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(I 8 "" THE SUN, TUESDAY, JtTNK 21, 1892. "
'H w a-Bj
, nxtr.n" vbankim to aii.vt i-usts.
H f
m It The Flret Finlta ortlir Dl-lalrm of Military
K I Infirmnlliin Are Metrical nnd I'lnne-All
m $ or Whleh l'nroer" lln Kctehnm and
M J Hie I. Kilo Hstnr. ofSl.OOl) n - enr.
H Within ft nliort time tho Wnr Department
l has ostahll-hod 11 bureau called tho Division
H ' of Military Iiiformntlon. Tho Ido.i was Hint
H ' ' thoro N a grout deal of military Information.
H i f especially as to tlm ohangos nnd movements
H 1'. ln foreign ntuilo ami navies, that tlio nnieors
H j of ourown 'J.'i.OiiO should hnvo. Tlio Division
K i 0f unitary Information wan to dlssominnto
H ' i those lnl"io.tlng anil Impottntit facts. Tlio
H i ' whole nrini npprnvod of tlio tihn. nnd waited
H j xvltli Interest tlio llrst Installment of Informn
H j tlon. A fow days ago tlio commandant of ono
H, J post not many miles from Now lort: Harbor
H ; found on lilt desk n am nil pacl.ngo with tlio
B . rank of thn now dlvlilon on It. Ho toro It
H open oagorly nnd found within fifteen cards,
H flvo Inches long by throo Inches wide.
,: on tlio 0110 stdo of this curd wns n poom. en-
tliloil tlio "Uattle Truyor 18'J1." Iloroarotho
B first four lines:
H i , "Oli, bord, wltti th la Death and Ufal
H ToTliee humbly prayi
H Bj Bo with urn In the battl atrlfe
H ( oh, itilellour llvei to-day!"
H I Tlio poom was signed ,Tolin B. Kotchum. and
H ' llttlo furtlior down was a line, sotting
H 'I (ortli Hint tlio "United States Army
,1 ij Association" of S'J Nassau Btreot.
H Now York, wai i sponsible for tho prlnt
H ' ln nnd publishing of tho cryetnlllrod
aflntus of Mr. Ketehum. On tlio othor
L rlilo of tho caid was i bit of prose, entitled
H tho "Syldlot's riaor." It was n very good
B juayor. mi tlio commandnnt'a adjutant said
HF ,' utter ho had nnd it under orders from his
I" tuporlor. It contained no hoiosles. noBiiggos
1 tlon thai tlm Scilpturos might bo orrunt. or
thnlDr I'.irkhutbt was a model or tho Chrls
i thin gentleman.
W lint tlm d"V tlmnilerV Paid tho com
rnandiint. 'What fcmt of Infoimatlon Is thlsr
I . hnt Iris (jot Into the DUltlnn ( Military ln-
foiniation ' Who Is John II. Kitchum that I
alioulduotllfti-en oui.lusof Ills iioein. wrlttun
ln 18 il, and tils praioi. written lieuon knows
i A fow day later tho commandant, still
wurrylnirovr tlio utieor Inlluxor military In
formation. w.'H tut tlKT oxeitnd by rocclWnjr u
copy of the "(ompl to Debntor." from tho
SB mysterious t'nlud Mates Army Aid AsHoeln-
. R tinn.liiin:.lit'liiit.i.hicrftiiiy. lhis "Com-
i I pleto Dot ater" wus neat, ho ho learned, to bo
I, uddeilto tlio post libtar. for tho benofltof tho
R menial apparatus of tlio nilvnto bolilier. it
a& u H Vfnspilnted ) earn nuo. and is nowNory muoli
k,, U of n Liiek number. It het foith niiumberof
W s Iiiternsliliu''iuotionsfoi deb.ito.vltli instruc-
1 tlon as to leiw to co about debating thorn.
j Amoti' thesoijiicstloiis worn:
SI Mki Is ot lln1 h-rrntott l.c no lit to his country, th
I Wftrrlr tin Mnifiinnli. ut tlm optt
ly Are llio ntr iiaI imi'o illrs 1 1 lli iieXM equatf
U iiiiMto vuuliiiinciu : ptoinr wy to prarent
W Whiih hiiKhren nf Hip praitpst tipnnt to tho worM,
B tbtttiiou i-Mklne r ll .! pnntoii; prt- T
m llio eiti-ullcn ef .hrlt5 1 Juitltlable!
Tlio commandant bestirred himself to tho
folln of this mjstori. and somewhere or
ether bis adjutant roTUi d from tlio dust of nn
L I tippor i-lii'H of tho imi-t library n copy of n pn-
Per called ' Tho Army (.liiiplain." published
p) this sumo Lulled htfttoD Army Ala Society.
" ' John It. Ketcluiui, heeretary. It had toiuo to
' j tho Post ,i fow months bofore, hud been re-
' i coImm! and Hied. It announced HuMf as n
! montlily iiiniti?ino. and was full of tuformn-
I tion about nrnn chniilains. of whom there nro
8 tbirli-four in tho t nllod Mutos. Italsohadn
I Kooil deal about John II. Ketehum. iiiformntlon
B of a poihonul nature, t-ueli ns uono but John
S H. Hotehum would bo likely to know or to caro
,8 to read. '1 horoworo a number of paragraphs
1 urlnutho soldier to boa i;ood man. and fuv-
'8 oral biour.ipliieal sketches of obscuio persons
, If Vtlio H'oined to h.no been n very Cood sort of
, j poople. hut not romarkablo onouch to interest
I tho prlMilosoldlei.
J I'ur instance. ninonc the " 1'ost Kchocs" there
l Tins tliis:
'I ttapaln mil Mrs Rltner haTn been enjoyln? Tlitti
frntn ineir ilHiiKhur. Ml Pr. larley, anl their iun.who
'I lr U In hl-ii,cnlurarat tho MiuiuM Tralnluc bcbool In
I I'hllartell'hiA.
I ' (irt AKliitoine. Mont. -ltlff Nennh Dunn ana
I ' Markartt Mrl iitley ami Mr. l.lejt. M.kfin are new
J I heliiKtn lliesioiila ictioul
I t tort tliniLliuci. Arui,Ut to nee a reWralofthe
f i anelllnc !'. Tlio Ul mail to be Ipellctl donu Mac
I i Vrnato INaui).
I Tho commandant, nfter ccarnlnlnc this pa-
, I per e.trolnlly. was ablo to roeull that he had
' heard from tho United Mates rmy Aid Afsncl-
A i Btiou oiico before. Away buck in IhOV ho hud
Mi tioeii paralysed by tecuiviiK,' fiom tho nss-ocla-
- tion for tlio post library a translation or "1'lu-
, ; to's lU'pulilie." Tills lsnt,on and tholst-
;l m. tation of tho "Auiiy t'hupl iln" and tho lslla-
ff tlon of tlio " important nii'itnr Information"
If jH wore the only occasions in ulilah the United
1 W htatos Army Aid Association had civen uny
' m ablor comfort to tho mon of liis post.
' I'M It appears that at tii Nassau street thoro la
El, nuch mi association as that which jiuzzlod tlio
j It comuiandiint. It is abounding in printed
M-. mutterof all sorts and has as its representa-
tlvo John II. Ketehum. a snir.ll, niiudlo-nced
I n an of pleat-ant nppe.irance, a writer of
I .1! Terscs.npiibllslier.il benevolent association.
a alt ri colln'tor of subscriptions, mid a uenernlly
mW aclhu person with a salary, accordiiii; to tho
uais rnport f thoTif.ibtiierot tho aid nsbociation,
lS of something less than 61, dull u enr.
h-a" Mr. helchuui was le.uly and willliiB yester-
u ht day to o lain all iihoul his aid asociution.
