Amoil
1 can iwti model, artlMhilinl that imt.enoj Ii a
Kri-.it vii I no. luu ai iv In. -or for unj to get nn
, Indian hflTnre you, and then ymi Hit ilmn to
' liaien :;iijil pjint. I'ou eet tho ouillno and
m-ttin to In v- In tlio i-olor. Jon mo piociufsinit
Jinil,-, n'j.i aro full uf self-i'ont:riitiilutinns
j when "Ali"lt!irniii:li tlio noi; ImuetH down
; olToiH ho-iie KU-I walki. nwai, le.iiluK ou witli
a dirty cinan and nia-ted nope,
lou heir. Inii-lorr, l e-e-i-h: your friend In
, terceilu: ymi iluo hi. n!ury, hut it'e all fullle.
lJe wull-. t.tf (tiithri. und t-hoiilt niourtHnnd
. r' trullor8nwy. Why dues he net thi.t way I I
. it aun't knmritnd dmipt if hodous. Tha yollow
i doc tlmt tanfltr hi pom In no more lire-
IBponKllile. 1 iicsotl ite I fordnrn nn-l was al
lowed tn P'llol an IndUn In the attliudu of
the toituroof Ihe Mm JlA-imrir the line .ilndl
alao, unit tho thine went off finely, hut to
thUdav th hnleful inllUQiiee ol that proi-enl-Ins
tirei the lllui-kle-t. One red man eon
pldeiaJ tlw cl i-nl.lili y of ehopplnr: my
brnlne out ivltli his llttb li.it.-lnt,
but hi did nut. hihI Old Sun said
It wn Ind. Palntlus undor kiii-Ii clr
ouinHlanees It- like w Itlns poetiy on n
buekliis h-irn.v Th only way to pnlnt env- I
asoli to nuike nkitehis whleh cliiill ronlnin
tlie in .tlv. then huy Ihe cnslumo and cot n
clvlltred Indian or -i while man to do the de
tail ib h mo 11. There uro Indian. in New
xo kelty wlio Pose lor nrtist. hut they nre
civllir.ud. 'to tlie extent that their motions
an-1 Ki'bturenrtro not those of tho wild hunter,
yhlehthit nnlst must ti-noh them, Avilhjlii.
dlnn nwur iinlntj) lilt-IihiiiI nnil urni niter the
muonjr of n white man.nhd ho puts hi h i di I
tap in lilt faen inanlnlinltnideirity, nllof wl.loh
must he oh'eived ainlf.iipplled hv thoaitlst,
llio fowhoy la l.i-tt-r-he will pose, hut
JTIien halta ilu'en of his fell we nru nronnd
i ln,y w"l ."Josh ' him nnd ho w ill heeume ton-
;t Jiirra-xid and u lather unntlH'faetoiy He
HI' ..I,"" ru-iiilii'" to tlie hest ndvantase.and he
m tii.ii.saitiiiif (.tic it to he women, nnd I iillo-
rii rethrrdisacreen le In the eanaelty of tiiklns
XiS Wni'ill -i ou-Jy. lie ill rile Ills horee up
mJ fn,n iluwneut l.nnu to let rou ohneno tlm
iV te. BJ'f,' 'V 'f ohillnv,hll ynu pro-
t) u'fi',' to -Ure at tho tiorr ineteucl uf him.
Si nil. An"'ri''ftV -0lli"r "III do hie het to
, I ple.ieh. vl.tilng rt.t. i ..t an old soldier
tft' i.il to .I..,,, , nu,,, uriV, , ,h f u
?,J"..U ,:r",1"." Ir,'n". I"" Sh -s-iy:
" don't 'inL,tfi iff' 'i'"'1, 'i1"'" hL,n" 'k'"'-
ill i inSthnr..?..?. -tH-. wllrr'1' n 'i8umei
I, l,'u;,1',,;r,"'t ration of ea-e. At n. with
I 5 the Jioildori hi l-aek, wai a sleeid-i livnatV
health, nn after n time yon Iwirnto iMre him
nn tho fly-to mentally catch him from behind
hlti hnok, a It were. , ... .
I onee painted nn old eaynlryrnan just out
fldoof n Hrfttorn tioBt.nud a he .wtonhij
h -Mown had nn Interentlns nnd Insiruotlxe
illeioiirnenn the polhilltloof a newsmena
which ho liml rlovlsei) to h;-ftt n. faro lnk.
Then rhen y u try nt tho fcn tltr you n nil rour
man In tho plcluro le.not blowlns hi. btisle.
tut Is plnylnson It llkoii flaseolnt '?
postulate, nndhe tells you thnt he run t Keen
his. -hrekii out that way for in hour lt he
nilBlitswellowhlitolinecoauld. ton know this
Is n posslhlltty and do not lnlt. The young
omeerwllldothothlna perfectly, hut friend
eHllsnnd ho must stop, and It Is altogether
honlMtoset n model whojn pnntnloons nt
1 Ii in dothoe mn to hy IltitHnlil. Then every
mnn who tin hod hie character formed hy "It-
' tins on n horse dovelnpR eallent points which
make III- nlentloa of n eijueetrlnn picture, nnd
nil tnodoleslton ahorse with the snmesrace
nnd ehnraet'-rnf a bnunf ;linn barrel.
In Meilco tlie people tnke naturally to pos
Ins. The Indhin nre p'llesmMlc. or rnther
1 not phlesmnt'c. hut their nervous aystem will
I i-tnnd the ttftln of roninlnlns in one position.
I I have hail n Mexican oavolry sol tier stand for
two mortal hours, nnd if t find not soften
i tired of working I suppose he would have
t.)ml loncer. Onn Inlnntry soldier whom
I v,n pnlntlnit was iiecoatrod in heavy
mnrelilnff order nnd ho fell in ft faint on
hln fuco-wlth his . henvy rnck teftrlns
I him d wn. I Juniied to hi nld. n did his
tifllcer. who wn shnrlns my Ms white nm
hrelln. I inn for l-rnndy nnd water, nnd sfter a
time 'he poor fi-llowenmo around, llotolil his
ofllcer tii.it ho had hnd no breakfast n he had
ua-nlih-d away his p.iy. I hnd enoush brenlc
fnst hroiisht to stiffen him upfornwiek'a fust,
mid ho went nt It noraln. ...
To another Mexican soldier T save n new.
Iirlsht dodnr ne n rewnrl, nnd hethnnked me
In n truly ra turou wny. Thie piople nro
M-ryke-n In Iholr Impulses Aid what looks
ill. ii n hardened hessnr mny havn An emotion
al temperament whMi will 'mpol him to kl's
hisclrlon theerowdod street. Ilo will alo
fctickn knitu Into you four or Uvo times if the
humor salzea him. both of which not
wuulil ii. .t seem the results of a reason
Ins dlspuslMon. lie In the m-nlol inrex-ci-llone..
and like all dark-klnned people
hu i not oblivious to your art, sim-e he ha nn
Imncinntion nhlulils more to un artist than
thoiiunliti of tlm hard-liended northern mnn.
who. like .Inn til do."ha cot ninlddlln' tlcht
(Trtii. sir. on tlie Imi.tful of th ais ho knows."
and wl I not bother his t-rnln about nnythlnc
beyond that. The siatlaman In Mexloo.when
ho nwiru that you ate sketching hi hoise
and sorseous eiiuimnent and chlro-costume.
will retain he p)ltlonfor n time, astlloush
, to nld ii and nut t-i ho unsraclous.
'In t irn from Ihe human form to the horse,
we find our model more ready, hut with dlul
I'liWus Rtlll to oiieountor. The file come early
In the si-asjn and stay late uml n huise c-un-out
stuiid hIIII In the sun with these pasts
nrout-d hltn. When the files no. It t t-K cold
tus ny out nf do us. You mu-ttake him a lis
nt a time, nnd en ou piecemeal iou want hi in
In notlun, uml vour man holds up his lea or
raises il head on hi shoulder, but then don't
forcet thatiliH musclH ilmw dlfforeutly In n
leu restluu i) n man's knee than when in real
netl -n. ud that the eye I not shut
sleepily or the noetil drawn down. 'Ihe
horse will tin n his hend and the numeles will
liliiv nueerly while tho lishtR oiuko new
turmsr tlie hln I foot will drawun the hips
w-irl: down, the ears point shout Hko n weatli
eivane.and the eye make expres-lonsus full
l of ni"nnlnifn nv.rnwn. Tho sun moves enn-
i Mnntlv nnd shndows chance. All this roust
lie done uiil-kly with a lend pencil until you
j cun seo it with your mind's eye.
Thou comes the ctiRrnc.ter.and no two horses
look any moro alike than any two human he
Itics. ()nu ha nil tlw iiunlityand fine nr.-h
fro-n III n.'strll to the hend of tall of a stylish
slrl iTiiIlo unother Is "down all around" like a
si tteni. '1 hore i tho pluu p. weil-lonklns
hoif-o, ll:n his master, who bee thatHTery
thlns nhout hi pha-e in properly oared for as
well us himself. 1 hn conios tin anatomical
Htmlyvilth colls nnd sores on the hips, which
the brutal huOM-ter -Irhe all day and
Hhlch he leaves i rtnndlnc nt a po-it nil nlsht
while lie sets drunk. The centleman c
spanklnii ulonc the bridlepath on a" fltteen
quint" hack full n' life, and he snthere his
siiuaioriuartors wlthn power which seems In-e-cimuhtlble.
No twoof tliLm will look alike.
J ho croup mny he Ions or short, and the pas
tern likewise, so ou will hnvo no end of study
to do your horse mo lei noli.
, Anu-t!st is pirtly excused If he makes all
his personal friends miserable by occasionally
ri in tlnsn poso. lie will Hnd after a time
thit Iheyuiily stink their liend in through tin
jarroil door nnd snvs "Mind now-no posins.
old mnn. or I'm nfr." and you must agree to ft.
hut there t alwnys n win to work a confidence
csmnon him nfter ho has sottled down In a
chulr wllha pipe.
So ufter tnkinc you all Into my confidence In
this professional secret of how models pose,
don't so looking ut pictures to be forever try
Ins to see how the model did poso, because
you w'll never ronlly II nd out, and If you nro
sure it wn n real wild Amli from T Imbiictoo,
refioei thnt it mlclit havo been a Bowery boy,
nnd If Itw.isnbeau If ill sul labelled "Apple
lllos ran," all soemlns y made in tlie up
e'limtry uwnr from the walks of men. you can
not be enck sure sho did not say to the artist,
" bay, l'o eot to roitthls right les. see 1"
did nvsvrar.it cztjzexs nina ah
assasxi jo no ri?
It I HlBsntnr Ihut Tre Oflleeni fhont
nre nten WnltlMB to Arrt Kelly,
Althon It No urt wb Mode lo Prevent
the ! Mofc's MTeln Creede.
DitmsB. June 15. -The truo story o( the
kllllns of Bob Kord nt Cree-la ou the nftarnoon
of Juno a ft nlrealy uoU-d In Tiu Bus. is
probably ono of the most remarknblo In tho
history of ralnlus camp trasodles. forthero 1
ovory reason to bellovothnl ho wns nssnssl
nntod by a man IiIm-1 to do tho dool w th
money contributed hy 100 of the buslnos men
of tho town. Instead of n lynchlns. nfU-r the
manner of the Vlslhrnte of California nnd
Mnntnnn. there wn n cowardly murder.
Dob Ford went to ('roe le early In the your,
when tho boom first struok tlio camp, nnd no
cured n plot of ground on the main stroet ol
tho town. Hero he erected n two-story roush
board building, und, with his wife. bean
keeping lionae on the upper floor. Thev kept
there, as well, from three to sit sporting
women ft hoarders. On the flrt Moor a gam
bling house cnlled the Croede Exchnnge wn
opened, nnd hora nob wn oinployo I runnlus
oneof the samo3-usually the faro outfit. It
wns no worso and nn bettor than ft dozen
other gambling establishments In tho place.
It was a plain, ordinary mtnlns camp hell.
For ft time it flourlshod. a all tho
rest did. and thon tho real ostato boom
struck the sale of the schoil-lanJ
addition to the town and went to splt-itors.
Therenftertho sarabllns places wore ono aftor
another obliged to clme tholr doors, until hy
the middle of Mny only four or five rcmnlncd
rpen. Amongthoso to close early in April wn
the Creede Uxoh.inse, whore llob was em
ployid. although llnuor wa Doldovortuj bar
there until near June 1.
-mi TEirr in wnicn ron tord wi KiLtrp.
Although out of a job. Hoh wasahlu to llvo
oomfortably out of the monny paid hi nlfe by
the smrtlnt women, and there ifter wis a
loafer nhout the simbllng room still remain
ing open, hi chief loafing plnee. however,
being In the Now Orloau club, run by Soipy
Jeff Smith, one of Denver's toushest citizens.
Ilere he hoeamo the pal of Joo I'almer. one of
Boapy's camhlors. uud was freiiuoutly half
drunk with him.
However. Mob wa not worse thnnoor.iohiin
dredsof other hnrd citizen durlns thl-tl ne,
and bei'ftusn It wns a mtnlns c-imp non of tho
citizens doing ft rsprtnhlo business bothurod
hlmolf very mueh about the to igh.
On Saturday nlsht before Eustor Sunday.
howover. as TnB Sun has told, there wn a
prize flcht between a p-ofessl.jn.il named
Johnson nnd n locil pusilNt, in wht-'li llob
backed the local man and acted a his tl-nn-keepor.
Tho loeal m in lot the llsht. an I as It
alterwnrd ippeared 11 ih well nisli went broke
In oonsenuonce. Out of the Ill-feeling arlslnc '
from this Bob boenn drinking on Ka-tor Sun
day evening with his pal, Joe Palm-r. and lu 8
o'clock tho tw stutod out to kill tlio winn'ns
pugilist. Johnson. A an Incident of t eir i
quest they shot up the town-fired tholr revol
vers at the wind iws of Inotlenslxe citizen, j
and. now and then, jut-1 close enoush to the
Innocent tpeitn'ors to eaue them to sek
she. tor. llio Maishal ol the town, a man
named Trunk Herald, wns tnu worst enn d of
the int. aeiieumetanoe that led to hisleawnc
town soon nfter.
Next day the sober citizens of the town held
a meetinc nd orsanlred In eeret acommltteo
of li 0. A vote was taken on iiuh's ca--, ami
there were three inoreMito cast for warning
Holland .loo to leave town than for hansins
both of the n. A piopjsition was also rna-ie at
the meeting to hire ome one to h iot liuli an I
lot Joo olT w th a warning, hut thl- did not
oientemin-h talk. lioi. was no.ilii-d that ho
must 1-nve town, ind ho did sonlt'i Palmer.