Caf Mr. lioichum'.s explanations nro best set forth
w 1) In Ills " I'atrlotie Apjie.il on liehaltof tlio Amor-
I nj- lean Soldici." '1 hi-, i wiliest .'or subscriptions
li Is addressud to "tho benevolont nnd tlm
'- patriotic." It sels fui th that tho objects of
I m'.. tho ausoeiatioii are "tho promotion of tlio ro-
B M ' liulous. moral, and Intellectual interests ol tho
I (,' boldlorn of tlio, iiuy of tlio United htntes. tho
. j il 5' Bonding through tlm mailsof suppllesoi moral
' ) and rellizious iieadlnc inuttor. tlio codperntini,'
I vffl with l'opt l h.iplalns and other intoro-teil pei-
J IH fom in moiy ilToit lor tho morale of tho ser-
1 j m; yWu." It also appears Unit Mr. Kelchuin has
,, f 4 R bill which ho wishes Conuross to jiass that
f f providos for tliuuppolntiiiKuf iiioroeliaplnins
: f Willi better lay. In fact this association.
f S nr since its oik uiliition in lH.Vj. tli Mr.
f (. Ketehum then, ns now. r-ocretnry. li.is been
fi i lalinnui;, oh. i.o iiuloth, for tlio uvnnuelizntion
-. i f r.f the .soldier, to induce him to read Mimlry
y t tr.nts, pamphlets, and screeds, lo put within
)'. lilb re.ieli tlio ' 1 omijlelo i'eb.iter. "rlalo's I'.o-
y ( public." and tlio "Ai mv Chaplain." l'or theso
K f & purposes It c illeiMii subscriptions from tho
f .j L'enerai public. Tho I ist statement of tlm
, 1 ; Treasurer, as in lntiul in tho "Army li.iplaln."
i y S Is liiterestlni;. Tills rol ort, di.isectod, makes
I I this romarknblo showing:
v k Cauli rei ohtit from lubwcripilunii anil e.nn iMnm ?.i,052
, Cji.ll J alj tor lu!li:i!ijiliijtji! IhoUk ti.iiu(lt.,tlB.
ill 4c . . J.POJ
I ? Caili pitlrt for iiluile, correi nmUiice, tintl ino.
j I Thus it costs ?l,n:iO to do SI.!!!)1.' wortli of
k ; , pood, unless tliei;o iildono In suiuiortiiii.' John
., ; l. helelium and allow in.: Iiim nnd the thlity-
J ; fouriiini) chaplnliis to tell alioiit tliemseiii-s
I 1 snl tlieli f.iiniliim In typo liu put on tho other
f lido of tho account. J lie m-soi billon pais
; nothing for pottimo for Its primed miitt'-r. as
t tlio War lieju-irtiiienl h.is ilen it i final..
.' ' i W'lieii it Is coni-lilereU that .Ur. K'etch nil's .o.
I ' i clely has i.i'eii in existence slneo 18V. , tho
; oiii.uIiik .'roil th Horn no money t all thlitj-
', two imis iiiro t" sH.ii.VJ a je.u now sliows bow
, 1 .iluablo ,i -liailtv tho iissoeiHtloli i-. It ill list
. nlso bo ii'iiiiuiiliereil that tho aooleti bus J00
nruty pn-ts n its Held.
" . Atiainn onii-i i. talking ni outlt voslerday.
i i raid: " 'Iliis association is of no in'count at
I all. It is seldom heard fiom, nnd, when it h
heard from, th rn N tmlliliiu in It. J'bo I lined
hUtes army does not neul iiu.ild .'iiM.eiation,
uud ! I'lin t iiiia'lue l at tliix i.i.iu Kelchuin Is
about. Tho in rnuieiit pi'o.bles the roldlers
With ciliietit I'lonitUlo nnd with libraries. I
i have nover seijii aiiMlilii 'roin this aid nso-
j cliitlon tliiitmrhiildli i'Mnuld lead unless ho
weio compcilo I. Ami (hhI lorbhl that 1 should
romivl an of in) men to leultlio 'Army
Chaplain.' tlm 'Cunpletoi' Debi.tor.'
"Iti'U oiicp in a . 'i In nn I o,y sets out
to lift up t'io soldier, or i i iptiku 1 1 i in pious vc
cIpwi. hi to iinliii'o hi i io ii t hiisokiiii.", or
itiltiniuln, iirijuii il'iiikniK. 'llio soldier is
veil eared foi, intelll;:elit. .1, ,11, lointolt.llile.
and ilseoiileii;e I ns ,iii) 1 il oef. llo has 'oud
Korl, tood clothe .111.1 en ji j 11 y, Tlln lllnl'l 1
that credulous peJiiloKl 0 to theso ollurts is
sltnpl) IMISteil."
AiiioniflliuriMdlns matter vdilolitho i,j0.
rlalloii semis out Is a little pamphlet railed " V
?lanualoi lleallh, t'liuliiiiiiiitf Advice to '. K
ruildieis." How iiitoiostliiUiiinl iolill tliij is
may bo understood fimu 11 low ijuotiitinnn;
1. In any urltii irv r-ieiiuicii mi lne ilUa'jiHi ur l
trujii three tliinaa itiiitiy 11- lie muni
a suiMirok iM inn tliiiiiiiiiy iiriounteil by wenr
Inn A kill. It n Iktnlni 1 111 Hit ir'isii nf the liut
l.l. .NelurK'it'i R.i-rii, eapeonlli aro r.l 1,'reat effort,
even in hut wea. tier nitliuti uni,e cut eriin: nver ) on.
14. A cut I le ,iitiiM'eruut thiiu a ballit 11011111I. a'lil
bfale lui 10 lapnl
17 A bullil ilirn'iEli llieabjomen (belly or itoinaeh)
It more ceriiiiniy rtial Umn if anncu at tho html ur
beart. When buletenteia Hie tnm.icli or
DiaeUileiitliaiii.iiiable, bu' li rurelr etrr InnaoU
neotia. lontirilly lite p. run toei n flay ur two with
yrlut ft a-n. .. nf Inin'lrel, nflru 1101 tulteriliK
treiiijr The priein .1 leanec or Ihu l iliiiient In
'."!'" '" " ' ""''" """rj i- 1 liar
-7 If in 1 1 ii(t .1. n . 1 mi 'r 10 iMlnuiiinic rlter.
le.-ii in n.i.o,,,, ,ui ihi c 11, . ,ire itr.it .111 1 mi
barm ll r moi
., , Althnuuli ,(.. mi ,,, ,(,l;. ,lt suiii.ifinoney,
, ' widulth iiiuui, is .1 n li,siieiisi,f(i,ii, i.
lk 1 ''"; ,"d iiieldenUiH a 1. siii.itiu. (. i, n.iich
m printoi. 111 it , 1 1,111 i.ibouKlitttiiii 1. o,fioe-
AJ abtivi ' llrl''K,a iimitur of tl.o iii.ility ol llio
T VM J HGlNli C11I In Oil. ui. 1,
m 0rrwA.Oiit. Imio-.'i Tlm fl -t banjo of
I fm ,. coal " l" lal l ,1&v'-'i I" Ottawa has nr-
l ?&! 11" "i".' - -
Tor m. Tlai ft rletmed Thut Ha Mint Ha
Cruaticd llelween the Tnra Cal Hoots.
In the space bctwoon tho busyplors nt the
foot of Charlton nnd Klntr treot thore Is at
(ill tlmos n flotilla of white cannl boats. done
ly paoked. Upon tho deck of ono of thoso
boats two llttlo children wero playlnp; yostor
day mornlnu. The bont beloncs to Capt, Ken
nason nnd tliero Is nothlnc not oven ti namo
to distinguish It from nny of tho other bonK
Tho docks of all these craft woro brolllnc
ttnJertho floioo sunlight, tho surfaco of tho
wator was dazzllnu to tho eyos, all was hot and
quiet, nnd tho crows lny strotchod unrlor awn
Inc. drowslnc or Blecplnrj. A fow laylly
watched tho children at play, wondorlnc why
they woro bo foolish ns to run about In tlio
Ono of thoso children, Honry Kennason, a
tot of throe, wanted his sUtor Barah. who Is
threo years his sonlor. tohnnrx his cap on tho
wash lino In tho middle of tho boat. Ho had
tried to leach It by standing on tiptoe, but he
was too small, Sarah took tho cap and, with
a hlsh jump, nlncod It on n clothes pin. Honry
lauclled ulvofully. He said:
"Now, take It down, Thnrah." . ,, ,
.No. I'm uolnctolenvoltup." Sarah replied.
Ilonry's faco lencthoncd, ' JMmrne my tap,'
he said. "Iwnn'lt." . ,. , .
"1 ain't rjoltiB to jump up acatn. TVhatdo
you take inn for t" Hnrnh replied.
Tin dnw'n t' tell John on you," Ilonry said,
and with that ho walkodoverto his big brother
whoso six feot of body lay faco down on tho
top of tho cabin. Henry pcorod into his
brother's faco. but.Iohn was fast asleep. Then
Henry returned to his sister, stamped his foot
Indlunantly. nnd nclalmcd:
"I wn' my tan!"
Tnko It." wns all Rarnhsald. Henry elancort
upat tho elotlies lino. Iitirst Into tears, closed
his 0 j es tlulit. oponod his mouth, and started
to run, crjiiiu:
"Mnh.ninli, Tharnh won dimms
lloforo lie had llnislied ho was ln the rlcr.
Ho had run strnlsht oerbnnrd with his eycB
shut and hid fallen into a llttlo open spaco of
water botwecu his father's boat and thend
jolnlnc ono. Sarah ran to the cabin and woko
John, who could not understand nt Urst what
had happoned. Henry wns splashinu about in
th wntnr, but his yos now wero wide onen
while his mouth wns (Irmly shut. Tho men on
the othor boits rushed to tho sides nnd saw
that tho wind nnd tlio tide woro slowly driving
the bonta together nnd that tho child would bo
crushed. John wns now nt the side, saw his
bi othor nnd plunged into tho water.
lloforo ho could roach tho child the boats
wero so near toiicthor that Honry could hold
himself up bv pressing his back nnd feet
niralnst their sido. Vcttheycamo nearer and
nearer, and tho llttlo boy began to scream.