Thuy did not have any mon-iv to s- with, out n
c intrti.ut-on was made by seieral spurts,
which nt hem away. One. who :a- SJ7 f it
that purpuse, himself a snmbler. i-ul'i to mo
"S'an tthat hotter than putting up $'25 or
$'20 toward gottlns a man to kill nlm- better
for the camp's reiiutatiou n'ld oory'-od . I
think It was. I'd give u bundreil am- tlmo
ratho tlinu hive a man strangled, lot alone
Hob went from rreedo to Colornlo fip Inss,
where he had liied be'ore Reins to Lr-rllo,
and uriivtd there in tint temper. He told n
reporter that ho wis s-dns back to i rec-l In
n day -ir two "with a sun in each hand." fie
cool -d iff dl.oelly. huwinor. un I In a day or
two adopted a penitent air. He wmt.i to a
numi.or of the sober hu Inessme-ilnacoiitiiio
etialn. and then, on thoadl-e of fuendsth;
tho storm bad passed he returned on April
21. I-'iistof ud no went to the ol'lco ol the
.Vurniii; ,' nun fr-awl sot tho edl-or lo print
an article which, because it Htill:ln'ly illus.
trates mining eamp hn itof thought. Is worth
reprodurlns In pint. It n-nl:
'."nb Ford Is ng.iln In Cn-ulo Why the pos
sibility of hi retain sli n d have carried tei
lur tn tho lieuits o' coi tain eitlzens it Is inrdl y
possllilo to understand hlnco lie ha b-eu lu
Creeds the' n has been no iiii.t r mm i-.voi t
upont'ie iiiif-irtnn itu -uml iv night a w el;
as-. tor lilsa-ti in upon that oei-n-lon hu Is '
extreme y sorry, hut, a ter all. h d mi 1 ivi-d
thon the Western Idoi of s lyinshy miu'u !
fri.-tid. Thlsiilinis.ino vhi-h i:,ist-in p -n.
fle.asa (--noril I Inns, cannot compru. mud.
I Istrue. iihvo thele-H. toat li -ii a Irue West
ern ir starts out to stand In a man ha do-- It
and doeslt thoroush'y. "V'H tho sll It Is slm
P'yn matter of getting diuuk ii-nl -hooting up
the town, fhis i.-iio.arlinil Idoi which dls
tinguls tea the Wc st from tlio K-ist Jt.iD Ford
hiM many intorcfia In ('rendu, nnd Ir lie
clinoB.-s to stay hero nnd watch lilslniest-m-'iits
hehasns mm-h ri.:iitt')do it asanyuno
ele. A fight ns chance-1 all any on-iants,
and Io-d shouklnt leapt be granted thnt"
In Npltowf this curlmih iippeil. thu cmiimit
tee or lilt) was n ,t nitlsilod. IJili. to Mill
furlliiii'plai-ato iinbliii o, Inl in, went t.oloro a
Jiislleuiif tho Peace, pli-ided sillily lo a mis.
demeanor, and paid n lino of $.iU This did
nut help matter. It was not i mm-h that tho
peaciia id sa'oty of the citizen hid boon In
tel reied with on that Kundny nis it. fur the
town ill-id bei-ti shot up Ijefnie. The tlou lo
was In the dUllk- the neoplu had for the liidi
Mdunl. 1! ib. It was freiiuently sail by Ii is.
ne.s men. had salood his notorl -ty as .i liliod
I assassin -hail killed hi pal foi rami-y, sho.it
Inshlminihotiaek. Tliey had toloratnl tho
fellow because thoro was nnreasoiiaolHexi-uso
forrunnjus htm oat of town until the esca
pade of Luster bun-lny.
llobs apology by deputy appeared In tho
C'iruiifile on April '.'R Tlmt nlsht a meelins
was held In (.ecrot hy the committee or lm"
Thnyhttd warned. Bob to leave under penalty
of death. Ilo hn-l ictilrned. Sh .nld tln-y so
out and hang htm ? Homo huld thoy sli niid at
once, hut other snld wait llm oth-.-ta wer
Initio muiorlty and prevnlled. When naked
Why they did till I hoy su d it wuhtiuio l!ol
onemqiechanee to leave town uud sale tno
nce--8lty of lyuclilus ll'm. Marshal 'lheo.
Crnlg waB"nt to Hob with the committee's
de llon that ho niu-t leave. II ibrelused toi-o.
1 hi struok mo as singular, nnd I went around !
anions tho snorts of tho town to learn what I
hnd rtluoned UoIj'h backbone, und found tint
several nf thorn who hud ll -t heloie til it ..Id
nhyrhlns In his faor now said iiulutly that hu
ought tohaieiiL-hunee.
tiV'.'i "'.mli tjo of lix) nilsht hnvo Ivnelied
Ilol that nlsht. however, hail they sono ut It
promptly, thoush It wns known that ill onnd
thro or four close trh nds weir up stnire over
tliel it-edo J .-eiiansj.w.-ll armed, and thai Hob.
at lea r. w und lUiif. Maishal frils told mo
t hut nt Itast two ntlnis thoto would light, un I
that the comoillteokn wit. Tliiicmnmlt'ee
JrM."iVy'tl'1' V"u ,r''"111 I", so. ndiourned.
Ttieir rna,on for dol-ig so, ns It -ifterwa dap-
Rrars",,iivrlgr1 )'vr, f?'lr"f f,.",n "i- K "'"f
I)ol and hi friends, fur on tho next day thr.-.i
of the i-onimltleo wont to liohnnd tol 1 him
they canioasfrkinds; there wns not g luu- to
tbi?u??.lVl,"b "." r,f,lio was voiy imp pular
there, and had ho ter 1 ni o. Inluet. lib 'd
not leave some onn wns m o to shoot hltn wlih
a shotgun fioms;iiu sei-und-Rtiin window.
Thepeopenf Ctj-edo had disliked U-ih te
cas,i ho had killed a mnn for money In.
cowar y fashion. Them Is no doubt at out It
" tho repro-entnt e men of tlio amp.
anxious to set rid of him. but afraid to attack
him even With odd of a lynohins paity n
their Hide, lu I coiitrli iitod to mint a purse to
hire an assassin to kill him. Of this fact I was
assured l.v eeiornl men, "
Up tn this tlino Bob Ford had had very few
friends In tho rnnip. even nm-ms the would ho
bad men. th- mosf dnnseinus of nil eiiiascs.
but when It was told that the commliteo not
pnlylnoked nervo to mnke a fight, hut hat
threatened assassination, the sport, with ery
few nxcept on, milled to his support, and
1 Bob was weU-nicu made a beio. Jack Push.
slnco deecned nt the hnn Is of Jlnrshnl Knrs,
wa anions tho innt outs-iken. tj-it Broken
Nose Creek, nlthoush n aousln of the oungor
iirolliTs. wn lust anr.-ii'ly to light for him.
Kveiitlm liistlioottlio IV-ire to whom Bob
liHilptldt in llnp nld If there wns trounln he
wmild t ike his gun and light for Boh. nnd for
sexernl lny tlierealtcr owtf sport carried
a-plenty of rni fridges n well n is'"'1.
A bus i een told in TltltSUV. when the com
mittee throateni d nnslnntlon. Boh. with
much x Ilo and profane laiisunse. cler.ed them,
nnd said If (hey killed hltn so tho town would
be (liedpu't ledemptlonln less than half nn
hmir nfter hln denth. . . . ,.
Boi.'.s ilull.inro and threat of bnrnlns tno
town eiiused the nun nltte.i lo wait n w ille.
They knew voiy well llieehiinso Innsntlniunt
uinons tlu sports, nnd they w-ro wllllnp to
C,vo tho old feeling of repugnance against him
tlinu t revive. . ...
Then enmu tho great fire thnt wiped out tho
heart ot the town. As ha been told. m THE
bus. this fliown..t hy m -n who wint drunk
direetl. from llob Cord's place to thn.rlntlrnn
block, wheiothn lire stnrtcd. 1 'otn Informn
tlon since ncelved from Creede. It apppurs
that the citizen' committee tho tght llo'i had,
with Inn itrun'.on iecklesness thnt iwiito lum
f-hu -t up the town, lm Ited these men t;i do tho
deed. At an la e the town vifts burned-Bols
friend could not take revenge for his death
us he Ind tlirenlened they would do. Mho tlmo
to kill thetlesperidohud nrrlved.
A tool toexecuto tlio behest of the eltlrcn
was not Imnl tollnd. It 1 not nn unusual thing
In ii mining camp to hire men for the sole pur
poseurtaklnir liumaii lives. Ilinvese-n f-ov-ural
prospoi't unl.-Hgunrded by armed mpn
men who had been hllod beoause of their
reputation for a willingness to shoot men.
The man selected wn 1 dwnrd O. holly, the
in.ushnl of Creede's Hiiburh cnlled Baohelor
and ndeputysherllTof Hinsdale eoiintv s well.
Kelly wa ucrjuiilntod with Bob nnd hi wo
men, l ul In order to keep Boh nnd his mends
from being 'uspieiotisand ou their qtiuid. an
Assistant wns n-eikd. uud a oll-coiicolved
plan h 1 1 to be laid. ,, ,
Ait.r tho lire Unb secured n largo tent thnt
hnd been used ns n lodsins house down on the
Bi-hool hinds, so en led. and pailltlon ngofT a
room nt the renr. pineal n burnt tlio front nnd
opened ndnnco house. It wns the only dunce
house In town, and wns well putiuni'ed on the
llrst nlsht. but ho wn- not destined toenioy
tho prolit of it. It was o oned on Tuesday.
On Vodncdny nfto no-m Kelly wns seen
etanding at the tent door tnlktns to ono of the
girls. Several othe-s were loa nsnloul the
vicinity, when just at H fit) o'clock n msn
known as Fieiien.To.i ennio along cnrrylns a
t-bolsun. As he pushed tho door he bnnded
tho gun to Kelly, who nt once entered the tent
Hob had oen st in lingat the har. but start
ed towaid the bark ol the room just before
Kel y entered. Kelly followed hiui aulckly
and s ild:
"Ah. Bob!"
Dob turnod nbout. dropping hi hnnd in-j-tlnefivulv
on bis revolver n lie did s -. But
Kelly had the gun lev lied, nnd as Bob (need
about, but live feot away, fired . uth burro's,
llu-elinrse stru-'t Bull fair under Ihe chin,
cult ns tnu jugiilnr vein, tho mrotld nrtery.
nn I tlio backbone entlitdy oir. nnd making a
hole so Iniso that n man's hand emild bo
piis'od clear tlir iush the neck. Ho died In
the n I r. and fell on his bnek like u !n;r.
wh'lotlie blood gushod In n torrent over the
flu ir. Kelly wulked t.i the I ody and took tho
rev dver fro-u tlie hip oeket after which lio
milked out. It Is a sigullleant ta.-t that two
deputies nnd tlio shell i wore in hand tout
rest him ami tnko lilm to a ca In some d s-tun-enwny
nn-l in tlieopon ground, where tin
co hi be en ty guar le I from the ne-nult of a
umbo lynchers. A l.irs n'.mberof deputies
sin rounded ilie eablii nil lught to guard It.
A Cormier' iu dr.-iiK-.I that Bob wa
killed with feu lions intent, but no ono sup
poses that 'ie y will ever be punined.
Most of the stories nhout Bob Ford's manner
of life since heshnt ,le-so .Inmesut the homo
oftbo latter at the corner of Uifnyetto nnl
Twentv-llrst streets, l-t .lo-eph. Mis, on April
!l. 1K82. nr iiniiuo. Ho did for a time b.-nst
of hi de dandos.-ns a lioro In some ill io
museums In nrh ns towns, but wh-n nhout
six yousas i he eame to tlie Iloeky lountain
reel -n lo li. ho very quickly ehansed ols
mind In the matter. Iu spcuklns of the killing
he rt ild to mo.
"Ti.nt was the only dirt I over done, nnd I
wis only a kid when I dnno it only IR
Tn y got u-minil me -the ofllee did and
told mu If I'd du it I' 1 bo th- srentest man
on oil! to, and ove.-y'iodi would be nfrai-1 of
m. I was tl ,t (no' i n nigh to believe thorn
and dune it: but I n ir see tho moment I
ain't suit.. Some nay think dlfb rent, but nil
tlie men I know who've killed auvLmly would
sle nil th- 'ro woith to get awuy trim their
rej utntion."
ffu.i was doul.tless sincerely sorry ho killed
James, no' bee.iuit was munlur. but tieeausa
tlio deed was sueli as to .nm for hlinlli-exe-cri'inn
nf th elns wllh whom lm wlslied to
nssni-i.ite. tli-s ortlis men of the mnuntaln
region. I1--SUI1 red tlies imesurt of death lio
had indicted, with a'l added pang, or ho
ica.ii-ol lurlus n href Interval after faeing
Keiii that Ills tine had eo-iio, und he tu.nod
n-h white in nn agony of fear.
JoutJ Ik Srtuxs.
ion JiiDDi.i:, ic:to of uit: ucsillks.
JL Collrce Graduate, Ita Not a Very Bo.
misiit c IlsMirrniln,
From thi .S.I- ijnri.1 K.sinutw.
Among the rustlers of Ilia present day Tom
F.iddle stands pre iiiiueut. Tom Hi-ldl is not
sill pos -d to i e his name, hut. i is th.- name ho
coes b In this eountiy. th one lnlknwn
i), nnd tne only one he will niiwei-to. Turn
lihlille i-.oiies in-n'er reii lins Hie id al ple
tuieuf tho thief and despera-lo met In roiels
than any of tlio ga s who linve ever h-lt tlio
country ordiod with their bouts on. A I -d tlio
otn rs linvn I een. ami are. duty, ill-ftv ired,
and lll-imi-iiu-ie I, and in w bom, to parapnrase
llllkesllllt. thu element v.vie so niinsled a
to uive t-ie world asburan -e of a hoise liiof.
In Mdille. how.-ver. I ho iiuo is reversed Ho
is b i l't lo . on gi.idii.it of an i.aslcrn college.
Ar.my tat? lie keeps a toitli ru-h nnd hit
h bhlrtseliHiised asloit .liy. ilo is of lino
uppe.ua ice. nn-l i. in ,ort. it tipic-il nook,
a wi-M-e tiieiu in yellow-i noked llcil m. And
yet there is untlim. of tht. Dick iu pin or
Claud.- Uuvnl rt 1 1 ii out bin. Ho is Ike nil
otlior hor-e thleMu in Ills method, dolus hi
woru at u ght and It iviug In- home In sone
see u-leil aii-i unkiiuw-i pi.-ii-o of which tint
is-biiit-s know nothing as- yet. Aimut all
t-u.t hn he.-ii seen of him Is who-i he appears
at s -hie still lou along the Union 1'ae.ilc r md
a-th head of a gins which is dihins u herd
of stolo-i st .ck tor tiiipmo'it Last.
Oiiallrii-li ucea-ioii tho sans so' out of
town ,iiiiiekly as it eamo. Without u tempt
ing to niiint it. Usiiallj on -noli octnl nHtho
dr e is ma lo lo bring tlie huids tn tlie track
after daik uut us s mitn lime bofnro tho ent
bound fnls-it arrives ns pnssi le. I'nually
there Is no time left lor a-eei tainins the real
chnrnetcr ol the shippers, und ei n were sueh
a -lis ov.-ty m ide it is not like y hat tl would
result in .1'iytiiliig, for tho ni-th is nre always
lu-iii liy armed on such expedition and would
llsl.t to tin-last man rnther than surren ler
o.ther theaise vo or (hen dishonest holdings.