Tho spaco wns so narrow that John could not
gut In far enough. A man had fastened a
boathook Into Henry's clotlios. but ho could
not pull him up. A momont Inter, no ono
know how It happoned. tho tension relaxed
nnd the boats drifted apart again. Two strong
strokes nnd John had Ills llttlo brother in Ills
nrms nnd safe. Ho swnin out. pnssod tho boy
up to tho dock, and then climbed tin himself.
Honry ran into tho cabin, whore tils mother,
all unconsclotisot whnt had passed, Inynsleop.
" Mali-mail." ho cried, in tears. " I'm all wot,
and uud (boo hoo) tho wator 'th natlity."
JKXXZB JUICE HAD so defence:
Her Husband Will Gat Ilia Dtrorca TTIth.
oat Oppoaltlon From Her,
Jennlo Joyco she of the graceful pose and
ngllo limbs saved hersolf many a tremor by
not attending yestorday the trial of her hus
band's suit for adUorco from hor. The enso
camo up In tho BDodal Term. Tart I. of the
Supromo Court, but when tho Clerk called
"Mnnley vs. Manloy." only tho plaintiff wns
thero to answer. The nbseneo of tho woman
or even a lnwyorto dofend her, doprlved tho
case of much of Its interest. Judgo Truax or
dered tho stenographer to tnko tho testimony.
John Kdmund Stanley, who Is n tonor of tho
DeWolf Honpor opeiiv company, nnd lives at
70 Fourth place, llrooklyn. testified that on
Nov. P. IKS", in Knslivlllo. ho married Jennlo
Jocn. In tho llrst year of their marriage he
foun 1 that alio was faithless, and ho had not
11piI with her since.
Oliver Howell, n Toung man living ntlSO
Clvinerstreel, ltryoklyn. testitled tlint ho used
to live nt 1117 West Thlrty-llftli street, whon
Jennlo Joyco was living there. Ho lslted her
room several times, and saw her there with
Ernest Montero. a Cuban, who was a frequent
isltor to the house. Thay klssod and hugged
each other in his presence, tliu witness said,
without tho slightest restraint.
ltesslo Ureenlleld. a boarding houso keeper
at COU South Ninth street, 1'hlladelphla. moBt
of whoso boarders belong, as sho put It, "to
tho profession." testified:
"This Miss Joyce stopped at my houso with
Mr. Montero for one woek. Theyiivod in one
room as man and wife. Sho called herself Mrs.
Thoro were several othor witnesses who tes
tified to tho same purpoo. Whon all the testi
mony was ln the stonogrnphor shut his book
and snid tho Judge would gho his decision as
60on as the notes could bo transcribed.
Homna. Catholic Rlabopa TTrice Emlgrnnta
Not to Come to Cl.
Montreal. Juno 20. An extended tour of the
Korthwost has just been completed by tho
Roman Catholic Aichbishops and llishops of
Cnnndn. Tho tour included tho Northwestern
Statos of tho Unltod States. Mnnitobn. nnd tho
northwest provinces of Cnnndn. and wns mndo
for the purpose of finding out tho best plnco In
which Canadians from thn older provinces can
settle, whether in Canada or tlio Unltod Statos.
Tho deputation numbered twenty Archbishops.
Bishops, nnd othor Church dignitaries, includ
ing tho Archbishops of Ottnwn. Toronto, and
Uueboe. nnd tlm lilsliops of M. Iiiucinthu.
Ilneo lllers. Pontine, nnd Kingston.
After making n thorough examination of tho
orlhwest countiytlm deputation has de
cided in favor of tho Canadian northwest, nnd
11 joint pastoral Is shortly tn be Issued, to bo
read in all thn Catholic chutches ot Canada,
stiongly advising Canadians to refrain from
going to tho United States. t Is asserted by
tlio deputation that not only Is tho cllmato of
tho lanadlan northwest much superior to that
of tho northwostorn paitof tlio Lnited States,
hut that tlm cost ot lline is loss, taxes tiro
lower, and religious toleranco is gicntor.
It Is uApfctcd that thorastoral will Imvo a
KieateUecton tho Catholics of the Dominion.
Why Ho Police Serceiinta Alivnra Tele
Ciupli "Mud Due" to llenilqiiiirlrrs I
A Madison street milkman drovo through
Park tow at 0 o'clock jesterd.iy inornlng with
n. full can of milk uell I acl: ln his wagon. Tho
wagon bouucod and tho can of milk tumblod
tothogtound. Tho lid fell off nnd tho milk
poured out. A small yellow and black cur
promrtly hurried to the (pol.
While tlio dog was lapping nt tho pool of
mill, one of Haxkr street's merchant princes
happened mound tlio coiner of Pari: tow with
1111 empty pull in his hard. He saw the pnddla
nf milk and tho iiiingiydog. Ho rushed at llio
dog, diove him iiM.iy, and tiled to scoop up, 1
I ail full of in I II;. The dog returned tn his meat
nn 1 tin men-hunt pilneu struck him wiih tlio
i-ail. '1 lie cur sinrted iIohii Park low olplng.
'1 lui prlnco Mntchnd hlni for a monn-nt. then
Vlled " mad dog!" and started nfter him.
Policeman hneenv wntclicd tho raeo until
tho dog was winning in a gallop. Thou ho
III t-U two.sliots.miil three hours infertile pub
lic was notlilod thnt Policeman Sweeny Jiad
kllicil n mud dog opposite i;.M Purk row.
lliialni-Ma Teuulilea.
Adolidi lie-.nhanl, doing lnislness ns A.
Jloiiih.utl A Co., manufaiturlng jeweller nt 'J
Miilden I.nne, mndo nn assignment yestenl.iy
to Moses X. Mtaiiss, ghing n prcfeieiico to
J'lla llornhard, his daughter, for jli.OUO for
money loaued. Mr. I'crnhard Is over 7'J years
old and has been in business nbout forty-two
cnrs. Ill-lias been nn iiiMiIld of late. Tin
liabilities are lopoiiei) to boabout SHO.odO. of
which SIO.UUO Is for merchandise. Tho tissets
i-onslst of joiu-lry, dluiiionds, und book nc-t-ount3.
.:I,?S1!1.?- "e"''on, merchant tnllor nt Xo.
f'J7 l.lghtli avenue, m,iii, nn asslgnmont yes.
terdayto J-rank iiiung. gling prefuioiiceH to
Johnl. 1-oiiton for a..o lor legal son Ices, and
to Collins. Downing i Co. tor an uinount not
Tho crodltors of Corn, Kallske A Co., dry
goods donlers of 14f nnd H'f West laOtfi
street, ha 0 agreed to accept ;to cents on the
He Co 11 1 it ."Vol Ir, the Kent.
Ilonry Knclillii. a (ii-imnn glass blower, nged
41), who lodged nt L'liT Chrystlo street, wns
asked for his rent on Saturday by his landlady,
Mrs. MoX.oughlln. lie said ho would pay on
Monday. Whon Mrs. Mci.otichlin went to his
loom josterdav morning hochlln lay dead in
bed. A tumMcr Ib-cki d with Paris gieen
showed that ho had pols. ned hlmsolf, Una
l"li of paper was a verso written in Herman, of
which tliol.ngllsli wa
"tnler lb willows larrit.
boon abatl I tleip thare."
Kochlln was out ol work a well ai pen-
assistant rrt.iaur.n sxuoxs coott.T
ne TadrrTrelajhed Oooda br Cfiah and He
Clot a,oOO Froai One Importer Alnae
niaehnrsed for "InfBeltney,,-Voii Pna
tow rild by Cheek to Hearer.
Carl Von Tustow, Importer and Custom
House brokor. his pnrtnor. Otto Schneider,
nnd John Fortrann. tliolr shipping clerk, woro
nrrcstod In April charged with pnylns tdwnrd
Simons, nn assistant weigher ln the public
stores, to undorwclgh a largo Importation of
llrocrnckors which arrlvod on tho steamship
Austria on Nov. 20 laat Von Tustow wns on
trial yestorday boforo Judrjo Iloncdlct nnd a
Jury In the Unltod States Circuit Court.
Tho first wltnoss cnllcd by tho prosecution
was John rortmnn. tho shipping elorV. who
gots $12 n week. Ho said that lie mot Simons
ln tho stroet a fow days before tho arrival
of tho Austria and had Bomo conversation
with him. Blmons broachod tho subject of
undorwolghlng tho 4.3W nackngos of fire
crackers. Blmons lntlnintod that ho would
undorwclgh tho goods It tho right thing were
donobyhlm. Fortman reported this conver
sation to Mr. Von Tustow, who mndo no reply.