Tlu-y know fiom pan. pxpeiierieo that unco
in (he hands of tlio h must in opie o( tills re
si :i thuy Hoald uiejt a tvillt n-trli iiiiou for
tno I ins ueres of eil nes .eiputiutcd by Ilium
nnd their kind forvears rust.
Tom Hi 1.1, is -ni I to Id already rich fro-n
the prieeu is nt hit. many midnight raids and
shipment:-. It is alii.it tine for him to go
last and I ec mio a deii-uii. Til it ivill be
nnre.'isieiatile rNuin tho w i-l i than tlio ono
ho ivi-1 get if ho stays heio mu h longer.
QUI. Kit MOM AS.i- MISt.S.
A VZnrjutr Mine that in slom flilnic of a
C'lirloslly, but Not ilns; lo tie A tint Ulne.
I mi.1 l',f fi rtd'i I fr
Ilecont refere-ice to tho natural wonder of
M int.inn, i . i. tieiil uly tun c.iL-son tiiotu and
bl-hlo.-ldo sprms i. iirins to lis it uiner of
i"i i u nia;:iiit.ote Cul. lohii Ui.lo's w nlor
Hii inegur mine In Benv r .e.i I uinij I'.is-e
the do un n old iu d ir.t-i thu r.uiiligh' v truth.
Ulstnickud hyciisp allid.iMtb and ailldaiita
c-osi M cah in Moiitaiia.
ThoCol inelnnd nlspiutnerilld not conflno
theini'e M-s to vin-gii'. They din'ov- r d a
mountain of nine alum In tlm BiMWihe.id
inngo The dlhcoverv was eonsldJted u tun
etina and butter than u S 'Id mluu. i hey
kei t the Hnd a sooiet tor scleral weeks dur
IMS which a Mi.iit wa sunk to tho depth of
JU) teet. Tlio cut wa iiia-lo nil tho way
throiigti n solid vein of alum, uud it w.h i-sti-intitei
tlint tho whole mounuiiii wns composed
of It. A laise i llool tnebtull w-ii heaped near
the in I u ii ready f u-shipment, and the miners
liud a seliorae to (bo 1 the market with their
product and Hike in il.lKM.ooO at ono lull
MV'i -p. Last Mundnv tho Coioncl's pnitnei
wont to town to lay lu a supply of gin- nnd
the foiiuer i mini' nod to sum if their tien-me.
Dii-ii s tho inornliisii In-nvy inlti iuA'iu to
fall arm c -ntlii led all iliy. und in tno a tor
nooii thi-tolunel ha 1 o. nisi ,u tog down Into
th mine, mukins toe descent bysiid ns don
the lope, mid Vh n oneo d iivn lit till- mitt nil
was ho laknn upwi Ii a contemplation oi his
hot. I nnd wo derlul mine that undid iintln-e-l
tlio ll etuis lio.ua until he happened in cast
Ins iK'S upward nil I saw Ihut dutllshthid
laded (mm tlm mouth of the shall. Ho started
to cliinh ii w,ii d, but had nut proceeded
more tlui'i half way whon to his h ir
ror he discovoicd thnt tho heuvt lull of
ruin hul so tuoroauhly mturntod the
uiiioi sides ol the shaft thnt asunatur.il lo
suli tho had drawn tosether until Ihe hole
was ainroolv In so enoinh for a man to crawl
throiish. Tlie Imprisoned mnn recosnUod
lisawiul i o ition, und without losing miidi
time sliiisslod toward tiie top of tlu sliult,
Jlieiy but h iidvanoe.l tho shait bei-nmo
riiialln-, nnd for tho last ton feet ho wns co n
pejled tn dig his way up with a pocket knife,
und when ho II inlly reaclie 1 the siirlnco was
roinpletod elia ate. I. his clothes wen)
toin. nnd his bodv badlyt biuised. The
rain was still falling, which soon re
vled tho Oolonol. mid he started towaid
the ramp tn moot his paitner. lo wtiom ho io
luted Ills romnrkniilo experience Together
tliey returned to tholr mine, oi nt least tried
t, f.'i ulth aisll the- search" I f'"" ttvoduy-,
the- we o una -le to (Ind tholr late possessions.
The mn uud undoubtedly th irouuhiy nnd
tightly e osed up tlie dlscoiory shaft and
melted away every slgD of thu alum plied on I
the outside, so that toihla tlmo it has beea I
ImpojsJbU to flttd any txaoa ol tho mlui. . i
HVFFicnisna akd FAii.vnk of the
The Expedition wn Uniui-tste (he Ex
ntnrnllKn of Ansirnlln. hill It xrnrn I)r
feeltvetr OrKtnlsed Th Vmn nf Oitrarls.
Dismal failure lias boon the lot nf tho largo
party, led by David Lindsay. hnt wnn fitted out
at great cost ovor n year ago to complototho
exploration of Inner Australia. Tho torrlblo
ho.it and tho parohoddosortftrons, where hard
lyadropof wntor could bo found, nre tho
primary causo of tho disaster. The highest
hopes had boon nrousod by the enterprise.
The sehomo of exploration hnd been formulat
ed by tho Boyal Geographical Society of
Australasia. Tho money required, amount
ing to thousands of dollars, had boon provided
by ono mnn HirThomas Eldor tho wealthiest
nnd most enthusiastic, promoter In Australia
of selencoond discovery. Kverythlns looked
bright for tho expedition when In April last
year David Lindsay, a tried and successful
explorer, started from Adolaldo wllh twelve
comrades. Including a sclontlllo MalTof nlno
men nnd forty-two camels to oomploto tho map
of Australia.
pti'KK'-.; 3f 4n.a J--i
itisrf')V''lie"J!--Tt' rjfas. -j'Jjt f1--- V, T'-'-W --f' '--'--eT
houtks or undsat akd ontEn KXPLonEits.
The work of exploring Inner Australia hnd
In tho past, devolved chiefly upon nine men. of
whom Lindsay wa one. Our map shows tho
most Important routes of these tra oilers.
Three grent tracts of which nothing wns
known were to be brought hy tho lonth expe
dition to tho knowledge of tho worl-L All of
thein nre vet of tho overland telegraph Tho
first unknown area to bo vl-lted was that be
tween the southern trnek of Olles and th it of J.
Forrest, and was about l.IIUO mile long from
east to wost and 3.10 milo wide, Aftor
crossing this strip Llnday was to turn
north to tho headwators of tho Murchlsnn
Itlvei. nnd tho work 111 way bnek east
throush the unknown region between tho
routes ol flllc nnd VVnrl urbin. estimated to
befKJOmlle Ions nnd '200 mile wide Tho
third unexplored district wheie I.lndsny wns
to end his labors, lies In what Is known a the
Northern Territory, m .stly botweon tlie over
land telosranh nnd the Vlctn-la Hlver. and is a
region of some 400 by 30u miles.
Th" routes HT(is the great Interior which
the map show could never hnve been fo'lowed
If It had n it been for tho Introduction of the
camel. Farly explorers u"d horsos ns bag
gage animal, nnd their success was poor
because water Is a scarce commodity In tho
great wastes. No Arctic enthusiast, no
evpioror of tropical Africa, ha-ov-r endured
m -re terrible suffering than has fallen to the
lot of Australian travellers. "The History of
Australian Lxplorntion." say IWelu. "slvos
the highest idea of the grnndour nnd fortitude
of mnn." B'enra brought In a nsw ora In
Arctic exploration. Cntnels Introduced Inn
Australia from Arabia. In IHtlJ. made Ions nnd
successful journeys possible In Inner Au
stralia The carnelR Lindsay took with him
were In charge of their Am landrlvorn. They
had been In the country three years, and. hnv
Ins become necustomed to the changed con
ditions of air nnd forage, could be depended
upon for g od service.