Blmons had elven Fortman a memorandum
Blip on which was written tho truo weights of
a portion of tho packages ot llrocrnckors and
tho "allowances" he would make In weigh
ing them. Fortman aftorward destroyed this
Tho witness then told of paying two sums of
monoy to Simons, lloth wore In ohecks, but
ho could not romembor tho amounts. Borne
tlmo boforo Christmas, ho thought It was. ho
found on his dosk a check mado payabloto tho
bcaror. Ho cavo it to Simons. Shortly aiter
ward ho cavo another chock to Simons. He
did notromomber whogarotho last check to
him. It nlso was payable to bearor. Ho
thought Von Pustow find drawn tho Inst check
himself. Aftor tho goods hnd been ontered ho
got n second slip from Simons, on whloh woro
written tho totals of tho weights nnd "allow
ances." This paper he laid on Von Pustow's
On cross-examination Tortinnn snld that
Bchnolder usunlly mado the customs entries,
and tlint ho helped. Tho goods woro taken to
Hlgg's stores. Aftor making tho second pny
ment ho hnd ngaln seen Simons, nnd had paid
him more monoy. Simons said that ho had to
give some to a special agent In order to hnvo
tlio rewelghlng of thn goods nt tho stores
stopped. Slmous wanted t-OOO. nnd said that
he thought that pnrt of the goods had boon ro
weighed. When Assistant District Attorney Evarts
nkod if Fortman got any of tho money ho paid
to Simons directly or indirectly from Von Pus
tow, tho witness hesitated nnd looked nt his
omploser's counsel. Then ho said:
"Did you say 'Indirectly' t"
" Yes. Directly or indlioetly."
" oil, it wns Mr. Von Pustow's chock."
Tho cheeks wero thon produced, nnd Fort
mnn said that tlio body of them was not in Von
Pustow's handwriting. Tho signatures woro
not shown to him. It was brought out In tho
cross-oxnminntlon that 1'ortmaii had had
trouble with Simons about tho" allowances."
Koittnnn wanted four pounds n package nnd
Simons would not give moro than throo
After recess Simons tool: tho wltnoss stand.
Ho told tho Clerk tlint ho lives at I Tilt Clinton
place, llrooklyn. Ho is about !." years old and
Fins gray hair. Ho spoko so low that ho had to
be admonished by Judgo Iloncdlct.
Simons went directly into llio lirtbory trans
actions. Ho snld that Von 1'iistow. through
his clork. had wanted lil invoice of firecrack
ers undenvcighed four pounds n package. Ho
hnd ngrcod to underweigh tlieui. but In a
smnller amount. Some tlmo between Doc. 0
nnd 1U ho mot tho clerk on South stroet. be
tween Heokmnn nnd Pulton streets, nnout 3
o'eloek In tho afternoon, nnd tho clork pnid
him $400. On Dec. 1M. about 4 o'clock ln tho
nftemoon. Fortman gnvo him IM(I more. Ho
mndo out the statements of weights nnd al
lowances which ho gavii to I'ortman. He wns
nsslstod hy Weigher Michael 1". Dillon. Ho re
duced the weights throo pounds n package.
A llttlo memorandum book wns handed to
Blmons, nnd ho said that it was n book in
which ho hud kopt a record of tlm weights of
the packages in Von Pustow's invoices. All
tlm weights in it. he said, wero three pounds
short. lie had copied the wolghts Into tho
memorandum book from the scrap book, in
which they hsd been entered as they wore
taken. Tho weights of tho packages weighed
by Dillon hnd been ontered by him In a serac
hook. Simons afterward cooied them into his
memorandum book, i educing each wolshtthrco
pounds. Dillon then signed each pago nt tho
letter I ook on which wero entered packages
which he had weigncd. Dillon afterward tes
titlod tlint ho hnd not compared thn list of
weights which ho slgnodwith the list as ho
made it out for Simons to copy. Ho trusted, ho
said, to the old mnn's honesty,
Simons said Hint ho hnd beon nn assistant
weigher nino years, lloforo tlint ho had been
a customs inspector six years. Closely ques
tioned about hlmsi-lf. ho admitted that ho had
been nrrostod once ln Xow York.
Q Were you artatleil before you were snested in
this cniie T A. I hate lint been arretted In thia eaia.
O. ou wre dlicttanted from the Appraiser'! atoreaf
A.-on April 1
O Wh-itfor? A. For Inefficiency.
Q lnertvtency I I or nnderKetghtng A. Tea.
c tn lht ca-T A Ye-.
Q And In other ct.n I A. Yea.
Q lloir long had It been going on ? A. It li lmpoft
t 1- or a long period nf time A. Yea.
0 W ell, how lunir? A. smco 1SH1
c) And)ou have been iloiui. that for all that timet
A Yea
Q And yon atwaia ro'. something; for It I A. Well,
I neier did it without e-itinir mtnetninir
i ou usutlly pot inonej.dldn t ouI A Alray.
Albert G. C. Saxton, a liquidating clork ln
tho Appraiser's stores, testified that tho goods
ot Von Pustow's lnoico woighod :tn!i,.')74
pounds. They woro enteied at .'14 1,4X1 pounds,
being l.SHti iiounds short, Tlm mWng on
duty nt eight cents a pound amounted to
$1,751.1'.'. The entire lot bud beer, leducid
US pounds a package.
John W. Itlghdale. chief withdrawal clerk,
said tint he saw two withdrawal paper. Tlio
Hist called for twenty packages and was on
doise I "no application for lev.elghlng." 1 ho
second pai er was for ."tKJ packages. Thoio
were indications on It thai the olilclals of tlio
Custom Houso liiidobjoctedto tho withdrawal,
ns something seemed to bo wro-igwith tho
weights. Tho weights woro entered at 'Jit.UUO
pounds. They wero really 'J7.77D pounds,
liooigi X. See. a cb-ik in tlio Xaval Office,
saw a withdrawal paper for l.filiu packages.
Thero was no application for a rewoighini;.
Special Agent Wh.tcho id Identllled a paper
which be said wns a statement of tho enso
which Von Pustow had voluntarily written out
nnd given to him. ijueMIoiiiiil by Win Put
tow's lawyer. Whitehead denied that ho bud
agreed witli Von Pustow not to use tlm itato-ini-nt
against him. Tlm statement. Whitehead
Fnid, was copied from Von Pustow's books. It
showed that rortmnn had paid Simons , it dif
ferent times nearly L'.IK)() for undoi weighing
invoices which had attled on a doeii dif
ferent ships.
Tin- Inreign vnluo of tho firecrackers in Von
Pustow's involeo wns $14,7f.i.o, tho duties
SIS.'J.M.ilf. ami tho ho vnluo .C.'.30tMI.
'i ho lot was H'dreil. and will bo sold at auction
In tlm I'eileinl building soino time boforo tho
lourlh of July.
The prosecution finished its case jcbtcrday,
i ho defence w 111 go on this morning.
out uvicii jaa'i' bunt: ti.t.
He's Open Tor Cnllrrs. lint jVol for ISuslnraa
May Itun nrsnlonn orim I'.leinteU Itoml,
Benjamin P. Hutchinson spent tho day yes
torday in tho spacious store at 31 IVail street,
whcioit is r-uid ho Is going to open n rost.ui
rant. nn6werlng cuilous questlonors who
wanted to know whethor ho wns going to opon
a rostaurniit oi n furniture store. Aieportcr
called In tho nfternoon and nsked "Old
Hutch" when ho was gnlrc tool en.
"How did joii gut In herof" asked Old
Hutch. Ilou-ily.
"Wlij, tliiough tho door; IPs wldo open,"
nnswoiod the i.-jortoi-.
"Of cuuriii it Is. Until ilnniH an wide open,
and yet joii a I; mo when I'm going to open.
I'm npon now, 1 tell ou."
"ll.ivo you declikd wliut businos joti will
cany on r '
"Xo. I may run a icstaurnnt. I may run a
snlpon, I innv uiako an iitendo nut of tho pl.-.co,
pr 1 may pi'iiillo liirnltuie here. It's jut pos.
Mblaili.it I II i tin nn elevated railroad tin ough
tlio place fioin Pearl stieet to llrldge. Wli.'n I
get leuily tu du business I'll let tho publiu
Ln i xv,"
It Warn Only JlcXnlr or 4t.
Master Workman Patrick McGlvony nnd llo
cordlng Secretary David Dunn of Prosu-sslvo
Pnvors' Union Xo. 1, hnvo written nlotter to
Commisslonor of Tubllo Works Ollroy de
nouncing tho action of Wllllnm MeXairofD,
A. 40. in giving to tho pross resolutions at
tacking Mr. Ollroy. Introduced nt a meeting of
Milking pavers held in Central Hall, ii!s 1 nst
Forty-seventh stieet. .li.no l.'l Tlm letter
g.esonto statu that the resolutions wliii li
iillif.'id that Mi. (illmy had shown pnitiulity
iulavor of tlm paviiu; eontr ictom wero re
frriod totho l.xneiitivo Coiuniltteo with In
structions to niiik- tliem public. If iipninwil
liy theenpimittee. Mcdiveny nnd Diiniiili-elmn
that MoXnlr dlsiogardiid tho iiintrueilniisniid
guc tin; rnsolutlniis to the press ub though
tin y lind liecn adopted.
" Woieiiudlato his action." they write, "and
will deal with hlra for tho samu later on. Ho
knows nothing at all about our business."
, Mr. Mcliiveny Is the Financial Secretary of
tho General Council ol Pavers und Hammers
, mtn.
rvNBttAh of KDWAnn vr, oovld.
A Had Proeeaalon on Hlnten Itnad-et-1eeB
In Newport To.diiy,
Funernl services woro hold yesterday over
tho lemalns of Kdwnrd W. Gould, who was
killed at the amatour Wild West Show last
Saturday on tho grounds of the Btaten Island
Athlotlo Club by tho upsetting of tho "Dead
wood coach." Christ's Church In Now Drlghton
was beautifully decorated with wlilto roses.
Tho chancol nnd chancel rail wero hidden bo
neath a blankot of rosos. Around the nltar
there woro pillows, anchors, aud shafts of
flowors. The church yard as well as the church
was crowdod with friends, and when tho pro
cession passed out on Its way to tho forry they
foil ln lino.
Tho Itov. Dr. Johnson oponod tho sorrlcoi at
tho church shortly after 3 o'clock. Tlio ritual
of tho F.plscopnl Church was followed. Mrs.
Judgo Stephen D. Btophons sang tho favorlto
hymn of Mr. (iould. "Just ns 1 am. without ono
plea." When she reached the eloso of tho
third vorso Miss Hoining.nnlccaof Mr. Gould,
fnlntod. Sho was carried to the door of tho
church, but she recovered boforo sho wns
taken beyond the gates, and sho refused to bo
nbsent tiom the sei vices. Sho snt. pale and
wooplng. lntho doorway until tne ond. Aftor
Dr. Johnson had rend tho prayers for tho dead
and for his famllv and frlonds, Mrs. Stephens
sang: "Ahldo with mo. fast falls tho oven
tlde." While sho wns singing. Dr. Johnson
left tho chancel und walked tho aisle,
followed by tho pall benrors, John
Ilailey, .Tauvlor Lo Due. Thomas Illno
hnrd. John Rlnchard. C O. Hood. John W.
I'dwurds. Oscar King, and Stophon Whitney.
Tho coflln wns bomo by four ot Mr. Gould's
llchlnd tho coflln walked Mrs. Gould and hor
sons, followed by the oilier near rolathcsot
her husband nnd herself. Next them woro the
governors of the Stnten Islnnd.AthletlcCluh.
Hnrvey 11. Itlch. F. W. Jansson. Honry B. ood
rulT. nnd Dofreos Crltten, with mombersA. U
Furls. II. J. Crolghton. nnd W. A. Lonthllon.
Tho speclnl commlttco appointed by the ath
lotlo club came next They woro whlto rosos,
nnd each had a band of black on Ills loft arm.
This committee accompanied tho body to Now
port. Thoy woro II. K. MacMurrny. William
White. 1 Sehmarr. J. P. Fnhcr. Stophon Whit
man. W. It. Wt-mple. AI J. Cnmancho. Howard
llonnlds. nnd Prank WImnn. Tho funernl took
tho 4:40 o'olo'k bont for Xow York and went
direct to tlio Full Hivcr steamboat pier ln the
North ltiver.
Sorvlces will ho held In Newport this aftor
noon at tho rosldenco nf Mr. William C. Ooz
zins. n cousin of Mr. Gould. Tho body will be
burled In tho family plot ln Irotnnd Cometory,
whore Mr. Gould's ancestors for throo genera
tions are burlod.
Manager Cnmancho of tho Wild Wost Show
feels the denth of Mr. Gould so keenly that ho
decided yesterday to leavo Btaten Island for
an oxtendod trip.
Bat at the Threat to Divide th Tovrn of
Hunter tlio C'ommlesloriere Weakened.
IIUNTEn, June 20. The proprietors of the
Catsklll hotels ln Groono county havo beon
having n tusslo with tho F-xclso Commission
ers of tho town of Hunter this Bprtnc. Tho
township, lying in tho centroof Groene coun
ty, Includes tho Catsklll hotel and boarding
houso region : among tho hotels Are the Kaat
orskill Houso and tho Mountain House. A
good pnrt of tho profit of theso houses oomos
from tho bar trado; not that the drinking Is
excessive, but thnt many pooplo who spend
their summers there are accustomed totako
wino with tholr dinnor nnd an occasional
cocktail beforehand. The proprietors expect
ed to get their llconsos as a mnttor of courso
this year, because nttho town election, whon
tho Fxclso Commissioners woro chosen, tho
llcenso men dofentod tho no-llconso men. nnd
tho Kxciso Hoard ns clocted woro In faTor of
granting licenses. Hut after they woro cloctod.
nnd before tho applications were granted, a
mijorlty of tho llonrd were converted at a ro
llgious revival, and not only stopped drinking
themselves, but declined to grnnt licenses to
anybody to sell anything intoxlcnting. Tlm
neare-t plnco whero a drink could bo obtained
was the adjoining town of Catsklll.
The line between Catsklll and Hunter Is
drawn nt thn foot of the mountains on which
tlio K.iutui skill and Mountain Houses nro.
There Is, however, such a difference In height
betweon tho two towns that tho law
could not bo evadod by setting up bars Insldo
tho Catsklll town line, where sales could bo
made with delivery nt the lintel tables. There
scorned no way out of tho difficulty except to
luivu tho dividing lino altered so that it would
run up to the top of tho mountain. In which
caso the hotels could got licenses from tho
('nt-kill Hoard. The pooplo of Catsklll wero in
favor of this move, which would hnvo brought
valuable proporty into their town without ad
ditional cxponse. reducing tholr tax lovy nnd
incionsing tho incomo from llcensos. Hut at
tlio throat of division tho taxpayers of Hunter
beenmn nbirmed and brought n pressure to
benrontho P.xciso Commissioners, which re
sulted in nrrangomonts satisfactory to the
Hotel keepers. The matter has caused n great
deal of talk among tho peoploof Greene nnd
Ulstor counties, and when tho voters of Hun
ter next elect a llonrd of Uxciso Commlsrloti
ers, tho possibility of their having a change of
mind botween tho tlmo of election and the
tlmo for grunting licenses will bo taken Into
Mr. Foote Threw It In Ilia WlTe'a Face, bat
He Doesn't Think It Hurt Her Much.
Mary Holon Tooto. n 17-year-old brunotto.
whom hor counsol described ns the bollo of
Syracuse, was boforo Justice Androws of tho
Supreme Court yesterday to show that sho Is
not restrained of her liberty, on motions grow
ing out of her action for separation from Clar
ence W. Foote. Sho wanted counsel feo nnd
alimony, nnd ho desired tho caso transferred
to Syracii-o for trial.
They wero marriod In April. 1801, at Syra
cuse, nfter an elopement. Toote Is collector
for Andrews Hros . grocers, of Syracuse, and
her father. Hirnm li. Iing. also does business
In thn same place. Her paronts hnd opposed
the marring'-, and I'ooleaverrod that they held
her in restraint and Instituted tho proceodlngs
agalnbt him.
Two months nfter thn mnrrtngn. sho do
clnres, ho struck her In tho nosn with his list:
Inst February Im hit hor with a potato, und last
month with a closed scteon.
Footo admits striking his wire with his opon
hand, and sajs It was because alio went to a
ball ogain't his remonslianco. Concerning
tho potato episode, he sus
"1 did hastily pick a potato from n dish in
fiout of me nnd did throw it. nnd said potato
did strike pi lintlff ir tlm faco. but it was a soit
potato and did not injuie her."
lb-did not hit hor with n folding scroen.hut
on the occasion to which she refers ho slapped
her because she would not cook his dinner und
because when ho set to wmk in ills socks blio
deliberateU stepped on hit corns.
Decision was resonod.
This SS.OOO Apiece Will Give n lllvldead (o
Aineilran I.onn und Tiuat Ylclius.
J. F.dwnul Simmon", receiver of tlio Ameri
can Loan and Trust Company, has asked
Judgo Hcnch to appoint a referoo to examine
the recohni's accounts nnd report, so that an
other dividend mny bo declined. Tho total
amount due to preferred depositors is $704,
000, and to unsecured depositor. $400,000.
Tho icioiver has ussnts fiom which ho hopos
torrnliriip-TtHMiOO. Just beroro the failure tlm
statement to llio liankinn Department slioned
u Mil plus of s'.'.'aMKui. 'j in, capital was a mil
lion. As not more than onougn to pay tlio pro-lerii-d
depositors can ho Imped foi, It remains
on tecoiil th.it tho gentlemen in cliaign of tho
co r.p.iti) s management illsjiosod of $i.i!."tl.i!litl
In a veil' In let lime. '1 ho ncuiM-r piopoees to
luiiig suit ngtitiiM evoiy director wlio was in
nlll i- nt in,' tlmo when money was lot by
luckless financiering, Tliem nro about forty
of them, uud inch In liable for ib.OUO.