After leaving the lino of tlio overland telo
graph. Lindsay' roil w irk began nt tho
Eierard raumeof high hills. He soon dl-cov-ored
that his nnluoiis enterprise had fnllcn
upon evil lime. Id all that region n it a drop
of w iter had fallen in two year. Sourcosof
water Hint had been discovered enrllerwcre
wholly dimd up. At tho start, however, tho
patty wore ublu to fill their witer bag, nnd
they sot nut bravely for the unknown wot.
Over tho pnrclid plain tho tolled, past I'lyth .
Ilange and on to Borrow Uange. Attholllyth
hills they obtained a small supply of water, I
but by the tlmo they rea-hod Borrow Rnnso I
the sltuntlon had become very sorlou. They
decide 1 wisely that to push Into the unknown
regions beyond would probably cost the lives
of all. It became now a hunt, not for gco
gini'lilcaldlsc.ivurle' but for water.
Over 4()u miles southwest was a remarkable
little oasis, dlscovotod by E. Gilo In 1875. Ho
ropnrted that thousands of cuttle uud shoop
could bo rnised In thl wrdnnt plnce. Thero '
was abundant animal life and a fine growth of
grn-slntho little area a few squate miles In
extent, and Oile cnllod the water ho found
thero (juceu Victoria Sprlnss. The Lindsay
rnrty struck out stralsht for these springs.
Vi'hnt was their horrjr, when tluy arrived
them with their cntnels In n perishing con
dition, to find thnt thn terrible bent und
lo"g drought hnd turnod tho groen ousls
Into a scorched and barren desert. Not a
diop of water could ho soon, and yet they
must havo water or die. Willi tho frantic en
orgy of despair tiioy began to dig in one of i
tho hollows, and at tho depth of twenty foot
thoy reached water oO Impregnated with alkali
us to ho almost undrlnkuble, but, lmd as It
was, neither man nor beast rofu-ol it. Tho
party ,'llled their wator bag an I advancod lfJO
miles furthor south boforo thoy camo to a j
fulrly good water supply.
It had been ono of i he most terrible marches I
In thn history of exploration. For thiriy-flvo
days the nuty hnd laurelled under tho biarliu i
sun nnd lmd found only a lew quarts of water.
lor twenty-rour dnys tlie camels had not a
drop to drink, nnd tho thirteen men hnd mi
ullovviince or, mly three plntbi-a hnilay. 1: i-i
surmising tint onlyihreeof the ciiiiu-Ih died,
hut when thoy rein-lied tho const nt lpera-icn
Bay on Oct. 14 Inst thev wero s-nrcely aide to
stand, two week-rest wns nr-eeetinn- to'oio
the party could Rt,m north agiln tn tlm hope
olsavlnz their i-xii -illtlun fio n uttr fall nre.
Our mapslmw Llnd.ay'H route imitli when
hestiiitedasiiiuforlliuuiiknmv,. Heleaiiuid
t ul ho culi not eoiiiitnnii dniiof wnterto
Ihenirth oi llnmp on I'l-ilns. Turning t itho
i.e-tand then to ilm northwest, hn struck nut
lor the upper .lurchison llker. his c-amels hi.
cumins rapid y wonkei-m uecount of tholr
sreai hiiiTorliiB from thirst
At lust the Ions latent dissension In his
party buist Into lame. The ont le HcleiVtl lo
staff n.-cu-ed Lindsay of unkind nnd .irbltiary I
conduct an I of grave iiilNmaiiiigeiiient. They I
reals-nod toge her. anj. luaklng their wAy to
the w;t ciasi. left Lindsay ( stiusgloon
wltnli brother rind came drvers fhouKh
fo-n short tm - hi cntnels wen si far sin
with tin - l hat "hey could not eat. tlm plucky
explorer mnde fab progrc., ui)h .. ,,,,., i
Crulkslia-iU'eiaMBhiiiot fur south nf tlie Muic-li-U..n.
L.ndsiy now thoiignt hist oublchiv e
nearly over, uml hu hnd high h .pes of nccot n
plHhingsom.thlnKa e.-nlL, WnBt wis Ii
illsinny. lucre-fur '. to Und n t,8 mn.-l, Q telo
gram from lie c "'graphical society enl Ins
Film hack. The new of the deseitl.inol In"
scientific co nrndes hnd renchod Adelaide, nnd
the expedition w'lieli nil Aiistrulla hud wntched
with the ili-iii -st nteresthalbeonprjnoiineed
ii I in I uro. I.iidsny lad his eaini.fh ami nag.
guse In return y easy itnscs, H i,.tened
to Adoliildoundntiiii'-o priqiosed to tlm geo.
itrnphlcalso-letvt.iHXpore ut leat tlm -en- '
Fral part of tt e-t Australia. He was oonfldant
that he would find running water there, .-ir I
Thomas Klder, however, wIiIIm expressing
KTMt oooilaisofl la Llnaeiy, dtguaed to tint 1
tho expedition forth prevnt. Thowholoon
terpiiso wasthernforenbnndpnod.
'Ihe expedition nddod nothlns whatever to
seosrnphlciil knowledge excott thn illscovery
and naming of four mnuntnln. Oeosrapl rir
nre nsrecd that its falluio ivns not due to In
oflleleticyoiithetpnttof Itu lender. Ho I te
spunsl -lo. however, formlstnkos Inorsanl'lng
the party. Itwn a blunder tn tukti thl toeii
men and forti-two cnmcls fro n iotiinev of
tminv hundreds of inl'e-tliroiislin-Rloiis where
scarcity of water wns tn ho exi octed. bar n
ns hi natty wns I Indeny says he would li.ive
pulled through hnd ho ol t dried 2. IK t) gnllon
ofw-nter. In place where water ordtnnilli was
tube expected, by dlrglns three or nnr feet
he found nt a depth ol fifteen ff-t smnl
qnnntUle tint, would linvn In-lpo I .1 small
party, hut wore h-irdlr n Milmbloltil n piece for
hi In go Inrco. In lrsS7 8. thl exierlen id
cxplo i erosse I Australia Irmn Port Dirwln
to Adolnlr e. nee mp mled only l y n nntlM- buy
nn-l four bass igeniilii-nls. If ho luul sta ted
onhlhit.-tI"iurni-y with ft llylns eoliutm of
four experienced iihmcn nnd eight (umels
the result might haio teen dlifer-nt. As It
wn lils unwieldy parly or sclentl'lo i-xpeit
had no knowledge of i nsli or desert ttiivel.
I ut helr.-ippetltes weregood nnd thoy iifoded
plenty of water. ,,
It should not bo Inferred thnt all these in
land reitlonj mo permu'iently un it f U' liuinnn
enterprlsos. I.lndsiy biw them Inst when
they wore sufTorins Irom nn unusually pro-lon-reil
period of droiisht. but much iiflhl
region needs only rain to vivify It Native.
Inhabit certain district, nnd I.lndsny siw
, them driiwliis their w.i'er supply from tno
1 roots of small trees called the innlleo tree.
nusajs they can tell by the nppenrnnce nt the
trees wh-h will yield n supply of pure water.
Mr. Chntles fliewi'igs und other mithoiitie
nesertth.it Imm ise emnes uf Inner An
tra la. once believe I to be imtlilns but useless
deseit. contnln large numbivs of tiatt ral ar
tesian Bpr!ngs, and they ell ve tlint b arte,
slan irrismlon niiinv luiiidred of thousand
of acres wl 1 yet be leclnlmed f ir m in.
Aiistialia and Atiica liave (hi stilslne dif
ference among others. Africa Is llkuiiu in
wrte 1 saucer the int trior being hither than
.the tlm of tho co-tin -nt. Aiistialia Is tho
snucor in Its usual position, tin- Inner plateaus
i loins lowor than the more or less m mn aln
ou inter portions. When tho eirly l nel e-
siwllie c-iiintrv beyond the h'ghlan 's of tlio
1 southeast coa-t descending to lower levels
they Imagined there oiuit m some great ('as.
plan sen within which iceelved all running
waters. In place of thl central, I-ensinniy
set. however, there o;sf i tily o tipa-atiw lj
smiill h.i-lns without exterior drain. ise; and
it e th uttjr lack of ilveis availa lonshigli
wale tn the fur Interior th it has nn le tho i-i-pl
r,.tioi of inner Australia so iMIIieult.
Th Ii --tury o' Aiwlruliin discoe-y !s moro
erowdeil. lu pi.-p nil n. with tree enl Incidents
than that of an- oilier eon in-nl. .Mnnyex
I lorers Pino snceiiml ed. borne killed bv the
natives and nth-re overcome liy (atisoe, thirst
nnd hiins.u. Friend have seiiariod. up
pointlnsn reiti'evous al s ,iae liiki- ir eml-nenc-
Hi it Hi" trea-licroii- mitase nldim-d in
the dlstatve. and have never met nsn n Many
n recotd n' travel toils ,t story of ntense suf
ferins ntmd f.n spn-mt and du'ie. of
Hound rins throush s.lint- marshes or
thorny stdnlfod the te-ror o' all Au-tri-Hnn
explorers, with heat intn'ernh'e .-y
day nnd freezlig te-npor.ituio at nlsht.
Tho botnnl't Ci nnlns'iam wa muideied by
Ihe natlv of tlm Unsan Itlver n ls.i,"i. Too
r, iv int Lelclmrdt. n'ter his fir-t ,: e it io u noy,
whi h I shovvnon ou' m ir-. ntte-iipt -il in 117
to er-iss the c influent from east to wo-t. and
disappeared ivltli hlsentl.e inrty frim limn in
ken. leavinx no trn-e th it has ever b. en dis
covered. Ilurko and Willis perlsiied of their
priva lorn in 18 !0 not far from Lake Kyre. nnd
the inly urivor of 'heir i arty was King, who
wn rescued by a teiiei expedition.
These are only the most c n-ricuousof the
tr.isedies ol Aus'raUan e.p'oration. lieng
raphors hesnn to think it was impussji h to
cross u-trilin through lis centie Finillv
S mtli Austiai-n otlered a rewtrd of S "O.OhO to
the drat man who should truu" theionti
pent from snii'h to north Mua-t made two
utt 'tnpts. and fa led. He tried njnln in 1K)J.
nnd won the rich prire, fulluwitis tlm route
tha Is now occupied i ythaocilaiidtoletraph:
nnd ft hnn been snld tlmt he htnod ,iom th:
e-se of tlm In llm Oc.-nn. "gizing upon It
with ns n licli del slit us Bali on when h- had
crossed the I-tlimus of H.irleu fn-m tlie Atlan
tic to the l'lclllc." btations urn now estab
lish 'i a'o'ig the telegraph r. u e. and iu recent
years thai- have been the huo of ope a Ions of
nil expeditions that have pl-ino 'red the way
Into vii I ius p-iriHof we-ic n Viist-nlla.
In l-w of 'ho disastrous collapse of the
Llnd'ui expedlll ui it ni..y he -onie time bo
fore the in-id o-;plomti m of Austrnlln Is eom-r-le
nd. but the present fullur Is not at nil
likely to bo regarded a final. Tho exploreis'
route-, slmwn on tno map, prove con lusliely
thnt with tlie nld ifca-nels there I no longer
nny doubt as to tho practlcubilltyof truver-ins
tho intui lor. Cyi.ua C. Abau-j.
a aiTsTi.nr txrt.AiM-.n.
If XVomen Were 1,-f -Hitnitrd Tliey (onld
A'lsbl llel'fr rntu! Sires' Cmi-,
Rhe half rose from hor seat, gl.incod toward
tho renr of the open cur, and, raising her pnrii
sol, signalled to the conductor on the rear
platform thnt sho desired to have tho car
stopped ut th net corner. As It slowed, sho
stood up and stepnod t-i the side, shifting her
inrnsol from tho right hand to the left and
grasping tlio arm of the sent with tho dison-gnsi-d
" Wult till tho car stops, please." tho con
ductor shouted.
She glanced up with s blight expression nf
frlsht, and tho conductor r.vi al m:: Ihe fout
I onrd ut tho fll lo to n-isUt her. but she di I not
wait for him. hln; (.topped down while time ir
was In motion, und when thu car slopp -d with
n slight jerk bIiii had lu-r icft foot op tlm p io
mjiit. Kho hnd kept hold of tlionrm und was
n out torel.-aso It und put down the other foot,
while fuclnj; to tho lour, when tlie jerk throw
her off her balance. The conductor grinped
her nrm arid prevented her (torn fal li.g. Mio
smiled her tlmnl. and stopped uwny. 'I ho
conductor blow his whistle and stnitod toio
turn lotlmpl.itfor ii.
" There's mmtiier." lio remarked (on sereno
nnd nb'orv nt IndMdiinl ut tin- end ol tho
nextteat, "A wivnnii n -ler sets oil u ucwhi
f-mlns Imil-'itway: nt least i'v neierseen
one. it blio'll wa t ti I tin ear et -p- ll nil
right : If nut it's nil wn ns." , .
' flsn't her fault." tho individual remarked.
"So. Ifntho fault of tho car. or tho com
pany I mean."
"Huh." , ,
"of course. I'm not siiics n word about
grasping eorp 'ration-, or a v-lai' s of the Hko,
but i sn it's tlio tan t of Hi -mi my.
"I'd like lokhiwliovi. th. .uniluclor snid.
siisse-tlioly. " Wodu i-- i I Is ns wo can to.
help em."
"I hat mny b so, but the company ought to
chiinso tho direct! "I ii lines or start a
movement for tho ,!-vol. pnietit of nmbldox
terllv " the pllilo-uphor reiualkod.
"What" , , , ., , .
"Ainhldexlerlty-u1 I'dy to use both hnnds,"
tho p itlos qihor oil a in I. ' Ihe trou de u
thlt alt el peoileean H o lioils'lt ll ind only
In sraspl-is iiiDtnu,' wi h co iildetiL. n tim
i-ITirv women pa -i ularl- Jn (It's euiinlry
thoears i asat i tie- I hi, indn- tlsaoi-to
nlight from the s ii- n-uer the sidewalk,
it io very nut K I . -. u Vimuii to grup
tho arm uf Hie t. or the side ni Mm
renr platform "in ehi d cir. Imrnin steppln-do-vn.
Now. If to ci;s rnn the other vv.,y. to
the left, worn -n w ai' I ct off ir ,tn tho o m-r
side uud w-ul.l ' thnr ruht baud-. If,,
woman s'tsoli. w nt tho side jio jr the trnek
ehe uses n-r r s -t hand nnd is not pit lied
bn kvvard. u itch tlm next time, if wo.
mnn weto let h.u led. tlio ptos.-nt sis.om
would i-n'lr nt nut they nre not."