1hir Mc-ie the Ileereiilt Grunitelrrs of
Mlircminip Flu Ion t
Commissioner Hronnun jesterdny eolcctod a
braes button benrlnctho letters D. 8. C. fortho
uniforms to bo worn by tho loborers of tho
Mti-et cleaning department. The first labor
ers to don tho uniform will be thoso of tho
First district next week, and tho rest of tho
force will bo unlformod as rapidly as tho uni
forms can be supplied. The first lot of men
nrpolnted under tho now law will bo set to
work to-morrow in distills One, Two. Three,
nnd lour. All of tho laborers of the old forco
In the Iljo lower districts havo submitted to
the inc'ilicil examination required by tlm act
proUdlni: for I In. depnitnieiit'H reorganiza
tion, and ut two of them wero rejected as
tailing in tho phjbical requirement;!.
try lluj nt (smith Collece.
NoitTiiAMiioN, Mass.. June '.'0.-lvy day was
celebrated ut Smith Collngo to-day. Tho
"Wolcomo" was given by Caroline Lounsbury
Stoelunf Mlddlnbiiry, Vt and tho oration hy
Mary Poland llankln of llostun. After the
formal exerclsos an Ivy tree was planted on
the college campus. The students joined In
singing the customary Ivy song, whloh was
. written by gdith Pojkcr Hrywa rt Boston. ,
.... I
Goriiam Solid Silver
Tho word sterling is often
seen stamped on Silver articles ;
it means absolutely nothing ;
the metal it is placod on may
bo silver, may bo pewter. In
purchasing Silvorwaro, to bo
sure of tho grade, see that it is
marked gam-sp. articles so
raa-'kod nxmo are what they
are represented to be, Sterling
Silver, 025-1,000 fine, you thon
not only havo a guarantee of
quality, but an assuranco of
correct form and decoration.
Bboadwat and 19in Street.
Declalna oa the Appeut of the .lereer t'lty
Election Orncrre.
Th decision of tho Now Jersoy Court of
Errors and Appeals In tho cases ot tho Jersoy
City ballot box stutters wns handed down
yesterday. Tho court affirms tholr conviction
and scntonco.
Tho decision, although It has beon oxpocted
for somo time, created a sonsatlon among
Jorsoy City politicians last night Next to tho
defendants themselves their bondsmen felt tho
greatest anxiety. Tho Flection Hoard, whoso
caso was taken up on appeal to detormino the
legality of tho conviction, consisted of Jacob
Moscholl, J. Thomas Du Hnnccy. James Hart,
and Thomns Fallon. Tho decision will apply
to all the othor election officers who huvo been
Tho frauds were commlttod nt tho fall elec
tion In 1880. The ballot boxos woro stuffed
with fraudulent ballots Indiscriminately nnd
without nny attompt whatovor to covor up tho
crime. In tho lower part of tho city tissuo
ballots were prepared, put through tho top of
a patent ballot box, w hich stamped and punc
tured them so ns to glv o thorn tho appearance
ot being genuine and woro dumped Into tho
regular boxes on cloction day. It was tho
most bungling oioco of political crooked work
ever attempted anywhere, so bungling, in fact
that when tho perpetrators woro i-botitto bo
tried It wns satirically suggested that they
might oscapo conviction by setting up a plea
of Insanity.
Dead men's names woro voted on. nnd voters
woro registered from stouo yards, churches,
factories, nnd vacant lots. 1 ho registry lists
wero swelled to enormous pro ortioi.s. In no
Instanco did tho number of names recorded on
tho poll books ngrucwitli tlio niiml-or recorded
on the dlnl of the patent ballot box. As mi
example. In ono precinct il.lt! votos weie
recorded on tho dial and only 1M"J on tho poll
book. One bright election cloik had tho names
recorded in alphabetical order. !I bail In
dustriously copied names fimn tho regi-try
list in ordor to nave enough to ciual tlio num
bor of ballots ln the box.
Why all this was done is a mystery that 1ms
never boon solved. Tlm natural Democratic
majority of about 7.U00 was swelled in tlint
election to l.'!,000. Tlm Statoc-onato made an
Investigation, nnd although thoro wns not
enough fraud shown to ulu-r the result, tlm
Senate unseated Fdward 1'. McDonald nnd
gave his scat to William S. Stuhr. A Demo
cratic Senate wns elected in tho following
year, and Senator McDonald got his i-ent b.u k
again. Ho resigned towntd tlm eloso of tliu
session, nnd was elected tn Congre-s.
ln the mean time Judge l.ipi-incott, a Demo
crat; District Attorney Wlnlb-ld, also a Demo
crat, and a Domocratio lliand Jury turned
their attention to tlm ballot bo stulmrs. M-c-ty-soon
of thorn worn indicted and thirty
nlno tried and convicted. Tim latter wvro
sentenced to Mate prison Tor eighteen months.
Five got off with nine months in the peniten
tiary because they agreed not to tul.c an ap
peal. They havo served tholr terms nnd uio
now freo.
It was rumored last night tint thero might
bo a general exodus of those who wcio out on
ball, and somo of tlio bondsmen were gie.it I y
worried. Thero are twonU -eight eloitiou
ofllcors et to bo tried. District Attorney W In
field having decided not to tiynny more until
tlio decision of tho Court of Apieals was rendered.
Likely to nn IVelly Well, Ton, I'nlcee
Tliere'a an Inem rrctlon.
Auhxy. Juno 20. Attorney-Genornl Hosen
dnlo was thn onlyStnto officer about the t npl
tol to-day, all tho rest having gone to Chicago,
Tho Statu is left without a tioveinm since
Oov. Flower, I.ieut.-(iov. Sheolian, and I'usl
dent pro tern Cantor of tho r-enito nie nil out
of tlm State. Ill ease of an Insurrection tho
Xatlnn.il Guard would bo without a I'omman-dei-ln-chiof.
but Adjt.-Gen. Pn'tor could prob
ably mnnanivro tho htnto forces ijulto us well
ns if Gov. Flower wero present, and to glvo
logality to his orders tlm Governor could bo
quickly tiansported to Uuflalo.
AVtlllam .Johnson t'nulit Hp trktng.
Thero was a good deal r.f uxeltomont ln tho
neighborhood of Fltst street and Seventh ave
nuo in Hiooklyn on Sunday night Jacob
Vnndorbllt of 47i" First stieet. s on nfter re
tiring, heard n nolso in tho basement and. go
ing to tlm lack window, saw u man i mining
through tho yard toward tho fence. ScMng
his revolver ho ilred nt the sup'ir.sed I uiglar.
ond other shots from the pistols of startled
neighbors followed, hoveral policemen wero
attracted by tho shots and a si inch was mado
fortho marauder, who finally w.m found seut
od in the basement nf the vaiideriiilt houso
with the protly servant gill, lie was identllled
ns William Johnson of Ml Fourth itveniie. and
is n cousin of the girl He had prolonged bis
Sunday night visit to such u lato hour that ho
concluded to take Ills tleparlur" lytlmrrar
Instead of tlm trout, and thus caused all tho
trouble. Ills explanation nt tlio lleigeu stieet
station proved t-atlblnctoiy nnd lie wus discharged.
A Xlloelcade In Chicago lllver.
CmcAxio, Juno 20. Chicago's haibor was
blockaded yestorday. causing a loss of J.'O.UOO
to tho shipping interests. At ono tlmo nlne'y
thrno vessels woro detained in tlm harlor,
nnd seventy moro wero wnlting to get In, Thn
big steamer Hnruum. mil loaded, brought
nbout nil tlio trouble. Tlio fn shut and still
putcurreiit. running four or live miles an
hour, swung the big boat iiiound nt tho mouth
of tho river in nr tlm Illinois (Vim.il lliidge.
Jho Dcsplaliieshr.il ovei,l,,wed, ami thi-iiu-nienso
amount of w.iti-i held tlm iiaiiium
firmly wedged. A doen liu w.-ro pat to
work, lines were rigged to too whin u-, to
steamers near by. and totlu bridge, but llio
obstaelo was not ukv cd until 4 ', o'clouk in tho
Gen. K. Ilurd Gruliu lu lVnalilny.lon.
Wabiiimitov, Jnno20.-(lin. F. liurd Orubh.
Minister to Spain, ennio hero to-day und had
a conversation with Acting Sccrotnrv ot stuto
Adee. but said nothing about resigning. Gen.
Gruljb was also nt tho l.xecutivn Miiiision. I
t SWI CrJsV!den? ecIr.0'-Klr.J liu c .1 not see
York and will return Intir in tlio woik. "
Tlila Olnnt Prnpoaea tn tfoi k. m a I.-.l.ore r.