"I nevvr ti. usiu o that." ho conductor
said, "it In lUuJS been a mystery tome.'
"Ilo oii t.iink tno'll chtiuge " the pt.llo
loplierasKed. ,rVV ho ''
"The company.
"Wc nor the womoti, elther.H
wnr.nr. inn jaim.v iiAnnnn TAcnr
Ihe (rountla of he Old Amrrlea t'luli, na
What W ns Knniru Twrtil'i tslsnd,
Tnri'id Inln u Tine ( ln! Million A Mills
Ittstui-- of the Imllun lluibr ( tub.
On the picturesque shoros of Finch's Island,
In Imllr.n Hnrlor. Connecticut, a linndoma
building, surrounded hy I road verntid.i-. hsi
recently been elected by tho Indlnn Harbor
Yacht dub. The cluli has certainly selected
nn Idcnl spot fortlnJr new homo. Thu island
Itself Is au out four acres In extent, nnd some
honiitirul vtuwMun be obtained on all sides.
Tn the north ono can see thu Indian Harbor
Hotel, the Inlets, nnd the town of Orcenwhlali
nestling among llm troes. To tho west one
sees tho groen hills of Bello Havon and tho
ro.'ky shores of Field's l-olut. On the south
there is u line View "T the hound nnd thn Long
1-land slmrc. On the en t you i-an me On-eii-wich
Point, lllv r-lde. nnd also get a good
v ewof the many beuutlinl pi vnto residences
und country so.ils wiiicli d t thn Long Island
sltoro 1 lieu, asnln. their iinclm age off the
club housu ntlord one of tlm best holding;
grounds on tho Connecticut shoros.
.. -rr"T-'-rj- sjn---., . . m
sr5-TZjl. -f, A
txmw -jiniion vciit ruin's ;.-. iiohc
Finch's Island wa formerly known a
Tweed's Island nnd Its tilt-1 ny Is elusel. con
nect ed wit I the old Altierictsr!uh, which flour
ished in Willi un M. Tweed . time. Thnt club
ruiled th.- Island nnd i-rc'toi! n small huii-e
f-r llm iiceoniodutlon of the fMioriiinn. The
lmll ill llur or nelit Club' liomo will mind
ou the same slto. lint thero i hardly nny
th ns lo t uf thu Ameil'-us flun's old h hiss.
Tlie interior of tho present building I- tin-lslie-1
In hftidwoud nnd will be liatidsnmely
fiiruihid by .luno LT, tho day set for the
cm i'h (ormnl oponlns.
in the summer nf fsHfi.i nttmlier of jnimg
man Interested In ynchlius mot ut thoSllle-'k
I oilse. Greenwich, and sin scribed (unds fur
tho pun o-o of holdleg a n-gntta. There wero
n loflloors or duel, every one whosu 'erlhcd
b Ing suppos il to lo a member, i'he sub
si ri srsi liml ch n good tlmo Hint last vcar
itwasdeebt dtocartyon tioelu onamum
si li-tuntlal basis, and ii pnr.-niinent organlm
tl"n wn o tccted. Itegu ur due wero estnh
II -he I nn-l a room for timetinss securod In
Ind an Hnrln-i Hotel. Among those who at
tended the llrst tn -edns of the clu i. and who
nro still me'iit-ers.nie illchard Outwntor, H. R.
Doremus. Frank I'. Jones. W. .7. Jones, K. D.
('in nun. 1 Burton Hart. D. M. Winno. and Xt.
B. Ulhiioro.
3l s.s.""V r
Thin je'ir tho eluh was lucori ornted and
step taken t" place ll on n ninro permanent
basis. Some of tin, i.iom enthusiastic mem
bers I ropnseil timt tho c-lub lense Finch'
Island (ora club station. At llrst tli. Idea was
blushed nthut uter the scoffers wero brought
into lino nnd the "chein- became an assured
eiicoijss. The is'and was secured and steps
n' oneo taken to 1 iv out the grounds and orect
a club bouse. '1 lie house is ncuilv completed
a"d present a p o'ty picture. Tho anchor
ng. which enn be se-p fmin I lio pluzn. is well
sheltered, and n ac.it can rulo out iu safety
the seveiest sale
The present nnieor of the club nro: Commo
dore, lohii Moliei : Vice-i o-umo-1 i e, Francis
Burrit : lienr-t1 itnmodoie. M. V I'.ant: Treas
urer. Illchard 'utwii'iu-tSecrelary. lu 11. Br shj
M. -nsiii p.. .lohii o nwiiH: l'leut Cnttiiln. 1' Ik
tttu: Trustees 11 i Dor.-ti-is. V. A. -illeck.
D. M. W'litm, n'ld P. I! Jones. I nmtn "I jio
Jfulier. w-IioIk the owner of III k esoip--v
na I an entlius ,i-t c y i .i .nm and lin
been n menu or ut the clu I'o-iw iv-nis. His
genial mnnneraud sen -:o" ' spit.ilitv havn
won hi n Ii -sts or file-ids. and t mm aro few
moro popular Miehtsaien on ti hound than
(ho owner of tlm Nirvana. Viee-Commo-doro
Burritt Is '.ho nwuer of tho sloop
vtrr-coMMnpiiiK vnvNcis nunt'irr.
rnmmo'lore and tho famous racing jib end
mil sail boat i.hal Mr Bui ritl'-i fame and
name a a yachtsman and I u'ldei of fast b 'Sts
no known from one end of thn Mound to the
other. Ilo Is an ex-Commodore of tl eCe-lnr
Point Yacht 'li b of hausatu -k, and l called
by ill Irlerds tlio "I". I). Morgan "f mII
hi ats," us he ha n new b ntmcr eni.sn'l
proliab'y l-iiilds n(ve yachts tbi aiiyeln-r
in in in (he country He nlwn-- s..tl his
fo.-ii bunt, nnd thorn nro few men on
tlm "tind wlio can give h m point on
lunlllns tlm tIMor. Iteur-Cimm "lure niut
is the owner of tho well-kno.-n ''ar l-'4
cutheat .Nellie, which is ono of the fasten
BBin coMsinnnRE m. r. vukvr.
In hor class nflont. Ilenr-Commodnre Plant U
nlso a nieniber of the Larch-aunt and ItHer
side Vnelit clubs. Ho Is alwnys ready for
rime a ul ha w ui nny n mher of prire I ait
year. vh'! In tho I nst, he eaptuied ov-r twen
ty. Ho sells his own bout and does It ivolk
Among thu other hiistUr ;r thn clubs none
works hauler than J rnnk B .lone, one of the
trustees At present Mr. Jones Is rngased
with II I- Pore nus, ownernf tlio Mrene. In an
off r In make the sweepstake rnce on the
opening d ly nf the el ih n Ids sucenss. nnd
Ir -in tne number of entries which have been
ree ied It probal-ty w II I.e.
There m-e now over f irty yacht In the fleet,
n i ns tlmm bepigl' It. Adam' Viking. Do
re huh and On1 wit r' k Irene, l'lraund rih'l
l . W. R. (iilrquru's M- '(). K. Burten
H ir ' Tnttln-, W A Ha n' Alofdo. W.
1 a'"l I. U. Jones' phi II . h Komervllle I
L- el i. G. O. 'I' j son's Vurunt. J. M. Wllliums'l
Volusia nnd Kenm-lM.
The i-luh's fixtures, as far as arranged, an
as follows: Juno '2.r. special iwsepsUka nwJ ,
July do. annual rcxatta. ,t iSs-j-'-J-J'l

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