Tho talloBt Immigrant ever registered at
Kills Island Innded yesterday from tlm Cunnrd
steamslilp AurHnla. Io H oustnv Ain!re.son
Hag ;ig. -'Ojenrsobl, or t.Hodo.i, Holhinw'
hotu'il. iiiigillnr. liiesiir(.s 7 1, . , , ,u.i1H.
in height, and weighs 5.7 ",'. ' , ' ." '
'JI'K'.'m' J'---'A'll "I1,"'1 ""ik.i".i laboi'-r
MAN wants but little
here below,
But everybody
wants H-O
breakfast. i
J ' -
The llrllllnnt Vnlform of the CuTnlrymm or
Tn up A Helped Hie Hceno Wonderfiilly
lllmciilllea In Tiickllni Hie New Brill.
STVTKCtvr, PKEKHKii.i,.Iuno 2a Thotroops
find troopeis, mllllonnlros nnd nil, got to work
on tho fields this morning long boforo tho dow
wasoff tho grass, nnd tho militnry scono wan
1'isplring. Tho ton companies of tho Slxty
nlnlh wero nil out. five on thopnrndo ground
nnd flvo on the upper field. On tho uppor
field Troop A. brilliant In their B.irnlshlngs.
went dashing hlthor nnd thlthor making their
way In and out utnong tho soboror-looklng
foot soldlors. and tho lattor In turn woro open
ing nnd closing In lines, assembling nnd dis
persing, innrchlng nnd turning ns tho ma-nti-uvres
of tho company drills demnnded.
At times it would seem ns If the horsemen
must dnsli right through tho lines of tho Sixty-ninth's
mon. or trumplo tho prostrato sol
dlors seeking lmnglnarv shelter on n skirmish
lino from nn otiually Imaginary foe. but whon
It appeared as If tho clnh was Inevltablo a bu
glo call would check tlm ttoopers nnd sond
them scurrying off In now directions, their
long-fronted linn changed Into n stiakc-llko
proce-slou In eulutniisof twos or fours, or a
shouted older fioin a Sixty-ninth officer mndo
tholr way clear ns tho men oil he Irish regiment
got Into now positions, lu-eou'liig to tlio now
I'nlted stutes Army rcgulatl-n. For every
thing, even to uncorking a bottle, is done In
this camp In strict coiilormlty to goneralor
dersjvo. :i. iwi'j.
The troops who urn hero, nnd thoso who nro
to follow dm lug tho t-eaon. lira fortunate ln
liuvlnc In cnnip l,leilt.- ol. Fate-. Lieut".
Fienehand Hardin of tlm icguliir aimy. to
help tliem out In Inlorpioilng tlm details of
tlm newililll. This was detuonstinted both
yesterday and tn-ilay when nt tlm school for
otlleers even Col. Fled Pliislerer had to own
UP that ho wasnt a lns to answer oSMinnd
somo of tlm knotty points which tlio Sixty
ninth's otlleers iiilscd. '1 hat thero nro lots
more of theo points which they will need to
resolve, eillior by Inquiry or research, was
manifest at tlm battalion drills. The legiment
nppeaied forthls drill In only two formations
instead of lliiec. and Major liulTy nnd Citpt.
Hugh Coleman wero In command of them.
Notwithstanding the many technical errois.
the woi k would havo pn-s-od muster ln the
faco of un ennmv. ns dipt. Coleman put it.
I'npt. Coleman has 1 ecu there, and he knowH.
Hut just now Im is having a hinder fight than
ever tho Johnny Hobs gavo lilm. Ho Is a can
dldatotorono of tho two iniuorltloswhlch.lt
is cxiii-dod. will be established when a law Is
passed providing for tho l'J-conipany H-bat-inlinn
Im million of regiments. He and his
First Lieutenant. John 1- G'Hrlon. have not
been on speaking terms for years, nnd G'Hrlon
lias been persuaded to become a enndldato
for Major alsj. U here wns a caucus lust night
in Uhi.irfei master Ward's tent and ballots wero
east for a choice. Capt. Mcl'auley was ( hair
ti ii ii. Major Duffy declared that Tammany
Hall rules won- to govern. 'J here wro twenty
olllceis pn-si nl. It took the liishtnan'b num
ber. 17 I nllots, to reach n choice, and It ro
sulted In 2't voles for G'ilnen and 2 for Cole
man. C.u t. McCarthy and dipt. Paul Leonard
each voted for himself. Col. Cavanagh was
looking on. and In- ib dared thnt It tlm mnttor
enme to his knowledge be would put thowholo
lot of them under arrest, by jakers.
Lieut Fati if k 1 1 irk of Desmond's company,
whoso unifoim got iiiixi d up with bottled stuff
in tlm riinuwiiy on Saturday, cumo out with un
Iiishiuau's luck.
"1 had a touch of tho rheumatism In my
shoulder." Im snld t j-dny. " and the stuIT was
nil soaked Into that Bldoand it cured tlio rheu
matism." 'J hedrlll of Tio-ip A In the morning was all
In tho school of tho troop. They mnuTuvreil
In a four-plntoon organbatton. 'limy wero
out for another drill light alter supper, and
went to that meal In helmets with values ami
instols by their side. They made n pretty
sight. Their niuadion di 111 that followed tho
meal was nitiiresiiuu as they moved lu mili
tary in lay against the background of the dark
green nioiintulns. They hurried into tlio
P.nnde ground us tho shadow of Anthony's
Nose dulled the glint of the tents nnd took
putt lu the sunset parade. They wero foi mod
ill tear of the Si.tv-uinth, which, ns nt tho
battalion d'-ill. was m two i nttallons.
Major Hileh Iijs Ik en lull of business since
ho took chn-ge as pist Ktiigeon He is moral
ei nsor as well us doctor. A book peddler
wni. ted permis-nin to sell his hook in camp
tu-ilnv, anil Col. JnoStmy would not grant It
until Dr. lliiloh had passed on its moral quali
ties. nu,l l.ouls Wiudholz had decided that It
contained nothing atheistic. Dr. llalch had a
more set iiois case Inter. He is Seen tin y ot
the l-lnte l: .ml of Health, and the enso came
to b-i-i intlio fiirin of a report from Dr. L Do
.11. Lyon of i'ci LsMll. It i elated to aeolored
man. who is in iiuarantlno In a
tent en tlio hillside across tho Anns
ville ( reek Irom tho camp, suffering
fiom small-pox. He Is Charles Statts
of HI Grand sti eet. New York city, lln was an
a-socialo of tlio i-iiloied men who weio sent
from the city to Noith Hrotlier Island last
week, nnd he came mi heio a week ago a-d
visited ai ii nil among tlio colored population ot
Peekskill I eliire the natiiienf his troublewas
dfscoveied. although tho disease hud reached
n contagious point bef iro ho left Sew York.
Piepiiiailoiis lor visitors' day (Thuisday)aro
alremlv iinilei wiv. Troop A announced n so-rb-sof
giiinchfor'J o'clock on Thursday. Tho
events lo I e contested on horsebnek will bo n
potato race, mi egg spoon race, a mounted
mMi'i', n manikin race, and an umbrella race.
On font the men will contest in a 200-vnrd
huidle race, a tug of vvai.aiida 100-jard foot
r.no. I l-iit l.ii.lgin.in. ' orpornl Hurry, nnd
Privates or ei. Do Garmcndla, and Young havo
chaigo oi the games.
Tor nnd 1'rnthi-ra Tor n Younc N'eicro.
IUr.nit, Juno 20. -Ono Ernest HIchnrds. a
young mulatto of Helfast. has for somo tlmo
been enamored of "Liz" Kellcy, n whito
woman, i tvoral oung men In the neighbor
hood have threatened ltu-l-ards with punish
ment if he continued his visits, tin Sntunl.iy
night about I'-' o elo-l; somo drunken roughs
broke into the hi-lloy lioiiso lllehards was
taken nut mm envoi oil with lukewarm tar. A
feather I nl was then oponod and ho was rolled
in tin- leiitbeis until eovoied. Then ho wns
pelted with eggs ami vegetables. He rushed
to tho river, nini nftei ueltfng olT somo of tho
tin. ictuincd lui Ida clothes, and got uuothor
Srnnlnr Mllrlirll 1'nrl "VI lib Ilia tVlilakrra,
Wvsitisinov, Juno 20. Senator Mltcholl of
Oregon has been n- ted for his luxuriant
growth of whifl.eis. His neighbor In tho
Chamber, Mi. '1 oiler, failed to recognize tho
sii'iioih-iaeeil gentleman who spoko pleas
antly to lilm when the .--i-nnto met to-day. It
Beon became known that Mr. Mitchell hnd
parted with his i hief ersoual adornment, and
lie held unite a leveo for tlio first hour niter
tlio Seinit inveneil. When Mr. .Mitchell
arose, m present a i etitlon a latigli went about
tlm heiiato. -iiid tbl i was incieased In volume
whin Mi. I'l'io in lulled if that was a member
of tlio Senate.
A lEoiinitiibout Humor,
Wafiiinotov. June 0. -Iniuiiles at tho Do
pnrtincnt of Mate and at the Fxecutivo Man
sion about tlm cable despatch from Paris to
tlio effect that Minister Lincoln would be
appointed Seetetnrv of Stote, and that Chiiun
cny II. Dei nw would succeed Mr. Lincoln as
Minister to j'ngl.iiid. met with various re
sponse'. Nothing olllcl.il was said about tlio
mnttor at the department, but tho suggestion
found much favor. ,i Urn While Houso tho
rei oit was ridiculed, on tho ground that it was
frou, faraway Paris, wlillo tlio appointments
would bo inudo in Washington.
A rslnee llntib-r Cuptured.
Wooni.vsp, Cat.. Juno 20. John Hugglos,
who robbed tho lloddliig slngo couch und
killed Mo-senger Montgomery, boeldeswuund-.
Ing two other men. two weeks ng i. was cap.
tiiinl heio last evening. He walked into a
restaurant, when Im wis spotted by Deputy
Slierlll Wickou. Hi nlli-mpti-d to ii-sisl ur-re-t,
and du-w a n-volver. i ut Wi choir was too
iiulek foi him nnd shot lilm in tlio lace, badly
wounding him.
Alle.eJ lo ll.lii- rsloli-ii (UU,00a.
Hostox, Juno 20. Fieilerlel; 11. Simch. the
bookkeeper of tho Fdisi.u 1 loetrle Illumina
tlrg ( niupuiiy. has been tals-lng a month, nnd
for linen weeks o.i i s havi been tr Ing to
htrnlghlen out bis me nuts, 'lo day they re
polteit that ho had I .it. at least $20,000 of
thoeoinpau)' inone)
1 1 u ui loej.' U a h llutel Oil
Cure I xtennl I'llei,
Turea Inlernal I'Hn
I'nria II iml I'llel,
Cut- I ' !'nir Piles,
( r, VI s I I e-.
I , I..I I. II. I' e,
I'nr- in u T i nurs,
1 Uli I I..JIH4,
cur 1 htulai.
I'rlre, Wl cen i Tilal ilia :' cent!
holittijri'i i?ioti cr eni on receipt el price.
Ilumflireia vit-t to, 111 and lia William si , V,
" - VSitdHliil taH UJfT5-s Jfc--
Acid or Alkali ?
Acids In tho blood are the cause ot favors
nnd contagious disease. Alkalies are the cor
roding agency that entsnwny tho elands (the
lungs, liver, sploen, or kidneys). Ozone Is the
central element thnt either neutralises or pre
cipitates both adds and alkalies, and thus re
stores tho truo natural equilibrium called
health. Tho only foaslblo form ot administer
ing ozone nt homo Is
Tn tho Tress ot the Country!
Any editor or publlshor reading this ad. la
whoso family there Is a caso ot chronlo dis
ease, no mnttor hy what namo known, owes It
to the Buffering ono to Investigate my creden
tials from publishers of national reputation.
I havo demonstrated to sevoral promtnont
physicians thnt tho word "ineurnblo" cannot
roBlbly npply any longor to tho following
forms ot dlsoiuo:
Now. what I wish to Impress upon your con
sciousness Is this: Upon your own heads and
conseloncos rests tho responsibility of afford
ing or donylng tho rcllof nnd euro to your
loved ones nt homo: It Is n matter that con
corns you nil moro closely than It oven does
mo: it concorns your health and usefulness as
nowspnperson tho ono hand: It puts you bo
foro the world In your just position as truoand
honostmonorothorwlse, ns regards this, th
groatost of nil modern scientific illcovorlos.
To-dny tho health of hundreds of thousands of
your renders Is In your hands, and your con
stituents will hold you lo a strict accountnbll
itynstho flood of light grndunlly percolates
through the masses. Many will sny. "If only
my own family papor hnd given moan inkling
of this diseovery In tlmo I would havo saved
my darling." Tho comploto homo treatment
of my remedy for ono month costs
Any nowspspor or mngnzlno having a circu
lation of 10,000 copies may sond for It,
No Cure, no Fay!
I will trust your own Integrity. Of course
gratitude, for the enko of the restored ono. will
prompt you to say something good anontthe
trentmont, nnd then I will be prepared to talk
advertisement with you. Hemombcr, tho first
good of this Is from mo to you I
Krom tlio Twentieth Century.
(Published In Now York city.)
attention as nn original discovery. One
of our stnft tins just begun to try It for Insom
nia, and Is willing to communicato tho rosult
by letter to any ono writing to tho TWENTI
ETH CENTUHY In reforenco to tho samo."
One freo trial at oflloo. Famphlot free by
-, N. nCLMEn, Chemist,
J. 8Sa Broadway. Koulh.
i eaat Corner ICth au.
gj Hit. H. rjlE, 0
71 NeTlna SI.
s- nmituEponT or.
f I. ) MC'i;i Dr. II. M. DICIC
J 1 L ISSOX. 1UI Favlrfleltl
lp2aiii Dr! XV, XT. CUBS,
M JSole Aceat fbr Ohio, SOT
iB lKat Broad tSt, Colaaa.
ei i " boa, O.
Apparent Sneeeaa nt the Official Trial In tke)
JPVrryvllIe Onrg;e.
PEnnrviL, June 20. The official test bo
foro the Unltod States Board ot Ordnance and
Fortification of tho Justin dynamite pro
jcctllo began this morning. There were pres
ent besides 'tho Invontor Dr. Joel G. Justin of
Syracuse and nearly nil tho stockholders. The
members of tho Hoard present woro Gen.
Henry L. Abbott of the Engineering Corps. Col.
Honry W. Closson. Major Clifton. Gen. H. P.
Cutchoon, Capt C C. Morrison, and Col. C G.
Bnrtlott. Tho projectile has been improved
since tho former tests, nnd is now considered
perfoct. Thoro will bo sixteen tests, six from
a 5-Inch Pnirott riilo and Uevon from a 0 inch
At exactly 10 o'clock tho first shell was dis
charged from tho Fnrrott. Six pounds of pow
der wero used. Tlio shell weighed 6tls pounds
nnd contained 1. pounds of explosive gela
tine. It was Oi Inch callbro and went to a
rock tnrgoL Dr. Justin's Idea Is that tlio ox
plosivo can be controlled by tlio operator. The
llrst shell lie arranged so that it went with tor
rlllc forco Into the solid rock of tho gorge and
tliu charge did not explode. This is something
never boloro attempted. Ten minutes later he
sent nnothor shell, also from the Fnrrott. The
firing pin wns adjusted and t lie iuso wmb ar
ranged to causo an explosion nt tlm moment
of contact. Thoro wub n report as tho shell
loft tho gun. It was Immediately followed by
another as tho charge exploded. Hugo blocks
of rocks tumbled to tho bottom of tho ruvlne,
Tho members of tho Hoard seem pleasodal
tho result,
The IToneat Man'a Rolded.
Policemen Calvin and Farro of tho Church
strcot station startod out on Sunday night to
bag tho gang of beggars who Infest tho ferry
housos along West 6trcet- Tholr hoad.uar
tors is in the Honest Man's saloon, hotter
known in the neighborhood ns the Morgue,
at I'nrlylo and Wost streets. Tho polica
say tho men hnvo a loador who stays in
tills saloon and glvos out assignments to
tho beggars. Tills man handles all thi
money collected, and each night divides it
witli his companions. Tho two policemen had
little trouble In rounding uptho offenders, and
by 10 o'clock nlnetoon ot them wire in the
stntlon house. Yesterday morning they weru
nrrnlgnod In the Tombs Police Court .lustb-o
Unify remarked thntitwus ono of tlntought
looking crowds ever arraigned beforo him.
and sent them to tho Island for three months.
Mormon Kldera Ordered Hlra Away.
Salt Lar. Cmr, June 20. A Trilunr reporter
was yesterday ordorod away fr"in "e re
porters' tablo In tho Mormon Inlernnclc by
Elders Hinder nnd Sterling. N rt-nron was
given except that tho reporter bad no busi
ness there. Othor reportors were nut molesioa.
A very bitter feeling is prevalent among the
Mormons because the Tribune and Liberal
leaders refuso to join tlio Mormons.
Aeralnat the Hnrlem llrldee llranlulloa.
Wasiiinoton, Juno 20,-Senator Vo-t rerortod
advorsoly from tho Committee on Commerce
to-day tho resolution authorising tin; bul d
ing of permauont bridges, with lued spans,
across Harlem lilver. New lork.
A Tonic
A Pleasure:
That's the happy
combination fouud in
Hires' E
You drink it for pleasure, and get
physical benefit. A whole
some, refreshing, appetiiug,
thirst quenchinjj drink.
One package makes five gallons.
Don't te deceived if a dealer, for die iiVa
cf larger piofil, leth)(ti lome cither kcia
ll " jutl ai food "'in falie. No iiaiUUaa
U M (edd aa Ut eaiuaa lluili

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